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Glen Burnie High School - Gophers Yearbook (Glen Burnie, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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K! Q2 Z WW mXX x " 'ff' ..,,,,, Z C, , 'S GTZ J: CJ X , X W I X QR Q HYZQL f XWW ff f X r iffy f f Q-' 4,2 4 ' nf-if ,f 7 ' Wfwf 'VMI' A' .1 A fr by ' I 1 Z Ify- V ff! fyyf Q25 f' ' 1 v. I V 1 4 , "xx YIM, , L X lf vI':17' q 'f Q ,L XX Q W 919:22 X WW , ' " ,xg Qigwxxu-ua xxxmuxuvm N 1 1- x I I Us 2 , 4 I , ' ' ' 411417Z vs Y, Y mmutm N .W X25 . ff 'gl f f X 3 4 Q, if 3 ,ff ' f ! M if K g k I 'E'-'ggW,,VZ"l ' ,lf X ' X X ' ' 'A " 1 'ff N mli' '4 ' Y ' T'254'x" N V A .V ,. A mxvkj , L 5335- , My f If YA x 7 49 "-2 S V , 'Q R -V ,X ,,,-N .-x-, ATTAC KL WALK. fm! Q.-Q.. --Qfff' ffm XX' 'R ra "f Vn 1 fm:yu'Mifm'1 'Q ff' -- ! .-X, I UQ, vggj,-, f --" , , rf-f 'X ' w mln!!! -f 'V-f ' ,.,. M K -1 - 44 f X " f-- ' , w".,.-'gr' , 144- x , LX- 41' V 1.ai2qE51:" ' - X . -1-1422221111211-11' -,.. .A K LX WMM' 'Z 'f - .4g:g: .,g - H xx -2 , R, :rr J-X Y-ink 22231, M. yfyy X WWE T ,ML x Q fi , Q1 FUIDEWUDID E are living today in a world at war. Every student of our school has pledged himself to do 'everything humanly possible to further our nations war effort and thus hasten the day when victory will be ours. We have tried to portray in this book how these preparations for duty on the homefront and on the battle- front are being carried on. 9 5, 21 f QVWL ,ay fffrg nal' Al ltai l i:75Li'::im i llll 'ZX I '2.1'i:..faLfN X E L 1 N il , lv. Q 4- - - ' M "' 4 x 6 17 Xa' A Q Q . l WN Gif ,i-"y A N . ' ,tip 'ap M ZZ! fa QN' x ' 1 M-W n, it l f 5' 2 if - ,r il. V 2 in I BON 'QU W 1 f- "' l...f' ,lf ' V: ' V ' W , X 2 'v s '.'x' 1 Q' 'Vo PAYHASTER no n ? aka Z M4 1 , A . 5" WXXX ? if f pf , 1 - 3 Exx n wow hiisxx ssssssss XXX ' , ? Ext' ' b A. -if F, l 2, gr 11,1 .ml 1'5" g lg gif, N X 9 s' lx X Si X S f l f K f N l W' . E H I .1 Sssisix Ex 5 Ss gf 5 NS X 2 xx S X x sXN ss X X CUNTENTS Dedication l ..... Administration .... In Memoriam . Seniors . . . Underclassmen . Faculty and Classes . Activities .... Our School In Wfartime . Advertisements . . . R' INN .f!"""" abi- QR! f5:QlWi-W?Qi'- 1 A ' I A V - E. :r g aB Il '5' 1 V - 4' l 3 gg- ' ' A Q KA I - umm " " "' il their rt on the b ll t to pr -M ' our American way o ' fe -T .- lul- rious titles . : I X if - 4- 5 1 ' 9 A ' - a V I AE E take ure in if r is .ee to the Glen Bur QE, H -:ba , uv 1 W In as t ld V I Jill Ln" 1 Skis' :him-. all 2 HYAH O It . Ma -me Cormier ll? Mary N uVall I ' iss Grecke 2-9 garet Hall tha Klima 4 I .I ' Carrol 'Eag- Char .M Fran .1 W l i Ralph 1 .illfner Edward er Albert E Harry Fey , Robert Fische Charles Flaig George Flynn George Fontz Lawrence Fontz lar 'x Reber lub 5 u orothy Ward f Ig Edgar Ford F. Markham Wingate 6-. 3,..I1: ua I Calvin Fowler Samuel Ahmuey, Je. Robert :Hi Eddie French Ahmuty Ho : ine 4 Vetngn Gablg Warren , 'li I . Lge Gardner Wilmer Aist I 0 - - 2 3 William Gavin Donald Akers 4 2 . lg- K Kenneth Gent Steve Albert la- ' 'Q William George .lack Alrich A I Yi- ' s : Albert Gilden Carroll Andrews R a 4 -1 1 - b Joseph Gill Charles Andrews .5 i I lison Lewis Gouse llgoberi gg: Jglarryuilccilibszrwa Q gsm gransel ll J ame t ony y eor e -Q-y en reenwe , r. Don Armiger f k Howard Gurley Lawrence Armei M "H M -Fall Aw' --ee x Gwynn Jack Arnold I slie 'll:llll" 'jii 1' 'TTT I-'J " d H gner john Azhderiane aber ll:!l:F,. 'A""" ' Haines Lazarus Azhderiain + :thu - Hall Robert Baker I eroy ll- "" , An EL. vrzl-'gg' - n Hallam Edward Barling rvin lllllnillil ja i I-I31-15911 Merle Barts ' W-R-'WZ A74 'V N 7 Sea m' Hare Harry Benton ' 'N M... QV.. -ig. 'i Harris Charles Biemiller fix. ullliuigill iid A Q ayes Luther Birx !lHi,f , Iltlll' u Hein . . . will ., qua -n.-.+- e , William Birx . It H alnfhlei e Da -:- .nj --Hart' Hein John Blanihfieldiu - 7' , Da ' ae ZZTE'-,awwiw , :im Heinger h e ' - ,L,,,. .. 5.,W,.., ., ee A-21 5352 31222, eegeeeaqeslee ' I 1 i 1 ,.ai'sl.l'iE'l1Z'if2,,, ue llll W fee sn. 'mn Boetler A 2 . Ill. , Hienigggg i n e '-'T '- Boetler V - ey ll, Hi n' l 5,-,ica -.-?- ar N :1Hig2' I FK swell ' A A l N ilditch - ts -Y , iW1U5.e- ggie ' V m Hi ' fini -2 'Va F' gi ", .fug,7 sfiuv, g. ey I . 1' I : N. Ia n n i - uV3l.,' X osgp 1:v. J Iii' -5 g Har ' MEX dr 1. olm 2?-A '-I., I 5 rthur'Egle Es ' . , ' 4, H - il: 'ff K : 'ee -. art ,.-. f' - .l .., !gg.L r :gm ' Eat en Estes! , if ez' I' I 43 - 3 eorge Evensburger : .1 ,. A el S 1: -I eeve Everd X -A 1 n ee., ,mx f . 1 H l 'W' Ill H il - V illiam Everd .ffl l l 5. ., 1 L L - i f f - E : a ju . son 4 L , h Q . H , o nson ,f " " .vgm son fg- 1 gin. - 1- ch 'J'-f"" - atlic I - 4 Kazner Wi am Keely W I liam Keene enneth Keeney Allen Kellenberger Paul Kellenberger Donald Kellenberger Joe Kenny Waldo Keeney Karl Keaworth Gilbert Kinder Barney King Bertram Kirby Thomas Kirby Charles Klein Richard Knight Charles Kreicler Raymond Looge , ll X I ! A' 2 2 5 'r 1 gi: Neigh arv' ' ii 1 wo.: ell Agflilm r iii", V R E1 fp at ASU Alex 'nga' yton 111 I' L m 5 Jar? Pralep Rud Praky l fi hfex eid Eli , llsll f5i'f5iQigiII' -e 'a - - ti Ni '?'7"- ' ' Ray ' ip 4- f v Joe Shi g Bill Skip Donald Slc per Bdb Slater -ig Harry Smith Marlin Smith Wesley Smith - Pete Solley Ray Solley Royden South Charles Squires Ellison Stallings Hillary Stallings John Stallings Walter Stallings Thomas Steele Calvin Stinchcomb Herbert Stinchcomla Merle Stoll C. Hollister Stous Klaus Lahde -- ,I -- R3Ym0nd Srumph Alexander -llgllilllll TI 1. id Stuart William lllu .hwlahil Rgyjlifi - es Sunstrum Morley Lear - NL JO W ire" - 52232 5611 Sunsffum Q .,l Ill ,..,.Q.- ar Charles Leimlm T 1""H" --L... -f---A--H" F165 Tam Bruce Lemon 1. gh ,gags--A naldi glaayer Alfred Lipton I .K lf"--X -E af ayef - i- ,ull :rm-. 'r"r 'Lfll s"' ' -..Q Eiiiiimiiman -J n f'Hlllp -.fJ a - S 1lii'3Zi2,Z.,n Merle Long -l ills TWPP R ld Lo 513' Hi- nc li?--sn erh Trapp Do: 1 L me ' 1!"fl5w lllllf T - .1 Y-Ynllelariie Treadway 3. B YD IH, lid! lun' L -,,- . James Lutz 7 4 ill :les -. Q ual ii5: --M a e Veaidch George Mace ill- 'I ' "'.:,i,.9 i:f!vi w u I ' H ' I I V if Unger 5 Thomas Mac ---l- TI1E"2" I'11nir l In Ulm Ulm' as - M14 Mfr s i min Sfkag J in ank Marino, P-4 ' , iii' UYYJ 31 BV 'Elura 1' o Marino ' f-A " L -M 15-iq .. I . war OSC M CY l L-1 V0 --Hz- 1 if liam a m-Ri - map fron X v illi se f- -E UOY On ullhl' ir nar s'-'Hn r v ' 1'- ' 1 . u F -- '3' ' K - , ai , I 'wx I i -iq V' 41 - x i In Scanl ZW A f Q ln gg: as -S S A-M fa-il 5 - S , lr . 5-4 l -ka' ' 1 1 ,- V I' I gig 1, :gi his i 'Q p ,, g , nge I "lv 4 ' Q' I roy Sehmeiser , ln. il ..., li l l 1 P 4 I W, Ji . 1.1 , 3 Man Schroder H I , .. I 'in' ' ' " 1 Philip Sears I:,.," Q QQ., ' 1' 9 WJ! V : na: l :rl 1 ' ,frldl l rn ,.,...,.4.,4K . I PRINCIPAL message to the seniors of last year emphasized the challenge which Pearl Harbor had offered them. That challenge has already been met by hundreds of former students of Glen Burnie High School unilinchingly and with credit to themselves, to their sdmool, and to their country. They' may he found on every battlefront from England to Africa, from Alaska to Australia, from the farm to the factory. We are proud of them, and we hope to he equally proud ofu you when you, too, in the very near future, are called to serve your country. This year, however, I wish to call your attention to the necessity not only for action hut for thought. What are we fighting for? What lqind of world do weg want? Things can never he the same again, hut the youngmust not look backward-they must look for- ward. How can we make America even better than it used to be? What part must America play in restoring the world to sanity and in establishing such international relationships as will promote a lasting peace? Make no mistake about it-never again can we attempt to live in isolation. What concerns other nations is our concern, too, whether we like it or not. Cain asked, "Am I my 'hrother's keeper?" At last we know that the answer is "Yes," even though our brother is separated from us as far as is Ethiopia or Czechoslovakia from Washington. L. Ton MOTLEY, Principal. 6 MISS L. TO'D MOTLEY IDAMAE VOGELSANG Secretary to Principal CHARLES W. WHAYLAND Vice-Principal ' Yearbook Sponsor WQNW MRM IH xr HOHOQCW KILLED IN ACTION CHESIERIHCHELBERGER VUHIAABIENERETT PRISONERS OF WAR WILLIAM BRUNNUELL LUTHER COX LEO FISHER MISSING IN ACTION WILLIAM VOGEL X H0 gif? 235 a9'k sf! 433 If IQI Advisor , ,.,.......,. ---.---,dMISS RUTH BACHARACH Vice President ,...,w.. ,, ,,,,, ,.........v.,,,,, , 4,.,,, D O LORES HAIGIS Secretary--- .,.,,,, - ,,........ ...........,, , ,RUTH HAGEDORN President dd.....,..d ,......... D OUGLAS STINCHCOMB HENRY ADAMS Glen Burnie Academic Henry is a diligent worker and this fact is reflected in his class marks. He sees that the latecorners to the cafeteria get their sandwiches. Henry always has a smile for everyone. Student Council 2, 3g THB SOUVBNIR. 4. RUTH ADAMS Linthicum Stenogr his "Ruth" is lc ghout school for h r ch ' of dr ' g and er Sh with W Blaxsfen and w v h a . ' Cha y e ect three ome, 1 br tte and red- . th is o n retary v ' niza 'o Pin g 2' T ' ub 3- Glee ub 4. Odenton "Shorty" is fond of sports an is known for his ability to get things done in hurry fespecially in Boolckeepingj. His friends will vouch for! his cooperative spirit. Ping Pong 1, 29 G. I. A. 2, 3, 45 Arch- ery 3. I SHIRLEY - Garland K' J Acad ' S 'l iixvery tty ' with s e- y . h a pal e a a,h rt . ey s , me y sr ndle f . ' f tics 2' Crafts Bgx UVB- Nm 4. is Ram Woodlawn General Technical "Al" has won many friends at Glen Burnie High School with his pleasant smile and his ability as an athlete. He is also quite popular with the girls. Basketball 2, 3g Softball 2, 3, 43 Soccer 3g Student Council 3, 4. ALMA EDN A BARNES ? Glen Burnie Stenograpbic Maier , Alma is a studious sort of person and always as busy as a bee. Her sense of humor is reflected in most everything she does. As business manager of the Glerriumian she was tops. The eliiciency with which she does her work is a good indication of her ability. Glen Burian 1, Z, 3, 43 G. I. A. 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 25 Arts 61 Crafts 35 Typing 4. 