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Lf? Q,g,f1i15 F-,,p,,Q'24: T-'j 11'-Q-T-lf"'51-Q-sj'E:-31,1 1 I-3iTi2"'f1'.5f'fl:Tggv:1l'f' -I-1 LQ?-if " :Z ' . . - , -, .1'ea'1:,1f....-emu-.3-.Q .ww-xlib ' - -2:98. . ,. 1988 MAROOIY AND GOLD GLASSBORO HIGH SCHOOL GLASSBORO 1Y.J. 08028 H .-sf' fi W f 1988 Maroon And Gold Dedication: Mrs. Han Cobbs A .f . 1 1 . t,,W.,,,W . ., . ..,, 'ss G 1 iii - - 1 ooooo W ,l K i5gu:.jE!5:f2i5'9l4i.ig2 Q' s 5 G Y. o get fx -n-:- -:' EA? i : -1, xii. ' QE . '..,,:f' , I ,Q Q Jai . 111 .- . ' M A 5. K ., ..1gz-A,- X-its. N -- 1-i f f .. ,gil 1. 15-gfglgg i .oo, .,,1 . As time passes, our memories fade: yet pictures and words in a book remain as vivid as the day they were printed. Thus, schools create annual yearbooks to retain forever the images of our pasts. The theme of this year's Maroon and Gold is "Reflections" This single word captures what all believe a yearbook should provide: the means to reminisce and to realize how the years at school have helped to shape each of us into the adult he or she has become. ln choosing a recipient for this year's dedication, it seemed appropriate to select a person who was influential to us during our high school years. As we considered our choices, one name continued to surface - that of a person who had been intimately involved in the creation of memories for a decade of GHS students as advisor of the f. Er ,A -..5-Wlf.,...uw Sw . . ...,t be , T . T ,. . 'ww-vpmq, 'lihdlllunq Maroon and Gold: Ms. Plan Cobbs. Ms. Cobbs first joined the GHS family in 1975 and taught here for 15 years. Last spring she resigned to relocate to Lewes, Delaware with her husband, former principal, Roy E. Holland, and her daughter Ursula. Ms. Cobbs' advisory position was not the only reason for our choice. She has also endeared herself to us as a dedicated teacher and a caring individual. Her students use a wide range of descriptives to portray her - tough, demanding, hard-working, persistent, disciplined, fair, fun- loving, and concerned. Ms. Cobbs believed that the only way to receive the best efforts from her students was to demand those efforts. Her expectations were high because she believed in her students and challenged them to strive for achievement. But Ms. Cobbs never expected l from others what she was not willing to do herself. She was always there to provide assistance, encouragement, and her own time to help students meet their potentials. She could often be found in the building before the school day began and long after it had ended as she modeled the behavior she expected from others: the creation of an ordered environment, a willingness to expend the time and effort necessary to fulfill the task, and the completion of the best possible final product. During her tenure here at GHS, Ms. Cobbs saw many colleagues come and go. As yearbook advisor she was often responsible for selecting one of them as the dedicatee for the yearbook. This task was a challenging one, for it required the analysis of those achievements and qualities which best portrayed the essence of that it Qld? di -1 2- person. For us, however, this task is not difficult at all. We, the staff of the 1988 Maroon and Gold, are living examples of Ms. Cobbs' dedication to the development of the individual student and the 1988 Maroon and Gold is concrete testimony to her completion of the final product. Although she was not here to help us ship the final copy, Ms. Cobbs had helped us to layout this book last year and had instilled in us the skills, self-discipline, and sense of commitment which have guided us in producing this annual. Thus, it is with love and thanks that we dedicate the 1988 Maroon and Gold to Ms. Nan Cobbs. May our Reflections make her proud. WWF! ' 35.1. .i f l 1 'R " IS For Reminiscence 'QNX 5 Ii We would like to live as we once lived, but histoiy will not permit us." John F. Kennedy If K' 1' E lL-E2 A , Yi in ag Bumnoss you ve caught on. Robert Frost "E" IS For Education "Education is .... hanging around until yy , Lgwjw i on AJ""' 6 F 'Milli I Y ut, "F" ls For Friendship. "To have no hiends at all is the worst state of man. To have only one good tiiend is enough." David Viscott, M.D. sfeik "L" Is For Loving. "Loved people are loving people." Anne Landers 4 1 1 . n . 5 L'1 I I . i 1 X E M kk 2 r x X X HR -on I 3 5 fi asv lf A. 2 L , I L' y'l '. J 1" yi., Rl M mama? , E in W 1 l I "E " Is for EH'0rt 'A man is not finished when he is defeated: he's finished when he quits." Richard Nixon h ,hhwd M . I --, 5 . .- , 1 ,xx 8 ff "- I an g. ,- -I Q ,f fx ': nj, 2 N I W 7 Z .N I JXHX? Nl DUE 39311613 "C " Is For Challenge "Winning isn 't evezything, but wanting to win is." Vince Lombardi ?' I 'El ,Qi -E! QE '91 "-. 2 ' 6 ,J-'P i sv . ,SHI ei, i me if 'f I' i S 4.j-?-digg xl X' S N1 ,ff ,,L " Zag X-ii "T" Is For Trust. "Truth is the only client here" V -unofficial motto of The Warren Commission 15 -11 I W 1 Lfgghr "1 " IS For Inspira tion. "What would life be if we had no Courage to attempt anything?" Vincent Van Gogh 'Qin 51' X7 'fix I 'Qiji h i .. N H S' X, gk ' 12- if ,l x - . "O " ls For Originality "By its dominate voices, its most unforgettable faces and its chief act of bra very does a generation recognize itself and history mark it " Eric Sevareid if NH h'm"l,152.i'QU ,D mln "N" Is For Need 'A wise man never refuses anything to necesslty. Publius Syrus H ..., "S" Is For Success. Success leaves you stranded - in winners limbo." Papa John Creech 'anunsui 32 H, 1 . rv il al f' Q' :. C 5 3 - - 3. 1 1 Wan qi--1-,C ffzq lIfWl,1L'.I KA - i 2 I ' f,, 'rf U FACULTY Mr. Joseph Saia Mrs Margaret Tannenbaum mr ' - 'l s T kk ,. .Q , . I ' v . . ,J 5 mi. , A Mr. Sam Trililetti Mr. Kenneth Wilmot GT SS E N it Q '. az. 1353, - , A, ,V.. ki, ' x 1 ,I J Mr. Russell Camrolingo Mrs. Mary Lee Donahue Dr. Leo J. McCabe 17 Wu Board Of Education s l Mr. George Beach Jr. President Mr. Joseph Brigandi Vice President Mr. John Aveni Principal Mrs. Hilda Murray Secretary to the Principal rm, M? In rg E Wce Principals The 1988 Maroon Si' Gold Yearbook Staff would like to welcome Mr. Orville Wilson to Glassboro High School. We hope that as our new Vice Principal, he will feel as much a part of GHS as we do. We wish him much success and happiness in his new position. Mrs Gllllan Mlrenda Mrs. Gerald Hopkins Secretary Attendance Clerk Central Ohfice Stalf M f 1 ,. 4 ug.. ,, U, Mr. Nicholas Mitcho Mgegeargryw ged Superintendent of Glassboro Public schools Superintendent 4,.......- Mrs. Anne Moore Mrs. Patricia Allen Mrs. Carmen Johnson Mrs. Marie Higgins Mrs. Joann Lavery Secretary 8200 Operator Payroll Secretary Secretary ' "' " fi ' sn- -If X3 -A if' veg - ' 1 l '75 l g,,.,f ' y ' , ' if: A ' ' " u E 154 v . 1 fu , e 'gf My ' .-Wil:-52:1 .p,-.l ,,. rp, z.. ftgggg:-zz 'Nx"':'x t':'.U: ' fu 43752 R liqqt f . tt - iw W., . e 0 : .u Mrs. Betty Snodgrass Mr. Walter Vall Mrs. Patricia Rubin Mrs. Dorothy Wrlggins Dr. Rh es Humphreys Bookkeeper Dir. of Educational Media Project WRITE Basic Skills Dlr. ofygpecial Services 20 K-1 L Mrs. Virginia Weidman Sec. to Asst. Superintendent Mrs. Evelyn Orrick Secretary 3 M Y r Mrs. Kathy Graham Mrs. lrene Whittman Secretary Secretary -S Mr. Harry Young Assistant Superintendent 5 Carol Lingerlield Mrs. Margaret Kauffman Mrs. Joy Winston Bookkeeper Transportation Secretary Miss Eileen Taubman Mrs. Barbara Ralnes Speech Correctionalist Psychologist 21 50.91156 li ,Wiki SQ X, Us lf fir X . Q. Q if asters cmdcru Drama ' I -W 455 Mrs. Rachel Blumenfeld- Mr. Oleh Borodevyc .. ,. Rldolfino zifssg . .1 1? .3'iz9!!f , ' x"?Q,, A fllf ' 1 -ft-v . K ,Q ., X a:-xr i -,. 2. 'jf f A 2a irgim Ms. Jan Breen Mr. Peter T. Davis lil Mrs. Joan Gebhan Chairperson Ms. SUSGFI EVBFIS lily ,XXX 151 Cf X 'E i , " 1 5 A' 'Y Miss Lynn Provost Mrs. Nancy Watts u R E F E R E N C E . Ik remvc El ff' rg, Mr. sid williams f " 1 -..W H., , V HW . . i L' ' N" , , A N 4 I g ,.:, ref.: rf'-f' g :M-:g..z.4...W Lfitie' 22 annul f - - Q - -u rc' I OQZIU 0176! XXX. i Mrs. Lynn Bullock Mrs. Pemell Harris Business Chairperson -., Ms. Terri Lovelace Industrial Arts Chairperson Mr. Ci. Sleidle , ,tux Mrs. Joyce Calzonetti Mr. Gary L. Loper Q f . gfjfiar Q21 fig! 'Tx I 1 ei. J - 5532 5 ' Mrs. T. Janice Robinson Mrs. Patricia Home 23 14 v 1 I e' I Q 5 K E1 22 Bb Comet I r- Baby Elephant Walk Mnm'iniSpcctacular-3 ,Zfd I -5 mrr r , .MUN ., aw 1 r rv f' "' To + + f ' A " W ' ' 'r vt sn!--1:11:21 - df' ' QCAU 'UG M fQ ' - '- '-'W 'rr :Fill fn 'QQfl-,'If..l'Qf..f.-T, -r ' " .. fy. . - 5 f, ffw " 55 4- I . --.A . -4.,,,.,- -.. v...V.. ,, ff:-1 1 73 . --, -.,.....-.... -.....-.V., 'P 11385 , rrr 2 4 rw ' ' ' J . ' f I Q X'l 'V ,Y I 3 7 I : I . A f Q r 'f Q3 an U 1 :U 3 5, i , Y f Mrs. Mary Ann Bickerstaff Mr, Louis Giunta V i Chairperson MU T M L 3 . V3 , . Q X 0 F 0 i N D V f ...4...- tau r s N ' M: William Sullon Mr William Krasting s " Q A 1 I Chairperson . l Q N ' -.-. ' 'Q Q I Q Q . J q Q ' ' g o 1, 4 . , . P , J 1 can if Q Q Q ' , ' gn. , V-ass. in t 6 . , . I Q 6 in , , r Q 1 - Q s , I In , 0 1 Q1 v f' I r i if 1' ' Q- l A J ,, A I . nw Q X 5 0 Q " P4 'U' an WW' Q, Y, C s "' 1 , r r 0 5 4 S I 1' ' L ' f ,r 0 , r in 4 o ,- or , 'll' Q' an 25 3 5 Q E 5 si 26 ,- - "E RIL K 5 , i 'Uv 1 an WWI' flailing' mv 1 gf, fr' ,5- H L Nw Q :Il fu. if 0 as ,-.Ft lwci.-, ag x IJ' xv- r- '. i . ,Hr f, In THE I Y v0 rw: al 'M' f y j 34" f. we K' . We eww V. ,5.'- , ., -N121 f 1 - . ,,., , ,, My ... W., ,.,, . ,, ... . - -,,,, v ,.. ,,,. ,, fm:-mf:w..,Www.h .f 4 , f ' Q z-1,4 ,V N'-fv.'Lbuw,- 424i BW' . nd FOFSIQH La T. , KOH 0-94,6 2. rf Q N U .fx N mx' fx. Mrs. Legistrean Chapman L.m .'m. , .' 5 1 :Q 'A f.-.asv ---- F-nfs' .zgs W V .....:- V .QNX mweff ,sf - C gm- xg: v-:ig in 1- N f z1.,,j ,Q x"2 . . -. WS. + .. Vx X . . N 5. ' . ff .. . is v..' Mr. Steven Deutschbauer Chairperson . .. . V V .. . f - ...ig L ' r'M-5i.f Q -QOH , A-.J3-Sig.. ,V 1 ff, Q . in if 5 :in , 11. W Ig' 5 If rffy' . ri ,... is in ' if ,i W A ff' 1, .f I ,' . 'fr f h . .,. . , r"" ,f 'f g . 4 4? tl if i ! wk if 5 ,I 5 1 'Q 1 I E ' .X r Mr. John B. Fargnoli ffff xxx' , Mr. Bob Felloney , . I W A .1 I 2. 65.254 SSP Xxx, bf? KL x ,f Zn M mxgr . M 'Q s gm O .ff y ff fr Ms. Kathleen IBYIYIBCOFIC Mr. John LaPalomento Chairperson Ms. Anfla-Cll0l'13 LIDEZTBIO 28 I i 1C 81 'Zws Q fy Q34 QA! Miss Janice Aliberti Mr. Stephen A. Cifonelli Mr. Robert F. Cleary Mr Jack McCuIley Chairperson - QQ V- ,,., 435. V "' -,ii 1 we Q .Vg f 'Cf X Ms. Diane Porrecca Mr, Steven Tucker iw' ' 29 CfC17C6 Mr. Jim Demarco Mr. William Flynn Chairperson nu 'FB W ff , 55151 i, Fr Ra Fr i 1 xA' , Mr. Charles D. Folker Ms. Nancy Fulginettl Mr. Reiner Schmidt wi , 5 : 31 -des Q ,Q I - .ff-f ,. , Viv 1 30 . unmnuun ylllll Q-...Il Q N I N E T E E N F11 TH, K A I V3 if T 5' . Wa ' .,-md? gr ' A 11 "6 4 - 'Y- 1 5 x LINK S M s ACTIVITIES J V- HL , W'-Mk' . if 'fxai , am W f 4 W ' -f 1 K . . tl x f 1 .ifm-9v???m f , A Editor-in-Chief: Stephanie Roth "1988" Yearbook Stal? Co-Editors: wood Stephanie Roth, Mary Jo Movsesian, Diane Gar- Advisor: Ms. Lynn Provost fX 1 W S 'g'1"H Senior Section Activity Section Sports Section l it A I 1' .sf rl ,, visa Underclassmen Section The 1988 Yearbook staff has the important responsibility of constructing the yearbook. Under the supervision of advisor Ms. Lynn Provost the entire staff does their best in presenting the entire school with a book of memories everyone can share in. 34 . v 1 ,r L . r . J, 'Members' Senior Section: Diane Ciarwood-Editor Kathy Vonl'loltz Christa Maddox Dawn Gacutan Activities Section: Rene Schuck-Editor Dawn Wilson Treena Owler Sean Gustilo Sports Section: Mary Jo Movsesian-Editor Sidney James Kelly Hinton Underclassmen Section: Brandi Taggart-Editor Baby Day Beth Sahm School Spizit Week Every year before Homecoming, the S.G.A. sponsors Spirit Week, a 5-day adventure in which students try to prove how much spirit and enthus- iasm they have for their school. Each day has a different theme. The themes for this year were Nerd Day, Baby Day, Sports Day, Fifties Day, and Maroon and Gold Day. These stu- dents are just a few who participated in Spirit Week. The overall winners of the week were the Sophomores, ad- vised by Ms. Blumenfeld. Baby Day Brand: Taggart Baby Day: Patty Haines 35 35 The National Honor Society The National Honor Society is a group of gifted students who are honored by both the student body and the faculty of the Glassboro High School. The stu- dents of National Honor Society are se- lected on the merits of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The scholarship requirement is fulfilled by a grade point average. Academically qualified students are then evaluated by the entire faculty in the areas of leader- ship, service, and character. The seniors who are involved in the National Honor Society are awarded nu- merous scholarships and grants for their outstanding scholastic qualities. 'LJ students eaming a minimum of 15.5 e -'X' 1 Af, 5' K M 4 snr, Members: Seniors-Michael Ancharski, Anthony Delia, John Dougherty, Diane Garwood, Shelli Hannum, Linda Haynie, Jill Jackson, Debra Johnson, Dawn McCormick, Richard Meagher, Steven Powell, Stephanie Roth, Angela Smith, Josephine Squadrito, Kathleen Vonlloltz, Mechelle Ziegler-DeMarco: Juniors- fwW if B, Otiicers of NHS: Pres.-John Dougherty, V-Pres.-Kathy Von Holtz, Sec.-Mechelle Zeigler, Treas.-Heather Collins, Executive Comm. Members- Debbi Johnson, R.J. Meagher, Mike Loungo and Angie Smith. Advisor-Mrs. Joan Ciebhart 1 W 59, 1 :,' Advisor: Mrs. Joan Gebhart M .. Brian Blacksten, Carla Camino, Heather Collins, Michael Dick, Giana Eck- hardt, Joanna Foster, Scott Han'is, Scott Lewis, Michael Loungo, Lisa McCor- mick, Carter Morse, Kirstin Renninger, Carolyn Thomas, Dawn Wilson, Gary Wriggins. -yr .rf F' 55' 'if f Wt., H -35 'sr f, a f 'iff ' i Qn ftgu, bhvyjgiig .tg -511 Qlnilki- '-S' President: John Dougherty 36 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I S 2 Q - -E I L f A i s l Top Honor Graduates '36 ,K N7 l Q !' I . . ill . 37 til If ' Y 1 49 i,H Michael Acharski Anthony Delia John Dougherty Diane Crarwood Shelli Hannum Linda Haynie Jill Jackson Debra Ann Johnson Daum McCormick Richard Meagher Steven Powell Stephanie Roth Angela Smith Josephine Squadrito Kathleen Vonlrloltz Mechelle Ziegler G.I'I.S. 198 HOMECOMI G COURT Miss Treena Owler escorted by Mr. Richard J. Meagher Miss Utasha V. Elie escorted by Mr. Scott Fleming Miss Diane Ruby Ciofli escorted by Mr. Plick Vasil ici ' 'Y A i f' Xa . J Miss Nicole Renee Puteri escorted by Mr. Sam Laspata Mrss Rochelle T. Reed escorted by Mr. Tony Jackson Miss Christa Lynn Maddox escorted by Mr. Joe Mazzeo Miss Mechelle Ziegler escorted by Mr. Kelly Warrick 38 Miss Angela Allyn Smith escorted by Mr. Charles Davis 1 f Miss Kristi Lee Vasile escorted by Sgt. David Vasile Miss Bonnie Jean Mazzeo escorted by Mr. Michael Shillingsford 4155i .ip The Homecoming festivities were celebrated on ' Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1987. Excitement was in the air. 0n this beautiful fall day, the Bulldogs defeated Clearview's Pioneers with a score of 20-15. The members of the Homecoming Court, and their escorts paraded around the track, along with the floats. At half-time, Miss Angela Allyn Smith was crowned the 1987-88 Homecoming Queen. The winning float was that of the Sophomores, presenting "Loch Nessie of Scotland." Following was the "200th Celebration of America" by the Juniors, "A Look at ltaly" by the Freshmen, and the elaborate "Egyptian Paradise" by the Seniors. Special thanks to Kathy Von Holtz for her organization, and also our gratitude to Jeff Berman for providing us with pictures. Y' 1 . . . . . the Seniors. nlifai I-4 Q- .- tiff... I. -,wgifqpgs Q . ,- ' 1 L?-A ,l.lf,'-4.-. S -P-5 c 0 11 12 S H M the Juniors, ..... the Freshmen. BF ,, QOSophomores 39 ,.... the Sophomores. 'nd ' '-F5 Advisor: Mr. Chuck Folker The S.C1.A., Student Govemment Association, is a service organization designed by and for the students of Glassboro High School. This government consists of elected class officers and S.G.A. officers, as well as homeroom student representatives. The organization meets to discuss student proposals, activities and concems. The officers of 1987-88's S.G.A. were President: R.J. Meagher, Vice-President, Kelly Warrick, Secretary: Mechelle Ziegler-DeMarc0, and Treasurer: Bunny Mazzeo. The S.Cr.A. is also the proud sponsor of school activities and social gatherings. These activities include pep rallies, spirit week, homecoming, school dances, and the Snowball. On the behalf of the S.Ci.A. and the Glassboro High School Rstudents, we would like to thank Mr. Chuck Folker for his help and support. Members: Colleen Aspell, Tammi Baer, Kathy Beebe, Shiva Bhakta, Michelle Birmingham, Nick Bowers, Stephanie Bradley, Michelle Bradshaw, Dan Bromm, Carla Camino, Carol Camino, Diane Ciofii, June Ciofii, Collin Conaway, Sharon Craft, Lee Ann Cramer, Tonya Davis, Angela DiClaudio, Andrea DeKatch, Kristina DeKatch, Paula DeStephano, Michael Dick, Sharon Diggs, John Dougherty, Dan Esgro, Scott Fleming, Wendy Fordyce, Tracey Freund, Hahn Crip, Charlie Graham, James Grantham, Stephanie Gwalthney, Coswaylo Harris, Amanda Hughes, Sidney James, Debbie Johnson, Sam Khalil, Mike Kifferly, Andrea Krauss, Kathy Lau, Mike Loungo, Christa Maddox, Joe Masso, Scott Mathis, Bunny Mazzeo, Lisa McEvoy: Erin Meagher, R.J. Meagher: Christine Milligan, James Miner, Bonnie O'Driscoll, Treena Owler, Alyson Petroni: Kristine Prieto, Scott Prieto, Denise Reinek, Mike Rhea, Jack Rogers, Beth Sahm, Rob Satterfield, Elizabeth Seagreaves, Mike Shillingsford, Angie Smith, Larisa Stewart, Jamie Stroyek, Jennae Suiter, Hiani Suiter, Brandi Taggart, Alvin Tillely, Gabrielle Travaline: Skip Vasil, Kathy VonHoltz, Brian Warrick, Kelly Warrick, Melissa Williams, Michelle Willis, Gary Wriggins, Mechelle Ziegler. Student . . .- ,.tf... if W. f it ' HX t, t , szsa A 40 Government Association A . -anna! ri 1 .Nl X. 51 N, iw' 3' I Q , 1, 52 of ' ' X ' QD rl I L President: R.J. Meagher Orchestra And String Orchestra X mtg f ,Q 7 r. if ax 14' QE xii . X ,f s ' X 'I 7 ,. 'ie N ' , X ..-' X N 1 g H 259, i V-- ' 'Til' Q - ' ' g g , 4 t -1 v.,- if .V .WKKQ : ,tb ii if .Q E ,V . --1. Y 1 t ,. K lr 1 V , gl I ox , . f 45. The Orchestra, consisting of students from all classes playing woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments had three very successful concerts during the year. Lead by Mr. Sultan and Mr. Ciiunta, the orchestra played selections ranging from symphonies to pop tunes. ln addition to their annual concerts, they also performed at Cilassboro State Colleges annual High School Orchestra Festival where they received outstanding reviews. Members: Jennifer Badger: Barbara Baer: Kathy Barger: Greg Blew: Nic Bradley: Jill Benjamin: Heather Collins: Michelle Curran: Derek Daisey: W. Davenport: Gia Eckhardt: Peggy Eichfeld: Peter Eichfelcl: Peter Femandez: Audrey Fox: Hahn Gip: Pat Greenlee: Cliff Hampton: Jill Jackson: Kristine Jansen: Jennifer Laxx: John Lewis: C. McClun: Sheila McElroy: Lisa McEvoy: M. Meister: Jodi Mitchell: Karen Nichols: Steven Powell: Davin Stewart: Brenda Wallace: Lisa Wallace. String Orchestra: Kathy Barger: Jill Benjamin: Nic Bradley: Michelle Curran: Derek Daisey: W. Davenport: Peggy Eichfeld: Hahn Crip: Jennifer Laxx: Lisa McEvoy: Sheila McElroy: Jodi Mitchell: Karen Nichols: Davin Stewart: Brenda Wallace: Lisa Wallace. rs Concert Band W' lhwr-w-I-'axe-frm!-A-.eff Q Under the direction of Louis Giunta, the concert band has performed at many winter and spring concerts. They have been very successful in band festivals including the New Jersey State Concert Band Festival held at Trenton State College. They also performed at the Gloucester County Arts Expo. Officers: J. Jackson, K. Jansen, A. Fox, H. Collins, C. Hampton, C. Kelly, K. Babb. 5, . fi! afar ,4. MEMBERS Kathleen Babb Laurence Kelly Greg Blew John Lewis Jennifer Badger Barbara Baer William Bramble Shawn Chila Heather Collins Tarisha Diggs James Doughetry Giana Eckhardt Peter Eichfeld Deshontal Elie Peter Femandez Audrey Fox Clifford Hampton Jill Jackson Kristine Jansen Steven Jeffers Scott Mathis Christine McClun Sonia Nance Eric Osler Terry Palmer Steven Powell Agnes Raines George Reynolds Eugene Siudut Lisa Wallace Brian Warrick Kristin Rodgers Coleen Kelly Debbie Ware Chris Greene Brenda Wallace H .:. 1 ..l The Marching Unit The Marching Band consists of ap- proximately 50 instrumental and front members. The students are guided and influenced by Mr. Louis Giunta, the musical instructor, Mr. James Watson, the front coordinator, and Mark Balog, the drill instructor. The marching unit performs at all football games, numer- ous cavalcades, and many parades that are scheduled throughout the season. ln competition this year the band placed 11th at Chapter 1, Group 1 Champion- ships. Members: K. Babb, G. Blew, J. Badger, B. Baer, W. Bramble, S. Chila, rl. Collins, T. Diggs, J. Dougherty, P. Femandez, D. Elie, A. Fox, C. Hampton, J. Jackson, K. Jansen, J. Lewis, S. Mathis, C. McClun, S. Powell, A. Raines, G. Reynolds, E. Siudut, L. Wallace, B. Wan'ick, K. Rodgers, A. Sprewell, K. Blew, C. Kelly, D. Ware, C. Greene, S. Lewis, L. Starkey, M. Wooton, R. Schuck, D. Schuck, B. Wallace, T. James, D. Ganuood, G. DiR- addo, R. Reed, K. Wescott, S. McElroy, T. Schwoebel, K. Fleming, J. Bowers, K. Sherwood, J. Sliben, S. Da- vis, K. Lloyd, Pl. Raymond, R. McClun, K. Wintjen, S. Lindemian, K. Barger. fi N 9 Q, 44, w,.,..,., ,, Q f 651 C. X K Mr 12457 Wifi 44 Front Officers: Rochelle Reed, Diane Garwood, Gina Di Raddo, Kim Wescott A w l wg,-' , it . , ,F mr K f I ip , ' f- ' " .