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 - Class of 1949

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Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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-n A' A . U f I 4 4. d , QQ 'K Cnfgff ' A. 2 CF ' 5 ,, .-1. " .,.x E V r. v 12 0, . sf ,. .- me. .V ,X A,-T i -. ,. ,qv ,, v , , ,, .L :A , . ,A , ? K., bK,,f,,.a3.. V, ,yr 1 L V- y, , -fav ,-V-+.,: S- 11 fi. , W1 ' .KF 515 " QF! AE? A X , N. X.,f -'H' 'x-"1 ' 'x ..-..., Q xH. 1 .3 L my U ' " Q fw q"'N , 14' 4, f L 4, , E 915. y wg. . E, mfr ,, p ' inf, ' " . - . , V' 2 , ff H4 I' fi X J, xl ,.J.W y""'7"" 'WMAWM' 4, Uh: Qaragnn Qu .L-u,.nn',.ll-T-4 V' .".',: t mf., ,J-:rf ' k X ine Senlbr Glass 0f 1949 Glencoe llgglz Sclzool Glencoe, Alabama Present ine Glen Memalr Jerry Smith Editor Bbbyo A tfEdt H yL kfd B M g OOG OO OOSUO L OG E GON RESS , J Q? W Y. v 3? fr .F 'i Q li-rry Srtiltlt Edrtor Glorta Ann Crowe Typrst M :fo tgf tits A In 4 N X.. ,, max' 9 N i VE w Staff 161 " jj 1 A ll as GH If x A Q Bobby Dawes fNSSvstavtt Edllor l-lenry Lanldord Boslrtess Manager Betty Htlley Edrth Warts l-lcaj TyplST Typvsf sf? Wg W .,.,.N,...h,,V R 7 EQ tif-I Aw T - r r 3 , I M Herman Wells Photographer Margaret Muller Typtst y,, 'awk at 5,1 Wit v,Nt1 E 3 R a Osfar Lowe .lo Moore Helen Casey' Dorothy Raley Wrll Photographer Prophecy I-listorrarr 2 M . M , sig 1. I gtk :,. 7 M .. Q W - . 1 I" "" f x I .., R Am Ella Johnson Marte Cggper Roy McGraw S. J Noah Poetegg Art' Editor Sl39fl5 Ed'lOl Sales Manager 'F sam, .. M wg J ,b ' ff'-"' Alma' Maier On our county's eastern border Reared agaunst the sky ' Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Ever loyal, firm and true Ever on well go, Year by year the ages through Because we love you so. Gold and black, our dear old colors Faithful we will be, Living to our motto ever Do our part for thee. H365 Dedfkdffbii h n Srnullng at our nonsensical Someone who does all she can and a luttle more -thats Mrs, Jo nso . schemes, laughrng at our hopeless problems, helping os out of our tight spots, smoothrng our ruffled spiritse ethats Mrs Johnson h nual in apprecia b t G Johnson the 49ers dedrcate t rs an To l-lome Economics teacher, Mrs. Ro er . , h h s done tor us IU thus, our last year at Glencoe Hugh School. tion of all that s e a il Pa, . T 5?-' E' 1 ' 3 nf 'gif 44 Y? r g A Y 74 -' 'ffwgfv' ' if 'bf '96ff'N+.- fx . f ' ' 'L KA O X Saperlhfendenf J. O. Dickinsnn Pnhczpal Y I i S. B, Nelson Mrs. To L. Brown Snead Jr College BS. Jacksonville Mr. Cecil Edgar BS, Livingston Mrs. Cecil Edgar BS. Jacksonville Mrs. Cranston Hicks BS Jacksonville Mrs. Robert G. Johnson BS. Alabama Mr. James lvlanderson BS. Jacksonville Mrs, S. B. Nelson BS. Jacksonville Miss Carolyn Penny AB. Athens MA, Peabody qi. Q QW K J E 3 BQ! 'QNX 'Rl H Qi H fi? ,,,,,A,g-,s,- - i w' ,341 'fwvwf MXN, 554 fl ' wwf fm, M ,wus-wl 'rn 4"H! "4 -.R-Jn :w1l"ZjlgYl5 :.f SS in U f... Q . ,: ffl in Mfiwgs ,v Mr, E S, Plunkett B S, Jacksorwllle lVlrs., L, S. Powell A,.B Howard Mrs. R. l., Summers BS. Peabody Mrs G. W, Ward BS., lVl,S. Auburn Es l Mlss Josephme Booker AB Alabama Mrs. Harry B Campbell AB, Howard Mrs. George R. Chulders B S. Jacksonvnlle Mrs. J, W, Floyd Jacksonville Miss Bertha Johnson BS. Auburn Miss Carrie Johnson BS. Auburn Mrs. Grady M. Price Jacksonville Mrs Lister Roberts BS. Jacksonville Mrs, W. J. Stephens Snead Miss Ella Street BS. Jacksonville Miss Lona Street BS. Jacksonville Miss Loraine Whorton Jacksonville it r'-'41 Q A C5 ll- I Q?"- AVH K 1 l 1,09 1 ., Of - 1' ' J J Senior Class 0ff7cers Dow Erwin . . . ..... President Betty Lawson ..... Vice-President Sybil Lawson . . . ..... Secretary Herman Wells ........ Treasurer tk W i time is , y Aww .mimi f Class Poem The time has come When we must part Each to his own way Each with a new start Many years we've toiled together Striving for the goal And now at last we reach it Sharing joys untold Leading, guiding, patient, teachers Pointed us a path To end our ever present worries Over English, History, and Math, With our hearts filled with memories And our eyes filled with tears We will thank of you dear classmates All down through the years. Ann Ella Johnson Class flllvtory Lots of water has run out of the fountain since we first entered GHS. in our Junior I year under Mrs. Cecil Edgar. lt took our first year to get accustomed to leaving our seats, walking down long flights of steps and entering a different class-room every forty-five minutes in the day. We stood still amazed in our second Junior year before Mrs. Wayne Hiten, our sponsor and Eng- lish teacher. That year we got to know who our "upper-class-men" were, willing to stand in a corner for a laugh at their corny jokes in study hall. Well, we finally got through that year and entered into something where we really felt important. We could use the name "freshmen" instead of Junior I or ll. That was the first year we had the privilege of electing our favorite and presenting a stunt in "Stunt Night." We were then getting in the routine of high school and all because of the help of Mrs. Cranston Hicks, a swell sponsor. lt was best we did get accustomed to Mrs. Summer's math, because the next year she was our Sophomore sponsor. With her guidance and understanding we won lst prize for our presentation of "Musical ScaIe" in Stunt Night. It was also the year we ran a close second in "Homecoming Queen" election. We also got our first introductions to initiations into various clubs, such as F.H.A., F.F.A., Camera Club, and G. Club We all look forward tolseeing these initiations every fall. Finally, after all the excitement of our Sophomore year, we were able to be called "upper classmen" better known as Juniors. Our