Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL)

 - Class of 1945

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Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1945 volume:

VLH H. 1 . in , f .L . 4' L' 'M- 5. pig:-L, L . JI I .5 , A A mf' Ir s P , F' 1 76, aww I-t.v -f"'Q'i Iii'-f wi ... Jn .t- M41 -I-1. .A "Ah . U 15+ I 'if , WY "' ,. g. S -rm, 1-w , , 12525,-5f?lof51'j.:,,.i.gx i,,L,lv,,. U LL f-rf.-fl gfpii 1 ' s"4?if'l1Y3'g+e5n , 5 -,4.?,f.,A-R, 1:1 3 f 4 'fx LU' .514-7 - 4, I fmgji,,P,14,, D '.?",Iy-:J in V-.,,' 1'.QE,,,1,'-,,r5,'Iy'.,:'1 2-,,2.:p,,x, W A .. -- -1 -' .- ' - 4 ' 1. " -'Ji' ' i1if'Z'f3f4l2'i"-"U -"nw, ,V-,, B y-V95 - - .. -, -1 1'.,,- , v-4 . ' , ,' X' 31,5-'Y,"', xF, "r s--Q., I lik EM " ' ' ' I 'Q'-V -f fc' V' 'E-ff1"f"f'f?'?"3-75'71-iI.qF'Kgb5"'Em17ff.f'5, "T 'ff' . , - 'I f '.' ', - .-,QV-, w-'."- L. ?,Cf?-fb-1,7 fl. '5.e,4f-nfvfglf,--17105-'r-W ww . Q HA ,J , Y V, 1.41. K, I li xl M1 IL' 1 ' A,ly-4,,,.,+.jrq:l.W",1x. ,,x,,:fK1x 'QW Qlgy- ,.l .,,. I .w ' ,' . -,, 1 ' - . , ' ',,1-"J, 1 ' ' ",::1'x'f.'-'6,YlfQ,"" 4jZQ.,al"I'5',Q'1'Q,, fqL,"f.1KvQigi' up, ,,:-I---4 .- H If' .W A 7' , T JE ' .",'.,f".':,"" ,' QiEff'fYyi7fl'H-L "1 -1' 4 'A.'Z'fii?g434xz' ",f6Z1N :,2 4, -M Lk. rp 1 . , .,..Q- r rw, S I - U . I ,i ?::iE, .d5,?w1J ,i -nf N, ' ,1 .Ain B ,H M411 N, ffl ,gi 1.5. ll R ,shvvif A wi Z? 1 M fmwwf H., , ,cr , A.- I M A4 xii, i -fffmw !f,,f, W, f .,,4ff?' ,rj gp x 1 QL: gal' . gf., if f ' if 'i ,- -. M f fA 1,1 1 2 'h ! 77. , . I , ' ' .fn f' -' P Q ' I7 s EX ' W' TX " . I -Q ,Q If PA E5 1 , - ,J 515.1 . 3 '. ff 43y:g.',:,' -I JI, ., . , 1 1 fT,w'5.1' 3 I .1 -' A -f C ?-31731, W ' -xi X ' "1f. 4. . -k " k fx - A fi , g '- Q W ,V k '- ef H . r "JK wif' . x 9 - Nw. ' 1'2f?iE, X A 1 Q -was 11' X, - f A f' f ' - - ww" K I QA ' J - A ' A . .H 1 -013, 2 . Sf- D 5 i X, , ,, 'M 1' 1 K 1 ,M-f f W Mwf Q , Jw- fl! A ' 5" 1.4.1 .' -' , 5. H 'X . A ' ' 4 gf vs . fuv- X N -' f - I, , 'A - 1 ff f f' I 'Tn f:g,.:14fK -. ' x 'XA-'lx X - V xv I f A ' f , .1 ,ff ' 'A 155151 1. ' I4 ' -'V . xx .. ,ff 1 5 V , " -A X A N. ? X. 2 'fi ' if f J ,f fr: . K N X A Q, ff X l . 45 '.,iEKf.,5gjA,2. 'ZX X- 3 iff x xx, .' , T,,Affffi k QI tj?g'f'Yi'-'. N1 Vx, , 444 . -ff J 'ff ' .-in xxxxmvr H ,SNS " ' ' ' FM!!! kk 3 , ' ' f 'Aff ' dn- '-' fl' wi 5 f ef f f A . b xhhh :K W H-. M?!,,,9Ms-,,S+ I N . -,n . ' . , , - ' ,. , Q, V- ,. - . N QM ., . A ,,,.. I l ,H . 'q,.,TA in-'MF X XA. N -wh . -M'-'f9'l' 1' f H' 1: --"' ' Y- w Lfwgpwif b 'K -wi 7 ' . i','E2l?f ' 54, ' f V A ' N99 ' Rf ii X T? + A -Q' E ' 'I-'7r?2Af'l,kk ,V 64,1 " f if '::.:x 'I . A W f , X iff? 'ff 'fi' " ' - me f Efilgf V . '- iff' if , 49 -X vfwf A A 6 an J' H ' c 56 sk ,I -A 'WM -- ' ,--1'-T14 .- , ' aj k "J'L- ,' Q V um. qjx- .. fir --:ff-f 1'4- m1E"li I 51? -Laflilwhl?-Q 'llflf lf Lf V .,n,'v" " 1'. '1f4.A'E'i:L tg--i.32gg4,'.?ffgigy- Z ' -1 v I -1 - . -M, 4 W2 .,1..l.,.:f:.vL!-. ', I: . Q A. , . . lf -TTS'-'3'?A7 t'33m .f5 i 1 ' . K C an A ...HI -- ,rj 'W".9', 3 f " WIT",-V'. 'QV f.T':' ,151 ?35lffZQs?1ff1" "J52f,5Jfv?Tif? gff N 4, fl-ff' ' .f5Jf:i'-,Sf21-'iQ:"I- wwwmuww ,Wwwwmwwwwn V WwMwwm 54 , L'i'.ff f.4"f"i",'I'fff.g?N1 x g'W3'N't+ffk-'V '..'r"Q-N,'i,:f-gl . ,fg .,,i-, n PUbli5hed " k2,,XS 4 vb , 'ni' ' I f?l ',L:',! -t3J,395g?i"ify,.Qzf2v5hf':l',ggn5i:E:f,.':',:,gigi:if- Q, T H , By ' 'lf' - fftf ' Q'fQf:M fV1.'z:Zef!4a- 1-'Sh-g-'f J " L.'. -lf. Nw 1 i-1 E S E N I Vx , -1' . '1y"-'4gf"V"1ff.Q ff-f'Fp-. Vw 4 V' 1 Tlfi- ' ffif xw ""' Mg:: fi: --" :' "Ql O R C LW142 .gxxgiwig -' JU .,'y,-W,':,,3' J'-fgsfahr' Jfyq' -. Q -af.. UC Hg, HQ- i--LI' '.f',ffl .e-9,1 5 ij vu!-.5 ' frllff- f S --,':f'i '- -w,:4,1f:f:J :iff-'92 'v4'5fgl5e?4?"?fg Fkgzifiswff ' 14 Wf I COE HIGH x ' ' S 'i 'M' " ""Y' .Jlhjh Milf-1' 7 'Q 9-5:15 wil,-. ,p'g,1lyCiL.L' ,slr-541, .4 A J ' f' A gg,-l.-1 L' -'X'-V'ffQv.1.?2f9:22fFfM3ZfiG5g'QJ,:39gg1i3ff:?ffw5:L.,,?W'f ,grigxi Glenc I SCHQQ:lg:.,. ... 1.41.1 -4,1 :f,'f3,:,3K5?27X4a'5:k:1RlLkiiiIigjklf OS, Alobam IJ, f!,35g.,- "-H.. .I ali-C:-Q3.. '-'-frixflrlffyi' ' Q J r I 15.-1-sm A-,,Q.631gmPg1ux1-mg.. , .. fa. '.4,13q3,:a,'3'3mtJf:f:xGfAS . , ..A,A,3: r f, K . "7-U MA W9 Dedication of this Annual is the privilege of the Senior Class of Glencoe High School . . . an opportunity to pay sincere hom- age to a person who is held in high esteem . . . who has served us faithfully and abundantly . . . who enjoys the respect and af- fections of all. . because she is all this and more, too . . . because she possesses the unusual combination of authoritative experience,.sound knowledge and rare taste . . . we take pride in inscgibing the 1945 Glen-Memoir to . be R MRS. ROBERT L. SUMMERS 1 L ,f ' Q ,x ' u , , f We wish to pay tribute to Mrs. Cecil NW. hdgar, for hernun- tiring effort in the suecessful inauguration of the Glencoe High Annual and sponsorling the Senior Class of 1945. :J Y ! fi ' Ll A A J -, V s ,ix x ' K 'x I X 1 'fx v X . ul A ' s an ' . U 1 -4 Q 5 I X W Ed ' I L? A ' ,ju Mbna Mata On our county's eastern border Reared against the sky Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Ever loyal, firm and true Ever on we'll go Year by year the ages thru Because we love you so. Gold and black, our dear old color. Faithful we will be Living ,to our motto ever Do our part for thee. 9 Q W .'. f W 5 Y -.1 .1- ..