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! 1 IlII'lOIk ,X -'U FRUM - In 111119112 l THE LIBRARY UF , , . . '-.-'M N Z' W 0 if if wH.,lw A 1-,, ,ww 1 T Q, J? MFMUWR Glendale Union High School Bnnquvl Hull Audiforium A .Wresented As . . 195 XXX The CARDINAL wx 9 Social Science Building .Wublished By 'Parker Photos' Stadium "1l"r' X The Associaied S'ruclen'rs And X . J SS V. . VV . 3 X H ' .fuw " 'a-1 10 ' -. ' 'X w H107 yu 'x :3 U Hlillli Hwy mv H1wc'r0r1111 wi TMO Stutw find H vwll iw. It is tlmrollqh 3 1 , ' sswvxm rm:- utzz, c1lviTil1vs:, that this cmmml XO to hw pmdvlishvd. Tllfflllllll Hmm rwpmzsmmfcxfivo 5 fx fvqlg 55 ,wg rg , rs, "F wif-11+ fj"!lIlCil, F win 4 , 41 , , . N 1 . . , u K X F T S T f' ' fl XI Nu I? mill photo? The Editors lcmei Kennedy Ffditcir Tho Ovorlogiwdl the Gvorworkodl Don Miiosko Business Manager tho iinqloritivd those are the poo! plc who publish this aiiiiiial. Tha stall, wliirli does all the siiiull jobs ciiirl mils aliiwsl rio Crrvclit. Thu plioto-iiupliors, who siicip qriiiiiiiiii liicws fill you iiiisl say iiothiii-1 iiiiiilviisiiiit when siiliiosis wriiiiilv mid timifliuis iihzextt to . , , 1ItlUII'l1tillOIl wt tlwii cziissos. Anil lliw iulitvis wliv ibvoiva iii iiciyiiiviit lvi their 'pil niily ii iiiiiiio oii tha litlw initio iii :fiiirill piiiil ciiiil thu siuiis lioiii the urlvisvfs 1 . mit ii iiiiiw tiiils. 'l'hi:: hniilq is llioii' prridiivt. Anil iii zwiiito vl tho ariwiiiziiigly hillvi' iiliiiisus iilwvo, woiilal lhvy tiilw mi lhv iuli ii-iiiiii il they were Lilliitkinl llii' i'l!iillCOil You lint tliviy woiileil 'l'hiiy luvwii ovary iiiiiiiite wi it. Staff and Photographers Front row, left to right, Marilyn Robe, Pat Ross, Dorothy McGinnis, Pat Paddock. Second row, Jim Laughuun, Nena Taylor, Brooksie Millsap, Barbara Malidor. Third row, Jerry Eaton, Don Mueslxe, Jani-t Kennedy, Nancy Conroy, lSchiII photo.l -xmas I Front row, left to right, Betty Brace, Caroline Weaver, Mary Peterson. Second row, Larry Shaw, Lee Anderson, Glenn Schill, Don Beall, Troy Parker, Richard Beery. I. DEDICATED TO Mrs. Qeorgia Q. Menard To Mrs. Georgia Q. Monord hecouse os GUHS ottendctnce secretory she works hord and wellg hecouse she is thought to he in- tollihle hut knows she is notp hecouse of her knowledqe thot there orc tirnes when leniency ond qentle liondlinq work to greater oclvftntoqe thftn horshnessg because she works quietly, without cornniendcttion, on the lists ond records so neccssctry to the schools tunctiong ond, most of ull, hecouse in her 13 yerirs C1tGlendolo High she hos ectrned not only our respect hut our honest Cldntirotion we ftrotetully dedicote this book. N-I ws C JV! ories Of . .. The Adminisfrafion And F A C U LT Y Board Of Education Uhose who Set Mr. Sam Joy, President, Retired Left to right, Mr. Harold Lowe, Mr. Grady Auten, Mr. John DeBolt, Mr. John Herriott, Dr. Roger Trueblood. tBeall photol School .Tolicy Servinq faithfully without pay for either their time or labor, these five rnenfthe Glendale Union Hiqh School Board of Education-are responsible for a smooth-running institution and harmony between students, faculty, and towns- people. To them, for their untirinq efforts in our behalf, we are qrateful. At the close of the first term we said good-by to Mr. Sam loy who is retirinq after ten years of service, the last year as president of the board. Although we are sorry to lose Mr. loy, we are happy to welcome Mr. Harold Lowe, and we hope he will be with us for many years. tlOl lt's hard to take a formal picture of Mr. Ashe -W he just isn't. That, perhaps, is the reason why he's often called the best administrator in the state. Ending his fifth year at the head of Glen- dale Hiqh, he says he never Worries about any- thing. Of course note-a school of l,UOO just runs itself, bond issues pass automatically, a million problems that come before his desk all resolve themselves as a matter of course. He never worriesf-he just gets things done. iSchill photol jhe Trincipal Of Qlendale J-ligh Don't let the formal pose Land the unliitered deskl fool you. Only the grin, forcing its way through, is natural. iBeery photol l Mr. Robert William Ashe A 1' ' S49 A . ff infra", i' xm-r-'-- f--1.-. 1RIOD TW PM 'IS -s reg ro The pleasant lady in the upper left corner is Mrs. Harriefte Innes, Dean ol Girls. Next to her is Mrs. John Koerner, secretary, who has managed to retain her sanity even after a year at GUHS, Al the upper right is Mrs. Elmer Hedges, school nurse and friend to all those who ail. At the left, chortling happily over his money, is Mr, Earl Thomson, business manager. Aclmlnlsfrahve Assistants Tlw young larly at the mimeo machine to the right is Miss Sally Talxesuye. At the left, holow, is Mr. Ainslie Potter, director of audio-visual aids. Centered below is Mr. Robert Scott, ri-gistrur and friend to ull. And yau've met the fine lady at the lower right, who :lor-sn'f usually look so grim-Mrs. Georgia Menard. lScl1ill photosl rf- :-i.-. C. fleet The Faculty Of GUHS The grim, old fashioned schoolmasters with ready hickory stick in hand have seen their best days, and in their places are teachers with one thought in mind that of showing us, the students, the value of a good education. Witli patience in place of a sound Whack of the paddle, stue dents of today are taught not only the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also the essentials that produce the initiative leading to a successful life. GUHS is proud of its faculty and well may bef for here are men and women who are fine examples of the modern teacher, and in our opinion, compose the state's best teaching staff. x Top to bottom, left to right, Mr. Owen Allen, agricul- ture, Mr. Albert Arens, Spanish, Mr. V. L. Bice, study hall, Mr. V. M. Bice, math, science, Mr. Morton Boss, photography, biology, Mr. Raymond Branson, social science, Mr. Dave Campbell, art, Mrs. Sarah Clurdy, English, Mr. Robert Crouch, athletics, Mrs. Marian Davies, math. NNE' at iw flff LEFT PAGE Lett to right, top to bottoni, Mr. Albert Davis, inn:-nic, Miss Muriel Dawson, lpnsiness, Miss ljrnestine Fredell athletics, Mr. Art Gardner, music, Mr. Earl Gieseke, business, athletics, Mr, Paul Hange, shop, Mr. Wayne Hefteltinger, shop, Mrs. Beverly llugh, honie econoniics, Miss lanis lenkins, hoine oc, Mr. Carl lepsen, shop, math, Mr. Walter Kish, agriculture. 1 RIGHT PAGE Mr. Norbert Konzal, biology, Mrs. Novilla Lalo, English, Mr. Alvin Levin, publications, Miss Bertha Lindblacl science, Miss Giga Marlcichevich, business, Mrs. Clyda Martin athletics, Mr. larnes McAllister, English, Mrs. Margaret Mc- Gowan, library, Mr. Bill Peterson, athletics, social science, Mr. Bill Saban, business, tennis, Mrs. Faye Scoggins, English. 1 C147 ff-Si?-Sffgggag f Q .QSSTS1 15,12 K yawn R5,-,1'-.-A :X5gi'?'5S!j?2!'E'?gx1Rx-'glib'-:5"P-i3'I'f. 5 K :fog .3..1'g-'f "SL 'QQ"iNLfg,- Q . 'ig'-Q L: L-,-Q-wg. K., Y gy., ,. ., -"' f-"'f."x '. Three Loafers WW ......-1. Top row, left to righ business: Mr, Thomas Tressel, Sponishg Mr. Mr. Evereif Guliclc, slr FACULTY FRIENDS U, Mrs. Borlnorc Seely, dromcifics, Englishg Miss Winifred Smith, Tommen, math, latin, social science. Lower row, Miss Grace John Whufley, mcilhg Mr, Ernest Zinser, social science, Left, opp Mr. Howorrl Wynn, social sicence, cxllileiics. Musif Drrpcirtmviul in ii liglv? moocl. al. ,g . ,, , , i. , ' ,. '-.5--gm 1 i , Q 1 xx , Lonnie Burchetf P. C. Sypherd Al Wcgenfehr MR. D. l. Van Camp, Head Custodian Custodians and Bus Drivers These are the men who keep GUHS looking as it does who trim the shrubs, and keep the grass smooth in the patio. They drive the buses that bring Glendale students to school, and also the more-appreciated buses that take those students home. They get up at E5 a.rn. to have your school ready for you in time for first hour, and then stay for hours after classes end to irrigate Glendale Highs beautiful lawns. Under Van's able direction, these men make our buildings and Campus surroundings ot which any student Can be proud. lparker Photosl xyk ., I ',- Monf Dowel! Fermin lopez Jud Simpson Dick Shewurd QS' it Cafeteria Staff These lriondly llIkfOSCiIIiOliIIIllllCITlOI1QGTlY all at GUHS Cllld are nearly as welcome a sight to l11111f1ry students as is the food served. Mrs. FIIKICIUT a11d her capable stall of assistants are a11 irneqral parl al tl1e1 111ecl1ar11s111 Ol Glendale lliql1, and if SlllllGIllS WQIG asked to 11111119 some of lllfx Sc'l1c1c1l':: 111c1::l 1111pc.1rlar1t people, 11's a Safe l1OI that tl1O 114111103 ol ilu? Calelcvria Slall would lm IIOCIF lllfx N111 of ll1r1 lisl. -he '..!.!!"- .sf Qs . J "' -X7 ta 9 ' 5 f 4. .iw t gb . ug . 124, Us Mrs. Della Fugate, Dietitian The cafeteria staff, left to right, is composed of Mrs. Thompson, Janice Robinson, Margaret Mills, Barbara Molie dar, Mrs. Fugate, Kenneth Bean, George Bean, Mrs. Essie Alexander, Burton Fu- gate, Mrs. Elphy Lewis, Joan Kleinschmidt, Dolores Robin- son, Mrs. Mae Stewart. lBeoll Photol Typical of its ability to cope with demanding situations was the cafeteria's excellent handling of the Student Council Convention in Decem- ber, Here are some of the guests from all over the state enioying lunch. Mr. Davis' orchestra is in the back- ground. fShaw Photol 1187 In-.I wnn-Mt-r totxnul ftrst row, Ch-lm Mttlwry, Ntntmttr Wtwhrn V1-titty Wlttltrlrlx, Jotlnm' Bcnxvr, lmvt- lohntrthoft, Svcontt row, .tvnny Hvrncrmtvl Mttrgttv Owe-n tttntt lhtnnpson, frrwsttm- Nvtrt Don Hullvy. thtlrt low, Motly ttlntxt-y, Jutkn- Dtrvcnpott, Alvin lluwlrtpsort, Vtttll Swttltz Lktrvrvtl MnAlItxtm, Fourth lovx Tr-d th-tulru, Alt-x lnlrlrtuhott, Butt Rv hvrtx, Q-htnh-V Httthntnk Sttmtt tml, htn Htlrnmlx Qlvrttht hooks' hunt Mount Bonnn- Gtlhtvn thnlnt Mtulrty, Burton fugtrtv Dttvut Utlsah, .Inn Rrtuxsttkutlw, Jun Htnnpton. St-uutnt wlrrt--,tt-I ttmrntt h-ft Io rtrlhl, lv:-lyll lvttns, Qurnn Fhthmtuth, kuy Ptrrtttt Bowm- Utthnn, Nturrtttvvt Atwrnuthv, Nhtty Wtttglllts, Jvlly VVtfktn-, LtttrtrlIMtAIIt5tt-1, Mtuttyn R Arthur Vhxtt-, Lulu tontr Jtvttx Mttthtftt, Btlt Rnhmty Don Mow ntlrgr, th-unm .lulruwsmy Pvnny Httltlvy, Dun ttottvy, Lrhtw Rutrttmurv, Uhnttt Mutny Jun Htrlnutk htlnt'-1 lrtkt' tvnn Tub' sllyv, .hrn Crustwy, Ch-nth! Rom hunt, Inn thltlrptulr, Inn Rttu-,th Mutt, ttlw S is sys X X Nggxgxu. f ' Q X " in OFFICERS L4 .. WR. I--tt to rrtrht, Mrs' Marta :1r..r: 1-'tl tl-'tnt trwtcwtxrwr l't1trnr f II.-l.1:n grr'v:.r.tfr1t- ?.11vt:Ft-'R f":'H'1ry Yr fX.fAtt'Ftwr th'Il HUt:t'X' X' Uv' P203 ,J I' 1dv'f'Pr' K Student Council Here is the rout qovornrnont of GUNS our looislotnto, our jttdicfictry, and our Qxocnttvo doportntcnt. These rvoopto me our tollow stncionts freely uteoted by us, cmd they rvcfoqrtizo ond ovcerut thotr rosponsthihtie-5. Nono know hotter thotn they thot theirs is tho job of koorvinq in working order the dornoorocy that is Glorrflolo Union Hiqh Scihoot, crnd they Gro crwore thot whether or not it ronrfxins cr dernocrocy doportds on thorn. A positron on tho GUNS Stndont Council is ono ot honor. CSc:hil1 photosl smnuns Senior Glass Presidenf - TED SWIFT '5Zw,Hy", "Awww :lmf ur,'i fw'11J" ITA I 4 11 H1Y ' 'S 4 1 1 Vlmy-1111, 4 imtlvlyrmll, Z, 7, fl- I'ww!l'11Nt'iv1l' l -1 lYNf1:.kwtlm1I, .' Tlwxwk f 1 Vi 11:51 VI:-::., VVlw1H Hn-rw '1'Vfri VM-rv zz: frm um tix.-A .f'! zz. 'T'fw:r'v r. Secretory - .IOANNE BEAVER "ION: "Nw I.1v?"g GRA, I, 2, 3, 11p Now-infer, fx: PWS., ll, 11, Pup fflulw, IZ, ff, 45 Qimffvllvrxmfwx, fi, 47 NHS, 3, 47 Vzfwprvzl -1 Sw' Trwxzz, G1rl:: Iwi rim-, Qi Lviilflfi Timm, ff C'111f1:2 Fm' '1 Cute, fun -:mi vs-ry pq ui xr M An informal portrait of the officers. Officers Vice-President - DON MANNING "I11YH-lllbwp H1 Y, R, -1, Buys: fivfi, zzmrwtfuy, 1, i'vf'Vf'1V l'f'1h, fi, 4: if + 1 4 TV f'w'1lmll, ,' 111:2.1y,n -4 IN T1 z k f V , 4, lrzfxvd To 1, 2 42 -wwf Z- wkxxm Iwi v11':,-'lvvv 111 -'v,.?'t1:1 H 3:11 :iwlmf wi :fr wx vlioqo vwiuh. Treasurer - BARBARA MOLIDOR Hfllmfyff "Nm NWN: UAA, l, ,', ffi YTrw'us1, f', Ii- Hoff Mrxsquv, f', lip VHA, QT, 37 Il md, Mr lx. Flcqcl., Zig Sym-.I faoazmv :Y 'J Pwr: Vlulv, 3, -1, ff: imlfmtir, N -1 I7 1121!-'f lid, 11, Alma, 1. f-7119? 'Z 'I I' ry, f, 4 f'l, 4'-. -1 VE f Sv -1 ,M rl -1 E- 3 Yiliii -I L'1x:',.'1r'1,, H -"- 3 1.11 TV :-wxvwv 15 fffr1.f:C! Good guys who lead a very good class! -ss cvs mi' Show Photo Uhe Seniors Mr. Zinser, Mrs. McGowan, Mr. Scott fShcw photol This is by far the finest class ever to graduate from Glendale Highnjust ask any member of it. These are the big ones: the football players, the tall, wide-shouldered boys every underclass girl regards with awe, and the poised girls whom each soph or trosh boy thinks ot as the absolute ultimate. Swell-headed seniors? Maybe, a little. But a year or two in college or at work will reduce that slight dash of egotism to a quiet self-confidence which will be lasting. While these boys and girls were working for GUHS, striving to build and better it, their school has been doing the same for them, in many and varied ways. And this exchange appears to have been a fair one rouwue ALEXANDER "No l1e": GAA, I, 2, 3: Ir. Play, fl: Uslieit-tlt-fa, if: Red Masqut, 3, 4: Photo. Club, 3: Rt-pmt: r, 37 Girls Inxiqtie rep., 3, l: Coriespondinq sec. 4- flute, ltv-'ly and lull Oi tmp. BETTY JO ANDERSON "lOdY': "rin so happywg Trans. train NPHS, 37 Cheer- leader, l, 3 at NH: Red Masqtw, 4: lr, play, 4: Crazy latiali, vibrant pC'SCJllGlll:' and lords til lun. Class Sponsors IRVING ROSS ANDERSON "Andy": "Oh, pretzel juice": Transl. from WPHS, -4: lil-Y, 4: Varsity Basketball, 4: Sly humor his specialty: sinail. Ambition: Make lots ot mont-y and aet alonq with everybody SHIRLEY LYNN ANDERSON "Is that r1qht?": GAA, 1, Z: FHA, l, Z: Mch. Sqd., 37 Girls f'Qlll9S, 3: Says little, knows much. Always seen with Linda. Ambition: Secretary or Teacher. .WAN xx . JOHN ANDRADE IV Track, fl: Varsity tilivk, 3, 4: lust :sittina and watvhinq. Ambition: loin Air Corps and in 20 years retire to live a lite ot ease. JOSEPH CARROLL ARTHUR "Carroll": "Ya don't know, do you?" Hi-Y, l: Going places and doesn't mind workinq to get there, lntellif gent and friendly. Arnlntion: Dr. ot engineering. JANET RUTH BAILY BUDDY BALDWIN "lan": GAA, l, 12: Band Let- "Baldy", FPA, l, 2, 3, 4: teinian, 1, Ii, 3, 4: VP, 4: Troas., 2: Pres., 4: Fiosh Football: IV Basketball, I, Z7 O ierelta, QT: Maiorette, Il, 3, Sad inaiorctte, 4: al- IV Track, 1, 2: Oh, the n ways talking, always laugh- chief in nis eyes! ing, and always liiendly. DON BEALL TED BEAM KAREN BECK "1111f11111 1111111", 11:Y, I' '11111111111 1111:111" 1113 1 111 11", '11 y'11l"7 VHA . 11, 1- V1' fi 11111:1111111, l', 1'1111t1. 111111 13 11 1', 1 11 '.'1' -I GAA, 1, -I .1, 4, 111111!:1111 L111I11,11, 11 11 SL. 1'.11',' 11 111111 111 1'11:'1 1 11-11, 11- 11111: '1'111111,r1, 1111111.1,1'11111,-1 111111, 11- v 121 ft' 1,1 - 1 1 .1 1.11 11, 11111111 V1 1'1111'511111, 1, 4 V, -1 V '1'111K 1, -Z f7 A " 11 113' 511 11 f111'111 '1'1111k, Q1, 11, 1V 1111111111 131111y'1'111111,11 1131 '11 1' 1'1':11'1-.1:- -1 1'111I'1 11111, .1- LTI11:::r V1', 511. 1311 1- 11 3 ' 1 111 111: 111.',' 1:111 1:1 111111y V1f',l1- f11fY 111121111111-1 1 11 F1' 11" :1- 11 fl.-:111 111y 111 1Q111w. 1 JERALD PIERCE BALDWIN 111.-111"'r "'1'1111,, 111.11 1.11.1 111 '111 11, 1 1V 11 111111111 ,1 v11.111,1, 1,111 17111111111 111111, .1 11 1111 1111::. 1:1 .1, -1 11.Y, -11 ,1 1 1. 111, 11 11- y.-1.1. ,X 1 GEORGE BEDLION '1'11111--' "1'1-,-: '1111111:1'g 11 1, . 1,.111111:11, 1 11' 1Q111111'11111, 1 . 1-I -I 111111 1.1111'11, ,' .1 11 11 1'11y A 1 -1 f'1 1'111'1'11 111111 11111 1:11111 111111 11111111 111111111y. MILDRED MAE BENNET V '1.1111 111 111111, 1, 11 1 11, 1111-1111111 I N1111111 11 11::1:1' 1111111 1:11:i1111' 111111 W 11 '11 1 111 1,11111:: 111 fx 1l11'1' 1,11:11 11111 11111111. E 11.111'11' 11 "1 1'11',' Seleding Announcement Cords 1Sc11i11 19110101 , if A LOIS CLAIRE BENSLAY 1 Nu' -2' 111111, 11 11:211::1111111k111 1111,.',' 111111 111111 111111 1111-.1 1111'11 111 5111 5 111' y1111 11111 111'11,11:1' 13.11 1111111111y. ROBERT LAWRENCE NANCY ELLEN BIELFELT BETTY JEAN BLAKE BERTSCH "1111'11' 11111, 11'1'1 1 '1J11111 111 11 11R,,1111. 11,1 , 1,,H,,,H,,w Y'1'1-1111 , 1 -1 .1'11.-. AQ. v1 l 11 '1-111111111 11 :'1 Q 1,-,11111 3111111-11, 1,111,111 11, 1 If 1111111.11 '1 1,1111 !'1111I t 1 1 11 1 1-111 1111y,"q 111.11 ::11f111.1 111,11 121111'11 A: 111 11: 111 :111 1. XX11111 11 1 11. 11111111111111. 571-11::1111111y 111111 1" 1 1' 11111111, 11111 COLLIS BRAZIL LLOYD BRAZIL ARLETTA BRINKLEY I'11111I111II k'I11l1, .1, -I' Il1'1', I1.-I-11 111111 '11'l1'1"'p "I'11111 I1-1: 'g 'Il1111, wl11 I V 11- E'11-:111I1111I, -I 51.1111 II, Y .1 -I I'11111w1Il1'I11I1 11111 y1111 f111y'?"' GAA, VIP -I, Iv I1111lI1111I, .1 5 -I V11:--iv I'1111II111II, -I' Y'l'u111:a, lf, 3, -I I'IlA IV II111.k1'Il11.II, .1 IV IX' .1 X'1'1-'ty li1:.1'I111ll, l, Y, 11, lI1:I111111lIv':1, 1 A I311:11I11II, R' !l111.I 1I1y:. I IX' .1 Qu 111 I1117 11111 1:11 tx-.'111. I'111:1:1t :my 111111-11 111111 111 IZIIIII1 Q11111 I-111 113' - 1'1.:111:11-:1:1I11 l1111 11: 11I'.v11y.: w'II111-1 I I1111. A111I11'11-11 I I 11' 1:11 '.- :L .1 l111l3 !X111I1.l11111: 'l'11I111v11l. I11-111I11lI 11 9 ' m.af1:f "1 ! .L sf' 1. 1 4 yn SI111I1'11I Mmm 5111111115 Up Burner, AISXGHGCF, M1I1er, beam, Jonnson and Mc!-xllxster rt Q Semors MARLETTA BRINKLEY "l'117zy"- "You rI1'of11110r yo11"7 Yf'l'11D11::, 3, 45 LTI111j1l11111, fl: 'VI111 11Il1vr IW111. Q1111-I 111111 Iuu lov- 11111. A111l11I11111: I3111:s:1 dv- s111111wr, DON JEROME BROWN "B1'OIl1o1' Brownny "l'I1111w '1-11.11I1sI1"g 1-I1fY, 41 T11111::., 4: Pl1r1Io. Club, 4: IV l'1mtlb11II, 15 lkuot- I111Il Club, 11, 'If l,1'1I0" 1 1111111, J, 3, 11, V. B11s11I1111l, M1111 F1101- l111II 1'11111'l1. C111111t111q I1111r1 is 11111 su 111111n1'I1111I 1: 1111111411111 1111111 1'11u11t. GERTRUE BERNICE BROWN "G-11I1v": "Ho11IIy 1111w"g 'I1 1 111-11Il1',:1l111':s:al1y, but 1111-111 15 1111::1'I1111I 111 I1111' Cyn K11O1'k 1111 1:1111l0. A111l11t1L111: I7O11I11I 11111':sQ. BARBARA CORNEIL "B111'b1110w1", 1-Sl1111'ks"p NAA, ll. 3: AIw11y:: 11 vv111fl, 11lw11y': 11 ::11ul11, I111' 11 I111111r'l :1l111 w011lUl w11lk 11 1111111. Swvvt 11121- 1sg1111111Iy. f11111'1I11111: l.1- RALPH BUSCH KATHRYN CARDEN WALTER CARLSON, JR. Ilull' lI1Y .I IV I'-1111 K11 1111.11 10111 I11I11- "VV11lI"7 "1111lv k"11w"7 I-11II, .1 I Aa. I111 I111111: 11 1:11111 In 11I IU 1- 1'l11l1, 111111-411111, Q N, I'111-II11I1 I1111I111 :I111-11I I11' 11111111 ' I 2 III.-'1 I GAA .' 1'luI1, I'g 4,111.11 w1II.1111, w11111-1.1 111111 1111v111 11111 'NNI' 131115 , ' 11511-1: 11111 :.111.11-1, 1111I 11 1111111111111 ' 1111.1 lI:11 11111.11 1I11v1l1::I1 l111'1:1 I'::1 fu I11'I1111. .:f111i11111. lX1:1I1I11111: l'1111.-I S 111111111111l111-I lX111I11I.1111: 11.111I :':'1.111I 1'1111I1.t11111: ll1111'111. I'IYI111-111 Il11::w1 I1111 114111, Seniors C. WAYNE COX "Trit"7 "Hallo Chicken". It ls dangerous to be sin- cere .mmess you are also stupxd. Favorxte hanaout - the GUHS handhall. ARVELLA CROW "Crow1e"7 "Oh dear, Iohnf' FHA, 1: Frxend- ship is a word the vt'-ry sxqnt of whwh -n punt warms the heart. A very trtondly q1rl, a very mre qtrl, Ambitlon: to be Cx nnsslonary. FRED CURTIS "Got to qo soo Pat," Track, 3, 47 Has that dreamy look whenever Pat is around, Ambltlonz Jeweler. EDNA DAOU "Daouzy"7 Ir. Play, 47 Band Letterman, 37 Red Masque, 47 Band, 1, 7, 3' :lm 'T Don't judqe her sweet- ness by hor size. Very pretty eyes. Glass Of 1951 AL DARBY "Holy matrimony": "Where's Sue-?"7 Band, 3, 4: Chorus, 2. 3, 47 VP, 47 Gperetta, 37 Doesn't want to araduate. Make much ot me: good m-n are source. Fun lovxnq. NANCY JOAN EDGEWORTH "Red"7 'Sometxmes l think well and aqatx l yust don't know"7 GAA, 1, 97 Ushexet tes, 1, 27 Red Ma, que, 37 Girls' Follless, 3: If ignorance 15 lohSS, 'tls folly to be wise. AIIlbltlOIX2 llx- clusive fashton dv- sxqner. VIOLET JOANNE DARTT "la:my"7 "The Lawcl havo merry, Gawclwp GAA, 37 Y-Teens, 3, 47 Mull. Sqd., 3, 'li FHA, 37 Sunny dls- posttmn, Amovtlonr Get znarrled and ralse lxttle Dartts. EDMOND STRICKLAN EDWARD "Edward": "What do you th1nk." Orches- tra, 4: 'l1ans. nom PU hls tumor ycgxr. Soft spoken, modest, and an able student. Ambmon: Electtromv enqtneer, REBECCA ANN WALLS CMRSJ "Bec1:y"7 H1-Llqhts, 47 Always Jokmnq, al- ways fun. Smart, too. VJ-15 IHQYIIGG durmq srhool year, We wxsh you lots ot happ- ness, Becky. ROSALIE WOODALL ENGLE "Rosle Bebe", Hor- vens to Betsy'7 Band, 2, 3, 4: Chozus Letterman, 27 Chorus, l, Z, 3, 4: Accom- pamst, 47 Bond Let- terman, 2, 3, 4: Sweetness IS her nxlddle name. Arnh- txon: Musn: teach-r ln or country school. JERRY RAY EATON "Eiob"7 V. Track, 3, 47 NHS, 3, 47 Sec,- Treas., 47 H1-Y, 47 Boy's State: St. Coun- cil, Hi-Lights, 3, 4: Sports Ed., 47 Talent may rn tune be for- given but genius, UGVGF. RONALD EDWARD ESCUE "Hi youz guys!" Baseball, 3, 4: Qulot grin, quiet manner. quiet guy. Ambmon: lom the Navy and see the world. 'QQ 10 :- 5. .4 . .RJ Y., J. C. ESTES, JR. "luuruy"7 FFA, 1, 2, 3, 4: Reporter, 4, There is so much qood in the worst ot us and so much bad in the best ol IIS, which hardly en- ables the rest oi us to talk about the most ol us. HAZEL LEORA FINDLEY "Lee", "No kiddin?" Tr-.tns. from Tolleson her Ir. year. Tall, slim blonde, line all round sport and a true friend. Ambi- tion: Nurse. BUDDY ETC Class Trotrs., lg Class Sect, 7, Foot- ball Club, 3, 4: Let- turuian, 3, 4: V. Foot- ball, 3, 47 Outstand- lnq player his senior year. Pint-sized but tull ot punch. LOIS NADINE FOWLER "Sand y", "Corn", "HOly Cow", You can tell n-Hr by the noise sho doesn't make. You 'ust have to know her. Ambi- tion: Bookkeeper. HELEN EVERETT "Oh qads. ' Pep Club 4: Y-'1"e0u5, -I: FHA, 4, Photo Club, 4, Trans. trout Scotts- dale Hrqh her St. year. lntelliqont, al- ways willtuq to tyivo a helping nnud, a roal swell qtrl. PAUL FREEMAN Sotuc't'mt-s quo! and then aaaln you won- der. We all like good-Iookiuq q uy Q like Paul. NORMA OSBORN FILER tMRS.l "Cannon Boll", "A1n't it tun?"7 GAA, l, Z, 37 Mirrtod to a lucky quy. Cute per- sonality, cute qirl. Ambition: Hoya- tcn kids and live to werqh 105 lbs. FRANCES GEORGE "Fran", "Oh shoot": Mixed Chorus, l, 3, 4, Usherettes, 3, 4, Operetta, 2, 3, 4: A nice qirl who always has a Iriexzaly smile tor everyone. Glass Of 1951, lt I i I PATRICIA MARIE GRAVLEY "Patsy", "Yes", Wants to live in Calilorma. Lit- tle, blonde, blue eyes, who could ask for any- thing more? Ambition: Loved and be loved. AUGUST GRUNOW, JR. "Bear", "That's breaks": Photo. Club, 4: Trans. from PUHS in 1949. He doth mdeed at times stzow some sparks that closely resemble wit. DON GUNNELL 'Soupbone-"7 "Reckon so", Football Club, 3, 4: Sqt. ol Arms, 4: Letter- man, 3, 4: Frosh Football, ly IV, 2: Varsity, 3, 47 A really swell quy. Am- bition: Marry Gwen. MARILYN HAMMERMEISTER "Melon", "Oh ham"7 Photo. Club, I, 2, 35 Li- brary, lg Rod Masque, 1. 31 Modest, conscientious. Ambition: Missionary in some foreign country. Seniors JOHN RICHARD HARER "11111c"i "111111 .11 1c1" k'11z'y11:: 1 11111111111111-111 A11111z111111 11111121 112111111 MARY HARR'SON 1511.11-1111" "1 w11111111: 1 MAA, l, ,, 3, 4, I'111 11111111 1'11111 1 C111 ' MARGARET HEFFELFINGER "11111.,1..w' 1111 .-11.1, , 1'11A, 1, ,f,, I'11311'111l1 4 li 1111111 " 1 '1 1 N110 11 1'111s, 11 l11111111, 11111111111, 111111 1r1111" 1111 1. 11111 1 . 11: 1 . . DUANE HELLAM "1L111v" 1.1111-11111111':11'11111 Q H1'Y, .', Q1, 4, L'111:::: 1'11-:1,, ff S1111i1'111 111111 1'111::, 4, A 111111 :7111, 11 p11r11111111111y .1111 - 1 f . 111111 1111.11111' f'11111111111: 1 11111111111111 Four Years Of High School Are Behind Them CHARLENE HICKS "Ok111": ' H1119 ' 1311111 L'11111, 1 1 Q1 4 P1111'1 11111: , 3 1: P11y -1, 111111111711 1: 1111v1111r111111'1 111111 111 1111117 f111111111r1w 11111y 1111v111 1111110 1'111111y 11f11'11ky111::.1111..ty AURAL LEE HOWLAND I111' "Y.111'111 C'f111:2 Lf11f1111::, .' 131.- :11:1 1:1 1111 s-1111',v1-11, ."1111: 111111 M g:1:11111 A1111111111111: A1121 .1 ::1111111111'r111111-1, ROSE MARIE HIGGINS 'Hog 1 1,711 1: 11 1111.11 '1'1 11114 11.1111 1111111 1111 111 y1 11 1.1k11. .I 111111 v-11y 11111111 f71111f111111y ::111111: 111 S111 1:111111. 1111':y1g1 1, 1,1. 21: 111 11111 GERALD HUTCHfSON '11111y' 'S11111 111: ', "5511111r1"' T1-1111 1, '1 111111-'11 . 1 111 C111 1' '1'11111f:1111.11i 111111. 