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,W 9 Wiwmffaw wx E3 x OSD Q5 xX5f Yxb! N wif OW R -GM MN A 55 'ww vig ,562 Wok X L ff! MWF' f 95 0532 0 was f W W JW f 9 6 122 WL ff 3 ML xlxe QM ww wwf I ffw ff 'pray ,zggl if ASQ 3 5 W ifgfaaiiad fl fig Jw? i Qeswm gk gg A :X ' Nix, 1 M, . ff? f ,sf Q W Q X . fa I Wk-7,7 xxx Ki' 1 n 4 v Q. ' 1 , 4 I 4 I K N S N 4 - V A '11 I ' ' E e . 1 ' Q P 3,2 ,. z V V A , JY 'Q w fwu ' V Y ff' -I N . 1 J, I ,Jn W - iw :ff -'--- - 1' W p . ' ,212 'Sv M312 " 1' , M 91,7 ,Q ,V Q U-gwf 1' X' r -- r:Tr,r -1, g il' - zu 3-'jv v' ' -ff. c' Y, T L' fir! " 1 f j,,,,ffgm.',yL:: an , .tu-3, 4 w ,V 'PTI'-.Lx - fm ' ' ras- -,fa .,,. adm.-afpa. sf :M 5:44, - f if?-Qijlag' Ziff ' f A Af' i-s?5e,ggb:f? ' 9 QA. .L V, w . '- ,A '2 Wfggy '91 f FI'v1ggf,5 5' V' ,it :i?Hl.!gg1.1.5f i' 5325552 ., gd 13.71, f . -,A v-Q - ' fa..-gif? ' '-11,1 ' :"r2:?' 1-1,-.S ,Ja f. .mm ' 1 Af? - , w- 1 w- -.1514 gm ' 1 L5 '-Mkff. -- ' .i3fs,gQ5:gf va-,f ' E" ff Y. ' X . ' "1 k .,,. , , L , +L' ' ,N 'sw , , Q' 1 W H gf ' ' - J' ' . f, ff :J 'A ifff '- vw ,t 1: 31: . X D, .WA is . A ' A .,'Eg,,,f3, .sl ,' 9 'V r' 1 Q k B v L L w Glenbord North High School Presents . . , . . GI b dN 'rhHghSh Aquila 1982 Contents Student Lite ....... 8 Sports ..... . . . 40 Clubs . . . . , . 104 Faculty .... . . . 134 People .... . . . 154 Seniors .,.. . . . 180 l Kh dL R d C IST Ill WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS - MY FRIENDS AND WE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING - TILL THE END - WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS - 3LENBM0 AS WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS NC TIME FCR LCSERS CAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS CF Tl-I 1.,4,.. J, 1 '. 4 ,,,,,,1:nuriU unnw' x IE WCRLD WDAQ WWQJTL 1 NU xr-6 g"'3'f I'VE TAKEN MY BOWS AND MY CURTAIN CALLS - YOU BROUGHT ME FAME AND FORTUNE AND EVERYTHING THAT GOES WITH IT. , ,- + A ...p sg Vg? sX X. 'J' V593 fcryj S135-LVFNQ Nu 'b P X X X X X HOMECOMING On OcTober 9. 4984, The Glenbord NorTh sTudenT body gdTher TogeTher To form on excepTionolIy ldrge crowd for o bonfire, noT To menTion The burn- ing of on effigy of The WesT Chicogo Teom. The lighT of The bonfire flickered over The onxious foces ThoT were dwoiTing The big gome The nexT doy. AfTer The bonfire, o concerT wds held QT The dudiTorium by Chicogo-oreo rock bond "FreewheeIin". During The concerT, Armondo Nunez ond Tommy Goro were onnounced os Homecoming King ond Queen. Even Though The ideo of hdving o concerT wos new This yeor, There wos o Iorge number of sTudenTs in dT- Tendonce. AfTer The porode The following doy, The PonThers suffered onoTher loss during o homecoming fooTboll gome. They sTorTed The game wlTh ci quick firsT- quorTer Touchdown on C1 441-yord run by Tony Lis- bon. The PonThers held on eorly 8-O Ieod ofTer o Two-poinT conversion poss from Jeff Pieper To lvldrk Hrgich. ln The second quorTer, They ended Their losT mdjor offensive drive when Pleper's boss wos inTer- cepTed by The WildcoTs. They losT 24-8 dmidsf The disoppoinTmenT of mony. DespiTe The loss, dll of G-lenbord NorTh hod o wonderful homecoming weekend. . erase ,. HOMECOMING 'E f W W fu Eff? E C',,p.fZRQ A 614+ f 9 WO fjfylffvmb UU 7901677 ut? F C - Q HOMEC Mfrs 9 X FT M JJ HOMECOMING DANCE Homecoming Couri: Connie Timeon, AnThony Sanporo, Sherie Palmer, Dan Young, Queen Tammy Goro, King Armando Nunez Andrea Huslander, Mark Hrgich, Naomi Bender, Dean l-lejza Among The many acTiviTies going on during homecoming weekend, The TradiTinal dance had always been successful: This year was no excepTion. A large number of Glenbard NorTh sTudenTs Turned ouT on SaTurday evening, OcTober 40, To celebraTe This year's "Endless Love" Theme. The feaTured band, 'lChaos," was a greaT asseT To The dance and greaTly conTribuTed To The fesTive mood. The homecoming courT consisTed of: Queen Tammy Goro, King Armando Nunez, Naomi Bender and Dean Hejza Qsenior represenTaTivesj, Andrea Huslander and Mark l-irgich Qjunior represenTaTivesj, Dan Young and Sherie Palmer Csophomore represenTaTivesj, and AnThony San- poro and Connie Timeon Qfreshman represenTaTivesQ. STudenT Union, which has sponsored The dance during The pasT years, proved anoTher evening as mosT fulfulling, 10 ENDLESS LOVE ENDLESS LOVE ENDLESS LOVE 11 HALLOWEEN This yeor The holloween fever dT G-lenbord NorTh wds os hoT os ever. Every room looked like iT wos being invdded by colorful wiTohes, spoce creoTures, clowns, rnonsTers ond onyThing ThoT sporks The lmdginoTion. Probobly The biggesT in- vosion wos The punk invdsion. There were ouTro- geous bodies wdlking oround in sTriking pink pdnTs wiTh oronge hoir ond dork glosses. Horern lddies were seen loose in The hdlls looking, buT They were jusT looking oround. Apemdn kepT running inTo people ond scoring Their ponTs off. Even "bo- bies" were seen rooming The holls os if They were relieved To hove, in fooT, losT Their porenTs on This excepTionolly lunoTio doy. Anywdy, The evenTs of The doy ond The school spiriT shown by The sTu- denTs were very much opprecioTed by everyone who boTh did ond did noT porTicipoTe in This ex- Troordinorily exciTing ond punky holloween. 12 HALLOWEEN lm Lg, WW . wg-im: , ,p5f'ij:mf"1 Q u- wwf' 4 Bm 1 ,fi 'L NM!" 52. 1 C W gtg? 5' H :Q71"T?Qr7" Q ' fc , M g .. V I , W, V 1 , am , 4 Vvif . ,JA -H' W ff' ' 'A 'JCF' f' f1iQ, xx -'1"" ' ' M ' iffL' ! ,, '44V ,'1wv!:iIJZ F M Npfjyivn-. , "iff , XL- 514. 1 A h' if ., 1, A ,J Mg 2: rw A ., R .A X f.fE,1,X Aff, ,ay '1'Hf5.., J V, , X 0 , . '- aw' ,Ii ,' " nm, , Hg-Nw .L ' C Q ' LQ. FE'-Fw fx sfd! ' N in V fix b M' V ' 'V , ' V3.1 ' X ' 'M ,H J urn boui QMJQVM 1 Q81 15 .00 ,v llfe f 2 I' s T 5 ' 0 7516 .'00-!0.'30,p.u. LefT To RighT1 Trocy Woike, Sue Sohopiro, Jeonnie Roynor, Queen V371 Rose Denono, Cindy Povvlicki, Ke-ily Nornng, Heidi Cherim Dm Scmom TURNABOUT A GREAT SUCCESS! The senior oioss sponsored The SweeTheorT TurnobouT donce IosT Februory 44, VIQ82. The donce vvos d Tremendous hiT wiTh The GN. sTudenT body. A huge crowd of over 200 people gdThered TogeTher To ceIebrdTe VoIenTines Ddy. The feoTured bdnd, "Horizons," wos exoepTionoIIy good ond kepT everybody doncing Tili The very IosT rninuTes of The donoe, This gredT evening vvds highlighTed by The onnounce- menT of The oourT composed of six senior girls ond represenTo- Tives frorn The junior ond sophomore yeors. The evenT's suc- cess wos The firsT in recenT yeorsr The ddnce wos jusT one refIecTion of how GN. sTudenTs geT TogeTher ond hdve fun. 14 SWEETHEART TURNABOUT SWEETHEART TURNABOUT 15 IS IT ANYWAY "Whose Life Is lT Anyway" was a cornedy-dra- ma wriTTen by Brian Clark, IT proved To be a re- warding producTion here aT GN. lasT fall. The acTion Took place in a modern day hospiTal ward. Ken Harrison, played by Mark TenuTa, was faced wiTh The biTTer sTrugle of his depressing condiTion5 he was paralyzed from The neck down afTer an auTornobiel accidenT, AfTer careful consider- aTion, Harrison calmly and sanely decided ThaT he wanled To end his life. This decision caused a direcT conflicT beTween his docTors: Michael Ern- erson CRick Gieserj who felT ThaT a docTor should be dedlcaTed To The survival of a human being and Clare ScoTT QDonna Zajacy who believed ThaT The paTienT should be able To raTionalIy de- cide for hirnself. The play ended wiTh a grueling courl scene inside The hospiTal where Jusiice Mill- house QRick Quelasy granTs Ken Harrison The righT To choose beTween life and deaTh. Harrison, of course, chose The laTTer. "Whose Life . . was a producTion which excelled in all areas of The The- aTre, and The Speech ArTs DeparTmenT of Glen- bard NorTh should be commended for iTs meriTori- ous achievernenTs. 16 WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY 553' --Z WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY 17 Variet Q6 yn. Gitarzan and his Jungle Band The sixth annual O.E.A. Variety Show was held last March A and 6 at 7:30 p.m. This was the first year that the show ran for two nights. Each night featured different shows. Ten acts performed both nights along with ten different acts each night. There was a variety of acts including dancing, singing, ro?:k bands and com- edy skits. The biggest success was the tarzan-jungle act with Vicki Dukes and the rest of the Junior leaders. Some of the students surprised everyone with their talent in dancing, among which included the hawaiian dances performed by Lalaine Vitug, Gina Villanueva and Cindy Cerrudo. Comic fillers were done by resident thespi- ans Rick Gieser, Marc Hansen, Heidi Cherim and Dawn Losek., The show also had its own version of the popular Solid Gold dancers which included Deanna Palazzo, Priscilla Banquero and Linda Anderson who provided for the fillers in between acts. The show was again another hit. Both nights were sold out. Under the supervision of Mr. Depa, G.N. students displayed tre- mendous potential in the entertainment field. They not only dis- played a great deal of talent but a great deal of showmanship as well. 18 VARIETY SHOW Q1 MW, Sho T f fr? WWW M45 , I S66fhXww',T""fwf . Z ?!fZ9..4A . , 'w my ff , J Q 1 f V f,,, , r .1 ff We T. Fifi , I. .' ','T, Q 'MT f' T, fy 'T - .ff , T 3' yew f , 1 A of f .ffl af f fu . , f T rey? . .rg ff t s ' T "AW 'ZLL f f, . f T T M f T! ,iff .597 . ', ff I V ' . W E, V . ww ,V 5 A V, Qi ' C f . T. , 7,..5- T T - ' ' i fix' , W7'C Z, V, , T ft f-r fr, ' f i 2 T T gif 1' :gif ..,5 ,M , , .. ' ,f Mfg. .2 sw ' ' W7 " ' W " T . wie aw T f f ' K 0 Af ff? ' f .1 pkg. -72 Q, ft .fs J , M' , ,, gf? f ff fwfff ,W , . f + . E, . 0 ,90-,z':?f4 fix? f -T f ,7f 1 mf . . , - J ' ,. . ff T , ,,.V I ,.V, f ., ,V , H My -.1 T- T WT, f YQ 'T ' WU ., ' " Above: UD at the Great White North. Below: The rock bdnd LtZOl'OUS n ff., ,f . fmffb. 4 ,, , Gina Villanueva, Lalaine Vilug and Cindy Cerrudo in Hawaiian Paradise. Priscilla Banquero, below The Silver Plafiers, below Delia Garrison sings her way in1'o The audience's hearts, below fir 7 N ' - . VARIETY SHOW 19 BLEACHER BUMS The Drama Department presented "Bleacher Bums," a comedy in nine innings by the Organic Theatre Company featuring baseball at its best. The play was a unique comedy in that the action of the ball game mirrored the antics of the fans in the left field stands. The fans, commonly called bleacher bums, revealed to the audience not only the basic theme of the play but the emotional highpoints of the play as well. As the play reached its finish, there was that realization that to hope and dream was no offense but merely a natural motivation in life. The Cubs did come up as losers in this comedy, but the audience did not. They were treated to a rare fun-filled evening at Wrigley Field. The Drama Department definitely struck a home run in this inning hopefully to continue their winning streak in productions to come. 20 BLEACHER BUMS Mi Q .gf sg ar 6 4 Q' 2 KW 1- .f 3 6 , ,, is Z 4 ,gn M' , sf x 1 Q ' 5 2 If Qxw H 'Te H' .fi I ' 'iinfg v........,. S :sl-L02 JL We're The fighting Panlhefs of Norlh, and we're here to win This game. Watch our valiant Panlhers of North as we jusllfy our fame. Ana now we'll show The spiril that our Panthers hold. The mlghly splrll of The Black and Gold. So yell loyal fans and cheer ,our Panthers fo vicforyl 22 SCHOOL SPIRIT l . 69" I A W Q iff, 'Y Q ,M , ,, hh W ww ,Hn fv- SCHOOL SPIRIT 23 N LJ' anim Fe 9 NORTHFEST 25 , QE A, ORCHESIS -if ,fi fe X A V .I - ,-26 3 V 4 X ' tri' , . J ifl A A new E, .,. it , K V,, . I V, . V . f f 4. Q Front Row Qleft to Rlghtj: Theresa Eustaquio, Vinita Ramgopal, Sue Clark, Rachelle Quiambao, Nancy Darrah, Dawn Pugesek, Debbie Glass, Patty Whetzel. Row 2: Paula Brazea, Karen Silvestri, Toni Salas, Arnie Escalante, Joanne Bustamante, Alix Guataquira, John Kalusa, Debbie Watts, Kelly Norling, Sherry Nowack, Lisa Moore, Erin Boyle, Karyn Duffy. Row 3: Ms, Julie Stoerger, Pam Lopez, Mindy Bloecher, Nita Arnold, Marly Subido, Cheryl Potts, Janet Mueller, Deanna Mast, Mary Piszczek, Tammy Scanio, Michelle Stiles, Marietta Britt, Lori Foster, Lee Hulka, Sue Rogalski, Ms. Tomaszewski., Row 4: Debbie Hall, Grace Pena. Donna Rizzo. Ann Moskal, Denise Bukowy, Debbie Dickason, Patty Mont' gomery, Cindy Landherr, Char Horvath, Diane Jarzemski, Kathie Santor- elli, Lauriel Smith, Cloressa Davis. Chris Walker, Beth Meehan, Anne Cady, Donna Zajac. Not Pictured: Erica Valentino. Orchesis presented its annual show entitled "Dance into the Night" on March '14 and 'l2 in the Little Theatre. The group, which was com- posed of about 60 girls and boys from the junior and senior class, took a field trip prior to - the show in order to provide a sneak preview to the public. Besides the junior high schools visited, Applewood Manor, a home for the aged, was also visited. Much to the delight of the senior citizens, the group presented a vari- ety of dances including variations in ballet, jazz, tap and oriental dances. After two suc- cessful show nights, each member had a chance to vote for deserving individuals in ciif--2 ferent categories. According to Orchesis advi- sor and coordinator, Ms. Julie Stoerger, this V year was yet the best year the CICS? ever had. To many of the people who saw the show, the group deserved every inch of credit for the effort they put forth. 26 ORCHESIS .3 V I D is it es, fr- mi is Ei ' "Dance Into f,,ffjJ W1 ' 1 'ff ,fjfgf W Wm K f XC ' f im xiii' Of f KW? ZZW77,wf6? f , rmezffgf ff' if f' ' Q ,pw ff! f WC? .ua Th ' 'un f ff ,fo ight" ' M-Mm, ,ar W bww f Qfkf fmwlk '55 Jw? TQWQMM X 'WQQQMP-Af f ywfiwff 724435 41' i wffaiff' WD Wmggg ,W 27 fp 'gy sv f WMM ..,, Y Q' 4.sf..f'ZL.f5'4. JML Wff f y"'5"34 r 0 M 44.4 Q ff Vw " ' - , ' W9 wr' f 1 sg ,ff ' ' 254 " , gi., , 4 A A ,.,V 5 ,kV, ,, , ' ,lf A - wwf .4 M'WfiM,M 1 ',1,.,,.M,wf'f"" , yy" ,f f - , 1 I ' V1 A ,V Y, ,, ,L , J W PEP RALLY 4982 fa-STATE y STA T5 TEAMP STA ff W fy , f 4 fm I f'M,,.,f A., XM, 41.91114 li! xr a 'C . Mo 4982 Pomher Pride ..... 4982 Pcnwrher Pride Z 3 2 2 4982 Pczrfrher Prde ..... 