- qu , -41: Z z ' u X Q J , ' A MS' Q X f X 1 Q X we LU f I I xu I ff ?5 ,131 s xfQ N, , G 11 'U b . I ,ffl-f' ' f 3653. .in M Mrs. O. G. Ellis, Umvcrsity-of Al.ib.irim A. B. Mrs. E. M. Robinson Alabama Wl'olytcCl1niC Institute 'rn HQ S. Um l' M. Robinson, Principal' x"' Pi lx lu linu ia, S. lnstiturc Mrs. Cecil , W. lfdgnr l.iukmnx .llc Snitu lcnclicrs Lullugc B. S. ,sf Mrs. L. S. Powell Howard College A. B. Mrs. R. L. Summers Peabody College B. S. aww., Mrs. W. Hitcn IXl.ll3.ll'I1Ll Lnllcgbn B. S. Mrs. H. B. Campbell H41w.xra.l Cnllugc A. B. Mrs. Florence Hunt Mrs. L. E. Roclemachcr University of lllinois .gf .,,'m?' 33 .pf- Gcorgf: NX' W' Q1 rd'11Ql l'ulyIccl1nnc lnsrituu' B. S. Mrs. A. H. Bowers Cfhasc Cnnscrvmvry Xl. M. y, Um 14 Sllafff rx mx' id 'kr - S lirlifur . . . Jo'Smith Asyisfanf Iidildr . . . . Bill Hiiie BIISIIIFSS Mt1IIlI.Ql'l' . . . . . Janeixsifh Ahxsishinf Busizzrss Manager . . Margaret Simgofm. Fralzlrk' Edilrn' . . . . . W. Cf MorriS Art Editor, . A . Joyce Brasher Sports Erfmzr, . . . Paul Bearden Class Iwologwzplam' . . Delores Harrii' Typist . . . . Fanny Woodard Seniaa Glau Ufficau President . . . . Vice-President . . Sccrciary . Treasurer . . Q . u 1 Class Flower--Red Rose Class Colors-Blue and Vfhite Class Motto-"We build the ladder, by which we cli 1, . W. C. Morris Dolores Harris . Jane Scich . Joyce Brasher mbf' ,.fr' ," SENIORS JOYCE BRASHER "Her quiet disposition is a cloak for her true spiritf' JOSEPHINE CLARK "Short and sweet and hard to beatf, RUTH CLARK 'Never idle, never still, always smiling, always will." 4 JEAN DAUGHERTY A lovely face, a heart of gold, a brilliant mind are hers, we're toldf' DOLORES HARRIS "Friendly giggles, full of pep, friends must rush to keep her step." f MARY NELL JACKSOIN "What's the use of living if you can't enjoy yourself." NETTIE LAY "Don't blame me because I'm late, it's not inf fault, it's just fate." CATHERINE MOORE R This young lady, We are sorry to say, was not . content, single to stay." S E N I O R S PAYE NELL PARKER "If she will, she will, you can depend on it, she Won't, she won't, and thats the end of itf' DORIS PARSONS "To think is an idle waste of time." ,X ,X I HAZEL RAINER "I don't know anything, but I could cell you plentyf, DEAN ROPER N "A little body often harbors a great soul." EVA ROOKS "A quiet tongue bespeaks a busy brainf MARGARET SIMPSON "Every lady has her faults, a sailor is hers." r JUANITA SIMS "Ni ver too busy to speak, never too unhappy to smile." ,IO SMITH A good sport, and a cheery smile, a Paratrooper makes her life Worth While." i 'VN -WSL S E N I O R S JANE STITH "Love, sweetness, and gf-odnessf' MARTHA SCOTT "Friendly to all, hostile to none, always jolly and full of fun." RUTH STRAWN "Sincerity is the keynote to successf MAE VINES "A little tiny, pretty, witty, charming, darling she." MARY F. VICE "Always willing and definitely helpful." LORETTE VINSON "Not too serious, not too gay, but a jolly good girl in Work or playf' FANNIE L. WIOODWARD A man has his will, but a woman has her Way." MAVIS QTINGER "Silence is ever the best policy." S E N I O R S PAUL BEARDEN - "Don't let your studies interfere with your high school education." TED EAST "To his stream of talk, there is no dam." DAVID HARPER l "He who has big feet, has good understanding." 1 BILL HUIE "Men of few words are the best menf' R 1 ll I I Liw -as Q W. c.MoRR1s 1Q'r ": - f l' 'When duty whispers low, 'Thou Must,' W. C. answers, 'I Can,.' " ' W X, LAWERENCE PARKER "Greater men than I hive lived, but they are dead." gLVfA JUNYV I 'QPHENS W, It's not what I do .L ' 's me, it's when I ' " I get caught, the. 'icultyf' y DAVID VOWL- I bfi "Just a little man with big ns." wr . r . V I it it , I M I ilu ' wr' . RP ll 'I n fl, ue : I I . 4? It 1' t ' 0. BETTY BROWN F 5 YQ X 2 Rei' X ' "She is jolly good natured and true and more 'Q T K 6521. The gift of the pole. Long may it wave, o'er the land ofthe free, and the home of the brave aam.y.,g-xi U J .N-new than share, she,s willing to do." HOWARD WYNN - "I'm a woman hater-but the Bible says 'Love your Enemies'." ,GEGRGE BOOKER "He can study and ponder all day and all night, but from the neck up he will always be lightf, class of ,4S-Flag and Flag- 3 I iff ? iizwwtfi 3 .pr 'iff-gwamv 'U'-k"""""4"-' "". 1-nk"' W iilhx sh - 'VA ,i ffl ' Seniors not pictured: Imogene Glass, Garvin W'ells. PRESENTING 1 v T1-IE UNDERCLASSMEN Q Y? fp , ' 1 lin: X ' Q' Q I ' '19 ' an A -2,11 Q ' x X in gi 1 Q J "',, Q , F "' ,Q , , ..,:,,, , W r, X K 3 ., 5' SQ -'Zi ' ' M " ' f r ,, i A 5, ,f .-"' -- r ig. 3 , mg, , j Lf!!!-Y 1. . 41 L 5 2 5 jj ..,k.- 4'KLL ' ' '- f f ez f M , WDW :zu ::z,.s, 4: . sr -, .Q ...Q ..,.,. ., - 'W Ji gi. --7 4 wh ,ew .1-V! IUNIORS Breeden, Bondw, Chumlcy, Clay, East, Eiland, George, Gilbert, Brown, Cassid Coley, Crow Garrad, Gent: Grant, Gr: Gregory, Griffich, Heath, Huic, Hamby, Hea Hurst, Hurchi i is M I I U N I O R S A.hl . I Kilpatrick, Lee, Miller, Minton, McClellan, Nichols Noah, Parker, Satterfield, Scott, Stewart, Swinford. Wee 1 f,, ' 452' A - , ..: 1 M, QQ Lindsay, Marker 4 L, 'fibf 4 H 'R' lbs . f 1 1- ' , 51, K " as ,, -r i . .fs .- .J V, s ,,. f "W em- Y x fn L ' W3 X M we qi vm' Q 1? ft W J io i 1 tL " ootin ' is 2 5 1 N12 ' -. no . ott? aim 5 iii I K 1 ' iz! it 1- iin, , 4 V e r if Parsons, Roberts n f- z Kiwi? M I 'af' Q t 'fd 12: i lg, 1 Q 1. X wr K ,fizw H Q QW M 41: ., 4' Sheffield, Shew 2-Au ik H 2 wk S 5 'Y ...'