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l 'Qb'v .F p. X V. AC 3,... .17., 4555 r . K ASHU$ . a :VV5L . 4m 55$. . 5m .. 5. .74 SI So many students- All of us so different - Faces. personalities-none of us alike Yet-The magic of it all is We manage to find our own comfortable niche here at Glenbard East This page, above: The French Club performed a dance complete with colorful costumes. Top right: The German Club used props to illustrate their folk songs. Bottom right: Guests enjoyed the Italian booth. Opposite page, top: The Indian dancer performed a traditional dance prayer. Bottom Ielt: Some of the Hfaces in the crowd." Bottom right: The Italians performed a folk dance during the evening performance. ETHNIC FESTIVAL Many of the ttfaces in the crowdtt at Glenbard East were brought together on Nov. 18 to participate in the Interna- tional Ethnic Festival. Some of the nationalities that par- ticipated included Italians, Greeks, Chinese and Poles. The German, French, and Spanish ene tries were handled by their respective foreign language classes. The AFS club was also involved in setting up a dis- play booth. The display cases throughout the school were decorated by the various ethnic groups during the Festival Week. The cafeteria enhanced the week by ser- ving a different ethnic group's food each day. On Festival Day, the ethnic booths exhibited pictures, needlework, carvings dolls, and other cultural artifacts. Most booths also made available authen- tic food samples. Later in the evening some of the groups presented dances and songs from their respective countries, This page, bottom: Our Varsity Rams battle aganst the Downers South Mustangs Top right: Wayne Long helps Dave Alengo build up speed during the big wheel race time trials. Below: The Rahs get rowdie before the game. Opposite page, top: Gary Deliberto, rough and ready for his halftime performance. Bottom left: Coaches Tom Minser and Mark Siebert discuss their teams' game plan. Bottom right: Bob Daudelin carries on an end around. 10 HOMECOMING Our 20th anniversary homecoming was definitely one of the best in Glenbard East's history. Many students enthu- siastically supported and participated in the 1978 homecoming activities. Homecoming week's events started with the class competition which pitted all of the classes against each other in such events as the penny drive, the trisbee throw, tug-o-war, the big wheel race, and the volkswagen push. The class of '81 finished as the overall champion in the class competition as well as the penny drive. They collected a total of $124.06 for first place. The class of '80 captured second with $80.13. The class of '82 received third with $55.07, and the class of '79 came in last with $42.57. The largest number of ballots cast in several years made this year's home- coming court election an election to remember. The court included: King- Mike Gaul and'Queen - Sue Owens; class of '79 representatives Mark Hardtke and Julie Adolph, class of '80 representa- tives Rob Schertz and Maggie Lichten- burger; class of '81 representatives Tom Katula and Linda Troyke; and class of '82 representatives Scott Davis and Marcia Brehm. Homecoming weekend festivities began on Friday evening with the first annuai Car Caravan. The Caravan, which travel- 11 0 G.E. IS G.E. IS Doing work in class Teachers with unusual teaching methods Never ending gossip Relaxing in the library ' Faces in the Crowd". 15 16 This page, right: How many people remember when we had gravel parking lots? Below: A varsity baseball shot from a few years back. Opposite page, top: Ray Repp, Russ Bauer, Darrell Logan, Ray Novak and Bruce Kmoch during homecoming parade in '65 Opposite page, bottom: An early typing class. Notice that Ihere are only a few electric typewriters. . am a rm ulmizx Ir. .u I: IN; .9, uaa v.1 4t G.E. 20TH When talking about the history of Glenbard East in the past 20 years, it is hard not to draw a parallel between the school and the surrounding community. It is as though the activities in Lombard were also those of Glenbard East; events within Glenbard East were events within the community. Glenbard East was well accepted after its first few years. HLombard responded very well to us," said Principal William E. Rider. ttWe sort of grew into the thing, but the real thrust into the community didn't begin until four or five years later" Soon after G.E. opened, its atheletic teams became involved. Cross-Country and Football teams practiced at Sunset Knolls. Games were held in the Lombard Commons. The most supported atheletic events, by far, were the 1977 baseball team's 2nd place finish in state competition, and the 1964 basketball team's participation in the state tournament. 17 18 G.E. 20TH Over the years East has participated in the Lilac parade. The parade has started here at East for many years, and G. E. can boast of having some of its girls chosen as Lilac Queens, including the 1979 Queen, Miss Gaye Rivers. Another outstanding accomptishment of East has been the Senior Citizen's Seminar. The seminar, set up to help bridge the generation gap, has provided seniors and students the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and attitudes. The seminar has become one of the most popular spring- time events in the school and in the community. Yet another notable achievement was the '79 Ethnic Festival, held at East. The festival provided students and community members a chance to learn of other cultures and ethnic groups besides their own. 19 20 REGISTRATION What is registration? It's new books, confusing schedules, old friends, and a fresh start to another school year! Conversation includes up-to-date gossip, gripes about this teacher or that, praise about this teacher or that, and dissertations on the familiar iiWhat I did Over Summer Vacation". But whether students had a summer filled with sun and surf, baseball and hotdogs, or work and trudgery, most were glad to see school in session again. The Freshmen orientation program, presented by the GE. student council, was helpful in removing a little of the bewildering newness of the first days of high school. 21 Tradition! Tradition! Following Glenbard East's theater tradition, this year's fall musical, Fiddler on the Roof, was a great success. A wide variety of students from all classes tried out for our first musical since 1975. Among these new faces was Megan Pryor, the Australisn exchange student t who played Tevyes' wife, Golde. Lombard Villiage President Mardyth Pollard proclaimed Oct. 30 e Nov. 5th as being Fiddler on the Roof week in Lombard. The three proformances, Nov. 3, 4, 8t 5, were filled to capacity with the crowd rewarding the cast by giving them standing ovations each night. 22 Work began after the tryouts were held with the usual ritual of rehearsals, set building, prop hunting and costume designing. The music department got involved and selected their finest musicians to perform during the play. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Tevye, the Dairyman .................... Jim Sheldon Golde, his wife ....................... Megan Pryor Tzeitel, his daughter ................. Eiieen Peterson Hodel, his daughter .................. Sandy Seegers Chava, his daughter .................... Lisa Murphy Shprintze. his daughter ................... Nicki Max Bielke, his daughter ............... Noelle Bou-Siiman Yente, the Matchmaker .............. Gina Sparacino Motel, the Tailor ........................ Scott Meyr Perchik, the Student ..................... Dan Haley Mordcha, the Innkeeper ............... Frank Markov Lazar Wolf, the Butcher ................. Tino Bellusci The Rabbai ............................ Mike Bolton Mendel. his son ..................... Bruce Watkins Avram, the Bookseller .................. Matt Caruso Nachum, the Beggar ................... Gerard Bava Grandma Tzeitel ....................... Wendy Wells Fruma Sarah ........................ Caroiyn Young The Constable ....................... Jerry Spivack Fyedka .................................. Dan Hoim Shandel, Motel's mother ............... Cheryl Wiese The Fiddler ......................... Scott Schalund Two Boys ............... Greg Mickle, Doug Peacock 23 DANCES There were several dances the students at East had the pleasure to participate in, starting in October with the home- coming dance entitled "The Way We Were". There were several ttsock-hops" during the basketball season, usually after the games. In the spring there was another benefit marathon for the Muscular Distrophy Assoc. The year ended on a formal note with the prom on May 25. The dance was entitled ttAlways and Forever" 25 Tino Bellusci and Noelle Bou-Sliman in action. 'wr Matt Caruso, Carolyn Young, Chris Ritt Enjoying The Drama. 26 THURBER CARNIVAL in style and taste ' A Thurber Carnival" provided a wonderful world of meaningful nonsense for all who attended the performance. CAST First Woman ....... Noelle Bou-Sliman Second Woman ...... Ann McCormick Third Woman .......... Therese Mass Fourth Woman .......... Lisa Murphy Fifth Woman .......... Cathy Theilberg Sixth Woman .......... Carolyn Young First Man ................ Tino Bellusci Second Man ............ Matt Caruso Third Man ................ Dan Holm Fourth Man .............. Mike Nosek Fifth Man .................. Chris Ritt Sixth Man .............. Dan Sampey w 27 a $1 3.643., in .P $54? 3 x f. L BLIZZARD OF 79 How many of you have T- shirts that say ul survived the Blizzard of 79"? You probably remember the snowed- in cars, fights over parking spaces, endless shoveling, -300 winds, 80-plus inches of snow, etc., etc. But how many of you remember the simple winter beauty? Please allow us to indulge in a little photographic artistry by Dan Tani. 29 30 31 i3 a:lw K, Mg 32 Debbie Schertz '82 Life Spring's fresh misty mornings New green grass, cool crystal dew Winged songs glide on clear breezes First steps taken in many new directions Excited individuals find new companions Summer's warm afternoons Fresh-cut grass and swimming pools Children's shouts and sweet popsicles Lovers sunny in the strength and security they exchange Fall's cool dusk Light jackets and falling crimson leaves Partners in life are as one, their lives apart disappear in the distance Winter's razor-wind nights Dark silence and tired animal sighs Death's blinding white embrace Is it a dark ending, or a brilliant white beginning? Thomas Kendall Jozwiak ,79 Pat Wagner '79 it's been a long time a Since I talked to you last i , ' a i The time has gone quickly ' ltls flown by so fast The days have been cloudy The skies have been dark ,, - , And all that is left . l ' V , a . is this one little mark ' Of you. The pictures we painted Are up on the wall They're hanging there loosely But soon they will fall 4 Don't leave me alone . t t With these memories of you My feelings aren't happy . instead they are blue L M ' Since you've gone. , The days are not short instead they are long But i will remember My favorite song Was of you. Robin Rada '80 Everyone needs someone, All of the above. Including you and I My certain someone To talk with and yell at Will be someone I So you might as well try Care about, listen to, and love. To find your someone v- He'll be gentle and sensitive It might take years that I can tell it might take a day And i know hetll protect me You might have some fears. Much like a shell. It takes a certain amount My feelings for him of love and concern I will not explain To be a someone special, I guess in a way that l have learned. it will be sort of insane. Your someone special should be My true someone Special A person you can always trust I have not yet found to keep a secret; that is a must. But until i do This oertain someone There are many others around. Should be someone you love Someone you care for, Julie Schweppe '80 33 Wendy Rogers '82 Before I Change my mind about The special way I feel I take a look around me Making sure all this is real I check the shoreline, crystal clear The sky, bright rays of light The sunshine bursting through the clouds My eyes close very tight I think of all my dreams gone by Illusions in my mind I stop to think what lies ahead What else is there to find Then all at once I hear my friends Stand silently around I realize they see it too Those sights which I have found Then wondering of sounds I've heard I look straight up above And I thank my lucky stars For all those things I love Robin Rada '80 Thomas Jozwiak '79 Ode to Tight Pants Suffocation From Inflation At the station Near the belt - Is what I felt When l knelt. lnnoculation With stipulation Caused regurgitation Hence, liberation! Thus, realization That obligation Prevents temptation - My cooperation Precludes the sensation Securing health e in the future. by Dr. D. Johnson and R. Rada 35 ."v ,. a mg? :L l Andrea Hinton '80 36 Good bye Its time for parting But not one I chose Just how many doors Will this farewell close? I don't want to say goodbye. We once were as one But now that's all gone I want this goodbye As bright as the sun How can I say goodbye? You know that the hurt Was no fault of mine I lied when I said I really felt fine I should have said goodbye. How can I say Farewell without pain Just one of those things To never do again Now I must say goodbye. B. Wilbur 37 Caretr Stuns the . . . . . W'" w 'nmp w 4. ; v , A . M , . . J: WW , ff , n ; , $2: , , Xi. ,e 7Q f y : , 2 . J k i mac; L. . unq gw THR EMILEISLANI Secon d thoughts on Viet Nam nilME's caved loom in the foreground on Three M ile Island near Harrisburg, Pa. 39 Music Was Provided for All 40 FOLK FEST This year's Folk Fest proved to be one of the most popular in the school's history. Rider hall was filled almost to capacity, and the sponsors tStudent Councilt charged a nominal admission charge. Included in the show this year were some songs that weren't folk. There were a few jazz songs, and even some pop hits. Next yeafs Folk Fest should be very popular since the attention this event attracts has been steadily increasing each year. 41 MELINDA LOOMIS HOWARD BLAIR RACHEL BROWN LUKE MEEKER . , BERTRAM GATES JONATHAN GOODF ELLOW . MRS KREBS REV. BROWN .. JOHN CORKIN .. PHIL COOPER JOHN BOLLINGER RALPH PLATT . JEREMIAH BANNISTER MRS. LOOMIS VENDOR MRS. MC C MRS. BLAIR ELIJAH E. K. HORNBECK HURDY GURDY MAN TIMMY JAKES MAYOR NICHOLAS HANSEN MATTHEW HARRISON BRA MRS. BRADY TOM DAVENPORT . HENRY DRUMMOND JUDGE MERLE MACEWELL JESSE DUNLAP .. . GEORGE SILLERS REUTERS MAN ... HARRY ESTERBROOK CAROLYN MILLER . CINDYvLOU PERKINS MICHAEL BROWNSTONE SALLY GREEN SAM DUNCAN FRED MILLER LACY MAE JOHNSON JED LEWIN .A.. CHRIS PARKER SARAH PERKINS LINDA WILKES HAROLD MILLER LOUISE JAKES ENOCH TAGLE ABIGAIL MAC ARTHUR NAOMI HILLS TATE LAUREL JOHNSON MARY LARSON .AH GREGORY JONES . Lisa Fippinger .. Mike Stogdiu . . Lisa Murphy . Frank Markov N Chris Ritt nsenmeyer Muchelle Clyne John Delikanakis ..... Jim Maas . Ken Campbell . . . Russ Hansen .... Jim Scahill . Jerry Spivack . Sue Clark Ed Pickan . Gina Sparacino . . . Carol Elam Jay Nelson . Dan Holm Sam Nudo Mark Mavetz Mike Nosek Tino Bellusci . Eileen Peterson .. Rob Loizzi Jim Sheldon . Brian Selby .. Bill Baird . Mike Bolton Gary Galbraith ., Dan Haley .. Alison Bock Noelle BowSliman .... Phil Cekal Michelle George . . . . Kash Griffith . . . Paul Grzybek . Heidi Hornberg . Eric Kirkegaard ..... Bill Kraus . Therese Maas . Laura Mark Scott Meyer e Sanders . Tom Schlak Dion Stanczak Christy Studtmann Laurie Sullivan Judy Weber Ichael Weber INHERIT THE WIND inherit the Wind is not history. The events which took place in Dayton, Tenn., during the Scopes trial of 1925 are the genesis of the play, but the trial was an event in itself. The collision of Bryan and Darrow at Dayton was dramatic. but it was not drama. The issues of their conflict have acquired new meaning since the trial, which the play attempted to present. 44 SENIOR CITIZENS5 DAY Senior Citizen's Day provides both students and seniors a unique opportunity to share expeiiences and exchange ideas. The event, held each spring, has grown steadily in popularity. The seniors attend classes, eat in the cafeteria, and tour the school. 4S 46 LILAC PARADE The annual Lilac Parade once again meant floats, clowns, bands, beauty queens, and all- around merriment. The theme was 50 Bloomin' years. Floats and comic book characters abounded. It was a parade of great versatility, having something of interest for just about everyone. Some 105 separate units in the parade included guards, clowns, antique and sports cars, Shrine units, and several colorful floats. 47 :Ef$sx$a g FASHION SHOW Every year the public is invited to attend the Home Economics Department fashion show. It is an event anxiously awaited since members of the dep- artment and students alike work diligently to plan the event. Preparation for the fashion show immediately puts all available sewing machines into action. Outfits are modeled by members of beginning, intermediate. and advanced clothing classes as well as those in flat patterns and tailoring classes. Entertainment was provided between scenes, and the Home Ec. Awards were presented at the end of the evening. 49 50 FOREIGN EXCHANGE Glenbard East offers a number of student foreign exchange programs: American Field Service, Youth for Under- standing, Rotary, and Experiment in International Living. Most of these exchange programs are for a year though some are for a summer. This year G.E. had the pleasure of knowing Hans Burger from Germany and Megan Pryor from Australia. LOCKER 4 CLEAN-OUT The locker clean out, held in the spring each year, is a time for students to dig out all the things crammed into their lockers including: overdue library books, old sandwiches, Christmas cards, lost gym clothes, etc, etc. It also frequently becomes a chance for the students to show their disregard for school cleanliness, as evidenced by all the paper in the halls toward the end of the yeaL 51 52 NHS New members were inducted into the National Honor Society on May 29. The ceremony included the traditional candle lighting service and a speech by guest speaker, Dr. C. Thomas. Members are selected for the society on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. All seniors with a 4.0 grade ave. and juniors with a 4.3 ave. are considered for membership. NAASP Century III Scholarship winner Terri Straight. Lee Johnson designed the postal marker used by Lombard during the Lilac Most Outstanding Athlete of the year Rich HRJ" Johnson. Festival this year. Lee colaborated with Jeff Faust and produced the cover of this book. 54 Merle Hilgendorf and Jerry Meyer with National Merit Scholarship finalists: L to R. top: Karen Tobey, Bruce Talbot, Cindy Rumsey, Sitting: Mary VanClay, Semi-Finallst; Ted Keith, Sue WiereA $A 4,, Sons of the American Revolution Citizenship award winner Dan Tani. AWARDS 1 x A h . v 1.x; Class Valedictorian Thad Conneally and Salutorian Dave Baran, both speakers at the class of '79 graduation. f i; i Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Award winner Sue Owens. 