Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA)

 - Class of 1946

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Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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i 2 aww- 1""""-"4 A ,. ,- -, 3' ' mfg - , f E 1 ' ' 1: ' K 'n M 'i VJ, , . -Cf-vLJL. pflrij-.f'v V V .b 'Q Uivffqfagq 'LI .V ,dp 6 M 1 1 sf' My fnh-4..y.g.n-.-- v-A4 ' -w . A new A' -1, . 4" . .- . I b . X V K. ,iv x HH -.if QR . ' H3952 rl N' ' ' , ,, Y 1-N. ' Y ' " ,,-, ,,,, .Z f " ' 2 -4-I' -"Sw-'fi s-1' '4"'ii:'.'1 Q i '5"7c4g4:ff 61417. f I 'l A ,K --'if 'iff' 7 K A A HZ X ' N 3 0 ' fix: Lv?-VL, , RI'f'f111.'mf1l D-11 ofvg 10? 1 W' 'ilihz 1940 lmnthian 3 BX LXXY 1 lgezz ' I If , W VL. ., .. hw.. L l .W . 'illihz 1940 Llnanthian x V x i Published by A A THE SENIOR CLASS GLEN ALLEN HIGH SCHOOL Glen Allen, Virginia wifi W. 4 , N Xu' MR. GEORGE H. MOODY Principal 54453 , X ,lf 7bCc'mln ,UTY QTLOYX office oFF'C' Wh C' gg . SJW? I 5-EEF-51 4 a rim v f 4,4 ll ! 4 . M 44 s . 'J J 4 E . vm ,ss s W 'mise vs H jffilfjg sys, . ,. ,. , 4 1, , Mm ,vm ,N :elif 9 M L i 's ,, W . , 9.2. M .1 .X , ,AE ,sit g , ty. SWCL ,oily H. na., I J J I ws I Faculty FIRST Row-Miss Kelly, Mr. George H. Moody, Principal, Miss Lynch SECOND Row -Miss Smith, Miss Brown, Miss Wolfe, Mrs. Moran THIRD Row-Miss Fitzgerald, Miss Shell, Miss Slater, Miss Seleefmm FOURTH Row-Mr. Aelqerman, Miss Earnest, Miss Ward, Mrs. Mills UV QGQS ,, ,E XX 4, .v -5' Faculty FIRST Row-Miss Frazer, Mrs. Marjorie Bonnett, Associate Prinripal, Miss Clements SECOND Row-Mr. Hancock, Mrs. Wash, Mrs. Allen, Miss Allman T Hum Row-Miss C urlis, Miss Hilliard, Mrs. Savage, Mr. Gasser FOURTH Row-Mrs. Nuclqols, Miss Thompson, Miss Tiller, Miss Wilkinson 'S .px X J Panthian Staff IANICE CAMPBELL MISS SMITH STUART SMITH Editor Advisor Business Ivlamzger JOAN BAGGOTT RALPH GIzAvIzs INIILDRED ELL1S IRAN IONIES Art Editor Sports Editor Feature Editor Afsocitzlc Editor PAYE GULLATT FRANCES PROFFITT EMILY I'IOLLAD'AY ALICE DARHANIAN Typist Typist Typist Photography Editor IQQQ W. 0 ' ' X Xx C2 3.5565 E A 5 W A 1 cg Q . S I 6 X124 M9313 l X Xu' W4 ZW Senior Class Officers ROBERT SANDERS Mxss MABLL LYNCH Hmm' DAIVIIKON Prcsulent Advisor Vice-Presizlcnt Miss DOROTHY KELLY Miss ANN E. SMITH Advisor Aduixor ROBERT TILLER RICHARD REYNOLDS Serrerary Treasurer FMMIYIWI' ALLEN Allhongh quiel and Illlghly uml, He's always Ihere to zlrug his ferr. Hands in fzorlqel, hair in fave To make' rm "fi" would suit his msle. DORIS AMMONS Third hnger, lvl! hrmzl, Wmrs a diamond ring, Among many olhcr fhings She l'lllI really sing. liLIZABE'l'I'l ATI-IIiY Her pr:-ily fare ufilh Thosr lowly dark ryrs, Cause-s many crushrs mm' Many deep sighs. Wx ,rf HSQQ I l Class of '46 1 Og l ROBERT BENNETT On zhe baslqcllmll murt Hc's really a man, But when around Mary, He's as meek as a lamb. IEAN ANDREWS Usually seen with Laura Chick, For fun and frolir, shr's ihc Pifk, She's always dreaming, and full of emotion: For every friend she has dc- zfotion. DAVID BEVAN David is a lillle boy, Who is always in a book, When a prcliy girl goes pas- sing by He never gives a look. 1 - XX Jf :GSXR 5 Class of '46 IOAN BAG GOTT With her blond wavy hair And that :lim waistline, Allan thinks lo is "mighty ine u MNH ij, JOHN BR FTLE if lohrmy just love: the movie machine: And for making folks laugh HH: really quite keen. Z 1 LAURA HILL BOWLES We love to talk to Laura Hill And :ee the roses glow: For .fha is such a haslzful girl And always lrlnshrs m. GERALD BURTON lerry's fond ol "Berry," And though again!! rhe rule, He has, upon occasion, Brought her along lo school. IANICE CAMPBELL Dependuhle Izmiee, in smilies shc's smart So in any ncfiuily she takes pm-1. ROBERT TILLER Tall, dark, and handsome He makes hearts flutter When he passes by, The girls ga "Hnbbal Hubba!" lex N Class of '46 -wif CURTIS CARTER Cnrlis doesn'l like to study As ll general rule: I-Ie doesn't mind zz little work ll he's sure 1t's alter school. REBA CAUTHORN A hnppy litfle giggle Or a smile upon her lips, For always laughing Reba This description surely fits. GLADYS CHARLES Shc's a Lauren Bacull of the G. A. School, But rather quiet as zz general rule. l x A4-QQ , W Xu? te .- ost af 59,0 avi' I! I . NW ff V6 nt H' Class of '46 uf' P j,D"f LAURA CHICK She has ll personality that is liked hy ezteryone, And when you get to know her, boy! is :hc fun. 'wr ETHEL CHILDRESS When thereir typing to he done, Yon know that Ethel is the one. vi N HERBERT BUTTNER Everybody: "cousin," Everybody? friend, Reckless with the car When hc turns the bend. fm, it X A CARROLL WADE Carroll lone: a quiet nook Whz'1'c' he can sit and read a hook. VERA COLEMAN She'.r quiet, with those :he doesn'1 know well, But with Dot and "Flo.f.fie" Sheir under ti spell. ANN COURTRIGI-l'I' A-for Ann the Artist B-in lzoolqx .vhe's smartest C-for Courtright, whois' the one That never leave: a lah nn- done. I XX 1f lrfggs ,, N 0 ii Class of '46 WILLIAM COX "Sloncwz1ll" Cox on the loo!- hall line. "" af lIL1.fkl'lbllll lime. Bu! lalihlnl president of lhe S. C. fl. Bolflwy-.w.re1's swoon his way. SHIRLEY CROUCI-ILEY She's "Hczzy" to her friend.: Anil shc's quite witty loo, We never know what to ex- pect from her, I . . . llj--Do yon? ALICE DARHANIAN Think of fllicc, Think ol cheers, Always smiles, 117111 lll'l'6'f rears. GEORGE CRAMER George Cramer or "Skippy" is really a guy, With a way and smile thafs slow and shy. JEAN CROWDER As zz baslqelball guard, She's one ol the best A11d'i11 athletics She'rl' pass any lest. .1 will CARLYLE CHARLTON What zz pair of shoulders They all agree, l And more than one girl says, "Thais for me." MARY IANE DAVIDSON She's one with the sunny disposition And to succeed she has great ambition. BERT DAMRON With his rosy face, the girls think he's cute When he takes the clarinet and goes "toot, loot." MILDRED ELLIS Cupid can turn nautical When he aims his dart: For we hear it is a sailor Who has stolen Mildred? heart. ,fu I.. S . 