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 - Class of 1952

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4 . we W ,wa 1 Q23 Mm 'airs J Q TV ffm M mwm X fa' U Ik,-fwcdlqtnqdjzlwht N an SSX wap? My . E Si-1.3! 5 kjgs 'Zyl is 'Xww3"if W W QW WVMQQVXE S3355 ii NH5w3Qf5Xig3f mf fliizglb X X Mwwwiqlucwa Wffjif QMV41 Qifgfifb iefz VM, Milf Wy zawwmw .4 W W wwf! mf' 12.10. ww My W WW?" V' 11' ' ' ' ' " ' 1 - - -' 1 ' f - -' .i ' ' L " L" ' ' ' 1 ., . - .' - l F W . I - A . -4' -- ' Lf, , ' ' "+A -- 9 l , 4 v' 5 ' In -V I I. 'I I ll as We ' I J f I wwf, - -Z4-C Z 4 JI M A ' s In ' ' .. Av i by M W 2' W! l M 7 gpoeijg ?,f,f!?g:W5W0Q0fAiifZ W Q WW .rj V f6Qg,,,.,1 . Us C Luz, Ayala' + W Q A vb Leif Nskwb gl-5 5 fix , QQ Q , ' w5f5?:'g4?.'0:y x AX, ' J .x"-Siixrx-,f3'.1 V NPR'-4, R Q ' WP Q? lysis, AX 9 LX sg -L W af' ffkf-i5.x3-if-i'2TE41Q5F uf cu, if L, 1 4-491-A. 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Q 1.4, 1- 2,7 E . ,A :yt 1 t N ,, I is th A ,,, . We gg ,ff ,ff 3. KJ! K xxx - Xxxgpf x f, Vw I W M, , A RY fy ' f I . .' y 1 Y 'bf I ' Q - -., 5-41 1 Q Il I - ' X w . I , ff' f C' 1 '4 5 -Jfpfzw ' Y , I 'X " O If lv .7 f' Q ' x s I 1 I' f' x 1 , f- .A A I 2.11, L E C? I 9 'I - . gx RU . . 4 4' 2 ' I. L' . ' 1 . - ' U I Q J .' NB ' J . s - ' . s 5 . '- . ' I - I 4 1 Q . R 'Q D A - 1 ws 1 . 1 ' 1 7 ,. , .I 'S Washingtisn -M an d Surjnyslope Q 5 K '-11, X P A 1 4 H X 'ix Q, 'A N X x- ' X X Q A w x X 5 NX I , -xg, gm. NN Nix N N Q E31 .iw 'S-,Q X 'N . Q yfv' ' 95" vi J flvijigwkjltfgw 1 Q I ,J VK? Al 0 ' ,JDK 5 'V MN D' . V ww, ty xruffx - 3tEcbVJ-fffgspf' 5- And From cz L EN D ALE . L,. , - Q' ' 't , IFJ k I ' 1? 7' it 'jf r wif 1' ' A I Y ' 5 ' if , A I Wdwfp wily WW4 Come ff, ti' PM , The Students HQ, x Who Are In Fact.. ff fsf '-uh. 0 s ' 0 4 Glendale Union Higlw School -- V.- - - ---was-'..s-.uf , ,,,L 43- - - I ' - --cnc "ii-i'-.:.:...1 .- ' "' w ... 'SNQWQEQEI-we was Glendale Union High School repre- senfs a vasf area as school disfricfs go. Nol' only does if serve 'lhe Cify of Glendale ifself buf fwo ofher communifies also-Washingfon and Sunnyslope. The word "serve" is fhe key fo Glen- dale High, for, builf by faxpayers, ifs purpose is fo serve fhe people who have kepf GUHS in exisfence since 1911. The school is more fhan fhe 30 acres on which il's numerous buildings and playing fields lie sprawling. ll' is more fhan 'lhe buildings lhemselves. ll' is a way of life. educafionally speaking, and il' is warm and open and human. The buildings lhemselves are a fumble of old-fashioned and modern archi- fecfure. some pleasing fo fhe eye, ofhers aesfhefic afrocifies. The feachers and adminisfrafion are informal and inlensely inferesled in helping fhe sfudenfs who affend fhe school. I 3 5 ! , ls ' - By fhe beginning of 7952, Glendale High will have spread ifs physical planl' lo Sunnyslope in fhe oufer edges of 'lhe dlsfricfg for as fhe school grows in mafurify, if has grown in size. A good place fo go fo school, 'lhis Glendale High. ' 4 QA- Xpiqkim Edited by Larry Shaw Pat Paddock, Bus. Mgr. Arnold Long Jerry Jacka And the Annual Stall Scribes who have helped make the writing ofthe '52 Cardinal possible are, left to right, Bob Glover, Lynn Takesuye, Helen Tang, Eva Stew- ard, Bill Roberts, and Nancy Conroy, associ- ate editor. In addition, the junior journalism class solic- ited ads, sold pictures, trimmed pictures, and identified pictures. They were a vital link in the chain of thou- sands of details that make up an annual. me the Fall . no ,i..n-v- fx 9 L-Z -and .Yeptembet Ala, September! Time of fiery leiwer and regixtration. Time of glowing woodf, and back to Jcbool, Time of crifp ez'ening.r, and football practice. Witb September and its' companion fall montlox, October and November, GUHS began to ,rbift into gear and get rolling. II . sf' 5-6.3: !'. 1 -. 0 gig' fn ' hw" ' ' 7 V 4 " . .fs .xj4-5 .al A. 4Y'a7?R V,- Y.. ' effx:"::'ul-4 fn- A A MX-..,f , 'A N Av.,-. , ' FJ, -'. ,. , .w ',' ' 1. . '- . " p ' 9' 111. 0 , mx V ,Q V' iv a -1 - I , Y- 5- ','?-.'- lf'-Q , ' W 5 "hy f lx XX ' 'Ah M, 'Q-,xx fu - Q-' ' ' g .. ' . .. -Y. , . , If .I , a . , V f.-4,-9.43.7 ,.. ay ,Q 4., 3. V-5 I . . Q J .sh I fl . I . 5-, I' ...ln v S.: , -- 1 gk. ' Q: R. , H - ,l 53 il,nk: hiv if I' ,ll SRX, .,:M'pf :iz - - V A ' ', 'L ,-gi' '- , .- , ,, - '-:-',g-.'.rm1 .4 9- ff? +5 3 '- . . 5 -1- if -. - Nr I 1 xt 'F1f2'1fv,,: . , v . 1.11 .: .t If WM:-.J ,' ,tv !,,.:' .Q In qu. A .DL .' .339 W.,,W I- . ,Q L nf 1, 4, 3 a -I,'-'.'f- .H 1 ., ...'f '- . :H-Q ik, ,L NSG-A - ,- ', Q D ,-. g., 1: NL 1,1 r . Luci- I -'u -,' - 9.1 If hx ' .LJ , Q, 1" If' 'iw-1. . 'JG 'xx -L U' SNC". ' ' Y ' , . f-,Q ' " 5 .. n Hike,-.. ' ' 1, va -19? :I ', ,Nr I H - sw kg. -f M.:-'wx-Q' -1, ... QA 1 , f . , .ning 5' .-It .I-. I 4. '-L. . . vl b -5 ifif' HT 5- " - V 's'-thx rflfdf -9 T' f. g ,- 2.1, 'A 491- i ' ef. ' R7 'V ' ...ttf-F , 12,4 iq Lvl' .fn - , ,Jw 7,"7 new - 1 Q .-Vfxxx . 4' p , U g r -0 - - la ' , . 0:1 '- Xu .. v ' A . in .1-: ..g .'4,,,,- . 7 . , , , ,,. , -A e'AFf"ff - '- - .f - ' ' . - ' fix-7 4. , 2" " , A ' ' 1 . 11 Wy! - k,Q,5, ...'i, Hu: R .- 0, M 3 5, 1, , n, . ,I . . , ,, . . I .-.W . , , ,L ' l ' .- " ' K . ' 4' ' ' '.,,i 1 ', V., , h" ' K .. v' I 1-'f.' , Aja. -. ug I K Y 0 .... 'Y ... ,"' , ' 'r A- ' Q '- ., Q - 9 Q ML ' -3 I' 1 n 1 P, - x-1, ',"1 K I 'f' 1 nl ' ' - . , ,z , U4 'N ,A A ' h ':v.f'7""'f - "lv r" 'JUN' - I ' 1, 1 . . ,. K . Iv ,n 'Yo' pl 9' ' ' 1 f .5 , .,.'f1,, f?"V-43:- . . .,.,4,-f-4-.,,- . . Fa", dw Y' s , FIV' g li , ,YU .nyv . K H! 4,i,.44ff, .13-51, ' 2.7 1 'fukin' : qi. A ..' 6 , 11. E P. .. I 'i in '. V 5 . . 4.g l N' Fllzi 1' - ::.' - 'y 'fr-' ' 'lf xl ,-, I' '.!.s4 .L-1 ' -1 s 4 '13 'A'lt,v r 31' .. 0: '.'., ' A -'-Q1 ' 1 , 'Alan f,g llicsfft' dv "if,-5-..!,f.'f q , .. - . .. 5 9 1 AU rl' 2 WU.. C ' n, A z lt 'P 0 v . . ll ' 1 I, A f V 4' e ,, 4' 1 I r I I I ' - : 1 I ' ' Y K ' 93 A3 I V N l - .4 , I 7 I I l ' 1 ' 1' I I ' ' f I n I W 1 , f V I , . 8 'Q lu I k Avg h I . 3 1 A- f ff.. -Q .m 'Q t v':s,m.1 A ' . -- n xi - l,,,:1A-4v.'?1.l1 '-l4?' 1 fl ' 'WX' -1 V," r f D Hy 4 .if -3, , Q, ,i ' ,' f-f""' '- 'F ':'7T I' " . ' W U N.- iv ., .- -, ' ,lgff-.,Q::z - YJ - 'If-3.-4: N .52 -.s -5 , , it S. n- it .N V 'N' . ., l"' , f ' 4 aan ,:frE.2'f:P'c e-.-- 'F A 1 , --,,f----, f , Yi U N" ' ,V .2 '7 wsytr. Y.- 5 1- -5 ., . g, 4-V-65 'XM-.fx 54 Rift!-gf C'-J, ,lv ,YY-I , 21 it , ' ' 4, v -sf-w, -Q V I ' t ' L l v , -. --u-.kilr l I "u, ,, -Q -I . ,. K ' V 5 " 'F 4 ' 'rv' '17 Nj 5 ' -A -b I' 5 we ' 1- KSA 'N' , -1- "' ' ' 1 0 .. .. N V - . rf I "- A wrd A 1 ' T. , ' - -sit 5,9 -3 .A-11' L K' ' 'L ,Y 2.5, , - 'f ' 'F " i, ,, , 1 3452.31 Q:-if ':-4'5.J!,pf..:.- A 1 ' 'tty - 5 Y.-Tilt f R 5. ' P -1 - s.. .L.M ' - . " "' . bl x, Ns ".?,,,.' get V, if-. - - C , " ' G. we 6.4, Z i "si, ,vig-Q V ,R -.L 5- W' '-ill . -- 1- - 1 , "".s,P.,4'1-r1Xe'c:f'f.-n.'i.4 1 . 7 f "fp '- ' H, .' , 5 ' , . c V' 'Nu 'WK , '. A '-4 I I X, ,. " "A f"'a. V H. "ff . gk 5 K FK.. A I -5 , - 4'-Q Q -ff-11 - N -1. 'A3"s.'7Nx ' 'A 4.3 " ' 5: ' Q "' " in V b ' 'biz'-F ' x sis " r ' "f -. ' 1 ' ' Y . f 'N . D -'-H "-f. , -, L Q V! ' ' A ' - -, s " -'N' Q 2 I, . A -' .QV - hr.. - 1- 'r x '49 -' . -- , . 'Z 'lv' ' 4' "TN 'Pi flfrr - . ' - Yr . ' ,s . ' i t B 'Qi 4.7 B 1. J " bs 41- A -S-- ? . I f , ' -xx". Q, 4 kl-' Ay ff! 1' ls-E-E 2 'J 'ff ,Lf '. 7 . ,tl H . ' . Q. it X - 'q ' - u - ' if, M3 Q M A -c A, -p ' " A M- 'xx' 11 f ' if 3,1 ' K-AA' " 3 E . ' X , K f X .1 1, . rg, , ' . wh - , . X 91 x QL K . .ig With September Came Registration Like This... ...Ancl Meeti Mr. Owen Allen Mr. Albert Arens Mrs. Olgo Bice I Mr, Vernon M, Bice Mr. Raymond Bronson Mr. David Compbe W . 2 I .A" : V .V ,:, Q, 'Q X A, 3 ry V19 Mr, Vernon L. Bice Wi' i a 1 3 it I I X Mr. Steve Cheroniclfi Mrs. Soro Clordy Mr. Robert Crouch U21 E f is lie Teachers Again Mrs. Marian Davies Mr. Albert Davis Miss Muriel Dawson Mr, Clyde Dougherty r R x f Mr. Dale Ellis Miss Ernestme Fredell Mr. Arthur Gardner Q5 rr 'ii' o 'lm l Q Y 1 1, Qi V 7 . i ':" V X n A Mr. Earl Gieseke Mr. Wayne l-leffelfinger Mrs. Phyllis Hoops ll3l N if L I ,f I Mrsi Beverly Hugh Old Friends Wlio L'arn Mrs. Novilla Lale Miss Janis Jenkins Mr, Walter Kish Mr, Norbert Konzal '11 Mr. Alvin Levin Miss Bertha Lindblad Mr. James McAllister Mrs, Margo ret McGow Mr. Paul Maher Mrs. Clyda Martin Mr, Steve Rarnes B 9 'lil YS 16 11 fl 21 T2 3124 U '38 99 30 31 'Q' U41 U and Make Us Like It Mr. Bill Saban Mrs. Faye Scaggins Mr. Czeslow Schmidt M155 Wrnifrcd Smith 1 t fl Mr. Thomas Tammcn Miss Grace Tressel Mrs, Lara Valentine Mrs, Lola Wager Y' l' Mr. John Whatlcy Mr. Ernest Zinser Mr, Eugene Zylstra ll5l The Custodians Bless 'Em Start Another Year Too .. Mr. Lon Burchett Mr, Mont Dowel! Mr, Dole Lethem Mr. Fcrmin Lopez Mr, D, L. Von Comp, Chief Mr. Dick Sheword Mr. Jud Simpson Mr. P. C. Sypherd Mr. AI Wagenfehr U61 Fun and Dancing One of Me 7:'t5t .gociaf 'gCfl.Vl.fl.2J of l9.5l-52 Wa: the STUDENT MIXER The Stall of the CAFETERIA sl'arl'ed anolher year of good meals, dishes. vilamins, dishes, desserls, and dishes. Chief Diefifian is Mrs. Della Fugufe, picfured af righf. Left to right, staff members are Joan Harris, Shirley Thompson, Mrs. Essie Alexander, Mrs. Elphy Lewis, Mrs, Moe Alexander, Mrs. Anna Washborn, Bettie Cohen, and Mrs. Della Fugate. 1' 1 i l'i" 8 l v .. Y fU"""1:,..W, I . JWMQ 4 iii FH, 351551 mgrgpm as Immun: :riff inilmuungm, i f ! J E? imuui Left to right, front to rear,John Boyd, Robert Potter, Evelyn Heinzig, Bruce Heatwole, Joan Nicholeon, Wentlarlin Davis, Mary Ann Menartl, Phyllib Randolph, Bill Evans, Max Green, David Bowers, Nanna Belehe, Shelby Porter, Elmer Duncan, Benton Rowland, Joinee Rosterrnunclt, Judy Mitchell, Gracie Lazarraga, Jim Hill, Max Livingston, Eddie Robinson, Burt Fugate, Annette Valenzuela, Basil Dean Ray, Ritchie Emereon, Paul Swartz, Ben Tadano, Carolyn Whitlock. a-'xx ECA Principal Robert Ashe swears in Jim Hampton, vice-presidentj Carroll McAllister, president, Linda Gillum, secretary, and Eva Steward, treasurer. U91 The Glendale Hi STUDENT CCMHQCH sprang into action almost with the very tirst weelc ot school. First Monday, Each Month Km Ml intel Left to right, Dr. Roger K. Truebloocl, Mr. John DeBolt, Mr. Grady Auten, Mr, Harold Lowe, and Mr. John E. Herriott School Board Meeting . . . Typical of the representative system that has made America a democracy B the Board of Educahon at Glendale Union High School, Members serve the school and community without pay, selHessly seeing that the bestinterests of both students and taxpayers are served. AAen1bers of the board are typical of an American community, too. Dr, Trueblood is o dentist, Mr. DeBoH,owner4nanagerci a buynesg Mr. Auten, a businessman, Mr. Lowe, a manager, and Mr. Herriott, a super- visor. Dr. Trueblood in his normal routine. Dr. Trueblood president of the board. l20l AT THE HELM FOR THE SIXTH YEAR . . . Principal Robert W. Ashe An administrator of whom it con be soid that his first thought is of youth. Mory C No School Year Can Start Or Continue Without the Help Ot the Painstaking Office Statt Mrs. Anno Gaston Mrs. Horriette Imcs A,Ae..1e,:o,:.-A: e.f,NeJe-M - , . 14-e.,e:1ou,f, QM,-,qlgL M A c Koernor Mrs. Gcorgio Monord Miss Helen Mondo Mr. Amelie Potter Miss Solly Tukcsuyc Mr. Eorl Thomann Dedication- The i952 Cordinol is proudly ond respectfully dedi- coted to Mr. Robert C Scott, Those who know him con only opprove of our choice ot "Scotty" os being the right one. We hold him, our new vice-principol ond longetime friend, in high esteem tor his unselfish devotion to Glendole High ond its student body. Registration, counseling, pep rollies, school spirit, ossemblies, closses, driver troining-these ore but o tew of the octivities of this untiring ond potient mon, who hos put first obove oll things the school ond the people within it, l23l I September- and a Host of Activities. Left-Bulletin board displays started in the library. This one on driver education and safety was made by, left to right, Loa Lamb, Arlene Craig, and Ilene Akin. Right-Football practice started with September. Here Coaches Schmidt and Dougherty show Don Holley proper blocking form. And Don became an All-State player. Left-Good citizen Max Green, always willing to lend a hand, dons a sandwich sign to plug student activity tickets for the student coun- cil. ght-And came September, come initiations. Pledges had to serve their elders and wear preposterous clothes, Here four prospective Red Masque members salaam to club members. The four GUHS cheerleaders, left to right, Linda Gillum, Glenda Rowland, Donna Kiser, and Lynn Takesuye, teach school cheers to fresh- men as part of the new- comers' orientation program. The girls worked in informal ibut attractive? garb. L Story conference led by editor Nancy Conroy was held every issue to gather and assign news stories. Starting with Nancy, right, and going clockwise are Bob Glover, Lynn Takesuye, Jeanne Marks, Bernie Hill, Bill Rob- erts, Jack Hook, Pat Pad- dock, Eva Marie Steward, and Ernestine Neal. The staff did a masterful job of editing the paper on their OWU. The business staff led by busi- ness manager Pat Paddock, 'QI' center, was an important part of getting Hi-Lites out. They were responsible for seeing that there was suffi- cient money on hand to pub- lish. Here assistants Bob Barker and Zoe Gocke are mailing papers to adver- tisers. , f .ZW WN W ix Below, left, Eva Steward and Lola Wright sell Hi-Lites in the cafeteria. Editor Conroy looks over the work of, left to right, Gloria Mabry, Helen Tang, Kay Porfitt, and Wesley Morgan. September- and Cardinal Hi-Lites Starts Out . New Year-New Students ig Vt tegttkfff Q 24,1 is ' Freshman representatives are, front row, Betty Tadano, Connie Cubbage, Wendy Davis, Mary Ann Menard, Peggy Lou Wells, Martha Thompson, Second row, Benton Rowland, John Conovalott, Bruce l-leatwole, Sterling Ridge. Gur Freshman Class Amos Abbot Pat Adams Legrand Adams Gus Aguilar Jesse Aharl Vicloria Aia Ronald Alewine 3: sr 131 t" lug f E . gfl wt? , N g nk ss3g:Jg 6. ,E W 4 r at s s rar . .V -ggi 5, qi. N A law ... 4. g . 1 f 2' . f , ' , ji ' 1 fi 1 , , 'arf iv ..,' ' ' S X . .. I 1 J 3, Pat Allen Barbara Anderson Dora Anderson Elberta Anderson Wayne Anderson Billy Arthur Jim Ash l26l Jacquellne Bailey Sherwood Barrel! il al :fs ,.- yr ii f x 4 4. P 1 it l . X. K Barbara Blake Carol Sue Bowen 'x Amos Baldwin Gary Barham Luella Bakken Donald Barcus Shirley Barlleff Joan Bearqle Rulh Barry Louise Barion ix , 'ESE L V W i i . ve is I ll? is 1 ink 1 M.. .v Barbara Boegeman Nancy Boegeman Thelma Bledsoe Frances Boegeman Mary Boyles Mike Briggs Gary Bowers Virginia Brice i271 O Dana Barr Bill Barnes Larry Barrel! Robert Benfley Rowland Benlan wi' .gi X ff . . 5 Diana Beery ' ,,.. , .,,. H. . , . in ' ' W' so A - - -:., J A f E1 Q grlu -I: v V x "5,i'5'QeL? B' i" , .'f:'i,. LAA NN! X ig 'FA 'Tim ti' fr,- iirr ll Q I Nfl 1 "Y r A . - B P , ar ., 'st 1 -leg ,, Q K Reber! Bonheimer Befsy Bohn Eddie Bonnie Roberf Brown Cecil Brown Roberf Brunlr And, in Sepfember. fhe Sfudenf Council confinued fo plug for fhe sale of acfivify fickefs, informing fhe frosh fhaf here was a Si3.00 deal for iusf 54.00. The wise ones boughf. Here's a picfure of Jim Hampfon, sfudenf body vice-presidenf, selling fickefs in fhe office of fhe business manager. 5. A my f P N l iiz , , I .5 .f:.--' I f A -if X lf' N N- " 'N ,, ' '1-- V JZ' "" QE' u' -A ' , ':-, 1 s ,:.a 7 J "" . if " win Q X -J V : -vvul :Q 1 J ::: A l HS x v ,.,,,.,,... A Q ,:,,- I Qx . wi ., .fi ":--- , , r by . .,,, .. -Al'11" ' ' A -z :N ',-, , ,.h. V A 1 i xl , -.. 1,1 .. ml .,:.E x , x I rf in ,N . N. J- X I' - 'E ff ,., K' lf' Q ZQ, Y L 1 'vs , -fI- ., xrs',' ,M :,AQQ , gl Mig X -,:,,V ,1g ,E:, - . , "-f " ..- Z eg .. zz. 'L gh a "': . s l ' K 1 A B E 5, it E vu I .-,, yo, 'ki ig . gg V ' Q ' V . ' Q eP yeP B bf? XXL? gf A 5if-'If:1'1'1'f'f'I'I'1:' ' if ' i w it 'QR ,A 6 V- t "' E mi ,K f., H tw ff' . . li sa w'-A' ' 1. aw, N-.1 -K ef' so sf ' x if ,f R sf B B ff has . W . W .'.A E . -A Qlb. .-,,'v,:: J V lll- 1 I ' VV , rs: . :Eb .:,l ,, 'ff P e fs ' V Peies ' - J J A' Q ' . , a s v , Z -1-13"-'1222223-.?-55:53, B Q P 'Q BW pi J fx fa i281 Betty Bunce Billy Burchett Sherry Burgess Mary Byers John Canovaloff Olan Cantrell Jack Carney Charles Cartwright Olin Costleberry Terry Casey Ralph Casey Wilfred Cekella Moria Cervantez Robert Chaves Eddie Chilleen George Christianson DeNell Crisman Sylvia, Crosby Myrtice Coffman Marjorie Colbert Shirley Cotton Patricia Conroy Patsy Cooper Boyd Cope Joyce Corneil Paul Cotts Betty Coverdale Connie Cubboge Wendelin Davis Teddy DeBerry Mary Louise Dees Patricia DeWitt Michele DesMarais Jim Dickins Sandra Doolittle lg, Off to school from Sunnyslope Q On the right, right to left and top to bottom are, Audrey Drury, Janet Dudly, lnmann Duncan, James Dunn, Charles Echols, and LeMoyne Ennis. 