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E . 1 . H r A r 3 7986 MAHOON AND GOLD OLASSBORO HIGH SCHOOL OLASSBORO, NEW JERSE Y INTRODUCTION .... ..... 4 FACULTY ...... .... 7 6 SPORTS ...... .... 3 2 ACTIVITIES , . . . . . . 52 CLASSES . . . . . . . 72 SENIOF?S .... .... 9 2 A LETTER TO A FRIEND OE ELEVEN YEARS Dear Friend: The high school faculty voted to dedicate the 1986 Maroon and Gold to Mr. Roy Holland, an individual who has implemented, directed, and enforced the educational policies of the Board of Education for the past 11 years as principal of G. H. S. We want you to know that for over a decade, we feel you have been a successful leader. You have encouraged your staff to excell. You instilled in GHS students that there is a limit to their achievement, but none to their attempt. We don't want to tell you what you have done for eleven years! Why say - You took us through Middle States, you refined our grading policy or that you enforced our disciplinary code to the "letter",' because to you, it was the only way to get the job done. A job that you took pride in doing, a job that was executed with a genuine concern for all involved. One simply need to "look at GHS" and know that doing your years of service you made us realize that the surest way to fail is to be determine to succeed - to master that preeminent road to success. As you leave your family of students, teachers and parents, we want you to know we appreciate the time, accomplishments and efforts you expended upon us. We realize that one of your secrets of success was your constancy to purpose. You frequently said, "someone must be the heavy," and in so doing taught us to accept respnsibility for our failures as well as for our successes. We will miss that someone-that person who had an opened-door policy, that person who at times had to say 'no', but ten minutes later could greet you with a smile. Your 11 years will become a challenge to us. A challenge to continue to uphold and improve the educational enrichments you gave us. A challenge to always think positive and to plan ahead! As you retire, leave us knowing: you have given us the formula for success in enriching the minds of our youth, and that you have our appreciation for the service you rendered as you so amicably fulfilled the job of principal of Glassboro High School from 1975 to the present. Adieu, The GHS Family 'i A X i v. X FF?lENDSHlP! Friendship is the greatest gift bestowed upon us, next to Life itself A ASSBHSBORQ 90 ,Af wk 5 .ar ..,, M4 --.. lt is something that must be nurtured and cared for. w A X 'S t W i it V W X41 i-,!.w? 14-5 ' 3 N ,qw 5.-gg ' A . ' A ?f. fC ' Q A 1 .. A A Q 1 inf, iw Yi- fa.-'BM fn K 4-w-.w.--,r,- . - .-f-1 U 'f' '.'.gw'n5 I ' ' -, I. "W K' - - 1 mf: "' 3 1 iw'Y " .1-Q 'F' 1 Lv-"5 -n,-v ,ww w .Y x . ' " . . 1- '- . M p... -, ' ' 174.1-n.1.-P. W' : -, .,.:..::.,f' ' ' ' ' - - ,W-..mLa'f':? .1 2122.-J' cpl,-gz M. - ::'i:.,. 1, ,511 .f- 3 , , ,- WV- . .. 1:J,,.. V. a, ' . .. ,gsm-...-f.Qz1r.'-rf-gr:e.x..s,b -1- iszggg -V .1,,,..... 1 his 1- I For when all else is stripped from us, when we Hnally stand face-to-face with realltyg M There still stands e friend if NP- -. if 1 Ox then. , A . , T 4 -H11 .1-efiiill, Iii 'k i W. fr., - Q ' 1 N ' When we fear our unknown paths of Destiny, we can rely on our friends to helo us overcome our fear of the Dark. 8 'WA i A .1 x ,lm I 'la P L LA. i 1 M ' ' -. rfzrgv.-. 'Ts -X 9 . f-'V La xkwr '-.-w- ,1 4 , .1.,.'- X-X 1 4 ' f -- r N . U '44, Sig. , .L W if m L . L H . . 1 sig' 3 gf' K MS. aw 1 315231 'Z 5 r f ,,, .. fan-.,.., ,fs wie rgv 'IO A friend is someone with whom we can walk the rocky paths as well as the smooth. xii 5 M .M 4 . if 'Q W X. I 1 n .M f U When the pains and defeats of life seem too much, friends make iz' worth the nght. A Friend is someone who will walk with us hand-in- 5 hand through the shadowed valley of doubt. A ,,. L i7f:,Vi" ', 5 - ' j32 5ff?f5f .1321 ' w g" Fig .Mit-Mgfws h 5219? 153355422 "XX, g I A15 5 .' f .jwpigx E ,,-, " --.-hi, ' h o f.1: , o , H ' t "VM .. xii d I iilsi d ' A, ., ,A A h MI. Someone who will stand by us, and respect us for who we are,' not what we seem to be. E Aff Vi Lin' px A W:-1-L SN' , B- ..' , i ., 'X W 'C 14 When night descends upon us, end shrouds us, e friend will dare to lift the veil end show us the light. rw- j Q, gm .5554 521 I . . . X ,ggiwsrsg .N 6 , A vu When we are blind a friend wiil give us sight. Friends are iife, and friendshipg the food that feeds the soui 1" - T5 I N FACULTY -ai? fl M K 1 X 1 ,4d5' BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. George Beach Jr. President Mr, Russell Carmolingo Dr. Leo J. Mccabe 3 Mr. James Deha fl 1 iz 1 7' gf '42 I Mr. Joseph Brigandi Vice President + '- 19 1 5 S nf ul -U w4,,,,, ' my gi ff X 3 ' Z 9 N ,Q , Mrs. Mary Donahue XX S' 'e X ? S xX Mr. Joseph Saia Mr. Sam Trifiletti ' i S Mr. 'Roy Holland Princfpal Mrs Hilda Murray Mrs Giiiian Mirenda Secretary to the Principe! Secretary gap 'kiln' Mrs. Shirley Davenport Secretary B... L Mr. John Aveni Mr. Kenneth Clifton Vice Principal Vice Principal u, . ., Vcc. sw:iii.i,g',::.ifg,:,riit-3 K Mrs. Eileen Woibert Attendance '5jQ5ii'JiiSS5i:iW3?:9HiQ ,hi 5fi'Q'v51fi' CENTRAL OFFICE S TAFF mm, .. 'ur' alum-ramona samwumsw Mr. Nicholas Mitcho Superintendent I Mrs. Kay Mumford Secretary Mrs. Anne Moore Mrs, Carmen Johnson Secretary Payroll Ms. Betty Snodgrass Bookkeeper , I A Mr. Walter Vail . . , . - Mrs. Patrlcla Flubln Dlr. ofhigggatlonal V Project W'R'LT4El Mrs, Marie Higgins Mrs. Joann Lavery - V Secretary V Secretary k .V 4 F ll il? f ' 1 , ,,, Mrs. Dorothy Wriggins Dr. Rhymes Humphreys Basic Skills Dir. of Special Services A-5 15? l':f . , QXA .ggkg .k.k 4 yi i ff. 'B is '- . 1 rr s if S V, .ggi ,, .s,.. - L -- 4 . -, Ph- - 2 .1 :Jr -s vii . ,Sw-' , .' ,g31f fx . ....g . . . ,mi M A isa' rfb' k ffirhiirgi' v W:-er". 6 ' YS Epi,-H Xxx, x ,. . .rm x fs' , . fri. -.x . J 4 in Mr. Harry Young Assistant Superintendent Charles Wagner Social Worker Mrs. Evenlyn Orrick Secretary Kathie Oraham Secretary 'P-ar 41: Mrs. Dorothy Avril Learning Disabilities KQV 1? M , Y . M' 'fb' 1 QJWA 3 gf Z' 'xv 5 . A 1 KAXA-'V Mu Mrs. lrene Whittmann Secretary Dv 'X ff ' 'BY' Ms. Margery Kelly Learning Disabllilies :JN 'tiff' Kg 0 3 e 5 2 C 6 . r I , 3 l . A Mr. Michael Toscano Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Patricia Allen Mrs. Joy Winston 8200 Operator Secretary Miss Eileen Taubman Dr. Sarata Schapiro Speech Correctionist Psychologist if ENGLISH D PAF? TMEN T Mrs. Joan Gebhart Chairperson LIKES: People. good discussions. DISLIKES: Administrative trivia. FAVORITE FOOD: Stir-try, ice cream. IS HEARD SAYING: Suffice to say. MEMORY OF CLASS: Great kids-but lazy! Mrs. Nan Cobbs LIKES: Playing cards, walking. DISLIKES: hot weather, winter, FAVORITE FOOD: Shrimp. IS HEARD SAYING: Lets get the job done. MEMORY OF CLASS: Very likeable and worked hard! Mrs. Mildred S. Jones LIKES: School. DISLIKES: Poor sports, FAVORITE FOOD: Pasta. IS HEARD SAYING: Good work! MEMORY OF CLASS: Great personalities. Ms. Susan Evans LIKES: The outdoors, esp. Autumn. DISLIKES: July and August humidity. FAVORITE FOOD: Jersey tomatoes. IS HEARD SAYING: It's your responsibility! MEMORY OF CLASS: An Intimate group of friends. .-Ugg if ' ii -1 .it r If i gz ' Ms. Rachel Blumenfeld LIKES: Mr. R, "Scoot-the-Boot." DISLIKES: Not having enough time. FAVORITE FOOD: Ice cream. IS HEARD SAYING: Be that as it may. MEMORY OF CLASS: These are "MY KIDS." Ms. Jan Breen LIKES: Quiet, IS HEARD 1 SAYING: Grow up. MEMORY OF CLASS: Love of Literature. Ms. Nancy Ellis S LIKES: Paris at midnight. DISLIKES: Newspaper print on hands. FAVORITE FOOD: - I I Homebaked bread. IS HEARD A Ph Y . fa, SAYING: What il. MEMORY OF g , f CLASS: Eclectic and energetic. 1 Mrs. Nancy Watts LIKES: Family, Christmas. DISLIKES: Negative situations, FAVORITE FOOD: Fudge, candy. IS HEARD SAYING: Yes, Mrs. I Watts. - Mr. Sid Williams LIKES: Brisk fall mornings. DISLIKES: Muggy days. FAVORITE FOOD: Lobster. IS HEARD SAYING: Lit-tra-chure. MEMORY OF CLASS: Friendly. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Patricia Jermyn Chair erson I9 LIKES: Cooking. DISLIKES: Dirty things. FAVORITE FOOD: Lasagna. IS HEARD SAYING: Why because? MEMORY OF CLASS: Good Bunch Mr, Steve Crispin LIKES: Playing football with kids. DISLIKES: Getting up in morning. FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza. IS HEARD SAYING: Six in thirty. MEMORY OF CLASS: Freshmen baseball 1983. Mrs. Donna Stewart LIKES: The shore. DISLIKES: Being late. FAVORITE FOOD: Chocolate nut sundae. IS HEARD SAYING: Please sit down. MEMORY OF CLASS: Their Homecoming floats. il 45 il fl x jo-f"'f I' X '- Mr. Robert Barratt LIKES: Sports of all kinds. DISLIKES: Rainy cold days. I FAVORITE FOOD: Steak 8 Potatoes. IS HEARD SAYING: X- - Maureen, will you hustle. J.. L MEMORY OF CLASS: Their 4 outstanding athletes. is A if Mrs. Jennifer Hanson LIKES: Sunshine. DISLIKES: Nosey peopie. FAVORITE FOOD: Coffee. IS HEARD SAYING: OK. MEMORY OF CLASS: Great teamwork. 'lim Ms. Elizabeth Badin LIKESZ Traveling. DISLIKES: Excuses. FAVORITE FOODS: Scallops. IS HEARD SAYING: "Yes you can". MEMORY OF CLASS: Water pistol fights in 8th grade. Mr. Stephen Selby LIKES: Sports, church. DISLIKES: Ramminess. FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza. IS HEARD SAYING: Relax. MEMORY OF CLASS: Their tremendous school spirit, SCIENCE DEPARTMENT William Flynn Chairperson LIKES: Sailing. Shooting. DISLIKES: No wind, "I"s. FAVORITE FOOD: Shrimp 8- Oysters. IS HEARD SAYING: Clean up this lab, "I am not your mother". MEMORY OF CLASS: "Party Lights" Mr. Charles Fotker LIKES: R2 8t Paris. DISLIKES: Cover charges, FAVORITE FOOD: Lasagna. IS HEARD SAYING: "Piece of cake". MEMORY OF CLASS: Warmest group of students! Ist Annual Chem Study REGATTAI Mr. Reiner Schmidt LIKES: Hiking through the Alps. DISLIKES: Mondays. FAVORITE FOOD: Pork Roast. IS HEARD SAYING: Have a good one. MEMORY OF CLASS: Apathetic with respect to school work. O-Q31 It if Q, Jr "A If-il' L Q,-,, W I Ms. Klein LIKES: All my students. DISLIKES: When students don't do homework! FAVORITE FOOD Anything edible. IS HEARD SAYING: "You didn't study!" MEMORY OF CLASS: Is the world ready for them? Mr Jim De-Marco LIKES Hunting Fishing DISLIKES Lazlness Procrastinator FAVORITE FOOD Anything Italian. IS HEARD SAYING: Close oniy counts in horseshoes and handgranades. MEMORY OF CLASS: Lovely ladies and humorous men. 1 .,:, A54 , it .rf li I .I r' - gk ,. ti .r,.,,,Mf Mr. Steven Deutshbauer Chairperson LIKES: Tennis. DISLIKES: Reading Document based essays. FAVORITE FOOD: Goulosh. IS HEARD SAYING: Getting back to this. MEMORY OF CLASS: My favorite ciass, you figure out which one. Mr. Bob Felloney LIKES: Basebail-Pete Rose. Summer. DISLIKES: Pennsyivania Drivers. FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza. IS HEARD SAYING: "Get your notebooks out". MEMORY OF CLASS: Expert film reviewer- Gienn Esgro. Mr. LaPaIomento Chairperson LIKES: My famiiy. Chimichangas. DISLIKES: Grading tests. FAVORITE FOOD: Egg roIIs. IS HEARD SAYING: Don't ask. MEMORY OF CLASS: Spanish II classes. Ms. Kathleen Iannacone LIKES1 Dancing, skiing, DISLIKES: Whiners and macho movies. FAVORITE FOOD: "am, stram, gram." MEMORY OF CLASS: Sharing the morning zoo. H S 7'OF?Y AND EOF? IGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS in-q 4 'W , .1 .tr 69? ri ff" 17" Q- - fits 5 lx 15,0 Q, 9,953 Q, ll. Q Skt in 'MMU .M Xliifi it 1:1 H ft. X 4: 1 -7 -. pref?-.131 .M ' ,E "- 'E-E95"S7 -3' 54? I A" - M57 1 ,gif-F . V, r- f -'- We-371, t . f XM In-m E 2. OJ..- A .-W ...uso-Xl Q if JL mn , fa " ff "' -'ft Y-.'7f.' S'3fiwe. r"f:w Mr. John Fargnoli LIKES: Being a new dad. DISLIKES: Overoooked macaroni. FAVORITE FOOD: Lasagna. IS HEARD SAYING: Next year the Yankees wiII win. MEMORY OF CLASS1 Fine group of young people. Mrs. Legistrean Chapman LIKES: The BibIelChurch. FAVORITE FOOD: AII. IS HEARD SAYING: I stiii Love You. MEMORY OF GLASS: Interesting. Ms. Anna-Gloria Liberato LIKES: Traveiing. DISLIKES: Cold Weather. FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza. IS HEARD SAYING: Si. Domani! PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Robert F. Cleary Chairperson LIKES: Paydays. DISLIKES: Bills. FAVORlTE FOOD: Seafood. lS HEARD SAYlNG: Good Morning. MEMORY OF CLASS: Great personalities. Mr. Jack McCulley LIKESI All sports. DlSLlKES: Bad attitudes. FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza Z9 Seafood. IS HEARD SAYING: Clear the hallway. MEMORY OF CLASS: Their Winning floats throughout the years. Ms. Porreoa LIKES: Baseball, Phillies, San Diego. DISUKES: Liver, cold weather. FAVORlTE FOOD: Italian Bt Seafood. IS HEARD SAYlNG: Just try. MEMORY OF CLASS: The "unique" Freshmen Hockey Team. 35,5 Ms. Janice Aliberti LIKES: Jogging and exercise. DISLlKES: Laziness 81 Disrespeot. FAVORITE FOOD: Eggplant parmigiana. iS HEARD SAYING: "people". MEMORY OF CLASS: Female athletes were "super individuals" an asset to school. Mr. Steven Citonelli LIKES: Kids. DISIJKES: Disrespect. FAVORITE FOOD. Homemade pasta. iS HEARD T SAYING: lt's Mr. Cii-on-elli. MEMORY OF CLASS: Always smiling, Mr. Steve Tucker LIKES: Football, Golf and food. DlSLlKES: People who don't dress tor gym. FAVORITE FOOD: Pasta, IS HEARD SAYING1 "Everybody'get'em up". MEMORY OF CLASS: Soph, in my Drivers Ed class. ! ir 'U 5 Er' 5 H, .. A M R I - ill W., ei it A s A A fi 9 I ...ral xl I 7 - X 17 X If 15 .X E. ' S ll S s -Nwbc '-Q'--56 , .. VOCA TIONAL EDUCATION Mrs. Pernell Harris Chairperson LIKES: Traveling, Reading, shopping. DISLIKES: Boring people, unnecessary tasks. FAVORITE FOOD: Steak, potato salad. IS HEARD SAYING: You may begin. MEMORY OF CLASS: Steno ll students, Oftice practice students. Mr. Brian Stevenson LIKES: Camping and fishing. DISLIKES: Lazy individuals. FAVORITE FOOD: Seafood. MEMORY OF CLASS: Fewer but better. Mrs. Patricia Stuart Chairperson LIKES: Sunny days, auctions. DISLIKES: Corridor supervision. FAVORITE FOOD: Lasagna. IS HEARD SAYING: Ok, its time to clean up. MEMORY OF CLASS: Family life classes. Mr. G. Steidle LIKES: Cars. DISLIKES: Getting up in the morning. FAVORITE FOOD: Ice cream Mr. Gary Loper LIKES: Golfing, going to Flyers games. DISLIKES: Lazy people. FAVORITE FOOD: Seafood. MEMORY OF CLASS: Watching Ruth Lockbaum compete in cross country and track. Mrs. J. Robinson LIKES: People, smiles, warmth. FAVORITE FOOD: Seafood. IS HEARD SAYING: Eyes on copy. MEMORY OF CLASS: Good people, friendly and warm. Mrs. Lynn Bullock LIKES: The ocean, camping. DISLIKES: Time schedules. FAVORITE FOOD: Seafood. IS HEARD SAYING: Come on. MEMORY OF CLASS: A great group of characters. Ms. Terri Lovelace LIKES: Woodworking, Field hockey. DISLIKES: Wasting time, lunch duty. FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken. IS HEARD SAYING: Excuse me. ff Us l gl tg- it .MII MUSIC AND FINE ARTS Mr. Louis Giunta Chairperson LIKES: My new baby boy. DISLIKES: My new babies dirty diapers! FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza with Hot peppers and anchovies, IS HEARD SAYING: Give it your best shot! MEMORY OF CLASS: You've come a Iong way since 4th grade. Mr. Frank Knauss LIKES: Cutting firewood, opera. DISLIKES: Wasting time. FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza with X- tra cheese. IS HEARD SAYING: O.K,-One more time. MEMORY OF CLASS: Good peopiex not afraid to try Something new. 5 'a ' I 'gr ss Y W ,"tfg?"'r. ik!! .1 ,V - , fi f' f lf- J' 1 f fi "K 'Q' 55" 1 .xc . 