Glen Nor High School - Kings Highway Yearbook (Glenolden, PA)

 - Class of 1945

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Glen Nor High School - Kings Highway Yearbook (Glenolden, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1945 volume:

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Whether the "unsolvable" problem be in algebra, geometry, or trig, many a student's bewilderment has disappeared under her clear and understanding explanations. After classes, she manages the twin tasks of directing the mathematics department and the activities of the Class of 1946 with an efhciency which speaks for itself. With all her Glen-Nor jobs, dear Diary, Mrs. Hutchins has still found time to study in the evenings at Temple University for a master's degree. It is a pleasure to give the place of honor in our diary to one who has done more than her bit in training Glen-Norites to be good citizens, L. Mfr. Huirhinr at the age of revenleen monzbf. R. Mn, Hulrlaim and ber daugbier, Marion. 4 GERTRUDE E. HUTCHINS ere are flue execufiuezi . . j. Lewii Rirkfer, 0110 E. Sandberger, Mrx. Helen Tbomur, W'e.r1on C. Orerball- Serreiaryg Arllaur L. RFEIE7'-.All0f71E'1',' H. Caley-Pfe,rident,' W. IV. Run- Vire Pre.widenf,' I. Slum! Hebdefz-Tfexfuren MH. M. C, Kiebl, W. A. Lane Howard Hill. me goarcl of glclucafion HANKS should be given to the energetic body of men and women who comprise our Glen-Nor school board. Con- stantly on the lookout for ways in which to make our life at Glen-Nor a happy one, the board has succeeded in its initial purpose. Upon arriving at school on the first day and seeing the flashing new football uniforms and the renovation of the cafe- teria, we all felt a new pride in our Alma Mater. With due respect and deep gratitude we acknowledge their thoughtful- ness. 6 1 f. illllfl UN RUSSING Supl ri fling l'rn1t1j1.1l T SEEMS to us that the office is a small room indeed to house the torrent of activities which pour through it. From the unsung summer tasks of filling the faculty and plan- ning the schedule, through the midyear proh- lems of adjustment and maintenance, all the way to the final questions of recommending Seniors for college and commencement, the principnl's work is never done. Last january Mr. Rossing became ill, and Mr. Bgrmherger stepped in to uct ns supervising principal during the former's absence. The test of an executive is the grhility to select and train capable assistants to carry on and substitute, if necessary, without any sluckening of interest and activity. For the completion of the many details necessary to keep ll school running smoothly we pause to pay trihute to our principals. RUSSELL Elwoon BAMHFRGER. M. 5, Gettysburg Cullcgc l'Zr11.fu, Ckcnziwlry U llfl IUIFIUIH UI' Olll Clfll Clif fl0.i0lJ0l'.50l1J7 ll! I0 llllf I llll 0 Hill l ' lll lll'f 5 IUUU 10,106 llf JPUIJKIIU 0 ULU OU!" I9 aff' ll! l U, fllll ll! Ut' flllllfll H5 I0lU 0 UH00fl Olll ill' l'0llF I .5 JUL5 CIANII' ill' lllfll lv lfl 1 J J ll fl fo fllll Clll Olll flll0Ilfl0Il lll I f K lU0l'0 lllll 1 if y . I . IOIlIl7J0lI, N110 OIgClHl"l'C UI OI .5 lg lflllg Ufllllj llllfl 1101! 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S. lfnst Stroudsburg Stan- Glen-Nur High Scluml Hlumnsburg State Milluravillu State 'l'uu'Iwrs Cfulln-gc Y Teachers Cullcgc 'll-aclxm-rs College 5L'l'7'c'l.H'3 I'lfwn.1l If.lm'.1fim1 f,1lUl1lllL'7'l'i.lI Slrfzjwlr Mu'f1.n1n'.1l 17mu'in,q - f - - ' ' 1 1 f A A - A llfl ffnlarlll IXC7 ln Olll' lfllll 5 aj ll? ,QC'l"50l'l H110 a lllayif aj I U fig I tlnjlllvr. any a CLI! CK155 laeriocl A645 Lean Lriggfenecl Ly Wm Scgmiclf, qenfdfman armer, wim AI5 fimefg l9oem5. .gn january our arf feacAer, i55 gcwfer, laroue Aer uer5afi6fy Ay faLing clarge o our I0 y5ic5 66 77 C 115505. ccorckon I9 aging Wim Wagee 5friue5 fo improve fge fgree if in funior r5. gan anal WM. ,jvlaclclawaw newcomer5 fo Ln- or in fav miclalgf of fare year, ageacly have ma e a ,oface for fAem5e U05 in our micl5f. Wim .Lrla55Lr ancl Wm Bamgerger, eac a ueferan in 5eruice af An- or, are in AigAe5f e5feem Lg fke 5fuclenf5. Doaonn' li. SFITZ, M. S. CLAIRE SHFRFR ROBERT BRUCE 1.u.Y,-.N B. WRlc9l1'l'. B. S. , , , A 4 , 1 THOMPSON. B. S. t A Umvcrszty wt Pcnnsylvanm Mnllersvxllc State Temple Umvcrsxty Arillmzvlir. AflLII!J.IIll'L' lhnrlm' Plmwiml lidllfnlfjllfl. G:'ngr.1f1lv1 fliuginning upper rightj M. j, Iilizzard, C. Burmrz, D. lirwrw, If. IXVUIYIIV, H, Afilffwff Il". ll"aig,1r1d, K. K.ll'LJ, G Grubb, II". Il"il,vor1. 1. MLJ1'filI. T. Buulvr, E. Sllifllbplfh, D. Sl.1l1l1. ur in Mori, fke Sniord . September 15 Noreiiiber 10 iv0l'6l1Ib6'f 17 Marek 16. . . May 18 .,.. Majf 25. . . june 3 .... fizrie 6 ,... flieginning upper rightj IZ. Keluo, K. Kramer. R Il" U", llpeigand, R. Long, G. Grubb, R, Hearork, 17. Burirfe. Prexideril: H. Luizx, Auvimznt Trea.ri1rer.' M. Ilvlidui. S elz' relury: 1. Marlin, 'I' v'4f11 vu r'4'vA .' E, Kelio, Vire- P 1'c, videnl: F. Eitel, Mi.f.r Hum- Ivr. Cl.uv Spfimorf B. Rev. C. Mawr. R. Heuforb, C. U"u.fl, M. Forbef, Mr. Thomp- mri, C. Boizmm. DATES TO BE REMEMBERED Senior Party . . .Senior Play . . .Senior Trip . . . .Senior Banquet . . .Senior Prom . . . .Senior Trip . . .Barralaureaie . . . ,Commencemenl tame waifi RUTH E. ANDERSON Ruthie shot her star up into the blue with her sensational Hashes down the hockey field as left wing. Those tricks saved many a game. As a Student Council Member she displayed her executive abil- ities, always smiling. BRIAN E. BAMFORTH Hail the Allllllill Editor-in- Chief, who is also Vice-Presb dent of Hi-Y, Sergeant-ab Arms of Student Council, and National Honor Society Pres- ident. ln his spare time Brian concentrates on those 10-pins at the end of his favorite alley. ED U"IN R. BATES The important job of football manager is devotcdly hlled by lid. Wlien basketball season rolls around, he steps from the sidelines to join the team and proceeds to play rings around his opponents. Take a look at some of his classic art works! RA YMOND BEIVLEY Ray hails from the Manor Plaza, a fact which automat- ically makes him a dyed-in- the-wool Sportsman. Rumor has it that this handsome fel- low is a saxophonist par ex- cellence, but here the most that Ray volunteers is a sly smile. 510, 770 One " FLORENCE BALENTINE Flossie looks upon an admir- ing world from under a cute bunch of bangs. She's quite a working gal, having spent two summers at Cape May earning her livelihood. She and her camera spend many happy hours together with surprising results. CLARENCE S. BARTON By keeping wandering stu- dents in order near Room 10, "Nick" ably fulfills his mon- itorial duties. P.O.D. proh- lems present no difficulties for this Fiery dehater. A pride and joy of his life is that carefully nurtured wave which graces his forehead. THELMA R. BEELER Thelma will always get along. Her infectious giggle and al- most perpetual grin are am- ple testimony to that fact. Shes prettily practical, too, for during those lazy sum- mer months when most of us lounge, Thelma is a busy working gal. MARYjANE BLIZZARD As Senior Candy Chairman "Bliz" is an ardent worker in keeping senior finances out of the red. Unusual speed is her trademark in both basket- ball and hockey. Her smart clothes bear proof of Mary- iane's skill with needle and thread. ELIZABETH BOERNER A portrait of Lizzie has the same effect on the beholder as the Mona Lisa. Quiet and calm in school, she lets off pent-up energy on the nearest skating rink or the hockey field. Here she displays sur- prising speed. CAROLYN BOUSUM Carol's rhythmical ability finds ample scope as pianist for Glen-Nor. Arranging her blonde locks into an upsweep, Miss Personality Plus became "Mom" in the senior play. Carol leads both cheers and subscription campaigns with equal etliciency. CHARLES E. BOYER "Tall, tan, and terrific" is Charlie in a nutshell. It must be true of all "Charles Boy- ers." Charlie takes life and its many problems as they come. Nothing ruffles him-not even being one of the few boys in a class of femmes. GLORIA BRIMMEIER Gloria is one of the few per- sons who truly sparkles and bubbles over with enthusiasm. This husky-voiced songstress from Folcroft is equally ar- resting whether portraying a grouchy principal in the sen- ior play or vocalizing in as- sembly. 'jug oltffk DONALD F. BOORSE We just can't throw too many bouquets Don's way, for as President of the senior class, spark plug of the football team, and genuine, all-around swell fellow Don deserves his laurcls, To him goes our blue- ribbon of the year. MARVIN E. BOWERS "Booby" certainly doesn't de- serve his nickname . . . Mem- bership on the Hi-Y for two years and varsity football are tributes to his ability. In the seclusion of his home he dotes on model building and his drawings are a thing to be- hold. MURIEL R. BRIGHAM Wlien not typing for the An- mml or tripping the latest dance step, Muriel busies her- self discussing daily doings with her pals. Silky black hair and big brown eyes give her a languid look-befitting a lovely daydreamer. DOROTHY OIEAN BROCK "Buttercup" is best known for her "E's," but her friends know she deserves this mark for other virtues. The Na- tional Honor Society found a place for Jean, as did the sen- ior play. A sweet nature and a fine character will take her n long way. ggnhall EOW U 625 Winufei IUNE CHUBB june looks like her namesake in any season with her sunny smile and equally sunny cos- tumes. Mothering the hockey squaws as manager keeps her occupied during the fall but she's never too busy to tickle the ivories in a most pleasing manner. ALBERT COUTANT A sincere lover of the out- doors-when fall rolls around, Al happily dons high-top boots and flannel shirt and, with shotgun in hand, pro- ceeds to go a-hunting. His stonelike silence, so necessary in stalking game, stays with him in English. IANE E. CRAIVFORD Janie keeps any gathering she attends alert, for her sponta- neous wit is fabulous. A "reg- ular" on the Girl Reserve ros- ter, she r a r e l y misses a meeting. As "jane" in the senior play, she displayed hitherto latent talent as a dra- matic heroine. CATHARINE DONNELL Y Really taking to heart the plea for more mail, Kay spends much of her time writing let- ters to her many friends and brothers in the service. Any- body wanting to taste some real culinary delights should go post-haste to the Donnelly kitchen. jl'0lIl MOIIJMIG, v ALDA LOUISE CLARK Gay as a blackbird, Alda greets the day with a smile. Her