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' .. , ,g,,,m,t W N.-- Q ., .f f ,J , Q L ing . 21 .3 It U :MNA VZ -, J Yv. .:l,,,,1 fL ,EDA Vit.. A.. . ,A - ..-' 1 ' 2 :- lah--: f5?:s-Q . 1 Q, f --N, - ,. , J- . -, . - 'L 4 4 ,. J.. R f 5 , A ,HJ , ,-f.,. L. -f.' .-f ..-.kv .-4,-- i w - 1 f K 4.--ww-I-I - - VN.,-,A-Q' 4 V. -,f-if F' , 6 , W -Lv 4 'L g K i y X I Q . Q, . 1 .Q ' . , V L X, . ... "r '- , F9 ,. ' -" ,ff vwff V 12" x'f"ii g " jf'r:3?'?if33,1i-.5593 E 'z, , V - . . ' ' ' " "W 'fff' 'f-N'-Y Q1J'v'1m.'w 'z 1- .-u-+,,,:' : - 1 be . ,.. . A . f' , .. -. .5 :.,.. .-I-are... Rs - - uf - ff f A W4 -n"v"' .w ' A ' V 'L' I' 'A v:. ..A . ' - 1 ii ...lx ff. Hs . 1 fx.-. . V ' - -"M -4- -. Er ,. A - - ,Aw . .74 51 --,- ...X - 1. .. .. .. . 1 V if V QA -+ H --'X' iw . '-QI' -.'-'--J ' - . . F" ff: 1:2 ' X-'ch' X - . -..fu ., .-, -- .-gf-11:5-Q - ' ,gy 3 1- if - , .A ,fa .. 1 . ... ,. ,V .. -. -:V . .. . ' - ,...,.,i , y 1 -. ...-1, 1, M K f '."r-'- :-- Y - L' - - X - f - 1 - 'Af 1 - ev- r"'f""'7 -"ff 1.1 1-A+. - 'fi ' 1. - .1 ' fl :.. -, 3135? 14" 1 1 'I l ' f " "1-.. .Z .Qu A- .V 4, 1-,:v'+7' tj -f .-U1 -I-'?S'f.', .If1':v'1' A V r1L-f:-'f'f1'Qf-?f:rii:H2-" " " 2-' +--- - xg-1. 15 rq.Fgf.-.m-..- J ,. ., .- . bf -. - .A...-. -.-.-....,... -... .. W, . Y ,-.U :H A I I. 1 I ,E "SS-4,11 Pb .,1.....c... P FB 'X-.-- L. ,+A Y Y ,AY ,L F- sAA,, H N I A-.Mft I fenr em, .mann ' 1-n, 1mnur.fmnemzmf.n ,- ,mvvm uni 'x1mn.-umm .mn is x .' vi 3, ,, ,mII'I1c1:.c 1. vu 1, 1 .' wwe- Y. :fr vc fr' ' w-sf'1. 'rw -X msulwm mrd.znl.,w 41-1 -vnu' 'mei ul! , .151 an 'aauamn A E 1 4, 'il I r- ,. VCI.. IIIYI HIGH SCHOOL GLEI IIIGE IJ. f'xfNfX THE CLASS OF 1947 DEDICATES TO MR. PATRICK BRADY THE 1947 GLENALOG MR. PATRICK BRADY Patrick Brady, better know to all his acquaintances as Pat is a beloved part of Glen Ridge High School. Pat is one of a staff of janitors without whose management and efficiency the school would never be able to operate. He was born in Westmeath, one guess as to the country, in the latter part of the nineteenth century. He came to America in 1925 and has been in the Glen Ridge school system since 1936. When you think of Pat Brady, you don't think of him as a janitor, but rather as a sincere friend. Pat teaches a lesson worth more than many to be found in books-the value of kindness. No matter what he is doing, no matter how he himself may be feeling, Pat al- ways has a smile and a few cheery words for you. It's interesting to think what a better world it would be if more of us lived up to Pat's standards. After we leave Glen Ridge High, no matter where we go, we'll always remember you, Pat, and we shall oftentimes wish that we could be more like you. Mass DONNA YEATON The class of 1947 wishes to dedicate very respectfully this page in our year book to MISS DONNA YEATON, who is retiring after thirty-one years of faithful service to Glen Ridge High School. Miss Yeaton was graduated from Bates College in Maine and received her Master's Degree at Columbia. In 1930 Miss Yeaton with her friend, Miss Allis, made an interesting Virgilian cruise which celebrated the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Virgil. The cruise followed the course of the travels of Aeneas including the famous city of Troy. She taught for four years at Port Jervis, New York, and then came to Glen Ridge. Now she will return to her birthplace, Belgrade, Maine. A Her excellent instruction of the Latin language will never be forgotten, and her tireless effort with the Latin Club has made it a success. The fact that many students from our school obtained honors in the Beard Memorial Latin Contest conducted in the New York University is proof of her ability to teach. She has been a ready and helpful adviser to the junior Class for many years. We should like to extend our sincere thanks to Miss Yeaton and wish her happiness in the future. Her retire- ment will be a true loss to Glen Ridge for she was an out- standing teacher and friend. Z X7 Z Se i . I if ---- Social SludieI If 5 . DR. JOHN P. MILLIGAN I Superzntemient of Schools , bf, f' I .ffg f -If 'V f il-GV f ' ff I F A O u L T Y ,P Q. ' BENJAMIN A. WARD ................ Mafhemmff G, -2, ff' J4 RANDOLPH c. BLODGETT .... ..... M ulhematirx ' ' KATHERINE V. HARDING .......... Mathemaiicx yy X ' BERLE CRAM ........................ Mathematics P -di RICHARD W. BRYANT ...... Mafbemam-sfienfe J , IRVIN L. CLEVLAND --- ............. Sriemre ,Q ' DAVID VanDILLEN ....... ........... S rience -7 , ELIZABETH D. CONKLIN --- --- English Q LOIS ROBINSON .......... --- English ,Jr I EMILY B. EsPY ......... --- English L! MARJORIE PEASE ...... --- English X - ROBERT M. HILTON --- .... Englixb , ' ' CHRISTINE MOSIER ..... .... F ,mb - . DONNA L. YEATON --- ....... win 1 NETTIE KITzEs ......... ......... s panirh IWWW mbgi ELIZABETH M. GRIMES .... ELIZABETH GILBERT .... EDNA BARNABA .....,. JOHN AREsON ....... ---- Social Studie: Sorial Studie: Sofia! Studie: K9 fQ+'9x' 54? X so V ALFRED. C. RAMSEY FACULTY DOROTHY LUHRS --- PAUL F. STEFFEN --- ADELE F. VORRATH - MARTHA L. JONES ..... BEULAH S. ARNOLD .... C. REID KNECHTEL -- MAISIE S. TRUITT .... C. DUDLEY MOORE -- MORRIS E. OTT ......... WILLIAM J. CARTMILL LEON H. NIXON ..... RALSTON BROWN --- CECELIA SZAKACS --- HELEN HOOPER --- RUTH COURTER ..... ALICE OLDS ........... ------------- Social Studie! ---- Commercial ------ Commercial ---- Home Economicx ----------.. Muxic -- ....... Mu.ric ----------- Art ----- Manual Arif ------- Manual Am -..------ Pbyxical Education --- .... Pbyxical Education -- .... Pbyxical Education ---- Pbyxical Education -..- Physical Education -------- Guidance ----------- Guidance DOROTHY PARKHILL .................... Nurxe CATHERINE GUTHRIE Secrelafiex JUNE Van DeMARK Principal , 'S X AM? QffM SWQJA famild iii? M W ff- 0 .I nv' H QgNQQpl7" TOMORROW The closing days of school are here at last, And as the end is slowly drawing near, We think of things that happened in the past And friends who through the years have been so dear. Behind us are our marbles and our skates Left for others now with which to play There are the bats and balls of different makes That won us victory on that special day. Ahead will lie, for some, much greater thingsg For many, there may be wealth or even fame. Others will live through lesser happenings, But to Glen Ridge they all will give acclaim. This book may sometime help us to unfold The things which now appear in it untold. C,-mor. KIRKPATRICK l CLASS OFFICERS "l Wan+ To Be A Capfain Too" PHIL WRIGHT ...... ..,... P refidenl FLORENCE RAFTER .... --- Vire Pravidefff BEV RUNYAN .... .... S ecrelary JERRY ROMAINE --- .... Trea.rm'er PARKE SICKLER W 7 " onliglat in Vermont" yQV,NParke's ex lle out g leadership in sports, studies, an s giv' 'es ve ade ' d Glen Ridge High Selig tta ath ev ar 's southpaw style was alwa i prgmi sh l e atke's place in the of tommzfow tome 1 t s outilggp g as it has been in the past. Football 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Student Council 10, 11, 12, President 12, International Re- lations 12, Finance 11, Eligibility Committee 10, Glen alog Board 12,, . -. f' . ag' 'f My Qgiuy wane:-IT g Q 't I ti' ii ' ,!.,5'M5Qically Rare" 1 7 h s x'L'yinninghrsqnaqy, has a leygng hand in every thing. tN6Q.only?f e President' f the Class, but also President of th. oung Pe es Sdtiety. Phil is Very active on the grid- iroutmd in I claggo . A greaffasset ,to the class and a Friend olfg'Q6Ha yx' slxlxld Far, P Qi! .3 - ,JJ x 1 1 , I 5FoY31:ball QHO, 11, 1'2,?Bag,eball"9,j'rac 10, 12,. Chairman Asem ly 'Committee 11 ig: Stqdentlylouncik 10,11 l1,2j'President 1 ' ' Seni Clasb'I2'. ,-" , J mf' ' FL RENCE RAFTER aw- "ae X30 D NY53g,Qyw2bSthe t class. Sparkling perso a ity an o sense ot humor are two good reasons wh slmpett s a A t y'friends. She is very good in all 1 f Ort cia riding. r g ' we'can't bla Qwone for liking Flo and whatever she does in l always come out on top. Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Riding 11, 12, Swimming 11, French Club 11, Vice President of the Class 11, 12, Secretary of the Class 10. BEVERLY RUNYAN 3 "Ole Afhzn River" s t e rw o s vrtali that make a hit . h i . I . . . w e .' IE eer l Eg, as s' a whiz of a driver. Besides this, Bev is an excellent student, and can If found on the honor roll. She will certainly make a hit at ce University. Hockey: Class and Varsity 10, 11, 12, Class Basketball 10, 11, 12, Varsity Basketball 11, Class Secretary 12, Dramatic Club 12' 9 Production Manager Board 12, Latin Club 10, French Club 11, G. A. A. 10, 12, Tennis Varsity 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11' Varsity 11. 9 I3 4 fgrms elsewhere as he did in Glen Ridge High, he can't help but succeed. Student Council 10g Class President 11g Co-Editor Glenalog 12, Glee Club 125 Baseball 10, 11, 12g Football 10, 11, 12g Basketball 10, 11, 12. Cybfdba' . .6 W BETTY JANE EMERSON 5.94 .Q , JK.: 94 'X "All the Thingr You Are" X30 .,9,.,g ,, . . . . -x QQ . J. is one of the outstanding girls in our class. Her at- Yc' tractiveness, nice dis osition, sincerit , and scholastic abilit have P Y Y rp' rf won her friends. She plans to become a medical assistant at -1 Pai e- Hall next ear, and we all know she will do the best in 1 fl Y J.-,"X or any other job. Q41 riff' RRY 1, ligu is well k lo n around schoo ani d-ejtsiui' of the basketball o tr and football teams. make lace in the world for him. 11 12 Basketbag , 10, 11, 12g Track 9, 10, 1 12 Welfare 11 Spanish Clubx Og Student Council 11, 12, e Room Chairman 11 12g Class Treasurer 11, 12. ox LOIS HIC CJR -4. s N H g D K al.: Q? .5 41.24851 sf' bf' ' gg wikQe pTurnqd7 nop, ivfvhcisyjind enthu- Qsm, nPkQp sp eaafelss sgita Cbf Gazing, high is both sf, . Dlx. - . amusin ai?d.d'Qi9ntf . Ztlgrafogseserifitggtil athletic ability ran igg to T nis:Q ' Umgafs, pope.-Efrityz good louis, d rargiogbin inyher. xx' staff' S, P Gigi? 10, 15 12583115 13, 11, 125511155 Hockey 10, 2- arsity ck " O 3 .A.A. 1 gl-1, 12g Latin Club 1giEFreQ6!ls2!kz8Wb tQs o?GlenaldJg'12g Class Basketball 19512-? XQ's1tyffBas e aQ,9l'0, llggahity Manager 12g Inter- ngibnal Reglqgons H3333 Class Bas ball 11g Tennis Varsity 10, 11, 12g Student ouncil 10. JOE TOOLE 1 "Give Me Fire Minzfter More" Besides bei g el ,ted Pgidepyif 1'M'Qupio'tfclas's',"j6eYhas Mn ?Atsta4zdinKj:iVersa'll1 y in his spoil-sflictylities -afiias an rrs udent. 'e's atractive character and personality have ' ly bnen're onsible for his superb leadershiprn ,lf joe per- gk Social Committee 9, Student Council 9, 12g Treasurer Class 10g Class Secretary 11, French Club 11g Latin Club 105 Glee Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Archery 11, 125 Hockey 10, 12g Baseball 10, 11, 12g Elections Committee 12g International Relations 123 Business Manager Glenalog 12. V I4 . i .X R 1 J Vey i ,Wi NX Q K. Wig f ,R5 vi fQ VW A 'f.-, . L '4 fy XX! on Ti Q, ,. f ARGERY SYRETT X A ' YJ61? "Margie" A 1 "Mar " is the "A" student who is the ride of the facult Club 11, 12. ni 1 Y- Besides iaving an active brain, she has a grezil interest in athletics and the general welfare of the school. Marj participates in most all the school activities, but still takes time to enjoy many a good time with her numerous friends. We all know that she is bound for success. Good luck, Marg! Latin Club 95 French Club 11,125 International Relations Club 11, 125 Girl's Hockey 9, 105 Manager Girl's Hockey 125 Basket ball 9, 105 Dramatic Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Tennis 9, 105 Junior Playg Student Council 93 Glenalog Board 12. MARJORIE ACKUNEOFN -sp ,Q daiw 2"wfH'mm,-imm grief!!