'il ai- ,.5 1 zz 4 Q 'A 1 Y if Glen Edwards ' I Phyllis Engman A 35.:,. , QA David English ' ' W' 'Tb "., 'ff 1. .A H - l i NN" ....,' ' Q-v -4 . Gene Endsley Q ' Q y A X. Doris Evans It 5 Ep 2 y -,, , 5 , .. I V V W . ws ilk' , , lg J if lf:-::v.:vQ+' v It lv. . 5 sss K ' f Richard Everson 5 " , V, D Ray Fiscus ' I H b y James Fuma H S . H at 7 ,. l w ' David Frankenfield l ll JJAJ 1 A l Anna Franklin nn, 4' . ffl A Q. K M 'll b wi Sf Bob Friedman 1 Jim Friedman I 4. , B l l X Bedford Fugate 4 A ivy ig? I b Roberta Fuller , 'X Y xx. ,., , J A Barbara Gale sf. ' 'QQ J ' - ,aw ' f i as i s s f ,SE 'fm b a Q in f yy A Eugene Garcez Betty Gardner 7 Gary Godbehere I -' A - ' fx Q 5 1-lf' ,- Dick Gillespie my g.. J ' A is ,,"' Gene Gilman I , .Q E291 ig A lk I E up 5' A 4 gh ,I . V 2, -'2--1 E rl J K E ,. iff' A fl , Q -V S ' . 1 V I E3 :Iv ,. wi . in 5, X s ' 1' ..-35, I V A .Qi f a 4 --"'-, 1 Mg. Q, gs, QT", l- Ll t ev Y' O .F 6 P it K ..,, X Ni r I 1 A 4 I 5 - is . ' W .., L W A sz J if ,. ' Qisefigt X ' a.TJ X Vi sio, ,xl , 4 1, ,X A . , N. fi, ' 'Hal 'Y 1 mi' 3 -,: J. 3 ,. 'f,-',,- Q x C A roi A ' sg 3 l - --'.. , - K I S, XJ 'ir mb i M ,-e A , X, : N 5 H rs' ,, QL' . 5 ""' 3:1- x i I Y 1' N. ' 1 f . ..,, Q U, i ': '4 K N I ...:., : K L. ' 1' .. -' ,.' . Q 5 -, "R em sf! 7T fl y . f 1 , ,'f,- - .., 'Q-ju? " Q X A J '-:, til V' X ' J 3" 'Fi l z :Q "'-: 'ix 'X' Tl 4: 11 n :V igiibf. N ,:: --v- , .,A, I it fi- or . 2 J: . :W-.-Z' . V W ' Q, V xx' - 4 ,, R lr il , Z " - 1 e I x iffy . t . 5 E301 , W M 5-ii? ' f Q 1 Y gs.. , Shirley Glaspie Robert Graham Jim Grande Vesta May Gribling Armando Gomez Helen Gonzales Virginia Hale Vera Hammermeister Bobbie Hansen Richard Hose Vesta Hastings Marie Harris Jerry Harmon Joanne Harris John Harris Jed Harrison Pat Hart Porta Hensley Bruce Heatwole John Hedges Agustin Hernandez Joe Herrera Joanne Hershberger Roberta Hicks Gary Hines Carolyn Hiett Craig Hiett Betty Hill Jim Hill Charles Hobbs Richard Holly Raymond Holmes Bob Hourihan Pat Hunter Valarie Hulett Belly Huichison Melba Johnson Talberi Johnson Marvin Jones Nancy Hulchison Ailene Johnson David Johnson Roberf Jones James Jones Edward Jarrell Mary Kauffman Bob Koonce Maureen Jarnagin Doroihy Jensen Carol Kammeyer Doris Keelon J J - V V YT? ,qc ,.-'Q ' i ,. YI ,. s . ..., Grp fi-K . '- . w , . Q K ,le k D A g l - w ,J X Q gag I R 'Y T ,f J T 3' ', V, H If P 'Q H. 5 .ki " Q if X ' X 'J ti' is L if V' ' c 0 Q ' "iii MSL s J" X , i N Li K -' Q X IA Y , , i , 353 'P 1- Noi f to ,i 4 A i S 3,1 U: Q I i Y " . ' my . 5 1 3 is ' r i j 5 i' , ' H I K ' if 1 K r Q6 ff: an I , - , , N . V. n :ak I-. ' age:-, ,. .5 Ronnie nenon Alice King Harold King James Kisfner Jacquelyn Kennedy Geneva King Glenda Kirby Ted Knochenhaver Jim Kobashi Willard Krauss Nancy Lampe Jack Lane Marilyn Kopke Eva Laion Jim Lake Janice Lane hw , J. - A S Sepfember's balmy weafher broughf 'lhe girls ouf fo play. The PE classes furned fo volley ball as fhe firsi' sporf on fheir '5l-'52 program. This one is quife a volley ball game. There are four balls in sighf - can you find fhem? E311 Larry Lauchner N L Romy Fenares ancy awrence Evelyn Lyles Sandra McQurn Margarel Maben Si ,. W L bxql A H a X ,.'. be .. 3, - N ..: 'Alf 5 ,, sf ' , f el .,,, .,,. , , X if l f'..Ji2E. Ng .5 Robert Locke Avon Mannery James Lohnes Nancy Loveless L L ' John Lovell arry oslemo D Margie Marler Gloria Marcos Pafly Marks Jocline Marquess 1 - , Q xg . is 'ls . . A -5: 1 1 I fr . .... ,.-. A ' ' I A ...---- 1 X , A fx Eva Jo Marlin Carol Malheson Freddie Marfinez Henry Maya Fosfer McDonald Charles McMaines Marlene McLaws Richard McMaines fig. 4 Q.. 2 llb is 7 f 1 5. L if 'if 1 1 s.. 5 . -' . ., - ' , e il ' 'Q' , ,,.,. Jil: M4 Y J . ---, .--film X- f , :z-zss' N ,M . .+ma...,, , ' -' , " Flora Maynard Ralph McClinlock Mike McCaslIe Lucille McCoy Judilh Meling Fllhhrqg- John Mendle Mary Menard Kaye Mensendick ln Sepfember, flue Sfudenl' Council, fhe school adminisfrafion, and Hi- Lifes urged fhaf GUHS sfudenfs fake enough pride in flleir school fo keep fhe campus clean. The resulf is picfured here-a frash can sfanding unused by a sea of lunch-fime frash, scaffered by flle pigs who eaf on fhe easf lawn. As a wise man once said, "Pigs is Pigs." l32l Sora Mercado Betty Myers Mary Miller Bill Miller Larry Moffitt Deonne Morgan David Morris Tom Montgomery Don Moore Mary Jo Moore Pat Moore Russell Neal Katherine Nelson Terry Nickerson Sylvia Nietsch Edna Niccum Joan Nicholson Jim Nolan Larry 0'Harra Fred Okamoto Dorothy Olcott David Olsen Salvador Ortiz Belia Payan Lois Payne Jim Patrick Phil Peterson Ray Pena Barbara Porras Shelby Porter Geneva, Portenier Ottis Pope Frank Pooler Carolyn Pooler Nellie Poglaien 4-,B wh - X Sb. "... A Q. : I U ' QM- ' . '29 lii 1 4 sexe ' ,. y ' x v N Q-A -W -5 1 ' if P . "' s f 2,---P za' ' M . I ab- 1 1Ixw sxxl 6' ,. A I ,JF Q as .. " ., 'F 3 Q , gy , -v, R 4 N , l , EV,nQ aye ef, f i , it i ii X no an . m io i yy.yy ffl.1f'f lr ii. sQx,,.r4nf' , iy,iv 1 .P ... v L so ' We ',.' A 'I if ' P 7.4 .f . M:-is ,rafts efi ,4 ' P P A lei ,- . .,N,,,,, ,.., . silk- if . 4: W 5 T' ll fog . 'V f 41:2 ..... I hx rl, Q , Q i L ,, A ui , .. N,qi, V. if s he K fran P 1 K :MH .5 V E331 ff, X 'W sr 1 I I- X2 P , are Joe Pogialen Johnny Ray K- ,M ,DQ K Sk 5 . J Gloria Robinson Dolores Sanloro gy M A sn., Roberl Poller Carol Reidy 1 Jackie Phillips Jan Ramey Ernie Ramirez Curl Rambo Carol Riddle Margaret Renshaw Belly Richardson Mary Ridz Rowland Perkins Sferling Ridge Phyllis Randolph John Ridley YE? 3 H, H .Q I-,s is D A , H A.:. . In y 1 1 Y Qls, r el- " , Lx " '--" f fir' r Q ,. 9 , 'L' 9 is 1 f . V ,.,' 1 .Q,, ' g . 5 X if r Q S . 1 5- l il J r 2-i l A :lh'i J S 1 ei if . , E vw! 'b.., . ,,.' ,. ,D 5 ..,. ,W u y 5 J l,, zz' 4 ...:,, i X I if V fi J' "'-- 1 -:-'f 1 Ei Ifilf - ei K Lora Rowland Rosemary Salpielro Royalee Sanchez Spencer Rolh Josephine Sanloro Charles Priddy Beckie Sanchez Alva Savallone Palricia Schwarh Donnie Seals Sue Schafer David Schuelle Wannella Sanders Charles Sieling Burning quesfion - Do freshmen work? Quick answer- you bel fhey do! Wilh Hle slari' of school, frosh like Gloria Marcos, leff, learn fhaf high school can be fun buf if also means buckling down. The youngsfers realize 'l'hey're on fhe almosf-final road fo comple- fion of fheir educafion. l34fI Omar Sinanovich Calherine Slaqle Barbara Slogle Gerry Sloan Eddie snopiqw R b Sk Sheldon Swain u Y eggs Emmefl Smilh Myrna Smoker L. C. Sleelman Waller Slensen Nancy Sproul Louise Seymour Joanne Sleenson Barbara Slephens Arlhur Suzuki lil I N i' if 6 ru if A' G A ' "1 "1 .4 f Q. ii S ' is . 3 an ,. A E X X , -- I gig, s Q ll. X 4 TA, , -I . I 3 ,- L ' " www L. I l "5" ' 5 ' .. A N f - ' ' G. y ' I I ..k-, Q, . V V h Q V J r Q " J l.. XXJ . 1 my v f :Q V u ff -4 v M: lg . r E . ' , gb I A AW " J -si. ,f 5 La 15 .sf , ' ..,,. : 1 . Q . ,. M 4 ,,. .1 X . ix. , J + Q A N---.' 4 Xl W , 'V X ' ,' x H .N x W e ,.,. , f l ' "" . , r Q V f 'A V, , . ' . . Q Ku so I - , 5 W -' iff" T ff-in 4 wilt 9 z -"- . A f ..-M - .QQR1 . ful? ' 1 V , 4.-all A f , ' A . 1 ,,. ' Q' . . jg, J I Q was W ,- 2 " f M r x 19 ' ' M- , ., l M f :es W . Y , 1 ii ul l l 1 I, 1 K l . x Paul Sypherd Belly Tang Paul Tarves Less Taylor Belly Tadano Jack Takesuye Jim Taylor Polly Taylor Beverly Telers Marlha Thompson Johnny Uraine Richard Valdez Robert Thomas Jim Tolmachoff Rosemary Urluzuaslegui Leonard Valenzuela Typical of a freshman class af work is one of Mrs. Clardy's, pic- fured here. lf you wanf 'l'o real- ize how soon fhese kids will lead school acfivifies, iusl' look af an annual of four years ago and see whal' our mighfy seniors of 'l'oday looked like fhen. lf doesn'f fake long, especially when you gel' a good sfarf. E351 JN D Q Q .s?H,W Q 'dk N fav lx X i f at 1 K . 'T skbdf xv -5 1 -BSSZWQJ-. . ly , , 8 s as z we milky-" ik, .AQ 'Q , .,.. 1 A V f ' ,:4'1' C -- ' ,V r e y J ago N -V .:,.:. ,, , . , .,. Q , - , W e eo , B .Q C W 5: :'. b E. H gg W 5 A , Qif'Q.' -2.-. t. Aiiz l QQ? .. . e oeaoge C , aaooee Y-. ,,. ht ' ii i ' 'if --QA. V . ,.,. , u J UQZ, -e 'A-' 1 u""'f K ' 3' QM .xg ,ZZIV xl ,C !EWe bfi . -I 2.2 W -:21 ' . 13 A , , A Sf, W A in W 1 V .X is I . ,.,:. Q M 55115 Qi '- A"'1': f QQ .jf H ,It gg A. B Q 4, ' Q. W V 1 y y J i o f V Betty Wilson E361 Henrietta Valdez Jack Van Goetluen Margaret Varder Charlene Vaughn Velia Vasquez Margie Vermilion Billy Vice Joyce Wyrick Betty Wise John Wilson Beverly Wilson Shirley Williamson Douglas Williamson Jimmy Williams Barbara Williams Marcia White Jimmy White Jean White Larry Western Cecil Webb Robert Warner Maxine Wambles Vilma Watter Cecil Waldrip Jim Younger Twila Zabel Homer Zale Augusta Zielinski Barbara Zitar Oscar Zink Classes Also Were A Part Of School Latin class-and every- one has to look up the answer but Nancy Mothershead and friend. All, that is, ex- cept Duane. Scheduling classes often means headaches for students. Here, Counselor Ainslie Pot- ter helps student Larry O'Harra plan his courses for next semes- ter. In few classes do we find as much concen- trated attention as in typing. One shift of the eye and we have an error chalked up against us. it ,Jifv l37l if F Thcy brought down the house in ossemblyf nblies ancl lng Along Q l :ll e 1 R are F Trumpet trio Terry Hyllesfed, Art Plate, Reggie Brooks. The New School Year Is Really Underway Now . . . I Com loss oml Tl q I 1391 Bernie Hill carries the mail. And Jim Hampton is about to tall to a St. Mary's player. Football Action A-plenty! 1' T Il ' L, ...... ul- . reg? of - A, +1 - K H-J SU, ' ' l V-,F - - 1 ' - 'X 'fx' M L, xx, " T 'FI-li, gg c5t,rs , A' Q . fx i Ev 5 x .t.,....,..... .,....i.?,...?...., .7 cal, Front row, loft to right, Tom Ramirez, Alex Tolmachotf, Joe Ancluoga, Don Holley, Charley Hallmark, Bill Roberts, Cliff Bardclli, Bolu Crouch, Hanson Sinanoyich. Second row, Elmer Duncan lmgr.l, Gerald Bunch, Don Rochester ldroppedl, George Tomerlin ldroppedl, Horner Zale, Jim Schneider, Bill Evans, Fred Tregubotf, Denny Harmon, George Onadera, Coach Cze5low Schmidt. Third row, Bill Floyd ldroppedl, Jim Taylor, Jim Hancock, Tony Chavez, Jim Rauschkolb, Jim Brown, Jim Yoiino, Jim Hampton, Bernie Hill, Head Coach Clyde Dougherty. l40l stu" V R5 Right column, top to bottom, Don Holley, All- State center ond captain, Charlie Hallmark, voted outstanding player, Jim Hampton, slash- ing halfbackp and Max Green, defensive oce guard. TAG E027 of the .german Glendale High's 1951 varsity football season was not a successful one ac- cording to the record books, but head coach Clyde Dougherty and line coach Czeslow Schmidt believe that the inex- perienced squad gained much from the near winless season. Playing nine games, the GUHS iron- men racked up a one-win, eight-loss tabulation-but that one win, over one of the stronger teams in the state, North Hi, was tabbed the biggest up- set in the state throughout the season. Prescott tromped the Cards 31-12 on the GUHS gridiron in the opening game Friday, September 28. The next week Amphitheater of Tucson out- pointed the Glendale lads 25-12. Phoenix Tech did likewise by a 14-7 count at Glendale Memorial Stadium the week after. One fine Friday evening, October 19, a powerful North Phoenix Mustang squad galloped to Glendale but trotted homeward. tail dragging, after being trampled 20-13 by a herd of stamped- ing Red Birdsl North was heavily favored but a hard- driving team quenched a thirst for a win by out-fighting the larger club. The Cards dropped the remaining five aames to various teams in the state. The St. Mary's Knights whipped GUHS by a one-sided 38-7 score at Phoenix, and the West Phoenix Thunderbirds flew by the Red Birds by a narrow 20-19. A scrappy Tucson Badger club gnawed its way to a 55-13 victory at Glendale, and the Mesa Jackrabbits hopped over Glendale's defense and scampered to a 39-O tally at Mesa. The final game was played at Yuma where the Cards showed much im- provement. The Criminals, however, escaped Glendale's scoring punch and nailed down a 19-6 win. Left column, top to bottom, halfbock Bernie Hill, quarterback Jim Rouschkolb, tackle Denny Harmon, fullback Tom Ramirez. I '-s Y .7 1 his-55' - 'Scif Mli . . i' .' w J M --. . October- The band sfaged some greaf formations-see the fhree pic- fures on the righf for proof. Al Davis' so-called musicians became famous Hlroughouf 'Phe sfafe for their precision and playing. Gctober- We sfaged a Crusade for Free- dom show, are with 'Hie PTA, and had a lof of fun. Below, McAllister, Glover, Steward, Wright, and Morgan in the Crusade assembly. Bottom left, PTA get-together with students and faculty. Bottom right, mock trial at a Girls' League assembly. N. . 'i 0. TM l il M -W4 1 N Av. k ,app W ,,. um.. Charlie Hallmark picking up ten yards, and the new scoreboard generously given by Glen- dale townspeople, and Pep Club initiation, and a night rally before the North Hi upset, and then the news of the upset, and Redmanott and his Cannibals in one ot the best assemblies ot the year, and more incredulous reading about THE GAME in the cafeteria ,... That Was OCTOBER We Gathered Steam In llfaaemiea . . . Month of the Harvest Dance E' Upper, Horvest Queen Ann Schurter ond King Denny Harmon. Opposite page, Homecoming Queen Lindo Gillum ond King Don Holley. Lower, Juniors at Every Girl's Dinner. Month of Ho mecoming .. 1 A, . and of the Every C-irl's Dinner L, N0 s 1 l Harvest Court consisted of Queen Schurter, King Harmon fjust crowned by last year's Queen Linda Gilluml, Fred Treguboff, Carolyn Beck, Burt Fugate, Loo Lamb, Mary Clark, Max Green, Gladys Kenly, and Richard Long. Dancing, of course, was a main feature. November-Harvest Dance And Homecoming - Q., is YL 1 r N. .M V K On the right, old grads enter and buy tickets from Miss Smith. Then, after eating, it's off to look at the exhibition of old annuals, Hi-Lites, and diplomas of past years. jf 1K i T - " W Q Y, ' , if T5 if 5 -, lb ,Vg Vg: s. Ku MCLTKKK . L+ Q r J ,ee so 1 for '- H fp, , T'iiL1f',1',i---4,-L.-.1,.....L,. it 1 1 A "1-M J --. 1"gi:35'i'-'-"-'---'-'g- t i '-if--if M L - 1 r TL ' 'H--N5 ,"""""-'JIT 1 T , ,H W igqnpiig- JUNIOR VARSlTY+First row, left to right, Keith Carter, Marshall Varner, Richard Watanabe, Ben Todano, Tom Mansfield, Eddie Hashimoto, Mark Conner, Jim Brown, Joe Antonides, LeRoy Schultz. Second row, Gary Nolte, Jett Starr, Lawrence Rodgers, Richard Sonetra, Max Livingston, Jim Baginess, Don Bennett, Arthur Leon, Parker Sproul, Ernie Ramirez, Roland Hancock. Third row, Coach John Whatley, Richard Aguilera, Jim Lake, George Tomerlin, George Cisneroz, Jennings Fish, Ben Hunt, Richard Falbo, Arnulfo Cuevas, Jim Crosby lmgr.J. Football Ended With November And the Jayvees and Frosh Disbanded - - Y, E if-5, M, , I--3 -I ' ,-- .. it '- ' - """""' --.i.'4?,iE J't,-me ' f-A 4 L,-sl l--14--fi ., TC E 5 "i 'ri e'-.- Y , - - K? ii 5 K . 17, . ,- , A LH- ' ,K I --KKKKK ml- gf w' hKKiKKMilK KK if 1' ....,a,K , J , lv' T i ' --in - .RK , .g ..,......,.u--1 tore.-ailll .5-agfoor. H from-N f"'Tf'w Q - r K "TT i xx , TM? T' 'N 4 l V "T L... .... . K. .N 4 KK H ' 3 ' , Ki' 'AY A T K K' Y""""o"r e Q:,...., W , . - ft' f 2+ et' -i,... W , ' ,. . Us ' , N v ,5......- K Q l Q bg f . K 1,41 L ...L 5 I ,,,,, , A ,Q . 5 "W I 'l , 4 . 'x 5 ' . le W f 'tl 5 ' T me 2 , - 1 if cf Vet, S1-iv - , .X A f - f r ' .. I - . 5 :iff 'gt gp L si- ,. .mg L J. , A -tg ,.ftf1s, t A ' - 'H' ' ' , N f' Q 4 .' f J T Q ' -f Q , +-if.. , - ' 1 i ' . . :rw . . ' ' - as QQK K s ,V ..!Z , A 5 .ffl A K. ff- fb' K' 'L KK 'KKK iv A K. K, .Mfg 1 - 'if 4 4 - L X' in N li J Q xr A N t X l' .Q F , KK i L l Q' l . . Q if 9 it it , fe , T N ' Q , 1 X , Q M N " ' l xiii! K Q Q f K X KKK N , K, K ' -KJ, Y v L- ,. - K Q - -xx Xf, X Q' in ff ti 'T' 1, 3 .'., 1 - 'Iv "' f kv'-1 A f w il' if . H l' 4' T '. '. X' A' i ,Ks , l ' 1 'f .- Q ' i , X b K L, ,. 1 9- at ,. e,,. ,- Q ,, ' 3 ,-v , ,, X f, Je- T - - , , - 5, , -.Q 9, ,H ' , HQ ' ,jim W ,Na r M39 .. -.3 , f- -H 1 1. -' 8,1 ' ',?-,L41,,w'Eg.z 'X s,g:.iT l - 31 f ' A i A ii' ir. eff 2 -V-ll?-J'-ff 1'-5 Y K K K t 'Kg ,K . 5 ,. 5 KK- ,.KA-33.1 M K K: ,J KK K ,lj KK15QKK,,iv,-Q.-tv,..'g,f ,ggi KM r+,,f4K ig, :KW -wil lieu: Ag KK!.K,. .,, X ,. fi A L K K Z:3g'K,,fK?5AK,K:K, K ,Q iK1..Kz:ZQK : - of-fi,,g v'1fv-rjxf g',5g':jsfm.s,gf-j3...tQ,'Z?fg5'f , . A ffm, '-:.