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I. 5. ge- . N gf--2 1 Q.-H1 fi? K lf r .V mg, .. Q R'-57:1-FW'--. "Q L , 'fi -kf1??-F .5 L wwf ' 1 335' -. K S Z' . 4 ,L Liv. r. , V., .215 . . .31-. K +R , I .- lffiii ,'.- ,. 2 3 H7 'E , -E K E r E E ff 'I 3 N , E g L Li 1 I E ,Z Q ! E V , w .-4, vc r ' X 1 i'he Sfudefwfsf ' I I I If of GLENCOE HIGH SCHOOL I D I Glencoe, Alobomo . Q F 'r f U M, www: 5 , My .1-f' I if I Y l 11. I Say I 3 I A44 4 1 i AU - new 1:1 ki!" if X ,X I f'?'?rZo:5'-I"-:cv '. 'L QA! JACKET' EST QM 1946 You woN'r GET STUN6- TAKE A PEFK, 9260024 Folded in these poges of our i946 onnuol, the .locl4et's Nest, ore the cherished memories of our senior yeor ot Glencoe High School. We hove endeovored to put into this onnuol o feeling of good fellowship ond friendliness. We think of oll the worry thot we coused our teachers ond hope thot they might remember us os 0 group of people who tried to leorn Q few things. We know thot they hove tried to prepore us for our future in the World of Tomorrow ond hope that our successes will be their well- deserved reword. DEDI ATI 'A ,M For many years we have been influenced by the capable guidance, unbiased kindness and untiring efforts of one who has won the respect and admiration of us all. He has proved to be an excellent instructor and advisor. His char- acter is of the highest type which deserves worthy praises. Unselfish, efficient, and cheerful, he will always hold an hon- orable place in our hearts as we look back over the years of our high school training. To Mr. G. W. Ward we dedicate the 1946 Jacket's Nest. APPRECIATIO Under her guidance and careful supervision we have fin- ally finished our course as high school students. For her con- tinued interest and helpfulness in This iourney mere words cannot express our appreciation so the best we can give is, "Thank you, Mrs. Reed." i x jfQ?Qq7" i '-Tung ,. 7 f . ' - v I .I j 'Aa A 1451, .f -v f Nf rx I hm Rb FACULTY ef ff? FACULTY MR. E. M. ROBINSON, Principal Under his guidance and because of his continued watchful eye and unceasing interest in the school as a whole and especially his undying efforts to help the senior class become graduates, Mr. Robinson has completed another year, as a successful principal. an ,195 -Q -ann? FIRST ROW: MRS. G. E. REED MRS. R. L. SUMMERS MRS. J. W. HITEN A.B., Athens B,S., Peabody B.S. Montevallo MRS. L. S. POWELL MRS, CRANSTON HICKS A.B., Howard B.S., Jacksonville SECOND ROW: MR. R. B. KNIGHT MRS. CHAPMAN GUILFORD MR. G. W. WARD A.B., Howard Longmire School of Commerce B.S., Auburn MISS M. C. REED MR. JOHN CALMAN B.S., Bob Jones New York FACULTY Firsl Row: MRS. E. M. ROBINSON, B.S., Auburn, MRS. J. W. FLOYD, Jacksonville, MISS CARRIE JOHNSON, BS., Auburn. Sncond Row, MRS. CATHERINE CAMPBELL, A.B., Howard, MISS BERTHA JOHNSON, BS., Auburn, MISS JOSEPHINE BOOKER, AB., Monievallo. Third Row: MRS. TILL BREEDEN, Jacksonville, MRS. DESSER ROBERTS, B.S., Jacksonville, MISS TINNIE HILL, Snead. Fourth Row: MISS ELLA STREET, B.S., Jacksonville, MISS LONA STREET, BS., Jacksonville, MISS LOR- RAINE WHORTON, Jacksonville. Filth Row, MISS IRMA STEPHENS, B.M., Sher- wood Music School. JACKETS NEST TAPP CLARA EAST . ANN BREEDEN . ALFRED HURST . . MARIE GRAY . . GLENN SWINFORD VVYLODINE GRIFFITH SARAH EILAND . CHARLES PARKER . MARDELL JOHNSON BILL CASSIDY . . Assistant . Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Manager Business Manager . Photographer . Feature Editor . . . Typist . Assistant Typist . . , Artist . Sports Editor SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARY GILBERT ..... President ALFRED HURST .... Vice-President GLENN SWINFORD . . . Secrefary WYLODINE GRIFFITH . . Treasurer CLASS 'POEM We've strolled along a narrow road, We've had To find our way, We're fired, broken-hearted, discouraged, But we've never shirked a day. Bu? as we wallc That narrow road, We find a friend who will share The love and laughter of happiness, And console us in our despair. But at last we reach The crossroads Where friends and pals must part, There's a sigh of relief and a sigh of regret, As we leave the things fhal are dear to our heart. We'll remember and fell our children Of our memorable days of The pasf, When we find what we have strived for, And the haven we've reached af last. RAMONA TOWNLEY. SENIORS CLARA EAST Bora Club, Annual Staff, Class Play, Who's Who, Band, Music Club, Junior Miss G. H. S., Ollicc Staff. GLENN SWlNFORD "G" Club, F. F. A., Secretary of Class, Annual Staff, Who's Who. SARAH FILAND Baia Club, Annual Staff, Who's Who, Band, Junior Favorite, Office Staff. BlLL CASSlDY "G" Club, Class Play, F. F. A., Annual Staff, Who's Who. ANN BREEDEN Bora Club, F. H. A., Annual Staff, Who's Who, Band, Music Club, Class Play. GEORGE MOON "O" Club, Who's Who, Class Play. MARDELL JOHNSON Beta Club, F. H. A., Annual Staff, Band, Who's Who, Music Club, Senior Favorite. CHARLES PARKER "C" Club, F. F. A., Annual Siaff, Class Play. SENIGRS MARY V. GILBERT "G" Club, Befo Club, Office Sfcff, Presi- denf of Closs, Who's Who, Junior ond Senior Fovorifc. ALFRED HURST "G" Club, Befo Club, Vice-Presidenf of Clcss, Annuol Sfoff, Class Play, Who's Who. MARIE GRAY Belo Club, F. H. A., Annuol Sfoff, Office Sfczff, Class Play. LEAHMAN GARRARD F. F. A. WYLODINE GRIFFITH Befo Club, F. H. A., Annucl Staff, Treos- urer of Closs, Who's Who. HAROLD PRESLEY Bond, F. F. A. HELON GREGORY CHRISTINE HEALD F. H. A. DOROTHY SATTERFIELD Belo Club, F. H. A., Office Staff. 