sponsor this year happened to be an old "rookie," Mrs. Edgar. lt was hard to get started on all the activities of that year but, there is nothing like trying so here goes, along the first of the year our candidate that was running for Homecoming Queen was runner up, next came the election of Who's Who, our class was well represented, incidentally, it has been since '46, then later we presented "Me and My Shadow," our annual Junior Play, and selected Class Rings. Our class was more than well represented in sports. Over three-fourths of both basketball and football teams were from our class of which we were very proud. Another thing that will be unforgettable is the grand Class trip we took to Mobile, Florida, and points in Mississippi. Last but not least we honored the Seniors with the annual Junior-Senior Banquet, New Years Eve in the school auditorium. After all these activities and studies, much to our regrets, we came to the point we were be- ginning to think we would never reach, the honor of being Seniors. This year started off with a "bang" by receiving our class rings at a Class Ring Party. Later but early in the school year was the voting of Homecoming Queen and our candidate won. She reigned over Homecoming and was crowned by King on April 8th at Stunt Night. Next came our production of the Annual, which was our biggest job of the year. Our Senior Play "Husbands Don't Know Everything" went over wonderfully, and we want to send our thanks to the Juniors for the "J unior-Senior Banquet" given in honor of us on Saint Valentine's Day. lt was really swell. Well as the time comes for all good things to come to an end, we receive our diplomas, sincerially and regretfully leave all our activities and studies for our own life in the world, we want to thank all our sponsors and leaders for their grand guidance, leadership and understanding. Especially Mrs. R. L. Sum- mers, our Senior Sponsor. Dorothy Rose Raley I I I, , ,,,-. . ..-..A.,-,.4. 5 Osca r Breeden "Every man has his fault, honesty is his." Florence Brown "So gentle, so sweet, so fully complete," Helen Casey "Boys, not grades, have been my mark." Marie Cooper "A quiet tongue bespeaks a busy brain." Gloria Ann Crowe "Friendly giggles, full ot pep, friends must rush to keep her step." Bobby Daves "l-le most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best." Betty Lou Dunn "What l don't know would make a great book." Leonard Dunston 'Greater men than I have lived but they are dead." Janene East Little girls should be seen and not heard, Silence please." Dow Erwin He lives in deeds,not yearsgin thoughts, not breaths" lla Glass "Women of few words are the best," Jf W. Griffirh You are the window through which you must see the world." Maurice Hill When it pays better to talk than listen, change your company." Betty l-lilley 'This young lady we are sorry to say, was not content single to stay." Kenneth Huff 'To think is an idle waste of time." David Jackson 'The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance." ' Q,At Mi? , 'ik '-gbini ! whin- id 1 4? 3-y H '5 . PN he K X 13 is i wi l if egg ,, . at ? af 'iii fx lm 'We -Wtli' Bobby Jones Better three hours late than a minute too early," Floyd Jones "The only old person is he who no longer desires to learn." Ann Ella Johnson "Those who listen and little say will win their reward some sweet days, Iva Johnson "We should Count time by heart throbsf' Henry Lankford "Whats the use ot living it you Can't enjoy yourself." Betty Jean Lawson "Why worry, worry never won anything." Sybil Lawson "l'll find a way or make it," Osca r Lowe 'The way to a woman's heart is through your bill-told." I l . "Th Roy McGraw 'The more we know, the more we forget," i Margaret Miller "Short, sweet, and hard to beat." Jo Moore e less we know, the less we forget." S. J. Noah "Never idle, never still, always smiling, always will." Elizabeth Phillips "Always willing and definitely helpful." Joe Phillips 'l don't care what happens l'Il get along some how." Mary Prater A man has his will, but a woman has her way." Dorothy Rose Raley Not too serious, not too gay but a jolly good girl in work or play," tit' ,FW 'CN A W9' Doris Robertson "I don't know anything but I could tell you plenty." Jerry Smith "Don't let your studies interfere with your high school education." Cla rence Stonecypher "Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it." Louie Joe Turner "Happy am I, from care I'm treeg why aren't you content like men? Edith Waits "I have found a companion as com- panionable as solitude' Jimmy Weems "Why take life so serious you'll never get out of it alive any way." Herman Wells "To have what you want is riches but to be able to do without is power." Billy Woodward "Talk he can and talk he willg his tongue is very seldom still," y yy Gradaarfhg Class a-has mi Zfg '-9.53 w.,M,, -6 First Row: Mary Prater, Florence Brown, Janene East, Ann Ella Johnson, Jo Moore, Margaret Miller, Dorothy Rose Raley, Billy Woodward, Jimmy Weerns, David Jackson, Kenneth Huff, Joe Allen Phil- lips, Doris Robertson, Elizabeth Phillips, lla Glass. Second Row-3 Floyd Jones, Edith Waits, Betty Hilley, Betty Lou Dunn, Marie Cooper, Helen Jeanette Casey, J, W. Griffith, Louie Joe Turner, Henry Lankford, Jr., Herman Rufus Wells, Gloria Ann Crowe, Betty Jean Lawson. Third Rowg Bobby Jones, Dow Bright Erwin, Leonard Dunston, S, J. Noah, Bobby Daves, Jerry Smith, Oscar Lowe, Oscar Breeden, Roy McGraw, Clarence Stonecypher, Sybil Lawson. - last W17l And Testament County of ETOWAH Glencoe, Alabama State of ALABAMA We the SENIOR CLASS of Glencoe High School, Glencoe, Alabama, in the year of our Lord one- thousand-nine-hundred-forty-nine ll949l, being of sound and sober minds