1111119111111 111. 1 1:-.-3-1. 1117111-.1 fu:- 1111111:1. 1111111 1111113' f11111111. RALPH LYNN HOWELL 111f1, ,1,4: V111::11v 1'1111l1111'l 4' N11111-1 1111: 11111111 1' S tv '1'-1 1411111.11 11111 ,S 111 11111 111:.1 A::.111'1111. T1 111111 1 1,1' 11 1:111:111y 1111 11.1.1 11111111. LINDA LOU HYATT T.1yf11:Q11' GAA, 1, fp 1'11fX, 1, " 111111-11- 111'1 511111111 ,1 -1' 121111: 1'111I111:1, 3, .411111 111111 11111-1:1 111 11111 1'1.1111,- 1111:1, '1' 11.1111 1 111111 111111 U .,-n,. Judge Bernsiein and panel discussion. Left to right, Laughrun, Beall, Miller, Alexander, Renaud, Lozenby. 1ScI1ill Phofoj SUZANNE HYLLESTED "S11L1v' 7 "l wo11dvr 1l l'll nakv tlm lwnor roll" GAA, l, ll, 3, 47 l'IVFOI'FIUIk, 4? Pup Clnlw, 3. Ai' 'l'n11n1s, lt, 4, Avui Sfwrts vn- tl111s1aL-t, taikat1vP, anti lun A:11b1l1on: l'lI tuaultvtk JANET KENNEDY "lan", Trans. trom lawn, 3: NHS, -1, H1- l.1t1l1t1:, -1: A111111t1l, 4, lfnl1tu1, 4' Av1Cl roavl- 1-r, vvry 1ntvll11q011t, rntvrzt lu1a.11 n GUHS. A1nb.t1an: 'lb :Qt-1' all tlww 1:2 tn aww, tltvn wr1to aboxn 1t. JOHN WILLIAM JAscuR A laslun, 11111 : ll1:11"l, 1, .Y 4: llttnd l.nltot':111111, 3, -I, 7 llwlv-11t111l1y C11111, 4, Always xv.ll11111 tu l111l11 .111ynnv Ula any- tlnntt. A111b1t1u11: To lu' 1 111lot. DORIS RAE KERNODLE HNLIISII LVIILOLLIS, 1, lf, 3, -I, Qnwl, Stn' 4111111-:, .xnul I1'1wndly towttrcls vvfnyono. A111lw1t1tn1: 'lb l1nc'l 11 tjaoti jttlv, AARON DOUGLAS JOHNSON ' l'o11t1'1' '- Glm'L'l11lw, l, L', J, -1- Pros. 4, lianti, l, .', 3 4: Band l.vtt'1111111, l, Y, 3, 4, H1-d Maasaxtv 'lg A 11--1I 1111't- vo1t'v.111Cla .ww tzny. An1b1- tum: lVl11-1L' toacl101'. JOAN MARIE KLEINSCHMIDT "Nuts - NHS, 4: lqllxtlllrll A IJ1111 1s a Llwvvt, ::t1lLl1o11S f111'l wlwso ll11lI1I'LXlIlOSS as.:111v:: S111-wus. Alll' 111t11111: Axt tu11vl1v1' lll .1 xlrtuil svlwul. ROBERT KAWA Ixtxwtl 1 IFA, 3, 4, lloor l111n1111a vntlnt- :s1.1::t- lrans. 1111111 l'llHS. l'1zv11c'lly and -'may 1111.11-3, 'l'I1w t11'Sl I111n1l11-d ywars arw llw l1.11'nlt-st. MARGARET KOESTER "Mt11a1v": Trans. lrmn NPllS, 4: But ww vllll lol'-lvvv lwr. 1111 OK aal. A111b.- tmn: N111511111 ur a WAC. R'w,.,,,. Glass Of 1951 FRANCES KOBASHI "Yeo grxdsn, "Stupid", Trans. from NPHS, 3, GAA, 3, 4, V1ce-Pres1- dent, 4: Gtrls' League Ftup., 3, Beauty and C1 bubblung personality are two qrexatost ass:-Hts, A111- n1t1on: Soarnstress and dvriqnor. MELVIN MERRILL KREMER "lVl1kQ," "St11pe", "You bPlflll,l'lf Trans, from Phoornx 'l'oc:l1, Very qu1et and qoml lnolunq. At- tv11duc1 GUNS, l: A111111- tmn: Rr1111'l1vr. JIM LAUGHRUN "Aw rmn on yu", Hi-Y, 7, 3, 4, Modul Leqxslu- lurv, 3, 4, NHS, 3, 4, Boys Fed., VP., 3, Pres., 4, Class Trcaas., 3, Foot- lmll Club, 3, 4, Boys' State, H1-Y II-fllIlISlIUl, 2, ll1l.11gt1ts, 3, 4, Mar. Edl- tor, 4, V. Football, 4, IV, ll, V. lSasr1l1nIl, 3, 4, lV, 1, Q, TOPS. RUTH LORRAINE LAWTON "Hutl11o", "GOll---oe", IVIITYCIIIIKQ Squad, 3, Trans. from PUHS, 3, You can tell her by the noxse shv doosn't make. Sweet Seniors Seniors KENNETH LOVE 1 "1.11vvr"7 Cr112y 115: 11 1111111 111111 111w11y:: 11 1111 111 11111, A111111111111: Q'1111111r11111'11111'. CHRISTINE LOWERY "'1'111111": HO11, 111111'11e1": 111111, 1: GAA. 1, 21, 3, '17 111-1 11v,'11 111111 111111111121 111 111 11111' 1111111101111 1111r1 11111 1111y 111111 11111111 11 111 11111. A111111111111: "For C1111r1f1y 111111 11111 111 1111 11111111y." .J HAROLD LUNDBERG, JR. W1NlI1','H, "111 111W11PY111 111Y 3, 11 3111. 111 A1111::, 33 1'111::, 4: 51111111 111-Y P11111 11, 11, 111111111111 C11111, 11, 41 1.11111-11111-11'f: LTI1111, Zi, 3, 4: 1111151 11111::, 11: S1x1111111 111111111111 1'1111111, 47 V. '1'1111'k, L'. I1, 4: W1111 5011111 11111111 11 1111111 11111111 1111111 11111111111y 1111111. ADELAIDE LYSON T11vr11 1:1 S11 111111'11 1111011 111 11111 w111g:1 111 11f:, Q11 111111111 111111 111 11111 111131 111 1155 w1111111 11111r11y 111111111112 1111- 1111151 111 11s 111 111114 111111111 11111 111:11 111 11:1 11111111 111111 :111y. Glass Cf 1951 if .,,..1 META JO McALLISTER "M11-"- "N111 1f11111y?" GAA, 1, 11. 3, 4' P1-11 CI11111, 21, 37 FHA, 1, T, 3 4' 131118, 3' C113 1.111- 111111111g1., 1, Vi VP, fig 1.11111 11111 W1111 15: 11' v1'11ys w111:111'1111-111, DOROTHY JEAN McGINN1S "1v'1111111:111' "VV1111 1111111 1111!1:11f1,' 11111111 1, Q1, 11 111-1 131111 1, Q1, 11 M1-11 51111, .' H1111 1111114111111 1 11.1'.11y,Q1- Hz1..1111f1, 4 131111111. 1'11111, .1 '71 111 F111',f1- VYT11 1' f 1111111 V11 11111 111111 111. VIRGIL MCDANNALD "M111' ' HY111111 1.11 md" 1'v'11:f. 1,111 71-1 111111"::11 11111111111 .' 1111v11f' 11 1111'11 1'11I. 11111 1-.1111111 q11,11c1y 111111 11 1-1 1 1111:11 1111y 11711, 1:1113-1 111 111111:11. LORETTA RAE MARDIAN '1.11111' 'LJ11 1.11111 11 111," '1'1111:1. 111111 N1111fl 1 1'11.111111w 11111. G111111 11111 11 1111111111 1111111 111 11111111111 1.1 A111111-11. 1,1v11 1.1111111111 MARILYN MCDONALD M 11 W111111 1- 111y 1111111? : GAA, 1. lf, 3, 11' Swv, .' T1111::,, 3, 4 1'111'X 1 .t, 11, 11 1111 111111, Li, 3 1111'111f1 1111, A, 4 V1','1 51, C'1111111':1, .1 11111111111 1111+'+ 1 . M111. S1111 11- A. 11-.111y:: 1111111111.1111 12111. iT.v-11-1 111111 11 11-11'11v1. VALENTINA MEDINA "'1'1111' C1111111::, 1 if 11, -ig 111-11 11111111 1111- f,11.'11111-.11 '111 -111 1111 1-1111111111 '1'1111f: 111-1 1 111111 .11 11 1 11 1. 1' 11 .-111111 111111: .X111-1111-11. 11 w111k, WYNONA DARLENE MCDONALD "VVy"2 "1 f11r'111'1 1C11O'N.11 C1111111::, 1, fi, 11, 4: Us:111f-1111111:1, 3, 47 11 1111111111111'1 1:1 1111:r:1, '111 11111y 111 1111 1.11.1111 C31111111:11111-11-11111 11'11111'11y. l1::,11111111: W1111, S111'1111111y 111 11111: MARGARET MEYER HM1111111 131111 1111'1v011f: '1 1411111 1 LT: 1'1111111:: 11, 4. 1111111111 1.1111111111-111, 11, 4, H111 1111-111111y 111111111 11111k11fs 1111111y 1111111111: A111b11.f111: T111v+-I 111151 1:1111 11111 W111111 f N? 14" DONNA MILLER 11111-11111' GAA, I, 1 .' IV111 Chxh, J' H1111 M11:z1111v, I: Gzlls I111111111- 1'v11,, T, .15 I'1-'::,, -I' Lf111ss 5111, J 11. Play, 3, 4' S11 I'l111', 3: H11s 1111111y 1111111115 I1111'1111sv SI111 11: 11 I111'111i. Swcll. A111111I11111: N111::11111. JEAN MOORE 1'1111'1111r", 'Oh, 11111 1L1111w." GAA, 1' U:2I11111'1t11S, 3' VP, 11' fir L'1111'11'1I, 4, Woxk .zz ufrk 1.1111 11 :1111::1 hw 1I11111', y1-I 111, fzhv 111111-1: shv h11:: hm 11111 V111y awww! 1111. BROOKSIE JUNE MILLSAP Now Mr. L1-v111"I 1'v'51kAI11I1, 1, 3- GAA, I, 11' NHS, 'If U1-1111111-1 I' A11111111I :aI11II, -I H1'L.1QIlIS, -I: II1I.111r, -1- R111111bI11' 1 11111.:1'o111i1111I. SI11- 11' 11111-gwly 1111111111111 111 11 I111I4y 111112 DONALD MUESKE I'1111 ' 1.11111 1111 5 14111111 Q, 3, 43 I,vII1'1- '11111 3, -If I'I1I.111h1::, 41 1111.1 M1111, -If A11 111111I, -I Bus. M1111, -1, C1111-:111111s i'111y, 35 My w11y OI 111k11111 1:4 111 1011 tho t111tI1, 111: thv !11'11:.1-51 1111-11' 111 !1111w1-1311. H11111v1'111k 1111 1:11I1'h11n1I11I. GEORGE MITOKAWA 111111-13.11-11- Club, .', J, -I VP, 3 F1111rl1111I 111111, J, -1 r'11':'., -I: V I'o 111111 7 I 11 1 , 1. A 5 M111i1- :C 111 V111 11Iwt111- :1v1-, 111111 1 1r11IIv -111'1111111. BILL NELSON "VV:II11", "I 1I1111't I1111111' 'Q IVYA, X, I'.111tI111I1 Chlh, 3, 47 IV 1p,11111.111, v., 11, IV 'I'1111'k, 37 V., 4, L11-111'111IIy 11111111 11111I 1111, 1vc11, 11111 1111-11. ABRAHAM MOHAMED Mm- ITA, I' IV I111::1-111I1 f, 3j R IS' kwtlwxll I V11ryq111o1 111111115111 1 V1111' 11k1- 11'I1 1111y. CLINTON C. NICHOLS "N11'k": FFA, 1, fl, 3, -1: l'1111l1sI11111ss IS h1s 11111111111 1.111110 But oh IQ1' 11 111-sk to SI1-vp 1111. A111b1!1o11: H11 1'111'1' 11 p1I0I. Glass Of 1951 AVIS MARIE NICKERSON "Aww", "Go Sauk y11111' I1111111 111 11 IJ1117k0f": Bnxld. Zi, lip 1511111 Club, 1, 3, '11 H1111 M11::111:f1, 3, 4, Svc, 4, 0111111-II11, I: H11v111I1le 1'I1:s1111:s1111111. A111h111o11: T1111-I1 11111131C. JON NICKERSON "Iv11'k"7 "I IOrqr1I"g I'I"A, IT, H11y::'SI11111,3, I'11oII111II k'h1I1, 3, 4: IV I'11111I111II, J' V., 45 T1'111'k, li, 4, A111I11I11111: R11111'I11-1' DELORES JEAN NOLTE "I1111r1": Glee 511111, 2: M111'1'I11nq Sqund, 47 SOI! :,1111111111, 1111114, :md 1111x- 11111:: 111 c1r11d11f1I1-, A111111- 111111: G11ll111q lI1l1X'I'I1?dj Irkw to 11111ko D011 11 1m111I w1I11, CAROLYN NORTHCROSS IIISIIDLJIUSIII "R11c1lly?"7 GAA, 1, IT, 3, 4, NHS, 4, T1'11111s, 3, 45 Pop Club, 2, 3, 4, 13105. 4g LotIerq1r1, J, 3, 4: Trons., 4: Photo. Club, 47 TrD11s., 47 G1rls' I'11!111xs, 35 Sho n11pe11rs 1,1-111111115 hui tI1r1t's just u 1-11vo111p. Seniors Seniors JACK OKABAYASHI IV Football, 2: IV Base- ball, 1, 2: "Very good boy." Until I turn over a new leaf the old one will do. Quiet manner covers devilish nature. Ambi- tion: "No ambition." TROY PARKER "Grunt Brain", Photo. Club, 4: Annual photo- grapher, Crazy, loker, but not so practical. Am- bition: television or an electrical technician. MARY PETERSON "Pete", "Oh no, not aqa1n": GAA, 1, 2, FHA, 1, 2, Marching Squad, 3: Photography Club, 3, 4: Laugh and the world laughs with you. NATALIE ANN POPOFF "Nat", "Fiddlest1cks", FHA, 3, Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Operetta, 2: AI- Iable, genial, a smile tor everyone. Ambition: Salesqlrl. Glass Of 1951 -4-jun-g 'St 'R JIM PRIMROSE "Penrod"' "Bull", FFA, 2, Letterme-n's Club 2, 3, 4: Football Club, 3, 4, IV Pont- ball, 2, 3: V., 4, IV Track, l, 2: As his nick-name implies, mischievous. Ambi- tion: rancher. BETTY RENAUD "Bet", "You're cru s- in' for a bruis1n'."7 Usherettes, 3: The first hundred years are the hardest. Quiet and smart. Ambition: To qet her own car. CECIL QUAINTANCE , "You reckon", Hails from Missouri and has to be showed. Still waters run deep. Ambition: lt's your quess. RAYMOND RICE "Ray", "Girls ate stupid", FFA, 3, 4, Isn't lavish with his smile but when he does, oh brother. "No qirl shall ever steal my lneartf' Amb.t1on: Caite rancher. MARILYN JUNE RABE "Lynn", "That's iust peachy-keen", Oper- etta, l, 2, Chorus, 1, 2, l-li-Lights, 4, An- nual, 4, Girls' Lea- que rep., 4, NHS, 4, Happy and enqaqed. Well-liked by all. Ambition: To make a happy home with Roger. DON DEAN ROLLINS "l.ittleman": "You know it", Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Letterman, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4: Very talented. A biq sur- prise in a little pack- aqe. Ambition: Solo violin in famous oi- chestra. VOLA ILLENE RAYBURN "Vo", "I'll slap the slats outa ya", Bfrnd, 2, 3, 4, Band Letter- man, 2, 3, 4: lr. Play, 2, Red Masque, 2: Usually seen hot-rod dino it mound in her Ford, Ambihonz Den- tal Nurse. SHUG ROLLINS Smallest senior, but loaded with intelli- aence, Took every course Don did and passed them all. Fa- vor.te with the band. Loved by all the stu- dents. 2 ff' 'tv it at t C323 PATRICIA ROSS fMRS.l "Pat", "How child- ish", Hr-Liqhts, 4, Annual start, 4: Glrls League rep., 4, She's lovely, she's mar- ried, he's lucky. Arn- bnionz Executive sec. and make Lee a qood wife. GLEN DALE SCHILL "Glenda", "Mani, you know what a fish am?": Photo. Club, 3, 4, Hi-Lights photographer, 4, An- nual photographer, 4, Rarely see him. he ts always hidden behind his camera. Ambition: News photographer. ROGER RUSSELL ROSS "Hornsby", "Who, me?", IV Baseball, 1, 2, Varsity, 3, 4: He has a little more than hair beneath hrs hat. A hidden wit, Ambition: Pro. baseball player. DOROTHY SCHMOKER "Smokie", "How's conie?", NHS, 3, 4, Program ch., 4, Pep Club, 2, 3, 4: FHA, 1, 2, 3, 4, VP., 3, Pres. 4, Harvard attend., 3, GAA, l, 2, 3, 4, Council, 3, Letterqirl, 3, 4, Sat. of Arms, 4, Mch. Sqd., 3, Girls' Follies, 3: Very cute and smart. JEAN SAMSON "How come?", Band, l, 3, 4: Band Let- terman, 3, 4: FHA, 1, Plannina to qo to Flaastdfi Colleac. Quiet and real sweet. Ambition: First grade teacher. CARL SHEAKS "Who said so?" Trans. from PUHS. Varsity Baseball, 3, 4. Ambition: to be a barber. PEGGY LOUISE SCHAEFFER HPPGH: GAA, l, 3, 4, Rodeo Queen, 3, Very lovely and sweet. Has Ted and seeks no more. Ambi- tion: Make Ted happy. FLORENCE MARIE SMAIL "Flossie", "I think you're feedin' me a line", Pep Club, 2, 3, Mch. Sad., 2, 3, GAA, 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA, l, Z, 3, 4, Rodeo at- tend. 3: Everybody knows Flossie and her friendly smile. Ambition: Housewife. Glass Of 1951 EDNA MAXINE SMITH "Moxie", "Oh, fiddle- st1cks", Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Chorus Letterman, 3, 4, Operetta, l, 2, What a sweet dehqht a quiet lite affords, Ambition: Dental Nurse. RONALD SOLT "Owe", "What shall we use for an excuse today, Spink1e?": Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band Letterman, 2, 3, 4: Better a poor excuse than none at all. GENEVA SPARKS "Honestly, I could have fallen flat on my head", Y-Teens, 1, Latin Club, 2: ner password is a smile and a friendly word. Am- bition, Not to have to work. DICK SPINNEY "Spinkle", "What shall we use for an excuse to- day, Ronnie?" Band, l, 2, 3, 4, Band Letterman, 1, 2, 3, 4: pres., 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4: He who laughs last. A card. Am- bition: Music teacher. Seniors Seniors JEAN STANCIL "Shucks", Marching Squad, 3, 4: GAA, 1: A real little ole gal lust plumb lull OI sweetness. Ambition: Nursing or an airline hostess. ANN IMADALE STEELMAN 'Imad1lly": "Oh, loc-t": FHA, 2: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterman, 2, 3, 4: Red Masque, 2, Ir. play, 2, Sweet and well-liked. Ambition: Go to dental nursing school in San Francisco. DAVID W. STEPHENS "Buck": "Ahh, women": Conceit is the finest armor a man can wear. Ambition: To be a lazy, millionaire kid. SOLOMAN LAN STEWART "Salty": "Yes, sir": FFA, 1, 2, 3, 4: Sgt. of Arms, 4: Lan can always be found near some rodeo. Ambition: Raise Herelords and quarter- horses. Glass jiw v tina J ,, .: Z n . Q... ' . ,.. - Of 1951 DORIS EARLENE STILL "Mickey": "No lie?" Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Operettas, l, 3, 4, Texas born, pretty hair, eyes and voice. Nice, too. Ambition: Music, music, music. MAYRNA TATES Better late than never. A sweet girl who is always good for a few laughs. AKIKO TAKESUYE "Ack": "Watcha thinkin' about?" Pep Club, 2, 3: VP, 3: FHA, 1, GAA, 1, 2, 3, 4: Council, 2, Letter- girls, 2, 3, 4, Pres., 4, A smile and friendly manner as contagious as a yawn. NENA SUE TAYLOR "Tex": "Moro or less", Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Letterman, 2, 3, 4: GAA, l, 2, St. Council, 2, 3: H1- Lirjhts, 4: NHS, -1: Ir. play, 4: Cute Tex- an, with a drawl to match. Ambition: School teacher. MAY JANE TANG "Maytaq": "Oh corn": FHA, 1: Photo. Club, 4, GAA, l, Z, 3, 4, Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Sec., 3: VP, 4: Lettergirls, 4: Sec., 4: St. Council rep., 1, 2: Tennis, 3, 4, Fol- lies, 3, NHS, 4: A swell girl, Ambition: Attend out - of - state college. TOMMY TERAJI "Ammm", Crazy laugh, crazy person- ality, and just crazy, add up to Tommy, who is really swell. MITS TANITA "Meatball": JV Foot- bGll, 3, Varsity Foot- ball, 4, Football Club, 3, 4: The short- est and peppiest guy in any crowd. MIKE TOLMACHOFF "Uncle Ioe": Football Club, 3, 4: Varsity football, 3, 4: JV track, 2: V., 4: l-lad ditching down to a fine art. Devilish. I. I 'Q' 3' 1 I 1' VN wi 1351 111' tl1'111111:. 11111111-11 1'1111v11111.1111 MARIE ELLEN TUCKER 1111- 11111. 1'11111, 1 I1-'5' 17111115 1x1111111:1 1 1.1.1111 14.111111:1 .1 11' 1'111y, 'I 51111151111 111111-11 1 1111 w.1t 111 111111.11211 .fX:1.1111111' IXT1111' 1:11 11-1 11 .,.' 11 1 1 11, BETTY LOUISE WATSON I 1 V11 1 1. 1 :1 111.71 L 1IA1'x 1,. -I A 1-1111111 5111-1:11 11-ty 111:11 11111112 1 11:11 ,N:::11.I:1111: 111 1 1.1111 111111 11 I-111111-1 WALTER TYLER 111' 141' '1'1'111-11 1111 xv- 1 11? '1'111:1:1 11.1111 P11111-3 J 511111 1:1 111111 1111 11111. '111- 1111111 111111-1111 111 1.1111w. -I111w :11111.. 111111 1111:1111y 1115111111111- xx 1 1111111 1'11' 1'1 IK1' 1-1111 ' 11 JESSIE WELLS 111111111 1111 1 11111111 1:1 II11111s1111 12.-'XA IA 11.11111 .1 -1 1'1r111 l11111'11 I .' .4 11 .fu-,'t11 ..If.1'1111Z1'11111 12:-. 1- Az"1111:1' 11.-1... 1.11 '1-11-1111 BETTY SUE WALKER Swtly 1111.1 11111111 1'11-l GAA 1 . 11, 1 '1-11111' 1 1111 'I' 13111 11 -I I1115111.111, Y 131, 1'111111f'1. 31 '1'1'11- II .1 ,' .1 S111 11v1:. 1111 111v11 1111111::, .11111 11111, 11111 1:1111 11' 11111. NADEAN WHELAN '1'1'111111"g VV111111g':1"" 1111-1 1'1111', 1,Lf,11,4g Eli. 1'11:1111':1, -1: S1111 111:1-:111111'1'111,11111y 1:1111 11111. I1i1111111'S 1111.1 11w1'11. AII11W11IOII 511 .11L1..j101111'1'. Glass Of 1951 2 sh MARY LOUISE WHITE 'ETI11111y: "1211r1 w111z, I111iy 1'.1w"g U::I11111111e, lp 111111 IV111:,111111, 17 1'1111111:,, 13 0111-111111, 4, 5111111111 ,: 1 11I1'11. A:11111111111: 111111 11'11. , JOE E. WHITNEY '11111I1':1111' "By 4111111yA 11111111y:1, I1'1:1 1111111"g 111' v11l1111111w1::111'1'111'111-1111111 1111111:111. A111111111111: 111111119 w111k. MARY JUNE WIGGINS 'IXIz1II111": "'1'w111": 111 111y'? ' 111-11 L'111I1, L1, 14 1'I111111. 1'11111,1', 131 '1'1111:1 .1,1lAA,1g1f111::a1- 111111: 1111y, Q15 Q1111'1, 111- I::111', 111111 111 11111 two :w111111-::11111I::1111 111111-11111- i11::. A111I11111111: N1111::1-1 MARTHA JANE WIGGINS "1vI111y"7 "'I'wi11": "For 11111111.11-:ua ::11k0"g GAA, 1, 111111 111111, 11, 37 C1115 1.-1 1111111 11-5 ., 4: 1.11111521- 1111111 5111y, .1- Q11101, 01101- 11111111 1111- 11I110r 111111 O1 11111 sv.-:1-111 11111 11110, A111- I1.111111: 1'111111:1. Seniors DIANE JENSEN Sweet und lovely. Here todcxy qone tomorrow. Spent three lull years at GUHS, then moved. Buck for ix whxlo, then out fxqmn. Moy still qrod- uate with her Classmates hero, PEGGY WILLIAMS "Pe-q", "Hoy, wmt lor mo"7 Mch, Sqd., 12, li: St. Council, 3, 4: GAA. 1, 2, 3: Councul ri-il., 3, Pep Club, 2, 3, 47 Trmrs, 35 A cute qcxl who is 411- wczys friendly und has cz good sense of humor. PERRY YAMAMOTO V, Footbnll, 45 Football Club, 3, 4: Letterman, 4: Stucxont Counctl, lg Shy, quiet, but wo fill like qood looklnq quys like Perry. Camera-Shy Seniors MANUEL ACEDO GILBERT CARDENAS CHARLES CORNELISON JOSEPH GALLOWAY JEAN GRAY SAM HALE LESLIE HEDGEPETH MRS. NANCY HOOPER RONALD JENSEN DICK LITTLE ORA KEYES ROBERT JONES Zin HHPIIIUFTHIII .lack Golclston Class Of '51 MYRTLE LAWRENCE KENNETH MINEYARD NORMAN MITCHELL LUPE ORTIZ LAURA MAE POTTER RAMON PATINO HARLEY QUAINTANCE DON REMINGTON IRENE SCHELL ROBERT TAYLOR JESUS VASQUEZ Killed While Serving His Country jp N fgsriliqrs x 1 Qi ' QWQQQ - migf ,V V Recognize Them. 'llmvyln flonlcrs now, lflll www in Mrs Meredilnls lclndor-qrnlnn vlcrfss ul Glnndcrlrv Q:lLIlIlll1lll' Sulmvl llrun. ldrorn llw lvll, nlnnbor 2 in llre socund naw is Al DL,lWl1LIlLlfIll1Illf lwr ll rs llrvrl Stevens: ll, lnn lecnnzlmrnng l2, Virgil lVlCDc1nnr1lrl7 7, lrrvla Olurlufrycrsllig 8, 'l'rwy llnkor. Third row, nxnnluor lll is Donna Kiser CG inninr nnwlg 13, Anne Porter lllllllkllklf lll, ljulnu Dfxon. lknnrtlr row l, Shirley Anderson, EH, Kntlnyn Ccrrdmrg 7, Irene Svlroll. The Rewards Of Hard Work . . . BLM!! lmrly lmun :xml Mlnllm Wrqrrrrwx lovk oxm Qflmlrnslnp :muh-rrul rn Tlw Murllyn Rrrlw, lmrll, rmfl Burmllwr Mrll-,mp pm lrvn Humplou :xml lois BCDS y ny llnmc plmlu into tlmr- Honor Scvlvly, Slnxw plmrwlflj OFFICERS: Gerald Scndorg President Terry Gyger, Vice-President Linda Gillum, Secretary Lynn Takesuye, Treasurer Meet the young inen ond ladies who ore are all set to Climb into the driver's seot. The chonqe in personality hetween soph and junior years is amazing, and these people prove it. With a sure sense of what is qoozl, they've picked a Qromd qroup ot otticers too just look at them up there. CBeoll photol Pat Adams Richard Aguilera Lena Aja Dick Adams Rafaela Aguilar Bonnie Aiken Margaret Akin Z" W 'U at f Q Qui .. 4 - I nt K V. Ii ,V ..., . gfle , W i I Q .Q . Y. ..., , d 1 A fi, 'gi 'i 1 H t J 'fs fl '- if ,rt 2 1 f ,665 , . I A .L j-nl M ' '22, if A Bob Alcom Mary Alexander Ice Anduaga Yoneo Asano Adrian Aldama Lee Anderson Bombo Aro C383 Q . , - B. X Aix J K, Q ' B :hg F QP' 5. N af "': gre. J Q , '-3 ,f 'V 6 S A X - y r ,E K fl x ' 5 , Q t Q .l V, iq X My v Q1 B KX.. I 3: ' . Q ff ' ' Aw .ft r A A 1 Y' -if ss- J ,Q 1, f , fl S Ssgivs: N . fix ,Q K A QL, N .42 STK C B W P .J B 'K i' ,Q 4, 5 1 6 .C v . if 'N I Thelma Avis Steve Baqwell Hay Baker Harold Barker Marlene Barber Bob Baltzer Clitt Bardelli Robert Barker Edith Bassett Richard Be-ery Janis Berkley Bob Barnes George Bean Betty Bell Elizabeth Blackwell Iohn Boyd Leonard Brewster Gerald Burns David Bowers Duane Branson Emery Brown Mark Calhoun Wilma Charlton Mary Clark Donna Cockrill Iim Cauqhlin Margie Clark Woody Clark Red Masque initiation sees weird dress, and weirder characters. Bob Glover, Bob Barker, cmd lack Hook reveal knobby knees and unshapely legs on the stage. A blow to all women. tSchill photo? l l T. mv ' 'Y' iz' I Q L. f " QL' A v K A Q gi Ev I1 1 I I 5, . ,vp .fo fin! X M4 si 3 aw 5 5 UQ A fig gy If i K' Q I ca my K uiuwxl CWI, ay Y n f S wb Nissan u ' A Q3 "JM -:,- 2 I -W t ei IN 'A' M 4"f"!rs- NCQ. gy ,,l-- 'I s' IOLRL I CARL COFF ELT CAROL COFFELT MARK COFFMAN IOE COLWELI. DON CONNER NANCY CONROY EVA COOPER RICHARD CORNEILSON SHIRLEY COVINGTON HUBERT COX ROBERT CROUCH FRED CURTIS MARGIE DeCA'I'O BARBARA DICE IOHNNYE DOWDY AI. DOWNARD TOM DOWNARD ELMER DUNCAN MELVIN ENDSLEY TOM ERBLAND RONALD ERICKSON LOIS ESSARY IANET ESTES EVELYN EVANS IACKIE I-'INE ROSEMARY FISHER BARBARA I-'OGLE LOLA FREEMAN IACK FRIEDMAN MAVIS FULKS DEE FUSSELMAN BOB GARDNER LINDA GILLUM BOB GLOVER ZOE GOCKE MAX GREEN TERRY GYGER NITA HALE CI-IARLEY I-IALLMARK IOYCE HANES GENEVIEVE HARRIS IUNE HARRIS EVA HART WALTER HART EVELYN HEINZIG BILL HEMPHILI. IRENE HERNANDEZ in '7'A rv ""' As f'-I I . R ,,-R I 4,3 R' 3 l 2. q..,. I .A 'KW 1 wx Y.-...Mg -A"5""?'5',: 451, SN' ' " L S " mn fl-. M .Si X ff Q, I I 'Q .., 53,9 fm! , Q- I 1-ww.. it I F . W ivwfm' w I 5' -2- is ' .: ffm: 1' , ,,. cg M- . A I X, .-fb , - z , -i I g If fb 'P Q- 7' :T or-K-V' ' - if V , ,I mu 5 f f If iff , . , vi 5, I I I ' fa - . fr- S' t W x i 1:1-' ...,. ,gg 1 I A y L1 N X 4, ,W I p, , ' X 'L A , .I Y .we .S ,y I I 'R I ,1 "1 4' , SONDRA Hsnnxorr 5' ' E S Yr 1 I X ,- ' - 1 4 X l A fx .I 'Jiri ."' .xi .T . 12,1 .. ,A..... DON HIETT BERNIE HILL CLIFF HINES MINORU' INOSHITO . - 1 'NR -If ., Q if t TA, L. I - J, 1 I- 53 A if if TR 'TR T ,f -uf 'R S Eff: ,, R , T , 4 SP' A " ' ' 'iii ' -x E , nk , ,, V M 1,1 ,by A nf' O g 1 I .3 fv e y ' ": . A A Us KW, .. , in Mm Um 1111 n SI- 3K1 X T' f'5"'!w O! 5 ar Tmri VVmody Clfxrk szoll R 1:5-'X AAF: 5-1 Q - 2 1- , K, -4 K - ...T V' 'T."" K. ' QV 5 W sf- I 1 qyf' T ,G . .,.., 5 T gf '..- Q K 5 ,. .i Y' ,T RT X fi 'x,. 'S ' H ,Q x ,ag X"""' , 1 wi- 6.42 gg. A: 5- TW -5, y -E3 LA , Q1 cL.T ,iff 5' iw? P D fi rf Win 'X f""' i T RR '-ff 'ilk cl I mi ,.: ...T Te We Aa 3 wig -:I -5 PE. Y? X Xl mm an I'onnf1 K.srr rxt tho foftixfwll qmuo fiflmw photol LOVETTA HINES DON HOLLEY IACK HOOK RAY HOOPES KATHRYN HOPPE LARRY HORNE IIM HOURIHAN GENE HUTCHINSON MAX HYATT TERRY HYLLESTED JERRY IACKA MABEL 1AcoBs PEARL IOHNSON JOHN IONES HELEN KAIIMURA MILDRED KAUFFMAN BETTY KAUFMAN ELMA KAUFMANN ROBERT KELTON DONNA KISER IVLONA LAMOREAUX IOYCE LAMPE FLAVIS LAZENBY BILL LEDBETTER GINGER LEE ARTHUR LEON NANCY LEONARD NORIVIA LINDLEY IOE LINDSEY RICHARD LOCKE LARRY LODMELL RICHARD LODMELL . 6 , qw 'I ....f U ...Q X , In IIQIQ I A ..Q. .,,, -I ",: I 2 25 fi' ' .,., 3 . I 0 -I S V... I - ,. I Q 5 ihs I . ..,., , by Q 5- L . Q " A I ' fs 51 'T A ' 3' if A ix fx Vw A iss 'QP A 13 - gr IS' I it , I .I Q95- HRVX l lgiiif f:' I Ip, A I- A ' I n I qi A 51" A If ' I I Eg, 1:,q 'K" , b ' I E5 ' I 13 A Q' . I 'VJ iff b - X5 S 'fs 6 "Zi N-5. ? . - Ii Iohn Woods and EZII Roberts Inks orders for llurstvqxxe-11c'hf'rs4 iShnw phwtol ARNOLD LONG DORA LONG RICHARD LONG IACOBA LUNDBERG 6 IRS, , E-,S 6 1. EMI' ER' 5 f an J .1 71 Ks-H'-1511--ff :E I I ...T . I--1 .,,. 7 ,L ? km nfs I I I if GLORIA MABRY IERENE MAIERLE IEANNE MARKS CHARLEY MARTIN VINCE MARTIN CARROLL MCALLISTER BETTY MILLER IESSE MORENO WESLEY MORGAN L ERNEST MOYA fx X ' IMOGENE NASH "'9f""A A y PAT NASH EEL? 'L s ERNESTINE NEAL STANLEY NOWICKI M 1' R:-1 Y-'Q GEORGE ONODERA C.-fl 1 ' BETTY PACE Z1 QA' ' Q Nm- ,1 PAT mnnocx fm, fig IIM PALMQUIST W4 M M 2 f KAY PARFITT ov Q ROVENA PATTERSON 'tif U , ,X I " 1A I' 1- I . . 1- T, , MARGARET Pmsno VA kiw i, .. '- R " E"' E DoRIs PORTENIER 1 A 6- gf :R ANN PORTER ami..-Ez!! L KRW, Q, I IANET RARE by In 1' .