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4 'AL s Chu .awk .arf 5591 if 5 P4 qw- : ft' .--YA -1 Y V-.Ni Y , -'L-4 .A P, we : "F"1 -sw? x P? M 1 45 V1 1 . , " . ve 'Z-.Q ' A It f, .,. iw?-Q A 1' 4. In 1 x JI I -5 'A J 'A ap W , . V' ' vt " wfwg -b lr :F il.. MT' 33. f.. 3.. Q., LP rg. in 1 x W 'S 1 2 If """""-nw... V J " if ,f ww .... mn, W-we.,..... 1 3 43 , 1 ,Q ww v as X k ' K5 if Q x 41 'ff 5 Q 6 , W. , 'sw K W N ii NS' Q x Q rg M 'Gif Q gun-Et W X SX? X 'ex N xg 'EEL . .: 13--.' Wiif' . 'WF'-x' lihfi: , . ..-. Q . , Q .X f wg. ' 1 - Nw pu.. Q1 'Yiiain 3 RF we K w k si R Mi GYEIMU , ' ' L Q 2. E E 5 , ' KK 4 2- J' ,I ,f -E 5 gf S' 1 9 E 51- V4 .W x E E 5 J! L" xl Q - 'U-in" V Q , I E a WNV ' 4 P in. .gf E ! X x gi I N -H X - E' ferx Jr 5 2 'J' wil i' ,lr '- :Sq-fig up -11 5 EX LIBRIS Jlw 5 ' WMM M - ' Schvnl, 2-jlaAA,tzv'zf,, Pnnmqluanid 'Wlazp 74, 7954 Jwuzhf-Aeconnl Qdzhbn, ELEANOR G. PAYNE We, the class of 1954, dedicate this year book to Miss Eleanor Payne, who for the past several years has supervised the compiling of the Glahisean. ln this small way we are striv- ing to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the many sacrifices she has so willingly made of her time. Behind the scenes Waiting for the first curtain I use Gleem Two QX VK ff,-f X T7 Nlglxqhfifxxxxxx. K X X If f , in DZ:-Cifw 1 , 1 I f W 4,3 QQ F K+ 2? ' g U fo 4o7'g'5'A VZ 'I-bt: X WNQ2 if aw, VG 7A I f 0 ' X Z H 0 X QQ 97' 4' d'ONOR"' wi? ,W ' K. ' V E52gE35a'm 5 E .-'ET s.G""" K Four "alumni, 602, Swat" :G Q LUCAS, Roberl Charles Academic Politeness is part of his moral creed, Shown in his every action and deed. BOOTH, Dinean Commercial Blonde, in1eresIing'and very perl, Active--and always on ihe alert. ' Umm, Ummm PRZYWARTY, Francis l. Commercial Every triumph that l know To virlue do I owe. Uicap' KANTORCZYK, Pairicia Anno l jf: Academic A charming girl whose smile is sweet, Just meeling her is quile a treat. Five ADAMCIK, Mary Ann ALPERN, Sylvan A. AUSLANDER, Edward Louis BACKSTROM, Duane N. Commercial Limited General Academic General Nothing much is said by she, He is the kind of friend in need, ln mathematics he is a whiz, Drumming was his special feat, For silence is her policy. Who always is a friend indeed. Ed makes an "A" on every quiz. In baseball, he found a treat. BENNER, Marianne E. BILL, Alwin Michael BODUS, Rose Marie BORKOWSKI, Edward General Commercial Limited Academic Commercial Limited Smiling lips and eyes so bright, Be contented iust like me, In singing did this miss excell, His motto's love, laugh, and live, To be with her is a delight. From troublesome care l'm free. But in studies she did as well, He seeks much pleasure and pleasure he'll give. BORELLI, Guy R. BORRELLI, louis Joseph BROOKS, Birtie Oella BURKLEY, Dolores Marie General General Commercial Commercial He likes the girls and has fun, Louie is a friend to everyone, High-stepping maiorette is she, The fairest thing that ever grew, A friend he is to everyone. And always eager to have fun. A leader in scholastic ability. A friend who is good and true. Six BYERS, Donald L. CENDROSKI, Regina M. CHARNEY, James Louis CHURAY, Thomas P. General Commercial General General Of tinkering with autos he'll Sweet little miss, friendly, kind, Everyone would like to own, A quiet boy is our Churay, never tire, Another like her is hard to find. The friendly attitude that Jim Very nice in every way. To be a mechanic is his desire. has shown. CIHOTA, Patricia L. CONLEY, Anna Mae COOLEY, Walter CRNCIC, Robert Anthony Commercial Limited Commercial Clerical Commercial Limited The friendliness of this lass, A big heart for a girl so small, A man of might is surely he, His quiet exterior Can be seen by all who pass. A friendly word she gives to all. Spends his hours in the library. Hides his devilish interior. DAVIS, Hurry A. DAVIS, Roland A. DE CARLO, Antoinetta DECOLATI, Morris C. General General Clerical General At everything Harry did his best, A good team mate in any game, Slim, tall, charming and neat, Dimpled smile, wavy hair, He never stopped to take a rest. And in football he won acclaim. Makes a hit with all she meets. Makes good company anywhere. Seven - fi pf , DELMER, Bill DI GIORGIC, Joseph DINTINU, Letti Jo DOUGlA5, Patricia Ann General General General Commercial Many hearts are anchored by A bashful sort and yet, A miss gifted with charm and As sweet and demure as they his voice, A more friendly lad you never grace, come, Any girl would like to be his met. In activities she sets the pace. She has a smile for everyone, choice. DRAGOS, Helen DUNCAN, Kay DWOREK, Lorraine G. DWOREK, Martha A. Commercial Academic Clerical Clerical Pep and vigor she did not need, Twinkling eyes and merry pranks, Always ready for some fun, Much wisdom does this lass When at a game the cheers Place Kay in the highest ranks. She has a smile for everyone. own, she'd lead. Her lessons she'd always known, and , ELKO, Carl Joseph FASISKA, Edward FASICZKA, Ray G. FATO, Louise A. General General Academic General With the clouds he'll float away, A little on the carefree side, At drumming Ray's mighty keen, Though twisted, the course of Wondering and lost like they. His friendliness he'll never hide. Someday he'll be another Gene. love may be, Eight No other one can I see. FAYCHAK, Margaret E. FERRONE, Richard John FINNEY, Robert Hengust FRATTAROLI, Anthony P. Clerical General General Commercial Shining black hair and a smile One who's always done his best, Because of his artistic touch, "Fats" is always getting by, to please, His attainments tell the rest. Someday he'll amount to much. With cunning phrases that are Has this maiorette who struts with ease. sly. FURST, William H. GALLAWAY, Richard H. GARLAND, Arlene Joan GINOSKY, Lorraine Commercial Limited General Commercial Limited Commercial Always friendly, always kind, This lad who always is so polite, The personality of this lass, With her pleasant ways and Another like Bill is hard to find. We think that he's quite alright, Shines iust like a pane of glass. golden hair, She holds a charm that is quite rare. l GROVE, Susette HALL, Glenn HART, Conrad John HART, Elaine Margaret Academic General Clerical Clerical Susette is our fashion plate, Mischief reigns in him supreme, The strength of Samson he pos- Always going along her way, With us all she sure does rate. He likes to sit in class and sesses, With never a harmful thing to scheme. Although this fact he never say. stresses. Nine , 1 ffl HERREN, Marvin L. HILKO, Raymond Nicholas HORNFECK, Sheila HOROX, .lack S. Clerical Commercial Limited Academic Academic He's our senior trumpet man, Here's to one whose name is For such a pal and such a friend, A comrade blithe and full of A credit he'd be to any band. Ray, I think l'd walk to iourney's end. glee, A lad with never much to say. Who dared to laugh out loud and free. HUGHES, Ruben Richard HUMENIK, Bea A. IVAN, William E. JASKOLSKI, Margaret E. Clerical General General Commercial ln typing class he has much fun, Anyone would walk a mile, Behind the blonde hair and Trim and neat is this lass, Hitting wrong keys one by one. Just to see Bea's flashing smile. ocean blue eyes, Who's full of fun in every class. Can be found a bit of mischief in disguise. JODIE, Adella JOHNSON, Marlene JONES, Martha A. KASHNER, Patricia Ann Commercial limited General Commercial Commercial She who is divinely tall, With a smile on her pretty face, A cheerful countenance has she, A dainty miss and pretty too, Knows how to play basketball. Marlene is welcome any place, One with whom we like to be. Always has a smile for you. Ten l NEI 1, KILL, Gertrude KING, Clara G. KOPCZYNSKI, Alice Jean KOSTYZAK, William P. Academic Commercial Limited Commercial Limited General Intelligent girl, full of chatter, A miss with little to say, Gay beyond words, funny too, Geometry he solves with ease, She's sure to climb the ladder. Always sincere in every way. Her impish ways will carry her As easy as flying from a trapeze. through. . 7 f ...J KUZIO, Marianne LADZUN, Georgette H. LA FRANKIE, Paul LAINE, Ray Commercial Commercial General General A helpful hand she will lend, "Ge Ge" can always be 'found We hardly knew Paul was Friendly but yet oh so cool, To everyone she is a friend. With a smile and never a frown. around, Over the latest iumps he'll drool. For he rarely made a sound. 1' LANYI, Ronald J. LEES, Gerald B. LOKASH, Robert S. LOONEY, Raymond Academic General General Academic In activities he ranked high, With a laugh for any old thing, To bring the notices our way, ln sports this boy was a star, His honors rose up to the sky. He manages some cheer to bring. Was his duty every day. Yet his grades were above par. Eleven 'lr ll LOWICKI, Marcella J. MACKOWICK, Leonard D. MALER, Barbara Ann Commercial Academic General Marcy's smile is bright and Manly actions, pleasing way, "BeBe" is a pleasant pal, sunny, Best of moods, happy all clay. She is everybody's gal. And she is a perfect honey. MARTINA, Liz Jane Commercial Limited A cheery smile she gives to everyone, To be with her is lots of fun. I' MAY, June Annetta McCRACKEN, John Clyde MEISL, Ronald J. MICHALSKI, Rita Theresa General Clerical General Commercial Limited "April" showers bring "May" A deep thinker he'll always be, With that smile so dashing, A quiet little miss is she, flowers, Much profit in it does he see. He looks nice when it's flashing. But as pleasant as can be. But only "June" brings happy hours. MILLER, Gary MILLER, Joyce MOLLICA, Mary Dolores General Academic Commercial Gary's a lad with dark wavy Her high ranking versatility, Doing well every deed, hair, ls surpassed only by her person- This was Mary's creed. Never a worry, never a care. ality. Twelve MONTANTI, John Richard General Never a dull moment is his motto, Especially when he's in his auto. 1 'fe if 4290 MORGAN, Sandra Ann MURPHY, Patricia MYERS, Charles Earl MYERS, William L. Academic General General General Sandy is a charming lass, Short, dainty, and petite, Earl has a quiet natural way, A red haired lad is our boy Bill, And does her best in every class. Upon her lips a smile so sweet, At any time of any day. A quiet manner is his appeal. :QNX gy, .gs 2 S 55 A is xg Tv X Q 5 ts if X IE - 1 PASTOR, Thomas PEARSON, Mary lou POPOVICH, William E. PRICE, Mary Ann General Academic General Commercial A dashing chap, who's debonair, Dimpled cheeks, curly hair, Keeping up with the rest, The happiness we shared, Possessing a winning way so Always gay without a care. Finds him doing his best. Is priceless anywhere. TGYO. 3 , .nn-0 'Qi' N REEDER, Paul l.. RUSNAK, Arlene Marie RUSNAK, Joseph J. SHAW, William I. Academic Commercial General Academic For his honors he's well known, Nothing discouraging about he: Give him a swing song and he Happy go lucky, free from care, Much intelligence does he own. art, will croon, A iollier boy you'll find no- With her we hate to part. Providing there's a girl and a where. full moon. ' Thirteen SHERMAN, Richard Ray SIKORSKI, Joseph SITKO, Elizabeth Ann SMITH, Esther K. Commercial Limited General Commercial Commercial A truer friend one never had, Tho' on his countenance a look A little girl who is supreme, Eyes as beautiful as a sea, Quite a winning type of lad, so sad- In our estimation she's a queen. Petite and sweet is she. You'll take a liking to this lad. SNYDER, Karl David SOPKO, Stanley SOWA, Joseph SPROULL, David W. Academic General Clerical General He's ambitious as you can see, Very quiet and a good sport, The very best kind of friend, A wonderful physique has this A sure success he's bound to be. Never makes a smart retort. True always to the end. blonde Viking, And to the girls his manner is striking. SQUIRES, Daniel Patrick STEFFAN, Mary Ann STOKES, Janet Marie STORER, Carson L. General Commercial General Commercial Limited Many fine words were used by We can remember this, With a smile upon her pretty You've everything when you've this boy, She's a quiet little miss. face, a smile, He who is Webster's pride and She's delightful company any So keep it with you all the ioy. place. while. Fourteen SZEWCZYK, Josephine TAYLOR, Shirley Jean THOMPSON, Donna Jean TOMEDOLSKY, Joseph Commercial Limited Commercial Academic General Blue eyes, blonde hair, Her bright and eager smile, The very pink of perfection is Joe rarely has a thing to say, Contribute to her carefree air. Makes her friendship so worth- she, But we like his friendly way. while. This she always appears to be. WASHOWICH, Charles S. WEBER, Helen louise WENTZ, Corrine WEZOREK, Thomas General Academic General General Chuckie is a pleasant gent, Cheerful, gay, a perfect honey, Her troubles are light, and her Tall, dark, and handsome the His friendliness is never spent. Her disposition is always sunny. heart is gay, girls declare, And with us all she has a way. He seems to fit in anywhere. WRAY, Thelma YABLONSKY, James S. ZABROSKI, Felix J. ZOLLER, Gloria J. Commercial Limited General General Commercial A tall miss with little to say, Jim so quiet and reserved, To the girls Felix is a hero, Her quiet sincere way, Always sincere in every way. All his praise is well deserved. When he's around, other boys Will never lead her astray. rate zero. Fifteen Flrst Row-M. Mollica, P. Kashner, B. Brooks, A. Conley, D. Burkley, P. Kantorczyk, D. Thompson R Bodus Second Row-K. Duncan, J. Miller, B, Humenik, M. Lowicki, G. Kill, S. Morgan, M. Dworek, H Weber Third Row-R. Ferrone, R. Lanyi, F. Przywarty, B. Lucas, P. Reeder, R. Fasiska, W. Shaw. A sincere effort and a keen and alert mind enabled these individuals to excell in their studies throughout the past four years. May they always maintain the high standard which they achieved at Glassport High School as they go into their life's work. Time out from cooking. This is school? Subject must be mterestln , B 1 'Z N X s g VVPAR K f-- - '5 ' ALL FORMAL f- xx? Q Q2 QMWWM., K Q .. Q H qi ,x 'xx A 4' 7 , f fi' . ff , if xx, tff 59. 