good humor never deserts her, even when as Annual Business Manager she must balance the checkbook. Alda spends Friday nights enjoy- ing her favorite pastime, dancing. HARRY LAWRENCE COX Harry and his "licorice stick" have graced the musical or- ganizations for five years. Next to his orchestral efforts, basketball games claim much of his attention. Those natty tweecls and wavy hair are real "Casanova" indications. UUILLIAM B. DA IVSON As a loyal Llanwellynite, Bill champions that thoroughfare in the wars with Scott Ave- nue's supporters. Two years' labor at Sun Ship has taught this lanky fellow the fine points of ducking. His first love is basketball. BARBARA ANN DUBOI5 Whether adding up the An mm! finances or solving a tough problem in "Solid." Barby always keeps her figures straight, In her spare time this lively lady turns out tricky knitting which brings sighs of delight from her friends. VILMA D. DUVAK The skating rink or the the- ater intrigues Vilma during off - school hours. Within Glen-Nor's portals she labors over the intricacies of book- keeping, but never too much to have a rousing good time with her bevy of friends, XORA ELY The long trek from Folcroft doesn't dampen Nora's spirits. This exuberant Senior is a true live wire among her friends. To forget the toils of the classroom she heads for the nearest skating rink, where she stops many an ad- miring eye, DORIS ANN FISHER The lady with the starry blue eyes smiles for you here. Those snazzy outfits she sports are the results of hours spent with the needle-and they de- serve hearty praise. A com- mercial student, she'll grace some private office some day. MURRAY FORBES Murrays devotion to the boys' gym locker is evident any sea- son of the year as he dons football regalia to play or dishes out basketball suits as manager, In school, he livens P.O.D. classes by debating on every possible subject. ' Qofff. ZZ, ,4 FRANK EITEL A long, lean, blond, Frank has a genius for getting a seat in the back of the room. Al- though seemingly shy, he dis- cards this disguise whenever popular music is in the air. A car of his own is Frank's dream. ED WIN PARRY FABER "Hykie" is a "Spic and Span" charter memberg you can find him there whenever his car can be persuaded to cough out a five or ten minute ride. Hoznework is one thing which has never worried this per- petual prankster. PATRICIA M. FOLIiY Pats words are few but they are well worth heeding. Her perfect work in Solid Geome- try brings sighs of envy from her less-gifted classmates. Pat, of the satiny complexion, also lends her mathematical prow- ess to the Am1n.1I. IVILLIAM j, GRAHAM Gliding across the floor at the Friday night dances or break- ing eggs over the craniums of newly initiated Hi-Y mem- bers, Bill always maintains his friendly personality. Ailllllrll sport Writeups are no obstacle to this schoolboy Bill Stern. j00tAdf!.N0l'0 H '19 Got l9Zmf, MARY ANNETTA GRANT Another skating enthusiast- Mary still has suHicient energy to heave a bowling ball. She is a faithful attendant at those early morning Glee Club ses- sions, but we admire her most for her carefree air and happy- as-a-lark disposition. DORIS ANN GREER The Allnlldl Staff has a faith- ful member in Doris Ann as its "photo" manager, In her senior year Doris added the Student Council to her list of activities, An accomplished pianist, she makes music her hobby. jEAN FLORENCE HALL Sharon Hill's loss was Glen- Nor's gain when, in the sen- ior year, jean joined the class of '45, Fond of dancing and bowling, this soft-spoken miss is especially proficient at coax- ing sweet music from her ac- cortlion. ELVA ROSE HARMSEN lilva is just as sparkling as she looks. This is evident as she vigorously swings into a rous- ing cheer, tackles a hockey left-inner, or hits high "C" with equal gusto. Those Hash- ing green eyes fit right in with a very pleasing picture. Of 77ofLin',, PAUL EDGAR GREEN Versatile is the word for Paul, who chalks "E's" on his re- ports, pours liquid tones from his trumpet, and turns in Academy Award performances as "Pop" in the senior play with equal ease. Green's home chem' lab affords off-hour en- tertainment. GEORGE GRUBB George believes that life should not be taken too seri- ously, and his actions usually prove his point. Skyscraper stature makes him a natural for basketball, and the re- bounds usually go to the Ma- roon and Gold when he enters the fray. KENNETH H. HALL Hurtling merrily along the Twin Boroughs' roads in Gas- sell's delivery truck, Ken be- lies his quiet manner at school. This newcomer derives one of his greatest pleasures in regu- larly attending the dances held by his old "Alma Mater," Sharon Hill. RUTH VERA HA IVLE Y That streak that just went by was Ruth playing left half- back on the varsity hockey team. She "goes" for sports in a big way, performing in bas- ketball, volleyball, and base- ball games, "Cute" describes this little bundle to a ROBERT G. HEACOCK A distinct popularity with the ladies is probably directly traceable to "Straw's" grin. His guise of shyness is quickly dropped between classes. May- be he gets those rosy cheeks from the long hike to and fro. W'ILLIAM C. HIDDEMEN Bill is better known as the "flash" of the baseball dia- mond, gridiron, or track. Shortly he'll forsake his fleet- ing feet for fleeting wings as he heeds the call to arms. We'll remember him for curly blond hair and a talent for math. jEANNE M. HOGUET Our strawberry blonde came through with a truly natural performance as "Mary" in "Almost Summer." Her serv- ice as lntramural Manager and in scoring goals for the bas- ketball team have made her well-known at Glen-Nor, KENNETH S. KAYE In spite of a broken leg in his junior year, Kenny has be- come one of our best varsity football players, His capacity for making witty remarks, while maintaining the sobriety of a judge, has enlivened many a dull hour. 'CHJJL at, ,4 i MILDRED HEBDEN Millie's real need is a 36-hour day. Hockey, basketball, cheer- leading, Girl Reserves, An- nual, and a senior class officer leave her few spare moments. A thoroughbred through and through, she was a "natural" for the National Honor Society. FAY E. HORNER Fay is charm personified. This versatile miss lent her talents to such varied tasks as drum majorette, A. A. treasurer, hockey fullback, and Senior Co-editor. Election to the Na- tional Honor Society is a fit- ting tribute to a gracious lady. MILDRED E. -IONES Mildred is quiet as the pro- verbial mouse in class, but really a live wire after school. A salesgirl at Nevins, she still finds time to get her book- keeping homework done and learn the latest skating tricks. ED IVARD 'IAMES KELSO Eddie's amazing courtesy even while skirting the gridiron or basketball floor endears him to all. His leadership is dis- played as he conducts A. A. meetings or presides "pro- tem" at class meetings. His effect on the girls parallels Sinatra's. 015116 CAM" 66 Sformy MARTHA LOUISE KERR We've never met anyone quite like Marty, A human dynamo, we never know when she will come 'forth with a rare quip or hilarious burlesque. She ex- pends extra energy playing hockey and basketball, plan- ning Girl Reserve progfams, and cheerleading. PAUL E. KINGSLEY A man of many moods and interests, "Spike" is never as happy as when he is taking unorthodox one-handed shots at Scott Square Gardens. He assists U1 Bill Miller with his alchemistic mysteries be- tween frequent trips to the movies. KARL M. KRAMER This boy amazes us with his outstanding ability on the bas- ketball Hoor. We just can't get used to such genius. We still think this sport is the only reason "Pete" came to school, for during school hours he'd much rather take a snooze. ROBERT PORTER LONG Last year's classification of Bob as "Astaire II" really fits this smooth dancer. Further proof of his rhythm is found in his berth on the basketball team. A stock of good humor and cheerfulness has won him a host of friends. 'lflimfief " BRUCE KIBBLER Bruce vies for the title of be- ing Glen-Nor's all-time track star when it comes to being hrst in line for chocolate milk at lunchtime. Library newspa- pers supply this eager reader with abundant current events material for P.O.D. classes. VIRGINIA KIRKPATRICK "Kirkie" is one of the most steadfast supporters of Glen- Nor. She's as regular at the games as the players them- selves and "plays" as hard. Hockey and basketball custo- dian, she has a ditlicult job, but performs her duties like a veteran. IO ANN L. LALVHEAD jo Ann brightens her sur- roundings with a dazzling smile. For two years she played hockey, then forsook the team this year to trill for the Glee Club. Behind the scenes she concentrates on pro- ducing golden tones from her piano. LOUISE LONGBOTTOM Louise is blessed with natur- ally curly hair and lovely dark eyes which undoubtedly will carry her far. Almost a stand- ing member of the Student Council, she has graced its sacred annals for most of her stay at Glen-Nor. HELEN jEAN LOUX "Lou" is as streamlined as a P-38 and just as lively. She upholds the fame of Glen- Nor's teams by scoring her own goals in hockey or pre- venting opponents' goals in basketball. As cheerleading captain she led cheers, and eyes away from the games. 