do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. Since we the SENIOR CLASS will leave school for good this year we think that we should leave something for the teachers, on-coming seniors, and other students to remember us by. So here goes! ITEM I. To Mrs. Summers, we want to express our thanks and appreciation for helping us to get through this, our last year of school. ITEM Il. To Mr. Nelson, the honor of giving diplomas to the smartest group of Seniors that he has ever taught. ITEM III. To all the teachers we want to say thanks for all the help you did for us while we toured through school. ITEM IV. To the oncoming Seniors we wish to extend our appreciation for their co-operation in helping us to be the most intelligent Senior Class yet, and hope that they succeed as Seniors in I95O. ITEM V. To the Juniors of next year, we hope you will have fun giving parties and things of that sort. ITEM VI. To all underclassmen we leave all of our old comic books. I, Oscar Breeden, will my ability to play catcher on Mr. Wards softball team to James Bishop. I, Helen Casey, will my big mouth and flirty ways to Mary Lou Allen. I, Marie Cooper, will my quiet ways to Noah Hurst. - I, Goria Ann Crowe, leave the chewing gum that I stuck under the desk in Mrs. NeIson's room to Betty Phillips, because I hate to see it go to waste. I, Bobby Daves, will to Kenneth Brown my love for MacBeth lor, I should say, my ability to pass under Mrs. Powelll. I, Betty Lou Dunn, will to Evelyn Satterfield my toothbrush smile, also my tube of CoIgate's. I, Leonard Dunston, better known as "Slats," will to Dorothy Spann my close race for Queen of G.H.S. I, Janene East, will my toothless smile to June Riley. I, Buddy Dow Erwin, bequeath unto James Cooper the wonderful advantages of having a split per- sonality. I, lla Glass, will my ability to pass tests without studying to Frances Walker. I, J, W. Griffith, don't leave anything to anybody, for I will need absolutely everything that I have. I, Maurice Hill, will my black curly hair to Ray Pike. I, Betty IJonesl Hilley, will to Betty Sue Allen my ability to keep house. I, Kenneth "Gruff" Huff, will my mechanical brain with loose nuts, bolts, cogwheels and all to Randolph Brown. I, David "Stonewall" Jackson, will to Billy Joe "Salty" Cleveland my ability to work Geometry. I, Ann Ella Johnson, will to Betty Grant the credits that were left to me and half of my own for I made out fine without them. I, Iva lGlassI Johnston, will to Betty Foreman my ability to catch a husband. Don't overdo it Betty, for some one might catch on. I, Bobby Jones, will to Bobby Little the ability to bluff my way around school and also my F.F.A. Basketball uniform. I, Henry Lankford, Jr., will my good looks to Charles Eubanks, and I hope he will improve some. I, Betty Jean Lawson, will to MaryJo Horton my position on the G. Club, as I am afraid she will need it. I, Sybil Lawson, will to Emma Lee Clark my ability to play ball. I, Oscar Lowe, will to Wesley Brown anything I've got that you don't have, and I hope that you will do better with it than I did. I, Roy McGraw, leave anything that I have to anybody that wants it. I, Margaret Miller, will to Kathleen Brewer the trouble that I have been through the last year. A husband! I, Jo Moore, will to Don Eberhart my western drawl in hopes that he will slow down a little. I, S. J. Noah, will -to Buddy Butler my ability to get away from Mr. Nelson when he tires to catch us smoking in the Little White House. I, Elizabeth Phillips, will my sweet lips to Nancy St. John. I, Joe Phillips, will my ability to get along with Coach Manderson to Hoyt Blanton. I, Mary Frances Prater, just want to leave, period. I Dorothy Rose Raley, will my dreamy eyes and cute ways to Betty Mooney. h I, 'Doris Sojbertson, will all my old boy friends to Betty Pope and hope that she will do better with t em t an i . 7 5 xv .J ff, I 7 ' rfd 073 W' Yu YP f'.' , If ' 2.7, AN If ll ' 1? , 1. x 1' Q l .rf ,A 4 4 T? 4' D Jambr Class 0fh2'er.s' Betty Grant ..... ............. ..... P r esident Kenneth Brown .... ..... V ice-President Evelyn Satterfield ..... Secretary Betty Phillips ... .... 4.Treasurer IL" Betty Sue Allen Mary Lou Allen Hoyt Blanton James Bishop Randolph Brown Wesley Brown Emma Lee Clark Charles Cooper James Cooper Billy Joe Cleveland Don Eberhart Charles Eubanks Betty Jo Foreman Betty .lean Grant Raymond Holloway Mary Jo Horton ----1r--Y mr-I M' --'--Y-'A 'W " 5 ras, 1 nr ff' li tr 1' U JS' et- W 4 .C- ave r Sit ' 5, Q I ,f 1 I n 9 ,LL,-,, -, f ' . :A """'S"' s if 'Qt'- ,Y 42 Q Q8 0 , A gs? if .f X M r 5 " Y ,, .1 ky Y 'f' E 5 at S 3? x 9 54, s 'S J ffl? Eill 5 '- I - :aw 'ft F QA 2 Noah Hurst Bill Moon Betty Mooney Jennie Lou O' Keele Ray Pike Betty Phillips Betty Pope Evelyn Satterfield Dorothy Spann Nancy St. John Frances Walker fs' sr be xx, Gai 1' ff M X 'Air' '25, ,Q 31,40 .sa-19' ,tw-uv, . I W 3 -QQ gf J ? I ,fx Y Soplzomoros Richard Goode Don Cassidy . . . Ernestine Saxton Jerry Marker Vx. ' z ,4--of' Offfbers I . . . . . .President Vice-President . . . . . .Secretary . . . . . .Treasurer x 2 44' L., Q at .L 1 xi i' A A .. El aff l if sssr V an 9- , ' F' :Qui jg D ' il -'W'1 ' 15 All "' Z if-1 rrr a M, lg Q il R V 'M . get "ff 4 ,sv . ' 49 ..:a. V .im was -5 , it-ffl' 'Nw ' A Tas' is ' ' fW'ii,Q. f L. fwgif .4 4. if v,fTt'5,1 gg V B l , H A F' 5'-'T' 5 Nl: v-.. 3 ef -ae is :af F ' 'F 'FG i sw a A 4 .,Q,. 2 , K if T ' i ,L i Q A i fi C s Mx 1 - 'fr "4 +145 'ff IELXX-:X. l B fe 3 1 an ,Q .Ji 5 q . I, 5,. - F -',' l -545. A '.r:' A X ,Q I4 . I I 1 5' ., .. 