Glastonbury High School - Reflections / Lantern Yearbook (Glastonbury, CT)

 - Class of 1945

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Glastonbury High School - Reflections / Lantern Yearbook (Glastonbury, CT) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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., f 1 ' X 1 K X12 I 1 f " ' 5. TH If LANTERN 1945 GLASTONBURY H I GH SCHOOL 05' Ecu fy F1rs1Row Dorothy T Henze Homemakmg Almeda B Kellogg Advanced Maihematlcs Lucxlle Campbell Engllsh Frances S Dogan Commerclal Studles Margarette F Fle1s ohauer Enghsh lane Irwm B1OlOg1CGl and Phys1ca1Sc1ences Nancy E Kennedy Home making Sylvla D Schmltt COmmeYC1UlSlUd1SS Second Row Llewellyn L Turner Agrlculiure Angelo Antonuccx Soclal Studles and Sclence Margaret T McMahon Languages and H1SlOX'Y Maude B Clark Dean of Glrls Soc1a1Siud1es Arthur W Kaxrott Enghsh Barbara A Iffland Commerc1alStud1es Vene E Hartwell Phys1calEducaixon Albert C Endee Prmclpal Algebra ' I ' , : . , 1 , 2 . . 5 . - , 1 , : - , - 1 . , . I - . : , ' : . , : - , , : . . 1 . , 2 . 5-be LCO,fL0l'L Wrth cipprecmtron cmd grcxtrtude for hrs deep mterest m us and for the cooperctxon understcmdmg cmd guldcmce he has grven us GS CI class cmd cs 1I'1d1V1dL1G1S we the class of 1945 smcerely dechccrie our yearbook to Mr Arthur W Kcurott X, ,N J r ' Qs KN X nf' , XPP X JJ 5 f f 1 1 .W gy' 1 My px J W NIR 73 1 LANTERN YEAR BOOK COMMITTEE Frrst Row M Scaglra R Grant M Zrrkenbach E Ferrarr Mrs Dogan H Frye B Cowles I Pagano E Hams Second Row F Connery I Sherman N Ratclrffe S W1ll1ams M Knapp Mr Karrott M Nordblom V Granger L Leach F Canaparr B Tomlrnson Thrrd Row P Solarz I Bader I Krawrec L Kulas M Frrel S Grlnack A Egan R Forghettr H Lysrk A Forghettr A Russell Margoog LS? M Edrtor m Chief Eleanor Ferrarl Assrstant Edxtor Busmess Manager Manon Zukenbach Ioseph Pagano Assrstant Busmess Managers Hazel Frye Raymond Grant Beverly Cowles School Curncular Board Stanley Gllnack Marllyn Frrel Raymond Grant L1l11an Leach Annamae Egan Specxal Features Shlrley W1ll1ams LaVerne Czarneckl Marrlyn Knapp Helen Lys1k Frances Canaparr Nancy Ratchtte Frances Connery Ioseph Pagano Beverly Cowles V1rg1n1a Granger Alvah Russell Iean Sherman Lrlhan Leach Lou1se Kulas Club Dxvxsron Sports Betty Tomlmson Ioan KFGWIGC Manlyn Scagha Peter Solarz Evelyn Harrxs Ioseph PCIQGUO Mlldred Nordblom Br V1rg1n1a Granger Peter Solarz Class Edxtors Iunror Sophomore Freshmen Ioan Bader Rosann Forgheth Angela Forghettr Faculty Advxsors Arthur W Karrott Frances S Dogan 1 - L 1 - 1 - 1 . , . 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 . . . . , . , . , . , , , . , . , . , . , . , . . - - 1 1 , . 1 . 1 . 1 . , . , . , , , . , . . 1 1 1 eluor 6L:55 Morro Make We better best COLORS NAVY BLUE AND GOLD OFFICERS Presxde t Vice Rreslcient Me-Ivm Bclbcocf Secretary Shuley VVIIIICIYHS Treasurer Ercmces Ccmcxbarl HONOR STUDENTS MARION ZIRKENRACI-I VcJIed ctorxan LOUISE KULAS SGIIACIIO mar' ELEANOR FERRARI IEAN SHERMAN VIRGINIA GRANGER EJELYN I-IARR S FRANCES CONNERY SI-1IRLEY WILLIA fC MARILYN SCAGL A Q BETTY TOMLINSON I DETER SOLARZ . 1 Y 4 x ' I' Y 'V .1 . y 1 , . Y . Y v X I I' I I YIM v I . . . . I X 1 A I 1 BARBARA AMES Amesle Keen sense of humor good sport tnclmed to be devlhsh A A l 2 3 4 Homemakmg Clubl G1rlReservesl B1ology2 Basketballl 2 3 4 Soccerl Z 3 4 Volley Balll 2 3 4 Softballl 2 3 4 Fmeld Hockey 2 3 4 q,u,a4,wrMlC-f'?l"'J' Bub Qu1et rnannered studlous W1th mal1ce toward none Entered Iumor Year A A 3 4 WILLIAM E ALDRICH QW MELVIN H. BABCOCK ol humor dresses neatly A A 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent4 Sclence l Glee Club 1 B1ology 2 Assembly Comrnlttee 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Mechamcal Draw1ng 3 Typmg 4 Presldent A1r Ra1d Warden 3 Class V1ce Presldent 3 4 Sen1or Play 4 M. IAMES BARNES 1m Has a free breezy manner not 1ncl1ned to worry takes hte as xt comes Entered Sophomore Year A A 2 3 4 Sclence 3 Planes and Radlo 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Socce 4 Sen1or Play 4 11545 ..B.u,. I sf 9603? 1 1 ' ' I , ll 'Q HA,-AF A conscientious athleteg well-liked by everyoneg sense - - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 . . , , 1 ' .1 1 1 1 1 ggi? J PETER PAUL BISI IOHN C BIGOTTO Iohnny Retmng manner a steady worker never lolted out of hls complacency A A 1 2 3 4 Sclencel Blology 2 Typmg 4 Emer gency Squad 4 H1 Y 4 Pete Easy to get along wrth Jolly emoys a good Joke A A 1 2 3 4 Sctencel B1ology2 Mecha c raw 1ng 3 MARII.YN M. BOSSUNG ANGELINE C BONA Angle Good student sweet d1spos1t1on always wxlhng to help has a pleasant sm1le 2 3 4 Volley Ball 2 3 4 Softball 2 3 4 Freld Hockey 3 Mer Inclmed to be very qu1et neat dresser always sm1l1ng A A 1 2 3 4G1ee Clubl 3 4 Btology 2 Basketball 3 Volley Ball 3 4 iffy J W l A G4 ppff , M A. AI. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Basketball 2,.3, 4, Soccer 2: 1 I , I 1 4 1 .. 1,. I' ' ' ' ' 'I I I f' ' ' . - . .," h It Y MJ! MAI , rj , c I' . A talented ptarust not apt to exert hrmsell reserved IT1CU'1I'1eI' Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Orchestral 2 3 4 Scrence Typmg Club 3 Boys Cookmg Club 3 A A l 2 3 4 CAROL C CATANA FRANCES CANAPARI Butch Very popular wrth classmates good student very neat dresser good dancer A A l 2 3 4 Secretary4 Dramatrc Clubl Home makmg l Treasurer l Class Secretary l 2 Class Treasurer 3 4 Glee Club 2 Arr Ratd Warden 3 Brg BusmeSs3 4 V1ce Pres1dent4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Basket l 2 4 V ey Ball l 2 So balll Fte d Hockay l Zf 3 4 wludf JW! Glue DOROTHY CEMBRANO Dottre lnclmed to d1sl1ke studymg larthtul frrertd to all ac quamtances A A l 2 3 4 Dramatrc Clubl Homemakmgl Glee Club 3 4 Soccer l Volley Ball l Softball l l:'1eld Hockey l Basketball l IEAN COFIELL Ieame Cooperattve hard workmg always laughmg lull of un A A l 2 3 4 Homemakmgl G1rlReserves4 Basket ball l 2 3 4 W0 YVETTE M COTE A wonderful personahty always laugh1ng neat dresser well llked by all A A 1 2 3 4 Glee Clubl Soltballl 2 3 4 Soccer l 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Volley Balll 2 3 4 F1eld Hockeyl 2 3 4 LaVERNE BRIDGET CZARNECKI Optunrsnc outlook on hte always 1ok1ng actwe 1n drarnatxcs and athletlcs A A 1 2 3 4 Dramat1cC1ub1 2 Homemakmgl Basketballl 2 3 4 Soccer 1 Q 3 1e1dHockey1 2 3 4 Volley Ball 3 4 's pf' 43355 W H. FRANCES CONNERY Franswa A good worker dresses neatly a good student actlve 1n school affarrs A A l 2 3 4 Glrl Reservesl Student Counc1l2 Brology 2 Secretary B1g Buslness 3 4 Lantern 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Volley Ball 1 2 3 4 Softball 1 2 3 4 Held Wyifcf f EVIG Punk Actrve tn school functlons frlendly wltty a dev1l1sh nature popular among her fellow students A A 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Glee Club 3 Brg Busmess 3 4 Lantern 3 4 Cheerleader 4 Yearbook Stall 4 Glrl Reservesl Sen1or Play 4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Sottballl 2 3 4 F1eld Hockeyl 2 3 4 Volley Ball 1 2 3 4 Dramat1c 1 Levy Jr' 11 11 1 1 I - - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 F 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, , 3, 4, 1 . -1 - 11 1 1 , . - - , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I . I .N O 11 11 1 1 1 , . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' u 11 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 K 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 . B , O 1 SIGMUND A CZARNECKI 1 Lrkes scrences IS conscrermous when do1ng what he hkes argumentat1ve and excltable one mlnute calm the next AA l 234 FFA 123Pres1der1t1 3Track2 Mechan1cal Drawmg 3 Typmg 4 I ANN DYSENCHUK Ann1e Reserved manner a loyal fr1end dresses Well not too keen about studymg A A l 2 3 4 Homemaklng Club l Brologyl B1g Busmess 3 4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Baietball l 2 3 4 Volley Balll 2 3 4 Softball l 2 3 4 F1e Hoc ey ANNAMAE EGAN Sw1sh Exce le t dancer fun lovmg dresses well 1S act1ve 1n school functrons popular w1th both sexes actlve 1n athletlcs A A 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Captaxn 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Homemakmgl Yearbook Staff 4 Dramatlc l B1g Busmess 3 4 Assembly Commxttee 4 Sen1or Play4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Volley Ball l 2 3 4 Softballl Z 3 4 Freld Hockeyl 2 3 4 ELEANOR T FERRARI Drgmhed good student neat dresser well mannered A A 1 2 3 4 Arr Rcnd Warden 3 Gehfs 3 Assembly Commrttee 3 Lantern 2 Asslstant Edrtor 3 Ed1tor1n Chref 4 Yearbook Ed1tor 1n Chlel 4 Wfieca, ww? dw f' F f4"afVN-1314... a IIZ.gII I I I --IIII---III II I I . r '. .fgf!'l' ...1.' ,, t ,,,,If7 f JJ. 1', ,. ,fI' f'I 'f fy ! In , rf' .'l' I. .,I I I I - -IIII I I II IIII I,,I 2 ,4 I 3 l, ,3,4. Ax l f U .II I-1 I I I I I --IIII II I IIII I I I II I I II,I IIII IIII IIII III- . -IEIII I I I - --,,II I I I I I " 5 -- . 4 . M - 7 Y l MARILYNLEAFRIEL Frlel A good student changeable personalrty cooperatrve good natured A A l 2 3 4 Glee Club3 4 G1rlReservesl 2 Freld Hockeyl 2 3 4 Soccerl 2 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Softball l 2 3 4 Volley Ball l 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 wkfwff' HAZEL A FRYE Daxsy Mae Well hked by all dependable has a wmnrng person ahty A A l 2 3 4 Lantern Bus1nessManager4 Glee Club l 2 3 Homemaklng 1 Dramatrc 1 Sclence 2 Glrl Reserves 2 Yearbook Staff 4 ,J LL STANLEY E GILNACK Stan Would rather farm than study enloys argumg and A A l 2 3 4 F F A 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent2 Secretary 1 4 Blology 2 Baseball 3 Typmg 3 Mechan1cal Draw 1ng 3 H1 Y 4 Emergency Squad 4 Yearbook Stall 4 VIRGINIA RUTH GRANGER I Gmme Very actrve m scholastic and soclal aftarrs dresses neatly talented rn dramatrcs wrllmg to work at all tlmes A A l 2 3 4 Glee Club l 2 3 4 G1rlReservesl Homernakxng 2 Blg Busmess 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 A1r Rald Warden 3 F1eld Hockey l 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Softballl 2 3 4 Volley Balll 2 3 4 Semor Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 . 