- :. - :ww - X iff K ,, Townley, Truitt fd, Moon - 'rx ii if '-,", I LN , - 1 f N- i Y x SENIOR I Firsf Row: Mrs. Summers, Marker, Sims, Jenkins, East, Holloway, St. John Jackson, Roberts, McGlathery, Hammond, East. Srcond Row: Pruitt, Daves, Grant, Wheeler, St. John, Simmons, Wilson Fordham, Brown, Brasher, Coker, Alford. sgmon 1 First Row: Mrs. Summers, Brown, Smith, Ables, Winborne, Chunn, Johns- ton, Alforcl, Presley, M.cCluney, Stonecipher, Gray. Second Row: Knight, Lett, Mullican, Walker, Lumpkin, Phillips, Nabors Buttran, Foreman, Clay, Brown. - I IUNIOR III First Row: Howard, Mooney, Hunter, Howard, McCrichard, Little, Green Bullard, Stith, Scott, Stephens, Moore, Coley, Easterwood, Beard, Mrs. Ellis. Serum! Row: Heath, Thompson, Kelley, Crowder, Fowler, Brothers, Clark Quinn, Brown, Welch, Culberson, Clark, Sims, Bradford, Wolfe. I l IUNIOR III 1 x - First Row: Trailer, Parker, Lay, Campbell, Adams, Duncan, Wagnon, Eu- banks, Richardson, Gregory, Hamby, Mrs. Ellis. Second Row: Heald, Harper, Atkins, MeBra.yer,'sMflivee,iiRilgare, Gregorn Lowe, Alexander, Noah, Maddox, Griffitflij' Henson, Lockridge. I w xx IUNIOR II Firsf Row: Mrs. Robinson, East, Booker, Jones, Jones, Johnson, Alford Whiten, Dunn, Huff, Jackson, Hill, Hutchins, Heath, Holloway, Gerrad Cooper. Second Row: Glass, Glass, Ables, Crowe, Helms, Flemming, Harper, Gold- en, Dean, Griffith, Edge, Daves, Dunston, Ervin, Bailey. sf' F E TUNIOR II First Row: McClellan, Vinson, Phillips, Jones, Golden, Pruitt, Erwin, 'Weems Turner, Robertson, Raley, Morris, Lowe, Wells, McGraw, McG1athery, Keeling Noah, Breeden. Second Row: Vail, Minton, Lankford, Thomas, McCoy, Lane, McBurnett Payne, Walker, Klepsig, Norwood, Casey, Pruitt, Miles, Simmons, Pruitt, Min- ton, Mrs. Hiten. K 5 A si Q. IUNIOR I Qs- ' Firxf Row: Cooper, Upton, Allen, Grant, Fowler, Forman, Daves, Gul- ledge, Cleveland, Brown, Brown, Brown, Humphries, Garrard, Garrett, Bueter. Svmzzd Row: Heald, Hicks, Allen, Guthrin, Campbell, Cobbs, Burgess Allen, Clark, Griffin, Devine, Finnely, Brannon, Allen, Gentry, Dennis, Mrs Hunt, teac-her. IUNICR I First Row: Dobbs, Mooney, Jones, Phillips, Satterfield, St. John, Spann Eubanks, Miller, Martin, Parker, Little, Moon, jones. Second Row: Minton, Buce, Okeitl1,Jones, Smith, Sims, Lumpkin, Walker Wfalkermyrms, Jennings, Martin, Hendon. l' 4. I .l 'X 1. ,.-i t 1 gi f' oe' 'W ...A-V Qs .- 5 1 1 e A! ! 1 " 32' -. ,,..f . , . .. 5 M ,Eg mm N-fl' M g b Q . W... ,M 19 .Q im 1 we 'TE Q 1. Smile at fhe birdie, girls! 2. "The Rippling Triplets." 5. No fair posing. 4. "Now boys lets be peacefulf' 5. Din! someone mention arguing? 6. No fair shoving! 7. How's married life Joyce? 8. Still for Rising Fawn in your debates, Hazel? 9. Geee Whiz! 10. Hey! Management, what!re you doin' so dressed up? 11. Now what play is that? 12. What? A shortage on type- writers? 13. A senior beauty. fWhy eouldn't wf 'all be?j 14. Now what could they be talk- ing about? 15. Smart people do sleep. 16. Go ,.' my way? 17. My kingdom for an A-Model. 7 9 1 A GRAMMAR SCI-IOGL Bobby Miles and june Miles X SIXTH GRADE lfirsf Rout Bruse, St. John, MeAntire, Lyles, Pruitt, Marker, Rogers, Mc Clellan, Saxon, Wfood, Weird, Swindall. SVCYIIIKI ROILT Stephens, Self, Spann, Marker, Minton, Tucker, Dennis, Mil ler, McCriek41rd, Payne, McGraw, Norton, Phillips, Wells. Mrs. Floyd. First Raw: King, Beaird. jones, Naylor, May, Hanson, Denny, Clark, Huff Brogden, Brown, Breeden, Coker, Gray, Gregorn, Jeffers. Svmzza' Rout Ford, jones, Harper, Higdon, Fry, Cooper, Cassidy, Goode Roper, Gurley, Griffin, Ramsey, Campbell, Coker. Mrs. Parclue FIFTH GRADE Firsf Rmb: Hindman, Dennis, Cobb, Brown, Garrett, Beaird, Brasher, Fowler, Darris, Gray, Burgess, Glass, Hunt, Keeling, Anderson, Bruce, Chamblee, Elrod. Srrofnl Row: Dean, Dean, Henson, Baker, Brock, Bonds, Bolen, Dean, Bailey, Rhoades, Martin, Blevins, Gulledge, Lawson, Hudson, Fast, Stallings. Daves. Miss Johnson Firsf Rout Jones, Upton, Minton, Noah, Morris, Phillips, Vice, Naylor, Pierce, Lowe, Pentecost, Truitt, Mammack, McGlnthery, Windsor. Sr'r'oml Row: Stith, McDowell, Quinn, Lawson, Little, Parker. Phillips Scott, Noah, jones, W'eir, Dobbs, Moore, Simms, Wallaer. Miss Rains .ell FOURTH GRADE Ifirxf Row: East, Hanson, Maxwell, Gray, Tallison, Howard, Ford, John- son, Fry, Beaird, Finch, Heath, Gray, Crowe, Howard, Gulledge, Dean, Grant, Harper. Svmmf Row: Higdon, Howard, Walker, Brock, McClain, Findley, Sims 5 Cochran, Harp, Fincher, Fincher, Hammack, Gregorn, Cooper, Quinn, Gentry, Hardman. Miss Booker First Row: Beard, Cooper, Jones, McClendon, McDaniel, Maxwell, Jen- kins, Payne, Miller, Walden, McClellan, Lowe, Mitchell, Smith, Whitten, Pierce Keeling, Jeffers, Lowe, St. John, Lee. Srmna' Row: Lumpkin,,Jenning-3. Hunter, Hodges, Simges, Sims, Parker Klepisg, Jarrells, Roberts, Maeger, Rainer, Little, Swinford, Walker, Little Pruitt, McDaniel, Holloway, Parker. Miss Johnson LL THIRD GRADE First Row: Vinson, Weems, Brown, Odom, May, Livingston, Roper, Mc- Gain, Watts, Mooney, Miles, Self, Clay, Morris, Miles, Stonecipher, Smith Martin. Second Row: Quinn, Lankford, Thomas, Martin, Martin, Gentury, Walker Light, Watts, Sexton, I-Ill, Lyles, McCrickard, Saxon, Stallings, Prater, King. Mrs. Roberts Firsf Row: Bond, Abel, Henson, Lawson, Snow, Rhodes, Finley, jones Hubbard, Denny, jones, Gardner, Campbell, Gray, Jenkins, Garrett, Curnutt Gray. Second Row: Chastine, Lay, Bartlett, Howard, Cosby, Jenkins, Fuller Dunson, O'Keefe, Allen, Dobbs, Bowlin, Klepsig, Helms, Bulter, Bleviens, Al: mond, Booker, Gardner. b Mrs. Mitchell SECOND GRADE Firsi Row: St. john, Robertson, Miller, Quinn, Lay, St. John, Tucker, Parker, Lee, Satterfield, Morgan, Wagner, Watts, Sims, Rainer, Maxwell, Lee, J Parker. Second Row: Walker, Weir, Woodward, Wakler, Smith, Nicholson, Lyle, Maxwell, Nichols, Nabors, Scott, Norton, Rogers, Pierce, Naylor, Rhodes, Mc- Clellan, Martin. Miss Street First Row: Hudson, King, Bruce, jarrells, Benefield, Dennis, East, Dunn Braddy, I.yle, Howard, Long, Howard, Bachelor, Henson, Dobbs, Grant, Garrett Second Row: Fuller, Gossett, Harper, Brandhorst, Fry, Foreman, Crocker Finley, Rademacher, Hill, Gray, Dobbs, Gradner, Glass, Hill, Hendricks. Mrs. Breeden 7 FIRST GRADE First Row: Hanson, Walden, Cooper, Croft, Higclon, Kelley, Oliver, Lyles Lumpkin, DeVine, Brooks, Brown, Brown, Bolin, Allen, Akin, Abel. Second Row: Howard, Dobbs, Howard, Walker, Brock, Brothers, Harper Butler, Kelly, Jackson, Daves, Lankford, Hill, Vice, Crocker. Miss Whorton First Row: Long, Nicholson, Morris, Swinford, Morlen, Rutlege, Johnson Pentecost, Livingston, Ward, May, Weems, Pierce, McClendon, Walker. Second Row: Walker, McDowell, Ifean, O'Keefe, Howard, Griffith, Watts Stallings, Walker, Goosett, Bonds, Moore, Noah. Miss Street -Ai Il A 7' ' ,.,,., Kal 4 . K. ' K Y., , fe t :- hw , 7 l. Now, who could they he oointing at? 2. No, you're eyes aren't deceiving you. 3. One of those "rare occasions". 4. Lazy Bones. S. Two more studious Seniors. 6. just standing around. 7-8-9-10-l 1-12-Well, well, well, won't this iust make the bestest gossip ever? 13. Better get to class girls. 14. Go it there! 15. Long live the King and Queen. W M 'IPI .. M Mg. 5 wewqftl s.,,g ...... 5' 1. Aren't "yoa'll" from up yonder? 2. Man shortage? 3. Now gtlrls, didn't you hear the bell? 4. After one of our victorious games. Happy? S. T-E-A-Ml Yea Team! 6. Innocense? 7. Gangway! Here we come! 8. Notice the Seniors Sif-the juniors Sfrllltlli. 9. Sophomore. But can she help it? 10. Don't look so gloomy, surely the next one will be ours. II. Well doesn't he look un-natural? H vt. 8 ,M - -4 THOUGHT OF TOMQRROW The Senior blass of '45 Leaves its post with tear stained eyes. Dear and near are the things we knew, We leave them all in trust with you. Oh, but comrades never fear, i For in our place you come next year. 0 For now our thoughts and traditions too, ' e Qhall live forever in spirit with you. All good things must come to pass, So with regret we leave at last. From Gold and Black to Red, White- and Blue, This senior class will see it throughfi- ,j V y Many frliends we' leave behind, A M In f'i - But none is sadder than those that ware- ,jf Blind to the task of-the work today, Blind to the wrath of Qggil and ' I - if 2 Aigreater task before up stands, ii l In A Tonshape the works anll life ofkman. ,H , I, Our life, our love, ourisweau, our tears, N Are. ours to share in the -COIhil'lg years., A t , Q I 15 H . hu., YNO' f 'e ' 35.1 JFor'there it is not 'far away, v i l y ,ff ' i light of God and anew ,born if N ir i . l V' fi AVC! - n X. i gf IQ, " ,nf 1' t.JP5 , .-V , , 1- r ,R r f 'e xr i i l A. fig f"-N ' Q t 'Rd fi my V ng- - y , -sr - t A 1 V. ,. It I Q -.J7 ' B , ,NY x rm ,,', 1 ,, ' r ,,-.. 1 I I F: . MW' o K. H Q 1 . Y,-4. A A , it A-44+ ' 5' P Most Intellectual Marjorie Scott W. C. Morris Most Likely To Succeed Marjorie Scott Garvin Wells Friendlicst jane Stirh Howard Wynn Witticst Doris Parsons unior Stephens Most Atblvfic f Josephine Clark Paul Bcarclcn Best All-Round Hazel Rainer George Booker Margaret Simpson 7K-fN W. SMKPX NUXYOI XI.G it H UL AND XLBYJYCY Yr PsYxB Q NM wwxaxws Margaret eauiiai Simpson WU I YBQWI BYO SUD Dfrugh Sfjy We , ' M 'MAL M Niki S Ml PM NI . GXL L VAL BN YJEYCY D X5 ARB Q Am xamuws .' U Xt . xy. VIR f iw GINIA BRADFORD at ,, as , ELI ZABE TH PA YNE W ini, DOROTHY CULBERSON , sr 5' EDNA EARL GARNOTT vi' CLASS HISTORY Now the curtain is slowly drawing to a close over our High School career. At first, the curtain seemed to move very slowly, but we, the class of '45 real- ize that it is gaining speed every day. As my mind drifts back to the past, it is with great pleasure I remember the years our class have spent together. In the year 39 and 40, Mr. Peters enrolled S0 wide eyed eager students. The officers: President-W. C. Morris, Vice-President-Margie Allen, Secretary- Curtis Johnson, Treasurer-Catherine Griffin. After getting used to shifting about changing classes we gained a beachhead and started our High School edu- cation. Mr. Qwatch me now, I'b trickyj Garry gave a guiding hand in '40 and '41 by trying to get our minds on our studies. Betty Brown Won the title of the pret- tiest girl of Glencoe High. The class officers were President-Ruby Moore, Vice- President-Catherine Griffin, Secretary-Jo Smith. In ,41 and '42 Mrs. Bruner received 42 energetic freshmen into her home room. December 8 of '41 was different from any other school day we ever ex- perienced as the U. S. declared war on Germany and Japan. Little did we realize how this could change our lives. In '42 