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? ' vv-h: ' ! ' ' u . jf . % .(’ A-t ” - 1-f-t • ’■a ' V ' - ' {? ' ' • ' J 1 « ’ nrjLj 1 ' ; •?. • ■ Sy-v v n 4 V .•; - ,r.. to,-, ’„ : A " , W: v ' , ' , » , v, s« ., ■ y, f b ' •1 , v, ' ri • vVrT- . J¥W t ■ " « -•. • k . . - ' V .... ♦ ! ? 4 s?i frs r } J ' X r • i 4 iT •-Is -i V.i ; :••; rf j ' .frz ViV- " i- » ' " • : $ i- , :w$y.X - A ' J 4. . • ' !.• . ' ‘ ,. » ,Vf,W i»;« ? 3 • ii’ i ' , v mmw •t Si’. - ' V 3 V,. • • • ' a V AJJUUU pv ' yyU-OZ) a C 3 ct —fo mf-H CYV f v Z$ c . VpK 7 ) v ; . ' r $ ' f cy 0 o ' S V £ r s c A ft II 4 N 1 W, aL V «i U. i r -o ? ,£, - o ° r? f c ' ' 3 yy :° ? j r tsC XXj IC jLjl CL ' Ot ' S . ' S - — ' OLs -Xu) ?) ' Z ' 6 Lx-sC? 4sr - ' tZ f ' fl (L XX .- X I C h -c Q X ZLLX XXA l sfrOQ OjX -Oc xX CK AjlccJL aw ? , 1 -j ' - y ' . ' •y, jo LG ; v - i 1 % 4 - 6 , ‘ , ly ' - ' 0 vfcx.i ' t ‘- .| C Utc ., 1 °-’ % - f , r r ; rV V s ; Civ vr n ■u- ., v TTT ' 3 ' ?, “ Se, 1 U, S | HViP a t - ' -c ? The Crest E. C. Glass High School Lynchburg, Virginia Volume 60 1972 Elizabeth Ann Novak Editor-in-Chief Gregory Everett Roseberry — Business Manager Ann Howard Thompson — Copy Editor Spencer Calloway Stone — Layout Editor William Houston Franklin — Photography Editor Mrs. Elaine Watson Mrs. Marjorie Wilson Advisors 2 Contents Theme .4 Activities .18 Sports .62 Faculty .94 Faculty directory .114 Seniors .116 Senior directory .194 Underclassmen .204 Advertisements .238 Index .268 Closing . 275 Acknowledgments .279 Epilogue .280 3 (rerie-zans), n., F., fr. (renaitre) be born again ABOVE: After 13 years, the big moment has finally come for Howard Walthall, Bev Hobbs, Billy Wilson, and Brack Stovall. RIGHT: Mr. Twery, art professor from Randolph Macon, directs Cheryl Moel and Karen Carwier on the finer points of painting. 4 mi-ms mmm i tmwwA wwm mm m aMmm Bgg Mm TOP: Juniors become totally involved in PSAT ' s hopeful of break¬ ing 1000. (ABOVE TOP.) RIGHT: Mr. Moseley, new assistant principal, experiences a wide variety of problems during an average day at Glass. (ABOVE.) ABOVE: Dr. Ben Quinn, new superintendent, gets acquainted with Mr. Porter at the faculty tea given in Dr. Quinn ' s honor. 5 RIGHT: John Diffendal an Susan Jones, members of the Drug Task Force, discuss measures for the preven¬ tion of drug abuse. a year characterized by ABOVE: Frenzied activity and superb play results in the Western District Championship. 6 Returning from attendance at the nationwide Air Force JROTC Advisory Conference, Will Franklin takes time to explain his new ideas to Colonel Thompson. enthusiastic and energetic activity An African mask from the visiting Artmobile stares into the eye of the camera unabashedly. (ABOVE). After one day of practice, members of the District VI Regional Concert Band perform in public concert. (LEFT.) 7 a return of youthful vigor Young and enthusiastic fans cheer the Glass team on to another victory. (TOP RIGHT). Cirls ' basketball, ending up the season with only one loss, are caught in a lively game against arch-rival Amherst. (ABOVE). As fast as the wind in the 100-yard dash, Darryl Jack- son adds to the successful season of the indoor track team. (RIGHT). 8 I r ABOVE: The David Garrick Players provide a release from everyday tensions with role- playing. ABOVE: F aithful Booster ' s Council members paint signs into the wee hours before each athletic event. 9 Larry Bowen, Greg Kirby, Kurt Hamlet, Glenn Hey- burn examine one of the many model airplanes dis¬ played by the Model Airplane Club in their first year of existence. (TOP LEFT.) Selected as participants in the Regional Choir contest are Debbie Koss, Claire McMillian and Norma Adams (FRONT); also, James Godsey, Dennis Adams and Sheryle Gills. (ABOVE LEFT.) Student teacher Letitia Taucher rests for a moment before entering the frightening atmosphere of a new class. Glass acquires new coaches: Palmer for football and Waters for basketball. (RIGHT). 10 Adding special support for the cheerleaders during Glass home games is the KAZOO and BUGLE CORPS. (TOP LEFT.) Eloise Robinson, Judy Jones, Kathy Palmer and Kathy Peters practice with the Flag Corps for an upcoming game. (LEFT.) Darrel Lynch and Corky Waugh work in the dark room as members of the newly formed photography club. 11 12 TOP LEFT: Assistant principal Bailey congratulates Lilly Layne, recipient of the DAR citizenship award. TOP RIGHT: D ave Urban, winner of the district American Legion Oratorical Contest, is now eligible for state competition. BOTTOM LEFT: Winner of two honorable mentions in the Kodak Teenage Film Festival for " The Field " ' and " Trapped " , Seth Twery prepares for another award-winning film. BELOW: By carefully examining lab volt equipment, Butch Barley prepares for a high-paying career in electronics 13 a rebirth of life Renate Falzoni, foreign exchange student from Brazil, casually converses with her new-found friends, Ann Chrissykos and Judy Wascher. (ABOVE). Little things come in big packages for Mrs. Myers. (RIGHT). College night at Glass brought many new and interest¬ ing people and ideas to college-oriented students. 14 Coach Harry Waters, Mike Moorman and Troy Jones congratulate Ernie Fears for his talk to the student body on " How to lead the championship life. " —Courtesy of Lynchburg News and Daily Ad¬ vance, Inc. Sue Schewel, SCA member, tries to anticipate the ac¬ tions of Gerald White in a wild game of " duck, duck, goose " held at Kum-B-Yah. Scenery at Glass has come alive with the addition of shrubbery to the landscape. 15 A senior ' s school day ends at 1:30 this year. 16 w ,y « A 7 " ir g2 (X rtD ' 4 y 0 iA p J «J d nj J f vu; $ r r T itta ' v5y ' £ " Renaissance Bif ; f «. :„v " ' T e Hn :. 1 Traditional fireworks during the Shrine game at half¬ time represent the rebirth and new chance for crippled children. 17 MW wMwXwM , - ' . " v ' t ,7 « rang mmBml VITIES ' ' r » ; ■ The most powerful and active student group at Glass is the Student Cooper¬ ative association. Every student is a member of it — it is the force that uni¬ fies the student body and officially represents it to the administration and the community. The SCA works within the school and the city through its ten committees. It sponsors volun¬ teers working at Kum-Ba-Yah and the Lynchburg Hot Line. It holds an an¬ nual Bloodmobile and enters a float in the Christmas parade. It distributes a weekly newsletter to community lead¬ ers to keep the city up to date on E. C. Glass and to prevent a breakdown in communication. The student govern¬ ment effected a slight liberalization in the Glass dress code, revised the Con¬ stitution and held a Christmas dance. It supports an AFS student, sponsors assemblies, and takes care of student grievances. This year, the SCA also hosted the Western District SCA Conference. The SCA is the student ' s voice. Through it, they organize themselves, take a stand on important issues, and carry out projects, large and small, to improve E. C. Glass and Lynchburg. Mr. Saunders and Assembly Committee Chair¬ men Margie Lippard and Greg Smith confer about a future assembly. Neal Gropen calls for a division of the house on a vote. SCA — voice of student opinion 20 Vice-president John Diffendal listens attentively to a stu¬ dent ' s opinions. Secretary Mary Noechel performs a major job of taking notes during a meeting. Terry Martin, Ann Bond, and Susan Jones decorate a tree on the SCA Christmas float as two interested students kibitz. Miss Zirkle put in long hours to decorate the Christmas float. 21 Quill and Scroll honors journalist In 1926, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists was established. This Society was cre¬ ated to encourage and reward individ¬ ual achievement in the journalism field. The Quill and Scroll, which is the E. C. Glass chapter of this honor¬ ary society, inducts new members each year. Requirements for member¬ ship are: senior or junior high school students, outstanding work on one of the school publications, recommenda¬ tion by the sponsor of that publica¬ tion and superior scholastic standing. Mrs. Wilson sponsors the Quill and Scroll which inducts its members from the Crest, The Critic and The High Times. Sponsor for the Quill and Scroll is Mrs. Marjorie Wil¬ son. (Right) Quill and Scroll members Greg Roseberry, Barry Barn- urn, Corky Waugh, Spencer Stone, Joan McDaniel, Mindy Davis and Lisa Novak discuss an up-coming activity. (Below) 22 National honor society inducts new members in spring National Honor Society membership is one of the highest honors bestowed upon high school students. The E. C. Glass chapter was founded in 1924 and became the 315th national chap¬ ter. In 1921 at Atlantic City, a nation¬ al convention of high school princi¬ pals saw the need for a nationwide uniform way of recognizing student excellence in character, scholarship, leadership and service. The result was the organization of the National Hon¬ or Society. Members today are still elected by the faculty according to the above-men¬ tioned criteria. One of the chapter projects is the coaching of fellow stu¬ dents. Sponsors for the chapter are Miss Wiley and Mrs. Pinn. Members of the National Honor Society have a 48-year old tradition to uphold of excellence in academics, service to the school and high standards of character. J - 23 Society presents current films and books Now in its third year, the Cinture So¬ ciety has succeeded in bringing to Glass interesting movies and current books. During the school months the Cinture Society plans to present films for the Glass Students, and the paper¬ back bookstore again appears in Eng¬ lish classes throughout the second floor, providing students with the opportunity to buy the latest best¬ sellers as well as many of the classics. Sponsored by Mrs. Cobb and Mrs. Hotz, the Society is largely responsi¬ ble for obtaining classroom sets of paperback books, which are pur¬ chased with club activity proceeds and used in English classes. fc CAJt. I Looking over the current shipment of books are Mike Amowitz, Margie Lippard, Bill McCraw, Mike Hay, and Polly Wick. (Top photo.) Stocking shelves with current paperbacks is Bill Mc- Craw ' s job for the Cinture Society. (Left.) Mike Hay cheerfully pushes the traveling bookstore into its proper place. ■■ Ei | :: Til r :: _ ■ ft { ■ I JL 3 la - j a « ' ■ pltBni i 1 8 n ® -a.™ 24 History Club holds successful mock election Learning about state government is an interest of History Club members. Staging the mock election is a major project of the History Club. Its mem¬ bers work on publicity, make voting booths and ballots, register and tally votes — all in an effort to make the elections as authentic as possible. Over three-fourths of the Glass stu¬ dent body voted. The election culmi¬ nated in a post election party for the club members. Since the members show an interest in foreign countries and travel, speakers are invited for their monthly meeting. Professors from local colleges give talks, often accompanied by slides, on countries they have visited. Renata Falzoni, Glass ' s AFS student, and Diana Gilpatrick, History Club presi¬ dent, have given presentations to the club on Brazil and India respectively, where they have lived. The History Club augments knowledge in all fields of social studies. Members enjoy an interesting film during a recent meeting. Officers Diane Gilpatrick Robin Chambers Members Cindy Adams Peggy Balia Milton Blanks David Caldwell Jean Coleman Marcia Crews Danna Elium Janet Gumprick Susan Horseman David Johnson Page Krebs Barbara Lichford Marianne Mars Mary Garnett Mayberry Robert McKinney Martha Padgett Olamae Reeves Greg Smith Patricia Snead Doug Viar John Williams Sponsors Miss Conson Mr. Camm Courtesy The Lynchburg News, Inc. and The Lynchburg Daily Ad- vance, Inc. Diana Gilpatrick and Milton Blanks cast their vo tes in the mock election. 25 Field trips are planned by science club Personal involvement is the keynote of this year ' s Science Club. The mem¬ bers are working on projects ranging from a study of the emotions of plants to designing and building an electric motorcycle. Since they are an affiliate of the Science Clubs of America, they are eligible to enter their projects in statewide contests and vie for money prizes. The Science Club holds hopes of field trips in the spring to a NASA installation or the National Radio Observatory. For students with a real interest in science, this club offers a casual way to broaden and deepen knowledge and to gain recognition. WeaMhorr s, Seniors; jwantavfe tionalexpe on math ar Yvette Price, Ed Nuckols, Bruce Lightle, Greg Roseberry, and Betsy Thornhill display some of the equipment used by the Science Club. Clark Jennings and Mr. Miller compare the size of their slide rules. Bu Up Kim, Kieth Austin, and Doug Viar demonstrate the use of a slide rule. 26 Working with figures, math club solves problems Through studying mathematics out¬ side of the classroom, the Math Club provides a stimulating and interesting media for its members. The club al¬ lows and encourages t he student to work creatively with mathematics in all of its aspects. Among its yearly ac¬ tivities is the field trip to the Bedford Math-O-Rama, where math projects are displayed, and the Problem of the Month, a problem assigned at each meeting for solution by the following month. The members view films on subjects related to math and work on assigned math projects, which include booklets, drawings, and crossword puzzles. The club also enters its mem¬ bers in the annual High School Math Contest. Working on the Problem of the Month, BuUp Kim searches for the solution. President Bu Up Kim (Top photo.) presides over a Math Club meeting with members Betsy Thornhill, Robbie Arthur, Kieth Austin, John Daniels, and Debbie Afflerbach. Officers Bu Up Kim Robbie Authur Debbie Afflerbach John Daniels Members John Aderton Robert Ackley Mike Amowitz Lisa Anderson Keith Austin Debbie Ayers David Ballowe Larry Cline Carrie Connelly Ann Dillard Joseph Francis Jonathan Hall Billy Holt David Johnson Karen Johnson Eric Kleinberg Betsy Thornhill Jon Williams Sponsor Mrs. McCoy 27 Mrs. Hollis confers with Kirsten Rowe and Mike Amowitz during an after school session in German. Sheryl Ferguson looks on as Betsy Thornhill and Mrs. Hollis examine a German book list. German club brings a closer view of germany After a successful debut, the German Club, sponsored by Mrs. Hollis, launched its second year. The club was formed to provide an outlet for interested students to learn more about Germany and the German lan¬ guage. Conversations are spoken in German as much as possible. Films and guest speakers compose the major part of the programs with the empha¬ sis on modern Germany, its problems and progress. German week was observed by var¬ ious areas and classrooms in the school were labeled with signs writ¬ ten in German. Christmas was cele¬ brated by the singing of traditional carols in German. The German Club, although new at Glass, is already es¬ tablishing a firm hold in giving stu¬ dents an interesting in-depth view of the nation whose language they are learning. Officers Bill Ferrell Rocky Query Betsy Thornhill Members Linda Bailey Mary Bates Susan Breitung Janet Bitler Fred Davidson Ferry DeZonia Sheryl Ferguson Steve Guthrie Dena Halvorson Eric Happell 1 Nancy Hedrick Diane Hunter Robbie Pickett Rocky Query Lawan Reid Kirsten Rowe Ann Thompson Sponsor Mrs. Hollis Fred Davidson and David Urban read a current German magazine before a club meeting. 28 Spanish club adds new meaning to language Students at all levels of learning take part in the Spanish Club s diversified program. The club ' s numerous activi¬ ties range from making a piniata for the Christmas party to having guest lecturers come to the meetings to show slides and speak on various as¬ pects of Spanish culture. Practice in speaking the language is gained through recreation and games, putting to use what has been learned in the classroom. Mrs. Pilkinton and Mrs. Arrington, club sponsors, offered new ideas and helped with arrangements. Presenting Goldilocks and the three bears for a Spanish Club meeting are Greg Roseberry, Doug Viar, Laura Floyd, Kathy Lucas, Norma Adams, and Marcia Jefferson. Arranging the Spanish bulletin board are La Fern Shaw, Shirley Stamps, and Ruby White. Officers Norma Adams Joan McDaniel Debbie Giles Debbie Ayers Members Lisa Anderson Mary Anderson Carol Cassidy Debbie Chilton Jane Coleman Doreathea Crews Marcia Crews Jane Emswiler George Ferguson Laura Floyd Barbara Hawkins Marcia Holloran Jimmy Lee Hunter Marcia Jefferson Charles Jennings Karen Johnson Susan Jones David Kagey Kathy Lucas Bill McCraw Sherry Moseley Alan Pettigrew La Fern Shaw Kent Shelton Angela Smith Cindy Pinigas Shirley Stamps Jean Thomas Doug Viar Barry Watkins Ruby White 29 French club offers interested students knowledge To better acquaint students with the customs, culture, and daily life of France, the French Club uses the re¬ laxed atmosphere of club activity as an extension of class learning experi¬ ences. Membership in the club has been en¬ larged by planning enjoyable meetings and intensified appeals. Other than speakers and films, the use of skits has given members an opportunity to practice those skills learned in class. A most entertaining example of these skits was the production of a French Christmas play. Diane Terrell, Mrs. Fore, and Tommie Sue Shelton dis¬ cuss the upcoming skit, a comedy concerning a south¬ ern French girl. (Top picture.) Mike Amowitz, Wesley Sumpter, Vivian Carr, Lolly Middleton and Beth Hardesty have fun with the American-accented French story, (center). French club president Tommie Sue Shelton reviews her agenda for a meeting. 30 — Claire MacMillan and Walter Holland perform in an original French play for members of the club. Researching French culture in the library ' s foreign language center are Pam Bridgeforth and Diane Terrell. Officers Members Tommie Sue Shelton, pres. Diane Terrell, vice-pres. Claire MacMillan, sec. Vivian Carr, treas. Wesley Sumpter, chaplain Carol Abramson Mike Amowitz Peggy Balia John Berry Pam Bridgeforth 713? v ■ i| HMmT 3 I gf (1 mU kjf ' I i i 1 flj 4 1 Vicki Britt Mitzi Burby Suzanne Campbell Karen Carwile Cece Clark Carrie Connelly Sharon Davis Audrey Dean Arlene Dewell Anne Dillard Debbie Feinman Janey Ferguson Francis Ferris Anne Gentry Diana Gilpatrick Kathy Glass Vicki Goodman Diane Greer Janet Gumprich Beth Hardesty Belinda Hawkins Beverly Hobbs Walter Holland Theresa Howell Julie Hurwitz Steve Marks Marianne Mars Kim Maxwell Cynthia McMullen Lolly Middleton Anne Mills Lynn Pittman Suzanne Reid Debbi Jo Scott Spencer Stone Jean Thomas Pam Thompson Cathy Thornhill Leslie Tozer Sarah Wittschen Wendy Wood Sponsors Mrs. Rosalie Fore Mrs. Glenda Cash 31 Latin club puts ancient language to use Programs of this year s Senatus Populusque Romanus are designed to instill in students an awareness of the importance of classical civilization. Led by sponsor Mr. Bird and Consules Jimmy McVeigh and Kyle Peters, the Latin Club is newly affiliated with the National Junior Classical League, from which scholarships are available for deserving students. Major activi¬ ties held during the year included pro¬ grams with local citizens speaking on various aspects of the classical civili¬ zations and the annual spring banquet. Debi Woodall enjoys refreshments at the Latin Club meetings. Officers jimmy McVeigh Kyle Peters Brennan Ramsey Sharon Whitmore Sue Schewel Members Jay Basham Joey Carlton Ann Chryssikos Jerry Dezonia Peggy Eubank Marilyn Gordon Dena Halvorson Nancy Hedrick Susan Horseman Debbie Koss David McCarthy Gibbie Mahan Lolly Middleton Gail Morris Betsy Thomas Debi Woodall Terry Wooldridge Latin students combine learning and pleasure at their monthly meetings. money bap 32 Members Bonnie Girard Beth Hardesty Walter Holland Kim Maxwell Mary Noechel Tommie Sue Shelton Seth Twery Sponsor Miss Wiley Walter Holland and Bonnie Girard consider scripts submitted to the Critic. (Top photo.) Kim Maxwell displays her idea for a cover for the 1972 Critic. Self-expression through creative writing With a short story and a poetry con¬ test, this year ' s Critic staff adds new excitement and interest in the field of creative writing. The winner of each contest selected a prize of paperback books, awarded by the Literary Socie¬ ty. Each prize-winning selection is published in the Critic. The Critic is compiled and edited by the members of the Advanced Gram¬ mar and Composition class under the sponsorship of Miss Wiley. In addi¬ tion to short stories and poetry, one act plays, essays, and book reviews complete the selections--all represent- tive of the best creative writing of the entire student body. Art work, sup¬ plied by art students, completes this year ' s Critic. 33 Discussing material for publication are mem¬ bers Tommie Sue Shelton, Mary Noechel, Seth Twery and Bonnie Girard. Mrs. Wilson offers some advice to editor Lisa Novak on color choices and design of cover. (RIGHT.) Photographers Corky Waugh, MikeTwery and Darryl Lynch joke around with a new lens. (BELOW.) Hardworking staff produces quality yearbook Recording the milestones and important events in pictures and copy is the task of the 1971-72 Crest staff. The entire process of selling ads, drawing layouts, composing and writing copy, taking pictures requires many long hours for all members. Constant deadlines and a rigid sched¬ ule keep the staff active and involved. 1972 is a year full of memories. Through the efforts of the staff and sponsors, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Watson, these events are recorded which enable the memories to stay vivid for each of us. Frantically trying to finish, Andy Pacot, Dennis Wright, Mindy Davis put in long work hours on the index. 34 Reviewing pages for the senior section are Sue Schewel, Martha Ellett, and Ann Thompson, copy editor. (LEFT.) Keith Lamm and Brad Elliott draw up layouts for the sports section, while Spencer Stone, lay¬ out editor, looks through a guide in search of innovative designs. (BELOW). Greg Roseberry, business manager, and Evelyn Dickey c heck over last year ' s advertisers to make sure they have all been approached for ads this year. (LEFT). Darryl Lynch receives constructive criticism of his pictures from sponsor Mrs. Watson. Ann Hill and Carol Cassidy review recent editions of the High Times. Russ Picton smiles with relief as he holds the fin¬ ished product. High Times keeps students informed Despite a relatively inexperienced staff, the High Times continues to inform the students and community of happenings at E. C. Glass. This monthly newspaper presents a clear, undistorted view of school events. Its format is in keeping with most high school papers and includes news cov¬ erage, features, editorials, sports, ad¬ vertising and photography. Fif teen regular members make up the staff which is headed by editor Joan McDaniel. Sponsors Miss Lynn Prit¬ chard and Mrs. Dorothy Obey assist and advise staff members in their journalistic efforts. Ann Chryssikos and Sarah Wittschen diligently prepare articles before publication. 36 Vicki Myers and Joan Thompson edit initial publication for current year. (Top picture) M iss Pritchard offers constructive criticism to staff members Barry Barnum, Kevin Coughlin, and Todd Gardner. Bottom Editors Joan McDaniel, editor Judy Wascher, advertising manager Ann Chryssikos, exchange editor Staff Barry Barnum Judy Bittle Carole Cassidy Ann Chryssikos Kevin Coughlin Todd Gardner Ann Hill Keith Himelwright Margie Lippard Joan McDaniel Vickie Myers Mary Noechel Russ Picton Joan Thompson Judy Wascher Sarah Wittschen Advisors Miss Lynn Pritchard Mrs. Dorothy Obey Members David Ashwell Cathy Bolding Freddie Brown Jane Bruce Debbie Carpenter Ann Chryssikos Debbie Conley Cindy Cook Marsha Couch Jeanne Cristiane Rita Culpeper Connie Earle Laura Engelder Janey Fergerson Mary Beth Gamble Richard Harris Meg Holt Eric Kleinberg Jackie Kilingsworth Lilly Lane Jerry Martin Jeannette McKellip Karen McLean Elaine Robinson Susan Smith Judy Wascher Susan White Cindy Wood Rhonda Woodrood Sponsors Mrs. Williams Miss Zirkle Copper enameling demands the attention of Ann Cryssikos, Jeannie Christian, Janie Ferguson, and Judy Wascher. Glass palette displays individual creativity Designing the school Christmas float for the anual Lynchburg Christmas parade and illustrating the Critic are included in the Glass Palette ' s sched¬ ule of activities. As a school service the art club paints posters and main¬ tains the principal bullitan boards in the halls. Art exhibits are held during the year, leading up to an art sale which provides additional income for the club. The Palette asks occasional speakers to the meetings to give lec¬ tures and demonstrations, using var¬ ious art media. Each year an outstand¬ ing senior member is offered an art scholarship by the club. Rhonda Woodruff and Jane Bruce experiment with a potter ' s wheel as Vicki Lukin observes process. 