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 - Class of 1955

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4 , K .7 1 H, 7, , ,N W Eff? 463 avg 09 O' IAQ 'ix 'sw X. ,V 30' ,f S4 , 4 , E-,my -f g' 11 'QA ' fra 'W ki! ,..j1,..g'ga,, i fvr MN- ' aw, H 'X is '73 'Wi 1 4 Y 'Y fa. U ffm Y if sqm 6 nu. Enix L. 'Ex 13 f Y-. av' 0 4... Ente ,K ,. , ,,K,..,.,.,.,,. mmm .- xx X rag: 9 as f w L ' 7 4 , -H " "" ... zz-.. ......:'....L'3 Pa., Q,-gn, ::'T":""'?. ' - -'wr-:ff.'::"".' , -IW , ,. f , . .. ,., U.- - Q- -4-.-.,. ., mf 1... -4.4-.Q-l f""'fCfff F' ffl. M., ,. , .Q .. ss... .X . . . T ,.::4:.., -5,35 92 932 2 1, 7 X 4 Q 0645 GQ VN Q W 1 3 fi Oi 2, AM M had Q gy C' cg ff del 'ff-S fx, rw :ft qw g , ' V+ ' x A Ll -J O 1 xl L X! L Ci, O O9 Q l r .NJ Glenbrook High School wiv CL ul Glenview-Northbrook, ' ' ' , Illinois ' l955 Volume I Number 2 'J 'Vi r l f '-C7 X ,VU The 1954-1955 theme of the Laconian is based upon theS t ' ' ' par an way of lite, which is portrayed on the cover, it is evident in the d' ' ' :vision pages and in the design ot the pages devoted to the student body and faculty. S ymbolic of Sparta were the unbeatable coura ge and strength shown by its citizens, symbolic of Glen- brook are the time scholastic and athletic rec d or s made by its students and the excellent school spirit shown by them on so many occasions. On the divis to portray Glenbrook's prowess and good health and the typical Glenbrook student's participation in var- ious extra-curricular activities. This participation re H I ects Glenbrook s and Sparta's belief, "a sound mind in a sound body." ion pages students have endeavored The Laconian staff wishes to express its apprecia- tion to Mr. Chigi, art instructor, for designing the cover, and the tlyleat and for his variou k h , s s etc es throughout the book. It wishes to thank all other faculty members who have devoted their time to mak- ing this book a success. 1 " Turning The Wheel of Wisdom The Students Carrying The Light of Truth The Faculty Gaining Prowess and Strength The Games Obtaining The Interests of Living The Activities -1 If This was the first year that the Glenbrook Spartans enjoyed the use of the gymnasium for a full year. The building, west of the academic building, makes a perfect picture with the bus docks to the east. The stairway, located south of the aca- demic building, is most frequently used. During some part of every season, students are at one time or another seen standing on the stairway looking out at the 71-acre campus. 'il H Y' Ll! vi' f ,u The Glenbrook Spartans know this sight at the bus docks very well. It is the first stopping place in the morning and the last sight seen of the school in the evening. Early in the morning and late in the atter- noons the docks are full of students milling around before entering the awaiting busses. The science and home economics building is shown at its best in this picture. Included in the science building are the biology, chemistry, and general science rooms. The north part of the building consists of the mechanical drawing room, metal shop, auto shop, wood shop, and art room. An unforgettable affair last March 12, 1954, was the Roman Banquet held in the cafeteria. Roman customs and costumes were a feature of the banquet. This aFfair'under the leadership of Miss Doyle, sponsor of the Latin Club, highlighted their program for the year. Distinguished Romans included Reggie Sturm as master of ceremonies, Todd Anderson as Caesar, and Roberta Lowey as Calpurnia. I I Music furnished by Fletcher Butler's band filled the richly adorned gym on May 28, 1954, where Glenbrook's first Junior Prom was held. The committees for the prom were: Decorations sponsored by Mr. Chigi, Bob Allison, chairman, Joan Michehl, secretary, tickets and bids, Miss Lipecki, Mr. Luccock, sponsors, Kenneth Schulteis, chairman, refresh- ments, Mr. Lutz, sponsor, Jim MacArthur, chairman, publicity, Mr. Reba, sponsor, Laurie Young, chairman, entertainment, Miss Bergman, sponsor, Mary Wilson, chairman. Top: Prom Queen, Pat Shirling, receives flowers from To'm Gavin Junior class president, at the dance as Prom King, Jack Lawrentz, stands by, Below: View ol the dance floor from the balcony. ,,,'-f P ff -wvdpf A, 5151 ?j Bib Wafndq 'geuelall 09541 Row 1, from left: Don Zostrow, Jim McArthur, Geno DiPietro. Row 2: Orval Thorson, Bill Zobus, Gordon Bruno, Pete Campan- ella, Jerry Goettsche, Bob Bloden Row 3: Kenneth Smith, coach, Dick Shirllng, Tom Lay, Kent Vana, Lew Crawford, George Olson, Bob Boyd, Gene Lembke, Marco DiPietro, manager. 'x 2 Oat em Wafzaizq 7144.4 fl 9541 Row 1, from left: Marshall Sowyers, Judd Lynn, Bob Garrett Jack Raczkawski, Bernard Wlderoe, Gary Windels, Andy King manager. Row 2: Walter Ney, coach, Bob Mathein, John Sveiven Bill Motheln, Ray Bucher, Frank Welter, .lerl May, Jim Lynch Bob Stines, George Lannln, Alan Mackie, Walter Krinninger manager, Laverne Mctvlilllon, coach. ' pl 4 5 Y' w.. li if G 5 s 3' 5 Q KP if ,'v-', IZ- , if . ,f J 2 if '::"" 2 ' l' J ., l Q X I i s gl .41 45 "K is Ai? f S i 71,44-50,64 71464 fl 9541 Row 'l, from left: Fred Cirnoglio, monogerg John Krumm, Bordie Pcxtlon, Jim Finley, Alan Colburn, Dick Lilliquist, Bill Woddingf Yon Tom Brown. Row 2: Wolfer Ney, Coach, Bob Lehman, Ricky Jciques, Word Sclwlfz, Don Gcmderiberger, Roger Duhlberg, Jolm Zobus, Kim Davis, Jini Boervvoldr, Norman Clementsen, Laverne M:Million, coach. Spade? Spode gamguet Below: Shown are some of The guests who attended the spring sporls swords banquet, 01 which eucln of Tlwe spring sports por- ficipoms received owords. l 7 704eeZ Ulf 70d4vZam Each individual siudenf of Glenbrook High School is given The opportunity to turn The Wheel of Wisdom. From The beginning of his education To The Time that has graduated from high school, he undoubtedly increased in knowledge and in growth. Once finished with high school, The sfudenf must Turn this Wheel of Wisdom info a larger scope whereby he stands as an individual in progress. 767666 Senior Glenbrook Spartans vigorously anticipated their final year by participating in various school activities. Starting off the year, the Spartans held their class election for officers. The Christmas Dance, "Mistletoe Magic," was spon- sored by the senior class. College Day gave the seniors their first glimpse 65444, P of what to expect before leaving the Alma Mater and entering the particular fields of education. H444 f4daaew Mrs. Lillian Smith, Vtfllliam Lutz, Walter Sherman, Miss Kathryn Manger, Mrs John Sveiven Edna Des Voignes, and Kenneth Duzan. Sascha 144 Sponaoz, Earl Young John Randolph, vice-president, Carol Vining, secretary, Andrew King, treasurer, and John Sveiven, president. JEAN ALEXANDER JOHN AIKMAN New Trier New Trier GAA l, Girls' Chorus 2, Dram- Basketball, manager 3, Baseball otics Club 3, Variety Show, cos- 3, 4, Sword and Shield 3, 4. tume committee 3, Gymnastics 4, ROBERT ALLISON New Trier Football l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports l,'2, German Club 2, Badminton Club 2, Sword and Shield 3, president 4, Torch Staft 3, assistant managing editor 4, Letterman's Club 3, 4. K JOYCE ANHALT Northbrook, Palatine GAA l, Dramatics Club l, Square Dancing l, Band l, Girls' Chorus 2, Library Assistant l, 2, 3, Junior Prom, ticket and bid 3, Mixed Chorus 4. ALICE BARKER Northbrook, Palatine Band l, GAA, basketball cap- tain l, 2, Horseback Riding 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3, Junior Prom 3, Hall Monitor 3, Junior Concessions Committee 3. DAVID BARRON Lane Tech Brush and Easel, secretary l, Golden Key Award 3, Junior Concessions Committee 3, Arts and Crafts 3, 4, Torch, artist 4. 15 ERMINA AZZI New Trier GAA l, 2, FTA 2,.Junior Prom. decoration committee 3, Junior Concessions Committee, treasurer 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3, 4, New Faces Dance 4, THOMAS BARNES New Trier Swimming l, 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, Die Schreiberei iGerman Literary Annuali, associate editor 2, Pool Guard 3, National Math Award 3, Barber Shoppers 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Variety Show 4, Cross-Country, captain 4, Stu- dent Council, alternate represen- tative 4, Jazz Concert Committee 4, Sword and Shield 4. CAROLYN BEEBE North Park Junior College, Niles Art Club l, Dramatics Club l, 3, 4, Variety Show, costume chairman 3, script committee 4. CONSTANCE BENGSTON Northbrook, Palatine Glee Club l, GAA l, Square Dance l, Student Council l, 4, Summer Student Council 3, Gam- ma Beta Gamma 3, Nurses As- sistant 4. HUGH BLAN EY New Trier Gymnastics l, 2, 3, 4, Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, PAUL BERGSTROM Barber Shoppers 3, Variety Show Eva n sto n 3, 4, Christmas Musical l, 2, 3, Wrestling i, Field and Stream 3, 4, Track 3, 4. , ff iiii LAWRENCE BORRE New Trier Football l, 2, captain 3, 4, Cross-Country, captain 3, 4, Ad- viser Room Treasurer 2, Adviser Room President 3, Most Valuable Player, wrestling, 3, Letterman's Club, vice-president 4, secretary 3, Hall Monitor 3, 4, Most Val- uable Player, football 4, All-Con- ference Football 4. ,fs J 2 ROBERT BORNHOFF Northbrook, Palatine Football l. ROBERT BLODEN Northbrook, Palatine Basketball l, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council l, 2, Parliamen- tarian 4, Class Vice-President 3, Prom Committee 3, Sword and Shield 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Torch, sports editor 3, editor- in-chief 4, Laconian, sports edi- tor 3, 4, Letterman's Club 3, 4, Northwest Conference Student Council, vice-president 4, KATHLEEN BORRE DONALD BOYCE Niles Northbrook, Palatine Freshman Chorus l, Christmas Football l, Basketball 3, Sword Vespers 2, Spring Concert i, 2, and Shield 3, 4, Mixed Chorus Girls' Glee Club 2, Office Work- 4, Traffic Committee 4, Junior er 3, 4, Hall Monitor 3, 4, Li- Concessions Committee 3. JOYCE BOZMANSKI Taft GAA l, 2, bowling manager 3, 4, French Club l, 2, Junior Girls' Club 3, Tri Hi Y 3, 4, Gamma Beta Gamma 3, 4. brary Assistant 4. 16 JAN BRANNAN New Trier Chorus l, Intramural Wrestling l, Opera l,2, First Opera 2, Boys' Ensemble 2, Choir 2, Wrestling 2,3,4, Track 3, Foot, ball, manager 3, Variety Show 3, Sword and Shield 3,4, Barber Shoppers 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4. ROBERT BROWN Northbrook, Palatine Student Council, president l, Baseball l,2, Track 2. BARBARA BROWN Niles Freshman Science Club, vice- president I, Freshman Chorus I, Spotlighters l,2, Pep Club l,2, Junior Concessions Committee 3, Variety Show 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4, Christmas Musical 3,4, Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, Torch 3, managing editor 4, Student Council 4. JUDITH BROWNE PHILLIP BRAUN New Trier Football l,2, Wrestling 2,3,4, Letterman's Club 3,4, Golf 3,4. RAYMOND BUCHER Northbrook, Palatine Square Dancing I, Basketball I, Baseball l,2, Football l,2,3,4, Track 3, l.etterman's Club 3,4. -.JW iss awww-"Q RALPH BURMEISTER New Trier Student Council, treasurer 3, social committee 3,4, Hall Monitor 4, FTA 4. 