Glendale High School - Beacon Yearbook (Glendale, KY)

 - Class of 1959

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Glendale High School - Beacon Yearbook (Glendale, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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:QAQM K 2 ' 1 .,. , . K x ax ' X 4- 1,-Q ...Q wg , L f .,,,,,.ffff"'a"'f4"f5Plf'-fx ,, U . w A W' .4 ,Ka N -wk iii 1. Q' A I' NNI. ! 9 hx s, N Q, Q , ,W ., ,Mg 1 A is V, 2 ' F.-N 4, A K .. A.. an . Ag WWWNRQ wks 5 K 1 1 5 if S 3 mv' K .K R K R Ss,n..v ,mn wt 'waxy g -:Q g l :ifQf?Q Y, -K N .Q if . 9 W .,, sw X f Jai X QS V M... K is 1 4, 5 5 M Q .f:r'.f5f31fk. A . X , , . iw A. :X ,QM-wk , -ry A f 4 ywif- f wmgffv air ' il-eff X X wks as ,QQ Q 'N bk- Au L ,Q-1-' MX.. ,S ,- S - 1 .xi if M x Q 5 Q K ., ., :M K ie X lgvlk 7 BQ , , QAWMWC. Qzwf 404,01 H0906 yfuuu fbiwfpa, WLJUM-WA. -9 'Mi-Gif Qcgww-MQ WML iuxkaflfb -54LWQJ,fff-L hu , CMJ' if M ' JHXOQJ QJ.QJ,gG4,4,.1fZ6.1J0L., fa.-JJLL u 1-1 ,. -, M-QL INTRODUCING YOUR X , 1959 , 5 KU YEAXRBOOK X N S' x. , f - , Q K . . U VH l . . ' . , X xxx X ' -bi' OA ,Q-H' QI Q X ix i f Q X 7 Q2 Uh .X AJ' x3QTHE BEACON .Q xv V XT I' 1 YEARBOOK OF - GLENDALE HIGH SCHOOL GLENDALE, KENTUCKY PRINTED BY - TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. FOREWORD HARVEY BUFKIN WARREN TUNSTALL Editor Editor The Glendale High School Seniors are delighted to present the 1959 edition of the "Beacon." Our purpose is to please the entire student body for whom this annual is published. This volume of the Beacon is presented with the sincere and humble hope that the photographs and comments willserve to refresh memories of your days at Glendale. We should like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all of those who have so generously contributed to this publication. 'rf -. -'K J 05.9 DEDICATIO ARLEY WHEELER VANDA OWEN I 9 4 It is with a feeling of profound respect and admiration that we dedicate the '59 Beacon to Miss Arley Wheeler, our senior sponsor, and to Miss Vanda Owen, our commercial teacher. Their straight-forward manner, their sincere interest in people, and their natural friendliness adds much to the ever-growing prestige of Glendale High School. These friends have eamed the confidence of all with whom they are affiliated. We believe that we would not be as well prepared to assume our responsibilities without having their unfailing guidance. '..'4l.3. L fu f kann gt. s :Hi-A PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE DA MON RAY This great year of 1958-59 with its new discoveries and knowledge has been a challenge to all young people. Our boys and girls realize that if they are to contribute much to civilization they need to be educated. Education does not come about by the efforts of a few, but rather by the concerted efforts of many persons united for the cause. I want to thank all the parents and patrons of the Glendale Corn- munity for their efforts and cooperation. Nothing in our world is static, we either go forward or backward, and we hope this year has gone forward. nv ., -K J ,". ' Q at g -V All-JB. 'ff "'v P, Xi ,L 'ggx 'YS 'Mx , A 74 5 mffiw MI HSE!!! DAMON RAY Principal ARLEY WHEELER Librarian: English MRS. WAYNE HAYES Secretary VANDA OWEN Commerce Q MRS. SARAH CARUTHERS Home Economics X N 11 A PHILIP HUDSON R Agricuiture jj A 12 , -'A X. 'ffff ff KN J fy 577 TXQMALX 9 bf J fvsf 1 0042, ef C' 7 LO'37""' I 394k pd,-1441, gi-vr1.,x Aki . CTIJACK GOODMAN Coach KAY PANCAKE English 1 If 7724, if-f,a,1,f 1. ff,f , f! , f - 1' A ff f j l lf . 1 ,, X . , W 1- ' .1f,,fffMf RICHARD BUCHANAN Social Science MRS. I. S. LOYD Science av CECIL MABE Mathematics ' 43 xl P 'N V - , J fy,-' .I M JANE Rous 3, Lil.,-f"ff ,ff Music Z4 JESSE SHIPP U I Eighth Grade ,I Y. - ,, 1-, r CHARLES HARRY H f Eighth Grade DORA JANE SAMPSON First Grade MRS. HOBART HINES First Grade MRS. DAMON RAY Second Grade MRS. FRANK BROWN Second Grade CHARLETTE STAMPS Third Grade MRS. RUBY COX Third Grade A . ,I . ! . N" ...LX MRS. ETHEL MASON Fourth Grade MRS. HOMER 0'BRIEN Fourth Grade MRS. W. A. MOSSBARGER Fifth Grade MRS. BOB HEADY Fifth Grade PAT DUKE Sixth Grade JOSEPHINE MARRIOTT Sixth Grade 1' 'unugf Sv K A - ,. yf Il .Mig DONALD HAWKINS Seventh Grade MRS. DUESSE AKERS Seventh Grade 'S fly 5 E s sn-.M Confectionary CUSTODIANS COOKS Mr. Thomas Mr. Bird Mrs. Baumgardner, Mrs. Key, Mrs. Brown Mrs. Sheets Shake, Rattle, and R011 T911 , d 1 if :eff Ml' ,--'Shaggy r' 'mantr- . x.'1ffANW 'n ,R -4 ' Nb .. 