101-IN 1. M.u'I"EIGH Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the Adonis of the senior class. A born athlete, "Buggy" found time to captain the football team and play a bang-up game of basketball and baseball. Little wonder he rates A-l with all who know him. j0AN C. MARTIN Hockey Captain, Girl Reserve President, Senior Class Treas- urer, Cheerleader, and basket tosser are synonyms for joan. Her activities and swell per- sonality netted her a spot in the National Honor Society as well as the hearts of senior classmen. ROBERT L. MrCOMBIE Glen-Nor was treated to a view of hidden histrionic pow- ers when Bob emerged as "Paul" in the senior play. This tall young man with the car- rot-top and upstate twang spends his off-moments mak- ing airplanes. "'IfUI., 130: GERTRUDE A. LUTHER Gertrude hasn't been here very long but long enough to let us know how sweet she is. That creamy complexion and her twinkling eyes are eviden! to all who behold one of the Glee Club's staunchest ITICIH- bers. Music is her greatest in- terest. VIRGINIA MARSHALL There is never a dull moment with Ginny around. Her speed and spectacular interceptions have prevented many a goal in basketball. The dances are few and far between when this sparkling miss isn't gliding across the floor. ELEANOR MICLOSKEY Only technicolor could do full justice to the titian hue of this colleen's c r o w n i n g glory, curled by Mother Nature. This future secretary stops all glances as she glides across the dance floor or skating rink with equal grace, HELEN L. McG'0VERN Sports play an important role in this lassie's life. If not playing, skating, or swimming she can be found rooting for the home team or managing the girls' basketball team. Township fascinates her, We wonder why. up .7Eere ? H lfxdin T ELIZABETH MvKENNA Glen-Nor must have magnetic power over Betty, for she rarely leaves before five. Traf- fic moves smoothly by Room 22 with one of our best dressed Seniors to direct it. A star supporter at Glen-Nor games, Betty is noted for her dependability. DOROTHY MELLEN Dot is one of our senior "working girls." On Saturdays she busies herself selecting the proper feminine accessories for the customers of "Kay's." Her personality is as flaming as her hair. HARRY MITCHELL Rumor has it that Zelinski's Sweet Shoppe has reserved a suite there for "Mitch"! In any event, it is there that his famous "half-speed chuckle" recovers from classroom rig- ors. He has a serious side . . . witness those consistent good grades. CHARLES L. MOSER Look behind that huge stack of ice cream bricks in the cafeteria, and you'll find this hard-working cobbler. Charlie also answers the fire bell at Norwood. However, he per- forms his most astonishing feats on any and all gymnastic equipment. ig.. Vfnialehzuin in MARY G. MEANEY Mary is a living example of the "sugar 'n' spice 'n' every- thing nice" that girls are made of. A gay giggle catches the proverbial second glance, In school Mary arranges the An- Pfllclfkf snapshots and toots a trombone for Mr. O'Neal. ARLETTIA R. MINKE This little lady can he found any evening passing out movie tickets at the Parker theater. Nevertheless, she finds time to amass a fabulous collection of high school pennants, Summer finds Arlettia bound for her annual stay at the shore. IVILLIAM MILLER Want to know who made how many points in what game? Then just ask Bill, the sta- tistical expert of all Glen-Nor sports activities. When not at- tending athletic contests, chess and mathematics satisfy this wizard's lust for puzzle solv- ing. ALBERTA ANN NATALE The tiniest Senior is Alberta. They say, though, that the nicest things come in the smallest packages and that's certainly true in this case. Al- berta succeeds at anything she triesg ample evidence is her work on the Student Council and Annual. ALBERT 0. NELSON As soon as the three o'clock bell rings Al is off to don green coveralls as a service man at the Texaco Gas Sta- tion. He usually manages to get off Friday evenings to es- cort the current heartbeat to the Glen-Nor dances. IOHN E. NITTINGER This youthful Sir Walter Ra- leigh can usually be found asking someone to please "smile for the birdie." When not posing Glen-Norites for Annual pictures he is having the time of his life at Hi-Y meetings. ERNEST A. PIETSCH Since the senior play Ernie is renowned throughout the school as that mischievous younger brother, "junior," When not busy keeping his classmates in a continuous state of hilarity Ernie may be found snapping pictures in be- half of the Annual. E. CELESTE ROBINSON This lil' South'n belle is an importation from Maryland. Her assortment of hairdos, chatty drawl and witty out- bursts made her a noted figure among the Seniors. We'Il bet many people will bene6t if she follows her chosen profes- sion, nursing. "gan :lm ALICE D. NILSON Alice's outstanding service in behalf of war bonds and other campaigns will be sorely missed in ensuing years. Her literary ability has been util- ized as Associate Editor of the Annual and in composing tricky jingles for our daily Bulletin. ANNA 1, 0AKEs The high-stepping twirler be- fore the Band is Annie, and a big reason why that band won so much favor this year. Pretty as a picture, Annie does clever Art work for the An- nual. which proves her artistic sense. In the fall, she assists the Hockey gals. ROBERT R. REX Glen-Nor's authority on auto- mobiles spends most of his spare time tinkering with his beloved, but aged, car. An- swering the clang of Nor- wood's fire bell gives him plenty of exercise. As a C.A.P. alumnus, Bob really knows his military marching. CATHERINE T. SCHLESSELMAN A love of dancing and skat- ing, coupled with a quiet man- ner and sunny disposition, characterize this brown haired Senior. If you want the latest movie news Cass is the per- son to see. man .14 wing n JUHPW G0 IVAN SMITH Although skeptics declare that it is impossible to get as many people into a car as Ivan does and still have it run, he man- ages with ease. I-Iis first love is really radio, where he per- forms baffling repair jobs. DOROTHY ELLA STABB If you see a flowing mane of heavenly reddish blonde hair the envy of all females-Dot is sure to be the lucky owner. That smart apparel she sports is mostly created by her own hand-a miraculous feat. ELAINE SULTZBACH One of the brightest smiles in the Senior Class can be traced to Miss Elaine. Those teeth are the envy of all girls, as are the melodious bits of laughter which always ripple around her. Hers is one of the nightingale voices of the Glee Club. WILLIAM VOEHRINGER Displaying an unsuspected tal- ent, "Buzz" has been unrav- eling traffic knots in the hall with the right combination of firmness and finesse. Casting aside his badge, this Don Juan hasn't missed a Friday night dance this year. Il cl,uCLy CLIFFORD SPARKS An award of merit for keep- ing Recording and Visual Ed, equipment in good order should go to this hard work- ing yet unsung Senior, Always genial and smiling, he not only is a conscientious scholar, but also manages the I-li-Y finances. JOSEPH C. STARR joe is best noted for his ad- mirable grin, easy going dis- position, and especially for his prowess on the basketball floor, Here his name applies directly. At social scenes he prefers to watch, but the local lass i es are maneuvering a change. ROBERT L. TIMMONS Bob is one healthy-looking in- dividual. Those sly remarks, bane of a teacher's life, have undoubtedly grown and pros- pered every afternoon at Manor Plaza, where his curly head bobs up and down through many hectic court contests. BETTY VOLLMER Wings on her blouse truly in- dicate where Betty's thoughts lie. A fan of Woody Herman, the size of her record collec- tion is staggering. An ever- ready smile and quiet manner will always gain popularity for "Bomber." HELEN EDITH Il"EBB Those original Amzmzl posters are the work of our Circula- tion Manager, Edith. Always finding the hilarious side of a situation, her social roster is zvell filled, Her pet theme- there is nothing better than having an older brother. CHARLES E. IVEST A blond cavalier, Charlie has really given the family car a workout. Hailing from jersey, more specifically Collings- wood, it rates A-1 in his con- versation, Risking life and limb on the Norwood lire truck is an old story to this fire-cater. ROGER C. IVILLIAMS "Brains" on the football field and Hi-Y presidency are the keynotes of "Moe's" person- ality. A stranger might be fooled by that calm exterior but we who've known him awhile are wise to the "regu- lar" guy underneath. He'll solve your Trig, too. SHIRLEY RAE IVOLFE This lady has the distinction of being the tallest female in the Senior Class. Shirley doesn't rely on height alone for merit. however. Particu- larly adept at dancing and skating, she easily steps into her role as Student Council member. C. STANTON BONSALL Stan's return to his "Alma Mater" this year came as a very pleasant surprise. Al- though he arrived too late to try out for the school team, two years' service on the Church Farm School quintet speaks volumes for his basket- ball ability. l!"AL7'ER IVEIGAND, IR. "Wiggie" surprised us all by growing up suddenly to be- come one of our best gridiron boys. Never let it be said that he gives in without a fight, as his P.O.D. classmates will tes- tify. Personality and a sense of humor keynote his activi- ties. IVILLIAM IIHILSON Bill divides his time between the gridiron. basketball floor, baseball diamond, and n blonde in the junior Class, performing capably in each case. Bills mighty glad this is his Senior year, 12 years of education are plenty for his money, RI.'7'H M. IVOLI-'E Ruthicfs laughing eyes and smart appearance have drawn many an admiring glance. Her excellent work as secretary of the Student Council has given her extra training for her fu- ture career in the world of adding machines and type- V'l'ltQfS. j0HN IVOLFENDEN Despite a cascade of injuries, this good-looking lad has played a fine game as end for the Indian eleven the past two years. Serenely taking each class in his stride, john is a real devotee of the old maxim, "Silence is golden," FRANCIS U"'00DW'ARD He isn't the tallest fellow in the class, but there's never a dull moment when one's within hearing range of his humor. Peri odic absences mean that old home ties have conquered his spirit, and Get- tysburg claims his attention. 6 fClockwisc-upper ccntcrj B. Bumforlh, E, Pief,wZv, E. Wfebb, A. Nilmn. M, 114 hh rl. R. Heamrk, B, lyflllllltf. Y' Beeler, 1. Bmri. fffcmcrj B, Graham. QPQ a UQ een ome gkangezi mule " .7 .146 une oe5 g ffllockwise-upper center, A. Minka, B. 1. MrKenm1, L Longimlmm, 1. Cmwfofd, C Burma. E, Hurmfen, S. Pverb M. Km, M. llebdfn, M Forlam, fCCFlfCl'J R. Hcfutfwk C. U"e.rl, R. Rex, C. Mruer 1 I. l'riru, D. Reddirlglrnl, 17. SfL'KQ'7lll!1lL'7', P, F.1rmw', H. 1jIllKKQ!7L'7'f y, Prire, L. Mlniffc, lj.II'f.lfUI. B. U"c.11':'r', R. Fwgu 1 ml. C.nev, M. Manley. 1. f,I'UI'f lwll. S. Iirnxmll, R. Tillilllllilf, II. Runs, j. Teetfel, 1. Dari- wn, 1, Prite. DATES TO BE REMEMBERED Sepfember 22 .... ..... 1 fmim' Party Defember 21. . . . . .Cbri.rrma.r Dame April 13 .... ........ I mzior Prom june 1 ,.,. .... f zmim'-Senior Prom 28 .77 U19 U1 l 2 Well! D. Reddinglorz, D. Redding lon, A. Furry, P. Fmvlu. D Hornberger, T. ll"afd, Mm Hutclainx, Clan Spamory D. Sfegmuller, P. Bumberger, Prire, P. fabmon, 1, Dazfixon, P. fobmon, IV. Granl, Cmey, P. F0 wie. Rurmm l" Row 1: IW. L. Mlfrpby, H, lV'.1lru11fdfn'f, N.1l.1lc. G. Bnrgelf, E. DfL'kf7l.1'!JlI, B. Gill.n-d, Iullx -IUIIUI. Row 2: 1. Pfiff, P. B.1111bw'gcr. D. Re'da'l11gIr1r1, Bmdlejy, D. Grubb. D.zz'imf1. Row 51 F. Andermn, D, SfL'4QI11lKHL'Y', li. ll"m1'w', N. P.m'ell,u, E. Selby, Teeluel, Reid. Ruw Ai' F Ifrnrl, I. Smiflxfzry, B. Pivrve, M. jrzlvflmn. P. F.1rmvr, D. Br'r1g.1n. Row 5' K. Lbllllfll, H. lJUlltQl7L'7'fV1, A. litlliflfl, U", Gvlllilf, T. unblftll, P. Frzlrlc, G. Mf- U"'illi.m1 r. Room I9 I XII I IXULI 7' Row l I 'l'.11fw'. M. Smll. Iv. Dmzvzu, B. M.1rr.1, C. 11.171771 'l'm'r'in'U.l , 1 W Rnw Row 2. I., P.lffW'vUII. E, Olwn, M, llnulfluy, M. lf".1grzw', L. Twlrf, Peifw 5. D. Griffillf, B, IXVPZIIIIEP, R. As-ull. j. C.1w1. C. Fr',1+w1r1i, R. l.UL'l'l1Jl1N1 4 j Ozcrlwll. S. Brnlnzll. H. Runs. R. Ffxnzfif, Ruw A 1 . 30 eniow of ZI6 . . Room 20 Row 1: D. Penin, V. Torrenf, G. Polidarn, M. Knouflm, G. Demprey, B. Davil Mr. W'inger'. Row 2: Barber, 0. Carey, A. Puffy, L. Pape, M, MrG0u'an, M, Wfzrner, Row 3: P. Montgomery, L. Mufick, C. Dent, H. Banmll, Sleiz. S. Kmmer, I Haeberle. Row 4: R. Blair, D. Hamberger. M. Mafxrbull, E, MfMdHdm'1. 32 12 g0l,U'l 2106 l. 561114 ',1' uI111.u1, M. Ifnx. B Su14l.fblrry,, R, Kam 11. Prui Jeni.: C. I3 1'11f1 lv. Vi m4:' Puri dent: L. Dnrif, Tr 4'.1 wr z-4'v- J M Whlfwzdwl, Rt'Lnfl7'llJjlIg Sevre- mryf B. A. Rfddizzgmrz. Cm-- reiparlding Sc't'1'r.fz1!'A1.' H, A Rcddingfon, G. Irzrizz. of CM '47 Mrf. Goerder, Clan Spomor Pietxclw, M. Memzey. DATES TO BE REMEMBERED Oftober 8 .... .... S ophomore Party Marfh 2. . . .... Sophomore Hop April 20 ..... ......... D anre 33 G. Irzvirz, C. Bfdfllldll, F RllbilI,f0II, R, Kz'r111'n, L 'mloloff ROQM ll Ruw l Rnw 2 Row 5 Row Al Row S ROOM 22 Row l Hull, Ruw 2 Row 3 Row 4 Ruw 5 80,5 QTOP PICTUREJ R. u'v'.l1lL'7'l, I. Rirb. N. Dnmzu, SrEzr'c'1'ff1g, C. HJH, B. Cr'7't'L'7l, Mr. Srfwzidl R. Lluzrcllvz. M. Hmfzdt. G, Terrill, B. Bonne. L. Ram, TJ-ylnr, R, Lutz P, 1lU7'f0I1,V K, Frmf. B, B1'rmiz,r, L. lD.II'iJ, N, Ilurlrm, Graff, Afl1w'f1f1lt, B. Glzlhgbcr, A. lW.1rwfMI!. S. IN1wklc1', F. Rnlzimmz, P. Rirfurdmrz, f. lfnfflfv, 17. 511111. fhllwf, Moyer, R. lx1l'I"7fL'k.IY', Dywrz, B, limfcr, fBOTTOM PICTURE, C. DvP.m1, L.1zz'l1e,1d, M. Pslffflfl, C. Limvnlrz, A. Kilzlzlur, I1'IlfDt'7'llI0ff, Mi. 1 M. llnlmulbu, D. I'1.I!l!l.I, M. Huzrley, L. loner, N. Gvfllllllfllg, B. Sznlwblny. C. BYLUIIIJII, D, D.Il'jd,lf1ll, B. Ifllllfbffll. Il". B.1,x'1er. j. lH.lL'LUH.UI. Ii. Svlzuliml. U". Grow. M, AlId?'L'Zl'X, R, Swlffv. f. liwmlel. R, Kwzwl. Cblzlalz 34 Room 25 fToP PICTURE Row l: B. FVIIIIZ. I. Sc.m'lv, H. A, Rwhlirlglfnz, D, yrllllilg. R. lfjxlmg 17. lHL'l7flll'LH, Mm fIl1l1'l?fI1J'. Row 2: R, I71HIlllfl'c", j, L.m'lu'. M, G'r'.u', D. 'l'brm1fvmu, M, L. ll",:liu', li. Sfhzrlfx, j'.1. Row 5: lf. Mnrrij, Owens. B. Mfmdy, H. l1"bi1Im'k, Cloml, S. Lazer. R. .'H.1V'fflI Row -1: C. Iirrmb, B, 1!llIt'l7fllHlll. R. Dunn, Ford, G. lVZt'fII. B. H.u'1, R. Ilnlmmbe Room 2-1 fBoTToM IJIQTURFJ Row l: I", Ruibluy. fi. Hulmw. lxfl'C.lIlI1c'-1, B, Rnlzimfnl. G, Cfux, 13, lhifw, Mn II.1rrImrn1. Row 2: K. Knwlvig. AI. uHU1fL'IlljL'II. E. Lnlfvm, E. ,l1J1'lfI1', lj, Alufmd, C. limx. Row 3: M. llwi, L. 11211-lwIlu'fmu'. R. Fnflrm, H. llffzwll. S, Sinznrz, ll, lin-nffflu' 1. King. Row 4: K, Bw'il1gu'. 'l. C.1r'y. li. limfzdl, P. unjllllll, fi, Yml, lf, Iiflll, A. Rmm. Row 5: Smiffv, R, 51-IIIHIIUIIN. If. Upfulf, I". Rwiz, Crmjwr, P. Ilngfvu, M, Ifvnwzlfl Row 6: P. Sulvlw1ul11f.n1, C. Cffffvlfk onauh flue Sopka .l R. Hazziird, R. Srfn1Lffw'. A. Edmn, L. Emi 4'1' day, H. King. F. uyoribviu '1'. D. fHiiif. R. Mill, R. Baird. DATES TO BE REMEMBERIZD Orfooer 27. . . .,.. Ninth Grade Parry February 10 .... . . .Serenlb Grade Parry lime 7 .... , . .Ninlb Grade Promotion ,mf 06.45 pw, Luk Alcomd mu, " A. M.u'r.1, ZH. llafrif, Mr R. l1.1::,ml, R, Millar, D Lnzw, T. B.: v'r'.1 r, U". Alloufay H, N L'.1t Lf ef, Dr. Cdley, A si-f1,,.,fJH, 1A lhfid. O'Ne.1l, M. Kjler, R. IHOrri.r, S. Glenn, D. Fulmn, E. Mona- lmu, R. Arzdwwurl, j, Ilurlung, r ROOM bi Row I: R. l',lv'u'ffu JI, 13.1413 'I'. 1H,1Hr11, D. fglfubx, Af, fHrVf1'l.11', R. IJIHIIIJV, MJ' I.1m!1.. Ruw lt 17. Znlifz ll C,. ,'hf,r1flm RANK 51 Af. f,y.lHL . Ruw W' lf. 5'f.7','r Rum' Room 9 Row li Cf. limi Huw J: l7uzw11. Ruw 5: S. IM.-fy ff. Ruffilzmfl, Rmv -it R. llf.1m x redenfing iw. G, 1 .1 mg. C. llnpflv. A. Sflvzcicfw, R. UH, R. Kvxfnw, AI.1r'li11 I YI. ffmmll. R. ,1lfCf.nf1lLA1'. P. Fjfhlll, P. Dirzuzfzw, Ebr. I.. I..m4'.nfLr Nl. R. Sz'f1.lff4 13 lf. l5.lfuf3p AI Sj2wn'w'. lf, Afllfllvfzfffxzlzf. L, Unlwbrz, R L, IMI.. R. lfmfriu. If. Emzzr, IJ, Lfmw, M, lfddy. Aff. Gum. ff. LL 111. Cf. S!.1ri11'L.1lfwr, E. l7cI',ml. R. C'll!'lL'V1', R, Mllfm. lf. 1.0111 M, Cf.m.Ix, K, Mnrriu, G, Mffflwz, A, I1"luzz'ulI, II. SfJff1.x'. C, limi ri. U". l'mf:1n',q. M, Sijfflfv. A. lX'i7llc'YV1', Il, Arl'w'n1.1z1, U". f:lH'7lUl1-IIN je Jcngpinb o fha Junior Room 15 Row 1: B. W'ila'v. E. Fwguwrz. Y. Slllflbvllldii. H. Bennett. V. Young, j. Crnmrlr, Mill Keffer. Row 2: 17. Huzel. M. Illfflllllllllh M. Curwnl. V. Lufher, M. Kubler. Burby. Row 3: D. ',l!LJ7Il0f1. L. Grfldvlmrrmgh. j, Lately, U". Ymf, A. IIIKYUIUI, M. A. M.1lir1., F. Smilb. Row 4: Gilbwl, Boqw-, B. Bmnrfa, D. l,cIVY'flllI1VE'. Sluu: L. Sflicldfin. Row 5: R. Hmnlu, Fuffzu, R. H.1::.1fd. T. Bdfnlv Room I0 Row lf fi. Allrvmcf. I7m1,Jldvrn1. Bing, A. A1:l11xv.lllI.1l,I. l'w'r-3, R. Ruvn. Ml.: SUUZ. Row 2: lf. llnrflcfr. Kfnguh y. U". f'H.1v'z'1'1. lfiflfm. R. LIUUL1. Row 5: Biulwp. A, Gvuzyy, L. lV'rmdu'.1v'J. M. l7r'w111.n1. R. Smrll. S. Hnrlmll. IS. lfml. ROW 4: S. Minka. M. f'1.IlflHI, G. Milfw. R. Caller. I7. Mnwfrl. ll. lhzvfny. Row :JI R. Tmnf. C. Gr'u1'. f. 1l.1r'I11r1g, M. Iirnlmll. R. Nvlmn. Mn'f1r1u'. R. 1710611111111 39 RooM 3 ROW 1: M. Knlaler, B. Bomb, 1. Gillaerd, C. Linde, E. Riddell G Gommer Mrf Bum Row 2: H. Carter, M. Fox, 1. Schiller. P. jonef, R. Gallagher N Butler Kahlerf Row 3: G. Rink, D. Lewif, N. Bailey, M. Aird, I. MarLellan D Bufb Row 4: 1. Gilbert, H. Hawley, C. fenkim, R. Bumberger D Mill! R Knoll aif fo ide jorfg-nnera. Row 1: R. Riddaglz, P. Nef, R. Lullaer. S. Reefer, R. Riller, H, Bedufell, Min Biefter Row 2: E. W'lJite, R. lVrmdr0u'. M. I. Tomlin, C, Teitfel, W. W'e.rlerberg, E. Walth Row 3: j. Kofoed, M. L. Greer, K. Smillaeman, D. Hinkle, H. Irving, F. Miller, V Ippaliri. ROW 4: G. McLumn, j. Rundell, E. Llfzlzer, L. Delp, B. Zimufh, U". Culey, j. Pi11.r I, Lower. Row 5: D. Ma-Infyre, R. Hllflkflg, ROOM 8 Row l: 1. Simon, ll". Rirb, D. HIlfL'blfl.f, A, McLaren. D, B.zx1ef. R, Genmm. Mfr. Hen. Row 2: 1. Carter, F. Cloud, F. Donnelly, R. Shapiro, 1. Carlurfi, E. Bulentine, S. Afyell. Row 3: F. Sebelift, L. Peterxon, M. Corneliux, M. R. Polk, E, Yon, T. Verbil, C. joneJ R. Purdy. Row 4: F Clmfnork. R. Roan, R. Kenrletler, E, Kohlerl, A. Mdffd, 1. Cmwfofd, R, McCauley. .7AarZi gofol in jkem jkar inord. Row 1: A. P.1rlerfIeld. V. Polork, D. Alegnnziglu, f. HJgKl'lll.llI, R, LJll'f'L'lIL't.'. IJ, Ebly Mr. Thompson. Row 2: j, M.1r,rl9.1ll, B. Bewm, H. Oakes, R. j4r1'i.r, R. C.mgl., B. Hamm, Row 3: R. DuP.uzl, L. Bfillllllllll, L. Rilfbie, ll", Knlln, R, Linrill, Bakvr. E. Ljggljll Row 4: H. Burmr, T. Hyzmillon. E. B. Drennwz, T. Connery. C. Wood Il". Reid. - lil 1 Room I3 Row 1: j. Long. B. Smilb, j. Robiumn, H. Burgell, L. Filz, -I. Holm. Min Magee. Row 2: G. Crank, R. Wfeemx, j. Andefmn, C. Engle, G. Dunluy. C. Courant, j. Camel! Row 3' R Hugbeu. N. Taylor, D. Fullon. j. Curler. U". Knoll. B. Rolli. Rciw I.. Melmn. R. Fenner, D, W'otber,r, I. Benner, P. Pefermn, L, Ei.fenlJ0wer, C. Dymn Row 5: C. Gill. L. Clvnrnofk. N. Kirner. H. Bullock. j, Fixlyer. 1950 .Siem C, Ong dy . . . Room 1 Row 1: H. Lord, R. A?ldFI'.fII?I. 'If Cllrmrl. C. Bvjmv. S. GVIFUII. R. BY'I!t'.6, IHH. Goerder. Row Z: R. Rm: G. Dougberfy, IV. Ilnnlf. I". AdLlll1,f, M. Miller, D. Cnfnalim, 1. liilvbrzer, D. llifkwxmrz, Ruw 3: C. Arnold, B. Grubb. C. Baker. N. Mmker, N, Gunwlf. lwilbrzlluf. F, BMI Row 4: U". Allozmuy, A. Hnlmu, V. Eiwzzbmy. G. j1n'o,fky. C. Colbwg, H. B.1bwA, D. lizrker. Mtft'kLf1A1', B. Camper. Row 5: j. Dllg.III, j, Feidl, M. Sfllilb, U". Harlan, B, Guvzlzlv, P. Bortmz, L. Ea.1lerd.zy j. Brenmzn. ROOM 12 Row l: Rrlfzifiwrz. N. UHLHQ, R. l'3.1rlw,,111. I. jffmv, C. I11.lff6'WI. M. AI.n'Dw1.1ld, Mfr! jg mzizzg r. Row 2: JY. Cir.:-y. B, Grow, G. R1.n1. ll. King, M 1'1'c'f. 111, Lullnfr, C, Uplvflf. Row 5: 71 Kvir R, mm.. R. fm-J. A. Zim. u". 1...-LW. M, 7'w'i1. 13. Edwin. Row -1: R. Small. A. Lufluf. B, Puwlmz, E. - lbwglv. D. Unbitv, B. llnnlfwldwl, K. BUIIIIVI. L. lI"'w'kbvi.u'1'. R. Pulluz Row 5: Mmzdel. L, lI"lvi1.1iw, B, Krffgfv. j. Rnzvlw. N. lxfwlw. lf. Murz.1lmr1. R. Milll. H. Walker. 43 Sam Eclfonzi flue .glnior Kaya 1 1 l I 7 M ZWWAMM Qlwffffyzbidf Q17 Qifffvflmw! 2,7 QWAJQXW7 Q7 X O .XX , ff' - Nx X 'AQ f X. vff, P -if' X' ,X X , K 4 .Q 'Y , "1-N X f -Q v ty wt. 4' . - X ,f '45 " ' 4 ,M ' 1, 0' c, " f ".., 'sw '71 1 J . ,J 'ar 'if t' ff KF? '42 N, . ff- Z, 19, X 'J m. Q 'wc 11 'TJ .1 .- ,- V if - fa ,qv 8" ,. ,, 'JUG Qs,- ig! 1 -f f' Lg, .g Q -1,- Laiglzm A O "-,L Z ' 1 x '41 Af ,Q L gift., ly, v cb.:-I V! ci will N7 xverv 1'-'Y -f 4, ' X' 6 -Q' 6 A 'Co sqzb Rd. if a. 'aff' -1 W if '4-cy. Q WCCM' 2 64 63" A def 'Ls ,W CQ? N.-Q 2,4 .Q C9 'iff 1, 5' Qi, . vt-Yi, , ,rf , ,amd 7 V f' ,Jan-fra' " . Quinn. mv' 'A .ff,Z5f4-4 . 61,441 ji,-4,611 2!d.n1f4', if R I ,Lf ,ni fl AM, A J . U If J .1-.ali Lua? 94. La. 12,4 .A . 1 I ,dL.l.1.A.. fm adfbl -,fcfufifx J bil.. r- A 'f ,.z,, 4141 V if " Era.: h 7 11411 dc. Kiln.---e.f fji,,If1ia.!. 1 , CZ4-ilu , , ! 1 Yr- ,ZIM ' f Zagie. . life Xl :I ,dafwih ,1 .jan Lf, .L Af ff? ZA, A dun gl!! 1 444.4 . .ff ..1'f66 f 1 r'-LJLJ ,- , ,lfulfm-.1 fl f K f U9"4JfJ , ', ,.u. 364 nw-L1 ,lic . . I Ili 10:47 I! 1144.1 JZ: .., M H . . . 1. I. .v nl 'fm' 661 f , . 21, LJIAA-1, 05,1- K z"..r'1 ly ' ' f ., . J ntl ,fa I, ' 7 - ,,,f',5A.c 5 ,lfA4 43:47 -' A 3'JA:'4VA"J lf:-w.J Pg I 41.10. 1-- M!!- b Ill: -lf!!-f',-'yftt' ' K ll ln A. 1,1411 57 ff Wemor. Q Row Row Row Row Row Row BAND l: G'i1bu'l, C. Li111'11111, 17. 7'1111111pm1111. A. 0.1kw, N. G1'11111li11g 1 11111111 1111141g11 111 13 171111 lf. 2: j. 0.1kur. j. L1111'f1c,111, ll". Sfufz, C. Sl.1rkz1'c111bw, R. Ti1111111111- 11111 JY vu I 3: U", IIlllbt'f4Lf, G. D671lf11t'.1', 17. Pw.ri11, D. Bllib, A. Yml. 11117 11111111 7 ll 1 13 11111111111 51171147 fl 4: Srfwillur, C. Linde, L. 17115. R. G'.111.1gbe1', F. Tb11'11,l111111, 13 1 IL R 5111111 17111111 11111 5: R. 1S.111111w'ge'r, A1bL'7'l7Il11. C. IIIVIJILVI, P. Burlon, I. S1.1i111121 P 71 1 A111111 P 01111 6: R. I71L'l't'7I!fI?l, R. I'l.1rl1'1114q, M. Mc.111e.1. 13. 156111101 B, Cj.1lI.11g!v,r 1 1 41 D D 111 11111 I 11611111111 1 1N1A-IORETTFS C, 1.i111'11111. D. 