38 Future homemakers display domestic talents " Preparedness: The Key to Oppor¬ tunity " ' is the major concern of the local Future Homemakers of America. This is in keeping with the state and national theme. Sponsored by Mrs. Mayberry and Mrs. Stone, FHA con tributed to civic mindedness and social development by dressing hundreds of dolls for Christmas charities as well as holding a Christmas open house for the facul¬ ty and administration. As a service contribution, FHA members helped serve the football banquet. Discussions on the use of drugs, pan¬ els on morals and values, religious worship, speakers on employment opportunities all served to " prepare FHA members to unlock the doors of opportunity. " The Future Homemakers of America display their national club seal. Mary Garnett Mayberry, president, (CENTER) reviews future plans with Candace McCoy, vice president (LEFT), and Mary Bates, secretary. Other officers looking on are Marilyn Gordon, Janie Wright, Peggy Wilson, Ceryl Gillette and Ruby White. Advisers Mrs. Mayberry and Mrs. Stone demon¬ strate flower arrangement to FHA members. Officers Mary Garnett Mayberry Candace McCoy Mary Bates Ruby White Members Pat Arthur Susan Breitung Donna Bryant Jean Coleman Marcia Crews Becky D risk ill Peggy Eubank Cheryl Gillette Marylin Gordon Faye Gravett Barbara Hawkins Susan Horseman Phyllis Hudson Florence Jones Stephanie Martin Gail Morris Shirley Robey Carlyle Roberts Diana Shore Brenda Torian Peggy Wilson Janie Wright 39 Officers Kent Shelton Brenda Napier Susan Kulenek Members Deborah Alexander Mary Anderson Becky Carter Dan Coleman Marcia Crews Elaine Croft Tony Harvey Donna Hicks David Kagey Lyn Leslie Kim Maxwell Mary Noechel Yvette Price Rocky Query Lois Robinson Ricky Scott David Urban Cathy Whitehouse Deborah Wilder Sarah Wittschen Agorians develop oral arts Providing activity for students inter¬ ested in oral arts, the Agorian Council plays a significant roll in the skill of public speaking. The members com¬ pete in various rhetorical tourna¬ ments, such as the E.C. Glass Invita¬ tional Forensic Tournament. They also produce a Reader ' s Theater Pro¬ duction during the school year. Stressing the fact that oral communi¬ cation involves everyone, they strive to improve and even perfect their speech. Rhetorical skill can be ex¬ panded into debating skills. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Whitfield, the Agorian Council maintains an active interest in the development of the oral arts. Sponsor Mr. Whitfield Mr. Whitfield, sponsor of Agorian Council, gives advice to vice-presi¬ dent Brenda Napier and secretary Susan Kulenek. (Top) Planning for the February Speech Tournament are Keith Austin, Susan Kulenek, Ricky Scott, and Kent Shelton. David Kagey reads his Reader ' s Theater part for an Agoran meeting. 40 David Urban states his views on an issue during a debate. Debators state views, pro and con Resolved: That the jury system in the United States should be significantly changed. This is the topic that the Debate Team is working on this year. Composed mainly of first-year debat¬ ers, there are three experienced mem¬ bers. This activity demands much time, and each member must research a great deal of factual information concerning the topic. Starting the year at the VMI debate workshop, they participated in collegiate tournaments as well as the Western District Debate Tournament. Under the direction of the club sponsor, Mrs. Batten, and president, David Urban, the debate team was guided through a successful year of competition. Members John Diffendal Bill Farrell Neal Gropin Rocky Query David Radick Jerry Ragan David Urban Sponsor Mrs. Dorothy Batten 41 AFS links glass students with other countries Ask Renata Falzoni what the Ameri¬ can Field Service is doing this year, and she ' ll smile and count off numer¬ ous activities. For Renata, as the E.C. Glass exchange student from Brazil, is at the center of AFS. Renata resides in Lynchburg with the j.B. Jones family. Five Glass students applied locally to be American exchange students abroad, with two chosen: Debra Sweeney and Jerry Ragan. The two chosen are now waiting to hear from New York headquarters about accept¬ ances and assignments. The AFS also sponsors money raising activities to insure having a foreign Student at Glass next year. Such ac¬ tivities include a car wash and a highly successful pledge walk, for which each student involved solicited a pa¬ tron to sponsor him for the walk. Through good leadership and active sudents, AFS succeeds in promoting an understanding between America and foreign countries. Officers Susan Jones Peggy Sackett Sharon Whitmore Pearl Walran Members Mike Amowitz Ann Chryssilos Jerry DeZonia Ann Dillard Janey Ferguson Diana Gilpatrick Beth Hardesty Meg Hickson Debbie Koss Kim Maxwell Mary Noechel Jerry Ragan Judy Wascher Discussing the AFS membership certificates are Mary Noechel, Jerry Ragan, Judy Wascher, Janey Ferguson, Kim Maxwell, Beth Hardesty, and Ann Chryssikos. (Top) Renata Falzonia proudly shows her home town on the map. (Bottom left) 42 Renata Falzoni prepares to show film of her native Brazil. Mrs. White and Miss Waller ponder over the next American Field Service meeting. (Top) Plotting out the next pledge walk are Mike Amowitz, Diana Gilpatrick, Jerry DeZonia, AFS officers Peggy Sackett, Susan Jones, and Sharon Whitmore, take time out before resuming club Meg Hickson, Debbie Koss, and Ann Dillard. responsibilities. (Picture begins on page 42.) 43 Learning to relate to an audience Projecting in front of audience and learning the basic traits of acting are the chief skills taught in the dramatic club, the David Garrick players. Sponsored by Mr. Chamberlin, the Players learn more about the stage and craft of playmaking than the audience observes. The members are taught the art of stage scenery for audience allu¬ sion and how to create the right light¬ ing for particular scenes. The Players present various plays before fellow members and develop skills not only from experience but from constructive criticism. Along with participation in the Thanksg iving assembly, the Da¬ vid Garrick players are the hosts this year to the Western District One Act play festival held March 15th. Plays receiving top rankings will compete in the State Festival in Charlottesville. Sarah Sutor, Leslie Sievert, Lauri Schomer, and Carl Conner listen to a member ' s presentation during a club meeting. David Garrick Players Roster Jackie Alby Mike Amowitz Connie Banton Allan Bomar Janet Caldwell Joey Carlton Sally Cleary Robin Coker Carl Connor Connie Earl Bill Ferguson Bob Howell Debra Jones Margie Lippard Clarence Martin Betty Miles Martha Newman Betty Ripley Lori Schemer Cindy Scutter Leslie Seivert Kent Shelton Nancy Simpson Sarah Sutor Ruben Waller Howard Walthall Sharon Whitmore Pearl Wilson Play-acting a scene from an assigned play are David Garrick mem¬ bers Connie Banton, Joey Carlton, Ruben Waller, Debra Jones and Howard Walthall. David Garrick players show their versatile sides during a group scene from a play. 44 Photography Club members observe a demonstration on film development. In its first year of existence, the Pho¬ tography Club has found enough " shutter bugs " among Glass students to prove the need for this special in¬ terest club. A branch of the Science Club, it meets separately and has a separate membership. Its members learn about different kinds of film, how a lens works, darkroom proce¬ dure, and good picture composition. Students explain and demonstrate before the rest of the group the use, advantages, and disadvantages of their cameras, in order to expose them to different makes and styles of cameras. Plans for the year include making a movie, holding a school photography contest, and setting up photograph displa ys in the library. The Photogra¬ phy Club enables students to learn about and gain practice in an area not covered by the normal academic curriculum. Budding photographers see life through a lens Mr. Miller and Mr. Hotz examine a camera collage made by Ed Nuckols for use by the Photography Club. Club co-chairman, Darrell Lynch, checks on the power of a new camera lens. Officers Todd Gardner Bonnie Girard Bill Wingfield Darrel Lynch Charles Jennings Ed Nuckols Bu Up Kim Debbie Koss Sponsor Bruce Lightle Mr. Miller Members Mike Robertson Betsy Thornhill Martha Elcan Doug Viar Will Franklin Corky Waugh 45 Library aids help keep library functioning Checking out books, marking passes, replacing returned books, filing peri¬ odicals, and helping check out and maintain audio-visual equipment — the jobs of library assistants. Because of the large supply of resources, the Glass librarians need help in keeping the library running efficiently, so they appeal to the student body for aid. These library assistants volunteer their study hall period each day to work in the library. Library assistant Terry Radcliffe checks a pass for a student ' s admission. Assistants Robby Arthur Susan Blunt Dawn Eggleston Peggy Ferrell Joseph Francis Kathy Hartless Vicki Kawks Denise Johnson Gary Jones Brenda Kidd Kim Maxwell August Meidling Mary Noechel Terry Radcliffe Pat Stanley Jean Taylor Michele Taylor Betsy Thomas Delores Vaughn Connie Waller Janie Wright Going over information in the library are assistants August Meidling, Gary Jones, Janie Wright, Michelle Taylor, (Standing) Susan Blunt, Connie Waller, Terry Radcliff, and Brenda Kidd. (Seated) 46 Stockholders introduced to the world of business " We have a share of stock for sale, " were frequent words coming from the stockholder ' s meetings. The buying and selling of stocks familiarized stu¬ dents with the stock market. Invested in American Motors, the stockholders kept up with the daily highs and lows and hoped their investment would prove to be a good one. Auctions were held in the respective economics class¬ es involved and each member was giv¬ en the opportunity to buy or sell his stock according to the daily average. Good days, bad days, and occasional regrets accompanied the investors in their quest for a better understanding of the stock market. Sponsor Mr. Racer Suzanne Prince and Troy Jones watch anxiously as Greg Smith posts the day ' s stock activity. Stockholders discuss the effects of the wage price freeze on the companies in which they hold stock. Stockbrokers Renaldo Lynch Susan Jones Members Cindy Adams Barbara Board Ronnie Brim Vickie Carr Steve Chewning Danny Coleman Carl Conner Kevin Coughlin Mindy Davis Arlene Dewell Ed Fontana Coy Fullen Jimi Garrett Mike Honig Bret Jackson Charles Jennings Clark Jennings Vincent Johnson Susan Jones Troy Jones Renaldo Lynch Randy Marston Richard Martin Garnett McDaniel Gail Morris Pat Morris Russ Pieton Suzanne Prince Eloise Robinson Jim Rushing Louis Scheckwitz Greg Smith Mark Vantine Doug Viar Ed Walshe FBLA trains future business leaders Buy your student directory here! The student directory is one of the projects which is carried out by the Future Business Leader ' s of America. The directory includes students ' names, telephone numbers, and home ad¬ dresses. A new addition to the directo¬ ry this year is the listing of school organizations. The FBLA is also spon¬ soring a program to help the needy at Christmas. Many business students at E. C. Glass have joined this nation¬ ally affiliated organization, which strives to develop leadership and in¬ terest and to improve business knowl¬ edge and skill. Connie Waller, Valerie Chenault, Sharon Cofer, Alesia Andrews and Connie Grant, complete handbook for student distribution. •w-nuninu lUUft Wanda Farrow, Faith Bell and Matilda Scott review their recently published FBLA handbook. Cathy Fraley improves her typing skills with practice. Officers Matilda Scott Wanda Farrow Susan Lane Sylvia White Faith Bell Robin Chambers Members Alesia Andrews Valerie Chenault Sharon Cofer Becky Driskill Cathy Fraley Connie Grant Henry Harper Connie Waller Sponsor Mrs. Lewis 48 Deca ' s on-the-job training assures jobs The Distributive Education Club of America, the youth organization for all students enrolled in the D.E. voca¬ tional program, started the year with many worthwhile activities. DECA participated in the district fall rally, along with the district conference and the state leadership conference. Mem¬ bers of DECA also sponsored the fos¬ ter child ' s Christmas program and a Valentine breakfast for the faculty. Highlight of the year is the employer- employee banquet held in April, an annual event which honors the em¬ ployers who participate in the DECA program. President David Yates presides at the regular monthly meetings both on and off campus. Gary Viar assists Mrs. Paris in leading a discus¬ sion on advertising lay-outs at a DECA Club meeting. Officers David Yates, Pres. Sheila Dailey, Vice -pres. Peggy Ore, Sec. Donna Thacker, Treas. Carol League, Pari. James Dooley Members Bonnie Allen W illiam Anthony Dennis Ayres Kenneth Beard Jimmy Bowen Richard Bradner Denis Brooks Larry Buesing Vicki Burford Pam Campbell Debra Candler Denise Carter Jeff Carter Amanda Cassada Eddie Childers Linda Childress Mike Clark Deborah Coffey Joe Coleman Roger Coleman Bruce Conner Douglas Dalton Gairy Davis Barry Deacon Roger Dolan Jerry Dolinger Dana Evans Sharon Evans Frankie Gay Catherine Giles John Grubb Steve Hamlett Teresa Hankins David Harmon Rebecca Hudson Kathy Hughes George Johnson Philip Jones Sue Jones Sandra Kidd Charles Kirvy Patricia Layne Carolyn Lowry Lee Luther Sue Martin Laurie McLoughlin Stephanie McLoughlin Gary Miller John Montague Angela Moore Pat Moore James Morefield Nancy Moses Jennie Osborne Donald Owens Bryan Paris Robert Paris Cathy Patillo Denise Payne Julia Phelps Michel Phelps Wayne Phillips Doug Pope Ronnie Powell Garry Ragland Raymond Reynolds Barcell Saunders William Slayton G.T.Sligh Marlene Smith Thelma Spencer Mary Stout Elizabeth Tolley Richard Via Monte Wade Kent Watts Barry White Theresa White Jeff Wood Brenda Wooldridge Valerie Womack John Wray Dennis Wright Sponsors Miss Howell Mrs. Paris 49 VICA president, Debbie Poole, leads Herman Duiguid, Sandy Lambert, Jackie Burns, treasurer, and Mona Chambers in a discussion of an article in the re¬ cent edition of VICA, a magazine for vocational high school students. VICA members gain recognition for excellence Vocational Industrial Clubs of Ameri¬ ca is a national organization that pre¬ pares students for job interviews and future careers and encourages student leadership and responsibility. Electric shop, machine shop, auto shop, draft¬ ing and ICT students are included in this chapter. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Hannah, students enter local, regional and national competition. In these contests they have a chance to gain recognition for excellence in skills that they learned through voca¬ tional studies. Don Cyrus and Bruce Marshall perform main¬ tenance work on a car engine in shop class. 50 Fred Noel uses a level to check the angle of the walls of his outdoor barbeque pit. Otto DeRuntz, Daryl Whorley and Barry Jarvis discuss the feasability of a sunken living room in a house floor plan with Mr. Adams. Members Lavern Alexander Kathy Armistead Richard Apperson Connie Berryman Jackie Burns Larry Campbell Nat Carter Gray Cash Mona Chambers Walter Chambers Les Clark Ann Clarke John Coleman Glenn Cyrus Otto DeRuntz Herman Duiguid Kelly Falls Raymond Ferguson Sue Ferrell Curtis Fisher Spike Foster Timmy Foster William Garland Barbara Giles David Hart Donna Henderson Anna Hughes Deborah Hudson Janice Irving Berry Jarvis Brenda Jordan Sandra Lambert Danny Lindsey Jeff Matthews Jean McDaniel Sarah Moss Billy Murrell Cevan Newsorne Fred Noell Debbie Poole Mike Roberts Shirley Rose Spike Foster oils a drill press to keep it in top running order. Garnett Saunders Regina Scott Debbie Spencer Debbie Thacker Dale Trent Lewis Vaughn Dennis Wade Daryl Whorley Sponsor Mr. Scott Hannah 51 GAA sponsors increased number of sports The Girl ' s Athletic Association and their sponsor Miss Simpson have co¬ ordinated a diverse and wide ranging program for the school year. At foot¬ ball games they sell programs and at basketball games they manage the concession stands. The student -fac¬ ulty basketball game, this year won by the faculty, is sponsored by the GAA. Other projects undertaken are the selling of school sweatshirts and the development of and participation in the girl ' s intramurals program, which includes field hockey, tennis and bas¬ ketball. The club has been planning a " volleyball playday " in which area schools could compete. Presented each year to a service girl in GAA planning to major in physical education is a $100.00 scholarship. The club raises money to send as many members as possible to a GAA camp in the summer. Wendy Wood sells a cold drink to basketball player Greg Smith after a game. GAA Roster: Officers: Carrie Connelly — Pres. Kit Hobbs — V. Pres. Vicki Gordon — Sec. Betty Bushnell — Treas. Honorary Members: Ce Ce Clark Ann Gentry Beth Hatch Sue Kulanek Sarah Payne Maddox Suzanne Prince Suzanne Reid Peggy Sackett Sharon Stinnette Pam Thompson Members: Dianne Abbitt Carol Abramson Debbie Afflerbach Bonnie Anderson Lisa Anderson jnHps Mm Xk i. jfJfeyi- ’T fflr I ‘flHKr ■ w pC 111 ffSjj f I %J$f M ' mI If • i M Jjf V Mr v, rjt. Jc - 1H1 w jT ft Increased interest in girl ' s sports led to a large membership in the GAA. 52 Debbie Afflerbach and Beth Hatch practice their sales pitch for the football programs (another GAA project). GAA members Pam Thompson and Carol Cassidy find Eddie Campbell and Howard Whitted more than interest¬ ed in buying wrestling programs. Ruth Anderson Yvonne Anderson Debbie Ayers Beth Bailey Peggy Balia Faith Bell Cathy Birch Francine Bobbitt Cathy Bolding Donna Bryant Susan Callis Becky Campbell Darlene Carter Carol Cassidy Jeanne Christian Ann Chryssikos Sue Crews Shelley Cromwell Nancy Daniel Jeanette Davidson Marguerite De Carli Jean Delctemendy Evelyn Dickey Patty Dudley Dianne Durie Renade Falzoni Debbie Feinman Peggy Ferrell Frances Ferris Norma Fitch Kathy Fraley Patty Funkhouser Mary Beth Gamble Debbie Gilbert Margette Glass Virginia Gowell Dianne Greer Robin Hensley Julie Hurwitz Karen Johnson Susan Jones Deborah Laughon Debbie Lee Sallie Leys Margie Lippard Kathy Lucas Karen Mann Ann Mills Sally Offterdinger Patty Palmer N Nancy Payne Alfreda Robinson Marnetta Robinson Debbie Jo Scott Matilda Scott Mary Thornhill Leslie Tozer Patty Vasvary Deborah Vaughn Judy Wascher Sharon Whitmore Donna Wilkerson Vicki Womack Debbie Wood Bev Wooldridge Sponsor: Frances Simpson Another GAA project is manning the refreshment stand at the Regional Wrestling Tournament which was held at Glass. Shown above are Ann Bond and Lisa Anderson. 53 t Varsity “G " promotes athletic sportsmanship Once more the Varsity G Club is pro¬ moting athletics and sportsmanship at Glass and supporting worthwhile pro¬ jects in the school. Among the major activities planned for this year are educational programs for its members, restoration of the trophy cases and framing of the district, regional and state team pictures which are dis¬ played in the gym corridor. This year, through prompting of the Varsity G Club, new monograms have been de¬ signed. These monograms designate the sport in which an individual earns a letter by using distinctive emblems for each sport. In his 28th year Coach Bradford is again doing a fine job of promoting fellowship among Glass ' many athletes. Coach Bradford and the officers of the Varsity G Club discuss the program for an upcoming meeting. Varsity G Club Roster Officers: Allen McCarty — Pres. Darryl Jackson — V. Pres. Mike Moorman — Sec. Allen Cure — Treas. Members Rob Brewer Randy Brooks Ed Campbell Jeff Cohen George Coleman Steve Davis Tom Houliares Wayne Howard Brown Lounderee Steve Marks David McCarthy August Meidling David Root Greg Roseberry Richard Schwartz Nick Trotter Harvey Young Sponsors Vincent Bradford Rodney Camden FRONT ROW: M. Moorman, D. Jackson, A. McCarthy, A. Cure, G. Roseberry. SECOND ROW: S. Davis, T. Houliares, R. Brooks, R. Schwartz, E. Campbell. THIRD ROW: S. Marks, J. Cohen, H. Young, W. Howard. FOURTH ROW: R. Brewer, G. Coleman, D. Root. FIFTH ROW: Coach Bradford, D. McCarthy, B. Londeree, Coach Camden. 54 Precision timing keeps a.f.j.r.o.t.c. on top Larry McElroy, at the board, shows Wendell Guy the proper position for a Color Guard drill. (PICTURE AT LEFT.) Members of AFJROTC unit stand at attention before marching out for flag raising. Extracurricular functions of the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer training Corps unit at Glass are the drill team and color guard. Robert Thompson and Seargent Robert Mayne, repre¬ sent the school and the AFJROTC program in local parades. Cadet Larry McElroy commands the 20-member drill team which specializes in preci¬ sion drill and marching movements. The seven-member Color Guard, un¬ der Cadet Mickey Harler ' s direction, bears the United States and Virginia flags in parades and during football and basketball games. Members alter¬ nate the four positions on the color guard. Drill Team George Armes Bryant Baker Danny Bowden Larry Bowen Ronnie Camden David Collins Sidney Grant Wendell Guy Stanley Hemmings Thomas Hubbard Richard Johnson Larry McElroy Bruce Norman Ray Reynolds Greg Robey Fletcher Smith Llewellyn Taylor H. D. White Barry Williams Ed Willoughby Color Guard unit at attention are Bryant Baker, Gary League, Robert Ostrum, L. D. Johnson, Greg Kirby, and Jimmy Johnson. 55 Band is number one in state Drum Majors S. Goode and L. Blandford. ROW 1: T. Howell, D. Ayers, D. Giles, D. Perdieu, S. White, E. Robinson, K. Peters, I. Demosky, C. Bailey, B. Marshall, R. Walthall, G. Ferguson, J. Bradley, B. Ferrell, D. McKee, W. Garland, S. Amowitz, K. Lightle, K. Pal¬ mer, J. Jones, K. Glass, A. Parker, M. Holla- ron, C. Gowin, K. Bolding. ROW 2: P. Wick, L. Floyd, G. Kowatch, B. Lightle, K. Thornhill, D. Doyle, R. Ware, J. Latker, J. Aderton, H. Suddurth, G. Rosser, H. Robinson, E. Gaines, B. Bridgforth, M. Thompson, J. Bartley, L. Williams, J. Cure, V. Price, N. Daniel, S. Stin- nette. ROW 3: C. Martin, M. Luken, J. Kes- Superlatives are poor journalistic tech¬ niques. But when a band is the greatest, it ' s just the greatest. Proof come from receiving more points than any other band in the state at the University of Richmond Invita¬ tional Band Contest. Superiority over re¬ gional bands was proven in the Lynchburg Christmas Parade when the 150-piece marching band won first place. Allotted a practice period during the sched¬ uled day, the band also practiced before school each day. Football half-time activi¬ ties were enlivened by entertainment by the band.. Public concerts, assemblies and a superior rating from the Virginia Federation of Mu¬ sic Clubs Concert round out the activities of the three bands. Mr Neal Haworth gives last minute instructions to the drill team during the State competition meet. 56 iP Pi ' WtMP ' WwSlS ! wpe w raw •mi ' m (3 sler, J. Vandegraaf, E. Curry, M. Scott, T. Floyd, C. Adams, R. Chewning, S. Smith, B. Lindsay, B. Harris, S. Lawhorne, R. Ohmart, S. Page, S. Jones, S. Forrest, S. Vanaman, E. Bryant, R. Logan. ROW 4: L. Williams, S. White, A. Main, C. Pinigis, D. Hobbs, C. Ohmart, S. Batemen, C. Hall, J. Ewers, B. Wile, D. Johnson, E. Happell, M. Elcan, D. Evans, S. Powell, C. Dowdy, C. Hunter, J. Elcan. ROW 5: F. Chesson, D. Hicks, M. Ev¬ ers, J. Coleman, J. Buter, C. Simpson, P. Smith, H. Smith, V. Britt, K. Johnson, J. Bit- tie, H. Burruss, T. Fellow, S. Fellow, M. Ken¬ nedy, L. Long. ROW 6: M. Scott, M. La¬ whorne, S. Hughes, J. Cublic, S. Guthroe, F. Chesson, J. Etherington, D. Morgan, R. Hick¬ man, L. Clark, B. Clark, A. Clark, G. Davis, B. Wingfield, B. Jones. ROW 7: D. Johnson, B. Bryant, C. McMullen, M. Staples. (MARCH¬ ING BAND) m jpifi Wf i .. 1 . ft cm € m 1 4 V fA J ■ MM ROW 1: R. Logan, B. Wile, C. Dowdy, C. Pinigis, N. Kennedy, B. Watson, M. Ewers, S. Porter, J. Elean. ROW 2: J. Ewers, L. Garland, J. A. Bradley, J. A. Robinson, S. Miller, C. Hunter, A. Clark, J. Latker, B. Lightle, R. Ware, C. Kowatch, J. Fergu¬ son, R. Alexander, D. McKee. ROW3: S. Vanahan, S. Lawhorne, E. Bryant, C. Martin, B. Bridgeforth, V. Price, M. Lawhorne,S. Hughes, S. Wood. ROW 4: J. Bradley, R. Walthal, W. Garland, D John¬ son, C. McMullen, W. Staples. (STAGE BAND) 57 Row 1: C. Ohmart, T. Montgomery, F. Chesson, S. Goode, J. Jacobsen, S. White, V. Britt, M. Smith, J. Bittle, P. Smith, D. Bliss, H. Burruss, K. Johnson, K. Simpson. ROW 2: A. Main, L. Hall, L. Cameron, D. Hobbs, R. Hickman, S. Guthrie, G. Mahan, C. Harris, K. Buesing, D. Rogers, L. Blandford, J. Mortimer, J. Butler, J. Seyfried, C. Jordan, J. Coleman. ROW 3: L. Williams, S. Pow¬ ell, C. Stern, M. Elcan, D. Goode, F. Butler, E. Hedrick, G. Wood, C. Ohmart, J. Aderton, C. Adams, C. Thornhill, D. Doyle. ROW 4: I. Dempsky, K. Lightle, B. Marhsall, J. Bradley, S. Forrest, E. Curry, M. Padgett, J. Vandegraaf, R. Bagby, M. Scott, B. Lindsay, T. Floyd, R. Ohm¬ art, S. Smith, R. Chewning, J. Bartley, L. Anne Williams, J. Cure, M. Thompson, S. Walker, L. Clark, B. Jones, G. Scruggs, G. Davis, J. Ether- ington. ROW 5: S. Amowitz, B. Ferrell, D. Mc¬ Kee, L. Dailey, G. Ferguson, J. Kessler, M. Luken, S. Jones, B. Haris, D. Johnson, B. Bryant, B. Hun¬ tington, G. Rosser, H. Robinson, H. Sudduth, Director N. Haworth. (CONCERT BAND) Numerals of a winning ' 72 decorate the drums of David McKee, captain of the marching band, and George Ferguson, drum corps member. James Bradley and Bruce Marshall await their cue at the an¬ nual concert band performance. 58 Flag Corps has smashing debut Snappily attired in shiny black and white are the FLAG CORPS girls Kathy Palmer, Anne Parker, Eloise Robinson, Sylvia Wyatt, Kathy Glass, Debbie Ayers, Nancy Daniel, Teresa Howell, Sharon Stinette, Polly Wick, Laura Floyd, Cathy Bolding, Marcia Holloran, Catherine Gowen, Debbie Giles, Donna Perdieu, Judi Jones, Kathy Peters. Smashing, regal, gorgeous, snappy, any superlative used might well be used for the newly organized Flag Corps. With only a month to catch up with the already renown marching band, the girls were recognized for their contributions to the award-win¬ ning performance at the University of Richmond Invitational Band Contest. The hours of learning maneuvers and drilling with guns or flags proved worthwhile as the Flag Corps accepted applause from the football spectators and Christ¬ mas parade judges. Flag Corps members demonstrate a precision drill at command. 