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.,' X, 1, I - X Q ' cr 'P ' "fn, ' rl QM fl V yf!3ojs'? X rw 5- r X , L, Ilyuj A .X X39 ww I qjjfi N iq W, M W - vw NX I r ff ' fm A . Af ' v Jigga 1i " ' ' W Q3 ,L r vf ILL f'V! 1 lm ,fr in Liijgflg U I Q n fmfwfgjilfjfifjw b ' m rr 0 r Q My I 4 as Db'jiVq'bJi0,!fyLVVj,f7X? , Q X s uf 1 r XA 1 SPP W fi fvuff Ge, QQ -GQ fcnfw . SEL ' If ff ogy 01 . C77 CIA ' 'N fy Ki ' 'fi' D Bonnie Armour Edir LL! 9 'W f 1dD'- 5 W d 5 d M ' Ed'+q?'P 'C I 5 M0 J r Ni 'fr S fm 'PS-Q Mqf wp I Qg . Margo N hg A 1 Pano, ZEIQQNWQ6 97 X113 V 'til ue f r S, 7L f QU Ni is-lBoj1.kSjn E + E21 Q Wwofxm N' W 0 - I. N Mrs. Joan ScoH Sl sor 8 56.1 y 5 ' Norman King Company Publnsher LA l l XO ' , Qaiyp 'I frm W A ' ' QQ vxeui CM ' wx? OW 'Q ' I I , A x . A X ' . xg. Qyyfz N K QAQxoAYxGf5 ,kogqxrlgvx . ,NILOLQ 'Eau 302 K j ' ' 583 Q KSN Om oxwxaxo XoClQ'OXH.NC2VX Sw XDQ ow Qxwo wgxx Mom 45 fwm '51 MX L5 'mos S WEB. Y ll-. - vvvx Q1 f E .o - - Table o ontents - - Z m X! A 1+ d ' X f J 1 f ' J o - ',! 5 F'liLSl+5CYC3oQ Tiff ii iiiij ig iiijifo I6 r o r r M on o C -, ,ooooooo .. ooooooooooozo. o , 32 Y . '55, fm X I lgx 3556? , r 1q A. f bllv , ii - ' J E X Juniors ,, . . , - ,A,,A,, . ,, Y,,. , , ,,,A 54 f V H. ,' r 5517 I fig ,J Sop omokes NN . 'vt ,,,..o,o., 63 ff I W W7 r X L. "x " '4 "f1"'!x we I S Fresm ,,,,,, 7 ,..,V,,,. 72 ' I , , r r ,X , . ,M g'gbS,.mmm fmmm m m mmmmmmmm m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,gg ,C ,- q Q c-- I W ' - c lvl les .,,, . A,,. , . . ,,,, ,N ,AA.,,,,,,,,,,, :wif -'A 0+ Q f . X Mm +' . o,,,,,o ,o,o,ooo,ooo , , . 154 Cgykg. j . GI i,'E1ksOu+ho ..o,o,o. ,I8 nw! 1 5 Q Y ,4 Q ll. idi AC+ivi+ieS .Y mm..,.......m,.mmm----m,-,mm-.Vmmmvmm :SKK ' f' .. Y Ll" X1 1 Q ' ,A,--,M---w-iYiiY ---r-iiiviiY-iiiP---Y Yiiiiiiri S ' I V f Q9 K in Xl Id ooooooooooooooooo ooooooo ooooooo ooooo Q , XX! Q I GLENBROGK IS R ii' K Away from fhe complexify of ci+y congeshon, sfands Glenbrook Norlh High School. The exfensive buildings localed al 2300 Shermer Road in Norlhbroolc have been imporfanf in The lives of many slrudenls. Today's sludenls make daily use of an ins'riJru'rion lhar has faken nine years lo complele. ln i953 GB became ia realilyq a realily which grew from endless hours of preparalion, organized planning, and devored labor by counrless hands. T BUILDINGS T2 WWW WM rw , .Mignon T W WZ C5lenbrook's noTorious "pneumonia pass" is inTilTraTed by warm SepTember sunshine. JJPAWHJA iQL'Lh,I,L f ' Aa QM J - -T ' - - 'gb CM 1M pgfiwggwmjpswwew-ffcwwkgprff PM of K 610491 ff-'flick' V VJ oi -4" Mi VWVM-MWWWV .Q WMATWU 1 -fO1A!y11fwl!f'-' jfW7J0k w UJWMN5 A Foundation 'For L Ja'?'f10YFiWgif5iTqgyg'y0,,ii1W,,iw EducaTion, The purpose oT The Glen- brook in 1953, is The obiecTive oT The GB oT l962: only The physical sTrucTure has ,QT ww Mwfj changed. ln i953 GB had one gym, a LiTTle TheaTer, one caTeTeria, a library, a general oTTice and half oT a second Tloor. There was no room 3I7, swimming pool, language lab or speech wing. ln l955, because oT in- creased enrollmenT', GB expanded Tor The TirsT Time. The second Tloor was compleTed and a science wing added. Rooms 4Ol and 402 were added Tor sTudy halls. Glenbrook was growing. ln l958, anoTher addiTion was needed To meeT The populaTion increase oT The com- muniTy. This addiTion almosT equalled The size oT The original sTrucTure in I953. The sTudenT acTiviTies cenTer, counseling wing, The maTh and Toreign language wing, The exTra gyms and locker rooms, a speech and music deparTmenT, a second caTeTeria and a swimming pool were added. Now, aTTer nine years, we have The Glenbrook oT l96l- Lf-LMY I W, Zfe. Q.. ie., 62. 1.3762 -6,1 I S 'rs udy Fgnand ' Sannon a s orridor: 5. Ken Holmes Mr. WalTer man sTop Talki e ac r MN Q2 mix 253. , GLENBRCDOK IS EDUCATION Glenbrook represenrs academic and social educaiion for ihe eniire communily. Besides being offered a varied curriculum, every slu- denl is inslrucled in swimming, and is encour- aged lo parricipale in The many cullural and social courses offered. More lhan 300 parlici- pare in Glenbroolcs nalionallv lcnown speech and dramalics aclivilies. The arl and home econ- omics deparrmenls provide a Thorough educa- lion for lulure economisls and arlisls. Those in- clined roward malh and languages find college level and seminar courses available. Fulure housewives, engineers, scienlisls, malhemalicians, millcmen, lawyers, secrelaries and iournalisls are offered an educalion wilh unlimiled lacililies lor advancemenl, By offer- ing recrealional and academic classes, GBE fine nighl school serves l55O Glenview and Norlhloroolc adulls - an allendance only SOO shorl ol The high school enrollmenl. Al' Glen- broolf educalion is all imporlanl. The knowledge of foods and nuirilion is one of The mos? viral assels in modern homemalcing. Pal' Evans, Leslie Erilcson and Joyeiia Essenpreis uses lhe lacilifies ol' GB's economic deparlmenl' fo masier The arf of cooking. Varied Curriculum Stimulates Learning Siudenls in Mr. l.ane's Third period drama class read The lines ol a play in lhe Lillie Thealer as parl ol: regu- lar class work. fy 3 '-W-M M. .- .. U ., , I - If A 1 V K ' Q fa .1 Sy gm, , nn fl QQX, .,......-..,,M...Q......,, . ----.....V-....,-,qu ' -W., ' ' . ,' ' ' A .-, ,, if f ' '--fi' . N' D l . 'uf k mmm 4-N., ' , 5 ...x M ? .mlfxl-f ' .-.. 1 3 1 W , nf W ' 7:6 ' K, , E 2:1 5 W ,JM 3 il' x.,. ,r , i, .f 2 , ' x Z A l y. W' , fn umm I Q-A ,V rf? d, 4 G ' ' 111 Alvml if ,Q r 4 L F A Q4 . W - Ax 5 ' Q iff , me A -Wk.-it 'Q 3 1 n 4 W, 3 , W, f M Pg ,nw 'Wh M, -. , mam, -1... Q43 ,. . 5, v,-k ,,,., I Q "VX-Rxggiz ' 3 fxikqf ,, fynth . MLM M.. . 'awww ' ,A ., .ii .M U I .....4n-v- .Uh .,,,,,L,,5 1 x . ., , . wr . Q " 1 -'v 1' ik, - pf. , I 'A A M'- GLENBROCDK IS SPIRIT UnIimiIed During a Safnrday affernoon game, I-Iead Varsii E th ' SPIRIT - Thai is Ihe inIangIbIe force Ihaf mo+iva+es every GB Sparran. The fiI+y cars decorafed wiih green and goId and IiIIed wiih cheering s+uden+s, Ihe packed srands a+ foo+baII and basIce+baII games, Ihe open-moufhed siudenis af The gymnas- Iic meeis as a GB ring-and-bar man ex- ecufes a peried rouiine and The sound of "Io Glenbrook I-Iigh we sing our praise" are all resulis of boundless spirit Bu+ spirir canno+ be confined Io a'rhIeIic evenis. Educahon ifsehc is mo'Iiva+ed by IhaI infangible force. A Ieacher inIeresIed in educ:aIing Ihe aduII' oi Ihe Iufure and a ' The spiriI' of 'Ihe 53-O Homecoming viciory over Wesi Leyden is seen in 'rhe faces of Ihese enfhusiasfic Sparians. ofball coach Wall Sherman, defensive coach Roberf Boyd and fhe GB defense walch an offensive drive sludenl equipped wilh a book and an open mind, ius+ as eager To absorb This educa- Jrion, are perlecl examples. Spiril enables lhe hard-worlcing Sparlan fo pass Jrhose murderous Jresls wilhoul chea+ing. Spiril gives 'rhal' exlra sparlc of enlhusiasm for improvemenl lo The sludenl' whose grades challenge gradua+ion plans. Thar molivaling, boundless force -- SPIRIT - walks wilh every sludenf. fighlrs wifh him 'lor viclory. comforls him in de- feat worlcs wi+h him for perfecfion, and prepares him for The fulure. Spiril' is Glen- broolcl Spiriled sfudenls do noi' have lo be in a loofball sladium or gymnasium. Spiri+ fo learn is shown by 'lhese enihusiasfic gournalisls. GLENBRQOK is ACTIVITIES The I96l Junior Prom, "Southern lnterlude", hosted both Yankees and Rebels: however, a friendly atmosphere pre- vailed throughout the night. Individual Pursuits Complement Education Activities Otter students tremendous op- portunities to broaden their high school ex- periences. At Glenbrook, individual pur- suits complement Aand cement education. The student is encouraged to participate in extra curricular sidelines to learn responsi- bility and win new triends. Many ditterent outlets are available so that many may pursue their tavorite activity with others who have similar interests. Activities vary trom Student Council and class board posi- tions to sports and coin collecting clubs. These "extras" prepare students tor college and later lite. Traclcmen Jim Woltt, John Corcoran, and Ted Jacob express that undying desire to win while practicing tor a sprint. 12 J x T5 I ? ml' F ,+P r ,yr V "W if In-1 5. 1. ""af- ' , ' .ha ww! M N M. , 41- "J, s.. We M., wg 5 l 'X my VW K ss. I 'Q BUT MCDST OF ALL We finally made ir!" shour gleeful seniors. ar rhe end of graduafion rehearsal. H--..... A Unified Student "We are Jrhe Sparlans - mighly, migh- Jry Spar'lans". ln lacl, ZI96 slrong. Glen- broolc would noi' exisr wirhour i+s srudenrs - young aclulls equipped lo learn and make a place for Glenbrook, a place in lhe lop 44 secondary schools in The nalion. The desire 'lo learn is a common lrair of GB sludenls. Jus? as every sludeni is similar in his purpose for educalion, each is unique in his guesr for learning. ln ihe arl deparl- menr, lurure arrisrs in painr-dauloed shirrs I96l grads Mary Belh Wirlemore, Befsy Nelson, and Barb De Lamoreaux will never forge? rhe senior float Ellen Weber, Powell Johnson, and Sieve Agnew wai+ 'lo receive rheir LACOIXHAN from Denise Howard and Kafhy Zaccard. eLENBRooK is STUDENTS And who said loclcer clean-up wasn'+ fun? Judy Fowler seems lo have sfepped on sornefhing of Roger Lumpp's as Pai Armour, Ann Caswell and Jeff Fowler wafch fo see who moves lirsf. Body creale maslerpieces. The music of a pianis+ can be heard from a praclice room. Mod- ern dancers leap gracefully around lhe Lillie Thealer while golfers cul up lhe lurl. A+ assemblies, sludenls parlicipale in slcils, preview plays or inlroduce Sludenl Council officers. GB slude-nfs wail or exull over grades, have Melrecal lunches, cheer af games, drive in car caravans, lallc by lheir lockers, ponder chess moves, burn hydrogen in chemislry, sludy, slrudy and have lun. Old as well as new faces are seen in fhe crowd wailing for fhe enlerlainmenl +o begin af fhe New Faces Dance. 16 Ai Glenbroolc, The faculfy members do more lhan leach. They are loyal Sparlans inside as well as oulside The classroom. Here Jrhey false lime from a busy schedule 'ro boosl spiril ai lhe Sepfember Loyalfy As- sembly. Miss Marian Gerlach leads Miss Carol Luensman, Dr. George Malcas, Miss Elhel l-larmeling, Miss Mary Agnes Barber, Miss Nancy Melcher, Mr. David Walker, Mr. Ole Oines and Mr. Harold Smilh. Glenbrook 'leachers are always willing lo sponsor organizalions, give exlra aca- demic: help lo Jrhose who need il' and To slop lo chal wilh sludenls. They allend exlracurricular evenls in ihe inleresl of Soarlan Spirili The lacully willingly serve all GB needs. FACULTV ADMINISTRATCDRS PREPARE FOR TWC Dr. Norman E. Wafson, Glenbrook l-ligh School Superinfendenf. The mosf oufsfanding Sparfan af Glen- brook l-ligh School is Dr. Norman E. Waf- son, Superinfendenf. The execufive officer of The Board of Educafion and School Dis- Tricf 225 of Norfhfield Township, Dr. Waf- son has lead The ever-increasing admini- sTraTion and faculfv in building, sfrengfhen- ing and expanding Glenbrook l-ligh Schools. Dr. Wafson is known as Mr. Glen- brook. CompeTenT adrninisTraTors co-ordinafe Teachers, sfaff, sTudenTs and acfivifies. As principals, Dr. Francis Trusfy and Dr. Syd- ney Salf are direcfly responsible for The organizafion and supervision of Glenbrook NorTh and Glenbrook Soufh, respecfively. New To Glenbrook This fall, Dr. Salf has corroboraTed wifh Dr. Trusfy on plans for our Two high school disfricf, which will be complefe in Sepfember, I962. The Glenbrook High School Board of Educafion meefs Twice monThly To handle The problems of Glenbrooks Norfh and Soufh. Seafed around The conference Table aT an evening meefing are Mrs. Florence Law, Dr. Francis Trusfy. Dr. Norman E. Wafson, Mr, Louis Thorson, Presidenft Mrs. Kafherine Kissel, and Mr. Laurence Cleland. Sfanding are Mr. Carl Jacobs, Mr Ken nefh Smifh, Secrefaryi Mr. William Lee, Vice Presiclenfi and Mr William Morgan. fs sJ LENBROOKS Mr. Wesley Bovinel, Assislanl Superin- lendenl, aids Dr. Walson in recruiling all Glenbrook personnel, and in developing lhe educalional curriculurn. As Business Manager, Mr. Kennelh Srnilh is concerned wilh all financial and legal lacels ol The Dislricl, including super- vision ol Glenbrook Soulh conslruclion and rnanagemenl ol: lhe adminislralive ollice. Glenbrook's Assislanl Principal is lvlr. George Slanger. Mr. Slanger manages lhe Glenbrook high school ollice and super- vises sludenl conducl. Direclor ol Sludenl Aclivilies al Glen- brook is lvlr. Thomas lvlonrgomery, l-le is responsible lor supervision of Sludenl Coun- cil, American Field Service and all social or fund raising proiecls. Dr. Francis Trusly and Dr. Sydney Sail, principals ol Glenbrooks hlorlh and Soulh, pause For a picfure while discussing plans 'For Their individual schools. 'Q of mgzsaus-1 ,.............-.---. Mr, Kennelh Srnilh, Business Manager, and Mr, Wesley Bovinel, As work in lhe high school olilice are Mr. Gecrge Slanger Assislanl Priropal Assislanl Superinlendenli sfudv Glenbrook Soulh blueprinls. and Mr. Thomas Monlgornery, Direclcr of Sludenl Aclivilies. , Sophomore class counselors, Mr. Jotin l-latclt and Mrs. Jeanne Kapoun, clwat tor a moment in the counseling ottice. Guidance Department Contributes to Success ot Glenbrook Classes Mr. Clittord Harralson and Miss Maude 1-Xrveson, Freslrimen class coun- selors, rnalce plans tor Frostt elections. Talking witti Dr. Louise Paine, Glenbrook college counselor are Senior class counselors, Mr. Robert Watt and Miss Betty Gugler, Counselors Miss Ruth Wilder, Mr. Richard Hewitt and class co- ordinator Mr. Ole Oines, supervising Junior class activities this year, discuss Prom plans. Members ot the Guidance Department, Mr. James Forlceotes, Pltyclwolo- gist: Mrs. Marlys Coelln, Social Worker: and Dr. Louis Karrnel, Director ot Testing pause tor a moment to relax in tlwe counseling corridor. Mr. Roberr Neuman, English: Miss Susan Smylral, English: Mrs. Joan Scorl, Journalism, Quill and Scroll Sponsor chal one morn- ing wilh Mr. William Miller, English, Helicon Sponsor. ,gu- I raw i fs iv .A Me TEACHERS ARRIVE EARLY TO BEGIN AN ACTIVE GB DAY Mr. George Sfanger, Assisfanr Principalg Mr, Ole Oines, Science, Junior Class Co-ordinafor: and Mr. John Boley, In- dusfrial Arls and Evening School Direcior arrive al Glen- brook in a car pool. F V- a ff . A 1 2fwl5'1+g,,?i,V A if ss' J Pausing in The norlh parking lor doorway are Mr. George Joseph, Business Educa- fion: Hr, Howard Helfrich, Boys' Physical Eclucaiion DeparlrnenlChairman1 Mr. Mar- shall Grani, Driver Educalion: Jerome Becwar, Science: Lawrence Howell, Marh- ernaiics. EFFICIENCY WITHIN INSURES SUBST Relaxing fogefher in a morning free period are members of lhe Music Deparlmeni, Miss Marian Gerlach, Deparlmenl' Chairman, Girls' Ensemble Sponsor: Mr. David Waller, Boys' Ensemble Sponsor: Mr. Harold Smifh, German Band Sponsor: and Dr. George Malras, Modern Music Masiers and WGBC Radio Sponsor. Foreign Language Teachers Mrs. Helen Wilson, Lalin Club Sponsor: Miss Barbara l-loldsheim, and Dr, Lydia Holm. Deparlmenf Chairman, Spanish Club Sponsor worlc lhe masier confrols in The language laboraiory. Induslrial Arls 'teachers Mr, Harry Schwaegerman, Mr. Slan- ley Kopielslli, Physical Educalion: Mr, John Reimer, Mr. John Boley, Mr. John Kilcullen. Mr. Laverne McMillion, Deparlmenl Deparlmeni Chairman al Glenbrook work direclly wirh +he principal while super- vising and evalualing Their course worlc in areas of Their curriculum. Nexl year, some ol 'rhese ieachers will assume posilions al Glenbroolc Soulh. iiciwlllf DEPARTMENTS KNTIAL CURRICULUM I ll Al work are Miss Margaref Bergman, Mr, Joseph Fielding, Mr. Daniel Owen, and Miss May Richards, Deparlrnenl Chairman, Mu Alpha Thela Co-Sponsor? all ol lhe Malhernalics Deparirnenl. Chairman: and Mr. Werner Bernhard inspecl a fool in fhe , melals shop. my A M , sw r ,gif 1 X wr'-'J Q-.wax rnysicai :oucarion Teachers Mr. Harold Sarnorian. Mr. Eugene Driver tducarion insfruclors Mr. Edward Balmer, Supervising Pholoqrapherg Mr. Saclceil, Mr. Richard Walker and Mr. Waller Sherman discuss lhe Cliflon Capp, Senior Class Co-odinaforq and Mr. William McBay slap lo fall a+hlelic schedule. wilh lheir Deparlmenl Chairman, Miss Margarei' Johnson. FACULTY RELAX AND PREPARE DURING MORNING FREE PERIODS Mr. Edward Aldridge, Glenbroolc Pool Guards Co-Sponsor: Miss Carol Luensman, Mr. Roberr Albrighf, Mr. John Leese and Miss Frances Evans, Acquanas Sponsor: all Physical Educalion Ieachers, discuss deparlmenl aclivilies. -- Sealed in Ihe library, Mrs, Eleanor Dedriclc, English: Mr. Alois Buell- mann, Foreign Languages, German Club Sponsor: Miss Jeanne Dahl, Business Educalion, Tycoons Sponsor discuss a Iranslalion, while Mrs. Judilh Wilson, English: Mr. Auslin Ridenour, Social Sfudies: and Mr. Ronald Kaulman, Social Sfudies, look on. A free period in The faculfy lounge is enioyed by Mr. Joseph Bauer, Science: Mr. Lionel LeBeau, Foreign Language, French .Club Co-Sponsor: Mr. John Murphy, English: Mr. Irving Sanders, Science: Mrs. Grace Gunn, Malhemaiics: Mrs. Eslella Ranck, Foreign Language: Mrs. Lillian Smilh, I-Iorne Economics Deparlmenl' Chairman: Miss Jane? Brown, I-Iorne Economics: and Mrs. Cecelia Corsiqlia, Mafhemafics, LUNCHTIME IS A WELCOME BREAK IN TEACHING ROUTINE Science Deparlrnenl members Mr. Sleyen Kuhisen, Mr, Leo Lealhers, Biology Club Sponsor, and Mr. Earl Younq, Deparlmenr Chairman, mee? in The lacully clininq room lor lunch. Mr. Darrell Lund, Social Slucliesi Mrs. Shirley Reba, Malhemaricst and Mr. Lawrence Howell, Mafhemalics, supervise a senior lunch room. Mr. Waller Ney, Physical Educafionz and Mrs. Bernadelfe Day, Malhemalicsq leave lhe dining room jus? as Mrs. William Luiz, Business Educafion and Alhlelic Direclor: and Mr. Willis Rademaclner, Business Edu- cafion, enfer. Page 26 Miss Efhel Harmeling, Business Educafion Deparlmenl Chairman: Mr. Kennefh Holmes, Social Sludies: Miss Virginia Salierlee, Physical Educafion: Mr. Paul Glalzer, Social Sludies: Miss Mary Barber, Social Sludies, Direclor of ln-Service Training: Miss Margaref Genlry, Business Educalion, Tycoons Co4Sponsor, discuss classroom experiences. f AFTERNQONS INCLUDE VARIED ACTIVITIES l f3iPiiQs:L Fgelsll-Lk-f 'Teo '3iouIQ,N AL' - 79 'I lgfbk Q1 l ffl ffl is I 61-rUx,g. ,T A G 1 r' fe 7 m W2 Talking befween classes are Mrs, Edna DesVoignes. English, Eulure Teachers of America Co-Sponsor: Miss Marfha Sfuclri, Social Sfudies, Fufure Teachers of America Co-Sponsor: Mr, John Glavin, Enqlish, Nalional l-lonor Socieiy Sponsor: Mr. lrving Edelman, Social Siudies: Mr. James Sauls, English: and Mrs. Ler-ora Schaefer, Mafhemaiics. Miss l-'lania Hozrninslri, Foreign Language, invesliqales flue greenliouse wiflw Mrs. Elizabeflw Hall, Science. Mr. Ralph Lane, Speech Arls, Drama Club and Tliespians Sponsor' Mrs, Geraldine Hoops, Business Eclucalion, Tycoons Co-Sponsor: and Miss Virginia l-lalwn. Social Sludies, rneei in flie lwall on flue wav ln flass. Mr.Josepl1 Bauer, Seiencez and Mrs, Eva Clare Olnlrneyef Gfrlg' Pnysical Edsza lion Deparlmenl' Clwairrnan, GJNA. Sperter Clneclc We a5ler'?on rna'l. INFORMAL CONVERSATICDN UNITES FACULTY Mr, Ellard Miller, Ari: Mr. Ronald Rank, Science, Ham Radio Sponsor: Mr. Arfhur Van Aman, Physical Educalion, Glenbrook Pool Guard Co-Sponsor: siand and Talk io Mrs. Shirley Reba, Mafhemalics, Mu Alpha Thela Co-Sponsor: Miss Florence Flaglund, Science: and Mr. Richard Peclr, English, www Mr. David Fleming, Socia' Siudies, ler, Physical Educafiong Mr. Richard l-less, Speech Arls, Drama Club, lish: and Mr. Curfis Croffy, English: pause for a rnomenl belween classes Mr. Roberr Boyd, Business Educalion. lnlrarnural Sponsor: Mr, James Waller, Foreign Language. Spanish Club Co-Sponsor: Mrs. Eleanor Lowrey, Foreign Language, Chaniicleers French Club Sponsor: Mrs, Joanne Fielding, Home Economics: and Mr. Joseph l-laiosl Social Sludies, Freshman Class Co-ordinaror, meer in 'lhe counseling wing hall. Senior Lounge Sponsor: Miss Elizai befh Banas, English: Miss Dawn Buf- Co-Sponsor: Mr. Brian l-lalpin, Eng- Mr. Donald l-loops, Audio-Visual, rallcs wifli Mrs. Mary Lou Ney Nurse Fufure Nurses Sponsor: Mr. Thomas Timmis, Speecli Correclionisrz and Miss Nancy Melclner, Physica Eclucarion. Vi Mr. David l-laqslrom, Social Srudies and Miss Ann Carswell, Social Sludies, char willm Mr. James Musiclw, Science, Sopliomore Class Co-ordinafor. Mr. Guido Clnigi, Arr Deparlmenf Chairman, Arr Club Sponsor: relaxes willi Mr. Ronald Ellierlon, Science: and Mr. Dwiglwi' Cob- lenlz, Mallnemafics. FACULTY CONTINUES WORKING AFTER SCHCDOL Mr, Roland De+ercling, Malhemalicsz Mr. Darrell Lund, Malhemaiics: Mrs. Jean Malcas, English: and Mr. Donald Van Dyke, Foreign Language, say goodby before leaving schoo'. Mrs, Virginia Kays, English: Dr. Charles Ruggles, English and Social Sfudies Chairman, Nalional Honor Sociefy Sponsor: and Mrs. M. Lois Wafson, English, prepare for cusfomers al The Nalional Honor Sociely Boolcsfore. Librarians Miss Rulh Emge, Gamma Bela Gamma Spon- sor and Mrs. lrmgard Graham mainlain an efficienf sysiem in fhe GB library. COMPETENT STAFFS MAINTAIN GLENBROOK The clerical sfaff in fhe high school counseling office: Mrs. Mariellen Murray, Dr. Trus+y's Secrefary: Mrs. Helen Harralson: Mrs. CaFol Valslcis, boolssfore: Mrs. Esfher Lufz, affendance: Mrs. Rufh Carlson: Mrs. Peggy Blass: Mrs. Doris Laffin, Dr. Paine's secrefary: Mrs. Frances Sfurfevanf, regisfrar: Mrs. E'izabefh Bennefhurn, Direcfor of Schedul- ing. The clerical sfaff in 'Phe disfricf adminisfrafive office: Mrs. Rosemary Klein, Dr. Wafson's secrefary: Mrs. Nancy Gor- don: Mrs. Gerry Deicovic: Mrs. Rufh Clavey, swifchboard: MrS. Elfriede Gunsaullus, Silldeni Acfivify Accounfst Mrs. Mary Landgren, Bookkeeper: and Mrs. Lillian Henderson, Mr. Srnifh's secrefary. Missing is Mrs. Esfher Anderson, public in- forrnafion. Row l. Edof Trorn, Rose McCowan, Kafhryn Goodwin, Leona Anclerfon, 'he mainfenance sfaff: sfanding, Joseph Geers, Tad Anflcowiclc, Frank Angel, Head Cook: Beulah Salisbury, Irene Leider, Rufh Vix, Ann Guh', Celia Ofsby, Ben Marioffi, Ed Breifzman, John Vix, Einar Johnson, Claude Wafson, Jack Helen Schulfz. Row 2. Fred Winsfon, Elaine Cox, Sophie Niclclaw, Rufh Piofrowiski, Ed Bochener, Joe Hillebrand. The second row: Herman Wiede- . Frosf, June Davidson, Anifa Olson, Cafe-leria Manager: Wilma Markelfe, man, John Kovalcilc, Mr. Kennefh Truelson, Deparfmenf Head: Joe Tollignoli, Eleanor Paqani, Margaref Kennedy, Florence Winsfon, Eileen Brown, June Herb Barfrnan, Julius Hoch, Hanlc Voss, MiSSiriqI Franlf Bdrlh. Milfe l"lOllD6fi. Grofh, lsabel McCrory, Shirley Fehrrnan, Maebell Collins. Absenf. Sue An- George Lorimer, George Blade, Frank Barron, Mrs. Rousseau. derson, Rosemary Mueller, Dorofhy Thorson, Viola Wemeffe. s 2 2 3 i 2 1 3 I Z 3 S C32 The members of The four Glenbrook classes backed by The faculiy and Dr. Francis M. Trusfy, Principal, combine ef- for+s +o produce an educafional afmosphere second fo none. Skafing in Norfhbrook wifh Dr. Trusfy are Freshman Doriie Marsh, Sophomore Joe Muhlke, Junior Sue Boaf- righr, and Senior Tim Shannon. l CLA9969 Tom Vosnos, Vice PresidenT Barb Murray, Treasurer Joe Baughman, PresidenT Pam ZariT, SecreTary GQNIOIZS Seniors oT '62 have Tond memories oT each oT Their Tour years aT Glenbrook. Being Treshmen meanT lniTiaTion Day, being guesTs aT The New Faces Dance and The TirsT Homecoming weekend. One oT The mosT imporTanT experiences Tor Them was The opporTuniTy To meeT new Triends Trom NorThbroolc and Glenview. WiTh The bond oT being True SparTans, The class- members held successTul elecTions and a Frosh parTy. Sophomore year broughT The TirsT Homecom- ing FloaT conTesT Tor The class. WiTh The help oT counselors, The Sophs successTully uniTed To win second place. ThaT year Sophomores invaded Driver EducaTion classes, graduaTed To evening TooTball games and congregaTed in large Division rooms. OuTsTanding in The Junior year was The l96l Prom. Nearly every class member worlced Tor ThaT memorable evening aT The EvanTson Women's Club. The Concessions worlcers and commiTTee Ti- nanced The evening, Junior Board members super- vised The plans, and The Prom' Co-chairmen and Their commiTTees cooperaTed To produce "SouTh- ern lnTerlude." ThaT year The class oT '62 won TirsT place in The FloaT conTesT. Being upperclass- men included sTrong JV aThleTics, new driver's licenses and ThoughTs oT college and careers. Finally, as seniors, These sTudenTs enioyed Their busiesT year. They were responsible Tor The New Faces Dance, STudenT Councils homecoming, "LeT IT Snow," The annual winTer Tormal, varsiTy SporTs, more examinaTions and college boards, Senior Lounge and The Prom. GraduaTion, l962, is The reward Tor Tour years of worlc aT Glenbrook: iT is The Threshold OT The challenging TuTure. The Senior class sTayed sTrongly uniTed Through The eT'TorTs of The Senior Board. Laying The ground worlc Tor The class acTiviTies were Tom Vosnos, Bill Rees, Jim Blaclc, Fred STewarT, Tom Greig, Joe Baughman, Binlc HylberT, Barb Murray, and Jaclc Nahigian. SENIORS REMEMBER YEARS AT GLENBROOK Judy Adams Srepha nie Adams Carole Aqnello Roberr Alamshah William Anclerron Andrew Appel Roberl' Arburhnoi' Hope Arenfz Bonnie Armour Barbara Armsirong Sharon Balrer Darrell Ba'mer Marian Barclay William Barclay Joseph Baughman Marlin Baumgarrner Gale Bea1'+y Linda Behrens Alana Benevenri James Benne+r Mr. Clifron Capp, Senior class co-ordinalor Barbara Benoodi Linda Benson Berf Besfor John Biederer Jim Black Marie Bolwn Sandy Bohn Scoii' Bollinq Bill Bonlwiverf Pele Bradbury Sue Bradford Jim Bradley Mike Brdecka Donna Brelos Ken Broede Roberfa Buchanan John Bucher Roberi' Bucher SENIORS ACCEPT AND Waller Bucher Daniel Burkemper Bonnie Bu?