55 mass Science Award winners, L to H: Philip Jackson, Dan Tani, Brian Christopherson, Bruce Talbot, Mike Bell, Thad ConneaHy. Career Education Award Winners, L to R: Sue Vincent, Linda Blinks, Michelle Henderson, Sandy Schoenborn, Doug Bice. 56 Industrial Arts award winners. Auto Awards winners Scott Deliberto, Bill Minton, and Al Joscher. AWARDS 57 58 PROM Beautifully gowned ladies, handsome, tuxedoed gentlemen- and the big night was here! It was an evening filled with romance. The band, Bushwak, provided exellent music throughout the evening. The dance theme was HAlways and Forever". 59 60 Top: Dr. 8 Mrs. Paul Hartman Enjoy a Moment With Vicky Lloyd. Bottom: Cyndi Nelson And Claudia Lasher - Co-Chairpersons of Junior-Senior Prom - Greet The Guests. 61 62 COMMENCEMENT Four years later, and here we are at commencement! Few experiences give as much satisfaction as graduation; satisfaction both for the graduate and for the family of the graduate. Commencement is an event that formally brings a student's high school career to an end. They move immediately into other areas of endeavor; work, college,military service, marriage. The high school diploma gives both a physical and spiritual background on which a person can fall back upon and can remember. 63 64 One ship sails East and another sails West With the selfsame winds that blow; ,Tis the set of the sail And not the gale That determines the way they go. Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate As we voyage along through life; Tie the act of the soul That determines the goal And not the calm or the strife. e Ella Wheeler Wilcox 65- Qt t ?uaiii " ' Waffk 68 Varsity Cross-Country: Top row left to right: John Houlihan, Joe Mueller, Paul Smith, Hohn Smith, Brad Rogers, Coach Chapin. Bottom row: Dave Feeley, Bob Kappel, Tom Brehm, Gary Deliberto. Tim Schertz. CROSS COUNTRY The 78-79 Varsity Cross Country team finished with a 4-4 record, and also placed 5th in the DPVL district meet. The team members retained a trem- endously intense attitude throughout the season despite the small size of the team. The most outstanding performer this season was senior Tim Schertz. Coach Sam Chapin remains optimistic about the 79-80 season as there are several Iettermen returning on the Varsity level. 70 J. V., 3rd row, to r: Sheryl Malinowski, Sally Gedwell, Amy Pojman, Vicky Murphy, Carla Moore, Karen Molenda, Mary Mulvihill. 2nd row: Ms. Schwarz, Kim Zulauf, Sheila Dunn, Phil Looby, Mercy Vance, Sue Loggh. Front: Allison Hahn, Sue Meyr, Sue Ready, Cindy Seiler, Pat Mulvihill. Culleen Norton. GIRUS TENNIS Although enthusiasm and the willingness to improve remained through- out the season, the girl's tennis team finished the year with a 0-8 record. Coach Morris attributed the losses to the teams not playing during the winter and summer. They a L 1 i played against many teams , a $$$$$$ that did practice during a 3 . t? t. '5 . these times, and the lack i of practice proved disastrous for our Rams. The top doubles players were senior Sue Walsh and soph. Laura Crane. The top singles player was Lacey Stenhoff. Coach Morris is optimistic about the 79-80 season when this years JV team, who finished 4-4 this year, will move up to the Varsity level. Varsity e How 1: Julie Bray, Donna Kott. Lacey Stenhotf, Row 2: Coach Morris, Peggy Murphy. Sue Walsh, Laura Crane, Sue Lundegard. 71 72 Varsity Golf, front, Ito r: Bill Radtke, Bruce Talbot, Mark Wodek, Back: Coach Sergeant, Tom Burdi, Rick Schmitt, Larry Miller, Mike Gaul, Rob Koester. GOLF This year's Varsity Golf team finished with an lI-l record. The team earned the best won-Iost record in the schoolst history, but it also had the worst tournament showing. The team led the conference until the conference meet. A fifth place finish left the team with third in the conference. Highlight of the season was a third place finish in the Chevy Chase tourney. Rich Schmitt and Bill Radtke were AII-Conference selections. Frosh-Soph. Front, I to r: Jeff Bach, Don Westerholm, Bill Carlson, Bob Smith. Back: Jon Hudon. Dave Peterson, Ray Calabria. Jeff Arndt, Steve Robinson. Coach Sergeant. 73 74 FOOTBALL The 78-79 Varsity Rams Football team finished with a disappointing 3-6 record. Even though its final record didn,t support it, the team remained enthu- siastic throughout the season. Its major weakness was a lack of experience. Most Valuable Player Rich Johnson was named an All- Conference piayer along with Jim Bellock. 75 . m 89 . 34 Dan Voss, Bob Blunt, Jeff Davis, Randy Blackwell. Row 2: John DeAviIla, Rich Johnson, Mike Stanich, Brian Grzenia, Tony Sementa, Dave Marshall, Glen Schmidt, Kelly Jones, Glen Hill. Bob Daudelin. Row 3: Jim Ireland, Craig Stulgin, Rob Schertz, Pete Smok, Marty O Connor, John Byrnes, Gordon Barsaloux, Tim Weber, AI Mihic Ffow 4: Coach Minser, Mgr. Scott Skinner, Glen Heyse, Chuck Zezulak, AI Scott, Ken Paisley, Mark Stankus, AI Dell, Scott Irwin, Gary Wolbrink, Mgr. Rob Beckman, Coach Oleson. n Frosh A team: Front row, I to r: John Hudson, Mike Finch, Mike Deliberio, Brian Cantua, Pat Voss, Don Rollins, Steve Reinecke. Row 2: Joe Moore, Paul Morris, Scott Davis, Rob Grant, Tom Wells. Mick Meyer, Dan Nelson, Mark Didier. Ffow 3: Ed Lloyd. Daryl Kemp, Mike Bellock, Mark Cadagin, Mark Holst. Row 4: Coach Dick Raab, Mgr. Jerry Blunt, Rick Parbs, Dave Smok, Frank Carr. John Mehic, Pat Volta, Jim Scott. Coach Greg Fantozzi. m 76 en . V Soph. team, front row, Ito r: Sam LaPuma, Paul Savata, Greg Schandlemeier, Gorman, Dave Lenardowicz, Dan Feely. Ffow 4: John Dodd, Matt Robert, Rick Brad Seick, Kevin Wolffe, Bill Armanda, John Dahms, Steve Biron. Tom Domke. Reese. Jeff Berry, Pat Clancy, Phil Mancione, Mike Caruso. Row 5: Mgr. Jim Row 2: Tom Weinemann, Don weppner, Jeff KorinkO, Mike Grimm, Jeff Baxter, Palmer, Coach Traeger, Clark Johnson, Bob Bratcher, Mike Beigalski, Brad Sam Cicero, Jim Forsyth, Tom Katula, Mike Dempsey, Dave Pinnella. Row 3; Adolph. Fred Freebolin, Bob Calabrese, Tony Wrenn, Mgr. Mike Waters. Coach Rich TheiIk, Dan Schnitt, Scott Bublitz. Bob Gdala, Al Lutz, Mark Peterson, Dan Siebert. ,. ,,..F NJ. I49. ""1 z , 1,; f5 Frosh. B team, Front row, I to r: Rob Adams. John Sato, Todd Cunningham, Scott Smykowski, Tim Sage, Dave Ellison, Dave Feeley. Row 2: George Danek, Kevin Bollinger, Tom Garvey, Tony Lloyd, Pat Finch, Rich Sanbom, Mike Lawler, Kevin Kuznar. Row 3: Mike Doran, Bob Zacks, Kevin Quaid, Sean Murphy. Chris Kearny, Bill Chick. Dan Gorski, Ed Gdala. 77 -,:..-.-,::::ss -..:;:".:::::- - ;::::::2. ... 13::EEEE BADMINTON The Varsity Badminton team finished the season with a deceptive 3-7 record. The team was plaqued by illness and consequently juggled player positions nearly all season. The Varsity came out to play in the District meet, however. Coach Ivins said of the meet that "It was one of the first times we've played as a team - and it showed. ltts been a season of illness and injury, but Saturday everybody was there to work." The team finished first in the meet and had many fine performances like: tst place 46f2 singles - Sue Meyer; tst place $t3 singles - Robin Rada; 1st place 1M singles - Karen Gudgeon; tst place 4H doubles - Angie Meyer and June Pizzotti; 2nd place 1i2 doubles e Jane Biddle and Beth Geis; 3rd place 1794 dougles - Dau Ushytko and Jenny Yee. Varsity Badminton. Top row, L to R: Coach Linda lvins, Michelle Ushytko, Heidi Papenbrok, Jan Voigtsberger, Jenny Yee. Val Butler. Beth Geis. Kris Deb Van Dorpe, Kathy Sheehan, Shari Straight, Marie Oetting, Laura Walsh. Olson, Angie Meyer, Bottom: Jenny Lahr, Karen Gudgeon, Sue Meyr. Cintdy Janet Ilten, Melanee Collsen, Sue Lough, June Pizzoti. Middle: Dau Ushytko, Wallace. Pat Lahr. 79 80 WresNers Tim Schertz. Matt Carleson, Gary Voightsberger, Glen Trommels, and Keith Olsen. Frosh. Wrestling, backrow, l to r: Wade Donovan, Tom Wells, Pat Vota, John Mihic. Pete Kliest, Mike Belock, Mike Jandacek, Coach Raz. Middle: Devin Bollinger, Marty Conneally, Wayne Heyse, Mike Deliberto, Dan Nelson, Mickey Meyer. Front row: Tod Petrie, John Warecois, Dave Feely, Rafe Medina, John DeWard. WRESTLING t, The 78-79 Wrestling team finished the season with a respectable 10-6 record. Seniors Tim Schertz, Keith Olsen, Gary Voightsberger, Glen Trommels, and Matt Carlson provided very adequate leadership for the team. Tim finished with 54 wins over three years; Keith with 18-5 this year, Gary with 23-5, Glen 15-9, and Matt with 12-12. The team won the Lisie invitational, and placed 3rd in the Elmwood park tournament. Varsity Wrestling, back row, l to r: Coach Minser, Phil Bue, Jim Dixon, Bob Bratcher, Fred Frebolin, Matt Carleson, Kevin Carleson, Gary Deliberto, Coach Siebert. Middle row: Vito Gialo, Ken Springer, Bob Baine, Larry Swieringa, Bob Smith, Dave Gaul, Bob Kappel, Steve Damais, Mike Caruso Scott Dolton. Front row: Rick Duran, Keith Olsen, Gien-Trommels, Gary Voigtsberger, Tim Schertz, Matt Robert, Bill Perry, Mike Pinneila. 81 82 Varsity Basketball. Front row, left to right: Jody Lund, Sheryl Malinowski, Karen Fisher, Stephanie Camphell, Tomi Price, Randy Wolatz. Back: Coach J.V. Basketball. Front row, left to right: Randy Wolatz. Gwen Johnson, Rita Johnson, Rita Ekstrom, Joan Pawlak, Debbie Sherman, Jody Lund. Middle: Schiewe. Margaret Homel, Geri Pomahac, Carla Moore, Jeri Bodi, Gretchen Mitchell. Gretchen Ritzler, Jane Biddle, Sue Heeman, Patti Crater, Paula Schiewe, Joyce Szymaniak, Karen Quinn, Pat Schiewe. Ritzler. Back row: Coach Mitchell, Joanne Walsh, Jeanette Birkelbach, Katy O'Malley, Becky Crater, Lisa Dikun, Coach Sergeant. GIRLS5 BASKETBALL The highlight of the '78- '79 season for the girls was finishing 3rd in the Glenbard West tournament. Among the outstanding players this year were: Paula Scheiwe, team captain, with 240 rebounds and 267 pts.; Jane Biddle, who scored 317 points and aveaged 14 per game. She was also selected to the D.P.V.L. conference team for the second year in a row: Sue Heeman had 214 rebounds and 193 points; Joyce Szymaniak scored 91 points and had 139 rebounds. Coach Mitchell is optimistic about the '79-,80 season. Many of the underclassmen who are promising will be moving up to the Varsity level. BASKET- BALL The '79 Varsity Rams finished with a record of 8-18. Coach Traeger attributed the teams, record to the fact that they ttdidn't play very aggressively". Among the teams' best players were seniors Sam Maack, Mark Hardkte, Kevin Dunckel, and junior Brad Waller. Waller, an alI-area and aII-conference player; is thought to be one of the best High School players in the state by many college scouts. Coach Traeger stressed the importance of the players practicing on their own before next season. He believes this practice will be vital to the teams' future success. Varsity Basketball. Back row, I to r: Mr. Heggen, Pet Smok, Mike Steger, Katula, Glen Hill, Jack Bigowski, Marty O'Connor, Scott Bublitz, Sam Dale Acton, Paui Kaske, Barry Ferguson, Rick Hahn, Brian Buchanan, Maack. Kevin Dunkel, Mark Hartke, Brad Waller, Coach Traeger. Bottom: Tom 84 LuxBAp 55 4 ! ! s Sophomore Basketball. Back row, I to r: Mike Waters Mgr., Dave Orr, Dan Feeley. John Kett, Bob Calabrese, Mark Murphy, Dick Petchul, Mark Krav- chuk, Mike Biegalski. Tony Wreen, Dave McCoy, Coach Carter, Jerry Blunt Frosh Basketball, front I to r: Pat Voss, Scott Davis, Phil Haugen, Jeff Graham, Rob Grant, Bob Schwalb. Back Flow:Coach Mills, Joe Moore, Pete Murphy, Rich Parbs, Keith Groves, Nick Weston, Jim Schwepferman, Paul 3 11 E55? 3 I, 1 x i4 x;k 9 aXNBAH 1 Mgr. Front: Dave Alengo, Bill Armonda, Dan Gorman, Mike Cipriano, Tom Heyman, Rick Reese. Schiewiller, Frank Carr, Dave Smock, Dave Mark, Casey Balgeman, Paul Morris. 85 86 n, .33... - Girl's Gymnastics. Top I to r: Coach Pam Nicoll, Coach Shirley Krumrie, Karen Drees, Jackie Sifca y Heiiman, Donna Kwiatkowski, Sheri At- Joanne Bray. Maria Nocan, Lori Damasco, Sue Aibers, Kim Balistian, Jen nipp. Kelley McCrary. Bottom. Diana Connelly, Sandy Reese, Sandy Good, DeCamp. Susan Bue, Sharon VandeMerkt, Allison Andre, Debbie Schertz, Krista Kothera - Capt., Rhetta Wiiiis, Tina Pietrusiewicz, Roz Iaccino, Sally Tracy Anderson Ruth DiSiivestro Jackie Feigenbaum, Mgr. Wayne Hiii. Hess, Cindy Swanson. Middle: Kathy Wild, Joan Zimmerman Debbie Andre. Capt. Sue Niaveety, GIRLSi GYMNASTICS The '79 Varsity gymnastics team finished the season with a 10-3 record. The team had many talented individuals as well as good team depth. Outstanding performers were Sandy Good, Jackie Sifcak, and Most Valuable Gymnast Debbie Andre. Sandy Good was successful in the state competition, finishing 8th in state on floor exercise and 7th place in aII-around. The team will have new coaches and many returning performers next year. They are hoping to improve their standings next season. Soph. Gymnastics. Bottom, Ito r: Mark Harvey, Mike Kies, Jeff Kinney, Rick Bell, Kevin Drees, Coach Tom Ware, Doug Adams, Jim Jiskra, Pete Young, Tom Carlson, Glen Olsen, Jeff Volts, Pete Waas, Phil Folkerts. Excellence on the Parallel Bars 90 BOYSt GYMNASTICS Our '79 Varsity gymnastics finished with a record of 7 wins, 6 losses. Coach Kafka said the team was young, but this year's experience should help them in the future. He added that the addition of Coach Thomas Ware improved the gymnastics program greatly. Outstanding gymnasts included Mike Stanich, Jim Scahill, Mike Corcoran, and Bob Goedecke. Coach Kafka feels moving the gymnastics season to the spring, starting next year, will be an advancement for gymnastics. Varsity Gymnastics. Bottom, l to r: Coach Kafka, Jeff McNight, Mike Corcoran, Jay Blinks, Kurt Voigts- berger, Bill McFalI. Middle: Bob Goedeke, Bill Nolan, Charlie Stolp, Dan Pollack, Bill Saunders, John Livingston, Back row: Dan Hall, Mike Stanich, Bob Jones 91 Varsity Volleyball, Ito r: Karen Fisher, Bonnie Kolar, Angie Meyer, Kathy Shultz, Lynn Vokac, Paula Scheiwe, Laura Simmons, Sue Heeman, Sandy Schalund, Coach Nancy Ruhlow. VOLLEYBALL The Volleyball team only won one game this season, but Coach Ruhlow is optimistic about next year. iiAlthough the team's win-ioss record was unimpressive, the team main- tained a commendable attitude throughout the season. Next year, these members will return with their experience to build on. Also, the volleyball practices will commence earlier for the '79 season which will be an added boost for the team," said Coach Ruhiow. 94 Girl's Track. Seated, L to R: Linda Troyke, Gwen Johnson, Kim Irle. Pam Carr, Kelley Coleman. Pat Gruhn, Kim Goedeke, Sue Irwin, Mary Gierzynski. Kneeling: Liz O'Hara, Deb Matysik, Mary McKenney, Wendy Rogers, Holly Seifert, Pat Mulvihill, Barb Kohout, Mariruth Schwartz, Sharon VandeMerkt, Julie Schweppe, Janet Szymaniak. Joanne Walsh. Row 3: Karen Lappa, Dawn Minser, Mary Smith, Julie Bray, Kay Taylor, Joann Alcox, Denise Kassal, Tina Balsamo, Erin McGinnis, Cathy Davies, Culleen Norton, Ann Nemetz, Diana Mitchell. Row 4: Deb Sherman. Nancy Ruhlow, Mary Clacher, Jen Ahlers, Shari Daily, Cathy Waller, Julie Lundin, Barb Schwartz, Katie O'Malley, Kathy Connelly, Kathy Shultz, Lisa Dikun, Julie Ahlers. GIRLS, TRACK The '79 Varsity track team finished with a 3-5 record. The team had problems due to inexperience since 9 seniors graduated in '78. The Most Valuable Player, Cathy Shultz, was also selected as being Easfs girl athelete of the year. The team should do much better next season since many of the experienced juniors on the team will move up.- 9S 96 Sophomore Track Top How, Ito r: Coach Chapin, Philomena Looby, Adam Smith, Glen Olson, Clark Johnson, Tony Wrenn, Steve Clinton, Coach Carter, Coach Raab. How 2: Bob Gdala, Dan Schmidt, Dan Feeley, Gary Froshmen Track Top How, I to r: Coach Chapin, Philomena Looby, John Ireland, Jim Schrepferman, Paul Scheiwiller, Jim Scott, Coach Carter, Coach Raab. Middle: Mark Cadagin. Mark Holst, Joe Glynne, Jim Clesen, Pat Finch, Paisley, Mark Parquette, Tom Domke. Row 3: Pat Clancy, Tim Owens, Dick Mahlberg, Dave Wanto. Jeff Korinko. BottomJJOhn Feeley, Rick Reese, John LaJeunesse, Mike Dempsey, Bob Seiden, Kevin Wolff. Mike Finch. Bottom: Jim Dunne, Lee Bishop, Tim Sage, Rob Adams, Tim Linsenmeyer. Not pictured: Joe Janisch. . BOYSt TRACK The '79 Varsity track team finished 3rd, both in indoor conference and outdoor conference. Since there weren't many seniors on the team, many of the members were under- classmen. Coach Chapin feels the team will be much better next season because of the experience the underclassmen have gained this year. Outstanding track men included Rich Johnson, who was the indoor, outdoor, and district champion in the pole vault. Varsity Track. Back row, I to r: Coach Chapin, Philomena Looby, Dan Houlihan, Gary Wolbrink, John Smith, Tom Pomahac, Craig Gentle, Brad Schmidt. Scott Irwin. Brad Waller, Rick Hahn, Dale Acton, Paul Smith, Rogers, Mike Stanich, Rich Johnson Bottom row: Gary Deliberto, Brian Coach Carter, Coach Raab. Row 2: Marty O'Connor, Gordon Barsaloux, Janke, Glen Hill, Tim Weber, Tom Domke, Tom Ladd. Dave Feeley. Tony Wrenn, Tony Sementa, Jim Ireland, AI Mihic, Joe Mueller. How 3:John Varsity Baseball. Frontrow, l to r: Larry Young, Tim Schertz, Paul Dirienzo, Back row: Coach Anderson, Dan VOSS, DOUg Smith, Dave Baran, Jack Jeff Davis, John Cozzi, Sam Maack. Middle row: Marty Dunne, George Biegalski, Mark Hardtke, ROD Schertz, Greg Moran, Jeff Donohue. Powers, Scott Johns. Bill Radtke, Scott Bublitz, Tom Burdi, Randy Blackwell. 98 BASEBALL Eastls Varsity Baseball team finished with a 9-9 record. Ten of the team members will be lost this year through graduation. Consequently, many of the juniors will move to the Varsity. Outstanding players included Dan Voss, who was selected as an aIl-conference player. He batted .375 for the season. 