5 3 4 13 via ...xiii la ,I f-'X-fav HW. Z' 4 ., fblfw' fx, Qld.. A Arland Beck Betty Bishop Peggy Breeden Eliazbeth Brogdon Doris Brown Loretta Brown Don Cassidy Carolyn Clark Catherine Cooper Charlotte Emerson Johnny Ford Dwight Foster Louise Fry Richard Goode Edgar Guest Donald Gurley Dorothy Hamilton Joe Harper Betty Sue Hanson Lillian l-ligdon Bill Huie Florence Huff Nancy Jeffers Kenneth Jones Maurice Jones Winfred Keeling Madolyn Lewis Carolyn Marker Jerry Marker Jean McClellan Ray McGraw Frank Miller Thomas Miller Billy Ray Minton Burma Norwood Edward Payne Paul Perry Marshall Phillips Sarah Pruitt Charles Roberts Sarah Lou Rogers Catherine Ross Ernestine Saxon Hoyt Self Violet Simmons lwean Slaton Johnny Stephens Martha St. John Roy Wagnon James Wells Ma ry Lane Woodward to we f 3 it l it f sei 2 , 1 r 14' X 42 it X, 'tg is ' -"' it Liggfl' " JL 1 -fi 1 , . mam: C W my lszisisgtao . msg - ' i. --:-. ,MKWSE K f' '.'.':'l:1'--' . 'SMX V31 Q:-: ' ,.-- X , .:., " 4 "" ' A Q V524 affglgf 1 to , J 1' ..,.. Q W x , H . MSPTFSUPW' ....---. 4 " 'MT sm ls-- 5 ,. 1 ,. . .I I , 'vlli A 5 f rl P 23 , -' ll' V, ft i ,Q . . - , tt'-K, 4 ,- ' 'fir x LN y Q s V A A -I ,. ,,., , ., ,J 5 ,E X xi i: at E AJ K Yi ,J , B fd f 'X 3 ix 9 ll may I, , 'W Vi , 'NJ fs sg E Ear ,I x f, --an it or 2 li A5322 ll? Q 5 !l! 'L" i 1,24 Mhffz 6'rade Zapgug WWW' 0ff12'ers Billy Spann Noah ..... ........ P resident Joe Scott ....... ...... V ice-President Mary Lynn Anderson. . ...... Secretary Jerry Phillips ..... .... T reasurer . .g 3 P' "R 'eil' Y' ' 'NWLKZ' Mary Lynn Anderson 'G 2' Edith Bailey Bonnie Beam Doris Bishop Kathryn Blanton Rheta Blevins Wallace Brown Mary Edith Bruce Betty Burgess Ellis Copeland Sue Darris Hugh Allen Daves James Dennis Charles East Christy Elrod Louise Fowler Richie Glass Jimmy Gray Walter Green Oloise Gulledge Milton Henson Norman Hindman George Hudson Curtis Jackson 'Qi ,,,. K nmfmvk X -, A E J I 1 .mv J fl 'SSS' X1 Q 1 air' at gfilit is 2 if 6 Wx N I' nit! -age. .MV .f . .+-, - , J , - ' lj? .. 1 H ,E ,... -eta 1 ft W f 1 to ii ? . Q4 . 4 E, B 2 f i 3 p s .,.. . ' - I s if H, Wh I, 1 4 A : SM A 5 5 -i Q 'W Qt ,zz . 'V' B .N-. :S ' 225' 'Vp .4 . ll., 'wt S' xc, -mf 3 ' , , i . sr A .. fi W' . , M in L- at L . Q' "Q: ,k2-'-A 5 1 L L P :,h . ,.A, QZ. 1 4, S J' fry 'XT' 1 . ts it 1 . -"2 . ,.. Y 1"' P N? ky I - A.,,. . ,.f, P H141 A 'A.. W ..,. ..,.x r 5 gl , ' Pi I -M 4 ,sr L Q Y if .923 5 vm 3 f - ' sr- NK 2 A L J ,E A . .,,. ' ..', ., 3 s Y i 5 M ef- J' 1-, A gift? 5 , wigs? a""""'w. L ' ,.,-- 2 fe I ,. ,,.,...:-- J y .R ' xml 'S-any ...J X 47 'aa """"....i,iii,3 ' f Q X V 'Q 2 . i' uc I QQ' Lamar Keeling Syble Lankford . Una Ree Lawson W. G. Lawson Louise Love Leon McDowell Franklin Miles Ann Minton Willodean Morris Billy Spann Noah Shirley Noah Jerry Phillips James Pruitt Joe Scott John F. Siedovv Peggy Truitt Delma Jean Vice Cynthia Welch Joe Williams E. L. Riley Johnny Sizemore Talcott Stith Inez Eads Joyce Blanton Billy D. Bowen Pat Burger Bonnie' Cargal Jerry Chapman Gwendolyn Cochran Bobby Cooper Sue Crowe Carl Dean Gene East Lenora Findley James E. Fry James F. Ford Shirley Grant Judy F. Gulledge Clyde Hanson Jack Hardman June Heath Elmer G. Higdon Margie F. Holdbrooks Alfred Holloway Daphine Howard Roy Howard Thomas Howard Judy Jeffers Joyce Jennings Jimmy Jones Julia Jones Bessie' Lee Keel ing Larry Lee .at ' 'sms was .f ' V. KM .2 ' . .if vga .1 sa, 4 2 t .r,...? 7 was Y ff ,fm J 542601 wade it 'L E Q. U ' -L43 . ' I 1 , .N, aQQ.a few . - a I uifag lg ,, vii .lf 2' , ,if 9. l if Hmm jfwxk 5. G. . .A 3 l V LNHMVQE -Q A . . , , . . - Maw of - J of " F' ' '13 Wd 5 ' . A ft' f- '. -' :ig 1 1. we mf N 77 rw,- . .A ,. . . fm C ...L. fi by ga, 'sat Q .. V? , B , .ik ' tw X ram.. V if of "'yi.,,p . . in S, ' i 5 ,K in ty! , , ,.,.,, 'Q ,gg H . ..g -"- wa. :W l' 4 ' 5 I I 1 1 M " 1 'W Abi? M 5 , 5 K jg S M, I 5 l at if iii HW, jr' - af' M 3 336: 47 , . K, u .J if 3 fig ,xi ' t-9' f E i exft: ,a N 3 .Q 'rf :IW f bl it 4' 'ss s-if Ag fa: t If I L 1 . ,.. : F, i N V . ui' If an .3 1 M , .. me . , K W., Q' Mg '- " K i - -W" . 7" ,PTR 5 we V I f"l Ai- J 9 y ' easy, 1 ,, Z ,- 'Clk J af ' Q 9 I, J. H. Little y Charles Lowe ' Martha Lowe N ,, I ' if . 'l':'l Qi' 'Jil Shirley Marker . j A sss' J rf 1-A 'Y . i.- ' Fred Maxwell 'M' iw QQ H ' H j uw ' w W y't, gag Nancy McBrayer ff Harriet McClendon A James Payne 1 . 2, V .b 'rf Dan Perry 'Q , G ,f - ,Q Nyna Pruitt J-.. Ei H' f f ' A 1+ Judy Quinn " A F ' A Wt' gpefffil Jinny Don Roberts '71, F . Ig . - M ,555 J l. c mn M V, J N ', i ':"' X . fl rw' Veteria Smith " B Y Billy St. John ,QM . 2 351 Mary Thomas M gg! 4 -q-.- A, lllv N E ' Sherwell Tollerson at 4 s ' ..: Sadie Wagnon f an Q fy g L ,. Gweridelene Walker ....,' f B . Q ff .1 af M.. gi Everett Williams y I ' N ll ' B af B 1 .,. .,-,., Q i f " ' 9 l .y , ' .QQQWQ Eg 2343 Em i g ? .gap lt' K if 4 Q , , t n..A.....-.qn...n..........,..- , , Z 5' A Sevenfb 6m e A t , . "-- ,Q , if , r JY I 7 , .-vw X f ., " A - ,, ak yx Z , W ,, F' W" -if L fail' af w A 1 " Q , ' ,, 'ig A ' W' 'E , x ' N H 3' t ,.:,:'..:' 2 5 I ' 'Nj' , 1 X . 2 fnvvf. 1 ,f ii ,Q LJ 1 f .2 'H' 1 H Y ,P 3 4 ,fr 1 X f . ' 0 ' -1: 5 , if 7-31 Q ' .dm 5, f i Dafa- ll? I' fi , - S ww' if ,, l A If N 8: L YB M55 5 st," H.. W Imp , ,s ' , 1 fr , ll 'M' J i 'J 4 - 1 iff' ' BE ltyy- Q tg' ' ' 'mg , U? I J f' its u Us 2 Vnn , ' : . F F 1, X z.. EN ' as - ---, , f -1 f . .,. ' - . . .. 1 Q ' V- --QP B ' J 4 ' Q A W W H. gg , y i if , L gk 5 ft? Q Him Q gg fn , 1. 