-ir mdf , Da, 'f' 0,5 'V 21940 9-9 1 her nite gmbl Fiqegcgytway Ma is avorite , an - tkwqryssgsa elif bggti ul aquzgFySs1re vyii many gap e. e are re t a Marg 's p ans for the future must in- clude some art work. .Congra ulgmnls dh-yelxr wonderful Glen, alog cover, Marge! INPC l Glee Club 10, 125 French Club 11, 125 Internationa Relat'o Wifi ON AHLERS 'I D 'i ant to Set the W rld on Fire" s A lers again 's a familiar cry in Mr. level istry class on raises his hand to argue. y has this "mad c ist" cleared the lab of students u e of some concoctio . friend to everyone and an all round athlete, Don will be missed next year by all. Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Intramural Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Tennis 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Latin Club 105 International Relations Club, Dramatic Club 9, 105 junior Play, Smtterbmm ELEANORXQQS QQ six If ' J A tall gal with a cheerful smile is Elea or H pep n Eleanor is headed for Katherine Gibbs and e sh er th best of luck! , ' ' , ' . e a vitality make her popular with her many him? We time stand XQ tw . . . , Service Squad 125 Glee Club 95 Red os 9g Fren Club 11, f 125 International Relations 11g Dramatic ub 9, 10, IQ fr S51 W Y tic Cltfgw, 10, 11,., x1:2g French Club 11, lf, Varsity Hogkey 9,- ll, Besketball ro, swimming S. G.A.z1..'1o, LI,'12. 5 - t W ,, I , 9 1 Y' f ELEANOR BILL W ,D 555445-FQ! Along Little Doggie" VW El'ed?i?n6 gal who has a wide variety of interests. Her if o s is rivaled by her love for dogs and horses. We of sgyare ' re what nor's plans for the future are, but we are , that she l make good in any field she chooses. 5.9 gdb Ci X044 O, , oi' 59 I , ' A f 060,371 54 3? yy i 6,06-Q6 qi Os' 'fl B7 ' ff! X900 J .wlagyigfv QQ! pf xv? ISLQ EQeTT1g0, ye1xBAq-7' xfiett ' ut looksmceyrso marvelous s se of hum j21,a4 ed ho opustrty ith rl int ests .2 var' ta Bggyrfgge w s like aw 7 wr 1 nal Bzlagms Club Qi, 11, 12g Dramatic Club 11, 12, in c1nbf?1, , Siu-Jtary Spanish cinb 12, G.A.A. 123 Ri r Staff 1 en'log 12. s Zi 1 J .sfo f n 0 x i-JK'-. ugf' j Jyvv-LX!!! - gk 054, if yil.A1L'1.AcE BARRETT ig. v " 4' :ff i,"i,,j!ivrz Forever Blowing Bubbles" - rf .' ' ' ' Hr 1E2.111".vlffasl1beEn arougd Glen Ridge for a long time. Well- ' fprgportsj s een on the football, basketball, and ten- QT-ni eaqjbs. yWal ' pects to enroll in Amherst College and to 1171 oViln,law.,lf ere's wishing you luck, Wally! JY . ,"annis 9, 10, 11, 12, Football 10, 11, 12g Basketball 9g Var- -rsify Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Glenalog Board 11g International Rela- tions Club 12g Spanish Club 12g Red Cross 9. , 1 , DIANE BEATTY . -f ef' . "50pl9i.1timled Lady" X ' 1 XIX' 5 4 J' X "Recl"fgges'1igh notmfily on the honor roll, but sheQ5 'tops 'SC' ith lg-gr many friencb. "Her wit'Q9.d humor-2.119 appggciatedgby 'gd-who know 1 v - C 11 1 Diane's te lo s and 16? clothes 'ixfsure toxhiake aiygreat N e C4 gg , Y X ., :i a hit as-Vzksar as they ha in Glen, Ridge. xl-lere s toyour suc- ces54 C X Q C ,sf 1 V'-1" fi 0 5 . . ..- . J'-' X La in Uhb 10, 11,QInternat1onaPkLat1on'911, 12, Dramaa xgl-ft Glc-:eQiu 9, 10, 11, 12, French Club 11, 12, Spanish Club 12. is WM ON soume ' " e Me Out to the Ball Game" he g s. is a fine all-around athlete, as the football, baseball, an sketbal s asons prove. Lou's beloved Dodgers may not ys,finish on top, but they'll have a staunch rooter in the iet ways and likeable manner follow him wherever Chick." The c Jsgwf '47 has here a good student and a good friend. If Footb 9, g Basketball 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Student ounc' 11, 12, Athletic Committee 125 Finance Com- mittee 12, W' lfare Committee 12, International Relations Club 12. BETTY BRIGGS 1 fIDimPgeIl! s tl ' cute dirnples we've seen in our co 1do er helped make our days much m ple t e . ime we understood Betty was in- rest o . will surely make a hit if she does Sire H this work. Dr ma Club 11, 12g Tennis 11, 12, International Relations Club 11, 12, Finance Committee 12. AUDREY BROWN "Imagination" Aud's vivid imagination, and ability to write wonderful, long yarns, are two characteristics of which we are envious. Audrey is planning to major in Journalism at college, and we are won- dering if she's going to be the famous authoress of our class. Shorthand Club'9g Dramatic Club 9, 12, Service Squad 11, International Relations Club 11, French Club 12. LOIS BUNNELL "Sweet And Lovely" "Sweet and petite" that's Lois. She is well-known to all be- cause of her quiet easy-going manner. Such a hard worker is sure to go far in the future. Dramatic Club 10, Irmgnatiomtl Relations Club 11, 125 French Club 11, 12.,-,J-'X 1-,V If ' N ce 6' ,Ply fjkyo ft be Y yr! 'GV J5 1. :hy . n x CC' 4- ' jg I fl 'Q x. 9 1- N-" O H' I7 VJ! A Jffxfv 96 se ,M .wt . 0 Zig a i X rnoli Ax uri er akes l I f .' K .5 Q . ., I. . if ' prom ends any s . Wherever you may be next F tball 12, Tra g Basketball 10g Spanish Club 10. 9 N RA ECERE I ' z ' ight of My Blue Eyes" " ' 0" ' e all, o d-loo fellow with the happy-go mc m t a eems to clic ith everyone and his athletic yea o, luc I , Were JM f f" fi, n dn . ,W , .3 f have A l gue with anyone, anywhere, anyt e, s, adio, communications, and school hol1 s ex His good-natured attitude towards his fell fsenioylsu m e ' ular with everyone. The new heir gelgfllaftgr Packa ly be missed by the Class of ay 1 p W. f I Coylejlzub 9, Assembly Committee 9, 1O,11, 12, Track 10, ll 1 i junior Play 11, International Relations 11, 12, Football 119 Red 1 Cross. vw Oy- GN N5bi?ANQ5LL . 903' VSQ79' QHfg 5' fi? ,sv ea . Anlews thglg wh s tl a word w th everyone. Het looks QW , to ee 'on her er yf have helped to mwher rien slr Glen Ri Annie can almost al- ways w i g around in a black "Chevie." Dramatickib 1 , 11g French Club 11, 12, International Re-,s Ll b1l,12gG.A.A.1l. A LAWRENCE DiMlRO - 1 "Easy Does It" , arry r "Peanuts as he is sometimes called, is that diminutive letiq undle of dynamite who has proven that he knows how h dl e ol pigs in. His quick wit and happy-go-lucky ell known and much admired personality IS ways on the ball and promises to succeed ootbal b 103 International Relations 11g Base- 11 Football 12 I , ' ,fr f-2,4-4 Maw' 1 wc CW fm I ' W A , M 0 If Luy-IV Vw - L XA! Q-W1 JAY. ' fl PYYJUMV an Abou! Town" :1- V came to us last year from Orange, is already a well- 'Dk own person about school. He is one of the best dressed boys walking the halls and always has a long list of appropriate re- marks for any occasion. He enjoys sports very much and does exceedingly well in all of them. His swell personality and the congenial companionship which he affords, make him one of the more prominent members of our class. Student Council 105 Fencing 105 Junior Play 11, Nominating Committee 12, International Relations Club 12, Business-Mana- ger Glenalo my oi-:N DRAYTON Q0"g,,y- ' IJ johnny We rt 1 s iling face carried b ohn on his orts ai e make him a very versatile fel 112' d for his smashing home runs on the d i d is pleasing ways that make a hit with every Wsure to h , him in the time to come X U . L I .. . Y I , ' fn S ou G.R.H.S. His dexterity in handling , w. is - if'- . A ' ' ll ' ' rl . ji ' ' ' ' - OD 2 u , Football 9 10 1 Baseball 9 Track 11 12' Eligibility Com- mittee 9g Intern onal Relations Club 12g Glenalog Board 123 Tennis 12. '13 vm 'mor .rr ' H N, 'PY zllw Kmght WAV o isuie of e big fellows of our class is always near hen g needs to be done. He has an excellent memory for snappy 5 which co 'ned with a quick-wit and super- HLLR5 vo? lggadd s the atmosphere of G.R.H.S. He is co 1 eugltfack member and can really play a hot trombone. A uture is awaiting Dave for with his wondeful per- sogalityhfrd his ability to get things doneg nothing less could corklto him. Track 10, 11, 12g Band 11, 125 Orchestra 12, Spanish Club 10, 11. JOE ELLIOT ' "The Los! Chord" joe is known about the reverberating halls of G.R.H.S. as a truly talented musician. He has shown us that he can do almost anything with a piano or organ. He can always be counted on to help out wherever he is needed, and his pleasing, jovial per- sonality makes him a favorite with all. Columbia's gain will be Glen R1dge's loss when he goes there next year to continue his studies. Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Band 10, 11, 12g Chorus 10, 11, 12, Assembly Committee 12, Elections Committee 10. I9 I 5 GEORGE EMERY "Keep 'Em Flying" I Geor e is one ur clagAdntiori1QQ0ll6IS ' knows ng fftllat field. He has built gany gdel l o lot planes, Em way they fly P atablllil Lthr' mr about t . e ly'?,iquent!1ie in a green "47" Ch in which lq rove o an nd W of a ubt that Chrysler s gjdgive ca e b at f p c .'f8eor d- ly manner will take him ' got lielg. International Relations Cl 2 Sp nrs ub 12. DAVID EVAN ' Wep ' e Heart of Texaggfge . The lgyne x W' he ggxale D r "EvJ' as he is b t nowk f l ' sz gqlgamous r ' ' h ' ' . ta ories n re s k u a g in ost ,th ' al- tho ne symkige Q?ha sa Next fal e ' 'Qbing f t' s e ron ewark Academy. Good luckgave. Qs W Student Council 9, 10, Home Room Chairman 9, 10, Glena log Staff 12, International Relations Club 12, Track 9, 10, Foot- ball 10, 11. ' a GE G SKIN H I "Fox" is ' llow wh 's very interested ' s, and has ne ' credita f - ck t e foot- ball s so he one ve ell as ay ' ' mper on the track squ . International Relatio lub 12 Footba 0 11 12, Track 11, Spanish Club 10 lub 1,2, Basketball 1O,,11. ' I 1 up WJZUQ gm I YLLS som' ' 'W QQQQ wwe ww' ,R ,H MP1 l Kffnovu lb f- 6 Althoug quiet and shy, Ph is elp but be noticed with her bright red hair and easy-goin s le. We have noticed that she has a great liking for art, and has a good deal of talent in that field. Phyllis wants to be a Choreographer after she fin- ishes high school, and she's sure to be a good one. Glee Club 11, 12g Modern Dance 10, 12, Dramatic Club 10, 11, 12, International Relations Club 12, Chorus 12, Glenalog Board 12, French Club 11, 12. A 20 shou rr al Ag a Dasgs' BARBARA HALL ' "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby" With her gay laughter and infectious smile, Barbara is one of the cutest girls of '47. Besides being a regular honor roll stu- dent, she has exceptional talent in art. Among her many other enviable traits, she has a deep loyalty and sincereity toward all her friends. Dramatic Club 10, 125 Glee Club 10, 11g Class Hockey 10, 12g Spanish 11, 123 Glenalog Class Editor 12. ,ng-Q-Q .,Q,ou:j-Sql Ox FVNLLI. s . ILLIAM u HARVEY ff ' ildfl BQ ' fellow gwepdaas a variety of interests. TM f - c sm s, .and include most other out- door ' 2 n e basketball team, on the trac quad a a mper, he football team as a half- bac ans to enter Lehigh University, and become an en- gine . Spanish Club 11g Ring Committee 115 International Relations Club 125 Dramatic Club 105 Football 10, 11, 12g Track 10, 11, 12, Glenalog Board 11. BRUCE HARVEY "Calif Get Georgia Of My Mind" Bruce is long and lean, and hails from the state of Georgia. He came to G.R. in his Junior year, and we are glad to have him with us. He enjoys hunting and other outdoor activities. Next year Bruce expects to go to the University of North Carolina to become an industrial manager. International Relations Club 125 Track 11, 12. 0'l'cW'ilil,rak06 ,aw 759:-HAT AY iam M , ' Ta E PM 4 1' W W " ' - s o e Va '. 1 - ing everybody else hurry around tr ' o ' re t hings a once o just tr ing to get to ass bef e .- ings. His e s ttgtudg and willing- - . ' j . ryss tefhel a th -: -- s ' - -wa him a friend to all. Hi' t er .31 f - ois a gtw ' over - Cof shop work and me . i I yr I , l ,V . 