55 DON REYNOLDS FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 4, FTA 4, Class Officer 3, Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Track 4, Librarian 2, Annual staff. CAROLYN THARPE FHA 1,2,3,4, Officer 2,3,4. IUIIAOI and Chapter Degree, I-'TA 2,3,!:x Glee Club 1,2,3g Pep Club 1,2,3, 4, Usher for Gr duationg Library cum 1,4, claszoffiaer LQ, Ap- ' nual Staff. ' x ELLEN HILL I-'TA 1,25 FHA 1,2g Glee Club 1, Pep Club 1.2, 3,45 Library Club 2, LYTLE GOODMAN FFA 1, Glee Club 1: Pep Club 1.2, 3.4, Class Officer 1: Senior Editor p 3, Piano 1, 2: Usher for Commence- Conservation Club 1, Basketballilg N ment 3: Class Officer 15 Adverti- Annual Staff- J! , A ., fy Clif sing Manager, Annual Staff. V A fl ,WJ fvrgwxy QM U fb Af if A Mb ,lf X JSE ,l tip' QL ' A Ylllfgic N 7 RONNIE STRANGE FFA 1, Basketball 1,2,4, Baseball 1, 2,l3,4g Track 3,4, Conservation f' 'er Q,2g Miss ophox - '-V g FT f,fVi,QV4QIgElerf A e er X Club 1.2, Pep Club 3, Annual Staff. s 1 , x eader2,3,-gy' E 1,-A' M C ,V MQ M . yf V SVR' V 1 A f J lv , ,w R f -f u ' VA NK , Af, XX XVWX fwf V K K ,flby J ,ayf aa V iew - - Q an H ' J, ,,,,,,. x 4 pk ,, iff-S . K - 'fu .23 4 ff R E ,W if 4. 1- Ag: -If K. wx am, - ' wa' G 'WV .925 "" fr, N My N X 12 -, iff? -ii1Q55 . fri' vgylfi any A X ka. -,gig SH ' X235 , . - - -A wa f lm - X, , a ' lf Q 'n Nb f f .--: K :. - , , 'fp MQ , I .5 E ,, Lie- ' ,QA XSWXSF 3 X. gl X E XA? , , -is xf- i I 1 Q gk X v. E 5' Q ,W -L..Q-.A- Pa, 'H 4? M QW K wk , iw' , .. M f i-wil .1 ?Ifs',",.: -. "NSN !' viz ...,,.,s:.,, ,: ,f A-:Zz-xl-.,-35. V k 1 WS, Q wg 7 'Nj Q15 i xx I FW. .- ,S ,- ww ff .xii 3 K Yu ,153 'ig X Y -s T fist, xx, Q 155 an f M .. .,g,1f' 1 , .JA .M ix fffjil -- mv will ,x R32 - -N - iff: A L5.g Q N away. -as . QNX t A ARVH4 BIRD SARA STEVENS GILBERT LARUE pf.-A 1'2'3,4: Basketball 1,25 An- FHA 2x,3,4p Pep Club 2,4g Glee FFA 1,'2,3,4g Conservation Club 1 nual Staff. I Club lg Annual Staff. 2,35 Annual Staff. . - WMM by ev Wfffmfl ' Swrf if '-Mb QQQMM 0.4 MARGARET STEVENS DONALD PERKINS CAROLYN SIMPSON Annual Staff. FFA 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff. Track 3, 4g Annual Staff. Ajkf,-f,, .1 ",.,9 I ' up ' . - y L K r ' ROBERT PAYTON FRANCES SULLIVAN TOM BENNETT FFA 1.2.3,-4g Conservation Club 2, FHA 1.2: Pep Club 1,2,3g Glee 3,43 Annual Staff. ' ' . Club 1,2,3. I K1 I 4' 4 M r ' X, . . x I 1 J ' ' I' ' 5 ' 1 1 x X I , 1 J 1 X V ' ' THAIS WHEEl!.I-IR GEORGE HIGDON KENNETH GIBSON FFA 2.3.43 PCD C11-lb 3.4: Annual FFA 1,43 Basketball lg Basdtrall lj FFA l,2,3,4g Conservation Club 2 Staff. Track Team 31 Annual Staff. 3, 4g Annual Staff. x w v Q f la.. . Ag' 'A J. P' N N 5 if 3 K. 4 'Cn -yr -wr :ffl Vs sf,- x. A Q 'ff x - 15111 4 is A, 16,1 ...Q I - ia' '-E A! 9 an-3. - Sy. f '41 A --X ,1 3 ,tr my is ,, Q-is - Q lf' Qt' 'Q fi gy. A kj , -J ,Q si-, Q ' eff J, , 2 - it , x. .1 ..,rkf 3 . 4 ,,-., - P' ,sf Q gr ,- 1 , 1- .1 A, -w - 1 'fQ.-L,-' - ,Few 7 . ,Af,Q,a Wd. K ,g W -Mifw M Up, x . 4 Q , .. f, -.E- wk . ..,., ,-. ' -f - hx! '-E' 'Y -1 8- 'ff.,,'N': "' X-3 -' .nf-1 W' -if Uf 127,fw' - Nfi.:-'M V541, Q -1. 915 ,, ,Q , ,as -f-' ,v 1 'ir is .3 my -. +-45, Q Rx 'f ' my Q lx 1 72 hsfxsf , Q ' af ' N Y-1.34 girw wg-,xx 4 V., . LL 1-K . K... 3559, isa . -4, . y 5 Wi .T -- j'f'1.-,'-Q,.u."- 1 . 'fs gi I ,sa X -wi. x 5 W j - . ' f, Q ff wggsegfzw zf- N A Q . , .kk, yi S. ua , 1 fam , My f , i A.,hK Q 5 1 Q 'Avz . - w, .ilhxgmygggf . 4 .sa as new 34. .. 14. '35-gg. . ki Mm iw K x xv N 1 1 fi, f 1. V sg E K K ' K mfr :L 'riff 'ii i . - I ki - X A x . 4 xv, ,W , . t is 4 X X vin N N x ,.. , . aus ,,g I uw W, 'mas Q -Ns , Y X 1. z 5.01 Qii X gk I J Iliff Q-?" '?'? 0 V7 I g . . . . , S L J 1 5 if 'Yr . 'Q' w,X V ', Q? 'ix FQ L Q.: -xl. Q 4 . in .Q K- ,pg ' + Yi mx - Q Q-. -QM ,VW .Z . L V me F'-'P 'Q xy! Q., -s 1-.Q , RE ,S 2 if Q' iw , 1 I-S 'Nm ,.f Nb Nw. K A S . 4 "'L . i Q X 4 Q- W - .X 2 M. -as 1 X L Q51 is 1 ' X -45 hug' QQ N . 5 +A-'-1' mf fm?