0 i N Class of Q46 1- 1' ' "' N--rd EMMA LEE DAVIS Quiet, cute :mil very charm- ing She has a smile that is quin- disarming. IISAN ANN EDWARDS Natural curls 111111 sweet dis- position She works hrzrzl in class W Ana' shi-'ll get ll position. I J ANNI li IQAURI E FARRAR Short and sweet with a nice round face, When it romes to giggling She's really an nee. FLEMING EUIMNK Hr hair: lo lhinh, hu! likzxr lo play, In f'lu,fsl'.f hr'fl ll!'l'l'l' nmkc un "fl," lin! when hr hurghx, ilx gorul ro for ,fl hay fl: likuhlr nx hc: AUDREY GARRISON ,flnflrcy ha: a nine pcrxonality find a flldlllflt' in hrr rye Tha! any hay lhzlf mm1'.f hrr may Woulzl hr glml In xpy. JOHN GILLELAND S!'!lflC'l',7l't1l!I, mlkntivr and rnlhrr Iourl, I-le'lI make Il noise' in any rrowrl. 4 Yet Ihr fcllouf ix lo X lun Ami lihm' ai .vrhrml h ry- ouc. Q, I X1 'Q , X , x I Class of '46 l"""7 .fai- .. ALAN FORBES Here they come and there they go "Sonny" Forhe-.f and his "lo." MARIAN GARRISON When it come: to smdy, She goes to town One day :hose book: Will get her down. FA YE GULLATT Wilh a hnger in every pie, Shri: certainly good all around Nothing in life will get hm' down. VIOLA HENLEY Viola loves good hearty laughter. lov I17 life is what :hr is allerl BARBARA HOBSON Like a whcallex champion, :he shoot: lhe goal, And extravagant word: guxh lrom' her sonl, She talk: to the teacher: at recess. When they reprozff her lor "diabolical" nrss. CAROL HARRIS Curly brown hair and a rather :hy smile, That hc's willing' to give us ,url once In n while. 7' x s r ' 0 Wx ,lf .wif L . Class of '46 fiviifiglilll 5 will fl' I 3 -4 'X xl M L RlR y I 1 2 . if o I J' RALPH GRAVES I-lc's rcally known ax a base- ball king, Anrl some people .ray hr croon: lik: Bing. EMILY HOLLADAY Blond hair and hrighl eyes of brown. She'.f hardly :vcr :een to frown. PHYLLIS HOOVER Always a fake, always a smile. "He" think: :he is a girl W ho's really worth while. EDWIN I-'lF.A'l'H Girls, beware of lhlll imm- ccnt Illlllf, He slnrliex and nmhzxf his lime zuorthufhile. DOROTHY HOUSTON Yon're cute, mee and quiet, too. Many of us at G. A. will mist you. MARGARET IOHNSTON Frienrlly, lldlllflll. una' :my In know, Sweeping laxhes ulwuz' eyes that glow, Looking ar dmniomlx her henrl will sing, And she'll he rloniestir when rhnrch hells ring. 'L XX1 X. I A 0,8 I Class of '46 lx 1 f'x.,f. .QIP IACK IOHNSTON This bland athlete has a good personality But his prank: sap the teach- ers' vitality. THELMA JACKSON Nice and friendly when she passe: by, We often wonder what malqes her .fa shy. WALTER OLPHIN Where you find him is hard to tell, But he's there on time to ring the bell. ANN IONES Mischief bubbling from her little frame, But when anything happens, shc's not to blame. IOHN HAYDEN Since girls like the boys who are tall For lanky Iohu !hey're snr: lo fall. So very rarefrcc and full of llgamll That dizzy guy'll malqr you lllaill MERLE MARTIN Remember that nice lillle brown-header! girl, Who goes around in one hig whirl, She zloesn't seem the afhlezic IYPCZ B111 just the same she's still all right. L : . 'Q ' Class of '46 pa IEAN IONES ,fl chrwlrarler and player ol lulslqelhall Wi' linrl that our Ioan is well lilfcvl hy all. KATHERINE IONES Wish hair that is as black as night 11 nd answers ihat are usually right. YVONNE MCLAUGHLIN Shc's uc-ry blonde' and full of fakes And liked by all the G. A. lollqs. WILLIAM LIPSCOMIS In his Starz- Gmrrrl uniform Heir quilc' fha' Jing, I-Ind wilh hi: brown :unify hair, For Bflly, haf: enough. MARGARIi'I' MIENZIIZS fl muwl--u moment, mich if. lay and hnppincxr, .rnruch if. EIJWARI7 MAXVVIELI. He czir'1'ic'.v Ihr' loallmll like nn are And wmr: ri warm grin on hi.: face. Miclqcy will I1lllf'Ilj'5 :lop In flirl And nlwuy: gum' nl ll prrlly "shim" in N Y. A . Xu' Class of '46 J!" ww WINFREE LLOYD Dark, and really very qniel I-Ic'.r not one ro sim-1 a riot. He is eyed by many girls Who are inipressed with his rurls. TH ELM A NASH Shflf cure and :hr really can roll lhose brown eyes, Shoots Ihe lint to all the G. A. guys. lWm1dcr if they'l1 :vcr get wi:z'?I IEAN NICHOLAS She, in her mas! winsome way, Always laughing, always gay. When some zronhlc is fore- seen Yon mn always count on . Iran. ELNORA OLIVER Many of ns will never for- get The girl who'x ro ready to help. ANN OTTIANO Though :he came our way lust last lull Three cheer: for "Tony," A friend to ii: all. RICHARD REYNOLDS Dependable trearnrer of his class, He': very fond ol that Izzy- QVF' -4 lass. aff 1,-x Class of '46 -Y ...I-5:11 !.,- ARTHUR MERCIER Mischieuous, playful, agile and xpry, Sophomore girls say he': "The Guy." DORIS PHIFER A girl with zz gurgling giggle She is plump, short and witty, But having to study she say:- ls, oh, the greatest pily. VIRGINIA POWELL To Glen Allen :he u known very well, Beeunse she reaches class just alter the hell. lex K 's v is T 1 l V. .0 3 xx FJ'- 'i Q, .- ' i QR-VXA! . XL - fy - I? ' I 9 Cl 6 K ,V ass 0 ,, 'H 1 . -R' Y ' gi Y STUART SMITH He has poise and presence ROBERT SANDERS ,,p,,,, ,he ,,,,g,. A ' And in the S. C. A. if really Sflldl0IlI is he and .forlu xhy, M Mgt., Senior pI't'5lIlL'III and ll goozl ,4 heyy L-f,1,f,- on me foot. Eflyl lmll team, Hf's qmte uerxulile, II would seem. FRANCES PROFFITT KATPILEEN IYURNELL Frrmces is quiet and like: la Qufff, fe,-E,-Wlf ,md W,-y WP'-', A U xmarr, Smr1'1o11.r and 5171111715 for the In life her bra1nstorms'll do rcs! of her lzle. ,heir pa,-1. - .-4 BERT!