and '43, forty-nine pupils entered Mrs. Summersgroom for their Sophomore year. This was Coach Harold Wright's first year, he produced a successful football team, with only three points being scored on his team. In '43 and ,44, Mrs. L. S. Qbless your soul, Powell enrolled forty-two jolly juniors. Our officers were: President-Jane Stith,- Vice-President-W. C. Morris, Secretary-Carthell Norwood. Our motto was "Do your best, when you get tired, sit down and rest." QWe're still restingj . On April 27, our junior class gave a party honoring the seniors. Marion Talbot was selected prettiest girl Dolores Harris most popular, and Paul Hicks best looking boy. In '44 and '45, Mrs. Cecil Edgar enrolled 36 dignified Seniors. This, of course, Was our most outstanding year. We had several new teachers including, Mr. E. M. Robinson, principal, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Rodemacher, and Mrs. Campbell. We all had a wonderful time at the Jr.-Sr. party, November 6. It was some- thing we will always remember. We also sponsored the popularity contest which ended November 21. Clara East won the tide of "Miss G. H. S." 1 As our annual goes to the press, we are still making history. The expecta- tions of the next four months are great in the hearts of ourclass. j The coming events will be vivid enough to make history without being publishe here. Nettie Lay, Clas Historian. I 1" As our annual goes to the press, we are still making history. The expecta- tions of thenext four months are great in the hearts of our class. The coming events will be vivid enough to make history without being published here. Nettie Lay, Class Historian. ,,+ - I il X X1 XXXA-,V Sf-'ff' X A N ,xp K jgfrwd-mmwx A A P", 1 1 KICK XX X wi t afv. Q V fs R X 'X Xxx' 'X p gd, X f X I X gs 0 " Y s ' fy' Q -.. X 5 .-ui' nt, I v 0 - L! X BETA CLUB This Club is in the process of organization. Mrs. R. L. Summers is sponsor for the organization. We hope the club will prove to be a permanent organiza- tion on the campus. The following Seniors are eligible for membership. First Row: Harris, Simpson, Roper, Jackson, Stith, Brasher, Strawn. Second Row: Smith, Rainer, Sims, Parker, Otinger, Perkins. Third Row: Huie, Morris, Parker, Moore, Crook, Vinson. MUSIC! First Row: Miles, Tolleson, Chamblee, Darris, Pentecost, Phillips, Noah Margan, Lay, Beniafield, Saxon, Long, Saxon, Stonecypher, Howard, Finch Heath, Garry, Denny. Second Row: Eubanks, Roper, Lay, Stephens, Browning, Grant, Rogers Burgess, Breeden, Coker, Brown. Third Row: Presley, Jones, Garrad, Baily, Brown, McDowell, Miller, Town- ley, Phillips, Prater, Robertson, Holloway. F. H. A. OFFICERS PTUXif1C'I1f . . Jane Stith Vin'-Prc'sidc'nf . . . Hazel Rainer Secretary and Treasurer . . Betty Brown MA A ff? If ,fp 'Vu Q' P X 4 v .Y Xxs o:0sSs55' f . . , o'Q'o' 'f',',+?- . . 9.5 O,Q' T' KQOQ! ,..vxv ' o Q 9 ' 1 ' s' go.: A .1 Q ' 1 xg!! Q F. F. PL. Pl"L'Si!1,l'l7lL . Vifz'-Prfsidrlzf Sf'c'rc'fary . QJQ OFFICERS Gkjf AK Q X ,,.f qu' CF'- Qgkvzyfi' "-SQ1 1 '- k 15 N-1 QW .f . ws 4-.9 5 1 fn f. faq: ly . f rf - l f-'5 i' 1 -- 'ini 'W ' J x W ' wr W QZDZWF ff. V X 1 Qawa f x '35-5 W W 3 X Q if 1. Three sweet girls. 2. Pals. 3. Sunninl. 4. Hi! Hi! Hi! Captains! S. Youlve got it now, what're you gonna do with it? 6. Make it good, Bill! 7. Catherine are you looking for your soldier? 8. A senior tries to guide some underclassmen. 9. Keeping in training eh? just wait 'till Isee coach. IU. Xwhatcha eating? ll. Cullman, here we Come! 12. Marching along to- gether and so on. 33. Uh Oh! lsee Mr. Robinson in the distance. Wiltch it! FOOTBALL .. I 1 A I Paul Bearden-Captain Billy Clay-Co-Captain First Row: Sam Sims, Bill Huie, Charles Phillips, Jack Lewis, Paul Bearden, Billy Jo johnson, Billy Clay, J. P. Miles. 'S6'C0l161iR!IIll2 John Alton George, Jack Tumlin, Leon' Glidewell, Robert Nabors, Albert Hollingsworth, Garvin Wells. Third Row: Joe Phillips, Charles Parker, Alfred Hurst, Glenn Swinford, Charles Marker, Harry Minton, Bill Winborne. Coach-Harold Wright. P Managers-Dwight Lee, joe Phillips, Charles Parker. - I , ff Q I rf 3' L CLUB Prcfsizlvlif . . Paul Bearden Vice'-Presidrwzz' ........... Bill Clay First Row: Delores Harris, jo Smith, Margaret Simpson, Anne Stewart. Serond Row: joe Phillips, Dwight Lee, jack Lewis, J. P. Miles, Charles Phillips, Jack Tumlin, Robert Nabors, Charles Parker, Alfred Hurts, Lawrence Parker, Leon Glidewell. - Third Row: Paul Bearden, Billy joe Johnston, Bill Winborne, Albert Hol- lingsworth, Olen Bryant, Glenn Swinford, Bill I-Iuie, john Alton George, Garvin Wells, Bill Clay, Charles Marker. 25 51? it 'rf .vu 7 EXE 1. "School days, school days, good old golden rule days." You said it! 2-3-4. Three hand- some boys!! 5. Going to Home Economics Class, girls? 6. Ray Noah, a grand mascot 7. Tut! Tut! Now what happened here? 8. Awfully "lovey dovey" fusing their imaginationsj. 9. lust three G. H. S. boys home on leave, and Coach Wright. 10. Hazel and Betty waiting and waiting on the train. Where are you going girls? 11. Two sweet and cute girls. U--in-m-m-. 12. The artist takes a rest. 13. Visiting cheerleaders. They're welcome, even if they are from Alexan- der. L BASKETBALL Firsf Row: Alfred Hurst, Howard Wynn, Charles Marker, P. Miles, Billy Joe Johnston. Scmnd Row: Bill Clay, Glenn Swinford, Charles Phillips, Robert Gene Nabors, Leon Glidewell. Coach-Harold Wright. Manager-Lawrence Parker. 