- -- Q , K ' ' ' ha'-.qw ,..-. ,L viii' c , M.i,., N , 1. if-..,5 1 , ' A A ' ' ' i' H H r ,. - . --- '1 ' 'Jil . ' . 4191- f ' A ' 1 V N g ,f , A-,C.i.,3:, I ,M V' V,,ki,. ' , , , . . ' '7""4Af2fL f 1 fir: is ' 1 1 - ii ' wwiw 441 ill! V "5-I1 jg 45 The choir is a group of students who enjoy expressing themselves through singing. Conducted by Ms. Bickerstatf, the choir performs at several concerts during the year. Choir And Madzigals lien Blew, Lisa Deppenschmidt, Tarisha Diggs, Gina DiRaddo, Peggy Eichfeld, Dee Elie, April Harper, Jill Jackson, Kristine Jansen, Debra Johnson, John Lewis, Scott Lemds, Dawn McCom1ick, Monique Mon'is, Stacey Turlington, Sherriner Williams, Michelle Willis. fl A 7 1-Y " " ' ,-1 , yi: lil. l ll E l l , 1 1, Members of the choir try-out to become a member of the madrigals, a group of talented singers. Members include: Lisa Deppenschmidt, Gina DiRaddo, Peggy Eichfeld, April Harper, Jill Jackson, Debra Johnson, John Lewis, and Michelle Willis. 46 Seniors In Music Kathleen Babb Jennifer Bowers as Audrey Fox Diane Garwood Kristine Jansen Debra Johnson Damm McCormick Rochelle Reed Janice Sliben Laurie Starkey Nicholas Bradley F--, F I Gina DiRadd0 Clifford Hampton Coleen Kelly Rene Schuck fy , Q. . S Q5 Jill Jackson John Lewis Kim Sh6l'WO0d Eric Osler and Steven Powell are not pictured. Kim Wescott 47 all-1 ,. Intemational Th espian Society ll--.Av P ll .' A-Ig B Anthony Delia l N- Jill Jackson xt, 71 Debbi Johnson Xl! r The International T hespian Society members are primarily responsible for the performance of the plays and musicals of our school. Upon induc- tion into the club, students must per- form a rehearsed skit. .P HQ A S1 MS. Jar! Breen Nqs fp X 'J y tk. 'sgf QI O: NJLN R W' f 2 W John Lewis 48 Z1- Steven Powell Gina DiRaddo Kristine Jansen G.I'I.S. Presents "Play It Again Sam" .ff This year, Michael Giordano again proved his expert talent when he successfully directed the comedy Play It Again Sam by Woody Allen. The perfommers put on a spectacular show. Lead male was perfom1ed by Steve Powell and lead female was Debbie Johnson. Another significant role, that of Humphrey Bogart, was played by Benji Salter. This was the last perfomaance in a play for most of the performers and they did an excellant job. CAST: Allen . . Linda . . Dick .... Bogart ................... Nancy ....................... SharonfBarbaraflntellectual Sharonfliinaf Go-Go girl . Directed by ............ Production assistants . . Scene Sr Lighting Design . . . Props advisor ........... Lights .......... . . ylix 49 . . . . Steve Powell . . . . Debra JOhnSOfl Tony Delia . . .. Benji Salter . . . . Jill Jackson . . . Gina DiRaddo April Harper Michael Giordano . Kristine Jansen Rene Shuck . . . Pat Ancharski . . . Bevin Harper Mike Kifferly Joe Pritchett Spring Musical K ,,1, i ,,,4 ,A if 734, JS' f , , , ., , .,, f , ,,, 1, ., J HRYGSFEED X 'E 1' Y' :Q Sw ' 6 m . 432!!l!4!i!Qll!llllHHKW f-4 . , AL taiuililillllix gg-A- ' ff' -4 .1 P. ,' jg'-1-A -"' Q S, ' Q " 8153. I 1 X. .04 I . ' 'nth 'Q' ' '. -.fzizx ' "5 "gg , f ' W 'I .1 ,5fs?,.'.. . HIGH SCHUUL , ga PRESENTS . '?"-:ig f ..': '61 P'1ARCH?26,27I ana 28 CURTAIN! 8500914 Book by: Michael Stewart Hello Dolly Glassboro High School Presents: Hello Dolly! Based on the Play The Matchmaker Music Direction ............... .................. Directed and choreographed Scenic Design ............, Costume Designer ....... Assistant Choreographer ............................................ Music and Lyrics By: Jerry Herman . David VanAntwerp . . Michael Giordano . . Charles Cunier . . Joan Sommers . . . Crystal Bourdon Cast of Characters Dolly Levi ........... Bevin Harper Ambrose Kemper ,... Steve Powell Horace Vandergelder . T.J. Robbana Ermengarde ......... Emily Becker Cornelius Hack! ,... Andrew Steiger Barnaby Tucker A . Patrick Ancharski Mrs. Molly ........ Clystal Bourdon Minnie Fay ...... Rebecca Johnson Mrs. Rose .... ,... R achel Johnson Emestina , . . ..... Kirstin Lynch ., . . . Benji Salter ... . . John Lewis Court Clerk .... ,... D avid Mitchell Policeman ............ Scott Lewis Rudolph . . Judge ....,.. Townspeople Benji Salter and Debbie Johnson Tony Delia and Jill Jackson Scott Lewis and Rachel Johnson John Lewis and Lisa Battista David Mitchell and Gina DiRaddo Hany Jackson and Kerry James Kirstin Lynch Peggy Eichfeld Dawn Smith Dance Captains Gina DiRaddo Tony Delia Waiters Tony Delia Benji Salter Jill Jackson John Lewis Lisa Battista Debbi Johnson Scott Lewis Gina DiRaddo Rachel Johnson 51 The H.A.l'I.S. consists of various students who have shown outstanding ability in the field of art. The purpose of the club is to help students use their creative abilities, and also to bring their artwork to the attention of the school and community. MEMBERS l'lai Son Bui Nick Bradley Daniel Carton Joseph Cattafi Christine Coulter Patrick Seagreaves George Shuttleton Stacey Snodgrass Jason Solem Clary Wriggins Brandi Taggart Kim Kirkpatrick Jack Rogers OFFICERS National Art Honor Society .,, un, c,4,, J QL., -., ,,. .-,L .1-V..w,.1 3 Q , ws Fi f?" q r? , e Q bE5'if3,'5- -'5 g f ?" f'. "fLgQL-tp-i,,gJE.h1.i15 President - Collin Conaway 5 if gg lgtg Vice President - Michael rr .ijgatfgf-25:3 'ffip "K g JL, :Xi , ag:i'fii1iNLT',?' . P , vgt ', - Q- ,1::"' ' ,-'.'.'. 37-75 4 " 3, .7',',,fy,4 .Q-."+' Ancharski T " 552 - - .Mfg ' V '--,1 '.,QQ.f4, A ' gtg K xt, 1. - Secretary - Lisa .Deppenschmidt 3, w-T Magi s' I B gigg lry Treasurer - Kimberly Wescott ig rr '-5 ' Tu Q, A 'iifgfgglfl - r si ' X. ri ' 1 . if an 'P ' xx ' 1 5 if ' K t ' L 'l' --,gl if wx 4, Y A isgifi fs - ft. f T 1 - JK ' i , 1 f 'A ,ri P ' tx C , r Q 1 , L.,r :iw war, 'j r - ffgsggffsis , 'mi , ' . ,Ia 4 . 3, R 4 . f. . V .,,1.f If if Q , 1 - :j.'fl'V-A Warflm, I ' .1 ' ft fffffl wg' LA.. M fl , rf J E, , 'QJL rv..,' ""'.f,'f'2t', , ' ' fi -Q' J' 1' ffl, r--:fx if-Jw 1??','? 'Ti 4 3714. - if-, ,L--, , ""h"f4, 'growl .Q fi-it ' v ig -g 2f':3':',,1f .. 1 -, -"vi, '- , -. - ff, -3: in ,A Q. , ., - izigf.. '4 N I " T if ' , f' ,li if x of Y,-, T V! 52 IV? -l.. lllpu .....,. Stage Crew ,f' yr- ,xxg.I:"'1- ' if Science Club +R . ,D hp, ' '-1 ., IJ, RQMVIX ' P ' 1' " Qx fi -if . .3 ,. D I., " il Wiwfh f, ,. W Officers: D. Stewart, C. Aspell, C. Morse, M. Loungo. S3 Ms. Lovelace instructs these stu- dents who are involved in all func- tions dealing with the school's stage productions. They must be present at all plays, musicals, con- certs, pageants, recitals, and other various activities. When working for other functions outside the school, they are considered to be associat- ed with the working field and are compensated for their expert abili- ty. Members: Anthony Delia Mark Graves Robert riighley Michael Kifferly Joe Pritchet Robert Satterfield The Apeiron science club, under the direction of Mr. Reiner Schmidt, involves students who enjoy meet- ing regularly to discuss recent sci- ence news and to experiment with different ideas involving areas of science. Members: Colleen Aspell Shiva Bhakta Ken Blew Graham Cassidy Chris Milligan Carter Morse Debbie Masso Erin Meagher R.J. Meagher Boris Cimas John Dougherty Pete Hordal Pete Eichfeld Pete Fernandez Scott Harris Sidney James Steve Jeffers Tom Reedman Beth Sahm Davin Stewart Brandi Taggart Alvin Tillery Debbie Johnson Brian Warrick Bill Waters Asif Zaman Bill Zycinsky Mike Kifferly Mike Loungo Cindy Masso D662 I DECA, which stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America, is a club for students interested in fashion merchandising and marketing. Students operate the school store, and sometimes perform community service to benefit either the elderly or hospitalized children by visiting them. Students also participate in regional and state competitions related to marketing education. Members: S. Cook, S. Brooks, A. llczuk, S. Ross, J. Camiolo, S. Morrison DGCEI II Members: T. Williams, J. Erhart, V. Bowers, D. Wood, J. Grantham, T. Souders, C. Cutis, J. Suiter, S. Green, S. Burt, D. Baumler, H. Kirkbride, C. Shute, J. Fleming, C. Coulter FBLA F.B.L.A., which stands for Future Business Leaders of America, is opened to any student interested in pursuing a career in the business field. Under the guidance of Mrs. Harris, this club performs different community projects, including their annual Type-a-Thon to help raise money for the Leukemia Society of Glassboro. At the end of the year, the club gives a scholarship to a senior, to help him or her pursue a career. Members: T. Coraluzzo, D. Polillo, K. Vasile, T. Bergen, C. Thomas, W. Fordyce, R. Ferbe, T. Freund Advisor: Mrs. P. Harris EF .in .,. Ka T. M Productions , Q . 9 N X 'tfrfrfffvfxgmffsegt 3 . mf : 313' ' 99'- Z if - : A tv cal fi 'N IX' ,., ll i ti. Y gulf vt ii 153 -9' if! uc . Q X ' P :fir iii N I R.J. Meagher, Anthony Delia, Kelly Warrick, Steven Powell Angela Smith, Jill Jackson Mechelle Ziegler, Angela Smith S5 ' 1 ln this group, Mr. Borodevyc teaches the students how to operate cameras and video equipment. A T.V. program called WCIPS, on channel 5, views many educational programs from Mon- Thurs. at I5 p.m. to 5 p.m. This is all run by Mr. Tierney and some help from talented students. Members: Robert Chew Chris Greene Ed Kortonick Kevin Meeks The members of this activity, under the direction of Mr. Borodevyc, announce the present and upcoming events happening in the school. An uplifting quote is stated each day to boost the spirits of the students and faculty. They are pictured below. Members: Benji Salter Bobby Chew Guy Eberl Benji Salter Lenny Valerio Skip Vasil Mike Wooton W. 'yfirvi-X ,., -N, ral ' . A. These organizations have the fundamentals of a democratic government. Two delegates and two alternates are chosen from each school to represent the organization. Boy's State: R.J. Meagher, Anthony Delia. Altemates: Kelly Warrick, Steven Powell. Ciirl's State: Angela Smith Alternate: Jill Jackson Citizenship: Mechelle Ziegler Alternate: Angela Smith Black Cultures This club is designed for students to explore their heritage. The Black Cultures Club takes many trips and sponsor several fundraisers. Members: Kathie Barger, Toshia Bergen, Zena Custis, Bruce Davis, Tarisha Diggs, Utausha Elie, Rhonda Ferebee, Mekeeva Green, Frances Hawkins, Stacey Lindeman, Lisa Mc Cormick, Terria Moore, Rochelle Reed, Miaika Roland, Scott Turner, Cheryl Sanders, Angela Smith, LaRon Washington, Marlo Wright, Tawnya Washington, T osha Williams, Kashida Tomlin, Alvin Tillery, Davm McCormick, Phyllis DuBois Foreign Lang. The Foreign Language Club offers its members a place to learn more about the country and language which they study as a course. Members: M. Adams, T. Bergen, S. Bradley, B. Cimas, K. Conroy, L. Cory, S. Craft, N. Cruel, M. Curran, K. Davenport, P. Eichfeld, R. Ferebee, J. Ferrer, S. Fleming, S. Harris, S. Jetter, L. Johnson, M. Kifferly, K. Law, A. Leeds, K. Lloyd, M. Loungo, S. Martin, C. Masso, D. Masso, D. McCormick, L. McCom1ick, M. McRae, E. Meagher, C. Morse, M. Pittser, B. Rogers, K. Rogers, B. Sahm, R. Satterfield, A. Spinella, B. Taggart, K. Lau, C. Camino, A. Petroni, A. Pittser, World Atifairs Headed by Mr. Steven Deutschbauer, the club helps its members become more involved in their surroundings by introducing them to the world of politics, business, and world affairs. Members: Hilary Barfield, Stephanie Bradley, Ha Bui, Carla Camino, Ted Cline, Giana Eckhardt, Scott Fleming, Suzzane Hamilton, Sidney James, Sam Khalil, Jackie Lisa, Carter Morse, Eric Palmer, Scott Prieto, Kelly Sottile, Carl Taylor, Alvin Tillery, Gabrielle Travaline kn- The School Newspaper - The Hub ,g '. ' Advisor - Ms. Susan Evans Photos. - C. Sengvoravong, M. Rifferly e?f fi -a w if W L 1: if-2 ,lt im ,x 1, .1 , Y 95 The Hub, which means "center of activity," is CrHS's school newspaper. Under the guidance of Ms. Evans, the staff of the Hub writes informative and interesting articles on the happenings in and around the campus. The writers will occasionally write about the community and other human interests. 6 mi' X. x -ai Reporters - G. DiRaddo, D. Elie, N. Parcels, L. McEvoy, M. McRae Health Ed. - Chalette Washington V V av ,iight r 'ml Hifi r W, L.. 4 l , ..1,,, fill i itil ai: I ' 2,-A-L... Sports Ed, - Bunny Mazzeo Fashion Ed. - Utausha Elie Feature Reporter - Michele Willis ,. . We , 5 V ,., 'F .L Qi if gxr lla '- -4 h ' ,We 'kf 'I Q .-'-- 4 -- ' :fit N' R A , 5 - V 9' 'K' f?'.'- ju ' 'I .. K M1 sank. Feature Reporter - Patti Greenlee Photos. - Mary Jo Ramos News and Editorial RCPOUCV ' Ed Kortonic N N E T E E N xA UNDERCLASSMEN A Class Oliicers Class Of '89 .-"3 Qi lf? lf' ,ij : 1 r l : .4 'J Class Of '90 President- E. Sahm Vice President- J. Cioffi Treasurer- E. Seagreaves Secretary- K. Deliatch Committee Planner- A. Advisor- Jim DeMarco President- M. Kifferly Vice President- G. Wriggins Treasurer- O. Khalil Secretary- M. Dick Committee Planner- A. Tillery E . I X Class Of '91 Deliatch ,. ll i . Advisfor- Rachel Blumenfeld- Ridol mo g ' xy Y C x it , 4 ,-5'-78 ,, h C - C X K if Q , a P T ,. -. fp s . ' :N ' , 3 1 ' I l iyl X J ts s t if A f I N K Advisor- Steve Cifonelli 59 President- M. Rhea Vice President- D. Esgro Treasurer- P. Femandez Secretary- Pl. Suiter Committee Planner- Z. Custis Abdillahi, Allen, Anuzis, Askln, Baer, Bailey, Barca, Barfield, Barger, Bames, Bergen, Birmingham, Blacklock, Blacksten, Bland, Blew, C1 Booker, C Boone, M Boone, Bradley, Bradshaw, Camino, Camiolo, Cassidy, Catron, Cattafi, Chila, Chila, Clark. Cline, Collins, Cook, Davenport, Davis, De Pasquale, Deppenschmidl C M Y cr 2, No Photo Available No Photo Available ,Q . ,Y U JVM haf' Qi: QA! ,, "'v- M W, K' K lax A 1 ,J t Q f 1 - lc. ff' l No Photo Available XXX at 4, E mv--, 'Q' 5 -1-ff , I x ' x ' - Y' . .. ' ' V7 -. H eq ll , I ,Wt . as wb 3, aa .. -,, -.- f 2 Sli 2. v. ff 1 ' rr 1 ft gg f fr-.1 No Photo Available 61 Nw Devlin, J. Di Matties, M Dick, M. Dougherty, T Dunner, J. Eckhardt, G. Edwards, V. Eichfeld. P. Elie, D. Falkenstein, K Firth, R. Fleming, K. Fleming, S. Foster, J. Freadhotf, D. Gaines, T. Gacutan, D. Gee, S. Ciillman, R. Giovanetti, L. Goldsboro, M Graham, C. Griscom, D. Groves, W. Hahn, M. Haines, P. Hamilton, S. Harper, A. Han'is, S. Hinton, K. nooks, R. lhunna, M. llczuk, A. Insana, D. James, S. Jones, T. Keemer, L. Khalil, S. Kifferly, M. La Marra, K. Law, K. Lewis, J. Lewis, S. Lisa, J. Long, N. Loungo, M. Lutz, C. Martin, D. Masso, D. Mc Cants, A. Mc Cormick, L. Mc Elroy, S. Mc Evoy, L. Mc Fadden, D. Mc Rae, M. Mears, R. Michael, A. Miner, J. Moore, M. Morse, C. Orrick, L Palmer, E Paranzino, J Parsels, H Paul, L.K Pindale, Jr. D Pirillo, J Pitts, D Pittser, A Praul, K Priest, J Prieto, S Reader, G Reeves, W Reinek, S Renninger, K Rogers, S Ross, S Rowe, D. Satterfield, B. Schoenberg, K. Schuck, D. Schwoebel, K. Seagreaves, P. .-5 ':1" -1. tl ,'-' - '. .li - '14 'YI VVVYV, AMAA, 'W' " vw AA,f'AQ,jxMVff ,ll-vi 'Q'- 'fy "v , .gf 2 J 4 4 S uv Q , .::'2h. f '," in x x 'SN 55 5 Qff 44 Shipman, J. Shuttleton, G. Solem, J. Sottile, K. Spinella, A. Stewart, D. Streets, W. Stringer, J. Stringfield. N. Stroyek, K. Taylor, C. Thatch, Y. Thomas, C. Tillery, A. Tolbert, W. Travaline, G. Trovato, J. Vignola, M. Wallace, B. West, G. Willis, N. Wilson, D. Woemer, G. Wooton,'M. Wriggins, G. Ui. 009 --.., f wngm, M. fi. 'Q' T l Q .-,Q - X inf . NNN X, 1393 xx i X HE' 1 i,..zn:fm.,..,. ,, Ai. M, H, ,f J-kv gl Available N Bu I V .JDE Cruel, Cullen, Curran, Davis, Davis, DBWSOI1 , De Katch, De Katch, De Pasquale, Di Claudio, Dickson, Diggs, Diggs, Diggs, Eberl, Ferguson, Dougherty Fen'er, FCITCT, Ferrer, Flail, Flynn, Gaines, Gaines, Gallon, Garrett, Gatchel Goodwin Gorman, Green, Greene Groves, Halter, Harden, Hanfis, Harris Harrison, Hester, Hughes, Huylebroeck, Johnson, Jones, ' 1 , fn I . . I, . f v I V. .. Q 'Q 'Ga 'Q ks No Photo Available . wi., , ' i C1 ' Q 1" 'X J .X ! Y ,vw- 'E' 'I7' i ff X ., f X f 1 ,,ll, M r fx 1, ,mt ZN- u Irv, -, X3 X X it 'G ' ' 66 No Photo Available No Photo Available W was if Q... 'J N1 ,. f s ,. 1 CT X. K s. ,v. s..- TY x I '77 67 V7 A Jones, D. Kelly, L. King, S. Krauss, A. LaMonica, S. Landis, G. Lester, R. Lindeman, S. Lockbaum, M Lowery, A. Makos, S. Marchese, N. Masso, C. Masso, J. McCants, T. McClun, C. McConnell, D. McDonald, C. Meagher, E. Meeks, K. Meister, M. Mitchell. J. Moore, T. Morgan, M. Mon'ison, S. O'Driscoll, B. Orlando, D. Owens, D. Pen'y, D. Porch, C. Pritchett, C. Ralfa, B. Raymond, A. Rovin, K. Sahm, E. Saud, A. , ,fig W, Seagreaves Seeny, Sengvoravong, Simmons, Smentkowski Smith: Solem, Sweetman, Turlington Vandergrift, Villec Virgillio Walker Ware, Washington Washington: Watt, Wescott Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Willis, Wintjen, Yates, Tomlin, No Photo Available I ,,,,,,:. 3 5-f mf :pm fx , " 'v , 5 , 55 , fn. ., , I, A W-- . 1 an , .S .vt , . 1 N4 A YB Y No Photo Available ' Q K Q :. X AF- A 0-. ' ,k 4- !'?"f 'QQf, 5"'f C3 f .sy ' 'W . W XX ' Q V.: 'f W 1 X . - s 1 xx ' X g ' A I A I "px XX ,1 F -Y - x I . X ll . ., q J ' " 1 A , 4 1 I E " A' . ,MA , Q- - - S.- ' ,, 5 x. gi Af Vi :Q WF 'V vg, X X 1 AGL f xt A . 1 .h-Lg 1 ybft., Q Jr ' ' LT? ,Y 4 , X 69 l Ancharski, B. Badger, J. Baer, B. Barilaro, S. Bates, T. Benjamin, J. Benjamin, J. Bergen, T. Bowers, J. Boyer, S. Boyer, T. Bramble, W. Breaker, S. Brooks, E. Brooks, T. Brown, T. Byers, F. Camino, C. , Campbell, J. Chambers, M. Chance, C. Chandler, R. Cheng, M. Convery, F. , ,,,..,. , N we T -15. d No Photo Q ,X Available 'sf' J f , ' ' 2 4 W ff. . . 5 43 -V V R K Q f . ., ,, ill Wm. .2 , ,. Ag, . . 4. . 1Q--. a 2 . " 4w fwfr f ,. 4 BLJ i , W .Q ff? . "' 557 ' fav x sf' ' QQ. Ill liffii? W.. ,.. ,,. V,-. 15 m Chila, F. ,K , ,,, . if '-s 1-' .. J Q X x l Cope, D. A Cope, W. M Costa, D. Council, D. . Q Custis, Z Daisey, D Davenport, W Davis, M Davis, T De Stefano, P i 5 I 1 ' jf .W ' ' 'iii '.,,i' 5l ' 'J' . xl Vi ' M 11.1 if 5 I 9 f No Photo V' Available by . Elf X 'V 'H i ? fa S ' B No Photo ' 1' Available J, , I 5. V B as A1 y 70 aw. 2 . ,sf 'vi No Pl'I0i0 No Photo PX 1 V 1' No photo X ' Q' Available Available Available 4 .9 1 Y .... MQW . No Photo Available No Photo Available S. 'sr A .EI ,im 5' 'A T9 QQ: ' , . 'L f . . V .o 11. 5 .5-A P1 qi' Ma xi . ,, 5 s I., .fyfg ,a , No Photo ' Available in ,W N? C.. ,E 's.rM. !" , X gl A ' 1 No Photo, M Available v 3 71 X,- J I 1 Ski. K5 LQ? L9 x f 'af '..., ,wp f-ff., -if-. ' lcv fvl ...f .. 1 W 1' 'T ,n .n - ' A 'XTR -I 1 mx ,,,.-I ...u " my f .,.i..-...Mk u '1- fku-iu in ' --'funn - V.,-uw-1. li..-1'--U., ,F . IH' "Yum 1" ' zu- if 1 1151: KN" v 1 , , , X , gl M wi J: , X i Af 1 s 35 X Lf I 1 , I No Photo Available , ...iw lli. i. No Photo Available Deaner, T. Devlin. E. Di Rienzo, P. Diggs, A. Dougherty, Dowdy, L. Duffy. D. B DUl'halTl, N. Eichfeld, P. Ennis, T. Esgro, D. Farley, E. Fayne, T. Ferebee, R. Ferguson, R. Ferguson. S. Femandez, Ferrer, J. Fiorella, R. Flamma, S. Fleury, A. Foster, D. Gaines, M. Gaines, M. P. Genovese. 5. Gillespie, M. Gip, H. Gomez, B. Gray. A. Green, J. Green, M. Green, W. Greenlee, P. Gusky, D. Gwalthney, Haines, S. Hall, C. Hahn, G. Harden, D. Harkins, B. Harris, T. Harvey, D. S. James. Jeffers, Jetter, Jimenez Johnson I Kirkpatrick, Komian, Landis, Latshaw, Lau, LBXX - Leeds, Lettennan, Lewis, Lewis, Lindeman, Lisa Lloyd: Mack, Marsh, Martin, Martin, Mathis, Mazzeo, Mc Auliffe, Mc Cants, Mc Clun, Mc Dowell, Mc Ouire, Meister, Menerey, Miles, Milligan, Milligan, Mc Canis, Mitchell, Mitchell, Moore Monis, M0rriS, Movsesian, Nance B. , R. ,vw I K' , ,f , J ,"' A' . 1 4 eiiii if , S, - rf'1 ' If A "'i' i S V V V V, , , , 7, , K .V V V L ' 1 , ,, ff! L .K ' E Q, 53 . Q, 2 Q-'X 'fs s. i , A 2 ' Q in V, kb V V. V V V ,, V Vg: V V. , , V A , , ' - 1 ' h V 5a'fia!L:?'?ff?wJi2A ,,,, -. 'err Q r, M ,. , ,.,.. , - J af "4'fw. W I ,,,. ,, 'ii' . ,,Lma1fi2f,f , fr ' . wap, -:rv sw "-b 1 ,WWA , fem-,, 1 0' ,:,, V : V ' ' V f ' f 'if f J Q 's L ' 4'fI'Vf 'ff K .. ,, ,L . , er M +,- , I - J' H - . 3 Q V VVVV ,. 4" if V - ,V I VV1 ff- Q-f. . , AV e-. V Vw , , Vi V va- K, f ,V V V VVVV , ,Ji l K' A - V ,. 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I 4' . , Q o, ik: Q . J 1, - x - -x , 1 .1 -A yi . l 'f ?' A N f 'L ax V rx ,I-Q .rf A - N. Y H 'V x ' l , . .l x v ' l 5 ,, 'l Xl .5221 . f N g,N- :J No Photo Available L4 gi' , " fl HX ix X. Available ww'-:XM - as - v X ., 5 as ,XJ ff. No Photo A l E Available i, 1-3 No Pholo , Available No Photo No Ph0l0 Avaliable Available 73 Available No Pholo L .. 54 X I le fi . I Y f W s Ny A l Nichols, K. Nicholson, K Ogawa, H. Ortiz, C. OSDOUFFIE, W Pallini, J. Palmer, R. Palmer, R. Petroni, A. Phatsadavong Pittser, A. Pollillo, J. Priet0. K. Prince. J. Raffa. C. Raines, T. Rainey. J. Raymond, Pl Redmen, T. Reymolds, G Rhea, C. Robinson, D Roesly, R. Rogers, B. Rogers, K. Rogers, M. Roland, M. Rose, C. ROSE, J. ROU1, S. SaI'ld6l'S. C. Sarkin. S. ShCFl'l'l3I'l. D Siudut, E. Small, J. Smith, T. Stewart, Still, Stowman, Stringfield, Suiter, Suplee Teleky, Thatch, Thomas, Thurman Thumlan, Tomlin, Turlington, Valenti, Valerio, Valerio, Wallace, Warlow, Warrick, Washington, Willis, Wyckoff, Zaine, Ziegler, J. Kr - K i K k Q , t Vkk 2 F EV , A Q in EX M, . ,.,f3i?5s... ' V- .E x A T No Photo ' ik X 1 . Available T Y, ,w N X 3,ga.,M f K 1 f : 1 4'-, W - . , . 'X N my .WW if 'Y35i',a - in , ,T A.,, ..:Y .. , ,,,, . 1339 , -- -' 5355, Eg?" , No Photo N T , cg, ' Available We 5 -mu L 1 f 1 T H rmi T ' T ,,,, - - 2 K in I K ,uk 'mi . ..jf',T,,.,, .""