0 'gwlyr 7 l f 1954 X H X f' " x ' ff 3 CEA 7 'X' K' i ROM A N 5 -Q S'-'BK 1 N 1 gr x X i I., Ik ' . I , U r Q K 9 , N Y,?.. A . Q 3 7 X Q X , X ' . ' . ' X suck -may 4 I x may Z A. Conley, P. Reeder, Miss Payne . , ,A Eighteen Many fond memories of the school year are preserved within these pages. In the future, this yearbook will help us to recall the activities and friends of our high school days. The mem- bers of the Glahisean staff worked hard pre- paring material for this annual. The co-editors were Anna Moe Conley and Paul Reeder. jpmmifafl Second Row: D. Bockstrom, W. Furst, M. L. Pearson, A. Frattaroli, R. Meisl First Row: M. Johnson, H. Weber, P. Murphy, B. Moler an Staff Second Row: P. Cihoto, B. Humenik, S. Hornfeck, D. Burkley, S. Grove First Row: L. Fato, B. Finney, E. Smith 5144 S. Alpern, S. Hornfeck, S. Morgan, A. Fratfaroli, M. Mollica 46'u4imm.4, Second Row: B. Shaw, A. Rusnok, C. Wentz, R, M. Bodus, S. Alpern Firs! Row: J. May, L. Martina, J. Miller, K. Duncan, M. Benner 711.2217111- Second Row: M. A. Adamcik, G. Zoller, M. A. Price, P. Douglas, B. Sitko. First Row: M. Molliccx, D. Booth, H. Drogos, P. Kushner .4 Second Row: L. Dintino, P. Kunforczyk, S, Morgan, D. Thompson, J. Stokes, S. Taylor, G, Kill First Row: M. A. Kuzio, M. Joskolski, L. Ginosky, M. Lowicki, 8. Brooks M. .. A- "Is Nineteen jambt, Hrflfvi ' ADAMCIK, Mary Ann "Mare" Ambition-Office Work Y-Teen Club '53, '54, Commercial Club Sec. '53, Pres. '54, Gla- hisean Typing Staff '54, Library Club '51, '52, Social Studies Club '54, Faculty Sec. '54. ALPERN, Sylvan A. Ambition-Pharmacist Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, Glahisean Business Editor '54, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54, Social Studies Club Juror '54. AUSLANDER, Edward Lewis "OZ" Ambition--Mechanical Engineer Teen-Age Rep. '54, Football '51, '53, '54, Hi-Y '52, BACKSTROM, Duane N. "Buddy" Ambition-College Orchestra '52, '53, '54, Band '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Stage Crew '52, '53, Hy-Lyf '50, '51, Glahisean '54, Baseball '51, '52, '53, '54, Basketball Manager '51, '52, Baseball Manager '51, '52, Boys' Glee Club '51, '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, Baccalaureate Choir '51, '52, '53, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54, Social Studies Club '54. BENNER, Marianne E. Ambition-Beautician Orchestra '52, '53, '54, Band '51, '52, '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Business Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Vice-President '54, Baccalaureate Choir '53, Social Studies Club '54. BILL, Alwin Michael "Bookie" Ambition-Office worker Teen-Age Rep. '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Baseball '52, '53, '54, Football '51, Social Studies Club '54. BODUS, Rose Marie "Blackie" Ambition-Singer Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaurea'e Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. BOOTH, Dinean "Neon" Ambition-Medical Secretary Teen'Age Rep. '51, Band Color Guard '52, '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Class Officer, Treasurer '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy- Lyf '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Typing Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '52, '53, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54. BORELLI, Guy R. "Buckets" Ambition-College Teen-Age Rep. '54, Baseball '51, Basketball '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Boys' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '53, '54, Bacca- laureate Choir '52, '53, Volleyball '52, '53, '54. EORKOWSKI, Edward "Burns" Ambition-Chiropractor Football '51, Hi-Y '51, Social Studies '54. BORRELLI, louis Joseph "Sam" Ambition-Salesman Teen-Age Rep, '53, Hy-Lyf '52, '53, '54, Red Cross Council '53, '54, Social Studies Club '54. BROOKS, Birtie Oella "Bert" Ambition-Successful marriage. Maiorette '52, '53, '54, Cosleader '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Literary Stal? '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Sec.-Treas. '53, Social Studies Club '54. BURKLEY, Dolores Marie "Do" Ambition-Medical Secretary Teen-Age Rep. '52, '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Glahisean Art Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '51, '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '53, BYERS, Donald L. "Red" Ambition-Truck Driver CENDROSKI, Regina M. "Jeanie" Ambition-Private Secretary Y-Teen Club '52, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Social Studies Club '54. CHARNEY, James Louis Ambition-Mechanical Engineer Hy-Lyf '52, '53, Football '51, '52, Hi-Y Chaplain '51, '52. CHURAY, Thomas P. "Tom" Ambition-Service CIHOTA, Pat L. "Smiles" Ambition--Nurse Y-Teen Club '51, '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Art Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Bacca- laureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. CONLEY, Anna Mae "Annie Balutch" Ambition-Certified Public Accountant Teen-Age Representative '53, Pres. '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Treas. '53, Faculty Sec. '54, Gla- hisean Co-Editor '54, Girls' G'ee Club '52,'53, '54, Library Club '51, '52, Dramatic Club '52, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, Gym Assistant '54, Teen-Age Club '51, '52, '53, '54. COOLEY, Walter H. "Hammer" Ambition-Store Manager Library Club Chief Librarian '53, '54, Hi-Y '51, Social Studies Club '54. CRNCIC, Robert Anthony Ambition-U. S. Navy Jr. Red Cross '53, '54, Social Studies Club Judge '54. DAVIS, Harry A. Ambition-College Teen-Age Rep. '53, Baseball '51, Basketball '51, '52, '53, '54, Football '51, '52, '53, '54, Boys' Glee Cfub '52, '53, '54, Bacca- laureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, DAVIS, Roland A. "Dibo" Ambition-College Baseball '51, '52, '53, '54, Basketball '51, '52, '53, Football '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Boys' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, Hi-Y '54. Seven wonders ofthe world. Fools rush in. Will the operation be successful? Twenty Should We? Who's Afraid? What's burning, boys? DE CARLO, Antonietta "Toni" Ambition-Air Hostess Y-Teen Club '52, Commercial Club '52, Home Economics Club '52, '53, Hy-Lyf '54, Glahisean Business Stat'-F '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. nscouni, Morris c. "Chip" Ambition-Navy Baseball '52, '53, '54, Football Manager '51, '52. DELMER, Bill "Stretch" Ambition-To be a super salesman Dramatic Club '54. DI Gionolo, Joseph Ambition-Business man DINTINO, Letti Jo Ambition-College Teen-Age Rep. '50, '52, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Sports Editor '53, Editor in Chief '54, Glahisean '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, '52, '53, Dramatic Club '52, '53, Bacca- laureate Choir '52, '53, Gym Assistant '54, Jr. Red Cross '53, '54, Sec. '53, Pres. '54, Social Studies Club '54. DOUGLAS, Patricia Ann "Pat" Ambition-Private Secretary Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '54, Glahisean Typing Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '52, '53, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. DRAGOS, Helen "Beno" Ambition-Comptometer Operator Cheerleader '52, '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Vice-Pres. '53, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Typing Statt '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '52, '53, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club Jury '54, Red Cross Club '53, '54, Vice-Pres. '54. DUNCAN, Kay "Dido" Ambition-Medical Secretary Band '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. DWOREK, Lorraine G. "Lorrie" Ambition-Work in Orphanage Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A, '51, '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, '54, Typist '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '53, '54, Librarian '54, Baccalaureate Choir '53, Social Studies Club '54. ELKO, Carl Joseph "Slouch" Ambition-To continue roller skating fProJ Social Studies Club '54, Outline Club '54. DWOREK, Martha A. "Martie" Ambition-Bookkeeper Teen-Age Rep. '52, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '51, Library Club '51, '53, Social Studies Club '54. FASICZKA, Ray G. "Fuzzy" Ambition-Chemical Engineering Orchestra '52, '53, '54, Band '51, '52, '53, '54, Boys' Glee Club '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '53, Hi-Y '53. FASISKA, Edward Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Band '53, Hi-Y '53, EATO, Louise A. "Lou" Ambition-To be married to some nice man Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G,A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Art Stall: '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. FAYCHAK , Margaret E. "Marge" Ambition-Airline hostess Maiorette '53, '54, Leader '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '53, Hy-Lyf Typist '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '53, '54, Librarian '54, Baccalaureate Choir '53, Social Studies Club '54. FERRONE, Richard John "Rich" Ambition-Electrical Engineer Band '52, '53, '54, Stage Crew '53, Hy-Lyf '53, '54, News Editor '54, Boys' Glee Club '53, '54, Dramatic Club '54, Social Studies Club '54. FINNEY, Robert Hengust "Bob" Ambition-Electronic Engineer Hy-Lyt '53, Glahisean Art Staff '54, Baseball '52, Basketball '51, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54. FRATTAROLI, Anthony P. "Fats" Ambition-Office Worker Faculty Sec. '54, Glahisean Sports Staff Head '54, Basketball '52, Manager '53, '54, Hi-Y '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Studies Club Vice-Pres. '54. FURST, William H. "Jut" Ambition-Salesman Band '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Sports Stott '54, Social Studies Club '54. GALLAWAY, Richard H. "Rich" Ambition-Army Baseball '52, '53, Football '51, '52, '53, '54, Boys' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '53, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '51 GARLAND, Arlene Joan "Archie" Ambition-To get a iob Teen-Age Rep. '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '54, G.A.A. '54, Mixed Chorus '51, Social Studies '54. GINOSKY, Lorraine "Lorrie" Ambition-Nursing Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hyelyf '53, Gla- hisean Literary Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dra- matic Club '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, Red Cross '53, '54. GROVE, Susette "Sue" Ambition-Designer Orchestra '52, '53, Band '52, '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, '54, Make-up Editor '53, Glahisean Art Stal? '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '52, '53, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccae laureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. HALL, Glenn "Herky" Ambition-Truck Driver Outline Club '54. HART, Conrad John "Dutch" Ambition-Professional Weight-lifter Football '50, '51, '52, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54, Social Studies Club '54. HART, Elaine Margaret "Jo" Ambition-Beauty Culture Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, '52, Social Studies Club '54. HERREN, Marvin L. "Marv" Ambition-Musician Teen-Age Rep. '54, Orchestra '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Band '49, '50, '51, 52, '53, '54, Football '50, Boys' Glee Club '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Library Club, Chief Librarian '54, Baccalaureate Choir '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54, Vice-Pres. '54, Twenty one Social Studies Club '54. HILKO, Raymond Nicholas Ambition-Radio-Teletrician Social Studies Club '54. HORNFECK, Sheila Ambition-Nurse Teen-Age Rep. '54, Band Color Guard '52, '53, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Pres. '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Sec. '52, Hy- Lyf '52, '53, Glahisean Art Editor '54, Girls Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club Treas. '54, Gym Assistant '54. HOROX, Jack S. "Ape" Ambition-Pharmacy Band '50, '51, '52, Basketball '51, '52, '53, Boys' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '53, '54, Volley-Ball '52, '53, '54, Hi-Y '54, Usher '53. HUGHES, Richard Robert "Q-Ball" Ambition-Career in the United States Marines Hy-Lyt '50, '51, Baseball '51, mgr., Library Club '50, '53, Hi-Y '50, '51, J,R.C. '53, Treasurer '53, Social Studies '54. HUMENIK, Bea A. "Babe" Ambition-To marry a millionaire Teen-Age Rep. '53, Y-Teen Club '53, '54, G.A.A. '53, '54, Glahi- sean Art Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '53, Dramatic Club '53, So- cial Studies Club '54. IVAN, William E. "Bill" Ambition-College Basketball '51, '52, '53, Football '51, '52, Hi-Y '51, '52, '54, President '52, Social Studies Club '54. JASKOLSKI, Margaret E. "Speedy" Ambition-Air Force Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '52, Glahisean Literary Stal? '54, Teen-Age Club '52, JODIE, Aclella "Jodie" Ambition-Typist Faculty Sec. '54, Girls' Glee Club '53, '54. JOHNSON, Marlene "Joot" Ambition-College Y-Teen Club '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Sports Staff '54, Social Studies Club '54. JONES, Martha A. "Jonsie" Ambition-Secretary Y-Teen Club '53, G.A.A. '52, Faculty Sec. '54, Girls' Glee Club '53, '54, Social Studies Club '54. KANTORCZYK, Patricia Anne "Kanter" Ambition-College Cheerleader '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Historian '54, Class Officer '54, Glahisean Literary Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Gym Assistant '54, Social Studies Club '54. KASHNER, Patricia Ann "Pat" Ambition-Secretary Cheerleader '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Ways 81 Means '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, '54, Bus. 81 Exchange '54, Glahisean Typing Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, '52, Secretary '52, Dramatic Club '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, Teen-Age Club '51, '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Pres. '54. KILL, Gertrude "Gert" Ambition-Civil Engineer Orchestra '52, '53, '54, Band '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Y' Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Literary Stat'-F '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Pianist '54, Library Club '50, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. KING, CLARA G. "Honeyo" Ambition-Bell Telephone Employee Social Studies Club '54. KOPCZYNSKI, Alice Jean "Al" Ambition-Nurse Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '53, Social Studies Club '54. KOSTYZAK, William P. "KulTee" Ambition-Civil Engineer Stage Crew '51, '52, '53, '54. KUZIO, Marianne "Mare" Ambition-Secretary Y-Teen Club '53, G.A.A. '51, '54, Glahisean Literary Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '53, '54, Library Club '51, Social Studies Club '54. LADZUN, Georgette "Ge Ge" Ambition-Secretary G.A.A. '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '52, Girls' Glee Club '33, '14, Social Studies Club '54. LA FRANKIE, Paul "Lufo" Ambition-Oil Tycoon LAlNE, Ray "Links" Ambition-Salesman Teen-Age Rep. '53, Hy-Lyf .lr, Editor '53, Cartoonist '52, Dra- matic Club '52, '53, '54. LANYI, Ronald J. "Leo" Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Orchestra '50, '51, Band '50, '51, Class Olticer, Pres. '53, Baseball '51, '52, '53, '54, Manager '51, Boys' Gfee Club '51, '52, '53, '54, Hi-Y Pres. '53, '54, Volleyball '52, '53, '54, Usher CBasketballJ '53, Social Studies Club '54, Gym Instructor '54. LEES, Gerald B. Ambition-Senior Science Teacher Band '49, '50, '51, '52, Football '51, Hi-Y '53. LOKASH, Robert S. "Lokey" Ambition-College Band '50, Stage Crew '52, '53, '54, Football '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Boys' Glee Club '54. LOWICKI, Marcella J. "Marcy" Ambition-Secretary Teen-Age Rep. '51, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Class Olticer, Sec.