11' 11' 11,1 11,1 ' -Q 1 1 " - 1 ' 1 111 1 1 1 I UZE- 'I dancingg does a good job but takes his time. ,1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 - cf f 5 4 1 ' '1 'A - ' 1 1 .1 11 1 1 . RAYMOND M GRANT Ab1ga1l An acttve leader l1kes mus1c and photography has a sense of humor A A 2 3 4 SCIGUCG l Student Councrl 2 Track l 2 Glee Club l 2 3 4 Quartet 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Lantern 3 Mechanlcal Drawrng 4 Basketball l 3 4 Emergency Squad 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Class Presrdent 3 4 Semor Play 4 M J J 4 OWN EVELYN HARRIS EVIS A aood student full of pep anxxous to be of help A A 1 2 3 4 G1rlReservesl Lantern 4 Homemak mg 4 Secretary 4 Yearbook Stall 4 14 W MARCIA E HOLDER Mrsh Good natured has a lxvely personalrty l1ght hearted a srncere fr1end A A l 2 4 Glee Club 4 Fxeld Hockeyl 2 4 Basket balll 2 4 Softballl 2 3 4 Volley Balll 2 4 KENNETH L. HORTON Ken Gtrl shy has a qulet manner cooperat1ve 1f necessary thmks more than he speaks 23 u9.1.9f0 eww' afwwb . -1 . .11 1 1 . 1 . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 - , 1 u. l . at 11 1 11 .1 I I I A ' ' I I I I I I - . I . 1 1 A 1 . -1 . 11 - I I - I ' ' I I I I I I I - 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 - 11 11 - I I ' . ,y A. A. , ,4. X 5 X db ARILYN T KNAPP Nuvm Ta ented 1n the eld ol atnletrcs was rn s1cal ab1'1 1es lS Jolly and full of 'ur' 2 3 4 Glee Cl o l 2 3 4 Gehfs 3 Laner 3 4 Curl Reserves 2 3 Basketballl 2 3 4 Freld l-lockeyl 2 3 So cerl 2 3 4 Softballl 2 3 4 Volley l 2 3 4 As lf Cornrruttee 4 Yearbook Stall Sen or Play 4 DANIEL K KORNGIEBEL Crow lvlrsclmevous a aood cornpanlon readtlyf admtts lus own faults A lvlechantcal Drawrng 3 Glee Club l 2 A1r Ra1d War den 3 Boys Cooktncj Club 3 Erneraency Squad 4 Radlo 4 sq, -1-JV ,j 'Y' IOAN GENEVIEVE KRAWIEC lenn1e Fr endly to everyone ambrttous a good worker out standtng 1n atblettcs A A l 2 3 4 l.antern4 Btolcgx Club 2 Typlnq 4 Drarnattcl Yearbook StaIt4 vocc rl 2 3 4 Softball Bas Fteld l-lockeyl 2 3 4 LOUISE S KULAS Wheez1e Popular wtth students and teachers alrke cooperat1ve an excellent scholar well rnanrered good hearted a very plea ant personahty A A 3 4 Drarnatxcl Home-mak1ng2 Blology 2 Typ mg 3 Amr Bald Warden 3 Lantern 4 Volley Ball 2 3 4 Fleld Hockey 4 Soccer 4 Basketball 3 4 Class Re porter 4 Yearbook Staff 4 IQ i Z l ' f1'.",,l..u' At., A.A.l,,,z 'u',,,:':tn . ' . 4. ' , , I C , , , J , , , 2 I 1 Ball , , , , Sernbj ' g Q ' V-j?,if, 4. 3 ., Y A A , 34551552 A. . l, 2, 3, 4, Hockey lg Science lg F. F, A. l, 2, '.., t 4. I f , 4 t S , Z-,z y AQM1' , +L, a' "j',,,'ff'2jf l 'Q f' ' Sr?- .f,,5, ,v w-' . K' I '3,'jQ!"' 3 'J iv-1,-L ' 5 - 3 9, ' 5 ' ' 1 z Y l, 2, 3, 4, Volley Ball l, 2, 3, -4' 'ketball l, 2, 3, 4, 0, avg H .lil l'lf,,:fj J - A 1 - 1 s ' . "fLl,,,pgjf ,231 j, ,,. AGNES KUSIAK Kusy Dependable 1ntell1gent and hardwork1ng has athlet1c abxhty 1S congemal to all A A l 2 3 4 Sclence 2 Typxng 3 4 Fleld Hockeyl 2 3 4 Soccer 1 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Volley Ba l234Sottballl 234 WM Jw? Has a talent for wr1t1ng poetry well mannered hates to be punctual Entered Sophomore Year A A 3 4 Boys Cookmg Club 3 Baseball 3 Boys Glee 3 4 Quartet 3 4 Lan tern 4 A wonderful fnend has a good sense of humor al ways sm111ng very cooperatlve AA4 EARL F LQROCK Rocky LILLIANE. LEACH Reserved manner Well dressed and popular among all classmates an 1deal dancmg partner A A 1 2 3 4 Homemaklng 1 Dramat1c l Z 3 4 Vlce Pres1dent 4 B1g Busmess 3 4 Secretary 3 Pres1 dent 4 Soccerl Z 3 4 Volley Balll 2 3 4 Softball 1 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Class Treasurer 2 Stu dent Councll 1 Sen1or Play 4 MARY LEENDERS Adelard W , u 11 1 1 1 . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ll 1 1 , 1 , 1 1 - n u 11 1 ' 1 1 . 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 " u "Lil" 1 , . - - 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 " , . n 11 1 I ' , . 1 JJ! l HELEN M. LYSIK Helka Talkah e and congen1al has a pleasant smlle for everyone wltty and lull ot fun A A l 2 3 4 Homemak1ngl Dramatlcl 2 3 4 Glrls Glee Club 3 Blg Busmess 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Softballl 2 3 4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Volley Balll 2 3 4 F1eld Hockeyl 2 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Yearbook Stall 4 IOHN G MacDONALD IR Mac Has a qulet manner but IS not shy very candrd 1n hrs op1n1on doesn t shlrk hrs dutres 23 w ffv,,g,L ,gyvl GLADYS E MARSTON Gladdre Has a qu1et manner 1S talkatwe outsxde of school d1sl1kes studymg IS fnendly to all A A l 2 3 4 G1rlReservesl 2 3 4 Homemakmgl Blg Busmess l MILDRED NORDBLOM "M1ll1e' ' An outstandmg athlete, a good frrend to students and teachers ahke, xnchned to be qulet ln school A A 2, 3, 4, Homemakmg Club 1, Glrls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Gehfs 3, Lantern 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Fleld Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volley Ball l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Stall 4 vf ,ff I J r,4 1 . Us 1 , ' ,f .. .. I . : ' - ' ' I I I I . I . I I I I 2 , , , , 2 , , , 2 , , , 1 , , -4 As' MNA X nf. 5 1 I 1 1 I 1 , Q ff-.f lz ' ' , ., i ,.., .X ., 43 I 4: ge I I . . . A.A. , ,4gF.F.A.l,2,4. If' 1 If J N f I Q 3 . 3 ll - ll V . I . . . 1 - . . , , , : ' , , , 1 ' 1 W IOSEPH PAGANO oe Very actrve scholasttcally atl'1let1cally and soc1ally a capable manager and a dependable trlend gets along well w1th everyone w1tty Quartet 3 4 Brg Busmess 3 Treasurer Student Coun c1l 2 3 4 V1ce Pres1dent 2 3 Pres1dent 4 Yearbook Stall 4 Boys Cookmg Club 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Soccer l 2 3 4 Baseballl 2 3 4 Semor Play 4 .4-1' ROSE MARIE PRELI Rosle A good student always trrendly and courteous full ot good Splfll has IHITICITIVG A A l 2 3 4 G1rlReservesl 3 Lantern 2 B1gBus1 ness 4 NANCY WARNER RATCLIFFE Nance Has a sm1le for all excellent athlete neat dresser gets along well wtth all her classmates Entered lumor Year A A 3 4 Gelxts 3 Grrls Glee 3 G1rl Reserves 4 Yearbook Stall 4 Basketball 3 4 F1eld Hockey 3 4 Soccer 3 4 311' lv-, J DOROTHY RICHARDT Dotty Full of fun has her serrous moments IS a lrrend ot all wttty always cheerful Q R A A 1 2 3 4 Homemakxng Clubl 2 Gxrl Reserves 1 2 3 4 Brg Bus1ness 3 Softballl 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Freld I-lockeyl 2 3 4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Vol le Balll 2 3 4 UI 11 ' 1 ' 7 V I . 1 I 11 - 4 . , . ' 1 f 1 1 ' I , . , 1 ' 1, 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 'I I 1 I I . . 1 '.',' 1 1 1 1 1 1 '51 . QI 3 . . ,gl , W,-1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 - 1'1 1 ' J 1U ' 1 ,1 I s . z I . ' . ' yr K 1 1 11 , . - - 1 1 1 I 1 I I ' 1' 1. 11 1 1 1 . . . 1 1 - - 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 , 1 I 1 - 'I . 'X l "I 'A . . , 'I sy' 5 4 Q -" 4 , +1 :I N r V 1 t 'J . .. 11 I I 1 1 . - - , 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' ' Y 1 1 1 1 I MARILYN SCAGLIA Shorty Petrte actrve 1n all school functlons a good student even tempered and kmdly A A 1 2 3 4 Lanternl B1ology 2 Stude Councrl 3 4 Assembly Commrttee 2 3 Gehfs 3 ar Bond Comm1tteeCha1rman 3 4 Softballl 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Fleld Hockeyl 2 3 4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Volley B 1234 IANIS SHENSTONE Does well rn class eager and glad to cooperate pleas ant and courteous A A l 2 3 4 Homemakmgl 2 Treasurer 2 Glee Club 3 4 fw ALVAH A RUSSELL IR Russ Very SC19I'1l1llCGllY mrnded eager to be helpful has a complacent manner a capable scholar A A l 2 3 4 Track 2 B1ology2 Sc1encel Mechan1 cal Drawmg 3 4 Assembly 3 4 Typmg 4 Secretary Yearbook Staff 4 Emergency Squad 4 Boys State 3 RGd1O 4 Mc! IRENE M SCHAEFFLER Schafhe Well mannered good natured and pleasant at all t1mes does her work well and w1thout complamt pleasant personahty A A l 2 3 4 Homemakmgl 2 Secretary 2 G1rlRe serves 3 4 B1g Busrness 3 Basketballl 2 3 Softball l 2 3 4 Soccer2 3 Freld Hockeyl 2 3 4 467 0 GD , , , . "VIII I I I - , ' r , M! , . -,,,, , , all,,,. . , , , "llll II I - IIKKI UI.. I I - "Ili: ,1 1 ,. . ,, , ,H ,J IEAN A SHERMAN Ieanre A model scholar has atl'1let1c ab1l1ty cooperatrve and helpful 1S 1ncl1ned to be quxet but always pleasant A A l 2 3 4 Class Vlce Pres1dentl 2 Gul Reserves l B1ology 2 Vrce Presrdent Student Counctl 3 4 F1eld Hockeyl 2 3 4 Volley Balll 2 3 4 Gehfs 3 Year book Staff 4 yw' PETER SOLARZ IR Pete Consrde-rate of others a steady worker lrkeable per sonalrty eager to do rrght A A l 2 3 4 Class Presrdentl 2 B1ology 2 Treas urer Sctence l Mechan1calDraw1ng 3 4 Typmg 3 Emergency Squad 4 Student Councrl Treasurer 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Soccer 4 Senxor Play 4 Glee Club 4 Yearbook Staff 4 BETTY MAY TOMLINSON 9 M161 .1 f MARGIE L THOMASSON I X Marge A Southern belle w1tl'1 a great accent has a pleasrng persondlxty talkattve A A 2 3 4 Baseballl 2 3 4 Hockey2 3 4 Basket b l 2 3 4 Valley Balll 2 3 4 Soccer2 3 4 Cooperatrve and obhgmg has a good scholast1c record has a great deal ot 1n1t1at1ve A A l 2 3 4 Homernaklngl 2 V1cePres1dent 2 Glee Club 2 3 4 Lantern 4 Yearbook Staff 4 jim GRAHAM E TYROL Gram Amlcable sell controlled modest but not bashful A A 1 2 3 4 Sc1ence l Boys Gleel 2 3 4 A1rRa1d Warden 3 Basketball 4 Emergency Squad 4 Semor Play 4 GLADYS A VARNI Glady Does well 1n the athletlc held always w1ll1n to lend a helpmg hand cheerful and fr1er1dly though some what shy A A 1 2 3 4 Homemakmgl Basketballl 2 3 4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Softballl 2 3 4 Volley Balll 2 3 4 Fleld Hockeyl 2 3 4 VIRGINIA RUTH WAINMAN Grm Very talkatrve not a worry xn the world fun lovmg has a pleasmg sm11e Entered Iumor Year A A 3 4 Homemak1ng 3 Lantern 3 4 Dramatrc 4 Brg Busmess 4 THERESA M WESTEHGOM Terry Has a brrght and cheery nature w1tty dances well always wears a sm11e A A 1 2 3 4 Gleel 2 3 4 G1rlReservesl 2 Drama l1C 3 Blg Busmess 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Freld Hockey 2 3 4 Volley Ball 2 3 4 Soccer2 3 4 Softball 2 3 4 ww' M . .. f, I - I I ' . , .. , ,,,, , , . ' , . .. ,. gl l , I I - --,,,, , ,,,, ,,,, ,,,. .,,, ,,,. . 