99 101 Varsity Softball. Sitting, L to H: Karen Fisher, Barb'Bolton, Mary Ann Manna, Sandy Schalund. Standing: Donna Baker, Maggie Komel, Karin LaVicka, Kneeling: Joyce Szymaniak, Laurie Carison, Chris Pomahac, Sue Cavello, Sandy Barker, Jeri Bodi, Sue Baker. JVSoftball. Sitting, L to Fl:Geri Pomahac, Cheri Lawler, Lisa Samela, Jodie ing: Coach Sergeant. Chris Lutz, Gretchen Ritzler. Patty Crater. Beckey Lund. Sheryl Malinowski, Judy Manna. Kneeling:Carrie Carlson, Lori Weslak, Crater, Veronica Hoffswell, Penny Orzula, P81 K8860. Liz Stark, Dawn Acton, Jennifer Sheldon, Dawn Pawlak, Toni Price. Stand- 102 SOFTBALL The '79 Softball team finished the year with a 4-4 conference record. Coach Gerardi said the team was good defensively but had weak pitching. Outstanding players were Joyce Szymaniak at first base and Karen Fisher, who was selected as a member of the DPVL alI-conference team. 103 106 This page, above: Photo- grapher Lynn Rusnak on the other side of the camera for once. Above right: How can us guys work in here with all these distractions? Bottom: Resident crazy person Bob Zacks doing what he does best. Opposite page, top: Now you ask, does editor Tom Jozwiak write with pencils, or does he throw them at uncooperative staff members? ARIES The Aries staff worked hard this year to uphold the tradition of last year's successful annual. The 1978 yearbook won a golden eagle from the Northern Illinois Scholastic Press Association. Advisor Florence Saimon and Editor Tom Jozwiak guided a young and willing staff who produced this book before you. Mum. .. '79 Aries Staff. In bgs. lvto r: Laura Kinne. Sue Irwin, Maria Gryzbeck. Debbie Zacks, Deanna Flieler, Steve Spontak, Denise Carpenter, Sybil Sullivan, Dan Green. JUII? Poskasnl, Lmda Bhnks. On top. Ito r: UFP, Bill Leakokos. Wendy Tani. Not pictured: Kim Janisch. Rogers, Mike Berg, Dawn Mackett, Tom Jozwiak, Dana Wolbruch. Bob 107 L. 9.1 s. Q. warm... . .. "J." 9.1.. 108 ForensicyDebate. Top row, L to H: Karen Lappa, Cash Griffith, Mike Stog- dill, Frank Kohout, Bruce Holmes, Pat Lahr. Middle: Mrs. Jacobs, Greg Bergman, Steve Forsythe, Scott Reese. Julie Schweppe, Karen Pszanka, Jackie Wilson, Mike Bolton, Kathy Nerney, Dan Haley, Mike Nosek, Mr. FORENSICS This year's Forensics team was led by President Carol Elam. Officers included Vice-President Scott Reese, Secretary Susan Owens, Treasurer Claudia Lasher, and Public Relations officer Jerry Spivak. The team was coached by Debra Jacobs and was successful at sectional and state competition. Trophies won by the team adorn our showcases. Fitzgerald. 2nd row: Barb Schwartz. Rebecca Kleist, Jerry Spivak, Mitch Mariotti. Sarah Jackson, Frank Markov. Front row: Claudia Lasher, Cyndi Nelson, Sue Owens, Carol Elan, Dan Sampey. 109 NHS National Honor Society encourages the development of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Excelling in these four basic qualities makes a student a worthy candidate for NHS. Students as Glenbard East are supportive of the National Honor Society and of the high standards it has established for membership. NHS. Top row, L to R: Sandy Poppe, Cheryl Corning, Steve Lawler, Ray Dave Baran, Terri Straight, Brian Buckley, Becky Robert, Lori Johanknecht, Moen, Mike Bell, John Whitehouse, Mark Folkerts, John Steinbach, Linda Sue Wiere, Karen Tobey. Grace Yee, Sarah Gillison, Terri Knicker, Frontrow: Frueh, Tim Shertz, Janet Blaney, Charlotte Chun, Row 3: Doug Smith, James Rose Falsetti, Connie Vaughn, Debbie Cortell, Mary VanClay, Miriam Hall, DuBose, Dan Tani, Bruce Talbot, Cindy Rumsey, Laura Mark, Paula Sandy Barker, Julie Moreshi, Karen Drees. Schiewe, Joy Frankel, Scott Miller, Pam Hutter, Michele Andrele, Row 2: 110 STAGE GUILD The Stage Guild is an honorary organization of drama members who are Chosen according to their ability, contribution, and participation in drama activities. A student needs 100 hours of work in at least two diferent productions in order to become a candidate for initiation. Stage Guild. Left of ladder: Noelle Bou-Sli- man, Carolyn Young, Gary Griffith, Right of ladder: Eileen Peterson, Ann McCormick, Grace Yee. Under ladder: Scott Schalund, Jerry Spivack, Sandy Seegers, Maria Grzy- bek. Ladder, foreground: Michelle Clyne, Bri- an Selby, Mike Bolton, Dan Holm. 111 112 . th' X MU ALPHA 0'? THETA The official Illinois results of the 1979 national annual high school mathematics contest list Glenbard East in the top decile of 334 participating schools. On March 14, 126 students from East competed in this contest sponsored jointly by the Math- ematical Association of America, the Society of Actuaries, Mu Alpha Theta, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the Casualty Actuarial Society. Senior Philip Jackson and juniors Tom Conneatly and Robert Schertz had the school's three highest scores. Their answer sheets comprised East's entry in state competition. East ranked 15th of 32 schools listed on the state honor roll. Philip Jackson, first place winner at East, ranked 12th in the state and was listed on the state honor roll for individual students. Mu Alpha Theta. Top, L to R:Tom Connealty, Steve Lawler, John Steinbach, Mike Bell, Bruce Talbot, Dean Lovett, Tim Manning, Peter Lenkey, James DuBose. Thad Conneally, Evan Roth, Michael Barnick. Middle: Karen Pszanka, Kris Konigsteld, David Feeley. Ed Slusher, Jim Ireland, Rob Schertz, Pete Smok, Dan Pollack, Mike Pinnela, Dave Lesle, Al Mihic, Tom Becker. Front row: Terri Straight, Connie Vaughn, Miriam Hall, Lori Johank- necht, Cheryl Corning, Cindy Lumsey, Michele Andrle, Sandy Poppe, Pam Hutter. Bottom: Ray Moen, Bob Leonetti, Tina Weinert, Debbie Springer, Sue Heeman, Pat Lahr, Ken Henke, Dave Milner. A.F.S. hWalk together, talk together, All ye people of the world. Then, and only then, Will there be peace." This was the motto of the American Field Service. This year there were two foreign students attending East, Megan Pryor from Australia and Hans Burger from Germany. ' ' ' Hensley, Carol Elam, John Hefferan, Paul Katsl AFS. Top row, L to R. Kathy Hall, Karen Fuchers, Kathy Sheehan, Sue Barry Fergusont Kebble . . ' ' Lough, Lisa Murphy, Cheryl Wolatz, Linda Tobey. Middle: Debbie Greene, Front row: Marnl Wolatz, Carmen TaIIsy. Davvda Varner. HeIdI Svobda. 113 VARSITY: BOTTOM, Sandy Brehm, Maggie Lichtenberger, Kim Janisch, TOP, Karin LaVicka, Marcia Smith, Mary McKenney mgr., Donna Yelton, Eileen Lishing. Varsity Cheerleaders performing their mounts during basketball games. J.V..' BOTTOM, Lisa Samela. MIDDLE, Gina Sparachino, Kathy Piche, Judy Budnik. TOP: Kim Bosman, Joan Grant, Nancy Swanson mgr., Carrie Con- rad mgr., Sue Zelazek, Carrie Carlson. FRESHMEN: BOTTOM, Kay Taylor, Virginia Rypkema, Jean Reynolds. TOP, Denise Kassel, Julie Conrad. Lori Damasco, Cindy Swanson, Marcia Brehm. Pom Pans. L to H, BOTTOM, Jeannette Wolff, Candi Fors, Anita Deluca. Kathy Davies, Linda Troyke. Theresa Vallo. MIDDLE, Sher Frey mgr., Julie Clancy, Jodi Batje, Maria Dasakis, Beth Matson, Debbie Matysek, Kristi Nelson, JoAnn Chapman. TOP, Susan Topolski, Gretchen Brauer. Barb Hardtke, Kim Shepherd, Kim Hall, Lori Snyder, Denise Evans, Lori Johanknecht, Julie Moreschi. CHEERLEADERS POM PONS The Cheerleaders direct and lead the spirit of the crowds at all athletic events. With the help of the Pom Pons, the Cheerleaders tried to boost school spirit. During the summer, the Varsity squad competed against other squads throughout the state and took first place in over-all competition. Indi- vidual awards were also won by: Maggie Lichtenberger, Kim Janisch, Donna Yelton and Marcia Smith. The squads are spon- sored by Kathy Harks. The Porn Pons continued to do a fine job of entertaining the crowds at half- time. They developed new routines, steps and music to thrill audiences. Some of the girls attended summer clinics to sharpen their skills. The squad consists of 26 members and is sponsored by Linda Gerardi. Overall, the Cheerleaders and Porn Pons did a good job of getting the crowds llrowdy." 115 116 HORSEMEWS CLUB The Horseman's Club, located on the third floor in room 314, is open to anyone who has an interest in horses. Advised by Mrs. Jones and Miss Allard, the club has many varied activities. A few of them are: lessons, visiting horse shows, the Illinois Equine Hospital, touring stables, and attending demonstration clinics. Meetings are held once a month. Members of Horsemen's Club GERMAN CLUB Glenbard Easfs German club, headed by Ms. Margot Tymozenko, was active in several school activities this year. The club had a booth in the Ethnic Festival which proved to be one of the best there. Native German Hans Burger was on hand to answer any questions about his country. The club also performed a song during the evening, completely in German. German Club. Front, L to H: P. Looby, B. Perry, C. Corning, K. Kugel, M. Tymezenkox C. Fischer, G. Taliste, C. Miller. M. Werner, T. Keilhack, B. Caruso, J. Houlihanl Back: J. Reeg, P. Slusher, M. Gaul, J. Feeley, M. Ruehl, A. Hinton, M. Jaenlcke, T. Becker. 117 118 SPANISH The Spanish club, advised by Mr. Arturo Alvarado, became involved heavily in the Ethnic festival this year. They had a booth with many types of Latin-American dishes and desserts, a live fiaminco band, and also performed a dance during the evenings entertainment. The folk dance featured Mr. Alvarado and several of his advanced level students. FRENCH CLUB Several events are scheduled throughout the year for French club students. The club was involved in the Ethnic Festival this year, with a booth that served many types of French cuisine. In France, St. Catharineis Day is the same as our Sadie Hawkints Day. Custom dictates that the club visit a French restaurant on this date. French Club. Top row, L to R: Randi Wolatz, Chris Beaupre, Hans Burger, John Hefferman. Paul Kats, Dana Wolbruch, Dan Holm. Front: Lisa Fippinger, Kash Gritfith, Julie Lundin, Mercy Vance, Cheryl Osterholt. 119 Important Voices in Student Council 120 STUDENT COUNCIL This was a busy year for Student Council under the leadership of Robin Rada, President; Mark Meiners, Vice-President; Cindy Rumsey, Treasurer; and Sue Owens, Secretary. Many new things were introduced by this year's council, including the Car Caravan during homecoming week. The council also again organized the annual events like: Folk Fest, Homecoming, Senior Citizen's Day, and the first annual Glenbard East Parking Lot sale, which was very similar to a Flea Market. Student Council Executive Board, top, I to r: Lisa Phippinger, Allison Hahn, Cheryl Malinowski, April Racana, Dave Alengo, Karen Pszanka, Scott Meyr, Heidi Papenbrook, Linda Strain. Middle: Julie Moreschi, Carol Elam, Kim Shepherd. Tom Jozwiak, Dana Woibruch, Cindy Cooper, Craig Dariak. Seated: Cindy Rumsey, Robin Rada, Sue Owens. 121 With dance, pantomime is one of the oldest of the performing arts. Traditionally it is performed without such costumes as might label or otherwise identify characters in any way. The performer wears neutral white- face so that only his own exaggerated expressions identify him and his emotions. Thus one performer is left alone onstage with only his body and the audiences imaginations as tools. Objects, characterizations, and emotions must be created by the performer, utilizing whatever universal signs and cues he can discover. Even the titles of individual mime sketches are pre- sented by a performer, eliminating such lists in programs held by patrons. The mime performer is, therefore, an observer and interpreter of life. The individual sketches in the program are often created by the performers themselves and represent life as it is seen from their own perspective. 124 chool I Iombard II. 60148 glenbard cost high 3 523mg; v Row 1. Dave Milner, Pam Hutter, Terri Straight. Cindy Cooper, Dan Tani, Murry the plant, Shari Straight, Scon Mills. Mona Werner. Row 2. Dave Joens, Ginny Camp, Denise Evans. Dawn Schwindt, Brian Selby, Thelma Collins, Lori Wunder. Debbie Cortell, Michele Andrle, Ciny Rumsey. Row 3. Tom Becker. Brian Buckly, Dan Holm, Mark Parquette, Tina Weinert, Karen The Glenbard East ECHO is published regularly by the nu- dents of Glenbard East Editoriais represeni 9h: views of the leadership of the paper. Letters '0 the editor mus! be signed. They may be edited if necessary and will be primed on a space available basis. Press amliations: Illinois Skate High School Press Associa'ion Nacional Scholastic Press Association Columbia Scholasiic Press Association Quill and scroll Richers, Mark McCaffery. Lisa Suerth. Row 4. Mike Nosek, Christy. George Powers, Jeff Davis. Carla Borchardt, April Racana, Steve Spontac, Lisa Murphy, Up-chuck Swanson, Janet Szymaniak. Row 5. Kevin Dunckel, Idi hGoback" Amin, Adam Ferguson, Gary Sameia. No! Shown: Peter h'Mongo" Zelious, Sam Maack, Queen Elizabeth II, Biffo the wonder dog. cdihviul board 'di'or-in-ddoUPom Nun" managing odimmm Sivulgm mm aammxondy Coop" leogmphy dimvwnun Ion. Idihvial nu" mm odin.m.mle Andvh mm uuhmnmlim Murphy, cmk Swnnwn union nuilvunllApvil numm hall". odnomxam Xthrx. mo warm m odimlGocrgq annn Ipclh mxinunnxoon Mum, mo Dam opinion .4".qu loem . mag" odivodeam ruqmm uni'nmonl ouhmnvlbcnue Evans mm wrilndSam Month. Ann Wnlloid npmnnmma Comm xuin Dunclul, Sum mus, boon Pariah. Shun Suuigm Menu Warn", Many O'Connor Mane Onmnq, lawn Wulxh, hm Abruno pow ubun- mmumqun 50mm man mummobbh Comll ryphnxsheilu EVnnxJ Don Helm, mm Jnhm phaltgmphullVom Mm, Sm" John, Sun Sponmh, lvw Sounh husinen nu" bumm- mm bmim- wpqrv'noumhq Nona un'manl bmimu manquulviun Snvby odvonhihg ulumnmod. Purqwn. Bob Wuymn odv'lthing ouiiluuVGmny Camp dimibuui-n managmsory Sanuk: mummy pcogrummqleori Folk-m hailing; uidonlluml Slymnlcl. lom Wander cdviquv Ho-avd Spcnogh ECHO Top to Bottom. 1. Cindy Cooper, Terri Straight, and Pam Hutter are sim- ultaneously seduced by Sam Maack. 2. Cindy Cooper gives the covet- ed uSusan Anderson Rot- ten Apple Core Award" to Tom Becker for being the most choked up Echoite. 3. Chris Ritt show Brian Selby his roll in life. 4. Channel Two brings chaos to the Echo Office. ROWDY RAHS . . . LEND SPIRIT TO GAMES .. Rowdies 126 127 130 ART Students are very fortunate to be able to participate in the fine art program such as exists at GE. There are 14 different offerings for students to choose from, starting with basic courses in drawing and design, on through advanced courses in sculp- ture, commercial art, and studio workshop. The Art department works closely with other school organizations and stays very active in current activities. The mural in the main foyer is the beginning of many artistic projects to come, some of which are already being started. The Art department also sponsors the spring art show each year. This show gives students an opportunity to display their work to students and other interested citizens. BUSINESS One of the impor- tant goals of the Business Education department is to give every student some understanding of his future role as a consumer. This understanding is taught by requiring students to take one Consumer Education course in his or her high school curriculum. Even though no new courses were added this year, the depart- ment was able to purchase several new typewriters. Two new teachers, Mrs. Marcy Howard and Mr. Mike Russel joined the teaching staff this year. 131 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCA TION, L To R, TOP, Don Cugier, Ann Sicora, Mr. Russel, Doug Bice, Don Cicorski, Kim Brakerod. BOTTOM, Gretta Yarborough, Lacey Stenhoff, Nick Carobis. Nancy Nichols, Brenda Passow. OFFICE OCCUPA TIONS Row 1: Cindy Beers, Lori Smith, Michelle Hender- Carolyn Weseman, Wndy Brown, Jeff Brown, Mr: Kathy Mower. Row 3: son. Sue Davis, Kathy Kline, Ken Dawidowicz. Flow 2: Jerry Woeppel, Sue Carrie Kadlec, Donna Lykken, Michael Dawnelle, Lisa Kotilinek, Sue Craw- Bethke, Marcella Wozniak, Kim Kasik, Sandy Beulens, Sandy Sherman, ford. Linda Blinks, Kelly McPhail. 132 CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION HERO CLUB? Kneeling L 10 9: Eileen Stuker, 08H Johnson and Kim Janus- Kathleen Reinke. Not pictured: Connie Falsetti. Mary Hurkley, Jerry Gae- chik. Standing, Susan Modica, Roseann Greco, Heidi Seitter, Jackie Own, tano, Peggy Hayes, Kathleen Malloy, Mike O'Hara and sponsor Mrs. Mar- Karen Benard and Deborah Heymann. Back row, Richard Budnik, Joanne guerite Aull. Russell. Debbie O'Connor, Mark Fleischman, Cathy Heuer, Susan Biehl and CO-OP 0.0,: Front row: John Deallilla, Karen Murray. Martha Homer, Barb Back row: Cheryl Prater, Karen Bilotta, Bonnie Kolar, Dean Nicholas, Tom Rozner. Row 2: Kathy Kasik. Arlene Esposito, Patty Divito, Nancy Bennett, Vangundy, Randy Korinko, Jim Hanke, Tom Carlson, Barb Czopek. Doug Shopnitz. Scott March, Madeline O'Malley, Ellen Kovar, Kim Sutter. 133 134 DAVEA The DAVEA center, utilized by many students at Glenbard East, also serves neighboring dis- tricts in DuPage county. The center was designed to offer elective career education programs which a district by itself could not afford. The basic concept of the center is to offer training to insure employability immediately after high school. DAVEA courses are a part of G.E.'s elective program, and juniors and seniors may enroll. Upon completion of the elective DAVEA program, students are awarded graduation credits as well as a vocational certificate. 135 136 HEALTH DRIVER ED Even though Driver's Education is mandatory for all sophomore students, few of the potential drivers resist enrollment in the Class. Most students seemingly wait endlessly for their chance to drive. They are usually more than ready to start their instruction to learn to drive. Health, also a required sophomore course, provides students with a chance to learn a little about them- selves. Studies include diseases, drugs, alcohol, mental health, personality, first aid, sexuality, nutrition. x KI Mm; mm m . h ENGLISH The general philosophy of Glenbard East is reflected in the English curriculum, which is designed to meet the student's diverse needs, interests, and abiiities. The courses are basically traditional in nature, emphasizing the development of reading, writing, and thinking skills. as well as an appreciation of quality literature. This year the English teachers are concentrating especially on the improvement of reading skills. The teachers will participate in workshops to investigate ways of improving such skills. The department also plans to add honors courses at both the junior and senior levels by '79-'80. 138 FOREIGN LANGUAGEfT The Foreign Language Department offers students an opportunity to communicate with others in a different language as well as a chance to appre- ciate the culture of another country. Social activities began in the fall with a welcoming tea for all foreign language students. A Christmas party was held for parents of German students. Many trips were planned, including excursions to Germany, Mexico, and France. Imum mmumn "mum uummm "NWO! ummmu GUIDANCE The main objective of the Guidance Department is to help each student formulate vocational and college plans. School routine, course selection, coliege and vocational requirements, interpretation of test resuns, work permits, and job opportunities, as well as a student's personal problems are the subjects most discussed between counselors and conselees. IND. ARTS The Industrial Arts program at East is an integral part of general education and is concerned with providing experiences that meet individual needs through the study of industry and technology. Courses offerred by the department include Auto Essentials, Electronics, and Mechanics; Industrial Essentials; General Metals; and Metal Fabrication. This year East had the only girls' auto class in the district. Special Interest auto, especially for girls, informed the students about all the aspects of buying, owning, and main- taining a car. " HOME EC. The Home Economics Department course offerings are comprehensive and have been developed to serve a wide range of student needs. Course offerings include Child Development, Human Relations, Consumer Management, Interior Design, Foods, Clothing, and Vocational Education. 