-Treas. '53, Faculty Sec, '54, Hy-Lyf '51, Glahisean Literary Stal? '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '53, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. LUCAS, Robert Charles "Poodles" Ambition-Civil Engineer Teen-Age Rep. '50, Band '50, '51, Class Olticer, Vice-Pres. '54, Baseball '52, '53, '54, Basketball '51, '52, '53, '54, Football '50, '51, Boys' Glee Club '53, '54, Volleyball '53, '54, Usher '53, '54, Hi-Y '54, Gym Instructor '54. MACKOWICK, Leonard D. "Mack" Ambition-College Boys' Glee Club '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '53, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54. MALER, Barbara Ann "Bebe" Ambition-Business School Y-Teen Club '51, '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '53, '54, Glahisean '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, '52, Dramatic Club '52, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Gym Assistant '54, Social Studies Club '54. Quad's new assistant. Tonight's the big night. Why shop teachers go mad. Twenty-two MARTINA, Liz Jano "Lizard" Ambition-Practical Nursing Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Glahisean Business Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, '52, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. MAY, June Annetta "Jam" Ambition-Nurse Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '53, '54, Glahisean '54, Girls' Glee club '52, '54. MQCRACKEN, John Clyde "Jack" Ambition-Air Policeman in U. S. Air Force Boys' Glee Club '54, Library Club, Chief of Library '52, '53, '54, Social Studies Club '54. MEISL, Ronald J. "Crazy Legs" Ambition-Navy Electronics Glahisean '54, Basketball Usher '52, '53, '54, Football '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, Library Club '53, Hi-Y '54, Social Studies Club '54, Football Usher '54. MICHALSKI, Rita Theresa "Reet" Ambition-Sales Clerk Social Studies Club '54. MILLER, Gary Ambition-Manufacturer of Kitchen Utensils Teen-Age Rep. 53, Orchestra '52, '53, Band '50, '51, '52, '53, Baseball '51, Football '52, '53, '54, Boys' Glee Club '51, '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Hi-Y '54, Social Studies Club '54, Basketball '51, '52, '53. MILLER, Joyce "Jo" Ambition-Retail Merchandising orchestra '52, '53, '54, Band '49, '50, f51, '52, '53, '54, Y-Teen Ciub Vice-Pres. '54, Sec. '52, '53, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Hy- Lyf '52, '53, Glahisean '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Li- brary Club '50, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club Jury '54. MOLLICA, Mary Dolores "My" Ambition-Private Secretary G.A.A. '51, '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '53, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '53, Glahisean Typing Staff Editor '54, Girls' Glee Club '53, '54, Library Club '51, Social Studies Club '54, Teen-Age Club '51, '52. MONTANTI, John Richard Ambition-Salesman LOONEY, Raymond "Ray" Ambition-College Teen-Age Rep. '51, Baseball '51, '52, '53, '54, Basketball '51, '52, '53, '54, Football '51, '52, '53, '54, Volleyball '52, '54. MORGAN, Sandra Ann "Sandy" Ambition-Teacher Teen-Age Rep. '52, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Treas. '53, Wor- ship '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, Hy-Lyf '50, '51, '52, '53, Gla- hisean Literary Editor '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dra- matic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, Library Club '51, '52, MURPHY, Patricia "Murph" Ambition-Business College Teen-Age Rep. '52, '53, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Sports Staff '54, Library Club '52, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club Sec. '54. MYERS, Charles Earl "Earl" Ambition-Navy Boys' Glee Club '54. MYERS, William L. "Bill" Ambition-Living Forever PASTOR, Thomas "Tom" Ambition-Auto Mechanic Stage Crew '52, '53, '54, Library Club '53, '54. PEARSON, Mary Lou "l.ou" Ambition--College Teen-Age Rep. '51, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Glahisean '54s Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, Dramatic Club '52, Baccalaureate Club '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, Gym Assistant '54. POPOVICH, William E. "Billy, the kid" Ambition--Electronics PRICE, Mary Ann "Mare" Ambition-Secretary Teen-Age Rep. '51, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '53, '54, Glahisean Typing Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, '52, Dramatic Club '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. PRZYWARTY, Francis L. "Fran" Ambition-Certified Public Accountant Teen-Age Rep. '52, Class Officer Vice-Pres. '53, Pres. '54, Fac- ulty Sec. '54, Baseball Manager '51, '52, '53, '54, Social Studies Club '54. REEDER, Paul L. Ambition-Musician Orchestra '51, '52, '53, 54, Band '51, '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, Glahisean Co-Editor '54, Basketball '51, '52, Boys' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Bacca- laureate Choir '51, '52, '53, Volleyball '53, '54, Social Studies Club Pres. '54, Hi-Y '53, '54. RUSNAK, Arlene Marie "Archie" Ambition-Marriage Y-Teen Club '52, '53, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec, '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, '52, '53, Dra- matic Club '51, '52, '53, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies '54. RUSNAK, Joseph J. Ambition-Electrician Orchestra '53, '54, Band '52, '53, '54, Volleyball '53, '54, Stage Crew '52, '53, '54, Baseball '51, '52, '53, '54, Gym Instructor '54, Boys' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Projection Operator '51, '52, '53, '54, Hi-Y '51, '52, '53, '54. SHAW, William l. "Zeke" Ambition-Doctor Orchestra '52, '53, '54, Band '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, Glahisean Business Staff '54, Boys' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '51, '52, '53, '54, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54, Sec. '53, Social Studies Club '54. SHERMAN, Richard Roy "Rich" Ambition-Navy Baseball '53, Hi-Y Treas. '53, '52, '53, '54. SIKORSKI, Joseph "Joe" Ambition-Millworker SITKO, Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Ambition-Secretary Color Guard '52, '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Glahisean Typing Staff '54, Library Club '51, Social Studies Club '54. They look ambitious, D. O. A.-Dead on Arrival Sporting Around Twenty three SMITH, Estller K. "Smitty" Ambition-Secretary Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, Glahisean Art Stal? '54, Library Club '51, '52, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Social Studies Club '54. SNYDER, Karl David "Duke" Ambition-Swimmer Orchestra '52, '53, '54, Band '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, Glahisean Literary Stal? '54, Boys' Glee Club '51, '52, '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Pres. '54, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54, Sec. '54, Social Studies Club '54. SOPKO, Stanley "Stush" ' Ambition-Mill Worker Social Studies Club '54, Outline Club '54. SOWA, Joseph "Big Joe" Ambition-To own a night club Social Studies Club '54 SPROULL, David W. "Dave" Ambition-Draftsman 8- Designer Teen-Age Rep. '52, Basketball '51, '52, '53, Volleyball '51, '52, '53, Gym Instructor '54. SQUIRES, Daniel Patrick "Dan" Ambition-Commissar Teen-Age Rep. '51, '52, Hy-Lyf '50, '51, Boys' Glee Club '53, '54, Dramatic Club '52, Baccalaureate Choir '53, Social Studies Club '5-4. STEFFAN, Mary Ann "Mecca" Ambition-Office Work Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, Social Studies Club '54. STOKES, Janet Marie "Jan" Ambition-Nurse Teen-Age Rep. '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, Inter-Club Council '53, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Glahisean Business Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, '54, Social Studies Club '54. STORER, Carson I.. "Jaw" Ambition-Air Force Teen-Age Rep. '51, '52, Basketball '51, '52, '53, Football '52, '53, Hi-Y '53, Social Studies Club '54. SZEWCZYK, Josephine "Jo" Ambition-Secretary Faculty Sec. '54, Girls' GIee Club '52, '53, '54, Social Studies Club '54. TAYLOR, Shirley Jean "ShirI" Ambition-Telephone Operator Band '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, G.A.A. '51, '52, '53, '54, Faculty Sec. '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, Gla- hisean Literary Staff '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Dra- matic Club '52, '53, '54, Treas. '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. THOMPSON, Donna Jean "Jeanne" Ambition-Beautician Orchestra '53, '54, Band '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Hy-Lyf '51, '52, '53, Glahisean Literary Stal? '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '50, Dramatic Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. TOMEDOLSKY, Joseph "Joe" Ambition-Commercial Artist Baseball '52, '53, '54, Football '52, '53, '54. WASHOWICH, Charles S. "Chuck" Ambition-Make a lot of money Stage Crew '52, '53, Baseball '53, '54, Basketball '50, '51, Football '51, Boys' Glee Club '53, '54, Library Club '53, Dra- matic Club '53, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54, Gym Instructor '54. WEBER, Helen Louise "Wee Wee" Ambition-Nurse Y-Teen Club '53, '54, Glahisean '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, Gym Assistant '54. WENTZ, Corrine "C. C." Ambition-College Teen-Age Rep, '51, Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Music '53, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, Dramatic Club '52, '53, Baccalaureate Club '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54, Gym Assistant '54. WEZOREK, Tom "Hoag" Ambition-Lawyer Teen-Age Rep. '52, Orchestra '49, '50, Band '49, '50, Hy-Lyf '54, Baseball '51, '52, '53, Basketball '50, '51, '52, Football '51, '52, '53, '54, Co-Captain '54, Library Club '52, '53, '54, Volleyball '52, '53, '54, Hi-Y '52, '53, '54, Gym Instructor '54. WRAY, Thelma "Thelm" Ambition-Salesgirl Social Studies Club '54. YABLONSKY, James S. "Jim" Ambition-Television Technician Hy-Lyf '50, Proiectionist '52, '53, '54. ZABROSKI, Felix J. "Fee" Ambition-Go to College Hy-Lyf '53, Sports Editor '54, Baseball '51, Basketball '50, '5l, '52, '53, '54, Football '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, Boys' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '53, '54, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Social Studies Club '54. zousk, Gloria J. "Glo" Ambition-Private Secretary Y-Teen Club '52, '53, '54, Glahisean '54, Girls' Glee Club '52, '53, '54, Library Club '51, '52, Baccalaureate Choir '52, '53, Teen-Age Club '51, '52, '53, '54, Red Cross Club '53, '54: Social Studies Club '54. gm Umm H ill HY-LYF-R. Ferrone, G. Svatz, L. Dintino, J. Fabry, P. Kashner, F. Zabroski, Mrs. Finch Q21 LIBRARY CLUB-M. Herren, J. McCracken, Mrs. Finch, B. Brooks, W. Conley, F. Zabroski 131 J. R. C.-L. Dobos, L. Dintino, Mrs. Barres, H. Dragos, L. Randolph l4l Y-TEENS-First Row: P. Ercole, G. Svatz, J. Kass, H. Nnlfi Second Row: Miss Hura, S. Hornfeck, P. Kantorczyk, H. Conomos Third Row: J. Miller, P. Kashner, S. Morgan Twen ty-four l5t G. A. A.