1, C , 'T' Aa f if GQ HJWZL .., JOHN BARNES Linthicum I General When "Reds" walks down the street an unaccountable line of girls may be seen trailing him. No wonder the movie business has picked up since he's been an usher at the "New Glen." Soccer 3. A UMW f ' 'lu 2 I I . AINE BASS len Burnie Commercial "Kitten" is a suitable nickname for this petite brunette. She is so tiny and cute that you just can't help noticing her. Volley Ball 1, 2g Basket Ball 1. GLORIA BEHRENS Glen Burnie ' .1 Stenograpbic Major "Glory" takes great pride in her clothes and her hair styles are always up-to- date. We're all proud of her. The long hours which she spent on the Glen Burnian will never be forgotten. Newspaper 25 Basketball 33 Ping Pong 45 Glen Burnian 2, 3, 4. HAROLD By Q61 f f0d f I' " gg " ' V own .througil'5ouIth the lschool h u n e ' P easing peisonality szlhelgajhim to win many frieixils. Good luck to you in the business Slcciitball 11113, 45 Soccer 35 Traci: 3g Base 3. ALICE BELL Curtis Bay General "Page" is one of our girls who are taking vocational shop. We are all very glad to have known her. W0 JOE BENDIX Ferndale General Small but genuineg Joe is a friend to everyblisdy. We wish him th bes of everyt ing. HULL! dw Of Ck'-if' , N559 E 5 I WWC . .aL?"5'l'l"'i'g,,.W- GLENN BENNETT ' Glen Burnie Shop Major "Chuck" is taking the Shop Course in preparation for the future. He has been with us only two years but we know that he must be nice for that's the only way he could have so many frienls. Bggnlr oft ilvtftlf . Jlhbkil JACK BENNETT Glen Burnie General Technical We understand from the boys that Jack is a swell friend to everyone. He is the strong, silent type: he shouldn't have much trouble with women. PM ral B usin ers E ve lstens attenrivel arie ' ed upon to mak a suggestion. er ideas are sound. eep up the good work, you are bound for success. MMQMWEHOHY Linthicu ts C rcial ' fWAmAB f Wanda, a e if bl 11,05 an Malt . in e e Clu F an assi t e ' our Year ook. She one g' who can be unted on pay off debts and, t's more, e gets S0 Y marks sses. Sh s t what 't . Dra xcs Club M C. Gi Ui Typing Cl 33 Glee ub 4g Souvenir 4. ANNETTE BOLM Millersville General B usines: Annette is quiet, unobtrusive, but never- the-less friendly. She is better known for her unassuming manner' than for holding the center of every stage. Quiet Games Club, Etiquette Club x GERTRUDE BOWSER Lombardee Beach General- "Trude" is one of the few quiet girls in our Senor class. She came here in her senior year from a western state and we have all found her to be a sincerely true person. Q K V ,egfvlml .M l. 'Mio CAR B l ' .A l, l e U A, I ame Er. Carl 'is s l d al miling. He om c. Co e s he very he ful er if f e ition is house I FRANK BOZEK Solley Shop Major Frank is a senior 'few of us know. He is taking the Shop Course, preparing himself for the day when he'll be able to tell the Japs where to get oE! P' us BRADLEY V Pasadena A cademic r er everything she under kes sh kind of girl who never e is a definite void n she her accustomed place. - e cl sn't nee luck to get along as sg? hem something far better, ck 1, Z3 G, I. A. 1, 23 G. A. A. " ' is nd of athletics and is a 'ig t ' - lst s i t 1, 2, 4. E I ' 811' lll'fl.lE 7 ZX . f f- ' to giggle.f., is a very worker aritlf s ould be ve in the business world. ' Needle Craft Z5 Glen Bumidn 2, 3, 45 Etiquette 19 Typing 3g Souvmfxm 4. Q -ii.. ,Jkr Co mel? 5' tty" is a swee -'illttl gi ho S? 7 'I ry c L A BRUMWELL pf, ' Pasadena C om mercfal lgujgetta has a very .quiet manner and a pleasant disposition. She is always willing to help anyone in anyway she can and is well liked by those who know her. Track 1, 2. LD BRYANT n Burnie General 'All good things come in small pack- ages" surely applies to "Peanie." We are greatly pleased with his eEort in selling the Glen Bumian. Glen Bumian 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 1. 'I 'I A li 'FYGD sfifivliwlwp ROBERT BULLA if .' ' if Xl Crownsville lf ' General Technical Robert is one of our quiet unassuming seniors. He is adept at mathematics. We all wish him the very best of every- thing. f. V110 BUssBY I v QVGA er usiness Robe is t Yu' asygoing fellow fasci tes H one rare: e who e a e ali w h e ' Q m 'or . e ' A X only es to , but d s t mind ing d. - ' X' Track 2, EDWIN T. CALVERT Pasadena Commercial Edwin is commonly known around the school as "genius" A really brilliant boy, he studies the new pre-flight course. He doesn't confine his interest to studies, however, just take a look at some of the "femmes" he has captivated. Glen Burnian 3, 45 Yearbook 43 Archery 3g Art and Crafts 2g Airplane 1. RUTI-I CAMPER Odenton Commercial Ruth is our girl of determination and ability. She is fond of class debates and is capable of carrying out her point of view. Glee Club 3, 4. MONROE CHAIRS Lakeshore General "Money" is a quiet boy and well-known by many. Welre sure that he'll be on top when he enters Uncle Sam's Air Force Airplane Club l, 2, 3. l EAN 'CHANEY anover General " i ' the irl the beautiful ess . he ooks like she just e out ifth Avenue store. He helpful sition and typing abili- will someday benefit some lucky boss. Glee Club, Girls' Shop, Typing. EANNE LIN V Fern Commercial Jeanne's friendly personality has helped her win many friends around school. We know this asset will hel her along the road to success in a tion she chooses Shop 1 M2lw!W, . UI Harmans Home Economic Major THY M. :KP Dorothy seems quiet to most of us, but we understand she is jolly when with a group of her friends. Here's wishing you luck in, the future. MARGARET A. CLAYTOR Brooklyn Heights Commercial Margaret has been a hard worker 'for the Glen Bumian. She is very talkative and will stand up for what she believes. She is also a jitterbug and potentially lucky. Glen Bumian 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Shop 15 Softball lg Dramatics Zg Enter- tainers Club Zg Volley Ball 33 G. I. A. 4. ' MARY COLLINS jacobsville Home Economic Major "Skippy" is definitely an athlete. She is tops as a classmate and has lots of school spiri Success will surely be hers in any task e attempts. Softb 1 1 - Y rbook 4. M5 R Odenton Commercial On the ball team-in the class room- anywhere-he abounds in energy. Wacky jackets--snazzy socks-girls seem to be liked by "Cammy," Newspaper 13 Ping Pong 1, Z: Softball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 3. WAX L i3AVID coNBoY N gLBERT COOPER Millersville Shop Major "Pete" is a shop major student and is in- terested in airplanes. Our nation needs your service and you can give it no better wa . Mbldel Airplane Club 1, 2, 3: Preflight Aeronautics 4. I GLADYS COOPER Elvaton Stenograpby Maior Sweet and demure Gladys, is quite in- terested in her studies. She has won many friends at G.B.H.S. and we know she will gain many more with her pretty smile. Etiquette lg Run and Catch 1, 25 Touch- down Pass 1, 29 Basketball 23 Typ- ing ARY CRAPSTER Glen Burnie Academic Mary is one he. two -, - Wg pre-Hi ht rsef I A tio ' to esin -f---,f-.- me fp ex- ent 1 Stude u cil ' C I , 2, 43 ati asketb 2, a 2g Glen Bumian 2 , 45 Yearbook 43 Glee Club 4. FRANCES MAY CRAWFORD Odenton Commercial "Dubby," her nickname, just suits Fran- ces. A good athlete, she played on a state championship softball team in her sophomore year here. Characterized by good sportsmanship and ability, she has many friends. Softballg Science lg Ping Pong 2, 3. JOAN DARBY Brooklyn Park General Big brown eyes and an ever smiling face are characteristically joan. Popular with both boys and girls, she was president. of her homeroom two successive years. Softball lg Bsske all 2' era Club all Q B 1 N adentic "D " jo y teach teaser, is kqui 't e kn wn fo his sen of humor. He is a fine th , and he has won, a y friend le Burnie. A NE ll Soccer 2' 3' Basketball Z udeht Co 2, 4, Yearbook of CHARLES DB MARTINO Fort G. G. Meade Academic Charles is known by everyone as the boy who wears the smartest and bright- est colored shirts. His great sense of humor keeps all of his friends smiling. L .n... I AUDREY DILLER Glen Burnie Academic Audrey, or "Slats" or "Dimples," is un- predictable. Her sportsmanship on the basketball team is commendable. She has one of those devilish dispositions and a contagious laugh. Glee Club 3, 4g Needlecraft 1, 23 News- paper Club 23 Varsity Basketball 2, 3. - . L ARD DDi0N icum Heights Gen chnical "Smo et le fellow-always smiling. Polite to teac ers and students, he got his nickname from a classmate. jerk DsoN . - Id - Ac c -- is il lest girl in e ni , she and Au 'l'e'r a pe ect combi- 'n. They a the "tall and short" it. 1' eedlecraft ',1, 25 Newspaper 3g Glee Club 43 Studen 'Co ' 4. y 7 , , i IAJDRED L. DORSEY of Dorsey G usiness S gi gl ! ' ut definitely! When she g e laughs all over. A cutie naturally curly hair and a pair of dimples, she was quite adept at having fun in homeroom periods. Dramatics Club 13 Shop Z9 Needlecraft 3. MARY DOVVLING Brooklyn Park Stenograpby Mafm A quiet girl is Mary but very nice when you get to know her. Never criticizing- always willing to help-that's Mary. Typing Club 3. KATHERINE ELLISON Lakeshore, -Pasadena Home Economics Maior Kit has blond hair which is naturally curly. She is quiet, unassuming and very cooperative. Drarnatics Z, 3. me We EDWARD FAIRALL Odenton Commercial 1 well known for his athletic abil' Pat 's - He is outstanding in baseball p?gyIl"h fl received many a r s , 3 Softball, Baseball of ' FIELD ooklyn Park ,. Academic fx Jack nms his brother a close second when it comes to mischief, but he also has some time to gain all the knowledge that he hae. .1 'ROBERT FIELD Brooklyn Park Academic Robert has been named chief mischief maker of 4a and he has certainly earned the title. His lively ability and per- sonality should be an asset in the future. xl EDWARD FISHER Brooklyn Park General . Ed is usually found with the boys of Brooklyn Park. He has many friends at school and we all hope he will succeed in the future. ce Branch Gener '!Sho ' ' e ' who is al- wayvr for an g that might arise. She has en a faithful worker on 'the Glen mian. Dramatics 25 Glen Bumiari 2, 3, 4. ' M I-'LAIG erndale liy r ' ari is v all s ool 'vities fs of fe 'rls a sity Bas tb tea th e dl fo ' e ' ev 's frie a a g ort. V ity kecla 11 fllillliill' .f l if ,la .. Pl Ferndale Commercial a well-behaved student and a very good ball-player. He is the envy of some girls because he has such attractive plaid shirts. Archeryg Softball 2. f' Millersville 3'1GLORIA FORD W Stenograplry M afar ' Gloria is pleasant and ladyHke respect. She has smiles and kind words for everyone. Girls' Shop 23 Glee Club 4. WILLIAM GALLION Brooklyn Park General ' Bill is both cheerful and hardworking. He is active in school activities and is well-liked by all. Camera Clubg Ping Pong. M LAG ,f Db B if Q O' neral ' 3 ll Pvi . H ' fl.ltl1l."C:"x.'AJlr- 1, Softballg lpinylemae x ,- , -X 1. f' VERA GARTLENIAN Millersville ' Commercial Vera is quiet and popular in school. Her aim is to become a secretary, and we all know she will succeed. ' Yearbook 45 G.I.A. 2. VVILLIA G ' 5 31' f- Raya, 'V gs - ' p '1 . r . ' the qu , seren our boy t e senior as ha l 'es wild over m. iv as a n r r- sonali and i ve po . Student Cou c' , 3 -- ' Mfifffvlh..