'I982 Pcwfrher Pride QA FA H0 Vg ,4 575' If fi? ?,,gY Tff 'W -1 , The Music Man Once again The Speech ArTs DeparTmenT Teamed up wiTh The Music DeparT- menT To produce anoTher musical. This year's biggesT show, "The Music Man," was a genial carToon TransiaTion of American life by MerediTh Wiiison. WiTh fine perfor- mances in acTing, singing and dancing, 'iThe Music Man" proved To be irresisTa- bly charming for aii TheaTre- goers. in facT, The show re- ceived sTanding ovaTions on aii Three nighTs iT was per- formed. This was a crediT To all who parTicipaTed and helped To sTrengThen G.N.'s fine TheaTre TradiTion. 32 THE MUSIC MAN ,whxn imlii THE MUSIC MAN 33 N.H.S. CHAPTER CANDIDATES INDUCTED On April 28, The NoTionol Honor SocieTy of Glenbord NorTh hosTed The InducTion Ceremony for The Juniors ond Seniors who, Through chorocTer, leddership ond scholorship, hdve be- come eligible for membership inTo The ChopTer. The inducTees from The Junior Closs included Deidre Adoms, RenoTo Amodor, Rosemorie Andres, Liso AThinokis, Down AulT- mon, Glenn Bdlog, Lisci Bednor, Gourong BhoTT, George Che- cinski, Joe Chojnocki, Jeff ChrisTensen, Wuyi Chud, lvlork Dohl- mon, Chris Doll, Doug DeConio, Vickie Dukes, Jon Egdn, Kris Eighnor, PoTricio Foxel, PoTriclo Frey, Wendy Fulk, Julie Hedd- Iee, Andred Hulslonder, VincenT Kocick, Emmrich, Knoebl, Ivlo- rio Koprivo, Jeff Loschinski, Lindo LeChevdlier, ElisobeTh Lon- gorio, Dione lVloroboTTi, Jomes McClynn, CoThy lvlcGriIlen, Jen- nifer Meyer, Jocqueline lyloore, Bdrbie Osgood, Shoron PeTer- son, ChrisTine Ryon, SumeeT Sdchdev, Dovid Slinkmon, Jeonine STonTon, Debro Tonner, Cindy ToTe, Chorles TroTT, Gino Villon- uevo, ond Loldine ViTug. Those from The Senior Cldss ore lvlory Anderson, Thoddeus AugusTyn, Erin Boyle, Rob BrucoTo, Lduren Cossidy, Noncy Dor- roh, Thereso EusToquio, Lori FosTer, Thereso Fronk, Richord Gieser, Joe lnfelise, Cindy Ldndherr, Gerry lVlcLeon, Dove Mer- boch, Lori lvloseler, KurT Pozdro, Jockle Sullivdn, STeve Sullivon, lvloureen Turk, ond Joseph Zeh. The fedTured speoker for The nighT wos Mrs. Bordeen, School Boord PresidenT, ond NHS bond members ployed selecTed songs ds enTerToinmenT. 34 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY fmxhu.. if "fa-fw, 2 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 35 HONORS NIGHT During The elevenfh annual Glenbard Norfh Scholarship and Awards program, many oufsfancling and deserving sTudenTs were honored by The recognifion of Their accomplishmenTs and by The awarding of scholarships. in The beginning of The program, Sue Erriechiello, incumbenT presidenf of The sTudenT body, led everyone wiTh The reclTal of The Pledge of Alle- giance which was followed by Mr. Wayne Sfevenson and his lnfroducfion To The Awards Program, AfTer The presenTaTion of all The awards, The Srnofhers Brofhers, which is composed of CurT Czapski and Jim Grillo, enTerTained The audience wiTh Their rendiTion of mellow songs. This nighT was very special for mosf of The awardees in ThaT affer four long years of sTruggles and breafhless work They could finally give a sigh of relief and conTenTmenT. The following are The recipienTs of The respecfive awards: Marqueffe Universlfy Scholarship ......,....,......,. Business Educafion DeporTmenT Award , . . Village of Glendale HeighTs Scholarship . . Cynfhia Cerrudo MaTT Wilbur , . . , STeve Gruner . . . . Sue Owen Mike Peferson Carol Sfrearn Police Scholarship .......,....,.,.... ,..... A nn JagerT Glenbard Norfh Educafion AssociaTion Scholarship ,. , . Oufsfanding Science STudenT . . AThleTic BoosTer Scholarship ,.......,.. Aid AssociaTion for LuTherans Scholarship , . . American Legion School Awards . .,.,... , Senior Band 84 Choir Scholarships . . . SocieTy of Women Engineers . , . , Dick FlrsT ArT Award , ....... . Dick FirsT Golf Award .,......,.,.............. Pursuif of Excellence Award ..,............,......... , , ,.,... Kyu Cho Roberf Zuberbier . . . Mike Peferson . . . . Chris Cornille Holly ATkinson . . . . . , Neil Kregel . , . . Dave Lucchesi Sue Owen . . , . CurT Czapski Gerald McLean . . . Elonna Weigel Carol BleweTT Kim Seidlifz . Naomi Spellman . . . Dave Ransom . . . Carol BleweTT lndusTrial EducaTion-OuTsTanding Sfuclenf Award ........,......,.,.... Ed Cornelius Randy Kaczmar Rich Gebka STeve May John Riekas Annual MaTh ConTesT Winner ..,..,... . . , Glenn Balog ATlanTic Pacific ConTesT Winner ......,.........,..,... .. . Tom Frew DuPage Valley MaTh ConTesT Winners ....... , .,....... ..,......... Ph0T Vu Joe Kmiechek STOCY TOFTWSOFT Phil Haddad Bella Maranion Ed Alcgck SumeeT Sachdev Al Miller Doug Schmoe STaTe Regional Confesf Winners . , ,.,.., . ,... ,.,...,.. . . Phaf Vu Joe Kmiechek Ed Alcock SumeeT Sachdev Al Miller Mike Peferson Rockford College Honor Scholar .,,.............,....,.,.. Amy STerIy Gerald Klein Scholarship QGroen Corporafionj ,.....,.... Sheila Swilley OuasarfMaTsushiTa lndusTrial Company Scholarship ..,.,.. Karl Volkmar Bloomingdake Women's Club JodyMcGinley D,E.C.A, Area Winner .........,..,.. ....,....... V eronica Ramirez D.E.C.A, STaTe Compefencies Mark Orlando Veronica Ramirez Tim Burger Sheryl Walper Jean Bleeden Lora Frey D,E.C,A, NorThern Illinois Winners . . ............,.., ArThur Vasquez Lora Frey Veronica Ramirez D.E.C.A. WriTTen Eve-nTs . .. Veronica Ramirez Mark Orlando D.E.C.A. Scholarship ....,.. D.E.C.A, Nafional Qualifiers . . . Sheryl Walper Cafhy Tesluk veronicaRamirez MarkOrlando Sheryl Walper Veronica Ramirez D,E.C.A. Sfudenf of The Year ...,,,.........,..,..,.... Mark Orlando Illinois Congress of Parenfs and Teachers Scholarship ,,.. Jackie Moore G.N. Spirif Award .,...,.,,.......,..,............... . , . . . Bill Mifcheii UniTed STaTes Milifary Academy AppoinTmenT ..... ,.., . , Jeff Ashfon B'nai Brifh YouTh of The Year .....,.,........ STudenT Union-OuTsTanding Senior ...... Bloomingdale STaTe Bank Scholarship , . . Elmhursf College Freshman Scholar ..., ...,.., . . . . Sue Schapiro , , . . Sue Schapiro . . . Kim OsTrander Maureen Turk , . . Theresa Frank confinues To page 39 36 HONORS NIGHT YA. ,. - r fi.. rid N Clockwisez Far rlghi: 'l. Mr. Vuono awards Theresa Frank The Elrnhursf College Scholar- ship. 2, Kyo Cho and Mike PeTerson accepT The GNEA Scholarship forrn Mr. Depa. 3. Mrs. Travelyn congraTuIaTes Karen Gabris as one of The Blue Ribbon FinalisTs. 4. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford presenTs Carol BleweTT The PursuiT of Excellence Award. 5. Mr. Williams congraTulaTes Mike PeTerson for The OuTsTanding Science STudenT of The year. 6, Mike Marron and Dan Ryan accepT The Audio-Visual Award from Mr. WennersTein. 7, Sue Schapiro is named STudenT Union's OuTsTanding Senior. HONORS NIGHT 37 's"w. Chris Cornille accepts the Athletic Booster Scholarship. Gerry Mc Lean is awarded the American Legion Scholar- ship Award. North Current-Quill 84 Scroll , . , ...,.,.,.... . , . . Cindy Cerrudo John Egan Joe Chojnacki Patti Frey Jennifer Meyer Vicki Dukes North Current-Outstanding Writer ............. North Current-Rusty Tucker Graphic Arts Award Square D Foundation Merit Scholarship ...,.,., Jay Stoda Memorial Award .........,., Audio-Visual Service Award ....., German Consulate General Award . . . Charles Adkins Award ,........... National Honor Society Scholarships ,. Kodak Award ....... Blue Ribbon Finalists , . . . , .,., Cindy Cerrudo North Current-Advisor's Award .............,........ . . . ..... Bill Kostomiris . . . , . Joanna Bryson , ...,. Ann Jagert Renato Amador Jackie Moore . , . Mike Marron Dan Ryan . . . . . , Mike Schwartz Robert Zuberbier Todd Fulk Jeff Pieper ,. Carol Blewett Jeannie Raynor Lucas Wonn KentJean , . , Karen Gabris Alex Sanabrais Kurt Schiele Aauilo-Yearbook Award .... ..,....,.,.......... .....,...... E' Rachelle Quiambao Bill Mitchell lvette Paytuvi Veronica Ramirez Theresa Eustaauip Cindy Cerrudo Marine Corps Outstanding Musicianship Award ....... Gerald McLean Illinois State Scholars Joanna Bryson Cynthia Cerrudo Kyu Hwan Cho Nancy Darrah Amy Flynn Tom Frew Hilder Garrison Richard Gieser Michael Gocha Anita Headley Joseph lnfelise Michael Fowler Ann Jagert Neil Kregel Cindy Landherr David Lucchesi James Martin Gerald McLean David Merbach Lori Moseler Cassandra Moses Catherine Null Susan Owen Michael Peterson Principals Award for Service ,.,.... , . ,... Cindy Cerrudo Nancy Darrah Long Vu Rick Gieser Joe lnfelise Sung Kye Anthony Losurdo Sue Mitchell Lisa Moore Cassandra Moses Maureen McGuire Jeffrey Pieper Jeannie Raynor John Schade Glenn Schultz Kimberly Seidlitz Daniel Thomas Troy Timeon Maureen Turk James Walker Elonna Weigel Lucas Wonn Robert Zuberbier Jeff Pieper Kim Seidlitz Sue Errichiello Elonna Weigel Matt Wilbur Mark Yeary HONORS NIGHT 39 1 I w 40 ga 9:-an-O 0 9 Q EE ,Q an 9375i Stix is 4, ii! X f 1, ' , ,ff fg, ww, J, WMM , 1 ,ff F' fi , 4' , , .N , A f ,1 n V Q L 9 ' , ,J , .-Jw' . X fff-wr Mf Q I n 0 , A 1, ' auf. f 'W N wif E KW xl w f 7 3, Mg. 4:3315 QW p f iww4f,f,Mw, - ml '- Q IH? IE" 44 GOLF Left to righf: Mark Forfson, Rick Gerosfo, Rob Cloncy, John Geiser, Jeff Olsen, Dove Ronsorn, Cooch Doug Clark. ROB CLANCY, RICK GERASTA - ALL CONFERENCE DAVE RANSOM - MOST VALUABLE E SDCCER VARSITY TEAM FROSH-SOPH TEAM WaIKh..w:iinggf,, SOCCER 47 CROSS CDU TRY '82 -QW? Row 4: Morylyn Mozok, Tino Anderson, Lori Brcinick, Jonet Von Dyke, Cheryl Corlson, Terri Pierson, Dano Hordgroves, Shoron Corz. Row 2: Jonet Trott, Louro Fiore, Sue Tirnorez, Debbie Dominick, Donno Kosper, Holly Atkinson, Carol Hudson. Cooch Creed. , f ,,,, if The 1982 sedson wos highly successful for the girls cross country team. Although the sport wcis relotively new for the girls division here ot North, the record proved otherwise in this second yeor of formol competition. A record of 20 girls pczrticipoted. Led by Tino Anderson, Holly Atkinson, Sue Mitchell ond Nerry Alcock, Glenbord North took o giont step towords respectability. Next yeor would promise to be even more successful os underclossmen Jonet Trott, Terri Pierson, Lori Bronick ond Cheryl Carlson leod 45 re- turning experienced runners. 48 CROSS COUNTRY , f 'WMA fl: Jim Dumper, Armando Nunez, Chris Cornille, Dave Haor, Mr. Vaughn. Row 2: Dan Thomas, Chuck Tro11, Dave Brye, Mike Johnson. Ed Alcock, Mitch Sykora. CROSS COUNTRY 49 .,,, FU TB LL 50 FOOTBALL wwf F Q' mem Varsify Row 4 L To R: Dave Bager, Mike Brodie, Chris Paul, Randy Luebcke, Tony Lisbon, Derrick Owens, Arf Paschke. Row 2 L To R: Paul Darrah, Mark Kedziora, Charles Adkins, Roy Huffman, STeve BornholT, Vince Kacick, Craig Laskey, Tom MorTon, Mark Hrgich. Row 3 L To R: AssT. Coach Dave Berdis, Manager Jerry Zbyluf, Pefe YundT, Jerry Campbell, Jeff Weinsheim, Mike Fiore, Paul Flick, John Guercio, Chuck Tucek. Row A L To R: AssT. Coach Jerry STiegliTz, Jim Hoffman, Tom BaTes, Dave Siinkman, Chris RaTliff, Karl Voikmar, Dan Dwyer, Todd Fylk, Head Coach Dale Evans, Assf. Coach Jim Jacobson. Row 5 L To R: Jeff Pieper, Dave Merbach, Joe Angelo, Jeff Laschinski, STeve Sullivan, Tim Bioecher, Jeff Heidorn, Mark Yeary, Tony Savegnago. NOT in picTure: Jon Jefferson, Rob Tyner, STeve Cherry. THE 4982 FIGHTING PANT!-IERS The 4984-82 Panfhers ended Their season on a very successful nofe. By defeafing VVheaTon Cenfral 7-6 in The final game, The varsiTy capped a four game winning sfreak ending The season wiTh a 5-A record and a Third place finish in The Tough DuPage Valley Conference. Two of The PanThers' four loses came aT The hands of Wheafon Norfh, Class AA Champions, and Naperville Cenfral, semi-finaIisTs in The 6A division. This group was a senior dominaTed Team wiTh several ouTsTanding underclassmen. Tony Savegnago, a sophomore, and Tony Lisbon, a junior, bofh had an ouT- sTanding year and bofh were selecfed To The All-Conference Team. The defense Team did an ouTsTanding job all year, and iT was seniors Dan Dwyer, Jerry Campbell, Mark Yeary, Dave Merbach, Tom BaTes and Jim Hoffman who were The backbone of The defense uniT. On offense, if was Jeff Pieper passing and Tony Lisbon running. On The receiving end of Pleper's passes were seniors Dan Dwyer, Charlie Adkins and junior Jeff Laschinski. Making bofh The running and passing possible were senior linemen Todd Fulk, Tom Bafes, Jim Hoffman, Chuck Tucek and Dave Merbach. Our capTains This year were Dave Merbach, Jeff Pieper and Jim Hoffman. In addifion To All-Conference Honors for Savegnago and Lisbon, The following individuals received honorable menfion All-Conference Honors: Tom BaTes, Dan Dwyer, Todd Fulk, Jerry Campbell, Jeff Pieper, Dave Merbach, Jeff Laschinski and Mark Yeary. The prospecfs for The nexf season would appear To be very good wiTh The refurn of Savegnago and Lisbon. Jeff Laschinski who saw acfion aT boTh TighT end and safeTy would figure prominenfly in nexT year's plan, so would Rob Tyner, Dave Slinkman, Chris Rafliff and Mark Kedziora, all reTurning sTarTers. FOOTBALL 51 ...1-L Lefl To righl: ROW 4: Kevin Chuck, Jeff Degnan, Tony 'lPillsburv" Casala, Mike Pelers, Mike Porlincaso, Sieve "Polish Rocker" Plocinskl, Joe Harrison, Rob Brilles, ROW 2: Brad Suller, Mike Dilusa, Mark "The Hawk" Allen, Raul Pena, Bill Ololl, Darren Masl, Jeff "Harpo" Sloneburner, Kevin Kvvirkowski, Mike Gilberl, Sieve Brown. ROW 3: As- sislanl Coach George Gleich, Jack Tamplin, Joe LaPorTe, Bill Dieker, Rob Robak, Par O'Brien, Chuck "Caveman" Drungelo, Dave "Toolman" Tuley, Mike Flannigan, Ron Grisl, Paul Muzzalupo. ROW A: Bill Leonhard, John Hoff- man, Bill VanNesT, Dan Fllzgerala, Tony Skinner, Toad Lechlenburg, Mark Lolz, Joel Young, QManager5, Head Coach Rich Kruse. TOP ROW: Pal Zbylul, Jeff Paschke, John Green, Dave Nelson, Darren Havvanielz, Jim Killeen, Jeff Paul, Ron Whilesides, Tim Pavvlicki, Todd Anderson, FRESI-IMEN 52 FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 53 District 'olle ball hamps a Q Q i4 ,, . i Row 4: Down Aufrmon, Coach Bumd, Denise Seddon. Row 2: Down McKee-ver, Lori Hifzelberger, Heidi Lifzinge-r, Sue Kldges, Lisd Fifzgerdld, Jodi Selldrs Fitzgerald Litlillgel' E X, ,. 