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4 I . I - - 4 . :Nxt yu- ' .W?f'1.5 v ,I L nf , 11,4 Q-'fBf'2.'t" ' if 1. 'magic ff. ' J, in A J. . ily: ' - ' f mi, 4... .4 bling 1,1--g. .gpkx I1 cb .LY . M FSM . if fx. f pr , f .Ag,.+ ,, V 35: ' Tj: . a' 1 ' 'MLM' -. X TB.. . IA.. -I 1-Wi' 1 .gh fgfiff if . F Eff' -' in z L.vr',,.'- ffl ff," X 'Q y'., r - . .1 e I 1 . U-1 Lx n - g ' x N v , . . A -'tfx 5 . . . , ... 1- ,. , , x . I . x 1. H , vf',g,f Q. f'xl7.1A, ' f:Ti.1'R'VQJ.' 3'5'.f1:-A 4 ' qQ'EAP5?.1g I i'?1:f' 1 ' . Q , .P-'Q ,'w v.1M..,l- .. fv!11.-1, it ,. r-fm-,,f 6. mg . . '+R J . Q 5 1 ,.n.- 11"- Lj A' A" ...pq fmvj ,I ..,.- .' . Vx J wa? ,1g5.-.PX ul' ' H V ' fr T V Law 1 , rf '- : L 's- - 1-.QI ' .5 I.: r' ,,4..Q',vq-X. 11 .X s , 11'iF'.-YN ' ir,'Jf'.. N n.,,,,.' 1'h.'.s Q 'I' .1 5 .ir 1, w I A 1 ' f , ' f ' f X I 1 1 1 v . X 1 1 .5 . . -, . . . . x , 1 . 1 N x x '5 . x f X 1 I s V, 'A , . I. .n. , .' . . 1 Q . . 1 "'., vi A ..r.. w'1 fa . . J. . .I , ,. 1 u W .I' . ' I V ' Vi' . ,. . 4 f I" .4 .I N ' I r 1 -:f.'l.l' j,,.h.,. w " 'f 1 2. lifu , .. I , 1. ff' ,-. .. - , . QJNI ' , N 1 J. I' .3 ffm ,,, . , .fps . '14 I ., ,N .' . 1 1 ,N 1 - I 1:1 YV' 1' .w ' .I 1' 'Y .Y , ' 1. . W 1. .F . . ,K I Q f .. . M Ja' ., .1 . ... -- ,. 1. 4' .,- ..-1 A , .J , .-6, ..,,-4 kj-x. nj .ff x Q.. .',-V l 'I .3- . . 7. X V . . f.: . X . rg N K x I F JA .A ,. I. lr.-. 1, '. .,.x', 4, mx.: ,. !':'g Vw ,V I 51' 'f -. 3+ x .1 lub, 4'.I 1 ' .xi f . , . , X ' 'TV -. ' ' V '-xl 1 'xl -' M, P" V " ' f 11 1. 5 , tu.: i f ,V L V' V x , 4 ' vw I 'W f rl' . r 1 'ff' .f.,, Q - 5 Q M, .al V gg -' 1 1. .r. D ,: 4 ,J . C1 I 9-4 7 Gardinal . . . from the .Cibrary Of Your life on the Campus of Glendale Union High School The CARDINAL -1947 BOOTS GARRISON, Editor LORENA HEDGPETH, Bus. Mgr. An annual publication of the High School Student Body THERE IS A TOWN CALLED GLENDALE . . . AND IN THIS TOWN, THERE IS A HIGHWAY-AN AVENUE-A ROAD . . . AND DOWN THIS ROAD-ACROSS THE TRACKS OF THE ROMANTIC SANTA FE -THERE IS . . . Q Wh " ' IAQVQE? ...A HIGH SCHOOL-AND AS IN EVERY AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL-AND IN EVERY AMERICAN TOWN-THERE IS THE CHANCE TO LIVE IN FREEDOM- AND THINK IN FREEDOM-AND PLAY IN FREEDCJM. HERE IN YOUR LIFE AT GLENDALE W IS THE FREEDOM TO MCLD YOUR FUTURE W 'E if ifz my --SWS fl U S '-n-...q I 'fil l ' I I ' I r fav ' I -Ban-, WL, The Auditorium The Boilerhousep Woodshop The Main Building Wes? Lawn Info Old Library Building . -AND INTO THESE BUILDINGS YOU HAVE COME TQ PLAY - VCE! Effux 2 fill J? WFIY TO STUDY TO LIVE - NCJW- WHILE YOU ARE CN CJUR CAMPUS- MEET THE BOSS . . . SUPERINTENDENT Robert UI. .Ashe Young and efficient, Mr. Ashe took over in the fall of 'I946 and has become both admired for his fine work and liked for his genial, kindly personality. It is he who charts our course safely through our growing years. A good friend and a wise leader, this Bob Ashe. PAGE 13 ND THOSE WHo HELP HIM GUIDE Us Mrs. Isabelle M. Thomas Registrar Secreta ry ll-ug-, CLD Mr. Robert Crouch Dean of Boys CRD Mr. Robert Scott Special Assistant Mrs. Harriet lmes Dean of Girls PAGE l 4 ! 1s,', 'rsazsvftzsfwvsw , .Si PAGE I5 M. D. DAVlES, Math J. J. COGHLAN, Art ND THEN THERE Is THE v. L, BICE, Biology S. H. CLARDY, English These are the men and women who teach us, w h o encourage o u r aims and foster our ideals . . . Patient and, no doubt, long-sutfer- ing, they work unceas- ingly to make us better citizens, to lead us to h e i g h t s of acheive- ment which, save for th e i r guidance, we might never experience in our lives . . . To them we owe a debt of gratitude. T. P. TAMMEN, Latin, et al VV, B. RUTH, Physical Ed. R. C. SCOTT, English W. HEFFELFINGER, Woodshop R. C. BRANSON, History l l J. MCALLISTER, 'English G. O. .VlElNlAl3D, Alielirlfiwrsw N,B,LALE,EngIisl1 AND You DISCOVER THAT TEACHERS RE XNICE PEOPLE' Too 7' l ,Ui F. SCQGGINSY Sooniglq Mr. Allen Grabs ci Quick Lunch iUi GA STANLEY, Moth QL! J, WHATLEY, Mgflq QLD A. LEVIN, Journalism C. J. SWAIN, Physical Ed. R. MASTERS Radio u M 'F -..I V. V. GILMORE Home EC. E. s. oLssoN R. E. CROUCH, Physaml Ed. Soem . , O. W. ALLEN Agriculture A. C. POTTER Muslc W. SMITH Typing E. F. GIESEKE Business PAGE I7 MORE 0E OUR FACULTY-AND THE MEN wHo suPERvlsE THE BUILDINGS DAVID L. VAN CAMP Custodian BEHIND ALL THIS-ALL THESE-THERE IS.. THE BOAhRD or l EDUCATICN RAY J. FH-ER' President Working hord with no reword sove thot they do C1 tough job well, these five men loyolly ond devotedly corry the burdens ond prob- lems of the school to 0 successful solution . . To Them, for their un tiring efforts in our be- holf, we ore grateful. CARL BETTS C. E. MCDONALD SAM JOY, Clerk R. K. TRUEBLOOD PAGE I9 But There ls One Who Was Cf Us-And Who Is No Longerl Friend, Adviser, Teacher -This Was Xlack' Carey, Whose Sudden Death From Heart Attack At Christmas Saddened The Holiday Spirits Of Everyone. The Pitifully Inadequate Bio- graphy On The Next Page Fails Utterly To Depicit The Warm Spirit And Sincerity Of This Man. Because He' Was A Friend To All Of Us - Because We Are Poorer Without Him-Because We Shall Not Readily Forget Him - It Is TO THE MEMORY OF Zlnhn Arthur Glarrg THAT WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK John Arthur Carey was born October 27, 1897, in Leesburg, Ohio. Graduated from Wilmington State College in Ohio, he taught a number of years in Colorado before coming to Glendale in 1929. Although woodwork was his favorite subject, he also taught Mathematics, History, and coached .lunior-Varsity football and track teams. Mr. Carey was also very interested in the affairs of his community and was always an enthusiastic supporter of city beautiful drives. He was also a member of the local Ration Board. Manuel Aia Harold Fugate Sonny Harelson Martha Sutter Mrs. Imes Mr. Ashe Bottom: Mr. Crouch Lorraine Cloud Bertha Vizcaya Norma McDonald Beverly Frost WE GUIDE OURSELVES-AND THE FACULTY ADVISES A meeting of the Student C O u n c il with President Manuel Aja in charge . . . Officers are Manuel Aja, president, Sonny Harel- son, vice-president, Lor- raine Cloud, secretary, Bertha Vizcaya, treasurer. PAGE 22 With two delegates from each class insuring that the whole school is represented, the Student Council works with the administration to solve student problems and to see that Glendale High is a better place in which to live. Mrs. Imes and Mr. Crouch are the faculty advisers and Mr. Ashe cooperates. K ?51?aiSrfLQ4ZLCLw J- V E ' Left to right, top: Now MEET Gun PRIDE AND Jov- THE SENIOR CLASS Class Officers: BRUCE SHAW, President SHIRLEEN ALLEN, Vice-President DONNA BICE, Secretary ARNOLD ONG, Treasurer These are the apples of our eye, these seniors. They own the school by right of residence for four years. Now ready for graduation and faced with life itself, theirs is the decision to make-to continue their studies or to strike out for themselves now. This senior class of Glendale Union High School, l4l strong, can truly be said to have upheld the traditions ' of their school and to have set high standards for succeeding classes. ,They're young . . . they're strong . . . they're proud! They've done a job and have done it well. They are AMERICA in its teens! PAGE 23 THEY PLAY AND THEY PICNIC- THEY PLAY AND THEY WRECK CARS SOMETIMES THEY EVEN WORK! Watch That Stuff. Morrie! Ready for Class PAGE 2 See What a Soft Sh VVANT TO SEE VVHAT THEY LOOK UKE? MANUEL AJA "Aha!"-Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Football, Baseball-- All star athlete-Lettermen l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President Lettermen 3, President Student Body, 4. C. L. ALLEN "Charlie"-Freshman class president, had one of the most beat-up hot rods on the campus-Managing Editor ot Cardinal Hi-Lights 4, "Well l'Il be?".,x!!"!." SHIRLEEN ALLEN "Shy"-Always a smile for everyone, Pep club president 4, Home EC. president, GAA rep. 2, Lettergirls Sec. 4, Treas. of senior class, Cardinal Queen Attendant, SeniorwRep. for Girls League Council. WANDA MAE ASHLEY "Kitten"-"Oo la la"- Cute kid-Always quiet- Likeable. RIGHT---Y DONNA BICE "Bicey"-Good kid, Letter girl 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. Pep Club 4, Sec. Senior class 3, 4. 1-'--LEFT BASILIO AJA "Bass"-Football 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 3. -Cute dimples. Lettermen 2, 3, 4. PHIL BAYLESS Never obtrusive- Quiet, shy. RUTH BIHLMAIER "Ruthie"-Good singer. MARY ELLEN BELSHE "Never had o nickname." Girls league, Pep Club 3, 4 GAA-Sweet Gal. SID BESSEL Dignified yet friendly vet- persevering--Hi-Y, 4. VVHJV HERE THEY ARE. PAGE 26 4---LEFT BETTY LOU BROWN "Brownie"-Swell kid, Letter girl 3, 4, GAA presi dent 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Queen's attendant 4. ANN COVENY "Annie"-"Ay, yi, yi"- Basketboll 2-Really nice, GAA l, 2. JOY COX "I con'T help it"- Very studious, worked for Mrs. Menard 3 hrs. G day. VIRGINIA CAWFORD Npugff-uohl welll,- Cufe li'l ol' blonde. JOHN CUBBAGE "Johnny"-Ace reporter. Well liked by everyone. JACK DARBY "Good Guy." Crazy cs a Ioon. WAYNE DARBY "Darbo"-Basketball, Navy lik years- Cute blonde. Letterman l, 2, 3. GERALD DAUGHERTY Adverse to publicity-but revealed as o good boy. HOWARD DICK Very nice guy. Plays the piano, art lo Marines 215 years. Globe trotter. MARTHA DILLIER "Marty"-Lots of fun and always laughing. Riding Club 4, Home Ec. Club 4, HAROLD DOERKSON Quiet type-Good Joe. Junior play, Red Masque Club. niet-:Tl-y BILL FUGATE Won't say much- Well-known swimmer. One of smallest seniors. Track man. .IESSIE EAVES "Blondie"-"Oh for good- ness sake." Friendly. JEANNE ETO "Babe"-"She's quite on unknowing person"- Good kid. BYARD FALLS "Fireballs"-Very wittyll Football 3, 4, Pres. Hi-Y 4. "Gimme"-President FFA 3. Bow legged. EDWARD FAULKNER Falcon Jr.-J.V. Football 2. "Ha Ha"-Swell guy! SELDOM IN THE HISTORY OF ANY HIGH SCHOOL HAS SUCH INDIVIDUALITY SHONE OUT. PAGE 27 moi-rr---3 1 MILTON GREER "Greer"-"Not knowing to a certain degree of accuracy I hesitate to make a direct assertion." Letterman, Basketball 3, 4. EVERT FURREY "Fury"-Nice guyl Ask Betty Jean. BARBARA GAINES "Babs"-Red Masque 3. The best all around artist at GUHS, Entered the Scholastic art contest 3, 4. ARBUTUS GARRISON "Boots"-"Bless your little pointed head." One of the most popular senior girls. Pep Club, GAA Senior rep. to Girls league, Cardinal Queen, ran for Rodeo Queen, Cardinal editor. LEWIS ROBERT GODBY "Bob"-"Creepin'."- Active in radio. Fickle but funl PATSY GOODLOE "Pat"-"Holy John"- Recorder for GAA, Lettergirls 4, Home Ec., Pep Club. Brown eyed blonde. PAGE 28 WE'LL MISS THEM WHEN SCHOOL OPENS AGAIN . BILLY JACK HOMESLEY "Homo"-"Of course"- Nice guy. Basketball 4, Good dancer. Knockout smile. EDWARD HATTON "Eddie"-Some guy! President FFA 4, Attendant to Harvest King 4. LORENA HEDGPETH Sweet personality. What'a brain! Assistant editor for Cardinal Hi-Lights. Honor student. LORETTA HEDGPETH Ever hear any of her iokes? Business Staff for Cardinal, Hi-Lights 4, "Let's ditch." CECILIO HERARRA Mid-year graduate- Well liked by all. Track man. DON HILDRETH Handsome brute, Football 4: Letterman 4: Cardinal King attendant. Good speaker. MITSUGI HINO "Mits"-quiet, but friendly. Honor student. No chance for favorite saying. DELORES HORN "Grandma"-Loads of fun. WE LL MISS THEIR SMILES AND THEIR ZEST FUJIYE INOSHITA "Fudge"-Pleasingly pleasanty Pep Club If GAA. CARL ISON Quiet and well-liked. LEONARD JACKSON "BIubbo"-Wonderful sport, EFA 4. Anything to a friendl DENNY JONES "Horse"-Good guy. J. V. football 2, Hi-Y Boys' chorus. ROWLAND JONES "RoIlie"-Lots of fun. Navy. 4--il.: FT COLLEEN HURST Very sweet girl- Commercial wizard. Office aide. PAGE 29 HELEN JOY "Joy"-"o.K. Kid." Lettergirl 4, Junior Flay 3, good in dromatics. Pep Club 2, 3, 4. Lots of fun! MARY LOU KURTH "Lou"-"Stupid." Looked like o princessl ci! . HM ELWOOD LOGAN "Woody"-Full of fun. Was in Navy. Joker, but not so practical. ELISEO LOPEZ "Red" . . . Good guy. VIRGINIA MCCLURE "Ginnie"-"That is not, either"-One of the smartest kids in GUHS. A CCIDGIIO Club 47 nominated for Pepsi-Colo Scholar- ship. LOIS McDONALD "Slugger"-"My Lord!" Girls' Sports, Pep Club, Usherette 3. EDDIE MCDONALD ac"-"So help me I will." Tall, dark, and handsome! JEAN McCLURE "Dimples"- "Dad burnit!" Loves horses and men lfrom a distancel- A Caballo Club 45 entered Scholastic Art Contest 4. We W! lf ABEOT MANSFIELD "Rabbit"-"I don't carel" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Lettermen 4, a lol of fun. Foolball 4, Track 3, Baseball 3. JAMES MCMEEKIN "Jimmy"-Good natured, Boys' chorus. RAYMOND MABREY "Delaware"-"Ah, women"-One good looking guy! Band 4. SYLVESTER MACE "Sylly"-"Open the Door, Richard"gBoys' Chorus, smarf and stupidflout nice! ALICE MARTIN GEORGE MATSUMORI "Cl1uma"-Quiet and easy To get along with. PAGE 31 HARUKO MATSUMOTO "Harky"f"Oh, golly!" Really darling, Basket- ball 3, Deck Tennis 4, GAA 3, 4, Leftergirls Club 4, Pep Club 4. FCE f6"X9'i-J6Livf.2 Z Xi: WYE' all KATHERINE MENKE "Minkie"-"Oh, lay!" Swell gal, GAA, FHA. "Tough," JEAN MONDO "Jeannie"-Swell gall "Good Heavens!" GAA, Pep Club, Home Ec. 2, 3. Slender and good looking. Cardinal Staff. EMMA JANE MURPHY "Murphy"-None better, "Oh that makes me so mad!" Pep Club, Home EC. l, 2, Cardinal Staff, Band 1, 2, 3. Clever, Fenture Editor. BILL NEWCOMB "Billy" . . . Good sport Manager basketball 3. Quiet in a nice way. UNA MAE NEWSOME "Nuisance"-Swell gal! CHARLYNN MOORE Glee Club 1, Q. Hgh "Ja"---"Well I'lI do say!" ieepers!" Honor Society 3, One of the nicest seniors. Pep Club 4. MORRIE POPOFF "F'owerl1ouse!" Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, Track "Wait a while!" Boxing 4, Letterman Hi-Y 4. Very cute- iust ask him! LOLA FATE "Ye gods!" Pretty eyes. HENRIETTA PAXTON JACK O'BRIEN "Barrel" , . , "Holy cow!" . . A lot of fun. ARNOLD ONG "Pickle"!Football 3, Vice-President of senior class. Good naturedf Nominated for Pepsi-Cola Sclwolarslwip. President Lettermen's Club 4. PAGE 32 JAQUELINE PITTS "Jackie"-All right kid! Pep Club 2, 3, 4, 44 GAA, Girls' League, Mathematical wizard Blondie. HAROLD PORTER PATSY RAVVLINGS "Bleachie"-"Heck!" Blonde honey. Pep Club 2, Glee Club 2, Art Contest 4. FAITH RADER "T. T." Itiny toti. "Any ol' port in a storm." Slick person- ality. GAA 1, 4. FORREST RAMSEY "Clay"-"Never say never!" Quiet but nice. PEGGY RANDOLPH "Proxie"-"Ol'Il Go away." Soft ball 3. Slick chick! Home Ec. I, JO RIDGEWAY HAZEL SCHMOKER "My ochin' back"-Letien "Smokie"-Nice gall girls Club 4, Pep Club l, 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Girls' League. 