-J. Kass, M. Price, Mrs. Sebastian, D. Duncan, P. Kashner l6l DRAMATIC CLUB-K, Snyder, Miss Payne, H. Conomos, M. Benner, S. Taylor l7l COMMERCIAL CLUB-T. Gabauer, Mrs. Truxell, M. Adam- cik, L. Randolph QB, HI-Y-J. Rusnak, M. Herren, K. Snyder, R. Lanyi, Mr Mihoces A45 Aw 'fXf"" f A Afxw- Xia xx-x First Row: M. Faychak, B, Maler, B. Hurnenik, P, Cihota, S. Horn feck, L. Dintino, H. Dragos, D. Booth, L, Martina, A. M. Con ley, D, Burkley, E. Smith, G Zoller, M, A, Steffan, R. Cen droslai Second Row: R, M. Bodus, M Benner, J. Miller, K. Duncan G. Kill, S. Taylor. S. Grove, P Douglas, P. Kashner, B, Sitka, C. Wentz, P. Murphy, P. Kan torczyk, H. Weber, D. Thomp son, B. Brooks Third Row: E. Hart. M. A. Adam cik, J. May, M. Lowicki, L. Faro, J. Stokes, M. Dworek, A. Gar land, M. Johnson, L. Dworek M. Jaskolski, M. A. Price, S Morgan 74-.7 TOP-First Row: M. Jakubek, B. Kadar. hauer, F. Tiskiewic, S. Gniazdowski, J. Under the direction of Miss Ann Hura, the Y-Teens again had another successful year. The main social event of the year was the Heart Hop with the Hi-Y. Other activities included the Sadie Hawkins Dance, selling homemade candy, lemon and other extracts, earning and present- ing an electric roaster to the concession stand, a skating party, and a picnic to conclude the year. The officers this year were: President, Sheila Hornfeck, Vice-President, Joyce Miller, Secre- tary, Geraldine Svatz, and Treasurer, Patricia Ercole. Kapphan, D. Kopphan, L. Randolph, J. Kass, M. Price, J. Jones, M. Tarli, S. Kerber, H. Nolti, G. Svatz, A. Second Row: H, Conomos, F. Panyzal, A. Uhlig, D. Scklan, R. Adamcik, P. Finney, P. McHclme, P. Dannen- M. Ditter, D, Slafka, A. Pasinski, M. Bartels, P. Ercole. Third Row: N. Kuder, M. Vach, A. Tudek, M. Laird, Fabry, A. Ginevan, R. Pasinski, V. Maizer, S. Fuller, M. Ross, B. Martell, C. Heckert, H. Tudek BOTTOM-First Row: M, A. Churay, T, Stout, C. Ramsey, M. Obranovich, J. Vignovic, J. Finney, M. A. Streza, B, J. Carbo, S. Forkey, M. J. Douglas, N. Myers, B. Eicher, R, Fasiska. Second Row: S. Davis, N. Heath, T, Angelo, C. Hart, B. L. Krusz, E. Culp, M. Burton, L. Dobos, B. Chuio, B, Jesionowski, A. Shuster, M. Gonzales, M. A. Jackson, A. Gabauer, N. Carter. Third Row: A. Gribschaw, E. Laine, J. Hansen, D. Duncan, D. Burton, E. La ver, C. Phillips, M. Kotterhenry, T. DeCarla, E. Molfica, M. Dee Julius, C. Boyer, J. Hornfeck, C, Belkowski, J. Chottiner Q M V, , L-S vvuir um:-:ni Qfzamatzlc, Klub First Row: D. Thompson, P. Douglas, P. Kashner, E, Smith, P, Kantorczyk, S. Grove, J. Miller, K. Duncan Second Row: S. Hornfeck, P. Murphy, M. Price, L, Ginosky, G. Kill, S. Taylor, S. Morgan, M. Benner Third Row: R. Ferrone, R. Laine, D. Backstrom, K. Snyder, B. Delrner, P, Reeder, J, Rusnak, R. Finney, W. Shaw "To be or not to be" is a slogan well-suited for the Dramatic Club. With the supervision of Miss Eleanor Payne, the club has this year presented two plays. Along with the fun and excitement, the members also had a lot of hard work which ended in glorious production. The officers of the Dramatic Club this year were Karl Snyder, President, Marianne Benner, Vice President, Shirley Tay- lor, Treasurer, and Helen Conomos, Secretary. First Row: L. Sproull, D. Kapphan, L. Aubrecht, M, Bartels, M. Ditter, P. Dannenhauer, J. Jones, A. Jakubek, H. Nclti, Murphy, J. Hornfeck, S, Davis, S, Piccioni F. Tiskiewic Second Row: H. Conomos, S. Kerber, L. Randolph, F. Panyzal, vich, T. Stout, J. Vignovic D. Slaflxa, D, Sclmlan, A. Uhlig, B. Martell, P, McHolme, M. L. Kapphan Third Row: M. James, B. Kadar, J. Kass, F. Martinko, R. Walters, J. Cavanaugh, A. Wilks, C, Heckert, A. Gine- van, H. Tudek Second Row: J. Chottiner, C. Boyer, N. Heath, D. Hornfeck, D. First Row: A. Gribschaw, C. Hart, C. Belkowski, M. Obrano- Twenty-seven 5. H.. Q. The G. A. A. under the supervision of Mrs. Mary Lou Sebastian, can be con- sidered one of the most active clubs in Glassport High School. It is also the cne with the largest membership. Some cf the activities on their list are swim- minq and skating parties, basketball, volleyball, and bowling. The hi-light cf the year was a fcrmal, with Indian Sum- mer as its theme. The last event of the year was a banquet at which awards were given to deserving members. This year's ofticers were Pat Kashner, Presi- clent, Judy Kass, Vice President: Deanna Duncan, Secretary, and Margie Price, Treasurer. First Row: M. Johnson, M. Jaskolski, P. Cihota, B. Humenik, J. May, E, Martino, L. Dintino, D. Booth, A. M. Conley, H. Dragos, E. Smith Second Row: S. Morgan, R. Bodus, M. A. Benner, J. Miller, K. Duncan, G. Kill, S. Taylor, S. Grove, P. Douglas, P. Kashner, G. Ladzun, E, Hart Third Row: L. Dworelc, A. Rusnall, M. Mollica, B. Brooks, M. Lowiclci, L. Fato, J. Stokes, S. Horn- feck, M. A. Price, M. A. Kuzio, A. Garland First Row: M. L. Williams, M. Price, J. Kass, A. Tu- dek, M. L. Kapphan, J. Jones, S. Kerber, P. Ga- leza, L. Randolph, H, Nolfi, A. Jakubek, G. Svatz, M. Tarli Second Row: M. Ditter, M. Vach, R. M. Pasinski, M. Laird, S. Gniazdowski, F. Panyzal, D. Scklan, D. Slafka, A. Uhlig, A. Pasinski, R. Intrieri, M. Bartels Third Row: P. Dannenhauer, F, Tiskiewic, H. Cono- mos, B. Martell, D. Kapphan, T. Orlando, A. Ginevan, J. Fabry, H. Tudek, C. Heckert, B. Ka- dar, V. Mailer, D. Yacavace, M. Ross, P. Ercole First Row: V. Economos, E. Donofrio, J. Finney, S. Piccioni, M. Katterhenry, D. Duncan, R. Fasiska, M. Douglas, N. Carter, G. Burkley, N. Myers B. Eicher, J, Vignovic, M. Obranovich Second Row: T. Stout, C. Ramsey, G. McCasIin, B. L. Krusz, M. Streza, L. Dobos, A. Gabauer, M. Jackson, C, Hart, A. Shuster, M. Burton, B, Jesi- onowski, T. DeCcnIo, L. Mollica, M. Ksiazek, C. Belkowski Third Row: A. Gribschaw, G. Nizinski, B. Mailer, E. Laver, C. Phillips, J. Taylor, E. Culp, S. Tomko, M. Kemple, M. Gonzales, J. Hornfeck, N. Heath, S. Davis, M. Churay, D. Burton, C. Boyer, M. De- Julius First Row: C. Woiciechowski, A. Ditter, N. Yobak, E, Kantorczyk, J. Kimmelman, S. Eicher, J. Schil- laci, J, Rattani, F. Sutter, M. Danko, D. Orenyak, B. Danko Second Row: C. Lehman, G. Pennell, B. Rusnak, C. Palley, M, A. Harmon, J. Pergantis, C. DeVerse, P, Riley, M. Elko, J. Mendicino, T. Sample, B. L. Shupe, J. Zabroski, J. Mingo, D. Moonis, I. Sherman Third Row: D. Lucas, M. Merta, C. Orenyalx, P. Milli- gan, J. Stoffiere, M. Hilko, G. Sydeski, C. Ward J, Nosich, F. Stein, N. Efmcre, M. A. Hayes, J. Austin Twenty-eight 1 1 3-'14 First Row: K. Snyder, T. Mordecki, L. Borrefli, H. Davis, F. Zabroski, G. Miller, B. Shaw, R, Lanyi, R. Davis, C. Zaleski, P. Dunst, C. Storer Second Row: J. Sowa, R. Sherman, R. Fasiska, L. Mackowick, S, Alpern, R. Meisl, D. Siu- deia, R. Kendal, M. Konowalski, J. Katch- marik, M. Herren, C. Washowich, F, Merta, R. Hughes Third Row: J. Pociask, A. Frattaroli, R. Jakubek, P. Reeder, G. Borelli, J. Rusnak, R. Walters, F. Martinko, J. Nolfi, C. Kastan, R. Finney, C. Hart, H. Bonadio This organization had a most suc- cessful year under the guidance of Mr. Darwin Mihoces. Under the spon- sorship of the Y.M.C.A. the Hi-Y's activities included: bowling, swim- ming parties, basketball games, and a skating party. The biggest event of the year for the Hi-Y was a formal dance with the Y-Teens. First Row: B. Greiner, J. Mohfman, E. Davis, L. Broskovic, D, Murphy, L. D'Angelo Second Row: F. Sebastian, C. Spallone, B. Pul- lin, V. Sipe, D. Antico Third Row: W. Worek, J. Dabrxzzo, J. Herren, T. George .IMA Klub First Row: M. Price, D. Kapphan, M. Kapphzn, M. Faychak, C. Trunzo, L. Aubrecht, H. Nolfi, A. Jakubek, S. Yesensky, B. Brooks Second Row: J. Kass, D. Scklan, B. Martell, R. Pasinski, L. Dworek, A. DeCarlo, H. Davis, W. Shaw, H. Bonadio Third Row: F. Zabroski, T, Pastor, C. Wash:- wich, F. Mordecki, G. Borelli, M. Herren, J. McCracken, W. Cooley Once again this year, under the direction of Mrs. Catherine Finch, the Librarians have purchased new books. They have done a great iob in keeping the books in order, taking care of the magazines and news- papers, and at times they have decor- ated the shelves. Congratulations should be given to Mrs. Finch and her group for the splendid work they have done. First Row: B. Emery, P. Reeder, R. Hornfeck Second Row: M. DeJufius, D. Murphy, M. Gon- zales Twenty-nine ,s 1 4 6-2' l spxr 1 Llil W4--QQ! JUNIOR-SENIOR HY-LYF First Row: L. Dintino, H. Dragos, D. Booth, M. I.. Williams, J. Kass, M. A. Price, P. Douglas, P. Kashner, G. Svatz Second Row: H, Conomos, M. L. Kcpphan, B. Brooks, P. Cihota, J. Fabry, M. Bartels Thfrd Row: D. Kapphan, S. Yesensky, L. Dworek, Mrs. Finch, F. Zabroski, J. Cava- naugh, A. Papernick, R. Ferrone Hy-Lyf, with its advisor, Mrs. Catherine Finch and editor, Letti Dintino, completed cu very success- ful year. The stcuft, the smallest in the history of the paper, did the actual setting up of the Hy-Lyf. This new experience meant more work for the advisor, editors, and staff. The members of this group ended the year with a banquet at Murphy's at which the Seniors were honored. SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN HY-lYF First Row: G. Sydeski, J. Mingo, E. Kantor- czyk, M. Danko, B. Danko, M. Katter- henry, M. Jackson, M. Merta Second Row: J. Austin, W. Wallace, A, Dit- ter, C. Ward, Mrs. Finch, M. Gonzales, E. laver, C. Phillips ' fl Hedffwu annul The newly organized Junior Red Cross Council sponsored by the Red Cross is directed by Mrs. Grace Barres, Tray cards, visits to the hospitals, and gift boxes complet- ed the year's activities for this young club. The officers are: presi- dent, Letti Dintino, vice-president, Helen Dragosp secretary, Lavina Randolph, and treasurer, Lucille Aubrecht. J. R. C. COUNCIL First Row: Mrs. Barres, J. Fabry, P. Dannen- hauer, A, Gribschaw, B. Shupe, L. Rand- olph, H. Dragos, L. Dintino, L. Ginosky Second Row: J. Chottiner, M. Jackson, J. Nosich, L. Dobos, J. Hornfeck Third Row: W. Pullin, T. Auslander, J. Miller, J. Mort, W. Brown, H. Herold, l. Borrelli, R. Crncic Thirty First Row: M. Dworek, M. Faychak, L. Gin- osky, M. Jasllolslci, M. Jones, E. Martina, H. Dragos, P. Murphy Second Row: P. Kantorczyk, M. L. Pearson, B. Maier, Mrs. Sebastian, S. Hornfeck, L. Dintina, D. Baath, L, Dworek Third Row: L. Fato, H. Weber, C. Wentz, M. Johnson, J. Stokes MR. KURKA'S AND MRS. SEBASTlAN'S ASSISTANTS Two new groups this year at Glassport High School are the as- sistants to the gym instructors, Mrs. Sebastian and Mr. Kurka. These energetic students helped the teachers by refereeing various games, taking over the class in an emergency, and above all, assist- ing in the instruction of the very large groups of underclassmen. First Row: R, Lanyi, C. Washowich, J. Dis Giorgio, Mr. Kurka, C. Hart, B. Crncic Second Row: T. Wezorek, A, Frattaroli, B. Lucas, G. Borelli, D. Sproull, J. Rusnak B. Shelby, P, Dunst, J. Jewert, A. Schmotzer, G. Hall MR. SABOL'S ASSISTANTS These students assisted Mr. Sa- bol in preparing experiments to be performed by the chemistry class. Distributing lab equipment, passing out the needed chemicals, and preparing various solutions are only a few of the services ren- dered by this ambitious group. By doing such things, these boys relieved Mr. Sabol of much of the time-consuming mechanical tasks found in a chemistry laboratory. Thirty-one , ,f-""'T First Row: S. Yesensky, A. Shuster, J. Kass, M, Price, M. Faychclk, N. Carter, M. Benner, J, Mort, M. Streza, B. Prettyman, B. Danko, E. Kantorczyk, W. Furst, R. Fasiska, D. Backstrom, D. Thompson, G. Kill, A. Ginevan, D. Scklan, M. Katterhenry, M. Danko, F. Roberts, B. Brooks, M. Burton, V. Maizer, M. Ditter, H. Nolfi Second Row: J. Hornfeck, A. Uhlig, B. Kadar, J. Trunzo, B. Booth, B. Chuia, L. Sprouil, G. Svatz, J. Miller, S. Grove, J. Pociask, R. M. Pasinski, R. Walters, K, Duncan, A. Stokes, K, Snyder, M. Herren, M, Bar- tels, B. Sitkc, D. Booth Third Row: J. Nolfi, R. Kushner, J. Pomnian, W. Shaw, A. Wilks, P. Reeder, R, Ferrone, J. Rusnak, A. Papernick, R. Istvanich, D. Carrabotta, J. Sedney, P. McHolme dgaffwl To Mr. Quadraccia and the band we ex- tend our wholehearted congratulations. Under the lights of our stadium, the band goes through its tcrmations. Rain or shine it puts on a splen- did half time show at both home and away games. The band also performs at its best in pep assemblies and parades. This year the senior band members were awarded jackets in appreciation of their co-operation in making the band a success and one to be proud ot. Thirty-two J. Hornfeck, D. Booth, A. vim, yltdlldd, Always in the lead are the color guards. These tour girls, carrying the national and school flags, add a colorful touch to the band. This year the tour guards were: Betty Sitko, Dinean Booth, June Hornteck, and Audrey Uhlig. "Meeting Arizona First Row: B. Brooks, M, Faychak, S. Hornfeck, D, Booth, H. Dragos, P. Kashner, P, Kantorczyk, S. Grove Second Row: B. Sitko, D. Thompson, G, Kill, K. Duncan, M. Benner, J, Miller Third Row: R. Fasiska, D, Backstrom, W. Shaw, M. Herren, Mr. Quadraccia, K. Snyder, R. Ferrone, W, Furst, P. Reeder, J. Rusnak omg Adding color and pep to our band are the maiorettes. At all football games, pep assemblies, and parades they put on a fine exhibition of strut- ting and twirling. Led this year by Birtie Brooks, and Margaret Faychak the girls practiced long and hard to learn new drills. We are very proud of our maiorettes who have done outstanding work. C, Belkowski, P. Kantorczyk, T. Angelo, H. Dragos, B. Brooks, S. Yesensky, A, Shuster, J. Kass, M. Prfce, M, Burton, A, Tudekl P, Kgs!-mer V, Maizer, M. Ditter, H. Nolfi, M. Faychak 67 This energetic sextet has not only kept cur pep assemblies going full blast, but they have traveled far and near to be with our teams wherever they have played. The group this year, led by Helen Dragos, con- sisted of the senior cheerleaders, Pat Kantcr- czyk, and Pat Kashner, iunicr, Annette Tudek, and sophomores, Claudia Belkowski and Thelma Angelo. We hope all future cheer- leaders will do as well as this group has done this year. Thirty-three G emma fhonlm n 009 P9 Q6 N 0 ',6'lu6 The Commercial Club, under the direction of Mrs. Josephine Truxell is an organization of which Glassport High can be very proud. A very active club, some of its money-making proiects were the selling of candy at noon, at Christmas and Easter, the sale of pencil erasers, and, to end the year, a field trip. This year's officers were M. A. Adamcik, president, Toni Gabauer, vice-president, Lavina Randolph, secretary-treasurer. Third Row: J. Schillaci, J. Mingo, C. Word, L. Schinosi, C. Wojciechowski, G, Sydeski, S, Tomko, M. Kemple, C. Boyer, A. Konowalski, B. Shupe, J. Mendicino, T. Sample Second Row: M. Elko, C. Wallner, A. Gribschaw, C. Hart, J. Zabroski, B. Chula, T. Gabauer, M, Merta, J. Pergantis, B. Jesionowski, J. D'Annunzio, D. Orenyak, M. Elko, M. Blasco, E. Sitko First Row: V. Gigli, M. James, A. Uhlig, R. Pasinski, M. Adamcik, D. Scklan, L. Randolph, R. Adamcik, J. Kimmelman, E. Liebel, C, Orenyak, M. Harmon, D. DiGiorgio i -.I iz- Third Row: J. Miller, A, Weatherford, J. Stoffiere, M, Yesensky, C. Boyer, J. Demis, C. Ward, R. Ferrone, B. Shaw, P. Reeder Second Row: B. Rusnak, A. Ditter, E. Hart, B. Danko, C. Woiciechowski, P. Riley, E. Martina, D. Booth, A. Conley, S. Piccioni , First Row: M. Danko, J, Austin, J. Mingo, E. Kantorczyk, M. Merta, G. Sydeski, A. Gribschaw, V. Econ- omos, M. Ksiazek, J. Schillaci, M. Gonzales vnr'CU1fzlwm, In appreciation for the splendid work they did so freely, giving up their own time to help raise money for the Hy-Lyf and Glahisean, we extend hearty congratulations to the concession workers. Thirty-five Z . ffmw First Row: C. Washowich, T. Pastor, A. Wilks, R. Walters Second Row: B. Kostyzak, B. Lokash, Mr, Salzman, J. Rusnak, Mr. Robinson, D. Phillips, J. McCullough Without our Stage Crew our fine pro- fessional entertainments, plays, and as- semblies would not be possible. As every year, they have done more than their share of work, especially in the fall and spring plays. They set up scenery, work the lights and complete odd jobs around the stage when needed. These boys have worked with our custodians, Mr. Arthur Salzman and Mr. John Robinson. PMA? .. First Row: H. Herald, .l. Yablonsky Second Row: T. Hoberg, D. Davis, R. Jakubek, Mr. Roberts, J. Rusnak, B. Bratton, J. McCullough Under the supervision of Mr. John Roberts, the proiectionists composed of freshmen, sophomores, iuniors, and sen- iors, make every class more enjoyable. Running the movie proiectors, taking care of records at dances, and making sure the sound equipment is correct in the audi- torium are some of the tasks performed by these ambitious boys. UML 001: Wioilmfz. 