1 J" f, K K . o ' -ffl-,, . 1.-A ' .Q ' 5 Qi 5 1,-,,.' ,Q f a,:.::5J,.q' ,A . bs.: , X K X3 I .b . A . gf 1 5 Zi" if 3- Y. ,Aw l I ' ' Y I z 4 gr ig' I 4 51 . 41 '25 T it Wig fu i f L 2 YV ., ,, I . . , VV Sta g g, :W 'V ' D if Q I I i is ' ' .M ur ,E J '. fi 5 I 1 L af t - , 1 .3 .ax JZ. , M ,, f aff Mr. William Suitan LIKES: Good Music students, DISLIKES: Bad Music students. FAVORITE FOOD: Chinese. IS HEARD SAYING: Let'S QQ! Mr. Wiiliam Krasting Chairperson LIKES: My wife, job. DISLIKES Goof-offs, Snobs. FAVORITE FOOD: Pizzalcheesy things. IS HEARD SAYING: The beli is going to ring. MEMORY OF CLASS: Very talented kids. I I I .ff 5 ' . X . ND, 5 -L Q . , f X' . . bu. . 7-l M I K - W ,r 1 J R bm! y CK O X' A1 'S 1. 5 ' ' V 'lg -N fr A va xy ' SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mrs. Helen Armstrong Chairperson LIKES: Listening to music IS HEARD SAYING: Keep a low profile MEMORY OF CLASS: Seniors are very exciting Ms. Nancy Fulginiti LIKES: Teaching the deaf DISLIKES: Tumips, rhubard FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza IS HEARD SAYING: Your journals are getting better MEMORY OF CLASS: GREAT KIDS Mrs, Phillis Kasrel 7 " 'E' LIKES1 sunny days oisuxes: 9 93 6 Liars FAVORITE FOOD: Anything Chocolate 6 G G Mrs. Diane Akers LIKES: Talking about the Lord DISLIKES: Disrespect authority FAVORITE FOOD: Sou! food ithe Biblej IS HEARD SAYING: Praise the Lord MEMORY OF CLASS: Exciting anticipation oi the senior trip if .f fi. lil y , - t..,.-t ua. U .3 gag- K i in sl A A E rsi' X f . Ja, If -f-:gs xx I . ti yi ,f My I J , I .W -' H un 1 X 1 4, f W ff at ma. my U, I . Q ima ig M M If W W 4' was fr 1: is 'f yr' 1 I :iz ,la M 1:-Y. 'Plf ' 1 Z i- 1 .X X ' xxl ,KJ J A we , R, I . x"'.f y it ir' ' il Mrs. Bertha Rogers Mrs. Nancy Smith LIKES: Students interested ln learning English DISLIKES: Students coming late to class FAVORITE FOOD: Chinese lood IS HEARD SAYING: I wish we had more time Josephine Cavallaro LLKES: Dancing, cooking DISLIKES: Getting up early FAVORITE FOOD: Italian IS HEARD SAYING: Read my lips MEMORY OF CLASS: Fond Georgia Charlton GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Anita Heard LIKES: People DISLIKES: Negativism FAVORITE FOOD: Lemon pie IS HEARD SAYING: Marvelous MEMORY OF CLASS: A delightful group Mr. Daniel Nardiello LIKES: My family, fast motorcycles DISLIKESZ Winter, 7 AM. FAVORITE FOOD: Seafood. Mom's pasta MEMORY OF CLASS: Excellent leadership, and your creative Class floats Mrs. Fran Sands LIKES: Traveling, Shopping DISLIKES: Working on Tues. FAVORITE FOOD, Chinese Food IS HEARD SAYING I can't win MEMORY OF CLASS: Watching them grow up X l S 146 X1 'K Mr. Paul L. Young LIKES: People, music DISLIKES: People with bad attitudes FAVORITE FOOD: Steak. seafood IS HEARD SAYING: Hang in there you can be what you want MEMORY OF CLASS: Bright but not as assertive as they should be Mrs. Ellen Lydon LIKESP Fudge, diamonds DISLIKES: The thought of turnin forty FAVORITE FOOD: cheese IS HEARD SAYING: We-'re not taking any calls MEMORY OF CLASS: Watching thern mature WORK? MARRIAGE 7 ,,'7' COLLEGE. V . .7 9 at i Gi ' , .ii ng 3 . 1 17 Y I , . m i I I , m K V 'N K4 g .i 'Q fo Mrs. Kay Aliberti R.N. LIKES: Reading DISLIKES: Students trying to get out of gym IS HEARD SAYING: Capish Mr. Matt Tierney LIKES: Favorable exchange rate DISLIKES: Federal Budget deficits FAVORITE FOOD: Corn IS HEARD SAYING: Theres the respect that makes calamity of so long life MEMORY OF CLASS: A Blur Mrs. Virginia Barger LIKES: Ouiet kids DISLIKES: Moving carpets FAVORITE FOOD: Italian food IS HEARD SAYING: Can I help you Li fi Bonnie Henderson LIKES: Decorating DISLIKES: Disorganized people IS HEARD SAYING: You have how many grade changes? MEMORY OF CLASS: Wild clothes Mr. Wilmont Fellows LIKES: Rainy Days DISLIKES: Rowdie students. FAVORITE FOOD: Shrimp iS HEARD SAYING: "Where's your pass? v MS. Judy Paranzino LIKES: Yard sales DISLIKES: Noise FAVORITE FOOD: Everything MEMORY OF CLASS Quiet bunch Cafeteria Staff top row lelt to right Vicki Freadholf Carol Garwood Ida Winton Elaine DiPalma Margaret Loungo Kathleen Deal bottom row Mary Jurgelis Sara Drissell Marion Atkinson Lee DeFeIlce Alice Niemeyer Absent Dorothy Wolttbrandt Marion DeAngeIis ATHLETICS -L -. A ' if , any A--fffvf . tin- wr M,ff'-:,R.ssQ5f:fwf-, I A f -+ -' -t 'Sal ,. Ci -Q, n? ' 5765 Sfifzfg :Sify x C N I M, ,wi N R Y Y . ' . 14 it , 1QgQ9v,-.-.,... ,la "-iv :F ' Q gli W, K - I . . 1 an . gg Q. fs ,J ' 1 NM E b N-up . Fmwt'XJ.,..-musa- BULLDOGS! f ,vm f f U KT., .,,,,5.-L-. fins." 0 I 3 HAH HAH HAH Tradition was followed again this year as the Glassboro Bulldogs football team ended its regular season with a 7-2 record. ln the NJSIAA tournament, Glassboro lost to Burlington Twp. 7-6 in an exciting playoff game. LEFT TO RIGHT: Fl. Reed, E. Fernandez, K Firth S Sampson T Owler D Fleinek H Cassiday D Masso, S. Waters, K. Vasile, L. Hayne, K Shoenberg N Turner fmascotl L s 7 0 14 6 6 14 14 0 13 7, '1 43754. 4 Wit 3 4 V, ,t tw 5- sz P Ufflef, TO RIGHT: Coach Tucker, Coach Aveni, Steve Burt, David Lopez, Anthony DiRienzo, Andre Rob Sanborn, Bruce Davis, John Dougherty, Kevin Lester, Tom McCaughan, Scott Rodgers, Mark Graves, Coach McCuIIey, Coach Cleary. 2nd ROW: Dewayne Grantham, Giedeman, Chris Carmolingo, Leif Jones, Frank Mancini, Martin Gustilo, Chris Spina, Rob urner, Don Rambo, Todd Haig, Tyrone Williams. SENIORS SEATED: Benji Credell, Woody Griscom, Wise, Timmy Lester, Glenn Esgro, Tyrone Mears, Mike Wigglesworth, Robert Mann. FOOTBALL The 85 Bulldogs captured the Tri- County Conference Classic Division Crown with a record of 5-1 and an overall record of 7-3. All Conference 1st teams honors were awarded to Ron Barratt, Todd Haig, Tim Lester, Mike Vlligglesworth, Robert Turner and Bruce Davis. South Jersey Group l honors were received by Tim Lester and Robert Turner. lux .'R'?""1g -v""'8'B..' Q .wid , b, . 951.5 71' ,Q va'-kvijlb I ' '- if x ,f ,i' .-P .f A V ' . ,fre ' Vt is X. ts. my . ,t W- ' e 1 T wi , at gf ' 1 r " .. lf' 34? 'ff as 2 f 17 i. .. 5' f l' . gl . U yi v i . xlk 'X Y m ' X .gl 1- I: A .P is I gd Q E: if I I fs ..' 1 f GQ: 3 M " f 71 'qi T h, E X ,....,. Y l . T r 'EQQZM S 1 . . ' iff! ' 4' f - ' . SA ' 5 ' weft: t 1 -A 1 gaifal4?f?ff it -s4,.m?5s f. , .L-. A . ff'-4 like SOCCER The 85 Soccer team finished a fine season with a 12-5-2 record. The team was coached by Mr. Tom Riley. Tri-County lst Team Honors were awarded to: Todd Aspell, Jay Wriggins, Tim Tierney and Wayne Viden. South Jersey Group 1 Honors were awarded to Todd Aspell and Tim Tierney. Strong performances were turned in by: Greg McLeer, Joe Lamonica, Chris Rowand, Bill Immel, Mike Drummond, Charlie Conroy, Paul Edwards, Troy McAuliffe, Edwin Young, John Lopes, Andy May, Mike Shillingsford, Sam Laspata, Dan Flesnik, and Nick Vasil. Stephanie Byers and Kelle Kortonick managed the 85 Bulldogs. ,dk 1.- . to 'L'zif A . A , 1 . - .. ,, 'f is .a ug .r ,. , . , -.., , af, x U r ' W 1 ' , gg -3 A5 my Q W, . - - 5 'h ' I iif ' wif f, 'lag W 4 .. 1 i 'H . fp?-W f 4, ,A 7F:..,, L f fgy,,!1 rj. sw pg, 'lv f'if2Yff V, H ' W- - U J '- LH- s 1 'ga "V " " W 1 . as rf A ' .44 ., F-ffl-f ?4i-4:-1. ' fi'-iii.. X 'gk W, " --, 4i?cg,ga3, ' ag f V f wwf- .- V A ' 1,7 is r wwf , ., Qi!!-'-iiiiff-f ., .- 4 H. nff..f-5 , s. .'-NP, ' 1 Q 4''-'kwf"2'i3' . -: 1 4-EVP!-ab2Sg,..' : ' fvw-name-". L., ' , , l -i lil N , . ' f Kg ,kvr V ' . Q 276 I D 'Y ' 'Ant hiv' ,slr fr C, .lMi4-vi W A 1,3 gi - Q. I I Q 'A waz is . 1. ,iff A .- 8 . -I ,.. f'-265' ' W f FIELD HOCKEY The 85 Lady Bulldogs, coached by Janice Allberti, finished their season with an 8-5-4 final record. The team was lead by strong defensive play. Senior defense leaders included Maureen O'Driscoll All Tri-County 1st team and SJ Group I ist team , Tina Gwalthney, Tri-County conference 2nd team, Kelly Swanson, Gina Laspata, and goalie Sheila Zachivich. Strong defensive efforts were also turned in by Debbie Collins and Bonnie Mazzeo. Junior Kellie Miller, All Conference ist team, a major offensive playmaker combined with Carla Camino, All Conference 2nd team: Diane Cioffi, Lisa Hoffman, Melissa Douglas, and Mechele Ziegler to generate the Bulldogs offense. ' ' V bil?-D ' .xi t 3:1 'Ti-it Q , ' if Bigelow A, V f iff rl .W ' f ,A i : 2, , ' - W.: ff I 'H , ': M., 'af' r ., , W ' ff ' W ' - A' H . f ' Y ., ' " , f r .M l W '4 l . ' gm , z13J1,J.:3'fQ1' 2' - J .- gs ' ' Qzwlwi X55g,g+.gig,t.3.".n', ,, ,gg-5f3?"sf . ggqegff ,gvpfzze-5f5',i2,t'f,w-215-1-91'3g "' . , 933,51 rl' 'rf' ,, fr' ff M. ' , 'f+f"1 t, , ' ff' l'gf1"f.':w .4-:w'Irg:g,1', - - . V 3. -'H , as ,344 , ., rf,-,311 ,x x 15.74, 1 , 2' an , ,131 1-dfn.: fr", :wgf-, was R ., f . ,- V. f.. Q, V V., ,. ,1 ,, I, v-,ig J , xv . ' S 'fume 'f.u.'w AHS 4---. :L 3' , - -+ :fl-., ,Q . --,.,, vb . ,, M My 's.,,g.-,...A .,., fi , 0, . A ,s.v,, N354 fm., Q lsw' 'L4'r"wcJ:f "wf'. GIRLS TENN S The 85 Girls Tennis team finished their season with a record of 13-7. The team was coached by Mr. Steve Deuts- chiauer and Mr. John Fargnoli. The 85 Varsity team consisted of captain Mari- anne Lang, Kim Bui, Tomoko Sasaki, Denise Adams, Becky Bryer, Khatija Bilgrami, Bridgett Bennett, and Chris Falkenstein. The JV squad consisted of Joanne Fleming, Dawn Wilson, Browyn Cope and Wunting Geng. Marianne Lang received Tri-County Conference lst Team Honors. l . - - aid .- CROSS- COUN TR Y The '85 Cross Country team, coached by Mr. Loper, finished its season with a fine 5-2 record. This year's team was captained by Ruth Lockbaum. Ruth was the Gloucester County Champ and she placed first in the SJ Sectional Group l meet. Lockbaum was Group I State Champ, and named to the All State ist team, 2nd team All East and was nominated SJ Runner of the Year. Tony Delia and Eric Vignola were named to the Tri-County All Star Squad. This year's team consisted of Ruth Lockbaum, Joe Greenlee, Derrik Fowler, Eric Vignola, Tony Delia, Carter Morse, Chalet Washington, George Shuttleton, and Mike Kifferly. GO TEAM GO! The Bulldogs cheerleaders showed great support and enthusiasm throughout the season. The fans and the players greatly enjoyed their spirit. This year's captains were Faida Hill and Fihondavet Jones. The squad consisted of Utasha Elie, Treena Owler, Amy Baer, Eleanor Fernandez, Tracey Reed, Marlo Wright, Angle Smith, Natisha Stringiield, Brandy Taggart, and Krista Maddox. The team was managed by Shaun Green and advised by Miss Klein. xpfx wa 'li' x ' 1 im' A LQ: BACK ROW: Coach Crispin, L, Bland, T. Lester, T. Knight, K, Hinton, B. Davis, Coach Davis, Coach Magee, J. Harrison. KNEELINGL R. Mann, T. Mears, F. Mancici, J. Fisher, RB. Santos. SEATED: M. Graves, L. Merriweather. l im Q3 Q BOYS BASKETBALL The 85 Bulldogs, coached by Steve Crispen, finished the regular season with an overall record of 24-4. The Bullodgs captured the Tri-County Conference Classic Division. The season was highlighted by the outstanding performance of Larry Bland. Bland surpassed his goal of 2,000 points and captured the Glassboro High School scoring record. KJ L j STANDING: Coach Magee, K. Lester. D. Fleed, D. Coley, B. Davis, C, Carmolingo. J. Harrison. KNEELING: J, Tapia, L. Merriweather, R. Wright, O. Gaines, B. Lewis. GIRLS BASKETBALL their season with a 12-10 record. Senior Kim SmithBey finished with 1,221 career points. The season was highlighted with a winning streak late in the season. .. ,pmt '16 :S 1 'if if ' 3 "? , fem W I 1 M 2 I - I , 4 4 I' Hi , W., A, 5 X? HH, IS 1 , , f W, f Us V-' fi f W.5.,'m-r?.: "1 -nf-gal: ' 2 V Standing: Pat Harris, Kim SmithBey, Kim Bateman, Giana Eckhardt, Phillis DuBose, Tamara Pendle bury, Coach Barratt. Kneeling: Maureen O'Driscoll, Carla Camino, Kellie Miller, Marianne Lang Mechelle Zeigler lNot Picturedj K Q 2 ' 'iii ' V' 'Q l'N?' ii" ' ' " ' W' 4 1 arf STANDING: Coach Cifonelii, Mgr. L. Blackman, M. Gustiio, W. Viden, R. Barratt, F. Triffiietti, T. Haig. S. Turner, Coach Cleary. KNEELING: Mgrs. A. Bowers, J. Bruno, B. Highley, J, Rogers, M. Shiilingss ford, H. Bui, M. Reinek, S. Laspata, C. Spina. ,, ' ,fy f-fr E N, ' ., .. K. .7 .. r -mtias. . K , A . . " .mf M .... 7 .. is f' f . . QW ri 1 ' QL.. . iv VVRES TLING The 85 Bulldogs wrestling squad finished an exciting season with a 13-5 record. Outstanding varsity performances were turned in by: senior Wayne Viden 17-7, junior Chris Spina 21-3, and sophomores, Sam Laspata 20-4, Jackie Rogers 17-7, and Mike Shiiiingsford 16-8. Bulldogs Capture Diamond Classic Ulla SBP' SM N X ,. . Q ,. Mg at X21 4 .. if sv' , U, 'Y K '5 5 '. 3 1, 'r ., 4 ., sf ., .N S E , my .Q s wks? 1 3- i i , p as-5 1 T? - A 'Tl 2' " 'es vm i ,..,,, - Q E , I . lf, , ,MW ,af A .- if ,tw ' , f 'L ,QS-mv' -4 X . A-'1 -P3-fax. , irg'pfz1vf:t' 5 'fir AXZAQ, it up-r-,mm-1 ' W W eff. w4-.v,z 7 V' IA r ' ,. ' 7 " ""'7 JN- ff " ,xJ ' 44 yy., ,,,A. . Q 21 v- we is . 1 fe11f,'-ff .-v4'1?Fk9:"76i " " W e i A A V , A,.. ,,v., , , W U ,, 1 , ya 1 digg. .. LG A, - - -- Wwe ,J Q 14- SOFTBALL The Lady Bulldogs, coached by Janice Aliberti, finished the 85 season with a record of 7-11. The team consisted of seniors Maureen Harris, Lori Weidner, Mary Reinek, and Kate String. Juniors were Maureen O'Driscoll, Sandra Pirri, Tina Weidner and Regina Loungo. Sophomore Kellie Miller, freshmen Bunny Mazzeo and Mechele Ziegler filled the starting line up. V 3 .. B BO YS' TRACK The boy's track team, coached by Mr. Gary Loper completed it's 85 season with a record of 6-2. Tri-County ist team honors were received by Josh Davis, Mike Coraluzzo, Tom Sadler and Flon Edwards. Josh Davis was also selected to the S.J. Group 1 team. Var- sity participants included, Art Dorn, Joe Delia, Erving Thomas, Russell Mo- zier, Quincy Wise, Neil Wise, Steve Burt, Don Rambo, Joe Pritchett, Wayne Viden and Edwin Young. f Kli?'l fiil' tw, Ju .,.,...... wan-when s S J. i 1 E N,,. . - s. vs .an X K ! Ai .tx ,KK-UU y l .web fl .4 A it M W., ,... Q. ,,,, , ...M ui All Fel .vw 1 t...,w,s l , 's .4 fr , s ,V ,, we. f fe ,. D1 li -wr to , A 1 'r totally, , ,,,k If is ff J w, x f V, iff?" - f ' M . .A 3, .1 'W amen Wag, GIRLS THA CK The Lady Tracksters, coached by Jack McCuIIey and Audrey Grott, finished their 85 season with a 4-2 record. Ju- niors Ruth Lockbaum and Kim Smith- Bey were selected to the Tri-County Conference 1st team. Ruth was also selected to S.J. Group 1 1st team. Other varsity members included Kim Bateman, Dawn Chila, Audrey Fox, Faida Hill, Tonya Green, Wanda Mar- tin, Kristen Schoenberg, Faustina Sip- pio, Angie Smith, Vicky Thurman, Challet Washington, Nancy Ware, Treena Owler and Heather Cassidy. gj TRACK 23 Lg, A fir TENNIS The 85 boys tennis team, coached by Mr. S. Deutschbauer, finished their fine season with a record of 9-6. Captain Bruce Fieistle compiled a 14-O confer- ence record and a 22-2 overall record. Bruce was named to the Tri-County All Star ist team and S.J. Group I team. Strong performances were also turned in by Jay Wriggins and Malcolm Dou- gherty. Tom Craft, Bill lmmel, Neal Cul- len, Charlie Conroy, Carmen lnsana, Paul Otooni and John Lewis also per- formed well. The JV squad consisted of Sajad Bilgrami, Adam Johnson, Ed lvlunin and Troy McAlpin. -' C SS i QW Ae In r ' X . , . ...., X . . ,,. " QI 3.1.3. is s . SW Eg I We C 5 ' IQ Q A 1' I Q . Nkrf 1 i 5935 ff ,. J fa.. iss? ,, -fi 3' xv ' -.s'5gi?:iL9i ' i l tr I1 , 7 J., M' 1 ' t .. i?1+l f4ifqUA if lg-'r , SLTIUQ - fi tg "j.,f,g..ii N-f p- ELLJJJI Q P lf+ieflT, IV " f 114,355 asicgitfi lg j?