-...':1' R ESX 2 we ii K X A If I ' 1 7 . rw 1' Q. v M ,is 6 i Q ' .Sw 'i 3' ,fu S X- as A R A ..,f' 5' 5 il . F" f Y' A if A 33? S N Q X fx 75. ff ' x 1 ,sg -Q , f.., gs .:.,.z f , t as S, 6 , N . .fsf XXNN ' W N Q 'f K t A R ., . . K i i t .X 'QQ gifs . I 4 I . ,. ' 9' 0 I If Q v ' v 1 dt ' ' , .Ogg ,js- 1 LQ . f . ex L ,fa :- A ,a ' ff- ' QL.. . ' . .- g .Ah ', ',,,. 3,--X fir I-M .fb ,nn 'E . H " 255 Er' , ,A -. x , . 'Lv f"9' Q. ,ew f wwf fw N 4. Lg W.. .. W I xx ,. ff , , x Q U 5-X ll W is -- ff 5 . ag n Six iii , eff' SI Y was S 6 -u . Ni 9.-A I .ar if 3 X ,mf as mil!! 'M 'fswggxx 5 x.-1-. X' f QQ , 1 5 an Q, W iJ . .K Ll . - W.. -S, W - g Q X , gtk . L gms L lx... QB WNQQ , A , . I N "'4 gif Kiwi ? 'viii +-4 Sl 1 V, wg vi x jp u J rim f-Hs X H ..2.. ., Wrwmwa- A Cv fi Wharf W. ,, if W if Q WA gf x.. - in 1. 'J N CQ, 3 'Ti I Q. vw-me MM Us 3: Wish-.,nl S km X X: 'Nina'- W ,Q fm. 5 5 .ffl is M3 L 'Xskff' fi 'lQ....W hn- ,.. R ww w- Ms Cf ,,... ,M w , 71 W m . i s -1-Nn-nmMwwmgQgup- va HRWWW? ...oh 'wifi-'ESSWP A Nleft to right: Ralph Walters, Reporter 9Ag Martha Pierce, President 9Bg Buddy Edwards, Vice President QA: Bernard Brothers, Treasurer 9Ag Judy Speck, Secretary 9Bg Tommy Evans, Vice President 9B Don ald Heath, Secretary 945 Glenda Carroll, President 9Ag James Hensley, Treasurer 9Bg Gilbert McFadden Reporter 9B. - " X I , 'X r ' I 'K x '1- x ' ' x X Y x 3 I . 1 X - f -X I I I Sue Abell Sonny Kerr Joyce Leasor Gary Powell Charles Froman Wanda Wells Lois Royalty Bonnie Best Wilma Dailey Dian Rigdon Virginia Ford Nedra Coates Patsy Skaggs Martha Aubrey Patricia Kerr Lois Henderson Patricia Simpson Sarah Mastin Mary Embry 'Hn QR MQ if sf A. . s fa gf- Q +V? fQ Q21 wil" xx Q ff' Q: F NN? 2'-nf W K Q J' w. K -LkV,. r M I 1 W' 'N ' : . , ' ' ' R , I I Img, K Yg NL--x H W S - .. H-Nw b. . Q : 'gy fi ,., Q N Q: :t A- gi gg my 'L W S A , .-1-., 5 W N., 'TZI7 'kugwynr' Xl? Wg! Nw 'L 5 tl Gun-gn nik WF ' B N, Kb 05 Q X 4 I up I 12239 ' i 5. M Q 1 FSM, A L, .ww ,W 'NX ,,,--K -,P 415 . ' nik 21 '- MQ, -A. 4 25? -..S f W, Q T 'qaiarmfni eamsi novlsriii sbmaw' Yeizm 1g1xodmA oiiidw WISH zsiiufi 161 fewmk K K, gt, s F -'H ,.. ,N Q .E ' S7 ' . . ,Q A kg Q , A., ., W ' qi fmuw .. A .K " in r 'KIA N f11+g ',5!5 V2 'W dxwi ' ' ' x J '1 9 gffx cv X yy VA ' Y xx! Elrk mm? WM VA QE! Mi A uf Q9 xy ,V VW' Q fx xo "' ,i V I fy N 2 1. UI! Q 'Ui ,. . XQDLJ Aki, if .A ' 'P ' A V xi ',f KH q ' J f 4 5 .Il Au -ja 2 Q.. 'Ni W., fi, rf- EIGHTI-I GRADE Emma Ray, Douglas Adkins, Linda Keith, Jimmy Dailey, Linda Rirordan, John Mills, Margaret Thomas, James Dixon, Anita Bandy, Roy Brawner, Becky Heady, Truman McKinney, Bernice Davidson, Vernon Robinson, Lucy Wells, William Jenkins, Helen Miller, Bobby Brothers, Jean Hazlewood, Robert Napper, Joyce Gibson, Bobby Buckles, Linda Goldsmith, Earnie Tharpe, Marilyn Hawkins, James Borders, Jackie Bolton, Beuerly Leach, Joe Skees, Patty Hamilton, Louis Lawson, Linda Elmore, James Owens, Rose Dever, David Wells, Bonnie Richardson, Tommy Hatfield, Evelyn Hatfield, Kanny Kessinger, Betty Robinson, Ronnie Elliott, Laura Buckles, Larry Osborne, Martha Reed, Randall Brawn, Betty Caruthers, Kenneth Hodge, Ben Bennett, Sandra McDowell, Charles Evans, Robert Broughton, Shirley Best, Delbert Best. SEVENTH GRADE Joe Whitlow, Linda Bradshaw, Bnrce Slack, Addie R. Hoskins, Jerry Patterson-, Florence Adams, Johnny Lawson, Dorothy Boling, Tommie Bocock, Barbara McNutt, Dale Loving, Kathrine White, Thurman Hicks, Barbara Bocock, Charles Qualls, Jerry Shanklin, June Murphy, Billy Thomas, Barbara England, Johnnie Brothers, Lula Wells, Donald Slinker, Betty Dailey, Ronald Slinker, Carolyn Evans, Cecil Hazelwood, Doris Wyatt, Robin McFadden, Patricia Elmore, Bobby Embry, Mary Bogard, Leslie Willis, Joyce Thomas, Patrick Potter, Carolyn Crain, John Henry Brown, Larry Carter, Milton Dailey, Raybum Wells, Robert Kerr, Clifton Carroll, Gary Harris, Kenneth Davis, Virginia Goldsmith, Kenneth Bailey, Emie Whitlow, J. W. Hagan, Linda Hedden, Tommie Calloway, Kenneth Payton, Charles Robinson, Fannie Wells, Floy Tressler, Ann Thomas, Garland Lasley, Norman White, Lois Lasley, Stanley Bufkin. SIXTH GRADE Tommy Skaggs, Doris Parrett, Mike Shanklin, Shirley Nelson, Donald England, Mike Miller, Frankie Cecil, Larry Leach, Jarvis Burton, Stephen Goldsmith, Marie Thomas, Alethea Hoover, Charles Mc- Lain, Billy Heady, David Bennett, David