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'15 we Claudette Bailey Eloise Bohannan Shirley Campbell Berdie Coker Bobbie Finley Martha Garner Jewell Hall Lucile Hommack A Deloris Higdon Mary Hodges June Miles Betty Minton Nellie Jo Moore Louise Otwell Barbara Pennington Barbara Saxon Mildred Self Judith Sexton lvallene Sims Margaret Sims Doris Staton Glenda Smith Glenda Stephens Sybil Stillwell Kathrine Stonecipher Marilyn Vinson Barbara Wade Betty Walden Mary Watts Mary Wigley Corrie Williams Ruby Williams John Ables Edward Allen Roy Allen Milton Blevins Franklin Booker Bobby Butler Gail Caudle Bobby Cosby Billy Dunston Dwain Eberhart Thomas Garrett Billy Gray William Hamrack Billy Helms Bobby Henson Buddy Holdbrooks Bobby Lankford ' Gordon Lawson Gerald Light Minor Lyles Harry Mayne Neil Mooney Jerry Morris John Morrison Ray Noah Jerry Prater Tommy Roper Leroy Smith Billy Walden Max Webb Edward Weems Wayne Brown 6 '- - -A. . , ...r ., Alu!-is ,.... -A ---41.131 -Y .. ,W I up-i or-1' 4 5 we i ' S First Row: Brown, Purman, East, Miles, Lee, Foreman, Gray, Glass, Fry, Second Row: Long, Hall, Benetield, Lay, Henson, Dennis, Lay, Howard. Third Row: Lay, Hill, Bartlett, Brandhorst, Findley, Hones, Grant, Harper, lvliller Mrs. Campbell. lr We 1 X P tl liiiiriftirr ' .1 , i as q H K .5 r fl ll First Row: Robertson, Watts, Satterfield, Gaddie, Walden, Maxwell. Second Row: St. Johns, Odom, Tucker, Norton, Scott, Thomas, Williams, Sims. Third Row: Williams, Ray, Walker, Weaver, Sims, Walker, Quinn, Woodward. Fourth Row: Quinn, Smart, Kle-psig, St. John, Wagnon, Martin, Martin, K F s l iiunief Y- -I---U -'+--- ' if A ' -- ' 1-'H ----r t ft- Vw. First Row: Luker, Craft, Bailey, Lyles, Jett, Lyles, Armstrong, Gray, Barnes, Jennings Bohannon. Second Row: Howard, Bearden, Love, Cosby, Wagnon, Allen, Gregory, Butler. Third Row: Farmer, Griffith, Long, Higdon, Howard, Mrs. Floyd, Gilbert, Culberson Kendall, Hudson. First Row: Swindall, St. John, Lancaster, Moore, McClendon, Marker, Higdon, Weems. Second Row: Maxwell, Wade, Williams, Scott, Minshaw, Walden, McDowell, Lank- ford, Morris, Walker. Third Row: Walker, Pennington, Daves, Smith, Thomas, Otwell, Dunn, Samples, Noah. Fourth Row: Howard, Ward, Burger, Smart, Martin, Truitt, Romans, Miss Johnson. 'Rf M- First Row: Cameron, Lowe, Lyles, l-ligdon, Cosby, Martin, DeVine, Blalock, Brown. Second Row: Brooks, Abel, Croft, l-loldbrooks, Jackson, Hill, Emerson, Bramlett, Third Rowi Hanson, Oliver, Casey, Cooper, Knight, Higdon, Grant, Lawson Jett Miss Booker. ' ' ,4'-X First Row: Starnes, Wilson, Long, Raley, Phillips, Wade, Williams, Samples, Thrasher. Second Rowi Maxwell, Vice, Stith, Smith, Walker, Minton, Bearden, Vinson, Slaten Third Rowi Miss Johnson, Monday, Weaver, Ward, Watts, Lay, Taylor, Norwood. as 2 Qin it mm First Rowi McBrayer, Howard, Mayo, Miles, Lyles, Cooper, Howard, Mrs. Roberts. Second Row: Dorrough, McCollum, Hanson, Foreman, Lowe, Gray, Butler, Huff Wade, Leigh. Third Row: Barnette, Lanktord, Cosby, Henson, Barnette, Brown, Hand, Davis, Mob- ley, Hayes. , Fourth Row: Floyd, Byrd, Withrow, Lee, Shaddix, Harper, Blevens, Crocker, Howard. First Row: St. John, Smart, Solley, Ward. Second Row: Hamilton, Nex, Mordecai, Norton, Tucker, Walker, Martin, Morris Weems, Weems. Third Row: Upton, Williams, Webb, Williams, Long, Kearse, Maxwell, Templeton Fourth Row: Thompson, Klepsig, Lyall, Smith, Noah, Walden, Smiley, Payne, Carr Howard, Mrs. Stephens. like W 'H ww , 1 First Row: Walker, Byrd. Second Row: Foster, Davis, Finley, Gray, Jackson, Hudson, Boatfield, Jennings, Lowe, , Dean, Alexander, Cochran. Third Row: Hammock, Hampton, Hand, Crowder, Long, Gray, Howard, Carr, Fry, Harp, Marker, Brogdon. Fourth Row: Finley, Harris, Grant, Crowder, Harper, Minshew, Mrs. Childers, Graves, Dale, Estes, Garner. it F 5-1" . First Row: Vice, Walker, Lewis, Upton, Maxwell, Moorer, Lackey, Norton, Tucker, Patrick, George, Jeffers, Simmons. Second Row: Williams, Bailey, Parker, Bailey, Perry, Smith, Smith, Morrison. Third Row: Gray, Romans, Miller, Quinn, Howard, Benlch, Sims, Light, Sizemore, Stephens, Monday, Glass, Miss Street. "5 ,xi P' First Row: Heath, Walden, Norton, Studdard, Vineyard, Honea, Higdon, Mitchell Quinn, Watson, White, Stith, Spraggins, Brown. Second Row: Knight, McCollum, Duncan, Smart, Parsons, Martin, Wilson, Walker Vaughn, Third Row: Armstrong, East, Smith, Williams, Hicks, Turner, Noah, Hagan, Hall Long, Miss Street. First Row: Booker, Hardman, Brown, Devine, Cosby. ' Second Row: Patrick, Elliott, Cooper, Elam, Churchwell, Butler, Brown, White. Third Row: Griffith, Gray, Dean, Carr, Floyd, Luker, Benetield, Bowen, Minton Cameron. Fourth Rowil Walker, Quinn, Evans, Bryant, Heath, Jones, Chestnut, Kuykendall Howard, Miss Whorton. 5 ii L A Aa- B as , , . ssss R - ' W 'N' . w Q mmmrnwfwmfvmxg? ii ga 5 ng f E ,rv ,, ki 'il 3 Q, I X ""hn..w..L ,' -..Q S 4 xg, -J HV fi M 7 f I! fi i ,Qs- li .5 I lim 'Wi 'rm jx W 'S v 'W x fr' 'gill' P QQ Ar I gy R 1404 5 X . ., I1 ESA ' 129, "nz if Q' 1 " - 1 ,- ' is . J Nil ' Q 'sl .f '5 I .5 XPQW S ' tp I I Q ? J 1 . ,xx R . N, X, Wells Dunn Johnson Pope Summers A no , srrrorrsr J or J l J r rr J J J "',l - 1A-. :,, "',,." A.'. . or . V. , R Lzzz "'-- .A.,. 1 . L ., K -"' ' '..' ' ""' 'i ' .,..,. D f f 4 Xl' 4' 6 " ,V v , ' , 'I gf., Q it A . A A, L -, ,.- Us Q5 A .I Q- A il fam - . 1446 5 - , , 55 of ,'.""' Woodward V Grant lzlzr f o Rogers 1 4 Brown ' laley f Ford Brown Jones f lr' ig.. 'rf J Saxon P. Breeden H .. My ig ry W K Pres. .... ..... S . J. Noah My Eg' Sf. John J V.-Pres. . . . .Herman Wells ' In Lawson Sect. . . . .... Ann Johnson Treas. . . .... Roy McGraw Q , Brown Noah Jlr- 1 ,I J A , J - A I """ ""l" ' fa: ' 'Q'22 . 3,2 Vr.r Q -A W A , I ..-' 1 Q : Q .. N me J g - ,W 3 M-new if " J I "' J' S ' r:-" W Mooney ffl 3 ,-: ' ' of ' . J .,., fffwg Wa't5 Q .... In b 1 A - gf is srrr A ' ,J Q Crowe Sa terfield Robertson McGraw Moon .-In ,-- -ra ,F Smith Woodward Turner Gray Blanton Pres. Sec, Treas. Exif ,ix Q . Hurst Perry 534 - 4 ' ' " l r.r: , L f . 2 N zv. ,I ,,. - , c, Dean 'T' Goode Lankford V.