- f.g,'f,q,l"1Ig, i Q . . ' ' ' 317 'Til . f:SvS3i3","iiw7'E4?'l 'r?'f"'-2' 'i , fr f'f?.1fx5 -v ."t-""'?4'fl'i'JI. FRESHMENiFirst raw, left to right, Larry Louchner, Teddy deBerry, Olon Castleberry, Charles Cartwright, David Johnson, Joe Pogjalin, Jim Kobashi, Eddie Chillun, Emmett Smith, John Ridley. Second row, Ross Preston, Ronnie Alewine, Jim Nolan, Bob Bonnheimer, Bob Friedman, Jerry Harmon, John Hedges, Charles Priddy, Ray Holmes, Jim Dunn, Butch Kraus lmgr,l, Third row, Don Moore, Benton Rowland, Sterling Ridge, Jack Carney, Wayne Anderson, Larry O'Horra, Chuck Hobbs, Jim Wilson, Mike Briggs, Coach Dale Ellis. But the Memories of Scenes Lilce This Lingerecl lor a While For tootbcill is the king ot sports ond the excitement dies horcl when you're looded with spirit. 9 K -1 i The Pom-Pom Girls And Mr. Zinser wos one of numcrous helpers ot the gomes. H e U p e d O U r M O r' a l e Pom-Pom girls, trained by Cooch Ernestine Fredell, line up ot the Stote Foir, They ore, first row, left to right, Moyen Tong, Stella Chovez, Pot Ashinhurst, Judy Mitchell, Noncy Mothersheod, Bonnie Young, Jennie l-lernondez. Second row, Corol Regan, Pot Fowler, Cothy Poston, Borboro Wolker, Sornmie Shelton, Foy Medor, ond Cloironn Cordes. fr'-xx rv' - Li .AW Left, the frosh os tormers monoged to look both corny ond cute. Right, top, the seniors didn't win ony prizes, but it wo5n't tor lock of trying. Right, bottom, the sophomores look sophisticated ond debonoir. Annual Every Girl's Dinner m State Fair iw? Q., .N . X W .g L ME TNDALE N Y i F t if Left, Dove Eostlolfc ond Sue Bowen view on exhibit, Right, thc l-lomc EC display which took 3rd prize. GUHS shop students took l3 first prizes. We Soph representatives to the Student Council ore, bottom row, left to right, Ben Todono, Poul Swcirtz, Mox Living- ston, John Allen. Top row, Billy Wells, Quoin Pichnorcik, Cloironn Cordes, Pot Ashinhurst, ond Devon Guthrie. The Sophomores Started Another Lap ln the Dash Towarcl Seniorhoocl Glenn Abbeloos Margaret Abernathy Betty Akers Betty Aldridge Vernie Abbitt Wilbur Adkisson John Akin 1- AF ' a w A' - , 6 . ' 4' wx ' vt ' i A Q A " ' M - K 2 l r 6 ,L A X f maiffffzt M fear f - 'X r J ii f'g, W' t I 2, , 1 f A rf i . W I , - ,wi - John Allen Kay Arthur Pat Ashinhurst Gilbert Baldenegro Lou Anderson Fay Arthur Gladys Auble E501 5- nhn Baldwin Jack Barnes Ray Basil Palsy Ann Beck il Ken Barber Florence Barrell Harold Beall Shirley Bell onald Bennell Bill Benner Curlis Black James Boginis Norma Burnell Dollie Bidinger Jan Black Beverly Bowers 'K ' 55. S? r 9 S f . gs Q' ., if Q e r f f e fa bf .. . Y' ,N .Q . I S 1 Q if D x 5 D fe i 1 i ix A R ' f- c - Q n e , .. . . - ""1 , K ' -.J I - ' FM 1 1 il ' J :sl , A - ggi I . , , V 3 k K .Q Q ll: I . . 1 'I i A K. es 7' psy' R 1, , V K ks- - 4 iii? X H I 1 ' ' 1, f 1 , L' " G l , ,.,,. my K ' Y A' - B li Q, , fe' erl - - V fi L e f' i erll Q r , J 6 in . 'kan ' 5 I I l ' . I r JL V, yi: W P. - , Q,- 1 , u -f 1 ...Y wt ' Q ,af 2 - N. 2' .4 - xx , , . - t I 3 . . , B ' l Is b llie Boyce Norma Burnell Sharon Burns Belly Carnahan Maudine Brady Alice Brillon Carllon Cox Keilh Carler ogel Cisneroz Jim Crosby Mark Connor Jolayne Conway Ralph Coclxrill Barbara Crusan Rulh Cook Clairann Cordes The Hi-Y Club pulled a nifly in Novem- ber by sponsoring Hi-Day. There were quiz shows on gelling acquainled in fhe cafeferia, such as llle one shown here wilh Jack Hook as masler of ceremonies. And prizes of one dollar were awarded lo sfudenls who inlro- duced fhemselves lo key sludenls aboul lhe campus. Well-planned and well-execuled, lhe day was a lol' of lun. E511 4. ' by .. KW .N ni t V I Rn: .5 ,Q A A . . i i f for-so 1.55, 'S , t 'Q -vw' :v, ' fine, 1' El!!IlIPi K D' r Xl 4 QQ ,f V iztgnii 4 tndgg., '.i?,,w iilgii it e u 5 A G Viiinhg N ffjffi ubcii 4 Y eY,7 , x. 'MJ . 'x"?fsi-- , B 4 a JK v - M' 5 ' ' .4-.. Nt Q 1 Q., z Ishii 'ilk it 1 th 'iii' ix ' A 5 .Q V lx: ,gift 'N X 4 M. was Q .- fiend y Q . gpg.. 'II N ,5,: .5 ,,,, .A uyi , K J ' - ,M ,. :', -, Y , F , A ff ' ...Q- " 1 K f X H .ii iz :.. 1- "'-- ..-,,. . V if Q J tx ,g .:,,, q :,, , 1 1qA. 1 .,,. ,, ,,. . r .,:, ..,,. 0" 7 ,.-2, N A ' E521 Rosemary Cormier Stella Chavez Arnulfo Cuevas Norma Dartt Alleyne Davis Marlys Doolittle Ray Duncan Gay Dunshee Dave Eastlake P. J. Edwards Leroy Eggleston Donna Eide Bonnie Elrod Paul English Diane Erbland Kenneth Erickson Richard Estes Richard Falbo Helen Felix Jennings Fish Kathy Foster Eddie Friedman Retha Freeman Don Fyffe Sue Gilbert Ruth Gilbertson Bonnie Gillum June Gilman Robert Girvin Geraldine Gonzales Bob Gorslin Mumford Graham Janice Griffith Edward Gustafson Devon Guthry QQ, J S 3 J - J iv 'v Basketball edged into the picture in late November with an assembly proc- Gil' L tice game between varsity and jayvees, Dan Vizcaya, at right, looks like ' he's trying to blow the ball in. W ' " I X' it f Q' xx Right, sophomores top to bottom, left to right, are Croydon Hall, Sandra 1.5, J J 9 A - Q Hinz, Jim Hancock, Jo Ann Harris, Larry Harve, and Eddie Hashimoto. A lg Jennie Hernandez Don Hazzard 3 .Q X ' Charles Heath I . -.. x ,: 1 ms " V, , 1 , .,,. ' Lorene Heinzig -'., ,iil is ,Y - ' , J 'N Lucy Herrera I X' Ab " f '-l'ivr ' -4.1 ,f' Al, jf: 0' ge X F '5mxf 5 f 5 F f Harold Hill - Veral Hines K Z In ,QQ y. Flo Hull W if xii Mary Sue Hughes " Nfl- Zlb 53 . Danny Hunt r if ,:i,-'fs l i 22- -l f Wwfvgfyw' Shirley Hunter Barbara Hutchison Cora Lou lson Kay lnoshita Carol Jaggers Pauline Jewell Evelyn Johnson Jo Lou Jones Kay Conner JeanneseKauffman 'pl 25k w J X Q - 0.151 I ' ,'I'f" o :I 1'4:' 9: :riff Wm' if we ,f gh re- W Z l " ' ,fir 'J ' 4 i531 .A,- 5 J i W I , 6' 4 i , . .Q 1 Il , '-, I rib 1: aj. L W N "f vi 1, L 'yy ' ,f Q : ,ut N Q fi! R '- in X 4, , lv " .. ,. ,, 'Av V ,uzz , 1 , H. Q 2, 1 , L B wi b EN "Q YEL. : f:g.qi!g 1 xqzz gEL.Ht : h fav QiEE f. Q xx .illixitg 1 'P' "' 1 'Z' '52l. :11 1 .,..--:' T R" " ft :15 bi I 1 0: 2 to . Q' 1, "'.'l ,:---::-:-:: . NZE, - v- -V --f: Y if iisqilg dles B X 1 -',5 - . Xl b 7 ,,ic. V Y I M J M V 5 I 'AM' .. . 4 if R l Q 2 " x ,.:,. .,.... c ij' 'X '-'- Z ff? J 1 v 'if' X '1 ij' s ' : Y Q H' J- Q so f ' ' ig " ,N A s N ns i s f t M A' Avvnn IX ffl. M E we -Q fe 15 ' V N 5 x I: V -X l E548 2 A . . , .. Q ,,.. Kb 'P .Am A 1:. R '..:1 - 'film' l54J Lana Keen Carolyn Kernodle Wendell King Barbara Kalen Raymond Lamoreaux Norma Lange Carol Larner Molly Lindsey Max Livingston Grace Lizarraga Esperanza Lomeli Victor Lopez Phyllis Lowe Janice Lunback Richard Lumstein Vicki Lutich Joann Lovett Barbara MacLearn Tom Mansfield Jim Maris Alice Martinez Mary Martinez Mae Matsusaki Jerry Maynard Lois Mayo Fay Medar Jesse Metcalfe Evelyne Metzler Bill Miller Judy Mitchell Margaret Moore Clarence Morgan Nancy Mothersheod Elaine Murray Richard Mussatto 'ances Nash James Nelson rqlnla Packer Fred Palmer .0-an 5 is - - S' . Q il A s of Ronnie Mllchals Darla Noble Laurel Parker Willie Parsons , , . M ,r.g 3 is x R ,ggi Gary Nolie Wanda Owens Laramie Novolny Qualn Pichnarcllr Paul Paynn Oillie Ray Billie Ray Gene Ramsey ,V r.q P V I M if -L R ':. ' . .. " 4 : I 'S ,Qi 34 I ,.,, 2 I 1 4, J y ' 53 W 1, 677 A , may vii I av 15 i . if t I is f I 3 " ...Z - U' i' l 'H , :. lyk uv R li i ' Q ' - -' 4, m u 6 Ljk 5 ,h:.b Q f b W, Q ag , . X - ' I ! , ivasi ' V4 . 1-- 14, ' ii' .,.,. I R ' " 'CW A H j .,- ,e' If ,,,,,. A su., XX " .:,.,,, -V: In ,ng ,EA " 1" M iims i M , . Luz Q ,,,- ,R he .1 J A .I fi. X Soi, Q., A R ge 6 ' A - -we ' .. if , gsm 2 Mi' , fs! 's I o fr-'e Q . J or ,o . J n 1 .E 1. V f. A. t A b. ay , i, 1 ,t L in , , A f we ..,, E- NQ A I la' f ' j K K 3 'Q ' A "Q ' ,km ' ji V i .1 . ii S .fL "?.Qf'i'f-l db T347 ' ' A HJ fi' A en Pedal Carol Regan Trinidad Pinedo Shirley Quainlance Virginia Pelerson Roberl Reynolds Bobby Ruher Donna Richardson arvln Richardson Eddie Robinson Sharon Robinson Kalhy Posfon Pai Richer Janice Robinson Louise Roberson Nancy Rucker Thanksgiving play casl' who provided GUHS wifh a freaf are, sealed, Carol Coffelf, Kale Savaffone. Berry Jo Miller, and, sfanding. Glenda McClel- lan. Marvin Weefman. Tommy Casey, Caflly Nelson. Douglas Mueske. Loa Lamb. Elma Kaufman, Allene Waife. Jim Welsh, and Alex Calaya. ' m A N-,,..!4 Yi ' :L gi' E551 Q 'L f 'if Mary Rambo Richard Sandra Bonnie Sands Harald Sheller Rulh Sheppard Sam Shellon Elgln Sakala Dennis Sherrill Sandra Sehuelfe Leroy Shulh Bob Shopfaw Valera Slmms I Marlene Schlagel Paul Simmons ' i "5 . . .,1 I I . Shirley Sm'lh Kilfy Siraighi l lmona Schruck Q.. QQ! Flin Welborn Smith Joan Suller , xv is V . J :, X 3 I J 1 ..,. I X Jia., F - ff 9 Ar.. .. 32 , Q - ,, ,i in r f . :A ..,... y :EQ lm ' Q W' I so , S 3 K t ,,:- : t ' t '-E: when 1 , X. A Q. V K ,r L, Q ,f. A K 7 J ...., ., . ' kt '! -S ' A iv W ' i .V 1 X 7? 'S A .:,.. , El : 'I i 1 , vu-M , 'W ' ' A S .. If I - 3 i ,. g -og! It 1 1 Y ,V Q. ,,.-, t I N 5 5 I Q . -r V if 5 ' il- 1 , .,.., Sai W ...Y 4 " 3 ' ni I 'A A I? A V S 1 S, 2 Q"- 1 if I V A W M "ri . 1 . 1 f. Q , ,N g , , If . lj' ,553 ' A 5, . X, f' ,L '-- M :bmi ff' 4 hail ,ram W , Gay Nell Sisco , Lynn Slaughter Neal Smith ' Edwin Skousen Harriel' Smifh Sharon Smifh Wayne Snyder L d, S Q Parker Sproul L I S Sam Slewarl y ia a o aver lewarl Audrey Still V qv Qi X 5 3 Z i A 7 r 5' W , . . ,if ' ,-,:...: , S. X S i y -' rf 3 Q , La Joyce WimP , Margie Young -I H David Woods Lucy Woodward J- Y Marlene Zink im oung Mr. Bronson, Ralph Mognoriet cmd Arnold Long odmire the Kodak Comporwyk exhibit of prize winning high school photography in the library, E561 Barbara Seibonall I , if 5 '1 me as ' J.: sv - W " ff S S i ...fju 55 ' - S -Q -' 1 l K- 'S ' vs Q, is ,Y QA- , ,z Wu Y uf 5' Q, -'if' . xo ' I? W x .P V l Paul Swartz ' 3 , ' Ben Tadano 1, 'ag Y , - if - ' 6 Mayen Tang 'S 3 ,. Q an - ' ' Dorothy Taylor Aqqlx A D W .2., II: -I is Alvin Thompson my Q x 5 1 i . 'X' Z3 rafts in lar M is 132 ,. Doris Tolmachoff Morris Tolmachoff George Tomerlin Bill TiPPeft Dorothy Tregubofl i ' r ' ' 'K-4' -Af, 5, A ji js' wwrl' Yer- E 2 Bill Tressler --'-1 , Sandy Tihlarn K l Gertie Valenzuela L' H X Frank Thuma wg ' Gerald Vanclever Richard Varder Frances Varella Marshall Varner 'K - - Angelita Villa W' ' " Danny Vizcaya E, ku' 'f K -i s f-25'-. E iiyikgiisssagll Barbara Walker Q S Jackie Wade g , ' ' I, Bin Wallace W fi"-"'x A 49 ' C 5 l , ff' Richard Watanabe qqyx Q. AA A1 X WX I by ,V l X' fi ' Lv-n Webb aial V ,,., lll 3 f X i 6 7 E' an at ...: ..,- 5 K - . -f ,,: - V. . '-.. 1 l 15 fl 4 .iff wi ,P-1 - ' Alf . V. Orville Weetman Nl Billy Wells y .le -X 1 Peggy Lou Wells .Q in 1,, if ' Jack Wick 1 I,1. P , Russell Weltey , ' f P wh ' . Q el L.k' s . .,-- A -I -fiat ms V 1 i i i ilyc Pat Wheat Anita Whelan Ronnie White x -w Carolyn Whitlock 6 John Williams W .'f ? E571 n wa WWW Came The Winter . .. E! li N11 K Lf? ous 5109 lu--f- i581 Ah, Decwzzbcrf Nlonfb of the Chri,s'lzm1.r Formal mul waiting for L1 17111 in flu' zzziddle of five niglvf. Mmzfla 0 l1L1,n'ketlmll and 011716577 11111111gzlillnfiar. Mmzfh n 3' . the open bear! opened zrfzfer zwifh the Cl1ff.ff7Iltl.f xpiril. Mmzlll of that fflwrezf f.'l7Vf.ff7Ilzl.f 1z1uz!i071.' of pgzgmfirg mul If7c'jlHIf01' play: of cfzrnlf and 1Q161ff7If3.f.f. Ami Nlflllfll of ffnf fm! day of 1957. 'sy 'IYI 1 N Q' ' . r gh Y , tn,-.J 4 3 -. ..-L n N ,-lf" ' , ' ' ' , . ,H-,Q gy -, -,S.'K , .J X 9 A. . . .fn A , 1 ' . Q 1 . 5 1, 1' erm xms. n 5 if IN '. 1 ' A Aff 3 ' ' V 5 , I 7,435 4' 7'i-'., 4, 0 J ., . S ,, 7 , Y f A Q ,Q , lv. ..,, .A , ls. . 14:3 Q 4' v .QM X L- Q. IU -M-f .sw-ff .,,' N '-Q. - 'ff xv I ' r Q., my .5 , I! , X 1 - S J . . ,, . 'I ? is A .. ' jy, A 4- "y4 .W X 3 . i. ' . k "' ' . - 1 '-4 , v Y .41-S.. -rl 5 - , N- . f f . . . .. . , ' -g A, ,. ' . ' .. :sf , .rw W , .-'L ,J Q- - f .- -.' . f , , f .0 -. , ' v . s 5 ' i- im ' ' :Q gig! Q 4. Q.-. I. .lg I' 1' 5' pxx ,I xt UFNNKO A ' 'MIKE . xg. 4 .xg '- J .Lf f 14 .Q L.,a, , f 4 n 1 A i nr, F 5 1 'N ..' K,s,Q ,w Ml, ,qi 4: J" H' rl' 3,1 -54:12 f 5 ff , Y ik , V 3 x- W by 1, v I A A v A gi I, J F W, t f, E 1 3" if M, 2 ' i, 5 r ,J : , Ji ,- W1 P fi.-ws J al Q , . fx. A D lk .- ., 1 gg., 'ui . M-'L KAW' 1 Q: swf-. DECEMB MON TUE9 gm M L! l Qs .,, 1 -Vu X , 2 llllnfs 4. X, K , v T 'Rx 'vp rf f kk is 1 1 Xi 'M ii. ff I Q ia s 5, 'Iii Q 4 W r 'M H 1 K, Y KM, 4 S? e ,, fifi 1- i ,. C ik' wifi f tmiaiif ' i A , 3 . Wfxs as 5 if December brought the time of the open heart and good fellowship and food tor the needy and candy for the school in France and peace on earth, good will toward men. .gn 576021-- As lt UsuaHy Does--- Christmas Came ln December Upper left, the Pep Club visited the Crippled Children's Home in Phoenix and sang carols. Upper right, home ec girls worked on the snowman for the Christmas formal. Lower right, the kitchen was busy with pre- paring turkeys for needy families. If was Chrisfmas af GUHS! 'TM Bl A Sparkling . . . wlffy . . . The New York Times Gay farce, well-plotted" Time Magazine Slmply lerrlflc . . . " N. Y. Herald-Trlbune 'Hysferlcally hllarlous . . ." Denver Post 'Very funny . . . " Cardinal Hi-Lifes And December Brought the Very Fine Junior Class Play . II . ll Y 7-2l2I1d .gfmd Directed by Mrs. Phyllis Hoops, the ploy wos o smosh success. Those in the cost were, woy up thor on the left, Lolo Wright, Steve Bogwell, ond Joanne Cuddihy. Then there were, under thot picture, Evo Steward, Corol Coffelt, ond Eloine Keyes. Next to them ore seen Jerry Middleton, Roy Stiffler, ond Elaine. On the right in the set of pictures neor the bottom ore Tom Erblond, Evo, ond Carolyn Beck. We heard the last ot football when Charley Hallmark re:eived the trophy for outstanding player at the annual Lions Club banquet, And Basketball Took Gver The VarsitygFront row, left to right, Arnulfo Cuevas, Bob Warren, Coach Earl Gieseke, Terry Gyger, Ken Ashin- hurst. Second row, Don Holley, Gary Nolte, Charley Hallmark. Rear, Gerald Sandarg, Ken Barber, Bernie Hill, Don Mensendick. Insert, Ray Hoopes. The .layvee Hoopslers . .. The jayyees consisted of, left to right, Jim Schneider, Gary Nolte, Jim Taylor, Arnulfo Cuevas. Second row, Coach Dale Ellis, Danny Vizcaya, Paul Swartz, Jimmy Williams, John Hedges, Jim Crosby lmgr.l. Rear, Jim Rauschkolb, Don Bennett, Mike Briggs, Don Hazzard, And the Freshman Squad . .. The freshmen included in their line-up, front, left to right, Curt Rambo, Charles Cartwright, Ronnie Alewine, Jerry Harmcn, and Jay Rigs- by. Top, Gus Aguilar, Wayne Andersen, Eugene Garcez, Jim Dunn, and Don Moore. Princess Glenda Rowland THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR- Anollwer Salad Bowl Parade and Another Prize lor Glendale Z 7 WL! U73 X S , R '54 7 f W G1 1 if .zlvffvl ,Lever We ll rv if rl si X . - J-fffzfsw. if QQ Jw ,a-1 . - , H ,,,, 2 To .y,r-,. rw li ke if J' QP Iwi I Jliiwk Sli afar F7 1 :Af ' 1 Q "V VP- A237554 '11 J , -E 'fJH,fw ew- F' ilk, fx' e-fm : -w - "1 015- ' .gsm "'g Xof's-', U"'."' , - . M TAa .gafacf four! Opened up the lffond of JANUARY i651 WAz'cA, of eouue, 7-eatuted frulatktff January Brought Plenty ol Action Mr. Schmidt, faculty sponsor of the prize- win- ning Salad Bowl float, presents the Kiwanis award to chairman Elmer Duncan who was in charge of building. Look- ing on are Mr. Campbell, Eldred Terry, Lorene Heinzig, Dirl Dennis, Doris Evans, and Evelyn Heinzig, all of whom worked on the float dur- ing Christmas vacation. Left, Mr. Albert 0. Davis, distinguished composer, conducted the Cardinal Concert Band in the best winter concert heard yet. The concert included three of Mr. Davis' own numbers and drew a record crowd. Right, Wendy Davis, no relation to Al, also took to the stage in January for the annual Home Ec department's style show. The show was followed by a tea in the cafeteria. Mr. Zinser's civics classes conducted mock trials to show the workings of the court system. Here prose- cutor Jack Hook leans into witness Dick Amy while Judge Don Holley and defense attorney Lee Anderson look on. II I emnriam Mrs. Harriette Imes fl 894 - 19529 Educafor and Friend On january 8, 1952, Mn. Harriett lnzex, Dean of Girlf and Regiftrar at Glendale Union High School pafred away at her home in Glendale. She had been ill for almoft :ix monthx. Mn, Imer' death ended a career that enconzpaffed 28 year! of nnyelfixh devotion to education and to youth. Twelve of thoxe year: were xpent at Glendale Union High School. We have mined her during thi: paft year. We Jhall nziu her even more in the yean to come. E671 1' v S E Junior closs officers ore, left to right, Bill Evans, presidentg Denny Harmon, vice-presidentg Jim Hampton, treosurerg Mory Koboshi, secretory, The Juniors ol Glendale High . . . Ray Acedo James Adams Phyllis Adams Ilene Akin Lucy Aia Joann Akers .M g? we -J 59 R 41: 3 W, , X ' ,, .V V J 6' ,K l 1 3? K . V -. N K , Q ii Q f clay E" ' 7? ...V ll 1 ,. X l ' 5 si ff- -it J' 'l .' -,--f li. .Aa 4 Josephine Alasluey Jim Aldridge Craig Anderson Elaine Andersen Melvin Anderson Angel Andrade i681 Joe Anlonldes Leon Arthur Carolyn Beck Pauline Arthur Anna Bagwell Ken Ashinhursl Palsy Baker Roger Beckett Marilyn Balher Carl Bailey Ken Bean Elaine Benner or E U- 8.3 H 5' 1 l , 'f , 'za f ...,. 