59 Chorale and chorus provide music for various assemblies Sponsoring and providing music for the Thanksgiving assembly, perform¬ ing for various civic groups, and pre¬ senting several concerts of sacred music combined to make a busy year for members of the choir and chorale. A Christmas concert consisting of the Dunbar and Glass choirs was held before a capacity crowd and proved to be a most enthusiastically received presentation. Interested students participated in the try-outs for this year ' s chorale. Mem¬ bers were selected by Mr. Harris, and the group consists of approximately forty members. This talented group had the honor of presenting the Sun¬ day morning Worship service at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on May 28 . Many hours of hard work, dedication and fine directing lead to the success of the concert choir and chorale. Cindie Pugh harmonizes her soprano voice with others in the chorale. Mr. Harris, chorus director, leads his group in selections from Superstar. ROW 1: N. Breeding, A. Hoskins, L. Langhorne, E. Walker, C. Whitehouse, D. McCraw, S. Woodwon, K. Glass, D. Wood, K. Turner, N. Mehaffey, ROW 2: M. Gamble, M. Hunt, L. Amonette, E. Neas, S. Baker, P. Vaughn, D Johnson, D. Collins, C. Stevens, ROW 3: N. Logwood, W. Davis, T. Cro- chetti, R. Barksdale, M. Olson, M. Cunningham, N. Barksdale, P. Thomp¬ son, J. Washer, A. Koons, M. Ferrell, ROW 4: S. Goode, S. Williams, S. Moore, C. Earle, P. Wick, P. Saunders, B. Kidd, B. Davis, K. Fraley, V. Myers, J. Emswiler, ROW 5: M. Amowitz, L. Enocks, D. Johnson, J. Dickerson, W. Burger, K. Taylor. (CHORALE) 60 ROW 1: H. Hoefle, J. Hudson, K. Bunch, D. Vanaman, J. Emswiler, E. C. Clark, C. MacMillan, S. Gills, D. Koss, D. Bailey. ROW 3: J. God Jones, N. Logwood, J. Brown, B. Miles, C. Cook, R. Barksdale, C. sey, W. Sumpter, D. Adams, J. Hodges, J. Roark, B. Stovall, R. Lawrie, Pugh, N. Adams. ROW 2: E. Payne, D. Camm, B. Huggins, J. Brown, E). Mckee, M. Long, B. Faulconer, P. Forrest. (CHORUS) Wanda Davis, Nancy Logwood, and Mary Almound wait for their Looking over their latest music, members of the chorus have a prac- cuetojoinin. tice rehersal. 61 mm m »» ! W 8 i? IIISIM ' t.« t tt Kl mmr‘Sy,r- fMM; tm ■:, -i ■ : 0m " fyw. tail WSr ■ ' ,. . .. S , ' r E.C. Glass Hilltoppers, under new head coach Johnny Palmer, overcame a relative lack of experience with de¬ termination to be number one. Led by such outstanding players as Darryl Jackson, James Hobson, Brown Lon- doree, Eddie Campbell, and Stuart Patterson, the ' 71 Hilltoppers com¬ piled a 9-2 won lost record. Their vic¬ tories included upset wins over Hali¬ fax, William Fleming, Danville, and Staunton Military Academy. The only loss came to Petersburg in a poorly played game. The Western District championship came with a 28-0 win over Martinsville, when the Top¬ pers qualified for the Northern Re¬ gional Championship to be played against Andrew Lewis in Roanoke. The Glassmen went into the last six minutes with a 14-0 lead on two touchdown passes by quarterback Jackson. However, four quick fum¬ bles resulted in three easy Andrew Lewis touchdowns, making the Top¬ pers victims of a heartbreaking defeat. Despite the dissappointing finish, Coach Johnny Palmer has rebuilt Glass into a power house to be reck¬ oned with in years to come. A crucial play . " First down, E.C. Glass. " (TOP PHOTO.) Western district champions James Hobson runs from the grip of an opponent. (BOTTOM LEFT.) Junior Quarterback George Coleman calls the signals for the offensive play 64 ROW 1: Samuel Dorsey, Herman Duiguid, David Hay, Lamonte Payne, Eddie Cambell, Brown Lon- deree, Allen Cure, Ricky Jones, Chip Mason, Claudius Moore, Calvin Crews. ROW 2: Emmitt Cox, Jeff Wood, Darnel Minnix, Garnet Mc¬ Daniel, Allen McCarthy, Paul Wisman, Pat Mor¬ ris, Darryl Jackson, Ruben Waller, Alfred Burks, John Payne, James Hobson, George Roberts, Ricky Via. ROW 3: Eddie Gentry, Leni Coleman, August Meidling, William Brown, James Bates, Wayne Rose, Claudius Moore, Steve Mills, Stuart Patterson, Ricky Mayberry, Kenneth Ware, Joe Paulson, George Coleman, Mike Mettenet, Carlos Peniche. ROW 4: Garnett Saunders, Winzelle Reid, Lamont Price, James Jackson, Tommy Cook, Phil Stanley, Rodney Bagby, Otey Merri- wether, Scott Rainey, Wayne Buffy, Byron Mehl- haff, Carl Buffy, Chip DeCarli, Bernard Slayton, Jerome Duiguid. Garnett McDaniel puzzles the opposing defense with his footwork. Quarterback Darryl Jackson connects with another touchdown pass. 65 1 An injured knee causes Allen McCarthy to double up in pain. (Top right) James Hobson finds daylight as he rips through the line on his way to a touchdown. (Top left) David Hay breaks a tackle, gaining yardage and continuing a strong Glass drive. (Bottom) Spirits climb as victories mount 66 - v- Size of the opposition is no obstacle for victory- hungry Toppers. Darryl Jackson attempts to kick an all-impor¬ tant field goal. j 1 1 if j p j Time has run out for Jefferson Sr. as Glass romps to an easy victory. 67 o ' Glass cagers strive to improve last year s record Many different faces give this year ' s Hilltopper bas¬ ketball team a new look. Coached by Harry Waters, in his first year as head mentor at Glass, the cagers start¬ ed off with two quick victories over Liberty and Alber- marle before losing to William Fleming. Other major games in regular season play were surprising upsets over Amherst and Danville. Employing the running game as opposed to control ball, the season was marked by erractic performances, sometimes brilliant, sometimes uncontrolled. Led by team captains Lawrence Mosely and Kenny Clay, the team entered the Western District tournament only to suffer a one-point loss to the Lancers of Amherst. The team showed much promise at times and next year should hopefully return Glass to the spotlight of Vir¬ ginia high school basketball. JUMP BALL and Henry Camm, 6 ' 4 " , strains to tip the ball away from the opposing team. Strong, aggressive Sandy White controls the tap as Kenny Clay and James Jackson prepare to bring the ball down court. 68 Robert Harris makes a desperation shot as Lib¬ erty Minutemen close in. (Above) Henry Camm strains upward in a supreme ef¬ fort to tap the ball to a Topper. (Bottom left) Bill Gay attempts a basket during a close game against Liberty. (Bottom right) 69 ROW 1: Lawrence Mosley, Ken Clay. ROW 2: Bill Gay, David Moorman, Greg Smith, Garnett McDaniel ROW 3: James Jackson, Robert Har¬ ris, Kent Alford, Ken Williams, Henry Camm. ROW 4: Sandy White, Phillip Ghosten, Rob Martin, James Hobson, Larry Jones. 70 New coach rejuvenates glass cagers Glass Oppi onents 56 Liberty 44 56 Albemarle 41 65 Wm. Fleming 83 54 Albemarle 45 44 Halifax 62 63 Cave Springs 60 53 Danville 81 71 Grimsley 67 61 Amherst 71 65 Martinsville 71 62 Martinsville 63 54 Grimsley 78 72 Amherst 59 79 Danville 64 67 Cave Springs 77 47 Halifax 61 64 Wm. Fleming 66 77 Liberty 46 “Pro” Harris and Kenny Williams harass a Lib¬ erty player as he attempts to shoot. (Top) Lawrence Moseley tries a jump shot, as " Pro " Harris battles for position under the board.(Left) Sandy White, fouled in the previous play, con¬ centrates before attempting his foul shot. (Bottom) J.V. Football has winning year With an excellent record of 6-0, The Baby Toppers obviously pulled off a fantastic football season. Coached by Mr. Cofield and Mr. Winston and led by captains Larry Wood and Norman Reeves, the team scored a total of 182 points. This rugged team has only one point scored against them for the sea¬ son. A majority of the team are sopho¬ mores and, of course, will be loss to the junior Varsity next year. The coaches feel, however, that they will easily make a place for themselves on the varsity and their positions will quickly be filled by upcoming fesh- men. Glass 6 Danville Opp. 0 62 Liberty 0 26 Brookville 0 22 Halifax 0 17 Amherst 0 48 William Fleming 0 6 Danville 6 One of the J.V. coaches, Mr. Winston teaches government as a primary assignment. Wmrm? " Cam- lS 11 % i ROW 1: B. Strovall, J. Reid, B. McLean, B. Huffman, L. Wood, J. Bates, J. Miller, T. Jones, R. Turner, R. Alexander; ROW 2: Coach Co¬ field, R. Cox, M. Feinman, T. Patterson, J. Kel¬ ly, W. Bruffy, H. Grant, P. Reams, J. Kelly, W. Bruffy, H. Grant, P. Reams, J. Woodson, T. Cook, G. Coleman; ROW 3: C. Hunt, R. May¬ berry, D. Robinson, C. Moore, D. Brooles, W. Jones, R. Johnson, G. Wilkes, F. Miller, R Flood, L. Whitted. 72 Former coach Bill Booker is on the other end of the stick as he is called on to referee. A foul shot adds another point to the Glass scoreboard in its game against William Fleming. JV basketball teams ha ve rewarding season - Because of the high interest for partic¬ ipation in basketball, there are two teams of Baby Toppers. Season rec¬ ords were 5-3 for the Blue team and 8- 0 for the White team. Pitted against each other before the varsity Glass- Grimsley game, the teams proved to be of equal ability and prowess with the White edging out the Blue by two tiny points. According to Coach Tucker, the ma¬ jority of the junior varsity cagers are of varsity caliber and, with the experi¬ ence they are gaining now, a top- notch basketball team can be antici¬ pated for next year. Coach Don Schley coaches the White team, while the Blue team is coached by Otis Tucker. Rebounding by the White team was one of the reasons for an undefeated season. 73 Varsity track season got off to a sour start on January 8 as Glass went down in defeat to Menchville of Newport News. Particularly dis¬ tressing was this loss since it was the second such in regular meet in the entire history of in¬ door track. Lacking this year in depth, the team has many outstanding runners. Despite this initial defeat, the Hilltoppers pro¬ ceeded to down their opponents in consistent, devastating fashion. Schools such as Jefferson Senior, Hargrave Military Academy, Halifax County, Garfield, Amherst, William Fleming and Menchville fell to the Glass indoor track club. Team captains David Root, Mike Moorman and Eddie Cox, while winning their events, urged and encouraged teammates to excell in their areas. Several other outstanding members were Barry Jarvis, David Hay, Richard Schwartz, Otey Merriweather, and Jim Williams. The coaching staff consists of Vince Bradford, Wal¬ ly Gilbert, Rod Camden and Jimmy Green. Mike Moorman and David Hay lead an Amherst opponent over the low hurdles. Trackmen anticipate a successful season Glass runners Wayne Bruffy, David Root, and Mike Hay lead the pack in the 880-yeard run during a triangular meet held at Lynchburg College. % Rodney Bagby and Nick Miller evaluate their performance after a hard fought meet at Wake Fieldhouse 74 David Hay pulls out in front and is victorious in the low-hurdle event. Coach Gilbert draws near. is anxious as the last lap in the 500-yd. run Indoor Track Schedule Dec. 18 LATFC Invitational a t Lynchburg College Jan. 8 Glass vs. Liberty and Menchville Jan.15 Glass vs. Jefferson Sr. and Hargrave Military Jan.17 Glass vs. Halifax Co. and Garfield Jan. 20 Glass vs. Amherst and Manchester Jan.22 Glass vs. William Fleming and Menchville Jan.28 Glass vs. William Fleming and Hargrave Military Feb. 4 Glass vs. Jefferson Sr. and Liberty Feb. 5 VMI Relays Feb.11 Western District Meet (VMI) Feb.18 Northwest Regional Meet (VMI) Feb.26 State Indoor Meet (VMI) --- « ss 11 . ' • • MU - ■ , ur " , " R Fighting for the lead, Keith Austin pushes for the elusive tape. 75 • % Glass cindermen defend district title Glass ' s Richard Schwartz leads an opponent in the two mile run. (Left) Runners David Root and Eddie Cox leave the starting line on the way to downing their opponents. (Right) Tr VV. | Wild KSggL W a., v ... v -mm |1 ROW 1: Darryl Jackson, David Hay, Will Frank¬ lin, Willie Wingfield, Eddie Cox, Mike Moorman, Eddie Friar, Barry Jarvis, Mike Hay, Keith Aus¬ tin, Richard Schwartz. ROW 2: Rodney Bagby, Jim Williams, John Diffendal, Wayne Buffy, Brandon Blankenship, Spencer Stone, David Lowe, David Wood, Frank Mack, George Cole¬ man. ROW 3: Russell Price, Kirby Vaughan, Rob Brewer, Danny Bridgforth, Dennis Powell, Dave Brown, Michael Lazar, Ricky Mabery, Tulane Patterson. ROW 4: Steve Forrest, Nick Miller, Mike Richardson, Rob Hamilton, Tommy Cook, Phil Stanley, Otey Merriwether, Allen Cure, Bryan Lloyd, Winzelle Reid. ROW 5: Bobby Hawkins, Coach Green, Coach Gilbert, Rod Camden, Coach Bradford. 76 m j Hi ' ? j « % Ah. TOP ROW: Coach Hutcherson, Richard Schwartz, John Neddnes, Eddie Cox, William Sims, Coach Camden. BOTTOM ROW: Doug Cameron, Bill An¬ thony, Keith Austin, David Root, David Lowe. Cross country endurance insures victory ; JB ff f . Hi Cross Country completed it ' s season with a vic¬ torious year. With a record of 9 wins and only 3 loses, Richard Schwartz, state AAU Champion, was the outstanding runner for the year. The schedule for the season was as follows: Us Cross Country Opponents 18 Albermarle 39 19 Liberty 41 24 Amherst 31 37 Nelson County 19 18 Martinsville 45 18 Liberty 43 18 Martinsville 48 32 Halifax 25 17 Holy Cross 44 37 Eastern Menonite 20 22 Amherst 33 Invitational: Halifax William and Mary Lynchburg College Western District Western Regional 6th Place 20th Place 2nd Place 2nd Place 9th Place Coaches Hutcherson and Camden, along with Captains David Root and Keith Austin, are very proud of the successful re cord. Coach Camden advises David Root on ways to improve his performance in distance running. 77 Body contact is inevitable as David Kagey matches kicks with a Holy Cross opponemt. At the opening game against Eastern Mennonite, soccer bench warmers show the strain of losing 0-1. Soccer team acquires valuable experience With the addition of many new play¬ ers and new coach, Mr. Tom Wright, the Soccer Team completed its third season with three wins, two ties, and six losses. With a nucleus of ten re¬ turning players, the season was marked with frustrating defeats and satisfying victories. The season was unique in that there were two hard- fought ties, with Eastern Men¬ nonite and Albemarle High Schools. Even though it was not a winning sea¬ son, the games gave valuable experi¬ ence to the players that will be next year ' s team. At the Soccer Banquet ending the season, three awards were given. The " Most Valuable Player Award " was received by Cleve Mc- Gehee, the Sportsmanship Award by Jon Roark, and the Coach ' s Award by Spencer Stone. Soccer team members discuss strategy for up¬ coming game with Coach Wright. 78 lint inr ' JRK iwm ■ . mm MB ' ■aassr- umaane trmm. :tzm? --y-?r.-- ROW 1, Co-captains C. McGehee, S. Stone. ROW 2, D. Kagey, B. Tibbs, R. Lynch, T. Wood¬ ridge, J. Roark, R. Thomas, D. Ray, J. Cohen, E. Keaton, J. Snead, R. Picton. ROW 3, S. Ward, L. Patterson, R. Brewer, D. Light, R. Calvert, R. Toler, M. Mattox, C. Waugh, ]. Quay, J. Basham, M. Reid, D. Powell, G. Ray, G. Roseberry, Coach " Tom Wright. Co-captains Spencer Stone and Cleve McGehee clown around before a match to relieve tension. 79 Varsity mat men move on Consistant practice and improved training techniques have helped to boost this year ' s wrestling record over that of earlier years. The mat men, headed by Coach Winston, had three wins over Danville, and twice to Brookville. After losing two consecu¬ tive games, one to Amherst and one to Liberty, the team bounced back with a win over Jefferson. Captans Lamont Payne and Jeff Wood lead a team in¬ cluding Bruce Ligthle, 98, Vernon David, 105, Jim Pinkegis, 126, and August Meidling. The E.C. Glass Wrestling Team also participatted in athe AAA Regional Wrestling Tour¬ nament held February 18 - 19 in which 19 other schools were represented. TOP: T. Floyd, R. Pickett, D. Martinez, A. Burks, J. Duiguid, M. Short, B. Parks. 2ND ROW: R. Lynch, P. Wisman, J. Wood, A. Meidling, C. DeCarli, N. Tor- bick. SITTING: B. Lightle, K. Lightle, S. Forest, F. Duckworth, S. Jordan, J. Pini- gis, L. Wood, L. Payne. Not present: Pat Morris, Doug Viar, manager. Coach Winston, Claudius Moore, William An¬ thony, V. Davis. Wrestling Schedule Dec. 9 — Glass Vs Danville Dec. 11 — Glass va Brookville Dec. 14 — Martinsville vs Glass Jan. 4 — Glass vs Brookville Jan. 6 — Glass vs Amherst Jan. 13 — Glass vs Liberty Jan. 18 — Glass vs Jefferson Jan. 21 — Glass vs Martinsville Jan. 29 — Glass vs Liberty Feb. 3 — Glass vs Amherst Feb. 5 — Glass vs Danville Feb. 11 — District Meet at Amherst Lamont Payne, Renold Lynch look on attentively as another match progresses. 80 Randy Brooks, a prospective team member, was one of 45 who showed up for the " catcher ' s” position. (ABOVE). Ray Thomas, already a letterman, awaits his turn to go out on the old diamond. Glass baseball team works for the top George Reaves is another prospective member in try¬ outs for pitchers and catchers. 81 Tennis and golf teams swing into action Under the direction of Mr. John Mayo, Lynchburg now has indoor tennis courts and instruction during the winter months. This should in the future prepare excellent material for Glass ' varsity team. Golf team mem¬ bers also have an opportunity for ex¬ tended practice on the private golf courses. Varsity golf and tennis, however, get under way at Glass in the spring and never get the coverage that is due them because of an early yearbook deadline. They have had consistently winning seasons and predictions are that the winning ways will continue in 1972. Bill Gay leaves the tennis courts for talks with Coach Don Schley. Other team members at this point are Jay Basham, Steve Adams, John Reid and Steve Lazar. Golf, coached by Mr. Dave Graham, will in¬ clude Barry Barnum and Sandy White stand¬ outs from last season. 82 An action-packed game of intramural football is still possible after a full school day. (PICTURED AT LEFT.) Allen Cure takes " ten ' ' before resuming his weight lifting. (BELOW). Boys intramurals provide interests for all students Boys of all sizes and shapes, big or small, tall or short, can find an outlet for his athletic talents through the in¬ tramural program. This program has a high amount of participation by boys in grades 10 through 12. A casual in¬ terest in football, basketball or any other sport can be satisfied through intramurals. Compe tition, teamwork, fitness, and fun are all promoted, re¬ gardless of each boy ' s individual ability. Phil Stanley grimaces at the odor wafting from a gym locker. 83 Wide spectrum of sports included in intramurals Coach Tucker posts the Boys Intramural schedule on the bulletin in the boys ' locker room to insure adequate participation. (RIGHT). Many casual games of basketball are organized through boys ' intramurals. 84 Volleyball is another sport in which girls participate in the intramural program. Girls intramurals include a fast game of volleyball after school. Debbie Afflerbach swings in motion hoping for a strike. Lilly Layne and Nancy Daniel concentrate on their game of table tennis. 85 Girl ' s Intramurals opened this fall with teams competing in hockey and softball. Gym classes provide the bas¬ ic knowledge and rules for the sports while the intramurals promoted team spirit and good sportsmanship. Many girls were instructed in timing, scor¬ ing and refereeing and assisted the sponsors during games. The winter season sports were basketball, bowl¬ ing, ping pong, deck tennis and vol¬ leyball. In early spring, tennis intra¬ murals were played. Championship games were played in all sports among the top four teams at the end of each season. All-star teams were also cho¬ sen from the junior and senior girls to compete for class championships in each sport. The hard working spon¬ sors of the girl ' s intramurals were Miss Simpson, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Hawkins. Mary Beth Gamble, Jeanette Maddox, Carrie Connelly, Anne Gentry, Sarah Payne Maddox, and Betsy Thompson take a breather from a tough tennis practice. Girls intermurals encourage group participation 86 Preparing to meet the opponents, the red team lines up for the start of the game. (Above) jk i® i ROW l:Molly Robinson, Patty Vasvary. ROW ' 2; Lisa Anderson, Deborah Offterbach, Debbie Burks, Carol Abramson, Paula Moody. ROW 3: Sarah Pugh, Beth Hatch, Bev Hobbs, Kathy Burch, Helen Early. (Upper left) Tennis is popular intramural sport. 87 Smiles on the faces of the Girls ' Varsity Basket¬ ball team attest to a winning season. New rules which no longer hobble the female players re¬ sult in action-packed thrillers as Glass trounces Holy Cross. (ABOVE). (AT LEFT) Karen Johnson gets away from Amherst play¬ ers as referee approaches table in a game won by Glass. 88 Competetive spirit spurs basketball and track At half time, Debbie Afflerbach, Beth Hatch, and Karen Johnson check their scores with Debbie Lee and Sarah Maddox. Sharp shooting and close team work have once more made the Girl ' s Var¬ sity basketball team come out on top. Practicing weekdays has created a new five-man team in accordance with a standard boys team. Coached by Miss Overstreet, the team has met opposi¬ tion with regional high schools. Nine seniors and three sophmores make up a team led by Captains Carrie Connel¬ ly and Karen Johnson. The Topper- ettes hold high hopes for an undefeat¬ ed season. The high point of the girl ' s track sea¬ son will be the Regional track meet. Hurdles, high jumps, and shotput are all included in the girl ' s events and two of the team ' s prospects are Shar¬ on White and Pam Cox. Mrs. Robin¬ son, coach of the team, has the girls practicing after school each day. The track teams ability and competitive spirit will hopefully carry them first through the finish line. ROW 1: L. Anderson, S. Prince, S. White, P. Harv- V. Womack, C. Connelly, L. Shaw, K. Traley, C. ey, J. Davidson. ROW 2: L. Smith, P. Cox, D. Gil- Balding, Mrs. Robinson, bert, B. Bushnell, S.P. Maddox, S. Stinett. ROW 3: 89 High hopes are held this year for the girls ' tennis team. A full season is scheduled with Danville, Halifax, Albermarle, Patrick Henry, St. Anne and North Cross. Other than varsity meets, the team will play the Junior Varsity of Sweet Briar and Lynchburg College. Since the book goes to press before the season begins, no scores can be reported. However, under the coach¬ ing of Miss Simpson, an enthusiastic team will keep the winning tradition alive. Tennis team enters regional and district meets Answering the call for prospec¬ tive tennis team members are Molly Rob inson in action, watched by Susan Barnes, Dee Williams, Greer McBratney, Anne Clark, Betty Bushnell, Sue Kule- neck, Betsy Thompson, Mary Beth Gamble; standing, Miss Simpson, Patricia Jones, Beth Hatch, Peggy Sackett, Margie Lippard, Rita Graves. 1,1 m “ -c w m m m I m Although the weather is still a bit nippy, Rita Graves displays a strong forehand in practice sessions. 90 Gymnastics Team. ROW 1: Susan Pressly, Pearl Wilson, Margett Glass, Karen Walker; ROW 2: Ruth Garrett, Lilly Layne, Kit Hobbs, Jennie Smith, Cathy Burch, Mary Bolding; STANDING: Shelly Grabeel, Robin Waugh, Lynn Pittman, Vicki Womack, Diane Terrell, Kathy Whitehouse, Jill Gardner, Debbie Leary. Co-ordination is the key to gymnastic ability Being involved in gymnastics means learning to be proficient on the bal¬ ance beam, uneven parallel bars, and in tumbling. All of these categories and more are practiced by the gym¬ nastic team members. Individuals practice extra hours to perfect their special interests. The girls are divided into two teams with the " B” team act¬ ing as alternates for the " A " team. Coached by Mrs. Hawkins, the girls gymnastic team participates in a re¬ gional meet in February and the state meet in the spring. Grace and form caught against the shadows of late af¬ ternoon create an etheral quality for gymnasts Cathy Whitehouse, on parallel bars, Kit Hobbs, Diane Ter¬ rell, Lilly Layne and Pearl Wilson. Team members watch and warm up as Cath Birch does an aerial cartwheel. Cheerleaders revive spirit and represent glass Jodie Lee catches the spirit of an exciting basketball game. -.MkmSh -I ■ ’ Cheerleaders rehearse a new formation to be used in an upcoming game. (Top left) Cheerleaders take time out from practice to pose for photographers. (Bottom left) Head cheerleader Lilly Layne demonstrates the correct way to leap at the end of a cheer. 92 Ending a strenuous routine as if it were " no sweat " are cheerleaders Debbie Koss, Betty Bushnell, Carrie Connelly, Lilly Layne, Vicki Womack, Donna Farnandez, Jodie Lee, and Ann Dillard. Time out at a basketball game is always an op¬ portunity to CHEER them along to another victory. Eight smiling, pert girls, aided by sec¬ ond grader Kim Lane and the E.C. Glass ram, are the members of that honored high school institution — the cheerleaders. They lead the spectators at football and basketball games in cheers designed to arouse spirit and urge on the players. Cheerleaders or¬ ganize and participate in pep rallies, and help the booter committe in painting banners. On the day of each game, they publicize it by wearing their uniforms to school and reward each team member with a candy bar or other token. This kind of thoughtful¬ ness and a happy, happy face are the signs of the Glass cheerleader. 93 -n •. • ( V ? » v vy- syiS -:■ Often in the eye Of sharp criticism From the students, faculty Parents, citizens, The administrators — Porter, Mclvor, Bailey, Baker, Mosely. Immense responsibilities Varied activities Hard Work Dedication Many Excedrin headaches Keeping up with It all Results in the making of a truly GREAT HIGH SCHOOL. A difficult task, A thankless job, Well done! Principal William E. Porter takes time out to explain a point of school procedure. (Top) Planning ahead so that all facets of a large, complex institution will function smoothly is the job of an out¬ standing administrator, Mr. Porter. (Bottom) Dedicated administrators strive for excellent school 96 Administrators strive for school unity Assistant principals Mr. Baker and Mr. Mosley are in charge of an active P. A. office. (Top) Miss Mclvor, assistant principal, carefully checks information on the student enrollment sheet. 