-Pres. Phillips x -3 ,L . X I Little 1 Phllllps Cassidy Beck Crowe W illeronby ' -. ,- , ,K ,,.,. if , .N .r.,.r2,, ,, VR Miller f M, A 4 ' U f Lowe Lawson -:rf McGraw Gurley Green East Dunston . ., it J at t , L ,...... Erwin . VV M ,V H , -'-: 4x I :-:I 1- v L M n 1 ll J J -31 JM, ll lll 5 ., . V l t .dn V Q g M --::, . ,gg , 4z..L..-.... J X ,f - Y AAA. l s .,,. First Rowi Weems, McGraw, Cassidy, Cleveland, Foster, Self, Miles, Hudson, Noah, Scott, Dennis. Second Row: Eberhart, lvlarker, Wells, Brown, Bishop, Brown, Wells, Stephens, Keeling, Payne, Cope- land, Lawson. Third Row: Jackson, Eubanks, Turner, Woodward, Gurley, Breeden, Cooper, Pike, Jones, Goode, Phillips Fourth Row: Butler, Guest, Noah, Daves, Little, Lowe, Harper, Hurst, Griffith, McGraw, Phillips. Fifth Row: Holloway, Pruitt, Blanton, Campbell, Daves, Phillips, Miller, Perry, Jones, Dean, Ward. Sixth Rowi Huff, Henson, Cooper, Jackson, Huie, Moon. Pres. ,. . ..... Wesley Brown V.-Pres . .. ..... James Bishop Sec. .... ...... 1, B913-QydDaves Treas. .... ..... M arshall ' Phillips .xl Reporter .... . . .Richard Goode lit TYF, .mfs . " " v EMA. WW First Row: Grant, lvlooney, Crowe, Johnson, Lawson. Second Row: Elrod, Sf. John, Trultt, St. John, Allen, Lowe, Fowler, Vice, Lampbell Robertson -l I 7 mo. ga as -U E8 alum r an flag 3 543 9? 3 3 lifes GPU 527 l,,- LDT ' U I.--Ln BJ EQ UTQJ 0- 4:31- CD ffs 55 fo? Q9 2532 Q3 Efm ' '1 T13 Qi: 2:- Dm 1 5, ?S 2 DZ 9 LT: :UT I L- 921 aaa OG 3 2? UCS cn. o 3 1-li hw- f. 'EQM-fa. Pres. .... V.-Pres, ... Sec. Treas. .......... . . . . Parliamenfarian . . . . . . . Sponsor ....... .Gloria Crowe . . . . .Dot Raley .....Betty Grant Betty Lawson . Betty Mooney lvlrs. Johnson 4 'E Rf' mf, E sfo I 'TK W "'m"4x. 0ffice Staff SeatedfS. B. Nelson-Principal Evelyn Satertieid, Mary Prater, Jo Moore. Betty Hilley, Doris Robertson Camera dub First Row: Pruitt, East, Casey, Robertson, St. John, Bishop, Breeden, Foster, Second Row: McClellan, Siaton, Saxon, Moore, Crowe, Rogers, Brown, Gray, Huff Third Row-Brown, Dunston, Edgar, Miller, Green, Fourth Rowi Erwin, Moon. vi-vit V L -.qw xl.- P J-df!! ll UQ: -19, K: U' lic 1 , g Af YQ., mmfw QNX fx- J' ' ' ,. I A. ' ll SHN P s Q Q 'N was ff 'N - N.. 'I-1 jf 11.57 t -,-3 , , , h an I, 1. .,ii . g ,K be 9 2 -.. MQGQQWKJ 5? K' -nf'-4l""1f1 aiill- -'fl 10 , 1 lg' 635 Q 'Q' wlh. 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Fourth Row: Roy McGraw, Paul Perry, Arland Beck, Bobby Daves, Jerry Smith, Thomas Miller, Jack Campbell, Kenneth Brown, Hoyt Blanton, Bobby Jones. J in l Q K ..C..a,.-,...-,... - . - 'iii-an - ., ' ' - H 92' My ' , -. , , x A if Q, .rg .gygc usf xfq,w jg , W iw - mimi:-,ff"j fwf rf af - - Atl X . ygs,1r.:1 ,Q 1 Aft' 'Emlfgaiw iatiffifim, ig ,., -1 '45 2 'ini Q ,XMB A in Q q siflrisk Jerry Smith Junior Lanktord Lett Tackle Lett Guard Kenneth Brown Lett End Billy Woodward Left Halt Back Noah Hurst Right Half Back Bobby Daves Center Arland Beck Bobby Little Tackle Guard 5" y. 5, V l feng 4, ., 'nil ' , X , . Af K . M iztcijvlxp vggjgei? M .1 gcxing 3 af rv. it' B9bbY Jones Paul lierry Rlghf Guard Right Tackle Jack Campbell Right End Floyd Dean Full Back Richa rd Goode Qua rter Back Thomas Miller Center John Klepsig Roy McGraw Back Back Jimmy Gray Jerry Marker Hoyt Blanton Guard End End Jack Pruitt Don Cassidy Pat Burger Tackle Back Quarter Back , ' - " .3 ,al pf Y l : 5' vi 'mf X It 9 ' left? jlx,,QiHQglff f ' , ,R K B ?4t.AjfQf,' ' 'ft mi ' f 'iw my ' gginrgz ff B rg, Qfffrwf-Y':t. igfijw VWJSS? rf Edward Allen Billy Joe Cleveland James l-lamrick Back Back Tackle we-4 E 'A x "-H2 , fx 5" ' "0 ' wfe, l . I M-' ,3 x flzeerleaders V' Wwaffi lvlascot-flalnda Reynolds, l-lelen Casey, Gloria Crowe, Betty Lawson, Mary Horton, Buddy Erwin, Leonard Dunsron Managers Dwain Eberhart Walter locker? Green Basketball Coach E, S. Plunkett Y' -1.1:-'-1' "4 " Team Glencoe Glencoei... Glencoe Glencoe Glencoe Glencoe Glencoe .... ...., Glencoe Glencoe Glencoe Glencoe Glencoe Glencoe Glencoe Glencoe Scfledale Albertville . Hokes Bluff Sansom . . . Jacksonville Piedmont . Gadsden .. Ashville .. Efowah . . . Piedmont . Anniston . Gadsden .. Sansom Jacksonville SIXTH DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Roanoke.......... ....3O Jacksonville um -Iiimlll as A U ll WWW lei EE iiilea ITEM wen mme' WW ami Ml emma Q 5 fill M Uimlvlll :ja Q 0 31. J. W. Grl Forwar ffvth d Joe Phulllps Forward Jerry Smith Gen ter Don Eberhart Guard B1 ll Woodward Guard Jerry Phillips Forward Paul Perry Forward Bobby Daves Center Jerry Marker Guard Jimmy Gray Guard E li A. Team First Row, left to right: Ray McGraw, Don Cassidy, Herman Wells, Alt Captain Second Row: lvlrl Ward lSponsorl, Arland Beck, James Bishop, Bobby Jones Captain Not Picturedi Roy McGraw, Jack Campbell, Edgar Guest. Glencoe FFA Glencoe FFA Glencoe FFA Glencoe FFA Glencoe FFA Glencoe FFA .... Seasons Record Southside FFA ..... Southside FFA ..... Sardis FFA ...... .....32 .....34 ....32 .....22 SardisFFA.......... .....2O Campbell Court .....2O Dixie Garden Gro. Co... Glencoe FFA ..... 26 Gadsden Boy's Club .... Glencoe FFA ..... I8 West End RA's ....... Glencoe FFA .... 27 l-lammond's Grocery . . . Glencoe FFA .... 22 Anchors ............. Glencoe FFA ..... l3 Holloway Transfer Co.. . Glencoe FFA ................ 20 East Gadsden ......... ETOWAH COUNTY FFA TOURNAMENT lSECOND PLACED Glencoe FFA ................ l9 Southside FFA ........ Glencoe FFA ................ l9 Sardis FFA ........... TRI-COUNTY TOURNAMENT lFlRST PLACED Glencoe FFA .................... l7 Ashville ............. Glencoe FFA .... ..... 2 2 Odenville . . . Glencoe FFA .... 25 B. B. Comer .... iw! 1... is 'I 0 cr O a Q , ., W x ' I gift? 1 A A Ei Q K " i?,' g.V: ' ,, ei Q Aw L, -wc Aw QW, ,W h W. K an , f sw Q if fs , f Q! ggi, W 1: f eps , JE., N I 'A A .QL . :ll v x 5 3?