'N W ENN ,xi -, A I-mms. N 3. . . ' 'Q af 6 e. k-,. . . 1-I N Q . S' L K K SJ y .. to : gi J m Q X 1,1 A 5 P N. A. XM ,L ' F. YQ? E R -L . X simile, -Q FN ,Y 1 l We i :.'-- p y M l Qa' B " 7" l V ' Q , ' .4 -..-- I - fl V Q John Bentley Nannu Belshe Tony Breuer John Beverly Ann Blakney Rex Brewster Reggie Brooks Emery Brown Sandra Burgess Eddie Brown Gerald Bunch Steve Carr The clothes exhibition in the auditorium in January, sponsored by the Home Ec Department, was followed by a tea in the cafeteria. Here a group ofthe Future Home- makers serve and sample their wares. The fashion show was based on a dream sequence writ- ten by freshman Wendy Davis. E691 W. 4' ,ff f if Q1 E 1 'I 'F K N 2 'N N ,- -:..51 l, Ig! N iv- F 'P v 'KE A A QEZI zyg' I f Q. ":" f ew if od . . -ff John Casey Eldon Castleberry Rosie Cuevas Beth Champie Tony Chavez nl George Cisneroz Q . 1 Elmo Clark Carol Cockrill Q' kwa X ,A Q-H wif , 5 sf . u ' 'X Patti Corneil Q 4 K' 63' 5' ,Q l Arlene Craig 1 " , , i ' Bill Crouch ii Q- I X C ' , yo? Oletha Crow W? sf' sf: ,edge DW J J X . , ,1 'N ' P Heilene Crum ...fa X I .Ib b ' Joanne Cuddihy - am ig .:,' 1 "2 Herbert Custer ,.,V ip A Margie Darby ., ,. I . ,mx . V .,:.-f- 'V X lk ,bs A rj Carolyn Davis up "' J' r Norma Dawson -swf f Josie De Leon 4 "" 5 , Dirl Dennis K , ,.:.... .lg is -'li' cali? K -.-.-L .,::...: fl .1 .N af! Lawrence Doolittle Rod Dorsett I Carol Dunkel f . J, , ., 41 -Q Qs. I 1 'QS Jimmy Esparza . Bill Evans . Paulette Everhart Rodney Fisher X 5 ' Z. X vw if W .g,. j- Q P Jack Fletcher H ' - in sin Floyd A fd' F if G. If Jing F0:le: V Y 4 2 .,V,'... 3 I . l at ow er .. X? A E in ku, ' ,... .- y X :A L 351 "' in-.. PVAI f, "" ff R if F 5 Charles Franklin 5 Q Q.. Q In sk . if K VM I MW Burton Fugate , N yu fl ' Q , S Claire Gardner i ' ' A fjglia ww Ay f Steve Gaskin ' 1 Q ' , Q . In , . i f U t I R ., -553: A --.- X . I .1 tr, .-2.. l e A K -. I "' f Lf 2 p X I Wayne Geyer ,- ln' 'P D I 5-as ,4 Leah Gilbert - ' ig T ' ?, ' I' V Arvilla Glaspie i iigi t - :QW - gig Laura Gonzales V. I . W5 ' 3' 4. '. '1 G -: .,,. an - fi-- , ' 11.4" F fl "' 7' -.2r -: i .' - -""f V if! is ' 'f FH 53-e " 1 5' -asf 'M .lid anti A f I4 . , 4 W l G ' ,n ater rassle l ,X Betty Grimm 1 Mary Hale . A i .. if , 'Ci' gr as Ronald Hancock , g A' f oi - 'G - fe if N K 'e 'N Bettylee Harkey 1 ' i" ' ' 'v Blanche Hand f l' "' Denny Harmon at A , Jim Hampton :Z i ' . 'ex . EJ, 1 ' 1 r1o F f a .r ni June Harris Thurman Harris Pete Heitmeyer Betty Henderson w u' J Q Alf gh Q il -4.-uv it Hard painstaking work, posting up ond identify these pictures, but Lois O'Horo, Arlyn Moores, ond Wolter Grossie did it well. Virginia Hill X me ' A Betty Holman W Gene Henry 1 his Q W 3 4' 5 George Hoover it A A 5 if L i Q f . V' ' -b J Ralph Hove N 1 , 5 i - ln, 3 b ' Betty Jackson Q- N f .,,.... 'Q :,:, 5 M A lr 1 Da'e Jaco 1 I, .:'V ,. . ,ifi 5 A - ' 1 iiiz . Elinore Johnson ., .,,-,., .y., l I , .,.., A 8,7 A. ,,, : V5 Xb, k Yam '1 J J will ' "':2 Q 5 Charlene Juncker A 2 it -.,, Wayne Jensen ' iw Qi? Q ' Wil Dorothy Kawa T Elaine Kezes M ..... 1 .'Q- I J w G, . 1 A I Z :'k A Gladys Kenly X .fm iv W "" ' ' My Tom Kimler ' 2 Ken Kimsey W Inez King l , gf? , f :fi '3 1.., T ,1.,, , 4 V ,f NQ ! f K. J eei i ...i F Rosifa Knox Mary Kobashi u Gerald Kuplte QT? Mike Kossou 1 .E if-'dis I Ee. ol 'N W' Lecnard Kwiatkowski Q We Loa Lamb . in J Wanda Leach Joanne Lee " A " V 'J 44 ll - gg? ,W , ak,f 32 TE, ,f,:.i4u12S2'9i'f2Zz2Q -A 4' Q ., X Phyllis Lenard i A Sr. 9 1 ft' " J Susie LePore ry b qllvq A ' , fr A Edward Lelhem i - -Q'- Lf: Q . I K A Tommy Lewis f 5 ' 835- g be I in 1 f' f irr o . if i L, L In u ? fy 5 X A . A All yj - w- f ' " in was an .M K2 E Lula Long Joe Luego T , Terry Lunl' I? E 3 H Ralph Magnanet A V 3 QI :S , fgf ' . N- xl H L ' ' In Pauline Mallory Shirley Marler Faculty-Varsity Polio Game-Faculty won it by 84-l3! Ann Martin Vincent Martinez ii " 1, ff K I 3 7 .av , Q' O N - - l .": Q . -New 1 Q! x ., .,, ,e N- ,, A' --A W -- fs fi , o s 'Sf ,L A M . .ji q2" A. , W ,..,.,. . . ., A ?.,..,f,W,W,,v.M..q..,..,.,.,.s,,e . ll' '20 'E . A l 4? K 2 5 1 i My A " ' I , , -A N, ,"A"' im " " -L-ff -" - .. '-'-'3555If:3f"1?:If:2: 63 -vcr' wr QQ f We 2 M 'i fff "- i ' "5 X -L ' ff A ,if . f N X r f' 3 ' " r ey ' ff' -'1', r- .'.' is l L 3 I u Gary McClure John McGonigIe Don McKinney Richard McKinney Don Mensendick Jack Metzler Jerry Middleton David Moore Earlyne Moore Arlyn Moores Ernie Moya Doug Mueske Jack Noble Catherine Nelson Connie Navaro Marjorie Owen Judy Owens Lillian ong Olene Olsen Barbara Okabayashi Lois O'Harra Ross Preston Billie Porras Art Plate Charles Parfitt Nancy Perkinson Tom Ramirez Jim Rauschkolb Jessie Raza Pot Regan Verna Reemes Don Redman Ken Robinson Lawrence Rodgers Hilda Rogers Nellie Sanchez Geraldine Rosengren James Rostermundt Viola Ruddell Grayce Ruth Bob Schaeffer Jim Schneider Ann Schurter Billie Shelton George Sherwood Sonny Sidhu Ada Smith Virginia Smith A S A Fw QA ' 'if ' i . ws ' f I A 1 'S .,ttr::,i: Z Y ' V .. 4 iii is V ggzli t 1- - Q ', I ' 1 W t Q if . EP: -- V fc f ,R :ge V . A P - E, 1' 4' if W, F' 'SQA Z: 8- V -.. , , 7? 5 ' "'-.f , v -Y ' if K- .ia Q fs ff en t if S if-f As .,., V? V few ' V- , 1 LaVerne Piotter Fritzi Snyder Adeline Soto 1' X, Amelia Soto .S P I . Ruth Speckner . i y ., - , A 'Q Jef' SN" 'vt 4 qu' "V is E K A -E Wayne Stump - IVQ w" ,U E-1' Ray Stiffler f '- Q . -., .exn Y. 4,5 :ZQ n .ff 'e"" i if RWM f 5 M f ,lvb on A 1 h Rodney Stephens g f-- i ',, W ' Elizabeth Stenglin .f ' 54 - ,. ,, "'-. ' . . ' A A ' ., if VS It ' V . ' .. J. E. Steelman ' ,. g I 1 ' '1',,, Q in sr H ., .. Betty Tyree ":' S ' T T ,.,.. . me . if do P' fd l --'., Q f , -.'-:. 1 A M M 5 f i ,.1.,,,t. ,XX ef f it J Y 5 Virginia Treguboff .Q 3 Fred Tregubotf ,li X if f W H Annu, Tfebn 'EJ K ' Dave Tolmachoff if x Q5 15 1 E I M? 1.19" - -I ' 4 Qlas In Y Y Y Wayne Thornton Shirley Thompson Some of the campus brains who mode straight one's for the semester- Edna Thompson Joyce Towne Dove Bowers, Gen Horris, Carol Coffelt, Elinore Johnson, ond Jerry Kopke Judy Wade Donna Taylor Floyd Uphoff Paula Varner Laura Vanclever Bill Van Camp Craig Vail Richard Vasquez Frances Van Horn Oleta Wood Vonna Wilson Ken Williamson Vivian Williams Glen Wiedenhoyst Marvin Weetman Roger Way Marlene Wicker Marion Waldeck Allene Waite Rebecca Wagner . ' -' JS' ks qxxy 51 -v., 1 '32, X Q I Q? WF R Q .R I .-. ' o ff- , ' -,ly R li, in E av .,' , A ry? 5- l lgpqx, YS ' - R ,.,. Q . ' 3, .. 4 ,g v x . ' ' -A ' l,.c..,n .."' ",-, Q .ffm ,ID lyn- E' if 5 N Z' ' x K K 9 mb 5322 Yu X ff ' T . I 3 r ,J . . !'..' . 1 L 1 is I 4' . , Ve 5 ' L ' i"H1L3f .,li5.- " Ai A Xl Leland Young - K 3 Pat Yoder Q ' 25 ,' Bertha Ybarra ,,.- fhx. A ,..,.. ka it ffm The C-UHS Usherettes Club The Usherettes, a small but efficient group of girls, helped school activ- ities-plays, football games, concerts-and served without pay. They are, front row, left to right, Marian Neill, Nellie Poglajen, and Nancy Hut- chison. Rear row, sponsor Mrs. Beverly High, Arlene Craig, Dorothy Treguboff lvice-presidentl, and Frances Nash fpresidentl. Service Groups that Really Served Library and Dflice Workers Library and office workers are the wheels and cogs that make Glendale High function smoothly. They are, front row, left to right, Melba Johnson, Aletha Stephens, Marie Harris, Barbara Gale, and Susie Le- Pore. Second row, Paula Var- ner, Vivian Williams, Phyllis Lowe, Blanche Hand, Wanda Leach. Third row, Donna Tay- lor, Betty Carnett, Jeanette Reems, Joanne Haddox, Betty Carnahan. Fourth row, Dora Long, Nancy Stockham, Carol Riddle, Mary Hale, Royalie Sanchez, Shirley Marler. Rear, David Bowers, Mike Briggs, and Mrs. McGowan, librarian. School S h R K 'h attendants Ann V ! I d l. H 7'e6zua'zy . . . MONTH OF ROMANCE THlSlWhs Romance? 4 ee 4114 Why, sure-Romance, Co-Ed Week style. Donna Taworcarned herown books,and Walter Grassie's too. Then, to add to the topsy-turvey situation, she had to pay for the coke. The Girls' League-sponsored week saw the femmes pay for dates, hold doom open,ask the guysto go out and carry books forthe boys. The funJaden week ended in the annual Sweethean Dance and the situation returned to nornwal Studios and Fun lV0nt Together In Ifebrlulry As much as Glendale students enjoyed the wealth of extra-curricular activities on campus, they still realized that class work was all-important. l-lere, hitting the history books hard, are Bonnie Sands, Marlene Schlagel, lwana Shrock, Sharon Smith, l30J The FFA offered an un- usually gay and instructive assembly. After the boys had told of their projects, the girls had a nailing race for boxes of lollipops. Amateur carpenters are Edna Thomp- son, Bonnie Gillum, Annette Valenzuela, Mary Priddy, Barbara Anderson. This WAS Romance! wer Why, sure-Romance, senior play style. Mrs. Phyllis Hoops chose "Mother ls a Freshman" for the upper class comedy, and for the second time this year the auditorium was packed to overflowing. Here Jo Cuddihy and Max Hyatt give each other that long, gooey look, before q they fall into a clinch. Below, the mirror , reflects Carroll McAllister being made ' up by Carol Cockrill, while Eva does her G own make-up work. '5 Tho Ilaslivlball Season fume To An End i'T2:- The Cards wound up on the long end of an 8-7 seoson and then went off to Tucson for tournament play. Both Amphi and Tucson High chose that time to get hot and the Birds went down to two de- feats, and so out of the tourney. Cards making the trip to the tourney were Gary Nolte, Gerald Sandarg, Terry Gyger, Arnulfo Cuevas, Don Men- sendick, Chorley Hallmark, Bob Warren, Ken Asninhurst, Don Holley, Ray Hoopes, and mgr. Jim Caughlin. E811 The Red Masque Officers for the group of these pians are, left to right, Marvin Weetman, vice-presidentf Mrs. Phyllis Hoops, sponsor, Zoe Gocke, president, Norma Burnett, treasurer, and John Casey, secre- tary. -v I Clu f 1 l Yi 2 S l as Members of the dramatics group: first row, Shirley Wil- liamson, Margaret Maben, Ann Blakney, Loa Lamb, Marie Hor- ris, Frances Nash, Vesta Hast- ings. Second row, Mrs. Hoops, Eva Steward, Joyce Wyrick, Jo- layne Conway, Ruth Cook, Ken Williamson, Arlene Craig, Allene Waite, John Casey, Jim Welch. Third row, Marvin Weetman, Jack Hook, Bob Barker, Norma Burnett, Ruth Gilbertson, Zoe Gocke, Shirley Mailer, Ruth Barry, Ginger Peterson. And the New Golf Club Golf Club members, brought to- gether by former-pro sponsor Mr. Eugene Zylstra: front, Herb Custer, Jim Ash, Terry Nicker- son, Gus Hernandez, Philip Peterson, Rear, Nancy Rucker, Allene Waite, Grayce Ruth, Clarence Deneault, Mr. Zylstra, Glenn Abbeloos, Rex Brewster, Dale Jaco, and Paul Cotts. Left to right, first row: Carl Coffelt, Orville Weetman, .lack Hook, Bob Crouch. Second row: Duane Taylor, Carroll McAllist- er, Jim Hampton, Burt Fugate, Bob Warren. Third row: Jerry Smalling, Bill Evans, Terry Gyger, Tom Erbland, Marvin Weetman, Mr. Zinser. Rear: Gerald Sandarg, John Hedges, Don Hazzard, Lee Anderson, Terry Hyllested, Don Holley. The GUHS Hi-Y Club I Hi-Y officers, left to right, are Don Holley, treasurer, Dave Bow- ers, vice-president, Jim Hampton, president, Mr. Ernest Zinser, sponsor, Terry Gyger, chaplain, and Bob Warren, secretary. The Glendale Chorus Lettermen l l .I First row: Dolores Roberson, . Ann Blakney, Janet Robe, Bon- nie Aiken, Lora Dean Vandever, Jessie Razo, Leah Gilbert. Sec- ond: Muriel Richards, Lois Es- sary, Nanno Belshe, Dolores Folger, Pat Baker, Carol Red- field, Fritzi Snyder, Phyllis Leon- ard, Judy Wade. Third: Joyce Lampe, Hilda Rogers, Betty Hallman, Arlene Craig, Ann Martin, Marjeria Darbo, Carolyn Davies. Fourth, Janet Estes, Bette Grimm, Betty Bell. Rear: Law- rence Doolittle, Claire Gardner, James Rostermundt, Virginia Treguboff, Jerry Jacka, Melva Weed, Jack Metzler, Loa Lamb, 4 Edna Thompson. '- The Chorus Group MIXED CHORUS Firsl row: Loa Lamb, Virginia Packer, Joanne Harris, Ann Blakney, Palsy Baker, Joan Suller, Janice Burkley, Dorla Noble, Margie Young, Audrey Slill, Sylvia Burnell, Accompanisl Melva Weed. Second: Mr, Arl Gard- ner, direclor, Mildred Kaufman, Mary Dees, Arlene Craig, Nana Belshe, Dolores Taylor, Jacoba Tapscoll, Carol Redfield, Leah Gilberl, Edna Thompson, Janel Rabe, Judy Wade, Bonnie Akin. Third: Ann Marlin, Margie Darby, Dollie Bidinger, Jo- layne Conway, Pal Paddock, Zoe Gocke, Belly Holman, Evelyn John- son, Norma Burnell, Rulh Gilberl- son, Sharon Smilh, Phyllis Lenard. Fourlh: Dirl Dennis, Jim Roslermundl, Ken Williamson, Charles Franklin, Daniel Inman, Claire Gardner, Law- rence Doolillle, Emmell Smilh, Waller Harl, Ralph Magnanel, Bob Graham, Roger Way, Marvin Weel- gntan, Jack Melzler, Jerry Jacka, Jeff arr. 3rd HOUR CHORUS Fronl: Grace Rellen, Barbara Wil- liams, Velma Wallers, Margie Marler, Phyllis Engman, Mary Kaufman, Helen Gonzales, Marceline Welker, Pauline Jewel, Carol Kammeyer, Margarel Vermillion, Margarel Vad- er, Carolyn Davies, Laura Gonzales, Mr. Gardner, Second: Sherry Burgus, Joanne Harris, Joyce Lampe, Elaine Anderson, Mary Byers, Joyce Cor- neil, Lois Payne, Sondra Heinz, Eva Lafon, Hilda Rogers, Relha Freeman, Pal Conroy, Ginger Hale. Third: Rosemary Carmier, Sondra Doolillle, Beverly Telers, Lela Mae Knighl, Diana Beery, Alice King, Lois Essary, Mavis Jackson, Lucy Woodward, Kay Slephens, Shirley Covinglon, Aileen Johnson, Joanne Hershberger. Rear: Pal Shanlz, Dolores Roberson, Belly Bell, Marlha Thompson, Jean Romey, Flossie Barrell, Harriell Smilh, Barbara Zilar, Virginia Tregu- bofl, Geneva Pcrlenier, Frances Nash, Louise Roberson, Georgia Chase, Nancy Boegeman, Alice Bril- lon, Gloria Dagnese. 7lh HOUR CHORUS Fronl: Belly Grimm, Kalhy Fosler, Vesla Haslings, Marilyn Kopke, Belly Wise, Florence Pelerson, Judilh Mel- ing, Rose Salpielro, Calhy Slagle, Nellie Poglaien, Myrna Smoker, Shel- bv Porler, Belly Aldridge, Lois Mayo, Mr. Gardner. Second: Jeannese Kaufman, Nellie Sanchez, Marian Neill, Kay Conner, Roberla Hicks, Pearl Johnson, Barbara Smilh, Mabel Jacobs, Barbara Slagle, Mae Malsu- saki, Pal Harl, Pennie Harlley, Nancy McElvain, Socorro Romero. Third: Nancy Cleveland, Laurel Park- er, Jo Ann Lee, Evelyn Liles, Mar- iorie Colberl, Elma Kaufman, Nancy Hulchinson, Mariorie DeCalo, Belly Alexander, Marlene Schlagel, Jackie Kennedy, Luella Bakken, Valera Simms, Sharon Burns. Rear: Sara Marlinez, Nancy Lampe, Jane Robin- son, Janyce Lane, Phyllis Adonis, Svlvia Nielsch, Pal Marks, Auqusla Zielinski, Nancy Slockham, Janel Esles, Valeria Hullell, Phyllis Fosler, Belly Carnahan, Mary Rombo, Mari Lynn Ballzer, Barbara Siebenaler, Sandy Ulman. g9gnr,:e A . .M,se, ' We '1 :V-2' -ewkqgm gf-3 'Yam If yi. Ju ,ce V it A N A f Ami awaij x. fi Nh -45' 509062 -5'-fi-as 2 . rn , mo ZIP r-- rn- Nmz ro bg 190- gb ..m '- foie 0 ' al 2E.oz9Q:: 1 0 2--rugs,-Sz I xWP'T ' Eizmihi i-:::'- Uma 301 U'n0 -px M: I0-001 if Q,-cor Ox: :SQ C'1m'V-info lm-425:-1:r ni-E'r11'!n'S: :.".:':-:Or ' :'- LV'-Pr dm -- gn-Uo.,? U-0' 0-4,- an--4324, ,D - ffww 53 '-.2"Z o In Q-rbi-E -.FIEXO -cami'- xzz, :mo mam - ' ,Z vi DHJQXF is-Q..,m-ec. -.1- gf o gaymzgg ni -i : 3G7",fg9im 0.3-Ugwfv 2:47:10 I . o-N-axw 4- - mn-"CL -.- - ,D 3 wwf 2 rn- ew. -450 may E-'mmwgz X-.o'1n.Lm 3 024-.-i H-Oo-. go . 3. -. Sfrffm L 3,-,QWO -.acoi Fl? sam :r Q.: mn: E. mini? 0 ni m 2x3-I, ., 3--.m:,. -i 23,-4 UWU1 5' :Pas-2-.-Z m'0?,' fm ,,m..g, - -Q-'fm-.VW 0-'fees -1 0. ,fmgn Ecgffi - -4 rn 5051 lf- ma-I 1-.,., U I 0732- 0 -ru., - ca Q59 3' ,TWEI rn Diaz 2 amgaya - 1- 4-nmru' jsqrfcx . L- Ln u1m-.L-0 -. on 53:3:'O -1: S33- -'J' "- 0 .. S em? 4- .. ognv-S7 Nzrn-T2-e -. 3, EJ- mi -1 -Jr :dw 2:57-:r'f. ' g34f.'0 -Koo.