+G 1 fx LARRY RAMSEY MARY REAY IEANETTE REEMS LOIS RICE MURIEL RICHARTS DOLORES ROBERSON BILL ROBERTS EMMA ROBINSON BETTY ROLLINS GLENNA RUSSELL GLENDA ROWLAND IAMES ROSS LEROY SAKATA GERALD SANDARG KATHERINE SAVATONE WALTER SCHMOKER LARRY SHAW DONALD SHELTON DOUG SHREVE NORMA SHEWARD PHIL SHORES HANSON SINANOVICH GLENN SISCO VIRGINIA SLOAN C459 SQ S S I .,.. ,I tr., L ' X, Q F35- Q11-ik ww .YNY W . A .A s Q W r - "y,"N vw I ,N I I I Lx if '37, . ":'::,, R fb X X ig fl X p XX k A ,f ' A ' ",,, if SWS I fwggnx Q. wo-Q.. I wiv- wr ,,.. X :gk q,,,,3' QE wx 'GV' 'KR' gg: LlS I sf' I 'H x ....X .. .. A A . Rx xx K K xx ,X x Ig. I Wt 3 -Q A Q' EM' I ,A I L in-rar NNW , -r fi L' IE, , i ', ' 'Lil -A :QI . 'T ,, ,., ,M it 1 f 3 L KW A L ' H '53 57 L .. ,ff-F -cf A A i X1 4' :ma K 1 S ,.., L 5 , 1 no at Q A .1 aKv,..,., 1 MY? E Q., 5 ., .F .qw -S' , B ' -.....3i IJ 'Q fa , if , 'Q Q 15? bs J 'WY TERRY SMALLING BARBARA SMITH IANET SNYDER RAY SORENSON DIXIA SOWERS DON SPANN NANCY STOCKHAM ARTIE STEADMAN EVA MARIE STEWARD MAX TAGGERT FLOYD TAKIGUCHI MASAKO TAKIGUCHI LYNN TAKESUYE HELEN TANG DUANE TAYLOR LULA TAYLOR ELDRED TERRY HARRY THORNTON Nuncy Conroy sells H1-Llqhfs to Pfmlette Everhurt. lPeYerson phokoj IEANETTE THUMA ROSE TOMERLIN C4 73 ASs0mbly's over Duck to cmss. ANNETTE VALENZUELA BOB WARREN CAROLINE WEAVER MELVA WEED QR W RN X CARMEN WEIS BARBARA WESTERN KEN WHITE ELAINE WHITNEY 'ws IAMES WILLHOYT Enom wn.soN I IOHN WOODS IIM WORTHEN A I 7 X X K DOROTHY IWATSONJ YANCY BONNIE YATES YOSHIKO TAKIGUCHI LUCY ZURICK I Q, 'u ti 'S .3 2 .If N Nr V? if LUX-A Q fa frwx my 5 .F W, A X ,SE - law., I A 1Lj"" ws-Q'-'xi I y I ng- TOM TOIVIOOKA FLORENCE VESLEY PAUL VERMILION ,,, ,- Xi 4, 2 VI .4 N Q..-ww X I X VX? J I I -fi? I xl 5 I N gr: f. rg Ns "fuu- Qsw.. 1 'F' Q1 ASME 5 ,J , .k.:Z::, R' 5 'og 1 'Nh EQ, fr-L, f ' 1 we 1 - lv- S.x 'rx fx Ez' rlfilb - A'R' i n A f- 'E X fffx HX iq. I SQQK fi' R WMI!! ' f 1 I nr Q, YI , ' jhe Sophomore Glass N1 W ll1wy111 nil ll1-1l1f1llW OFFICERS: Jim Hcmplon President Denny Harmon Vicefpresideni Loo Lomb Sec Velo ry Terry Lum lMoved1 Treasurer -xy 111c11'l4l Twcn ywms: ol l1i11l1 :swl1ool lwliiiicl ll1c1111, c111cl lwo I1 11 1, llww will li1f1:111 lcifil Iwo yelfirss l11r11 0111? VVl1c1l 111w11:f11'iw:1 will H1030 31111111 lf1n1vr1 l1'l1111.i ?l111111 11:1 1111111 1:1 Clllli ::c1111r11f'P l.f'1l':: Wc1In'l1 ll111111 f111ci :som Clzwcill g1l1c1l11l Iames Adams Lucy Aia Iim Aldridqe lluv Acoclo Phyllis Adams Ilene Akin Craig Anderson - in 1 - Q 75 Q " ll 'X ,Q A 'Q' .' fm. - - 4 MX 'J 'Q-T 1X -K - 'Q -. 1 if f ' ' 1 , 9,pf:'nJSe 5 , 1,4 ... 1 L Q 1 nf" ""-gf an M F J 4 ' 3,7 A F" is. 4 r 1 13' Y 'WWA X fvixf' .w 1 wi gi ' -A ' A 1 I '. -1-'-"--' n 1 s 5 r 11 Y if Melvin Anderson Angel Andrade Pauline Arthur Pa! Ashinhursl Ioe Anlonides Marvin Auslerman Ken Ashinhursl 1483 1 ' ' l W, .'c,, ,. ,Q Us ix xi l Q!-f , rtiifilfrt 1 s r - X X ,I -1- , , TT Mk Pr i" 4 r ,. Carl Bailey Nana Belshe Eddie Brown Eldon Castleberry Mari Baltzer Palsy Baker Iohn Beverly Iohn Bentley Gerald Bunch Ieanne Bucher Tony Chavez Beth Champie A big day in the year 1950-51 was the day we played host to the State Student Council Convention. More than 400 visitors from other schools were on our campus. MSU ex XS lg ., +,, .N 5" A X is X X J f I. , , I 1 ' 1 .,., , ..,,. 5' .Q 1' 0 ,FS , e- xe i s it Q ,S r Devere Barker Ann Blakney David Busch Anita Cheslcy away, ,.,. iii in l Z , W gif M 0 MM f 05" , Q 'xx A X .. Qs Be-' We X 3 at Ken Bean Barbara Blount Carmen Cabrera George Cisneroz .,, ' ' "'r' 212 as as fe-S-Jr xv S .yi W . I . 'les N if F , Carolyn Beck Donna Bonall Carmen Canchola Carol Cockrill fs .. 1, nikki i fx L f' ef 'f 1 is IJ Sify. Marilyn Beckner Rex Brewster Steve Carr lean Conner Ages ,Q is X- ,,.. 'O 45 , 4 g. if Elaine Beier Reggie Brooks Iohn Casey Pat Corneil l , E NEI-C, if lim cafeteria did tt lwuutitul iolw of vmwiang thc- visitors fuel at ltOIllC. 5 E . 4 W -Q qy. V ,fm 1, .,bb' N L, Ig Y I .Rm I N S' -, ' 4 , . -QV I I ge 4 - as I Q...,,,,, ,N Q its ' NR? .,.,. . .... . ALM. 1 .AJS -L L 2. . 45? I ...L Y N AA' ' ,.,L.. gy-nr' :gb A A A I I I ff Q 'Ev s 9- vw Qr , , R Iwi' Q wvi 4' If S' fm,-R. J' I ..E,f R-I 'W-I i . ARLENE CRAIG BILL CROUCH OLETHA CROW MILDRED CRAWFORD IOANNE CUDDIHY ROSIE CUEVAS HERB CUSTER MARGIE DARBY BETTY DARTT NORMA DARTT CAROLYN DAVIES IOSEPHINE DeI.ECN DIRL DENNIS BETTY DOERRER LAWRENCE DOOLITTLE ROD DORSETT GLENNA DUCHARME CAROL DUNKEL IOHN DYE DONNA EIDE PAULETTE EVERHART ELIZABETH EVANS BILL EVANS IIM ESPINOZA IACK FLETCHER ' ,Q FRANK I-'LORES f I BILL FLOYD I Q f ,I i Q, 4- I IoAN FORSTER ' F L, Q 939 IIM I-'OWLER A f-F I I I H PAT FOWLER H ' ' F l Q 5 - I ED FRANKLIN I BURTON FUGATI: F A-I I Q AQ if.. , .1-:gl L. ' I 4"' . I '-1 - I CLAIRE GARDENER cf I I A I ' I WAYNE GEYER 1 I LEAH GILBERT -L I IL, I , .Ii .. I - L 1503 n . ek K if as . AS' f Q .t X gi 1 - ' N H s it G . F A X 2 .7 . ,t . X xx , Q .I ."""' E sg t L .fri ix . B I I ,,.., i S , B-fat . K 'Q ' x i in ' X t K iw . 4- 1 F' , R V' Q " i Q? 'S' X - '- tif-.. ' ., f . Q ff I ' - o:. ' - '.' ' K ': , t t .Q - J- 'Sl MU f . f' - Arvilla Glaspia Laura Gonzales Betty Grimm Iocmne Huddox w Martha Godbehere Walter Grassie Louis Gutierrez lim Hampton Blanche Hand l-'ritzi Harris Iohn Harlan Ronald Hancock U - l A Betty Harkey Thurman Harris Betty Henderson Virginia Hill Elizabeth Holman Bill Hulsey Gen' HOHYY - Peter Hold Betty Horne Betty Iackson Sidney Iacobs Elinore Iohnson Agnes Kadomoto KSU Dale lacobs Wayne Iensen Charlene luncker sew , .,,, Mary Hale Pete Heilmeyer Bennett Hurst Dorothy Kawa A check-up on TB found a large portion of the students in the nurse's office being given ok in tests. Lovetto Hines still maintains o smile in spite of The needle. f ' if i Q. ' 1 , . . , Q' f,L,' 5 ek? Gladys Kenly Mike Kossow Ed Leihem Pauline Mallory 6 5 V i., V 1 r -' J if ' xl il 75 sr 4235, i an af!! 'Y ,Q hs I, .-I "C" jpnri Elaine Kezes Loa Lamb Tony Breuer Shirley Marler Q l ri , A nn in . y M , www fw l,., ,.,,. , t My l y ,A L 1 t g Hwy W ""' wx ul L .. , Q " ' 'F' "' aff:-1 fi' L - ii 4' ' '- ' Y N ,rl y 5 , z. K A ' V- "- Q X 1- V " i Li Yi 2 L ,nn. ,, .,. f 1 .. 1 ,fi 'K' ' f A 7 f' g lm ,f ,M in f f-' 1 , I K -:-5,,. t X Q Tom Kimball Ken Kimsey Elenora Lawrence Pat Lawton T L ' onny ewis Esperanza Lomeli Ann Marlin ,ggi 1 V Sarah Martinez Albert King Mary Kobashi Rosita Knox Wanda Leach Phyllis Leonard Iohn Leonard Lula Long Terry Lunt Ice Lugo Gary McClure Virgil McDanna1d Don McKinney M. 4,,l 2 310' 1... ,,,,.QJkl ' v Mnjorelles Johnnye Dowdy, .loner Bailey, and Jo Lou Jones in the foreground. IBGEIY photoj Gerald Kopke Susie LePore Frank Madden Iolm McGonigle And naturally The band showed up to lend brilliance to the annual Slate Fair in Phoenix. C523 DON MCGUIRE ELLA MCNEIL DON MENSENDICK IERRY MIDDLETON EARLYNNE MOORE ARLYN MOORES ROBERT NEALY RUTH MOORHEAD SAM NEELY CATHERINE NELSON IOAN NEWBY IACK NOBLE LOIS O'HARA BARBARA OKABAYASHI OLENE OLSEN LILLIAN ONG CLARA ORENDA IUDY OWENS MARGIE OWENS CHARLES PARFITT NANCY PERKINSON FLORENCE PETERSON RALPH PINEDO ARTHUR PLATE LaVERNE POTTER MARY POLLARD BILLIE PORRAS TOMMY RAMIREZ IIM RAUSCHKOLLO IESSE RAZO MARIELA REDDIN DON REDMAN VERNA REEMS NITA REINKE KEN ROBINSON 535 5 Y W -V' T... A X x KA , x Si 55' Fig-f' ,Cf 1 --'Q wr t 5 w 3 ' .L 'X Y is fair f .V Air! -A 'L' x in 1 if ' 't wx, 4: . I 'as Q . X 1 A fr-3 Sm LA . rw JS " pf "A fi R, 1 9 5 'Y K 'E ' H '-:' g fl A ,"'2' h Q Yi, A ff - R -K 5 A ' 3 l z lp f . 61 .1 f xl 1 I I A Q Q9 C' 'P F2 I ' ,LSR cfi-.., ff PM il -4. S . l Z.. 5 a t ,Ja 1-342' f"'- ' S! 3, Y , 9 ' 1 If N K -an, 'I 'I' I-S ' it EJ' GRACE RODRIQUEZ HILDA ROGERS ,X 'Rm 5. I 4. - Tay srmnou Ross X I GERRY nosnncm-:N f 1 Q VIOLA RUDDELI. E - I asa.. PAT RYAN max sAus S I In I W sf YI ' ,A Viv 1 ' A. E ... 3 I 'F is '6 I K4 ,, If 1 'I 'W-if I5 51' 5 , y NELLIE SANCHEZ ISABELLE SAYRE GENE SCHAEFFER HM SCHNEIDER ANN SCHURTER BILLIE SHELTON GEORGE SHERWOOD SPENCER SHELTON IEFF STARR I. E. STEELMAN RODNEY STEPHENS RAY STIFFLER DAYNE STUMP SONNY SIDHU AMELIA SOTO SHARON SULLIVAN KIYOSHI TAKEMOTO DONNA TAYLOR RICHARD THOEN WAYNE THORNTON ALVIN THOMPSON EDNA THOMPSON SHIRLEY THOMPSON ERNESTINE THOMSON BILL TILLERY DAVE TOLMACHOFF IOY TOWNE FRED TREGUBOFF vmcmm Tm-:Gunorr ln-:i"rY 'rvnss FLOYD UPHOFF cams vmr. BILL VAN CAMP LORA VANDOVER RICHARD VASQUEZ IUDY WADE BECKY WAGNER ALLENE WAITE MARIAN WALDECK ROGER WAY IIM WELCH GERALD WHITE FAIRY WILHOYT THOMAS WILES VIVIAN WILLIAMS KEN WILLIAMSON NELLIE YAPLE DON YARNAL BERTHA YBARRA PAT YODER LELAND YOUNG MELVIN YOUNG MARILYN ZIEGLER I55I WS-'Qt 'P' wwf f . 'I P, I Q lo :Y Q 3: kd ff' I if " 6' If- v 4 ,,.. EW. ,XXI ,gp K K f b I LT"'N' . W 22' LE I 391' . :QR I q 'gf I f . gg, , X, YQ., I flf I Q I k "" Betty Las y Q Class Of '53 Zin imlvxnnriann far Q98 li 'Iv' .L za ?"x 1--' 6' T SS OFFICERS: Jim Hancock, President 4-6 Judy Mitchell, Nr Vice-President Penny Hartley, Secrefury Gracie Lurragu Treasurer I' hm fl. Qld 0 '54 l ES e , SS These are the young ones, the first-year students, who, however small they may appear to the lordly seniors, loom large in their own eyes. They are now high school sludenis, on the road to becoming seniors and then graduates, CShaW phoiol Vernie Abbitt Wilbur Adkisson Ioanne Akers Glenn Abbloos Margaret Abernathy Belly Akers Iohn Akin l - Q 0- v I 'Y - 1 ' ax' 731555, ,.,. , ,S A y , .. I 5 J 4, 'AA K4 vs Y , 1,1 QW xx ' ' ' LII-ill' ' 'f A ' in I X ll if . 1 -Q . 'R K I l AQ' 5 -s x QQ, .S K 'rl ,Wi QM. vi Ya X . ' fri 5-A I ' . A 'l ' ' .ff . gp H H f .W ,A BX' , ,gr av Q " NV, ' A t f ' ill- f . ' 5? V ' Belly Aldridge Elaine Anderson Faye Arlhur Wesley Alkin Iohn Allen Lou Anderson Kay Arthur R561 1 L K4 i . Q , Q ,ggi , 1 E 1 p in A at -A f ll 'A fi 9 ' B 'i A i ll 1 , K ,A wx f " x QQ L K 4 i , it . X . Q - Q' ' C g 3 A -Q . 'l. i B in . S- .B . f H i 5 A w J ir . .,., -3 "' S V , .5 . , . 1 - . t s . l '. Q 1 Xbwl B" eff , if in f'y"1 Gladys Auble Anna Bagwell Ioe Banda Iack Barnes Ben Auten Iohn Baldwin Ken Barber Katherine Barnes Ken Barton Shirley Bell Iim Berry Dollie Bidinger Patsy Beckett Don Bennett William Bezner Curtis Black William Bledsoe Iim Brown Sylvia Burnett Betty Campbell Maudine Brady Norma Bennett Sharon Byrnes Manuel Canez David Cantrell Betty Carnahan Keith Carter Stella Chavez lim Carey Esmundo Carrizoza Marcelino Castillo Angel Cisneroz The year started for the freshmen with initiation, during which all boys had to wear girls' clothes. t57l lt 3 3 Left to right, Parker Sproul, Mumford Graham, Joy Furrcy, Wcildo Long, Max Livingston, ond John Akin. ki- ',0'J 4 ,Q L I 7 A Xl , QV, X x , v 35'-at he ' Q 4. 5 , , 1: x K 'S' pg, nz? X . Q K ,LW X ,gg -,',' , EL. -n va: ,R :A wr-A 459 MARK CONNER IOLAYNE CONWAY Q1 J RUTH coox ff , NANCY COOKE uf A cLA1RANN CORDES BOSEMARY CORMIER CARLTON cox 1 IAMES CROSBY '-Q BARBARA CRUSAN 1 2 - ,if ARNULFO cUEvAs if DONALD CULBERTSON ROBERT CUMMINS j IACQUE DAVENPORT E ' ,L IOHN DAVIS 7 MARLYS DOOLITTLE MARIO DeI.EON KEN SHUMWAY IANICE HOLTER ROY DUNCAN DAVE EASTLAKE PAUL EDWARDS LEROY EGGLESTON 4' 0, wi , FJ 'W ff' ,fu-2f ""'y' BEVERLY ELLENBERGER A55 ,5 ,XEE ,X N BONNIE ELROD , 3 DONALD ELY Y Ivy' M A 1 H PAUL ENGLISH K' 0. " THOMAS 1-:NNxs 1 A gi, 7' W 'V J A , DIANE ERBLAND L Q-A -R 1' L-L ' Q ' KEN ERICKSON A ,A 'ir ' 5 RICHARD ESTES ,G 4 N fx '- R1cHARD FALBO A DARRELL FETTY 3. O A 4 ,,,, ,a , em 6 HELEN nscus -5 k 1 ,R 5' RICHARD FLORES E, Q A Q F' ROBERT FOGLE , . . V N", I J A C583 -Q...- x '35 P 1 Q Q- u 1-J. . 1. 4 f , is ,K c,x,L M C ,Q -s- of-A +- e , y . XX- ""' X QM T QM. XY ik , ffl - nl V y ' -' X NI?- i 4 at A' - -' i iii fu f.. X, In 5 4 , ,J has K:iJ".' , I 'lf 11.1, 7 .- l sf ' ' . ' 0 i l . '. I! an . ev ,, A H 4' if 'Q Q f- Q W 8' f be , 2 3 4 'x Nz- 1 'a .sw :J ,vi Q '4 'W' wx- Aly ' A . X 5 j ES? K X. 0 . 9 2 Xi 3 "' ,A ' ' ,if , lf- t N H Fi 'F' i T' i F glxqpb , tx A Q S. x F ,a K A . Q gi aa- f Q . E .,. ' X ax' .fl if M gl ls 1 ' au. ' K s N .ai l 'rf f . 9 if . c .ar L f S . - ' 4 if ,Q n is .ra Qi Q so as 9 Q 'i X 'X ' t ' 1 .... f 3 ' I l H M Fr' Kathy Foster Duane Franklin Eddie Friedman Iimmy Fulkerson Benny Franklin Hetha Lee Freeman Iim Friedman Don Fyflo Charlene Gains Hobert Girvin Ruth Gilbertson Geraldine Gonzales Glen Gebler Sue Gilbert Bonnie Gillum Robert Gorslin Mumford Graham Graden Hall Io Rnn Harris Eddie Hashimoto Edward Gustafson lim Hancock Pennie Hartley Donald Hazzard Charles Heath Grady Henderson Lucy Herrera Sandra llinz Lorena Heinziq Jennie Hemandez Veral Hines Iessie Holley But even before the social aspects of initiation came the formality of registering for classes. llvlll ww xxx Mrs, Hugh, coxmw-lor, lielpS irosli Clcvtcvrmm- wlvcit cluwms Hwy will tulxv. ELL? Lf, rpjjf "R,-"' 'H--M Q in Y aim : ' Q .1 K Q Suzy, W 'GP' 1 J of li as uf S if Qi' we rf .sr P 4 M DAVID HUNT f f as k,.,,i mme .y Q., A' 8 , in .MW '-325' sa., ws v , 5 cmzor. umm-:n 5 X4 4. fi 'Nu PHYLLIS LOWE BARBARA MacLEARN THOMAS MANSFIELD LEONARD MARTIN MAXINE MARTIN VINCENT MARTINEZ ALICE MARTINEZ MARY MARTINEZ SARAH MARTINEZ ANITA MASON MAE MATSUSAKI JERRY MAYNARD LOIS MAYO DORIS MCCLARY DONALD MCCLINTOCK WANDA MEAD FAY MEDAR MELACIO MERCADO IESSE METCALF LILLIAN MILLACE -xi- X rv 1 IJ J"!k L I I ww 1 S 5' I If A :zz f QI 'SY I Zn! I I 1 -I A J? . ,..,. . . L., ,Lf .d. 4 v S A AE 'II ix wifi WILLIAM MILLER Q MARGARET MILLS Q is BILLY MINYAIID 4 ll . Am, IUDY MITCHELL "" II-:Am:1'1'r: Monraomsnv DAVID MOORE MARGARET MOORE CLARENCE MORGAN ARMIDA MORENO NANCY MOTHERSHEAD ALMA MUKAI ELAINE MURRAY DICK MUSSATTO MERVIN NASBY FRANCES NASH ISU xx IW' n....3 Sv .ff SILL I jf! sw, aww X21 I K. Squaw- 2, ey fm . 'X ,-11. il fs ' f-'1 I-af-'i . Q5,,xg 4,35 -L I' X SQL W' Q75 'E-0 "II, eps if N., ...vw .L Q m i w I WY' X .sn N' 'ZR ' Ly Aff! '," il A W 9 lx ff t, N '.., .1 ,., I G-B , ff yr: I . ,M , f ls f , f- 351- ,M l5l'i"3.i 'med' ,VY M, ,, X fv- " ' 5 - -'QA is time L.. Q -new ' ' , f ' in .A Q M , "" . 'P' 'a . A xv-N W K Q, X .sy .- f or 1 I V , H i ,, R A 'J - B' .5 ,Q W e , L, A . i Q Q i 3- J x if I 4, Q - ' i .. . ,H , 590 iff ' :Q 5 . x fa x if . - A y is L. 5 G U x ., , -L QQ gi ,, - S! '55 QNX " QC' V47 3 " A 6 . , 5179 X I Y -1, gags N A K va Q V nf " Q 6 . T nw V, g:-. 1 . X . RQ , 5 ..,.: .:,. Q K , - N w A ' rr X. .A R R R - - 1 1' R . "' M' G X ,. rad- 39 f ,i 53" Q-iq. . . - Q . , . . .N , M r , qv-q:.l eg A, I Q if " i L33 wa N-If K ' 4 Q A . - s N . L R 'rj f s A 'fx E, we K 3 it L Ruby Nash Ronnie Nitchals Gary Nolte Wanda Owens Iim Nelson Dorla Noble Laramie Novotony Virginia Packer Fred Palmer Willie Parsons Virginia Peterson Trinidad Pinedo Laurel Parker Paul Payan Quain Pichnarick Arie Porter Kathryn Poston Ygnacio Ramirez Carol Reagan Roberta Reed Shirley Quaintance Gene Ramsey Pat Reed Dan Regalado Lloyd Richardson Iames Riley Louise Roberson lane Robinson Pulricia Ricker Ieanne Rix Eddie Robinson Ianice Robinson it" E"iTz Iwi? Mi mqiwt, Mi Nmiwrt Kwnlfil, Mr. Robert Asiwv, Mr, Bill Petvrsnn. Mr, M01 Yrnic-r Came March of Dimes time, the faculty and the varsity basketball teams did their bit for charity at a benefit game in the gym. 1623 -S s.,. 5 ,g RV, ' -3 ii! 'W 'T' .L x"4 0 . , X 1 .A 5 - 4' Q.-fr Q3 S -e ' W 93 ' AN LJ 4 .. 5, Fc. . . a . 1. V ""f' -I i .Q K V is 1' 4 ' , nt. . T Q is s A fr. cs ' y at A 35 F 1 it . , " ,, cp Q ep fi esss 3 4. i t . wx S axe I , S rf 1 " Q-.,,- . -f - ,S , Q f Q Eg... igfegux-. pail. if K, , Q, , S - .Q V 5, Q ,13 5 ,, . -,Q Q. , S ' ' 1 W: - ,gale-, C, in N, I f . r f I 4 ' s K .Ai , - , S W . sl qu-f - W, QE, 7-3 55' l ss , 1 'Y M , 'Wu f It csv X t I at S Ks, A ' V K 7' - - ' - - Y" Q - . . K ' s., ,ln V' , x :.5,f , Y S X S 7 f, W, ,. ' ' f :P S tl ' X 7' ' , 3' sz ' ff' X' A7 "rf ., ar 9 A , A M. . rd Q A 5 X ,,, . is 5-' ' , .s S' A - an -r - , X N ,.- . 1 S ML.. L .., tg ' S 1 . it . 'I 11 X '15 A maxi K Q K xx I , E. A., .f, +- L . 1 - . 2 rt Sharon Robinson Sp Both Thomas Rya Rich d S tra Donna H th Nancy Ru k Elq' Sakata Marlena Schlaq D l Schlsr Sanda Schuette Sammy Shelton S y Sherril lwana Sch oclc L Roy Sch l Ruthie Shippa d Jake Sherrod Harold Shotlo Paul Simmons Lynn Slaughter Cha les Smith B bara Sieben l Eid Skousen Myrna Smalling Iennie Smith Nall Smith Shirley Smith Welbur Smith Lyd S Sh Smith S Y Smith Wayne S yd Lydia S t In line with the athletic idea, the frosh boys had to undergo a series of physical aptitude tests in boys' Phys.Ed. Several new records were set. H331 Bill Tippit cmd Jim Friedman both d l gli scores in chin-ups. lllfl P ll ,R -in 3 M5 -me 4 .ff A ' V X ,Q rlxqgfrl ' qw," , w iii: i V tele' We-r LA mr I 4 I - V' I h - fir--fy - S Q I 1 ,. .-be "l'X"4.a. lax ,I 5 W '- Q N M ., ' , wil ,f 4 9 . ' '-at ' A , Q i ,, K Q F Q : . Q 'P 3, 'Q C if' X -A! , X ,Fax tx 'QQ if R I., m ,, , Y, ffl. X i s ' Aung' w .L s --+. ,Q x vf - X ir. if ,Q 'CTTTP - 1 ' 'W ..... W .til-eff. i' iff ' Q' W , of -'U GL - 3 'Q' 6 'ar S, 1- -sz. -., H Q P , ' ,X F- Pl g , - . S 1 5 ' - -f-. 1 Tw i ' M A 1, ,x H Q ' ' A V, 1 f A i - Q 'tv it f 51 r - ' K ,V 1A . We V mf- ", T5 6-' 1 15: F: ff' 1 -isa an . 4 ,- '. 1 A it a l ' cf 5 f V ,X , -Q X ,ff ' N' - ' , ' 'iw'- 'f --1 we Z Q ' 5 fast if il? ' 2 iff 1 V , Q' fl ,Q I Parker Sproul Sammy Stewart Ioan Sutter Ben Tcrdcmo Laverl Stewart Audrey Still Paul Swartz Maven Tang Robert Taylor William Tipit Morris Tolmachott Bill Tressler Frank Thuma Doris Tolmachoff Dorothy Treguhofi Sandie Uhlman Virginia Ulloa Gerald Vandever Marshall Varener Angelita Villa Gertrude Valenzuela Richard Varder Stephen Vasquez Danny Vizcaya Iackie Wade Bill Wallace Lynn Webb Russell Welty Barbara Walker Richard Watanabe Billy Wells Robert Werner i':tkt-1 l'li"tr-J Mr. lcimmvn lv-liiml lwcirw handles the sale of tickets. The freshmen attended all sports events with great enthusiasm. Here's one with her parents, about to purchase a ticket to the football game. 1649 PATRICIA WHEAT ANITA WHELAN BONNIE WHITE CAHOLYN WHITCOCK IERRY WILKINS 'd IUNIOR WILLIAMS NORMA WILLIAMS TOMMY WILLIAMS NANCY WISSMAN DAVID WOODS ALLEN YASHIMOTO of w x 3 QZQ I Q.. Q15 G 765- ggi aye Cfff . if x .f ffl I ' . .aft- X .Aa 4 ,SI ,. I ' gg Sll?63:f3' -'X L Q.. x . V Y X sr' ,T ' ':'1, 352 f 'U 4 ' ,s ,n 33? WILLIAM YASUDA A' . . 5 f3uR IIM YOUNG ,. 3 g U W ,, A MARGIE YOUNG Ia 0 A I F Pi 74 Of N N . f -f X18 , O ' 6'--I X ! . . . MA1u.1-:NE ZINK S s W ff, v -"' , I ..I., ' I 'X I I Egg! A .la-QQ' "4 . J' f. ...M f -I - 5755 RICHARD zUMsTE1N 4 ig X DOUG MUESKE-s ph E CW3 Z' Y na. 'Q ' xr . I f And So The Classes Move Up One Step Class sponsors-The Unsung Heroes of the school. Left to right, Mr. Heffelfinger, Miss Fredell, Miss Lindblad, Mrs. Hoops, Mrs. Lale, Mrs. Scoggins and Mr. Branson. C653 Becxll photo awk 5 'gs N, Mr gJ3aV gr M-3:53222 K aids-QQ-sn4u dijlis - . st! :saga-ind . V was f P QI iw - W I WQQ QwQwv' wg y,.,""' 6485 Q ' A 3: ip Cllr' .ds- 1 an ,4 ,Qu Q V ma ,, ,444 ' ' ! A -'QQ .4 Q 9 Y :asa " Q K A 1 11 wiv' ' ' gf :Riff an uv 5 ' Kiggi Q. ,I :4 we 9 fl' , f 1 P we od" ,Q ew., ,V ,Tf 1 Q X- 'Vvvef 1 GYJ 'X .24 "fsf,, - wvffm-, Glendale High School Faculty Members A1' Work And Play 9'4" -iw? J -'-T.- Q Left, Mr. Scott behind bars, tPr1rker photo! Rtqht, Naturally Mr. lrwvm keeps his eye on the food. tfieoll photoy Luft, Mr. Potter loads up whllo Mrs. Lula mcikf' up ltefr Ulllld Gt the Gtrls' Leoqno umdy Coke sale. Rtqrxt, Ealmve tt or not, tenrhers Ont too! Lett, Mr. Brrmson cmd Mrs. Hedqe are startl- vd by the uxtxxuxu. R1qht,Whcxt's Cook- znq, Mrs. Hugh? tBruce photob Left, Shows where Vcm qets the nmkin's lor tus c1qGrs. Contvr, Mlss Ltndblfrfl emoys the sun. Rxqht, Mr. Iopsen :rt the PA controls. tPc1r- ke: photoj l.nlt, Indy Anderson makes up while ln-1' mother looks on rritnu uliy. Rvqlxt, Mario Tuckm looks pensive wlxllo lurk Hook looks like luck Hook. l.vlt, Play llttwwtor Mrs, Sealy pollslws up u pvrfornlvr. Rlqlxt, Iody, Noun, .md Bonne looks over their lxnvs. Lett, Georqo Br-Cllion und lady Andorson find n mutu-il Joku. Riqlxt, Gvorqo exnott-s ull ovvr tht- plnvu. Lott, Donna qets drumntic while Nenc: und Bob look on. Rlqht, Barbara holds forth in front ol Goorqe, Donna, Marlo and lucobn. The Junior Play, 'A Date With .ludy', Was A Memorable Evening Of Entertainment rkiwoiw- of ri qaoa riaiirf- Al Davis' band Refreshments at the Harvest Dance are milder than Hwy look. Linda and Harry look for others to ioin in. And the crowd grows thick. 951'-N'!'T1"70-'T D A cf D ' I Vacations Exiiiluii iPe1ersonfBrace plioiosi Cwu'1re'iinq room buileiin board Swedish Holiday, arranged by the Wiggins Twins A series of noies from yesterday. ipfNfPfii0Y1BYf7CP PYYUYOS One Of The Top Activities Of The Year Was Homecoming Iii! I,1lN::1','1v1lv1i 'y rm 131' I 1-:xi R 11. uirzfislefk nw 1 1-1 :Ira fi "ii tin , 1 i,w't, Vim i 1 ,ws 11:1- rvzx' ::1:'mw s ,rx Iii. :i1wi.fwr mm. Rqhi, MY. Asiiw :inhu- xli1f":: Vwxn Tixik-fy, :qwrkvr si fix. wvwzi nq. Iwit, Iwixxnf wind I 11:11-' inf' :www ii iiflm-fw1111x'I Kxlzq 1:.1 Hx viz by M: Asle- fidiif Niue vw' :YWI 'rw 'ftztw iwft, Oki fuixdsa wnxtvh IW' fiII14'0. Hiqht, Mr. Ashe wixxws the dfinre Hu-r. I-flt,hmtlm1l iully wx H10 WPS! llxwn. Riqlxt, Mx: Svwll I slmwrc qrinxm-:::: .md mlvlvxillliuxlilwxl. Lvlt, A vaiwly ol wx pr0ss'ons lm-tween vlvvors. Riqlii, C'lxvvilvi.lwi1, uw Q1 lslui ul lIlnWllUll mx! ilu- pink. Ivlt, A uiwflvy wif-xv Ol llnvis' liuml lmmls Riqlit, Tlw sally lyiw Ol lmys who wont .ln nvnr C1 qirl. I.0lt, Pop mlly an time qym, boys mi one side. Riqlxf, and -1.rls mi the wtlim' :nail-, lSvl11ll, Rx uv, Pm-lwrmxii, Slmw Vlw Rallies And Games Brought Cut Hundreds Of Familiar Faces l wi' The Teen Canteen Opened With A Big Evening And Was A Success One of the biq events of the l95Of5l school year was the opening ot the Glendale Teen Canteen. The Canteen was orqanized by Coach Bill Peterson to provide a place in which teen-aaers could spend their spare time. 'With the help ot many GUHS students the old American Legion Hall was redecoratecl and equipped tor the hiqh school qanq. The establishment is democratically ruled by student board ot directors consisting ot Ted Swift, seniorg Gloria Mabry, juniorp Kenny Ash' inhurst, sophomorep and lim Carey, freshman. Lett, Bill Evans and Gerald Bunch put on the hnal touclics, tllierxll photosj Lett, Sponsor Peterson VID? fl VUISLIKIO on Sponsor Peterson. Riqht, The Petes qet plenty ot service from l:ni,Lorene,Io,Louise, and ljvclyn. l.olt,Mrrr1lyn Mc' llcxtttfd at the ptani Laurfi Potter on the trumpet. Hiqht, A younq on tert-1 nr-1 helps: man qurafo thc canteen. TK, 'ywtbifzli SBS MMP' l.e'ft, Btxlltrcl time around the piano. Ftzaht Rchcnd Bs-ery. l!TIllFlGIUDiOUI1Ud Gerald Bunch rest from their labors. Loft, H1111-11 P10118 und M111'11111'vt Iul111sO11 111 11 ::111c'l1u11r: 111n111011t. fHw1Il plmtoj fhqilt, AIV111 and ROS- 11I1u 11d11111v tiw dlsf ploy of 1'w111w1' trrxys. lB1'111'1w 1111111111 l.n-il, 'I'y1111111 ::tL1Ui1'1111. knvp 1111 1111111-1' vyv mx 11111111 vwpy. H211 km-1' 111111191 Rnqht, A v-11'1u1y ul 1-x1w1'o:::::o11s 111 1'v11-:Q 1'I11:::: 11:1 11111 ::t111l1-1111, puzzle 0111- 11116. Init, Poqqy, 111111-1, 111111 M11111111 1'w1w1:1 11 lliwuxry mlulw 111111111 1110 wyv of iViI'. H. 11101111 111101111 R1ql11, A11 11111111111 111 1011111 c1'11lts1111111:1i111 lsy H011111 Mm'i11111'v:1 sludunts Aux, Arvvlla. K111'u11, R1-tty, I111111, C11mI111o, 1111111 NI111: lSvl1ill pixotoj I.vit, 'Fwy lX11kv1' 11116 L00 A11dn11so11 qel rmiciy to 1111111 0110. QS1'hill phoioj R111i1l, N111o and Alvx 011 11 wwodsimp 11111, wrt. lP111'ko1 111111101 Class Work Included A Variety Of Things Besides The Three R's 9.1 lol! to riqlvlz Karon Beck, Dunno Hallam, Donna Miller, Ross Anderson, Marilyn McDonald, Don Benll, Joonne Beaver, TL-rl Brom, Nrnn Tuylor, Jam lfxuglwrun, Tommie Alexander, Don Manning, Doroflwy Sclvmoker, Ted Swift. 1Schill phoTo' Cardinal Court Klvll lnlyxw Pllotul 'War . lHl EHHUINHl lllIllN HNH KING 4 K flfllllllf 1-AMW!!!-fl'lf Ill!!! WMF. fxffllll Left, Tommie Alexander and Don Manning. Right, Donna Miller and Ross Anderson, Left, Nena Taylor and Jim Laughrun, Right, Dorothy Schmoker and Ted Swift. Left, Karen Beck and Duane Hellam. Right, Marilyn McDon- ald and Don Beall. King and Queen me XX' flhe .Attendants lliq- boys und girls piicli 111 on tlie "Seve ilu: Cliilclis-11" Drive 'S le N 4411111911111 iiiiifiil 11111111-. lui' "S-iw' ilu' Cliilclreif' Mr. Pew-V uiirl Mis. Ima-S cirrrmgie Clirisimcis lxisliefs. generosity - And ,...