--r- Y.-,gigqh , J Mo Aiwa Xb Q EDWARD GERNERT J 4 ETHBL GROH ' Souey Pasadena Shop Mdia, Commercial Bd is one of our Senior boys who plans R UUUYN is C01'f3i!11Y an 1PPl'0Pfi3f0 Mme to help Ungle Sam after hg graduates, or Ethel. She seems to he constantly by joining the Ai, Col-ps, We wish him laughing. She spends her spare time the hes! of luck, collecting records. Modgl Airplanes 1, 2, 3, 4, Needlecraft 1, 2, 3. CONSUELO GRUHN ELSIE .GERTZ . , , Glen Burnie Millersville . . Academic C ommercml Easy going, with never a care, Connie floats through life. Nevertheless some- thing undertaken is something accomp- lished when Connie is around. Glen Burnian 3, 4. Elsie is very active in school activities. She is very popular and always polite. G. I. A. 45 Glen Burnian 3, 4s Glee Club 4. ADA GITOMER BETTY JANE GUILFOY Glen Burnie Brooklyn Heighm A Mdfmlc General Business "Doc" has a special talent for getting uGuillyv has an appealing Penomliq, out of P. O. D. at least once a week. She is very happy all the time. We She is one of the top scholars of 4A know sl-le will succeed in the l-,ugiheg and hopes to become a chemist. world. Needlecraft 1, Z, 39 Glen Bumian 49 G, 1, A, 3- P' .Pm 2, 3 Glee Club 4. VllILLIAM GULLBY RAYMOND GLODEK Linthicum Severn Academic General Business Bill's chief interests are photography and Raymond is a quiet gentleman with thinking upnewways for the gang to many friends. We wish him the best heckle the teachers. One's first impres- in the future, sion of Bill is that he is shy, but don't ' be fooled. T1-ns Souvanm 4. U FRANCES GREEN CARL A g ' Ferndale G Bu I General . be MHZ "Greenie" is one of the quieter Seniors. Call la 'rv Qef be Navfiafiqf Brad' She is very cooperative-a characteristic 3 15 PHS 3 W .and Yllhngnus which all her friends admire. Drk Sho'-'ld him 0 9 mad Needlecrafx 1, 2, 3. - 0 Sussm- J. V. Soccer 1. If i ' xN.-z! AUDREY GRIFFITH R HAG ORN ' Glen Burnie le 11-:je Gfflfml Q ome amics Mafor Audrey is very attractive and has a R is q ' ut h so cgmpetgntl She Pleasing PCGONHW- She has ma11Y yery ular ong her classmates. friends at school and everyone wishes Wg sh will have success in het the best of lllfjl in the flltlll'B. 4 gvg thing 5 gftakggl Glee Club 4. AN K' 62" -Q whiff DOLORES HAIGIS Pasadena Stenograpby Major "Betty" has pretty red hair and clothes which are the envy of all the girls. Her greatest talent is talking. She is an eicient typist on the "Glen Bumiann Glen Burnian 4g Run and Catch 1. sf' HOWARD HALL North Linthicum General Technical Howard wants to join the Navy when he finishes school. His interest in math and mechanics should help him to be a big success in the future. Model Airplanes 1, Z, 3. KENNETH I-IALLAM li 5' Linthicum ' General Kenneth is one of the best dressed Senior boys. His beautiful hair is ad- mired by all the girls. DONALD HALLIKAS Shop Major Everyone will remember Donald as a swell pal. His sense of humor adds life to all his classes. QRIS CHUH L. c ic ," one the e piest Senior girls, quite ete. Her carefree dispo- siti s her well liked by all. Run d arch 13 Track 23 Newspaper Club FLORIAN HANNAH Severn General Florian worked to make the operetts "Chonita" the success it was. His con- tributions in class discussions show that he is an interested student. Glue Club 35 Camera Club 2. JOY HASTINGS Sevem Academic joy, as her name suggests, is as good natured as they come. Everyone will re- member Joy as a swell classmate and friend. Artr and Crafts lg Track 25 Touch- down Pass 29 J.V. Basketball 25 Needlecraft 3g Volleyball 33 Tl-na Souvamn 4. l yk. ,L I it L , FLORENCE HETN Glen Burnie General Florence, known better as "Fuzzy," is the girl that many a boy around school would like to rate a look from. Q ' ever, we understand her heart belong? 4' Joe. He sure is a lucky fellow. Basketball 1, 2, 35 G.I.A. 1. 2, 3. WIILLIAM HEIN Glen urnie A a Tec ical y R fyrhi h e Casanov knows very b' n h l. Bill as ta 'a ea mr t ' s 1 o t Tdale Te i5AjS2g Softba lg ee Club U 23 -B 13? ' 7 O 'B MES en rnie , e e al arie i a s , c e senior as ade na for h self i etball. She a a an is talent O eep t e s il ha y. eedl Fr Y GRACE I-IE int ' m X Hom conomic: ' rf race ' nothe enior. Her eas' personali s w WW S. f LOUIS Hoover V Lombardee Beach Shop Major Louis is one of the few blonde -haired boys in the senior class. He is interested in airplanes and is taking the course in Aeronautics. Leathercraft 1, Zg Archery 3g Softball l, Z, 3. ' D A HUBERS X Ferndale If Commercial Alma is a good student and a swell friend to everyone. She spends e large iart of her time in sports. We know she will succeed in the future. Basketball 1, 25 Typing 35 T0l1Cl'1d0WU P 2. I . I AV. '11 ass I If if J fri "I U ff Y I CMO 'IACK HUDNALL V W " Ferndale ty.. "eg pug V, 4 Yieihnichif lYI'he 'happiest senior boyffowould be, s good name 'for' is always laughing and 'ieveryone else does' too. L' i Softball 3g Soccer 3. V HURT I. eneral "Peanut" a perfect nickname for Mary. smallness helps make her a star in al sports. I HERMAN JACKSON Millersville Shop Major Herman's very interesting hobby is build- ing model planes. The experience gained in this way should prove helpful in his future life. Model Airplanes 1, 2, 3. HAMMOND JEFFERY Hanover . General Technicd "Jeff" is another of our good natured seniors. He likes to keep everyone happy and gets into all kinds of mischief while doing this. THOMAS JOHANCEN Linthicum Shop Major "Joe" has proved to everyone in Glen Burnie High that he is a real leader. We are sure that he is one person who has a successful future ahead of him. G.I.A. 2, 3, 4. are A. NORMA JOHNSON l Solley General Business Nor-m.a's beautiful naturally curly hair is one of her outstanding features. She wears it in an individual style which everyone admires. DOROTHY JORAN Brooklyn Park Stenography Major Dot is a very quiet girl with many friends. She takes a great interest in the welfare of her school by helping to entertain all her friends. Dramatics 13 Entertainers Club 2g News- paper Club 33 Glen Burniaen 3. VERNON JUBB . Lake re 17941 ive endly pers li has bn' flany er quxqs or fI'lis friends here ati, 1, I if , Cf! RALPH KADAN Shop Major Ralph is known in G.B.H.S. for his happy-go-lucky ways. We predict a bril- liant future for you Ralph. Archery Club 35 Airplane Club 2. VIRGINIA KALIVODA Brooklyn View General Business "Ginny" is another girl who sets the boys' hearts e Butter. She is always neat in appearance. Typing Club 33 Girl's Shop 2. WILBUR KEENEY Linthicum Shop Major "VVi.lley," the cute little redhead of homeroom 43, is a member of the W.O. L.F. Club. Don't let this fool you- Wilbur is really a swell fellow. Glee Club 3, 4. silflffff ,Y ii J EMMA JANE KELLY Glen Burnie Stenagrapby Major "Kelly" is a vivacious, blue eyed blonde. She likes the boys and vice versa. She is also an ice skating enthusiast. Dramaticsu 1, 25 Arts and Crafts 35 THB Souvarszm 4. RHODA MAE KELLY Severn General' Business "Shoog" is another senior who is always happy and in a good humor. She has a very sweet disposition. Girl's Shop Z9 Typing Club 33 TPIB Souvsmn 4. DORIS KISTRUP Odenton General Business "Doe" is a rather small but cute senior. She is a good sport and easy to get along with. Newspaper Club 15 Shop 23 Typing 3. HERMAN KOEPKE Severn A cademic Wherever there is a lot of noise and quite a qrowdg you'll find "Kep." This is one senior with plenty of oomph. .I.A. Z5 Arts and Crafts 3. ' iv Pasadena Shop Major -, Roland i nother wearer of bright plaid shirts. Girls, he is really the berries. He is just as nice as they come. Softball 1, 2g Student Council 1, 2, 3: Soccer. JANUS KIRK Linthicum , Stenography Major Another senior girl with a winning per- sonality is "Toodles." She is always ready to brighten the day with a smile. Her real work on THE SoUvBNm will never be forgotten. Typing Club Z, 35 T1-ts Souvm-me 4. 'DOROTHY KULIS Hanover General Business A wonderful athlete is "Don" She is also known as a very good sport. Her ability to do things is amazing. Basketball I 2g Volleyball 1, 2, 39 Typ- ing Clu .i A Hanr er of other girls un wouldnt go for ch a s ile refree manner? 1 Z 3 asketball 1 2 Soccer , Z, lee Club Stu ent Coun cillg og M7 HE N IS A 'ix A m' V 1 Chi " s h a t th -of homeroom 43 d al ' cl s . ' s ' an . S f , 3 5 3 CARL LANE1-1AR1j wfljd L- Lakeshore P 9. General "Bunky" is the tall quiet boy who only talks when he has something worth while to say. He really is a swell friend to those he really knows. Arts and rafts 1 2 Archery 3. HAROLD LAQUE North Linthicum Academic Harold, as his nickname "Caesar Parvus" suggests, is the studious type. Don't let this throw you off the trackg he can be a lot of fun. HELEN LATVANAS JGMUP General Business "Curlie" is another girl who likes to be by herself. She is really a swell pal to those she really knows. Run and Catch lg Dramatics 23 Volley- ball Zg Typing Club 25 THE SoUvB- NIR 4. IVA LEAKE Brooklyn Park General Iva is a quiet sort of girl but a hard worker. Many girls envy her hair which always looks as if she just came from the hairdressers. Y DOROTHY LEHMAN Brooklyn Park General Business A swell person to get along with is "Lem." She is a wonderful sport and has a swell personality. Typing Club 3. aah W N 3 Earl's voic 's uite well known a ou school as s ith ch All h is aso . . . ' u . ana - Q l- ' 1 o a I Ch:ri-mis 1 M- lg CameraCCQaf2f6lee . J C ,- A-3, Q y a 3? Ei f v . eve ' v ark .J V. Y ystenogftjir y Major ' fairolyn J a dujet girl who is 8lEYl on tim . We know she be a cpable se , aftrfjgraduiwm. IN Ru? .and C ch 1, 'Entertainers Club Zgxglqy Club A .3 RENA LOTZ L' Hanover General Business A swell sport is "Rene." Her pretty smile and wonderful personality make her a nice person to know. Dramatics 13 Basketball Z3 Ping Pong 3. Q R Wlshg ' Brbo Park Ac emic ary s a s' ' a her pals. ' a s ark girl with a ' p s ity. know she will cc ' 'wh tever she chooses er. Dramati s 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN LOWMAN Odenton "Karen is a swell sport and a friend to everyone. She has a very sweet face and a charming smile. Girl's Shop lg Volleyball 1, 23 Softball 1, 23 Ping Pong 2, 33 Basketball 3. 