141 142 MATH Students benefit from math in that it primarily teaches a person how to think logically. The mathematics curriculum is geared to students of all levels of ability, with six different entry levels for incoming freshmen. The courses range from basic math on the freshman level up to calculus for accelerated seniors. PHYS. ED. The Department of Physical Education offers a varied program of acti- vities that meet the needs and interests of the students. PE. is inten- ded to condition the body as well as develop a sense of team spirit and cooperation. Some P.E. classes teach subjects to which most people never become exposed. Such programs as Judo, Circus Stunts, Archery, Golf, and Bowling give students an increased appreciation for physical activity. 143 Intermediate Band. L to R, row 1: Barbie Glock, Paula Preche, Janet llten, Kristin Jass, Sally Hess, Diane Wiggins. Row 2: Barbara Sichrousky, Rita Settle, Ron Meimers, Ed Gdala, Kevin Wolff, William Ardt, Bob Hoerman, Byron Baumbach, Dave Smith. Freshman Boys Chorus, L to Ff, row 7: Mark Misch, Ronald Schwargkopf, John Pratt. Row 2: Michael Stogdill, Gerard Bava. Paul Grysbek, Mark Maretz. 144 MUSIC mum J? Symphonic Band. L to R, row 7: Kris Peterson, Cindy Rumsey, Mary Gierzynski, Sue Meyer, Allison Hahn, Jill Ghilardi, Becky Robert, Lisa Murphy, Patty Mitsos, Barbara Alm, Sue Browning. How 2: Kevin Arndt, Sue Owens, Wendy Milles, Karen Pszanka, Beth Geis, Carolyn Young, Heidi Papenbrok, Barbara Schwartz, Carrie Carlson, Dean Anderson, Karen Hill. Anne Rhode, Joe Baringardner, Chris Sechrist, Jeri Bodi, Dana Kirkigaard, Mary Van Clay. How 3: Caryn Miller, Betsy Bajek, Janet Kinzel, Lisa Hillman, Debbie Tuck, Cindy Biel, Rebecca Kleist, Gary Deliberto, Cathy Christensen. Don DeChalus, Tim Schertz, Kelly Jones, David Lesle, Brian Christopherson, Ed Davis, Bob Straka, Bob Goedeke, Dave Newman, Kim Goedeke, Mike Scott. Noble Butler, Evan Roth. Row 4: Cheryl Anderson, Jan Killian, Debbie Forte, Wendy Thornton, Linda Bishop, Sue Clark, Bill Carav, Kera Morgan, Rick Pozesky, Robin Rada. Betty Nixon, Bill Hermann. Frank Merhov, Dave Mejee, Dan Tani, Matt Robert, Ken Henke, Fred Freekokin, Pete Smok, Rich Bell, Rob Schertz, Sharon Lukar, Thad Conneally. Mr. Crews. Absent when picture was taken: Kris Rojes, Cathy De Chalus, Sandy Catanzaro, Scott Bludon, Todd Hall. 145 146 Concert Choir, L to 5', row 1: Mr. Briggs, Lorri Wunder, Sherry LaPuma, Robin Burlingham, Lynda Stahl, LeAnn Moen, Gary Griffith, Kash Griffith, Chuck Raibre, Arleen Faurreau, Mrs. Jeri Kellan. Row 2: Loraine Picciuolo, April Racana, Gwenneth Weatherhead, Greg Kiser, Kent Henne, Michele Sou-Sliman, Kitty Thomas. Mike Furgiuele, Lori Hawbader, Charlotte Chun. Row 3: Sarah Jackson, Beth Happel, Debbie Happel, Cindy Wells, Jay Nelson, Dave Swearengink, Tim Adams, Tom Schlak, Marni Wolatz, Chris Sudtman. Ann Schelzer. Row 4:Cheryl Rumsey, Peggy Moll, Laurie Sullivan, Debbie Andre, Heidi Homberg. Cheryl Wiese, Scott Meyer, Ed Van Holst, Dave Wanto, Diane Kappel, Judy Alcox, Donna Kwiatkowski. Row 51Ann Walsord. Carolyn Young, Sandy Seegers, Maryann Basista, Wendy Wells, Jim Bina, Ken Byers, Pete Joenniche, Andy O'Brien, Megan Pryor, Carol Miller, Mimi Watkins. Madrigals, L to Ff, row 1: John Pratt, Carolyn Young, Mike Furgivele, Beth Kappel, Carol Miller, Debbie Happel, Loraine Picciulo, Row 2: Tom Schlak, Diane Happel, Wendy Wells, Scott Meyer, Megan Pryor, Scott Melson. MUSICIANS AT WORK - Freshman Girls Chorus, L to Fi, Row 7: Margaret Roubal, Mary Smith, Kris Olson, Lilly Delikanakis, Dawn Mackett, Patty Liebke, Chris Lorenz, Cheryl Anderson, Fran Nguyen. Row2:Tammy Hardesty, Romanette Raymundo, Patti Gruhn, Tanny Samuelson, Sue McCarthy, Donna Komaniecki, Holly Whaling, Jean Reynolds, Sue Irwin, Denise Kassal. Row 3: Sue Burian, Lee Clark, Jeanette Birkelbach, Sandy Dunn, Wendy Balgemann, Tina Annerino, Lisa Varga, Chris Holmel, Dawn Acton, Lynn Chambers, Donna Szurek, Row 4: Kyla Pajman, Carol Segraves, Sheila Dunn, Faye Lopez. Allison Andre, Mercy Vance, Lis Stark. Donna Dabler. Carla Hanson, Georgie Arndt, Pam Bal, Kelly Coleman. Laura Kinne, 147 SCIENCE Proving that the Science Department always attempts to keep abreast of current school and community activities, most of the science teachers were dressed in costumes on Haloween. Teachers also took part in the National Association of Biology teachers. Mr. Thomas Mott was chairman of the workshop committee for the convention. Chris Schwarz and Marge Nystrom also were on the committee. The teachers also stay busy in school by offering many varied courses, including Intro to Physical Science for Freshmen. Students can progress up to Advanced Chemistry in their senior year. 148 SOCIAL STUDIES The Social Studies Department offers courses dealing with problems of today as well as courses which explore our past history. Various methods of teaching are included along with the wide range of courses available to students. Committee reports, panel discussions, simulations, role playing, and independent study all make our past come alive and our present more interesting. Dr. David Eblen, Assistant Superintendent; Raymond Livingston, Superinten- dent; Dr. Roberta Anderson, Assistant Superintendent; Standing: Principals. W.E. Rider, East; C.A. Oxley, South; Dr. R. Elliot, West; A. Weber, North. V I , , , . 5 , , L; IX, WWIM , Gregory Fantozzi, Frank Lodico, Assistant Deans; Florence Saimon, Dean of Robert Kies. Student Activities Director. Students. 152 ADMINISTRATION The year saw a major change at the helm of District 87. Dr. Dean Stoakes, who had been Superintendent of the District for 17 years, retired and the leader- ship role passed to Mr. Raymond Livingston. The year was a busy one for the administration since a great deal of attention was focused upon competency testing and discussion regarding a change in graduation requirements. Mr. W. E. Rider, Principal, Glenbard East. Mr. Merle Hilgendorf, Assistant Principal. Mrs. Florence Saimon, Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students. 153 , A . Irene Elftman Rob Snyder Roger Bernasek Art Art Art Business Education m. Velma Amling Deanna Avery Warren Hahn Iona Hightower Business Education Business Education Business Education Business Education Marcia Howard Kathy Mower Ellen O'Hara Mike Russell i Business Education Business Education Business Education Margaret AuII Frank Lodico Barb Schweig Bill Sergeant Business Education Occupational Education Occupational Education Occupational Education 154 Tom Heggen Drivers Education Richard Cima English John Cebula English Roberta Kmiec English Don Dingwerth Joe Milek Paul Morris Drivers Education Drivers Education Drivers Education x Kay Allard I Jo Blaufuss Sue Bridge English English English A I Kevin Fitzgerald English Meribeth Jones English Elleh Edwards English Robert Lindsey Helen Lo Betty Luckenbill English English English 155 Pat Meyer Linda Severin Howard Spanogle Frank Surge English English English English . '., . ,, 'vtht: "g. aw $ mm. .bibix 1 9. , - - , Ham $a- .' George Vogrin Lou Ferguson Arturo Alvarado Martha Morns English Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language - 1 .1121: Margot Tymoszenko Linda Gerardi Stephen Kafka Foreign Language Health Health Florence Saimon Shirley Krumrie Barb Livingston Martha Oczkowski Dean Home Economics Home Economics Home Economics 156 Jo Thomas Walter Wilkins Jack Lynch Home Economics Industrial Education Industrial Education Gregory Newton Industrial Education Arthur Neuhaus English :3 Raymond Raz Rudy Sasko Industrial Education Industrial Education g . V V , , ;'. L i Norman Satterstrom Roger Stiegliiz CR. Faist Sam Bass Industrial Education Industrial Education M thematics Mathematics y f 3 A L Earl Byers Carol Deverell Phil Johnson Barb May Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics 157 Mm Kw Nancy McCanles I Phil McHenry David Schertz Mike Scott Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics ,er WV Jack Crews George Briggs Robert Hallman Noree Mares Music Music Music Physical Education Sam Chapin Linda Ivins Kenneth Mills Tom Minser Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Sharon Mitchell Steve Oleson Nancy Ruhlow Mark Siebert PWSiCal Education Athletic Director Physical Education Physical Education 158 Dan Traeger Physical Education Don Anderson Science yLeine Smith Science Larry Sieg Science Loren Anderson Science Tom Mott Science John Steinbach Social Studies David White Science Ben Wasman Physical E i , James Carter Science Science ,X' Harvey Anderson Social Studies ducation Marjorie Nystrom Jean McKenney Science Dale Jansen Science , hris Schwarz Science Jack Bruckbauer Social Studies 159 160 Richard Cahill Social Studies Paul Hartman Social Studies Charles Carlson Special Education Sandra Latman Special Education mm" Suva Martha Donnelly Social Studies. Ted Mitchell Social Studies Doris Fowl Special Education Lois Meyer Special Education David Eberhard Social Studies Joan Sault Social Studies Nancy Glenn Special Education Bev Scidmore Special Education L7, -w" ,, ,. Alice Gregory Social Studies 3 .2 Mike Sinning Social Studies Kathy Harks Special Education Fred Hoebel Speech Arts m 1 Debra Jacobs Speech Arts W991i; Ann Johnsbn Book Store Francis Livingston Book Store Ruth Morrison Mr. Rider's Secretary I . Charles Eichler Speech Arts Dorras Kellan Registrar Rosemary Miller Library Aide Marie Norton Guidance Eleanor Balgemann Para Pro Nancy McCullough Librarian Terry Moen Guidance Jean Perso Receptionist Florence Hoffmann Library Blache Knight Book Keeper mLois Monahan Para Pro Pat Reynolds Mr. Kie's Secretary 161 Evelyn Schuester Sarah Simpson Florence Swierenga Para-Pro Librarian Dean's Sec. l 5,..- ' David Ritter Audio Visual Mary VanderMerkt Liz Poris Ath. Dir. Assis. Nurse wmmmwmw CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Top: Frances Roberts, Eleanor Prisk, Barbara Mahlberg, Betty Lawrence, Nancy Pulice, mgn, Ann Weir, Virginia Jackson, Dorothy Wickman Bottom Jackie Leuesque, Rosmarie Flasza, Carole Linnahe, Julia Lane 162 The Science Department enjoys Halloween - Dr Education talk after class. 163 164 165 166 Die! A$COHs K n. in .er'yy 167 Class of '79 President Kristy Nelson, Vice- president Julie Adolph, and Secretary Julie Moreschi 168 Oliliww 3Q , m ,ez. Ahlers, Julie Ahern, Mike Albers, Kathy Albin, Cheryl Albue. Steve Alcox, Judy Allen. Carla Allen, Nancy Alm, Barbara Anderson. Donna Andre. Debbie Andressen, Bob Anderle, Michele Antisperger, Beth Armonda, Cherise Arndt, Kerri Arseneau. Ramona Atkinson, John Alnipp, Carolyn Baird, Carolyn . C, . o ' O ' .,'..., .,.,1. :fnuufa' . Bajek, Elizabeth Baran, David Barder, Sandra Bartler, Karyn Bata, Sharon 169 170 Batac, David Baumann, Tom Baxter, Colleen Beers, Cindy Bell, Mike Benjamin, Patrick Bergmann, Greg Bethke, Sue Bice, Doug Bielitzki, Christine Bilskey, Chuck Binder, Susan Blackwell, Randy Bland, Kathleen Blaney. Janetta Blinks, Linda Blunt, Robert Boragina, Philip Borchardt, Karla Borgatell, Anita Bou- Sliman, Michele Boyd, Lisa Brakrog, Kim Brauer, Gretchen Bray, Vincent Breitling, Tim Brown, Wendy Browning. Susan Brudnicki. Jim Brust, James Buckley, Brian Budnik, Richard Burger, Hans Buelens. Sandra Bush, Matthew Byrnes, John Caccitolo, Marie Cakora, Ann Camp, Virginia Carlson, Matthew Carver, Bill Catalano, Vince Cavello, Sue Chapman, Joanne Chidlow, Jennifer Christopherson, Brian Chun, Charlotte Clancy, Julie Clark, Randy Clouser, Kevin Colfer, Catherine Colom, Antoine Conneally, Thad Connelly, Diana Considine, Connie Constantine, Dominica Cooper, Cynthia Corcoran, Mike Corning, Cheryl Cortell, Debra Cozzi, John Crawford, Susan Cugier. Don Czopek. Barbara Dahms, Rick Dasakis, Pam Dambrosio, Kim Danegelis, Pam Daniels, Marti Daudelin, Bob 172 Davis. James Davis, Susan Davis, Wendy Dawidowicz, Ken De Chalus. Catherine Deliberto, Scott Demarco, Tina Dewaard, David Didomenico, Yolanda Dikun, Pam Diletti, Michael Dion, Denise Dirvin. Christopher Divilo, Robert Djurich. Mirjana Dodd, James Donahue, Lynn Drees, Karen Drew, Melissa Dunckel, Kevin Ekis, Barbara Elam, Carol Ellott, Rose Esposito, Pat Evans, Denise Fabiano. Joe Faillo, Ralph Fairbairn, Mike Falsetti, Rose Feeley, David Ferguson, Adam Fiene. Kurt Fleischman, Mark Flemm, Mike Florence, Debra Follmann, David Forte, Debbie Fourreau, Arleen Frankel, Joy Frey, Cheri Frytz, Bob Fuller, Robert Gaetano, Jerry Gannon, Erin Garces, Francesca Gierzynski, Anthony Giesler, Carrie Gloss, Cindy Glynn, Paula Goedeke, Robert Groh, Dave Gudgeon, Karen Hahn, Rick Hall, Daniel Hall, Kim Frey, Suzanne Fritz, Jeannine Frueh, Linda Fruehe. Joann Fry, Kurt Gaul, Mike Gavrilys, Constance Geis, Elizabeth George. Michelle Ghislain, James Goss, Daniel Grass, Debbie Graunke, Eric Greco, Roseann Grimes, Paul 173 Hall, Miriam Hall. Todd Haller, Cheryl Hammer, Marlene Hammerschmidt, Tom Happel, Debbie Happel, Diane Hardtke, Mark Harrison, Denise Hawbaker, Deanne Hayes, Peggy Henderson, Michelle Hermann, William Heuer, Cathy Heyman, Debbie Hickey, Doug Hill, Karen Hillmann, Lisa Hotz, Kim Houlihan, John Hulsey. Teresa Hurlburt. Leo Hutter, Pam Imburgia. Christine Irwin, Scott Jackson, Philip Jacobsen, Cheryl Janisch, Kim Januschik. Kim Joens, Dave Joens, Bob Johanknecht, Lori Johns, Scott Johnson. David Johnson. Peter Kadlec, Carrie Karamas, Sandy Kasik, Kim Kearney, Mike Kelly, Annette Kline, Kathleen Knicker, Terri Kolar. Bonnie Kondrat, Paul Kotl, Donna Lappa, Richard Larson. Joy Lavicka, Karin Lawler, Stephen Leakakos, Barb Jonas, Steven Jones. Charlie Jones, Christina Joscher, Allen Jozwiak, Tom Kelly. John Kelly, Paul Killian, Steve Kirch, Tom Kitcheos, Sandi Kowalik, Nadine Krefft, Tammy Kugel, Kent Kurek, Joe Lahr, Susan Lenartowicz, Susan Lenkey. Peter Lewis, Tammy Lisc:hing, Eileen Lloyd, Dawn 175 176 Lovet, Dean Lundegard, Sue Lykken, Donna Magerkurth, Dawn Mak. Ling Malarich, Blaine Malloy, Kathleen Mancione, Corinne Manning, Tim Marcin, Michelle Marcuccilli, Torn Mark, Laura Maschek, Joe Matheson, James Matysik, Robert Maxh Marylu Mazzolini, Cathy McGill, Kevin McKenney, Mary McPhaiI, Kelly McPherson, John Meiners, Mark Meyer, Angela Michael, Dawnelle Miller, Caryn Minton, William Mitsos, Patty Modica. Sue Moen, Ray Moll, Peggy Molter. Julie Moorhead, Andrea Moran. Greg Moreschi, Julie Morris, Cheryl Morris, Susan Mueller. Dan Myers, Carol Nelmes, Linda Nelson, Kristi Nelson, Virginia Nerney, Kathy Newton, Bernard Nielsen, Karen Nofsinger, Lynn Nofsinger, Mark Nosek, Mike Novak, Nancy Nudo, Adelina Oconnor. Debbie O'Leary, Patrick O'Malley. Madeline Orgo, Jeana Owen, Jaquelyn Owens, Susan Paisley, Ken Parker, Lisa Parquette, Dale Passini, Scott Passow, Brenda Palocka, Michael Peterson, Kristen Phipps, Darryl Picciuolo, Steven Pietrusiewicz, Lynda Plesner, Don Pollitt, Karen Pomahac. Christine Poppe,Sandy Pozesky, Richard 177 178 Pryor, Megan Pruter, Bonnie Radtke, William Reale, Michelle Reese, Scott Rhodes, Kathryn Richer, Sue Rider, Nancy Rimmele, Mary Ring, Peter Rivers, Gaye Robert, Rebecca Robertson, Richard Rodriguez, Lorraine Rogers, Dorothy Rogers, Kristine Rogers, Robin Rojic, Cynthia Ross, Carolyn Roth, Evan Rumsey, Cindy Russel. Joann Sanpey. Dan Samuelson, Brenda Santchi, Sue Saunders, William Sawinski. Jill Scahill, Jim Scarpeni, Liz Schalund, Sandra Schertz, Tim Schettek, Patty Schieler, Scott Schewe, Paula Schnider, Robert Schreiber, Richard Schroeder. Robert Schuldt, Karen Schwindt, Dawn Scott, Diana Scott, Michael Scott, William Sechrist, Chris Seegers, Sandra Seitter, Heidi Sementa, Anthony Shaffer, Robert Sheldon, James Shepherd, Kim Sherman, Sandra Shultz, Kathyrn Sidor, Susan Siebert, Michael Slingerland. Jeanne Smith, Colleen Smith, Douglas Smith, Kenneth Smith, Lori Smith, Marcia Smith, Michael Smith, Paul Snyder, Lori Sommerville, David Sparrow, David Spivack. Jerry Sponsler, Brett Stahl, Lynda Stanich, Michael Stankus, Mark Steinbach, John 179 180 S1enhoff, Lacey Stern, Kimberlee Stilla, Judy St, John, Patty Stogdill, Neil Stolp, Charles Straight, Terri Stuker, Eileen Stulgin, Jeff Styburski, Dean Sullivan, Sue Summers, Kevin Summers, Linda Summers, Pamela Szwedo, Joseph Szymaniak. Joyce Taasaas, Kathryn Talbot, Bruce Tani, Dan Tautkus, Richard Tazelaar, Nancy Thurston, Annie Tobey, Karen Tonn, Andrew Towner, Cindy Travnick, Carol Travnick, Lynn Treichel. Joanne Trommels, Glenn Tyminski, Mary Van Clay, Mary Vaughn, Constance Veverka, Lisa Vincent, Susan Voss, Daniel Wachholz, Sharon Wagner, Patricia Walsh, Susan Watters, Dawn Weatherhead. Gwyneth Weber. Judy Weidel, David WeHs, Wendy Werner, Mona Weseman, Carolyn White, Christopher Whitehouse, John Wick. Gram Wiere, Susan Wiese, Cheryl Wiora, Marianne Woeppel, Jerry Wolbrink, Gary Wood, Chelle Wood, Marjorie Woods, Lori Wozniak, Marcella Wunder. Lorri Yanwe. Greta Yeary, Jack Yee, Grace Young, Carolyn Young, Michael Yovan, Linda Zaremba, Michael Zeiss, Peter Zelios, Peter Znuj, Pany Zochert, Corey Zuckerman, Andrea 181 H a .9 m u . ' ' ' - 182 183 184 Class of '80 President Claudia Lasher, Vice- president Cyndi Nelson i i g X: Abruzzo, Lori Ann Acevedo, David Acton, Dale Adams, Laura Adams. Timothy Ahern, Amy Ahlers. Jennifer Albert, Randy Alberts, Lesle Alberlsen, Julie Anderson, Cheryl Anderson, Dale Arhs. Elizabeth Babeckl. Jeffrey Bain. Robert Baker, Donna Balgemann, Peter Banks. Leslie Baran, Steven Barnlck, Michael Barrett, Janet Barsaloux. Gordon Baumgardner, Joe Bava. Frances Beatty, James Beaupre, Christing Becker. Thomas BGIfUSS, Julie Benacka, Margaret Benard. Karen Bennett, John Bennelt. Nancy Bergeron, Michael Biddle. Jane Biegalski, Jack Bnehl. Susan Bilotta, Karen Bingham. Diana Birkelbach, John Bisceglie, Frank Bisceglie, Karen Bishop, Linda Blair, Thomas Bhnks, John Bonk David Bolla. Tony Bolton, Barb Bolton, Denise Bowers, Cheryl Brakrog, Pam Brandt. Bill Bray, Julie 185 186 Brehm, Thomas Brehm. Sandy Brittig. Jeffrey Brown, Jeffrey Bruns, Andrew Brutlag, Mike Brutlag, Sheldon Burdi, Thomas Burian, Petgy Burke, Mary Burke. Steven Burlingham, Robin Burns, Linda Burrow, Daniel Buscemi, Laura Byers, Ken Cadagin, Theresa Cakora, Maureen Canfield, Robert Carlson, Kurt Carlson, Laura Carlson, Tom Carr, Thomas Catanzaro, Sandy Chambers. Jmes Chapin, Rachel Chapman, David Chick, Karen Christensen, Kathy Christianson, Diane Cichorski, Daniel Churchman, Karen Cipriano. David Clacher, Mary Clark, Pamela Clyne, Michelle Coffey, Dave Collins, Thelma Conneally, Thomas Connollh, Margaret Conrad, Carrie Considine. Colleen Coomes. John Coughlin, Jin