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. J-.5 -1'-L -UT ' ,-I 2 J 1 -an 3:-" V ' 's ,1- 'QL ' ..,,4r. '..mL4QL '- 44 P' li I fl 2 ' 1 Q T3 .gh 41- , ,Quik xifmgw . 1,25 -r v ,ff ,N as:sa24g-MAEFJM' 45 L:f,,'n',i':.1'.,j . ., A 'Mu 15. L 5.41 1. 1 41. 1. ,i ' , .1 1. ,q,. ru. 5. V111 , 11, . 1'I"I1." ' .U 1,-1:11 1 11 '1 1 , 1 Y Q '1 S 1. I. rI'-- ,771 1 1.. 1 1 1 .1- '11,,P,- . 1, 1 .' 9 1, ,11 1,1 Y 3.1, -1.1 ,,.1, . 1-. 51.4, ' NT." ' :ml ' .,1, LH: MJ 1 1:L4'?! 1. ' .1 5.3, 1- , A1 'fn 33 15421 1 1 .1 1, , asf- . T '5 3--11' " 1' , 111- .bw 1 3 , 1 ., V1.. 1 LDL., .. . - --1 1 . ' " ' vi " ' , rl ,Nc . , J . 1..'l A 1 1, a."1 '1' I, JI f P .-,..1' 1 is TW: 1 ' fiifh. 1 "' 41.5 ' 'T-4. ,.,,i K -4. Stn V 1 'Ji ' 1 .11 . 1 1 ' 1 ' - ' H- '+G' 1 ', "1-.:,' ' Ri 1 1 xi' Gm -, 1 111. lf '11 , 1 L WF J T' IP 7 H If' Wm W. 1 ' . 'r11,'?1f11,--. n 41, 1. 1 gli -- 1, , , , J-Hi' 11,5 g 1 J 11 1-'- .1H-11 4. ' ' ,ij'132- M .fi ?"- " .41 if 1.1. 1 1 1 'N '1 a' . ,f,. ", xy -,A 1 1-. . . J .pplf ,Af .W":-'N1' . . , ' . ,,T,5,f4.1!:' " V' 2 ,1.31:,, A I . - - .,, pn----.. 'Sai . . " .0111 f',Y'..' rf-1 1.-1 .1475 ,, 315131, LJ -. J 'ff '1 'E-as ill - . - Q:!:5,-.11.- 1 1 3'-.-X-.1 :,,:1v.11a-A, .gf :- I-'-' f ', Q' , ' 1' ,, 2 ,., . . , , , fxdly A 1 Ji 5-E1 X' f .4 H 11 1 iiH?1'111!1A .L 1x1 pu s 1. -1 -"?Af'2 T rails., fl I 11 ,s .A .A ua --Lg. - . 1 .1 . 11 Fir W 1 11 vlwiw, .1 'P- 41' '1 1 x PL 1.f, .F,1'1t1,f 1 , 1?"11 t-1,11 1'l 1 4,Jn' A61 ? 1!' '11 " 1 -1A 115 '1 ,511 alpjlbf 1' I .5 ar r 1. 'Q Qlvn 14 v4 vi xlkhn m 1 11, 1t ,y -1. AY111 1- , Q1 V 1 ,j?I1 "R LJ 31 111I,,1l4+1I f'f 1 1 . auf 1111" 1 uw ,nn P1 L 1 1 8-9 11 1 ..,. ,- 1 . .. 1 1 , 1 ai- . , 1 , 1 1 3.311-Q 1, ' 41 125 1 1 1 A ' :L 'iz X ,,Y:.1. my -, 1 'ur 9 . J' 1. 1 4 1- 'f' 7:15112-'5'-.1 'Zi v ., "lA.IQ'Q1,IR4 4'?,,R1lJ1 1 sl lv , 11,1 ,. . 1 f " 541, ,nl he .Jfftg :X 1 ' ifigfiz' ' fp ' 'fy ,S-23:11, ' ' " TA'1,,'T1f1'J'-N51 ru. 1 1 J" " Elf" "': .1 1 4 " --'1..'1.-','1.g' , . .1 W.,-"f'W'i'1f 'R .-F115 ' ' ,FA -71 Q 1f11. Q' :1H'i 11.,.1'1f'f+-Qb "f , ' A " ' n 1 F'f.f!5 g,1,W31, -134.1 -1 1,1 fn' 11 i1 , I ,, M, Am , J , 11 1 .. 1 -I Z- W C' 45::'1.-11 .L- 4 fv- M- I P" ' .' '1a1?c"1"'mzu1 if If .ai N11 lx '-+7105 M 35' wx r L1 ali 11. . RT. '-1 ?',x 5 ' Mus,-.-' fi,T57f'!i 1,2 vm, V 4. ' " 'iii 1112, - .1 'mf ,f ,f 11:5-1 : ff: ,9",.rTPe . ,ai xb E - 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 .1 1 1 I ,I ' 1 1 1 1 l 1' Q 51 2 1 I 1 I ' .7 ix - IQ- ff-fx, wp? is-41 fi-L A l 1 11. 1 1 1 f- mg- 1 .1 , . 411- 117- 11.111535 F l 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1, 1 l YI 1- ,V 1 13 11 . 1. .VFP L -an ,. :B . L 1, ' . -,,h,f, , at - If ,1 - Y -it :I 1 fp 'A" if 'A EI Y ' . 11 Liii lr . -E ,ggi Tig.-3-fi: za-Q21 1 1 iw? Q .1skL1': '1- .T?g,.,- . 3 , L-1 1 fr I ., ,1 ..-rm A A 1 . T , 1 .1 m 1 . 15 --11,1 1.-35 I QI 4 Alf, ,. f?:5?'.i z Y ' Shia .2 Vx H .Fil , , 5 ,,'C111L".f,,1: 'MI I - Q 'Ti ,-11-1,-.,., I, - ' 4 fir?" ' K -uf.1".' .- , - , if P' -2.151 1 ' 1 .1 1 "uv ' 'fbi -.1 , . '-i .5-ca A- Q z' 1' 4' 1 .4:.f?: Ar:-,ig 1 -1--'un ' fb! 1 '21 . E.: 1 1 1+ .Jn PH 1951 H H H Published by SCHOOL BETTY PHILLIPS Associate Editor MILDRED DeVILBISS Business Manager NINA BOWMAN HORACE STANCIL Ad Mlnlglr Photographer MARGARET GRAVES T5 30- , 'R' ,V f' 's M 1HE 1951 PHH1HIHH SlH11 JAMES FINCH Editor-in-Chief The year 1950-1951 marks the sixty-fifth anniversary of Glen Allen school. In this, its last year as a senior high school, the Panthian staff has tried to present to you a retrospect of its life and a pictorial history ofthe events of our school during this year. MARY GOODE Subscription Manager EDITH BROWN BARBARA LINZY Art Editor Subscription Manager an ' 1 f's.- K1 HISTUHU DEUICHTIUH HDHIIHISTHHTIUH GLHSSES HBTIVITIES SPORTS HDVEHTISEIHEIITS If' J' r G Junior Class of 1927 Girls 1 Track Team of 1927 Freshmen Class of 1927 min Hlli . . Filfi:-TI'-E?' A I -1 t 1 fl .Qs 1 ' 5' Willis lil,-Xiflx Mr. Charles Tinsley, in the fall of 1886, felt the need for a school for the children who lived near Glen Allen. The need arose due to the fact that the children were not in walking distance of the public school. He asked Miss Lizzie Holliday if she would open a private school in her home for these children. She consented. He, then, went to the school trustees, who agreed, provided that twenty pupils could be en- rolled to make it a public school. The schoolroom for the first two years was on the second floor, but as children kept falling down the stairs, as children will do, Miss Lizzie moved them into her parlor. During the first session, the children used two tables made from an organ case and sat on porch benches and chairs. Miss Lizzie used a piece of black oil cloth ttacked on one side of the organl for a blackboard. Thirteen years later in 1899, a one room house was built on Mountain Road, one mile west of Glen Allen. The pupils soon outgrew this first Glen Allen School House and, in 1901, a room was added. The enrollment increased until a second addition was made. The school was divided into grades and given its first library in 1907. The location of this school was inconvenient and had again become crowded. ln 1911, a two-story brick building consisting of four rooms was built on the present site, a three acre lot. The Glen Allen lm- provement League and the school officials were re- sponsible for this first structure. ln October of the same year, the school moved into its new home. Miss Gladys Bell, the principal, held sway over a hundred pupils in seven grades with only three teachers. This first section made up, what is now, the office, 106, 205 and 206. The last two rooms were made so they could be converted to an auditorium. A Junior League was formed which sponsored many improvements to the buildings and grounds. In 1914 an addition was made on the east side of the building. This contained what is now 103, 104, 203 and 204. Our present 203 and 204 was an audi- torium. Sophomore Class of 1927 llllUliH lHE UEHBS ln 1919, along with the eighth grade, a south wing was added. This contained our present 100, 101 and 102, which was then an auditorium and 200, 201 and 202. Glen Allen became an accredited iunic' high school in 1920, when the ninth grade was added. The school became a four year high school when, in 1923 and 1924 the tenth and eleventh grades, re- spectively, were added. This was accredited in 1926. In 1925 the north wing was added, which con- sisted of an auditorium on the first floor and four classrooms on the second. The auditorium was made into a library, two classrooms and a corridor in 1936, when the present auditorium and gymnasium were constructed. Glen Allen, in 1927, consisted of seventeen class- rooms lit now has thirty-twol, basement playrooms, library, office and auditorium. There were two hun- dred and sixty students with ten teachers and Miss Olivia Hardy, principal. The Home Economics classes were held in the Chemistry Laboratory until the Cottage was built in 1939. Shortly after this, the Shop was moved to the present location and the Cafeteria, which was orig- inally located in room 106, soon followed. ln 1942 Glen Allen became strictly a senior high school, and the elementary grades were moved to Laurel, Dumbarton, and Longdale. The year the twelve grade system was installed, the class of '50 entered Glen Allen and the newly built Annex. The Court buildings were added in 1949. On January 1, 1951, Glen Allen l-ligh became a Group 1 school with one thousand and five students. Now as we, the high school students, leave Glen Allen, we can look back over its sixty-five years of existence and say that it has prospered well. Through the years it has outgrown its physical bounds many times in its continual progress toward better educa- tion for the youth of Henrico County. Tge7Auditorium Program Committee Plans an Assembly in ' 5 41 802 33,98 H5 H C' ' 44 L"llV90d .3942 'Wf ,9 52 1,?0aso'l4e1,, -1 e '94 0 r Of 4- lpfal ,221 ,,gLg.770g,,hs az? 610160 4913? .if Of 41 ,S C fe C4f922'0f6f'fr of 1923 if f-s?6,,so - QQ of 407 "-7off4fZ"' ff Or f6:S'?'7ov ,194 "0f2Zff? This session marks the end of an era. We pause to look back through the years at the life of Glen Allen High School. We who have been a part of it hold fast to the mem- ories of its spirit and its life. Rich is the her- itage that has been built of work, play, and living together as students and faculty. No finer spirit has been in any school than ex- ists here. Glen Allen has been outstanding in many ways. It has given students a start that helped them to go on to institutions of higher learning and become successful there. Our graduates have achieved greatly in the business and professional world. A name has been made for us by the drama produced here. Our forensics have been outstanding and our school publications have been honored for their achievements. Of late years our ath- letics have been unusually successful. The social side of life has not been neglected as a well-rounded school program has provided for these activities. As our school takes a new home and a new name, we will move forward but with a nostalgic memory of Glen Allen life. We love this schoolp and we honor all who have passed through the life here to make the traditions and heritage which we cherish, by dedicating this year's Panthian to them. I l ,pw-f' Q-. vw r-- 1 .x,fZ""4!f' f na, .rw -.. 'wh' ll -M 'I 'fit 49' . my a. PN vu, , A Bax' . 7' V W:.Qf" hw my ' fr! yqfg-.U V ,fans MR. GEORGE H. MOODY Principal Through the effort and interests of Mr. Moody, prin- cipal of Glen Allen for sixteen years, our school has steadily attained greater heights. Both the student body and faculty appreciate his concern and love of the school and its func- tions. His gentle but firm manner creates the respect of all who work with him. We all have a great friend in Mr. George H. Moody. ,-o"'W. HX .Y MISS JOSEPHINE CLEMENTS Secretary "In what you pleasf, l'II do 'what I ran." Two Gcizllrnivnr of Verona MR. HENRY LEE JETT Assistant Principal "I know the gC'!1fl6'1HUl1 io be of wortlr, and worthy rcp1rfatinr1."-Two Geutlcmrn of Verona. 9 MRS. NORA CULPEPER Guidance Director ". . . with chorrfnl xruilwlmirr and .vrvrrl majrsly . . . "-Kinrf llrnry V. MR. PAUL G. WATSON Lieutenant, U. S. N. Assistant Principal, September, 1950, tc October, 1950. "Worthy man! Hr' raurmf but wilh mea.: -urr fit the honour: :vhirh we r1'e'z'1'.w him." -Coriolauux r w 1' l Mrs. Elaine S. Everett Spec-ch, World History, So- cial Studies, is ,H Mr. Thomas H. Ackerman Clemson College, B.S.5 Shop, Miss S. Elizabeth Albright Longwood College, BA., Al- gebra, Math. Mrs. Patricia W. Arrington Marshall College, B.A., Mu- sic, Band. Miss Cornelia M. Ayre Westhampton College, BA., Algebra, Plane Geometry. Miss Martha V. Brinson University of North Carolina, BA., English, Social Studies. Mrs. Ann W. Bryant Westhampton College, BA., English, U. S. History. Mrs. Nora J. Culpeper Longwood College, B.S.g Guidance Director, Journal- ism. Mrs. Martha W. Dodson Mary Washington College, B.S., Bookkeeping, Health, Miss Katharine V. Earnest Mary Washington College, B.S,, World History, Social Studies. lHllUll!l Miss Nancy M. Fath Madison College, BS., Eng- lish, Social Studies. Mr. George B. Gasser, Jr. University of Richmond, B.S.g Physical Education. Miss Marion J. Haydon Madison College, B.S., Short- hand, Typing, Clerical and Stenographic office practice, Mr. Kenneth W. Holloway Randolph - Macon College, BA' Economic Geo ra h -A ., Q D Y. Science, Physical Education. Miss Rosemary W. Howell Longwood College, B. S., Home Economics. Mrs. Margaret C. Hurley Westharnpton College, BA., Math, Science. Mr. Robert B. Johnson William and Mary College B.A.g Government. Miss Dorothy A. Kelly Westharnpton College, B.A.g English. Mrs. Beverly N. Kluttz Westhampton College, B.A.5 English, Social Studies. Mrs. Mary L. Marshall Westhampton College, B.A.p English. Mrs. Edna E. Mizelle Longwood College, BA., English. Mr. Thomas C. Moody University of Richmond, B.A., Science, Mechanical Drawing, Physics. llllIUllll Miss Ann E. Morano Mrs. Mary H. Osborne Wesfhampton College, B,A., Virginia Polytechnic Insti- Math Science, Home Ego- tute, B.S., Mechanical Draw- ing. ,nw 'JY' Miss M. Eleanor Overbey Longwood College, B.S.p Bi ology, Science, Math. 11 Mrs. Margaret D. Popika Mary Washington College BA., English, Social Studies Basic Business. 4? in 'll . 