-- Qood Health Gleiidcile Hiqli sliideiils have be-e11 011 tlie ludll dll yecir. Swine ol ilie biggest eveiiie were tlie 1111111e1o11:: school drives witli tlie piirpose Ol lielpiiiq less loriiiiidle people, siuoiisoied by vciiioiis Orqfxiiizidlioiis Cmd Clulds. Pirie exciiiiples eil Gleiidfile Hlfjlllfi qeiierosiiy weie tlie IIICTIIY baskets ol food sem to needy lciiiiilies III the Vcilley dl Clirifsiiiicis time, cmd ilie swam, rciiidy, ciiid leyss sent io our adopted Sclioel 111 llTLTIlC0. Aiiotlieii ol tlie Svheol yeC1r's lii-lights was Glen dc1le'spC11i iii the Arizeiici Chee? X-Huy Proqrmii. Riimiiiiq for two days, llie drive iiielilded every stiideiil cmd lciciilty iiieiiilver. T B, rlllwls uwtuh-:ay Arzwxm Hr-pu HY Another Winner In The Salad Bowl Parade Loft, Tvshnq out tlxo sxnoke equlpmont nm Barbara Molidor, vhnirnxung Elmo r lluncun, und Mr. Hvl' felhnqer. Riqht, Glendale Hrs Salud Bowl Prlncoss, Knrnn Bovk. Left, Mx. Mnchelson of Krwunxs awards the prize plaque to Burburu whxle Mr. H. looks on. Riqlxl, Tllv llonl, wm- nor of -1 moior prxzv, Ulm Ylnrd ID Illrmf yeursl movos down the street. CSclnll plxolol Cardinal HI-LIGHTS Kgs lmii l'l1- -I1-:aj ftlmivs und Stull If-fr to rnflht, suulotl, Don Muvslae, Broolrsie Millsmp, Jim Luuglirun, Standing, Jerry Euton, Dorothy I'ArGmmQ, olfim-Y Kvnm-fly, Nancy Conroy, Munlyn Rube, Ncnn Taylor,Mr.Alvsnlovun, Barl1urciMolwdor. "Serving The Students Of Glendale High" Y Wai 215.355- lt-lt to right, Don Mus-mlfr-, Business Mcmc:gc'r, Brooksicr Millsa lflmn tnfhwl, mul lim lrmqlxrun, Managing Editor. Cardinal Hi-Lights, the school's bi- monthly newspaper. has had the most successful year in the school's history. It had an all-time record cir- culation and for the first time it was distributed on the first day of the term. This was due to the staffs will- ingness to cut their summer vacations cr week short, Thru the close and always unsellish cooperation of the smallest ioumal- ism class ever, the newspaper was entered in the state-wide contest at the University of Arizona, in which it is expected to take a top award. It would be impossible to name an outstanding member of the staff--all of them worked long and hard to pub- lish a fine school newspaper. U80 1 X NX ill, Qui-vm BQ-My VkvlL1HxCl'GlWCI Anne-Hfx Vulonzuolu, Many Peterson, Lulu Long, cmd Horcncc Snmlf U2 d A d F I1' Sh uppy Wm-sim-:rv ouffwf Shaw Photoi .lo LOU, Ncmcy, Frurwms, D01 und Nw PUIY1fJlxlV1 to A sumll Owl:-rvllu Kivovvs in-r clotlu s T00 m Hu- cmfewrio after the show Assemblies Were Nof Seen Often But Most Productions Were Very Good Iorwmrr doors to qot ln 10 frsuorrrhly. Imrt, I.w- Grubel rnyasttn-Q fha' studvrll hardy. Molvm Iirrdsley rs: time hfmd in thermr Nui. Rrqlrt, Thr- Wnllmm Tvll fzwmrilo rrt the frrwhvr'y vxh1lwrY10r1. Imit und Hfrhi, Spun- xsh crssornbly present- od by Tressel r1udMr.Arvr1s. Be- lzove xt or noi, the hut dcrmfor on the rurht is cr qrrl. LM! cmd rrqhf, Rep trlf-s of North Amer- rrfr assembly, Center, Invquv Mer Cer, Mrss Amerrccr, crddrr-sses the Grrls Ipfrqlle. Im!! rmd lurhl, slu- delrrtzz Jrrm the crufiz- 1 1.1111, 11111111111 1:1111 111 11 11 111111 w1111s: 1 1- 11 1111 1t1'111111 1111 1, .1 11111111, 111111111111 1111w11y 11111111121 11 111111111 111-w 111v:::: 111 1111111111 111f:1111111 fS1'111111 111111111 1'111k1-1 1.1111, 121111111111 M1x1-1 1 1 S11.1w. 11111111, A1111 1111- 11111::y 111111w11111 111111 ::1111w1111 1111 111 11111 ::111'k 111111 111111.11 1111111111 X111-111y, 1.111l,111111111y,1 l111'k, I11l,1111,111111 111:11 1111111111 1-1111 f1'11101::1111 111 1y 111111'11 111 1111 11111i11, 1111111 111 11111 y11111'11::1.111111'11 11111111 1111' 1111511 1111 111 111.-.1111 1 ::11:: 1.111I, 111111:1 111111111-1: 1111' 11111 11111111 111161 11-111'111111'11111 w11.10 1111111I, 11111'1'11'1111111111:: 11k11w1:a1-. Cf1111lv1', 11111111 111111111 tvs 11 w1111111111 11111 v1s11 111 11 111-11 111 1S1l1IW 111111111111 lly. A Variety Of Activities Was In View As The School Year Unrollecl fir The Senior Play, 'Our Miss Brooks', Enfertained A Full House ur? si:-as Iwir, 'snrrlrrstrvrrlvri Mrs. Alle-rr hovorrrvs rrrrsmplrrsrrvvrts-cl lwrrrrrr Mrllvr wrtvlr .rr-1 rr Iew wrrrks Iw- Ir.-.mrerr 1:-vrrr-s, H rght, Lrrrdcx, Loursv, I r xr-1, Ffdrrrr, Srrrrlrfy, rrrrd Gerrevrr fuk:- I rs? rrrrrrufe rrrewk-Lrrrs an lrrrws. Ipit, Mr: Wadsworth, Ciurrrm Hodlrorx, H1911 rrr rrrrgv M1519 Brcrwks, Lvl fitwwurd, to trrlu- wvfrr tru' plrry. Rvrlrr, The errtrru urs! shows drsrrrny 415: Mrs. Alle-rr':s Qlrrrrvawrr v-:Arr ps' broken. 1.1-H, Mraz: Brooks trres Mr Izrll Currvh, Irorrq Irrlrrrsorr, thrrt what T10 rrr-mls .:: rr wzlv. Hrrrht, The mrs! vrlf rvys cr qood 1-ruqlr rrfa Vorrrrrr fouls xrrr Yrvr Lrros. Imir, Mrss Brooks lrqrrk.: r-rr lonqrnqry us Yrrrw, Lrrrdn Grllurn, rrrrd Tod, Rohr-rt Burr kr-r, rrrdulqv rrr rc:- rrrrxrrtrv folly. Hmrht, lrvcrdrnq -.vrrr-rrrer to krss or rrrrt tn krss. Left, prrzu-wxrmvrs .rt the Statv Farr proud ly dlsplayed by aq. boys KOllll Carter, hm Estes, and Torn Dow- nard. Riqht, Anatht-r State Pair blue rxhhon wln' ner, mr hwy hy lllmt-r lmrrrclrl. Loit,Thoiootbt1ll team in slacks -rs they lu-ad bus-wartl lor nm away aarnv Rlaht, Martha and Mary Wrqqins, rv- sponsxble for all the beautuiul hbrary vhs- plays this ymrr. l.oit, Further lioluutxr hon Day started wxth an address hy Dr, Gear, prlnrlpal at North Hlqh. Riqhl, Iarklv llvtuolt, '49, represents the U of A now. Left, Harvest Krnq Harry Thornton and Queen Lmda Gxlhnn flanked by attendants Marilyn McDonald and Dorothy Sch- moker. Right, The holler house is really a tame place f chock- ers, no less! 5 s ,, 1- 4,4 A Round-Up Of Some More Of The Year's Top Memories --.'-0...-...Q---Q f D k Folbo Keith Carter, Loft to right, first row, Dnruel Fcddy, Dennis Scherril, Russel Vlifelty, Morris Tolrnochof , ic , Rirlnircl Estvs, Jimmy Estes. Second row, Lan Stewart, Richard Long, Craig Vail, Sam Hole, Pete Hold, John Allen, VVulito Long, Dove Eastlake, Wayne Thornton. Third row, Robert Kawai, Burton Fugute, Eugene Hutchison, Charlie H Ilnmrlc, Buddy Baldwin, Fred Tregulyoff, Mr. Owen Allen. Fourth row, Mr. Walter Kish, Max Green, Harry Thornton, 'i Donny Harmon. 41 lrirlt Oliiiluuyuslii, .lfirnes Wlllhoyt, Lolfmd Young, Future Farmers Of America D oting themselves to scho- ev larship, leadership, supervised farm practice, cooperation, and munity service, the Future has A com N ' " mm Farmers, under the direction and guidance ot Mr. Owen W. Allen cmd Mr. Walter Kish, gain actical knowledge and exper- pr ience in growing into the farm business. Every member sets up and ies out a long-time farming carr program, owns or controls his proiects, keeps an accurate re- cord ot his enterprises, and ' ' 'al matters. e of rec- carnes on tmanci Activities in the lin reation were numerous this year. The boys held an annual corn roast, a ioint party with the FHA, and a harvest dance. They're a good, useful bunch d to help repair of boys, rea y C li VM' mm' farm equipment and to md in all community protects. Ollni-ii., li-ft to iigilul, ini' Mr. Wcxllser Kish, adviser, rc g urcir, Buddy Bcililwin, plcsiclcnt, Burton Fugote, secretary, and Mr. Owen Allen, inlviszii. fSt-hill phntosl x l ll l r 5 1 i Mwwzmmsswwqswssmxssxssws L . psf D. Front row, left ot right: Laverl Stewart, Laurel Sue Parker Nancy Cooke, Linda Gillum, Carole Larner. Second row: Margaret Mills, Wanda Owens, Fay Medor, Nancy Rucker, guchi, Betty Akers, Sylvia Burnett, Dorothy Schmoker, Eva Judy Mitchell, Nancy Mothershead, Dorothy Tregubolf, Fr Beck, Jerene Maierle, Earlene Moore, Helen Everett, Betty Johnson, Sue Gilbert, Gertif- Valenzuela, Jaynace Lane, Abernathy, Dcrla Noble, Mayen Tang, Patty Ashinhurst, Sammy Shelton, Loui R b ' se o erson, Gladys Auble, Margie Young, Dorothy Kawa, Mary Sue Hughes, Barbara Hutchison. Third row: Masako Taki- Nell Cooper, Helen Kaiimura, Cl ' C airann ordos, Bonnie Gillum ances Nash, Barbara MacLean. Top Row: Karen Beck, Carolyn Walker, Norma Lange, Barbara Walker, Molly Lindsey, Jane Marilyn MacDonald, Helen T M ang, eta Jo McAllister, Margaret Future Homemakers Of America Striving to understand the art of homemaking and to prepare for the thousand and one details that make up daily life, the Future Homemakers is a club consisting of well over 50 girls and is affiliated with the na- tional organization. l Under the sponsorship of Miss J Ianis Ienkins and Mrs. Beverly Hugh, the Future Homemakers oi America has another success- ful year marked down in the records. Left to right: Helen lanc, tre - L 3 asurrr, inda Gilluni, secretary- Karen Beck, vice-president, Mrs, Beverly Hugh, sponsor, Dorothy Schmoker, president, Miss Janis Jenkins, sponsor. 'lll W, W n Raymond Hoopes Bill Evans, Lloyd Brazil, ' we Hutchinson Don Gunnell, Bob arre , , Bill Floyd Jim Rauschkalb, Max Front Row: Harry Thornton, huge! , Second Row: Jim Hampton, Jerry Baldwin, Don Brown, Ray Sorenson, Ted Beam, , Green, Dickie Moreno. Third Row: Melvin Anderson, Bob Alcorn, Eldred Terry, Ronald Escue, Tommy Ramrrez, Perry ' ' ' ' lNoady Clark. Back Row: Arthur Leon, John Woods, Don Beall, Duane Hellam, Yamamoto, Lester Blnlcley, Bull Roberts, Ted Swift, Do ll. Gerald Sandarg, Bernie l-lull. n Manning, Terry Gyger, Don Ho Hy, The Lettermen's Club The Lettermen's Club, sponsor- ed by Coach Earl Gieseke, was crganized to further athletics in Glendale Union High School. The organization is composed of boys who have earned let- ters in any sports. These athle- tes have won the right to wear the "G" which designates them as superior athletes. The otiicers of the club are Don Gunnell, president: Ray Hoopes, vice-president: Don Holley. secretary-treasurer: and Charlie Hallmark and Gene Hutchison, serqeants-at-arms. Lett ta rrgnt, Coach Earl Giesclce, adviser, Jim Hampton, sergeant- at-armsf Ray Hoapes, vice president, Don Gunnell, president, Don Holley, socrctaryrtruasurerf Gene Hutchinson, sergeant-at-arms. ffwl1nl5lt'1:l '11 3 .14 First lnw, lvlt to riglwt: Don Bvull, ,lun Hfllnpton, Dunno Hnlluln, Don Brown, Burton Fu t Coll go O, as Bruzv Svronci row Bull Floyd, Gt-mid BUSCl7, Lloyd Bruzll, Bull Evans, Ralph Howcll, Jerry futon, Burk row, Don Munntnq H :fold Lunflucrt I li - B N N Lau mwn, Et-Idtt Wnlsolw, Jun Luuglmrun, lcd boom, August Grunow. The Glendale Union Hi-Y It doesn't necessarily follow that if you don't belong to the Hi-Y Club. you're one of the lesser lights in school. But it does seem to be true that ii you do belong. you're a pretty good young man. Want to check that assertion? lust look at the large picture up there. Hi-Y, a branch oi the YMCA, was founded to help perpetuate the ideals of Christianity in high school, and it has succeeded admirably. Headed by Mr. Ernest Zinser, the club is typical oi a good, clean American life. Glendale is proud of its Hi-Y Club. and the boys are proud of themselves. They may well be. Lf'-ft to right: Harold Lundlxvrg, president, itltllt Brown 1 t tr 01 Brown, lIC'f1SUI'l?f'lNAI' Ernr-st Zunsor cxclvxwr Co l , . , . , , , . 11: vnctprmsnu t Nl l Pint sl The GUHS Y-Teens The Y-Teens, a branch ot the YWCA, is sponsored by Miss Muriel Dawson. Although membership in this club is smaller than that ot any other club at GUHS, it is one ol the most active clubs in this school. Members ot the club have successfully staqed such activi- ties as a baked food and candy sale. Representatives were sent to the lnter-Club Council meet- ina at Rose Mary Lodqe at South Mountain Park, and to the YWCA meetinqs in Phoenix. Representatives from GUHS Y- Teens also attended the tall conference at Wickenburq, and Iaclcie Fine represented the club at the annual Christmas candle liahtina services broadcast over KOY. o ont row, lr-lt to right, Arletn Brinkley, Doris Portenier, Jackie line. Rear, Helen Everett, Violet Dartt, Marleta Brinkley. Bottom Ott rr, Mriilclri Brinkley, Chaplain, Doris Portenier, President, Miss Muriel Dawson, Sponsor, Jackie Fene, Vice-President. Proiectionists 'llios-H are the GUHS projoctionists. Led by Mr. Potter, Glendale tliqh's Visual Aids director, these students are in charqe ot all educational school movies shown throuqhout the year, Fach proiectionist is a licensed operator and knows all the details concornina the operation ot the ma- Chino, Riaht to left, tirst row, Betty Doerr, Marian Walldoclq, Ioye Towne, Nancy liuclcer. Svcfond row, Walter Svlimolfior, Wesley Atlcin, Bill Tres- slor, David Bowers, Wayne Snyder Back row, Eddie Brown, Larry Ram- sey, lim Sclinicdor, loe Whitney, Mr. Pottcr. "-- ' ,. .-.sux uv W 4f'vlxvl! yilxwltwal -5 st lu-.Y :ow It-lt Yo vnglvl An Bl if lg , 1 ri ulmvy, lunlcc Burlxloy, Murwlyn Ziegler, Plwyllus Lowe, Cathy Bannon, Rullw Cllbertson, Camp-I Petr-awww. Second vow. Norma Burnett, Joan Sutter, Arlene Craig, loo Lumix, Jolnyzw Conwzy, Ruth Cooke-, Amin-tw Stull Tlwrd row, George Bffdlion, Bolo Barker, Yof- Gorke, Bob Glover, Jnfk Hook, The Red Masque Club Ever had the urge to quote Shak ' espeare, don grease paint, or reveal your more dramatic sell? Then Glendale High's group of drama enthusiasts, the Red Masque Club, is iust the thing! No dramatic ability is requir- ed to ioin the club, as its pur- pose is not only to further any acting ability the student m GY possess, but also to arouse the student's interest in dramatics. Sponsored by Mrs Hoo . ps, G1enda1e's dramatics teacher, the club members ticipate in school productio ns, but are also active behind-the- scene workers. not only par- The group was sponsored by Mrs. Seely the first semester. lcft 10 rlgllln Mrs. Btxllmru Smrliy, lwrsl sv.-rm-sh-I uclwsvr, Lou lulnli vice-president, Zoe Gecko, treasurer, Jurolnu lunclln-rg, prosntlont. Mrs Hoops was se-Co d- H - ' n scrmstu adviser. The Girls' League The Girls' League, which is composed of all the girls in school, sponsored several school activities this year, including the annual Every Girls' Banquet, Co-ed Weelc, the Sweetheart Dance, and many charitable events. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Harriette lines, this organization meets twice a month with prof grams that are both educational and entertainf ing to the girls. The officers for the past year were Donna Miller, president, Eva Nell Cooper, vice-presif denty Barbara Okabayashi, secretary-treasurer, and Tommie Alexander, recording secretary. The officers above are, left to right, Mrs, lmes, adviser, Eva Nell Cooper, Barbara Qlcabayashi, Tommie Alexander. Not shown is president Donna Miller. The court cil is composed of, front row, Mary Sue Hughes, Marilyn Babe, Tom' rnie Alexander, loanne Cuddihy, lo Kaufmann. Second row, Linda Gillum, Helen Tang, Lynn Take- suye, Carolyn Beck, Barbara Qlca- boyashi, Mary Kobashi. Third row, Eva Nell Cooper, Buth Cooke, Nancy Mothershead, ludy Mitchell, Ernestine Thompson. Back row, Mary Wiggins, Martha Wiggins. tffvlvll llli- tt-:Il The Boys' Federation Tho GUNS Boys' Federation is exactly what the name states a federation of boys, comprising all the boys in Glendale High. Sponsored by Mr. McAllister, the Federation meets every two , weeks, and presents programs of interest to high school boys. lt also 5 'Q promotes various activities V throughout the year, and early this year was co-sponsor, with the Girls' League, of the Student Mixer. wus' ' This year's officers are: limmy Laughrun, president, Torn To- mooka, vice-president, Don Man- ning, secretary, and Bob Warren, , ,ji A. treasurer. Q Left 'o ritilit, front, Tr rn 'l'tnnookti, vim' r-i.-szderzt l on Giirinttll ttwirrul, Bala Vtftllltxll, trwtirztiivr llstir, Mr. Mt'Alltstf'r, advise-if lim l,trri'iliri1n, rrwridvirtp llori Holley, critinvilq l'aiil Swartz, coririwrl, lilltj The Glendale GAA The Girls' Athletic Association is a sportsrnonship oraanization tor qirls. Under the sponsorship of Glendales Coaches Martin and Fredell these girls work to earn points toward athletic lettnrs. Points are ohtained hy narticipation in tearn qarnes, individual sports, physi- cal education, scholarship, grades, and sportsmanship. The GAA, a l4fyear-old tradition at GUHS, sponsors various attivities throrrqhorrt the school year, and holds picnics and other such social events. A-I ll' 'll fSchill Plrotost S- s..--, x Y- . ,- -. QXSLT' .Q Ali'- ,' I A ew' -6 Offrfers Coach Clyzlrr Martin, Coach Ernestrne Fredell, sponsors. lelt to right, Helrn Tang serretary- Joanne Beaver, president, Linda Crllrrnr, historian, Suzanne Hyllestrd, recorder, Lynn Talcesuye, vice- plesitlvnt. Marilyn McDonald, trrosurer, ls not pictured. ll' Upper Clcxssmen l'ront row, lntt to rralrt, Mary llarrrsnrr, May Tana, lhrrrrrvr Krser, Mary Retry, Linda Grllrrrn, Glenda Howland, Norrna Ylreward, Gloria Mabry, Helen Tana, Marilyn Mrltnrrrrld. Sevorrd row, lrone llorrrarrdez, Lynn 'l'-rl-cnsrrye, la Kaul rrran, lerwnr- Marr-rle, Glenna Hrrrssvll, Grnqer Lee, lfva Nell Cooper, ljvr-lyn llernzrq. Third row, Suzanne llyllwstud, Carolyn Northvrosra, llorotlry Sclrnroknr, llorothy Mr'Grnnr::, Rovrrna Patterson. l'arrrlh row, Patsy l'rrer'lrnarr, Nnrrnrr Steward, Karen Beck, Ioannr- Bvrrvr-r', Akrko Trrkvsrryv, Pvaqy Srlrrrn-Her, Meta lo McAllister. r Frosh and Sophs l Front row, Mtrry Sue Hrrqlres, Margaret Abernathy, Gay Nell Srsco, loan Lo- vett, Gertrrrrlr- Valt-nzrrela, Mayen Tanq, Ianrco Grrttrth, Patty Aslnnhrrrst, Ruth Shepherd, Maraarvt Lopez, Lydia Soto, Vrrqrnra lllloa, Molly Lindsay. Second row, Kay Artlrnr, Faye Arthur, Sarnrny Shelton, Carol Ri-atrn, Pat Wheat, Nancy Cooke, Yrrye Mortar, Larene Horn zrq, Quarn Prchnarcrk, Alice Martinez, Cora Lou lson, Barbara Walker, Ruth Cooke, Cl-nr Ann Cordes, Bonnie Gil- lirrn. Third row, leannre Hernandez, Adeline Soto, Rosie Cuevas, Bertha Ybarra, Inez Aro, Ann Sclrurter, Ioye Towne, Arvrlla Glaspre-, Viola Rrrddell, Carol Dunkel, Lucy Ara, Betty Harkey, Elaine Kezes, Fourth row, Donnie Tay' lor, loan Newby, Anna Bagwell, Sharon Sullivan, Betty Iackson, Lula Lonq, Pauline Mallory, tjrrrolyn Beck, Ioannm- Crrddrhy, Mary Kahaslrr, Barbara Oka- bayaslrr, Gladys Konly, Pat Fowler, Allene Olson, Pat Reagan. law , Il L' , ,3.'Y'5" W.. iv- ' 'Y 2,6 k .,E:!j may x - M . ---X, i t, 1. 'A if li, f : ,, 1. , kc xx .K 'V x - its 2 ,5 , . r . ywwvd 4 ittt l, l , 1 M, .l 1 lit., Il ll' ll I , .....- . 1 ' 1' If n' ' an i rl i I li , 'a A .xxx- " '.' t f r n,,1,!:.rL.,,l li,-,yr ll ,,l mi Mm, ll imma. 'www nm:-W, Hum! ,rt,,.f, The Band and Drum Majors Whether our football, basket- ball, and baseball teams have a winning or a losing season. we at Glendale always have one boast-the GUHS band is the best in the state. And Glen- dale is equally proud of its drum maiors. The GUHS band is an active unit of the school, playing at all football games. and march- ing in parades: and several band trips are planned each year. will I'11::l row, 11-tt to r1ql1t, G14-111i11 M1'CTl11ll1111, So.. 11111 Her1'1ott, Kintliltl LMI- tn-I1, K11tt11'y11 S11v.11n1., N1-1111 Tuylm, St111l1-y 'l'l111111pso11, M111q111'0t Ak111, E1lv1'11 Akm. Sm' und row, M11111111 Owou, MvIv11 111 W1-uci, Max T11-111111t, Mark KNH111111, 'Fm-11'y Hyllrttmi, IW1111111- B1'1111::u11, 131111 R1'1i1111111, Itluk 511111111-y, H1-1. B1'onks,AIv1u Y-111151. rilillili row, A1111.1tt1' V11 I1111z1111l11, R11::11l1v iitl-llv, C1111 Cotiolt, G111y his Cfluxff, l111'k Hook, H1111111v Suit, Bob l3111k1-1, l1111111y H1v111'1l11111, U1111 M1111:suku, N111 K1'1111::s, 141111111-th Wllltv, Mr. Al l'11v1::, sp1111s1wr, Mixed Chorus i'11::t row, lvlt to 1111l11, l.11111l1, ljvlsztxv, tl11r1'1s-, Ii111'klvy, I1111't111r111v, i?11k111', Hlvks, N11'kv1s1111, Rube, R1-dd111, II1111lv, Meyer, Wood, S1-1'1111d row, loft to 1'111t1t, LT111111, !i111k11vy, Gvoxqv, l'1oItv1, Aukvn, Hottoltlxmox, l.1111Ci in-111, StlYSit'li, 15v1111e-1, Kvlrmdlv, I.oo11111'1i, Wus- lvy, VVl111v. Tl1u11i 11ww, I1-11 to 1'111t11, H-11'1'1s, C2111-kv, Wl1vl1111, Crum, Gllluvrt, Tl1u111pso11, V1111 ci11v1'1', Pwpmtt, Mvci11111, K1111t!1111111. i'11111'tl1 row, lvl! to 11qI1t, i'm1111, ttvut- ln-y,Sl1111,ll1wl.1tlv, Hook, H1-1il1o11, li111'11::, LY11ls1111. i'111nkl111, M1-1:11-1', M1 G111ci11vr. P11111 row, lot! to 1'1qt1t, 'l'l11111111:,o11, I11t111- ::1v11, R11::t01111u1111t, Siu vvu, C111'1i111-1', H1-11'y, M11111111 11111, Hurt, I111k11, N111 1111'- 111111611 'l'111'kv1' 11111i Hed- ilvld, 1 3 Z S Band Letrermen Left to right, Dick Spinney. president: Ianet Bailey, secre- tary- treasurer: Doug Iohnson. vice-president: officers of the Band Lettermen. Chorus Letter- men officers are. left to right, George Bedlion. librarian: Alvie Yates. p.g.: Donna Miller, ass't librarian: Rosalie Engle. accom- Ycxtes, p.q.: Donna Miller, ass't secretary: Doug Iohnson. presi- dent: Mr. Art Gardner, sponsor. Not shown - lack Holt. secre- tary: Walter Hart. vice-presi- dent. Chorus Lettermen Officers .sgv - - :anti ' N., ' i SN uuuicuuus- THE CHORUS GROUPS ...,.. -1-"1 -wt-'f""" ll ll"lllll' t?"1"'1l ll' l. , t o ""' h ,xr - r,,,,,,QtNusxWg ll'lll ll' 'Y' ,LK-... - ., 1 ' Chorus Lettermen Front row, lcxlt to rtltlwt, Cc-ltcryuc-yo Hclrrts, VVynonc1 Mclloltctlnl, llnm Klxul ntonn, Morgorvt H1-llc-lftmn-r, Mum-l Rtclvrnts, Bonnto Alun, lunvt Rttlw, Avts Nnclcorson, Rosulte Fncqlc-, Mc-lyo Wcvcfcl, Bonnm Yotvs. Second row, Brrtty Bm lctt, VVnlnm Clmorlton, Bc-tty Blulxo, Frcxn cos G1-otgc Cclrol Rc-cittvlrl, Jucolm Lunclluurg, Noncy Conroy, lunot Snyclvv, Nuncy Stoclcltcnn, Jonvt fstvs, Nuncy Lsonurrl. llttrcl row, Junucv Burklc-y, Zom- Goclnc-, Nuclwcln Vwttclnn, Bvtty Boll, lvlcmlwl Jucolys, Bcxrlmru Slnntlt, Mllclrml Bonn:-t, Vols-nttno Mvcltnn, Ncxtlxllr' Pop oft, Mlny Wtttto. Fourth row, Mr. Gorrlnc-r, Gr-org? Bc-cllton, Doug John son, Wcxltctr Curlson, Murgtc- My:-us, Donnu Mtllcfr, Mcxry Pvnllly, Mcmrtlm Gocllwelwrc, Mllclrecl Kuulflncln, Dorls Kornocllc-, Btll Krcxuss, Gcrolcl Burns. Advanced Chorus Ftrst row, left to rtgltt, Muvns Fullcs, loss Essury, Muruel Rtcllurt, Jcwssm Rcwo, Joyzcf Lrnnpo, Jcxccquvl Wmxclo, Bonnlc Yotes, Nclncy Stoclxltrxtn, Junvt Estes, Burlucxm Corntczl, Sr-cond vow, Ann Mcxrtnn, Elrnnv Be-tor, jcmn Forstc-V, Nm' clnnc Fowlvr, Molxol Jucolvs, Bnrlunru Snntlt, Beverly Hop, lolnnne Casey, Betty Blokv, Morto Dc-uol, Carolyn Down-s, Louro Gonzolc-s, Tlnrcl row, Mr. Art Gmrclner, Nutr: Rcwnlw, VVynonu McDOnr1ltl, Jcfclnrwsv Kuuflnlmnn, Mury Wltlte, Morjorne Dorlvy, Aurol Howloncl, Betty Holmrm, Bonnw Ellocl, Betty Boll, Rosc' Morto Ftslwr, lttlllcn Roclgors, Var gtnto Trcgubolf, Slmm Morttnc-1, Cm nwon Colyrcto Freshman Chorus Fnrst row, Ivtt to rtgglttz Murlnrnc Sch- lugf-l, Burlmrcn Swlwnolt-r, Mfmriunno Mttclwl, Bc-tty Alclrtclrln, Ps-nny Hortlvy, Dollle Btcllngor, Beverly Ellc-nberger, Vtrggnno Pucker, Lourc-l Purkc-r, Mnrlys Dooluttlf-, Moe Mmtsusulct, Sltoron Snntlw, Second row, left to rtgltt Anttu VVltC'li'll1, Kcxtlty Foster, Kcxtlty Bctrnvs, Jo Ann Hurrts, Wcxvtclru Brown, Louise Roberson, Jocmn Suttvr, Jolctynr' Conwcly, Gull Col- bert, lc-nny Srnttlw, Slnxron Byrns, Rutlt Ctllwrtson. llmrrl row, loft to rtglwtg Ross Mory Cormmr, Aurlrvy Stull, Juno Polutnson, Morgcmret Malls, Ltlltc- Mullc-r, Vtlunclrx Owe-ns, Altcr' Brttton, Murjorw Young, Dorlo Nolvlv, Junnco Lounlmclt, lNlorn1u Burnc-tt, Vulnm Mlx, Mr. Gurcl' nor, Instructor, C5953 IO 1 1 fllltll' lit-llvl-I', Dlllis Klloliie, lNlt1lQ1L? Ilvttl-ltilllllw, illllll Marie Cook, Mt i Il I-Illlwl-, Nrlilk' i-ilot-kit, Olene Front row, Frances Nosh, Wyrlono Moo Donoid, Francis Georqo, Doral Lonq, lvlorqclret Abernathy. Second row, Carol Redfield, Bertha Yhorrcl, Mary White, Dorothy Trequbott. Back row, Margaret Pinedo, EiH1G Kaufmann. Mavis Flliks. tShclw P ll Library Ancl Office Workers lust IOW, Illlllwlhy Sl'liIllUllUI, Llllniyn Nlultllvllwss, Phyllis lmwc, Mallottl Hrillklvy, Imis Hvnsllly, Mrs. Nanvy illwl-pl-l, lllflll Long, Sllsiv l.ePolv. qt-multi IUVV, iliftllllwi BOOIY, Max llrlllcllt, Alllltltl llktltxl, Hay Stittlvl, -ith kfllltol, llil'UIk10 iivdiion. Thlrri W, lilve, Mllly Clxlllitt, lVlnlIY tllk, Mrs. Mt'itl1Iti, Maltlla VVil1tllt'1S, 'IIVVLI lilhlllii-3, Mary Wiqqins. Y Y son, ILNIIHIU lillllliox, Lllitl Belle luylol, l0L1Il Gully, llllllll Gcnralsls, tltlvy