1 f ' Fgiiba 11, Tfa 10. N . A Joi-:N HEIDER "Traffic Iam" i "Fuzzy" with his good sense of humor and his infectuous laugh, is well-known around school. Aside from his activities at high school, john was one of the mainstays of the New jersey State Guard. Best of luck, John, in anything you plan to under- take for the years to come. International Relations Club 10, Football 10, 11. ED HEINZERLING "The Wife Old Owl" Ed is a nd school for his cheerful and friendly man- ner. B des n erous school activities, he makes, repairs an erim wi ra os. Ed has an e x c e l l e n t scholastic sta ng, a pl' s o ork t s e form of electronic engineer- in ketba 1 ' le s C ittee 123 International Relations Club g, if ff 1 2 5 ' junior Play 11, Intramural Bas- 12g Gleg oard 1 12. l DAVID HODGINS Wt I af" Dav e h , en na n ady laugh, in him frie s erev e es. 1gh t f the t team, 9 e c t elqav 'n i del n for his chievem g t . Ale alwa en a hard wor d w kno s cce ul in attaining his goal, the ti ria ll the luck in the world to y u, ve! Q' Track 10, 11, 12, Band IO, Football 1lfiDramatic Club 10. 5 cf MKLILH HONELMAN jf I ,!'H0ney"i A lk' - M f I , ,, .Q ybneyn igyne dfthose girls everyfane likes to have as a frienck fi She likes to-mana e s orts,"7and doesyve wgell at it. Her inter, f'ldf1.41n-ggaph dth 'ryb' 1' hh! jj ess 1 u e I ', rc ery,,,an rcrwmg gg par ies w ic ar , ff alwicsuccessful. Her pretty goldefilhair, .pleasing personalityfj f and winninggpharrn are three of herjnimy zgractionsmj -ef' Arcwgery 11, 123 ClasswHockeyI0, 11, Class Baskebballtfg Class Jajgba-ll 1O'jhrsity Baseball Il, we SquadfL2g Dra- matifjllubxg, 11,g ipanishgglub LLL-L12., ,l 1 NAL -,,,,i ,.,4"" Q 22 " ' Q ica y r dra ic talent to advantage when she 57 X? E ' ago' O PIjYLLlS INSKIP Wwe Home on the Hill" Qiiriga kim her enciygood-natured disposition and creati bility in . S ig cess both socially and scholas- t. .S e - . ' u f ol d e ryo that morning in assembly while the magician ' pn ized" her. She has a partiality to "them thar" Green ou ainyf Vermount where she spends her summers. qs Glee Cixb 9, 11, 12, Latin Club 105 Spanish Club 12, Inter- national Relations Club 12g Assembly Committee 125 Glenalog Board 12g Badminton 11g Bowling 11g junior Playg Elections Committee 11. BARBARA ISAACS W I "Barbara Allen" LM Q tstandmg al r n e of ,t-he Sen r up Clas h is a od st e s ce B b r s a ' , - d ' e ' tgp pe t ' li 1 nd Obits an excell H ckcy a asketba playe . arb e o G.R. onl r but sh ainly a e a h' th her personalitgwle rs an hagnlgarb nts to be a orat ry Technician, she ' re to ,wjdcce sful 1 1 tbagJ1, 2, alll ,1 glnter tional elations b 11, 1 5 Spa ' Clu , Girl' thletic Association 11, 12. 'x ciya x . . Kwlrff fs? EUEETA lstlrgtt X, wmv X Nimfzoke Getf in Yxdllr Eyexya jy' A 5 ig 2 Q . Pl slhi Nht t thxggbddlfaiting A a Texas drawl are t hief c rac qristi s of " Sh es the prover a Q' ie , si gzgnyau ag A bial southern ch r which m er a favo e among us. Her athletic ' 't ws u gs ecia in b l where she certainly can " em." st of yt 1 always, jill! . J , yjgiamatic lub 10, 115 's lub . 1, 123 Service Squad 105 irman tgp e Co ' 11' A letic Committee 'C 10 a Nall' Og Interna nal Relati s Zkku d e n Counc , . X, .Jf 'l' ' RICHARD JETTER R"0,l2en the Door Richard" "jett' is e of l' o ' fellows with a friendl nature and a som wh . W t e w- he can buckle o good hard wor en '- v ' - f it omes. We all 5 what an all- rou sw l lui-3 Dic urn d in during h s ree years on the qiihe Sq f -:Ps pt - ood woik 'I ! 5 S ' quadn10, 'K 12, Intqn 1onallRelations Club 124 2 Ju ay K Ky 23 3 ui, X A, wif,- cf f'f5?1f5'fYfffv .J i . C 37' x X' 7' 1 Gfj' . N YH if if jf " '1 M" '- Bonnie, that 'blonde bombshell from Pennsylvania, lights up the halls of Glen Ridge High with her cheery smile and "Hi" for everyone. She is a capable and hardworking girl. With these traits of character, and cute looks, she should make some- one a wonderful secretary. Bowling 11, 12, Tennis 11. DONALD KENNEDY- 6lfWl""Q'1 ' i1Q,.Al-Z4 nv f 69 i!L6Ke"0 q let elpfliapsfkcias ' his fri s noawvlaii ' f 33s sc o stic ah nxgfjd e c r e right answers at the x righbtim lysis- jmina willingness to coop- e m a bright future. B t wishes to you, Don! Latin Club 10. l . f I 526' C Qty D? er E N . . ' 1 " i " rn 'c abil'ti ' s rbi in the juni r Play sen .1o edit. also a e n e t C, man Sl e 1n- Q t st ' ini ' quali ies ad g an kracgve sac:-i grid u wet' at oo ' e a 2' ig sc 00 e Go u at di xt ry? X O' GQ C ' C Qarsity Hockey 11, Badminton 11, . 2' e a g Bbai' 12g Spanish Club 11, 12, Interna- ti lub 10, 11, 12, Dramatic Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Swim ' , O, 12, juriq5.Play. N tv QQNTLLINM' Lx-81,6 CJ F ' lf!! 4 H M BSWVU pa patesdjbmaTn5g4ttLvitiegfJC5-len Ridge High. This ar e cial fsbifgavgplinigetformance on the football field. ens ewa lang , but his generally playful attitude bnic tedxbfa feQi-ifgbf ' r' directed towards vvefls ' h b f l k 's ' s a i hool out e est o uc , 25565 53240 Yi: 1 U' Foot 0 Img Track 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10g Assemf bly Com 3511, 12, International Relations Club 12, Glenalog 1 Board 12. ' U, 24 J' Modern Dance 12g French Club 10, 11, 12, President of Glee Club 125 Chorus 10, 11, 12, Glen- alog Board 12. pf f 21 Vefy Relations 1 1. 1 Club 10, 11, 12g Glee Club e MZfGoer Round and Round" x Pyqrjvxs we H' U ymrin ' higidfhool career, Bob has proved himself to be a . echtel wil h us that Bob has been a great h the trum . ,Ee are all sure that Miss Arnold a r an 'Yan o he orchestr d. His swell personality has made ' cult for any f us not to like him. Although Glen Ridge High will miss him, we wish the best of luck to Bob in every thing. Orchestra 10, 1 1, 12, Band 10, 11, 12. 1 1 . HAROLD LUTZ "Drummer Boy" That man Lutz is here again! Besides being one of the best drummer boys that Glen Ridge High has had in many a year, "Duke's" shining personality has made him many new friends during his high school course. Harold's ears with the orchestra and band have proved to us that he rates an "A" standing among our high school musicians. Whether Harold will be leader of his own orchestra some day, time will tell. But, at any rate, we know that he will be suc- cessful in the future. Ba 12g rchestra 10, 11, 12. K www - TOM ARDLE B " 0 Etferbodyu Tonglllhgix w t him that makes it impossible for us not 'ke him. H' ick wit has de chuckle more than once. o is an u s nding nt and a master with the lt ou re una lsto forcast what lies ahead for y, we e ite certain that successful future awaits him. Keep t d work, Tom! Gle og Board 12, Dramatic Club 10, 11, 12. 25 bfdplffjeww' V bla BEVERLY MADDEN , "Green Eyes" e ehgrand personality and beautiful green s er to all. Her willingness to help out a d reason why she gets along so well with them. y for a good laugh or some fun--that's Bev too. 'he pi is her hief hobby, and she is really quite a . a iQwf re for Bev and we certainly wish her lolkf succe s there. French Jfgigrgernational Real i ns Club 12g Golf 11g Badminto 1 jk ' OT' 1 A A 95351 f mo' Q 1 ' ow Cqw gie" i M u a ou H S She is a . MARIUS MORAN ,K "Fm No! Lazy, Fm fm! Dreaming" W ' Marius is known to everbody for his quick-witted humor. Like most boys ' s" intrests in sports has made him a good all- f ro d at When he is determined to see a thing through, fp ca ount on Marius' ability. Whatever he does or herever e goes we know that Marius will have success. N otball 9g Baseball 10, 11. ARLES O KEEFE w I D . I . QW .r A at Day or be Ifzxlf' arlie fr' ly re ha Ag opula th everyone, Wit a 've ' man w f ' s. Ev ody has some S magic t t, an e re g s that e omen's attraction to Charles is ' If yo ' wil i , we'd to know how you do it. At an te, C es, yo ersonali will make it possible for you to in through in whatever you do. 26 cliyavgctivitie-s. Martha hare in ishing her the best o w rful gal ! , ,11- ternational RelationsClub 11g ub g Spanish Club 12g Hockey 93 G.A.A. 191, 11g Seat' A eti mmittee 12g Eligibility Committee 10. If it 4 .1 Vial ia Ay x if r A wp pix. nl?liRlCl1. oLsoN "ke y, llzifling, and Able" K nder se dloif l'pi'lfr1or, a swell personality, and good I e so e goo? rea ns why Pat i so well liked. Pat likes a goo ti' andhls' oft in the nmisilof her numerous friends when pla for fvln a being mad . ith her pep and enthus- iasm it is als' easy to e why Pat i d'very good at sports. Wqlwish get log? of luck in colle e and know that she will be a gqflrft ccess. ,J " Varsity o ey 9, 10, 11, 12, Varsity Baseball 9, 10, 11, Var- sity Basketbal 10, 11, International Relations Club 10, 11, 12, Dramatic Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Pres. of Dramatic Club 10, Ath- letic Committee 11, G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, Treasurer of French Club 11, Glee Club 9. PAT PETRONE "1t'J the Little Things that Count" Pat has a way about him which makes everybody take a liking to him immediately. You can always count on Pat to come out on the top with a quick reply. His interest in baseball has given his Patterson team a valuable asset. If Pat's interests are carried on, we all feel sure that there will be no question as to whether his future will be a successful one. Spanish Club 9, 10, Baseball 9, 11, Dramatic Club 9, Class Treasurer 10. ALLEN QUICK "The Possum" When we got our heads together to talk about Al, we inevitably decided that here is good material for a future engineer with 1 swell sense of humor and disposition. This is probably what makes him so popular up at Kimberly. Al, as a steady slugger in the grid-iron won the admiration of every-one. So here's luck to another one of Glen Ridge High School's exceptionally good students. Football 9, 11, 12, Track 11, 12, Glenalog Staff 11, 12, Dra- matic Club 11, 12, Internation l latiowlub 12, junior Play Assistant Treasurer 12. MN ...A .MTI :y"'N' -To .gps RICQSAHDSON 47' ff hw ' 4, vi Lztt e atz-X51z'1'e Had az Bury Day" Q-rBxg3gQlhejQ n Bqifyqfnore of our class. He has appeared in coun s roclpitsons of the Dramatic Club, of which he is this year's Bob has slgwn outstanding leadership and per- seryeran e .in is work the Youth Recreational Program. With Qabyllts we all know will do well in his chosen profession o edicine. tlhvClub 10, Dramatic Club 10, 11, President of Dramatic Club 2, Chorus 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Class Presi- dent 9, 10, Chairman of the Recreational Program 12. . 27 tiffsa: V , Larry, latelist - stam should make Latin Club Mx W Ox RNQKXNW azz the classes cessful Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 International Relations Club 12. 28 High. has been an excellent Y . . . HELEN SCHMELZ "Park U p Your Trogzbler in Your Old Kit Bag" Helen mth h s ' and uiet charm is bound to get placn. S e alw ys e qsm ryone, and those bea ' u w ei-sgredf' a e a sparkle. Helen to to cole e next year, and being the hard wo she 15 we ar e will have a happy and successfu future. Spanish Club 1 fi 010, N ar if 0- C7 Qff .fig c S591 oujz f eel! 1 15 thergief of e in th gefiiof Class. ow a e works urliiuall hard o 'her excellent marks and ut di position ' sch . ancy is plan- ing to o it oll e n t y r 231911 is rtain that she J ain- 237105 en h bhikfll, 125 International Relations Club 11, 1 5 atic u 125 Student Council 115 Eligibility Committee 115 Elec' s Committee 105 Glee Club 95 Hockey will valuzb ass ther t C 95 Hockey Manager 125 A-thletic Committee 125 Basketball 9. f3Ma4QQ5E1fi3w MM a phi that has attended basketbal and football squads for ears. His infallible sense of humor has kept ever since he got here. Best wishes for a suc- W A if of W N U BARB S H X i .vr'Ifz M0 " N one ne d t intro ced to arb. H utstandi smile well-kn n ' ou h tlv schoo. e ver Barb itho r us Hoc f frien s u er. She ' always eatly sse a she c sin athlet e wi ne r forget s. eele ' ed B i thej ' Pl . r mati ub , 0 11 1 5 Glee ub 9g s Hockey 9, 1 , , 1 Baske ll , 11, 125 seball , 0, 11, 125 Athl 'c C mitte 11, 1 nior Pla 115 Sp i Club 105 Intern tional Relations Club 1 Archery 25 Sports 'tor Glen- alog 12. A RUTH SMITH ' of "Angel of Merc " L LA is an , vi iou 1 1' of enthusiasm for ev .e in he . e ' ' ' ' X un i-mend who is not afraid to e 1 ,s s include foreign corres- Ss rr r c ct' s. r ' ' ' a does very successfully. She ' d mo ratic Rfbtr belikfgiind is fri' dly to everyone. Z yf U9, 10511, Qhor x9, , 11, 125 Dramatic Club 9 , 1 ' re 6 t' Club 105 Glenalog Board 1, , I rna' al glaitiqlufs 11, 125 Property Manager of unio PN ,W X vw l l ft' X .a aw 3 f QW Q vi' HTQALLI :TH Q x QAWJK ! 