- ,-.L c ' Qf'4Q, x, M . , I ' Yell . wa 5 1 xp 'H Ky: , E 5 T' g ,Fir it-3. Q54 ' .1 .ig W i gf M, , if -s 5, iq! xiii Q y-- N l I , u .,,n f Q' 74 l if' an X' -v..,' , .f If . ,fa r N -.lx Hy... AwsW 5. Vw mx, "-, ' Q i- PN! 4' R N N E T E f I I I I Is, igif , KA N I SPORTS M ..- L..- I TY' X ,V ,J Football Captains: Angie Smith, Christa Maddox Basketball Captains: Angie Sm rig e .b kai i'?-aim M 77 ith, Utausha Elie 3' iwn. K Football Cheerleaders The 1987 Football Cheerleaders provided outstanding support dur- ing the entire season for the team. The squad members were: Christa Maddox, Angela Smith, Andrea De- Katch, Kristina DeKatch, Rochelle Reed, Treena Owler, Utausha Elie, Ursula Bland, Angela DiClaudio, Lori Chambers, Denise Perry, Cathy DePasquale, Kim Law, Ann Mane Askin, Kali Stringlield, Marlo Wright. The squad was led by Ms. Kathleen lannacone. is . Jr. AV , U V I .x ll 1 ,- iv - ffi qlf . llqgb yi . QW V ,W L' T lx , W 'MY' ffl ylxllmlkxlllfi will Basketball Cheerleaders The 1987 Basketball Cheer- leaders did a greatjob in providing the basketball team with enthusi- astic support. Led by Ms. Lynn Pro- vost, the squad included: Ann Ma- rie Askin, 'Jill Benjamin, Ursula Bland, I-la Bui, Andrea DeKatch, Kristina DeKatch, Utausha Elie, Dawn Gacutan, Mekeva Green, De- lilah Jones, Tara McAuliffe, Denise Perry, Brandi Taggart, Angela Smith, Marlo Wright, Yolanda Boone, Andrea Krauss, Denise McConnell, and Karen Nichols. A Smashing I-lit . . . The 1987 Boys' Baseball Team finished a season with 15-9. Led by Coach Coradetti and Assistant Coaches Armstrong and DeMarco, the entire team did their best. However, there were many who excelled throughout the season. All Conference players were Ron Barratt, Frank Mancini, Chris Carmolingo and Mark Graves. The Carpenter Cup All Star Squad included Ron Barratt, Frank Mancini and Chris Camiolingo. All Gloucester County Times selected Frank Mancini, Chris Carmolingo and Mark Graves as their All-Stars. Frank Mancini made All South Jersey and All South Jersey Group I was Ron Barratt, Frank Mancini, Chris Camfiolingo and Mark Graves. At the sports banquet the M.V.P. awards went to Ron Barratt, Frank Mancini, Chris Carmolingo, Dan D'Amato and Paul Edwards. The Coaches' Award went to Mark Graves and Nick Bowers. Last but not least, All State .Group l was Ron Barratt and 2nd Team was Frank Mancini. The team members included: Mark Graves, Scott Fleming, Anthony DiRienzo, Tim Dougherty, Vince Edwards, Phil Barousse, Brian Blacksten, Jack Rogers, John Dougherty, Skip Vasil, Paul Edwards, Dan D'Amato, Ron Barratt, Chris Carmolingo, Frank Mancini, Pat Seagraves, Gary Wriggins, Eric Taylor, and Nick Bowers J.V. included: John Dunner, Carl Taylor, Mike Dick, Vince Edwards, Anthony Spinelli, Scott Fleming, Gary Wriggins, Pat Seagraves, Brian Blacksten, Chris Lutz, and Tony DePasquale. Freshmen were: Matt Lockbaum, Steve Lester, Chris Porch, Mike Adams, Tommy Thompson, Barry Hester, Matt Brown, Anthony Thorton, Mark Bridges and John Thurman. ...-. Coach Coradetti Coach Armstrong Coach Delvlarco .X K -'1. 1 ..- ,V-,F , H rm wm21:W,.WMmx M -L--il-' U' 4::,g.,,. L AL 47,-J Zilgysv- Q ji - Qimi.,-. vm. 1 . A-b ,,,, Q V"'5 'fr' . IW , A ,,,y? x ' :hem ' 4., , , OLYJ: x A j jf' -4... ii -ri If--f., , . f - M --'fl ' "'4'f 'i'E2?'..ZLi4A.1311f1L.'i1'v-.'- -fy uv, p,v,','.. -3 W- ---1 5 7.-it vp- y ,..,, rw "sm -Ag cf' sd' swf- M - 1- Y cw? if 4 -, fqs Q fo ,r , ' , , . . " 1- k cel- f"' f 1 vw ' - -- N - sf- '33 'i. ,uQ"E'3 v-if? ezkfhs-4 ' - 2.4. 1' ,-Q5 ,-T""f' "Y 'fifsifezee , P an 'tafzg gstgjrw P Q fy 'Whig 'in-gisgaj . 222 , OM 4 . 0-f ff ' :wa fr 'wr Q " N . ' . i 's'f:1?"7xf5E21 tin - 'iff 5 59' -f .I 1 , Q0-f . I' ' ' " 9' L 'IOZEGSW 'iif-'i'1 -V - is ' 1 ., 1, I A 'ra A A - . . , ,XL ,Q 9 .www " ,". . 'Su Y' V- ' Xb ,- v , . , V, . , .JSAAZL . 'am .11 ,, ,,.:,. 55, K 54. A fl f' ' - ' fi:?'l+T'f Qiiffliirh' NW WWI' ngyfngvj Q " fe' f '- PY Qevth ' 4 o. tiff? T- had-' sqm PV" ' 3.4 :I I , 'Q , x. : . 1 - 1 255' , will 1 N ,- -'A 4' " .145 :AL V ? fgislkl "QW . x 'iff- 1, 'SY ' - 4313 X '. f- K 'V-' "rr : 11 s ' 'Q "-vf Wig 'im-2, f . .:- fffffmv 1-. . .J'f4.'f..,1 - - . f - . ,SHN J fy. nf I ff-fQ'1n"i"Q,, I 3 Q '-'sf 4 -- '-fff:2Z"'1f? V Yak .Ri , ' 4.,5f?x'ff T'q: wi A . H A if... 3 and ' . . ' 5 ,yy 2-if 9 . . 'I by Q, f ' , 7 , ,. AK 41. .. - 59- '35, , " f " n j. H , gg'-P , , . . . . .- x 7 - 'L Q ' fx Y 5 39 ,. C, 9 ' ' 1' - N g , N , , vyu fl .- I- ' ",1. 1 9 : A ig W4 g . 'A ' - 'i S-'?ifr'?'-Qzf ' ""i! 4 g ' V-.QI Z. - 3, Vt Q 1 Sw ul X Y 7 . ...a. U 'Q 3,7 M1 X To Fault Or Not To Fault . . . The 1987 Boys' Tennis Team underwent a rebuilding season which produced an 11- 11 record. The majority of the team consisted of sophomores who gained valuable experience. Throughout the season, Scott Prieto led the way along with Tom Craft, Carter Morse, Scott Harris, and Alvin Tillery. Also late comer Sam Amico teamed with Dino lnsana for key wins. Stand-out Scott Prieto was recognized by GCC Allstar, All-Conference SJ Group 1 and honorable mention for Gloucester County. Coach Steven Deutschbauer 'B' 1. ' 2 K. ,s I is Y ' .4 ,7 - :Ai r X -w aim., ., J , " f J ff. " K 5" a , C ,ig ix -l , . .3 .rl "P 'K' 21' M x NJ P We Know No Boundaries . . . The 1987 Boys' Track Team ended their season with a somewhat successful record of 5-3. Although they had hoped for more, everyone put forth their best effort. The team members included: Mike liilferly, Kevin Meeks, Dale Pitts, Don Rambo, Jonathan Lewis, Guy Eberl, Ron Cook, e-Nw Laron Washington, Lamont Briggs, Tony Delia, Chris Douglas, Scott Turner, Ron Simmons, Carl Heldman, Andy Tolbert and Rob Hooks. Coach Loper .-, , 41 Girls Leaping To Success With much hard work, dedication and extraordinary effort the 1987 Girls' Track team finished the season with a record of 5 wins and 4 losses. Though the team did their best overall, there were several students who excelled in their competitions. Angie Smith along with Audrey Fox were All-Conference. Chalette Washington was All-County, All-Conference and Elizabeth Garret was T ri-County Conference Champion. Garret also performed in the S.J. Sectionals and State Group 1 meet. Highlighting her career was her selection to the All-South Jersey 5rd Team. 5' Y .f " Z' ,f,y,f,', ,','. 151' ,- 'f','J:.'y':uf"'iJ' i 'V-H 1' nga .f, h ,V 'j55jq'y'Q,ff ' V " ' r , 'iziu .15 . T rf: V , is fi 52 3313355 w"r37"'W . .s " 'F' fiilg 'JF' uv' eff ' coach Hardieuo Cvafh NCCUIISY Three Strikes And We're Out . . The 1987 Girls Softball team showed great improvement this season. Although the team lost in the state championships with a record of 5-O, they were 500 as qualifiers in the New Jersey State Toumament. Led by Coach Ridolfino and Assistant Coach Mary Beth Aveni, the Varsity team included: Kellie Miller, Amy Baer, Carla Camino, Kim Kirkpatrick, Darlene Martin, Stephanie Bradley, Jackie Camiolo, Kathy Vonrloltz, Bunnie Mazzeo, Mechelle Ziegler, and Bonnie O'DriscoIl. Their manager was Jill Jackson. Led by Coach Cifonelli, Junior varsity included: LeAnn Cramer, Brandi Taggart, Melissa Roven, Stacy Snodgrass, Kathy Stroyek, Christa Maddox, Janice Sliben, Jennifer Bowers, Kim Law, Mary Jo Movsesian, Tammi Baer, JoAnna Flemming and Gina DiRaddo. Their manager was Lori Starkey. Coach Ralph Ridolfino A " Ll" , N Coach Steven Cifonelli Coach Terri Lovelace The "Drive" ForA Better Season . . . The 1987 Boys' Golf Team had somewhat of an average season. ln spite of the number of experienced players, the record of 1-12 was not what they had hoped for. However, it was not a bad season overall. Retuming veterans were Bill Zynsky, Bob Highly and R.J. Meagher. Led by Coach Tucker the Golf Team members were: Mike Loungo, R.J. Meagher, Bill Zynsky, Frank Trifiletti, Jim Devlin, Bob Highly and George Shuttleton. '95 5 1 R I I Li:',.A L' .g ift 1' . W QI x f B Q 4 4 61. A Y, Q I .'f'? f7i S - f -- ,,Q,, 1 F 7f'keZfaie"f5'-W' f' . if V J " .,-s, f Q7 t W f fly 1 S fnumpvi A qvvi, A Q V if h ' wg.-X A Q Q ., g . X 4-". :V Q T T B is K' K 1 4xw'x 'L x .V f is fyiifklm 35 5 .P T N ' li 1 er is 1 Q is it .Q A J M Q T y E l " V 1- 5 ini , ., t T' fvlqf T l lmwml R 525: , I V W I fl . . 5 My - - 1 Q: -sf Coach Tucker ,li T 5 s - 5 5 FFT! .W Determination Plus! The 1987 Girls' Tennis team put forth great effort to produce the best season they could. The girls finished the season with a record of 1-15-O. The team consisted of First Singles-Kristi Lewis, Second Singles Bridget Bennett, Third Singles-Amy Davis. Doubles were Tammi Baer and Damm Wilson and Wintin Geng and Jeanette Dowdy. The team was led by Coach John Fargnoli and the managers were Shelli Hanum and Julie Lisa. s A wif Coach: Mr. John Fargnoli fair, -TT' Vs 9 x - Vx 3 ' f c Q f ,J gr 3 E j 5 1 g ! ' 3 Y 'U ! I I ' e 1 . f' X , ,. . an-. Go For The Goal . . . The 1987 Glassboro Bulldogs enjoyed an excellent football season. They won the Group I SJ Sectional Title. The Bulldogs would not let records stand in the way of their day in the sun. The Bulldogs' BONE CRUSHIINIG defense tied the state record for shutouts at eight. Barry Lewis and Bruce Davis now lead Glassboro Bulldog history in tackles. Honors in the category of All Conference were K. Lester, D. Pitts, M. Graves, S. Turner, B. Lewis, B. Davis and V. Edwards. In the category of Gloucester County Times All Stars were B. Lewis, B. Davis, K. Lester, D. Pitts. All Group I lst team performers were B. Davis, K. Lester, D. Pitts, M. Graves. Second Team honors went to A. Direnzo, S. Lester, S. Tumer. The All Scholastic Team Touchdovlm Club of SJ honored J. Dougherty. M. Graves was the unsung hero and B. Davis, B. Lewis and K. Lester were honored by the Touchdown Club. K. Lester was named player of the week by the Brooks Irvine Organization. However the ultimate award was given to B. Davis, who was named the Philadelphia Inquirer Defensive Player of the Year. Varsity Members were M. Graves, K. Lester, B. Davis, B. Lewis, A. Direnzo, J. Rogers, D. Chandler, B. Salter, S. Turner, H. Roberts, J. Dougherty, D. Pitts, J. Lewis, M. Dick, R. Hooks, R. Firth, V. Edwards, C. Taylor, E. Palmer, D. Chila, S. Lester, D. Catron. Brandi Taggart did stats and Lee Chandler was manager. J.V. members were L. Washington, T. Dougherty, S. Catron, J. Green, C. Graham, P. Walker, E. Kirkpatrick, Pl. Long, J. Greene, F. Chila, P. Direnzo, B. Mazzeo and J. Rose. Coaches were Mr. Cleary, Mr. Ridolfino, Mr. DePasquale, Mr. Delia, Mr. Mangeney did stats. 4.4-+A-7943 " nk. Coaches Siebold and Cifonelll Coach DCPHSCIUBNE Coach Cleary Coach Ridolfino rf " 435' A2 ." si . 9' .. ,..,. ' . 1+ -,,w...TT'f:.',,,g,, 4. U A , ,, 'Lf' 'L "'2..:,L gf I Ziff!! ' 4 Q' A-T.: QV-f-'f'-." , " . .Q 1 ' J-zw s ..., ' ' . ,Q A i:gj,.5 15.11 fkwg-5,,1gff If ' A f,-.'jI7'5f 1 'Sf 'S -N ,M , "' 'ls' 7, ' .I 'X I 'W N P ' 3- qQy.?y5.',fg5gt.5. vw.. Q. 1: if ,i X,QN- , , ' .1 , 'a M:-Nm? . :,, T. 4. QM' 7 tg A HN :ww gvfwxq, QQ.-,k,b3x,,55?5' 11g ' 355' Q 'Q5i"?i?f ' ' V L I' ..'W'?aci'f"1- Ami' ' k M-M 'Q WN f M'fw::"'5??+ 2299. L. :assi -4 u. ,i.LSafE'm.4 3.x ' 1"G3'T'?f1'nhm."Y+- .. - "Quiz-,,.... .li-aug, f -4 If sf 85 ' 'Daddys ' Doggettes ' ' Are T11-County Champs . . . P The 1987 Girls' Field Hockey team led an 1, outstanding season which ended with a final record of 15-2-1. Under the influence ' of team co-captains Bunny Mazzeo and Diane Cioffi the girls pulled together as a team and found the true meaning of 1 success. Awards given by Coach Aliberti ' .1 ,zu C ec - -,,VV V f - ' . i A .iv C T. ., ' ' 34, Q v :Q- c if Q . ' at Q , 2 s " Q, -gf V , N Q A ,T , ,, ' ' l P f- f f 5, f QV'-n D . - , 4' 1 I K1 I ,1 1' Z v ' ., 17 X' A: - " xl' . yr gm JF was .gift i A J, I 1- A 8 4' ' S Y vi ag ll? 'w 2 P R A' 'JN : gif 'Q ff ' .Qs Q l iv if F4 If ll? S . - X, .. ' ' - A 0 M Q ,D . 4 2-Q were: Most Valuable Defensive Players- J - DP 1? f 5, Bunny Mazzeo and Mechelle Ziegler, Most A ' ' 'A " Valuable Offensive Player-Carla Camino, Most Improved Defensive Player-Tracy 6, Devlin, Most Improved Offensive Player- amp - A June Cioffi, Outstanding Team Player- , 2' --b ' V Bonnie O'Driscoll, Coaches Award-Diane Cioffi. All-Star Honors went to Carla Q . Ysmgigcw L-sb-gy,-f Camino, Bonnie O'Driscoll, Mechelle Ziegler, Diane Cioffi, and Bunny Mazzeo-All- Conference. Carla Camino, Mechelle Ziegler, Bonnie O'Driscoll and Bunny Mazzeo-All Gloucester County Times. Mechelle Ziegler-All South Jersey Group l. in-anna-I , Ln! I M S -n A '. Jx ,, .. I s W 1 I :V- , i ,' 'A ' ii' , , ' i C . , Z 5 Q gl- in ' V 5,2 L tl f df - . , f , ,. kgs' ' q U: V, W all XQAWQU, 5 kc. iv - -f-- C -K -pm C , ' ss " f .P 5 N If V IN K W In 1 ,Q Y' N, J' ', S ft' C l- , ,, fa if fi-1 .,l- Y , ' ,Y JY"W" , ' f V ,,,,, A coach Janice Aiiberri A " W f it , 9 C it -ff fzamnus we ff' , , , 1 'T 'P X M if Coach Terri Lovelace Coach Renee Cioffi f . P' ,W ' ,X . ,. -'X ,H,g.e9e l , T 'ffwgarf 88 Q n ,- V , V v -. war' X W -Si!-!m i,'g5,. "lk vs ' "ey.:1kQlf"f2?"'i'TQ' . ' .. i A5 xg, . it Ck. , -'WWA " 'Q 'K if-7'?5f"""i' -" Q -W . l l' " "' ll 1 I , X . A -.. ' ,Ml M ' fy 3 A V 5. k - 3 ""'f"""' " A V , wrfwmmqw ,f ' A ,, . X .. .1 1 .Q . q 1 1 X, . A .N . .2 O I U ' 5 In u ' 1' I . A- V A vi M ' " " . . - V A ' , Qi- -" :7 ' f1 - ""'- ' W m ,Q f I -f V . - , S L A J .,.,-., ,.sfI.y,- -,-,,,, , ,4 ., I . A1 I , " t .....W.1,', , ' -Q ..1.- .v -fwtev.--' .'.fl2'w.,f" if -4 .J giityarlwu. 1, f , ...- . 4 - 5.33.-.y,f:f,5,g1-f-t1,3'f Egg- f,..g..,.. . , . . 5, 2 ' P-if , ' V,,.v+m qv , X M ,' . - M 1 , f ' ' I , , ,. 'Z ,fx-- Q "Z W,,L, LL', Q ggi 89 , ww , .Lv I 'f Q . 1. 5 " , ug.. , XE, W Wan mm f : -. an . 4 if bu . ' - -- .L K i ',:fQ,.lxik.:h 2 - 4, K A., ., .MQ 4' Q-:yr "f - Ng, A .V-f.f.,.., ,:1..f-- . .U , 1,12-,3,,,g.i,.W, 'Q 'f wp" , f-N, -- p X ,W rn... I -fd, K .. ., 4 K .4 ff! 'A 5 . . f-'-.'4+5j,, . 1 I s" 51:4 jizfbsg , Neff-f' -wg., FF!!-:gf-Q' gf? .. "'T?fP5E2':75ff?r',.-.-'gg-.1 .-.,,w,. K, Q .1 ., ev ,,.,w.h.,'g1-,Q if...,1-gffv ...wwf 21- . f ,. f ww f- v - gf,--1'-,,-i" "ng . svn., .. , My . A-.--..' Nl- 4:1 nf ,-L.. ' - M., A+. ,,q.,1,. ,A , A Us T3,,,..,,g. , d ,j,,.d,g.-J! A ., ' Ljfjgibir. tzir-3' , ,,54S?K Q xgsw'43:-fgffi'Qj:.:1 In'f. :sl - gigs' ' I ,kt z?2q4,3?3T.1, 4-,,. ...ab-J 4" JY, M .J ...go Aqiw' ' A ,f ,,, 'rf,g,Jf- Er' .55 5225333332 - 'Zif f f 'G' if 1 .f,,.. .,-,.,- ,w..W,.., E. - -Q Y 2-V .553 f, , A-1 -..g,. 1 . -vim:-im .Z J 'Ff h fffv f, fihvg-u .v ., q ' A V f.'Lf4:vr!'f7vm.,i 3w'f.- 1 . L, .'b..-awflg, ,K X , -1 .--F ... elwwpiwzf .. . ,A ,- N. , 'iff - JP .-. Q: v 2'fw'f1J1f-ffw':'35 : Sri .lu ' vimegw, Q auxin A b A f. fig, " 4- . 2 "N-'Ties f f"'. w7f 44" ' M . v. .' -.,5v,,j ,A . 'gagv A ,-x ,xg ,wr .,, "' . - V 4-fx ' ,:- -wi ,Q ywfx'--..fw-vi .0 ' - . 1 .1 . .g. , , 9 K! .Vg ,. ,v. 'Q .:",4,, ,bw V -.. Vt.. V4 A-.vw . ff4 2.ffg.qg.v'3,.,. . l , f'f. gf' .' . wi, ,, my f -, 4-, ' 1: --f 5, .- ,wx , Q. -f . ,,,. 'ff.,gf'?r- -fy' -v bak. ','T5x1'Liwii!irK,g:.gI'B.7..-'f..f"i.:,4:1--i'E,:g.f YSPW-41 , ':., frg,.o..Q-.,qv. ..-.g,,1..,,,?. .,,2"'g. 'A '32 -1111 ' 5 45: rf. 5 , :'!ff,gi54. y -S 5 5.1, mgg, 3,4 4 ,.'x,Q5 ,mf 1,-,way ,' Q . .ne-MD., ,fm 2-,.4I.-ff.-Q-, -- fi -' 1 -1- ,. 441. f -, f.,-pay, 4.-7 ,ML ' 4 ,- "" " ' -.Sl--. 5. ' f , , db u W 'Q' A V M 1 www ,V .,v f 14, - . . vfwfl? . Q. A 1-.Ny h V. V n X , Q v.-5 .-:tif-. - -. ip. ,5-. f , sJ ?fgL.f'.f., ,':54.h Q VA V . -.5 ,. We .1 7 I - ' - V -.pallv n I- - qiw 5- A, -.fn ...Ji 11 . a - . . -. f ns ,A V . 'Y S4 V . E: N' Qi., 1 ,Ji t I . - .. Y, ' ,- - W E 4 in M511 --A E. I. -, , ' Q' X, S , ,, 1 - S 'I ,1 - h- n ' .. . ill 'ffffix W ' Y A' ""' ve. ... ' " "" - ,yy -' 2'Q,E",' ' . ' 4 ,,, Q Q Q Y, vw .df Thaffg Using C Your Heads . . . The 1987 Boys' Soccer team compiled a record of 11-6-2. The team as a whole showed great performances considering their scheduled opponents. The team finally met their match lPoint Pleasant Borol in the first round of the NJSIA Players. Those who achieved honors were All-Conference members Scott Prieto, R.J. Meagher, Mike Shillingsford, and Nick Vasil. All Gloucester County Times members were Nick Vasil and R.J. Meagher. All South Jersey 15rd teaml was R. J. Meagher. The J.V. averaged a record of 6-7-1 and Freshman went I5-6-1. Varsity members W were: Nick Vasil, Mike Shillingsford, Sam May, Scott Rogers, Pat Seagraves, Scott Q. Fleming, Andy Jones, Scott Prieto, Dan --f ,.g, ,W r 76 " ga 'F 1 Y- .l J , , fs -as ef 1,4 'L ,Mm 3 A , i 4 A, i, , ft ' ia W,,, f 4 . yt N il if 4 's 'ff -4 X. Laspata, R.J. Meagher, Nick Bowers, Andy l . , 4 C .4 . . ,v 'f Q ,JW Resnick, Mark Johnson, Bill Groves, Clary Wriggins, Ciuy Eberl, Brian Blacksten. Managers were Mandy Pittser, Kelly Sottile, and Jackie Lisa. J.V. members were: Dan Brown, Matt Brown, Dan Esgro, Scott Mathis, Peter Fernandez, Steve Jeffers, Mark Bridges, Fran Convery, Chuck Groves, Brendan Dougherty, Brian Ancharski, Brian Warrick, Simone Valenti, Matt Lockbaum, John Bowers, Rob Meister, Dan Orlando, l Santi LaMonica. Managers were Joe Pritchett and Brett Harkins. ir it S. ,Y ri 3' ,gf 9 1 mf QA QL 4 2 .. sg .so C -if.. 2 i X Coach Tom Riley Coach Peter Davis 90 W x , 1 1, 4 . Y Q '-M . 't' A, . ' -,gf Ei," - K' fu' I ' ' 'SSLWL ,T ,f 1 fgfyf-wk , a 1 ., I W 4 Q- , V I Q I 4, A I Q 1 1, v , 9. ai f , " if 1 Nl" ' 5 it V t' T , fl . Q 3 .X ' 5 X . - - fi. ' ' v .A t .-- B T, ,W ,:a.,h.,.q4,s-:ting 3 ' 3' ' '- JU ' flag " , - 'if' .,,'?'4QffJ'. w ' f ..',': ' . ,i ,i M., , " K , N -, 41.1 , , , ' F g . JH. f I -2 . . 'gqe t-,. , 1 ' V' , S' . .x-Ac-t7"' 'nt .sl ' r .'. , v2x-MS" ' - - ,A-. A ' I , Y, - 11.1 f ' .. .1 , , -- -aff - I 1 T erect. . . f 35, ft if -v ,... L '-' Z ' T' 'Wy z 5 ' ef we J. "5-w:'.3Z' f E" Coach Gary Loper 91 On The Right Track The 1987 Cross Country Team finished the season with a record of 2-7-O. Although the entire team did their best, honors went to George Shuttleton and Chalette Washington-All Conference. Chalette Washington was All Gloucester County Times. Anthony Delia received the Scholar Athlete Award. Varsity members were Chalette Washington, Tony Delia, Mike Kifferly, and George Shuttleton. J.V. included Andrea Gray and Kevin Meeks. The team was led by Coach Loper. , I - M,g:..f, T A w ld ' , 0' -n f f ff -, 2 . r -.J we . 'T' - N' -9 -Q. h' ' ' J !n 7 W - It , Y .Hx T , . . A 1' - H nw. -. . rw .... a Q Indoor Track . . . The 1987 Indoor Track Team is a group of students who practice their skills during the off season. The students compete against other schools at Widener. The team is under the supervision of Coach Loper. The team members are S. Catron, D. Catron, A. Jones, li. Kirkpatrick, A. Fox, S. Turner, C. Washington, A. Gray and T. Washington. Strength Upon The Mats . . The 1987 Wrestling Team pulled together and put forth great effort to produce the successful season that they had. Led by Coach Cifonelli and assistant coach Cleary the team members were Fran Convery, Jack Rogers, Eric Vignola, Harry Roberts, Sam Laspata, Larry Paul, Mike Shillingsford, Bob l-lighley, Billy Reeves, Eric Palmer, Mark Rogers, Adrian Stringfleld, Jason Harrison, Eugene Sivdut, Brett Mazzeo and Ciermane Green. Managers were Treena Owler, Amy Davis, Beth Sahm, Erin Meagher and Rim Law. Coach Cifonelli Z"""""5 fi' """"'1' Ei ' fc W -.....,f-M-4 x ,3 , M 'l C4 92 Coach Cleary Coach Zellner MANAGERS: E. Meagher, R. Law, B. Sahm, A. Davis, T. Owl: 1 Q R: 1 wud 4-5 ,Nfl 1 3.4 -QV V, W 94 , w ha ,A .A ',"' nf 1. '..- ieggiaf I W 'F' v wk -'-.-. -- ' E N , N 'f ff -f,W.,3,,5-.,, 5 .,,' mmf kg! WM ,,g, f 'il WA. -' f .Mx " ' "M 'M-hw 4, I ,-,,, . , I ' .Q W wwf .Jr- 5 l f n 2 Q 3 I r pwwgq V, Through The Hoop . . . The 1987 Boys' Basketball Team showed great team spirit throughout the entire season. Their ability to pull together as a team proved that they could be successful. Under the supervision of Coach Crispin and Coach Malloy the Varsity members were M. Graves, R. Hooks, O. Gaines, S. James, V. Edwards, A. Tolbert, B. Davis, D. Pitts, M. Gaines and L. Washington. J.V. included W. Osborne, J. Ferrer, M. Lockbaum, M. Dimatties, L. Briggs, O. Gaines, D. Owens, and L. Washington. Freshmen were T. Ennis, C. Mitchell, M. Washington, D. Brown, S. Breaker, A. Miles, J. Prince, M. Lewis, J. Green and E. Lewis. Coach Crispin Coach Malloy i i Coach Trifilleti .fl 1 LJ f f R :n iihrs 5 ' I 'YI xmlfir' If Wh" . CH , an , ., W -,'N1HA,L MJ .V Q 1 , , H A . 1 . Xe , ' ' . rl . ., L s V , ' " f . gg as 1 .ZA' 4 ' 'aa ' , 5 I 1-fvsix "--. - -ro ks M f 43.439 A PW' N 1 W 5 1 If ' 'm bsf . . ici 559255 Thru th hogp x -nw E W.-aw: 1 fa -'.-.' . fx 3 9 r Q., I Q gi 5 Mk M M . 1 V M: I ! V-.- V, M V e 51 , 1 7 i.- Q! f, ul! - .-,- v- .- 6 +'. . F . ga? . 2 4 . 9153" ,f "T?'