++:.f,:J..i3,Q5g'g pz.4.a4..,i.i.?1'fj'f'l, 321 ggzvs-W 49.4 1 2 X GOLF Despite the 5-12 record of the 85 golf team Captain Bill Highley received Tri County 1st Team honors. Strong per- formances were also turned in by Ju- niors Craig Cassidy, Tim Jansen and Greg McLeer. Sophomore T.J. Bob- bana, Freshmen Bob Highley and Bill Zycinsky also participated. SENIOFYS IN SPORTS if Todd Aspen T Qiiflgi , Larry Bland Craig Cassaclay Benii Credell , ,fm ' VN R Q +1 fa, , . 'z . 3' gf Michael Drummond K Glenn Esgro Tina Gwalthney Gina Laepata , v1'C,ff' if . .f-... Q A ,M-v-2 . ,L WM' ,',, .wma K. Y 25' i Li V Z, 5,70 ' , , I "",L. ,.. ' V ,.,,.,. 5 . ., fa-wwf - 1. ,, H. Ibfefgff -' 1:34 - ,g, wg? ,Q -sw-, - V". , iff", 5 ' f -f .M j ' r N, x, 4 u ' , gg-ffglj. '442'.fwwm ' Lee Griscom 9 , i , v 4' " f .M f f 1 ,,' f ' ' Joe LaMonica V Timothy Jansen .1- Nh r QA' .Lt Salad Bilgrami Malcolm Dougherty 5.5 James Grupenhoff or is IB! Adam Johnson K+ my 9 . dmivwwi l' . ,, r-4 5- x. 51, D ,g - s P Q . ff s-' f r,-.. , ' 'Mx . K... W .,,Lk,:31jS3-K, QQ ' A M Biff? Greg McLeer Kelly Swanson Q'f 0 ,'e fin W. M .n ,gffrx ,.Lwf::'f 'L wg-N y lv AA- '- 'f .1f".:.'f ' W.. , . wwf V W, Quincy Wise "s hlggly 3, , 'QHLM 1 1 , - v , " T Q V iriaff . X 'A k Q Troy Knight Timmy Lester Robert Mann K :L 5, Q fnaweaf LHS . . 0 Mm 'nf 'f fi' if ,f ':,,.f-- 3, K ' f 3.3 f, . ' , My . .,f15:,,.,,,w az- Q I fl Tyrone Mears lf Q o l hw ' " L ,IQ , . ry fm ve . ??fs'f W?-' ' -T , ' 4. rv .M,,,W+,,, if f 'f . . , ,Vg K ,za 1, '17 ,V K ,,y,W,Q4 , ,rd ,,,. .A , 'ffrm ,, 2 ,, WW , -X :muh f lr. f,,,w-1-nf, -Aw 1 .fl an Wayne Viden Jay Wrlggins Maureen O'Driscoll Sandra Pirrl ."', ,... 515' ly file . X: 1.5 .3 in . , v Y ' E 1 ' ' 1j""f .K-'pw 1- ' ' K - ' A .,. 5 , ,-., . -lsr, V, l A ggi. wg. N me ,guy fi I ..r, -.N MM: 3' .J Q 3 . . ' ..'. '- N - GK A K ix 'gg 1 rrr . Michael Wigglesworth Tina Weidner 1-,,1 'i'f if V .qiEggg!l1Qig:h 'l W Dlfl il' 'm ' Q3mfwm:" , ---...... ...,....l , ., ..,. l...... f 2? W if , . Not pictured: Shana Zackawch Kim Smith-Bey, Tamara Pendlebury ACTIVITIES! CLUBS S TUDEN T GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Grim 'N' S.G.A. Officers: iLett to Righty Advisor, Mr. Folkerp V. Presi- dent, Kim Smith-Bey: President, Glenn Esgro: Treasure, Chris A Spina: Secretary, Regina Loungo 'Q ,--3 -4 S.G.A. Members: fNames not in order ot appearancej Todd Aspell, Angela Cimini, Faida Hill, Tina Gwalthney, Gina Laspata, Yolanda Lewis, Beverly Pierce, Linda Rupinski, Kelly Swanson, Mary Ann Travis, Tina Weidner, Jay Wriggins, Ron Barrett, Rob Multord, Charlie Conroy, Kelly Firth, Stephanie King, Venus Green, Diana Masso, Troy McAuliffe, Sue Waters, Frank Trifiletti, Hosiea Boone, Nick Bowers, Amy Davis, John Dougherty, Lisa Hofmann, Diane Garwood, Bonnie Mazzeo, Ed Kortonick, Mary Jo Ramos, Nicolle Puteri, Angie Smith, Mike Schillingsford, Kelly Warrick, Jose Tapia, Jackie Rogers, Benji Salter, Tammi Baer, Stephanie Bradley, Mike Dick, Jamal Brown, Chris Douglas, Kristin Falkenstein, Rob Firth, Sidney James, Mike Kifferly, Debbie Masso, Tabitha Noakes, Jeff Priest, Scott Prieto, Alvin Tillery, Pat Seagraves, Gary Wriggins, Marlo Wright, Ruth Lockbaum, Tim Lester, Sandra Pirri, Maureen O'Driscoll, Chris Douglas, Michell Birmingham, Richard Meagher, Kathy Von Holtz, Denise Reinek, Chris Carmolingo, Frank Mancini, Sean Smith, Heather Cassidy . , W J. , x V241-AH" 'Jil pQ,4, kr ., ,, .Q,,!24gQ9f, L. ' ' izfsf- , '-1 V. "1-2. i-f' :. . i. s. - T. 4,. ta, 4,4 -1,-K - Q, 3, n,L4..4,.s try .f ,3,e,Jgft -.' . V 4- l-Wa,?:...,.,,,,A 1 JP' ,ywh uw NATIONAL HONOF? SOOIE TY Advisor: Mrs. Joan Gebhart lLeftJ Officers 1985-1986 President .... Maureen O'Driscoll Vice-President .... Faustina Sippio Secretary .... Kelly Swanson Treasurer .... Elizabeth Donahue Sandra Pirri Tina Weidner Tina Gwalthney Christopher Carmolingo Executive Council .... 'A -' . ' '- 5"'f , K Q 5 ...A w' ' . - , 4. 5 I , J x , . . .,, . f-- ' ff ",f '.-.f Q.. 94 f. i31 ,.,:',,.ai-N: h. ' ,. ffyi ' ' fx' Ag. rm Wh 4' Y ' f , . ..--...,Q.f--.:t.aI-.... vi ky 4 23- , 5 ' :J 31 - ig? I yy ,jg jp Q? Aft'-r , ,ff I , ... ------..-n---Q 'n..L?gy,,?,...,,..,..,..,,, i ' ,355 5 ' 'tiki - W' 4 ggi, as by . ga-15 'Wvj .. Jn L , . K , W , . . -.1 - .x-P-.k b ,. , , , N -v , A I 2 wr? " W- -' -+' 'tif mf' L 'S ,. .. , -- ff ' f. . ' ,, 1555, I al ' ' " A ,ls B i 1 .- . , . , , X, .Q . 7. -1 -t ,W A J f . 3, , A ,,-J.. 2. NX' ,f The National Honor Society is an honor students on behalf of the school faculty. Selection to N.H.S. is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. To fulfill the scholarship requirement, students must have a 3.5 cumulative scholastic average. Academically qualified students are then evaluated by the entire faculty in the areas of leadership, service, and character. RQ" given to a selective group of Oi it I XX NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 2 1 1 f A x x Vs i.'-7 f Wi! NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY i , A , W ,hir X, f'l?i"M Adria Badin-Kieser Salad Bilgrami Tina Gwalthney William lmmel Adam Johnson Ruth Lockbaum Sandra Pirri Bruce Fieistle Faustina Sippio Kelly Swanson Elizabeth Voliz Clayton Waring Tina Weidner DRAMA CLUB gl l,T.S. Members: Faria Zaman, Crystal Bourdon, Bet- sy Volz, Tammy Daisey, Clayton Waring. v 4 . Q I 1. v I I "V - f it , ,,,, 4f" Members: Tammy Daisey, Faria Zaman, Kristine Jan- sen, Jill Jackson, Steven Powell, Elizabeth Volz, Rebec- ca Johnson, Andrew Steiger, Clayton Waring, Laurie Menerey, Patrick Ancharski, Gina DiFiaddo, Bevin Harper, John Venturini, Crystal Bourdon, Jacqueline Matlack, John Lewis. EE KIND LADY Servant .. Mr. Foster .. Mary Herries . . . Lucy Weston . ..., Jill Jackson Steven Powell . . . Elizabeth Volz Rebecca Johnson Rose ............ Heather Cassidy Phyllis Glenning Peter Santard Henry Abbott Ada ....... Doctor .. Nurse . Cook ......., Mr. Edwards . Mrs. Edwards Aggie ....... ., . Rachel Johnson . . . Andrew Steiger ..... Clayton Waring . . . . Laurie Menerey . . . Patrick Ancharski ... Gina DiRaddo . . . . Bevin Harper John Venturini .. Crystal Bourdon Jacqueline lvtatlack Mr. Rosenberg .. .... John Lewis fl I Q.. 38 DECA ll Members: tNot in order of appearancej M Brown, C. Cline, J. Gomez, D. Hinton, Y. Lewis D. Meddings, M. Minatee, T. Morrison, T. Morri son, B. Pierce, C. Starkey, M. Thomas, A. Tur pin, L. Varela, W. Viden, N. Ware, J. Wriggins DECA l Members: fNot in order of appearancej C. An- derson, K. Bateman, K. Bilgrami, M. Brown, J Bruno, L. Burt, M. Camillo, V. Cope, D. Cope, J Custis, D. Grantham, D. Hoffman, M. McGregor J. Palmer, L. Patane, D. Pfizenmaier, B. Reigot- tie, B. Rolax, Fi. Fiose, S. Wilson, K. Whittman, V Cope S TA GE CRE VV Members: G. Cullen, D. Matson, K. Falkenstein. X " BLACK CUL TURES 'Officers' President: Lief Jones!Yolanda Lewis Vice President: Faida HiIl!Rochelle Reed Secretary: Venus Green!Shaun Green Treasurer: Lynn Sprewell!Scott Turn- er Advisor: Mrs. Chapman CQ . ' WX L Members fNot in order of appearance-J: V. Green, J. Grantham, L. Sprewell, A. Sprewell, L. Turlington, C. Anderson, L. Davis, S. Sampson, L. Jones, M. Wright, C. Berger, T. Jones, P. DuBois, S. Green, Fl. Reed, D. Ferrer, M. Mears, A. Smith, T. Elie, F. Hill, Q. Wise, C. Groce, S. Turner, W. Taylor, Y. Lewis. g SCIENCE 'Officers' 'Nl President: Paul Otooni W I Vice President: Adam Johnson D45-New Secretary: Steve Powell Treasurer: William Palacio Advisor: Mr. Schmidt is .i ge' Members fNot in order of appearancel: A. Baer, S. Bilgrami, J. Birmingham, N. Bradley, M. Bradley, M. Dimatties, T. Cline, E. Donahue, P. Edwards, A. Johnson, S. Magee, Fi. Meagher, L. Menery, D. Mitchell, D. Moore, R. Mulford, P. Otooni, W. Palacio, S. Powell, B. Salter, C. Seagraves, S. Vasil, K. Warrick, B. Waters, S. Waters, R. Wolfgang, E. Young, A. Zaman, B. Zycinsky. , Q MORNING ANNOUNCEMENT -- - ..-11 Q- A-f 1 f : " ' Q L 1 A ? V. 'fx' gf ' Members: T. Daisey, A. Steiger, B. 1 "f 41 Q, fr Voltz, B. Chew. A. Baer. B. Salter. ,'? Mix 1' sg ki- ry ,, . Y Lf, . -4... ,' . Ji- ? af , ' x ,N fm. 'QV .fhgff - CIT! ENS!-I P Members of this organization practice operating the fundamentals of a democratic government. Members: fLeft to Flightj Betsy Voltz, Fluth Lock- baum. BOYS 5' 1'is,gQ 'Y SL E sit? A 1 -4--"' -,gi 41 2 ga 'fs gf Members of this organization hold elections and if 1 1 - carry on business of our government. Q . YM 1' mu K .WZ at . I .j'L2S:lg. ' 6 Wi! 0 fb n --if J any P+' M 15. 1,74 F S-.S 5 """ -' Members: tl.eft to Ftightj Bruce Reistle, Adam Johnson, WORLD AFFAIRS Members of this club share an interest in interna- tional relations, Members: tLeft to Flightt T. Daisy, Mr. Deutsh- bauer, Advisory F. Zaman, C, Orrick, B, Voltz, K. Bilgrami. CHOIR 84 MADRIGALS President: Dave Taylor Vice-President: Michael Drummond Secretaryz Clayton Waring Treasurer: Aiaina Spadaro Officers: Kym Thielking, Joe Birch Members fnot in order of appearancejz Joe Birch, C. Bourdon, M. Drummond, B. Harper, Fi. Johnson, J. Lewis, B. Rolax, D. Taylor, B. Voltz, C. Waring, M. Hain, C. Thompson, C. Beebe, J. Echart, S. Bradley, M. Bradley, K. Carpo, P. Carpo, L. Deppenschmidt. G. Dirraddo, K. Falkenstein, D. Hoffman, S. Lewis, J. Matiack, L. Menery, D, Pfitzenmaier, T. Privott, K. Schoenberg, A. Spadaro, K. Theiiking, T. Sasaki, A. Wieland, J. Broglin, P. Ancharski. MARCH ON TO VICTOR K ' Officers' President: Patrick Ancharski Vice President: David Taylor Secretary: Rosa Babb Treasurer: Jill Jackson Drum Majors: Debbie Collins and David Taylor Members: P. Ancharski, G. Cullen, R. Johnson, A. Fox, A. Askin, G. Eckhardt, R. Jones, K. Babb, C. Kelly, R. Babb, D. Greenspan, M. Krauss, G. Blew, S. Gustilo, C. Maddox, S. Chambers, C. Hampton, L. McAlpin, S. Chila, J. Jackson, T. Owler, D. Collins, K. Jansen, D. Pendle- bury, H. Collins, S. Jetter, S. Powell, E. Resnik, C. Rowand, D. Schuck, R. Schuck. C. Shute, A. Sprewell, L. Sprewell, W. Richmond, D. Taylor, M. Wooton, A. Jiminez, T. McAlpin. 5-'-w---- ,vu V 5 , ' I I' :"' , l' ' Q.. 2, T' x .A yn , . N . . A 15 , 9 X bp ' X Q: .-ff.. .L ' w e ear 1 . T B-2 A Qt- . ,A Eg! fi' yi N ' - . x Q ,' - A F "'1X,.. we . ,,.-,.- f- as i.. .L X S9 'L 'Ig M y 'ttt V . A K -i, L- Q Qvwfw- fx s. ,XXI 1. ............. df , s -.. g Band Front. J. Bowers, G. DiRaddo, D. Garwood, T. Gibbins, E. Kinsey, B. Pierce, M. Praul, R. S. Roth, A. Smith, L. Starkey, K. Wescott, K. Sottile, C. Bourdon, S. McEvoy, B. Rolax, D. E Fleming, J. Sliben, L. Connolly, M. Griscom, P. Eiohfeld, S. Lindeman, L. Joyner, T. lie ORC!-IE S THA 'Officers' President: David Taylor Vice President: Jill Jackson Secretary: George Cullen Treasurer: Kristin Jansen Manager: Pat Anoharski Librarians: Coleen Kelly, Bevin Harper, Members tNot in order of appearancel: E. Fer- nandez, N. Stringfield, A. Steiger, B. Wallace, K. Babb, S. McElroy, L. Starkey, J. Venturini, D. Stewart, T. Baer, J. Yahnke, P. Eichteld, H. Bar- tield, B, Cope, G. Travaline, A. Tillery, L. McCor- mick, D. Elie, H. Roberts, N. Bradley, L. McEvoy, T. Dougherty, B. Harper, G. Cullen, M. Bradley Jazz Ensemble The Jazz Ensemble consists of certain chosen members of the band. They perform in several concerts during the year. Concert Band The Concert Band plays a wide variety of music. from classical to pop. Members are also eligible to try out for All State. 0-544 SCHOOL NE VVSPAP F? li i, it ..,, ...F -if My EW? Vf' 'Q fr 1 Staff: Editor: Margaret Griscorn. News Editor: Stephanie King, Fund Raising: Utausha Elie. Photo Editor: Tomoko Sasaki. Sports Editor: Vicki Thurman, Entertainment Editors: Sean Gustilo, Emily Franco. Advisor: Ms. Evans. 'I ,, i , 5 ' , ,Q bf Q ,L - . it " I , .x ' 'iii' Q Q Q HITING CLUB AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE 'Officers' resident: Ellie Kinsey ice President: Mike Drummond ecretary: RJ. Meagher reasurer: Elizabeth Volz ssistant: Diane Garwood embers tNot in order of appearancel: E. Kin ey. M. Drummond, Fi. Meagher. E. Volz. D. Gar ood, D. McCormick, S. McPherson, S, Roth, K ansen, J. Bowers, K. Warrick, L. McCormick . Cook, M. D'Amico. L. Starkey, V. Thurman . Magee. 'Officers' resident: John Venturini ice President: Rachel Johnson ecretary: Gabrielle Travaline reasurer: Kristin Schoenberg ress Agent: Andrew Stieger. embers lNot in order of appearancel: R. John- on, B. Harper, B. Volz. S. Mitchell, K. Schoen- erg, M. Bradley, S. l-lannum. J. Matlack, J, Ven- urini, Fi. Chang. M. Ramos, S. Hamilton. A. tieger, M. D'Amico. G. Travaline, R. Johnson. Sandra Pirri S A Y we - r figs , r " J 'Inf Q' :IL - J SQ X . I x r 4 'f J: ' ' L: . I sis. S L., fe. Q me W, :E T Hg. 15164 -i , 5 1 in 1,5 3, 4 : -- .. .sfrgff of , , f rf Y 1 er ,f . ,-..- -,bi . sir . " " X 451, ,. Q f 1 ' "Wig - 5, 5 ' r - . Q -Q ifff., 'ff .. rif f " 1 I is , .. Mr: ,? ,I-1 Y' . EX Po yn f' '12 .V L ,' W x 2 rn' - K X - -it , x Q L. .. Q f , .- K 'E NM ,t 2 4 st F See' ,X A it ,E 5- -f 2.1 V1--f I ' K 'Y 2: ..,.,. S S S E 'ff p it F ii' 3 Q r yyissyy ssss 1+ , 'Q Q tw tw si 'S S " i ' "' Maureen O'DriscolI Tina Weidner Ruth Lockbaum Escorted by Dino Lolli Escorted by Charlie Conroy Escorted by Frank Trifeletti Escorted by Darren S i.d. .,, A s J f . :gf " f S , ., f .X Kelly Swanson Escorted by Todd Aspeli 2 Faida Hill Escorted by Steve Bateman :tf vgbfjn W 'grew ,. :.g :.,:'- . I, sz: . +- .1 5-fl , - 'll' ' N A' ' . :. 4 E f ' A I f 1 N if 5-gk 7985 HOMECOMING COURT AND ESCOR TS Adria Badin-Kieser Kim Smith-Bey Escorted by Stew Potter Escorted by Steve McKinnie 'qu- .Aa fi:-5 Anneiisa Bowers Escorted by Jay Wriggins Sara Sena Escorted by Greg Myers sr? I, .A vibiwv fe 1 N tg ,s it 'Q 3 4 t -Y ff J, ,QL 1 vii 3, , T5 A Z2 m ffm V' - . , fi 'f ,f my V236 fix? -H im 'YL L.. . E Qs Si . Nl x :MA H X I' ' L" ' at ' ' 4,5 , ff Q ,, ,, . ,, , WINNING FLOAT E.T. .. The Seniors The Wizard of Oz . . . The Juniors And the winner is . . . Miss Anrialisa Bowers! Chosen as the 1985 Homecoming queen, a winning day had -. ' B , - .Q- just begun. As the Homecoming festivities continued, the Senior Class rx gripped the win for the 4th consecutive year, with their tremendous float version of ET. The totally perfect day was brought to an all-time high when Glassboro chewed up Shalick with a 27-6 victory. For the grand finale, the S.G.A. sponsored an exhilarating dance to glorify the achievers, to inspire the losers, and conclude a very rewarding Homecoming! Ghostbusters . . . The Sophomores Popeye . . . The Freshman 41 , i ,F ,xx 1 if - r T f glfi ff f. , , -3 li A as i 'Spy it 'L A 0 Q l a V5 " W, i T 3 , ' r Q g F. if ,i ,. 