-kk 5 1 A nh gf , 0 r ' . vt . 1 ' Wag H W sf- w Q, - rw qv-K+ a 'W' ,"'4fi:i::"""a M51 ' Qi, , - A ..u K. A E ,.. 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Ill H5 ' Nl i yi :fl , QSSGFTKX, i g fig '92 4' 33 K av' NA QQ? ,ftp YS . vi X ' .. Q Yami Fx vi M, ' '. 5, X ax K' f f 'LJ '9'-'levi v ' x4 X is COIVIPLIMENTS OF LONG BROTHERS MEMORIALS N E VV L O C A T I O N T035 First Avenue Phone 599I COVE CREEK SERVICE STATION PHoNE6-5152 Texaco Products - Groceries - Meats - Feeds - Coal GLENCOE ALABAMA NORTON'S FLOWER SHOP FOR ALL OCCASIONS WE WIRE FLOWERS Phone 4383 600 Hoke East Gadsden : -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::Q::::,::::::::::::::::::::.-::: A BROWN GROCERY J. W. BROWN, Owner Fresh Meat - Vegetables - Notions I032 Hoke Street Phone 9446 Gadsden, Alabama Alabama Home Supply Co. of Gadsden, Inc. Plumbing, Supplies, Paint, Appliances FREE ESTIMATE ON ANY JOB 228 Broad Street Dial 2505 Gadsden, Alabama COMPLIMENTS WRENN'S ICE CREAM COMPANY II08 Forrest Avenue Gadsden, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF E. E. FORBES AND SON PIANO COMPANY Phone 6-356i GADSDEN ALABAMA SIBERT'S Hardware - Seed - Farm Tools 208 South 4th Street Phone 4526 Gadsden, Alabama G. G. CLEANERS "GAIN WITH GAINS" Where The Fine Art ot Cleoning is Portroyed in Every Gorment PHONE 6-4742 - GLENCOE, ALABAMA E L o vv E R s GLENCOE FLOWER SHOP "Where Serving You ls A Pleosure" Mrs. Momie Scott PHONE 6-4242 Mrs. John Miles Q,---- .... - ...... ------- ..... - ....... ,------------ ...v -vvvvvv L. AND L.. HARDWARE COMPANY BUILDERS HARDWARE - PAINTS - SPORTING GOODS Corner Elmwood Avenue ond North 6th Street PHONE 6-1416 EAST GADSDEN, ALABAMA B. L. BECK TIRE SERVICE GAS - OIL - LUBRICATION - RECAPPING - RETREADING - REPAIRS 237 Eost Brood Street Phone 3544 Godsden, Alobomo COMPLIMENTS OF I ABERCROMBlE'S "KNOWN FOR GOOD CLOTHES" 304 BROAD ST. GADSDEN, ALA. coMPuMENTs OF R. E. DEAN GROCERY ' MEATS - FRUITS - VEGETABLES Glencoe PHONE 6-5674 Alobomo FRED CRAIN TRACTOR COMPANY YOUR FERGUSON DEALER Forrest Avenue Neor Block Creek Phone 6-2312 GADSDEN, ALABAMA ALABAMA FARM SUPPLY COMPANY Joi-in DEERE TRACTORS AND FARM IMPLEMENTS f Corner 2nd ond Short Street PHONE 5151 GADSDEN, ALABAMA i CHILDERS RADIO SERVICE RADIOS Repairs at the Best Next Door to Post Office in Glencoe Phone 6-7814 PARKER'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION Atlas Tires, Tubes, Batteries, and Accessories We Pick up and Deliver Road Service Phone 6-4234 Glencoe, Alabama E. H. SAXON GROCERY GROCERIES - MEATS -FEED - TOBACCOS - CANDY - FROZEN FOODS GLENCOE ALABAMA ----- ........ --- ....... --.,-------- ...... ----A,A .... - .... ---- PINE GROVE GROCERY AND SERVICE STATION CLAUDE WRIGHT, Owner Across from Allis Chalmers Phone 6-8831 COMPLIMENTS OF STREAMLINE CLEANERS JOE vv. MCCLENDON 801 Chestnut Street Gadsden, Alabama CARR'S GULF SERVICE Ben Carr, Manager Phone 4500 Third and Chestnut Streets Gadsden, Alabama Gadsden Heating And Sheet Metal Company Roofing - Sheet Metal Work - Furnace Repairs - Stoker Service Gadsden Phone 6-4601 Alabama FRED HARRIS GROCERY ROBERT'S TOWN IROAD Meats - Fruits - Vegetables Glencoe PHONE 6-5116 Alabama ::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::J'c: YEA YEELOW JACKETS 'I VANCE SHOE COMPANY 'i A. B. Bottoms, Manager L. S. Beaird, Owner I Tiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiliiiifiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiilfiffffffiff. - i MEXICAN CHILI PARLOR AND CAFE 'T BREAKFAST - REGULAR DINNERS - SEA FOODS ' Open 24 Hours a Day I 531 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama I TxxxTTTTTTTTTEEQITTKTTTFEIXHTEETFEBKTTHT::xxxx T BIRCH ANDERSON AND COMPANY Franchised Dealers for ROYAL STANDARD AND PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS 'I I 'I I 'I 525 Bfocd Sffeef ..... A ....................... QC1'ISiIFP1."fLQ.I2Ol'1f?--- ,I G U Y H O O D , FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER 213 South Fourth Street Phone 6-4605 Gadsden, Alabama 'iiiiiiiiiiiiliifiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiififiiffiifffiiifl 3, "When You Think of Furniture Think of" I ROSS GRAMLING FURNITURE COM-PANY Corner 4th and Chestnut Dial 2581 Gadsden, Alabama .g Affffffffffffffifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiifi:::::::'.g GLENCOE BARBER SHOP ll "WE STRIVE TO MAKE YOU LOOK BETTER" 1, Glencoe E. A. Campbell Alabama 'I ::::::: -::b:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ----A :::::::- v :P-0-by -xxx: :::x:::x:::::::fffffffefxfffffff- efeexfexxig 'I DAUGHERTY DRUG co. 1, Prescriptions, Drugs, Candies, Cosmetics, Cigars, and Tobaccos' I Glencoe PHONE 6-5132 Alabama l iiiiiiiiiii -liii - .iffififffiiffffiffffiiififfiifffiiiiiiififffiffg A. M. BRANNON GROCERY Fresh Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables Feeds and Tobacco I GLENCOE A ALABAMA ll COMPLIMENTS OF MCCUENS BAR-B-CUE SOUTH THIRD STREET GADSDEN, ALABAMA CECIL T. WATFORD, Prop. GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF T949 MCGOUGH BAKERIES "Serving the South with Betsy Ross Bread" CAKES, PIES AND PASTRIES "Fresh Daily From Our Own Ovens" BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA c:oMPuMENTs or WITHERSPOON'S, INC. QI7-225 South 4th Street Phone 6-4678 The House of Appreciation and Personal Service GADSDEN F ALABAMA WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 216 Broad Street Phone 41 I4 GADSDEN ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED WOOLEN STORES Complete Line of Mesis CIothing and Furnishing 307 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama Lv :::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::- :::::::::::::::::::::- JJ r -M-some-so-------AMmmM-s---'-A'-----A 1 CRAIN TRACTOR COMPANY ALLIS-CHALMERS TRACTORS - IMPLEMENTS Fairbanks Morse - Hammermills - Well Pumps Horses - Mules Phone 6-7393 Gadsden, Alabama COMPLIMENTS RIGNEY TYPEWRITER COMPANY UNDERWOOD PRODUCTS Typewriters and Adding Machines 224 Chestnut Street Gadsden, Alabama ETOWAH OIL COMPANY Distributors CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS Service is Our Middle Name PHONE 6-707I I GADSDEN, ALABAMA """""""'--v-- ---v-----Y ------v--4------v------ AMERICAN REFRIGERATION SERVICE Youre FRIGIDAIRE DEALER Frigeration and Home Freezers When They Stop We Start Daylight or Dark 227 East Broad Phone 6-7016 BEST WISHES TO GLENCOE AND TO THE CLASS OF I9-49 C. F. HOFFMAN And SONS, INC. REGISTERED JEWELERS 423 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama Hertt-Jones Class Rings EAT AT SPOTLESS SPOT WITH THE GLENCOE CROWD! EAST GADSDEN ALABAMA BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF T949 PITMAN THEATRE GADSDEN'S NEWEST AND FINEST GADSDEN ALABAMA MI-LADY CLEANERS THE DAINTIEST OF APPAREL It lt's Not Right Tell Us We'll Make It Right' I I37 Forrest Avenue PHONE 6-T081 Gadsden, Alabama DOMESTIC LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 943 FORREST AVENUE Phone 5605 Gadsden, Alabama Cash and Carry Saves you Money . BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 49 GADSDEN HARDWARE COMPANY I I6 Broad Street Phone 6-6351 GADSDEN ALABAMA D U N C A N ' S A STORE OF FASHIONS AND HEADQUARTERS FOR HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR FASHIONS 319 Brood Street Phone 6-2797 GADSDEN ALABAMA :LL 1 E 'T"ff""'-" imma if . g li -1. ff ,g f Q Q45-':.:-t "" 'Tx' 2-TXi"':"'ga1" ' DRINK A TRO - FE - DAlRY'S Homogenized Vitamin D Milk For Sound Teeth and Strong Bones I l I COMPLIMENTS OF I I A ii n E n s o ii 1, iomi a Mem co. li I 1 SCRAP IRON AND METALS l 1 PHONE 6-3324 'h ALABAMA CITY ALABAMA l I Il Ar I I GASDEN AUTOMOBILE DEALERS I Mark Bowman Motor Co. Fowler Brothers Motor Co. : Hudson - Phone 4231 Pontiac -- Phone 5671 Il Pollock Motor Co. C 81 S Garage , Chevrolet 8. Buick - Phone 6-6371 Oldsmobile - Phone 3381 1' Gadsden Motors Co. Carnes 81 Burson Motor Co. Plymouth 8. DeSoto - Phone 2515 Studebaker - Phone 4836 Il Guy Motors Co. Gadsden Lincoln-Mercury Co 1 Dodge - Plymouth - Phone 6-5276Lincoln 8. Mercury - Phone 6 4635 , Courtesy Motor Co. ' Coker Motor Car Co. ' Plymouth 84 Chrysler - Phone 6-4681 Packard - Phone 4323 Il John Thomas Motor Co. Nesbitt Truck 81 Tractor Co. l Ford - Phone 6-1616 International - Phone 6-2886 :E L:-fx 4 ---,-0---v GADSDEN SPORTING GOODS I I7 South 4th Street "WHERE SPORTSMEN MEET" See Us For Your Sport Equipment PHONE 2537 -,,.-- A Million "'5?'i'Mf IIINIISS WITH RESPECT AND ADMIRATION WE SALUTE OUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR GLENCOE HIGH With Deepest Esteem To Both Student Body ond Foculty We Soy Hordy Congrotuiotions - THANKS - For Your Foith In Us Which Is Monitested By Your Us Number One Ploce ot Screen Entertoinment Where The Crowds Go Pictures Are Enioyed More" Keeping PM er f f ' vii X ,Qi V 'EF 'TX f L ' Z ii i 2 4 me AZABAMA v46'6RB47E 60M ANY Fluxing ond Concrete Stone Agriculture Limestone Limestone Screening for Drivewoys ond Porking Lots COBB CITY PHONE 6-5484 DON MCCULLOUGH, President I . 5:3 fga II 'T -K, If I .I DRIVE IN THEATRE ON ANNISTON HIGHWAY OPEN AT DUSK DARK RECREATION FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 'I 'I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I 'I 'I I I 'I I I I I 'I I :I I 'I I 'I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I I -J-QQ: --,---- I ,, I Il I I X W H III I 'M If ulllwll ii. , MMI H II vis I r r, I i i X II W iw, , ni UM WV M ii I I I nhl I I I it I Ll ,ix wp x lin X X13 X ll A Ii- F W Ill -I . ' Milli. I II, X - , Wi It 1-!- I , I, E I ,, 5 I . 4 , ,,,, A 'I Lil. ,tgp , ,NW I iyi V. .WM il, . i U Q ,, , il, i I 5 , it Q. J! Q 'Zi -- I - , I A I - il I ii. lf il 'l""'4"-MI'P it : I. , . ' , l, Jerry Smith, do leave to Don Eberhart my brown nose, with which I obtained my diploma. l, Louie Joe Turner, don't have anything to leave to anyone. I ' l, Edith lHarperl Waits, leave my seat in Mrs: Summers' math class to anybody that wants it. A I l, Herman Wells, will my blonde wavy hair and dimples to Tommy Pruitt is ,l, Jimmy Weems, better known as "Loopy," will to Bill Moon my ability' to get along with Mrs. - owell. ' l, Billy Woodward, request that Jack Campbell have as I had, a very easy time in school. I ii, l, Floyd Jones, will to Raymond Hollaway the ability to make straight 's in school, ' ' il, Clarence "Stoney" Stonecypher, will to Charles Cooper my ability t shoot tall tales. I Florence Brown will to Jennie Lou O'Keefe my flairs for Shakespeare and heaven help ou llen 1 I n r Y ' hie Lou that isl. Oscar Lowe ' Class Lawyer 1 li , T' 1, ,,., W, ll ii. Q in -, 5 4 , I , vii. ,gi ,, , , , , ii ' fi Qemendm pafmqan D Qwwxwim-pmaqan D Qememim p0!LdqCWZ Xllllff oday Mme are printers of the yearbook of your school. F g Tomorrow as you seek your future in the professions, industry and commerce 'lnmifif we at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing and Lithography .af you will need in the pursuit of your career. Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself-who first saw our work in their annual. wwf M ww . Ghz aragdn was . M ., -f MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA

Suggestions in the Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) collection:

Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 58

1949, pg 58

Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 13

1949, pg 13

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