7 Y? 69172 e Heart of Texan" CE- Qjflie raid us Texas, and she has beggfan asset! to her f' Qss. VRS-,dea ti smile and pleasing disposilligh have de RQ f hQ9-25151, gh all her classmates. Personality pig attract - tix. n-ess ssor of f ' ds galore that's Sal. Besi' s p ti . L I Y Spanis Club 10, 115 International Relations 11, 12. S- X. ei, 'Y M Y9Sob' ill nxber him for his swell sense of uw d o is ition. His fast hands and foot- ave eH.h' uch spect in the "ring," Bob is in- e sted i anxdsc' s decided that this field will bring hi tl? atetsfl succe satisfaction. We hope that he is fl oo a 105 Baseball 105 International Relations 10, 12. 29 ... -2-1 'I sgciaiqiffgqlugey she finds 2dCCu.2 2f f R , JOAN UNSWORTH Qywghkirzg Home Ran Away" 04' wh isfliujds ggsgdfxitlzfacsegsevollfyunorfvifhicfriii es her Whey an Jp -y.,5Qfithyfgran5k-ip ?9et'5lit3g'an plga5ant' ,- sm1 qzgjelgrong-'shedsgvkll-IHQQI byfa linasfclassriiltesr " ,ff ' v J ' X Archery 10, 11, 12, Riding 10, 12, French Club 11, 12', In- ternational Relations 11, 12, Girls' Athletic Association 11, 12, Golf 11, Glenalog Board 12. W KQV' l'W2,g,t1YTfl WJ 'tiki Indepen ez ' an came to n Ri i er ju or year from Washing- ton, C. We w e g welcome er to our ranks as she has e ' al er dies - neve issing the honor roll. With her rm e i the junior Play and other school activi- ties, she ow that she will succeed in the future. Being a French ajor, her post grad plan is traveling. junior play, Varsity Hockey 12, International Relations Club 11, 12, Dramatic Club 11, 12, French Club 11, 12. PHIL THORPE "One Dozen Rose!" Daiwa . . . . 0 one as to k Ph1l very lo to discover a 1end with plenty of 1s acc 1" -"- 1-. C il foot bll 1111 roe a ea 1 ,Q-,,-.V - any? divan er a ing t or on t e field putting all he's into er ' ambition and fine spirit will carry him far in any rofessiom?c Football 9, 10, 11, Eligibility Com 1ttee 1 , junior Play, In ternational Relations Club 12. l X lender ei r er and s r 1 lus an ervescent person Q ine o e ne o t lflS in our class wcomer 1 me terested we knov wr' kl C , - ali ' I f h ' ' .. A ' ho e e , 1 that Inez will d i ateve e does, and we wish her the best of luck. Glee, I 1 , wimming 12, French Club 12, spanish ciutb Club 1 , atic Club 12, International Relations Club 12, Welf ittee 12, Modern Dance 12, Recreation Commit- tee 12. 30 1 . - "V Ar.-FQ A JR XQVVX Xb' Vi? x.f 6, fire" 0215.5 C017 , 'M rf Cf' Yr, r W NHS! M LENTlNE "12bg,SZnJlaine of Your Smile" 127' C X7 ' Whenever Nhear hearty laughter, you're sure to find Martha. Clie: ability to accomplish a diflicult task better than average has won her much praise. Her capability on the playing field as well as in a classroom is evident from the many class teams she has been on. International Relations Club 10, 11, 12, Dramtic Club 10, 12, Spanish Club 11, 12g G.A.A. 10, 11, 12g Glenalog Board 123 Varsity Hockey 12, Glee Club 9. ALLAN VAN ANDA 1 - "Moon Over Brooklyn "Big Al" seems to be our connoisseur of women. Not only r will the gals miss him next year, but so will the basketball and baseball fans. We all feel very lucky to have had Al around dur- 4 ing our high school years. He is a swell pal and always loads of fun. Assembly Committee 95 Student Council 95 Baseball 10, 11, 12, Basketball 11, 12. MAURICE VAN LEER ro found Homeroom 12, Archery 9, 10. 7354, aM'dA3"Ifz My Army M0-M0 Bile" More commonl own is e a ersonalit has been a center Y t'o fopioprig rib, IS h' hliajgibd out for is keen co etition in fotglll and track. Van 's enth sias awrgy 34 Q ever ' iwlafffgmvd sea in co ege A D inthw b n s" an it tc! han International Relatio C 12' Spa ish Cl b 11, 12' Glen a alog Board 123 Footb , , 1? , 10, 11 2. ' "FU Q W' VH em, s o t e l . His ell sm along with his ine char K a r a b'l'i y l r y " ' t e egg? 5 e g T h ' en 1 e 1 f 5.771 errygs vsg ot es ' ' tif brown hair an ute o , make her one me ' girl in our class. at Irish personality nev eems bling, and er many friends. Glenalog Board 12. and sense o I' a ce rm l 1 Qfdln . Splmish b 11 1 Internati 1 7' laiiduxslffltlb 10 QQ fgtddfxb.. sc' Jog JACK WITTPENN yggme 'jf me Lucille in my merry Oldmlolaileu T roughout h' four years in high school jack has really e a me hi lf. Besides being one of the best stu- nts " e W ip 'i ' a fine lete and one of the most poplar c a - 1 t hou r son far in the years o c . M a 1 , 11, 12, o,i1h, 12, Basketball 10, Student Co il 1 Chairman Finance Committee 12, International Re- lations C b 12, Spanish Club 11, 12, Glenalog Board 12. 'wt,1P5ft, Q SUE WRAY X' K ,yy ' QKX " Got Rhythm" , . tXBQ7h y u 'R a crowd you're sure to find Sue, and it's B no vgq r s , ng personality. On the athletic field y ??l1iunxRh5s.areQia,ge ary Q'She certainly can swing a hockey XXX ickj and wh 0 ld t Vcheerleadgrs have done without her? ' Eh Suggancing aght' 'ytba.F1?'l'1er iisije to get ahead, we're X- e Qfyx er prLQ1'e'ballet be -eb cessful one. Varsity Hckkey 9, 10, 11, 12, Varsity Basketball 9, 11, Var- sity Baseball 9, 10, 11, Latin Club 10, Dramatic Club 10, 11, 12, French Club Vice President 11, 12, G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, International Relations Club 10, 11, Ring Committee 11. Modern dance 12, junior Play. 32 Chairman! of Roller Skating Group 9, Bowlinggdtrpyfi, Qt ersq1Q'li'y7plDs. gigs Q as any ,Her utel ks h Qu ay? bdfa . I .aa :sf s Kee? M rga62,Z0 g-Ilgi y 10, 15, Baseldfllillllg X ,J ' ,fx Sf' qu fb W X-O 6 Og 9 6 5 al 0M'b'f,n' se'-V C FRANK BRENNAN "Anyfhing Gow" Frank is one of those who has been with us for only a few years. In this time, however, with his witt remarks and cheer y . ful greetings, he has won many friends and is sure to go far in the future. It has been swell having you with us, Frank. International Relations Club 12g Student Council 12. 1 JJ-A I ', I V h .-.ff juffklflfuof D W' kid? 'WX FILOMENA cLAPs ' "I C4117 Begin to Tell You" Mena's lovely clothes and wavy brown hair have made her the E envy of all the girls. With her gay lau h and sparkling person- ality, she is always sure to have many fr nds. ena is the girl 5 who gives everyone rides in her be ti l r flu 52 gf Tennis 105 Baseball 11g Bo ' g . .fr J K J r vp, JA X ' WILLIAM DUNLOP "The Migbiy Mite" Bill, instead of being tall, dark, and handsome, is short, blond. and very handsome, which goes over with th 'opposite sex. Bill's smile is known to everyone, and al g ' his athletic ability and good work around school e is o go far. Inte gI tramural Sports 10, 11. ,MA H HAWKINS "' ere! 've Said It Again" " py e is known to everyone could be called the class with He s t to be forgotten when the baseball season rolls around. Go luck, Nappy, and keep us laughing, we love it. Football 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Spanish Club 11. 33 M33 f X ., nffbwcgimiwf 3? ,D-Dv f . 9 .7 47" FRA EUSLIN li- 'i Flying" Q Frank is the tall member of the haihai triplets that can always be found around Herman Street or the library. Frank is also very interested in aviation and should go far along these lines. Good luck in the future, Frankg it has been swell having you with us. Track 11g Intramural Football 105 Intramural Basketball 12g Baseball 12. 5 1 e , oul r 'gated ' the "Class of 45" had X , for a WM . He is ed e e 1 w erv in the army for two years ' hx ' ay, 1946, and then 'le- ded u gwlen ' g ' so that he might obtain his d . G k t Al, ay u always remember the 4 ty 0 xi Q-9 A W l Q' 34 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BRUCE DOLD ................... - President MARY HARRrsoN - - - - - - Vice-President SALLY MoRR1s .... ...... S ecretary BILL COGGINS .................... Treasurer BRUCE DOLD-Bruce's ability to lead is shown by his work on the Student Council and the fine job he is doing as class president. His grand personality and engaging smile make him one of the most popular boys in our junior Class. ANTHONY MORAN-We'll all be looking forward to seeing Tony stacking up points in football next fall. His ability in sports, plus an engaging personality make Tony one of the favorites of our class. ANNE BECKER-Anne can always be found where excitement is brewing. With her brilliant wit and sense of humor, she can chase the "blues" out of anyone. ANN VEGHTE-Ann's ability in sports and never-failing popularity in any group make her outstanding in the class of '48. With her constant sense of humor and peppy personality, Ann is a typical Junior. HELEN GILBERT-Helen, well-known for her understanding and sympathetic manner, is blessed with the rare traits of sincerity, cheerfulness, and willing cooperation. She's a sweet and loyal friend. BILL BARTON-Bill is one of those unusual people who always seem to come up with the right answer at the right time. This faculty plus many others make Bill a valuable member of our class. ROBERT TURTON-Bob is a recent addition to the Class of '48. His pleasing man- ner and eagerness to help people have already won him many friends. SHEILA SMITH--Sheila, another welcome addition to our class, was born in Argentina and later lived in Chile. She is especially interested in designing clothes and drawing. GORDON HURST-Gordon is that tall handsome member of our class who is such a wonderful dancer. He is also interested in photography and keeps busy snap- ping pictures from every angle. BARBARA PIERSON-Barb is one of those all-round gals with a special ability in Sports. As a member of the chee ding squad, she's one of the best and really makes everyone yell for the tea . 5' , Z 8 Q 9 . p g2 o ceilgysw Rgormance in f'Abie's W hqi Qt int m line Mary jo Incidently -- e is " ' ' m QQ-1 ' 4- ics Qbkni 6 bat is that s e wdlars. SALLY MORRIS-We always think of Sally when anyone mentions outstanding scholar- ship and ability for leadership. We don't see how you can be so busy and still retain these grand qualities, Sally. . BOB MITCHELL-We're hoping for great things from Mitch in sports next year, es- pecially on the basketball court. He also did a grand job helping with tickets and the stage for the Junior Play. THORNTON RICE-As stage manager, Thornton certainly helped make the junior Play a great success. We understand that he sings and plays the piano well too. JACK VARICK-Although a quieter member of the class, jack is a friend to all. His good looks and pleasing way will take him far. ANN SOUTAR--Ann is known for her high marks and fed hair. She is very inter ested in dramatics and music. With these and many other talents Ann is sure to go far. DIANNE TRUESDELL-What they say about nice things coming in small packages is certainly true about She has artistic ability and works hard at all that she aptem ts. 1 fi if ft - Qser d has good taste. She has a flair for dramatics and Q ik o attend s as e participate in them. Among her many assets are of V good ma s, excel citiz ship record, and dependability. 