Daily, Shari Dalton, Scott Damasco, Linda D'Ambrosio, Craig Danek, Louise Davies, Catherine Davis, Edward Davis, Jeff Dawes, Mary Ann Dayton, Gregory Deavilla, John Decker, David Decker. Mark Dechalus. Don Deleon, Steven Deliberto, Gary Dell, Albert Dell'AquiIa, Michael Deluca, Sandra Demarco, Lori Deplanty, Lyne1te De Vito. Vince Digennaro, Mike Dirienzo, Paul Disilvestro. Charles Divito, Patty Domke, William Donahue, Jeffrey Donovan. Grace Duffy, Kathy Duhig, Patricia Dunne, Mary Ebbert. Brad Eidens, Lars Eniz, Lisa Esposito, Arlette Falsetti, Connie Feely, Joanne Ferguson, Barry FerreHi, Dan Ferrelli, Susette Fitch, Daniel Flemm, Daniel Formby, Susan Fourreau, Dennis Fraher. Jeffrey Frappier, BiH Frerichs, Mark Gallagher, Timothy Garces, Peter Gaul, David Gedwill. Paul Gentle, Craig Ghilard'r, JiH Giacovdli, Marc Gilman; Jill Given, Karen Glazier, Deborah Gnadt, Donna Gockman. Michael Gomez, Kathryn Gorski, James Graham, Carole Grant. Joan Grench, Brian Griffin, Richard Grote, David Grottke. Susan Grzenia, Brian Grzybek, Maria Gudgeon. Janet Gunderson. Joy Hagemann, Kevin Hager, Doug Hammer, Mary Hanke, James Hansen, Ronald Hardesty, Tom Harrison, Douglas Harsch, Glenn Hartenburg, Mary Hartmann, James Hartmann, Sharon Hartney. Debbie Hayes. Patty Heeman. Susan Heise. Theresa Helbig, Michael Hendrickson. Simeon Henke. Kenneth Hensley, Debbie Herlihy, William Herrera Joann Herrin, Mark Hertz. Bob Hess, Thomas Hill, Glen Hinton, Andrea Hixon, Janet Hockman. Lynn Hodge, Jennifer Hoermann. Susan Holm, Daniel Hopkins. Kathleen Homer. Martha Hudson, Julie Iaccino, Rosalind Iremnd, Jim Isola. Joy Jaenicke. Marina Janke. Brian Januschik. Nannette Januschik. Nicholas Jensne. Mark Jirik, Jacquelyn Jiskra, Edward 187 Johansen, Carol Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Tom Jones. Cynthis Jones, Kelli Jorgensen, Dolores Joyce, Kent Kappel, Robert Karl, Eddie Kaske, Paul Kastory, Carol Kavadias, Joanne Kearney, Todd Keilhack, Torn Kempcke, Ken Kerber, Kerry Kern, Susanne Kirkegaard, Dana Kish, Hans Kiss, Veronica Kleist. Rebecca Knoblock, Janet Knutson. Susan Koblenz, Jan Koester, Bobert Kohout, Barbara Kopis, Floyd Korinko, Randy Kothera, James Kovar, Ellen Kowalik, Nancy Krajecki, Kimberly Krampat, Stacy Krisch, Jeffrey Kud, Diane Kulinowski, Kimberly Kwia1kowski, Donna Lahr, Patricia Lake, Diane Lanzrath, Larry Lapuma, Sherri Larson, Mark Lasher. Claudia Lawrence, Chester Leary, Robert Lee, Kevin Leeper, Steven Leiner, Kirk Leonetti, Robert Leslie. David Lichtenberger. Anthony Lichtenberger, Maggie Livingston. John Lloyd. Kelly Looby, Philomena Lough, Katherine Lovetere, Sue Lukasik, Michael Maas, Dave Maas. Therese Mahoney, Torn Mancini. James Mancione, Angela Manna, Mary Mans, David Marack. Frank March, Scott Markov, Frank Maroney. Sherry Marshall, Dave Martinus. Christine Masnjak, Melissa Mason, Christopher Mason, Mike Matson, Beth Matysik, Debra May. Denise Mayberry, Janet McCarty, Kim 188 McClelland, Ruth McDonough, Didre McGiII. Thomas McGinn, Kathy McGladdery, Diane McKnight, Jeffreey McLaren, Carol McMillan. Debra McNeice. Sharoh McPherson, Margueriie McSweeney. Bill Medovich, Ahcia Meek, Mary Meyer, Jerry Meyr, Scott Michael. Denise Michalik, Myra Michiels, Ray Mihic, Albert Miller, Larry Miller, Linda Miller, Wendy Millett, Mark Milner. David Mingus, Laura Minser, Holly Moen, Leann Mogavero, Anthony More. Lori Moorhead. Edward Morgan, Mike Morris, Cheryl Morris, Steve Mrosek, Michele Mueller, Joseph Mullally, Mary Mulvihill, Liz Murphy, Denice Murphy, Joann Murphy, Lisa Murphy. Peggy Murray, Karen Murray. Joseph Muray, Kay Muus, Marianne Nelson. Cynthia Newman, David Nguyen, Tho Nicholas, Dean Niedballa, Mary Nield, Roy Nillissen, Martin Nolan, Bill .Norton, Timothy Oakley, David O'Brien, Andrew O'Connor, Marin O'Donnell, Mary Oetting, Marie Ogorzelec, Teri Ohlerich, Jaye Oldham, Jamie O'Neill, Mike Opland, Jim Osullivan, Mark Ott. Joseph Parbs, Rich Pascente, Joseph Peretto, Janet Perry, Robert Perry, WHliam Peterson, Eileen Petigo, Cynthia Petrie, Dean Piche, Kathleen Piemonte, Kim Pietrusiewicz, Tina Piety. Lisa Piety, Lori E Pinnella, Michael 189 190 Pipkin, Blair Piskula, Laura Pollack. Dan Pool, Robert Powers, George Powers, James Preece, Nancy Preter, Cheryl Pszanka, Karen Purdy, Roxanne Qualkenbush. Beverly Quinn, Karen acana April Rada, Robin Reeg, John Rees, Rachel Richards, Randall Richer, Karen Richers, Karen Richerson, Mary Richtsmig, Ed Rieger, Mary Riggio, Debbie Rimmele, Richard Robbins, Wendy Robnett, Diana Rogers, Brad Rohde, Anne Rollins, Pavick Rood, Dan Rose, Bridget Ross, Ken Roubal. Barb Roubal, Robert Rozner, Barb Ruech, Andy Ruehl, Barb Ryan, John Rypkema, Carolyn Sage, Michaelene Samela. Linda Sampey, Dan Sarno, Theresa Saxon, Dan Scarpelli, Felicia Scavone. Shari Schauer, Greg Schertz, Rob Schlak, Tom Schmelzer. Ann Schmidt. Glen Schmitt, Richard Schuba, Beth Schulpiet, Mary Schwartz, Barb Schweppe. Julie Scotter, Richard Selby, Brian Sergent. John Sheridan, Gary Shopnitz, Doug Sibrava, Tom Sichroysky, James Signorile, Louis Sigrist, Robert Simmons, Laura Simms, Stacey Skinner, Scott Sladek, Mike Slavik, Scott Slusher, Ed Smith, Cathy Smith. David Smith. John Smith, Robert Smith. Roger Smok, Peter Smyth, Joe Socha, Mike Sommerio, Eileen Sparacino, Gina Speyer, Lisa Spolec. Sharon Sprague. John Sringer, Debbie Stachura, Sheryl Stanko, Matthew Stebnicki, Lisa Steger, Mike Stickler, Ronald Stiemann, James Stifle, Lori Straka, Robert Stulgin, Craig Suddarth. Dave Suerth, Lisa Sullivan. Sibyl Swaim, Virginia Swearingin, David Tanner, John Taskila, Kathy Thomas. Hunt Thomson, Laura Thompson. George Thornton, Wendy Tobey, Linda Topolski, Susan Tufano. Joanna Ummel, Ron Ushytko, Michelle Vance, James Vandorpe, Ralph Van Gundy, Tom Vargo. Scott Varzino. Linda Vesevick, Cathy Veverka, Terri Vlasuk, Georgianne Voigtsberger, Kurt Vokac, Lynn Volz, Michael Wagner, Tom Waidanz, James Waidanz, Joe Walford, Ann Walker, Ruth Waller, Bradley Walsh. Laura Wanshek. Julie Watkins, Bruce Watry, Larry Wayman, Robert Weber. Mike Weber. Tim Weerts, Andrew Wegner, Greg Weppner. David West. Theresa Wiese. Kevin Wilczak, Gary Wilk, Stephen Winis, Rhetta Wingard, Janice Wisotzke, Rob Witt, Amy Wodek, Mark Wolatz. Cheryl Wolatz, Marni Wolff. Jeanette Wolff, Rosemary Woods. Steve Wrenn, Wendy Yelton, Donna Young, Lawrence Yovan, Louis Zacks, Nancy Zelazek, Sue Zelois, Johanna Zimmerman, Chuck Zimmermann, Joann x w 191 193 SOPHOMORES Class of '81 President Dave Alengo 194 Abruzzo, Terri Adams, Douglas Adoiph, Brad Albertson, Lisa Alengo, Dave Anderson. Dean Anderson. Mark Anderson, Tracy Andrichik, Kristine Annerino. Juliet Armonda, Bill Atnipp, Sherry Ayward, Glenn Bach, Jennifer Badon, John Baker, Laurie Baker, Susan Ballard. Janice Balsamo, Tina Barbeau. Mary Basista, Maryann Bathje, Jody Battung, Tito Baxter. Jeffery Baxter. Laura Beaupre, Ralph Becker. Fred Beckman. William Bednar, Nikki Behrendt, John Bwifuss, Julie Beiner, Brett Bell, Richard Bellusci, Cathy BeIIusci, Tino Benard, Kristine Beresniewicz, Renee Berg, Mike Bergmann, Steve Berry, Jeff Bice, Cindy Biegalski. Michael Bierman, Laura Bilotta, Robin Bina. James Bircher, David Biron. Stephen Blakew, Robert Blanchard. Dave 195 196 Blickle, Robert Bludorn, Scott Blunt. Jerry Bockrath, John Bodi, Jeri Anne Bolton, Daniel Bolton, Michael Borden, Debbie Borgatell, Ellen Bosman, Kim Bou-Sliman, Noelle Bradley. Janet Bra1cher, Roben Breu, Robert Brown, David Bublitz, Scott Buchanan, Brian Budnik, Judy Budny, Kim Burge, Judy Burns, Cindi Calow, Jennifer Campbell, Stephanie Campinose, Karen Carlson, Carrie Carkson. Kevin Carlson, Tom Carter, Jim Caruso, Matt Caruso, Michael Caselli, Eugene Cekal, Philip Chambers. Phil Cicero, Sam Cipriano, Michael Clancy, Pat Clark, Susan Clinton, Steve Coffey, Richard Collsen, Melanee Conforti, Susan Conners, Julie Conroy, Moira Cooper, Ann Cooper, Grant Craxer, Rebecca Crater. Pat Craine, Jill Crane, Laura Dahlberg. Donna Dahmer, Deborah Dahms, John Damm, Lori Danek, Frances Daniels, Mary Darlak, Cragi Davies, Christine De Chalus, Sheila Delikanakis. John De Luca, Anita Dempsey, Michael Detente, Mark De Witt, Caryn Dixon, Andy Dixon, James Dobler, Debbie Dodd, John Domke, Tom Donnelly. Susan Donovan, Dave Drees, Kevin Dvorak, Bob Dzimek. Becky Edwards, Simone Ehrhardt, Frank Ekis, Andrew Ekstrom. Rita Elauteri, Peter Emelmann, Michae- Emhoven, John Entwistle, Joe Erlandson, Dawn Erlenbaugh. Teri Estes, Bart Evans, Sheila Faust, Jeff Feeley, John Feeley, Daniel Ferguson, Julie Fett, Tammy Figge, Ron Fink, Betty Fink, Tim Fippinger, Lisa Fisher. Karen Fisher, Mark Flemm, Jim Florence, Robin Flores, Mike Fogarty, Kevin Folkerts, Phil Fors, Candace Forsyth, James Fotos, Kathy Fornier. Nicole Freeblin, Fred Frey, Debbie Fritsch. Jill Fritz, John Frydrych, Laurie Fuller, William Funderberk, Mike Furgiuele, Mike Gabert. Nancy Galbraith, Gary Gallagher, Jeanne Garland, Lynn Gaul, Mary Gdala. Robin Gedwill, Sally Gedymin, Daniel Gialo, Vito Gierzynski, Mary Gillman, Pat Glazier, Theresa Glock. Barbie Glock, Lois Gloss, Steve Glynn. John Goedeke. Kim Good, Sandy Goode, Ken Gorman. Dan Grabenstein, Richard Griffith, Donald Griffith, William Grimm, Mike Grosklaus. Lori Grote, Susan Gruhn, Diane Guthrie, Pat Gutierrez, Lisa Hahn, Allison Haley. Debbie Hall. John Hallett. 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Debbie Kutska, Christine Lacour, Karen Lajeunesse. John Lappa. Karen Lapuma, Sam Lawler, Cheryl Lawrence, Charlie Leali, Karen Leary, Pat Leist. Donald Lenartowicz, David Lewis, Holly Lewis, Robert Linsenmeyer, Tom Lippoldt. Scott Livermore, Jeff Lloyd. Diana Lloyd, Dwight Lloyd, Vicky Logee, Brian Loizzi. Rob Lome, Carol Long, Wayne Luban. Sharon Lund, Jodie Lundin, Julie L; 9-: ,iamsmkkm $ i Lutz, Alan Lutz, Chris Lytle, Scott Maas, James Magrini, Vince Mahlberg, Dick Mak, Helen Mak. Kenny Mancione, Phil Manna, Judy Manna, Peter Mariotti, Mark Martino, Jeff Mathison, Morgan Maiuszak, Christine Matuszczak, Mike Max, Nicolette McBride, Cynthia McCormick, Anna Marie McCoy. David McFeely, Tim McKee, Heather McManus, Sandy McNeiIl, Grace McQuade. Douglas McQueen. Kirk Medovich, Adair Meimers, Ron Meiners, Laura Meyer, Kim Meyer, Scott Meyn, Peter Meyr. Susan Miller, Carol Miller, Don Miller, Mary Miller. Sara Miller, Teresa Milisap, Mike Minser, Dawn Mittelheuser, Duane Modica, Linda Mogavero, Mike Molenda, Karen Moleterno. Beth Morgan, Kevin Morrall, Robert Moorshead, Caronn Morse, Tammy Mrazek, William Mullen, William Mulvihill, Pat Murphy, Mark Muus, Linda Myers, Joyce Napodano. Diane Neil, William Nelson. Jay Neu, Claudia Nielsen, Debbie Nizon. Betty Norton. Culleen Notman, Dick Nowicki, Troy Nudo, Sam Oetting, Angela Olson, Glen Olson, Rich Olson, Terry Orgo. Victor Owens, Tim Paisley. Gary Palmer, James Pape. Mike Papenbrok, Heidi Parker. Sherri Parrish, Beth Parquette. Mark Passini, Gregg Paulsen, Dawn 199 200 Pawlak, Joan Pecora, Ron Perkins, Elizabeth Pertchul, Dirk Peterson, Mark Peterson, Matthew Phipps, Dolores Picciulo, Loraine Picl, Tammy Piemonte, Dean Pietrusiewicz, Debbie Pinnella, David Piotrowski, Francis Pituch. Lori Plautz, Susan Plonka, Ken Podgorski, Greg Pojman, Amy Potts, Don Porter, Judy Pracht, Paula Puzan, Susan Quinn, Barry Ready. Susan Reese. Rick Rhodes, Sharon Rhodes, Susan Rich, Keith Riforgiate, Terry Riggio, Linda Ritzler, Gretchen Robert Matthew Robinson. Steven Robinson, Vicki Roche. Rosemary Rodriguez, Joe Rogers, Jeff Ross, Theresa Ruczkowske, Richard Ruehl, Sandy Ruich, Bob Rumsey, Cindy Samuelson. Sandy Samela, Lisa Sanders. Sue Sepata, Paul Scavone. Lee Schalund, Scott Schandelmeier. Greg Schellhase. Heather Schiewe. Patti Schmidt, Dan Schmidt, Lisa Schoen. Christine Schroeder, Reid Schwartz. Mariruth Scott, Susan Seick, Bradley Seiden, Robert Seifert. Holly Seiler, Cindy Selby, Bretta Semelroth. Peter Shanks, Regina Shannon, Celia Shireman, Joe Shultz, David Sidor. Sandi Sifcak, Jackie Silora, Eleanor Sommons, Andy Sittig, Daniel Smith, Adam Smith, Phil Smith, Robert Smith. Sherri Sohlberg, Nancy Southard, Lucy Spialek. Mark Spontak. Steve Stanczak. Dion Staton, Debbie Steck, Terri Steinbach, Mark Stevens. Ed Stoever, John Straight, Shari Strain, Linda Struif, Daniel Studtmann, Chris Suchel. 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Renny Zezulak, Mike Zulaui. Kim 201 202 203 Class of '82 President Dana Walbruch and Vice- President Kapq Gondal 204 Acton, Dawn Adams, Robert Adkinson. Shelia Akenhurst. Victoria Albers, Susan Alcox. Jo Ann Alengo. Cindy Alm, Jerry Anderson, Brenda Anderson, Cheryl Andre. Allison Annerino. Tino Anthony, Valerie Arndt, Jeff Arndt, William Bach, Jeff Bachar. David BachIor, Kirsten Biard. William Bal, Pam Balgemann, Wendy Balgemann, Stephen Banks. Laurel Baran, Collette Barnes, Carrol Baron Carol Bashir, Ayesha Baustain, Kim Bava, Gerard Bavishi, Nita Bejger, Marma Bellock. Mike Berndt, David Bilskey. Patrick Bina, Karen Bircher, Larry Birkelbach. Jeanette Bishop, Lee Blakemore. Sue Blunt, Lisa Bock, Allison Bolla. Laura Bollinger, Kevin Boiton. Brian Boone, Jennifer Boragina, Rob Bowen, Tim Boyer. Penny Bradford, Carhon Bray, Joanne Brehm, Marcia Briggs. Carol Bromley, Christine Bryan, Dale Budnick, Steve Budzyn, Edie Burian, Sue Burlage, William Burns, Tami Buscher. John ButIer, Val Caccitolo, Mike Cadagin, Mark Calabria, Ray Camacho, Jeff 205 206 Carr, Frank Carr, Pam Caruso, Lynn Caselli. John Chambers. Lynn Chick. William Christensen, Kelly Christensen, Phil Christie. Joanne Cichorski, Sharon Cichorz, Anthony Clark, Lee Clesen, Jim Clynne, Keith Coleman, Kelly Coelmar, Russell Collins, David Collins, Donald Conneally, Marty Connelly, Matt Connolly, Kathy Connor, Elizabeth Conrad, Julie Conway, Robert Coughlin, Randal Cizzi, Al Crane. Karen Cruz. Juan Cunningham, Todd Currie Tammy Damasco, Lori Danegelis. John Danek, George Davis, Scott Decamp, Jennifer De Laurie. Angela De Leon, Paul Deliberto, Mike Delikanakis, Lilly DeWaard. John Didier, Mark Dikun, Lisa Dildine, Ross Dimmitt. Christine Dion, Tom Diskin. Barry Disilvestro, Ruth Ditzinger, Michelle Dobler, Donna Donovan, Dan Doran, Mike Dori, Craig Duhig, Noreen Dumler, Tim Dunn, Sandy Dunn, Sheila Dunne. Jim Dzimek, Robby Egan, Kathy Eikens, Nils Ekstrom, Gail Ellis, Robert Ellison. Dave Elwell, Geoff Feely. David Feigenbaum. Jackie Felz, Jeff Finch, Mike Finch, Patrick Fleege, Chris Fliehler, Donna Fogle, Lisa Foran, Lynn Freeman, Denise Forest, De Ann Camp, Jim Cantua, Brian Carlson, Bill Carpenter, Denise Forsythe, Steve Forte, Nancy Fournier, Cindy Fouts. Russell Freeberg. William Frerichs, Charlene Frytz, Laura Galinski, Dawne Garces, Laura Garvey, Torn Gasparro, Jim Gdala, Ed Gedwill. Barb George, Gwendolyn Giannini, Kyle Glazier, Joe Glynn, Joe Gockman, Rick Goebel. Chris Goldsbury. Susan Gondal, Kapil Gordon, Scott Gorski, Daniel Graham, Jeff Grandrud. Diane Gram, Robert Grass, Robert Greco, Vito Greene. Debbie Grieco, Mike Grimm, John Groves. Keith Gruhn, Patti Grzybek, Paul Gsell, Mike Guetzow. Kurt Gunraj, Ray HaII, Glen Hall, James Hall. Kathy Halmel, Christine HaIvorsen, Alan Hammer, Michelle Hammond, Parks Hanke, Daniel Hanrahan, Kim Hanrahan. Paul Hansen. Mark Hanson, Carla Hardesty, Tammy Harvison, Rich Hasbrouck, Sheryl Haugen. Phillip Hefferan, John Heins, Ronald Heintz, Janet Heise, Susan Hemmerick, Jean Hendrickson, Tim Henkel. Cathy Herlihy, Bob Hermann, Greg Hertrich. Don Hertz, Tim Hess, Sally Heyse. Wayne Hill, Kathy Hill, Wayne Hinz, David Hladeck. Rebecca Hoerman. Bob Hoffswell. Martha Hoffswell, Veronica Hogan. John Holmes. Bruce Holst, Mark Holte. Dawn Holte, Ken Holtman, Marie Hudon, Jon Hudson, John 207 Hurlburt. Robert Iaccino, Ted Ireland, John Irle, Kim Irwin. Sue Jandacek, Michael Janisch, Joe Jasin, Glenn Jass. Kristin Jenkins, John Jensen, Martha Jirik, John Johnson, Carol Johnson, Karen Jones, Caryn Jonsson, Marina Jurgensen, Jeff Kalili, Tammy Kalinowski, Steve Kapolozynski, Rober Karker, Carolyn Kasco, Patricia Kassal, Denise Kats, Paul Katula, Kathy Kautz. Pam Kearney, Chris , Kehring, Kathy 208 Keith, John Kellett, David Kelly, Dorothy Kemp, Daryl Keppner, Laura Kia. John Kim, Won Kinne, Laura Kirkegaard, Eric Kleist. Peter Kliem. Mark Klobucher, John Knicker. Bill Kohout,Frank Kolb, Donna Komaniecki, Donna Kopis, Dawn Koutsky, Laura Krage, Wendy Kravchuk, Mark Krisch, Debbie Kuenstler, Steven Kulinowski, Kathy Kundrot, Andrew Kupreisi, Sue Kuznar, Kevin Lackowski, Lisa Laffrey, Julie Lahr, Jennifer Lappa, Torn Lawler, Mike Lay,Jo Lay, Torn Leakakos, Bill Leiner, Kristie Leiner, Kyle Leonard, Mike Leonard, Margaret Liebke, Patricia Linsenmeyer, Tim Lloyd, Anthony ond, Ed Logan, Jim Lorenz, Christina Luban, Donna Lukasik, David Lukaszek, Mark Lynch, Mike MacClure, Lisa Mackett, Dawn Magrini, Ron Maiman, Darren Malinowski, Sheryl Marack, Bill Mariotti, Mitch Mark, David Martin. Greg Martinus, Ted Matuszak, Laura Matuszczak, Stan Maveety, Susan Mave1z, Mark McCarthy, Susan McCarthy,Shawn McClelland, Annette McCIeIIand,Mary McCord. Debbie McCrary, Kelley McGiII, Alison McGinnis. Erin McGoldrick, Mike McKeon, Ann Mede, Debbie Medina. Rafe Mertz, Lisa Meyer, Mickey Meyr, Mike Mihic, John Miller, Carla Miller, Joy Misch, Mark Montes. Mike Moore, Carla Moore, Joe Moore, Mary Morland, Sherri Morris, Jon Morris, Paul Morton, Joe Mrazek, Tim Mruk, Laura Mullett, Mark Mulvihill, Mary MulvihiH, Sue Murphy, Peter Murphy, Sean Murphy, Victoria Musgrave. Vickie Muzzey, John Nation, Terry Neiman, Frank Nelson, Dan Nerney, Mike Neuber. Rick Newton, Jon Nguyen, Tran Nichols, Andy Nolan, Marie Nosek, Marie Notman, Donna Nurczyk. Scott Oakley, Steve O'Conneor, Misty Oder. Cathy Ogorzelec, Lori Ohara, Liz Olsen, Eric Olson, Kristen Orr, Cindy Orsini, Mario Orszula, Penny Osterholt. Cheryl Ott, Bonnie Ott. Tom Paauwe. Teri Palmer, David Paimer, Sharon Palya, Mike Pape, Anthony Paradis. Andy Paradis, Mark Parbs, Mike 209 210 Parison, David Pawiak, Ken Pawley. John Peterson, David Petrie. Tod Pickan, Ed Piemonte, Lynn Pikunas, Nadine Plesner, Doug Poierier, Rick Pojman, Kyla Pomahac, Geri Pool, Elaine Poppe, Sue ,Porter, Lori Porter, Pam Poskocil, Julie Powers. Bob Pra1er, Greg Pratt, John Prell, Scott Price, Toni Priest, Lauren Pszanka, Jim Reditsch, Eva Reece, Sandy Rees, John Reese, Sandy Reynolds, Jean Rhodes, JuIie Richerson, Kathy Robbins. Steve Robnett, John Rogers, Wendy Rojic, Anthony Romano, Dave Roubal, Margaret Rudnik, Jeff Sage, Tim Salamunec. Sandy Samuelson, Tammy Sanborn, Richard Sanderson, Robert Santchi, Mike Sargent. Joyce Sarno, Juli Sato, John Scahill. John Scarpelli, Nick Schalund, Dave Schauer, Heidi Scheiwiller, Paul Schertz. Deborah Schloemer, Richard Schneider, Kristine Schneider. Lisa Schneider, Rich Shotenlher, M. Schrepferman, James Schuh, William Schulpiet. Thomas Schwalb, Robert Schwarzkopf, Ronald Scott, James Scotter. Mike Scudder, Karen Segraves, Caro! Settle. Rita Shannon, Michael Sheehan. Kathleen Sheldon. Jennifer Sibrava. Kurt Sichrovsky, Barb Siciliano, Cherisse Silberhorn, Phill Silvestri, Dave Sisler, Jamie Skinner. Troy Slusher, Sharon Smith, Dave Smith. Mary Smok, David Smykowski, Scott Sparacino. Sandy Sparacino, Susan Speiden, John Sponsler, Todd Spurny. Carol S1anko, Joe Stark, Liz Steinbrink, Leigh 3 Stiemann, Bonnie Stogdill, Mike Sluker, Bill Styes, Lisa Suddarth, Trevor Sullivan, Kirsten Summers. Susan Swanson, Cindy Swanson, Lynda Sweeney, Steve Swiger. Mark Szurek. Donna Taskila. Sue Tautkus. Cathey Taylor, Kay Taylor, Roy Tenschow, Beth Tennell, Brad Testa, Tracey Thomson, Elizabeth Tracy, Richard Troy, Lynn Tufano, Laura Tyminski, Steven Ushytko, Alicia Vance, Mercedes Vande Merkt. Sharon Vandenbroucke, Gary Van Dorpe. Debbie Vargo, Lisa Vincent, Mike Voigtsberger, Jan Vonholst, Richard Voss. Patrick Vota, Patrick Wagner, Jeff Walford, Roberta Walker, J. Wallbruch, Dana Walsh, Joanne Walsh. Tim Warekois, John Warland, Mark Weems, Ken Wegner, Pam Weidel. Mary Weislak, Lori Wellings. Matt Wells, Tom Weppner, Daryl West, Glen Westerholm, Don Weston, Nick Whaling, Holly Wiedemann, Beth Wiere, Marge Wild, Pam Wilkins, Debbie Williams, Lisa Williams. Scott Wilson, Densie Wilson, Jackie Woeppel, Tim Wons, Mike Wright, Christina Yung, Linda Zacks, Bob Zoellner, Kurt Zrinsky, Christine 211 SENIORS Aarons, Bonnie A. Adaml, John J. Adolph, Julie 11, 169 Minute, John F. Ahorn, Michael A. 169 Ahlarn, Julia Ann 169 Albin, Cheryl Ann 169 Albue, Stephen A. 169 Alcox, Judy 169, 147 Allen, Carla A. 169 Allen, Nancy E. 169 Alm. Barbara E. 169, 145 Anders. Lillian c. Anderson, Donna J. 169 Andre, Doborrnh 169, 138, 147 Andresen, Robert S. 189 Andrlo, Michele J. 169, 110. 