4 OUR CHEERLEADERS, RAH. RAH ll!! We f 5 ij L V j Margaret S1mpson, Ann Stewart, Olen Bryant, Jo Smlth, Dolores Harris fl-lead Cheerleaderj OUR MASCOT Barbara Ann Adams if C' RN' GCC 1 xx! Lg-J it L-Q f L gg I'n'xidw11' . . . THE PEP CLUB . W. C. Morris Sl't'l't'ft1l',j' mm' Tl'l'lI.YllV!'V . . ' . . Dean Roper ' "Our Team is R-E-D-Hot! Our Team is R-E-D-Hot! Yen! Team, keep it hot! THE OFFICE STAFF Fannie Lou Wcmcmdward, Ruth Strawn, Margaret Snttcrficld Principal Ii. M. Robinson 1 THE LIBRARY STAFF Kathryn Wheeler, Drucilla Kilpatrick, Helen Gregory, Virginia Bradford Mrs. E. M. Robinson fl-lead Librarianj vw wry-9" if DAILY PRAYER GROUP Jo Smith . . . -'.u.'L6'dd61f jane Stitlm .......... Alternate Leader "The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much."- James 5:16 O X l X K X 1. Three manley men. 2. Baby Sandlin-believe it or not! 3. "Blow it out", Helen! 4. Do you still ride tricycles in your spare time, Phillips? 5. How do you do it, Howell? Just like Mrs. Powell. 6. Morans! 7. S'matter girls? 8. Dogs take up with-Ah you know! 9. Where ya goin ? 10. One at a time, please! 11. Boy, what happy people! Why? We just won the Cull- man game! JW' 2.4- Q 'U 4' I bi 5 Ku..- l. Batter up! Mrs. Edgar-A swell teacher and pal. 2. Gee--how we'll miss you Mrs. Summers. fBut not that bookkeepingj. 3. Mrs. Ellis and some of her young,uns. 4. Mrs. Hi- ten, and her little sailor boy, Eric. 5. Watch it girls those boys nre up to no good. 6: Is every body happy? Yeah Man! 7. A sweet couple. 8. Now words just canlt express this scene. 9. V boys-probably cutting class. 10. Hi, there Catherine! 11. Sally and Mrs. Edgar, two oung gals we love. M CLASS PROPHECY Well, well, who would have thought that it has been eight years today since that class of ,4S graduated. Time surely does fly, and many things have hap- pened during those eight years. I think I'll glance through the paper before I go to work and see what's in the news today. Hey, what's this? Paul Beaden, is running for mayor of Glencoe. That big politician David Harper, made a sensational speech for him last night that is expected to swing a lot of votes by Paul's favor. Running against him is Junior Stephens who is thought to have the majority of votes, but this race will bear watching. I see where the well known poet, David Vowell, has just taken top honors in a nation-Wide poetry contest: The title of his poem is "My Land, My Life, My Love." Now what inspired him to write that? Oh! Oh! What a picture! Here's Betty Brown, Margaret Simpson, and Jean Daugherty, all candidates for the title of "Miss America" this year. I sure- ly would like to have been the judge, but it seems as if Ted East beat me to it this year. Say, this picture was made by Dolores Harris. I didn't know she was a newspaper photographer of the Glencoe Times. Here's an interesting item: W. C. Morris, Howard Wynn, and George Booker have all gone into business together. Morris, Wynn, Booker Transfer Company with the largest in the South. As well as I can remember Garvin Wells was the manager when I visited his office about a year ago. At that time he had three of the cutest secretaries. Let me see if I can remember their names: Oh yea! Joyce Brasher, Loratte Vinson, and Mae Vines. Garvin sure has a good pob. Now I'l1 turn to the society section. Hmm, I see where Ruth Clark and her rich husband have just returned from Alaska where they have made a tour for white bear furs. Q Ha! Eva Rocks, Mary Nell Jackson, Doris Parson have just received their release from the Nurse Cadet Corps. They all served overseas for three years. f Look at this!, They have just finished the State Memorial Hospital in which Bill Huie is the head doctor with Fay Parker, Juanita Sims, Hazel Rainer, Marvis Otinger, Ruth Strawn, Mary Vice, as active head nurses. L Jane Stith lhas just returned from the University where she gave a talk for the A. E. A. meeting. Jane has just finished her course in Algebra where she is going to take up Mr. Summers step. gfW'eel, look who's editor of the Glencoe Times, Jo Smith and well well, Dean Ropef, journalist. . My goodness, cathfine Moore, president of the "Servicemen Wives' Club," has just finished organizing in which Qnee Martha Scott, Fannie Lou Wood- ward, Hnogene Glass, and Josephine Clarkpj are outstanding officers. What,s this about Lawrence Parker and Nettie Lay finally after eight years of hard struggle have reached their goal. Nettie as the South's best musician and Lawrence "Hollywood's favored trombonistsf' Well, this was it . . . The Class of '45 . . . all accounted for. Anyway, I can always say, "I knew them when . . ." ' JUANITA SIMS FAY PARKER I CLASS VVILL STATE OF ALABAMA, COUNTY OF ETOWAH. IN THE NAME OF THE LAW, AMEN: We, the Senior Class of 1945, of the Glencoe High School, Glencoe, Etowah County, Alabama, being sober and in a right and generous frame of mind, hav- ing clearly thought over the situation, and having decided the things We can easily do without, do hereby declare this our Last Will and Testament. SECTION 1 ITEM 1. The Senior Class of 1945, do hereby bequeath to the incoming Senior Class our intellectual abilities, our good characteristics, and the right to sit down at a Junior-Senior entertainment, that was as grand as the one of No- vember 6, 1944. ITEM 2. We, the Senior Class of 1945 will, to the incoming Senior Class, the 51.00 we won at P.