iitwvii r , U75 0-K uae - Usherettes The Usherettes, a service organiza- tion, was formed under the direction of Mrs. Imes two years ago. They usher at all home football games, plays, fashion shows, etc., during the school year. They receive no pay ior their services. The only reward they get is the satisfaction that they are serving GUHS unselfishly. Officers are shown in the picture at the left. They are, left to right, Mavis Fulks, treasurer: Margaret Abernathy, secretary: Francis Nash, vice-president: Dora Long, president: Mrs. Imes, spon- sor. 1 livliill 1-lu-lost h,M.. A , if ' ' ' ..T, Lett to right, first row, Eddie Wilson, Eldred Terry, Lee Anderson, David Bowers, Don Beoll, lorry Slmw, Ricncucl Berry, Don Brown, Jerry Baldwin, Wayne Stump, Jack Holt. Second row, Pot Voder, Barbara Molidor, Carolyn Weaver, Joanne Berrvf-r, Crtrolyn Nortluross, Evo Movie Steward, Dorothy McGinnis. The Photography Club Left to right, ollicers, Boiburo Molidor, secretory, scribe, Don Beall, president, Mr. Morton Boss, adviser, Dorothy McGinnis, vice-president, Cnrolyn Nortl1cross,treusurer. These are the GUHS camera- men-the people whom you see behind the big black Speed Graphic. These are the figures you observe standing atop buildings to get a certain slant, or hanging from trees to get a picture at "iust the right angle": who are often sighted with a fist full of prints clutched in hands still smelling of hypo. They give you the pages of pictures in your annual. and the action shots of basketball and football games in your Hi-Lights. Besides doing all this scurry- ing about for pictures, the club, under the direction of Mr. Mor- ton Boss, sponsors such events as a cake and candy sale, and this year a school-wide photo- graphy contest. Still sw, First row, left to right, Marilyn McDonald, Carolyn Northc oss, Dorothy Schmoker, Joanne Beaver, Barbara Molidar, Helen Everett, Tlielnia Avis, Joan Kleinsclnnidt. Second row, Margie Heffelfinger, Janet Kennedy, Marilyn Rain-, Nona laylar, Broalrsw Millsap, Lois Benslay, May Tang. llrircl row, Mark Coffman, Larry Sli' G1-irilcl Sanitary, Jerry Eaton, Bob Crouili. National Brains, personality. service. leadership - all th are combined in all members of Glendale High's National Honor Society, an organization devot- ents who wish ese qualities ed to those stud academic recognition. Sponsored by Mrs. Davies and Mr. V. M. Bice, the NHS boasts members who not only made top grades and are school leaders, but who also partici- pate in extr - ' ' ties. a curricular activi- New members are elected annually by the faculty and in order to b ' ' membership, must be included in the upper third of the class, scholastically. e eligible for club iw, Don Holley, Carroll McAllister, Honor Society af A t ull- r My af' ' Officers, left to right Mr VL , . -rnon Bice, sponsor, Jerry Eaton, lst sem. ren-treas., Dorothy Sclimolcer, lst sein. proj. rliair., Marilyn Rube, Qncl sein. pres., Lois Benslay, Qnd sein. liistorian, Joanne Beaver, lst sein. historian, Marilyn McDonald, Qnd sem. seg-fra-as., Janct Kennedy, Qnrl sem, proi. chair., Margaret Heffelfinger, lst sem. pres., Mrs, Marion Davies, sponsor. illt twirl flf lx ll lllwl, rl ll l ll The Pep Club Giving all its support to the athletic teams and the many other school activities, the Pep Club comprises the morale boosters of Glendale High. The forty-five girls who make up this crganization wear their uniforms to school one day each week. and attend all sport events. The Club, under the guidance of Miss Olga Markichevich, sponsors the annual Round-up Banquet and helps with the March of Dimes Drive every year. Each of these girls must main- tain a good scholastic standing and be willing to make any sacrifice for GUHS. Otiicers are, left to right, Ierene Maierle, treasurer: May Tang. vice-president: Miss Olga Markichevich, adviser: Donna Kiser, secretary: Carolyn North- cross, president. First row, lvl! to right, Row-nu Potterson, Evo Nell Cooper, Glenchn Rowland, Joanne Beuyer, Lrnvlfl Gil' lum, Donna: Kiser, Corolyn North cross, Glorru Muhry, Mory Remy, Helen Tong. Second row, Elcnno Kezes, Loro Vunoever, Donna Toy- lor, Morgue Heffellingcr, May Tong, Irene Hernandez, Borborfu Moliclor, Normo Shewrrrd, Evelyn Helnziry. Third row, Suzanne Hyllestc-cl, Normo Lindley, Burboro Olcnlnuy oshi, Gladys Kenley, Violet Rucldt-Il, Arvillo Glosple, Helen Everett, Ernz-s time Thompson, Judy Owens. Fourth row, Mory Kolmshr, Ann Schurter, Dixia Sowers, Olcne Olson, Jerent- Moierle, Carolyn Beck, Dorothy Sch' rnoker, Lulu Long, Pot Fowler, Betty lee Hnrlcey, Betty Jackson. Cheerleaders Clmeerleudors for 1950 51 were, left to right, Glenda Rowland, Lindo Gillum, Ioanne Beaver, and Donna Kiser. llblll The Marching Squad, a hard working bunch of girls under the direc- tion of Mrs. Martin, do their share to add to the school's extra curricular activities. Drilling during the third hour, the March- ing Squad and band pratctice for the half- time performances they present at the football games. 'lhe Marching Squad has also marched in parades when the GUI-lS band is repre- sented. --l-- ll' xi ,, S.. Q . l Q Q First row, left t oright, Charlene Jurcker, Glenna Russell, Shirley Anderson, Violet Dnrtt, Inez Arn, Vivian Williams. Second row, Jennie Hernandez, Ginger Lee, Joan Sutter, Ella McNeil, ,lean Stencil, Shirley Covington, Vallie Leeftink. Third row, Mary Martinez, Lune Ortiz, Virginia Smith. Marching Squad And Letter Girls lil ,-....... --.-.uv i i 5 .W t . ww Qwest t si 3.1. .. , First row, loft to right, Joanne Beaver, Marilyn McDonald, Lynn Takesuyv. Second row, Dorothy Schmoker, Akiko Tcikesuye, Helen Tang. Schull photos llUll The Letter Girls, limited in membership by the abil- ity of a girl to make good in sports, is one of the fore- most girls' clubs at GUHS. Wlien a girl has earned her required number of points she automatically becomes a member of the Letter Girls. Out of the hundreds of GAA mem- bers few make the grade of attaining membership into the Letter Girls. Officers for this year in- cluded, Alciko Takesuye, president, Lynn Takesuye, vice-presidentp Marilyn McDonald, secretary: Carolyn Northcross, treas- urerp and Dorothy Schmo- ker, sergeant-at-arms. ATHLETE OF THE YEAR fSwh1lI pI1r'v1OJ fx :, ,. -1317 1 M ab 2: 5 ., . ,S-J ,M N 'W' Don Holley S-I1-U-H-I-S F-0-C-T-B-A-L-L 7-. ..- We First row, It-fr lo rilibl, Tod Boom, Don Munning, lon Nickerson, Fvrry Ycnnunioto, Don Conner Mgr., Clicirloy Hull- Y niurll, Juni Ruuscblxolb, Don Holley, Bill Floyd, Terry Lunl. Second row, Juni Humplon, Miko Tolrnluboll, Tornniy Ru.nirv7, Rulpb Howell, Bill Nelson, Lester Binkley, Dove Tolmcicbolf, Roy Acedo, Don Gunni-ll, George Miloknwu, Bobby Alcorn, Bull EVUIIS, lvllnx Green. Third row, Conch Bill Peterson, Mils Tonitu, Hanson Sincmovicli, Suri Jacobs, Gerald Buncb, Ci-ruld Honori, Buddy Flo, Don Bt-oll, Dunne Hclluln, Lloyd Brazil, Bernie Hill, Elmer Dunrrin ilvlgrp, Assiflcint Couch Howurrl Vllynn. The 1950 Season By Ierry Eaton 'l'bv N110 Cliivliiilil lwsliwill sqiilill slliiloll ilisl drill lbon l--vi-lvll ull Wbilv vviiiifiliiill li llniwwori, six-lost, oiwlio IUL'llIll. K-Llkll'll llolvisoiils sinllllwinll ilwiillioiii Molliodisl lypv lille-iisivv :zqiilill lwnqlil bliill li-minsl lirwivioi lines ond lCISl0I' liflzli-'I-ls lnill llvspilv lbv llivl lblil lbvy wound up sovenlb in lbw ll-iill-lnii lilL1SS A lvlilliiw, GllllS wus proud ol lbw bqbl lbl-y all-iiiwiisliulvli. lliqlili-ibl ul lbw N50 sl-llswn was lbw lNLlIL'll5 lirsl out-ol lull- ll1plwl'c1l1lu1ii1l1 wbwzo lbvy plliyvli llwilveil Hoovm' lliqb 'wlimwl lil than lb' no and lust RUG. 'lbw lllxy tiller lbcil Qlinio, lbv Ciiiiliiilils llviiiiiwvvll lv Los .fliidvll-s rind walvbed Soiilliein Ccililwxiiili lu-lil Oimql-ii, SUN, in limo l. A. vwllisoiini. Gil-nlllilv liiiuiiml its svlislln ly cwiniiilz lmin bobind in lbo linnil lwu ininiilvs ln stop Pics-it-ll .il Pri-svoll, l9-7. Trailing I6 wilb niinnl-is iviiiliiiiiim, lbw Gillis if-voverod u Blidqvr linnlwlo on lbw Pivsvwll 18. llulllilivk llun Monninq fired CI pass lo sliivliuiiioil- sviisulioii 'llvin liliiiiii'-H' lin lbo Builder ono and l1lllil'll'IllllR'lC Diilinw llolllini lnivkvll wvvi lor lbo Storee. Seconds lliloi' Mlnniiiilz iiilvivviilvll li Bliillwi Ulm'-spviolion pass on lbw l'il-svwll 213 onli suliml lmtiiii lv vlinvli lbw qmnu, ln lbo noxl qliinn iiluyvll lil Glviilllilv, Sl, lVli1ry's suwiml in lbw bisl pvxiwll linll lblil was il tis Gloiilllilo lost lo lllll slrwnlq l'lim-nix rliib, ii U. i.inw play ini lill'IillLIl0 was leirilic' mill lloiiilm Ai-v, :as-llislrlll svuwrili slibilu lilislnlv llliliid ul lbo on-l llllll, lflbiiw yiliwlul i Sports Editor Ierry Eaton and broadcaster lock Mitchell survey the gridiron scene. of lbw sciosori, G4-wi-iv Milfilcowo, wind Don Giinril-ll worn louryb on dolenso, Glendale lllfllltlll Aniplii lil liifslfii, 20-G as lilllw licillbuvk Bnddy Elo ron wild. lilo wus vlicwswri lbw Cfciids' cziilsllmdiriq plnyor of lbe yo-ir for bis blisllb, bold iiinninlq on rillvnsivo, rind rionion lik: lillbl on dol-insw. lliviillilllllfl lin nvxl plrqwl Ri Q 0 0 I U . ,, , ,K g Q 3,11 ,A I-Q ' ., 1, 4, .Q ' . -X 4- . .' P . 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And A Team Plays Well The Season Record lContinuedl 1'4 l11l111ll 11 11lv111l.1l1' 11'1 lllkx 1'1111ls' l11::1 Vllll 11l lll1' ::1'11:,1'11 1.l11111l11l1' l1'::1 N.11l1 l'l1111'111X, 33117 ll1111v1'1 llI41l1, .llllwg 111'1l Vl1'::1 lli11l: l.4 l 9- 1.111 11' 'l'111'::1'11 11-113g lwuwwl 11' lX'l1'::11 ll11 1111l l ll i1'1.'1" '1' :11111 li-111. 'l'l11' K'1111l:: 11l11y1'1l . Il11'11' l1-'111 11111111' 11 1l11- y1'111 111- 9.1-y ln l1l 1111 l1'11'111111l lNl11::11 111 1 111111'11111 1'1111l-1111 11- 1111 ll-T1 :ln ' xy- 1 1 fl 11111-11::1v" lv1ll 1-'1 LIl1'111l11l- 111: ,Q LT 1 l'3'11l1lv l'1v xllll lltxllt' X ll1111'l1111::1 ll xx' --'vl 1 1':: .'1: 711 ll , I1 ll. 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' :-1 1F11-111 111x111 111 1l11' 11111 111' 'la v ' lub:-111111 l1'.,11y l"1 l'1:1 U1311111' 111- 111' l.l111 l'111'l11, '-I11 1:1-'1 :'.1:. l1"1 .lhi I1:11' 1?!1!"ll'1l l1.l1'::.1':: fl1111 li 1.-.' 11, ll11.111' ll1-.l111:1 llfl li 1l'1 E'-'11, ll .1 lllll l,111111l1'1111 1'-'11111l lllll 11.- ,l.- l,..1.l 1:1 :sw l 1-'rel :11 11:1 111111111.11'1l 11- 1-lu' " ll l' 1111111111 llllul l 11 N1- lu 1. Il, 11' 11- I11 :az 1, 11111--1l 1l1- l11' 1ll"111l11l1' 11111'. 111 1111' 11lx' 15.1.11' 1 wvi11l11 11111 1111l11, 1 I'l1l1 ilp- lE1f1L1','1111111y. lllllvl Coach Mr. John VVhatley JAYVEES Record -3 W, 6 " za. -Q-3 + t A L, . L i A 1 L 'f eff rl ' 1 t A QB ...1 IAYVEES Coach Lundberg 6fMAN Coach Brown Jayvees, Frosh And 6-Man Ball First row: Fred Tregubofl, Bill Ledbetter, Cliff Burclclii, Myron Beck, Jim Schneider, Tom Kim- ball, Bob son, Ronald Hancock, Second Crouch, Ronnie Erick- row: Alex Tolniachoff, Mark Cal- houn, Harold Barker, Bob Kawn, Jaclc Friedman, Rod Dorsett, Joc Anduaga, Bob Nelfon, Melvin Anderson, Richard Cornelison. Third row. Richard Aguilar, Roe bert Taylor, Jaclc Noble, George Cisneroz, Joe fxntonidcs, Jim Caughlin, Gerald Bunch. SIX-MAN First row: Marshal Vainer, Morris Tolrnacholl, Toni Manfielcl, GL-no Ramsey, Keith Carter. Second row. Roy Penisr-11, Ralph Neal, Spencer Shurnway, Elgin Salcata. Third row. Foul Swurtz, Mark Conner, Benny Tedona, Eddie Hashimoto. Roar, Coach Tiny Lundberg, Coach Don Brown. Q-fi'li' F , A ....w....?- - i W - 3 " - -l ' FRESHMEN M 5 : First row. Bill Bledsoe, Joi? Smith, Jim Hancock, Jim Brown, Ernest Rannrel, Joe Banta, Devere Bar- Ler. Second row: Parker Soroul, lr-roy Schultz, Victor Loirez, Gary Nolte, Eddie Frieilnion, Jini Young. Third row: Max Living- ston, Ronnie Nitchells, Johnnie Davis, Eddie Rolzinfoii, Jim Tay- lor. Fourth row: Fldon Skousen, Curtis Black, Rrcharzl Sinatra, ii Richard Watanabe, Gabriel Gonzales, Coach Flange, Gilbert Bcllilenrigro. Conch-Mr. Pat Hange FRESHMEN K.. ReCordY6VVl, 3 L Ross Anderson Woody Clark Terry Gyqer Duane Hellam Bemie Hill G, unit '1 Don Hgllgy Ray Hoopes Bill Roberts Gerald Sandarq Bob Warren fCapt.l IQ w pliotmzl BASKETBALL As tar as 1951 was concern- ed, Glendale High School didn't have a winning basket- ball season. The iunior-studd- ed lineup of Cards won three and lost 17. The inexperienced Birds, coached ably by Coach Gieseke. were too slow and too short. But, using the zone defense in their last game against Tucson, the Cards looked like champions. In 1952 Glendale won't finish in the Class A basement. They will be high in the Class A first division. The 1952 Cards will have worlds ot experience with which to revenge losses suffered in 1951. The Cards lost their tirst three games and then out- Howl ke, Whamtley, Wynn scored Yuma, 59-50. Glendale then slapped down Peoria, lost two, and then whacked Amphi, 59-48. That was it. The Cards lost twelve games in a row and finished the season by bowing to Tucson, 54-46. Woody Clark, a iunior tor- ward, compiled a 13-point per game average for the Cards and laid a claim to all-time Glendale scoring records by cramming the nets for 29 points against Mesa. Bob War- ren racked up a 712 free throw average and Ross An- derson, 6'3" Ray Hoopes, Don Holley, Terry Gyger, and Gerald Sandarg all played good basketball. Prospects look good for next year. You're Off The Ground Half The Time In This FAST EXCITING, GAME . Slrulnmg muscles cmd ligglllning relloxcve curry pluyors high info the mir lor rf-lvounfl clml Gupoll. rl nrrmmlnlv on thc floor os Clrxrk grabs The bull. Bnllei-like rxcllon under The l'0sl-ev. Show lShnw photosl Varsity Team COACHED BY MR. EARL GIESEKE From row, left lo right: Vlloodv Clurlx, Don llolley, Terry Gygcr, Bolv VVc1rren cuptuirv, Chorley Hdllmurlm drojprd, Rom' row, If-fr To rlghl, Gerald Smndcnrg, Dunno Hvllum, Qoss Anderson, Bill Roberts, Bornlc Hull, und Conch Gieselkc, Not shown nm Bill Floyd, who played with the vcxrmty lme in thc season, ond Ernie- Moyu, l .layvees Improvement was the keynote as Coach Wynn's IV Chicks finished the 1950-51 hoop campaign with a 5-15 record, The team started out with little exper- ience. but developed a tight defense and a sometimes potent oi- iense. Bill Floyd was the scoring leader. followed by Ken Ash- inhurst, and Iim Bauschkolb was the floor leader. t N0 SMUKING lvst Iwo, lt-lt to right, K4-ii Asliinliurst, Bill Evans, Dnnny Harmon, Tony Cliavfzz, Jim Rnmsclilialla, Fitffl It-gulmfi, lommy Ramire7. Back "ow Coach Howard Wyriii, Davv lolmaclioff, Don Mm-iisvlinliclx, lcldle l'wwii, Jim Sclmczirler, Craig Alldvrsmi, Bill floyd, Gerald Buiicli, .layvees And Freshman Hoop Teams luis! row, left to riglil, Bun latluno, Smoky Bcall, Paul Swartz hsinunclo Currizoza, Eddie Husliimolo, Don llt'IlI1t'il', .lim ltlylor, Manuel Clmvcr. Rn-ur, Coocli John Wlicitlery, Danny Vizcaya, Dan Reguludo, Don Haz- zard, Kl'll Bmlu-r, Bill Wkmllacv, Amullo Cuevas, Jim Hancock, Gary Nolte. ING I-an qiusip Freshmen Coach Whatley's 1950-51 freshman basketball te a m racked up a splendid 18-4 record and play- ed like the cham- pions they were the entire season. Sparked by Gary Nolte, Ken Barber, and Esmundo Carriz- zoza - sharpshoot- ers - the frosh com- bined height and know - how in giving promise of champion- ship teams to come in the future. Shaw plmolos u lA,,,fY H ,ef ' ' sy , , M- Q, xg. ' 54,3213 VMZSITY Kneeling, left 10 right, Boll Warren, Rex Brewslcr, Torn TJI7IODlKG, John Boyd, Torn Erblanrl, Fay Sorenson, Ronald Escue, Jun Fowler, Leonard Brewster, Sianding, Covclw Bob Crouch, Gcrold Sanclarg, Floss Anderson, Carl Slmoaks, Ronulcl Jenson, Roy Hoopcs, Don Hollcy, Roger Ross, Lloyd Brazil, Don Nanmng, Eldrcd Terry, nmnager. The National Pasfime The .Iayvees 411-ff' Furs! row, lvl? To right, Charles Hvutlw, Eclcluv Haslwirnolo, Ray Duncan, Harold Bcall, Paul Swartz, Gm-orgv Onodero, Victor Lopez, Be-n Auron, Wrlyne Jen- sr-n, Evnunrlo Currnzoza, Jerry Mclnllmon, Sf-cond row, Coach Vernon Blu-, Jnnmw Taylor, Mar- collmo Cashllo, Jnnx Hancock, Don Bonnvlt, Bwll Wcxllr1Ce, Eddie f Rolnnnson, Ronald Lyson, Lee Andvrson, lcldu- Brown, Craig Andi-rsun, Eldon Casfloberry. .-- A,-, gpfl... rf, X , 'Nu - , "X, or ,IQ U10 Tom Tomooko Don Holley Ov'- C-P new we Ray Sorenson :- ...,, . . . Q tShaw Photosl Shots Around The Practice Field Shaw Photos Terry Gyfwr hits the dirt as Iohn Boyd tags limi Coach Crouch shows Ray how to hit a long one. Varsity Season After two years of rebuilding, the Glendale Cards, coached by Mr. Bob Crouch, showed signs of becoming one of the toughest Class A baseball nines in Arizona. With Ray Sorenson doing most of the pitching and Tom Tomooka and Don Holley the hitting, the Cards moved into fourth position in Class A play as the annual went to press. Sorenson blanked North High, 10-O, and Phoenix Tech, 5-O, to become one of the best pitchers in Glendale history. The Cards possessed plenty of hitting power and had a nifty infield combination with Holley at first, Tomooka at second, Bob Warren at short- stop, and sophomore Rex Brewster at third. The Cards have been outclassed only once so far this season in Class A play, bowing to Tucson in the Old Pueblo, ll-1. When Tucson comes to Glendale the Cards should get revenge. Next year the Cardinals should be strong although Sorenson and Tomooka, juniors this year, will be ineligible in '52. Iayvee Season Developing a IV baseball club from freshmen, sophomores, and a few junior boys, Coach Vernon Bice molded his charges into a hustling, winning team. With nearly half the season played as the annual went to press, the IV Chicks had a respect- able .500 record playing against tough opponents. tSuh:ll Photosl J v VARSITY-Back row, left to right, Coach John Whalley, Jack Noble, Elmer Duncan, Dave Tolmacholl, Don Beall, Duane Hellam, Ken Barber, Charlie Hallmark, Bill Roberts, Jim Rauschkolb, Coach Earl Gieseke, Head Coach Howard Wynn. Middle row, Jon Nickerson, Joe Andrada, Jim Hampton, Arthur Leon, Jerry Eaton, Thurrn Harris, John Woods, Ed Barns, Phil Shores, Bombo Aro. Front row, Richard Aguilar, Ted Dinkley, Bernie Hill, Glendale Cinclermen JAYVEES-Front row, Coach Gieseke, Denny Harmon lmgrm, Dirl Dennis tmgrn, Ben Tadono, Morris Tolmacholl, Tom Mansfield, John Davis, lNendelI King imgr.v, Bob Kawa fmgrm, Coach Wynn. Second row, Bill Miller, Jack Hook, Jim Esperanza, Alexis Colaya, Tony Chavez, Dan Viscaya, Jim Carey, Richard Long, Thurman Harris, Rod Dorsetl, .lim Young, Jim Friedman. Third row, Coach Wliotley, David Woods, Jim Lake, Ken Shumway, Max Green, Arnollo Cuevas, Max Eggelston, Frank Thuma, Jim Schneider, Jennings Fish, Gerald White, Melacro Mercado, Ronald Hancock, Clarence Morgan, Melvin Anderson, Coach Palmer. . M.. Varsity Season A ririrlvri-it travk, a now roach, the Cards' lnst dual- Illfwijl virtliry in two years, the Valley Cliiiriipiorisliiii track rnvol, and Il hnstlina squad WOIQ tho liialiliqlilsx ol a hurry l9fJl track season, The 20-SU Clair was respon- sihle lor th i uiriclorirrti ol Glend-rle's track antl with lhv Glendale lhqh School and thi- Gleridalw NLNVS, the 20-SU Cluii srxrrrissowd thu Lil-ind ilu lrivitiztianal track nievt lll'IO lor the sovcznl rmnseviilivn year. Over ZUU travknivri lroni ill s howls itzixtiviiicrtml in the lrivitatioriixl, tfrircrlr Chief Wynn, tho niiw rtiridvr lioss, popiiml nit a Carhnal learn that hadn't Won a dual niezit in two yr-ars 'llre cards kno 'ke.l all Arniihi ol 'l'nvson and will iiralxilily add nrorv virftinis lxrlarv the season is OV'tI. Bill Raherts Cracked the Glendale hiah iurnp record, leaping 6'2l2", and lon Niv- kerson, pole vaulter, and Ken Barltor, lriishnian weiiiht nian, were outstanding iwrlorrrivrs on tho 'bl Cardinal track squad. Jayvee Season The l95l IV track squad qave promise ol providing the '52 varsity with an ahnnd- ance ol aood material. Coaches Whatley, Giesekn, and Palmer began a period ol rebuilding with this years IV learn and have done a comrnondahlo ioh. The IV's looked formidable in their meets and have several potential stars lor the lnluro. -ll2l ltfl I . al' ' 64, . ..- QLNUQ6 LARDINAU 'Ji Girls' Varsity Left to right, Suzanne Hyllested, Carolyn Northcross. Ioanne Beaver. Thelma Avis, Lynn Takesuye, and Helen Tang. Coach is Mrs. Martin. Boys' Varsity Left to right, Mr. Bill Sabcm, coach: Fred Dye, Pete Heitmeyer. Steve Carr. Gerald Hutchison and Mike Kossow. S R 8 'nh G, Rex.: xnhn, THE TENNIS TEAMS Girls' Jayvees Left to right. Donna Kiser. Ierene Maierle, Nancy Per- kinson. Gladys Kenly, Cora Lou Ison, Nancy Mothershead, Iudy Mit- chell. Helen Everett. and Lillian Ong. ll tsttrt-, t'tttt:tt:.1 Marilyn McDonald ond Suzomne Hyllested swept stote honors in the badminton matches ot Tempe, Suzorme worm o scholarship to ASC os o result ot her Wm. The girls ore shown couqrotulottrtq each other. GIRLS' PCDRTS Coaches Ernestine Fredell lleftl and Clyda Martin did a magnificent iob of keeping their charges enthusiastic about sports throughout the year. They also helped make Suzanne, right, one ot the best female athletes GUHS has ever had- she's girl athlete of the year. Suzanne Hyllested lSliaw Pliotosl Iunior Varsity Deck Tennis Team First row, Elaine Kezes, Ioanne Cuddihy, Carolyn Beck. Second row, Betty lackson, Bettylee Harlcey, Carol Dunkel, Pat Began. Badminton Team Front row, Elaine Kezes, Sarnrnie Shelton, Anna Baawell. Second row, Betty Harlcey, Betty lack- son, Suzanne Hyllested, Carolyn Northcross, Lynn Takesuye, Marilyn McDonald. And Badminton Team Deck Tennis Freshman Deck Tennis Team First row, Virginia Ulloa, Marqaret Abernathy, Carol Began, Barbara Vifallcer. Second row, Ruth Sheppard, Pat Ashinhurst, Sammy Shel- ton, Gay Nell Sisco, Clairann Cordes, Kathy Poston, lennie Hernandez. Varsity Deck Tennis Team Left to right, Dorothy Schrnolcer, Helen Tana, Carolyn North- cross, Suzanne Hyllested, Norma Lindley, Lynn Take- suye, lrene Hernandez. tShaw Photosl Basketball Senior Basketball Team tlnterclass Champsl First row, left to riqht, Dorothy Schrnoker, loanne Beaver, Suzanne l-lyllested. Second row, Peaqy Schaeffer, Akiko Takesuye, Carolyn Northcross. Freshman Basketball Team Front row, Pat 'vVheat, Stella Chavez, Clairann Cordes, Sani- niie Shelton, Margaret Lopez. Bear, lvlaraaret Abernathy, Gay Nell Sisco, Barbara Walker, Kathy Poston, Carol Began. 'Vi Varsity Basketball Team First row, loanne Beaver, Su- zanne l-lyllested, Lynn Take- Suye, Mary Beay. Second row, Dorothy Schmoker, Carolyn Northcross, Norma Lindley. Iayvee Basektball Team First row, Elaine Kezes, Betty lackson, Sharon Sullivan, Bettylee l-larkey. Second row, Carol Dunkel, Anna Bagwell, Pat Began. Champions And Teams Cuddihy, Pat Began, Pat Fowler, rSlmw Photosl Iayvee Volleyball Team First row, Lulu Lonq, Elaine Kezes, Sharon Sullivan, Carol Dunkel. Second row, loanne Third row, Betty laclcson, Betty- lee Harkey, Mary Kobashi. Freshman Volleyball Team First row, Kathy Pcston, Mayen Tana, lennie Hernandez, Samniie Shelton, Margaret Lopez. Second row, Stel'a Chavez, Barbara Walker, Maraaret Abernathy, Gay Nell Sisco, Carol Beqan, Clairann Cordes. Champions Ancl Teams Volleyball Senior Volleyball Team llnterclass Champsl Lett to right, Peqqy Schaeffer, Dorothy Sch maker, loanne Beaver, Akiko Takesuye, Caro- lyn Northcross, Suzanne Hyllested. Varsity Volleyball Team First row, Lynn Takesuye, Mari- lyn McDonald, Suzanne Hyl- lested. Second row, loanne Beaver, Helen Tana, lrene Her- nandez. GUHS Honor Roll Boasts 50-Stu HOIOBOOPII AID IIITHDAYI - ar ma 1- g t 'Nil C ' ' ' SERVING THE STUDENTS OF GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL 'Q,,,,,j,,g xx' T" ' - EiONA, nT:lW:TKTf5l:cEMiam 20. 