124 Anllsporger, Both E. 169 Armando, Cherise A. 169 Arndt, Kerri L. 169, 145 Arsanonu, Ramona L. 169 AIkinson, John M. 169 Mnipp, Carolyn S. 169 Babcock, Nancy M. Babocki, Greg L. Baird, Carolyn J. 169 Bajek, Elizabeth R. 169, 145 Baran, David T. 169, 98, 110 Barker, Sandra L. 169, 102, 110 Banlar, Karyn L. 169 Bola, Sharon R. 169 Batac, David J. 110 Baumann, Thomas J. 110 Baonr. Colleen G. 110 Boers, Cindy L. 110, 132 Bell, Mike A. 110, 110, 145 Bell. Natalie M. Bellock, James J. 76 Benjamin, Palrick D. 110 Bergmnnn, Gregory A. 170, 109 Bethko, Sun A. 170, 132 Bice, Doug W. 110, 132 Bioliuki, Chrisiina 170 Bilskey, Chuck E. 170 Binder, Susan T. 170 Blackwell, Randy F. 170, 76, 98 Bland, Kathleen A. 170 Blaney, Janene E. 170, 110 Blinks, Linda J. 110, 132, 106 Blunt, Rober! L. 170, 76 Boragina, Philip J. 170 Borchardt, Karla L. 170, 124 BnrgaIell, Anita T. 170 Bou-Sliman, Michele M. 110, 147 Boyd, Lisa K. 170 Boyle, Yvonne A. Brakrog, Kimberly K. 170, 132 Brauor, Gretchen S. 170, 117 Bray, Vincent R. 170 Breitling, Tim P. 170 Brialu, Kathy Ruth Brown, Russell H. Brown. Wendy B. 170, 132 Browning, Susan E. 170, 145 Brudnicki, Jim 170 Bruu, James F. 170 Buckley, Brian D. 170, 110, 124 Budnik, Richard M. 110, 133 Bue1ons, Sandra L. 170, 132 Burger, Hans J. 110, 119 Burnett, Hoborl J. Bush, Matthew S. 170 Bukauskn, AnIhony Butler, Noble L. 145 Byrnon, John P. 171, 16 Caccitolo, Marie Jo 171 CnHero, John P. Cakora Ann. 171 Calow, Laura A. Camp, Virginia M. 111, 124 Carbray, Dennis J. Carlson- Matthew G. 171, 80, 81 Carney, Tom V. Carobun, Richard J. 132 Caner, Tammy L. Carver, Bill M. 111, 145 Calalano, Vince P. 171 Cavallo, Sue C. 171, 102 Chapman, Joanne L. 171, 117 Chidlow, Jonnilor M. 171 Christophenon. Brian 111, 145 Chun, Charlotte E. 111. 110, 147 Cichonki, Sandra n. Ciconki, Don 132 Clancy, Julie M. 171, 117 Clark, Randy C. 111 Clousar, Kevin L. 171 Cochran, Jacqueline A. Collar, Cthorino M. 171 Colom, Antoine 171 Connonuy, Thad J. 111, 145 Cnnnelly Diana L. 111, 88 ConnoIly, Bren J. Conroy, Tim J. Considino, Connie J. 111 Connnntine, Dominica 171 Cooper, Cynthia L. 111, 124 Corcoran, Michael R. 171, 91 Coming, Cheryl A. 171, 110, 111 Conell, Debra A. 171, 110. 124 Cozzi, John W. 171, 98 Crawlord. Suun L. 171. 132 Csalzar, Calhrine Cugior, Don E. 171, 132 Czopok, Barbara A. 171, 133 Dabkowuki, Coleno An Dahms, Dick 111 D'Ambroaia, Sally D'Amhrosio, KimbeHy 111 Danagolis, Pamela K. 111 Daniels, Marti J. 111 Duakil, Maria Elenie 171, 111 Daudelin, Bob E. 10, 111, 76 Davin, Alun A. Davis, James E. 172 Davin, Susan A. 172, 132 Davis, Wendy S. Dawidowicz, Ken c. 172, 132 DawneHa, Michell 137 DoChalus, Catharine 172 Dolauris, John M. Dolhoz, Marianne Doiibeno, Seen A. 172 Doluca, Michollo L. Darnarco. Tina A. 172 Doprim, Harry Doulscher, Allen J. Downard, David G. 112 Didomanico, Yoianda 172 Dikun, Pamela R. 172 Diloni, Michael J. 172 Dion, Denise R. 172 Dirvin, Christopher M. 112 Divilo, Robert M. 172 Diurich, Mirjnna 112 Dodd, Jamel E. 172 Donahue, Lynn E. 172 Dowell. William David Dress, Karen C. 112, 88, 110 Drew, Melissa K. 172 Draws, suave L. Duboss, James 110 Dunckel, Kevin J. 112, 84, 124 Dvorak, Edward W. Ekis, Barbara 172 Elam, Carol J. 172, 113, 109 Ellio", Rosemary L. 172 Elliu, Ralph E. Ellison, Tracey EuposiIo, Patricia A. 172 Evans, Denise M. 172, 117, 124 Fabiano, Joe A. 172 Faiilo, Ralph J. 112 Fairbairn, Michael A. 172 Fulani, Rose A. 172, 110 Foeley, David G. 172, 68 Ferguson, Adam J. 172 Fiona, Kurt C. 112 Floischman, Mark W. 172, 133 Flomm, Mike R. 172 Florence, Debra A. 112 Ford, Thomu Peter Folkerh, Mark R. 110 Follmann, David M. 173 1 Form, Deborah A. 173, 145 Fournior, David F. Fourroau, Arloon K. 113 Frankel, Joy E. 113, 110 Frey, Cheri 173 Fray, Suzanne E. 173 Fritz, Jeannine A. 173 Frueh, Linda K. 173, 110 Frueha, Joann 113 Fry, Kurt S. 173 Frylz, Bob K. 173 Fuller, Roborl T. 173 Gaalano, Jerry R. 173 Gannon, Erin M. 173 Garcon, Franco-ca M. 113 Gaul, Michael c. 11, 12, 173, 72 Gnvrilyl, Conslanco T. 173 Gain, Elizabem J. 173, 145 George, Michelle L. 13 Ghinlain. Jame: E. 113 Giorzynnki, Anthony G. 173 Gioalor, Carrie S. 113 Glen, Cindy 173 Glynn Paula 173 Goedoko, Robert C. 113, 91, 145 German, Timolhy J. Gen, Daniel Thomas 113 Gnu, Deborah M. 113 Graunko, Eric J. 173 Green, Ronaann 113, 133 Green, Laura A. Green, Steven A. Grimm, Paul c. 173 Groh, Dave M. 113 Gudgoon, Karen M. 173, 79 Gudgoon, Thomas E. Hunt, Elisabeth M. Hahn. John R. Hahn, Rick E. 173, 97, 34 Haley, Danny M. 109 Hall, Daniel S. 113, 91 Hull, Kim 173, 111 Hall, Miriam R. 174, 110 He", Todd R. 174 Hallor, Charyi L. 174 Hammer, Marlene 174 Hammoruchmidl, Thomas 174 Hancock, Bob F. Happel, Debra S. 114, 147, 141 Happel, Diane L. 174, 147, 147 Hardtko, Mark A. 11, 174, 98, 34 Harrison, Denilo M. 114 Hawbakor, Deanne S. 174 Hayes, Peggy A. 114 Hainl, Donald W. Henderson, Michelle A. 174, 132 Hermann, William C. 174. 145 Honor, Cathy L. 114, 133 Hoyman, Deborah L. 174, 133 Hoyno, Glen E. 76 Hickey, Douglas J. 174 Hicks, Kan A. Hill, Karen E. 174, 145 Hill, Susan E. Hillmann, Lin D. 114, 145 HostoIl, Helen M. Hogan, Amanda Hops, Anne Scott Horisl, Many .l. Hotz, Kimberly A. 174 Houlihan, John P. 174, 97, 68. 117 Huck, Conrad J. Huluy, Teresa L. 174 Hurklay, Donald J. Hurlbun, Loo L. 174 Huuer, Pamela J. 174, 110, 124 Imburgia, Christine M. 114 Indoranlo, James V. Irwin, Scott D. 174, 76, 97 Jackson, Philip L. 174 Jacobsen, Cheryl L. 174 Jandacok, Joe M. Janisch, Kim 114, 116 Januschik, Kimberly F. 174, 133 Jomiu, Michael K. Jonson, Margaret M. Joons. Dave A. 174, 91, 124 Joom. Robert A. 174 Johanknecht, Lori J. 114, 117, 110 Johnson, Chris D. Johns, Scott 114, 98 Johnlon, Bron J. Johnson, Carl V. 133 Johmon, David G. 174 Johnnon, Polar R. 114 Johnson, Rich G. 76, 97 Jonn, Steven E. 175 Jones, Charles K. 175 Jones, Christina E. 115 Jones, Kelly 76, 145 Jones, Laura Lee Joschor, Allen 175 Jozwiak, Tom K. 115, 106 Kacirok, Steven M. Kadlac, Carrie F. 115, 132 Kalina, Pnlricia A. Knlinowski, Jonery J. Karnmas, Sandra E. 175 Kuik, Kim Joan 175, 132 Kearney, Mike V. 175 Koon, Colleen Keith, Tod A. Kelly, Annette Faye 175 Kelly, John F. 175 Kelly, Paul C. 175 Killian, Slave T. 175 Kindl, BIako E. Kirch, Tom G. 175 Kilchsol, Sandi A. 175 Kline, Kathleen 175, 132 Knickor, Terri A. 175, 110 Kolar, Bonnie L. 175, 133 Kondrat, Paul James 115 Kotilinok, Lisa L. 132 KonfDonna M. 115 Kowalik, Nadine E. 175 Krem, Tammy L. 175 Kugol, Ken! R. 175, 111 Kulaga, Larry J. Kundrol, Jacquelyn A. Kurak, Joe D. 175 Kuznar, Mary M. Lahr, Suuan K. 175. 79 Lake, James R. Lappa, Richard J. 115 Larson, Joy L. 175 Lavicka, Karin D. 175, 116, 102 Lawlsr, Stephen A. 175, 110 Leakakoa, Barb A. 115 Lanarlowicz, Susan M. 175 Lenkoy, PeIor W. 175 Lewis, Tammy E. 175 Lindquinl, Michael M. Liaching, Eileen T. 175, 118 Lloyd, Dawn 175 Lough, Michael J. Lovell, Dean J. 176 Laws, Jamey E. Lundegard, Sue E. 176 Lykken, Donna J. 176, 132 Muck, Samuel E. 98, 34 Magerkunh, Dawn R. 176 Mak Ling 116 Malarich, Blaine B. 176 Malloy, Kathleen A. 176 Manciona, Corinne M 176 Manning, Timothy Lee 176 March. Bruce L. Marcin, Michelle .1. 176 Mnrcuccilli, Thoma. .l. 176 Mark, Laura Elizabeth 176, 110 Malchek, Joe W. 116 Mathuon, James H. 116 Matysik, Robert J. 176 Max, Marylu 178 May, Caroline Mazzolini, cmhy M. 176 McCuflory, Mark Owen 124 McGill. Kevin M. 116 McKennoy, Mary M. 116, 116, 94 McPhail, Kelly A. 116, 132 McPherson, John K. 116 McSwoanay, Dan Mains", Mark G. 116 Mercer, Jenny Meyer, Angola C. 116, 79 Michael, Dawnolle L. 176 Miller, Andrew Miller, Caryn A. 116, 145, 141 Miller, Myrna A. Miller, Seen A. 110 Mills, Scan T. 124 Minion, William L. 116 Milton, Pany A. 176, 145 Modica, Susan 176, 13 Moon, Ray J. 116, 110 Moll, Peggy A. 118, 147 Muller, Julie A. 176 Moore. Vikki Moorhaad, Andrea L. 176 Moran, Grog 176, 98 Moroschi, Julie M. 176, 111, 110 Morgan, Ken w. 145 Morris, Cheryl L. 176 Morris, Susan L. 177 Muzak, Jon K. Mueller, Dan R. 111 Mueller, David .1. Mn", Michael c. Myers, Carol M. 177 Nolmu, Linda R. 171 Nohon, Kri-Ii S. 111, 117 Nelson, Vir Norney, Kathy Ann 117, 109 Newton, Barnard P. 177 Nichols, Nancy L. 132 Nielsen, Karen J. 171 Nohingor, Mark 3. 171 Nosok, Michael R. 177, 109, 128 Novak, Nancy L. 177 Nudo. Adelina R. 171 O'Connor, Debbie A. 177, 133 O'Hara. John P. O'Hara, Mike .I. 0,Loary, Patrick J. 117 Olson, Keith D. 16. 80, 89 O'Malloy, Madeline 177, 133 Orgo, Joana Mariann 171 Oruuln, Doug Owen, anuolyn M. 171. 133 Owen, Susan L. 11, 12, 111, 145, 109 Paiuloy, Ken P. 177, 76 Parker, Lila M. 177 Parquone, Dale R. 177 Parrish, Cathryn L. Pauini, Soon J. 171 Panow, Brenda S. 111, 132 Patocka, Michael A. 177 Paul, Lewis D. Ponlridgo, Dave W. Perez, Ray Perez, Theresa M. Palenon, Kristen K. 177, 145 Paterson, Kurt F. Phipps. Darryl Joseph 171 Picciuolo. Slovon J. 177 Piolrutiawicz, Lynda 111, 88 Pinman, JoHory L. Planner, Don E. 171 Pollm, Karon 177 Pomahac, Christine L. 117, 102 Poppa, Sandra 117, 110 Pozelky, Richard R. 177, 145 Pruler, Bonnie J. 118 Pryor, Megan 173, 147, 147 Radar, Margaret M. RadIko, William D. 173, 72, 98 Rathbono, Brenda Heals, Michelle A. 118 Reno, Scan F. 178, 109 Rainke, Knlhlson J. 13 Rhodes, Kaihryn G. 178 Richer. Sue L. 178 Rider, Nancy C. 178 Riinlo, Tqua M. Rimmala Mary E. 118 Ring, Peter A. 178 Riven, Gaye R. 118 Hobo", Rebecca 173, 110, 145 Robertson, Richard J. 178 Rodriguez, Lorraine A. 178 Roognor, Lawrence 8. Rogers, Dorothy J. 178 Rogers, Kristina L. 178 Rogers, Rabin 178 Roiic. Cynthia L. 173 Ron. Carolyn L. 113 Roth, Evan J. 113, 145 Rummy, Cindy K. 113, 110, 145, 124 Ruuoll, Joann 173, 133 St. John, Palricia M. Samela. Gary Sampoy, Dan 178 Samuelson, Brenda J. 113 Sande", Michael J. Santchi, Sue M. 113 Saucy, Scott Paul Saunders, William M. 173, 91 Sawinuki, Jill G. 118 Scahill, Jim 178 Scarpelli, Li: A. 178 Schalund, Sandra L. 118, 102 Schark, Mark D. Schenz, Tim A. 178, 80, 81, 98, 68, 110, 145 Schellak, Pally 118 Schioler, Scott B. 118 Schiowe, Paula B. 178, 110, 32 Schneider, Robert C. 178 Schneider, Susie Schoan, Alan K. Schoenborn, Sandra A. Schreiber, Richard P. 179 Schroeder, Robert A. 179 Schuldt, Karen A. 119 Schulpiol, William J. Schwindl, Dawn C. 119. 124 Sec", Diana Adele 179 Scoll, Michael E. 179 Scott, William A. 179, 18 Sechrisl, Chriuopher 179, 145 509, Bill T. Soogerl. Sandra L. 119, 111, 147 Samar, Heidi J. 179, 133 Semonla, Anthony M. 119, 78, 97 Shanon Robert A. 119 Sheldon, Jame: c. 119 Shepherd, Kim G. 179, 132, 117 Sherman, Sandra L. 119 Shullz, Kathyrn R. 179 Sidor, Suuan M. 178 SioborI, Michnol W. 179 Slaby, Joan K. Slingorland, Joanne A. 179 Smith, Colleen M. 119 Smith, Douglas A. 179, 98, 110 Smilh, Emily Durollo Smith, Kenneth E. 179 Smith, Lori C. 119, 132 Smith, M. Marcia 179, 116 Smith, Michael F. 119 Smith, Paul J. 179, 98, 68 Snyder, Lori .l. 119, 117 Sommorvillo, David A. 119 Spnlo, James Sparrow, David B. 119 Spivack, Jerry D. 179, 111, 109 Spomler, Bron M. 119 Slahl, Lynda G. 179, 147 stancy, Bron A. Slanich, Michael J. 179, 76, 91. 97 Siankm, Mark Patrick 179, 76 SIoinbach, John M. 179, 110 Sienhon, Lacey K. 180. 132 Slorn, Kimberlee A. 180 Slilla. Judy L. 180 St. John, Pally 130 Slogdill, Rich Mail 180, 109 Slolp, Charla: S. 180, 91 Straight, Terri L 180, 110. 124 Slukor, Eileen P. 180, 133 Slulgin, Jo" R. 180 Slyburaki, Dean 180 Sullivan, Sue Ellen 130 Summers, Kevin D. 130 Summers, Linda L. 180 Summers, Pamela S. 180 Sweeney, John D. Szwodo, Joseph E. 180 Szymaniuk, Joyce 0. 180, 102, 82 Taasaas, Kaihryn J. 180 Talbot, Bruce P. 180, 72, 110 Tani, Dan M. 180, 106, 110, 145. 124 Tukila, Mike K. TnquuI, Richard P. 180 Tazelaar, Nancy E. 180 Thur-lon, Annie 180 Tobey, Karen L. 130, 110 Tonn, Andrew Spencer 180 Townar, Cindy A. 180 Travnick, Carol L. 180 Travnick, Lynn C. 130 Troichol, Joanna n. 180 Trommola, Glenn E. 180, 80, 61 Tyminski, Mary D. 180 UpIon, Danny G. Van Clay. Mary 130, 110, 145 Vaughn, Constance L. 180. 110 1 Voverka. Lisa K. 180 Vincent, Suaan M. 130 Voigllbergar, Gary J. 80, 81, 91 Von, Daniel R. 180, 76, 98 Vostal, Stephen M. Wachholz, Sharon M. 181 Wagner, Patricia Ann 181 Waksmacki, Walter J. Walth, Susan M. 181 1 WaIry, Bruce L. Walry, Dion Lang Wane", Dawn E. 181 Waalhorhoad. Gwyneth 181 Weber, Judilh A. 181 Woems, Raymond G. Weidel, David w. 181 Weimer, John Wells, Wendy L. 131, 147, 141 Warner, Mona J. 181, 117, 124 Waseman, Carolyn G. 131, 132 Wollon, Kelly L. 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Woodu, Lori A. 181 Wozniak, Marcella 181, 132 Wundor, Lori 181, 141, 124 Ynnulo, Greta Renee 131 Yarborough, Gretta 132 Yaary, Jack J. 181 Voe, Grace 131, 111, 110 Young, Carolyn A. 131, 111, 145, 147, 141 Young, Michael P. 181 Yovan, Linda N. 131 Zaramba, Michael A. 181 Zoiu, Potor John 181 Zoliou, Polar K. 131 Zozulak, Charles E. 76 Znuj, Pally A. 181 Zochort, Corey L. 181 Zuckerman, Andrea L. 181 JUNIORS Abruzzo, Lori Ann 185 Acevedo, David D. 185 Acton, Dale Robart 185, 97, 89 Adams, Laura Ellen 185 Adams, Timothy D. 185, 147 Aharn, Amy Ann. 185 Ahlon, Jennifer Rum 185, 94 Albert, Randy John 185 Albonl, Leslie Loin 185 Alborlsen, Julio 185 Anderson, Cheryl Lynn 185, 145 Anderson, Dale K. 185 Arlil, Elizabeth Ann 185 Babocki, Janory John 185 Bain, Robert William 185, 81 Baker, Donna Kay 185, 102 Balgomann. Polar Wm. 185 Banks, Leslie Joan 185 Baran, Sievon John 185 Barker, Brian Jonory Barnick, Michael P. 185 Barron, Janet Arlene 185 Barnloux, Gordon H. 185, 78, 97 Baumgnrdnor, .Ioo N. 185, 145 Ban, Franco: Anne 185 Bonny, Jamu 185 Boaupro, Christine 185 Becker. Thomas G. 185, 117, 124 Boiluu, Julie E. 185 Ball, Krinon Ann Bonacka, Margaret 185 Bonard, Karon Ann 185, 133 Bonus", John M. 185 Bannalt, Nancy Lynn 185, 138 Borgoron. Michael .I. 185 Blddlo, Jane Maria 185, 82 Biogalski, Jack P. 185, 98, 84 Biehl, Susan Ann 185. 133. 145 Biloml, Karon Lee 185. 133 Bingham, Diana Lee 185 Birkelbnch, John R. 185 Biscoglie, Frank 185 Biscogllo, Karon 185 Bishop, Linda Carol 185, 145 Blair, Thoma: Don 185 Blinks, John Clark 185, 91 Boik, David William 185 Boland. David M Bella, Tony Louis 185 Bolton, Barb Lynn 185, 102 Bolton. Donlno M. 185 Bolol, Donna Bowen, Cheryl Lynn 185 Brakrog, Pam Jean Brandt, Bill Donald 185 Bray, JuIio Anna 185. 88, 94 Bnhm, R. Thomas 188, 88 Brohm. Sandra Lynn 188, 118 Brilllg, Jenny Scok 186 Brown, Darrick Brown, Jouroy R. 186, 132 Brudnicki, Kathy Brunt, Andrew John 186 Brutlag. Mike A. 186 Brullag, Sheldon J. 186 Burdl, Thomal M. 188, 72, 98 Burian, Margarol s. 186 Burke. Mary E. 188 Burke, Skoven A. 186 Burlingham, Robin E. 168, 147 Burnt, Chuck Burnt, Linda Ann 188 Burrow, Daniel John 188 Burcomi, Laura Ann 186 Byon, Ken R. 186, 147 Cadagin. Theron M. 188 anorn, Maureen 186 Cameron, Poggi Canlield, Robert G. 186 Curlson, Kur! B. 188 Carlson, Laura Lynn 186, 102 Carlton, Tom A. 188, 133 Carr, Thoma: P. 188 cuunrc, Sandy 186 Chambon, James M. 188 Chopin, Rachel Anne 186 Chapman, David E. 186 Chick, Karon Lynn 186 Chriuomon, Kathy J. 186. 145 Chriallnnnon, Diane 188 Clchonki, Daniel E. 186 Churchman, Karon Ann 186 Cipriano, David J. 188 Clachor, Mary Ellen 186 Clark, quela 188 Clyne, Michelle Ann 186, 911 Coffey, Dave Duane 186 Collins, Thelma Mac 166, 124 Connoally, Thomu E. 188 Connolly, Margaro! 186 Conrud, Carrie E. 188, 116 Comidino, Colleen H 188 Coomel, John B. 186 Coughlin, Jill Marie 188 Cwikliwuki, Mike Daily, Shari Lynn 188, 94 Dalton, Scott John 186 Damasco, Linda Lee 186 Dmmbrolio, Craig S. 188 Danek, Louis 186 Dalhe, Don K. Davies, Catherine L. 186, 117 Davis, Edward James 188, 145 Davin, Jamey Lee 186, 78, 98, 124 Dawn, Mary Ann 188 Dayton, H. Gregory 188 Duvilla. John s. 186, 78, 138 Decker. Dave 186 Decker. Mark E. 186 DoChalus, Donald 166, 145 Deleon, Steven John 188 Doliborlo, Gary R. 10, 186, 81, 91, ca, 145 Dell, Alborl Polo 188, 78 DolPAquilu, Michaol 188 Doluca, Sandra K. 186 Domarco, Lori Jan 188 Doplamy, Lynnette K. 188 Devin, Jamel DoViIo, Vince 186 Devin, Jame: Diana. Deanne Digennaro, Mike R. 186 Dirionzo, Paul E. 186, 98 Disilvostro, Charles 188 Divilo, Pally Ann 186, 133 Domko, William S. 168 Donahue, Jeffrey S. 188, 98 Donovan, Grace Ellen 188 Doyle, Laura Duffy, Kathy Ann 186 Duhig, Patricia Ann 186 Dunno, Mary Kaye 188 Dunno, Marty 98 Duran, Ricky J. 81 Ebbort, Brad Allen 186 Eikom, Lara Oliver 186 Eniz, Lita 186 Eaposilo. Arlene 188, 133 Falunl, Connie M. 187 Fooly, Joanne Marie 187, 117 Forgulon, Barry E. 187, 84, 113 ForroIli, Dan W. 187 ForroIli, Sun": 187 FIIch, Lori Renee Filch, Dan 187 Floinchmnn, Karen M. Homm, Daniel W. 187 Formby, Susan M. 187 Fourroau, Dennis G. 187 Frahor, JeNroy R. 187 Frappiar, William 187 Frorichs, Mark R. 187 Frigon, Mona Mario Gallagher, Timolhy J. 187 Gandar, Oscar Garcon, Polar G. 187 Guca, John GauI, David .I. 187. 