3, 4, Red Masque 2, 3, GAA Lots of fun! I, 2, 3, 4. Shapely and swell. - BETTY JEAN REECE Had pretty eyes and Evert Furrey. Business Manager Cardinal Hi-Lights. BILL ROBINSON "Brown eyes." FFA 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. Nice shoulders FFA Treasurer 3. Pep Club 2. ROLLIN RANDOLPH "Don't judge everyone by yourself!" Cute li'I ol' guy! PAGE 33 SENIORS NOW . . . THEY'LL BE FRESHMEN AGAIN IN LIFE . . LILLIAN SCHURTER "Pidge"-Good worker. Outstanding athlete. Lettergirl 3, 4, Pep Club, GAA, Advertising for Hi- Lights and Yearbook, FHA I. "Oh, piddle." ELEANOR SEALY KCOXJ "Red"-Beautiful, BRUCE SHAW Smooth dancer! Class President 4, Honor student. Good guy. Cardinal King's attendant. FLORENCE SLACK "Flossie"-Very sweet! Class President 3, Letter- girl 2, Lettergirl 3, 4, Treasurer of Pep Club 4, Girls' League Council l, 2 PAGE 34 4---LEFT WILLARD SCHRODER Comes from Okarche High School, Oklahoma. Quiet, reticent. VIVIAN SLOAN WILLIAM SMALL "Bill"-Airplane crazy! Dark and handsome. Good scout, JUAN ITA REBECCA SOWERS "Billie"-Cute lcidl Girls' League, Hi-Y 4. SHIRLEY STARK JAMES STOUT HERBERT SURRETT "Herby"-Good worker. Editor of Hi-Lights 4, All around guy, Junior play 3. MARTHA SUTTER "Marty"-Cute personality. Girls' League President 4, Cardinal Queen attendant, FHA I, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Red Masque Club President 2. WILLIAM SWIFT Maud." BEN TANG "Poon"-Baseball Manager, Basketball I, Assistant Photograph Editor, Cardinal Hi-Lights 4. ELAINE TESSMAN "Tessie"-"Gosh!" GAA, A Caballo Club 4. Always smiling! RlGHT -j MARGARET TRUEBA "Maggie"-Took U. N. Test. Always late to Home Ec. "Hey, you!" BETTY THOMAS "Shorty"-"Bless your li'l heart." GAA Vice-President, Lettergirls' President, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Lettergirls 2, 3, 4, Red Masque 2, ot- tendant to Cardinal Queen. Swell and popular! FRANCES THOMPSON "Frankie"-"Oh, my cow." A trim cowgirl. A Caballo Club 4. SHOJI GEORGE TERAJI "Shoji"-J, V. Basketball I. Just plain good-Iookingl PETE TOLMACHOFF "Chuma"-"Umm goodI" Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Letter- man I, 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor for Hi-Lights and Cardinal. "l'm hungry." BUT PEOPLE LIKE THESE ALWAYS COME TO THE TOP IN A HURRY PAGE 35 RIGHT -5 ELLEN WENDELL Glee Club. Good natured. Hard worker, WILLIAM TYRONE "Bill"-Hi-Y. Had the most peculiar walk in school, Played in the band for the school dances. KENNETH VAN LAAR "Burp"-Crazy kid. Track Manager 4, Hi-Y 4. "I don't care!" Junior play, famous goal post wrap- per 2, 3, 4. ADAVERN WAAS 'PickIe"-"It doesn't make any difference with meI" Tennis I, GAA I. Quiet. Vocal contest 3, 4. PATRICIA WAGNER "Pat"-Adorable. Maiorette 3. JAMES WEED "Jim"-"Did I have fun Iast nite?" And he really did have funl PAGE 36 THERE'LL BE VISITS AGAIN AND AGAIN TO THE 'OLD HOMESTEAD THOMAS WILKINSON "Tommy"-Sort of shy around girls. Hi-Y 3. DOROTHY WILSON "Dotfy"-Baseball 2, Intelli- gent, but not consistent about it. JIM WOODS "Jimmie"-Pretty eyes 'and swell personality. Hy-Y, Played in the band at the school dances. "Judas PriestI" JANET WORK I-Ionor student. Good kid! HELEN YEE "Pee Wee"-Nice kidl Dress maker. "Oh nuts." DAVID YOGI JIMMIE YOUNGER AND THE WELCOME SIGN WILL ALWAYS BE HUNG OUT FOR THEM I Camery-Shy Seniors MAX FISHER MORRIS MOOREHEAD JOHNNY FLOREZ TETSUO OKABE AUGUST KYNDT SETH VESTAL MARTIN LEACH HOMER HEDGPETH DONALD PHILLIPS "Doc"-Lot of funl Football 3, 45 Lettermen Club 3, 4, J. V. Basketball 37 Hi-Y 4. BEN INOSHITA "Bino"-"I'm always chusmg girls." Always singing CHARLES SIMMONS 1 PAGE 37 AND HERE-WELL ITS PART CF OUR LIFE AT GUHS Wayne and Legrand Rel-neclrse for Assembly w X Off to a Pep Rally of ihe Park Hn Lights lnqunrmg Jeanne Inqulres' LET'S SEE WHAT NEXT YEAR'S TOP TEAM- THE JUNIOR CLASS- LOOKS LIKE 4.4 I Class Officers: GORDON READ, President BILLY WILLIAMS, Vice- President MARY LOU PULLENZA, Secretary NORMAN WILSON, Treasurer They're an up-and-coming bunch of boys and girls and they're led by capable officers. With two fine sponsors, Mr. McAllister and Mrs. Lale behind them to offer guidance, the iunior class has had a good, profitable year. From what they have shown us, we will not be disappointed in our seniors next year. VVe've a good stock on hand! PAGE JUNIORS, TOO, 'FOOL AROUND'-JUST A REACTION FROM ALL THE HARD WORK THEY DO IN SCHOOL How'd Thai Senior Ge! in There? WHOOPS-Camera Slipp Sonny and His Fovorife Horse Be Marizona Baldwin Richard Brooks Louise Craig Melba Jo Adams Freddie Black Lucille Clark Janet Deurloo Eleanor Bedlion Jack Busch Marian Crouch Elmer Ahart Jerry Blair Wilfred Cobb Darla Dortt May Binkley Jarvis Costner Wendell Crow Mary Jo Aiken David Bradbury Norma Collins Virginia Dick .loan Bish Yvonne Chabot Joanne Curtis Kathryn Anderson Dolores Bricker Lois Craig Bob Dosh Notice how worried our Juniors look . . . it's the terrific grind of school life that gets them down! PAGE 41 ws 42.15 USUN ef .3 P' 4 Raymond Drumm Paul Fermandez Emery Harper Mary -lf-me Howard Marilyn Edgworfh Don Houlof Bobby Holley Flossie Ennis Anita Galindo Teruo Hino Ellldbefh HUBHC Pauline Essary John Haulof Vergil Hoopes Bill English Don Giblin Avunelle Hellum 5lllY HYd9 Marion Frock Sonny Harelson Marion Hornberger Dean Egner Dora Gorraiz Jane Holden Jem' James Ted Filer Gary Harmon Nolro Houck LQ H "IJ Eh' Q. - 5Kl4QElifM7' 34 L ?"K?E ig z - Ben Jewell ldamay Jones Lolly Jones Charlie Koehler Ernesi Kelly Mary King Ed Lewis George Liby Jack Pate Mary Lou Pullenza Jane Pate Yotsuko Sakaii Eileen Reeve Clayton Quinnell Scot? Sagawa Gordon Read Nina Pendergast Cornelia Razo Bobbie Rogers Ann Sexton Juanita Perkins Patsy Randolph Lodine Robinson Luther Simmons H. T. Pefiif Befry Ann Rowland Estellene Roberison Josie Sing Marilyn Pillsbury Wilfred Schroder Charles Roberts Lurene Skousen Rose Ma ry Potter Mae Shamblee PAGE 44 Dennis Regan Phyllis Snyder REMEMBER THEIR FACES WELL- THEY PROMISE MUCH AS SENIORS Charlolle Soto Frances Solo Marilyn Slouf Sally Talxesuya Sam Tang Slome Tanita George Terall Frances Thompson Dale Loney Ruth Towne Yukio Nakazawa Mary Ann Vose Nadine Verplank John Venable Alberf Vizcaya Bill Williams Berfha Vizcaya Norman Wilson Ernestine Ware Babs Woodward Horry Watanabe Frank Yamomofo Herb Wheelock Carol Ann Yoder Jean While PAGE 45 WHAT GOES ON AROUND THE SCHOOL AND CJFF THE CAMPUS? LOOK . . . P A 4 h , BEHOLD THE MIGHTY SOPHOMCRE CLASS Class Officers: MIKE EAGLIN, President ISABELLE PENDERGAST, Vice-President WILLIE FEAGINS, Secretary SAM POPOFF, Treasurer Backbone of the school and battle-wise veterans of two years, the sophomores can look back with pride on what they have accomplished. They've worked hard and they've played hard. Banding together as one proud unit, the class has left an impression of energy and capability on the school. The class of '49 looks promising! Sponsors who guided the sophomores were Mrs. Scoggins and Mr. Bice. PAG 47 Clockwise, from ihe Queen, Barbara Frosf: Dorothy Hoover, Jackie DeBolf, Connie Sfandiforcl, Albert Vizcaya, Don Giblin, Eddie Hatton, and Bob Dosh, King of Ihe Dance. Pele Phillips Has an Unusual Serve 7 wxffffiii?Ii54i'Y SSX 4 Calvin Agren Erna Baldwin Pattie Bantam Marilyn Campbell 5 Robert Aja Richard Barrett Jane Bradford Shirley Christy ' Charline Anderson Dorothy Beaver Feldra Branham Malita Cobb Beatrice Arenas Janet Bennett Wilford Bryant Shirley Cooper Mabel Ashby Lois Beverly Mary Calhoun Joe Cox Sara Avila lval Black Beverly Calhoun Louise Cromwell Robert Bailey Martha Bolcko Laverne Cates Tom Cubbage THESE ARE THE ONES WHO . PAGE-19 3 Joan Daniels J Mike Eaglin ' Harold Fugote Ernest Gunnell Wanda Dearman Joyce Edgworth Beffy Gilbert Mildred Hallett Jackie DeBolt Raymond Edwards Joyce Gilbert Joe Harrison Jesus DeLeon Mary Jane Ewers Ted Gaines Glenn Hickman Doris Dill . Willie Feagins Barbara Glimpse Orlan Hicks Billie Douglas Lynn Frizzell Pete Gorraiz Bob Holliday N Robert Dugger J Barbara Frost i Curtis Greer ' Elinor Hooper PAGE so . . SHOUT THE LOUDEST AT EVERY RALLY. .WHO FIGHT EARNESTLY FOR THEIR SCHOOL Dorothy Hoover Akiko Kuhoro Elios Lopez Wilmo Geroldine Hourihon Horlon Porker Shirley Loustolot Dolores Martinez Joon Hughes Lucy Lowson Richcircl Mobrey Clorox Matsumoto .loon Hull Eddie Lee Jock Mohono Jock Matsumoto Som Joy Orson Lee Robert Lewis Lilio Moyo Leto Kerns Betty Lively George Mortin Eugene McKnight Glorio Koory Betty Lohring Wolter Mcnrtin Lily Mosterson g if ff xi x I 4 I if Jerry McKnight Anno McAllister Buddy Meinholt Clarence Miller shmael Mohamed PAGE 52 Joan Newcomb Donna Pope Mary Riaza Crucita Monge William Pasley Lorraine Ray Evelyn Newell Allen Porter Moudine Robertson Manuel Montoya Devvain Paxton Jimmy Reese Melvin Nordyke Charles Piclnnarcik Carmen Rosales Mike Mukai Virginia Pedigo Lee Reece Betty Jean Owens Cruz Ramirez Lee Ross Danny McBroom Isabelle Pendergast Jessie Rencehausen George Otsuka Jack Ramsey Harold Rucker Martha Nelson Gerald Pigeon Daphine Reynolds BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT IS THEIR HERITAGE . . . AND THEIR HOME FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS .lack Samson Charlie Sapien Walter Schmoker Imogene Sexton Everal Shahan Dorothy Smith William Shaw Richard Stephens James Smith Jim Shepherd Charles Stewart Shirley Sowers Shirley Short Richard Stewart Arthur Standard .lack Sing Beulah Steelman Connie Standitord Stanley Skousen Georgia Mae Teters Toru Tanita Natalie Treguboff Arthur Tsuii Howard Turner Dora Valenzuela Tommy Varner Opal Vandever Faye Weed James Wilkins Wallace Wilson Louise Wilson Virginia Wilson Louis Woods Evelyn Woods Robert Zumstein I 7'15Hlil.ll C A2111 . Edgar and Charlie Play Cast-"Bobby S PEOPLE AND ACTIVITY- OR INACTIVITY-MAKE UP A SCHOOL Loafers-Just Plain Loafers! Pep Club Meeting PAGE 'L 'M ' A M 33 f A ' f 1 W 5 wlfwfi' ,L,SlffQwEv?2k:?1S:!'P,vPSi?Qe7f'-SFZCQSWZSSSYQKKQ. Now COME SEE OUR LARGEST G THE FRESHMAN CLASS ROUP Officers: JACKIE ALLEN, President BILL FURREY, Vice-President JERRY BARKER, Treasurer TED FILER, Secretory Once mighty seniors ot the grommor schools, our youngest group has odmirobly odiusted itself to o new life ot Glendole High. They've token initiotion, confusion, iibes, ond iests in their stride. We look forword to three more pleoscant years-yeors of growth and development. PAGE 55 OUR FRESHMEN ARE A HARDY LOT- THEY'VE GOT TO BE! Rugged Play A Walk in the Sun Proud Jimmie Caught! THEY'VE TAKEN THE BUMPS Billie .lo Adair Anita Avi S Allen Blakney John Adkisson Betty Lou Ca rr Clifford Baker George Bradberry Jackie Allen Jo Anne Norma Cates Beckner Robert Bradley Tommy Chisholm Sarah Amarillas Norma Bennett Cher Blaine Archer Peggy Be ry Broach Mary Clark rry Robert Brown Mary Jo Collins Patricia Asbury Howard Busby Merle Calhoun Faye Atkison Maxine Connor Leonard Bice Wilma Calhoun Bill Corbin FRESH FROSH f-Ac-E 57 Howard Beesly Marion Dennis JoAnn Foggy Genevieve Furrey Don Cummins Bill Dwyer Beverly Frost Charles Bowser Joyce DeVries Kenneih Foster Joshua Gcllindo Aletho Currie Tom Edmonds Burl Fugofe Wayne Cordes Por Duffey Jimmy Frey Johnny Gomboo Geraldine DeLooch Betty Es1es Koy Fugofe Bcirboro Corneil Mory E. Duro Marjorie Frizzell Shirlee Gondes Poul Denney Ted Filer Bill Furrey IT WON'T BE LCNG . . . UNTIL THEY'RE SENIORS Anna Jean Gardner Jerry Goure Jim Hendricks Patty Hobbs Jane Gilbert Mary Hciulot George Hicks Harold Gatley Eddie Hallmark Milton Henry Simon Houck Billy Giles Norman Hazzard Lelia Hildcigo Billie Jeanne Gibson Richard Hammock Alice Herrera Margaret Hughes Philip Gomes Janie Heitmeyer Jean Hill Susan Giger Louanna Hardon Mary Herrera Don Hunsaker Frank Gonzales Richard Henderson Paul Hill J J L 3 A , J M K, Y JW- .xr- kr:-v' , N :,. 2. L , K J J . If J 4,7 't niggas 4 iss L ' Jain 'I if ii Q, ' i i , f 3 ...aa ,WMM S . 1 , if fsfzwlik' W 5:35112 U Mi" 3. , yi 1 Mi' -A -V mmm , , -. I: g.: :if f X' ' .J ., ll yy! .:. ,: : ' zz: A5522 " 2' if' Y v- il l J -I . : 'am , V I i . 5 , XX 5321" I 3, .' ' J ' :wwf is . ' , ,f wfcf: Egvyl , ' ,, . I V 1:-5. .V H, .- I -Ike: A- E f gig! il? ---- .. :' . gf- , if 5' Q. 5 'J ' J 3 . gmffiili M1 ,,:f,,,f5532 7 if ,M , 2 . ,am f , 0? . gf M 5521 3 , M is , i be V . .KW fi .fi N, fl: N J Q ti ..",f Q J 4 Il 1-nfl' iii! I 'R 11,131 - Fern Patsy Phylli Bill K i l I me so MANY WILL ST! "JD OUT Haskin Lola Mae Knabe Adelaide Lison Buddy McDougIe Murle Hutchison Billie June Lamb Roy Loney Dorofhy McLearn Jarrell Bert Lawrence Billie Jo Lowrey Maynard McMeekin s Johnson Leona Leonard Jesse McCabe Gretchen McMillan Geraldine Judd Bertie Sue Lewis Dennis McClellan Lee Mahan alas David Lewis Bessie McCroy Frances Maldondo David Kenly Bonnie Liby Rex McDonald Jo Ann Markwalcler Dorothy Monley Ernest Mooney Ken Okobe Clciyold Poxfon James Mofsumori Charles Nelson Bobby Okomofo Tommy Perry Ellen Moxwell Jim Nelson C. P. O'Neill Gordon Pufnom Borboro Meinholf Iko Nomoio Sokoi Oncudero Alzodo Quick John Mitchell .leon Morcross Izolo Owens Cleffo Quick Helen Mondo Corol Nordyke Roy Pofierson Albert Romos Henry Monies Douglas Olinmede George Poyne Morcello Romey FROM THIS CAPABLE GROUP 4 E '--V 'mE??M Roy Reddin Billie Jeon Scott Bob Smith Jimmy Stewart Norman Ross Louise Simmons Bill Spain Clorice Riley Becky Sigworth Eorlene Smith Don Stringhcim Robert Rowland Eddie Sine Nodene Spcmn Lorene Robertson Norma Sexton Corol Snider ' Don Tolmochotf Russell Merfrd-tl' JoAnn Schlosser Som Stevens Deloine Ross Pot Shelton Carrol Snyder Donna Taylor Marion Schurter Billy Smith Helen Stuart THE LARGEST SINGLE CLASS IN THE HISTORY OF GLENDALE HIGH Patsy Warren Ruemello White Don Williams John Williams A- OUR SCHCJCL EXPANDS-AND IS GIVEN A FACE-LIFTING- A-.4 PAGE 64 .u hilum'1 SPORTS PLAY AN IMPORTANT PART IN OUR LIVES- AND IN SPORTS WE'RE AN 'A' SCHOOL PAGE 66 Off To the Pep Rally Brooks in a Lighter Mood Mixed Sports " JMX, vw! -, - f 4' Left lo right: Busilio Aja, George Liby, Emery Harper, Jim Blasdell, Don Hildrelh, Manuel Ala, Morrie Popoff, Keith Mayberry. Second row: Lee Mahan, Richard Brooks, Don Phillips, Bill Robinson, Don Coppinger, Arnold Ong, Lewis Hines. Third row: Sfome Tanifa, Mike Eaglin, Dean Filer, Scott Sagawa, Charles Sapien, Norman Wilson, Wendell Crow. Fourth row. Weldon Kerns, Harry Watanabe, Abbot Mansfield, Jack Sing, Raul Moreno, Yukie Nakazawa, Don Myers. Fiffh row: Coach Gieseke, Bruce McDonald, Bob Holly, Ted Filer, Dan Tolmachoff, Frank Yamamoto, Frank Gorraiz. Coach Ruth. FCOTBALL TAKES THE SPOTLIGHT Coaches Walt Ruth Earl Gieseke PAGE 67 l -XHGKYTM COACH HAS A SBENIOR LINE-up AND BACKFIELD-Tolmachoff, Hildreth, B. Aicn, M. Aja LINE-Mansfield, Coppinger, Phillips, Robinson, Ong, Kerns, Popoff BACKFIELD-Tolmochoff, Hcirper, B. Ala, M. Ala LINE-Mayberry, Coppinger, Phillips, Robinson, Ong, Brooks, Popoff .A STARTING LINE-UP AFTER THE HARD FIGHT . . . COMES THE REWARD These Boys Made ALL-STATE Manuel and Keith were named by the Arizona Re- public and Arnold was added to the honor roll by the Tucson Star. The Story of the 1946 Football Season DOUGLAS Glendale started off her T946 five-win, five-loss football season by defeating the Douglas Bulldogs. In the last fleeting minutes of the game when the score stood at 7-6 in Douglas' favor, Morrie Popoff made a sensational 65-yard dash to pull the score to i2-7 for a Cardinal victory. PRESCOTT The hard fought game played at Prescott with the Badgers was the Cards' first seasonal loss. Slowed by a sea of mud and hampered by the absence of two outstanding players, Keith Mayberry and Pete Tolmachoff, the Cards suffered a 6-O loss. NORTH PHOENIX A 6-O victory for the Cards over the North Phoenix Mustangs played in the Phoenix Union Stadium climaxed a drive that started from Glendale's I9-yard line where Manuel Aia threw a pass to Don Hildreth on the North High 25-yard line. Hil- dreth then went over for the only score of the game. PAGE 70 PHOENIX UNION Glendale, playing for the first time in her new stadium, was defeated by the Phoenix Union Coyotes, 26-I3, Phoenix scored two touchdowns in the first half. Glendale woke up in the third period for a score effected by an M. Aja pass to Blasdell. Phoenix again scored, followed closely by an Aia to Aia pass for our final touchdown. Breaking through our line, Phoenix again scored, writing a winning finish to the game. YUMA Yuma hit pay dirt in the final minutes of the first quarter to score the only touchdown of our losing battle with the Criminals on Glendale's field. The Cards' best drive came in the third quarter. Aia and Harper were the mainsprings in a series of drives that brought Glendale to the Criminals' two- yard line where the Cardinals were stopped by the Yuma defense and the Criminals took over. MESA Mesa's Jackrabbits, sparked by "Whizzer" White, defeated a scrappy Cardinal eleven which refused to give up. Glendale had the Rabbits on fairly even terms except for the two times White took off on touchdown iaunts. Glendale's only score came when M. Aia passed to B. Aia. The Cards threatened repeatedly throughout the remainder of the game, but penalties at critical moments kept them from scoring. GLOBE The Globe Tigers scored on a blocked-kick in the early minutes of the third quarter and held off Glendale's aerial attack the rest of the way for a 7-6 victory before the Tiger homecoming fans. Glen- dale's only score came in the final minutes when Tolmachoff received an Aia pass and rambled 20 yards for a touchdown. TEMPE The Glendale Cardinals broke their losing streak before a small, cold-pierced group of spectators, de-- feating the outclassed Tempe Bulldogs, I6-7. Pete Tolmachoff, Emery Harper and M. Aia, taking the lead in this game, drove through with kicking power and passes. TUCSON The Cards, up to this time labeled with five losses, fielded one of the best teams on a high school field this season to stomp the Tucson Badgers, 21-7, on the Badgers' gridiron, knocking them out of the state title race. It was the first defeat suffered by the Tucson team on their own field in four years. The first touchdown was scored by Aia passing to Har- per, the second, after intercepting a Badger pass on the Tucson 75-yard, when Aja passed to Morrie Popoff who was in the end zone ready to score. Our third and last came when Harper drove through a beautiful opening to score our last rewarding goal. ST. MA RY'S To prove the game with the Badgers wasn't just luck, but honest-to-goodness hard fighting, the Glendale Cards finished the season with a bang by giving St. Mary's Knights a rough going- over, 27-O. The game flowed full speed with Hildreth, Tolmachoff, Coppinger and the two Aia's quick thinking and power to go with it. The final touchdown made by Manuel Aja put the score to 27-O. The Knights no time during the game got any farther than the Cords' 28-yard line. All-Staters with Coaches Ruth and Gieseke PAGE 71 ' ' '4'6:3fWE.izWirf6m v?iE2,t?5E'?5Es" 5iE9ik AND IN JV FOOTBALL OUR SQUAD, COACHED BY JOHN wi-IATLEY, TURNED our TO BE REAL FIGHTERS "ie, Front row, left ta right: Hazzard, manager, Williams, Tsiui, Hino, Edwards. Second row: Worfel, Woods, Spain, Hunsaker Treguboff Lewis, Skousen, Third row Matsumoto Rojas, Koehler Phillips, Hickman, Okanabe. Fourth row: Tubbs Barker, Patterson Dosh Mahan, Mohamed. Also on the team but not pictured above R Aja, Stewart, Zachary, Joy, Smith, S. Popoff Gatley Brown, W Coppin ger, Pigeon. COACH JOHN WHATLEY PAGE 72 Phoenix U. .. N. Phoenix .. M esa .......... St. Mary's .. Indian School N. Phoenix .. Mesa ................ St. Mary's .... Phoenix U. ., JV SEASON RECORD ikegularsl J.V. Won Lost Tie O 2 O O 2 O . ..... i l O 1 O O CLightweightsl O O 1 1 1 O NOW LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE BOYS WHO WON THE WEST-CENTRAL CONSOLATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP IN BASKETBALL Left to right, first row: Bill Holmes, Basilia Aia, Pete Tolmochoff. Second raw: John Reuben Carrizoza, Keith Mayberry. Third row: Manager Bill Newcomb, Cornelio Roz Coach John Whatley. Glendale SEASON RECORD OPEN SEASON Glendale 69 Tucson ,...,,.,..............,.. ..,....... 4 O 27 Nogales ................... .,....e... 2 6 35 Mesa ...........,.. Yuma ...,...e.,........ 36 34 30 36 Phoenix Tech .,......... ........e. I 9 34 Aio ........e..........,.. .,,.,...., 2 I Wickenburg ......,.., 36 43 Phoenix Tech ........... ,,,,,,,,.,,..,, 2 6 40 Peoria ........,,,..4., .,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 3 3 46 lContinued on Page 751 Florez, Ernest Kelly, Emery Harper, Manuel Ala o, M'lton Gre P l Fe nde Norman WI o -Litchfield ....... Mesa ............. -Williams .,..,,. Yuma .......,.,........ -Phoenix Union --North Phoenix 57-Litchfield .....,, Peoria ........... Phoenix Union ..., -Wickenburg .,...,.. PAGE Mayberry Fernandez B. Aim Wilson Florez Tolmachoff '11E1 " f?Q .F 73 West Central Tournament 30-Phoenix Union ,,,,. 84-Gila Bend ,A.. 67-Buckeye ..... 58-Yuma .,.......... 43-Wickenburg ...... State Tournament 4l-Snowflake ..,. 47-Gilbert ..,.... 35-Florence ...,. SEASON RECORD Won ............wevew...eeA......... ..YY . . l5 Lost ..... JAYVEE BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity, coached by Walt Ruth, had a successful season, winning eight games and losing eight. Supplied with two good teams, the second as good as the first, the JVs were topped by Charlie Sapien, center, who scored I67 points. He was followed closely by Sonny Harelson with I63. Sine, promising young freshman, was iniured in midseason. The team scored 539 points for a 33.7 game average. The opponents scored 463 for a 29.0 average. CContinued from Page 737 TOURNAMENT RECORD 32 Won 6 29 Lost 2 29 40 Total points per season........... 801 34, Average points per game......... 42.3 Total points for opponents .cc..c,.c,c, , ,,,c,,, ,,,,,, 5 ol Average points per game, opponents .,,,,,, 29 3l Tournament total points....................... 405 31 Total points per 50.5 46 Tournament total points, opponents........ 242 Total points per game, opponents ....,.,...,.. ...... 3 0.2 Total points per season and tournament games, Aia high scorer ..................... ...... 3 O4 4 Average points per game ......... ...... i 2.4 Lett to Right, moving back-Patterson, Barker, Joy, Tubbs, Filer, Sapien, Coach Ruth, Wartel, Mohamed, Sing, Phillips, Okabe, Harelson, Hines, Jones, Eaglin. Left to right: Hunsaker, Phillips, Coach Moorehead, Heatwole, Kalas. Rear, lett to right: Edwards, Corbin, Bice, Tolmachoff, Nelson, McClellan. Tl FROSH BASKETBALL The Freshman basketball team, coached by Morris Moorehead, senior, fought a hard, uphill battle all season and wound up with a record of one win as opposed to lO losses. The boys tried hard and are to be commended for their never-say-die attitude. Showing promise, several of the boys may graduate to the Junior Varsity or to the Varsity next year, PAGE 75 Our cindermen, coached by Mr. Earl Gieseke, proved in their first year ot "A" competition that last year's champions could still win, could still show their heels to the best other schools had to offer. l -u EM fe W nik i lui. wi: TRACK ROSTER: Skousen Brooks Mayberry Spain Barker Popoff Stout Blasdell D. Poston Shaw Edwards J. Phillips Tolmachoff H. Fugate Jce Phillips S. Tanita B. Fugate Ramsey Wa rfel Ward Van Loar Yamamoto McDougal Sealey Bice Casey Liby Kelly Corbin Nelson Gorraiz Houck Hendricks Heatwole Hunsa ker Hines Hutchinson Hildreth Harper Jewell .lay Wilson Koehler Matsumoto Mohamed Meinholt Moreno Holmesly Lawrence Payne P. Tolmachoff Eaglin OUR BASEBALL 'CARDS'- Named after a glorious St. Louis team-did not display a great deal of strength on their new baseball diamond. The boys, rookies, racked up a string of 'I4 consecutive losses. Coach Ruth, with an eye to the future, stressed development of potential talent for next year's squad. The team had the spirit, it fought hard, but somehow the winning punch was lacking. - Left to right, moving back-Pete Phillips, Charley Sapien, Ken Okabe, Dean Filer, Emery Harper, Pete Tolmachoff, Eddie Sine, Harold Pidgeon, Keith TRACK Mayberry. Second row-Coach Walt Ruth, Ted Filer, Glenn Hickman, STARS1 Sonny Harelson, Jack Sing, Legrand Lamb, Manager Norman Hazzard. Ben Jewell, one of top milers in U. S. holds 880 record of 2:04. Don Hildreth, undefeated in shot and low hurdles, holds three school records. Emery Harper, pole vaulter, ll feet, undefeated last year. Keith Mayberry, l39 feet in discuss throw, 47 feet, 6 inches in shot put. Ed Casey, loroadiump, 2l feet. School record holder ii: 220. Richard Brooks, ran 2:08. George Liby, ran 440 in 53.8 seconds. Holder of records. SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN- Sam Joy, high hurdles record of l6.0, Jim Biasdell, high and low hurdles, former high hurdles and 440 record holder, L. Hutcheson, undefeated in mile, Harold Fugate, 10.4 hundred-yard dash, top sprinter, Jim Hendricks, mile, broadiump, and high jump, Leonard Bice, 880 runner, Johnny Warfel, broad iump, I8 feet, 6 inches, record holder, Pete Gorraiz, high iump, 5 feet 8 inches, Charles Nelson, 9 feet, 4 inches, pole vault, Dan Tolmachoff, discus ace. PAGE 77 LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT GIRLS' SPCRTS AT GLENDALE HIGH Under the direction ot young ond copoble Mrs. Clyde Jeon Svvoin, the girls ot our school hove gone out for procticolly every sport in the book. They ploy tootboll, bosketboll, volleyball, tennis, bodminton, ond sottboll. And the-y're good c1t'em oll vi .:..i..v1.m.xff,,m ,M ,. fi ..:3.f-,Q . .A-Q, .,.,w,., ,K , f 1 l PAGE 78 Left to right, first row-Shirleen Allen, Betty Thomas, Norma Mc- Donald. Second row - Jo Ann Ridgeway, Mrs. Swain, Melba Jo Adams. These are the officers. Left to right, first row-Elizabeth Huerta, Betty Martin, Marian Crouch, Ann Sexton, Shirleen Allen. Second row-Jackie Pitts, Josie Sing, Haruko Matsumoto, Lorraine Cloud. Left to right, first row-Florence Slack, Patsy Goodloe, Betty Lou Brown, Jo Ann Ridgeway. Second row-Lillian Schurter, Margie Man- do, Norma McDonald, Betty Thom- as, Melba Jo Adams, Donna Bice. Guided by Mrs. Swain as sponsor and led by Betty Thomas, pres Jo Adams, vice-president, Jo Ann Ridgeway, treasu 2 l M y lll l 4 ri if 512 it gp I V I W l its X53 ident, Melba rer, and Shirleen Allen, secretary, the Letter Girls Club represents girls who have worked hard and shown skill for several years. It takes a real sport and a sportsman to make THE LETTER GIRLS' CLUB ts HERE ARE OUR PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS CHAMPIONS VOLLEYBALL ln volleyball, the first hour girls won the champ- ionship. The team was composed ot, left to right, Merle Hutchison, Norma Bennett, Feldra Branham, Mabel Ashby, .lo Ann Markwalder, and Billie Adair. BASKETBALL Taking all basketball honors, the fourth hour gym class was composed of, left to right, Jo Ann Morin, Patsy Skelton, Cruz Ramirez, Helen Mondo, and Charlotte Soto. DECK TENNIS The fifth hour physical education class walked away with deck tennis honors. The team was composed of, left to right, Betty Lou Brown, Margie Mondo, Bertha Vizcaya, and Earlene Smith. Pitted against each other in round-robin tournaments the six girls' P. E. Classes compete fiercely to determine which class is superior in each of the various girls' sports. PAGE 80 AJ4D INTERCLASS CHAMPIONS BASKETBALL JUNIORS Left, to right, first row-Ann Sexton, Bertha Vizcaya, Charlotte Soto. Second row-Virginia Dick, Melba Jo Adams, Norma McDonald, Jo Ann Morin, Margie HY Mondo. Third row - Nabuko Mitakawa, Marian Crouch. DECK TENNIS JUNIORS 'ww Left to right, first row-Josie Sing, Ann Sex- ton, Bertha Vizcaya. Second row-Nabuko Mitakawa, Virginia Dick, Melba Jo Adams, Norma McDonald, Charlotte Soto. ""'vw... VOLLEYBALL JUNIORS Left to right, first row-Virginia Dick, Bertha Vizcaya, Jo Ann Morin, Charlotte Soto. Second row - Norma McDonald, Marian Crouch, Ann Sexton, Melba Jo Adams, Margie Mondo. PAGE 81 OUR TENNIS TEAM Showed what persistent practice coupled with skill can do. Under the direction of Coach Swain, the girls competed in a ladder tournament against each other in order to win places on the team. Then the squad turned to the task of playing other schools and made a creditable showing. At the end of the season, Coach Swain was proud of her girls and said for the record, "We've a real team-and the other schools know it!" We ,art gil i A PAGE B2 TENNIS ACES Left to Right- MARY LOU PULLENZA, JO ANN MORIN, SHIRLEEN ALLEN, PHYLLIS SNYDER, BETTY LOU BROWN, FLORENCE SLACK, PATSY GOODLOE. THESE GIRLS THESE ATHLETES DECK TENNIS Left to right, first row-Ann Sexton, Bertha Vizcaya, Lil- lian Schurter, Earlene Smith, Akiko Kuhara. Second row-Haruko Matsu- moto, Betty Thomas, Helen Joy, Melba Jo Adams, Vir- ginia Dick, Everal Shahan, Clara Matsumoto. VOLLEYBALL Adams, Patsy Jarrell, Norma McDonald, Charlotte Soto, Lucy Lawson, Jo Ann Morin, Ann Sexton, Bertha Vizcaya, Haruko Matsumoto. BASKETBALL Left to right, first row-Bertha Vizcaya, Shirleen Allen, Jo Ann Morin. Second Row-Norma Sexton, Melba Jo Adams, Norma McDonald. THESE ARE CUR ALL STAR SQUADS SOFTBALL SNAPS Arlene Van Laor calmly looks one over even before Dorothy Manley lets fly. Now Cherry Brooch gets ready to lam- bast the ball. Mary Margaret Haulot's ready to catch it should Cherry miss. Dorothy Manley swings hard at a low one and connects as catcher Cherry Broach seems surprised. Dorothy Dillier sets out for first as she hits to the infield. It looks as if she'll over- take the ball. Shirley Christy at first waits hopefully for someone to get the ball to her as Malita Cobb comes pounding up the first-base line. . SNAPPY SOFTBALLERS HERE AT GLENDALE HIGH WE BELIEVE STRONGLY IN ACTIVITIES AND THE PLEASURES, SKILLS, AND KNOWLEDGE GAINED BY PARTICIPATION f 'Ill Left to right, first row-Jean Mondo, Lillian Schurter, Una Mae Newsome, Donna Bice, Shirleen Allen, Florence Slack, Lorraine Cloud, Hazel Sclimaker, Jackie Pitts, Betty Martin. Second row-Patsy Goodloe, Haruka Matsumoto, Betty Thomas, Jane Murphy, Lois McDonald, Martha Sutter, Jo Ann Ridgeway, Norma McDonald, Betty Lau Brown. Third row-Charlotte Soto, Avanelle Hellam, Marian Norman, Lois Craig, Lolly Jones, Louise Craig, Margie Mondo, Jo Ann Curtis, Kathryn Anderson. Fourth row-Mellon JO Adams, Virginia Olsen, Josie Sing, Martha Okabayashi, Sally Takasui, Elizabeth Huerta, Marilyn Neukom, Lucille Clark. WEEPING ON EACH OTHER'S SHOULDERS WHEN WE LOSE, STANDS SOLIDLY BEHIND ALL SCHOOL ACTIVITIES I , PEP CLUB OFFICERS E Shirleen Allen President Donna Bice Secretary Florence Slack Treasurer I 5 3 Lorraine CloudfVice-President : K SH PAGE 86 PAGE 87 GUHS CHEER LEADERS Virginia Dick Ann Sexton Patsy Randolph Marian Crouch Organized in 1932, the Pep Club was immediately popular with all girls who wanted to promote school activities and provide organized support for sports. Today over seventy girls belong to this selfless group. This year the club aided in the March of Dimes Drive, sponsored the Roundup Ban- quet for all athletes, held a dance, and aided various civic affairs. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Clydci Jean Swain and requires that all members maintain good scholastic standing. Lett to right, first row-Mary Jane Howard, Mildred Norman, Bertha Vizcaya, Nabuko Mitikawa, Ann Sexton, Marian Crouch, Patsy Randolph, Everal Shahan, Barbara Frost. Second row-Evelyn Woods, Betty Gilbert, Shirley Loustalot, Shirley Christy, Jo Ann Newcomb, Georgia Mae Teters, Jackie DeBolt, Martha Nelson, Third row-Shirley Cooper, Billie Mae Douglas, Mary Jane Bradford, Isabelle Pendergast, Lorraine Ray, Elinor Hooper, Clara Matsumoto. C x i WKXw, 5 A ,,,yw,!, - A. .. , -it , ,11g,,,gt.t, l l xt gi i l .Q F FOUNDED FOR PURPOSES OF GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, OUR IRLS' THLETIC SSOCIATION has completed ten successful years of helping girls earn letters. A point system allows credits in team games, individual sports, physical education grades, scholarship, and sportsmanship. The council, made up ot representatives chosen from each class is the governing body of the club. Mrs. Swain is sponsor, officers this year are Betty Lou Brown, president, Betty Thomas, vice-president, Melba Jo Adams, historian, Patsy Goodloe, recorder, Everal Shahan, treasurer, and Patsy Randolph, secretary. OFFICERS- Betty Lou Brown, Betty Thomas, Melba Jo Adams, Patsy Goodloe, Everal Shahan, Mrs, Swain, Patsy Randolph. COUNCIL- Lett to right-Betty Thomas, Patsy Ran- dolph, Everal Shahan, Melba Jo Adams, Betty Lou Brown, Pat Goodlae, Beverly Frost, Haruko Matsumoto, Mary Lou Pul- lenza, Barbara Frost, Lucy Lawson, Pat Jerrell, Jo Ann Ridgeway, Margie Mondo. This year the GAA was responsible for forming the first Letter Girls Club of GUHS. Other activities in- cluded a party and sports evening, a slumber party in the gym, a co- recreational volleyball tournament, and a dance. PAGE 88 i 1 , w f- - L COUNCIL- I Left to right-Evelyn Woods, Everal Shahan, Norma McDonald, Martha Sutter, Isabelle Pendergast, Pat Randolph, Boots Garrison, Shirleen Allen, Pat Shelton, Mrs. Imes. OFFICERS- Mrs. Imes, sponsor, Martha Sutter, president, Norma McDonald, vice- president, Isabelle Pendergast, sec- retary-treasurer. Dedicating itself to the noteworthy theme of "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" and to the welfare of every girl at Glendale Union High, the Girls' League has had an extremely busy school year. The organization, composed of all the girls in school, started off with the annual Student Mixer. Following this the club sponsored Co-Ed Week. Highlight of the year's activities was the state-wide convention held here with our girls as hostesses. Other activities sponsored by this busy federation of girls were the Clash Dance, "Bobby Sox," a play, Every Girl's Banquet, Mothers-Daughters Tea, and numerous civic proiects. The Council, composed of the officers and two representatives from each class, is the governing body of the group. They make the plans for the various activities. Glendale High can well be proud of its GIRLS' LEAGUE PAGE 89 PAGE 90 Officers, left to right, lower left picture-Marion Frocl-c, secretaryf Albert Vizcaya, vice-president, Sam Joy, reporter, John Kenley, treasurer, Eddie Hatton, president, Owen Allen, adviser. NOW, COME SEE OUR UTURE ARMERS OF MERICA Devoting themselves to scholarship, leadership, supervised farm practice, coopera- tion, and community service, the Future Farmers, under the direction and guidance of Mr. Owen W. Allen, gain practical knowledge and experience in growing into the farm business. Every member sets up and carries out a long time farming program, owns or con- trols his proiects, keeps an accurate record of his enterprises, and carries on financial matters. - Activities in the line of recreation were numerous this year. The boys held an annual corn roast, a ioint party with the F.H.A., a harvest dance, a father-son banquet, an out- ing, and sponsored a junior fair. They're a good, useful bunch of boys, ready to help repair farm equipment and to aid in all community projects. Striving to understand the art of homemaking and to prepare themselves for the thousand and one details that make up daily life, the Future Homemakers is a club consisting of well over sixty girls and is affiliated with the national organization. At the end of a busy year, the girls had to their credit the "hosting" of the state convention of Future Homemakers, a box social, a share in the harvest dance, a hay- rack-ride, a Mother-Daughter Tea, the serving and preparing of the F.H.A. Banquet, initiations, and installation of officers. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Pauline Heitmeyer, the UTURE OMEMAKERS of MERICA HAVE ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL YEAR MARKED DOWN IN THE RECORDS. Officers, left to right4Connie Standiford, vice-president, Jackie DeBoIt, president, Mrs. Heitmeyer, adviser, Lorraine Ray, Historian, Shirley Cooper, secretary-treasurer. I -l l-ii-- IJ . lr ,s -.11 "' W1 PAGE 92 THESE ARE THE GIRLS WHO REALLY "SLAVE"-OUR IBRARY AND FFICE CRKERS Filling in to be helpful during their free periods these girls devote themselves to helping the high school function smoothly. Their pleasant faces greet visitors with a smile and an attitude of cooperation virtually shines forth from them in the library and in the main office and in the attendance office of the Dean of Women. They know their way around the school and they have the satisfaction of putting to good use their knowledge of filing, bookkeeping, library, and typing. l Left to right, first row-Boots 1 Garrison, Virginia McClure, l Colleen Hurst, Una Mae New- some, Dorothy Wilson, Shir- i leen Allen. l Second row-Phyllis Snyder, Barbara Gaines, Martha Sut- ter, Jean Mondo, Jane Mur- phy, Lucille Clarke. Working for Mrs. McGowan in the library are Barbara Gaines, Lucille Clarke, and Virginia McClure, for Mrs. lmes, Dean of Girls: Virginia McClure, Una Mae Newsome, Dorothy Wilson, Shirleen Allen, Jane Murphy, and Charlotte Soto, for Mrs. Menard in the attendance office: Martha Sutter, Phyllis Snyder, Colleen Hurst, and Boots Garrison, for Mrs. Thomas in the main office: Colleen Hurst and Jean Mondo. Behold the mighty athletes! Striving hard, practising, working, training, these boys have won the right to wear the coveted "G" which denotes a superior athlete. Having earned their letters, they are then eligible for the Lettermen's Club, an organization dedicated to the furtherance of sports at Glendale High. Officers, left to right-Arnold Ong, president, Emery Harper, vice- president, Harold Fugate, secretary-treasurer, Keith Mayberry, Sgt -at- arms, Don Coppinger, food. Left to right, first row- Milton Greer, Jerry Mc- Knight, Jack Sing, Mike Eaglin. Second row--Keith May- berry, Emery Harper, Ed Casey, Don Coppinger, Richard Brooks, Norman Wilson, Dean Filer, Harold Fugate, Charley Sapien. Third row-Arnold Ong, Sonny Harelson, Basilio Aja, Morrie Popoff, Don Phillips, Bill Newcomb, George Liby, Ben Jewell, and Lewis Hines. Under the sponsorship of Coach Walt Ruth, the club had one of its most active years. Numerous questions of policy were decided. During the football season, club members sold peanuts and programs. At the end of the year, new members were initiated and new officers elected. This year there are 33 members in the group, all boys who have shown by their excellent ability that they are eligible to belong to HE ETTERMENS CLUB PAGE 93 OUR CARDINAL KING AND QUEEN PAGE 94 Us ., 4 MANUEL AJA BOOTS GARRISON Manuel and Boots were chosen by election as Cardinal King and Cardinal Queen for 1947, indicating that the student body considered them the two outstanding seniors in personality and ability to make and keep friends. Manuel, ace athlete in football, basketball, and baseball, is student body president for this year. Boots, as well as being Cardinal Queen, is an office assistant and editor of the 1947 Cardinal. Betty Lou Brown and Edward Casey Don Hilclreth and Lorraine Cloud Shirleen Allen and Bill Robinson Runners-up in the election, still the tops in personality, these six boys and six girls -young men and ladies-were honored by the student body at the annual May Festival. AND THEIR ATTENDANTS Bruce Shaw and Peggy Randolph Martha Sutter and Harold Carden Basilio Aia and Betty Thomas PAGE 95 STRAINING TO MEET THE ALWAYS MENACING DEADLINE the members of the iournalism classes presented a new idea in newspaper publishing at Glendale High. The Cardinal Hi-Lights, under the sponsorship of Mr. Alvin H. Levin, was streamlined, enlarged, and modernized to such an extent that it won honorable mention in a state-wide contest. The paper, published every two weeks, was awaited eagerly by both students and faculty members. Below, left to right-Managing Editor C. L, Allen, Editor Herb Surrett, Associate Editor Lorena Hedgpeth. Editorial Staff-Peggy Randolph, Helen Yee, Dora Gorraiz, Barbara Gaines, Marilyn Pillsbury, Betty Jean Reece, Helen Joy, Betty Lou Brown, Manuel Aia, Lorraine Cloud, Pete Tolmachoft, Lillian Schurter, C. L. Allen, Herb Surrett. Business Staff-Betty Jean Reece, Betty Lou Brown, Lorraine Cloud. And the entire second-hour iournalism class. Left-Editor Boots Gar- rison sells the first annual to Harold Fu- gate. Right-HI-LIGHTS girls' sports staff-Shirleen Allen, Patsy Goodloe, Betty Thomas. Boys' Sports Staff- Manuel Ala, Morrie Popoff, and Pete Tol- machoff. And the entire fourth- hour journalism class UTILIZING A NEW SYSTEM OF PUBLISHING, THE YEARBOCK staff was composed, save for Editor Boots Garrison, of members of the journalism classes who performed the thousand-and-one odd jobs that go into the making of an annual. There was no appointed staff as such, except Boots and Lorena Hedgpeth, Business Manager, the editor and the sponsor, Mr. Levin, merely called on members of the iournalism classes whenever they were needed. And, as you can see by the T947 Cardinal, they responded nobly. To all of them, THANKS! And a special note of recognition to Lillian Schurter, Charley Allen, Helen Joy, and Wayne Darby. PAGE 97 RE-ACTIVATED THIS YEAR, THE GUHS HI-Y CLUB has dedicated itself to the purpose of creating, extending, and maintaining throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. Active in sports, the club had a basketball team entered in the YMCA League in Phoenix. The organization helped raise money for the National Youth Fund to build new YMCA buildings and Hl-Y Camps in Europe. The Glendale Hi-Y Club was led by two sets of officers this year. The organizing group, first half, was headed by Byard Falls, president, Wendell Crow, vice-president, Ted Filer, secretary, and Bill Furrey, treasurer. The last half officers were Wendell Crow, president, Don Myers, vice-president, Ed Lewis, secretary, and Ted Filer, treasurer. l ' Officers, left to right-in front of Mr. Olsson, sponsor: Bill Furrey, organizational secre- tary, Byard Falls, org. presi- dent, Ted Filer, treasurer, Wendell Crow, president, Don Myers, vice-president, Ed Lewis, secretary. Left to right,rear row,first- Pete Venable, Michael Yoder, Ray Edwards, Bob Smith, Charles Nelson, Ken Van Laar, Junior Yancey, Ben Tibbetts, Billy Smith, Dennis McClellan, Jim Nelson, Jack Mitchell, Jay Phillips, Lee Mahan, Joe Phillips, Ted Filer, Richard Mabrey, Bill Furrey, Norman Hazzard, Tony Sanchez, Don Myers, Delmer Shaw, Morris Moore- head, Richard Stewart, Ed Lewis, Jerry Barker, Mr. Ols- son, Bill Kalas, Buddy Mc- Dougall,l Billy Joe Lowery, Richard Henderson, Dean Filer, Paul Denney, Jim Stew- art. PAGE 98 dQd9 W666Kk?Q iiritiixigksi t5BiiE4f.!!w2ARi5s3fK6?1M9Wl ?i CAST, left to right, top row- Seymour Ashley, Ed Lewis, Rosemarie Potter, Jo Ann Morin, Melba Jo Adams, Ann Sexton, Pat Randolph, Billy Williams, Dean Filer. Lower row-Elizabeth Huerta, Aldo Mancino, Gordon Read, Margie Mondo. A scene from outdoor re- hearsal of 'One Wild Night' THE JUNIOR PLAY DIRECTED BY MR. MCALLISTER, 'ONE WILD NIGHT', held the theatrical spotlight by itself this year inasmuch as it was the only full-length play produced. Presented in the auditorium on April 21, the production showed evidence of the directorial skill for which Mr. McAllister is noted and played to a full house. Every cast member gave an excellent performance. The cast consisted of 'I7 players, as follows: Rodney Dodd, a healthy young man who thinks he is an invalid, played by Billy Williams, Henrietta, housekeeper, Margie Mondo, Jodwillow, incentive butler, Gordon Read, Aunt Myra Opal Dodd, Rodney's aunt, Rose Marie Potter, Charlotte Allen, aunt Myra's young companion, Jo Ann Morin, Dr. Bell, the family doctor, Seymour Ashley, Nurse Trent, Dr. BelI's assistant, Beverly Moulton, Ned Steerwell, a young self-made hero, Dean Filer, Doris Winthrope, pretty obiect of Ned's untiring attentions, Patsy Randolph, Hawkins, a moving-man, Don Giblin, Dicken, a moving-man, Ed Lewis, Maribelle, Doris' roommate, Ann Sexton, Mrs. Rooly, president of the Dexiter School for Girls, Phyllis Snyder, Mrs. Batson, a public-spirited townslady, Melba Jo Adams, Jade Darnelli, a nightclub singer, Elizabeth Huerta, James Scorpio, the town's leading gangster, Aldo Mancino, Officer Brady, a policeman, Jack Pate. PAGE 99 Lower left-Three Stars-Mr. Upper right-Band Letters- Potter, Anna McMillan, Ed Billie Mae Douglas, Mary Lewis. King, Jane Pate, Anna Mc- Upper left-Band in Uniform. Mlllcm' Elmor Hooper' BOF' bara Frost, Ed Casey, Ed Lewis. Lower right-Girls' Chorus. LET'S GO HEAR HE AND AND CHORUS Launching into one of its most successful seasons, the band, under the direction of Mr. Ainslie C. Potter, was a source of pride for both students and faculty of GUHS. The group supported pep rallies, played at football and basketball games, marched in the rodeo parade, marched at the state fair, surprised the school with Christmas carols, and gave numerous concerts throughout the year. Highlight of the year's activities was the annual Spring Concert, combining both band and chorus, followed by the Valley Music Festival. Glendale played host to Peoria, Litchfield, Scottsdale at the latter event. The chorus, ioining with the band for several programs, notably the Spring Concert, was composed of 75 girls who showed ability and skill in handling intricate music. PAGE 100 Leonard Bice Edward Casey Shirley Cooper Jack Darby Billie Mae Douglas Barbara Frost Billy Furrey Ernest Gunnell Elinor Hooper Dorothy Hoover Billy Kalas Fanny Atkinson Zona Avis Pat Bantum Marie Barker Eleanor Bedlion Janet Bennett Peggy Berry Martha Balcko Merle Calhoun Betty Carr Joyce DeVries Dean Ebner Jackie DeBolt Frieda Feltner Joan Foggy Anita Galindo Barbara Glimpse Fern Haskin PERSONNEL OF BAND Mary King Billy Hyde Paul Hill Richard Mabrey Anna Gardner Leona Leonard Edward Lewis Jerry McKnight Anna McMillan Raymond Mabrey Mike Mukai Douglas Okamoto Jane Pate Donna Pope Harold Porter Allen Porter Donald Porter Charles Roberts Faith Roder Beulah Steelman Jack Turner Kenneth Van Laar PERSONNEL OF CHORUS Mary Herrera Gerry Hourihan Norma Cotes Joan Hull Phyllis Johnson Sadie Johnson Berie Sue Lewis Betty Lively Dorothy Louder Dorothy Maclearn Anna McAllister Bessie McCrory Jo Ann Markwalder Wilma Martin Delores Martinez Ellen Maxwell Barbara Meinhold Marilyn Neukom Jean Northcross Alicia Orta Isabell Pedergast Juanita Perkins Norma Pinkerton Rosemarie Potter Marcella Ramey Lorraine Ray Daphiine Reynolds Mary Riaza Maudine Robertson Jo Ann Schlosser Imogene Sexton Mae Shamblee Mary Simmons Dorothy Smith Donna Taylor Laverne Vandever Adavern Waas Barbara Wode Joan Wallace Sunny Wilson Carl lson David Yogi Buddy McDougal Dennis McDougall Clifford Baker Melvin Nordyke Gerald Goure Ruth Melugin Ernestine Ware Patsy Warren Evelyn Woods Joyce Edgeworth Peggy Joss Joan Hughes Dorothy Johnson Betty Lou Shodd Dale Loney Roy Loney Aldo Mancino Maynard McKeekin Richard Whirley Sylvester Mace Alvie Yates Leonard Jackson Denny Jones Robert Mitchell ,V ., 9 , i.wmmi,f , News fffwfimffs mn, riishi .- A GROUP OF HIGH-STEPPIN' YOUNG LADIES, THESE DRUM MAJORETTES Organized by Louise Cromwell and throwing themselves with complete spirit into the intricacies of their art, the drum maiorettes cut a neat figure through school activities this year. At football games the maiorettes distinguished themselves with trick marching formations. Their brilliant red and gold uniforms added color to any event in which they participated. Sponsored later in the year by Mrs. Swain, the group started out on their own and wound up by being one of the brightest spots of the Glendale Rodeo Parade. Doris Dill Louise Cromwell, Gerry Judd Discussion with sponsor Swain First row, left to right - Virginia Pedigo, Louise Cromwell, Jean McClure. Second Row - Billie Scott, Doris Dill, Cla- rice Riley, Dorothy Beaver. Third row - Wilma Marlin, Gerry Houri han, Mae Shamblee, Gerry Judd. Fourth row-Barbara Woodward, Martha Dillier, Norma Ben- nett, Mary Ann Vose. PAGE 102 3:3959 35- i'V'i'Ns -545351421 'f3.x.uSz '12iFl1QXZ -KT.: .f fliifw 5-'ff Q51 lt sm w f wi Advanced, left to right-Beverly Moul- ton, Betty Owens, Eli- nor Hooper, Jean McClure, Jackie De- Bolt, Mary Jane Ew- ers, Martha Nelson, Frances Thompson, Billie Sowers, Lois Craig, Martha Dil- lier, Virginia McClure, Lolly Jones, Vena Adams. Beginners, left to right-Mary Herrera, Alice Herrera, Fran- ces Soto, Judy Steng- ler, Phyllis Johnson, Betty Rowland. Officers, left to right -Louise Craig, vice- president, Lolly Jones, secretary - treasurer, Lois Craig, president. A SIMPLE CASE OF BEAUTY AND THE BEASTS, THIS A CABALLO IDING CLUB The club, organized this year, is sponsored by the local Amvets and instructed by Mrs. Vena Adams, a GUHS graduate. Fifteen of the best equestriennes in the group rode in the Glendale Rodeo Parade this year. There are two classes of riders in the club, beginners and advanced. The advanced class rides on the third Saturday of each month and the beginners on the fourth Satur- day. The monthly meeting is held on the third Friday of each month. Officers of the A Caballo Club this year were Lois Craig, president, Louise Craig, vice-president, Lolly Jones, secretary-treasurer, and Beverly Moulton, publicity director. PAGE 'I03 XA HI-LIGHTS FLOAT IN THE GLENDALE RODEO Left ANN NEARLY CHOICES AS MELBA CALMLY LOOKS ON Right TRIO REHEARSES FOR HI- LIGHTS ASSEMBLY Left A GLEAM ON NORMA'S HAIR, THE CAR, AND EM- ERY'STEETH f -runs , Y V 1 Ii . ' Y IQ Rf ri -,-4 MR. SCOTT GOING TO THE :vf gm - L I: : , Q A L l K ' - -A ---' f - . , I If ., PM I --ff L 'ffffkl ,'If'k'4 A25 I I " , A H ne, ' , .3 x I fs. Q W, LQ s ' rf N 'I' 7 :tif VH W ixkfvxx- 21, I ' ' ' . H 1 U 1' 'pq '-x I LJ. . I X . .1 NEW FT 1 . SCHOOL ISN'T ALWAYS WORK, IS IT? PAGE 104 AND HERE, FOR YOU TO REMEMBER, IS . . . Happy Holiday Season To Everyone .i- ,Y . ' A qs' -633 4 e Qt X3 w Q Al 5 f - ' a-iqgsfsla -. xg- is 3, - A in Volume XVI Friday, December 20, 1946 Number 6 3 1 , '..-, - .-+-+n1,:' f - " SDOnS0red By ' e1,',.3N2'f.y,l' . 'Qs'-ll wit- WITH ASSEMBLY TODAY 1 .lglllS sagsmg- ' Chorus, Choral Reading Are Highlights of The first dance in what the ' If - . 'I' -f ' A, ' f l newspaper staff hopes wut be an . f- Program: Will Be Repeated Un Sunday 'Tutti sglgs wg' be held!-Omshl X-uv, 2, - f ' s The second annum Christmas Featuring a chorus of 75 voices 3 E "HC eme' un ef 'he ff' .-ppl -- 'W' , vespers will be presented by the sins-ne Christmas carols. the auspices of Cardinal Hi-Lights. vi 1- A '. '- V ' GUHS Girls Chorus and Speech Chnstmas Assembly to be held The dance will start immediately R 34, A A glasses at me Fi,-sg Baptist today at GUHS will be under the xglshls basketball same N i4."'1 f 8 church sunday, December zz, nt Joint direction or Mrs. Lois ana ' ' . 