945. Q J The Dramatic Club's fall production of T953 was "Old Doc". The play centered around an aging physician, Dr. John Hillary, and his ef- forts to persuade his son, the young, aspiring Dr. Robert Hillary to return home and take over the practice. With the excellent acting and fine plot, the play proved a great success. The Dramatic Club's T953 spring play was "Mother Is a Freshman." This showed the prob- lems encountered when Abigail Fortitude Abbott decided to enroll as a freshman at Pointer Col- lege where her daughter, Susan, was a sopho- more. The play was enthusiastically received by both students and adults. Thirty-six ll Il gwzdzq, 'P . Q... Thiriy-seven l First Row: J. Zabroslci, W. Bennett, M. Danko, J. Stokes, S. Hornfeck, A. M. Conley, M. Lowicki, S, Davis N. Heath, H. Nolfi, B. Danko Second Row: J. Sedney, T. Sample, M. Ditter, H. Conomos, B. Carlson, J. Mohlman, N, Tragesser, J. Mingo, M. A. Streza, T. Angelo, A, Tudek Third Row: B. McNelis, J. Nolfi, P, Frobouck, R. Dean, G. Borelli, E. Auslander, A, Bill, M. Herren, D. Murphy mm- .LL The Teen-Age Club once again tried its best to have semi-monthly dances. With two representatives selected from each homeroom, their responsibility is to collect and sell tickets, obtain chaperones, and sell cokes at every dance. Great thanks should be given to these representatives and members for their co-opera- tion and assistance. Thirty-eight First Row: M. Jaskolski, M. A. Price, D. Burkley, P. Cihota, L. Ginosky, P. Douglas, P. Kashner, M. Jones Second Row: B. Brooks, B. Sitko, M. Lowicki, A. M, Conley, L. Martina, D, Booth, H. Dragos, S. Taylor, E. Smith, J. Szewczylx Third Row:. R. Cendroslxi, M. A. Adamcik, A. Rusnak, A. Bill, F. Przywarty, A. Frattaroli, A. Jodie, L, Dworek, M. Mollica faculty. ,S,crJmfa1uQQ.4, This year, as every other, these students under the splendid direction of Mrs. Josephine Truxell, have tried to put their best into their work. Some of the duties bestowed on them are, typing lesson plans, stencils, dittos, and working in the office. Along with these and other duties, they have gained experience to help them secure a iob. 1 mymyfugzauvg 794 1 We, the Class of 1954, being of sound mind f?J and body, do make our Last Will and Testa- ment. To Mr. Naser, Mr. Whirl, and the entire facuIty,we leave our sincere thanks for all they have done to help us during the past four years. To the juniors we leave the senior section in the auditorium and the privilege of exchanging name cards and pictures. To the sophomores we give the duty of selling magazines for the 1956 Glahisean. To the freshmen we leave the responsibility of supporting all school activities during the next three yea rs. And last, but not least, we leave our individual characteristics. Conrad Hart and Harry Davis leave their short, stocky builds to Bernard Baur and Al LoBue. Marvin Herren bestows his friendliness on Phil Dunst. Jack Jewert is to receive Bob Finney's art ability. Roland Davis wills his charm with the ladies to Bill Kaltenbaugh, with the warning that he never reveal the secret. Ray Looney leaves his all-round sports abil- ity to Tim Lokash. Duane Backstrom relinquishes his clever wit to Jack Takaht. Ed Auslander, Ray Hilko, and Jerry Lees bestow their quiet manners on Jack Cavanaugh, Kennard Gumbert and Jerry Bittner. Letti Dintino, Pat Murphy, and Georgette Ladzun leave their petite figures to Aggie Jaku- bek, Helen Nolfi, and Vickie Maizer. Morris Decolati wills his baby face to Carl Kastan. Louise Fato bequeaths her sweet disposition to Delight Scklan. Marcia Laird is to receive Marlene John- son's quiet manner. Paul Reeder wills his love of acting to Frank Martinko. Bill Myers leaves his red hair to Jack McCullough. Don Byers bequeaths his bus ride to school to Ronnie Dalton. Gertrude Kill leaves the baby grand piano to Peg McHolme. Dave Sproull bestows his powerful phy- sique on Bill McKee. Ronnie Meisl wills his dark hair ani eyes to Joe Pociask. Guy Borelli bequeaths his high altitude to Carl Zaleski. Esther Smith and Elaine Hart relinquish their close companionship to Helen Conomos and Pat Dannenhauer. Martha Dworek leaves her cousin, Martha, the responsibility of carrying on the name. Donna Thompson and Dinean Booth leave their blond tresses to Geneva Holstein and Mary Ann Jackson. Arlene Rusnak bestows her willingness to work on Helen Tudek. Mary Ann Adamcik wills the first seat in every class to her sister, Rose Marie. Bill Shaw and Jack Horox relinquish their cut-ups in class to Harry Wisser and Darwin West. Janet Stokes bequeaths her freckles to Lois Sproull. Richard Galloway, Bob Lokash, and Joe Tomedolsky leave their places in line on the foot- ball field to Tom Baur, Mike Timko, and Tom Korposh. Sandra Morgan wills her conscientiousness to Jolene Domerat. Felix Zabroski and Bob Lucas will their bas- ketball ability to Ernie Brooks and Rich Lucas. Mary Mollica and Clara King bestow their commercial studies on Lavina Randolph and Mary Tarli. Michael Faychak is to receive Sylvan Al- pern's neat clothes. Tom Pastor and Chuck Washowich leave their after-school iobs in McKeesport to two am- bitious juniors. Marianne Benner and Pat Kantorczyk be- queath their sunny smiles to Judy Kass and Pat Ercole. Why so sad? A man tells his story. Sitting this one out. rv X. ',- .-L it if S . . 1 .f.1' . ,. . . Thirty nine These are seniors??? Hoop dee doo at 17. Rarin' to go. Mary Ann Price and Lorraine Dworek will their skates to Donna Burton and Carol Trunzo. Richard Sherman leaves his chivalry to Duane Case. Edward Borkowski is glad to give Tony Mordecki his long walks to school. Daniel Squires bequeaths his knowledge of popular songs to any junior with enough time to learn all the words. Marge Jaskolski, Mary Ann Steffan, anil Josephine Szewcyzk will their athletic ability to Geri Svatz, Aileen Ginevan, anal Judy Chottiner. Tom Churay, Walter Cooley, and John Mc- Cracken leave their shy manners to Earl West, Bob Shelby, and Frank Merta. Corrine Wentz and Shirley Taylor bestow their friendliness on Frances Tyskiewicz and Rita Pasinski. Bill Delmer and Ray Laine will their "kat clothes" to Howard Nolder and Jack Victor. Jim Yablonsky gives his duties as a projec- tionist to Regie Jakubek. Bill lvan and Carson Storer relinquish their noisy cars to Jim Nolfi and Henry Bonadio. Betty Sitko leaves her color guard duties to Audrey Uhlig. Rose Marie Bodus wills her fondness for out-of-town boys to Mary Lou Kapphan. Kay Duncan leaves her qay wit to sister Deanna, to keep it in the family. Susette Grove leaves her way with the boys to Mary Lou Williams. Marcella Lowicki bestows her habit of talk- ing with her hands on Martha Vach. Ronnie Kendall is to receive Joe Rusnak's short walks to school. Thelma Wray and Mary Ann Kuzio leave their lady-like ways to Nancy Sample and Mar- lene James. Bob Crncic wills his '53 Chevrolet to Jim Mort. Antoinette DeCarlo bequeaths her smart clothes to her sister, Tina. William Furst relinquishes his polite man- ner to Martin Konowalski. Richard Hughes leaves his Marine Reserve uniform to Harry Howard. Donna Kapphan is to receive Joyce Miller's stage presence. Francis Przywarty leaves the class key to Bob Sherman. Bill Kostyzak leaves his custodian duties to Donnie Murphy. Birtie Brooks and Marge Faychak will their batons and boots to Shirley Yesensky and Mil- dred Ditter. Pat Kashner and Helen Dragos leave their heartiest cheers and the new uniforms to An- nette Tudek and Claudia Belkowski. Pat Douglas bequeaths her pretty face to Cassie Heckert. Ed Fasiska leaves his printing press to all of next year's ticket chairmen. Arlene Garland wills her dark, wavy hair to Maria Orlando. Earl Myers bequeaths his seat in typing class to Paul Deppenbrook. 12:05 rush. There goes Christine's top. Slow but sure. ' ,Wg-i. U The Ideal Cfass Seeking a Higher Education Glassport Borough employees Ray Fasiska bestows his drum sticks on same "real cool" junior. Jim Charney leaves his daily trips from out-of-town to Rodney Gill. Sheila Hornfeck and Barbara Maler will their fun-to-be-with attitudes to Judy Jones and June Hornfeck. Beatrice Humenik bequeaths her horn- rimmed specs to Agnes Pasinski. Adella Jodie bestows her long curls on Peggy Finney. Doris Slafka is to receive Mary Lou Pear- son's neat-as-a-pin appearance. Karl Snyder wills the oldest car in the school to anyone brave enough to drive it. Helen Weber leaves her seat in mixed cho- rus to Pat Galeza. Gloria Zoller bequeaths her driver's license to Susan Kerber. Rich Ferrone will give his tuba to anyone that wants it. Lorraine Ginosky leaves her vivacity to Margie Price. Alice Jean Kopchinski leaves her activity in the Commercial Club to Carol Phillips. Ronald Lanyi and Leonard Mackowick be- stow their gentlemanly ways on Joe DeCarlo and Stanton Klein. Deanna Yacavace is to receive June May's cheerfulness. Alwin Bill wills his friendly grin to Don Tom Wezorek and Paul LaFrankie bequeath their wavy hair to Leo Marshall and Russ Wal- ters. Regina Cendroski and Rita Michalski leave their tongue twisting names to John Mazur- kiewicz and Stella Gniazdowski. Stanley Sopko leaves his short stature to Jack Palmer. John Montanti wills his crazy antics to Frank Roberts with the hope he won't get caught. Carl Elko leaves his skates to Ronald Virtes. Anna Mae Conley leaves the editorship of the Glahisean to a worthy junior. Louis Borelli bestows his billiard ability on Dickie Hornfeck. Joseph Sowa leaves his outstanding walk to Art Wilks. Gary Miller leaves his seat in mixed chorus to Tom Cindric. Glenn Hall wills his job at Papernick's to Arnie Papernick. Martha Jones bestows her tiny stature on Thelma Stout. Anthony Frattaroli and Joe DiGiorgio leave their winning personalities to Pete Frobuck and Dennie Marini. Dolores Burkley and Elizabeth Martina leave their jobs as faculty secretaries to two effi- cient juniors. Joseph Sikorski and Bill Popovich are leav- ing through the window. Phillips. Signed: CLASS OF 1954 Pat Cihota leaves her hearty laugh to Eetty Witnesses: O. B. Glad Jesionowski. I. M. Free Talking over last night's dates. Think they'll convince her? Think she'll ever get done? Forty-one First Row: M. Tarli, N, Kuder, R. lntrieri, M, Vach, B, Kadar, M, Price, J. Kass, M. Williams, A, Pasinslci, H, Nolfi Second Row: G. Holstein, M. Dworek, L, Gill, N. Sample, D. Frantish, R. Witkowski, H. Tudek, C. Heckert, V, Maizer Third Row: J. Palmer, F, Merta, S, Klein, A. Jakubek, B, Mar tell, B. Dworek, J. Katchmark, P, Deppenbrook First Row: R. Shelby, P, Dannenhauer, M. Laird, J. Fabry H. Conomos, J, Jones, D. Kapphan, F. Tiskiewic, P. Mc Holme, F, Panyzal, A, LaBue, M. Faychak Second Row: R, Walters, F. Martinko, A, Papernick, D, Siu dela, J. Nolfii, J. Gouker, H. Wisser, R. Virtes, J. Haw thorne, R. Kendal, C. Kastan, F. Spicer Third Row: J. Pociask, P. Fulmer, D, Case, J. McCullough, B Bratton, C. Zaleski, J, Cavanaugh, B. McKee, R. Jakubek E. West, J. Bittner, J. Smart gm... og 7955 The Juniors will next year take one step forward, and be looked upon as the leaders of Glassport High. They have prov- en in the past to be ci class of hard working and able students. We hope that in the future they will put their best foot forward and become a success. They have chosen as their leaders: Presi- dent, Bob Sherman, Vice President, Frank Martinko, and Secre- tary-Treasurer, Cassie Heckert. First Row: J. Jewart, N. Corridon, P. Ercole, M. Ross, G. Svatz, D. Yacavace, M. Orlando, A, Ginevan, M. Ditter, S, Fuller, M. Bartels, C. Barry Second Row: J, Wallace, B. Baur, B. Kaltenbaugh, P, Dunst, K. Gumbert, L, Nosich, G. Cole, A. Willis, M. Konawalski, A. Demis, E, Gigli Third Row: J. Mort, R, Gill, E. Brooks, J, Mazurkiewicz, T. l.o- lcash, D, Phillips, B, Sherman, B. McNelis, B. Maler, J Takaht, D. West, M. Timko, A. Smotzer First Row: L. Sproull, L. Aubrecht, B. Kuizio, S. Kerber, M. L Kapphan, G, Ali, C. Trunzo, S. Gnazdowski, A. Tudek R. M. Pasinski Second Row: S, Yesensky, P, Hysmith, L. Randolph, P. Galeza B. Hayes, A, Uhlig, D. Scklan, D. Slaflca, P, Finney, R Adamcik Third Row: H, Howard, A. Mcrdeclii, J. Orlando, C. Pavol, M James, G. Trumpe, J. Dworek, J. Victor, H. Bonadio Forty-two at Q Q... IN is 2 .. '- ffl.. - 552- 1 ,Egg .I 5 A ' Q First Row: E. Forsythe, A. Gribschaw, A. Gabauer, T. Angelo, V. Economos, T. Stout, G. Nizinsky, T. Petras, G. Burkley, D. Simko, A. Lewis, A. Konowalski Second Row: B. Gush, W. Wallace, T. DeCarlo, L. Mollica, L. Schinosi, J. Demis, H. Choven, A. Petrosky, J. Bartko, C Hart, M. McCracken, C, Wallner, B. Keys, E. Laine Third Row: B. Carlson, E. Evans, F. Sebastian, C. Phillips, E lover, B. Thompson, B. Maizer, J. Hansen, D. Burton, R Lucot, C. Spallone, M. Ksiazek, M. Kemple, C, Boyer gm. First Row: M. Obranovich, C. Ramsey, J. Finney, M. Jaskolski E. Liebel, L. King, J. D'Annunzio, B. Carbo, S. Forkey, E Donofrio, M. Churay, D. Barch, B. Krusz Second Row: J. Vignovic, L, Dobos, B. Chuia, M. Streza, R Gattone, L. Foster, R. Magana, G. McCaslin, J. Fonner C. McHenry, E. Culp, J, Taylor, B. Jesinowski, S. Bauer schmidt Third Row: D. Beam, B. Griffith, J. Berthold, P. Tiberi, E. Mus- tatago, T. Sitlco, R. Dean, J. Adamcik, R. Blicharski, E Strelinski, M. Burton, F. Kuzio, S. Tomko ng 796 With another year's experience added to their high school lives, the Sopho- mores have increased in wisdom and desire to be a credit to Glasspcrt High. We hope that they will continue their splendid wcrk in their iunior year and select officers that will prove worthy leaders. First Row: J. Wisniewski, M, Gonzales, M. Jackson, D. Dun- can, M. Katterhenry, N. Carter, M. Douglas, R. Fasiska, S. Davis, M. DeJulius, A. Shuster, N. Myers, F. Roberts, T. George Second Row: T. Baur, B. Steinkopf, B. Derr, P. Deliman, D. Marini, T, Auslander, P. Frobouck, D. Blicharski, B. Petras, W. Helsel, R. Milligan, D. Filson, W. Manning, E. LaFrankie, R. Dworek Third Row: E. Nemeth, L. Stanczyk, T, Korposh, T. Hoberg, H. Harfan, R. Cavanaug'1, B. Emery, B. Brown, S. Marcus, D. Smith, P. Visyak, E. Za'eski, J. Skalski, D. Cross, F. Skerlcoski, L. Marshall, A. Wilson First Row: R. Rozanski, S. Zebroski, N. Kerfoot, H, Prusko, S Wray, M. Bacha, B. Eicher, N. Heath, J. Hornfeck, C. Bel- kowski, J. Chottiner, S. Piccioni, E. Pacewicz Second Row: F. Wawrzeniak, J. Nestor, G. Pomnian, D. Carra- botta, D. Murphy, L. McMahon, T. Chadwick, B. Fulmer A. Kasmarik, G. Gallaway, E. Liebel, L. Broskovic, D. Wit: kowski, E. Szewczyk, R. lstvanich Third Row: J. Crncic, D. Davis, T, Cindric, D. Stevenson, A Stokes, B. Kushner, E. Uziel, R. Hornteck, J. Holten, J Casey, H. Herold, R. Campbell, R. Lucas, H. Nolder, J Weiss First Row: M. A. Harmon, T. Sampie, J. Austin, C. Orenyak, First Row: B, Randolph, M. Danko, E. Kantorczyk, N. Elmore, J. Stoftiere, C. Czarnecki, N. Ycbak, J, Mendicino. M. Bowser, G. Lykowski, J. Pergantis, F. Sutter, G. Pen- Second Row: J. Phillips, G. Bowen, C. Palley, C. Lehman, nell, M. Merta C. DeVerse, V. Furman, M. Elko, J. Kapsar Second Row: R. Gallaway, P. Rennie, W, Bennett, M. Yesensky, Third Row: A. Donofrio, M. Dworek, N. Schwab, E. Bender, S, Gabauer, F. Stein, A. Ditter, V. Sipe, D. James, R, G, Thompson, C, Sample, J. Gardner, R, Detman, J. Sed- Greiner ney, J. Reed, H. LaFollette Third Row: J. Lech, J, Tomedolsky, J. Sharpfess, R. Lowicki, E. Algas, T. Wesolowski, H. Motter, H. Aikens, G, Plesniak KM me After completion of the first year, the Freshmen have shown great sup- port to Glassport High. They have shown us that there is a time for play and cu time for study. We hope that First Row: E, Sitko, J. Nosich, D. DiGiorgio, L. Emery, S. Cupp, B. Danko, SENIOR OFFICERS M- E- l-0"'9f P- RileYf I- Sherman R. Lucas, P. Kantorczyk, D. Booth, Second Row: R. Kimmel, B. Pullin, J. Mohlman, L. Newton, D. Iley, P. Blasco, F. Przywarty R. lwanowski, J. Wible, R. Zebroski Third Row: B. Stout, K, Randig, L. D'Angelo, J. Herren, W. Worek, J. Dab- JUNIOR OFFICERS ruzzo, B, McWhorter, D, Antico, G. Ladzun, S. Furman R. Sherman, C. Heckert, F. Martinko 8 . t .ua .3 f f l X A Forty-four First Row: P. Milligan, C. Woiciechowski, M. A. Elko, D. Biega, J, Kimmelman, B. L, Shupe, D. Orenyak, J. Schillaci, J. B, Rusnak, D. Lucas, M. A. Hayes, S. Eicher First Row: J. Rattani, V, Gigli, D. Moonis, J. Mingo, B. Ables, Zabroslmi Second Row: F, Angelo, D. Beluschak, B. Marshall, D. Buch- Second Row: R, Caldas, O. Trumpe, M, Tachoir, T, Como, T. Mularski, M. Hilko, R. Gribschaw, P. Spyro Third Row: W. Prettyman, W. Kaye, D, Wierniclci, J, Miller, J. Boor, J. Fasiska, E. Howell, L. Andrews, A, Weatherford Shumber, B. Pollick, E. Lenhart, R, Farmerie 957 in the future they continue to do so and to take part in all the extra cur- ricular activities that Glassport High has to oFfer them. Big Chief Photographer We were good students today. Three's a crowd leitner, G. Sydeski, C. Ward, J. Trunzo, P. Greiner, N, Voy Third Row: N, Tragesser, C. Case, B. Booth, L. Kaufman, F. Forty-five DK Jim Juiwm Upon returning to Glassport for a visit on May 20, 1974, I found the hands of my for- mer classmates skilled in many fields. As I stepped off the bus before the massive terminal, one of the many improvements I was to discover in my old hometown, I caught a glimpse of Rose Marie Bodus disappearing through the doors. I hurried after her and found her buying a ticket to New York from Rita Michalski, a clerk at the ticket booth. During the course of our conversation, she told me she was due to start rehearsals for a new musical written by the now famous musical team of Joseph Rusnak and Chuck Washowich. I left Rose Marie with pleasant thoughts of her contribution to the entertainment field and started down the main street. An ultra-modern super market bearing the name ALPERN'S caught my eye. I immediately went inside and found my former classmate, John Montanti, managing this one of the many chain stores owned by Sylvan Alpern. They proudly ush- ered me through their market with all of its modern facilities and reported that business could not be better. As I left the market, I decided to have lunch at the recently opened Isaly's store. To my sur- prise, the co-manager's were Martha Dworek and Richard Ferrone. I sat down at a table near the entrance, and my glance strayed to the buildings across the street. An attractive window above which hung this sign "ANTOIN- ETTE'S DRESS SHOPPE" aroused my feminine curiosity. After I finished my lunch, I decided to visit the shop, discovering that it was operated by the skillful hands of the seamstress Antoinette DeCarlo. She informed me that another former classmate William Delmer owned the DELMER'S DANCE STUDIO next door. Pausing in front of another large office building, I read on the directory: Edward Aus- lander-Architect, Davis 81 Davis-Marriage Counselors . . . Alwin Bill-Easy Loan Co. . . . Lanyi 84 Lucas-Engineers, and the offices of SproulI's Publishing Company, William Myers, local manager. From this I could see that these former classmates were successful in their chos- en fields. As I turned from the directory, I met Pa- tricia Kashner and Louise Fato. Both girls were married now, and I found them willing to bring me up to date on the news of some of our other classmates. Leonard Mackowick, who as a stu- dent in high school spoke French fluently, just returned to France as the United States Ambas- sador in a private plane piloted by Thomas Pas- tor. On this flight, Carson Storer was the cc- pilot, with Gary Miller navigator, and Patricia Cihota the hostess. I was definitely surprised to learn that a great number of my classmates had chosen to make a career of the armed forces. Among Spirit of '54 3 Yo Yos Hit a homer! Forty six these were Conrad Hart, Richard Hughes, Earl Myers, and Richard Galloway. Lorraine Dworek and Margaret Jaskolski were model WAFS, and June May was serving as a nurse with the Army. As conversation continued, I found that James Charney and William Ivan recently open- ed their new Oldsmobile garage and were do- ing a flourishing business. Donald Byers as their head mechanic had hired Thomas Churay, Carl Elko, Glenn Hall, and Paul LaFrankie to com- plete the garage's excellent staFf. Directly op- posite the garage, Ronald Meisl operated an elaborate barber shop, catering to many prom- inent people, among them Edward Fasiska, the famous auto designer. I noticed as we approached the Ritz Theater that Lorraine Ginosky, an outstanding drama student in school, was appearing in her latest movie, A SCREAM IN THE NIGHT, written by Robert Crncic, directed by John McCracken, and produced by Bob Lokash, three former class- mates. In the field of music, I was happy to learn that Marvin Herren with his mellow trumpet and Raymond Fasiska an expert drummer, were now part of the nation's leading orchestra, under the direction of another classmate, the brilliant conductor, Paul Reeder. Continuing down the street, we passed a large office building in which Bertie Brooks suc- cessfully conducts the "Our Miss Brooks School for Secretaries". Elizabeth Martina, Arlene Gar- land, Gloria Zoller, and Mary Ann Price com- pose the teaching staff. While discussing the latest improvements in Glassport, the new hospital was proudly men- tioned. Here I found many capable hands. Its staff, headed by the two brilliant brain sur- geons, Guy Borelli and Jack Horox, included Wil- Iiam Popovich, a well known throat specialist, and Joseph Sowa, X-Ray technician. Among the head nurses at the hospital were Sheila Hornfeck, Janet Stokes, Helen Weber, and Alice Jean Kopczynski. The hospitaI's modernly equipped ambulance was driven by Joseph Si- korski and Stanley Sopko. The traffic officer at the town's busiest in- tersection was Raymond Hilko, who informed me that William Furst, Chief of Police, and Jerry Lees, who is also on the force do a splendid iob of keeping order in the community where so many of our classmates are active. Farther down the avenue I noticed a new bank, and was told that the president was Francis Przywarty and the vice-president was Richard Sherman. Also employed there are Beatrice Humenik, Mary Ann Adamcik, Barbara Maler, cashiers, Martha Jones, and Regina Cen- droski, bookkeepers. Passing another building in which William Shaw, the prominent physician, had his offices, they told me his secretary was Kay Duncan. In the same building Dolores Burkley works for Edward Borkowski, now a chiropractor. Daniel Squires, one of the state's leading lawyers, has his cffices on the top floor and keeps his effi- cient secretary, Patricia Murphy, very busy. l2's a raid. Rake up the mess. Shine her up, girls. I I " .1 ...I ---.W Forty seven New Subiect in School??? Ship Ahoy! They get paid for this? Next we came to the lccal office of the Bell Telephone Company, efficiently managed by Walter Cooley, who employs as operators Elaine Hart, Arlene Rusnak, Thelma Wray, Mary Ann Kuzio, and Josephine Szewczyk. These girls, I recalled had been efficient business students in high school. We had now reached Louise and Pat's des- tination, the "Mademoiselle Beauty Salon." The proprietors, Marianne Benner and Donna Thompson, employ Betty Sitko as their business manager and Esther Smith as receptionist. We met Gertrude Kill as she was leaving the shoppe with a new hair style. Gertrude, a leading effi- ciency expert, informed us that she had iust fin- ished renovating Morris Decolati's factory. Mor- ris, along with Joseph Tomedolsky and Joseph DiGiorgio discovered a special cream guaran- teed to put dimples in any cheek. She also told me that Joyce Miller is a buyer for a large de- partment stcre in New York. Stopping at Louis Borrelli's News Depot, I picked up a sports magazine edited by Anthony Frattaroli. From this I learned that Duane Back- strom manages the Pittsburgh Pirates, Ray Loo- ney was recently appointed head football coach of Notre Dame, and Felix Zabroski is coach of the Los Angeles Rams. In this magazine, I also saw a picture cf Shirley Taylor who coaches a girls professional basketball team of wh'ch Helen Dragos, Adella Jodie, Georgette Ladzun, Mary Ann Stelfan, and Clara King are outstand- ing players. Forty eight Before I left Gertrude, she told me that Sandra Morgan, whose ambition was to teach, was with a mission school in Mexico. This re- minded me to stop at GIassport's newly re- modeled high school before leaving town. Here I found Anna Mae Conley and Mary Mollica teaching typing and shorthand respectively, Mary Lou Pearson in the social studies depart- ment, and Marlene Johnson teaching English. Patricia Kantorczyk was drilling French into her students, while Corrine Wentz and Karl Snyder were the physical education teachers of the school. While wondering through the first floor, I found James Yablonsky in the modern indus- trial arts shop and inquired about the coaches. I learned that Thomas Wezorek was the able football coach. Making one last stop, I visited William Kostyzak while he explained the differ- ent steps in solving an intricate geometry prob- lem to his class. Once again back at the bus terminal, I re- alized l'd forgotten to ask what Susette Grove was doing now. A picture of Pat Douglas on a magazine cover caught my attention. Upon looking through it, I found that Robert Finney and Ray Laine were commercial artists for the magazine, which was edited by Letti Dintino and featured SUSETTE ORIGINALS modeled by Di- nean Booth, Margaret Faychok, and Marcella Lowicki. Satisfied that my class had done exception- ally well in their chosen fields, I boarded the bus which would take me back, with a full report, to Memoryville, U. S. A. BEL HEMI G'g?:,i5PSi:EIoI f Q5 c" 7 I rgfxf' , 1 v X' if bg X K sw r 0 If D K First Row-Manager, E. Davis, E. Zaieski, J. Nestor, H. Nolder, R. Lucas, E. Liebel, T. Bauer, R, Milligan, P. Frobuck, T. Kor- posh, B. Bauer, T. Auslander, D. Murphy, Manager. Second Row: R. Galloway, E. Auslander, R. Davis, F. Zabroski, J. Tomedolsky, B. Lokash, T. Wezorek, G. Miller, H. Davis Third Row: Coach M. Ghetian, J. Mazurkiewicz, R. Sherman, T. Lokash, S. Marcus, J, McCullough, B. McKee, C, Zaleski, R, Looney, E. West, R. Hornfeck, M. Timko, R. Campbell, J. Holton, H. Herold, A. Labue, L, Marshall, J. Crncic, Ass't Coach J. Lopkowicz, D. Suidela, Manager Ualmdy, Jnntbad Under the splendid coaching of head coach Myron Ghetian and his three assistants Mr. Lapkowicz, Mr. Hornfeck, and Mr. Kurka, the Gladiators had a very impressive season with three losses and five wins. Two of the losses were to AA schools, McKeesport and Clairton, and the third to a very strong A school, namely Baldwin. After these losses Glassport took the next five games in a row. , Myron Ghetian, coach Fifty Glossport 7 McKeesport 38 Going to McKeesport again this year, the Gladiators opened the season with a loss of 38 to 7 to the Tigers. Roland Davis and Felix Zabroski showed great promise for the coming season. While Tom Wezorek and Carl Zaleski stood out in the line, Felix Za- broski scored the only touchdown on a pass from Ray Looney. Glassport 14 Clairton 34 Going to Clairton the Glads showed more promise by a score of i4 to 34, Both touchdowns were scored by Felix Zabroski. Glassporl 6 Baldwin 39 The first home game showed the Glads in poor spirits, but that did not hinder their will to win. Losing to Baldwin by the score of 39 to 6 gave the Glads the third loss of the season, and the first loss at home. Felix Zabroski scored the only touchdown. Glassport 32 Rostraver 0 In the second home game Glassport showed great spirit. Roland Davis, Ray Loo- ney, and Harry Davis held up the backtield while Felix Zabroski and Tom Wezorek along with Carl Zaleski held up the line. The scores were made by R. Davis, G. Miller, R. looney, F. Zabroski, and T. Bauer. Glossport scored in every quarter giving the Glassport fans the first win of the season, and also some- thing to cheer about. Glassport 24 Wilmerding 14 This game was the biggest upset of the season. The Glassport fans went to the sta- dium expecting the Glads to lose, but the Glads, with a lot of spirit left over from the Rostraver game, sent some Wildcats to the hospital because of mishaps in the game. This gave the Glassport fans the second win of the season. The touchdowns were scored by Ray Looney, Tim Lokash, and two by Felix Zabroslxi. 