'NV y-...E f ,ii aj 2 if if eff" fl A T. , ,fl W .V , R . 2 its . ,. ff at y V w ' X pf 1 , 1 ' fe ...., , ' JT ' it A -- p 1 4 guilt- NEW JERSEY A SCHOOL OF THE ARTS Members: Laurie Menerey, Andrew Steiger, Fiachei Johnson iNot picturedj 68 Members: iNot in order of appearancej D. Corvacniolo, W. Bowers, C. Vignola, L. Perez, Y. Mcifiae, K. Wescott, M. Magee, A. Steiger, H. Bui, M. Ancnarski, M. Gustilo, S. Sena, W. Palacio, K. Bilgrami, S. Amico, B. Meister, T. McElroy. ART SER VIOE Officers: President: Martin Gustiio Vice President: Sara Sena Secretary: William Palacio Treasurer: Khatija Bilgrami Historians: Sam Amico and Betn Meister Advisor: Mr. Krasting NATIONAL AR T HONOR S OOIE TY YEARBOUK STAFF 86 o 0 0 .. Ms. Nan Cobbs . . . , Tina Weidner ,. Tina Gwalthney , . . Kelly Swanson Maureen O'DriscoIl ..,... Sandra Pirri ...... Ellie Kinsey Clubs and Actlvltles Ednor . .. Linda Flupinski 5 .,....., E X 2 i x s K E 1 E i E Q iam YL., , - ff f -..,. - uw-, k,,. - .iw . ,M .,..f I1-ww., . New -1: HQ A i ,ug N .-,. .mf ,,:f-fm.-,A . ,ww f .,::-ffm: . -I-11-I I w, - - ami f -- :K 5, gem. 'ff.,::f1Q2ww:fmarg,mx2 UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIOR OFFICERS President - Frank Mancini Vice President - Chris Carmolingo Secretary - Sean Smith Treasurer - Heather Cassidy SORI-IOMORE OFFICERS President - RJ Meagher Vice President - Diane Cioffi Secretary - Denise Reinek Treasurer - Kathy VonHoltz FR SI-IMEIV OFFIOERS President - Bob Firth Vice President - Michelle Birmingham Secretary - Chris Douglas Treasurer - Gary Wriggins vr' M 'C:f25f'7A, H 7 my ' I f'fA M yu' WIS -. ,1 f h . , 5, aff f . ff' ., . . ffwkifig- " A ' ti-1l'f1k,?9.I Z, - ' "- Mg xg ' ' V v.-'S n kfx - A - '- ' , f 41. jf W- f.-1.3 . f sf ..... z Nm ' fi ly iff " - 1 " . y rs- ch M.- , , 5 --5'2" 'ff is fi, fb N-, , . 5 an ff , 'P 1 4, Ak.,L--i,,jj-4. Q YS lg ggi 5 1 , M 1 S 2? . ' -" i ,A I, 'xxx ,C ,,,2T-,,f,. -an i ' ., 1 " ,' 'K' - fm f .-ai aa ff' 9, sw: H if , v. , 'Q . a ww U4 K Q , V. ,, A 35, s 'M 0 3 .1 -11. 4. :MM J , ' 2 . Y -ff' , 53 f i , gf, 5, 5 iii . 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Douglas, Duffey, W. Dunner, J. Echardt, G. Edwards, V. Eichfeld, P. Elie, D. Falkenstein, K. Fiorella, W. Firth, R. Fleming, K. Fleming. S. Foster, J. Freadhoff, D. Gaines, A. Gaines, 0. Gaines, T. Gaines, T. Gaines, T. Galinsky, K. Gillman, R. Goodwin. J. Graham, C. Greenlee, J. Griscom, D. 85 4 " ' I . , gig! , i f .-. fi f 5- , O ""' " ' "??W"i- ...,, W2-z,a','i' 2f707"'?SW 1 ' " Sim .. f .. H I" ' ' N7 +V no f , A ow .5 X 1,, x, Vx -1 N gm .M r . ,L.A 531 as Sorry , No Photo M22 Ihh if ... V f A A. . A S L vA" w ara O, O ,g, A anyi ,Vt 5,, ,L,, , , L,L, 55 9' "-hifi? j , M ffff ,J PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Z- 5- A v Y A ' A V my-W , ff' w:,1,w ,- 14 VVV' - w . -, 1 . 7: ,t .A ,0 fx J ,lll H , 1, . G, . ,,. - , 5 . 3 f fin' v V "f 'S 13? 2 I me W J 4 Y H I ..v. Fd ,I , v 6Z'z:E1:: ..'H25754S??E !fk,'?g2'1 ,,'f"1fV A 1 "1 ' f,.. :L , tl fi Ye- K ,qy,Q?fij5H , 4 s 5 F I f, 1 G? 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'- t X -,swf -: V- v, , 1 x i .JG xiiwf-235. ' L.: K X K 59 M Q X, Q1-4 1 -.., A . 1 .,, KE ..,, w A, . f ' . . 7' L . Jil wgrzfj. 552.551 V L , w 1, g., ,, ,, ,' - ','Q ag 'Ki wiygii i kqsm-ii, W gag. f ,3 ua Wi' ,I 4 I' it 7 Y A d,g,.. ,, .t ,. 5 595? f H Q A, , - wmn' AUM 6 ,, s 39 - ,L H A K ' M "' W9 , ",. 1., ' ,.',j" Quia 4 F,-A. " -' ff? :, WE! , " ,I f-Z.-51i9w'.' iii ii -. ' M I , ,, 5 ,,X, 1 T' ,SQw4m,5 aw. ? ' if Q rwgwwl f I fggfgg . 17 If in "xif'+f1ig " - f wmv .:'V:,.w N' Y J M ' - J- ' , , 5 ,-,N A fn if :arf My-'gg-f. J M 'SUM' '-vu-. -1 ao, 4' f X . kv.. . 1 X pwaxq , - 4 ',fIl,.. . A Y Q32 .. 4. sawi j 44 A'Lx , I -pp., K , ,Q -. L A 2 1155. kk 5+ M W ' K i , 909355 he 'fs J, f.L . ,, K SF?'d:F'.5'-if?-mf K..-, , - ' F' k -7: W ,is A1 is . 5 - N. .. Y - . '1 -1.755 N ll-u Q 4 1- ff 4, , '. ig sg rj?- If ' V v..2EX2i1x...Q .nm - zfqff J' . -, 4 Q Niche f' .f,. Eff . E fgjy gc r i .Y I I I .-.. M311 Q dwwhdw whwhwhmhdmNmmhwh SAVED FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO MADE . . . ' 9 n , l , K l x 1 k p , x l , ' C l 'l g l ' n K p k u , Kn xs, .1 v 1 v 1 . 1 v v -v v dmdwdmmdmdmmmwhwhwbwhwhwhdm OUF? HIGH SCHOOL YEARS SPECIAL M SENIORS '-EQ Y- SENIOR OFFICERS President- Ruth Lockbaum Vice President- Timmy Lester Secretary- Sandra Pirri Treasurer- Maureen O'Driscoii Committee Planner- Faustina Sippio 5 President- Ruth Lockbaum and Advisor- R xiii i Ms. Blumenfeld F? ff . t, ,www 'IVF ' -K f 4. W ..,.,.,.,g' 'aff' tb - .v K n 7 ,JIU 'Q O :ft- i 0 if 5,3 W t,, 'V i ff, spits il., E 1 . .Jw kim --1 MANY THANKS, MRS. RDOLFINO JKT .atm w--........Qm.c...., Mrs. Fiidolfino, When we needed someone to lead us through our final year, you were there for us. Our Senior year was a very demanding one, but you helped to make it much easier as you stood by us. Our projects and activities ran smoothly under your leadership and organization. Without your help, our accomplishments would not have been possible. Thank you for being there and keeping us on our toes. Your driving spirit was something we could not have done without. You, too, were a friend- easy to talk to and easy to work with VVe're glad that when we needed someone to take over you were picked for the job. No one else could have done it better! We'll never forget what you've done for the Class of '86 and we hope the future brings you many good things! X Fluth Lockbaum Class President THANK YOU MISS MA TTIOLI On behalf of the class of nineteen-hundred and eighty-six we would like to express our deepest appreciation to Miss Margaret Mattioli. Miss Mattioli, you were with us in the very beginning, and gave us three years of guidance, that certainly has not gone unnoticed. When we first started out we were just strangers. Then with each passing day as we discussed, created, and planned together- the closer we became. You were no longer just our advisor or teacher- you were our friend. Through your own special way, you motivated us and helped us to grow and be successful together as a class. Although we admire your dedication and leadership, it was those kind words of friendship that we can not forget. As someone we could trust and depend on, you were there to listen- your door was always open. tand we took advantage of itlli Your spirits were always high, and your devotion was strong and this of course is how we will always remember you. We'll miss you . . . The Class of '86 wishes you the best of luck! Ruth Lockbaum Class President CLI' Vs:- f M4 Wig X 0 41 WMM f 7 ,gang gel. W 7 V fl" 'Q 'P gm, Qlf ef x iii, naming: all qrmfgtia' Z, Y 7 .5 .W"Wll'wilt' s 2 .Q 1 I "iho- 7986 CLASS HISTORY lt was September of '82 in what had just become our own GHS where we took our first steps together as friends, students, achievers, but mainly as the spirited Class of 1986. The year of graduation it seemed was an eternity away, but countless activites filled the gaps. Musicals, clubs, sports, and parties were among the best. As Freshmen, Miss Mattioli was our advisor and our first year offficers were: President, Ruth Lockbaum, Vice President: Glenn Esgro, Secretary, Gina Laspata and Treasurer, Kelly Swanson. Our days were spent with fundraisers in order to build our first float for homecoming 1982, and our nights were busy with construction of the dragon in Sleeping Beauty to the theme of "Fairytales". The float was victorious and we celebrated at the Homecoming Dance that same night. We were then crowned spirit week champs by winning the final activity, the hall decorating contest. The year flew by and after finally adjusting to our new environment it was time to leave. In September of 1983 we were back again. As sophomores we somehow felt lost. We weren't uppperclassmen yet, but we weren't the new, excited freshman class either. Soon though, we found that sophomores are just like everyone else and we had still another great year. Miss Mattioli was behind us again and our only change in officers was Tina Weidner as our new Vice-President. Homecoming brought win number 2 in the float contest, as we paid tribute to three heroes ofthe 196O's. Our sophomroe hop capped off the year. After months of preparation the evening of May 6th arrived and in our gowns and tuxedos we attended our first formal. "Time will Reveal" was our theme and Jay Wriggins and Ruth Lockbaum were crowned Prince and Princess of the court. l I l l I i As juniors Miss Mattioli was still hanging in there but among our officers there were a few changes, Kelly Swanson now served as President while Tina Weidner took her place as treasurer. Two new faces were Brian Sprewell as Vice President and Maureen O'Driscoll as Secretary. Miss Blumenfeld was also helping with our activities. This year we were finally upperclassmen. One by one each of us obtained a driver's license and the fun never stopped. Our classes were tough but somehow the experience and respect we had gained made them seem easy. This was also the year some of us decided to take a different route by attending Gloucester County Vocational School daily. Our float "The Wonderful World of Disney" which starred Mickey Mouse and friends was built for Homecoming 1984. We were ecstatic to know we had win number 3. The hall decorating contest was replaced by a skit which carried the theme, "historical events". As Irving Carr and Brian Sprewell rapped out the past, others joined in by acting out the parts, and we took ourselves to victory, in this event too. ln . sports our school dominated the new Tri-County Conference as we had team championships in cross country, football, T basketball, wrestling, and baseball. Our Jr.-Sr. Prom brought the year to an end. "Some Things Never Change" played l throughout the elegant red room of Masso's Crystal Manor. At the end of the night Glenn Esgro and Ruth Lockbaum were picked as King and Queen. In 1985 Miss Blumenfeld became our new advisor as Miss Mattioli took a new job. It was hard to believe we were finally seniors. Officers Ruth Lockbaum, Tim Lester, Sandra Pirri, Maureen O'Driscoll and Faustina Sippio were chosen to get us through our final year. The year brought about a successful senior dinner dance and homecoming. Anna Bowers was crowned homecoming queen after our first parade through town. ET was the title for our very last float competition. We waited all day for the announcement that we were 4 TIME CHAMPIONS!! Our trip to Florida, and our graduation were our final activities as seniors, wonderful conclusions to our 4 superb years. When we leave here we will take the many lessons we have learned along the way. The friendships, the hardships, the fun - the sharing, the caring, we will never forget. DeT'llS6 Ad3lTlS Todd Edward Aspell Kevin Baldwin Denise L. Adams, "Dee", "Nostiva": June 17, '68: Gemini: "Can you get served?": Friends: Becky lEvai, Nancy, Colleen Weskai, Kym, Faria, Carrie, Khatija, Sara: Likes: Winning, Flus- sians, 4x4's, WMMR, Zepplin: Dislikes: Losing, NJ T Bus Man, two faced and fake people, Ac- tivities: Football stats 3-4, Hockey 1-2, Softball 1-2, Wrestling Mgr. 2, Mat Aids 1, Tennis 4, Jr. Ach. Orchestra 1, World Affairs Club: Memories: Live Aid, Spring Fling, Highland Raid, Louie, Louie Parade, Football Camp: Future Plans: Col- lege. Reid Allen, Dec, 1, '67, Sagittarius: Friends: Jay, Mike, Greg: Likes: Track: Dislikes: Shaving, wak- ing up, Dans: Memories: Vegmo Edward Todd Aspell, "Apple", "KH: March 12, '68: Pisces: "Oh Boy": Friends: The Subbers, Senior Girls, Soccer Team: Likes: Soccer, golf, dances: Dislikes: Onions, losing, deadlines, Mon- day. beat weekends: Activities: Soccer 1-4, Baseball 1-3, Golf 4, Wrestling 1, SGA 1-4, Hop and Prom Court, Float and Homecoming Comm. Soccer Captain 4, Varsity Club 2-4, Memories: 9th pd. Folker, Pre Calc w!Mr. Crispin, Baseball bus fire, beating Woodstown: Future Plans: Col- lege. Adria Badin-Kieser, "Age": Sept. 6, '68: Virgo: "What?": Friends: Angela, Tina, Regina, Elina: Likes: Shopping, New York, Dancing, Aerobics: Dislikes: liars, Italian food, cheaters: Activities: Marching Band 1-3, NHS 3-4: Memories: Chap- ter l Champs, my cars, Easter Break '83: Future Plans: College. Kevin Baldwin, Jan. 29, '68: Aquarius: "Oh well": Friends: Mike Wigglesworth, Todd Boyer, Scott Wigglesworth, Tom Wood: Likes: to draw, football, music, T.V. Dislikes: homework: Memo- ries: being wfthe gang in VA: Future Plans: Ser- vice. Khatija Bilgrami, "Tige": Nov. 24, '66: Sagittar- ius: "Crap it": Friends: Carrie, Faria, Denise, Tammy, Rachel, Flebecca, Kim, Sean: Likes: sleeping late, tennis, summer time, fun, seafood: Dislikes: running, stuck up people, science, T- Bus man, homework: Activities: Tennis 1-4, Dra- ma 1: NHS 3-4, Foreign Language Club 3-4, World Affairs Club 2-4 Memories: Dusters, Wild- wood, 4th in Philadelphia, "W-Bus", Louie, Louie Parade: Future Plans: Elementary Educa- tion. Salad Bilgrami, "Gandi": Mar 1, 68': "Pisces": "Just relax! Take it easy": Friends: Adam, Paul, Willy, Fiichard, Pete, Steve, Chris, Darin: Likes: Trips, football, cars, friends: Dislikes: School food, English, snobs: Activities: World Affairs Club, Apeiron Science Club, Tennis, Humanities Club: Memories: Folker boat race, Chicago trip: Future Plans: Engineering. Joseph Will Birch, "Joe": Feb 16, 68': Aquarius: Friends: Jamie, Harry, John, Dave: Likes: Music, traveling, reading: Dislikes: Long lines: Activities: Choir, Madrigals, All State Chorus, All South Jer- sey Chorus, Science Club, Black Cultures Club. World Affairs Club: Future Plans: College. David P, Birmingham, "Frog": Mar 22, 6B': Aries: "What's up'?": Friends: Bill, Terry, Lou, Troy, Irvin, Benji, Craig, Brian: Likes: Wildwood, hunting, Billy Squire, staying out late: Dislikes: Stuck-up people, getting up early, Staying in: Activities: Soccer 1-2, Wrestling 2: Memories: Good friends, Mr. Felony, social studies, pep rallies, voc. bus: Future Plans: Welding Annelisa Bowers, "Anna": May 25, 68': Gemini: "Oh look how cute!": Friends: Diane, Tom, An- gela, Blaine, Julie, Carole, Darren: Likes: The Beach, dancing, playing around with my little brother, get-togethers, skiing: Dislikes: Cliques, being pale, pressure, fake friends, family fights: Activities: FBLA 4, Wrestling mgr. 2-4, Hop comm., float comm, basketball cheerleader 1, Homecoming Queen: Memories: Choo-choo, Broodside-W, get togethers at L.F., first dances- soph. and jun. yrs., Veg's house: Future Plans: College. Thomas Boyer, "Mud": Dec. 5, 67': Sagittarius: "Home boy": Friends: Victor, Larry, Irvin, Flob- ert, Walt, Ftich, Chico, Leroy: Likes: Cars, mon- ey, clothes: Activities: Basketball 1, Track 1: Memories: Baseball, money, T.V. showa: Future Plans: Service. Dave Brown, "Spot": Dec. 6, 67': "Sagittarius": "What's up?": Friends: Shawn, Todd, Field, Chris, Glenn, Jerr, Mike, Nancy: Likes: Movies, just hanging out, weekends: Dislikes: Scums, Carole, Dan, homework: Memories: G Building, Chuck's 9th period class, Spring Break 84', Humbert, the gang: Future Plans: College Joseph Birch 'sr' Annelisa Bowers ttsr David Brown Michelle Denise Brown: "Shelly": Aug. 4, '68: Leo: "For reaI": Friends: Anita, Trisha, Larry, Lisa, Ben, Faida, Yogi, Faustina: Likes: David, Dancing, phone, music, work: Dislikes: simple people, bad crowds, gym: Activities: Black Cul- tures Club, Junior Achievement, Deca, Pep Club: Memories: Ms. Klein, Ms. Aliberti, Virginia, Philly, Mr. Goosby: Future Plans: R N Lorrie Ann Burt, "Bean: Sept. 30, '67: Libra: "What's up?": Friends: Denise, Quincy, Jack, Larry, Tyrone, Patricia, Myrna, Dawn: Likes: pep rallies, basketball games: Dislikes: nosey people: Activities: Basketball V. cheerleader, Track: Memories: Denise, Mr. Holland,. Mrs. Aliberti, Ju- lius Brooks, Barry Lewis: Future Plans: l.l.S. Navy Roxanne Burt, "Roxy": Aug. 30, '67: Virgo: Friends: Janet, Michelle, Yolanda, Wanda, Katri- cia: Future Plans: Job. Stephanie Ann Byers: "Steph": Aug. 14, '68: Leo: "Give me a break": Friends: Kelle, Carole, Nancy, Drew, Carmen, Wayne, Sam, The Flap- pers: Likes: my family, fireworks, Elvis, the beach, sleep: Dislikes: waiting, being a taxi, pressures, SuFu's, rain: Activities: SGA 1-3, Marching Band 1, Soccer Mgr. 2-4: Memories: Flappin' out, pursuit 7th pd, peach orchards, Sept. '83, life gaurds ' 84, Nov 1, '85, meeting "the man": Future Plans: College. Rebekah Ann Byrer: "Becky": Mar. 13, '68: Pi- sces: "Are you sure?": Friends: Denise tNos- tival, Sheila, Faria, Michelle, Carrie, Colleen, Mi- chelle, Carrie, Colleen, Tomoko, Kristen: Likes: Tennis, Russians, WMMR. Road trips, days off: Dislikes: NJ Bus man, hydro electric power plants, stuck-up people, losing waiting: Activi- ties: Softball 1-3, Tennis 3-4, World Affairs, Ju- nior Achievement: Memories: Pole jumping, fire fighting, Highland raid, Spring Fling, Louie: Fu- ture Plans: College. Irvin Carr: "The poet King Fresh": Dec. 20, '67: Sagittarius: "YO rnanl!": Friends: Mark, Brian, Bill: Likes: Talent shows, winning the Junior skit, starting poetry in school: Future Plans: Technical school. Michelle D. Brown Roxanne Burt Rebekah Byrer Lori Burt Stephanie Byers Irvin Carr n f l i. --, ..