17 Mallinckrodt Gymnastics Club l,2, Dramatics l,2, Class Vice-President 2, Jun- ior Prom, decorations committee 3, Junior Concessions Committee 3. of JANET CALBRI Highland Park Highland Park Girls' Club l,2, Chorus l,2. -me RICHARD CALBRI Highland Park H Club l, Boys' Club l,2,3, Basketball 2, Cross-country 4, Basketball 4. PETER CAMPANELLA Maine Baseball 2,3,4, Hall Monitor 3,4, Wrestling 3,4, Sword and Shield 3,4, Traffic Committee 3,4, Let- terman's Club 4. DAVID CORSO Northbrook, Palatine Dramatics I, Photography 1, Baseball l,2, Football l,2,3,4, Gymnastics 2, Hall Monitor 3, Wrestling 3,4, Football, All- Conterence 4. LEWlS CRAWFORD Maine Baseball l,2,3,4, Football l,2,3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, Basketball 3,4, Letterman's Club 3, secretary 4, Student Council 4, Traffic Committee 4, Constitution Com- mittee, chairman 4. I WlLLlAM CASHMAN Lane Tech, Shurz, Palatine Horseback riding l,2,3,4, Foot- ball 2, Agriculture, vice-president 2, Romanus et lndius l,2. MARGIE COLE Niles Vespers 2, Biology Club 2, Girls' Chorus 2,3, Torch, assistant man- aging ediror 3, Constitution Com- mittee 3, News Bureau 3,4, La- conian 3, editor 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Variety Show 4, FTA 4. N,.w:'fhui ' yd' s . 1,fi,f.f, .. ,,.,.,- ,Q's,zsg1sggig.,,,Q V V 5: 'fiz:f5,m-5 ai :ggi f ,miie eww? .. .,.., . 1 HAROLD DAVIDSON Niles Basketball, manager 1, Baseball, manager 2, Laconian, junior edi- itor 3, Football Trainer 3, Letter- man's Club 3,4. W, s. g xx w SHEILA DENNlS New Trier Junior Concessions Committee 3, Public Relations 3,4, Pep Club, secretary 3,4, Summer Council 3, Hall Monitor 4, Variety Show 4, Cheerleading 4. THOMAS DlGMAN Mount Vernon, Indiana Shop Club l, Etticuit Club l,2, Footlighters 2,3, National Thes- pians 3, Social Studies Club 3, Electronics 4, Sword and Shield 4. 18 JOHN DODGE Northbrook, Palatine Photography Club l,3, Track 2, Adviser Room Treasurer 3, News Bureau 3, Sword and Shield 3,4, Torch 3,4, Golf 3,4, Letterman's Club 3,4. JANICE DOMIN Amundsen, Niles Gamma Beta Gamma 3, Christ- mas Musical 3, Dramatics 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Variety Show 4. JOYCE DOYLE New Trier, Niles Girls' Club l, GAA l, Red Cross, vice-president 2, Arts and Crafts 3. .fl -nu, 1904 ROBERT DUCKWORTH Maine Junior A capella 2, Sword and Shield 3. vf BEVERLY FLUGER Niles GAA l, Freshman Chorus l Girls' Glee Club 2, Junior Prom, ticket and bid 3, Girls' Chorus 3, ,f-um fa-PQ: LESTER FREY Sharon, Pennsylvania, Niles Latin Club l,2, Basketball l,3, Swimming 2, Gymnastics 2,3,4, Cross-country 3, Sword and Shield 3,4, French Club 3,4. I 'ze S 4 f CONSTANCE FULLER New Trier Chorus l,2, Girls' Club 2, Junior Concessions Committee 3, Pep Club 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3, 4, Student Council 4, Hall Moni- tor 4, Assembly Committee 4, New Faces Dance 4, Homecoming Float Committee 4. 19 KARLA FOESTEN Newton, New Jersey, Niles Dramatics Club l,4, Vivace 2, Girls' Chorus 2, Spring Concert 2,3, Christmas Vespers Q,4, Jun- ior Concessions Committee 3, Junior Prom 3, Laconian 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Variety Show 4, Christ- mas Concert 4, Library Assistant 4. PATRICIA FOUGAL Northbrook, Palatine Freshman Dance l, Glee Club l, Junior Prom, poster committee 3, Laconian, salesman 4, Office Worker 4, Gamma Beta Gamma 4. -sqm 'QA DENNIS FULTON New Trier Chess Club l,2, Torch 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Wrestling 3, Junior Concessions Committee 3, French Club 3, Sword and Shield, treas- urer 3, sergeant-at-arms 4. VICTOR GABROVICH Northbrook, Palatine Dramatics l, Science Club 2, Hall Monitor 3, Sports Afield 3, Aviation 4. ,Q 5 ' 4. ,vii 9 X. ' I ,..,,, 34 F X it K . R S I K 2 CONSTANCE GALLERY Sacred Heart, Fairfax, Virginia Christmas Musical l,2, GAA l,2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Horse- back Riding i,2,3, Class Treas- urer 2, Dramatics Club 3,4, Li- KU RT GRONAU Northbrook, Palatine Baseball l, Student Council l,3, brary Club 3, Christmas Concert Wrestling 2, Track 2, Sword and 4. Shield 3,4 K. fifggig bc. GERALD GOETTSCHE Niles Science Club 1, Student Council l, Baseball l,2,3, Basketball 2, 3,4, Letterman's Club 3,4, Cross- cauntry 3,4, Student Council, alternate 4, Adviser room President 4. ALAN HACKER Northbrook, Santo Ana, Calif. Foreman Club 4. Torch 4. BRUCE HAGELE Northbrook, Palatine Science Club l,3,4, Photography Audio Visual l, Photography NEIL GRANT Ushers, secretary 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Science Club 3,4, Electronics THOMAS GAVIN New Trier Homeroom, vice-president l, president 2, Wrestling i,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2, Social Committee. 2, Class Pres- ident 3, Sword and Shield 3, Golf 3,4, Prom Committee 3, LEWIS HANNABERG Maine Cross-country, manager 3, Sword and Shield 3,4. Club l,2,3, Alchemist 3, Elec- Club 3. tronics Club 4, Torch 4, Laconian 4. 20 ANDREW KING Niles Scribblers Club l, Student Counf vib- EARLYNE HANSEN Niles Eighth Grade Day l, Dramatics l, GAA l,2,3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Bowling 2,3, Library Assistant 3, Junior Prom 3, Junior Con- cessions Committee 3, Pep Rally 3,4, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4, Pep Club 3,4, Laconian 3,4, iun- ior editor 3, circulation manager 4, Student Council 4, Pep LINSCOTT HANSON New Trier Wrestling l,2,3,4, Traffic Squad 2, Adviser room, president 2, Cross-country 3, Sword and Shield 3,4. cil 2,4, Square Dancing 3, Jun- ior Prom, refreshments 3, Junior Concessions Committee 3, Track, manager 3, Football, manager 3,4, Wrestling 3,4, Traffic Com- mittee 4, Class Treasurer 4, Guidance Chairman 4. Committee 4. JOANNE JANZ Northbrook, Palatine GAA l, Square Dance l, Student Council, secretary l, Variety Show l, Chorus i, Horseback Riding 3, Hall Monitor 3, Junior Concessions Committee 3, Bowl- ing 3, Adviser room, president 3, Office Worker 4. VALERIE JORDAN Kelvyn Park GAA l, Civic Forum 3, Hall Mon- itor 3, Honor Society 3, Office Worker 3, Latin Club 4, Horse! back Riding 4. vim 'Mor ROBERT KING Northbrook, Palatine Photography Club l, Student Council l, Football l,2, Wrest- ling ,J-A ld..-H' ,wav A WALTER HOSCHOUER Northbrook, Palatine KAREN JUUL Niles intramural Sports 3, Pep Rally 3, Junior Prom 3, Student Coun- cil 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3, secretary 4, Pep Club 3, Pep Committee 4. JUDITH LARSEN New Trier Latin Club l, Musicale Club l,2, Girls' Club l,2, Spring Festival 2,3, Intertaith Board 2, Christ- mas Musicale 3, Conference Mu- sic Festival 3, Pep Club 3, Dra- matics Club 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Variety Show, chairman 4, Bowling 4. publicity WALTER KRINNINGER Northbrook, Palatine Audio Visual 3, Track, manager 3, Sword and Shield 4, Basket- ball, manager 4. DIANE KRUEGER Niles GAA l,2, Spotlighters 2, Junior Prom, ticket and bid 3, Confer- ence Music Festival 3, Junior Concessions Committee 3, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Christmas Musical 3, BARBARA KUNZER KATHERINE KREER Northbrook, Palatine New Trier EUGENE KOHL Dramatics I, Hall Monitor 2, Pep Club 3, Junior Prom 3 Jun Niles Library Assistant 2, Junior Con- ior Concessions Committee 3 Football l, Sword and Shield cessions Committee 3, Choraliers Gamma Beta Gamma 3 4 Hobo 3,4. 4. Hop 4, Homecoming 4 4, Dramatics Club 4, Variety Show, co-chairman, Stage com- mittee 4, Intramurals 4. FRANKLIN LACY Culver Military Academy, Indi- . . L I' I ml ,L 5- .13 7 1 Q .- , . ana Black Horse Troop l, Horse Jumping l,2, Crew i, Horseback Riding 3, Variety Show 3, Junior Concessions Committee 3, French Club 3, Torch 3, feature editor 4. Y' W.. MARGARET LAFNITZEGGER Northbrook, Palatine German Club l, secretary 3, Hall Monitor 3,4, Bowling 4, Volley ball, senior captain 4, Gamma Beta Gamma 4, Pep Club 4. A GEORGE LANNIN Northbrook, Palatine Baseball l,2, Basketball l,3, Wrestling 2, Football 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Hall Monitor 4, Letterman's Club 3,4, 22 ww K. is KENT KLEFSTAD New Trier Adviser room president 3 JOHN LARSEN Taft, Niles German Club l, Science Club l,2, Field and Stream 3. aus""' f"i3 is X RALPH LARSEN Maine A cappella Group l, Golt l,2, 3,4, Sword and Shield 3,4, Bar- ber Shoppers 4. EUGENE LEMBKE LaCanada Pasadena, California Football l,2,4, Baseball l,Q,3,4, Basketball l,2,3, Track 2, Stu- dent Council 3, Hall Monitor 3, Sword and Shield 4, Je , fy C 3 'Vs' fe -J' -ff!-V CAROL LUENSMAN Northbrook, Palatine Dramatics Club l,2,3,4, GAA l, 2,3, vice-president 4, Student Council l,3, vice-president 4, Gamma Beta Gamma 3, Torch, managing editor 3, Quill and Scroll 3,4, News Bureau 3,4, La- :onian Staff 3, editor 4, Hand- book Staff, editor 3,4, Cheer- leading manager 4, Pep Committee 4. BARBARA LONG New Trier Spanish Club 2, Girls' Club 2,3, Junior Concessions 3, Variety Show 3, Bowling 4, Office Work- er 4. SHIRLEY LONG Maine Choraliers 3, Junior Prom, Tic- ket and bid 3, Square Dancing 3, Girls' Chorus 3,4. JUDD LYNN New Trier Wrestling l,2, Sophomore Steer- HOWARD LIND Niles ROGERT LUKEY Northbrook, Palatine Basketball l, Football, manager l, Baseball l,2, Football 2,3,4, Dramatics Club l, Hall Monitor 3, Golf 4, Letterrnan's Club 4, Junior Red Cross Council Dele- gate and Training Center Dele- gate 4, 23 F3 . V. JAMES LYNCH Arlington Audio Visual l,2, Track 2,3,4, Christmas Musical 2, Sword and Shield, membership committee 3, 4, French Club, president 3,4, Torch 3, sports editor 4, Variety Show 3,4, Football 3,4, Letter- man's Club 3,4. ing Committee 2, Adviser Room President 2, French Club 3, Sword and Shield, president 3, Track 3, Torch 3, Lette-rman's Club 3,4, Wrestling 3,4, Football l,2,3, Student Council, presi- dent 4. N? JAMES MCARTHUR New Trier Baseball l,2,3,45 Torch 3, sports editor 4, editor-in-chief 4 News Bureau 45 Boys' Bowling 45 .lun- ior Prom, refreshment 3. RHODA MCCLEARY Amundsen, New Trier Amundsen Maiorettes lp GAA lg Mixed Chorus l5 Variety Show l,25 Bowling 35 Arts and Crafts 3,45 Torch, staff secretary 4. ROBERT MATHEIN Northbrook, Palatine Audio Visual 1,35 Sword and Shield 3,45 Track, manager 45 Football, manager 4. M JUDITH MATTNER Niles Music Award lg Water Carnival l,25 Spring Concert l,2,35 GAA l,45 Choraliers 35 Arts and Crafts 35 Pep Club 35 Junior Conces- sions Committee 35 Gamma Beta Gamma 3,45. 