'YI H- MADELINE LOWMAN Odenton Stenography Major "Flossy" is one of our best athletes. She is active in sports and other school ac- tivities too. We know she will succeed in her future undertakings. Shop 13 Softball 1, 23 Run and Catch 13 Ping Pong 23 Track 2g Dramatics 3g G.A.A. 3g Glen Bumian 3, 43 Student Council 43 TH' Souvnmn 4. ANNA IVIAIKA Severn Stenography Major Anna is a very studious girl and seems to like school very much. She always has a lot of questions to ask everyoneg maybe that's how she gets along so well with everyone. in is WM? fl HN MAR L Hanover Shop Major John, better known as "Peanut," is small and has curly hair. He aspires to aviation, or at least he goes to 308 the second period. Let's wager he'll be on Ka? GK next bombing of Tokyo! Glen General Shirley is definitely an eye catcher. She is a good dancer and wears darling clothes. Shirley likes to do her part to keep servicemen happy, particularly the Navy. Glee Club 3, 4. ' v SHIRLEY MCCANN . 2 6, A dz THOMAS McC N Al North Shore- fo"Yl,K General "Tom" is quite a ladies' man. His posi- tion on the Art Staff of the yearbook was well earned. He is a swell friend to all his classmates. Tm: Souvxmm 4. JOHN MCCARLEY Glen Burnie ener Tecbm al 'i 1 l gf llhdr d . rig!-is ct orfzf r boil: e is ood - C' -wh: e es N G.I.A. , 3, 43 Studen Council 313 Tx-ns Souvzum 4. 01' MARIAN MCCAULEY Glen Burnie General Business N' Marian is -a very hard worker and is 35355 very cooperative. Her nice disposition bas won her many friends. Here's wish- ing you luck in the future, Marian. Camera 1, 25 Ping Pong 33 Tm: Souve- NIR 4. KATI-IRYN MEDLEY J Odenton eh! en Perhaps eve S. knows the dark ioned gir ho is al- ways bub ' ver with laughter. Her abilities to s numerous and her smile will J ng, long GR ' 9' I- M O ' e Beach G' al X O Grace ha won opularity in her two years at Gen 3 I-Iigh. She turned out a nifty pi f try on "My Last n an . I ' 0 I D1-1512858 ring on rhar certain finger Newspaper 3. BERTHA MERSON Jessup Commercial "Bert" can always be seen talking to some good-looking boy in the halls. She is cute and has a lovable disposition. Newspaper 13 Nature Club 25 Quiet Games 3. MIRIAM MESEKE Brooklyn Park Stenograpby Major "lVIim," assistant editor of ,the Gl n e .Er4mian, works hand in hand with Betty She is a good student who is ag by her classmates. Club 2, 3, 45 Newspaper 3, 4g G.A.A. 2, 3, 49 TI-nz Souvnnnz 4. JOHN MEYER Pasadena Shop Major "Johnny" is a likeable lad and always a friend to everyone. His ambition is to join the Marine Corps. Here's wish- ing ou the best of luck, Johnny. 1. -.l FW- ' 'E MARY JANE MILTON Odenton Vocational "Janie," a good athlete, is helping the war eEort by studying the new riveting course. She'll soon be the "girl behind the men behind the gunsli' Softball 33 Ping Pong 3g Basketball 3. MARY ELLEN MITCHELL Severn l 1 X ? 0 01 Aca emic bw 5' "Mitch" ' uite a pted sewin I f Q r , er i ress nd- ade t t iefly re- sponsi or ye oo ustrations, she did a ' . Needle: 3 Basketball 23 Ping 'Pong - 1 35 THB Souvamn 4. I. ANN Moons' V Jessup General Ann is a quiet girl from homeroom 44. Her attractive natural blond curly hair causes a twist of the head and many ad- mirable glances from the boys. EVELY A RRISSETT Greenl Beach Steno play Major kv" is an 'ent and an ambitious An ellent dancer, she favors sw a d' ' rbugging. "Ev," a worthy 'tion y organization, a lively ad- tio "get-together." Girs Sh lg Needlecrafu 23 Typing 35 Glen Burnian 43 THB Souvarmz 4. DANIEL MOSBERG Y essup A A l Tec nical 1' hu Everybod for c comes D ii am, " r ' with keen se e o m string of junior girs hearts. asanova, but definitely! Track 25 GI Club 4. lj. -IXEQEDERICK MULLER Raynor Heights Shop Major If friendliness were all that counted in this world, Fred would go far. But he can go much farther on his natural abili- ty, as he has plenty! Ca a Club 1. ,eff ,, if bfi- ' ,rt I ' ff , -1 , ,fp - -f . 1' fu- I W. A ' l I . Mum-IY f Odenton General "Margie" has been with us for only one year. Her cheery disposition and friendly smile have caused much admiration. Her ambition is to become a nurse. We know she will become an excellent one. Ti-ts Souvssm 4. IRENE NICHOLS Gambrills General Irene is a nice looking, friendly girl. She is liked by both teachers and stu- dents. We wish her success in the fu- HUC. Camera Club 35 Volleyball 3. HARRY I lg B. as Zieef ' i " uck's" wisycrac in t math classes continua . ebuEs like a duck she , and one of the outstanding students of 4 . Airplane Club 29 j.V. Socc 25 J.V. Baseb 35 Ping Pong 3. ookly X ene u ess Wh ou e a cr 'schiev- o s oy find ' i " in the dle. oug e ap rs o quiet th ace, a een s e of si e. S e 15 Track g Baseball 33 Ping ong 3. , J GILBERT NUSSEAR Hanover General "Buddy" is a swell little fellow. He is usually in a good 'humor and has many friends. APHRODITB PARDOS . Severn Stenograpby Major -"Aphie" is noted for her sweet nature and easy going disposition. Her ambition is to be a stenographer. She works very hard in her studies. Homeroom Oiiicer 4. MARY PATTERSON Ferndale Stenograpby Major Mary is a. very pretty senior. She has a wonderful personality and a friendly smile. We know she will be a success in whatever she chooses as a career. G.I.A. 43 C.C.C. 2, 3g Glee Club 35 Student ,Council 4g G.A.A. 4. DOLLY MAY PE Ode t n y Ma' S 'i i d te is "Pete." W o gets he a te ogtapher or DORIS PHEBUS Brooklyn Park Commercial "Pheb" is always well dressed and is usually smiling. We know she will be a great success in the commercial world. Softball 19 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 T1-na Souvsnm 4. My ' 0 X ff B , HEL Brookl enera , f ,X BBW Ml of. most a K' senior girls. ' uite po both the boys iris. EDITH PIGOTT Bayside Beach Commercial Edith seems quiet to most of us but we understand she is quite jolly when she is with her friends. Nedlecraft 1, 29 Arts and Crafts 3. NATALEA PUMPI-IRY Millersville Academic Here's to Natalea who is as cute as she is sweet. She will never know defeat. Her ambition is to 'be a teacher andgwe know she will succeed. Shop 15 Croquet 23 Needlecraft 2, 3. MARIE RAHNIS Severn General "Ma" is a senior few of us really know. She seems to be quite quiet, but we un- derstand she is quite jolly when with a group of her friends. Dramatics 1, 35 Leathercraft 2. gg? E5 iii .I K gfcf I kxjgkiflz N,.,1f3 i A Missa . A ookpfnr will tx JK Hr ,elnst M nPa' gain: 'We uizde tand e Evil? knows him considers him rea, ell Pd. . JAMES ROBERTS X Whitney's Landing "Short and swell, a mighty good pal." Jimmie will succeed in anything he un- derrakes. Airplane Club 1, 45 Leathercraft 2. -f 'L O -f 1 ,, V,-r""' 1110414 I 4 N2 ,fn ,,v,' A " ,f , 'fdzf' s!,gV,V,, ELIZABETH ROBB Linthicum "Hobie" is the fashion plate of the senior class. She is also known for her athletic ability. She is always willing to help with any task. Track 1, 2g Glse Club 4. GEORGE RODGERS Glen Burnie General Technical George is never in a hurry and can al- ways be seen strolling through the halls. He always knows a comy joke too. We wish him luck in the future. Ping Pong 2, 3. ' CATHERINE ROTHAMEL Lakeshore Academic "Tiny's" goodnaturedness has won her many friends at Glen Burnie Her original styles have attracted many'people. Drsmatics 1, 2, 3. lb sy? om-'G .f CHARLES RUSSELL Glen Burnie Commercial "Charley" is usually in a good humor and is well liked by his classmates. We wish him success in the future. ANNA RUTHS Lakeshore General l Anna is a quiet, reserved girl. To all who know her she has proven a swell friend. Am and Crafts 3. ROBERT SAUERHOFF Severn Shop Major "Bob" is a quiet natured boy. He is the kind of student teachers wish for but seldom get. Model Airplane Club 1, 35 Biology Club 2. A 4552.5 LOUIS sci-IRAMM ...if gmac! . , i' Pasadena if Academic - "N"- Louis is one of the few quiet'-seniors in 4A Trig. class. We wish him luck in whatever he clertakes in the future. Stamp Club ' 3m and Crafts Z, 3. fa 1 FT, . n aff if ry J? 7 cv? ' CE M SCHIVIYSXIZ' ls '55 ohsville W ' General Businessldgv,-" Pretty and sweeet, Alice Marie will make some lucky boss a perfect secretary. She takes a lot of work upon herself but always does it well. Glee Club 3, 45 Tun Sovvswm 4. M Icl-LXR NSINGLBTON I N en Burnie f General K "Dick" X take alot of teasing aboutib his size. ' natured responses have end ed him to his classmates. Nature dy lg Ping Pong 2, 3. I V X f Wlifll ROBERT SINGLETON Glen Burnie General "Bob's" voice has added much to the Glee Club. All who know him say that he is as nice a classmate as you can find anywhere. CHARLOTTE SMITH North Linthicum - General Char ott ' s d charms r s great, t ' S. ' eps, them as fo er. ix 'J So , 3g ee - 1 .. , , Q 1 gi 2 Zcfrfffefff .ff , ef"-4..,,q-1 1 .74 A FRED SMI'I'l-If North Linthicum, Vi, General Technical "Smitty" is always in a good humor. Because of his friendly disposition he has won many friends here at G.B.H.S. Baskethd 2. NK . A 'I 1 qdfx ' V oll l Sho ' P 07 "Shag: is the quiet type. He gets along with everyone and makes a swell companion once you get to know him. Model Airplane Club 3. LEONARD SQUIRES Greenland Beach Shop Major A Leonard is quiet and easy going. He takes everything in his stride and always has a smile for everyone. JUNE STEVENS Q 'Glen Burnie Academic Juneisseldominabadhumor. Her to help everyone has won her maiiy friends. We wish her the best of luck. A Student Council 3g Tr-us Souvsrmz 4. KATHRYN STEVENS Glen Burnie Stenography Major "Kitty" is s petite senior with pretty blond hair. She held a Student Council position for two years. We know she will make a line secretary. Basketball Zg Student Council 2, 35 Ping Pong 3. LOUISE STEWART Hianover - Academic Louise is the girl with a sunny disposi- tion. We know her cheerfulness and good nature will be assets when she be- COUICS 8 nurse. Needlecraft 2, 3. ARDITH STICKELS J Brooklyn Heights General "Pix's" conversations with certain senior boys in the locker room will certainly be missed next year. Good luck to you in whatever your future may he. Glen Bumian 2, 3, 45 Glee Cluh 4g TH: Souvaum 4. CARL STINCHCOMB Severn Shop Maier "Carly" is another one of our tiny seniors. He is taking the shop course to prepare himself for future work. Track 2. DOUGLAS STINCHOMB CX7,,.y1Za M317 Glen Burnie General Technical Q2-1. "Doug," one of our school lea , ' noted for his "snazzy" appearance. He is a swell friend and an all around good sport. Ping Pong 1, 23 G.I.A. 2, 3, 45 Archery 35 Magazine Campaign 4g THB SoUvaNm 4. Mxllerswlle Shop Major "Shorty" is the quiet, hard working type of person. We feel sure his shop course will prove helpful to him in the future. Science and Radio Club 3. . EDMOND srnxrcrrscoramlfx W olfmli .7 I s""l1 .3 f 7 X . 