- Scott Chambers .fx ef Angela l. Cimini Carole Cline Shawn Conaway Craig Cassaday, Sept. 22, '68: Virgo: "Can't wait 'til Friday": Friends: Tim, Dan, TJ, Carmen, Dave, Joe, Sajad, Mike: Dislikes: cold, rain, stuck-up girls, bad golf, striking out: Activities: baseball 1, golf 2-4: Memories: Mr. Steidle's class, Mr. Kennedy's class, good friends, cold rooms. Future Plans: 4-year college. Scott Alan Chambers: "Corns": June 4, '68: Gemini: "Hey Dude": Friends: Todd, Carmen, Hob, Parrot, Grubber, Dave, Paul, Sara, Brew Crew. Likes: weekends, music, money, dances. Dislikes: Mondays, mornings, beat weekends, out of gas, being broke. Activities: Drum line 1-4, SGA 3, Float Committee 1-4. Memories: l118, The 7-11 Accident, winning Chapters in '82. Fu- ture Plans: College. Christopher Clbo, "Kerm": Oct. 16, '67: "Li- bra": "What it is": Friends: Shawn, Wayne, Joe, Dennis, maybe one or two more: Likes: money, Piper's Pit, The Stones, Bowie. Dislikes: heavy medal, shaving. Memories: New Year's Eve Party '83, Mr. New Jersey. Future Plans: College. Angela Irene Cimini, "Ang" or "Fritt": May 4, '68: "Taurus": "I know": Friends: Adria, Anna, John, Diane, Julie, Timmy, Carole: Likes: Ratt, Italians, South Philly, dancing: Dislikes: stuck-up people, dressing for gym, liars, being cold: Ac- tivities: SGA 2,4, Mat-aid, Hop and Prom comm, Prom court, snowball court: Memories: Summer of '84, Running with DH and KB, Stuck escala- tor: Future Plans: Business School. Carole Patrice Cline, i'Dippy": Dec. 26, '67: Capricorn, "Are you serious'?": Friends: Nancy, Shawn, Stephine, Kelle, Diane, Angela: Likes: Shawn, late Friday nights, Springsteen: Dislikes: trash cans, head games, waiting around, Chevys: Activities: Band Front 1-3, Softball 1-2, SGA 1, Deca 4: Memories: Band Competitions, Winning Chapter I, Group I champs, English Class, 30 min. drive to Wildwood, Summer of '85: Future Plans: Be promoted. Shawn M. Conaway, "Bo": January 24, '68, Aquarius: "Hey Dude": Friends: Dave, Wayne, Carole, Joe, Georgeski, Chris, Karen F, Ed: Likes: Music, sketching, 130 mph, pay day: Dis- likes: Slow drivers, English, Arguing w!Carole: Activitiesi Float Comm.: Memories: New York City, Spring break, Vacation '85-'86, Working on floats, G-Building: Future Plans: industrial Fiefin- ishing. Qi Robert Connolly Benjamin Credell Robert Connolly Maurice Cook: "Marty": Apr. 5, '68: Aries: "Get": Friends: Julio, LaTonya, Anthony, Ty, Treva: Likes: Food, good times, nice Clothes: Dislikes: Ignorance, peas, book reports: Activi- ties: Foreign Language Club, Black Cultures Club: Memories: my Adidas sneakers: Future Plans: USMC Benjamin Credell: "Benii": Dec. 3'67: Sagittar- ius: "Block": Friends: Danielle, Troy, Tyrone, Ronnie, Block, Mann, Goober, Julio, Tammy, Kenya, Kim, Quincy, Faustina, Larry, Timmy, Seniors: Likes: Food, study hall, driving cars, homeboy: Dislikes: school lunch, 1st pd., stuck- up people, detention: Activities: Football 1-4, Baseball 2, Basketball 1-2, Track 1,3: Memories: study hall, getting up, gym, my Senior year, friends: Future Plans: College. George F. Cullen: "Jack": Nov, 14, '67: Scorpio: "Just following my hood ornament": Friends: Mi- chele, Shawn, Karen, Drew, Dave, Ed, Wayne, Jamie: Likes: music, theatre, Michele: Dislikes: Scyls, English, turtles, cabbage: Activities: Glass. summer Theatre '85, Jazz Ensemble, Or- chestra, Concert band, stage crew, "Anthem": Memories: "Summer of '85", concerts with An- them, NY City, "Cage", The Shop: Future Plans: None Tamela Lynn Daisey: "Dent", Nov, 3, '66: Scor- pio, "You irk me": Friends: Mary Ann, Faria, Khatija, Liliana, Sara, Kermie, Esgro, everyone else: Likes: Kris, weekends, time to myself, lying in the sun, gossiping with Mar: Dislikes: waiting, being late, people who nag, cliques, gym, home- work: Activities: SGA 1,28 4, Drama Club 1-4, ITS 1-4, FBLA 2-4, World Affairs 2-4, stage crew 4, choir 3, Marching Band 1, Morning Announce- ments 2-4, WGPS T.V. 3-4: Memories: Meeting Kris in '83, carrying Mar out of the bathroom, winning chapters, trip to Florida, limo, proms, hop: Future Plans: Army Michele D'Amico, "Mush": Oct. 3, '68: Libra: Friends: Tigger, Blue, Sheila, Paisley, Mark, Dave, Sandy, Beth, Traci: Likes: Hooters, friends, Robbie, music, art, stories: Dislikes: the sun, snobs, preppies, funk, peas: Activities: Bas- ketball Cheerleading 2, Softball Mgr. 2, Track 3- 4, Writing Club 4, Foreign Language Club 4: Memories: Dion's murder, Ocean City with Tig- ger, getting Bruce tickets, my adopted family, ripped posters, Scranton: Future Plans: Music Maurice Cook George F. Cullen Q ,:.....-, Tamela Daisey Michele D'Amico Adrienne M, Davis Michael Drummond 'ir Karen Falkenstein Adrienne Michelle Davis, "Angel": Dec, 20, '68: Sagittarius: "l'm not even trying to go that way": Friends: Faida, Warren, Geno, Quincy, Ftonda- vet, Liynn, Chico Beth: Likes: Clothes, food, school, shrimp: Dislikes: Phony people, liars, Benji: Activities: Girls Basketball Manager, Varsi- ty Club, Black Cultures Club: Memories: Going to Georgia's Six Flags: Future Plans: RN Malcolm Dougherty. "Grubber": June 7, '68: Gemini: "What's the deal'?": Friends: Brew Crew, Mr. NJ, Sara, Greg, Bruce Pi: Likes: Ten- nis, OM, knee boarding, Friday nights, ping pong, Dislikes: MB, nuts, winter, Mon. mornings: Activities: Tennis 1-4: Memories: lrv's, G-Build- ing, Cove, Bonfire, Folkers class: Future Plans: College. Michael Carl Winthrope Drummond, "Mike": Feb. 23, '68: Pisces: "What's Up'?": Friends: Michelle, Sheila, Mike, Joe, Kim: Likes: Soccer, books: Dislikes: snobs, not having money: Ac- tivities: Soccer 1-4, Winter Track 2-4, Spring Track 1-4, Foreign Language Club 1-4, Pres. 3, V. Pres. 2- 4, Black Cultures Club 1-2, Junior Achievement 2-4, Pres. 2-4, choir 1-4, V. Pres. 4, Close-Up 3, Memories: Freshman year, Close- Up Trip, Pole vaulting, Jr. year, shot putting, Senior Trip: Future Plans: College. Glenn Michael Esgro, "Screw", "Skippy": Dec. 19, '67: Sagittarius: "Hey Bud", "Get the ... " Friends: The Subbers, The study hall gang, Sen- ior Women, TL, FlB, FM, GM, CC, WG: Likes: NC, baseball, Dislikes: grass drills, losing, getting kicked in the face, ungiven directions, Document Based Essays: Activities: Soccer 1, Baseball 1-4, Football 2-4, Wrestling 1, Class V,P. 1, SGA1-3, Pres. 4 Football Captain 4, Baseball Captain 4: Memories: Bus Fire, Jamies party, Shore '85, I- 118:'Future Plans: College. Karen Marie Falkenstein, "B-T-H": Nov. 8 '67: Scorpio: "Where's the party?" Friends: KK, GC, CL, JG, BH, MZ, JF, Jimbo, SB, ZBT, SS, DS, Likes: ZBT, WMMFi, Temple U, South Street: Dislikes: Waking up, poverty: Activities: Stage Crew, YA, Softball, Tennis Mgr., NJSA-WA1-S, Close-up, HUB, Writers Club: Memories: Spring Fling, ZBT, Animal House, being kidnapped, JG's 81 CL's Party, Daniels Bandit, general: Fu- ture Plans: Temple. David Fernandez, "Doc" Sept. 22, '67: Virgo: "Yeah!" it's party time": Friends: Class of '86, Enedig, Wades, Troy, LeRoy, Coley D. Pegg: Likes: fast cars, food: Dislikes: the box, vegeta- bles, Activities: Basketball, track: Memories: "summer of '85, Maria, parties, movies: Future Plans: Pennco tech. Malcolm Dougherty Glenn Esgro David Fernandez Mark C. Franklin Treva Gaines .Mt -S.. Thomas Gillman Julio Gomez Lee Griscom James Grupenhoff Mark Franklin, "Dubmaster": April 30, '68, "Yo what's up'?": Friends: Brian, Irving, Bill, Tyrone, Clarence, Quincy, Tom: Likes: girls, money, clothes, cars: Dislikes: school lunch, homework, being broke, biters: Activities: Football: Future Plans: College. Treva Gaines, "Trea": Sept. 8, '68: Virgo: "That'll work": Friends: Howard, Myrna, Lily, Tara, Dawn, Beverly, Kenya, Althea: Likes: good food, Fellows, parties, basketball, football, Dis- likes: conceited people, bad food, boring par- ties: Activities: Basketball Cheerleading 2, Foot- ball Cheerleading, Freshman basketball, D.E. 1, Softball, Track: Memories: Flun in with Perry twins: Future Plans: College. Thomas Gillman, "Barney": Feb. 26, '68: Pi- sces: "Hey dude": Friends: Deana, Tom, Todd H., Joe B., Don, Dean? Likes: gang?, money, parties: Dislikes: owing money, school, stuck up people: Memories: school, being with Deana, friends: Future Plans: Business Management. Julio Ft. Gomez, "Hoot": July 27, '68: Leo: "F.T.B.": Friends: Marty, Primo, Tiny, Benji, Kid Chip, Sherri, Princy: Likes: money, music, gold, GH.: Dislikes: school, no money, stuck-up people, no GH., being bored: Future Plans: Mili- tary and College. Lee Griscom, "Wood": June 19, '68: Gemini: "What's up son'?": Friends: Jamie G., Glenn E., Wayne V., Sam A., Mike W., Dave, and son tTim LJ, the rest know who they are: Likes: money, parties, sports, Whoppers: Dislikes: bad refs, missing tackles, striking out, Monday mornings: Activities: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4: Memories: the bus tire, 1983 Football season, I-118, dances: Future Plans: College. James Grupenhoft, "Sandals": "Jame": "Grup": Feb. 24, '68, "Pisces": "You better git": Friends: The crew, Mr. N.J., Scro, Gwath, J.L., C.C., KK., T.L., S.C., D.B., W.G., RB., SA., W.V.: Likes: parties, weekends, slammin, summer, steamroller: Dislikes: school, Sundays: Activities: Baseball 1-4: Memories: I-118, Fresh- man year dances, Avalon, Mr. N.J., Folker's class: Future Plans: College. Tina Marie Gwalthney, "Teena", "Fashion": Feb. 20, '68: Pisces: "Oooh", "oh no!": Friends: The Breakfast Bunch, Hockey girls, the Subbers, Boo lmoo, Chris S., D.M.: Likes: Field Hockey, ' Big Macs, Muscles, winning: Dislikes: fake peo- ple, back stabbers, smokers, Greeks, waiting: Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, Softball 1, SGA 1-4, Varsity Club 3-4, Mat Aid, Homecoming Comm., Float Comm., National Honor Society: Memo- ries: the 6-pack, Pennsylvania Consumers, Fri- day mornings, Cl and DM sisters, pit stops, bruised knees, 22 St 14, Floy's Taxi Cab Service: Future Plans: Specialized nurse Adriene Harden Faida Hill, "Foxy Fay": Dec. 19, '68: Sagittarius: "ain't nothin"': Friends: Kim, Bevy Bev, K.S. Fresh, Timmy, CJ-Dog, Larry, Dawn, Myrna, Ta- sha, Fi-Fi, Jazzy-J, Leif, David: Likes: spaghetti. cheering, bagging up, grubbin', guys: Dislikes: reading, school lunches, immature people, cheese: Activities: Spring track 3-4, President and Vice-President Black Cultures Club 2-4, SGA 3-4, Football Cheerleader 3, Basketball Cheerleader 3-4, Marching band 2, Pep squad 3-4, Homecoming Court 4: Memories: Neil Wise tried to jump tennis net, hockey mile: Future Plans: Accountant Dawn Hinton Diane Hofmann, "Deen: June 12, '68: Gemini: "Ya know": Friends: Anna, Angela, Carole, Tom, Blaine, Julie, Dena: Likes: Being with Tom: Dislikes: Breakfast, stuck-up people, clubs: Memories: Me, Kim and Ang running, Brookside with choo-choo: Activities: FBLA, Field hockey 1, wrestling man 2-4, float comm.: Future Plans: Bradford Business School William Humbert ' 1 4 Tina Gwalthney Adriene Harden " JM Faida Hill Dawn Hinton '-Cu mugs. Diane Hofmann William Humbert Bill lmmel Timothy Jansen Bill lmmel, "Boo lmoo", July 7, '68, Cancer, "oh no", Friends: Teena, Sandra, Chris, Sean, Troy, Joe, Anthony, Benji, Likes: Dances, Tennis, soc- cer, Dislikes: Homework, winter, Monday morn- ings, Activities: Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1, Varsity tennis 3-4, World Affairs club, Foreign Language Club, NHS, Varsity club, Memories: The prom, Freshmen basketball, Roy's taxi cab service: Fu- ture Plans: College. Carmen F, lnsana, 'tCarm", July 23, '68, Leo, "Getta Grip": Friends: Dion, Hob, Jamie, Greg, Scott, Malcolm, Steph, Sara, Likes: tennis, "Steamroller", Dislikes: Rainy days, Monday mornings, homework: Activities: Wrestling 1-4, Basketball 1-2, tennis 3-4, Memories: l-118, it's either the window .... or thissss, Elina's party, Future Plans: College. Tim Jansen, "Jens", Nov. 3, '67, Scorpio, "Get a Life", Friends: Craig, Dion, Bob, Bill, Dave, Likes: cars, Golf, weekends, Dislikes: Home- work, stuck-up women, going to work, camaros, Activities: Marching Band 1-3, Concert Band 1- 2, Jazz Band 1-2, Orchestra 2-4, Honors Band 1, Golf 3-4: Memories: Winning Chapter I Cham- pionship, Future Plans: College. Adam Johnson, "Ad": Jan. 28 '68, Aquarius, "Forget it", Friends: Paul, William, Saiad, Chris, Rich, Dave, Steve, Pete: Likes: Football, friends, college, Dislikes: Snobs, Baseball, Pain, Activi- ties: Science Club 3-4, World Affairs Club 1-4, Tennis 1-4, NHS 4, Humanities Club 1-2, SGA 2, Memories: Bombing the P's, guy with shotgun, being chased in Phil., Future Plans: Columbia U. Dennis Kirkpatrick, "the menace", April 29, '68, Taurus, "What's up'?", Friends: Chris, Tom, Rob, Dave, Joe, Bill, Likes: Money, cars, cruising, weekends, Dislikes: Stuck-up people, Memories: school, Future Plans: College, Bruce E, Klein, "Brew", March 24, '68, Arles, "Ciao Franco, Che cosa fai qui'?": Friends: Ter- ry, Clayton, Russell, Sara, Holly, Likes: Drawing, my V.W., sleep, Dislikes: fake people, work, small children, Memories: Homecoming floats, Get Acquainted Dance, the Fall Guy, Senior Trip, Future Plans: College. Carmen lnsana Adam Johnson Dennis Kirkpatrick Bruce Klein :..g,:,3 .3 K L v r. A .1 s., Troy Knight Joe l.8MOfllC3 s- . - - - -. -Q. .N-,.. f Troy Knight Kelle Annemarie Kortonick, "Kelle", Dec. 16, '67, Sagittarius, "Go for it", Friends: Stephanie, Gregory, Faria, Drew, Joe, Jamie, Carole, The Flappers, Likes: Soccer, days off, The Morning Zoo, "Gone With The Wind", Dislikes: Being a taxi, the hockey mile, Power 99, Sufu's, Hydro- electric power plants, Activities: SGA 1, Musical 3, Marching Band 1-2, varsity soccer mgr. 3-4, Memories: "Endless Love", 7th. pd. trivial, 8th. pd. Study Hall, G-Big., The Prairie 10!27!84, 4!16!85, summer '85, Flappin' Out, May-Boat, Spring Fling '85, Wake up and slam, Future Plans: College. Joe LaMonica, "Gabby", Sept 7 '68, Virgo, "l don't know", Freinds: Wayne, Sam, Shawn, Tim, Kelle, Tom, Greg, Likes: Soccer, Italian food, winning: Dislikes: Pitman, Activities: Soccer 1-4, Memories: Beating Woodstown: Future Plans: College. Gina A. Laspata, "Jean", Feb. 9, '68, Aquarius, "What'?", Friends: The Breakfast Bunch-1, Hockey girls, Subbers, Denise, Sammy, BB, B. Ciff, Likes: New Hampshire, quiet times, Hulk- ster, friends and family, Dislikes: fighting, liars, secrets, nosey people, Activities: Class Sec. 1, Treas. 