-L Judy Calkins Glenn Campbell MEET RESPONISIBILITIES Roberl Chrislensen Gerry Chrisfoph Pamela Chrisfy Jeff Carlson Richard Carlson Karen Ca rraff Ann Caswell Roberl Chandler Edward Cimaglio Gail Clark Susan Cleland Sharon Codey Sfephanie Colburn Jim Coll Mike Connelly Barbara Conslance Candy Copeland John Corcoran Roberl Corrus Jeff Coverl' Elaine Covone James Craig Jeff Cramer Sally Crofool Doug Crow Donna Cruilcslnanlt Nancy Currie Carole Cushman Marvin Danneil Sandra Darnell Carole David Jolnn Davis Randy Dean Jon Deeg Larry Deilclwer Dave Dellelf Dona'd Delfman Carol- Diclclwl' Annelle Dlugosz Donald Doorly Jolnn Dudyclwa Donna Dueno Bruce Duncan Donald Dunlcleberger Herman Dusfman Suanne Ealon Erlc Ebel William Edelsfein Sleven Eqemeier Dave Eicher Tom Elisius Carole Emerson Ralph Epen Donald Epperf Ronald Epperl' Carolyn Ericksen Jack Erickson Pal Evans Carole Everharl' Bealrice Fahrberge Roberf Farris John Ferguson Linda Ferguson Judiih Finlay Juclifh Fowler William Frick Nickie Fromm Helen Fuchs Virginia Galen Miriam Garcia Dixie Garver Susan Gregg Thomas Greig Jim George Roberl' Gessler Palricia Groen Barbara Grumbeck Craig Gieler James Gilmore Donna Gloss Jerry Gocllewslci Barbara Gullborg Gail Gullilcsen Doris Gorsica Roberl Gould Riclward Gunn Helga Haclcenberg Frederick Graf Dennis Gran? Karen Haelsig John Hall William Hall Gerald Greaves Karyn Greenberg WITH THE SUCCESS Susan Handy Susan Hanicln Holly Hanscom fxnrlwony Harper Holly Haserol' Carol Hansen Jean Hansen Tina Hard? Pamela Hayes James Healy OF THE SENIOR LOUNGE Kennellw Hedeen Rullw Hee-ren Tlwe Senior Lounge Cornmlllee meer weelcly 'lo discuss plans and ways lo make flwfs yeans lounge successful. Sealed are Judy Preeves, Bob Lelder Nancy Cxrle, Judy Fowler, Gary Wodder, aacl Navy MacDcle. Sfardlng are Fred Nelson. Don Epperl. Blnk Hylberi ard Don Orlaneyer. Larry Heinemann Richard Heinz Palrricia Herberl Troy Hibbard Bonnie Hibben Viclor Hill Ro er Hinlerlhuer Q Donald Hoaqlund Randall Hoellen THE CAPTURING OF For The second year in a row, 'rhe class of '62 won The Homecoming floal iro- phy. This year, The floal 'rifle was "lg- Knighl 'Em." Especially proud of ihe vicfory were Jack Meng, Tim Shannon, Marilyn Hogan Terry Hogan Rose Hollander James Hoolcanson Caiherine Hopkins Milce Huber Lionel Hyde Paul Hylberl Ted Jacob Donald Jakubili Linda Janicek Phil lsensee THE FLOAT TRGPHY John Janes Donald Jaques Thomas Joerger Wi'liam Johnson Ronald Johnslon Douglas Jones Sharon Jones William Jones Bob Leider, Sandy Darnell, Bruce Dun- can, Barb Murray, Tom Vosnos, Al Prid- dy and Pam Chrisiy. All were members of fhe lloaf commillee. Judy Kallenherq Louise Kampl' Carol Kanfecki Roberf Kemp Louise Kinsey Sandra Kirkby Linda Klafl' Barbara Klingler Barbara Knox Karen Kobush Daniel Koe'per Rulh Kuchel Douglas Kafka W W V?'?.fsg sl Seq, QW' 'ww my W? iiizii i: I I :I I i n My ,a w ------ i . L , N'2Qga:12 1- 4 i'E2-'2gjj'EE1,:,"i:,IgEE:'5.fjE5 saw Y 2 K 'sw-E g , -r if ' 'f-1 - ' ' ' 42" We-A ' "" sxfij - ' K A--vp 2"'--ur UTe Nischwilz of Saarburbrueclcen, Germany and Miriam Garcia of San Jose, CosTa Rica, enioying a TavoriTe American snack, were Two foreign exchange students This year. ThroughouT The year, Glen! brook sTudenTs shared many wonderful Times wiTh UTe and Miriam. 5 or ' M9042 ' FQ RM' 995 is Tiki iaaglgs Wi x51'E1fI'fI5FI5E.fEEEIlIl'Ef1Ef':i'E:: "I'l?HG5:aE-45fE:l5E':E2:I1.I5E55-fi?-fffi'-553'Ei53525'E555Ei5:-5ii:ZEEEI'EI'fIII-Il SES 5-Szsziew iiwmaimmzz -- :::-: 2: :s: .::sf:ef:- H H - T' 1 mmf zzfiwv is I- ze. -5. 15: -1: i : -V -r-r- M33 limi . if ., - ' U he if gigfgamqa - .mfigzegze ' ' i 2271: vgimigii r ' , N i f :,' ' S- ' .gsff -"2 , ---'-"-' 5: ,S Megan-X652 -V: 5 Q El ag '3 Q , 2 f will " ,Q AEK , fl gi' Jah X K Q5 T' Bob Leider' Rick Lenon Irene Levin Susan Liesveld AND FURTHERING THE PeTer Kuhlmann Nancy Kurelc Carolyn Kwielford Carol Lindgren Lee LindquisT Dave Laidley Eugene LannerT Dennis Lavery STe-phaniei Lines Clif LiTer CourTney Lecherl' William LechTenberg Mary Lee Lefaiver John Livermore Richard Loclce Jim Macafee Sam MacBain Lesler Mach Richard Lokun David Longslail: Michael Mackie Judy MacPherson Henry Magnuslci Paulelfe Lovas Liz Love OF THE EXCHANGE PROGRAM Dennis Maihaclc Holly .Malin Michael Melina Jill Lovgren Roger Lumpp Donald Mann Sleven Manning Roberl' Marek Eileen Lund Sfeven Lundberg i 0 Roberl' Marlcelle Dixie Mars Margie Marsh Penny Lynch Nancy MacDole ,.,,., ,, ,..,. ., if ,ew 3-ylfygv M Q W'f11t:iL212sS12s?g-Q qi viii ' li vm J" x 8 'S 'Ei :wa . rs? ..,. :QE 5 K ggi sm lege m f.- ,fr l ' 'H ,- H, 3 A 2: - 1: H .. I Q .. :Q .,,. - A -f ' 'i -K.: , ' 'f n , I f ,'i5ri',I ' wfaiiigg 1 .E I Q'W""1'6i ,. Lynne Maslrogany Dean Ma'Hl1eis Joyce McCanless Jeanne Melz Ken Middlelon Gerald McCormick Judy McCowan Tom Mclzaul Jim Mindling Palricia Miniler CLASS WORKS HARD Sandra Mclnlosli Sharon McNeill Lynne Mc:Nown Donna Mislcell Nancie Milclwell Wesley McWe+l1y Bill Mellon Derrick Melzer Susan Milclwell Raymond Mompier Jack Meng Linda Merrill Kaflwy Messina Jerry Morgan Gary Morris Richard Morris Vicior Moiosaka Bruce Mueller Erich Mueller TO FACE NEW HGRIZONS Clair Nelson Fred Nelson Nancy Nelson David Mundhenk Linda Murphy Roger Newberry Sharon Newman Judy Nielson Barb Murray Jack Nahigian Ule Nischwifz Ken Norris Donald Ohlmeyer John Neal Sandra Nehmzow While having lunch, Seniors relax wifh Their friends and discuss The lalesl evenls 3155 M A i ii' Z ii,i-.r 1 '2:- '-" M wil' ' Wigan Roberl' Oleson Candy Oliver Leon Olsen Sharon Ormsby Claudia Palmer Karen Panlle Roberl Palha Cheryl Paul Susan Peake Lloyd Penfold Tom Perkins Raymond Pefrinqer Dennis Piefrzak Roberf Pohl Jeffrey Pollock Roberl' Pond Susan Poole Slanley Polash Michael Preuslcer Judy Preves Alan Priddy David Probs+ Doug Rader Toni Relcowslci Nancy Ramsfack Sharon Randall Vicloria Randall Jane? Rank Lucy Reardon Bill Rees Dean Reich Sandra Rice Judy Richarz Eileen Risinger Belsy Robbins Chad Roberfshaw David Roeder lrvin Roller Marcia Romsled Sleven Rosley Judy Rowe Lyn Rowe Mary Rupprechi' Penney Russell Mariorie Salvalo Wayne Sanders Wendy Sands T8 Ronald Schammeri' College is now close al hand for Seniors. Among ihose who lake advan+age of fhe College Library are Buich Hyde, Linda Merrill, Jim Spaizek, and Sue Peake. Seniors welcomed fhe opporfuniiy +o explore pamphleis and bulleiins from various universifies and colleges. Donna Schmadebeclc Cherrie Scheaifer Randy Scheifer Al Schreiber Charles Schuii Carolyn Schulii Charles Schuman William Schwab Terry Selzer Tim Shannon Gerry Shappell Jane Simpson Dave Sims Virginia Sloai James Spalzek Joan Spi+zer VOCATIONS Gay Sfarfzman Hedi Sfeffen Georqe S+einme1'z Donald Sfeur , i Caro' Ta rzy Dennis Taylor Linda Teqfman Linne Thomas AND COLLEGES BECKON SENIORS Fred Siewarf Tom Sfiebler David Sfimpson Rifa Sfreicher Diane Sfurm Linda S+ur+evan+ Lucy Thompson Barbara Thorse John Thorpe Tom Thorpe Vickie Torroll Kafhy Trainor SENIORS NOW Marjean Troik Terry Tu rgeon Kafhy Twisf Judy Underwood Sue Underwood Mike Wesl- Craiq While Sue Van Tuin Jim Van Zandr Roger Verany Ned VVhiie Richard Whilfinghill Vernon Viciorson Dick Vininq Pafricia Vollmar Charles Widiclc Joanne Wilhelm Tom Vosnos Anile Ward Dianne Ward Allen Willoughby Donna Winkelman Rosemary Weelcs Susan Wehrheim Peggy Wendrow Gary WiH'e Garry Wodder AWAIT FUTURE CHALLENGE wx,-Mg 7 s E2 .. ,, Lore'Ha Zorn Krisfin Zum Bahlen Pam Chrisfy, Don Hoagland, Candy Copeland, Candy Oliver Donna Gloss, Bill Bonhiverl, Bob Leider, Ken Broede and Sandy Darnell +alre lheif las? sfeps af Glenbrook before gradualion. Gradualion brings new adveniures and new challenges lo meel. Janel' Wolfe Carla Wolferl Jim Wolff Irene Wrzala Dorolhy Young Marc Young Kafhy Zaccard Pefe Zappa Pamela Zaril Camera Shy: Ronald Allen Earl Cleal William Coulon Jerome Darche James Dremann Joan Dunshee John Gafhercoal Ken Johnson Florence Keafing Pafriclc Mafhews Roscoe Redding John Rowe Bob Rufeclci Roberf Teschner s...,v 3 9 y, n if H f fi X , ..,., Q, if 'T me J. 9. X . 1 nfl 'l X 1 il.-V, Ihll. , J ' F' 5 - vw, X, ., i 1 L X TW' E' , T . E '-., Nz f' 1 X. . 54. , ,L k .Y ,. L . , i Y. fi. 1, i X Q 1 Y. A ww .fj4:.'Mik5.f1Ionry,- pFesidrenT: fgqely Aldrin, secreTary Laurie l-luTchensen, Treasurer: l-lank Loehr, vice presidenT .J u Nl :ze 'TTT' The Class oT '63 has shown enThusiasTic spiriT and inexhausTalole energy in all iTs eTTorTs. lTs con- cenTraTed drive in operaTing The concessions sTand produced record breaking sales which Tinanced a wonderTully successTul prom. The class's green and gold "l've goT IT" buTTons syngibolize The spiriT which is reTlecTed in all oT The individual and class proiecTs, This same spiriT pro- duced successive wins in The "Ugly Man ConTesT" and champion aThleTic Teams. G Preparing research papers, Taking preliminary college looard exarninaTions and planning Tor The TuTure are imporTanT acTiviTies. Junior aThleTes, dramaTisTs, iournalisTs, arTisTs, scienTisTs, musicians, maThemaTicians and linguisTs are represenTed on The honor roll each guarTer as well as in The honor socieTies. , WiTh sTrong class uniTy, conTinued cooperaTion and spiriTed ambiTion, The Class oT '63 looks Torward To accepTing senior responsil3iliTies and leadership nexT year. A The Junior Board RepresenTaTives meeT Twice a week To plan class acTiviTies. FrcnT Row: Joey Aldrin, Jane Edgren, Bonnie SuTTon, Tl.aurie l-TuTchinsen. Back Row: Hank Loehr, BerT Weber, Ted GilsTer, Linda Royer, Judy KnighT, Frank WOITT, Don Shepherd and Mike Tonry. Bob Fairclough. i T ,. R - . . V , -x . A sic. Franlc Agnello, Pal' Albano, Joey Aldrin. Loal Allen, Bob Alsaker, Jim Allschuler, Doug Anderson, Tom Anderson. John Anelsberger, Brad Anker, Bill Arfwohl, Warren Askin, Fred Axel- son, Karen Axline, Roberl Ayres, Marcia Bachleda. Janel Bailey. Bob Baker, Dick Bald- win, Bob Barclay, Bob Barnefield, Charles Barnelf, Diane Barzano, Joe Bauers. Carler Beaffy, Jim Beaudoin, Roger Beclrwilh, Gary Bemm, Ari' Bena- vides, Peqqy Benlley, Joane Ben- ziger, Sue Berg. Paul Bergdahl, Allen Belfermann, Sieve Bezdlc, Ron Bianco, Bernf Birlcenes, Neil Blafchford, Sue Boar- righl, Tim Bohlander. Gary Boldf, Jim Bolen, Clarence Bonin, Georgia Bornhofl, Joyce Borre, Donna Bowden, Cheri Box- Ford, Barbara Brandt Pal Brandi, Pal' Brennan, Carol Broan, Pele Brown, Jeff Browne, Kafhe Bruno, Barb Bruns. Caro' Buc- celli. Louis Buccelli, Fred Buegel, Sue Buehling, Jeff Burhop, Chrisline Bur- lon, Judy Bufler, Gerald Bufow, Louise Caminili. Mary Canale, Paul Canlrell, Nancy Carlson, Bob Carlslrand, George Carpin, Mike Cavanaugh, Bill Charn- bers, Tom Champion. Bill Chaney, Judy Chrisliansen, Dave Church, John Claybourn, Kay Clay- +on, Pamela, aCly+on, John Coffey. Lois Colby. A -:'a:,,:: -..-- - Q . ,,,. -.Q , We 4 A 1 , J :., 1 " ' W 152525 ' mi r 7 i 'S i 2, ill? il i i? I -Fifi.,-.. rizili' lf,-05, 1 E'-Qi yuh j.g we J :,.,, ::. E.: :"5 .1 .,',.. 5 W is ? :isf:2::2,iIa::I's5-aw. 1 I , ..,... fr, . .N fi , g M , ' W " . rw Gf M V ,,. . we ig, 1: - ,rf x f 1? .- W- -zf -is A I F ' 411 .1 1 ish --J -- f' rw ' . " zii: f K r , 41, +5 4 QW 35 4- X 3 1-ff:5i,E3f3 My is N E' , 5 re ,"' viii' lr . 4 b 'ia " , Q 4? 'H More lhan concession ques, Lois ond Row: Fron+ Row: lOO members of 'lhe class worked The sfand lo earn profils for 'rhe prom. Jane Edqren, Judy Knight Alice Mar- Youngdahl and Kalhy McGreevy. Sec- Back Koepke, Claire Faunfleroy, Char- lolle Spink, Kay Claylon, Marilyn Kays, Kalhy Roshkind, Judy Tresslar and Teri Schieman. Third Row: Carol Johnson, Jon Meigs, Jeff Burhop, Tom Laipply, Bill Henderson, Vicki Varner, Karen Thorsen, and Joan Tillon. Back Row: Don Shep- herd, Bonnie Sullon and Berr Weber, CONCESSIONS CHALLENGES CLASS COOPERATICN Jim Coleman, Peler Collier, Suzefle Collins, Bruce Converse, Gary Cooke, Sieve Cooke, Sue Corn, Bob Cassavella. Lynne Crawford, Paulell Creyke, Sally Cruikshank, Cecile Crum, Ja- nice Crusoe, Chris Cudek, Chris Dahm, Warren Dallon. Warren Damaske, Frank Danneil, Wendy Daus, Laurel Day, Mary De- Frenza, Vici DeLuca, Wendy De- Zurrer, Paul Decker. Gary Deubler, Bob Diesch, Joan Doering, Gracy Doyharzabal, Carol Dreilus, Dick Drill, Parn Druehl, Jill Duffy. Warren Duncan, Jane Edqren, Ro- berla Elderl, Jean Emerson, Ed En- erson, Mary Enqebrerson, John Eng- srromq Leslie Erikson. Bruce Erler, Joyefra Essenpreis, Bob Fairclough, Claire Faunlleroy, John Fechf, Frank Fenneman, Torn Fenne- man, John Ferguson. FW Q Q. ' 'Im' X 9 I -x as were y, ,ur- - in . ,- J Xk,4. ': M" i" ' - 7 ' Q Q' Q1 W Xl -rx:-wr if 1 Q fe M, as 5 I rf, X, M ,sie ererrs,s ig- 1, 3 X 11 i -'W' ll is 1- ' r ' G ' F' -, gg ,,, I , ' 5,231 ' F - , M. ,A Li- W' gf, ,.., Q3 .V - ,. -:V - UNJ Q. . BA 5.1, nj ' Q - A I 'Z - -V 1 ,.,. :ff-1-: , V A Q 1 Tom Ferguson, Bob Filpi. Pam Finch, Torn Founfaine, Donna Fowler, Barb French, Birgil Freese. Sue Fry. Joanne Fullon, Brian Gardner, Lynne Gersdorf, Joyce Gefzoff, Beverly Gibbs, Vicki Gibbs, Doug Gibson, Pam Gillogly. Tad Gilsler, John Gloor, Vicki God- lewslci, Joe Goergen, Marcia Gra- ham, Sandra Graham, Donna Grenf, Tom Granl. John Grass, Marilyn Greenfield, Dan Greenwood, Warren Grofh, Sieve Guerranr, Richard Gulliksen, Ken Gunderson, Sleve Gunn. Xgtyf- John Gunlher, Jack Halferkamp, Gayle Halranen, Richard Hall, Lynn Hallelr, Margarel Hanipel. Karen Hannibal, Susan Hanson. Bill Harris, April Harlmann, Kalhy Hallon, Ray Hayhurs+,fPa+ Heid- man, Daryl Heirmann, Bil' Hender- son, Karen Hess. COMBINED EFFGRTS PRGDUCE PROM Prom co-chairmen Georqi Jones and Bill Hen- derson organize lhe prom and coordinale 'the prom commillees. .,,,-M-Qwq Concessions Slancl co-managers Bonny Suilon and organize lhe class members lo work alrer school. Don Shepherd operafe lhe sland and JUNIORS WORK DILIGENTLY - , .wiwiti .4 iiieliziiriw 2' M ff 3 15533 -' 3 4 will W , 1 A' A J i iiffr '5 s :Ea 2 12 33415 args + 1 ,k V , ,,., , ,. .,.:... ,, ,,.,.., ,..,... . Q X it Y , W w 'F :wig ' fs me Bi 1 I , z N if S x , ESF 3 s 95 :E -.A Q Elf? M ' 9 ,.., jisigiae iw - 'fl-E :. 'Ei - Els 'i':fiif'IEIIg.'I'fI ::'i' TN f -2.25-ii.:: E:': ii if F ,f 12 '- .-v .1 .?::":E .I 3:5I:5:'E- - 5.5.22-::E!' I f' ' r - sw ,f . ' ' sa gs- - is 517-322252 -V. ,xy-, . M. A . . , ' I 2' s ir ' " . if f .FN QSM' ,if 'Lil 5 ' ':I" .. 1,5 V- - ' En, - . ..,.. - F fi " 5 lx 4 .v W 4 ss 4 We V jliggiis w gig? Q' s, siggixiiii l is se ii E . as lg W' , ., ,y.g., :. wig 3, Un. .... 4' 7 ig, John Hellerick, PaHy Hibbard, Woody Higgins, Ronny Hill, Bob Hill, Roland Hillas, Jack Hills, Mary Hoclcemeyer. Jim Hoffman, Jaclc Hogan, Chuclc Holden, Diane Holder, Robin Hold- er, Ken Holm, Bill Holmslrom, Pam Holyoke. Sig l-lommeland, Ed Hoolehan, Jim Hoover, Laurie Hufchinson, Sandi lsraelian, Cheryl Ives, Tom Jalcubilc, Dave Janczalt. Bonnie Jensen, Sue Johansen, Leslie John, Carol Johnson, Gail Johnson, Kallwy Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Georgi Jones. Sally Jones, Tom Jorgensen, Lee Judd, Fred Jung, Bonnie Kassel, Jack Kafchem, Marilyn Kays, Vir- ginia Keys. Bob Kel'y, Sandra Kelsey, Bill Ken- dall, Nancy Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Judy Keulh, Fred Kiebler, John Killam. Roberl Klein, Linda Kline, George Klumb, Judy Knighf, Leslie Knighl, Don Knoll, Barb Koeplce, Jane Konen. Shirley Konlcey, Bill Krueger, Waller Kunslmann, Tom Laipply, Sue Lam- bert Jim Lang, Sharon Larsen, Pal' Lass. Denny Laughlin, Bob Laymon, Barb LeFevre, Rod Lechwar, Ron Lehner, Mill' Lemlce, Sherm Levin, Donna Lindslrom. George Liska, Henry Lisowslci, Diana Lilz, Cheryl Lockell, Hank Loehr, Mark Lough, Bill Lowe, Jim Luens- man. PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE Checking The college represenlafives Bob Barnefield, Karen Burmeisfer, Cheryl Ives and Bob Fairclough. Represenlafives from colleges all over the counlry come fo Glenbrook lo speak To iuniors and seniors. calendar are Larry Lundberg, Jill MacKinnon, Rober? Malik, Cheryl Maloney, Vic- kie Manning, Alice Marques, Don Marshall, Mar- ian Malchell, Pam Malella, Oni Malhews. 1 Y N is :.- 5: . :- '.-' V' sf: , , Q f ' ' ,f f .' :xf5':a:ss.:3s:EV vii: e ,gp 'Six ,, S 1.233 'HW i Q f -Q 1 5 Es? 1.75 gr' x i ,Q k h i , J , 5 ' T Q re Terry Malhson. Donna Mariner, Ron Mawson, Bill McCarl'hy, Tom Mc- Clure, John McFadzean, Dick Mc- Farland, Kalhy McGreevy, Barb Mc- Hugh. Rick Mclllece, Elizaberh McKee, William McLenahan, Jon Meigs, Carol Melzer, Don Menclro, Vicki Meucci. Terry Michaels. John Middlebrook, Paul Miles, Greg Mi'ler, George Moifelr, Richard Moore, George Moredock, John Morris, Marcy Morrison. Maureen Morrison, Susan Moss. Chris Mueller, Marilyn Mueller, Pam Mullin, Mike Nagel, Margo Nahi- gian, Chris Naiork. Peqi Nash, Arlene Nelson, Gene Nelson, Linda Nelson, Jean New- berry, JoEllen Nicoll, Wayne Nor- berg, Bill Norgari. A. F. S. FINALISTS DREAM OF FOREIGN LANDS Semi-Finalisls in lhe American Field Service ex- change sludenl program, Bonnie Sullon, l-lanlc Loehr, Sue Johansen and Margo Nahiqian hope lo be selecfed lo go abroad. Mary Norman, Jennifer Norris, Kalhi O'Donnell, Jim Olinslci, Hank Olson, Leonard Olson, Jean O'Mal- ley, Karen O'Neill. ,E.,..,.f Barb Pafume, Doafsy Peifer, John Perkins, Doug Pelersen, Sue Perer- sen, Tom Pelersen, Bonnie Plingslen, Sandra Pollard. . , ?QZi'?Ef35 Y5 Q.'?W2nE'1SRSZiz Pal' Porfh, Corinne Praschan, Ellan Primus, John Purnphrey, Sybil Rader, Eileen Ralf, Ginny Rand. Sue Rea- gan. Nan Reariclc, Bob Rearick, Wally Reebie, Carol Reed, Sue Rho+on, Kalhy Rich, Jim Richards, Tom Richards. Jerry Richler, Ron Ridenour, Denny Ridoul, Ray Rinaldi, Dave Roloerf- shaw, Lee Robison, Leroy Rohleder, Adam Romeiser. Judy Rose, Marsha Rosenfeld, Karhy Roshlcind, Sieve Ross, Bruce Rossini, Bruce Rolhermel, Enid Roura, Linda Royer. Russ Rupp, Alan Russell, Linda Rule ledqe, Dale Ryser, Elaine Sailsbury, Jack Sauder, Ann Saville, Karen Schaefer. f Q 'K 141 if 'Jr A jj 2 +x an V' . azz.. .. Q c. . Pi ir 3 . 1 aw ' J mwah,-I RINGS IDENTIFY CLASS OF X63 few ,B filiiiii rii ' " 'SK . ., 1- 5?TL ig ' f V"- 1 f iflfilf ' 7 I 'J f ' .... u ..., .: .... I -' .... . Teri Schieman, Sleve Schiffman, Dale Sch- madebeclc. Chuclc Schoewe, Lina da Schram, Ron Schreiner. Fred Schroeder, Sue Schroeder, Sharon Schullz. N, gn. NGN re Sue Moss, Nan Reariclc, Pam Finch. Bucky Wiese. Bill Arlwohl SQ L i 5 Ken Schullz, Rulh HEI. t 'E 'a F K :lf I- ' , .JN ii Q A E Sclwae Linda Sed- Sewing fines 6 E' ,, 'Er' 25' lali- and Dave Rolaerlshaw. a ..... , . 5, P. . , Qbq ::. f a Q, " J ,ii akin i , rw K x if ' 52 if v ,.... W. .. I ,Q .,,, 1 I i"'-x,33'i 5gggyhgM.'.,.af1?-BS?,?fEH:v ii?wf4gi1e,f ' ,Eg 4 255:52 .f5',Ij,.Q,g5 I iff 'ffi ,.., I . ' ,.,, : :Q ' ii-QI' ,3 . in ,..,.. - - f It ig - '11 ,.., :V -.Fab 5 i 3 I , V' I l I .4 Al A Belsy Sedlalr, Karen Senew, Ervin Shaw. Don Shepherd, Donna Shuclc. Glenn Sibley, Mary Siler. Barb Simpson, "I Sherry Sims, Doug Sinclair, Carol Slcelly, Paul Slauqhler, Maroarel' Slelfeland, Donna Sue Smilh, Jane-+ Smilh, Richard B. Smifh. Richard R. Smilh, Bob Snyder, TerrY Somerville, Charlolle Spinlc. Jan Springman, Greq Slaqelnerq, Sandy Slarlc, Nancy Sleerup. Fred Sleiner, Molly Sleilz, Viclci Slemlaridqe, Nancy Slenson, Ed Sfern, Jean Slromlserq, Roger Slruss. Jim Sfuarl. Cari Sudalcoll, Larry Sugar, Bonnie Sullori, Marcia Swearinqen, Herb Tannerl, Jim Tauber, Barb Taylor. Gary Thorna, Don Thomas, Karen Thorsen, Joan Tillon. Slan Tomandl, Milne Tonry, Frank Toussainl. Carol Tremel, Judy Tresslar. THE JUNIOR CLASS HAS GOT HIT" M. Enfhusiaslic evidence of fhe spirif fhaf fheir class has, The Juniors cheer for a Sparfan baskefball vicfory. .- : sr ,... .5., is-.-:-: ..... M 529 'Zigi galil. 5 . ggi 4 sf ff W K , 1 if st: 4 ff? if Y Juniors noi picfured: Don Alfieri, Phillip Boyyn, Karen Burmeisfer, Jim Chmelik, Randy Geisf, Doug Howard, Sherry Jacobsen, Carl Junge, Janis Knock, Marcia Malo, Bill McCari'hy, John Mecher, Ben Morgan, Gil Mueller, Emer- son Mulford, Carolyn Phillips, Paul Riedl, Bruce Roberson, Glenn Sandbeck, Cherie Schaffer, June Schi'ling, Roy Schmadebeck, Judy Schneider, Vic Sirovy, Doug Sfurm. 4 Bill Tribble, lvadell Tupy, Penny Tyson, V a I e r i e Valenfine, Nancy Van Damme, Hank Van Goerhen, Chuck Van Hyningf Vickie Varner. Joe Vasile, Richard Vix, Vivian Vodicka, Mike Wahrer, Terry Walsh, Sally Ward. Bill Wasik, Beri' Weber, Norman Weber. Mary Sue Wedl, Jim Weidner, Buddy Weinsfock, Bob Welsch, Nancy Wenk, Robin Whife, Sue Whife, Nancy Wickersheim, Wil- liam Wiese. Lynne Wild, Toni Willi, Beffy Williams. Brian Williams, Dale Williams, Donna Wil- loughby, Pam Wil's, Tobi Wilson, Barb Winfrey. Carol Winfrey, Bob Wiffer, Frank Wolff, Lois Younqdahl, Jean Zack, Greg Zafros, Don Zdenahlik, Jim Zeivel, Garner Zef- ferlund. l Craig Fochler, vice presidenl' and Judy Layman, Treasurer. T.-fu-v fi M, Sue ForT, secreTary and Dick Rees, president GO PHO MORQG Sophomores gain new experience in driver educaTion. Their second year aT many Tields. They read Julius Caesar, Glenbrook also holds many TirsT ex- lvanhoe and Tale of Two CiTies. They periences Tor Them. IT is The TirsT year enroll in such courses as geomeTry and ThaT They as a whole class selecT Their 5TudenT Council represenTaTives and TraTTic courT iudge: and iT is The TirsT year ThaT They are in large divisions. The class oT i964 has meT several challenges wiTh uniTy and a sense OT duTv. Proving geomeTry Theorems and driving The SparTan charioT in driver educaTion are Two opporTuniTies ThaT are oTTered To many sophomores. For The TirsT Time, sophomores are given The responsibiliTy oT being hall moni- Tors. AccepTing The challenge oT main- Taining Glenbroolcs Tine aThleTic rec- ord, The sophomore cross counTry and TooTball Teams earned TirsT place in The lnTerim conTerence. The soph gridders were undeTeaTed. Planning The class parTy in April and building The Third place TloaT, "Make Them See STars," are pleasanT memo- ries oT The class OT I964. Aspiring ac- Tors and acTresses displayed Their Tal- enTs in The Drama Club workshop pro- ducTion oT "Huckleberry Finnl' in which many sophomores had lead roles. The class Tinds ThaT They are no longer Treshmen and alThough They enioy Their sophomore year, They look Torward wiTh exciTemenT To Their nexT year as iuniors when They will again Tind new adven- Tures. 