54 VOLLEYBALL The PanTher VarsiTy Volleyball Team ended Their season wiTh a conference record of 40-A, which resulled in a Third place finish in The DuPage Valley Conference. The girls also Took second aT The Bloom TournamenT and second aT Their own InviTaTional. The season ended on a high noTe when The girls won The ST. Charles Disrrici Tournament The Junior VarsiTy Team also had a very successful year. They ended The season wiTh a 'I7-'I record. They were 43-4 in The DuPage Valley Conference and Tied for firsT place, itll Q Cl V 6 Row 4: PaTTy Faxel, Liz Losole, Lisa AThinakis, Row 2: Karen Kanabrocki, Kellie O'Brien, Wendy Fulk, Coach Buma, Lynn Truchan, Caihy McGrillen, Deedy Sopoci lvl VOLLEYBALL 55 1' 0 S 56 VOLLEYBALL JV fights for another win. Denise Seddon warms up before a match. y 'V 1' H 3, if " AE, "' Row 'iz Teresa Losole, Annette Nitti, Stacy Roberts, Row 2: Jenny Swlertz, Sandi Kochurka, Debby Kmiecik, Coach Lund, Jackie l'vlcGlynn, Seungnee Cho, Lisa Bank. Row 3: Lisa Hanrahan, Missy Fietsam, Audra Auskalnis, Julie Pauling, Connie Timeon, Julie Hoinacki, Janet Schlemmei, Tracy Kelleher GirI's Basketball The girls varsiTy baskeTball Team had more experience This year more Than orher year. Of The senior girls on The Team, Kay Moses and Carol BleweTT were The only reTurn- ing varsiTy players. The resT of The seniors, Sue Klages, Dawn McKeever and Sheila Swilley, were on J.V. lasT year. The Two juniors on The Team were Dawn Aulrman and Lynn Truchan, and The Two sophomores were Karen Kanabrocki and Liz Losole. DespiTe finishing wiTh a 3-'li conference record and a 6-48 season record, The girls were quiTe happy wiTh Their performance This year. During The game againsT Naper- vliie CenTral Cconference leaderj, The Team won by one hardffoughr poinT. As The lasT seconds were Tlcking and The PanThers were leading by one poini, a shoT was Token by The opposing Team. and The bali wenT in. Form- naTely, The shoT was Taken afTer The buzzer wenr off. Coach SuAnne Thomas had greaT confidence in her Team and had commenTed ThaT iT was definiTely a learn- ing year for mosT of The players. i GIRUS BASKETBALL 57 F Vorsify From left To right: Miss Thomas, Down O'TooIe, Carol Bleweft, Down Aulfmczn, Kay Moses, Liz Losole Sheilo Swilley, Karen Konobrooki, Sue Kloges, Lynn Tfuchon. io oo sa cmvs sAsKe1sAu. 1 JV From lefi io rigni Row 'lc Angel Beniiez, Cheryl Adams, Kelly O'Brian, Tracy Kellehen, Janei Troii, Kim King. Row 2: Jamie Walker, Brenda Fann, Debbie Dominick, Jackie McGien, Kalhy Flincnum, Miss Ander- son. l Fresh-Sopri From left To right Row 'lz Sandy Kurchurka, Gloria Menchaka, Mary Morici, Char Chalmers, Lisa Folk. Row 2:iKaren Kolzow, Barbie Bryson, Laura Frew, Connie Timeon, Debbie Kosek, Eva Kuczynski. Row 3: Miss Sioerger, Desiree Reed, Danna Pogorelec, Mary Ann Fee, Joann Troyke, Brenda Waldick, Lyneile Belleii. GIRUS BASKETBALL 59 I l i A BOY'S BASKETBALL Neff 4 60 BOY'S BASKETBALL ' - ilyiigilfjvfg .D . - . , ' ' 11QjgQwfi5fffY1tlAj4- ' ' . -glzggizjssg, - . V . We, ,, Knoellng Lott to right: G. Zybut. N. Pemenko, R. Walla. G. Burnside, T. Lisbon, D. Owens, J. Laschinski, Coach Davis Standing Lett to right: C. Ruwe, D. Alarcon, K. Meyer. T. Carter, D. Dwyer, K. Volkmar. J. Gieser. What A Great Season A great team and a great coach led the Panther basketball team to a great season. The 4981- 82 basketball season was the most exciting and successful in the history of the school. The team was led by team captains Terry Carter. Tony Lisbon, and Dan Alarcon. The Panthers won the schools first Conference Championship. They also won the Regional Championship and ad- vanced tothe Sectional finals. Tony Lisbon and Terry Carter received All-Conference, first team recognition and Dan Alarcon and Ghevel Burnside were named in Honorable Mention. The success of the team was due according to Mr. Davis, coach of the varsity basketball players, their togetherness, balance and a great attitude towards the game of basketball. s l0Y'S BASKETBALL 61 - CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS , I 2 f ff. Q42- f ,Q ICQ 'ff N' W f 5,4 ,y X Y y WJ, , fff ,,f5W3,V, 5 ww ,. ,ff X f Y f I , - My ff flj Y J Q , mx' f' M ff f, TERRY CARTER TONY LISBON f J' W? Pill Xi N X 6 f ,ff , Q ff ,4 ,ZW CARTER AND LISBON - ALL CONFERENCE ,- ffl? 62 BOWS BASKETBALL BEST SEASON IN SOHOOL'S HISTORY DAN Al.AncoN if el-level. BURNSIDE u ALAROON AND BURNSIDE - HONORABLE MENTION K' REGICNAL CHAMPICNS!!! vw , o f fm' 0 I 1 , fa if ,4 ,, ,, gf ,, , ,, ff 7 f , .y',,,- , I , I , A , ,W f ,. wx f 12 f , ' ' KL ' 7 I 7 .X Q www A N, 1 1 -4 . 0- 9 ' V Ol , Mix -ss 64 BOY'S BASKETBALL sEcTloNAl. FINALISTS!!! BOY'S BASKETBAI. nf? ' G N WRESTLERS TAK 5 . W f 7 ,!Z5!4y,g C, "Mg X f"J . , "X Q WW if , L , ff? f x Z? Z , eff? X 7 ' I A 5 4 A47 MJMQ4 W, gg, V! W 2 , f I j. ., ., . ,Y CWM, Throughout the wrestling season Glenbard North s wrestlers met with very tough competition on their way to taking second place in the State Champion- ship. Their struggle began at the Conant Classics in which the Panthers took first place. With Glenbard North s win at 62 dual meets and placing 3rd in state last year many people took it for granted that they would win the DuPage Valley Conference at Whea- ton. Unfortunately they came in behind Wheaton North. They did much better at Districts in which they took first place. In the Districts John Penchoff Dave Green Mike Green Erick Graf and Mark Yeary placed first. At Sectionals Mike Green. Erick Graf and Tony Ruffinoa earned sectional titles. Dave Green and Mark Yeary each earned second place honors. Then came their biggest victory of all-placing second in the state. The wrestling Panthers had set two goals: one. winning every tournament and two, bringing back a trophy. One can say that they have fulfilled these goals set- ting a record of 24-0 and having a 62 dual meet winning streak. CONGRATULATION WRESTLERS!!l!! ES SECQND IN TATE sn -sssffiiff Q QR . ,gt X , WRESTLING 67 Q la Z! , fg ,N f f AT I 5 0 VARSITY SQUAD Fronf Row: Lefl to Rlghi Don Cdliendo, John Penchoff, Dove Green, Dove Bcgger, Mike Fiore, Mike Green, Fred Grof. lack Row: Lefl to Rlghi John Grodus CTUGDGQGTD, Erich Grdf, Mcrk Yedry, Tony Ruffino, Todd Fulk, Tony Sdvegndgo, Tom Teegcn, Coach Bob Fulk. f ev 4' -, - ff ffwygff - fi L ,f f -fy fa '- ' 4 A, , W QQ ' ' ,f 46 , 341 , 4,15 M . 7 fi' , Z , X ' AA " , ' fi f I ' f -,wry 4 V. f' 1 I ' , 68 WRESTLING J.V. SQUAD Top Row: Coach Berdis, Mike Roberts, Dove Merbach, Tom Bcfes, Kevin Summerville, Brion Seddon. lohom Row: Peter Yundi, Keith Romcicli Rob Bari, Tom Benevenie, Mike Beck, John Guercio. WRESTLING 69 :z,1?:gfm:ID5'f1Sj, V ' e V- Q M gif , 6 f 42 0 Q ELM i X fx ' f :Uwe X-I A ,f 1 Q K f MWWW, ,M 35355 of h , f r , : . ' ' ' - - ' 'M , 9 .Q . . 4 ,3 2 4 W ,,, f,f?.,lf , f - My .-ever.:-:.f'2:' -Ifwssfw: K if xv ffl? SOPI-IOIVIORE SQUAD: Row 1: Don Bogger. Chuck Drungelo, Tony Cossoio, Mork Gonzales, Bill Glass, Rob Polozzo Row 2: Mike Porlincciso, Jock Tomplin, Kevin Summerville, Mike Peters, Dcrryl Mickensen, Mike Gilberl. Row 3 Cooch Kruse, Jeff Shreeve. Tony Skinner, Don Filzgerold, Togd Anderson, Jeff Paul. l l 70 WRESTLING' FRESI-IMEN SQUAD: Top Row: Joe Peters, Dan Damery, Jorge Garzaro. Vic Siedleski, Tim Beard, Dean Schroeder. John Jendrysik, Matt Pftenhauer, Clay Smith, Bob Lukowski, Willy Kekstadt, Coach Jeffery. Row 2: John Trongale, Carl Zochreus, John Schreiber, Manuel Gonzalez, Joe Cockowski, Chuck Brown, Scott Stephenson, Len Tricroce, Rob Clark, Scott Hessing. Bottom Row: Randy Gebka, Matt Witteveen, John Fuchs, Dominick DeCicco, Bradford Reed: manager. Z fy , f nmfqggg ' f74Wf"7n f517325y Wfyvfi , ,, , ,fm wi MUQUM U! , alll ',,,,,..aaw"f44 ,,,, . Q Wg Rv f ,,, ff Erich Alava, Vince Cassata, Tim Sweeney, Rick Swan, Jeff Camp. Mike Ostdyk, Jeff Fritz. Not Pictured: Mike Murphy, Dan Padilla, , B J wnestuue 71 We Are The f , A f f 72 claus Gvmmsncs V, , Z. W f, W Z: ' 94 f , 1, f ZW, :AH Champion i GN Gymnastics iii 1 Glenbard North earned its first state championship title through their girls gymnastic team. Aiong with with the taking of the title, They also set a new state record for team points-'i'l8.475. The team was lead by Gina Sa- vegnago who is the State Champion on the uneven bars. Beth Benevente was second ln vaulting, Sue Soldat, fourth in all around and Marianne Ceclregd was fifth on the balance beam rounding out a very successful team effort. CONGRATULATIONS GYMNASTSIII Left to rlght: Mr. Karamltsos, Andrea Davis, Holly Atkin- son, Mr. Boulton: top row: Gina Savegnago, Beth Beh- evente, Sue Solclai, Tina Olsen, Marianne Pedregal. GlrI's Gymnastics 73 Rlghf: GN. members patiently watch The olher performers. Below: Coach Boullon gives Belh a few assurlng words. Lower leh: Coach Boullon says a few words about The 'reom lo Channel 2 news. Lower right: The scoreboard speaks for ilself. 74 GIRl.'S GYMNASTICS Performs her ffoor exercise. jglowze See Qoeeher reufine for fhe floor exercise. V Marianne performs on The bars. GlRL'S GYMNASTICS 75 Marianne and Tina have a little fun at practice. 7, Beth workson her floor exercise. f 771 1 5 MOl'iOI'1l"l9 COVIQYGTUIOTGS Sue OD O nice p9l'fOfmGDCG. e e a - Andrea performs on The uneven bars. 1 mg 2 W' -- . 'Gif1C1'CiOGSf her yaaH.h M f f M , fa 76 emvs evmmxsrlcs if W 'f 1: W5 4 ,jf f ,W f f 2' JW, 2, 1 yi? ' , fee JUNICR VARSITY Upper left: Marianne does her balance beam rouline al Pala- line. Mlddle left: Gina does her floor routine aT Palafine. Rlghl: Andrea works on The bai- ance beam. GIRL'S GYMNASTICS 77 GN BOY'S GYM ASTICS Qs 5 EZ. ' , : Ag g ' hum. I i 'S W W f-if 'U i at hmm W" 'H' - Varsity: Row 4: Anthony Losurdo, Todd Miner. Row 2: Coach Bulton, Earl Montecinos, Jim Walker, Matt Wilbur, Mark Dahiman, Jeff Ashton, Rod Jendrysic, Steve May, Brian Orr, Eric Nyckel, Coach Plucynsky. The 4982 Boys Gymnastics team set a new all-time school record by scoring 442.06 points in the conference meet. The team was led by senior co-captains Anthony Losurdo and Jeff Ashton. The remaining seniors, Rod Jendrysik, Jim Walker and Matt Wilbur, also provided leadership for a successful season. The Panthers won eight of nine dual meets and were Lake Park Invitational and Hinsdale South Invitational champions. They finished second in both the conference and district meets. The high scorer for the season was sophomore Todd Miner. 78 BOYS GYMNASTICS KVI! Sw PROSI-I, SOPH TEAM 80 Y My 772m ' ' fiyfhlfff , ,f,V 2 ',7 1 ,,,V , W 1 . I. , BOYS GYMNASTICS f ff X YQ f l. i li Row 4: Rene Snell, Diane Knaur, Sari Khiev, Rona Tosino, Robin Peiersg O'Brien, Kim Daeihendi, Debbie Brennen, Sharon Pererson, Jodi, Sellars, Anderson. T Y is r T The badminion season has ended and the girls' cord is impressive. The varsiiy ieamrfinish wiih 6 wins qna in conference, T T The varsiiy Team finished 3rd in conference and junior l esfsil varsliy singles posirion and Rona Tosino and Rene Sneli, freshmen, finished 2nd in The 3rd varsiiy doubles posiiion. if According 'ro The players, The Team suppori is excellent and 82 BADMINTON they expeci an even belief season nexi year. They feel The Team will be stronger and ihe young team which was made up of primarily freshmen will have more experience by Q year. T T rlsyy The varsiiy squad was made up of lsr Varsiiy Singles- Keilieiiivlr O'Brien- Soph,: 2nd Varsliy Singles- Jodi Sellers- Juniorzsfirczgggg Varsiiy Singles- Diane Knaur- Sr.: and Aih Varsiiy Singles Kirriffiiff Daicheidni: 'isi Varsity Doubles were Debbie Brennen and Kniev and 3rd Varsiiy Doubles- Rona Tosrno and Rene Snell finished ist. Sophomore Kim Daichiedni 'finished 2nd in The Robin Peiersg 2nd Varsiiy Doubles- Sharon Peierson andSan ' ' ' l 5 gl I l if T l i l i l l li i i r Row 'iz Kaihy Kowulski, Jeanine Sianfon, Dana Borresen, Vicki Borresen. Row 2: Elaine Haiiz, Michele Wright, Joanne Giowinski, Annette Nhims, Cindy Clark, Row 3: Karen Landwer, Terri Pierson, Laurie Foriier, Coach Anderson BADMINTON 83 Girls Tennis , , VARSITY. Row 4: Kim Bollord, Down Roberison, Lindo Luoonesi, Debbie Brennon, Snerri Milielburn, Sue Coeii, Jill Scnrnoe, ond Colby Coeli. Row 2: Coocn Bill Wrighl. 4 M45 Ji. 7, .. f 0.1 J.V. Row 4: Liso Jovon, Kris Suiier, Deeno Dicerbo, Julie Glowinski, oncl Glorio lvloncnooo. Row 2: Koro Rosen, Joonne Glowinski, Bern Scnieren, Kolny Louro Frew, ond Denise Somson. Row 3: Cooon Bill Wrigni. 84 GirI's Tennis B0 Y'5 T5NNl5 Y L. J.. I -5 L K W, A M X , if f 'f We X J X X f f X f X X f f X J ff , W I f '-.W 8'-Clif ? f. I TRACK 88 GlRl.'S TRACK GIRL S Row 1: D. Hargreaves, L. Welker, M. Flynn, S. Romock, S. Roberts, N. Klowoski, D, Mcxjchrzcik, P. Slinkfncrir Row 2: K, Vondinrher, T. Kelleher, T. Osborne, A. Auskclnis, S. Cho, D, Sopoci. Row 3: Cocuch,Bc1uIer T. Londherr, S. Corison, L. Brcznick, Coach Bumcx. Nor Picrured: H. Arkinson, S. Mirchell, T. AmdersQn,, NQ Alcock, J. Vondyck. ' V . coach creed, MJ. Mcjcmzqk, D. 070019, R. Zaman, J. Swieiz, K, emma, M. Pee, L. rrucmn, B. s6r1i ere r, 1 The Theme for This year's was Run For The Gold. The girls did indeed succeed as They placed 2nd in The firsT annual PanTher inviTaTional, 2nd aT The Kaneland lnvlTaTionai, 2nd aT The Ram Relays, lsT aT The Raider lnviTaTional, 2nd in conference, and 41Th aT disTricTs, Conference champions were The AO0m. relay Team of Susan MiTchell, Cheryl Carlson, Audra Auskalnis, Tina An- derson: The 800m. medely Team of Carol BleweTT, Audra Askalnis, and Tina Anderson: The 800m. relay of Susan Mifchell, Cheryl Carlson, Holly Arklnson, and Tina Ander- son. Holly Arkinson was a double champion in The long jump and 'lOOm, hurdles. STaTe qualifiers were The ll0Orn. relay Team QMiTchell, Carlson, Auskalnis, and Andersonj, The 800rn. medely rely QBleweTT, Auskalnls, lvliTchell, and Andersonj, Holly ATkin- son in The long jump, and disTricT champion Tina Anderson in The 400m, dash. Several school records were broken This year. Lynn Tuchan seT a new high jump record aT 5'5", Tina Ander- son in The !lOOm, dash wiTh a 58.8, Holly Alklnson in The long jump wiTh a 'l7'8.5", Holly also broke The 400rn. hurdles record wiTh a 449, The 400m. relay Team seT a conference record wiTh a 50.5, and in disTricTs The 400m. relay Team seT anorher record wiTh 50.0, A GlRL'S TRACK 89 Q 1 I J Q7 if ni. 6- - f ff , , , , . f ,V :, H H 4: , k , , , , J I, , , I I I ,, , Q,1',,ff,'fwwfk9 ' ' ,' , , ,, ,, , ,V V ,,f, QU., A , .,f, X ,,,f , ,Nagy Q LM N - MM, fy f V' f , , "7 fn gf fe f g, QW ,nf , m , 1 M W' 1 f , f, ,, , ,f f, fx, ,V,,, ,wi ,f , , ,L f Y' 1, ,,fi,,, ,X 1 , w, , ', " Q fi M f ,f f 4, I may 1. , 1 1 HWV Q w ho Robeffsg Mike Cyscon, Al Grohe, Arrhqndo Nunez, Chris Comme, Row 21 Jim Dumper, Romeo Pioquinfo, Joe ' , f :i ,NowoCki,'Mlke Qervenko,,Ed Aicock. Row 3: Coochvoughon, Mike Johnson, Chuck Trorr, Chris Rotliff, Kevin Greening. Codch STieg1i'fz,Cooch Beebe. V G ' 1 ' ' 5 -QQ.: Q? L 3 my '. x 1 N w K v,,,4,g,Mx, , QQ my Nga Q-Q , 9 9 fifgvlihliail an .: 32' To WH Q21 ' . ,V fggfxro, 'ki' 1 MQ 'A- ,wzm X-fa.: if N 6 , ,? w ., - h w,V,,,..L,,W L, - F "J, 5 xc 5 . N .o Q K Q who . Y, , a I 1 fm, , Tm' if . 