4- . ll A Ap .I , , , ,--,, , ., . - . . , , "flu: 11,1 fr ' , , ,,. , ,. ,,, ,,. ,,- SHIRLEY SUTHERLAND WILLIAMS Shxrl An rndustrrous scholar has a sparkhng personahty helpful rn planmng school GCIIVIIIGS a loyal lr1end A A l 2 3 4 Homemakmgl 2 Secretaryl Pres1 dent 2 Brology 2 Gehis 3 Glee Club 4 Class Secretary 3 4 Student Counctl Treasurer 2 Sen1orPlay4 Year book Staff 4 MARION RUTH ZIRKENBACH Z1rk1e An excellent student punctual and dependable neat and well dressed has vocal talents A A l 2 3 4 Glee Club l 2 3 4 G1rl Reserves l I-lomemakrng Club 2 3 Class Treasurer 1 Basketball l 2 3 Soccer 2 3 Volley Balll 2 3 Freld Hockey 2 3 Softballl 2 3 Senror Play4 Yearbook Staff ASSISI ant Edltor 4 D A R Award 4 FRANK BURU Frank1e Frrendly qu1et at txmes opmronated but see the other fellow s v1ewpo1nt Lett for Merchant Mar1ne before completmg hrs Sen1or year A A 1 2 3 4 Sclence Club l Boys Cook1ng Club 2 3 Mechan1cal Drawmg 3 Typmg Club 3 FRANCIS LI'I'WIN L Cheerful d1spos1t1on a good comparuon always smrl 1ng Left for the Navy before completmg h1s Semor year A A l 2 3 4 B1gBus1ness Club 3 Boys Cooklng Club 3 Glee Club 3 Soccer I 3 Q. . ' 1' . K 4 tt - 11 ' 1 1 , . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 11 . . 11 1 1 , . ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X I 1 1 1 1 1 ' , . . . . S U - 11 1 1 1 . . . , . 1 - - 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 - 11 it11 1 1 ' 1 . . 1 . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - plow auf? Gnfedf Gu' MARGIE THOMASSON LILLIAN LEACH ANNAMAE EGAN BEVERLY COWLES BEVERLY COWLES MARCIA HOLDER THERESA WESTERGOM MARILYN BOSSUNG Hzsf nt Ilznded Ilost Iopular lie st Drzsscd floss Hrrl Teach r s I at lies! lookzng If muse 'llosl Bash ul MARION ZIRKENBACH Uris! likely lo Sllffltd LILLIAN LEACH Mos! lleasmg 14 rsonalzty ANNAMAE EGAN THERESA WESTERGOM ANNAMAE EGAN HELEN LYSIK LQVERNE CZARNECKI DOROTHY RICHARDT MARION ZIRKENBACH MARILYN BOSSUNG VIRGINIA WAINMAN IOAN KRAWIEC VIRGINIA WAINMAN LILLIAN LEACH LILLIAN LEACH ROSE MARIE PRELI SHIRLEY WILLIAMS ELEANOR FERRARI IEAN SHERMAN HELEN LYSIK ELEANOR FERRARI Flass ful Up Best Dancsr Iunnust faulglz Taurher s Ile adarlm 'llost Talkatuc lfppz sl Best Scholar un te sl Ia u st Class fithleu I lass Blu er lies! Natund Cuhsl Old 'llald Uiachflorj hrs! to Get Uarrud 'llosl ljlsfllfitd lies! Uunnered llass Optzmzsl f lass lfssmust Boy S CZARNECKI I MGCDONALD MELVIN BABCOCK IOSEPH PAGANO IOSEPH PAGANO IOSEPH PAGANO IAMES BARNES RAYMOND GRANT KENNETH HORTON RAYMOND GRANT MELVIN BABCOCK FRANCIS LITWIN IOSEPH PAGANO RAYMOND GRANT STANLEY GILNACK RAYMOND GRANT MELVIN BABCOCK ALVAH RUSSELL KENNETH HORTON KENNETH HORTON IOSEPH PAGANO IOSEPH PAGANO MELVIN BABCOCK MELVIN BABCOCK KENNETH HORTON GRAHAM TYROL GRAHAM TYROL IOHN BIGOTTO RAYMOND GRANT STANLEY GILNACK 0 K ' ' 1 In 4, I 7, - f 1 ' 1 , ' ELEANOR FERRARI .Vast lfmzcvilvd IOSEPH PAGANO I , 'P Q 'I A J gs 'All' iwltt' ' Nrght was approachrng and st111 our crrcus caravans rolled peacefully along the country roads toward another town The ammals gave therr last calls stretched and settled down for the nrght Up 1n the last caravan whrch was parnted a deep red somethrng was gomg on and all fourth year performers knew what rt was Thrs was the last get together they would have before they would be transferred to a brgger and better c1rcus as rs an old custom wlth the Blg Tent Glastonbury After four years of tralmng all the fourth year performers were transferred for thetr future work as entertamers Lets look 1n on them and see whats gomg on Remember how scared we all were when we frrst met under The Brg Tent roared the fat lady as she rocked back and forth 1n her double srzed charr Yes contrnued the Mrdget but we soon qot to know each other because our presr dent Mr Endee and the Head Lady Mrss Clark certarnly put us at our ease and on the Busrness was busrness carrred on the trght rope walker and we very shortly elected our own leaders Oh' I know scud the Thln Man Peter Solarz was our Head Rrngmaster and hrs asslstants were lean Sherman Frances Canapart and Marron Ztrkenbach Drdnt we choose navy blue and gold for our companys colors? asked the clown as he stood before the mlrror removrng hrs make up Yes we dld and our motto was Make The Better Best I belreve sard Ioe the drum mayor I dont remember htm but wasnt Iohn Terry the lucky representatlve of our assembly commrttee7 Yes he was sa1d the paymaster But the only thmg I can remember of our fxrst year wtth the company ts the tradrtronal c1rcus 1mt1at1on and drd I feel lrke a brg person that ntghtl I wore a green rlbbon and ate a lollypop But dont you recall the Parents Nrght Celebrat1on we held for our folks? mquxred the band leader 1nqu1s1t1ve1y Gee that stands out foremost ln my mmd We had about seventy flve members when we started our fxrst year of tours yawned the frre eater as he tossed another burmng match tnto h1s mouth Advrsors Wagner Thompson and McMahon needed that well earned vacatron as well as we drd The door of the caravan opened and IH puffed the water boy carrymg not the water palls but a lrttle book Look what Ive got he crred as he showed us hrs book I remembered I kept a drary of our second year wtth the troupe and I had such a swell t1me wrrtrng rt that I thought you all mlght 11ke to hear what I had to say Sure chorused everyone go ahead After flrttmg rather carelessly through our freshman year he reached the deslred page and read as follows Wrth such a successful year behrnd us the members of our troupe congregated agatn at the Brg Top ln September of 1942 Several of the vrce presldents of our company had left and we were pleased to see 1n thetr steads Vrce Presrdents Karrott Prke Peturson Henderson and Campbell Our own troupe had been depleted by Never Peloqurn Lrbera Terry Nelson Tallman Legeyt Rudln Curran and Becker To compensate thrs loss we were remforced wlth Barnes Catana Duke Leenders and LaRock Our rmg masters were Peter Solarz Iean Sherman Frances Canaparr and L1l11an Leach The chlef advisors were Gaglrarduccr and Campbell Advxsor Gaglrarduccr was later replaced by Advrsor Greenwood New add1trons of our company conslsted of Vrce Presldents Braem and Barone Vrce Presldent McMahon took a short leave of absence Our greatest trrumph was the Sophomore Hop It was held on Aprrl 9th and made c1rcus hrstory KX 1 T ff ' -' 1 I . -. -, E- N3 3--I ' ba , I 4 ' -gf fr.,-f Y x . , 'L-:hu ,, , ,, -- I - -T.:'5 ,,' ' 7 qv: VI -w .A 'T . ' 'sl ,, " -I hen, Q Q1 lf 3 'J' VP, 5 1' 1 I - f .I 1 A .Hi 4. 1 ,: ,, , A, 14 . I , .. - . ,3 15 - , , , - , , , . I I - I ' V I I 1 ' .. road to success. I - I . ,I I I . . 4 II , . ' I ll . 1 I A - rl . r , . . , . ll I ' I . l V .. . D H I I h . - ' D I - . 1 - . , , . - . . - . . I . I I . , , , , , , , . - I . , 1 - v' ' ' ' ' ' Some of our most lmportant feats were performed on the fxeld of sports It became very evrdent that Ioseph Pagano and Walter Barrbault were certarnly on the way to becom mg top performers ln thetr own rlght Scormg hrstory rn all the performances of that year we made our last grand showrng w1th our f1nal examrnatxons Emerglng even more radxant than we had antrclpated we were very happy to ftnd we had been transferred to the Iunlor troupe Oh yes I remember that so well prped IU The Human Skeleton but that year was nothlng compared to what followed the next year When we returned for our thrrd year s performances our company was the smallest Because of thrs fact we could not occupy our rlghtful posltxon near the head of the cara vans We were put at the end whrch IS usually occupled by the newcomers Of course we drd not hke thrs ldea at fxrst but once we got used to rt we rather llked xt We found thd we had admltted some new performers They were Daxley Wamman and Donnelly Cone was mtssmg and durmg the year Duke Pmson and Vlolet left our company Besxdes these new performers several new v1ce presrdents entered They were Dogan Hanson Peters Del GIOTHO Kellogg and Turner We all know that we had a full year of excrtement ahead of us Thts was probably what rnsprred us for we took much more rnterest rn our performances throughout the year We started the year by electrng our rmgmasters They were Raymond Grant Melvrn Babcock Shrrle Wrllxams and Frances Canaparr Our advrsors were Mclvfahon Thomp son and Noyes In the latter part of September a few performers from our group were chosen by Presrdent Endee to serve as a1r ra1d wardens After hearxng of the last companys experrences we decrded to get our order for our rings ln early Thrs of course strrred up quxte a bxt of excrtement wxth the measurtng of fmgers and gettlng our deposlts 1n and all In December we lotned wtth the Semor Company and put on a very entertammg show for the enjoyment of our parents Ah' May frfthl That mght Im sure no one wxll forget That was the nlght we had our Iunlor Company s Promenade It was held on the deck of a show boat and the portholes lxfesavers and anchors made xt seem very reahstlc Thts was an extremely prosperous year and 1t ended wrth the arrrval of our rmgs We parted company proudly wearmg our new rmgs On September 6 1944 the Brg Top started xts greatest performances The troupe began thxs eventful year wrth Rlngmasters Grant Babcock Secretary Wlllxams and Treasurer Canaparr takmg over the general management of the troupe Under the dxrectlon of our able advrsors Clark and Karrott and wrth Presrder-t Endee keeprng a watchful eye over all we started forth to a successful year Durlng the year our ranks suffered the loss of Performers Donnelly B1ll1ngton and Senyk Performers Post L1tw1n Catana and Burus who were offered better posrtrons rn Uncle Sam s Cxrcus also left thrs year The frrst b1g performance of the year was a dance the Gypsy Iamboree Thxs met wxth a btg response from the company and our profrts were put away for a rarny day In December the Iunlor and Semor Troupes gave a speclal performance for the1r parents The trtle of thrs act was The Show Boat Our stars outdld themselves and gave brllllant performances Because of her all round good cltxzenshxp Mar1on Zxrkenbach was presented wxth the D A R award by the rest of the company Our secondary chotce for the award was Iean Sherman Watt a mlnute dearle mterrupted the fortune teller You forgot to mentron the new vrce presrdents that came xnto the company that year Let s see There were Vrce Presidents Flerschauer Kennedy Formtca Antonuccx lffland Irwxn and Baldwm Well so I d1d Now to contmue wrth my dtary One of the brxght spots of thrs year was a play Young Aprll performed by the com pany on Aprtl 13 Those rn the cast were Tyrol Egan Babcock Leach Barnes Wtllrams Pagano Knapp Czarneckl Canaparl Granger Zxrkenbach Grant Solarz and Cowles Thls play was a howltng success due to the fme dlrectxon of Advxsor Kalrott and the excel lent performances gtven by the cast The Brg Tent enjoyed another gala occaslon rn Iune when we all got together at the Semor Ball Even though brlght colors happy laughter and gay smxlmg faces are a trade mark of a crrcus everythxng took on an even brtghter hue for the Ball We began our Class Day by planttng the tradttxonal Ivy and srngmg the Ivy Song From there the troupe gathered ln the big tent to complete the rest of the Class Day Cere mony The slngtng and the readlng of the W1ll the Class Hrstory and the Advxce to the Iumors were lmportant parts of the ceremony At the end of the season Presrdent Endee came around wlth the pay envelopes for the troupe In our envelopes we found educatlon, good cxtrzenshlp sportsmanshrp and knowledge to prepare us for our brgger and better yobs later on 11 - - 11 . . . . 