63 Froni' Row: Sharon I-Ienkel, Susan Aldridge, lvlarsha Bulzow, Susan Ferrarini, Diane Abboil, Janice Grurnbeck, Jean Difh- mar, Judy Daab. Second Row: Sieve Covert David Gilmarlin, Craig Fochler, Kaaren Coloroso, Rudy Bussiager, Jim Ball, Calhy Genlry, Carol Eich, Sharon Benesh. Back Row: Don Angelico, Bill Graves, John I-Iall, Tim DeVries, Bill Bechlold. Boi: Chrisfensen, Sharon Bailey, Ken Haugsness, Craig Bar- sumian. 64 SOPHOMORES NEW Fronf Row: Joyce Hollader, Kandi Miller, Carol Mueller, Diana Jariahka, Penny LeViIus, Candy Kane, Claudell Neild, Kaihy Kessel, Pal' O'DonneII. Second Row: Dave Jankowski, Pam Mallox, Powell Johnson, Ann Lundberg, Diane Braun, Pam Lynch, Frank Levy, Sue Mueller, Gary Malfeson, Ariel Krenzien. Back Row: Richard Kerscher, Mark Mellick, John Kohler, Michael Murphy, Joe Schmidt Dick Nicholson, Bill I'IipsIey, Gary Mafleson, Richard Malzen. DIVISION I Fronf Row: Lynn Reding, Randy Walker, Carol Spalzek, Skip Smilh, Veronica Vodicka, Sue Rugen, Henry Slence, Sandy Shugerf. Second Row: Sandy Wehrheim, Palsy Parker, Dick Rees, Nancy Scheifley, Lynn Slephenson, Caroline Woods, Sue Syrnons, Jan Nugenr, Elizabefh Schammerl, John Ricker. Back Row: Rodger Wilson, Terrance Rogus, Sav Scrirnenfi, Ralph Schneider, Tom Perdue, Duane Teske, Dave Powell, James Oilar, George Ogg, Mike Sandberg. GAIN EXPERIENCE Fronl Row: Parry Enberq, Julie Fulmer, Diane Gosswiller, Nancy Diclcau, Sue Duffy, Carol Coolce, Lynn Benson, Sue Carlen. Second Row: Jane Clavey, Sharon Kamminga, Milce Carr, Ellen Bronslein, Jim Harnillon, Cynlhia English, Jack Carnahan, Jeanelfe Anderson, Beverly Berrell, Jim Davies. Baclc Row: John Collard, Frank Arnemann, Bruce Knulh. Tom Donlon, Jim Benzinqer, Bill Bailey, Tom Denz, Jim Briz- zolaro, Doug Dreilus, Bill Haines. DIVISION II Fron+ Row: Lula Henkel, Carol Knox, April Kalsura, Pal Hills, Marcia Liden, Carol Hallslrom, Lorraine Hansen, Nancy Mc- Clure. Second Row: Dave Lukaselc, Bill Kaddalz, Linda Orr, Nancy Holm, Tom Manning, Kim McKuslcer, Linda Ihrlre. Ron Herchold. Back Row: Arlhur Knigge, Donna Johnson, Niclc O'Reilly, Tom Norman, Don Johanson, Dick Meyer, Larry Kraus, Susan LaCroix, Cherie Kluesinq, Chuclr Hoclcmeyer. Fronf Row: Jean Selogie, Susan Smilh, Jan Powell, Bill Rober- son, Emmell' Rowe, Pele Wriqhl, Donna The-is. Second Row: Bob Sherinq, Marlha Reagan, Jill Schirmer, Gary Sayerslad, Nancy Richmann, Ed Voql, Jaclc Swiharl, Pal Pelersen, Sonia Slarlc. Back Row: Terry Williams, Bob Slewarl. Ronald Raming, Fred Schreiber, James Walers, Marvin Topf, Bruce Reuler, Jim Slahl, Michael Phillips. DIVISION III Fronl Row: Carol Wilks, Judy Schweiz, Ingrid Troll, Marcia Rex, Linda Wakefield, Joan Schiller, Jackie Simpson. Second Row: Karen Zehnle, Doug I-Ieinz, Ed Riller, Jim Thorsan, Dennis Rowe, Jim Shearer, Jim Eisler. Back Row: Jane? Smilh, Gail Sanlroch, Ed Sass, Ken Scholz, Barry Quick, Harry Woll- scheid, Ed Smifh, Lynne Perry. ACCEPT Froni Row: Kalhy Broderick, Michael Grofefend, Fran Clavey, Connie Eidinger, Cariola Carmelenda, William Dobbe. Second Row: Kalhy Duello, Barbara Barnes, Denise Anderson, Jacque- line DeCharnI:'re. Mary Swanson, Teena Glassman, Pam Cook, Sue Forl. Back Row: Roger Barksdale, Bob Arnl, Jim Brennan Tom Bennefls, Tony Eorgione, Muir Afherlon, Tom Darro Bruce Cleland. Fronl Row: Juky Manahan, Carol Kulchman, Susan McCleary, Mary Mompier, Mariha Olson, Nikki Kaplan, Fran Kari, Sylvia Nelson. Second Row: Chuck Larsen, Karen Kneip, John Mor- gan, Randy Hendricks, Carla Jernigan, Craig Mallar, Bob Jones, Bill Miller. Back Row: Sieve Merle, Joan I-Iullon, Wil' Iiam McCrory, Ed Kosick, Jack Hirschmann, Jim I-Ieussner Ken K'ancik, Mark Jesperson, Melinda I-Iill. RESPONSIBILITY Fronf Row: Karen Lenell, Lawrence Hirsh, CaroI HoIsIe, Diana Mayer, Mary Miller, Lynne Perry, Judy Daab, Donna Johnson. Second Row: Roberf Gray, Beify Jensen, Randy Heinz, Jerry Linquisf, Richard MaIdanar, Chris Morgan, Ken KonIce, Linda Kiesel, Kim Krueger. Back Row: Bill Maximin, Smirry McClure, KaIhy Mackie, Deena Hafker, Wayne Jeronimus, Harry Langner, Jerome KirIcpaIricIc, Dick NeiIsen, KendaI Jones. Fronf Row: Pauleffe Dahrn, Donna CarnpbeII, Norma Alrern Honor Gibson, Joan Kanrecki, Nancy Braun, Parn Doefsch. Second Row: Henry Fahrenbach, Roger Beinlich, Bill Craig, Bernard Bu'rIer, Lynn Fischer, Jim Barber, Carol Church. Back Row: Diane Eicher. Jim DisseIhorsI', Bill Clanion, Howie Ford, BiII Bowden, David GIowacIci, Barry Deicovic. DIVISION IV Fronf Row: Sallie Schiffman, Karhy Weidner, Pippi Rembe, Jean Schweirzer, Judy VysIcociI, Roberr Sfephens, Judy Yor- don. Second Row: Karen Spodnyak, Trudy Tarzy, Barbara Perles, Heinz Ropers, Donna Smifh, Marilyn Tiddens. Virginia Olsen, Jane Rushmeyer. Back Row: Sreve Priddy, Wayne WoI- 'Fer'r, Bob Reirh, Bruce SmiIh, George SchmoII, Roger Sanders, Chuck Thomas, John Twisr. DIVISION V Froni' Row: Marqi Meloy, BeyerIy Srnifh, Lavonia Loehr, Tarn- ara PanIeI, Marilyn Langer. Second Row: Dick Mari, Marfin Michel, CaroIine Koenig, Bruce Knufh, Sue PhiIIips, Joan Marshall, Back Row: Bruce McKinsIery, Joe Muhlke, Tom PaIrner, Jeff MacNamee, Laurie Nishke, John LenI, John Krifzer. Fron+ Row: Diane Brunswick, Sandy Carr, Barb Bowder, Dave Dickhut Second Row: Sfeve Agnew, Pam Bokelkamp, Anne Afkinson, Chuck Bafes, Lynn Crum. Back Row: Bob Davis, Dave BiddIe, Sfeven Casey, John Cooke, Fred Burfon. AND IN SCHOOL Fronf Row: Jody Gelinas, Wendy I-IiIIas, Lynnea Kelehar, Don Graham, Dee Israeiian. Second Row: Jackie Fahey, Leanne Heeren, Linda I-Iogan, Judy Edgar, Mary Kalish, Iver John- son. Back Row: John Iverson, Sue Galiagher, Dan Kaye, Fred Dose, Frank Happ, Barry I-Iibben, Jack Smifh. PARTICIPATE iACTIVITIES Fronl Row: Mary Sleiner, Lucia Slark, Debby Thomas, Ellen Weber, Ron Roberls, Sue Sauder, Rulh Sugar, Cynlhia Vann. Second Row: Bill Schaudl, Donna Wilson, Carolyn Shedd, Dave Powell, Carol Schmidl, Alan Schulz, Dianne Risinger, Sharon Slaylon. Back Row: Tom Wrighl, Jim Reymer, John Skubiz, John Treplow. Bill Waidner, Don Young, John Talman, Mark Slanley, Bob Knox. DIVISION VI Fronl Row: Marla I-lanson, Marilyn Locke, Glen Moss, Helen Hockmeyer, Vicki Kaywood, Jay Norum, David Hollrnan, Priscilla Lamberl, Second Row: Sue Kobusch, Dolores Meisch, Sleve Mever, John Krelsch, Darlene Philipp, Toni Nilles, Thomas Leilze, John I-Iallquisl. Back Row: Lynn Hambley, Mary Ellen Palmer, John Kash, Tim Lynn, Rich Page, Bob Marlinsen, Judy Johnson, Sue Morgan, Laurie Isador. Fronl Row: Linda Evenson, Larry Davis, Belly Clynick, Pal Armour, Sally Carr, Shelia Brown, Marlha Thomas, Nancy Edelslein. Second Row: Sharon Barlozack, Carol Cravens, Anne Diemer, Bill Allison, Tom Barnes, Marcy Gould, Jim Donner, Linda Billing. Back Row: Bob Bacon, Ellen Gailher, Tom Fausl, Don Deuber, Don Corbeil, Scoll Collignon, Mike Carpin, Norm Gvoelsch, Richard Buergin. Froni' Row: Carol Malhson, Sharon Loring, Bill Neal. Jafilsie Napiwocki, Sharon Kamminga, Charlolle Melzer, Barbara Heilman, Judy Layman. Second Row: Carol Parello, Karon Krenek, Barb Dell, Dick Machala, Andrew Malysak, Trina Jacobs, Bruce Levin. Back Row: Kerry O'Connor, Howie Heni- chen, Kirk Landers, John Kerber, Bob Olsen, Jim Peiler, Alan Mayer, Don Johnson. Fron'I Row: John Baur, Warren Casey, Murray DeLamereaux, Dave Ellman, Harry Harr, Tom Dierks, Bob Graves, Sieve Coons. Second Row: Judy Almshah, Wendy Borg, Sandy Cole, Jan Cueno, Dean George, JoAnne Discenza, Roberfa Grenn- ing, Glenn Buschelman. Back Row: Sue Egemeier, Candy Geisl, Jackie Gray, Chris Penske, Kaihy Bulow, Connie Aus- Iin, Sue Caslelli. 70 DIVISION VII Fronf Row: Louise Thompson, Annelle Vilchis, Pam Prucher. Kenl Yauch, Dorofhy Thompson, Andy Scofr, Bob Reynolds. Jim Sloar. Second Row: Mary Swanson, Ed Urban, Arl Ter- williqer, Rufh Schaefer, Sue Scholfield, Linda Woodcock, Syl- via Smiqielski, Larry Samuelson, Donna Shielder, Kilhy Ro- mine. Back Row: Taffy Weeks, James Robinson, Carol Slep- han, Rick Piggolr, Tom Whipple, Henry Waicla, Jim Schmidl, Tom Sleinbeck, Sue Spain, Lloyd Reclenwald. GOPHOIVIORQG CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES AND FIND TIME TO RELAX Relax ng affer school are Plppl Rembe Joe MuI'1IIce Pam Lynch Jan Nugenf Sherla Bown. In preparafion for final exams Dck Rees muses o er a geomefry probIem In Ihe sfudenf lounge PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT HIgIwIand Park ball carrier, Joe Sherman, IS broughf down by a I1osI of Sparfan +acIcIers. c,,,,f Jim Snyder presidenT and Margy RoThschild, secreTary. we N Z Sue AishTon, Treasurer and Tom T-lallquisT, vice presidenT FRQGHIVI N Running To classes, walking inTo wrong rooms, and making new Triends are parTs oT The general conTusion occurring during a Freshman's TirsT da s aT Glenbrook. ATTer The TirsT week, The conTYusion disappears as The Freshmen adiusT To The riTuals oT high school liTe. The Freshman Class can review Their TirsT year wiTh a Teeling oT accomplishment By winning second place in The TloaT compeTiTion during Homecoming, They seT new precedenTs Tor oThers To Tollow. Wearing green and gold Ties Tor Freshman OrienTaTion land The New Faces Dance uniTies The class Tor The TirsT Time. The elecTion oT oTTicers and ChrisTmas decora- Tions are oTher highlighTs. The class parTy is The climax oT The years acTiviTies. The class oTTicers are Jim Snyder, president Tom l-lalquisT, vice presidenTZ Margie RoTh- schild, secreTary: and Sue AishTon, Treasurer. These sTudenTs led Their six hundred nineTy class- maTes Through acTiviTies ThaT are The ToundaTion Tor Their high school lives. Ready To be Sopho- mores, The Freshmen look To The TuTure wiTh anTicipaTion and enThusiasrn. 4 WaiTing To Take over where Their senior brofhers or sisTers leTT oTT are freshmen Chris l-lylberT, Julie Connelly, STeve Murray, DoTTie Marsh, Bill Vosrios, Froni Rowg John Everharh Bill Pohl, Chuck STewarT. Chuck Russell, Rack Row. Igvvavhe-z"V'-'vug,q,.w,f 1 .Ax . DIVISION I Fronf Row: Nancy Swanson. Kim Niesen, Laurie Eugene, Laurie Grass, Judy Jones, Lynn Sullivan, Sue McLendon, Monica Grzyb, Mary Benneflk Second Row: Jeri Schalf, Pam Crosell, Gail Evans, Mike Lenl, Jim Ebilsisor, Rick I-layes, Carolyn Zollar, Chris Lines, Jane Ponlicell. Back Row: Dave Schmadebeck, Bill Pohl, Bill Mellrnan, Curl Johnson, Torn Chris?- ensen, Ed Woilczak, Bruce Gardner, Bob Uhe, Bil' Bond, I-leidi Schmidl. Missing: Jim Snyder. DIVISION Ill Fronl Row: Sharon Nicklaus, Mary Johnson, Pal' Johnson, Jan Zemke, Amanda BenAvides, Calhy Croke, Linda Leidgen. Second Row: Jim Mc- Mullen, Phil Bohlander, Dick Cheverie, Doug Lillle, Beverly Polcyn, Calhy McGoun, Rosemary Corsiglia, Dorolhy Granl, Anne Saxlon. Back Row: Jim Pilalas, Jay Halfon, Dennis Duszczak, Gerald Windels, Dick Layrnon, Ricky Johnson, Dan Tomandl, Bob Schaefer. Missing: Clay Bodine, Don Gabrovich, Greg Srnilh, Peggy Sfruck. DIVISION IV Fronl' Row: Alice Pierson, Belly Graham, Belly Zdunek, Sandy McDougall, Carol Engelking, Marilyn Nichols, Elizabelh Purfell, Jean Beldo. Second Row: Greg Tilsch, John McKana, Susan Slrawn, Barb Sargeni, Linda Corrus, Barb Lefaiyer, Cheryl Leppanen, Dave Wilson, Rich Bogdan. Back Row: Dennis Smilh, Bob I-Iarlman, Dave Dudy- cha, Ted Bohn, John Longland, Bill Saul, Lou Pearson, Tom Jenkins. Missing: Judy Johanson, Virginia I-lelfich, Sieve Friberg. ,, . DIVISION V Fronl Row: Sandra Sanlucci, Judy Graf, Jeanelle Bauer, Sue Willer, JoAnna Slephens, Raye McDonald, Belle Leehr, I-Ii'da Newberry. Second Row: Mary Picardi, Janis Joerger, Hank Thorsen, John Duckers, Larry Langenberq, Barb Enerson, Judy Buckbee. Back Row: Don Campbell, Dick Bodle, Gary Javilch, Howard Sloan, Bill Payne, Tony Freslon, Viclor Simpson, Bob Salranic, John Harris. Missing: Ron McGIolhen, Roberla Bennevenli, Adele Corbin. DIVISION VI Fronl Row: Linda Wilson, Linda McClure, Sarah Jane Bassler, Sue Sleffen, Elizabelh Graf, Sally Cooke, Carolyn McKee, Cheryl Pfiesler, Sandra Nelson. Second Row: Mr. George Joseph, Bob Hardl, Dan Jariabka, Jell Wickum, Gary Drill, Thomas Canale, Jerie Leech, Barbara San- der. Back Row: Daye Thompson, Jim Lane, Sleyen Busch, Ozzie Palzmann, Dave McEadzean, Danny Weber, David Ryan, Jell Frank, Tom Slelleland. Missing: Eyelyn Jacobsen, Paul Blanck, Tom Poduch. FRESHMEN STRIVE TO Fronl Row: Looking forward lo lhe day when Ihey will be able lo wear leller swealers are freshmen Kenl Benson. Barlh Morealle, Gary Javilch, Kim Kimball, Back Row: Jell Wickiim, Jim Snyder, Dick Cheverie. DIVISION VII Fronf Row: Pam Barrowclill, Julie Con- nelly, Suanne Edwards, Kalhy Lallin, Lynn Slarlzman, Linda Pelerson, Paula Wills, Charlolle Anderson. Second Row: Sleye While, Ken Buzzard, Bill Lannin, Wayne I-Ian- son, Carolyn I-Iarringlon, Brenda Grady, Phyllis Nelson, Mary Rogan, Sue I-lyman, Luis Downes. Back Row: Mr. LeBeau, Edgar Iwamolo, Doyle LaMonica, Bob Black, Phil Palha, Bill Thoma, Dorf Mazur, Gary Huizenga, Mike Rulherlord, Terry Skocher, Jell Fowler. Missing: Carol Maxwell DIVISION VIII Fronf Row: Toni NeiIsen, Mikie Maxam, Mary EIIen Barq Sandy Cieslukowski, Gail Gorny, Joan Penfold, Dianne Edwards, Carole Sneii. Second Row: Gerry Meyer, Rick Beniley, Pam Nelson, Chris I-Iyiberi, Kimber'y Kupsky, Jean Ruehrdanz, Penny Wiley, CarI Buzzard, Dick Singer. Back Row: Jim Taylor, Chuck RusseII, Gary Iversen, Tom Lawler, Dennis Ben- neif, Don Forgione, Mark Wheeler, Alberi DIugosz, Wilbur Krueger. Missing: Tom Palmer, Karen Oiiar. Spirired Freshmen are ready io Ieave for an away game. DIVISION IX Fronf Row: Jackie Maffheis, Elizabefh Werhane, Linda Smith, Nancy Kunesh, Pam Nelson, Siormy RoweII, Darlene Gusfavson, Lynda Edsall. Second Row: Mark I-IambIey, Dick Sinclair, Gene Mayer, Ken? Benson, Barry Buiier, Arnie TayIor, Linda I-Iuniley, Sherry Chrisiopherson, Jean Paiferson. Back Row: Tom Wesi, Joe Murphy Richard Krueger, Dan Hood, Mike I-IundIey, Mike Wiggins, Jim Rushmeyer, Dennis Dinger, Missing: Larry OH, SaIIy Daus. DIVISLON X Fron? Row: Peggy Weinccaii, Sue God- dard, CaroI Hiiizenga, EIIen Passen, EveIyn Banksion Margy Rorhschild, Jim Viefh. Second Row: Gordon Krueger, John I-IuITgren, Diane Mariin, Andris Jeske. Laurene Kreer, Nancy NeIson, GaIe Edgren, RonaId Dickman, Ken Oriiz. Back Row: Siaii Dayis, Larry Taaife, RoIoer+ Bender, Randy Fleck, AI I-Ialyerson, Richard Werner, Dennis Sims, Bill Bushing, Granr Mauk, Lynn Smifh, Missing: Linda Pollard. BY ATTAINING THEIR DIVISION XI Fronl Row: Mike Olbrich, Charlolle Marshall, Melody Easlman, Cheryl Banderrner, Pal I-loolehan, Laura Nelson, Belsy Chambers. Second Row: Ted Burns, Jackie Ross, Peggy Parker, Carolyn Smilh, Linda Kreck, Janel Weicker, Spencer Maileson, Ray Finlay. Back Row: Gregory Shaw. Mark Krenzien, Margie Gillis, David Rove, Tom Surles, I-Ienry I-Iuizerxqa, Tom I-Ialquisi, Rick Bemm. Missing: Sluarl Devine. DIVISION XII. Fron'I' Row: Kiily Rieb, Ellen Anderson, Susan Branl, Mary I-Ielen Moran, Jan Kleilgen, Karen Gaulke, Nikki Osiergren, Vickie Shedden. Second Row: Ricky Vyskocil, Diann Unger, Jill I-Iasernan, Sharon Maki, Linda Doerk, Dale Fagerlourg, Terry Roberls, Dan Grady, Joe Kellen. Back Row: Jerry Mach, Ron Schwarer, Larry Rall, Richard Brinke, Jeff Rafi, Bryan Bachem, Barlh More- alle, Dennis Crow. DIVISION XIII Froni' Row: Jackie Peliii, Anne Moreley, Adele Bufferfield, Janel Anderson, Jamie Sheehan, Gloria Maneck, Remi Holden. Second Row: John Moskal, Cindy Vogel, Jean Healey, Karen Ann Gerad, Sharon Klingsleadl, Maureen O'SulIivan. Linda Dorband, Shelia Schaefer, Sue Rippel, Glen Baldwin. Back Row: R. B. Kiel, I-Iillel Schwarlz, Dick Falal, Sieve Gragg, Kern Broqan, Terry Wodder, Chuck Slewarf, Douglas Wagener, Karl Koerwilz, Gary Mack, Bill Crusoe, John Roberlson. HIGHEST c3oALs DIVISION XIV Fronf Row: Rose Canale, Linda Oswald, Pam Marek, Dianne Vollmar, Glenn Kissel, Evelyn Kokasko, Lorraine Gerken, Kaihy Robinson. Second Row: Roy James, Pam Dornield, Peie Fenne- man, Ed Brown, Linda Tresslar, Sieve Murray, Sandy Morowski, Sandra Henderson. Back Row: Mary Siensa, Linda Zqorski, Sue An- derson, Paul Rode. Chris Conley, Tom Bariield, Jim Holder, Jerry Graham, Jean Sullivan, Edmund Schweizier. Missing: Mark Dalin. DIVISION XV Froni' Row: Joe Hollander, Darlene Raskow, Sharon Lee Mark, Janice Sieimann, Barb Gessler, Peggy Kokoshis, Sue Carlson, Theresa Henderson, Sandy Moiosaka. Second' Row: Skip Buehling, Mr. Bauer, Kim Kimball, James L. Smiih, Shirley Wachsninq, Elizabeih Doiiavio, Roberia Oswald, Carol Appelman, Gail Rodgers. Back Row: Joe Mariinez, Dave Neal, Richard Ward, Bob Fenneman, Jack Topercer. Ken Basseii, Mike Senew, Bob Siille, Rich Roeder, Greg D'Am- brosio. Neil Granzow. Missing: Paul Miller. DIVISION XVI Fron'I Row: Sue Axelrod, Heidi Marks, Mike Scheuizow, Julie Dueno, Joe Gray, Judy Herchold, Renee Role. Second Row: Gary Basiiani, Mary Ellen Walsh, Bruce Whiie, Bonnie Movery, Sally Oswald, Rice Gibson, Karen Kolihoii, Sue Carlsirand, Dave Ferguson. Back Row: Nancy Livermore, George Behr, Randy Daulel, Guy Warren, Rob Nixon, ' 'er Ropers, James Koiak, Rick Maihisen, Dan Seslar. Missing: Lesre Simon. Jack Siillson. DIVISION XVII Froni Row: Kris Bush, Caroi SchIapa, Rubin Zayes, NeaI IfIdrecI. Laurie Ferguson, John BouIware, Iondeha Cannady, Rosarnond Meish, Second Row: Dayid Manek Gerard Cimaglio, Karhy Nolan, Barbara Jung, Paul SummeryiIIe, Jerry Underwood, Sfeya Primus, Linda Gusraison, Gary Plaiou, Chrisry Dayis. Back Row: Dianne Ferraini, Jim Lind, Linda 'I'he'en, Lani BiIek, Ken Adams, DewiI'I Jones CharIes WoIcoII, Kaihy Zurek, Linda Poiis, Janeece LundbaId. Missing: PhiI Giannini. DIVISION XVIII Fronf Row: Linda Thompson, Linda Needlerrian, Joyce Baldwin, Lin KovaIcik, Ka+hy Parker, Sue Dunshee, Donna CarroI', Marie Carr. Second Row: Mark McNichoI, Marir Webeck, Adrianne RoseIeII, Char- Iene I'Iomann, DoIIie Marsh, Rosemary Weber, Doug I-IaII. David I'Iuck, John Burns. Back Row: Paul Beiliuss, Tom Krair, Larry Link Jeii Maison, Rick Norris BIII Seyiarfh Ken Ross, Missing: Byran SuIIivan, Pefe Ferreiii, AIeIa Srniih, BY PROMOTING Many Freshmen worked long hours Io produce a winning Iloai, From ihe experience gained, Ihey hope Io be suc- cessful in iufure years. DIVISION XIX Froni- Row: Mary Lee Gibson, Pris- ciI'a Pardini, Carl Sirom, Kafhie Warson, Sharon Baker, Dick MaIhson, Sharon NaIi. Second Row: Barbara Sims, JiII I-Iogan, Berry Hinfz, Duane I-Iuber, Ron Ferraro, Buzz Nolan, Janei Markuson, Karen Kosmin, CaroIyn Rosebioorn. Back Row: PauI Lemke, Tom Burmeisier, Joe Konen, Ron Guniher, Glenn Becksirom, Trudy Dumbleron, Tom Roshkind. Rick Dawson, Tom Waison. Missing: Pa? Sexion, Bill Armsfrong, Jackie Carr. DIVISION XX Fronf Row: Linda Lulzow, Barb Eerrarni, Sandy Nowobliski, Sfeve Schneider, Brenl Michaels, Rod Jones, Eaye Price. Second Row: Sleven Bradley, Nancy Conrad, Conny Gille, Eric Johnson, Bob Vallelonga. Donna I-Ialey, Janer Schmid+, John Spiehs. Back Row: John English, Judilh Black- lidge, Barb Thomas, Jim Prollill, Dave Lawrence, Richard I-Ieinemann, Jim Zonka, Barbara Melle, David Lindgren, Diana Davis. Missing: Linda Kay, Mark McLaughlin, Ralph Johansen. CLASS SPIRIT Wilh enlhusiasm and eliorl, Ihe Freshmen lloal "A Scared Knight" placed second in lhe lloal compefilion. DIVISION XXI Fronf Row: Bonnie Prifilcin, Karen Schmidl, Susie Aishlon, Sally Blalhchford, Connie Thompson, Emily deBeers, Dianne Ferrarini, Sandy Beaudoin. Second Row: Lee Danhour, Barb Miller, Karen Nowry, Susan Lynesr, Ron Gilliland, Pele Hawxhursl, Dan I-lellyer, David Alamshah, Eugene Mickan. Back Row: Jim Slach, Bryan Erler, Chuck Jorgensen, Greg Clark, Jeffrey Pyllarz, Roy Varner, Tom Schreiner, Bill Wildhage, Roberf Branion. Missing: Jim Larwelh, Barb Hall. - - xiaiswzii, g g DIVISION XXII Fronl Row: Judy I-lall, Ken Welker, Ken Schroeder, Diane Nyberg, Terry Lokun, Don Julin. Second Row: Nancy Kendall, Roberla Schneider, Caro' Bohn, Jill Mabley, Susan Force, Cindy Quick, Belsy Thompson, Marilyn DeSimone. Back Row: John Gailher, Tom Brall, Tom Vick, Peler Herilsch, Bill Miles, Dave Gilmore, John Allison, Glenn Raiman, Nancy Aldrich, Bill Rising, Ari' Essenpreis. Missing: John Warwick. AND connusunncs TO WM, I U 161,-a.,wC0g LCA0 M46 few? EM Lei, I fyafd Jackie Pellil Thinks lhaf chivalry is dead - , L ,, especially when walking wilh Jim Lind. I ale K DIVISION XXIII Fronl' Row: John Brizzolara, Linda Deilcher, John Brdecka, Gordon Junge, Bill Slamaiis, Gary Anderson, Mark Viclorson, Lynn Seehafer. Second Row: Palli Kennedy, Georgene Fosler, Kalhy Miller, Ellen Mac- Arlhur, Ellen Allman, Sharon Oilker, Peggy I-lallen, Jim Clemmensen, Nancy Reade, Anne Boolh. Back Row: Clark Easlman, Phil Hess, Allen Milchell Bill Schroeder, Bruce Randall, Doug Lorch, Jim Day, Dennis Evans, Sieve - if We Glick, Dave O'Malley. Missing: Genny Holdaway, Paulina Allman. DIVISION XXIV Fronf Row: Sue Meeks, I-Ielen Biederer, Sue Jorgensen, Linda Daull, Sandy Lohn, Mary Ann Fahrberger, Sue, G-unsalullus, Sandy Swanson, Darlynn Scheller. Second Row: Challye Noell, Mr. Waller, Carol Porler, Laurel Zum Bahlen, James Soenksen, Bill Chrisly, Bob Youngclahl, Chuck Prahin, Mike Boucek. Back Row: Raymond Ebner, Richard Lewis, Roberl I-Ioward, Jim I-leidman, Brian Mellon, Herb Uhlhorn, Dick Johnson, Craig Schneider, Terry Gales. Missing: Arnold I-Iassler, Luis Dias da Silva. GLENBROOK FUNCTIONS The Freshmen hurry 'through lunch so lhal' lhey can lalk wilh new and old friends. DIVISION XXV Fronf Row: Bonnie Rich, Sharon Borre, Kay Kimball, Sandra Orr, Susan Mackill, Chris Rogers. Second Row: Lee Arbelman, Amy Anderson, Laura Sellers, Pamela Turrill, Dawn Mondray, Howard Hill, Bill Lorimer, Bob Brickman. Back Row: Jim Evans, Arr Vogl, Bob Moore, Wil Chiappini, Klaus Lassman, Scoll Colby, Gary Reish, Roberl Schuberl, Jan Dewey. Missing: Mike Sleerup, Jim Kashian, Chuck Gorski, Nancy Founlaine, Kerrie Koerwilz. DIVISION XXVI Froni Row: Bi'l Arnold, Bonnie Brandenburg, Cheryl Klien, Janis I-lardl, Barbara Dill, Carolyn Richardson, Michael Machala. Second Row: Parry Mages, Judy Se'Ihorn, Linda Funke, Waller Brinqardner, Jerry Slempel, Kalhi Underwood, Lynn Monroe, Pa? Ofsby. Back Row: Lesler Kalsuraf John Everharl, Randy Holman, Tom Morner, Bill Vosnos, Dave Goss, Ronald MacPhaiI, Lee Bololin, Doug Schuemann. Missing: Vincenl Barfalefli, Barbara Anderson, Kalhy Bowman. W5 inf 15 'iw M H651 gg, 'QSM V Q? iwgigig Mm ' V 39' 1 'twi g 1 w 1., .,.., . . ,,,,.,:. . .-f,.. 'e:.,.:k:..,,L:- N X X gk ...,. A ' 'iw wma Q WWW? ffwwsmm fe if Q ....-.. v , Q X Z . . ...,... ,, 5? E ,Q 45 gig sv in 5 B, Q ,M f ., ...,,.,., L32 K .,.: V Q'-1a,2,1i fr.. g ' 5355155 , AK k ifzsmfwi' R. , mf an Qigg i A -.-- ,.... Q mmf ,.,. ' ' N fix-Siiw k A K 4,f:LJ,g,33A V QWQ? Q A 3:-fw ' ik 0 2 , 'A 123 15 :.. .......5:f ffl QQ ,, O 1 ,Q -af" 0 1 Q ,Ss A, E if Q: ff .QW Hb wa, Q ,M 5 iw 1 . fs ' ,:::1. l -K... ., Q , ' QF 1 ' ' " 'MQW . 1 51151, pf L . E 1 lies, alhleiics and academics. They are loy- ally served by bo+h 'Facul+y and s+uclen'rs. Here senior Ka+y Hopkins, sophomore, Chuck Larsen, freshman Barlh Morealle, sophomore Margy Meloy, junior Jean cum Clubs al Glenbrook complemenf ac+ivi- Slromberg, ancl senior Garry Wodder clis- play 'rhe symbols of our many organizalions. Drama Club presenTs worli shop producTion OT "Huckleberry Finn." ParTicipaTing are Larry Samuelson, Jim STahI, Tom Darro. AcTors and acTresses, dress rehearsals, props, memorizing lines, scenery, cosTumes, and The piT are all familiar words To The Three-hundred members oT This year's DRAMA CLUB. In addiTion To presenTing The Tall play, "Our Town," wriTTen by ThornTon Wilder, The Three winTer one acTs, and The spring musical, The Drama Club This year held Tour drama workshops. The TirsT workshop play presenTed was "Huckleberry Finn." A Tield Trip To see The Broadway hiT "Bye Bye Birdie" was one OT The highlighTs OT The Year's acTiviTies. Sponsors OT Drama Club are Mr. Ralph Lane, Mr. John BaumharT and Mr. Michael Hess. DRAMA PRODUCTIONS AND WORKSHOPS KEEP MEMBERS ACTIVE Sam Needham, Tormerly wifh ParamounT STudios' Drama Club and Thespian ohficers are Mike WesT, vice-presidenT Molly make-up deparTmenT, demonsTraTes his Techniques STeiTz, Treasurer: Georqi Jones, PauleTT Creylce, secreTaries: Pam ZariT on Mike WesT Tor The Drama Club. Bob Craig, presidenTs. 