81, 117 Gavin. Stephan .I. Godwin, Paul A. 187, 97 Gonlle. Craig K. 187 Ghilardi, Jill N. 167, 145 Giacovolli, Mare 187 Gilmnn, Jill D. 187 Given, Karen L. 187 Glazier. Deborah Loo 187 Gnndt, Donna M. 187 Gockman, Michael A. 187 Gomoz, Kathryn 187 Goodrich. Tlm G. Gorlki, Jamel Phillip 187 Graham, Carole L. 187 Grant, Joan M. 187, 118 Grouch, Brian E. 187 Grillin, Richard A. 187 Grimaldi, Gina M. Grolo, David M. 187 Grouko, Susan Joann 187 Grzonla, Brian w. 187, 78 Grzybok, Maria D. 187, 108, 111 Gudgoon, Jane! Lynn 187 Gunderson, Joy Ellen 187 Hagomann. Kevin J. 187 Huger, Dougln E. 187 Hall, Mary P. Hamilton, Mark w. Hammer, Mary 187 Hanks, Jamel P. 187, 133 Hanson, Ronald R. 187 Hardosly, Tom M. 187 Harrison, Dougla: R. 187 Haruch, Glenn D. 187, 78 Harlanburg, Mary E. 187 Hanmnnn, Jame: K. 187 Hanmann, Sharon M. 187 Hannay, Debbie 187 Hayes, Patty 187 Heoman, Susan Lynn 187, 82 Haiso, Thoreau Lee 187 Helbig, Michael H. 187 Hendrick-on, Simeon 187 Hanks, Konnolh W. 187, 145 Hanna. Kent Hensley, Debbie Lois 187, 113 Horlihy, William D. 187 Herrera, Joann R. 187 Herrin, Gilbert M. Honin, Mark 187 Hertz, Bob John 187 Hen, Thomas G. 187 Hill, Glen Edward 187, 78, 97, 84 Hinlon, Andrea M. 187, 117 Hixon, Jana! Lynn 187 Hockman, Lynn K. 187 Hodge. Jannihr L. 187 Hoermann, Suun Lynn 187 Holm, Daniel c. 187, 111, 124 Hopkins, Kathleen M. 187 Horn", Martha M. 187, 133 Hudlon, Julie Ann 181 Hurkloy, Mary Iaccino, Ronalind L. 187, 88 Iraland, Jim Bron 187. 76. 97 Isola, Joy Maria 187 Junicko, Marina P. 187 Jagulch, Lynda Jun 117 Janka, Brian 187, 97 Janulchik, Nannatto M. 187 Janulchik, Nicholu S. 187 Jonson, Mark D. 187 Jirik, Jacquelyn R. 187 Jiskra. Jr. Edward P. 187 Johannn, Carol 5. 188 Johnson. Barbara L. 186 Johnson, Sharon Lynn 188 Johnson, Timothy M. Johmon, Tom William 188 Jonea, Michael Terry Jones, Cynthia Sue 188 Jones, Kelli Ann 188 Jorgonun, Dolores K. 186 Joyce, Kent Dale 188 Knppsl, Robert c. 81, 188. 88 Karl, Eddie Roy 188 Kuik, Kmhy 133 Kuko, Paul S. 186, 84 Kaatory, Carol Jun 188 Kaiadias, Joanne C. 188 Koarnoy, Todd I 188 Koilhack, Tom F 188, 117 Kompcka, Ken R, 188 Korbar, Kerry T. 188 Kern, Susanne 188 V Kirkegaard. Dana L. 188, 145 Kish, Ham Stove 188 Ki , Veronica I. 186 Kitchol, Alan w. Klein, Rebocca 188, 145, 109 Knobloch, Janol P. 188 Knullon. Susan C. 188 Koblonz, Jan M. 188 Koutor, Robert S. 72, 188 Kohoui, Barbara J. 188, 94 Konigslold, Kril G. 78 Kopiu, Floyd M. 188 Korinko, Randy Alan 188, 133 Kolhora, James R. 188 Kovar, Ellen C. 188, 133 Kowalik, Nancy Ann 188 Krnlocki, Kimberly 188 Krnmpai. Stacy K. 188 Krinch, JoHroy Alan 168 Kud, Diane 188 Kulinuwaki, Kimberly 188 Kwialkowlki, Donna A. 188, 88, 147 Lahr, Palricin Ann 188, 79, 109 Lake, Diane M. 188 Lanzrath, Larry P. 188 Lapumn. Sherri Jun 188, 141 Lanon, Mark W. 188 Lashor, Claudia Ann 188, 109 Lury, Robert 188 Lawrence, Chonor J. 166 Loo, Kevin 189 Loeper, J. Steven 188 Loinar, Kirk M. 188 Leoneni, Robert Emil 188 Leslo, David Alvin 188, 145 Lichtenborger, Antoin 188 Lichtonborgar, Mnriorie 11, 133, 11s Lindemnn, Laurie Ann Lipko, Mark Livingllon, John D. 188, 91 Lloyd, Kelly D. 188 Looby, Philemon: E. 70, 188, 97, 96, 117 Lough, Knlhorino Lovoloro, Sue Lorri 188 Luknik, MichaaI .I. 188 Lynch, Susan Louise Mann, Dnvid 188 Man, Thoreau L. 168 Macvongh, Pani Ann Mahoney, Tom E. 188 Mancini, James Lewis 188 Mansions, Angola Anne 188 Manna, Mary Ann 188, 102 Mans, David Joseph 188 Marack, Frank A. 188 March, Sean Paul 188, 133 Markov, Frank John 188, 109 Maronoy, Sherry K. 188 Marshall, Dave A. 76, 188 Marlinun, Christine L. 188 Masniak, Molina 168 Mason, Christopher D. 188 Mason, Mike E. 188 Maison, Both L. 188, 117 Malysik, Debra 188, 117, 94 May, Denise Diane 188 Mayberry, Jane! L. 188 McCarty. Kimborly 188 McClelland, Rum Ann 189 McDonough, Deirdre J. 189 "ch", William w. 91 McGiII, Thomas 189 McGinn, Kathy Arlene 189 McGladdory, Diana M. 189 McKnighl, Jamey A. 189, 91 McLaren, Carol Sue 189 McMillan, Debra Ann 189 McNoico, Sharon Maria 189 McPhonon, Marguerite 189 McQueen, Slave J. McSwoonoy, William 189 Modovich, Alicia D. 189 Monk, Mnry E. 189 Mayor, David Lee Mayor, Jerry 189 Moyr. Scan Lee 189, 147 Michael, Denise C. 189 Michalek, Myra Lynn 189 Michisls, Ray H. 189 Mihic, Alba" G. 76, 189, 97 Miller, Larry 72, 189 Miller, Linda Kay 189 Miller, Wondy Sue 189, 145 Millott, Mark w. 189 Milnor, David Eric 189, 124 Mingus, Laura Anne 189 Minter, Holly Maria 189 Moon, Leann Marie 189 Mogavoro, AnIhony J. 189 Moore, Lori Ann 189 Moorhead, Edward S. 189 Morgan, Mike William 189 Morris, Cheryl 189 Mania, Slovo John 189 Mrouk, Michal. c. 189 Mueller, Joseph L. 189, 97, 88 Mullally, Mary Helen 189 Mulvihlll, Liz Julio 189 Murphy. Denice 189 Murphy, Joann K. 189 Murphy, Lisa Marie 189, 113, 145, 124 Murphy, Margaret E. 189 Murray, Karen Both 189, 133 Murray, Joueph 189 Murray, Kay Alison 189 Muul, Marianne Emma 189 Napodano, Chris R. Nelson, Cynthla Jun 189, 109 Newman, David G. 189, 145 Newman, David G. 189, 145 Nguyen, Tho 0. 189 Nicholas, Donn James 189, 133 Nicdballl, Mary Ellen 189 Nield, Roy Wllliam 189 NiIlIuon, Martin J. 189 Nolan, BIII J. 189, 91 Norton, Timoihy 188 Oakley, David Eugene 189 O'Brlon, Androw C. 189, 147 O'Connor, Martin Rich: 78, 189, 97. 84 O1Donnoll, Mary Ellen 189 Ooning. Mario anash 189, 79 Ogorzoloc, Tori Lac 189 Ohlorich, Jaye 189 Oldham, Jamie Marie 189 01Noill, Mike A. 189 Oplnnd, Jim Emery 189 O'Sullivan, Mark 189 on, Jouaph Arthur 189 Parbl, Rich W. 189 Palconlo, Joaaph 189 Parana, Janet T. 189 Perez, Michael J. Perry, Robe" A. 189, 117 Perry, William Arthur 81, 189 Polon, Lisa A. Polonon, Eileen 189, 111 Poligo, Cynthia D. 189 Polrio, Dean Scan 189 Richa, Kathleen E. 189, 118 Piemonie, Kim Maria 189 Pietruuiowicz. Tina M. 189 Pier, Lisa Anne 189 Pioly, Lori Juno 189 Pinnolla, Michael 81, 189 Pipkin, Blair 190 Piskulo, Laura Joan 190 Ploucho, Alzonia R. Pollack, Dan R. 190, 91 Pomahac, Thoma: J. 97 Pool, Robert L. 190 Poulain, Roxanne Powers, George B. 190, 98, 124 Powers. James T. 190 Pralor. Cheryl R. 133 Prooco, Nancy Ann 190 Puzankn, Karon Lynn 190, 145, 109 Purdy, Roxanne Lee 190 Ouulkonbulh, Beverly 190 Quinn, Karon Ann 190, 82 Quinn, Steve C. Racnna, April L. 190, 147, 124 Rndn, Robin M. 190, 145 Raymond, Robarl Eric Roog, John C. 190, 117 Ron, Rachel I 190 Richards, Randall R. 190 Richer, Karon Lee 190 Richen, Karon Ann 190, 124 Richerlon, Mary Ellen 190 Richhtoig, Edward M. 190 Rigger, Mary c. 190 Riggid, Debra Rose 190 Rimmolo, Richard R. 190 Robbina, Wendy 190 Robnon, Diana Marie 190 Roolle. James Rogers, Brad J. 190, 97, 88 Rondo. Anna Gayle 190, 145 Rollins, Pnlrlck J. 190 Rood, Dan Todd 190 Ron. Kenneth J. 190 Roubal. Barbara Mary 190 Roubal, Hobo" J. 190 Rozner, Barbara Ann 190, 133 Ruoch, Andy Harold 190 Ruohl, Barbara Lynn 190. 117 Rumak, Rachel L. Ryan, John Alan 190 Ryan, Margaret F. Ryan. Susan Lee Rypkoma, Carolyn Joan 190 Sago, Michlolcno 190 Samola, Linda 190 Sampoy, Daniel 190, 109 Sarno, Theron Ann 190 Saxon. Dan E. 190 Scarpolli, Felicia An 190 Schauor, Gregory John 190 Schulz, Rob D. 11, 76, 96, 145 Schlak, Thomas a. 190, 147, 147 Schmolzor, Ann Iran 190, 147 Schmidt, Glen R. 76, 190 Schmm, Richard B. 190 Schuba, Ben: Anna 190 Schulpial, Mary M. 190 Schwartz, Barbara Ann 190, 145, 109, 94, 94 Schwnppc, Juiio E. 190, 109, 94 Scotlor, Richard 190 Selby, Brlan M. 190, 111, 124 Sorgoanl, John D. 190 Shoridan, Gary D. 190 Shopnltz, Douala: E. 190, 133 Sibrava. Tom E. 190 Sicora, Ann 132 Sichrovsky. Jamel D. 190 Signorilo, Louis 190 Sigrin, Robert Fred 190 Simmonl, Laura Lee 190 Simml, Slacoy Lea 190 Skinner, Scott S. 76, 190 Slacok, Michael J. 190 Sladok, Michael J. 190 Slavik, Scott Norman 190 Slushor, Edwavd Lee 190, 117 SmiQh, Cathy Ann 190 Smilh, David Wayne 190 Smith, John Charles 97, 88 Smilh, Rabat! Allen 76, 190 Smith, Roger R. 190 Smok, Polar John 78, 190, 84, 145 Smyth, Joseph Michael 190 Socha, Michael w. 190 Sommorio, Eileen Ann 190 Sparacino. Gina 191, 118 Spockmnnn. Kurt H. Spayor, Lin Marie 191 Spoloc. Sharon L. 191 Spraguo. John c. 191 Springer, Deborah R. 191 Stachura, Sheryl Ann 191 sunko. Matthew A. 191 subnicki, Lisa Lynn 191 Start, Mike Slogor. Michael E. 191, 84 Sticklor, Ronald C. 191 Sliemann, James R. 191 Stills, Lori Lynn 191 Shaka, Robert Edward 191, 145 SIulgin. Craig s. 78, 191 Suddanh, David W. 191 Suorlh, Lisa Marie 191, 124 Sullivan, Sibyl C. 191, 106 Sullor, Kim 13:! Swaim, Virginia Ann 191 Swearingin, David 191, 147 Tanner, John Lee 191 Tnkila, Kathy M. 191 Thomas, Hunt A. 191 Thomlon, Laura Marie 191 Thompson, George F. 191 Thornlon, Wandy Susan 191, 145 Tobey, Linda M. 191, 113 Topolski, Suun Lynn 191, 117 Tulano, Joanna 191 Turns, Lin Ru Ummol, Ron L. 191 Upton, Huey E. Urata, Mauricio .I. Ushylko, Michelle A. 191, 79 Vance, Jr. Janet L. 191 Vnndorpo, Ralph J. 191 Van Gundy Torn Brian 191, 133 Vargo, Scott Allen 191 Slallingl. Eric Varzino, Linda Louiu 191 Vouvick, Cathy Lynn 191 Vovorka, Terri Kay 191 Vlaluk, Cocrgianno 191 Voighbarger, Kurt 191 Vokac, Lynn Ellen 191 Volt, Michael A. 191 Wagner, Denise Wagner, Tom E. 191 Waidanz, James Allen 191 Waidunx, Joseph A. 191 Wallord, Ann Marie 191, 147 Walker. Rulh Marie 191 Waller. Bradley John 191, 97. 64 Waluh, Dan P. 145 Walsh, Laura Jun 191, 79 Wanshok, Julio Thom 191 Watkins. Bruce 191 Walry, Larry Dun 191 Wayman, Robert M. 191 Weber, Michael 191 Weber, Tim Clark 78, 191, 97 Woonl, Andrew R. 191 Wagner, Gragory Allen 191 Woinan, Chrillino M. 124 Weir, Susan Woppnor, David Glenn 191 Wont, Thorn: Ann 191 While, Michael L. Wino. Kevin Wayne 191 Wilczak, Gary David 191 Wilk, Stophen R. 191 Willil, Rhona Jo 191, 88 Wilton. David D. Wingnrd, Janice Marie 191 Wisotzko, Rob A. 191 wm, Amy Carol 191 Wodok, Mark Kenneth 72, 191 Wolnlz, Cheryl Ann 191, 113 Wolatz, Marni Lee 191, 113, 147 Wom, Joannona L. 191, 117 Wom, Rournnry 191 Woods, Steve M. 191 Wronn, Wendy Lee 191 Yollon, Donna Ann 191, 116 Young, Diana Mario Young, Lawrence W. 191, 99 Yovan, Louis Thomas 191 Zach, Nancy s. 191 Zolazek, Susan Marie 191, 116 Zolios, Johanna N. 191 Zimmermann, Charles 191 Zimmermann, Jo An 191, 99 Zych, Lenny George Rovnor, Debra .l. SOPHOMORES Abruzzo, Terri Ann 195 Adams, Douglas 195, 90 Adolph, Brad 77, 195 Albanian, Lila Both 195 Alongo, Dave 10, 194, 195, 95 Allen, Robert L. Amos, Richard Andonon, Andy Andonon, Dean P. 195, 145 Andonon, Mark 195 Anderson, Tracy L. 195, 99 Andrichik. Krilllno M. 195 Annorino, Julie! A. 195 Armando, Bill 77, 195, 95 Alnipp, Sherry L. 195, 99 Ayward, Glenn 195 Bach, Jnnnilor A. 195, 92 Baden, John 195 Bakur, Laurie Jo 195 Baker, Suun L. 195, 102 Ballard, Janice 195 Balumo, Tina J. 195, 94 Barbcau, Mary K. 195 Balinla, Maryann B. 195, 147 Balhie, Jody 195, 117 Ballung, Tito 195 Baumbach, Bryon 145 Baxter, JoHery J. 77, 195 Baxter, Laura J. 195 Beaupre, Ralph 195, 119 Backer, Frederick J. 195 Beckman, William R. Jr. 76 Bodnar, Nikki 195 Bohrondl, John 195 Bwituu, Julie 195 Boinor, Bron A. 195 Bolitz, Tom Boll, Richard 195, 90 Bollusci, Cathy 195 Bollulci, Tino 195 Bonard, Kristine 195 Borosniowicz, Renee 195 Borg, Michaol M. 195, 106 Borgmann, Sieve 195 Barry, Jefferson R. 77, 195 Bico, Cindy 195 Biogaltki, Michael .I. 77, 195, 95 Biorman, Laura Ann 195 Bilona, Robin Ellen 195 Bina, James 195, 147 Bircher, David M. 195 Biron, Slophon 77, 195 Blake, William J. Blakoly, Robert M. 195 Blanchard, Dave; 195 Blickle, Robot! B. 196 Bludorn R. Scott 196 Blunt. .Iorry 76, 196, 95 Bockralh, John J. 196 Bodl, Jeri Anni; 196, 102. 145, 92 Boluc, Nancy J. Bollon, Daniel 196 Bolton, MichaoI 196, 111, 109 Bordon, Debbie 196 Borgatoll. Ellen M. 196 Bouman, Kimberly s. 196, 116 Bou-Sliman, Noelle M. 196, 111 Bowman, Annette Bradley, Janet A. 196 Bralchor, Robert 9. 77, 91, 196 Brou, Robert 196 Brown, David 199 Bublilz, Sen" H. 77, 196, 99, 94 Buchanan, Brlnn P. 196, 94 Budnik, Judy 196, 119 Budny, Kimberly A. 196 Due. Phillip A. 91 Burgo, Judy 199 Burnt, Clndi 196 Calabrou, Robert 77, 95 Calow, Jonnilar 199 Campboll, Stephanie A. 196, 92, 92 Campinoue, Karon 196 Carbonara. Gregory L. Carllon, Carrie L. 196, 116, 102, 145 Carlton, Kevin 91, 196 Carlson, Tom E. 196, 90 Caner, Jim 196 Caruoo, Matthew T. 77, 91, 196, 117 Caruso, Michael w. 196 Calolli. Eugene 196 Cavello, Sue 92 Cekal, Philip J. 196 Chambers, Phillip 196 Chapon, Vickoy n. Cholowa, Tony Cicero, Sam 71, 196 Cipriano, Michael 196, 95 Clancy, Pal 77, 196, 96, 94 Clark, Sulan L. 196, 145 Clinlon, Slavon 196, 96 Coffey, Richard R. 196 Coleman, Jodi Collun, Malanae 196, 79 Conloni, Susan Lynn 196, 92 Connerl, Julio 196 Conroy, Moira 196 Cooper, Ann 196 Cooper, Grant w. 196 Crater, Robocca H. 196, 92, 102, 92 Crnler, Patricia J. 196, 92, 102, 92 Craino, Jill 196 Crane, Laura 196 Dahlborg, Donna 196 Dahmor, Deborah L. 196 Dahmn, John 77, 169 Damm, Lori 196 Danok, France: 196 Daniela, Mary 196 Darlak, Craig J. 196 Davin, Christine 196, 94 DoChalus Sheila 196 Delarcho, Roger Dolikanakil, John S. 196 DoL'uca, Anila 196, 117 Dempsey, Michael K. 77, 196, 96 Dounlo, Mark 196 Dowm, Caryn 196 Dishor, Stephanie Dixon, Andy 196 Dixon. James C. 91, 196 Doblor, Debra L. 196 Dodd, John L. 77, 196 Domko, Thomas W. 77, 196, 97, 96 Donnally, Suun 196 Donovan, Dave 196 Drona, Kevin K. 196, 90 Dvorak, Robert A. 196 Dzimok, Becky 196 Edwards. Simone c. 196 Ehrhnrdl, Frank J. 196 Ekis, Andrew 196 Ekalrom, Rita 196 Elauleri, Peter R. 196 Eniz, Liu Enlolmann, Michele 196 Enthovon, John H. 196 Eaniulo, Joe 197 Erlandson, Dawn 197 Erlonbaugh, Tori 197 Eaton, Ban 8. 197 Evam, Sheila A. 197 Faivro, Charlo- Fnull, Jeffrey 197 Fawoll, Melissa M. Fooloy, John c. 197 Fooly, Daniel P. 77, 197. 97, 95, 99 Forguuon. Julie K. 197 Forrelli, Suzette L. Fell, Tammy 197 Figgo, Ron 197 Fink, Bony L. 197 Fink, Timothy J. 197 Fipplngor, Lisa M. 197, 119 Fischer, Christina T. 117 Fiahor, Karon 197, 102, 92 Fisher, Mark 197 Flomm, .Iim 197 Florence, Robin Floral, Michael 197 Fogarty, Kevin T. 197 Folkarta, Philip .I. 197, 91 Fort, Candace 197, 117 Fonylh, Jamu 77, 197, 109 Folos, Knlhy 197 Fourniar, Nicole T. 197 Frahor, Jacqueline s. Freobolin, Fred 5. 77, 91, 197, 145 Frey, Debra A. 197, 117 Frmch, Jill 197 Fritz, John 197 Frydrych, Laurie 197 Fuller, William J. 197 Fundorburk, Michael 197 Furgiuolo, Michael J. 197, 147, 147 Gabon, Nancy E. 197 Guides, Debbie L. Galbraith, Gary M. 197 Gallagher, Jeans 197 Garland, Lynn 197 Garza, Mario Gaul, Mary .I. 197 Gdala, Robert 77, 197, 96 Godwill, Sally 70, 197 Gedyrnin, Daniel A. 197 Gialo, Vilo 91. 197 Giorzynski, Mary C. 197, 145, 94 Gillman, Pairicia L. 197 Glazier, Theron 197 Glock, Barbie 197, 145 Glock, Lois 197 Glen, Stove W. 197 Glynn, John C. 197 Goodeko, Kim s. 197, 145, 94 Good, Sandra 197, 99 Goods, Kenneth 197 Gorman, Daniel 77, 197, 95 Grabonlloin. Richard 197 GriHilh, D. Gary 197, 111, 147 Grimm, William 197, 119, 147, 109 Grimm, Michael 77, 197 Grosklaus, Lori 197 Gram, Susan 197 Gruhn, Diana A. 197 Guthrie, Puricia Ann 197 Gutlorroz, Lina L. 197 Hahn, Allison K. 70, 197, 145 Haley, Dobbin 197 Hall, John H. JR. 197 Hallo", Victoria 5. 197 Hanrahan, Chris 197 Hanan, Russell 197 Hanson, Keith Hardlka, Barbara 197, 117 Harlenburg, Sun J. 197 Harvey, Mark 9. 197, 90 Hawbakor, Lori 197, 147 Hayward, Glenn L. Hoilman, Lucy 197, 99 Holbig, Karen J. 197 Henderson, Pamela J. 197 Hendricks, James 197 Hanks, Karon 197 Honor, Jon 197 Hoymnn, Thoma: C. 197, 95 Hill, Liu H. 197 Hill, Marlene c. 199 Hogan, Melissa L. 199 Holla, Aaron 199 Horill, Dawn M. 199 Hornborg. Heidi L. 199, 147 Huizonga, Richard 199 Hurkloy, Jouph IIlan, Jane! E. 79, 145 Isola, Jacqueline R. 199 Jackson, David 199 Jacklon, Sarah 147, 109 Jaonicko, Peter 196 Janka, David 199 Jonun, Thomas 199 Janzon, David 199 Jiukra, Jamel 199, 90 Joann, Karen L. 199 Johnu, Kimberly A. 196 Jahnson, Clark H. 77, 199, 96 Johnson, Diane 199 Johnson, Gwen E. 199, 92, 94 Johnlon, Lee C. 199 Jonu, Jenny 199 Jones, Rhonda M. 199 Joniak, Kenna": G. 199 Jorgenuon, Jamey L. 199 Knlili, anori 199 Kalina, Poggy 199 Kappol, Both 199, 147, 147 Karui, Johanna Knrkor, Patty 196 Kasco, Dale 199 Kaual, Rick J. 199 Knlula, Thomas E. 11, 77, 199, 94 Keeling, Kimberly 199 Keen, Gloria 199 Kent, Slave 199 Ken, John w. 199, 95 Kiel, Michael R. 199, 190 Killian, Jan 199, 145 Kindl, Deidre Kinney, Jeff 199, 190 Kinaol, Brian B. Kinzal, Jane! 199, 145 Kirasich, Kimberly A. 199 Kirch, Mary G. 199 Kirkmnn, Loren P. 199 Kitor, Gregory E. 199, 147 Knutson, Linda A. 199 Knutson, Sandy 199, 92 Koca, Gayle 199 Kolla, Jon L. Komel, Maggie C. 199, 102 Korinko, Jeff 77, 199, 96 Korkowuki, Wanda 199 Kolhsra, Krilla M. 199, 99 Kovnr, w. Scott 199 Kraiocki, Michele 199 Kramer, John P. 199 Kraun, William L. Kuenstlor, Sherry L. 199 Kulaga, Debbie 199 Kuprsisis, Sun Kuhka, Christine 196 Lacour, Karon 199 Ladd, Tom 97 Laiounuu, John P. 199, 196 Lappa, Karon 199, 109, 94 Lapuma, Sam 77, 199 Lawlar, Cheryl 196, 102 Lawrence, Charles A. 199 Lenli, Karon 199 Leary, Patricia A. 199 Loinl, Donald 199 Lonarlowicz, David F. 77, 199 Lewis, Holly 199, 92 Lewis, Hobart J. 199 Linunmoyar, Thoma: 199 Lippoldl, Scott M. 199 Livormore, Jan 199 Lloyd, Diana L. 199 Lloyd, Dwight 199 Lloyd, Vicky 199 Logan, Brian 199 Loizzi, Rob 199 Lomo, Carol 199 Long, Wayne P. 10, 199 Luban, Sharon 199, 145 Ludwig. Gregory Lund, Jodie s. 199, 102, 92 Lundin, Julie A. 199, 119, 94 Lulz, Alan C. 77, 199 Lulz, Christine 199, 102 Lyllo, Scott A. 199 Man, James 199 Magrini Vince 199 Mahlborg. Dick 199, 96 Mak, Kenny 199 Malt, Halon 199 Mancione, .Ir. Philip c. 77, 199 Manna, Judy 199, 102 Manna, Polar 199 Marioni, Mark 199 MarIinez, Carl Martino, Jamey 199 Mathiaon, Morgan 199 Matuuak, Christina M. 199 Matuucuk, Michael 199 Max, Nicolette 199 McBride, Cynthia 199 McCord, Bolva McCormick, Anna Marie 199, 111 McCoy, David 199, 95 McCutchoon, Terry McFooly, Tim 199 McKee, Heather 199 McManuI, Sandra 199 McNeill, Grnco 199 McQundo, Douglas S. 199 McQuun, Kirk 199 Meldrum, Slophon Medovich, Adair 199 Moimon, Ron 199, 145 Moinoru, Laura 199 Meyer, Kimberly K. 199 Meyer, Scott M. 199, 147 Moyn, Polar 199 Moyr, Suun L. 70, 199, 79, 145 Miller, Carol J. 199, 117, 147 Miller, Don 199 Miller, Kon-1 MllIor, Mary A. 199 Miller, Sara L. 199 Miller, Torus E. 199 Millup, Michael 199 Minter, Dawn 199, 92, 94 Minolhouur, Duane 199 Medics, Linda 199 Mognvoro, Michael 199 Molonda, Karen 70, 199 Mololorno, Both 199 Morgan, Kevin s. 199 Morrall, Robert A. 199 Moorlhoad, Carolyn A. 199 Morse, Tamara L. 199 Mrazek, William L. 199 Mullon, Wiuiam M. 199 Mulvihill, Patricia A. 70, 199, 94 Murphy, L. Mark 199, 95 Muus, Linda S. 199 Myers, Joyce 199 Napodano, Diane 199 Nail, William .I. 199 Nelson, Jay M. 199, 147 Neu. Claudia L. 199 Newton, Robert V. Nielsen, Debbie 199 Nixon, Bony A. 199, 145 Norton, Culloon K. 70, 199, 94 Notman, Dick 199 Nowicki, Troy 199 Nudo, Sam 199 Oening, Angela 199 Ollon, Glen 3. 