1 - 1 . . 11 11 11 . . 11 1 1 1 , . 11 11 . 1 1 . - 1 . 1 1 - - A 1 1 1 1 1 - ' - - 1 1 1 1 1 - 11 . . , , . - 1 1 , 1 . . 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UQ .. -ft un 2 Thema S Id osyncrany Idea of Heaven Favorite Pashme Usual Outburst Peovo l N o More U vi GJ vi ,,g4.C n. 33 m n Love W h Some A Ford The Mode runn ng mode LIE A nO eS ng W ke On Q0 CGD .C w.-C 0 .C U TS P0 Poor s EC KR AW OAN Lou se S udy ng Lou se Ku as M D Workng nBT sCo- .C Gee-e S Speed tes LOUISE KULAS Shoo ng or heb Benq an odmad guard fe Beng a UY G Oh T P AK KUSI AGNES Ve G gh Ge eTe OOD 9 .C P-U1 'U Beh nd Me P- 6 VY Th GJ U Z o I J: I- E-' .- 5- I- f-1 ,. .C C VID C in Ut 7-.E 'U M es Ora Repo s Making h s m nd Sho h WN IT SL I FRANC III I-I-I HELEN LYS K Sm E:- ..ia: :' I-I You Worka Do F9 cw CLC: I-Isvoce Crm Hs own Work ng a Dad s mmm-m Gas Coupons IOHN MacDONALD ui I..- I- .C 3 Day dream ng RWk Be ng Mrs danc- ngh Sa urday Oh bro her Homework GLADYS MARSTON QI w .C 'U .C Sa W I G U95 Her qu e g stered T8 CI Be ng Read ng On Come OI"l Come Ndqgmg NORDBLOM LDRED M 07 vl ,.. d S sho ong Those O UY d E ho Aw mm CO G On U9 Be SE CHO ha W gn rk PAGANO OSEPH I Hs hegh cook Benga che those h gh Te ng Oh Q0 Aw S agge I' B POST S DOUGLA LOVE Love s Love er comp ex on As ntypng U2 5- s. 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Playing Basketball Having her' three Good Sportsmanship "Always" rothers home l U H I i . .' I I I , , . t i " i " lege S op rig, " ll " i li i I i ti f t asket "I'll Walk Alone" roblems EARL LaROCIC School at "I love you" Writing poetry in A moonlight stroll His Sinatra jacket " iv M M li .1 1 ine o'clock .tu alls M h Girl" N ACH easl "M , o hi" ei wit Bud Dancing with Bud hose freckles " ow Sweet ou Are" MA LE ND S lgook "O , gee" Writing letters he gu six by six I-ler quietness in class "Mary's A Grand Old r m " I I 'y up "You Moron" Being with oyce U days eave His uniform "How About A Cheer For 1 1 e Na " I rt an "Don't Horse Around" Going to the State Living in Wilson Singing in Math. Class " et e i t n" H - - " I 1 I ' i I i i " e H H tation I . Oh , I I Y 1 l i . . il i "I is hat I Could I ide 4 H H mg I H I lnsi e 'I' i L tter" I I 1 1 1 i t s "W ere Shy Little Violets nur row" Wo in i " t " i Il it l ff I t "What s This Thing the Drug store H tees. Calle Love" r " Ili i i i f i i t "Anchors Aweigh' flung tales O MA azz Musi "Darn it'A' W iting poet traight ' i i Her reticence "Rose Marie" NA C A C E eopl 0 "O Christmas" Dr amin about G.T. Graham H l i "lt' , , IV' I spe I I i 4 I " t' - a matter iteni t i ti Forg tti " 't I " crazy or something" Crosby neg 5 " S" I I t i i i I t i I i " " lwa Navy uttin in A I ' I i at " iggers" as-hi it A certain orderly in Her size 'Nursie' Nursie!!" tu me artford Hospital er'can "Holy Cow" Roller skating To sit up all nig f "I " i t ry Tests E H I ' " ' tt" ii i I il il " I,f i f " greein with r e ist y " ell, I 't r ing Monday night on er furloughs for Her blush "He Wears A Pair Of Sil- Ote oo s t at" ll 9 pital ilots ver Win s" r ing in " w he heck do Playing Baseball itching for the Glas- That hair cut "Tak e Out To The t irst k W?" t nb t Ball Ga e" iona MARGIE THOMASSON Notenoug " " i i i t The Good Old Solid Southern accent "Margie" new clot es las South I 'Ac t ' " ' i i t ' t ' ilit "An Apple For The o i r" T " aving to do "Oh or gosh sakes" Escorting Nancy I-Iis own car His moods BOPIG will SUY Welle is eo t Ove" gi "Pardon ME" Going to Bloomfield That certain alumni? Ability to find typing gQThe Very TIIOUQIW of u ts ror' u" I I No e o " tl " i , , l 1 il i " t A' i ates EN te H I ertain "Hey, listen" Working in the drug e mes rom East mooth dancing " t Had To Be You ancers store artfo d A I I i " i I " Writing o Bob aving Bob back Her swell personality "A ittl I tlavoring m Si e" H I I I i t " ll! ft ll" i i i t I i ll " i t s ory nH Argu ng goodness UIC! Oh h ..- in U .C Y Dependab S rmgh As Square danc ng s Ian 57 Where SI' Gln BETTY TOML NSON her CGC cv 'U vi .. -J D. -4 H TYROL GRAHAM C o A so GJ YY me N9 Smoke Ge s In My Eyes Takng a m eamn- and more Men Men Spread ng the latest Hones y ugh 6 I1 UID! h TY b VARNI DYS GLA t NMAN AI AW I N RG V E -. SCD -. O U I d C OM RG ESTE W ESA 'II ER ZIIIII Lonc y e On The L d L. 0 t Fzze foz Lme 'U SH RLEY W LLIAMS 0 .C Eyes Br gh S Those augh ng spe Be ng an opera s ar Sng ng Aera We Her he gh MAR ON Z RKENBACI 'll 14 --9 IL.- ...Q-.. We the graduatlng class of 1945 of Glastonbury l-hgh School bemg of sound mrnd and body do therefore make ordarn publrsh and declare th1s to be our last Wrll and Testament I W1ll1am Aldrrch leave my abxhty to keep out of hot water wrth the teachers to Raymond Blazawskr l Barbara Ames leave my theory of gettrng homework done wlthout trylng to Eddre Ruff who IS 1n the mldst of provmg such a theory I Melvm Babcock leave my good basketball eye to Hiram Ferry I Iames Barnes leave a tra1l of broken hearts behrnd me Dont mourn too much grrlsl I Iohn Blgotto leave my bashfulness wlth the opposrte sex to Goofy D1ckenson pretty well w1th the one he already has I Angehne Bona leave a roll of adheslve tape to Ianet Iohnson You should be able to fxnd a great deal of use for 1t I Marrlyn Bossung leave my quret ways 1n study hall to Lours Gamer We Frank Burus and Francls L1tw1n regretfully leave G H S I Frances Canaparl leaxe to my srster P1na the task of keep1ng an eye on Eddre Brown He needs watchmgl' I Carol Catana leave my pos1t1on as off c1al p1an1st to Ohve Pfau I hope you can make the students start at the same trme as you do I Dorothy Cembrano leave a pa1r of roller skates to Iune Hadley so that she wont waste too much shoe leather 1n her many trrps to the offrce I lean Coflell leave my studylng ab1l1t1es to my brother Iohn who needs to settle down I Frances Connery leave my locker mrrror to the Iumor grrls so that they can get as much use out of 1t as the Semor g1rls d1d I Yvette Cote leave my long curly ha1r to Boy Scott I Beverly Cowles leave my apple pohshmg ab1l1ty to Gr1ff1n Molloy who always seems to be 1n wrong wtth the faculty I LaVerne Czarneckx leave my talkatlveness ln class to Lyle Butler I Slgmund Czarneck1 leave my Iaxthfulness to one grrl to Tex Smallwood I Ann Dysenchuk leave my pleas1ng smlle to R1chard Dufford I Annarnae Egan leave the task of decrdmg who w1ll have my posrtron as Captam of the Cheerleaders to Audrey Teverls Norene Nelson and Ioan Batclrffe I hope there wont be too much blood shed I Eleanor Ferrarr leave Bob Seat to any under classman who can handle h1m as well as I drd I Marrlyn Frrel leave my ab1l1ty as a poet to Glendon Brewster I Hazel Frye leave my Packard to Norma Brown rn hopes that she w1ll get to school on ttme in ' ? Q N3 lv MWA g I Q ' 5 2 U ' ' X 5 A E ' J I V1 I ' Yr A ' I ir ' W I, Peter Bisi, leave my wolfish grin to Donald Davis, who seems to be doing . 7 . . . I , - 1 1 , . . I Virginia Granger leave my knowledge of the Skyrocket and Thunderstorm cheer to Earl l-Iaagensen so that he can teach next years Freshman Class how to do 1t I Raymond Grant leave my posrtlon on the basketball team to my brother Ed I Evelyn Harrts leave G I-I S to the under classmen wlth the understandlng that they are to treat rt wxth more respect than they have rn the past I Marcla Holder leave my lelsurely walk to Hazel Stmo to help slow her down when she walks around corners I Kenneth Horton leave my auletness to Pete Kumkewtch We Marxlyn Knapp and Helen Lysrk leave our g1ft of gab to Davld Holl1ster I Danlel Korng1ebel leave my ab1l1ty to look ftrst and argue afterward to George Muller I Ioan Krawxec leave my love of sports to Glorxa Tefft I Agnes Kusxak leave my love of good books to Wallace Post I Earl LaRock leave my way wrth the women to B111 L1eb1er I Lrlhan Leach leave my Job at the Glastonbury Theatre to Soph1e Bu1kus Thlnk of all the servlcemen you ll see' I Mary Leenders leave my d1Sl1k6 of Hlstory to Dorothy Stec who already hates rt I Iohn MacDonald leave my Glldersleeve laugh to anyone who wants 1t I Gladys Marston leave my calm cool and collected ways of playlng basketball to Beatr1ce Ferry so she Wont k1ll anyone rn her rec class next year I M11dred Nordblom leave my rettrmg personahty to Helen Fahey I Ioseph Pagano leave my flashy clothes to Alfy DeGemm1s who already has a pretty good start I Douglas Post leave my rat1on book to Davxd Moore who needs an extra one for h1s msatrable appet1te We Rosemarte Prell and Betty Tomhnson leave our ab1l1ty to be serrous when the occaslon ar1ses to D1ck1e Gardlner and Henry Wxnters I Nancy Ratchffe leave a bunch of carrots to Btlly Arnold so he wont have I Dorothy Rlchardt leave my argu1ng ab1l1t1es to Irene Malecky Here s hopmg you w1ll be able to conv1nce your class that you are r1ght somet1mes I Alvah Russell leave my SCISUIIIIC mrnd to Streaky Bemer I Marllyn Scagha leave my alertness 1n class to R1chard Wxlcox We Irene Schaeffler and LOUISE Kulas leave our quxet and lady ltke ways to Shrrley Dadona We Ianls Shenstone and Marton Z1rkenbach leave our love for classlcal mus1c to lack Iennmgs There 1S somethrng bestde 1azz you know I Iean Sherman leave my ab1l1ty to make dectslons to Ann Ahern Please make up your mmdll I Peter Solarz leave to Mrke Mahnoskl a clear held wrth Rosalyn Murphy I Marg1e Thomasson leave my Southern accent to Paul1ne LaCro1x The com bmatton of the two should make lnterestmg llstenmg I Graham Tyrol