-IA REID IOHN bU'l HERLAND , . I The lemme: af Glen Allen Shff OM' .OI ily' Amd Never mnlge his heart WI, lwoclqng gn .f I lhumpl Ill aug 7112 .eyes :un nn- Heir fond of those gal: mm Cm 5' Who reside al Shar! Pump. ALICE STARKIQ Wit and origiluzlity Make ll pleusnnt perxomrlify. AUBREY THOMAS He': a tnlkutiuc boy and doesnt like Io szndy, Bm! euerylzody in Glen Allen if :till his buddy. FRED WITT When it come: to baseball He certainly is zz hit, And everybody like: him Good old Fred Wilt. NQQS ,, ,, S l Nx I Class of ,46 .1 gf. if DOROTHY SUTTON Sparring wizh Lynn in the conucrfible of red, The :nn really glow: on her blond wavy head. BLANCHE SWETS With jolly joke: and II happy grin Many friends :heir 110111111 to mln. MARIE TANNER Qnlet and sweet in her calm way, If you get ia know her, in your heart :he'll stay. Wll,l.ll2 THOMAS Will1e': q11ir1-111'11r1yf lI'i11ir': l01l"L"'I'1!'IlI'1-Y. IRAN WHIMER "Legs" ha: ll QOH!! f1!'l'A'07l- alily, Shri: full nl pq: 111111 lfilllllljl. Shtif acliuc 100 IIIII1 1101's quit: well, A1111 on loc' :kr c11,rl.r II sfwll. S4158 q v XX 4f Class of ,46 , wk in . 1 X .9 MARTHA THOMPSON 'ifk kofluk in hand 111111 book: fil rhc1'e'.v room Q, Sb:-'J r1'111l y to 111-im' 11u.'11y 11ll klllflf of gloom. l.l I JA XVHIPPLE Slllilillg' and' zmfrzrm Wilh Ifilllflt' in mrh check fl: :hr rlimlv: tlzrough life, . Shefll 1'm1'k Ihr' pmk. "FN, A v1o1.ET MAE WILLIAMS , She has I1 smile' 1ha1': shy, . flllll 51111111 mlk gov: nal B111 ok! her eye: of blue -. May Sfltlflflt' like ll 511171 B1J'04JwJf50e ' sums 3 I Q "KX:-fra' 0 s at 2 Q is .I . Q vb' ' ' C1 XE? ' in F' i Q Class of 4 7 Abernathy, G. Adams, C. Allman, M. Annable, I. Baker, I. Graves, C. Baughan, S. Bennett, A. Wright, I. Boss, M. Boyer, P. Brewster, D. Wood, E. Brooks, A. Burton, D. Butler, E. Windemueller, I. Buttner, S. ya Charles, A. Collins, D. Collins, T. Combs, I. Conrad, W. I Wilton, D. Y Cosby, P. Crompton, E. Dagliano,4A. Davies, B. .D is, ip! ,j.'1Dodd, D. 8 t K tr il.. Q If M, 5533 V51 9 - . ,fix VIL 5 . A 'C fi fr "AFS I lf fly ,I Q Ik-ffm gf? I M , N .KN ,' D X. wa 11:61 F- F 'vi' ' nfl 15 .LJAQQVV 5 -' Qs , .W J 1' ' il' I ,fl 4!A -- f J Ml 6? jail il Wilkinson, M.' Dow, C. Dudley, D. Edwards, R. Elam, V. Ellis, N. Faglie, R. Farmer, M. Fcssler, S. Flippen, D. Foster, S. French, L. Frost, E. White, S. Waters, E. Hawkins, N. Heckman, L. Hobson, H Hudson, H. Hughes, N. Iolmson, C. Kay, F. Kellison, G. Kirby, R. Waters, D. Lawrence, E. Leatherman, A. Lloyd, E. Lloyd, I. Luck, W. . . K ,fa ,desi FE, ki,-'fl any ik' , .. -. .1 lrfgeg ,, X O V l. xg, gf , Q Class of 47 g,1,,.2 wi fm Lukhard, R. Marshall, R. Morrissette, H. Mount, R. Parrish, N. Parrish, W. ProfHtt, D. Proffitt, I. Robertson, H. Scott, I. lv of l Martin, D. Martin, Ed. Martin, E. Matthews, G. Neagle, R. Orrock, I. Owen, L. Virdcn, P. Peele, W. Poole, M. Vaughan, I. A. Preddy, W. Pullin, A. Puryear, I. Quarles, K. Reardon, N. Settbe, Shelton, M. Sheppard, L. Snyder, W. flllwflg JQ9 3 Jillllj ls' HQQS ,, O, XX Jf MWAWQ' Class l , - Somerville, A. Vaughan, I. A. Stone, L. Sutton, E. Talley, R. Sbminson, W. Taylor, R. Terrell, A. Todd, C. Tompkins, D. Toombs, C. Trice, M. Brggptly, Dodd, L. Hall, E. Palmer, R. WZIHW7 Qld cxjilfwliiww ll at ' tl i" J ' l ll fi 'll f vs ' 95 ,flu .1 Q, T ry Mnsfmfap frffjjgl ' 1 W1 'fu' .1196 I on J' ll Swann, A. Talley, E. Thornton, B. Tibbs, N. Bolen, N. Butler, I. Trcxler, R. Vaughan, F. 6 Q30 0 .f Class of '48 Miss EARNEST Homcroom Teacher Abernathy, G.: Calder, S., Charles, E., Beahr, I., Boss, R., Bevan, D., Carter, I., Bragg, S., Ammons, I., Baughan, I., Davis, B., Crosley, I., Miss Earnest, Clem, P., Bigger, E., Burrouse, B, Brooks, C., Cockran, A., Crowder, A., Andrews, M. Conrad, C., Black, F., Cosby, M., Bates, D., Brock, B., Ammons, R., Cooke, R. Miss FITZGERALD H omeroom Teacher Damron, B., George, B., Cole, G., Daniels, F., Elmore, B., Frostick, S., Edel, B., Edwards, H., Eubank, E., Cramer, H., Carnwell, A., Edwards, S., Glen, I., Dunbar, B., I-Iale, M., Miss Fitzgerald, Grainger, M., Ellis, L., Hall, D., Hawkins, I., Gibson, B., Hall, A., Harris, I., Foster, C., Ellen, I., Dowell, I., George, B., Gibson, D., Heller, W., Ferguson, M., Green, A. Class of '48 Mn. HANCOCK H omeroom Teacher Lumpkin, W., Hair, I., Harris, A., Lowe, W.: Hanner, I., Huston, W., Lipscomb, I-I., Iackson, P., Goodman, T., Kindricks, D. Iones, R., I-Ienlcy, N., Mr. Hancock, Huttelmayer, N., Gilbert, L., Iones, S., Iordan, M., Graves, I., Isabell, B., Isabell, A., Hutcheson, A., Henley, S., Iones, C., Higgins, I., Kibler, B. ' Miss SHELL Homcroom Teacher McCullough, R., Palmorc, C., Meharg, E., Miller, G., Owens, C., Phillips, T., Lukhard, R., Overton, W., Miller, C., Kirkland, R., McCauthy, G., Nash, N., Pickles, B., Miller, I-I., Miltz, F., Mason, B., Smart, I., Nance, B., Pickles, E., Miss Shell, Owens, A., Mahalcy, V., Murray, B., Page, T., jones, C., Owens, D., Knisely, M., Lawrence, M., Martin, P., Maxwell, S., Martin, M., Lloyd, P., Moody, A., Nuckols, M., Miltz, I., Palmore, N. 5 QQSYEN x ,, , X xl i . ff, 54. 5' ff. lc slid Q 14 Class of'48 Miss SLATER Homeroom Teacher Padgett, L., Chavatcl, R., Easton, R., Walton, VV., Gilbert, I., Waters, G., Van Horn, A., Burton, R., Watts, I., Ayres, I., Iohnson, L., Bell, L., Miss Slater, Tiller, B., Toombs, K., Waters, S., Thurston, A., McCarter, K Tomlinson, M., Wright, L. Tinsley, M., Whitehurst, V Iones, G., Hobson, S., Wright. C., Weimer, P. Miss WARD H omcroom Teach cr Schermerhorn, T., Priddy, Schermerhorn, W., Sprouse, C., Sheppard, B., Reid, W., Kinsey, A., Shepperson, G Seay, R., Sanders, P., Proffitt, B., Satterwhite, V Sims, M., Powell, M., Miss Ward, Ryan, I., Sweitzer, M., Payne, B., Richardson, G., Sheppard, L Perross, P., Perkinson, D., Reid, M., Sehermerhorn, N Shrader, I., Seay, B., Robertson, F., Proctor, G. I Class of '48 Mus. WASH H omcroom Tcncller