2, field hockey 1-4, Var. Club 3-4, SGA 1- 4, Wrestling mgr. 1, girls basketball mgr. 1, Hop, Prom, and float Comm., FBLA Vice Pres., Memories: USN, Blot, C-213, 6-pack, 14 and 22, LFtis a , New Years Eve 84', Future Plans: College. Tim Lester: "The Macho Man", Apr. 9, '68, Aries, "Look man", Friends: Tyrone, Hollybush Wrecking Crew, KP, Everybody who is some- body, Mrs. Watts, my son Woodrow, Melissa: Likes: Contact sports, inflicting pain, my blue glasses, Dislikes: Disrespectful people, sore feet, missing tackles, Activities: Football 1-4, Basket- ball 1-4, Baseball 1,3-4, Senior class VP: Memo- ries: My Senior yr,, '83 Football season, Phil Turner's Workshop, Future Plans: College. Yolanda D. Lewis, "Yogi", July 28, '68, Leo, "Child, let me tell you", Friends: Carl, Bev, Kim, SB, Martina, Myrna, Andrea, Angel, Michele, Likes: Fun, laughing, Carl, being around Bev St Beth, Dislikes: Fly guys, waiting, talkers, Activi- ties: Field Hockey 1, Marching Band 1-2, Bas- ketbll 1, Black Cultures Club 2-4, Pres. 4, FBLA 3-4, Var. Club 3-4, SGA 4, Tennis 2, Girls Track Mgr. 3, Deca 3-4, Memories: Carl, Trick-O-Treat- ing, The Va. Trip, Future Plans: College. Kelle Kortonick Gina Laspata Timothy Lester Yolanda Lewis , 107 John Ft, Little. "Little": Nov. 30, '68: Sagitarius: "Not quite": Friends: Shawn C., Wayne V., Woody G., Angela C., Tim L., Sam A., Dave B.: Likes: Being with Heather, Motley Crue, heavy metal, BATT: Dislikes: Mondays, school, Power 99, WCAU 98: Memories: going to Crue concert twice, Batt concert, Sr. Class Trip: Future Plans: Attend Jr. College. Ruth Lockbaum, "Legs", "Stick": Aug. 19, '68: "I can't, I have a meet tomorrow": Friends: Tina W., Maureen O., Gina L., Kelly S., Linda B., Tina G, Sandra P., Jr. girls: Likes: Frank M., double dates, running, Two Vic's, happiness: Dislikes: Long practices, long homework assignments, being confused: Activities: Field hockey 1-2, Basketball 1, X-Country 3-4, Indoor Track 2-4, Spring Track 1-4, Class President 1,2,4, girls citizenship alt, Hop queen, Prom queen, Home- coming court, Jr. Miss Pageant, Varsity club, SGA, NHS: Memories: Sr. trip, Class '84, Cross- Country Champ '84, Hop '85: Future Plans: Col- lege. Regina Ann Loungo, "Beg", "Jeannie": July 19, '68: Cancer: "Oh my gosh": Friends: The Break- fast Bunch, Senior guys, my brothers, Bunny M., Hockey girls, Gary W., my parents: Likes: my family, being with friends, dancing, happy peo- ple, adventures: Dislikes: people in bad moods, guy troubles, waiting, let downs, not knowing the future: Activities: Softball 1-4, Hockey mgr, 2-4, SGA 2-4, SGA secretary 4, Hop Comm., Prom Comm., Float Comm, Orchestra 1-3: Memories: Class of '84, New Years '83 8 '84, Ms, Mattioli, Prom '85, the 6-pack, weekends wffriendsz Fu- ture Plans: College. Carol Mander, Jan, 3, '67: "Capricorn": Likes: Softball, chocolate: Activities: Softball: Future Plans: Glassboro State. Angel Mastrianni, Sept. 26, '68: "Libra": "Chill out": Friends: Yogi L., Ann M., Gina P., Ftenee P., Melanie G., Doug D., the girls from SH, The guys from college: Likes: Mustangs. Doug D.. JP, sleeping, cruising with Ann M, and the guys: Dislikes: waking up, English, moving away: Memories: Summer of '85, Jan. 30, '84, Mrs. Harris' class, AM house: Future Plans: College. Drew Mattson, "Drew": March 8, '68: "Pisces"L "Nope": Friends: George, Steph, Kelle, Jame. Little, Hob, Karen, Ed: Likes: The Cove, OM, skiing, guitar, Jammin: Dislikes: bad weather, cheapness, A.P. midterm: Activities: Crew stage, band, golf: Memories: l-118. 9th Folker, vacation '85, Anthem, slurrs: Future Plans: College. John Little 'vc""""' kv- Ftegina Loungo Angel Mastrianni Ruth Lockbaum Carol Mander Andrew Mattson , . William McAndrew Kimberly McDevitt Terrence McElroy Gregory McLeer Tyrone Mears Donald Meddings William S. McAndrew, "Bill", Oct, 9, '66: Librai "Hey my man": Friends: Bruce, George, i-larry, Neil, Dan, Frank: Likes: hunting, auto racing, fishing, archery: Dislikes: mouthy people, stuck- up people, Memories: last 4 years, best of all 12th grade: Future Plans: Law Enforcement. Kimberly McDevitt Terry McElroy Gregory McLeer, "Greg", April 29, '67, Taurus: "You know", Friends: Lisa, Jay, Kelle, Mike. Fieid, Veg, Chris, Todd: Likes: spending time with friends, soccer, pizza, winning: Dislikes: ist peri- od English, waking up, hard soccer practice, los- ing, Activities: Soccer 1-4, Golf 3-4, Baseball 2. Wrestling 1, l-lop court, Prom court: Memories: beating Woodstown in soccer, going places in the May boat, Salem game, Future Plans: Electri- clan. Tyrone C. Mears, "Ty", Jan. 22, '67: Aquarius: "Let you tell it", Friends: Quincy, Terrence, Tom, Brian, Tim, everybody who is somebody, Likes: movies, games, people who like to have fun: Dislikes: conceited people: Activities: Football, Basketball, Black cultures club, Memories: 1983 Football season, my Senior year. Future Plans: Army. Donald Lee Meddings, "Mort", June 10, '68: Gemini: Friends: Chris S., Dave B., Tyler M., Ty M., Bill M., Clarence Ft.: Likes: cars, pizza, mon- ey, family: Dislikes: school, spinach, homework: Memories: woodshop class, class of '86, friends: Future Plans: Have my own craft shop. Myrna Minatee Ty Morrison if ki, Russell Mozier Myrna Yvonne Minatee "M8tM": Nov. 19, 67': Scorpio: "Hey Babe": Friends: Treva, Dawn, Timmy, Beverly, Yogi, Kenya, Quincy, Faida: Likes: Having a nice time, intelligent guys, sea- food, music: Dislikes: Fake people, cool guys, not having money: Activities: Band, Basketball, Football Cheerleader, Girls Track: Memories: My 10th grade year with Nate: Future Plans: Col- lege. Bill Montgomery, "Bill": Act, 27, 67': Scorpio: "Chill out": Friends: Dave, Lou, Terry, Greg: Likes: Going out, money, sport cars: Dislikes: Dull people, conceited people: Activities: Wres- tling, GCC Voc School-Welding: Memories: Great times at GHS: Future Plans:Welding Engi- neer. Ty Morrison, "Marty Love": Sept. 18, 67': Virgo: "What's up with that'?": Friends: Spark, Hon-D, Blue-Magic, Ramo-D, G.O.T,, J.T., Karen-K, Kirnmy4K: Likes: Food, good sneaks, nice clothes: Dislikes: None: Future Plans: Electrician, Tyler Morrison, "TylenoI": Sept. 18, 67': Virgo: "Word": Friends: Kim, Karen-K, Chalette, Flamo-D, Majik: Likes: Cars, ice cream: Dislikes: None: Future Plans: College. Russell Mozier, "Fluss": Sept. 25, 682 Libra: "What does that prove?": Friends: Mike, Larry, Ruth, Tony, Mike K, Terry, Bruce: Likes: Van Halen, Lamborghinis, hunting, sleeping: Dislikes: Stuck up people, going to school: Activities: Track 1-3: Memories: Freshman year: Future Plans: Military Service, Art School. William Nathan William Montgomery Tyler Morrison William Nathan ,,,,..:..: Sherri Nelson Carrie Anne Orrick Y qu., Sherri Nelson, "Sher": July 2, '68: Cancer: t'Get out of my lace": Friends: Nancy, Panda, Carrie, Kathy, Denise, Ellie, Joey, Fiuth: Likes: Joey, Class of '86, pizza wlmushrooms: Dislikes: Pushy freshmen, smoke, getting up: Activities: Hub 2: Memories: Prom weekend, lunch w!Panda, Mr. Suk: Future Plans: Kindergarten Teacher. Maureen O'Driscoll, "Fleen": Feb. 16, '68: Aquarius: "You dog": Friends: Breakfast Bunch, Hockey girls, the subbers, Chris, Bonnie, Eric, Gary, Skip: Likes: Chris, winning, field hockey, Ocean City: Dislikes: Losing, confusion, secrets, smokers: Activities: Field hockey 1-4, Capt. 4, Basketball 1-4, Softball 1-4, SGA 1-4, Class Trea. 4, NHS 2-4, Executive Coun. 3, Pres. 3, Prom Court. Homecoming Court: Memories: LR is a .,.. , hockey camp, nite before Pitman, a smile from KJ, Class '86: Future Plans: College. Carrie Orrick, "Carr": July 22, '68: Cancer: "l-loney": Friends: Faria, Khatija, Sean, Rebec- ca, Bachel, Becky, Denise, Beth: Likes: thunder storms, sleeping on sidewalk, summer: Dislikes: seafood, getting up, T-bus man, Cold weather: Activities: World Affairs Club 3, Cheerleading 1, Marching Band 1-3, Musical 1: Memories: Louie Louie Parade, 4 in Philly, W-Bux, "The duster": Future Plans: College: Paul C. Otooni, "Tooni": Jan: 18, '6B: Capri- corn: "Nah": Friends: Will, Adam, Saiad, Steve, Dave, Pete: Likes: The Ivy League, tennis, air- craft: Dislikes: poories, deadlines, limits: Activi- ties: Pres. World Affairs Club 3-4, Pres. Science 4, Football 3, Who's Who: Memories: Hacking the poories, engineering seminar: Future Plans: Aerospace Engineering at Yale. Tamara Pendlebury Alana Charmaine Phelps, "Lana": July 4, '68: Cancer: "Somehow I don't think so": Friends: Kym, Eric, "Tween, Lainie, Kelle, Stephanie Likes: being w!Twee, hanging out, shore: Activi- ties: Concert Choir 1-3, Madrigals 2-3, Wrestling Mgr. 1-2: Memories: Dances, Soph. and Jr. year: Future Plans: College. Maureen O'Driscoll Paul O'Tooni 'git' Tamara Pendlebury Alana phelps Beverly Pierce, "Bevy-Bev": March 27, '68: Aries: "Hey girl!": Friends: Kenya, Jeannal, Yogi, Kim, Fay, Myrna, Dawn, A-Dog, Larry, Troy, Man, Timmy, Sybie: Likes: talking, laughing with friends, spending money: Dislikes: perpetrators, running, fly guys, immature people, Activities: SGA 1-4, Black Cultures club 1-4, Hockey 1, Softball 1, Boys basketball mgr. 2-4, Marching Band 1-4, FBLA 3-4, Deca 4: Memories: The Va. trip, when Neil fell over the tennis court nets. senior year, Trick-or-treating: Future Plans: Col- lege. Sandra Pirri: "Perry": June 24, '68: Cancer: "You'll love it": Friends: The breakfast bunch, the subbers, Boo Imoo, The Flappers, Chris, Frank T., Dino L., Debbie and Bakery girls: Likes: Chris, weekends, Big Macs, the shore, true friends: Dislikes: fake friends, liars, back-stab- bers, two faced people, being without money, not having a tan, people who whisper: Activities: Softball 1-4, SGA 1-4, NHS, Homecoming court, Hop and Float comm.: Memories: Flappin' out, the prom of '85, Boy's taxi cab service, Pennsyl- vania "Consumers", Italian class, being some- one's rent-a-friend: Future Plans: College. Renee Dawn Porter: "Flenee": Nov. 14, '67: Scorpio: "Hi": Friends: Debbie M., Chippy, Beth, Kim, Deana, Mary, Angel, Will: Likes: General Hospital, love songs, Jack Wagner, Classic Coke, "Hoover": Dislikes: waking up early, disco, crowded hallways: Activities: FBLA 3: Memories: friends, making my quilt, the class of '87, 1st period gym class, Steno ll Class: Future Plans: Bradford school. Bruce Fieistle, Oct. 24, '67: Scorpio: "What a boob": Friends: David, Malcolm, Larry, Russ, Jim: Likes: Talking Heads, Lemon Heads: Activi- ties: Tennis, NHS, Boy's state: Future Plans: Col- lege. Elina Flesnik, "Shorty", April 27, '68: Taurus", "What's up'?": Friends: Shell, Deb, Rosa, Saun- dra, Adria, Cheryl, Janice: Likes: eating, sleep- ing, music, dancing, being with friends: Dislikes: getting up, stuck-up people, Mondays, rain: Ac- tivities: Marching Band 1-4, Concert Band 1-4, Orchestra 2: Memories: Winning Chapter I Championships: Future Plans: College. Clarence Roane, "Stump"g Dec. 31. '67: Capri- corn: "What's up babe'?": Friends: Quincy, Rob, Brian, Lisa, Tyrone, William, Patricia, Myrna: Likes: Mrs. Bullock, Mr. Fluck, Mrs. Robinson, Lisa, Jerry: Dislikes: Mr. Gee, Activities:'Track 1- 4, Pep squad, Basketball 1-2, Black Cultures club 3-4: Memories: Mrs. Bullock, the time Neil fell over a hurdle, Lisa: Future Plans: Penco Tech. Beverly Pierce Renee Porter Elina Flesnik Sandra Pirri Bruce Fleistle Clarence Boane Beth Fiolax Christopher Flowand 3 3319 Linda Rupinski MiCl"l6el S3f1dS We Daniel Savin Dion Schulde Beth Trinette Bolax, "Lady B": Sept. 7, '67: Virgo: "Hey what's up?": Friends: Paula, Cheryl, Beverly, Angel, Faida, Tyrone, George, Saul: Likes: Church, friends, skating, singing, my sis- ter: Dislikes: Perpetraters, two-faced people: Ac- tivities: Track mgr. 1-2, Foreign Language Club, Deca 1, FBLA 1-2, Choir 2, Marching Band 1-3: Memories: BCC trip when Neil W. fell over the tennis courts, Black Studies class: Future Plans: College. Chris Fiowand, "Fiow": Jan 14, '68: Capricorn: "Kool dude": Friends: Joe, Sheila, Shane, Dean, Caraluzzo, class of 88' girls, Scott: Likes: Skiing, skating, eating, summer: Dislikes: Detention, veggies, color green, old styles, Pitman: Activi- ties: Varsity Soccer: Memories: Freshman year with Dean, Florida vacation, last summer, Shane falling asleep: Future Plans: Work. Linda Ann Fiupinski, "Lin": Oct. 24, '67: Scor- pio: "Are you serious'?": Friends: Breakfast Bunch, Senior guys, Chris S, Frank T, Fiuth, Steph, my mom, Lainie, Sara: Likes: Corvettes, private talks, dancing, laughing with friends. summertime, spending lots of money: Dislikes: Disappointments, fighting among friends, stereo- types: Activities: Field Hockey, Softball mgr. 1, Hop comm., Hop Court, Float Comm., Mat Aid, SGA 2-4, Prom Court, Homecoming comm.: Memories: L.Fi. is . . ., New Years Eve '84, Cali- fornia East, Spring Fling '85, waiting for those special calls: Future Plans: College. Michael Charles Sands, "Miken: June 12, 68': Gemini: "Yea, sure right": Friends: Fieid, Jay, Greg, Veg, Dino, Joe, Wittmann, Chris, Ron, Chris B., Glenn, Steph, Tina, Sandra, Tina W., Gina, Am!PM gang: Likes: Going to race-track and winning, Genesis, Bruce Springsteen, Ea- gle's games, having money, 9th period study hall: Dislikes: Losing at the track, work, not hav- ing my own car, AP History, Prom 85': Activities: Soccer 1-3, Wrestling 1, Baseball 2, Prom Court: Memories: Fioy's Taxi Cab Service, Salem Bas- ketball game, Baseball bus fire: Future Plans: College. Danny Savin, "Nane": May 6, 67': Taurus: Friends: Burt, Vic, Tom, George, Craig, Quincy, Clarence, Mr. Fluck: Likes: Working, music, fast cars, luxury cars: Dislikes: Waking up, ignorant people: Memories: Class trip, Clementon Lake Park: Future Plans: Mechanic. Dion John Schulde, "D": Oct 18, 67': Libra: "Think of that": Friends: Mazz, Carm, Jamie, Boo lmoo: Likes: All nighters, Flyers, Jimi Hen- drix, "steamroller": Dislikes: Basketball without nets: Activities: Football 1-2, Baseball 1-2, SGA 1-2: Memories: lt's either the window or thislllg Future Plans: Casino Dealer, S' Sara Sena Faustina Sippio Q'Nu Sara Sena: Feb. 4, '68: Aquarius: "Oh Yeah": Friends: Greg. Steph, Liliana, MaryAnn. Tammy, Karen, Kelle: Likes: Greg, Billy Idol, shopping, meeting people, dancing, jaguars: Dislikes: snobs, failing, waiting. Activities: Snowball Court, Prom Court, SGA 3, NAHS, Softball 2, Hockey 1, Basketball 1. Memories: G-Big, Black Duck, I-Big, The Shore, Bowe School. Future Plans: College. Lou Sgorlon: "Louie": Oct. 31, '67: Scorpio: "Yea, you think so": Friends: Kym, Chippy, Tom, Buss, Nancy, Billy, Frog, Terri, Likes: Cheesecakes wfmayo, going out: Dislikes: rainy Mondays, homework. Activities: VICA 3-4, Vo- cational School 3-4: Memories: Vocy-Bus, leav- ing school early: Future Plans: welding school. Faustina Janeal Sippio, "Fausy Baby": Aug. 5, '68: Leo: "Wake up and smell the coffee": Friends: Bev, Faida, Schmoogie, Beth, Kenya, Quincy, Clarence, Brian: Likes: reading: Dislikes: perpetrating: Activities: Track 1-4, Winter track 4, FBLA 3-4, Basketball Mgr. 4, NHS 3-4, Black Cultures Club: Memories: June 18, '81 Neil fall- ing, trick-o-treating: Future Plans: College Kimberly Smith-Bey, "Schmoggie": Feb: 11, '68: Aquarius: "How about that?" Friends: DH, GP, FH, JL, Nikki, Tyrone, BP: Likes: SM, mom, Tinker: Dislikes: being stood up, getting up early: Activities: Basketball 1-4, Capt. 3-4, Track 1-4, Co-Capt: 3-4, Hub, Field Hockey 2, SGA Vice Pres: 4, FBLA 3, Varsity Club 1-4, Homecoming Court: Memories: Girls B-Ball almost SJ Champs, Winning track: Future Plans: College. Alaina Marie Spadaro, "Shortie": March 22, '68: "Aries": "l'm sooo tired": Friends: Shawn, Mi- chele, Sara, Alana, Sheila, Marie, Linda, Kym: Likes: MB, singing, dancing, Bon and Sean: Dis- likes: slow drivers, being wlo SC: Activities: Choir 1,2,4, Choir Treas. 