leave my habrt of pay1ng my debts promptly to Eddte Brown I Gladys Varn1 leave a typewrlter that doesnt make any errors to Bud Egan I Vrrgmla Wamman leave my fhrtattous ways to Anastacra Posun1ak I Theresa Westergom leave my smooth dance steps to Ianet Erlckson Its all rtght to have your head up tn the clouds Ianet but keep your feet on the ground I Shxrley W1ll1ams leave my style of wr1t1ng good themes to Tony Forghettt who has a style all h1s own In w1tness thereof the partles hereto have executed thrs agreement and affixed the1r seal m th1s year of our Lord n1neteen hundred and forty IIVE , , , , 1 1 - - - ' , , ' I I , I I V I , , to brmg h1s own to munch on In school. , , , . I ' - , , I I ' - , . I I ' . , I I ' , , , , as We Aiiee IWW lg 'll As I wandered about the circus grounds the scent of buttered pop corn the sight of h1ny candied apples and the sound of children laughing and calling to one another brought back memories of my ecrrly youth I thought of friends I had all but forgotten 1n the passing years Soon I began to wonder what these same years had brought to the members of my class in high school As I pondered my VISIOH fell on a sian which arrested my attention Here was the answer' Margo the Mystic Knows All Tells All the sign shouted in large red letters Perhaps Margo would tell me of my friends I hurried into the dingy tent and presented myself to the equally dingy Margo placing myself on the cushion opposite her While polishing a large glass ball with the sleeve of her tattered robe she asked me what I wished to know I requested information on all the members of the class of l945 of Glastonbury High School Upon hearing my request she held out her palm to be crossed with silver Having put the money into a greasy leather bag at her waist she proceeded to tell me the following The mystic haze in the crystal ball IS clearing I see a gigantic office building in the center of a large city Hartford Connecticut l believe I see a sign on a door of the seventeenth tloor lt says Mildred Nordblom personnel Manager Good Wlll Bureau On the forty second floor of this same building is the office of the Ames Life Insurance Corn pany Miss Barbara Ames is the president of the company and 1S doing very well In her outer office three gentlemen are waiting to see her Peter Bisi a daredevil on the Indian apolis Speedway Melvin Babcock who has a dangerous iob with the telephone company climbing poles and Iames Barnes who has an equally dangerous iob as Tarzan in the Tarzan motion pictures Next door to Miss Ames office IS that of the East Glastonbury Welfare Committee established and managed by Miss Iean Cohell On the fifty first floor I see a publishing companys office As I gaze a l1ttle harder a list of their best sellers appears on the bulletin board It is coming into focus I can read it now It IS as follows l How to Enter Typing Contests and Win William Aldrich 2 How Quietness 1S an Advantage in the Business World Ianis Shenstone 3 Thoughts from a Stenographer s Scratch Pad Irene Schaeffler The entire top floor I see is given over to an experimental laboratory At one table I see Alvah Russell absorbed in his greatest of discoveries - The Philosophers Stone. With it he hopes to perfect the button that will press the button. At another table sits Miss Dorothy Richardt toiling over a formula for a solution which is guaranteed to stop giggling at a moment's notice. So far she has had little success in working it out. "The crystal ball is cloudirig over - we are about to have a change of scenery. Ah l see a beautiful apple orchard in full bloom. Miss Angeline Bona and Miss Gladys Varni are walking about inspecting their crop of absolutely wormless apples. In a neighboring garden Kenneth Horton is explaining his theory of eyeless potatoes to Miss Virginia Wain- man and Miss Theresa Westergom who are vacationing in the country. Miss Wainman manages the 'Wainman Date Bureau and Miss Westergom is in charge of the publicity for the Acme Drug Stores. 'The crystal ball now takes me to a Teachers' Convention. In the crowd I see Miss Margie Thomasson who is teaching English Grammar in a New England school' Mrs. Hazel Frye now competently managing the commercial department at Glastonbury High School- and Professor Graham Tyrol who is giving a lecture course at Yale on How to Talk Without Being Misinterpreted. Prof. Tyrol is explaining to Miss Thomasson the reason for Miss Marcia Holders absence. She is attending Miss Gladys Marstons wedding. 'I am now looking into the private room of Admiral Peter Nimitz Solar: who is in the process of reprimanding Francis Litwin for trying to change the 'Navy Way' to the 'Litwin Way'. Chief cook Douglas Post enters and hands the menu for the day to the Admiral for inspection. "In the mystic haze a large and impressive building is taking shape. It is the Lysik Laundry' owned and operated to a large extent by Mi!! Helen 1-Ysik. Miss Lysik is now .1 ' I 'f' 0 r r 1 I were ' - . 4 . '.""' L' . 1 , 1 f - D21 T 9 2 is 1 , g'n f 4 1 j . J. .4 , 4fo,,l A . . ' I . ' . I . . V . I . 1 . 1- ' . I ' . D . - .1 1 -I . I 4 - . . 1 I 'I , , , , 5 I . . , , , . , . , . . Qllllhg beh1nd a large desk readtng a magaz1ne As the v1s1on draws nearer I see that the magaztne IS Llfe I shall w1th the ard of the ball gaze at a few pages and tell you what I see There IS a p1cture of Lxeut Nancy Ratchffe of the Cadet Nurse Corps as she appears treatlng an rnfantxle paralysts v1ct1m 1n Txmbuctoo where she IS stattoned On the opposrte page IS a photo of Mxss Shxrley Wrlhams now happ1ly marrled to a forest anger standmg before one of her new hot dog stands whxch she owns along the Alcan H1ghway A few pages over IS an artxcle by Mass Betty Tomhnson on tymg bows 1n ra1l road hes The petlte Mxss Tomlmson does thls m her spare t1me Her regular pos1t1on IS that of pr1vate secretary to Frank Burus Prestdent of Pratt and Wh1tney The next few pages are gtven over to the opera season rn New York Several of the p1cture lnclude Mrss Manlyn Bossung star of the Metropolttan and Mxss Marlon Zxrlzenbach curtaxn puller The P1cture of the Week IS of Mxss Yvette Cote who has lust been voted The Amer 1can Woman W1th the Most Pleaslng Personaltty The follow1ng four pages are devoted to the forth corntng pres1dent1a1 campatgn The arttcle on M185 Eleanbl' FGHGYI WIIO 15 FUD nxng for Presxdent was wntten by her campatgn manager Stanley Gllnack. H1s slogan Ferrarl not Franklm for Prestdent Wcutl the sounds of a tango commg from the blg top have affected my tram of thought The South Amertcan motlf has entered my v1s1on I see Mxss LaVeme Czarneckl accompanied by her brother Sxgmund Czarnecln wendrng the1r way through Brazrl on a Good Nerghbor tour In thelr company 15 Iohn Btgotto the Rudolph Valenttno of our day and Carol Catana Frankte Carle s latest competttor maklng personal appearances At th1s polnt we were 1nterrupted by shouts from the b1g top As we rushed 1nto the tent we looked up to see M1ss Rosemarie Prelx aer1al star fall1ng from her h1gh Wlfe Due to the spltt second th1nkmg of Miss Mary Leenders who shtfted the safety net Mass Prelr was saved Miss lean Sherman appeared to take thetr m1nds off the near tragedy wtth her new and magn1f1cent act She a fearless bareback rlder cla1ms to be the only woman IH the world who wh1le 1n mot1on can leap from one horse to another turmng a summersault 1n m1d a1r Havmg w'tnessed th1s marvel We once agam ret1red to the ausky xntertor of Margos tent Agatn Margo began her entnrallmg narrattve Somethmg loyous 1nust be about to appear My ball IS clouded by a llght rosy haze whtch drlfts softly awaf reveal1ng an Academy Award Dmnerl Someone IS addressmg the group about the table It IS Raymond Grant wrlter producer dlrector of and actor 1n most of the popular dramas of the day He has completely oblxterated the once famous Orson Welles Seated at h1s left 15 Mlss Lxlhan Leach who IS contendmg for the best support1ng actress for her performance as Mammy tn the revwal of Gone W1th The Wmd Across the table from her IS Mzss Manlyn Scaglxa who IS promot1ng her proteges The Three Stooges Evelyn Hams IS talkmg wrth Danny Kaye wlth whom she IS runntng very sttff compet1t1on The scene IS changmg I see a w1ndow of Maceys 1n New York Two young women are decorat1ng the w1ndow and as I come closer I see that they are Miss Frances Canapan and Mxss Beverly Cowles As I look deeper 1nto the crystal I can see that they are featurlng sport sweat rs by Annamae Two of our fmest basketball players Miss Agnes Kusmk and Mxss Ioan Krawxec are modelmg them Mass Annamae Egan has started a campargn for longer sweaters and more of them Above the shop ad1acent to Maceys I see a sxgn proclatmtng the wonders of hatr styles by Fnel Manlyn Fnel Styl1st Extra ordlnalrel The crystal ball takes us across the street where we see Mrss Ann Dysenchuck yust entertng her Ktddxe Kate Center She IS followed bv her d1et1t1an Mrss Lourse Kulas Now we are whlsked to an ultra modern medlco CIIDIC 1n Phlladelphla where many advantages are offered to the poor Mtss Dorothy Cembrano has just opened lrer off1ces on the second floor She has become a vetennarlan 1n order to save her doctor bllls Mrss Manlyn Knapp has her off1ce three doors down from Mxss Cembranos She IS now prac ttsmg dentlstry and IS at th1s moment try1ng to calm the nerves of postal clerk Mxss Vxr g1n1a Granger The radlo IH the room IS g1v1ng forth wxth the new verslon of an old song Iohn MacDonald has a Farm Mrss Knapp ts walkmg to the radto she presses a button and the warm human heart touchmg VOICE of Earl LaRock f11ls the alr w1th h1s sooth1ng poetry Each day Earl has a ftfteen mxnute program whlch IS s1m1Iar to that of Bud Ramey s As the crystal takes us agatn to the street we see the smartly dressed ftgure of Miss Frances Connery who operates the swttchboard at the local fxre department makmg her way to the corner drug store The store I see IS owned by Ioseph Pagano As she swtngs open the door a man brushes past her They stop and begm a conversatxon I-Ie IS Damel Korngxebel and he IS telllng Mxss Connery that he has ftnally found the perfect model A The crystal IS growmg dark My power IS fadmg and I fear that I can tell you no more Havtng sat1sf1ed my cur1os1ty pertammg to my frtends I left Margo and the clrcus and went on my way thankful that all had at least partlally realized the1r h1gh school arnb1t1ons . r , - . , . I I ' A , ' - I . , . - ' ' I '. . . - , . 