-" PL J-- I 331005 + SWS- Q'2:r3:i1 -.m -- 45 F01 1go'5QE ro rn ?r3i?r -l :- CD C57 CD :s Q. cv CD I LQ :- U7 n :- O O UU cv 3 Q. UI up pi! HI - - S 2 ,Q if 'f f H ' iv Q .mia P5 ,s X5 2,1 xv, ' W x ' N su 50' 1 VARSITY BAND-Fronl: Shirley Williamson, Doug Williamson, Dave Easllake, Gladys Auble, Gerry Gonzales, Richie Ashburn. Second: Harriel Smith, Ray Sliffler, Larry Weslern, Jesse Razo, Lois Mayo, Nancy Sproul, Carol Bowen, Arlyn Moores. Row lhree: Glen Abbeloos, Floyd Upoff, Roberl Locke, Jim Ash, Sandra Magurn, Nancy Rucker, Shirley Srniih, Ken Erickson, Lynn Slauqhfer. Row four: Jim Adams, Jack Wick, Wes Ridley, Alva Savallone, lrene Hernandez, Ted Knockenhauer, Dorofhy Jensen, Shirley Bell, Nancy McElvie, Joanne Akers, Lucille McCoy, Margie Colberl. Row five: Devon Gufhery, Charles Healh, Richard Locke, Terry Casey, Trini Pinedo, Belly Miller, Gloria Robinson, Shirley Quainlance, Marilyn Ziegler. Row six: Bob Chavez, Ray Lamoreaux, Danny Hunl, Gary Goodbehere, Jack Redmond, Larry O'Hara, Pal Paddock, Sheldon Swain, Leonard Valenzuela. f Q .0 The Future Farmers of America Officers are, first row, Richard Long, secretary, Burt Fugate president, Dennis Sherrill, report- er, Mr. Owen Allen, adviser. Rear, Craig Vail, treasurer, Don Shel- ton, nothing, and Dan Vizcaya sergeant-at-arms. 1 I -if i, "'W'Nw-ans. 1515 --L"'tE?.E3 Q25 FFA members are, first row: Larry Lauchner, Dave Eastlake, Jim Grande, Burt Fugate, Jerry Maynard, Morris Tolmachoff, Jim Tolmachoff. Second row: Craig Vail, Ronni Hancock, Frank Thuma, Dennis Sherrill, Paul English, James Roster- mundt, Keith Carter. Third row: Danny Vizcaya, John Allen, Richard Long, Don Shelton, Jen- nings Fish, Larry Horne, Jim Crosby. Rear: Wilburn Smith, Spencer Roth, Ray Baker, Don Culbertson, John Mendell, Mr. Allen. The Band Lettermen Front: Max Taggart, Terry Hyllested, Jim l-lourihan, Reg Brooks, Don Redman. Second: John Casey, Gerry Rosengren, Margie Owen, Annette Valen- zuela, Katie Savattone, Carol Coffelt, Sondra l-lerriott, Carl Coffelt. Third: Gertie Valen- zuela, Marilyn Ziegler, Allene Waite, Cathy Nelson, Gary Mc- Clure, Bill Crouch, Bill Van Camp, Welborn Smith. Fourth: Ilene Akin, Peggy Akin, l-larold Beall, Kay Parfitt, Mona Lamor- eaux, Mumfcrd Graham, Mark Coffman, Kenny White. Rear: Bob Barker, Art Plate, Duane Branson, Zoo Gocke, Joanne Haddox, Arnold Long. Front: Lynn Takesuye, Helen Tang, Annette Valenzuela, Carl Coffelt, Sondra Herriott, Carol Coffelt, Elaine Anderson. Sec- ond: Bob Crouch, Gerald Kopke, Burt Fugate, Eva Steward, Nancy Conroy, Pat Paddock, Pat Adams Freeman, Eva Nell Coop- er. Third: Walter Grassie, Larry Shaw, Flavis Lazenby, Carroll McAllister, Claire Gardner, David Bowers, Jim Hampton. Fourth: Mark Coffman, Lee Anderson, Rex Brewster, Max Green, Don Holley, Bill Roberts, Jeanette Reems, Ilene Akin, Margaret Akin. Not shown: Joyce Lampc, Joanne Cuddihy, Marilyn Ziegler, Duane Bran- son, Tom Tomooka, Terry Gyger, Thelma Avis, Gerald Sandarg, Mr. Eugene Zylstra, co-sponsor. Th The National Honor So Officers, lst row: David Bowers, 2nd sem. prog. chmn., Bob Crouch, 2nd sem. pres., Larry Shaw, lst sem, pres., Mr. Vernon Bice, sponsor. Rear: Carroll Mc- Allister, lst sem. soc. chmn, Eva Steward, lst sem. hist., 2nd sem. treas.: Carol Coffelt, lst sem. soc. chmn., 2nd sem. hist., Sondra Herriott, lst sem. ciety sec.-treas. "g,5-v e Drum Maiorettes 'i 'ry ' get 1,ig31..sf ,lie Drum Major Bill Krauss shows majorette Barbara Western ex- actly how to strut in a parade while majorette Carol Cockrill moves Harriett Smith into posi- tion and Mary Sue Hughes maintains a perfect stance. Not shown is majorette Jo Lou Jones. The strutters were an important part of all parades and football formations, The Future Homemalcers Officers: Linda Gillum, historian, Mrs. Hugh, sponsor: Mrs. Valen tine, sponsor, Jo Kaufman, presi dent, Helen Tang, sec.-treas. Carolyn Beck, vice-pres., Mis Jenkins, sponsor. 1 S Club First, Gertie Valenzuela, Melva Johnson, Loo Lamb, Barbara Gale, Betty Tang, Lucy Aja. Second, Jo Moore, Doris Evans, Royalie Sanchez, Ann Schurter, Flora Maynard, Betty Hutchison, Eva Cooper. Third, Pat Fowler, Barbara Anderson, Porta Lee Hensley, Nona Belshe, Gladys Kenly, Eva Jo Martin, Jo Kauf- man. Rear, Nancy Sproul, Janet Dudley, Deanne Morgan, Gloria Marcos, Virginia Brice, Connie Cubbage, Doralee Anderson, Harriet Smith, Barbara Hutch- inson, Virginia Smith. The School Proiectionists The students who pushed the projectors tor Mr. Potter's audio-visual aids program were, tirst row: Bill Tressler, Jeanese Kaufman, Ronald Alewine, Rich- ard Zumstein. Second row: Jack Fletcher, George Sherwood, John Ridley, Robert Potter, Sheldon Swain. Reari Mr. Ainslie Potter, Jim Lake, Clarence Deneault, Wayne Snyder, Glenn Abbeloos. Front, Pat Ashinhurst, Evelyn Heinzig, Judy Mitchell, Nancy Mothershead. Second, Nancy Conroy, Helen Tang, Joanne Cuddihy, Pat Freeman. Third, Ann Schurter, Pat Fowler, Wen- delin Davis, Betty Tadano, Rear, Carol Coffelt, Janie Laine, Shelby Porter, Mrs. Hugh lspon- sorl. it S Girls League Group Officers, left to right, are Carol Caffelt, corresponding sec., Pat Freeman, president, Mrs. Hugh, sponsor, Joanne Cuddihy, vice- pres, and Nancy Mothershead, sec reta ry-treasurer. I 1 i i 1 1 3 3 e some J 8 7' t A i-H. 'r if Y .V 25. ., me f The GUHS Lettermen em, - ...X .asfkiw-, Y- -. ,. , ' ' W ,,,.R Q. ,X , X x V , X , - -W .5 -:.w..,,,,,M- .45 NKQW Q.. Megs, First, Arthur Leon, Eldred Terry, Rod Dorsett, John Boyd, Bill Roberts, Charley Hallmark, Bob Warren, Jim Rauschkolh. Sec- ,gem .H ond, Jim Young, Vic Lopez, Jim Hancock, Ray Hoopes, Don Hol- ley, Bernie Hill, Elmer Duncan, Ray Sorenson, Ken Ashinhurst, Jerry Smalling. Third, Dirl Den- nis, Jim Hampton, Bill Evans, Jim Schneider, Craig Anderson, Tom Erbland, Leonard Brewster, John Wods. Rear, Fred Tregu- hoff, Gerald Sandarg, Ken Bar- ber, Dick Moreno, Jess Moreno, Joe Anduaga, Hanson Sinana- vich, Jim Taylor, Alex Talma- choff, George Onodera, Arnulfo Cuevas, Tam Tomooka, Tom Ramirez, Woody Clark. The Girls Athleti Associa GAA Council members, front: Helen Tang, pres., Betty Harkey, vice-pres.: Barbara Walker, treas., Pat Regan, sac. chmn., Annette Valenzuela, recorder, Mayen Tang, sec. Second: Betty Jo Hutchison, Doris Evans, Carolyn Whitlock, Leslie Taylor, Joanne Cuddihy, Betty Jackson, Ginger Lee. Rear: Sponsors Mrs, Clyda Martin, Miss Ernestine Fredell. C tion t,,c..,k.,Mt.,. 5 Lettergirls Lettergirls-the skilled few who have amassed enough GAA points to wear the G4are, front: Irene Hernandez, Hele-n Tang, Evelyn Heinzig, Lynn Takesuye Cpresidentl, Betty Harkey ltreasureri. Rear: Pat Fowler, Betty Jackson lvice- presidentl, Donna Kiser, Norma Lindley lsecrctaryl, Pat Fried- man, Mary Reay. Front: Dudley, Bailey, Mathison, Anderson, Stevens, Morgan, Aja, l-larris, Wilson, DeWitt, Menard, Davis, Coverdale, Mar- cos. Secondz Martin, Bowen, Parkey, Nelson, Hensley, Rein- shaw, Barr, Boegeman, Moore, Cubbage, Brice, Heinzig. Third: Mensendick, Anderson, May' nard, Bohn, Hutchison, Tang, Tadano, Evans, Larner, Lein- bach, Medar. Fourth: Tang, Valenzuela, Cordes, Gillum, Walker, Taylor, Shelton, Poston, Hutchison, Lindsay, Erbland, Griffith, Shepherd, Ashinhurst. Fifth: Whitlock, Heinzig, Har- key, Aja, Tang, Kobashi, Ken! ly, Reay, Takesuye, Regan, Jackson, Patterson, Valenzuela, Lee. Sixth: Kiser, Long, Mal- lory, Cuddihy, Beck, Kezes, Kaufman, Lindley, Fowler, Cooper, Gillum, Maierle First, Joyce Lampe, Lucy Aja, Evelyn Heinzig, Donna Kiser, Lynn Takesuye, Virginia Peter- son, Larene Heinzig, Molly Lindsey, Quoin Pichnarcik. Sec- ond, Dorothy Kiawa, Rovena Pat- terson, Eva Cooper, Barbara Hutchinson, Ruth Gilbertson, Elaine Murray, Nancy Mathers- head, Clairann Cordes, Pat Fowler, Third, Janice Burkley, Betty Jackson, Elaine Kezes, Jo Kaufman, Norma Lindley, Char- lene Juncker, Mary Kobashi, Allene Waite, Shirley Thomp- son, Jeweldene Owens, Betty Henderson, Rear, Virginia Treg- uboff, Janice Griffith, Betty Harkey, Helen Tang, Olene Olsen, Gladys Kenly, Joanne Cuddihy, Carolyn Beck, Bar- bara Okabayashi. The Pep Club Officers, left to right, are Mary Kobashi, president, Pat Fowler, historian, Barbara Okabayashi secretary, Carolyn Beck, treas- urer, Lynn Takesuye, vice-presi- dent, Mrs. Olga Bice, sponsor. Girls :xg gaigmw Cheerleaders The four lovely young ladies who jump up and down and scream-in an organized fash- ion of course-are an asset to Glendale High School athletic spirit. This year's crop of yell leaders included, left to right, Lynn Takesuye, Linda Gillum, Donna Kiser, and Glenda Row- land. It s Spring X I -HA yea, V721 ! . . . sff f J qu' ' 'W X MN mp Q Th s H I i a H I-J-:Q H MF' ll I' X Z A V, ' f , 11-1- .9t'5 .glazing . . HVZJCJJ 41 yflllilg fmzzzfr fancy liglzlly Inrm In l'l7f2IlkQl7l,l' of zrbaf flue girly have fivwz lbifzkiflg fzfmzft all zwifztcfr. When the Jeniorf begin In fbink ffm! maybe lbey 'll'07I'l be Jn happy to tQ7'zlClllz1fCf. 11712011 it kL'L-UIIIUI' jim! 11 lriflc' lumfw' In L'fl77L'C'7lfl'tlfL' U77 .s'l11:fie.r. UV 17071 you !I'U7Z'l kfmzz' zzlvclfvcz' In gn lo flu' lravb meat nr ilu' ball game or live zwmix match . . . Tlvwz iff fprifig, L'l7ll71I.! na Y- I' , ,, ,. 4 .N ."'A I PM 7 Y' -.. V, 4 'Ks M ' ,Q 'Arg ." K. ' ' Aj all '- S X ' 'wr' , Eff- 'E-Ar' I 'M ' 4. Q5 ' .k,a,,:, 3, digit A ,Aa - W'.l3wnL.. 14.41 'J' h ' '3 ' A ' ' .-"J 6 2 , I I 5 1 F 1 r A 'V - . ,h ':' '- sf' v ' JSF I -rid -1 - " , '-fsepl' X . . 1- ' J.-A. .-A - . f' ' ' " "L .2 ' " , W" - ,. ,ima Q . , , .QTQCQJ affix: L I . , , .iff -r' , .. Q ,JL-'I' '. H1-II' ' Ns 1- I ,- .2 , x. s Q ' I 1 -? ' Z . ' ,A t -". . Q 4. A ' Qu., A - d a-Q-Q L .a..-,H 1 4 1 :nf " I .v ' I' T :yd ab Hifi. , . .Ia 5 . .,L,, , ,r,,..',-r .1315 2 ... - n f' 'J 5,1 .4 , - ' . J -.v ' ' .1.ll,,h -e - ' s ' . di '- I 1 W . , - . . 1 5 I I A 5' ' ' QMAA 'W M A w. I x 'X , V! I I "LX , fix xiii", . by .X w 'W I " M H .mmm ,W ,Q l' f' 5' 11 . 'V+ vx W , , W x l. R 1 Q - 'P 'N ' I f"- a. rr we QR 1 v W4 2. my QNX 4' Morch is o Crowded month ond what we ore oble to present here in the limited spoce of our onnuol is only 0 bore glimpse ot the mony events thot took ploce ot GUHS when G Mach Rcheorsol for the Glrls' Follues John Qncl Tom toke o lesson lrom Couch March FFA FAIR Keith Carter is awarded the Webster Cup for best Dairy Animal in the FFA Fair. BAND MARCHED The band strutted its stuff in the annual rodeo parade in Phoe- nix. SPANISH ASSEMBLY Joan Nicholson and John Conovalotf step off a fancy Mexican hat dance in the an- nual Spanish assembly, one of the highlights of the year. Mr. Arens and Miss Tressel were sponsors. Days EX-PRO TALKED FOOTBALL The Boys' Federation heard one of the best speakers of the year when FBI Agent Fred Naumetz, shown look- ing over Jirn Homp- ton's stance, talked about his pro days on the Los Angeles Roms. iff! Hlll HIE l. lu-P if M and Doings LATIN REVIVED The annual Latin as- sembly featured John Mendle and Bill Tres- sler decked out in Roman garb. GIRLS KICKED And the GAA put on one of the best shows of the year with its Girls' Follies, which played to a packed house. Qt AND A LOT OF PEOPLE WERE ACTIVE Bill Krauss, upper photo, ex- hibits Mrs. Koerner to visiting eighth-graders. Students are warned not to approach the guard rail too closely. ln the cafeteria, the visiting pupils received copies of that GREAT high school newspaper, Card- inal Hi-Lites. Right, Gladys, Lula, and Pat separate color pages for the book you're now reading. And, below, student council mem- bers are all set to take-off for the highly successful conven- tion at Kingman. JW' By March, Mr. Robert Verne Cook had settled himself into the English teaching position he assumed at the semester, an-A M6206 ed N BILL ROBERTS BROKE THE RECORD! Highlight ot this year's highly successful Glendale Invitational Track Meet was Bill Roberts' record-smashing high jump, for which he is shown getting the 20-30 Club award from Ed DeForest, right. Above, Mesa's flashing Sterling Bonner was one reason why the Jackralqliits stood out. Below, Bernie l-lill was right luehind Bill inthe high jump in the Invitational ond in every meet this year. INVITATICDNAL is MA i971 ........ Practice and Practice! Above, Ken Barber winds up to let go o long discus heave. Right, assistant coach Ike Dougherty helps Jerry Smalling. Below, head coach John Whatley shows Jim Hancock and Bernie Hill the proper form for topping the timber. is ...M ' , v . f. ' .1 4 VARSITY Firsl row, Max Green, mgr., Ronald Hancock, Arlhur Leon, Tony Chavez, Ernie Ramirez, Coach John Whafley, Assisfanf Coach Earl Gieseke. Second,Jerry Smalling, Danny Viz- caya, Jim Friedman, Jim Rauschkolb, Arnul- fo Cuevas, Tracy Woosley. Third, Jen- nings Fish, John Hed- ges, Ken Ashinhursf, Richard Long, John Woods, Jim Hancock. Fourlh, Clarence Mor- gan, Bernard Hill, Bill Roberls, Jim Dunn, Jim Schneider, Ken Barber. TRACK TEAMS ,Asa xl i .- l o-4 xx? 933 ers. We Sb 93 JAYVEES Firsf row, Boyd Cope, Jim Nolan, Henry Maya, Morris Tolma- choff, Tom Mansfield, Coach Dougherly. Sec- ond, Bill Tippill, Joe Colwell, Harold Hill, Richard McMaines, Charlie Carfwrighl, Ronald Alewine. Third, John Wilson, Jim Es- paranza, Don Moore, Jim Boqinis, Charles McMaines. Fourlh, Max Livinqslon, Don Haz- zard, Waller Sleenson, George Cisneroz, Park- er Sproul, Don Fyfe. Cakewalk with Maestro Davis directing. Fun! Fun! Fun? The barkers hardly had to shout-the crowd stepped right up. And the student council - sponsored cornival turned out to be one of the most successful events of year. e Lights and oise of Clean Fun ff- .I'IEa..'-1 fr " A ' if ,gags X 'E X F x- to 'X 41 'N 4. 'L v ,, m -M un -,gf U Good Sport Mr, Zylstra gets it in the sponge throw. M bm. 'Q 'P 1 3 .54 I . 's 'V 4 Career Day Came ln April DENTIST Dr. R. K. Trueblood talks to the upper- classmen about the profession of den- tistry. AIRLINE HOSTESS Lovely Martha Sut- ter Shannon tells the girls about the air. BANKER Jim Patrick of the Valley National Bank gives the day's keynote address. PHOTOGRAPHER Well-known Andy Lester holds his group spellbound under beautiful Aprilskies. -4- , ifuyigjf BOYS' VARSITY Front, Gerald Kopke, Pete Heit- meyer, Steve Carr, Fred Dye. Rear, Coach Bill Saban, Richard Estes, Tommy Lewis. TENNIS TEAMS GIRLS' VARSITY Helen Tang, Bet- ty Harkey, Coach Ernestine Fredell, Lynn Takesuye, Anna Bagwell. Not shown is Bar- bara Walker. A dugout full of varied expressions, B 3 l' l' 9 I' U F . . GW webs, n VARSITY-Front, Coach Bob Crouch, Tom Tomooka, Duane Taylor, Rex Brewster, Tom Erbland, John Boyd, Jim Fowler, Esmundo Carrizoza, Carroll McAllister. Rear, Mgr. Eldred Terry, Bob Warren, Jim l-lampfon, Terry Gyger, Ray Hoopes, Gerald Sandarg, Don Holley, Lee Anderson, Leonard Brewster, Billy Wells, JAYVEES Front, Robert Bonnheirner, Gus Aguilar, Jack Carney, Olen Castleberry, Bill Bur- chett, Larry Lauchner, Jerry Harmon, David Johnson, John Ridley. Second, Gary Nolte, Bob Friedman, Jim Taylor, Paul Swartz, Chuck Hobbs, Richard Voldez, Jim Tolmachoft, Vic Lopez, Den! nis Schlittenheart, Jim Pat- rick. Rear, Assistant Coach Ray Sorenson, Coach Dale Ellis, Sterling Ridge, Larry O'Harra, Jim Williams, Dave Hunt, Mike Briggs, Eddie Robinson, Don Bennett, Ger- ald Bunch, Bill Evans, Wayne Anderson, Upper left Bob Warren notches a run in beating Tu son Right pitcher Sandarg ready to swat one, Lower left catcher Ray Haapes takes oft his gear getttiwg ready to hit Right, Coach Bob Crouch watches Z 3 l -vii, 9 'fi' FACES MISSED BY THE PHOTOGRAPHER First, Jeanne Black, Martha Monroe, Kathy Foster, Bar- bara Ealick, Marian Neal, Socorro Romero. Second, Margie Farrell, Shirley Rich- ardson, John Farrell, Donna Burns, Joyce Thompson, Nancy McEIvoin, Third, Phyllis Foster, Denel Harris, Alice Foster, Jane Robinson, Carl Gossip, Kathleen Hunt er, Fourth, Pat Hansen, Beth Platt, .lonyce Laine, Bar- bara Porkey, Clara Brad show, Jim Sorenson, Clar. ence Deneault. Top, Den- nis Schlittenheart, David Hunt, David Busch, Benny Auten, People Make Events Front, otticers Carroll McAl- lister, Jim Hampton, Linda Gillum, Eva Steward. Second Quoin Pichnarcilc, Betty Todono, Wendy Davis, Mary Ann Menard, Potty Ashin- hurst, Mary Kobashi, Evelyn Hcinzig, Betty Jackson. Third, Doris Keaton, Martha Thompson, Connie Cubbage, Clairann Cordes, Eva Nell Cooper, Billy Wells, Leroy Eggleston, Ben Todono, Pat Freeman, Paul Swartz. Fourth, Bruce Heatwole, James Rostermundt, Walter Grassie, George Sherwood, John Conovalott, Dee Fus- selman. Fifth, Bob Crouch, Benton Rowland, Bill Evans, Max Green, Mr. McAllister, Burt Fugate, Leonard Brew-A ster, Devon Guthery, John Allen, Max Livingston. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL -wx' K 1 Q KJ - X Qs wr. 'Q-'JJ - v . is Mx kr' Qs 1 , X A ...: gk , 1 1 H . in-'Q me: 3 .. "awk uw 'rsh-fi Q ff, fr, w'? "'H - ,fi Y A N ff .,, " 1 l H H I wh' by k 3 , 0.1j'.' vm.: A . i' . Q, 'A 1 4 A f . New . 