1950 Numher 7 'Migratory labor In America" To Be Future Forum Topic --Mlgrarory Lahor ln Arlaona-', ia The Topie tur The next lnTer- nigh Srhool Unit Forum meeT- mg, To oe held aT The ned croaa neadooarlera, .lanoary zo. nairen r-arker ia To be The gueai aneaker. The prohlmn or rnrgrarnry labor will he diaeua- sed on Tr nanonfwide hinna. T-chndre-n'a colony - rorr Grunt", und "County Detrnttun Morne" Tire The Tnpn-a on Thr aaenda Tor lvlareh 17. John Walk- er. ll T-nunly Juvenile probanori olnrer in The apeaker. ' Taene Dnylr, welt known rea- Taurani owner, Ta to rveak on the Stale noapnal, Aprll al. A lleld Trlp ra achedqled on May lz, for than Drvple who have attended regularly. several aoggeanona for TuTure meeting: are The'--rlorenee crll- Tendon Troma", with na director or girla, Mr.. lnnyl nlnTon, aa lueat apeaker, -'The convena or The Good shepherd", ia anolher. wnn slaler Mary uemard, prin- elpal, diaroaaing iT. The laaT aoggeanon rr --sTaTe and County welrare from State Laoor'-. ln The pall the torum had .lodge nernalein nl the Supreme coorT, who Talked ahoin The lrliarusaed by Dr Dolre, Y S ldrly rnornlnli nieellnu: . T ,T-oniplriie a pn-lure as poealb Lthe soe-ral and Eeonomie We Juvenile courl. On Noven Ta, nr. woelke draruaaed The dian Prohlern ln Ariaona", n lighnng rrowdlng on rear lions and The proper uaagr landa. , Tln December 9, --crry foonly l-iealih servirer' The purpooe or The lorur T' . . . to make available to memoera in The monlhl T l l eondiriona in our eommonns Thar they. nu future riliaena, understand more rlearly prohlema TnaT will Toni Them:- I ini clllrs rntllltel: colrmmol lfnoro by clann senill Tneae meennga are open To The selling eoaraiaora let Clu-taknu oaadlaa no a hw -aaahara af puhlle and held from To-oo To Mra. clardfa Traalimaa uapllan elaaaaa. The aaodaara aaada Tha mn- 'll lu am. earn month Taiaaaa lo help pay loa Tha anadnar oouaal aoavaanoaa. Worll ffogresses till Atilenddfiloat Entry: W ' 'c' Chosen For T951 Theme Asltlty Mal Aa It By Magie will be Theme ol Tha year'a Guns non, entry in The Salad Bowl Parade. New Yeur's nay. Arrordrha to uarhara Moildor. ehairman, and Elmer Duncan. eo- T chan-man, rapid progreaa on they near i-onaTnlrTion haa been made, nnre work eiaried Three weeks Cardinal Chorus Presents "Th " ago. Wurh ia on aohedule. Upon eomplenon or The float, il will oe.puT on The regulation platturm, and, aT mo am. on New Years, Day, will be hauled to Central Avenue and Mobowell Road whore The parade will TTarT. The tloatw pulled by a leap. will follow the ronvrrtlblt t.'lrl'Y' e Messiah K. 'QI 2 'C rnnro hr lorry shew The nuns rnlaed oh.-irua har The numoera The rhurua will . .. - .r . - been -:lied by KOY to alnglamg are "'l'helloly clTy",'-wnal b' Chmifnf. En' ,,?3'n"g chrralrnaa moaie nurlng The hon-:child la True", "Bella Over w""d"""d - """l' B' 3 ' "' daya. ,rseThn-hero", --neaunlul ls The 'Th' HOU CNY"- nehearaala will Take plaeetl-:arrh-'. and -'Tel Freedom ning" The Treahman grrla' enorua wadneiday. Dei-rmbr-r zo. at The The advanced glrla' chorua will will Turnieh The muare nt The mam alodloa or Troy. The bua amg at the Rotary Club Decem- chrialrnaa play. December 22 Tahlng The chorus To Pnoenia ner :T Tor na cnraaTmae prograrn. will leave aT ins. The chorus preaenTaTlona will Ngo, The ony, and w.n provide Thanks And Goodbye Hr. Joy lidltoriall with tho Ind olthll yea. GUHX must nay good-by to Mr.Smnloy.lhototiepemttenyem'nhlnaufvedonIhe hlqh lchoel bond al education. Giving qenolnully ol Nl time mad labor. Mx. lay bm been Instrumental In aeelnq that Glendale Untna High School obtained adequate tuctlltten lor tta steadily tnneantnq ua- roumaal. l-la haa been instrumental ln btalldlnq up oaa at the boat lnculttu In the atote. cmd he han wuhed had while this school trtnled ln enrollment. all the ttma qotaq to but to leo that the ntudcnln qot the brick! whlnlvvr poolilhll. with Mr. Ioy'a reulqmxtlon hom the board the lhldonh ol Glendale Union Hlqh School me loolnq one d their mall loyal and halpnal lrlanda. We wlah you hrrpplnaaa and preaparny. Mr. Toy, read Sltlgntx all Mrs LallT"h Evrry day englirn olnaaea have rele- hriin-d The Christmas si-aaon by planning and preparinz chrral- maa pnrlla-a Tor Their rllraaea. Thr parllea noT only were Tor the rlaaaea huT The dues they roneeT eaeh week Trom elaaa eluh dura were nent. tu variooa orguniaaliona to nein them have I merrtrr Chllltmll. The aeeonil hour rlaar. known aa The '-Laay Tamara", aenT their so lo The --we Remember clung' a ve-Terana orgonlaanon in weal virginia, They lnvlted as Their auraTa lor the parTy Mr, Potter, Mr Arne. Mr. Thomaon, and Mr-a. Menard. The -'nahy urTghT',nraina.-' in Mra. 1aie'a Tinh hour rlnu are above all. we hope your health lmnroven. fn lish Classes llold llolidaa Parties l ai-ndine Th.-ir ss to The aoya- nnnrh in Amarillo. Mr. Potter, Mr, Arne. Mr. Thumson. and Mra McGowan were Their gui-ag The sixth hour elaaa Tr aend- ing Their sa to Father rlanagan'a noyr- Town in Nehraka. Tha- "Darling Dare Devils" ln- rnrd Mia. Menard, Mra. Macaw. nn, Mr. Potter, Mr. Anhl, Mr. Thornaoh, and Mr. Whatley to be thrlr guests lol' The Pllrty. A movie, --The Guiding sTar," waa anown To each rlaaa herore their parTy, and rerreanmenla were served A hoaT and hoaleaa were aelees- ed lrom earn clasa to um Their gui-eu na thzy arrived. Members will llnl two sung: The haekground muaio Through- uut the Drftirlarn. Band To Hold First Annual Military Ball The tlrst bland Mllltnry Ball will be huld ln the Glendale Clv- lt Cuntul alanuilly 20, lrulrl 9 to 12 Hlmda trlllll :llt uvT-l' the villluy huvT- ba-vll lnvltl-Tl til the hall aponaorr-ai hy The Gillis hand. Um' rnernher in ern-h T-ouple must ln- .T band member and Ta!- Tenrl by rnvnauon only. All boys ln the band will wear band unllorms :ind Iirll will wear tnrmlld. The military theme wtll be rur- rled out ln the deoorationa and I tloor show wtll be presented ln The evening. Hr. Everett Euliclr Added To Faculty Mr. l:vereTT Gulrek, this week replared Mr Paul nanue as shop And aeienre Teaener and Trean- rnan Tooihall and haakelhan T-oaen Mr nange and hia Tamlly have moved to weal vlrglnla, due To The ill healln or his wire and daughrer, ng Glendale nigh'a Salad sowl Prrneeaa, lraren neek. All noaTa in The parade will be based on The following pdinlaf zenerat an-over heauTy. zo polnlaweaeellenee or deaign, zo poinva, orlginalny, zu polnlag unie queneu, zo poinarr and work- mnnlhip, zo points. Any GUHS student may work un The Tloae in his apare Time, huT no one will he earuaed from any classes. LaeT year'x Tlorn, based on The , I .. w heme The Hidden Cnltch on the Sweepstakes Prize tor Band Group Will Sponsor Xmas Dance The sanla Clnua Ball, apon- uored by the band lettermrn, will be held an the cltelertl PridtYr Dtrlmber 22, from I to 12. Tlnlteu tor the formnl will be lold nt The door lor a dollar per eouple. No utals will be admit-, ted. The GUHS dance lnnnd, under the direction of Albert 0. Dnvu. wrll furnish the muaic. The sanTa Clnua the-me will prevail in the dei-oraliona. Small Slnll Clause! And reindeer will be prevalenT around The roorn. Chairmen ut the vnrioua tom- mltterl lr: alll!!! Bliley, decor- ltlonli Don llluelkt. DubliCltYi Peggy Aiken, rerrmnmenip Max Taggari, TlelTeT.a and progranaa. sTudenTa working on The eom- miTTeer are Mary Clark, .timmy nourihan. Voln rlayhurn, Arthur Plate, Nena Tlylor, Peggy Wil- irarna, Kenneth whne, daeora- Tionay Dick spinney. Kenny wnne, Eileen Aiken, publicity? Kathryn S a v a t o n e, Shirley Thompaon, rerreahrnenuz .vaek nook, Don Redman, Gary Me- Clure, ttdtlta and Vrolrlrnl. The dance il the lllt function of school unt.ll ltttr the holldlyl. However, unless The anendanre ,ls u much or more than Tut year, l according to Mr. Davia. Tree ot eharge. The piihliony which in betnl diupensed daily Third period over The public address ryaeem naa been wrinen hy Mra. Novlllu nunon Lale, treshmnn and aopno- morr l-:ngllah Teaeher. The best parade enTry. Club Series Ili-Y Purpose To Standards Ut Chr Tu Create, mltntlin, and C!- tend throughout The aehool and rommunily hilh xtundnrdx o cnrianan ehararler is The pur- poae at Thia week! eloh, The ni- Y. This club ia oven tn any hoy attending Gul-ls und The meer- ings are held every oTher Tuea- day at mu in Room 21. The club has a Meaiean Gray- Y which They aponaor and every l-'riday two memhera go To Glen- dale Grammar srnool and Tuner- viae gamer, eoaoh hoya, eTe. They re also engaged Tn aeveral rom- t a munllt' PIDJQCU. Saban Elected Prex Mr. aux Babu. am-la T - ll. llll vol! Ill! haw! of bl- lao alaered proald-.T el The Artlwl lallllltl Edulllb Alludltlen. Ill ill Clit!!! lsaeernhar T. Any ulutnla education Taaehar ta allglnla to bell!! Ta the Arllolll lulllti Educ!- Tioa Aaaoelanoaa The eloh-a ,narpoaea aaa re davalop aa- and holler Teaohnag Taehnl- eaaa md To help all hualaaaa tnechern in Arlnonl to become oequainloel. Tho lull meeting wtll be held ilu Tuuon. T Toons tru ,Doreen-d Eight lleedy Families 3 Receive GIITIS Help 1 In TlrdT-r to brim! Christmas llecr til uthnrs, the Girls' laelguv nd Buys' Federanon are lzivinu elp tn erghT needy familiar, Earn elaaa nt girlaflreahmah. sophomore. junior, and armor- Ta Taking a'TamTly r:aeh elaaa or. hoya ia doing The Tame. The studenta are worklnl in eommnoeea tn gather Tood for a hrlalmaa dinner, eloThea lor The hndren and parenla, and Toya. ssorkinga are alao heing Tllledl wrTh randy and lruit for The chil- drnnr Mrs. lmea and Mr. PoTTer ean- d un earn or Theae families to nrn the alle ol.the lamily, their l ,. u l h C c e le agea and-whaT wna needed rnoaT. naen aTodenT ia aakad to do- nate anything he ran from map nd canned gooda To olorhea. a E veryThing ia needed l Create Student istian Character ' The ollirera this year are: President, narold Lundoergg viee-Preaidenl. Collin uraanl: seereTary. 1-:ddie nrownp Treas- urer, non nrowng chaplain, Tzd swin Mr. Scott. is The cluh'a aponaor. the formnl wlll,be dilrontinuedw The larulty is lnvlted to attend cient increase tuddihy, Bowers, Fugate, Italie And Anderson Head lilild lisl ThbGUHShonorro1lbotltedllalncr1Uld50ltudnntllnk aemad ntl-weell Uldlnl birthd- At tht WP ol lahtl lzlwllltiu wltahntnhlollnprlsmlllltd llltuettvelb-yolntarlzaloi Khaddlhy, llllnt Allderean, llrtlyn llhl, lurtmt hqltl. ld Dlvld Bowan. Ol' 'UI' 'Zan-yn noone. novana vana- Pal naar, Thelma Avia, T-larold Lundhoru. and .laneT xmnedy eomplled lo polnla each, on rome Fourteen student made The la- poTnT lTaT. They are nrookaie Mnlaap, Tommy nyan, Kenneth Love, Shirley Tnompaon, Allene White, caTherTne Nelaon, Mark Coffman, Nancy conroy, Mary Hale, Nenn Taylor, Marjorie owen. Mex D. Green, .lr, and Elizabeth nlaekwen. on rolaala Terry Gyger war The tune lv- polrner. Ill raiaaaa The ld-poinl group TonTalna ten Ktudtnll. Som! ot th!!! wtrt people who made straight unea, hor earried only tour auhieeTa. Those hated are Jerry r:aTon, rla- via Laaenby. Ben Tedano, vir- ginia Tregulaon, .leanene neema, Sondra nerrion, DoroThy Me- Ginnia. Dorocny senmoker, Betty Aldridge, and Marilyn McDonald. els ralaaa Those who made is grade poinla are rrank Flora, snrrley Anderaon, Margie Young, caro- lyn whnloek, Lynn Slaughter, .leaae MeTealT, Nancy Cooke,- .lohn Dye, Nnnvy Perkinwn. ulanene nand, Lorena Mardlan. Nancy Belt Wixrmnn, Carolyn NorThT-roaa, and May Tnnl, Also .loan Kleinaehmidl, carl sneaka, l-:dna Dnuu. Norma Lind- ley, Mabel larohs. Nila Hale. Tam Kirnler, Barbara Molldor. Margaret. Ahernalhy, Dolly ni- dtnger, ArTnor male, Gene Akin, and John Beverly. eu nolaala Tnirly-aeven persona were on The la-polnT list. They are Steve Carr, Judy Mitchell, Dorla Noble Phyllia Lowe, Paul swam, Ka- Thy Poalon. Donald naarard, 1-'ay Ma-dnr. Cora laon. Claire Gard- ner, carol Jaggera, Dick Murano niehard Falbo, Bin neaner, Le- Roy senulr, PaTe llenmryer, ond Dorcthlf Knwn. Alan la-pointers were Fairy wnlhoyl, M a a a h n Takiguehi Tana Benalny, Nnnry lloopvl' Pearl Johnson, carl corlell, Lury zurrek, Leeunnrd Brewster, Asher Kadornola, Margie Clnrk.'Ken- neth Klm1ry.alDlnne Tladdoa, .lo- anne Beaver, Martetn Brinkley lGertrude Brown. carroll Arthur l hon. and Louloe noheraon els ralaaa Llared na having earned la poinu in thll lrndlnl period are Vula Rayburn, nonnle Ginung nrll Floyd, nuln Gnoeraon, nos Nealy, sylvia uurnen. cnarna Hallmark. non Bennett, 'Dlnld negulado, mdie Roblnaon. non- nre Nrenolr, Mayen Tang, lTuT.h Cook, Gahriel Gonzalea, .vim nanroek, William vaauda, cur- Tra nlarlr, Mnxjnrie Darby, Rethn rreeman. and Alao Kathryn Carden, Caroline Weaver, nuane l-Tellarn. Mary Loo Friday. Linda Gtllum. Par, nel. Fnwlvr, noaane Engle, nerr, .lane Larky. Mary lcooaahl. Mae- gie nenelnnger, PaT Paddorjg .lennie Hernandex, Gay well Sl!- eo, Mary Alexander, Jacob Lundoerg. Eva cooper, .lo Kaus- man. Pamela Gravely, and Parh- er Sprout. els rolala The lz-poinl diviaion waa th largest, nalina so aludenla. 'nay are Bob Wlrrin, ohm!! Adil! Don McGuire, Cnrole Regan, Ka- thryn Baines, Naney held, LUCY Htrrerlr Evelyl Johnlon, Joln Illitlr Rlchld walanaoe, Allee Marnnex. sTena Chnvex, Wendell lung, .vol- Akin, Marion waldeek. uranria Novotny, Margam Lopea, .laaa Baldwin, and Sam Stewlrt. Atao I!-pelnteta are Fran! Naah, Paul Stmmonl, Eddie Ha- hlmoto, Laurel Sue Parker. I- grn sakaTa, sony 1-lolrnan, Nm ma Lange, .lanycf Lane, Nm: Stockhnm, Lula Long, .ran Marks, Helen Tlnl, Jltltle Wlh BT-ny Bell, Lynn Takeauye, Bm: Docrrcr, Nadine rowler, lean Findlay, MarTha wiggana, Donal xernodle, Maxine smlrh. Bll lfdbrttrr, Nita Belnltl. Rl! Pl'- lin, ni-rnard nin, vlrginla smlni. Susw Le Pow, .Toe Cnlwell, Fri! ra-s Kohashl, Vlulet Dnrtt, Gilbdi Gordenln, Genevieve Hank. .lann-5 Crosby, llerha-rT Guns. Perinra- ltlnlley, be Roy Eullr stan, nay Larnorena, Charts Hearn, Dnrl srhler, .lack Barns odd Jim Young. lt Jain ini in incomplete an rome namea do not appear, me plalnu ahould be made to nan period Teaenera. hnnual GUHS Fashion Show To Be Based On 'Cinderellas Glendale Hi Clulls Attend hetivities: lnltlates Pep Club- jrhe T-luh nn a gl-our went to the North Hilh blanket- hall aarne. Friday Dee-emher ls A rneellng waa held Taelore The lame. Plana were dlaeuaaed lor the Club'u Chriatmu cnrolml proararn. Y-'l'elu-- Jackie Fine, Doris Portenier and Mlm Dawmn, re- presented Glendale al The lnler- Club Council meetlnl held nt Rosemary Lodge near soulh Mountains, November za. Allehdlng The mee-Ting were Y- m :ill over Ihr mluntry were Plans trlr a program lil the YwT'A lT and n cnlT-ndzll ut Christmas ln Phuvnl TTT-TTvlTlT-s nod, Tor nee.-rnlrer who plan Al thi' last Y-Teens movllnltr Tuesday, December 5 at 7 in room l, thy Y-Teenera planned The monlhrealendar and a party thht is to be liven Tuesday, DQ- cernber li, for all Mtv memberl. Photo Club- Member! of the pninograpny club and elaaaea are' now bualty ensued in nnianinai their Chriltmll PTDTQC! of mak- ing chriaimaa eaida, according tn Mr. aoaa, eluh aponaor, "They nr! really doing a fine iob and mnklnl some buutllul Urdu." FHA- It you noticed :Tru nun- rllng nround with red Ind white bow: in their hnlr Ind odd mflu on their feet YOU rsln Blume lt on the FHA lnltlltlon tllhlch wll held Wednuday, December ll. A pany waa given lor neva rnern- ben following The evenle - Based upon The Theme, '-cin- derellaa ut Today," Glendale Tlign'a home eeonomiea depan- ment will preaenl na annual Ta- shiun show .lanuary lo in The icuns auditorium, Mra. llulh 'will dTrerT the produelron. Parllripaaing in The program will be Tour sewing rlaaaea, Three Tn-aT-year rlaaaea and one Junior and aenior elaaa, wnn Tapperrlaaa- fmen who nn in Their liraT year lui home rc. l Student modela will wear clothes or Their own making, lwnirh were made in elm. ur in ia few rarer. as home pro,eeTr iMuat or The rlolhea will he mndaf lol cotton maTerial wnn several 'ol T-nrdinoy ond llnnnel. T MiaTre-aa ut eel-emony will no neny walker, Guns senior, who wtll lntl0TluT'A- Mrs ltllnlh Tlnll olhei- apr-aio-it l.nn-TTT. Moi-dioh, l Y-Teens Tr To Thu Y-Teena, lli-we all-r ur- gnnl1allTln's purpnsu ls to "build a fellowship nt women and glrlrl devoted tu the task ol rrnllzlnl ln our common Ill: thnse idrnla or personal and roeral living to which we are commlltkd DY our lllth ll Chrilt.lln.l." In an endeavor To-earry Through Tnia purpoae, The rluh leekl tn tlnd ln undentlndinl nt alelul, to lhnre Hia love with all people and to grow ln The know- ledll and love ol God. On the Y-Teen cnlendlr for the year are nuaneroua arllvniea. Aa n branch of the YWCA, GUHS'l Y-Teena are alno lnrluded ln the Plum. They are ellglhle to aTTend The world l-'ellowahip program held in Phoenix evil? year. Here wo- men and girla are Trained to be ildnuary tt 0' .l'?9l!!.' niyllla Lowe, rrean- Dnrla McCtal'Yr troub- aenlor, M Treahrnan: man: and llllll. All moth elpallna l alonl will invrled To era nl The girla pana- n The preaensauma all Guns glrla, nn the tlnhiun lhow. Thll la the lirlt ol two lnltti fashion shuwa. Another la aeha- doled Tor aprlng. This will he by The ndvnnczd are a more aeleoT varlery ls and alylea will ua preaented dent! and ol rnnlena featured. Each Tit be ln the aaelgnnia-nT ture production. Mrs. Hulh'u 5 fund huur chars hu: chlrle ll atlkt' dernrutmn Rnd lilhtlfll third hour flush, prrlgrunts Ind ustlul'tl'lRZ fourth hour rliam, tn- illnTnina, .nnl Tlllll hrnir r-laaag thu rlaaaea ThaT wll rhow naa a derlnla rom-orning their Ta- l tha' al-lvrtlllll Tit :aT'l'lpt llluti-l'lul. Build Character vw rounar-lrna, In this program Two pirla reprr-renT rnen elula -'AnoTner Tienvny that is a loT Ti lun," according tn Y-Teena pred- donl. Doris Pnrtvnlur, "tx tak hanging ot The Greena ThaT waa held ut the YWCA on Dttemk l-l Tor The noone." Aa lor Glendale T'hnpler'l on reorealion, The rluh haa had neu tnpa to radio alallona, pore drlratl llctoritl, Ind dllrlel. Dtltlnltlllh- ed apeakera have addreaaad rnaelinga. An overnlghl trlp Us Rolzmnry lmdlt. and tall lad aprlng eontereneea are other hilhltlhtl. Thr llll l:0nf!!1llQ wnl held in Wlrhellburl lt tk Renaud! Guelt Ranch Ind I- alaended by girl, rl-om all lr- Teen chapters. Ottlceri ot the club IN Dri- lconnrrued on Page 0 haha - CARDINAL l-n-uslns wldliili. Dcoambnr D. IBO .l.!!..,LUi!l.5. MQW HIUIIIW A' Y QAVHMA . Q ' Z ww5r?i"4l We're So , Photo rapllers . . . Cdldtnnlllt-Uql h bee httnqGl SchlILIm'l'y Shaw. lkhmd loor1La:.othu:'mlrIbsu ol Cllllnphrnogmptly clonal. Thnoltudenhhnvotuknnmunyollhaptctunlwhtch hovvappomodlultl-Uqhhthhyimadhavanotbesu aodthdvnthlhamfhhhubooamdnlyduntothalnckd hbrmudnaonwhlehpiciurolewehphotoqlvlphorlodk. leqtnntnqwtlhthlnhluothopuplwtlltylonedly lhnoonrltghh. Gllultonklnayoflhnnpmtdcnuonthahondlur- lovlIttcupletwue,troshmlutntIltloa.IIIrz1colhIt.thnlu- lClI:lnrIhat.lcnlnlclnmmremllh.aldlloQ'uldehr Goth-okmn. LllrySNlwlooktha lllq1Qum Hctun.loll:looIbal.lptl:mrn.undthlplnyioL lklmdloIl1loakthept:1uradthoI'drlIllNh. luldutukinqptehnnshvltl-Uqhlunndmndnh unldtnqplehuoetoltkosnnunlfkayuotllnnniehlll. l4Iv7!kcw.llelandloory.DonIodLTroyPerkc.Caroltu Wounl.ld1lloec.Mc1PounoImdtpoAndInon. QCftJL'l'l!RE CORNECR I Straight UI! The Coll I Ichlklll llllilly Ihlfl WI1 ll'l lliill It lure lefml lvvell to know mpc we gn out many tnr cnn-me Illl Vlclllnn. I llke Chrl.ltmII. lhll Ind I hIve I little llme we ptgy. we try to .ee uno een pl an moat exver-uve-looulug prom-ln tor me lent -mount or money l we. alum-ea lm yur l 'eve nun e ooo or lufeeevm I-hlt looked llke they were worth about 75 cenu They uere Ill IIN he I hllt lhlt lookld llll ll out th!!! or lou! dollln. lIlld.l0l.ll'lul:hIIvellle Ill lll It wll loo Ihort. Io hwrsndllup uudgnvslt to no. I'll Ilx htm thu yur, though. I houlht me I footblll llme I couple lnonnu ego where me plnyen move uno everylhlng. Boy. lt Nllly lookl Clllly Ind eupenuve. l nope neon llxel no 'rnere u only one men-mo at-lgununm pleym mo--e peek- wlrdl hlll the time Ind the oth- er hIlt they dmi't move. Wh: I lhal I1 frlndlnhlc ld Chrtllllll holly you Ihoull 1 heel! lb IIB I IIIIIU1 till he ntl ls wnl thine! N if lol!! wh: Il was I HL I il Ill: II 'llil ld than 'Qt Qllll b lllk th lvl. I gd huh Inu lu up on neu the ue- 1 llll I hh URI. lla nu n very ruvvv Child- had one -penn money l-he wu- llr until he nuhd the Ile ot tour Then hu dl! llvu Nm I pen of lang penn una me key- ll the lrlttor ht! then ln he wilhld hell lilltntrlntllllhlllllhtllln- mu yn our at dt nl in no ot lk week. Wllh QI! time out In Iehoel. whleh il IU Blk! hi! kk hoult llhlrlllf In wllkol. Alll nlllrllly thll wll Illow I het loop. l'hrn he Ilnlllhrd all nl: work. rtilrh consisted ut mllklng rows QUE, lredlnl hnrsel. llilbzdlnl Iertlhrer. pluwlnl Ind pllntlnl the Ilfldl. elr. hc lot to plly with hu llttlr frlerldl from two till Iour on Sundly Alllr he lit lhriulh with NI ltttlll ill! he Ill!! me ll I Irtll lhnyll ho ought to flu no een my own. rue-olxy l nun nllnlunq our-ef. x ve- xnluuq lhlt II he wi ll llllhll I-ho! II he b low he hld the hed hrltlli Iloldl ll he Ill.lIo Slnce the Knrun wlr Ill the boy: over IS Ire nlturllly wore ried Ihout the Irmy. Not thlt they Ire lolinl Ilkp over whlt hIppen.l to the lrmy but it does worry them Whether the lrlhy u-.ll nuve one more prospective member when the mlil Come! the next dly. Ol eoune we soul! lily Q the holnl hull. I NIA whllo ll ll very Itlnplo te keep hom bell! hurt hy In Itomte bomb Mlrily on tn o ammo: eeunny ez no lllll It I drvlplll. ll ltllnll get worn Ind every- body ltlrt-I lettllll drlftld I hlve been tnlonned by e very good source thlt the ltr force II thl but brlnch DI the xlrviee. The requirement! Ire rellly ltrlct thuulh. You even hlve to hIve good seein It you no-fe have l100d tlelh. ioln the Inflnlry. They dom let unylnlng to en nnywIy. I tlke thlt blck. They du let I ptnt ot powder which u lupposed to be tried ell. rout bed. and mllk. I may be rtuptd but I don't me much dllfereltre between nu: powder una plnln uld dlrt EXNDI thIt you till It iellt mlkc mud ptu U you like the dlrt. uumlq nu tulle- vm no po In tho ll! IUC with 1 bl I'm ll! lhll dill ll thin lllyl who ll Ill Illll pllllo 'hh ll Ind ll :lufltt IIN they would :rump me to dull: tryin la 'nn to the dnl Ilrll. rnu brmp up Another prob- lem It you Ire the pilot Ind the plone- ne mol flown or entcrm 'no you Ire Iuppmed to let the .-nvr guys out hrst Ind then w-.ufw supposed to get out me ln-lx u-ay you fun. lt l wo, pllom I would tell the co-pllnt to drive i.vl rl mlnute and I would open tllt' escape door, yell "Jump, the plupez on me!" and jump. l ru n'l knnw about the rel! ot the 1,uyr out l would fume: be u lrvu cowlrd thln I deld hero. llcrz-'s wtxhinl you I merry Chrlltmll Iltd me I lot DI Dre!- inltnquiring Reporter What Do You Want For Christmas? ouunom Wm ao, you -nu ree cufleeuun mul Vlmlllom Turkey and Ill the tixtnp. I vuyu nenuu-em: fnonougn- bred yeeeunp. noe Aim -rypewmer. Evelyn Hema.. A male on more than uonnn.. Jon Auauqe. A load lon. ve- eunon from eenool. . Jnekh rum A pen ol leeener lnalen enoee. been ln-melon My eleu ring. sen, neu. A null. Aim rome. A oemln eowbpy. Blll Xnuux nu: pretty nurse in the lunpnol, nonnee veeelp -rp wln me Henry .v. at cuunu Peru Dove rp. mo.-lo Money. --'rue 'rluner lormn sn.-ma: Toll, om. and nonoeome. Need l ,ey more- sono we-ou.. aus. wonee Ienmoxm A new tun- mp au night eluoolnp ln. , zoo ooenel -:uno tlu, cleuue ltuull: My new hnuae puln. ' ere Today I W ziedlff y Neno Taylor nn muopol-luoaofeyole. nov Hoops: A girl-mend. :lm Iqweu. clm umm. lumen me-. on-un. An. :un Pllwmlu ooo Lucy Zurich: KIII have somethlni rn common with about 50 thnuund othenj' I new convertible. no-pee almnunu ra be mn. ten! Just rc long Il lt'l I cur with Iour wheell. no wu-mu zo nulllon dollnn. vom. femlulu A eerulo guy about 5' u'- win. bluele uelf. sum am-.4 Boy buoy doll. Helen lceglu-.uw A meme. Mel!! Weed: Joe. Hlleue cruuu 'ro meet nm guy nn auburn party line. noleu :menu For .lun to stop Iolnl steadl' Kllhy In-um cms, mg med- dy peer. any ueclum Blond, 5' z". und blueleyes. lah llrkir-Betsy-wetsy dnll. Jeex Hook: One or those nunz. I nw It the Rex Theater. .veeunme 'rnuuuf A eu po x could wreck n. Resolutions Gone Tomorrow QUIZITIOIM Ylalt ll your lew ' YClr'l lillttihf lahllllkih-Nottololothe Iervlce lo light. ldlth ll! liil- Mlke It leut three onel durtnl the le- cond Iemelter at lehnol. Vllyll thu- To elrry out lalhethiol thIt I told Iolrleonl. he celwou- To make good mae- eo l een lo to eouqe. Gunn lllltoa- l'm going to trap up wtth my homuwork tn llmnony. NAU! CCIJIIG- l will try my belt to Rudy hIIdIr Ind nuke me but or my lm yur Ind I hllf or two yelri, Lyme Ion- l resolve to nop tllkinl tn Itudy hlll lnd tn World Hiltnry. vnu. Imeen- nn going no New York vlan lour nom. I I Bolt: none- suv .ony tromi lon l-nen uno boy.. I K-1 rum- 'ro love every' ,body. npeeully boys. 1 Ilak link- To Ipend two plgnu n week uuleea or tour nl the pool hlll. loo Clown- No more ltluel from Zoe coeke to plem Bob Blrker, In Oslo- Not to flirt with Bob G. to plnlle two certlin pmple. :vo lnvue- To :tap umm. Ing ot Cubl Ind get to work. lip-ou rump- 'ro be n good pr :me-me mol- Nom no let my Ibn head get In the way tn jour- ollllln Glll'Il Nlhly- To lrow thru inches next week. Jules lumq-Noe no hugh Inymon tn olology. llylld lttlfll- Chine only tour ltrll It mlm tnltud of six. Cdl!! lillb- Noi tn lol! ,Anymore In shorthand In I won't let my plyehlek NL Jl- une- Qulgeullng lr, Devil "Stlnk1". llldo lhdslltyur- To "nm through tt IQIIll" when MII Smlth llll-I Ihe to. Den llolly- Stop cultng It Bobby. lllyh Cllrk- To mntml my- xell It the Pnllr BIr. DOI Fulollilo- To ltudy Iell and ylIy hIrdIr lllry lily- Get out of mole trouble thln I let into lflney Harker- Not laugh It Davin 4-of-ny Joke.. Mun xeoeow- 'ro get to plo- togy on time jun onrr .Yum annoy- Quu oelnp ru' lpolled. ' 7 lllnl Tlylor- To dnve more Carefully Io certnln llrls wlll' rlde with me. Arnold Long- To do better In Mr, I-Avln'l cllu thln I did lllt time. lublll Oklblyllhl- Not tn ?'