3 -er- l.. FllCUllll Miss Blanche S. Ward Miss Edna M. Wilkinson Mrs. Mabel L. Williams Hollins, BA, William and Longwood College, BS, Li- Mary Washington College, Mary College, BS, Latin. brarian. B.S., Shorthand, Typing. Mrs. Emily F. Reams St. Joseph's College, AB., Spanish, Eighth Grade Fora eign Language. Miss Harriet D. Scott Mary Washington College, B.S., Biology, Chemistry, Sci- enre. Mrs. Lucy C. Sims Longwood College, B. S., English, Basic Business. Mr. Harry S. Smith, Jr. University of Richmond, B.A.g Math, Science, French, English. Mrs. Louise C. Smifher William and Mary College, B.A.j Basic Business, Art. Mrs. Connie H. Stanley Richmond Professional lnsti- tute, B.S., Physical Educa- tion. Mrs. Fern W. Thompson Madison College, B. S., American History, S 0 c i a I Studies, Science. Miss Florence M. Tiller Madison College, B.S.j Math, Science, Health. Mrs. Hattie F. Travis Randolph-Macon, A.B., Uni- versity of North Carolina, MA., U. S. History, English, Health. Miss Shirley E. Williams Miss Mary E. Young University of North Carolina, Longwood College, B BA., Algebra, Plane and English. Algebra, MSW- Solid Geometry, Trigonom- etry. K ,Dix , Ag, ,I x x .. A65 gn-' ii es Qs 12 .im .QR CARY FITZGERALD Vice-President MADELINE BALDWIN Secretary SHIRLEY HALL Treasurer BOBBIE JO FULTON President 0' ug' ff f , ia' ff' -q' SElllllllS DAVlD LEE ADAMS lxvllllll-X". J.V, Football l, 2, 35 Varsity Football 45 J.V. Basketball 2, 35 Varsity Bas- ketball 45 Varsity Baseball 3,4. NANCY LEE ATKINSON Hghirtlllu Panthianette 45 Senior Play 45 Beta Club 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Panthian 4. GERALD NORMAN AYERS "r'ii'raIii" Baseball 2, 3, 4. MADELINE BALDWIN ".lIiiiI" S.C.A. Representative 35 Panthian 45 Secretary-Treasurer of Athletic Coun- cil 45 Class Vice-President 35 Beta Club Secretary 45 Senior Class Secre- tary5 Operetta-props. 2, makeup 35 Majorette 3, 4. LANDORA JOSEPHINE BARDEN "XVIII" Glee Club 2, 3, 45 May Day 25 Oper- etta 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. reporter 2, secre- tary 45 Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 45 Red Cross Representative 35 Assembly Program Committee 3, 45 Class party skit 35 J.V. Cheerleader 45 Panthian 45 Talent Show 4. EDNA AUGUSTA BECKER "C'11vvi'v" Softball 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 35 Red Cross Representative 2, 3, President 45 Secretary of Henrico County Junior Red Cross Council 45 Operetta usher 3, 4, DOROTHY LEE BELL llllllfn Personality Club l5 Red Cross Repre- sentative 25 Panthianette 2, 3, Busi- ness Manager 45 Assembly Program Committee 3, 45 Junior Councilg Beta Club 45 Junior-Senior Prom Commit- teej S.l.P.A. delegate 35 Quill and Scroll 3, 4. EMILY MIARY BERRlOS . IN! Panthianette l, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Class Play l5 Operetta property manager 2, make-up 35 Dramatic Club 25 Pan- thian 25 One-Act play 2-35 Glee Club 3, 45 Literary Activities 35 Library As- sistant 4. fs' '00 Q iw, lim- 45,45 -B 55 sf!"-f"X 'ik ,fn-is 9 SElllllliS JOSEPHINE MATTIE BLACKWELL NIH... Transfer from Goochland l95O. Bas- ketball l, 2, 3. N W... NINA BROADDUS BOWMAN ' "Ninn" J.V, Cheerleader l, 45 Operetta l, 2, 3, 45 Panthian 2, 3, 45 May Day 25 S.C.A. Representative 35 Assembly Program Committee 3, 45 Commence- ment Committee 45 Panthianette 45 Quill and Scroll 4. MALCOLM RAE BRADSHAW "Mar" Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball Man- ager I5 Track 25 May Day Committee 35 Beta Club 45 Commencement Com- mittee 4. Cl-lARLQTgl'EE?ANN BROOKS n if Sie? Club ol, 45 Band 2, 35 F.H.A. , . 99" A , , . 4 EDITH MARIAN BROWN "Sq11iri'fl" Reading Club l5 Art Club 25 Panthian Art Editor 45 Senior Play 45 Auditori -um Program Committee 45 Talent it Show 4. RYLAND ARCI-HE BROWN Him" , , 'ff P " 5 ' tr -K Y' ,Q B 4. RUBY MAE BURNETT "!ulz11s0u" Stunt Night I5 Glee Club l5 F.H.A. l, 25 One-Act Play 25 May Day 2. LEONARD MARTIN BURTON " I.i,:" 4-H Club Secretary 'l5 Model Airplane Club 2. -'37 f? rf' 45' 'C' SEIIIUHS JOYCE HOPE BUTTNER "l7uf1ry" F.H.A. 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3. PRESTON DURWARD CAMPBELL "Prr.vfon" J.V. Football 35 Track Team 3. LEONA ANNIE CECCHINI "I.rr"' Glee Club l, 45 F.H.A. 4. PETER JEROME CEVARICH ".7i'rr'y" Safety Patrol 2, 35 Camera Club 2. TTA MAE CHAPPELL E "Ella ilIr1i"' Latin l and ll Tournaments l, 25 Audi- torium Program Committee 2, 3, 4. HENRY NATHAN COSBY "Ilnf1!Iy" Baseball Manager 35 Operetta 2. BARBARA EVELYN CRAMER "I?vv" J.V. Cheerleader l5 Operetta l, 25 Safety Patrol l5 Assembly Program Committee l5 Latin Tournament l5 Spanish Tournament 25 May Day l, 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM HOWARD DALTON "IIuu'am"' Baseball l, 25 J.V, Football 25 Varsity Football 35 Pep Club 2. 16 Track l5 Track Manager 35 J.V. Bas- ketball 2, 35 Football Manager 3, 45 ,,, L t . si 2. ,-ff Q f A T M 5 I My q,,,, K S! . ' K I ll Zi .J Q X 5 A 1 ,ms ls I 4"'l-me 5 T5 if x ,ta 'V A f we is t i ,. , all sql ',, gan-, vel 'fin L ' er' 'silly' ES- 137' E, ILA 1-'A .7 SElllllliS CHARLES EDWARD DAVIS "Clzm'Ivs" J.V. Football 2, 35 Varsity Football 45 May Day 2, 35 Band 2, 35 Glee Club 45 Operetta 3. LAWRENCE FRANCIS DesCHAMPS "Jaffe" Safety Patrol l, 35 Track 2, 3, 45 J.V. Football 35 One Act Plays 45 Panthian 4. MILDRED EVELYN DeVILBlSS "Mil" May Day 25 Student Council 25 S,C.A. Secretary 35 S,C.A. Representative to State and District Convenlfs ' '7' On- eretta Chorus 2, 35 Panthian ..a 2, 3, Business Manager 45 Beta Club Vice President 45 Quill and Scroll 5 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Manenr of Softball Team 2. JOAN ANITA DlCix.NS "Prrf:ri" library Assistant 2, 45 Library Club 25 F.l-l.A, 3, 45 S,C.A. Representative l, Panthian 45 Panthianette 45 Prompter for Susie's Problems 3. BARBARA JEAN EDWARDS "Hi rr" ff? J.V. Cheerleader l5 May Day l. CHARLES NEDLIN FABER "Charlie" J.V. Basketball l5 J.V. Football l, 35 Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Captain 45 Varsity Football 2, 35 Operetta 2. JAMES Pl?llLLlPS FINCH . mi Operetta 2, 3, 45 Panthian 3, 4, Ed- itor 45 Junior Red Cross Representa- tive 35 S.l.P.A. Delegate 35 Literary Contests 3, 45 One Act Plays 35 Beta Club 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 4. CARY MPFNKIN FITZGERALD if I-fs., Baseball Manager l, 25 J.V. Football l5 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 One Act Plays l, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 45 Dra- matic Club President 25 Christmas Pageant 25 May Day 35 Talent Show 45 Stunt Night l5 Freshman Council l5 Class Committee 25 Junior Class President 35 Senior Class Vice Presi- dent 4. I7 i"7'S"' K Q f ti.. ff 5. K' 5- A ty, . is .A Y ax i '1 fm as W 'im Ns, ' ,F ,Silt 5223214 W1 Y 5' .Mm A WX I -al' My i I ,pil xt gifs, A P SEIIIUIIS BARBARA LEE FLETCHER "l.ffIlr Flrfrlf' One Act Play I5 Stunt Night I5 Glee Club I5 F,l-l.A. 2. MARY CCFQLLFEN FOCHT " ri lvl' Stunt Night I5 Sophomore Council5 Ooeretta 2, 35 Panthianette 2, 3, 45 Ouill and Scroll 3, 45 S.C.A. Council 35 S.C.A. Secretary 35 Public Speak- ing 35 F.I'l,A. 35 Beta Club 4. NANCY LEWIS FRANKLIN ".S'liiikv" Junior Red Cross Representative I5 President Red Cross Committee 2, 35 Ooeretta 2, 35 Band 2, 35 S.C.A. Council 45 Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee 4. BOBBIE J? FULTON .. O.. Transfer from High Point, N. C. 25 F.H.A. Federation President 35 F.H.A. Representative to Kansas City 35 May Day 35 Beta Club 3, 45 Operetta 45 S.C.A. Council 45 Panthianette 4. LAWRENCE HILLSMAN GARNETT HBIIIVIIUU Football I, 25 Basketball I, 25 Stunt Night I, 25 Operetta 2, 3, 45 Safety Patrol 2, 35 Glee Club 35 Drum Major 3, Z5 Glee Club 45 Christmas Pageant JOYCE ANN GIBBS "Juicy" Secretary of Library Club 25 May Day 2. MILDRED ALAYNE GIBSON ",-ilayriv" F.H.A. 2, 35 Glee Club I5 Chess Club 25 Library Assistant 4. ANN VIRGINIA GOGGIN 'Hflniiiv Boo" Stunt Night I5 Glee Club I5 Art Club I5 Safety Patrol I5 One Act Play Com- mittee 25 Chess Club 25 F.H.A. 25 Auditorium Program Committee 3, 45 Panthianette 3, 45 Panthian 45 Senior Play 45 Talent Show 4. fa 44" .WK Q 1 cl' 'in-f X' v, Ft ag, .sw --i, ii' frm. K V3 f I A -1--4..,.,.M 58494- SElllllllS SALLY AVERY GOULD "Sally" Dramatic Club l, Pep Club 2, F.H.A. 3, 4, Operetta 3. GEORGE GRAMMER HBl4!l!73'H J.V. Football l, Varsity Football 2 ,3, Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, May Day l, 2, S.C,A. Council l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, District Representative 3, Operetta 3, 4, Debate Team 2, 3, Latin 2 Con- test 2, Christmas Tableau 3, Beta Club 3, 4, President 4, Chairman of Auditorium Program Committee 3, Delegate to Boy's State 3, Panthian- ette 4. MARGARET ANNE GRAVES ",lIargaruf" Stunt Night l, Assembly Program Committee l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary l, Chairman 2, Safety Patrol l, May Day l, 2, Operetta l, 2, 4, Class Repre- sentative 2, 4, Panthian 2, 3, Treas- urer 4, Beta Club 4, Quill and Scroll 4. BETTY LOU GRIGGS "Lulu" Glee Club l, Red Cross l, 3, Oper- etta 2, 3, 4, May Day 2, Welfare Committee 2, Auditorium Program Committee 3, 4, Talent Show-4. ELANOR ANNA HADDON "Pun'din" May Day l, 3, Art Club l, F.H.A. 4, Panthian 4. DOROTHY BROWNING HAIR ..D0t,. Future Homemakers of America 3. ERNEST ELWOOD HALL, JR. rrpeteu SHIRLEY MAY HALL "Shirley" varsity Basketball 3, 4, May Day 3, Beta Club 4, S.C.A. Representative 4, Senior Class Treasurer 4, Panthian 4, Panthianette 4. .Q A S if'-it .fr 1 A Q 'PQ X 'fr x N vw' 1 gm' SEIIIIIIIS EARLE BARBOUR HARPER "EarIi"' Safety Patrol I, 2, 3, 45 Red Cross Representative I, 2, 3, Library Assist- ant lg Library Club I, 25 Alternate Speller 25 4-H Club lg Auditorium Program Committee 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Panthian 4. JANE GRISCOM HARPER "Janie" Glee Club I, May Day I, 2, One Act Play Staff 25 Softball 3, Spelling Con- test 3, Home Economics I Play 3, Li- brary Assistant 4, Panthian 4. JAMES DUDLEY HARRIS, JR. ujlillillyu J.V. Basketball I5 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, J.V. Football 2, Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4. JESSIE MADGE HARRIS "Jc.v.vir"' F.H.A. 2, 35 Softball 3. ORVILLE LEE HARRIS ..LN,, Operetta I, 2, 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Red Cross Representative I, 2. MILDRED WILLIS HEATH "Milly" J.V. Cheerleader I, Personality Club Ig May Day I, Chairman 3, Operetta I, 2, 3, 4, Panthian 2, Subscription Manager 3, 4, Auditorium Program Committee 3, 4, Assistant Chairman 3, Junior Council 35 S.I.P.A. Delegate 35 Junior Red Cross Representative 4. PHYLLIS JEANETTE HODGES "Babe" Softball Team lp F.H.A. 2, 3. HAROLD YATES HOLLEMAN "YaIr's" Band 3, 4, Pop Concert 35 Radio 3. I, f 1' A , ' 4,- .""Qn.p. L 'NY ,lf wi". fl-N. IIE- SEIIIIIIIS FRANCES MAY HOWARD "Frances" Future Homemakers of America 2. SHIRLEY ANN HOWELL "Lillie Bit" J.V. Cheerleader I5 Operetta I, 25 One-Act Play I5 Glee Club I, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 25 Assembly Program Committee 4. EDWARDERVING JACKSON f. d., Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity Base- ball 2, 3, 4. ALMA MAE JONES "Tootsie" Future Homemakers of America 2. LOUISE SCKINTO JONES "Louisa" Junior Party Committee5 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3. RONALD JONES "Ronald" J.V. Football I5 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Class Treasurer. VIRGINIA GAY JONES "Ginny" Red Cross Representative 3. RUBY LOUISE KEETON .,Ruby,, One-Act Play I5 Stunt Night I5 Dra- matic Club 25 Senior Play 4. 21 .xxx WY- Wh. 1 v'f!t:glpQ . N' 5 WX , 'I ml., , wt 'Wx Nil SElllllllS EARNEST MURRAY KELLY, JR. "Pl'f1"' Dramatic Club 2, 3. ROBERT ELJGENE KELLEY " 1 me" J.V. Football lg Varsity Football 2, 3, Senior Play. WILLIAM OSSIE KELLEY, JR. "P!7f'4'yl'U Art Club 1, 3, Pep Club 25 Panthian 2. ALBON MAN KENNEDY "liao" Football l, 3, 4, Basketball l, 3, Op- eretta l, 3, May Day 2, 3, Band 2. BETTY ARDYCE KERR "I?f'lly" Panthianette Reporter 4, Panthian 45 Senior Play. STEPHANIE ELIZABETH KIERNON " S'Iro'i4"' Senior Playgl Varsity Basketball 4, F.H.A. 45 Panthian 4. JUNE ELIZABETH KINSEY "Bug" Art Club lg F.H.A. 2, 45 Operetta 2 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Auditorium Pro 'gram Committee 3, 4, Panthian 4 Talent show 4, Senior Play usher 4. FRANCES ELIZABETH LAYNE ".S'i.v.W', Glee Club lg Stunt night lg F.H.A. 2 4: Dramatic Club 2. -gms fi WF. +-'Q Q? -K .. SEIIIUHS MARGARET BEATRICE LEADBETTER "Margarz't" Future Homemakers of America 2, 3. BETTY ANN LEE "Lec'dic" F.H.A. 35 Operetta 3, 45 Panthian 45 Red Cross Representative 45 Audito- rium Program Committee 4. BARBARA ANN LINZY "B0l2Ivir" Transfer, Statesville, N. C., 19505 Newspaper i, 3, 45 Glee Club l5 Dra- matic Club l, 35 Beta Club 3, 45 Panthian Subscription Manager 4. PATRICIAAANN LLOYD ' nn" Panthianette l, 2, 45 F.H.A. I, 45 Op- eretta i, 25 One Act Plays l, 25 Liter- ary Contests 25 Quill and Scroll 4. DONALD LLOYD "Donnie" Baseball 2, 3, 45 J. V, Basketball 3, 4. MARGARET LeFON LOWE "Marg7arft" Future Homemakers of America 2. LOIS LEE LUCAS ..L0,. F,H.A. 2, 45 Library Assistant 3, 4. NORMAN LUKHARD "Corian" .l.V. Football l, 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 Safety Patrol 3, 45 Electrical Squad 4. 