'l'b11111p11111 A. fl,1l'u, N. G1'111111i11g. f Gillwrl, F, H!lP'IIt7?'. Coloma GUARD R. L1uz1'ul1111. P. 15.1111 f1v1gQ1'1', 15, ljJI'1l, N. 17111111 13, Piwre, 1. 11.1111m11f. ear iarg, As chief morale booster for our athletic teams, the band made its colorful appearance as soon as football season started. And who wouldnt Want to play harder with a smiling group of pretty majorettes and color guards urging him to victory? This year, our band has been greatly benefitted by its new director, Mr. Marlin O'Neal, an importa- tion from neighboring Prospect Park. Through his expert guidance and enthusiasm, this organization has improved both in marching and in playingg in fact, sulhciently to win two merits in a competition with thirteen other bands at the University of Pennsylvania. Not resting on this laurel alone, the band has played at the elementary schools, at P. T. A. meetings. and at Chester and Media high school programs JUNIOR Row l: H. Cltlltfcrlirlg, S. BL'L'i'L'l, H, llnulfurldwl. 17. Cffmmip, 'If li.1i'lm1.u1. 17, Yf11n1g, L. L.m'i'wg L. L.u1'1'er. K. llnfrftu, M. j. Ni'llrw-yy. j, llnlwilu. Row 2: fX'flHI1lll, L. ClL'!'I'.II. H. Neliun. A. Slviuzuml. lf. M. Hffllfll, Iiflfflfll, A. l7.l7'Y.ll7, IIIIZIJYII, M. I7.11'ii. If. S!l'c.l1IIlJPI. 17. Clvriifni, D. IsYl,l.ll'K'll, 17. Il,lw'w'. R. Rev. Bimss Cliiolit 15. RIIINIIIIHI. rlloiwy Mr. 0'Nc'.1l C Iinniznn, lf. I'.11ltv-ww, l'. Cru BAND Row 5: R. Gilburl. P. uHJflflll. R. Il,m1iI.'fn1. 17. Lxrllffwl j. ll.1r-ziggy, Sizmzrlz, R A1L'f,l.llIllllL'j, R. Cvrifill, M Romfml. I. Liiwzi, lf. flfljyflur. G. ll.n'rw'. C. llnllfldfflll R. R.mf1. R. Low. j. Cllwrv. R. lx'm'l1, G. jznwrwki. If. Cxpu. T. Ifrxmi. 'I'.nlrn', S. Iirmllv, D. llwlllul. H. ll.n'r1i, li. Sl.lf'f'L1. 'I Sf?frHc'1, A. B.Il7IL'!', Air. 0'NL'.ll. Row 5: R. I7v'1m1bvHi'r, Dizriv. Dlnmlire. U". M.1lir1g A. I1.1!'fIl!IKU, L. C.1pu, N. You, K. M.n1.ileVi. II. Happf R, Tr2r'rfi'c'11.1.i, T. SfNJ4.'f1c'Y1', R. untill. Row 6: l". SL'l71l'U7'fIIg, D. Smith, L, G.1rigli.nm, C. Haid A, l'UHl7lL'7', T. Fnrbei. C. Ellii, B. Ferglmrnz, Grubb. P. Diedul. Ilulrffini. C. Bulluri, L, Gilleipie, R, Lffzrer 7 . . Row r: l.1V1lm'. P. King. M.nlu1lcr, 17. 'llulmg ll"nlfw1a'w1. P. RUL'llllL'I', lli1cf1ir'lt', Clzrlf, R. Ne.u'i'. R. Simw. 'If jwzijm, Meflun. j. lfwgiqlfmzl. Mundcll. Row 8: N. Brill. C. Dicburmrr. N. Sf7c'f7I1.U1, Y. M.1cbuflv, E!1gIt'l7tl7l. B. Xlluycrr, Luiz, C, Hugbui, B. Iiviiicl. If. Unimni, G. Brlm. Row 13 C, Tl1fr1f1e, Slifer, E. fllfcffftft, lf, Kflfluful L A. 'Vt 'vu .............., lfi-A , if 1- .,i f. a 4: f , 1 , ff . , .swf JR, 3 I V. .JYQLK ' A at y ' ' I Y , A C' f I 4 Q 'I FT. v ! R ' f' x. N uowwxl in AN 3' 'fri ,sl S 1 M54 Ji' k Y X Jw NSW 7? 1 W fl 4 k G E , if I I3 -'fa 'M in A is t if 3 , x. Q ' -' E1 F ,, L ff " 4' .s A H J My gk U , 4 fm. wi, arg' g V Q 12 ws - , Q wlvl , ' E Q 5 W ' 'Q if 4 F Q , , , , ,iv A '-' A N L 'E I I f lfoo'i'u.-xi 1. Sciiiifniiiif 194-l GN pp. Sept. 30-Sharon Hill H 15 0 Oct. 7-Fdclystone A 0 26 Oct. Ill-Darhy A 7 0 Oct. 21-Prospect Park H 25 0 Oct. 27-Swarthmore A 6 I5 Nov. sl--Collingdale H IS ll New ll-Clifton Heights A I5 6 Nuv.23-Yeadon H S 6 Dec. Zsllidley Twp, H 6 6 TOTAL 96 57 Q Q . Ufll' lflfy, Witlm a nucleus of nine returning lettermen for the 1941-i Eleven, Coaches Thompson and Knoll turned out an all-around team which won six out of nine games. Outstanding among the seasons performances, dear Diary, were Bill Wilsoi1's three touchdowns against Collingdaleg Murray "the Bear" Forbes' rugged line ,.J1.,,.mv4f4 playg and Don Boorse's dependable hackfield work. But win, lose or draw, team-spirit was shown at all time. This was proved when the Indians, losing at halftime, came back to defeat Clifton Heights, and again in the Ridley Township thriller which climaxed the team's successful season. v., .v- , -, - If. lxklm, D. Brmiiic j.M1cI nga R ll ffllnli nh: lxmni. Mi. lfwffljuwl if STIF F OPPOSITION Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. . CoaCh+ILilyan W GIRLS' J. V.'s HOCKEY SCHEDULE 19 GN 28-Media A 0 5-Eddystone A 2 12-Ridley Park H 2 19-Collingclale H 6 26-Ridley Twp. H 1 31-Yeadon A 2 16-Sharon Hill H 3 tight 44 Opp, 1 1 1 O 1 3 O VARSITY HOCKEY SCHEDULE 1944 A A H H 26-Ridley Twp. H Guns' Sept. 28-Media Oct. 5-Eddystone Oct. 12-Ridley Park Oct. 19-Collingdale Oct. Oct. 31-Yeadon Nov. 16-Sharon Hill emorie5 0 A II ore .gzina EASY GOING if X A Q1 Q S VARSITY HOCKEY M. U"'.1rf1er. M. Blizzard, F, Horner. M, Kerr, H. Lnux, M. Hehden, C. Hanna, D. Stegmullef f1tl7'7lll'L'!I. Martin, Captain: R, H.1u'ley, D. Reddinglfzn, R. Andafrrrzn. Q ear fury, The Glen-Nor lassies rolled through a nearly Always fighting to the Hnish, the backfield perfect season with four wins, two ties, and one yielded only seven goals to their opponents, giving defeat by Ridley Park. joan Martin, captain, was Glen-Nor a 17-7 ratio to the other teams. the team's high scorer with six goals to her credit. The j.V.s ended their season with four wins, The rest of the forward line also did their part to two losses, and one tie. jean Price was both cap- give the team .1 total of 17 points for the season. tain and high scorer for the V.s with five goals. HOCKEY SQUAD Row lg A. Oxfftw. M. U".1n1er. M, Kerr, F, Horner. M IlL'bdL'II, C. I1Jnn.z. D, Rvddirzgfmz, R. Arzdermn. f. M.1flin R. lI.1rzluy, E. Il.zrn1.iwz, D. Sfvgrrzlrllrfr, M. f, Blizzard, H, Loux. I. Riffz, j. Chubb. Row 2: If Kiri'p.1lriria, I. Sldilflb-T. 1. MvDemmlI, S. Pverlv, L. D.11'i.f, M. lnbfzmn, B. fi. RL'L1lll!I4Lffl2!1, B, Bonne I P1'ic'r'. 1. lJJI'f,lI17I, Teilfel, N, flflffflll. B. Pierfe, Mrr. W'rigbl. Row 5: B. Grtwz. F. Rwzz, R. Fer'gn.i0n, P. Rich.n'dmrz, L. Grzldibnrozzglr, P. Cmielli. M. S,'1L'!1L't'Y, C. BWI, R iliflillllflfll, N. I'.1rnfl1,u, D. Grubb, Bnrlzer. Row -I: R. Suri, j. Birbop, Graf, P. Df!1!71ll?'c', M. Hurmn. S. Mefl3Iey, I. ll"lfeu'ell, B. Bmoku, 1. Smifll, E. Brill, M. Blnlllulf. P.H'i"'fi'! fil1 l Qiliii 1l'IHl2flQlj- 1 Sf.. swf 0 ik af An - or ear far? HE unconquerable spirit of our Allllllrlf staff has helped us to overcome the many dith- culties encountered in narrating the yearly events in our Glen-Nor Azlzimzl. Ever since the day Senior pictures were taken the staff has been working constantly. We soon discovered that such questions as "Whom will we choose as our dedicatee?" and "What will our theme be?" had to be answered very soon. At the time we may have thought these all the problems to be faced, But before long we found ahead of us a highly complicated problem of page layout. Although constant changes in our planning were necessary to create interesting and variable arrangements, we were always ready to start anew. After pondering for some time over the hockey pictures, a light would seem to flicker, bringing forth an exclamation of "Oh! I've got just the ideal" A sigh of relief would escape all present. Under the leadership of our faithful instruc- tor, Miss Kelley, assignments were posted and deadlines were met, With the aid of our nery patron and subscription drives, interest in our 1945 14111111.11 was heightened. ln spite of our many curious classmates, the staffs secrets remained within the intimacy of its members, lt was our duty to reply to various inquiries, "l'm sorry but l can't tell. lt'll spoil the surprise." Well, Diary, here is our memory book full of surprises. We hope all Glen-Norites will enjoy it. flop to bottomj l'lmlffgv'.1jflvy M.1r1.4gtri: D. A. Greer, P. Clin 11, Niftingu, E. l'it'.fu'b. Smzpifml Dtj1.1r1n1cr1l.' D. Grubb, M. Altaizzili, C. H!'i17H1,IH, P. jnlmmn, B. A. lftddizlgfrm, Aff .md Acziiilim Iidi1fm.' 1. Srbiverirzg, I. Omfrri. A. Odin, V. fll.1rrf1.11l, P. Brim- lzi rgi r, A. N.1I.1le, E, Di!'bf!1iIlI1. E. Ilarmten. Sjmrii lliJU.lKLft.'fl,' A'l.1r!in, H. Cox, P. Pricc. Al, Ilulfdtn, ll". Ginlfmnl. THE AUTHORS Editor-in-chief. . . Assistant Editor. . . Business Manager. . . Assistants ....... Ciruiilation lXl.lllglgL'TS Assistants, , . Pliotogrtipliy lVl.1I1.lgCI' Assistants ....,..,.. Class lzditors. . . ...... . . . . Clubs Editors. . . Assistants. . . . . ,B1'1t111 l3.1111fr11'llv . ..,. fifi istk fX'1l,vr111 . .Aldtz Lflllfllf Cl,11'l2 l3.11'f1t1r.1 A 1111 D11Bf1i.i' B.11'f1.11'.1 l'1v1'1'u . , . . .EJNIY lluvbfz C.11'nf.111 B1111111111 . . . .P.1l1'11'1.1 IIUXL'-1' li.11'!1.11'.1 ll tJ.II'L'l' 1111111 Lfflz .. .P.111l G1'uc11 . . . .lf!'11L'.l'f PjL'f,l'1'f7 D111'1,i ,V-11111 G1'w1' jdrl .X'1ll111gu1' Il B1'111'AL, 17.1-1 H111'11w' Ijlxit' Salbiy, I'.1t1t11'i.1 R1t'l1.11'1f,i'f111 . .lf11'lq1111.1 1l'l.111il1.1ff lifzxz H,11'111w11 . .plvjffix Bt1111f1c1'lge1' El1z,1f1efl1 D1vi111,m11 Snapshot Editor. . . ,.............. Ill.Il'-1 Il'lU.ll1!3-1' Assistants .,......... Dom Grubb, Clifford B1'.11111.111 Belfy A1111 Rc'J1fi11glr111, Pcggj 4,0l7II.l'I11l Art Editor ........................, A111111 Odkef Assistants . . ....... 1111111 0.1km !.Zl1!L'.f SL'f7ll'L'l'j1lg Girls' Sports Editor. .. .... 1ll1fJ1'cd Hvfidwl Assistants ,....... ..... f 111111 ll'l.l7'fjll fe.111 Prire Boys' Sports Editor. . . .... ll"1lli.1111 GlI'.1Z7.1I!l Assistant ...,.... . Rcfordcr .... Typists. . .... .. . . , . . .H.11'1"1 Cnx . . . . . . . . .flff1c1'l.1 N.1l.1fe . . . . .jat11111e Hl1.QllL'f. Nor.: Ely lllill'-1'j.I7lL' I3f1zz.11'J, lllflffdf 51411111.1111 Adviser. . . fillmp to lwttninj ISHN-1 f.111c 1llt'Kt'Illlil . . . , . . . .iiim IXVUHL'-1' lfJil111'i.1I SLIM: A, Nlfmu, IS, l3.1111f111,'f1, Iilfiimw SIJUE' li, Pitwu. xl, Cff,11l'. 15. 1711 13111.11 Cf11'i'11l.11i1111 l7t',I1.11Al111u11t.' li ll 'II 1' I' . nt. . Folvuy, WILL, C, Br111i11111. R. Lllll. Cl.1.f.r ELfiI01'.i.' P, Ril'Z7.I7'd7,lllI1, I". H111'11t'1 I. Hrnfk, E, Sklbj. w -www- 'i"'?' . ' V5.3 x 'W as as if ? Y -Q Ei A :E i x W M? fw " 5 sv ff Q Lf km wi. li wi? , Qif uAgsfm,1 .- x isa t 'STM Ev, .-. , ,f -. e ,W W... ng - . px I , '1 ,Alf A Q5 if if -N 2353.15 Q NA, T IASB' , 'mm 'Qi Q l Momrons Row 1: B. MrKt'm1.1, M, Wblfmdwz, R. A7ldt'f.f!l!1. B. Btllllfflflh. A, Nillule. D. Ginn' M. Rt1iHc'j'. Row 2: C. Sptzrbr, U", Hulrbim, P. Green, B, A. Reddinglon. L. Lcmghollom, j. L.1u'lve.1d. C. Hull, R. Unalfe, Piefer, H. W't1lIer.fd0rf, B. Kmmer Row 3: IV. Voebrirzger, M. Sipple, B. Eilel, j. Carlurci, A. Atwood, 1. Marrlmll. M. 1. Carmri. R. Heamrk, P. Finan, R. Sptzrkx. ear iary, We now have a Senior and a junior Student Council which operate independently but are super- vised by an executive committee composed of the officers of both. This plan was inaugurated last year and proved so successful that we continue to use the system. The service letter committee ful- Hlled its duties effectively as they planned those missives so coveted by Glen-Nor's service men and women for that extra bit of news from the SENIOR Exnclmvns Tremzner .......... .......... P . Bambcrger Carnffpmldirzg Scrwltzrky ..,. . Haebcrle Pftifidclflf ........... . . .... P. Green R e:a'r2 rding Sv t'1't1 fury .... ........ R . Wcmlfe Vice P r'tJ .uidenf ..,... ..., B . A, Rc-ddington Alma Mater, as did the monitors in keeping traffic moving smoothly through the halls. Under its new junior council sponsor, Mrs. Egan, and the senior sponsor, Miss jones, the groups have settled many homeroom problems after careful consideration and appropriate action. The whole school is looking forward eagerly to the Point System awards at the end of the year. ' 4 win rganizafiond, Zguifvhng . . . Gnu RESERVES . . Row 1: film. Hem, N. flllfifllll. P. jnbnmn, Treu,l'1n'er.' IW. Kerr, Vice P!'L',tfdLJl1l.' lvlclfffll, Prwiderzrf B. ll"em'er. Recording Serremry: R. Luiz. B, A. Reddirzgmn, ClJr1plain.' Mi.u' Knchwt, Milt Keffer. Row Z: D, Reddinglrm. C, Btzler, G. Cox. E. DfIkf?Zl'l1ll. C. Rllflflllllll. V, Turrwzn M. ll"olfemler1. R. While:-,l', A. Ilolnzer, E. Bradley. 4, Row 5: L. Hf?1.1'hfllll'!lUd, R, Hrzzcley, j. Cmzrford. f. Brock. 1. Drzrirmz. M. MrGou',1r1. j. Price, C. Hull, M. .Meuazevy B, Green, M. Heck. Row 4: S. Knmzef, D, Slegmzrller, L, DilI'f.l', R. llnolfe. H, Bmznzll. E. Sellry. P, Bmndl, M. uU..I7'Ilb'f, G. Terrill, D, A, Greer, F. Renz. iY"'r Row 5: P. Harlan. S. Mefkley, A, Mmxlbull, B. Pierce, IH. Freenmfl, E. IH. Cfmpgrl B. Bfflflkf. P. Almzlgrmzery. j, Smith, M. Hebden, H, Lrzfax. " ' Row 6: E, 'HclVlIl.l'671, P. RfL'bd7'd.lYHl. M. I. Blizzard, j. Hoguer, j. Chubb, G, Brimmeier, V. Mm'.ub.4ll. F. Hmner, P. Hlzglaev, M. L. Murphy. NE of the most popular or- ganizations in the school is the Girl Reserves. Built around a four- point programfservice, knowledge, health, and recreationfits weekly meetings feature movies, discussions, and victory aids. Regardless of freezing weather, the club continued functioning through- out the winter months. A third sponsor was added this year, with Mrs. Hess, Miss Kocher, and Miss Keffer presiding every Monday eve- ning. Highlighting the year's activities were the ingenious Scrapbooks, the Christmas menus, and the beautiful Christmas tree in the main corridor. Climaxed annually by the Mother- Daughter Banquet, the organization strives for a 100 per cent attendance at this event. It is the variety-packed program that encourages many sophomores to enroll eagerly each year, 6ll'l6! 5La,l"CLCtQl" Row 1: R. Auel. E. Piefxrb. P. Fotrle, D, Bonne, P. Green, B. Kramer. U". llneigund. Row 2: P. Kingiley, E. Bufer. M, For-lzei, 1. Nillinger. B. Hiddemen. M. Bowen. Row 3: Mr, Ffifkff, B. Gmfmm. K. Kaye. Serrelary: B. Bumforlh. Vice Pre.rider1t,' R. U"'illinn1.r. Pl'6.l'fd6'7If,' C. Sprzrkf. T1'e.1.fl1rer.' j, Orerboll. B. W'ilmn. H. Rerzz. Mr Tlaompmn. ERE'S a club that rates ace high with Glen-Nor in general, and with the senior high boys in particu- lar. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Fricker and Mr. Thompson, the club inaugurated its calendar of activities with the October ceremonies of in- duction and initiation. Membership settled until the midyear elections, the group settled down to those classics of parliamentary procedure, the regular weekly meetings. Among the many decisions made here were those of fixing the dates of the gym nights. Outstanding in these monthly evenings of relaxation were the two court clashes with the faculty team, resulting, incidentally, in one victory for each. The boys' trip to Convention Hall for a basketball doubleheader, and the midyear initiation also provided amusing and interesting recreation. But these are some of the club's lighter momentsg the Hi-Y has 2 serious side, too. Highlighting this phase were, in cooperation with the Girl Reserves, helping supervise and finance the printing of the Glen-Nor Handbook, and attending all the regular sectional rallies. Yes, for a versatile club the Hi-Y gets our vote. ear ibiarg, Hear those wailing clarinet notes and the boogie woogie piano rhythm floating through the halls? No, it isn't Benny Goodman nor Frankie Carle mak- ing a guest appearance at our school-but Glen-Nor's own Swing Band. As a haven for students who love jive, the Swing Band has quickly gained prominence. Its devotees are usually found lining the auditorium every Wedimesday afternoon when it holds practices. Besides playing at Senior Play intermissions and participating in an assembly program, it was also featured at the December Hi-Y dance which served to heighten still further its popularity. So click up your heels, jitterbugs, and listen to the dance band give out with some solid sending. SWING BAND 2 lu is :Ng ill s Jf jiri i f - -g gi CZLE N- A 1 J ': " swing 1 , afa e y BAND -if " ix " ...mis Row 1: Mr. 0'Neal, C. Boufum, H. Cox, IV. Foner, 1. Donaldron, D. Burk, F. Tbompfon, R. Small, 1. Piefer, P. Rifbardfon. Row 2: 1. Moyer, F. Robinfon, 1. Alherbolt, E. Paftefron, P, Green. 58 l GLEE CLUB Row 1: P. Brandt, N. Horton, L. Davir, B. Saulfhury, A. Yost, j. Lanrarter, M. Sperzrer, E. Harrnren C. Bourum, D. Larrimore, 1. Lawhead, G. Luther. Row 2: 1. Chubb, S. Srhnieder, j. laufhead, M. Hawley, V. Luther, M. Malirk, S. Peerh, H. Howell, M. Baird. E. Luther, G. Cox, S. Bonfall, G. Brimmeier. Row 3: A. Oaker, G. Mullen. P. Richardson, R. Walters, M. Kahler, E. MrCamley, M. Timmons, M. Hatton, P. Camels, C. Bort, P. Hughex, V. Young. Row 4: H. Bewley, R. Hawley, j. Crawford, M.. Eddy, I. Boyer, P. Montgomery, P. johnron, M. Heck, B. Branch, R. Dunbar, L. Goldrborough, R. Lutz. Row 5: M. Kerr, M. Sipple, P. Wilkinron, G. Dempsey, Mr. 0'Neal, M. Freeman, P. Dinmore, S. Minhe, j. Shaw, E. Cooper, K. Beringer. r Wwtkwlt at Ong jk? Weezer gbllilv HIS morning bright and early as we entered the door, strains of lovely music filled our ears. It was the Girls' Glee Club who had been at school for more than an hour already, practicing diligently. The hrst fruits of this enthusiasm were evidenced at Christmas time when the group presented a brief but inspiring program for the students and later for the parents. The traditional caroling through the halls the last day before the Christmas vacation proved an effective closing for the program, The highlight of the year for the club is Music Night, featuring choral numbers, soloists, and novelties. Many hours of practice and much work have been expended to insure the success of this program. From time to time, the students have been entertained in assemblies by members whose outstanding work has enabled them to appear as Mr- 0'Nedl soloists as well as members of the choral group. 59 enior ,gferg HE high spot of Glen-Nor's theatrical activities is the senior play, presented this year on November tenth. After much advance publicity, "Almost Summer," a comedy based on the trials and tribulations of a high school senior, played to a large and appreciative audi- ence. The solution of such vexing problems as winning a girl, passing history with a 90, and escaping punishment for smashing up the car, provided many hilarious moments. In throwing well deserved bouquets to the cast we award orchids to Bob McCombie and Ernie Pietsch for outstanding performances. Under the direction of Mr. O'Neal, Glen- Nor's own dance orchestra played several selec- tions during the intermissions. The unsung heroes backstage and the able direction of Miss Harrison did much to make the play a success. CHARACTERS Paul jones. . Mary jones. junior jones ..., . Mr. Jones. . . Mrs. jones. jane. .. .. ...ffm jack .,....... . . Miss Smudgely. , . . . . Lilah johnson .... . Anna the Maid. . , Robert Mr'Cr1rr1bie . . .jeamze Hague! . . .Eruert Pietfrh . . . .Paul Green . Carolyn Brzzzmm e Ellen Gmzz'fnrd . . Bzlfffill Kmmer Gloria Bl'i!ll7lIl'i6f . . . . .femz Brncle . . .ffrne Clmlzli Standing: B. Kmwzer, C. Bolzrlml, I. Iloguet, G. lirimnzcier. P. Green, R. McCf1mbie.. Lying: Pielirb. Standing: G. BV'iI1l7l1L'it'7'. B. K7'rI7II6i', 1. Hoguel, C. Bnmlnzz, P. GI'L't'lI, E. Cl'tlll'fflP'd, R. 1l'lL'C0!l1bi?, I. Clmlzb. Seated: E. Piefrrh, j. Brock. E. Plelxcb, Brock. Standing: P. Green. C, BUIIJIIIII, E. Pietxcb, I. B!'l.'LUe. B. Kramer, 1. Hognel. On couch: R. MrC0mbie, I. E. Cmwford. if O WN, 27441 XX Q XM 3,41 5 'ffl' I KI, , ALM, ,Af,61L-1,,4lrz.o! Ml, ,fy J ai q ,f,,f,f:,A mg! X Jvxru Idr, '.7ff4':if,:f""""" JQI4 i.Q1.,.1 clzy fllu flgfwff 41" -'I-A "-Affgf XXX ffhf 1 001.1451 fin X ig N,.f,,hJ1f,tf.m1vfff.1.xln-1 6' X 2'2,A'f1A.lf21I?"rnIf 11pe1,,ffff,A HHS, Ji ,!,,f1"4,ffZ.,,'1f'7afuf aff!-L51 ff,.'.f a ff". lf,-,nffrq I-gr S- ,,L1,r1f!lG,-AQ-1,3 -'iff-I A11 .H -MA, X 4 ,, A 1fLf,c'mf flffh -1 O X 42-1 Lx """-' "-6' '-47' park ,,, ,Z I Yffq, rQ, ex.. F ,,, nfg,uv fn..-f QM "4-5. IJ' N'4fQ"4"+-,A ' -35, .. JFK' uf f- 'LW-',, Auf! aft H ...fiv rf ffl" -fm ,, wg 4 if UQ Y D 4-if ' ,I . tv' 4 "V " '-K' -'.. 'C X554 Adil 1 "f H if 1,15 -7 .vu I .-ff, j Mix I ,, A ,, 4 "4'f' t"'q, f C Q jf ff ""' " 4! 'T ' "lf, ,Qi yay lair .afar Ii ?"741fJ lf? 1,36 .f ,Q ,gf f rf. ver' ,J ,, ,J-if -1 "' f 'P-f . ' 11- "4..y 1' 77 ..,,!,f infer Q u 'Q . A -Q4-f , my., .km 1 K A Ulu. t s M. I1L'!1dL'II. 17, SlL'.Ql1lllUt'7'. Mdrfirz, M. lV'fllft'!ldUPI. M. M4'Gr1z4',n1, B, Rvddinglrlrz, II. Lrmx. C.1ptuil1,' D, Raddizzgtrurz, M. Murphy, E, H,1rn1.iw1. C. Bwniznu, M. Kerr, Ixlfl, G'f1urJw-, Cfucb, fTup Centerj U""a0re liifle dog me mn? nfiloirafion or Mcfor N RAIN or shine, on grid or court, the cheerleaders are always present, lending the crowd in their cheers. Under new supervision this year .Ind led by Captain Helen Loux, the girls were rewarded for their efforts by re- ueiving new outfits consisting of' white it-v-vw ,. , in-33 sweaters and eulottes. Many thanks go to Mrs. Goerder for her tireless efforts in working with the girls and mueh of the credit is due her for the novel ideas put into prnutite .it the pep meetings. added Mr. Tlsompmrz, F, Horner, Mn. W'rigl9t, H. Renz, Mr. Knoll, Mr. Bumbefger, j, Ozferholl, E. Kelia, Mr. Frickef. HE unsung heroes and heroines of Glen-Nor's athletic activities comprise the A. A. Council. Behind closed doors they labor over the many problems presented by the teams and their members. The intricate details of equipment maintenance, team transportation to and from games, printing and selling of tickets as well as ticket campaigns, hiring and paying of oilicials, and lining of playing fields are all ably 63 taken care of by the Council. Highlight of the Council's activities is the gala Athletic Banquet which is planned in cooperation with Mr. Otto Sandberger, chairman of the banquet committee, whose keen interest and tireless energy have resulted in numer- ous benehts for our athletic endeavors. The presentation of Varsity letters after the banquet is engineered by the council as is the Varsity Dance, follow- ing the occasion. 