4 DONALD CHUMLEY Bond. - 1 F: Ctfi' if 11 DORA GREEN Belo Club, F. H. A., Who's Who, Class Play. AMIEL COLEY Belo Club, F. F. A. GLADYS HUIE Bolo Club, F. H. A. JOHN ALTON GEORGE "G" Club, Belo Club, F. F. A., Class Ploy. 'sr OGALINE PARKER F. H. A MARY MCCLELLAN F. H. A. f2 Y SENIORS RAMONA TOWNLEY F. H. A., Music Club, Bcmd, Office Sta BILLIE JEAN LINDSEY F. H. A., Bond, Music Club. MELVALENE BENEFIELD WANDA WEEMS F. H. A. CATHERINE BEARDEN NANCY BEARDEN CHRISTINE NICHOLS F. H A. F. H. NANCY MILLER A. SENICJRS IRENE SANDERS F. H. A. BERNICE TRUITT F. H. A., Beta Club, Class Play, Office Staff. MARY ELSIE SHEFFIELD "G" Club, F. H. A., Band, Who's Who, Senior Favorite. CHRISTINE GRANT Beta Club, F. H. A. BEST LOOKING BOY BEST LOOKING GIRL MOST INTELLIGENT BOY ALFRED HURST MOST INTELLIGENT GIRL WYLODINE GRIFFITH MOST POPULAR BOY . . GLENN SWINFORD MOST POPULAR GIRL . . MARY VESTER GILBERT . . BILLY GOLDEN DOROTHY SATTERFIELD w1i-..------ BEST DRESSED BOY- BILL CASSIDY BEST DRESSED GIRL CLARA EAST WH ' W FRIENDLIEST BOY . FRIENDLIEST GIRL . BEST ALLVROUND BOY- ALFRED HURST BEST ALLFROUND GIRL ANN BREEDEN WITTIEST BOY- BRELIN KIDD WITTIEST GIRL- MARIE GRAY H . DONALD CHUMLEY . MARDELL JOHNSON MOST ATHLETIC BOY . . GLENN SWINFORD MOST ATHLETIC GIRL , I , DORA GREEN CLASS PROPHECY Well, as time goes on this class has advanced into the realm of the mid- dle-aged. The years iust seem to go by one right after the other and before you know it you are established in your later years. Recently I took a trip over the country and as I passed a delapidated old farm, who should run out in his overalls but Bill IG. W.l Cassidy. Work- ing out in the back yard was his farm-hand, Jack Tumlin. The maid, Sarah Eiland, stuck her head out and shouted "soups on." The butler, Bill Golden, was scampering about looking for the silverware. Mary Gilbert, Wylodine Griffith, Ann Breeclen, and Mardell Johnson were in the back yard chop- ping wood on the halves. I soon decided to leave. I drove into the nearest town and stopped at the traffic light. Standing there with his buttons gleaming was Charles Parker. He had been on the police force for about I5 years. He told me that Brelin Kidd was safely established in the grocery business. He also informed me Donald Chumley was the best math teacher that his children had ever had. His old school chum Charles Brown had ioined the Navy and was now a Vice-Admiral. He asked me if I wanted to go down the street to the city hall where John George has his office as tax collector. He said the "Trombone Terror," Harold Pressley was performing at the Gem. I bade Charles good-bye and left for other parts of the country. Passing by Anderson's Lake, I saw Bernice Truitt, Dot Satterfield, Wanda Weems, and Melvaline Benefield taking their daily sun baths. Driving on, I soon came across Glenn Swinford, who was directing the men in the quarry to get all that big load of gravel off on the evening train. His secretary, Clara East, was very busy . . . as you know secretaries are IHUBBA-HUBBAI. I asked him for a iob and he said that he would put my name down. I was number 2,I33. As I continued my journey down the highway I passed a car full of nurses consisting of the Bearden sisters, Dora Green, Marie Gray, Helen Gregory, Gladys Huie, and Christine Heald. I was hoping that I would have a wreck so they could take me to the hospital. I saw Amiel Coley and he was driving a garbage truck which he had iust gotten ffor'his birthday. I saw Leahman Garrard out surveying land. It was growing dark and I decided to put up at a hotel. As I walked into the lounge I was amazed to see "Shorty" Sheffield and Christine Nichols hanging on the arms of two sailors. The clerk at the desk was Mary McClellan and she gave me very special rates on the things I ordered. I was catching the elevator and who should I see operating it but Nancy Miller. As I was walking up the hall to my room a long arm reached out and grabbed me by the throat. It was merely the house detective, George Moon. I found two attractive waitresses, Billie Lindsey and Ramona Townley, in the dining room. Tired, but happy, I retired to my bedroom for a peaceful night's rest. Sweet Dreams, ALFRED iAlfons0l HURST CLASS WILL THE STATE OF ALABAMA, COUNTY OF ETOWAH, CITY OF GLENCOE In the year of our Lord, I946, we, the Senior Class of Glencoe High School, make this last will and testament to the incoming class of seniors. We want to leave in their minds the thought that they must live up to the standards that we have left them. We realize that this is a tremendous obligation for such a young bunch of untried students. SECTION I Item I: We, the Senior Class of I946, bequeath to the Juniors all of our tlents to publish an