2-4, Football Stats 3-4, Hop and Float Comm. 4: Memories: Bruce K. 8th pd. the Prom, Dance Junior Year: Future Plans: College. Brian Keith Sprewell, "Buzzy B": Oct. 18, '67: "Libra": "That's a bet": Friends: Missy, April, Lori, Faustina, Kenya, Angel, Clarence, The Crew: Likes: my girl: Dislikes: nosey people: Ac- tivities: Junior Vice Pres, Black Cultures Club: Memories: The Crew, "Class of '86, Future Plans: Making money. Kimberly Smith-Bey Alaina Spadaro Brian Sprewell Christopher Starkey Kenya Suiter Christopher L, Starkey: "The Stark": Nov. 10. '67: "Scorpion: "Dig it": Friends: Grady, Don, Dion, Mike, Sara: Likes: no school, Fridays, mon- ey: Dislikes: spoiled brats, Mondays, school: Ac- tivities: Marching Band 3, JV Basketball 1, JV Track: Future Plans: Government work. Derrick Stout Kenya Suiter: "KS, Fresh": Feb. 14, '68: "Aquarius": "Yez": Friends: Beverly, Falda, Kim, Beth, Jennae, Sybie, Dawn: Likes: parties, rapping, listening to people talk, handsome men, reading: Dislikes: perpetrators, silly girls, walking to school, super chill guys: Activities: Field hock- ey 1, Basketball 1, Marching band 1-2, Cheer- leading 2, Basketball mgr. 3-4, Black Cultures club 1-2: Memories: Virginia trip, gym '86, the time - tripped at the pep rally, lunch senior year: Future Plans: College. Kelly Ann Swanson: "Kel": Nov. 23, '67: "Sagit- tarius": "Just kidding": Friends: The Breakfast Bunch, Fluth, Hockey girls, Senior guys, Frank Triff, Flay, Lee F., Kristi, Danny Ft, my cousins, George, etc.: Likes: my family, dancing, warm smiles, my God children, pretty eyes: Dislikes: stereotypes, losing, when people don't get along, not being called: Activities: Hockey 1-4, Girls Basketball mgr. 1, Varsity Club 3-4, Class treas. 1, Class sec. 2, Class pres. 3, NHS 2-4, Sec. 4, Hop court, Homecoming court: Memo- ries: Hockey camp, night before Pitman, Spring Fling, California East, going out with friends, Ms. Mattioli: Future Plans: College. Derrick Stout Kelly Swanson John Franklin Tatem: "John": Aug. 5, '65: "Leo": "Hey": Friends: David, Josephine, every- body: Likes: to see my friends around, play sports, sleeping late: Dislikes: food in GHS: Memories: Prom: Future Plans: College. John Tatem David Taylor Kymberly Lisl Thielking, "Kym": April 23, 68': Taurus: "What a rant": Friends: Nancy, Denise, Alana, Lou, Collin, Tony, Valerie, Lainie: Likes: Singing, baking, the shore, Baklava, the 43: Dis- likes: School, peas: Activities: Choir 1-4, Madri- gals 1-4, Librarian of choir 2-4: Memories: A - 114, Promontory, Conventions at the Ftock-a- thon: Future Plans: College. Margaret Maria Thomas, "Margie": June 14, 68': Gemini: "yeah sure": Friends: John, KC, Lisa, Joey, Sarah, Staci, Cindy, Mr. and Mrs. D Likes: Having fun, work, movies, Wildwood: Dis- likes: Snobs, homework, school, C.V., cold weather: Memories: Nov 7, 84', Christmas 84', summer 85', New Year's Eve 842 Future Plans: Cosmotology School. Lawrence Toal, "Maniac": Nov 4, 67': Scorpio: "What's the point?": Friends: Malcolm, Bruce, Drew, Little, Russ, Karen, Kelle, Stephanie: Likes: Playing the guitar: Dislikes: Loud people, homework, Senior survey's: Activities: Track 1- 2, Cross Country 2: Memories: Becoming a Sen- ior: Future Plans: Work, Harvard Law Mary Ann Travis, "Mar": May 7, 67': Taurus: "must you": Friends: Tammy, Sara, Liliana, Lin- da, Sheila, Esgro, Jay, everybody: Likes: Hear- ing gossip, money, being with friends, weekends: Dislikes: Cliques, being bored. not having the car. being confused, getting caught: Activities: Hockey 1-2, Softball 1, Basketball 1, FBLA 3-4, Float comm.: Memories: "The Couch", Fresh- man and Junior year, walking home with Jay, Summer of 84', 85', Springsteen World Tour: Future Plans: College, Anita Carol Turpin, "Neata": Scorpio: "That's a shame": Friends: Michelle, Brian, Sylvia, Maria, Bush, Cook, Willie, Shawn: Likes: My darling sis- ters, money, movies, having fun: Dislikes: Nosey people, fighting, ignorance: Memories: My moped, Sylvia almost getting hit by a car, riding in the bike-a-thon with my dad: Future Plans: Wilfred Academy. Liliana Varela, "Chiquita": April 24, 67': Taurus: "Daag": Friends: Tammy, Mary Ann, Tina, Shei- la, Gina, Fiegina, Mr. La, the rest of the Senior Class: Likes: Dancing, sporty cars, teddy bears, Mr. La's Spanish 4 class: Dislikes: Cliques, rainy days, nosey people, cold weather, M.W.: Activi- ties: Varsity tennis 3-4, Foreign Language Club 1, Prom comm: Memories: Supra car, study hall and lunch with GL, donuts 1st period Spanish 4 class, Summer 85' with Elkin S., Prom 85': Fu- ture Plans: Computer Technical School. Kymberly Thielking Lawrence Toal Anita Carol Turpin Liliana Varela Wayne Viden Kimberly Vignola Elizabeth Volz Nancy Ware WX !1"Z'7"' Clayton Waring Tina Weidner Wayne Viden, "Wainer": Nov. 9, '67: Scorpio: "What's up Duke?": Friends: Shawn, Joe. Woody, Dave, Tina, Teena, Gina, any and every- body: Likes: friends, Mr. Suk and Mr. Truscott, sports, Mustangs: Dislikes: The "ln crowd", snow, chevy's, Pitman, Sat. morning practices: Activities: Soccer 1-4, Baseball 1-2, Track 3-4, Var, club 2-4, Wrestling 1-4: Memories: bus fire, beating Woodstown and Pitman, Spring break Soph. yr,, winning float 4 yrs.: Future Plans: Col- lege. Kim Vignola Elizabeth Volz: "Betsy"g Dec. 16, '67: Sagittar- ius: "What did you say about women's rights'?": Friends: anyone who isn't stuck-up: Likes: school, singing: Dislikes: spelling, boring classes! Activities: Drama club, ITS, NHS, choir, Madri- gals, Close-up, writers Inc. Treas., Science club, Foreign Language club, World affairs club: Memories: Science Dept., Longacre bus, April 17, 82, 83, 85,3 Future Plans: College. Nancy Ware: "Dance": April 15, '68: Aries: "Are you serious?": Friends: Francis, Kym, Denise, Christine, Sherry, Carrie, Nicole, Likes: Francis, Italian food, dancing, cats: Dislikes: working weekends, math, mowing lawn: Activities: Track 1,3, Orchestra 1-3, All SJ 3, Youth Orchestra 2.3, Basketball 1: Memories: Red Earth, Flock-a- thon, Lunch crew '85, Jr. prom: Future Plans: Teacher. Clayton Johnathan Waring: Dec. 27, '67: Capri- corn: Friends: Terry, Bruce, Kym, Lainie: Likes: tine foods, fast cars, rock and roll: Dislikes: mod- ern clothing: Activities: Drama 1-4, ITS 2-4, NHS 2-4, Track 2: Memories: 3 yrs. with Holli, Dogs wearing crowns: Future Plans: College. Tina Weidner: "Tina": Sept. 29, '68: Libra: "Cool"g Friends: The Breakfast Bunch, Tret, EI- lie, Lily, Frank, Kev, The Subbers, Sue, Jeannie. my mom, my idol: Likes: dancing, surprises, the shore, shopping, reading notes: Dislikes: fight- ing, 2-faced friends, "the shakes", fake people, losing. waiting: Activities: SGA 1-4, Class offi- cers 2,3, softball 1-4, band front 1-3, Field hock- ey mgr. 1-4, basketball 1, FBLA 2-4, Pres. 4, Homecoming Court, Hub 2, NHS 2-4, Concert band 1-2: Memories: c213, Freshman yr., riot, Fri. morn., Hamptons, 4th. of July., LFi is a ... . betting the odds, USN, studying wfFtL, Joe: Fu- ture Plans: Computer Operator for Time Maga- zine, Michael Wigglesworth Neil Wise Thomas Wood Michael Wigglesworth: "Wiggle": Oct. 19, '67: Libra: Friends: Kristi, Tina, Tom, Jay, Gina, Glenn, Todd, Tim: Likes: sports, friends, TV, summer: Dislikes: Pitman, Clearview: Activities: football, baseball, basketball: Memories: Prom, bus tire, '83 Football season, '85 summer, float building: Future Plans: College. Janet Williams: "Dimples": Nov. 26, '66: Sagit- tarius: Friends: Anita, Sonya: Likes: dancing, cooking, singing: Dislikes: ignorant people, liars, violence, thieves: Memories: Hanging with SB, MW, J Wright, MH, AH: Future Plans: Get mar- ried. Neil Wise: "Mr.J": Oct. 30, '65: Scorpio: Friends: Lexice, Rick, Greg, Nate, Blinky, Ralph, John, Dave: Likes: music: Dislikes: people with big lips, green: Activities: Basketball, Track, Football: Fu- ture Plans: Own Business. Quincy Wise: "O-Dog": Jan. 16, '68: Capricorny "What do I get'?": Friends: Tyrone, Brian, Cla- rence, Peggy, Angel, Amy, LS, Faida, BJ, Myr- na, Treva, Bob: Likes: track, food, money, friends: Dislikes: conceited women, fake people, school rules: Activities: Track 1-4, Football 1-4, mgr. Basketball 1, Black Cultures Club, Pep Squad: Memories: Clarence: Future Plans: Col- lege. Thomas Wood: "Wood": Dec. 29, '66: Capri- corn: "Check it out!": Friends: Wiggs, Jason, Woody, Kristi, The Sexy Senior Girls, Wayne, Shawn: Likes: soft music, helping people, travel- ing, being wffriends: Dislikes: cocky people, playing favorites, Snobs: Activities: Football, Deca club: Memories: '83 Football season, Sophomore yr., Spring Break: Future Plans: Air Force. Jay Wriggins: June 20, '68: Gemini: "NO!!": Friends: Greg, Glenn, Mike, Fteid, Veg, Todd, The Breakfast Bunch: Likes: winning, ice, sum- mertime, ice tea, indoor soccer: Dislikes: stuck- up people, not being called, penalty shots, los- ing, Pitman, socks: Activities: Baseball 1-2, Ten- nis 3-4, Soccer 1-4, Varsity Club 2-4, SGA 1-4, Deca 4, Hop Prince, Prom Court, Snowball Court 3,4: Memories: Float building, Veg's base- ment, Glenns lateness, The May Boat, Mike Shill's craziness: Future Plans: College, Sheila Zackavich Faria Zaman Michael Yocum: "Yoke": Feb. 28, '68: Pisces: "No ProbIem": Friends: Joe Delia, Mike Drum- mond, Don Meddings, Larry Toalq Likes: food, money, sleep, Cars, traveling: Dislikes: not hav- ing a car or money: Activities: Indoor and Spring track: Memories: track meets and the bus rides home from them, wrestling on Voci. bus: Future Plans: Devry Trade School. Sheila Zackavich: "Sheil": Aug. 31, '68: Virgo: "Hey Bud!": Friends: Jeffrey, Michele, Becky, MaryAnn, Ruthie, Christin, Mr, La, Elina: Likes: Italian food, Jeffrey, goal tending, music: Dis- likes: homework, cold weather, rude people, los- ing: Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, Cheerleading 1- 3, Softball 1-3, SGA 2: Memories: Dion's killing, getting caught, adopted sister, going out with Jeff, Little League field: Future Plans: Elemen- tary Teacher. Faria Zaman: July 17, '67: Cancer: "Stop, don't": Friends: Carrie, Becky, Denise, Khatija, Sean, Flachel, Rebecca, Tammy: Likes: seafood. thunder and lightening, sleeping on the sidewalk: Dislikes: waking up early, stuck-up people, jelly- fishfhomeworkg Activities: Drama Club 1-4, musical 1-4, World Affairs Club 2-4, International Thespian Society 2-4, Marching Band 1, Home- coming Float 3-4: Memories: Louie-Louie pa- rade, W-Bus, "The Duster", the 4th in Philly: Future Plans: College. V UN H5'H.L39O.L 56' 7,3!Vl SLLHVEH H00 Nl SAV!VI7V 7 4 kfesf Esgro Lockbaum Kung-Glenn Queen-Ruth ' 2 W9 5 -f Aer -sound 'nqsuudng -1 uaaqow 'Q 'Aag-qulug -54 'gladsv '1 Ihufiu 01 U91 H1010 11000 UOH umeqxoo-I rung-sseauud 'S S rn d Sprewell B. adaro SP L. 9Y Smith-B 9 K, Schuld D, S8I'ldS M. : m E m N ul .:: .2 : m ac 0 zu N to J. Wriggins ood T.W Wise Q. Y M. Wigglesworth IN MEMORY Wendy Bower Debbie Messina S Junior Sophomore A sweet life like a gentle breeze caressed our hearts and quietly moved oh. A life of talent, strength, and love has left its colorful Impression on each of us. -Courtesy of December 7985 issue of The Hub Most Sociable- Most Talkative- Best All Around- Ftuth Lockbaum! Quincy Wise Carmen Insana! Sara Sena Glenn Esgro! Ruth Lockbaum .xx ,seq Class Gossip- Carmen Insana! MaryAnn Travis Best Dressed- Most Likely to Succeed- Jay Wriggins! Linda Rupinski Be Most Shy- tsy VoIz! Sajad Bilgrami Cutest Smile- Carol Mander! Joe Birch Paul Otooni! Kelly Swanson Most School Spirit- Ftuth Lockbaum! Timmy Lester Cutest Couple Carole Cline! Shawn Conaway Best Dancers- Faida Hill! OuincyWise Most Artistic- Sara Sena! Terry McElroy Nl Most Dramatic- Betsy Voiz! Clayton Waring Class Flirt- Angela Cimini! Timmy Lester , W A Betsy Voiz! Sajad Bilgrami Teachers Pets- Glenn Esgro! Lainie Spadaro 'P GA' 1' F' 1 . 1 YQ sl Af' wt N :fr nf t " x Shortest- Elina Resnik! John Little Tallest- Kim Smith-Bey! Timmy Lester Best Looking- Anna Bowers! Todd Aspeil Most Athlehch Best Musician Timmy Lester! Ruth Lockbaum David Taylor! Elma Resmk V 6 twig" .ggi Most Studious- Class Clown- Timmy Lester! Sara Sena ff? ,r T 'L 1 r .- 4: N xr, to 4 ' 'SY' 'JT s 'Q S ' X F5 sgggff I N? I X., Q 5, qi I Most Cheerful- Woody Grissom! Ruth Lockbaum Most Popular- Glenn Esgro! Ruth Lockbaum Life of the Party Dion Schuide! Tina Gwalthney i!i!Ho's WHQ for , , !"-' 'xiii 'i A ,r.,r , , an I 5353?-mf fi Adams Denlse 12 Georgetown R Allen Reld 210 Dubols Rd Aspell Todd 9 Jefferson Ave Badln Kleser Adrla 312 McClelland Ave Baldwln Kevln 200 Lakeslde Dr Bllgraml Khatlla 14 N Delsea Dr Bllgraml Salad 14 N Delsea Dr Burch Joseph Rt 1 Bx 491 Texas Blrmmngham Davld Rr 1Bx 69 Bowers Annellsa 217 Pomona Ave Boyer Thomas 142 Hollybush Apts Brown Davld 329 Overbrook Ave Brown Mlchelle 115 Monroe Ave Burt Lorrle 743 Lrncoln Blvd Burt Roxanne 155 S Mann St Byers Stephanle 204 Van Buran Ave Byrer Rebekah 336 Overbrook Ave Carr lrvln Ave Rfd 1 Bx 174 Chestnut St Cassaday Crarg 605 Morrrs Ave Chambers Scott 120 Jefferson Ave Clbo Chrlstopher 408 Deptford Rd Clmrnl Angela 4 Boro Commons Cllne Carole 125 Alfred Ave Conaway Shawn 28 Reading St Connolly Robert 16 Vlrglnla Cook Maurlce 211 S Academy St Credell Benlamrn PO Bx 163 Evergre Cullen George 610 Maryland Rd Darsey Tamela 29 State St D Amlco Mrchelle 1206 N Mann St Davls Adrlenne 133 Earl Ave Dougherty Malcolm 112 Vrllanova Rd Drummond Mlchael 525 Ellls St Esgro Glenn 303 N Lehlgh Rd Falkensteln Karen 613 Heston Rd Fernandez Davrd 384 T Parkcrest Vlg Franklln Mark F 115 Parkcrest Vlg Galnes Treva 740 Roosevelt Lane Grllman Thomas 226 S Mann St Gomez Jullo 19 Oak St Grlscom Lee 228 Baldwrn Rd Grupenhoff James 404 Vlllanova Rd Gwalthney Tuna 116 Dubols Ave Harden Adrlene 114 Grove St een Pky Hlll Falda 17 Hrggrns Dr Hlnton Dawn 747 Llncoln Blvd Hofmann Duane 14 Green Ave Humbert Wllllam 408 Swarthmore Rd lmmel Wllllam 212 N Mann St lnsana Carmen 300 Swarthmore Rd Jansen Trmothy 325 Ronald Ave Johnson Adam 109 Van Buran Ave Klrkpatrlck Dennls 321 Cornell Rd Kleln Bruce 203 S Mann St Knrght Troy 25 S Poplar St Kortonrck Kelly 215 Dubols Rd La Monlca Joseph 132 Baldwln Rd Laspata Glna 119 Dlckrnson Rd Lester Jason 207 Hollybush Apts Lewrs Yolanda 205 Hollybush Apts Llttle John 454 W Parkcrest Vlg Lockbaum Ruth 540 McClelland Ave Loungo Regrna 14 Clearvlew Ave Mander Carol 10 Morrls Terr Mastrrannl Angel 112 S Broadway Mattson Andrew 424 Unrverslty Blvd I I . 