24 LYNNE MCDOWELL Central, Iowa, Evanston Student Council, secretary lj Home Room, vice-president lp School Paper l5 Chorus l,2,35 Friendship Club 25 Pep Club 25 Mariners 25 Girls' Conference 35 GAA 35 Larcom Club, president 35 Pentangle 3,45 Mixed Chorus 4j Gamma Beta Gamma 4. ROBERT MACHATA New Trier Wrestling I5 Gymnastics l,45 German Club 2,4. ALAN MACKIE Northbrook, Palatine Class President l5 Square Dance Club lg Photography Club ly Baseball 1,25 Basketball l,25 Football l,2,3,45 Track 2, cap- tain 3,45 Junior Prom, decora- tions 35 Junior Concessions Committee 35 Traffic Committee 3,45 Letterman's Club 3,4. JERI. MAY Planeview, Kansas5 Maine Wrestling lg Track l,2,3,45 Foot- ball 2,3,45 Student Council 35 Sword and Shield 35 Basketball 35 Most Valuable Player, Foot' ball and Track 35 T. R. Adams Award 35 Letterman's Club, sargeant-at-arms 3,45 Hall Moni- tor 45 All-Conference Football 4. JOAN MICHEHL Northbrook, Palatine Cheerleader I, captain 3,45 Girls' Chorus 25 Conference Music Fest- ival l,25 Pep Club 2,3,45 Gamma Beta Gamma, treasurer 3, president 45 Student Council 35 Pep Committee 3,45 Handbook Staff 3,45 Variety Show 45 Home- DIANA MULLER Immaculata Bowling Club 35 GAA 45 Dra- matics Club 45 Girls' Chorus 45 Mixed Chorus 45 FTA 45 Variety PETER NELSON Show 45 Christmas Concert 45 Warrensburg, Northbrook Bowling 45 Laconian Staff 4. Baseball lp Wrestling 3,4. J coming Queen 4. CAROL NORTON North Park Academy, Taft Nu Pi Delta lg GAA 35 Clean- up committee 25 Junior Prom, decorations 35 Bowling 3,45 Dra- matics Club 45 Variety Show, house manager 45 Laconian 4. MAUREEN O'BRIEN New Trier GAA l,25 Square Dancing 35 Junior Prom, ticket and bid 3. is Q ws ,Mos GEORGE OLSEN Northbrook, Palatine Student Council lg Class Treas- urer lg Baseball l,2,3,45 Football 3,45 Hall Monitor 3,45 Traffic Committee 4. VERNA PALLISARD New Trier, lmmaculata GAA l,25 Choraliers 35 Girls' Chorus 35 Junior Concessions Committee 35 Gamma Beta Gamma 4. 25 DARLENE PETERSEN Northbrook, Palatine Variety Show 35 Junior Con- cessions Committee 35 Social Committee 35 Gamma Beta Gamma 3,45 Mixed Chorus 4 Laconian 4. 'iii' DONNA PETERSEN Niles GAA I, Glee Club I, Pep Club I,2, Spotlighters 2, Arts and Crafts 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4, Handbook Staff 4, Office KENNETH POGUE Divine Heart Seminary, Indiana Traffic Committee, prosecuting attorney 3, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Torch, business manger 3, ad- vertising manager 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Sword and Shield, treasurer 3,4, Barber Shoppers 4. PATRICIA PORTER Northbrook, Palatine Dance l,3,4, Variety Show 2, Junior Concessions Committee 3, Library Assistant 3, Gamma Beta Gamma, vice-president 3,4. DAVID PRESSEL Lane Tech, Palatine Junior Concessions Committee 3, Press Club 3, Torch 4, Variety Show 4. Worker 4. KENNETH RAMSEY New Trier Gymnastics Club I,2,3,4, Diving Champ 2, Cheerleader 2,3, French Club 3, Aviation Club 4, Hall Monitor 4, ANN RACH Evanston, New Trier News Bureau I, Mixed Chorus I,2, Gymnastics I,2, Spring Festival I,2,3, Christmas Musical l,2,3, Girls' Chorus I,2,3,4, Choraliers 3,4. JOHN RANDOLPH Schurz, Palatine Band I,2,3,4, Basketball 3, Cross-Country 3,4, Christmas Musical 3,4, Class Vice-president 4, Baseball 4, Variety Show 4. RONALD REISNER Niles 3, Electronics Club 4. Science Club I, Intramural Swimming l, Student Council 3, Hall Monitor 3, Sports Afield DON REYNOLDS Lane Tech Mixed Chorus 4, Chorus I,2,3, Baseball 4. 26 AY' SALLY RUDOLPH Northbrook, Palatine Cheerleader 3, Junior Prom 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4, Varie- ty Show 3,4, Hall Monitor 4, Intramural Sports 4, Homecom- ing Float, chairman 4. CAROLYN SAN DHOEFNER Maine Library Assistant l,Q,3, Girls' Club l,2, Latin Club 2, Library MARSHALL SAWYERS Club 2, Square Dancing 3, Ball- Schurz, Niles KENNETH SCHMIDT room Dancing 3, Modern Danc- Orchestra l, Square Dance l, Football l,2.3,4, Letterman's ing 3, Bowling 4, Junior Prom, Wrestling 3, Cross-country 3,4, Club 2,3,4, Square Dance Club ticket and bid 3, Tumbling 4. Track 3,4. l, All Conference 4. x ...fs I mN,? KENNETH SCHULTEIS New Trier EDWARD SCHOENFELD Northbrook, Palatine Chorus l, Dramatics l, Basket- ball l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Base- ball l.2,3, Sword and Shield 3, Cross-country 3, Junior Prom, ticket and bid 3, Junior Con- cessions Committee 3, Conference Music Festival 3, Letterman's Club 3,4, Torch 4, Football 4. Basketball, captain l,2,3,4, Foot- ball, co-captain l,2,3,4, Baseball ROBERT SEARLES Niles Mixed Chorus l,4, l,2,3,4, Adviser room President l,2,3, Sophomore Party 2, Jun- ior Prom, ticket and bid, chair- man 3, Hall Monitor 3, Student Council, treasurer 4, Sword and Shield 3, vice-president 4, Letterman's Club 3, president 4. Variety Show l,2,4, Christmas Musical . Football 4. l,2,4, Barber Shoppers 2,3, "'lm ww? RICHARD SHIRLING Niles Orchestra Baseball l,2,3, Dramatics Club 2, Torch 3, Sword and Shield 4, Letterman's Club 3,4, Cross- country 3, Basketball 3, Social Committee 3. l, Spanish Club l, RAYMOND SMITH Niles Football l,3, Track 2,4, Swimm- ing 2, Torch 3, Junior Prom, ticket and bid 3, Sports Afield 3, Guidance Day 4, Traffic Lieutenant 3, Dramatics Club 4. 27 NANCY SODERQUIST Taft, Niles Office Worker l, GAA l, Girls' Chorus l, Bookstore l, Gamma Beta Gamma 3, Pep Club 3, Bowling 3,4. KAREN STAUB Roland Park Country School, Maryland Dramatics Club, secretary I, Glee Club l,2,3, Student Coun- cil l,2, Senior Dramatics Club 2,3, Gamma Beta Gamma 4, Student Council, public relations 4, Mixed Chorus 4. JEAN TARASIUK New Trier GAA l, Square Dance 3, Horse- back Riding 4, Library Assistant 4, Valley Ball 4, Bowling, cap- tain 4. --Q.,--qv cf.eo-'T PATRICIA STEPHENSON Northbrook, Palatine Torch 3, Pep Club 3, Junior Concessions Committee 3, Mod- ern Dance 3,4, Variety Show 3,4, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4 Ps I New Trier JOHN SVEIVEN ROBERT STINES New Trier Football l,3,4, Swimming 2, Baseball 2, Wrestling, manager 3, Traffic Committee 3, Track 3,4, Student Council 4, Basket- ball 4. Dramatics l,2, Gymnastics l,2, Wrestling l,2,3,4, Football l,2, 3,4, Barber Shoppers 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Variety Show 3,4, Christmas Musical 3,4, Track 3, 4, Traffic Committee 3, Junior Prom, entertainment committee 3, Class President 4, Senior Dance Committee 4. JOHN STREICHER New Trier Gymnastics l,2,3,4, State Tumb- ling Champion 2,3, French Club 3, Track 3, Cheerleader 3. THEODORE SWARTZBAUGH Northwestern Military and Naval Academy Horseback Riding l,2, Basket- ball l,2, Swimming l,2, Elec- tronics Club 4, Photography Club 4, JANICE STEPHENSON Northbrook, Palatine Cheerleader l,3,4, Drum Maior- ette 2, Spring Concert 2, Con- ference Music Festival 2, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4, Pep Club 3,4, Girls' Chorus 2, Variety Show 2,3,4, 28 KATHY TERWILLIGER Northbrook, Palatine Junior Prom, decorations 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 4. ORVAL THORSON Northbrook, Palatine Drarnatics l, Baseball l,2,3, Football l,Q,3,4, Basketball l,2, 3,4, Track 2,3, Letterman's Club 3,4, Sword and Shield 4, Bar- ber Shoppers 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Variety Show 4. KENT VANA Amundsen Baseball l,2,3,4, Variety Show 2, Honor Society 2, Student Council 2, Basketball 2,3,4, Let- terman's Club 3,4, Junior Prom, ticket and bid 3, Cross-country 3,4. JUDITH VICK Niles Junior Concessions Committee 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4, Pep Club, vice-president 3, sergeant- at-arms 4, Laconian 4, Junior Prom, decorations 3, Pep Rally CAROL VlNlNG New Trier GAA l,Q, Honor Study Q, lntra- murals l,2, Pep Club 3, Torch 3, Variety Show 3, Junior Con- cessions Committee 3, Junior Prom 3, Class Secretary 3,4, Bowling 4, Student Council, public relations committee 4, Gamma Beta Gamma, invita- tion committee 3,4. DARLENE WAGNER Mallinckrodt Glee Club l,2, Gymnasium Club l,2, Dramatics Club l,2. X., if 'K ELEANORE WAJDA Lourdes GAA l,2, Polish Club l,2, History Club 3, Homeroom Cheer- leader 3, Mixed Chorus 4. CAROL WAHRER Maine Spring Concert 2,3, Library Assistant 2,4, Cadet Band, point secretary and secretary 2, Jun- ior Prom, entertainment Com- mittee 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4, Pep Club 4, Hall Monitor 4. 29 THOMAS WALLMO Northbrook, Palatine Dramatics Club l, Football l,2, 3,4, Baseball l, Letterman's Club 3,4, Sword and Shield 3,4, BERNARD WIDEROE MARY WILSON ARLENE ZIEGLER Niles Variety Show 2,3,4, Conference Music Festival 3, State Conserva- tion Scholarship 3, Dramatics Club 3, Junior Concessions Com- mittee 3, Student Council 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Choraliers 3, 4, Thespians 3,4, Student Res- ponsibilities Committee 4. ROBERT WIXOM New Trier Intramurals l,2, Football, man- ager 3,4, Wrestling 3,4, Base- ball 3,4, Responsibilities Com mittee 3,4. DORIS WOLFF Hyde Park GAA l,2,3, Variety Show 2, Li- brary Aid l,2,3, Water Ballet, captain l,2,3, Yearbook Agent 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Hall Monitor l,2, A cappella 3. BARBARA GLOEDE Evanston Student Council l,3, GAA l,2, Intramurals l,2, Magazine Cam- paign l, Cheer section 2, Home- coming attendant 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4. .i-.tgem -. 1 - fi, was - .. 1 ' . Ei . - , A A ,S -witfwgifkfw . 1 'qwe1,i.Qia :af- f tiilsgg gig 1 E532 t S ' s Q. Q set, i,. .si 4+ Q as ' yang? 552' S gimfi 3 at 5 .. pill? t ' Egg K ii kit s.. , DONALD WERNER Niles Golf 2,3,4, Field and Stream 3. Northbrook, Palatine Student Responsibilities Commit- tee 3, Track 3,4, Variety Show, co-chairman at stage committee 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Barber Shoppers 4, Wrestling 4, Crass- country 4. --9...-if' Northbrook, Palatine Chorus l,2,3, Cheerleading man- ager 3, Pep Committee 3, Gam- ma Beta Gamma 3,4, Mixed Chorus 4, Tratfic Court 4, Monitor Committee 4, Dramatics Club 4. ilk.-it CHARLES WENE WILLIAM ZOBUS New Trier Maine Baseball 3,4, Wrestling 3,4, Letterman's Club 3,4. 30 ANDREA ZUM BAHLEN Bloom .Junior Concessions Committee 3, German Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, Gamma Beta Gamma 3,4, Variety Show 3,4, Tennis manager 4. ' Wadi' The iuniors elected Frank Vickers, president, Patti Deering, vice-president, Nancy Barlow, secretary, and Judy Collins, treasurer as their officers. When Frank moved, Alan Michels was elected president, fauna 66444 Ogeau yum 65144 Puadmz Alon Michels From left, Nancy Barlow, Frank Vickers, Patti Deering, Judy Collins. Q 4 9' 5 W 'S . From left, Mrs, Watson, Miss Dahl, Mr. Cord, Mr. Bolin, Mr. Smith, Miss Harmeling, Dr. Moore. , Mr. Luccock D ,f Q 31 4 - ' ' ,Q R VS' ,W M, vi John Charles Bauers Bechlold Henry Nancy Berquist Bank Judy Ralph Bryan! Butz John Bedenian Diana Boyingfon Susan Christy Joyce Aikman Joyce Albrecht Roger Alexander ,,,4p05 Todd Anderson Mary Augustin Barbara Avedon Rober? Bacon Bruce Bagg Nancy Barlow Charles Bartz Paul Bruce Joyce Belliveau Bender Berg Robert Pot Kay Boyd Braber Brown Richard Fred Bert Cichanski Cimaglio Clavey Norman Clemefsen Alan Colburn Carol Colby Sfeffani Cole Xe J i as W Xb: in y , ,...