9 vrcrron sT1NcHcoMB Glen Burnie General Technical "View is one of the most popular, well- dressed seniors of our school. He is a swell pal, and is sure to succeed. Manager of Basketball and Baseball 33 Soccer 23 THE SOUVENIR 4. FRED STROH Pasadena X P G' al Technical r is boy who i lways building pane He is iplane-spotter 'x d is i e d in l pr jects relating or r fan 's inning personality won 'nfix any friends here at G.B.H.S. Airplane Club 1, 2, 3. I LILLIAN STUART "Lille" is another one of our tiny seniors. She is usually in a good humor, and is a swell friend to those who really know her. We wish her the best of luck in the future. Basketball 29 Run and Catch 1, 25 Touckdown Pass 2. MELVI 'I' A W , al echnical ' I f flsxreally know. He e wish him luck in th I Base ' , Radio Club 3. -M DOROTHY TAYLOR f . Brooklyn --5 ' V Stenognrphy Major w5"Dots,' athletic and musical ability have ,made Aher quite popular around Glen 'Burr-Qiei We expect her to be a very glicibnt secretary in the future. lee' Club 3g Operetta 2, 3g Softball ' iz, 3, 45 G. A. A. 3, 4. ROGER TAYLOR Severn Shop Major "Rug" is the quiet type. He tends to his own affairs and works away at his best. Track 1, Z. , lg THOMAS THOMAS North Linthicum Shop Major "Tuck" is a swell pal and a good athlete in spite of his size. He has that will to get in there and fight, which should make him successful in all he undertakes. Softball Z, 35 Soccer 2, 33 Basketball 2, 35 Track 2. CHARLES THOMPSON Glen Burnie Shop Major Charles's favorite pastime is chasing girls. When not doing this, he is absorbed in his shop work. Airplane Club 3. 1 ELT PM For e A mic . "Is' ' " pleasant ' ion has o hgnany friend ere G ie. Her ding mat em ' ability will h into greater elds. M-is SOUVENTR 4. OLEASE TOFT Pasadena C om m ercial z9'lgse's pretty hair and dimples make eve e turn and look a second or ird time. She is a wonderful class- ate and will make an ellicient secretary. G.A.A. 45 Softball lg Track 1, 2. ff MARIE TORES Glen Burnie Business Major "Ric" is a very quiet girl with a very pleasant smile. We wish her success in her future career of stenography. Dramatics 23 Ping-Pong 3. raw' -iff' B ARA TOTMAN Linthicum Heights Academic Pretty little "Bobby" has made a great number of friends at G.B.H.S. Her greatest interests lie in dramatics and winter sports. We know Bobbie will make a great success of her life. Dramatics 2, 33 THB SOUVBNIR 45 Track 2. RUTH TTJRNER Brooklyn Park Stenograpby Major Here's to an always happy Ruth, who with her friends, makes her share of fun. Someday she will make some boss a priceless stenographer. Girl's Shop 2g Typing Club 3. BEULAH WAGNER Ferndale A cademic Beulah is one of our school leaders. Everyone admires her for making a suc- cess of everything she undertakes. Ping Pong 33 Student Council 4g THB Souvsmn 4. - ,f .1- rf 'A J gm WAG Q Mayfield 1 V! s A General ! "Heine" is small but he has what it takes to get along in this "world. He has many pals. JOSEPHINE WAGNER Pasadena Stenograpby Major Josephine's sense of humor wins her many friends. She is a loyal classmate who is bound to succeed in the future. Entertainers Club 1, 'Zg Glee Club 3, 4. DAVID WATKINS Fort Meade - Academic "Watty" is a newco er to G.B.H.S., but he is m ' presence felt to those who k o i He is a swell friend once y ow him. ' if DA Linthicum Academic "Web" is very popular around school because of his happy-go-lucky ways. He is almost always in a good humor. He is likely to succeed in anything he puts his mind to. Camera Club 1, 2, 33 Ti-rs Souvsum 4. ..,,,. .San-.. v S 1, ix 3 y I JUNE WHAQRRAN Brooklyn Park Commercial june's commercial ability will make her a good secretary. All those who know her consider her a faithful friend. Drsmstics 25 Typing Club 3g Glee Club 4. DOLORES WHIT'I'EMORE Brooklyn Park Academic Dolores is very cute and popular with the senior class. We can imagine what she plans to do after graduation by the ring she wears on a certain Hnger. G.I.A. 1g Arts and Crafts lg Dramatics 2g Q 'et Games 3. ve haird ' tylish cl es She a a g personality and many 1 ds. We wish her the best of luck er career as a dress designer. ing Pong Z5 Dramatics 2, Typing 35 1 I lik! I w .I , ul the senio N --by orma's attrac- c. TFT P' 'v - ' W . I n Glee Club 4. RUTH YANKY Lakeshore Stenograpby Major Quiet and reserved sums up Ruth. She s talented when it comes to typing. ihe is also a good athlete. 'leedlecraft lg Run and Catch 1, ,Zg Broad Jump 1, 23 Touchdown Pass 25 Entertainers Club 23 Dramatic: 3. X Wann Y,OUNGER Seve JA ool activi ery e er Eddie as Sha e. E604-X. 23 Vice-president of S o eClassgT1-mSoUvsNm 43 Student Council 1, 2, 33 President 4. A ic wk u n gpu" A.He , p d to th tu t o ciland p . e ..- 1 r ' a BETTY enogra 1 Ma i pable 3' il V 3 I gn B ianedl pr v . ---- eaer e pf ' 3 I. ' - I . ' . . Betty. 0 , ' 7 You Touchdo Pass , .. i., Crafts 1, 2g G.A. 23' C.C.C. 23 Glee Club 3, 43 GI Bumxlm 33 Bdinor 4 1... 7 if or 0, I 1 9' Q ,ff 1 ee M-effvw L SENIDIQS NUT IDICTUIQED CALVIN DICUS Millersville Shop Major "Dike" is a popular boy around school. Everyone admires his dark wavy hair. Here's wishing you luck in the future. Model Airplane Cluh lg Leathercraft Zg Science and Radio Club 3. JOHN KUSKA Brooklyn Park Shop Major John is the quiet type of person. Girls don't seem to bother him a bit. Maybe his heart belongs outside of school. Archery 33 Airplane Club Z. HARRY LEE Glen Burnie Shop Major Harry seems to have that kind of per- sonality which everyone likes. We are sure that with his ambition he will go a long way in the future. HENRY SPIELMAN Shop Major Henry is a boy few of us really know. We know he will succeed in whatever he chooses as a career. DICKEY HEISLER Arnold General A handsome fellow with a brilliant mind, rhat's Dick. Everyone considers him a swell person to know. u AL 45' -,ffl I RB Ali --if -- I S f- 'or Do 2, 's J- v--L "Droop" giv 'fl "l,H-f- Walter is I VA P uhlg ' ... Club2gStage 3, 4. MAE SCHMIDT Severn Academic Mae's pretty blond hair attracts both boys and girls. She has a very nice per- sonality and a sunny smile. Here's wish- gndg you the hest of luck in the future, ae. DOLORES WAWRYZNIAK Severn Stenogmphy Major "Cubic" is known to everyone in school. Her friends think of her as a very good natured classmate. Needlecraft 15 Touchdown Pass 2, 35 Entertainers Club 23 Typing Club 3. ..-ana. WHEN wt WEIQE SENIDIDS WE cheered when Henry Kaiser and his workers built a ship in three days. WE learned what devotion to country meant when the gallant Russians defended Stalingrad. WE were very much pleased with the opening of the Second Front in Africa. WE saw the much talked about Alcan Highway uniting Alaska and the United States. . WE viewed the assassination of Admiral Darlan on Christmas Eve with little regret. WE were astounded when President Roosevelt, Churchill, Giraud, and De Gaulle met in a conference at Casablanca. WE gladly welcomed Brazil and Chile into the United Nations. WE mourned the death of the world famous cancer specialist, Doctor Howard Kelly. WE honored the French fleet, who scuttled themselves rather than join the Axis. WE listened open mouthed to an eye witness account of the sinking of the "Wasp," told by Eddie Jenkins, a former student. WE shivered through a cold winter when fuel oil and coal were doing their part for the cause of the United Nations. WE watched the 18-19 year old boys march off to camp to fill the ranks of our expanding army. WE accepted the point rationing of canned foods understanding it was a necessity. W WE kept prayerful vigil for twenty-one long days and nights with Mrs. Eddie Rickenbacker, buoyed up by her supreme faith in Captain Eddie' s survival, to be rewarded by his being found alive. WE resolved to do everything in our power to hasten victory by co-oper- ating and giving our whole-hearted support to the bond campaign, the tin can collection, and the victory corps. WE determined to keep the stars and stripes flying forever to symbolize - the freedom of America. 27 T If SENIDIQ DULI. The Senior poll should show the famous seniors of the school We hope that they will pardon our seeming ridicule. We jind that "Ibbie" Robb and Behringer are those who dress the best While in detention hall Kay Stevens and Iohancen are the guests. The Younger Fields is the most talkative and owns a sense of humor And saying that Kelly is most talkative surely is no rumor. Wigrout a doubt the prize for the best sense of humor goes to Norma Wise While Ann Moore and John McCarley possess the prettiest eyes. And the biggest blujfers are Davis and the little blond Emma jane While tothe teachers "R" Field and Handschuh are a pain. Most talented Mary Lowery and Earl Lisiecki possess the gift of song Mil Dorsey and Monsieur Lisiecki giggle the whole day long. Our favorite masculine teacher happens to be good ole "Pop" But when it comes to talking P. O. D., he never knows when to stop. The most cooperative Beulah and,Younger are the most likely to succeed In all their classes they always take the lead. And then comes Barger and Flaig who are known as the "best all around" Theirvmagnetic personality and friendliness abound. Next comes Cooper and Taylor who were voted the most quiet And you can bet your life that they? ll never start a riot. And now the sophisticated Mr. Hallam and Miss Blaxten, Wanda for short But in spitet of this sophistication neither one is a bad sport. Let's take a look at Eleanor Chaney' s strawberry blond hair These neat tresses as you can readily see have received much care. Concerning the boys "Iigg's" dark brown wavy hair surpasses all For his hair is an asset to him even though 4185 not very tall. We find that "He-man" Davis possesses the best physique While "Ibbie" Robb steps up with a figure just as neat. Haigis and De Martino were voted as the biggest wise crackers But when it comes to home work they really aren't slackers. Mary Patterson and "Doug" Stinchcomb are the most popular around the school But Ruth Adams and "Vic" Stinchcomb the best looking, we sdid rule. And last but not least, is our teacher Miss Cromwell Who teaches typing and shorthand and is "super-duper-swell." ,lov HASTINGS 28 e sp Q WK! 