0? KATHY BOLTEN-Here is the girl with the beautiful hair, attractive smile, and cure dimples. She has plenty of pep and is always around when needed. PENNY LANE-Penny's laughter can be heard wherever she goes. Her cheerful outlook on life and a happy-go-lucky way are sure to make her go places. DAVID GAMBERT-Although David was new this year, he was very quick to make a place for himself in Glen Ridge school life. He plays the clarinet and includes, among his activities, the band and orchestra. ELAINE BRENNAN-Elaine is one of the permanent members of the honor roll. Her quiet manner and friendliness make her liked by all. NELSON CHITTERLING-Nelson is a fellow whose personality and talents are liked and appreciated by all. He takes an interest in many things, but seems to enjoy his physics lab periods in particular. TONY ESCODA-Tony has adjusted himself wonderfully to his new environment and seems to be enjoying it. He has many friends in Glen Ridge High, due to his interest in various organizations including music and athletics. LADDIE GREVATT-Laddie's hand has never lost its skill, and what a hand he has in school affairs. Besides being an excellent scholar, Laddie is an active member of the dramatic club and every musical organization in the school. CAROL CORRIGAN-Carol's abilities reach to many fields. We all know her talents in singing, sports, and making and keeping so many friends. BETTY JANE ATCHINSON-Betty jane's musical talents and friendly personality are sure to win her success in the future. We admire your good marks, Betty jane. ROGER KOEHLER-"Pepsi" is one of the jolly members of our class. His ability to crack a joke or tell a story makes him a hit with everyone. BEVERLY NEWHALL-Bev's red hair and vivacious smile are one of the land marks of the junior Class. She came to Glen Ridge only a few years ago and during this time has made many friends. MARY JEAN OSLIN-Mary jean is that gal with a tennis racket in her hand and a lively smile on her face. We know that Mary Jane will go far in the sporting line and we wish her lots of luck. MARGARET PRICE-Mag is one of the main stays of our class and is always willing to help anyone at any time. Her excellent marks are the envy of everyone. After college, it's a career for Mag, and we wish her all the luck in the world. SHIRLEY KLINE-Shirley is that peppy blonde who always has a smile for everyone. Maybe that's what makes her one of the best-liked girls in the junior Class. SUE SCOTT-Sue is the gal with all the beautiful clothes. Her delightful personality is a treat and her marks prove her scholastic ability. She can often be seen start- ing off for a weekend at one of the various colleges she visits. BOBBY ANDERSON-Cute looking Bobby can always be counted on to get things done. She is well known to all of us for her infectious humor on display con- stantly. She's been spotted frequently on the Lehigh campus! MARY HARRISON-Think of someone who has everything and you think of Mary. This tall beautiful blonde with the expressive blue eyes has excellent marks and is a favorite with all who know her. KEN BAUMER-Better known as "A. E.," Kenny is an outstanding star in basketball and baseball. His fun-loving spirit makes him a friend to everyone, and a great credit to G. R. H. S. WALTER ANDERSON-Walt, a blond and well-dressed, is a sure hit in any circle. His flashy smile and a type of humor all his own mark him as one who is sure to go places. CONRAD GASKIN-Connie is near the top in two fieldsg drawing and basketball. We have all laughed at his cartoons and we certainly appreciate his fine work on the basketball court. BEANIE BEGGS-"Beggar" is one of the best-liked members of our class. His sure fire personality and fine sense of humor are sure to carry him far. Beanie is tops in all types of sports, but he excells in basketball and skiing. PAUL KYGER-Paul is one of the hardest workers of our class. He is very diligent and a constant go-getter. He also has an admirable sense of humor and is well- liked by all who know him. WELLS GOW-Wells is one of the quieter members of our class but those of us who know him realize that he has an excellent personality. Wells is interested in music but in whatever field he chooses, he is sure to succeed. CAROLYN LINSON-Petite little "Lyn" has plenty of pep. She has talent and a Hair for art. Her cheery personality is bound to make her succeed in life. BOB BUTLER-Bob always has some worth-while contribution to make to a class. At the moment he is turning in a fine job in his journalist ventures. FRANK ANDERSON-"Feet" or "Gig" as he is known to the whole school is a lover of good jokes. His leadership is also well noted. Vvsr, A JOHN REYN n o the gridiron is paralleded only by his keen sen u r , anner. Q AYA, Tg5L cardafways count" n Bab's lively personality to brighten W A nergy n sm are predominant. B V NAM "B, ' as she is known to her friends, is character- i 1,31 . . . . Q hair, her vivacious ways, and her ggrgfgf hugo MARGERY RO Margie is the independent girl with plenty of pep card boasts of many "A's." XXL S: CLIFFORD ANDERSON-The tau blond who stands 0us'gn,R?S?-gh - o a me v tious enthusiasm that makes him someone we like to be near. His direc Q:-' R C4 is one to be admired. HELEN VANDER SCHANS-Helen is one of the liveliest ' s 'n our cla . She's always ready with a smile and joke for anyone ' SHIRLEY JONES-"shin" is one of the nearest e S a ble ' 15,51 our so w' 'ghty oc ' l 7: 1 s a h tic JM QM i A i own around sc i I ' n ll: S . . .. 1 . . .1 al 'Q W ! bgrpr e lefgng s n Ol i r ch fu m 1 capab1l1ty a d pw his rsatre g1r 0 make a name f elf. ' 1 BILL COGGINS-Bill's engaging smile and pleasing disposition are nown and liked by everyone. His dependability and good sportsmanship make Bill a truly de- sirable person. LILLIAN JEGGE-Lillian is rather quiet but those of us who know her think she is tops. Her exceptional marks, especially in French, are the envy of all. TONY ROSSNEY-Tony can usually be seen getting in and out of trouble. Some how he always comes through it with a big smile. DICK WATT-We all think of Dick as one of the class comedians. He always has a warm hello and everyone likes his friendliness. DOROTHEA MCARDLE-Dorothea is the girl with the flair for art. With this abil ity and her sweet manner she is sure to be successful. SALLY LOPPACKER-'Sally is one of the best liked girls in the junior Class. Her sincere friendliness is what makes us like her so much. Those of us who get up early often hear Sally's name mentioned over the radio. How about that Sal? MARY LEE STRATFORD-We all recognize "Leo" by her vivacious chatter, and cheerful efficiency. Although one of the smaller members of our class, she is always on hand when we want her most. BILL MULLIGAN-Everyone knows Bill for his entertaining personality and ready smile. His active interest in sports and his congeniality are two of the distinguish- ing features that make Bill known and liked by all. DORIS EBERSOLE-The likeable junior who has a smile for everyone, is Doris. Her quiet charm and cheery disposition make her a valued member of our class. JEANNE DODELIN-Jeanne's sparkling wit and good nature are what keep us going on those "Blue Mondays." We couldn't be without you, Jeanne. BILL DRAYTON-Bill is one of the friendliest members of our class. Witty remarks and a good sense of humor are fast earning him the title of class comedian. JOHN MORTIMER-Johnnie is one of the smaller members of the class, but his friendliness makes up for his size. His carefree and good-natured ways are among his most enviable traits. BARBARA WRIGHT-"Boo Boo," as she is called by her bevy of friends, is always on the go with a bright new idea. Her fun loving attitude makes being with her a real pleasure. JEAN PROCTOR-Inside school or out, Jean's friends Qand she has manyj always agree that she's top-notch with them. Her bubbling enthusiasm is recognized as one of her outstanding qualities. HARRY PHILIPS-We all know Harry for his pleasant smile and optomistic attitude. The Green Studebaker that he drives is fast becoming Harry's trade mark. MIMI MARTIN-Mimi's initiative makes her a good leader. She has what it takes on the hockey field and her outstanding school spirit is liked by everyone. JOHN HAGAMAN-Among John's many accomplishments is his work in the orches- tra. Besides doing well along musical lines he always manages to attain a high place on the honor roll. WALTER HOFFMAN-Walter is a rather quiet member of our Junior Class but he is a friend to everyone. We all know he does especially good work in manual training. JOHN McLELLAN-Mac as he is known to his friends is a person with a winning way. His work as head manager of the football squad is to be praised and we know that he is going to help us to turn out a winning team next year. JERRY DEVLIN-Jerry is a person who is quiet but well known and liked. He has kept many things running smoothly in his job as captain of this year's service squad. DAVE BROTEN-Here is one of the best dressed boys around. With that charm of his there is little doubt that Dave will always have many friends and admirers. We O x hear that Dave has many outside interests including Florida and Chicago. Cy ' A x O , , X V . . VxAJit?H5RxAB'ilHi1?15ANl5JQfs5L'ii Plfiitonilford Vi!liv.Ri'i-Iggy Kimi digg' Qai Kldledwlfj - ki Xwgbwqbyvhi qao ty clothes We like you Art ur a id e're glad you came 0-'20 aft il-Q q vfqllq ouovnlqrktulri-allow. Lava, pql, PATTY COFFIN-Pat is always right there with a -s 'le. The fact that she will put others troub bef e her own akes her gh d ' t t r ri . KP . we or J D is 'a n 6 " ad mu ou nior Class. er ' inal f ' sv r w like y al NANCY BATTYE-Nancy's good nature and friendly smile are an asset anywhere. With her talent and ability in writing, she is bound to go far in the field of journalism. -QE Cixi? li e? 'gglfobv Qpnf .J oSsXX.Si60-ozibr-55 LVL Pfcp wo-1-vo? XT' JANICYOYH arhgs itbodgH?pal." A peppy personality and fun- qgirfg Fflicg-A-' :ana girl to know. ef Cf cg Q' -4 Q4 fr- RICHARD HOGAN-Dick is one of the smartest members in our class, but he doesn't let his academic ability mar his wonderful personality. JACK VAN WAGONER-"jake" is one of the more quiet fellows, 'though well known. His flashing red hair combined with his great personality and subtle humor make him an outstanding person in any group. ANN MOONEY-Ann is that enticing blonde who came to us at the beginning of our freshman year. Her engaging smile and fascinating features seem to hold us all spellbound. RICHARD GOELLER--"Doc," as his friends call him, is a very likeable chap whose main interest is athletics. He has a quiet sense of humor which displays itself in few words and a fine smile. JAMES FARRELL-This typical Irishman greets everyone with a smile. If something is wanted of jim, he is sure to accomodate. TOM SUPPLEE-"T. S." makes any classroom a room of fun. Besides his ready wit, he has rare academic and athletic powers. DICK KEZER-"Big Dick's" scholastic and athletic ability combine to make him a real asset to the class of '48, FRANCES KAIGHN-Franny is that cute little blonde who always has a quick an- swer. Her bright personality and good sense of humor make her an asset to any gathering. A A V CBLENALOG BOARD "Wha+'s New?" C0-Editor! Lois Hicxs Joe Toouz B7l.lij1IE5,f Mmzager' A.f,fi.vla21Ir BETTY JANE EMERSON MARGE SYRETT JAY DORN Carol Kirpatrick Pat Oleon Barbara Hall Joan Sweeney Joan Unsworth Boyf' Sjmrli Maurice Van Leer Clair Edimrr SUE XWRAY, Chdiflllflll Terry Welsll Audrey Lawson Ruth Smith Parke Sickler Sturgis Cofhn Ed Heinzerling Dave Elliott John Drayton Larry Selick Allen Quick Jack Wittpenn Girly' Slf20r!.v Don Bourne Barbara Smith Produrtimz Nlmzagez' Bev Runyan Junior Ediforr Fmffffe Edffm'-f B. Van Name Mimi Martin Phllis Inskip Bud Lang Joan Edland Ann Mooney Betty Baggage Dave Evans Elaine Brennan Bob Butler Diane Beatty Jerry Romaine Dick Kezer Kay Salter Marjorie Ackernecht Bob Richardson Jeanne Dodelin Nancy Battye Carol Linson Arr Sfaff Phyllis Inskip Martha Valentine Betty Babbage Tom McArdle Don Kennedy Typisff Ruth Smith Martha Masson Ruth Honeyman Naomi Walenski Betty Jane Emerson Lois Hicks Bev Runyan STUDENT CCUNCIL "They'LL Be Some Changes Made" PARKE SICKLER .... ...... P reridenl CAROL CORRIGAN .... --- Vire Preridem LOUISE MORGAN --- ..... Secretary Beany Beggs Don Bourne B. 1. Emerson Paula Van Doren Jack Wittpenn Margaret Price jerry Devlin jay Mills Bob Richardson