Wakefield, A., Urban, F., Wright, I., Warinncr, S., Tinsley, W., Vaughan, R., Vcscly, G., Worchester, I., Toombs, C., Windemueller, H., Woolard, B., Voorhees, I., Turner, I., Toombs, C., Mrs. ,Wash, Snead, A., Stotts, B., Williams, F., Webb, A., Wade, K., Talley, R. Tucker, A., Tiller, F., Stancil, S., Shepperson, L., Turner, B., Sirles, M. Mus. ALLEN Homeroom Teacher Charles, E., Pajchak, D., Anthony, I., Bailey, T., Chick, E., Davis, M., Bohannon, M., Berton, C., Adams, C., Baugh, B., Atkerson, A., Baker, M., Clarke, I., Mrs. Allen, Brown, I., Bates, R., Brightly, A., Cccchini, L., Beck, C., Branclmahl, C., Falie, G., Cross, B., Charles, D., Robertson, W., Beal, I., Brooks, R. .,- ' JH.. : ' '. KY f If . rt- 651 5, Bib we fs 4 Class of L50 M Iss ALLMAN H omeroom Teacher Newland, C., Proffitt, I., Fulton, R., Fitzgerald, C., Faber, C., Frost, C., Easton, R., Robertson, T., Flounders, I., Galaspie, C. DeShazo, I., Dudley, A., Fraley, A., Lowe, M., Miss Allman, Galaspie, B. Peele, R., Donahue, A., Dalton, H., Duke, C., Lowe. M., Dominick, B., Gardner, I., Price, D., Galloway, M., DeLorme, N Damron,i'P., DuVall, L. Miss CURTIS I-Iomeroom Teacher l-Iurtless, B., Holland, R., I-Iarris, R., Herliky, E., Lane, I., Garnett, B., I-lale, I., Isabell, R., Pruitt, I., Hurt, W., I-lolzback, C., I-luttelmayer, N., Miss Curtis, Grizzard, G., Gale, A., Hughes, C., Gitleland, P., Gasser, B., Hoover, S., Gowen, F., Knight, H., Hardy, C., I-lurtless, L., Hepner, I., Gibson, E. Class of '50 Miss HILLIAIKD Honwroom Teacher I L Wallace, I., Glcndenning B Mills, K., Iackson, E., Pond. I., Smith, D., Green, D., Tate, B., Lassiter, M., Ward, E., Flynn, M., Miss Hilliard Dillard, M., Harris, A., Nuckols, L., Lucas, L., Lingerfelt. L., Pair, I., Harris. L., Dennis, I., Wade, A., Farmer, C., Harris, R., Kuhn, I. M ns. SAVAGE H omeroom Teach er Rogers, F., Kelly, D., Purnell, I., Robins, C., Preddy, A., Pullins, I., Phillips, C., Iohnson, E. McMullin, F., Morris, T. Pemberton, T., Markert, R Mrs. Savage, Koch, E., Thacker, B., Metz, I., Nuckols, E., Morrell, A. Kell I' Rada I-1- yi '9 9 -9 Hudson, E., Matthews, M Readon, S., Repine, P., Owens, N. Class of '50 Miss TI-IONIFSON Homeroom Teacher Sydnor, I., Semmes, T., Stahns, T., Stanley, R., Tomlinson, F., Snead, L., Toombs, C., Slade, P., Thacker, P., Thompson, I., Sutton, F., Miss Thompson, Starke, V., Stells, A., Stewart, C., Tiller, S., Toomhs, I., Rogers, B., Satterwhite, V., Smith, I., Thacker, G., Talley, C., Stevens, T., Terrell, G., Smith, V. Miss TILLER Homeroom Teacher Wallace, P., White, M., Kirby, H., Watts, B., Terrell, B., Clinard, R., Lucas, B., Lloyd, L., Walker, K., Wright, F., Abraham, D., Wallace, H., Lloyd, B., Vaughan, K., White, F., Iones, R., Boulton, C., Wagner, R., Pryor, C., Wright, N., Wingo, I., Wilber. M., Pellow, I., DeBolt, D. l AGS XL JQ Lvfri JMC W mn' I U Q I ' . XJ AQS , x I ' 'W bf C. A. Ufficers I W L M ' A . W 'T WILLIAM Cox SAINIMIIL WHITE A ' A Prcsident Vice-Preszdcnz - 1 W .. I A 2 INGE Se::Zi1:IyLhUER Miss WOLFFE Miss IQELLY Fngiga-ifIlj::H Faculty Advisors COLLEEN Dow SAMMIE WHITE FRANCES TILLEII ANN TLRRELL Secretary Preszdent Vice-Prc'xidw1t Treasurer i lr S 'Q ,,. XX 1f 4: l sf .-.Ms-at 2 we 4 L ri 1 Student Council Miss WolHe, Aduisor,' Lucille Dodd, junior Representnziveg Emily I-Iolladay, Senior Representatiueg Tommy Robertson, Eighth Gradep Ieff Hanna, Sophomore Representzztizm' Ralph Clinard, Eighth Gradep Frank Daniels, Henry Miller, Iimmy Carter, Sophomore IeEf77't'5t'11fl1liU!'.f,' Bobby Cross, Hazel Rader, Eighth Grade Representatives: Miss Kelly, Adzfi.ror,' Ralph Graves, Senior Representative. Bobby Sanders, Senior Class President: Sammie White, Vice-Presiderzt S. C. A.,' Gardner Richardson, Sophomore Representativeg Freeman Tomlinson, Eighth Grade Representa- tive: Russell Kirkland, Sophomore RL'IJI'C.fL'l1ldlI.U6,' Stuart Smith, Senior Representatiuej Billy Cox, President S. C. A., Ioanne Butler, Ieanne Arnita Vaughan, Iunior Representa- tives: Inge Vlfindemuellcr, Secretary S. C. A.,' Peggy Gilleland, june Pair, Eighth Grade Refzresentatiuesj Edwin Heath, Treasurer S. C. A. Not in picture: Raymond Vaughan, Sophomorej Colleen Dow, Iuniar. ., ,U Wx 1f Clubs at Glen Allen The students of Glen Allen this year organized clubs of varying interests, with every student having an opportunity to select the one in which he was most interested. With several faculty advisors to assist when the necessity arose, the students have had an opportunity to carry on their activities and to experi- ence the joy or real leadership. In the Personality Club, problems of everyday living have had the spotlight. So it isn't surprising that you'd hear the boys and girls discussing courtesy, etiquette, "dating" problems, or equally important ones, should you happen to be in the Home Ee Cottage at one of their meetings. The Victory Club has sponsored several campaigns this year: selling Christmas seals, on which 2532.00 was raised by the hundred-per-cent-homeroom plan, the packing of boxes for overseas relief, knitting socks for veterans at McGuire General Hospital, raising 35225.14 in the March-of-Dimes, presenting programs at McGuire, and providing for all students the opportunity of buying Victory Bonds. All students who have won either an athletic or a merit system letter were eligible to join the Mono- gram Club, pledging a code of exemplary conduct in school life. They believe that this pledge will help to raise the morale of the school, and to encourage students to accept their duties as privileges rather than as work to be avoided. In the Dramatics Club, students have been learning flj to stage a play properly, QQ to acquire poise and' self-conhdence in public appearance. The Christmas Pageant was a source of enjoyment to everyone in school, as were the several programs presented later in the year. The members have had an opportunity to study sets, make-up, lights, costuming, and