'I' . McAndrew Wllllam 118 Somerset McElroy Terrence 321 Franklrn Rd McLeer Gregory 4038 Cummlngs McDevltt Klmberly PO Bx 351 Mears Tyrone 723 Luncoln Blvd Meddlngs Donald 216 Georgetown Rd Manatee Myrna 729 Luncoln Blvd Montgomery Wllllam 4 Girard Rd Mornson Ty 112 East St Mornson Tyler 211 S Mann St 612 Whrtman St Nathan Wllllam 185 S Delsea Dr Nelson Shern 335 A Parkcrest Vlg O Drlscoll Maureen 402 Dlckrnson Rd Orrlck Came Anne 1224 Cedar Ave Otoonu Paul 4 Falrvlew Ave Pendlebury Tamara 111 Franklin Ave Phelps Alana 515 N Erlal WlmstwnRd Plerce Beverly 71 Hollybush Apts Plrrl Sandra 213 W Hugh St Porter Renee 134 Jefferson Ave Relstle Bruce 1224 Glen Rldge Dr Resnlk Ellna 313 N Cummlngs Ave Floane Clarence P0 Bx Rolax Beth Rd 1 BX 210 Academy S1 Rowand Chrlstopher 10 Church St Ruplnskl Lrnda 1202 Woodruff Rd Sands Michael 216 Lakeslde Dr Savln Danlel 124 Lynn Dr Schulde Dion 35 Falrmont Dr Sena Sara 14 Sherwood Lane Sgorlon Lou 6 Morrls Terr 117 S Academy St Smith Bey Kumberly 232 Hollybush Apts Spadaro Alanna 113 Lakeslde Dr Sprewell Brlan 101 l-ltgguns Dr Starkey Chrlstopher 39 Faurmount Dr Stout Derrick 45 Bentley Woods Apts Sutter Kenya 63 Hollybush Gdns Swanson Kelly 11 Georgetown Rd Tatem John 309 Klngs Hwy E Taylor Davld 1215 Glen Rldge Dr Thlelklng Kymberly 108 N Mann St Thomas Margaret 202 Cornell Rd Toal Lawrence 3615 Park Crest Apts Travls MaryAnn 208 Rule Ct Turpun Anita Po Bx 32 Varela Llllana 248 l-lollybush Gdns Vlden Wayne 318 N Delsea Vlgnola Klm 202 Ellls St Volz Ellzabeth 42 Beau Ruvage Ware Nancy 102 Sllver Ave Waring Clayton 410 Franklln Rd Weldner Tuna 220 Cornell Rd 207 Lakesude Wlllnams Janet Po Bx 913 Wise Net 27 N Lake St Wise Oulncy 27 N Lake St Wood Thomas 217 MacCIeIland Ave Wrlgglns Jay 802 Carpenter St Yocum Mlchael 9 Green Ave Zackavuch Shella 329 MacCIelIand Ave Zaman Farla 341 E New St 5 5 l 1 1 ' ' . . 'A 912 r , ,' ' . ' . . . '. e I , V , V. Dr, Mozier, Russell Slppio, Faustina Wigglesworth, Michael ADVERTISING The 7 986 Yearbook Sta tt would like to thank all who contributed to our advertisement seotron. May you have many suooessful years. OFFICE 8812862 dw- Home 8814894 WILLIAM L DALTON AGENCY 206 w HIGH STREET Gu.AssBoRo N .1 oeoza WILLIAM L DALTON Your F rzendly Insurance Man Best Wishes To Class Of 86 Now that 've graduateg?iuon't yourfglugmends. Luke us Aren't You Hungry"g,',f5 KING ' I l TM CPE 410 N. Delsea Dr. Glassboro NJ B k n 0 the 111 untzun THATS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE A U S MARINE A PERSON WHO CAN TACKLE ANYTHING AND COME OUT ON TOP THE MARINES OFFERS YOU THE NEW G I BILL WHETHER YOU'RE ON ACTIVE DUTY SEEING THE WORLD, OR WORKING PART TIME NEAR HOME IN THE MARINE RESERVE THE MARINE CORPS WILL PAY 75 PER CENT OF YOUR COLLEGE TUITION I'M MARINE STAFF SERGEANT AND EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE TO YOU IN THE MARINES WE'RE A STRONG PROUD ELITE MILITARY ORGANIZATION I'M LOCATED AT 15 EAST HIGH STREET IN GLASSBORO, OR CALL 881 8191 THERES NO OBLIGATION' HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A UNITED STATES MARINE? Hbzelookmgizra Ewgoodmen and women. O I 0 THOMAS OLIVER, AND I'D LIKE TO sHow You THE JOB I 0 - ' V i ESTABLISHED OVER 80 YEARS GLOUCESTER COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION ir NOW ACCOUNTS INSURED SA VINGS MORTGAGE LOANS f' 4 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 881 3900 couessro N swovpmc CENTER GLASSSORO 589 1200 589 6600 NORFLQSSSADWAY EGG HARBOR a GREEN TREE no wAsHmcToN 1'wNsHP 728 2900 BLK HORSE PIKE PEDFI CK AVE W LLIAMSTOWN I' 1 - W - - - 101 i I . I 881 4444 zllfwgj +359 ! . : - 1: rf agzi .fdufo .guppfg Mon Fr180O700 Sat 800400 12 WEST HIGH STREET GLASSBORO NEW JERSEY 08028 Sun 900 00 FIRST FIDELITY BANK, N.A., South Jersey GLOUCESTER DIVISION 2 South Broad Street Q Woodbury, New Jersey 08096 G-J 1-609-845-5800, 589-0600, 694-1173 Member FDIC GLOUCESTER DIVISION LOCATIONS Main Office -SUAC Paulsboro Office Pitman Office Courthouse Office Paulsboro East Officeaamc West Deptford Office Woodbury Heights Office Glassboro College Office-MAC Sewell Office 315 National Park Office Glassboro Office -MAC Mantua Office ?IM!1 Franklmvllle Office -MAC Mlckleton Office Deptford Office Glbbstown Office F lrst F ldehty helps you reach your goal Whatever vour game L T l-lDl:lllX FIRST BAIIK Q Q n K n I . 4 0 4 s 0 s u 1 u s u Q n a a 4 U Tucomu out on top you lxuvc tu have lllc right people hchind you. Whether it's your couch, your trainer or your tcamnmlcs. Thu 'gl " lt ' ' I ' l'fl'- ' hc'--"gtll.'.l-I-' - of-' ba lt. 'lil . '. 'I y ' p 'uplu cl1omel"lRS'l' ' l- -1' thur lsanki IN-' jersey, Alth gh ' ' :Ire Ncxvjvrseyis lzlrg, -. bunk, ' ' ' ' bf, to lake 11 it ' I interns rn y I . al nt-eds :XI First Fidel' I' B' k ur I1 5 ' ' ' is you Q ' , , Xll-IXllll',R 'If' I-'I I4.I,' ' A. ' I- . I I I I I I 135 BOB WOODSON UNIBODY SPECIALISTS Sgono sony S op +683 8810149 FRANK H JONES FUNERAL HOME 124 State Street Glassboro N J ANTHONY M BRIDA INC NATIONWIDE SERVICE VANS FLATS REEFERS HEAVY HAULING LOWBOY SVC 50 TON CAP R D 81 BOX 415 GLASSBORO N J 08028 M5095 881 1700 TO YBRIDA P d 1 LAURENCE T COS TANZO DPM PA PODIA TRIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY 411 N Mann Street Glassboro NJ 16091 881 2525 Zi mm In 9 U 3 , QD Po k . P C C -Z' 's Z Q Z . O . I- I N - alll-0 . I v FI. ""- C 5 l i 1 l l DOROTI-lY'S FLOWER SHOP I 55 NORTH MAIN STREET GLASSBORO, N. J. 881-6905 gfj sf-Q gdb gagery, jar. ,Q 1f"'4n, S'periaIi':i'iig in Hfedding and Ptirtv C'ulvixr - F of, 3 S 5. FT 0. zoa w. High siren "5 D sol' l609D 881 - 6644 Glcssboro, N. J, 08028 7 A ' ' 5' -L-.L512g,4BBO7-7 8 SUM IIWIQS, f"jj',"L15,-y'ESTABLISHED' 1899 -' 'Q ti A KENNEDY NEWS . . . use A I ,se-4 A .M A - 'F I V :lztiif T. gig. F ' F ' ' 'C' " ?.?Sfg,'f 28 East High Street . 6 ,' f",""' ' A Glassbom, N.-I. eeomoro tocirsiiitii services PAINTS s situsliss 881-1150 ' 5 - ,O WINDOW 8- SCREEN REPAIR 0 CARPET CLEANING MACHINES H ' 0 STAINLESS STEEL NUTS - BOLTS8- SCREWSF A - l ' - '- V' 6 -A -OEGARDEN SUPPLIESOELECTRIOXLSUPPLIES , V -f .QQ Pick-It Lottery qi' -o PLUMBING suvpiissomnt-Mix CEMENTOFFNCINGP-' 44 Available Eff! GLITTEIZS DQVIINSIQOIITSO Sl-IARPENINC SERVICESVL. I ' ' 'xM0,9,riiii53o5Q3o sAjr s-4'suN'ib.i5li "' " .TIP .3 - 135 El HIGH ST." . . t -.881-4515 Gi.AssBoRo I A Congratulations To The Class Of 86 From , 2 506 N, Delgea Drive fi EXECUTIVE BOARD Giassbofo. N-J. 1985- 7986 6616666 Paul Capelli Chris Plunkett 1 President Junior Class President RALPH S. BULLOCK 8L SON X Carol Ann Belcher Keith Forest GUILD OPTICIANS Executive Vice President Sophomore Class President 40 Elm Avenue Jennifer Lynch Mark Lunger Woodbury Heights NJ 2nd Vice President Senate Chairperson 848-2899 ' Ken Siegel Ron Johnson Heather Cahill Treasurer Public Relations Directors Suzanne Parmentier Rick Kramer Secretary Statewide Team Representative Tina Rolando Mr. Robert Zazzali SFCB Chairperson Advisor ' Peter Price Mrs. Patricia Ryan ISGFIIOI' - ' ' o'l A - - l l I 137 l i im, 620-1442- 36515959051 George Cullen Elma Ffeshllf Davld Taylor Scott Chambers Beverly Pierce Beth Flolax Timothy Jansen ' 2 ' BQQSTERS , 4. l'-- I A L. t l 35 E 'fha YQ MA THIS FORDYCE FUNERAL HOME PLUMBWO Glassboro N.J S' UC O43 887 6766 88I 5354 C stom E haust Sy t STEWART S AUTO SERVICE Albert Mathis Jr O 3 A Ste To The Class Of 86 8815020 8-N.--L Ffom 221 No Dels a D e Glassb 0 NJ THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB 08028 ADVISOR MF? J LEPALOMENTO BOB S LITTLE SPORT SHOP EVERYTHING FOR THE HUNTER INDOOR ARCHERY RANGE HAND GUNS SHOTGUNS RIFLES LS Val. C g tlato s o The NHS Senor We Hope All You D eam Come T ue -6. A R00 is 7986 YEAFYBOOK STAFF . ' Z2 g - I I I Dlf. 0 f 1 u x s ems 1 . If , 7 o . 0' , , Th m s . wart J . e riv or , . . 'menu Wfouonsocusvv Kg 'fi 7, Cx s'rATr-:area : - ucsuss on ra u i n T i s I N I ' ' r r s I H 1 r Monfrunu . . .- . . 316 N. DE EA DRIVE cLou:o ron umm: 1 . 'GL.ASSBORO.NJ.O6028 sA1'.1oA.M.- . . T 8 X 2 A 2, Q '43 , , 1 N ,, N N T The Student Government ASSOC13t10H Glb H G d 1986 RRES GLENN ESGRO V PRES. - KIM SMITHBE Y TRES. - REG 'VA LOUIVGO SEC. - CHRIS SPIIVA ADVISOR - MR. FOLKER Of ass oro igh School -O I WishesT ' Congratulat ' The ra tg , Cl Of ' f I I r H Af zlzated Agenczes Inc 520 SO DELSEA DRIVE CLAYTON NJ 08312 881 3038 COMPLIMEN TS OF WALTER L MARSHALL JF? Attorney At Lew 47 Cooper Street P. 0. Box 709 Woodbury, NJ 08096 f f - ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE if f " ' BURTON VV.TAIIV1AN ,PIA 1 K L ll' L C ' SENIOR MESSAGES Tina Weidner Congratulations, we are proud of a beautiful girl. May all your dreams come true. We love you! lvlom, Dad, and Lori Denise Adams Now that you have completed another milestone, I hope the years ahead are as fruitful as the years behind-Keep kickin'. Love, Mom and Dad. Chris Ftowand Congratulations to a special person. You've never let us down and we're proud of you for your Accomplishment. Love, Mom and Dad. Tina Gwalthney Forever we will cherish in our hearts the happiness you have brought us. We are proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. Love, Dad, Rosemarie, and Stef. Lainie Spadaro You have our wishes for a future filled with all you desire. We're proud of you! Mom and Dad. -H Qi!! f 1. fs t U3 5 il Mastiff lp, .' D jg il il? Wifi! O -. we r4'aQ 0,91 :cya qw- agp' S A S99 Billy Cling to your standards and fight the good fight, take a firm stand for things that are right, and let nothing sway you or turn you away from God's old commandments for they are still new today. Love, Big Mom. Faida Hill Al-Hamdu-Lilah! Your graduating is the outcome of the process of bringing out what's already inside of you fAdam's nature! everything you need is inside of you. Keep Allah foremost in mind and heart. Love, Mom. Lou Sgorlon Congratulations! Your extra efforts paid off to get through in three years Love, Mom, Dad, and Linda. Bruce Reistle You are on your way to a bright future. May you reach your wildest dream. Mom and Dad. SENIOR MESSAGES Dear Ruth You ve had four great years' We have enjoyed them along wrth you Keep your optlmustlc outlook and you wlll always be successful Love Mom and Da Jay Wrlgglns Congratulations on flnally graduatrng" Bug Bros I must say l m very proud of you Have fun' G W George F Cullen Our best wrshes for a brlght future You have done well we love ya Mom Dad Neal and Chrrs Kelly Swanson Congratulatrons' You survived all those character burldrng experiences We re so proud of you You re a perfect daughter' We love you' Mom and Drewsle Sheila Zackavrch You re the best and you re speclal too' Congratulatrons' Good Luck' l love you babydoll' Jeffy X 'NEXT 'Q' ani"-N' I E?-J Tv' Joseph Burch Thanks be unto God for hrs unspeqkable grft Joseph may Gods richest blessing be yours to keep Congratulatlons Love Mom and Dad Maureen O Drrscoll Thank you for shanng 18 terrlfrc years wrth us May you always dare to dream and enjoy the fulflllment of your dreams becomrng reallty May happrness luke our love follow you always Love Mom Dad and Bonnle Davrd Taylor We are proud of you and all your accompllshments Good luck wrth your future plans Mom Dad Deb Duane Denlse Adrrenne J B Bull lmmel We are so proud of all you have accomplrshed and are lookrng forward to shanng more ventures Love lvlom Dad Otto and Lon , ' " ' , . I ' 6 S, ' iq . .I d. I , H ' Q 3 1 ' . . Q r ' a , .. . l A I I . w Y! I I . ' , ' pf , . I ' I I ff - f v , ' SENIOR MESSAGES Anlta Turpun Congratulatlons we are so proud ot you Best vvlshes to a sweet daughter and lovable slster Love Dad Morn Gayle Alsha and Anesha 110' 953399 Q.g9,O-3: mbi-CQCD l' 5'9E3cn D3 -07-I-1-P C23 cm gCDCOO!T-1 CD-C4-M-rg JPQOEOK4 361523 jfgmo gg-3:5 Q. 32-191 ZH on 3503511 33 OC 3 601329, K U15 -co 3 Q 4 QN ff'X qs Craig Cassaday X Congrats' We are so proud of all you have aohleved and you ve only just begun We love you Mom Dad and Andy Clayton Wanng Congratulations We re proud of you lvllddle C' Cabot Chrlstlan and Mother Adrla Badln Kleser Continue your journey through life with confidence hope dreams and love We re very proud of you' Love lvlom f Bruan Zlggy and Colby L X JN' fi B Elizabeth Volz Full your llfe wlth enough challenge to keep lt lnterestlng Why should you change now'P I love you always Mom Ellzabeth Volz Congratulations' There s graduatlng wuth honors and then there s tlnrshlng hugh school well done' Jam Helen Michael and Andrea Ellzabeth Volz Conslderlng manklnd er humanklnd In general they don t come any better Love Grantgap Todd Aspell Its been a real kloker You ve had a goot one' We are so very proud of you"' Love Mom Dad and Colleen ' ' I2 . ' - 'IW' D . . . . v I , 'Q Ll - J efxx l , , ' lf! 1 HX l . ' 1 I ! 1 Z , r 1 , . . . . A Q . ? Y 1 . ! ' ' n X ESX , f ' bl ff X K - - - ' f 1 'l Q L ' , - ' ., ' ll ' 'll . . l m . Y , - . 1' 1 , ' 1 1 .f,f 5' . ' I ff ' ff ,ff f f' ,l ' A 1 Ls - 11 Hx! ' ' ' 5' I 1 A1 11 n ' fl ' . 1 - 1 1 3 XJ , ..- . . l 7 J I , ' I X K I 1, Vp, g.. -yi:-QAI. 1 1 - X-1 , . . . 4123 - '-' J .s 1 f wx ' 1 f 1, ""?R' . . . QQ' h, xx' 7 " 1 . Y E: ,tgirl-,. ' 1 1 X X I s 'I Tgxglyn . . 'WX ,Vg .'y SI, 1 1 ' K r :, . l Alanna Spadaro Good Luck' Class of 86 Mr St Mrs Charles Duck The Spadaro Famnly Dr 81 Mrs Kenneth R Claz Cralg Cassaday Mr 8 Mrs Dan Cassaday Good Luck Class of 86 Mr St Mrs Ruth Lockbaum Mr St Mrs Robert Lockbaum Davld S Blew Davld Taylor Mr 81 Mrs Robert B Taylor Lodema D Wanng Anlta Turpin Mr 81 Mrs Warren Turpln Kathryn Harper Studlo of Dance Michael K Wlgglesworth Mr 8 Mrs Jim Mr 8 Mrs George W Cullen Jr Wlgglesworth Mr Leroy St Dell Mazzeo Wllllam Nathan Eddie Mae Good Mr 81 Mrs W H Klnsey Robert Flrth Mr 8 Mrs E Flrth Dr 81 Mrs Richard Meagher Eno Kochman Congratulatlons Class ot 86 The Kochman Famlly There comes a time ln a person s llfe when she has to move on despite her reluctance to leave behind good friends and fond memorles lt was with mixed feelings that l left Glassboro High School at the end of your Junlor year However l felt confident that you were maturing lnto competent adults and l was pleased to know l had had a part ln your growth l miss you all and wlsh you well ln whatever endeavors you pursue With much love Margaret Mattloll - lx u - u rr , 1 . - - u rs 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 - mn-.ummm Josmvs

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