7 4 1' .fix +1 r K 2 1' ' J r K - ,, 'K' , .1 ' ' 1' Holley with runners-up Bob Warren, left, cmd Bill Roberts, right. Don Holley Afhlefe of 'Hue Year chosen by vote of the coaches 1 Y 1 . .wrt-H .u,, ,I -aww. " ri'-l jf, 'viii ,,1 , - A GIRLS' SPORTS Coaches Clydo Martin, left, cmd Ernestine Fre- dell. BeH'y Harkey, winner of fhe sfafe badminfon four- ney, won fhe sfafe fourney cup for GUHS for fhe sec- ond year in a row. Here slle's congrafulafed by Lynn Takesuye who came in second and won u scholar- ship fo Tempe. Bofll girls are fop Glendale afhlefes. lt's A Racket BADMINTON STATE TOURNAMENT TEAM Left to right, Lynn Take- suye, Betty Harkey, Anna Bagwell, Betty Jackson. GIRLS' JAYVEE TENNIS TEAM Helen Kajirnura, Gladys Kenly, Elaine Kezes, Kaye Mensendick, Betty Jack- son, Jo Cuddihy, Annette Valenzuela, Lillian Ong. BADMINTON TEAM Front, Pat Fowler, Ginger Lee, Sammy Shelton. Rear, Betty Jackson, Anna Bag- well, Lynn Takesuye, Betty Harkey, r ff? f -f ,5""f.. 19' Volleyloall, Speed FIRST TEAM VOLLEYBALL SPORTSDAY VOLLEYBALL SECOND PLACE Front, Anna Bagwell, Norma Lindley, Elaine Front, Gladys Kenly, Lucy Aja, Betty Jackson. Kezes. Rear, Betty Harkey, Patsy Friedman, Rear, Pat Regan, Elaine Kezes, Anna Bagwell. Pat Regan. I l fs' LW N l - z f if T .l5,i 1 V V,,i f 1 S 8 4 l-,l -A Q v w X i , g t l Front, Pat Fowler, Clairann Cordes, Barbara Walker. Rear, Gertie Valenzuela, Ruth Shep- pard, Carolyn Whitlock, Carol Regan, Bonnie Gillum. VOLLEYBALL SECOND TEAM ll R is Q Front, Betty Tang, Betty Tadano, Doris Evans. Second, Betsy Bohn, Barbara Anderson, Edna Matheson. Rear, Mary Ann Menard, Bar- bara Stephens, Betty Wilson, Virginia Brice, Portalee Hensley. FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL SPORTSDAY TEAM all, and Basketball VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS GAA BASKETBALL CHAMPS Pat Fowler, Carol Dunkel, Jo Cuddihy, Betty Front, Betty Jackson, Lucy Aja, Gladys Kenly, Harkey, Lula Long. Betty Harkey. Rear, Pat Regan, Pat Fowler, Carolyn Beck, Anna Bagwell, Elaine Kezes. if Front, Vicki Aja, Mary Ann Menard, Barbara Anderson. Rear, Betsy Bohn, Doralee Ander- son, Carol Bowen. SECOND PLACE GAA BASKETBALL il U i 4 is YJ Q - 1 q,'., 3 If . 1 1 1 l L1 Q A lll Mel i f t sag , f A T fr ,. " . ll ,,,,,, , Vyl., . t A Front, Betty Hutchison, Clairann Cordes, Mary Ann Menard, Betty Tadano. Center, Rebecca Sanchez, Betty Richardson, Margaret Ren- show, Portalee Hensley, Betsy Bohn. Rear, Pat DeWitt, Kay Nelson, Doralee Anderson Betty Wilson, Virginia Brice, Barbara Walker Pat Ashinhurst, Bonnie Gillum. FIRST AND SECOND PLACE SPEEDBALL I I xl r Queen Lindo Gillum ond King Don Holley . Brought the . Cardinal Court An honorory roundup of the toost of Glendale I-ligh's young men ond women, chosen by vote of their fellow students. Lvf 1, I.y11n '1'11b1f,1'y111'11111f 'l'c'1'r'-11' Gjygc'1' Rigfl, lim Nell Cfrmpcz 1llI,f Cicr'11f,1' S1n11f11r'g Lvff, Ivzlflfj' Cfnfimy 111111 Max Circfwz Riglrt. Helen Tang 111111 R uber! I .'r'nf1vlm Lvfl, A11111-tic I'11fw1:11c'l11 111111 C.'11rr'11ll !Ht'fHIf,flL'l' Rlgbf, 13121 5101111121 111111 Bill R11l1w'I.f x,,. my W Q N55 j 1' - , . if an .:,: -, X ..,. . ,. ,. J 5 SQ .5MEgf.,ggg Q L: Q, 5 ff 'i my 4'f'z,w-A my V .1 " W. ti- A, A ' f ,Z Www! T L' Z" if S. 'TF' 'fi 1 K fix LP" , s 3 as 5 1 -- 5 1 A 1 i s I S 1 ja-f 1 Q ' 1 .5 . Q - A 1 ffiw, 1 N - r' 4 Q . 5 .Q F11 4 . 4, N in F , fm I E ,Y 4 K W Q ,QNX f 'S H .A L 5 1... , ,,-If MW 3 --It 9' f fm Q. ST if I J P gk . Qi 133 ' 43 ,I 1. . 1 Yes, May Brought the Cardinal Court A V Ienzuela, Carroll McAllister, Nancy Conroy, Eva Steward, Bill Roberts, Don Holley ,Linda Gillum, Gerald Sanda E N II C oper, Terry Gyger, Lynn Takesuye, Bob Crouch, Helen Tang. And A Final Look At The SENIORS T he Graduating Class of 1952 H141 I-9 9 'Qt az' I FM-we Q, .X l Officers: Gerald Saridarg, president, David Bowers, vice-presidentg Annette Valenzuela, secretary, and Eva Nell Cooper, treasurer. The Graduating Class of 1952 PAT ADAMS FREEMAN lMrs.l "Little Lulu", GAA, I-2, Freshman Class Secretary, Girls' League Council Rep. 25 Girls' League President, 4, she married her sailorman. Ambition: to be the kind of wife to Paul that God would have me to be. , h J,-J' A ,Q BONNIE AIKEN "Custard"g Chorus, I-2-3-4, Letterman, "New Moon", lg "Messiah", 33 Operetta, 31 quiet, good-natured. Am- bition: to travel. MARGARET E. AKIN LEE E. ANDERSON "Peggy", Band, I-2-3-43 Let- Photo Club, 33 Hi-Y, 4, Hi-Y terman, I-2-3-4, Band Can- Basketball, 4, Annual Photog- cert, l-2-3-45 Band Tour, I-3, rapher, 3, Varsity Baseball, 4, nice, quiet, and sweet. Am- JV Baseball, 3, intelligent- bition: to teach home ec. he'll go places. Ambition: ra- search chemist. xi! CHARLES R. ALCORN "Bob", Frosh Football, JV Football, 2, Varsity Football, 3, JV Track, 25 a character to know. Ambition: to test new cars. LENA AJA RAFAELA AGUILAR FHA, 45 GAA, I-2-3-45 easy Very shy until you really know to know, easy to like, Am- her. Ambit'on: secretary. bition: telephone operator. RICHARD AGUILERA Letterman's Club, 2-3-4, Base- ball, l1Track, 2-3-45 Football, 3-41 likeable and always courteous to everyone. Am- bftion: to ioin the Air Force and become an airplane mo- chanlc. And So Our Book JOE ANDUAGA "Huero"g Football, 2-If-4, Basketball, I-2-3g friendly, fun to know. Ambition: radio operator. ROBERT BALTZER Bob", Nebraska trans- fer you get to know him. Am- bition: electrician. , 33 lots of fun when BETTY L. V. BARTLETT Chorus, I-33 Phoenix Un- ion transfer, 2, engaged, happy, and quick-witted. Ambition: to marry my, THELMA AVIS airman. MARLENE BARBER GAA, I-2-3-4, Band, I-21 FHA, l-2, Chorus, I-2, Y-Teens, l-2, Pep Club, l-Z-33 Kansas transfer, 31 fun-loving and carefree. Ambition: to attend col- lege. National Honor Society, 3-43 Tennis, l-2-33 Letter- man, 3, Honor student, sweet. Ambition: rancher. LYNN BARRY "BabydoIl"g St. Mary's transfer, 4, wasn'I here very long, but long enough to be known by all. Ambition: model. 'il' T STEPHEN W. BAGWELL "Steve", Hi-Y, 33 Track, 3: PUHS Mor Follies, lg Rotary Contest, I-23 Ora- torical Contest, 4, WPHS transfer, 33 a nonchalant ioker. RAYMOND J. BAKER "Ray", Frosh Football: quiet and reserved, a future Navy man. W3 ze, '-I Nui? .QL J K,ff..i,, v. 4 p p . 3-...M A 4 kg: 1-Qx fm I K' ,MQ J. fi gm? CLIFFORD W. BARDELLI l'Clift"g Football Club, 35 JV Football, 2-3, Varsity Football, 4, North High transfer, 23 a character and a half. Ambition: to ioin the Marines. BETTY RUTH BELL Chorus, l-2-3-4, sincere and quiet in her ways. Ambition: secretary. ROBERT BARKER "Bob", Red Masque, 3-45 Band, l-2-3-45 Letterman, I-2-3-41 Chorus, I-4, Hi- Lites 4' Junior Pla I 2 T . Y. ' ' 3: Senior Play, I-Z-31 Op- x eretta, lg Band Award, I- 2-3g hard worker, nice guy. Ambition: interior decorator. RICHARD BEERY Joined the navy. Good luck, Richard. Both Came To A Close M HOMER BIERWIRTH "Bugsy Beercan"5 quick on lhe draw wilh a ioke. Ambilion: lo become rich and greal. Ancl the Year -16" 5 LEONARD BREWSTER "Brule"5LeHerman'sClub5 JV Baseball, 25 Varsify Baseball, 3-45 slale rifle champion5 as good a guy as he is a rifle shol. TOMMIE SUE CASEY Scholar. Quiet and lndus- lrious. JOHN BOYD "Big John"5 LeHerman's Club, 2-3-45 Hi-Y, 45 Base- ball, 2-3-45 Fresh Base- ball5 Model Legislalure memberg walches ihe world go by wilh one big laugh. Ambition: vel or civics ieacher. JANICE PATRICIA BURKLEY "Jan" Chorus 2 4 9 i gi V N JAMES M. CAUGHLIN , . ,,.. ., --,- . "Jim"5 Froxh Foofball5 JV ' Foolball, 25 Varsify Bas- , kelball Manager, 3-45 Am- .' bifion: aviaflon mechlnisl -. - ,. male in fhe Navy and lo - 3 make il a career. 5 , -3- 5 Lel- lerman, 3-45 Red Masque, 2-35 Pep Club, 45 Girls' Follies, 25 "Messiah," 3-45 Operefla, 35 her ambifion speaks besi for her per- sonalily. Ambilion: lo gel married and make a spe- cial airman in Spokane happy. DAVID M. BOWERS Bowers"5 Hi-Y, 45 Hi-Y Baskelball, 45 Nalional Honor Sociefy, 45 Hi-Liles, 45 Pholo Club, 35 Senior Class Vice-Presidenf5 Sen- ior Play, 35 Boys' Slaie, 35 Arkansas Iransfer, I5 mos? dependable guy al GUHS. Ambifion: business admin- islralion. JOE COLWELL Hi-Y, 43 Hi-Y Baskelball, 45 easy come-easy go kind of guy. DUANE C. BRANSON "Benny"5 Band, I-2-3-45 LeHerman's Club, I-1-3-45 Boys' Sfafe, 35 always iok- ing, lols of fun. Ambi- lion: mililary sfrafegisl. MARGIE LEA CLARK "Marge"5 Band, I5 Chor- us, l-2-35 Office work, 35 afiraclive girl wilh a big smile for everyone. el TH EDA JEAN CANADAY Chorus, I5 Tennis Team, 35 Texas lransfer, 35 spark- ling eyes lhaf show her personalily. Ambilion: air- line hosless. MARY L. CLARK She loves lo have a good time, is always laughing or lelling a ioke. With the Senior Class The Seniors QT- ii'Ewf-' I ' MARK COFFMAN Band, I-Z-3-45 Lellerman, 2-3-45 Nalional Honor Sociely, 3-45 Band Con- cerl, I-2-3-45 quiel, in there pilching. Ambifion: lo be an aulomolive engi- neer or designer. JAMES W. CLARK "Woody"5 Lellerman's Club, 2-3-45 Baskelball, 2- 35 likeable Romeo. Am- blllon: callle rancher. HUBERT RAY cox "Waxy"5 Band, l-2-3-45 Lellerman, 3-45 a wise- cracker, always ready wilh a comeback. Arn- bifion: prinler and lino- CARL EDWIN COFFELT DONNA M. COCKRILL "Diner"5 Chorus, I-2-35 quief, always a sleady worker. Ambilion: lo go business college. "Shorly"5 Band, I-2-3-45 Lellerman, I-2-3-45 Hi-Y, 45 Model Legislalure5 a lilfle guy wifh big ideas. Ambilion: druggisl and salesman. lype operafor. NANCY LOU CONROY Hi-Lifes, 2-3-45 Edilor-in- Chief, 45 Annual Slaff, 35 Associale Edilor, 45 Girls' League Represenlalive, 45 Girls' League Follies, 25 Nalional Honor Sociely, 45 Chorus Lellerman, 35 popping wifh fun and per- sonalify. Ambition: col- lege and wriling career. ROBERT CROUCH "Bob"5 Foofball Club, Nalional Honor Sociely, 3-45 Second Sem. Presi- denl, 45 Sophomore Class Treasurer, 25 Foolball, I- 2-3-45 Boys' Slale, 35 a super-charged brain and one of lhe nicesl guys af GUHS. EVA NELL COOPER FHA, I-2-3-45 GAA, l-2-3- 45 Council, I5 Pep Club, 2-3-45 Girls' League Coun- cil, 25 Girls' League Vice- Presidenl, 35 Senior Class Treasurer5 LeHergirl's Club, 45 sweef, depend- able gal. MARJORIE DE CATO "Doll"5 GAA, I5 March- ing Squad, 2-35 Chorus, 45 Sfudenl Mixer, I5 Chrisl- mas Chorus Concerl, 45 full of pep and a lol of spiril. Ambilisnz dancing leacher. SHIRLEY LEE COVINGTON "Bunny"5 Elerie Club5 Treasurer, 45 Chorus, 45 Marching Squad, 35 Senior Play, 35 PUHS fransfer, 35 sincere in whal she lhinks CAROL JEAN COFFELT is right. Band, I-2-3-45 Lellerman, 2-3-45 Nalional Honor Sociely, 45 Girls' League Corresponding Secretary, 45 Girls' League Rep., 45 Junior Play, 45 Girls' Slale, 35 sfudious, hard lcgzlihegg. Arnbnlion. school BARBARA ANN DICE "Bobbie", she never wor- ries, lakes life as il's dished oul. Ambition: air- line hosfess or lo Travel. Class ol '52 QW' A -in , xl . . s y .'-an-,Q-.-fp-Q"S, . -- f . .s -, li- he Ak -1- 3 . U -S'- 3 3 'h'- 4, 3 I Q,,,, 3. X 3 E Y BARBARA DICKIE "Bobbie", Girls' Slale, 33 Prescoff lransfer, 43 her sweefness is bigger lhan she is. Ambilion: nursing. RONALD ERICKSON "Porky"3 JV Foolball, 2- 33 you never know he's around unlil he slarls laughing. Ambilion: car- penler. ELMER RAY DUNCAN "Fudd"3 Lelfarman's Club, 3-43 Foofball Club, 23 JV Foolball, 23 Varsify Fool- ball Manager, 3-43 Varsify Track, 3-43 Chairman Salad Bowl Floal, 43 Float Worker, 2-33 always on fha go and ready lo help. Ambilion: aulo or airplane mechanic. LOIS M. ESSARY "Blondie"3 Chorus, 2-3-43 Lellerman, 3-43 Chorus Vice-Presidenl, 33 Presi- denl, 43 Girls' League Fol- lies, 23 a nice friend lo have. Ambifion: slenog- rapher. MELVIN ENDSLEY Joined Ihe Navy Io finish his educalion. GRACE JANET ESTES "Sussie"3 Chorus, 2-3-43 LETTGFTTIBIIQ Marching Squad, 23 pleasanl and agreeable. Ambilion: fo gel married. THOMAS PAUL ERBLAND "Tom"3 Hi-Y, 43 Leller- man's Club, 3-43 JV Base- ball, 23 Varsily Baseball, 3-43 Junior Class Play, 43 NPHS lransfer, 23 his good looks are well malched wifh his personalily. Am- bilion: radio work. EVELYN EVANS "Robin"3 Red Masque, 23 Orchesfra, 23 Band, 33 Peoria lransfer, 23 always bustling, full of life and fun. Ambifion: secrelary. Class ol X52 '99 JACKIE FINE Y-Teens, I-2-33 Secrefary, Z3 Vice-Presidenl, 33 al- ways ready wilh a lrlend- ly word and a big smile. Ambition: lo gel a man. ROSE MARIE FISHER "Rosie"3 Chorus, 33 Of- fice Worker, 43 Indiana fransfer, 23 a quiel girl wlih a nice disposilion. LOLA FREEMAN Marching Squad, 23 PUHS lransfer, 23 a lillle on fhe quier side, sweal. Ambl- lion: marry a cerlain sailor. PATSY PEABODY FRIEDMAN IMRSJ FHA, I3 GAA, I-2-3-43 Lellergirls 3-43 happily married. Ambilion: home- maker. The Seniors The Seniors PERRY DEE FUSSELMAN "Fuuy"3 Hi-Y, 23 Band Concerf, 33 NPHS frans- fer, 23 easy going guy wiih a fiendish grin. Am- bifion: elecfrical appli- ance businessman. LINDA GILLUM "Lindie Belle"3 FHA, I-2- 3-43 Sec.-Treas., 2-33 His- lorian, 43 GAA, I-2-3-43 Rep., 23 Hislorian, 33 Pep Club, 2-3-43 Girls' League Rep., 2-3: Senior Class SBCFBIBFYQ Sfudenr Body Secrefary, 43 Senior Play, 33 Girls' Follies, 33 Home- coming Queen, 43 Harvesi Queen, 33 Harvesf Queen Aflendanl, 23 Cheerlead- er, 2-3-4: lops. Ambiiion: airline hosless. J. ROBERT GLOVER "Bob"3 Hi-Liles, 43 Man- aging Edilor, 43 Red Mas- que, 2-3-43 Leflerman, Z- 3-43 Senior Play 33 Chris?- mas Play, 2-33 wifhoul Bob, Hi-Lifes couldn'f have been, period. Am- bilion: pharmacisl. ZOE GOCKE "Zokie"3 Chorus, I-2-3-43 Leiierman, 3-43 Band, 3-43 Leilerman, 3-43 Hi-Lifes, 43 Junior Play, 33 Senior Play, 2-33 Red Masque, 2- 3-43 Lelferman, 3-43 Red Masque Treasurer, 33 Presidenl, 43 Girls' Fol- lies, 23 Operefla, 33 hap- py-go-lucky gal. Ambi- lion: fo make a name for myself in ihe enlerfain- men? world. Class ol X52 0. in 'ISQQQEWQ i 1 3 fi sag gi l 3 .... X 3 I 253 . 9 Q ' gs sg , if eiiifrie " ' 5 X i 1, - Ml, Q.. K ,, LORETTA GREENE "Reffa, Rafnj Lafin Club, Presidenf3 Vice-Pres. Soph. Class3 Rep. Studeni Coun- cil, 33 good for a laugh anylime. Ambifion: fo be a nurse or airline hosless. ARLENE DEANNE HULL "Ar"3 GAA I-43 Pan American Club, l-2-33 Rangers Club, l3 Chicago fransferg a sweef, like- able gal. Ambifion: fo be a good secrefary and marry lhe boss. MAX D. GREEN "Goafmilk"3 Lelferman's Club, 2-3-43 Fooiball Club, 23 Winged Foof Club, I-23 FFA, 2-3'4Q Sludenf Coun- cil Rep., I-43 Boys' Fed. Rep., 23 Foofball, I-2-3-43 Track, I-2-33 Pep Rally Promofer, 43 Harvesf King Afiendanl, 43 always on ihe beam wifh good ideas and ready lo help ouf. Ambifion: poulfry - swine farmer. CHARLES HALLMARK "Charley"3 LeHerman's Club, I-2-3-41 Foolball Club, 2-33 FFA, I-2-3-43 Sgr.-af-Arms, 33 Siudenl Council Rep., 33 Foofball, I-2-3-43 Baskefball, I-2-3- 43 Track, I-2-3-43 Voled Oulsianding in Foofballfi 43 Lions Club Annual Si Award, 43 Glendale's gift W lo all women. Ambifion: fo be a consiruciion engi- neer. TERRY GYGER LeHerman's Club, 2-3-43 Foofball, 23 Baskefball, 2- 3-43 Baseball, 2-3-43 Hi-Y, 43 Chaplain, 43 Vice-Pres. Junior Class3 Boys' Sfafe, 33 he's sfubborn, he's sin- cere, he's nice-you can'f help respecfing him. Am- bifion: fo be a minisfer or a coach. GENEVIEVE HARRIS "Gen"3 Chorus, 2-33 Lef- lerman, 2-33 Arfs and Crafis Club, I3 Operelfa, 33 "Messiah", 3-4: righl fhere among fhe scholars -a 20 poinl sfudenl. Am- bifion: radio performer and phoiographer. NITA HALE "Dof"3 GAA3 PUHS frans- fer, 23 Girls' League Fol- lies, 23 her personaliiy mafches her afiracfive- ness. Ambifion: fo design dresses. WALTER CARROLL HART "Walr"3 Chorus, 2'3'4: "Messiah," 3-43 Music Feslival, 2-33 Washinglon Transfer, 23 sludious, wiih a pleasing personalily. Ambifion: school feacher. ELYIN MARION HAYNES "Professor", Colorado Iransfer, 3, Iops in scholar ship. Ambilionz chemical engineer. SONDRA LOU HERRIOTT "Sandy": Band, I-2-3-4, Band Lellerman, 2-3-4, Nalional Honor Society, 3-4, Secrelary-Treasurer, 4, Girls' Slafe, 3, sweel and friendly. Ambition: secrelary. JOYCE HANES GAA, I-2, Marching BERNARD HILL Squad, 3, Girls' League Follies, 2, a sweef gal who always enioys a good laugh. Ambilionz Io be a nurse and a Mrs. "Bernie", FFA, I, Fool- ball Club, 2, LeHerman's Club, I-2-3-4, Foolball 3-4, Baskelball, 3-4, Track I-2-3-4, quief unfil you gel fo know him. Then, wha? fun! Ambilionz lo be an engineer. EVELYN HEINZIG "Red", GAA, l-2-3-4, Represenlalive, 4, Sludenl Council Rep., 4, Teen Can- Ieen Treasurer, 3, Girls' League Rep., 4, Pep Club, 3-4, hospilable and rarin' fo go. Ambilion: marry her man. CLIFFORD HINES "Click", Quiel and served buf says his iece P when called upon. IRENE HERNANDEZ "Becena", GAA, I-2-3, Pep Club, I, Band, 3-4, Band Lellerman, 4, Closed Tennis Tourney, I-3, her cule ways add much fo her personalily. Ambilionz social worker and nurse. JACK HOOK Hookle , Pholo Club, 3, Hi-Y, 2-4, Track, 3, Ten nis, 4, Hi-Liles, 3-4, Oper- efla, 3: "Messiah", 3, Canleen Board Member, 4, Red Masque, 3-4, Band, I-2-3, Band Lelferman, 2- 3, Dance Band, 2-3, Sec- refary Chorus, 3, Sports Ediior, 4, quick charged personalily. Ambilion: denlislry. Class ,E yi .T 9 gf 'S of '52 DON HOLLEY "Mopxy", LeHerman's Club, 3-4, NHS, 3-4, Hi-Y, 4, Foolball Club, 3, Soph- omore Class Pres., Boys' Fed. V.-P., 2, Sludenl Body V.