annual and all of the reserve funds that we can- not do away with. Unfortunately, we aren't going to leave any. Item II: We leave to the faculty our appreciation for them in trying to make us ladies and gentlemen. Item Ill: I, Dora Belle Green, do hereby will my athletic ability to Dorothy East. I, Glenn Augusta Swinford, Jr., leave my one-third of the mountain to William Wilson Winborne. l, Donald lLong-Distancel Chumley, will my extra height to Eugene ' Chunn. I, Arenton Alfred Hurst, leave my athletic figure and bossy ways to Ralph Cornelius. I, Clara East, will my beautiful figure to Doris Freeman. I, Leahman Edward Garrard, will all my Economics Notebooks to Robert lFrostyD Gene Nabors. I, Amiel Paschal Coley, will to Donald lRedl Smith my dancing talent. I, Billy Golden, request that Herston Alford has, as I did, a very easy time in school. I, Charles Brown, will my magnificent typing ability to Bobby lHonl Wharton. I, Mary Catherine Bearden, leave all my undying love of Shakes- peare's plays l"Macbeth" especiallyl to Billy Jo Johnston. I, Gladys Huie, leave Wayne Mullican to the wolverines of the Junior Class. . I, Wanda Weems, leave to Donald Quinn my position on the Annual Staff. Sarah Elizabeth Eiland, leave my drape shape to Carolyn Lee East. Charles Parker, will my way to woo the women to Albert Hollings- worth. John Alton George, will to Eugene Gurley my photography ability. Mary McClellan, will to "Doc" Lumpkin my dreamy eyes. Harold Presley, bequeath to Billy Gene Foreman all of Stokowskee's music teachings. Frances Mardell Johnson, leave' to all of the girls in the class my old box of love letters. Gertrude Ann Breeden, sadly leave Charles Edward Phillips to the girls of G. H. S. for another year. Nancy Jean Bearden, leave to Gaynor Ables my quiet ways. Bernice Truitt, leave my old bookkeeping lessons to Ramona Marker. Billie Jean Lindsey, leave my red hair and fiery temper to Rovene McGlathery. A V Marie Gray, leave my quiet, boisterous, and friendly ways to Betty Jo Pruitt. Dorothy Satterfield, will to Betty Campbell my wolfish ways. lrene Sanders, leave to Catherine Alford my role of the ideal house- wife. Helon Dean Gregory, will all of my excess weight to Evelyn St. John. Wylodine Griffth, leave to Vernell Fordham my intelligence. Christine Heald, leave all matrimonial proceedings to Edith Roberts. Mary Elsie iShorty, Half-Pint, Tid-Bit, Sawed-Offi Sheffield, leave to- Muriel Daves my shorthand methods. Nancy Miller, bequeath to Mary Dell Wharton my love for service men. Christine Nichols, leave to Laura Simmons my big beauty salon. George Moon, will my ability to shoot the tall tales to Clarence Stonecypher. Christine Grant, bequeath to Billie Sims my horse and plow. Mary Vester Gilbert, will to Wilma Coker all my endearing young charms. Brelin Kidd, leave to Bobby Gray my ability to bluff Mrs. Powell. 'cge Xf,54:, fl Y 'GXXXX X I J Q 5 I M g M A .G H, - V Q' , X: ' t iw.-an -4 ' ,K W f f', " ' I .i- ri -,vL::'-'--- .- JUNIQRS 'ilk si, 3' ,Ravi 19 211' New I ? I r I I T E . lg I 55 -f K E 5. f L , SX L,ff.J7f1j,f,,, K 1 ,115 I if-?i"","J2i V' f -xx. ,X ,fy 5 ,1,,L4g!,L1 5.-, . 4' '-Efi5Q?'5QS, gfffifffiifi-5 :Kr -. Lx-.15-'ms 4'2'.wffL.-+1-F - JUNIORS FIRST ROW: CAROLYN EAST FRANCES JACKSON DOROTHY EAST BILL WINBORNE DONALD SMITH SECOND ROW: CHARLES PHILLIPS ROBERT NABORS WAYNE MULLICAN VERNELL FORDHAM LAURA SIMMONS THIRD ROW: DORIS FREEMAN MURIEL DAVES GUELDA BROWN DONALD QUINN JERRY MCCLUNEY 5' am 'Q .. '49 fi" av , 'Q J 'Q If I' f-is - ,L JUNIORS X Q x A C M i I D .. . 3 '-W V' '-. . ' 7: 5. 3' T... FIRST ROW: BOBBY GRAY HERSTON ALFORD MALCOLM ROWELL JO HOLLOWAY BETTY PRUITT SECOND ROW: BILLIE SIMS CLARENCE STONECYPHER MARY WHORTON WILLIE ST. JOHN EVELYN ST. JOHN THIRD ROW: WENDELL HICKS GAYNOR ABLES BILLIE FOREMAN RAMONA MARKER WILMA COKER IUNIOR BEST LOOKING BOY . . . BILL WINBORNE BEST LOOKING GIRL I . CAROLYN EAST BEST DRESSED BOY ,...,., BILLY JO JOHNSTON BEST DRESSED GIRL ....,.. CATHERINE ALFORD FRIENDLIEST BOY . . , EUGENE CHUNN FRIENDLIEST GIRL . . . RAMONA MARKER MOST POPULAR BOY . I ROBERT NABORS MOST POPULAR GIRL . . EDITH ROBERTS WH' WH BEST ALL-ROUND BOY WAYNE MULLICAN BEST ALL-AROUND GIRL . DOROTHY EAST MOST INTELLIGENT BOY . . DONALD SMITH MOST INTELLIGENT GIRL I GUELDA BROWN 1 I- my om- WITTIEST BOY . BOBBY GRAY WITTIEST GIRL ROVENE MCGLATHERY MOST ATHLETIC BOY , . ROBERT NABORS MOST ATHLETIC GIRL , , .IO HOLLOWAY A -A3 ,,..e, K at 'fiiziy - . XA. . 'S' Q55 VplADY f,v ' Drs mgsg mah ,,.......4.... LARD wld as Siiwwx f-Q 5. WYWW- OHQQAQY ' .1 WYSQJHJ SCPHCDMCRES SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: J. D. Alexandra, Lois Anderson, Jce Arkins, Bobby Blanton, Virginia Bradford, Lurline Brown, Bo Campbell. SECOND ROW. Billy Cladus, Lurline Clark, Doris Ccley, DCT Culberson, Grace Crow- der, Frances Davenport, Bobby Eubanks. THIRD ROW: Edward Fordom, Mary Nell Fowler, Erma Glass, Mary Green, Bill Greg- ory, Joyce Heald, James Harper. FOURTH ROW: Horace Helms. f RJ f'-.:-." X ' . SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: Lloyd Henson, Hileio Hunter, Oscar Lowe, Oiula Lumpkin, Betty Little, Oscar Mattox, Phyllis Mayne. SECOND ROW: Helon Mooney, Annie Jo Moore, Billy Millwee, Ray Noah, Donald Parker, Ann Quinn, Dorothy Scott. THIRD ROW: Marjorie Smith, Billie Sims, Frankie Stephens, Alene Smith, Dorothy Strawn, Betty Swinford, Wendal Trailer. FOURTH ROW: Birdie Lou Williams. 