97 Ever present problems of the Guidance Dept. Arranging schedules. Helping confused seniors. Working out class difficulties, Listen ing to student complaints, “I ' m flunking algebra-Trig! " " Can I drop chemistry? " Understanding student needs. " I can ' t take this pressure. " " I ' m going to quit school! " College Boards and catalogs Endless planning for every student. Finding jobs for those who can’t, Offering encouragement Easing friction Aware . . . Concerned This is a place of understanding. Staff members contribute Dorothy G. Olds Annie C. Pinn Malcolm R. Sydnor Mrs. Meidling studies the school records of a transfer student. Mr. Sydnor addresses students at college night while Mr. Stroud waits to speak. Ray Thomas receives assistance from Mrs. White in filling out a college application form. ‘imm . mm Anne R. Barrett Margie Loflin Doris R. Otey 20,000 books, 131 periodicals Learning by reading Microfilm, strips, records, slides Tape recordings and cassettes Learning by hearing, seeing Setting your mind to it, concentrating, It ' s easy to get what it has to give Facts, thoughts, ideas From Abbeys and Priories To Zita of Bourbon-Parma Called by Mrs. Reams " a service organization for students and faculty.” Accident, injury, illness, Vaccinations, eye tests, medical forms " I was stomped in a football game” ”1 was burned in home ec” " I have the bubonic plague” ”1 have ...” " Can I PLEASE go home?” Even Clinic helper, Debbie Wooldrige, needs a little TLC sometimes from Nurse Merryman. Eloise H. Reams Mary Francis Tweedy Ethel Merryman, R. N. Mr. Anglin, Attendance Officer, is happy to see a student return after a long absence especially since he BROUGHT him back. 99 English studies used in everyday life Anne Anderson Kevin Chamberlin Jean Cobb Research papers, creative writing There must be a reason For English requirements The Crucible and Canterbury Tales Parallel reading . . . book lists Vocabulary . . . " Spell it! I can ' t even say it! " Better communication Through writings and speech Oral reports . . . visual aids. Footnotes and bibliographies Become easier with frequent use Combinations and changes In the English curriculum Lively discussions in American Studies Hawthorne and Shakespeare How foreign is Our native language! Mrs. Myers gives an abashed Neal Gropen a Evelynn Hotz Jeanette Jones Sherry Lancaster guick glance as he gropes for plausible excuses in American Studies. • •ATT A C . ' c; ■ O: VO A i .. , :£L . ... i - - -— — —— - - - Nanette Moorman Peggy Myers Dorothy Obey Henrietta G. Preble Lynn Pritchard Sue Schley Mr. Whitfield enjoys a humorous presentation given in speech class. D. Shelton Joan Tice Stephen Whitfield Virginia Wiley 101 Betty Arrington Spanish Stanley Bird Latin Rosalie Fore Eva Pilkinton French Spanish Foreign language and history promote world communication Strangeness at first . . . Offering change Demanding perfection Endless mistakes Daily translating becomes habit New techniques of self-expression Too many verb tenses. Teacher ' s constant corrections Test papers " redone” in red ink, Smiling encouragement World communication in the present And reflections of the past Preparing for the future. A world of reality . . . Facing the facts Did that really happen? Dates, hates, quizzes " We, the people ... " Seeing the past Repeating itself War, peace, war What happens now? Mrs. Cash helps her first year French class translate a conversation. The classroom looks different to Mrs. Hollis from the other side of the desk. 102 Virginia Bittle Leslie Camm Marie Conson S. T. Crockett Horace Henson Elizabeth Hoskins Carl Hutcherson John Palmer Ralph Racer Robert Saunders Charles R. Alexander Mary C. Arnott Paula Boling Edna Krebs Martha H. Mahanes Marie E. McCoy Loretta B. Swindell Lutheran T. Wiley Thomas Wright 104 Grading tests, Mr. Fielder works late into the afternoon. Coach Bryan finds time after science class to dis¬ tribute student football tickets. W. E. Clark Andrew Fielder Frank Hotz Martin Miller Hazel Hight Ralph Spencer . - k v V ' .S ' ' . Students learn through trial and error Repeated experiments Seeking new and better results Procedure: Data: Conclusions: Chemistry — a science of matter and energy And lost Bunsen burners And pungent odors Look what color this stuff turns my fingers! Mechanics and motions in physics Formulas . . . trial and error What if life? Why is life? . . . Biology Struggles for answers are not Confined to science Floundering students in An ocean of equations Are more irrational than the numbers Ax 2 . . Bx + C =: 0 Homework on the board Geometry . . . AlgTrig. Elem. Functions . . . Continues . . . 105 Linda S. Williams Fine arts, home ec., phys. ed. and r.o.t.c. Sue B. Zirkle Carl D. Harris Neil Haworth Dorothy Stone Creativity, develops from one ' s imagination Drawing, painting, sculpturing Working to give your creation life and beauty Bulletin boards and paintings Not just tonal quality and precision in music But constant drilling, practicing, marching, Vocalizing Striving for excellence . . . Managing a household Childcare, sewing, cooking, baking Being a wise consumer, or nurse, or helpmate Creativity, too, in families to come. Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Dorothy Mayberry, arranges displays of student work. Artistically designing Christmas cards. Miss Zirkle demonstrates one of her many skills. " This is how its done, freeloader, " says Coach Gil¬ bert to Bernard Slayton. Vince Bradford Wallace C. Gilbert Heidi Hawkins Margie G. Robinson Francis Simpson Compulsory showers . . . Brrrr Freezing locker rooms Dirty sneakers, grubby gymsuits Playing basketball Keeping fit " I ' ll faint if I run the 600!” " I can ' t even touch my toes. And they want me to stand on my head!” Struggling to do a push-up Exertion Teamwork . . . Otis Tucker Sgt. Robert A. Mayne Col. Robert L. Thompson Constant drilling Taking commands " Explain the theory of flight” Leadership, Friday uniforms. Flag raising Learning the elements of space is Aeorspace education. Col. Thompson comments on Gary League ' s written report on the theory of flight. Machines and minds working toward tomorrow Learning a trade . . . ' You put the piston in the cylinder? " Machines . . . Tools " I want to be an auto mechanic. " Planning for a future Drafting On-the-job-training " What is a seamstitch? " Commercial sewing Earning money while attending school Using your hands " How do you build a door jam? " Building trades Preparing for a job Teachers guiding without forcing Being what you want to be Going your own way . . . Doing your own thing. John Davis Blanche Edley Ira Eggleton Facings on a jacket create a momentary problem for Denise Wade but help is offered by Mrs. Edley. 108 Mr. Lewis shows Antonio Tweedy and Bruce Marshall how to check fluid in a transmission. 109 David Hackworth benefits from the advice of Mr. Adams concerning a drafting procedure. Vocational skills require concentration no The lathe is explained to vocational students by Mr. Blount. Teaching with an engine rather than a piece of chalk and a blackboard brings Mr. Lewis more satisfaction. Choosing a vocation . . . Bookkeeping, secretarial, retailing Training for employment Typing, filing, advertising, displays Getting a job . . . Applications, interviews, grooming Keeping a job . . . Human relations, salesmanship. 500 hours per school year In a theater, office, department store. The confidence of a ready skill and ability Backed by knowledge and experience . . . Preparation for life. Miss Howell and Mrs. Paris, Distributive Edu¬ cation Coordinators, review a follow-up record of former student, Bennie Howard, now manag¬ er of a local theater. George S. Hales Cecil E. Houck Helen J. Lewis Diana Stallard Elaine C. Watson Rebecca D. Wilkes Anice M. Howell Vicki N. Paris 112 Efficient school attributed to office workers Mary T. Green Jacquelyn Plaster Miss Carolyn Brown, a secretary in the main office, helps a student correctly word an announcement. Mrs. Doris Steppe, secretary to Mr. Porter, schedules his af¬ ternoon appointments. Mrs. Jane Morris, secretary for the Guidance Department, records a telephone message. Mrs. Margaret Dalton arranges student reports for assistant principals. Telephones ringing Keeping the books straight Helping the teachers Absentee lists . . . who was caught? Mimeograph machines TchK, Tchk, Tchk, Tchk, Tchk, Tch, Bing! Endless lists Filing, recording, computing Setting up appointments Informing questioning students Checking and double checking Coffee-breaks " Oh, darn, I hit the wrong key! " Erasers, pencils and paper clips Typing up loose ends, Benefiting all. Faculty directory ADAMS, R. E. - U. Va., V. P. I., Drafting. ALEXANDER, CHARLES R. — B. S., Appalachian State University; M.A.T., University of North Carolina; Industrial Math., Geometry. ANDERSON, ANN T. — B.A., M.A.T., Lynchburg College; English. ANGLIN, DAN — M.Ed., Lynchburg College, N.Y.C., Fordham Universi¬ ty, Visiting Teacher. ARNOTT, MARY E. — B.S., Madison College; A.M., Univ. of Illinois, Alg.-Trig., Elem. Functions. ARRINGTON, BETTY H. - B.A., Lynchburg College; M.Ed., Univ. of Va.; Spanish, sponsor of Spanish Club. BAILEY, ROBERT M. — B.S., College of William and Mary; M.Ed., Lynchburg College; Assistant Principal, S.C.A. co-sponsor. BAKER, STEPHEN M. - B.A., Roanoke College; M.A., Radford College; Assistant Principal. BARRETT, ANNE R. — Assoc. Arts, St. Mary ' s Jr. College; Audio Visual Department. BATTEN, DOROTHY — B.S., Mary Washington College; Univ. of N.C., American History, Amer. Literature, sponsor of Debate Club. BIRD, STANLEY — B.A., M.A.T., Emory Univ., Latin, Latin Club sponsor. BITTLE, VIRGINIA V. - B.S., Roanoke College; M.Ed., Univ. of Va.; Special Education Social Studies. BLOUNT, JACK - U. Va., Univ. of Tenn., V.P.I., Machine Shop. BOLING, PAULA — B.S., Radford College; Algebra, Alg.-Trig. BRADFORD, VINCENT — B.S., Springfield College, M. Ed., Lynchburg College; Physical Educ., sponsor of Varsity G Club, Fellowship of Chris¬ tian Athletes. BROOKS, G. N. — B.S., St. Paul ' s College; Automotive Mechanics. BROWN, CAROLYN G. - B.S., A. T. College; Secretary. BRYAN, JIMMIE — B.S., Ohio Univ.; M. S., Lynchburg College; Science, Director of Athletics. CAMDEN, ROD — B.A., Univ. of Richmond; M.A.T., Duke Univ., Math., Elem. Func., Calculus; track, cross country coach. CAMM, LESLIE M. — A.B., Shaw Univ., U.S. History; sponsor of History Club. CASH, GLENDA FERRELL — M.A., Univ. of Va., French; sponsor of French Club. CHAMBERLIN, KEVIN — B.A., St. Bernard College; English, Drama; sponsor of David Garrick Players. COBB, JEAN W. — B.A., Lynchburg College; Humanities and English; sponsor of Literary Society. CLARK, W. E., Ill — B.S., Shaw Univ., M.S., A. and T. College; Chemis¬ try; sponsor of Science Club. CONSON, MARIE — B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; M.A., Columbia Univ., Government; sponsor of American Educ. Week. CROCKETT, S. T. — B.A., M.Ed., Univ. of Va.; U.S. and Va. History. DALTON, MARGARET S. — Secretary. DAVIS, JOHN I. — B. A., A. and T. State Univ.; Building Trades; sponsor of VICACLUB. EDLEY, BLANCHE W. — B.S., St. Paul ' s College; Commercial Clothing. EGGLETON, IRA — B.A., Morehead State Univ.; Mech. Drawing, Indus. Arts. ENGEL, CHERYL A. — B.A., Western Mich. Univ.; English. FIELDER, A. J. — M.A., University of Virginia; Chemistry. FORE, ROSALIE REEVES — A.B., Randolph Macon Woman ' s Coll.; M.Ed., Univ. of Va.; French; sponsor of French Club. GANNICOTT, ERIC — Teacher ' s Certificate; Northern Polytechnic; Vo¬ cational Woodworking. GOUGH, MARY W. — B.A., Longwood College; English. GILBERT, WALLACE C. — A.B., Lenoir Rhyne; M.A. Lynchburg College; Health and Phys. Educ.; assistant football and track coach. GRAHAM, DAVID H. — B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Voc. Elec¬ tricity and Indus. Arts; golf coach. GREEN, MARY T. — Secretary. GREEN, JAMES W. — B.A., William and Mary; Special Education, Eng¬ lish; assistant coach of football and track. HALES, GEORGE S., JR. — B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, State University; M.Ed., University of Virginia; Bookkeeping, Personal Typing; co-sponsor of Senior Class. HANNAH, LYNNSCOOT — B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute; I.C.T.; sponsor of Vocational Industrial Club of America. HARRIS, CARL D. — Bachelor of Music, Shenandoah Conservatory of Music; Vocal Music. HAWKINS, HEIDI — B.S., Radford College; Health and Physical Educa¬ tion; sponsor of G.A.A., G.V.G.T. HAWORTH, NEAL — B.A., Carson-Newman College; M.M.E., University of Tennessee, North Texas State University; Band. HENSON, H. M., JR. — B.S., George Washington University; U.S. Histo¬ ry; asst, football and baseball coach. HIGHT, HAZEL EVELYN — A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; Chemistry. HOLLIS, IRIS B. — M.A., Pedagogical College, University of Florida; Ger¬ man, French; sponsor of German Club. HOOTEN, MARGARET T. — A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, University of Virginia; Special Education. HOSKINS, ELIZABETH GARNETT - A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; M.Ed., Lynchburg College; Government, U.S. History. HOTZ, EVELYNN W. — A.B., Florida Southern College; English, Human¬ ities; sponsor of Varsity Cheerleaders, Cinture Society. HOTZ, FRANK E. — B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, State University; Biology, Industrial Science. HOUCK, CECIL E. — B.S., Appalachian State University; M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, University of Virginia; Typing I, Clerk Typing II, Vocational Office Training; sponsor of V.O.T. HOWELL, ANICE M. — Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Virginia Common¬ wealth University; Distributive Education II and III; sponsor of D.E. Club. HUTCHERSON, CARL, JR. — B.S., Hampton Institute, North Carolina Central University; U.S. History, Negro History, World Geography; spon¬ sor of Varsity " G " Club, coach of Cross Country Team. JONES, JEANETTE — M.S., Columbia University; English. KREBS, EDNA — B.S., Madison College; Geometry, General Math, III. LANCASTER, SHERRY P. — B.A., Pennsylvania State University; M.Ed., Lynchburg College, University of Virginia; English. LEWIS, E. J. — Auto Mechanics. LEWIS, HELEN J. — B. S., Virginia Union Univ.; M.A., Western Kentucky State College; Typewriting I and Clerical Typing I; Sophomore Class and 114 F.B.L.A. LOFLIN, MARGIE R. — B.A., Lynchburg College; M.Ed., University of Virginia; Librarian. MAHANES, MARTHA H. — B.S., Lynchburg College; Industrial Math., Algebra-Trig. MAYBERRY, Dorothy P. — B.S., Radford College, Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Home Economics; sponsor of F.H.A. MAYNE, ROBERT A. — Indiana State Teachers College, Univ. of Kentuc¬ ky, Westchester Comm. Coll.; AFJROTC. MCCOY, MARIE E. H. — B.S., Morgan State College, Howard University; Elementary Functions, Consumer Math; sponsor of Math. Club. MCIVOR, SHIRLEY K. — A.B., Randolph Macon Woman ' s College; M.Ed., Advanced Diploma, Univ. of Virginia, Assistant Principal. MEIDLING, MARTHA G. — B.S., Longwood College; M.A., Univ. of North Carolina; Advanced Diploma, Univ. of Virginia; Guidance Counse¬ lor. MERRYMAN, ETHEL W. — B.S., Medical College of Va., School of Nurs¬ ing; Nurse. MILLER, MARTIN, JR. — B.A., Bridgewater College; M.Ed., Univ. of Va.; co-sponsor of Science Club, sponsor Photography Club. MOORMAN, NANETTE W. — B.A., Lynchburg College; English. MORRIS, JANE — B.A., Maryland College for Women; Interborough School of Business; secretary to Guidance Dept. MOSLEY, DAVID L. — B.S., St. Paul ' s College; M.Ed., Lynchburg Col¬ lege; Assistant Principal. MYERS, MARGARET — A.B., Sweet Briar College; M.A.T., Emory Uni¬ versity; American Studies, English. OBEY, DOROTHY L. — M.A., Columbia Univ.; En glish; sponsor of High Times, Senior Class. OTEY, DORIS R. — Library clerk. OLDS, GERALDINE — B.F.A., Univ. of Oklahoma; M.S., Univ. of Hous¬ ton; Guidance. PALMER, JOHN — B.A., Duke University; M.Ed., University of Virginia; U. S. History; head football coach. PARIS, VICKI N. — M.S., New York Univ.; Distributive Education; co¬ sponsor of DECA. PILKINTON, EVA S. — M.Ed., Lynchburg College; Spanish; sponsor of Spanish Club and Junior Class. PINN, ANNIE C. — A.B., Virginia State College; M.A., Columbia Univ.; Guidance; co-sponsor of National Honor Society. PINN, CARL F. — B.S., West Virginia State; Driver Education. PLASTER, JACQUELYN - Bookkeeper. PORTER, WILLIAM E. — B.S., Roanoke College; M.S., Virginia Polytech¬ nic Institute, University of Virginia; Principal. PREBLE, HENRIETTA G. — B.A., Longwood College; English and Spanish. PRITCHARD, LYNN — B.S., Radford College; English, Journalism; spon¬ sor of High Times. RACER, RALPH A. — B.A., Bridgewater University; M.A., Furman Uni¬ versity; World History, Social Economics; sponsor of Industrial Manage¬ ment ' s Club for Youth and Investors Club. REAMS, ELOISE H. — B.A., Lynchburg College; Libriarian. ROBINSON, MARGIE G. — B.S., Hampton Institute; M.S., Springfield College; Health and Physical Education; sponsor of Girls Athletic Associa¬ tion and Track team. SAUNDERS, ROBERT W. — B.S., A. and T. State Univ.; American Gov¬ ernment; sponsor of SCA. SCHLEY, SUE H. — B.S., Madison College; English. SHELTON, D. B. — B.S., Univ. of Tennessee; English. SIMPSON, FRANCES A. — B.S., Lynchburg College; Health and Physical Education, sponsor of Girls Athletic Association. SPENCER, R. B. — B.S., Central State University; M.Ed., Univ. of Virgin¬ ia; Biology and Gen. Science; sponsor of Future Teachers of America. STALLARD, DIANA — B.S., Radford College; Clerical Accounting. STEPPE, DORIS P.-Secretary. STONE, DOROTHY M. — B.S., Virginia State College; Home Economics; sponsor of Future Homemakers of America. STROUD, JAMES W. — B.S., Hampton Institute; M.Ed., University of Virginia; Guidance Counselor; sponsor of intramurals. SWINDELL, L. B. — B.S., North Carolina Central Univ.; Algebra-Trig., Gen. Math., Industrial Math. SYDNOR, MALCOLM R. — B.A., Lynchburg College; M.Ed., Univ. of Virginia; Guidance Counselor. THOMPSON, ROBERT L. — B.G.S., University of Omaha; Aerospace Education. TICE, JOAN — B.A., Longwood College, English. TUCKER, OTIS — B.A., Shaw University; Health and Physical Education; assistant coach of football, Junior Varsity basketball coach. TWEEDY, MARY FRANCES — Business Certificate, Longwood College; Library secretary. WALLER, JETTIE MARIE — B.S., Longwood College; M.Ed., Lynchburg College; Va. and U.S. History; sponsor of AFS. WATERS, HARRY C. — A.B., Virginia Union Univ.; M.A., Columbia Univ.; History; basketball coach. WATSON, ELAINE C. — B.S., North Carolina Central Univ.; M.A., New York University; Gen. Bus., Clerical Typing; co-sponsor of The Crest. WHITE, CAROLYN — B.A., St. Andrews Presbyterian College; American Government; co-sponsor of FTA. WHITE, KATHERINE M. — B.S., Mary Washington College; M.Ed., Univ. of Virginia; Guidance Counselor. WHITFIELD, STEPHEN K. — A.B., University of North Carolina; Speech; sponsor of Agorian Council. WILEY, LUTHERAN — B.S., Winston-Salem Univ.; Math.; sponsor of Junior Class. WILEY, VIRGINIA — A.B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; M.A., Duke University; English; sponsor of National Honor Society and The Critic. WILKES, REBECCA D. — B.S., Madison College; Stenography; business advisor of publications. WILLIAMS, LINDA S. — B.S., Radford College; Art; sponsor of Glass Palette. WILSON, MARJORIE — B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; Eng¬ lish; co-sponsor of The Crest and sponsor of Quill and Scroll. WINSTON, IVAN — B.S., Appalachian State University; U.S. and Va. Government; coach of wrestling, coach of Junior Varsity football, sponsor of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. WRIGHT, THOMAS A. — B.S., Lynchburg College; M.S., Madison Col¬ lege; Math, and Science; coach of soccer. ZIRKLE, SUE — B.S., Madison College; Art; sponsor of Glass Palette. 115 KH mm For the class of ' 72 an old tradition but a new feeling The Class of ' 72 returns to Glass this year with high hopes to revitalize the school academically, athletically, and socially. Nominations for upperclass of¬ ficers are being held and plans are being put into motion to secure a graduation speaker. A senior dance and banquet are anticipated. Glass seniors set an example for the new juniors and sophomores as leaders of the clubs and teams. They enjoy the prestige of leaving school at 1:35 and occupying front row seats in the auditorium. But the advantages of being a senior hardly make up for the problems. With the future looming large in their minds, seniors are taking College Boards for the last time, nervously filling out job applications, and making final deci¬ sions as preliminaries to their own renaissance. William Simms, Brenda Napier, and Roy Coleman get used to the gloriously contented feeling of a cap and gown. Cecil R. Abbott, Jr. James Elijah Abbott Carol Jeane Abramson Robert Edward Ackley Cynthia Darnell Adams Marjorie Gail Adams 118 Norma Rae Adams Deborah L. Afflerbach William Lyle Akers, Jr. Delores Ann Alford Bonnie S. Allen William Michael Allen Charles Thomas Almond Mary Lee Almond Jerry Allen Anderson Alexander W. Anthony Kenny I. Alper Michael Bennett Amowitz at. JLpitiUJL jU rib ' ' ■ ' YU ' ClH f|33 t-NiT’? 1 19 Energetic Gary Bliss performs an experi¬ ment in physics class. Kelly Darnell Anders Mary Lisa Anderson William Haden Anthony Seniors lead with ability and experience William Russell Anthony Richard Duncan Apperson Kathryn Gray Armistead Doris Jeannette Arthur Robert Holt Arthur David Gorman Ashwell 120 Patricia Ellen Arthur Keith Howard Austin Debbie Lee Ayers Dennis Wayne Ayers Deborah Ann Bailey Mary Alice Bailey Randie Brooks prepares a transparancy for demonstration in English class. Beth Hardesty excitedly discusses Anglo-Saxon literature in se¬ nior English. 121 Mary Beth Bailey Betty Gayle Baldwin Peggy Deane Balia David Michael Ballowe Roxanne Barksdale David Earl Barley Senior life . . . easy to be hard Janice Arneatha Barnette Barry Massie Barnum Jane Barringer James Scott Bartley Jack Calhoun Basham Doreathea Jinett Bateman 122 Mary Beatrice Bates Donna Louise Beale Kenneth Wesley Beard William Christian Berger Janet Lea Berry John Frederick Berry 1 Debbie Gilmore rests after the long, hard band trip to Petersburg. Deborah Billingsley Linda Blandford Milton Cole Blanks 123 Brenda Kaye Blankenship Gary R. Bliss Susan Lynn Blunt School spirit is spurred by seniors Barbara Lee Board Phyllis Joan Bolton Anne Elizabeth Bond Robert Clayton Bowman Larry Wayne Brooks Randall Scott Brooks Fred Hadley Brown, Jr. John Randolph Brown Stephen Craig Brown £?“= 7j62 2 124 William Steven Brady William Daniel Bridgforth Susan Rutherford Breitung Ronnie Lee Brimm Vicki Britt Earl Lee Brooks, Jr. Tension increases as graduation approaches Bonnie Girard, new at Glass, concentrates on Ele¬ mentary Functions in a quiet classroom. Richard Owen Bradner Judy Lynn Brown Terrell Coleman Brown Jane Elizabeth Bruce Deborah Ann Bryant Kathleen Elizabeth Bunch 126 Margaret Cornelia Burby Michele Christine Burch Michael Raymond Burford Vickie Wray Burford Malcolm Burgess David Charles Burks Deborah Jo Burks Georgia Leigh Burks Oliver Preston Burks Concerned about a test, students await the final verdict from Mr. Camden. John Diffindal, Mary Noechal, Vicki Womack, and Carl Conner, begin a spirited SCA meeting. Jackie Lynn Burns Michael Kenneth Burnett Susan Hope Burnett Veronica Ann Burnett Walter David Burnett James Vernon Burroughs Hanna Brooks Burruss Jane Ruth Butler Nancy Jo Butt 128 mmm Robert Raymond Caldera Stephanie G. Calloway Douglas Charles Cameron Henry Benjamin Camm Clarence Edward Campbell III Jewel Constance Campbell Expressing ideas through student government Rebecca Lynn Campbell Wanda Faye Campbell William Cornelius Campbell Debra Kay Candler David Gary Canfield Jerry Franklin Canfield 129 Debbie Ann Carpenter Vivian Roberta Carr Wilbur Keith Carson Barbara Carter Denise Rae Carter Joy Kathleen Carter Upperclassmen pursue outside activities Eight o ' clock in the morning and another band practice for David McKee. 130 Nathaniel Carter Rebecca Dianne Carter Thelma Louise Carter William Jeffrey Carter Mitchell David Carwile, Jr. Karen Marie Carwile Arthur Walker Case, III Martha Marie Cash Rachel Beatrice Cash Amanda Gail Cassada Carole Lee Cassidy Romona Gene Chambers 131 Registration for the mock elections gives Gary Davis, Greg Smith, Diana Gilpatrick and Marianne Mars practice in the democratic process of voting. Walter Michael Chambers Stephen Bruce Chewning Jeanne Elizabeth Christian Ann Chryssikos Cecilia Scott Clark Robert Edward Clark Kenneth Earl Clay Rodney Harris Clements Larry Joseph Cline 132 Decisions demand rational and practical answers Deborah Ann Coffey Jeffrey D. C. Cohen Danny Thomas Coleman Jean Elizabeth Coleman John William Coleman Kathy G. Coleman Physics poses perplexing problems for Jack Berry and student teacher, Miss Conrad. 