84 Members of lhe Prop Commillee, fron? row: Adri- anne Rosenfeld, Mary Picardi, Carol Reed, Ellan Primus, Sandra Pollard, Mary Norman, Sue Slellen. Second Row: Enid Roura, Barbara Perles, Nancy Richmann, Marilyn Nord, Donna Shuck, Sleve Rosley, Barbara Sarqenl, Sue Reagan, Judy Blacklidge, Palsy Parker. Back Row: Karen O'Neill, Kalhy Robinson, Pricilla Pardini, Marcia Rex, Marcy Morrison, Carolynx Roseboom, Janel Shmidl, Lyn Rowe, Joan Schiller, Pippi Rembe, Karen Schmidl, Linda Schram. Members ol lhe Slage and Liqhl Crew, fronl row: Jackie Simpson, Bev Smilh, Lucia Slark, Louise Thompson, Jean Selogie. Second Row: Joan Tillon, Charlolle Spink, Lois Youndahl, Judy Sellhorn, Barb Taylor, Vern Viclorson, Marcia Swearinqen, Diane Slurm, Janel Smilh. Third Row: Marilyn Tiddens, Pam Finch, Jean Zack, Carol Slephan, Sue While, Mike Tonry, Jim Luensman, Lynne Sleur, Carolyn Woods, Sandy Wehrheim. Back Row: Ellen Weber, Penny Tyson, Tobi Wilson, Barb Sims, Cynlhia Vann, Dorolhy Thompson, Linda Wakefield, Leslie Simon, Sue Willer, Vickie Varner. Members ol lhe Publicily Commillee. fronl row: Sandy Darnell, Fred Axeison, Susan Egemeier, Sue Dunshee. Second Row: Pam Cook, Carol Cravens, Bruce Cleland, Barb French, Kay Claylon, Pam Dornleld, Anne Diemer, Georgene Eosler. Third Row: Kalhy Duello, Candy Oliver, Roger Lumpp, Dick Drill, William Erick, Pam Chrisly, Judy Edgar, Cynlhia English, Mary Enqebrelson. Back Row: Belly Clynick, Marsha Bulzow, Kalhie Bulow, Suzanne Jo Duliney, Suzelle Collins, Laurie Eugene, Julie Eulmer, Carol Cooke, Judy Daab, Carole David. 85 Members of lhe Program Commillee, fronl row: Sharon Henkel, Jackie Gray, Nikki Kaplan, Cheryl Ives. Second Row: Linda Hogan, Jean Hansen, Karyn Greenberg, Lauri lsador, Pal Herberl, April Harlman, Donna Haley, Calhy Genlry. Third Row: Nancy Johnson, Barb Gullborg, Wendy Dezuller, Gail Johnson, Hank Loehr, Tim Shannon, Sieve Glick, Marg Hanapel, Ellen Gailher, Margie Gillis. Back Row: Marilyn Langer, Kalhy O'Donnell, Penny Lynch, Carol Everharl, Barb Hall, Sue Hyman, Laurie Hulchinson, Daryl Heilmann, Sue Johansen, Vicki Gibbs, Belly Jensen, Elizabelh Graf, Judy Graf. Members of lhe Make-up Comrnillee, front row: Raye McDonald, Parry Magee, Joan Marshall, Honore Gibson, Donna Mallner, Diana Marlin, Jill Mabley. Second Row: Sam MacBain, Jackie Napiwocki, Marilyn Mueller, Marcia Malo, Carol Melzer, Gerald McCormick, Barb McHugh, Kalhy Mackie, Donna Wilson, William Bonhiverl.'Back Row: Terry Lynn, Donna Thies, Ann Newquisl, Judy Yordon, Bonnie Armour, Doalsy Peiler, Ellen Macfxrlhur, Pal Miniler, Mary Miller, Deborah Thomas, Pegi Nash. Members Qi The Coslume Commilfee, 'fronf row: Sandy Mclnlosh, Areil Krenzien, Oni Malhews, Candy Kane, Sharon Kamrninqa, Barb Koepke, Palli Kennedy. Second Row: Pam Mafella, Dianne Risinqer, Chris Lines, Linda Kiesel, Bill Jones, Lee Judd, Carolyn Shedd, Mary Kalish, Cheryl Lockell, Linda Kline. Back Row: Karen June Lennell, Jim McMullin, Kalhy Kessell, Fran Kari, Vicki Kaywood, Kandi Miller, Sandy Loln, Shari Loring, Elizabelh McKee, Sharon Larsen, Judy Layman, Marilyn Kays, Doug Lilfle. THESPIANS PLAN SOCIAL CALENDAR The NATIONAL TI-IESPIAN SOCIETY is an honorary dramalics sociely, eslablishecl for lhe advancemenl' of dramalic arls in secondary schools. The group publishes lhe popular Social Calendar, lealuring piclures ol Glenbrook sludenls. Membership is based on a 'lwenly poinl syslem, These poinls are earned by acling in, or working on a play, by allending speech conlesls, and by allending olher dramalic aclivilies oulside of Glenbrook. Mike Wesl, Pamela Zaril, Bob Craig, Molly Sleilz, Dick Drill, William Weise, Lyn Rowe, Janel Bailey and Sherry Sims were lhis year's nine members. AND ATTEND SUMMER WORKSHOPS Thespian members: Sherry Sims, Pamela Zarir, Bob Craig, Lyn Rowe, Molly Sleilz. Barb Taylor, junior, allended a dramalics workshop al The Universily of Wisconsin in The summer of l96l. Living on campus wilh 60 olher drama sludenls, she sludied acling, slage crail, and make-up for lhree weeks. Barb was in a variely show and lhe play, "The Mad Woman of Challolf' Among her olher aclivilies she worked on a radio nelwork and allended a conference on lhe advanlages and dis- apyjanlages of a high school dramalics c u . is . , 5 . k ,.,, f ' fi' wk ,J f 1' j List, s, 3 giqzswn 7 ff. S ':. A ' ' 1 'IJ ' - FW, r 1 " . Sv ff A- ' . A 1 lp 1 K H 5 Wifsliivfi sf "M if I deli, a , s , , 1: F Vg Q Y ,ii ,,.A - ... , ,E K . iff: Magi... I ,Sw el f' I rriiix 1. A 2 I . VLQYW' ,r,. . . V F ' "The Dancers" was The play in which senior Bob Craig was casl lasl summer in a clramalics course al' Norlhweslern Uni- versily. During his live weeks rhere he sludied public speaking, oral inlerpre- lalion, acling, make-up, and slaqe craif in which he won an honorable menlion award. Bob's olher aclivilies included field 'rrips and slage crew work. Norlhweslern Universily was lhe home of senior Pam Zaril' for five weeks during lhe summer of l96l. Here she allended classes in slage crall, make-up, public speaking, oral inlerprelalion, and acling. Each day she spenl Iwo hours in re- hearsals for lhe play she appeared in wilh lhe leading role, "The Boyfriend." For her performance in lhis musical comedy, she received rhe highesl award in speech. Pam also appeared in an inlerp show, "Under Milkweed." MAJORETTES AND POM POM GIRLS PROMCTE SPIRIT The MaioreHes: Nancy SIenson, Carla Jernigan, Karen I-IannibaI, Tina I-Iardf, Barbara Enerson, Sue Pefersen, Lavonia Loehr, Carol Mafheson, Diana Mayer, Judy Besfor. F, Left righI', IeII', righi . . . The SPARTA- NETTES, in Iheir gliffering whire and goId performed Iheir Ioafon rourines a+ IooIbaII and baskeIbaII games Ihroughour I'he year. Accompanied by Ihe I8 POM POM GIRLS. wiih green and gold shakers, Ihe group promo+ed much spirif and enfhusiasm. Re- membered especiaIIy will be Iheir Indian war dance rou+ine. Sue Pefersen was Ihis year's SparIaneI'Ie head I'wirIer7 Tina I-Iardf, The assisfani' head +wirIer: Karen I-IannibaI, secrefaryp and Judy Besror, Ireasurer. Sue Fry served as caprain of Jrhe Pom Pom GirIs. Mrs. Ann Sfoery sponsors bofh clubs. The Pom Pom GirIs: Parfy Hibbard, JIII Hogan, Georgene Foster, Kay KimbaII, Ka+hy I.a++in, ParneIa Marek, Karen Gaulke, Nikki Janis Hardf, Terry Mafhson, Sue Cadsrrand, Sue Fry, Sue CarIson Osfesgren. MU ALPHA THETA FURTHERS MATHEMATICAL INTERESTS The purpose oT The Glenbrook chapTer oT MU ALPHA THETA, The honorary maTh club is To TurTher inTeresT and undersTanding in The Tield oT maTh. All members oT The club, chosen by The sponsors, Mrs. Shirley Reba and Mr. DwighT Coblenz, are required To have B averages. They musT have compleTed Three semesTers oT algebra and The course in plane geomeTry. OTTicers oT The club are Bill EdelsTein, presi- denT: Marc Young, vice-presidenT: Henry Magnuski, Treasurer: and Sue EaTon, secreTary. Fronf Row Kay Clayfon, Jean Zack, Nancy Wickersheim, Carol Reed Janice Crusoe, Georgi Jones, RuTh Kuchel, Barb Murray, Marlean Troik, Sue EaTon, Jan Springman, UTe Nischwiiz, Margie Marsh Susan Miichell, Carole David. Back Row: Doug Anderson, Mike Cavanaugh, Dick Drill, Lee Judd, Lee LindquisT PeTe Kuhl mann, Joe Baughman, Alan Priddy, Mike Connelly, Jim Black ScoTT Bolling, STeve Lundberg, Eugene LannerT, John Dudycha Ray Mornpier, Bob Eilpi. PROSE AND POETRY--CREATIONS OF HELICON SOCIETY The HELICON LITERARY SOCIETY. sTarTed in I959, encourages eTIecTive and creaTive wriTing. The Helicon, a liTerary magazine, TeaTuring English composiTions oT Glenbrook s'rudenTs, is published each year, "The STocking STuTTer," dealing wiTh sTudenT conTribuTions on The subiecT oT The ChrisTmas Season was also sold. This year Two SIO prizes were oTT'ered Tor The besT prose and The besT poeTry. OTIicers were MargareT SleTTeland, presi- denT: John Oloor, secreTaryq Sue Buehling, liTerary ediTor7 and Vicki Randall, arT ediTor. The sponsor is Mr. William Miller. V1 1 Helicon SocieTy, 'FronT row: Joan Dunshee, Elizabe-Th GraT, Karen Spodnyak, Marilyn Kays, PauleTT Creyke. Second Row: Doris Gorsica, Barb Mcl-lugh, Torn Kennedy, Richard Lenon, RuTl'i Kuchel, Virginia Kays, Molly STeiT1. Back Row: ChrisTy SchweiTzer, MargareT SleTTeland, Kay ClayTon, Marilyn Nord, Mr. William Miller, PaTsy Parker, Donna Shideler, KrisTin ZurnBahlen, PaTTi Kennedy. 89 FUTURE TEACHERS PREPARE FOR TEACHING CAREERS Acquainfing srudenls wilh 'rhe 'reaching profession, ils problems and rewards, is lhe purpose of FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION. To fulfill +ha'r purpose, Jrhe club gave monlhly supper meelings, fearuring experi- enced Teachers as speakers. The 38 members also a+- Tended a fall workshop of Ihe Norlh-Suburban Dislricr al' Ihe sI'a+e convenlion, 'rhis year held al Aurora. Miss Marlha Slucki and Mrs. Edna Des Vogines are rhe sponsors. 90. Fulure Teachers members, froni row: Carole Agnello, Karen Schaefer, Alice Marques, Judy Rose. Second Row: Vicki Gibbs, Karen Hess, Sandy Nehmzow, Palli Kennedy, Diana Marlin, Mary Jane Swanson, Linda Royer. Back Row: Penny Tyson, Ann Newquisl, Sue Buehling, Sally Cruikshank, Mrs. Edna Des Vogines, Carol Cooke, Carol Maxwell, Susan Moss. Fulure Teachers orclicersz VVendy DeZuHer, vice-presidenf: Sue Ealo-n, Ireasuer: Karen I-less, recording secrelaryq Sue Buehling, presidenf: Judy Rose, correspond-ing secrelary. Furure Teachers members, fronf row: Kalhy Hallon, Anne Diemer, Carolyn Woods, Nancy Van Damme, Barb Pafume. Second Row: Carol Slephan, Kalhy Duello, Gale Beally, Wendy Dezuller, Ray Pellinger, Sue Ealon, Donna Miskell. Back Row: Miss Marlha Slucki, Ellen Bronsfein, Carolyn Schuiy, Marilyn Hogan, Tina Hardl, Marilyn Nord, Marilyn Tiddens. FUTURE NURSES WORK TCJWARD A DREAM While dresses and perlcy caps may some day be fhe apparel of rhe 30 girls in FUTURE NURSES CLUB. Sponsored by 'lhe school nurse, Mrs. Mary Lou Ney, 'rhe club nas invired speakers from various schools of nursing. Especially inieresiing was Jrheir dis- cussion wirh a nurse in The Unired Sfares Navy. A scholarship 'ro a school of nursing will be awarded To a deserving sludeni al 'rhe end of rhe school year. ai? :wie ess 5 Q ky, Fulure Nurses officers: Rurh Schwarz, corresponding secreraryq Norma Alfern, recording secrelary: Alice Marques, vice-presidenri Joyce McCanless, president Nan Reariclc, freasurer. l Fufure Nurses members, fronf row: Peggy Weincoull, Connie Nelson, Judy Manahan. Marcia Liden, Faye Price, Kalhi Weidner. Second Row: Norma Alrern, Pam Lynch, Karhy Underwood, Joyce McCanless, Cynrhia English, Carol Eich, Barb Bauder. Back Row: Mariha Riecken, Jill Schirmer, Kafhie Waison, Roberla Schneider, Dianne Ward, Pam Holyoke, Carol Bohn, Ruih Schwarz. 91 LCS BUENOS AMIGOS TRAVEL SOUTH OF THE BCRDER Spanish Club members, 'from' row: Ronnie Hill, Lynne Crawford, Linda Kreclc, Donna Shideler, Judy Shellhorn. Second Row: Margarel Hanapel, Susan Gallagher, Carol Melzer, S+eve Ross, Duane Teslce, Trudy Dumbleion, George Moredock. Back Row: Bill Crusoe, Palsy Parker, Carolyn Shuliz, Holly Hanscom, Diana Liiz, Linda Huniley, Virginia Kays. Los Buenos Amigos or SPANlSH CLUB 'rravels +o Spain and Soulh America Through language, arf, music, and liieralure, 'rwice every monih. They fighi bulls wiih 'rhe 'fore- adors, ear ioriillas, and learn Spanish dances a+ fiesias, coumpleie wiih The iradilional colorful pinaias. Si, Si, Senior! Si Senorilal Sponsors of Los Buenos Amigos are Dr. Lydia Holm, Miss Barbara Holdshiem, and Mr. James Waller, Spanish Club officers: Karen son, president: Sieve Ross, vice- Schaefer, 'ireasureri Bill Hender- president 92 Spanish Club members, fron? row: Sandy Slarlc, Roberla Elderl, Miriam Garcia Hedi Marks. Second Row: Chrisiine Fenslce, Mary Norman, Dennis Crow, Kim Mock, Lawrence Hirsch, Karen Spodnyalc, Susan McCleary. Baclr Row: Karen Schaefer, Susan Moss Janice Crusoe, Bill Henderson, Judy Dabb, Jill MacKinnon, Penny Tyson. Shiller Verin, lhe GERMAN CLUB meels Twice monlhly lo become more familiar wilh 'rhe language and cusloms of Germany. The members sing German songs and play Ger- man games: 'rhey even converse in German. This year's club Took several field frips +o The Loop +o ear al German resrauranls and see movies of Germany. The sponsor is Mr. Alois Buellmann. German Club members, siffing: Helen Fuchs, sfanding: Alice Marques, Bruce Randall, Greg Smifh, Dale Schmadebeck. SHILLER VERIN BECOMES FAMILIAR WITH GERMAN CUSTOMS German Club members, fronf row: Jerlery Pyllarz, Berl Weber, Terry Walsh, Paul Decker, Doug Anderson, Bill Chaney, Back Row: lvadell Tupy, Tina l-lardl, Laurel Day, Fred Buegel, Bruce Cleland, Nancy Wiclcersheim. German officers: Laurel Day, vice-president Bruce Randall Treasurer: Doug Anderson, president Tina l-lardl, secrefary LE CERCLE LAFAYETTE PROVIDES FCR A FRENCH-CANADIAN FA iL French Club members TronT row Donna 6ranT Sandy Bohn Bonnie SuTTon Second Row: Carolyn Shedd, Anne Diemer, Tom Thorpe, Doris Gorsica Lynda Wookcoclc.'Baclr Row: Mariean Troilr, Carol Cravens, Kay ClayTon French Club members, froni row: Barb McHugh, Ellen CvaiTner, CynThia English, Carol Slcelly, Pam Mullins. Back Row: Chris Rogers, BeTsy Robbins, Mary Miller, Eileen Lund, Connie Nelson, Carole Agnello. "Hodie, non cras," is The moTTo oT Apud non Omnes, The LATIN CLUB. Sponsors are Mrs. Helen Wilson and Mr. Donald Van Dyke. The club Tamiliaries iTs members wiTh The heroes Caesar, Priam, and Aeneas. LaTin Club members, from' row: Marcia Liden, Jeanne MeTz, Karen Oilar. Second Row: Nancy Richmann, KaThy Mackie, Ed WoiTczcalc, Ann Lundberg, KaThi Under- wood. Back Row: Mr. Donald VanDylce, MarTha Olson, Joan Marshall, MarTha Rieclcan, KaThie SaTson, Ozzie PaTzmann, Mrs. Helen Wilson. Vicki STembridge, Virginia Olsen, Carol Dicl:huT. "Pardonnez-moi, mon ami, c'esT Le Cercle LaTayeTTe." The FRENCH CLUB gives a small TasTe of The romanTic liTe oT France Through The language and discussion OT Their culTure. As a special proiecT, They provided cloThes Tor a large French-Cana- dian Tamily, wiTh whom They correspond regularly. Les oTTicers sonT Carole Agnello, presi- denT: John Thorpe, vice-presiclenT: Eileen Lund, secreTaire: and Pam Mullins, Tre- soriere. Mrs. Eleanor Lowery and Mr. Lionel LeBeau are The sponsors oT The club. APUD NOS OMNES DO AS THE ROMANS DID LaTin Club oTTicers: Jim SpaTzel:, co-president Milne Cavanaugh, acTiviTies manager: STeve Casey, Treas- urer, Judy Underwood, program chairman: Susan Cleland, co-presidenT: Carol Reed, secreTary. FOREIGN EXCHANGE CLUB LEADS AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE AT GB The FOREIGN EXCHANGE CLUB has been organized 'ro inform sfudenfs of The American Field Service and fo plan acfivi- fies for fhe fwo foreign exchange sfudenfs. This club supervised fhe annual candy drive fo earn money l'o send a Glenbrook sfudenf fo a foreign counfry as well as The foreign sfudenfs broughf fo Glenbrook. They also planned fhe annual Brofherhood Assembly. The club, under fhe direcfion of lvlr. Thomas lvlonfgomery, is sponsored by Ivlr. Ausfin Ridenour. tu' Foreign Exchange club, fron? row: Carole David, Sue Buehling, secrefary: Faffi Kennedy, Barb Pafume, Miriam Garcia. Second Row: Wendy Sands, Pam I-lallqulsf, Binlc I-lylberf, presidenf: Roger Lumpp, Georgi Jones, Ken Jones. Back Row: Sue Hyman, Claire Faunfleroy, Jim Kashian, Mr. Ausfin Ridenour, Holly Hanscom, Tina Hardf, Pam Finch. Glenbrook foreign exchange sfudenfs: Miram Garcia from Cosfa Rica and Ufe Nischwilz from Germany. CHANTICLEERS AND GERMAN BAND PRODUCE FOREIGN ATMOSPHERE , Adding color fo Language Club social funcfions is one of The A branch of fhe French club, fhe CHANTICLEERS learn and perform French songs. Fronf IOI95 OI TITS GERMAN BAND- TIIIS Popular QTOUP also PSV' forms af games, assemblies, and communify affairs. Fronl' Row: Tom Ferguson. Tom McFaul, leader: Sfan Tomandl. Sec- ond Row: David Eicher, Ed Emerson. Back Row: Roger Hinfer- fhuer, John Engsfrom. Row: Carole Agnello, Lucy Thompson, Barb Murray, Carol Diclchuf, Sandy Bohn, Mariean Troilc, Carolyn Shedd. Back Row: Carole David, Kafe Hopkins, Nancy Kurelc, Wendy Sands, Gay Sfarfzman, John Thorpe, Milne Malina, Tom Thorpe, Doris Gorsica, Kay Clayfon, Carole Cush- man, Karen Haelsig, Eileen Lund, Befsy Robbins. 95 GLENBROOK CONCERT BAND STRIVES FOR PERFECTICJN Fronf Row: Pippi Rembe, John Morris, Lee Arbelman, Randy Heinz, Dennis Smilh, John Perkins, Joe Komen. Second Row: l-lenry Slence, Dave Goss, Lani Bilek, Jackie Ross, Jane Ponlicell, Sandy Nehmzow, Belly Clynick, Edgar lwamofo. Third Row: Dave Eicher, Fred Schroeder, Ken Adams, Granl' Mauk, Tom Granl, Doug Gibson, Jackie Gray, Wayne Norberq, Jim Olimski. Back Row: Rich Brown, Tom Hallquisf, Dick Layman, Glen Sibley, Rick Dawson, Alera Smilh, Hilda Newberry. The Glenbrook CONCERT BAND, under Jrhe clireclion of Mr. l-larold Smilrh, re- hearses lirsl period daily lor ils many acliv- ifies during Jrhe year. In The fall, The band praclices marching and perlecls many lormalions. These are presenled during lhe hall-lime al lioollaall games. The band, 'lealuring solo and duel' work, playes an imporranl parl in bolh lhe Win- Jrer and Spring Concerls. They play al The annual Chrislmas Assembly. This year They also performed af many grade schools. 96 TO ADD RHYTHM TO SCHCOL ACTIVITIES Fronf Row: Sandy Slarlc, Gerald Bulow, Nandy Wickersheim, Cindy Quick, Doug Lorch, John Kasch, Tom Whipple. Second Row: Tom Ferguson, Roger I"linIer- Ihuer, Barbara Arrnslrong, Ellen Weber, April Kalsura, Nancy Johnson, Jean Newberry, Barb Miller, Linda lhrlce. Third Row: Jon McPhee, Jim Richards, Bob Alamshah, Tom Mclzaul, Gerry Shappell, Don Angelico, Ken Bassell, Carl Slrom, Gay Basliani. Back Row: John Engsfrom, Ed Enerson, Joe Goergen, Bob Baker, Barbara Pafume, Carl Slrorn, Paul Somrnerville, Dave Church. Requiremenls for membership in Concerl' Band is a performing abilify acceplrable Io lvlr. I-Iarold SmiIh's slandarcls. Band members are given music ol sulfi- cienl' difliculfy Io improve Iheir abilily. When a member wishes Io move up in his seclion, a challenge is arranged. Bolh slu- denlrs are given one weelc 'Io prepare a given seleclion. They are Ihen heard sepa- raiely, and 'rhe sI'uden'r demonslraling The beller abilily is awarded Ihe higher chair. 97 ORCHESTRA WORKS TOWARD ROUSING MUSICAL INTEREST Fronf Row: Tom Ferguson, Lynne Gersdori, Nancy Aldrich, Laurie Nischke, Alice Gibson, Heidi Marks Tom McFaul. Second Row: John Morris, Linda lhrke, Sandy Nehmzow, Cyn+hia Vann, Jean Schweiizer, Peggy Parker, Connie Ausiin, Palsy Parker, Bob Alamshah, Jim Richards. Third Row: Roger Hinlerihuer, Jackie Gray, Judy Preves, William Bonhiveri, Sonia Siark, Jan Lundblad, Susan LaCroix, Ken Adams, Aleia Smiih, David Eicher. Fourih Row: Pippi Rembe, Berry Clynick, Phyllis Nelson, Jane Simpson, Laurence Hirsch, Ed Schweiizer, Bruce While, Ed Enerson, John Engisirom, Joe Goergen. Back Row: Jim Olinski, Hilda Newberry, Dan Grady, Thomas Palmer. The ORCHESTRA, under The direciion of Dr. George Iviakas, is macle up of 43 young musicians. The group performed aI' I'he annual Chrislmas and Spring concerls, Among I'he composilions performed were "Symphony Number 7'l by Joseph Haydn and "Valse TrisIe" by Sibelius. The Orchesira also performed aI' a grade school for Ihe purpose of suggesling and en- couraging musical pariicipaiion in The younger siuclenrs. INTERMEDIATE BAND--PRACTICE MAKES PROMOTION I Froni' Row: Rick Roeder, Jim Pilafas, Laurie Grass, Howard Hinrerrhuer, Henry Huizenga, Beisy Chambers, Sieve Bezdek. Second Row: Bill Thoma, Jerry Darche, Lesier Kalsura, Jim Davies, Bob Siephens, Eric Johnson, Alfred George, Dave Ferguson, Dick Cheverie, Vic Simpson. Back Row: Wilberi Chiappini, Bruce Smilh, Pal Dinger, Mr. Harold Srniih, Gary Iverson. 98 The Glenbrook bancl is assisied in bolh 'rhe Spring and Winier conceris by members of Ihe INTERMEDIATE BAND. These musicians who praciice daily, hope Io parricipaie in The Conceri Band nexl year. GIRLS' AND BOYS' ENSEMBLES GIRLS' ENSEMBLE AND BOYS' ENSEM- BLE, Iwo highly seleciive exira-curricular vocal groups perform for village, civic and social service groups and local churches. The ensem- bles promo+e inieresi in, and furiher The cause of music and musicianship, in addiiion +o pro- viding an opporiunily for Ialenied siudenis 'lo perform. Boih groups sang ai The Spring and Winier Conceris and pariicipaiecl in Ihe Music Con- +esI', in addiiion 'ro Ihe many reciials ouiside of school. Miss Marian Gerlach direcis Ihe Girls' Ensemble: Mr. David Waller direcrs The Boys' Ensemble. Members of boih groups are chosen on a compeiiiive basis, during +ryou'I's in Ihe spring. SHCW ADVANCED MUSIC ABILITY AI piano: Ruih Kuchel. Fronf Row: Nancy Diclcau, Vicki Kaywoad, Jane Konen, Judy Preves, Joan Dunshee, Ann Newquisl, Miss Marian Gerlach. Second Row: Joan Tilion, Barb Taylor, Susan Cleland, Laurie Huichinson, Pai Heidmaln, Susan Miichell, Siephanie Colburn. Back Row: Sieph Adams, Marilyn Hogan, Carolyn Koenig, Pamela Zaril, Sharon Ormsby, Joey Aldrin, Lois Ynunqclahl, Paiii Vollmar. AI' piano: Jane Simpson. Frof Row: Milne Malina, I-Iank Loehr, Vern Vicforson, Brad Anlcer, Fred Axelson. Phil lsensee, Bob Craig. Back Row: Sieve Ross, Dick Drill, Bob Howard, Marvin Danneil, Denny Laughlin, William Bonhiveri, Craig Gieler, Tom McFaul. Missing: Milce Wesf. GLENBROOK CHORUSES REHEARSE FOR PERFECTIOP Froni' Row: Sue Carlson, Kathy Weidner, Cheryl Klein, Carol Cooke, Karhy Kessell, Marilyn Langer, Jennifer Norris, Chris Rogers. Second Row: Candy Geisf, Mary Miller, Sue Fry, Carol Schlapa, Sue Caslelli. Judy Yordon, Julie Fulmer, Kandi Miller, Carolyn Roselaoom, Marcia Liden. Third Row: Marif Welneclc, Mary Rugen, Jane? Smiih, Cheryl Boxlford, Cafhy Genlry, Donna Bowden, Susan Symons, Denise An- derson, Marcy Gould, Dolores Meisch, Joan Healey. Back Row: Lynn Flscher, Barb Hohmann, Linda Sedlalc, Donna Shuclc, Lynne Sleur, Janel Bailey, Sharry Bailey, Joyella Essenpreis, Holly Haserof, Taifv Weelcs, Nancy Slenson, Dianne Risinger. ADVANCED GIRLS' CHORUS AND AD- VANCED BOYS' CHORUS are only 'iwo of fhe five vocal groups af Glenbrook. Bo+h groups are composed of sophomore, iunior, and senior sludenis, who are learning and im- proving Jrechniques of voice producrion and performance. They boih parficipaied in 'rhe school conceris. Miss Marian Gerlach and Mr. David Waller are direcfors of ihe groups. From' Row: Dick Landon, George Ogg, Don Johnson, John Meigs, Smilly McClure, Vern Viclorson. Back Row: Fred Buegel, Richard Nicholson, Jim Luensman, John Fechf, Gerry Richler, Powell Johnson. TO SING AT WINTER AND SPRING CONCERTS Fron+ Row: Carol Dickhul, Mary Jane Swanson, Kalhie Bulow, Jam Doelsch, Bev Smilh, Karen Spodnyak, Jill McKinnon, Virginia Galen, Judy Layman, Sandy Wehrheim. Second Row: Enid Roura, Sue Boalrighl, Claire Faunlleroy, Marian Mal- chelf, Nan Rearick, Lois Colby, Judy Alamshah, Pal Heid- man, Anne Diemer, Marlha Olson, Charlolle Spink, Diane Eicher, Carolyn Shedd. Third Row: Joey Wiehelm, Ann Lund- berg, Sharon Slaylon, Carolyn Koenig, Tobi Wilson, Jane Konen, Jane? Sue Smilh, Donna Shideler, Wendy Borg, Mary Ellen Palmer. Nancy Richmann, Kalhy Roshkind. Back Row: Ellan Primus, Eileen Risinger, Sue Spain, Nicki Fromm, Corinne May Praschan, Sandy Pollard, Sleph Adams, Gail Clark, Wendy DeZu+ler, Judy Adams, Mary Engebrelson, Karon Krenek, Vivian Vodicka, Leslie Knighl, Barb French. The FRESHMAN CHORUS provides firsl' performed in 'I'he Winler and Spring Con- year sludenls wilh a background in music. cerls, allhough 'rhe Freshman Chorus only The VARSITY GIRLS' CHORUS is a more parlicipared in Ihe mass numbers. selecl group of upperclassmen. Bolh groups Fronl' Row: Kalhy Robinson, Paula Wills, Peggy Slruck, Sieve Bush. Tom Brall, John Roberfson, Faye Price, Sandra Beau- doin, Lynn Schehler. Second Row: Sandy Molosaka, Sharon Baker, Carol Bohn, Killy Rieb, Clay Bodine, Dave Mclzadzean, Jim Kashian, Paul Miller, Greg D'Ambrosio, Susan Carlson, Bonnie Priiikin, Sandra Nelson. Third Row: Mary Johnson, Anne Morley, Linda Guslalon, Kalhy Nolan, Sandy Lohn, John Langland, Bill Vosnos, Tom Roshkind, Bob Howard, Dollie Marsh, Janie Hardl, Carol Maxwell, Fourlh Row: Mikie Maxam, Darlene Guslavson, Jill Hogan, Sue Aishlon, Gale Edgren, Roberla Oswald, Penny Wiley, Sally Oswald, Amy Anderson, Roberla Schneider, Georgene Fosler. Back Row: Raye McDonald, Leslie Simon, Linda Tresslar, Laurene Kreer, Judy Shelhorn, Janie Joerger, Carolyn Zollar, Margie Gillis, Sarah Bassler, Chris Hylberl, Linda Thompson, Linda Kreck, Sandy McDougall. Peggy Hallen, Palli Kennedy, Sheila Schaefer. CHORALE CAROLS AT CCJNCERTS FOR THE CCMMUNITY The Glenbrook CHORALE, under Jrhe esf sfandards in vocal music. The group direcfion of Miss Marian Gerlach and Mr. performed af fhe Winfer and Spring Con- David Walfer, is composed of fhe sfudenfs cerfs and caroled af Old Orchard during bofh direcfors feel have acheived The high- fhe Chrisfmas Season. Fronf Row: Nancy Diclcau, Vicki Kaywood, Joan Tilfon, Jim Wolff, Bruce Knufh, Bob Diesch, Paul Miles, William Wiese, Bruce Cleland, Fred Axelson, Lyn Rowe, Joan Dunshee, Margo Nahigian. Second Row: Judy Preves, Donna Maffner, Susan Cleland, Krisfin ZumBahlen, Bruce Rossini, Hank Loehr, Bill Coulon, Lee Judd, Pefe Brown, Bob Pond, John Gelinas, Barb Koeplce, Kafhy Messina. Third Row: Lucy Thompson, Linda Royer, Pamela Zarif, Doris Gorsica, Marilyn Hogan, Warren Grofh, William Krueger, Rod Leclcwar, Dick Drill, Doug Sinclair, Bruce Converse, Carol Slcelly, Jane Simpson, Nancy Kurelc, Eileen Lund, Paffi Vollmar, Back Row: Laurie Hufchinson, Sharon Ormsby, Sue Van Tuin, Sue Johansen, Barb Taylor, Joey Aldrin, Sfeve Ross, Jim Thorson, Phil Isensee, William Bonhiverf, Bob Craig, Denny Laughlin, Marvin Danneil, Deena Haflser, Sue Eafon, Rufh Kuchel, Judy Richarz, Lois Youngdahl, Barb Murray. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS MAKE MERRY MELCDIES 102 TRI-M or MODERN MUSIC MASTERS SOClETY, an honorary club is sponsored by Dr. George Makes, promofes music al' Glenbrook. Members are required fo be upper classmen, fo have had af leasl' one year of membership in some musical organi- zafion, and fo audifion and pass a wriffen examinafion. Affer fheir formal inifiafion, fhe members parficipafe in monfhly meef- ings by performing eifher on a musical insfrumenf or by singing. The officers are Judy Preves, presidenfg Tom McFaul, vice- presiolenfi Jane Simpson, secrefary: and Roger l-linferfhuer, freasurer. Fronf Row: Pauleff Creylce, Fred Axelson, Judy Preves, Second Row: Kafhy Messina, Bev Smifh, Jean Schweifzer, Susan Smifh. Third Row: Nancy Diclcau, Jane Konen, Judy Yordon, Cynfhia Vann, Lyn Rowe. Fourfh Row: Sfephanie Colburn, Linda Royer, Joan Tilfon, Laurie l-lufchinson. Fiffh Row: Sue Johansen, Sandy Nehmzow, Bob Alamshah, Sue Cleland, Lucy Thompson. Sixfh Row: Sharon Ormsby, Doris Gorsica, Jane Simpson, Linda lhrlce. Sevenfh Row: Sue Van Tuin, Sfeph Adams, Wendy Sands, Carolyn Koenig, Marilyn l-logan. Eigfh Row: Rufh Kuchel, Tom Ferguson, Tom McFaul, Joey Aldrin, Back Row: Sfan Tomandl, Laurie Nischlce, Roger l-linferfhuer, Craig Gieler, Jim Richards. VOLUNTEER LIBRARIANS RUN LIBRARY SMOOTHLY One club which is especially imporTanT To The proTiciency oT Glenbrook's library is ThaT OT The LIBRARY ASSISTANTS. These sTudenTs spend one period a day in The library, working aT The circulaTion desk, Taking aTTencIance, checking ouT magazines, or shelving books, The club is operaTed on a volunTeer basis. Miss RuTh Emge is The TaculTy sponsor. The purpose OT The AUDIO VISUAL AIDS, a service organizaTion, is To Teach iTs members how To operaTe The proiecTors, screens, and oTher producTion equiprnenT. The TorTy members are given cards, upon aTTainmenT of a workable knowledge OT The machines. They are Then qualified To oper- aTe The proiecTors in classroom siTuaTions. Membership is on a volunTary basis. Mr. Donald I-loops is The TaculTy sponsor. Library AssisTanTs, kneeling: Sharon Nali, I-Ieidi Marks, JoAnn Discenza. SiTTing: Carole SneTT, Pam BarrowcliTT, Vicki Shedden, Bonnie Rich, John Biederer, Marilyn Nord, Clay Bodine, Pam Cooke. Sfandingz Alice Pierson, Fran Kari, Jim Soenksen, Joan KanTecki, KaThie WaTson, Kim Krueger, Marian Barclay. SILENCE...CAMERA...ACTION-- A V A'S IN OPERATION Audio Visual Aids, Troni row: Diana Jariabka, Larry OH, Doug LiTTle, Ken OrTiz, Glen Moss, Karen Schaefer, Linda Deifcher. Second Row: I-Iope ArenTz, Eruin Shaw, Conny Grille, WilberT Chiappini, Rick Hayes, Dennis GranT, I-Ienry Huizinga, George Ogg, Charles BaTes. Back Row: Norman Sofoch, Tom Surles, Bill Chaney, Richard Nicholson, Bruce KnuTh, Larry DeiTcher, Ken Jones, Alan Mayer, Roy James, Bill Saul, Jef-T Fowler, Dan Jariabka, Mr. Donald Hoops. IO3 STUDENT COUNCIL PROMOTES LEADERSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP AMONG STUDENT BODY Sludenl Council Officers, siHing: Penney Russell, corresponding secreraryt Susan Milchell, recording secrelary. Slandingz Lee Lindguisl, lreasurerq Dave Laidley, presidenlg Jack Meng, vice-presidenl. The Glenbrook STUDENT COUNCIL operales eflicienlly as 'l'he head of sludenl' governmenl: Through iTs lwelve s'l'anding commilrees, arising problems are solved, plans for social affairs are approved, drives and special proiecls are organized, and alhlelic evenl's are publicized, The Council requires lhal all clubs have adequale conslilulions, 'rhus improving 'lhese organizalions. All Homecoming evenls are planned and execuled by council mem- bers. Dress codes have been inilialed, school lrafiic laws and courls have been crealed, and money for foreign exchange sludenls expenses has been successfully raised. The Council donaled all money from The Coke machine lo +he suppori of senior lounge. They direcled an effeclive Red Cross Drive and a second candy drive, for supporl of a loreign exchange s'l'udenI. Sludenl Council represenlalives, 'FronI row: Sandy Darnell, Dollie Beclcwilh. Back Row: Bill Rees, Marilyn Nichols, Chuck Russell, Franlc Marsh, Lucia Slarlc, Linda Murphy, Connie Eidinger, Chrisly Davis, Agnello, Mary Siler, Barb Melle, Gary Drill, Trina Jacobs, Jim Carol Cooke, Bev Smith. Second Row: Don I-loaglund, Ken Jones, Kashian, Diana Abboll. Neil Blalchiord, Torn Kennedy, Richard Lenon, Milne Connelly, Roger 104 The purpose oT The STUDENT COUNCIL SURVEY COMMITTEE is To aclminisTer an all-school survey on sTudenT opinions and make The resulTs available To The sTuclenTs. The ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE plans and coordinaTes all-school assemblies. Through The work oT This commiTTee, many sporTs assemblies are now held on a class level. AssisTing The sTudenT body in limiTing The school problems, which represenT The values of The minoriTy oT sTudenTs, is The obiecT of The LOYALTY COMMITTEE. Two oT This year's proiecTs were checking inTo The smok- ing problems and TormulaTing an honor code, The annual Canned Foods Drive is one oT The many proiecTs of The SOCIAL SERVICE COMMITTEE. The members seek worTh- while ways in which STudenT Council may help organizaTions ouTside of Glenbrook. Social Survey CommiTTee, TronT row: Cheryl Ives, Bill Pohl, Penny Tyson. Second Row: I-Iolly Hanscom, Sandra Kirkby, Candy Oliver. Third Row: STan PoTash, Craig WhiTe, Jim WOITT, Bob Pohl, chairman. Back Row: Richard Lenon. Social Service ComrniTTee, TronT row: Pamela ClayTon, Nancy RamsTack, Sue Johansen. Barb Murray. Back Row: Nancy Kurek, Virginia Kays, Barb French, chairman: Rick Nelson, Tad GilsTer. Assembly CommiTTee, 'FronT row: Linda Royer, I-lolly Malin, Linqla Schram. Back Row: Bob Leider, Gary Cooke, Don I-loaglund, chairman. LoyalTy CommiTTee: ScoTT Bolling, chairman, Tina HardT, Pam Finch. Sue I-lanich, PaT Heidman, Sue Buehling. IO 5 I i I Responsiloillies Cornrnillee, 'fronf row: Sue Poole, Chuck Schuman, Jeii Coverl. Back Row: George Molrfel, Denny Lavery, chairman. COMMITTEES PROVIDE STUDENT BILITIES COMMITTEE examines and ol3Fers solulions Io problems which are of concern Io The sludenls. The dulies of lhe PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE are corresponding and main- Iaining good relalions wilh olher schools and Ihe communilies. Checking Ihe elllecliveness of Ihe moni- l'or syslern, collecling allendance slips and running errands for 'rhe Ieachers are The re- sponsibililies of Ihe I-IALL MONITOR COMMITTEE. The purpose of lhe SOCIAL COMMIT- TEE is Io approve social Iunclions spon- sored by clubs or classes al' Glenbrook and 'ro make available Io lhe sludenls informa- Iion alooulr Ihe aclivilies. A special proiecl of Ihe clulo is The dislribulion of 'rhe social bookleis. Public Relalions Comrnilleez Nancy Currie, Pal' Her- loerl, chairman: Trudy Tarzy, Dollie Marsh, Linda Slurlevanl. 1 I-Iall Monilors Cornrniflee, fronl row: Carolyn Kwielford, Belly Scham- merl, Donna Dueno. Sillingz Louise Kinsey, chairman: Gail Clark. Back Row: Judy Finley, Donna Brelos, John Bucher, Mr. George Slanger, Nancy Currie. 6 Social Commillee, si++ing: Kalhy Roshkind, Slephanie Colburn chair man: Ivadell Tupy, Chris I-lylberl: Sfanding: Alan Priddy, Tom Richards 'ARTICIPATION IN COUNCIL WORK Promoiing spirir and inreresr in arhieiic evenrs is Ihe purpose of Ihe STUDENT COUNCIL PEP COMMITTEE. This year a Pep Council and Ihe SI'udenI' Acriviiies Board were originared. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE COMMIT- TEE inforrns Ihe s'rudenI' body of A.F.S. proiecrs and pians acriviiies involving 'rhe foreign siudenrs. This year Ihey organized 'I'he candy drive Io earn money Io send a Gienbrook srudeni Io a foreign counrry as well as bringing foreign sIuden+s 'fo GIen- brook. Acquainiing new sfudenis wirh Ihe func- Iions and acIivi+ies oi Glenbrook is Ihe purpose of I'he NEW STUDENT ORIENTA- TION COMMITTEE. The purpose of I'he CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE is 'ro oversee inierpreraiions and proposed changes of 'rhe Srudeni' Council Cons'ri+u+ion and by-Iaws. Pep Commiiiee, fron? row: Judy Layman, Lucia Siark, Nancy MacDoIe. Second Row: Jane? Srnifh, Daie Ryser, Linda Murphy, chairman: Leslie John. Back Row: Gaii Guliiksen, Greg Zairos, Mike Mackie, Bink HyIberI, Tina Jacobs. New Siudeni Orieniaiionz Kaihy McGoun, Lee Arbeirnan Carol Tarzy chairman. Missing: Wendy Sands, Bob Renyoids, Fred Kiebier. AES Cornrniifeez Bink I-Iyiberi, chairman: Joe Muhike, Ken Jones, Uie Nischwiiz, Sue BoaIrrighr,,BiII Rees, Miriam Garcia. i i I Consiiiuiion Cornrniiiee: Caroie Agneiio, BIII Edelsiein, chairman, Jeiif Burhop, Joan Dunshee. 107 TRAFFIC LAWS MADE AND ENFORCED AT GLENBROOK TraTTic SaTeTy CommiTTee, siTTing: Diclc Vining, chairman. Sfandingz Lloyd Penfold, Ron Raminq, Fred' Schroeder, Kay ClayTon. 108 The STUDENT COUNCIL TRAFFIC CONTROL COMMITTEE works Toward TraTTic saTeTy and conTroI aT Glenbrook. Members oT The commiTTee are currenTly revising GB's TraTTic code book. BoTh The TraTTic moniTors and The TraTTic courT are connecTed wiTh This commiTTee. TRAFFIC MONITORS direcT TraTTic on The school grounds during The school day and aT eve- ning school TuncTions. TRAFFIC COURT deals wiTh The Traffic vioIaTions by sTudenTs. .AM 3? T5 .NAM--for s.M..M-e TraTTic CourT: STan PoTash, prose-:uTinq aTTorney Kim Kimball, Treshman judge: Fred Graf, senior judge: Tad GilsTer, chief iusTice: Bill ArTwohI gun ior iudqe: Bob ChrisTensen, sophomore fudge TraTTic MoniTors: Mr. William McBay, co-sponsor: Vern VicTorson, 'co-chief: Fred Bueqel, Jim I-loover, MilT Lernlce, co-chieTg Bill Chaney, Guy Ream, Mi-ss MarqareT Johnson, sponsor, Missing: Gill Mueller, chieT1 Garry Duebler, STan PoTash. Publishing Ihe Sfucleni' Direcfory is 'rhe main money-raising proiecl of Ihe Glen- brook SCIENCE CLUB. The organizalion, formed 'ro slrimulaie an aclive inleresl' in science and scienliiic merhods, also inviled and heard many speakers from 'Ihe Ameri- can Chemical Company. The club 'rook field Irips Io Ihe Indiana Sand Dunes, 'rhe Ben- iamen Eleclric Company and Ihe Museum of Science and lnduslry. Especially mean- ingful Io Ihem was Iheir geology Irip Io Cole Cily. Officers are Jim Macafee, presideni and Maria l-lanson, secrelary-Treasurer. Mr. Jerome Becwar and Mr. James Musich are 'rhe lacully sponsors. Science Club members, fronf row: Sleven Bradley, Marla Hanson, Greg Tilsch. Second Row: Siephen Egemeier, Clarence Bonin, Derrick Melzer, Gary Morris, Jim Macalee. Back Row: Rufh Cole, John Gaiiher, Charles Bales, Barry I-libben, Jerry Lindquisip John SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS WIDENED IN SCIENCE AND BIOLOGY CLUBS The purpose of The BIOLOGY CLUB is Io slimulale inieresl' in biological science and 'ro masler The Techniques of scienlific research. The members meer during Iheir free periods To work on such proiecls as growing planls, experimenring wilh radia- Jrion, and breeding chickens. Richard Moldaner is Ihe presidenf of Ihe club, The iacully sponsors are Mr. Leo Lealhers and Mr. Sieve Kubisen. Biology Club members: Marla Hanson, Linda Wilson, Mark Viclorson, Marvin Topi, John Kasch, Richard Maldner, Doug Vines, Bill Bushing, Jerry Lindquisf, Bill Lannin. Carol Porier, Barb Barnes, Carol Maxwell. 109 WGBC--THE SOUND THAT KEEPS GLENBROOK HAPPY WGBC: Dick Carlson, Phil lsensee, Bruce Converse, Marvin Danniel, Torn McFaul, Roger I-linrerrhuer, William Bonhiverl, Bob Craig. Kneeling: Jim Mindling. Ham Radio club, fronl' row: Perer Bradbury, Ken Scholz, I-lenry Magnuslci, Sieve Cook, Richard Vix. Back Row: Mr. Ronald Rank, Larry Taalle, Ron Schwarer, Alan Mayer, Ed Schwilzer, Bill Pohl, Glen Moss. 110 "Good morning, s'rudenIs." Thanks Io WGBC, every morning Glenbroolcs halls are filled wirh music, announcemenrs of alhleric scores, and general good-morning discussions. The PA syslem broadcasls rhroughoul Ihe school all Iypes of music from classical Io iazz. Wearher reporis, lively pre-school chailer and iokes are piped Io Ihe arriving sludenls. WGBC officers: Phil Isensee, presidenl: Dick Carlson, vice-presidenly Bruce Con- verse, secrerary-Ireasurer. Dr. George Malcas is Ihe facully sponsor. HAM RADIO CLUB MEMBERS PERSUE ELECTRONIC INTERESTS The purpose of Ihe I-IAM RADIO CLUB is +0 promole srudenr inferesi in amaleur radio, Members spend Iheir Tuesday affer- noons discussing programming ol compul- ers, Iheory of radio relelype, and elecrrical problems of many sorls. The goal of 'Ihe club is lor all members 'Io evenlually re- ceive Iheir I-Iam Radio licenses. Visirs To New Trier and several FM slarions were highlighls of Ihe year. Ham Radio club is under rhe direcrion of Mr. Ronald Ranlc. The I96I-62 officers include Henry Ivlagnuslci, president Peler Bradbury, vice-president and Ken Scholz, secrerary-Ireasurer. ART CLUB DISPLAYS TALENT BY SERVING GLENBROCK The purpose oT The ART CLUB is To help The school and The oTher organizaTions wiTh posTers and oTher arT work. The club pro- vides publiciTy posTers and signs Tor The school dances, drives, and oTher TuncTions. This year's club inviTed prominenT arTisTs To IecTure To The sTudenTs. "Have paIeTTe, will TraveI," is Their humorous moI'Io, OTTicers are Karen Kobusch, presidenT and Sandy McInTosh, secreTary. The TacuITy sponsors are Mr. Guido Chigi and Mr Ellard Miller. ArT club, from' row: Pam BarrowcliTT, Sue STeT- Ten, Ellen Passen, Pam Wills, Linne Thomas, Mary Gibson, Jane Neilson. Second Row: Helga Haclcenberg, Barb Lefaiver, Barb Perfume, Carol Lindgren, Pam Hayes, Dianne Risinger, Sandy McInTosh, Carol Johnson, Dona Bowden, Susan Symons, Honore Gibson. Back Row: Torn Greig, Mr. Guido Chiqi, Ted' Jacob, Gerald BuTow, Barbara BenodT, Dixie Garver, 'aren Kobusch, KaThy Zaccard, Milce I abrer, Pa Groen, Marie Bohn, Marcia Malo, Mr. Ellard Miller, Bruce Duncan, PROS AND CONS DISCUSSED IN DEBATE CLUB The DEBATE CLUB meeT Twice a week To sTudy and pracTice The arT OT argumenTa- Tion. In The spring, They enTered The de- baTe TournamenTs and conTesTs. Several de- baTes were also held aT Glenbrook. Ofliicers of The club are Bill EdelsTein, presidenT: Tom Kennedy, vice-presidenTg and Sue Gallagher, secreTary-Treasurer. Mr. John HaTch and Mr, Darrel Lund are The TacuITy sponsors. Debafe club, fronT row: Pam Coolc, Hillel SchwarTz, Torn Barman, Jean SchwieTzer. Back Row: Jaclc Hallferlcamp, Tom Kennedy, Milce Cavanaugh, Bill EdeIsTein, David ProbsT, Susan Gallagher, John SwiharT. 111 "FRIENDSHIP, RELIABILITY, LOYALTY, AND HONESTY" I Gamma BeTa Gamma members, Tronf row: Karen O'NeilI, Hope ArenTz, Karen Thorsen, Judy Fowler, Carole David, Sandy STark, Sandy Darnell. Second Row: Candy Copeland, Vicki Varner, Penny Tyson, CharloTTe Spink, Jean O'Malley, DoaTsy PeiTer, Sandy Bohn, Dale Schmadebeck, Sue Bradford, PaT Evans. Third Row: Carol Skelly, Carole Cushman, Sue EaTon, STephanie Adams, Robbie Buchanan, Linda RuTledge, Nancy VanDamme, Donna Shuck, Sue WhiTe, Sybil Radar, Sharon SchuI+z, Sharon Baker, Back Row: Mary Norman, Carol Reed, Ellan Primus, Lois Youngdahl, Donna Brelos, Nancy Currie, Pam ChrisTy, Gail Clark, Barbara ArmsTrong, Marcia Swearingen, Sandra Pollard, Nancy Wickersheim, Vivian Vodicka. Gamma BeTa Gamma oTTicers: PaT HerberT, presidenT: Sue Johansen, vice-presidenTg Carole Agnello, secreTaryg Wendy DeZuTTer, Treasurer: RoberTa ElderT, parliamenTarian. If any boy grumbles ThaT The girls never ask The boys ouT, he cerTainly can'T blame GAMMA BETA GAMMA, The girls' serv- ice club OT Glenbrook. They hold The an- nual "Twin TwirI," one OT The Two Turn-abouT dances oT The year. In addiTion To This, They parTicipaTe in such acTiviTies as The Dad and DaughTer BanqueT, The Smile Week ConTesT, The annual breakTasT, and The UniTed Fund Drive. Gamma BeTa Gamma members, fronl' row: Nancy MacDole, Irene Levin, Mary Lee Lefaivre, Linne Thomas, Claudia Palmer, BeTsy Robins, Carol Hanson. Second Row: KaThy Zaccard, Sue MiTchelI, Carol DickhuT. Nancy RamsTack, Eileen Risinger, UTe NischwiTz, Tina HardT, KaThy TwisT, Penny Lynch, Diane STurm. Third Row: Gail Gulliksen, Penney Russell, Sandra Kirkby, Barb Murray, Joyce Mccanless, Barb Gullborq, Sandy Rice, RuTh Kuchel, Holly Hanscom, Candy Oliver. Back Row: Donna Schmadebeck, Toni Rakowski, PaT MiniTer, KrisTen ZumBahlen, Jeanne MeTz, Sue VanTuin, Judy McCowan, Cherie ScheTTer, Linda MerriTT, Linda STurTevanT, Sue Poole. 112 MOTTC OF GAMMA BETA GAMMA GIRLS Gamma Bela Gamma members are com- posed ol only iunior and senior girls. The members hope To promole school spirir and 'ro parlicipale in lhe acfivilies of Their school wilh lheir mo'r'ro, "Friendship, Reli- abiliiy, Loyaliy, and Hones+y". Miss Ruih Emge, Mrs. Elizabeih Hall and Mrs. Judiih Wilson are faculry sponsors of ihe club. 1 I Gamma Befa Gamma members, fron? row: Sally Cruilcshanlc, Marian Mafchefi, Cheryl Ives, Peggy Benfley, Lynn Halleff, Joyce Gefsofi, Susan Moss, Pam Mullin. Second Row: Viclri Gibbs. Arlene Nelson, Par Brandt Barb Koeplce, Terry Malhson, Chrisfine Bur+on, Pam Gillogly, iRonny Hill, Donna Malfner, Pam Maiella. Third Row: Janice Crusoe, Susan Hanson, Gayle Halcanen, Mary Engebrefson, Barb McHugh, Georgi Jones, Carol Melzer. Laurel Day, Marqarei Hanapel, Jill Duffy. Back Row: Elizabefh McKee, Oni Malhews, Pam Finch, Kafhy Haffon, Barb French, Pal' Brennan, Cheryl Loclrefl, Kay Clayfon, Birqif Frese, Kaihe Bruno, Donna Jean Fowler. Gamma Bela Gamma commirlee heads, sif- iing: Jane? Smi+h, Linda Ferguson. Sfanding: Donna Dueno, Eillen Lund, Vicki Siembridge, Jean Hansen. Gamma Bela Gamma members: Linda Srurfevanf, Sally Cruikshanlc, Pal Herberr, Diane Srurm, are sewing puppers for gills ro a children's home. LeH'ermen's club members, fron? row: Ken Norris, Don Ohlmeyer, Dennis Piefrzalc, Doug Radar. Back Row: Dave Janzak, Dave Laidley, Don Hoaglund, Timothy Shannon. 114 LETTERMEN'S CLUB SERVES LETTERMEN'S CLUB is fhe only organ- izafion al' Glenbrook which can boasl' 'rha'r all of Hs members are fosrer parenls. Shin Sul: Jin, a young Korean boy, and Filippo Anfonio Anfuso are supporlecl by conlribufions from 'rhe members and cor- respond wirh fhem regularly. LeHermen's club members, fron! row: Doug Sinclair, Wayne Sand- ers, Bob Layman, Bink Hylberr, Jim Black. Back Row: Neil Blafchford, Rich Morris, Ken Holm, John Janes, Darrell Balmer, Bob Marek. Le+rermen's club officers, Sifiing: Jack Meng, vice-presidenlg Alan Priddy, lreas- urer: Mike Connelly, president Sfanding: Dick Vining, secreraryq Herm Dusrman, parliamenlariang Mr, Ari' Van Aman, sponsor. Fosrer children Shin Sulc Jin and Filip- po Aniomo Anfuso. .JLENBROOK AND SUPPORTS FOSTER CHILDREN This club, under +he sponsorship of Mr. Arr Van Aman, provides service +o 'lhe school by sponsoring 'rhe Halloween Gym Jam and an all school dance. ln addi- rion 'ro This, 'rhey hope rhar by promoiring a general in+eres+ in aihlerics and providing ushers ar various sporis evenfs, They will sfrengihen 'The meaning and presirige of pariicipafion in alhlelics. Each member is required 'ro have a var- siiy lerier and meerings are held rwice monihly. Leffermen, froni' row: Jim Hoover, Vic Morosaka, Joe Baughman. Second Row Lee Lindquisf, Dick Carlson, Doug Peferson, Gary Wirfe, John Neal. 'kung- Leifermen, fron? row: Jim Wolff, Doug Gibson, Bill Rees. Second Row: Doug Jones, Thomas Vosnos, Skip Schrieber, Doug Crow. Back Row: Dan Greenwood, Scoir Bolling, Roberr Oleson, Eric Ebel, Bob Alamshah. HONOR SOCIETY COMBINES SCHOLARSHIP WITH SERVICE I - as ' 1 3,1 'f:,, A ,, I 'frimisif . W- Members of Ihe Glenbrook Chapler of Ihe NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY are lhose sludenls who rale scholaslically in lhe upper 51, of Iheir classes. The purposes of 'rhe club are lo ioin scholarship wilh service and Io honor Ihose sludenls who have achieved high academic slandards. Through lhe Honor Sociely book slore and 'rhe annual Ugly Man Dance, Ihe club each year collecls enough money +o award scholarships 'ro deserving sludemls. These seniors are recognized al lhe annual spring assembly. Dr. Charles Ruggless is 'rhe facully spon- sor. Nafional Honor Sociely officers: Rick Lenon. vice presidenf: Scolf Bolling, Ireasurer: Tina Hardf, secrefar : Mark Youn , resident Y 9 P Nalional Honor Sociely members, Fronf Row: Bonnie Armour, Sue Mifchell, Chrisfine Tenske, Jan Cru- soe, Carole David, Jean Schweifzer, Paulell Creyke, Ray Mompier, Second Row: Bill Henderson, Lar- ry Sugar, Georgi Jones, Roger Lumpp, Bill Edelsiein, Vicki Randall, Roberl Graves, Bill Graves Gayle Hakanen, Karen Spodnyak. Back Row: Tina Hardf, Sue Eafon. Lee Lindquisf, Nancy Currie, Kafhy Twisf, Carol' Eich, Anne Diemer, Nancy Wickersheim, Iver Johnson, Marfin Michel, Gene Lan- ned. Nafional Honor Sociely members, Fronf Row: Rulh Sugar, Sandy Bohn, Donna Granl, Margie Marsh, Sfeph Colburn, Bill Rees, Lucy Thompson, Brian Williams, Linda Hogan, Lynne McNown, Judy Underwood, Anila Ward. Second Row: Joan Dun- shee, Judilh Vyskocil, Danny Kaye, Russell Rupp, Don I-loaglund, Rick Lenon. Sleve Casey, Henry Mag- 116 nuski, Michael Cavanaugh, Scolrl Bolling, John Dudycha, Doug Anderson. Back Row: Judy Preves, Barb Murray, Carol Skelly, Joyce McCanless, Bruce Cleland, Ru+h Kuchel, Dave Probsl, Barb McHugh, Roberla Buchanan, Frederick Nelson, Bob Fairclough, Sieve Lundberg, Don Jaques, Bob Barnfield, Gary Cooke, Hank Loehr, Bob Filpi. TYCOONS INVESTIGATE CPPORTUNITIES Tycoons officers: Carol Hansen, +reasurer: Hope Arenh, president Char- lolrle Spink, vice-presidenfg Donna Gloss, secrefary. IN BUSINESS WORLD The TYCOONS CLUB is well known for Hs annual sponsorship of Bermuda Day. This is lhe only day Thai' sludenls are al- lowed +o wear Bermuda shorls 'ro school. The Tycoons also l'ype The siudenl direc- lory. The club was formed 'ro honor sludenls for +heir high ralings in Glenbrook business educaiion courses ihrough speakers and lrips. Special Jropics discussed +his year were courl reporling and various iob op- porluniiies. An annual Awards Banque? was held al lhe end of fhe year. Miss Jeanne Dahl. Miss Margarel Gen- 'lry and Mrs. Geraldine Hoops are 'rhe fac- ul'ry sponsors. Tycoons members, Fronl' Row Pal' Evans, Dee Young, Pal Brandi Claudia Palmer, Mary Lee Lefaiver. Second Row: Charlofle Spink, Vicky Torroll Linda Kline, Barbara Gullborg, Linda KlaH', Donna Gloss, Susan Peake Back Row: Helen Fuchs, Terry Malhson, Janel' Rank, Brigil Frese Judikh McCowan, Kippy Wedl, Mrs. Geraldine l-loops. Tycoons members, Fronl' Row: Dixie Mars, Kalhy Trainor, Eileen Risinqer Second Row: Sharon Schulfz, Joyce Borre, Roberf Arbufhnol Derrick Melzer, Karen Axline, Nancy Johnson, Linda Benson. Back Row Miss Jean ne Dahl, Donna Brelos, Janel' Wolfe, Bonnie Bulz, Nancy Nelson Judy Nielson, Nancy Wenk, Miss Margarel' Genlry, Margie Marsh,co-ediTor, Mrs. Joan ScoTT, iournalism Teacher and publi caTions advisor and Phil lsensee, co-ediTor loolc over Their finished producT. "Aimed aT uniTing and inTorming The sTu- denT body" appears under The banner of each issue of The TORCH, and This goal oT Glenbroolcs bi-weekly paper is precisely The goal oT The many ediTors, reporTers and oTher members oT The TORCH sTaTT. From The day The assignmenT sheeT is posTed and sTudenTs sign up Tor sTories. To The busTling Friday The TORCHES are dis- TribuTed, The sTaTT is busy, sTriving To pub- lish a paper which will meeT and even sur- pass This goal. T014 uf TORCH news ecliTor, Jim Mindling, Sfandingz Gayle l-lalcanen, exchange ediTor and Siffingz Virginia Kays, managing ediTor, discuss The laTesT issue. 