23 yy NFA' Q S. E 'QS'- -dw il A. X Tug vb. ,..,,fw 0' if SEHIUHS CHARLOTTE FRANCES MCDEARMON NH00Fkl-PM May Day 2, 35 Cheerleader 3, 45 Op- eretta 35 Auditorium Program Com- mittee 45 Senior Play 45 F.H.A. 45 Panthianette 45 Panthian 4. ELSIE LQLIJISE MEHARG ' mr" May Day l, 25 Operetta l, 25 Stunt Night lp Chess Club 25 Glee Club 2, 45 One-Act Play 25 Panthianette 3, 45 Panthian 35 Librarian 4. CHARLES HARMON MERRITT "Larhurin" May Day l, 25 Freshman Class Presi- dent5 Science Club l5 S.C.A. Repre- sentative 25 District S.C.A. Meeting 2,35 S.C.A. Vice-President5 S.C.A. President 35 Public Speaking 2, 3, 45 One-Act Play 2, 35 Laboratory Assist- ant 25 Boy's State Delegate 35 Beta Club 3, 45 Senior PIay5 National Sci- ence Talent Search 4. MARY JANET MILLER "Poo" Dramatic Club l5 Class Play. RUTH DARLENE MILLS "Rufus" Operetta 35 Panthianette 35 Senior Play PubIicity5 S.C,A. Representative 'iv YI' .gf 4. Ah. MELBA TRUE OVERSTREET "Tuz'y" 51 Senior Play5 Panthianette 45 Audito- rium Program Committee 4. JOSEPH HERMAN PERKS "PcrkoIai0r" Junior Varsity Football 2. SYLVIA MARIE PETERSON "Pm" Glee Club 3, 45 F.H.A. 3, 4. 24 ,,..-nf' wwf for SEIIIUIIS NANCY LEE PHILLIPS "Took" Operetta 25 Class Party 2, 35 Panthian 25 Red Cross Representative 25 Pan- thianette 3, Associate Editor 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Literary Activities 35 Senior Play PubIicity5 Auditorium As- sembly Program Committee 4. JOHN CHANDLER POLLARD "Jack" REGINALD ROSS POTEAT "Rc ir" g , Art Club I5 Stunt Night I. HARRY NATHANIEL PRICE, JR. "ffm mic" J.V. Football I5 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 2, 35 Track 2, 35 Junior Class Vice-President. GEORGETTE MAE PURYEAR "Toms" Basketball I, 2, 35 Library Assistant I, 25 4-H Club I, President 3, 45 Soft- ball team 25 S.C.A. 2, 35 Delegate to District S.C.A. Convention 25 May Day Committee 35 Panthian 3, 45 Athletic Council 45 Red Cross Representative 45 Panthianette 4. CAROLE RAY RICE "Cm'0Iz"' Glee Club I, 45 Dramatics 25 Senior Play. PEGGY THERESA ROBERTSON HRNV. Glee Club I5 Operetta I, 45 May Day 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2. ELOISE LEE ROBINSON "Elvin" 4-H Club. I 'N-t. Q? A . .ft 5' ' A-X QQ. ,HL . 'Ns SElllllllS JOYCE ROSE "Dimples" Basketball I, 2, 35 Volley Ball 35 F.H.A. Secretary 4. THOMAS RUFFIN, JR. Hawk" Chess Club I, 2. SHIRLEY ANN SATTERWHITE "Shirley May" May Day I5 F.I'l.A. '25 F.H.A. Presl- dent 45 Glee Club 25 Panthianette 3. JULIAN LEE SAUNDERS "Bubba" J.V. Basketball 25 Track Team 2, 3, 4 Chess Club 2, 3. EDWARD LaVERNE SEAY "Eddie" Varsity Football Mgr. I, 2, 3, 45 Var- sity Baseball l, 2, 35 Varsity Basket ball Mgr. 2, 35 J.V. Basketball 3. BARBARA J EAN SHEPPARD "Bobbie" Operetta I, 35 F.H.A. 25 Pep Club 2, Glee Club 3. JOHN THEODORE SMITH "Johnny" J.V. Football I, 25 One Act Play 35 Senior Play. HAROLD HIMER STONE ,.HaMy,, 26 gs. LY ,. Q: my . ia 1,4.Q?6 ?1 Y., ,S - 4 -f , 1 SEIIIUIIS PAUL DAVID STOTTS "Paul" Chess Club l, 25 Beta Club 45 Senior PIay5 Student Council 4. JAMES FRANCIS SWANN, JR. 1,5-Duff, May Day I5 Christmas Play 25 F.H.A. Play 35 Track Team 2, 35 J.V. Foot- ball 3, 4. WILLIAMHQMES THACKER, JR. .1 fy., Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Track team 2, 3, 45 Beta Club 3, 45 Senior Class Vice-President. FLORENCE LOUISE THOMAS "Shorty" S.C.A. I5 Honor Council I5 Beta Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 45 Panthianette 25 Class Representative 3, 45 Jr.81 Sr. Prom. Refreshment Committee Chair- man 35 F.H.A. 45 Senior Play Publicity Committee, Operetta 2. MARIAN ELIZABETH THROCKMORTON "Chubby" Glee Club l5 Library Assistant 2, 45 Library Club 25 F.H.A. 3, 4. MARIE LOUISE TREXLER "Marie" May Day I, 2. JUNE BRENNAN TURNER "Turner" Red Cross Representative I5 One Act Plays Committee I, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 45 Talent Show 45 Pop Concert 45 F.H.A. 45 Christmas Pageant 45 Junior and Senior Prom. Committee 3. HERMAN EDGAR UPDIKE "Dike" . , NJN? X I ff 4 Nu l is ri xx I . x i w ky V: .., 115. Wh., G 4 ge.. 32, ,. 3 f 1- N I-' 1 1"'I aw' 9 fi Q, hi 'Ya W ,rf SEIIIUIIS KENNETH ASHTON VAUGHAN "l?rni."r" Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Track Team 3, 4. HILLSMAN EDWARD WALLACE "IliIlliilI,v" Operetta, stage crew 3, May Day Com- mittee 3. LOUISE YXONNE WARD xiii' S.C.A. Representative I, Class Secre- tary 2, 3, Panthian 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Subscription Mgr. 3, Panthianette 3, 4, Beta Club 3, Treasurer 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, Secretary and Treasurer 4, Library Assistant I, May Day 3, One Act Play 2, Senior Play. DONALD WELCH WARNER "limi" Debate Team 2, 3, 4, Beta Club 3, 4, Quill 8. Scroll President 4, Class Treas- urer 3, Panthianette Editor 4, Panthie annete Circulation Mgr. 3, S.C.A. 3, S.I.P.l, Representative 3, Dramatic Club 2, Senior Play. STUART MELVILLE WATERS "SIM Ir!" Band I, Varslty Baseball 3, 4. MARGIE IDA WELSTED H,IllIP'jlTl'n Operetta 2. EDITH LOUISE WICKHAM "l'1'fC.vy" Assembly Program Committee I, Pan- thian 2, 3, 4, Panthianette 4, Quill 81 Scroll 4, Sophomore Council. MARY EVELYN WILLIS "ll"illii"' Glee Club I, 2, Pep Club 2, F.H.A. 3 'G'- Yuri if' yi.. 1... 'nuff' SEIIIUHS A VERNELLE FAYE WILLIS i 'fl "Vanilla" M I S.C.A. 2, Library Assistant 25 Library Club 2, May Day Program 2, Panthian My 4. WILLIAM ELISHE WINFREY, JR. "Bill" Track Team 2, 3, 45 Chess Club 25 One Act Play lp Senior Play, CHARLOTTE BERNADINE WOOD "Rusty" 41' JANE BOICE WRIGHT "Fancy Pants" May Day I, 25 Operetta I, 2, 37 Glee Club 4, Stunt Night lg Personality Club lj F.H.A. 2, Junior and Senior Prom. Committee 3. ELIZABETH GREYSON WYATT "BrHy Graf' Homeroom Representative for Welfare Committee. DOROTHY MAE YANCEY "Dot" Stu2t Night 'lg Pep Club 25 Glee Club 3, . 29 :Vs a. I? X, "-E vw AWN ,pa 'M E x ' I X ,igsw if Y? fr + ' ck' O Tu f. Q' '4 Vi if Hrifli SALLY GOULD and HOWARD DALTON Cut-est Couple PAUL STOTTS and MILDRED DEVILBISS Best Dressed GEORGETTE PURYEAR and BILLY THACKER Best Athletes GEORGE GRAMMER and NINA BOWMAN Most likely to succeed UHHRHCTEH3 BOBBIE JO FULTON and MAC BRADSHAW Most Popular BARBARA SHEPPARD and ED JACKSON Best Looking NINA BOWMAN and RONALD JONES and EARLE HARPER MARGARET LOWE Most Studious Most Bashful .', Rr I "l'm going to get out of here!" llllllll'S lHlllIllll John Emerson and Anita Loos Under the direction of Robert Bruce Johnson CAST Harry Simmons, a manufacturer ...... ---George Grammer Harriet Simmons, his wife -----. ---Melba Overstreet Ethel Simmons, their daughter ----- ---Yvonne Ward Chester Binney, Simmons' partner ---- ------ D on Warner Lettie Lythe, a motion picture star -------------------- Carole Rice Donald Swift, a motion picture director ------------ Paul David Stotts Roger Shields, a young Chicago man about town -------- Bill Winfrey Lila Wilson, Sally Otis, friends of Ethel---Edith Brown, Nancy Atkinson Annie, a maid ------------------------------- Stephenie Kiernon Sadie Bloom ---------------------- ---------------- A nn Lloyd Taxi Driver ---- ------------------ E ugene Kelly Mrs. Jackson ---- ------------------- R uby Keeton Other friends,-- ---Ann Goggin, Charlotte McDearmon "Oh, Chester! Curtain Call "Did you do that?" NAME David Adams Nancy Atkinson Gerald Ayres Madeline Baldwin Landora Barden Edna Becker Dorothy Bell Emily Berrios Josephine Blackwell Nina Bowman Mac Bradshaw Charlotte Brooks Edith Brown Ryland Brown Ruby Burnette Joyce Buttrier Leona Ceechini Preston Campbell Etta Mae Chapell Henry Cosby Barbara Crammer Howard Dalton Charles Davis Lawrence DesChamps Mildred De Vilbiss Joan Dickens Barbara Edwards Charles Faber James Finch Cary Fitzgerald Barbara Fletcher Colleen Focht Nancy Franklin Bobbie Jo Fulton Lawrence Garnett George Grammer Margaret Graves Joyce Gibbs Ann Goggin Sally Gould Betty Lou Griggs Eleanor Haddon Dorothy Hair Earnest Hall Shirley Hall James Harris Jessie Harris Earle Harper Jane Harper Lee Harris Mildred Heath Phyllis Hodges Yates Holleman Frances Howard Shirley Howell Alma Mae Jones Virginia Gay Jones Ruby Keeton Ernest Kelly "lnH1llmHll0n, P.lEllSEl" AMBITION mechanic love and be loved tramp secretary R.P.l. recreational director office work to be an author stenographer to be successful college education work learn to dance to marry music conservatory to be on the "Grand Old Opry" working college work graduate to be happy draftsman air force architect nurse to get a Mrs. degree secretary stay near Wedgewood Ave. be a pest go to college be married a nurse a father of twins C. P. A. airline hostess marry Paul work 81 marriage get married office clerk getting married be with husband good job own a convertible mechanical engineer to graduate minister electrician major in psychology marry Jimmy Wright radio engineer secretary to write general office clerk get a new name go to college C. P. A. is - ,, ,521 Sf avenge 353 ,L .I it Q fa : ,. 5' sq ' van? .-,..- I 1 - PLANS work work work work school school work work work college college work school married school work work college don't know work business college get married air force work work work work never can tell school Korea married school school nurse's training work 8- marriage college working married work marriage working marriage work work working working working college school work college have 25 children school work work work work college armed services LIKES sports swimming girls Johnny V.M.l. chocolate nut sundae skating music sports sincere friends Lillian loafing speech class girls cold chicken hill-billy music automobiles loafing Bible study Glen Allen Gilford Sally anything with skirts to feed ducks Blue DeSotos sleeping Billy V. basketball girl with cold hands pineapple upside down cake sleep fried chicken pets blue jeans dancing Ford ice cream Paul going to school food dancing Government class traveling automobiles basketball mess with old cars to sleep everybody baseball chocolate pie bowling eat 8- sleep Colleen eat reading sleeping dancing ice cream girls 34 DISLIKES literary activities cheating in line army office practice onions homework homework loud people school Latin yearbook editors buttermilk "my weight" school buttermilk school work Gov't class cigarette smoke going in army practical iokes speech redheads cops term papers work washing dishes leaving G. A. food in cafeteria conceited girls work snooty people Gov't class people who don't smile to leave school people who are hard to get along with office practice office practice rude people school housework 8:00 A. M. work school homework to have to walk Shakespeare vandals homework old cars football conceit office practice snakes being short baby sitting work 5 -ms. leg Ass 1 1 Eg: NAME Eugene Kelly Popeye Kelly Betty Kerr Stevie Kiernon June Kinsey Frances Layne Betty Ann Lee Barbara Linzy Ann Lloyd Donald Lloyd Margaret Lowe Lois Lucas Norman Lukhard Charlotte McDearmon Louise Meharg Harmon Merritt Janet Miller Ruth Mills Melba Overstreet Joseph Perks Sylvia Peterson Nancy Phillips Jack Pollard Reginald Poteat Jimmie Price Georgette Puryear Carole Rice Peggy Robertson Eloise Robinson Joyce Rose Thomas Ruffin Julian Saunders Shirley Satterwhite Edward Seay Barbara Sheppard John Smith Harold Stone Paul Stotts James Swann Bill Thacker Florence Thomas Marian Throckmorton Marie Trexler June Turner Herman Updike Hillsman Wallace Yvonne Ward Don Warner Margie Welstead Franklin Whitehurst Edith Wickham Mary Evelyn Willis Vernelle Willis Bill Winfrey Charlotte Wood Jane Wright Elizabeth Wyatt Dorothy Yancey "lllllllilllHlIllll PLEHSE l" AMBITION to make a million to make a million become a teacher become a nurse to go to college marry Tom Nuckels stenographer to enjoy life to the fullest write novels be a salesman for Standard Oil secretary work go to college be a dancing teacher write a novel be a country doctor work and save money B.M. in music have a successful marriage be a millionaire be a nurse have 2,000 acre cattle farm graduate to live a happy life with Charlo make people happy marry a millionaire to finish school modeling go to business college graduate from business