-T. A. last year. ITEM 3. We, the Senior Class of 1945, do bequeath to the class of 1946, the opportunity of paying 36c for their FORTUNE. l ITEM 4. We, the Senior Class of 1945 do hereby bequeath to the faculty our appreciation, heartfelt thanks, and gratitude for their patient and kindly leadership. I, Homer Chester Stephens, Jr., will my ability to get along with Mr. Robin- son, to Dwight La Verne Lee. I, Paul Meadows Bearden, will my lovely blond hair and rough ways .to Glenn Augusta Swinford. I, William Cassell Morris, will the place of honor in a kissing booth, to Billy Cassidy. I, George Thomas Booker, will the bathing suit I wear when I swim at Sim's Wash Hole, to john Alton George. I, Garvin Dewitt Wells, leaving Glencoe far behind, take my trumpet to serenade on the "East" side of Huntingdon College. I, Lawrence James Parker, better known as "The Trombone Terror" of the Elite Club, leave my fame and fortune, as far as dames are concerned, to Donald Chumley. I, Betty June Brown, bequeath my modeling ability and statuesque figure to Ruby Irene Saunders. I, Josephine Clark, bequeath my athletic fame to Ann Breeden. I, Jane Cameron Stith, bequeath my kind, considerate ways and many friends to Hazel Louise Crowe. ' , I, Mary Nell Jackson, bequeath my shy and delicate ways to Mary Christine McClellan. I, Nettie Irisphine Lay, will my musical talents and successes to Sally Gentry. I, Fannie Lou Woodward, bequeath my excellent English and sophisticated ways to Clarabell East. ' I, Hazel Dean Rainier, bequeath my talents for singing opera to Wanda Weems and Dorothy Lee Satterfield. I, Faye Nell Parker, will all the heart-broken boys to Christine Hale. I, Eva Dean Rooks, bequeath my love for chemistry to Bobby Jean Parsons. I, jean Daugherty, bequeath my memories ai d art to Billy Jean Lindsay. .ku ,lg ff N --... ll I, David E. Max Vowell, leave one per cent of the royalties on my book "Mya Land, My Life, My Love" to Jack Tumlin. I, Howard Jefferson Wynn, bequeath my love for swimming at Sim's Wash I-Iole to Brelan Kidd. I, David Edward Harper, will my good looks, chemistry grades, and my ways with the women to Billy Golden. I, Bill Huie, will my shy ways to James Oliver I-Iamby. I, Theodore Roosevelt East, will my ability to type to Sarah Eiland. I, lhelma Ruth Strawn, will my pleasant smile and winning ways to Dorothy Noah. I, Ida Ruth Clark, will my sewing ability to Mardell Johnson. I, Martha Nalda Scott, bequeath my battered and slightly-worn vocal cords, to Gloria Ramona Townley. I, Mable Imogene Glass, will my love and patience of Mrs. Powell, to Eliza,- beth Ann Stewart. ' I, Bettye Catherine Moore, will- my heart to a Sgt. in U. S. Army. I, W. Dean Roper, will my college yen to Ophelia Wells. ' I, Mary Frances Vice, hope that Evelyn Christine Nichols can also catch her a Songbird of the South. I, M.avis Marzell Otinger, bequeath my ability to pay attention in English class to Marjorie Scott. I, Thelma Joyce Brasher, bequeath the ability to remain quiet and composed at all times, to Mary Vester Gilbert. , I, Clara Mae Vines, bequeath my rough, boisterous ways to Kathryn Mc- Dowell. I, Loretta Vinson, bequeath my heart to Auborn4Grant. I Dolores Louise Harris, will my quite dignified ways to Charles Marker. 1 I, Margaret E. Simpson, will my deep dark secrets to Billy Duncan Clay. I, Martha Jo Smith, will my heart to a paratrooper in the U. S. Army. I, Mary Juanita Sims, will my cute figure to Helen Gregory. I, Doris Franks Parsons, leave eight of my nine beaus to Frances Minton. AN all . f 3 " 49 'S uf TZ, .Tr ' 'HA kai-ii ...L-'W""'-4., V x Nu-in LTA- 1 .XR ' fi I . .rw 1? . , 3 . . 1 , E - am avg A '72, .ag-5-we . , it S g'uza:!"'Ts i, l W. M K X ff " ' Q :' Uv:-is 1. 1' i 'Q fx fy ge . 1. Could you or would you do this now, Abert? 2. Two smiling sisters. 3. That's good ol' Glencoe Spirit. 4. Bet these future ujacketsdwill really sting". 5. In the good 'ol summer time, Eh, Dean? 6. Waiting for that Captain, teacher? 7. Flash us that Pepsodent smile, Jannie. 8. Romeo. 9. Such Chums-Always together. 10. Remember the paper shortage!! ll. What a band! F ' A GADSDEN BAPTIST TEMPLE 924 East Broad Street GADSDEN , ALABAMA SUNDAY SERVICES SINGING 10:00 A. M.: U Sunday School Every First 11:00 A. M.: Sunday W0fSh1P 2 P. M.-4. P. M 7:30 P. M.: Preaching REV. CECIL SIMMONS Pastor Tune in WJBY 11240 on the dialj Monday through Saturday 10:15, Sunday 5:30 41 y X e, Compliments of ' new ' DOBSON'S Gadsden. Alabama Compliments of GADSDEN HARDWARE Seeds Tools Hardware GADSDEN , ALA. Compliments of VICTORY CAFE Gadsden. ' Alabama wi owl a Q , Yr 7g I f C A::::'EE:::::::::::::::::::" ' 'wgfFiiSg1fW 4 ' 44 4 4 4 0 j, , y . ' . P f 1 Shop Easy Grocery Store Gadsden. Alabama Fu" K 4: 44 4 ROXY 55 4, 1 4 4 S T U D I 0 ' .I 13 4 4 ' no 4: 4 ,' 545 Broad Street 4 'I Leeee -a 'xl 'r 'U li D 44 44 'r 44 4+ P I 4b 4 4 rfxffmm- Aamffaffxw .44 4 I: zm Bread sf. Telephone 2309 44 I: 4 1' we Me 1: 4 - , fi F umlture Company 15 4 Hugh H. Hall. Manager 1: 4 4 It "Growing With Gadsden" 4 ,I Gadsden. Alabama E: 'ffifffffffffffff A5553 Y::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 4' 4 X x 4, 4: Y' V a X 4: X