1 Myer My PhoTographers John Thorpe, Ron JohnsTon, head: and Bill Wildhege check over Pam ChrisTy, assisTanT adverTising manager along wiTh Barb Klingler, eq uipmenT. 118 ' adverTising manager and Sue Buehling, TeaTure ediTor plan Their layouT. TORCH page edifors, Ru+h Kuchel, page 2: Candy Oliver, page 3i and Sue Bradford, assisfanf page 2. compare fheir pages. TORCH sporis ediiors, Garry Cooke. Dick Vining and Cliffon Lifer lsealedl organize nexl' week's assignmenls. Of course, The slaff mus'r meel' oiher goals-improving lhe qualily of wriling, composing more meaningful headlines, and laying oul a more airraclive page. Lasl' year's TORCH received several firsl place ralings in nalional compelilion. This year's siaif sfrives for l'he hiqhesi' rafing, All American. The siaff has many goals. buf lhe one in parricular, which is prin+ecl in every issue is a summary of fhem all-'lhe TORCH, "Aimed ar uniling and informing Jrhe s+uden'r body." TORCH repor+ers, Froni' Row: Sue Poole,JilI Lovegren, Leslie John. Joan Dunshee, Linda Schram, Karen Thoresen, Marcia Rex, Linda Murphy. Second Row: Pairicia Minifer, Doafsy Peiier, Pam Finch, Dixie Garver, Virginia Galen, Donna Dueno. Ann Saville, Ellen Weber, Marcia Swearingen, Gail Gulliksen, Liz Love, Nancie Milchell. Third Row: Carole David. Vivian Vodiclca, Linda Rui- ledge, Sue Whi+e, Barb French, Sharon Ormsby, Ellen Gaifher, Carol Slcelly, Pafsy Parker, Carol Cravens, Ann Diemer, Lynn Benfson. Baci: Row: Roger Lumpp. Nancy Ramsfack. Karen Green- berg, Sandy Rice, Belh Sedlack, Marilyn Hogan, Allen Willough- by, Danny Kaye, Nancy Richmond, Chrisfy Schweifzer, Lauri Isa- dor, Susan Kobusch, Barb Koeplce, Wendy Sands. 119 Club edllors. Rulh Kuchel. Sue Poole, and Candy Oliver sorl fheir piclures. To reflecf The acfions. +hough'rs and emo- 'lions of Glenbrook sludenls lhrough pic- 'lures is The goal of +he LACONIAN Slaff. The sporls evenls. loolball. baslcelball, and wreslling are shown 'rhrough aclion shols. Piclures of people in clubs disclose 'rhe slcelelon of +he school sys+em-Hs educa- 'lional abililies. Piclures of dances, loolball roolers. and cheerleaders reveal 'rhe emo- 'lions of a sludenl body. Spiril, a word so difficull' lo define, is shown vividly 'Through a piclure. The 'rhrill of being a homecoming queen, lhe inner conlenlmenl gained from a iob well done, inlangibles so hard 'ro de- fine can be caplured Through The eye of a camera. The LACONIAN slaff slrives lo caplure 'lhe spiril and meaning of Glen- broolc belween +he covers of 'rhe LACON- IAN. STAFF OF THE 1962 CAPTURE SPIRIT AND Checking sporls layoul are Diclc Vining, sporfs edllor Gayle Haclcan en, GAA edilor: Clilfon Liler, sporls edifor Carol Diclchuf, copy chief: Kalhy Zaccard, cardfile and index: compare idenlificalion cards to The copy. LACONIAN STRIVES TO MEANING OF GLENBROOK Gail Gulliksen, picfure edifor and Sue Bradford, business manager check wilh fhe phofographer aboui' ads. Wendy Sands, faculfy ediior: Linda Murphy, Nancy Ramsfack, acfiviiies edifors. Class edifors: Carol Kanfecki, senior edilor: Margo Nahigian, iunior edifor Carol Everhardf, sophomere edilorg Barb Koepke, freshman edifor. Work 'For +he l962 LACONIAN began in +he spring of '61 and lhe overall plan w-as complefed lasl' summer. The inlroduc- +ory pages of 'rhe book were sen+ ro 'Phe prinler early in 'rhe year: lhey were 'Followed al' regular infervals by addiiional seclions of 'rhe book, unfil ai' ihe end of i'he year. fhe finished pages are bound and delivered 'ro +he s+uden'r body. Lay-our has been planned. copy wriH'en. headlines have been made up and arranged on 'rhe page. The index has been organized and 'rhe book is finally ready. The planning, hopes, and work of The yearbook sfaff have become realily. LACONIAN EDITORS SUPERVISE STAFF'S PRODUCTION The LACONIAN edifor, wiih 'Ihe help of helps lhe oiher siaff members. explains The assislanl' edilor and Ihe managing edi- her ideas and Iislens 'ro 'I'heirs. She and her lor. plans and supervises Ihe malce-up 'For siafli are Ihe siudenls responsible for Glen- Ihe enlire Glenbrook yearbook. The edilor brooIc's yearboolc. 'rhe LACONIAN. L K3 G D N l is I3 i?""'?Pfs ... ,M LACONIAN edifor, Bonnie Armour crops a piciure for her seclion. Margo Nahigian, assisfanr edilor: Mrs. Joan Scoll, sponsor: and Wendy Sands managing ediior, compare previous LACONIANS. QUILL AND SCROLL SUPPORTS SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS 11-TORCH Quill and Scroll members, Froni Row: Margie Marsh, presidenl: Bonnie Armour, vice presidenii Sue Bradford, Treasurer: Jim Mindling. Back Row: Ron Johnslon, Gail Gullilcsen, Wendy Sands, Linda Murphy, Rulh Kuchel, Candy Oliver. Sue Poole. Missing: Virginia Kays, secrelary: Phil Isensee. 122 OUILL and SCROLL, Ihe honorary journalism sociely for high school sludenls, encourage a high qualify of wriling, and a clear and Irulhful repori of all news. All members musl have wrillen ar Ieasl' filly inches of copy for a local publicaiion. Ihe TORCH, NORTHBROOK STAR or GLENVIEW ANNOUNCEMENTS, or have done worlc on The LACONIAN. They musl have earned al Ieasi a B average in journalism classes and be responsible slud- en+s, dedicaied +o Ihe 'Field of iournalism. BRIDGE CLUB-AN OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY AND LEARN The BRIDGE CLUB was originaled lhis year lor lhe purpose of leaching sludenls desirous of learning bridge how lo play, and lo provide an opporlunily lo play lor lhose who were already acquainled wilh lhe game. Meelings were held every olh- er Tuesday and bridge lessons were given. For lhose sludenls who underslood lhe game, a lournamenl was organized. Ollicers ol lhe Bridge Club were Larry Sugar and Vicki Slembridge, co-chairmen and Barb Koepke, secrelary-lreasurer. Mrs. Joan Scoll and Miss Rulh Wilder were lhe lacully sponsors. Bridge Club members, Silling: Penny Tyson, Susan Moss, Janice Crusoe, Sue While. Slanding: Tim Bolander, Paul Miller, Bob Branion, Jell Frank, Judy Knighl, Barb Koepke, Larry Swaar, Vicki Slem- bridge, Marcia Swearingen, Nickie Fromm, Mariean Troik. PEP COUNCIL UNIFIES CLASSES IN SCHOOL SPIRIT To promole pep and school spiril is lhe purpose ol Glenbrook's PEP COUNCIL. The group-planned aclivilies such as pep assemblies and bus campaigns lo achieve lhese ends. Ollicers ol Pep Council were Mike Mackie, presidenl: Bink I-lylberl, vice-presi- denl: and Lucia Slark, secrelary. Mr. Thomas Monlgomery is lhe lacully sponsor. Pep Council members, Fronl Row: Kalhy Wiedner, Susan Aldridge, Sandy Shugerl, Annelle Vilchis, Sheila Brown, Lucia Slark, Bev Smilh, Sharon Henkel, Margi Meloy. Second Row: Linda Billing, Mary Miller, Sharon Larsen, Beverly Barrell, Donna Campbell, Wayne Sanders, Belly Jensen, Janel Sue Smilh, Lauri Hulchinson, Leslie John, Carole David, Deborah Thomas, Ellen Weber, Carol Cooke. Back Row: Linda Murphy, Carol Cravens, John Janes, Karen Kobusch. Bink Hylberl, Fred Graf, Mike Mackie, Al Priddy, Sue While, Ellan Primus, Trina Jacobs, Dianne Risinger, Susan Milchell. 123 EVENING SCHOOL OFFERS OPPORTUNITIES TO AMBITIOUS ADULTS V ,NAM-,MN Coming fo fake advanfage of flue opporfunifies offered flwrougln Evening School are adulfs Mr. John Boley direcfs Evening School af Glenbrook. of flue communify. Modern algebra is one of fhe academic courses offered af Evening School. 5 2 Evening school classes, made possible by flue Board of Educafion, are available 'ro all adulfs, whefher flwey are residenfs of flue communify or nof. Besides courses in modern dance. maflwemafics, and recre- afion, classes suclw as ceramics and poffery, Icniffing, graceful enferfaining, reading de- velopmenf. Russian. civil defense, scuba diving, golf and pliofograplriy are offered. These are buf a sampling of flue many courses. Regisfrafion is I'1eId in fI1e fall and in January: classes meef once a weelc. Parenfs brush up on Iheir dancing in a ballroom dancing course. Bofh womerfg and mei-1'5 recreafional courses are available 124 GB GUARDS GIVE THEIR TIME TO SERVE COMMUNITY The Glenbrook SWIM GUARDS. by 'reaching Saiurday morning swimming classes and guarding a+ all free swims, help noi' only Glenbroolc, bui ihe eniires com- muniiy. Saiurday morning swimming classes for elemenlary school children are 'raughi ex- clusively by sludenls on Ihe Guard. The weelcly Thursday nigh'I' family swims, open I'o anyone in Ihe communily, are also guarded by members of 'Ihe organizaiion. Guards are chosen by The sponsors. Mr. Ari Van Aman and Mr. Edward Aldridge. every spring. To qualify, a siudeni' musl' have passed his Red Cross iunior or senior life-saving course and have demonsiraied his sense of responsiloiliiy and maiuriiy. Senior Guards, fron! row: Bonnie Jensen, Linda Ferguson, Pam Mullin, Par Heidman, Sue Bradford, Marcia Romsied. Second Row: Oni Mafhews, Arlene Nelson, Vicki Siembridge, Gay Slarlzman, Ron Ridenour, Pam Finch, Sally Ward. Third Row: Jon Meigs, Doug Jones, Tho-mas Vosnos, John Fechi, Bob Baker, Dick Drill, Fred Kiebler, Ed Emerson. Baci: Row: Carol Slcelly, Ruih Kuchel, George Klumb, Tom Fergusen, Bruce Rolhermel, Anlhony Harper, Sharon Baker, Sybil Rader, Barb Murray. Junior Guards, froni' row: Bev Smifh, Sue Morgan, Judy Edgar, Linda Ihrlce, Donna Thies. Second Row: Ken Scholz, Tom Per- clue, Barry Delforric, Sharry Bally, Jim Waiers, Howie Ford Murray Dezamorec, Joe Muhllce. Back Row: John Hallquisi, Bill Neal, Lynn Perry, Lauri Nischlce, Lee Goff, Tom Fausl, John Slcupiz, Melinda Hill, John Krifzer. Gay Siarizman, head guard and Marcia Romsiecl, assisianl head guard, are helped ou? I f 'rhe pool by Thomas Vosnos, head guard and Anfhony Harper, assislani head guard. 125 SPRING SWIM SHOW HIGHLIGHTS YEAR FGR AQUIANAS Aqurana officers: Sally Ward, vice-presidenf: Veil Valenfine, secrerary: Gay Sfarlzman, presidenlp Sue Van Tuin, show, Qhacirmang Miss Frances Evans, sponsor: Karen Haelsig, flreasulrer. 3,9 .- ' . ,,,, , , I X X In " 4 ' V f IL? - Ll A F l. N 3 I I f L4 ' 'W N- .-X L L 1 I I .. ' I , '- I I 'I ' I T 1 If il" i is . X ax . 'R In U Y af I w ,fr 5, v . , Y . I , I , I. I. , ,IJ 3' I I J fl.,-,! xv I- M -V L, .V I, M VA, . L ,I ," If I I X K I I I X LL! 'lv , i , XJ. N. V id RL jj ! x h N TR J ' fu fx :X X W, ,L ,. , . , I I V ' 1 lf' lol' . ' I , I l' K, . f gl 1 A, I 'L , ,l' f fl wig 1 s f I I A f Ii Senior Aquinas, fron? row: Marcia Romsiied, Bonnie Jensen,,l,X Bev Smifh Jud Fowler Sue Bradford Susan Milchell Marcia, I Y I I I Graham. Second Row: Karen Haelsig, Karen Senew, Sally R- Ward, Nancy Ramsrack, Dianne Abbofi, Pam Holyoke, Carol Lindgren, Jane? Rank, Barb Murray. Third Row: Donna Brelos, Carol Schmidf, Judy Nielsen, Lois Youngdahl, Carolyn Koenig, Linda Ihrke, Pam Chrisiy, Val Valenfine, Gay Slarizman. Sue Van Tuin. Back Row: Penney Russell, Karen Kobusch, Cis Wild, Melinda Hill, Judy Edgar, Teri Schieman, Sharon Baker, Lynne Perry, Laurie Neschke. "Isn'I' Lile Grand!" Ihe annual Aquiana, performance was presenled by Ihe AQUI- ANA SW-IM CLUB al' Glenbrook for four conseculive nighis. The show learured sev- eral numbers wiih inlricale swimming siunls and special lighling ellecls. A favor- i're was Ihe Iloaiing number, Ihis year done Io "GreensIeeves." Special acliviiies of Ihis year's group were a hayride, a ski Irip, a mo+her-daugh- fer swim and -a senior parfy. Aquiana Swim Club is splif info a sen- ior and a iunior group according Io Ihe s'rudenI's slcill and abilily in synchronized swimming. Tryours are held in 'rhe fall of each year. Junior Aquinas, fronr row: Pam Barrowclilf, Judy Schweiz, Nikki Osfergren, Sharon Henkel, Susan Smifh, Kaihy Johnson, Susan Moss, Donna Schmadebeck, Kafy Lallin, Jacqui Carr. Second Row: Kay Kimball, Lynn Siarizman, Susan Brandi, Carolyn Roseboom, Bunny Puriell, Linda Wakefield, Sandy Carr, Sue Boafrighr, Jane Edgren, Vicki Gibbs. Third Row: Jean Joan Marshall, Jane? Schrnid+, Carol Dickhul, 'Tllfnda Ferigiuson, Mariha Riecken, Denise Anderson, Nancy Nelson, Judy McGowan, Barb Armsfrong, Laurene Kreer. Back Row: Cheryl Leppanen, Lynn Monroe, Pam Finch, Vicki Slembridge, Sarah Bassler, Sue Morgan, Sfeph Adams, Donna Johnson, Sharry Baily. VARIED ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES INTEREST GIRLS GAA provides an opporiuniiy for many girls 'Io develop individual inieresls and 'ral- enis. In addiiion, each girl is given an op- porlunily 'ro demonsiraie sporismanship, leadership and responsibiliiy. The varied afler-school aciivilies include archery, bas- Icelball, hockey, horseback riding, ice slcai- ing, soliball, 'lennis and volleyball. which meei year-round. Aside from physical ac- Jrivily GAA girls are offered Ihe opporiun- ily Io worlc 'rogeiher on The annual I'urn- aboui dance. The girls originaie The dec- oraiions. selecl' 'rhe enleriainmeni and pro- vide for reireshmenis. This year's dance. held Feb. IO, was called "FanIasy of I'Iear+s." In addiiion 'ro Ihe dance, GAA 'also sponsored during 'rhe year a molher- daughier 'rea for freshmen, a playday and Ihe Ideal Girl coniesi. Slarlzman, 'I'reasurer. Board members are: Pam Mullin, Cindy Quiclr. Carol Reed, Terrie Willaims, Penny LeViIus, Nancy Wiclcer- sheim, Cecile Crumm, Judy Calkins, Jill Lovgren. Sue Eaion, Sue Underwood. Gary Slarfzman, Sue Bradford, Lynn Crawford, Barb LeFevre, Diane Holder. Holly Ma- Iin, Judy Rose, Bonnie Jensen. Kafhy Johnson and Karen Krenek. Faculfy sponsors: Miss Carol Luensman Mrs Eva Clare Ohlmeyer, Miss Nancy Melcher. Miss Virginia Sa+ferIee. Miss Fran Evans and Miss Dawn Bufler The GAA execuiive board direcls fhe achvihes of Ihe members. Here showing Ihe variely of equipmenl' used are president Sue Underwood vice-president Sue Eaion: secreiary, Sue Brad ford: po-ini' secrelary, Jill Lovgren and Gay Tumblers praciicing 'lricks are Sue Brandi, Sue Carlsfrand and Judy Schweiz. GAA GIRLS GAIN EXPERIENCI Guard +ha'I' baslcer! Jill Duffy, Nancy Wickersheim and Sonia Sfarlc guard while forwards Lynn Crawford, Arlene Nelson and Barb LeFevre move in for W 'rhe baslcer. ' Sporfs-minded girls enioy riding. Shown on fhe horses, Toby. Sfrawberry and Buckslcin are Ronnie Vodiclca, Georgie Bornhoff and Kafhie Bufow. Members of 'Ihe girl's speed Ieam, S-landing: Pam Finch Sybil Rader, Gay Sfralzman, Melinda Hill, Sharon Baker Sharon Bailey, Laurie Nirschlce, Sis Wilde, Judy Edgar Sue Morgan, Karen Kobusch and Linda Wakefield Kneeling: Marlha Rieclcen, Laurene Kreer, Sally Ward Karen Senew, Dianne Risinger, Linda lhrke, Ufe Nisch- wifz, Vicki Slembridge, Arlene Nelson, Diane Ablooff and Linda Lurzow. SiH'ing: Pal Heidman, Sue Mirchell, Janel Schmidt Bonnie Jensen, Bev Smilh and Belly Clyniclc. THRCUGH LEADERSHIP WHILE IMPRGVING SPORTMANSHIP IN GROUP PARTICIPATION Ready gel' sei GO! Speed swimmers Linda Lulzow, Gay Slarlzman and Laurie Nifshchke ar ofl in a ash. Judy Rose and Diane Lirz enioy prac- Iicing various Iriclcs in one of SANS popular sporls, roller slcafing. Along wiTh many academic ac- TiviTies aT Glenbrook. There are also The purely social ones. The many dances. assemblies, shows and sporTing evenTs provide much Tor The sTudenTs To enjoy when Taking a brealc Trom Their sTudies. Among The mosT memorable in- cidenTs This year have been The presenTaTion of "SparTy" aT The New Faces Dance. The Homecom- ing vicTory wiTh The score '53-O, The donlcey baslceTball game, The TradiTional game 'beTween GB. and NoTre Dame. Ugly Man Hank Loehr's vicTory and Jesse Owens' speech aT The BroTherhood assem- by. Seen here in The busy STudenT AcTiviTies OTTice, where many ideas Tor special acTiviTies 'are sTarTed are Holly Hanscom, Mr. Thomas MonTgomery. DirecTor of STudenT AcTiviTies. Judy Knight BuTch Hyde and Milce Mackie. ACTIVITIQG Seniors Denny Lavery and Sleph Colburn presenl' "Sparly" 'ro lhe freshman class. "lv1ee+ a freshman." was a phrase heard frequenlly by seniors Sepl. I5. The fresh- men had worn green and gold bow lies all day for lheir inilialion, and lhey were soon lo make 'rheir debuls. Thar nighl' in The cenler drive lhe freshmen were presenled lo lhe resl of Glenbrook's populalion. in- cluding "Spar+y," The school mascol: Each allending freshman shook lhe hand of ev- ery senior lhere. The bigqesl slalus sym- bol among frosh afler lhe evenl was a sore righl arm! 1' Q? fx x X, , ,Wi E I r sf Seniors Penney Russell, Sue Milchell, Pam Chrisly, Kalhy Twisf, Bonnie Armour, Slave Egemeier and Jim Macafee are ready lo shake everyone's hand. SENIORS GREET NEW FACES IN SEPTEMBER Members of all four classes inlermingled in lhe crowded cenler drive al Glenbrook was lhe scene of Hue annual New Faces Dance sponsored by The senior class. You Think you have problems! Nancy Wenk seems To be quiTe disTurbed when conTronTed by a sTubborn donkey. The second donkey baskefball season aT Glenbrook opened and closed Dec. 3. Ev- eryThing resembled an acTual baskeTball game excepl' ThaT The players rode live donkeys back and TorTh across The gym. The main aTTracTion of The aTTernoon was The game beTween The LeTTermen and The TaculTy Teams. Two oTher games were play- ed beTween The classes. OTher acTiviTies included mechanical donkey races, various relay races and a men's garmenT race. GLENBROCDK BOOSTERS' CLUB SPONSCDRS DCDNKEY BASKETBALL Dick Rees heads for The Tloor while TighTly grasping The ball, as Lee Judd and Tad GilsTer Try desperaTely To grab iT. Adam Rorneiser and Tom Perdue have masTered The correcl' Technique, buT Wally Bucher evidenTly hasn'T figured iT ouT yeT as he prepares To Take a landing. Coach Ed Aldridge wiTh ball in hand heads his donkey To The righT goal aT a quick pace. 133 Homecoming sTarTs ouT wiTh a roar of Tlames as The class oT'63's ouThouse is igniTed by Mr. Thomas MonTgomery, DirecTor oT STudenT AcTiviTies. BONFIRE IGNITES HOMECOMING FESTIVITIES The l96l Homecoming weekend opened TradiT- ionally wiTh The lighTing oT The Thursday nighT loon- Tire, Nov. 26. A long awaiTed momenT came when Milce Connelly and Dave Laidley, co-capTains oT The varsiTy TooTloall Team, inTroduced The queen and her courT: Queen Penney Russell, senior Sandy Darnell, iunior Peggy BenTley, sophomore Trina Jacobs and Treshman Leslie Simon. LaTer, 20 senior and Treshrnan boys combined eTTorTs againsT The sophomore and iunior boys To WhaT a growThl Cheerleader Nancy MacDole feels iunior John FechTs beard while judging Tor The beard conTesT. win The Tug-oT-war. The beard conTesT judging proved inTeresTing as The varsiTy cheerleaders chose senior JeTT Pollaclc The winner. Mr. KenneTh SmiTh, Business Manager, and Mr. Med Connelly, presidenT oT The BoosTers Club, boTh spoke To The huge crowd oT sTudenTs. Then, beTore The sTudenTs deparTed Tor The sTreeT dance, They all wenT To The TooTloall Tield and "leT oTT a liTTle sTeam" cheering Tor The hard-working varsiTy Team. The big evenT of The bonTire is The announcing of The queen and her courT. FooTball co-capTains Mike Connelly and Dave Laidley inTroduce Peggy BenTley, iunior aTTendanT: Leslie Simon, freshman aTTendanT: Trina Jacobs, sophomore aTTendanT: Sandy Darnell, senior aTTendanT and Penney Russell, Homecoming queen. GLENBRGOK VARSITY CRUSHES WEST Affer a Junior Varsify vicfory. 'rhe Spar- +an varsify feam members rushed onfo The field fo conquer a feam from Wesf Ley- den wifh a 53-O score. During half fime The floafs were paraded around fhe field -and fhe winners were named. The senior floaf, wifh a fheme of "lg-Knighf Em." fool: firsf place, followed by fhe freshmen's. sophomores' and iun- iors'. Jaclc Meng, Sfudenl' Council vice- presideni, presided over fhe acfivifies and presenfed Queen Penney wifh +he fradi- fional gold loclcef. Then fhe Homecoming couri' of l96l headed for fhe sfands fo see fhe res'I' of a fhrilling game. LEYDEN FOR HOMECOMING VICTORY Cheerleaders Carole David, Kafhy Zaccard, Nancy Kurelc, Pam Chrisfy and Nancy MacDole hold fhe Sperfan hoop as co-capfain Mike Connelly breaks in leading fhe varsify gridmen onfo fhe field. Varsify fullback John Twisf finds a break in fha Wes? Leyden Knighf's defensive line and sfarfs on a long run foward fhe Sparfan goal. 135 CLASS OF '62 CAPTURES FLOAT TITLE AGAIN "lg-Knighf Em" was Hme fheme of The senior dass Hoof which won firsf piece in H19 class compe+ifion. 136 Shxdenf Council vice-presidenf Jack Meng places The fradifional lockei' around Queen Penney's neck. yy ll MOONLIGHT HARVEST CLIMAXES HOMECCJMING WEEKEND "Moonligh+ Harves+," +he Homecoming Dance. was rhe background for happy greelings as siudenfs welcomed baclc alum- ni amidsi' scarecrows, pumpkins and corn- slallcs. Sfudenis danced lo lhe music of George Allen's band under a big. gay, glass moon. A+ IO p.m. ihey crowded around Jrhe slage To see Dave Laidley, Siudeni' Council presi- denl, iniroduce lhe Homecoming couri and crown 'lhe l96l queen, Penney Russell. Then more dancing followed unlil mid- nighi when anoiher Homecoming weelc- end drew +o a close. The highlighf for fha royal couple, Queen Penney Russell and her escorf Fred S+ewar+ was 'the coro nalion af fhe dance. The l96l Homecoming Courl included senior Sandy Darnell, freshman Leslie Simon, Queen Penney Russell, sophomore Trina Jacobs and iunior Peggy Bentley. Frank Galafi as Ko-Ko and Gail Johnson as Kafisha faire fheir bows in fhe finale as fhe enfire casf looks on. DRAMA CLUB PRESENTS HTHE MIKADOH ln April, l96l, Glenbroolis Drama Club and music deparfmenf combined falenf and efforf fo presenf Gilberf and Sullivan's opereffa "The Milea- do." The casf of 50 sfudenfs sang and acfed ouf fhe sfory of Nanlci-Poo and his fighf -againsf fhe mar- riage his fafher. fhe Milcado of Japan, had arranged wifh Kafisha, When fleeing from his fafher, Nanlci- Poo meefs fhe beaufiful Yum-Yum whom, affer many misadvenfures he finally marries. The magnificenf cosfuming and sfage seffings made fhis one of fhe besf producfions ever pre- senfed af Glenbrook. 