3 ,Q f f f Q V ,. . 5 esfdans' W BOY'S TRACK ' Q'X'4""'NiNv3-Q-mM,,,f.,g,,. f wg , 5 Que A .05 .4 . ff A 3 f- ' sf-,, V Q X X FP . x .. kW,, , 92 BOY'S TRACK fsm, an 4 ww W' ,W A Qi ' ifmissifyg , , .K ,V .af V -YT? K K x ,.,. . f My ,,f,1,V 4 ,Q,,,QmfgM ,, , PM wif Row 'I: Jonas Jackson, Dan Damery, Gary Goldsrniih, Phil Duffy, Tony Wecker, Clay Smiih, Seung Song. Row 2: Ernie Villanueva, Paui Muzzalupo, Doug Whire, Mike Gardner, Arnold Nunez, Dave Haar, Rich Baca, Jim Morici, Row 3: Darren Howanierz, John Green, Dan Rorke, Dave Bacareila, Ken Durnovich, Tony Savegnago, Mike Srropoli, Dave Sharp, Coach Siiegiirz. GILL W - . li 5 ,Q A .,, l 5 an -V of 1 1 - ' -..,injn,-X1-r-rzguru Y 1. nur-v-4 '11l"""l"f'2-" 1 Q-, -Y V W 5 . M. J rnzzzzrziczs x of i V "' ng "'g"v 1 " l 3 f ' 'Z . Qu-:N "X fr ,- BOY'S TRACK 93 GIRLS SOFTBALL 1 4 an :,. ii? ' u s ' x X.. BO YS ASEBAE, Row 'Ig Jim Mulany, Bob Walla, Ari Paschke, Sieve Gruner, John Lookhari, Jeff Shreve. Row 2, Coach Erford, Paul Flick Kevin Prosser, Tony Perfeiro, Eric Peiersen, Mike Fiore, Dan Dwyer, Mark Hrgich, Jeff Lachinski, Tom Frew, Dean Hejza Doug DiCanio, Manager. all 96 BASEBALL Mez fx BOYS BASEBALL 97 HOW T0 HIT A THE PITCH DROP THE BAT HOIVIERUN I THE HIT FLY ROUNDING THE BASES THE FINAL SPRINT THE GLORY 'F'-In-so-n1.Q-,, mf! fel. 317' as , 4 'WK'-5 VI 1oo snonrs wr? - gn 9 '14, W ,,f'7,,1'fff'f'Vfff fyffw V21 ,W fl!! g f , ,W ff 5 11 rx if IW, N' V in ,V W 3 L24 ,ff s M as Wh '55 'Q Q b i Q sf q ,.,.-.cave-vv -v ' " 1 'N 5 """' 5 V """"' n I I N 4 Y if 4,1115 4 45 V, ' i iff x zrgs1u'r"W""Lf 4' s 'M' fi" A f , f? W" aff' 'Jil-H4 'x Y" ' ' V - L, e.f-awww' .K , ,Mn:,2f . : 5 ' A . " Q, - fy ., ,iffyx-,f,fI41.'j,q,-'R' 'f 5 3, 5 , Q - -K, I I,-if 'I I., N Q , X Q , - .. , A 4 v ' Q -fr, . W., A I- F. , ,f X , 1 , s f ' x y, fx. .sv . 1 1 ' 1 .1 N1 4 982 103 04 i P w 105 NEWSPAPER EDITORS AND Row 1: Edlior-ln-Chief, Renato Amador: news editor, Cindy Cerrudo: news Pe manager, Karen Duffy Row 2: sports editor, Joe Chojnackig photography odifor, Cathy Ficrsche: business manager, Palli Frey: features editor, John Egan: advisor W" we ss Row 1:1'20Se Andres. Tina Greene, Kris Niccoleho, Farida Fazel, Theresa Calhy Fiasche, Sun Woo, Renato Amador Row 3: Eusfaquio. Cindy Cerruao, Gina Villanueva, Dawn Losek, Al Cadiz Row Lindy, Bill Koslomlris, Bill Mitchell, John Egan, Ken 2: Karen Duffy, Kris Elghnor, Melissa Harringlon, Peler Nguyen, Palri Frey, Dreyer, Joe Chojnacki, Ms. Hammond 106 NEWSPAPER GUIDANCE AIDES Row 1: Julia Chambers, Stacy Tomson, Beth Swanson, Helen I-ling, Kathy Philippi, Suzefre Belvedere. Row 2: Bruce Kessel, Johnna Daman, Barbara Kenneally, Ed Klauer, Kerry Gleason. Row 3: Heldi Cherim, Sharon Lufler, Debbie Arwood, Margery Deckerl, Veronica Bruns, Kim Mannin Q. DEAN'S AIDES Row 1: Kim Dodge, Sue Sheba, Wandy Sparh. Row 2: Lynn Klemp, Lisa Gapaslione, Kim Sopyra. Row 3: Llsa Bednar. GUIDANCE AND DEAN'S AIDES 107 PEER HELPERS Row 1: Kris O'Brien, Gayle Browning, Lisa Baiiaglia, Sueanne Alore, Millie Gonzales. Row 3: Rod Jedrysik, Janei Lamar, Kaihy Philippi., Row 2: lrma Aguilar, Terry Bullard, Ticia Osborn, Rhonda Boairighi, Carla Debbie Burger, Johnna Doman, Paula Brozeau, Mrs. Allrnaras, Linda Zen, Dawn Marshall. Nof Picfureoi' Bill House, Chris Bourdon, Tammy Scanio, Chonda Smiih, Mirchell. Row 1: Richard Sanriago, Mrs, Oberli, Renee Morri- son, Lurher Gabriel, Laura Fly, Mrs, Whilienhall, Row 2: Carrie Pfak, Kim Man- ning, Michelle Caoies. Nof pictured' Michelle Ko- vacs, Becky Slone. 108 HELPERS 8: AIDES l Row 1: Mark Kennelly, Tom Wunder, Tom Corso, Bryan Jennings, Sue Berge, Row 2: Gienn Baiog, Mrs. Randy Luebcke, Rick Licko, Tom Benevenie. Sian Baiog, Mr. Wennersien. Noi piciured: Don Ryan, Mike Marron, Kris Wilkins, Mike Ernsi, Dennise Dee. LIBRARY AIDES ATTENDANCE AIDES Row 1: Sandy Scheid, Eveiie Russeii. Row 2: Michelle Coaies, Chrisiina Cuellar. S A.V. AIDES Row 1: Mrs, Porter, ossisiani iibrarian, Debbie Arwood, Dan Zen, Arienne Perry, Miss Sondaiie. Row 2: Sharon Anderson, Dawn Overbeek, Kim Domrese, Luise Ramirez, Rob Humphery. Row 3: Ed Kiouer, Rob Mann, Holger Brandi, Mike May, Sandy Doiy. AIDES 109 DECA Row 4: Nadine Tesluk, CaThy Tesluk, Cheryl Napoli, Dawn DiMaria, Sue MoffaTT, Lora Frey Row 2: Laura Bosse, Edward LoreTo, Michael NiTTi, KeiTh Lange, Tammy Dolin, Sandra AnTTila, Lauren YeranT, Dawn Pugesek Row 3: Bill DesTefano, Mark Orlando, Tim Burger, Sheryl Walper, Carol Malec, Rick ArTman, Dan McLemore, Veronica Ramirez, Mr. Michael Baker QcoordinaTorD 4984-82 has been a very successful year for Glenbard's NorTh's DECA ChapTer, wiTh The ChapTer having one of iTs besT showings in iTs hisTory. lTs members parTicipaTed in various acTiviTies ThroughouT The year, such as iTs second annual AnTi-ShoplifTing Campaign and PosTer ConTesT, designed To increase The awareness of school-age children and ThaT of The general public's. The campaign was held during The week of December 7-44, designaTed as AnTi- shoplifTing Week. AnoTher acTivlTy ThaT The members parTicipaTed in, along wiTh advisor Mr. Baker, was The NorThern illinois UniversiTy DECA CompeTiTive Workshop, held January 30. Here, sTudenTs parTicipaTed in a series of compeTiTions covering a varieTy of skills and occupaTional field. Lora Frey, Veronica Ramirez, and ArThur Vasquez were NIU winners, placing in eiTher second or Third place. The highlighT of The year's acTiviTies was The DECA STaTe Career DevelopmenT Conference, held March 44-43 in Peoria, ill. Over 4000 sTudenTs and advisors were presenT, including Glenbard NorTh's DECA ChapTer. Here, Tammy Dolin, Vee Ramirez, CaThy Tesluk, and Sheryl Walper received recogniTion as DECA Ambassadors. These sTudenTs are The firsT ones in DECA's hisTory To successfully compleTe The Ambassador Program. Along wiTh This, DECA's AnTi-ShoplifTing Campaign placed Third in The sTaTe. The members also aTTended DECT QDisTribuTive EducaTion Clubs of llllnoisj STaTe Career DevelopmenT Conference, where They compeTed in acTiviTies based on career goals and occupaTionaI fields. Overall compeTency awards were given To Lora Frey, Tim Burger, Mark Orlando, Jean Bleeden, Sheryl Walper, and Vee Ramirez. These sTudenTs achieved a sevenTy percenT or higher average in all The evenTs They had parTicipaTed in. Mark Orlando, Veronica Ramirez, and Sheryl Walper were honored as naTional qualifiers for The ChapTer, The second Time in Glenbard NorTh's hisTory ThaT a DECA member was inviTed To naTional conference. On Awards NighT, various members were honored for Their achievemenTs for The pasT year, and Mark Orlando was named DECA STudenT of The Year. WiTh all These accomplishmenTs, members of This year's ChapTer have indeed been, as Mr. Baker said, "hard working, cooperaTive, and a pleasure To be wiTh." HERO Bottom: Jeff Dobbs, Veronica Jones, Greg Adams. Row 2: Donna Gugla, Sharon Reese, Terri Buedick, Tami Zubor. Row 3: Jim Taylor, John Jaslak, Mark Forrson, John Greco, Parri McKinney. Nqi pictured: Tim Burger, Jerry Campbell, Terry Gallicchio, Tarn Ho, LuAnn Stevens, Nancy Suh, CEA Row 1: Ken Jachlm, Jeanerre Jacques, Hans Nelson, Ms. Scorl. Row 2: Laura Schnulle, Jan Swanson, Corinne Blessen, Kim Scheild, Amy Willis, Gina Urban. Row 3: Sandi Passunrino, Marina Arriola. Lorri Garza, Chris Kingsland, Lisa Pacione. XXMENAKERS UF ,mf :I l .ix - wig.. IBAREI NORTH CO-OP Row 1: Doug Morrel, Bob Gul, Judy Onysiok, Sean Cooper, John Callendo. Row 2: Randy Anderson, John Gleason, Becky Saudy, Tom Kobe, George Ojeda, Mike Ciaglo. Row 3: Ron Micel, Tony Ruftlno, Jerry Eichhorsi, Jeff Edwards. Darrell Welson, Frank Tollas. OEA, HERO, CO-OP 111 Row 1: Kris Nicoietto, Kim Manning, Maryiynn Majchrzak, Kristin Gibbons, Wendy Steinbrecher, Hilary Tabb, Tina Greene Row 2: Cathy Flinchum, Robin Peters, Lynn Truchan, Jamie Walker, Rob Mann Row 3: Deanne Jacobson, Sue Bunge, Margo Delmonico, Veronica Medal, Syndy Humphrey, Miss Thomas, Cheri Johnson, Gina Folk CNot pictured: Vicki Dukesj JUNIOR AND SENIOR LEADERS 112 LEADERS Row 1: Lisa Fitzgerald, Anne Rorke, Carol Biewett, Chris Corhiiie, Sue Kiages, Dawn Lo- sek, Sue Mitcheii Row 2: Miss Thomas, Lauren Yerant, Joan Baiiga, Tina Anderson, Barb Magnatowski, Rose Norman, Naomi Bend- er, Patty Hoizer, Cathy Nuil QNof pictured: Hei- di Litzinger, Linda Stra- gandy -5 EQUESTRAIN CLUB Row 1: 0. fo RJ fciose to roiiingp Mrs. Tobey, Kathy Thomas, Karen Gibbons, Pot Whiie, LeAnn Madro, Karyn Duffy, ,Vicki Dukes, Don Ryan. Row 2: Dawn Dooiifiie, Brenda Skidmore, Sondi Romack, Ron Kvosnicko, Cindy Clark, Kim Manning, Julie Schnulie, George Johnson. Row 3: Dee Word fPres.y, Kristin Gibbons, Jeoneiie Perry, Ann-Marie Gunderson, Toni Barber, Dona Borrison, Kaihy Wulf, Mike Marron. Row 4: Kris Nicoleifo Qvice-Presj, Seylindo Lewis, Kim Paiucki QTreas.Q, Kim Meyer, Arlene Perry, Down Stosuk, Denny Dee, Barbie Buyson, Kathy Fiasche, Lynn Szadorski. Joe Nowacki. Row 1: Chuck Tucek, Linda Peiers. Row 2: Rlck Artman, Jeff Chrisiianson, Paul Dorrah. EQUESTRIAN 8: SKI 113 Row 'iz Cseafedj Jackie Moore, Mrs, Jan Tobey Mrs Chojnacki Peier Nguyen Karl Gaii Urban, Kris Eighnor Row 2: Melissa Harrington Qing Vlugnuevq Kuff Nrshlmurg Renato Amador, Wuyi Chua, Rick Gieser Joe Egan YOUTH IN GOVERNMENT Above: Ann Jagerf as Speaker of The House Below: Youth Legislation in session af Springfield 114 YOUTH IN GOVERNMENT NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Todd Fulk. Jeannie Roynor, Kyu Cho, Kim Osirancler, Lisa Moore, Carol Bleweli. Karl Volkmor, Tom Frew. Mike Peterson. Row 2: Lulse Ramirez, Neil Kregel, Amy Sferly, Deanna Sons, Rhandy Weigel, Cindy Derrudo, Sung Kye, Ms. Brandimore, Carol McGuire, Kim Seidliiz. Roberl Walla, Row 3: Lucas Wann, Joan Baliga, Ann Jageri, Sue Owen,fBen Rhee, Sue Schoanover, Anfhony Losurdo, Kelly Noriing, Lonnie Weigel, Dave Lucohesi. FORENSICS Row' 1: Heide Cherim, Dawn Losek, John Kalusa, Donna Zajac, Mark Tenuia, Julie Cohn, l-iilder Garrison, Cathy Null, Lisa Bednar. Row 2: Michelle Wicks, Nancy Darrah, Sue Schapiro, Debby Arwood, Michelle Markham, Slacy Tomson, Della Garrison, Julie Headkee. Row 3: Donna Kasfel, Linda Pelers, Nancy Mucl, Sue Owen, Kim Laub, Dee Mariin. Kris Eighnor. Mary Pisczek, Jeff Sioneburner, Ann Jagerf. Row 4: Danna Burke, Assisianf Coach, Lori Fosler, Kira Kaufmann, Nril Kregel, Trish Nagle, Bill Mitchell, Scott Rawlings, Rick Gieser, Karl Rosenbaum, William Hicks Director. FORENSICS 8: NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 115 THESPIANS Row 1: Rick Ruelas, Cindy Pawlickl, Mr. Bergland, Mr. Jacobs, Deanna Sons, Tom 2: Donna Zajac, Dawn Losek, Sue Zacnreus, John Kalusa, Heidi Cherim, Mark Tenuia Linda Peters, Kira Kaufmann, Bryan Jennings. Row 3 Mary Alice Anderson. Ann McGinley, Wendy Sleinbrecher, Glenn Urban, Mafia Kupriva, Dennise Trop. Row Mike Gould, Sue Owen, Bill Mitchell, Bevan Slauffer, Rick Gieser, Curl Czapski, Marc 1 16 THESPIANS ' 'f 1 Y, CLUB Row 1 QL fo RJ Gina Savegnago, Tina Anderson, Nerry Alcock, Bob Fulk Csponserj. Row 2: Pefe Yundt Art Paschke. Mark Kedziora, Dave Harr, Mike Fiore, Jeff Laschinski. Row 3: Tony Savegnago, Dan Dwyer, Todd Fulk, Steve Bornhoir, Karl Volkrner, Dave Merbach. if M IMPRINTS Row '1:Dawn Losek, Pony Holzer. Row 2: Maureen McGuire, Naomi Speliman. Row 3: Hilder Garrison, John Slusser qadvlsorj, Luis Ramirez. CLUB 8: IMPRINTS 117 EXECUTIVE BOARD Row 1: QI. to RJ Lisa Moore, Rose Andres, Sue Schoonover, Susan La- Susa, Sherri Sanders. Row 2: Shari Suda, Sue Errichlellog Jill Schmoe. Rose Deliloria, Monica Bolling. Row 3: Mrs. Linda Filler, Sue Schapiro, Cherie Palmer, Jeff lCl1ris'riansen, Sandi Parempa, Gian Kelly, Mrs. Robin Criog. SENIOR REPRESENTAIVES Row 1 CL fo RJ Nancy G-rlllo Lisa Okamoio Lisa Moore Sue Schoonover Theresa Paytuvi, Cindy Cerrudo Row! Amy Flynn Barb Magnalowskl Carol Bleweli Sue Kalusa, Rose DeFlorio Lauren Yeranl Anne Cady Row 3 Rick G-eiser Michelle Stiles Poiempa, Sue Errlcnello Kim Oslrander Gina Kelly Party Mongiomery Anne Rorke Bull 118 STUDENT UNION i Jumon REPRESENTATIVES Row 1 QR to LJ Sue Berg, Jill Daebelliehn, Elleanor Andres, Paula Basier, Deanna Shannon, Susan Lasusa, Sherri Sauders. Row 2: Kris O'Brien, Carina Amador, Kim Meyer, Lori Foriier, Muneya Rahman, Stacy Roberis. Row 3: Debbie Kosek, Lori Hansen, Donna Poorelec, Lisa Alpeier, Jean lvlongiomery, Tian Goro. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Row 1 QI. lo RQ Meda Navarro, Allison Karalis, LaTonia Lee, Lisa Lioira, Row 2: Shari Suda, Monica Bolling, Ellen Cady, Geri Blomauisi, Kim Laub. Row 3: Nina Klowawski, Vick Carlson, Trish Nagle, Loreria Olsen, Cherie Palmer, Sue Wawak. FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVES Row 1 QL io RJ Kris Nicoleiio, Paiiy Faxel, Sue Soldai, Rose Andres. Row 2: Jill Schmoe, Emmerich Knobel, Julie Wilber, Chris Ryan, Paula Darrah, Lee Hulka Row 3 K 's E' h W ,. : rr IQ nor, endy Kaleia, Hillary Tabb, Jeff Chrisiionsen, Lori Burger, Dawn Airman. STUDENT UNION 119 FOREIGN LAN UAGE CLUB GERMAN CLUB Row 1: Rob Trenn, Song Seung, Mike SchwarTz Row 2: Mr. Siegmeyer, Dave Fulks FRENCH CLUB Row 1: Helen Hing, Gloria Calanag, El- eanor Andres, Julie Chang, Donna Majchrzak, Monica Guerra, Alex Ser- eno, lrma Aguilar Row 2: Maria Mer- cado, Sandy Ferman, Sandy Becich, Lonnie Weigel, Kim Mulcahy, Carina Amador, Sun Woo, Kris Eighnor, Peier Nguyen Row 3: Toni ATkerson, Lou CounTryman, Bob Zwolinski, YveTTe Abrazaldo, Monica Bolling. Bridger Dreyer, Joe Dalesandro, Nina Klo- kowski, Delores Ward Row 4: Mrs. Drendel, Kira Kaufmann, Millie Gonza- lez, Brenda Waldick, Dan Rorke, Trish Nagle, George Checinski, Rhonda Weigel, Mrs. Pasquinelli SPANISH CLUB Row 1: Joanna PaTano, Leah San- Tiago, Sue Baaske, KaThy Kowalski, PaTTi LuberTo, Lisa Javan Row 2: Cindy Donnelly, Connie Rogers, Deena Di- Cerbo, Ive PayTuvi, Laura Fly, Robin Pe- Ter, Laura Sanliago Row 3: EyeTTe Rus- sell, Moniaue Thompson, Deedy So- poci, Candice Sadie, Carmela Mor- raffa, Johnna Daman, Lee I-lulka Row 4: Mrs. Drendel, Tina Cuellar, Jeneen Lewis, Linda Bonllla, Barb Johnson, Cloressa Davis, Ann Zuberbier. Mindy Bloecher, Sheila Swilley, Mrs. Dowd The foreign language clubs here aT Glenbard NorTh NorlhfesT, where each sell food Typical of help To acqualni sTudenTs wiTh culTures diTferenT from The only do The members geT To one They are used lo. ThroughouT The year, The French, club, buT each also learn To appreclaTe German, and Spanish clubs go on resTauranT field Trips, cuITure can offer. parlicipare in The Homecoming parade, and also' in 120 FOREIGN LANGUAGE 1981-82 PEP CLUB COUNCIL Row 1: Amy Yundi, Micheiie Siorto, Grace Nunez, Dawn Losek. Row 2: Brenda Fergus, Sue Schoonover, Bil! Mitchell, Barb Felier, Monica Boiling. Row 3: Anne Cady, Beth Mcenan, Mary Kay Lockhart Tina Goro. Row 4 Copy Anne Rorke- Pres. Jean Montgomery, Deanna Mast Jeanne Jersic, Debbie Dickason. PEP CLGB 121 198 1 -82 CHEERLEADING SQUAD WRESTLING SQUAD Rose Andres, Christine Poul Karin Hardman, Kim Osfrcxnder, Dusiy Boggs, Denise Bukowy, Perri Montgomery J.V. SQUAD A Row 1: qborfomy Sherry Nowock, Suonne Alore. Row 2: Geri Biomquisr, Ellen Cody, Lori Fermon. Row 3: rropp Dorothy Loodes, Denise Lohgrin, Kofhy Droszec, 122 CHEERLEADING SQUAD VARSITY SQUAD Row 1 Cboiiomy: Sue Ro- goiski, Lolciine Viiog, Lauren Cassidy, Row 2: Erin Boyle, Chris Piocinski. Row 3: Barbie Osgoog. Mary Siropoli. CHEERLEADING SQUAD 12 1981-82 POM PON SQUAD The Pdl1fh6f9H'6S CON RT CHOIR Row 1: fl fo RJ Una Greene, Dawn Daolilrle, Dawn Sla- suk, Debbie Walls, Maria Marforano, Donna Bruce, Nan- cy Shirely, Rhonda Boalrigh f, Carla Allmaras. Row 2: Chns Plocinskl, Karyn Duffy, ldrn Domrese, Jody McGinely, Ve- ronica Jones, Joan Milan, Gina Kelly, Cindu Gerry, Sarah Cavazos, Sherry Nowack. Row 3: Nerry Alcock, Gian Doman, John Kalusa, Marc Hansen, .lm Grilo, Mike John- son, John Glacalone, Tim Tollas, Scarf Krause, Kun' Paz- dra, Mark Tenufa, Jackie Moore. Corrine Blessen, Wendy Kalefa Paskewic, Tom Hennings, Mke Sheryl Waloer, Denise Fdfz, Jean owski, Paula Brazeau. Noi pic Congine, Sharon Lufrer, Ted Cafhy Smifh, Deanna Sons, Donna Zajac CHAMBER CHOIR fum adds- V Row 1: fl. to RJ Naomi Bender, Dan Boyd, Wendy Sfembrecken Mark Orlando, Kns Mcolaides Kris Eighnor. Row 2: Bill Mirchell Jeannie Raynor, Curl Czapskh Sue Owen, Rick Ruelas, Sue Zachreus Row 3: Mary Plsaeek, Kun' Pazdra, Ciela Zehr, Milch Sykora, John lWlan, Sieve Sowa. 126 CHOIR lured. U 3 R QD QW L M L Qi N5 N ,fn QQ xx 5 mx W L A L KJ Row 1 fl. io RJ lvfchelle Markham, Elaine Sofferman, Fran Llcka, Jill Daebeliehn, Sharon Anderson, Siobhan Bafaile, Sfacy Tomson, Deanna Ellison, Lauren Haga, Row 2: Sue Barone, Cindy Donnelly, Elaine Holfz, Teresa Lesiak, Can- dice Sode, Darlene Samson, Dana Ellefsen, Jolly Ramgo- pal, Sue Berg. Row 3: Pam Slikman, Lisa Folk, Noel Diehl Shern Abenli Krisfi Reich, Debbie Jackson, Sue Bleeden, Ronnie Mnlliams, Karen Afilan, Diana Fanella, Carol Head- ley, Row 4: Vicky Kolle, Rachel Glenn, Samaniha Whil- man, Pam Kien, Tracy Keieher, Enka Zehr, Tavia Bender, Laura Pedersen, Lisa Bemos, Cassie Harfman, Sandy Safko. Nofpicfured' Mary Flynn, Pam C-Sosselink, Lisa Han- arahan, TREBLE CHOIR Row 1: fl. fa RJ Monika Hunlen Erin Keifh, Lisa Shaw, Tammy Jeanne Jersie, Sandi Scheid, Sherri Blackwell, Karen Owens, Tammy Melowiiz, Susanne Afgfe, pgw 2: Kris An- Boersrna, Lisa Pigeon. Noi piciured: Ronnie Myers, Lafonla derson, Carlann Dukes, Belinda Targo, Bath Myer, Aice Lee, 77f?G MOf917elOi Reeder, Lisa Liofla. Row 3: Belh Schiever, Diane Lange, CHOIR 127 i l 128 CHOIR , f 1 f 5 A H if-af 1 QL to RQ Jim Grillo, Presideni: Jody McGinley, Treasurer: Jeanne Rciynor, Secretory: Kuri Pczdrq, Row 1: QL to RJ Frank Molson, Darren Walker, Jim Le Koluso. Row 2: Sieve Pinkerton, Ron Courtney, Tim Cebulski. Nofplc:furecL'Deonnc1 Auriemmc, Phil Duffy i-lessing, Don Show, Rick Frosco, Noel Oswald. GlRL'S ENSEMBLE Row 1: CL io RJ Carla Alimaros, Sherry Nowack, Cindy Geiiy, Debbie Waits, Row 2: Rhonda Boatrighi, Robin Ryder. Nerry Aicock. Paula Brazeau. Nofpicfufed' Faye Lopez, Ka- ren Duffy. SOPI-IQMORE CHOIR QL io Ry Kuff Pazdra. Jim Grilio, Cuff Czapski, Mitch Sykora. BOY'S QUARTET Hunier. CHOIR 129 Row 1: QL fo RJ Aiice Reeder, Erin Keifh Lisa Liofia, Tammy Meiawifz, Tammy Owens. Row 2: Karen Boersma, Sherri Blackwell, Kris Anderson. Befh Schierer Lisa Pigeon, Diane Lange. Nor picfured Monika IQ, ff 1? iff izlf. fa 53 an rfb E i im' lx. Q4 'J Q YQ 7? ffm E ,radix f' 9: 4 If X K Q yXYil3 Nix? M, , 5 , e ,gf Row 1: QL1o RJ Sandi Kachurka, Connie Placinski, Jona- ihan Charboneau, Lyneiie Bellei, Michelle Warner, Ka- ren Kolzow, Krlsien l-lill, Michelle Rice, Jill Swanson, Bon- nie Dial, Lynn Kaslel, Randy Gebka. Row 2: Kim Mul- cahy, Kim Fernau, Amy Brandon, Milissa Margon, Amy Gibson, Toni Barber, Wendy Wagner, Laurene Foriier, Kaihy Haley, Jon Wrighi, Scoii Tucek, Carol Dole, Lisa Leiva, Ron Skalski, Mark Phillips, All Cadiz, Perry Thuenie, Janeiie Shefueland, Deanna Shannon. Row 3: Sue Georgean, Rich Emanuelson, Dwight l-lospes, Jeff Shrue, Eric Jacobsen, Clay Smiih, Siacey Creps, Dave Pelerieii, Brian Bezanspn, John Chaffee, Toad Cywlnski, John Rlmbas, Chris Urban, Jackie Mcelynn, Barb Kenneally, Masumi Fulcagawa, Kim Reimer, Anas- Tasia Peppers, Kim Meyer, Janice Meyerm, Mimmy Kaushik. Row 4: Lou Couniryman, Jim Malone, Troy Guy, Mike Yonan, Mark Kowalski, Kenr Olsen, Barb Bry- son, Lori Nansen, Wendy Szyrnel Fijnlk, Cheryl Adams, Jeannie Ricie, Bill Oiori, Donal Esiracla, Jeff Wienshiem, Tom Wunder, John Pascenie, Dale Anderson, Ariel Copre, Ron Kuasnicke, Fred Erickson, Michelle I-laulcins, Ray Schmilz, Mr, Schrafi. SYMPHONIC BAND 131 ' . W Ziff -f 5 3 ii 3 Q? N 3 z faiyfn , f , , V had 2 ', .2 2' it , I fy i1' r' 'nf tip I Q? Q. ' - 4, f' f , 2 W Aw 3,1 i ? , . 01 1 ,f f 2 sf f ? Vi dl w ' 'La Q 'Wi i To I ia? 3 M ,i 42.1 ,Q f. 'Spf , igmggggijii, '- f W i 1 f 1' , ' 7 f I ',,ffgffgf!gf,'f, f . ,V Vf migfgzji 1, v,.f M 4 ww ' , ,Q .ia .VV .4 F? Q 5:2 , X - I f" 'Q 2 'J ffl 4 5 I. .4 , 1 1 X r .. Row 'l: Kim Seidliiz, Kim Oslrander, Mary Alice Ander- son, Kaiie Wrighi, Sharon Peierson, Lori Lyon, Rob Hum- phrey, Diane Greaves, Debbie Hlousek, Lucas Wonn, Jeannie Sianion, Jill Schmoe Row 2: Deanna Masi, Loreiia Olsen, Debbie Dominick, Sue Bunge, Diane Knauer, Sue Wawak, Janei Johnson, Joe Zeh, Marie Bunge, Missy Bouras, Shara Radabaugh, Ken Kowalke, Debbie Beuger, Caryn Chrisiiansen, Bill Drake, LuAnne Sievens, Cindy Taie, Lynn Truchan Row 3: Mr. Schmoe, Lisa Bragg, Judy Nendze, Mylene Estrada, Judy Jones, Dan McLomare, Rich Chaffee, Greg Longoria, Gordon Sieweri, Tim Fulion, Rob Rakowski, Gary Ricke, John Baril, Rick Caialano, George Milner, Dave Gunderson, Anne Fiila, Brian Wis, Karen Priesier, Paulerie Hale, Laur- iel Smiih, Dan O'Brien, Dennis Trapp, Diane McClurg, Kris Connolly, Michelle Madalinski, Kim Lolenisen, Sherri Miiielbrun Row 4: Chris Kozol, Joanna Bryson, Dan Zeh, Mike Feugan, Lori Fosier, Brian Shefueland, Bill Kuban, Jim MoGlynn, Sieve Wolf, Mike Chudzik, Bill Volkmar, Doug Schmoe, Troy Anderson, Joe Jacoby, Jeff Dial, Jim Coulomb, Kyu Cho, Chris Shannon, Jim Mullany, Dave Sllnkman, Jamie Walker, Gerry McLean, Bob Wickersham, Melanie Walker, Bonnie Rich, Tim Burger, Hilary Tabb, Dee Adams, Neil Sullivan, Mike Rekowski, Ken Meyer, Linda Peiers, Donna Kasiel CONCERT BAND 133 4 w 135 6 ADMINISTRATION Mr. Roymond Livingston: Mr. Bert Weber: Principol Superintendent of Schools Mr. Ron O'Brien, Asst. Principol of Mr. Robert Jerrick: Deon of Curriculum STUCIGVWIS Mr. Woyne Stevenson: Asst. Principoi of Operation Mr. Bill Leighiy: Asst. Principoi of Student Personoi Standing left to right: Boord members, John Westover, Robert O'Brien, Norm Hompe Burtis, Seoted left to right, Robert Reinecke, ivlorge Burdeen, Borboro Smith. SECRETARIES v-"' V X -mtg, 1 ggi,- . - ., Row 1: Carole Cady, Calhy Cralhers, Joan Delaney, Jah Fulk. Row 2: Shlrely Heaalee, Barb Holah, Mary Karamil- sos, Elaine Lukowski. Row 3: Barb Obsewlse, Jah Pala- zerli, Theresa Porrer, Calhy Pelersoh. Row 4: Marcia Weaver, .loan Winclmoeller, Pal Wirleveeh, Jah Zah- kowski. FACULTY 137 138 FACULTY ART 'lu Row 1, left to right: Dick Bariz Depari- rneni Chairman, Sue Evans, Ken Kroger. Row 2: Jean Travelyn. AUDIO-VISUAL nighf: Jim Wennersien LIBRARY Middle Right: Barb Sonaalle, Lillian Porter, assi. Librarian x xx BUSINESS EDUCATION Row 1, left to right: Loren Siuvick, Deparimeni Chairman, Mike Baker, Dee Bryja. Row 2: Carol Bur- geii, Don Depa, Diane Garbarino. Row 3: Mary Ki- Tun, Jim Leifel, Linda Morgan. Row 4: Carla Morris- Houk, Linda Scoii, Virginia Wilhelm. F! Mm r WQWWM 9 FACULTY 139 Row 1, left to right: Merle Schroeder Deparirnenl Chairman, Margarel Barrick, David Berdis, Sally Berg, Mar- Qarel Clarkin. Row 2: Kalherine Coyner, Jacqueline DeFazio, Anne Dirks, Dennis Erford, Donna Fabrls. Row 3: Cicllle Gerber, Louise Ham- rnond, Sharon Houk,Magda Kulashy. Row 4: Marly Lundin, Chris Meade, Ellen Nick, Jean Pfolenhauer. Row 5: Mr. Ballo, Marge Robinson, Dorolhy Rudolph, Linda Tice, Linda Young. '. L5 ' ' , gf if Y X x, fit' 1 4 W K2 g 5, 4 Y fc? x N' F , :S .0 , 'iw We A : if QM Q ,. cf QB' , ff, a my G' AW, fri 1 f 1 140 FACULTY I, 'k:4'4li l "WWE f ,. A , 4 1 If ff f Y Q ' f, Il f V ffl . Y M W RM" Q 477' ENGLISH X . X4 j 7 ,""' 5. ff X Z 7 7 , f f f Z7 ' f ff, ff, ' X yy ,iffy , , 4 A 9 f 1 f, , 4 ., ,aww 0 ,, ., .X 4fZf4,95f ff I : Z W ff af , f f ,ff Q I ' , 1 f ff 4 'GW Q f f f f : f , 'Eli 31' .5555 of FOREIGN LANGUAGE Row 1, lefi io right: Tony Diaz, Deparirneni Chairman, Lynn Dowd, Paula Drendi. Row 2: Jan Evans, Jan Pasauineili, Bill Siegrneyer. ,U md, .af , X -A-Gf- ,f' is i if , ,, , . 2- 2? 6 fx -'C SPEECH ARTS M i L f Left to right: Chuck Bergiuna, De- parimeni Chairman, Bob Dickin- son, Biii Hicks, Sieve Jacobs. FACULTY 141 .gl jan, Bill Vuono. Above, lefl To righl: Doug Clark, Deparlmenl Chairman, Audra Griffilh, Glen lvlessmer, Teresa Reilly. Righl: Debra Clark. Far righl, lefl To righl, Aides, Frances Redman, Holly Biro, Gall Hayes, Rulh Ann Allred, Georgia Gaslon. GUIDANCE 1 Row 'l, lefl To righl: lucci, Robin Craig, Linda Feller, Eileen Gascon. Row 2, Gary Law, lnlern Psycholo- gisrg Barbara House, Gilda Ross, Bud Swanson: School Psychologist, Charles Tro- Bob Hubbell, Deparlrnenl Chairman, Judy Bailey, Pam Barlo- SPECIAL EDUCATION ff. 4 l HEALTH EDUCATION Leh Io right Bob Plucinski, Oils Vaughn MUSIC Leti io right: Wendell Schmoe, Depcirlmenl Chairman, William Schrofi, Dick Wager. HEALTH SERVICE Morcelyn Oberliz Nurse FACULTY 143 Row 1, left to right: Doris Weich- mann, Deparimenl Chairman, Alice Ayers, Mary Elin Barnish, Gail Kessler, Row 2: Cheryl Rolhman, Karen Rapp. Noi piolurea Holly Domagola W new 'Wi B4 VW A ? ,J if 'g l saws' cv' I ' .2 .4 Row 1, Iefi io right: Bob Marlow, Deparlmenl Chairman, Larry Dhamers, Bob Lawrence. Row 2: William Mushrush, Bernard Hurley, Nancy Scheiller, Doug Warford. 144 FACULTY HOME ECONQMICS E INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION 7"v-.14 f Q i i l ',, w Z ,-- N-,'f'i A MATH Tl? xk.X ,,,, 5 T V if -' i i f e ,pf X ek S Qx? Row 1, left to right: Rich Slucky, Deparlmenl Chairman, Alfred Allen, Gary Beebe, William Beggs. Row 2: Johnnie Debernard, Richard Forsf, Nichael Franzen, Fred Goan. Row 3: Sieve Jeffrey, Phillip Lindhorn, Carol McNamara, Jim Naf- ziger. Row 4: Barbara Padula, Gerald Sfiegliiz, Dick Slorm. X X Milf J Zfliwwf W fm, NM .. . Y "5 K' 9 ill FACULTY 145 Row 1, left to righi: Neil Hudson, Deporirneni Cnoirrnon ond Ain- Ieiio Direcior, Jon Bouiion, Dove Cudden. Row 2: AI Dovis, Dole Ev- ons, Conrod Eiil. Row 3: Ricnord Kruse, Terry True, Jo Wickboli, GirI's Deporimeni Choirmon, Koy Anderson. Row 4: Sondy Ander- son, Bonnie Bouler, Boniio Bumo, Julie Sioerger. Row 5: Sunne Thomos. Noi piciured, Ron Boligo, Jim McKinney 146 FACULTY , l , as fr if Ti W" 'r' ' , W6 MJ? ,,..,. ,, ,A f ff 4 , 12, ' :iffy , J X X 'AX A, , Q19 f WX W 45: PHYSICAL EDUCATION una: m I f i SCIENCE ff- l, A , in 4 if fi ,, ff f X X Q' aw, , J -1, ' ,.9, 5 i Row 1, Iefl to right: Gory Willioms, De- porlmeril Choirmon, Jo Block, Dolores Cudzewicz, George Gleich, Phil Gronl. Row 2: .lim Jocobson, Belly Jansen, Tom Knulsen, Bob McCann, Duoyne Nyckel. Row 3: Jerry Nyckel, Wolf Scheorer, Sondy Sherwin, Miohoel Slivo, Kim Te- Groolenhuis. 148 FACULTY SOCIAL STUDIES ,5 w fi W ,.- a X , , - . x My .W I1 -V 0, , ' W we -' - A VU 2 W.. , . .wmmo MZ.: " M i 4 ., -... vx1:,s:7,.: V! , z-','??ii1'Q? 'If 5 l A. f S - 53 i - 4, wi' wily. ii i --AA 'f iw ..+,g,,, J M . . A X o "' B ' if 4, : ' 5, Li " - ' rffiffik mi ' 3 K ,,4,,.:, uv. ,'W3"'iffi?a fi ,V Q M 'W V x ' rv. - Mmr, MN-A H 1 .f Smfif wkfhf, S A as f "-r WK f 'iw-,, 'm . fzf 4' ' ifbi' Row 1, lefi io right: Dove iViocPherson, Deporimeni Choir- mon, Mory Koy Brondimore, Jim Cnevoiier. Row 2: Noro Dickinson, Bob Jones, Bruce IVIcConoughey. Row 3: Poul Peierson, John Slusser, Jon Tobey. Row 4: Ron Trouih, Goil Urbon. The SiQhTs And Sounds Of GBN ffl? if jim i ? W f X4 ff af ,f My 27 . 