stage directions, as well as speaking roles. tau The Pen and Brush Club has kept an attractive bulletin board, has advertised activities and games at school by means of posters throughout the communities, has sponsored a cartoon contest, has encouraged creative ability among the members of the club and the student body. The Work in the club has included also the study of painting on textiles-aprons, scarfs, ties, and other articles. Hard work in the Library Club has made it almost impossible to tell the new members from the ex- perienced library assistants who had worked in the library before. Some of the activities of the members, in addition to Working at the desk, are: writing notices of overdue books, checking library permits, ar- ranging magazines, dusting bookshelves, processing new books, composing and arranging attractive ex- hibits of varied subjects and seasonal appeal. The members of the Chorus Club have been learning appreciation of music and gaining a better un- derstanding of part singing. Pronunciation, timing, phrasing, blending of tones, and interpretations, are a few of the aims of the club. Students who are studying Latin, French, and Spanish compose the Language Club. They subscribe to Latin and French newspapers, they read jokes and articles in the Spanish edition ofthe Reader's Digest, they correspond with students in France, Cuba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. It was evidently well understood that boys would write to girls and girls to boys-for that is what has happened. And the rapid exchange of snapshots, scenes, maps, tourist pamphlets, and sincere greetings would seem to justify an expanded air-mail service between the Americas. The Writers' Club includes students who have been learning to write creatively so that they will be ready to prepare copy for the Panthianette, the Glen Allen newspaper. The Safety Patrol serves two functions: promoting the safety of the student body, and providing an opportunity for the development of the individual members. For the acceptance of responsibility for the safety of other students, and the readiness to carry out this responsibility, have been valuable objectives in the development of the members themselves. Because of the lack of space, pictures do not include all club members. X1 ,, ,N 3 I Personality Club Mrs. Mills, Mrs. Nuckols, Miss Allman, .fldvisors Mrs. Mills, Chick, E., Mrs. Nuckolsg Knight, E., Moody, A.g Miss Allman. Pen and Brush Club Miss Shell, Advisor DeBolt, D., Damron, B., Tomlinson, F., Nance, B., Burton, D. L' In ' Q x ,, N , XX lf Chorus Club "' f V , . . me M eil' L. Miss Brown, Mrs. Bonnet, Advisors Settle, M., Acmmpanistj Quarles, K., Thomas, W., Carter, C., Farrar, A., Nicholas, I., Co-President, Marshall, R., Co-President, Reid, W., Hall, E., Neagle, R., Hutcheson, A., Williams, V., Weimer, P., Tanner, M., Thornton, B., Iones, K., Proflitt, F., Virden, P., Kibler, B., Trice, M., Foster, S., Charles, A., Davidson, M., Tucker, A., Brewster, D., Reid, B., Elam, V., Owen, A., Mahaley, V., Swets, B., Iackson, T., Knisely, M., Garrison, M Language Club Mrs. Savage, Miss Smith, Miss Thompson, Advisors Brooks, N., Secretary, Menzies, M., President, Windemueller, H., French . Representative, Bowles, L., Spanish Represen- tative, Sanders, P., Latin Representa- tive. -W T45 V.: X1 L x ', V 0 N f 0 1. Auditorium Program X 'S Miss Curtis, Miss Thompson Advisors Butler, I., Vaughan, I. A., Miss Thompson, Hawkins, N. Flippen, D., Miss Curtis, Davies, B., Kirby, R., Crowder, I., Crouchley, S., WVindemuellcr, I. Writers' Club N 3 Miss Fitzgerald, Advisor Dodd, D., Vaughan, R., George, B., Huttelmayer, P. Monogram Club Mr. Gasser, Advisor Witt, F., Thomas, A., Gilleland, I., Tate, K., Brittle, I., Hayden, I., White, S., Thornton, B., Sanders, R., Cox, W., Tiller, R., Maxwell, E., Lukhard, R., Martin, E., Olphin, W., Smith, S., Graves, R., Windemueller, I, Perkinson, D., Reid, WV., DeVi1biss, R., Frost, E. Library Club Miss Wilkinson, Advisor Holland, R., Wade, K., Snead, A. xl , -a - ,-,-Q5-.f - V " 'E-......, YWN.- ,- nr!-W X1 L x ,Q Q K L 03 'xxx g"w,g"'AZg-'?,2 'fe I 560 QAM, -"f"gag'wa'Q24ff'?'004."'2w0+1'?'w?,Qff+- if , '3'i'6fQ'g"?fD?Msbs'fQ'e+em6G wfkmwmmmw wwfff.. , "'fa'Kfe5,'f'Qf'0f:"+.'Qf"'Qf-5wf'f1fr'Q61,,4,ff g Mx- Pa- XX1 ' ' . 1 'b"4"'?W"2" 94? 6' H , H ir ?2ffw2fQw-w-M -f ' H -A 474559 x 5, Wk 64"9of?PI'0 54"51' 450 EqQv,' f . 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Wwgiw 'N A H ,Li 1g'gg,V? 91,4 :ruff-ZGgf'wIs1'l5?ff-0'7?i6 W1 'Wy' 'V ' 'L 'wk M' X ' - - 'wi' ,.,. , I . 55055 i X 69, ' ' W Is'-fe ' . gemgqeq 'wr'-'0v'4f'fPo"0 - - 2 , 9 I , Q ,, , A P oouoQ' .,, lzvilz w.,,g 'Nw ,""" " 1 - , f M ,ng ' bwlfh' Q,41p'IZQ','9ldQ',L'0?E, , M vw MW Q"'Q3f.f,f- gmgmg, -'Q 944543545 ip' 'W-n H Dramatic Club U I i Miss Earnest, Advisor Iohn Brittle, Lights: Ralph Graves, Vice-Prcsidentj Billy Edel, Co-President: lean Iones, Secretaryj Billy Cox, Czzrezakcrp Alice Darhanian, C o-President: Doris Parkinson, Vice-Presb dent: Miss Earnest Victory C lub Miss Hilliard, Advisor Bolton, C., Hughes, C., Holzback, C., Kirby, R., Miller, H.g Proctor, G. l I x ,, ,X I 5- I tl ,H R 'vi in ll H.. l . spam I '+ 0 'ffm' ' Ylkv v - If J . ff l xX 1f ASEE T Buddy Thornton, Ronald Lukhard, E Robert Bennett, B lack Iohnston, T Ralph Graves, B Billy Cox, T Eugene Martin, B Daniel Hamilton, B Stuart Smith, C Mickey Maxwell, B Glen Glen Glen Glen - Glen Glen Glen Glen Allen Allen , .... Allen Allen Allen - .u.. Allen ..... Allen Allen ..,.. l700tball George B. Gasser, Ir., Coach Bobby Tiller, E Walter Olphin, G Tommy Collins, E Iohn Fulton, G Earl Wood, G Henry Hudson, B Roy DeVilbiss, E Roland Faglie, T Rawley Lukhard, C Iohn Brittle, G Fred Witt, B Roy Marshall, B Walter Reid, Kenneth Tate, Edward Frost, Manager Allen Bennett, B B. G. Woolard, T Bill Mason, B Carol Wade, E Fred Vaughan, G Earl Butler, B tSc0res ----- 32 --- 12 ----- 27 ----- 31 ----- 41 -m--- 27 ---- 33 ---- 31 Variua - .,,. . ....... ---- 0 Chester . .,l..., . ...., .... 