-'xv ai as U 3 Q Q 'Q Judy Collins Jo Cooley Roger Dahlberg James Day Louisa Decker Paf Deering Gloria Nancy Ronald Dibble Disselhorsf Domres Gordon Bill Judy Fairclough Faulman Feiereisel Gloria John Donald Froberg Gabrovich Gandenberger N uv 'Y 'f""Y ln. Donna James Darlene Eberf Erickson Evans Marilyn James David Fink Finlay Forslund Robin Laura Richard Getzoff Gewecke Giesel K s of 'Y if unu- Lewis Glanville Richard Gorski James Greig Carol Gronau Paul Haber Roger Haber Norma Hannibal Anifa Hansen Duane Harm Albert Hasse Alvin William Ronnie Diane Barbara Bernice Haftendorf Hemesaih Heppner Hipsley Hohlfelder Hollander Kafhleen Allan Shirley Ricky Sandra Bruce Hoolehan Howard Hundley Jaques Janicek Johnson Glenn Sandra Harlan Elaine Karen Edward Johnson Johnson Jordan Kegler Kelly Klass 34 Toby Kinne Robert Kraft Benita Kuehn Sandra Lannin Dorothy Larson Kenneth Lay Robert E. Lee Judy Leitze A5 Carol Lehner Shirley Lemley Herbert Deirdre Judy Pen Posy Roberta Lesser Linder Lockman Loudon Love Lowy Bill Marilyn Edwin Diane Evelyn Jill Lutz MacNamee Margeson Marshall Martens McArthur Pat Hugh Nancy Terri Kendall Frank McGuire McKinnon Mead Menz Mertz Meyer 35 .w gnu ff- im-...W ,. James O'Keefe Betfe Perrone Gerlrude Rach .mb ...,, ..,,. Q , as 1 , W 1, if Q ffl ,S J i ii SC ' A- ..... P Ag flaw- NE A K ,.k,g, H A1 Q .. ' 3 . Constance Roberi Orr Oswalf Edwin Richard Pickeif Pierre Robert Geraldine Rasmussen Rechforis Alan Michel Viale! Mikkelsen George Miramonli Joyce Moreifi Ken Morrison Jon Moritz Melinda Mulford Sfuarl Meyers Art New Judy Norum Carol Sandra R0beI'T Overman Pallisard Pelmfwisf Todd Thomas Donald Pillar Pogue Powers Bill Marianne JGIIGY Reed Reifig Rinkle Wm-gr S Z Ei ii aw 5 if 3 5. i ii 2 E. Bonnie Robar Loretta Roscher ff: ,,, Marilyn Ross Eugene Ruff MSX' K m f .J K 1 K Diane Russell Walter Schieman ' A Sharon Schoeler Qi 1 J S , ., .LY S f N: 5, - xg QS 5 . X? XX l x Mary Ann Schubert .S KW Lillian Schupmann 4' R d s h WL' aymon c urwanz Wim, Y Thomas Lillian Nancy Pat Timothy William Scott Semmerling Shepherd Shields Sickinger Sommerville Sheldon Marilyn Betty John Daryle Marcia Spalding Stenson Stillson Stodder Thorsen, Tinker Barbara Phyllis John Loretta James Frank Torkelson Tremel Valentine Velasquez Van Deusen Vickers vw' qv 5 'vrg' can-arf , f -52. A 37 x N9 X XNXX N X as 1 .Q Q Edgar Vilchis William Wadington Edward Wagner Audrey Wallace Steve Webster . Lenore Wengstrom Lynne Westerman Penny Wills Betty Winchester Gerhard Windels ' ' Zoot! From left: Judy Feiereisel, Carol Overman, Jo Cooley, Judy Collins, Violet Mikkelsen, Joyce Albrecht, Kathleen Hoolehan, Jim Erickson, Ed Pickett, Darlene Evans, Marilyn Fink, Nancy Barlow, Donna Ebert, Nancy Bonk, Nancy Shepherd, pun: From left, Row la Jim Finlay, Mickey Ebert, Ricky Jacques. Row 2: Shirley Lerniey, Mary Ann Retfig, Marilyn Sfenson, Melinda Mulford, Alan Michel, Bennita Kuehn, Sandy Johnson, Shirley Hundley, Susan Christy. Row 3: Ken Meriz, Betty Stillson, Dierdre Linder, Roberta Lowey, Steffani Cole, Diane Hipsley, Kaye Brown, Pat Shields, Stuart Meyers. -gh s Q S 1 . if ar i1!lQni...4 ""-ww--W 7761, Wabna, S iduha The sophomore closs begun on octive yeor with the election ot officers. One of the moin events this yeor tor the sophomores was o closs potty, Throughout the different sport seclsons the soph- omores mclde pop corn in the school ond then sold it in the spectotor stonds. The sophomores hod cm good yeor under the direction ot Kenneth Holmes, closs sponsor. 61444 Offieaa Dorothy' Kuchel, Bill Youngclczus, Chuck Campbell, Judy Harwood. W 2 GJ 7162, 70412: Row l, from left: Dan Browne, Carl Zon, Dick Youngberg, Joe Ericksen, Stuart Vogel, Bill La Mie, Linus SSPSGY, Doug Mflfflfl Falasco. Row 2: Richard Holmstrom, Herbert Doyle, Mr. Watt, Bart Patton. Row 4: Jerry Sadek, Bill Simpson, Jim Baerwaldt Mark Knoop, Tom Thuresson. Row 3: David Diederich, Allan Steve Banks, JC1Cll 56lCl4, MOVVU1 ClUVEY, l-CIVFY BECK Dick BOlil1Of Elf in md Lynn Fenslce, Barb Rossiter, Barbara Melliclc, Lois Michels, Lois Burton, Leslie Rathburn. Row 3: Kristin Nielson, Eleanor Glonville, Row l, from left: Dorothy Cichanski, Joan Owen, Pat Peake, Dorothy Kuchel, Carolyn Thornton, Sharon Dietz, Barbara Hansen, Karen Schaer, Judy Owen, Marcia Carpenter. Row 2: Miss Doyle, Judy Bennett, Geraldine Funke, Carol Shedden, Nancy Country- Andrea Lucke, Judith Heffelhnger, Carol Steinbach, Ann Marshall, man, Sarah Jewell. 41 3 it ,NJ J J 1 S f 77054, sae Suu!!! Row 'l, from left: Judy Sims, Tonette Galli, Barbara Carson, Bonnie Ream, Adeline Salzrnann, Dorothy Jostock, Mrs. Smith. Row 2: Judy Gunsaulus, Sandy Egan, Judy Harwood, Leilani Peiter, Diane Schmadebeck, Gail Zaccard, Birdena Bruhn, Joy La Vigne, Georgia Dinger, Linda Hellgren, Hope Stephenson Row 3: Peggy Nygaard, Darlene Michaels, Gabriele Brodbeck Shirley Matella, Barbara Mueller, Bunny Bettes, Judy Marianetti Susan Chmelik, Linda Rubel, Judy Lukasek, Cynthia Crage Judy Truelsen. 7761, Taiwan Row 'l, from left: Tom Affeldt, Dick Henning, Fred Bingham. Row 2: Bill Youngclaus, James Haak, Mr. Kubisen, Arthur Kerschke, Norris Slobb. Row 3: John Du Plessis, Chuck Campbell, , Arthur Huhta, John Krumrn, Ralph Linehan, Sandy de Beers, Russell Wallen. Row 4: Richard Carter, Mike Mason, Bob Lehman, Doug Brand, Jim Savvyers, Buddy Fullhart, Harry Bedenian, Eddie Copper, Bill Robb. B 1 f 5 . 2 Wh. gnnlafui Row l, from left: Constantino Pagano, Dick Freeman, Richard Elko. Row 2: Fred Warner, Dick Lillquist, Bob Schevers, Mr. Bernhard, Ronald Kirchner, Marco DiPietro, Edward Janke. Row 'l, from left: Barbie Richards, Nancy Ryser, Pat Nash, Jan Mc Laughlin, Sally Edgar. Sharon Olsen. Row 2: Barbara Wechselberger, Darlene Solarz, Debbie Gillespie, Teddy Chopp, Sandy Schultz, June Michehl, Ginny Quinn, Joyce Hagele, Sally Q V". 5 - 1 SIP., 14 "" 1 1:1 Row 3: Ronald Getzatf, David Roche, Lance Look, Taber de Forest, Jack Harrison, Wayne Bryant, Jim Snelten, Ed Mac Corkendale, Eric Orkild. Row 4: Gene Hoglan, Bob Zinnnerinan, Dave Barnerd, Jim Cramer, Ty Ragland, Mervin Wood, Rodney Lacy, David Carris, Jim Bohn. Le Page, Miss Johnson. Row 3: Barbara Kinne, Sandy Currey, Dorothy Magee, Gail Wilson, Mary Whitman, Betty Balmes, Nancy Hauseman, Jody Parson, Mariie Thorpe, Rochelle Coppine ger, Marianne Jacobson, Brenda Frigaard, Sandra Broede, Debby Clayton. X t .WE 'S Row 'I, from left: Eugene Swanson, Tom Woods, Jack Rubom, .QI Mr. Ney, Ted Bokhof, David Owens, Bill Crawford. Row 2: Irv Phil Johnson, Tom Brown, Bruce Scott, Porter Venn, Barry Bruno Row 3: Rob Demouth, Wayne Graham, Jay Lorenz, Garden Lind, John Zobus, Dick Sander, Ronald Larson, Dick Diebold Berent, Bob Elko, Howie Rosley, Jim Hollander, Sam McGown, Al Klivgerman, um, Wim .Zapata Row 'I, from left: Nanette Niebauer, Marge McCrindle, Liliana Pagano, Sherie Breen, Row 2: Jane Mink, Joan Tarzy, Arlene Dunkleburger, Kay Wachter, Naida King, Charlotte Chamber- lain, Jeannine Olson, Miss Lipecki. Row 3: Carolyn Eidinger, Alice Crawford, Nancy Ryan, JoAnn Hasch, Julie Willis, Judy Burmeister, Dorothy Gewecke, Sandra Bailey, Jeanne Water- house. Row 4: Doranne Wilson, Mary Ann Frenzer, Diane Leloup, Annette Palmgren, Pat Ryan, Ethel Jane Schmidt, Charlotte Hacker, Sandy Azzi, Jean Hutton, Silvia Neugebauer, Karen Nahigian. 71444 ,-he Election of Freshmon Closs officers Wos The lirst ocfivify of the ye-or, followed by closs meetings of which The freshmen leorned The school song ond The vorious school Cheers. The moin eveni of the yeor vvos The plonning ond porticipotion in The Freshman closs poriy, Left: Mr. Knupfer, freshman closs adviser chairman Below, from left: Dove Lyons, vice-presidentp Jim Paxton, pres- identg Lewis Kreiger, treosurerp Sue Allison, secretory. 19" qw Nw. 45 af my same Age 711644 gngmaa Row 1, from left: Kathryn Schupmann, Judy Rennix, Dorothy Bestee, Bonnie Carpenter. Row 2: Judy Pankratz, Mary Jane Gibson, Sherry Foss, Pat Hoffman, Ade Broersma. Row 3: Gae Eich, Nancy Glaser, Palma Covone, Brenda Phillips, Julie Scherb. Row 4: Nancy Schubert, Judy Baker, Kathy Krueger, Judy Liedberg, Sue Allison. Row 5: Yvonne Theisen, Diane Michaels, Debbie Johnson, Anita Haskell. Wh. 26,4 Row 1, from left: Tony Wechselberger, Rick Rogers, Per Hanson, Mr. Reba, Roy Bechtold, Chuck Edwards. Row 2: Luigi Pagano, Bob Thelen, Alan Tinker, Frank Coffey, James Ledvinta, Ken Adams, John Goode, Walter Marshall, Carl Larson, Wayne Radloff, John Quaid. Row 3: Bill Coppinger, Phillip McGuire, Don Bengston, Joe Young, Kenneth Boyd, Keith Judson, Bill Pinnow, Edward Schneider, David Ginter, Wayne Nelson, Dale Luster, Arnold Whitlow, Keith Moylund, David Patterson. we www Row 'l, from left: James Long, Dick Schram, Al Preusker, Peter Hemlin, Tom DeMarco, Mr. Helfrich. Row 2: Tom Epp, Chuck Berquist, Charles Schwab, Frank Stafford, Jim Dierks, Gil Valentine, Paul Wotland, Frank Tyson, Joe Becker, Rod Paoline, Bill Frey. Row 3: Jim Bauers, Chuck Hammond, Dan Chopp, Duane Holder, Bob Vix, Jim Bennett, Dennis Meyer, Ray Keller, Jr., Ronald Anderson, Martin Glauner, Gordon Rudolph. Wh. .law Row i, from left: Michael Ebner, George Grothpietz, Larry Deering, Phil Krider, Mr. Lane, Bill Russell, Alex Huck, Rick Peterson. Row 2: Michael Mead, Bruce Borchardt, Clark Antes, George Grashorn, David Preves, Richard Le Fevre, Arthur Struss, Randy Rizzo, Gerry Boy, Albert Keefer, Alfred Lowreyt Don Digman. Row 3: Randy Sorensen, Stephen Ledger, Lewis Krieger, Ken Busch, Fred Brushaben, Jerry Ford, Dick Ulbricht Jim Paxton, Bob Williams, Don Nicoll, David Lyons, Douglas Timmerman. .,- xr- fg. ,:.. V.: .Q mf Yi? 1 . fx 5 55 ! Wha. lane Row 1, from left: Margo Streicher, Gail Machata, Janet Moberg, Judy Hughes, Carolyn Appel, Bonnie Lemley. Row 2: Doris Kirchner, Karen Bender, Sandra DeMeriian, Beverly Gould, Lyle Collier, Susan Butow, Judy Hank, Fran Ryan, Susan Stark. Row 3: Angela Hensley, Jeanine Pettinger, Thayne Halde- man, Karen Brodbeck, Judy Oslund, Janet Coulter, Judy Appel, Mary Lou Gartner, Sue Rathburn, Francine Fort, Nancy Mc Arthur, Ruth Ann Tonks. WLM. Ullnzqa Row 'l: Joan Wahrer, Pat Formeller, Kathy Sey- mour, Lynn Butler, Barbara Werner. Row 2: Sonia Bengston, Nancy Brannon, Mary Shomo, Linda Day, Martha Smith, Julie Amundson, Judy Woods, Audrey Gille. Row 3: Gail Palenske, Julia Long, Barbara Bruno, Linda Collier, Diana DeVries, Ann French, Judy Hipsley, Judy Michehl, Sharon Meier, Lynn Hutchinson, Janet Larson, Jan Price. 