-Hrs' 'FM L -+ Q a ' " 2 P 5 -.5 , ' D32-w it 21. ,g J "x .:,V . ,V " Q as Q V, Q 95 KX ' Through The Hoop . if Viv The 1987 Girls' Basketball Team put forth their greatest effort in gaining a very . . . f successful season. Led by Coach Ridolfino, the team members were B. O'Driscoll, M. Ziegler, C. DePasquale, C. Camino, K. Stroyek, G. Eckhardt, li. Conroy, D. Martin, H. Collins, li. Vandergrift and L. Garrett. Their manager was T. Diggs. J.V. included A. DiClaudi0, T. Moore, K. Stroyek, E. Garrett, T. Diggs, H. Collins, C. gf 7 DePasquale. K. Vandergrift and li. Conroy. if U M431 Freshman members were J. Lisa, C. Ortiz, 'Z f iff li. Lewis, R. Ziegler, L. Johnson, Pl. Suiter, tl S. Nance and C. Milligan. J.V. coach was ly, Q V. V' Atl Miss Porreca and Freshman coach was Mr. E ig T .. g . ytifgf DePasquale. Ax Q Q K, i Y .Y A V Qmgfgjifg' ' K ,Ev--F-F1lwM.zW....,.,,4,,. w.........w .. .X .V . V W '.1'f'2fMf?'22' ca ' c . . GLHEUE Coach Rldolfino 4 X' 1 Coach Porrecca Coach DePasquale ' 96 K f A 7 X188 M fix fb 2 Seniors In Sports iZ,?J3Ji'i'Z3 f r ' if rf Jack Rogers ' if' Y I Sam Laspata Q, 4 . V ' ,W '27 V , ag- 'V Eric Vignola ' , V. ' ' :VM 2 ., VN. Mike Shillirlgsford ' 4 Q , " 'N V K - hx ff s ' N K . I ,V A i V ,... VV ff X. x 1 X X - V 2 e t- . Q ip Q 0 Ax , ig Harry Roberts Vf Jxfx 4 V Bruce Davis I - Mark Graves Utausha Elie ,. V XI Brandi Taggart ,ff " 3 Angie Smith , , ' by Scott Tumer V V w,g1 W, ,, V Shiva Bhakta ,J Andy Jones " ,i f N I ' TVHCY Devlin , . . ,, A Diane Ciofli IQ 3, V A Q wi - f . Audrey Fox ' B' A i"' ' ' - A ., g,- , V ,Q " ' 'f Q gf- X' A t, iwiazll V " E ,f 4 1' , , : W , " 3- UD X f X , ' 1: , f ,M 0 fe A tiiccun Q 5... no ' ,iff 0 it A Chalette Washington V V V , VV Angie Smith , Q' 1 my ' A- Bridget Bennett V F "" ' " , . ' I V .nam Winting Gang VVVV V. LV I , V Aml' Davis M 7 1 - . . A A' ",, ' if t . Jeanette Dowdy ' VVVV ,,V. V VVVV if-M 'jfs wi' i ' Vg . i A ' A " .ssr A at A assi N Bunny Mazzeo T. . 3 V' - - Tracy Devlin ,i X? A A Kathy Vonl'ioltz Brandi Taggart J N it I Kim Kirkpatrick gm , Q Mechelle Ziegler it ' VV. I 1 Q sssi ri T LJ1- :ft - tg ni, VV Diane Cioffi V Nick Bowers X, B ,,' 3 A X V, V ' . - A ,qv - , . Mark Johnson A 'J V ' - - 'r ' Andrew May V .f Qg - .. 551.2 fairs, 'LQ h f i Nick Vasil ' -' A ' - N ' N N pa It Q- A R Mike Shillingsford VLQXSW V: V V., . if V ,gx -vw .9 ,E V 'SF-H rt!! M f ,,, . 'ff ' 1' ix - ' ' ' --4-A " ' ' Dan Resmk lus...1-....ts. L . - fbi -ev il John Dougherty M 9' Darren Chandler -v-- A- 'g A Harry Roberts Mark Graves J suis? is , 98 X , ..,, , Q I an 4. ,, . , an . 4 , 2 X t. , 0 f -4 K 'x 9 M K, ,3'if.L.'-Z: , 'YQ W, Y Q! , A, ,,,,, 4 34 ,. xx fr kl- i 1. X fs w. 3 ' he fy i g-.Mgr as I 'AQKJS if ' 1 4 15' B ef 4-sf i.,,,2 " 'R X 19 " L. , ig it if u fi nc' i 0 .i5.g,A,4.5 -gtg-,Q W, V .aw-,.'. I, 2' 0:4 .,u.,..,e h f',:,.4-. , . J '.,.y. ... v. :' my . 5.5. ...Qu . 54: ,g Q .'.'..f-v. . , ,. r AQ -rim W V-,fc NFNQ VX, x t. 'x.E" "f' -X -1 . -,- g ft 'MW .V F ffv-tliii 5 Q' 1 xl Q4 .bun ., ....,, rl - tim -. , at ' fg,:,1.g15f-gg' liggw . y 'Q J: V ' rr a l " Qt ,:.gg5g,3 . K M f W' 1,3 4G :P 1, I A 'g ' a Fill- f L ,,,, ,gf ,, ,,,5,., XD Us ' A s Y It sq A: . ,Vg im 1' if 99 1 2. I' B rf A' ' " V Sir .1 gn my 1 e E .3QI1:ff2ff3 k'iiiiii,W -i., 1 S . if ' I .V+ f f s V . Qt? 2' -1' ar ", ,af ..: A Y, Mg, Q' 6 L K .AQ x " g 1 K '35'+'- , 5' in-' 'ffl' L 7. .nl on I.: V Vlzlizia. . X fc'-2 If .235- g f B' at' X. x ! K3 , , ...,..... Pj I, , , ci :if fi-B ab Fm: J at my-LAY:-t4'.I,a4. . , 1 ' Tiki, Scott Turner Bany Lewis Jack Rogers Bruce Davis Anthony DiRienzo Mark Eberle Kevin Lester Christa Maddox Stacey Snodgrass Bunny Mazzeo Gina DiRaddo LeeAnn Cranmer Janice Sliben Brandi Taggart Jennifer Bowers Mary Jo Movsesian Mechelle Ziegler Kim Kirkpatrick Melissa Rovin Anthony DiRienzo Nick Bowers John Dougherty Mark Graves Phil Barousse Jack Rogers Treena Owler Utausha Elie Christa Maddox Angie Smith Rochelle Reed Bob nighley Bill Zycinsky R.J. Meagher Mechelle Ziegler Chalette Washington Kim Kirkpatrick Scott Turner Audrey Fox JoAnna Flemming N I N E T E E N KA I A SENIORS K, TN.,,....f ' Inf J 3.4 ,ji X-.s?.,,'Q 5 L 1 ff -Q-5 S6HiO1'S Says It All . . gr as in . ' All U x .-'v H nw' - H' ' - 1 ffjqg - N ',-. 2' , 3 s ' F7 fs ,, . . ,f .zu Y sk J so 0' . ' W I .MLB 5 9 Q.. ' ' xi " Y -Nas. 'Y' 3 X 1 I a ' v J J il 1' LXR? ' ,4+Q"' u ,, ' 5 f . 7 -- x xi" .r.N,. .- , President: John Dougherty Senior Class Olticers President: John Doughenjy Wee-President: Hikk Vasil Secretary: Jennae Suiter Treasurer: Angela Smith Committee Planner: Diane Ciolii Class Advisor: Ms. Kathleen lannacone 17" 4 :a k NE,'t-.k K S 102 On behalf of the graduating class of 1988, we would like to express our sincere and utmost appreciation to Ms. Kathleen lannacone. We entered GHS as naive Freshmen, and it wasn't long before you introduced us to our new environment and helped us make it our own. Your advice and friendship guided us through a sometimes difficult, but enriching freshman year. Once we were on our way, you stayed beside us and devoted your time and experience to help us develop into mature young adults. Our Sophomore year proved to be more educational, but you reminded us that we were only halfway through. We were instilled with a sense of confidence at the beginning of our Junior year, and a feeling of fellowship to overcome the fears and obstacles yet to come. Still devoted, you prepared and enlightened us for our last, most fulfilling year. After three years of both the best of times and the worst of times, we found ourselves as Seniors. With your leadership, we managed to stick together even when, at times, it seemed impossible. You were always there when we needed you, as a friend, as well as an advisor. You reminded us that it wasn't over yet, and we trusted you when you told us how to strive for goals and ambitions in our lives to come. Thank you for making our four years at GHS the most valuable and enlightening experience that we've knomm. GHS has been something more than 4 years of education - it's been a supplier of experiences, and most of all, of everlasting memories of the best times of our lives. We hope that you will always remember the Class of 1988, as friends, and we truly thank you for your care and devotion. John Dougherty President, Class Of '88 Advisor: Ms. Kathleen lannacone rm F2 N 103 v, 5 , l l' b ' CLASS HISTORY lt was September of 1984 when the GHS we'd only heard about be- came our ovm. We were nervous, if not intimidated, by all the new ex- periences that confronted us. Gradually, we assumed an identity of our own, rich with spirit and en- thusiasm. We even had an unde- feated football team that season, and adjusted well to our new home. Our government that year consisted of Sam Laspata as Presi- dent and Angie Smith as his Vice- President. Chrissie Coulter was our Secretary and Michael Shil- lingsford served as Treasurer. To guide us through our high school years, Ms. Kathleen lannacone volunteered to be our advisor. We don't think she knew then what she was getting herself into. When we returned in the fall, R.J. Meagher became our Presi- dent, and the roles of Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary and Treasurer were handed down to Diane Cioffi, Denise Reinek, and Kathy Von- Holtz. We all feltjust a little older and very out of place. We were Sophomores, not the incoming freshman and not quite in the league with the upperclassmen. We had our Sophomore Hop on April 12, 1986 and Sam Laspata and Nicole Puteri were crowned Prince and Princess. This was also the year of the Presidential visit to GHS. lt was hard to believe that those graduation ceremonies went so smoothly after a full week of general mayhem. Somehow, we 104 survived as a group and another year had slipped away from us. The seasons ran their route and the full circle of the year was com- pleted. We found ourselves as Ju- niors, as well as upperclassmen - finally!! All of us received our licenses one by one, and our so- cial lives were now exploding. Each of us now had a pretty good idea ofwho we were, and where we were going, but we always held onto our best friends. They were the people that made the differ- ence when at one time or another, each of us seemed to be at the end of our rope. It was also our year to host the Prom for the Senior Class. We all looked forward to that night, knowing that the next year it would be held in our honor. F' 'WD- T .RJ X Our King and Queen were Nic Bowers and Diane Cioffi and it was definitely an evening to be remem- bered. Denise Reinek led us through this year as President, and Kim Rossi took the job of Vice-Presi- dent. Our Secretary was Jennae Suiter, Treasurer was Angie Smith, and Diane Cioffi moved to Com- mittee Planner. This was also the year some of us began to realize that we needed to begin to make plans and prepare for our college educations. Newously, we pur- sued our futures through PSAT's, SAT's, and all the opportunities that were now placed before us. The following fall, we passed through the front doors of GHS holding the esteemed title of 'XTHE 'vs SENIORSH. The big year that once seemed so distant was now upon us. To lead us through this all-im- portant year, we selected John Dougherty to be our President, with Skip Vasil as Vice-President. Jennae Suiter, Angie Smith, and Diane Cioffi kept their respective offices. Ms. lannacone even hung in there through our final year. By this time, she had become more than our advisor - she was a true friend to all of us. We realized that our class seemed to grow closer as the years went on. After all, we had been through a lot together - the Annual Snowballs, four Homecomings, a Hop, two Proms, a Presidential visit, our senior trip, and many other things as well ... tGreat Adventure!!! We all seemed 105 is to be promising our friends that nothing would come between us, yet deep down inside everyone knew that graduation would mean the end of some of the best times of our lives. So the years ran out and each of us grew up. Plow we move on, out of GHS, leaving a legacy of memo- ries, hopes, and dreams for all who follow. Our time is up, yet all our spirit remains. We are, and al- ways will be, Glassboro High's Class of 1988. ' 'Careless Whisper" After many weeks and months of planning, the day of April 12, 1986 had finally arrived. Bright and early, we arrived at the school to begin the decorations. After hours of set-up, we thought the end of preparing was near. Balloons, streamers and flowers brightened every corner of the gym. To us, the gym looked like a wonderland of pink and white. However, we were fooled. Right before our eyes, our wonderland collapsed. The few who had stayed until the end started over and soon the gym looked gorgeous again. After everyone had arrived, we spent the next few hours dancing and laughing the night away. At the end of the evening, our Prince and Princess were crowned. Sam Laspata and Plicolle Puteri started us dancing to our theme "Careless Whisper". Soon the night was over. We were all sad to see it end so quickly, yet we were happy: for our first formal dance had been a success. Mem ories We '11 i f ' x f :..- I 1 'if , . 2. M , -' 'W 5 ' ' - 1. .5 , !- , 1 l ., 6 X f Q ff at ' V f ..,.. f i . I dna 3 ,Q Q41 , , F 4 ..- Q WW' M i , fr arg: 'gg' fl' rrff-r'v ,Ja A ' - ' - Court Members: Jamie Stroyek. Denise Reinek, Nick Bowers, Kristi Vasile, Angie Smith, Mark Graves, Christa Maddox, Kelly Warrick. Diane Ciofii. Jack Rogers. Prince-Sam Laspata, Princess-Hicolle Puteri -15 "'- X l W., Y Y " .W f-.. ,,..Mfsw""' l l ,L -QIP D guy? M . rw Q 'N V0 9 I . 4 .fd l y . Princess: Nicole Puteri X i Prince: Sam Laspata .Q -r l 106 Treasure Forever . . 'FJ f . ,Qi 9 V QV X., 1987 Prom Court: B. Salter, D. Johnson, S. Vasil, T. Devlin. K. Warrick, Ziegler, E. Vignola, B. Mazzeo, S. Powell, K. Vasile, A. DiRienzo Lf' . "If Only For One Night" Alter a successful Hop, we were excited for our Junior Prom. This time we were out of the gym and into the elegant Crystal Manor. We had selected a theme that seemed quite appropriate, "lf Only For One Night." This night-June 5, 1987- would be one we would remember for a long time to T come. Everyone looked and felt if so grown up and wonderful. We danced and laughed all night, waiting to learn who would be our King and Queen. Diane Cioffi and Nic Bowers were the two chosen by our class to head the court. As the evening slipped into the morning, the dancing and laughter slowly faded into the stillness of the night. With everyone feeling like they never wanted the 1 l evening to end, friends made the traditional plans for the next day. Our Junior Prom would be a night that would live in our hearts and our minds forever. .E-r'-.- A. Smith, Queen-D. Ciofli, King-N. Bowers. M. I l l Queen: Diane Ciofli King: Nic Bowers JAQFT You 've Got The Cutest Michael Ancharski Kathy Babb I ,f an ,D HK 5 g, ' G SEMA- y 6 ',. ' Q , X' f Q ' ..- ia Jennifer Bowers Bob Chew 'FW " A i . ,.:,, J w UQ 4, M ll"s.' Amy Davis Tracy Devlin 4 XE Wendy Fordyce Audrey Fox I I '43 K .AQ 1 Clifford Hampton Linda Haynie Q 41, A A J .j I f an N tr f-'f W fax, Q2 . 5' 17 'lf' f, -' C at V Q Jw 'K ' , .,, , " ' .J ff ' Debbi Johnson Andy Jones La 'V Tf ,gy a any J Christine Laskowski Sammy Laspata M., V 2 , 1 ' J.. A ' -' ,- 5' if C Y Nancy Bargloski Phillip Barousse Bridget Bennett Shiva Bhakti ., ,V., A V -d . ' Us 4 A 1 2 9' fb 1' ,. -. ,,.. vi ,Q V it ' N40 f fn 'P ' A F- MN-3 2 s - tv? 'F , - owl "" 7 - Diane Ciom Christine Couch Christine Coulter LeeAnn Cranmer I ,, .- A if , M h fe 1 y B F U . We gat' fvrlfffaj t 4,-.U 'Y' ', -1 '3" T',t 1. ' QT Gina DiRaddo John Dougherty Phyllis DuBose Joanna Fleming ' 1 ' :Z ' F M 1 F W - ,t , fl A Tracey Freund Diane Garwood James Grantham Shaun Green . ,. 0 I M 'J f fr. . A "":' ' .Ne - ,I E J . .5 -0 Lisa Hofmann ' H" 'ie f r ills 5,'r 'pg 'E' , Jill Jackson ' f,,. ,flt,,v, 1 Ml Coleen Kelly Heather Kirkbride ' -5 1, f ' ' Q? F , l John Lewis Joe Loungo 108 J J A 'G,.l,.. I Kristine Jansen 4 , ,s Er , .Q -3 4 KO' x J. wa ,A I Q ,ee tv! A Kim Kirkpatrick it 'Q in 1 ,. JW 4, i A, 4 1 . l x. Christa Maddox fir , 3 ,, -V Kevin Jenkins E Q- Vw ig, if x 1 ,Q ,aq,,g,?' q i 'I' t 4 ' 'fe lt- 'Zh if 3 U r Michele Krauss Andrew May i -, 1' af- I " ,A . ' i ' 27 5' 'A J . 35. Little Baby face . . . .2 V i , . gi? ' A ,, e , y f 5 4 Q I1 A' N , A 13514 Q N - nf? Bunny Mazzeo Davim McCormick Richard Meagher . , C 4 Ip pf-' Q, if V3 Q' ' ,, ev - xl tan f ' V - - ' Kelly Polillo Steve Powell Joe Prikhett 'ff' ' f' ' QE' -J ,- 1 'TJ' Denise Reinek Daniel Resnik Jackie Rogers 2. - .5 ' ,4--. Fl ff. 2 Shariee Sampson I I rr 1 - 4 .. TQ 0 Stacey Snodgrass Skip vasii .4 .nv Kim Wescott fs. .Y 1' . ' x Rene Schuck Josie Squadritof - r , . -r Kim Sherwood 1 0 Q , - -.2 t, o '.. J Q mv Donna Stout 4 , I It V. Q .. -f gf j H N ,K L3 : Kristi Vasile Eric Vignola A' , ' 'nv ,- L gr--aw, if gln 4 Mary Jo Movsesian XL ik, -f J' Plicolle Puteri I , 1 , 'H' at an .4 Vo " . z . f Kim Rossi ln' vi . .avant--'gi f . A, V it ima M1 1, 54975: Craig Shute x , S gif 'U u Jamie Stroyek Kathy Von Holtz ,. 1? l I Diane Wood Asifuz Zaman Mechelle Ziegler 109 "- u -c :' ' Treena Owler . 6 P Mary Jo Ramos Stephanie Roth 'K fmt, Janice Sliben Kim Toms ? L A Ngl Sd L Diana Polillo 'T 5. ' ' I J ' if' VA - V 1-A ,gn 1. 4 IV ' 4, " l t l V 3a S? jc 'i' - 55.5 Rochelle Reed Benji Salter an 1.4. i 1 Angie Smith Scott Tumer t, .1 Kelly Warrick Chalette Washington Whois Who RJ MOST POPULAR: Sammy Laspata Diane Ciofii I I T I y . CUTEST COUPLE: BEST ALL AROUND: LIFE OF THE PARTY: Skip Vasil John Dougherty Bob Chew Diane Cioffi Diane Ciotli Bunny Mazzeo G 1 "Q, 1 1 Qfiifiw X ig if ,X I X J-iggx rx Ji BEST DANCER: Tyrone Williams Angie Smith CUTEST SMILE Jamie Stroyek Angie Smith ix .Q ' ff f S T Qs an BEST LOOKING: MOST SOCIABLE: MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Sammy Laspata Mike Shillingsford, Benji Salter Benji Salter Nicolle Puteri Diane Ciofii ,. KX - MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: BEST DRESSED: BEST MUSICIAN: R.J. Meagher Tyrone Williams 110 Steve Powell Mechelle Ziegler Kristi Vasile Jill Jackson Brandi Taggart MOST ATHLETIC Mark Graves Mechelle Ziegler "X -fl CLASS CLOWN: V, i v C Ax si, l 1 V 4 , , 2 pvc ' - .U - eva 5' 5 -'sl f 2 - I Q f -it I X gf, 'jx X ilfx.. 1 Anti A ,fm NE' T X 1, if ,1 N fb if 'T fag! ll 14 -HQ' 314 1 Lenny Valerio Chnsta Maddox 4 MOST STUDIOUS: R.J. Meagher Mechelle Ziegler CLASS OOSSIP: Joe Loungo Mary Jo Ramos 1 No :l MOST DRAMATIC Steve Powell Debbie Johnson gf MOST ARTISTIC: TEACHERS PET R.J. Meagher Bridget Bennett Hai Son Bui Chrissy Coulter MOST TALKATIVE: MOST CHEERFUL: CLASS FLIRT: Joe Loungo Christa Maddox bs bf FLYTLBS 131 SHORTEST: Bill Barger Rochelle Reed Jamie Stroyek Skip Vasil Diane Ciofli Kelly Polillo Z5 TALLEST: MOST SHY: Bruce Davis Mark Johnson Jennifer Bowers Josie Squadrito T11 F' f . fl M 6 eva 44' 'A 19 L .- xx, 900 L: 7 wUE. ,K f R xx E 'D c ' ' F4 A X 1 'J- Q imp? 155 i 5 -,QS A Speclal Goodbye Dear members of the Class of 88 This rs quite an emotional time for me I m filled with such ambivalent feelings I m so excited for all of you as you move on to bigger and better life experiences and I m proud of all that you have accomplished thus far The nostalgia that I feel IS stlll overwhelming me though All year In preparing to bld you farewell I ve been experlenclng flash backs of you as Freshmen Sophomores and Juniors Ever since you entered Glassboro High School I ve been bragging about what a wonder ful class you are In the classroom as well as In extracurricular actlvltles the vast majority of you have been the most dedicated yet fun Iovmg group I ve had the pleasure to work wlth In years As Freshmen you were so tlmld ffor the first few monthsl and willing to please You were the brightest students and an absolute joy to teach Conehead Mortlcra and Scooby Doo remember you well Your officers that year were endearing as they tried to accomplish so much in spite of also reflected In your officers although we all knew that this new found selfassuredness was often a facade Our Sophomore Hop was beautiful despite the fact that the decorations fell after five hours of work causing us to redesign and redecorate with the few volunteers who remained As Juniors you were truly cool no longer actlng Your officers or the the glrl s club took control and helped you plan and execute a wonder ful prom I was so proud of you as you proved my point that hugh school students will comport themselves as adults given the opportunity This year you were It the Seniors The Ones In Control You held one of the nicest Senior Dinner Dances In recent history In the GSC ballroom As these four years dwlndle to the last few days with the tnp fading into our collective memory you begin to appreciate the slgnlfi cance of your high school days Never again will you be a high school student looking forward to the future I m pleased to have been a part of your past and hope to be a part of that future I wish you happiness and self fulfillment Keep In touch with those of us who care Kathy Iannacone 0 l feeling the confusion of new duties. Your coolness as Sophomores was 114 Michael Ancharski, 8-19-70, Leo, "You better get right.": FRIENDS: Amy, Mary Jo, Michelle, Jamie, Kathy, Haison, Sean Sr Kellie CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society 2-4 LIKES: Going to the movies, to dance, football games, music MEMORIES: Sunday nights with Amy Sr Michelle FUTURE PLANS: College, move to Califomia Kathleen Babb "Babbles" Nancy E. Bargloski, 11-15-69, Scorpio, "No! lt's the Gurdsl": FRIENDS: Treena, D.J., K.K., T.F., K.V.H., M.Z., D.G., S.R., Senior guys and girls, Ms. I, Mrs. A CLUBSfACTlVlTIES: Field hockey 1-2: softball 1: track 2: Blood mobile chairperson: Soph Hop help '86: Prom Help '87 LIKES: Dave, partying wfTreena, my family, loud music, fast cars, to eat, spend money DISLIKES: Freshmen, not having a car, no money, busy signals, answering machines MEMORIES: Eddie Murphy in the locker room, Folker's 8th period class, Treena's car, trip to France, all 4 years, Jr. cut day, MJM-those pictures, dance wfTBO and J's FUTURE PLANS: college, Law School, Marriage, Kids. Michael Ancharski "Mike" Kathleen Babb, 7-8-70, Cancer, "You had to be there": FRIENDS: Greg, Kim S., Kim W., Ellie, Rosa, JoAnna, Gina, Mom, Fry Guys CLUBSfACTlVITlES: Marching Band 1-4: Jazz Band 2-4: Concert Band 2-4: Orchestra 1-2: Softball 1: String Orchestra 1-2 LIKES: small children, time to myself, money, music DISLIKES: flat tires, rainy days, liver, night practices MEMORIES: Marching band bus rides, Fry Guys, Feb. 7, June 5 FUTURE PLANS: Work in Early Elementary Education Ati Nancy E. Bargloski "Boob", "Beast" Christopher John Aveni "Chris" William Garfield Barger, 1-20- 69, Scorpio, "Yo babe, What's up?": FRIENDS: Ed, Larry, John, Hai Son, Dan, Terry, Hosa, Scott, Chris, Davm CLUBSfACTlVlTIES: Football 1-5: Wrestling 1: M.Y.F.: Baseball: Softball team LIKES: girls, Sports, Hanging out DISLIKES: Rude people, Nerds, Teachers MEMORIES: Class trip, Prom FUTURE PLANS: Military Service is -4-A ,at-Y" as Phillip Barousse "Chief" X Christopher John Aveni, 11-7- 69, Scorpio, "Hey, what's up?": FRIENDS: Bill W., Eric O., Greg B., Ken B., John K. LIKES: Electronics, fixing cars, R.B. DISLIKES: Guys that wear earrings, Druggies MEMORIES: Automechanics class, School lunches IYukJ FUTURE PLANS: Technical School "il William oalflela Barger "Bill", "B.B." Phillip Barousse, 7-215-70, Leo "BuIlet": FRIENDS: Baseball and Hunting buddies CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-4: Football 1 LIKES: baseball, hunting, Pete Rose DISLIKES: Jackie's dog, hearing boo's from fans MEMORIES: Crossing the street, tripping over myself and getting stitches in my chin FUTURE PLANS: College Through Four Long Years We 've Loved Her, ' Edward Barton ..Ed,, Yolanda Martinett Bergen, 5- 22-70, Aries, "Right-right friend, you got me, no probIem": FRIENDS: C. Berger, S. Lindeman, B. McGuire, H. Armstrong, J. Hoskins, R. Hook, C. Rose, A. Hart LIKES: math, running Isometimesb DISLIKES: reading, people that try to act cool MEMORIES: When my dumb brother dropped out of school FUTURE PLANS: Business AS t'1...J' Our Alma Mater Dean' Edward Barton, 7-15-69, Leo, "Right": FRIENDS: Billy, ChI'iS, Mike, Joe CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Baseball 1 LIKES: girls DISLIKES: Preppies MEMORIES: cutting 47 days FUTURE PLANS: U.S.M.C. A 'tk . W Yolanda Martinett Bergen "Sitter", "Sexy S" Shiva Bhakta, 9-16-70, Virgo: FRIENDS: Asif, Bill, Hai Son, Mark CLUBSfACTIVITIES: Apeiron Science Club: T rack: Baseball: SGA LIKES: Track DISLIKES: Cut from baseball team MEMORIES: Cut from baseball team, Black-eye, falling off rings FUTURE PLANS: Bio. Med. Engineer Bridget A. Bennett, 11-15-69, Scorpio, "ciao": FRIENDS: Josie, Shelli, Dawn, Jennifer, Nancy, Chrissie CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Tennis 2-4: Young Authors 1 LIRES: Outdoors, Tennis, Money, Weekends, shopping DISLIRES: running, homework, work MEMORIES: Trip to Bellmar, Captain Cats, my tennis matches FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and become an accountant .sl Cherrise Berger "Reese" Dawn Blacksten, 8-2-70, Leo, "What's up, babel": FRIENDS: Melissa R., Stacy S., Pat F., John H., Brian S., Craig S., Ten'y R., Chris S., Chris D., D., Dee., Kelly F CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: DECA 5-4: Basketball 1-2: Softball 1-2,4: Soccer 1 LIRES: parties, John H., going out, Wildwood, cruising DISLIRES: snobs, sitting around, drug users, liars MEMORIES: C.T.,S.C., C R arties Melissa's car .. Wt' Bridget A. Bennett "Bridge" Cherrise Berger, 10-7-69, Libra, "Child, let me tell you": FRIENDS: Tweety B., Yolanda, Robert, Shirley, Susan, Janet, Tanesa CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Black Cultures Club LIKES: Money, nice clothes, Guys DISLIRES: Ignorant people, Cool guys MEMORIES: Having fun with the class of '85 FUTURE PLANS: Vocational Training I 'I 02 gun. 