0 Thomas Iefferson Irs..-- ---- 0 Fredericksburg ....... .... 0 Varina ............ .... 0 St. Christopher .... .... 0 Chester ............ .... 0 Highland Springs ..... .... 0 MGS ' X X ,ff Highlights ofthe Season Smooth functioning of the untied Panthers in the first two contests-The defensive show put on by the team against Tee Iay in holding them to one lst down-The crushing defeat ad- ministered the Fredericksburg eleven-Game featured by Mar- tin's and Tiller's long touchdown gallops and Cox's defensive gems-Bennett's running and Tiller's pass-snagging in downing hapless Varina-Line play in completely throttling St. Christo- pher's attack in the 6th game-Graves' 90 yard T. D. run in the second Chester game-Cox and Tiller's bone-crushing tackles which sent two stout Chester backs to the sidelines--Martinis touchdown splurges in season Hnale-Pep rally before Thanks- giving Day game-Bonfire in corner of field--Yells by cheer- leaders-Talks by coach and members of team-Songs by Coach and Ralph Graves-First annual Thanksgiving Day game with Highland Springs-Teamwork in downing Springers, 31 to 0- Martin's 88 points to establish Henrico record-Placing of eleven men on Henrico all-star team, with Tiller, Iohnston, Smith, Olphin, Cox, Martin, and Bennett making lst team selection- Graves, Maxwell, Thornton, and Lukhard given honorable men- tion-Cox selected most valuable player in Henrico County and made honorary captain of all-stars-The banquet held at the Hermitage Country Club to honor the team-Trophies awarded to Cox for being the most valuable-To Olphin for being the best blocker-To Martin for his record number of points-Team honored Coach Gasser with a nice traveling bag. 'Q 'X i l l i l 4 E3a5ketba!l George B. Gasser, Ir., Coach Stuart Smith, Manager Walter Olphin, G Roy DeVilbiss, C Robert Bennett, F lack Iohnson, F Eugene Martin, F Ronald Lukhard, C Donald Conyers, G Bobby Tiller, F Iohn Fulton, Manager Bert Damron Billy Cox, C Bill Mason Aubrey Thomas, G Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Allen . ........ Allen .. ........ Allen - ...... .- Allen Allen .... ----- Allen ......... Allen ......... Allen - ....... - Allen.- .... . Allen ......... Rockville ......... Matthew Whaley..-- Varina ......... --.- Fluvanna ,.... -- -- Manchester ........ Fredericksburg .... Ashland .......... Emporia ........ -- Varina ............ Fredericksburg .... Glen Allen ..... .... ,Scores 23 Glen Allen 19 Glen Allen 18 Glen Allen 15 Glen Allen 25 Glen Allen 24 Glen Allen 24 Glen Allen 16 Glen Allen ......... 21 Glen Allen--- ---- Zl Glen Allen- -------- 19 Ashland ---- ---- Hartman Hobson Charles Faber Clifford Adams Ted Page Austin Somerville Edward Frost Frank Kay Fluvanna . ----- Chester - -.--- -- Highland Spring Midlothian ----- Emporia ------- Matthew Whaley Chester -----.- lvlanchester ----- Highland Springs Midlothian ---.- X NQ3 Q Girls Basketball Dorothy F. Mills, Coach Mary Tomlinson, Time Keeper Dorothy Dodd Faye Gullatt Connie Graves lean Arnita Vaughan Ioyce Dowell, Score Keeper Lucille Dodd, Co-Captain Rachel Kirby lean Iones, Co-Captain Emily I-Iolladay Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Glen Allen .-....... Allen-. ..,. N-. - Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Allen Annie L. Owen Varrna .... -- --- Manchester .,..e... Fredericksburg .,--- Alumnae ......... Ashland - ...., ..,-- Fredericksburg - Chester -,. ......... Highland Springs Scar es 52 Glen Allen 34 Glen Allen 18 Glen Allen 8 Glen Allen 16 Glen Allen 21 Glen Allen 18 Glen Allen 22 Glen Allen :iii 59 -,,------ is Ioan Baker Kathleen Purnell - Barbara Hobson Ianice Campbell, Manager lean Crowder Chester ..... - ,--e----- 26 Faculty --------e -- Manchester ..... - - Highland Springs Midlothian ...... Ashland .... 18 Midlothian ...... St. Patrick ....... 1 , MGS lla ! Cheerleaders Miss Brown, Advisor Ioanne Butler Faye Gullatt Mary Allman lean Iones Alice Darhanian Ann Ottiano Q44-Q8 x g-a re Feavruves' f r'l J I 'N 'P X I , V. B mgw. 1 Q: ss n ss n Q51 Qvsfh M QQSQS Xu? " .1' als- H-W - ' , ,pg A -W-W 1, I x "mx ff X A Q 2 .f "" Cutest Couple X ALAN Fomsns xx Joan Baccovr I 'x x I 4 r xx . X "yy BiggegsI ifhlift Mrcxsv Mnxwsu. Burn: A'rm:Y - . in' Lcrzxest THELMA NASH Ioan HAYDEN I Best Dressed Bam' Dnmgon Doncrniv SUTTON Wxthest Amar: Dannnmmx Puammc Exramur X N - ...cs 4 Q QQSEQ X fs 1.5. .X 'A l -. xx 1f 1-OQS r x Last Will and Testament The Senior Class of '46, being of sound mind and good faith hereby bequeaths to the forthcoming Senior Class and faculty their sole belongings and possessions: To Earl Butler, the comedian, lack Iohnston leaves his volume of "How To Win Friends and Influ- ence People." Ioan Baggott leaves to Rowena Harris the most wonderful memories: seeing Alan strolling so manfully down the hall! As the Senior Class of '46 departs they leave to the upcoming Senior Class the middle aisle as the most delightful way of leaving the auditorium. Ierry Burton generously donates his cowboy boots fhalf worn outj to Rawleigh Palmore! Ralph Graves offers, free of charge, to all Iunior Boys his theory on: "How To Catch Your Women In Three Easy Lessons." Ianice Campbell leaves her "A's" to Lovelle Owens with best Wishes for her success! , To Iackie Watts, Billy Cox leaves his height and physique. ' Robert Bennett leaves to Mary Allman his worn-out government notes, fthey've been used by quite a few peoplej to assist her on tests! Merle Martin and Thelma Nash have combined their notes on Macbeth and leave them to Gloria Aber- nathy-plus a fee of twenty-five cents to meet