.:yf i'nn- Y V WW - 'I' L le! Clrvlyn Berk und myself nl l .ml cmn, mo, luunmou's Nunn I YAIDAGZ SHOP CO lu .lvl 'lm U' "1 Q u u -... ... Charlet R. Whitney .I-I l alll. All 4 GLENDALE FLORAL AND GIFT SHOP Cl ,,,',,,,, nowms ron wmv OCCASION mounon 4 lolnmon as no-on seo-4 Avo. Cid: inline nnuull lnto Iny more trouble ln ltudy hlll. ICQ!! lllhlla- Not tn live Iny more New Yelr'l plrtiel. along. lhly- 'ro nop .peek- ing no pwple who ull me f-mp. pybottomu. TI:-ry dnlr- Not to Agua no much with I Cortlln Iomtolll. CBN ldltlll- Ply lell It- tlnttllt to Stlty Ind mor! to the talcherl. ldv! Yhb- Not to I0 with .ny more nlmuu. llllll W'hdll- To be mon etttcient becluu l'm lnlnl tn be -lohn Brown'I Iecretlry. Alvto Ylk- I ruolve nat to let neg Brooks wmk my our. lllvln Bnlllly- Quit ditch- lContlnued nn PIU. 0 0 - gage? o hh! Cornmuniltt Nice weith- er we're hlving. Second Commurlixt: Yee. but the rich Ire hlvinl it too. HSU BRAND e . . Two delr old lldiu decided thlt they lhnuld .lee lt lent Une Iootblll llme. The! wltclmd the klclr-oft Inld the vlrioul pllyl thmulhout the llme the ltr!! hllll When the ieIrn: lined up qeln for the second nur. one or the womln llld to the othltl "Calm on, Mattle. tern lo now: thil Ll where we Clme ln' FRECUIT BAXIR MIX Greeni 1A!tor reldinl hh zngllen theme to Mn. seem. "Well, what tl your opinion ot lt?" llr1.'SeIly: "My oplnion Ll: 'Not no hot'b" Mn: "l know, but teh hIve It InywIy." WBT HIGH SUN DIAL e o e "Hey, look It that bunch at cows" NND! btllkh. herd." "Held of whlt?" "Herd af cowl' "Sun I helrd ot cows? "I rnelnt I cow herd." "WhIt do I :Ire it I cow helrdf I hIven't uid Illyihinl I'm Ilhimed nl!" UPWARD Vl8l'l"l'l-IE 4 'V' W x w V . Ji , X, 3 if '41 V often roommyrnuquulooxloq :tor 'pen wnoulneynuanlm .reoplevnomwu-no lulpuyueu-nopeleeelylnuy. 'rnponoa onmpleolnle uuuorlxyruleleonbylnm lm- ... no-ooum-no-1-ulouey eu-mu. nulumuuownuyoufeou- yum-.uvmeumeunneh tu. ltlnllphlledoltlllhllllll Ilolllllnulmhlblnltllmpth mlkellhortutdylxl oueooquellefenaeuean-l an-ulnl-neon. Tnelneeeeqqnueeanuppl- u-eu..-mnpoea.oe-w xuqummuau-muon nope:-. . . . '1-ue-nulp-muamqyou wuulnyuurupn-iq. l'Y1lIwQKlnlUtl.the kluwlhllillhlhtllllwlll plyoutltbi. ' Whnllalllilwih Iirntfhltllhodyllholik dollmlthlnflllllhllkllt lJkItheChrIltlalIlo.wl Ihauldlhiwourhllldi fz teal-9 ' Senior: Pmlpn me. young nay, in me miner or your dress. don you mink you could .how e lll- tle more discretion! noun: My gout. lame or you luyl ue never mmlea! PXP! DRIAHS . . . nr.: when you mea, young tidy. in n unue lun ond elf, Pltimtz Why dnetor! I'm not evm mnrrloq. PIPI DREAMS e e . ln: we nu-e nm e load time lllt hllhl for only Itlteen Centl. Shit Sul! did. I wander how my ltttln bwther open! tt, YUMA 'l'Hll'tMOMI'I'lR LVL QKIE Campus Personality uncle pete BY BARBARA MOLIDOR Hollywood hld htm one Ind now we ao. Tun mln -veen f-mms penonomy. Coach Bill Pelenou. lm it nu birth yenrg Minne- lP0liI, Mlnneeou, nu oumploee. Hue lr wut ut the nge or two he reelly started l-vang. At meal moe, ne wok nu little pew and e pen end e bottle at ink Ana -lrned o e-onlne: with Uncle .lon lnoorpomeo, now MGM, uu-l umeo elnounl. Arm I5 yem at lure work. long houu. lmle tnod -no e level-nl nulllon dollm our "uunrle Pere" retlredl itmm the meen to attend college I He wu born nulunlly ummm l don't know If we true nr from out more what Pete told nu-f 'rnere the ooy ne ls, you lust, can never tell wnexne, he u ink. .ng of not, You ,un novo no judge' for yourtelt - He attended the unlven-ny pl Mlnueunn ln lsaz. ln the mne -yenf ne gon n numeo call from Uncle som .nu spent meulen tour years ln me An Corps. When he returned no elvllun me he own returned to rollele but this tune to me u ot A wnefe ne -fee-elven hu Boenelof ul seleuoex 'gtlllllilloles 5 Ielpuneeu-1 lmpnnuyeu llltrhltowvlt :oeueueaave Jneuem-plea .nenlewue cull-nun can-usa com-co: lhlllly Bl hi lhlllly 1 hi! lhlslly loll lllnyndlhollh Ituryudluplnh idegree. Upon lrldulting he tuned teaching .na eoeerung nere nl GUHS. Ae cor meeenan. he nys. A-on, l love u, .no me .lueenu nuuc be pnllunx beeouee lney eu more oneex' Pele. u e men. alum pro- duce o .me er-unplofunlp-nun but it een eenelnly be em :neu he rua the llgnungen tum ln clog A. 'rney never itopped ary- lng Ind oemlnly deserve plenty ot ofeou. Much ned been polo .pour eenopl epuu Ind backing our team, Pele just mu, '-nu lem- nes' He une. mul word to dee- gei - 5.813 , . fs "slr" COACH PITIIIOI tribe jul! Ibout everythlnl. ll- peelllly his wtle Ind threryelr- old anugmer, me wun opu- hetti. one upon. ot .ny kind. The only unterrlttc thlnp he CII! think QI Ire lltlllllthlly rnolnn-yclel. Ind titans. All of which he elltrnl IN the ruloltlun or une. worm. He ll lull I pretty lltlllild luy. Never hurriel, never wor- rleo, ol-oy. n lor or run. lr you an neu when no u joking, ur-len in nearly Itwnym "Uncle Pete" deeerveu I lot of credit tor ht! lllltlnte with the teen cenlcen. He Ind hiI ehlrln- inl vile Betty' r1Illy worked hlrd, Ilonj with the kldl, to mike tt the mme! lt ll, .num loam.. Ht: en.-nf to me lnoulnug n- l ponef qualtton. 'Ylht do you Jw- pol Hamlin won: for Cru-lmnuv' vu quoti- 'WW If -dll e new ooy-unquoae, una -van n ffl' leer devilllh nl-ln um.. -'lf we oeve one he'll pmbooly pow up no he :ll-ua an Coil , ,y,,,l,,,,,,p annum ur lull b :ueoneu eve. ', - l GENE SUMMERS I 'WH : 'Nw' I unrs .argon vnu I U 1 vnu. rom. y nn. as I Ilan nn nh llh Q QI lun tue Dllloldllrk Mlilnrhnn Dtllhllllq 1Conttnued oo me dl IEALI. IIUTIIIS DIIOYO-YLYIIITI ' ' ' I I - ue. -A lo-me Ohyegdo youlmwnhvuti lcvtaullltisduil thc boy from 'rem who died' hwwmd W mmm gm uu-l. letting uuloo tho gutu olj 'U' ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,i mm mm. surouole-uenvo oeuoaoawenlnvo. htm me momma, roee. li mann nnlnx new-l would look! -- lun ln 'l' " sou the Im- n.epo.'-o.fu'f'y.n. aunt po uw o- :rn An on no GLENDALI H'-'fm ,su ,Mn cm. Am.lANc: MART ' ' - I ZWITHRADIO DEALDI A vermin muntry mtnulafrl 1155039 yLAym poeveo nu. notkv on me enum.. OOMBINAHONS doo: -la the s n a neo' for rneever: our lzlguh. TAN-Emtflonn-9 el nec 4 'ln bel . Ag 57321.51 ..oo"2uT'2..1'Q. ..1'.Z. 'WY pon-mug ' t. G t ' t PHO In ye YIJQBIIAHEIIIIIIIIMOMEIER In m . ulnnln' nam' omnulumnnnlnmlrl 1 Vwrv-gr In I W I -I Ieclloum 4 'hllphalo ll2I fgoh., g4w3 ml-ooo Mun: supply co. 1 enum moan l Dairy Queen AITB fll GAIG mlw.Gl-ilolellwe. rnonux .lmuouefuun nrunnoll Anderson's uper Servlc COlPLl.'I'l Olll ITG XYZ hh: Ill BANKS ELECTRIC COMPANY You WBTIIQHOUSI Cd MAYTAG Ibn -slmhulve. o.w.cIAwrom mlm-Iulenn.-aleoaulunel-. 'S Ave. Ilmry sewn, Plants seeaa Shrubs Fonlllun Pheonix 6-NSI 1 Peortl W-I I D I mme CARDINALHI-lJGH'l'S P""'l'f"i e - Zen.. gee - e Ill look! llke Glendlle will have I turlllr basketball telm Ml! yelr. But vllllll ,hull thu yell' 'i' le lhe epeeele. genre ol the eeeeeee wether Vhoalx feeh onryeep-the erudenr holy, lhe elunenl--lhdughr me ceede lneeduheereerpeeepeelnfheyhenenrerodlheeeeeleeao Xl! ll llllllll he I Il-,dll hed. but fIlllrIly ICIL li-ll. Il the een!! 'ull lldlhl Phill Ulla the Clldl bid ulpdhhod. llllll li-97. lclelwdlle Ll unique In that AL1 xtlrtlnl hve lre All junlon end lhel lhe eve-rege herghl le only ehenl 5' ll" ll'e e well blllnted lquld. Ray Hoapel, 5' 3" renter. Cul develop lnlo l ll-'lynolrh rebound mln And A heavy scorer. He needs tu build up epeed end rnere endurance. Woody Clark. lcvud. lu I Initial hh huh 1012. Iedilj hllvlll In IVOYI lllll. Ill lhadd lvdga I0 poll!! I fllne he lhl llrdl lhll yeu. Qlrlld llllilll ll Ile alb- lurwlld llol ll l eunllllnn! rein. but he lan lied! polllh ned pelee. new e good reheund nun. 'Guard Bob Warren le lhe nne, he-elder llnepee, whn helde the leenr lrnrelher, new sro" nl rl,-nennle lhel peeeee, .hr-ere, lnd dribble: like l pm Warren has found A lot of hustle he leelred leel yeer. lt yuu nurn-e lhe box xcnres you'll ee-e Warren zen and makee the must Ire-e ehnb lle'r lrruled u lnl rn hre eegreeerye drlvee lnwerd llre nppnnenre heelrel werr.-n n else u lend huleuull player and e--luld eeerly rnelre ee--d rl he eve-r lurne pm une-r me hlgh el-hndl deyl ere ever werren le .rn ath- lete who doa-lin't luck llke nn nthlt-te. but'l people thlrllt ht"i gul lee- were-r :nr hlluld Te-ele prnvu hu hu Al lhe other wud peer. 'rerry aypu In rne eeerleehed neen on llu neun. He'e edly rl" hul he'e the lop huollur dn she equed. cyper le lhe tum nlen ee lrnperxenl tn :he eueeeee er e -lnnlng nee. lMlybe they wlm'l be lerrlhc thu year, but. lu use I bromldee-will Ihr nel! yelr. Coalrh Glelzlte hu aortlethlni ln lhele boyl. lf they come ulnnl I1 he elperlx them lo. the Cards wlll be repehle al eprlnglng some upuu ln the elele leurnernenl in March. Caiylh to Iwi!! AID hr llkilq Ill Arlloal All-llll' eeeeed ton: reeehellequedrer mo...'ree had Ara. e lullllll!llI.tlIl0lIIIlllhlIhel0lllcuIblI.leeunl... ceeehreleeeeeleeeeelnegeurwuheeveeelgelddeeeereer eawh-vluheeellqeereeheeeryeee...rehe'eneeeh- leglheeerherndlneenreereellepereeeheueedrhepesddere eeeeaeylnelnehepeheeu-... rrrerlr ehene: ceeeh Wynn elreedy u planning eheed lor the track leuon . . . Ho reports that the Devll'l highway- colnmunly Known ll I Illfl In other klwoll but I lhlmblel but-wlll be need up ler 'al. Anylhlnr wlll be en lmpmve- menu ever whel erewe een new. In eelne ever me pneepeeu Will! by ellen! I ltlrllllll lhnfl-III ll nolld ln the lprlltll llld hludlel. However, Couch Wynn plan: tn have everyone run hlrd And work herd. Thlfl what lnlku track lnnu. Wynn melee 'om. lonnnnlndlllnodlloltlrldlgllvoclthebuhl- helleee-pleyedreerhellehleyeer...oerepeeselneeeee ehnxee-...ceeehuleeehreeepene mute-ceeh. leer ynr'nllnlluplu.houdlhanlutoru-llnUdA 'bil Mil . . . on II50 edrnee to en end, wewe eel two lhrnge we'd lllle to on happen: ul llther get e new gyrn or eehedule rneel er she heelrexheu geenee ewey end dl nepleee the 'wooden l-render" vivo gee lor e reelhell oconbosrd end eel en eleelrle one n shle len peeelhle leer Du thing deern end next yeer, lf e better lmnholrd lllt't llctllvd. hlvl the footbell Annollnrel' reed out the ONII1 Ind NWI much time ll left plly. The ltorebolrd is like the unlaed Nellnne. we lhere hu: ll deeenw do enylhlne V111 plea 're-pe to lehe rhe lah! :eel ge-e had will U. ll Ohh Il l Ill!-turing llhll. Zlrll. I o-Qiels gP0'tfS-iQ Qllolley-bull leeml In be the ldlve eperl ol lhe elrle el GUHS new. The span hee luel been mnlptatod tn the gtrlr' Pl clude: and numomuo loumunmtl bc- lwum dtliervnl VIIIIY lfhoull have illluhd lt. ' Ville!-itll llunlhelh vin It dl lul wink In Coat ln- ii YI dl lllill dlhlll- ln nee- ee-e rllnl. OCIMIIM :held ln the le- cond heur eleee were rel neun Dutdhy Sehmullr. Betty John- Ul Ind Barber: Oklbuyultt. By Ml:GlNNlS DTM Glendale tumor-unter teena won lhe hm two lernn urelghl ln e two-out-ht-three game renee. -rhereeeh-eneeeeeendrhe eenhe-erelee-he-alnm eplunerleeervepeeeeeem reeeenfhereeeh-enleeleedlhe oqlluvn 'ld eclendele won the lhlrd end rlnel genre le lexe the unee llllelhnll yeeesee It plele em hegae ee- alt chem-ee veeenee. Ten: itll he eheeee Card Cagers Bow To P Hoopsters 56-505 Hand Yuma Sound Trouncing As Clark Star Action In P.U.ll.S. Game irds Lose Close i To Mustangs Tilt NP'e yeleren hul not reeelve Muelenre neerly n llz-pnlnl lourth nuerler ld on ld edze che IJ Ihe lcerde lhere The Cards' loss lu 'e lhrrd lnnr wee clendele ldeleal ul lhe losn yon. NP't record new elende lnne wln end nnr l l Blll aurlr end eenred slr plnnle ounl fu! 551 all oss lo nc fr lrnerlrere Burlr :nl nrne of rlureee- hm 2l purnve rn the Inuerler ee NP pulled ew y Ildepe lrnrn lhe perelelenl hrrde Mllrhnrn elnrrle-hendedly pul he Muelenre lnlu e I6-lZ llres uzrter leed by eenrrng elghl ul ls pulnle rn lhel lrerne Glendelee wendy clnrlr rxnl heller then e nreeruelrer rn the srcnnd perlnd, renrlng nlne pnrnle 'lu boost lhe Cards wllhln one pernl dl NP at helnlrne, ze-25, e w l l . Q sul the eeeurere Need ren why ln the lhlrd quarter end nheleed clendelen hld ln the nel euerler. rlndr lenerll nnh Warren hll err lnr nr on tree mem end wound up with 12 pelnu ler lhe evening, one leee lhen clerlr wlth la. Inu ol llnnlle unter Ray lleepee who reeled out early ln me leunh querler, eeel Glen- dele potnh that could have f mein! vleeery. Hnopel hed leur pereenele ec hellllrne, hue ellll scored :lx poll-lb deoplte the hlndlelli. IO! ICO!! Ulldlh ll ll 1 ip Ahllllk I I 5 5 lender' 1 1 1 o Chl! 5 5 I Ii lid! I 0 I 3 Nuns 1 1 5 l Wlrlll I I I Il neu., 1 o 1 4 qw.. a o l A Tellh Il Il Il W inexperienced JV Lose Two Games shewlnr e leer ul eeperrenee end en rneenrneent eeerlnr earn- elneuen, lhe Glendale .lv clnelrr were ewernped ln lhen- we epen- rnee ol lhe lm heeeelhell ln. ee leuon here, lnllnl 48-N to Phoee nur 'reeh end and ta nlnenlr Union. The -reeh Buy leeped into e x-4 nuerter leed end were tu eul in tmnve 1.1-lo. el helrllrne end xl-11 el the three quener rnerlr. Jtm neueehlrelh led Chick leeerere wlur six rnerlrere tollow- by xddle sewn with tive. Glendale ennnrnmed YI reule end cubed ln on only dl of their lo ern ehele. -rhe Chu-lu 'eeuldnfl nn lhe eedrtnr column nh regulerlly end wen held to fourth l le nl sen-l re. .. ..,,. .. lee me enee my Hoops eeeene to here ure edeenrqe ever :he Conte eenner In lhe leyen e vhleh the cerde leer I2-31. needy in ge me eenen ere 'terry ayper. eelnlhg In from the len. wendy clerle. rnnnher le. md ceeeld sender-y. tu r-mu. llorllelsllllnme lCardsf62455, In Season I Curtain-Raiser' I Phoenix Tech roared herlr from e ll-polnt halftime derlelr to u-lp the Glendale Cords here Del-ernher r, az-ss, in the lose rurlelnyreleer heelrelleell llll for both equede. lfrenll Merlln of Tech pus the Hometr eheed emo rnldwey in lhe lnurilt Quarter lor the hrs! llnrnel leed ol lhe gerne. slen- dele enuldnw eluee the yep end li will Tech whu cnntmlled the rerne lne reel of the fourth quer- ter, pulllng ewey eleedlly ter e ronxlurtlble leld -rne cerde elened lrlee e neuee ehre, leedlne lovlz at the euere ee... e mn... eenn lunf noch: ter end all-15 el hellllnle. The leee er towering cerd eenxer. ,Coyotes Follow Pull Gene sherpeneezele meh neueheny end leeuu Grljolvh wllh I7 end lZ pelnu. reepeellvely, paced Phoenix Union la e eurprlelng. ly eeey az-:ll rout over Glendele here Deeenlher o. I The leer. Glendelea eeeend lerrelrhl setback ot me yeuno ll950 hoop eernpelrn, lhnwed the lcerde' leer ol experlenee end in- nblllty lo get clot!-up lhulel rhreugh lhe wugh PU delenee. Grlyelve end zum center Dave Mrlner boosted me ceyeeee lnw en eerly evo leed :hen Glendale could never nvereerne. The nude :ell hehlnd eleedrly -rhe ceyelee peppered the heellel wllh lonl eheln end hrnlee lhrnugn lhe Glendale delense lor numerous ley-up shots. PU led I5-S lt the qulrleer, Bl- lo at the hull, end eelled eldng lo e ao-zs mhlrd perred edvene lege. Gereld senderg wee hleh penn mln fer the cerde wnn ln pnlnu whlle Rau hndereen tol- lewed wnh d. Center my lleenee wee held to we pelnln end woody Clark. houhot lurner pelnlrnexer. nel- led only me, 'rhe crude' ehenl- rne wee wey dn end their hell hmdung wee :pony ee the ceyelee made eeverel heekeu by eeplrelmng on Glendnle rnle- renee HP losses Slip By Frosll Hoop Squad Isllll, How They Stand ICOISIUO4 lf! 7011 FUI- IFN odllor cl Clrdllel HI-Ulilll hu neuneeneeere leeed IE'-e "'i' T 'Z 5: E L". ' xl u e e or ee-ee e e e l e lee.. I I h le n le... e re 1 le on """e.u..e I 3 I l 'I 0 ll I I ll ll ex e e e e e mm 5 5 S ee nl 'Bomllo Aro All-Slate Bambo Arn. Glendale! tough rlghl guard, wee voted ln lhe second team All-Stlte Football Tum lor 1950 by the Arlznnn State Colchex' Auonutlon A las-peund runner lehn re ln. ellble for lilnthnll rumpetltlon next. yeer, hrn,I,,. , , - wee crnwded eul -I --- . at 1 llrst-xtrlnl berth by Bo Mellon, 20l penndr, nl Nnrlh . I Phoenix and lub- by Glenn Bow- en, as pound.. 1, .I nt Meee, NP'ey:,- l V cur reulerqgvf nolched the oth-""""' cr :cond-tum IOIIIQ AIO guerd spot wrlh Arn. Am pleyed lerrllre delennve Glendale Cagers Score First Win rerwerd Woody clerlre hug ll helped clendele ereele th mlumn lor the lint tluh unluerelllul trlel ld emo lrrurnph neee December II gems pernrd er uirler lend led Joeze at lnter- opened up e rs-as edvenleee. Yurne'e llrpped rn IZ pelnne 1h elenee as she crlene rnllnd ln ,lure slendele-e leed to 49-ls nndwey ln lhe tuurth quer- up e l-1.11 la cende und perrnd ne The lhe wed rle helzhl lo ln lhe wenlnr rnn- nerne end leyupe by Clerk, end Terry lhe genre nwly toe helng lhe llrel cerd eller ot the yur In mlke 20 or lrnnre pelnee e eerne, clerlr nep- peel ell clendele pelnx rnelrere el- thuulh Menlene ut Yuma eeepd zl pelnle. cyger end vurnn'e Plnchu Alvlrex both netted Il. The Cord: layed with Yuma III the wly Ind the Crtml tvllld never erlelrh the Cord: on ro- houndx, lang eheu. or up-lee. Glendale scored neerly at vm and Dill on l llll brelltllll. ll! xorlnl domnrutrnllon ln the opdnlnl mlnul-on ut the thu!! perlod In Vlul! lnln I lllbllllll- lll lepelnl leed. On trod ohoto the Clrldl com- Dleted I5 for ZZ for I Sli rllo. Yuma had N tor It hurl tones for sur eernpleaed. cleedele rg n Anleflil Clllk llllleli HNF' Wllih Hell!! - Cn' ave- K7 e I I 0 I I I I I D I I ID U I I I. o ll I 1 1 I IS TOIIII H ll III Cards Face Peoria ln Next Tilt The'Glendlle Clrdlnlll t wrlh lhelr nld rlvele, the Penlnere. here ldrnerrdw then lake A hlllrmnnth ll helere pleylne Presto!! l .lenuery 1 end wee: Hlgh .llnuory G. Peonl hu had A rluh en ter lhle muon bu weye pure un e elllf heme Glendale. The Prescott :lopped Yunle lwlee lhle but were eleulhlered by lull' md yea heh lt!! rrudlnen 51. 1 will Bldlfli yllf mes 'Yllf rlh rmeee mhrlller le Pheenle 'reeh by pelnl. 'reeh heel clendele on-lo tn the cerde' epenlng heme ef or-aa. weer lllelre ucond 'rnunderhlrde esunned No meh. az-al end loot an eve ons le heellel ln the In ,II I I II I I I ,,,,,,,,, annum., . ' 'W . my Hoops-1, whe eueulned e nrepprne eenepelnrleed they hell lor Glendele ell yeer end e eeeenn. nee lueley Aedeee-. Che! :ll Uuhlnn lnlee on d """d' sm' by ""'n"' eerelned enllle ln lhe oeamd held ln the leee minute od nley. wee me lrlelrerr epeerelul lee lne 1, c.,,,,,, ,,,,- -4 y 1-een: ll u Bl ll euerler, eeee the slrde eenzrnl me rreehneen heelrelheu team hnde. l-le le eenve in sreelr end ,.,, ' 'N' L" """"" """"" 'W' chlehe: 4 I0 32 34 ot lhe heelrheerde. leer e close nm' W Nvflh Hllh- in e curls letlermnn. W- "" "" """ "' on 'reeh eel Glendlle'o leed to lo- 21-14. on Nenhu home floor North meh end Meee dernlnel-! nlflll Ill cllll 0 lbunh heur eeelelne were 'Nm' """- 9' " 'U 'lfl Yi-l""'f""' re rn tho third euernee despite Thursday, lmernher la. ed the nll.sler team, pllclnlI Llun Pvllcr, Mel-y Aleeender, l"""' "" " """' 5' ""'l Phmlll UMW' 'V' ITS lhe l-lereuleen erinru ul junleee Failure tu rehnund end luck zene end lhree men rerpeelrvely.I ffcemurly 44 haven! lery neey end cerel Dunkel. U "' 'N' Y"" 'V "I" "lvl-Y 'Nm W' G""df" C II Woody clerlr end heh Warren ot good hell handling eeueed lhel V - --Af.. ceneelee le ne llllh hour elanll""" LP' """"""" "IP-H' D'f"'1"'f '- """""4 "' y"whd canned ll end ll pelnu froth to trell ene in leur vom'-'R Cenee - Plhu - Qumr- vcnl-an I-M4141-IVICOQ--"""" ' """' " ""' """"I53'1'4 I I rerpeellyely for Glendale Roses lhreneheul the eenle, hul e elr-. n0s5AN'N's In scum Ill! Huh I-rw Tlhwn- Ill. ""' Ch" G""d"' "'d "' "0" V' "' Anderson, whn replaced lleepee pernl eurre lele in lhe tourthl .Huw SHO, lumen Hvlh-M. Nell ee lhe In-dl lee enru"""'i' ""m' 'md ml lo -l eenler, plnyed an lmvired Quarter swf 'hem - one-win' 342 ll DUNLRP , le elerepleyer reereh lootblll rorllmm 'll' "" 'bmw "2" renee far clendele. 'reeh out- lead wllh lnrly-lrye seconds ln me e dl..e.l. ey... - 'G"""'l' Hu" S"""" "'l'1glrle. ,nur eher-lred lhe slrdr eenrlnl scored Glendale rn lhe wlldefeul. gn. meenlmne nvuno WNY-N11 "lm-1 vmlflvllfd 'fl l . , ,M K,,.,.,. nr r., 21 .,,, lm rr.,.,p,s - --- ii-l the lnvllelnlnel vnlley-hell sports' Q1-he rulee hy whleh lhe lllrle' rvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvey I ' Ib d cm hom .-ee I dey held nl 'rr-nrpe slele cnlleee. wlll nlnv were drnwn up e-eprr-l 'P I AIN 1 nnd hnll.-rl nwey eleudlly lrnnr e Wh' 'Y W' " ' l ' Sahmi-y. December Ulh -ally ll-r lhle verenln nl tlmtbull t BILL S FOUNT I lm llrel prrlud ndl-enlege. Den mn gZeA"""' ' ' K A R l S Ill vllln Mah lvl-wil NIO'-4 In lmlleqe. ceeeh Merlln help- p AND CAFE , Meneendn-lr wlln err pelnle rep- My Housm NATIONAII-Y In lb' 'ull-y-hell :will-ll! od draw up lhe ruin-wrno P 4 rn-d lhr- chu-lee ln eenrrng I 4 nut epmeoeod by Chendlerleheyln' Wl,.,r,, ,an ,nd :HoTo-mgde W I . . . UlSURAlLlg5IAGENCY I ADVERTISED 55055 fog nm wen Talllwn. Tewl. Yuma. Bn. the rula bak le tell you you'ro , W' 'I W mn' MI il G w SINGIS l MERCIIANDIQE I EN-rmg p-Agmy lerfe. aleedele. end cheedler. eeeenelll r open Dduy s LM.-8 P. 1 - - - e l if . , . ' f -- , , 3 ,I M ll ll l I1 T e .....-1. Oclendele High sehenl und .The rnerehlne eeued end row' s""d'Y7 mm' png IM 5' M An. I l 1-elnpe meh School lled for llrel hend frnrn suns wrll nlereh ln P COMPLETE FOUNTAIN 1 UIII-I.I,y FOODS 6 MEMS l pleee honors. lhe seled heel l-ered.. elnnf: SERVICE I I? on F I, NI l PRECISION clue on lhe that eeeln. eeeeh- enlh me lleel Glendale wlll enler p I: U OI Im 5 Guam. 4I 50" 9' "' "7 l ea y I WATCH I U1 rue. Meme. were leolelu ln the perede before nu- snlnrl b An.. rl , , ,ff-,:"'iif"A' I , were-. Merely-e hleoeneu. lu new: Genre. .lenueryl LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQ . . REPAIRINQ eeeeeexyueened.l.eeleueen.ce- -V - fl Y'3'0'H""' 0 1 I nl lleeee. sheen- lnmeeee lea- see I fil' ICIIIO ryrrer.uey.t.yne1'eheeuye. olen- . In levied. eed Kathy reeeee. v A l l E Y T H E A T R E 1 Glendale Realty GLENDAL5 ""'N,,n,,, 'nd du' uh". Q0n the eeeend neern, eneeh, I Ja N. znd Ave. Phene 211 I,I f Jl'l'l-'U sd by mee rredell, were Per Ivmsnu I ,, . ,,,,,,,, , e m I r lpdereebed lleelenserhere wellrer, .leenne ' ' ' l e Cledd1hy.PrlRalln.AnneBelr me-ermeaee-le-ee I c0MpLEr5l,mg ntl. cemlyn Nenhervu. Irene C mcg-5 Gnocggy - - uernenden Helen Tang, nerelhy I N 'I hs- In Hom: I W, rwelesn pen eellh pelnee neheneeer, end ueeene undley. nlrened by MARLIN L, Dhnrr ,,, ,,, ,,.,, ,nu MI II UI GI e e e e so rd l nnxnconnou-'na vo. nodule loulvuyeludwuuu. 5-gg, q.uq,.5.n F., ny- 5 P. M. Nl ay I All enum I I Ghndah rhannacy hen el huh Dennis' lr. . I ""ff0-'. Junior Varslly falls lo Yuma Cnarh Wynn! rvrnleaa .wa lr-ll More NP lhere December ls. al- u and hnwed ro von-rrra .rva rn me lan nnnnle here December rl. 1.1-2: lnr rherr ronnh rnnrae aavr lone ur ga-a the alow-ararllg chn-he rrarled :Ira .rv'a all rhe aray, arrer helng Diana only ls-ls ar halnlrne. fbnvard Dave rolrnaehorr pae- td rhe chn-ha vvrrh anr nolnu, 1:-uowael by hrs rorvvard nrare. 3.111 r:vana, who aol roar The chrelra dernonrrrare d naarlred rnrprovernenr rn hall xandlrng. polar. and 1earn1vorlr 1.11 rrnrldnu lrnrl a heavy rrnrer ra more 1-onalarenlly IP rnlhed rn an eleven free ararna nl ss arrernnr.-11 arhrle rhe- Chn-ar rnade so: or rherr lree no-ea, nrne rnr ls Varna ,nano 1-rarlrna for rhrr-e and nnn hall Resolutions . . . rrnnnnnrd from Page 23 ang. rrrar M11 lhle he-111-r. Juraba Larndhorq- -rn rry ro' hold my rrnln-ner when llelrn Tana rrnna nrv lnn.