-P., 3, LeHerman's Club Sec., Treasurer Hl-Y, 4, Foofball, I-2-3-4, Bes- lrelball, I-2-3-4, Baseball, I-2-3-4, Homecoming King, 4, Alhlefe of Year, 3, Boys' Sfale, 3, All- Siale Foolball, 4, super- plus. Ambilion: lo play professional baseball. CATHRYN JOANNE HOPPE "Calhy", Chorus 2-3-4, Chorus Lelferman, "Mes- siah", 4, NPHS transfer, Iaciful and kind. Am- bllion: nursing. RAYMOND HOOPES "Hoople", LeHerman's Club, 2-3-4, Vice-Pres., 3, Baseball, 3-4, Foolball Club, 3, Foofball, I-4, fhe big guy, everyone's pal. Ambilion: lo play baskel- ball and be a yo-yo ex- perl. JAMES HOURIHAN "Slick", Band I-2-3-4, Lef- lerman, l-2-3-43 Band Con- cerf, l-2-3-4, Dance Band, l-2-3-4, "Beal Oul Dal Rhyfhm On A Drum." The Seniors The Seniors 3 MAX man Crazy as fhey come and lols of lun. TERRY HYLLESTED "Red"3 Band l-2-3-43 Lel- ferman, 2-3-43 Hi-Y, 43 Hi-Y Baskeiball, 43 lhe wise guy-one Third of Al Davis' prized frumpel lrio. Ambilion: foresl ranger. JERRY JACKA "Tex"3 Chorus, 3-4 Chorus Lellermang Photon rapher, 3-43 Track, 2 Operella, 33 "Messiah" 3-43 masler of rhe squeeze- box, likeable, dependable Ambilion: rancher, MABEL JACOBS "Punky"3 Chorus, I-2-3-43 Lelferman, 43 Chorus Con- cerfs, 2-3-43 PU iransfer3 a very quiel and sincere girl. Ambilion: fo be a leacher. Class ol '52 PEARL JOHNSON Co-operafive and sludious wilh a genial manner. ROBERT KELTON "Bob"3 Varsily Foofball, 33 lransfer from Calif., 23 a good guy worfhy of his many friends. Ambilion: conlracior. HELEN KAJIMURA "Kafseniammer"3 Orches- lra, 2-33 FHA, 33 GAA, l-23 Tennis, 43 somelhing abou? her fhaf makes everyone like her. Am- bilion: ioin fha WAC's. BESSIE KING Welcome addillon from Wes? High. ELMA KAUFMAN A smile and a friendly Hldflflef. MILDRED SUSAN KAUFFMAN Chorus, I-2-3-43 "Mes- siah", 3-43 Chorus Tour, 3-43 Chorus LeHer, 43 sweef and quiel. Ambiiion nursing. BETTY JO KAUFMAN "Joseph"3 FHA, 3-43 Pres., 43 Pep Club, 43 Girls' League Rep., 43 Girls' Follies, 2-43 oh, lhe mischief in her eyesl Am- bition: school leacher. DONNA KISER "Donna Mae"3 GAA, I-2- 3-43 FHA, I-2-33 Pep Club, 2-3-43 Secrelary, 33 Lel- lergirls, 43 Cheerleader, 3-43 Senior Play, 33 Home- coming Alfendanl, 43 en- ergelic and lull of pep and fun. Arnbilion: allend al' leasl one year of col- lege. gs: -X AWK w 5 LEIA' MAE KNIGHT 43 Okla. Iransfer, shyness adds lo her swee? characler. Ambi- lion: xecrelary. FLAVIS LAZEN BY FFA3 congenial person with likeable ways. Am- billonz fravel. BILL KRAUSS "Willie"3 Band Lellerman, l-2-3-43 Chorus Lellerman, 33 Band Librarian, I3 Chorus Librarian, l-Z3 Band Drum Maior, l-2-3- 43 Operella, l-33 "Mes- siah", 33 oufslanding Ir. band member. To know him is lo like him. Am- bilion: graduafe from business college. VIRGINIA SUSAN LEE "Ginger"3 GAA, I-2-3-43 Marching Squad, 2-33 nev- er afraid Io speak her mind. Ambilion: secrefary in some large business concern or gel' married. MONA LAMOREAUX Chorus, l-23 Band Leller- man, 3-43 Operella, I3 pleasing personalily. Am- bifion: college. WILLIAM LEDBETTER "Willie"3 JV Foofball, 33 Varsily Foolball, 43 PUHS lransfer, 23 happy wilh life. Ambifion: arlisf. JOYCE LAMPE GAA, I3 Pep Club, 43 Chorus, 3-43 Marching Squad, 23 Chorus Leiter- man3 a nice girl, nlce lo know. Ambilion: lo lead a happy life. NORMA DEAN LINDLEY "Norm"3 FHA, li GAA, I-2-3-43 Lefferqirls' Club, 43 Secralary, 43 Pep Club, 3-43 always coming up wilh a new idea. Ambi- fion: Io marry Raymond and make him happy. 'nv' - 2 Q. M .wg Xi - ,,,. sf " ' ...,. ,...! ,..,. Y3,, 5 . .33 . .X X 2 ' - X 2 53- ya X 1.3 . .xy . 3 Class I TE ol X52 JOE LIN DSEY Played clarinel in band. Leif GUHS in fall. ARNOLD LONG Band, 3-43 Lelferman, 3- 43 Washingfon Iransfer, 23 easy lo get along wllh. Mr. L's righl hand man in pholop dependable. DORA ELSIE LONG Usherelles, 3-43 Presldenl, 33 NPHS fransfer, 23 hard- working office girl. Am- bition: good housewife and secrelary. RICHARD LONG "Long"3 FFA, 2-3-43 Sec- relary, 43 Assembly, 3-43 Track, 2-3-43 FFA Leller, 2-3-43 Celilornla lransler, 23 really a good guy with an original sense of humor. Arnbllion: rancher. The Seniors The Seniors Aussnr Lopez 4 "Belo", friendly and lille- . ' able. Ambition: lo grad- ., f uala. " J. . A- 5 2 We . 1 5 i - "- . ":g5:j.. . -::::-55,r- 15 A ii I iii? .,s1-sf- '-e.- - -1 L I JERENE MAIERLE "Gi Gi", GAA, I-2-3-4, Represenlalive, 3, Pep Club, 2-3, Treasurer, 33 FHA, I-2-3-4, you can al- ways have a roaring good time when Gi 6i's around. Ambition: nurse. BONNIE JEAN MARKS "Jeanne", Chorus, I-2, Hi-Liles, 4: "Messiah", 23 cufe gal wilh cule ways. N. MARTIN "Chic"g easy-going sorl . U , ' of a guy. iff y . ,,-- as '-'ur 'ig' -r W e f -. -I 5 Q ig . '- . A Q :wiv B its l ' ,3gE:'.a?Q N 5' Class of L52 BARBARA AN N MAYNARD Tobie A orus I 3 FHA I man lransier 4 Amblhon la be a good secrelary and a good housewife JAMES WESLEY MORGAN Wes Hr Liles 4 s ud nous inleillgenf Amblrlon minlsler or wriler CARROLL McALLlSTER Mac HIY 4 NHS 3 4' Social Chairman 4 Freshman Class Vice-Presi- denfg Sludenl Body Presi- denl, 43 Baseball, 4, Sen- ior Play, 4, Homecoming Alfendanl, 45 he's gol lhe world by lhe lail! Am- bition: become a denlisl, gel married, and raise! JESSE MORENO His sense of humor is conlagious. GLENDA YVONNE McCLELLAN "Pug", Band, 2-3-45 Lel- lermang shy and unassum- ing. Ambilion: alfend Bible College in Los'An- geles. ANN MOSCARELLO Phoenix Chrislian High lransfer, 4. Ambilion: housewife or secrelary. BETTY JO MILLER "Jo", Y-Teens, 33 Band Lelferrnan, lg Red Mas- que, lg Thanksgiving Play, 43 a lol of happiness and galely wrapped up in lillle package. Ambl- airline hosless. ERNESTINE NEAL "Ernie", Hi-Liles, 4, As- sociale Edllor, 4, Sludenl Council, Represenlalive, 3, pleasing, down-lo- earrh girl. Ambilion: be- come lhe perfccf wife. DORIS PORTENIER 1' 'wa GLORIA MABRY NEWMAN lMrs.I "Gogo"5 perl and per- sonable. Now married and very happy. Lillie ray of sunshine. Always good humored. PAUL VERMILLION "Curly"5 a quiel guy, buf always friendly. Ambilion: airline pilol. PATRICIA RUTH PADDOCK "Pal", Band, 3-45 Chorus, 45 Hi-Liles, 45 Business Manager Publicalions, 45 GAA, l-25 Marching Squad, 25 "Messiah"5 Girls' Sfale, 35 well-mean- ing hard worker. Ambi- lion: home economics leacher. ROVENA PATTERSON "Pal"5 Pep Club, 2-3-45 FHA, lg GAA, I-2-3-4 GUHS' conlribulion lo lhe "Deep Sou?h". Ambilion: dress designer. DONNA KAY PARFITT "Parkil"5 Band, 3-45 Band Lellerman's Club, 45 Sec- relary, 45 Hi-Liles, 45 Co- Fealure Edifor, 45 Wiscon- sin lransfer, 35 hard work- er, she's never slill. Am- bilion: nurse. FLORENCE JOYCE PETERSON "Pinkey"5 Chorus, l-2 PUHS Transfer, 25 she al ways looks happy. Ambi- lion: nurse and house- wife. GEORGE ONODERA "GorqeousGeorqe"5 Fool'- ball, 3-45 BasebaIl5 Leffer- man, 45 mischievous and loads of fun. Ambilion: radish and onion grower. MARGARET S. PINEDO Usherelles, 3, a shy, hard worker. Ambifionz book- keeper. ,,.,-as I Class ol x52 't 3 rll, I In 3 5' 0 4 A x V- f , 42 V VV 1 -2 " A I , in V. . 1. is by 'jfs ' MARY LOU PRIDDY "Purdy"5 Chorus, I-2-35 Operelfa, 35 "Messiah", 35 beaufy and Mary Lou are perfect synonyms. Ambilion: fo marry a rancher. JIM PALMQUIST Never a dull momenl when Jim's around. His '3l Packard is a well- known Glendale High relic. FHA, I5 Y-Teens, l-2-35 Treasurer, 25 Presidenl, 35 GAA, I5 nice person who will fulfill her ambilion. Ambilion: secrelary and housewife. CLIFFORD POTTROFF "CIiH"5 Missouri lransfer, 4. Ambifion: lo lravel. The Seniors -'ANU RUTH 'UE BILL RAY noasnrs The Seniors "Jan", Chorus, 2-3-4, Lef- lerman, 43 "Messiah", 3- 43 Opereffa, 3, her sweel ways win har many friends. Ambifion: beauli- cian. JEANETTE HELEN REEMS Band, Ig Library Sciene, 4, "infeIligencia". Ambi- lion: college. LARRY RAMSEY Sharp and quick-wlffad. MARY REAY "Mari", GAA, l-2-3-4, Represenfallve, 33 Lelfer- girl's Club, 41 Pep Club, 2-3, Senlor Play, 3, whaf a sense of humor-Mary and a good flme are one. Ambiflon: boauly oper- afor. CAROL WILSON REDFIELD Usheroffes, Z-3, Chorus, 2-3-43 Lefferman, 31 "Mes- siah", 3-45 Opereffa, 3: one half of a zany fwo- some. Ambifion: gel mar- ried or ioin fha WAF's. Class ol X52 Sfudenf Council Rep., I-3- 43 Rep. fo Boys' Fed., 2, Senior Class Parly Chair- man, Lefferman's Club, I- 2-3-4g Hi-Y, 4, Foofball Club, 3, Winged Foof Club, 23 Varsify Foofball, 4, Track, I-2-3-4, Baskef- ball Leflerman, 35 Hi- Lifes, 45 someone special fo know and respecl. Am- bifion: wrifer and coach. LOIS RICE "L. R."g Chorus, 2-3, Of- fice work, a hard worker, fun fo know. GLENDA ROWLAND "Cockie"3 GAA, I-2-3-4, FHA, I-2-35 Pep Club, 2- 3-4, Secrefary-Treasurer Girls' League, 2, Senior Play, 31 i952 Salad Bowl Princess, Homecoming Af- fendanf, 4, Cheerleader, 3-4, poise and beaufy are Glenda's lucky combina- lion. MURIEL ARLENE RICHART "Midge", chorus, 2-3-4, Secrefary, 2-3, Nebraska transfer, 23 big smile and quief manner add up fo many friends. Ambifion: fo gel married. GLENNA RUSSELL MELLUZZO lMrs.l FHA 2' GAA I-2-3' M rchlng Squad 23 Girls League Follies, 25 cufe sense of humor, loves fo laugh. Ambifion: fo be a housewife and fo have fwins. DOLORES EDNA ROBERSON "De", Chorus, 3-4, Lelfer- man, 4, Opereffa, 3, Cali- fornia fransfer, 2, indus- frious manner, nice per- sonalily. Ambifion: fo marry Arfhur Standard. GERALD SANDARG "Pooch"p Hi-Y, 43 Boy Sfafe, 3, NHS, 3-43 Lef ferman's Club, Junior Class Presidenf, Senior Class Presidenfg Baskef- ball, 3-4, Baseball, 2-3-43 Frosh, JV Foofballg good looks, brains, personalify -who wanfs more? Ambi- fion: fo be a docfor. .K s visa -4 X fs s N KATHERINE MARY SAVATTONE "Kalie"g Band, l-2-3-4, Lellerman, 2-3-43 general- ly quiel, bul nlce. Ambi- lion: lo be a medical sec- relary and lo lravel all over lhe world. NORMA SHEWARD Band Lellerman, 25 GAA, l-2-3-43 Pep Club, 2-3-4, FHA, Z, a laugh, a gig qle, here's Norma. Am- bilion: lo lravel in lhe Easl. SOLEN SEALS 1 sml e a d cheery word Amblllon lo be a good aulo mechanic PHIL SHORES Varslly Track 3 Senior Cass Play 4 Missouri lransfer 3 lake a w Jerry Lewis once you know Phil you wonl lor gel him personaluly and humor make a good com bo anylime LARRY SHAW "Shawface"g NHS, 3-45 Presidenl, 43 Pholography Club, 3, Hi-Liles, 45 An- nual Edilor, 4, Boys' Slale, 3, lweeds, a wink, and a camera - lhal's Larry. Ambilion: engineer- ing, lo marry, gel rich, lravel. "Besl annual ed- ilor ever."-Levin's slalo- menl. E ALFRED SILVA 'Ei DONALD WAYNE SHELTON "Don", Track, 33 one swell fellow, never caughl wilhoul a wisecrack. Am- billon: lo graduale. KEITH SCHLAGEL Class ol X52 JERRY WESLEY SMALLING "Smelly", Lellerman's Club, l-2-3-41 Hi-Y 41 Track, I-2-3-4, lhe wise guy! Ambilion: lo allend college, maybe be a woodshop leacher and a lrack coach. BARBARA A. SMITH "Barb", Chorus, I-2-3-4, Lellermang an induslrious worker wilh a very sincere manner. Ambilion: lo be whal the good Lord wanls nge lo be, maybe a mls- sionary. JANET MARIE SNYDER GAA, lg Chorus, Z-33 "Messiah", 35 Operella, 33 no one could be sweel- er or nicer lhan Janel. Arnbilion: find a good iobg if nol, go lo college. ALETHA ADELL STEPHENS "Shorlie"g Chorus, 2-3, Pep Club, 1-33 GAA, lg Sludenl Council Rep., Z3 Spring Music Feslival, 23 Junior Play, 35 Kansas lransler, 45 big smile for such a lillla girl. Ambi- lion: lelephone operalor. The Seniors The Seniors EVA MARIE STEWARD "Evie", Hi-Lifes, 4, Fea- lure Edilor, 4, Phologra- phy Club, 3, Red Masque, 4, Lellerman, 4, NHS, 4, Second Semesler Sec.- Treas., 4, Firs? Semesfer Vice-Pres., Sludenl Body Treasurer, Senior Play, 3- 4, Junior Play, 4, Annual Slaff, 4, a giffed pack- age all in one swell gal. Ambilion: airline hosless. RAYMON D SORENSON "Rudolph", LeHerman's Club, 3-4, Varsify Base- ball, 2-3, New Jersey lransfer, 2, fhe pranksler. How dull life al GUHS would be wifhouf Ray. Ambiiionz pro baseball. DIXIA DELL SOWERS GAA, l-2-3, FHA, 2-3-4, Pep Club, 2-3-4, Chorus, Vice-Presidenf, 4, full of fun always. Ambilion: fo go lo college and lhen decide whal fo do. NANCY STOCKHAM "Mississippi", Chorus, 2- 3-4, Lelferman, 3-4, FHA, l-4, never a worry, never a care. Ambilion: lo be a good wife for Paul. Class e W . X ,. A if ol X52 YOSHIKO TAKIGUCHI Allended GUHS four years, came from Japan in l948. Yoshiko is as nice as lhey come and is sludy- ing hard. Arnbifion: Yo sludy English. JACOBA LUNDBERG TAPSCOTT lMrs.l "Stacey", Red Masque, 2-3, Presidenf, 3, Leller- man, 3, Chorus, l-2-3-4, Lellerman, 3, Ushereffes, 3, Senior Play, 2, Junior Play, 3, Speech Feslival, 2, "Messiah", 3, Oper- effa, 3, PUHS lransfer, 2, she's married, she's hap- py, and she's 'the olher half of a zany fwosome. MAX TAGGART Mosl of his pals are lhe band hall gang, friendly and fun. DOLORES JOAN TAYLOR "Dee", Chorus, I-2-3-4, Lellerman, Dramalics, l, Flagslaff High Lelfergirl's Club, 3-4, Drum and Bugle Corps, 2-3, Music Feslival, 2-3, "Messiah", 4, Flag- staff High lransfer, 4, al- ways has a friendly "Hi!" Ambilion: to gel married. LYNN TAKESUYE "Chopsuey", FHA, I-2, Pep Club, 2-3-4, Vice- Presidenf, 4, LeHergirl's Club, 3-4, Presidenf, 4, GAA, l-2-3-4, Vice-Presi- denl, 3, Hi-Liles, 4, Girls' Sporls Edilor, 4, Girls' League Represenlalive, l- 3, Junior Class Treasurer, Sfuden? Council Rep., 3, Varsily Tennis, 3-4, Cheer- leader, 4, NHS, 4, Annual Sfaff, 4, no one can rnalch her happiness or iusf plain goodness. Ambifion: lo al- lend college. DUANE TAYLOR "DiHy", Hi-Y, 4, Sludenl Council Represenlafive, 4, Baseball, 4, Chorus, 2, Junior Play, 4, he likes people, fhey like him. Ambilion: minisler. HELEN TANG "Tang", FHA, l-2-3-4, Hisforian, 2-3, Sec., 4, Pep Club, 2-3-4, Marching Squad, 2, Lelfergirl's Club, 4, GAA, I-2-3-4, Sec., 3, Pres., 4, Hi-Lifes, 4, Associale Edilor, 4, Girls' League Rep., 3-4, Frosh Class Presidenf, Soph Class Sec., Tennis Squad, 3-4, Girls' Follies, 2, NHS, 4, nicesl and besf liked "nur" on the GUHS campus. Ambilion: affend and graduafe from col- liege. LEX ELDRED TERRY "Oscar", Foofball Club, 2-3, Frosh Foolball, JV Foofball, 2, Varsily Foot- ball 3' Baseball 2-3-4' Junior Play, 4, Salad Bowl Floal Worker, 2-3-4, Co- chairman, 4, whelher i?'s a big iob or a small prob- lem, Eldred's always lhere fo help out Ambilion: lo own a plumbing business. . 3 . ,- is 4 Class ol X52 55' HARRY THORNTON at . ' FFA, I-2-33 Leflerman's --,x i Club, 3-43 Foolball, I-Z-33 5. ' 3, Baskeiball, I3 Track, I-2-33 ' - ' Haryesf King, 3: algood- 5 E?kLnc1ag:1yg.rAmblIlcn: io A I KENNETH WMU! ' N .' "Kenny"3 Band, I-2-3-43 ', Lefferman, 2-3-43 Band I,-Q Leflerman Presideni, 43 T . ,ar '-, Band Concerts, l-2-3-43 Band Tour, 2-3-43 good Q '- I looks and Ialenl wifh a , ' d f f K ' nonsucs vsssu air ,IQ'fI,f"' wo 0 ""'Y ' .af "Flo"3 Chorus, l: Norih . Phoenix High School lrans- "' ' f fer, 23 her aflracriveness can'f be measured by her 3 X 3 f size. Ambifion: airline X, - Y . 'Si , Q 4 siewardess. 3 gl ALEX TOLMACHOFF Always ready lo make or " take a dare. ELAINE WHITNEY "Punky"3 works in Yhe affendance offlceg well- liked There and in all her classes. Amblllon: secre- Secrefary, 43 Boys' Fed- IVY- erafion Treasurer, 33 Fooi- ball, I3 JV Baskelball, l-23 Varsify Baskefball, 3-43 Varsily Baseball, I-2-3-41 don'f lei blank expression fool you. Ambilion: fo play pro baseball. BOB WARREN "Sad Sack"3 LeHsrman's Club, l-Z-3-43 Hi-Y, 43 TOM TOMOOKA Lelferman s Club Nahonal Honor Society 34 Base ball, I-2-3-43 friendly guy . 3, wirh winning ways. v MELVA JO WEED "Elmer"3 Band, l-2-3-43 Leilerman, 2-3-43 Chorus, I-2-3-43 Leilerman, 3-43 Chorus Sec., Pianisl, 43 Operelfa, I-33 "Messiah", 3-43 oufsfanding Chorus Siudeni, 2-3: one of Mr. Davis' glories-a sfandoul in The music deparfmeni. Ambiiionz fo make a good wife for Bruce. ' ANNETTE MARIE VALENZUELA "Aunlie"3 FHA, I-23 GAA, 2-3-43 Junior Rep., Re- corder, 43 Band Lefier- man's Club, 2-3-43 Treas- urer, 43 Sfudenf Council Represenfalive, I-43 Sen- ior Class Secreiaryg Girls' Slaie, 33 ai the 'fop in everylhing. Ambifion: Io go fo college and Iravel. W'G'ss ,nw .IOHN WOODS Winged Fool Club, 23 Lef- ferman's Club, 2-3-43 Track, 2-3-43 when you're in a class wifh John, lI's guaranreed noi Io be e dull one. TRACY WO OSLEY " M a c Dulgerslubbers"3 Track, I-23 nice, quiel guy. Ambliion: cabinet maker. .53 ,- BARBARA WESTERN Maioreile, I-2-3-43 Chorus I-23 Benson High lransfer, 33 cure liflle blond. Am- biiionz secreiary. XM T h e S e n i o r s ARTHUR LEON Arthur doesn'f say much, but lhat's lust a coverup. Football and track ath- lete. Dependable is the word for Arthur. LOLA WRIGHT lMRS. JACK SIMMONSI Hi-Litas, 45 Pep Club, 43 Red Masque, 43 Junior Class Play, 45 get married and went back to Amphi- theater. Ambition: to have a writing career. JOHN WALTERS "Jack"g Illinois transfer, 4. Ambition: to ioin the Navy and be an officer some day. LUCY MARIE ZURICK "Toots"g GAA, Ig Y-Teens, 25 Reporter, 23 FHA, lg peppy gal with lots of spirit. Ambition: to be Mrs. Milton D. Henry. Camera-Shy Seniors James Amy Yonco Asano Pat Christman Donald Conner Charles Cox Robert Gardner Jean Gray Bill Hemphill Lovetta Hines David Hunt Eugene Hutchinson Minoru Inoshita Mavis Jackson John Jones Bessie King Melvin Kremer Dee Ladra Richard Locke Eddie Wilson James Worthen P H301 Manuel Lopez Clinton Nichols Ralph Pinedo Leroy Sokata Hanson Sinanovich Glen Sisco Don Spann Floyd Takiguchi Bill Tippit Boy GIRLS' STATE Loa Lamb Elaine Anderson Joanne Cuddihy Marion Waldeck Ilene Akin Mary Kiobashi. S? if S 5 -are s' and Girls' Stale BOYS' STATE Front, Walter Grassie Burt Fugote Gerald Kopke Bill Van Camp Pete Heifmeyer. Rear, Jim Hampton Ken Ashinhurst Don Mensendick Claire Gardner Rex Brewster. l'S 3 w 4' O 4,-a. L 1. ff ' s ' at t MW ' ' , , 1?