1 1 ' 1 I 1 ' ' 1 I I ' . , . , 1, - I I 1 I ' . , . - , e . ' - . V - 1 , . , ' 1 - , I I ' , ' 1 . , , , lfLl7flfOI" Cfblrfii WILLIAM PORTER Pres1dent ANTHONY FORGHETTI Vrce Pres1dent IOAN BADER Secretary EDWARD BROWN Treasurer Colors Green and Gold Motto Truth Conquers All Thrs 1S the class of 46 proud Iumors who have Worked hard to attarn hrgh standards and have succeeded They have a IOUX partxclpatlon 1n War Stamps every Week Many of the boys are on the teams and practlcally all the grrls go out for mterclass sports Emoyed by all was the Iumor Senror Parents Nrght program a gay extravaganza whrch showed much talent On May 4 the Prom was held wlth nearly every Iumor takrng part The Decoratron Comm1ttee used a sprmg theme whrch trans formed the audrtorlum 1nto an attractrve garden The evenrng left pleasant memorres for all Every Iunror wrll be glad to wear the very attractrve class rrng selected ln November n . u . . . 1 . . . O . 0 ' 1 52,9 0WL0l"8 61,55 FRANK GONDEK Presrdent ALFRED DeGEMMIS Vrce Presrdent ROSANN FORGHETTI Secretary EDWARD CARINI Treasurer Colors Red and Sllver Motto Always Strrve To Do The Best The Sophomore Class of 45 started therr second year of hlah school wrth determrnatron to make rt a successful one The frrst rmportant event was the Sophomore Hop on March 2 Whrch appeared more formal than usual lt resulted 1n a merry and successful dance because of the Sophomore talents refreshments clancmg contests and games The next great event of the Sophomores was Parents N1ght 1n whlch the Sophomores and Freshman Worked together for an enter tarrung program ln all our Sophomore year was a very enjoyable one X - I . n I 1 . . 1 A 1 1 1 . . 1 , . P815 l'l'L6'lfl'L 61,555 811155 J EDWARD KULAS Presldent THOMAS GODAR Vlce Pres1de1'1t ANGELA FORGHETTT Secretary IRENE DRUSNICK Treasurer Colors Blue and Gold Motto lt Is Never Too Late To Look Ahead The Freshman Class had a very exc1t1ng year Wxth galety and humour combmed w1th our studtes The f1rst great event was the Freshman Party gtven by the Stu games contests and refreshments Many Freshmen attended 1t wh1ch helped make rt a great success The Freshman Class comp1led two textbooks on Glastonbury that wrll be of great mterest to all the students of G H S The next great event was Freshman Sophomore Parents Nxght whrch proved to be a great success We are all lookmg forward to our Sophomore year hopmg 1t w1ll be as successful as our days as Freshmen dent Council. lt turned out to be a very joyful occasion with dancing, G AX- J M C3 I fi I ,Q LX- Q - W ' O 1 x Frrst Row P Canaparl I Sherman I Pagano I Purtxll M Scaglra P Solarz M Holllster A Randall Second Row R Addmgton R Franklm G Call M Martmyak Mr Endee I Cornlsh D Moore A Iezoutt T Grasso .S?lft6!8I'Lt QMIQCL IOSEPH PAGANO Pres1dent IANE PURTILL Vtce Presxdent MARILYN SCAGLIA Secretary PETER SOLARZ Treasurer MR ENDEE Faculty Adv1sor The Student Councll IS the I-lono ary Orgamzatlorx ot Glastonbury class The Counc1l wh1ch ex1sts solely for the beneht of the students serves the student body by presentmg 1lS problems to the adrmms trat1on and promot1ng good c1t1zensh1p The Cour1c1l was very act1ve thts year lt sponsored the Athlettc Assocxahon Drrve the Red Cross Dr1ve and the March of D1mes 1n GH S lt also helps w1th work 1n the l1brary checklng equ1pment rn the h1gh school bu1ld1ng hre tnspectton and betng hosts to students from other schools The Student Counctl also sponsored the Freshman Party Wxlltarns Memonal 1nspect1ons and also held ct Student Counc1l Dance whlch was very successful High School. It is composed of two boys and two girls from each Fmrst Row D MacCla1n K Buck M1ss McMahon A Egan W Llebler Second Row M Knapp A Russell E Foote D House A Randall R Nutt The Assembly Comm1ttee under the management of M1ss Mc Mahon arranged a number of programs for assemblxes thls year Th1s group ol twelve has no off1ces of any type but works solely for the purpose of prov1d1ng the student body wlth assemblxes of mterest to them Throughout the year the members were on the alert seekmg outstandlng student talent and lectures of 1mportance We were entertalned by mot1on plctures speakers and educa tronal features whlch came to us through the1r efforts Memgfy Cnmmiffee Fxrst Row F Connery l Malecky L Leach Mrs Schm1tt F Canaparx M Scott H Lysxk B Sherman Second Row R Preh E Elllott F Cavanna G Mayek A Dysenchuk V Wamman C Aldrxch T Westergom A Egan Kumkewlch V Granger My lft.'5Ll'L8:5:5 Under the able dlrectlon of Mrs Schrrutt KMISS D9lG1OfHOl the club accomphshed a number of thmgs m the past year The ofhcers chosen were LILLIAN LEACH Prestdent FRANCES CANAPARI Vxce Presldent MARION SCOTT Secretary IRENE MALECKY Treasurer MRS SCHMITT Faculty Advtsor The flrst act1v1ty came on lanuary 9 when some members of the club put on a play Boss vs Secretary for the club members only The Blg Busmess Club and Dramatrc Club Dance was held on March 9 The club planned to present a play ent1tled A Mock Trtal for the student body The club also planned a tr1p to the Aetna L1te Insurance Company ln Hartford Third Row: B. Cowles, D. Chapman, R. Dickenson, D. Moore, I. Egan, P. Un! FITSI Row S Scagha C Seller I Murphy W Arnold L Morelra P Tracy R Forghettl Mlss Irwm Second Row O Wawruck I Nosal P Martmyak R Kocum P Kumkewxch B Manmng E Roser E Foote I Cormsh B LaMay Thxrd Row D Moore E Erlcson I Ratchffe A Hasbrouck S Maxwell E Howard C Foley I Zesut F Gondek R Nutt go Ogg WILLIAM ARNOLD Presldent LUCILLE MOREIRA Secretary IEAN MURPHY Treasurer MR FORMICA MISS IRWIN Faculty AdV1SOfS Under the able SUDGFVISIOH of Mr FOYIIIICQ a sound B1ology Club seems to have been establlshed Smce hxs departure Mxss Irwm has done an equally Ime Job The members have learned to set up a m1croscope and sl1des They have had many mterestmg lectures on Bactena Races of Man and Intelhgence - - 1 ' 1 - 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . , . - - 1 4 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , , , . , . 1 - 1 - 1 V 1 A . 9 - 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 F1fStROW Mrs Henze R Dufford I Pcxgcmo G Mczlmoskm G Muller Mxss Kennedy 0y5 Q0 LVL? The mm of thls club 1S to enoble 1lS members to cook slmple drshes for themselves Every other Week they cook under the d1rect1on of Mrs Henze cmd M1ss Kennedy thelr faculty GdV1SOTS and by the end of the yecxr they hope to be cxble to cook Cl complete meal Second Row: G. Call, G. Iohnson, E, Brown, A. Forghetti. 7 n Flrst Row Mrs Schmxtt N Nelson A Randall S Carl E OBr1en L Morexra I MOTIIS I Egan L Leach V Walnman G Tetft I Bader M1ss Campbell Second Row I Muller B Kocum A Alexander D Scaglxa C Prentlce L Saglxo E Roser N CUTIIS I Cormsh E Foote V Kocurn I Ftatla H Stmo H Lyslk C Radwrck Roser D House S WllllGmS H Wrllxams A Sweet T Godar I Gu1mOnt l'6lI'l'L6lfLC IOHN EGAN Pres1dent LILLIAN LEACH Vree Presrdent LUCILLE MOREIRA Secretary IOANNE MORRIS Treasurer MRS SCHMITT MISS CAMPBELL Faculty Adv1sors The Dramatlc Club has been very act1ve thls year Under the d1rect1on of M1ss Campbell and Mrs Schm1tt two Chr1stmas plays were produced for student assembhes They Got What They Wanted a comedy and the tradmonal Why The Chrrnes Rang were emoyed by all A three act produchon Ever Srnce Eve was successfully pre sented on the evenmg of March 23 I . ' , . , . , . , . ' ' , . Third Row: M. Martinyak, H. Blacha, E. Brown, D. Moore, R. Gardiner, D. 1 - 1 A I V - . 1 - 1 - 1 - I - U ' 1 ll - 1 tl I ' ll , - I - First Row P Solarz, A Russell W Porter D Hou e D Kornglebel I Gohell R Grant N Gerber H Gxalmlmettx Second Row R Nutt T Grasso W Arnold R Ferrando S Gxlnack H Ferry l'l'L6l"g8l'LCy ,SDCAZDLQJ The Emergency Squad was organ1zed thts year by a group ot Sen1or Iumor and Sophomore boys Under thelr own leadershxp they made themselves ready for emergency work After they were orgamzed Mr Burwood from the Connechcut Forest F1re Serv1ce came to therr meetmgs once a week to 1nstruct them 1n flre f1gl"1l11'1g They also had refresher courses 1n hrst ard hte sav1ng and wood lore The Squad cons1sted of two tramed crews that represented the two prmcxpal sechons of thts town They were regrstered under the d1str1ct warden and were prepared to serve dur1ng the flre season Mr. Kenneth Burwood, Tyrol, R.lSedt, D. Hollister, Mr. Turner. I l I I 1 - ' , . ' I , . FIFSI Row H Klllam D Davls T Grassc W Tryon D Preh E Haagensen Second Row W Shenstone I McDonald W Lzebler S Gllnack D McCla1n G Tobxas Mr Turner bttlfbfe 6lI"WL8l"5 0 I'l'L9l'LCd, THOMAS GRASSO Pres1dent WARREN TRYON V1ce Presldent STANLEY GILNACK Secretary WILLIS BAILEY Treasurer DONALD DAVIS Reporter MR TURNER Faculty Advlsor had a very successful year The mam event of the club was the F F A Dance to whlch the school was 1nv1tecl Other act1v1t1es of the club cons1sted of a Father Son banquet a soccer game w1th the vars1ty and part1c1pat1on 1n the Annual Conventlon of the State Assocxatron of the F F A At the Annual State Iudgmg Contest at the Un1vers1ty of Con nechcut the Glastonbury Chapter took hrst place 1n Lrvestock Iudglng and recewed the Sweepstakes award tor gettmg the hlghest score Stanley Grlnack and W1ll1S Balley were awarded the Rural Youth Award by Governor Baldwm The Glastonbury Chapter of the Future Farmers ot America has FIYSI Row A Braun I Tordonato R Forghettx MISS Kellogg P Clmton S Eldrldge G Marston Second Row G Malek I Drusn1ck I Schaeffler D Rrchardt C Call N Ralchffe L Trepp D Chrlds Thlrd Rowl Zesut I Encson I Cofrell I Clmton I Hadley S Bullcus Q 058101125 PHYLLIS CLINTON Presldent IANET TORDONATO V1ce Presrdent ROSANN FORGHETTI Secretary SHIRLEY ELDRIDGE Treasurer MISS ALMEDA KELLOGG Faculty Advtsor Under the able leadersh1p of thelr faculty advrsor Mrss Kellogg and w1th the ard of Mrss Vera McCracken Hartford County Y W C A advrsor the club had a very act1ve year The Gul Reserves are afllllated w1th the Hartford County Y W C A At Chrrstrnas tune they partrcrpated 1n The Hartford County Internatronal Song Festlval ln whlch they represented Poland They attended a second county conference at the Y W C A to wh1ch they contrrbuted name cards and programs Other act1v1t1es1ncludecl speakers rnovres bowhng crafts school dance and a candle hght ceremony They sponsored a town wrde Cookre Shower for the bhnd serv rcernen at Avon Hosprtal and the Mlle of Dunes collectlon rn our school 1 - 1 - , . , , . , . , . . - 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . 1 Q 1 . 1 . . . . , . , , , . , . , . . 1 1 , . . . . , . I . 1 1 1 1 , ' . . . 11 - - 11 . . K CH The Glee Clubs th1s year had one of the most eventful years 1n tts hrstory On October 19 twenty students sang 1n the All State Chorus under the d1rect1on of Noble Ca1n at the Bushnell Memonal for the State Teachers Conventron ln the fall the Glee Club gave the1r Thanksgwmg Assembly under the d1rect1on of Mr Dav1s A spec1al chorus later journeyed to the I-hgh Street School where they presented a Chr1stmas Program The After the Chr1stmas vacat1on the Spec1al Chorus presented a collectlon of songs lor the South Glastonbury Llbrary Assoc1at1on Thts program was broadcasted Ianuary 26 over stat1on WTHT Re cordmgs were made of the broadcast Later the Chorus sang the ent1re program 1n an assembly for the student body Mr Dav1s the d1rector of mus1c durmg all these acttvltles was grven a leave of absence at th1s l11'I'1e He was succeeded by Mrs Baldwrn 88 M, Glee Club presented some of these songs at their Christmas Assembly. Ogff K F1rstRow D Seller W Smczllwood R Scott P Solorz I Pcxgono G Tyrol R Grant R Nutt Second Row W Cone L Myers C Stevenson E Brown H W1ll1GmS E Grant D DCIVIS S Wxllxcrms E Erxcson D House Th1rd Row D Holhster R Blazcwskl L Hall R Dcrlmg Jslym The H1 Y was orgcrmzecl by cr group of boys who were mterested ln 1ts estobllshment The purpose of thls group IS to create cmd mcnn torn h1gh Chrrstron chorocter throughout the school and cornrnumty The group met Weekly under Mr Endee s dlrectlon and d1S cussed cmd octed upon many problems of the school cmd communlty F1rstRow E Kulcrs D House S G1lncrck H W1ll1GIUS G Call D Roser Second Row E Goslee R Nutt R Dlckenson C MacDonald A Russell Mr Endee I ' bl, 1 1 ' FIYSI Row A Ferry L Trepp E Harrxs I Taylor I Smedy M Blshop N CUTIIS M Schena Second Row E OBr1en C Prentlce G Bxdwell H Tryon Mlss Kennedy Mrs I-lenze S Dadona G Mlller D Wexr Forghettl A Froncak L Hobble I Drusmck 0l'l'L8WLd LVL? IOYCE TAYLOR Pres1dent IEAN SMEDY VICG Pres1dent EVELYN HARRIS Secretary MARGARET BISHOP Treasurer MRS HENZE MISS KENNEDY Faculty Adv1sors The I-Iomemalcmg Club alded bv Mrs Henze and Mlss Kennedy has completed another successful year In February a Valentrne s Party was gwen and was enloyed by all who attended Added features to thls club cons1sted of speakers rnovles p1cn1c and a dance The only requuement to Iom thxs club 1S to be mterested mn home econormcs Third Row: l. Mackie, H, Kohlut, K. Berruti, D. Childs, I. MacGillvary, A. F1rstRow Mrs Dogan F Connery E LaRock H Frye E Ferrari I Pagano B Tomhnson Mr Karrott Second Row E HGTYIS I Powers I Encson L Kulas A Wrlght B Cowles M Knapp I Krawxec V Wamman Thxrd Row L Morerra M Nordblom R Nutt R Dufford E Erxcson P Tracy C Aldrlch we olidniefn E1ght xssues of the Lantern were pubhshed th1s year These m ctuded the tradmonal features and some new 1mprovements such as the enlargrng of the dutmes of the art staff and a new method of settmg up the pages Thanks to the cud of Mrs Dogan and Mr Kcurott our adv1sors and the cooperatton of the cornposmon department the Lantern staff enyoyed a very successful year . . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . ,. . .. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . ,, ,. . .. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , 1 I . . , , 1 Fxrst Row A Russell Mr Antonuccx R Seat R Grant Second Row I Gallx I Cofxell R Ferrando D House P Solarz ' 6ll'LLCHf jfdwtng The Mechamcal Drawxng Club under the d1rect1on of Mr An tonuccx the faculty adv1sor completed an lnterestmg and successful year The memberslup of the club was restncted to Iumor and Semor boys whose goal was to learn the bas1c fundamentals of mechamcal drawmg The students feel that through the club they have galned valuable expenence 11'1 clevelopmg a slall wh1ch wlll be useful to them when they go out mto the world to take the1r place 1n mdustry ' - 1 - , . , . . ' ' 1 - I - 1 - 1 ' - d Q . K D 1 a E Brown L Hall D Korngrebel R Grant H Cote G Brdwell O Pfau Ol"CA,efffl"6l E BROWN Vlolln R GRANT Trumpet L HALL Trumpet H COTE Gurtar D KORNGIEBEL Drums G BIDWELL Vrolln O PFAU Prano Due to other act1v1t1es the orclestra has had few rehearsals m the past year Those who were most lnterested have recerved some valuable knowledge They planned to present a hlm on the mstruments ot the sym phony orchestra wh1ch also shows the outstandmg orchestras of th1s country The Boston Symphony Rochester Cleveland and the Nattonal Symphony CLZVLCZ RICHARD FRANKLIN Presldent EDWARD KULAS Vrce Presrdent WILLIAM ARNOLD Secretary THOMAS GODAR Treasurer MR FORMICA MISS IRWIN Faculty Advlsors The Scrence Club has had several drrectors thrs year In the be gmmng ot the year we elected the oftrcers and made out a hst of proJects for the club to perform durmg the year Later we decrded to d1v1de the clulo 1nto two sectrons Electro Chemrstry and Rad1o The two sectrons of the club have prohted from the student lectures on sub1ects of lnterest to the club - 1 A A - 1 - , - , . , , . - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . , . I - 1 L 1 1 1 1 u ' 1 t . Fxrst Row Mr Antonuccx D Whaples A Russell C Seller O Wawruck F Gondek S Scagha D Korngxebel L Gamer R Glguere R Smlth D Holllster W Cone Second Row N Gerber R Darlmg W Arnold C Bunker D Chapman F Talboom R Seat G Brewster H Ferry D Seller D MacClaxn G Mayer Thxrd Row C Stevenson I Bemer T Godar N Bantly R Landry E Kulas lak P Kumkewlch pfanea am! RLJLO f A FRANCIS GONDEK Presxdent OLGA WAWRUCK V1ce Pres1dent SHIRLEY SCAGLIA Secretary MR ANTONUCCI Faculty Advxsor The Planes and Radlo Club was organ1zed wlth a membersh1p of f1fty students th1s year wh1ch makes 1t one of the bxggest clubs ln the school The group 1S dlvlded 1nto three sectxons each sect1on be1ng 1nterested 1n a separate actxvxty The RQd1O Sectlon under the leadershlp of Alvah Russell has 1nterested ltself m acqu1r1ng a knowledge of the fundamentals of radlo Damel Kornglebel was asslstent leader Robert Seat was 1n charge of the Planes Sectxon Thrs group 1S made up of students mterested 1n maklng many types of plane models The Code Sectxon took up the study of the lnternat1onal Morse Code The Army Pre 1nduct1on Bas1c Rad1o Code Kxt was used for the1r 1nstruct1on as th1s 1S approved by the Un1ted States Army R. Franklin, E, Noch, P. Perosino, E, Ericson, E. Goslee, G. Twarkins, W. Trymbu- . . I I F1TSt Row A KUSICIK A Russell Mrs Dogan K Buck M Babcock M Holhster Cllnton G Telit MELVIN B15 BCOCK Presrdent ALVAH RUSSELL Secretary KATHERINE BUCK Treasurer MRS DOGAN Faculty Adv1sor The functlon of thls club lS to acquamt Ms members wrth lhe fundamentals of typmg lt IS open to those who have not been able to lnclude typlng 1n thelr regular schedule Mrs Dogan has taught the club not only the keyboard but also the correct method of typmg busmess letters and the use of carbon paper Second Row: N. Nelson, O. Pfau, S, Czarneclci, I. Krawiec, G. Malinoski, P. bt One of the hlgh hghts of the school year was the Semor Play After careful preparatlon and much work the sen1or cast gave tl'xe1r performance on Apnl 13 Ably dxrectecl by Mr Ka1rott the faculty adv1sor rt was a great success The play Young Apr1l sequel to GIOWIHQ Palns was Wrltten by Auran1a Rouverol and W1ll1am Spence Rouverol Professor Mclntyre GRAHAM TYROL Mrs McIntyre MARION ZIRKENBACI-I George Mclntyre IOE PAGANO Lula V1v1an Elsle Bnan Stanley Bert Parsons Pete Stewart M1Iler Mrs Mlller M1ldred Iane Dxane G1lmore LILLIAN LEACH ANNA MAE EGAN LQVERNE CZARNECKI IAMES BARNES PETER SOLARZ RAYMOND GRANT MELVIN BABCOCK MARILYN KNAPP FRANCES CANAPARI VIRGINIA GRANGER SHIRLEY WILLIAMS enior pfay Terry Mclmyfe''Qffffffffffffffffifffffffffffffi3'iiVERLY cowuzs H Lysrk N Nelson B Cowles A Egan V Granger A Tever1s I Ratchffe CAQQPLQJQPJ Thrs year s squad of cheerleaders consrsted of three Semors who were members of last years team and one Seruor two Iumors and one Sophomore who were selected on the basrs of appearance per sonallty and abxllty to lead cheermg The grrls selected and made thelr outfrts of blue corduroy Whether games were played at home or away the cheerleaders attended every one of them spurrmg the team on to vrctory 'Mb-r I It 1 Fxrst Row G Muller D Moore G Malmoskr I Pagano G Iohnson A Forghettx I Bemer Second Row D Davrs F Gondek I Barnes P Solarz C Stevenson G Kowalsky W Smallwood Thrrd Row E Errcson E Ruff Coach Hartwell OCCQI' The l944 Soccer Team establlshed the best record for Soccer w1th1n the last four years at G H S Out of the thrrty boys who reported for the frrst pract1ce seven letter men returned to g1ve the GH S team enough experrenced men to form a better than average team The veterans were Baldy Bar1bault center forward Doug Post fullback Prlls Pagano center halfback Muzzy Malmoslcr r1ght halfback Lrt L1tw1n rrght wmg Red Smallwood left haltback Shrrey Moore fullback and Brg Boy Barnes fullback Other capable candrdates were Pete Solarz goahe Spec DeGemm1s rrght msrde halfback Mrckey Brenza msrde Goofy Drckenson goalre Hatch Stxno wrng Leaky Ruff fullback and Streaky Bemer wrng Our effrcrent mana gers were Pete Kunekewrch and Lert Errcson Everythmg seemed too good to be true and 1t was Father T1me and the draft caught up w1th two of our capable lettermen Bar1bault and Post Both enhsted rn the Umted States Navy The team determrned to turn m a good season made a good record by wmmng srx games los1ng frve and tyrng two for a percentage of seventy one G H S placed second 1n the Connectrcut Valley League SOCCER SCHEDULE 1944 Thursday September 2.l Wednesday October ll Bloomheld Home Lost 2 Bloomheld Away Tre Tuesday September 26 Fl'ldGY OC101D9F 13 Wrndsor Away Won WIUCISOF HOIHG T16 Frrday September 29 Tuesday October l7 Newrngton Away Won l Newlngton Home Won Monday October 2 Thursday October 19 Portland Home Won 2 Portland Away Won Wednesday October 4 Tuesday October 24 Ellsworth Away Lost 4 Wetherstreld Home Lost 2 Frrday October 6 Monday October 30 Wethersheld Away Lost 1 Ellsworth Home Lost 1 Monday October 9 E Hampton Home Won 4 0 J , : , 1 'Tony' Forghetti, inside leftg "Bobo' Kowalski, fullbackg "George" Muller, 2 .. ,, I I .. ,, I . ' . . 