1 " ' : ' lock Mr. Potter. Theme ol the aff' 'r Wh'Ch will X J .,' ' 3 00 oc ' . feature the music .dl Failh Har- .c :qi F ff The program Wm open whh Tltl: sollhgs wlufbe hallowed PY ris and ner orchestra will be ' ff .A an Mun prelude by Ellen wen' aezhlirzlujegdilizlzuarsgte liv- yournalism and a surprse is in I. - ' ' den and 3 group of Carols sung ' ' U e ,- store in the way of decorations I V 4 , ' A' l by Janet Bennett' Following this Duty from the Bible' for muse who anend- - V ,Qs D will be 3 Choral readmgy ...I-he All students in the program are The dance Wm be open ,O ,he N i . fe-f,.,, 6 christmas Story," directed by 'O WTS' 'ed books and POF'-P0591 , Y gd Mrs Lak speech instrudor and The girls will be dressed in white students of Glendale Union High T-is' - ' 1 , ' , ' and the boys in dark sum and to the public. Admission has ' .Aj 1 ' - I I I fzamlkar fhnstmas carols Sung The program will be presented been se, at 50C per person and t -ilk V The Staff ofll-li-Light: wishes avaryono y t e c orus. again sunda December Z2 t snags are allowed to come. A Mmy cnmn-an ma A Happy New The second part of the Pro- 3 P M a,y',he ,im Butts, Proceeds of the evening will ' x Yu' gram :ln Wien WT lgefaxlfggl Chuach for the benem og pu. be used to support the Cardinal ymv ony rom an 2 S - eng and friends who muh, not Hi-Lights fund to insure the con- tinuance of an excellent high school paper, Chaperons at the dance, which has been approved by the Stu- dent Council and the Mothers' Recreation Club will be Mr. Tammen and Mr. Levin. Annual Portraits Completed Completion of portraits for the 1947 Cardinal marks another step forward toward its publication in May. Faculty and club pictures will be taken immediately after the Christmas holidays. Contracts have been made with Republic and Gazette Engraving Company, McGrew Commercial Printery, and Arizona Trade Bindery for the mechanical work involved on the book, The staff has chosen an unusual theme for this year's edition and promises the finest yearbook in the history of Glendale Union High school, Tucson Boys' Choir Effects iluick Costume Changes In I Program Given December 7 In GUHS Auditorium By Jana Murphy Dressed in white capes and blue skirts with white collars and blue bows the Tucson Boys' Choir opened its Concert here Decem- ber 7, 1946, with "Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones," a German melody of the l7th centry. The program was divided into three parts, each part having a different c o s t u m e. Schubei-t's "Ave Maria" and Mozart's "Alle- luia" were the most tamiliar of the religious classics which end- ed the first part of their pro- gram. As soon as the curtains closed, the 2B boys, whose ages were fromB to 16, rushed offstage and down to the dressing room where they changed clothes for the sec- ond part of their program. They returned in white trousers and blue sweaters with their emblem of a bright green saguaro cactus GAA HIGH-POINT AWARDS ARE WON BY SCHURTER, THOMAS G.A.A. awards were distributed to girls who had eamed their letters, chevrons, eight-hundred point awards and gold honor pins, in the regular meeting held Thursday, December 12, by Mrs. C. J. Swain, sponsor. Those awarded B00-point hon- ors were: Betty Gilbert, Carol Mairle, Lodine Robinson, Everal Shahan, and Patsy Randolph. After a girl has earned enough required points she receives a letter, recently changed from a red to a gold NG". Jackie Pitts, Elizabeth I-luerta, Melba Jo Adams, Marian Crouch, and Jo Ann Ridgeway received these letters. A still higher award is the chevronfwhich is given for every 200 points earned beyond the let- ter. Those girls receiving five chev- rons were: Pat Goodloe, Lillian Shurter, Betty Thomas. Four chevrons were earned by: Shir- leen Allen, Lorraine Cloud, Nor- ma MacDonald and Margie Mon- do. Betty Lou Brown, Betty Mar- tin and Florence Slack received three chevrons and Elizabeth Huerta two. Melba Jo Adams and Jackie Pitts received one each. The gold honor pin, tho high- est award offered in any G. A. A., was earned by Lillian Schurter and Betty Thomas. Drops . . . Fred Slivtroff. wall-known freshman - sophomore - junior - senior has dropped from G. U. H. S. rolls in order to work. Fred has secured permission from his teachers to study at homo and take semester and final axaml for I grade this year. with "Tucson Boys' Choir" writ- ten across it. They sang "Pale Moon" by F. K. Logan, "Erie Canal", an early American work song, and "Czecho-Slovakian Dance Song", arranged by John O'Shea. At the end ol these songs the curtains closed again and the boys changed their clothing a sec- ond timc. They threw their blue sweaters in a chair offstage and when the curtains were opened GIRLS RECEIVE TYPING CLASS AWARDS The following second year typ- ing students are the first to re- ceive certificates of achievement in typing: Colleen Hurst, 60 net words per minute-3 errors: Jane Murphy, 50 net words per minute, 2 errorsp Marian Crouch, 50 net words per minute, 5 errors: Martha Sutter, 47 net words per minute, 3 errors: Mary E. King, 43 net words per minute, 4 errorsg Ruth Hofmann, 42 net words per minute, 4 errors. The certificates are awaided on the basis of the number of net words typed per minute on a ten minute timed writing. There is a limit of 5 errors with penalty of ten words deducted for each error. A white certificate is awarded for 55 or more net words per min- ute, a red one for 50 netg a green one for 45 netg and a yellow one for 40 net. Classroom Teachers Association Has Full Faculty Enrollment Here The Classroom Teachers Asso- ciation, organized last March to improve teachers' working con- ditions, school conditions, and to assist in community service, to- day has a membership of l007n of the Glendale Union High fac- ulty, according to President Owen W. Allen, Vocational Agriculture teacher. This organization, which meets the tirst Tuesday of each month at the school, is working to get smaller classes so that each student may have closer super- vision. It is also working on a plan to obtain closer cooperation with parents in school activities. The Constitution Committee com- pleted its work last meeting and will present the Constitution for adoption at the January meeting. Officers of the group for the current year are: Mr. Owen W. Allen, president, Mr. Thomas P. Tammen, vice - president: Mr. John M. Koerner, treasurer, and Mrs. Faye Scoggins, secretary. Mr. Tammen is also delegate to the state convention. for the last part of the program they were wearing white shirts and trousers with either blue or red sashes around their waisu. They sang "Indian Love Call" by R. Friml, "The Last Round- up" by Bill Hill, which featured a sextet-Gene Beach, Bobby Mathews, Peter Roberts, Arthur Brinkmeyer. Gordon Hon, and Donald Walker. The program con- cluded with "Funiculi, Funiculi" by Denza and "This is My Coun- try" by D. Raye and A. Jacobs. Eduardo Caso, director, said the boys would broadcast over N.B.C. December 23, and over KPHO December Z4 at l0:l5 P. M. He added that they would be going to the coast soon to make records. The piano accompanist was Mrs. John Schenck, graduate of the University of Chicago Music School. SIAH, played on the organ by Ellen Wendell. The Christmas numbers from I-landel's MES- SIAH will follow, sung by the Girls' Chorus, under the direction of Mr. A. C. Potter. Solo parts will be taken by Lorraine Ray, Cora Ellen Maxwell, Marilyn Newcomb, Ernestine Ware, Rose- marie Potter, and Evelyn Woods. Accompanist will be Marie Bark- Cr. This is a community Christmas program to which everyone is in- vited. be able to attend the school pro- sentation. Schedule . . . School will ba diamhud io- day at the regular time for one of tha longest Christmas holidays on record. seventeen days. Claaaaa will start again at 9:50 Monday. January I. l947. Tha office ata!! will conitnuo work through the holiday par- iod. Girls' Riding Club Plans Activities Elects Lois Craig President The "A Caballo Club," a girls' riding club, sponsored by the Amvets Auxiliary, held their first meeting at the home of Mrs. Re- ner, Monday' evening, November 18. Future plans were outlined and officers were elected as fol- GYM BULLETIN BOARD-REVEALS MANY SPORTS S "Gieseke Predicts," "Giving the Edge," by Ruth, "Basketball", by Whatley, "Track News", by Giesekeg and "Physical Training News" by Crouch, are all to be STUDENTS ENTER HERE FROM ALL OVER U. S. The Glendale Union High School enrollment has been in- creased during the past several weeks by la new students, repre- sentaive of many parts of the United States. They are: seniors: Dolores Horn, Oakland, Calif., John Cub- bage, Marengo, Ohiog and James Stout, Marengo, Ohio. Juniors: Bill Foster, Santa Paula, Calif.: Johnny Osbom, Phoenix: and Marilyn Stout, Mar- engo, Ohio. Sophomoresz Jim Reese, Ho- bart, Okla.g Thomas Cubbage, Marengo, Ohio: Mary Ann Mar- tin, Beaver City, Nebraskap and Marion Campbell, Pittsburg, Pen- nsylvania. Freshmen: James Frey, Pres- cott, Arizona, Robert Brown. Oakland, Connecticut: Charles Stout, Marengo, Ohiog and Rus- sell Rogers, Estas Park, Colorado. IDELIGHTS found on the bulletin hoard in the boys gym. This board is a daily news- paper for any boy connected with athletics. lt is usually highlighted by Coach Gieseke's predictions, his latest being that Keith May- berry or Don Hildreth will be national Discus Champion of 1947 and since his retum from Tempe and the North-South game he has his All-State selection made out, regarding the way the boys played in one or two games. Everyone on the starting line-up was bn either his first, second," or third team. "Giving the Edge," by Ruth, was popular during the football season when Coach Ruth would clip the cartoon out of the paper and make a few changes or write in n few inspiring words, for which he is well noted. "Basketball News" is usually a list of percentages made by the boys in the previous scrimmage, "This," says Coach Whatley, "helps the boys to improve them- selves." "I Build Champions" tespecial- ly in track! is usually found among the track news. Coach Gieseke says this will be the fin- est year tTell us one that isn'tl Glendale has had. "Physical Training News", by lContinued on Page Gl lows: president, Lois Craig, vice president, Louise Craig: aecre- tary and treasurer, Lollie Jones: and publicity manager, Beverly Moulton. The club met again Friday, No- vember 22, and members were divided into two groups, begin- ners and advanced. Each group will ride twice a month. The advanced group went on their first ride Saturday, Novem- ber Z3. Although they got caught in the rain and were saddle lore all the next week, they said they all had a good time. Advanced members are-Lois and Louise Craig, Betty Owens, Martha Nal- son, Jackie De Bolt, Elinor Hoop- er, Beverly Moulton, Jean and Virginia McClure, and Lollio Jones. X The beginners, Betty Rowland, Pruscilla Niclet, and Joyce Gil- bert, are learning how to mount and dismount under the super- vision of Mrs. Adams. They rode Saturday, November 30. Drum Maiorettes To Get Letters Glendale's drum majorettes, who caught the attention of the crowd with a flashy display at the St. Mary's game, will be in line for letters this year if they perform at the basketball games. A gold letter G with a baton through it is the symbol. Al- though the letters are small and made of felt this year, a promise has been made that larger ones made of chenille will be given out next year. ' On Tuesday, December 10, the majorettes started tumbling prac- tice for the basketball gamsa and they will practice on Tueadaya and Wedesdaya from now on. . CUR SCHOGL PAPER, THE CARDINAL Puuohvo W Y nu CARDINAL HI-LIGHTS Friday. December -20, 1946 Gs we gee Ft The Assembly Situation Rises To Confront Us Althouqh there has been no official announcement at the time of wrlllnq, it is rumored about the school thc! our assemblies are due lor some drcsiic changes. The reason as stated by the teachers and members of the Assembly Committee is that the students are not conducting themselves as it is believed they should while cxttendinq assemblies. One of the suggestions offered us a remedy for this situation Ll that ull assemblies includmq pep assemblies should be dxs- ccnllnusd. It is easy to :re the effect this idea would have on the morale and school sprrit of the students. Another suqqesticn is that all sludenis, regardless of their classification, be seated in alphabetical order. The obiectlon to this Idea is ihut conflicts might possibly arise between students ol the different classes and that there aren't enouqh seats in the auditorium to do this. One other luqqeslion is that the students should no lonqer have the privilege oi simnq where they choose. They should :mend ihe assemblies in c qroup consislinq of the members of the class they have immediately before assemblies. Furthermore, the teacher of the class will be required to lcke roll cmd cmy ltuden! absent will have to secure cn excuse before he will be admitted to the next assembly proqrclm. The obvious objection b this plan is that it would be very burdensome und annoying lo the teachers and students. Another objection is than if slu- denis were absent duxinq an assembly they would have to carry :round their excuses for a week or more until there was another assembly. In other words the assemblies would be reminders Io the students of their grammar school days when they marched from room to room under the watchful eye oi their teachers. Il has been observed that mos! of the students are very much :qczinsl all of the proposed solutlons to this situation, It has also been pointed out thc! most students, outside of those few who me on the various councils and committees, know very little about what is qolnq on around the campus. This was proven by the fact that very few have any idea that anything was belnq planned in connection with ll. It was also lecrmed that many ol the students also have many sound and sincere vdegs concemlnq this problem. Amonq other lhinqs It was suqqesled by one student that those who dan'l onioy the assemblies and would rather not attend him lhduld be permitted to ao tc study hall, which would be Dpi open lor them. Another idea suggested by many was lhal :hi slluatlon be mod! public before the entire student body. By ioinq this everyone would know about the problem and it is :shaved that A would be much more cooperation and we would be able I' blqqsr cmd better assemblies ' -- C. L Mlm A Christmas Greeting On Behalf of the Faculty If: seldom that cfiournullsm adviser sticks his nose into the bdiiorlal columns ol u newspcperg but, on the invitation of the noi! and :pecking in behalf of the faculty, we want to wish all xi the students the happiest of Chrlstmases and New Years. l could qtvo you 'tha old qui!" about resting up over the holl- Iuys for Increased effort next year, but I won't. You just qo ahead md enjoy yourselves, relax. and have u good lime. You've work- vd, il you've been true to yourself, pretty hard for almost Iour months. These seventeen days will halp relieve the ianslon that omes with constant application. If you've been Ioolish enough to loc! these past months, how- wver. here's an opportunity to do Cl linla leisurely 'lovinq' and alch up with your work-c scrhol resolulton to do better lima, lrccticclly applied. ' AI any rcle. whether you relax or work u little, have Cl Qood me, May the New Year bring you happiness. -A. H, Levin Gaabinal H1-fights uhlilhod ovary other week by the members oi the Iourncllsm IIPCIHXIIOIII of Glendale Unton Hiqh School, Glendale, Arizona. ldllorlal Std! . . . . . Herb Surrett . . . Lorena Hedqapeth Barbara Gaines. Marilyn Pillsbury, Lorena Hedqepeth . . . . Imxe Murphy . . . . Elmer Ahcm Editor . . . Ben Tcmq - - Weldon Ksms, Manuel Aja . I Ellen Wendell, Patsy Rawlings . . Dom Gorraiz, Helen Yee luninnl Sidi Donna Mae Heaslal, Belly Iso-n Reese . Una Mcxe Newsome, Helen lov, PSQQY Randolph, Patsy Rawlings . Betty Lou Brown, Lorraine Cloud Lol: McDonald, Lillian Schurter . . . Mr. Alvin H. Levin dlhir-In-Chlol .lalstanl Editor Iowa Edllon . saturn Editor . hotoqmphy Editor slalom Photography ports Editors - roofmaders yphh . . uunoss Mcnawem . lrculauon Mcmfrvsn dvsnisinq Manawatu ubllcily . . dvtnr . 5905 rx 06 fc' if ' 1, gif 'in " 'li . ,JPL I fl ' 1. 12 . :rv f GARDENIAS we Throw . . cmd Gmauc + Gudonlu to our basketball team, you look swell. Garlic to the buys who went to Nogales ilnd I don'l mean for the lame, or was that supposed to be a seeret?77D Gardenia: to the girl.: who re- ceived honoxs at the G.A.A. mee!- mg. Gudmlu each to Lillian Schurter and Betty Thomas for eamlnl the honor pin, which Il the highest award in G.A,A. Garlic to the penou who gave Pete T. his black eye. Gudnnlu to our boy: who made All-Stlte. Gull: to the assembly regimen- tatiun idea. ' Gudmlu to Nadine Vex-plank for painting the two pictures for the Home Ee. Department. Gull: to those who have ltlrt- ed celebrating their Christmas vacation early and insist on ditch- mg. Gudnlu to the people who pick up the papers on the lawn and gulls in those who don't. Gu-dmlu to Santa Claus. U a !f7 QIIIKWHIIYINI!IWIIIIIIIPIMIIIIIINININIYIIIIINIMMIII!IM!I!IIIIIII!I!IlI'IIIll!I!I1IlIlIIIlIYI!l!I1I1lIIll!IWINIilllllllkl!Hlllllilllllidlllllllillllllllllill " . ' 1 ' 2 . I CZFI-S"fFl5J' Aff' a,'e5Jy Z g Merry Chrlstmas T me Hr' b Il a 1 h E ' CAMPUS :ever halrieznsbeaaze mill: G I by and say, "Hello Fireballs." AUTO SUPPLY Byard's favorite song is one that he sings just once a year. It lub Part he All Cdl CHARACTER ' "S h l' C. Sch 1' K. E Iiachei' TZ! ih:IIi!!Ie mise: ora" E In scum nn' An' By lyud Falls Byard Falls was burn in Santa Rita, New Mexico, December ll, 1929. Whatever possessed his par- ents to bring him to Arizona is more than any one will ever know: it is probably because no other state would accept such I funny looking thing. , Byard is a very bright boy. No one knows, but it is generally though the reason he stays in bed until after the sun is up so the sun can come up. It colld be a proven lac! that he neiler ditches or gets into trouble, but it isn't, Mr. Levin is his favorite teacher, and probably he is Mr. Levin's pet peeve. Byard is n blond haired, blue eyed senior. You can recogniz! him by his walk as he is slightly bow-legged. When people see him at school the polite ones just smile, but there are still those who laugh out loud, and also those who ask him, ls he going in school or just visiting? He has two pefpeeves, his nick He is also a very good natured boy. He can take almost my joke for him or against him. He even went to the extent of uk- ing the part of a dumbbell lt one of the school assemblies. You will see him anywhere you see n certain sophomore girl. His hobby is keeping her in A good humor. The Scolchman :woke che moming to find that his wife had passed away in the night. He leaped from his bed, ran out into the hall, and called downstairs to the cook: "Mary, come to the loot of the stairs quick!" "Whit is it?" she cried. "Don't boil but one egg for breakfast," uid the Scotch- man. Su Us For Your Needs MERRY CHRISTMAS GLENDALE REALTY CO. We Can House You n. n. mx.. - new gil!INlNIIIIINUINIIIIIVIVINHIIIIININI4IlIlIPI!l4IIIIIVlW4INIIIIIVWIIIIIIIIWWIIIIIM KISER E MOTOR COURT E Phone 783 E Glendale. Amana S 5 5 Merry Christmas i Dawn E ENl!I1IIIllVlJUI'IlItItIWItlIIIIKIWI1IIIIIIIHNIIIIl!INIYI1I1III7hlNIIIlIIll!llU1Illl W MLQLLLLAQAAAAAAAQ 2 scl-lN:lnzn's 1 I whm Quqmy L- nm 1 Merry Christmas I nm gggzcgnoss I and Q.wva........