6fll7flll'l.IIg fAc' S'ffi0Il MW, C0llI'fl9Aly G,N. Opp. 55 ,119 IS 29 .Ill 27 35 29 18 39 20 5-l 2' 33 Sl 55 Il 58 30 -lil 51 28 30 V' S5 15 Z9 V D , ,s lf lx, lxnlmu fL'XlI'L'I11L' Icltl, l I j. 1ll.ll'lYLfKQ!1 fcxtrcmc riglmtj HI ,nffmz ,l,Q.l.l71ll All 31 Rnffl 1' IM 66 ,ll VARSI'TX' Ruxx' lifllr, 'l'fwn1f1mz1, lf, lidlw. Sl.U'l', H, Ruiz, VI. lllmlllgfv, Row 2: B, LIHIKQ, 17, lirwrw. G, Gfllbb, H, unjllllll, lf. Kclw. M, If Corfu Opp, Uppcr Dnrlwy Chester SVVilI'Il'lI'l'lUI'C Ridley Twp. liddystsmc DuPont Ridley Park St, -lnrncs Prnspcct Park Media SVV1ll'fl1IUUl'C Ridley Twp. lfddyntunc St. Janus Ridley l,1ll'l-1 Cullingdalc l31'uxpuL't l,.ll'li HVIIA 1. K. fxklzmlg ,llp lxfwfl, LLN. Opp, J.V. 36 I2 22 23 26 18 24 54 19 20 I9 25 29 ll l6 22 59 2' A17 29 I9 l5 IS 25 32 .Sl 18 5' 15 .fl -I9 25 35 Q5 64 JUNIOR VARSITY Row l: F. 1'llurrii, ll". .Sj1u1i'u', R. Kwuvz, R, L.114fu'. R. Autfll. C. l7'1l'I7I. 17-Illlfl, Row 2: lf. Lord, D. Griffiffv, U", f1lllt'l7fIIlllII. S. Brnlnlll. H. ljIIIlXbt'!'f-T, Al, Frfrlzes. Row V391 Mr. Kmffl, Mrnyier, C. Svfvunz, C, Brrwii, R, Ulzl, Aidffjyll Air, Yfmmpifni, ED hy Pete Kramer and jack MaeVeigh, who scored 396 of the team's 639 points, the Indians took 15 out of 17 contests, For the second straight year the Knollmen captured the Section IV crown and showed real possibilities as they entered the P. I. A. A. Class A play-offs. After losing the first two games by close margins the Indians proceeded to take 9 in a row and then dropped their only league defeat to a revengeful Ridley Township quintet by the narrow gap of 50-lt-I. The thrilling game of the season was the clash at Eddystone, which went into an extra period and ended with Glen-Nor on top, 37-55. Although they did not finish near the top of the scoring list, the trio of Bates, Renz and Grubb performed some outstanding floorwork, both offensively and defensively. Of distinct credit to the team play was the ability to hold up in the pinches and come through with the laurels of victory. In the first playoff game at Abington, the Indians routed Doylestown with a score of -f-i-17, but were nosed out. -M-42. by Radnor. G. Gr'f1f1l2, ll , ll lflllll, 11, limi If, lxlfw. R. Lung. 17, Iiffmiu GIRLS' BASKETBALI. SQUAD Row lz V. Kif'lfp.11m'k. C1n1mli,n1.' I. M.n'1ir1, H. Bfnzmll. M, lferr. M. Hfbdwz, C.rp1.zi11.' M, 1. B1ig:.n'J j. llffirfml. ll, Lwzx, V, M.n',ub.1l1, Mm. U"rigbf. Ruw 2: 0. C.n'm I. 'l'wIwl, McDw'1ur1lf, L. DJIJ1. B.1r'!1ur', E. Cr.1u'frn'a', E, Unfxlfe, D. Slrgllllzllur, S, lx'v'.1mw', lf. Svlbu. Row 71: P, Ilurfvll, S. IHMHMJ. H. Kc'r'vlc1lw', B, Bl'UUL,f, R. TFIIIIIIUIIX, N, llorlrnz, G. Derflpwy, P, Bnmdz. A. lHJl'lf74lll. Row Al: K. Bw'i11,qcr', P, l7f7ll!llH'L', L, G'r2ldsbw'r111gb. F. Run. M. Spunrw-, S, Ibwh. D, jnlnzmn. GUARDS I' Al.1rflv.1ll. H. Loux, 1. Burbw, M. HLJbdL'?l, f. Cum'- ford. 66 jun, Jan. j.1n, Fcb. Fcb, Fab, Feb. Mar. Olfllnf CVCLJAQ4 GIRIQS VARSITY A-Ycndun I8-Media Zifliddystune IASwarthmore 9-Collingdulc l5-Lansdowne 21-Nether Prov, 1-Prospect Park BASKETBALL GN 50 22 17 R 9 8 Zl 12 Opp 15 11 20 45 15 22 12 28 Grids' Vfxasiix Bwsicrwxii Row l: Il. Lf111.x'. V. Illdflb 1 i 1 All 1 11 ur Row 2: H.1r'l2u', II, Hrn1i.1 1 1 I Mn 1 ear iary, With only two tormer varsity players back, the girls started their season with disadvantages. However, under the capable supervision of Mrs, Wright, and with hidden talents popping up from last year's veterans, the girls managed to triumph in three out of their eight scheduled games. They also stole the show from Sharon Hill in a pre-season practice game. Witli a fast shifting-zone defense, the quick thinlcing guards, led by Captain Mildred l-lebden, managed to stop many an opponents goal. Martha Kerr, high scorer with 50 points, worked with other for- wards to net a total of 128 points. Row 1: f, Mar 1 M B11 d l tn llugm Bfnz i.1ll. .l V jan. Yeadim jan. Media Ian. liddystone Feb. -Swarthmore hh. -Cullingdale Fall l.zlnSdUwI'ie Feh. Nether Pun Mar. Prospect Par i..4W'fa, . if -, - y if " , , X, . LA 4? A tj. xgp be 'T E -M . W N t s f ' Q A tg - lb: 3 t. Q 'Q ' X 52, ' 4"?2 Q - .L -Q' I, M , lie ,- -" Q if , -r V-'A ' ' 'T f , A l H42 A ij X If ' S 2 T t . f X f - y ' Q' v Nsmdnw-ip,y , 3 X 4 t I -. 'ef ED KELSO, left halfback, topped the oint- In basketball, it was forward, P getters in football with 22 markers. MARTHA KERR, who finished hrst with 50 points. in jun, ere .xdre .gmloredaiolw Uf fhe .xdcea in flue Scoring ara e For the hockey squad, right inner Finally, the boys' championship team pro- JOAN MARTIN led the parade duced PETE KRAMER as ace, with 128 with six goals. points in the League. 1 was as Q A if SB L. - mf' , fify i - I 352 I Fl-if K , 1 'f i Kb ' 45,2 7? Q' 5 2 , " gf L" ,Q A "" ,LQ V . X' . ' jay! V: 0 K S Q-I 68 05? 07112 -" aff? go 0 L. Muxick, Mir: Kacber, A. Nelron CTING as the school's banker, Miss Kocher has a tremendous responsibility resting upon her shoulders. Not only must she balance the books for all the senior high classes, but she must do the same for the Annual, Hi-Y and all other organi- zations which have a banking account. Many headaches have developed when the treasurer of an organization has turned in a report that does not coincide with the account kept by Miss Kocher. Then there's another matter that involves our money -1 Sitting: Min Hull. B. Roan Standing: M. Sipple, I. MarLeIlan, M. Halton. "Anybody wanta buy any defense stamps?" This is the old yell that the sellers of defense stamps go into every Tuesday morning. Sponsoring one of the most important func- tions of our school, the War Bonds and Stamps Committee, is Miss Hull. With money invested in this way from the month of September to December 7th, two ambulances were purchased and contributed to the government as our part in the war effort. These ambulances bear an inscription stating that we donated them. Sitting: C, Sfnlrir, Nfffiugwy Standing: P, Gm-nz, Mr, Larzdir. Mr. Sclvmidl, R, Sfm'l'i', ll". Alfmdy Il. C'u.x'. 6 o 0 0 a o U HE men behind the man behind the mike" Although Mr. Richards, teacher-founder of might be a fitting caption for this bustling group, as the visual education committee not only supervises the use of Glen-Nor's public address system, but takes care of all assembly programs utilizing the school movie projector, as well. Under the capable leadership of Clifford Sparks, these industrious students are also the right-hand men of the faculty when it comes to using slides, movies and recordings for class room instruction, this organization l6qyears ago, is now a Lieutenant fj.g.j in the Navy,iMr. Schmidt and Mr. Landis have graciously consented to carry on for him as sponsors. The care and maintenance of 33200 worth of sound and movie equipment is no easy task, but to the Visual Education Committee it's just all in a day's work. On Friday nights these fellows enter the limelight by supplying up-to-date records for those students desiring to, "C'mon and dance." Alf, Sflilllflfl. C. Sjhlrii. , M! 345 f' A f + f ' aj,-4 X iff! QXMMZM' WW 'WJXJK7 Aff! ffMu'if,m'f7 ,wf'k',l' lb .,wf"' C17 'J K- 0 'l4'f'zl14f"v rua ' ff' ...MQZJA5 A! J.:-w..f.. Eg? 1 Qokffzz' -f"'4'F2f,,4u!Z'4,"z..,46f 7 r Q41'1'iff14f-ffQQfA745f,..4..fZ,w, Z , c ' C4Qf44"'fQ'UM-f14.fJ?aJz.wA 11 .f!z..,.g ,J ' H' -J-Q.. C"f"'5:'5Q414flwf4., 4, 4'Qa2.,4,4.,.g,4' ,C M' 'K "9'QfQ-6:tca.4,,,"Q,f 'Q' , iefi lglnllflg em or .1 J ,ff W, ' l,. . . ,diff-'f . an . 0 , r -I . QL 119 4 2 fff ii 'Nb nhefclerfi, Qifgefgfefi, am! Buffer, Twp to bottom: lst 1, MJrVeigb,' 2nd ll", llnilirnz, C. Brrmkif 3rd ll", Wfilimz, f. !ll.n'l'eigb. April April April April April April Lilly May May May May May May May 12 SCH EDLYLE -Archmere at Glen-Nor . . . 16-Glen-Nor at Lansdowne . 19 23 26 50 7.. 7- lO- R44 17- 21 24 28 -Glen-Nur at Eddystnne .. -Prospect Park nt Glen-Nor -Glen-Nor at Chestcr .. -Media at Glen-Nur Glen-Nor at Collingdulc.. Glen-Nor at Archmere . . . Lansdowne at Glen-Nor . . Eddystone at Glen-Nor .. Glen-Nor at Prospect Park Chester at Glen-Nor ..... Glen-Nor at Media. ..... Collingdale at Glen-Nor . Wa fed BASIEIH.-XI.l. SQUAD Run' l-j. D-1'lIl!1. illurrix, IV. unjllllll, H. Rang, 1ll.n'l'uigl1, C. Bmuii. P, Kr'.m1w'. G. Ifzwifl, F. Kcfirl. P4'lfr.'f'. S.'.111Jif1g---C, Rini fill,n1.1gw'j, Il. .Vltflfu.x', Illlzlfl. ll". Illllfhflll. 17. Rubfrliull, G, Ifrmf, R. llliffer, A. Mi'.N'.1111.n',1, Mr. Frlrker. Nfflt J 'Nw fuflnning N1L'Nl!lL'f,l uf Ilww .Hflhlzl Iruw .lblbilf 1117511 the .slmru pirllnt' uxlr IJLUIIS C.l.l'U1', R. Silmffcr, fxvffflllgclf' fM.m- .1gw'j. C. C0lbi'rg f1ll.II1il42L'f,. li, .llfnlfwllulld f1ll.111.1ycrj, D, Ali'- Ilnzulf, 1, Multi. pl. l..l:z'lw', R. lxyzrltr. 'HH' ,.,. ll.m'i D, Ifrirlw N MARCH 12, Coach Fricker issued the first call for baseball candidates and was rewarded with a fine turnout eager to get started. Lady Luck smiled on the practice sessions this year with warm and clear weather, as compared with last year's per- sistent cold winds. With the preliminary limbering-up completed, the work of molding individuals into a team began in earnest, With eight returning lettermen vying with the other boys for one of the coveted uniforms and a place on the team roster, competition was keen at the important positions of second base and catcher. By now the schedule was ready, and tentatively listed 1-4 games, the first to be played on April 13. For our second year of competition since baseball returned to Glen-Nor, the team and school are hoping to more than match last season's record of seven wins and seven losses. Dear Diary, our prediction for the game of the year is-Glen-Nor vs. Chester! 