3 Q ' .3 fl Q' wg 4 Q3 11 51 i'g ' ff:,,..LN. gkw , . , ,km f 1 '1 f Q24-M ' Q5 ? J, ,f-2 , 1 JV f f Q .4 Jin., .., X x Aff si A f l . 1 kj, atm. , ? fy if Q 'WY' .5 , . , W 47,49 , U s 4 wwf ifwf, -, fr , . ,' 2, . 11 ww f Q W5 x X., 4 gn WJ if' ,, VO yi +?7?'Z5:1, xv 'L div f 8 '22-as I ' Ip! 'E at , x ,- ., ik 3 7 ,S JUL? Q 9 gk ,, M, if " f 'mf k ,sc , , wk :A - f wf , ,524 I ,J J 2 ,ff 0 O + A I If 0F 1985 FreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmen FreshmenFreshmenl-'reshmenfreshmenfreshmenfresh hmenl-'reshmenfreshmenfreshmenfreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenl-'reshmenfreshmenfreshmen nFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenfreshmenfreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenfres shmenFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenfreshmenFreshme enFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenFreshmenFresl1menFreshmenFre reshmenfreshmenfreshmenfreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshm menFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmen FreshmenFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenl-'reshmenf FreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenfreshmenl-'reshmenFreshmenfreshmenFreshmenFresh hmenFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenfreshmenfreshmenFreshmenl-'reshmenfreshmenFreshmenFreshmen nfreshmen I-'reshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenI-'reshmenl-'reshmenFreshmenFres shmenfreshmenfreshmen FreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenlfreshmenFreshmenfreshmenfreshme enfreshmenfreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenfreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenfre reshmenfreshmenFreshmenfreshmenfreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenI-'reshm menfreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenF FreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenfreshmenFreshmenfreshmenl-'reshmenl-'reshmenFreshmenFresh . C . A Sherri Aoenii, Amy Eric Alava, Diana VV Adams, Oscar Albanito, Lisa fa NV ' ' i Aguilar, Debbie Alrpeier, Corin l Q V, j ' Ahrens 'V Amador 1 L 1 ' if , I " B B V i -. 'aX h F 'S lrx' ' X Debra Anostas, H , Sharon Anderson, X - Elean Andres, Dal Lora Anzelmo, Q, 4, 1 ,M ,A V Anderson, David Shawn Apa, Sofia EV VL , gg, , , 'Anderson Aposiolakos 4 4 X S, , B B Q, B 'X --rv or .1 , ,V , ' " V, Anioneile Toni Barbe C ' , Arkerson, Cindy V Suzanne Ba 2 '- , , "4' M, A .v-. Arwaier. Dean DanVBarion P I ,, ' jg is i , Aurlemma, Audra Basien A'r" ii Q J-xuskainis V 5 V ,X V V V V V VSlobianVVBaiallleg Laura Bednar, 'f' " f Mike Bayer, Stan Brian Beebe, Bryan V VV AQ ,,, Q Balog, Tim Beard geicinson, Cheryl 3, L" 5 2 i V V D ei uss .ge M ,. 513 V V i , i rref f ' V B B V B V V V M Lynette Beliei. V i Tavla Bender, Beih V I V ' r , 'VVV V , ., ' Dina Belvedere, Benevenle, Susan ' V ' H '- V Suzeire Belvedere, Berg Jarnes Black ,. few' 593 VV .tg ' - ' V ' V V ,V, ,r Sue Bleeden, Ron Borysiewlcz, ' 3, Linda Boneiia, Dan Gif1nniBO'rllQiie . ' "V , f i ' ' A fi V Borowlsz, Dona Carmen Boyd, Qi ifif' k "Q , Borresen Nicole Bian ' -3 , " 'K " , " , i K- , if V 'Saule Brak uskas, Chuck Brown, V i VV V'Denyse Bfazeciu, ChGrlesBvrd, Don V if V C " il-VV.l.V5 Ricky Braun, BUCUGVI, KC. if F4 V , 'VAV' NV iii' Veroneca Bruno BUCPUGWY ' , Q :ref T V Vl,v . 3 V ,,,1 1: 7, VV VVV VV'f Q V - "1 V V 1 ,V C ' I..-V , Pam Burrgess, Bili Frank BYDGGI Joe f ,gli V V Bush' Brenda Crackowski, Aiberl 4 ' , , ' J Busse, Rob Baits Cadiz. Kim Cairo , Q' Q . ,V ' VVV VV E 5 , ' V' ,V fy Marianna Renee Carlso Rc ' 1 V, ,x Cumosfg, Jim Carmazino, C ysi l I .l , ,. , 7 , J-1, M Campbell, Liz Carroll, Ala C i V Q r , .1 if ' TV. ig , Canning, Debbie . VV V i,VV .f,.V V4 V if . Comm l C C mes:-:MEN iss Noll Cava, Adam Cavazos, Chrlsiopher Cerrudo, John Chaffee, Rick Chllbaueysch, Ronald Chrnura, Cho Seunghee, Mike Chojnockim. Bruce Clark, Rob Clark, Michelle Caaies, Jolie Cohn, Michael Consalvo, Mali Conre, John Conway, Bill Corgan. Eric Marie Danna. Tammy Darrough, 'Evert Davis, Lori Dazza, Joseph DeCerbo, Noel Diehl, Diana Dlnnlngp Dawn Dombrow. Sylvia Drago, Rita Drago, Dina Drozdik, Mike Druska. Mellissa Ehrhardl, Gary Erlchoff, Dana Eliefsen, Michelle Ellerson. David Ewoldi, Diana Fanella, Brenda Fann, Veron Failma. 156 FRESHMEN Charlotte Chalmers, Julia Chambers, Julia Chang, Michelle Denier Dominick DeCicc:a Nick Desimone Bonnie Dial ' Cindy Tirn Duren, Kevin Durham, Debbie Dwyer. Sheryl Edward Bo Eillnger Deana Ellison Sherry Enienman, Pre Erickson Marianne Marr renda Sandy Sandy Ferman, Laurie Fields, Melissa Fielsarn, Laura Fiore. Lisa Folk, Lauren Foriier, Mariin Freund, John Fuch. Nicole Garry, Jorge Garzaro, Debbie Gales, Ken Gearin. Rina Gionni, Michelle Giay, Sandy Gibbons, Lane Gibbons. James Glowenke, Joanne Glowinski, Ralph Goduco. Doug Grunner, Christopher Guy, Phil Haddad, Liz l-laeger. Lisa l-lanrahan, Lori Hansen, Dayna Hargreaves, Michelle Hari. Carol Headly, Joe Heaney, Jill Halza, Scoli l-iessing. Mark Hoffman. Elaine l-lollz, Vince Hood, Tad l-lorsie. Karen Hulka, Chris lppoliio, Deb Jackson, Eric Jacobson. Rob Firsl, Jirnmy Flinchurn, Laura Fry, Mary Flynn, David Fuiks, Julie Ganser, Andrlana Garcia, Mike Gardnel. Randy Gebka, Sieven Gehrke, Sue Georgean, Mike Giaoobbe. Amy Gibson, Kelly Gleason, Kerry Gleason, Rachaei Glenn. Tina Goro, Pam Gosselink, David Gracki Jr.. Slephanie Gray. Lauren l-laga, Michekke i-lalas, Kaih Haley, Tim Hall, Kaihy Harnab, Sieve l-laifleld, Debbie Havelka. Michelle Hawkins. Scoli Hiidrelh, Roberl l-lix, Thang Ho, Denise Hobson Torn i-louser, Marian Howell, JoAnn Hrascinski, Chris Hrglch. Jonas Jackson, Mary Jackson, Carolyn Janke, John Jendrysik. FRESHMEN 157 Virginia Jocius, Elaine Jofferrnan, Barbara Johnson, Linda Joo. Chris Joyner. Kevin Kaczmar, Sary Kaiev, Tammy Kallas, l-limmy Kaushlk. Kelly Kedzlora, Tracy Kelleher. MQYK KGDDGGIW. Darlene Kllen, Pam Kien. Tina Kline, Nancy Klokowski. Sandi Kochurka, Vick Kolle, Dann , Kanerrz, Dale Koseck, Tracy Kuacaba, Eva Kuczywskl, Dave Kuffle, Tambra Kuklewskl. Dan Laglne, Jane? Lamar, Terri Landherr, Rob LaPage. Debbie Lebich, Jim Lenlhe, Kelly Leonhard, Angela Leska, Eric Lofgran, Roberi Longine, Ed Lopez, Gina Lopez, Bob Lukowslci, Dan Lulier, Tracie Lynch, Lori Lyon. Donna Majchrzak, Susan Malinowski, Bella lvlaranion, Bob lvlarasigan. 158 FRESHMEN ' ,L Debblelohcfiseflf , fl A , George Johnson, ' , 'K , My .-' .V V ,, ., Len Johnson. Scoll ' 241, ' Q, ' a 'i 1 JOYC9' 611, r A , ' . , 4.-, r QT lj "ink" ,, lib, ' ' , ' ' , , - 1 1' , X A" N U , I V' E VV I VVVVV 2 7 ,M Terry Kcmpem V VV ca, , V V V, , lrrr 2 Tm K-fmbfockir , - lrrr , . V 'V Make KaspekVLyVn? V ei V I QV , V , 4 V. , V ' QS QV V' Vx? V V VM LV M V- ' '- 'V 7f"f"' ,,. K if 4-si A., 422325 1 .r 'fr X ff? , 2549 fy L, 2, VV V , .,.,. Eric Kimble, Roberl V A, ' I , 1: 1 V 14, ,.,, VW, Kiama, Mark f W 72 1' af- 1 4 f r c, Klauer, Pal'Kleher. 7 fy, "4 in lj JV ,f , 05V y I, , A f f ' M ,, Q xg' 1 A Q f - Joe Kmieclk, A ,, 4, if 5, 2 ' .A " David Knauer, f L V V, 5' "" N 4 A V QIV 4 ff I W , g 'rf' Q W' , V , 4 V V' Knobllch. j, 5 if , Q3 L L L1 frrr if rr L L ,,, , - , , Debblemsek' r 2 ,, L, " ' W , Terry Kozlowskl, W ,f ,. , V ' r ff, J . 4 .W ,,,,,, 4 f V N , JUll9'KfUl'T'lWlGd9. A31 3 W, W ff ,. , 3i ': V: fi ' W may 5 ,I f V V Vi" Z, for, VV . L. , sf , cms kurfin, Kye W A V il A, f f Kwong, Rick fr V 1 A jj Kwaswseskr, Bill if " , 1,. 4 V Kwaswlewskl. " N ", V' ,V , Linnea LaPama, f V A r , Carol Larkin, Susan ' V, ' V735 r V. 22 ' , LaSusa, Maria V L, - f ,L 1 , in I f" 'ljj V' ,Ig V '25 , VQ V 'J JOM '-eWChClnYnf ' -. A Q32 V, v VV Salynaa Lewis, , Q 5 f , , ,V Fran Llcka,VBob ff VV VV , V. L WMV VfV, .V LICKO. VV VV ,ff A v gn ff V .VVV Colleen Lord, VV , V r Q0 Teresa Losole, A . V , 'V Michelle Ludviksen, 4, W 5 QQ M , Tracy Luebcke. . ' fi ' 4- -V Corrinne Macak, r 5 'Wa f ' ' 5,4 ' ,,, , V Steve Magllo, f ' f , A Laura Manellis, 'N ,. fy ,V K V l. Rusiy Maniegna. t VJ We ' f ' , ' 41' "j ff ' ' ',1,vW.w' Y f A W - V 'QV " Michelle Markham, ' , ,, V K Carmelo Marraffa, ' y ' ' ' Phobe Marlin, Sr Q! A, 7 l V , , Wayne Marllne. f . , f 1 , ,f W - L. ' . Q ' 5 ' f , ff X E I X Q xc' ,jf 0 W 4 4 , ,f .L ' f f M56 , 4 "' I f f ' f af X A f ' WW X ' 4 f X f 1 2 f X f f fp V , V 6,7 M 4? 2 1 ,r f' W4 f sf we 'vi f r f f f f f ff H .4 , K ' . "' ,if f ' f V z f y 1 f f v f"'V if l K Muff Z f W pf ff ff ff uf f f if af. I 4 ' wr' 1 1' 4 ,, M 'F f' Kr up ay , 4 1, - " 1 , 1 f V! ww lo X 1 go f w v f Q, 9 ,l r fy A 9, -.f 4 ' I O 5 . 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Mia Mondragon, Chauni Moore, Lance Moore, Judy Moreci, Jean Montgomery, Richard Mueller, Margrei Mygford, Kim Mulcahy. Mike Murphy, I Tim Newberry, Larry Newton, Doan Nguyen, Maihiue Nguyen, Lori Norling, Jim Nowacki, Kristine O'Brien, Chrisiopner Olson. Cnarlelie Pfeiffer. Mark Phillips, Mark Pienkowski, Terri Pierson. FRESHMEN 159 Dawn Dayner, Patti Price, Patricia Protz, Carrie Ptar. Lisa Rae, Muneeza Rahman, Kathy Redd, Jim Reclinger. Kim Reimer, Carrie Reynolds, Kim Rice, Gary Roback. Bernard Robinson, Chris Robertson. Ted Robertson. Chris Roose, Cara Rosen, Chris Ruhl. Jeff Ruhl, Sandy Marie Saflo, Kim Saphyia, Anthony Santoro, Lean Santiago, Alex Sanabrais. Sherri Sanders. . Mary Jo Sandlin, Gina Sayegnago, Roy Schmitz, Dean Schuff, Liana Scholi, Nanci Sciortino. Tim Sciorrino, Kevin Shaffrey, Alexandria Sereno, Tino Seyler. Janette Shieiyeland, Pat Shipley, Victor Siedleski, Ron Skalski. Jim Sliwa, Clayton Smith, Yasmin Smith, Linda Snell. Wendy Spath, Chris Spero, STGV9 Spilotro, Ronny Stein. Rebecca Stone, Lori Stover, Mike Stropoli, Rick Suchy, 160 FRESHMEN ,wie .,J,- 'M 'K , we . . - ' , I 1 Q, if . .. ' 'ui K fi, l I fgge ,,,,,i - 141-Q K Q 'S Q' L f at , 'i fi i f wa J R Q avi' if Swv' Q Mi Y y 5 J 2 Ii I P gk ' K i K 2 5 , f ' g xg! V i df n itil A QW' wi Q 1 Sgr 5 iw is ff? 4 Y 1 ni 4- .rv 'fx N SA V ww- X 2' M '35 X w i We I " ' hiv we , l I si x I it 7 D s sf 'i i X 'X f. K 32 4 - f f -3 .2 C N ' jr S f gf' we i K 'K 1 R Wx X Kal ai Q' 1 f 3 I X X as sr 11 yy i ir 0 i W 5 4 ,jc X g ,V K, M 'mf ,W 3. :H fi 6 4 , fr , N i 5 v I a -5. f YQ! fi eg 1 Y f' i 5 ,ltr i 5' ,Y , ' "ii I Lisa Puccini, Holly L i faire .i 'i" Pyzyna, Shara ' ' V vi ,VA ' ? Raaabaugh. if ' ' I i-'- , ,, ' i ' , . 4 Bradford Reed, Bill ,L , V , Relea, Kris Reich, ,V ' ,X + R, Chris Relic, ,C A - g Bonnie Rich, xi , ..,.' Jeannie Ricke, -, .. f .J K Jackie Rio, Jerome ,L A W3 -V :" .. 1: Rio. 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Steve BornhoIt,- Daniel Boyd. Marietta Britt, Jerry Broda. You wake up DUSTY BOQQS, Rommel Bon. Erin Boyle, Erick Brandon. Rob Brucato, Joanna Bryson. and time has slipped away Mike Buchholz, Denise Bukowy. Tim Burger, Joanne Bustamante. Kathy Coeti, John Caliendo. 182 SENIORS ' Marie Bunge, Terri Burdickf Andrea Cabrera, Ann Cady. Lisa Campbell, Cheryl Carey. Sarah Cavazos, Cindy Cerrudo. Jake Chambers, Kyu Cho. Alvin Chua, Michael Ciaglo. and suddeng its hard to find Renee Cesich, Rich Chaffee. o Elizabeth Chodacki, James Christatos. Scott Ciancio, Robert Clancy. U the memories you .left behind. Dave Cooper, Sean Cooper. Enrique Corral. Tammy Corso. Victor Damelio, Nancy Darrah. Ed Cornellius, Chris Cornille. Sherryl Crawford, Curt Czapski. Rose DeFlorio, Jeff Dial. SENIORS 183 Debbie Dickason, Marie Diprizio. Gerry Dobbins, Ginny Dobbins. Pam Druska, Dan ' - Dwyer. Vifoq Diprizio, Cheryl Disanris Mike Dollar, Diane Drago Jeff Edwards Jean Ehlenfeldi. Remember, do you remember 184 SENIORS Jerry Eichhorsi, Scofr Einzig. Jim Ellison, Diane Emmett. Suzanne Errichiello, Arnie Escalanie Debbie Estill, Don Estrada. A Thereso EusTcquio, Fcridoh Fczol. Ann Fillc, Corrie Fischer. The laughter and the tears, the shadow of misty gesteryeorrs Amy Flynn, Mike ForTier. Lori Foster, Mike Fowler. Lourcr Frey, Renee Frey. SENIORS 185 Denise Fritz, Scott Fues. Terry Galicchio, Delia Garrison. Julie Getty, Susan Giddll'1S. Todd Fulk, Tim Fulton. Hilder Garrison. Richard Gerasla. Rick Gieser, Greg Giroux. The good times and the bod you see Jack Gleason, Dawn Glover. Mike Gocha, Gail Golec. Dave Green, Mike Green. 186 SENIORS and all the others in between Julie Glowinski. Donna Glugla. Veronica Gonzalez, Gene Greeley. Fena Grersch. Jim Grillo. Nancy Gnllo, Sieve Grunner. Jon Gulherie, Kolleen Guy. Debbie Hall, Doug Haller. Remember, Alix Gualaquira, Mike Guistolise. Scoll Heager, Paulelle Hale. Jim Hannigan. Marc Hansen. do you remember the times of your ,life Dave Harmon, Charles Harris. Debbie Haysleile, Anila Headley. Dean Hejza, Renea Henrickson. Cheryl Harlman, Rudy Haverkamp. y Q Jeff Heiaorn, Robert Heipp. Susan Hennings, Dan Hines. SENIORS 187 James Hudek, Robert Heather lffland, Joe Joseph Jacoby, Laura SENIORS Tam Ho, Cassandra Hoffmann. James Hoffmann. Parry Holzer. Charlene Horvaih, Terri Hofh' ' Reach back to the joy and the sorrow Humphery. Infelise. Jacobi. N Rod Jendrsik, Julie Jenner Ron Jones, Randy Kdczmor. Cynlhlo Kenneolly, Tonic Kennedy. Eileen Johnson, lion Johnson. Gino Kelly, John Koluso. Jim Kilcourse, Chris Kingsland. Put them owoy in your mind. Al Kirk, Sue Klcges. Renee Klemp, A Kennelh Kmiecik. Dione Knouer, Glenn Knobbe. . i X v iw SENIORS 189 Thomas Kobe, Yvonne Koleman. Allison Krug, James Krupke. Sung Kye, Sandi Lagorio. For memories 190 SENIORS ,. "k,' Terri Kowalski, Neil Kregel. William Kuban, Karen Kurowski. Cynlhis Landherr, Lori Anne LaPorTe. are things that you borrow Richard Larson, Jeanelie Lawlonf Lam Le. Myonang Hee Lee. Brian Leonard, Kevin Leonhari. KriSTy Li1'vir1, Heidi To spend when yof: get to Shorri Lufter, Greg Lutz. Bcrb Mognofowski, Mike Mcgni. ' Corol Malec, John Molinowski. .LiTzinger. Pom Lopez, Down Losek. 