1 1 1 I ' ' ' -0' ' ' ' 1-1 ' 1-U ' ' 1-1 . ' ' -0 . ' 2-1 ' -0 3-1 -1 ' ' -0 ' -o ' -o Frrst Row R Buckley D Moore G Iohnson E Ruff I Pagano M Babcock P Solarz G Mallnoskt I Bemer A Forghettr L Garner Second Row F Gond k G Mayer A Sweet R Grant G Tyrol H Ferry R Seat, G Kowalsky Coach Hartwell R Nutt gmgefgaf Although the prospects for a successful season were good our qumtet won but tour league games thts year two w1th Bacon Academy and one wrth Newmgton and Wrndsor Next year s team w1ll be w1thout the able support of Addmgton Babcock Grant Pagano Solarz and Tyrol but wtth the return of such capable men as Bemer DeGernm1s Forghettl Iohnson Kowalsky Malrnoskt Moore and Ruff the team should be a worthy opponent for any team 1n the Connectlcut Valley League The school sp1r1t was excellent at every game th1s year and our cheer leaders were tops The team fought hard and gave the best teams m the league the1r strongest opposmon These close games wh1ch were lost by only one or two pornts lncluded those wrth Ellsworth Portland and Wlndsor Locks A . , 1 I , , . . , , . , , , , . l - . , , , , SCHEDULE Flrst Row E Ruff E Car1n1 G Malmoskx D Davls L Myers I Bemer Second Row G Iohnson R Seat G Muller P Solarz I Pagano G Kowalsky A Iezouxt I Barnes D Moore T Grasso Thxrd Row Coach Hartwell P Barker R Ferrando E Errcson E Grant E Fahey D Roser R Bunker R Buckley A Paglxughx Easels!! At the t1rne thrs art1c1e was wrrtten the baseball season was not 1n full swlng It IS expected that a well eYper1enced group Wlll turn Letterrnen expected to come back to the team are M1ke MGl1HOSk1 Pete Solarz Ioe Pagano Sh1rey Moore A1 Iesuort I1m Barnes and Goofy D1ckenson W1th these lettermen and many other capable prospects the forthcommg season should be a prosper ous and happy expertence for G H S When Apr1l May May May May May May May May May Iune Who Wethersheld W1ndsor Bloomheld New1ngton Wethersheld Portland W1ndsor Woodrow W1lSOH Newmgton Bloornheld Portland Where Home Home Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Away Away out at the first practice. . 20 . 1 . 4 . 8 . ll ' 15 18 ' 22 ' 25 ' 29 ' 1 girg' infer CKCLJZ5 Soorfa These g1rls part1c1pated 1n the sports GCl1V1l1eS for the year 1944 1945 The sports mcluded Freld Hockey Soccer Basketball Volley Ball and Baseball Th1S year as ln the two precedmg years the Freshmen have greatly mcreased the1r number of partxcrpants 1n sports The Fresh men who have shown hvely oppos1t1on th1s year are expected to per1ence These mtra mural class games Wh1Ch have always proved to be exc1t1ng and mterestrng are carrred on each year wxth mcreaslng success We all smcerely hope 1t w1ll contlnue th1s Way throughout the com1ng years At th1s wr1t1ng there were st1ll no champ1onsh1p teams 1n any sport because of the delay rn startmg and the unusual weather condmons present some formidable competition alter they have had more ex- Cano!!! K ,qw 'Wk q,-.ff Sill if WZ!! 3? iii ll mai 6LIflfLQlf6L I F Y 'vga . 3 Q Qs"- 'Hd 'ia f'w FUR MEN WIIO S AVE DAILY S eezal Pre aratzora Hel s Prevent Irrztatwn Needs N0 Brush Not Stzelzy or Greasy Why rlsk the lrntatlon that often comes from dally shavmg or put up with the nulsance of a wet shavmg brush" To help solve these speclal problems of men who must shave every day Wxlhams has perfected Ghder, a rnch soothmg cream Gllder IS not sticky or greasy and ll needs no brush Protects Your Face To use Gllder first wet your face lf 00Bdl tlons permit Then spread on Ghder qulckly and easlly wlth your fingers never a brush Instantly Cllder softens and smooths down the flaky top layer of your skin It forms a thln protective fihn between your razor and your face The blade s sharp edge glides over your skln removlng each completely softened whlsker at the skm lme wzthout scrapmg or zrntanon Saves Tlme and Fuss Glider IS mvaluable to men ln service It saves tune and fuss and ehmmates the danger frequent shaving may have for t tender skln It leaves your face lookmg cleaner feelmg smoother Ghder was developed by Thel B Wxlhams Company makers of fine shavmg prepara tlons for over 100 years Get some today ffndufeaafndjafw 1 e 4' s WIWAM t 'rfffwfay O U O u l , . , , . l ' he ll l af x gg' 2 l. A AT F .1" l , 5 gr i' i' UNE PIL TURE IS XVORTH A DOZEN STORIES THE BROWN STUDIU jfp 2820 W 'N ' ' ' ' i f Cflfllfjgilllplllfgf O! if pQfE1'f'f Street, I-Iemtford, Coimiu UQAW 2 f 5 COIIIPAWIEII IJ of THE WILLIAMS HHU5. SILVER LII Glastonbury, EIIIIII. Another ynar has passed and aqaln ll IS the prlvlllzqe uf SMITH 54, COWLES f f K, f fl, 7!MaLer.4 of i I' C . I" Pe l fo congra alia e an0fAer graaluafinr C6455 of fge gdlolorzgllry .SICAOOX ani! fo wi5A fnem Aeafg, cueadn, Cll1l!ACll9l9il'l055 in ze ears fo come. LUWE FUNERAL HIWIE5 FRANK H HUBAUHEH EAST HARTFORD GLASTONBURY PRELI S SUPER MARKET 81 GROCERIES MEATS 6: HEADQUARTERS VEGETABLES DULANY FROSTED FOODS RECAPPING 29 HEBRON AVENUE d TEL 415 VULCANIZING IOHN L PRELI 6: CO INC 2 COIHIJAIINEIIIJ of f T ' . CJIUIICI' ' Il-rl'l'!fIr Complimenfs of ' I for an - . .. ., 1 . QMID A111011 1.4 of THE MATSON MILLS INCCQ b f So. Gllaston' wry, Conn. MANUFACTURERS UP woman 5 wear 00 Bild AI' coafa an 5lllf5 Glve a pmt of blood and save a 11fe IF IN THE FUTURE YOU CHOOSE TO ROAM SEE ME ILL SELL YOU A MOBILE HOME DAVID L. MOORE TRAILERS Church Comers Ecxst Hartford llounewlrl 3 lellll FRED T HILL 0l'l'L0l'I'l el' Q Whcrt better souvemr ot school days than the plctures ln your clctssbook? Clotssbooks produced by Semco Photo hthogrcrphy con be generous ly lllustrcrted by photographs cmd drowmgs ot httle or no oddrttonol cost Semco Photo hthogrctphy ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR SPAULDING MOSS COMPANY 4 HXTURFS 42 Franklm Street 259 Naubuc Ave Boston Massachusetts TlHtfd80333 t 7 gg fl ' This book was produced by 2. df or - East Har Ford,Conni KONON ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CENTRE IN THE CENTER OF TOWN G + RECORDS NOW I' ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES A LITTLE LATER777 I Sh pA+ KIINIIN RAIIIII REIIURII SHIIP l263 MAIN STREET EAST HARTFORD 8 CONN 82327 olzllge I liff FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS TE 63I8I I 04 TEMPLE STREET HARTFORD CONN We TeIegrapI1 FIowers Cpltf CONSOLIDATED CIGAR CORPORATION LAWRENCE S STORE SELF SERVICE VVELLES VILLAGE DO YOUR PART BUY MORE WAR BONDS 5 New London Turnpike ,' Tel. Ias . 3342 - - I.. 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I Compliments of om imen s o Comphments of W C DOUGLAS Complnmenis SCOTT PLASTICS RICHARDS HARDWARE CO INC Sportmg Goods 2342 MAIN STREET Best Vhshes to the Class of 1945 VILLA MARIA GI-ASTONBURY CONN scum GLASTONBURY coNN TELEPHONE 2077 ' of EAST GLASTONBU RY Pay your oblugahons by check A bool: of I0 checks cosfs SI 00 No o+her charges THE GLASTONBURY BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY Trusfs admmusfered 8: Esfafes sefiled Complnmenfs of J L CAMP OPTOMBTFIST EAT AT THE GLASTONBURY DINER Sfahon 35 Comphments oi FRANK CANIONE S RESTAURANT 2108 MAIN STREET GLASTONBURY Comphments of COXS SERVICE STATION zoo MAIN STREET E HARTFORD CONN Phone 8 3951 Compllmenfs of A FRIEND W J MARTINYAK 81 BRO Mea+s, Grocernes Frun+s and Vegefables IIO HEBRON AVENUE GLASTONBURY Telephone 3331 "WE SERVE ONLY THE BEST OF FOODS J A BERGREN DAIRY FARMS PASTURIZED GRADE A MII..K FROM OUR OWN FARMS HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MII.K ICE CREAM IIOOB msd A n T18 131 Compllments of PRELI 6 SPENCER GLASTONBURY MOTOR SERVICE ANDREWJ DONDERO P Co pl me ts of MCKEOWN SECRETARIAL SCHOOL 197 ASYLUM STREET HARTFORD 3 CONN R FOLEY P LANERI S GARAGE FORD SALES 81 SERVICE TOWING AND GENERAL REPAIRING BODY WORK AND PAINTING T pl Ph 2225 Compl m nts of BIKE SHOP EVERETT H BIDWELL Complimenfs of East Hartiord u ie ve ue e. -2 . , rop. rn i n i e THE GLASTONBURY . 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M S i C 1 THE GLASTONBURY FARM SUPPLIES JOE KATZ A Bug Push By Class of I945 THE LITTLE SHOP C l C l ts I L CARL S GARAGE PAULS BARBER SHOP HOLMES AUTO WRECKER SERVICE Gl b Wh 'l Cpl+f FRANKS SHOE REBUILDING Class of 45 FRANKLIN PHARMACY GLASTONBURY ws-lens You MEET YOUR FRIENDS and omp iments of a 2817 ain treet Glas onbury says Complimenis of Will Help! omp iments of omp imen of I I So. aston ury l Besi is es o om :men s o I I Don? Bo+I1er Us GLASTONBURY MOTORS We re Too Busy' GENERAL SERVICE I b KINNIE 84 TRYON BARKER BROTHERS PAGES SODA SHOP Ice and Owl C E RISLEY MILTON CUTLER MILK AND CREAM HOWARD CARRIER INSURANCE m N PETER GIAY 6. SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS Ph 525 2' REMODELING SPECIALISTS Compliments of I M in Street So. G aston ury Complimenis of Compliments of Complimenis of CompIimenfs of F. Compli ents of I22 aubuc Avenue Glasfonbury, Conn. : - 24 A FRIEND mp PHELPS COAL GLASTONBURY TELEPHONE 413 STARK S EXPRESS JOE S SERVICE STATION + TONYS BARBER SHOP AMERICAN CLEANERS I 234I MAIN STREET Cplff GLASTONBURY POLICE DEPARTMENT JOHNSON S MARKET THE Home OF sooo Poor: Co Iiments of Complimenfs of CompIimenIs of Complimenfs of I I Glas onbury, Conn.. 2958 Main Sheef C 1' I I . . . . omplmen S O Tallormg and Shoe Repaarmg I IHere Io serve Glo: onburyl om Imen s o I Complrments l PAGAN O S ECBANTLE RC!d1O Sales cmd Servrce Electrmcczl Contrcctxng GLASTONBURY GLASTONBURY DEPARTMENT STORE The Place for Better Values Mens and Women s Apparel Molud Hoslery We Carry Hanes Underwear Sundial Shoes LOCATED AT STATION 35 OPEN EVENINGS FRANK I KUSIAK 6 SONS Manufacturers ot Custom Buxlt Upholstered Furmture LAURA HALE GORTON Real Estate and Insurance 2289 Mcun Street Glastonbury Phone 501 Compliments of GLASTONBURY DRUG LEON O HOUSE General Merchandise MAIN STREET 6-LASTONBURY CONNECTICUT TELEPHONE 2090 Comphments oi TRYON S DAIRY ' o , . . Sold af Low Prices I I J I Compliments of Compliments of L A WEIR ANDYS BARBER SHOP J C RICHARDS SERVICE STATION THE GLASTONBURY TAILOR Y 2062 HERMAN ROSER 81 SONS INC SERVICE STATION GLASTONBURY CONNECTICUT d Y hm KEMPS STORE FAMILY SERVICE LAUNDRY BUCKINGHAM S W t Compliments of Good ear Tires Exide Batteries Telephone South Glastonbury Compliments of Mc1cDONALD'S Socony Frien l Service Genuine Pigskin Leather Comp' ents ol Compliments of ervice in cr imc

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