college be an architect clerical worker work happy marriage keep out of army leave G.A. in 'Sl become a lawyer work own a farm be 2" taller haDDY life with "certain someone" secretary college farmer or artist own dairy farm shorthand college be successful carrying rifle own a car good iob and marriage secretary own big farm qet rich quick live, love ,learn secretary secretary tte PLANS army army college college work work work work college work school work work school work join Coast Guard college school to get married work school school work college work work school army work work school work work school work work LIKES Gay Mary English class boys music office practice eat people Bill girls eating drawing Joann Jimmie everybody steak and French fries dancing music bowling Cadillacs dancing Deople horses holidays Charlotte sports dancing eat clothes '5l Ford history movies sports food eat sleeping races sports blondes and brunettes eat and play football friends eating dancing dancing civilian life eat and sleep "Chuck" iazz music people stock cars dancing "puddin" bowling figures reading dancing Cadillacs Donald , 1 ji- Q xv Q -1- ,Q is ui DISLIKES army army hill-billy music senior themes colds Government class work nothing to do war English work army Government class wars army people who brag biology a dirty car Fords boys with unshined shoes l, 2 ,3, 4, 5 and 6 periods school rainy school days being mad at Charlotte gossip deceitful people work school boys language people who know it all homework homework teachers school dressing up school in spring homework homework hill-billy music army English washing dishes books to dress up working homework tests colds Eng, Lit. coffee office practice Govt. class 35 Lineup Ah-ha, caught you' H , Goodness. this is boring" SEIIIUHS ff' 'lim A' ' 'f 'N fa JOHN MOODY Vice President BILLY COREY Treasurer CHARLES WEST President J EANN E THOMPSON Secretary Charles Brandmahl Barbara Broske Walter Brown Nancy Broyles Thomas Barker Hanna Baker Jean Baldwin Joyce Barker Lucille Baughan Donald Betfis Merrill Bowles Peggy Bragg JUlllllHS Reese Anderson Harry Arnold Patricia Asher Jean Ayers Nancy Baughan Charles Beddow lumuns Constance Burton Wanda Camker Otha Campbell Thomas Christoph I-V gl " Mario Cirillo Ellis Cline Catherine Cole William Daley Ames Diaz 15.2 -QF" Orvella Cordell Shirley Crews Geraldine Dudley Ann Dukes Phyllis Edmonds 39 Joan Egelkamp Eunice Elliott Roland Evans Joann Faglie ,ww if I1 Hwfx:-'W K i ilk' x.,.uf 1" 4 l Z 'fl J, rf- 'N 79 Ala yne Gibson Ma ry Goode Cornelia Gould Norman Grubbs 3? f 5 I fe: .Y JW' noo it Melvin Ford, Jr. Betty Foster Rose Flournoy Thelma Flynn Gretna Ford JUHIUHS Henry Failing, Jr. Jean Falkenstein June Farmer Edward Flippen, Jr. Bruce Fowler Richard Franklin Robert Fulton Francis Garey Gloria Gayle JUIIIUHS Betty Ham Betty Hamilton Buford Harlow. Barbara Harris Jr. Bobby Harris Spencer Hazelwood, Jr. Richard Heller ill it J ,i.L i 4 , Ik., I k::,V gigf kipii in A V ' f f, ie. I V I fm-irizg .'.'- I J J ,L--, I Arlene Hockaday Alice Holladay James Howison, Ill Mary Hubbard l 4 1 Patricia Hubbard Beverley Hughson Jane Hunter , can 5. nu., J rffgg Betty Jackson Bob Johnson Bobby Johnsor Hugh Johnson i if i in 3 A rfv-in I s- ' ,,, .- 'f'.1- ' U ' A., .5. 4- ru Miriam Lukhard David Mankin Frances Mayeur Barbara Mays '!.!.'P"" 'E' Betty Kirby Rita Kirchoffer Ted Lake Betty Lauterbach Gail Leonard Peggy Lowe Irene Lucas Lillian Lukhard JUHIUHS Lena Johnson Joan Jones Margaret Jones Mary Kendrick JXXQK Thomas Lloyd Douglas Lockett 42 JUHIUHS Louis McClellan Don McDaniel Dorothy Melton Robert Mercier Richard Milne Charlotte Miltz Roy Moxley, J r. Delmar Nash Robert Nash 540 if Linwood Neagle Norman Negaard My 43 Billy Nelson Joan Newcomb Sally Niedermayer H-in Gwendolyn Oberg Madeline Oliver Russell Parsley Dorothy Paxton gs- as , I f.-, lxxn ,Y V.. .'-1+ V' i I A 'N' 'N G if ' . A N- . fp- S ,dn , 1' 5 555224552 .L H51 4:-.'--Z' 'Si 'J g . A 5-' his , i Wei I- sv ' lu lx I Leo Smith Don Smith Roy Smith Wallace Smith ,N in ,Q A Betty Phillips Charles Pickels Billy Powers 4,14 Norma Rogers William Sanderford Frank Sanyour Grace Saunders r ,nxt af 'V5 Jack Saunders Gloria Shaw Geraldine Smart 1- ls v , 'P st 'Q -, 44 JUHIUHS Betty Peregoy Muriel Perross Ann Phifer Paul Phifer . ,,,-,ig 1-'sus 1. ws nf' Nfl 1- .. I -' F ,N a Q I 9 - 55 34' A N " 'f. : Jllll IURS Eddie Sprouse Horace Stancil Robert Stewardson Louise Stitzer T:-.A Rf? , Beverly Stuck Dorothy Tate Eva Tate Lucy Tatian Jean Thacker Maurice Thacker Cecil Thomas T Helen Tibbs Carrol Tiller """"' Rose Trexler 5' 45 . . Howard Trice Herman Trimmer Eugene Utley, lll Ann Voorhees gif? l s A 'J is Mildred White Shirley White Nelson Whiteside JUHIUHS Adnie Walton Jimmy Weaver Mary Weis Frank West vm? Mary Wright Jeanne Yancey Britt Yarrington Harriet Zimmerman Anne Wilcox Barbara Wilke Jack Wilson Dickie Woodfin Mary Woolard Graham Wickham Jerry Wilkerson . Audrey Williams 46 Betty Wilke SUPH W' if GALE WOODSON Vice-President Um B RICHARD FOWLER President E S A P O QNX A ws CXANMO XC 195 viicfewd 'Y VH Yytgasmet SllPHlllllllllES Bradley Anderson Betty Ayers Patsy Burgess Betty Burton Shirley Ayers Donald Barrett Noellie Bybee Elaine Campbell Toni Berrios Bettye Bickers Carolyn Ca rneal Coddrington Carrington Joyce Brezee Anne Brittle Charles Carter, Jr. Olan Carter Jean Brock Mary Brown John Chamberlin Raymond Chapman Charlotte Bruce Thomas Bruce Muriel Charles Pat Charlton 48 pc SUPHlllllllHES Peggy Charlton Ba ra ra Cobb Timi Diaz Carol Dunnavant Haley Cole Richard Collins Billy DuVal Peggy Edwards Sue Crosley Bobby Crowder Sybill Ellen Jackie Enright John Culley Frank Cummings David Evans John Failing Shirley Dale Virginia Darhanian Ralph Fields Shirley Flammia Patricia Davenport Frances Deane Bernice Floyd Richard Fowler 49 if f'?1.-V JJAC yi A 15: .65 I - 5113.4 J 5' ml F xr VKKJ 'L 1 hhx in E, .iq . F Q' l'-i JH U" 3 ab' - E 'W 'V n-9 " - MJ. rv f My 51 Q' - ,ig ' Il: 0 i -,w jg K Vowvf l i 5 K 1 ju F9 in sms xl SllPHlllllllllES Wilbur Franklin Wray Franklin ,Z aw' 'fn vi Q , I- 'r"" '-.-x ,N-,,..4."1'f' 'ff' 1 ' Rachel Harper l f HB5-,. 1 A i Anna Harris 1 If' - I Qi' Qs- Ip., gals ag f5 I Aa' 'S 3, I 1 -- Q 2, X . if X95 7 f l FAQ?" r 7 , WWJ, Judith French Normia Fultz Robert Galaspie Beverly Goulder Katherine Green Suzanne Green Kathleen Greer Patsy Haddon Jean Hale Billy Hall 50 Jeanne Harris Barbara Hart Harriet Hayden Shirley Heckler Maxine Hicks Hugh Hilliard Joyce Hobson Vernelle Holman Haywood Hord Shirley Heppert 5 rr S 4 J S "' fe gy X X "ii ,L fame! , 359 4 I V: A V- L 1 A356 35' 'V Rfb ri f . gig aa. , A img., A Q7 ' K R .gk r Q n 49.-we , 'IQ' AQ' time ,H it y r L gg, ,.,..,. I Wifi? we J ' STA if ,riffs 1 -:.-pr SllPHUlllllllES Phyllis Howard Irene Hurt Grover Jones Garland Kirby Thomas lmell Ba rba ra I rving Mary Alice Knipe Daniel Koch Leo Jacobs Richard Jenkins Joseph Koch, Jr. Loretta Kuhn Barbara Jinkins Donald Johnson Juanita Lacy William Ladd James Johnson Wendell Johnson Muriet Landon Kenneth Lassiter Charles Jones Faye Jones Frank Lawrence Evelyn Layne 51 xy 'FJ' o J'-L bw Fir M n 1 , Ll'i f ml K Q 9? 'nh-3 irfflf if . , 3, ' - l' U Fx ' 3 'VP QL' ' ,, Q., . My an 1 P. it l :rv l MN Q 4 3' 'F' fl Q-Nl can I .,,,!. g 5. X- - 'K' 'B 342' ur , xr! ' y NM lt. N ew Y viz 1 Q W- Q ...ff ' my r D M .S "' ' fl f , 07" 3 'F IV' SllPHlllllllllES Nicholas Lipe Douglas Lloyd "-72 wi 'is-'nf John Menzies Peter Milne if Wg' Mason Loc kha rd Richard Lukha rd SHIPS- 1' l-4' afi- Howard Minor Richard Morris Albert Lutton Evelyn Macklin iff l an Kathleen Mount Bernard Nash Doris Markert Kg xiii? . Joseph Martin VY " ' f 1 ,- ,J 'ln - K Q JU' l A. ll , . Janice Neale P 513 J Virginia Nettles L " Donald Maxwell g David McCarthy ' -3 2, fx EM. L I, 1 George Niedermayer M5 Nancy Nuchols 4:1 if ff if 1 A"'l f I y c aug in B'll M L hi' "" Helen Melton lr D ' fb. . g v X xg" EJ Carole Padgett M "f M as Phyllis Pajchak 1, 52 S' , V 5 1 -J af' , f ' .v fi' V ' 4:--ap -ep- L A F F . Q in . "1" K an ., afxl' . ,sv QSWL 7 'uw ,, ,mf X, ,Ny ,st - i . f K 3 X M5549 is ,W X 5 X: .2 ,M f M 'N QNX, To 'l ,H HZ' Q33 af 5 at 5 T V ml s QW S gi ., Q 5411 X Q J. E3 f SllPHlllllUllES William Palmore John Penny Ba rara Perrott John Price Ma rtha Proffitt Madeline Pucek Lidetta Rice Elizabeth Scott Carl Sears, Jr. Marian Seay Joan Shearin Joyce Siegel Freddie Siegler Thomas Smith Betty Jo Spicer Ma ry Lou Robertson ,..- -W " 1. -11 T' .N .qv -rv-Q . . f ,V X , " 'rv-v-4 'TQ' 3 X I in I if-3 Q V7,V V, H..u. K K ,W ,tel 1 i fi' S I Sf : ' V S- 'likxs A l - 'gf :pl as W- . mv ' Q af- 6 M. A .,' M- i 2 M J s i ' if T sl Thomas Stansell . f 9 Alma Stinson 1 'N' r 3 Sue Rutherford S Sally Salisbury Earl Samuels James Schmidt Caroline Stitzer Durwood Stone 47 Q, 'Q 'fl JamesTaylor T Frank Timberlake S'rr KW' lx gf 53 Q as I ug 'gl Q J Q s ' ' gf lv. 1 . .ana ,V Al' in-4' ' , x 5' vi Inca us? 5 di J' , v Q F -a. ,w I .AVA R' .gf 14 SllPHlllllllllES Harry Tomlinson Marie White Dennis Tompkins Jackie Williams Richard Williams Tommie Williams Chesley Tredway Shirley Tweed Emmett Willis Johann Willis Barbara Tye Shirley Underwood Shirley Willis Beverly Wingfield Edward Vaughan Otho Vial Jean Wolf Gail Woodson Armond Wagner Robert Waller Bobb Wri ht Y Q Ba rba ra Wyatt David Wa rd Howard Wayt Shirley Welcher Jacqueline White 54 F' fy J - ,,. Q -nh S, me 9,5 ,Q 'fn- 5 l 'H' fi A . 5 K S Q5 s F Eula Zimmerman A KITTY KELLY ' 1 5 Secretary W.. fr. 'f ig. 4-aw. gQL,QLx... r, Gb 4' 5, TIMMY TEACHY Treasurer ES H H1 DAN I EL REARDON Vice-President EH ' my 4 A RUTH MCCULLOUCH President yXf W- rr X w -"l7ii. SD-1? :gl Qs f I ' A 1 ff' ',!:":fF ,.- J:--':ff-'::T.:: ,Q .r-E fr 4-vs K 5 . ya.--i 'fb K' R ,- A 'V' ,.. fy' Rf' vl- M ao- we 1 6 A Q X 'JAX Z' K. if J 1 1'- . .. .ga-np is as eff ,S Q 'Off J? J Hi' 'yn G3 -W-.. K Nm ,x -I - v 'K"'? 5 ,, :Q 434 9-4, ki,-W., A ' -Y, 1 -- A 5 wa- ,e' 'im' f. Q.. , ..: 1' H z, Q53 fi 'M fgziw ,' A is lllESHlllEll Hartell Acree Roy Adams Barbara Anderson Edwin Anderson Donald Atkinson Elizabeth Auten Christine Ayers Frances Ayers Catherine Bache Earnest Baldwin Robert Baldwin Patricia Barden William Bartley Fred Bates Jack Bender Frances Berry Donald Bishoft Audrey Boatright Harrison Breeden Jean Barkey John Broaddus Jean Broske Darla Brown Susan Brown Virginia Bruffey John Bruce Elliote Bucher Jimmv Burton FllESHlIlEll John Butler June Carriken Raymond Carter Robert Carter Thomas Carter Charlotte Chadwick Gladyes Chapman Arthur Clark Mason Cole Joseph Colognori Sarah Combs Martha Cordell Graham Corley Willis Cornell Beverly Crews Dorothy Daley Ann Deane Jean Dearing Beverly Deitrick Richard Dennis William Dennis Virginia Dicken Fred Dill Diane Douthat Sadie Duke Majorie Duncun Helen Dunnington Betty Earle W'-:po ,UTY lffiw 3' """7 X H if A Q55 ai, Q, 'Qlq,,, t Q. if . ..,. F 'E S Y it , wt ji ri C5 , 4,5 J J SP9- l i s 'tt iffgi M.. Q i,.- C fr' 6 in ,. ev- G? fc' T59 g' ",rAg1 Wav f 1 . xt, I f Jw T , , In ..- 7 eww X. 9 W Ji, 4:9 J R Y 1 NIR J i M5 K ,ws . rf 'fi fi M 'G-3 f- f '-'S -Q 'ai if A Q 5 V h- rs- 1 . A 54' 4:1 "P2 lu "-f V 'if lc' QW 'J if D , 3, 5-M .. ' , 1 aan ik K he .: z: ' f A 3, we Y .4 , , ' M 4 ' L, V .,ff 3 j " -4 I it 'F' ' 'la 45 NF' '35,- i - "' fi --5 f ,. E fe? , I -3 rl- P l its ,F ,-, , ' Sptv gif . Vlldj W r 2, H ev W I FHESHMEH Betty Edwards John Efford Larry Eitel Eileen Elam William Ellen Thomas Enright Jane Enroughty Edward Evans Mable Evans Edwina Evenson Virginia Fleet Vivian Fletcher Billie Flint Bettie Flint Norma Flippen Jerry Fortune Reisa Frank Barbara Franklin Larry Friedhoff William Gibbs Phebe Goode Billy Goodfellow Page Gordon Joy Gravely Jeanette Greene Bobby Gunn Suzanne Haase Clarence Hall FliESHllIEll James Hall June Hall Lois Hall Margaret Hall Marilyn Hancock Janet Hardee Roland Hardee Alec Harding Jackie Harding Barbara Hays John Harris Maynard Harris Edwin Hawkins Clarice Henderson William Hendrickson Frank Herndon Frank Herring Richard Hertless Pete Hesbacker Dean Heath Shirley Hockaday Gilbert Holmes Taylor Holzbach Virginia Hood Al Hubbard Thomas Hubbard Robert Huffines Carleton Hughes .pug T """'inv 'www-' in T' K J :sf gn 1+ S' 3 IIA 'iii fi, if :ii- ul 197 gi' 47 tn. Q' Q1 N I. 'GL' 7, 11 3 Yun 'Q' '2 6. 