'EQ ,A .. is-J Q, -'x ns T' 4' J f-., ..-1 wi .wif BEST ALL-ROUND- AILENE STEITH AND JOE ATKINS CAMERA SHY sowomomhsz wnmesr- JO MOORE AND JAMES HARPER PHOMORE BEST LOOK! NG- HORACE HELMS AND DOROTHY CULBERSON MOST POPULAR- WANDLESS MCBRAYER Sa WH' FRIENDLIEST- HORACE HEALMS WHS BEST DRESSED- BILLY CLOWDUS AND FRANKIE STEPHENS CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES: MOST ATHLETIC- BILL MILWEE AND MARJORIE SMITH MOST INTELLIGENT- DORIS COLEY AND CURTIS HARALSON 'lf"h,f' kffvg Alva QUEEN .MW mms efmffvrf . ,j M Xx yff gyf FRE SHM EN F R E S H M E N FIRST ROW: Monda Ables, Margaret Alford, Hubert Bailey, Audrey Booker. SECOND ROW: OSCAR BREEDEN, Marie Cooper, Gloria Crowe, Floyd Dean. THIRD ROW: Betty Dunn, Leonard Dunston, Janene East, Evelyn Garrard. FOURTH ROW: lla Glass, lva Glass Eugene Green, J. W. Griffith. FIFTH ROW: Earlene Gilland, Edith Harper, L. K. Heath, Deloris Helms. SIXTH ROW: Kenneth Huff, David Jack- son, Ella Johnson, Betty Jones. FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: Bobby Jones, Winford Keel ing, Syble Lawson, Ruby Lowe. SECOND ROW: Kenneth IvlcGlathery Roy McGraw, Imogene Morris, S. J. Noah THIRD ROW: Leedell Norwood, Joe Phillips, Mary Prater, Jack Pruitt. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Raley, Catherine Richardson, Betty Swinford, Billie Whitten. FIFTH ROW: Billy Woodward. BEST LOOKING BOY- MOST POPULAR BOY- BILLY WOODWARD JOE PHILLIPS BEST LOOKING GIRL- MOST POPULAR GIRL- DOROTHY RALEY LEEDELL NORWOOD BEST DRESSED BOY- WITTIEST BOY- BILLY WOODWARD FLOYD DEAN BEST DRESSED GIRL- WITTIEST GIRL- KATHERINE RICHARDSON MONDA ABLES I I 7 BEST ALL-ROUND BOY- W G I MOST INTELLIGENT BOY J, W. GRIFFITH S. J. NOAH BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL- MOST INTELLIGENT GIRL DELORES HELMS ANN JOHNSON FRIENDLIEST BOY- MOST ATHLETIC BOY- LOUIE JO TURNER JOE PHILLIPS FRIENDLIEST GIRL- MOST ATHLETIC GIRL- LEEDELL NORWOOD MARY FRANCES PRATER PEE-'.5'ruff HNDMACBUR loaf Jwwo gif? A v Leos' . Ji, . -a N , ' xt.,i,1j"Q-, - . , Sf. 6-Qxff Q99 if ' x Fc N J , N J xr J g', -5 -I ,. 1, W. ,, :...., ..- .Q --QQ,-, L -yn.-. V UNDERCLASSMEN ...rv ..-'fx JUNIOR ll FIRST ROW: Allen, Allen, Allen, Bishop, Brannon, Brown, Brown, Butler, Campbell SECOND ROW: Clark, Cleveland, Cooper, Davis, Devine, Dunston, Eubanks, Findley, Foreman. THIRD ROW: Garman, Garrard, Garrett, Gentry, Grant, Griffin, Gulledge, Heald Higdon. FOURTH ROW: Hill, Hilton, Humphries, Lowe, McBurnetfe, Minton, Moon, Mooney Parker. FIFTH ROW: Phillips, Pruitt, Sims, Sims, Sims, Spann, Strange, Upton. Walker. 4' ' tfzlofxrzj IV I Ro-sf-o5.fRosco: 'F R 6 61 4:35555 "f'V5g?l?v5' oH!M ANDA v Go I7 77w'fR!,'PU6 t ' Y-,aku 1. lvl, . ff 6 Ek ll' , PARfY A 3180115 Nate CHA VE ." Z -Q HWY 7 Yquefffv? : af I A . Nc V .. ,Bn , SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Boker, Breeden, Brogdom, Brown, Bruce, CompbeII, Cassidy. SECOND ROW: Cooper, Clork, Coker, Dovinpcrf, Denny, Edge, Ford. THIRD ROW: Fry, Gorrnon, Goode, Gregon, Griffin, Gurley, Horrison. FOURTH ROW: Horper, Higdon, HiIIey, Huff, Jeffers, Jones, Jones. FIFTH ROW: Lewis, Lyles, Marker, Mc1cEnfire, Marker, McCIendin, McGraw SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Miller, Minton, Noiler, Norton, Ncrwoccl, Poyne, Phillips. SECOND ROW: Pruitt, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roper, Soxon, Self. THIRD ROW: Simmons, Sims, Smith, Smith, Smith, Sloyton, Sponn. FOURTH ROW: Stephens, St. Jchn, Suttles, Swendel, Thomos, Tucker, Wells FIFTH ROW: West, Willioms, Willioms, Woodward. s ,cn 'runr Irfan" ' f 'BIG Boom hp 1:1 s 37004 'Ono F ll HOL 0 T107 dmv, 'nc FIRST ROW: Deon, Gossett, Blevins, Darris, Elrod, Glass, Anderson, Fowler, Garner Gulledge, Burgess, Bruce, Bishop, Bailey. SECOND ROW: Jones, Hindrnan, Cobb, Cornelius, Gray. THIRD ROW: Keelinq, Green, Hudson, East, Henson, Garrett, Brown, Day, Baldwin Jackson, Doves, Green, Mrs. Campbell, Teacher. SIXTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Truitt, Naylor, Penticost, Vice, Ncah, Phillips, Morris, Lowe, Walker Welch, Martin, Wier, Patty, Ninion. SECOND ROW: Miles, McGla1hery, Ncoh, Stieth, McDowell, Scott, Rowell, McClellan Phillips, Martin, Pendergraft, Trailer, Walters, Wells, Mr. Floyd, Teacher. FIRST ROW: Hanson, Maxwell, Ford, Rea, Bicldles, Finch, Marker, Gulledge, Heath, Crowe, Garry, Grant, Halbrooks. SECOND ROW: East, Fry, Johnson, Holloway, Dean, Hardman, Daye, Thomas, Cochran, Findley, Culp. THIRD ROW: Greghorn, I-Iigclcn, Chapman, Sterling, Gentry, Cocper, Cooper, Biddles, Mrs. Floyd, Teacher. FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: McClellan, Little, Howard, McBrayer, Nicholson, Jennings, Lowe, Jones, Swinford, Walker, Pruitt, Jeffers, Patty, Keeling, Hunter, McCIencon, Smith Lowe, Lee. SECOND