7702-6444 Row 'l: Court Manning, Bob Salners, Kirk Pengel- ly, Richard Schrimpf. Row 2: Ronald Hattendorf, Lee Steur, Dan Ridenour, Jim Jakubik. Row 3: John Wer- hane, Jerry Lillquist, Jim Loss, John Schroeder, Ron- ald Bryant, Harry Keuth, Pete Thomas, Jerome Borre, Wayne Mendro, John Rosene. Row 4: Bill Barclay, Richard Wolter, Jerome Becker, James Engwall, Don- ald Porth, Jim Dudycha, Tom Van Hyning, Ron Roeder, Gordon Gotsch, Frank Ayres, Bob Ross. wzmgazwe Back row, from left: Joan Vose, Nancy Banks, Carol Oker- wall, Audrea Tokars, Marcia Smith, Janis Laidlay, Berna Freck- er, Linda Reiling Debbie Christy. Row 2: Karen Goettler, Liana Foesten, Barbara Wight, Joyce Melzer, Pat Croke, Becky Betts, Penny Ammer. Front row: Peggy Barg, Ellen Schnell, Donna Poulsen, Joyce Pierre, Sharon Grotefend. ' 76e 7wt4 The Spartans of Laconia and those of Glenbrook had and have the tendency to look to their leaders and their teachers for direction. At Glenbrook the "Light of Truth" is carried by the faculty, who through their experiences and know- ledge are able to transmit a continuing and enlarged program of education. The student is thus able to face the world well developed in mental and social maturity. -,,----v-' K X -fn! 'W ,Q up my f' xr ,K A 1 5 4 Do. Wazua, ,4 ' ' ' Under the excellent guidance of the Board of Education, Dr. S Watson, the administration and faculty, Glenbrook continues to advance in educating for living and promoting self discipline. Dr. Norman E. Watson, Northwestern University, Ph.D - - .. - rr,, c,,,c,,,. r , r r 'Yr MX ,i . ,4 S ent Wesley G. Bovinet, Colorado State Uni- versiiy, M.A. Dvzecznaf Dr. Gary L. Mills, Stanford University, Ph.D. I .. ,L i . 4 W . ,. ., N X -L u,xwm F Q X N X 23 ' '---..- 0 x. -wi A .-X N-.W gaaulofg ' From left: Mrs, Margaret Ruby, Mrs. Marc Law, Ross J. Spaulding Joseph W. Hibben, Arthur L. Polmgren, Richard Y. Hoffman and John W. Crawford. . I H Ogpu Staff From left: Miss Sally Falasco, receptionist: Miss Margaret Bowne, bookkeeperg Mrs. Margaret Ruby, secretary to the superintendent and Board of Education, and Mrs. Mariorie Cord, registrar. M I Mrs. Irmgurd Graham, University of Illinois, B.S, in L.S. The library aT Glenbrook is bofh popular and profifable To The sfudenfs who find novels for enjoyment or reference books for research. 5 Z A pn... uan ' Uatlezf ,4-zz '7-naman Guido Chigi, Columbia University, M.A. Sudan Pugaz 7044 The students lbelowl have 0 greet interest in arts and crafts. During their closs time they study not only drawing ond pointing, but olso silk- screening ond sculpture. -if nu- hiv i fly 57 W 'A 1 'fl X dede me me W44p'!Z4fl6470dd Both girls ond boys enloy the cooking closses which Glenbrook offers. From left Fred Cimoglio Corol Shedden. ond Violet Mikkelsen. Wane Z 7eae4ew From left Mrs Lllllon Smith Michigan Stole College, B.S.g ond Mrs Rowena Lone Unlversutv ofMonchester, B.S. Savane Members of the home economics sew- ing closses leorn to choose proper styles oncl judge cloth. The sfudents ore shown working on their proiects. From left Jeanine Peftinger ond Gretchen Schmidt. Spode genial www The girls ot Glenbrook find volley boll on interesting ond hecllthful sport. In the picture is o group of upperclossmen enioying volley boll os port of their physicol education program. Piqatali ' 'feczcdefzc From left: Mrs. Evo Ohlmeyer, New York University, MA., ond Mrs. Sue Smith, Murray College, B.S. ? W 59 funk' N Ll? X is X. s in. MA OCEAN ATLANTIQ4 ...awww U K ,BNNSE 7 '7fzenc46l444 From left: Jeannine Olsen, Shirley Motella, and Jim Lynch view French geography. .4 76464084 Miss Loretta Doyle, University of Michigan, M.A.5 William Cord, Washington University, M.A.f Mrs. Eleanor Lowrey, University of Minnesota MA rv- JUN Bardie Patton, Dick Holmstrom and Deirdre Linder learn more about Spanish speaking peo- yxgix.. 4. Rf ' k 'A A' k 1 S S 5 W I !. ri 'L .11 ' . A -, - ii fx j s 4- 2 1-Q . k-,g.4,i,i' if V E sf,.k-Mig, N X Mir. " U ' i F lv 5, i 13 I-1 X ,V r s if MN ple. 5 H 1 X -:Y Q BLK M, L if 2 ,Q 5 sw 7 we From left Richard Pierre Bruce Johnson, and Ray Bucher observe From left Robert Kraft and Jerry Goettsche complete their drawings. '7 Mm ?4wz:q From left: Russell Bolin, University of lllinois, M.S.g Werner Bernhard, Northern Illinois State Teachers Col- lege, B.S.f Laverne C. McMillion, De- Paul University, MA., John Reba, Colorado State College of Education M,A. reserassmts w.,t11M-.lsr s-we 'zgawfz ' '74 '7 ' E I C Chemistry students are shown at the right performing a water distillation experiment. From the left: Ken Lay, Arlene Ziegler, and Stuart Meyer. Seduce 76464624 Below left: Miss Frances Haglund, University of Minnesota, M.S Earl F. Young, Western Illinois State College, M.S. Swann Dapaq P6444 Biology students on the right display plants which they care for and study during the school year. From the left: Jim Baerwaldt, Judy Mattner, Mary Whitman, and Ed MacCorkendale. iii 3 Satnce 'kaclew Below right: Steven Kubisen, Iowa State College MA., Robert J Watt, University of Illinois, B.S. dgaee Puma From left: Judy Vick, Earlyne Han- sen, Joanne Janz, iback to cameral Carolyn Sandihoefner, Miss Dahl Qstundingl, Connie Bengsten. ,,.....-nll:"""' x,,,1 """ 541, 1 QWPEH A xiii i bf 1 i F. K eva? Typists work To improve themselves. guaazeu Zdaaatdw '7 From left: William Lutz, Universi.y of Illinois, M.S., Miss Jeanne Dahl, Northwestern University, M.A,, Miss Ethel Harmeling, Colorado State College, M.A., Kenneth Smith, Southern Illinois University, M.S. ri X pn-1... ,.. Nxffr'-f so ,.. f -f ,ss .y-wm,,,, - ,.....M-If L m ,Q ., xi ii ' N ' Xi 555 ' i ig i , , i s m , Zaye Tifcwe We-ned i Fl' fi' ,x,!!,-f kin bk V,c . I g if I . . ii' :I k S H I, kk.: K V - Above: Boy's physical education class in action. Wi' K ' PWM aww. .7 From left: Walter Ney, Indiana University M.S.g Howard Helfrich, Indiana University M.S, Walter Sherman, North- western University M.A, Russell Bolin, University of Illinois, M.S. Below: Boys continue with calisthenics cock, g . sum sum ymaf, Paul Knupfer, Northwestern University, B.S., Henry Luc- University of Chicago, M.A. Miss Mary Agnes Barber, Colorado State College, M.A., Kenneth Holmes, University of Wisconsin, M.S. Below: A typical setting of modern his' torians, each working on a class proiect. A ga... sm fin- sq., 'Ri was ki . f, 66 X ww' 'fx ,M my 114 ,AT W .M wwwwf my W wywwgfw W 1,1 mQgx W I ESF W lv 1 ,ww- . A M-...N ka X a gms 1' ' wh' A Ak. E , 'ja 5"74wf+'Yf From left: Grant Mauk, University ot Nebraska, MA, Mrs College BA., Richard Hewitt, Columbia University, M.A., Mrs. Elizabeth Parks, University of Iovvo, MA., Mrs. Edna Des- Jone Britton, Northern Illinois State Teachers College M.S. Voignes, Northwestern University, MA., Mrs. Lois Wotson,' Uni- Ralph Lone, Southern Illinois University, B. S. versity of Illinois, MA., Mrs. Mildred Gallagher, MacMLirroy ' 740 ' This Freshman English closs is busy studying grommor. Speeaidluu From left: Lenore Wengstrom, Jim Cramer, Judy Mottner, Connie Gallery, Carol Nortor' Bob Searles. 68 Barboro Torkelson, Andy King, Jim Bennett, l ., mmm ,f isndsiti 3 , Vgyt APPROiv'E9iu :Www Many Glenbrook students take driver education with driver training car are: Carol Gronau, and Paul where they not only learn the fundamentals ot driv- Belliveau. ing, but also the rules of the road and safety. Above eww 7a 276316 Colorado State Teachers College, M.A. Mr. Reba, industrial arts instructor, also is an instructor in driver education. 0540, S - ' zum, Miss Kathryn Manger, iabovel Columbia, University, M.A. 2643? Puma Upper lefh .lon Moritz and Bob Bornhoff work with-the read- ing machine. 7fdl646 Mrs. Mary Lou Ney,- left: Indiana University, R.N., is always on hand to take care of accidents and illness. 70 ,J From left: Dolores Plocek, Evo Coup, Louise Jankowski, 5f4o'v'4 Row 1, from left: Louie Rosenow, Kenneth Truelsen, Ruth ,H-" ' 71 Shirley Jones, Laurine Borre, Nellie Hordcostle, Louro Brinke, Anita Olson. Not in picture: Pearl Anschutz. Cat Sprodling, Ed Briefzmon, Ed Curley. Row 2: John Denino, Joe Geers, Donald Holbert, Arvid Gunnorson, Victor Fellef. S ln Laconia the Spartans stressed the importance of prowess and strength for sound bodies. At Glenbrook prowess and strength are stressed daily in the competitive sports program. Accompaning this the Spartans of Glenbrook are encouraged to set and work toward worthwhile stand- ards and to live good sportsmanship. Strength, prowess, intellectual, and emotional development are gained through the action of mind and body in organized physical activity. uv pr Niga' A 'ffm - W NNN' XX Vw " .J Lara .2 R' X 7 S Championship strategists were varsity coaches: LaVerne McMillion, Walter Sherman, Kenneth Smith. Row 1, from left: Andy King, iMgr.l, Gary Windels, Bob Bloden, Jim Finlay, George Lannin, Tom Gavin. Row 2: John Sveiven, Eugene RuFf, John Gabrovich, Ralph Butz, Bill Reed, QM Meeting a perennial football power in Lake Forest on a Friday afternoon for a pre-conference contest, the Spartans proving to be in good form and catching Lake Forest overconfident came home with the first of a long string of victories. This first game gave the team confidence as a team and in each other. It was for this game that Dave Corso, fullback, was named by the Chicago American as the Chicago Area Prep Back of the Week. When the Spartans opened conference play the next week at home, they were set back on their heels in the opening sector of the game by a surprising Wauconda eleven but recovered quickly and won by two touchdowns. Palatine was the next foe and indeed a tough one to beat as neither team scored until Bob Boyd, halfback, threaded his way through the Palatine defense for 65 yards to the one-yard line, setting up Glenbrook's win- ning tally with less than a minute to go. An inspired Bensenville squad visited Glenbrook the following week and gave the Green and Gold a good battle but nevertheless found defeat in their hands. Al Mackie, Frank Vickers. Row 3: Orval Thorsen, Bob Stines Ken Schmidt, Dave Corso, Tim Sickinger, Bob Boyd, Ken Schulteis Ray Bucher, Roger Dahlberg, Lewis Crawford, .lerl May. vsnnv' NIJ li an or QQ .. mi A iam'-P' dank' i """ -up .415 ii WF .lf P As wcis earlier predicTed, Antioch proved To be anoTher bug hurdle Tor Glenbrook in iTs bid Tor The conference TiTle, buT The Spartans played some of Their best ball and downed The SequoiTs, who puT up a greaT Tight Playing on GranT's new held The squad conTinued To play an excellenT brand of ball as They darkened hopes of Granr rooTers by holding The Bulldogs scoreless. The Homecoming game was much more of a conTesT Than was expecred as The Grayslake Rams Took command during mosT of The game buT seemed To leT up in The clos- ing period allowing Glenbrook To score Three Times. DeTermined To add To The dedicalion TesTiviTies Tor The new lighrs and To end The season undefeated and Tri- umphanT, The SparTans pounded away aT Ela-Vernon for four quarTers Tallying 55 points and holding The Bears scoreless. Glenbrook salutes The i954 Football SparTans as Con- ference Champs and a Team not To be forgoTTen. Wafudq Row 'I, from left: Pele Campanello, Dick Pierre, Judd Lynn, Jack Sfodder Bob Lukey Ed Schoenfeld George Olson Bob