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If fi L 5' 'bl' Qui , lllESHlllEll Mary Hughes Shirley Hughes Martha Hutchison Richard Inge Billy Jarvis Beverly Jenkins Calvin Johnson Grover Johnson Marjorie Johnson Mildred Johnson Weiland Johnson Donald Jones Olin Jones Audrey Jordan John Jorstad Kitty Kelly Ernest Kinsey Kenneth Kirkland Arthur Knipe Suzanne Lacy Phyllis Layne Patsy Long Shirley Lott Etta Lucord James Lutton Shurl Macklin Deloria Maddox Ted Malbone lllESHlllEll Gwen Mallory Barbara Martin Eleanor Martin LeRoy Martin Shirley Martin Gordon Mastin Connie Matless Jules Mayuer Ruth McCulloch Mary McGuinn Joan McMillan Paul McPhearson Guy Meeks Edna Melton Nancy Melton Walter Menzies Jerry Miller Dale Moore Frances Newcomb Frances Palmore Kathlen Parris Sumner Patch Betty Pemberton Joyce Peregoy Nancy Perkins Jack Phillips Martha Phillips Mary Poole fag frr s..quv- f we if , 3, 4d""" ,,,-1.5 s 1 is .1-043, -AN' was ww- MW an 'ES' fa, 9 an -ez . - I ff P agar asus 3, 'hw ll.--'ff L.. 49- ' .15 ' ' 'bn , . ZWA a H. 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Quang if x ' M0 , ..,- l 'F F was . l H , 5 N., I ., ,Q H., " f--7 ' -1 f -V-' 'f,- . a 4 s ' .,, A , -- .- fl 1 V, -r f- r it ,.- r - Z tg l 9 f N E E r is i. l on , I fix ffl -M yin: , Mary Zaun 64 lllESHlllEll Jean Tubbs Rosemarie Valdrighi Stuart Wallace Mason Wash Randel Waters Nancy Welton John White Ryland Whiteside Herbert Wickham Eldridge Williams Larry Willis Dorothy Wiltshire Rex Wiltshire Virginia Woodson Evelyn Wynn Ray Yarrington Wendell Yeatts Robert Young 1 hth vw x :T ' , 4' as sf ' 41 9 . M. -f Q 2,9 QQ' A ,ff l 1,,, alfa 92 - ice L if , I -di ig, 'as ' ""'.,,,. ,V f. - K' Q K J' .Tir i . fs U' 4. cn.. 6' fxgvvl pi ,j eggs A-, Y John Adams Lawrence Agnew Evelyn Albert Barbara Alexander Melissa Allen Joyce Alley Ruth Alley Carolyn Almstead Carole Anderson Lionel Arthur Arthur Atcheson Barbara Bache Joan Baldwin Joyce Baldwin Sudie Barden - A A A William Barlow Chris Battenfield ' x P "" Olive Bemis gf- 5. I Joyce Berrman k rv- ' , 1 .1 V .I Q3 .,- .. K . I 44 " 4- I Q ' ,kt 4 K K KA' J A . It - v I Paul Bllz ,113 R7 Y John Boardman V Anne Bowles ' "5'?4 f if Gordon Boyd 6? .4 ,XL X i 6- fy V, A ft A V Walter Brauer ' - -3: Robert Bremmer , ' Charles Brittian , 4,3 ,gf .r 'V Hg: Sally Brooks f' Q J V fin 1: , - - 'W 'fy' ' 'S N' L tl ' ' " V vi' A Charlotte Brown 1 ' Tom Brown Ramon Bryant J ,- , fa- W' AP' ig? G iQ, la- l ' ,D , ia- ' 'fi l 5 f Y YE! '-., B .L M Robert Buchanan Shirley Buchanan Peggy Bull Robert Burton Raymond Butler Barbara Carrington Henry Carter Worth Carter Fred Cavanaugh Julie Chamberlin Jerry Cheadle Albert Childrey Nancy Chiles Buddy Clark Frank Covert Pete Cowan Alferd Cox Rose Cox Jack Croker Edna Crostic Barbara Culler Charles Culley Bob Curtis Billy Davis Joe Deane Martha Deane Barbara Dearing Berkley Denby Barbara Dicken Helen Dickerson EIBHTH GRHIJE mv. -. SA A 45 a yt V U . .N .M its .Q - -X ,- , ' . Q , . A x. me - be E C' It .L X? V A 'teal -.,:, Q.x A I at X - v if--:gg n B C ' eat ... B -F wy , N' I su 2 ,e-2 i' A " E- fl 'll-n- 4 9 " ' ' - L .. 5 ' J ,x X . X ' Ki'. 'f time WF 'HV - C L o n P it 4 .eilrlnw-.E Q A K r K ,.-gl X ri , . 'Y ff yi: 1 4' -niifigfff ASI-1 ltv. 53154 if V N B u . I C ,JE -fe. ky W 5 Q e .kkk. T ,x A , K , pw iv' 1 Q5 C J Wax! my wlnilwjgxggng, d 'f K 1 X-.raw K , Qt. S M Hi' Tim? . 'Q 5 --7 ' as 4" ' A f.j.'f.3 x ' . "' ' K ' . F Fm . ,qt L lf al 'lm :xi Fw tl ,Q ,1 fo- V gl .' " "' .P , -asf 5 ,Wh N 4 X go xc. .1 it ,-r. I F' nfs 'F 'lm PZ -' 5 F X M , P ' 416 6.7, ,J ,. pa W' M5 fr. rs of .L , ng-1? S., LTA f l ' P' -if -J 'f V, h . 55-"If , Lei - ' 'Nz if- fx , ,,. J . g,.,,e,, 7, , dd . , ,., .- 2 l '17' x la x ' K E A 6: Q l ai am , I V Y Ai, if V sfff zh 'RQ - ' 'gal' ' " G 'f 5. V' lac' V'-5' ry, Q l .,,." 1-4 V5 i' "fn 'al . -7 M "XhmQ,a1- J -awk- 'X fi-551' li George Dolan Kathryn Dolan Maxine Dolan Ann Doss Malcolm Doty Steve Dudley James Dunaway Mary Duncan William Duncan Mosby DuVaI Lawrence Earl Carol Edds Annette Edwards Jean Eilers Tom Elliott Jack Evans Lucy Feaganes Aubrey Featherston Gloria Finn Ronald Finn Joyce Flanary Patsy Fletcher Shirley Fletcher Ann Floyd Buddy Ford Ernestine Fortune Melinda Franklin David Frasier Connie Friedhotf Duke Froeshel EIBHTHGHHIJE Eugene Furc ron my Garton Tom Betty Gartzke Patricia Gentry Nancy George Arthur Giannini William Giles Charles Glov man Goodloe Nor Jean Goodman rdan June Go Carol Gravely Lillian Gray Gloria Green ' Green Jackie Nancy Green Betsy Greene Charles Gregory rbara Grlffing David Griggs J lius Griggs U thy Hale Doro Hargrave Robert arria Berkley H Jimmy Harris L wis Harris e Reva Harris Bobby Hasty Martha Hath Betty Hawk rr RN: I ' rw 4 VX X, 1 Q, K' 3, M L, i Sgei ' X x A r -41 A :D V K Akik' in F yeae M- A 17-E' .T .af.,.- Q . . Nw ,-. , an vx,.:1Xe ,' , ' .Ye 'X Pd' 5.8 if M K she, ii 'km .v gv' 1 x , f M fi 3 A - - B 9 x X it Q up 4' w i J ' Nun... X n xv nk A ,- X away EIGHTH GRHDE ,. .K X Q53 f at , N 5 2 R955 W Q X we kat R is ffm ,Q 5 X if is e Q 4 X Q X x 4 ii Xa Xa x W1 1, a X X I . . A , . " .Sf ,XV 'W 1. his M. t4 N. L M 4 Qfwkw, ,R A aay. B A t , J fW'i'f. ' 1' r Bmw J 1 e-' J 1 MV' X '5"""'N Q . . ik , . fe we . P ,555 abs! K ..a, mug., -3 ,. M A. x , Lf X , 4 f 'V .1 Marilyn Haydon Anne Hendrick Anne Hereford Beverly Hicks Delores Hicks Shirley Hicks Mary Hilliard Jane Hofrichter Karl Holzback Janet Howard James Hoyle Glenn Hubbard Edward Hughes Jane Hughes Catherine Johnson Dorothy Johnson Joha ' nm Johnson Rozelle Johnson Beverly Jones Bobby Jones Eugene Jones Geraldine Jones Melvin Jones Stuart Jones Jean Jorstad Mary Judd Donald Kelly Joseph Kibler Joan King flsglmimb n H DE Warren Lawrence Stuart Lawson Leland Layell Jerald LeFon Margot Lelong Norman Lenker Tommy Lewis Donald Lipe William Lowe Gloria Lukhard Baker Lumpkin Mary Lunson Patricia MacDonald Helen Mahony Juanita Manning Jack Marr Audrey Martin James Mason Mary Massey Drema McClung Ronald McPllail James Merritt Betty Miller Muriel Mills Valecia Milner Ronald Minor Nancy Mize Joyce Moore Jerald Moore Betty Morris F 'H 5... wus,- f -. -gf1:Wlk1 5. , A - M NWN W' aM Q -in J ' 1 -A r e 'SM V M V '- ' "" an "' N- i 1 Ly.LAhx4 A A l K - -yfwv it M. V H Nhhtl... LM N M Al. M M sv' M gi A., Y S , - f R' T ,M n 4 A K 'mr X 11? its 'UQ 1' f . 5 1, N""'i X Wg 5, ,! ,L,f,,, fur' FM Kim? Q all WW ' K JWIJ 78- 9.. J it fa , ' M ww M V, uamu sm-uns . ' 3 If - L' s o eeea M i .M e 4 ' 5 ' ia' ffm e f n E me fre euey 1 rx ,, ' - .... we :M lv' 3' 0+ 'ff 3 ...X ,,.. 'if .M o n ly k WEVZVL7- -aixgmf W eff:xmA,M we f mx MM V K mix ,M y wa, n M W i 'ff M y . 9 if lg?-QA l -i I Q, Xe. ,M -JM '-'ml M J Riff W' . M Ss., .LV M MM K " J' WM 1 1 -fk -Q Q .. 4 9- I t ,X Q. .2 Gln an ni' N. , K 4 r H K '? . f "" -.-1 R fi, Q- ' x ,J -T: ,A " '- ' '74 "ef """ . ' :Wg . ll- V: l "S A ' E M X - 1 ,I F wr fi ' , ,f ri i h I' ,re " i G. an ' so .Q iff 'H Q vw 'Z' 5 f xx 5 sr eu Q5 49' ' B5 ' ' D ' is. , " l E... 5 Q5 5' V 6 Fl- V r ' Q .,.pf. v ,,, lv . ,-f M 'ff ' J ,V A Q ' J QA N r '- ' x X In r"' I 'V k xx V k"' an ' Q' G' 'l ll .4 K 1 K ., K .3 lu- ' all -er 5 ,dia , X K ' A 5 1- f V . F X 5.19 9 ' ..- i s M 1 ' W J L 1 ist' M wx Y' ni! 9' A l '! ':y ' g l Q , W . ,. 5 . fr'-1 ' N ' l 'px A lv ite ff-vi ""f' dr' L93 '-gl ,l 'A ,-ngf' f, ' - 5- 6... ' lv Vance Motley William Murphy James Murray William Neagle Louise Norman Judson Nuckols George O'Mara Southworth Orcutt Nellie Ornduff Ellwood Owen Beverly Page Melvin Feed Harriet Phillips George Pollard Carol Pridgen Carroll Redford Mary Jo Reynolds Gladys Rice Wiley Rimmer Lawrence Robertson James Robertson William Robertson Neale Robertson Samantha Robinson Emily Rogers Frances Rommel Orville Rood Barbara Rowe Barbara Salmon Phillip Satterwluite EI6HlH GRHDE Mary Saunders B uce Schaat r David Schakel Betty Schooles James Seay Patricia Seitz Arline Shafer harpe Michael S Barbara Shearin Jerry Shelton Betty Shore Barbara Slaughter Westley Smart Clifton Smith Gordon Smith Jerry Smith Helen Snedeker 'cer Charles Spl Lloyd Stanley bert Stansell Ro Edward Stone R bert Stone o Vernon Stone Ruth Tate Teddy Tate Jean Taylor Helen Thamann Janet Tiller Martha Trevvett EIGHTH GRHIJE R . . , Q SI? ig,,- 55 .12 VIR Qi-Tigfe 5.5 LV: 34 aa-, T E R X Q 4 W t X A+ in X Q X S2 X wx? H SR m we 5 FS' 'N 2 K 'wxwgm YSK A 'N fi QQ , 5' , ,Y W r ql r I ' 1 -1 .,5,..f 2 Q x 1 ' ,F ,fy -"':7f9'fe ff 7 'Mzfv.a,1.,. . Ky S T We f .ogg , xl gl J E f Sf an ' fxwgx . + ' fi- I , in if tl 2-'if ' Ng ,gan , Q ' 5 E 5 ww" ali, ' -Li T. .N ,nn , N . - - , Ty- 'K -A MW m ew A 'W 2 A 5.1, it K hz if 15135 I WW .. ,- , W 'lm' ., . . ,.., Q5 fl a ' xg., we , rf My ' - S 5 S3 -MQW .a 'X Vs, - Y W A fd s w wt if W an Q25 1 lf, . fa .. 2 ,L .. wx. EZ 1'JV3w.,,,, , f ' " lf' all-. my ' hs' , Z 7 .Af ,gf ,Vg " , ,N , ' - z ' HZ' f f ft fl w :me -0 - ,ca-..' giiitiwlrk ,fwfa 'wh CM? 1 4 il' ? f, wi , 5 , .A 4 Kris 4 Nw ai W fx jg ,Q fr 1 59 X W 3 " W Q: . 1 '- -. 'S " -Zizrz' Y a ' is ,Q 8 L v gf 4-R03 'q. 5 V 5 is E M Mal: K: 1 X r Q? Beverly Tyler Jack Vermillion Frank Von Richter Robert Wade Walter Walton Kathryn Watson Thomas Weiler Daniel Weis Coleman Whitaker Tommy Whitaker Ernest White Jack White Linwood Wilcox Mary Williams Vicki Williams Charles Wilson Virginia Wilson Elsie Wingfield Harvey Wingfield Jane Wolf Edna Wood Regina Woodson James Woolard Elmo Yancey Reed Yancey Betty Young Henry Young Jimmy Zaun Richard Ziglar Henry McGuinn EIGHTH GHHIJE 45? 5 8 ix N g' X I 5, O , Q el ix XX 1 1 ,4 ? mx? N ACTIVITIES f V. Q . 'sw Q. n 905355 f S HUGH JOHNSON Vice President If i J al ..,, , Z' L--. 'x MRS. NORA CULPEPER Sponsor MR. HENRY J ETT Sponsor UUH S.lI.H. HARMON MERRITT President The student council is the governing body of the Student Cooperative Association, which is a student organization. lt is composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treas- urer of the S. C. A., one Representative from each homeroom, and the Presidents of the Junior and Senior classes. The various duties ot this organization in- clude arranging a calendar of activities for the year, organizing these activities, and controlling the funds they use. Members of the council at- tend various meetings and conventions, the pur- poses of which are to promote better ,student functions, government, and participation. W, t,.i.l...., fm' Mfzff . N FIRST ROW: Audrey Boatwright, Catherine Bache, John Harris, Jerry LeFon, Loretta Kuhn, Faye Jones, Joan Dicken. SECOND ROW: Shirley Hall, Ellis Cline, Nancy Franklin, Ruth McCullouch, Bradley Anderson, Bunny Woodson, George Neidermayer, Diane Douthat. THIRD ROW: Nancy Chile, Kenneth Kirkland, Howard Trice, Johnny Moody, Paul David Stotts, Henry Failing, Dannv V Reardon, Helen Tibbs, Bobbie Jo Fulton. GEORGE GRAMMER, Treasurer COLLIE FOCHT, Secretary The activities of the S. C. A., which are planned by the Council are the Dramatic and Literary Activities, Social Func- tions, class organization, school newspaper finances and other special celebrations and events. W inf siunfni council MADELINE BALDWIN Secretary Ryarm, 1' SEATED: Jane Hunter, Collie Focht, Mildred DeVilbiss, Nancy Atkinson, Yvonne Ward, Margaret Graves, Madeline Baldwin, Shirley Hall, Sally Neidermayer, Florence Thomas. STANDING: Jeanne Thompson, Paul David Stotts, Jim Finch, Dorothy Bell, George Gram- mer, Harmon Merritt, Don Warner, Barbara Linzy, Billy Thacker, Bobbie Jo Fulton, Mac Bradshaw. GEORGE GRAMMER The Glen Allen Chapter of the National Beta Club, which' was organized in l947, now consists of twenty-one MILDRED oEvnLBlss membefs' The Beta Club is an honorary organization that recog- nizes students of outstanding character, achievement, schol- arship and leadership. The main purpose of the club is the promotion of the ideals of honesty, service and leadership among high school students. YVONNE WARD MISS HARRIET SCOTT Treasurer SDOHSOI' 78 will ffl' V "" A 3ll1rr11atinuali!5unnrarpSurirt13 ti1rBigl1Srl1uul Juumaliats' ,ll i we-" DON WARNER YvoNNE WARD President Secretary The Quill and Scroll, an international honor society for high school journalists, was organized at Glen Allen in Janu- MRS NORA CULPEPER Sponsor f , ary of l95O. Members are chosen from the junior and senior classes on the basis of their work on school publications and high scholastic averages. The purpose of the Quill and Scroll is to encourage more students to work on the publications in order to attain mem- bership in this society whose goal it is to seek the truth and MRS' MARY OSBORNE to imorove standards of journalism. Sponsor SEATED: Nancy Phillips, Mildred DeVilbiss, Petesy Wick- Bowman. STANDING: Collie Focht, Dorothy Bell, Don ham, Nancy Atkinson, Yvonne Ward, Margaret Graves, Nina Warner, Jim Finch, Ann Lloyd, Millie Heath. 