them at the skating arena on Wednesday night! Carlyle Charlton leaves to Allen Bennett a large box of "Wheaties" hoping that he'll grow to be a manly somebody in years to come. Barbara Hobson wishes to bequeath her athletic ability to none other than Nancy Bolen. Also, a dictionary so that Nancy may get used to using some of "I-Ioppie's,' big words. Alice Darhanian leaves her wittiness to Dudley Martin. Alice Starke leaves a pound of cheese to be divided among the other lovers of cheese. Qlncluding the micelj Edwin Heath, that good-looking man, leaves to Henry Hudson that cute little wink of his, Qas if he needed itj. Laura Chick leaves that constant little giggle of hers to Emma Sutton to help pass the time away. "Skippy" Cramer wishes to donate his curlers to Sammie White. To the President of the Iunior Class we hereby leave a complete notebook of the tests we've taken this year. It includes a couple of Miss Kelly's Macbeth tests and a few of Miss Earnest's true and false tests -most of these papers bearing the handsome grades of "D and F" Qwe hope they will be a good inHu- ence on the future Seniorsj. To Miss Earnest we leave a couple of snapshots of Carlyle Charlton to help the memories of having Carlyle in her government class. To Miss Kelly we leave a free ticket to all the games-and a hammer to help you during the S. C. A. meetings. To Miss Smith we leave a complete Spanish dictionary and a class that we hope will study and do their homework. To Miss Lynch we leave another homeroom to keep under control, with sincere hope that she gets a quiet group-for a change. In case she doesn't, we leave a box of Bayer Aspirin. On this 13th day of May we do hereby honestly and sincerely declare: that these are the desires of the persons hereunto subscribed, of as sound mind as could be expected under the circumstances. QL. SJ Class of '46 I X1 i-0155 's N X . f Q- Senior Directory EMMETT LEWIS ALLEN. .....,.......... "Chuck" Safety Patrol: Auditorium Program Committee: Pub- licity Committee. RoIsIf1RT MORGAN BIiNNlf.'l"l' ---..--..--- "Dick" Newspaper Committee: Social Committee: Monogram Club: Safety Patrol: Football 121: Basketball 121: Baseball: Womanless Wedding: Tumbling Team. DAVID IIEVAN ..,., .... . .... - --"Ti11y" Cartoon Contest: Who's Who. IIN RUDOI PII BRI'l"I'II' "Pc'rmn1" 10- , . - . L. .,ee....Y. --. . Tecluiical Committee 131: Social Committee: Band 141: Safety Patrol 121: Dramatic Club: Newspaper Commit- tee: Monogram Club: Football 121: Ttimbling Team. GERALD DAVID BURTON. .....u.. . .------ . "lr'l'fy" Safety Patrol 121: Red Cross Committee: Teclinical Com- mittee: Personality Club. PIERBERT LEE I5U'1"I'NIiR Publicity Committee. CURTIS GREY C.-XRTIER Glee Club. CARLYLE DAVE CHARLTON. ..e. ,... ' 'ShOlIl!1t'I'SU WIl.I..IAM HENRY COX, IR.. .......H...... "Billy" Safety PatI'ol: Social Committee: Football 131: Basket- ball: Monogram Club: Dramatic Club: Pres. of S. C. A.: Baseball: Tumbling Team: Who's Who. GEORGE WALTIQR CRAMER. ....... ---"Skippy" BIQRT Llili DAMRON Tumbling Team: llramatic Club 121: Who's Who: Ban'l 151: Chorus 121: Newspaper Committee: Basketball: Autliiorium Program Committee. EMMIi'l"I' PLIIMING EUIIANK Victory Club: Safety Patrol: Dramatic Club, YVl1o's YVho. ALAN ALEXANDER FORBES ' Newspaper Committee: Who's Who. 1Ol'lN BOYD CILLELAND , ....,Y,,....... "I, B." Football: Mgr. Football: Dramatic Club: Safety Patrol: Tumbling Team: Womauless Wedtling. EDMOND RALPH GRAVES, IR.. ....... "The Voice" Stutleut Council 121: Baseball 121: Football 121: News- paper Committee: Dramatic Club: Yearbook Safety Patrol: Monogram Club. Staff: DANIEL NELSON HAMILTON ........... "Genie" Monogram Club: Football: Football Team Mgr.: Basket- ball Mgr.: Womanless Wedding. CAROL LEE HARRIS Who's VVho. IOI-IN TENNIS HAYDEN, IR.. ............ -"lzmif" Technical Committee: Dramatic Club: Football Mgr. 131: Monogram Club: Who's Who. LEWIS EDWIN HEATH- .................. "Edz1'it"' Personality Club: Newspaper Committee: Social Com- mittee 121: Treasurer of S. C. A..: Student Council. IOHN WILLIAM IOHNSTON. .............. "raft" Auditorium Program Committee: Womanless Wedding: Social Committee: Tumbling Team: Basketball 121: Safety Patrol 121: Football 131: Baseball Mgr.: News- paper Committee: Monogram Club. WILLIAM WALTER LIPSCOMBA--- .... "Billy" Technical Committee. WINFREE FRANKLIN LLOYD, Ir..--- --"Wimp" CHARLES EDWARD MAXWELL e.... .--- ."Mi:kr'y" Monogram Club: Football 121: Baseball: Basketball: Who's Who. ARTHUR GERALD MERCIER. ............. "Mouse" Safety Patrol: Football: Language Club. WALTER LINWOOD OLPHIN, IR .,...., "Bll1Ic'lbaIl" Safety Patrol 141: Newspaper Committee: Football 131: Basketball 131: Monogram Club: Womanless Wedding. RICHARD LESTER REYNOLDS, ............. "Rich" Dramatic Club: Student Council: Treasurer of Senior Class. HIRAM ROBERT SANDERS, IR. --.. .... "Bobby" Student Council 121: Dramatic Club: Technical Com- mittee 121: Pres. of Senior Class: Vice-Chairman Dist. S. C. A.: Tumbling Team: Monogram Club. HARRY STUART SMITH, Ir., ,,,---.-,,, "Smy1hf"' Athletic Club: Vice-President of S. C. A.: Baseball Mgr.: Baseball Team: Basketball Mgr.: Football 121:- Business Mgr. Yearbook: Newspaper Editor: Student Council 131: S. C. A. Conference: Monogram Club. IOHN MANN SUTHERLAND--- --.--"C0okic"' Library Club: Glee Club. I ix: ..f0 Senior Directory EDWARD AUBREY THOMAS. .......,..... "Hook" Red Cross Committee: Monogram Clubg Baseball C215 Basketball C213 Dramatic Club C21. ROBERT LESLIE TILLER- ................ "Bobby" Monogram Clubg Newspaper Staffg Safety Patrolg Football C413 Baseball C315 Who's Who. LYNWOOD CARROLL WADE Dramatic Clubg Safety Patrol. FRED EDWARD WITT Football C215 Baseballg Monogram Club. DORIS IVA AMMONS Red Cross Committeeg Dramatic Clubg Social Commit- tee. ELIZABETH IEAN ANDREWS FLORENCE ELIZABETH ATHEY .......... .. "Bette" Red Cross Committeeg Don Iuang Newspaper Commit- tecg Social Committeeg Girl Reservesg Who's Who. ELLEN IOAN BAGGOTT .................... "Io" Red Cross Committeeg Victory Committeeg Newspaper Committeeg Dramatic Clubg Safety Patrolg Yearbook Staffg Who's Who. VIRGINIA PAGE BAUGHAN Publicity Committeeg Dramatic Club. MARY FRANCES BLACK Library Clubg Language Club. LAURA HILL BOWLES Red Cross Committee C413 Language Club, Who's Who. NORMA LUCILLE BROOKS Athletic Clubg Language Club. IANICE MAXINE CAMPBELL Publicity Committeeg Red Cross Committeeg Basketball C213 Student Councilg Social Committeeg Yearbook Staff. REBA ANN CAUTHORN. ..... .... ' 'Rebee"' Dramatic Clubg Safety Patrol. GLADYS VVINSTON CHARLES, ......... "Speedy" Publicity Committeeg Glee Clubg Home Ec. Club: Enter- tainment. LAURA TEMPLE CHICK ..,........ --"Chir-kan" Publicity Committeeg Dramatic Club. ETHEL MOORELAND CI-IILDRESS Auditorium Program Committee. VERA LEONA COLEMAN Red Cross Committee. ANN COURTRIGI-IT Dramatic Club C213 Library Committee. SHIRLEY MAY CROUCI-ILEY Dramatic Clubg Auditorium Program Committee C21: Library Committee C313 Safety Patrol C413 Collector of Internal Revenue. BARBARA JEAN CROWDER Red Cross Committeeg Auditorium Program Committee: Safety Patrol C31g Basketballg Library Committeeg Dra- matic Club. ALICE DARHANIAN ................,-..,, "Harrie" Red Cross Committee, Newspaper Committecg Social Committee C213 Dramatic Clubg Cheerleaderg War Bond Committeeg Student Councilg Yearbook Staff: Variety Sbowg Who's Who. MARY IANE DAVIDSON Publicity Committeeg Social Committeeg Auditorium Program Committeeg Glee Club. EMMA LEE DAVIS Red Cross Committeeg 4-I-I Clubg Newspaper C21. IEAN ANNE EDWARDS Social Committee C31g Dramatic Club. MILDRED RUBY ELLIS, ..............,.,, "Millie" Grounds Clubg Reception Clubg Red Cross Committee: Library Staffg Editor of Newspaperg Yearbook Staff. ANNIE LAURIE FARRAR Publicity Committeeg Social Committeeg Auditorium Program Committeeg Glee Club. AUDREY MARIE GARRISON Red Cross Committeeg Dramatic Club. MARION ASHTON GARRISON Red Cross Committecg Chorus Club. 5445" x X X 1f Senior Directory DOROTHY FAYE GULLATT Red Cross Committee 121: Cheer Leader 131: Basket- ball: Yearbook Staff: Student Council: Library Commit- tee: Dramatic Club. VIOLA GERTRUDE HENLEY ................. "Vi" Grounds Committee: Glee Club: Red Cross Committee 121: Library Club. BARBARA ANN HOBSON ..... .. u...u.... "Hoppin" Social Committee: Safety Patrol: 4-H Club 121: News- paper Committee: Basketball 121: Who's Who. EMILY ELIZABETH HOLLADAY ......... . "Stinky" Social Committee 121: Newspaper Committee: Dramatic Club: Student Council: Yearbook Staff: Basketball. PHYLLIS ANN HOOVER. ........-- ...- ' 'M0f1i0P" Personality Club: Social Committee. DOROTHY IOSEPHINE I-IUSTON--.--c .... "Dot" THELMA MASKELYNE IACKSON Red Cross Committee. -.- .."Shorly" MARGARET EARL IOHNSTON ...O Red Cross Committee. ANN ELIZABETH IONES ............. "LifIlc' Ann" Social Committee 121: Dramatic Club. IEAN TURNER IONES, ................., "Pele" Student Council: Basketball 121: Associate Editor of Newspaper: Yearbook Staff: Dramatic Club: Cheer- leader: Social Committee: 121: 4-H Club. KATHERINE MAE IONES. ,.,........ ---"Kitty" Glee Club: Dramatic Club. MERLE ELIZAIZETI-I MARTIN .............. "Baby" Library Club: Class Oflicerg Dramatic Club. YVONNE GWENDOLYN MCLAUGHLIN ."Bomlic" Glee Club: Social Committee: Newspaper Committee 121: Dramatic Club: Girl Reserves. MARGARET KIRKWOOD MENZIES Language Club. THELMA MAE NASH. .... ---"Nu.fh" Who's Who. FRANCES IEAN NICHOLAS ......... .. .... "Chubby" I-lomeroom Club: Red Cross 131: Planning Committee ANN ELIZABETH OTTIANO ............... "Toni" Basketry Club: Tuxis Club: Secretarial Club: Dramatic Club: Cheerleader. DORIS MILDRED PHIFER .........,......, "Stubby" Personality Club: Safety Patrol: Red Cross Committee. VIRGINIA FRANCES POWELL, ,.......... "Ginny" Red Cross Committee: Personality Club: Basketball: Glee Club. MARY FRANCES PROFFITT 4-H Club: Glee Club: Yearbook Staff. KATHLEEN LEE PURNELL ........,,..,,, "Kizzy" Social Committee: Language Club: Basketball: Student Council: Who's Who. IIERTHA LAFAYETTE REID .... ---"Punk" Glee Club: 4-H Club 121. ALICE LORRAINE STARKE ......LE...,. -"Illudfare" 4-H Club:: Red Cross Committee 121: Social Committee 151: Glee Club 141. DOROTHY MAY SUTTON, ................ , "Dar" Class Officer: Student Council 121: Dramatic Club 121: Safety Patrol: Who's Who. BLANCHE LORRAINE SWETS Chorus Club: Basketball: Girls' Club 131: Safety Patrol. ELSIE MARIE TANNER Red Cross Committee 131: Victory Committee: Glee Club. VVILLIE MAUDE THOMAS- .............. "Fannie" Red Cross Committee 131: Chorus Club: Planning Com- mittee. MARTHA IANE THOMPSON , ....c......., "Tabby" Social Committee: Dramatic Club: Class Officer: Safety Patrol 121. DOROTHY IEAN WIEMER ...... ........,, , "Legg" Dramatic Club 121: Social Committee: Student Council: Class Oflicer: Safety Patrol: Class Oflicer. LIDA ANN WHIPPLE Language Club: Glee Club. VIOLET MAE WILLIAMS Glee Club 121: Home Ee. Club. 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Autographs R J3"...f5, .ww G""Z'.c7 QCMQKQCL- ,,z, 39,24 ZZ gzZ..4MW M Autographs Autographs Autographs 1.7- W, 1 , W, 1, ,Y 1 ,, - 4,1 I , T - Q-L. gs-'rm F-ff ' ' ' ww ,-,, V. W .' i.. b I 5 rv 4 . 5' .A.'. ." , .U-1- A , ., , k A-'-' V-' "3 ' " 1, - HL, - 4- ' Y - ,- ,. -L1-,.,ii.

Suggestions in the Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) collection:

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Glen Allen High School - Panthian Yearbook (Glen Allen, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 76

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