199, 90, 96 Ollon, Rich 199 Olson, Terry J. 199 Orgo, VicIor F. 199 Orr, David S. 95 Owens, Timothy E. 199, 96 Paisley, Gary 199, 96 Palmer, James 199 Papa, Michael J. 199 Paponbrok, Heidi L. 199, 79, 145 Parker, Sherri 199 Parrish, Both 199 Parquono, Mark O. 199, 96, 124 Palsini, Gregg 199 Paulun, Dawn 199 Pawlak, Joan M. 200, 102, 92 Pecora, Ron 200 Perkins, Elizabelh R. 200 Polchul, Dirk Edward 200, 95 Peterson, Mark 77, 200 Peterson, Matihow 200 Phipps, Dolores 200 Picciunlo, Loraine 200, 147, 147 Picl, Tammy Edith 200 Piomonlo, Dean s. 200 Piolruaiowicz, Debbie 200 Pinnolla, David 77, 200 Piolrowaki, Francis J. 200 Piluch, Lori A. 200 Plautz, Susan Mnry 200 Planks, Kan 200 Podgonki, Gregory P. 200 Poiman, Amy J. 70, 200 P0119, Don Dow 200 Porler, Judith L. 200 PrachI, Paula 200, 145 Puzan, Susan M. 200 Quinn, John Barry 200 Ralmor, Jim 77 Ready, Susan M. 70, 200 Reese, Rick 77, 200, 95, 96 Rhodes, Sharon 200 Rhoda, Sunan 200 Rich, Keith L. 200 Rilorginh. Terry 200 Riggio, Linda Rilzlor, Grelchon 200, 102, 92 Robert, Matthew M. 77, 91, 200, 145 Robinson, Slovon 73, 200 Robimon, Vicki 200 Roche, Rosemary 200 Rodriguoz, Joseph A. 200 Regen, Jan 200 Rood, Christopher Ron, Thoreau M. 200 Ruczkow-ki, Richard 200 Ruohl, Sandra 200 Ruich. Roban 200 Rumuy, Choryl 200, 147 Samola. Lin 200, 116, 102, 124 Samuelson. Sandra J. 200 Sande", Sunn 200 Sapala, Paul 77, 200 Scavono, Lee A. 200 Schalund, Scan 200, 111 Schandolmoior, Grog 77, 200 Schallhno, Heather 200 Schiowo, Pam J. 200, 92, 92 Schmidt, Dan 77, 200, 97, 96 Schmidt, Lin A. 200 Schoon, Chrinina A. 200 Schroeder, Rold 200 Schwartz, Mnrirulh 200 Scott, Susan M. 200 Snick, Bradley 77, 200 Soidon. Robon 200, 96 Soihn. Holly M. 200, 94 SeiIor, Cindy 70, 200 Selby, Brena L. 200 Semolrolh, Peter B. 200 Shanks. Regina J. 200 Shannon, Colilia 200 Sherman, Debra L. 92, 94 Shiromnn, Joseph V. 200 Shores, Kathy Shullz, David B. 200 Sidor, Sandi 200 Sitcak, Jackie 200, 92, 99 Sikora, Eleanor 200 Simmons, Andy 200 smig, Daniel R. 200 Smidl, Robert J. Smith, Adam M. 200, 96 Smith, Philip A. 200 Smith, Robert P. 73, 91, 200, 145 Smith, Sean Smith, Sherri .I. 200 Sohlberg, Nancy 200 Soulhard, Lucy 200 Spialok, Mark 200 Spontak, Slave 200, 106, 124 Stanczak, Dion 201 Slanko, Mary C. Slaton, Deborah J. 201 Slack, Terri 201 Sloinbach, Mark J. 201 Stevens, Ed 201 Stoover, John R. 201 Straight, Shari L. 201, 79 Strain, Linda s. 201 Slruil, Daniel W. 201 Sludtmann, Christine 201, 147 Suchel, Barbara 201 Sullivan, Laurie J. 201, 147 Surges, Tammy Svoboda, Heidi M. 201, 113 Swanson, Charles S. 201 Swanson, Daniel 201 Summon, Nancy 201, 116 Swierenga, Larry B. 91, 201 Sykea, Geno A. Szczepaniak, Andrew F. 201 Szymaniak, Jane! M. 201, 124, 94 Szymolliinik, Panny 201 Talian, Carmen Hillo 201, 113, 111 Tania, Joan 201 Temple, Lisa 201 Thialborg, Catherine 201 Thiolk, Richard T. 77, 201 Thomas, Kitty 201, 147 Thornton, Laura 201 Tro'yko, Linda c. 11. 201, 111, 94 Tuck, Debbie 201, 145 Turlay, Mark Uzilan, Gina Ulhylko, Daria 201, 79 Usry, John Fl. 201 Uziiat, Gina 201 Vuiica, Lynn Vallo, Theron 201, 117 Van Louvon, Annane F. 201 Vamor, Davida 201, 1.13 Varzino, Robert E. 201 Vovorka, Thornu C. 201 Vichio, Nicholas 201 Vicicondi, Thomas 201 Villano, MichaoI E. 201 Villarreal, Annette Viuk, Debbie 201 Volz, JoHory A. 201, 145 Vollz, Jan 99 Van Holst, Edward 201, 147 Vuiica, Lynn 201 Wall, Chris 201, 90 Wagner, Dolaino 201 Wagner, Tina 201, 92 Wallace, Cynthia G. 201, 94 Walton, Stove 201 Wamhok, Lorie 201, 92 Wanto, David s. 201, 96 Walorl, MichaeI A. 77, 201, 95 Waikint, Martha A. 201, 141 Weber, Bart L. Woinmnnn, Tom P. 77, 201 Woiugorbor, Tim Wells, Cynthia J. 201, 147 Woppnar, Donald S. 77, 201 Wouman, Wondy 201 Widdlo. Pam 201 Wioczorok, Kathy 201 Wiggn, Daphne A. 201 Wilcox, Jan 201 Wiuolzko, Cindy 201 Wodok, Sharon 201 Wooppol, Jan 201 olatz, Randi 201, 119, 82 o", Sharron L. 201 cm, Kevin 77, 201, 96, 145 ood, Andrea 201 orloy, Lisa 201 renn, David A. 77, 201, 97, 85, 98 Yea, Jonnilor 201, 79 Voung. .Iim Younger, Karl 201 ung. Peter 201, 90 Inch, Linda J. 201 Zamora. Lori Ann 201 Zeiu, Aimee 201 Zelkon, Dan Zanlz, Runny 201 Zozulak, Michael S. 201 Zulaui, Kimberly A. 201 FRESHMEN cIon, Dawn Carole 205, 102, 147 Adams, Robert A. 77, 205, 96 Adkinaon, Sholia J. 205 Akahurst, Victoria 205 Albert, Susan FaiIh 205, 88 Alcox, Jo Ann 205, 94 Mango. Cindy Ann 205 Alm, Jorry 205 Andanon, Brenda 205 Andanon, Cheryl Lynn 205, 147 Andre, Allison, Brooke 205, 88, 147 Annorino, Tina Susan 205, 147 Anthony, Valerie 205 Arndl, Goorgianns 147 Arndl, Jo" 73, 205 ArndI, William E. 205, 145 ach, Jan 73, 205 achar, David 205 achelor, Kirsten 205 aird, William 205 ll, Pam 205, 147 algomann, Wendy Lee 205, 141 Balgomann, SIephen C. 205 Banks, Laurel J. 205 arm, Coleus Ann 205 amen, Carrol Anne 205 aron, Carol L. 205 uhir, Ayolha 205 Baustian, Kim J. 205 Dan, Gerard 205, 145 Bavilhi. Nita 205 Boigor, Martha 205 BoIIock, Mike John 76, 00, 205 Barndl, David Reid 205 Bilskoy, Pat LouiI 205 inn, Karon May 205 irchor, Larry 205 irkelbach, Jeane". 205, 147, 82 ilhop, Loo Arthur 205, 98 -lakornoro, Sun 205 : lunI. Lila Ann 205 Hock, Alinon Joy 205 -olla, Laura Joan 205 ollingor, Kevin 77, 80, 205 -ollon, Brian 205 : oono, Jennifer Anne 205 -orngina, Rob 205 Bowen, Tom 205 Boyer, Penny 205 -rndlord, Carlton 205 Bray, Joanne 205 rohm, Marcia 11, 205. 116 -riggl, Clrol Lynn 205 -romloy, ChriIIino 205 ryan, Dllo Allen 205 Budnick, Steve R. 205 udzyn, Edi. 205 min, Sun 205, 147 BurI-go, William 205 Burnt, Tami 205 Bunch", John .I. 205 Butler, Val 205, 79 Caccilolo, Mike 205 Cadagin, Mark J. 76, 205, 96 Calabrin. Ray 205 Camacho, Jo" 205 Damp, Jim Athur 208 Canlm, Brian 76, 206 Carlson, Bill Carl 73. 206 Carpontor, Donia 206, 108 Carr, Frank 76, 2m Carr, Pamela Lynn 208 Caruso, Lynn 206 Cuol , John 206 Chambers, Lynn A. 208, 147 Chick. William 77. 206 ChrinIonson, Kelly A. 206 Christensen, Phil 206 Christie, Joanne 206 Cichorski, Sharon 208 Cichorz, AnIhony 206 Clark, Lee 206, 147 Clown, Jim 206, 98 Clyno, Keith 206 Coleman, Kelly D 208, 147, 94 Coolmar, Runoll 208 Collins, David Ray 208 Collins, Donald 206 Conneally, Marty 80 Connolly, Man 208 Connolly, Kthy 206 Connor, Elizaboih 206 Conrad, Julia Lynn 206, 118 Conway, Robert 206 Coughlin, Randal 206 Cozzi, AI 206 Crane, Karen 208 Cruz, Juan E. 206 Cunningham, R. Todd 77, 206 Currie, Tammy May 206 Damalco, Lori 208, 116, 88 Danogolis, John 206 Dnnek, George 77, 206 Davin, Sean A. 11, 76, 206 Dscamp, Jennifer Ann 206, 88 DoLauria, Angela 206 DaLeon, Paul 206 Doliborlo, Mike 76, 60, 206 Dolikanakis, Lilly 206, 145 DaWaard. John 80. 208 Didier, Mark 76, 206 Dikun, Lisa Ann 208, 82, 94 Dildino, Boss 206 DimmiII, ChriaIino 206 Dion, Thoma. Henry 206 Diukin, Barry 208 DililvuIro, Rth Ann 206, 88 Dilzinger, Michelle 208 Dobler, Donna 208, 147 Donovan, Dan Wade 80, 206 Duran, Michael Sean 77, 206 Dori, Craig 206 Duhig, Noreen 206 DumIor, Tim 206 Dunn, Sandy 206, 147 Dunn, Sheila 208, 147 Dunno, Jim Roborl 206, 96 Dzimok, Robby M. 206 Egan, Kathy 208 Eikens, Nils E. 206 EksIrom, Gail 206, 82 Ellis, Robert 208 Elliton, Dave 77, 208 Elwoll, 6:0" 206 Feely, David James 77, 80, 208 Feigonbaum, Jackie 206, 88 Felz, Jo" 206 Finch, Mike 78, 206, 96 Finch, Patrick 77, 206, 96 Flange, Chris Egan 206 Fliohlor, Doonnn 206. 106 Foglo, Lisa 208 Form, Lynn 206 Foreman, Denise 206 ForeaI, De Ann 208 Forstho, Slave Scan 206 Forte, Nancy 207 Fournior, Cindy 207 Fouls, Russell E. 207 Froeborg, William B. 207 Frorichl, Charisma 207 Frylz, Laura 207 Galinlki, Dawne 207 Gare", Laura Anne 207 Garvey, Thomas J. 77, 207 Galpnrro, Jim 207 Gdala, Ed Tom 77, 207, 145 Godwoll. Barb 207 George, Gwondoiyn L. 207 Giannini, Kyle 207 Glazier, Joe 207 Glynn, Joe M. 207, 98 Gockmnn, Rick T. 207 Goobol, Chris T. 207 Goldabury, suun 207 Gondal, Kapil 203, 207 Gordon, Soon William 207 Gonki, DanioI A. 77, 207 Graham, Jo" P. 207 Grandrud, Diane Olson 201 Gram, Rob." 78, 207 Gnu, Robert A. 207 Groco, ViIo 207 Gruno, Debbi. Jo 207, 106, 113 Grioco, Miko 207 Grimm, John David 207 Grovn, KeiIh 207 Gruhn, Palli 207, 147, 94 Grzybok, Paul 207, 145 Gull, Mike J. 207 Guotzow, KurI 207 Gunrai, Ray 207 Hall, Glen 207 Hall, James .I. 207 Hall, Kathy M. 207, 113 Halmol, Chrialine Ann 207 Halvorsen, Alan 207 Hummer, Michelle Ann 207 Hammond, J. Parks 207 Hanks, Daniel 207 Hanrahan, Kimberly 207 Hanrahan, Paul 207 Hansen, Mark 207 Hanson, Carla 207, 147 Hardany, Tammy 207, 147 Harvinon, Tich 207 Hubrouck, Sheryl J. 207 Haugen, Phillip 207 Henoran, John 207, 113, 119 Heinz, Ronald L. 207 Hainlz, JanoI L. 207 Heine, Susan A. 207 Hommorick, Jean E. 207 Hondricklon, Tim 207 Honkal, Cathy 207 Hsrlihy, Bob A. 207 Hormnnn, Greg 207 Homich, Don J. 207 Hertz, Tim J. 207 Hens; Sally R. 207, 88, 145 Hoyue, Wayne .1. 80, 207 Hill, Kathy L. 207 Hill, Wayne 207, 88 Hinz, David T. 207 Hinz, George A. Hladock, Robocca 207 Hoorman, Bob J. 207, 145 Hostall, Mathn A. 207 Hostoll, Veronica A. 207, 102 Hogan. John R. 207 Holmes, Bruce J. 207, 109 Holmal, Chris 147 Holst, Mark W. 76, 207, 96 Hone, Dawn P. 207 Hone, Konnelh P. 207 Holtman, Mario A. 207 Hudon, Jon 73, 207 Hudson, John 76, 207 Hurlbun, Robert D. 208 laccino, Tod M. 206 Inland, John 208, 96 Irlo, Kimberly 208, 96 Irwin, Sue E. 208, 106, 147, 94 Jandacok, Michael J. 80, 208 Janisch, Joesph S. 208 Jasin, Glenn 208 Jan, Kriinn E. 209, 145 Jenkins, John M. 208 Jensen, Matha 208 Jirik, John E. 208 Johnson, Carol 208 Johnson, Karon 208 John, Caryn R. 200 Jonuon, Marina D. 208 Jurgonun, Jan 208 Knlili, Tammy 208 Kalinownki, Steve B. 208 Kapolczynski, Robert 208 Karker, Carolyn J. 208 Kalco, Patricia A. 209, 102 Kauai, Denise 208, 118, 147, 94 Kala, Paul L. 208, 113, 119 KaIula, Kthy A. 206, 92 Kauu, Pam M. 206 Kearney, Chris 77. 208 Kehring, KnIhy J. 208 KoiIh, John 208 Kellen, Dnvid 208 Kelly, Dorothy 209 Kemp, Daryl S. 76, 208 Koppnor, Laura A. 200 Kin, John A. 206 Kim. Won I. 208 Kinno, Laura L. 208, 108, 147 Kirkogaard, Eric 206 Klein, Pater M. 80, 208 Kliarn, Mark H. 208 Klobuchnr, John H. 208 Knickar, Bill 208 Kohout, Frank J. 208, 109 Kolb, Donna M. 208 Komaniacki, Donna M. 208, 147 Kopis. Dawn D. 206 Kouhky, Laura 206 Kraga, andy J. 208 Kravchuk, Mark .I. 208, 85 Krilch, Deborah A. 208 Kuemtlor, Sloven 208 KuIinowaki, Kalhy 208 KundrnI, Andrew 208 Kupreisi, Sun 208 Kuznar, Kevin 77, 208 Lackowuki, Lisa 208 Lamey, Julie 208 Lahr, Jenniler L. 209 Lappa, Tom P. 208 Lawlor, Mike 77, 206 Lay, Jo A. 208 Lay, Tom 209 Laakakon, Bill J. 208, 106 Loinor, Kirslie E. 208 Loinor, Kyle T. 208 Koonnrd, Margarel A. 208 Leonard, Mike 206 Liobko, Pairicia 208, 147 Limonmayor, Tim 208, 98 Lloyd, Anthony 208 Lloyd, Ed 76, 208 Logan, Jim Lopez, Faye 147 Lorenz, Chrislina M. 208. 147 Lough, Sue M. 70, 79, 113 Luban, Donna M. 208 Lukasik, David A. 208 Lukaazek, Mark 208 Lynch, Mike .I. 209 MacCluro, Lina n. 208 Macks", Dawn 208, 108, 147 Magrini, Ron 209 Maiman, Darren M. 209 Malinownki, Sheryl A. 70, 209, 102, 82 Marack, Bill J. 109 MarioIIi, Mitch 209. 109 Mark, David P. 209 Martin, Gregory A. 209 Maninul, Tod 209 Matuunk, Laura 209 Matuszczak, Slan J. 209 Mavooly, Susan M. 209, 88 anolz, Mark David 209, 145 McCathy, Susan M. 209, 147 MchrIy, Shawn 209 McClalIand, Annette F. 209 McClelland, Mary 209 McCord, Debbie 209 McCrary, Kelley S. 209, 86 McGill. Alison K. 209 McGinnis, Erin 209, 94 McGoldrick, Mike 209 McKoon, Ann 209 Mode, Debbie 209 Medina, Ran 80, 209 Morlz, Lisa L. 209 Mihic, John H. 76, 80, 209 Miller, Caria J. 209 MilIar, Joy A. 209 Mitch, Mark J. 209, 145 MonIon, Mike J. 209 Moore, Carla 70, 209, 82 Moore, Joe P. 78, 209 Moore. Mary L. 209 Morland, Sherri, L. 209 Morris, Jan 209 Morris, Paul Ed 78, 209 Morton, Jouph E. 209 Mrazok, Tim J. 209 Mruk, Laura L. 209 Mulvihill, Mary 70, 209 Mulvihill, Sue 209 Murphy, PoIor 209 Murphy, Sean W. 77, 209 Murphy, VicIoria K. 70, 209 Muogravo, VicIorin 209 Muzzey, Scott 209 NaIion, Torry 209 Noiman, Frank John 209 Nolaon, Daniel B. 76, 80, 209 Nernoy, Mike Henry 209 Noubar, Rick 209 Nowlon, Jonathan 209 Nguyen, Tran 209, 147 Nichols, Andy 209 Nolan, Maria 209, 88 Nouk, Marie 209 Holman, Donna Mae 209 Nurczyk, Scott A. 209 Oakley, Sieve Lee 209 O'Connor, Miny Kay 209 Odor, Cthy Anne 209 Ogorzaloc, Lori L. 209 O'Hara, Liz 209. 94 Olun, Eric c. 209 Olson, Kriinn 209, 79, 145 OIMalley, Katy 94 Orr, Cindy 209 Orsini, Maria 209 Oruula, Penny Maxim: 209 Oalorholl, Cheryl 209, 119 ON, Bonnie 209 on, Tom M. 209 Paauwe, Teri 209 Pntman, Kyla 147 Palmer, David A. 209 Palmer, Sharon 209 Palya, Mike 209 Papa, AnIhony W. 209 Paradis, Andy 209 Paradin, Mark 209 Parbl, Mike L. 76, 209 Pariton, David 210 Pavliak, Kannth M. 210 Pawley, John 210 Polenon, David 73, 210 Patric, Tod Allen 80, 210, 145 Piekart, Ed 210 Piomonie, Lynn 210 Pikunu, Nadine A. 210 Plosner, Doug E. 210 Poiarier, Rick 210 Poiman, Kyla me 210 Pomahac, Geri 210, 92, 102, 82 Pool, Elaine 210 Poppa, Suzanne P. 210 Porter, Lori 210 Porter, Pam 210 Poskocil, Julie Ann 210, 106 Powers, Bob 210 Prater, Gregory Lee 210 PM", John M. 210, 145, 147 Prall, Scott W. 210 Price, Zoni 210, 92, 102, 82 PriesI, Lauren C. 210 Puankn, Jim R. 210 Ouaid, Kevin 77 FIedit-ch, Eva M. 210 Rayundo, Romano": 147 Reece, Sandy M. 210 R006, R. John 210 Reno, Sandy D. 210, 88 Roinceko, Simon J. 76 Raynoldl, Jean Marie 210, 116, 147 Rhodes, JuIie Anne 210 Richorlon, Kathy Ann 210, 113 Robbins, Slave 210 Robnon, John D. 210 Regen, Wendy Marie 210, 106, 94 Roiic, Anthony John 210 Rollins, Donald J. 76 Romano, Dave A. 210 Roubal, Margaret M. 210, 147 Rudnik, Jan 210 Rupkoma, Virginia 118 Sago, Tim 210, 198 Salnmunec, Sandy A. 210 Samuelson. Tammy Lynn 210, 147 Sanborn, Richard 210 Sandanon, Robert W. 210 Santchi, Mike 210 Sargent, Joyce A. 210 Same, .Iuli 210 Sate, John 210 Scahill, John P. 210 Scarpolli, Nick J. 210 Schalund, David 210 Schauor, Heidi M. 210 Scheiwiller, Paul H. 210, 96 Schenz, Deborah L. 210, 98 Schloomor, Richard O. 210 Schneidar, Kriinne 210 Schncidor, Lill M. 210 Schneider, Rich A. 210 Schononlohor, Mike 210 SchropIorman, Jamal 210, 96 Schuh, William 210 Schulpiel, Thomas D. 210 Schwalb, Robert 210 Schwarzkopl, Ronald M. 210, 145 Scott, James M. 78, 210 Scollor, Mike 210 Scuddar, Karen L. 210 Sogravos, Carol D. 210, 147 Souls, Rita 210, 145 Shannon, Michael P. 210 Sheehan, KnIhleon s. 21o. 79, 113 Sheldon. JonniIor A. 210, 102 Sihrava, Kurt 210 Sichrovuky. Barbara J. 210, 92, 145 Sicilinno, Chorius M. 210 Silborhorn, Phil G. 210 Silvniri, Dave D. 210 Sialor, Jamie R. 210 Skinner, Troy M. 210 Slunhor, Sharon 210 SmiIh, Dave R. 210 Smith, Mark K. 211, 145, 94 Smok, David 76, 211 Smykovnki. Scott M. 211 Sparacino, Sandra L. 211 Sparacino, Susan L. 211 Spoidon, John 211 Spomler, Todd w. 211 Spurny, Carol G. 211 Slanko, Joseph J. 211 SIark, Liz 211, 102, 147 Sloinbrink, Leigh 211 SIiomnnn, Bonnie s. 211 Stogdill, Michael A. 211, 145 Sinker, Bill 211 Slyos, Lin 211 Suddarih, Trevor A. 211 Sullivan, Kirsten 211 Summers, Sun 211 Swanson, Cynthia 211, 116, 88 Swanson. Lynda 211 Swaoney, Stove 211 Swigor, Mark 211 Szurok, Donna L. 211, 147 Taakila, Sue 211 TaquuI, Cthorino M. 211 Taylor, Kay H. 211, 118, 94 Taylor, Roy 211 Telluchow, Both 211 Tonnoil, Brad A. 211 Tutu, Tracey 211 Thomson, ElizabeIh 211 Tracy, Richard 211 Troy, Lynn M. 211 Tulnno, Laura A. 211 Tymimki, Steven E. 211 Uhytko, Alicia M. 211 Vance, Mercedes 70, 211, 119, 147 Vanda MorkI, Sharon 211 Vnndonbroucke, Gary 211 Van Dorpe, Debra 211, 92, 79 Vargo, Lisa 211, 147 VincanI, Mike 211 Voighbargor, Jan 211, 79 Vonholst, Richard 211 Von, Pairick 78, 211 Van, Pairick 76, 80, 211 Wagner, Jon E. 211 WalIord, Roborta L. 211 Walker, John 211 Wallbruch, Dana L. 203, 211, 106, 119 Wallh, Joanne 211, 82, 94 Walsh, Tim 211 Warakoia, John 80, '211 Warland. Mark 211 Wuml, Ken 211 Wagner, Pamela A. 211 Weidel, Mary L. 211 Weislak, Lori 211, 102 Wallinga, Matt T. 211 Wells, Tom 78, 80, 211 Wappnor, Daryl J. 211 Wail, Glen G. 211, 145 Wonorholm, Don 73, 211 Wulon, Nick 211 Whaling, Holly J. 211, 147 Wiedemunn, BeIh 211 Wioro. Marge E. 211 Wild, Pam K. 211 Wilkins, Debra G. 211 Wiiliams, Lin 211 Wiiliams, Scan 211 Wilson, Denise M. 211 Wilton, Jackie 211, 109 Wooppol, Tim L. 211 Want, Mike 211 WrighI, Christina M. 211 Yung, Linda 211 Zacks, Bob c. 211, 106 Zoollnar. Kurt W. 211 Zrinsky, Christina M. 211 215 FACES IN THE CROWD 216 FACES IN THE CROWD 217 FACES IN THE CROWD 218 219 FACES IN THE CROWD 220 FACES IN THE CROWD 221 FACES IN THE CROWD 222 223 224 I can hardly believe it! My high school career is over. I don't know whether to be sa-dor elated I started four short years ago, "snot-nosed" and very inexperienced, not knowing where to turn. I wandered during my freshman year, getting involved in nothing in particular. During my sophomore year I had the good fortune to become involved in the yearbook. I started as a photographer, and through time I've become editor. I've had the unique pleasure of experiencing both the good and the bad in 3 years on the staff. The BAD: missing deadlines, missing pictures, missing copy, missing persons, missing yearbooks, missing organization, missing experience And the GOOD: Winning a Golden Eagle Award from the Northern Illinois Scholastic Press Association, being ON TIME for deadlines, seeing my work in print, meeting and working with other staffers, students, teachers, parents, and administration. But most of all, the yearbook has been something for me to belong to, something from which I could honestly feel a sense of accomplishment. I would sincerely like to thank the following people: Mr. Mike Hackleman, our American Yearbook Representative, for all the meetings, advice, and help; Mrs. Florence Sweringa, Dean's Office Secretary, for all the typing and Xeroxing; Mr. David Ritter, Audio-Visual Department, for the negatives we borrowed; Root Photographers, for the film and the excellent photographic assistance; and most of all, Mrs. Florence Saimon, our advisor who spent endless amounts of time, energy, and money in helping to produce this book. I'd also like to thank all of the people of Glenbard East, the nFaces In The Crowd", without whom this book would not be possible. Hope ya'll like the booklllll Best wishes to next years staff. Love and luck to all my family, especially Manya Elaine and Stephen William; Take care Mrs. 8, Mrs. H in New Orleans, Kimberly Giltner, Patricia Ann, and all of my friends; also! Dr. Paul T. Hartman: Have a great retirement, I canlt wait for your book, and HI see you this winter in Los Angeles . . . Always and forever, szgz yQMKzZZ x 44' 45$ Lee Johnson and Jeff Faust, the gentlemen who designed the cover of this book. Dawn Mackett. who was our. Business Manager and worked a great deal on the index. Crazy Bob llPoIar Bear" Zacks, resident Ted Nugent impressionist and general lunatic. Editor Tom Jozwiak. TM ,, 4 1 3miiw

Suggestions in the Glenbard East High School - Aries Yearbook (Lombard, IL) collection:

Glenbard East High School - Aries Yearbook (Lombard, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Glenbard East High School - Aries Yearbook (Lombard, IL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 148

1979, pg 148

Glenbard East High School - Aries Yearbook (Lombard, IL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 80

1979, pg 80

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1979, pg 32

Glenbard East High School - Aries Yearbook (Lombard, IL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 11

1979, pg 11

Glenbard East High School - Aries Yearbook (Lombard, IL) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 24

1979, pg 24

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