ROW: St. John, Jones, Pierce, Rainer, Holmes, Steward, Payne, Howard Walker, Jarrells, Miller, Roberts, Ellen, Tolleson, Miss Carrie Johnson, Teacher W 4 1 FIRST ROW: Curnutt, Ables, Holdbrooks, Gentry, Gardner, Henson, Stephens, Camp- bell, Jones, Finley, Jones, Whitten, Baker, Roberts. SECOND ROW: Helms, Allen, Blevins, Howard, Walden, King, Booker, Helms, Cosby, Brown, Almond, Bolin, Dunston, Lay, Butler, Gardner, Gray. THIRD ROW: Maxwell, Garner, Higdon, Hester, Smith, Klepsig, Lumpkin, Lyles, Minton, Sims, Hodges. Miss Josephine Booker, Teacher. FOURTH GRADE 'lik FIRST ROW: Smith, Skipper, Roberts, Vinson, Weems, Walters, Mooney, Roper, Green, Richardson, Mayne, Otwell, Benefield, Webb, Saxon. SECOND ROW: Miles, Watts, Walker, Lankford, Sarratt, Williams, Slaten, Sexton, Self, Stonecipher, Prater, Noah, Easterwood. THIRD ROW: Martin, Wagnon, Allen, Lancaster, Jennings, Nichols, Fincher, Watts, Pitts, Thomas, Light. Miss Bertha Johnson, Teacher. I .f-sew: rxmvunuuuu FIRST ROW: Benetield, Miller, Lyles, Lyles, Finley, Harper, Gossett, Howard, St. John, Grant, Benson, Hall, Thomas, Martin, Jarrells, Henson, McClellan. SECOND ROW: Lee, Nichols, Garrett, Harvey, Foreman, Glass, Jarrells, Martin, Barthlett, Quinn, East, Myrick, Higedon, Gardner, Hudson, Hill, Lay. Miss Hill, Teacher. THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW: Richardson, Alexander, Maxwell, Watts, Long, Bearden, Walker, Honea, Smith, Walker, Sims, Sattertield, Morgan. SECOND ROW: Wagner, Rainer, Maxwell, ST. John, Scott, Wagnon, Odom, Martin, Lay, Howard, Weir, Woodward, Williams. THIRD ROW: Naylor, King, Pierce, Tucker, Gray, Sims, Rogers, Mizelle, Cupe, Klepsig, Norton, Fry, Jones. 1 1 ' ' W--' . -.-.las FIRST ROW: Howard, Higdon, Allen, Vice, Brown, Croft, Williams, Cosby, Hill, Starling, Lonkford, Davis, Peppers, Cooper, Burt. SECOND ROW: Day Howard, Griffith, Skipper, Jennings, Dean, Hover, Brooks, Hester, Bray, Bolin, Culberson, Nelson, Kendall. Mrs. Breeden, Teacher. SECOND GRADE NIV .SSI XQN . ffm-een-5 smnxrif Q ..,. . 'Kansai si NK" li FIRST ROW: St. John, Street, Thomas, Scott, Jones, Roberts, Swinford, Walker, Ward, Morris, Otwell, Pentecose, Butler. SECOND ROW: Weems, Lowe, McGlenCon, Oliver, McDowell, Luker, Martin, Long, Martin, Walden, Marker. THIRD ROW: Walder, Alexander, Rutledge, Dunn, Lancoster, Akin, Peppers, Noah, Lumpkin, Walker, Holmes, Moore. FIRST ROW: Barnett, Lay, Cobb, lLowe, Dunston, Lonlcforcl, Higdon, Jones, East, Long Gaines, Howard, Walker, Howard. SECOND ROW: Finch, Hanson, Maxwell, Jones, Brown, Long, Higdon, Lyles, Lumpkin Long, Thompson, Denhem, Foreman, Gentry. Miss Whorton, Teacher. FIRST ROW: Bcatright, Sorter, Perry, Green, Henson, Able, Croft, Grant, Tucker, Mullen Spraggins, Hester. FIRST GRADE SECOND ROW: Holdbroolcs, Raley, Deon, Williams, Rae, Maxwell, Martin. THIRD ROW: Vinson, Phillips, Cosby, Morgan, Wilson, Slaten, Taylor, Norwood, Roberts, Devine, Knight, Ridgeway, Pierce, Martin, Smith, Payne. Miss Lona Street, Teacher. 'X I "Q N Ji 'JN "'V""" :ff ,,-, WL V fffff- Q Cr www ,M Ci5PQgg1,f.5 21, 55 me 2fE21lQf,q,f C' iq 5 . H- ' -vi I ll . 4 5 GUELDA BROWN . . . . . MARIE GRAY 4 . WYLODINE GRIFFITH LOIS ANDERSON . MARDELI. JOHNSON . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Social Chairman FIRST ROW: Grant, Brown, Johnson, Marker, Gray, Anderson. SECOND ROW: Prater, Glass, Nichols, Sheffield, Ables, Gorrard, Wolker, Klepsig, Casey, Thomas. THIRD ROW: Little, Dunn, East, Booker, Green, Low, Stephens, Stith, Quinn, Norwood, Howard, Hunter. FOURTH ROW: Breeden, Helms, Johnson, Railey, Jones, Coker, Griffith, Huie, Howard. FIFTH ROW: Richardson, Cooper, Swinford, Townley, Brown, Smith, Main, Clark, Fowler, Coley, Blanton, Thompson. SIXTH ROW: Scott, Crow, Harper, Sims, Glass, Miss Reed. F. F. A. OFFICERS GLENN SWINFORD I . . . , . President ROBERT NABORS . . Vice-President CHARLES PHILLIPS . . . Secretary WENDELL TRAILER ..,.....,.....,. Treasurer FIRST ROW: Wendell Trailer, Robert Nabors, Glenn Swinford, Bill Cassidy. SECOND ROW: Gaynor Ables, Herston Alford, Bobby Eubanks, Donald Parker, Joe Phillips, Charles Parker, J. D. Alexander, Louis Vail, Donald Quinn, Lenard Dunston. THIRD ROW: J. W. Griffith, Horace Helms, Billy McClellan, Eugene Chunn, David Jackson, Kennith McGlathery, Herman Wells, Kenneth Huff, Jimmy Weems, Ray McGraw, S. J. Noah. FOURTH ROW: Buster Gregorn, Junior Lankford, Jerry McCluney, Oscar Mattox, Eugene Gurley, Floyd Dean, Billy Woodward, Louie Turner, Albert Hollings- worth, Maurice Hill. FIFTH ROW: Bobby Daves, Bo Campbell, Bobby Gray, Joe Atkins, Oscar Lowe, Billy Foreman, Ray Noah, Mr. Ward, Ralph Cornelius, Bobby Jones, Pat Lay, Robert Whorton. fx 5555 IETA C3 L5 LE kv. '.z I L. - -,J Fw. fi L., OFFICERS MARY V. GILBERT . . . . . . President ALFRED HURST . . . . Vice-President WYLODINE GRIFFITH . . Secretary CLARA EAST ...... . . . ..... . Treasurer FIRST ROW: Wylodine Griffith, Mary Gilbert, Clara East, Alfred Hurst. SECOND ROW: Guelda Brown, Dora Green, Dorothy East, Ramona Marker, Mardell Johnson, Ann Breeden, Carolyn East: THIRD ROW: Mrs. Summers, Billie Sims, Muriel Daves, Wilma Coker, Betty .Io Pruitt, Marie Gray, Eugene Chumm, Christine Grant. THIRD ROW: John Alton George, Robert Gene Nabors, Donald Smith, Dorothy Satter- field. iii .A Q Q ,rx 17213 1 - C, . ,QA I :J ,fi C f ,,EUVA,: If A., ' I r 9 ,E - V f ev NM gas J A . . if bfi! If N vs ,Q-Y, tv , K-inf f.,f s t I X ff- Z.. ? ,rvo .R 'ff ...Mk 5- 4 IES? , -sr ' 7? FYR- 'O JA,-' Y fl 75 ff VA 3 it ,IQ L" ,V ' 4. bf: I 'ggi , 3, 4. . f fi 'AIX f ffff iw: I, fwfr N 'f'fns2""" , ff N. ,eff 'W V34-,.,.f. f .wr by we fa' tix. rw rf li ,f f lj'w.