Don Powers, Bob Searles. Row 2: Duane Harm, Alan Colburn, Allison Tom Wallmo Gene Lembke Bob Bacon John Valentine Bill Lutz, Bruce Bender, Todd Anderson, Larry Borre. Row 3: Ricky Jaques Q' Q- 5 fi s an 6 QQ WD i. X we ' 740 .B Sgaad Row l, from left: Joe Falasco, Russ Wallen, Chuck Campbell, Gerry Sadek, Fred Bingham lmgr.l. Row 2: Tom Brown, Jim Hol- lander, Bob Elko, David Diederich, Bardie Patton, Tom Thures- son, Art Huhta, Howie Rasley, Mike Mason, Sandy DeBeers. Freshman Scores Glenbrook l3 Lake Forest 6 Glenbrook 6 North Chicago 6 Glenbrook l8 Wauconda O Glenbrook i9 Palatine O Glenbrook i9 Bensenville i2 Glenbrook l3 Grayslake 12 Row 3: Coach Watt, Ed MacCorkendale, Ron Getzotf, Bill Simp- son, Keith Judson, John Zobus, Jim Bohn, Dave Carris, Dave Coulter, Steve Banks, Dick Rinella, Dick Synnestvedt, Gordon Lind, Wayne Graham, Jack Harrison, Bill Robb, Coach Ney. Sophomore Scores Glenbrook 32 Wauconda O Glenbrook 40 Palatine 6 Glenbrook 31 Bensenville O Glenbrook 3l Grant 13 Glenbrook 40 Grayslake 7 Glenbrook 39 Ela-Vernon O 7 Squad Row 'l, from left: Mike Mead, Al Huck, John Werhane, Charles Hammond, Larry Deering, Wayne Radloff, Clark Antes, lmgr.l. Row 2: Rick Rodgers, Bill Russell, Harry Keuth, George Grashorn, Bill Barclay, Joe Becker, Dave Patterson, Jim Lass, Pete Thomas, Tom Epp, Al Keeter. Row 3: Coach Lutz, Don Nicoll, Jim Paxton, Jim Bauers, Lew Kreiger, Joe Young, Dick Albright, Jim Bennett, Gordon Rudolph, Duane Holder, Ken Boyd, Wayne Nelson, Dave Lyons, Ken Busch, Jerry Becker, Gil Valentine, Coach Helfrich. Glenbrook Glenbrook Glenbrook Glenbrook Glenbrook Glenbrook Glenbrook Glenbrook Wa'-andy Soma 20 Loke Forest 21 Woucondo 7 Pczlotine 28 Bensenville 18 Antioch 25 Gront 20 Groysloke 55 Elo-Vernon atcha Top left: Bob Boyd, holfbcnck, moves for ci short goin. Top right: Running room is found by Dove Corso, fullback os Lcrry Borre, guard, clears the woy. Bottom left: Groyslcke tocklers bring down Duane Horm, quarterback. Bottom right: Unidentified Glenbrook boll corrier is slowed down. .lafnq gwvze ?cZ6 Quq Voted -as Most Valuable Foot- Voted as Most Valuable Cross- ball Player by his teammates. Country Runner by his teammates, ' 'gfaaaf-:ed Row l, from left: Tom Gavin, guard: Larry Borre, guard: back. Missing from picture: John Sveiven, end: Kenneth Schmidt Row 2: Dave Corso, fullback: Jerl May, tackle: Bob Boyd, half- tackle. 78 Q yozat . -lu 5 3 7 William Lutz, coach. Row 2: Ed Schdenfeld, Ralph Larsen, Tom Row I, from lefh Bob Searles, Bob Machafa, John Dodge, Barnes, Duane Harms, Don Werner. Wu- 71 ' ea' 7441! ?74ce Row 1, from left: Dick Lilliquist, Frank Ayres, Alan Michel, O'Keefe, Bernard Wideroe, Norman Clemenison, Tom Barnes, Bill Pinnow, Bill Frey, Doug Timmerman, Rich Calbri. Row 2: .lim Baerwaldf, Paul l'l0beI', Dicl' CiCl'1GrISkl, Roberf l-60, Bill Russell Bolin, coach, Dave Martins, Marshall Sawyers, Jim Waddington. I 79 if u 13 : 3. 2 .fig . 'J' E .S ja Egg' 1, 1 Q ii f X4 - Q1 .L Q Q., i f ...W fb ? J ' 3' . I1 'X ms ., zeadewofseaaooz I gms- Wafudaf 3 Row l, from left: Ron Heppner, lMgr.J, Ken Morrison, Duane Harm, Jerry Goettsche, Bob Bacon, Bob Stines, Don Powers, Wa-may Zeaalta Glenbrook Zion-Benton Glenbrook Bensenville Glenbrook Ela-Vernon Glenbrook Grant Glenbrook Antioch Glenbrook Palatine Glenbrook Wauconda Glenbrook Warren Glenbrook Grayslake Glenbrook North Chicago Glenbrook Wauconda Glenbrook Bensenville Glenbrook Libertyville Glenbrook Ela-Vernon Glenbrook Grant Glenbrook Antioch Glenbrook Palatine Glenbrook Grayslake Glenbrook Maryville Glenbrook Wauconda Walter Krinninger lMgr.j. Row 2: Coach Helfrich, Ken Schulteis, Roger Dahlberg, Ed Schoenfeld, Wally Schieman, Sheldon Spalding, Jack Stodder, Bob Boyd, Ed Klass, Kent Vana. Glenbrook's basketball Spartans started out con- ference play in good sfyle when they beat a visiting Bensenville team quite decisively. The next week, meeting the Ela-Vernon Bears, they didn't look so sharp, but they almost overcame a 20-point disadvantage in the last quarter to lose by only 6 points. Grant met the Spartans- the following week and couldn't keep up with the 7l Spartan points. Meeting an outstanding team from Antioch, the Glenbrook squad was definitely outclassed. After dropping a game to Palatine, the Green and Gold found the Grant Christmas Tournament to be a hard test and lost two games there to Wauconda and Warren, respectively. Starting off again after the hglidays, they trim- med Grayslake by 21-points and then edged out North Chicago by one point in a non-conference tilt. The Wauconda team again nipped the Spartan quintet in a thriller winning by two points and Bensenville outclassed the team the following week. ln another non-conference battle Glenbrook edged out Libertyville the following night. ln the sdfdd-10066064 next three games the Spartans lost out to Ela, Scand Grant, and Antioch, respectively. After losing to Antioch, the Spartans were host Glenbrook Zl0"'Be"'o" to Palatine who went home with another win. Glenmook Bensenvllle When the Glenbrook quintet met Grayslake 2:22:23 gfjrifrnon away from home the next week, they played excellent Glenbrook Anlloch ballled by Bob Boyd, and soundly whipped the Rams. Glenbrook Palatine ln a non-conference game the Maryville five didn't Glenbrook Gruysldke prove to baffle the home boys and Glenbrook collect- Glenbrook North Chicago ed G Wln. Glenbrook Wauconda , Glenbrook Bensenville lovertimel Closing the conference season the Green and Glenbrook Llberlyvllle Gold battled to the,very end with the Bulldogs from Glenbrook Elmvernon Wauconda and finally edged them in a real thriller. Glenbrook Gronr The season's end found Antioch leading the pack with Glenbrook Antioch Glenbrook tied for fifth place. Glenbrook's Bob Boyd also was honored as the high scorer of the conference with 33l points. In the Regional Tourney held at Glenbrook March l,2,3,4, the Spartans came up with ci surprising upset, beating Palatine. They lost to the Arlington Heights team, who the next night beat Barrington, the tourney favorite, thus winning the Regional trophy, and a place in the Sectional playoffs. S 7640: Dick Youngberg. Row 2: Coach Bolin, Jim Baerwaldt, Jim Bohn Row 1, from left: Bill Youngclaus, Jerry Sadek, Howie Ros- Dick Rinella, Steve Banks, Ty Ragland, Jim Sawyers, Dave Carris ley, Chuck Campbell, Sam McGoun, Russ Wallen, Mike Mason, Gordon Lind, Bardie Patton, Norris Slobb lMgr.l. 5, wx- X -,A 3,+z..i,5,4 5 B li 5 6 n :,, 6 ig QAXQELSQ if .QB an I ' 7. , L it fr 19 an 2 X .fd f , X, Q3 ,, 1 - - X 3 ,Q E Z . , ,sl , X, 3 Q 10,9--ar ,ggspdb M 5 Z if L . i. . i N ' Q9 6 N ' .1 I A7 .K ' N . . 2 -' :- a s-.,'. 'Q W' ,M 1' A' 5 J Q ' B -. Q - ' sl , 1- K iv 5? , - X , l 'Ar 'F Z' 1 fi . ' 'ws-fr i L .L B L ' -fi 1-Ci. -I y - Qplif0:g,, dygsggpaa fivmfl' , lf' ,L , ,L 3 yrs 1 B22 y prim 'r y :L 5 , raw 45 ' -' .V,i w N KKLL 1 7 344464416 Row 1, from left: John Werhane lMgr.l, Per Hanson, Don Digman, Tony Weschselberger, Bill Russell. Row 2: Rod Paolini, ?M'5W www Row 1, from left: Arthur Kerschke, Larry Deering, Ted Bohkof, Pete Thomas, Luigi Pagana. Row 2: Fred Bingham CMgr.i, Rick Rodgers, Harold Rubon, Gil Valentine, Joe Young, Bob i K -...: 1 J . Ziyf L in 'i'i' iy,,r in "i'i l r ,io Bill Barclay, Frank Ayres, Steve Ledger, Frank Tyson, Jim Lass, Bill Coppenger. Row 3: Coach Kubisen, Don Nicoll, Dave Lyons, Tom Pinnow, Jim Bennett, Lew Kreiger, Ken Busch, Doug Timmer- man. ' eww had Elko, Richard Waller, Tom Epp, Dick Bohkof lMgr,J. Row 3: Dan Bengslen, Lance Look, Eric Orkild, Bob Demouth, Dave Coulter, John Zobus, Ed Vobrichr, Ronald Getzoff, Wayne Nelson, Coach Watt. 1' 83 p . . Www Wmudfsfq Zwda Glenbrook 21 Waukegan 29 Glenbrook 22 New Trier 26 Glenbrook 21 Niles 21 Glenbrook 42 Crystal Lake 5 Glenbrook 44 Oak Park O Glenbrook 16 Arlington Heights 33 Glenbrook 6 Oak Lawn 42 Glenbrook 32 Oak Park 12 Glenbrook 22 Palatine 24 Glenbrook 54 Wauconda 0 The sport of wrestling, an ancient Spartan activity, was carried on in true Spartan spirit during the winter months at Glenbrook. The matmen started to work on their weight and skills when the fall sports were ending and met their first opponents after a few weeks. This first encounter was against quite a powerful wrestling school in the past years, Waukegan, and after a good battle the Spartans were defeated by eight points. Meeting another known wrestling power next, the grapplers went all the way to the last match before bowing to New Trier's team. Glenbrook came up with an identical score at the meet's end with Wafudy Wzudaa Row 1, from left: Dick Bokhof, Irv Berent, Herb Lesser, Con- nie Pagano, Fred Bingham lMgr.1. Row 2: Jan Brannon, Rich Elko, Bob Wixom, Pen Loudon, Lindy Hanson, Dave Foreslund, WS S Niles and then beat an unimpressive Crystal Lake squad. When Oak Park came to Glenbrook to test the Spartan's skills, they returned home without gaining a single point while the Spartans managed 44. ln the next two battles the Glenbrook-based boys lost to Arlington Heights and Oak Lawn. In a return match with Oak Park the Spartans again were the better squad. An undefeated Pala- tine team visited Glenbrook and in an exciting encounter just managed to edge out the Spartan team by two paints. In their final meet the grapplers overwhelmed the Wauconda team and scored their second shutout of the season. Three Spartan wrestlers went to the state finals at Champaign on February 25 and 26. Those compet- ing were Phil Braun 133 lbs., Larry Barre 138 lbs., and John Sveiven 175 lbs. Phil Braun represented Glen- brook by placing 4th in state, in his division, losing to State Champion Dennis, from Rock Island, in the semi-finals. Borre was eliminated in the first round and Sveiven in the second round of this tournament. Les Frey, Larry Boore, Art New. Row 3: Coach Sherman, Pete Nelson, Tom Gavin, Pete Campanella, Steve Webster, Bill Zobus, Jerl May, Ricky Jaques, Bill Reed, Phil Braun, Bernard Wideroe. ,,,nv"' Row li from leffr Posy LOV6, JOCH1 MiCl'1eltl. ROW 2: Terfl Menz, Janice Stephenson, Row 31SUsunChristy, Barbara Ayedou. Row 1, from left: Debbie Christy, Judy Gunsoules, Kristin Nieisen. Row 2: Sarah Jewell, Sue Allison, Peggy Nygcmrd, 85 O O de? off.. Through the various activities OHGFSO at Glen- brook the student is given an opportunity to gain the interest of living. The activities provide so broad ci range of interests that they apply to the individual from the physical and mental standpoint to that of individual interests in languages and hobbies. In Laconia the Spartans repeatedly encouraged the individual to gain the interest of living in music, art, and an individual interest in the various ways of living. Student ' Row 1,from left: Teddy Chopp, Julie Scherb, Arlene Ziegler, Miss Dahl, sponsor, Peter Thomas, Jannes Price, Barbara Brown. Row 2: Bonnie Robar, Ellen Schnell, Charlotte Hacker, Earlyne Hansen, Judy Bryant, Robert Bloden, Jim Finlay, Jody Parson, Sedan! Marco Di Pietro, Row 3: Carol Luensman, Gordon Lind, Robert Stines, Marcia Wideroe, Gordon Fairclough, Andrew King, Lewis Crawford, Sheldon Spaulding, Jim Bennett, Kenneth Schulteis, Butford Fullhart, Lyle Collier, Jim Baerwalat. Lewis Krieger, James Ledvinka, Judd Lynn, Barbara Rossiter, From left: Robert Bloden, parliamentarian, Kenneth Schulteis, treasurer: Jody Parson, secretary, Carol Luensman, vice-president: Judd Lynn, president. r:'VE?Zi '- vlsiifw , ,,:, -. m Jfg, P' W. I 88 wigs' S V . . .