'Sys' , -qu . ., p , , mall FUTURE PLANS: College, marriage and kids. Shiva Bhakta Davum Blacksten 116 it a -, A 4: -w I 7' 9' I' Jennifer H. Bowers "Jen", "Braindead" Vicki Bowers, 9-27-70, Libra, "l'Iuh? What? What cha' say? Can't hear you!": FRIENDS: Bonnie, Cheryl, Steve, Mike, Eileen, Stacey, Aura, Zelma CLUBSXACTIVITIES: DECA LIKES: Pizza, partying. concerts, Mike, rock-n-roll DISLIKES: Boring parties, homework MEMORIES: Bethel Mill Park, Steve's house, Atlantic City FUTURE PLANS: Career in fashion Jennifer H. Bowers, 8-11-70, Leo, "Thump": FRIENDS: Coleen K., Diane G., Donna S., Stacey S., Kim W., Michele K., Tina S., Mike A., Cliff H., Karen F. CLUBSXACTIVITIES: SGA 1: Band front 1-4: Front officer 5-4: Softball 1-4: NHS 2-25: For. Lang. Club 2 LIRES: Dancing, parties, music, friends, family DISLIRES: Band practice, arguing, snobs, running MEMORIES: Going down a one-way street the wrong way, the drive in P.S. + F.N. FUTURE PLANS: Day Care Teacher Nicky Kasimirz Bowers, 11-2- 69, Scorpio, "Soft", "Na man na!": FRIENDS: Bob, Len,Benji, Sam, Mike, Kev. Ant, Kristi CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-4: Soccer 1-4: SGA 1-4: Prom King Hop Court LIKES: Getting on, being wf Kristi DISLIRES: waking up for school, "Top Secret" MEMORIES: chillin' in the comer, January 6, 1986 FUTURE PLANS: T0 run a business somewhere in NY. Cl KU . -Q Vicki Bowers "Babydoll" Nick Bradley, 9-25-70, Libra, "No, I don't think so.": FRIENDS: Chrissie, Terry, Lou, Hai, Canna, Keith, Mark, Sample CLUBSfACTIVlTlES: NAHS 1-4 LIKES: Hot weather Iwith a pooll, eating, graduating, U2, TSOL , DISLIRES: New attendance system, Juniors MEMORIES: '87 Junior cut day, not getting caught FUTURE PLANS: Fort Lauderdale Institute of Art and Beyond ,,,-f-9' Todd Boyer Andre Brockington, 7-14-70, Cancer, "That chumpee is safe.": FRIENDS: All my boys from around the way, the girls at G.H.S. LIKES: Money, T.L.C., Peace DISLIKES: People that talk too much, people who are fake MEMORIES: Getting loose at the Cavalcades, H.S. football, my Senior year FUTURE PLANS: Go to a small business school, Ieam to run my own business and stay paid .v 1? X I . V jj ., I , . xiii" -f, 4. L ,i 1 ,tv Q, ..LMf.,:l'L-Q-g.jg 'Luv . ' ' :Q w 'F ,- " Nicky Rasimirz Bowers Uvon., Todd Boyer, 8-31-70, Virgo, "What are you doin' at lunch?", "Licky Licky": FRIENDS: Collin C., Sean Cl., Brian M., Frank B., Lisa J., M.J., Kim W., Karen F., Mitch LIKES: A Smoky Nova, "Fat girls", The Beatles, Going Out, J. Camp DISLIRES: A Smokeless Nova, Backstabbers, no money MEMORIES: The split finger lick, "FAT GIRLS", M.J.'s party '86, Summer '86 FUTURE PLANS: Life, Success Nick Bradley Andre! Brockington "Fr0eSe", "Troll" Drey And As Memories Come, We '11 Think Of Her. As A Loved One, Always Near. Hai Son Bui, 11-1-68, Scorpio, "Does she use Bics?": FRIENDS: Abdulaihi, Gandhi, Boris, Eric V., Butch V., Mike A., Jim G., Josh P., Nick B. CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: NAHS: wrestling soccer LIKES: Hockey, soccer, wrestling, money, hunting DISLIKES: snobby people, collegetomm cruisers, preppies MEMORIES: Camping out, collegetown fights, college raids, camping out raid FUTURE PLANS: To appear on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" T gr- 5 I , if g P Q ki, ,si fi-TX Darren Chandler Angelina Cibo 3. 6 wat Hai Son Bui Darren Chandler, 1Of26f69, Scorpio: FRIENDS: Steve, Ren, Mark, John, Bob, Anthony, Benji, Ronnie CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Football 2-4 LINES: cars, football, skiing, drag racing DISLIKES: know it all people FUTURE PLANS: Go into the Air Force 1 Angelina Cibo Steven C. Burt "Rev" Bob Chew, .5-26-70, Aries, "Let's get onl": FRIENDS: Paul Flumond, B.C.B.'s, Len, Nick, Kev, Ben, Skip, Bruce, Sam, Tobe CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: Football 1: V: season of baseball 1-4: Moming Announcements 1-4: B.C.B.'s Club President 1-4: Committee Planner for Junior Cut Day Likes: chillin' with my boys, Bob Froese, Lowies, nutz DISLIKES: Girls who tease, no nutz, gym teachers MEMORIES: Jr. year, Len and I with K.B., Potato Skins, ami game, Top Secret, The Log FUTURE PLANS: Undecided IDM B0l'iS CilTl3S "BOBO" 118 Steven C. Burt, 11-26-68, Sagittarius, "Give me shome": FRIENDS: R. Gaines, C. Custis, J. Grantham, T. Boyer, B. Lewis, everyone CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Basketball LIKES: Everything DISLIKES: Nothing MEMORIES: Being alone with my lady FUTURE PLANS: Business school jx .-.SAV Bob Chew "BobTwi" Boris Cimas, 5-28-69, Gemini "Oh well, it doesn't make any differenceu: FRIENDS: Stara Kompa, Putokazi, Hai Son, Fuad, Shiva, Kelly, Tony CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: Foreign languages: Science Club 4 LIKES: Skiing, Guitar playing, Singing, GIRLS DISLIKES: People who show off at someone else's expense FUTURE PLANS: Architecture Diane Ruby Cioffi, 6-9-70, Gemini, "What's going on tonight?": FRIENDS: Skip, Bunny, Kathy, June, Bean, Kelly, Amie, Lisa, Lin, M.J.'s, Kristi, Tracy, Christa, Ant, Hockey girls, Bumz, Sam, Shill, Kev, Eric CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4, Capt. 4: Basketball 1: Softball 1: WinterfSpring track 2-4: Orchestra 1: Class V.P. 2: Comm. Planner 5-4: SGA 1-4: Varsity Club 1-4: Snowball, Hop 8 Prom committees: Hop Court: Prom Queen: Homecoming Court LIKES: family, Skip, being wffriends, hockey, food, the beach, winning, money DISLIKES: rainy days, hamiful gossip, the bomber, losing MEMORIES: Tri-County Champs '87, Kathy's party, Pat's, New Year's '87, P.L., Log, Senior Trip, Amie's house, Beating Pitman '87 FUTURE PLANS: Attend college Sonja Cook "Princi" Christine Lisa Couch, 5-18-70, Taurus, "You know what l'm saying?": FRIENDS: Wmstwn. girls, T-Cruz, Mr. Sr Mrs. Charles Custis, Y. Boone, Peaches, Nay-Nay, Shorty, Doo-Whop, S. Knox, L. McBride, D. Owens., Mr. T. Baker and the rest CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Wmstwn. Band 2: color guard: Black Cultures Club 5-4 LIKES: Having lots of funl, acting silly DISLIKES: Being bored and acting serious MEMORIES: Band camp, Senior Trip, getting my license FUTURE PLANS: College, become a R.N. V K "fN'N ii 4, . -wx Q Diane Ruby Ciofli um.. Princi, 10-3-69, Libra, "Well I feel as though . FRIENDS: Martin W., Lynn P., Chera S., Latonya D., Femado C., Mrs. Watts, Sonja N., Keith H. LIKES: Martin Williams DISLIKES: Ignorance, not having money MEMORIES: Oct. 12th, going out with Martin FUTURE PLANS: Make money Q. l -ftfg, Collin G. Conaway "Col", "Semicolon" Trina Coraluzzo, 5-15-70, Gemini, "lsn't that special?": FRIENDS: Chrissie C., Jeanie S., Diane W., Heather K., Collin C., Stacey S., Debbie M., "Choice Crew" CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: Softball 1: Field hockey 1 LIKES: typing, skating, driving my Fiero, swimming DISLIKES: stuck-up people, Mondays MEMORIES: All the good times Debbie Messina and I had together FUTURE PLANS: go to a business school. A - un vii f'-dugg as Christine Lisa Couch "Brat", "Money-Girl" Christine A. Coulter "Brat" Collin Conaway, 2-14-70, Aquarius, "Yeah, that might be the case.": FRIENDS: B- Mac, Todd, Frank, B-Crew, Club Clearview, Kim, Children of "Choice" CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: NAHS 5-4, Pres. 4: Close-Up: SGA 4: Art Service LIKES: Paydays, The nova, my friends, Hangin' at "Choice" DISLIKES: l'l.A.B., PitmanfMantua Police, rainy mondays, Peas MEMORIES: The Meta, Jr. cut day, Breakneck 84 mph, Summer of '87 FUTURE PLANS: Travel, Art school Trina Coraluzzo ..Tri,. Chrissie A. Coulter, 25-12-70, Pisces, "Why? That's foul.": FRIENDS: M.R.', E.F., C.S., B.H., J.B., A.H., D.W., l'l.K., J.F., K.R., E.l"I., B.S., l'l.Ci., K.K., T.C., K.W., SEAN K. CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1: Basketball 1: Softball 1: SGA 1: NAHS 5-4: Float Comm. 1,5-4: Alt Service: D.E. 4,ISecI LIKES: Shoes, Sean, cats, Koala Bears, animals, water DISLIKES: liars, forgetters, most foods, everything, bums, winter, red 8: black cars, ignorant people MEMORIES: 5- 50-85, 9-20-87, Emily Sr I at Stone Harbor, 2-14-86, July of '87 FUTURE PLANS: Art College, get married, have 6 children Mthin Her Sh eltezing Portals, 119 LeeAnn Theresa Cranmer "Leanne" Amy Elizabeth Davis, 10-17- 69. Libra, "Stop guys! AntlI": FRIENDS: K. Vasile, D. Reinek, L. Hofritz, Bumz, CiofIi's 182, M. Movsesian, T. Owler, Hockey girls CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: SGA 1-2: Hockey 1-2: Basketball 1: Tennis 4: Snowball Court 1-2: Snowball Comm. 1: Varsity Club 1-2: Winter!Spring track 2-4 LIRES: credit cards, beaches. S.M., icecubes, straight teeth, BHD, Alpha Romeo DISLIRES: attics, MB, pests. hockey mile, most things MEMORIES: Bunk beds, my house '87, trip to Va. w!D.R. 8: T.O., Bun's driving, homeroom, D.D. cops FUTURE PLANS: College Latonya Deneise Davis "Tee" LeeAnn Theresa Cranmer, 7- 16-70. Cancer. "What you said? Who said that?": FRIENDS: Michele B., Dawn, Melissa R., Stacy S., Trina T., Brandi T,. William, Softball teams, Class of '88, Phil CLUBS!ACTlVITIES: SGA 5-4, Homecoming and Snowball Committees 5-4: For. Lang. Club 1-2: Hub 2: Softball 2-4 LIKES: Softball, "Growing Pains", Phil, Kirk C., Parties, money, sports, sports cars, exercising. cheerleading, class of 1988, dancing DISLIRES: snobs, getting caught, Monday momings, losing, no money, hockey mile MEMORIES: Wildwood, Great Adventure, Hershey Park, July 16, 1986, Sr. trip, Summer of '87, Lake Garrison, Chris S., trip to Col., trip to Texas. Bullock's 4th per. food FUTURE PLANS: College Amy Elizabeth Davis "Aim" Latonya Deneise Davis, 9-14- 69, Virgo: FRIENDS: Shariee S., Sonya C.. Sonya N., Monica F., Angie S., Barry L., Chucky C,, Steve B. CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Deca 1: Black Cultures Club 1-4 LIRES: Shopping, being with my home girls DISLIKES: People who think they're better than others MEMORIES: My favorite teachers Mrs. Watts. Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Bullock FUTURE PLANS: undecided Charles Lee Custis III, 9-2-69, Virgo, "How you be?": FRIENDS: L. Couch, A. Tolbert, M. Mears. J. Grantham. L. Custis, S. Burt, Z. Custis and mainly T. Jones CLUBS!ACTIVITIES: Football 1-5: Basketball 1-I5 LIKES: being w!my girlfriend-Tamika Jones DISLIKES: ugly girls, school, dirty people MEMORIES: When I first started talking to Tamika FUTURE PLANS: To get married and join the Army Bnxcie Davis "Brutus" Anthony John Delia, 11-25-69, Sagitarius, "What da ya call it?": FRIENDS: The Bumz,Ant, Benji, Bob, Lenny, Mike, Jill, Debbi, Chalette CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1- 4: Indoor Track 1-4: Stage Crew 2-4: Musical 5-4: NHS 2- 4: ITS 5-4 LIRES: Italian cars, Italian food. Italian women, dances. HWP DISLIRES: Late practices, anything that's not summer. having to think during 1st period MEMORIES: Italy, La Bamba camping trip, pipeline, John's house, Homeroom 1-4 FUTURE PLANS: Attend college for an engineering degree N0 PICTURE AVAILABLE 5 Charles Custis "Cut Master Cus" Bruce Davis, 8-22-69, Leo, "What you talkin' 'bout?": FRIENDS: L.V., B.L., D.P., K.L., M.E., T.B., M.G., C.T. CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4, Capt. 4: Basketball 1-4: Junior Achievment LIRES: Girls, someone special ITBI, football DISLIRES: having a bad game MEMORIES: The red doors with Barry Lewis and Kevin Lester, if 54 FUTURE PLANS: College Anthony John Delia "Tony": "Flash" We 've Found F11ends,mBoth Tried And Tmef . And We Know Dear Alma M3f61C ffl!! Theresa A. Devlin "Trace" Anthony J. DiRienzo, 10-27- 69, Scorpio, "What kinda sense does that make?: FRIENDS: The Bumz, Jack, R.J., Barry L., Benji, Diane C., Bunny, Football Team CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4: Baseball 1-4: Basketball 1-2: SGA 2-5: Prom Court LIKES: Saturdays, HWP, Parties DISLIRES: the sled, waking up early MEMORIES: John's house, the log, freshmen year FUTURE PLANS: to attend college Theresa A. Devlin, 7-14-70, Cancer, "I know!": FRIENDS: Bunny, Diana, Lisa, Diane C., Kathy V., Christa, Lynn, Larry, Mary Jo R., Bob H., Rim K., Victor, Mae, Jim D., the twins, the Bumz, hockey girls CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4: Track 2-4: For. Lang. club 1, Prom court, Softball 1 LIKES: sports, being with friends, shore, winning DISLIKES: endline, losing, moody people MEMORIES: Hockey Tri-County Champs, beating Pitman, pipeline, Prom '87, G.A., tree watching, D.D. cops FUTURE PLANS: To attend business school Gina Marie DiRaddo, 10-50-69, Scorpio, "No way, get out!" FRIENDS: Dave, Em, Crystal, Heather, The Blews, Rochelle, Jen, Kim, Pat, Sue, Glenn, Cliff, Tina, Sheila, Kim CLUBSfACTIVITlE5: Marching Band 1-4, co-capt. 2-5, Front Capt, 4: Concert Choir 2-4: Drama Club 1-4: Indoor guard 1-2: Hub 4: Softball 1-5: ITS 5- 4: Madrigals 4: For. Lang. Club 1-2 LINES: Phil Collins, hugs, dancing, teddy bears, acting, late nights, Bruce Willis DISLIKES: waiting, confusion, boring people MEMORIES: Emz place, The Bridge, Prom '85 Br '86, Neshamity, Mr. FoIker's coffee, Bowe School Bunch. The Parkway, 5:50 a.m. FUTURE PLANS: Attend a four- year college 55? Anthony J. DiRienzo "Ant" Jeanette Dowdy, 5-17-70, Pisces, "I don't know": FRIENDS: Josie, Sue, Bridget, Laurie, Shelli, Wunting, Dawn, April, Peggy, Cher, Jennifer, Wendy, Tammy, Amy, Kristi CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: Cross Country 1-2: Winter Track 1-2- Spring Track 1-2: Stage Crew- Musical Sr Play 1-2: Tennis 5-4 LIKES: Running, Tennis, Reading, Bike Riding DISLIRES: Pea soup MEMORIES: Tennis practices, Beverly Hillbillies during gym, Pd. 6- '86-'87 FUTURE PLANS: Elementary Teaching John J. Dougherty "John" Susan Dowdy, 4-22-70, Taurus. "oh weu": FRIENDS: Chicken, Jeanette, LeeAnn, Michelle, Shadow, Renee, Joe, Winting LIKES: Garfield. Cartoons, Friends DISLIRES: snobby people MEMORIES: I- Spy, Crispy's English Class FUTURE PLANS: College Gina Marie DiRaddo "Giggles" John Dougherty, 5-7-70, Pisces, "Get out o' here!I" FRIENDS: R.J., Senior Boys, English Class, M. Dick, M. Graves, Angie S., R. Warrick, Bush Crew, Eric V., Sophomore girls, M.P., D.G., B,T. CLUBSfACTlVITlES: Nat'l Honor Society 2-4, Pres. 4: Science Club 1,5-4: Football 1-4: Baseball 1-5: Close-Up 5: Foreign Lang. Club 1: Senior Class Pres.: SGA 2-4: NHS officer 5 LIRES: Physics, food, girls, the shore, hanging out wfthe boys, baseball, HWP, Lamborghini's DISLIRES: Ups and Downs, working, Lax girls SAT's MEMORIES: Great Adventure, My House, the log, Freshmen year, July '85, the good times lwe know wherel FUTURE PLANS: College, Flight school, be rich ff' Jeanette Dowdy Susan Dowdy ..Sue,. Phyllis DuBose, 4-14-70, Aries, "You better go head." FRIENDS: Everybody, best friend-R. Reed CLUBSfACTIVlTIES: Basketball JV-Varsity 1-5, Mascot 3: Black Cultures Club 1-4 LIKES: New Edition, fine brothers, dancing, singing, looking good DISLIKES: Fake people, disers, jerks, liars MEMORIES: Senior Trip, Junior Cut Day, basketball games FUTURE PLANS: College, Job, Money, Happiness Utausha Vonquette Elie "Taush": "Chocolate" Joanna Fleming, 9-27-70, Libra "Gimme A Break": FRIENDS: Jenny, Kathy, Janice, Neal, Chrissy CLUBSfACTlVITlES: softball 2-5: tennis 2: Deca 4, pres. 4 LIKES: Porsche 944's, W.C., gold, bad company DISLIKES: dieting, fake people, Mondays, not having money MEMORIES: chem. study, soph. year, softball 5 FUTURE PLANS: Mortuary Science Phyllis DuBose "Pam" Utausha Vonquette Elie, 7-10-87, Cancer, "RealIy? Nol": FRIENDS: Jennae, Mary Jo, Shaun Green, Donna, Kel, K.L., 5.Cr., E.V., B.D., B.L., S.L., "The Whitney Crew", and a majority of the Senior SSW Mark Eberle 11 28 69 Sagitanus I Il get back FRIENDS BCB s Len Bob Skip Diane C Sloth Ant Lisa CLUBSfACTlVlTIES Football 4 Baseball 1 2 4 Soccer cartoons Girls DISLIKES Nerds Monday Momings Copy Cats being told what to do MEMORIES John s house Top Secret log my boys Mr Selby, 1 - or F 5: BCB's 1-4 LIKES: 5 Stooges, "F 5141: . ' ' I -, ,QS , I ' 3 Mark Eberle "Ebbs" James Michael Erhart, 5-18- 70, Taurus: FRIENDS: Wendy Steve, Chrissie, Mark, Benji, Damm, Jo-Anna, Gina CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Choir 1-5: Mads 1: Spring Musical 1-4: Play 5- class CLUBSjACTIVITIES: 42 'TS 4: Drama Club 1-4: Hub Cheerleading 1-4: rlub, Fashion Editor 2-4: Black Cultures Club 1- 4, Secretary 5: B-ball cheerleading Capt. 4: For. Lang. Club 4: Marching Band 1: Homecoming Court LIKES: N.Y.C., black, A.R., clothes, clothes, and more clothes! DISLIKES: ignorant people, conceit, unfashionable clothing MEMORIES: Senior Trip, Senior Prom, New Year's Eve '88, times spent with Will, South St. FUTURE PLANS: Move to N.Y.C., become a successful designer and own my oum fashion Empire amp, 'Qfwx 5 : Marching Band 4 DISLIKES: lgnorant people MEMORIES: crazy people in the class of '88 FUTURE PLANS: Attend Glassboro State X 1' Joanna Kathryn Fleming Wendy Sue Fordyce ..Jo,, l'Wen" That The Best Has Come Through You. cold football games FUTURE PLANS: To live with Bob C. and Lenny V. in Hollybush -as f"""k James Michael Erhart ..Jim,, Wendy Fordyce, 9-14-70, Virgo "I dOn't kn0w": FRIENDS: Mary Jo, Laurie, Earl, Joanna, Trina, Audrey, Dawn B, Davim CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: FBLA 15-4: Marching Band 1,5-4: SGA 4 LIKES: Drag racing, camping, music, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, shopping DISLIKES: seafood, stuck up people MEMORIES: losing skirt at Delsea game 84, Junior prom 87 FUTURE PLANS: Executive Secretary 1 Whenever We 're Sad And Lonely Derek B. Fowler, 10-17-69, Libra, "You know what I mean?": FRIENDS: Chalette, Wheaty, Delia, The Bush Crew and everyone else CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 5-4: Cross Country 2: Basketball 1: Spring track 1-2,4 LIKES: sleeping late, food, money, summer DISLIKES: being in crowds, winter, school MEMORIES: being late to lirst period, "Greg B.", Class of '88 FUTURE PLANS: Entertainer ,J Emily Franco "Stocking Lady" Diane Garwood, 11-26-69, Sagittarius, "Oh my God!": FRIENDS: Steph, Rene, Deb, Jill, Kris, Kimmie, Trace, MaryJo, Nance, Ang, Bran, Deb Shop Girls, John, Kit, Scott, Kelly, Steve, English class, 4B staff CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 5-4, Senior Editor, Co-Editor 4: Natl. Honor Soc. 2-4: SGA 1-5: For. Lang. Club 1-2, treas. 2: Hop Sr Snowball Committees: CIOseUp LIKES: IHRA, being with friends, late nites, dancing, having fun, Kit's friendship DISLIKES: getting caught, busy signals, red lights, arguing with friends, getting up early MEMORIES: Bathroom in Trenton, Lunch Club, November 15, 1986, "The Co-Op" - Aug. 14, '87, Prom Weekend- O.C. Boardwalk, sliding glass doors, K.W.