71' Ah. THE 1954 FOOTBALL LINE-UP Line: J. Tomedolsky, J. Mazurkiewicz, T. Wezorek, B. Lokash, A. LoBue, E. Auslander, C, Zaleski, F. Zebroski, R. Gallaway Back: H. Davis, G. Miller, B. Sherman, R. Looney, R. Davis Glassport 27 Elizabeth 19 The Glassport-Elizabeth football game was played at Elizabeth on Saturday afternoon October 17th, at 2 p.m. This was the only afternoon game that Glassport played this season. Gary Miller was the Glassport captain, he won the toss of the coin and elected to receive. The first touchdown was scored by Felix Zabroski from a pass by Ray Looney-the conversion was good. The first quarter score was Glassport 7, Elizabeth 0. In the second quarter, Roland Davis, who took a pass from Ray Looney, scored the second T. D. for Glassport. Ray Looney scored the third T. D. for Glassport by a quar- terback sneak on the one-half yard line. The half ended with Glassport ahead 21 to 0. The third quarter was scoreless. In the fourth quarter, Felix Zabroski took a pass from Ray Looney on the Elizabeth 40 and ran 40 yards for the touch- down. Elizabeth's first touchdown was scored by Forman, who ran 80 yards for the first score. Forman and Wallace scored Elizabeth's second and third touchdowns. Glassport 33 Carnegie 0 The toss of the coin was won by Glassport and they elected to receive, The first quarter was scoreless-half-way through the second quarter, Glassport received their first touchdown by a hand-off from Bob Sherman to Ray Looney. The conversion was no good. GIassport's second touchdown came late in the second quarter when Ray Looney took a pitch out from Bob Sherman and threw a 29 yard pass to Felix Zabroski who went the rest of the way for the T. D. The score at the half was 12-0 in favor of Glassport. Glassport's third touchdown came early in the third quarter. Bob Sherman gave a hand-off to Gary Miller who ran the 7 yards for the T. D. The conversion was good. The third quarter score was Glassport 19, Carnegie 0. Glassport's fourth touchdown came early in the fourth quarter by a hand-off from Bob Sherman to Roland Davis. The con- version was good. Late in the fourth quarter Glassport got their fourth touchdown on a pass from Richie Lucas to Timmy Lokash. The conversion was good. This game gave the Glass- port Eleven, 4 wins, and 3 losses. Glassport 25 Brentwood 7 Glassport's first touchdown came early in the Hrst quar- ter when Bob Sherman passed to Roland Davis who ran 65 yards for the touchdown. The conversion, kicked by Ray Looney, was good. The second touchdown, late in the same quarter, by Gary Miller, ended the period with a score of Glassport 13, Brent- wood O. Glassport's third touchdown came in the middle of the second quarter when Roland Davis took a hand-off from Bob Sherman and repeated his previous touchdown by going 65 yards from the Glassport 35 yard line. The conversion was no good. The half ended with a score of Glassport 19, Brentwood 0. Glassport got their fourth touchdown late in the third quarter when Ray Looney went from the Brentwood 30 yard line giving Glassport a 25 to 0 lead over Brentwood. The fourth quarter gave Brentwood their first touchdown, scored by Layman, the conversion was good. Glassport was scoreless in this quarter. The last game of the season for Glassport and Brent- wood ended with Glassport taking the honors with a score of 25 to 7. Where's the ball? Proud Parents! Pass the ball across the field. Fifty one l FELIX ZABROSKI 160 T5s. 5 ft. 9 in. Felix has shown great promise for a fu- ture career in football. He played left end and was one of the outstanding players on the squad, scoring nine touch- downs this season for his team mates. He earned his second letter. "Fee" was elected co-captain. TOM WEZOREK 185155. 5 ft. 11 in. Tom, working for his second letter, was one of the best players on the line. Tom played tackle. The attitude of Tom's teammates toward him was shown when they elected him co-captain. RAY LOONEY 180 Tis. 6 ft. Ray, playing right half, sometimes took over the quarterback position. Working for his third letter, he scored five touch- downs for the team. GARY MILLER 160 TBS. 5 ft. 9 in. Although Gary missed the first two weeks of practice, he showed great promise, working for his second letter, Gary scored two touchdowns. HARRY DAVIS 150155. 5 ft. 6 in. Harry working for his third leiter, played mostly defensive ball. He was hindered this year by a knee lniury suf- fered in his iunior year, Fifty-tw0 COACHES Mr. Ghetian, Mr. Lapkowicz, Mr. Kurka, Mr. Hornfeck www- xt-- MANAGERS D. Siudela, D. Murphy, E. Davis, W. Worek ,jnmblm BOB LOKASH 180 15s. 6 ft. Although Bolo didn't make the first team last year, he went all out this year. Working for his first letter Bob did very well. JOE TOMEDOLSKY 130 TBS, 5 ft. 7 in. Joe is working for his first letter. Because of his size he didn't see very much action. Joe played the center position. ROLAND DAVIS 160 Tis. 5 ft. I0 in. Roland, who started in all the games, was hindered this year with a bad leg and in the middle of the season suttered a back iniury. Working for his third letter, Roland scored five touchdowns for the Glassport squad. He played the left halfback position. ED AUSLANDER I75 TBS. 5 ft. 'I0 in. Ed, working for his first letter, played guard. This was his first year on the varsity team. RICHARD GALLAWAY I6I TISS. 5 ft. 9 in. Rich saw little action during the season, but when he did play he proved himself to be a very worth while team member. Rich received his first letter. Fifty-three Fifty-four First Row: R. Gribschaw, J, Wible, D. Beluschak, F, George, V. Wirbicki Second Row: J. Phillips, G, Thompson, K. Randig, B, Pullin, L. Andrews, J. Trunzo, L. D'Angelo W Det man, J. Nagy, W. Worek, Manager Third Row: Mr. Hornfeck, Coach, J. Gardner, J. Herren, J. Boor, L. Kaufman, R. Detman, J. Tomedolsky G. Plesniak, E. Beliftiore, L. Cipriani, O. Larmie, Mr. Kurka, Ass't Coach ' am, jnntbal lt takes a lot of hard work and hard training but the "Little Glads" of Glassport High do their best. Their coach, Mr. Horn- feck, has to get these boys ready for their later years in football when they all do their best to give Glassport a winning team. All the boys and Coach Hornfeck need our support if we expect our team to win. 12. jnnfbal Enioying a record of three wins, three losses and one tie, the Reserves, coached by Mr. Lapkowicz, promise a strong var- sity for next year. Among the triumphs was a solid 7-6 pound- ing of McKeesport. Beating Elizabeth and Carrick, they tied North Braddock 7-7, while losing to Duquesne, Baldwin, and Wil- kinsburg. First Row: Mr. Hornfeck, Coach, B. Lucas, F. Zabroski, G. Borelli, C. Zaleslci, B. Kaltenbaugh, T. Lokash, Mr. Gorun, Ass't Coach Second Row: P. Dunst, Manager, B, McKee, H. Davis, E. Brooks, R. Looney, B. Sherman, B, Kushner, A, Frattaroli, Manager Third Row: R. Dworelc, Manager, C. Kastan, R. Jalcubek, J. Nolfl, M. Timlco, B, Brown, E. Zaleslxi Fourth Row: R. Campbell, R. Rozanski, A. Kasmarik, P. Deliman, T. Korposh, R. Lucas d?a4lmfbalL The Gladiators, coached by Mr. William Hornfeck, assisted by Mr. George Gorun, had a very successful team this year. Although they started out slow, they won fourteen out of the last fifteen games for a season's record of seventeen wins against six losses. ln section competition their fine reccrd of twelve-zero gave them a bid in the W.P.l.A.L. tournament. William Hornteck, Coach j 7' USHERS A. LoBue, J. McCullough, R. Walters, R. Meisl, Mr, Mihoces, F. Przy- warty, A. Bill, F. Martinko, R. Kendal Fifty-five FELIX ZABROSKI GUY BORELLI RAY LOONEY Guard 5' 11" Center Felix has earned his second letter this year. He always calmed the team and was the play maker of the club. He played his best game at home against Hurst where he scooped up 16 points. Glassport 57 Duquesne 54 The Glassport Gladiators opened their sea- son by edging out the Dukes of Duquesne in an overtime period at home. When the fourth period ended, the score remained deadlocked, 51-51. ln the extra period the Glads outscored Duquesne six to three. Looney was high man with twenty points. Glassport 50 Baldwin 46 Baldwin traveled to Glossport only to lose a hard fought game by the margin of four points. Big Carl Zaleski, the top man for the Glads, ended with a total of nineteen points, eight field goals and three fouls. "Buckets" earned his third letter this year. He also won the honor of co- captain. Guy played his best game at Dunbar where he scored 21 points. He showed great strength on the rebounds underneath both baskets. In his last game of the year he was high man. 6' 3" Forward 6' -.3 , - ,,,. Y . ....., Ray has earned his third letter this year He led the team in individual scoring kept up the spirit and he was "terror' the co-captain honor. Glassport 32 Scott 52 Glassport received its first setback at the hands of Scott on the victor's floor. The second half found Scott scoring thirty-one points to Glassport's ten. Borelli wound up high man with eleven points on five field goals and one foul. Glassport 56 Clairton 57 The Glads lost a thriller to Clairton by a margin of one point on the Iatter's floor. Borelli led the attack for Glassport with sixteen points, followed closely by Looney with fourteen. Seniors hard at work. Graduation Day. 5tuCli0US Student!- Fifty-six He played his best game against Scott- dale where he scored 26 points, the high- est record this year. It was Ray who under both boords all the time. He won BOB LUCAS HARRY DAVIS Forward 6' 'l" Bobby has earned his first letter this year. He played his best game at home against Elizabeth when he scored I4 points. Bob played a good game on both boards where he fought for every rebound. Guard 5' ll" Harry earned his first letter this year. Due to a knee injury suffered in football, he couldn't put forth all he wished to. He played his best game at the Field House where he thrilled the fans with a group of three breath-taking set shots. ANTHONY FRATTAROLI His was undoubtedly the most thankless of all jobs. But "Fats" good naturedly managed all his responsibilities-keep ing the uniforms in order, acting as offi- cial scarekeeper and being general handy man, were iust a few. His letter this year will represent many hours of hard work. Glassport 52 Baldwin 58 The Glads received their third set back in a row at the hands of the Baldwin Highlanders. Guy Borelli walked off with scoring honors, having a total of seventeen points on six field gcals and five foul shots. Looney, Glassport's star forward, saw no action in the game due to an iniury received in practice. Glassport 40 Scott 45 Scott scored a decisive victory over the Glads on the latter's floor. It was a see-saw battle all the way, finding Scott on the top by the score of 45-40. Lokash, Borelli, Zaleski, and Zabroski shared scoring honors with ten, nine, seven, and six points respectively. Glassport 56 North Huntington 49 Glassport High climbed back into the win- ning streak by whipping North Huntington 56- 49. Borelli was high man with thirteen points, followed closely by Zabroski with ten points. Glassport 54 Alumni 59 The Alumni, paced by Bob Smith with twen- ty points, defeated the Glads by the score of 59-54. Looney played excellent ball for the var- sity and capped scoring honors with twenty-two points. Play it maestro. Our happy supervisor. Learning a trade. Fifty-seven - is P. Dunst, Manager, A. Frattaroli, Manager, E. Brooks, T. Lokash, R. Looney, B. Sherman, B. Kushner, G. Borelli, C. Zaleski, B. Lucas, B. McKee, F. Zabroski, B. Kaltenbaugh, H. Davis, W. Hornfeck, Coach Glassport 58 Bellmar 54 The Glads came from thirteen points behind in the third period to beat Bellmar in its open- ing game in Class A competition. Bellmar led through most of the game until Glassport went on a scoring spree and made thirty-four points to Bellmar's eight. Guy Borelli finished high man on five field goals and seven fouls for sev- enteen points. Zaleski aided with fifteen points along with Looney who had twelve. Glassport 59 East McKeesport 38 ln a non-league game on the latter's floor, the Gladiators won an impressive victory over COACHES Mr. Ghetian, Mr. Gorun, Mr. Hornfeck the East McKeesport Rams. Looney stood out for the Glads with a total of fifteen points, fol- lowed closely by Carl Zaleski with fourteen and Guy Borelli with nine. Glassport 50 Scottdale 48 The red and black scored a crucial victory over Scottdale by a margin of two points. Za- broski's two important steals in the dying min- utes of the game aided Glassport greatly. Lo- kash took scoring honors on a total of fifteen points. MANAGERS R. Dworek, A. Frattaroli, J. Phillips, P. Dunst Fifty eight Glassport 60 Rostraver 57 Glassport moved into a first place tie with Hurst by downing the Leopards of Rostraver 60- 57. It was a hard fought game down to the finish, with the score changing hands eight times and being dead-locked on four other occasions. Borelli again was big man fcr the Glads with seventeen points, followed by Looney with six- teen. Glassport 46 Hurst 38 Glassport received their fourth straight win in league competition against Hurst on the lat- ter's floor. Looney scored fourteen of the Glads forty-six points. Glassport 80 Dunbar 39 The Gladiators whipped the Dunbar Mules on Glassport's floor for their fifth consecutive win in Section Ten competition. It was Glassport's game all the way, with Looney, Zaleski, and Borelli having sixteen, fourteen, and thirteen points respectively. Glassport 77 Elizabeth 46 The Glads, traveling to near-by Elizabeth, trounced their foes by the score of 77-46. The big gun for Glassport was Looney with fifteen points. Glassport 52 East McKeesport 37 In an exhibition game the Gladiators trounced the East McKeesport Rams by a score of 52-37. Although the Rams displayed good team work, the Glad's height again proved beneficial. Looney led the attack with twenty- three points and displayed excellent fioor work. Glassport 50 Bellmar 44 The Glads, clinching their seventh victory in a row, edged out the Bellmar Hurricanes in a thrilling game on the latter's floor. When the half time buzzer sounded, the Hurricanes led by six points, but, when the final whistle blew, the Glads landed on top by the score of 50-44. Bor- elli and Looney shared scoring honors with six- teen points each. Glassport 69 Scottdale 51 The red and black experienced no trouble defeating Scottdale at hcme