138 Three fair maidens of Japan are Joan Til'ron, Sue Leich and Roberfa Phil lsensee porfraying fhe greaf Mikado of Japan D'Ambrosio. sings "A More Humane Mikado." Mike Wesi as The sfage manager performs The wedding ceremony. Barb Taylor and Joan Tilion +alk over family problems WELCCDME TO HOUR TCDWNH Al' Glenbrook, beginning wirh ihis produciion of "Our Town," Feb. I5. I6 and I7, all plays will be sponsored by Jrhe school as official acliviiies raih- er Than exiracurricular aciivilies sponsored by Dra- ma Club. The play won lhe Puliizer Prize in i938 and is considered one of The besi classical American dra- mas. The acling musi be especially good, because no scenery is used, excepi lor a few props, and The aciors have +o form ihe complele piclure. The moral of ihe play is +ha+ people do noi appreciale The simple iacl +ha+ ihey are alive and have many abiliiies lhai' Jrhey never use. Because of ihe greal significance of ihis play, Mr. Ralph Lane has chosen io show il' every 'Four years, ihis being ihe second performance. of i J Af fr K In i ,, sf , c Y L s. 7 iiiii 3 The local drugsfore is +he proposal scene of George Gibbs, played by Mike reflecfs upon his life in Grover's Corners. Roger Lumpp, and Emily Webb played by Kale Hopkins. WINTER ONE ACTS INCLUDE Bill Rees porlrays Creon in The play "Anfigone." xAnligone' Anligone is played by Barb Taylor. Here Creon is arguing willw her abouf live burial of her broflwer. N-l-he Lottery' Bob Clwrisliansen, Bill Jones, Vicki Kaywood, Roger Lumpp, and Linda Needleman Ellen Weber as The woman lo be sloned speaking +o her husband are casl' in "The Lolleryf' played by Buclcy We-ise. 140 STATE CHAMP "The l.oTTery." "AnTigone." and "A Phoenix Too FrequenT" were The Three one acTs presenTed This winTer on February IS. lb. and l7. "A Phoenix Too FrequenT" was The candidaTe Tor sTaTe compeTiTioin This year. This winTer. aT boTh The disTricT and secTional conTesTs. "A Phoenix Too FrequenT" was 'awarded TirsT place honors ouT oT I4 schools. The sTaTe conTesT in Champaign, Ill.. was held in early April where The play received one more TirsT place raTing as The besT in Illinois. The Two plays, "AnTigone" and "A Phoenix Too FrequenT" are modern versions oT Greek dramas, while "The LoTTery" is an American Tragedy. XA Phoenix Too Freq uent' Molly STieTz porTrays Dido in "A Phoenix Too Frequent" Bob Craig finds Molly STieTz and Ann NewquisT in The Tomb and Talks Them ouT of Their will To die. Molly STieTz is accompanied in The double casT oT Mike "NT and Pam ZariT. These Three sTudenTs composed The casT which parTicipaTed in The disTricT, s nal and sTaTe conTesTs. 14 SENIGRS XXLET IT SNOW" i :- sf .f 1 2 s l ' sf :r T I v Y sy 3, , x a Lys! J.-, if ,Q A ,J gf 14... ,iwfx i fi E t . fs A A T ' - T ,ge ' 'A was f Z ' fs.-iff, The winTer Tormal decoraTions cenTered around a Ten TooT snow man in The middle oT The Tloor. 142 "LeT iT snow, leT iT snow . . The we-aTher ouT- side was TrighTTul buT inside 'Twas so delighT'Tul." The class oT '62 chose "LeT iT Snow" as The Theme oT The winTer Tormal and under The leadership of PaT l'lerberT and Jeff CoverT. co-chairmen. Turned The gym inTo a warm winTer scene, inviTing To all. A senior chorus cloThed in slci sweaTers, heavy coaTs and slaclcs caroled TradiTional ChrisTmas songs: and a Trio composed of STeph Adams, STe- phanie Colburn and Pam ZariT sang The TiTle song, "LeT iT Snow." l'lighlighTing The enTerTainmenT was The announcemenT ol: The lcing oT The l96l win- Ter dance, Binlc l-TylberT, by class presidenT Joe Baughman. The dance ushered in The winTer season aT Glenbrook and The snow was soon To come. Seniors Judie Fowler and Jack Nahigian are seafed aT The bids Table ready To welcome The couples. "Where The boys are . . ." WaiTing Tor The girls are Joe Baughman, Binlc T-lylberT, Bill MelTon, Milne Connelly, Tom Vosnos and Milne Mackie. wwfk Al Sfudenfs danced fo 'The music of Johnny Allen and his band en! closed in a Swiss chalef. KING BINK REIGNS AT WINTER DANCE The seniors fifle song for fhe winfer formal, "Lef if Snow" was sung by Sfeph Colburn, Parn Zaril' and Sfeph Adams. Senior class presidenf Joe Baughman congrafulafes King Bink Hylberf and presenfs him silver cuff links from fhe class of '62. 143 G. A. A. PRESENTS UFANTASY OF HEARTS" Dr. and Mrs. Norman E. WaTson pause for a picTure in The lobby before enTer- ing The dance. For many couples The nighT of Feb. IO was a compleTe TurnabouT. The girls arrived prompTly To pick up Their daTes and headed To The dance, They hurried To open The doors Tor Their daTes: They pinned on The usual bouTonnieres. As They enTered inTo a "FanTasy OT l'learTs" a red saTin hearT revolving in The cenTer of The Tloor caughT every eye. The King and Queen oT l-learTs could be seen on one wall and valen- Tines were scaTTered everywhere. AT lO Milne Connelly, The masTer of ceremonies, inTroduced The enTer- TainmenT and Then The Tive Ideal Girl TinalisTs: Sue EaTon, Margie Marsh, Linda Murphy, Penney Russell and Gay STarTzman. G. B. sTudenTs and Their daTes: Denise Anderson, Rick Hyms, Tom Hallquist Sue AishTon, Sue SmiTh and Tom BuTTars admire The gianl' red revolving hearl' in The cenfer of The floor. 144 Enrerfaining ai' flue dance were Joey Aldrin and Vicki Sfembridge. accompanied by Jeff MacNar'nee. m mZH3Ti?3! IDEAL GIRL FINALISTS INTRGDUCED Ideal girl finalisfs and fheir escorls: Gary Witte and Gay Sfarfzman, Mike Mackie and Sue Ealon, Penney Russell and Fred Sfewarl, Linda Murphy and Bink Hylberr, and Margie Marsh and Don Doorly. 145 THE GLENBROOK AQUIANAS EXCLAIM - A- pr nv .nv "Any+hing Goes" number. was 'Phe fheme of Sue VanTuin's and Sharon Belcer's Splash! and lhe fourih annual Aquianas swim show was under way. This year's show, presenled March ZI, 22. 23 and 24, was based on lhe lheme "The ioy of living." All numbers and cosfumes were cenfered a- round 'rhis idea, and +he +i'rle "Isn'+ Life Grand!" was chosen. The names of some of ihe numbers were "Squaw's Lament" "Life ls Jusr a Bowl of Cherries," "l+'s a Grand Nighl' for Singing," "Any+hing Goes." and "The l-Wanl'-To-Be-Happy Cha Cha." The success of rhe swim show over The pasr four years may be afrribured mainly To 'Two fhings. 'rhe hard work of all 'rhe girls and boys parriciparing and fhe super- vision of Miss Frances Evans. +he direcfor and originafor of 'rhe club. The Aquianas will nor forgel fhe fun 'rhey had puf- fing on The show or The safisfaclion They received for doing a good job. L.. Sue Mirchell porfrays an unhappy Indian maiden in "Squaw's Lament" 146 Valerie Valeniine and Karen Kobusch were 'rwo lazy calypso swimmers in the "Peanu+ Venderf' ulSN'T LIFE GRAND!" Diane Abbolr, Judy Nielson, Pam Holyoke, Sue Morgan, C and Carolyn Koenig pose as Swedish folk dancers. arol Lindgren, P The Negro spirifual "Noah," was done by Terrie Schiemen, Donna Brelos Penney Russell and Karen Haelsig. The solemn sfrokers prepare To do fheir number, "Pomp and Circums1'ance." The girls are, Froni' Row: Linda Ferguson, Linda lhrlre, Sue Bradford, Marcia Romsfed, Sue Smilh, Linda Wakefield, Karen Haelsia, Donna Brelos and Second Row: Laurie Nifschlce, Sis Wilde, Pam Chrisly, Carolyn Koenig, Judy Nielsen, Melinda Hill, Lynne Perry, Judy Edgar. 147 Al Ford's Combo provided a quick lempo on ihe 'iirsi' floor. , , , 8, , , r i ,i ' jf 'f 1 Q A . U i F ' A ' - if Q li, me f - ks, Fvlylira Mai A - sf '- f 5 Lau, Va, Ai ,P if? L , 6, l f l y A 5 A 4 J p V i H l ,vii R '1 x Sophomores Mary Siler, Mari- an Maichelf, Margo Nahigian, Paiiy Edgar, Dick Drill, Hank Loehr, Tom Richards and Roger Beclcwilh served as hosis and hoslesses al fhe Prom. DURING XSOUTHERN INTERLUDE' '61 PRGM HONORS SENIORS The Evansion Women's Club. scene of "Souihern lnferludef' was iransformed inlo a souihern mansion for The evening of May 26 as flowers and rebel flags were broughlr in and sophomore girls and boys masque- rading as souihern belles and doormen greeled promgoers ai lhe main door. Johnny Marlow's band provided 'rhe dance music on +he second floor ballroom and Al Forcl's Combo siruclc up a loeai' clownsrairs where siudenfs gaihered for refreshmenis and a liiile relaxaiion. Every- lhing was co-ordinaled by +he prom co- chairmen. Joe Baughman and Pam Zari'r. Prom cornmillee chairmen form ihe receiving line 'lo greel' guesis as ihey enier ihe I96l Junior Prom. 148 Members of The royal courr of flue l96l Prom and 'llweir escorrs are Doug Crow and Sue Coppinger, Queen Barb DeLamoreaux and Mark Ledger, and Carole Vilcl1is ancl Jody Roseman. SENIORS CHOOSE BARB THEIR QUEEN Before rlwe coronarion, llie queen can- didares were assembled on 'llie balcony QNX overlooking rlwe dance floor. In a few slworr 1 i , i minules junior class presidenr Don Hoag- E W-Q. A, lund would announce rlwe I96I Prom queen. ' 1 l'le lirsr inlrocluced llne members ol llwe courl, Sue Coppinger and Carole Vilclwis, and rlwen llie queen, Barb DeLamoreaux. Alrer 'rlne presenlalion ol The loclcel, llow- ers anol llwe official crowning, Barb ancl her escorr Mark Ledger, led rlie royal dance. Prom Queen Barb DeLamoreaux and lier escorr, Mark Ledger. 149 Class presideril' George Chrisly gives lhe Senior Rich Olson lakes lhe podium for his pres- Mr. Louis Thorsen am-l aw-ham-ia chirlenl Ulv Tigersledl lirsl' speech of lhe evening. enlalion. COMMENCEMENT . . '61 Commencemenl ceremonies, June I5 ended lhe class of l96I's slay al Glen- broolc. Class presidenf George Chrisly in- froduced The speakers and presenled 'lhe class gill, ia bronze Sparlan head lo be placed in Jrhe gym lobby floor. Mr. Louis Thorsen presenled lhe diplomas and paus- ed only eller one s'rudenl's name, Ulv Tig- ersledl, G.B.'s exchange sludenl from Sweden. Congralulalions were soon lo follow and The largesl class ever gradualed from Glen- broolc headed for deslinalions unlcnown. 150 The eniire gradualion class of I96l is assembled for lhe lasl lime 'ro receive lheir diplomas, Olympic sTar, Jesse Owens, his speech on BroTherh and Bink Hylbei-T, masTer of ceremonies look on. ood while UTe NischwiTz ASSEMBLIES PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT Several Times during The year There are oppor- TuniTies Tor The enTire sTudenT body of Glenbrook To meeT TogeTher. The all-school assemblies are pre- senTed To help keep The sTudenTs and Teachers as a uniT, all wiTh The aim oT higher educaTion and beTTer social developmenT Through scholasTic eTTorT and exTra curricular acTiviTies. Some oT The assemblies presenTed This year were The LoyalTy, SporTs Awards, ChrisTmas, BroTherhood and SchoIasTic Awards Assemblies. The mosT mem- orable evenTs of The 'assemblies were The Teacher's slciT aT The LoyalTy Assembly, Dave I.aidIey's speech The same day, The TradiTionaI cancelaTion of de- TenTions aT The ChrisTmas Assembly and Jesse Owen's sTirring speech aT The BroTherhood As- sembly. OTher assemblies sTarTed This year were The class meeTings during division period used To ex- plain The various sporTs, Through demonsTraTion if possible. This helped To encourage sTudenT inTeresT and larger aTTendance. Coach Sherman introduces The I96I-62 TooTbalI Team before Their firsT game QfTl1e season aT The LoyalTy Assembly. -and Us ,isxgiii Q xx amwwwvqiiilff ,Q , ' .... V H S Q 'QQ , 'R V-f QQ i Q N323 2552 5 'Sys W 31 M 3 ,d .hm gi 7, ,M izaaiasaef sf WE HM ff 35 3 'iiiiiiifiliiiiil 5 wi if 9? lf ' -'-' V f ef 1 , 'X A 2 + V 2 1 434 '69 . QQ? Ei . ,,A Mm 5 5 fi' , A J' W X af? M . Q 2 Q , WIS f - 'K . 7 '4-.7 :QW -3 :2 ' may , K 4 'im m H X 5 If iw' is ff 3 Yin 1 fi Q-, un- .I fx M f , is M5 :Q E E3 si W r hi n 5, .nn . b ,ssf5::1.:: f E ,.-f M ,.... Q Q W 353,-,ff:::... , ,..,: .ga g ww Awww S Alum-mmm M ' ,I WV I I .,,.,, 2, ff "A V' - " "" .. - ' it " 4 wlvmmfesm g -,X-Aghmwwvm ,V 1, Q- sxgwsrszwfwm Lf . E mi 3 Q '91 , Q37 W A1-1--u X 9 5-uv-'JJ ATH LQTI Alhlefics play an imporlanl' role in 'rhe physical as well as men- Tal funclioning of a school. Physi- cal filness and good sporfsman- ship are srressed a+ GB. Glenbroolc sporls loolc a sharp uplurn during lhe pas'r year. The 'ol golf and Tennis leams won league championships, while lhe baseball and +raclc reams placed fhird and second respecfively. The Sparlans 'roolc lhree league crowns and never finished lower lhan sixlh in lhe I2-leam lnleriml Associalion, a nolable accomplish- menl' for any school, and anolher honor for Glenbroolc. Glenbroolcs Denny Pielrzalc l43l and Prospec+'s Bob Hope l54l vie 'For fhe opening lip-off in lhe Prospec+ Regional baslcefball game. The Knighls wenl on To de- 'leal 'rhe Sparlans 63-49. C9 Darrell Balmer Joe Baughman Jim Benne++ WUllY BUCl19" Dick Carlson Herm DusTman DOH EPPGFT Ron Epped' Jim George VARSITY GRIDMEN CHALI' An inconsisTenT Glenbrook TooTball Team chalk- ed up a winning 4-3 conference and an overall 4-4 record This year. These marks were achieved des- piTe a lack oT varsiTy experience. There were only six reTurning LeTTermen Trom lasT year's Team. This year They crushed WesT Leyden 53-O in The Home- coming win, coming wiThin Two poinTs oT a Var- siTy record. On The oTher hand. They only scored one Touchdown in losing To boTh ProSpecT and Maine WesT by scores oT 20-6 and 27-O. respecTive- ly. The high poinT oT The season came againsT a powerTul WheaTon Team. Leading 7-6 aT halTTime. Glenbrook rallied Tor Two Touchdowns and held WheaTon To win I9-l2. WheaTon wenT on To place second in The conference losing only one oTher game. Backed by an explosive oTTense GB Tallied I40 poinTs while iTs sTalwarT deTense held opponenTs To a meager 97 poinTs. Bob Leider and Don EpperT led The scorers wiTh 24 poinTs each. while Mike Con- nelly conTribuTed 7 TD passes To The -aTTack. The Spar'Tans also had vicTories over Willow- brook and DeerTield which were keynoTed by Top defensive players. boTh in The backfield and The ine. John Janes Bink HylberT BuTch Hyde capfain Sparfan Gridmen. UP WINNING RECCRD M-sqm .Vg Bob Leider Rich Morris Rusly Morgan Varsify Fooiball Season Record Glenbrook 6 Glenbrook 6 Glenbrook I9 Glenbrook 2I Glenbrook I4 Glenbrook O Glenbrook 53 Glenbrook 2I TOTALS: Glenbrook I40 Highland Park Prospec+ Wlwealon Proviso Wes? Willowbrook Maine Wesl' Leyden Wesr Deerfield Op po n enfs I2 20 I2 26 O 28 0 O 98 Don Ohlmeyer Bob Pond Dave Mundlwenk Fred Slewarl Wayne Sanders Tim SIWBNIOH Chad Roberlshaw Ted Jacob Bob Pohl Jim VVolfe Craig While i962 Varsify Foofball Squad, Fronf Row: Ron Epperf, Bob Alamshaw, Wayne Sanders, John Janes, Jim George, Bob Leider, Bink Hylberf, Bob Pond, Dave Janczak, Bufch Hyde, Jim Wolfe, Second Row: Coach Walfer Sherman, John Twisf, Rich Morris, Darrell Balmer, Doug Peferson, Tim Shannon, Tom MacFarland, John Coffee, Rusfy Morgan, Bob Pohl, Ken Holm, Chad Reberf- shaw, Don Epperf, Coach Richard Walker. Back Row: Coach Walfer Ney, Joe Baughrnan Wally Bucher, Dave Laidley, Herman Dusfman. Don Hoagluncl, Don Ohlrneyer, Fred Sfewarf, Craig Whife, Jim Benneff, Tom Jorgerson, Ken Gunderson, Mike Connelly, Ted Jacob, Coach Bob Boyd. GLENBRCOK VARSITY claus:-IES WEST LEYDEN, Q MQLZC7 fifwc f4V"' J'if"' 4'-"W" ff elim" 60407 f"4'WM4 152 ew? PW. N35 Q Senior Quarferback Mike Connelly uncorks anofher long pass for fhe Shermanmen. Weary Sparfans lisfen carefully as Coaches Sherman, Boyd, and Ney go over second half sfrafeqy during half-fime. 158 '? BY SCORE CDF 53-O vmny Foo+balI season Record Glenbrook 6 Highland Park I2 G enbrook 6 Prospecf 20 Glenbrook I9 Whe-afon I2 Glenbrook 2l Proviso Wesf 26 5 Glenbrook I4 Willowbrook 0 riylfgv' G enbrook O Maine Wesf 28 A glenbroolk 53 Leyden Wes+ O -f "e broo 21 Deerfield O fGg"'j" WL roeilms- S f KGlenbrook I4O Opponenfs 98 JUNIOR VARSVY CLAIMS UNDEFEATED SEASON Froni' Row: J. V. Foolball feam. Joe Goergen, Roger Verany, Jim Bolan, Jim Sluarl. Dave Engshom, Jim Coll. Gerry Shappell, Pele Kuhlman. Second Row: Coach Ed Baker Bob Fairclough, Tom Perkins, Frank Wolff. Neil Blafchford, Dave Rober+shaw. Frank Danneil, Don Johannson, Pele Collier, Sherm Levin. Bob Carlsfrand, Bucky Wiese. Back Row: Coach Jack Leese, Del Mackie, Bob Barnefield, Marry Baumgarlner, John Middlebrook. Jim Hoover, Jim Showey, Bob Baker, Jim MacKaIese, Dick Carlson. Dave Mundhenk, Gary Cooke, Jack Erickson. GIenbrook's Junior Varsily lurned in a perlecl' 7-O record This season. Coaches Ed Baker and Jack Leese did an excellenl iob in drilling rhe J.V.'s and 'rheir elforls reaped large rewards. Fine showings were made by hall-back Bucky Wiese and Ihe enlire defensive squad. There was good deplh in mos'l posi+ions wilh many boys backing up lhe regulars al' all limes. Hard running John Twisl l32l is hauled down by Ihree Wesl Leyden facklers while John Janes Iumbers To his aid. Junior Varsily Record: I96I Glenbrook 20 New Trier 6 Glenbrook 26 Prospecl O Glenbrook 32 Wesl' Proviso O Glenbrook I2 Willowbrook 6 Glenbrook 20 Wesl Maine O Glenbrook 46 Wesl Leyden O TOTALS: Glenbrook I82 Opponenls I2 Deerfield runner is waylaid by swill Sparlan pursuers Sophomore FooIbaII Team, Fron+ Row: Henry Sfence, Sav Scrimenii, John Collard, Rudy Bussiager, Rich Pieiroski, Ken Konkey, Mike Gossen, Bob Gray, Dick Rees, Bruce Levin. Second Row: Bob Chrisfensen, Kim McCusker, Bob Skubiz, Roger Noack, Pa+ Brennan, Randy Hendricks, Craig Fochler, Mark Mellik, Kerry O'Connor, Wayne Carminagni, Rich Fairson, Mike Murphy. Bob Clanfon. Back Row: 'Coach Samorian. Mark Sianley, Jerome Kirkpafrick, Jack Pfisier, Jim Brizzolaira, Lee Fallon, Barry Quick, Roberf Nicholson, Den- nis Rowe, Wayne Wolierr, Rich Page, Bob Fausi, Howard Hinierihuer, Dick Young and Coach Aldrich. FROSH-SOPH HAVE SUCCESSFULL SEASONS Sophomore Glenbrook 5 O I Prospeci' 5 0 I Niles W. 3 I 2 Glenbard E. 3 3 I Leyden W. 3 3 O Maine W. 3 4 O Deerfield 2 3 2 Morion W. 2 3 I Wheafon 2 4 O Proviso W. 2 5 O Leyden E. I 5 O Glenbrook 5 O I prospect 5 O I M l. L. A Frosh Morfon W. 7 O O Glenbrook 6 O I Maine W. 6 0 I Niles W. 6 I 0 Prospeci 4- 2 I Wheaion 3 4 O Deerfield 2 5 O Proviso W. 2 5 0 Glenbard E. 2 5 O Wesl' Leyden. I 5 I Willowbrook O 6 I Leyden E. O 6 I Freshman Foorball Team, Front Row: Tom Burmeisier, Bob Harfman, Chuck Back Row: Coach Granr, Vic Simpson, Rick Norris, John Allison, Joe Murphy Russell, Gary Mack, Terry Gales, Barlh Morrale, Sieve Murray. Second Row: Alan Mifchell, Jim Pilafas, Chuck Siewarf, BiII Vosnos, Terry Wooder, Lang Jim Srach, Ken Brogan, Do Forgione, Ray Ebner, Clark Easiman, Kim Kimball, Iand Bohn, John Ted, Mgr. Bryan Sullivan, Coach Albrighf. Randy Hoffman, Dick Johnson, Conny GiIIe, Mgr. Dave McFadzean. CHEERLEADERS SPARK SPIRIT 3 VarsiTy Cheerleaders, Nancy Kurelc, Pam ChrisTy, Carole David, capTain: Sandy Darnell, Nancy MacDaIe, KaThy'Zac- card, alTernaTe: Penney Russell. Glenbroolcs TwenTy-Three cheerleaders on The combined VarsiTy, Junior VarsiTy and Sophomore Squads are chosen in The spring Tor The following year. They Then elecT cap- Tains and managers To regulaTe pracTice. PracTicing during The summer and Twice weelcly during The school year. The girls perTecT and make up new cheers. Besides cheering aT games The girls led cheers aT assemblies and pep rallies. Selling pom- poms and programs aT TooTball games were oTher acTiviTies oT The squads. Clinics are provided each spring Tor girls wishing To Try ouT Tor cheerleading. Charge! was The Tamiliar SparTan cry This year. FaiThTul Tans cheered Through downpours oT rain aT ProSpecT and Tollow- ed Their Team in a caravan sixTy-five cars sTrong. The varsiTy cheerleaders were aided by Tour boy yellers who did sTunTs and led chanTs wiTh Their megaphones. S.parTy, The VarsiTy Squad's Tiger mascoT, aTTended every game, despiTe The eTTor'l's oT rival Teams aT kidnapping him! VarsiTy Yallers, Dennis Lavery. Mike Maclcie, Bill Rees, Dick Vining. lr .. S - Junior VarsiTy Cheerleaders: Barb French, Sue BoaTrighT, Jane Edgren, alTernaTe: Ann Saville, Margo Nahigian, Dale Ryser, alTernaTe: Valerie Valenfine, capTain: Sally Cruikshanlc, Junior VarsiTy Yellers, Hank Loehr, George MoTTeTT, Frank Agnello, Tom Richards. Noi' pricfuredz alTernaTes John Mc- Fadzean and Tad GilsTer. CHEERS PROMOTE ENTHUSIASM AND LOYALTY DURING ATHLETIC EVENTS "G.B.J.V. Glenbrook Junior VarsiTy!" This was a TavoriTe chanT ol: The Junior-VarsiTy specTaTors. Their enlrhusiasm increased wiTh The addiTion of Tour boy yellers who aided The cheerleaders in Their iumps and performed sTunTs aT The TooTball games. Undaunlred by The early .morning hour Tor Their TooTball and baslceT- ball games, The sophomore cheer- leaders led Their spiriTed crowd in vicTorious chanTs. Loads of sophomores 'appeared aT each away game and backed The Teams during Their successful seasons. VarsiTy Squad managers. Karen Kobusch and Sharon Ormsby: Junior VarsiTy Squad manager. Barbara Brandh Sophomore Squad managers, Sue Morgan and AnneTTe Vilchis. Sophomore Cheerleaders, Judy Layman, Lynn Harnbley. Pam Lynch, Trina Jacobs, capfain: Sheila Brown, Barb Bauder. NoT picfured, alTernaTes Pippi Rembe and Jean DiThmar. This year's varsiTy cross counTry Team was The besT ever assembled aT Glenbrook. The Harriers compiled an 8-3 dual meeT record. They IosT only To mighTy Highland Park, a conTender in The sTaTe finals, ProspecT and Maine WesT, Two Teams which They beaT in The conference and disTricT meeTs. For The firsT Time in GB hisTory The Harriers dumped The powerTul Proviso WesT ouTfiT. I ln The lnTerim Conference meeT, Glenbrook placed fourTh ouT of I2 schools, highesT finish ever for The SparTans. ScoTT Bolling paced The Team, fin- ishing sixTh ouT of 84 runners, an individual high for Glenbrook. Danny Greenwood, lasT years frosh- soph conference champ, was The only oTher medal winner, placing l6Th. Rick Lennon missed a medal by one place, As iT Turned ouT GB's I-larriers missed firsT place by one and one halT poinTs. They came very near To being The conference champs. A Running in The ToughesT disTricT in The sTaTe, Glenbrook placed a respecTable ninTh ouT of 22 schools, yielding To such Teams as EvansTon, High- land Park, New Trier and Maine EasT. ScoTT Bolling was picked as Glenbrook's MosT Valuable Runner: he came in firsT for Glenbrook in every dual meeT, ScoTT was closely followed by nexT year's capfain Ron Bianco. Ron in Turn was usually followed by veTeran cross counTry runner Dan Greenwood. NexT year's cross counTry Team should breeze Through The conference wiTh very IiTTIe Trouble: wiTh The reTurn of such sTars as Ron Bianco, Dan Greenwood and Doug Sinclair. Danny Greenwood and ScoTT check The sTop waTch wiTh McBay. Bolling Coach an an HARRIERS RUN NINTH IN DISTRICT MEET 4. VarsiTy Cross Counfry Team: FronT Row, Rick Lenon, Doug Gibson, Bill Wasik, Doug Sinclair. Back Row, Manager George Carpin, Sfeve Lundberg, ScoTT Bolling, Eric Ebel, Bob Laymon, Dan Greenwood, Ron Bianco, Coach William McBav. 