'fa Awww EM -ix - J 1 gm LM,,fffA,5-aw UK 3 M Q f ff X 0' E' Y af ' f My ffm N QQ iii ig fl REQ HW ,f My 4 rw 5,525 vii? VM wmff H ix Q3 -vvx""'N M f DXF G I 2 he Q,-Qglx 23 MW if if 2 231 Wjwjf .Q is Mffgw 224 ev W wk 3 K 2 Sify WK F S f wizw if X S 'iii W WT QQ ww YY 23 H5 W M Mez 2 fs M, , R MW . I QW! x-Q Wifi 2 gmzdgmm M W Ewwwfwyyzffmwm Efjfoijm 6 S if L15 by MWWW KVM Q , Eff?- 5 W 5255! M waxy! Q, Yagi? ' Win73-we. UF!! AWQVKSM' 14 ,gif 29 Af .ZW UNIUIQ LAII OFFICERS Advisor MISS MARIE D. BRYAN President DONALD WEBER Vice President EUGENE WOOD Secretary-Treasurer KITTY OVER dressy Third Row: B. Beavin, H. Bogges, P. Baldwin, P. Bauman B Bertram A Anderson B Booker Second Row: A. Buckler, D. Beatley, E. Chairs, D. Attrldge E Clark A Benclrx B Beck L Bagnall C Bradley First RoW:lC. Braun, R. Callais, M. Blanchfield, M. Anglln C Abend G Brgrnwell Mrss Clxft R Buclaj R Chaplm E. Brown, B. Beckett, G. Aslmrenskas. ,Q Z X Al, H:-'VI A 6 H 'iv 53.45. .- 'BNA 'wx'-'7 fl M f-ds .aa'6' l?E?Hl ' 'l' Fourth Row: H, Dwyer, B. Burton, R. Bush, D. Disney, N. Disney, D. Corey, D. Crawford, A. Burton, W. Collins, C. Cromwell, C. Cox, C. Carter, T. Clark, D. Day, G. Clark. Third Row: G. Davis, B. Kelso, B. Keilenberger, M. Davis, K. Einschiertz, I. Davis, S. Eveson, R. Dunker, A. Forsythe, L. Davis, D. Delxoff, V. Emge, F. DeCarlo. Second Row: France, M. Davidson, France, M. Fowlesr, Miss Nliller, Mrs. Gamlnrill, F. Dunton L. Ehmlet n , o P. Crapstey, G. Crapster. Fin! Row: R. mon, F. asnow, C. jenkins, M. Hanzel, A. Jackson, Nl. King, F. Hahn, D, Girley, M. Hook, Herr, ei et, Ha ihs, T. Holzinger. , JN , fwxz f - V FIB J V Fourth Row: G. Klug, R. Lasher, R. Lehman, R, Frode, E. Klima, R, Krieder, C. La Fairall, Gwynn, E. .Litcb J Held, F. Jackson, C. G 'rnm, H. Greenwell, C. Keyron. J ,X X Third Row: R. Lescalleet, 5 1. ell, I. Lipg y, E. Murpliy, L, L wton, MCC gsbury, A. Muhl, . atslxall E. Lacher, B. Lowe. X X X Second Row: E. M. Mitche P. ry, E. Mewsh w, M. o r. Knox, G. ry a . Kaijews ' . que, J. Klein. 5 -X . Lf ! ,N First Row: R. Hancoc -' P on, A. 1 e e , . ac s, R. Fones, . I ngbfj a . fx i , 1 X-C ' 'L x af W ' J 6' '7 QF v' U' ? 1 fab ' 12 ' x Clk' ' ' ' 4? 6' U fHi"' TQ -fi WY!-A :lull- g5rff? f eg, , k . E 92' E 64,9 J X W Q ? ggi 53 E. " wg? W T W X,, f f av m z . 'ffm Q W , .1-A1.Z,. , ff xg ,. v. A it Q qi if +9 sr fi? Y 2 gfk A .1 , L .V 'mf' ag- ,V W 3 K 5. A 5 1 ff . ' S L 5 il 5? W 1 f I' X ., A M I M ky A qw X W fig 'X' - 5 "1-fn W: , Haw gf ' am r iw .P if ii . A . , vgwwf' L p ,Qsi 2 ,1 'fx - . L ff 5 ww' K M K Y ? I . L, K 537, ,,kz L .K I K - gi-1:- -E! tk L H 5 8 I Q U , w rw 4. FM kilt? WE 'S xx 1 J X Q If , faQ fe , V' I V '45 A .,h' .. ' sw is A sv -. , ' K 'A I M ' 5 77 J 'J if 'I 1' -rir iii , V . 1 xx f' ,A FT f 5: i l W " . A f fi . A ", 1 I 1 ' . .f , 52 Fw W JW WW SDDHUM DE CLASS OFFICERS A d visor MRS. BEERBOWER President DARL 'WILLETT Vice President RAYMOND HARDY Secretary-Treasurer MADELIN E ZEMAN Fourth Row: J. Bower, E. Ambrose, M. Anderson, E. Aist, T. Bertier, D. Aurhein. Second Row: L. Boyer, D. Bortner, M. Boswell, V. Betts, D. Buckman, R. Bertsch, W. Bennet, B. Beckwith. Third Row: R. Binxemax, I. Berkimeier, B. Bernaski, H. At as, C. Bolm, J. Brooks, G. Babicky, L. Bottler. X29 X3 5 First' Row: R. Bass, M. Buck, J. Bendix, S. Ahmuty, O. Bass, Mrs. Chapman, M. Bialeck, B. Stevens, N. Andersos, Y. Anderson, D. Burns, B. Boyd. 1 we M. X X Xl 33 K . xx ,J X XXX! vi 8 K, A 5, iv., A 1 3 2 Ghz ,iv A M wg - ?,"mm Q 1 1 W 6.95 , ff? 'M x . Aw P . 'MV ' 55 1 V? My k 1' l v- jg: A X .K ,L M . 2-e Y' Q v Y 4 V. fd' N A G X - E li E ell'-1' 4 ,. M ' lv I A 2' ' sf ff ,, mi, , A 4f'N , ' W , i 7 553 rg., we ff ,f 'M' amy v R Q 2 Q "' , , sw, 4: lr! 2 : gm +12 ' I uiiwy W ,g-, 4 L' M' A! L H 6 is 4 gg gl , Z, Y 1 3 M ji V 3? ,123 . .. J - f ,, -- W -.,L...M,- Axmwx... i Y 1 A-'A . , if ifmfdy ww, si -f if in s ww 1 YA . 2 . A 4 I V,ZV7 K J I . - aw mi, x 9 it Q0 A A 'Ai X1 'F' if 1, gy g 4 . ,,. ,. diy 'hi iam I' Af, Q QM X 1 fig Q2 m .fz SQ Q gf 11, V s O 'Q . Q-ff ' Y fx K K' W M I WK A gg, ,Eb 55,55 . W in Q, Q K ' Q ' Q qi r-rs' iff 5 W f" "'n':zf'?t is H, Ku v ' K QE , 5" if 4 if - Ad-4 f H Q M Ag :- ,H W 'Xb we t Y. ,al hr xx, . 4 If V W, ,, V ,, fa , 4 U N A Y ,h QA, V ' vm' f ' . 1' ' ' N I A -,,, I V if if I f If ' nv' 5' 933 au., if W6 ii Fifth Row: N. Roames, J. Potee, J. Osborne, W. Rawlings, E. Pumphrey, P. Moore, E. Rowen, R. Scruggs, J. Young, A. Peck, B. Phelps, F. Pumphrey, H. Milburn. Fourth Raw: H. Nalman, P. Pillsbury, M. Sanclers, D. Smith, T. Scriba, R. Schoolman, R. Schmidt, C. Murphy, R. Muhl, G. Oursler, R. Moreland, J. Norris, W. Parson s, E. Raynor. Third Row: A. Osmeski, D. Morano, A. Melinska, S. Neilson, D. Lohrmann, A. Morgan, B. Pierman, Schafer, D. Smith, S. Plach, S. Platt, B. Shipley. Second Row: M. Ortkin, D. Delexey, A. McMahon, V. Ryckman, D. Naumarm, D. Potts, J. Snelik, D. Sellner, D. Saurman, G. Roeski, D. Nicklar, L. Parker, A. Praley, W. Ray. Firxt Row: M. Rachel, C. Pulley, McCauley, M. Listman, R. Moore, L. Malinska, Mr. Henry, Miss Anderson, K. McGinnis, D. Moreland, N. Moreland, J. Peters, S. Mosburg. Fifth Row: G. Shiroky, D. Woods, R. Tracy, G. Wroten, R. Snyder, J. Staly, W. Stevens, R. Towson, B. Shay, H. Seltzer. Fourth Row: R. Sipe, B. Slater, J. Young, F. Spiock, B. Venegas, C. Wisowathy, D. Turner, P. Stine, V. Springer, M Stanly, E. Snyder. Thira' Row: C. Veus, J. Westerman, A. Tucker, D. Willet, G. Wells, A. Williams, M. Solley, M. Sroka, L. Stubbins A. Stammer, J. Topin, B. Stewart. Second Row: R. Turner, J. Warner, H. Williams, W. Ward, D. Wright, D. Wood, D. Stinchcomb, D. Weinel, E. Sykes, M. Zeman, M. Wayson, V. Stevenson, D. Youngmen. First Row: S. Warfield, G. Wilkes, L. Vain, W. Wharvin, D. Yost, Mrs. Jester, Mrs. Beerbower, J. Smith, M. J. Tays L. SteEn, R. Shell, Turner. J i' FIQESI-IMAN LAI! OFFICERS A dvisor MRS. N. LILLIAN DEXTER Prexid ent ROBERT HAI-IN Vice President PEGGY TAYLOR Secretary TEDDY MERKLE Treasurer ANNA MAE DERRICK E li Sixth Row: L. Dick, W. Claud, J. Grason, B. Cox, L. Bell. Fifth Row: E. Blandiielcl, K. Drake, T. Gorman, A. Dumsha, G. Geisler, W. Bowser, R. Baker, G. Ford, Duncan B. Grabaski, R. Brooks, N. Cook. ' Fourth Row: G. Butts, A. Dunn, A. M. Derrick, Gray, E. Edelen, C. Dashiells, C. Gardiner, E. Embary, F. Griffith M. Dimicki, B. Drake. Third Row: H. Dorsey, G. Bullon, J. Guidotli, B. Constant, S. Artridge, M. L. Clark, L. Bolm, C. Bergman, L. Boyer J. Estep, E. M. Crosby, M. Brown, M. Evans, D. Grieves, A. Gicldings, R. Griffin, H. Callis, C. Burch. Second Row: M. Crawford, E. Bloom, R. Cunby, G. Bradford, E. Crawford, C. Boyer, Miss Harris, Mrs. Dexter, A Arndt, J. Azhderian, N. J. Britt, D. Bobo, M. Bonner, M. Cogswell. First' Row: J. Cook, G. Cogswell, E. Fowler, E. Dorsey, C. Disney, G. Griffith, G. Felts, P. DeCarlo, R. Froede, P. Bick- hart, P. Blanchfield, J. Burton, W. Colbert, V. Bruhm. 36 HI? 'M0,Llf'4w,7l-E-:g.lA.,.M.- ..,, ,,.. . , Jw. EMI ' iflfw 3 ' " ww :?fTf'f:i-1-V' .'1f'TN, L :ruff if? "TT 3 irq ff ..4.i.,.LL., A - , 5 "N -- "1 ' 1.3,Z. ,, ' :ff 4,4 ' w.-.f. Y o , il, , .- A 3 ' H6 lf i I db I 3 . . . J- f' Q -nf- K .. Q C . Q v, . 5 5 1-if x I I 5 az gil 1 9- 1' 'A I x X if f X183 A, ..' .,, ,J 4 A 7: fit "Iii W 1 V .V,, HQZ ' A .Q Q ff 7 gy 'P r L 1 Glyn , Q ' f W - 55 YA f' 'W Q1 C? ? Y Q, Q E? 5 'Q Q , g 'f I - Q 'W 1. W 1 .Q if 4 5, VW " " K my ' W I . 1 4 A A -N dat: 4 ..,in.Z,A,1.', V In wk t K I RI T If WAIQ IBIDINGS CHANGE! I-IE curriculum of our school has undergone a decided change this year. Courses pertaining to the war effort have been introduced into practically all of the subjects. The science classes are no longer studying the things which are of no prac- tical value at the present time. The fundamentals of electricity have been introduced into the physics course so that the pupils will obtain knowledge which will prove an asset when they enter war work. The chemistry classes are studying a course in machines. Those interested in airplanes may start now to prepare themselves for a vocation of aviation by taking the course in pre-flight aeronautics. The courses in home economics have also been altered so that the students might learn how to meet the problems brought about by wartime rationing and through the knowledge obtained help others to obtain the best benefits from the available supplies. Physical fitness is being stressed so that the students will be physically strong enough to take a vital part in the war effort. In order that a course in physical education be given to juniors and Seniors many classes meet only four times a week as the other period is given to strengthening our- selves physically. The shop course has been. extended so that it now includes both boys and girls. The vocational shop offers courses in machine shop, marine shop, marine pipefiting, aircraft woodwork, riveting, and welding. The experi- ence gained in these courses will make it possible for both boys and girls to go immediately into war work after graduation. The pupils have shown an interest in the war effort by bringing in hundreds of tin CBIIS. They also did their part when they bought over two thousand dollars worth of bonds from Dr. I. last fall. They also contributed money to the Red Cross and brought in books for the victory book campaign. Our school has gone all out for war, hoping that the small part it is able to play will speed victory for those nations whose aim is to preserve both economic and political freedom. 38 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Standing Mrs. Laura H. Jubb Marie D. Bryan Mrs. Ethel Beerbower Seated Mrs. Virginia B. Chapman Ruth Bacharach Mrs. N. Lillian Dexter Not Pictured Mrs. Mabel K. Whmgate Q ,tw rl ws L. nw 8 A y 5 4 M if Y' aw- M ,J "Fingers Fly!" Miss Shan- non's Typing Class aww' commsncm. DEPARTMENT Ellen T. Elliott, Mildred V. Cromwell, Mary C. Shannon. "Ambition seems to prev: in Miss Cromwell's 1 Shorthand Class." M ls LANGUAGE, ARTS AND MUSIC DEPARTMENTS Eleanor Harris, Art Kathryn Miller, French Cathryn Conner, Librarian Nor Pictured, Selma Werthne, Music Q'All Gaul is divided into three parts." Mrs. Dexter's Latin Class. "Busy at Work in some artistic designs." M iss H arris' Art Class Miss M iller's French Class enjoys singing French songs E X s,f,i-ilgiid-rff' - SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Louis P. Knox John F. Henry Glorious L. Andrews Dorothy N. Anderson "A demonstration of the l1t pump." Mr. Knox's Semor Physics class. "What about nutrition?" A course in biology of the home "Attentive students watch a demonstration given b'y Miss Andersonf' "A discussion of heart trouble." Mr. Henry's 2B Biology class. "Experiments are fun!" Miss Anderson's General Science class. Girls Rifvetingf' HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Alice Grogan Mrs. Ruth G. Klair Caroline R. Beall "Helping to get the hem straightf' ..Miss Grogan's Sewing class. 