Phil Wright Frank Brennan Mary Harrison Jerry Romaine Barry Townsend Donald Stahl Jack Van Wagoner Shirley Kline Lois Hicks Bonnie Jones INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS "Friendship" Miss GRIMES .............. JOE TOOLE .............. Marj Ackernecht Bobby Anderson Clifford Anderson Mary 'Io Aquino Wally Barrett Nancy Battye Diane Beatty Beany Beggs Kathy Bolton Don Bourne Betty Briggs Sue Bruning Lois Bunnell Lois Burker Nelson Chitterling Nancy Clark Patty Coffin Carol Corrigan Anne Crandell Larry DiMir0 jeanne Dodelin jay Dorn john Drayton Doris Ebersole Joan Edlancl Betty jane Emerson Tony Escoda Dave Evans Dickie Farrell George Gaskin Phyllis Goldberg Joan Grapel Peter Grenquist Bruce Harvey Bill Harvey Mary Harrison Ed Heinzerling Mary lane Hoest Dick Hogan Phyllis Hood Phyllis Inskip jill Islin Dick letter Francis Kaighn Shirley Kline Doodie Kirkpatrick Paul Kyger Penny Lane Audrey Lawson Nancy Lowell Beverly Madden Ann Mooney Sally Morris Dottie Lou Moser Nancy Mulligan Pat Olson Barbara Pierson Margaret Price jean Proctor Allen Quick Marjorie Rose Tony Rossney Kay Salter Sue Scott Nancy Scrimgeour - - - - - Advisor - - - - Prefidefzl jack Sheehy Parke Sickler Barbara Smith Ruth Smith Sallie Smith Anne Soutar Mary Lee Stratford Nancy Studwell joan Sweeney Virginia Thompson Phil Thorpe joe Toole joan Unsworth lnez Valdez Martha Valentine Paula Van Doren Maurice Van Leer B, Van Name Betty Van Sant Ann Veghte Corrielle Vogel Naomi Walenski Barbara Walker Carol Wheeler Shirley Williams Barbara Willits jack Wittpenn Sue Wray Barbara Wright Betty Babbage Dick Keze Lois Hicks DRAMATIC CLUB Make Believe Bon RICHARDSON ..... --- Chairman PAULA VAN DOREN .... --- Sen-elary PETE GRENQUIST .......... --- Treafzzrer Bobby Anderson Mary jo Aquino Betty jane Atchison Betty Babbage Nancy Battye jane Baughman Diane Beatty Anne Becker Kathy Bolten Betty Briggs Sue Bruning Nancy Clark Patty Cofiin Florence Conforti Jeanne Dodelin joan Edland Dickie Farrell Helen Gilbert joan Grapel Pete Grenquist Laddie Grevatt john Hagaman Lisa Hendrian Mary Jane Hoest Phyllis Hood Margot Hunt Francis Kaighn Carol Kirkpatrick Shirley Kline Penny Lane Audrey Lawson Nancy Lowell Karyl Lutz Gayle Mackie Mimi Martin Marilyn Meyer jay Mills Anne Mooney Louise Morgan Barbara Murphy Donnie Nash Omar Nelson Charles O'Keefe Janice O'Keefe Pat Olson Barbara Pierson Margaret Price jean Proctor Marcia Puls Allan Quick Dick Richards Bob Richardson june Rogers Margarie Rose Bev Runyan Kay Salter Nancy Scrimgeour Sue Scott Barbara Smith Ruth Smith Anne Soutar Mary Lee Stratford Nancy Studwell joan Sweeney Marge Syrett Ginger Thompson Bob Turton Inez Valdez Martha Valentine Helen Vander Shans Paula Van Doren B. j. Van Name Corrielle Vogel Barbara Walker Midge Wheeler Barbara Willits Sue Wray Barbara Wright john Auer FRENCH CLUB "Amour Touiours Lamour" DIANE BEATTY SUE WRAY ......... - - Vire NANCY SCRIMGEOUR --- ------ MARGE SYRETT Prefideuf Praridefzf Sefrefary T1'ea.rln'er Eleanor Atkins Eleanor Bill Audrey Brown Lois Bunnell Carol Corrigan Anne Crandell jean Dodelin Doris Ebersole Phyllis Goldberg Mary Harrison Lillian jegge Francis Kaighn Shirley Kline Audrey Lawson Bev Madden Sally Morris Margaret Price Kay Salter Sue Scott Ann Soutar Ruth Smith Mary Lee Stratford Joan Sweeney joan Unsworth Inez Valdez Naomi Walenski Barbara Williets LATIN CLUB "Ain'1' Dead Yet" PETER GRENQUIST .... ...... GEORGE CARTY --- --- Vice MARK GIVEN SHIRLEY WILLIAMS --- Charles Biggs Kathy Bolton janice Brown Sue Bruning Nancy Clark jimmy Clure Sallie Croake Bill Duncan Mary Farrell Lisa Hendrian jean Hampson Donnie Nash Ann Roy P1'E.l'jd6llf Previdefzl Secretary - - Treafzzrer Nancy Lowell jack Malague john Miller jay Mills Louise Morgan Nancy Mulligan Margery Rose Peggie Smith Donald Stahl joe Stein Nancy Studwell Paula Van Doren Barbara Walker SPANISH CLUB "Beseme Mucho" DOTTIE LOU MOSIER .... BETTY BABBAGE ...,..... BETTY JANE VAN NAME --- Barbara Anderson Walter Anderson Betty jane Atchison Mary Jo Aquino Betty Babbage Eugene Bailey Wally Barrett Bill Barton jane Baughman Ken Baumler Ann Becker Beany Beggs Eleanor Bill Dave Broten Janet Crandell Pat Coffin Lois Dannenman jerry Devlin joan Edland 'George Emery Conrad Gaskin Wells Gow joan Grapel Barbara Hall Bruce Harvey Mary Jane Hoest Ruth Honeyman Phyllis Hood Craig Hurst Phllis Inskip Roger Koenler Karl Lutz Mimi Martin Martha Masson John Mathews Marilyn Meyers Anthony Moran Dottie Lou Moser - - - Pmfideflt - - - - Secrefary - - - Trefzmrei' Bill Mulligan Beverly Newhall Willmur Nelson Harry Phillips jean Proctor Margie Rose Tony Rossney jack Schuler Alan Smith Tom Supplee Harold Thorpe Inez Valdez Martha Valentine Maurice Van Leer B. Van Name jack Varick Ann Veghte Corrielle Vogel Dick Watt Midge Wheeler RECREATION COMMITTEE "ls Everybody Happy?" BOB RICHARDSON ..... ......... P rexiderzt PETER GRENQUIST ---- ---- Vice Preridefzz RUTH HONEX'MAN - - - ..... S errelary John Auer Ted Alworth Cliff Anderson Walter Anderson Eleanor Atkins Betty Babbage Eugene Behlen Nancy Clark Sturg Coffin Bill Coggins Carol Corrigan Lois Dannenman Bob Elliott Tony Escoda Dave Forshay john Hagaman Roger Hathaway Ed Heinzerling Lisa Hendrian Dave Hodgins Dick Hogan Margot Hunt Craig Hurst jill Islin Doodie Kirkpatrick Bud Lang Audrey Lawson Carol Linson Bob Lowe Dorothea McArdle Tom McArdle john McLellan Jay Mills Ann Mooney Al Morrison Harry Phillips Allen Quick Margaret Price Dick Richards Kay Salter Ruth Smith Janice Sommers Lois Stone joe Stein Shirley Stone joan Sweeney Diane Truesdale Inez Valdez Paula Van Donen Corielle Vogel Omar Nelson Don Stahl WELFARE COMMITTEE "How's Every Li++Ie Thing?" lX'lARliARlZ'I' IJRIKQIE C ,C 7 E, Cl7.'I.lI'if!411i Inez Valdez joe Stein Clifford Anderson Don Bourne Paula Vim Dorcn Carol Corrigan ATHLETIC COMMITTEE "AII American" DON BOURNII E , , Barbara Smith Tom Gilbert jean Proctor Virginia Thompson Frank Kcigher Martha Masson , , , Chrlfflllrlll john McLellan Bill Coggins P.1L1l Kygcr Marge Syrctt Nancy Scrimgcour Shortic Ahlers GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSGCIATION "The Wild Wild Women BARBARA SMITH SUE WRAY ..... BARBARA IsAAcs .... Bobby Anderson Betty Babbage jane Baughman Diane Beatty Pat Collin Carol Corrigan Sally Croake Betty Jane Emerson Dickie Farrell Mary Harrison Lisa Henclrian Lois Hicks Ruth Honeyman Franny Kaighn Doodie Kirkpatrick Shirley Kline Audrey Lawson ---- ------- Prerzdefzt - .... Vive Prerident - - - - - - - Sefrefary Mimi Martin Pat Olson Barbara Pierson Bev Runyan Sue Scott Nancy Scrimgeour Marge Syrett Ginny Thompson Joan Unsworth Martha Valentine Paula Van Doren B. 1. Van Name Ann Veghte Midge Wheeler Barbara Willits Florence Rafter BAND "Marching Down +he Field" HAROLD LUTZ .... .... P reyident Richard Anderson Dexter Anderson Chandler Blodgett Bill Barton George Bartwick Betsy Bruning Ralph Corbin Russell Cook Bill Coggins Ruth Coggins jack Dempwolf joe Elliot Bob Elliot Dave Elliott Wells Gow Shirley Gresham Laddie Gravatt David Gambert Lisa Hendrian Anne Hasbrouck Bob Johnstone Marlene Jensen Bob La Porte Karyl Lutz Horold Lutz Bob Lowe Tom Meeker Patsy McClellan Edward North Vernon Pratt Richard Robinson Patty Swain Bob Tambling Bob Turton john Van Heuselen Peter Wilson ORCHESTRA "Say H' With Music" Bora RICHARDSON .... .... P rexidenz Dexter Anderson Chandler Blodgett Bill Coggins 'lack Dempwolf jane Flentje Dave Elliott joe Elliott Ellen Goldberg Laddie Grevatt David Gambert Anne Hasbrouck John Hagaman Bob La Porte Karyl Lutz Bob Lowe Patsy McClellan Vernon Pratt Bob Post Bob Sels Bob Tambling Jackie Truesdell Joyce Virtue Lisa Hendrian Harold Lutz CHORUS AND GLEE CLUB "And +l1e Angels Sing AUDREY LAWSON ..... ..... P rerideut BETTY JANE EMERSON --- --- Vice Preridezzf MARY JEAN OSLIN -- - ..... Secretary PHYLLIS GOLDBERG --- ..,. Libmriafz Arthur Abrahamson Mari Ackernecht Gloria Adrian Betty jane Atchinson Eleanor Bill Carol Corrigan Lois Dannenman George Davis .loan Edland Bob Elliott joe Elliott Betty jane Emerson Tony Escoda Phyllis 'Goldberg Laddie Grevatt Diane Grosholz Ted Grave Lisa Hendrian Lois Hicks Dick Hoga n Phyllis Inskip Audrey Lawson Joan McGrath Barbara Messenger Mary jean Oslin Vernon Pratt Bob Richardson Anne Soutar Ruth Smith Bob Turton Inez Valdez Naomi Walenski Bill Westcote joe Toole Bud Lang jerry Romaine ACK FINANCE "Dig Deep Pal" VlT'l'PlfNN W E, Cf Carol Corrigan -larry Devlin Don Bourne Bcity Briggs J - L I!l'Ul,JIl ELECTIONS "Would You" TY FIANIE ISM:-iizsow 7, E Clam-mm EJ Hcinzcrling Kay S.lltcr john Mortimcr Pctcr Grcnquist jrlnicc Sonnncrs ASSEMBLY Sofl Lighls, Sweel Music" Hmm Biicgcss ,M H, Clv.m'mim Dave lirotcn joan lidlaml Phyllis lnskip jot Elliott Phil Wriglut Iiill Mulligan Bud Lung Sturgis Collin ELIGIBILITY COMMITTEE "Are Ye AbIe7" PALKLA VAN Doizi2N , C Iwmmm Phil Thorpe john H.1g.1m.m Pcggic Smith L I K , tl. FOOTBALL "L Wan+ To Be A Football Hero" FRANK KEIGHER ................. Mmmger DON MCLELLAN .......... - - Mfmager MR. CARTMILL MR. BROWN MR, BRYANT DR. CROMELYN JOHNSTON Jerry Rornaine Bill Muligan Dick Kezer Don Ahlers Anthony Moran Bud Lang jack Wittpenn Wally Barrett Dick Watt Don Bourne Phil Wright Ralph Hawkins Russell Ahlers Al Quick George Gaskin Maurice Van Leer Bruce Dold Bill Drayton Laurence Di Miro Frank Serpico John Reynolds Phil Thorpe Tom Gilbert john Mathews Clifford Anderson Frank Anderson john Mortimer Parke Sickler jack Varick Dick Molkenthin Bob Butler jack Sheehy The 1946 football organization will go down in high school history as the jinx team. This team at the beginning of the season was marked as one of Glen Ridge's best. Injuries and tough breaks, however, contributed four games to the lost column. The bright side of the picture was the top flight play of its hard hitting captain, Parke Sickler and his mates. Fine coaching was afforded by Mr. Cartmill, Mr. Brown and Mr. Bryant. The "jinx team" wishes the luck it did not receive to the 1947 crew. GLEN RIDGE 7 SCOTT 13 The Ridgers lost a hear breaker to a strong Scott eleven. Scott scoring in the opening and closing minutes of the game took away a 7-6 Ridger advantage. GLEN RIDGE MADISON 0 Starting slowly the Maroon and White scored three times in the second half to defeat a heavier Madison aggregation. GLEN RIDGE 6 VERONA 6 In a defensive game with both teams scoring in the first half, Glen Ridge fought to a 6-6 stalemate. GLEN RIDGE 6 MILLBURN 13 I The Ridgers had the ball deep in the Blue territory several times but they failed to put over the tying score. This was another tough one for "the jinx." GLEN RIDGE 20 SUMMIT 0 The Ridgers offense shone as they scored three times to sink the weaker opponent. GLEN RIDGE 6 CALDWELL 6 In an expensive game in which Shorty Ahlers fractured his leg, a spirited Cald- well team tied Glen Ridge in a 6-6 duel. GLEN RIDGE 7 MONTCLAIR 32 Scoring in the early minutes of play a well conditioned Ridger eleven put the best fight of the year against the State Champions. GLEN RIDGE 6 NORTH ARLINGTON 20 Meeting a light scrappy Viking crew the Ridgers lost 20-6 for the last game of the season. The high school organization regrets to see that Mr. Cartmill is retiring this year and we wish all the good teams that Mr. Cartmill coached to Mr. Brown, the new Football mentor. BASKETBALL LEON N1xoN --- ..... Coafla CocG1Ns, KYGER .......... .... M amzger: Cenleri' Romaine, Capt., Mulligan Forwardf Guards Sickler Sheehy Bourne Gaskin Baumler Harvey Supplee Keefe Molkenthin Van Anda This year the basketball team had a poor season with a 10 and 5 record. It was a hot and cold team. There were times when the Ridgers looked unbeatable, and then there were the other times . . . The hapless team lost four conference games by a total of six points. Notable victories were a high scoring 68-25 over Madison and wins over Verona and Bloomfield. Two hard-fought heart-breakers were lost by one point to Millburn and Summit. A losing streak of seven games started when Captain Romaine was sidelined with a case of Chickenpox. Though the scores were usually against us, a good time and much valuable experience was gained by the seniors and we certainly hope by by juniors and sophomore. We hope next year's team will not follow in the footsteps of the '47 aggregation. INDIVIDUAL SCORING TEAM SCORING F. G. F. Tomi G. R. OPP. Romaine --- -- 63 17 143 33 ....... Cliford Scott -- 39 Sheehy -- -- 36 19 91 31 --- .... Summit ---- 32 Sickler --- -- 26 25 77 47 --- --- Caldwell --- 29 Gaskin -- -- 29 12 70 68 --- .... Madison ---- 25 Bourne -- -- 16 6 38 37 --- -- Verona ---- 23 Baumler --- -- 9 4 22 32 --- --- Millburn --- 33 Mulligan -- -- 6 10 22 28 --- .... Madison--- ---- 31 Van Anda .... -- 8 2 18 35 --- --- Montclair -- ---- 49 Harvey -- -- 6 6 18 26 ........ Caldwell ....... - 27 Supplee --- -- 4 2 10 26 ....... Clifford Scott .... --- 33 Molkenthin --- -- 4 1 9 24 --- .... Verona --- ---- 28 Keefe --- -- 2 2 6 30 ........ Millburn ..... --- 46 53 ..... North Arlington ..... 29 24 --- .... Summit ....... -- 38 42 --, --- Bloomfield -------- 38 526 500 BASEBALL - I946 LEBO PALMER ........ Pitcher! Captain Charley Brady Bob Dennison Manager C aicbem' Winkey Colin Sonney Kei gher Al Van Anda Ifzfielderr Don Bourne Parke Sickler Shorty Ahlers Kenny Baumler Outfielderr Bare Coaches joe Toole Bob Montgomery Nappy Hawkins Lacelle Stites The Baseball Team of 1946 was the first in Glen Ridge's history to tie for the Suburban Conference Championship. The team played eleven games winning seven. The losses were to a powerful Montclair nine, Millburn twice, and Summit. The extra inning 2 to 1 loss to Millburn caused the tie rather than an outright championship A dubious steal of home in the additional frame won for the Millers. There were a few other debatable decisions during this contest. Bob Dennison, the star pitcher, received All-State recognition for his superb work on the mound. It was Coach Rawley Brown's first season as the baseball mentor and he did a very commendable job. We are all hoping 1947 ball team will do is well or better. BATTING SEASON'S RECORD "300" CLUB G. R OPP. ab h avg. 6 --- --- Madison --- --- 1 Toole .... --- 38 15 .396 6 --- --- Caldwell --- -- 4 Brady .... ..... 3 4 13 .382 o --- --- Millburn --- -- 5 Sickler .......... 37 12 .324 4 --- .... Summit ---- -- 1 Homeruns, Toole fMil1burnj 4 --- .... Verona ---- -- 2 3 --- --- Caldwell --- -- 1 1 .... --- Millburn --- -- 2 0 .... .... S ummit .... -- 1 O --- --- Montclair --- -- 3 5 --- .... Verona ---- -- 4 13 --- .... Madison --- -- 1 Russ Ahlers Ken Baumler B A S E B A L L "Take Me Oui' fo 1'he Ballpark" DoN BOURNE ..................... Bob Mitchell jay Mills Bill Drayton Harry Philips Pat Petrone Dick Kezer Doug Bittner Bob Butler Larry DiMir0 Nappie Hawkins Parke Sickler joe Toole Allen Van Anda Tom Supplee Pete Mooney Doug Pierson Captain Dick Goeler Tony Rossney Frank Keigher Clifford Anderson Bob Meyers T E N N l S "What ls This Thing Called Love" jack Wittpenn Al Smith Dexter Anderson Wally Barrett Bill Strain Roger Koehler Nelson Chitterling George McLeer Anthony Escoda jimmy Farrell Richard Terier Mac Robison john Drayton Bob Butterworth Laddie Gravatt Bruce Dold Coach Dick Bryant was satisfied with the season that Captain jack Wfittpenn and his mates had last spring. With Wittpenn playing number one, Wally Barrett number two plus a group of inexperienced enthusiasts in the doubles the team did well to finish third in the Suburban Conference. This year with tive returning lettermen there are' hopes of a triumphant season. Frank Cecere Phil Thorpe john Drayton Peter 'Grenquist Eugene Beggs W. Nelson Joe Stein Mark Given Bill Mulligan Bill Harvey TRACK Running Wilcl Allen Quick Walter Anderson Bud Lang Don Ahlers Bruce Harvey Phil Wright jerry Romaine Maurice Van Leer john Reynolds Dave Elliott Les Fries Dick Watt john Matthews Dave Hodgins Marius Moran Bill Adrian joe Carty james Clure Gordon Hurst Paul Kyger With a nucleus of seven returning lettermen plus a host of other able speedstcrs and strongmen, a fairly successful season is in view for the track team. Last year Captain Bill Begg's team placed second in the Suburban Conference Track Meet and they held their own in the state meet. This season the distances will be controlled by Walt Anderson and Captain Maurice Van Leer. In the weights Bud Lang and Dave Hodgins are back, both constant point winners last year. The high jump is monopolized by Bill Mulligan and the hurdles, high and low, by jerry Romaine and Don Ahlers. Mimi Martin Barbara Smith joan Sweeney Lisa Hendrian Bev Runyan Carol Corrigan Betty jane Emerson Lois Hicks Florence Rafter Martha Valentine Midge Wheeler Sue XVray Bobbie Anderson joan Edland Mary Harrison Shirley Kline HOCKEY On The Ball Franny Kaighn Mary jean Oslin jean Proctor Barbara Pierson Sue Scott B. Van Name Ann Veghte Barbara Wright Paula Van Doren Ginger Thompson Betty Van Sant Patsy McLellan Sarah Leonard Phyllis Keller Ann Roy With the return of Miss Szakacs our Varsity Hockey Team got well under way with a fairly successful season. Forty-two girls showed up at practice and nobly de- fended their team. Barbara Smith and Florence Rafter were elected co-captains. On October 23rd the first varsity game was played against Clifford Scott. Glen Ridge winning their Hrst game of the season-the score being 3-0. On October 31st the team again brought home victory when they played Caldwell -the score being 2-0 and 3-0. The Sophomores challenged Clifford Scott on November 13th and it proved to be an unlucky day for Glen Ridge. The team bowed to Clifford Scott 1-0. The annual New jersey Hockey Tournament was held at Trenton this year. Six girls were chosen to attend the tournament and of the six Glen Ridge was very proud to have Mimi Martin and Ann Veghte win positions on the team. The juniors were the successful winners of the interclass struggle for champion- ship under the leadership of Barbara Pierson and Mary Jean Oslin. The hockey team was very grateful to Nancy Scrimgeour and Marge Syrett, who managed the team. A R C H E R Y "Robinhooc:l" i RUTH HONEYMAN ...,...,......... Mazmger JOAN UNSWORTH ......... A.l'.fiJfd77l Manager Sally Croake Nancy Mulligan Pat Olson Betty jane Atchinson Lisa Hendrian Mary jane Oslin Florence Rafter Kathy Bolton We have had four enthusiastic groups of arches this year, namely: beginners, intermediates, advanced, and varsity. The girls shoot every activity period under the fine direction of Ruth Honeyman and joan Unsworth. GIRLS' Carol Corrigan Lisa Hendrian Barbara Isaacs Franny Kaighn Shirley Kline Mimi Martin BASKETBALL "Just Bouncing Along" BARBARA SMITH ,.c... .. ,.c. Cllfwfizm Sally Morris Nancy Studwcll Paula Van Doren B. Van Name Ann Veghte Sue Wi'z1y Barbara Pierson CHEERLEADERS "ln The Mood" SUE XVURAY -,,,i,,,, UH. .,,, ,., ,-- C',zf2!.1v1 13, .l, x7.lI1NLllllL' .lean Proctor Barb Willatb B.1r1vg1r.1 Pierson lfrgumy Kaighn Polly Sryglq Nancy Studwffll Carol Corrigan Pauli Priest SERVICE SQUAD Jusi' For -lifizm' DIEVLIN Margery Ross lfiigcnc BL-lllcn Anne Sout.1r Lois IDJIIIICIHULIII Mary .lo Aquino You - , - - Cfhljfllfilll Harold Thorpe David Forslmy Dick Jetta-r jill Islin Harold Lutz QWQ I J ,, THE SENIOR DANCE The annual class dance, in honor of the class of '47, held on Saturday, March 15, was well attended by all grades. The gym was cleverly disguised with green and white streamers ffollowing our class colorsj hung in a tent affect, and banners of all the previous years decorated the top. Our own neatly made banner was at the head. The music was supplied by an up-to-date, tive piece orchestra. Fruit punch was served. The senior class wishes to thank all the members of the faculty, and all commit- tees who helped make our dance a success. 06 CLASS PROPHECY RUTH HONEYMAN shooting arrows at Miss Szakacs. DAVE ELLIOT spouting 364 words as he writes his new dictionary. JILL ISLIN looking for her appendix. BOB STITES, pugilist, with a large beefsteak over his right eye. PHYLLIS GOLDBERG, famous choreographer, voted the best dressed woman for 1972. - MAURICE VANLEER chief salesman fo-r Jergen's Lotion. NANCY SCRIMGEOUR walking little Lees over the knowles., PHIL THORPE occupying an easy chair at the Yale Club. STURGIS COFFIN as the assistant of Rube Goldberg in charge of nuts. BOB LOWE blowing the trumpet for Gabrielle. BONNIE JONES slamming the door in the faces of a large wolf pack. DON AHLERS finally agreeing with somebody about something. BETTY BABBAGE scattering the pedestrians. AL CONSTANTS arguing with Miss Grimes. JOAN SWEENY supplying the brains for BOB RICHARDSON'S hospital. PARKE SICKLER blushing furiously because a female has looked at him. RUTH SMITH chasing Ingrid back to Sweden. BRUCE HARVEY taking Senator Claghorn's place. BEV RUNYAN living on a different island every week. DAVE HODGINS hurling javelins at his poor wife. MARTHA VALENTINE and BARBARA SMITH pushing MARGE SYRETT'S car down Ridgewood Avenue. JOE TOOLE and WALLY BARRETT settling out of court. LOIS HICKS counting the immigrants at Ellis Island. HAROLD LUTZ drummer boy extraordinary, bumming cigarettes from Gene Krupa. PAT OLSON running DuBarry's Success School for plumper hunks of pulchritude. ED I-IEINZERLING making atom bombs ily like spitballs. SALLIE SMITH lassoed by a Texas cowhand, putting up a gallant fight. LARRY DIMIRO encased in a peanut shell. PHIL WRIGHT head statistician for the Good Will Mission. TOM MCARDLE smiling at everyone. BARBARA HALL the first Lady Ambassador to Spain. JOAN UNSWORTH successor to Mr. Cleveland. FRANK CECERE running a barbershop. CLASS PROPHECY DONALD KENNEDY, AUDREY BROWN, and LARRY SELICK raising the roof. BUD "ATLAS" LANG, Champion weight-lifter, the main attraction in Barnum 8: Bailey's. ANNE CRANDELL high in the ranks of cafe society. ALLEN QUICK roving photographer, caught without a flashbulb. BETTY BRIGGS sitting on her boss' knee. GEORGE EMERY watching rigor-mortis set in. MIDGE "CURVES" WHEELER the torch singer, crooning in EVAN'S ELBOW RooM. . . H J JAGO helping Sardo with the housework. .. I it A I U AUDREY LAWSON and NAOMI WALENSKY fiiugchiiig Pop-gtiiiif hghe balcony of the Met. X H DONALD BOURNE raising chickens. BARBARA ISAACS eating peanuts and throwing pop bottles while she roots for the famous pitcher, ALAN VAN ANDA. JOE ELLIOT tuning the pianos at Carnegie Hall. MARTHA MASSON taking care of little "BUBBI.ES." DOUGLAS FISHER hopping olf to Florida. FLORENCE "TURTLE" RAFTER raising little horses in Maplewood. JOHN HEIDER and RICHARD JETTER discussing motors. INEZ VALDEZ tripping to the altar. JACK WITFPENN, pale and tired, returning from a diifhcult vacation in Florida. PHYLLIS INSKIP and ROGER HATHAWAY sojourning in Vermont. JERRY ROMAINE modelling Adler's Elevator Shoes. DIANE BEATTY worrying about her grey hair. DOODIE KIRKPATRICK avidly attending Modern Dance classes. JOHN DRAYTON beating a path to the Thousand Islands. ELEANOR BILL escorted by WELSH'S terriers. CHARLES O'KEEFE showing the fellows how to roll their own. LOIS BUNNELL directing the Minstrel Show of the Girls' Club. BILL HARVEY sipping milk at DORN'S Dive. BETTY JANE EMERSON knitting argyle socks. PAT PETRONE struggling in the dentist's chair as MARIUS MORAN yanks out all his teeth. GEORGE GASKIN creating another Lena the Hyena. BEVERLY MADDEN cleaning the organ pipes in St. John's Cathedral. CLASS WILL We, the Class of 1947 of the Borough of Glen Ridge in the state of New jersey, being of sound mind and physically fit, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. In the following manner we bequeath: The path that Barbara