5 - Melissa Lucas, Dove Lucchesi. tOfT1Off OW SENIORS 191 Paul Maurer, Lorrie Maximov. Diana Mozzone, Diane McClurg. Erin McHugh, Teresa McKinney 192 SENIORS - l Alan Marrero, Michael Marron. Tony Marsh, Jim Marlin. Thomas Mason, Deanna Most. Here comes the sad song Kalhleen May, Kelly May. D Jody McGinley, Maureen McGuire. Nancy McManus, William McNamee. Dave Merbach, Ken Meioyer. Chris Mikenas, Joan Milan Michelle Minh, Bill Mitchell. one by one Kerry Mitchell, Susan Mitchell. Polly Montgomery, Jacqueline Moore. Jirh Mitchell, Kathy ivnicneli. SENIORS 193 Lisa Moore, Terry Morrow. Lori Moseler, Cassandra Moses. Mark Mynall, Ken Myrda. Tom Morton. Phillip Moscalel. Carol Mroz, Rosa ' Muci. Cheryl Napoli, Darrell Nelson. so gather moments while you may Hans Nelson, Daniel Newsom Evelyn Nielsen, Kelly r Norling. Armando Nunez, Jack Nunez. 194 SENIQRS Dan Nollin, Lisa Nied. Roseann Norman, Calhy Null. Jorge Ojeda, Lisa Okamolo. Judi Onyslock, Angel Orlando. . Mike Oslerlag, Kim Ostrander. Roberl Owczarski, Sue Owen. Collect the dreams Belly Packala, Teresa Pagenkoff. Richard Pallon, Cheryl Pavia. Rick Payella, lvelfe Payluvi. gou dream Mark Orlando, Tricia Osborn. Tim Oswald, Dawn O'Toole. Derrick Owens, Lisa Pacione. today Richard Pallon, Kamleshkumar Palel. Jan Pavone, Cindy Pawlicki. T Kun' Pazdra, Scoll Pedersen. SENIORS 195 Tina Peletis, Grace Pena Carolina Petersen, Mike Peterson Jeff Pieper, Dewayne Polley Remember will you remember Cheryl Potts, Gary Pam Peka, Dawn Prim Pugesek A Karen Quirron, Dave Rachelle Quagliano Quiambao. Vinita Ramgopal Luis Ramirez, Veronica Stacey Randle, Ramirez 196 SENIORS Jeannie Raynor u Sharon Reese, Mike Rehak ,Joe Rich, Donna Rizzo Ron Roberts, Anne Rodriguez The times of your life. Rick Ruelas, Anna Ruf Patty Sachs, Ivan Salazar Maria Salviola, Rebecca Sandy Kathy Reiaz, Ben Rnee Paula Roback, Jim Roberts Eydie Rogers, Sandi Romack ' I Patricia Russell, Dan Ryan Lisa Salazar, Cathy Saiutric Suzanne Schapiro, Kim Schied SENIORS 197, Dewayne Schierer, Laura Schnulle Sue Schoonover, Glen Schuliz Jeff Schuman, Denise Seddon Kim Seidlifz, Beffy Sellas Gordon Sieweri, Kathy' Simac Dale Sopoci, Naomi Speliman 198 SENIORS' S SENIOR CLHSS GF 1982 ff fm Tony Senase, Susan Siedleski Tim Smiih, Deanna Sons Sheryl Sienzei, Amy Sierly V tg :.,1 f,:?l1':GIiYQf' -2 i.':5,s,.-M:-, ' i . 5, Nwgk Q- .. . Luanne Stevens, Scott b Stephen X' gi y fmwmmu y ' Linda Stidham, t i' Michelle Stiles 23 Doug Stone, Linda Stra and SENIOR CLHSS OF 1982 Mary Stropoli, Jackie Sullivan, Scott Nancy Sun y Swanson Sheila Swilley, Mitch Don Tabert, Daniel Sykora Tanner. Angelo Tasoulis, Margaret Taylor, Tony Angie Tate Tecza SENIORS 199 Tom Teegan, Elizabeth Thiele Mimi Tiller, Troy Timeon Chuck Tucek. Maureen Turk Erica Valentino, Dan VanBuskirk Janet Vitale, Karl , Volkmar Jim Walker, Melanie 200 SENIORS Walker Daniel Thomas. Maureen Thulis Dennis Trop. Kathleen Trott Laura Turner, Laurie Tysl Stephanie McKrihrick, Ann Jageft Vickie Vannest, Arthur Vazquez- Mike Walczak, Christine Walker Robert Walla, Sheryl Walper use Walsh, Ebnna Weigel Linda Welch, Michael Wellman Lisa Wiggins, Mall Wilbur Lucas Wonn, Eugene Wright Mark Yeary, Lauren Yerani ' Tom Zak, Tea Zajac. Joe Zeh, Celia Zehr. Rhonda Weigel, Jeff Welhshelm' Jay Werner, Pal Wiedel Tony Woilovich, Charles Wojack Katie Wrighl, Mary Yeary. Pele Yundr, Sue Zachreys. ' Russell Zappia, Gerald Zbylul. Kurt Zoellmer, Tracy Walke. A . ssnrons zo1 Greg Adams-Gymnastics 15 HERO 4 Nerry Alcock-Cross Country 3,45 Gymnastics 2,35 Track 1,45 Yearbook 2 Carla Allmaras-Guidance 2,3 Dwayne Alsogrook-Track 1 Linda Anderson-Pep Club 15 Orchesis 3,45 Ski Club 1,4 Mary Alice Anderson-Pep Club 15 Instr, Music 3: Thespians 1,4: Newspaper 15 French Club 15 National Honor Society 4 Randy Anderson-Football 1 Tina Anderson-Cross Country 45 Track 3,4 Troy Anderson-Instr. Music 4 ' Sandra Anttila-DECA 4 Pam Anzelmo-HERO 3,4 Jeffrey Ashton-Gymnastics 1,3,45 Newspaper 3,45 Ski Club 4 Holly Atkinson-Cross Country 3,45 Gymnastics 2,3,45 Track 1,3,45 Equestrians 1 Thaddeus Agustyn-Baseball 25 Basketball 15 Na- tional Honor Society 4 Joan Baliga-Library 1: Gymnastics 1 Kimberly Ballard-Tennis 3,45 Spanish Club'1,2,3 Thomas Bates-Football 1,3,45 Wrestling 1,3,4 Dawn Beisner-Track 15 Student Union 1,2: Thespi- ans 15 German Club 2 Cathy Benavides-Guidance 2 Naomi Bender-Gymnastics 1,2,35 Student Union 25 Pom Pon 45 Ski Club 1 Tina Bender-Student Union 25 Ski Club 1 Daniel Benevente-Wrestling 1 Amanda Berg-Pep Club 15 Spanish Club 1 Tim Berger-HERO 4 Korine Bielech-Main Office 1 Robert Blakely-Baseball 25 Football 1 Stanley Blaszak-Soccer 45 DECA 4 Jean Bleeden-DECA 4 Carol Blewett-Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,3,45 Student Union 4 Timothy Bloecher-Football 3,4 Leta Boggs-Gymnastics 1,25 Cheerleader 4 Rommel Bon-Soccer 2,45 Tennis 3 Stephen Bornholt-Baseball 25 Football 1,3,45 Track 1 Daniel Boyd-Track 15 Thespians 1 Erin Boyle-Gymnastics 1,2,35 Pep Club 1,35 Or- chesis 3,45 Cheerleader 45 Thespians 15 Eques- trians 515 National Honor Society 4 Erick Brandon-Football 15 Ski Club 1 Marietta Britt-Tennis 15 Orchesis 3,45 Thespians 15 Yearbook 2 Holly Brown-Guidance 25 Badminton 25 Equestri- ans 15 Spanish Club 2 Rob Brucato-Basketball 15 Tennis 35 National Hon- or Society 4 Joanna Bryson-Instr. Music 4 Michael Buchholz-Baseball 25 Track Denise Bukowy-Pep Club 35 Orchesis 3,45 Cheer- leader 4 Marie Bunge-Gymnastics 1,35 Softball 2,45 Instr. Music 45 Equestrians 1 Terry Burdick-HERO 4 Timothy Burger-Instr, Music 45 DECA 4 Andrea Cabrera-Orchesis 35 Equestrians 15 Span- ish Club 1 Anne Cady-Attendance 15 Student Union 45 Pep Club 45 Ski Club 4 Kathy Caeti-Tennis 3,45 Pep Club 45 Ski Club 4 John Caliendo-Track 15 Wrestling 1 Craig Cameron-Football 1,35 Wrestling 1 Jerry Campbell-Basketball 15 Football 1,3,45 Track 15 HERO 4 Lisa Campbell-Guidance 1 Cheryl Carey-Orchesis 35 Spanish Club 2 Claudia Carneiro de Paula-Student Union 4 Terence Carter-Basketball 1,35 Track 1 Lauren Cassidy-Gymnastics 15 Pep Club 15 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Newspaper 15 National Honor Society 4 Thomas Castellano-Football 1 Sarah Cavazos-Spanish Club 1,2,3.4 Cynthia Cerrudo-Track 15 Student Union 45 Newspaper 45 Yearbook 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,4 Renee Cesich-Guidance 25 Nurse's Office 2 Richard Chaffee-Basketball 15 Football 15 Instr. Music 4 Douglas Chalmers-Football 15 Ski Club 1,4 r Jacob Chambers-Ski Club 4 Kyu Hwan Cho-Gymnastics 25 Soccer 2,3,45 Instr. Music 45 Ski Club 4 Elizabeth Chodacki-Library 2,3,45 Orchesis 3 Rob Clancy-Golf 3,4 202 SENIQRS - David Cooper-Ski Club 4 Chris Cornille-Cross Country 1,2,3,45 Track 1,35 Student Union 2 Sheryl Crawford-German Club 15 Spanish Club 3 Lisa Crespo-Pep Club 1 Curt Cxapski-Thespians 4 Mary Daddono-Basketball 1 Victor Damelio-Teacher 2 Nancy Darrah-Badminton 25 Orchesis 3,45 Pom Pon 45 Forensics 3,45 Newspaper 35 Ski Club 45 Youth and Gov't, 35 National Honor Society 4 Ronald Darschewski-Spanish Club 1 Joe Dean-Football 1 Rosemarie DeFloria-Student Union 3,45 Pep Club 35 Orchesis 35 Ski Club 45 DECA 4 Paul Destefano-Gymnastics 15 Soccer 2 Jeffrey Dial-Instr. Music 4 Debbie Dickason-Attendance 15 Student Union 45 Pep Club 3,45 Ski Club 45 Spanish Club 1 Wendy Dipisa-Dean's Office 15 Student Union 2 Gerry Dobbins-Badminton 2,3 Ginny Dobbins-Badminton 25 Gymnastics 1 Jeff Dobbs-HERO 4 Lisa Dolin-Pep Club 1 Kim Donrese-Library 4 Keith Douglas-Ski Club 1 Diane Drago-Attendance 25 Dean's Office 15 Nurse's Office 25 HERO 4 Robert Drozdik-Football 1 Pam Druska-Pep Club 1 Dan Dwyer-Baseball 2,3,4 Jean Ehlenfeldt-Science 35 Cross Country 35 Soc- cer 45 Track 1,35 Science Chairman 4 Arnie Escalante-Orchesis 45 Spanish Club 3 Rosalva Escobedo-Library 25 Equestrians 15 Span- ish Club 2 , Deborah Estill-Student Union 25 Pep Club 1,3,45 Spanish Club 1,2 Dondi Estrada-Instr. Music 45 French Club 1 Theresa Eustaquio-Student Union 45 Orchesis 3,45 Newspaper 45 Yearbook 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4 - Ann Filla-Guidance 25 Instr, Music 45 German Club 2 Lisa Fitzgerald-Basketball 1,35 Volleyball 1,3,4 Amy Flynn-Student Union 45 Spanish Club 1,25 Na- tional Honor Society 3,4 Michael Fortier-Basketball 15 Football 1 Mark Fortson-Cross Country 15 Golf 1,2,3,45 HERO 4 Lori Foster-Orchesis 3,45 Instr. Music 45 Forensics 45 Equestrians 15 Spanish Club 15 National Honor Society 4 Theresa Frank-Spanish Club 25 National Honor So- ciety 4 Thomas Frew-Baseball 2,45 Basketball 15 National Honor Society 3,4 Lora Frey-Pep Club 15 Orchesis 35 Thespians 15 DECA 4 i Robert Fulk-Football 1,35 Wrestling 1,3,4 Timothy Fulton-Golf 45 Tennis 35 Instr. Music 45 Ski Club 4 Delia Garrison-Tennis 35 Track 15 Orchesis 35 For- ensics 1,3,45 Thespians 45 Spanish Club 1 Hilder Garrison-Gymnastics 1,2,35 Tennis 35 Vol- leyball 35 Orchesis 35 Forensics 3,45 Thespians 4 Lorri Garza-Spanish Club 1,2 Dave Genthe-Teacher 2 Richard Gerasta-Golf 1,3,45 Track 1,35 Ski Club 1 Richard Gieser-Basketball 15 Football 15 Forensics 3,45 Thespians 45 Newspaper 2,35 National Hon- or Society 4 Julie Glowinski-Tennis 45 Newspaper 3 Donna Glugla-Equestrians 15 HERO 4 Michael Gocha-Spanish Club 4 Gail Golec-Ski Club 45 Spanish Club 1 Jose Gonzalez-French Club 3 Veronica Gonzalez-Orchesis 3 Tamara Goro-Pep Club 15 Cheerleader 2 Erich Graf-Wrestling 1,3,4 Michael Green-Gymnastics 15 Wrestling 3,4 David Green-Wrestling 1,3,4 James Grillo-Student Union 45 Thespians 4 Nancy Grillo-Student Union 45 Spanish Club 2,3 Steve Gruner-Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 1 Alix Guataquira-Orchesis 45 Spanish Club 3 Scott Haeger-Baseball 25 Ski Club 4 Paulette Hale-Instr. Music 4 Deborah Hall-Orchesis 45 Dean's Office 3 Vincent Hall-Track 3 ' Douglas Holler-Ski Club 4 James Hannigan-Wrestling 1 Marc Hansen-Wrestling 15 Thespians 1,4 Richard Hargreaves-Spanish Club 1 Charles Harris-Track 3 Debbie Hayslette-Track 15 Ski Club 4 I Jeff Heidorn-Baseball 25 Football 1,3,45 Wrestling 15 Ski Club 4 Robert Heipp-Gymnastics 1 Dean Hejza-Baseball 3,45 Basketball 1,3 Paula Hess-Ski Club 15 German Club 1 Danny Hines-DECA 4 Tam Ho-HERO 4 Cassandra Hoffmann-Teacher 25 French Club 1,2 James Hoffmann-Basketball 15 Football 1,3,45 Track 1,3 Patty Holzer-Cross Country 25 Track 15 Newspa- per 2 Charlene Horvath-Volleyball 15 Pom Pon 3,45 Ski Club 45 French Club 1 Roy Huffman-Track, 35 Wrestling 45 Ski Club 4 Robert Humphrey-Library 45 lnstr. Music 4 Daniel idler-Basketball 25 Gymnastics 2 Joseph lnfelise-Football 1,35 Track 35 Ski Club 45 National Honor Society 4 Laura Jacobi-Badminton 1,2,3,4 Joseph Jacoby-Cross Country 35 Track 1,35 Instr, Music 4 Jeanette Jacques-Library 1 Ann Jagert-Tennis 3: Track 15 Forensics 3,45 Newspaper 3: Yearbook 2,35 Youth and Gov't. 35 National Honor Society 3,4 Diane Jarzemski-Pep Club 15 Pom Pon 3,45 Year- book 2 Roderick Jendrysik-Gymnastics 3,4 Julie Jenner-Thespians 1 Eileen Johnson-Equestrians 3 Robert Johnson-Football 1 Dawn Josek-Newspaper 3 John Kalusa-Student Union 45 Orchesis 35 Foren- sics 3,45 Ski Club 4 Laura Kearney-Pep Club 15 Equestrians 1 Hina Kelly-Track 15 Student Union 3,4 Norma Kelly-Newspaper 2 Patty Kelps-Pep Club 1 Cindy Kenneally-Thespians 15 German Club 2 James Kilcourse-Equestrians 1 Christine Kingsland-Guidance 3 Alan Kirk-DECA 4 Sue Klages-Basketball 1,2,3,45 Softball 2,3,45 Vol- leyball 3,4 Kenneth Kmiecik-Football 15 HERO 4 Diane Knauer-Badminton 1,2,3,45 Instr. Music 4 Tom Kobe-Ski Club 45 Equestrians 4 Yvonne Kolman-German Club 2 Kimberly Kost-Dean's Office 15 HERO 3 Christopher Kowal-Football 1 Neil Kregel-Soccer 2,3,45 Tennis 35 Forensics 3.45 Spanish Club 25 National Honor Society 3,4 Allison Krug-Softball 2,3 Jim Krupke-Baseball 2,3,4 William Kuban-Baseball 25 Instr. Music 45 Year- book 4 Sung Kye-Reading Lab 25 National Honor Society 3,4 Sandy Lagorio-Attendance 15 Guidance 3 Cynthia Landherr-Cross Country 1,25 Track 1,35 Student Union 45 Pep Club 15 Orchesis 3,45 Pom Pon 3,4: Thespians 45 National Honor Society 4 Keith Lange-DECA 4 Rick Larson-Golf 1,25 Guidance 3 Melisa Lawson-Ski Club 1 ' Jeanette Lawton-Pep Club 15 HERO 3 Brian Leonhard-Swimming 3 Kevin Leonhart-Golf 2,3,4 Denise Leutz-Track 1 Michael Light-Wrestling 1 Kristy Litvin-Dean's Office 15 Track 15 Spanish Club 1 Heidi Litzinger-Basketball 1,25 Softball 2,3,45 Vol- ieyboii 1,3,4 Mary Lockhart-Pep Club 3,4 Pamela Lopez-Track 15 Orchesis 3,4 Dawn Losek-Badminton 25 Gymnastics 15 Pep Club 3,45 Forensics 1,3,45 Thespians 1,45 Spanish Club 1 Anthony Losurdo-Gymnastics 1,2,3,45 Soccer 2,3 David Lucchesi-Tennis 35 Wrestling 15 National Honor Society 3,4 Sharon Lutter-Guidance 4 Barbara Magnatowski-Student Union 45 Spanish Club 2,3 Mike Magni-Gymnastics 15 Ski Club 4 David Marr-Gymnastics 1 Al?