79 ZS WG? '54 WARNER Editor '+R K, .4 v NANCY PHILLIPS ANN LLOYD A I Associate Editor Feafufe Editor I ' , I fi 5 N I LA'A is DOROTHY BELL MRS. NORA CULPEPER Business Manager Sponsor PHHIHIHIIEIIE SEATEDZ Charlolfe McDearmon, Ruth Mills, Nina Joan Dicken, Shirley Hall, Bobbie Jo Fulton, Ann Bowman, Louise Meharg, Barbara Linzy, Betty Kerr, Goggin, George Grammer, Tuey Overstreet, Bobby Mary Goode, Gail Leonard, Petesywickham, Georgette Johnson, Yvonne Ward, Mary Hubbard, Nancy Atkin- Puryear. STANDING: Shirley Howell, Lois Lucas, son, Collie Focht. 80 Left to Right: Anne Lloyd, Gail Leonard, Ed Flippen, Dot Bell, and Shirley Hall, Q5 WILLIAM KELLY ED FLIPPEN Cartoonist Sports Editor Nina Bowman and Bobby Johnson re- porting for the "Panthianette." Nancy Phillips and Don Warner check ing for errors. l95l PHHTHIHH SlHll Mrs. Margaret Popika and Mrs. '41 Mary Osborne, Advisors. SUBSCRIPTION STAFF SEATED: Diane Douthat, Pat Barden, Petesy Wickham, Betty Kerr, Milly Heath, Shirley Hall, Charlotte McDearmon, Shirley Dale. STANDING: Madeline Baldwin, Ann Flournoy, Betty Ann Lee, Georgette Puryear, Pat Davenport. EDITORIAL STAFF SEATED: David Ried, Shirley Crews, Pat Davenport, Elain Campbell, Jim Finch, Editor, Betty Phillips, Associate Editor, Anne Brittle, Sue Crosley, Nollie Bybee, Jean Wolf, Frank vonRigl'1ter. STANDING: Alice Holloday, Joyce Peregoy, Jane Hunter, Harmon Merritt, Landora Barden, Shirley Dale, Jean Whitten. 5 ,N B2 SUBSCRIPTION STAFF Earl Harper, Mary Woolard, Ann Goggin, Barbara Wyatt, Nancy Atkinson, Yvonne Ward, Phyllis Edmunds, Adnie Walton. 7' 43- Al! AD STAFF Shirley Howell, Landora Barden, Edith Brown, Nina Bowman, Mildred DeVilbiss, Business Manager, Margaret Graves, Betty Griggs, Beverly Wingfield. SUBSCRIPTION STAFF SEATED: June Kinsey, Mary Goode, Ver- nelle Willis, Joan Dickens, Thelma Flynn, Lucy Tatian, Stevie Kiernon, STAND- ING: Nancy George, Betty Griggs, Jane Harper, Catherine Bache, Gail Leonard, Jean Whitten. 'l 83 X IIEII UIIIISS CUIHIIIIIIEE 5 'x '!"" 513 C' . 'IN 4es IIUIIIIIIIIIUIII Plilllllilllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIEE FIRST ROW: Landora Barden, Edith Brown, Betty Griggs, Pat Barden, Phebe Goode, Miss Shirley Williams, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Janet Hardee, Gretchen Sedam, Riesa Frank, Gloria Gayle, Shirley Dale, Jean Witten, Tuey Overstreet, Ann Goggin, Betty Lee. THIRD ROW: Milly Heath, Nina Bowman, Earle Harper, Alma Stinson, Dot Bell, Betty Spicer, Mary Robert- son, Pat Davenport, Charlotte McDearmon, June Kinsey, Margaret Graves, Barbara Wyatt. INSERT: Miss Mary Young, Sponsor. SEATED, FIRST ROW: Betty Phillips, John Chamberlin, Margaret Jones, Secretary, Edna Becker, President. SECOND ROW: Sarah Combs, Connie Matless, Nancy Baughan, Mary Ann Wright, Carol Edds, Jeanie Taylor. STANDING, THIRD ROW: Clarence Hall, James Broad- dus, Billy Davis, Frances Palmore, Jean Broske, Mary Lou Robertson, Alice Holloday, Elaine Campbell, Dot Wiltshire, Georgette Puryear, Gail Woodson, Betty Ann Lee, STANDING, LEFT: Emily Rogers, Kathryn Watson, Juanita Manning, Worth Carter. STANDING, RIGHT: Maxine Hicks, Mary Purycar, Martha Proffitt, Milly Heath, INSERT: Miss Eleanor Overbey, Advisor, oil ,, ,Wt SEIIIUR 4-H CLUB OFFICERS Georgette Puryear ................... President James Broaddus--- .... Vice-President Garland Kirby ..... ....-.. S ecretary Robert Toombs .... .... S ong Leader OFFICERS Juanita Manning ................... President Jimmie Ford ...... -- ......... Vice-President Ruth Tate ................. Secretary-Treasurer Jane Hughes, Barbara Slaughter ..... Song Leaders X x 'T' I I SHIRLEY SATTERWHITE President OFFICERS-AT-LARGE June Kinsey, ,f,W,,,YY,.Y.. Treasurer Ann LI0yd,,,,,,SS- e-,.Vice-President Shirley SaTterwhite--,,-- .,.. President Sally Gould .,,,. L--.-- ---Reporfer Landora Barden S-, -.. S.... Secretary FIRST PERIOD SECTION FIRST ROWi Betty Kerr, Jean Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Barbara Pcrrot, Johann Willis, Juanita Lacy, Gail Woodson, Vice-President, Shirley Crews THIRD ROW: Phyllis Pajchak, Mary Lou Robert- son, Bernice Floyd. I 44 U- IUIUIIE HIIIIIEIIIHIIEIIS IW ll BBS! Xl SR xv 3 SECOND PERIOD SECTION Left to Right: Anne Brittle, Shirley Satterwhite Jane Harper, Frances Layne, Phyllis Hodges Joan Dickens, Joyce Rose, Lois Lucas Char Iotte McDearmon, Connie Burton, Sally Gould Ill HIIIEIIICH '61 IA: MISS ROSEMARY HOWELL 'dh A A wi w 4' FIFTH PERIOD SECTION Bobbie Jo Fulton, Vice President, awards F.H.A. pin to Florence Thomas, Secretary. FIRST ROW: June Kinsey, Landora Barden, Harriet Zimmer- man. SECOND ROW: Ann Lloyd, Sylvia Peter- ,' son, Stephanie Kiernon, Lena Johnson, Gloria Shaw. THIRD ROW: Marion Throckmorton, Mary Lou Rucker, Evelyn Macklin. I 0 THIRD PERIOD SECTION 9' FIRST ROW: Rozelle Johnson, Gennie Hood, Lillian Lukhard, Eula Zimmerman, Shirley Un- derwood, SECOND ROW: Leona Ceccheni, Eleanor Haddon, Jeannie Harris, Shirley Lott, Jackie Enright, Jacque Harding, June Turner, Harriet Hayden. THIRD ROW: Shirley Tanner, Janice Neale, Jean Scott, V. Pres. ww., CMI 0 42 xx SIXTH PERIOD SECTION FIRST ROW: Suzanne Haaze, Pat Asher, Louise Meharg, Vice President, Irene Lucas, Jean Hale, Rachel Harper, SECOND ROW: Nancy Nuck- ols, Joyce Hobson, Anna Harris, Sally Smith, Laura Varner, Shirley Willis, Shirley Tweed. THIRD ROW: Suzanne Greene, Phillis Howard, ' I A4111 I ,,nr giif V,y, HBHHRU lr-I HSSISIHHIS FIRST ROW: Marion Throckmorton, Melba Overstreet, John Failing, Audrey Jorden, Lois Lucas. SECOND ROW: Joan Dickens, Earle Harper, Sumner Patch, Carletor Hughs. Left to Right: Emily Berrios, Toni Berrios, Madeline Oli- ver, Betty Phillips, Louise Meharg, Vernelle Holman, Ann Phifer, Alayne Gibson. FIRST ROW: Elliot Bucher, Thelma Flynn, Carol Dunna- vant, Jane Harper, Kathleen Parris. SECOND ROW: Gloria Gayle, Lena Johnson, Muriel Perross, Barbara Wyatt. MISS EDNA M. WILKINSON Librarian SEHIUH CUUHCIL : C F' ld, V' -P 'd nt, Bubba Garnett, Madeline Baldwin, Secretary, Shir- ?eEfALElT Trjalgureggljtgrgaretllgraxlgil :AL Robert Johnson, Ruth Mills, Florence Thomas, Miss Dorothyllielly, Miss Harriet Scott, Mrs. Mabel Williams. STANDING: Bobbie Jo Fulton, Presi- dent. if I JUHIUHCUUHCIL SEATED: Jeanne Thompson, Secretary, Barbara Mays, Jane Hunter, Johnny Moody, Vice- President, Charles West, President, William Corey, Treasurer, Madeline Oliver, Barbara Wilke, Catherine Cole. STANDING: Mrs. Ann Bryant, Miss Fern Thompson, Mrs. Elaine Everett, Mrs. Patricia Arrington, Miss Joyce Haydon. FRONT: Peggy Edwards, Madeline Baldwin. FIRST ROW: Margaret Jones, Mason Lockhart, Jean Witten, Martha Hockaday, Bobby Buchanan, Danny Kelley, Betty Hawkins, Nancy Wilton, Bubba Garnett. SECOND ROW: Maynard Harris, Donald Bischoff, Arlene Shafer, Gloria Finn, George Neider- mayer, Nicky Lipe, William Bartley, John Jorstad. THIRD ROW: Hugh Johnson, Jimmy Schmidt, Jimmy Johnson, John Bruce, Raymond Carter, Kenneth Skinner. THE BHHD FIRST ROW: Donald Lipe, Yates Holleman, Jimmy Mason. SECOND ROW: Donald Jones, Daniel Koch, Melvin Ford, Harvey Wingfield, William Love. .V sr. O Mn. Patricia Arrington .'J-" Band Director - J WFP! . ,s--Q .,,,V.. ' fl! 90 . On Parade! FRONT: Peggy Edwards. BACK: Margaret Jones, Head Majoretteg Lawrence Garnett, Drum Majorg Madeline Baldwin, THE HIHJURETTES UPPER lIlllSS GLEE CLUB S FIRST ROW: Jean Hale, Louise Meharg, June K. . insey, Lanoora Barden, Charlotte Bruce, Jayne Wright, Barbara Broski, Mary Goode, Gail Leonard, Georgette Puryear, Martha Proffitt, Norma Fultz, Pat Dowling, Norma Rogers, Arlene Hockaday. SECOND ROW: Emily Berrios, Joyce Barker, June Turner, Nancy Nuckols, Leona Cecchini, Virginia Fleet, Audrey Jordan, Shirley Howell, Virginia Dar- hanian, Lillian Lukhard, Betty Lou Peregoy, Ruth Mills, Betty Phillips Gloria Shaw Barbara W , I YBTT, Ann Flournoy. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Arrington, Wil- 92. Q4 1 kim Corey, Ted -Lake, Hugh Johnson, Howad Y mor, John Menzies, Charles Davis, Robert Galas- pie, Wray Franklin, Herman Updike, Bill Winfrey, Freddie Siegler, Bradley Anderson, Kenneth Las- siter, Jean Baldwin. FOURTH ROW: Florence Thomas, Sylvia Peterson, Dorothy Yancy, Marie White, Joan Shearin, Joyce Peregoy, Colleen Focht, Jane Hunt B er, arbara Jenkins, Carol Rice,, Shirley Welcher, Pat Davenport, Carol Dunnavanf, Marian Seay, Barbara Sanderford, Connie Burton, Carol Padgett, Milly Heath. lllllllll lIlllSS GLEE lIlUB FIRST ROW: Nancy George, Carol Edds, Jane Wolf, Martha Dean, Carolyn Olmstead, Barbara Griffing, Jeanie Taylor, Ann Hendrick, Betty Schooles, Patsy MacDonald, Emily Rogers, Jeanie Rice, Melinda Franklin, Regina Woodson, Patsy Long. SECOND ROW: Betty Jane Hawkins, Melissa Allen, Nancy Chiles, Betty Young, Patricia Barden, Martha Trev- vett, Earnestine Fortune, Jean Jorstad, Martha Hath- away, Jean Eilers, Janet Howard, Joyce Flanary, Jackie Green, Louise Norman, Ann Floyd, Norma Flippen, Carol Gravely, Rozelle Johnson, Miss Florence Tiller. THIRD ROW: Arline Shafer, Sue Barden, Julie Chamberlin, Barbara Bache, Virginia Wilson, Beverly Tyler, Harriet Phillips, Rose Marie Valdrighi, Connie Matless, Betty Pembuton, Gloria Green, Jean Goodman, Mary Hilliard, Barbara Cay- lor, Nancy Green, Beverly Crews, Mary Jo Reynolds, Sherwood Swift. FOURTH ROW: Betty Gartzke, Beverly Hicks, Audrey Boatwright, Beverly Jones, Kathryn Watson, Anne Hereford, Joan King, Carol Pridgen, Helen Snedeker, Pat Seitz, Janet Tiller, Tony Weiler, Elsie Wingfield, Gloria Finn, Mary Lou Williams, Barbara Rowe. "Now l get some rest!" "Getting Acquainted" Love would blossom in my heart." lllEElHlllZllllH Lettie ..... Arizona Tom- Cappy ------ Emily--- Tonita Sunrise Carlos ....- - Carlotta ---- Maria ----- - .lack Guldy .-- Bertie ----- Larry ------- Aunt Lavinia ---- Rennie ---..-- Antonio ----- CAST ------- ------Ruth Mills --Wilson Tinsley --Robert Galaspie -----Pat Repine ----Charles Davis Margaret Wilbur ----Hugh Johnson ------Landora Barden ---------Jim Finch --Bubba Garnett ----Lucy Tatian -Doris Mae Price ------John Menzies -----Bobby Harris "When Old Tom tells a story you can put it down for true." lIHlllSllllllS lllUSllIHlE The choir began the ceremony with a candlelight procession singing "Adeste Fidel- is." The Narrator read the Christmas Story in parts from the Bible and between these passages the choir sang passages correspond- ing to the story. Soloists were: Ruth Mills, Shirley Howell, Landora Barden, Robert Galas- pie, and Norman Negaard. At the end of the program, the audience joined with the choir in singing their favorite Christmas Carols. GEORGE GRAMMER Narrator Mrs. Smithers' Art Class made the stained glass window, MRS. PATRICIA ARRINGTON Di rector THE FESTIVHL PLHU "Do you hear that? A Highness, Gregory, a Highnessl' Q CAST Gregory Stroganov ............. Robert Galaspie Anna Borodin .................. Nina Bowman Paul Orlov ...................... Billy Nelson HYOU may be imprisoned' 0""' Masha Petrovna .............. Carol Dunnavant Prompter ................... Melba Overstreef THE END MR. ROBERT B. JOHNSON Director 96 ,XX HI H l I "RECIPE FOR LOVE" Cary Fitzgerald ................... Pat Coot Pat Davenport .... .... M iss Boggs Ed Flippen .......... - - ......... Jim Charlotte Bruce ..................... Arline Mrs. Edna Mizelle, Director "THE LAST CURTAIN" Lucy Tatian .................... Effie Evans George Niedermayer .............. Sam Evans John Menzies ............ John Wilkes Booth Ruth Mills .......... ......... J eanie Hart Bradley Anderson .............. Peanut John Jane Hunter ............. Miss Kate Trueman Miss Katherine Earnest, Director "HIS FIRST SHAVE" ml .1 lHE lllGHl UF lllll-lllll PlHUS - V Millie Heath ............... Grandma Judson Hugh Johnson .... ...... M r. Judson Tuey Overstreet ..... .... M rs. Judson Shirley Crews ..... .... H annah Lotz Edith Brown ...... .... M arion Hawley Bubba Garnett ...... .... H arry Hollister Norman Neggard--- ..... Don Judson Madeline Baldwin -..------------Betty Kenyon Shirley Howell ................ Janey Judson Miss A nn Morano, D irector N , 949 pl? PRA SHEPP ARD mflu Ugg NNXSS BARS May Q ff-fi L ffii fxcxiso Hon 0 EDNN P-V-D Q Escort o'c NWC5 0 U0 Y' O f f - E 5 ! l i l sf MISS MADELINE BALDWIN MAC BRADSHAW Maid of Honor Queen's Escort MAY COURT Kenneth Vaughan and Nancy Phillipsg Mildred DeVilbiss and Earnest Hallg Gerald Ayers and Ruth Millsg Colleen Focht and Howard Daltong Charles Davis and Georgette Puryearg Betty Ann Lee and George Grammerg Don Warner and Betty Kerrg Shirley Hall and Paul David Stottsg Harmon Merritt and Mar- garet Gravesg Margie Welstead and Jim Finchg Jimmy Price and Charlotte McDearmong Mary Evelyn Willis and Stuart Watersg Henry Cosby and Nancy Frankling Bobbie Jo Fulton and Bubba Garnettg Jimmy Harris and Yvonne Wardg Carol Rice and Cary Fitzgerald, STUDENT IIUUPEHHTIVE HSSlllIlHlIllll Harmon Merritt, 1950-5l S. C. A. President presents a gift from the associ- 5' 1 t ation to Assistant Principal Mr. Paul ias'5g If 1 Watson before his departure for the U. S. ,, N Navy. l " 1-'mvaif V ' V , W h.,,,:?, wi. -' 3 ggi, ,t V ' it rfgwif '..f5e.':IF '12, , 7' If ' i 49 '.,,o l' y gf HOOD X? F W' .