Whitaker, Virginia Davidson, Carl Seeley, Linda Shipp, Larry Tabb, Sarah Gorin, Larry Hagan, Sandra Richardson, Wayne Smallwood, June Dever, Howard Holland, Mauhee Wells, D. R. Miller, Bernice Witten, David Buckles, Wanda Goodman, Johnny Mattingly, Ioan Bennett, James Durall, Shirley Holland, Thomas Brothers, Judy Bailey, Arnold Hoskins, Brenda Thomp- son, Freddie Jeffries, Carolyn White, Elbert Willis, Brenda Carey, James Muth, Anna Lois Crain, Charles Sullivan, Marlene Robinson, Harry Swaney, Gerald Payton, Donald Burba, Bobby Kerr, Jackie Slinker, Everett Jaggers, Edward Jones, James Brown, James Foster, Willard Kerr, Walter Haycraft, Donald Payton, Judy Wells. FIFTH GRADE Janie Johnston, Jerry Bland, Alice Barr, Ronald Durall, Betty White, Willie Sue Howard, Nancy Crain, Eddie Adams, Edna Baughn, Jesse Nelson, Josie Qualls, Larry Haycraft, Herbert Woodson, Juanita Bird, Brenda Wheeler, Susie Mastin, Simmy McCul1in, Doris Jean Whitlow, Michael Owens, Irma Hixson, Mary Ann Malone, Linda McDowell, Dorothy Thomas, Mary Gwen Elmore, Emmaline Qualls, David Kerr, Brenda Crain, Easter' Robinson, Donna Evans, Barbara Best, Margaret Reed, Mike Pellman, Bobby Malone, Wayne Bradshaw, Brenda Buckles, Carolyn Boyd, Dorothy England, David Calloway, Milton Brown, Vita Wells, Rachel lilogard, David Bandy, Don Summers, Bob Martin, Randall Willis, Ronnie Hatcher, Flossie Dailey, Herman Boyd, Linda Sharp, Danny Dunn, Rosemary Sgck, Danny Thomas, Dillard Wells, Geneva Woods, Sue Lasley, Robert Perkins, Ronnie Cooper, George Simmons. sw' 5' HQJQ if ' 19 'li , thanx x .Ji 1 , N . . Aw. ,x , is ' I 1 1 f' . . 3 'ff its Q v -QQ 4 iAi 305 S fi ,- G.-, , Q. 6 . . . Q wwf l I fi Q .Q vs :..zf " , S6 My ui ff? by-fi ww, K M ,..:.:f,k THIRD GRADE Judy Evans, Jerry Sharp, Kay Tresler, Tommy Cook, Linda Miller, Bnrce Hayes, Rita Hudson, Joey Lynch, Martine Ray, Norbert Skees, Judy Cecil, Dusty Mason, David Allen, Elsie Kerr, Marlinda Hoover, Dickie McClain, Tommy Slinker, Harold Brown.. Bobby Williams, Joe Howard, Bobby Keith Wilma Baily, Dianne Jenkins, Jackie Hazlewood, Linda Daily, Marianne Johnston, Rebecca Bland, Brenda Jo Powell, Brenda Holland, Veron Burton, Glorianna Smallwood, Bertha Jean Baughn, Bennie Ray Logsdon, Freddy Jones, Curtis Malone, Perry McCullum, Herbert Seelye, Billy Howard, Patricia Robinson, Dianna Howlett, Louis Seelye, Larry Sanford, Danny Wallace, Tommy Masterson, Danny Hughes, Johnnie Sullivan, Fay Tresler, Garmon Wheeler, Retha Mayfield, Simmie Hensley, Eddie Cunningham, Norman Crain, Howard Hatfield, Brenda Grundy, Barbara Goodman, Johnnie Fred, Freddie Dahoney, Eddie Lee Dixion, Sharon Woodson, Janet White, Billy Adams, Dennis Akers, Edra Allen, Mary Ann Burba. SECOND GRADE G Barbara Brothers, Zinda Brown, Kenneth Starks, Mary White, Janet Loving, Melvina Brown, Jerry Kingry Rebecca Buckles, Randy Smith, Micheal Thomas, James Lynch, Stephen Lawson, Patricia Flanigan, Greta Faye Huffer, Brenda Osbome, Glenda Karen Freeman, Margaret Phillips, Barbara Malone, Jerry Hatfield, Donald Howard, Margaret Bogard, Mary Handly, Brenda Wells, Donna Riordon, Steven Barry, Lucille Nelson, Cordelia Cook, Wayne Howard, Charles Howlett, Terry Buckles, Paul Swaney, Frances Reed, Danny Woosley, Harry Carrol, Dolores Perkins, Patsy Thomas, Brenda Hall, Steve Bufkin, Danny Cook, Rebecca Ray, Rose Mary Hagan, Roger Allen, Brad Hamilton, James Potter, Debbie Barr, Geral- dineibisley, Bonnie Lou Dailey, Kay Mason, Brenda Borders, Danny Hixson, Donna Carroll, Paul Miller Pamelabxleanings, Brenda Hatcher, David Dailey, Linda Allen, Max Helen Harlow, Kenny Thomas. .rhisbl YddOH ,bnslfl sooads. sinned ,nrigusfl nr.