-h evrry day nlaaherh Blackwell- To n-ear 'laura .rnrl lrlrr- she-rn ua. Zlnur- To nerr-r gn rn th holler house agarn. Hal l now rn the rrral one l'll break Anglo onaaw- l rouldn'l tarp rl anyway Na -vrll-power. ncaa Terry- Nor lo lo wrah aaryrnere arrlr. Bur 1 her l'll hrealr n. wynoaa Macbaaald- Gee oar or had rn lhe nnrrnrng rhe rnrnnre -osos lo llorlh ' High 31-21: In Z3-22 Hearlbrealler onarrerr end lonng a one nolnhrlelo goal aenr Glendale to lu lead rn lhe rrnal rewnoe, lhelronror consecutive dereal. Chlfkl lnsll I htlrlebrenklnl 21-1 hoo zz 1111 111 vnrna. 1a1.,., 1 ,,",':,, E, Yuma hvld a 5-2 qnarler leadlzm Q Q 1 I: 'Z Ind I ll-7 hlllllmt ldvlnllgglhh-nhl I I I ll ll and pulled ahead la-lo al ua E E 3 i IE 2 uhm quarter rnarlr. ' more Brown and :nn nanaeh. aaa-a.a""""' l 2 l 'I '2 lrnlh reored four and rhree nolnu ",.'!."" 2 I 2 'S 'l rerneelrvely lar the chrelra ln gg g g g lg Ig rherr lonrlh hrd lor vlerory. 'nre ara.. 1 ,r a a ra .rv'a lead, 22r2l avnh aho1r1 no ee- I 1 I 1 1 mnda rernarnrna hal a Yluna ra nan r 19 a Jackralllllls And Badgers Tied For Class A Honors unlenrlrna rharnolon lvreaa .rarlrrahhrra and the Tuuqn Badgers are rred for rlrar place rn rhe Clara A rlandrnga warn rhrr-r wrnr agarnrr no loud aner lwn werlrn 111 rhe mo haalreahall aeaann have alrnped ny. Mora gnl by two alern lean larr n-1-our by lhnrnprng PU and NP by was and as-29 reorea rerperlrvr-ly -rrreaona Badgers rnnnlr-d Arnnln, 76-Ill and drop- ped rhrnrr- 1-relorrrnra Phoenix Twh, sarsn Pre-rr-nlr hrrlda lonrlh 'hlrrer hr-lnnd Phornnr 'rech whrle lwr-al llrrrhur nnrprrarng 'rhnnder- l lnrdr lollllw wrrh two loraer and 1lvl'o vlclnrlfll. I The Nrrrlh Phoennr Mnrlanaa have a ahalry onevlwo record lwrrh a wrn over Glendale, so-so 'and loaaea lo wen 1-lrgh by one 'nnrnr and a as-zo derear by Mun. Arrer rhree nrnrrer-eaarnl :ner rne aloa ararnng Glendale 1carrl1nalr rnrraeored Yuma, so-so i lu hand Ihr Crlminlls their 'ronrrh loaa In five rrarnea, Yuma won a rorrela garne rronr Anrphi lor 11a only claaa A rrlnrnph. The Panllrera hold down the unwant- ed rellar alol wnh no vlarnrler and three loaaea, lConUnucd lrnrll Fllc Zl Inna nal ahhhhll Lana lwl ohhhhh ' Inna Ala Donn! IW! lllldlblkar Dollll Iwi fluir Donna Klhlr nalph nor rm lalph nal newer ,nalnh rrnaea rlayaaaad non lxeuu rno nayraond ana pardon mn lA1mMadHO0P0l Auaoo .aaa ham Allaaa nal lpva CARDINAL Hl-LIGHTS Those Dfrxnnl burn between Deeernher 21 and .lannary la have been born under the algn of Clvricom. 'rheae people let about the wont hrealr la me aal.-ologleal ealendar. ainee caprleor-n ra lhe mo A soup-cn or Mercury. which rule the nrlnd, added In she cape would noe be arnlaa, alnee your Clpricomlln il inclined lo be l bit mick ln the drull. Cape are wllhouz lrnaginalion, hul they are dependable. Yon can depend undn them never ro take advanlage or you, alwayr ro do rhelr work well and alwaya to be lrcurlle in lhelr accounts, dau and dam. The chap who gnl lhaa rarae ru mrrespnndence school ad: because he knew the dale or lhe hmle or Waterloo ar whatever rl war, lynn a Cap. Bnl he haanw had a rarae since lhen ln any dlrpnle involving larls. 1he Caprlr-ornran usually vvrna, hecnnse he knows whal he rs lallrrr-rg about and he rr stubborn enough to stick lo hla point nnzrl he har proved that he ix rrghl. He ap! lu be a dlxtruding bare on ra lhar account lu anybody but an- other Cap. He is neal and tidy and lx ala wayr on time for aonolnlnrenla. He even nayr hia hrlla on rlrne. The can in his pure, nnadnlr- eraled rule ra alrnon wholly de vord of th: mzllowzr sentiments and henr-e he rarely :eu mixed up in any or the mniitr eeandelr. You never find a cap rnalrlng a naar at a orelry penaenger ln a Prrllrnan ear ar rlgnrlng ln a love' near eooalde ln lhe rahlolda. ll ra hard enorrgh for cape to gel ol: any sl-nam even lar lhe peo- nle they an ln love ahh When a can marrld. he alrna In lraeo rnar-rled for good 'rhey eonaader every relallonahlp ln ure as pore- ly a hnarneaa nropoaluorrr and il rnnrr be aald lor them rhar orey are alwayr aqnare rn holding up rherr end ol an agreernenr. caprrenrnrana never garnhle. The lynreal caprrenrnlanr an duur lndrvrdnala, rnelanrholy an mood, rnaprrrona rn rnanner, and aallnw rn eamnlearnna -rhey are aa a rule rnrlrned 11, be errher tall or ahora, hor rn on rare are they ever rar 'rhey may be rolrd- ly hrnlr, but leanenr ra rherr rhare aeaerlme rnore one-n than nor They-usually have good nrolrlea and their nous are lr-an and parrre cian in eonlonr. 'rln-y are rarely hall and an anelrned ro nrrenreneea rhal wornan born nnrler rhra rren llflen have muillvhli brr Dr: 20. Z2. h dalr! an- for lhe month I amber: vlrglnra Parker. GUHS Cnprlrurmanx Ind thtlr l rr c Anna chaahy. Janer me-a. Mary Jane Forruer, chrlanne Lowery, Sandy Uhlman. .lane nohrnaon. .lanlee nnnrne ann, Blanche Hand, nary lrarrlaon, Don Holt, Mary El- len Pollard, Phylrea hdarnr. Nrla Hale. .ro Ann rlarr1a..r1n1 Manrea, B11- ly Hoe Mrneyard. 23, 14. Q ASTROLOGY in E um, cn, ' 1 atoscopes ana gitflraalis GQBY BARBARA MOLIDOR 26. 27. Tum Tamoclrl. Il, lley. Audrey Still, Glldyl Auhla. Howard Stump, allldllh Wah. as. Lena Aja, Steve sagwall. nr- chud aeery. Panlrne llroror. Waller Grullc. 31. Gaulle Bedllon. Ronald Han- eoelr. Gloria rrahrey, .rannary caorreornran are: I. Joan Lovell, 2. hum Mohamed. 3. Vlrlor Kllinlrhmldl. Ahri- Cllll Blrdelll. Joanne Brav- er. Belly ryree. Helen Kan mura, Dnrrnny Moeanee, Bob Clover Glenna Ducharmz' Belly Jane Nnrn, xoener aloe Calwell 5 a. 7. B 9 Marlene Zrnr laargarer Nanry Rurker. Hulh Rudd:-ll. lo. Max Green. Franeea xohnahr ll. Dong .lnhna11n, lrnherr war' ner. lz Doug Mnerke, non lvlener-n rlrelr, r-'lorr-ner Pelerann, sr- neelrne 1'nr1n1peon, wrlnnr hdlrraenn, rlnhr-rl 1-1111 13 John wor-de 14. larll Crouch, zdrnond nl- wardr. ls. nnherr coralrn, nn-lr svrn. ney. Judy wade ls, vallre uemnh. Czrul cork- rrll. lv Raymond Rn-e. .roye Towne, Mlrran walderlr ln. vn-grnra Lee, rsrll Lloyd, My- rna Smalllnl Schmokarfs Sarvlca Naehaloal work. hall Hunan and pahlaq. Nl W. Glhkla Avi. 's Slullio PHOTO FUISHIIG PORTRAIT! gsm- llmdvaa Darth lo, Porala li! ' Plumbing Dacilral Sapplaa J. D. Halslaad Lumbar Co. Wal A Ava. al Gnmd Phono ZSI KIDS. Sharpe and PIIIHIIS W 'W ml' 'U' To In I mmlscigol can allana wana Z Y V W 25' D""'ffu"" ls, Barbara Marln-arn 75' l . Y Y . . Y per rar vrr. nranann near ra. , - M .I L M tk Qu S YY I mrrma Pulcr: azrelnelenrlrhonan 11 wa. one Fall opening Y-Teens Achve In a ol U-H' 'Em I Youngerrs X H nanny ueolaala- Shaw,Mr, Thr aerond ann or Glendale S h 1 . GIIOCPIH-IB - VIGF-'l'll'-53 Glallllllt I , 5 ""a.:.I.f:m:"1fl':3.": 2::r,.l:2sxl,nL,1Eu:J2'a11'f1 c.c29...1...,EllE .1 a.. '13Z1"'i..,,"."?.Z.f'. rn fr-fl I- S-rrlr 11 TWU' 50- i 'OU' C"0"" hun everyday in everyway- rernher unless rrnroraeen drrrrenl- dun' Dom p,,,,,,,,,,, ,,1c,,,,a,1. Y Y Dum! 6 A cond., un or bm., um panhow, lre-a arrae. de-nl, Jackie Fine: aecrenry. Pal 1 ,Q ,nd hmmm, l foggy hull- .nur be good Awarding lo Mr. Ashe, b1ds11,,,l,: maaurar, Lney znrrarj ,, mdwh,-I pouymy Suppl-3 U I - ff-rr-r - --iQ-e and l'll be dorn' good. I n-rll be ealled lar abmrl she rnrd- The ,lub-, ,mum is Mm DW.. -lm' W- an - , X 22 wa' Gl.nd.l. V rvvvvvvvvvvvv stu' uxdeay- 3,111.1 my drlelnr rnhgary ani 1: rabhongd mn, ,,,,u1,, ,,,,,.,1,,,:r 1:1 ,,,1,: H an SHOW: V IAIY CHICKS , Av. 1 ' l ' ln m ram ln. I l mn rl I Gln C y Q h h d MMM ' nm! ' strangle ulllnni 'ro gel a rnan. rrrar vr-eelr rn Maron. ,z,.::r: lnerllnlrlr l.u ly 0 rua w. araaaara av.. l W Pouus PUIOIII 265 l K ofdif Your 1'-aanalo Alaaander- slan lrv- ll rhra srhool 1-an aelnally he Q iw 1 , c , n b Il , 'I ll P r-A-A-W -- .Y l fl 'W Y YYY 7 blush Wrmnm To mike I 410 llrlezgllyllvgle'-'Z regiscrlillrzffawgid CHOZAFEOVIN X , Your Record ' 7"""' ' I or . , l 1 l 1 ae oo. r. Y ' 1 1 mmm , I-.ill-Wllaaws-1 zgnrld a renee ifhel lglxa 11111 orlpeel to have N, ,,,. ,,u,,,, ,mx 1 ch"""'f5 TOY' 3 l H Cd t n Ammlu' . ON I sound Lorrne. 730 r-laaaea rrerrl year nur doer W.-nl - mon own. G Gifts ' l e quo' 975 ' 'RADIOS and RPFUINCB W r A laura Haamek- A1-1 human he lhrnlr thc lo Jn bus r11n vvlll M um. 1 X I l 1 Th pun undym-sou : ll-'Y' 'W VIH, hr a change- iii-no-'rsdlry iwii Y A - Y Y Y l ' S E, spom-mc GOODS it MADE To onnm M' - 1: 11- r 1:1 r1 ordoH0R0BE1 HUIWUG Q vll'l0lY, coury co. lv 0. S. 1 E P .ns-' lx. ll IIVIG l-OOMPJ-Lundberg .. . C. Penney co ' me w.caa1a1raaelr 1 mac , I ld wh C In l Mortuary -1 Wa alva l ""'J:l""' cgmpany I I Balls. ole. PIIOKESI7 ' cl-mrnorclnwll: "Tha 3539!-'TU' STAMPS ji """ 2 ' ' f WH' - U P Oal 1 It-Hr.Ambulanco Hom. iYY . . YY f -Y I rothlllbwal uhh 4 Plano our f of 1 M ' , l ill! M P . l ' ludwm md """""' 'M' 1 vera..-1 Smllll Motor 1 Buick co S mos' E rms. nm's . ....... 1 i - 1 1 P . I ee . . . . -any Sales mc, g rnarlnr Cnll Shop I 1 P mngn S, 0'-Dmom-5 gang . mmm ru lr. aa llva. Gladi urr.adr.aa.r.a- nAs11.m's I S-M-B-M i : ,,,o,,,,,,., N, an mme, las lad A Ave. no L claadola Ava I a a 1 I I Yom nm, M10 FIIBTOIII burn srorm """'m cl ' HM' su li mea: lollm EoP"""""'-"-"""-'- 1 tho norlarlaa ? ' ' -'An 'W ,vw Y V-A a---------------- GENES s rrorra Socaad Ava. llaeaaara-loo nm nn nrm w' ' raaaaan eraaaar. Wm :vw 'Ig-I:--1 l UZUNF ww fgivn 1 WESTERN au'ro d I F I l Madam Market nooarlr 1 sunumlm 5UppLy a e mw G A '--M 1 rl sm,,,.Un wmom sssncroadrlva. nuggg r M 'le l ' QUALITY MERCHANDISE 1 sun' oovnls 3 mm m ,,, 1 Ulgllgy new 8 md M M he . BEEF - Poux - vm. - LAM: ' "o"'31mcm j Glelllllll lrlllller Co. ' Phonoa ur - lla Phono 4:4 clnmruar: Fun" Fwd' - 1 - - - ' ,W At Wholesale Price: Complain uae ol sandra. r wr nm Gunnar.: ,.,,,.,,,,,,, - nr.. Y """1"' nerr. srous mm m M"-'-F35 NRE RYA N - EVA N 5 p,,c,,,i,,g Smokin, , cum, ' I3 N. lad Ava. Pla. 9204 lr SUPPLY CO. " ' ' sl . 1 Glmnm aughtermg Sharp Fraaling 1 1 Phono Ill -wh 1 COSMETICS. 1 -1 14: r. Gllnalala Ava. l I ' m L shud. An scl-loor. 1 was rl:wl:l.lnr l S 1 mm ms Wo aaeva ra. had sodaa. """'G SAF EW A Y 31-i"""-rr-1' ""' 'hm' -- - ---I 1 . Y YY ,--:e:::!!!:::EQ!I!f:: -1 IS Ilanh Sound An. 1 Y- --,,.-a 4'--I . -uu- Visit The Home crnmrlu. AIIIOIIA l '1:EE:"""!""e:!!!'! a ---: or ra.. Pl-lon: nu 1 S. L. Slewarl c0lSh1Cflll Co. lisssallll l IZIUIU Int Mexican 1 1 Fwd l A Llhk -W Q ww I IIIADY lm odracm-r: slum llocx DBIVEWAY cnrlvu. la Perla Cale ml.r:l's P , l1 w. cloadala Avo. D EBT CY i ,M M 1 'om' Glmdal' T"""" mom: nu ma nd Click I lan 1 N'cdrloodaYLD:clrnvb:r 20, lm 112:39 I.:-ft, Glenda qols hnvk-talk trnm tx Mynuh bud. R1qhI.Mr.PtxImv1 qtvvs the spuutn-11: tht- "qtw"stt1rmI Iwlt, Mrs, ChIrr'1y':4 h'v::hm0n sr-ll ruth: und jars. Ritxht, Inrry Shaw on loys tho Nuttontrl Honor Sfwtoty PIIIIUIIRI ptvrxlsx I.m-H, Hurd rmirh fm' -1 :ahot tn or pruvnun vmlvybnll qmne, Rnqht, Ctqhth-qmdors vemt thw vmnpus and wtmi up wlth we KTUIIIII. Lvtt, Mr, Lnuqhrun Ill nr typivcrl pose. Mlddle, Rxt'hurc'l wmdrs up for ti dzsvurs throw. Rtqht, Vtm um! A1 qv! to the rout and turd tr utunorn thorn, two. A Few Overlooked Items And Personalities Through The Year gil in li Mary Harrison Most photoqenic senior girl Ierene Maierle Most phctoqenic Junior qirl Most pliotoqenic senior liny Don Gunnell Mos? photoqenic iiinior boy Carroll Mchllisier McINTYRE'S STUDIO PORTRAYFS --- FGTOFINISI-HNG Cameras cmd Supplies 21 Norlh 2nd Avenue Presents the Most Phofoqeriic Girls in GUHS Chosen by the Armucrl Staff Mes! pliimviiviiiv Sfllllllllllfllm lnoy Alvin Thompson Mosl pholoqeniu fmsh lucy Wayne Snyder Rosila Knox Mwst pliivmiimiic soplifmiorv qirl Sandy Uhlmcxn Most pliotoqenic fresh :girl , fs? QL ' Y 'f" - LEONARD - LUNDBERG M O R T U A R Y Attendant on 5 Qiigf, Visit Arizona's Most Duty at All 1,9 H W sfmwfipli 5,1 .:1, we Beauhful Funeral Times milk ff Home CII-IIAIPJIEIL CHIP QIHIIIMIES DAY AND NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE Our l'c1'.v01111ef uw! FtlI'l.lZ'fl.6?A' 11-vfziffzbfe fwizhaur cxfm c'0.vf Phone 9297 Corner Central and "A" Avenue Glendale BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS NURTHSIDIE UNIUN TO THE SERVICE CLASS GE '51 UIM WEEDJ . 327 S. Grand Ave. Phone 9989 1 KIM S MARKET d I Congratulations to y S Class of 51 Food Market POLAR BAR Quality Groceries D R I V E I N N and Meats Y 2809 North Central Avenue "Dr:PENQAs1u'rY" Pnoamx rs outa WATCH worm Congratulations to the Class of '51 CARTER 81 BATES REALTYCO. LA IDIERLA CAFE MEXICAN FOOD Farms so Homes w Business property Phone 9284 19 W. Glendale Ave. and Rentals 1. P. PAMPA I. C. HERRERA Phone 9442 AL BATES PHILO OAMER, OHLOE BATES Gffilde "A" ESfC1b1iShf1'1e1'1f Hass WEED Broker RUTH BOOK Corbin S Davis Electric Company ALL TYPES OF ELECTRICAL lNSTALLAT1ONS Distributors for Allis-Chalmers Electrical Products and Drives 4-7310 PHOENIX, ARIZONA 4-7319 Congratulations to the CLASS OF '51 ' Morcomlfs Service QUALITY MARKET BEST OF SERVICE 118 E, Glendale Avenue 285 N.w. Grand Ave. Glefldflle Arizona Glendale Arizona Cgnqfqtulqtions I-Io Mo C00 Complete Automatic Service G E N E PARTS AND ACCESSORIES I B. F. GOODRICH CHEVRON S Tires G Batteries Gas Station ll2 E. Glendale Avenue HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES NORGE REFRIGERATORS MOTOROLA TV L Congratulations to the CLASS or '51 A K from I A Younger Furniture Company AUTO TOPS AND 22 N. Glendale Ave. SEAT COVERS Phone 265 Auto Upnolstering of All Kmds COMPLETE HCME FURNISHINGS ll W. Glwnntalo Avenue Ph 8llZ K R U X Glenclale's Own Station" Serving the Valley of the Sun 24 hours a Day MUSIC - NEWS - SPCETS BEST OF LUCK TO THE Best Of Luck CLASS OF '51 Class of 1951 G. W. SING MARKET ARIZONA JANITOR comer ot sth Avenue SUPPLY COMPANY and A Street 26 South 3,-d Avenue Phone 312 Ph 44331 30837 Ph A Congratulations to the Graduating Class ot '51 INE BRCS. .H a r d w cz re FULLER PAINTS ERIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES First Avenue and Grand du h-vm I COMPANY SA N DS 10 f 444 East Adams Street M O T O R C O M P A N Y Phoenix, Arizona CHEVROLET . DEALER Our Business Is Making Good Impressions BAND INSTRUMENTS Selmer Buescher Ludwig G Ludwig Martin Gui! MCLENNAN WHOLESALE PIANQSV CANDY CO' 22555 Clifichef SHEET MUSIC - RECORDS 1534 W. VOID Buren Si- PIANO and INSTRUMENT RENTALS Phone 4-0589 Phoenix, Arizona CO, 130 W. Adams St., Phoenix 82601 8-2602 BEST WISI-IES TC THE 1951 GRADUATING CLASS FROM MARSTON SUPPLY COMPANY Sporting Goods School Supplies 324 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, AUZOHCI WE WISH TO CONGRATULATE THE CLASS CPI? H9511 Betty's The Cardinals Nest Mom and POP ALL Aiaoitr Li rim CAMPUS Ge0rqe's Place LEONARD'S EL PASO CHAIN STORES X ARROW SHIRTS 4 LEVI STRAUSS - STETSON HATS - FLORSHEIM SHOES CAROLE KING DRESSES - SAMSONITE LUGGAGE - CONNIE LO HEELER BEST FORM FOUNDATIONS GLENDALE - PEORIA - TCLLESCN SEVEN STORES TO SERVE YOU Wherever you are in Central Arizona, you'll find a Stapley siore nearby, stocked with practically everyihinq you need for the farm and home 4, . C i C0.S.STABLEY 1 1 GLENDALE - PHOENIX - MESA - BUCKEYE - CHANDLER - CASA GRANDE - COULIDGE Q U I C K ' S GLENDALE MUSIC STORE APPLIANCE MART KING 61 BACI-I BAND INSTRUMENTS LEEDY DRUMS Everything for the Band or Orchestra Musician General Electric Crosley -:- Zenith RADIOS 6. TELEVISION R.C.A. Television 33 E. Monroe St. Phoe Ph 32949 5 S 3 QI A enue Glendale, A RETAIL STORES RETAIL STORES Howard 8- Stofft A 9 B f ' Peterson, Brooke r.,c,o,, 4 8. Steiner t B Prescott Q Flagstaff Yuma x M VVVV X 'A' Stationer Pmnsou, snoonf, STEINER 2, wlsr P B SW Yum Safford 530 West Washington - PHOENIX - Phone 2-2301 ARIZONA DISTRIBUTORS COMPLETE FURNISHINGS FOR f ROYAL TYPEWRITERS f A. D. MIMEOGRAPH if VICTOR ADDING MACHINES f DITTO DUPLICATORS ir ELLIOTT ADDRESSING MACHINES f EDIPHONES -Ar AMERICAN SEATING COMPANY "A SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR ARlZONA" SMITH MOTOR SALES CONGRATRULATIUNS OLDSMOBILE DEALER from J. C. PENNEY co. M5 Eiffgfiggfgenue Phone 9222 1 W -' we t x Beall Motors, Inc A .L ,X A Authorized DESOTO - PLYMOUTH DEALER Phone 9164 J. D. Halstead Lumber Co. Paul Sale FURNITURE COMPANY "ONE FOOT OR A MILLION" 47 W. UAH Avenue Complete Home Furnishings General Electric Appliances Phone 321 Nationally Advertised Carpets Glendale' Arizona 436 P G'endale Avenue Phone 458 Glendale, Arizo - Swift and Company ics CREAM PLANT Camelback and Mission Road Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona Phone 5-4747 Washington at Second Street Conqratulations Prom Miller's Desert Pharmacy 27th and Glendale Avenues BANKS ELECTRIC COMPANY 225 Ecrst Glendcxle Avenue GEORGE CRAWFORD Phoenix Phone 3-4083 Glendale Phone 9124 A fi ,N "Most Likely Establishing and maintaining a friendly, business-like relationship with a good bank is important to young men and women, particularly to those who aspire to become tomorrow's business and professional leaders. These young men and women who establish a banking connection by opening a savings account and adding to Succeed to it regularly. . .who consult the bank about their plans for the future... who win and keep the confidence of their banker...have gained a valuable, life-long ally. The Valley National Bank cordially welcomes the accounts and friendships of all sincere, ambitious young men and women. VA,!!.'L!EEC..'?!:S.lEl.Q!?lc4?lE..'R6t:!t'li- Qene's MODERN MARKET 127 West Glenclctle Avenue Phone 381 BEST WISHES TO Tl-IE CILASS OF 'SI BETTS INSURANCE AGENCY X I I SY I I' I A3 35359 A -255555 O 'V5i ??35 A 1 I C EEE CEIIY FLOUR AND FEED CO. wi-We ARIZONA ROSE FLOUR cmd RED STAR FEED IT IS A PRIVILEGE FOR THE CITY OF GLENDALE TO HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO WISH THE BEST OF LUCK TO AND CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1951 In the Successful Completion of Their School 'Work WHITNEY BROTHERS 9 IIIRWI LAUNDRoMAT , A 1 ' 'P' T North Side of ony Park ir, iff' A CONES - MALTS Automatic Dryers and Irorier X L ' ' SUNDAES FREE PARKING i ff: Quarts and Pints PHONE 9215 GLENDALE 141 North lst Street Jlficgrew PRINTERY PHOEN IX 601 EAST ADAMS 0 PRINTING O ENGRAVING O BINDING 0 RULING PRINTERS OE HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ANNUALS BEST OE LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '51 I Glendale Auto 6. Tlre Sales, Inc. GLENDALE, Amzorm Glendale Hardware and , Your Friendly Hudson G U.S. Tire Dealer Pamt Co. 440 E.G1endale Ave. Phone 9218 Gffmd O' 3rd Avenue Complete Building Supplie-S Phoenix 2-7656 Giohooio 9474 and Specialties Devoe Paints BEST WISHES - - Marlon S. Whitney TO THE Firestone Dealer Store CLASS OF '51 TEXACO PRODUCTS WILSON SPORTS EQUIPMENT Phone 9256 Phone 717 101 South Grand A Glendale, Arizona Glendqle Congratulations Q at .vuf Graduation from SINCE I934 Phone 658 142 E. Glendale Avenue Glendale. Ariz BE A STAR COOK- Bake delicious pies, cakes and pastries with this fine quality, 10096 ARIZONA STAR FLOUR ARIZONA FLOUR MILLS PLANTS AND LANDSCAPING Glendale food I-ocke'-S . PROCESSORS OF FOODS FOR LOCKERS GLENDALE NURSERY AND HOME PHEHZHRS Gmnd Gt 6th Avenue Custom Slauqhterinq and Curing Phone 9866 BYRON PECK P.O. Box 222 Glendale, Arizona PHONE 9229 IOHN WHITAKER HEADQUARTERS F OR CAR PARTS CAR ACCESSORIES CAMPING SUPPLIES COTS AND TENTS AMMUNITION WATER BAGS AND IUGS BROOKS AND WHITNEY'S WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY RYAN - EVANS DRUG STURE Complete Drug Needs Prescriptions e Fountain Service lst and Glendale Ave. Phone 411 THE VALLEY PRINTERS PUBLISHERS - COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Home of the GLENDALE HERALD Ill Eat A' Avenue GLENDALE, ARIZONA l:IlER'S BAKERY 15 North Second Avenue Phone 9294 RUCKER'S FILLING STATION CI-IEAPEST GAS AND KEROSENE IN TOWN 4th Avenue and Grand Avenue Hammond Soap and Chemical Co. MANUFACTURERS Soaps Cleaners Insecticides Disinfectants DISTRIBUTORS 0 Waxes Q . Sanitary Supplies Q Polishes Floor Finishes Phoenix, Arizona Phone 8-5307 or 8-5308 115 West Iackson Street OUR BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OE 1951 Q! O'Malley Glendale Lumber Co. 'he fglenhztle num PRINTERS-PUBLISHERS - STATIONERY Serving Giend le and Vicinity Since Stctehood THE NORTI-ISIDE'S WEEKLY PAPER" CONGRATUIILATIIUNS Glass of '51 FROMAFRIEND YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE GLENDALE PHARMACY Prescription Pharmacists 214 South 1st Avenue G1eno1a1e, Arizona S. L. STEWART Phoenix Phone 8-5043 Glendale Phone 9150 Ready-Mixed Concrete Sand - Rock - Gravel ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN SUCCESS TO THE 1951 GRADUATES A ' Tlbe Pantatorium QUALITY DRY CLEANING 228 E. G1enda1e Ave. Phone 531 SCHOOL AWARD LETTERS ATHLETIC UNIFORMS SHIRT LETTERING AND LETTERING S t G t EMBLEMS POI' S en ef DEKEN SEAMLESS AWARD SWEATERS East Glendale Avenue Q Phone 9203 Nelson's Monogram Service 5 'West Adams St. K2nd Floorl Byron Nelson Telephone 2-5657 Phoenix, Arizona SPORTING GOODS FISHING TACKLE e GUNS AMMUNITION CAMPING EOUIPMENT Shamrock Cafe YOU KNOW lT'S "The Best In The West" Always Open You Know Where It I KARL'S SHOE srone SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ll6 E. Glendale Ave. Congratulations to the CLASS OF '51 67 en 3 Dress Shop 50 N. 3rd Avenue XJ Glen Theatre Building Congratulations to the Class of '50 ARIZUNA EGG C0. f DESERT BRAND EGGS COLORADO GOLD BUTTER DURKEE FAMOUS FOODS 2437 E. Washington Phone Phoenix 3-8511 Sprouse-Relll 5c - IUC - 25C STORE It wouldn't be heaven Without Steak and Chicken Dinners at lenn's DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Highways 60-70-89 GLENDALE, ARIZONA I 'Shell" Neukom, Prop. Phone 521 EVER READY DRUG COMPANY THE REXALL STORE 206 East Glendale Avenue Glendale, Arizona 'C'2'5'Zi Compliments Yo u're on Your Way lt's a long, hard climbg truel But if you aim hlgh enough, any labor involved In the climb upward will pay off in results Wall Adams Buick Co. 340 E. Glendale Ave. ' . R l h . many times over emember a ways t at Glendale! ANZ- Phone 591 Education is one of our most priceless N possessions. Cherish it-use it well-it will be of utmost value to you ln attaining your pinnacle of success! ' .1 W .9 BY WIRE ANYWHERE PHONE 543 A S Q. Qlendale floral Shop Flowers, "The Perfect Gift" For Every Occasion AIA ll AI vs W 222 E. GLENDALE AVE. U ' "" l CHAS. A. PITTS GLENDALE, ARIZONA Best Wishes and Congratulations to the CLASS OF '51 RAMRAS SPECIALTY CO. Wholesale Iobbers cmd Distributors Union Super Service 5th Avenue and Grand Avenue Glendale, Arizona Complete Line of Drug Sundries, EXPERT Notions, Toys, Variety Merchandise Tife Repairs Cm Washing Tires and Tubes Lubrication 217 VV Iefferson Sweet Batteries Motor Cleaning I Accessories Phoenix, Arizona 4 . K l S E R MOTOR SERVICE PLYMOUTH - DCDGE -'44 DEALER YOU'VE Tried The Rest . . . Good Luck to NOW Get The BEST! GILBERT GILBERTSCN the Class of 1951 from A al W RO0T BEER KEIM PRODUCE CO. 105 qnd Sc Purveyors of Pine Food Stutfs to GUHS Grand Ave. Next to Swimming Pool GLENDALE, ARIZONA 515 E. Grant Phoenix Phone 8-4848 Conqrutulcrtions TIIOHIHS E. C0llI'y from Company 12,75 -.., ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES DKERFHOHIDS CU. whim'-Hmm-QMWMMWm 134 E. Glendale Ave. Phone 9251 Glendale, Arizona A. R. Dankworth, Inc. Los Angeles 17 San Francisco 8 1414 West 7th Street 126 Post Street Correct Personal Cards Club Pins - Medals Commencement Invitations "Famous" Herft-Iones Class Rings SOLD OUT! All Those Lovely Three-Bedroom Homes in Upshaw Desert Gardens North Central and Mountains BUT - LOOK I am starting 15 more about May 18th Near Mountains and Del Monte Ave. W. D. UPSHAW OWNER - BUILDER - susmvmsa GLENDALE MOTORS Bmzill- Whitney Mortuary OXYGEN - EQUIPPED AMBULANCE General Insurance - Real Estate A. MARDIS SHEETS Phone 9265 CHARLES R. WHITNEY 203 EGS1 "A" Avenue Director Glendale Eastman Kodaks Argus, Revere THE CAMERA SHOP 36 North First Avenue 538 E' Dunlap Sunnyslope Ph. Office 234 Guns and G1GY1dG19 Home 234 ARCH KEEN, Owner Ammunition O ' M A L L E Y ' S BUILDING MATERIAL SUN NYSLOPE Visit our Cosmetics Dept. Featuring ous sP1cE W MAX FACTOR DOROTHY GRAY - YARDLEY's LUCIEN LzLoNc A corv Sunnyslope Pharmacy Cor. N. 7th 6: Dunlap Sunnyslope AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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