'Xxx "A half cup of milk." nomic class. Miss Beall's class seem to enjoy their Household Science. Mrs. Klairfs Home ECO- DUB SCHUUL AT 1 1 I., V"r'4' , ff' - - ' ' 1 9" ---" f I , N I5-Nu!" f cw X f s' 10 N' V 1---Q:-. f-.sei ..1:::::,'..i.:. X HW ails Y- f 5 V -5 'Y S, E NIRY ELL FAI X ff wwxm N'u w is , Q-xx A 'K .M - .fehell If S UVENIIQ Editor-in-chief Assistant Editor-in-chief BEULAI-I WAGNE'R EDWARD YOUNGER Associate Editors Wanda Blaxsten, Rhoda Kelly, Isabel Thompson, Mary Crapster, Joy Hastings. Contributing Editors Margaret Murphy, Consuelo Gruhn, Marian McCauley, Helen Latvanas, June Stevens. Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Victor Stinchcoml: Alice Marie Schmidt ' Assisted by Edwin Calvert, Betty Brown, Barbara Totman, Shirley Anderson, Doris Phebus, Dolly Peterson Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Manager John McCarley Janus Kirk Assisted by Evelyn Morrisett, Miriam Meseke, Marie Flaig, Vera Gartelman, Ardith Sticlcels, Douglas Stinchcomb, Emma Jane Kelly, Mary Lowery, Norma Wise. Photography Editors Athletic Editors David Webster, William Gulley Madeline Lowman, Donald Davis Art Editors Mary Ellen Mitchel, Thomas McCann, Fred Stroh. Faculty Advisor CHARLES W. WI-IAYLAND Second Row: D. Stinchcomb, V. Stinchcomb, D. Davis, H. Adams, Mr. Whayland, J. McCarley, E. Younger, E. Calvert D. Webster, W. Gulley. First Row: M. Crapster, E. Morrisett, V. Gartelrnan, M. McCauley, S. Anderson, J. Kirk, M. Flaig, D. Phebus, A. Stickles,hMi Meselce, B. Wagner, M. Murphy, C. Gruhn,B. Brown, B. Totman, I. Thompson, J. Stevens, R. Kelly, M E. Mitc el. b 48 STUDENT CUUNCIL Fourth Row: McCarley, B. Cox, G. Osler, M. Flaig, E. Younger. Third Row: R. Riley, M. Tays, R. M. Martin, M. Patterson, E. Thompson, S. Kulis, H. Glizer. Second Row: B. Steele, M. Wheeler, L. M. Clark, L. M. Dodson, B. Wagner, M. Lowman. First Row: M. Gruhn, R. Dunlrer, A, Stoll, N. Roberts, C. Kaiser. lv : In Y : Second Row shaw R. Row If GLE BUD IA F. Malchcqm, R. Bendeman, Bryant, E. Calvert, J. Staley, 1. Sanders, R. Hancock, A. Mew- Greenwel . A. Stickles, P. Crapster, E. Gertz, P. Ray, C. Gruhn, M. Crapster, M. Fitzhugh, B. Brown, Boyd G. Fitzhugh, M. King. E. Sykes, M. Zeman, E. Drown, A. Gitomer, M. Meselce, Mrs. Dexter, B. Zaman, Miss Cromwell, A. Barnes, M. Claytor, M. Lowman, E. Tolrason. First Row: E. Gray, B. Rodal:aaugh,.D. Haigis, E. Morrissett. ' ., asf, .5575 , . , s AE. Girls' Athletic Association Second .Rona G. Covell, D. Nichols, E. Mitchell, A. Bendix, M. Patterson, M. Flaig, E. Gertz, D. Taylor, Stein, M. Lang, W. Wlxarran, M. Meseke. First Row: B. L. Stewart, M. Terrell, D. Laughton, 1. Hur, A. Neagle, Mrs. Zimmerman, Gray, J. Azhderian, M. Hurt, M. Bach, R. Bruckman, P. Bradley. Glee Club Fourth Row: D. Beatley, M. Crapster, I. Lippy, G. Lory, A. Johnson, A. Gitomer, P. Crapster, A. Sherwood, E. Scharf, J. Hawkins, E. Chairs, S. Eveson, R. Dunker, R. Adams, E. Chaney, W. Blaxsten. Third Row: E. Robb, G. Parks, L. Schuler, K. Over, B. Kelso,, A. Sroll, K. Marshall, E Gertz, M. Flaig, M. Meseke, B. Zeman J. Wagner, G. Ford, A. Griffith, L. M Dodson, M. Lowery. Second Row: R. Lescallet, G. Joyner, E. Stal- lings, P. Ray, Z. Wiltshire, K. Zaucus, G. Reimsnider, Miss Wertime, L. Bagnall, M Kin A. Diller W Parlerr, D. Phebus, gs s - J. Wharran, A. Stickles. First Row: D. Mosberg, A. Burton, E. Wood, H. Grenwell, P. Day, E. Lisiecki, W Hein, L. Booker, W. Van Dyke. 9 Grounds Improvement l Association and Campus l C lean-U p Committee Third Row: E. Wood, E. Purnplxrey, J. M1 Carley, R. Krieder, D. Stinchcomb, ll Cromwell, J. Pater, J. Kirby. Second Row: D. DaVault, H. Bruns, M. Mi Gowen, V. Ryckman, G. Brillon, A. Joh son, E. Gray, B. L. Bivens, H. Brannog R. Ahrnuty, R. Turner, H. Turner. First Row: S. Eveson, J. Hawkins, M. Flaid A. Barnes, M. Patterson, Mrs. Normal' T. Johancen, J. Gwynn, M. Crapster, B Ziemer, B. Laque, C. Gruhn. -.. :lf 'um' .1 - Q! "Dr. I. urges us to b W uy ar Bonds." Come, come, only a few more seconds." "Buy a bond and be a contestant "Now we will stump an intelligent young lady." -if ' N159 4 Mr , u Z :inf all fi T, sz 1 Y annum- :wus I 3 9 ... B3 6 A lf 'Qiiwwwg 'tw HWQBQK .E "Builders of our futufe Navy?" Wr. Klair's Metal Shop. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Garner F. Klair, Edwin Spear, Richard D. Carlson. "The draftsmen of later days." Mr. S pear's Mechanical Draw- ing class. Hard at Work? M r. Carlsorfs Wood Shop class. "Pull the lever down, boys." - fiiitlih ' X Ari X" V W1 Vocational Shop Faculty Wubur Carroll, Albert Kessler, Mr. Cole. "I t takes a keen eye.' "Goggles protect the eyes of the boys in Machine S ho pf, Q 3. A may A ,fe . W ff ,Q H, f 1 f 31: .. is X .2 egmmf I v -1 W ww' if 'L Q, 5 . WMM Ky ..,, f E il A 1. R 5 :E 1 Q Q X fx . cum NK X .. ,Q 4 ? Trunk raising is easy? oy's gym class. "I-I ere it comesf, Girls' Volley ball. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Benedict R. DiAngello Mrs. Beverly H. Zimmerman E 'sf- "Developing endurance." Boys, Commandos "It's an air raidf' Fire fighters watching for incen- iary bombs." "Everyone to his shelter 'LV wwf ,,--... "Caring for the Wounded at the Casualty S tation." IBDUSTEIQS Mr. George Cromwell Mrs. W. T. Downs Beulah Wagner Homeroom 43 Kathryn Miller Natalea Pumphrey Mr. 86 Mrs. John H. Souers, Jr. .lack Arnold Mr. 86 Mrs. Joseph Stevens Bertram Ware Ardith and Donald Robert Field Homeroom 11 Homeroom 21 Mr. 86 Mrs. H. Cox Mr. 66 Mrs. William Chaplin Mr. 86 Mrs. Louis Flaig Alma Barnes F. Bonnotte Mr. 86 Mrs. Calvin Boyer Morris Lee Lowman S. Weinstein Mr. A. T. Stallings Mr. 66 Mrs. W. Raymond Booth Presley Smith Taylor, Jr. Laura Fones Virginia Loudenslager Mr. 66 Mrs. T. W. Wilmer Louis Schramm Isabel Thompson Margaret Collins Alma Huhers Mr. Raymond Grilhth Mrs. Elizabeth Becher Mr. 66 Mrs. George Listman Mr. Raymond ,Griflith Earl Smith Mr. 66 Mrs. W. C. Peterson Mrs. Herman Brown Mrs. Mary Pardos Mr. 86 Mrs. john W. McCarley Mr. 66 Mrs. Marvin Norfolk Mr. 66 Mrs. John Maika Mrs. Walter Helm ' Mr. 86 Mrs. C. W. Stewart Mr. 86 Mrs. F. W. Gruhn Mr. Roy P. Kirk Mr. 66 Mrs. A. Kalivoda Miss Margaret Murphy Mrs. William F. Guidotti Trooper Ist. Class H. L. Kavanaugh Mr. 66 Mrs. Nelson F. Cross Miss Marie K. Hein Mr. 86 Mrs. John E. Green Mrs. Ruth S. Paulus Mr. 66 Mrs. August Hein Mr. 66 Mrs. A. H. Wagner Mrs. E. A. Da Vault Mrs. Marie joran Mrs. Laura jubb Arthur Hendler Mr. 66 Mrs. Henry Gartelman Wayne Richard of Hamilton Mr. 66 Mrs. Wilbur C. Wade Mr. 66 Mrs. Gino Stagi Frank Gagliardi Marvin Gallagher Edith Pigot: Homeroom 14 Mr. 66 Mrs. William Frederick Mr. 66 Mrs. John Young Mr. 86 Mrs. John H. Hudnall Mr. 86 Mrs. A. S. Hartman, Sr. Arundel High School Odenton School, 7th Grade Howard Clark, Jr. Wilmer Gaither V Mrs. Teresa Schweinsberg Lt. 66 Mrs. Jesse R. Barnes Mr. 66 Mrs. Lewis H. Kelly Mrs. Presley Taylor Betty Cook Mrs. Alice Gates Mrs. Rose Crawford Lt. Colonel 66 Mrs. John T. Thompson Elva Thompson Mr. 86 Mrs. Willian Huhers Mr. 66 Mrs. Carroll Downs Compliments of a Friend Patricia Ann Lawrence Dr. L. M. Hamilton I-Iomeroom 42 Mrs. Walter Solley Betty Brown Mr. 66 Mrs. George Rogers Mr. 66 Mrs. David J. Gitomer Helen Thompson Mr. 66 Mrs. W. E. Behrens Mr. 66 'Mrs. Homer S. Pigott Lt. Leonard Burton George W. Guinn Mr. 66 Mrs. Ray Turner Mr. 66 Mrs. john Murphy Miss Josephine Capas Trooper Hg, L. Recker Mr. 66 MBL'-James Webster Fred Griesser Frances Green Billy 66 Ruth Frank Hein Mr. 86 Mrs. Charles L. Hein, Sr. English Class 2a Rev. Charles F. Kirkley Bud and Ritie Lt. and Mrs. W. E. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Jean Le Tan Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lowery Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wharren Mr. and Mrs. A. Bittner John Kopp IBDUSWEIQS Mr. and Mrs. William Meseke, Sr. Homeroom 29 Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner Miss Bessie Adams V. Larkin Dicus Naomi Lee Warfield Private Edward Goldsmith A. P. Kearsey Charles Patterson Jack C. Doney Mrs. Clifton Roberts Jean Wood Rollins P. F. C. Ray Solley Compliments of a friend Mr. Mrs. John Lanasa Frank Cortina I Bob Singleton A Friend Wilbur Tepper Jesse Lee Stone Betty Zeznan David Kushner Elsie Gertz Mrs. Ellen T. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Russell Anderson Harold Laque V Virginia Totman Donald Weber ' Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Johnson Mr. and Mrs. D. William Hesterberg Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Matson Pvt. Robert Matson Tech. Sgt. Chester Seipp Mr. and Mrs. Cox Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor P. F. C. Edward Seipp John Henry Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Meseke Mr. T. H. Penn David Webster A future senior Mae Schmidt Mrs. Garnbrill Compliments of alfriend Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Kelly - Bob Dogge M. Sgt. H. G. Watkins Mr. and Mrs. Morris Stinchcoinb Mr. and Mrs. James T. Tacka ' Wanda Blaxsren ' Miriam Meseke Mary Leach Frances Wagner Peggy C. Shannon Sanders and Hancock Mr. and Mrs. John Hall Mr. and Mrs. William Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Merll Phebus Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Lowery 59. Edward Klima P. F. C. Charles E. Della Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morrissett Mrs. John Rosskopf, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Calvert Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lusby Mrs. john G. Sappington Charles M. Maddox Mr. and Mrs. William A. Dietz Beulah Seebo Jeanne Bredt Mrs. Stanley Dorosz Glen Pet Shop Mr. and Mrs. R. Leroy Corkran Wilmer Johnson Mrs. Ruth Eason Lieutenant James H. C. Solley Paul Schochet - Rosetta De Rosa Elisabeth E. Trimble Dick Carter The Sunpaper Man Regina Drankwicz james Hopper - Richard Zeman Mr. and Mrs. John Gertz Caroline R. Beall Earl W. Buddemier Shirley Anderson Cathryn Connor Carl Stinchcomb Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hoover F. A. Hoover Edward Younger Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Guilfoy Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ruths Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hannah Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes Miss M. V. Cromwell Dr. and Mrs. Guinn Josephine Lehman Ensign and Mrs. Mellor Mrs. Lillious E. Penn Mr. W. B, Warfield Anne Stoll John P. Ward, Jr. Alfred Winfield Mr. M. Claytor Edward Praley David.Watki.n.s Mr. and Nlrs. E. F .