- siarsrsfl ,brswoll villa vnnsfl ,noareiaslvl vmmo. sibbfl ,valansl-i simmiZ ,ia ,bail ainnriol ,nsmbooD sn. srbil ,MSHA zinnsfl ,amsbfs UUE! ,c FIRST GRADE Linda Masterson, Gary Huffer, Darah Hughes, Teddy Dohoney, Lois Gibson, Ronnie Williams, Lionel Best, Iona Adams, Richard Kerr, Martha Hughes, Roger Starks, Fonda Pellman, Robert Brown, Mary Howlett, Eddie Hensley, Laura Howlett, Rickie Tharpe, Rose Ella McLain, Jimmy Heady, Shirley Smith, Gary Reas, Nellie Hamm, Tony Vance, Karol Hagan, Charles Wells, Virginia Robinson, David Boyd, Beverly Bailey, Kent Hagan, Judy Bland, James Powell, Sharon Wheeler, Anthony Thomas, Barbara Wood, Henry Jenkins, Christine Perkins, George Ritchey, Brenda Slinker, Gary Griffith, Geor- geina Petty, Margie Cook, Sammy Borders, Linda lo Alexander, Bobby Swaney, Loeta Bandy, Roley Benett, Brenda Wyatt, Jerry Kerr, Marcia Baugh, Johnny Cook, Judy Keith, Margaret Crain, Davey Cunningham, Wendelyn Edlin, Sharon Woodall, Reedie Dailey, Deadie Thomas, Michael Chatman, Audrey Hazelwood. This is the way we leam our grammar. Scientific leaders of IOIHOIIOW. Students, who is buried in Grants tomb??? I L. Joy added, friends multiplied, sorrow substracted, and love undivided. MAKE or BREAK? Future Farmers make hay while the sun shines. Is this typical or just a pose? Do you really think you will make your rate: Homeward bound! Have you had your soup today? They make the school go round, and round. Time out for lunchl in sa. M A K. 2 ur, fl ruff' 5 9 S ,213 g SQ, 4 . I. ' x lf W ,R x x x I Y,-. Iwi . y . W N gf ,744 '-a I in in nf W -A . 1 uv -7., , 1 ,. X K -W . - ,, gi . gi VALEDICTORIAN ,sg-. V .,-fi' fy W V ' I ju M! 5 ,. SALL lx TORIAN BETTY HAGAN SALUTAT ORIAN BEST ALL-AROUND STUDENT MARY MARGARET WOODWARD A A, f M 1 fff fi Mary Margaret Woodward has been selected by the students and faculty of Glendale High School to receive the Best All-Around Stu- dent Medal which is awarded each year by Mr. J. M. F. Hays, a former principal of Glendale School. Mary's scholarship record along with her good character, citizen- ship, cooperation, dependability and leadership entitles her to be called the Best All-Round Student of Glendale High School. Mary Woodward, Miss G. H. S. of 1958, presents roses to Martha Shipp, Miss G. H. S. of 1959. :lllillllll .::::::::::. lllll lllllllillll .:::r::" ::::::::::::' :::::ikR:llllllllllll: ' filllAllA',llllll llllll IUIIIOK lllll llllla IIIIUI' llllll lllll llllllr llllo llll lllllv Sllll llll Ill llllll..llll llll llll llllll Wllll llll llllll llllll.Ollll llllll Ulllln'-Ilia' Olllll lllll ll hJ""" llll Ill Ill ll Miss Senior, ANN EDWARDS 7, Y, 4, Mm sophomore, DIAN RALEY Miss Junior, MARTHA SHIPP - . -,g Y ,Z .Q Missfresnman, IUDY speck 'V f' .ix - 7' X rxxfx Q ax f' f' -I , 1 f . f f, X I ,ff A4 f t I 1 1 f I ,f I, 1 1 V I "2 f J ' 1 J , J 2 ,Z ANN WHITE Best CIIIZCH MARY MARGARET WOODWARD Winner of Speech Contest WiIIi6Sl Friendliest BETTY MCKINNEY 3nd FRANCIS SIMPSON BRENDA BORDERS and RONALD STRANGE Most Athletic BETTY HAGAN and DON MARTIN Most Versatile Quietest BRENDA BROUGHTON and KENNETH THOMAS CAROLYN SIMPSON and GEORGE HIGDON Most Beautiful, MARY WOODWARD Most Likely to Succeed Most Handsome, WARREN TUNSTALL BETTY HAGAN and HARVEY BUFKIN Most Talented EUPHRASE HILL and DON REYNOLDS Most Studious Most Ambitious ANN WHITE and LYTLE GOODMAN CAROLYN THARPE and ARVIL BIRD -B 4' 11. 2 i 5 Q fy fi A, an LAK :QW sff www : wQw: 4 4 4 2,5 it Wild Life Club Mrs. Monin's Piano Class Future Farmers of America F, H. A. Initiation I Future Teachers of America Girls' Physical Education Future Homemakers of America 4 -H Club Harvey Bufkin David Wilmoth Sonny Gordon James Bird Helen Wheeler Fay Crain Alice Muth Patsy Kelly Brenda Goodman Sara Stevens Naomi Belt Billy Perceful Don Perkins Glenda Caroll Sherry Buchanan Mr. W. A. Martin Mrs. W. A. Martin Kenneth Thomas Mrs. Jesse Shipp Richard Buchanan Larry Sharpe J. W. White Martha Pierce Harvey Bufkin Don Mlartin Judy Speck Donald Osborne James Shipp Rita Hayes Mrs. Kay Pancake Buddy Edwards Pep Club BOOSTERS Dian Raley Thomas McKinney Anna Mae LaRue Franklin O'Brien Rogerlyn Fred Kenneth Floyd Edna Crow Jake Jenkins Billy Kennedy Mr, Bill Rein Mrs. Bill Rein Mrs. J. S. Loyd Mrs. Jane Raush David H. Miller Willard Brawner Kenneth Hayden Carolyn Simpson Margaret Stevens J. M. F. Hayes George Wright Sam Harlow Harold Barry Shirley Thomas Jack Bolten Richard Eubank Jesse Shipp Charlie Brown Charles Harp Frank Tabb Ann Edwards Bob Heady Jim Walker Charles Deusner J. J. Sharpe Harold Osborne Bonnie Raley Judy Meredith Mary Woodward Sonny Hawkins Judy Woodward Larry Jaggers Patricia Crain Mike Speck Sue Higdon Betty Hagan W. D. Nall Myran Martin Carolyn Tharpe Arley Wheeler Barbara Loyall Thomas H. Hardy Adam Polly Bernice R. Crump Ray Lewis Billy N apper Warren Tunstall Euphrase Hill Morris Cave Lytle Goodman Jimmy Edwards Maude