-ad S. C. A. OFFICERS Left to Rigrt: lRetiring Officersl George Gramrner, Treasurer, Colleen Focht, Sec- retary, Hugh Johnson, Vice-President, I-larrnon Merritt, President, Mr. Moody. lNew Officers? John Moody, President' 1 George Neiderrnayer, Vice-President, Jeanne Thompson, Secretary, Francis Gary, Treasurer. EIGHTH GRADE S. C. A. REPRESENTATIVES First Row: Melissa Allen, Nancy Childes Patsy Seitz, Betty Gartzke. Second Row Jerry LeFon, Judson Nuckles, Ann Floyd Teddy Tate. 100 rms- if :smlrwi ,ggi .Q f2Paifg .sf.,,ggg Ill H E ff -iii, .S u -3 iii ----V llltlll-IRU l-llIlIVlllES 'fda , f 'Www READERS Hugh Hilliard and Cary Fitzgerald. SPELLERS Virginia Hood, Richard Fowler, Ann Lloyd, and Earl Harper. 3 4 l 101 No.8 DEBATER5 Paul Stotts, George Grammer, Dorothy Bell, Don Warner, lRuth McCollogh, and Evelyn Layne. Mrs. Travis, Advisor. The Yearbook Staff regrets that they are unable to repre- sent all the literary activities due to the fact that all contest- ants had not been chosen when the PANTHlAN went to press. 4421.1 1 1 C17 Mae West Ilg C27 Oh come now! C37 Junior Jan- itorsg C47 Hellog C57 All togetherg C67 Oh! a Partyg C77 Coyg C87 School Daysg C97 All this and Heaven too? C107 Oh, Boyg C117 A newspaperman yetg C127 Busy peopleg C137 "What do you think you're looking at?" 102 QXQW 1, " N ' 7 7 K 4 ,c4"'A 1' 4 c can 1-V5 d s-H-. v-v 4, l -H 5 9 Q U M ZQJVLQPKN aa 'U ,gym 9 ssdw 4511.540 T! asf 'V 54' 'fx A 1,1.?"" , ..-7,-' 'f 1 ., ,IM-,121 . X . . 'Fm ,. lgfk-.41 fi-" . . 2. A J -'X . +1-'E ',:::g- L " "-S351 - P A' -' ffl 1 ' x ' X 1,40 A 1-. 3. A a.',--.-an ,X , .Amy uf , .'f,f,-1,,e,.'.w--.' Q-I-. Juv iw- fq h'I."'-,- - '.. H ,V ' , 1 -'.f', A ,.' ,. mmf-imawwrvhf-L1 vfwpwwffw ,.-gyfg I H Q.6H,,,g 374 --4-5,-4. M 5142-3 - Q , :I iff? if .-kr' ali, X .4 ,-Ji :-A3:f1b'!,, 'Q ff ' F, +2 A A' f ' .fy az 5 X , n:.,,..A , -- , - vwtv.. H, , F 'F fgig' ' -- ' ' K X - ' - :-:J ' WF'-N v I ' .1 , ' 1 lm- 'L , ' V 'X f'l'9:" vjf fiftr - -L 'f -' - X: ' I '-L ,z '-"i xx, ,ia-' 1' ' - '44 1 .M - ,. 1 .- ku' ,' .qwwwff swf pf 1 rm, ' -- " 6.2, --. ' I 5-V. ,VA 2, G' ,wirwll va..,- - .far ,151-, . ,YJV I. ,h - . f. , . 3-A ,,-, Vf4hwz4Q4wwfQf,wuQ "if fr l'51-ff" 'fzf l , 'f' " -. S . If .' ""1' fi 4 N 4? A A x Y 1254. 552 , fix" 3 .V-Ag-:if-.51,Irijfl Jfpfjgg,?::-,,v ,if . Iii' X-'..'5E'f'1'i,.5 ' ' ' 5., ' ' .J ,fiy .' - I ' ' fn 1 "Q ,gh T l L....a --Y 5011 ' TJ VHRSITU UHEEHLEHDERS f- we A cheer for "ole G. A."l ' 4 Loft to Right: Teeny Luklnard, Mildred DcVilbiss, Betty Lou Pcregoy, Harriet Zimmerman. Virqinia Darhanian, Sissy Zimmerman, Charlotte McDearmon, Head Cheerleader, Jean Falkenstein. f? 'Mir E 515' JU JW ll? Shirley Flammia and Geraldine Dudley Nina Bowman, Landora Barden and Bet Sybil Ellen and Be sy Aufen. tty Ham. 105 lllllll VHHSITU CHEERLEHDEHS ' s Left. J I ' G Rlghf: Sgvenhacker and M Jinkins' fy Hou ar 1,5 1-ra 1" - af' .W f Q 1 . gl. P ..f', Q lyil Q ,,K' 6- wfx 'x. y . Sron and Blgvefs. sw .,, 'L -8 -Are ex f fs em , 4 bb Y al" vw" Y qw sa. ,iq If vi . ra A 1 r QAUKQ I ,. 553 .44- 'z In -q Raymond Chapman Q E saw 5, Q Ya Q1 Yfohfa td Edward Berryman V L A 1 "'f""' ...A 5 ' d i' I n A' S51 v'-,vw I -- if sip 3,52 -M N , A A ,, ., V 7 , .,,,,,,, ., Q: VY .M .L ' . f Qagrfln ll , ., ' if M M ' - ' 'M 'ga .. hr f xg we - lv V 11, J,-fan iv,- -' '.g7QfrW5'm 1 , Lai Norman Lukhard M500 KGIUIGJY '91, Vx fx'- . Y V . A Y ' ' - ' Af.. ' ' , PM .A ' . N i iw Orllo Campbell Frank West Bobby Mercner Duke Thacker 106 We 4 Q T llolnag ch' Rqert 00" sfmflu i""Ph F""0n Jimmy pace Ed Jackson Charles Brandmahl -HMMY Hiffii S M. Charles Davis Johnny Moody Mu Bradshaw Pm' Phu., 1 O7 Y Vaughan,goes in motion on play which carried G. A. for 20 yd. gain in Falmouth game. , ,-Q !"'w 'M ',. .of- - . l l gc- 54 . 8' ,QL ,,gg"'!,a Fredericksburg player waits to uproot on a right end run. I L ' A-shi rife' FQ--N .. """'-.fv' Collier 1417 brings down Christoph who carries to paydirt behind blocking of Kenny Vaughan and Duke Thacker. 108 ., o silifll' Y 949.-, 1 .f W A.: , - Q... ... 1 . .-:Q -gg.-.. J.. :, 1 . is ' .4"' ,. airfes S . ,-J' .:?.V'... ' . . V.- ' .-:TZ :- Q .Q 3. , :' f".""' , - . . 'W' 'u .Q '- SHI... 'lf' '-.'..'1 ' v.2'l a . --.0 .9 X. -1.'.': . , - - ffm Jxbflnp . . . . . , . . . 'M - , ' . J.. 3 9.-u Q. , . '. w- .: , , . ws- .. , 1 . a nis. Y: -... -'- , 415- J.. "1-,., -' N. 5- t -gc . v --,... N iwiaf'-' r as ' ' ff.. 1 Xa: 'uf Q 1950-1951 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE September 22 September 30 October 6 October I3 October 20 Glen Allen Glen Allen Glen Allen Glen Allen Glen Allen 6 Benedictine 0 40 Manchester 0 20 James Monroe 7 7 Covington I4 54 Falmouth 0 -'r. 1: me- 1. ,t iff "'.'.-.11 I ,- v. .. vt., -. V Ll' 50 Q a"" '7 ,rx s QQIQH -- ss' v I J Q-Q -- . , Q55 Q11 'rg 5 J ".'.' 1 " s lf-G 4':'-- '2 . - -Va I '., I 1 . . 'ig iwlbx . -.Lf -. g - 5-'ill . ' 534' , - o , -' I., ', . i':.,'ffl '. -.-1-:fa . ,.- . , ."x'-uk .Q . I ,Jag - . - . ---Gtr' f 0 ' 'Q -' ' s , . 'fb Q . ,df .1 :Lu qv: ' . .ul-,jf 7 ' L, . : . 0 ', 'Ji 4' ,- , .. s., . . .-' .' uf, hum:-' ...Q - . -.-: 1---5--f-'.-fu ..:: ' J,-,,':-.2-" ., " 2 ..-rxytf. -' U, aint ' X .....vvf'l, ' -.--"':': 2-1-"N c ' 1... ,t. . 1 . illllllll 1950-1951 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Glen Allen 40 Glen Allen 26 Glen Allen 34 Glen Allen 6 October 27 November l 1 November 17 November 24 Varina O Highland Springs 6 Culpepper 0 South Norfolk 6 'D A '95 l wiq' . U rd gnsgg 4 ,Ag n,,?gy4," 7 --4-.1 Brandmahl steps high as James Monroe player misses tackle. - ,. - eu .. A 109 Christoph glides through while Robert Fulton and Duke Thacker block Fredericksburg players. Q .M ,l.i ,,, Christoph fails in attempt to break center as Collier l4ll closes in. awful. KENNETH VAUGHAN and WILLIAM THACKER, Co-Captains . Gai, ' YN Ge0' geo Edie Seay MANAGER r, kann en, H CQA CH olfoway "Looks pretty good doesn't it?" Dishing out instructions 110 ilUlllllll VllllSllll Glen Allen Glen Allen Glen Allen Glen Allen J. V. SCORES 6 ................... Powhatan 25 O ............... St. Christopher 0 0 ................... Petersburg 7 lO ............... St. Christopher 6 Q. ,.. ,-. L 4 llllllBllll St. Christopher closes in for the kill as Buddy Shrader is brought down on a two yard gain. "'-1 ., ll, , V zll, l l 5 'l 'Ev it f :--l 'f f MR . S Cliff gizggexyjyl' Henry Failing carries around right end while Billy Daley closes in COAQTSA4 on St. Christopher player. aCl'7 ffl? CLPXAQM Stuart Jones S675 UP blOCking as Roy Smith carries a reverse Ny.. C085 around left end. FIRST ROW: John Moody, guard, Tom Christoph, center, Charles Faber, Captain, forward, Jimmy Harris, forward, Horace Stancil, guard. SECOND ROW: Emit Willis, Manager: Donald Lloyd, guard, Coach Holloway, Bill McCullough, forward, Eddie Sprouse, guard, Paul Phifer, Manager. ABSENT: Dick Milne. BllllS'VllllSllU BllSliElBllll Radford tries for the basket and misses. ll II Il ll ll ll Feb. ll II II II ll Il ll ll ,, 2 5 lO l3 I6 I9 24 27 3 5 7 IO i3 l4 20 2l 24 28 Glen Allen ll 11 112 1951 SCHEDULE VS. Hopewell Highland Springs John Marshall Radford Petersburg Manchester St. Christopher Benedictine Thomas Jefferson U. of Richmond Fresh. Varina Highland Springs Petersburg Hopewell Benedictine Manchester Thomas Jefferson John Marshall Hopewell H, S. Grays Armory R. Macon Petersburg Manchester St. Chris. T. J. T. J. G. A. T.lJ. ll I I I I I FIRST ROW: Shirley Ayers, 2nd Base, Alma Stinson, Rt. Field, Sue Reardon, C. Field. SEC- OND ROW:- Loretta Kuhn, lsr Base, Jane Harper, Rt. Field, Joyce Seigel, Pitcher: Barbara Wilke, 3rd Base, Ann Dukes, Left Field, Bernice Floyd, Pitcher. THIRD ROW: Edna Becker, Rt. Field, Jessie Harris, 2nd Base: Mrs. Connie Stanley, Coach, Joan Newcomb, Rt. Field: Maxine Hicks, C. Field. lMlSSlNG FROM PICTURE are Eleanor Koch, Short Stop, and Marie White, Catcher.l GIRLS' SllllBHll lil-llll 1950 SCHEDULE Ashland 8 7 Highland Spr WOM Varina WON Ashland 4 l5 Midlothian 8 7 Highland Spr. won Varina won 113 FIRST ROW: Darla Brown, forward, Barbara Wilke, Captain, forward, Shirley Ayers, forward. SECOND ROW: Loretta Kuhn, guard, Babara Jinkins, guard, Shirley Hall, forward, Marie White, forward, Ann Dukes, forward, Judy French, guard, Catherine Cole, guard. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Stanley, Coach, Betty Edwards, guard, Stevie Kiernon, guard, Bernice Floyd guard, Gloria Gayle, guard, Gail Woodson, manager. GllllS'VHllSllU BHSllElBHll Johnson Willis 28 G. A. 51 Varina 39 G. A. 53 Highland Springs 22 G. A. 32 Grace Hosp. 34 G. A. 38 Centralia 22 G. A. 37 Manchester 38 G. A. 28 Hopewell 30 G. A. 39 Girls' Basketball started its season minus four of its starting players of last year. Before their first game, the squad was short the remaining 2 previous starters, which left the girls with five lettermen and twelve new cage hopefuls. With steady practice, love of basketball, and a desire to win, the girls came through with a very suc- cessful season. Captain Wilkie had an average of 19.1 points per game, and truly showed outstanding spirit to her team mates. To complete the starting trio, Shir- Centralia 22 G. A. 37 Grace Hosp. 22 G. A. 43 Varina 36 G. A. 37 Manchester 35 G. A. 28 Highland Springs 34 G. A. 39 Mechanicsville 30 G. A. 45 ley Hall had an average of 9.6 points per game and Ann Dukes 8.5 points per game. These two girls showed fine team work with their outstanding passing. On the defensive end Catherine Cole was the height and fight of the team. Many a point of an opposing player fell prey to Catherine's splendid work. Equally as good were Loretta Kuhn, playing all year in spite of an injury, Judy French and Substitute Bobby Jinkins who played varsity for their first bas- ketball season. Glen Allen is proud of her girls' team of 1951. 114 FIRST ROW: Lois Hall, forward, Mary Lee Puryear, guard, Pat Stanley, forward: Mary Jo Reynolds, forward, Catherine Bache, guard. SECOND ROW: Mary Poole, guard, Norma Luk- hard, guard, Mary McGuinn, forward, Eleanor Martin, guard, Beverly Crews, guard, Kitty Kelly, guard, Cora Sommerville, forward. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Stanley, Coach, Louise Nor- man, forward, Barbara Rowe, guard, Ruth McCulloch, guard, Pal' MacDonald, guard, Muriel Charles, Manager. lilRlS'JUlllUl1 VHRSITU BHSllElBllll Ashland - 24 G. A. -- 21 Chandler -- 21 G. A. - 21 Ashland - ..- G. A. - -.. Westhampton - 23 G. A. - 15 115 -P SEATED: Mrs, Martha Dodson, Georgette Puryear, Coach Kenneth Holloway, Mr. George Moody, Mrs, Connie Stanley, Madeline Baldwin, Barbara Wilke. STANDING: Mr. Clarke Moody, Cary Fitzgerald, Mr. Stuart Smith, Billy Thacker, Coach George Gasser. i 1 : 'll Q, L 4 I "Hot rod Gassern lHE HlHlElIlI CUUHUIL The Athletic Council sponsored several Magazine Drives to raise money to pay for the bleachers on the athletic field. As a reward for the success of these drives members of the faculty entertained the student body by having a wheelbarrow push, a bicycle race, and a foot race. The Big Push Marathon Racing fx? amd? Www N77 il V - Y - 1 3 , , + I E he C . I gi.. M . ,N A xju. S .,, Q A , CU Poster materialg C23 ? C37 Reporting back to Wil- C73 Three socks and a knockoutg C83 Deceiving, isn't Iiamsburgg C45 Boy shortagep C53 Do you like them it? C99 Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, and Beetlebaum. tall, dark, and handsome? C67 Rose among the thornsg 117 .un ill! 3'4" .J ,Su it ML Cl3 I still can't figure it outg C23 "Four little maids We hate to bother youg C93 End ofa perfect dayg C103 from school are we"g C33 The more talentedg C43 Temp- Betas, working? Cl I3 Rogue's Gallery: C123 Blushing tationg C53 The thirst for knowledge: C63 "Watch the beauties? Cold3 bird"5 C73 "Come in for a class of water"g C83 116 1 1 I '51 -1' I! Nfl.. 4' .' ' . p-Z, K 5 L X Q 3, E 1 is is A A-la G .-r-.-mug. AR V 2 A, ii gm 2 E' L K gfff 7 - 9. f piwgii 'L ' , 5' ' N. ' .Iii 4 vu 4 il' if Q 'S' ' ,fx f ' , 'f A Q' 2. fi v C 1 - .fs V ' 3405 J .. -U I. 1 stssmwi fn' CU Hot Dog! C25 They use Duzg 135 The Hadacol just send you? U05 "Who did that?" H17 Look what Twinsg 143 Local talent: 455 "A" students: Q65 Cen- the sun brings outg C123 "Get thee behind me Satan"g soredp C73 Ah! a man? C85 Heels yetg 193 Doesn't it U35 Drop dead!" 119 Kfjn IT VAVS L J i' wr? T giADVigISE wr RK 7 I A 46 .Nix ART SU? , IE M . . , .N 5 3 4 . . - K King? -,vie 2 ,L' K . 