- a special 1 V1 years, "Through the Fire", Snowball '88, New Year's Eve '87-'88 FUTURE PLANS: College Derek B. Fowler "Ezee 7" Emily Franco, 5-28-70, Gemini, "Why Not?": FRIENDS: Chrissie, Mush, Michael, Simon, Gabriel, Jimi, The Hooters, T.J., Shane, Steven CLUBS!ACTIVITlES: Newspaper LIKES: Drama, Creativity, Morbid Endings, Long Dark Hair and Eyes DISLIKES: Jocks, Snobs, School, Gym, Critics, Suburban Life MEMORIES: Sophomore Year with Mush and the Hooters, Night at T.J.'s and Steve ViIIec's, "Emily are you OK? I'm OK, Is Sean OK? Emily?" FUTURE PLANS: College, Then become a Dramatic Writer. Maybe live in New York .9 Diane Renae Garwood ..Di,, 123 53 , 1- Q' Audrey Benita Fox Tracey Freund, 8-21-70, Leo, "Are you serious?" FRIENDS: Debbie, Nancy, Kim K., Diane, Rene, Steph, Kris, Jill, Kim T., The Seniors CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-2: Varsity Softball Mgr. 2: FBLA 5-4, Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 4: SGA 4 LIKES: The Shore, S.G., Waterskiing, Being with friends, Weekends DISLIKES: "The Mile", School Food, Getting Caught, Waiting MEMORIES: Summer of '87, Junior Cut Day, Stymie, 6th Period Gym, Lunch Bunch, Senior Trip, Morticia, Eddie Murphy in the Locker Room, Senior Year FUTURE PLANS: Attend a Business School 410' af Wunting Geng "LingIing" Audrey Benita Fox, 8-26-69, Virgo: FRIENDS: Chalette, Angie, Marlo, Shariee, Damm, Tammya, Wendy, Tosha, and everyone else CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1- 4: Concert Band 1-4: Orchestra 1-4: Winter and Spring Track 1-4 LIKES: Everything DISLIKES: ignorant people, back stabbers MEMORIES: When I threw 50 feet FUTURE PLANS: Gloucester County College nv ff' Tracey Freund "Trace": "Tracie" Wunting Geng, 7-25-69, Leo, "Fine": FRIENDS: Sue D., Jeannette D., Kim Bui, Ha Bui, Tomoko Sasaki, Chommany, Rasamy, Khek CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Tennis LIKES: Study, art DISLIKES: noise MEMORIES: Tennis team FUTURE PLANS: College Straight To You Our Thoughts MII Fly- I Jeff Gipe "Gipper" Mark Graves, 5-2-69, Taurus, Talking like Mr. Siebold: FRIENDS: Bruce D., Barry, Revin, John, Shill, Sam L., Angle, Eric, Anthony, The Bumz, Clifford, Rochelle, Jennae, Amy CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Black Cultures Club 1-4: Football 1-4: Basketball 1-4: Baseball 1-4: Hop Court LIRES: Girls, sports, food DISLIRES: homework, gossip about me MEMORIES: Freshman football, Mr. Siebold FUTURE PLANS: College .21 Jeff Gipe, 9-6-69, Virgo, "Smart move": FRIENDS: Eric V., Joe P., Mike V., Jim G., Hai Son B., Earl R., Wendy F., John P. CLUBS!ACTlVlTlES: Football LIRES: being out with the guys, parties DISLIRES: people with DWI MEMORIES: Bon Fire in the peach orchards FUTURE PLANS: to be a plumber James E. Grantham, 8-51-69, Virgo, "I'lI get back.": FRIENDS: The G-Boys, Tabitha, Branden, Rick McCant, B. Lewis, C. Custis, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Stewart, D. Lopez, Monica Frazier CLUBS!ACTIVlTIES: Football 1-2: Deca 4: SGA 1,4 LIRES: Being with my lady and Branden, Money DISLIRES: Being broke, waiting until Friday, People who take credit for things they don't deserve MEMORIES: Taking my friends' money during lunch period FUTURE PLANS: Law Enforcement Mark Graves "Emmsko" Sean Gustilo, 6-9-70, Gemini, "Go Die": FRIENDS: anything that moves, Karl, Dusty, Eric D., Ron, Utausha, Todd, Gia, and certain underclassmen CLUBS!ACTlVITIES: Marching Band 1-2: Band 1: Hub 2: Yearbook 4 LIKES: hardcore, being with friends, Minor Threat, being alone, 7 Seconds, the color black, peace, the Smiths, being depressed DISLIRES: closed- minded people, being depressed MEMORIES: 9th pd CPS Eng. class, summer school '87, Philly FUTURE PLANS: College Shaun Renee Green "Shaunnie" Shelli J. Hannum, 2-17-79, Aquarius, "Hey dudes, what's up?" FRIENDS: Chip, Jose, Babs, Davlm M., Dawn S., Jeanette D., Laurie, "The Drew Crew" CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Writers Inc. 1-4: Musical 1: Tennis 4: Young Authors Conference 1-4: NHS 5-4 LIRES: writing, reading, 1 nlce people, basketball, fnends DISLIRES: history, bad people, hockey, boredom MEMORIES: "Babes", Prom night, Drew '87, The Ground Round FUTURE PLANS: To be a young adult novelist t' James E. Grantham "Wheaty" Shaun Renee Green, 2-25-70, Pisces, "Are you serious?": FRIENDS: Shanda, Tausha, Jennae, Shariee, Rochelle, Amy, Angie, Daneen CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Black Cultures Club 1-4, Pres 5: Deca 5-4, Sec, 5: Basketball Cheerleading Manager 2-4: Football Cheerleading Mrg. 2 4 LIKES: Having fun with my friends and family DISLIRES: Stupid, ignorant people who don't know what's up MEMORIES: Black Cultures Trip to Los Angeles and TUuana, Mexico FUTURE PLANS: Attend Cosmotology School Sgfm G."'5fI'0 Shelli J, Hannum SQUISN "Shell" , r 1 'Yi 11+ 43 . 1, .v' Ann M. Hart "Pooh" Linda Jennifer Haynie, Z5-1-70, Pisces, "No, Kelly, I don't have any gum!", "That's the w0rSt!": FRIENDS: Nic, Kel, Denise, Kathy, Kim, Benji, Michele, DC, AD, LH, BM, KV, the Seniors CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: field hockey mgr. 1: Band 1: SGA 1,3: NHS 2-4: Football cheerleader 2-3 LIKES: the Quiet Storm, money, the shore, muscles, scary movies, 5CS's, eating, jamming DISLIKES: Dickies, fat, slow drivers, making decisions, being poor MEMORIES: getting caught w! DE, summer '87, fresh year at my house, DR's trip, the shore, tramping FUTURE PLANS: to be very rich Q-7 Ann M. Hart, 11-20-69, Scorpio, "Yeah! Boy!": "Bust the move!" FRIENDS: Heidi, Christine, Peaches, Sonya, Audrey, Yolanda, Chen'ise LIKES: Some classes, Art, Ceramics, English DISLIKES: School food and the changing of rules MEMORIES: When I became a Senior FUTURE PLANS: Join the Air Force or become a hairdresser. Linda Jennifer Haynie "Lin" Lisa Ann Hofmann, 5-15-70, Taurus, "What huh?": FRIENDS: Dianes', Bunny, Tracy, Mary Jos', Kristi, Amy, Kim R., everyone else CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-2: Softball 1-2: Varsity Club 1-2: Fresh B-Ball mrg. 1: Float and Snowball Comm. LIKES: being wffriends, spending money, dancing, parties DISLIKES: waiting, Hockey Mile, making decisions MEMORIES: BHP, stakeout, party in Philly, Jr Cut Day, 40 East, hockey FUTURE PLANS: Go to college for Accounting or Business Administration Frances Hawkins Robert L. Highley "Skinny" Jill Jackson, 5-50-70, Gemini, "Guess what guys?": FRIENDS: Andy, Steph, Rene, Diane, Kim, Kelly, Deb, Kathy, Tony, S.P., T.F., everyone CLUBS!ACTlVlTlES: Marching Band 1-4, Concert Band 1-4, Treas. 2-5, Pres. 4: Orchestra 1-4, Vice-Pres. 2, Sec. 3-4: Jazz Band 1-4: Concert Choir 5-4: Mads 5-4: NHS 2-4: SGA 1,21 ITS 2-4: Play 1-4: Musical 1-4: Softball 1-2, mrg. 3 LIKES: being with Andy and friends, IHRA, partying DISLIKES: hockey mile, making decisions, snotty rides, getting caught MEMORIES: Summer '87, Poconos and the Shore, Close-Up, D.C., S.B.'s, lunch club, Aug. 14, Prom weekend- O.C. boardwalk, Steph's, movies, J.K. laundry FUTURE PLANS: College at fb s ,f i --riffs Frances Hawkins "Peaches" Robert L. Highley, 6-12-70, Gemini, "I didn't do it!": FRIENDS: Joe, Jamie, Ed, Mark, Bob C., Phil CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Wrestling 1-4: Golf 1-4 LIKES: wrestling, hunting, nights out w!the boys DISLIKES: English, homework MEMORIES: Jr. float FUTURE PLANS: College for law enforcement Lisa Ann Hofmann Jill Jackson "Lou" "JillSy" And We '11 Be Chegred B Happy Memories, Of The Days At Glassboro I-Iig Kristine J. Jansen, 2-14-70, Aquarius, 'iYeah right! That might happenl": FRIENDS: Deb, Kim, Trace, Diane, Beaner, K.V., S.R., Brian A., Denise, Senior class CLUBSj ACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1- 4: Concert Band 1-4, Treas. 4: Orchestra 1-4, Treas. 2, mgr. 5-4: Jazz Band 1-2: Choir 3-4, Sec. 4: ITS2-4: Play 2: Musical 1-4: Close-Up: For. Lang. Club 2 LIKES: B.A., talking on the phone, partying DISLIKES: waiting, snotty rides, getting caught MEMORIES: D.C., snow, Trenton party, "Giraffe snot", NAB, moviesl, Jr. cut day, 8-19-86, "SNAFU", Senior year FUTURE PLANS: College Debra A. Johnson "Debs" Andrew Jones, 12-5-69, Sagitarius, "Trust me", "No problem": FRIENDS: Jill, Mark, Bill, Jamie, Asif, Debs, Big Ed, Joe CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4: Track 1-4 LIKES: swimming, skiing, hunting, motorcycling DISLIKES: Parents' questions MEMORIES: Summer of '87, my get-togethers, the mountains, the brovlm truck, my pond, the shore FUTURE PLANS: College and Navy : n ' x is as ... fs- 'Y tr:- Kristine J. Jansen ..Kns,, Debbi Johnson, 1-20-70, Aquarius, "Ready Freddy?": FRIENDS: Kris, Benji, Kathy, Kim, Steph, Trac, Di, Mech, Rene, Jill, Nancy, Coleen, Steve, A.P. English class CLUBSjACTIVITIES: Play 2-4: Musical 2-4: ITS 2-4: NHS 2-4: Close-up Z5-4: Ex. Comm. 4: SGA 4: For. Lang. Club 2: Mads 2-4: Snowball Court 5: Prom Court: Junior Miss Pageant 4: Choir 2-4: Apeiron 4 LIKES: Benji, being wf friends, music, talking on the phone, IHRA, glowing DISLIKES: busy signals, hockey mile MEMORIES: Snow, C0'OD, Eddie Murphy in Iockerroom, 6th per. gym, bathroom in Trenton, mini golf wfBenji after Prom, Lunch Club, I5-27-87, HAB FUTURE PLANS: College Andrew Jones "AJ": "MacGyver" : ff: cs A 5 K : --,. :sr la , S E., . - ga. as 4 V' ,Ii . v' l I .lf Kevin Michael Jenkins ..Kev,, Mark Johnson, 6-16-70, Gemini "What are you doing?": FRIENDS: Eddie K, Joe L, Andy J, Andy, Dan R, Jamie S, Bill W, Asif ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4 LIKES: Food, money, beach DISLIKES: Snobs, dregs, liberals MEMORIES: Soccer, dances FUTURE PLANS: Navy ROTC ,.. arf'-7 Coleen F. Kelly "Col" l26 h. , Kevin Micheal Jenkins, 12-6- 70, Sagittarius, "Oh realIy?" "You must be joking!": FRIENDS: T. Roberson, C. McDonald, D. Blacksten, S. Laspata, J. Pirillo, T. Delia, Mr. Stiedle, Ms. Evans, Mrs. Fulginiti LIKES: weekends, football, good grades, gym DISLIKES: homework, tests, bad grades, Mondays MEMORIES: Senior Trip, Chem boat championship, FUTURE PLANS: Go to college CRITI for drafting NST-f" Mark W. Johnson "Sparky" Coleen F. Kelly, 5-10-70, Taurus, "CooI! Hal": FRIENDS: Michele, Jen, Andy, Steve, Kenny, Tracey F., Kris J., Debs CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1-4, Drum Major 4: Concert Band 1-4: Orchestra 1-4: Indoor Guard 1-2: Softball 1-2: Musical Ipitl 2: Drama 2 LIKES: dancing, good times, good friends, music, clothes DISLIKES: snobs, gym, running, flat tires, veggies, "the mile" MEMORIES: one way street, "fuzzies", Jr. cut day, Sr. trip, summer of '87, 6th per. gym FUTURE PLANS: College Willie King, 1-26-71, Aquarius: FRIENDS: Chucky C., Lucky C., Steven B., Andre B., Robin R., Earl M., Steven L., Monica F. CLUBS!ACTlVlTIES: Football 1-3 LIKES: rapping, beautiful girls DISLIKES: people who talk behind my back MEMORIES: rapping against people FUTURE PLANS: Lawyer or Rapper fi -...ff I Kimberly Kirkpatrick "Kimber": "Kirk" Edward Kortonick, 5-1-70, Taurus, "Oh Wow!": FRIENDS: Du, Dan, Joe, Sparky, Bill, Andy, Cliff, Jamie, CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Channel S, Newspaper, SGA LIKES: TV I Tech, going out with the boys DISLIKES: Dregs, Pre-Calc FUTURE PLANS: Undecided Willie King "Capt. Shock" Kimberly Kirkpatrick 11-24-69, Sagitarius, "Huh? Come on.": FRIENDS: D.J., K. Von, T.F., D.G., S.R., R.S., J.J., M.Z., B.T., B.M., T.D., N.B., CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: SGA 1: Field Hockey 1-4: Softball 1, 5-4: Winter track 2-4: '86 State Champ: Spring track 2: Close- Up: House mgr. 2-4: NAHS 4: Varsity Club: Float Comm. LIKES: Sports, friends, going out, watching TV, telling people how to drive DISLIKES: 150 push-ups, hockey miles, unfaimess, people telling me how to drive MEMORIES: Lunch Bunch, Jr cut day, washington, Steph's, Stymie, Sr. trip, Morticia, Eddie Murphy in locker room, Hockey Tri-County Champs FUTURE PLANS: College-P.E. major Gyn .. .15 Heather L. Kirkbride "Hedge" Heather Kniaz, 11-28-69, Sagittarius, "What's that supposed to mean?": FRIENDS: Ken, Christa, Dana, Wendy, Moo, Dori LIKES: Ken, romance, music, long talks, secrets, big T-Shirts DISLIKES: school, Monday momings, gym, dorks, dumb rules MEMORIES: 5-15-86, Wendy'S, Adventures w!Ken, Pan'is Islands Concerts, The cruiser, the pond FUTURE PLANS: College, Marriage, Family . 'L -ng 5: Ed kononick "Big Ed" Michele Rene Krauss "Shell" Heather Kirkbride, 8-2-69, Leo. "Forget about it.": FRIENDS: Diane W., Chrissie C., Lisa C., Sherry P., Trina C Emily F. LIKES: being w! Michael, long stem red roses, walks on the beach, having lot of money DISLIKES: getting up early, moody people, having no money MEMORIES: the time I fell on my face in gym Soph. year FUTURE PLANS: To omm my own business. ii Heather Marie Kniaz Michele Krauss, 1-8-70. Capricom, "Oh how cute!" FRIENDS: Coleen K., Jeff R., George C., Mr. DeMarco, Rene S., Diana P., Joe D. CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1- 5: Indoor Guard LIKES: The Mailman, fuzzies, dancing, JefT's BMW DISLIKES: Flat tires, the hockey mile, big mouths MEMORIES: Col, me, and Fuzzy, one way streets going backwards FUTURE PLANS: Marry a rich guy Many Are The Joys? And The Sorrows, T17 Christine Laskowski ...LB-,, Kevin Lester, 11-18-69, Scorpio, "You roudy poo": FRIENDS: My son, Cioffi duo, Hollybush wrecking crew, Shill, Sam, Eric, Utausha, Jeanne, and the Jet's, Big boy's CLUBSfACTIVITIES: Football 1-4: Basketball 1-4: Track 4 LIKES: All night parties, Magic Johnson, Mrs. Laspata's Meatballs DISLIKES: A backstabber, Boston Celtics MEMORIES: Lakeside Sand box, College Lake, Auditorium FUTURE PLANS: College Christine Laskowski, 1-21-70, Aquarius: FRIENDS: Laurie, Vickie, Troy, Melanie CLUBSj ACTIVITIES: Spanish Honor Soceity 2 yrs., modeling LIKES: Beaches, travel, Troy DISLIKES: missing Troy, lies MEMORIES: Meeting new friends at Glassboro High FUTURE PLANS: Continue education, live in Va. Beach Kevin Lester "Kev" Joe Loungo, 5-4-70, Pisces, "I gotta go to work!": FRIENDS: Jamie, Ed, Mark, Victor, Tyrone, Bob C., Nic, Len CLUBSfACTlVITlES: Soccer 1- 2 LIKES: Partying, going out with the boys DISLIKES: School and work MEMORIES: John D's first party, Class fioats FUTURE PLANS: Join the Service Samuel Laspata, 7-10-70, Cancer, "Sweetheart": FRIENDS: Nicole, Kev, Shill, Crusher, Kelly, Dip Sr Di, Eric, Twi, and the Jets! CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: SGA 1-2: Varsity Club 1-4: Wrestling 1-4: Soccer 1-4: Hop Prince, Snowball Prince 1: Class Pres. 1 LIKES: Being around my sidekick K.L. DISLIKES: Fake people MEMORIES: All the time I spent with Nicole FUTURE PLANS: College- Wrestling John H. Lewis ..JB,, William Loy, 5-5-70, Taurus, "Steidle want a cracker?": FRIENDS: Joe L., Robin R., Terry R., Winten G., Emily F., John L. LIKES: College football, Volleyball, Rock -n- roll DISLIKES: English class, Classical and Opera music MEMORIES: Falling asleep in Algebra class FUTURE PLANS: College and the Service 553' 1 253: 35 , I " R : 2-5 ' 2 - X 2 - if - ' --' ' Sammy Laspata "Shock" John Lewis, 1-11-70, Capricom, "I'm John": FRIENDS: CIUMYF, Mark, Debs, Mike, Karen L., Tom D., Anyone who's friendly to me CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Tennis 1-5: Drama 2: Musical 1-4: Choir 1-4: Mads 1-4: Band 5-4: Orchestra I5- 4: Jazz Band 4 LIKES: Outcry, music, free time DISLIKES: Trumpets, cocky people MEMORIES: Freshmen year in Computers 1, unscheduled TV Tech FUTURE PLANS: Music Major -A -jf' Joe Loungo William J. Loy "Mouth" "Bill" That We Each Have Encountered Here. But We Would Trade Not Joy For The Sorrow ,Q-EI Christa Lyn Maddox "Troublemaker" Bunny Mazzeo, 5-19-70, Taurus, "Aaaw noI": FRIENDS: T.D., l"l.J's, Di, C.M., L.H'S, K. Von, Kirk, Reg, Skip, Ant, Vic, Shill, Jim K, J.L., S.T., bumz, hockey girls CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: SGA 1-4, Tres. 4: For. Lang. Club 4: Indoor Track 1: Softball 1-4: Field Hockey 1-4: Capt. 4: Varsity Club 1-4: Prom and Homecoming Court, Snowball and Float Comm. LIKES: family, sports, ffl, ketchup, winning, partying DISLIKES: PITMAPI, endline, hockey mile, chewed gum MEMORIES: NYE '87, GA, Hamm., wacko's, B.K. fight, pipeline, Super Sub, wet grannies. '87 Tri-County Hockey Champs, beating and scoring against Pitman FUTURE PLANS: College l 2 -'Nr R.J. Meagher ..R,, Christa Maddox, 8-10-70, Leo, "Get a real life please!": FRIENDS: Joe M., T.D., B.M., D.C., I'l.K., K. Von, T.O., S.K.. B.T., K.T., A.S., N.P., L. Hof, Ms I., D.G., M.W., Football Cheerleaders 87, and whoever I forgot CLUB5fACTIVlTlES: Marching Band 1-2: Softball 1- 4: Football Cheerleader 5-4, Captain 4: Basketball Cheerleader 2, Snowball, Hop, Homecoming Comm.: Hop and Homecoming Court: S.G.A. 4: G.C.V.T.S. Ambassador 3: Orchestra 1: Concert Band 1-2: Wrestling MGR. 5: Hockey MGR 4: Yearbook 4 LIKES: Joe M, spending money, causing trouble, dancing, laughing DISLIKES: being sick, fighting with Joe, hockey mile, certain people MEMORIES: Fight at B.K., 6-19-87, 8-8-87, 4+4 JM, G.A. FUTURE PLANS: Get married, have lots of kids, Teach first or second grade it.-1 Bonnie Jean Mazzeo "Bunzels": "Bunky" R.J. Meagher, 1-15-70, Capricom: FRIENDS: John, Ant, BUMZ Ireal onesl, P.T.E.K., ENGLISH CLASS, Sophomore girls, Mimi, Nicole CLUBSfACTIVlTlES: NHS 2-4: SGA 1-4, Pres 4: Apeiron 1-4, Vice-Pres 2: Foreign Lang. Club 2: Soccer 1,5-4: Baseball 1: Golf 2-4: Class Pres. 2: Close-Up LIKES: Food, Hangin' with the BUMZ, those crazy nights, Mimi DISLIKES: frigid women, practice, getting up in the moming MEMORIES: Freshmen year, Larry'S, Physics, the good times Iwe know where they werel FUTURE PLANS: Attend college 129 Jonathon Andrew May, 1-25- 7O, Aquarius, "Oh WelIl": FRIENDS: Mark J., Ed K., Dan R., Randy A., Coleen K., Davin S., Shiva B., Bill W., Eric O., Danielle G. CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4 LIKES: soccer, weekends, no homework, the beach, having money DISLIKES: homework, Sat Mom practices, Monday momings, 5 mile run MEMORIES: 86-87 FoIker's 8th per Chem Class, Freshmen year, Ed Kortonick and the golf tee, catching the soccer ball in the middle ofa game, Jr class cut day, Thursday night volleyball FUTURE PLANS: College Dawn Renee McCom1ick Victor Morella, 9-26-69, Libra, "ShuI": FRIENDS: Jamie, Bob, Kev, Bun, Tracy, Kathy, Mary Jo, Kim, Mike, Nic, Sam, Joe, and everybody else who wants to be LIKES: Going out with the boys, seeing J.L., work, girls, partying DISLIKES: Bunny telling me that I hit her car when I didn't, coming to school CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: Vice-Pres. 5 MEMORIES: Being adventurous with J.L., letting Jamie drive my truck to Del. with me in the back, riding moped with Jamie, ShiII's car, Mark's house on Eric V.'s B- day, Bob, Len, and me at College Inn. when Jamie ate the worm and said it was still in him the next moming FUTURE PLANS: Own my own construction company ,an PN Jonathon Andrew May "DrOiCI" Dawn Renee McCormick, 2-16- 70, Aquarius, "Lunchbox", "Sorry babe, love you, no cando.": FRIENDS: Josie, Shelli, Angie, Chalette. Spanish 4 class, Monica, Sonya, Rochelle, etc., Davtm B. CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Foreign Lang. Club 1-4: NHS 2-4: Black Cultures Club 2: Concert Choir 2 LIKES: Reading, softball, watching TV, crocheting, chocolate DISLIKES: liver, noisy people, alot of homework MEMORIES: 5th period gym with Josie and Jeanette, Angie's greetings, gym FUTURE PLANS: Attend Hampton College Victor Morella ..ViC,, Mary Jo Movsesian, 1-2-70, Aquarius, "That's so rude!": FRIENDS: Jay W., D.M., T.O., S.R., A.D., K.V., Ms. I, D,C1., Cl.W., B.M., T.D., L.H., R.H., L.P., S.P., everyone else CLUBSjACTIVITIES: yearbook 5-4, co-editor 5-4: softball 2-4: Hop and float committees LIKES: good friends, parties, dancing, eating, oldies, having money, being with Jay DISLIRES: liars, fake people, getting up early, truck drivers MEMORIES: B.l-LP., party in Philly, chicken, fan club, BK fight, hives, Hammonton, Super Sub FUTURE PLANS: College NL Mary Jo Movsesian "Little Mal'e": "M.J." Ole Peter Nordal, 2-1-71, Aquarius, "I don't know." FRIENDS: Sonya N., Davim M. Eric, Steve P., Bill L. LIRES: Good music DISLIKES: Homework MEMORIES: Snow FUTURE PLANS: College Sonya M. Nathan "Rash Money" Eric T. Osler, 7-10-70, Cancer, "l'm feeling mighty fine": FRIENDS: Ed, Drew, John, Asif, Cliff, Ren CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Music LIKES: Cashmere, smooth moves, concerts, Twiki DISLIKES: loud people, hard labor, traflic MEMORIES: Ahmed's, The Cove, Philly, Spring Weekend FUTURE PLANS: College Sonya M. Nathan, 1-26-69, Aquarius, "Do that": FRIENDS: Monica, Rochelle, Latonya, Angie, Chilita, Bany, Ann, Rasamy, Chommany, Dawn CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Black Cultures Club: Basketball: Track LIKES: William DISLIKES: young boys MEMORIES: almost hitting the coach with the basketball at practice FUTURE PLANS: 4 year college in Communications Ole Peter Nordal Brig T, Osler "Pete" "Ozzy" Treena B. Owler, 12-1-69, Sagittarius, "You're foofin man!": FRIENDS: B.D.J.O., R.L., Amy S., Nancy B., A.D., M.J.I"I., B.S., E.lVI., S.B., D.M., K.V., R.J.M., C.M., S.F., M.G., J.P., Sam L., Mike s. cLuBsf ACTIVITIES: B-Ball Cheerleading 1-2: Football Cheerleader 2-4: captain 2-5: Black Cultures Club 1: Marching Band 1-2: SGA 4: Yearbook 4, Boys Tennis Manager 5-4: Wrestling Manager 4: Hop, Prom and Snowball Committees: Homecoming Court LIKES: Being wf the Sprewells Br the Vignolas, Eric V. and John D, parties DISLIKES: Fake friends, no parties, no food MEMORIES: Va. Trip, Smig Smitts, 15 to 2, Toga Party 86, Dance wf N.B. and J,S. FUTURE PLANS: Become a photographer ,D Treena B. Owler if Diana Polillo "Diana" For They Brought Us Some Friendships So Dear. Diana Polillo, 8-12-70, Leo, "Listen to this": FRIENDS: D.S., T.D., L.C., L.I'l., T.O., J.P., D.C1., M.M., S,R., J.D., Ed K., M.K., Twins, The Bumz, Everybody Else CLUBSj ACTIVITIES: FBLA LIKES: summer, sleeping, thunder and lightning, no school, being with friends DISLIRES: snobs, liars, getting up early, no money, being told "Noi" MEMORIES: snagged, butterfly, Prom '87, Aug. 22, 1987, U2 Concert, pipeline FUTURE PLANS: Business School To Our Teach ers We Owe The Credit, Kelly Ann Polillo, 8-27-70, Virgo, "Do you have any gum?": FRIENDS: Jennae, Utausha, Nik, Linda, Kim, Bean, Mr. Nard, Shill, Sam, The Bumz, Diane C., Senior Class, Reetz CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1:SGA 1,5 LIKES: Food, expensive clothes, money, talking to Nard DISLIKES: Hypocrites, the Hockey clique, work, waking up MEMORIES: Tramping, 4-2-84, Fresh. year at Linda's, the lake, Caesar's getaway, DR's trip, Skip as Jammaster J, Peeping Toms FUTURE PLANS: To study Law 'Rf-3, Joseph