Patrick Jerome Harry Hawkins Marilyn Hawkins Kenny Hawkins Thad Wheeler Billy Randles Mr. W. O. White Mrs. W. O. White Ann White Bobby Hines Jerry Puckett Brenda Tabb Kenny Osborne George Wells Mickey Coyle David Wells Brenda Borders Mrs. Riley Jaggers Hilda Hutchison Headley Broughton Wayne Richardson Mrs. A. E. Woodward Mr. A. E. Woodward Mrs. Jack Goodman Mrs Sarah Caruthers Mr. Harvey Bufkin Mrs, Mr. Merle Sanford Mrs. Merle Sanford Mr. Frank Reynolds Mrs. Frank Reynolds Brenda Broughton -I . ri 4+-A-1. s'4'4r'4' C -l'4'y4'l' "l5".g'-I it ,tan 41 4' lk' - m- M,, .,- WX sy- VS: ff sb-Mig? .Rx 2 Q. fx ONNIE IAGGERS ' Forward SESS? , fa ai as E 63 K X,-,EQ +1 .I-2533 JY fri? 1' ,- S ,J C, CQ Sig? C., CLAY HICKS 4-J Guard .C-1 - if ff! N4 , l1".N jggll Xu HQIELISIFUH 4? f .I uiliarll, I ff warasgiiff- J f 1 I -'J 2:3-.'!i1I:y x I . -Y, .X N h Wi? xgg-,www ,. 2 wr RALPH BRAWNER Forward Captain DON REYNOLDS Guard X gg MICKEY COYLE Center 'Ns BILLY HEATH 5 'x 6 I DON MARTIN Forward . X A L ff' ff' I Q . r - ff 'Z . J! ., , S ' 1 6 L ix ' 5-f ' -JK yd ' ' 1 I Dv . 1 'Z' . f',, l .VY f 'J A M", J ..,,W V Forward v , Q , ' . . I ' K D, r' 5 .1 Z SQNNY GORDON DON PERKINS '--Gusty .J-f MIKE SPECK Guard Guard 4U -.4 --v WI" 1Z M P?-3 -.v 1 M r , 'W N" H1 swf! 5.4 ,vw w , 1 L 44 ' 30 30 V if 4 fif ZS' fw 'H+' ig , :Q 1 A -..---K , ,, ry, f W www. Q7 ' f an '33 5 'JW ' 'JD ' sq 31 ful QS! 5 H 'f-51' W 'Q 4' , l' I tak f f xg' is-wi A 9 x5i""x 5 'X fi ' Q - almqahmsx w a 2,23 El B L3 J Q 2 f Ylsbt X ,F 5 f'45w44f? f hvn A A NJN X' 'sexrww ini 'luv vf v ww vw fiQ-iw: -W I Q is BETTY HAGAN Co-Captam RITA HAYES MAUDIE SHELTON BETTY MCKINNEY Co Captaln V ., K. l Ju H A A .fx I, . 1 1 ' ' r 1 MARY WOODWARD DIAN RALEY MARTHA SHIPP x7 Y 4 ' 3 y I U ' ' fb f' 5 U' QQ l 'S 0 C CC 5' EP 2 'K 'Um l x V-. W., .ga-"Q 5 if A. f xp qx K -xy R N Nw. -.f 'uf w. Mn in S rm. X . "f1L5fv"m ' . -is Q R+---2-1 A: ,. A ,Wy iiiigf' 'Q'-why f haf' QS ww is H S 5 af ,Edyif " . .gf A-wh tv x X 'M X xnxx Xt X x ' if N K . 'Q xsgxw ' gg? N f' 1 :S x - 5 if :gif l-if-wzzsig gs Y . my M-M5 Ksvx.. . yy 2 xcrwx 1 . Q . M Q .Q X ' X 39 i x a 15-in 4? may Qi - N, W-Q dv K gf i 5 ii V, du.. . , sq K UNA E L n, A v .. fly A 6.5 wap? Q4 9 rw , k" --1 gif-X EN ff' ' L ., 'LL 1 ,ff ? , ' ii L , M 'M ,, '5 ax ,gg X 1- Q' 5 X- 4' 2- if! 5 Q ta' W 2 , , .,,..., N. . ff-YZ' il b". A N- gi- 1 f' 4 . , -rm ,- fy , S -3 A .D - . 4, . . , ,,, ,f .v , Q x K. K , ,, ,ff 2, .pf , . U N f. , X -- A g WL , ,L K - X 'ggi . , jig . . K M px, K. 2- , 2 ggi "Q 3 A - 5 ' A - 4 QQ, iff. Z' , i an Ek 'S- -1 31- M iw ,.A, rg, v f 1 2 wi., N kv M QVA Q Q E N5 ' . is - J a ff- Q 'zlfffglag M1 ify. I I J ,.,. 7 .T , Li . 5 Q. ,X x-kL A ,Q I 1 i I .. fs ' A gf? ,-" ' -A, K V. A V f W ' V- ' L ' H l L L ,f V, L P f? 1 A 45 Q- '- 6--. Nfl !i,-Lf A ,Q K 4 vi! . i. , e w, gf gin 1g?fQ f f , 2 ft i gi, 5 X A i '- 2 ws Q ,V ' E 'M . 5 f if 51 ' N, X L X ' M 1 2 Q? 3 ' 4 f 55, M:-:-7'1"-iff: Q Q at 7. I X A . ,L . , 7 f-sf f X A E 7- K X , . 141, ,, W 4 """' L 6 S K. In Q 'w 3-Jax K 1-:MA my '2 K. 1 Compliments of 1 PAPER COMPANY E TQWN BOOTERY 3530 West Fifth Avenue chica-80 24, I11if10iS Your Family Shoe Store Featuring Serving Red Goose Shoes School, College, Commercial for Children Trade Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone RO 5-6377 Compliments of LOUISVILLE I GROCERY CO, , INC, "Our Sea1" and "Zachary Tay1or" Canned Foods Also Roasters of "Saint Elm" Coffee and "Hav-a-Cup" Coffee ELIZABETHTOWN WHOLESALE FRUIT COMPANY Fruits and Vegetables Bananas a Specialty Phone R05-4165 301 East Dixie Ave. GREENSBURG BOTTLING COMPANY Greensburg, Ky. Phone Webster 2-5061 Bottlers of Double Cola, Nesbitt-Orange, Double-Day Gingerale, Double Grape, Ski H. W. LAY AND COMPANY, INC, Manager of Lay's Potatoe Chips Louisville, Kentucky for Good Food HARPER'S MARKET Groceries Meats - Vegetables Hy. 61 Near Country Club Elizabethtown, Kentucky LUKE'S BUCHANAN REFRIGERATION AND ELECTRIC SLAUGHTER HOUSE Sales and Service 605 East Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone RO5-6159 or 6150 THOMAS LUKE , Proprietor J. A, AND LOUISE BUCHANAN Representative and Dealer C ecilia Junction Phone T02 - 1972 ELIZABETHTOWN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CO, ,,.f-fer-if-cz-4 S wif? 5 IS ouR f FIRST QTHOUGHT Elizabethtown, Kentucky SOUTHERN TRAILS MOTEL U. S. 31-W at South End Kentucky Turnpike Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone Rockwell 5-6145 Telephone and TV in Rooms AAA Recommended Compliments of AMERICAN LEGION HARDIN POST 113 Elizabethtown, Kentucky HARDIN COUNTY BR ' S MILLING CO, DELICIOUS Custom Mixing - Farm Supplies ICE CREAM The Checkerboard Store Phone RO 5-2225 504 East Dixie Avenue BOB'S KEY MARKET "The Friendly Store" Your IGA Market in Elizabethtown 124-126 E. Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, Kentucky Store Hours 7 A.M. - 8 P.M. Weekdays 7 A.M. - 9 P.M. Saturdays S. C. BARNES INSURANCE Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone R05 -6 16 1 From the Roof to the Basement Everything for the Builder Plan Service - Building Materials - Concrete Products THE JENKINS-ESSEX COMPANY Elizabethtown, Kentucky BRAWNER REALTY co, GLENDALE JUNCTION STANDARD WILLARD BRAWNER, owner SERVICE STATION Real Estate Brokers G:fnda1'g'1KentuckY222 202 south Main Elizabethtown Jet' ' S' 'W' Ky' Hours 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Phones GEORGE II' MCAFEE Office R05-9265 PTOPTMOT Home UL4-2452 A Natural Gas Service for Cooking - Heating - Farm Uses E'TOWN GAS COMPANY Phone RO 5-2639 Elizabethtown, Kentucky 30 Dtlkg- : MARY-JUDY DIXIE CYS W' STOCK FARM FARM STORE Registered Polled Herefords INCORPORATED MR, AND M , EMERSON Phone RO5-4214 WOGEEVARD South Dixie Elizabethtown, Kentucky Hodgenviue Kentucky Compliments of KENNETH FLOYD Glendale, Kentucky THARPE'S AMOCO STATION 325 West Dixie Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone RO5-4310 STOKLEY THARPE , Owner J. M. F. HAYS INSURANCE AND REALTY CO, All Types of Insurance Sales, Rentals, Auctions Joplin Hotel Bldg. Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone RO5-5276 J, M, F, HAYS, Pres, JOE HAYS, V, -Pres WAYNE H, HAYES, Sec. -Treas. GLENIAL THARPE OIL COMPANY 505 East Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, Kentucky Distributors for U. S. Royal Tires, Tubes and Batteries Amoco Gasoline, Permalude, and Pan-Arn Oils Phone RO 5-2352 HARDIN COUNTY AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO. INC, Your N, A, P, A, Jobber 220 Helm Street Elizabethtown, Kentucky Rockwell 5-2173 "Green Pastures Are Gold" E'TOWN FERTILIZER CO, Manufacturers of Farmers Dividend Fertilizer Factory and Office Cecilia, Kentucky Phone TO2-33 60 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 109-113 East Dixie Elizabethtown, Kentucky Compliments of UTILITY OFFICE K. U. Elizabethtown, Kentucky THE FIRST-HARDIN NATIONAL BANK Elizabethtown, Kentucky Capital and Surplus - S 1, 400, 000, 00 Growing With Elizabethtown and Hardin County Member F, D, I, C, Goodyear Tires Elizabethtown, Kentucky GUY wn.uAMs AND soN Congratulations G, H, S, Seniors Phone RO 5-2127 Hodgenville, Kentucky Phone EL8 -9 187 GROCERY ol 3.2 ' Y? Q .X ggi? w r THE CECILIAN BANK 5 af, The Friendly Bank With Convenient Drive-In Service Member F, D, I, C, DIXON AND ATWOOD FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone RO5 -2204 P K K x r 65 ' filo- . gx Q" i DK ' SP fx. F Q 'f I Y R ,.. u x Q. ,n N ,f f l 1 Nh., 'S- f Q X . A1 ggi LOCK'S STEWART'S STANDARD SERVICE SERVICE STATION Junction 31 W and 61 T011 Road - SOllth of Cecilia, Kentucky Elizabethtown, Kentucky N2 0 53 Phone RO 5-4356 i Phone TO 2-3383 Compliments of C M. L. HEADY fl YoUR SINCLAIR MARKETER 337 E. Dixie Elizabethtown, Kentucky Phone RO 5-2434 Compliments of the E-TOWN TIME CORPORATION BOONE'S, INC. DRY CLEANING - LAUNDRY Elizabethtown, Kentucky "Distinctive Wardrobe Service" PATTERSON AETNA OIL COMPANY FLOWERS PERRY 8: JAGGERS, Distributors Elizabethtown, Kentucky Gasoline, Kerosene, Fuel Oil Oil - Gases and Pennzoil Products Dial RO5 -7423 HARDIN FURNITURE COMPANY Hardin County's Oldest and Largest Furniture Store The Home of Fine Furniture Prices You Can Afford to Pay Easy Budget Terms Free and Prompt Delivery Phone RO5-2432 Elizabethtown, Kentucky CRUTCHER'S SINCLAIR SERVICE Z4 Hr. Wrecker Service 31 W. and Ky. Turnpike Phone RO5-9183 Elizabethtown, Kentucky Tune-Ups - and Brakework Unusual TRASH AND TREASURES Compliments of SOUTHERN STATES Your Trip Pays for Itself CO-OP 