133 Phillip Lee Coleman Roger Lee Coleman Roy Clyde Coleman, Jr. Glenda Rebecca Coles Dixie Leigh Collins Debra Lynn Conley Energetic seniors stimulate school routine Carrie Reva Connelly Carl Thomas Conner Cynthia Cook Gary Dale Cooper Rennie Hudson Cooper Kevin S. Coughlin 134 M M | Edwyn Preston Cox Emmett A. Cox Kathleen Fay Cox Pamela Gwen Creasy Joyce Ann Crawley Calvin Reginald Crews Doreathea Ann Crews Gilbert D. Crews Marcia Natalyn Crews Weather is no factor to David Root when it comes to cross-country practice. Susan Kay Crews Gordon Ray Crickenberger Mary Arlene Cunningham Individuality abounds in the class of ' 72 Preston Allen Cure Cassandra Louise Dabney Sheila Marie Dailey David M. Dalton Douglas A. Dalton John William Daniel Nancy Diane Daniel Belinda Gail Darden Virginia Carol Davidson 136 Wesley Melvin Davidson Adolphus Leroy Davis Garry Renaldo Davis Chip Mason sets up equipment for the pho¬ tography club. James Ellis Davis Mindy Gay Davis Sharon Ann Davis 137 Steven Michael Davis Thurman Daniel Davis Vernon Tyrone Davis Seniors receive help from many outside sources Under Mr. Eggleton ' s direction seniors learn a new principle of mechanical drawing. Hunter K. Dawson Joseph Earl Dawson Diana Lynn DeVVeese 138 Joan Thompson and Barbara Hawkins concentrate on a lecture concerning the " wage-price " freeze. Audrey Crystal Dean Darlene Mae Deaner Arlene Louise Dewell John Hundley Diffendal Paula Raye Dillard Susan E. Dodge Roger Lee Dolan Jerry Wayne Dolinger Larry Darnell Dolsey 139 Samuel Dolsey, )r. Ralph Wallington Dorsey Clover O ' Day Dowdy Keith Anthony Driskill Rebecca Jane Driskill Patricia Ann Dudley Herman Duiguid Constance E. Earle Helen V. Early Deep in thought, Curtis James concentrates on an important decision. Rhonda Jean Eastridge Kenneth Allen Edwards Laura Marie Engelder Larry Steven Enochs George Francis Erbacher James Scott Etherington Peggy Lynn Eubank Charles Allen Evans Dana Preston Evans Class of ' 72 is surrounded by ever present pressures Darrell Matthews Evans Mary Elizabeth Evans Diana Marie Everette 141 2 J) Lewis Kelly Falls Renata Falzoni Tim Farrar Sacrifices are part of being a senior Troy Jones exchanges free time for extra credit assignment. Anita Dawn Farries Hubert Lloyd Faulconer, Jr. Deborah Howard Feinman 142 Rod Ackley and Brock Stovall, budding politi¬ cians, involve themselves totally in the mock elections. Sherry A. Feldman George Dewey Ferguson III George Kent Ferguson Janey Estes Ferguson Maynard Ferguson Sandra Lee Ferguson Mary Sue Ferrell Stephen Owen Fisher Norma Jean Fitch ' 143 Physics partners combine ideas for joint conclusions. Roger Franklin Flint Laura S. Floyd Joan Dale Fontaine Edward Jerome Fontana Cheryl Rucker Ford Paul Andrew Forrest Carlton Hoyt Foster, Jr. Eric K. Frank Brenda Lee Franklin 144 Relating to friends, sharing ideas Patricia Ann Franklin William Houston Franklin Coy B. Fullen, Jr. Kitty Hicks Fuller Hubert Louis Gallaher Gloria Jean Garland 145 William Howard Garland James Terry Garrett, Jr. William F. Gay Brenda Mae Gentry Toni Louise Giesselman Catherine Marie Giles Debra Leigh Giles Carroll Wayne Gill Cheryl Darlene Gillette Spirits soar during final year Deborah Lynne Gilmore Diana Jean Gilpatrick Roberta Mae Girard 146 Kathy Sue Glass Peggy Lee Glover James Howard Godsey Edith E. Goff Susan Virginia Goode Virginia Lee Gowell Rita Mae Graves Barton E. Greer Diane Lynn Greer District Champion Hilltoppers tackled hard to shut out Martinsville Jeff Scott Griffin Janet Lynn Gumprich Robb Lee Guthrie Steven Kenneth Guthrie Patricia Dawn Hackett David W. Hackworth Seniors are active in local politics Beverly Boyd Hailey Carlton Lee Hall Roberta Susan Hamilton Elizabeth P. Hardesty David Harmon, Jr. Donnie Raye Harris 148 Joann Laverne Harris Robert Harris Harold Harrison David Wayne Hart Stephanie Hart Ann Hamilton Harvey Cindy Adams, Tommie Sue Shelton, and Jewel Campbell discuss civic affairs in government class. 149 Seniors question old concepts A student ' s answer raises doubt in Mitzi Burby ' s mind. “ " " " rf 7 man Tony Harvey Mary Elizabeth Hatch Barbara Jane Hawkins Kathryn Elizabeth Hawks David Brian Hay Constance Laverne Harvey 150 Michael Roehl Hay Nancy L. Hedrick Dean L. Hemphill Robin Patreece Hensley Gilbert Herndon Gloria Ann Herndon William Austin Hicks Ann Davis Hill Richard Daniel Hiller Clark Jennings and Carrington McVeigh re¬ examine reasons behind homework problems. Between the frantic rush of classes, Candace Mc¬ Coy finds time to dig for long lost homework. Beverly Henderson Hobbs Katherine Spruce Hobbs Carey Wayne Hoffman Philip Glenn Holbrook Walter Ralph Holland Marcia Gail Holloran William Owen Holt Jr. Marguerite Duval Holt Michael Rawlings Honig 152 Thomas Arthur Houliares Edgar Howard Michael Wayne Howard Breaks between classes are never long enough Teresa Lynn Howell Gary Ray Hudson Phyllis Ann Hudson Rebecca Lois Hudson Annabell R. Hughes Carolyn Evorne Hughes Mahlon G. Hutchison Janice M. Irving Brett Lee Jackson 153 Darryl Wayne Jackson Doris Jackson Hillman T. Jackson Leroy Nathaniel Jackson Lorenzo Jackson Barry Gene Jarvis Jim Godsey discovers a silent form of communication. 154 Al Jenkins Carol Jennings Charles Leslie Jennings Floyd Clark Jennings Ralph D. Jennings David Lynn Johnson Seniors seek new fields of expression George Edwin Johnson Gregory Lee Johnson Joseph Robert Johnson Karen Louise Johnson Nancy Ellyn Johnson Patricia Johnson 155 Lunch time ranks high on the list of favorite periods. Lunch time is a welcome break for seniors Peyton Garland Jonas Florence Sabrina Jones James Troy Jones Janice Elizabeth Jones Larry Ray Jones Robert Bernice Jones Susan Pettit Jones Deborah Kaye Jordan Stephen Heneley Jordan 156 David Brewer Kagey Edward Lee Keaton Jo Ellen Kennedy Bu Up Kim Barbara King David Hughes Kirby 157 Vicki Lynn Kirkpatrick Eric Matthew Kleinberg Edward Ashby Knowles Term papers and projects consume much of senior ' s time Greg Scott Knowles James Parker Knowles Beckie K. Krantz Susan Frances Kulenek Tony Alban Laforcarde Richie Notley Langhorne Michael Wilson Lawhorn Samuel Antonia Lawson Lillian Ann Layne 158 Intent on his research for an upcoming term paper, Dickie Case leans closely over his desk. Patricia Ann Layne Carol Ann League Bruce A. Lee Deborah Gail Lee Robert Patrick Lee Linda A. Lewis Bruce Lightle Nancy Elizabeth Logwood James Brown Londeree 159 Ann Marie Lowe David Mosby Lowe Karen Lynn Lucado Kathy Mae Lucas Sheila Dawn Lyons Darrel Reed Lynch Renaldo James Lynch Claire Leigh MacMillan Tom C. MacMillan Sarah Payne Maddox Mildred Gibbs Mahon Calvin Pernell Malone 160 Seniors Gregory Harris and Larry Mc- Elroy learn how to repair a television set under the watchful eye of Mr. Graham. Active minds search for new fields of expression Linda Gale Mann Kathy Yvette Manson Don March Stephen Kent Marks Marianne Patricia Mars Bruce Cabot Marshall 161 Two silhouetted students enjoy a brief moment of privacy. Moments of idleness are rare but welcome Randy Clifton Marston Clarence Edward Martin Deborah Sue Martin Richard L. Martin Theresa E. Martin William Joseph Martinez 162 Heads turn when the cheerleaders leave for a game. Walter Gordon Mason, III Peggy Arline Mawyer Wanda Sue Mawyer Kimberly Anne Maxwell Judy Ann Mayberry David Cormac McCarthy John Allen McCarthy Candace Luvet McCoy William S. McCraw 163 Future plans are foremost in senior minds Della Grace McDaniel Garnett Morgan McDaniel Jean Marie McDaniel Joan Kay McDaniel Oveta Thelma McDaniel Paul Keith McDaniel Betty Susan McDonald Larry Leo McElory William Bruce McFaden Grover Cleveland McGehee Thomas Patrick McGinn David Martin McKee 164 Molly Robinson waits impatiently to see Troy Jones ' s letter of college acceptance. Robert Lewis McKinney Stephanie Lee McLaughlin Karen McLean Cynthia McMullen Henry Carrington McVeigh James B. McVeigh JoAnne McWane Ann Douglas Mills Marcia Marie Mills 165 Nida Adel Mills Donald David Miller Gary Kevin Miller Karen Denise Miller Donnell Minnis William Odell Minnix Future indecisions plague many seniors Jim Burroughs focuses on an apparent point of interest. 166 ——i Beverly Anne Moody Beverly Lee Moon Claudius Levann Moore Dorothy Lynette Moore Michael Keith Moorman Helen Gail Morris Patrick Kenneth Morris Gayle Elizabeth Morton Lawrence Edward Mosley Nancy Gail Moses Vickie Lynn Myers Brynda Gayle Napier 167 Tony Harvey, Randy Harrison and David McCarthy display varies moods in physics class. Donnie Vincent Newman Mary Noechel Cheryl Elaine Noel Senior moods vary — Fred D. Noell Jr. Thomas Richard Norwood Elizabeth Ann Novak Diane Nowlin William H. Nowlin, III Emmett Edward Nuchols 168 Richard Miles O ' Donald Sarah Hepburn Offeidinger Marilyn Olson Peggy Darlene Ore Marisue Osmondson Donald Keith Owens 169 School spirit unites seniors with faculty Kathleen Scott Owen Julia Woods Padgett Bryan Neil Paris Roger Earl Parker Kendall Scott Parrish Cathy Patillo Kathy Crystal Patterson Joyce E. Payne Carlton Lamont Payne William Earle Pearson Lara Irene Perkins Roland Kyle Peters 170 Coach Palmer and Ricky Thomas eye the cheerleaders at the bonfire pep rally. Alan Walter Pettigrew Linda Sue Phillips Kathie Leigh Pickrall Russel J. Picton James Donald Pinigas Lynn Carver Pitman James Poindexter Debra Robin Poole Lynwood Wayne Powell 171 Suzanne Virginia Prince James A. Puckette Cynthia Reid Pugh Kent Nelson Pugh Darlene Quarles Terry Morgan Rackliffe Kevin D. Ramsey Mary Brennan Ramsey Ronald Lee Rathers David Thomas Ray Richard Lee Read Michael Larry Redwood Dexterity is important to seniors 172 Training in manual skills brings tangible re¬ wards for Kenny Alper and John Coleman. Dianne Patricia Reed Cheryl Reedy Phil Reed, Jr. George Thomas Reeves Nancy Lynn Reid Lawan E. Reid Physics students, Steve Jordan and Jim Pinagas, find " Mechanics and Motions " tests their manual skills as well as mental abiltiies. Wishing he could join in, a student pensively sur¬ veys the field. Seniors escape from reality Suzanne Holmes Reid Perry Alan Reynolds Phil Louis Reynolds Robin Marie Reynolds Steve Earl Reynolds Tommizine Denise Rice 174 It ' s a depressing ride back for David Ray after the Soccer team bowed to Hargrave Military. James Oscar Richardson Jon Steven Roark Linda Diane Robertson Michael Stephen Robertson Ronald Lee Robey Shirley Marie Robey Elaine Robinson Eloise Fontaine Robinson Marnetta Stokes Robinson 175 Machine shop students learn through actual experience. David John Root Glennover Rose Larry Eugene Rose Gregory Everett Roseberry Delores R. Rosser Gary Withers Rosser Faye Ann Rucker Margaret Regina Saunders Robert Lewis Saunders 176 Vanessa Dale Saunders Louis Arnold Scheckwitz Claude Winston Scott Seniors gain experience in vocational classes Debra Jo Scott John Richard Scott Matilda Rozetta Scott Sharon Dianne Scott James Elrod Seamster Deane Sue Self Carolyn Kay Shackelford Thomas Kent Shelton Tommie Sue Shelton 17 7 Garnett McDaniel illustrates for Jerome which class holds the power at Glass. Wanda Laverne Shepard Diane Delores Sherman Pamela Gail Shields Darryl Franklin Short Gloria Jane Simmons William H. Simms Graduates demonstrate their seniority Duiguid 178 John Rennie Simon Ricky Coleman Simpson Nancy Lynn Slater Angela Vine Smith Debbie Lynn Smith Gregory E. Smith Louis Augusta Smith Nancy Smith Patricia Diane Smith Sarah A. Smith Susan Earle Smith John Timberlake Snead 179 Students get back to work after a sci¬ ence film. Gavin Jay Snyder John Sowers Thelma Arlene Spencer School acquires deeper meaning for graduating seniors Bruce Edwin Spinner Carl Erwin Spinner Valvette Donna Spradley Shirley Marie Stamps Patricia Ann Stanley Samuel Stephen Staton 180 Sharon L. Staton Herbert Gordon Steppe Yvonne Sylvia Stinnett Sharon Lee Stinnette Janet Susan Stone Spencer Calloway Stone Paul McDaniel studies intently for his next math quiz. jimmy McVeigh explains to Carl Conner the fascinating mystery of homework. i 181 Even seniors goof off sometimes Mary Virginia Stout Jonathan Brack Stovall Michael A. Suchodolski Harvel J. D. Sullivan Charles Wesley Sumpter Robert P. Swan Reid Chiswell Sweeney Michele Elizabeth Taylor Michael Otha Taylor Diane Carter Terrell Deborah W. Thacker Donna Joyce Thacker 182 Barry Jarvis finds a different way to relax from school tensions in Phys. Ed. Teresa A. Thaxton Joyce Thomas Raymond Lee Thomas Rickey McKinley Thomas Elizabeth M. Thompson Joan Dale Thompson Pamela Lee Thompson Terry Wayne Thompson Catherine Ann Thornhill 183 Linda Blankford uses advantageously the paperback sup¬ plementary books in English class. A senior is a fragile machine Elizabeth Price Thornhill James Edward Thornhill Mary Ella Thornhill David Claude Thurman Roy Allen Tibbs, Jr. Robert Marshall Toler 184 ■MIT Joyce Elizabeth Tolley Julius L. Tolley, Jr. Brenda Susan Torian Leslie Forrest Tozer Harry Dale Trent Malcolm Wade Trimiar Richard Wayne Tucker Margaret Turberville Jean Turner William Turner, Jr. Antonio Tweedy Seth Eli Twery 185 A quiet moment is rare on the bus to away football games. Seniors combine school academics with club activities Dennis Clyde Tryee Thurman Danny Upchurch Claude Nelson Vadasz Paul Vadasz Mark K. Vantine Patricia Elizabeth Vasvary John Lea Venable Douglas Edward Viar Garry Wayne Viar 186 Ellen Jeanne Walker Patricia Anne Walker Steve Lee Walker Reuben Charles Waller David Edmond Walshe Howard Lee Walthall Robert McKinney types a weekly ROTC report. Judy Wascher and Ann Chryssikos work diligently on the High Times. 187 (So Leaving school early is part of the prestige of being a senior. William Leslie Warren Judith Helen Wascher Barry Stephen Watkins Albert Erie Watts Lewis Allen Watson III William Eugene Watts Robert Henry Waugh Barry Owen White Robert Adams White 188 Ruby D. White William Sandford White Sharon White Seniors enjoy many special privileges Catherine C. Whitehouse Daryl Lee Whorley Polly S. Wick Robin Lee Wilcher Herbert Hoover Williams James J. Williams, Jr. Jon Edwin Williams Robert Edward Williams Pearl Marie Wilson 189 Jerry Terrell Williams Jr. Ronald Anderson Williams Peggy Ann Wilson Changing classes proves a humorous pastime for Tommy Houliares. William Estes Wilson Willie Bob Wingfield Paul Pence Wisman 190 Donald West Womack Valerie Womack Vicki Annette Womack Humor survives . . . Cynthia Ann Wood Deborah D. Wood Jeffrey Alan Wood Jeffrey Blake Wood Randy Mason Wood Wendy Michele Wood Deborah M. Woodall Larry M. Woody Beverly C. Wooldridge 191 For seniors sought after goals become realities C. Bruce Woolridge Terrell G. Woolridge John Wray David G. Wright Kenneth Wright Sarah J. Wright Band director Haworth makes a final checkup on the band before the big Richmond contest. JM w m lilL r OF. i ■yfHKpP ' t S Senior class officers Mike Moorman, president; Spen¬ cer Stone, vice president; Lilly Layne, secretary and Perry Reynolds, treasurer discuss plans for a hopeful senior dance. Seniors engage in conversation with college represent¬ atives on College Night. Mrs. Obey helps a senior concerning dues as part of the responsibility of sponsor. Mr. George Hales is the other senior class sponsor. 193 ABBOTT, JAMES ELIJAH-Science Club, SCA, ROTC Drill Team, Intramural Sports, Varsity Sports. ABBOTT, CECIL R. , JR. ABRAMSON, CAROL JEANNE-French Club, GAA, Guidance Aide, SCA, Intramurals. ACKLEY, ROBERT EDWARD-Service Committee Chairman-SCA, Junior Class Representative, Intramurals. ADAMS, CYNTHIA DARNELL-SCA, Publications Representative, Intramurals, Pep Club. ADAMS, MARJORIE GAIL-GAA, Intramurals. ADAMS, NORMA RAE-Varsity Cheer¬ leader, JV Cheerleader, Spanish Club, Intramurals, Vice President of Chorale Homecoming and Snow queens. AFFLERBACH, DEBORAH L.-Girl ' s Varsity Basketball, GAA, Intramurals. AKERS, WILLIAM LYLE, JR. ALFORD, DELORES ANN-Intramurals. ALLEN, BONNIE S. -DE. ALLEN, WILLIAM MICHAEL ALMOND, CHARLES THOMAS-SCA, JA, Choir. ALMOND, MARY LEE-Publication Rep¬ resentative, Chorus, FHA. ALPER, KENNY I. AMOWITZ, MICHAEL BENNETT-SCA, French Club, Cinture Society, Math Club. ANDERS, KELLY DARNELL ANDERSON, JERRY-Honor League. ANDERSON, MARY LISA-Girl ' s Var¬ sity Basketball Team, Spanish Club, Math Club, AFS, GAA, Intramurals. ANTHONY, ALEXANDER W. -Alternate Homeroom Representative, Entertain¬ ment Committee, Youth Industrial Management Club. ANTHONY, WILLIAM HADEN-Cross¬ country Track, ROTC Drill Team, German Club. ANTHONY, WILLIAM RUSSELL APPERSON, RICHARD DUNCAN ARMISTEAD, KATHRYN GRAY-DE, Hocky Intramurals, ICT. ARTHUR, DORIS JEANNETTE-Hocky Intramurals, Bowling Intramurals. ARTHUR, PATRICIA ELLEN-SCA, French Club, Sophmore Class Repre¬ sentative, FHA. ARTHUR, ROBERT HOLT-Honor League, Spanish Club, Math Club, Science Club, Intramurals. ASHWELL, DAVID GORMAN AUSTIN, KEITH HOWARD-Captain of the Cross-Country Team, Member of the Varsity Debate Team, Agorian Council, Track team, Math Club, Intramurals. AYERS, DEBBIE LEE-Honor League, In¬ Examining a roll of film, Will Franklin prepares to develop another group of pictures. tramurals, Spanish Club, Math Club, Flag Corp, GAA. AYERS, DENNIS WAYNE-D. E. Club, Homeroom Representative for Sports. BAILEY, DEBORAH ANN-Intramurals, Choir, SCA, Regional All-State Choir. BAILEY, MARY ALICE-Intramural Hockey, Softball, Volleyball, Basket¬ ball, Bowling. BAILEY, MARY BETH-American Foreign Exchange Club. BALDWIN, BETTY GAYLE-Art Club, VOT. BALLA, PEGGY DEANE BALLOWE, DAVID MICHAEL-Soccer. BARKSDALE, ROXANNE-Chorale, Con¬ cert Choir. BARLEY, DAVID EARL BARNETTE, JANICE ARNEATHA-Bas¬ ketball, Volleyball, Soccer. BARNUM, BARRY MASSIE-Sportswriter for Newspaper, Pep Club. BARRINGER, JANE BARTLEY, JAMES SCOTT-Band. BASHAM, JACK CALHOUN-Tennis, Soccer, SCA, Latin Club, Forensics Team. BATEMAN, DOREATHEA JINNETT BATES, MARY BEATRICE-Choir, French Club, German Club, FHA. BEALE, DONNA LOUISE BEARD, KENNETH WESLEY BERGER, WILLIAM CHRISTIAN-Sci- ence Club, Chorus. BERRY, JANET LEA-GAA, Sophomore Class Representative, Intramurals. BERRY, JOHN FREDERICK-Varsity Basketball Manager, Junior Class Coun¬ cil Representative, SCA Representa¬ tive, French Club. BERRYMAN, FRANK C. - SCA Honor League. BILLINGSLEY, DEBORAH-FBLA, VOT. BIRD, GARY WILLIAM-AFJROTC Drill Team. BLANDFORD, LINDA-Drum Major, Track Team, Gymnastics Team, GAA, Booster ' s Club, GAA Letter. BLANKENSHIP, BRENDA KAYE-FBLA. BLANKS, MILTON COLE-SCA Alter¬ nate, History Club. BLISS, GARY R.-Science Club, De¬ bate Club, Math Club. 194 BLUNT, SUSAN LYNN-Library Helper. BOARD, BARBARA LEE-Sec.-Treas. of Homeroom, Tri-Hi-Y, Intramurals, Youth Industrial Management Club, Investment Club. BOLTON, PHYLLIS JOAN BOND, ANNE ELIZABETH-GAA, Intra- murals, SCA Representive. BOWMAN, ROBERT CLAYTON-SCA, Intramural, Soccer-Football. BRADNER, RICHARD OWEN-DE Club. BRADY, WILLIAM STEVEN-JV Basket¬ ball, Tennis Team, SCA. BREITUNG, SUSAN RUTHERFORD- German Club, FHA. BRIDGFORTH, WILLIAM DANIEL-SCA, Intramural Football, Science Club, Intramural Softball. BRIMM, RONNIE LEE-FTA, FBLA, Intramurals. BRITT, VICKI-National Achievement Semifinalist, French Club, Band, SCA. BROOKS, EARL LEE, JR.-Two State Certificates for Outstanding Achieve¬ ment in Machine Shop. BROOKS, LARRY WAYNE-ROTC BROOKS, RANDALL SCOTT-Varsity Baseball, Homeroom President, SCA Alternate, JV Football. BROWN, FRED HADLEY, JR. BROWN, JOHN RANDOLPH-SCA, In¬ tramural Football. BROWN, JUDY LYNN-Choral. BROWN, STEPHEN CRAIG-JV Football, Boy ' s State Nominee, Spanish Club, Intramural Football. BROWN, TERRELL C. - Intramural Soft- ball, Football. BRUCE, JANE-Palette Club, Y-Teens. BRYANT, DEBORAH-Chorale, Y-Teens. BUNCH, KATHY-French Club, Girl ' s Athletic Association, Intramurals, SCA, Y-Teens, Chorale. BURBY, MITZI-SCA, French Club. BURCH, MICHELE-President of Tri-Hi- Y, Intramurals. BURKS, OLIVER BURKS, DAVID CHARLES BURFORD, VICKIE-GAA, Intramurals. BURKS, DEBBIE-SCA, Intramurals, Y- Teens, Stockholder. BURKS, GEORGIA BURLEY, BONNIE-Intramurals, Junior Achievement. Flags decorate main lobby during E. C. Glass College Night. BURNETT, MICHAEL KENNETH-Honor List as Sophomore. BURNETT, SUSAN-Y-Teens, Intra- Mural Sports, GAA, Booster ' s Club, Guidance Office Aide, Gym Monitor, BURNETT, VERONICA-SCA, FBLA, VOT. BURNETT, WALTER D. BURNS, JACKIE-SCA, VICA. BURROUGHS, JIM-AFJ ROTC. BURRUS, HANNA B. BURFORD, MIKE BUTLER, JANE-Band. BUTT, NANCY J. CALDERA, ROBERT RAYMOND CALLOWAY, STEPHANIE G.-FHA, Tri-Hi-Y. CAMERON, DOUGLAS CHARLES-SCA, Track outdoor, Indoor, Cross Country. CAMM, HENRY BENFAMIN CAMBELL, CLARENCE EDWARD-Foot¬ ball, Baseball, Varsity " G " . CAMPBELL, JEWEL CONSTANCE-Ger- man Club. CAMPBELL, REBECCA LYNN-GAA, French Club, Intramurels. CAMPBELL, WANDA FA YE-VOT, In¬ tramurals, Library Assistant. CAMPBELL, WILUAMC. CANDIER, DEBRA KAY-DE club, SCA. CANFIELD, DAVID GARY- CANFIELD, JERRY FRANKLIN-Band, AFJ-ROTC. CARPENTER, DEBBIE ANN-GAA, Art Club. CARR, VIVIAN ROBERTA- CARSON, WILBUR KEITH-AFJ-ROTC. CARTER, DENISE RAE-DE Club, SCA, French Club, Basketball Team. CARTER, JOY KATHLEEN-Y-Teen Club. CARTER, NATFIANIEL- CARTER, REBECCA DIANNE-Debate Club, Agorian Council, Y Teens, High Times. CARTER, THELMA L. CARTER, WILLIAM J. CARWILE, KAREN-Girl ' s State, French Club, AFS, Art Club. CARWILE, J. DAVID CASE, DICKY CASH, MARTHA-FBLA, Usherettes, In¬ tramural Hockey. CASH, RACHEL-JA, Intramural Volley¬ ball, All Star Basketball. 195 CASH, RONALD T.-ICT, AFS, ROTC. CASSADA, AMANDA G. CASSIDY, CAROLE-GAA, Booster ' s Club, Y-Teens, Intramurals. CHAMBERS, MONA- CHAMBERS, WALTER M. CHEWNING, STEVE- Intramual Foot¬ ball, Intramural Basketball. CHRISTIAN, JEANNE-GAA, Boosters Club. CHRYSSIKOS, ANN-SCA, Girls ' State, Latin Club, Palette, High Times, GAA. CLARK, CECE-Intramural Sports, GAA, Chorale, French Club, Boosters Club, " The Music Man " . CLARK, NATHANIEL E. CLARK, ROBERT E. CLAY, KENNEY-Basketball Captain, Baseball-MVP. CLAYTON, ROYAL CHARLES-JV Foot¬ ball, Track, Basketball, Intramural. CLEMENTS, ROD-Baseball, Wrestling, SCA Representative, Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball. CLINE, LARRY-AFJROTC, German Club, Math Club. CHNE, NYAL LEE COFFEY, DEBORAH A. COHEN, JEFFREY D.-Varsity Soccer, SCA, Varsity " G " Club, Intramurals. COLEMAN, DANNY THOMAS-Agorian Council, Industrial Management Club. COLEMAN, JEAN-FHA, History Club. COLEMAN, JOHN COLEMAN, JOSEPH H. COIEMAN, KATHY COLEMAN, PHILLIP COLEMAN, ROGER-DE Club COLEMAN, ROY COLEMAN, WHITT-Football COLES, GLENDA COLLINS, DIXIE-Y-Teens, Choir, Of¬ fice Worker. CONLEY, DEBBIE-Glass Pallette, FHA, SCA, SAC. CONNELLY, CARRIE-Varsity Cheer¬ leader, Treasurer Jr. Glass, Varsity Basketball, SCA, French Club, AFS. CONNER, CARL-SCA, " Music Man, " " David Garrett Players, " Choir. COOK, CINDY-Latin Club, History Club, Agorian Council, FPIA, Art Palette, Boosters Coral. COOPER, GARY COOPER, RENNIE-ICT COUGHLIN, KEVIN-High Times, Stock Club. COX, EDDIE-Track Co-captain, Cross Country. COX, EMMETT-Varsity football, Wrestling Team, Outdoor Track, His¬ tory Club, French Club. COX, KATHY FAY-SCA, Intramural Volleyball, basketball, Publications. CRAWLEY, JOYCE A. - CREASY, PAMELA-Spanish Club, Li¬ brary Helper. CREWS, CALVIN-Football. CREWS, DOREATHEA-FHA, Tri-Hi-Y CREWS, GILBERT CREWS, MARCIA-Agorian Council, FHA, Spanish Club, SCA, Junior Class Representative, Publication. CREWS, SUE-Intramural Hockey, Bas¬ ketball, Volleyball, Softball, GAA, Y Teens. CRICKENBERGER, GORDON R.-Track Manager, VICA. CUMBIE, MONA L. - CURE, ALLEN-Co-Captain Football, Boys State Track Team, Varsity " G " , Latin Club. CUNNINGHAM, MARY-FHA, Jr. Achievement, Chorus. DAILEY, SHEILA M. DALTON, DAVID M. DALTON, DOUGLAS A.-ROTC, DECA. DANIEL, JOHN WILLIAM-AFJROTC, Intramurals. DANIEL, NANCY DIANE-GAA, Span¬ ish Club, Honor League. DARDEN, BELINDA GAIL- DAVIDSON, VIRGINIA CAROL DAVIDSON, WESLEY MELVIN-Intra¬ mural Basketball. DAVIS, ADOLPHUS LEROY-JV Trainer, Wrestler. DAVIS, DARNELL L. DAVIS, GARRY RENALDO- SCA DAVIS, GODFRED WAYNE DAVIS, JAMES ELHS DAVIS, MINDY GAY- SCA Represen¬ tative, French Club, History Club, Crest Staff, Concert Choir, JA. DAVIS, SHARON ANN- French Club, SCA Rep.-Alternate, Publications, Usherettes. DAVIS, STEPHEN MICHAEL-Basketball, Varsity G Club, History Club, French Club, Intramural football, JV Basketball. DAVIS, THURMAN DANIEL- DAVIS, VERNON TYRONE- Wrestling, Soccer, SCA, ROTC Drill Team. DAWSON, HUNTER K.-Football Team. DAWSON, JOSEPH EARL-SCA Represen¬ tative, Intramurals. 196 DEAN, AUDREY CRYSTAL-French Club, SCA, Cheerleader. DEANER, DARLENE MAE-Y Teens Member. DERUNTZ, OTTO, D. DEWEESE, DIANA-Cheerleader, Pep Club, Art Club, Committee Chairman, SCA. DEWELL, ARLENE-Concert Choir, Chorale, French Club. DIFFENDAL, JOHN-Vice-Pres. Stu¬ dent Council, Managing Editor High Times, SCA, Junior Class Rep. , French Club. DILLARD, PAULA R-David Garrett Players, Junior Achievement, SCA. DODGE, SUSAN-National Merit, Letter of Commendation. DOLAN, ROGER- DOLLINGER, JERRY- DOLSEY, LARRY- Football Manager, Basketball Manager. DOLSEY, SAMUEL-Football. DORSEY, RALPH- DOWDY, CLOVER-Band, Gymnastics. DRISKILL, KEITH A.- DRISKILL, BECKY-FHA, Y-Teens, FBLA, Intramural Hockey, Library Helper. DUDLEY, PATRICIA A. - DABNEY, CASSANDRA LOUISE- DAILEY, SHELL LA MARIE-Vice Presi¬ dent DE. EARLE, CONSTANCE E. EARLY, HELEN V.-Drama Club, Intra¬ mural Volleyball, Football. EASTRLDGE, RHONDA JEAN-Intramu¬ ral Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, GAA Representative, FBLA. EDWARDS, KENNETH ALLEN ENGELDER, LAURA MARIE-SCA, Art Palette Publication, French Club, In¬ tramural Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, GAA. ENOCHS, LARRY STEVEN-Choir, Baseball, Intramural football, basketball. ERBACHER, GEORGE FRANC IS-DECA. ETHERINGTON, JAMES SCOTT-Band. EUBANKS, PEGGY LYNN-FHA, Latin Club. EVANS, CHARLES ALLEN EVANS, DARRELL MATHEWS- EVANS, DIANE PRESTON-SCA FHA, Intramural volleyball. EVERETTE, DIANA MAR IE-SCA, FHA, Intramural volleyball. EVANS, CHARLES ALLEN- EVANS, MARY ELIZABETH-Flag Corps. FALLS, LEWIS K. FARRAR, TIM FARRIES, ANITA-SCA Alternate, Tri- Hi-Y, Intramurals. FALZONI, RENADA-AFS, Intramurals. FAULCONER, BUTCH- Music Man, SCA. FEINMAN, DEBBIE-GAA, French Club, History Club, Intrumurals, Ski Club. FELDMAN, SHERRY A.-Co-Captain Bowling League. FERGUSON, GEORGE-Spanish Club, Band, Intramural Softball, Football, Gym Squad Leader. FERGUSON, GEORGE K. FERGUSON, JANEY-President, Vice- President Glass Palette, SCA, Junior Class Representative, Senior Class Rep¬ resentative, Citizen of the Month. FERGUSON, MAYNARD FERGUSON, RAYMOND FERGUSON, SANDRA-Intramurals, Y-Teens. FERRELL, MARY SUE-Intramurals, VICA, Choir. FISHER, STEVE-Baseball. FITCH, NORMA-Intramural Hockey, Softball. FLINT, ROGER-Soccer, Intramural Football, Soccer, Softball, French Club. FLOAT), LAURA FONTAINE, JOAN D .