-..4 Happy New Year -I -H I HENSON'S , STUDIO TWIN BARRELS ' DRIVE-IN 1- 'mv oun HAMBURGERS AND mc! Mm-Ts Merry Christmas Also Olhcr """"" sP""1' ssnvlc: I QEIHUIIIIllllllliltlIIIlifmIllllllbIlIWl1IIIiIM1IIIIIIIrWI4I'HtlVIbIWIAIIIIIKIHNINIIIKIMIIWMIIIIllllilll4l1IlIIlIlllIlIlIilllIlIllWI!lIIllIlIIlIiIIIlll1II QI!l1IIl'lVIiIlillIIINl7lIl1IIIlI!IlI1l'I-ININHIWIIIXIIIIMIIIVIVINHI'WIVIIWIIIIIIILINININIlIlIIIIIIILINllllIIIIIIIKIVINI4IliIIIIIIIllllliIIIllllillllllllllmlilllllllflllllll E v smos Moron co. 2 cl-u:vnou:r nmum E Phono S38 jinrnuIuInImmnmnIImmnnllmmmnuwulmlnuumnuwmm,urIx1wIInmwmmlnluumlnnnulmnmmlnnmmmuml E MILLER TIRE and SUPPLY COMPANY E GENERAL ELECTRIC RADIOS 3 Tabla Modal: Sill-Chmvlnq Pofluhlu Phmmgmplu TIRES AVAILABLE - ALI. 2 Merry Chrimmis GENE'S MODERN MARKET ' IIblNIIIIlIlIIMIHIIIM1IIIIWillIllllMIMIIMI!!IIIIIllIAllIllIIIIlM4I1IIIIIIWMQIIIIIIQMIHHMWIWMMIIHIIINMIIJIIIWIQIIW SAFEWAY Glondalmklaoan AILlDMilIIIlWllIIIIIW!ImillIIMIlllIIPIWM1IAIIIIIIlIIIlHIHlllHIttHlmIlIIIIIIlllH1IIHhIH!lIl1hMllUIl1lIllll!lIllI ,mlIIIWMIIIIIIIWIAIIIIIIIINIllllllllilllIIIIWMI1IIlIIl1WIIlllllllllllIMINl1l1IllIlIIbIlMl1IlIIIlll!llllllIIlIHllllllIIlIIlllllIilIIIVII gmllllwlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllll IIIIIIIM Illllillll WIIIII 5 s E 5 E If Y I 2 EE Q' I E 5 E P4 g ' S 3 C'-I I I L., 3 C1 2 SD I HI-LIGHTS, THE BRAIN-CHILD 0F THE mam December ze, me cmtnium. H1-UGHTS V ' Faculty tells . . The ' ' How They Earned gnquliltlg Their First Dollar .. Repormr wxfcn Clardy-I :old Indian bead 5' mags. Thomas-I was a baby What do you want for Christmas? Freshmen: Barbara Wade-Oh' a man, Norman Cater-A million red suckers. Warkn Coppinger-A set of tinkeri toys, so my big brother can play with 'em. Steve Kirvan-l wanna 'lectrlc train. Peggy Berry-A shoulder so I can rest my weary head. 'Alvie Yates-A voice like Aldo Mancino. Sophomutea: Lonnie Woods-A set of bells for my shoes, Dorothy i Hoover - Nothing, what do you want? Joanne Newwmb-A date with :I certain junior, .lan Bennett-I want to know the truth about something very important, Juniors: Avanelle Hellen-I wanna see Santa Clause and I wanna con- vertible. George Liby-A doll that says "Daddy." Eddie Schul-A great big doll with big 'blue eyes. Jack Pate-l've got all I want. Aldo Mancino-My name in some girl's diary. Louise Craig--A big panda to keep my little panda company. -Jill Gabriel-A rag doll with black braids. -' Katherine Anderson-A brain. Barbara McAllister-The secret of getting dates. Seniors: 'Byard Falls-Straight legs. Harold Carden-Electric razor. Murrie Popoff-Curly hair like Mr. Coghlan. Colleen Hurst-A big black and white panda bear. Marty Dillier-Pretty legs like Fred Slivkoff. Shirley Stark-A maleman. Weldon Kems-A book on how to make a date with a girl, Adavern Waas-l wanna lmcw hofw Santa lands with a sleigh in Ariz. Dick Arnold-To be specific, it! terrific, Maggie Tuieba-A plane so I won't be late to home Ee. every day. Miscellaneous: Legrand Lamb-Tricycle. Mike Eaglin-A small girl but not so wide. Martha Nelson-Just a date. Don Hlldreth-Five blondes for my right arm and four brunetts for my left arm. Also some lip- stick remover. Manuel Aja-Date with a cer- tain girl. Boots Garrison-Dimples like Basilio. Donald Phillips-Blond, perox- GLENDALE METAL PRODUCTS 7 W. Glendale Ave. Phone lil! N FRESHMAN DREAM BOY FRESHMAN DREAM GIRL Hair ...... ,... . ., . .... Ted Filer Hair.. ,,,... .. ,Barbara Stamper Eye! ,...... ...Yay H Joe .Phillips Eyes , Billy Jean Gibson Smile , . Joe Phillips Smile Jackie Allen Teeth.. . . .Yay Phillips Teeth ,... Merul Hutchison Physique , Lea Mahann Figure . .,,Pa3ay Shelton Shoulders . .larry Barker Legs , .. . . Jackie Allan Personality . . ..,.,, Johnnie Warfel Brains . . ,. . ,Beverly Frost Brains ., , .. ..., Allen Blakney Personality ............., ,. Jackie Allan Dancer, .. Johnnie Warfel Dancer ..,,........ . , Jackie Allen ide with bangs. Jim Woods-Case of Calvert. Stone Tanita-A '46 Mercury with a pretty blonde. Barbara Gaines-A new set of legs. Tam Ed-A new pipe. Mrs. Menard-Everyone to quit being tardy, and a kitchen sink. Patsy Randolph - Legs, like Donald Phillips. Charley Nelson-A good look- ing girl about so high. ' Peggy Randolph-indelible lip- stickg really wanta know why? Bill Tyrone - '46 two-toned maroon convertible with the back P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P v vv 4444444 Just Received Shipment of Sweaters You've Been Waiting For P I All Sizes and Colors 1 I Also Hundreds of v DRESSES. ntousss. P sxmrs AND omzn Q Annacrxvs rreias E Merry Xmas 81 4 I o U 'U N4 Z ro 2 -4 rn 9. vv AA FQ Q Q F1 UY4, 3-rn 3 3 Q Q.. CD "1 '.:1 QE' 'PQ PE F25 QS. is 2? vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve i-iiifi-i f -l1r'iii-i-f-i'iliiiii-r'riiii"'-i-i'i if -i-iiiili-i1iiiii-'+' 'f-iiii ilir-iii-i'lf-'ii+ii-'liiiiie"iii'--Iiiflfiiiiiii1--i-ii1'iiiii'-i1i1i-l SEASON'S GREETINGS ,,..CsP.e:.:Gs....D.......S'::i.22:::,i:... 2 NORMAN FLOWER S 5 E 2500 N. Centra! Ave. Phoenbt 2 5 ei-on s-sua E IIWlllllllllllllIlllllillllllllllllllillllllllillllllllllIIIIIIIlllllllilllIIIlilllllIIIlililllllililllililllil I.IIIiI I I IIIIIII Iilil III III I ll lil I lilll I l'I I'Il Irlllilllllli seat full of blonds. Pete Tolmachoff-Fair of glass- es. Miss Swain-A real good aa- Mrs. Swain-Driving 2 tractor. Mr. Stanley-Mowing grass. Mr. Koerner - Someone gave me a Z by 4 ice truck and I took Grandmother's ice from her ice box and sold it to all her neigh- bors. When she found out I got a licking. Misa Smith-Took care of some small children. Mr. Ashe-Feeding cattle or herding goats in West Texas. Mr. Giereke-Carrying water for a paving gang. Mr. Ruth-Drove a hay stacker. Mr. Olson-Selling figs. Mre. Heltmeyer-Daddy bought me some chicken eggs and I hatched them out. Mn. Menard-My father gave me a dollar so quit sitting on my feet. Mr. Scott-My father gave me a runt pig and I raised it and sold it. Mr. Crouch-Selling Christmas trees. Mr. Allen.Herding cattle. Mr. Goghlan-Doing oil paint- ings in Canada. Mrs. Gilmore-Waiueu in a tearoom. Misa Dawwon-Sorting percola- tor tops in a glass factory, Mrs. Davlee-lt'a very vague but I think it was when I went away to Normal School and took care of children for room rent. Mr. Potter-By feeding an watering some chickens for neighbor. Mr. Branson-By selling eggs. Mrs. McGowan-Doing speech work. d a sistant. Lois Craig-Legs like Don i-iiidreth. 7' Basilio Aja - I wish Santa MEN! and BOY1 WBAR would bring my rings back. Ph,-. ua P4:ae'l'lwae 'sltrtfftftiiiiffu' CARUL IS ULD FAVURITE "Silent Night", a great Christ- mas hymn, was written in the small village of Abendorf, Bava- ria, on December 24, IBIG, The parish priest, who was Father Josef Mahr, wrote a poem in the honor of Christmas Eve. twhich is the most holy of all nights to the German people.J He gave his poem to the church or- ganist, Franz Gruber, who was inspired by the simple beauty of the poem and composed a melody for the words in a few hours. lt was decided to use the new hymn at the Christmas service that eve. All was well until it was dis- covered that evening the organ was out of commission. So the people of Abendori heard the new hymn for the first time sung as a vocal duet with A guitar accompaniment. Father Mahr sang the tenor lead and Franz Gruber sang bass and played the guitar. From this humble begin- ning "Silent Night" has become the foremost Christmas carol of the world, G. W. Sing's Grocery Meat I Vegetables I-'nslt GEORGEfS PLACE "Good F004 and Qulck Bervlae' Francis Lehman union saw Sa-vlae "COIN-lfl iw!!! IX IOUI Cll' Grand Ave. at fifth Phone D175 hneiae hraa l fiat vain oil helen 7l Otnllae Tlltaa lelee Oil The Valley Printers Publllharl of The Glendale Herald aaa PRODUCERS OF FINE COMMERCIAL PHINTDIG 5th Ave. Grocery I3 lwuth llh Avenue Ona Stop Shopping For ' amwy, mae. vqmsiq' GLIZNDALE TAXI SERVICE ' Phone 877 24 Hours Service 4...- FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION I Glendale Floral Shop 1 Car. and Adalla Pltte Alumni of GUHS ' 650 Wert C Avenue Marry Christmas BEALL MOTORS DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH Sales - Service Grand Ava. at Wil I Aves Phone IIN Phone S43 ,,-.--.--M,., ' 4 ' 4 ' 4 P I WILSON PHARMACY Q E watannzn Acmicr 1 P 1 E cmpim ua. of comme.. muiom. IV I ray.. sammy me can cm nm. 1 : for Christmas l E . y Fountain Service 1 P 1 P vvv vvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvv vv vv v ' .1 ISI E. Glmdale Phone Ill n4444g4AAAA44 J CAROLYNN FLOWER SHOP 1 4 4 CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAB 4 VIREATHS AND MISTLITOZ ' CHRISTMAS CORSAG BOUOUETS AND CBNTEIIPIECEB 4 Order New - Phone 8278 3 - ........ A, .... ,M ..... AAA, - - - ,M I 1 Be Sure to Visit OUR NEW Ready to Wear Department AND OUR Beauty Salon AT LEUNAHITS EL PASO STORE AAA JOURNALISM CLASSES. HERB SURRETT NI-PM i ,mga g CARDINAL HHLIGHTS V From U12 wk - i End of the Season ID E L I N E S By Kerns In a pcll'by the Sports Depart- ment of the Cardinal Hi-Lights lor the 1946 All-American team iudzed nn past performances, two players, Davis and Blanchard of krmy, All Arg-nerixgan last year, were chosen as co-captains of this team.. ' backfield has Lujank of relr'u The Wotre Dame at quarter back, rrippi of Georgia and Davis ol Army at hn1I.back, and Blan- rhlrd of Army at fullback. The J.C.L.A. and Bechtel of Texas at-ends, Connor of Notre Dame md Amling oi Ohio Stale at acldes. The guards mje fumble mi Rice and' Agase ol Illinois, icott of Navy is at center. ' " X11-Shia Tum' A first and second string All- ilate was algo chosen as tu ap- searance in games played against Hendale and games that were een playi-ed Withfolher schols. The backficfd has Dawson nr' Douglas and White of Mesa, hall- nacksg Carey cf Tucson, fullback: ,nd Manuel ' Aja oi Glendale, yuarter back. 4 The line is led by Mnyberxy of Plendale and Lillywhite of Doug' as at ends. Tackles are Arm- Lead of Mesa and Peny of Yuma. ing of Glendale and Hammer of 'hoenix Unionrare 'at guards, and Vurkman of Mesa at center. . Socond String The second team 'consisu of Ieadington of Yuma at quaner- wack: Campbell of Prescott and Lchell of Coolidge, halfbacksg nd Hazelton oi Phoenix Union t fullback. t The line has Papo!! of Glen- na and Bn-eu of Globe at emu. lay oi Phoenix Union and Paul- s of St. Marys are at tackles. 'he guards are Jacob of Tucson nd Pomer0Y 02 MGB- R0biHS0ll X Glendale is at center. Selectors , All members of the Hi-Lighis ports Staff-Manuel Aja, Well on Kems, Pete Tulmachoff, and lorrie Pope!! - participated in he poll. Selection of the A11- nmerican backiield was relative- y easy, what with Davis, Blan- hnrd, Lujack, and Trippi hav- ag made almost every All-Amen :an team this year, so outstand- :zg were they. Selection of the All-American :ne was rather difficult and the electors tried to avoid being in- luenccd by publicity staffs of the arious colleges who had consist- ntly "plugged" their boys all ear. line consists of Baldwin of Picking 'Em Out The All-State picks differed lightly from the teams chosen by he Phoenix and Tucson news- wapera. Trying hard to be impar- Kal, the sports staff stall could not see how the team would be omplete without Ong at guard, 'In addition in the selection of All - American and All - Slate eams, the Hi-Lights also chose A the Football Surprise of the 'ear Navy's amazing showing gains! Army in a spectacular rattle which ended with the Nav- 1 Academy almost pulling what would have been the upset of the entury. U 54. '.f Q, .. V ' I Manuel Ain lowers his head and plows away thx-ouq'h SI. Mary's territory in the final qamp of lhe season. Glendale won, much to the surprise of Sl. Mury's, by u store ol 27-0. -This is Mcmuel's las! year on jhe foolbqll squad and the SI. Mm'y'l qaml wal hh lull con. rxrre ' - ference iussle. Manuel also st d m the Ncrih South clash. NORTH UPSETS SUIITH, 7 T0 , AT TEMPE 'An all around team proved, Saturday night, December G, lu be better than three or four stars when an underrated Northern team defeated the vaunted South- emers 7-6, before 11,500 peoplu at Tempe in Goodwin Stadium. The line was ihe big dlffercnfe in the game with the North hav- ing a more balanced Iurward wall, strung between Keith May- berry of Glendale and G11 Burch of Globe. The South started of! in nn im- pressivc fashion, aft:-r takmg the kmmff. Lee cm-ey quxck ku-ked on the lhird down, to the North la, L-arching mn.-m by surpragv Aitvx' failing to make n fxrsl and u-n, Aw ku-kcd um un me 46. recovering the ball and driving it back past the mid-field strips, Aja kicked to the South twenty. Theme plays later Carey fum- blcd'and,Bill Hammer recovered. With Aja, Hazelton, and Ander- sun carrying the ball to the ten yard linc, Hazclton then threw a beautiful pass to Aja in the end znnc. Aja then made a perfect place kick to set the North Qui in front 7 lo S. The South were never given a Chance in :he mm uf the game to produce a scoring threat. Thc kickoff sol up another touchdown threat for the North, when Ham- mer rccovered thc ball, alter its being tuuched by the scum, on me forty yard line, wnh Aja and Hazelton advancing the ball to the Ixfleen yard lxnc, a series of setbacks offset lhou' chance fur unulhnr tnuvhdown. after :I Z5 yard pass lo Osborne hailed tu muku up for sm- msn yardage. A pass brought uw ban to me ' ' "W" W 23 yard line, On me next play, wnme umm- through lm tzacklv I and run 23 y.-1-as m mv 4-nd mm. PAUL S C:.u'l'y'S Jlllvmpivd DLIS5 wus no good' FOOD MARKET In mm- 5.-fund qua.-wr tho Nm-ah mm-wmmu lu sk-Um mm- Your Fliendly slum blocking Q, kick and it on the Soulh fxfn-s-n yard lmc. Am-r nn- fourth pass failed U, 917 W- Glendlle Ave- pwduff- n 54-uw, ihc snum wok uw-. annual. Arizona Tm- Nurlh wok fwfr 1.1 nm bc- ginnmg Ur thx- 51-wud him, An.-r . E X Merry Christmas . . i ,. i I and a Happy New Year f l ! , RICHFIELD OIL COMPANY ! M. D. and H. C. ' Phone 424 G. A. WHITE, REALTOR REAL BTATE Bought usd Sold Your Lining: Appuehhd 1 Rsdell, Agents ..-..-.-..- ...-..-..-...-...T X FOOD CENTER I 5th and Glendale Avenuo I 1 I ' QUALITY MEETS - FRESH ' Frozen Foods and BETTER BRANDS AT LOWEST PRICES Y Your Pcxhonaqc In Appreciated We Dellvgr FRUITS and VEGETABLES Skxpls Grocerlas i Senior Girls Win First Game -By Pury Goodloo The inter-class basketball tour- nament opened with the seniors defeating the favored juniors by a score of 9-6, Monday, December 2, in a double elimination con- tusl.. The senior guards seemed to Friday, December 20, l946 Hellmd nl Selecting llorill-Sonlh Player: Limils Each Team To Three EligiI:le'l"oolballers vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvi 5-H III Pi Ill 9 4' D' Va VJ I-4- 'SQi?f52qa5s:gm.55.2sg,5.g5sE zgisgzfssga- 5'm7'4 05' "5'v.wF 'rm .-m"E5'fU 5 5' 353 5 yarn.-f -1 A G O- m-124 ,, Om'U.:': W FSSEENE-fini'-9E'?E swans :ENE 1 E935 5,,5'E""a.2aSOr 2E"'sEEf-7 2 QQ ::3kss5f559m ,Q :.-a.,.w.-5:Q-fzg,-w-1 0' 5- ,,..--4--G:-mn! ----"'0'1- "o"Q U'--. "-5: 0-0 VF' : ,gmc v. sgwru O ,,,..,,,., :own S-,ww o52"y-,L ,,-QD-E-L.:-D-,rn 055: -w"3,o5g-1, wg... v-',-8'-94 E "'N3-'35w"',5' '3 fa'-l wg-E.""':rQ: Som 515533 55',3EL5:"5:"15 5-Sc! imsgiliipag ...:'f,9iu-3 w"...5':?9u-,.3U 3"-5-a vw: -4v2a5w'i Emngwg 3-3:50-ag-492.2 mrgg 'g-Egggg-vw agg- 'U 5' ..