-f.1f' 2 z,....,..f-1 -QU, fi:-, f """ Fr" ft-WH WA 'w::fe'e:f.,f ms: f bi ls. I t,i.Pw4,Q,f,f T . it f,f J ,J J, ICQ" F' j V. ,?:E1b23,Nw -' 1' , ,:3,,:iL.g , '- --1.-"YK Aj," VM., I -gm I . X Ni-wwaglgsgifgi W' . -1 9 f .f y x-'milf' 'fishy .f 5 f W , X kggiy fvpvyl .fllw L1 ,xx ,Ji I ' 5 ' wi ' 1 I - ,QA H :I get T"lLl 1 ' . Y KX, My x , I -NX. MN ,xx X. ri C, ,M D' Sui. I "G" CLUB FIRST ROW: Mary Gilbert, Bill Cassidy, Albert Hollingsworth, George Moon, Bill Millwee, Eugene Chunn, Mary Elsie Sheffield. SECOND ROW: Charles Parker, Ralph Cornelius, Robert Gene Nabors, Glenn Swinford, Alfred Hurst, Robert Whcrton, Joe Phillips, Charles Sims. THIRD ROW: John Alton George, Harry Minton, Wandless McBrayer, Louis Bail, .lock Tumlin, Donald Smith, Harris Higdon, Mr, Roscoe Knight, Coach. CGRONATICDN ., Gy? QQ, 'Qt In , ' ,qi 24 get- A 'ig -L 'A' ka' f'-J ' 4 FEATURES wxkw' may K J J X' : xl r Y , ,N :WEA 2 ff l Q 1 xi' I A X Q 1 Q 5 -. ' ff' 'K' ,xx 1 I aff' 5' ,Hr-s 51: gr ,,. . vb 4 'lf A M Q . . ' 4 K, 'limi fi? 6 ga , Q. Bs 'Hx FAVGRITE MARY GILBERT MARDELL JOHNSON A MARY ELSIE SHEFFIELD DOROTHY RALEY PAV RITE fr ,V ,W ALENE STITH DQRQTHY CULBERSQN RAMONA MARKER , 4 IW- 1: .XM axis DORIS WILSON Y ,X 443 if MOST POPULAR BOY- CHARLES PHILLIPS MOST POPULAR GIRL- MARY ELSIE SHEFFIELD XX BEST LOOKING BOY- BILL WINBORNE BEST LOOKING GIRL- CAROLYN EAST BEST DRESSED BOY- BILL CASSIDY BEST DRESSED GIRL- SARAH EILAND H FRIENDLIEST BOY- ROBERT "FROSTY" NABORS FRIENDLIEST GIRL- MARDELL JOHNSON MOST ATHLETIC BOY- JACK TUMLIN MOST ATHLETIC GIRL- DORA GREEN MOST INTELLIGENT BOY GEORGE MOON MOST INTELLIGENT GIRL VVYLODINE GRIFFITH WHO' 'BEST ALL-ROUND BOY ALFRED HURST BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL MARY V. GILBERT BOY MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED HAROLD PRESLEY GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED CHRISTINE GRANT T 'iiffwf 1-is -vw-l-.I . , x ' if f. .ix ri .If JI J' LI' I Q 5 5 -u 10' , ' I -' 'Owe e 'QUEEN , . than ' ' 1 'WI . an ,mike TQ L.. 1 Lgg-"2 -C '- PL .. rL-, EFL' Fl 1 OURKING Lovf ref ax! 7'HR556'0v.s' 'E' rg ANDANU7 'N' W law, SWEET BABY DOLL D ' W .f Y AND! L k SW., J- r-em P 72 ,Z y .5 in 0 QQ , 5 .2293 A M ' 552 "5i i ' ' 4 S! ABF' +4 7 .F 'L i 'Q 44 Q , mf ,1 'fm E2 C7249 , , ,X if 1 A 55 4? ' an WS: vyfnn NJFER if E V f ,wr 'MW X: EMR. X I I f 4, ' f'f ff 0 I N N., W X . ,.,f A wk XA .. ,A xg-4,4 ,L-12, RT maxi' FOOTBALL COACH HAROLD WRIGHT ASSISTANT COACH SUNNY RAINS MANAGERS JACKIE PRUITT JOE ALLEN PHILLIPS BUDDY JONES CHARLES PARKER FIRST ROW: Roines, Wright, MiIIwee, Mooney, Higdon, Phillips, Brown, Lowe, Chunn, Sims, Sims, Hollingsworih. SECOND ROW: Swinford, Johnston, Cassidy, Nobors, Hursi, VoiI, CorneIius, Winborne, McCIeIIc1n, Troylor, Minton. H. wgyk FOOTBALL ef GLENN SWINFORD, Halfback-Is a hard break- ing, fast running back. He is also an excellent punter. This was his last year. Played his best game against St. Bernard. EUGENE CHUNN, Halfback-Was an excellent ball carrier who made the most of his interference, and he made up for what he lacked in height and weight with plenty of drive. ROBERT GENE NABORS, Quarterback-ls an ex- cellent play caller. His passes could be depended upon. He played a type of wide open ball game that everyone liked. ALBERT HOLLINGSWORTH, Quarterback-Was in- iured early in the season and did not see much action but much can be expected of his ball playing next year. He is a hard hitting man that can be counted on. CHARLES SIMS, Halfback-ls expected to develop into a great passer. Has four more years to play so Glencoe can look forward to a great back in Charles. JACK BROWN, Halfback-Couldn't stay for the whole season. Uncle Sam saw fit to take "Nurmie" before the season was over. He was the kind of player that everyone liked to watch. HARRIS HIGDON, Center-Took over at midseason and came through in grand style. He was the smallest on the line but he could hit iust as hard. BILL LOWE, Tackle-Was an excellent ball player on both offense and defense. He finished the season but Uncle Sam took over. .-tw, 'Ri 5 C .fx . J" l K sy? " f L+. ,jf "Fw X - QU YQ r X ' lg RV N. B, . ,,, J i Q . A A -'ini f Ei " l ti I se ' - I. lwitszyij , .y 5, - . . sas 5- H 1' ff., g I s 1 i l . L . . xg A s 218 . W' . - Q 1 5.25: 2 6 1, 'it s t as Y XX uf 3 X X . Q- Q? . Q if t A X sbp" . ts ti I . .Q ff t' K si . I -4. git i ,Sf an B ri N, A fir ' f:f.1., ff' . "' is? .