Pritchett "Joe": "Kidswift": "Peach" Mary Jo Ramos, 12-13-69, Sagitarius: FRIENDS: Bunny, Gaby, Wendy, Tausha, Reg, Diane, Bean, Todd, Mike A., Victor, Sue, Hilary CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: Writer's Inc. 2-4, Hockey Mgr., SGA 2 LIKES: Duran Duran, Mr. Prep, parties, goin' wacko, red porsches DISLIKES: waking up, brussel sprouts, workin' 9- 5, no money MEMORIES: Bun's wet grannies, NYC with Gaby, wacko with Bun, May 21, 1984 FUTURE PLANS: College x 9 Kelly Ann Polillo "Kel" Joseph Pritchett, 5-14-69, Taurus, "No problem": FRIENDS: Eric Vignola, John D., John Stella, Tony Delia, Heather Wice, Bunny Mazzeo, Todd Wray, Chucky Custis, Vick CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: Track, Wrestling, Sunday Club LIKES: Girls, money, rast cars, history, poems DISLIKES: getting up in the moming, fat people, losing weight MEMORIES: When Eric Vignola and I made a four foot snowman in the Sr. lunchroom last year. FUTURE PLANS: Auto Body Repair 259 ,dv L,,,i Mary Jo Ramos "Mare": "MJ" 131 N ,Y Steven G. Powell "Uncs": "The Mad Hatter" Nicolle Puteri, 10-6-69, Libra, "Ya know what I mean?"p FRIENDS: Sammy, Kim, Kelly, Linda, Denise, K.L., R.J., D.C., L.H. CLUBSfACTIVITIES: Field Hockey mgr. 1: SGA 1,.'5: Soph Hop Princess: Homecoming Court LIKES: giggling with the girls, Sammy, a deep dark tan, my family DISLIKES: Disappointments, waiting, Mondays, pressure, working MEMORIES: Frosh year at Linda's, DR's trip, Mom L's toes, tramping, Peeping Toms, Fantasy Island, Summer of '86 FUTURE PLANS: College andfor marry rich. Rochelle T. Reed "Shorty" Steven G. Powell, 11-11-69, Scorpio, "That's a bet.", "You knOw": FRIENDS: Kelly, John, R.J., Eric, Rob, Ted, The Bumz, The Lunch Club Girls CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1-5: Concert Band 1-4: Orchestra 1-4, Lib. 5: Jazz Band 1-4: Choir 5: Madrigals 5: Musical 1-4: Play 1-4: NHS 2-4: ITS 2-4: Science Club 1-4: Baseball 1-2,4 LIKES: it 11, Coke, Partying, Stones DISLIKES: Nosey people, Pepsi, getting up in the moming MEMORIES: Pier One, The Log, Cold room at GA, The Jack. Briig., J.D.'s house, 11-16-86, Mu FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and get rich Nicolle Puten "Nikki" Rochelle T., Reed, 2-21-69, Pisces, "For reaI": "Get out": FRIENDS: Mom 8: Dad, Phyllis D., Sonya N., Shariee S., Amy S., Banfy L., Chalette W., Gina D., Angela S., Mark G., Kim W., Sonya C., Monica F., LaTonya D. CLUBSfACTIVITlES: Cheerleading 2-4: Band Front 1-4, Capt. 5-4: Black Cultures Club 1-4: SGA 15: Homecoming Court LIKES: Clothes, jewelry, shopping, New Edition, dancing, skating, Money + Chris + "Ceany", purple and pink DISLIKES: Monday mominfgs, getting up early, showo s, fake people, The Mile MEMORIES: Going to Califomia with the Black Cultures Club FUTURE PLANS: Go to medical school and become a pediatrician. Of Lessons Leamed, Noble And Grand: av Linda Denise Reinek "BGSU" Terence Roberson, 12-12-69, Sagittarius, "Why you dissin"'?: FRIENDS: Danny R., Tom S., Paul W., Scott T., Jose, Joe P. CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Art, Football, Baseball, DECA LIKES: girls, sports, skating, girls DISLIKES: Mondays, getting detention MEMORIES: McDonalds, Art classes of '86- '87, Jodi Brutis Bruno FUTURE PLANS: To be rich Linda Denise Reinek, 2-20-70, Pisces, "Groovy": "Keen man" FRIENDS: Gord, Kim, Ami, Nic, Lin, Kel, Benj, My Mom, Kath, Di, Mare CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: SGA 1-4: Snowball Court 1: Field Hockey 1: Hop Court: Cheerleader 2-3: Class Sec. 2, Pres. 3: NHS 2-5 LIKES: Gordon, Ver, Hanging with the women, ice cream, being with my man DISLIKES: rain, slow people, hockey clique, Deb dressers, losing to Gord MEMORIES: 5th of July, tramping, jazzy, D.R.'s trip, Frosh year at Linda's, Kath's party, Bunk Bed Buddies FUTURE PLANS: Finish cosmetology, college, and manfy the one I love. Terence Roberson "Rence" Robin S. Robinson, 7-22-69, Cancer, "What it is? What it was? What it will be?": FRIENDS: Andre B, Wilmer D, Angela S, Rochelle R, Marlo W, Amy S, Steven B, Willie K, Monica F, The Boro Crew, Ricky M CLUBS!ACTIVlTIES: Black Cultures Club 1-4: For. Lang. Club 5 LIKES: Young Ladies, Honest People, Football, Basketball DISLIKES: Ignorant people, Tests MEMORIES: Trip to California FUTURE PLANS: College, major in Architechture Daniel Blake Resnik, 8-19-69, Leo, "What's up?": FRIENDS: Terry, Bill, Cliff, Andrew, Eddie, Donna, Sparky, Randall CLUBS!ACTIVlTIES: Soccer 1- 4 LIKES: Soccer, friends, food DISLIKES: vegetables, homework, soccer practice MEMORIES: 125 goals my freshman year in soccer FUTURE PLANS: College if FU' li K J Harry Roberts il? 74 Hum., John Rogers, 4-12-70, Aries "Let me ask you a question": FRIENDS: Ant, Sam, Kelly, Phil, Mark Cr, Bun, Kev, Senior Dudes, Bumz CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-4: Wrestling 1-4: Football 2-4: Soccer 1: SGA 1-4: Hop Court: Varsity Club 1-4 LIKES: Sports, Credit, Eating, Summer, The Mick DISLIKES: Cutting Weight, Losing, Practice, Cold Weather MEMORIES: Junior Year, R.B.'5 Office, Chem Study, "The Switch" FUTURE PLANS: College ,ous ,offhf Daniel Blake Resnik ..Rez,, Harry Roberts 1? 74, 12-16-69, Sagittarius, "What's up dude?I" FRIENDS: Kelly, Dawn, Craig, Stacey, Tammy S., Melissa, Scott, Terry, everyone else CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4: String Orchestra 1-2 LIKES: Football, friends, winning, parties, skateboarding DISLIKES: Snobs, nerds, preps, U2, losing MEMORIES: Football, C.T., Summer School, Sat D., C.K.!S.C. FUTURE PLANS: Party- Law Enforcement -uv' -Q 18 Robin S. Robinson John Rogers "Smokey" --Jack: 132 Kimberly Ann Rossi, 10-17-69, Libra, "lt's a sin": FRIENDS: Nicole, Denise, Linda, Kelly, Lisa H, Benji, Bumz, Senior Class CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Vice-Pres 5: SGA 2-5: Choir 1, Key Club LIKES: Robert, Trampness, Tripping with the girls DISLIKES: Red lights, Stop signs MEMORIES: Freshmen year at Linda's, Tramping, Ceaser's getaway, Peeping Tom's, DR's trip, Oct. 29, 1986 FUTURE PLANS: Successful Buisness Oumer Kimberly Ann Rossi "Kimme" Melissa Rovin, 8-19-70, Leo: FRIENDS: Stacey S, Davim B, ' ' P Janice S, Neal C, D.M, R.R, ' 1 S.T CLUBSXACTIVITIES: LA 5- 4: Softball 1-5: Marching Band I 2-5 LIKES: CT, Cruisin', ' Partying, Neal DISLIKES: Being Bored, Stuck up people, Preps MEMORIES: CT, Left Feild, Little Mill, Chris's B-Day Party Over Ron's, Bahan' with Dawn FUTURE PLANS: Get A Job l 3 Melissa Rovin "MeIis" Shariee Sampson, 1-25-70, Aquarius, "that's Dope": FRIENDS: Corey D., LaTonya D., Sonja C., Rochelle R., Shaun G., Angie S., Phyllis D., Barry L. CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: Black Culture Club 1-4, Football Cheerleader 2-5 LIKES: Corey Davis, Being with the girls DISLIKES: ignorant stuck up people MEMORIES: Being in the pep squad FUTURE PLANS: Attend College Shariee Sherea Sampson Stephanie S. Roth, 6-14-70, Gemini, "I don't know": FRIENDS: RS, DG, JJ, MJM, DJ, CM, KJ, SP, KW, everyone and Stevie CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: NHS 2-4: Marching Band 1-5, Sec 5: For. Lang. Club 2: Yearbook 5-4, Editor 4: Hop and Snowball Comm. LIKES: IHRA, Being with friends, Having fun DISLIKES: Hockey Mile, making decisions, getting caught MEMORIES: Lunch club, SB'S, Dirt Pit, Jr Summer, Aug, 14, JSrK Laund, Rob, Sliding Glass Doors and those steps, Sr. Dinner Dance FUTURE PLANS: College, Then? -,f' I 58 ,t :A ' t Benji Salter "Pot Luck" Rene Schuck, 2-24-70, Pisces, "Bust": FRIENDS: Steph, Diane, T.F., K.W., K.K., R.J., J.J., N.B., D.J., K.J., T.O., Everybody CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: Marching Band 1-4: Yearbook 4: NHS 2-5: Musical 5-4: Concert Band 1-5 LIKES- I.H.R,A., being with friends partying, dancing DISLIKES: homework, getting caught, Hockey Mile MEMORIES: Aug. 14, Nov. 16, 1986, summer Lunch Club, Dirt Pit, 5-27-87, Prom wknd., Trenton, D.C. tClose-Upl, Peter Paul, J Sr K Laun., Dressing rooms, Steph's, sliding glass doors, Lunch Bunch, Oct. 26, 1987 FUTURE PLANS: College 1 :f-3:15323 QLZZ1I.5'?QQfig 1 ':'-.. I ' l fl nQ Stephanie S. Roth "Steph" Benji Salter, 9-8-70, Virgo, "Come on guys don't do that.": FRIENDS: Lenny, Bob Jack, Ant, Tony, Nicky's, Denise, Linda CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-2, Basketball Announcer, Mascot 5, moming announcements 1-4 Channel S news, Musical 5, Apeiron 5-4, Play 5, SGA 1-2, Prom Court, Snowball Court LIKES: fun, sports, winning, everyone, D.J. DISLIKES: comy girls, things that make no sense MEMORIES: shore, standing on Empire State Building, waving goodbye to the President FUTURE PLANS Attend college and major in advertising or communications rf' Rene Schuck "Shay" "Beaners" And In All Of Our Life 'S Hard Problems, I For The Right We M11 Always Stand. Kimberly Sherwood, 4-25.69, Taurus, "Get off itI": FRIENDS: Kim W., Kathy B., Tina S., Sheila M., Karen F., Janice S. CLUBSfACTIVlTIES: Marching Band 5-4 LIKES: Being with friends DISLIKES: Nerds, people who stop at green lights, stuck-up people, and not having a car MEMORIES: Curbs, Ellie's, meeting K.W. FUTURE PLANS: Psychology :fini Kimberly Sherwood "Kim" Craig Shute, 5-2-70, Taurus, "That's casual": FRIENDS: Eric R., Darren S., Tom S., Hany R., Scott T., John L., Nate LIKES: Going out with Lynn, The Rat Pack, Having a car, Rad sneakers DISLIKES: School, Homework, Saturday detentions MEMORIES: Going out with Lynn, The Rat Pack, Junior Cut Day FUTURE PLANS: College ,p-PQ Michael Shillingsford "Shill" Janice Sliben, 5-11-70, Taurus, i'Knock it off!" FRIENDS: Greg K., Sue E., Tammi B., Mandy P., Kim W., Joanna F., Melissa R. CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Marching Band Front 2-4: Softball 2-3: Track 4: FBLA LIKES: Greg, summer, driving, spending time with friends DISLIKES: Mondays, rainy days, being called "Janet" MEMORIES: Summer of '86, Mrs. Han'is's class FUTURE PLANS: Hairdresser Michael Shillingsford, Z5-14-70, Pisces, "Solid": FRIENDS: Sands, Mizer, GQ, Kev, Bun, Skip Sr Di, "The Bumz", Kelly, Old Pipeline Crew, Sam, Link, 51' M.J. CLUBSfACTlVlTlES: SGA 1,2,4: Soccer 1-4: Wrestling 1,2,4: Baseball 1,2,4 LIKES: Sports, dancing, parties, Getting on, Denver Broncos DISLIKES: Junior year, cool guys, stuck-up girls MEMORIES: Pipeline, Genesis, Bunkbed buddies FUTURE PLANS: College Q? IQ!! ,QI , , vs- Cfaig Shufe Janice Sliben "Shute" Angela Smith, 10-5-70, Libra, "Weet Weer!": "Extra Credit! Extra Credit!" FRIENDS: Merlo, Tish, Davlm, Brandi, Charles, Ban'y, The Crew IHOIJ, Girls Track, 6th pd. Eng. Class, Cheerleaders CLUBSfACTlVITlES: Marching Band 1-2: Track 1-4: For. Lang. 2: NHS 2-4: Class Officer 1, 5-4: SGA 1-4: Miss Black Awareness Pageant, Hop Sr Prom Court, Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader 2-4, Capt. 5-4: Girls State Sr Citizenship: Explorer Post 514 LIKES: Keer-Keer, music, eating, sleeping, big earrings DISLIKES: 'the mile", homework, nasty food MEMORIES: Mrs. Jermyn's 4th pd. fall, being with Charles, Clayton riot, Pres. visit, Mr. FargnoIi's classes 9-11, The Squash getting stuck at G Sr S, Morgie FUTURE PLANS: College Angela Allyn Smith "Angie" Stacey Snodgrass "Stace" 134 Jan Stacey Snodgrass, 2-15-70, Aquarius, "Y0l": FRIENDS: Melissa R., Sean G., Cliff H., Jennifer B., Joanna F., Josie S., Mike A., Janice S., Sam T. CLUBSfACTIVlTIES: Softball 1 4:4Marching Band 1-5: NAHS 3. LIKES: C.T., weekends, good parties, Ray DISLIKES: Preps, stuck-up people, people that don't like me, geeks, getting up in the moming, K.M. MEMORIES: Left field, Pier 1, 1987 Prom Night, Chris M's Birthday party over Ron's FUTURE PLANS: Rutgers Tom E. Souders, 7-28-69, "Word": FRIENDS: Craig, Danny, Terry, Bill W., Bill G., Dom. Charlie, Louie CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: DECA 1 year LIKES: Days off from school DISLIRES: Teachers, going to school MEMORIES: Junior cut day, cutting to go dovlm to the shore FUTURE PLANS: Mechanic N gggg I , y Thomas E. Souders "Skinny Boy T" Josephine Squadrito, 6-4-70, Gemini, "WelI?" FRIENDS: Bridget, Shelli, Dawn, Jody, stacey CLUBSXACTIVITIES: NHS 5-4 LIKES: weekends. the shore, cinnamon-raisin bagels, Mazdas DISLIKES: double labs, driving at night, cole slaw MEMORIES: Sth per. gym class of Junior Year, Bellmawr, Cap'n Cats, Junior prom FUTURE PLANS: College Amy Melissa Sprewell Laurie A. Starkey, 1of29f69, Scorpio, t'What are we doing today?": FRIENDS: Wendy, Peggy, Chris Mc., Kirsten R., Kelly L., Brenda, April, Sue D., Jeanette D., Shelli H. CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1- 4: For. Lang Club 1-2: Softball 1-2: Orchestra 1-5: Concert Band 5-4 LIRES: Relaxing, Weekends, Hanging out with friends DISLIKES: Liver, Rain MEMORIES: Snowball '86, Marching Band Competitions FUTURE PLANS: Special Education Teacher Amy Melissa Sprewell, 2-22- 70, Pisces, "WeIl": FRIENDS: Lynne S., Treena O., Rondavet J., Rochelle R., Mark G., Clifford H., Tyrone M., Quincy W., Donna S., Robin R. CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Black Cultures Club: SGA 1,5: Marching Band 1-5: National Art Honor Society LIRES: getting paid, gold, having fun, shopping DISLIRES: working FUTURE PLANS: College Josephine Squadrito Laurie A, Starkey "Josie" "Laurie" Donna Stout, 6-29-70, Cancer, "Hi sweetie", "Fudge": FRIENDS: Diana P., Utausha, Danny, Treena, Amy, Diane W.. Christa, Chris B., Jim D., Jennifer B., Christine L., Darlene. Stacey CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Softball 1-5: Field hockey 2: Modeling, The Hub LIISES: my car, normal people, my "buddie", study halls, com DISLIRES: Homeroom, fashion statements, homework, snotty people, early momings, lima beans MEMORIES: '85 Soph. Hop, '87 Snowball, '88 Prom, cutting class FUTURE PLANS: Modeling, Acting, or working with the handicapped 1-:F 1 Donna Stout "Crickett" X James Michael Stroyek 'xJamie" Jamie Micheal Stroyek, 5-150- 69, Gemini, "Trust me, l'II be there": FRIENDS: Kim, Victor, Kathy, Andy, Joe, Mark, Andrew, Ed, the Bumz CLUBSXACTIVITIES: Soccer 1- 4: Wrestling 1: Track, polevaulting 2-4: Float Building Committee 1-4 LIRES: making people smile, laughing, good times with fnends DISLIKES: rumors, grumpy people, used cars MEMORIES: Great Adventure, my class FUTURE PLANS: Go to college to own landscapingfnursery business, get married to Kim Though Our Steps Un Life 'S Pathway May Falten 45 .-Ns" Jennae Suiter "Jazzy" Kimberly Ann Toms, 515169, Pisces, "Oh WelI.": FRIENDS: Christa, Tracey, Tracy, Diana, Donna, Treena, Bunny, Mary Jo CLUBSXACTIVITIES: FBLA LIKES: Partying, Being with my boyfriend and friends DISLIKES: Snobby people Jennae Suiter, 8-4-69, Leo, "Don't start me to lying.": FRIENDS: Utausha Elie, Shaun Green, Kelly Polillo, Diane Wood, Kevin Lester, Sam Laspata, Barry Lewis, Bruce Davis CLUBSfACTIVITIES: Class secretary 5-4: Basketball stats 2-4 LIKES: weekends DISLIKES: Not being involved in the action MEMORIES: 9th grade gym class, Hollybush trash cans FUTURE PLANS: College Kimberly Ann Toms ..Kim,, Lenny Valerio, 1-14-70, Capricom: FRIENDS: Benji, Nick's, Bob, Ant's, Bruce, Sloth, Log crew, all girls, rest of the Bumz CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-2,4: Football 1-2: BCB 1-4 LIKES: hats, beds, money, women DISLIKES: Pipeline, old sneakers, wantabees MEMORIES: Log, Potatoe skins, K.B. wfBob, John's House FUTURE PLANS: Attend Yale Univ. Brandi Lynn Taggart, 7-16-70, Cancer, "Wait, I have a questionl": FRIENDS: John, Angie, R.J., Mech, Mike D., Ty, Eric V., Scott F., Kit, Sam, Boris, Skip, Ant, Jamie, Nic, Kristi, The Bumz, ENGLISH CLASS, Hockey girls, friendly people CLUBSfACTIVITIES: Field I-Iockey 2-4: B-ball cheerleader 1-4, Capt. 5: Softball 1-4: Football Stats 5- 4: For. Lang. Club 1-4, Pres. 4: SGA 2-4: Apeiron 4: Snowball Court 2: SCIA Committees: Close-Up 5: NAHS 4 LIKES: Food, sleeping, it 7, Doo DISLIKES: ENDLINE, rumors, Hockey Mile, making Skip late, immaturity, the squash MEMORIES: July '85, Skiing '86, Hop Sr Snowball '86, BK fight, Close-Up, Beat pitman '87, Clayton riot, J.V. softball, GSCS, Mr. FargnoIi's lunchroom FUTURE PLANS: Attend college 2 Scott A. Tumer "Tigger": "Scott La Rock" Nicholas Vasil, 12-20-69, Sagittarius, "Oh wow uncooI": FRIENDS: Lenny, Bobby, Mark's, G.W., Kev, Shill, Sam, R.J., Nic, Benji, Ant's, Diane, Bun and Bug, teachers CLUBSfACTlVITIES: Soccer 1- 4, Capt. 5-4: Baseball 1-4: Winter Track 5: Science Club 2: Homecoming Comm. 1-4: Class Vice Pres. 4: Prom Court: Varsity Club 2-4 LIKES: gold, hats, city, money, soccer, it 1, funness DISLIKES: waiting, light at New Sr Delsea Dr., Pitman, veggies, having nothing to do FUTURE PLANS: College ,wt 5, sv-- Brandi Lynn Taggart "Bran" Scott A. Tumer, 6-5-69, Gemini: FRIENDS: Lisa C., Eric V., Mark E., Bruce D., David R., Bunny M., Craig S., Jeff G., Stacey K., Sonya C. CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Black Cultures Club 1-4: For. Lang. Club 5-4: Varsity Club 1-4: Football 1-4: Wrestling 1-15: Track Sr Field 1- 4 LIKES: Pretty Women, parties, the beach, Juniors going to Senior parties DISLIKES: Homework, getting up in the moming MEMORIES: Freshman Football FUTURE PLANS: College and Make money. N 'lf Lorenzo Valerio Nicholas J. Vasil "Lenny" "Skip"7 "SChu" And Our Adventures May Hot Tum Out So Great' We Will Ever Strive To Bring Honor, -1+ Kristi Lee Vasile "Kris" Kathleen Ann Von Holtz, 1-23- 7O, Aquarius, "ah-Baguanga!" FRIENDS: Di, Lin, Bob, Debs, Bun, Tracy, KK, Denise, Mech, Jill, Mike's, Michele, Joe, Jamie, K.J., English Class, Lisa CLUBSXACTIVITIES: NHS 2-4, Ex. Comm. 2, V. Pres. 4: SGA 1-4: Class Treas. 2: Field Hockey 1-4: Softball 1-3 Vz: HOBY 2: Close-Up 2-5: Concert and Marching Band 1: Fresh B-Ball Mrg. 1: Varsity club 2-4: SJYC 5-4: Snowball and Homecoming Chairperson 5-4: Hop Comm: Yearbook 4 LIKES: Craziness, travel, driving, fun, being with friends DISLIKES: Jr. year, waiting, decisions, people not calling when they say they will MEMORIES: my party, fight at BK, Jr. Cut Day QGAJ, SB's, France, Germany, slumber parties, Hop '86, Kristi ratting FUTUTRE PLANS: College and marry rich Q Chalette Renee Washington "Let" I Kristi Lee Vasile, 10-10-69, Libra, "Oh that's grossI": FRIENDS: Lisa, Diane, Amy, Linda, Brandi, MaryJo M., Nic, Mike CLUBSfACTlVITIES: Cheerleading 1-5: SGA 1-5: SADD 4: FBLA 4: Hop, Prom Sr Homecoming Court: The Hub 4 LIKES: Nic, ballet, hugs, love songs, clothes, surprises, being "myself" DISLIKES: dirty looks, fake friends, Iles, broken hearts, whispering MEMORIES: Walks in the park, Jan. 6, freshman year, my house -after the Hop FUTURE PLANS: Dancing career, college, ovm a pink car fm Kathleen Ann Von l'IoItz "Kath": "Von" Chalette Renee Washington, 4-25-70, Taurus, "I wish y'aIl be quiet!": FRIENDS: Audrey, Derek, Angie, Marlo, Rochelle, Phyllis, Sonya, Chris CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Orchestra 1: Cross Country 1-4: Winter Track 1-4: Track and Field 1- 4: Hub 4 LIKES: Graduating and never having to come back here again, pretzels DISLIKES: school lunches and prices, being told something that I already know MEMORIES: When we had a track meet against Delsea, Liz Garret, Tracy Devlin and I each tripled events because we were losing . . . and we still lost. FUTURE PLANS: to go to college and be a TV news commentator 137 Eric Vignola, 12-16-69, Sagitarius, "Dude Man": FRIENDS: Bill C., Jeff G., Hai Son, Joe P., Chris L., Dom C., Sam L., Treena, Christa, Diane C., June C., Scott T. CLUBSfACTlVlTIES: Wrestling 5-4: Spring Track 2: Cross Country 2-5: Football 1-4, Baseball 4: Prom Court LIKES: parties, chillin' with the boys, summer school DISLIKES: getting up in the morning for school Sr practice MEMORIES: The back stabbers, going out wfthe boys, Fresh. football FUTURE PLANS: To make a lot of money, then get a house in the mountains with dogs Gt horses Kelly Wan'ick "Kel": "Walt": "Old Man" Bill Waters, 5-9-70, Taurus, "What the FuFu?": FRIENDS: A.J., A.M., A.Z., D.R., C.A., T.S., C.H., ED CLUBSf ACTIVITIES: Science Club 1-4: Football 1 LIKES: everything, everybody DISLIKES: dead parties MEMORIES: Day after Jr. Cut Day, Edwin's party FUTURE PLANS: College Eric Vignola "Vee" Kelly Warrick, 12-17-69, Sagittarius, "Mallaka yamota, kuofalIa!": FRIENDS: Bum City Bumz, Steve P., Jackie R., John D., R.J.M., Mechelle Z., Jill J., Alyson P., Sharon C. CLUBSfACTIVITIES: SGA 1-4, Vice-Pres. 4: NHS 2-5: Basketball 1: Baseball 1,2-4: Science Club 1-2: For. Lang. Club 2: Hop Court: Prom Court: Close-Up 5 LIKES: Sleeping, parties, work, Class of '88 DISLIKES: rumors, liars, rainy days, schoolwork MEMORIES: Pier One, The Log, D.C., Sr. Trip, Summer '87, Class of '88 FUTURE PLANS: College i Iii Bill Waters "Fat Boy" Kimberly Wescott, 12-28-69, Capricom, i'You're such a nerdl": FRIENDS: Karen, Collin, Janice, Tina, Jeff, RTR, Sheila, Jen, Kim, M.D., G.D., B.H., D.W., Junior and Senior classes CLUBS!ACTlVlTIES: Marching Band 1-4, Front Capt. 4: NAHS 2-4, Treas. 5-4: Orchestra 1 LIKES: driving, Marching Band, Senior and Junior classes DISLIKES: Snobs, stop lights, fake people, liars, BSCS MEMORIES: M. Band, Tony D., EIIie's party, C1.A., Jr. Year, W.W.-3-15-87, Mr. Watson FUTURE PLANS: Photography, get married . Q ' 3, . A J, ,Q In V Q M fi ,X x , . 