-- 'P 355-Sim u-:'9555S2"...'S EW u- E532-3-wgmmi Qfmilm WN Em 243' fax :2'sia:a1-2 '-.W Z0 -Bw-2:P2--a' U :H I.. evaz 'c 3-can El- E -Q -ar wg H Q, 'cz saiaki sigma has-2 2--ss S EWS'-152-T omlbwo. ,g...'i9 wm'4m1v -13:-'vu 55 Eggfffi-1E'f vv SERVICE vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvw GENUINE GLENDALE MOTORS, INC. lad Au. at Gund Phou Ml LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAA represent the North or South a limit of three players from a school has been set as a nxling. Many deserving players have been kept out of the game al- thuugh they may have received more votes than players from other schools. This rule has Affected several schools as it has the Glenqlala players, Arnold Ong, gund, an All-State :election in the Arizona Daily Star, and a star preformer all season was eliminated irom the contest. Emery Harper, a hard driving, blocking, and tackl- ing fullback and Bill Robinson, center, one of the best line back- els in the state were also Affect- ed by this rule. Lumber Co. A FULL LINE OF BUILDING MATERIALS The 0'MaIIey px-nom: am PARTS ZHlkliiillltiiiilklilitlliltil Ill!!! gil A 25. H REFRESI-IINGLY YOURS 5 SWIFT'S ICE CREAM rm.. sn.. m:c. zo. an E RICHARD DIX IN 5 Mysterious 5 Intruder ? 2 cx-umuzs s-nums-r-r 5 IN 2 Gunning for Vengeance 3 nus nowu. Mouurzb No. a 5 SUN.. MON. - DEC. 22-23 E VIVIAN BLAINE Pnmw coMo 5 m If Pm Lucky L , rnus 5 News :mn sr-roms rv 511Ill!I1I!l:I'Ill'IHill?IFNWIYIIIKIWIIIIIMUIWlllilllilmllllltllIllllIliIllNl1IlllIilllIVl1mIIiIilNlNI.1l!I!I1NNIVIIllILINUINI1I.IfIbIV'iNI1IIIlIiIPlM HMI!l!IlIIIIlNMINlNI1IkIkl Rdmillion llc. . 5Dc Telephone 5-4747 Camelback of Mission Drive 3 -runs.. wsnw mzc. 14. as AZA? Rdmlulon llc. 351: FRI. SAT. SUN. DEC. 20. Zl. 22 Walter Huston E DOORS OPEN l2:I5 A. M. IN MONA FREEMAN E BICHAHIZJDENNING E Z S 5 Black Beauty A'-so 5 nus 5 Buster Crabbe 3 unws Am: snonrs g 2 5 'N 2 THURS. onur. nsc. zu 3 P 2 :AMES snzw - ,,, nusrmns E No Time ich. 'W' E E ICk cliff!! NO. 6 5 rms E PWS E Nnws AND SHORTS S CGNOOII Mllllllllll!I!UIIHIIIVINNUIMVIVIWIJINIIIIIIIIIHNIWINIIIIIKIIIIIIIIII DID A FINE JOB AS EDITCJR-IN-CHIEF. Friday, December 20, l346 CARDINAL HI-l.lGH'PS Pave Eve Gi"'S BASKETBALL TEAM HAS SPLIT CAMPUS SPORTS By Goodloe The Girls' P. E. Class tourna- ment got off to a blazing start with a Z1-2l tie between Adams' fifth-hour class champs and Rob- lnson's fourth-hour champs. Adams led the scoring with 17 points. Robinson was second high- est with 12 points, ln the play off, fourth-hour defeated filth hour by one basket. Barbara Frost's third hour team fell to Alvarado's secondvhour team 20 to 12. Alvardo and Avilla both on the second hour team tied for high point honors with l0 points each. However, McDonald, playing guard lor the second hour team crew, was the outstanding player oi the game. This tournament will continue for at least two more weeks and anything can happen. Footbell We told you we would and we BYE! Bright and early Monday morning the Girls' P. E, classes, under the direction of Mrs. Swain, dashed out through the snow banks to learn the funda- mentals of girl's touch football. Although girls' touch football differs greatly from boys foot- ball. there are many similarities and through playing in the P. E. classes, girls should come to have a better understanding of boys' football games. Show Ability So far the girls seem developed the technique ing until we expect some of the girls to substitute for Aja. And if the boys want to see something flashy, come out and watch the 5th hour sprintets. All the classes are pretty good lt single reverses. double revers- es, quarter back sneaks, and end runs but you should see Shil-leen Allen on a spinner play. Some- time in the near future the girls hope to put on a football game for the entire school. to have of pass' PURE Gm The lecturer tried to make z telling illustration: "If I brought a donkey a pail of water al-ld a pail of beer, which would he drink?" "The water," came a woman's voice from the front row, "And why would he take the wider?" asked the lecturer, "Because he's stupid," came a rrlan's voice from the rear. - . . "So you desire to be my :on- in-law?" "Heck, no! But if I marry your daughter l don't see how I can get out of it!" . . . A garlic or liglberger cheese sandwich is two pieces of bread in had company. . - - Barber looking at young man's sleek hair: "Do you want it cut or just change the oil?" . . . Two soldiers lost their wsy. Said one: "We must be in a cem- etery. Here's a gravestone." The other lit a match and re- plied: "Yeah, he lived to ll ripe old age ol IBO." "What's his name?" "Some guy named Miles from Fresno." Ueelul chliliil Present: for ihe Family Can Be found ln Our Stock ol Hardware Cutlery and Household Supplhl 25 South Flnl Ave. Phone 238 SINE BROS. C0.,Inc. Glendale. Arlzonu SEASON SO FAR The Tucson Badgers trounced the Glendale Cardinals 40 to 17 in a basketball game played at Tucson, December 6, before an overflowing crowd of 2500. The game was the first for Tucson and the second for Glendale. The game started out as :l de- fensive duel and at the end of the first quarter Tucson led 4 to Z. In the second quarter with the Badger height and Smith, Badger forward, going wild, the Badgers took a good lead by getting most of the rebounds. The score at the hal! was 21 to 7. In the last quarter the Cards changed their defense and held the Badgers to eight points, but that wasn't enough for the Cards. Scoring honors went to Smith, Badger forward, with 18 points. Nognln Geme The Cards, after losing to Tucson, traveled to Nogales, where they defeated the Apaches 30 to 26, The teams were evenly mached, with Glendale having a llltle advantage ln height. Once the Cardinals took the lead, they were never overcome. Led by Johnny Florez, forward, the Cardinals had a 15 to 12 lead at the hall. Florez was high point man with a total of 9. Aja and Mayberry dld not play be- cause o fthe North-South game. Men Gu-ne The Cards traveled to Mesa Friday to play the third confer- ence game of the season. The Jackrabbits were ln top form edged the local team out ln the last half battle, 36-30. The 'Rabbits took the lead from the start and kept it until the final whistle. Although Mesa led by 12 points at the half, the Cards came out fighting and climbed to wllhln 3 points at one time. ln the last minute, the Jackrabbits scored a field goal and a free throw to hike the breach to 6 points. Manuel Ala was the game's high scorer with 13 points. Harvest Dance Given In Gym: Frost a ll Dash nllgll The Harvest Dance, sponsored annually by the Home Ee. and F.F.A. Clubs, was held Friday nlght, Dec. 8, 1946, in the gym. The dance was given in honor of the Harvest King and Queen, Bobby Dash and Barbara Frost, and their attendants, Jackie De Bolt. Connie Standiford, Dorothy Hoover, Albert Vizcaya, Eddie Hatton, and Donald Giblin, The King and Queen were crowned by last yeal-'s regents, Ann Sexton and Bill Robinson, following a Grand March led by Bobby and Barbara amd their et- THIS YEAR Yurne Gu-ne The Glendale Cardinals won their second game of the season on the Criminal floor December 14, rompil-lg to e lopesided 53-30 triumph over the Yuma Criminel five. The Yuma team was re- garded as a fine team when they outclassed the Gila Bend team. The Cardinals could muster only a ll-B lead at the end of the first quarter, The halftime margin favored the Cardinals 24-16 and by the end of the third period the Cards were coasting along with ll 40- Z5 advantage. Glendale steadily added to its lead throughout the 4th quarter and finished with a 23 point ode vantage. Coach John Whatley used all of the 9 players he had suited out for the game. Johnnie Florez led the Cards scoring parade with 13 points, while Manuel Aja, All-State for- ward was second with l2. Coz and Ellis led the losers with 10 points each, Aja, Mayberry ' Make Republic All-Stale Glendale placed two playens on the Republic All-State selec- tion, based on a poll ol high school coaches and representa- tives of the University of Arizona and the two state colleges. Manuel Aja repeated his last year's performance. and wu placed ln the backfield with Wil- ford White, Lee Carey, and Gus Headington as the coaches' choice backfield. Keith Mayberry, lanky six foot, two inch, 185 pound end. was chosen All-State opposite Carlos Lillywhite of Douglas, de- sipte a broken arm received in the first game of the season, which kept him out of play un- til half of the schedule had pass- ed. Mayberry'a performance in the North and South game re- moved any doubt in the coaches' minds, and apparently made up for his lost time. Arnold Ong, guard, and Man- uel Aja, hallback, made the All State team in the Arizona Daily Star, a similar poll made in Tuc- son, Keith Mayberry was placed on the second string. Milllll'llllllllllllIlIllllllllllllillIlIllll'llllllI'lVIlIllllillllIllllmlllllllllllllu AUTO GLASS 2 NORTHSIDE 5 3 GARAGE 5 3 DuvldH.BhUell E Behind Top Hu! 5 E Phone 9231 5 5 RZPAIRINGONALI. S e Mlixrsorclms E lendanfs- inllIllsl'nllI'urnlllllllmlllll,lllllllfl:lllllvlllImllllmnlllnlllllllli THE TOP OF THE TOWN EXTENDS SEASON'S GREETINGS WE HOPE T0 BE SEEING YOU Haul Moon and du Enilro Pereonell illmlllllmllmllllllllnl:millnlllllllmllllallllllulllllllllllllIlIll-lmlllllulllllllllnlllllllllllll l lllllll llllllllllnllmlmlullulllllllllllullllllllmlllll 2 SEASON'S GREETINGS 5 E GS FOR THE ENTIRE HOME- llllllllll gllllllllllllllllmlilimll 5 E E 2 E 2 5 GLENDALE CHLAR TO A'lTlC FURNITURE 22 N. ll! Ave. gopll paxil If you happen to go to the El Rey Theatre and are treated to up side down scenes you can de- pend upon it, Mike Eaglin is at the wheel! Projector, that is. About 17 years ago, July 31, 1929, to be exact, this will-be cole legian happened to Starling, ll- linois. There he pursued the rocky parts of knowledge for six years before moving to Arlzonll to he- eome one of Glendale's "Big Eleven", Mike hates stubbom women, but says he's just as persistent as any, WAL'l'Ell RUTH GUIDES IIURTII T0 VICTIIRY By Muluel Me. Jr. Coach Walt Ruth of Glendale was chosen head coach of the North team, in a poll made by coaches from other schools in the northem part of the state. Coach Homer Brown of Jerome wu his lssistant, Coach Gleseke, Glen- dale's line coach who has worked with Coach Ruth the pest year, was chosen as another assistant. Coach Ruth was selected lol- the fine showing his teams made the past two yellrs. This is Coach Ru!h's second year of coaching and his team has beaten the best teams in the state, Glendale beat the defending champions, Tucson Badgers. on their own field by the biggest :core they have been beaten by this year. Then in the North and South game his team was picked to lose by twenty sev- en points but he brought up u bunch of green players to the highest spirit n group of boys could have, winning 7-6. Coach Gieseke worked with the line and got them charging so hard that they pushed the South line all over the field. With ll hard charging line and a squad of hard running backs Coach Ruth's team pulled one of the MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR VAN'S blues! upsets ln football by beating the favored South. There were boys from ell puts of the state playing tolether end they said that they leemed more from coach Ruth in li week then they did in four yean. They laid Ruth hed a good system. The system he usee is the Notre Dame boxg lots o! pow- er and blocking is needed. Many boys said that they though! Couch Ruth was the but coech they have seen in their high school years. Walt Ruth wu uslslent coach ut the North end South lest year. HLLAAALLLLLLALLL1 g New TIRES 3 I some 1 i ssom 4 v l50xl5 4 1 500:15 1 I Voughn's Richfield I I Service 1 I Central and A 1 p Phone 013 4 Lvvvvvvvv ' GLENDALE FOOD LOCKERS FBEEZNG HOLDS FBESHNBSS 585 E. Grand Ave. 'I His first love ls Marion Crouch. V Y X . W . .wonder H sh! mike, nm yum- glllvlumllulllll.llllllllllulllumnllul'lufllllll:llwlwlu my spagetti and meat ball: he's Th E so fond nf7l He likes music and Q loves to dance. P E Gl'ndoy.'r Mike is noted for his cheeriul alwmdum e Beaufy Salon grin and genial disposition. While he doesn't exactly burn up n wg CLEAN gv111y1-gmg 5 35 301101 5000154 lvl. classroom, neu ltill well-liked by Glendale. Arlsom all his teachers. Dun, um., Pup This year Mike, whose real mzssm M5353 name, by the way, is Raymond, phon, 531 5 plum. no was elected president of the 5 "'Ph0m0f'1 'ml -I Ellumlnrmllrmlnilmmmm ylllllmllll'llllllllllllllllmmullllwlllllllllw1llmllmllllllnuull'lllllmlnmulllmmllmlllulnlmllllllnllllnllllllllllmllllllllnmlllllllulllnnlnllnlllllllllmlmlrmlnm:lllll.rwlllwmlumlmwnlm 3 , S S l . . 5 Horvath s Rlte Spot Drlve Inn E E Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner S S 2 SODA FOUNTAIN S 5 2 l5l6 West Von Buren Phoenlx, Arizona 5 5 Hours: 6:30 A. M. to l:30 A. M. - Saturday l:30 A. M. lo 2:30 L M. 5 E limImlmIull'llllllllllmlllllllllllllllllllll llllllunllllmullllllllllllllllnmllllllnllllnllmllllllllllllll-all llllllmllllllnullulllulllllnmulllulllllllmmlllllllulnnulllmmlllmnllllzlulmlllvllulllllnnnmlullmmllmm all f' I For the GIFT g . SUPREME 5 - A g. ,ff . 3 smells' rl " RINGS, IDENTIFICATION BRACELETS, 55 ' PINS, EARRINGS, PEN a PENCILS, H X . LIGHTEHS, TIE 5 BUCKLE sE'rs, AND 5' - T Sly,-e MANY OTHERS - BEAUTIFULLY : ' xi QQ WRAPPED SOE X I Q SEASON SGREETINGS gg HENRI S GLENDALE JEWELRY YOUR Mlm gg li HI-LIGHTS WON A AWARD IN STATE COMPETITION PGNAS11 CANAL HILIGI-ITS Friday. December ZJ. IMG 'leilers For Beliel" Collects. Almul S120 In Classes and ln an asembly held Friday, December 13, the F. F. A. took up approximately S50 more to- ward the purchase ol two heifer for 'Heilen for Relief? The F.I'.A. boy: themselves are donating Qi and the Home- Ec club will give about 87. This, logetber with the amount, about lm, llkm up in ucond hour dis on Wdnaday, is almost mnugb to purchaae the heilers, hee one ol them is priced at on- ly HD, thank: In a local farmer. The 'Heiien for Relief' is sopn- lullatin Board . . . woailhuad from Pile D Crouch, ia lar the boys taking PI. and umailts of various bas- kdbnll athedulu and Physical Training nilea. The bulletin board is there for a purpue, to help boy: who wan! Io hww what goes on: so the Eoacbn ,would lDPl'2Cil'-I il. lf Che lchooh joker: would uae it aa a blackboard. lm! Prod: 'lay I go out toliilN7" Sqphz 'May Ilgo out tonight? Be back at ten." Junior: 'Tm IOAIII out Wllilht- Be home elk? Senior: "So lou. l'l.l hrihl ill the milk." Assemlll sored by 'l'he Brethren Church in a nationwide endeavor ia help the starved children in Europe. ACTIVITY SLATE IS SET UP IN LIBRARY A I947 Activity Calendar was posted on the library bulletin board last week, for the benefit ol the students, to keep them in- formed about what's going on in and around lhe school grounds and to keep the dates oi their parties and other activities from getting entangled with something already scheduled. Th calendar was made up by Sonny Harelson who obtained ll-l the information shown on it from Mn. Thomas at the otflee, It gives the pupils of GUHS an ac- curate accounting of what is in :tore for theln in the way ol dance, parties, vacations and basketball game for the ren ol this year. All club and classes who are planning some activity are urged In aee Mm Thomas and have it placed on the calendar so thin!! won't get mixed up. Hi-Y Club Famed Here: Sponsored By Mr. Olsen Plans for a Hi-Y Club for GUHS are under way and a large turnout is expected by Mr. Ohm, sponsor. The enrollment this year includes freshmen aa well aa all the other qlanea, A meeting was held on the wuz mm mag, December 6, to orlxnize the club for the year. Officers elected 'were aa Iol- lnws: prmideni, Byaxd Falla: vice president: Wendell Crow: aecre- tary, Ted Filer: treasurer, Bill I-Nirrey. -Approximately 30 boy: atiended this meeting. The county Y. ll. C. A. ll the sponsor of the Hi-Y Club and the elub'a purpoae ia to make better contact: for nudenla afith their home, school. laculky, and community. Little Boy: Say miner let me have aix of those diapers. Store Clerk: There you are lon- ny. That will be nienty eenta for the diaper: and three cent: for the tax. Little Boy: Don't want nn Lacks. Me bmdder ulel addy pins. NEW Whg pupil: and nada:-I vie :hd 'What B 1 d par nl! 1al!'a r1hlImlf'. Q paypal all aarb d anvil and 5 than tba! lallnwx llll IQHUQ-Rsolvea never In be late any more-for Boys' Cullum Cla-. Ilan lan Pullman-rsolvea tobemtlmelorllnglishatleaal ance In '4'l. lube!! Wmdvlii-lo vial! 'Ulchiell Hlll' nm!! ohm. Celia: Ihr!!