-2-u sa. 53353 Q7-3? 3 - . X : : :- :- - .tdifitriev r- - - , ": : iz:LX? wifla 'sf . .3:i':..',,N' : iS?7'f'Hli3 -1 fir E gfglfii Q1f!2,2F1Yi:l' ii' lf 1- 't' A 5 Q fhaemllq I-rom left: Paul Watland, Judy Bryant, Connie Fuller, Mr. Reba, sponsor, Miss Gerlach, sponsor, Bob Stines, Dorothy Kuchel. From left: Pat Deering, Pat Nash, Lew Crawford Tom Barnes, Sharon Dietz Mr. Laccock, sponsor. Palais 2 From left: Mary Lou Gartner, Barbara Brow-., Gor don Fairclough, Ronald Larson, Carol Vining, Mrs Britton, sponsor. f SHi ws. 2 . . From left: Arlene Ziegler, Marcia Wideroe, .loan Tarzy, Miss Barber, sponsor. Sade! From left: Barbara Rossitler, Teddy Chopp, Miss Harmeling, sponsor, Ralph Burmeister, Nancy Glaser. From left: Marco Di Pietro, Miss Johnson, sponsor, Andv King, Pete Campanella. Pdf Row 'l, from left: Joan Michehl, Posy Love, Earlyne Hansen, Shirley Hundley. Row 2: Miss Lipecki, sponsor, Bonnie Robar, Charlotte Hacker, Karen Juul, Kristin Nielson, Leslie Rathburn. F l 5 F il 1 x 1 f A g EE I i ,.. X . 'Sli .A .ex ,nfs ,a Sa1ofuiaadS4c2ld Row 1, from left: Pen Loudon, Bob Bloden, Lindy Hanson, Mr. Ney, sponsor, John Dodge, Les Frey, Jan Bronncin. Row 2: Duone Harm, Ken Schulteis, vice-president, Kurt Gronau, Gene S 70-7 Dau The Gamma Beta Gamma and Sword cmd Shield sponsored the toy drive forthe West Side Community orphanage. Below, from left: Tom Wallmo, Dennis Fulton, and Bob Allison. Lembke, Dick Shirling, Orval Thorson, Pete Campanellc. Row 3: TomWallmo, Dennis Fulton, Tom Barnes, Bob Mathein, John Aik- man, Don Boyce, Wally Schiemun, Jack Stodder, secretary, Bob Allison, president, John Valentine, Tom Digmon, Walter Krin- ninger. -Q - RESERVE ' BY vous? J combs RfsfRVf Q33- gf-mf Row 'l, from left: Margo Streicher, Sonia Bengston, Kathy Seymour, Judy Hughes, Carolyn Appel, Dorothy Bestar, Donna Paulsen. Row 2: Becky Betts, Pat Nash, Pat Hottman, Pat Croke, O Joyce Pierre, Pat Formeller, Sherry Foss, Nancy Brannon, Bonnie Lemley. Row 3: Julie Amundson, Judy Rennix, Martha Smith, Jan Moberg, Gae Eich, Joyce Hagele, Francine Fort, Ade Broersma, Jeanine Pettinger, Joyce Melzer, Judy Pankratz. 9,414 Row l, from left: Jo Cooley, Karen Bender, Susan Stark, Kathleen Krueger, Nancy Schubert, Eleanor Glanville. Row 2: Judy Mattner, Charlotte Hacker, Carol Luensman, Mrs. Eva Clare Ohlmeyer, sponsor, Mrs. Sue Smith, sponsor, Joyce Albrecht, Andrea zum Bahlen. Row 3: Carol Shedden, Marianne Jacobson, Barbara Rossiter, Judy Feiereisel, Lynn Fenske, Gerri Funke, Peggy Barg, Joann Hasch, Judy Michehl, Mary Whitman, Shirley Matellay Joy Bozmanski. Row 4: Patricia Ryan, Fran Ryan, Carol Overman, Loretta Roscher, Sondra De Meriian, Nancy Banks, Margaret Lafnitzegger, Lyle Collier, Ann French, Jody Parson, Dorothy Kuchel, Susan Butow, Linda Collier, Debbie Johnson, Valerie Jordan. kuk.. M .A 9,414 Zaman gddfld Row-I, from left: Dorothy Cichanski, baseball mgr., Joan Tarzy, treasurer, Carol Luensman, vice-president, Mrs. Ohlmeyer, sponsor, Joyce Albrecht, president, Joyce Hagele, secretary, Karen Schaer, baseball mgr. Row 2: Dorothy Gewecke, bowling mgr., Laura Geweclce, individual sports mgr., Jo Cooley, volley- ball mgr., Judy Mattner, basketball mgr., Loretta Roscher, basket- ' 5073? gif? 45,4 l0pposite page, center picture.l Row 'l, from left: Barbara Torkelson, Dorothy Cichanski, Diana Muller, Joan Tarzy, Karen Schaer, Carolyn Eidinger. Row 2: Andrea Lucke, Birdena Bruhn, Linda Day, Roberta Lowry, Gail Palenske, Sandy Schultz, Dorothy Gewecl-ce. Row 3: Doranne Wilson, Judy Harwood, Nancy Ryan, Yvonne Theisen, Donna Ebert, Laura Gewecke, Judy Hefteltinger, Linda Reiling, Virginia Quinn, Judy Burmeister, Kay Brown. Row 4: Barbara Wight, Diane Michaels, Ruthann Tanks, Julie Scherb, Jannes Price, Judy Liedberg, Sharon Meier, Anne Kaefer, Marsha Smith, Janis Laid- ley, Mary Lou Gartner, Judy Baker, Janet Coulter. Pictured below: Fourteen girls showing some of the basic positions held in modern dance. ball mgr., Jody Parson, archery mgr., Carol Overman, individual sports mgr., Joy Bozmanski, bowling mgr., Andrea zum Bahlen, point secretary, tennis mgr., Janis Laidley, modern dance mgr., Judy Heffeltinger, volleyball mgr., Judy Harwood, tumbling mgr l 'ii' Q .. mfr. , NYS! ,X l 1 i il i . 2 Pictured above: Carol Luensrnan and Judy Harwood in arche ery positions. x 1 i 5 5 .fi Z 74:4 ' Qammagda Qanuna Row 1, tram left: Connie Fuller, Pat Stephenson, Karen Juul, Mrs. Nev,-Sponsor, Joan Michehl, Donna Petersen, Barbara Brown. Row 2: Carol Vining, Barbara Gloede, Judy Mattner, Earlyne Hansen, Joy Bozmanski, Verna Pallisard, Margaret Lafnitzegger, Sally Rudolph, Barbara Long, Ermina Azzi, Andrea zum Bahlem, Janice Stephenson, Pat Porter. Row 'l, from left: Shirley Lemley, Barbara Torkelson, Nancy Bank, Nancy Sheperd, Judy Bryant, Darlene Evans, Lynne Wester- man, Deirdre Linder, Pat Shields, Row 2: Kay Brown, Roberta Lowy, Kay Staub, Donna Ebert, Pat Fougal, Sharon Schoeler, Steffani Cole, Judy Colling, Janet Rinkle, Marilyn MacNamee, Mariane Rettig, Terri Menz, Jill McArthur, Kathy Hoolehan. Row 31 Laura Gewecke, Jo Cooley, Joyce Albrecht, Barbara Ave- don, Gloria Dibble, Shirley Hundley, Kitty Kreer, Carol Lehner, Melinda Mulford, Loretta Roscher, Sandy Pallisard, Carol Over- man, Anita Hansen, Lynne McDowell, Sandy Johnson. Fw 74 ?e0 '7 D ' Glad Row I, from left: Adeline Salzmann, Arlene Ziegler, Diana Muller, Mr. Lane, sponsor, Nanette Neibauer, Bonnie Lemley, Judy Leitze. Row 2: Janice Domin, Judith Larsen, Carol Luensman, Mary Wilson, Carol Norton, Stuart Myers, Ralph Burmeister, Frank Lacy, Jim Greig, Barbara Hansen, Karla Foesten, Paul Belliveau, Bob Searles, Liana Foesten, D elaldffazna From left: Bob Searles, president, Orval lhorson, treasurer, Mary Wilson, vice-president, not in picture, Darlene Petersen, secretary. ff! 5444465 " Pepdad Row 'l, labovej from left: Shirley Hundley, Jill McArthur, Jody Parson, Mrs. Lane, sponsor, Karen Juul, Susan Chmelik, Judy Vick, Row 2: Julie Scherb, Nancy Ryan, Barbara Rossiter, Sandy Johnson, Marianne Jacobson, Ruthann Tonks, Sharon Meier, Lynn Eenske, Anita Hansen, Earlyne Hansen, Judy Collins, Anne Kaefer. Row 3: Shirley Matella, Judy Michehl, Judy Bryant, Sandy DeMeriian, Diana Boyington, Judy Marianetti, Margaret Lafnit- zegger, Loretta Roscher, Betty Balmes, Judy Feiereisel, Susan Stark, Debbie Johnson, Linda Collier. Row 1, lbelowl from left: Joyce Aikman, Nancy Brannan, Deirdre Linder, Mrs. Britton, sponsor, Nancy Shephard, Becky Betts, Nancy McArthur. Row 2: Nanette Neibauer, John Tarzy, Diane Schmadebeck, Andrea Lucke, Darlene Evans, Judy Hughes. Row 3: Michery Ebert, Brenda Phillips, Janis Laidley, Jan Larson, Darlene Micnaels, Bonnie Robar, Cynthia Crage, Carolyn Ei- dinger. I ifr-IT? X R' LA fffztemwl Row 'I, from left: Karen Nahigian, Karen Schaer, Nancy Countryman, Don Winston Carolyn Eidinger, Carol Steinbach, David Barron. Row 2: Barbara Weclwselberger, Dor othy Magee, Judy Pankratz, Judy Rennix, Bob Searles, Marcia Carpenter, Darlene Solarz Anita Haskell, Lenore Wengstrom, Doranne Wilson, Mr. Chigi, sponsor, Barbara Melliclc 14154 and 'Uffczow From left: Judy Rennix, Secretary, Karen Schaer, presi- dent, Nancy Countryman, vice-president. 97 1 ffffitki :M ffl" lgiil, f 7781. Qui 7a Qfauana Mr. Cord, sponsor of the trip, adiusts motion picture camera before taking pic- tures of Havana, Cuba. ?ay7Ze4a7lZwno6a4tlz 5,0444 Below: Memorable sight of Cuba is that seen of the Below: Traveling Spartans stand before a boy from Morro Coyle, Spanislft dungeon at Morro Castle. 1 S 6146 Row 1, from' left: Donna Paulsen, Don Ridenour, Linda Reiling, Mr. Zon, .lim Van Deusen, Robert Polmquist, Jim Day, Carol Overman Cord, sponsor, Andrea Tokars, Judy Sims. Row 2: Gerry Boy, Carl Jo Cooley, Debbie Gillespie. i 98 -,, af ? Ze Quia A' Row 'l, from left: Lilliana Pagano, Barbara Kinne, secretary, Anita Hansen, vice-president: Mrs, Lowrey, sponsor: Judy Collins, presi- dent, Linda Hellgren, treasurer. Row 2: Jeannine Olson, Barbara Burns, Judy Burmeister, Louisa Decker, Marilyn MacNamee, Janet Coulter, Pat Ryan, Sue Allison, Marcia Smith, Joy LaVigne, Jannes 70d4e!m 'kit' Wnak Row 'l, from left: Price, Pat Hoffman. Row 3: Gail Machata, Fred Warner, Gloria Dibble, Terri Menz, Marilyn Fink, Dennis Fulton, Jim Lynch, Wally Schieman, Karen Stiffler, Posy Love, Karen Kelly, Barbara Wight, Ann Marshall. '7 Adi Broersma, Dorothy Gewecke, Karen Brad- Goode, Bob Schevers, Sandy DeMeriian, Jim Lass, Sandy Lannin, beck, Mrs. Lowrey, sponsor: Silvia Neugebauer, Alfred Lowrey. Barbara Mueller. Row 2: Gabriele Bfodbeck, Joyce Albrecht, Doris Kirchner, Johr' i fe. f 'T ' lv' f ii : ' it F' i : .9 ' ' w 'P 9 '7uZme 7eacdefw' glad Row 'l, from left: Teddy Chopp, Barbie Richards, Sally Edgar, Deb- bie Gillespie, Karen Nahigian. Row 2: Judy Hefieltinger, Ralph Burmeister, Marcia Wideroe, Joan Tarzy, Arlene Ziegler, Joy La- Vigne, Pat Ryan, Mr. Mauk, sponsor Cut rightj. .4644 70447 44163164 Row 'I, from left: Rochelle Coppinger, Valerie Jordan, Miss Doyle sponsor, Patti Deering, Brenda Frigciarcl, Susan Christy, .lan Mc Laughlin, Judy Marianetti. 'bv i stil 71 aqchma Above, from leff: Gordon Lind, Tom Barnes, Orval Thorson, John ' Svieven. ' Sally Edgar, Louisa Decker, Darlene Evans, Lillian Schupmann, Row 'l, from left Kathryn Schupmann, Judy Lockman, Barbara Bonnie Robar, Sandy Lannin, Judy Collins, Barbara Mueller, Deb- Kunzer, Mrs. Des Voignes, sponsor, Miss Gerlach, sponsor, Joy La- orah Gillespie, Marcia Wideroe, Marilyn Fink, Ellen Schnell, Arlene Vigne, Ann Marshall, Teddy Chopp. Row 2: Barbara Richards, Ziegler. Q' V . 