73 Ckaracfer, eruice, olbaalemkila anal .giskofaralzila NATIONAL HoNog Socmrv Y. Brock, Min Hauler, B. Bamfortb, M. Hebdezz, 1. Marlin, P. Horner. HERE, dear Diary, we present the group chosen by the faculty as having most nearly attained the ideals enumer- ated at the top of this page. As only 15? of the senior class and SW of the junior class are eligiblelfor membership, you see that the organization is a select one, indeed. It is a red- letter day in the lives of these students when, during the society's annual induction ceremony, their names are announced as members. Until this year, the society has had the large keystone and torch emblem, but never a plaque. This year, the group pur- chased a bronze one, and this will become one of the Glen-Nor chapter's permanent emblems. The officers for this year are: President, Brian Bamforthg Vice-President, jean Brockg and Treasurer, Fay Horner. 74 jul , gndgkfenmenf, agnifiafiue ana! grienfkip QUILL AND SCROLL P. Green, A. Namle, B, Bamforlb, F. Horner, 1. Broek Mru Kelley IF, INDEED, "the pen is mightier than the sword," this industrious quintet should be well armed for any battle of manuscripts. As proof that their efforts have been amply re- warded, they have been chosen as representatives of the Glen- Nor chapter in the international honorary society for high school journalists, Quill and Scroll. To be eligible for this organization, one must be in the upper third of his class scholastically and be recommended by the sponsor for meritorious work, in addition to submitting an original composition as a sample of his ability. These are strict requirements, but this fortunate group has qualified in all re- spects. Their talented pencraft was promptly utilized by the editorial staff in the task of compiling Writeups for the Annual. 75 -ll'S'l' A I.ITTl.Ii HIGHER, HOYSY "THE CfAl.l, TO Al CLUB 317 MAKES PROFITS THE BIG HVIE All ' Ol' PUSH A I.IT'l' HARDIZRT THE FACULTY LENDS A HAND TO UNCLE SAM QMS Y iwf'-'5vwwv ,'T' , . X f 'W Qmwy V K , , . 4 W Qs mmwmwm www Mm. 3. , W QU A fe u Q va' X 'f 5 A F'2 , ..,,. .. A K i F 5 X 4 V ,,,,,,,, , A s 1 L x hi! E 13 yrs' WI' ' ,MM-1, M 5 Q, f fr mile alalareciafion fo our laafrona - Mrs. H. C. Ambler Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Milboune Andrews Arthur's Coiffure Salon Dr. and Mrs. Asprey Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Bamberger Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bamforth Mr. and Mrs. James E. Banta Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Barclay Basil's Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Bates Mr. and Mrs. M. Baylin Mr. and Mrs. V. de Berardinis Miss Frances H. Biester Mr. James Robert Blizzard Mr. and Mrs. D. Sterling Bousum Miss Myra T. Boyle Mr. and Mrs. John O. Brandt Mr. C. S. Brannan Brighton's Market Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brogan Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. S. Buckingham Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Bush Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Caley Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Calland Mr. Vincent P. Cavanagh Miss Gloria Christ Mr. and Mrs. Forwood Clark, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Clasen Miss Bessie B. Collins Mr. and Mrs. William C. Collins Mr. George Connelly Miss Grace Cox Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cox Mrs. Grace Crawford Davis Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. David Devenny Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dickerson Doud's Prescription Pharmacy Drennan Shoe Repair Shop Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. DuBois Mr. Lloyd DuBois Mrs. William C. DuBois Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Duke Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood E. Dyson Edna's Famous Hats Mrs. Madeline R. Egan Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Engle Mr. Daniel H. Englehart Mr. Charles E. Flinchbaugh Mr. and Mrs. F. Foley Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Francis Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Frick Mr. and Mrs. George W. Friesel Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Geno Gibbons de Manicor Delicatessen Glenolden Bicycle Shop Glenolden Food Market Glenolden Avenue Shoe Repair Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. Robert I Goerrler Mr. Wm. L. Gorman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Graef Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Graff Mr. Wm. J. Graham W. A. Gray, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Green Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Greer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Grubb Mrs. M. Hagerman Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Hall Hamann's Bakery Hamilton and Marshall, Produce Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hanna, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William F. Harmsen Miss Jennie H. Harper Miss Doris A. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. George Hatton Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hebden, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart Hebden Hedemark's Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hennel Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hiddeman, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hill Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hinshillwood Hofferfs Own Made Candies Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Hoguet Rev. and Mrs. David Holmes Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. H. Book Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Horner Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Horton Mr. and Mrs. W. Alden Horton Miss Mildred E. Hull Mrs. Gertrude Hutchins Mr. and Mrs. R. Ingram Interboro Cleaner and Dyer Interboro News Jack's Esso Service Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jones Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Jones Mrs. Carolyn Keck Miss Helen F. Keffer Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kelso Mr. and Mrs. George H. Keown Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Kerr Mrs. M. C. Kiehl Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kingsley Mr. and Mrs. George C. Knoll Miss Marion J. Knox Miss Harriet Kocher Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kramer Mrs. Alfred M. Kreider Mr. Frarik Kuhn Mr. 1. Stanley Landis Dr. and Mrs. Largey Larry's Market Mr. and Mrs. J. Laufer Dr. and Mrs. Carl G. Leech Mrs. L. Loney Louis Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Love Mr. Harold Lukens Mr. Charles E. McCauley Mr. Mickey Mcflellan Irene McDowell Mr. Edward McManamy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. MacLellan Mr. and Mrs. john J. MacVeigh Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Mallgrave Mr. and Mrs. William Marshall Mr. Thomas A. Meaney Mr. A. E. Meisel Charles Miller's Garage Mr. Charles Miller Mr. J. R. Miller Mrs. john Minke Minke's Market Mirman's Drug Store J. E. Mitchell Co. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Montgomery Mrs. H. Munholland Myhre's Cafe Mr. john Mynke Norwood Beauty Shop Norwood Civilian Defense Council, Post No. 1, Sector 5 Norwood Hardware Norwood Restaurant Mr. john P. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. M. R. O'Neal Mr. and Mrs. Weston C. Overholt Mr. and Mrs. john Parker Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Patterson Patterson's Sweet Shop Lucille H. Paul Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Pegankamper Mr. Persin and Family Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Pietsch Miss Ada Raibley Mr. and Mrs. Fred Raibley Mr. and Mrs. joseph G. Raibley Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Reddington Mrs. Catherine Renninger Mrs. George H. Rhoads Mrs. Wilson C. Rich Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. J. Lewis Ricker Edith F. Righter Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. John Rowdon Mr. and Mrs. W. Walter Rust Mr. Roger Ruth Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Ryan Mr. Monroe T. Sabins Mr. and Mrs. Otto E. Sandberger Mr. and Mrs. George R. Scattergood Mr. Charles C. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schneider Mr. and Mrs. james E. Schwering Miss Dorothy E. Seitz Mrs. C. Selby Sharp and Dohme Mr. and Mrs. Roger Shaw Claire D. Sherer Mr. and Mrs. Harry Simon Mr. Callie Sipple and Family Sloan's Market Mr. and Mrs. Clinton W. Smullen Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Spencer A Mrs. H. V. Strickland Dr. and Mrs. David Thomas Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Timmons Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Tinley Torelli's Mr. M. Torelli Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Torrens Dr. john H. Turner, III, M.D. Mr. T. A. Urbine Mr. Samuel L. Verbit Vic's Texaco Colonel and Mrs. E. J. Walters Mr. and Mrs. H. Walter Mr. and Mrs. M. Gilder Webb Weber Electric Mr. Karl Werner Dr. and Mrs. H. West Mrs. F. K. Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P. Willits Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Wolfenden Mrs. Lilyan B. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Yost Zelinski's Glen-Nor Sweet Shop S WE reach the last page, dear Diary, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to those who have helped to make our book a success. To the Hollander and Feldman Studio and to the Campus Publishing Company go our sincere thanksg also to Mr. Harry D. Fricker and Mr. john M. White, jr., our appre- ciation for their splendid cooperation with the staff. Z , 1. M. If W Y HQ! f X fffl I. X , 1 f - f ' Wffymff ' Q .529 44 . 410 . rx W W,f M , 0 W I I X 'fl 5 IQ," - W " A 5 Q ' ' S Q74 1 '. Y Q7 f lfkwf l. Xi 6 . , ' "I N fa I 'Z X Q . f .ad-5 V if- W X' X hh + -- A ff A x Q Q wx 4 - f Q Z"VfX' 'Q WWA X ' I ll' V1 K-'iff' I 'I M 5 ff J,,,'nN if 1 W- , 'Q??5':4i' 1, L " , A' X V! ' W I I Hwy! gizjyffw I .n 'Al KX! ,x , , , Z 'gg Nw fff2,-.1 ,, X ? JW WU X K F ' W ff 'ffgw fff if' ' Q x. ,'1g., lily, ' , ,',,f3..N' .7741 xx E , 0.4, LM f 1 AWN U If If Qdf A7 ' X NNN X . 4 WAV . V !pgA1 'hymn n f X M X - A ' JH. x M X f I y ax? .115 uhm , I . . I l, 6 W I . . b 1 NNN! N N. JW - M rlfvnuml' ' .7 Z! fl Aa!!! 'N + N! N A47 umm in Q . ' 4906 5 X MN W Wi! Q ,M 1 - KWWL + v N X aj. QMUOA7 'I Ml ,QL Q V ' . ' 4 I su--Q"' ' -,,.--"'c i T , 1 4 if E P? Q 5 YZ 2 Fi ,2 vi K. ff 2 17 L 2 5 5. 55 PE 3. fi: 2 fi LZ -L. 5 E amz. ' 1' I-

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