2.1 ,gm 'Mig-gg-e,. - . .fait f, x A K Nr ,,,, ,- 7' A ' -' - '-'ji V. ir-:.ff'J :K Barbara Sheppard, G.A-'s May Queien, saysl'Y0u receive the best Esso Service a+ Art, Butlersl' We Make Service Our Business ART BUTLER'S ESSO SERVICENTER Broad 81 I-Iamilion Sis. Phone 84-4606 J. A. SANYOUR PLUMBING and HEATING REPAIR and NEW WORK IZIS Bellvue Ave. Richmond 22, Va. Office Phone 5-989I Nighf Phone 5-8466 PHONE 5-89I6 ROAD SERVICE ADAM B. SICI-IOL ESSO SERVICENTERS BLVD. AND MARSHALL RICHMOND, VA. 4IO2 W, BROAD ST. ROBERT B. FLEET GENERAL CONTRACTOR Repairs and Consfruclion Call 5-4775 L. F. DESCHAMPS Confracfor Brick, Concrele, Elagslone Work Ouidoor Eire Places Phone 6-5024 or 84-3046 Don, Mrs. Culpeper, and Nancy have deadline headaches loo! '-6451.17 WILBER'S FLOWERS 4307 Peniclc Road Richmond, Virginia Phone 6-0592 GLEN ALLEN STORE Mrs. E. L. Allen, Proprie+ress Groceries, Dry Goods. Shoes Hay, Grain, Mill Feed Nofions, Hardware. ETC. FRANCIS SERVICE STATION SHELL PRODUCTS Newburne and Lakeside Ave. Dial 5-9509 Richmond, Virginia I Dial 5-0305 GREENDALE HARDWARE 8: ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Kreslxy Floor Furnaces Norge Appliances Roule I2 a+ Greendale J. W. IBIIII Jones Richmond, Va. RICHMOND DAIRY COMPANY 3 I4 N. Jefferson S+. For The Besi' in MILK AND ICE CREAM Sfopl Look! Lisfenl DON 'S SERVICE STORE qFprmer1y Bryan Park Sundry Shopj 5406 Lalcesicle Avenue For Prompt and Courteous Delivery Phone 6-3270 Visit: The Friendly Fountain and Don's Den Cosmetics - - Patent Medicines Toiletries - - School Supplies Don Agee, Mgr. ' ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES CALENDARS FANS CUSSONS. MAY 81 COMPANY, INC. PRINTERS Esiablishecl I868 7I5-72I Bowe Sireef Richmond, Virginia KELLEY'S SERVICE STATION SERVICE STATION AND LUNCHES Norwood Avenue and Brook Road Richmond, Virginia Dial 5-9774 Dial 5-9885 Complimenis of INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC COMPANY 7205 Washingron Highway Richmond, Va. B. E. Crosley G. E. Tipion 5-8769 5-3585 Dial 2-2367 Experi Repairing SLOAN'S JEWELERS Waiches - Diamonds - Jewelry - Luggage Musical lnsI'rumenI's 408 Easi Broad Sireef Richmond, Virginia Manny Wasserman RICHMOND NURSERY C, H. THOMPSON EC. SON Grocers of All Kinds of S+ocIr office nursery 5502 Cary SI. Rd. Broad Sf. Rd HARRIS BRENAMAN lncorporafed ATHLETIC SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS 7l7 Eas+ Grace S+. Richmond I9. Virginia DiaI 2-4797-2-4796 Graduafion I950 WILLIS 81 SHARPE 6200 Wesf Broad Sfreef Richmond, Virginia 84-42l4 PHlL'S MARKET Greendale Member Richmond Food S+ores WE DELIVER DIAL 6-6I70 BOWLES' SELF SERVICE STORE Groceries Meafs Produce Texaco Prod uc+s LAWRENCE RD. AND BROAD ST. RD. Office Nighis lr Sunday Phone b-7232 Phono 5-7849 GLEN ALLEN OIL CO. Disiribufors GasoIIne, Kerosene, FueI and Moior Oil PROMPT COU RTEOUS SERVICE Fred J. Young Mouniain Rd. Lawrance H. Whifa R. F. D. 2 Gian Align, Va Phone 84-6I20 HARRIS SERVICE STATION U. S. Hwy. N. I. a+ SoIomon's Siore-Ro Bafferies and Goodyear Tires Accessories and Tubes Shell Produc+s u+e . 'Peppe f se r. lz , DR. PEPPER' BOTTLING CO. OF RICHMOND 3309 Wesi Marshall S+ree+ When Chariering a Bus CALL VIRGINIA TOURS Richmond, Virginia PI-IONE 7-6234 LUXURY TRAVEL AT ECONOMY RATES Hi' HAYWOOD HALL SERVICE GENERAL AUTO 81 TRUCK REPAIRING R. F. D. I2 AT Greendale Richmond, Virginia Complimenfs of DICK PATCH Service and Grocery HUNTON, VA. TRY BALDUCCI'S Spagheffi a+ LAKESIDE GRILL Phone 5-96I0 Lakeside af Hilliard Road Richmond, Virginia Thomas Bros. CONCRETE CONTRACTORS AII Types: Nea+ Work Also THOMAS 5 8: I0 CENT STORE Phone 5-8092 Phone 6-6l59 R. E. L. BLANTON PraH's Feeds Glidden Pain+s 4907 Wes? Broad S'Iree+ Phone 5-7722 "A TRIAL MAKES A CUSTOMER" BILL'S BARBECUE TWO LOCATIONS 927 Myers Sfreef-5805 W. Broad S+ree+ Richmond, Virginia F. S. FOSTER TEXACO SERVICE TE C0 Exper+ Lubrica+ion A+ Greendale Washing PLANNING FOR FUTURE SECURITY THOUSANDS of young men and women graduale from high schools 'rhroughoui The Iand This June. Many of Ihem look foward college educalions and career opporlun- ilies which could noi have been Iheirs excepr for life insurance purchased for 'rhem years ago by a loving parenf or relalive. Life insurance guaranfees many ofher per- sonal and family ambiI'ions Too. and Hs ownership will bring you Ihe same safisfac- Iion and securiry if now provides millions in all walks of life. ATLANTIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Founded I9OO Richmond, Virginia More Than A Half Cen+ury Of Service DOC'S GRILL Sundaes-Candy-Ice Cream Tobacco-Sufi' Drinks E+c. 6000 I'Iermi+age Road Neighborhood-Delivery 'A' WILLEY DRUG co. C0mP'I"'e"'S of I205 Bellevue Avenue R A L P H I S Ph 5-4395 one Greendale Virginia CompIimen+s of HERMITAGE GROCERY Dial 6- I 305 R. H. Kelley TEXACO SERVICE CENTER Washing--Greasing Lubricalion Opposiie Glen Allen P. O. Dial I I6-50I:5 STRANGE'S FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions Phone 84-5934 l223 Bellevue Avenue Richmond, Virginia FREDDIE'S GRILL 550 I Lakeside Avenue We Specialize in Delicious I+aIian Spaghe++i And Home Made Pork Bar-B-Q Phone 5-9520 CHICK'S APPLIANCE General EIec'I'ric Ranges Refrigerafors Washers RCA Television Service on All Makes Solomon Sfore Phone 4- I 275 HARRIS-FLIPPEN 81 CO.. INC SporI'smen's I'Ieadquar+ers Since I 890 7I5 E. Main S+. Richmond, Va. Phone 7-3OI9 Compliments of Thomas W. Moore FU RN ITU RE 300-302 W. Broad St. Phone 3-4703 L. A. Niedemayer 81 Bros. Painting and Decorating 2I I6 Kent Street Richmond 2 HAZELL 81 TRICE Service Station Phone 84-62II Phone 3-7230 4224 West Broad St. Belvidere 81 Cary Sts. Massey Builders' Supply Corp. 3700 W, Broad Street Richmond, Virginia Phone 5-I738 or 5-8335 Anywhere. . . Anytime You Trust its Quality Richmond Coca-Cola Bottling Works. Incorporated THE FUTURE OF YOUR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Depends on How Much You Use the Bus Instead of Your Own Private Car SUBURBAN COACH CO. Compliments of EIS Owen's Barber Shop A Good pm! 5,,,e AI' Corner Staples Mill 8. Hilliard Roads Greendale Phone 5-1011 Richmond, Virginia Allen S. Trevvett Shop 4-721 1 Home 6-0185 ' Keaton's Saw Filing serwce Groceries - Notions Dry Goods - Hay Specializes in All Types of Saw Work Grain Acetylene Crack Welding - Electric Brazing STAPLES MILL and HILLIARD ROADS R. F. D. No. 12 Richmond, Virginia GLEN ALLEN, VIRGINIA Phone 50-F-3 I Dohrman 8- Estes Esso Servicenter 5301 Lakeside Ave. Tel. 5-9662 Richmond, Virginia Wood's Market 1211 Bellevue Avenue Phone 5-8621 Phone 6-5696 Industrial and Medical Electronics Lakeside Radio Service Television, Home and Auto RADIO REPAIR E. F. PRITCHETT L. L. HUCKSTEP 5012 Lakeside Ave. Richmond, Va. GAS R. F. Superior Service OIL CoIyer's Auto Service D. 2 Richmond Broad Street Road Village Gift Shop 7005 Three Chopt Road Richmond 21, Va. Finest Imported and Domestic Gifts Complete Greeting Card Dept. ChiIdren's Books S. L. KENDLER E. T. KINSEY Dial 6-7184 James W. Kendler 81 Son All Kinds of Sheet Metal Work All Steel Garages 209 Lady Street Richmond 20, Va. Turn South at 1500 W. Cary Ford's Service Station Richfield Products Lubrication - Tires - Batteries Repairing - Welding 5308 Lakeside Ave. Dial 6-3208 Lakeside Auto Service General Auto Repairing and Painting Gas, Oil and Supplies 5302 Lakeside Ave. Richmond, Virginia BOOKKEEPING AND TAX SERVICE A. P. WRIGHT 309 East Main Street Dial 7-9615 System-Supervision Service McLAUGHLIN SHEET METAL WORKS R. F. D. 12 Greendale Phone 6-5717 Richmond, Virginia I'6?5'f474 fZEZ7P!6' AWFUKFP JWMHYW . Ereeizw V 6 Wing' 6 are r E- get E X :J We Deliver Phone 6 200 Community Barber Shop 6931 Lakeside Ave. Hours: 8:00 Til 6:30 Except Friday 8:00 Til 8:00 Daron's Market Quality Meats Plenty Parking Space Compliments of Rockey's Laurel Tavern Dial 3-5736 Night 4-l632 Compliments of Lovelle Beauty Shop Greendale Phone 84-3075 Weldall Welding Co. Rlchmond Auf' Acetylene and Electric Welding Servicenl-er , Portable Equipment J. C. Isbell, Jr. J. L. Fulton l2th 8. Bank Streets Dial 2-98I3 Gas - Parking - Oil Dial 3-5736 709 W. Cary Sl' Night 4-I632 Richmond, Va J. A. Purdie, Jr. solomonls store Will-shire's Grocery STAPLES MILL at HERMITAGE Groceries - Meats We Deliver G'e" A"e"f Va' Just can 84-2812 Dial 116 - Ask for 53-7-2 The Mark of a Champion When a young man can face the Business World with courage that he backs a line in football, and can take the bumps that inevitably will come to him in business, and can keep his fighting spirit and keep smiling . . then he has the mark of a champion, The Life Insurance Business needs such men, so why not prepare yourself for a career in the Lite Insurance Business. It's a business of opportunity for young men of ambition and vision. HOME BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. HOME OFFICE RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Highway Cleaners Opposite SoIomon's Store U. S. Highway No. 1 Dial 84-2714 Under New Management Cardinal Card 81 Gift Shop 6927 Lakeside Ave. Dial Richmond, Va. Don't Forget with each 52.00 purchase, you receive e coupon good for free playing cards COME TO SEE US! 6-0052 PETERS Hardware and Paints Washington Highway at Solomon's Store R. F. D. 2 Glen Allen, Va. "everything for the home" National Super Market Groceries Choice Meats Garden Fresh Vegetables Washington Highway at Mountain Road On U, S. Highway No. 1, at Solomon's Store Phone 5-9809 Wade's Service Store Home Remedies Southern Daries Ice Cream Fountain Service Whitman and Hollingsworth Candies Compliments of CLOVER LEAF DAIRY Compliments of The Hub Food Center Inc. 6919 Lakeside Ave. We Deliver Phone 84-3241 Phone 5-sooo H U B Family Service Modern Shoe Repair Center and Self-Service Laundramat 6917 Lakeside Ave. Richmo nd INVITATIONS CLASS RINGS CALLING CARDS CLUB PINS MEDALS AND TROPHIES CAPS AND GOWNS Products RICHMOND 2I, VIRGINIA PHONE 4-3542 Compliments of LAUREL GOLF CLUB Lau'reI, Va. TlLMAN'S TEXACO SERVICE J. E. Tilman 5218 Lakeside Ave. Phone 5-9797 Glen Allen, Va. Phone 50F5 Laurel Esso Servicenter Complete Line of Esso Products ARTHUR A. GOOCH, Prop. Laurel, Va. Compliments of Laurel Store Laurel, Va. CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of . Lavier Hardware Lakeside Cleaners Dial 6-0934 6923 Lakeside Phone 5-8859 The Hub Shopping Center Compliments of LAKESIDE and HERMITAGE PHARMACIES up Y 1N YERSi7'-IJIYEARBOOKS MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS I -'.':: THE PACEMAKERS or olmmv o.' . . I LI, Vx V. -. ,typ " y I: 1: N .5 ' 'xx YY ,. , ' li , VV . . , V . . 13- , -.1 1,-LY gl Vg. 1 .4 1. dr g, ug- f, . , , - V , , .- -- V 4 ' V ,L 1.. -1. , -,EVQV 7 I Y 1 ,-A LV, I, - . V 7 "'iV -.2 .,5,.f.5g.1.F'i'f' "'jff'f- VV l- . .Y-'11 V UV , HQEGVQ In V -.-,J VT- VH- V - 2- A 1 ' -1.1194 ' V V , ,,ff3'-.. -. 3. 'V f'jfl?f"5i -. , ,Q '-. -W T .V V .e V , f -fwfr. je V V 'V V --' xt-"' .Ja '- V ' 'Ei . .I I I V . ' , tiff ,Vw ':f+-'?,--5' - 'ff' VV z" ' 'fflfi' v'iF7,TV':-iii? 7 J" 5 ,. .- - ,. E ',,-.V.-2.3! V , Q ,- V -k-V V - gm.---,a,, ,V+---f ,, .AV -V I A V .,g , ,.-- ' 1 Q V Wg' . .- 4,-4 ., 5 V -.3 -' V- ,. iw' V 51.--'.1V'Vi f., VM -,' gk:--g,V, ' -Q HV- V V '-H..-V, ., 5 ' -- . y Wi: Vai? 5' 7? 5 5 ' fs, fx' ' if --i ' V. ai gg' S' ' A -' HZ- V ' V F152 "5-V - f 0 V SVJR ' il'-'Y - is-A QW! 'ls 'TQ' ' V ' f' 1 '5"f?'.U- - .X w ', ips , - V :V V! U 15 3 :- I ' ' 5 J. ,. ,115--4 . -.JL . . .1 ': -, j.j' g'ffj.'Vf-1 ' ' J?-I, ' ,g -. , 145,--in"'-H132-I-I-1, V- 'Vs V 1. . ,V V ,H V...--4,-V,:e,4gVV. ' V .V V -,fa-,,f.,.wf-,, V mga, ...,.!aV V wg .V1 'J' V V. iris- L V . V , 2 - H, vp.. n3'11ifE!?fsfLmf5J-' I - "f::L-,- ,deli-1-I 336-"SV 'gikg -?l!7'e-E?-if , ' fl " ' I " ' - ' V"xL4'. H" v-"1J'NG- I7 ' ' Y' " K ' 5,1 .55 -nib 2'2"-F - ' k .. ' ' 'SZTV :tu -F515 ,l 'L , ' X -' ' ' -- A -f,,V if-.,. ., 1 K .L,!,.,I, H V. ,VI I. . ,, V , fV. My ' V1-F - -'V wf . , . 1 . .- ', .. V VV .' VV fV f' Vs:-gr,-:V -..A- .,1.. -f,' . if x u- ..,g.l'. 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Suggestions in the Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) collection:

Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 59

1951, pg 59

Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 45

1951, pg 45

Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 37

1951, pg 37

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