'J il, : Y ,C Diane Marie Wood "Sweetie" Mechelle Ziegler, 5-10-70, Taun.xs, "Are you serious?": FRIENDS: Kathy, Bran, Carla, Kelly, Kim, John, RJ, Hockey girls, Deb's, Scott, Mike, Bob, Nance, Collin, English Class, everyone else CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 2-4: Basketball 1-4: Softball 1-4: Snowball Princess 5: Prom Court: SGA 5-4, Sec. 4: SADD 4: RYLA: Girls Citizenship: Close-up 5: Homecoming Court LIKES: being w!friends, sports, laughing DISLIKES: hockey mile, bugs, socks, homework MEMORIES: Close- up, Tri-County Champs, Snowball '87, hockey camp, basketball bus stuck in mud FUTURE PLANS: College 'N Kimberly A. Wescott "Kim" Diane Wood, 5-4-70, Pisces, "Hey Baby": FRIENDS: Heather, Lily, Chrissy, Emily, Donna, Jennae, Trina CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: NAHS 2-4 LIKES: eating, corvettes, money DISLIKES: fake people, being told something I already know MEMORIES: When Heather fell on her face in gym FUTURE PLANS: work and get married Tyrone S. Williams "T-Bone" Asif Zaman, 4-22-69, Taurus, "Why didn't you call me?": FRIENDS: Ahmed, If, Bill, Eric, Shiva, Ed, Mark CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Science Club 1-4: Soccer 1: Key Club 3 LIKES: Girls, parties, being w!friends, going out DISLIKES: being left out, jocks, snobs, lateness MEMORIES: nights on S, Street, Rich's party, 85-86 New Year FUTURE PLANS: College 15, Q 1:94 Mechelle Dawn Ziegler "Mech" -S William Zycinsky 'iBiII" To The Class Of Eighty-Eight Tyrone S. Williams, 5-5-69, Pisces, "Hey Baby!" FRIENDS: Brestly, Ricky, Footsie, Kev, Mark, Brandi, Barry CLUBS! ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1-2, Football 1-2 LIKES: being loved, money, women, Madonnas DISLIKES: ugly girls, tomatoes, wrinkled 520 bills MEMORIES: Freshmen year football, watching Brucie get left at the Prom, Prom '87 FUTURE PLANS: Join the Marines Asif Zaman "DlPU" Bill Zycinsky, 4-15-70, Aries, "I'm sick of it.": FRIENDS: T.J., Chris, Stacey, Christine, Nick, Daren, Eric, Sr John CLUBS!ACTIVlTlES: Science Club 1-4: Wrestling 2-4: Golf 1-4: Breakfast Club 5-4: Disciplinary Probation 1-4: Cross Country 1: Indoor Track 1 LIKES: Parties, heavy metal, hops, Stacey DISLIKES: rap music, being told what to do MEMORIES: Great Adventure, "the box" FUTURE PLANS: College Dori Baumler Valerie Cope Michael DeGam1o Althea Gaines Cliff Hampton Michael Hewitt John Jester Barry Lewis Joseph Lockhart Jose Ortiz Chommany Sengvoravong Rasamy Sengvoravong Wilmer Seright Scott Shaw Chris Thompson il'lot Picturedi School Day Memories As we reach out our hand, The diploma we grasp, While we think of the memories of the years in the past. Tears fill our eyes, Because it's all gone: We're starting a new life, We have to move on. We hope friends will keep in touch, As the years pass us by: Although it huns inside, We'll try not to cry. We think of kindergarten And of our first da How we ve reached the end We are going away How do you say good bye To friends who mean so much? Will there be time To sincerely keep in touch? You ll always have the memories Of your school years from day one Don t think of school as ending Think a new life has begun' Now the end has corne, the time has passed, And as we think of days gone by We'1I each one say in a mournlizl way, Dear Alma Mater, Goodbye. 139 F 7 2 0, Through four long years we ve loved her Our Alma Mater dear And as memones come we ll thunk of her As a loved one always near Wlthln her sheltenng portals We ve found fnends both tned and true And we know dear Alma Mater That the best has come through you Whenever we re sad and lonely Stralght to you our thoughts wlll fly And we ll be cheered by happy memorles Many are the joys and the sorrows That we each have encountered here But we would trade not joy for the sorrow For they brought us some fnendshlps so dear To our teachers we owe the credlt Of lessons leamed noble and grand And ln all of our llfe s hard problems For the nght we w1ll always stand Though our steps on Llfe s pathway may falter And our adventures may not tum out so great We wlll ever stnve to bnng honor To the Class of Elghty Elght Now the end has come the tlme has passed And as we think of the days gone by Well each one say ln a moumful way Dear Alma Mater Good Bye Dons A Otterson A '-2. -hi can . 2 1 M 132' - + P ?'. . . . Of the days at Glassboro High. ' I 1 ' 0 sl..' -3315? I 0 i no Final Tribute To Some ' Spectral Fnends I f' Gregory Baxter Greg was a gentle and sweet young man who always had a smrle for everyone Hrs cheerfulness bnghtened the days of many people famrly frrends and teachers alrke Suffenng from a lrfelong battle wrth hemophrlra Greg was taken from us tragrcally durrng ourjunror year Through hrs hrgh school years Greg was hosprtalrzed a number of trmes but he never let thrs rmposrtron affect the way he treated others Untrl the end he remarned a lrght sprrrted and fnendly young man a true frrend to all of us Though he rs no longer physrcally wrth us hrs sprnt remams rn the heart of everyone he touched Davrd Macllvarne Davrd was a specral fnend to many members of the Class of H 1988 Hrs passrng shortly before our first year rn hrgh school left many of us saddened because we knew we would never agarn see hrs smrlrng face 4' " lf he were wrth us today Davrd would probably strll be an actrve part of our school Hrs love of baseball was a specral part W of hrs lrfe and he was an exemplary team player M ,Q He was truly a unrque person whose sprnt never drmrnrshed rn ' the face of hrs rllness Davrd s courageousness was admrred by ff ' f 'nd everyone who knew hrm and hrs example of lrvrng or today rs an fi X 22744 rnsprratron to all of us Debbre Messrna She was a young grrl rn her pnme krnd canng and most of all our frrend Debbre Messrna s lrfe was taken suddenly rn an automobrle accrdent durrng our sophomore year Ho one can completely state the loss we all suffered as her peers and as her schoolmates lt rs somethrng a role or a place rn our lrves that no one could ever fill or play to replace Debbre Yet we ll carry on and always cherrsh the memones of the moments we shared rn school and rn our socral lrves Debbre lrvened our days and filled our weekends wrth laughter Then suddenly she was gone A precrous lrfe filled wrth love dreams and ambrtrons was lost to carelessness The days and years may go by and the sorrow may gradually pass yet the emptrness that srngle hollow place vvrthrn us vvrll always remarn ' C O . Q l V r . ,. ' I I ' , . ' u . , J, , . . . . , I ' - ,ii K 1 . . . I . . . . C 4 V - I Q l ' To rsrc s - " fr G 0 c C . . , . . . 3 ' E, - f r , . ' . . . I ll a -I ' 9 ' , , -L ' Nw- ' -- ' . ' ' T r . ' - - 'sw' I mf- . A. ,Zin t,.,, 1 . ' . . . . . . A Qi H333 ff ji, - , , , ' . -ri ff rs, L. f , ff ilw - . ' 10" V w. , -tr 'ff ' 'rr'f at r . . . - . I I , . s nv . ' . ' - . I l I I - . . w , . I ' . I I . , I 2 viz Z' I . - ' - 2, 2 an 45. I ,lf X , ,f 4. , 3 Z 2:4 '4 - - 7' ' ' . N I N E T E E N I-: . I I I MV ADVERTISEMENTS F W "The Carter Orgcmizoiion is my choice. Make lfyoug-5 ofThePl1ulodelph1o Flyers SABLE GS PU 0 RSE!-F IN 'I' DR! ER S SEAT 1-ff" Nab! A U CUUGAR LS NIERCUHY lhe shape you want to be m CA ER Lincoln Mercury 143 Glassboro High "The Home Cf Champions ' ' WILLIAM L. DALTON AGENCY "Eve1ything In Insurance" 206 West High St. Glassboro, New Jersey 881-2862 'I44 GLOUOESTER COUNTY GC FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 F LOAN ASSOCIATION nk NOW ACCOUNTS INSURED SA VINGS MORTGAGE LOANS f 881 3900 589 1200 589 6600 728 2900 Compllm ents Of A Fnend WALTER MARSHALL JR Attorney At Law ESTABLISHED OVER B0 YEARS I i' l 4 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU COLLEGETOWN SHOPPING CENTER GLASSBORO EGG HARBOR G GREEN TREE FIO. WASHINGTON TWNSHP. O O o ' I ESTABLISHEDS NCE Sade Bakery ALL BAKING DONE ON PREMISES 'iarcaz 644644 guna and Pawn J 08028 Congratulatlons From FORD YCE PLUMBING Sf Llc 2045 881 5554 Congratulations From MATHI S FUNERAL HOME Glassboro PI J 881 6 766 ' Q 1946 BN West High Street G sboro, N 609-881-6644 1 0 o To The CIHSS Of 88 ANTHONY M. BRIDA, INC. NATIONWIDE SERVICE VANS I FLATS 0 REEFERS I - .mcx Bowen 6097 931-88 J' A-if ll Automotive figiilqgllili, DELSFA DRIVE AND MAIN STREET GLASBBORO NEW JERSEY XHPLETE LINE OF DOHES TIC INDUSTRIAL FOREIGN CAR AND HIGH PERFORMANCE PARTS OWENS ILLINOIS P1 t 68 Glassbo o Pos! OH ce Box 220 Glassbo o NJ 08028 Co g atulat ons To Th Yea s G ad ales Beaut1uISlk Trees Bushes Hang ng Plan S Floral Arrangements 8. Chr stmas Ornaments Made to Oroer Yor Your Home Offuce or Bus ness Sherry Schuck Designer 16091881 1143 S4644 Eze fi ireeie L .I Ae , qglib ANGELO S DIIYER 26 N Mam St Glassboro P1 J K 'M' O Q21--: Q' - i : I :Q--Qu Q :N A . z""lE,2,l . . -- 1 'I G l . W ,rf ' x I A Way 1 . . , . Paints - Hardware I Indusmal Supplies I ' I I 1 I ' I , X D 1 'j L5 ' ,, , -' , 6- og V V ' Sa " - 7 ' I N 0 ll! ,I Q ,- Q -I A 2 S' I l 0 , . . 147 40 "-215 15,1125 Proms Weddings Funerals and other occasions 1705 Broad ay Putman NJ Merritt s HOUSE OF FLOWERS 539 4172 ,-5 We are happy to take care of all your flower needs J T ABBOTT 8: SON Inc Phone 8814515 135 EAST HIGH STREET P O BOX 249 GLASSBORO NJ 08028 We Hope All Your Dreams Come True ff I G' SCH SSW L R I00 -E 4' 1988 YEARBOOK STAFF TELEPHONE C6093 881 2752 Cattell Jewelers DIAMONDS WATCHES CLOCKS REPAIRINCI AND ENCIRAVINC1 55 MAIN STREET MEMBER OF GLASSBORO GLASSBORO N J 08028 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE VIDEO SALES RENTALS MOVIES .5 MACHINES VHS :SI BETA VHSIBETA Movie NI 881 3990 1299B N DELSEA DRIVE GLASSBORO NJ 08028 Next to Buy Flute Lumber Corsages Our SDSCIEIIIY DOROTHY S FLOWER SHOP 55 NORTH MAIN STREET GLASSBOQO N I BSI 5905 America Needs A Chance And It s Up To You To Do It SUPERSUBPIZZERIA CIIEISSDOYO 881 4412 Emo s Barber Shop 323A W Hugh St 881 9818 Cm? marone home care pharmacy 10 e nigh street glassboro H1 08028 Home Meducal Equipment Oxygen Therapy Orthoses SaIesIRentaIs Delivery 81 Set up Accredrted Fltter 46095 881 5121 'lib lgrf a 4 .xdufo Su f 9 PP? Mon Fr18OO7OO Sat 800400 12 WEST HIGH STREET GLASSBORO NEW JERSEY 08028 Sun 9001100 Flowers For A11 Occasions 881 4444 Erwin? I, , I ' 2 L 148 Joe's Sub Shop 9E rngnsr 11sWb:," Compllments Of The FOR LANGUAGE CLUB 881 8833 0 FY of 88 Collegetovvn Shopping Center Glassboro NJ 08028 48095 589 5230 BA NDI TS ODD LOTS MlDLANno 881 7480 B BILL CIOFFI SON AND DAUGHTER CEMENT CONTRACTORS Glassboro New Jersey 881 6828 Congratulations Dlane And Class Of 88 es i t. ' lass ro,NJ ' Q " uali in every Bite" Good L ck I HOUS Class H ,, Sfauonafv Mldlantlc National BanklSouth 9 N lt' T y T I G'fts C11 b H.J'. fAcrossF mThe ankk I Jaya Qhw- . had - V gg LJUALQIIC ling: Jill lIlU1!1rir1U Il I ll lliitvt ABA! Lil: :itll lhithlr I 1 11 s 1 ll 1 Il- 'C - 1 Lu- - - - Q- I ' . .- I 4 :Surg-F , ' ' , ' - i i Ull' I1 IISI 11 I 1 -I1-I Il IQITII-11111-I WI Ili? 1'1lC1 21111 lull! QQ-I-11--I 1111!-11-11 I1 Qi'YH I!! lQDI1iCl1'l 1111 l--l1IQS11-1-Y'l- Q11-iill. 'IF Q ... ll ll T - 1 -' ' , T QQYSQAQ Q3 To Our Semors Kathleen Babb Jennlfer Bowers Nlcholas Bradley Cnna D1Raddo Jlm Erhart Wendy Fordyce Audrey Fox Duane Garwood Clifford Hampton Jlll Jackson Knstlne Jansen Coleen Kelly John Lewls Damm McCormick Enc Osler Steven Powell Rochelle Reed Rene Schuck Kxm Shenfvood Cralg Shute Janlce Sllben Laurie Starkey Klm Wescott Q GLASSBOR0 3 M MUSIC Q BoosTERs ' ' Q I 'll -a ' s I K Q A bum .K tr 97- ,4.-.-7 X, I ,032 il .1 1 .. 'tx . -7 ' x 5 fl ' .V X ' -: ' 3 -Q ':. 'T 150 THE STUDENT GOVERIYMEIY T ASSOCIATION fd'-HX-3 WISHCS T 0 ix Congratulate The Graduatmg Class Of V v 1?rExs I?.J'SP1fx3gnhear L' 1?rExs 1YUhdkTI4asu1 '7Y1zas: l3Lu111y'1Yhaz2n2cJ t5ex: 1VR2c11edUf:.ZHe3g1en' AdV1S01' Mr Folker . 4 l A . f T 1988 X 151 993 FREE PERSONAL EXTENDED HOURS CHECKING Lobby Drive ln wrth only S100 mrnrmum Mon thru Wed 8 30 8 monthly balance Thurs 8. Fn 8 30 8 Saturday 8 30 6 Cherry Hull Berlin Glassboro Glou ,ester Twp Marlton Medford Moorestown Washington T vp Coming Kings Hwy Cherry Hull Woodbury Mt Holly merce ank Member FDIC ' ' ' . . 9-5 2 . '. 9-8 I - 751-9000 94 I ' ...- ....-W . A FIRM FOUNDATION COOPERATIVE MAREETING EDUCATION! Best wishes for success Class of '88. EDUCATION K BUSINESS A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL STORE SfCI'I7S FROM YOUR SUPPORT' Thank you Class of 1988 1 . 63:22 :ot , ca eveloping Future Leaders for Marketing and Management Rf T !LdWMW Agfvxx! QYXVN fy fy riff, iff LV' CL! Am 91 fi L fwawfvmff W M W fvjl' P 'WQPW 7 I M fy Q Wfw WM W XJ QU dixnfev KYEFN xW2WgvmQwM M Y my MW gsjyjfjfim fHL k W P5 C: wb M 4 Ce fd Q wgygw W 1 241331 A W fffwc l M456 if .1 f7 Q N KJ' Q kwa W VFW 4 Ulvefaf J WGN -C jgcf W me fa JN f W Y L b Sf O A ff - If X 1 5 -If - J ' ' M U54 - - fi Q .1 jk 'Z 311134351 W, 'R I r A A pq 4 y ,I 'Hf f U 1 JW f pg I' ' 2UZ'JlyU, IU ,Ji 2, I! 1 Q5-mv! J, ' 1, ,fx " ,Q ,Mrs f 345,15 17? -ii, 7 Pd I .U VCALL, .dxvgxi ' F ' vfbiocbif 1 W M 4 W ,, df GJ . A 'fx' I' U ' 4 ' , jg I -1 v K UA r CHL, . J PS' yy QL! 3 fv ' ,rl 0 V7 71 N Q ia. Vi? w I -U. ,- - :L I E' 25' em V Fl , W W 5 LTIID D U ! CQ Jin I Ai, BY: N, N41 ,La V wb L -J ,IQ V W., 5 ,4 of is . Zlwlfy KF gixkkx ,gf ly I F V656 My jjjg IM- ,Q QQ . , V Nw ff NL VQMIWQ IQ - y . f Sf M" D' Y L W vyf' . NJN j' l'l,J':iyP QL 1 if X! X ,A 2 ' uffn' Q? Cf, K KF! Q, , F . WQWANX 014 ,A I + J V " ff, gf I Ifff. H . ,K 1 X 1 , K 57 j . V 0 'Q 4 - Lf LQQQ fl J 'W J V3 A f J jfg be . I A .livcqwfpw A Zigi 4 QV. X, , VJ , , c ,U . V j QA, 'I O 6,13 yr I 1. 5 '17 7 0 +i5bUf-gl A W9 'gif 'LM bt Zigi! 1 jkw ul LIP' CHN 'yjx ' 'HQ "QE M'f1! gg. ' X " - iv 5 9 V0 mf X ,JQJ . ff QL lb 'yy ji l v Lui ' I L " U 01 I If U X QF X 0 5 an , 'Dpi I , L Q b 1' ' M ' J T iff Y- Q3 f fulffffgnyl ff!! 'nbxfx 4 V X X JV ' ' vi! E fl fj U ' 'N A , I :Q Q51 If , R30 , - l Ly QVKJ h O Xiu! faux X Q Quyxvifj X041-f,,o CKNME n 'wfw 5 Doug' .JK 1 AIX, X C301 Qpvlau, 5 Semor Messages Steve Powell Congratulations continued success health and happl ness ln the future You made us all proud of you Love Mom Dad and Famlly KTISU Vaslle lt goes wlthout saylng you have all our love our sup port and our prayers today and always You ve dared to be dnfferent to stand up for your bellefs and we re very proud of you You have a whole new world waltlng for you Enjoy each new day and know you are very special We love you Mom and Dad lrlendl and Taml KEVIN Jenkins Congratulatlonsl For a Job well done Plow on to college and the rest ofyour llfe Love Your Famlly Michele Krauss Congratulatlonsl Do not for get your second wmd Love Mom Dad Andrea Davld and Valene Ed Kortonlck Congratulations Ed on your Cnraduatlon From your very proud famlly Love Mom Dad and lielle a-1 I "9 2 -at f iii' I XJ .51 Q1 I f Jmim IX Wendy Fordyce Congratulations' You re a very speclal gurl Wendy and have brought much joy to our llves We love you and are very proud of you Your lnfe lsjust beglnnlng May all your dreams come true Love always Mom and Dad Andy Jones Best wlshes for the future We hope your dreams come true Love Mom Dad Rlchle and Kenny Nncolle Puten Your Dad would have been as proud of you as l am You have my smcerest wlshes for a future of happmess health and success Love always Mom Darren Chandler You are really SLICKY We are proud of you and love you very much Cuood Luck Love Mom and Dad Andrew May College No Cureat ' Remembrances Are Truly Specnal As always our love to you Your Famlly I 1 - I if u 1 1 . 1 ? -i K 5 . I , sy: L .. -gi I r,'. gg . . . . . ' . . ' 'lffi l , Z. Fe ll! fc x .a- 'LJ ' . - ' .ll S5 'T' ' . 0 . ' ' ' 'I - - ' ' r f I 1 ' ' ll ' H - H Dear Plicolle, . . I .. I 7 . . A ml? A 1 ' Q I ef .. Y A ' ' ' ' 1, :ffl 'V f 7 , ' ,xg 3 'l " . 'R U- V 6 ,, 'I 151 , RLQFQ . . , ' m I", N. . ' . , J. ' . Qr f ll - . . 'fi i . -gj L 155 Senior Messages Kathy vanrloltz enthusiasm life can only get ,, : 4157, better. You have given us much joy. Good luck in col- lege and have fun. Love Mom, Dad, Phil and Buttons. if ff: ' f Q ii M M With all of ,your energy and Q? if LQ ' .3 rfb' " Laurie Ann Starkey Good Luck in your future en deavors Love Mom Dad Chris and Kenny Mike Stacey Snodgrass Congratulations you ve done well this far look to the future l know it ll be good to you and you to it My pride and love always Mom Lisa Hoffman Roses are red Violets are Blue Best ofLuck our Little Lou Love Mom Dad Don na and Diane Anthony D1Rienzo Best wishes to you always We love you very much and are proud of you Go Class of 88 Love Dad Mom Phil Pat and Grandmom Denise Remek Words cannot describe the pride we have in you You re the type of child couples dream of raising Congratula tions We love you very much Mom and Dad for T5 ref Q xi 9 Ss Jim Erhart Dear Jim, Knowledge: l'The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of won- der." Mom and Dad. Sonya Nathan Congratulations to a beauti ful daughter and grand daughter on your graduation Always remember to take time to think lt is the source of power Take time to pray its the Greatest Power on Earth Love you Daddy Planna and Big Momma Diane Cioffi Congratulations We are proud ofall your accomplish ments Good Luck with your future plans We love you Dad Mom Joanne Renee Billy Caroline and June Bunny Mazzeo Congratulations Bunny We re proud of you Love Dad Mom Joe and Brett Craig Shute You have always pleased us chosen and the decisions you have made We know whatever you decide in your future will continue to make us proud Love Mom Dad and Brian i J , - . . i . I 1 Z - ' . it W ' .. Z, ' f - - ' , ' ' ' xx f , , ' , , ' fi- 1 ' , ' . 1 L-wr f , , X 44 C X A , .X ' l Dear Denise, , -71253 -rg with the friends you have - 135' ifryl 5' X . . , , , jr' - , H? f ' . - -115.79 1-5 . . 11-,j--bac M1 . . . - ' ' . . - . ' 156 f5EH71C2I'1yfEESEH3S1EiS Shelll Hannum Congratulatlonsl We re so proud of you Happmess and success ln everythmg you do Love Mom and Frank Klm Rossi Klmmle To a great wonderful beautlful daughter all the best llfe has to offer We all love you very much Love Suzanne Dad Mllle Marc and Shern Mark Johnson Congratulatlonsl You ve proved to us that you have the Rlght Stuff through Good luck wlth your future plans The three of us are very proud of you God bless you Love Mom Dad and Stephen Duane Ganuood Congratulatlonsl You ve made us very proud of your years IH school We love you Duane and we wlsh you the best of everythmg ln the fu ture Make your future greatl Love always Mom Dad Greg and Llnda 5 K5 ffl!! fm'-as N-X, I 0K :rf Q12 Rene Schuck We are so proud of all that you ve become May your lrfe always be as happy as you have made ours Congratula tlons and lots of love to one terrlflc daughter Mom Dad and Darren Ed Barton Congratulations Eddy we love you Mom and Dad Trlna Coraluzzo Congratulatlons from all of us We wlsh you happlness and success Your Famlly Mom and Dad Congratulatlons We are proud of you Love Mom Dad and Karen MaryJo Movseslan Good thlngs come ln small packages and you are llvlng proof Love Mom 0 ' Y' 'fufilr rr- :V I W - , saefrfss . ' - . A Q. N L , . I I xxx f f-jjj I , e ll ,L.'.:L'g: I .. . ,, a fl , lv as ' l se ' soccer and the l-lonor Roll. il M Debbie Johnsgn . l . UI ine - h . Q I , . -dis . ,QQ , . gi - K-Fei' . . ' A A R! - f I N: 1 1' . , . 'N I Hxtlilr . vg 1 X . . -I M' - if 2 WJ 'i .. E at -N ll -2 ST El A -'fr-rf-in 15' O Semor Messages . 72225. Jackie Rogers Stephanie Roth Con ratulations Jack! You have f f rstgv To the"editor"-we think this is the Q ,J ,IH grown into a fine young man and 3.j:iQE-if- best yearbook ever! We're so proud made us proud ofyou. We wish you 1' f of you and wish you all the best in much success and happiness. We your future plans. Love, Mom, Dad, love you. Mom, Dad, Mark and ,S A and Stevie. my 1- ggi:-" Patches. yi 1: :ff X ! X X Jackie Rogers Q 5 Congratulations! You have always X X qs' lreena Owler I made me proud of you. I Love You. V ,if Ou V2 Come a Ong Way baby' s J- Oh baby, look at you now. - gra u I n , swee ie. Grandmom Q, Q Con t lat'o s t' Q. You're on your way. Love ya, Sis. 2 6, 0 J Treena owler . . Q3 S You've made us proud in more Heather mrkbnde . . f' ways than one. Keep your head Heather, congratulations on this r . h da We Wish OU all the luck 4 high and reach for the sky. You can .appy y' y S do whatever your heart desires. m the Wqrld' Love' Mom and Dad' fl Love Mother and James- Mom and and Family. llv, If Dad ' ' ,cg .. ig "I F- " . IQ 1 -' -2 A: 4 Steph and Rene Q I 'A Mechelle Ziegler You guys are the best friends ever. i H 5354 of luck. You really made Us Thanks for always being there , proud' Dad and Mom through both the good and bad , -P' t times. I love you guys!! Diane 2? 9 , Q1 ' 1 . 158 , ' IBLHRCZETKIKDHKY Now that 've gradualeggluoni your friends Luke us Allllln BURGER KING f l l I I 410 N. Delsea Dr. Glassboro, N.J. 1 G H S PATRONS Mr and Mrs R Wesley Holmes Good Luck Senlors Congratulatlons Heather Love Mom Dad and the rest of your famnly Vldeo Plaza Buy Rlte Plaza Wllll3lT1StOWl'l Mr and Mrs Rocco ROSSI Jessle M Glover S Blew 5rd Norma Maculewlcz The Flrths Albert and Barbara Huffman Mrs C Rogers Congratulatlons and the best of luck to the Class of 1988 The Schuck Famlly Mr and Mrs Charles Dlck Bonnle O Dnscoll Good Luck Bndget and the class of 88 Mr and Mrs Pete Camlno Carla and Carol To Apnl Harper Another fine year Love Mom and Dad Congratulations Rlchard and Gall Suplee Best Wlshes Dennls and Marsh Lloyd Best of Luck' Class of 88 The D1Claud1o Famlly Congratulations Stephanie and the Class of 88' The Roth Family Speclal Thanks To Speclal Thanks go to the Faculty and Admlnlstratlon of G H S The Studlo Josten s Pubhshlng and Terry McGovern Mrs Hllda Murray and Mlss Lynn Provost O O O Good Luck Seniors, from Mr. and Mrs. David ' I 160 muff 'If' ipsxlkvngqf H fiiiweihsmw-u...Jbv H... 'Pu X H

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