by a margin of eighteen pcints. The stars of the game for Glasrport were Lconey with twenty-six mark- ers, followed by Zaleski with nineteen. Glassport 41 Rostraver 36 The Hornfeckmen won a fourth-quarter thriller from the hard fighting Rostraver Leop- ards. The Glads rode along smoothly until the fourth quarter when the roof started to cave in. During this period, Glassport scored only three points to Rostraver's ten, but managed to come out on top 41-36. Zaleski ccppecl scoring hon- crs with fifteen points. Glassport 47 Hurst 39 The Glassport Gladiators captured the Sec- tion Ten title by downing second place Hurst 47- 39. Felix Zabroski, playing his best ball game of the year, was high man for the Glads with sixteen points, Zaleski with fourteen. Glassport 71 Dunbar 40 Glassport High traveled to Dunbar to beat the Mules by a score of 71-40. Borelli, show- ing his usual good style, led the attack with twenty-one points. Glassport 72 Elizabeth 30 The final game of Section Ten found first place Glassport defeating last place Elizabeth by the score of 72-30. Borelli and Lucas shared scoring honors with twenty-nine points between them. Glassport 51 Greensburg 71 Glassport playing in the quarter finals against a strong Greensburg team, lost a hard fought game by the score of 73-51. The inex- perience of the Glads gave Greensburg ample opportunity to cash in on their mistakes. Borelli and Zaleski shared scoring honors with twelve points each. Everybody wants the ball. Who's going to take it? It's going right in. Fifty nine First Row: C. Kasten, R. Jakubek, J, Nolfi, Mr. Gorun, Coach, M, Timko, B. Brown, E, Zaleski Second Row: R. Dworek, Manager, R. Campbell, R. Rozanski, A, Kasmarik, P. Deliman, T. Korposh, B. Lucas Q, 65'a.4lmfl1alL The Glassport Reserves had a fine record this year playing a total of twenty-one games and losing only two of them, Du- quesne and Clairton. They also set a new record this year by whipping Dunbar at home 86-16. After they had lost to Clairton they came back to cop eighteen consecutive victories. Mr. Gorun had the best defen- sive ball team ofthe past few years, proved by their keeping the opponents under 600 points all year. At the end of four years of fine playing the Reserves have played a total of 99 games and captured a remarkable 89 vic- tories. Waiting forthe ball. In or out? Rack it up, Carl Sixty First Row: Mr. Ghetian, Coach, B. Marshall, B. Kaye, T. Campano, R. Gribschaw, J. Sedney, J. Phillips, Manager Second Row: G. Bender, L. Kaufman, J. Gardner, D, Wiernicki, J. Herren '. ' agaalmtball The iunior high team, coached by Myron Ghetian, displayed some fine teamwork this year. Although they didn't come out on top, they worked hard and played well as a group. Our iun- ior high players have earned the right to be praised for their efforts. This worthy group of players should be an asset for G. H. S. in the future. Let's go, boys. Step on the starter. Put it in, Sixty-one ,.. ... . . ....., .-....,..., ....,......-... A, -W . ,Ja . -f . A A , Third Row: Mr. McKeeta, F. Przywarty, P. Fulmer, R. Looney, B. Lucas, B, Stevens, E. Urbanslci, L Razewski, B, Fescemyer, J. Rusnak, B. Carlson Second Row: J. Bittner, P. Deliman, M. Timko, E. Liebel, T. Korposh, P. Dunst, J. Smart, T, Mordecki B. Brown, T. Richards, M. Decolati First Row: J. Palmer, J. Tomedolsky, H. Nolder, R. Lucas, R. Lanyi, R. Kendal, D. Backstrom, A. LoBue C. Washowich, B. Kaltenbaugh, R. Davis, A. Bill A6'aA.a6alL Baseball at Glassport High is going into its tenth season under the skillful coaching of Mr. McKeeta. This season a few lettermen will be returning. Mr. McKeeta's great teams have captured championships for the last seven years. Last year's season record was six victories and three defeats. The teams which Mr. McKeeta has coached have a record of sixty-six vic- tories and twenty-three defeats in nine years of playing. Vincent McKeeta, Coach Managers-F. Przywarty, B. Carlson, J Palmer Sixty-two SENIORS First Row: D. Backstrom, M. Decolati, Mr. McKeeta J Tomedolslcy A Bull Second Row: C. Washcwich, R. Lanyi, R. Looney, B Lucas J Rusnak F Przywarty R. Davis Glassport Edgewood . Elizabeth .. .. . East McKeesport Glussport 6 6 ,. 7 1 2 12, 3 , ., , Glassport 0 Gom Gomg Gone. SECTION 17 STANDING RECORD 1953 East McKeesport Edgewood , Wilmerding Elizabeth . East McKeesport Edgewood Playoff Edgewood . W. P. I. A. L. PLAYOFF Will he make it? 4 .wQ',d. J! jj?-2 Second Row: P, Reeder, B, Lucas, B. Kushner, D, Sproull, C. Zaleski, G. Borelli, Mr. Kurka First Row: J. Rusnak, T. Wezorek, R, Lanyi, J, Horox, E. Brooks, R. Looney '- ' uvuwoazr After traveling to Braddock on March 27, l953, the Glads volleyball team was eliminated by Homestead in the first round of competition. .lohn Kaye, better known as "Rabbits", was captain last year. Our volleyball team is coached by Mr. Kurka. '- ' - UnlLa46alL The Junior High team won the first W. P. I. A. L. tournament that Glassport has entered. The tournament was played at Braddock, where the team displayed excellent sportsmanship and teamwork through the guidance of Mr. Kurka. First Row: T. Korposh, R. Milligan, B. Kushner, R. Cambell, A. Katchmarik Second Row: Mr. Kurka, H. Nolder, R. Lucas, J. Crncic, B. Brown, S. Marcus liar-m um E 1 gl X A A ., .G-Q m YZ ,., MELVIN J. NASER Supervising Principal GEORGE R. FASICZKA Presideni ELEANORE MEGLISS Omce Secreiory ROBERT E. WHIRL High School Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION ALBERT R. STEVENS ALVA G. NOWELS Vice-Presideni Treasurer FRANK D, ROMMEL DR. c. P. MASCH JAMES P. MURPHY JR. Juuus SLAFKA Jn Sixty-six Secrefcry di-Q Jr., fi flf John Abbruuese Grace Borres Nqgmi Bi,-cl, Sf' 9' .S n 5 f Lillian Demesbichas John DiVito Dorothy Edmundson FX Pi l Catherine Finch Myron Ghefion Georg, Gown k ,M 410' 2 Nr .gui William Hornfeclc Ann Huro Michael Kurku Sixty-seven .Lim .lil ' Robert LaFronkie Joseph Lapkowiu 'X Ml Vincent McKeeta Darwin Mihoces Eleanor Pqyng Arihur Quadraccia 4 Q John Sabol Mary Lou Sebastian Sixty-eight N Elsie McClure Margaret Opris John Roberts Josephine Truxell " ani 6012, Khanqnalf' Qichard Ta? YM, Bill Sixty-nine Seventy Penland '23al1y, faced," m fmviinfsew 'Q' w, l ,L"b XFN '41 Jilf' ZR Q 1' Q 6 Q3 .V 'N Zihbe Q Y . MJ ' S A x M f x X X - FRANK MAKAR MANNO'S Shoe Rebuilding and Men's and Boys' Wear Glassport Cleaners Compliments of cm Alumnus G. H.S. - 1920 SAMUEL A. WEISS Phone 86653 HARRY ALPERN'S Complete Food Market 812 Indiana Ave. Compliments of Best Wishes to Class of "5-1" CLARENE CONFECTIONERY MR. AND MRS. PETER FROBOUCK 501 Monongahela Avenue Glassport Congratulations to Class of '54 PHlLBERT'S CANDIES "Friends and Flowers Bring Happy Hours" Best Wishes from the GLASSPORT FLOWER SHOP l.lEBEl. BROS. Friendly Service Congratulations Class of 1954 GLASSPORT 5 8. 'IOC STORE Corner of 6th 8. Monongahela Ave. 400 Mon. Ave. Phone 89024 THE ANDREW SHOP Ladies and ChiIdren's WEARING APPAREL Congratulations To The Graduating Class STAR THEATER Glassport, Pa. Phone 26764 Seven ty-two PATER'S PHARMACY 521 Monongahela Ave. K 81 K MARKET Fresh Produce - Quality Meats Complete line of frozen foods Ph 85109 one ooo Eighth Ave. Phone 2-7743 L. V. DUMAS Compliments of MYER ALPERN-COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Glassport, Pa. 539 Monongahela Avenue Phone 20177 Compliments of VIC MEISL Compliments of the ADELE SHOPPE "Visit the Adele Shoppe and be well dressed." Compliments of MlLLER'S SHOE STORE We fit feet to keep feet fit Quality Footwear and Hosiery Since 1900 Clothes, Shoes, or Accessories for Dress, Work, or Play Shop R A D E N ' S in Glassport A Downtown Store at Your Door Congratulations to the Class of "54" LIZIK'S Gulf Service Station McCRACKEN'S AUTO SE-RVICE AND REPAIRS One Location-834 Monongohela Ave. Phone 49549 Night 39312 24 hour towing service RElNHARD'S ESSO 199 Monongahela Ave. Glassport, Pa. - For the finest in meats and groceries For quality at a low price Shop zei.ezNlK's 716 Delaware Ave. Glassport Seventy-three Congratulations to the "l24" of the "54" class. May you go forth to play the game of life with plenty of love, hope, vision, perseverance, energy, and enthusiasm GLASSPORT ROTARY CLUB GRIFFIN OIL CO. Distributors of Pennzoil Products Glassport, Pa. Compliments of THE COSLOV COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of'54 BROADWAY ROLLER RINK 'I29 Mon. LENORA'S BEAUTY SHOP LENORA STEVENS, Prop. Ave. Ph. 46973 Compliments of KlLL'S PHARMACY HARRY GROVE REAL ESTATE W. D. Grove Agency T O M M Y ' S 2 Hour Odorless Cleaners 437 Monongahela Ave. Phone 85314 Glassport, Pa. l05 Market St.-Elizabeth 505 State St.-Wilson SUMMER SCHOOL Don't stop your education now. Extra training will mean a greater earning capacity. 'l. Commercial students should take our advanced business course. 2. College Preparatory students should take our Secretarial or Higher Accounting and Business Administration Course. 3. It going away to college, take Typewriting and perhaps Short- hand. Write or phone McK. 3-8222 for catalog. DOUGLAS BUSINESS COLLEGE 520 Walnut, McKeesport Seventy-four Compliments of Compliments of NATIONAL GROCERY J. A. DAVIS Phone 28547 510 Monongahela Ave. Compliments of the Ll0N'S CLUB THE BANK OF GLASSPORT Glassport Pennsylvania DORAWS FASHION SHOPPE woJclEcHowsKl FUNERAL Home E. E. WOJCIECHOWSKI, Director Ml Monongahelo Ave' 640 Vermont Ave. Glassport, Pa. GLASSPORT, PA. Phone 26388 Compliments of U. S. GLASS CO. Glossport Pennsylvania Q 'i.. 5 ellie PITTSIU R614 BRANCH Built to Serve You . . . Pictured above, Kurtz Bros. factory and warehouses along with the Pittsburgh Branch contain more than 112,000 square feet of floor space. Here, under one roof, your school annuals are printed, bound and covered. A plant built to serve your printing needs. KURTZ BROS. fr H CLEARFIELD, PA. Seventy-live cl-IAS. BENNER BARBER sHoP C,,,,,p,i,,,e,,,, of For the best haircut i wn. GEORGE HAYS and shave n to 306 Sixth Street Glassport, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of '54 AMERICAN LEGION 8. LEGION AUXILIARY Post 443 GIUSSPOV1 Pennsylvania CRAY BROTHERS Underwood-Sundstrand Dealers New and Used Machines General and Ofiice Supplies 337 SlX1l"l Street MCKee5pQr1', PQ, Undercoat F. 8. L. DISTRIBUTING CO. 336 Monongahela Ave. Painting FAIX'S BODY SHOP 336 Monongahela Avenue Glassport, Pa. Phone 35812 Glassport 24170 Body Repair Welding BOWL AT MORROW'S ALLEYS 601 Monongahela Avenue Spdgheffl Rqvigli ' ' M A R l O ' S ' ' We specialize in pizza Monongahela Avenue Glossport, Pa. Compliments of CLEM TYSKEWICZ Food Mmke' JoE's CLEANERS Where you get the best for less. 324 Sixth Avenue Seventy-six THE HUTCHISON-WIVAGG CO. Printing - Ruling - Binding McKeesport, Pa. ECONOMIZE WITH ECONOMOS Compliments Of HU' Cleaning JlM'S AUTO STORE and Shoe Repair OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 Birch Kitchens L American Kitchens y V E N T I L A T E D Plastic Inter-lock Tile ?,,--li Storm Windows and Doors AWNINGS NATIONAL WINDOW CO. 704 Monongahela Ave. Phone 20002 Our Sincere Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of '54 THE SOUTHWEST STEEL CORPORATION Glassport Pennsylvania BUCHMAN - BIRCH STUDIO Official Photographer For The Class of T954 Phone 24396 131 Fifth Avenue McKeesport, Pa. Compliments of BERTA'S FLOWER SHOP POLUNCHUK'S Grocery and Confectionery Seventy Compliments Compliments of of ESTELlE'S GLASSPORT ICE CREAM 81 LUNCH 9th Street 81 Ohio DEMOCRATIC ORGANIZATION Congratulations to the Class of "54" DARLINGS MARKET Compliments of Compliments of MARY KARAP GLASSPORT POLICE Our Congratulations to the Class of 1954 COPPERWELD STEEL COMPANY GLASSPORT, PA. c n C0mPlImen'5 of BRADLEY'S AUTO REPAIR Electric Welding, Repairs, ORl.ANDO'S FRUIT MARKET Auto Painting Glassport, Pa. Phone 49348 Compliments of Complimengs of OTTO GROCERY GLASSPORT CLEANING CO. Seventy-eight Compliments of Compliments of KEllER'S SUPER MARKET Corner of 7th and Mon. Ave. TRAGESSER'S RESTAURANT Lumber and Mill Work Ready Mixed Concrete Bell Phone 4-5147 BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY "Everything for the Builders" Fourth Avenue and Water Street THOMAS C. LAPSLEY MCKEESPORT, PA. The First One in Town Compliments of RMAN' SUPER MARKET No SETF SERVICE JOSEPH WITKOWSKI Meats - Groceries - Produce Tax COIISCTOI' 631 Monongahela Ave. Phone 27737 Our Sincere Wishes and Congratulations to the Class of '54 SONS OF ITALY NO. 941 Congratulations to the Clos, of H541 SEBASTlAN'S FRUIT MARKET W. N. KING 310 Sixth Street Phone 24772 JOSEPH F- ZEIK HoRNFEcK PHARMACY Paint - Glass - Hardware The REXALL Store Plumbing - Roofing Materials Phone 20606 649 Indiana Avenue Phone 89808 Where prescriptions are not a Sideline Seventy-nine MARK YOUR CALENDAR WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, T954 Date of GLASSPORT SCHOOLS PICNIC KENNYWOOD "The Nation's Greatest Picnic Park" Compliments of 5TH AVENUE HOTEL RYABY'S GROCERY STORE MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH PALMER Phone 37660 508 Wall St. OUR BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '54 PITTSBURGH STEEL FOUNDRY Sixth Street Glassport, Pu- Phone sszsa soo sixth si. The class of '54 wishes to extend their appreciation and thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, and to the co- operative merchants and individuals of the town who have so willingly contributed in the form of advertise- ments to make the '54 Glahisean a complete success. "AL" WENTZ HARDWARE Paint - Wallpaper - Glass THE GLAHISEAN STAFF Eighty MQCGEQIBFFIHB X X IH 2: 1 fs MWA AL" ' 'x 'N Y in-r xl' ,g ,f J'3gkgHUW,?i. '1 F- f- -N M ' ' riff' , ,.., , . V. .A N ' 1x 3? -E is ,Q x NH, X ,vga " fe: NIR gb 42 fs J K ,X 1 ' F3 vglv x M YS 4+ 11 wr, Jw 'X X F Em N Q, H X ff, li.. nu -" ' Q..B1-gf:-l'.s Ls :. -, ,- 5' 3 59? 'fx' ik.-nr '

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Glassport High School - Glahisean Yearbook (Glassport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Glassport High School - Glahisean Yearbook (Glassport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Glassport High School - Glahisean Yearbook (Glassport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Glassport High School - Glahisean Yearbook (Glassport, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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