9 'ov s . lhiiv' cvam?w ww L Satan Row 'I , from Kubisen, sponsor Mass Haglund sponsor Richard Holm strom, Robin Gerzoff Row 2 Ronald Domres Gordon Fairclough, Lewis Glanvllle Jack Selck Nell Grant Jlm Baerwaldf, Taber de Forest am in cd 7a 704446 'Q C9 exif! , 'xl' K 5 KJ xy in-53 .ldhafufff Row 'I, from lefh Kaye Borre, Lillian Schupmann, Jean Tarasiuk, Sharon Schoeler. Row 2: Betty Winchester, Karla Foesten, Jody Parson, Lillian Semmerling, Nancy Hauseman, Ann Marshall. I I Row 1, from left: Edwin Mcirgeson, Mr. Gallagher, sponsor, Lewis Glanville. Row 2: Bruce Bagg, Jay Lorenz, Tom Heppner, Douglas Brand, Jerry Lilliquist. .,,,,.,. .. .. . . Pb YM, A-'if ri 1' rf r g-sf CN 714664 Row 'l, from left: Judy Sims, Kay Brown, Roberta Lowy, Mr. Galla- gher, sponsor, Kenneth Ramsay, Nancy Bank, Nanette Neibauer. Row 2: Bonnie Robar, Judy Truelsen, Judy Feiereisel, Joyce Al- brecht, Barbara Rossiter, Sandra Lannin, Susan Chmelik, Dorothy Magee, Donna Ebert. Row 3: Dorothy Kuchel, Margaret Lafnitzeg- ger, George Lannin, Bill Lutz, George Olson, Jerl May, Harold Davidson, Bob Boyd, Ralph Burrneister, Roger Alexander, Pete Campanella, Sally Rudolph, Kaye Barre. Not in picture: Susan Christy. es. -...s Row 'l, from left: Barbara Werner, Peter Kuretski, Court Manning, Clark Antes, Mark Knoop Margo Streicher, Darlene Solarz, Judy Harwood. Row 2: Dorothy Magee, Diana Muller, Judy Mattner, John Streicher, Geraldine Funke, Hugh Blaney, Bob Williams, Diana De Vries, Ken Ramsay, Mr. Holmes, sponsor. In -..... fx y .. -' 6 ' mg Q 1 2.-:. J k Y 5 I f -, , as r yr z 17 , X, is P' ll .4 4 Wd Row 'l, from left above: Robert Oswalt, Bob Bloden, Ken Schulreis, president, Coach Sherman, sponsor, Larry Borre, vice-president, Judd Lynn, Jan Brannon. ROW 2: Bill Reed, Dick Shirling, Tom .1 4 eff!! Row 'l, from left, below: Norris Slobb, Gary Windels, John Dodge, George Lannin, Marshal Sawyers, Bob Wixom, Bill Frey. Row 2: Dick Cichanski, Norman ClemenTsen,'Duone Harm, Tom Gavin ex, I - ,r is L 1 .J :J Nerf '2- Wallmo, Gene Lembke, Bill Zobus, Bob Mathein, Al Mackie. Row 3: Bob Allison, Ray Bucher, Bob Lukey, Jack Stodder, Jerl May, sergeant at arms, Jim Lynch, Lewis Crawford, secretary, Harold Davidson, Bob Boyd, treasurer, Kent Vana, Ken Schmidt. 7 Phil Brown, Pele Campanella, Bernard Wideroe. Row 3: Bob Sfines, Ralph Larson, Bob Bacon, Ed Schienfeld, George Olson, Jerry Goeffsche, Walter Krinninger, John Svieven. 'mn' ' , 3 l as F Bl 71 ' 'kgwq eine QT? 1 .Zaeeozh Qu-at iunior attendant. i In the court were Cfrom leftl Mary Shomo, freshman attendantg Jan McLaugh- lin, sophomore attendantg Queenf Sheila Dennis, senior attendant, Jan Rinkle, W 'Zaeen Joan Michehl reigned as 1954 Homecoming Queen. 'Q' Left: This "Spartan Chariot" was on parade. .,.. ,P-'N l aj? MTL? A . he i -.ff , Below: "Bowl 'Em Over" enters procession. Q 'J' Below: "Sail On To Victory" moves into its starting position. . 1 W V R Y . .. 1? A ' , k l 1' X 4' . A fa q ni-f2te1fegesQgQg A I in . ' K Q ., + fx 'H , Q . , N . M. - ,ig-3-I Z f 5, X in . 2 v ' t Z c mfifw. r W .v f 1 e "V" I ri in TJ,,avQ f b Wg, V A W ' Q ez, f U f .-.. ......, , 'fx,.: -- ,ff p " 1 ' W.. -- QQ ' .nk ' r -- 4 ' "F - . 1 .L 'i - ' W . il R M. . ie r ,if . . g x W H ., . Q N 'H - ' W V K i it '. v i To A -..WW N Q 5miu,, x - .w f 4 - . ' ' ' W . . ..., . , g 106 K ,Q H .-iw ., ..g5,4:: . mrs. , Q f -M ,, H , ,W c,,,,,,,.,r,, ,L L L ,. , i,5A E , L , ng, X.X, ca 1 ,4 gm Row l, from left: Sandra Egan, Lillian Schupmann, Dorothy Ge- werke, Marianne Rcttig, Diane Schmadelueck, Jill McArthur, Dierdre I J I Row i, from left: Barbara Brown, Arlene Ziegler, Sandy Azzi, Billie Ribbentrop, Diane Krueger, John Tarzy, Marcia Carpenter, Barbie Richards, Marilyn Stenson, Bonnie Robar, Loretta Velas- quez, Geraldine Rechtoris, Sharon Dietz, Mary Whitman. Row 2: Mss Gerlach, Mary Wilson, Joyce Anhalt, Patti Deering, Darlene Sclarz, Lynn Penske, Ken Adams, Bob Salners, John Quaid, Ron Hattendorf, Phillip McGuire, Ann Marshall,,Connie Orr, Marilyn Fink, Judy Harwood, Row 3: Karla Foesten, Eleanor Waida, fr If E I Linder. Row 2: Shirley Lemley, Mary Ann Fienzer, Steflani Cole, Benito Kuehn, Margie Thorpe, Judy Hunter, Barbara Mueller, Shir- ley Hundley, Pat Ryan, Sandra Johnson, Sharon Olsen, Barbara Avedon, Diana Muller, Jan Domin, Sandy Pallisard, Jerry Lilliquist, Kenneth Pogue, Jan Brannon, Martin Long, John Bauers, Louisa Decker, Peggy Nygaard, Judy Bryant. Row 4: Connie Gallery, Judy Collins, Gordon Lind, Orvall Tharson, Willie La Mie, Richard Jacques, Ed Maciforkendale, Robert E Lee, Bob Searles, Karen Schaer, Nancy Ryan, Joyce Berg. Row 5: John Syieyen, Dick Lilliquist, Larry Beck, Ralph Larson, Don Boyce, Jim Bennett, Don Reynolds, Bernard Wideroe, Kenneth Schmidt, Alan Ericksen, Darlene Petersen, Ann Rach, Kay Staub, Edna! Row 1, from lefi: Dove Pressel, Kenneth Loy, Eleonor Glonvllle, Donold Digmon, Norris Slobb, Ronald Roeder Row 3 Lyle Collier RoyBecl1rold, Ronald Lorson, John Krumrn. Row 2: Sandro Currey, Joe Young, Judy Motfner, Kenneth Boyd Gory Wlndels Charles Jeonnine Olson, Norman Clemefsen, Anlto Hoslcell, Keith lvloylond, Bechlold, Rick Rogers, Hugh Bloney The molrch game. QR ing bond performed duri like game! 70046 ng The footboll seoson ond put on on excellent show of The Homecoming .mv 108 Zend Row 'I, from left: Louis Glanville, Sandra Schultz, Carol Appel, Row 3: Sandra Janicek, Annette Palmgren, Carolyn Eidinger, Fred Judy Hank, Diane Russell, Joy LaVigne, Teddy Chopp. Row 2: Jerry Warner, Mr. Chopp, Ray Keller, Alvin Hattendorf, Wayne Mendro Bay, Dick Schram, Dan Chopp, Ed Schoenfeld, Todd Anderson, Ron Heppner. Gordon Fairclough, John Rando'lph, Bruce Bagg, Roger Dahlherg. I I O From left: Eugene Swanson, Tom Thuresson, David Preves, Dave Colburn, Linda Day, Carolyn Oherwall, Lee Steur. Seated: Eleanor Pressel, Diane Russell, Dave Roche, Judy Mattner, Ron Larson, Al Glenville, 109 1 .l'fx,. jlig X t, . ,, 1 . , , f V it fr: .v Waafztq Siam Row l, from left: Bonnie Carpenter, Bob Salners, Sharon Grote- fend. Row 2: Sandy Azzi, Nancy Ryser, Betty Winchester, Teddy Chopp, Jay LaVigne, Mary Whitman, Gloria Dibble, Joan Michehl, Pat Stephenson, Jan Stephenson, Bernard Wlderoe, Douglas Tim- merman, Row 3: Diana Muller, Stuart Meyers, Peggy Nygaard Scene from the Dramatics Club's one-act play, "Rid- ers to the Sea." Mary Wilson, Debby Clayton, and Kent Vana in "The Twelve Pound Look." I I-I 'sci az'0a Doranne Wilson, Judy Lulcaselc, Mary Wilson, Barbara Avedon, Judy Bryant, Melinda Multord, Leslie Rathburn, Sheila Dennis, Jannes Price, Kitty Kreer, Arlene Ziegler, Sally Rudolph, Judy Lar- son, Margie Cole, Eleanor Glanville, Diane Kruger, Karla Foesten, Mr. Lane, sponsor. Row 4: Richard Jaques, Orval Thorsen, John Svieven, Gordon Lind, Jim Bennett, Jim Lynch, Bob Searles, David Roche, David Pressel, Kenneth Lay, Danny Chopp. Variety Show band included, from left: Bill Waddington, Judy Mattner, Roger Dahlberg, Hugh Blaney, John Randolph. Makeup Department in action for the one-act plays. My A L K 9 n.g25tY si nepuffdad 70244 70764 Staff Row 'l: Ken Pogue, Dave Barron, Franklin Lacy, Bob Allison, Ed Schoenteld, Marvin Clavey, John Krumm, Bill Faulman, Jim Lynch. Row 2: lo Carol Cooley, Barbara Brown, Bruce Bagg, Bob Bloden, Jim Mc- Arthur, David Pressel, Tom Gavin, Ray Smith. Row 3: Shirley Lemley, Gloria Dibble, Marilyn Fink, Karla Foesten, Alan Hacker. ZITIRCH GLENBROOK HIGH SCHOOL Glenview-Northbrook, Illinois Member of Illinois State High School Press Association and Scholastic Press Guild of Chicago Published biweekly on Friday during the school year. Subscription Sl a year Superintendent .... Adviser ......... Editor in Chief .... Managing Editor ....... News Editor ........,... Assistant Managing Editor Feature Editor ..... , . .. Columnist ........ Copy Reader .... Sports Editor ........ Business Manager ...... Advertising Manager ... Dr. Norman Watson Mrs. Elizabeth Parks Barbara Brown . .. Marilyn Fink . . . . . Tom Gavin ... Shirley Lemley Alan Hacker . . . Franklin Lacy .. Karla Foesten . . . . Bill Foulman ......John Dodge .. . Kenneth Pogue Circulation and Assistant Business Manager, Bruce Bagg Assistant Circulation Managers ...... Linda Helgren, Jo-Ann Hasch, Julie Scherb, Judy Bermeister, James Hollander, Carol Overman, Laura Gewecke, Louisa Decker Special Writers .................... Gloria Dibble, Shirley Lemley, Ed Schoenfeld, David Pressel, Bruce Bagg, Karla Foesten, Jo Cooley Artist ........................ ..... D ave Barron Cub Reporters ....,.............. Barbie Richards, Sally Edgar, Charlotte Hacker, Judy Harwood, Judy Marianetti, Sandra Currey, Taber de Forest, Bob Demouth, Nanette Neibauer, Ronald Getzoti 'foul Seldom Bob Bloden and Barbara Brown 111 Q6 Zqewztaw Row 'l, from left: Judy Harwood, Judy Marianetti. Charlotte Hacker. Row 2: Bob Demouth, Nanette Neibauer, Barbara Richards. Row 3: Taber de For- est, Sandra Currey, Sally Edgar. ,f .Q sk. - l Z"?amd Row l, from the left: Diana Muller, Carol Norton, Judy Vick. Row 2: Alan Hacker, Bob Bloden, Carol Luensman, Darlene Pe- tersen. The Laconian staff wishes to acknowledge the aid and co- operation of all faculty members, the eltorts of the Wallinger Studio, and the printer, The American Yearbook Company. Headlines are set in Brush type, and the body type is Spartan. The 1953-54 Laconian won first place in the Columbia Press Association Contest. Elizabeth White Parks is the adviser. Row l, from the left: Sally Edgar, Jill MacArthur, Earlyne Han- son, Shirley Lemley. Row 2: Bob Lukey, Neil Grant, Pat Fougal, Karla Foesten, Joy Bozmanski, Karen Juul. Row 3: Jerl May. 112 I Alice Barker Bob Bloclen Margie Cole Alan Hacker Judy Vick 1 5 - - Joy Bozmanski Sally Edgar Karla Foesten Pat Fougal Neil Grant Jerl May guna! Carol Luensman Diana Muller Carol Norton Darlene Petersen 5045 Earlyne Hanson Karen Juul Shirley Lemley Bob Lukey Jill MacArthur L -1 V' '.. .v. M- , 43, 465154 3 " 11 ' . Q 'Al L. N ,, , 'N ,. , 25134 E 51 2 'N 4 . :X-'Q wg,- ' FFP 5 .6 f"L ' ,, 1 W, 4 1 L f - 1 f I v 1 - g in ' ini.. :Ei ,. X h I , eh A ffl z Ai ,K . Q .1 , A , - . 5 ,,"f.. 1' N ' + v."' A ' fy ix A , ' 'vida 'fl K ',fTw, 1' - 'Q 17-331: s . jqpyg '51, " 5x1'cff,vi"1, - 'Ulf 1+ .W 'Y ,X ,, ll., -QQ ,AJ ' 41 ,deg s.1.5if w I , ..-LQ ' - . .1 , 5, 555. A vi ,, .2 -+-of -f -if: H .. "WR AS. rv W-if .54 35,1 ftgx' W, ,. if 'gfffe-QS? f-1, 'L ,f ,' ffyxwga . i "lQ"T !' Q11 . WFYR af -g ,. 5-3' J Q-'II 1' J ' H f -- - www , A .11 1 ,Q QM, M-A. 1-fu, X353 B-1 -"ffl 'Q. 'V ' ',a2?Q7 v .1 4... 'ff X-Ng. Fl Kgxif ,4 1 .Q www fn' f 'Z K m 1 my .5 Wal, A e V H ,.,2 ,. , ,A ., F' , , '-PS fur f 'vf wi? 'Z 'J auf, f 7 fe kqifig . Jaffa! IM. N ., ,,, ,gm , . " ' x f.,fQZ.Ft"5"". ' 9 s i ' , . 3,4453 53?-,L -312 , L y 2 wa 1 t , Q12 , . A , ? ' t 4 J 0 4, win ,L H5 a 'M J W X af, 1 y L 2+ 6- 1, " . M, . f 1 1, J 15 Q A t 1 59 a ,GH I 1 Q Y. , 'D ., Y, . nf' ,f. 1 3.3. 'K -jgf ? f b xzfl -:ff',,.,fq:w'7'E"1Affm , , f , VF" V' ' - -'1?:I'3ff?5's'fE-if",ff" :L p Q H.. , , 4 .Qfffx A . :- . , 'S ' ,,g,,-E'Kff,. -V' ', .-vsp--iz u. 453151, ,- fy, ,,X.n""f:..4:. 11 ,4 .34 '55 , f 3' jr A ' r ,gn s L L , A -ziwzi' "Y-vig A V V- . Q' , '- QQ - V '5f,75'1'-FS 515. Q- 'ifjfa .:Qf'?f.' T 5 ,tgq - 13 .',..:y1:.V,j SFR :wx ,fu Y: ,is ,- 5 , -. f' Q 4 gp J' ,gy N' 3. Q., 1, 14.-3-If .'., ,. 5- 1" ini" if 57135 P' A i - ' " '- ' j:,!5fL3g-A' 4 f': ,fag .V ' wfjw' f M " ' .1 A v 1 X '- 4,-. 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Suggestions in the Glenbrook North High School - Laconian Yearbook (Northbrook, IL) collection:

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