3 Mi. No. of E'Town A I 13 Mi. So. of Ft. Knox Phone 5924 - 4498 , Elizabethtown, Kentucky Compliments of BAUGH FARM Registered Angus Compliments of FAYE'S HOUSE OF BEAUTY Room 2 15 First Federal Building Elizabethtown, Kentucky BROWN AND HAGAN Compumm of Breeders of DEW DROP Registered Hereford Cattle Gathers Station Rd. MOTEL Compliments of BANK OF SONORA Compliments of CLEMONS' WHITE SPOT RESTAURANT MR AND RESTAURANT . MRS. EARL CLEMONS Proprietor 135 East Dixie Avenue Phone R05-5075 614 East Dixie Highway 3 1-W LUCILLE HAGAN, Proprietor Elizabethtown, Kentucky Elizabethtown, Kentucky Oliver - Philco - Massey Compliments of Fer uson - New Idea g cunns FULKERSON BROTHERS CANDY CO CLYDE EMBRY, Distributor Phone EM9-2201 Sonora, Kentucky White Mills, Kentucky ff A 4, I is M 59? K ,Q mais- fy FARMS X I 1 I Y A ' fi, " L " -aa, Polled Hereford Cattle and Hybrid Seed Corn O? b,. Gustan, Kentucky X 0i11'em Up With Energy Plus - U' 5 JS, Q M Fi1l'em Up with 45? bf!! soon BOND BREAD B55 BEAN X PUBLISHING co, , INC, 408 West Dixie Avenue Phone RO5-6171 Elizabethtown, Kentucky Royal Standard and Electric Typewriters A11 Brands Portable Typewriters Adding Machines Office Furniture l ll Types of Printing and Publishing Rf ff-ig? es as . J - TOBACCO J? s D WAREHOUSE CO, J 37 ii, A , 4 J , Horse Cave, Kentucky if Q' t, ' gy-J . N4 'J as? if . gt, rf X lx . p fp ,EM I 'NX W 'ly' rx 'rjvxtegp 4 11 V Q wh ' 9" 1 I fxgyi I-OMIS ' 4 7 'AsTEDfr?EANUTAg .f fx S ' ' P x H L 1 I I! kj ' X xTorry's Pe qk?:i!Butf r Sgvmd ixch fxgd Tom's Candie Xb- 1 Qui Q 7 'pw DICHQRIVAQTS , Xgblistributor lx YN I X A XX X ,N ff niawliqqgxilreqcih, .leirltucky It V . fr CY-2 J ' XM Compliments of J My L? M QQ' il' I 1 EuzABETHTowN Ylmaly f . l W Q AX' DAIRY F, 2 X A Thank You to Our Advertlsers From THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1959 - JUN. ,. J-1 ! fit! P Expand? - '1 if A 7 vt," 1 ' 1 H J , 4 5 fi y ' Ig ' ' . 'MM N MIA I. fl .f 4 9 'wap A jf 1 My N I wry- 'LV.h',", ,fa r -s . sf W 1' f 1 ' -' -lf' 'M 1 . I V 2 , rf. I 'ui 'J1y1,.-K. '.r5'I"" J W X N44 'IA ,.. . TX 'Y xlfllv-JN, V N if M I A ,yt ,V x. 9 'A 1 if' ' qi ' .NJ . 'W ' W ' ' X , fp b ' " 4. kt V H A , sk JU QR J' M, 9" f f 4' , WY ,U , gf xv 'SJ f .H f L - pf, " NY W' QQ f iz! ff' i tx' ' -'IM' ks , XJIXGJJJ U. 4, lf L1 A AMQ J I -I , Kjxpwaxwuxwgblxb if Mais! V X Ly" ti! A I . ' K A :fox ,lf t no A fwwff A ' I ' 0' V ' 1, Q . 1 ' 'Y I ,XX 5 xl 'FJ Q I , XX. X r J XX. ' fx , YI . ,A-. K X, ' X X7 if I , ,X X, 1 ,4 ' . l 1 l I I Y Q Q ff 13 f .J f , I . yi v A f fx '. I , 1 1 7 X f sy , x x Nu AY 1 .Vr v I' I I x A , ,V I 1 I , 1 ' s X. ' 'K ' Tx ' N3 :JJ S. XX i 4 D gf K . . .- dm wif . . ,.iM, .qaiA5,x , Ar. J JJ yn' Q I .' M V A .VNXXV -fy f x N . ', 1. ff? . , fTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY Z. I ff Iv,-a "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-:'nade" gi L E IOOKS x Zeb, jx, , VAQVIXIV-7 Qnavaf 'ffm 455,4- 53 YE xx ,X .X DG M14 .L ig4nId:w,76W JL'- Jj, J? U 'l14llVllLQ5'fKl K' XM' WM 4 l ffyvf-if wifwfjjq f A .4 My ' , QQWE in ,g.2q,LN-011 JM fffgdfiwfw. ffgww MJ0 PZiE wsm9Q'f?f fm ww wg? W ,X ,qw di 1: WMWMV WM M M W . 544' Wwii W5 f , Q 3iQ3 v59bM-ji ffjgjfk , IQ W ww 323514 J M A' fQQ1 A ,4,ff ' kj? 52252233 Q. ef .wg E252 225 ef ,EEE QE, ii in if l,,H"f.',':"...""""--41" 1 X' .ru YK ,A .ff c.' .-3, 1 'Z' f"-if .y, .1 -41 r .FF .1 132 JE xg wif 5 . fd Hi 435 44

Suggestions in the Glendale High School - Beacon Yearbook (Glendale, KY) collection:

Glendale High School - Beacon Yearbook (Glendale, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 8

1959, pg 8

Glendale High School - Beacon Yearbook (Glendale, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 54

1959, pg 54

Glendale High School - Beacon Yearbook (Glendale, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 47

1959, pg 47

Glendale High School - Beacon Yearbook (Glendale, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 36

1959, pg 36

Glendale High School - Beacon Yearbook (Glendale, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 83

1959, pg 83

Glendale High School - Beacon Yearbook (Glendale, KY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 83

1959, pg 83

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