-Q .f if ,Q QP' -1.34. ffifli A"l L 4. , a ' - xx V , "2 Q' ! F' 'M f""' M545-3X M' . 5 '- : Ai. -X I k '.,7':T ' ,R v, fi' "Y Y .n 4 A 1-I A' src: 'N 1 0 v ' I' ,-.-Q R 1. '48 K " Is- F' s 3' , "im, 1 -.Q..:e-.S-J, 7 '- 'MK Q, K "' 'N ' -If F'- Y ' . ' w.. 1 -5" 4:-' I , 1 4. "' . X.. pm :T 'f' Q' 9-la" ,Q 1 'vb'-'AIMM vi OA A ' ' . L- , ' -f x L ' , . A ' f I "':" +, ' i ' 'gr-gg -34 .. 1 r - - ' QI: V mr . N' K E - A Q 0 .1 .si tv? .4 - .X . I w-u-1 rw .f N V' f -' , - ' VL X. PIM ,- I 1,3 ' , '2 " . .' s-' f .mln 'x 1 i' ' W, V, I . - 5' .iz 1 rf 3-.fu ' V 191 , ,, Q' I ir' Wi: N .Q gy' 'fl . f 3. ' " r' f' ' ' - xl X , ' ' 5 r . G Q' v " ', R f , ii - .'.' .Af n '--' ' ' if ' - W .- N 4 f. pf ' X Qs, A fr N, , .- , ,. ' X ,-M14 ,.- Z, Fir sa. ix. -bl K W g mm" -f' -U X -' f Q., ,2 'Z ff A 'N if MQ lk lk - -:' - i as -+2 ' 3 . W 5 51 xi-1 Q' n , ., V 13 'W , ii . 1 5 I S vs ,Q HY v is 3 1 V . + I 4' .Z 'F 1' ' Y V L., 9 .L S .I "HW- ,gwf 'J 'ive m 'M""' , . ... MMS' Q I W 1,5 4- 'I 1 I Q 4 7 , v, wg 1 I 5' kv- A, yewmfvw- .f,.' .If 511. ,P ' ' . -' A. 15 K ,f 4 .A ,M ,wifi H, iff .. X , luv" "h':',.,' 4, VH it Y !,115f-IQ? Inq, , ,. ' 4 i-auf f-'JYP' . ' is V . .,' f 4- nr A-.- N .3 9 Lg, ' J .42 P 435' '. ' NVQ' , X aff f + wan. 'szihuff -1. P General Insurance -:- Real Estate PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE 9019 Cave Creek Road A. Mardis Sheets SUNNYSLOPE 36 NORTH FIRST AVENUE PRESCRIPTIGNS Filled only by lleqe of GLENDALE P1 31 322 1 d 'GLENDALES OWN STATION" Serving The Valley Of The Sun Twenty-F our Hours A Day MUSIC-NEWS-SPGRTS Acknowledgements and Thanks: To: Terry Dennison CWest 1-lil 1535 W. Eolgernont, Phoenix, Arizona. For: The very fine full page picture ot the sunset, page 132. 1 To: Arizona Highways Magazine. or: The very generous gift ot the pages ot co1or photography. The Editor SEVEN STORES TO SERVE YOU Wherever you are in Arizona, you'll find a Stapley store nearby, stocked with practically everyihinq you need for the farrn and home. QIQOESTAEEEY GLENDALE - PHOENIX - MESA - BUCKEYE - CHANDLER - CASA GRANDE - COOLIDGE J. D. HaIsIeacI Lumber Co. LA PEBLA CAFE "One FW of ff fI'ffUf0'1" THE BEST MEXICAN EooD 47 W. "A" Avenue I9 W. Glendale Ave. Phone 9284 Phone 321 Glendale, Arizona Grade "A" Establishment 20 YEARS SERVICE IN GLENDALE MASTERS RADIO AND TELEVISION I7 East Glendale Avenue GLENDALE, ARIZONA RALPH MASTERS Owner Phone 202 HEADQUARTERS FOR CAR PARTS COTS AND TENTS CAR ACCESSORIES AMMUNITION CAMPING SUPPLIES WATER BAGS AND IUGS TELEVISION REERIGERATORS Baoolcs AND WHITNEY'S WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY GLENDALE, ARIZONA Best Wishes to . . . THE CLASS OF X52 BETTS INSURANCE AGENCY YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE GLENIIALE PHARMACY Prescription Pharmacists l l 214 South lst Avenue Glendale, Arizona Cfihv Glenhalr Nunn PRINTERS - PUBLISHERS - STATIONERY Serving Glendale and Vicinity Since Statehood "THE NORTI-lSlDE'S WEEKLY PAPER" CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '52 FROM A FRIEND pan tatozium QUALITY DRY CLEANING 228 E GI d I A e. Ph 531 . fVIif2 Congratulatwns at .IQQI " Graduation f SINCE i934 Ph 658 142 E. Glendale A 4 A L A KISER MOTOR SERVICE PLYMOUTH -- DODGE DEALER Compliments FILEBQS BAKERY of Walt Adams Buick Co. l5 North Second Avenue 340 E. Glendale Ave. Glendale, Ariz. Phone 591 Phone 9294 BEST or LUCK TO THE The CLASS 91:52 VALLEY PRINTERS PUBLISHERS - COMMERCIAL PRINTERS G. W. s1NG MARKET Home of the COfnjQdOfA5lgtrQ:Hue GLENDALE HERALD Phone 312 lll East "A" Avenue GLENDALE, ARIZONA Be A Star Cook . . Bake delicious pies, cakes and pastries with this fine quality, H1070 ARIZONA STAR FLOUR AR1zoNA FLOUR MILLS AUTO UPHOLSTERINC- Of All Kinds 17 W. GLENDALE AVENUE ir I Q AUTO TOPS AND Phone 8112 SEAT COVERS ELECTRIC COMPANY MOTORS INC. Electric Motor Rewindinq and Repairs AUTHORIZED PLYMOUTH-DESOTO YOUR MAYTAC1 STORE DEALER G. W. Crawford Phone 9164 4 N. Firsl A . Glendale. A ' Glendale Ph::e 9124 Phoenix Phone 199 N'W' Grand Ave' Farms - Homes - Business Properfy 6 Renfals Selmer -Af Buescher Ludwig 6. Ludwig f Marlin Guitars CARTER 81 BATES PIAIQQS , iclcermq f- Siory G Clark Lesier "Betsy Ross" -- Fischer SHEET MUSIC - RECORDS 215 E. Glendale Ave. PIANO and INSTRUMENT RENTALS Phone 9442 130 W. Adams Sl., Phoenix 8-2601 8-2602 Corbin 81 Davis Electric Co. All Types Of Elecfrical Insfallafions DISTRIBUTORS FOR ALLIS-CHALMERS ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS AND DRIVES Phone 4-7310 A Phoenix, Arizona Phone 4-7319 We Wish to Congratulate the CLASS OF 1952 - The Four School Stands - Uneeda L h YOUR FRIENDS ALL AROUND THE CAMPUS Mom and Pop George's Place By Wire Anywhere Phone 543 Congratulations to the CLASS OF '52 from Younger Furniture Company 22 W. Glendale Ave. Phone 265 COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS ' C-LENDALE FLORAL SHOP FLOWERS, "THE PERFECT GIFT" FOR EVERY OCCASION ,X f. Chors. A. Pitts 222 E. Glendale Ave. Glendole, Arizona ' zz., FRUNTIER waz, 6 FUTURE Arizona PUBLIC SERVICE Company is doing its part as a good citizen to help build Arizona into the leading state in our great southwestern empire. A You, as students of 6 M. today, can be proud to In I take your places as leaders of tomorrow in our Frontier With A Future N E 1 N ' ulz npuplu' sERVltFC0lPllV.i Ewa in Q HARDWARE "BETTER PRODUCTS FOR BETTER LIVING" lst Ave. 6: Grand Glendale 236 OENE'S MODERN MARKET 127 WEST GLENDALE AVENUE PHONE 38l f DE. MILBURN C. sHELToN UP lC"'a COMPANY NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN East Adams Street Cl-IIROPRACTOR Phoenix, Arizona Telephone Glendale 9l25 l2l VV. Glendale Ave. . Hes. Ph. Phoenix 5-1742 Glendale, Arizona Our Business ls Making Good Impressions CONGRATULATIONS To THE "Shell" Neukom, Prop. Phone 521 CLASS OF '52 ELLEN'S DRESS SHOP EVER-READY DRUG COMPANY 63'-3 THE HEXALL STORE 50 N. 3rd AVENUE I Glen Theatre Building 206 East Glendale Ave. Glendale, Ariz. Hammond Soap and Chemical Co. MANUFACTURERS DISTRIBUTORS Soaps Waxes Cleaners Sanitary Supplies Insecticides Polishes Disinfectants Floor Finishes Phoenix, Arizona Phone 8-5307 or 8-5308 ll5 West Iackson Street GLEN DALE C-LENDALE AUTO APPLIANCE MART TIRE SARS, INC. Glendale, Arizona General Electric Crosley -:- Zenith Radios and Television Youn FRIENDLY HUDSON 4 U.s. 'rms DEALER RCA TELEVISIGN Grand at 3rd Avenue 75 So. 3rd Avenue Glendale, Arizona Pl'1C91'1lX 2:7656 Glendcle 9474 g0Al'l ?. 0117 Home Bullders, Inc. CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1952 6 Builder of Glenwood Terrace, Palm Terrace T, 2, 3, MaryVale Park, and MaryVale Manor 0 All Sales Handled By Oufwesf Realfy Insurance By Oufwesf Insurance l. HGWARD CHEUVRONT Phone 6-4463 Glpndalo Food lesf Of Luck To The Class Of '52 . . . Lockers C-LENDALE HARDWARE Process of Foods For Lockers Und Home Freezers 440 E. Glendale Ave. Phone 9218 CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING AND CURlNG Complete Building Suppliw Byron Peck and Specialtier PHONE 9229 DEVOE AND LUMINALL PAINTS Congrafulafions. Graduafes . . . 928 E. Glendale Ave. Glendale Pump and Supply DESE Glendale BERKELEY and MYERS PUMPS CONGRATULATIONS TO 24 HOUR SERVICE '52 J. allfllll PRODUCE co. WHOLESALE ERUITS AND VEGETABLES ' ef FEATURING QUALITY PRODUCE ,. The PHONE 44193 217-29 SO. FOURTH ST. Finext Alz1'a'v.n"' P. a. Bax 208 PHOENIX, ARIZONA GRADY'S KARL'S FOOD MARKET SHOE STORE MORE THAN 20 YEARS YOUR SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE GROCER FAMILY Phone Phoenix 5-2065 548 E. Dunlap ll6 E. Glendale Avenue Marion S. Whitney Firesfone Dealer Sfore McLennan Wholesale Candy Co. TEXACO PRODUCTS L N PO T E UIPMENT WI SO S R S Q l534 W. Van Buren Sl. PHONE 7l'! lOl South Grand Ave. Glendale Phone 4-0589 phoemx' AUZOHG WHITNEY BROTHERS LAUNDROMAT North Side of City Park AUTOMATIC DRYERS AND IRONER FREE PARKING Kim 's Super Market FRUITS - VEGETABLES - MEATS 301 N.W. Grand Avenue Phone 578 Glendale, Arizona Phone 9215 Glendale Congrafulafions fo Hue SCHOOL AWARD LETTERS ATHLETIC UNIFORMS cuss af 52 ' ' ' SHIRT LETTERING AND LETTERING EMBLEMS l 0 M01'COInb S Se1'V1Ce DEKEN SEAMLESS AWARD SWEATERS Phone 517 O BEST OF SERVICE 285 N.W. Grand Ave. Glendale Arizona Nelson's Monogram Service 5 West Adams St. CZnd Floorl Byron Nelson Telephone 2-5657 Phoenix, Arizona Lundberg-Hansen Mortuary A DIGNIFIED AND EFFICIENT SERVICE TO FAMILIES OF EVERY FAITH Chapel of Chimes PHONE 9297 GLENDALE L. Congrafulafions fo Hle Class of '52 FURNITURE COMPANY C I H F POLAR BAR ,OIIIP ele 07116 I NUI .7171 J' General Elerlrir A1Jpliam'rfr Nationally Adrertired Carpet.: 436 E. Glendale Ave. Phone 458 Glendale, Arizona 2809 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE PHOENIX 0ur Best Wishes To the Class of 1952 C'Mo.11ey Glendale Lumber Co. and Glendale Phone 327 Arizona DQJUCR-A1llSl,'0 l'0RP. CAMERAS - PROIECTORS - ENLARGERS STATE DISTRIBUTOR J. E. REDMOND SUPPLY COMPANY Post Office Drawer 869 0 625 West Madison Street PHOENIX ARIZONA IVIMBFR NATIONAL ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS .A SCCIATICN If ls A Privilege For The City of Glendale To I-Iave This Opportunity To Wish The Best oi Luck To And Conqraulate The Class Ot l952 On The Successful Compleiion Of Their School Work SPORTS CENTER S A N D S 336 East Glendale Avenue Phone 9203 MOTOR COMPANY SPORTING GOODS CHEVROLET DEALER FISHING TACKLE - GUNS AMMUNITION CAMPING EQUIPMENT SOUTHWEST FLOUR AND FEED CO. ARIZONA ROSE FLOUR AND RED STAR FEED ff":'Sf 9 NORTHSIDE UNION SPROUSE-REITZ 5c - IOC - 25C STORE 0 327 s G d A Ph 9989 I X I' nomnnsrs nm nnn sm cemen 19 SOUTH 2nd AVENUE, GLENDALE, ARIZONA OLDSMOBILE f SALES tt SERVICE s ' f , Yarns - Free Knitting Instructions 1012 East Glendale Ave. Crochet Threads Glendale ' Belts, Buttons, Buttonholes . , Pham 9222 and Hemstitchinq 1 I x D DJ 5 6 Congratulations from MILLER'S DESERT PHARMACY Congrafulafions From 1 Swift and Company Ice Cream Plant S Camelback and Mission Beads , . 2lV2 WEST GLENDALE AVE. Phoenix, Arizona Phone 5-4747 THOMAS E. couRY co. QUKZKIS MUSC STORE KING AND BACH BAND INSTRUMENTS 134 East Glendale Avenue LEEDY-LUDWIG DRUMS Phone 9251 "E1ferylbir1g for the band ur nrrheftru Illllfllldll GLENDALEI ARIZQNA 33 E. Monroe St. Phone 8-2467 Phoenix PROGRESS-The Key To Success PROGRESS is surely the key to success. Any person or firm which stands still is doomed. lust as you graduates have realized this, as evidenced by your hard work in hiqh school, so have we realized it in state newspaper circles. The Sunny- slope Iournal has been continuously improved since its establishment over five YCGFS UGO. The Sunnyslope Journal ALL TYPES OF PRINTING 720 East Dunlap In The Fastest Growing Community In Arizona ., .---:, ,". 1.1.0, ,.,, , cams Best Wtzhizsa?.S.Oaif2trtationS 452 H ' scezegty-s Q A MAL-I-S RAMRAS SPECIALTY CO. " -..,., Wbolemle jobberr and Distrilmlorx 5 Complete Line Of Drug Sundries 5i1'.:'g---1- Notions, Toys, Variety Merchandise .ls " QUARTS-PINTS 2L7HZQJDEfFi2??SlNiT' 141 N. lst Street PHONE 3-0324 RHODES MEMORIALS CONGRATULATIONS 2337 W. Van Buren Phone 3-4697 - Gene Summers MEN'S SHOP l ,I 1 If ' Monuments and Markers ' GRANITE - MARBLE - BRONZE A f f ' A Ju ,, fi 112 E. GLENDALE AVENUE .SX ' ,lt ,',"l 1 3 if 'lf' .,.'LHullins if 5 400 EAST GLENDALE D r u g AVENUE H. M. WELBORN CCD. State Distributors of Transi-Ccach and Crown School Buses Complefe Aufomofive Service Parts and Accessories Sporting Goods Glendale Arizona Featuring the Best of Cosmetics: Best ot Luck Dorothy Gray, Yardley, Lelsonq, Class of 1952 Coty, Cara Nome, Lentheric, Bevlon, and marry others. A R I Z O N A N I T O R QQINNYSCIQUPE BFluA'nm'gxt:!i S U P P LY C O M PA N Y 7th St. 6- Dunlap Sunny l p , Ariz 26 South 3rd Avenue Ph e 8363 Ph 4 4331 3 0537 Ph A Congratulations . To The Graduates Oi 1952 From The GLOBE FURNITURE COMPANY YoUR NEW NEtaHBoR BEST WISHES TO THE 1952 GBADUATING GLASS FROM MARSTGN SUPPLY CCDMPANY Sporting Goods School Supplies 324 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona Brazill-Whitney Mortuary QXYGEN-EQUIPPED AMBULANCE Phone 9265 CHARLES R. WHITNEY 203 Eost "A" Avenue Director Glendale l Q fi "Most Likely 'D 'E Establishing and maintaining a friendly, business-like relationship with a good bank is important to young men and women, particularly to those who aspire to become tomorrow's business and professional leaders. These young men and women who establish a banking connection by opening a savings account and adding to Succeed to it regularIy...who consult the bank about their plans for the future... who win and keep the confidence of their banker...have gained a valuable, life-long ally. The Valley National Bank cordially welcomes the accounts and friendships of all sincere, ambitious young men and women. VAELQQEEX..'?!5,ll1".lE'?.!?'A!':..l?fS!t"'5 . . TEWAR Phoenix Phone 8-5043 Glendale Phone 9150 Ready-Mixed Concrete Sand - Rock - Gravel ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN SUCCESS TO THE 1952 GRADUATES LEONARD'S EL PASO CHAIN STORES A 'HEI ffIIWfI7 flzf 7 Arrow Shirts - Levi Strauss - Stetson Hats - Florsheim Shoes Carole Kina Dresses - Samsonite Luaaaae P- Connie Lo Heeter Best Form Foundations GLENDALE - PEORIA o TOLLESON lnsmu STORESL' RETAIL stones H word 8. Stofft 6 p f ' p35W Tucson 5 ' P esco If . Flagstaff if N D YM, S- sQ4 31 f f ' Smfiof-C PETERSON, BROOKE, STEINER if WIST PBSW Yum Mesa - safford 530 West Washington - PHOENIX - Phone 8-666I ARIZONA DISTRIBUTORS SCHOOL - CHURCH - OFFICE - INDUSTRY SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT -k ROYAL TYPEWRITERS 'k A. D, MIMEOGRAPH if VICTOR ADDING MACHINES i' DITTO DUPLICATORS if ELLIOTT ADDRESSING MACHINES i' EDIPHONES 'A' AMERICAN SEATING COMPANY IIA SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR ARIZONA" wzfja l 159' . n l R. refs- Glenda Rowland Mosl pliotoqenic senior qirl Lula Long Most plioloqeniw yunior girl Most pliotoqenic' senior boy Carroll McAllister Most plioloqeniu junior lwoy Iim Ruuschkolb McINTYRE'S STUDIO PQRTRAITS - FOTOFINISHING Cameras and Supplies 21 North 2nd Avenue Presents the Most Photoaenic Girls in GUHS e Chosen by the Annual Staff MUST Pl1OTOQ9F1iC SOPUOYUOYQ bOY I-el'0Y Eflqlesmn Most pliotoqenic' frosli boy Gary Godbehere Pat Ashinhurst Most photoqenic sophomore girl Margie Mqrler Most pliotoqeniu frosli girl B - v A N S Congratulations from . D Il ll G S T 0 B E Complete Drug Needs J. C. I Prescriptions f Fountain Service Company A . lst and Glendale Ave. Phone 4ll Glendale rlzona THE COVERS AND BINDING ForYour 1952 CARDINAL were supplied bythe Arizona Trade Bindery 311 West Monroe Street Phoenix, Arizona 3-0920 Howard Wedell Arnold Couturier x l 1 N r , so st X AN A ffm it P to ll X You'vs rmsn THE Rssr CJ 'iw Www I ' ' Now Gef The Besf! -4- ' R A To The x M r. --2 x - Y . F F2 GILBERT oirarrrrsow . -1 ' ' t , N r l 88 0 I sixth N " A ' A 8: W Root Beer as - A N P A 'H' V from lOc and 5C xx F 3 Xt is J, x .643 X 4, X BrOS'l G d A ext t wimminc, 1. 1 it , Lo ENGHAVERS, MANUPACT REBS GLENDALE ARIZONA 43 A jr, it ' t I' . xy 'gf f I ' PRINT ,.-Q4,,,,,,,' ,an-Q ,Aww ' ,MQ an fAWf,.,,,,,W,Qfw J'f2Z7""5' Qwjjw ffjG'W?,QZ4wwfM Mff I ,Q .wvvfff M,fM,Z','fZf',w,wa an M Aj 46176 , ff ff if YW WMM' E - Fifi C512 E 5 ix? , N ix liiwgigggiiiibgix XE QQ Oxfi- ,r +a w QasE2 W M4 i3S3NiSxi Xf ' SQNQ-xlisisgi ffQ4"fJ"9fYf0 I-I-lt'-"' , ' '4if'f-P y?7,f:,.,1f...,,,.w M H sq ' 5""?""' NW' 4 gi, rx Q if g.. . 7 Q N X 461,14-4. N2y4J07K'dH,wQ fm 3jg f2fZZ?? W wf,'7Qfi?f5jf? 2 3 in Q Wy! ', ' 0,ji5f7"fM'xf' - ffg2 iEEeEgb W VMQW W fffa X2 , f,Q'Xg,Cf fdffffw i fb? Af QV igx 1 L M wMW M?2ff iwif ff' ff? M S-2... .ff ?Zf4.5.,g4,1 W? ffiigflwfkw ,,,...- -f r - :'1'-wnrfz' llnwQE'qqw1p:fS-Rviwifv - I A , , .ga Q. .H '- 'F . nf f'-"1-ffff-- F i -T ' - -"-"' ' . t .. -- -' .zap-17 'if' Af,-' --H T 'n' M. V . 4 . A - .WW , g? 2 jiiim wa? :Y ig M 4 GMM, ' Qi 'S.,b-f,.e3m.J-'K-9--b-9Q ' WWQG-W-6 Q- "Sf+' ' ,ai---LA awww ,Lb Jw-yy ,a,,.,+f,v,,.4..J . mf f 775 I' ' 265 .4-4? io 4. f,,,g,,..,!, b 4-'ZZZ4-e-...QWAJ 24, : 15'i7'77'fmZy Q 'f'7"-" ' f95"'7a""'2-ij' da? ' mpywwwwww J...1,,,,t2L-'-'wfbff-N4..4 M M333 If F 1 1 1 , A 4 .. I 1 . - w ig " TQ. ai Zi J-' 'Ti ' ' ILE C154 Zi'-T' ", " , V' Y.'-., f ,f'.-.- -1i' 'f-fi-TT . V. ," ' 5" Y rf ' .F 4 22,4 ' X, 15 3 ,I ' i -f 'J 'gigs-.5 D 'g 4- 'FM' . 4-1 Vg -, g,?!1v::55,,, V -fr . gf -' ' - , -' , 5 -fi.1g:5,'5lfj1' 'jU!E?'1'IaZg ei. n-er xii ff '-1615-.,,,,.gea'1'll'Pf,y5,,fi.QE Mwfwgy S

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