-Intramurals SCA, VOT, Jr. Achievement. FONTANA, ED JR-JV Football, Intra- murals . FORD, CHERYL-Concert Choir, Gym¬ nastic ' s Team, GAA Club, Intramural Softball, Boosters Council. FORREST, PAUL- " The Music Man " , Chorale, All-District Chorus, Choir Treasurer, Indoor Track. FOSTER, CARLTON H.-VICA Club. FRANK, ERIC K. FRANKLIN, MARYL.- FRANKLIN, ANN-German Club, In¬ tramural Hockey. FRANKLIN, W1LUAM-AFJROTC Squadron Commander, Varsity Soccer Team, Quill Scroll, Indoor Outdoor Track, Yearbook Photography Editor. FULLER, COYB. GALLAHER, LOUIS-Agorian Council, SCA, Science club, Chess Club, His¬ tory Club, JV Football Coach, French Club. GARLAND, GORIA J. GARLAND, WILLIAM H. GARRETT, JIMMY-SCA GAY, FRANKIE-DECA, VICA. GENTRY, BRENDA M. 197 GIESSELMAN, TONI-SCA representa¬ tive. History Club, French Club. GILES, CATHERINE MARIE-DE Club. GILES, DEBRA L. GILL, WAYNE-Football Intramurals, SCA. GILLETTE, CHERYL-Latin Club, FHA. GILMORE L. DEBORAH GIRARD, BONNIE-Critic. GILPATRICK, DIANA- Lynchburg Volunteer Bureau Representative to E. C . Glass, President History Club, French Club, AFS Intramural Hockey Team, Boosters Council. GLASS, KATHY S. GLOVER, PEGGY GODSEY, JIM- President E C Glass Chorale; V P of David Garrick Players, Concert Choir-Regional Chorus, Speech Tournaments, Music Man. GOODE, SUSAN V. GOWELL, VIRGINIA- GAA, SCA, Intramurals. GRAVES, RITA-Tennis Team, Choir GREER, DIANE-JV Cheerleader, Hoc¬ key Team, French Club, Volleyball Team, Basketball Team, SCA, GAA. GRIFFIN, JEFF GRISHAW, DEBORAH GUMPRICH, JANET-Letter of Com¬ mendation National Spanish Exam, History Club, French Club, AFS, Intramurals. GUTHRIE, STEVE HACKETT, PAT HACKWORTH, DAVID-SCA HAILEY, BEVERLY-Gymnastics, SCA, Music Man, Intramurals. HALL, CARLTON-VICA, First Prize in Vocation State Fair. HALL, WILLIAM HALVORSON, DENA-National Merit Letter of Commendation, German Club, Latin Club, Courtney Wilkinson Award. HAMILTON, SUSAN -HANKS, GARY-DE. HARDESTY, BETH- National Merit Letter of Commendation, GAA-sports- manship award, AFS, Wildlife Essay Prize. HARMON, DAVID- DEC A A1 Jenkins compares colleges from the cata¬ logues in the guidance office. HARRIS, DONNIE HARRIS, JO ANN- Basketball Intra¬ mural, Volley Ball Intramural. HARRIS, ROBERT Q. HARRISON, R. HAROLD HART, DAVID WAYNE HART, STEPHANIE HARVEY, ANN- Spanish Club. HARVEY, L. CONSTANCE HARVEY, TONY-E.C. Glass Hi-Y, J.V. Football. HARVEY, HARRIET-Chorus, Track Team, GAA, Intramural Basketball. HATCH, BETH- Varsity Basketball, Varsity Tennis, GAA, Intramurals. HAWKINS, BARBARA-Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Intramurals, FHA, Booster Countil. HAWKS, KATHRYN, E. HAY, DAVID B.-Football, Indoor, Outdoor Track. HAY, MICHAEL ROEHL-Track, SCA, Booster ' s Council, Intramurals. HEDRICK, NANCY LYNN-Band, GAA, German, Latin Club, Intramurals, SCA. HEMPHILL, DENA L. HENSLEY, ROBIN PETREECE HE RNDON, GLORIA A. HICKS, KITTY Y. HICKS, WILLIAM AUSTIN HILL, ANN-Intramurals, Majorette, Jr. Class Representative, High Times, GAA. HILLER, RICHARD DANIEL-French, Science Club. HOBBS, BEVERLY-French Club, Intra¬ murals, GAA. HOBBS, KIT-Gymnastics, Homeroom Representative, JV Tennis, GAA, French French Club, Intramurals. HOFFMAN, CAREY W. HOLBROOK, PHIL-Wrestling, Track, SCA, Intramural Football. HOLLANp, WALTER-David Garrick Players President, Critic. HOLLORAN, MARCIA-Flag, Rifle Corps, Intramurals, Spanish Club. HOLT, MEG-Glass Palette. HOLT, WILLIAM O . JR . HONIG, MIKE-Intramurals, 236 Skidoo Stork Club, Golf Team, SCA History Club. HOULIARES, TOMMY-Varsity Football, Varsity G Club, Track, SCA Football intramural, Spanish Club. HOWARD, WAYNE-Baseball. HOWELL, TERESA- Flag Corps, French Club, Intramurals, SCA. HUDSON, PHYLLIS A. HUDSON, GARY R. HUDSON, REBECCA LOIS-Alternate Representative SCA, DECA, Centurian Society. 198 HUGHES, ANNABELL R.-VICA Parlimentarian. HUGHES, CAROLYN EVORNE-Gradua¬ tion Assistant. HUNTER, JIMMY LEE-Football, Intra¬ mural Basketball. HUTCHISON, MAHLON G.-Hi-Y, In¬ tramural Football and Basketball, Re¬ search Class. IRVING, JANICE M. - ICT. JACKSON, BRETT LEE-Intramural Foot¬ ball, Indoor, Outdoor Varsity Track, JV Basketball, Varsity G Club, Second in State competition Mechanical Draw¬ ing, SCA. JACKSON, DARRYL WAYNE JACKSON, HILLMAN T. JACKSON, LEROY NATHANIEL JAMES, CURTIS LEE JARVIS, BARRY GENE-Varsity Track, JV Football, SCA, Physical Fitness Award. JENKINS, AL-History Club, Intramural Football, Basketball. JENNINGS, CHARLES LESLIE-Science Club, Chorus. JENNINGS, FLOYD CLARK-French Club. JENNINGS, JR. RALPH D.-VICA JOHNSON, DAVID LYNN-Band, Choir. JOHNSON, GEORGE EDWIN-Jr. Home¬ room Representative, DECA. JOHNSON, GREGORY LEE-Tennis Team, Junior Achievement. JOHNSON, JOSEPH ROBERT JOHNSON, KAREN LOUISE-Varsity Bas¬ ketball Team, Intramurals, GAA, Band. JOHNSON, NANCY ELLYN-SCA, Junior Achievement. JOHNSON, PAT-Majorette. JOHNSON, VINCENT BERNARD-Foot- ball, Basketball, Track. JONAS, PEYTON GARLAND-Homeroom Representative, Alternate Representa¬ tive, Intramurals, Vocal Music assistant. JONES, FLORENCE SABRINA-FBLA, Newspaper Staff, Chronical. JONES, JAMES TROY-Stage Crew, Music Man Sound Operations, David Garrick Players. JONES, JANICE ELIZABETH JONES, ROBERT BERNICE-Band. JONES, SUSAN PETTIT-GAA, Intra- murals, History Club, AFS, Boosters, Band. JORDAN, DEBORAH KAYE JORDAN, STEVE HENELEY-Wrestling, Boosters Council. Ursa Major, Kazoo and and Bugle Corps. KAGEY, DAVID BREWER-SCA, Soccer, Music Man, Agorian Council. KEATON, JR. EDWARD LEE-Soccer, Intramurals. KENNEDY, JO ELLEN KIM, BU UP Sargent Mayne issues bars to a R.O.T.C. student. KING, BARBARA KIRBY, JR. DAVID HUGHES-SCA, French Club, Boosters Council, Intramurals. KIRKPATRICK, VICKI LYNN-Intra- murals, VOT. KLEINBERG, ERIC MATTHEW-VP of History Club, SCA, Intramurals. KNOWLES, III EDWARD ASHBY-Intra¬ mural football, basketball. KNOWLES, GREG SCOTT KNOWLES, JAMES PARKER- Intramurals. KRANTZ, BECKY K. KULENEK, SUSAN FRANCES-Varsity Basketball, Tennis, Girl ' s State, GAA honorary member, Intramurals, Home Room Representative. LAFORCARDE, TONY ALBAN LANGHORNE, RICHIE NOT LEY-Chorus, Majorette. LAWHORN, MICHAEL WILSON LAWSON, SAMUEL ANTONIA LAYNE, LILLIAN ANN- CO- He ad JV Cheerleader, Head Varsity Cheerleader, Intramurals, GAA, SCA, Boosters, Sen¬ ior Class Secretary. LAYNE, PATRICIA ANN LEAGUE, CAROL ANN-Parlimentarian of DE Club. LEE, BRUCE A. LEE, DEBORAH GAIL-SCA, Head of Boosters, GAA, AFS, Intramurals. LEE, ROBERT PATRICK LEWIS, LINDA A.-French Club, Glass Palette, Intramurals. UGHTLE, BRUCE E. LOGWOOD, NANCY ELIZABETH LONDEREE, JAMES BROWN-Captain Varsity Football, JV Basketball, Var¬ sity Track, Varsity G Club, Intramurals. LOWE, ANN MARIE-Intr a murals, hoc¬ key, volleyball and basketball. LOWE, DAVID MOSBY-Cross Country Team. LUCADO, KAREN LYNN-Page editor High Times, Spanish Club, Intramurals, Quill and Scroll. 199 LUCAS, KATHY MAE-SCA, GAA, Usherettes, Spanish Club, Intramurals. LYNCH, DARRELL-Crest photographer, Science Club, Chairman of Photography- Club. LYNCH, RENALDO JAMES-JV Football, Track, Wrestling, Soccer. LYONS, SHELIA DAWN MACE, CHARLES WAYNE MACMILLIAN, CLAIRE LEIGH-Girl ' s State Representative, SCA, French Club, Chorale, Intramurals, JV Cheerleader. MACMILLAN, TOM C.-David Garrick Players. MADDOX, SARAH PAYNE-Captain In¬ tramural Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, High Times, GAA. MAHAN, MILDRED GIBBS-Band, Latin Club. MALONE, CALVIN PERNELL-Intramur¬ als. MANSON, KATHY YUETTE-Intramurals. MARCH, DON MARKS, STEVEN KENT-Varsity Base¬ ball, JV Baseball. MARS, MARIANNE PATRICIA-French Club, AFS, History Club, Boosters Council, Intramural Hockey, Honor¬ able Mention 1969 Va. Wildlife Contest. MARSHALL, BRUCE CABOT MA RSHA LL, RO SA LYN J. MARSTON, RANDY CLIFTON-JV Foot¬ ball, SCA. MARTIN, CLARENCE EDWARD MARTIN, RICHARD L. MARTIN, DEBORAH SUE-DECA MARTIN, THERESA E.-Representative to Workshop at Longwood College. MARTINEZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH- Intramurals. MASON, III WALTER GORDON-JV Football, JV Basketball Manager, JV Baseball, Varsity Football, Varsity G-Club. MAXWELL, KIMBERLY ANNE-Agorian Council, AFS, Library assistant, Crest Staff, Critic, French Club. MAWYER, PEGGY ARLINE-GA repre¬ sentative, Intramural Volleyball, Crest Staff. MAU, WAYNE Intramural Basketball, Football, Wrestling. MAYBERRY, JUDY ANN-Intramurals, Boosters Council. McBRIDE, NANCY LOUISE McCarthy, DAVID CORMAC-Mana¬ ger Football, Varsity G-Club, Latin Club. McCarthy, jo™ ALLEN-Varsity Football, Track, Indoor track, Varsity G Club. McCOY, CANDACE LUVET-Representa¬ tive to Girl ' s State, Councilor Repre¬ sentative, P. A. Office worker, Trea¬ surer of FHA. McCRAW, WILLIAM, S.-David Gar¬ rick Players, Boosters Council. McDANIEL, DELLA GRACE McDANIEL, GARNET MORGAN-Foot- ball, Varsity G Club. McDANIEL, JEAN MARIE-Art, ICT, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball. McDANIEL, JOAN KAY-Editor High Times, Quill and Scroll, SCA Com¬ mittee Chairman, Spanish Club, Intramurals. McDANIEL, OVETA THELMA McDANIEL, PAUL KEITH-Varsity Bas¬ ketball, Tennis. McDonald, betty susan McELROY, LARRY LEO-ROTC, Wrestling, Track, Basketball. McFADEN, WILLIAM BRUCE-Color- Guard AFJROTC. McGEHEE, GROVER CLEVELAND-Soc¬ cer Team Captain. McGINN, THOMAS PATRICK-VICA. McKEE, DAVID MARTIN-Band Captain, SCA. McKinney, Robert lewis-H istory Club. McLaughlin, Stephanie lee MCLEAN, KAREN L. -Drama Club, Choir, Intramurals, Glass Palette. McMULLEN, CYNTHIA H. -National Merit Letter of Commendation, Alter¬ nate to Girl ' s State, French Club. McVEIGH, HENRY CARRINGTON McVEIGH, JR. JAMES B.-President of SCA, Latin Club, Varsity Football, Track, Boys State, Merit ' s Who ' s Who in American High School Students. Me WANE, JOANNE-SCA, representa¬ tive, Booster ' s Council, Agorian Coun¬ cil, VOT. MILLER, DONALD DAVID-Basketball, Crosscountry. MILLER, GARY KEVIN-Intramural Bas¬ ketball, Soccer Manager, Varsity G Club. MILLS, ANN DOUGLAS-French Club, GAA, Intramurals. MILLS, MARCIA MARIE-SCA, Intra¬ murals, Jr. Class Representaive, Fligh Times. MILLS, NIDA ADEL MINNIS, DONNELL-Football MINNIX, W1LUAM ODELL-SCA, JV Baseball, Intramural Football. MOODY, BEVERLY ANNE-Intramurals, gymnastics, SCA, VOT, Honor VOT Student of the Month. MOON, BEVERLY LEE MOORE, CLAUDIUS LEVANN-Foot¬ ball, Wrestling, Track, Chorus, Chorale, Varsity G. Club. MOORE, DOROTHY LYNETTE MOORMAN, MICHAEL KEITH-Junior Class President, Boy ' s State, Varsity Track, JV Basketball, Harvard Prize Book Award, SCA, Merit ' s Who ' s Who in American High School Students. MORRIS, HELEN GAIL-SCA, Latin Club, FPiA, 236 Skidoo Club, Intra¬ murals, Publications. MORRIS, PATRICK KENNETH-Varsity Football, Varsity Track, JV Football, Photo Club. 200 MORTON, GAYLE ELIZABETH MORTON, WESLEY MOSES, NANCY GAIL MOSLEY, JANIE C. - Intramural softball. MOSLEY, LAWRENCE EDWARD-Var¬ sity Basketball. MYERS, VICKIE LYNN-Intramurals, GAA, Choir, High Times, FHA. NAPIER, BRENDA G.-Music Man, Hockey, Agorian Council, David Gar¬ rett Players, JR Achievement. NEWMAN, DONNIE VINCENT-Band, Science Club, Intramurals, Spanish Club, Athletic Association, SCA . NEWSOME, CEVAND. NOECHEL, MARY-SCA Secretary, AFS Candidate, High Times, Girl ' s State, Library Assistant, Agorian Council. NOEL, CHERYL ELAINE NOELL, JR. , FRED D. NOVAK, ELIZABETH ANN-Editor-Crest, Secretary German Club, Intramurals, GAA, French Club, Senior class Repre¬ sentative, Gymnastics. NOWLIN, DIANNE NOWLIN, III WILLIAM H. - SCA NUCKOLS, EMMETT EDWARD-ROTC Drill Team, ROTC Color Guard, In¬ tramurals, Science Club. ODONNELL, RICHARD MILES OFFTERDINGER, SARAH HEPBUR-GAA, Sophomore Class Representative, Junior Class Representative, Intramurals. OLSON, MARILYN-David Garrick Players, Intramural Volleyball and Hoc¬ key, French Club, Choir. ORE, PEGGY DARLENE-DE, DECA Secretary, DECA Parliamentarian. OWEN, KATHLEEN SCOTT-Spanish Club, Booster ' s Council, SCA Blood- mobile, PA Assistant. OWENS, DONALD KEITH PADGETT, JULIA WOODS-Girl ' s State, Cheerleader, Junior Class Representa¬ tive, French Club, GAA. PANNELL, SAMUEL E. PARIS, BRYAN NEIL PARKER, ROGER EARL PARRISH, KENDALL SCOTT-Intramural Football and Basketball, Gym Squad Leader. PATILLO, CATHY PATTERSON, KATHY CRYSTAL PAYNE, CARLTON LAMONT-Football, Basketball, Wrestling. PEARSON, WILLIAM EARLE-Debate Club. PENN, HERMAN L. PERKINS, LARA IRENE PETERS, ROLAND KYLE-Latin Club, JV Football, Intramurals. PETTIGREW, ALAN WALTER-Stage Crew, Spanish Club, David Garrick Players, Junior Class Representative. PHILLIPS, LINDA SUE-Intramurals. PHILLIPS, THORTON W. PICKRALL, KATHIE LEIGH-GAA, Y-Teens. PICTON, RUSSELL J-French Club, High Times, Soccer Team. PINIGAS, JAMES DONALD-Wrestling, Band. PITMAN, LYNN CARVER-Gymnastics, Music Man, French Club, Intramurals. POINDEXTER, JAMES POOLE, DEBRA ROBIN-ICT, Honor Society, SCA, Office Assistant, Vol¬ unteer Bureau. POWELL, LYNWOOD WAYNE-JV Base¬ ball, VICA. PRINCE, SUZANNE VIRGINIA-Girl ' s Basketball Team, SCA, Track Team, Science Club, GAA, Intramurals. PUCKETTE, JAMES A. PUGH, CYNTHIA REID-Chorale, Music Man, Regional State Choir, French Club, Intramurals. PUGH, KENT NELSON QUARLES, DARLENE RACKLIFFE, TERRY MORGAN-Choir, Library Assistant, FHA, SCA, Honor League, FBLA. RAMSEY, MARY BRENNAN-Varsity Basketball, JV Cheerleader, Secretary Latin Club, Intramural Hockey. RAMSEY, KEVIN D. RATHERS, RONALD LEE RAY, DAVID THOMAS-Soccer, Baseball. READ, RICHARD LEE-Baseball, Cross Country, JV Basketball, Intramural Football. REDWOOD, MICHAEL LARRY REED, PATRICIA DIAMME REED, PHILIP-Intramural Football, Cross Country Track. REEDY, CHERYL ANN REEVES, GEORGE THOMAS-Varsity Baseball, JV Basketball, Intramural Football. REEVES, LINDA GAYLE REID, LA WAN E. -SCA, German Club. REID, NANCY LYNN REID, SUZANNE HOLMES-Junior Class Secretary, GAA Treasurer, French Club, Intramural Hockey Team Captain, SCA. REYNOLDS, PERRY ALAN-Varsity Baseball, JV Basketball, SCA, Cross Country, Senior Class Treasurer. REYNOLDS, PHILLIP LOUIS-ROTC. REYNOLDS. ROBIN MARS REYNOLDS, STEPHEN EARL RICE, TOMMIZENE DENICE RICHARDSON, JAMES OSCAR ROARK, JON STEVEN-Soccer, Chorale, Choir, JV Baseball. ROBERTSON, LINDA DIANNE-Intra¬ mural Volleyball, Softball, Basketball. ROBERTSON, MICHAEL STEPHEN-Sci- ence Club. ROBEY, RONALD LEE ROBY, SHIRLEY MARIE-FHA, FBLA, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Softball. ROBINSON, EALINE-FHA, Art Club, Basketball, Volleyball. ROBINSON, ELOISE FONTAINE-Flag Corp, Debate, Stockholders Club, Jun¬ ior Achievement. ROBINSON, MARNETTA STOKES-Bas- ketball, Tennis, GAA, Softball. ROOT, DAVID JOHN-Cross Country Co- Captain, Indoor and Outdoor Track Co-Captain, JROTC. ROSE, GLENNOVA ROSE, LARRY EUGENE-AFJROTC, SCA. ROSEBERRY, GREGORY EVERETT- Soccer Manager, JV Baseball, Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Varsity " G " Club, Crest Business Manager. ROSSER, DELORES R. 201 ROSSER, GARY WITHERS-Band. RUSHING, JAMES T. SAUNDERS, MARGARET REGINA SAUNDERS, ROBERT L. SAUNDERS, VANESSA DALE-PA Office Helper. SCHECKWITZ, LOUIS ARNOLD-Junior Achievement. SCOTT, C. WINSTON SCOTT, DEBRA JO-SCA, French Club, GAA, Publications Representative, In¬ tramural Hockey, Intramural Softball. SCOTT, JOHN R. SCOTT, MATILDA ROZETTA-Band, FBLA President, GAA, FHA, Junior Achievement. SCOTT, SHARON DIANNE-GAA, Span¬ ish Club, Band Majorette, Intramural Hockey, Basketball. SEAMSTER, JAMES ELROD SELF, DEANE SUE SHACKELFORD, CAROLYN K. SHAW, DENNIS R. SHELTON, THOMAS KENT-SCA, Mus¬ ic Man, JV Track, Intramural Softball, Intramural Football, Bank Runner. SHELTON, TOMMIE SUE-Vice-Presi¬ dent Junior Class, Secretary Sophomore Class, President German Club, French Club President, SCA Student Actions Committee Chairman, SCA Publicity Committee Chairman. SHEPHERD, WANDA LA VERNE-Senior Class Representative, SCA Alternate. SHERMAN, DIANE DELORES-FBLA, FHA. SHIELDS, PAMELA GAIL-Intramural Softball, Basketball, Hockey, Volley¬ ball, Publications Representative, Homeroom Secretary. SHORT, DARRYL FRANKHN-JV Basketball. SIMMONS, GLORIA JANE-Publication Representative. SIMMS, WILLIAM H. - Cross Country Track, Indoor And Outdoor Track. SIMON, JOHN RENNIE-JV Football, Industrial State Fair, 2nd Place Ribbon. SIMPSON, RICKY COLEMAN SKINNER, GODFREY SLATER, NANCY LYNN-Library Assis¬ tant, SCA, Intramurals, Y-Teens, Tri- Hi-Y. SLAUGHTER, ROY SLAYTON, VANESSA SLAYTON, WILLIAM-JV Football, Track, Chorus. SMITH, ANGELA VINE-Spanish Club, Intramurals, SCA. SMITH, DEBBIE LYNN-Publications Representative. SMITH, GREGORY E. -Boy ' s State, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Varsity Basketball, SCA, History Club. SMITH, LOUIS AUGUSTA SMITH, PATRICIA DIANE SMITH, SUSAN EARL-Intramural Sports, GAA, Homeroom Representa¬ tive, Honor League. SNEED, JOHN TIMBERLAKE-Tennis, Soccer, Junior Achievement. SNYDER, GAVIN JAY-Science Club. SPENCER, THELMA ARLENE-SCA, Honor League, DEC A. SPINNER, BRUCE EDWIN SPINNER, CARL ERWIN-Football, Ten¬ nis, Track. SPRADLEY, VALVETTE DONNA STAMPS, SHIRLEY MARIE-High Times, FHA, Spanish Club, SCA. STANLEY, PATRICIA ANN-Library Assistant. STATON, SAMUEL S. STATON, SHARON L. -FHA. STEPPE, JR., HERBERT GORDON- ROTC. STINNETT, YVONNE SYLVIA STINNETTE, SPIARON LEE-National Merit Letter of Commendation, Flag Corps, GAA Award, SCA, Girls ' Track, French Club. STONE, JANET SUSAN-Homeroom Representative. STONE, SPENCER CALLOWAY-Boy ' s State, Quill and Scroll, Soccer Captain, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Crest copy editor, SCA, Senior Class Vice-President. STOUT, MARY VIRGINIA-FBLA, FHA, DECA. STOVALL, JONATHAN BRACK-Chorale, Music Man, SCA, Booster ' s Council, Kazoo and Bugle Corp. SUCHODOLSKI, MICHAEL A.-VICA. SULLIVAN, HARVELJ. SUMPTER, CHARLES WESLEY-Chorale and Choir, SCA, Music Man, French Club. SWAN, ROBERT P.-Track, Cross Country. SWEENEY, REID C HIS WELL-David Gar¬ rick, Music Man, Junior Achievement. TAYLOR, MICHAEL OTHA TAYLOR, MICHELE ELIZABETH-French Club, SCA, Cinture Society. TERRELL, DIANE CARTER-Girl ' s State, Gymnastics, GAA, French Club, Music Man, Intramurals. THACKER, DEBORAH W. THACKER, DONNA JOYCE-French Club, Treasurer DE, Intramurals, Pro¬ gr am Seller, Library Assistant, Gymnastics. THAXTON, TERESA A. THOMAS, JOYCE ANN THOMAS, RAYMOND LEE-Varsity Soc¬ cer, Varsity Baseball, JV Football, JV Baseball. THOMAS, RICKEY McKINLEY-Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Varsity G Club. THOMPSON, ELIZABETH M. THOMPSON, JOAN DALE-GAA, Intra- murals, Girls Track Team, Fligh Times, Y-Teens, SCA. THOMPSON, J. G. THOMPSON, PAMELA LEE-Intramurals, Chorale and Choir, French Club, GAA, VP Y-Teens and Tri-Hi-Y. THOMPSON, TERRY WAYNE 202 THORNHILL, CATHERINE ANN-Band, District VI Regional Band, French Club, Science Club. THORNHILL, ELIZABETH PRICE-SCA, Intramurals, Choir, Representative to Science Symposium at UVA, Science Club. THORNHILL, JAMES EDWARD THORNHILL, MARY ELLA-GAA, His¬ tory Club, FT A, Boosters, Intramurals. THURMAN, DAVID CLAUDE-SCA, Wrestling. TIBBS, ROY ALLEN, JR-Varsity Soccer, Intramurals, Varsity Baseball. TOLER, DOUGLAS JEROME TOLER, ROBERT MARSHALL-Cross- Country, Soccer, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Junior Class Representative. TOLLEY, JOYCE ELIZABETH-DE TOLLEY, JUHUS L. TORIAN, BRENDA SUSAN-SCA, Span¬ ish Club, FHA. TOZER, LESLIE FORREST-French Club, GAA, Boosters, Intramurals. TRENT, HARRY DALE TRIMIAR, MALCOLM WADE-SCA, Varsity G Club, Basketball, History Club. TUCKER, RICHARD WAYNE-SCA. TURNER, JEAN-JR. Achievement, FHA, Spanish Club. TURNER, PATRICIA-VP Chorus, Sec¬ retary of Chorus, Science Club, Intra¬ mural Basketball and Volleyball. TURNER, WILLIAM J.-SCA, Basket¬ ball, JR Achievement. TWEEDY, ANTONIO-SCA. TWERY, SETH ELI-SCA Committee Chairman, High Times, Crest Staff, Critic Staff, Jr Class Representative. TYREE, DENNIS CLYDE-Color Guard. UPCHURCH, THURMAN D. VADASZ, CLAUDE N. VANTINE, MARK K. VASVARY, PATRICIA ELIZABETH- French Club, SCA, GAA, Intramurals. VENABLE, JOHN LEA VLAR, DOUGLAS EDWARD-Alternate Homeroom Representative to Junior Class, History Club, Spanish Club, Photography Club, Intramurals. VLAR, GARRY WAYNE-JV Football, Homeroom Representative, JR. Achievement Officer, David Garrett Players, DECA. WALKER, ELLEN JEANNE-Choir, French Club, Intramurals. WALKER, PATRICIA ANN-Intramural Basketball. WALKER, STEVEN L. WALKER, REUBEN C. WALSHE, DAVID E.-Intramural football captain, wrestling team, Boosters Club, lab assistant. WALTHALL, HOWARD L. WARREN, WILLIAM L. WASCHER, JUDITH HELEN-Intramurah Girls State, Science Symposium, Glass Palette, High Times Advertising Director, WATKINS, BARRY WATSON, LEWIS A. WATTS, ALBERT E. WATTS, WILLIAM E. WAUGH, ROBERT HENRY-Soccer team, Crest, Science Club, Photography Club, Wrestling team manager, French Club. WAUGH, SANDRA A. WHITE, BARRY O. WHITE, ROBERT A. WHITE, RUBY D. WHITE, RUBY D.-FHA, Spanish Club. WHITE, SHARON WHITE, WILHAM SANDFORD-Boys State, Varsity basketball, Golf, Merit ' s Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, German Club treasurer, Bill Dabney Award. WHITEHOUSE, CATHERINE C.-Intra- murals, GAA, Gymnastics team captain, vice pres, of Choir, Varsity Letter, Spanish Club. WHITTED, HOWARD WHORLEY, DARYL L. WICK, POLLY S. WILCHER, ROBIN LEE-Vice-pres. FBLA, Intramural hockey. WILOAMS, HERBERT WILHAMS, JAMES J.-Varsity indoor and outdoor track. WILHAMS, JERRY TERRELL-Science Club. WILHAMS, JON EDWIN-History Club, Spanish Club, Math Club. WILHAMS, KENNETH-Varsity basket¬ ball, JV basketball, Intramurals. WILHAMS, ROBERT E.-SCA. WILHAMS, RONALD ANDERSON-Bas¬ ketball, baseball, SCA, Spanish Club. WILSON, PEARL MARIE-Gymnastics Award, secretary AFS, Intramurals, French Club, David Garrick Players, GAA Award, Flag Corps. WILSON, PEGGY ANN-JV cheerleader, GAA award, French Club, FHA reporter, AFS, Gymnastics team, Flag Corps, Glass Palette. WILSON, WILHAM E.-Boosters Coun¬ cil, JA, Intramural football and soft- ball, Public Address worker. WINGFIELD, WILUE BOB-Science Club, Photography Club, Senior Class repres¬ entative, Indoor-outdoor track, SCA, JA, French Club, Soccer, Cross-country track, JV basketball. WISMAN, PAUL P.-SCA monitor and representative, Boys State, Varsity wrestling, Varsity football, JV football. WOMACK, DONALD W . WOMACK, VALERIE P. WOMACK, VICKI ANNETTE-Cheer- leader, SCA treasurer, Girls track team, Gymnastics team, German Club trea¬ surer, French Club, Intramurals, SCA, Sophomore and Junior Class representa¬ tive, GAA. WOOD, CYNTHIA ANN-Art Club. WOOD, DEBRA-French Club, Intra- murals, SCA, GAA. WOOD, JEFFREY A IAN-SCA representa¬ tive, JV football, Varsity track, football, and wrestling. WOOD, JEFFREY B.-DECA, track team, Marine Physical Fitness Award. WOOD, RANDY MASON-Baseball. WOOD, WENDY M.-French Club, GAA. WOODALL, DEBORAH MICHELLE-Na¬ tional Merit Letter of Commendation, French Club, secretary treas. History Club, Intramurals, Latin Club, AFS. WOODY, LARRY McKINLEY-Varsity baseball. WOOUDRIDGE, BEVERLY CAROLE-In¬ tramural basketball, ping pong, hockey, deck tennis, GAA, SCA representative, Junior Class representative, History Club. WOOLDRIDGE, CALVIN BRUCE WOOLDRIDGE, TERRELL GREY-Varsity soccer team, Latin Club. WRAY, JOHN-DE Club. WRIGHT, DAVID G. WRIGHT, SARAH JANE-FHA chaplain, AFS, Senior Class Council, Junior Class Council. YATES, DAVID EDWARD-Latin Club, DECA president. YOUNG, JOHN HARVEY-Varsity foot¬ ball manager, Varsity G Club, Varsity track manager. 203 111111 • ■ ■ . ' U ‘t Juniors revitalize glass with new faces and ideas Bringing optimism, determination and creative ideas with them, this year ' s 727 juniors add a new dimension to Glass. A different school bewildered many with its strange room number¬ ing system and strenuous rules, but energetic juniors became active mem¬ bers of the SCA immediately and worked within the system toward a better school. In charge of distributing class rings and organizing the traditional ring dance along with other official duties are officers Rocky Query, president; Vicki Gordon, vice president; Pam Bridgeforth, secretary and Marie Lip- pard, treasurer. Pam Bridgeforth questions another student ' s statement in a class discussion. Charles Adams Dale Adams Dennis Adams John Adderton Lloyd Agnew Jackie Alby Deborah Alexander Theodore Alexander Kent Alford Loretta Allen Vickie Almond Langhorne Amonette Leigh Anderson Mary Anderson Wyatt Anderson Alesia Andrews Cheryl Anderson Nancy Andrews David Anthony Deborah Arthur Derry Arthur Fred Arthur Gary Austin Debra Ayers 206 Patricia Ayers Rodney Bagby Arnold Bailey Linda Bailey Debbie Bailess Sabrina Baker Connie Banton Dan Barksdale Nancy Barksdale Steve Bateman James Bates Linda Bates Judy Beard Kathy Bell Connie Berryman Sheila Bibb Susan Billups Cathy Birch Janet Bitler Judy Bittle Brandon Blankinship Brenda Blankenship John Blankenship John Blanks Elaine DeMonte finds little relaxation when a term paper is due. Class of ' 73 learns to balance work and play Nick Trotter recuperates from a hectic weekend. Jimmy Bowen Jimmy Bradley Lynn Bradley Thomas Braxton Nancy Breeding Rob Brewer Pamela Bridgeforth Steve Brooks Tena Brooks Bill Brown Dove Brown Jack Brown Jo Ann Brown Joyce Brown Susan Brown Bobby Bryant Bobby Bryant Susie Bumgarner 208 Sue Wrenn practices alphabetic filing in class so as to make it easier on the job. David Caldwell Janet Caldwell Carol Callaham Ron Camden Deborah Camm Pam Campbell R. L. Campbell Suzanne Campbell Terry Campbell Joey Carlton Ray Carpenter Bonnie Carr Pat Carr Darlene Carter Sanford Carter Alan Carwile Carolyn Carwile Gary Cash Beverly Cates Linda Chace Pamela Chambers Randy Chambers Robin Chambers Vanessa Chambers 209 Bill Chapin Walter Chen Valerie Chenault Frank Chesson Mike Chevertori Linda Childress Debbie Chilton Dan Chitwood Evelyn Clark Sandy Clark Sally Clary Ria Cline John Cobb Roger Cobb Joyce Cobbs Robin Coker Dinah Collins George Coleman In the library Dudley Marks contemplates a whis¬ pered, puzzling punchline. Jane Coleman Levi Coleman Virginia Coleman Bruce Conner Patricia Cook Marsha Couch Deberah Cox Pam Cox Libba Craddock Deborah Crane Sandy Crawley Toni Crocetti 210 Elaine Croft Mike Culpeper Rita Culpeper Tommy Cumby Paula Cure Donnie Cyrus Glenn Cyrus Danny Dailey Irene Dalton Toni Dalton John Darby Fred Davidson Individuality characterizes juniors In Art class, Jeanette Mckillip looks for her portfolio of art work amid shelves of drawings and paintings. Debra Sweeney searches through college catalogs for one that might fit her interests. Jeanette Davidson Brenda Davis Glen Davis Jeff Davis Pat Davis Steve Davis Virginia Davis Wanda Davis Amanda Day Barry Deacon Audrey Dean Frank Lee Dearing 211 Lee DeBerry Marquerite Decarli Elaine DeMonte Jean Detchemendy Jerry DeZonia Ken Dick Jeffery Dickerson Serena Dickey Ann Dillard David Dobel Billy Dodl Betty Dolinger James Dooley J. T. Doss Terry Doss Robert Drewry Kaye Driskill Linda Driskill Pam Driskill Pamela Driskill David Drewry Mark Duckworth Edna Duclos Joan Dudley Cindy Duff Debbie Duff Jerome Duiguid Gail Dunn Audrey Durham Calvin Early Brenda East Anne Edmonds Juniors profit by taking advantage of educational facilities Garnett Saunders diagnoses a car ' s engine one final time on the scope to make sure all is in per¬ fect running order. 212 Kathy Edmonson Dawn Eggleston Martha Elcan Donna Elium Martha Ellett Brad Elliott Mark Elliott Costan Ellis David Embrey Jane Emswiler Frieda Evans Sharon Evans Veronica Evans Martha Ewers Paul Ewing Kathy Farmer Gary Farrar Cynthia Farris Wanda Farrow Peggy Fauber Bill Ferguson Catherine Ferguson Linda Ferguson Rebecca Ferguson Sheryl Ferguson Martha Ferrell Peggy Ferrell William Ferrell 213 Frances Ferris Mark Fincher Bert Fisher Curtis Fisher Terry Fleshman Brenda Fletcher Debbie Fortune Lynn Fortune Curtis Foster Timmy Foster Kathy Fraley Sam Franklin Juniors ' moods are reflected in their faces Veronica Evans is attentive as a classmate reads her horoscope. Margie Lippard, Steve Morton and Keith Him- melwright fight to keep their eyes open on a Monday morning. Patty Funkhouser Hilda Gaitan Betty Jo Gantt Tadd Gardner Loretta Garland Jane Garnsey Calvin Garrett Bill Gay Ann Gentry Eddie Gentry Doris Gentry Teresa George 214 Debbie Gilbert Ken Gilbert Barbara Giles Marjette Glass Donna Goodwin Marilyn Gordon Vickie Gordon Cathy Gowin Connie Grant Linda Graves Fay Gravett Bobby Grisson Neal Gropen John Grubb Sam Guthrie Jonathan Hall Teresa Hamlett Patricia Hancock Fatigue sets in on James Bradley after a long, hard band practice. Teresa Hankins Jo Ruth Hardy Gary Harris Greg Harris Linwood Harris Paul Harris Richard Harris Robert Harris Kathy Hartless Belinda Hawkins Bobby Hawkins Vickie Hawks 215 Mike Hedrick Stewart Hewitt Debbie Hicks Donna Hicks Mary Hicks Meg Hickson Arthur Hill James Hill Minnie Hill Keith Himelwright James Hobson John Hock John Hodges Hazel Hoefle Robert Holland William Pel Holt Current events important to rising seniors John Hooten Susan Horseman Becky Houston Debra Houston Timothy Houston Bob Howell Phil Hubbard Barbara Hudson David Hudson Deborah Hudson Julia Hudson Vicki Hudson Cindy Scudder focuses her attention on a stu¬ dent ' s report during a long class period. 216 Mary Hunt Reggie Hunt Diane Hunter Tyrone Hunter Vickie Hurt Julie Hurwitz Ann Hylton Fred Imbrogno Phil Ingram Dana Irvine Blake Isley Carolyn Jackson James Jackson James Jackson Vivane Jackson Karen Jefferson Marcia Jefferson Barry Jennings Charles Jennings Louise Jennings Betty Bushnell and John Blankenship exchange glances over a newspaper during a current events discussion. Cecil Johnson Debbie Johnson Denise Johnson Fredia Johnson Jeff Johnson James Johnson Bill Jones Deborah Jones Delores Jones Edie Jones Trials and tribulations are a part of being a junior Problems, problems, problems, and still a junior . . . Gary Jones Phillip Jones Sue Jones Tommy Jordan Jeff Justis Brenda Kidd Sandra Kidd Jackie Killingsworth Joe King Charles Kirby Darlene Kirby John Kirby 218 Read Kirk Ann Koons Debbie Koss Kim Kost Page Krebs Steve Lacy Ralph Lambert Keith Lamm Randy Langford Linda Langhorne Ronnie Lawhorn Gary Lawhorne Mark Lawhorne Rick Lawrie Mike Lazar Jodie Lee Evelyn Leslie David Lewis Greg Lewis Sallie Leys Barbara Lichford Billy Lightner Bob Ligon Robyn Liming Bill Lindsey Danny Lindsay Margie Lippard Gwen Lockhart Michael Long Henry Lovelace Math student tests his skill in the equations game. j! 219 Juniors participate in foreign language program Working hard in Spanish class are Kenneth Richeson and Levi Coleman. Kathy Hughes Ricky Hughes Fannie Loving Carolyn Lowry Vickie Luken Lee Luther Gwen Macdonald Jeanette Maddox Randy Mahoney Kathy Mann Wanda Mann Dudley Marks Van Marks Gary Marsh Les Marsh Cathy Martin Mike Martin Rob Martin George Massie Jeff Mathews Crystal Matthews Deborah Matthews Mike Mattox Roger Martin Stephanie Martin David Martinez Marilyn Mason Darlene Massie 220 Karen Mawyer Bobby Mayberry Ricky Mayberry Mary Garnett Mayberry Greer McBratney Deborah McCane Jimmy McCann David McCauley Carol McCraw Debra McCraw Gordon McCraw Dennis McFaden Alan McFall Barbara McFarland Jeanette McKillip Dawn McQuarry Gay Mehaffey Nancy Mehaffey August Meidling Otey Meriweather Mike Metteret Lolly Middleton Steve Middleton Elizabeth Miles Evelyn Miller Nicky Miller Stephen Mills Liz Minor Barry Mitchell John Montague Angela Moore Mike Moore Pat Moore Sally Moore Sharon Moore James Moorefield David Moorman Charlie Morrisette Janet Mortimer Linda Morton Steve Morton Sherrill Mosely 221 Sarah Moss Eleanor Neas Walter Nurmi Martha Newman Donna Nowlin Debbie Norris Bonnie Neighbors Jonnie Osborne Betsy Orr Charles Ohmart Jon Pacot Martha Padgett Dianne Panned Harold Panned Bobby Paris Anne Parker Edith Parrish Stuart Patterson Joe Paulsen Eva Payne Nancy Payne Ricky Pearson Carlos Peniche Kathy Peters Classrooms are the center of school life Jerome Duiguid thinks carefully before answering a question. Knowledge of personal typing can be carried over into other classes. 222 Jim Petrey Julia Phelps Christy Phillips Dianne Phillips Robert Pickett Herbert Pillow Bobby Pillow Cindy Pinigis, Doug Pope Dennis Powell James Powell Robin Powell Ronald Powell Chauncey Price Lamont Price Yvette Price Debra Pryor Steve Puckette Students in American Studies think about a ques¬ tion raised by Mrs. Myers. Jeff Quay Rocky Query David Radick Jerry Ragan Garry Ragland Scott Rainey Keith Ramsey Gary Ray Ola Reaves Nat Reeves Donna Reid Trenita Reid 223 Ray Reynolds Danny Richardson Michael Richardson Betty Ripley Deborah Roakes Alice Roberts Betsy Roberts Carlyle Roberts George Roberts Mike Roberts Brenda Robertson Janet Robertson Barry Robey Wesley Robins Delorese Robinson Sandra Robinson Sharon Rockwell Polly Rogers Eddie Rose Shirley Rose Gary Ray and Rob Brewer discuss the plays in yesterday ' s soccer game. Wayne Rose Terry Rosenberger Kirsten Rowe Olivia Rudder Peggey Sackett Audrey Saunders Patricia Saunders Sue Schewel Don Schluderburg Lori Schomer Marilyn Schrader Butch Schraeder Richard Schwartz Larry Scott Regina Scott Cindy Scudder David Urban performs another of his famous imitations. Class of 73 finds time for extra-curriculars Eric Seay Brenda Self Janet Seyfried Lafern Shaw Bobby Shelton Eddie Shelton Shelley Shepherd Linda Schluderberg Ricky Simms Treyalyn Simms Nancy Simpson Robert Singleton Susan Smith and Sarah Wittschen find that being on the fdigh Times staff entails more than writing stories. 225 Leslie Sivert Bernard Slayton Glenn Sligh Brenda Smith Brien Smith Sue Schewel appears pleased as she gives Miss Waller the money she collected from the AFS Pledge Walk. CeCe Smith Dave Smith Joyce Smith Liz Smith Marlene Smith Ronald Smith Susan Smith Wayne Smith Pat Snead Shirley Snidow Betty Snow Steve Sorrells Darcelle Spinner Jackie Spriggs Danny Sprouse Monty Sprouse Debbie Stanley Kent Stanley Phil Stanley Judy Stanaitis Cathy Staton Elizabeth Staton Shelby Staton Cohama Stephens 226 Class of 73 often seek additional aid from faculty Macqueretta Stephens Ricardo Steptoe Robin Stratton Sarah Sutor Pam Swain Debra Sweeney John Tanner Jean Taylor Keith Taylor Melva Taylor Ricky Templeton Meta Thayer Jamee Thieme Betsy Thomas Jeannie Thomas Linda Thomas William Thomas Ann Thompson John Thompson Pam Thompson Sharlene Thompson Walter Thompson John Tinsley Nick Torbick 227 Junior classmates work together Charles Turner Dennis Turpin Carolyn Tweedy Mike Twery Henry Tyree David Urban Dianne Vanaman Hilton Vassar Deborah Vaughan Delores Vaughan Patricia Vaughan Sterling Vaughan Ricky Via Leah Viar Dale Volley Elma Wade Monte Wade Rose Wade Bobby Walker David Waller Linda Walton Preston Ward Kenneth Ware Judy Warren 228 Conjugating a verb is one of the delights of Spanish enjoyed by Sandra Crawley and Cindy Arrington. Michael Warwick Elizabeth Watkins Paul Webster Sandra West Jerome White Ella White Susan White Sylvia White Teresa White Sharon Whitmore Fred Whitten Deborah Wilder Jackie Wilder Allen Wilkes John Wilkins Gary Williams Robert Williams Sherry Williams Edward Willoughby Pam Willoughby Bonnie Wilson Buddy Wilson James Wilson Tommy Wingo Greg Withers Sarah Wittschen Aubrey Wood Deborah Wood Donna Wood Nathaniel Wood Rhonda Woodroof Sharon Woodson Cordell Woody Brenda Wooldridge Debbie Wooldridge Sue Wrenn David Wright Dennis Wright Kellie Yeaman Debra Younger Roslyn Younger Tim Younger 229 Although the majority of sophomores attend Dunbar, those enrolled in vo¬ cations are determined, spirited, and eager to face the challenges that E.C. Glass has to offer. There are no sophomore class officers, but they nevertheless strive to follow in the foot-steps of the Hilltoppers ' tradition. Mature enough to accept the responsibility of being the under¬ classmen, the sophomores strive for excellence, and with the watchful eye of the seniors and juniors, the sopho¬ mores will prosper. Office assistant Lou Anne Brooks helps out during free period. Sophomores take pride in attending glass Diana Abbitt Brenda Almond Evonne Anderson Ruth Anderson Brenda Arrington Cynthia Arrington Kendall Austin Sarah Austin Thelma Bailess Edward Banks Nancy Barnette Seagpher Bateman Faith Bell Debbie Blankenship Fran Bobbitt Lydia Bradley Veronica Bradley Patricia Bradshaw Janice Braxton Donna Brooks Louanne Brooks Steve Brooks Earl Brown Carl Bruffy 230 Donna Bryant Lauretta Burks Paula Burks Len Burns Susan Callis George Calloway Becky Campbell Danny Campbell Michael Camden Lorenzo Cardwell Thomas Carr Cynthia Carter David Cash Chester Chambers Michael Chenault Tim Chewning Charles Christian Emma Christian Regina Clark Sharon Cofer Aubrey Coles Rodney Coles Debbie Coleman June Coleman Preston Colmore Jean Cope Jerry Crenshaw Elizabeth Crews Shelley Cromwell Veronica Culpepper Gary Cumbie Ernest Cunningham Morris Cyrus Vicky Dalton Linda Darby Alfred Davis Ray Hayden cleans the pencil sharpener for a class¬ mate ' s use. James Davis Kim Davis Lowell Davis Janice Dawson Kim Dawson Donna Dillard Kenneth Donigan Dianne Durie Carl Estes Richard Eubank Sharon Evans Bertram Everette Wanda Farmer Quentin Farrar Reginald Fitch Rita Fitzgerald Gwendolyn Flowers Johnny Ford Shelia Ford Joseph Francis Buddy Fuller Katherine Gentry Linda Gentry Allen Gillette Samuel Glover Helen Goode Michael Goodman Ken Grant David Gunter Susan Hall Otis Hamlet Henry Harper Debbie Harris „ « mg. % % • i A I x Allen Wade makes ready an overhead projector for classroom use. Sophomore Joseph Francis helps prepare the projector for a history class. Sophomores lend a helping hand James Harris Rhonda Harris Robert Hart Savinia Harvey Ray Hayden Kenneth Haynes William Haynes Michael Henderson Pernell Henry Sheryl Henry Alice Hicks George Horsley Anita Hoskins Leetta Hubbard David Hudson Kenneth Hurt James Jackson Langhorne Johns Donita Johnson Lloyd Johnson Minnie Johnson Michael Jamerson George Jones Harold Jones 233 Tim Jordan Deborah Keesee Tim Kost Margaret Lacy Lou Lambert Richard Lambert Sophomores learn to use time wisely W Jti ' tm . W RphNJNi» ' v ■ T-. ' l ’VI 77 Teresa Tucker and David Gunter find the bookstore an interesting place to spend extra time. Deborah Laughon Mike Layne Susan Layne Ronald Lindsey H. T. Lipscomb Chris Lloyd Michael Lloyd Kathy Luken Chris Mabin Frank Mack Betty Maddox Virginia Maddox Karen Mann Debra Manning Cynthia Marshall Judy Martin Karen Martin Rosemary Martin 234 Wanda Matthews Della Mawyer Anthony Mays Theresa Mays Donald McCary Richard McDaniel Lee Deberry carefully checks over his test be¬ fore handing it in. Debra McFaden Shirley Megginson Deborah Melton Doris Mills Pam Milner Willie Mitchell Jack Moore John Moore Leslie Moore Vickie Moorefield Blake Morris Patricia Mosely Bill Murrell Richard Musgrove Deborah Nowlin Ronnie Nowlin Teresa Osborne Patty Palmer William Panned Meta Parker Freeda Parks Warren Parks Roy Patterson Jerry Payne 235 Sophomores quickly adjust to glass Donna Perdieu Connie Perdue Sue Perkins Rebecca Perry Brenda Phillips Debbie Phillips Sheila Powell Betty Price Algie Proctor Charles Rankin Larry Rasnake James Ray Margie Reaves Phyllis Reed Daniel Reeves Norman Reeves Vanessa Reeves Gale Reynolds Wanda Reynolds Ricky Rice Cindy Riggleman Deborah Robertson Alfreda Robinson Bill Ross Clarence Ross Calvin Rosser Craig Rosser Greg Saunders Rita Saunders Charles Schrader Barbara Scott Deborah Scott Lawrence Scott Jeannette Shirley Debra Simpson Phil Slaughter Mason Smelser Alethea Smith Carolyn Smith Judy Smith Louise Smith Shelby Smith 236 Richard MacDaniel and Charlene Little pay close at¬ tention to a teacher ' s directions. Vickie Smith Phyllis Starks Gerald Staton Lester Steeples Raymond Stokes Carl Tardy Cynthia Thomas Janet Thomas Patricia Thomas Teresa Tucker Kathy Turner Allen Wade Norman Wade Connie Waller Thomas Waller Samuel Walthall David Ward Charles Ware Theodore Wass Travis Watson Rose Webber Teresa Whirley Patsy Whitten Donna Wilkerson Carolyn Williams Deborah Wood Eli Woodson George Woodson Bonnie Wright Darlene Wright Greg Wright Deborah Younger 237 Pi pms sill ; V 1 ■ , t: • • y . ... Compliments of MEAD Compliments of D. A. HINES Pepsi’s got a lot to give! CHRISTIAN BOOK SHOP Mr. and Mr s. Thomas E. Gilbert, Props. BOOKS - BIBLES - SUPPLIES 17 Wadsworth Street Telephone: Victor 6-6679 Across from Pittman Plaza ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 813 FIFTH STREET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 24505 AREA CODE 703 845-3456 Sales and Service 240 YW WW These Famous Brands put the American Family on a SMART FOOTING Everywhere! AUDITIONS NATURAL BRIDGE MIRACLE-TREAD ANDIAMO A G JR. SHOES FOR BOYS MARK XII A G SHOES FOR MEN BOB SMART JR. FASHION CRAFT BILLIKEN BOB SMART LION BRAND CONTEMPOS LAD AND LASSIE MANUFACTURED BY y Craddock-Ter IMVM ' :■ ' LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Factories at Lynchburg, Halifax, Farmville, Chase City, Lawrenceville, Dillwyn, Victoria, Gretna and Blackstone, Va. 241 COMMUNITY CLEANERS • iMWSK W. E. (BILL) GORDON, MANAGER Cleaning, Pressing Altering - Ladies ' Dresses A Specialty " The Service That Pleases” 700 Eighth St., Lynchburg, Va. Dial 845-1851 Esteppe Oldsmobile — Datsun " Where you remain friends long after the sale " Old Forest Road (Across From B W) Lynchburg, Va. SHOP Your Happy Shopping Store DOWNTOWN PITTMAN PLAZA Your lifetime bank First Merchants National Bank For Eye Care Consult Your Eye Physician For Eye Wear Consult Your Guild Optician A. G. JEFFERSON, INC. ALLIED ARTS BUILDING 2010 TATE SPRINGS ROAD LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA EXCLUSIVELY OPTICAL Compliments of THE SHOP for PAPPAGALLO 4700 OLD BOONSBORO ROAD ACREE-BAILEY McCarthy, inc. REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 2901 LANGHORNE RD. 243 f i MEREDITH BURDA, INC. 4201 Murray Place, P. O. Box 842, Lynchburg, Va. 24505 ROTOGRAVURE PRINTERS OF MAGAZINES, CATALOGS AND NEWSPAPER SUPPLEMENTS AFFILIATED WITH MEREDITH CORPORATION, DES M OI N ES, IO WA, A N D BURDA GMBH, OFFENBURG, WEST GERMANY 244 JAMES T. DAVIS, INC. “Lynchburg’s Leading Paint and Wallpaper Store” DIAL VI 61307 1225 MAIN STREET BRING YOUR " AUTO TO OTTO " Otto Vallastro Happy Motoring 2130 Langhorne Road Langhorne Road Esso Servicenter Complete Auto Service Phone 845-8611 Compliments of J. P. BELL BLAKE ISLEY REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE INVESTMENTS FORT EARLY BUILDING PHONE 846-3211 AND 846-6257 -©■ OPEL HEMPHILL BUICK-OPEL INC. FEDERAL ST. NEAR FIFTH LYNCHBURG, VA. 24504 1-703-847-5573 " Something To Believe In " 245 Dial 239-0551 Home 2 39-7405 Baer and Son Memorials Route 29 S. Wards Road Lynchburg, Virginia EDWIN P. BAER CHARLES E. BAER EDWARD A. BAER Pi2ia me Eat in or take out HOME OF OUR UNIQUELY GOOD " Fresh Baked Pizza " Our secret old world sauces, dressings and dough recipes can ' t be copied or equalled. 5006 Boonsboro Road 384-1941 6010 Fort Avenue 239-6211 FOR QUALITY PORTRAITS CALL “Give the Gift Only You Can Give” COMPLIMENTS of DUTI-DUDS, INC. 246 1 Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Lynchburg, Virginia WILLIAM FLETCHER QUILLIAN, JR., Ph.D., LL.D., President Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College has long been recognized as one of the leading colleges for women in America. It is approved by all the national standardizing associations, its charter of Phi Beta Kappa was the first granted to a Southern college for women; its degrees are accepted by all universi¬ ties in the United States and foreign countries for uncondi¬ tioned admission to their graduate schools. A SOUTHERN COLLEGE WITH NATIONAL RECOGNITION AND NATIONAL PATRONAGE For Catalogue and Detailed Information, Address THE DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, Lynchburg, Virginia 247 0 PLAZA BOWL 36 AMF TEN PIN LANES 801 LAKESIDE DR. Pittman Plaza Physical Ed. and Intramural Bowling Classes Join the fun Go Bowling! • BOYS • GIRLS FOR ALL YOUR FASHION NEEDS PARK AVENUE FLOWER SHOP 1531 Park Ave., Lynchburg, Va. Phone 846-2719 " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS . . . SAY IT WITH OURS " 1971-72 Junior Achievement officers attend management seminar at Lynchburg College. 248 LYNCHBURG ' S LARGEST AND MOST POPULAR FURNITURE STORE SCHEWEL FURNITURE COMPANY INCORPORATED 11th and Main Streets Lynchburg, Va. 24504 " YOUR HOME SHOULD COME FIRST " A ' C. Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning 2731 Wards Road 239-0361 CAMARO CHEVELLE CADILLAC 2306 Bedford Ave. FOR " The Best Deal in Town " SEE VAU6HAN Service for All Makes USE OUR EASY PAY PLAN G. E. FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES G. E. - ZENITH RCA COLOR TV I 2th and Church Sts. 249 Get closer to your Goals with a Savings Account A wide range of savings programs to suit your needs and help you have the good things in life. Open an Account today First National United Virginia Bank MEMBER F.D.I.C. 250 YOUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR CAN SAVE YOU MONEY! 52 Complete Departments Sears Shop Every Night Til 9:00 p.m. 2315 Memorial Avenue SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE! Phone 846-7341 LYNCHBURG FEDERAL JOHN P. HUGHES SAVINGS AND LOAN MOTOR CO., ASSOCIATION Inc. DODGE 615 CHURCH ST. TRIUMPH - WHITE TRUCKS 1990 FORT AVE. HUGHES CARS 7114 TIMBERLAKE RD. since 1915 OFFICES IN 800 Commerce Street ALTAVISTA AND LEXINGTON DIAL VI 5-4511 251 Palmer ' s ESSO Service v twiuij cuw Dial 384-1431 W " v and Garden Center, Inc. 4239 Boonsboro Road 4614 Boonsboro Road ESSO and ESSO EXTRA Gasoline LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 34503 ATLAS Tires, Batteries and Accessories PATTESON REALTORS - INSURORS Established 1911 217 Ninth St. Dial VI 6-1341 JOHN E. GANNAWAY COMPANY, INC. Hardware 920-922 Commerce St. VI7-5595 JEFFERSON NATIONAL BANK EIGHTH AND MAIN STREETS LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA 24505 Telephone 846-1311 252 LYNCHBURG FOUNDRY COMPANY Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of IMPERIAL READING CORPORATION 1920 Atherholt Rd. Lynchburg, Va. BE MODERN... Compliments of WeAtoven. Compliments of CHAP STICK COMPANY PLAZA SHOE SHOP Pittman Plaza Lynchburg, Va. VI6-0542 " We Repair Sportswear” OPEN 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sat. 6 254 COMPLIMENTS of ADVERTISING ART SERVICE WEBB-WHITAKER CO., INC. Outfitters To Gentlemen And Gentlemen ' s Sons 909 MAIN STREET — Lynchburg, Va. Phone 847-7181 Compliments of Sunbeam Bakery JEWEL BOX GIFT CENTER FOR DIAMONDS WATCHES TEEN AGE JEWELRY Jean Eiggie ' s HOUSE OF STYLE FACIALS - MANICURES EYEBROWS ARCHED - SETS STYLING - PERMANENTS WIGS CLEANED, CUT THINNED, STYLED Call 845-4276 900 5th STREET 8 I 5 Church Street Lynchburg, Virginia " For your Insurance and Real Estate Needs see US " 255 • OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELERS • • DIAMOND MERCHANTS • • • KIRK STERLING • • • • GUILD OPTICIANS OPTICAL BRANCH 2257 LANGHORNE ROAD 919 Main Street " Lynchburg’s Oldest Jewelers” 256 THE NEWSPAPER STROTHER DRUG CO. A Valuable Aid To Education! LYNCHBURG, VA. RICHMOND, VA. PRINCETON, W. VA. Make it a habit to read BOTH Newspapers everyday to keep up with what is going on all over the world and at home. THE NEWS THE DAILY ADVANCE for F NF furn tore 922 MAIN STREET TARRINGTON ASSOCIATES GENERAL INSURANCE PHONE 846-5208 TARKINGTON BUILDING PICKUP DELIVERY PEARLAND (§) Mon. Thru Sat. 7 A.M. - 9 P.M. Sun. 11 AM — 9 P.M. 4123 BOONSBORO RD. PH. 384-9948 PH. 384-1079 Ike RivevmonC DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY " Shirts A Specialty " Dial VI 5-2324 Lynchburg, Va. 257 COMMUNITY FUNERAL HOME, INC. M. W. Thornhill, Jr., Manager For Service Dial 847-7775 Off Street Parking New Hearse and Companion Family Car 909 Fifth Street Lynchburg, Virginia For the latest in smart fashions you can find it at Vogue AEROFIN CORPORATION 4621 MURRAY PLACE LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA I 258 ystem. APPALACHIAN POWER CO. 259 £9? P O N T S A C KENNETH HAMMERSLEY PONTIAC, Inc Telephone 845-6001 12th Tilden Ave. Honda LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 24501 703 - 8-15-5 oh oh t BONNE BRAE LAUNDERS - CLEANERS 1344 Main St. 847-6683 1 1105 point 5 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. 2450-1 MEAT PRODUCTS. INC. LYNCHBURG VIRGINIA . 24505 FRESHEST MEAT IN TOWN Snead-Payne McCausland INCORPORATED REALTORS • INSURORS JOHN M. PAYNE, President, Treasurer • JAMES E. McCAUSLAND, Vice-President, Secretary 260 of Lynchburg 80 ROOMS — TWO LOCATIONS FINE FOODS ROUTE 29, NORTH Mr. Thomas Viar, Innkeeper Phone 846-6506 EXPRESSWAY SOUTH Mr. J. Trout, Innkeeper Phone 847-4424 C. W. HANCOCK SONS, INC. General Contractors Allied Arts Building Lynchburg, Virginia Dial 845-8053 The Best Food In Town Cooked To Your Order I 261 YANGTZE RECORDS REG. FOR OUR PRICE 206 5TH UPSTAIRS 3.36 4.18 4.98 5.98 OPEN 10:00 AM-6:00PM TUES, WED THUR. 10:00-9:00 PM MON, FRI. SAT. BRINGS YOU THE MUSIC OF TODAY AT THE PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD ALL KINDS OF MUSIC FOR ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE! 262 0 Yldtten funeral JLomes ; S.Inc. s( 3 6 (Park Of venue Oinibe) lake JH oa J 3)ial VI 5-4521 3)ial CE 9-0331 £iiuclil ur{] t Client dodern Chapel RASH VOLKSWAGEN Phone 239-2601 2828 Candler ' s Mountain Road 263 SINCE 1886 FINE FOOTWEAR Carrington — Dirom — Basten COLEMAN ' S 911 Main Street INSURANCE Jack sons d rMg Compliments of WESTERN AUTO LIMITORQUE CORPORATION CAR PARTS 5114 Woodall Road Lynchburg, Va. Boons boro Shopping Center 264 Your Official Class Photographer Jean-Sardou Studio Miller Rhoads 265 1 Hughes McCarron Florist Dry Cleaning Corp. 722 Main Street 1601 Park Avenue Dial VI 7-5566 Dial VI 7-7756 Lynchburg, Va. 266 F. W. Woolworth Co. WALLACE APPLIANCE SERVICE Service On Most Major Appliances Irving Wallace " The Appliance Doctor " S3SSS ' ass! Index ABBITT, DIANA L„ 50, 230 ABBOTT, JAMES ELIJAH, 118 ABBOTT, CECIL R„ 118 ABRAMSON, CAROL JEANE, 52, 87, 118 ACKLEY, ROBERT EDWARD, 118,143 ADAMS, CHARLES FREDERICK, 56, 58, 206 ADAMS, CYNTHIA DARNELL, 47 ADAMS, DENNIS, 10, 61, 118, 206 ADAMS, MARJORIE GAIL, 118 ADAMS, NORMA RAE, 10, 29, 60,61,119 ADAMS, RUDY (Mr.), 51, 108 ADERTON, JOHN VICTOR, 56, 58,206 AFFLERBACH, DEBORAH L„ 27,52,53,87, 89, 119 A.F.S., 42 AGORIAN CLUB, 40 AGNEW, LLOYD CAMPBELL, 206 AKERS, WILLIAM LYLE, 119 ALBY, JACQUELYN BETH, 44, 206 ALEXANDER, DEBORAH A., 206 ALEXANDER, THEODORE, 206 ALFORD, DELORES ANN, 119 ALFORD, ROBERT KENT, 70, 206 ALLEN, BONNIES., 119 ALLEN, LORETTA I., 20o ALLEN, WILLIAM, MICHAEL, 119 ALMOND, BRENDA K., 119 ALMOND, CHARLES THOMAS, 119 ALMOND, MARY LEE, 119 ALMOND, VICKIE LYNN, 20b ALPER, KENNY I., 173, 173 AMONETTE, PHYLLIS LANGORN, 60, 206 AMOWITZ, MICHAEL BENNETT, 24, 28, 30, 43, 44, 60 ANDERS, KELLY DARNELL, 120 ANDERSON, ANN (MRS.), 100 ANDERSON, CHERYL, 206 ANDERSON, EVONNE D., 52, 230 ANDERSON, JERRY ALLEN, 119 ANDERSON, LEIGH CARROL, 206 ANDERSON, MARY LISA, 52, 87,89,120,206 ANDERSON, RUTH SYBOL, 52, 230 ANDERSON, WYATT BROWN, 206 ANDREWS, ALESIA, 48, 53, 206 ANDREWS, NANCY MORGAN, 206 ANGLIN, DAN (MR.), 99 ANTHONY, ALEXANDER W., 77,119 ANTHONY, RALPH DAVID, 206 ANTHONY, WILLIAM .HADEN, 80, 120 ANTHONY, WILLIAM RUSSELL, 80 APPERSON, RICHARD DUNCAN, 120 ARNOTT, MARY (MISS), 104 ARRINGTON, BETTY (Mrs.), 201 ARRINGTON, CYNTHIA LEIGH, 230 ARTHUR, DEBORAH CAROL, 230 ARTHUR, DORIS JEANNETTE, 206 ARTHUR, LAWRENCE, 206 ARTHUR, PATRICIA ELLEN, 121 ARTHUR, ROBERT DERRICK, 206 ARTHUR, ROBERT HOLT, 27, 120 ASHWELL, DAVID GORMAN, 120 AUSTIN, GARY D.,206 AUSTIN, KEITH HOWARD, 21, 26, 27,32,40,75,75,77 AUSTIN, KENDALL, 20 AUSTIN, SARAH YVONNE, 230 AYERS, DEBBIE LEE, 52, 56, 59, 121,206 AYERS, PATRICIA, 207 BAGBY, RODNEY ALTON, 58, BAILESS, DEBBIE F„ 207 BAILESS, THELMA MARIE. 