-- 3, V, fag, sg .. L, "wif "'mf,f',f"..s': - 1 , -S - -vfeivvnl 'Nw-1 .Ja-I-is 5 , six- A N L 'Eb- Ai s. Rs ip, wr. 5 3 w E s su .4 M PM S FOOTBALL ALFRED HURST, End-Played his third and last year for Glencoe. He was noted to be "rugged" on both offensive and defensive-play. CHARLES PHILLIPS, End-Has one more year. He is a "Rock of Gibraltar" on defense. Played his best game against Etowah. LOUIS VAIL, Tackle-220 pounds of dynamite. A hard charging lineman. Played his best game at Sylacauga. HARRY MINION, Tackle-A hard working, consci- entious type of ball player. Has three more years to play. BILLY MILWEE, Halfback-May develop into an outstanding player. While playing his first year of varsity ball he came through in fine style. BILL CASSIDY, Fullback-Played his third and last year of varsity ball. He was a hard man to get around in his lineback. Played his best game at Sylacouga. BILLY JOE JOHNSTON, Guard-Has one more year to play. He is a very dependable player. Can be counted on to come through in a tight. TOMMY MOONEY, Guard-Is noted for being able to pull out of the line and get his man. Tomngy has one more year to play. CHEERLEADERS WANDLESS MCBRAYER MARY ELSIE SHEFFIELD GEORGE MOON MARY V. GILBERT BASKETBALL COACH ROSCOE KNIGHT FIRST ROW: Robert Gene Noborsj Bobby Gray, Alfred Hurst, Glenn Swinford, Donald Smith. SECOND ROW: Floyd Dean, Buster Gregorn, Harris Higdon, J. W. Griffith, Bill Millwee, Billy McClellan, Joe Phillips, Coach Roscoe Knight. CAMERA SHY PLAYERS: Charles Phillips, Billie Joe Johnston, Wayne Mullican. BASKETBALL w'r4 0 VE - 5 2 ' i Q z.. 2. - Q 375' , V V' 12, all 1 k Q - A H ' FGM 5 7' - 1- 1 . b X T Sas ' Sex? 1. 'FE- N . lggbui i Q, ,J A.., 4 2 ' gfqu i I -T: A - Q gs 5 7 43 F, f , 2 1 4 A qi Q as A af F M 3 1523- MQMQWF Wh ,ff my ,wsaki -,A -Y WWE ,. V W. -- W ,. ,. A . " 3 -lisezis Y , kk 1 - V A .kr " 'a 'LQ i My . - Q ,L V 4 Lf, V2 MW M, 6 ,S 3 Vi,?7+,5i fwiji k 55 ,K- L qi U m K .. , ,wk . -MM, A, I Mx, fm -Pk. 4-,,,,,.1ga. g . ,,,K"L 'Q ".' A , M K V? Vg 5 ,,,3gW . H, . . A Q, X f if M " REQ Q15 wil' ' . L"' Yi-ff f , . .' , , V , A ,L-. , A. Q,,gi,A,,w M 'A ' W' 5 - L -. f.-gg, , ,. J ' , IN ::' E55??f" .nfl K ,f 2, ,. , std K , I gxwS1'.1ff ,. W Y' , , y Q,K' H . . V, 1 1, WHA r HA PPFYVED Arrffz Tms' P K 1 ,X . K: EV ik? 'NF sl Nfcf ff!!! ' C'u7' an Q 1 ,77vo0feaa13 y 672.4 .9 . M151 ' 'in'-" li ffuswm -HUBBA ,fix Qi... S.. 2 ',, Y. A -- px X-. ,, km ,ik..f1, -XJ Ei ri E. M. ROBINSON, Principal RAMONA TOWNLEY MARIE GRAY BERNICE TRUITT DOT SATTERFIELD CLARA EAST MARY GILBERT ff ? .W ,Q if . " gg., J-N' ' IT' n 'N , K ff 1-A51 fz ,' . I T, 'U T , - -5 1 ' , X . x, - , , . T.. M. A+, ,, , 'fpg W rf 1' , xv, V ,L .., , It A T ' 5 1' ,-,vi T w' ' S Xxxfidfiylzj K-f ,f ,f ff? 5hf?.I...,. ,f - 5 ' x .-- -u fl Nf.Lfx, Qffui '- IOM 1 xi fy WAGRES' CAARA, EUNNVRAB BIT? M. N 5 f ' Pfcfcffva 1 Wfkvf ewqavs Q af ff M p ' ,H aaa L EEA!! DQGSMAQI LUOK Pkfffkj WvL0DfNf 1 f X 5 ff 1 J .ki Q 9 I 5 Q f X 6' A ' ' .5 gf' ' 'I 1, N V ' , R-5 ' ,QNX :I 4, ' l . ' f K ' . Y i3g.E, I 9 'I -, 5 D Q' 2 3 Y 1 x E 5, S H qt 3 X N Q v Q59 ' : fi ,S E H S T1 3 . 1 X ' - 1. is -xi xi s-S 'ax ""Sx AK ' q N h U N , f f a 5 U , .I ga. A Y Ez' 'if - ir- V V!k A J f R ff , 'P A W . 75145 ' P J' ' Lg, unlvt ' 1, I L 1 . r . I xx M 7 I awk, Vw WXXJA LA! I IZ 1 BEST wTsHEs TO Glencoe High Class of '46 -frOm- THE NEW PRINCESS THEATER 4 sos Daofto STREET PHONE T33 QUALITY Is Always Our Standard You may rest assured that you get the best very best in quality . . . the very latest in style. . , and a perfect fit when you shop our complete shoe department. LEON STILL'S LADIES' SHOE DEPARTMENT AT HAGEDORN 8- CO. l 'I l l 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I l I 'I 'I 1 1 :I 'I 1 if Gadsden Paint Company IEEE Compliments of I ll W. P. Means - Phone 200 ll 1: I M. H. M Cuen, 419 Chestnut ' . 1 1 C Bicycle Toy Shop : 'I CONTRACTORS :ll Gadsden's Year-Round Toy Shop PAINT - WALL PAPER 311 ToYS, BICYCLES, GAMES, GIFTS I 1, FLOOR SURFACING " Corner 4th and Chestnut Streets Il 1L.........0.t:::::,...t:::::::::-AJ'-ul 'I::::::::::::::::::::::: A A - AA 1: Vxexeeeenxeexeeee -e- ffffn jfzfffff ' - :I 111: Il 1' 1' 'I 1' I The DIAMOND SI-IoP gi' Compliments of ' I l I lg l ' TI 11 I 'I gf Phone 29 Gadsden, Ala. EI 'l CGI' 24' 509 Breed 'I 'I 'I ll " +I 1' I l.,,,,,,,,,,.e..,, eeeIL-,-x,,,,,- ,,,,,,, I ' Eg Crestwood :E Western I :E Memorial Cemetery, Inc- :E Auto Associate Store EQ 'I ' 1 :I "The Cemetery Beautiful" ' :I 216 Broad Street ll ' G d d AI b E GADSDEN, ALABAMA Q, C S en, C OITIG 4 I 1 , I R. B. Zuber, Owner 'I 1, PHGNE 262 or 2236 ll' G. C. Mooney, Manager I, 1: ll Il :lf-'f?5:l'353f 535:53 2?::v :::::::,A:::::::: l"":"wx wx? lx ' ' :T ' 'xx:xx:::xxx:'T :E I' :E E l' COMPUMENT5 OF George R. Morrison's . 'I l l QI BOSTON SHOE STORE ji Gqfqge I ' I i "The One Stop Station" :I tl 527 Bfood Sffeef 'Q if P. o. Box SS Glencoe, Ala. QI 7' GADSDEN, ALABAMA 2-I PHONE oon 't ' 1 1 1: ' 9 9a4'AA-:ho.ooJ'AAAo-of-:.ea0.t+J-o0o4'AA :J,,,,,,,.