163 SCOTT BOLLING CHOSEN MGST VALUABLE RUNNER Scoff Bolling Eric Ebel Sfeve Lundberg RICIY I-BUNCH FROSH-SOPH TEAM CAPTURES CONFERENCE CRCWN The frosh-soph cross counfry feam had ifs mosf successful sea- son in fhe hisfory of Glenbrook. They won I I meefs and losf none. The Sparfans mainfained fheir un- defeafed season by finishing firsf in The annual conference meef af Willowbrook in a field of I2 schools. The frosh-soph feam had several good runners on fhe feam. Bruce McKinsfery, a sophomore. won seven races during fhe year and finished fiffh for fhe Sparfans in The conference meef. Sophomore Skip Levy was fhe number fwo runner during mosf of fhe season and finished sevenfh in fhe conference meef. Tom Slef- feland, a freshman, was one of fhe besf runners in The conference. l'le finished eighfh in the conference meef. Nexf year's feam has high hopes wifh many sfrong men such as Dick Sinclair, Ken Orfiz, Greg D'Am- brosio, Bob Youngdahl, Bill Bond and Jim Snyder refurning. Glenbrook I5 Highland Park 48 Glenbrook I5 Norfh Chicago 48 Glenbrook I5 Wheafon 49 Glenbrook I5 Wesf Leyden 48 Glenbrook 24 W'esf Proviso 3l Glenbrook I5 Lake Foresf 50 Glenbrook. I9 Maine Wesf 39 Glenbrook 27 Niles Wesf 28 Glenbrook 22 Prospecf 33 Glenbrook 24 Deerfield 37 Glenbrook I5 Easf Leyden 40 F h-S hC C I T a :From Row: Skip Buehling, Bob Youngdahl. Third Row: Bill Craig. Jim Snyder, Buddy Arneman, Tom Perdue Tom KSBT Bgfisomrfgn DZnmHellger. Gary Weidemann, Terry Roberfs. Sleffeland. Ken HHUQSHBSS. JO6 5Chm1df. Skip Levy, DICIK I-GYFHOF1. Tom WGSI Second Row: Jeff Wickum, Jim Donner, Tom Roshkind, Greg D'Ambrosio, COBCI1 Ronald Efherfvn. Bruce Mclfinsfery, Mark Wheeler, Guy Sayersfad, Mike Wiggins, Bill Bond. 164 Varsify Wres'l'ling Team: Fronl' Row: Bruce Levin, John Ferguson, Paul Clifford, Back Row: Coach John Reimer, Gary Bemm, manager: Ken Holm, Tony I-or Bob Leicler. Tom Elisius, George Moffel, Brian Williams, Chuck Schuman. gione, Rich Gunn, Irv Roller, Doug Peferson, Greg Zafros, Ken Jones manager: Coach Wall' Sherman. VARSITY TAKES DISTRICT, RCDLLER GOES TO STATE The varsily wreslling leiam compiled IO7 poinls lo caprure The Dislricl crown. The meer was held al Glenbrook. This was lrhe firsl year lhal Glenbrook has been in a six leam clislricl' meer. The grapplers produced live champions: Tom Elisius, Greg Zalros, lrv Roller, Paul Clifford and Ken I-lolrn. These live boys lhen advanced 'ro lhe seclional meel al Wauke- gan. In This meel Glenbroolc had one firsl place winner: Irv Roller. Irv' lhen loolc 'lourlh place in lhe Slale meer al Arlinglon High Schoo. Bob Leicler applies a figure-four on his Proviso Wesl' opponenl. Irv Roller placed lourlh in slale al' I4-S lbs. CAPTAIN LEIDER ELECTED TO PADDOCK ALL STARS Tom EHSEUS Bob Leider, capf Greg Zafros Ken Holm GB grappler Henry Sfence drives for a 'rakedowm George Moffef Chuck Schuman Paul Clifford s+rong squad in '63 Junior Varsify Wresfling Team Fronl' Row, Don ThorneS. Ari Bene-vides. DOUQ C5llDSOn. J0l1l'l Af1e'fSb6I'CJST. Henry Slence Second Row Don Knoll, Rich Moore, Lee Fallon, Dennis Laughlin, Sieve Gunn, Dick Mc- Farland Adam Romieser Third Row Coach John Reimer, Chuck Widick, Glen Campbell, Joe Georgan, George Carpin Mark Mellick Henry Lisowski, Gary Bemm. manager: Coach Wall Sherman. FRCJSH SOPH HAVE SUCCESSFULL SEASONS Sophomore Wresfling Team: Fronf Row, Rudy Bussiager, Bruce Levin, Chuck Larson, Henry Sfence. Second Row, Rich Faierson, Ari Knigge, Sieve Barber, John Treplow, Mike Carpin, John Krelsch. Third Row, Coach Rob- erl' Albright Coach John Leese, Don Deubler, Don Young, Mike Murphy, John McPhee, Rich Page, Bill Bow- den, Dennis Ward. Freshmen Wresfling Team: Fronf Row, Rich Vyskocil, John Brdecka, Terry Lokun, Ken Or'l'iz, Joe Kellen, Remi Holden, Brenl' Michaels, Keiih Brogan, Jim Viefh. Second Row, Kenl Benson, Buzz Knowland, Greg D'Ambrosio, Ron Dickmen, Danny ,Weber. Ernie Kimball, Barlh Morreale, Dave Sch- madebeck. Duane Huber. Third Row, Coach John Leese, Coach Roberl Albrighi, John Everhardl. Gerry Graham, Vic Simpson, Don Forgione, Bill Thema, Jim Pilafas, Bill Vos- nos, Bill Schroeder, Bob Moore, Chuck Wal- coH', Paul Lenke, Conny Grille. A J V's FIRST IN CONFERENCE Coach John Reimers lunior varsily wreslling leam won :ls second lnlernm League Championship 'rhis year Ths is 'rheir second lrophy in lwo years They 'Finished 'rhe season wllh an oulslandlng record of II-I. Their only defeal came from Prospecl by a score of 26 2l The JV's laler came back lo whip Prospecl 34 l2. Wilh many velerans relurning nexl year, +he Sparlans can look forward 'ro a Ringman Lee Lindquisl' perfecls an iron cross. PERFECTION ager. Coach Slan Kopielski. VARSITY GYMNASTS TAKE FIFTH IN CONFERENCE MEET For only 'rheir second year in compelilion. 'rhe varsify gymnasrics Team had 'a very successful sea- son. They had a season record of 6-9 and came in fiflh in 'Ihe conference. iusr Iwo poinls behind Maine Wesl. They sI'ar+ed off The season wilh a bang by swamping Whearon 92-40. Oak Park 93-39 and Barringlon 9I W-39W. In rheir nex'I meer Ihey bear Suburban League Waukegan and Ihe following week Iosl Io Niles Easlz They bounced righl back and delealed Easl Leyden. They suffered Iwo losses 'ro Hinsdale and Wesr Leyden. Plagued by iniuries, Glenbrook suffered six losses in a row Io Prospect Maine Wesl, Whealon, Niles Wesl, Lane Tech and Barringlon. The Sparlans were led 'rhrough The season by seniors Lee Lindquisl, Bill Rees, Dick Vining, Jack Meng. Berl Beslor, and iuniors Tom Richards and Sian Tomandl. All around gymnasf Bill Rees does a plauge on 'Ihe parallel bars STRENGTH AND PRECISICN EQUALS Varsiry G-ymnas+ics Team: Sealed Caplanns Jack Meng and Bill Rees. Fronl' Row Dick Baldwin, Frank Wolff, Berl' Beslor Tom Rich ards, Bill Richards, Bill Davis, Lee Lindquisl' Dick Vining, Jim Weidner. Bruce Mueller Back Row, Mr. Marshall Granl Bob Carl slrand, Russell Rupp, Denny Lavery ob Chrisfensen, Rich Smilh, Craig Geller Sleve Lundberg, Sian Tomandl, Jim Luensrnan man Junior Tom Richards dismounfs +he side horse. Shan Tomandl does a hipcircle on +he side horse. ,S f Dick Vining pracfices a loyouf back on lhe mals, Jack Meng execuies a back oil: from ihe parallel bars. Bill Davis performs on ihe high bar Dick Beurgin performs a hand srand on Ron Roberls praclices a hand sfand fha parallel bars. on rhe siill rings. FROSH-SOPH GYMNASTS LOCK FORWARD TO 1963 FroshASoph Gymnasfics Team: Fronf Row, Coach Marshall Granl, Don Graham, Terwilliger, Ken Buzzard. Third Row, Bob Knox, John Collard, Harry Hari' Jody G6llf1GS. Jim 5lOGl'. Randy Wdlllef. Ron ROb9FlS. DlCl1 Bllefqln. Bill Kirk Landers, Tom Roshlcind, Jim, Shearer, Bill Craig, Bill Holmsrrom manager Roberson, Mike Grolefend, Larry Davis. Second Row, Gary Irvin, Pal' Dinqer, Mr, Shan Kopialgki, Milne Carr, Jim Snyder, Craig Fochler, Bill Kaddalz, Louis Downes, Arr A Tine I2-I0 record and sec- ond place in The FenTon Holiday Tourney were The chieT accom- plishmenTs oT Coach Howard Hel- Trich's SparTan varsiTy cagers Tor The I96I-62 season. Glenbrook finished wiTh a 9-7 league record and a 3-3 non-lea- gue slaTe. The SparTan guinTeT oT '62 was The second highesT scor- ing Team in The hisTory oT The school, surpassed only by The greaT IB-5 Team oT l956, who av- eraged 62.2 poinTs per conTesT. This year GB averaged 60.9 poinTs per game. Leading The individual eTTorT Tor GB was CapTain Denny PieTrzalc, who scored 356 poinTs and grab- bed 338 rebounds, a league and school record. He had a l6.l av- erage and was named To The All- lnTerim AssociaTion FirsT Team and The CHICAGO AMERICAN Prep Cage Team oT The Weelc. Senior Torward Doug Radar al- so brolce The old school record oT 240 rebounds wiTh 243 and was VARSITY BASKETBALL GB VarsiTy BaslceTball Team: Sfandingz Chris Naiorlc, Doug Kafka, Doug Rader, Fred STewarT, Denny Piefrzalc, Coach Howard Helfrich, Don Ohlmeyer, Mike Connelly, Tim Shannon, Jim George, Randy Dean. Kneeling: "WHT" STuarT. Gary Wodder, Phil lsenese. managers. second in scoring wiTh T85 poinTs Tor a 9.0 average. Forward Fred STewarT Toolc Third in The rebound- ing race wiTh I39 snags in 20 garnes. Fred also scored I55 poinTs. Guards Randy Dean and Tim Shannon made up The remain- der oT The sTarTing lineup. 2 ,,...- Doug KaTlca and Denny PieTr- zalc boTh brolce The school shooT- ing percenTage record oT Ken SchulTieso oT 54 percenT. KaTl4a, seeing limiTed acTion, shoT 80.7 percenT wiTh 25 baslceTs in 3l Tries. PieTrzalc hiT l33 oT 200 shoTs Tor a league-leading 66.9 percenT. Don Ohlmeyer l40l and Denny PieTrzelc show Glenbroolds STFSUQTH OH The boards againsi' EasT Leyden. Fred STewarT l34-l bends in a rebound againsT Willowbroolc as Denny PieTrzak l42l and Doug Rader l32l look on 171 DENNY PIETRZAK GRABS 338 REBOUNDS FOR SCHOOL RECORD ye Howard Helfrich 6.B. 54 6.B. 55 6.B. 7l 6.B. 84 6.B. 40 6.B. 50 6.B. 59 6.B. IOO 6.B. 66 6.B. 62 6.B. 55 6.B. 6l '6.B. 49 6.B. 8I 6.B. 50 6.B. 60 6.B. 46 6.B. 5I 6.B. 5O 6.B. 68 6.B. 61 6.B. 49 172 Capiain Denny Pieirzak and C Season's Record Highland Park Morion Wesi' Proviso Wesr Leyden Wesi Wlweaion Noire Dame Maine Wesr R'd d i gewoo Anriocli Palaline Prospecl' 6lenbard Easi Niles Wesi Deerfield Willowbrook Leyden Easi P cl rosloe Leyden Easl' Niles Wesl Deerfield Maine Wesl Prospecl i feel? -- M? n John Coffey l22l slrefches lo block a sho+ as ieammare Torn Sieve Priddy li2l Tighls +o block shoi' in Willowbrook game as Ken -l0f'Q9Y1S0f1lOOlfS OH- DQ NAV dun! X826 -Q11 LL Gunderson l25l moves in for fhe rebound. Pda- - The Junior Varsily baskerball Learn complered +he season wiih a win. IO loss record. The high 1 223213-eaTrfllfgffvifeviffaiiif 'rhe number Jrwo 'rearn in lhe con- Tqeregce: Niles Wesr, and Easr eTTh2nTine shooling and rebound- ing of Bill Harris. John Coffey, A Jol5nKMcEdzZan, Sreve kP5id+cflqy. Team lT'TlouguhlbuTTTTI'hre Egjsbi. Nejr year The iayvees an+icipa+e a good season as 'rhey abandon 'rhe Fen- fon Holiday for Jrhe firsl lime in five years and lake a rwo-day. rwo-game holiday Jrour lo Rock- ford. Their rnain comperilion nexl' year will come from sirong Pros- pecr and Maine Wesr guinieis. each of which have a player 6'5" or beirer and have vererans from previous varsiry reams. The iunior varsiiy Team of '62 posred Jrhe second-besr shoolring percenrage of any Glenbrook iun- ior varsi'ry learn a'r 40.4 percent second only +o rhe 48.9 percenr posled by lasl' year's learn. I962 Junior Varsiiy Teamzz Slandingz Jim Sruarf, Bob Fairclough Dick 'Piggot John Colley, Ken Klancnick, Wayne Carmignani K"eel'n9f Bill HGFFTS. Van Gunderson, Tom Jorgenson, John Mc i Fadzean, Sieve Priddy. 173 Sophomore Baskelball Team: Fronf Row: Woody Bihler, Dean George. John Row: Coach William Haiosl, Lee McCrory, Scoll' Fowler. Del' Mackie, Don Twist Mark Sfanley, John l-lalquisl. Second Row: Ellis Cannady. James Johanson, Danny Kaye, Dave Bidder, manager. Peifer. Sleye Coons, Wayne Geronimus, John Kerber, Tom Whipple. Back FROSH-SOPH CAGERS PREPARE FOR THE JV TEAM Tllfa N62 Freshman Baskelballjeami. From .Rows flefjlflnsv Dlclf Johnson, Back Row: Manager Jim Kashian, Rick Norris, John Allison, Chuck Slewarf, Brian Mellon, Chuck Russell, Brian Sullivan, Mike Wiggins, Randy Hoffman. Terry Wodder, Jim Holden, Kern Brogan, Bill Saul Coach. 174 Varsify Swimming Team: Fronf Row: Tom McClure. Bob Alsaker, Ron Jim Mindling, John Weal. Back Row: Coach Aldridge, Doug Crow Tom Rodenour Rolly Hillas, Vic Mofosaka, Tony Harper. Bill Lowe. Second Row: Vosnos, Gary Wiffe, Doug Jones, Fred Kiebler, Paul Bergdahl Dck Drill John Kriizer Bruce Roihermel, Dave Laidlev, Tom Donolan, Skip Schreiber, George Klumb, Don Jaques, Coach VanAman. GLENBROOK SWIMMERS TAKE FIRST AT LEAGUE MEET Glenbrook's 'bl-62 swimming leam may be raled as The besl' in Glenbrook's hislory. Led by co-caplains Doug Crow and Skip Schrei- ber. Glenbrook avenged i+s loss of lasl year's con- ference crown by smashing bolh Proviso Wesi and Maine Wesi in dual meef compeliiion. Laler 'lhey defealed 'rhese schools -again io +ake an undispuled firsl place al 'rhe League lvieelz Those who won in- dividual firsl places in lhis meel were Doug Crow in 'rhe 50 and IOO yard freesiyle. Skip Schreiber in ihe 200 yard individual medley and 200 yard free- s+yle, Gary Wille in 'rhe IOO yard loackslroke and Dave Laidley in diving. The medley relay leam. comprised of Gary ,Wi++e, John Krifzer, Bill Lowe and Don Jacques won lhe evenl and se+ a new lnlerim conference record of l:49.9. Four Varsily records were broken ihis year: Skip Schreiber broke 'rhe old 400 yard freeslyle record wilh a lime of 4:27.7: John Kriher broke ihe IOO yard breaslslroke record wi'l'h a 'lime of l:lO.9: Gary Wifle se'r a new IOO yard backs+roke record wilh a lime of l:24.2. Glenbrook placed ninlh in 'lhe s'ra+e swimming meel a+ Evansion. aided by Vic Mofosaka, who earn- fourlh place in fhe diving finals. Glenbrook's IGA members of fhe relay feam are wailing for iheir men +o relieve ihem. Pos? season grudges are faken ou? on Versify divers Dave Leidley and Vic Mo'I'osaIca by senior Mermen, Doug Crow, co-capfaing Skip Schreiber, co-capiaing and Don Jacques. MOTOSAKA PLACES FOURTH IN STATE COMPETITION Those who won individual firsi pIaces in Ihis meei' are Doug Crow in 'rhe 50 yard freesiyle Inew conference record, 24.2I: and I00 yard I:rees+yIe Inew conference record. 54.3I: Skip Schreiber in Iwo evenisx 200 yard individual medIey and 200 yard crawl Inew conference record, 2:03.8II Gary Whiirie in Ihe I00 yard bacIcs+roIce Ia new confer- ence record. I:00.6Iq and Dave Laidley in diving. A medIey relay, composed of Gary Whiirie, John Kriizer. Bill Lowe, and Don Jacques. by +aIcing Iiirsi, sei a new conference record of I:'52.9. John Kriizer sei' a new Varsiiy record in Ihe I00 yard Ioreasi- siroke, I:I0.9. Vic Moiosaka helped GIenIorooIc finish 'fifih ahead of I8 oiher schooIs ai Jrhe Riverside-Brook fieId Inviiaiional where he capiured 'Firsi' place for diving. Wiih 'rhe fourih place poinis Vic Moiosaka won in diving, GIenIorooIc was abIe Io end ifs swimming season wi+h a ninih place in S+a+e compeiiiion. Co-capiain Skip Schreiber Iakes oII' as his pariner Don Jacques finishes his Iap during a Sparfan relay. Senior Merman Tony Harper demonsiraies his sIciII in +he buI'I'erfIy during one of 'rhe I'eam's daily workoufs. 176 Fresh-Soph Swimming Team- From- Raw: Dale Fagerburg, Tom Kp-aff, Jim Ulbrich, Byron, Bachen. Back Row: Sieve Murary, Gary Drill, Ed Sclwweifzer, Clemnensen, Mike Senew :John Boulware. Bob Youngdahl, Jerry Mayer. Bill BUSl1if19. Jeff Rafi. Dave Rvwe. DiClr Ward, Tom l'l6llquiSf. Phil Hess, Second Row: Tom Waisori, Rusiy Kiel, Dick Cheverie, Mark Krenzien. Mike Rick M6ll1lSef1. Pele l:9Hf16m6r1- N04 PICNFOC-lr Coach Ney. i i ze: : -wma aaizz-W fm- .,-.- .. . .. Junior Varsiiy Swimming Team. Fronf Row: Mike Phillips, Barry DeKovic, TOM Perdue. Tom Deng Horlalg Folrivltregi Schreiber, Murry DeLamoreaux John Baur, Bull Neal. Joe Mulke, Doug Vines, John Morgan. Back Row. Bob Olson, Jerry Lan quus. oac an ma 177 Varsily Baseball Team: Fronl Row, Bill Dunn, manager: Bob Leider. Tim Randy Dean, Leroy Borre. Thircl Row, Mr. Ed Baker, Assislanl Coach: Jim Shannon. Gary.Wodder, Don Epperl, Fred Lalin, Denny Taylor, manager. I-Ierberl, Dan Foller, Tim I-Iohman. Don Ohlmeyer, Doug Rader, John Second Row, Bill Jones, Dave Lass, Roger Lumpp, Mike Connelly, Bob Luller, Campanella, Coach Roberl Wall. VARSITY NINE FINISHES THIRD IN LOOP PLAY Junior Varsily Baseball Team: Fronl Row, Dick Vining, Gerry Shappell, Don Epperl. Second Row, Bink Hylberl, Vic Hill, Roger Lumpp, Chad Roberlshaw, Mickey Bredeckea. Back Row, Marly Baumgarlner, manager: Pal Malhews, Bill Mellon, Don Ohlmeyer, Dick Carlson, Mr. Ed Baker, Coach. 178 The '6I varsily diamondmen losl lhe conference championship on iusl lhree singles lhey never gol. They losl il lo Maine Wesl by a score ol 3-I. Mr. Wall's nine finished wilh -a record of 6-4 in lhe conference, placing lhem lhird in lhe overall conference slandings behind Maine We-sl and Easl Ley- dan. This was a surprise lo every- one as lhey were slaled Iasl by lhe conference coaches. Doug Rader led lhe leam in bal- ling wilh an average ol .266 wilh mosl' ol his hils going for exlra bases. Dave Lass led lhe mound- men wilh an earned run average ol 2.43 and a 6-3 record. Mike Connelly was nexl wilh 2.88. The leam defense allowed only 4.I hils per game. This explains lheir Third place finish in lhe conference race. Sophomore Baseball Team: Froni Raw, Dick Baldwin, Frank Agnello, Brian Boll, Chris Naior, Brad Anker, manager. Third Row, Mike Masfrogany, Joe ' kh F kF T Fenneman, Williams, Dave Janzalc, Greg'S+ageberg, Wayne Norberg. Second Row. Bob Bauers, Ken Gunderson, Brian Pec am, ran enneman, om WiH'er, Paul Canlrell, Dave Roberishaw, Jeff Browne, Waller Kunlsman, Gary Buddy Weinsloclt, Coach Harold Samorian. FROSH-SOPH DIAMONDMEN CONCLUDE SEASONS Freshman Baseball Team' Fronl' Row Woody Bieler, Jim Donner, Wayne Rick Maison, Scoll Fowler, Don Johanson, Fred Schrieber, Del Mackie Carmignani, Kerry O'Conner, Jerome' Kirkpalrick, Mark Slanley. Back Row, Rick Piggof, Coach William McBay. 179 Varsily Golf Team: Fronf Row, Bob Spaur, Bob Mareck, Ken Broede, Pele Bradbury, Jack Erickson, Gerry Godlewski. Back Row, Gary Mc- Gowan, Roger Maurer, Lennie Pei- I fer, Bob Johns, Denny Pielrzak, Phil lsensee, Coach William Luiz. VARSITY LINKSMEN FINISH FIRST The varsily Iinksmen caplured 'rheir Ihird league Trophy for Glenbrook. They had a season record of nine wins, one loss, and one lie. In conference play lhey had a sol- id record 7-O-I and finished 'lhird in lhe lnlerim League Meer. The Team was led by lviosl' Valuable Player Bob Marek. The Sparlans scored Iwo smashing vic- lories over slale lourlh ranking New Trier. Glenbrook also delealed co-champ Easl Leyden by six slrokes as well as Irouncing Willowbrook by 50 slrokes. IN CONFERENCE, FROSH- SOPH TAKE SECOND 180 I I Frosh'Soph Golf Team: Fronf Row, Henry Lisowski, Keilh Weavers, Dave Biddle, John Ricker, Jim Sloal: Skip Smilh. Back Row, Jim Shearer, Ron Maxson, Sleve Geurranl, Pele Brown, Dave Gilmarlin, John Collard, Coach ii. Lawrence Mclvlillion. Glenbroolcs varsiTy Tennis Team Toolc I4 oT I5 poinTs and Tour ouT oT Tive TirsT place medals awarded in The conTerence Tourney. They had a season record oT IO-5. In The conTerence meeT Gary Sawyers sTarTed by winning The TirsT singles crown. John RoberTs playing second singles man- aged a second place playing againsT The Top man in The league. Bill RoberTs Took TirsT in The Third singles maTch. Russ Rupp and ScoTT McClure won The TirsT doubles honors. The InTerim 1associaTion Champion- ship This year marks The Third league crown won by The varsiTy Tennis Team in eighT years of compeTiTion. VarsiTy Tennis Team: Fronl' Raw, John RoberTs. Rich Olson, STeve Manning, Bill Rober+s. Back Row, John Sladeck. Russell Rupp, Gary Sawyers, ScoTT McClure, Bill EdeIsTein, AI Tonlcin. VARSITY TENNIS TEAM DOMINATES CONFERENCE Frosh-Soph Tennis Team: Fronl' Row, Terry Michaels, Bob Ayres, Gary Bemn, Bob Welsh. Baclr Row, Milne Phillips, Bob Barnfield, Terry Walsh, Tad Gilsiler, BerT Weber, Bob Fairclough. Tom Richards, Coach Cliff Capp. 181 Varsify Track Team: Fronl Row, Lance Morgan manager, Bill Rees, Bob Alam- Wickum, Dan Koelper. Third Row, Coach Gene Sackei, Locke Granf, Jim Shaw. B05 BUCBGS. Bill Kell. Bob POI'1Cl. Gary Baerwald, Buich Hyde, Jim Coll, Roger Begg. Howie Morlvedl, Rich Morris, Bob Filpi, Par Henderson, Wolff. John Dooq. Second Row. Danny Greenwood. Jerry Morgan. Jim Ted Jacob, Wal+ Bucher, John Corcoran, Jim Black, Bill Chioanski, Coach Kahle, Rick Lenon, Ron Hill, Dennis Lavery, Granr Pelerson, ScoH Bolling, :Jay Ronald Elherlon, VARSITY CINDERMEN TAKE SECCND IN CONFERLNCE ... fi E - .. - A ki Frosh-Soph Track Team: Froni Row, Mike Carpin, Dennis Rowe. Ed Rifier, Disslehorsf, Sieve Coons, Bruce Erler, John Killeum, Bob Baker, Rich Bucky Wiese, Don Mendrow, Bill Henderson. Second Row. Bruce Con- Smilh, Tom Jorgensen, Jim Hoover, Ron. Bianco. Fourlh Row, Coach verse, Bob Cossavella, Skip Levy. Bill Wasick, Joe Bianchi, Gary Sayersiad, Sian Kopielski, Tom Perdue, Lee Judd, Dick McFarland, Doug Sinclair, Henry Sfence, Ron Roberfs, Jim Coleman, Jeff Burhop. Third Row, Jim John Middlebrook, Bob Layman, Barry Shockmel, Bill Arlwahl. 182 Lasf year's Track Team placed second in The lnlerim League. ius'r one and one-half poinfs behind Maine Wesl. John Corcoran and Ted Jacob scored in Jrhe IOO yard dash. The 880 yard relay 'ream made up of Burch Hyde. John Corcoran. Ted Jacob. and Bob Filpi 'rock firsl place. Tom Koenig. GB's +op pole vauller. broke +he conference record wilh a vaull' of I2 'Feel' 8lf2 inches. He was elecied 'I'o The All-Slafe lrack +eam. The mile relay learn had a chance To win 'rhe conference meel' if rhey could have Jraken 'Third place or come in ahead of Maine Weslz They didn'+ do eilher and came in fiflh place giving Maine W'es+ 'rhe 'ri+le. This was one of Glenbroolcs grea'res+ Track +eams. They were The firsl GB hack 'ream lo bear Highland Park. High Jumper Granl' Pelerson. Pole vaulfer Tom Koenig. Sprinfers John Corcoran. Bulch Hyde. Bob Filpi and Ted Jacob. TCM KOENIG ELECTED TO ALL-STATE TRACK TEAM 183 THIS WILL BE GLENBROOK 'N-, hmm- The archileclural drawing of Glenbrook Soulh. Almosl' IOOO sludenls will begin classes in lhe new building in Seplember. I962. K A mmsm' Q. , W , 3 WNMMHMWMMWMMWWWN i 'Chl No-You-Don'l'l Norlh gels her!" "Nol She's going lo Soulhln Mrs. Eleanore Dedrick is caughl in a friendly lassle belween Dr. Sydney Sell, principal ol GB Soulh and Dr. Francis Trusly of GB Norlh. Mrs. Dedrick however, will nol be al' eilher school: she is 'raking a leave of absence. A porlion ol GB Nor'rh's liacully will begin leaching al Soulh in Sep- lember. SOUTH . . . The principal of GB S,ouTh is Dr. Sydney SalT. l-le aTTended lv1onTclair STaTe College in New Jersey and re- ceived his docTors degree in educa- Tional adminisTraTion aT Harvard Uni- versiTy where he was vice-presidenT oT The sTudenT body. l-le is a Tormer social sTudies and business Teacher and was principal of The STillman School in TenaTly, New Jersey. Aside Trom devoTing Time To GB SouTh. he sTill has Time To pursue his more leisurely inTeresTs. l-le is an ama- Teur phoTographer, likes gardening, plays The TrumpeT and is a waTer saTeTy insTrucTor. Dr. Sydney S. SalT, new principal oT Glenbrook SouTh, seen aT his desk making plans Tor his new adrninisTraTion. On SepTember 9, l962 alrnosT IOOO sTudenTs will enTer a new high school in disTricT 225-Glen- brook SouTl'1. l.ocaTed aT PhingsTen Road and WesT Lake Avenue, The new school will have compleTe air-condiTioning, a circular gymnasium and an in- door Track as iTs unique TeaTures complemenTing The Tull scale academic planT. Unril Tully esTablished, Glenbrook NorTh and S.ouTh will share TaciliTies Tor exTra-curricular ac- TiviTies. The aThleTic Teams aT GB SouTh will consisT of 'freshmen and sophomore compeTiTion Tor The TirsT year and They will compeTe in The lnTerim Con- Terence. Dr. Salr sTaTed ThaT GB SouTh will make an eTTorT To combine Two educaTional sysTems in The academic planning. The TirsT oT These Two sysTems is The TradiTional Glenbrook NorTh plan, and The second is The new GB SouTh plan which makes use oT a sys- Tem oT small schools. Each school will be composed oT 400-600 sTudenTs, and supervised by a direcTor and Two counselors. There will be no selecTive dili- TerenTaTion in choosing sTudenTs Tor Their small schools: The compleTe sTudenT body ol: GB SouTh will be equally proporTioned in each school, where They will remain unTil graduaTion- This new plan will enable The sTudenT To become more Tamiliar wiTh Their adminisTraTion, while more sTrongly uniTed wiTh Glenbrook SouTh as a whole. X- f ai '3S5Wff'fi:,ggMW'g5-Z5PK5twf:?:M-Q.5313 whfffi wma, ' Si: Q 7 ms: X f s 4 E wwf' 1 The LACONIAN siaff grea+ly appreci- afes The supporf of rhe adverlisers who made rhe I962 book possible. These are 'rhe business people who show a clefinife in+er- A esl in 'rhe siudenis and families of 'rhe Glenbrook comrnunily. Senior Lincla Slurlrevanl' and iunior Neil Blaichford are iwo siuclenis shopping one afiernoon in +he Norrhbroolc Plaza, iusr one Awe :meme mrs cenfer for local merchanis. r i i Jim Coll and Lynn Sie sman r on various rf t y shoes af flue Counfry Cobbler. COUNTRY COBBLER SHOES Glenview-Old Orchard 5 5 S l1 o p p i n g 'seg f15E3E5l5i5i5Eff'i isizgsge gag C RP?.1a3 85 Q Q l q :rss J- s:-W 1 as Q ...... ,,s,.,l s N 1- 1 :ml -an-gggji x: ' :Q ws, , , f N Ofih bI'OOk ' 5 5' Q y 5 Y R A " J 5 7 7 1 1 v o v 9 1 1 FOR WOMEN The Fire Guard Corporation I685 Shermer Road CR 2-l880 Norihbroolc, lllinois Prompt Delivery Service COOKSY OIL COMPANY Techny Road Norihbroolr, Illinois CR 2-0295 l1l , fs:5f55Ef ::'- . . ,... ,A .r,. , . . ,..,......,r.. Q ..... J THE ..,.,.,.,., ...,..,,,., .,,,.,. .,,..,. 4 .,.. ..,. 1,1,,,. q a r I Z: :I4:. F 824 Waukegan Road Northbrook, Illinois CR 2-3550 .Live oCuxurious4y gMrfALrooL Associates JOHN R. BRANDT VANCE E. JOHNSON A. BUCK AYARS Gladys Lindl l l WMM Mfgiazgyg 3 Z7 W ' 550522 , Xb! . X ' ,px X S! Q an N Q : '-- - 1 . Vl. - Q- H A - 4" '.f?3l1V-765 V 'A" 5 , Af!-Q ."1b- .55 , 5 n' ' 1 " - I v . Q . u I' - . Q V, I A , A I n QM Egwi EX Q ,EQ 533515 gg,-Q HMM? Q2 959 Q 333352 Qwsfii F qs Spiga-E gO?QI 5 Q i , if N ggi ,g . 5i i51S3 V ,P ' 'WWW be WNV Mum! ' i Q,-afsauw wr aww UGG .,..2Wx..2'f'Q5T1f 39 . Lf. h. :X

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