and Allen have made around the halls to next year's Romeo and Juliet. Donald Ahler's chemistry formulas to all junior saboteurs. jack Wittpenn's Florida tan to Barbara Pierson so she won't wear out her sun lamp. Bud Lang's muscles to be shared by John Reynolds, Bruce Dold, and Dave Broten. Midge Wheeler's wise sayings to next year's Class Comedian. I An empty space in the trophy case to be filled by the efforts of future football teams. Donald Kennedy's quiet voice to Tony Moran. The hard work that Bob Richardson has put into the Youth Recreation Program to be carried on by the juniors. Ed Heinzerling's mathematical ability to joan Grapel. Byron, Keats, and Shelley to the lively discussions of the Senior English Class. Eleanor Bill's dogs to the owners of the "Whoop-de-doo," who undoubtedly will have to walk before long. joe Elliot's talent to the Class of '48 to envy. Sallie Smith's line to anyone who wishes to hang his wash on it. The Noise of the trolley cars to Dick Watt to cover up his wrong answers. A smoking room to the wishful thinking of certain junior girls. Martha Masson's hair to Franny Kaighn to put away for a rainy day. Signed and sealed in our presence on this, the fifteenth day of April, 1947. Witnesses: KILROY ' LENA THE HYENA THE BEGINNING The end of school? No .... This is the end only if we choose to make it so. We must decide: Whether it shall be the end or a beginning, Whether graduation will close the doors of knowledge Or, lead to paths of greater learning, We will be robbed of the beginning if we let school end her, For life is one, large school And we are on its threshold. MARJORIE ACKERNECHT SENIQR SUPERLATIVES Bert looking ..... ..... Bert fenfe of humor --- -----. Biggeit flirt ...... .... BeJt drened .... ..... Mort popular - - - - - - Mott athletic - - - - - - - - Mad tbemift --- ----- M oft talented ......,....... . C lan Romeo and juliet ...... Cuteft ..................... Most likely to Jncceed ...... . Mort Jtudiour ............. Greatext capacity for leaderrbip C lair griper ............,.. 4 Mort brilliant .... .... Quieteft ..... ..... Beit danrer ...... ..... Mort mifclaevionx - - - - - - - - C lan chatterbox .... - - Mort argumentative - - - - - - - - Moat friendly .... Q .... Bnxieft ........ - .... , GLRLS BOYS Barbara Smith .... .... R alph Hawkins Betty Babbage - - - - - - Sallie Smith -- Filomena Claps Florence Rafter - George Gaskin - --- Jerry Romaine ------ jay Dorn - - - - - - - - Parke Sickler Barbara Smith .... .... P arke Sickler All of them -- --- Don Ahlers Phyllis Inskip .... ........ I oe Elliott Barbara Isaacs - - - - - - - Anne Crandell Bev Runyan -- Diane Beatty -- Lois Hicks --- Marge Syrett - - - joan Sweeney .... - - - Helen Schmeltz Sue Wray .... Midge Wheeler Eleanor Atkins Allen Van Anda ..... Phil Wright ..-- Joe Toole --- Dave Elliott Bob Richardson - - - Marius Moran - Ed Heinzerling -- Don Kennedy - - - ..... jim Wright Roger Hathaway - - - - - - - Maurice Van Leer Martha Valentine .... --- Sturgis Colin Inez Valdez ..... --- Tom McArdle Lois Hicks --- --- Bob Richardson 1 sf? Xi wwf 0 By DAY.. ANU THIN ITS NIAVI W V' pf I ZA 'new 62 Www ui? bm Yu Q! x W ' .2?z:':2"1':'fa K 'A V i:":':' Qfqm "' 7 C LOUD 8 .vem-, , 860 Q? W' ,L 'W 4 RAFYLR . .. :ji gf? 5' 4 W a ':a1f.. W W Q H 401 uv , , Ol V T-:Q ' S-9.1.9 W Lvl ugyg ,Phyllis IN.":TvRGIS caff In IW' H xX iff 'nm .. .. X 1: V E V e- mu 5 75 5 'YO'-'y Wu-nun if-gf iv N, 2-"0 I5 "" " vb 0 1 TMQA fe Ve 4 WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF- The Chemistry lab had hot water? The temperature was ever right in this barn? Miss Yeaton didn't pop out of study hall to question "innocent" students passing by? There was a day when Miss Conklin didn't say "that's interesting" and everything wasn't "various and sundry" to Miss Grimes? Myrtle forgot her hairbow? Diane shouted? Ruth I-Ioneyman ever missed a day of archery? Bob Richardson wasn't always busy? Sue got an A in Chemistry? Helen lost her briefcase? Marge Syrett didn't have everything done a week beforehand? Marius Moran fell in love? jay Dorn lost weight? Betty jane didn't have any animals? The seventh grade girls couldn't swoon over Parke? The students had a spit ball war with the Evaluation Committee? The Senior dance was a success? Bev didn't always talk about the St. Lawrence? Tom McArdle forgot to say, "He1lo."? Phyllis Goldberg dyed her hair? Miss Conklin didn't have an announcement? WHAT'S BEST BY TEST Color-Blue Orchestra-Mugsy Spaniar Female Vocalist-Margaret Whitting Male Vocalist-Bing Crosby Teacher-Miss Grimes Subject--P.A.D. Movie-1The jolson Story Actor-Gregory Peck Actress--Ingrid Bergman T Radio Program-The Lone Ranger Motto-ALWAYS be Prepared Summer Resort-Lavellette ,Apparel-Dungarees Expression-Drop Dead Hangout-Bond's . -Nightspot-Bill's Past time -Driving Sport-Football Book-The Robe I I 1 l l'4l l PAY CHECK 2 ' z BANK MAIL 5 GLEN RIDGE TRUST CO GLEN RIDGE, N. J. Alezzzlfer of Iferfeml Delfwxil Izzxlfmllfe CU1'f707'1Il'j!111 .,.f.' 'Q' aff flii-l You'll always remember the day--the day you tl if " W tgirl shed the designation "Student" lor the more impressive sounding "Alumnus" or "Alumno". There are other things to remember, too-things like this quote of Beniamin Frcmlclin's- Cl If a man empties his purse into his head no man can take it away from himg an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." You have made that investment. Continue to mclce it. REMEMBER- The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare For It. e l Who is the nice with a Smile. GIRL very much like you-perhaps she lives on your block or went to your school. She's friendly, wants to get ahead, and takes pride in a iob that counts in her community. She dresses well, too, on a salary that is the highest in tele- phone history. Yes, she likes it here-the interesting work, the pleasant surroundings, the feeling of working with young people like herself. You will like it here, too. And your Vocational Guidance Di- rector can tell you how easy it is to become a "Voice with a Smile" after you graduate. Ask her today. New Jersey Bell Telephone Company SAFETY AND PROTECTION of your securities and valuables, for a nominal cost Safe Deposit Boxes, as low as 52.50 per year, plus 207, government tax COMMUNITY TRUST COMPANY "The Community Bank" 424 BROAD STREET BLOOMFIELD, N. J. 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CASPAR a Prescription Opfician PHOTOGRAPHER Daily: 8:30 to 5:30 phomgmphs Tha, please Evenings: Tuesday and Thursday, 7 to 9 507M'gL':LfmR GVENUE IO so. FULLERTON AVENUE Telephone MOntcicir.2-.5745 MONTCLAIR' N' J' .granlf laid? if MEADOWBROOK AND IVANHOE Compliments of GLEN RIDGE BARBER SHOP Geo. Stay ARCADE BUILDING GLEN RIDGE HARDWARE GARDEN SUPPLIES Devoe and Raynolds Paints Opposite FIRE HOUSE GLen Ridge 2-5544 - 5545 First Class Domestic Help of all Nationalities also Oltice and Commercial Personally Serving New Jersey's Discriminating Employers for over 35 years MRS. E. G. BONE Employment Agency Cor. HERMAN ST. 8- BLOOMFIELD AVE. GLEN RIDGE, N. J. Compliments of 31... NEVINS-CHURCH PRESS GLEN RIDGE, N. J. SEW and SAVE with the fine materials which are being displayed at MONTCLAIR TEXTILE STORE 413 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE MONTCLAIR, N. J. MONACO TAILORS GLEN RIDGE ARCADE Telephone GLen Ridge 2-5895 BLoomfieId 2-7456 CARTERET DELICATESSEN 33 CARTERET STREET, BLOOMFIELD, N. 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Sportswear and Equipment Bicycles and Accessories - Hand Sewn Loafers Golf Clubs - Women's Golf Shoes - Saddle Shoes - Tennis Shoes - Tennis Racquets School Varsity Sweaters 30 SOUTH PARK STREET, MONTCLAIR . MOntclair 2-3010 Owned and Operated by JOHN C. DALE MADISON'S Books - Stationery - Gifts Greeting Cards - School Supplies 427-429 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE MONTCLAIR, N. J. ROBlNSON'S FISH MARKET Boneless Fish A Specialty 52 FAIRFIELD STREET MOntcIair 3-1755 Free Deliveries OUIS ARDIS COUNUIU IIT! Montclau-'s Depar'I'mcn1 S'I'o re MOntcIair 2-10291 MARTIN'S A Shop for Women 402 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE Adjoining Wellmont Theatre MONTCLAIR, N. J. Suits - Coats - Dresses Teen Shop - Children's Shop Millinery lane enqei. 18 WASHINGTON STREET EAST! ORANGE BRADY SODA SHOP E. Brady, Proprietor 24 HERMAN STREET GLEN RIDGE Serving the Discriminating Buyer CORBO JEWELERS 552 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE BLOOMFIELD, N. J. Bloomtield 2-7010 HOLLY'S MARKET Prime Meats - Poultry Fruits - Vegetables MOntclair 2-2626 MOntclalr 2-3536 1 19 WATCHUNG AVENUE MONTCLAIR, N. J. Compliments of A FRIEND MOntcIaIr 2-7733 Free Delivery OWEN MARKET Prime Meats - Groceries - Frozen Foods 129 WATCHUNG AVENUE MONTCLAIR, N. J. MOntcIair 2-2123 I G L O O FROZEN FOODS CENTER Complete Line of Frozen Foods 29 SOUTH PARK STREET MONTCLAIR, N. J. IIIIOIAIIOIJIWQHI ith-eepedlv. Grunge!-IIQO llYlk1'l,4ill.ll.Qhlll. lllhllbI.l.Llk'il. Prepare nov for abn- ferred seereterialpositiol. ' Berkeley-trained secre- are associated with e variety of business or- tlons. Courses for high- school graduates and college women. Distinguished faculty. Effective placement service. Cnt- alozuo. Write Assistant Director. Terms: Feb., July. ieel. 1 t -955154 F' L 'H 5 ' Q . ,rn ter!! vid e ganln 1871 1947 The BI.T00MFItE1LTD SAVINGS INSTITUTION Two LocATnoNs 11 BROAD STREET 1 296 BROAD STREET 1lf27o Interest From Day of Deposit Paid Quarterly Member of Federal Deposit lnsurance Co. FURS OF DISTINCTION J. BROWN, Ltd.- FURS 10 SOUTH PARK STREET MONTCLAIR, N. J. HELE ps1,...i3uc:K - eowNs 34 CHURCH STREET MONTCLAIR, N. J. Styles of Distinction Complete Selection of Fall Clothes Shop in Cooling Comfort TERLIZZI BROTHERS, lnc. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES FOR THE HOME 388 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE BLOOMFIELD, N. J. 425 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE MONTCLAIR, N. J. BLoomf1eld 7-8610 BOEHME'S FLOWERS 504 WATCHUNG AVENUE BLOOMFIELD, N. J. 31-Iiltnn Glmrewvr REAL ESTATE ' INSURANCE 1'nus1' oawnmv BUILDING. GLQBIDGLKJ MOntc1air 5-0498 Fox PETERSON SUN AND FUN HARDWARE CLOTHES O 123GROVESTREET THE BABS SHOP MONTCLAIR, N- Montclair . . . Summit . . . Spring Lake gerseg Sbrint Csulzop Qistinctive gmrinting THREE HUNDRED :MAIN STREET ORANGE. NEW JERSEY Printers of the Glenalog . rlph on 9 3425s iliilawtvr 1Hn1'Ire1it Stuhin YEAR BOOK PHOTOGRAPHER 484 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE MONTCLAIR, N. J. Pam. 1 , -4' ., 1 v Qwxffixx ko X. T. G1 6 i ,gsizggsg L., QQ , -.4 1 4,, 5 .1 an 6 L3 -W lx Q X VL ,Z f: P! ' 523: 3591 W mn: ge, vga gm. QQ gf: 1? sf 5, EU M fi V M. M4 a 1, f -:af ,, I ,I 333, if J W! f 17,24 i 5, ., TJ 1? uf 124 .v Q. a ,, 42 ,A 1 S- JI F r will ff LE L if 3:52253 . 2.-I .H 4 - -Rv w 1 : M. Y ' 1 3, X ' ,V I L' . 35 q A! " YE W ,' , Y 2 ky ,I Y , l J A . -1 . A 1 K .M Z 42.-. ' 16? ' ' r 1 ' -' ' 3 A 2 .f.' , , f A 'H ' ff' . z1Q'.- A K Q ' si 7 f ,. i L. X 1, , .L 6 f V 1 . 1 ."' ' +- 42 ' if ,A QA ' , ' . J. y. 7 - 2 , Z, 1. , If JS A -1. X . , 'Sy , . lf 'fx Mi: . ,K ,, V ,W , 151 gl 5. A ,. Q. - L. . 4 , , , 3 , 4.1 7. L2 5, T ,ggi X . Q, 15x 1 hw' f J ' ji " 1 'mix 1 , if a -143 ,- 1. 1, ' '25 f 4 4 , 'i n f L W

Suggestions in the Glen Ridge High School - Glenalog Yearbook (Glen Ridge, NJ) collection:

Glen Ridge High School - Glenalog Yearbook (Glen Ridge, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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Glen Ridge High School - Glenalog Yearbook (Glen Ridge, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Glen Ridge High School - Glenalog Yearbook (Glen Ridge, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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