-.. Younger Mr. ancLMrs. Victor Stinchcomb Mr. and Mrs. James Conboy Mr. and Mrs. S. Haigis Marian Claytor Jeanne C. Taylor Tucky Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Laque Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Whayland ff 1 X L r"g'gE f,,f2 ADVEIETSTE MENT --f'g.f ..... 134g ' I ,I-" l ' W Compliments of JNO. H. GEIS 81 co., INC ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORK Brooklyn, Maryland 3? 61 "STILL MORE BOOSTER9' JOHN MCCARLEY MR. AND MRS. HENRY I-IAGEDON, SR. MRs. EDWARD B. DEICFBR MR. AND Mas. J. D. Gao:-I YOUNGER Bc McCARLEY Teachers pestered and bothered at hardly any cost at all. COMPLIMENTS or The Glen Beauty Shoppe Phone: Glen Burnie 187 COM PLIMEN TS OF HOMEROOM 36 County Trust Company of Maryland MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SIrsrEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPosrr INSURANCE Conv. I COMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL OF '43 Good positions are opened to Business trained graduates. EATON 8: BURNETT BUSINESS COLLEGE, Inc. Offers intensive thorough training in SECRB'I'AR.lAI'.., STBNOGRAPHIC, Booxxmzvxna, AND Accomfrrnwa QUHSES. Classes forming for new term, 2nd Hoor, Momus BUILDING CHARLES and SARATOGA Day and night school. Catalog. Plaza: 1453 LARRIMORE 81 MARTIN IQUNREIJABLE RADIO SERVICE COMPANY" We remove all noises-Including your radio COMPLIMENT S OF DAVIS 81 DAVIS 4 and 6 B. CAMDEN S'I'. WHoLEsALE FRBH Fnurrs 65 VBGKfABI..B A. BURKER 81 CO., Inc. V11-IoI.I-:sALE Fnurrs AND PRoDUcE Phones: Plaza 4840-4841 209-11 S. CHARLES ST. COM PLI M EN TS OF Green Haven Turkey Ranch BEST QUALITY HOUDAY Tunxnv Arm. 236-I PASADENA, MARYLAND 62 Telephone: South 2284 ADDISON CLARKE 81 BRO. IRON AND STEEL HOWARD and CROSS STS. Baltimore, Md. 'I'I-IE RIGHT CLOTHES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Hochschild Kohn 81 Co. Baltimore, Maryland Compliments of J EN KI N S MAKERS OF G. B. H. S. RIINIGS and PINS 20 W. REDWOOD STREET' Baltimore, Md. Compliments of Richard Henry Lee ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HUTZLER BNITHEIG G FOR COMMEN CLOTHES FOR C GIFTS Baltimore, Maryland Compliments of HOMERUOM 45 63 Glen Compliments of o Burnie Improvement Association 64 12115-s Compliments of The F. Johnson Lumber Co GLEN BURNIE, MD. 'ii:i::77 S Compliments of G1enABurnie P. T. A. The P. T. A. paid for a full-page ad hut they have agreed to only use a half-page ad as we were short of room for ads. . COMPLIMENTS OF GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The G. A. A. paid for a half-page ad but theyhaveagreedtaoonlyusea fourth-pageaclaswewereshort of room for ads. COMPLIMENTS OF . THE BOYS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIA'I'ION The Boys' A. A. for a half-page ad but they have agreeduo only uses. fourth-page ad as we were short of room for ads. 66 , Hein Bros., Inc.' COAL, WOOD, FUEL OIL 'Penny Arcade Latest Style Machines Olice Yard GLEN BURNIE 122 V RESTAURANT . ' 1 ' FIFTH AVENUE s. Night Phones GLEN BURNIE 144-129 Annapolis Road Compliments of. Service Restaurant Compliments of Homeraom 44 Ahmuty's Hatchery Breeder of Pedigreed New Hampshires SAMUEL AHMUTY O'DsN'roN, MARYLAND The Mart, Inc. Women's, Misses' and Girls' Apparel 311-313 Wi Lexington Street Baltimore, Maryland Compliments of Leonard J. Tolley, D.D.S. Curtis 1168-1,160 Schott's Restaurant A Fountain Service Home Cooked. Food Thar Will Please You N. E. Corner Hanover' St. 86 Patapsco Ave., Broolclyn, Baltimore, Maryland S. A. Demchuck General Store Grocery 86 Filling Station X ELVATON,- MARYLAND Compliments of Mary and Pat Compliments of Ardith and Jake Compliments of HiIIman's Variety Store MOUNTAIN ROAD Jacobsville, Maryland Compliments of Brooklyn Bowling Alley PROFESSICNAL DRUG SERVICE AIbrecht's Pharmacies 3 Stores Glen Burnie Phone: Glen Burnie 61 Shipley Heights Phone: Linthicum 175 College Park, Maryland Have you tried our Delectable HOMB-MADE ICB CREAM Compliments of Ritchie Highway Esso Service Station Ritchie Highway and Beue Grove, Rd. "Good Food Is Good Health" Eat At The W. B. 81 A. GLEN BURNIE, MD. Playland Arcade A11 Latest Style Machines Restaurant Compliments of Liberty Cleaners Military Supplies ffsmmng Service" BeitIer's Pharmacy Rircms I-liar-:WAY AT 31m Ava. Brooklyn Park, Maryland Specialists in Permanent Waving Pl ease All Beauty Shoppe 3533 Hanover St. Curtis 1238 A. Helm, Prop. Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Etc. Fine Watch Repairing 8t Diamond Work Phone Sou'rH 2122-W Sylvester P. Norfolk, Jeweler 1026 S. CHARLES STREET Baltimore, Maryland P. W. Rudisill 81 Sons Texaco Service Station 211 Light se. Rd. Glen Burnie, Md. F1 by owen Frank M. Taylor Macey Glen Burnie 494 Groceries, Tobacco, Gas and Oil Glen Burnie, Md. Compliments of Homeroom 13 P Eat More Chicken and Help National Defaue Fancy Frying and Clliclrml Fresh Killed to Order Anytime Jesse R. Barnes Phone Glen Burnie 530-M 408-3rd Ave. Glen Burnie, Md 68 "With Malioe Toward None." THE GLEN BURNIAN Ferndale Realty 81 Construction Co. Olnce Next P. 0. Tel. Glen Burnie 537 BROKERS-DEVELOPERS-BUILDERS A. A. County Farm: Large 66 Small If it's A Home, We Have It Morgan 81 Ward V Real Estate and Insurance Phone: Glen Burnie, Md Glen Burnie, Md. Glen Burnie 377 We call for and deliver Crain Laundry and Dry Cleaners Miss D. Clark, Prop. Dry Cleaning-Pressing-Dyeing 104 Crain Highway Hats Cleaned and Blocked Glen Burnie, Md. Compliments of The Womans Club of Linthicum Heights Md. Phone: 'Glen Burnie 304 L. C. Galli Garage CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales 86 Service Body ac Fender Repair-Parts-Tires Ferndale, Maryland Compliments of the Ferndale General Store CHARLES M. DAVIS, Prop. Ferndale, Maryland Lot, of Luck To The Glen Burnie Cafeteria CLASS OF '43 Quan., First Pvt. Harley A. Edwards, Jr. HOT MEALLSANDWICHES U, S, A1-my Glen Burnie High School Compliments of Co lim of Strange 81 White mp em 155-157 Main Street Annapolis, Maryland A Charles Street Friend Compl- ts of Compliments of R. E. Strange 81 Sons Schfamm BT05- Annapolis, Md. Pasadena, Md. 69 Looking Toward Graduation- MAYER'Si 1105-1115 LIGHT STREET just a few short weeks 'til one of life's moot thrilling selections of graduation fashions for both boys and girls . . . at low reasonable prices . . .With . liberal credit. Phone: Glen Burnie 256-257-258 ' GARDINER MOTORS DODGE AND PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Dependable used cars -GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND Gibbon Bros. G. A. Stores SELECTED MEATS AND VEGETABLES Crain Highway . GLEN BURNIE, MD. Phone: Glen Burnie 150 L Fouk BEsc HE Enos. RADIOS - FURNITURE - REP1uGEnA1'oRs 1041-43-45-47 LIGHT STREET South 1762 Shofers Furniture Co. BETTER VALUES 930-938 S. CHARLES S'I'. S I D E I. ' S Glen Burnie's leading department store 'A Visit our new shoe and household department. LIBERAL CREDIT EASY TERMS l ,COMPLIMENTS OF MISS BACHARACI-PS FIRST PERIOD ENGLISH CLASS "BOYS WILL BE BOYS" 70 COMPLIMENT S OF Hein's Hardware Store Phone: Glen Burnie 172 . 1 I . GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS OF HESS' STORE FREIGHT DRIVERS AND I-IELPERS LOCAL UNION No. 557 soo WASHINGTON BOULEVARD Calvert 5261 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND I A. F. of L. We Telegraph' Flowers I.EHR'S FLOWER SHOP ' 2120 Rrrcrm: I'IlGHWAY BROOKLYN, MARYLAND Phone: Prospect 310 COMPLIMENT S OF M. SHAVITZ 8- SONS 816-26 S. CHARLES Sfr. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND COMPLIMENT S OF GLEN BURNIE V METHODIST CHURCH Rnv. EDWARD T. Kmxunr, Minister I-IERE'SFROM'I'I-lECLASSOF4X WHO NEVER OPENS AN ENGLISH TEXT Phones: Gibson Island 55 Gibson Islend 130 E A. W. STEINER Emcrnxcu., PLUMBING-HRA-nNG Corrnncron GIBSON ISLAND, MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS OI' BE'I'HEL NO. 16 Order Of Jobs Daughters Meets at the Masonic Temple, A GLEN? BURNIE, MARYLAND, I First and third Friday ofthe month. COMPLIMENT S OF E. H. MOORE This is the space that Za rook- We Paid 53.00 To Get In A The Book - COMPLIMENTS or . JERMAN'S GULF STATION A Omce Phone: Curtis 0536 Residence Phone: Prospect 657 THOS. W. DAVIS CO. ' BUILDER or Bxrrrsn Homes Real Estate Bought Sold and Exchanged 110 Pxmesco Avnmm' BROOKLYN, Mn. ACKNDWLEDGMENTS The editor wishes to express her appreciation to the faculty, to THE SoUvBNm stall, and to the student body for the co-operation so cheerfully given. Especially am I grateful to Miss Harris for her time spent in making THE Souvsmn a more attractive annual. My grateful thanks also goes to Mrs. Elliott for her handling of the finances, and to Miss Crom- well for her co-operation in all ways. To. Mr. K. H. Segall of Segall-Majestic Studios, Mr. Sidney C. Schultz of H. G. Roe- buck and Son, credit is given for having contributed even more than professional services. Words cannot express the thanks due Mr. Vfhayland for his time spent worrying and working with us. His advice has been invaluable in the correlation of our bool: and he must know that we appreciate it greatly. Sincerely, BEULAH WAGNBR fEditorj 72 .Q XJ. . Z, I WW .ilk I . X., X . w C ki' 1 1170, Q !u:l,",' 41" ,ix X 2 QQ f ' 5 ff 3mA'p'!5TIHHmIIi "v Z 61.11. x Za Z . wg , si' :X v f f 4' X X ff- ..x, mmm-N.. XJ ,4n.,ulhXXxuxxsli - L N. . -ff- QZQ! I :gif 'inf' K,-, .! X I , nuff, , V , , ,f qmqvf X f f ,Q 3 , fi Qi ' f' fin fr' Avia!! 4 1 -11:42 'W f' " . ff -jf f 1 I f ,, I 'L I I ff ff x: :HEI 7 f ,,f ' 1, v , 'f " ff, , X a ,xx -x,f YM -Z 55 1' ,T ,, X. ,' W N ,f Q, N55 .. W f M X X If A , 'Hu' S ' Y lfyf' ' XX ,,,, , X A1 X I V e'1"'W J? 4 , xx law NW f X x s W 6 KJV I 4 ,gf f ffqf K 'fl' 1 L jf . likifr Q? 'X Q

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