----- AA... A ...... RUNT'S PLACE SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS Phone 9121 Across street from Alabama Power Company 635 Broad Street Gadsden, Ala. Compliments of Mary Jane Dress Shop 547 BROAD STREET Gadsden, Alabama Sterchi Bros. Stores, Inc. FURNITURE 437 Broad Street GADSDEN, ALABAMA JACK SAKS LADIES' AND MISSES' APPAREL 435, BROAD STREET Gadsden, Alabama Jimmie Phillips Service "We Specialize in" RADIATOR SERVICE - WATER PUMPS - TIRES J. T. Phillips, Owner PHONE 2749 110 North 1st St. Gadsden, Ala. Congratulations from CITY CLEANERS PHONE 686 721 Forrest Gadsden, Ala. Ruth and Toney's Beauty Shop DOWNTOWN GADSDEN Across Street from City Hall Phone 405 for Appointment Compliments of GLENCOE BARBER SHOP GLENCOE, ALABAMA AAAAAJQJ'-:A--at-Jaot-A Y---- v -vv - ,- Q 4 l BEST WISHES TO GLENCOE AND TO THE 4 1 CLASS OF 1946 4 C. F. HOFFMAN 8: SONS, Inc. Registered 'Jewelers PHONE lOl8 423 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama BEST WISHES -A' For Real Estate, Mortgage Loan Insurance Gas and Electrical Supplies SEE US JOE L. MOORE 4i4Cl1estnut St. Gadsden, Ala Compliments of Phillips and Brock Service Station Corner 3rd and Broad Gadsden, Alabama l I 4 lr ll lr ln In l lr l l l I .S Compliments of E. M. MEEKS GROCERY PHONE 9133 229 Broad Street GADSDEN, ALABAMA Compliments of Gadsden Department Store 3ll BROAD STREET Gadsden, Alabama 'V l r 1 ll ln 'n lu ll 'l 1 l ll 'l A-------AA---A-A- ----Ju-:L BEST WISHES FROM wALrER's SHOE stone 323 Broad Street GADSDEN, ALABAMA Congratulations from CIRCUIT CLERK HOWARD KEY 4+ ---- -1 ln 'r 41 '1 1 1 'r 'T 1 1 in 1 1 l l l l BEST WISHES FROM E. L. HURST Juooe or PROBATE Congratulations from JUDGE' OF PROBATE CALHOUN counw Judge S. E. Boozer -1 u l I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ll r ll ll ll ll in .Dv-J Compliments of J. C. Pippin Cleaners PHONE 822 602 Chestnut St. Gadsden, Ala. -v --,--.ror4----v :::f: er: ""'.rc- 2 T1 t MEET YOUR FRIENDS -at- ROY'S SANDWICH SI-IGP 1 0 n , i' 421 Broad Street 4 'A' U ln lr lr Gadsden, Alabama 9,4---i,,,,f vivv ::::: ------ --------- g::::::::::::: ,,-.,,, ,, :::zVlLQQQl :::: ::QQQQQlQQQ:: .1 1: 5: Compliments of I 'l Congratulations il CLASS OF "46" Gadsden Flower Shop " lu ll E:E Bishop Motor Company 125W N. 4th Street jj: 132 E B d S A It 1: ast roa treet ji Phone 461 Gadsden, Alabama Phone 348 Gadsden, Ala M QP l,lau-auao-ooo-f::::.1f:::::::::J'-f::J'4':J'0'0-! E b 1x:::::::::::::::::::::x::x:xx7l 1x::::::x:::::::::::::::::::::"' 4 ll 'l il ll ll Compliments of Bill -Erwin Radio l l.lT'l'l.E HAT BAR l Service CO. 1 -. it PHONE 900 ' ' 926 6th Avenue Q qi I 22 421 Broad Street Gadsden, Ala. lg l l 4 l I 1 Gadsden, Alabama CASH FOR USED CARS ak Any Make - Any Model 'A' PERSONALLY ENDORSED CARS i' Trade and Terms ak -SEE- ICI-IN MILES For More Miles 'A' Coll 217 223 Brood Sfreef r 'r 4a 'r 'r U In 6 'n 'r 'r it A.roov4 ,- ,.,,, Jqq- ,,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,.4-,,v,,vvv:,,,v Perpetuate The Memory GADSDEN MARBLE Sl GRANITE CO. LONO BROTHERS MEMORIALS 633 BROAD STREET if Y' PHONE 722 Gadsden, Alabama 'W i 1 n E. C. Stevens Grocery GLENCOE, ALA. " Compliments of BOB'S SANDWICH 'lr SHOP Congratulations to CHESTNUT STREET CLASS OF '46 Gadsden, Alabama :::::::::::::: J .-::::::::::::::: 'P l l l BEST WISHES FROM I I 'A' : ROEBUCK si-IOE si-IOP gg .7-4?::v-:- :::::r::r00t: Compliments of Dan Cohen Shoe Store 428 East Broad Gadsden, Ala ::: :::c : :st:::: -A--o-a.o.c---- ALABAMA FINANCE CO. AUTO LOANS - 603 Brood Street PHONE 1209 TWENTY-FIVE YEARS' SERVING PERSONAL LOANS -lr -Opposite Post Off ice GADSDEN, ALABAMA -lr ETOWAH COUNTY AND GADSDEN COMPLIMENTS OF RHODES PERDUE FURNITURE CO. 0,4 'Y 'r in QQ gt COMPLIMENTS OF 1 :fo I' Young's Clothing, Inc 'U 3' O 3 CD A OJ SO 528 BROAD 4 A:0:: If-:, F COMPLIMENTS OF HOTEL REICH HOTEL PRINTUP GADSDEN, ALABAMA Direction ot A. P. Reich A ---,..----- 5-o't,J---- ----- ----,.voo4-,J-ahaha.: CURRY'S DRUG STORE "THE NYAL STORE" Prescription Specialists PHONE 343 Cosmetics - Candies 803 EAST BROAD GADSDEN, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF HOWE PRINTING COMPANY 228 BROAD STREET 'lr Phone 226 BEST vvlsnss FROM GADSDEN TIMES PHONE 59 Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of E. E. Forbes 8- Sons Piano Company Phone I538 GADSDEN, ALA. I I - -'Tr ff-'-"0'0'0-4'I-ff:ff-1-4'::::::::::-f-4-::::-0.4-47 1: 1 .E it visit THE L COMRLLMENTS OF , 5 V Sh C 1, WATCH SHOP once oe ompony 111 FOR ALL YOUR JEWELRY NEEDS QL 420 Broad Street I I Expert Watch and Jewelry I j Repairs Done with Speed GADSDEN, ALABAMA 1 GADSDEN! ALABAMA ' I L- '::::::::ff::ff:f::f 4 Tl 1 DAUGHERTY DRUG CO. I PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS I, 'I COSMETICS CANDIES Glencoe, Alabama Phone 4211 1, 7' ' ""+'- iii? I TI , T Donno's Music and Gift :Egg CONGRATULATIONS FROM 'T I Shop ". CAPITOL THEATER fl I I FOR MUSIC AND GIFTS OF ALL IC I 516 BROAD STREET I KLNOS 1,1 Phone 2561 Gadsden, Ala. 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Suggestions in the Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) collection:

Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 30

1946, pg 30

Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 99

1946, pg 99

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