Compliments of S XY: 4: x XX N E4 4 N ' ' I 4, 'f' Dan Cohen 4f 4 4, It Shoe Company gb 4 11 428 Broad Street 1: 45 , 4 1, Gadsden. Alabama 4' 44 4 LA: ::-::::::::::::::: J I 1 lr P P P 1 Q' Young's it I Incorporated F? 1 11 MEN'S OUTFITTERS 4 1: Compliments of I l SE M exi can sas Broad sn-eel ,CQ 3, Parlgr Gadsden. Alabama A W IE Gadsden. Alabama -MH' 4,::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A ::::::::::::::f::-'::: Vx: xxxxxxxxx' xx' xxxxxT 1: fl Compliments of 5 ' ,. x X A ., 5 . .fall ' Compliments of 4 .. Capltol Theatre l""' g fi 4, Wy, l, McMahan f ' 3 1, Gadsden. Alabama Flgwer Sl-mp 1: 2 Gadsden, Alabama :E 4,:::: ::::J ::: ::::::::::::::f ffff A - :J x 'xxxxx xx Axxxxxxx xx? 3 Compliments of ' Comllliments of 4, I' a sden 2' KRELSS co. G d E 4 Hardware Co. 1 +4 , J ff Gadsden' Alabama Gadsden. Alabama 'P E ,, EE 6 Compliments of l gmt 1, is rg Compliments of 1' -- 1 1 " Crossfield , . 7 5, Ice Cre Co. People s Fmance Co. :E 1: Gadsden, Alabama Gadsden' Alabama QE 'I L- COMPLIMENTS OF CURRY'S DRUG STORE Phone343 Bank Bldg., East Gadsden, Alabama 5 The Diamond Shop Phone 29 517 Broad St. Gadsden. Alabama Compliments of Taylor's Dress Shop 406 Broad St. Phone 732 Gadsden. Ala. Mary Jane Dress Shop 547 Broad Street Gadsden. Alabama Compliments of Geo. R. Morrison Glencoe. Alabama Gieger Dry Cleaners Gadsden's Scientific Cleaners 416 Chestnut St. Phone 787 Gadsden. Alabama Ross-Gramling Furniture Co. Your Friendly Furniture Store Corner 4th and Chestnut Street PHONE 701 Gadsden. Alabama Compliments of Jack Saks LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR 435 Broad Street Gadsden. Alabama Compliments of Clara's Beauty Shop Gadsden. Alabama . , f If J" ' g , 1 1 1 1 1: P 1 :fx :xafxfafxm 1 :fm ax f af : : 1 1 1: 1 1 1' Compliments of 1: : : 11 1 : : 1 : 1 1 1 I 11 11 Alabama 1 . 1, 1: 1, 1 Sterchl Bros. 1 11 5 and 1112 Store if 1 ' 1: 1 1: 1 Furnlture Co' 1: I1 Gadsden. Alabama 1 Gadsden. Alabama 1, 11 .L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,x:, ea he A3 Vx :H1 Tx: xmxim M1 : 'g 1: White 1, 1: o 5 g 1, F urnlture Company if 11 11 Gadsden's Oldest Furniture Co. 11 1 1: 1, 1 Compliments of 11 '1 Phone zu 1: 1, .1 1, 509 Broad Street X.: 1: 1, 1 1 5, W 1 nn 1, 1 VIOLET STUDIO 1- 1 -A 11 1 - 1: 1: 1. ':, I . ,1 1: 1: 1' at 1E 11 Gadsden, Alabama 1' 1'. 4 , 1: 1' I1 1: ff 1 ' kk, 1' i::::::::::::::::::::: fi :L :::::::::::::::::: l vl, 1'::::::::::::::::: :CT Y::::::::::::::::::::::::::: TT 1 " 1: 55 55 1 1, I 1 11 11 Compliments of 1, P , Compliments of 11 11 1 1 . 1 g, 1 1 Daugherty Drug Co. 1 : Travelers Home 3: 'g 1: 11 1: 11 Glencoe. Alabama 1: .1 Gadsden. Alabama 1 .1 11 1: .11 - A - A-A--A-A-AAAAAAA A - A 4:11 LA :::::::::::::::::: :J L-:v - - ""' """' ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 1: f LOANS REPINANCING 1 I 1, 1 : Phone 955 If , P 1 1 1 C pliments of 11 : General Auto gf I om 1, I Finance Co orcztion 1' 1 - 1 , U' :E 1: Little Hat Bar 1: 1 C. H. Smith. Manager 1: 1 1 1 418 Chestnut St. Gadsden. Ala. 1, Gadsden. Alabama 1: 1 1: L:,:::::::::::: -: ::::::::::l i,:::: A:::::::::::::::: ':::3 i , w Vx: ' xi ' ' x: 'AY xx :::::::":x:: T ', 'n , " Q o 1' Compliments of 1, Q' Dixie Dew t: I: I P P ff Table Syrup 1 S IB E R T ' S 1, 4, 4, 4, f HARDWARE sEEDs 1, 1 I, 4+ , , , 1 FARM IMPLEMENTS 4 1: "Gives a Biscuit a ff College Education" 208 S. 4th Street Gadsden. Ala. 3if:::: ::::::::::::::::::::g :::: J-'fri F::::::::::::::x:x::::xxi7f xxx A: x: Cx xx? 1 . 1' I' Gadsden s Year-Round Toy Shop ,I . P 1' Quallty Laundry E1 11 0 1 1 ' Walthour Blc cle 4+ 1 It y I: and Cleaners , 1: and Toy Shop 3 1 :I I' PHONE 6215 ': 4, Corner 4th and Chestnut St. I, ,l 41 1, Gadsden, Alabama 1: 1: Phone 584 1: 1: 1, 4 4 1':::::::::::::::::::: ::::Tf :::: ::: ::: :::"7 1: Y r :E 1: ou can save money at . . . 1: Shop At 11 1, 1, :P 1, 1, 1, E. E. Forbes 8: Sons :E presleyvs Grocery 3, 1- Plano Co. 1, 4. 4, 1: For 1' " 536 B d S . , . ' ' If ma t Gadsden Ala 11 Choice Meats and " s ll M ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ma usxca ns ruments , . , if Phonograph Records 1: Fancy Groceries 1' 2: .F 1 L :::: :::::::::::::::::: :J :::: -::v A ':::: vm: amz :aff amz 1, 4, 4, 11 If II 1: 0 Q :P :V 5, City F mance CO. .I IN MEMOIR .I 5, :E To :E I 108 south sixth su-eef 1: fl 4' 1 1 4 ylll H Ye Orn 4' 1, Gadsden, Alabama 1: Ra 0 G g 5: 1 11 If 1, , 4, 1, .JA 6 ff 1 1 0 1 I Compliments ofk DeLUXE CAFE Gadsden, Alabamia f ---- ----AA-+-- - - EE Farmers Union ff Warehouse 6: Storage I' Company l 1 1 if S.A.C. Superior Fertilizers 1 P 1 11 Phone 604 1 1 lr - A A - :::::::::1::::::::- :v ::::::::::::::::: "' A CRES woon MEMORIAL f' I CEMETERY H L Business Office: fl .1 113 N. 4th Street ff ex -mmmxmi:mx::::::::x:e reeeee AAAA. f: 1 , Qf2E5gL"'li 1 , . COMPLIMEKTS or f"53i,1...z?' ' ' ' Eixg.. Sl s QROCERY STORE dadsden. Alalziama ,4- . NE l .,m4"'wP'mJ ,J - Q fQ"iT1't":f'z':f?i'i 7:11-41 ITTL -ii ............ ..... 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Suggestions in the Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) collection:

Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 26

1945, pg 26

Glencoe High School - Glen Memoir Yearbook (Glencoe, AL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 27

1945, pg 27

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