-:rr gllirrero-Wrestling 1,35 Newspaper 35 Ski u ' 'Fu 'li A , Michael Marron-Equestrians 3,4: A.V. James Martin-Football 1,35 Track 3 Margaret Martinec-Library 3: Equestrians 3 Francois Martorana-Wrestling 1: Track 1 Debbie Marzec-Track 1 Deana Mast-Softball 2: Volleyball 1,3: Pep Club 4: Orchesis 3.4: lnstr. Music 3 Jospeh Mattingly-Basketball 1 Paul Maurer-Football 1 Track 1.3 Lorrie Maximov-Equestrians 1: Spanish 2 Diane McClurg-Instr. Music 4 James McCormick-Gymnastics 1,2 Jody McGinely-Thespians 4 Maureen McGuire-Pep Club 1: Orchesis 3: Foren- sics 3.4: Thespians 1: French 2,3 Erin McHugh-Guidance 2 Teresa McKinney-HERO 3 Stephanie McKittrick-French Club 1 Gerald McLean-lnstr. Music 4: National Honor So- ciety 4 Danny McLemore-DECA 4 William McNamee-A.V. 3: Equestrians 3 Richard Meister-Football 1: Track 1 David Merbach-Football 3,4: Wrestling 1.3.4: Na- tional Honor Society 4 Kenneth Meyer-Basketball 3: Instr. Music 4: Ger- man Club 1 Ronald Micel-Basketball 1: Football 1 Joan Milan-Thespians 4: Spanish Club 1 Patty Mileusnich-Equestrians 1: Spanish Club 1.2 Bill Mitchell-Wrestling 1: Student Union 4: Pep Club 4: Peer Helper 3: Vocal Music 3,4: News- paper 3.4: Yearbook 3,4: Ski Club 4 James Mitchell-Wrestling 1 Kathleen Mitchell-Dean's Office 4 Susan Mitchell-Cross Country 1,2,3: Track 1,3,4: Pom Pon 3,4: Ski Club 1: French Club 1 Robert Mlejnek-Library 2 Susan Moffatt-Ski Club 45 DECA 4 Patty Montgomery-Track 1: Student Union 2,4: Orchesis 3,4: Cheerleader 4: French Club 1.3 Lisa Moore-Basketball 15 Student Union 3,4: Or- chesis 3,4: Spanish Club 1,2 Terry Morrow-Thespians 1: Spanish Club 1,3: Youth and Gov't. 3 Thomas Morton-Basketball 1: Football 1,3,4 Phillip Moscatel-Basketball 1: Football 1: Track 1,3 Lori Moseler-Pep Club 1: National Honor Society 4 Cassandra Moses-Basketball 1,2,3,4: Softball 2 Janet Mueller-Library 1: Track 1: German Club 1 Cheryl Napoli-Attendance 2: DECA 4 Darrell Nelson-Football 1 Elizabeth Nelson-Pep Club 1 Hans Nelson-Football 1 Lisa Nied-Ski Club 1 Phyoc Nguyen-Library 3 Kelly Norling-Orchesis 3,4: Spanish Club 1.2 Roseann Norman-OEA 2.3: Pep Club 1: Spanish Club 3 Jason Noto-Ski Club 4 Catherine Null-Gymnastics 1,2: Pep Club 1: Thes- plans 4: Newspaper 2,35 Spanish Club 1: Youth and Gov't, 3 Armando Nunez-Cross Country 1,2,3,4: Gymnas- tics 1: Track 1,3: Ski Club 4 Jack Nunez-Gymnastics 1,2,3: Soccer 1.2 Jorge Ojeda-Football 1: Gymnastics 1: Soccer 2: DECA 4 Lisa Okamoto-Student Union 3,4: Pep Club 1.3: Newspaper 1 Angela Orlando-Thespians 4 Mark Orlando-DECA 4 Tricia Osborn-A.V. 3: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4: Pep Club 1: Equestrians 3 V Kimberly Ostrander-Gymnastics 1: Student Union 4: Pep Club 1: Cheerleader 45 lnstr. Music 4: Equestrians 1 Dawn O'TooIe-Guidance 2: Basketball 2,3: Vol- leyball 3 Peter Oury-Gymnastics 2: Wrestling 1 Robert Owczarski-Track 3 V Susan Owen-Stage Crew 4: Forensics 1,3,4: Thespians 1.4: Drama 1: French Club 1,25 Na- tional Honor Society 3,4 Derrick Owens-Basketball 1,3,4: Football 4: Gym- nastics 2,3 Deanne Palazzo-Student Union 2: Pep Club 3: Orchesis 3: Cheerleader 2: French Club 1 George Panos-Football 1 Kurt Paskewic-Library 1: Thespians 4 Richard Patton-German Club 1 Cheryl Pavia-Yearbook 2: Ski Club 4 ' Janice Pavone-Guidance 3: Pep Club 1 I Cindy Pawlicki-Orchesis 3: Pom Pon 4: Thespians 4 lvette Paytuvi-Student Union 4: Yearbook 1,2,3,4: Ski Club 2,3,4: Equestrians 1: Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 ' Kurt Pazdra-Thespians 4: French Club 3.4: Nation- al Honor Society 4 Kristin Pedersen-Track 1 Scott Pedersen-Basketball 1: Football 1 Pamela Peka-Pep Club 1 Tina Peletis-Ski Club 4 Terri Perfetto-Pep Club 1: Ski Club 4 Tony Perfetto-Baseball 4 Carlina Petersen-Dean's Office 3: Pep Club 1 Michael Peterson-Basketball 1: Bookstore 3: Cross Country 1,2,3: Track 1: National Honor Society 3,4 Mindy Pfotenhauer-Equestrians 3 Denise Phillippi-Orchesis 3 Jeff Pieper-Basketball 1.3: Football 1.3.4 Dewayne Polley-German Club 2 William Pond-Wrestling 1,3 Sandra Potempa-Track 1: Student Union 2: Pep Club 1: Orchesis 3 Cheryl Potts-A.V. 1: Pep Club 1: Orchesis 3,4: Forensics 3,4 Luis Puente-Ski Club 4 Dawn Pugesek-DECA 4 Dave Quagliano-Football 1 Rachelle Quiambao-Orchesis 4: Yearbook 1,2,3,4: Spanish Club 3 Tony Radford-Football 1 Vinita Ramgopal-Orchesis 4 Luis Ramirez-Library 3,4: Yearbook 2: Ski Club 4: French Club 1 Veronica Ramirez-Tennis 1: Yearbook 3.4: DECA 4 Stacey Randle-Gymnastics 1: Pep Club 1: Or- chesis 4: Pom Pon 2.3.4 Dave Ransom-Basketball 1: Golf 1,2,3,4 Jeannie Raynor-Gymnastics 1.2,3: Pep Club 1: Orchesis 3: Pom Pon 4: Thespians 4: National Honor Society 3,4 Sharon Beese-HERO 4 Lynn Regilio-HERO 3 Michael Rehak-Football 1 Kathleen Rehaz-Spanish Club 2,3 Lisa Rellinger-Spanish Club 2 Ben Rhee-Gymnastics 2: Soccer 2.3: Wrestling 1,3: Ski Club 1: German Club 1.2.3 Karen Rich-Library 1: German Club 1,2 Joel Rio-Gymnastics 1 Donna Rizzo-Pep Club 1 James Roberts-Football 1: Track 1,3 Anna Rodriguez-HERO 4 Edyie Rogers-Pep Club 1: Pom Pon 3,4: Ski Club 4 Sandi Romack-Cross Country 3: Track 3,4: Equestrians 4 Anne Rorke-Student Union 2,4: Pep Club 1,3,4 Rick Ruelas-Forensics 4: Thespians 4 Anthony Ruffino-Track 1: Wrestling 1,3,4 Patricia Russell-DECA 4 Danny Ryan-A.V. 1,3: Equestrians 3,4 Patricia Sachs-Spanish Club 2 Scott Safbom-Guidance 1 ivan Salazar-Basketball 1: Tennis 3,4 Lisa Salazar-Dean's Office 4 Cathy Salutric-Gymnastics 1,2 Rebecca Sandy-French Club 1 Mary Scales-Track 1: Thespians 1 John Schade-Wrestling 1: Spanish Club 1 Suzanne Schapiro-Student Union 4: Orchesis 3: Forensics 4 Kim Schied-OEA 2.3: Spanish Club 1 Sue Schoonover-Track 1,3: Student Union 2,3,4: Pep Club 1: Forensics 3,4: Ski Club 4: French Club 1,2: Youth and Gov't. 3 Dana Schrubbe-Student Union 2: French Club 1: DECA 4 Denise Seddon-Volleyball 1.3.4 Kimberly Seidlitz-Science 2: Basketball 1: Instr. Music 4: German Club 1: National Honor Soci- ety 3,4 Betty Sellas-Track 1 Tony Senase-Football 1: Wrestling 1,3 Linda Shaw-Softball 2,3: Spanish Club 2 Susan Siedleski-Nurse's Office 2 Gordon Siewert-Basketball 1: Tennis 3: Instr. Mu- sic 4 Kathy Simac-Student Union 2: French Club 1 Tim Smith-Soccer 3 Dana Sons-Forensics 4 s Deanna Sons-Orchesis 3.4: Spanish Club 3 Paul Spartz-Football 1: Wrestling 1 Naomi Spellman-Student Union 2: Forensics 1: - Newspaper 1,2,3: French Club 1 Bevan Stauffer-Football 1: Soccer 2: Thespians 1 4: Sheryl Stenzel-Gymnastics 1,2,3: Pom Pon 4 Amy Sterly-German Club 1,2 Luanne Stevens-HERO 4 Linda Stidham-Guidance 3: French Club 1 Lingo Stragand-OEA 3: Spanish Club 1,2,3: Pep lub 1 Mary Stropoli-Pep Club 1: Cheerleader 4: News- paper 1: Yearbook 3 Nancy Suh-Badminton 2,3: HERO 4 Jackie Sullivan-Gymnastics 1.2.3: Pep Club 3,4: National Honor Society 4 Stephen Sullivan-National Honor Society 4 David Sutton-Football 25 Track 1 Scott Swanson-Wrestling 1 Sheila Swilley-P,E. 3: Basketball 3,4: Spanish Club 3,4 . Mitchell Sykora-Basketball 1: Cross Country 1,2,3,4: Track 1: Thespians 4: Ski Club 4 Angelo Tasoulis-Football 1: Soccer 2 James Taylor-HERO 4 Anthony Tecza-Baseball 2: Football 1: Spanish Club 1 Thomas Teegan-Wrestling 1,3,4 Cathy Tesluk-Pep Club 1: DECA 4 Daniel Thomas-Basketball 1: Cross Country 1,3: Track 1,3 Mimi Tiller-Student Union 2 Troy Timeon-A.V. 1: Thespians 1 Frank Tollas-Thespians 1 Dennis Trop-Cross Country 1: Golf 2: Stage Crew 4: lnstr. Music 4: Thespians 1.4: French Club 1 Chuck Tucek-Football 1,3,4: Ski Club 4 Maureen Turk-Student Union 2: French Club 1: National Honor Society 4 Laura Turner-Spanish Club 2 Laurie Tysl-Thespians 1.2: Equestrians 1,3 Daniel Vanbuskirk-Ski Club 4 Vicki Vannest-Guidance 2 Arthur Vazquez-DECA 4 Janet Vitale-Spanish Club 1 Karl Valkmar-Basketball 1,3: Football 1.3.4 Long Vu-Soccer 2,3 Mike Walczak-Football 1,3 Christine Walker-Pep Club 1: Orchesis 3.11: Pom Pon 4: German Club 3 James Walker-Cross Country 1,2,3: Gymnastics 1,2,3,4 Melanie Walker-Track 1: Volleyball 3: Pep Club 1: Instr. Music 4: Spanish Club 1 Robert Walla-Baseball 2.4: Basketball 1,3 Sheryl Walper-Scott 1,2: OEA 3: DECA 4 Lisa Walsh-Attendance 1: Badminton 1: Pep Club 1 Elonna Weigel-French Club 1,2,3,4: National Han- or Society 3,4 Rhonda Weigel-French Club 1,2,3,4: National Honor Society 3,4 Jeffrey Weinsheim-Football 1,3,4: Wrestling 1: Instr. Music 4' Linda Welch-Lab 1: Pep Club 1: Cheerleader 2 Matthew Wilbur-Gymnastics 2,3,4: Ski Club 4 Sheila Williams-Spanish Club 2 Anthony Woitovich-Newspaper 1.2 Lucas Wonn-Track 1,3: Student Union 2: Instr. Mu- sic 4: Forensics 3: Yearbook 2: National Honor Society 3,4 Eugene Wright-Baseball 2: Basketball 3,4 Kathryn Wright-Basketball 1,2: Instr. Music 4: Thespians 1: Youth and Gov't. 3 Mark Yeary-Football 1,3,4: Wrestling 1,3,4 Mary Yeary-Pep Club 3,4 Lauren Yerant-Student Union 4: DECA 4 Peter Yundt-Baseball 2: Football 1,3,4: Wrestling 1,3,4 Suzanne Zachreus-Thespians 4: French Club 1 Thomas Zak-Baseball 2: Track 3: Wrestling 1 Russell Zappia-HERO 3 Gerld Zbylut-Football 1,3,4 Joseph Zeh-lnstr. Music 4: National Honor Society 4 Celia Zehr-Thespians 4: German Club 2 Robert Zuberbier-Ski Club 4: National Honor Soci- ety 3,4 SENIORS 203 KANGAROC CUURT 1982 V2 U V, 1 www MW mm! 4 yfff V . ,fl X I W, jf! , ' f Z' iw f l lvlosl Likely To Succeed Ann Jogerl ond Mike Pelerson Clclss Clown Bill Nlilchell ond Down Losek 204 KANGAROO COURT E 1 if K Biggesl Jock ond Jockelle Besi Figure Don Dwyer ond Sue Kloges Sue Mitchell ' 'J ' NE..L I 0 Best Sense of Humor Cuiesl Couple Mork Yeory ond Deb Dickoson Tim Bloeoner ond Denise Seddon J W,,.o y l il? ji will X K ' L ,,l. KANGAROO COURT 205 I Xi 4 ki ,,,...,,.. .v.,--1-..w-ma. . Q V W, 2 Mui , f," it ,f my 'lg 1 f T f , , , , a 'Zi' ,lynx , Q. , , SW, U, , J. 4, Z " N ,W ,Q ,J 027697 A1045 As evidenced in previous years, the Junior-Senior Prom was always a big event for the Glenbard North student body. This year proved to be no different. The featured band, Diamante, played until 44:00 p.m. and really kept enthusiasm alive until the very end. The Carlisle, located in Lombard, was the per- fect place to hold this special occasion. The plush atmosphere set the ideal background for a very romantic evening. This year's theme and prom title was "Open Arms." Before the evening ended, Mark Yeary and Rose DeFlorlo were an- nounced King and Queen. This is one prom many well not forget, not for a long time. . If f-gf 2 ' - , A zoa mom y Q Prom Court leh' To righi Mcry Sfropoii, Sue Schoonover, Susan Mitchell, Naomi Bender, Queen Rose DeFiorio, King Mark Yeory. Tom Bates, Steve Bornhoir, Jerry Campbell, Steve Gruner. R431 'WB' PROM 209 Z0--IPCUPDGT T , W X u el. Zia :T WT , ., ' 5 . ,ji 5 X af For the graduating class of 1982, the commencement exercises were held on Sunday, June 43. It was a warm. sunny day when the graduates marched in to a full-packed gymnasium to participate as well as to witness the final step of their high school years. " Commencement 1982 was very well programmed. To start the program, Rose DeFlorio, class president, made a welcome speech. lt was followed by the presentation of the class gift, a trophy case for the state championship trophies, by Sue Schapiro, the vice-president of the senior class. This class was not only active in extra-curricular activities but in academic activities as well. This year's top ten were: Thomas Frew Cvaledictorianj, Michael Peterson Qsalutatorianj, Elonna Weigel, Kim Seidlitz, Debra Jeannie Raynor, Robert Zuberbier, Neil Kregel, Lucas Wonn, Dave Lucchesi and Jackie Moore. Bill Mitchell was selected to receive the Senior Honor medal. Congratulations to the class of 4982! Glenbard North did lose a good class --- a dedicated class. GN would always acknowledge the pride with which it sends these graduates into a more challenging world, but for certain a more fruitful one. GRADUATION 2 1 1 if A as '9 2 ,, Q fx, 'Lx Q N 2 i s ' .ni X, ' ' 'zwinf' X 5,42-523.5 J ,ww- .X g,g5f,Q2" fam - 'V .g:,xg3?j' X'-E, Qgngw A ,5,?11iff?b,, . v ' 7 mfg., " ' , 72, " ' ' fi' ' L, 71 fy, M , ,, , , . fn , , f Qfzyfj , 4 Eff, vl,f,!' 'ff 7 W ff fiff,4', Zffffwiz f . 1 X, 424 Af , M fyyfffj 7 'ff' Cf' f ffbwfw f My L s 6 3 2 X 3 . ,jf al ? 34-'ff' 'jzzgiy " wb sa f 21,5 .1 P' in - ' A 4 5 Xf , A 4-,A . '4' W f 4 9- I ' 11 f ' . Q mf" Q ' ffm Q sf-2 5 14, f,V4,w5,i ,c , my mf 5 f f ff f fffff fl' L 5 f 'J L ..,.., ,MPX .... lx an 'dh Q ff . A 'I 54' , Q ' x Y . , ,I VW? s .-f. 5, ,335 , , ws? N, S sa K f Q59 P ' GQ K 'f Mba ij Xf :sk ,' 5' Q ,K , 1, f r, L za '0,, 4 . ,ff W 1 ws, 21514 xx, .Q f gg fav' , "" 1 b , . . 1 " L R ft-, J ' , 5 t - ,. W5 ' 'G sf' LA ,gk 5 ' A ,J 53:1 x , I , , a f 125 'f " - , + 4,9 ,X ,Q . A ' 39, 5 3, gtk . f S .Q . , , .rf A -N, -5-9.a.Z.m . , ' . , f. J . , - Q 0-,,, 2 3 1 ' 'X ' F .. 54 I V V' Y ,V f qkwifig i, ,, , 1 , D S f.-I 2 , , ,x f tr' " Wy , Q ,ff ,ai , ff? 'YN M A N 2, 5I'5A"'i ,S ,,f"X , , v -ff 2 ', ', .5ii L "i, Q-, Wy' wa.-Afz MXN. , if f ' D'f,j- ., ' , 75-'-'lf -iw' f , , 1 A, J 3, V 1 . fi f. 3- . 7. Maxfx W wg ,V . " 5 , l , ' " 4 VESMBQ4 ' 'f 342 x 5 IK ak wk Lf, ,- hi1N " A fQ9w 3.351 "iii X 43' 'VQRM 4, , .QZXJYQ ity wmQA y Q M. . .. V, . v A , 5 ., . , xgxfilff jxilf 51, V: f ' V' N 'ef 1, if K N fw M, u s..'pMw fb -Q YW- fiyy, fvQ?f..fwf'Tf' 114 ' - 5 idx V -33-if ff: Nw 'J i iw. ' A -, fwfffi? 31233, . I Q my W- -,Q:, ,n,,- fa, ' M' J -1, Ei'3.,,H Y ' M 1 ,- 1 Q ff fi f,",'f'Tf,4-i.7fs 1 fs .-0+ A I Q . 15' FK J' X 3 fif fi f '41, 'Sri Q I f fk, , 2 V, -M. .W H.. . fm Sy. ' . 4 we 1 'A L X A If' ., www sw . Q. P ,ff q - 1 5 ' , ' f ' "1 3,429-j.,gL5Q, 'ff' W. . 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Row 2: Kurl Schiele, Jeff Williams, Pele, Allan, Joanna Palano, Gina Villanueva, Parry Faxel, Ann Jagerl. Row 3: Bill Kuban, Sue Klages, Tricia, Ken Domauich, Bill Milchell, Jerry Rahn, Cloressa Davis, Luis Puenle, Sue Schapiro, Mrs. Travelyn. a M iff wie ' M .WW - ,JCL 'f' 73" fwsf-WWW www ' WM ' W. yn. U1-ff-wwf 7m O21 wa: , St-U2.,pLqJ14ul EDITOR PAGE 215 WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS - MY FRIENDS AND WE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING TILL THE END WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS - WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS N0 TIME FDR LQSERS .... CAUSE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD IN MEMORY OF. ., V, V . .,v-, :,feQ:w-,:fv-..- --Y - k,LL Xxh, L L ,,., X. ,x,.A D N -. 1 N ,- E m ' ,, ' x "ii . 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Suggestions in the Glenbard North High School - Aquilo Yearbook (Carol Stream, IL) collection:

Glenbard North High School - Aquilo Yearbook (Carol Stream, IL) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Glenbard North High School - Aquilo Yearbook (Carol Stream, IL) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Glenbard North High School - Aquilo Yearbook (Carol Stream, IL) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Glenbard North High School - Aquilo Yearbook (Carol Stream, IL) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 220

1982, pg 220

Glenbard North High School - Aquilo Yearbook (Carol Stream, IL) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 154

1982, pg 154

Glenbard North High School - Aquilo Yearbook (Carol Stream, IL) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 219

1982, pg 219

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