-reaolvaa in let E-Il ol ber silly lillk- l lqllla-Ruoluiioruf No! I 1! ,ldlh Alu-ruolvs to visit 'llichlield Hill" more ofien. lhlll Joy-resnlvu to be a bad influence on more people. lilly Gllb - resolves never again to put lack: under anyone. Iaabdla Paadalyaai - resolvea m awp making 5'l in Geometry. lmary I-lupc-amend, nu can out moie ol the beautiful gin, in G.U.H.S. lu Blnkln-resolves to quit cleaning Richard Brook'a flnger nails in history class, Ed Caaary-resolves not to flirt with any girls-but une. Peggy Randolph-resolves to leave the bottle alone. fpei-oxide, that is.J Abbot! Mansfield-resolves to give some ol the younger wolves a chance. Lorena I-ladgapaib-resolves to leave Aby. laqrand lamb-resolves to do much more studying. Phylia Snvldn-resolves not to go steady. Charlea Snwarl-resolves to do more ditching in the next quarter, anyway. Pahy Goodloe - resolves to step out with one guy-and just fliri with the rest. Walden Karma - resolves to leave the women alone-most of them that is. Mra- McGowan-resolves to im- prove her disposition ior the benefit of library students Patsy Randolph - resolves to leam to swim. Howard Dick-resolves to get at lean two nights sleep a week. Donlhy Crook - Heavens! IlllllllllililllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllNlllllllllllllllllllllilllulllllw - Marry Christmas Nom-:sms Gmac: S llllllilllllllllllNllllllllllilllllllllllllllllm YEHRS RESOLUTIONS What are those things? .llmmy Frey--Not talkin'-yet. hula Craig-resolves to study ber history lesona. Lmalan Craig-resolves to buy her ovm typing paper. Danny Joan-resolve to shave onae a week, Boch Ganhon - admits she's auch a good girl-no resolutions needed. Dm My!!-resolve to gradu- ate within the next five years- he hopes. Mary Harvard-resolves never to love anyone but Kenneth. Martha Sim:-Harold says she doesn't have lu. Ed Lovin-resolvea not to call Burp, Burp any more! . Cbarlmo Champion - resolves not to llin with the other hal! of the boys in G. H. Billie Soren-resolves to let Pete get his joumalism. Shirley Stark-resolves to quit flirting with Casey. Una Mu Newsome-resolves to quit flirting with-ah- Dick Arnold-rsolves give up wine,' women, and song. Uust purchased n cemelary lot and a cuketl. Mutha Dllliar-resolves to qui. going to Phoenix Saturday nights. Chrrry Brunch-resolves to qul! making eyes at "Master" .Ian-ies. muh Bihlmaiar-says she's sa!- isfied. Manuel Ain-resolves to give the girls a bigger thrill-Kin bas- Bross ito man in nexfroomj "Are you w6rking'! I don't hear anything?" Painter: "Well, whatta ya think I'm puttin' lhis stu!! on with, a hammer?" ketballj llr. Cogblan-resolves not to eat turkey every day through ihe new year. Jackie Plna-resolves not to forget to remember to do home- work. Mn. Tbamaa-only made reso- lutions when I was young and foolish! AE a boy, I fell in love with the theater and started aeeing plays whenever possible. "One thing son, you must never do," my father wamed me: "da not go to burlesque shows." I ol course asked why. "Because you would see things you shouldn't," father replied. That settled il: the next time l managed to get the price of ad- mission I went straight to a bur- lesque show. Father was right: I saw something I shouldn'l have seen - My Father. "Dad, give me a dime." "Not today, sunny, not today." "I'll tell you what the Iceman said to Mom this momingf' "Here son, quick, what did he say?" "He said, 'Lady, how much ice do you want?" Complete One-Stop W Service ' AT ANDERSON SUPER SERVICE Burrell G. Anderson. Prop. ll3 N. Grand Ave. Phone 415 DR. W. E. KALA8 MERRY ci-unovmxc-ron CH R51-M A5 Phone 544 Wishing You A Merry Christmas and WASHER A Very Happy New Year mmamms mm'f5'i'p5SINU2ES BANKS ELECTRIC C0. Your Moylczg Store 225 Eaal Glendale Ave., Phone 9124 Gooxqa Cruwlord WASHER REPAIR MOTOR REWINDIING CONTRACT WHll'!IG APPLIANCE REPAIR :Letters in Santa Dearest Santa: Please mend me a plain clothe detstlve or a diaguiae lor Chrlatrnaa ao I can keep up my work aa the Attendance Officer, becaule moat 01 the kid: in school can recognize me a mile oil. G. A. Menard P. S. Pleaae, Santa, my reputa- tion aa the ahadow ll at atake. Dear Santa: I haven't written you lor a long lime. Since we finally get our cheer leader'a uniforms there'a not much left to wish for. Cha!! Some pearx ln the In hour hia- tory clasa would sure belp. Uae your own judgment, but make lt good! Hopeful! yours, Ann Sexton Dear Sanur Pleue bring me a big, hand- some, blonde Junior football player. Pleue- Marilyn Pillabury Dear Santa: I1 it is poaaible and il I un not asking loo much, please bring me amantbalbaadarkhairandia cave man style. You know what I mean. ru be wailing. Pely Randolph Dear St. Nick: Please send me a big brother with lots of money or just a brother with money. Send him before Christmas 'cause I'm broke. Please send Charlie a car that will run lpart of the time al leash! Being good, Pidgeon Dear Santa: Please bring me a basketball team that keeps in training and doean'! believe in pool halls and plays all the time like the ones I have now play some times. I'm wailing, Coach Whatley Dear Santa, I'm really not very particular about what you bring me for Christmas, but please bring Ann S. a nice, clean joke book. Sincerely, Jo Ann Moran Dear Santa. Well, it's near Christmas and I've been good all year. Since l've been so good I'd like a '47 Stude- baker with a good looking guy littinl in it, Yours till I get my gift, Nabukn Mitokawa Dear Santa: Please bring me a tall, dark, and handsome assistant - male preferably. Coach Swain Dear Santa. 1 want a good looking blonde, brunette, brownette, red head, maybe purple haired too. Or anything available, preferably the blonde. Hurry up. Helen Joy Santa, Be sure and leave a blond. bru- nette, or even a red head if lhe is exceptionally cute under my Chrisfmu tree. Manuel Aja. To squeeze her and tease her had been my ambition A tickle, a poke. or a jab, I adored and enticed her, and Ii- nally sliced her. My img in biology lab. Slack 8: Smith Motor Service HU DSON Salas-Scvlca 145 Eu! A Avaauo SHAMROCK CAFE 'MU W' Thanh lo El Swell lunch 'E nd' he CHRISTMAS mkklldidhdlid andAllthlCrdW Vi ml gginiwluhivnvmviuililvu W1NlNllllllIllllllllmmlilllmillFINITIII IllllllllNIilllllllllvlllllllllililllhllllllllllllillll "TEEN-AGE 'l'AC'l'lCS" R5 ENTERTAINMENT ' 4 5 MAN Music NEWS nonmsons anocmw 3 gf- M5725 MSHTUHUHY. Just Good 'things To Eat E V, nf ' 6 su,-,ON-5 Gam-NGS Q PnEsEm'r.u A5 A SALUTE TO Yourx mr Tr-ir: S E 5 no' . . QM, My The Boston Store mama - illlllllllllvllllgllwRlilWINllllIllWINRUINIRNUINlWillllIWIWRlillWRIARWlllllJIlIII.lIITRIWWWWIYUNlnllllllllUIllNIILIPHlllllllllllllllllllllqllllfin MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR ron um: sriorrms A ,Q me .E Pmcns . --,, T y Q WALTHAM a :Lam 5 H :Lam-Annucnn .5 ' if -ff gfgg? 5 commcrs r' . "' cicnnsrrs cnszs ' R 2 4. I :la nmcs 3,1 X y SI-lAEFFBl'l'S mast skis A . X :Q SUS ' f . - I' Q cowmul ' Y . gi aura-wi-n'rE Q 1, 1 DIAMONDS Q j j . ammsrom: mms ' 'A ,eh , E "N He A 5 Wrighl's 44" 1 1' i' A Jewelr " X f f Q H - FAAQQQAAAQA19455!Almkiiizlieiiliilizihliill Right- PETE GATHERS THE NEWS. Center- JACKIE ALLEN BE- HIND THE LENS Left- BLUEPRINTS FOR g, I THE SCIENCE 03 I ' BUILDING N, A , -.s,, - .gk- :E : 'E ' X - .ict lm Right- FORMAL PORTRAIT OF GEORGE, DON, AND BASS Left- ON A WALL AT SOUTH MOUNTAIN Right- CAST OE THE SENIOR ASSEMBLY THROUGH THE KEEN EYE 0F A CAMERA PAGE H1 WE BEGIN WITH EAGER TRAINING . COACH RUTH SHOWS THEM HOW TO HIT. ,ff DITCH-DIGGER AT WORK ON THE SCIENCE BUILDING ANOTHER STEP IN THE EX- PANSION OF GUHS DRUM MAJORETTES IN THE GLENDALE RODEO PARADE PAGE 112 SPRING IRRIGATION HAS ITS OWN BEAUTY THE A CABALLO CLUB RIDES IN THE RODEO PARADE SHEEP JUDGING AT THE FFA's JUNIOR FAIR MANUEL AND DON LOOK OVER OFFERS FROM COLLEGES AND END ON A NOTE OF PROSPECTIVE COLLEGE lT'S BEEN A YEAR 2 s mQL . . . OF PLAY . . . OF HARD WORK . . . OF DEVELOPMENT .Now . . . L'et's Q0 .Home . LA PERLA CAFE QUlCK'S Music STORE MEXICAN FOOD Phone 9284 - l7 W. Glendale Avenue I. P. PAMPA I. C. HERRERA 33 East Monroe Street Phone 3-2949 4 Phoenix, Arizona CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I947 FROM lAMSON'S BUSINESS C0lllEGlE "COMPLETE COMMERCIAL TRAINING" Phone 3-7428 I34 N. Central Avenue Phoenix, Arizona OFFICE FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES HEINZE, BOWEN 81 from 228 West Washington Street , Phoenix, Arizona CARPENTERS UNION Opposite City Bus Terminal 906 FRIED CHICKEN STEAK SEA FOOD SHAMROCK CAFE LEONARD and MINNIE FERGUSON 30 South 2nd Avenue SEVEN STORES TO SERVE You Wherever you are in Central Arizona, you'lI find a Stapley store nearby, stocked with practically everything you need for the farm and home. .S.SrA3uaY I GLENDALE - PHOENIX - MESA - BUCKEYE - CHANDLER - CASA GRANDE - COOLIDGE ' NORTHS-IDE REALTY COMPANY REAL ESTATE, CONSTRUCTION HOME FINANCING INSURANCE "HONEST REPRESENTATION" 245 souih Grand Avenue Phone 9268 - Glendale, Arizona Congratulations and Best Wishes ROLL DEVELOPING f COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY rom I BILL G- GLA VAN S PHOTO at 34 North lst Avenue PAUL'S FOOD MARKET phone 319 BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '47 CONGRATULATIONS FROM G. W. SING GROCERY J. C. pENNEY CQ. Corner of 5th Avenue and A Street Glendale's Newest Modern LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING PLANT Most Modern Equipment - 'R Completely Experienced Personnel To Handle All Laundry and D ry Cleaning Needs af? , ui I I g R DIHEE J X I0 I SD X ' f Phone 840 Glendale, Arizona l2 West Glendale Avenue CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES ' To THE CLASS OF 1947 FROM THE THE FRIENDLY SHOPPING SPOT FOR ALL FINE FOOD PRODUCTS 442 East Glendale Avenue Phone 9356 Glendale, Arizona GREGG COLLEGE of COMMERCE Secretarial, Executive Secretarial, and Accounting Courses Special Courses: Psychology, Economics, Commercial Law and Other Related Business Courses 1302 N. CENTRAL AVENUE Phone 3-4002 PHOENIX, ARIZONA KISER MOTOR SERVICE PLYMOUTH - DODGE DEALER Congratulations KlM's suPER MARKET from the FRUITS - VEGETABLES - MEATS EASTSIDE MARKET Phone 578 302 N. Grand Avenue Glendale, Arizona t Phone 9311 in 4,1 1 5 ea, Llasnrv + lN'rEu.lG:NcE + ? Q 1,113 Oun + NA'ruoNs + SAFETY CONGRATULATIONS IERRY GLENN, President SENIQRS ELTON KIRBY, secremry BEST WISI-IES TO TI-IE CLASS OE 1947 from RUBINSUN GRO CERY A FULL LINE OE FINE IVIELATS AND VEGETABLES Glendale, Arizona I 336 East Glendale Avenue Phone 212 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF '47 SHOWA SHOYU BREWING CO. Main Office GLENDALE, ARIZONA Branch Offices DENVER COLORADO SEATTLE, WASHINGTON SAN FRANCISCO SACRAMENTO, LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA BANKS ELECTRIC CUMIDANY YOUR MAY TAG STORE 225 East Glendale Avenue GEORGE CRAWFORD Phoenix Glendale Phone 3-4083 Phone 912 GENUINE SALES SERVICE PARTS GLENDALE MOTORS, Inc. GOOD USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD 165 East Grand Avenue Phone 648 YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE GLENDALE PHARMACY 214 South lst Avenue Glendale, A ' BASHAS' COMPLETE Fool: MARKET PLENTY OF SCARCE ITEMS - LOTS OF PARKING SPACE REFRIGERATED PRODUCE - GRADE A MEAT BASHAS' SELL FOR LESS 233 East Glendale Avenue Glendale, Arizona CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '47 WWWMZWWWHWW S 1945-A HUME-MANAGED, INDEPENDENT UTILITY Prescription Pharmacists COURY'S QUALITY MARKET For QUALITY and FAST SERVICE DR. W. lf. KALAS Chi'oP'ac"" SOUTHWESTERN 34 South Second Avenue LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING CO. Glendale, Arizona 228 E. Glendale Avenue - Phone 9262 GLENDALE NURSERY I JOHN WHITAKER C00 Shrubs, Flower Plants, Vines, and CHE-VRQLET other Nursery Stock DEALER Phone 866 - Glendale, Arizona CONGRATULATIONS! SALUDASI from of GLENDALE I-IIGH FELICITATIONS! SI-IOLEM ALECI-IIM! G. A. WH ITE Bonded Realtor CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OE '47 Listings Appreciate-d 135 N. 2nd Avenue - Phone 355 S A F E W A Y CONGRATULATIONS svlzollsli mini CLASS OF .47 5c - IUC 4 25C STORE from A E R I E N D CONGRATULATIONS ANDERSON CLASS OF '47 SUPER SERVICE from BURRELL G. ANDERSON, Prop. Al-E COMPLETE ONE-STOP SERVICE 113 N.W. Grand Avenue - Phone 415 555 E- Gmfld AVGTN-19 - P110119 9229 KELTNER'S FURNITURE CC. UPTON'S MALT SHOP ICE CREAM 23 West Glendale Avenue SANDWICHES Phone 458 CANDIES G. E .PRODUCTS ZENITH RADIOS "Where Friends Meet To Eat" BEST WISHEIS FROM MARSTON SUPPLY COMPANY EVERYTHING FOR SPORTS SCHOOLS Phoenix Arizona FRANCIS LEHMAN UNION SUPER SERVICE "COMPLETE SERVICE FOR YOUR CAR" Grand Avenue at Fifth - Phone 9275 Firestone Tires and Tubes - Union Oil Product 76 Gasoline - Triton Motor Oil A. MARDIS SHEETS Insurance and Real Estate 36 North First Avenue Glendale, Arizona A I N CONGRATUI.. T O S from 244 East Glendale Avenue THE "THE MOST OF THE BEST CH0l3 SIJIEY CAFE FOR THE LEAST" ARIZONA TRADE BINDERY CO. BOOK BINDERS 311 West Monroe Phoenix, Arizona THE VALLEY PRINTERS Publishers - Commercial Printers HOME OF THE GLENDALE HERALD 338 East Glendale Avenue Glendale, Arizona MCGREW COMMERCIAL 97rintery PRINTERY BUILDING PHOENIX O Binding 0 Printing Q Engraving e Ruling PRINTERS OF HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ANNUALS ELSEWHERE IN THE 1947 CARDINAL YOU sEE THE NEW SCIENCE BUILDING From the initial foundation ditch to almost completion. This building, utilizing the best in construction materials and showing the result of building "know-how", was erected by THE I. R. PURTIER CONS'l'RlICTl0N C0. PHOENIX, ARIZONA WRlGHT'S .IEWELRY CO. EXPERT WATCH REPAIEING 21 North Second Avenue - Glendale, Arizona WATCHES - DIAMONDS - COSTUME IEWELRY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '47 -g- BETTS INSURANCE AGENCY o , A SOUTHWEST FLOUR AND FEED co. ARIZONA ROSE FLOUR RED STAR FEED PHOENIX IUNIOR COLLEGE 1202 West Thomas Road Phoenix, Arizona lFully Accreditedl Summer Session lune and Iuly Regular Session Early in September Eveninq Classes for Those Unable To Attend Day Classes CONGRATULATIONS CLASS or '47 .. A F I N E R S C H O O L f. from the GLENDALE AMVET W E A V E R'S Post No' 8 scHooL OF BEAUTY I Y-,N IIA, : 35 South Central Avenue - Phoenix 41 wrt , Q fs Q- ' NX U,-3' mavfhfzi. lg Dry X if Xu Ab ' " '30 wx :D It 4, LEARN MORE - EARN MORE "Dedicated to the Development of Sound YOUTH" "A FREE COUNTRY" Too often We hear someone say, "Well, this is a free country. Who is he to - - - - ", followed by a strivinq for something selfish-something often obtainable only at the expense of others. Such people have little understanding of our freedom. They Want license, not freedom. They do not realize that our precious liberties were obtained only at terrific cost and that they can be held only in proportion to our defense of them. So it is with business. Sound policies are just not handed out- they are earned and must be nurtured if they are to live. We strive constantly to make our policies stand up to the test of time. PBSW SUPPLY 8m EQUIPMENT CO. lFormerly PETERSON-BROOKE-STEINER G WISTI SCHOOL f CHURCH f-- OFFICE FURNITURE - DUPLICATING EQUIPMENT -- OFFICE MACHINES AND SERVICES EL REY THEAT RE TI-IE BEST IN MOTION-PICTURE ENTERTAINMENT A Paramount-Nace Theatre Lawrence Eaqlin, Mgr. General Auto Repair and Brake Lining CARTER 81 BATES SMITH 81 GREER 113 South Grand REALTOR 221 East A Avenue - Phone 9442 Phone 225 VALLEY CAFE MASTERS RADIO SERVICE Public Address System Rental and Repair 25 Cycle Chanqeover for Phonograph and Radio BEST FOOD IN TOWN Ele 26 North 1st Avenue - Phone 9305 Good Stock of Tubes and Parts ctrical A iance ppl Repairs Dial 202 for Pickup and Delivery CE. llznnzrrh gliltnrtuzzr-Q AZTEC CLEANERS If you Want to look your Best M Give Aztec a test. PRESSING WHILE YOU WAIT Phone 332 - 40 S 2nd Ave MILLER'S TIRE ancl SUPPLY COMPANY AUTHORIZED GOODYEAR DEALER I-IOTPOINT APPLIANCES 240 East Glendale Avenue f Phone 9235 BROWN'S FURNITURE CO. LINOLEUM - SHADES - VENETIAN BLINDS GAS AND ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT Phone 854 208-212 Easl Glendale Avenue Glendale, Arizona GENE'S MUDERN MARKET Phone 381 127 Wesi Gle d I A enue BEST WISI-IES FROM SINGLETON BROTHERS 37 North 2nd Avenue Glendale, Arizona TO TI-IE CLASS OE '47 OUR BEST WISI-IES THE VILLAGE DRIVE-IN Phoenix, Arizona THE O'MALLEY LUMBER COMPANY A FULL LINE OE BUILDING MATERIALS G d A d C I CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES TO ALL SINE BROS. CO., INC. HARDWARE Home of the Friqidaire and All Electrical Appliances Phone 236 25 South lst Avenue DIAMONDS IEWELRY Elgin, Hamilton, Bulova, Gruen Watches HENRI'S GLENDALE IEWELRY 142 East Glendale Avenue Since 1934 EVER READY DRUG CO. The Rexall Store ZU6 East G1 dale A Glendale, Ar "Shell" Neukom, P p PHONE 521 COFFELT BLACKSMITH SHOP ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING DISC ROLLING GENERAL BLACKSMITI-IING lll South 3rd Avenue - Phone 414 Glendale, Arizona PAT TAYLOR JIMMY EDWARDS

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