203 BAILEY, ARNOLD BOYD, 207 BAILEY, DEBORAH ANN, 61, 121 BAILEY, LINDA KATHERINE, 207 BAILEY, MARY ALICE, 121 BAILEY, MARY BETH, 42, 122 BAILEY, ROBERT M. (MR.), 13, 97 BAKER, SABRINA LEIGH, 60, 207 BAKER, STEVE (MR.), 97 BAL DWIN, BETTY GAYLE, 122 BALLA, PEGGY DEANE, 52, 122 BALLOWE, DAVID MICHAEL, 122 BAND, 56, 57, 58 BANKS, EDWARD THOMAS, 230 BANTON, CONNIE LEIGH, 44, 207 BARKSDALE, DANIEL JEROME, 207 BARKSDALE, NANCY JEAN, 60.207 BARKSDALE, ROXANNE, 60, 61,122 BARLEY, DAVID EARL, 122 BARNETTE, JANICE ARNEATHA, 122 BARNETTE, NANCY WAYNE, 230 BARNUM, BARRY MASSIE, 37, 82,122 BARTLEY, JAMES SCOTT, 56, 58,122 BASHAM, JACK CALHOUN, 32, 70, 82, 122 BATEMAN, DOREATHEA JINNETT, 122 BATEMAN, JAMES STEPHEN, 56.207 BATEMAN, JAMES STEPHEN, 56,207 BATEMAN, SEAGPHER, 56, 207 BATES, JAMES M., 65, 207 BATES, LINDA D„ 207 BATES, MARY BEATRICE, 123 BATTEN, DOROTHY (MRS.), 41 BEALE, DONNA LOUISE, 123 BEARD, JUDITH ELIZABETH, 207 BEARD, KENNETH WESLEY, 123 BELL, CATHY LYNN, 207 BELL, FAITH MARIE, 48, 52 BERGER, WILLIAM CHRISTIAN, 123 BERRY, JANET LEA, 123 BERRY, JOHN FREDERICK, 123,133 BERRYMAN, CONNIE 207 BILLINGSLEY, DEBORAH, 123 BILLUPS, SUSAN, 207 BIRCH, CATHARINE JEAN, 52 87, 91, 207 BITLER, JANET E.,207 BITTLE, JUDY LYNN, 56, 58, 207 BITTLE, VIRGINIA (MRS.), 103 BLANDFORD, LINDA, 56, 58, 123,184 BLANKENSHIP, BRENDA J., 124.207 BLANKENSHIP, DEBORAH ANN, 236 BLANKINSHIP, BRANDON KEVIN, 76, 207 BLANKINSHIP, JOHN R., 207 BLANKS, JOHN TAYLOR, 207 BLANKS, MILTON COLE, 25, 123 BLISS, GARY R., 120, 124, 145 BLOUNT, HAROLD (MR.), 108 BLUNT, SUSAN LYNN, 46,124 BOARD, BARBARA LEE, 47,124 BOBBITT, FRANCINE VIRGINIA, 52 BOLDING, CATHY M., 52, 56, 59,89,206 BOLLING, DEBRA C., 207 BOLTON, PHYLLIS JOAN, 124 BOMAR, STUART ALLEN, 44, 207 BOND, ANNE ELIZABETH, 21, 53.124 BOOKER, HAROLD, 207 BOST, JAMES TROUTMAN, 207 BOWEN, JIMMY L. 208 BOWLMAN, ROBERT CLAYTON, 124 BOYS BASKETBALL, 68, 69, 70, 71 BRADFORD, VINCE (MR.), 54, 76,107 BRADLEY, JAMES LESTER, 56, BRADLEY, LYDIA HOPE, 23, 208 BRADLEY, VERONICA ANN, 230 BRADNER, RICHARD OWEN, 126 BRADSHAW, PATRICIA ELIZABE, 230 BRADY, WILLIAM STEVEN, 125 BRAXTON, THOMAS, 208 BREEDING, NANCY DUVAL, 60.208 BREITUNG, SUSAN RUTHERFORD, 125 BREWER, ROBERT A., 54, 76, 224.208 BRIDGEFORTH, PAMELA RENEE, 31, 125, 206, 208 BRIDGFORTH, WILLIAM DANIEL, 75,125 BRIMM, RONNIE LEE, 47,125 BRITT, VICKI, 56, 58, 125 BROOKS, DONNA KAYE, 230 BROOKS, EARL LEE, 125 BROOKS, GEORGE (MR.), 108 BROOKS, LARRY WAYNE, 124 BROOKS, LOUANNE M., 230 BROOKS, RANDALL SCOTT, 81 BROOKS, STEPHEN MICHAEL 54.121.124 BROOKS, STEVE A., 208 BROOKS, TENA LOUISE, 208 BROWN, CAROLYN (MISS), 113 BROWN, DAVID W., 20 BROWN, EARL R., 230 BROWN, FRED HADLEY, 124 BROWN, JACK LEE, 208 BROWN, JO ANN, 61, 208 BROWN, JOHN RANDOLPH, 124 BROWN, JOYCE LEE, 61, 208 BROWN, JUDY LYNN, 126 BROWN, STEPHEN CRAIG, 124 BROWN, SUSAN, 208 BROWN, TERRELL COLEMAN, 126 BROWN, WILLIAM EDGAR, 65, 208 BRUCE, JANE ELIABETH, 38, 126 BRUFFY, CARL JAMES, 65, 74, 230 BRYAN, JIMMY (MR.), 105 BRYANT, DEBORAH ANN, 126 BRYANT, DONNA LOU, 52, 231 BRYANT, ROBERT T„ 58, 208 BRYANT, ROBERT W. 58, 208 BUMGARNER, FRANCIS D. S„ 208 BUNCH, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH, 61, 126 BURBY, MARGARET CORNELIA, 127, 150 BURCH, MICHELE CHRISTINE, 127 BURFORD, MICHAEL RAYMOND, 127 BURFORD, VICKIE WRAY, 127 BURGESS, MALCOLM HART, 127 BURKS, ALFRED S., 60, 80, 208 BURKS, DAVID CHARLES, 127 BURKS, DEBORAH JO, 87,127, 169 BURKS, GEORGIA LEIGH, 127 BURKS, LAURETTA NELLIE 231 BURKS, OLIVER PRESTON, 127 BURKS, PAULA ANN, 231 BURNETT, MICHAEL KENNETH, 128 BURNETT, SUSAN HOPE, 128 BURNETT, VERONICA ANN, 128 BURNETT, WALTER DAVID, 128 BURNS, LEN HENRY, 231 BURNS, ROBIN, 208 BURROUGHS, JAMES VERNON, 128, 166 BURRUS, HANNA BROOKS, 56, 58 BUSHNELL, BETTY, 52, 89, 90, 93.208 BUTLER, JANE RUTH, 56, 58, 128.208 BUTT, NANCY JO, 128 CALDERA, ROBERT RAYMOND, 129 CALDWELL, DAVID WEST, 208 CALDWELL, JANET LEE, 44, 209 CALLAHAM, CAROL ANN, 209 CALLIS, SUSAN LEIGH, 52, 231 CALLOWAY, GEORGE JUNIOR, 231 CALLOWAY, STEPHANIE G., 129 CAMDEN, MICHAEL DEAN, 231 CAMDEN, RONALD EDWARD, 209 CAMDEN, RODNEY (MR.), 54, 77 268 CAMERON, DOUGLAS CHARLES, 77,129 CAMM, DEBORAH ANN, 61, 209 CAMM, HENRY BENJAMIN, 68,69,70, 129 CAMM, LESLIE (MR.), 25, 103 CAMPBELL, CLARENCE E. 54, 65, 129 CAMPBELL, CLARENCE EDWARD 53 CAMPBELL, JEWELL CONSTANCE, 129 CAMPBELL, PAMELA S„ 209 CAMPBELL, R.L., 209 CAMPBELL, REBECCA LYNN, 52,129, 231 CAMPBELL, SUZANNE ELIZABET, 209 CAMPPBELL, TERRY LYNN, 209 CAMPBELL, WANDA FAYE, 129 CAMPBELL, WILLIAM C. ; 129 CANDLER, DEBRA KAY, 129 CANFIELD, DAVID GARY, 129 CANFIELD, JERRY FRANKLIN, 129 CARDWELL, LORENZA EMMITT, 231 CARLTON, JO ANNE, 32, 44, 209 CARPENTER, DEBBIE ANN, 130 CARPENTER, RAY STERLING, 209 CARR, BONNIE ANN, 209 CARR, PATRICIA, 209 CARR, VIVIAN ROBERTA, 31, 47.130 CARSON, WILBUR KEITH, 130 CARTER, BARBARA, 130 CARTER, CYNTHIA FULVIA, 231 CARTER, DARLENE F., 52, 209 CARTER, DENISE RAE, 130 CARTER, JOY KATHLEEN, 130 CARTER, NATHANIEL, 131 CARTER, REBECCA DIANNE, 131 CARTER, SANFORD OWEN, 209 CARTER, THELMA LOUISE, 131 CARTER, WILLIAM JEFFREY, 131 CARWILE, CAROLYN Y., 4, 209 CARWILE, JAMES ALAN, 209 CARWILE, KAREN MARIE, 131 CASE, ARTHUR WALKER, 131, 159 CASH, DAVID LEE, 231 CASH, GREY A., 209 CASH, MARTHA MARIE, 131 CASH, RACHEL BEATRICE, 131 CASSADA, AMANDA GAILE, 131 CASSIDY, CAROLE LEE, 36, 52, 53.131 CATES, BEVERLY CASSANDRA, 209 CHAMBERLIN, KEVIN (MR.), 100 CHAMBERS, CHESTER ANTHONY, 231 CHAMBERS, PAMELA DIANE, 209 CHAMBERS, RAMONA GENE, 131 CHAMBERS, RANDY W., 209 CHAMBERS, ROBIN, 48, 209 CHAMBERS, VANESSA, 209 CHAPIN, WILLIAM LEON, 210 CHEERLEADERS, 93 CHEN, WALTER, 210 CHENAULT, JOHN MICHAEL, 231 CHENAULT, VALERIE JEAN, 48.210 CHESSON, FRANK T., 58, 210 CHEVERTON, JOHN MICHAEL, 210 CHEWNING, STEPHEN BRUCE, 47, 132 CHEWNING, TIMOTHY, 231 CHILDRESS, LINDA GAIL, 210 CHILTON, DEBORAH ANNE, 210 CHITWOOD, DANIEL S„ 210 CHOIR, 60, 61 CHRISTIAN, CHARLES STEVENS, 231 CHRISTIAN, EMMA JEAN, 231 CHRISTIAN, JEANNE ELIZABET, 38, 52,132 CHRYSSIKOS, M. ANN, 14, 32, 36, 52, 132, 187 CINTURE SOCIETY, 24 CLARK, CECILIA SCOTT, 52, 132 CLARK, EVELYN ROSSER, 210 CLARK, REGINA NADINE, 231 CLARK, ROBERT EDWARD, 132 CLARK, SANDY HOFFNER, 61, 210 CLARK, WILLIE (MR.), 105 CLARY, SALLY GARLAND, 44 CLAY, KENNETH EARL, 68, 70, 132.210 CLEMENTS, RODNEY HARRIS, 132 CLINE, LARRY JOSEPH, 132 CLINE, RIA BINFORD, 210 COBB, JEAN (MRS.), 100 COBB, JOHN BISHOP, 210 COBB, MICHAEL ROBERT, 210 COBBS, JOYYCE LENA, 210 COFER, SHARON MAE, 48, 231 COFFEY, DEBORAH ANN, 133 COHEN, JEFFREY D. C., 54, 79, 133 COKER, ROBIN LEWIS, 44, 210 COLEMAN, DANNY THOMAS, 47,133 COLEMAN, DEBORAH MAE, 231 COLEMAN, GEORGE CAMERON, 64, 65, 76, 210 COLEMAN, JANE IVEY, 56, 58 COLEMAN, JEAN ELIZABETH, 133 COLEMAN, JOHN WILLIAM, 133,173 COLEMAN, JUNE ELLEN, 23, 210 COLEMAN, LEVI DOUGLAS, 65,210,220 COLEMAN, PHILLIP LEE, 134 COLEMAN, ROGER LEE, 134 COLEMAN, ROY CLYDE, 54, 118.134 COLEMAN, VIRGINIA, 210 COLES, AUBREY GUY, 231 COLES, GLENDA REBECCA, 134 COLES, RODNEY KEITH, 231 COLLINS, DINAH SUE, 210 COLLINS, DIXIE LEIGH, 60 , 134 COLMORE, PRESTON DUVAL, 231 CONNELLY, CARRIE REVA, 52, 86, 89, 93, 134 CONNER, BRUCE NORMAN, 210 CONNER, CARL THOMAS, 44, 47.128.134 CONSON, MARIE (MISS), 25, 103 COOK, PATRICIA ANN, 61, 134.210 COOPER, RENNIE HUDSON, 134 COPE, MARY JEAN, 231 COUCH, MARSHA LEE, 38, 210 COUGHLIN, KEVIN S., 37, 47, 134 COX, DEBERAH ANN, 210 COX, EDWYN PRESTON, 76, 77.135 COX, EMMETT A., 65, 135 COX, KATHLEEN FAY, 135 COX, PAMELA ANN, 89, 210 CRADDOCK, ELIZABETH DALES, 210 CRANE, DEBORAH, 210 CRAWLEY, JOYCE ANN, 135 CRAWLEY, SANDRA J., 210 CREASY, PAMELA GWEN, 135 CRENSHAW, JERRY LEE, 231 CREWS, CALVIN REGINALD, 65.135 CREWS, DORETHA ANN, 135 CREWS, ELIZABETH, 231 CREWS, GILBERT D„ 135 CREWS, MARCIA NATHALYN, 135 CREWS, SUSAN KAY, 52,136 CRITIC, 33 CROCETTI, TONI YOLANDA CROCKETT, SAMUEL (MR.), 103 CROFT, ALMA E., 211 CROMWELL, SHELLEY M., 52, 231 CROSS COUNTRY, 77 CULPEPER, MICHAEL, 212 CULPEPER, RITA, 212 CULPEPPER, VERONICA LEE, 231 CUMBIE, GARY, 231 CUMBY, HUGH THOMAS, 211 CUNNINGHAM, ERNEST R., 231 CUNNINGHAM, MARY ARLENE, 60, 136 CURE, PAULA JANE, 211 CURE, PRESTON ALLEN, 38, 54,65,83, 136 CYRUS, DONALD LEON, 50,211 CYRUS, MORRIS EDWARD, 231 DABNEY, CASSANDRA LOUISE, 136 DAILEY, DANNY RAY, 211 DAILEY, SHEILA MARIE, 136 DALTON, DAVID M„ 136 DALTON, DOUGLAS A., 136 DALTON, IRENE DIANNE, 211 DALTON, MARGARET (MRS.), 113 DALTON, TONI YVONNE DALTON, VICKI LYNN, 231 DANIEL, JOHN WILLIAM, 27, 84,126 DANIEL, NANCY DIANE,27, 52, 56, 59, 84, 136 DARBY, JOHNNY RAY, 211 DARBY, LINDA FAYE, 231 DARDEN, BELINDA GAIL 136 DAVID GARRICK PLAYERS, 44 DAVISON, JEANNETTE, 52, 89, 211 DAVIDSON, THOMAS FREDERICK, 28, 217 DAVIDSON, VIRGINIA CAROL, 136 DAVIDSON, WESLEY MELVIN, 137 DAVIS, ADOLPHUS LEROY, 137 DAVIS, ALFRED M., 231 DAVIS BRENDA JEAN, oO, 211 davis, Garry renaldo, 132,137 DAVIS, GLEN ALLEN, 58, 211 DAVIS, JAMES ELIJAH, 137 DAVIS, JAMES ELLIS, 232 DAVIS, JOHN (MR.), 108 DAVIS, KIM, 232 DAVIS, MINDY GAY, 34, 47, 137 DAVIS, PATRICIA A., 211 DAVIS, SHARON ANN, 137 DAVIS, STEVEN MICHAEL, 54, 138.211 DAVIS, THURMAN DANIEL, 138 DAVIS, VERNON TYRONE, 80, 138 DAVIS, VIRGINIA, 211 DAVIS, WANDA MARIE, 60, 61.211 DAWSON, HUNTER K., 138 DAWSON, JANICE DARLENE, 232 DAWSON, JOSEPH EARL, 138 DAWSON, KIM DAWN, 232 DAY, AMANDA LYNN, 211 D.E., 49 DEACON, BARRY, 211 DEAN, AUDREY CRYSTAL, 139,211 DEANER, DARLENE MAE, 139 DEARING, FRANK LEE, 211 DEBATE TEAM, 41 DEBERRY, LEE WILES, 212, 235 DECARLI, MARGUERITE MAE, 52, 212 DEMONTE, ELAINE ANN, 207, 212 DETCHEMENDY, MARY JEAN, 52, 212 DEWELL, ARLENE LOUISE, 47, 139 DEZONIA, GERALD MICHAEL, 32, 43 DICK, KENNETH G., 212 DICKERSON, JEFFREY, 60, 212 DICKEY, EVELYN SERENA, 52, 212 DIFFENDAL, JOHN HUNDLEY, 6, 21, 41,76,128 DILLARD, ANN GARLAND, 43, 93,212,276 DILLARD, DONNA PATRICIA, 232 DILLARD, PAULA RAYE, 139 DOBEL, DAVID FRANK, 212 DODGE, SUSAN E., 139 DOLAN, ROGER LEE, 139 DOLINGER, JERRY WAYNE, 139 DOLLINGER, BETTY ANN, 212 DOLSEY, LARRY DARNELL, 139 DOLSEY, SAMUEL, 65; 140. DONIGAN, KENNETH M., 232 DOOLEY, JR. JAMES G., 212 DORSEY, RALPH WALLINGTON, 140 DOSS, JAMES THOMAS, 212 DOSS, TERRY FRANKLIN, 212 DOWDY, CLOVER O DAY, 56, 57,140 DREWRY, ROBERT, 212 DRISKILL, KEITH ANTHONY, 140 DRISKILL, LINDA KAY, 212 DRISKILL, LINDA LEIGH, 212 DRISKILL, PAMELA F., 212 DRISKILL, PAMELA LEE, 212 DRISKILL, REBECCA JANE, 48, 140 DUCKWORTH, MARK STEVEN, 80, 212 DUCLOS, EDNA YOUNG, 212 DUDLEY, JOAN MARIE, 212 DUDLEY, PATRICIA ANN, 52, 140 DUFF, CINDY LEIGH, 212 DUFF, DEBRA ANN, 212 269 DUIGUID, HERMAN, 65, 140 DUIGUID, JEROME A., 65, 80, 178,212,228 DUNN, GAIL WANDA, 212 DURHAM, AUDREY LYNN, 212 DURIE, BRENDA D., 52, 232 EARLE, CONSTANCE E., 44, 60, 140 EARLY, CALVIN R„ 212 EARLY, HELEN V., 87, 140 EAST, BRENDA KAY, 212 EASTRIDGE, RHONDA JEAN, 141 EDLEY, BLANCHE (MRS.), 108 EDMONDS, ANN MARIE, 212 EDMONDSON, KATHERINE SUE, 213 EDWARDS, KENNETH ALLEN, 141 EGGLESTON, DAWN MARIE, 213 EGGLETON, IRA (MR.), 108 ELCAN, MARTHA MARIE, 56, 58.213 ELIUM, DONNA RAE, 213 ELLETT, MARTHA LORRAINE, 42, 213 ELLIOTT, BRADLEY STEPHEN, 213 ELLIOTT, FRANK A. M., 213 ELLIS, COSTAN OCTAVIA, 213 EMBREY, DAVID DUKE, 213 EMSWILER, JANE CLARE, 60, 61.213 ENGEL, CHERYL (MRS.), 100 ENGELDER, LAURA MARIE, 141 ENOCHS, LARRY STEVEN, 60, 141 ERBACHER, GEORGE FRANCIS, 141 ESTES, JR. HAROLD C., 232 ETHERINGTON, JAMES SCOTT, 56, 58, 141 EUBANK, PEGGY LYNN, 32, 141 EUBANK, RICHARD, 232 EVANS, CHARLES ALEN, 141 EVANS, DANA PRESTON, 141 EVANS, DARRELL MATTHEWS, 141 EVANS, FRIEDA, 213 EVANS, MARY ELIZABETH, 141 EVANS, SHARON ANNETTE, 213 EVANS, VERONICA LITA, 213, 214 EVERETT, BERTRAM, 232 EVERETTE, DIANA MARIE, 141 EWERS, MARTHA ANN, 56, 57 213 EWING, PAUL DWIGHT, 213 FALL5, LEWIS KELLY, 142 FALZONI, RENATA, 14, 42, 43, 52,141 FARMER, KATHI DAWN, 213 FARMER, WANDA, 232 FARNANDEZ, DONNA MARGARET, 93 FARRAR, GARY CONWAY, 213 FARRAR, QUENTIN, 232 FARRAR. TIMOTHY W.,142 FARRIES, ANITA DAWN, 142 FARRIS, CYNTHIA S„ 213 FARROW, WANDA, 48, 213 FAUBER, PEGGY ANN, 213 FAULCONER, HUBERT LLOYD, 61,142 F.B.L.A., 48 FE1NMAN, DEBORAH HOWARD 52,142, 143 FERGUSON, CATHERINE ANN, 213 FERGUSON, GEORGE DEWEY, 56,58,143 FERGUSON, GEORGE KENT, 143 FERGUSON, JANEY ESTES, 38, 42,43, 57 FERGUSON, LINDA, 213 FERGUSON. MAYNARD, 143 FERGUSON, REBECCA LYNN, 213 FERGUSON, SANDRA LEE, 143 FERGUSON, SHERYL L., 28 FERGUSON, WILLIAM CHANLER, 213 FERRELL, MARTHA PEYTON, 213 FERRELL, MARY SUE, 60, 143 FERRELL, PEGGY JEANNE, 52 FERRELL, WILLIAM GARLAND, 28, 56, 58, 213 FERRIS, FRANCES ANNE, 52, 214 FINCHER, MARK STEVEN, 214 FISHER, BERT KENNETH, 214 FISHER, CURTIS, 214 FISHER, CURTIS, 214 FISHER, STEPHEN OWEN, 143 FITCH, NORMA JEAN, 52, 143 FITCH, REGINALD LEE, 232 FITZGERALD, RITA DARLENE, 232 FLAG CORPS, 59 FLESHAMAN, TERRY EDWINA, 214 FLETCHER, BRENDA ALVINA, 214 FLOWERS, GWENDOLYN, 232 FLOYD, LAURA S., 29, 56, 59, 144 FONTAINE, JOAN DALE, 144 FONTANA, EDWARD JEROME, 47,144 FOOTBALL, 64, 65, 66, 67 FORD, CHERYL RUCKER, 144 FORD, JOHNNY, 232 FORD, SHEILA MARIE, 232 FORREST, PAUL ANDREW, 80, 144 FORTUNE, DEBORAH ANN, 214 FORTUNE, WANDA LYNN, 214 FOSTER, CARLTON HOYT, 51, 144 FOSTER, CURTIS ALLAN, 214 FOSTER, TIMOTHY LEE, 214 FRALEY, PATRICIA KATHRYN, 48, 52, 60, 214 FRANCIS, JOSEPH CECIL, 232, 233 FRANK, ERIC K„ 144 FRANKLIN, BRENDA LEE, 144 FRANKLIN, PATRICIA ANN, 145 FRANKLIN, SAMUEL H„ 214 FRANKLIN, WILLIAM HOUSTON, 7, 76,145, 194, 214 FRENCH CLUB, 30 FULLEN, COY B.,47, 145 FULLER, BUDDY RAY, 232 FUNKHOUSER, PATRICIA, 52, 214 G.A.A., 52 GAITAN, HILDA M.,214 GALLAHER, HUBERT LOUIS, 145 GAMBLE, MARY ELIZABETH, 52, 60, 86, 90 GANTT, BETTY JO, 214 GARNER, TODD ELLIOTT, 37, 214,227 GARLAND, GLORIA JEAN, 145 GARLAND, LORETTA ANN, 57.214 GARLAND, WILLIAM HOWARD, 56, 57, 146 GARRET,, JAMES TERRY, 47, 146 GAY, WILLIAM F., 146 GAY, WILLIAM MERIWETHER, 69,70,82 GENTRY, ANN CHRISTIAN, 52.86.214 GENTRY, BRENDA MAE, 146 GENTRY, EDDIE, 65, 214 GENTRY, KATHRYN M„ 232 GENTRY, LINDA MAE, 232 GERMAN CLUB, 28 GHOSTAN, PHILLIP, DEAN, 70 GIESSELMAN, TONI LOUISE, 146 GILBERT, DEBRA LYNN, 52, 89 215 GILBERT, KENNETH EDWIN, 215 GILBERT, WALLACE (MR.), 75, 76,107 GILES, BRARA JEAN, 215 GILES, CATHERINE MARIE, 146 GILES, DEBRA LEIGH, 56, 59, 146 GILL, CARROLL WAYNE, 61, 146 GILLETTE, ALLEN DALE, 232 GILLETTE, CHERYL DARLENE, 146 GILLS, SHERYLEE., 10 GILMORE, DEBORAH LYNNE, 123.146 GILPATRICK, DIANA JEAN, 25.43.146 GIRARD, ROBERTA M., 126, 146 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL, 89 GIRLS TENNIS, 90 GLASS, KATHY SUE, 56, 59, 60, 147 GLASS, MARJETTE LEIGH, 52, 91,215 GLASS, PALATEE, 38 GLOVER, PEGGY LEE, 147 GLOVER, SAMUEL, 232 GODSEY, JAMES HOWARD, 10, 61,147,154 GOFF, EDITH E„ 147 GOODE, HELEN ANN, 232 GOODE, SUSAN VIRGINIA, 147 GOODMAN, STEPHEN MICHAEL, 232 GOODWIN, DONNA LEE, 215 GORDON, MARILYN, 32, 214 GORDON, VICKI SUSAN, 52, 215 GOUGH, MARY (MRS.), 100 GOWELL, VIRGINIA LEE, 52, 147 GOWIN, CATHERINE ANN, 56, 59,215, 232 GRAHAM, DAVE (MR.), 82, 161 GRANT, CONNIE, 48, 215 GRAVES, LINDA, 215 GRAVES, RITA MAE, 90, 147 GRAVETT, FAYE H„ 215 GREEN, JIMMY (MR.), 76,100 GREEN, MARY (MRS.), 113 GREER, BARTON E„ 147 GREER, DIANE LYNN, 52, 147 GRIFFIN, JEFF SCOTT, 148 GRISSOM, ROBERT FULLER, 215 GROPEN, NEAL HARVEY, 20, 41,100, 215 GRUBB, JOHN ALAN, 215 GUMPRICH, JANET LYNN, 148 GUNTER, DAVID CLIFTON, 232,237 GUTHRIE, SAMUEL LILE, 215 GUTHRIE, STEVEN KENNETH, 56.58.148 HACKWORTH, DAVID W„ 110.148 HAILEY, BEVERLY BOYD, 148 HALES, GEORGE S. (MR.), 112, 193 HALL, CARLTON LEE, 148 HALL, JONATHAN GUY, 215 HALL, SUSAN L„ 232 HALVORSON, DENA M., 132 HAMILTON, ROBERTA SUSAN, 148 HAMLETT, TERESA LOUISE, 215 HANCOCK, PATRICIA A., 215 HANKINS, TERESA FAY, 215 HAPPELL, ERIC JOHN, 56 HARDESTY, ELIZABETH P., 30, 33,121,148,212 HARDY, JO RUTH, 215 HARMON, DAVID LESLIE, 148 HARPER, HENRY HUGH, 48, 232 HARRIS, CARL (MR.), 60, 112 HARRIS, DEBORAH JEAN, 232 HARRIS, DONNIE RAYE, 148 HARRIS, GARY OTIS, 215 HARRIS, GREGORY, 161, 215 HARRIS, JOANN LA VERNE, 149 HARRIS, LINWOOD LOUIS, 215 HARRIS, PAUL DOUGLAS HARRIS, RICHARD MILTON, 215 HARRIS, ROBERT WILLIAM, 56,58,69,70, 71, 149, 215 HARRISON, HAROLD RANDOLPH, 149 HART, DAVID WAYNE, 149 HARTLESS, KATHY, 215 HARVEY, ANN HAMILTON, 149 HARVEY, CONSTANCE LAVERNE, 150 HARVEY, TONY, 89, 150 HATCH, MARY ELIZABETH, 53, 87, 89, 90, 150 HAWKINS, BARBARA JANE, 139,150 HAWKINS, BELINA, 215 HAWKINS, HEIDI (MRS.), 86, 91,107 HAWKINS, ROBERT STEWART, 76, 215 HAWKS, KATHRYN ELIZABETH, 150 HAWKS, VICKIE D., 215 HAWORTH, NEAL (MR.), 52, 56,58,192 HAY, DAVID BRIAN, 65, 66, 74, 75,76,150,151 HAY, MICHAEL ROEHL, 24, 74, 76 HAYDEN, RAY, 231 HEDRICK, JOHN MICHAEL, 216 HEDRICK, NANCY L., 32, 151 HEMPHILL, DENA L„ 151 HENDERSON, DONNA GAIL HENSLEY, ROBIN PETREECE, 52, 151 HENSON, HORACE (MR.), 103 HERNDON, GILBERT, 151 HERNDON, GLORIA ANN, 151 HEWITT, STEWART, 216 HICKS, DEBBIE, 56, 216 HICKS, DONNA LEE, 56, 216 HICKS, MARY MOORE, 216 HICKS, WILLIAM AUSTIN, 151 HICKSON, MARGARET ESTHER, 43, 216 HIGHT, EVELYN (MISS), 105 270 HIGH TIMES STAFF, 36, 37 HILL, ANN DAVIS, 36,151 HILL, ARTHUR LEE, 216 HILL, JAMES KILBURNE, 216 HILL, MINNIE, 216 HILLER, RICHARD DANIEL, 151 HIMELWRIGHT, KEITH BARCLAY, 214, 216 HISTORY CLUB, 25 HOBBS, BEVERLY HENDERSON 4,152 HOBBS, KATHERINE SPRUCE, 52, 64, 64, 66, 87, 91, 152 HOBSON, JAMES HENRY, 70, 216 HOCK, JOHN T., 216 HODGES, JOHN WILLIAM, 61, 216 HOEFLE, HAZEL ELAINE, 61, 216 HOFFMAN, CAREY WAYNE, 152 HOLBROOK, PHILIP GLENN, 152 HOLLAND, ROBERT, 152, 216 HOLLAND, WALTER RALPH, 31.152 HOLLIS, IRIS (MRS.), 28 HOLLORAN, MARCIA GAIL, 56, 59, 152 HOLT, MARGUERITE DUVAL, 152 HOLT, WILLIAM OWEN, 152 HOLT, WILLIAM PELHAM, 216 HONIG, MICHAEL RAWLINGS, 152 HOOTEN, JOHN TRAVIS, 216 HORSEMAN, SUSAN ANN, 32, 216 HOSKINS, ANITA AVERY, 60 HOSKINS, ELIZABETH (MISS), 113 HOTZ, EVELYNN (MRS.), 100 HOTZ, FRANK (MR.), 45, 105 HOUCK, CECIL (MR.), 112 HOULIARES, THOMAS ARTHUR, 54, 153, 190 HOUSTON, DEBRA KAY, 216 HOUSTON, REBECCA LEEANN, 216 HOUSTON, TIMOTHY OWEN, 216 HOWARD, EDGAR W„ 153 HOWARD, MICHAEL WAYNE, 54.153 HOWELL, ANICE (MISS), 49, 112 HOWELL, ROBERT JAMES, 44, 216 HOWELL, TERESA LYNN, 56, 59.153 HUBBARD, PHILLIP A., 216 HUDSON, DAVID FREEMAN, 216 HUDSON, DEBORAH, 216 HUDSON, GARY RAY, 153 HUDSON, JULIA ANNE, 61, 216 HUDSON, PHYLLIS ANN, 153 HUDSON, REBECCA LOIS, 153 HUDSON, VICKIE, 216 HUGHES, ANNABELL R., 153 HUGHES, CAROLYN EVORNE, 153 HUGHES, KATHY J.,220 HUGHES, RICHARD ANTHONY, 220 HUNT, MARY ELIZABETH, 60 HURWITZ, JULIE ELLEN, 52 HUTCHERSON, CARL B. (MR.), 77,103 HUTCHISON, MAHLONG., 153 IRVING, JANICE M., 153 54,65,67,76,154 JACKSON, DORIS L„ 154 JACKSON, JAMES EDWARD, 68 JACKSON, JAMES HILTON, 65, 70 JACKSON, LEROY NATHANIEL, 154 JACKSON, LORENZA EUGENE, 154 JAMES, CURTIS LEE, 140 JARVIS, BARRY GENE, 51, 76, 154,183 JEFFERSON, MARCIA, 29 JENKINS, AL, 155 JENNINGS, CHARLES LESLIE, 29.47.155 JENNINGS, FLOYD CLARK, 26, 151 JENNINGS, RALPH D., 155 JOHNSON, ALFREDIA, 218 JOHNSON, BOYD JUNIUS, 218 JOHNSON, BRENDA D„ 218 JOHNSON, CECIL, 218 JOHNSON, DAVID LYNN, 56, 58.60.155 JOHNSON, DEBBIE S., 218 JOHNSON, DENISE E., 60,128 JOHNSON, DONITA FAY, 57 JOHNSON, GREGORY LEE, 155 JOHNSON, JAMES DARYL, 218,55 JOHNSON, JOSEPH ROBERT, 155 JOHNSON, KAREN LOUISE, JOHNSON, LOYD D., 55 JOHNSON, NANCY ELLYN, 155 JOHNSON, PATRICIA P. 131, 155 JOHNSON, THOMAS JEFFERSON, 218 JOHNSON, VINCENT B„ 47 JOHNSON, GEORGE EDWIN, 155 JONAS, PEYTON GARLAND, 156 JONES, DEBORAH RENEE, 44, 218 JONES, DELORES ANN, 218 JONES, EDNORA ANNE, 61, 218 JONES, FLORENCE SABRINA, 156 JONES, GARY THOMAS, 46, 218 JONES, JAMES TROY, 15, 42, 47,156,165 JONES, JANICE ELIZABETH, 56, 59 JONES, JEANETTE (MRS.), 100 JONES, LARRY RAY, 70, 156 JONES, ROBERT BERNICE, 58, 156 JONES, SUE, 218 JONES, SUSAN PETTIT, 21, 47, 56 JONES, WILLIAM FRANK, 218 JORDAN, DEBORAH KAYE, 156 JORDAN, STEVE HENELEY, 80, 156,173 JORDAN, THOMAS EDWARD, 218 IORDON, BRENDA GAYLE, 218 JORDON, TIMOTHY DALE, 234 JUSTIS, JEFFERY WRAY, 218 KAGEY, DAVID BREWER, 29, 40, 57, 78, 79 KEATON, EDWARD LEE, 79, 157 KEESEE, DEBORAH MAE, 234 KENNEDY, JO ELLEN, 157 KIDD, BRENDA ANN, 46, 218 KIDD, SANDRA F„ 218 KILLINGSWORTH, JACQUELINE, 218 KIM, BU UP, 26,27 KING, BARBARA, 157 KING, JOSEPH LEE, 218 KIRBY, CHARLES ROBERT, 218 KIRBY, DARLENE LORETTA, 218 KIRBY, DAVID HUGHES, 157 KIRBY, JOHN PERCY, 218 KIRK, READ BOULDIN, 218 KIRKPATRICK, VICKI LYNN, 158 KNOWLES, GREG SCOTT, 158 KNOWLES, JAMES PARKER, 158 KOONS, ANN BOWMAN, 63, 219 KOSS, DEBORAH LYNN 10, 32, 43,61,93,219 KOST, KIMBERLEY, 219 KOST, TIMOTHY L„ 234 KRANTZ, BECKY K„ 158 KREBS, SUSAN PAGE, 219 KULENEK, SUSAN FRANCES, 40, 52, 90, 158 LACY, MARGARET KAY, 234 LACY, STEVE VINCENT, 219 LAMBERT, EDNA FRANCES LOU, 234 LAMBERT, RALPH GARNET, 219 LAMBERT, RICHARD RAY, 234 LAMM, HAROLD KEITH, 219 LANCASTER, SHERRY (MRS.), 100 LANGFORD, RANDY LEE, 219 LANGHORNE, LINDA KAY, 60, 219 LANGHORNE, RICHIE NOTLEY, 16,158 LATIN CLUB, 42 LAUGHON, DEBORAH MAE, 52, 234 LAWHORN, MICHAEL WILSON, 56, 57,158 LAWHORN, RONNIE LEE, 219 LAWHORNE, GARY WAYNE, 219 LAWHOREN, MARK NOWLIN, 219 LAWRIE, RICHARD, 61, 219 LAWSON, SAMUEL ANTONIA, 58 LAYNE, LILLIAN ANN, 84, 91, 92,93,143,158, 13 LAYNE, MICHAEL EARL, 234 LAYNE, PATRICIA ANN, 159 LAYNE, ROY LEE, 237 LAYNE, SUSAN CHERL, 159 LAZAR, MICHAEL B., 219 LEAGUE, CAROL ANN, 159 LEE, BRUCE A., 159 LEE, DEBORAH GAIL, 52, 89, 159 LEE, JOSEPHINE FLINT, 92, 93, 219 LEE, ROBERT PATRICK, 159 LESLIE, EVELYN BYRD, 219 LEWIS,DAVID, 219 LEWIS, HELEN (MRS.), 48, 112 LEWIS, LINDA A., 159 LEWIS, ROBERT GREG, 219 LEYS, SALLIE ANNE, 52, 219 LIBRARY HELPERS, 46 LICHFORD, BARBARA ALICE, 219 LIGHTLE, BRUCE E„ 219 LIGHTNER, WILLIAM JOHN, 219 LIGON, ROBERT NEWTON, 219 LIMING, ROBYN A., 219 LINDSAY, WILLIAM T„ 56, 219 LINDSEY, DANNY RAY, 58, 219 LINDSEY, RONALD BRYANT, 234 LIPPARD, MARGARET KIMBALL, 24, 28, 44, 52, 90, 214.219 LIPSCOMB, TOM, 234 LITTLE, CHARLENE DEBORAH, 237 LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER LEE, 234 LLOYD, MICHAEL RAY, 234 LOCKHART, GWEN ELAINE, 219 LOGWOOD, NANCY ELIZABETH, 60, 61,159 LONDEREE, JAMES BROWN, 54.65.159 LONG, MICHAEL RAE, 61, 219 LOVELACE, HENRY, 219 LOVING, FANNIE LUCILLE, 220 LOWE, ANN MARIE, 160 LOWE, DAVID MOSBY, 76, 77, 160 LOWRY, CAROLYN ANN, 220 LUCADO, KAREN LYNN, 160 LUCAS, KATHY MAE, 29, 52, 160 LUKEN, VICKIE LYNN, 38, 220, 234 LUTHER, LEE ROY, 220 LYNCH, DARREL R„ 11, 34 LYNCH, RENALDO JAMES, 47, 79.80.160 LYONS, SHEILA DAWN, 160 MABERY, RICHARD ARTHUR, 65,76,221 MABIN, CHRISTOPHER WENDELL, 234 MACK, FRANK EUGENE, 76, 234 MACMILLAN, CLAIRE LEIGH, 10,31,61, 160 MADDOX, BETTY ANN, 234 MADDOX, JEANETTE GAIL, 86,220 MADDOX, PEARL VIRGINIA, 237 MADDOX, SARAH PAYNE, 52, 86.89.160 MAHAN, MILDRED GIBBS, 32, 58.160 MAHONEY, RANDALL N., 220 MALONE, CALVIN PERNELL, 160 MANN, KAREN LEIGH, 52, 234 MANN, KATHY MAE, 220 MANN, LINDA GALE, 161 MANN, WANDA, 220 MANNING, DEBRA GALE, 234 MANSON, KATHY YUETTE, 161 MARCH, DON, 161 MARKS, DARYL VANTREASE, 220 MARKS, DUDLEY HOLMES, 210.220 MARKS, STEVEN KENT, 54, 161 MARS, MARIANNE PATRICIA, 132,161 MARSH, GARY WAYNE, 220 MARSH, LESLIE FARRAR, 220 MARSHALL, BRUCE CABOT, 50, 56, 58, 109 MARSHALL, CYNTHIA DENISE, 13, 234 MARSTON, RANDY CLIFTON, 47,162 MARTIN, CATHY 220 MARTIN, CLARENCE EDWARD, 44, 56, 57, 162 MARTIN, DEBORAH SUE, 162 MARTIN, JUDY ANN, 234 MARTIN, KAREN LYNN, 234 271 MARTIN, MICHAEL SHERWOOD, 220 MARTIN, ROBERT MAJOR, 70, 220 MARTIN, ROGER DALE, 220 MARTIN, ROSEMARY ALBERTA, 234 MARTIN, STEPHANIE ANN, 220 MARTIN, THERESA E., 21, 162 MARTINEZ, DAVID KEITH, 80, 220 MARTINEZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH, 162 MASON, WALTER GORDON, 65,137 MASON, MARILYN, 163, 220 MASSIE, DARLENE JEWELL, 220 MASSIE, GEORGE ELDRIDGE, 220 MATH CLUB, 27 MATHEWS, JEFFREY VIRGEL, 220 MATTHEWS, CRYSTAL LEE, 220 MATTHEWS, WANDA, 235 MATTOX, MIKE LUCTION, 79. 220 MAWYER, DELLA MAE, 235 MAWYER, KAREN ELIZABETH, 221 MAWYER, WANDA SUE, 163 MAXWELL, KIMBERLY A., 33, 42.163 MAYBERRY, JUDY ANN, 163 MARYBERRY, MARY GARNETT, 221, 227 MAYBERRY, ROBERT, 221 MAYNE, ROBERT (SGT.), 107, 199 MAYS, ANTHONY WAYNE, 235 MAYS, THERESA DIANE, 235 MCBRATNEY, MARGARET GREER, 90, 221 MCCARTHY, DAVID CORMAC, 32, 54, 163 MCCARTHY, JOHN ALLEN, 54, 65.66.163 MCCAULEY, DAVID ALAN, 221 MCCOY, CANDACE LUVET, 163 MCCRAW, CAROL JEAN, 221 MCCRAW, DEBORAH LYNN, 60 MCCRAW, WILLIAM S„ 24, 29, 163,221 MCCRAY,, DONALD WILLIAM, 235 MCDANIEL, DELLA GRACE, 164 MCDANIEL, GARNET MORGAN, 47, 65, 70,164, 178 MCDANIEL, JEAN MARIE, 164 MCDANIEL, JOAN KAY, 164 MCDANIEL, OVETA THELMA, 164 MCDANIEL, PAUL KEITH, 164 MCDANIEL, RICHARD RADFORD, 235, 237 MCDONALD, BETTY SUSAN, 164,220 MCELROY, LARRY LEO, 55, 161 MCFADEN, DEBRA GAIL, 235 MCFADEN, DENNIS PAUL, 221 MCFADEN, WILLIAM BRUCE, 164 MCFALL, ALLEN HENRY, 221 MCFARLAND, BARBARA ANN, 221 MCGEHEE, GROVER CLEVELAND, 79, 164 MCGINN, THOMAS PATRICK 164 MCIVOR, SHIRLEY K. (MISS), 97 MCKEE, DAVID MARTIN, 56, 57,58,61, 130, 164 MCKILLIP, CYNTHIA JEANNETT, 211,221 MCKINNEY, ROBERT LEWIS, 165,187 MCLAUGHLIN, LAURIE LEE, 165 MCLAUGHLIN, STEPHANIE LEE, 165 MCLEAN, KAREN L., 165 MCMULLEN, CYNTHIA H„ 57, 165 MCAUARRY, DAWN ELIZABETH, 221 MCVEIGH, HENRY CARRINGTON, 151 MqVEIGH, JAMES B„ 32, 165 MCWANE, JOANNE, 165 MEGGINSON, SHIRELY MAE, 235 MEHAFFEY, GAY LYNN, 221 MEHAFFEY, NANCY J„ 60, 221 MEIDLING, AUGUST, 46, 65, 80, 221 MELTON, DEBORAH JUNE, 235 MERIWETHER, HAMILTON OTEY, 65, 76 METTENET, ERNEST M„ 221 MIDDLETON, LAURA JANE, 30, 32, 221 MIDDLETON, STEVEN, 221 MILES, ELIZABETH RUTH, 61, 144.221 MILLER, DONALD DAVID, 165 MILLER, EVELYN, 221 MILLER, GARY KEVIN, 49,166 MILLER, MARTIN (MR.), 26, 45,105 MILLER, NICKY G., 74, 76, 221 MILLNER, PAMELA JEAN, 235 MILLS, ANN DOUGLAS, 52, 165 MILLS, MARCIA MARIE, 166 MILLS, NIDA ADEL, 154, 166 MILLS, STEPHEN LACEY, 65, 221 MINNIS, DONNELL, 65, 166 MINNIX, WILLIAM ODELL, 235 MINOR, ELIZABETH ANN, 221 MITCHELL, BARRY WAYNE, 221 MITCHELL, WILLIE CALVIN, 221 MONTAGUE, JOHN HAROLD, 49.221 MOODY, BEVERLY ANNE, 167 MOON, BEVERLY LEE, 167 MOONVES, MELISSA A. MOORE, ANGELA, 49, 221 MOORE, CLAUDIUS LEVANN 65,80,167 MOORE, DOROTHY LYNETTE, 167 MOORE, JACK WAYNE, 235 MOORE, JOHN PAUL, 235 MOORE, MICHAEL R., 221 MOORE, PATRICIA, 49, 221 MOORE, SHARON LORRAINE, 60, 221 MOOREFIELD, JAMES, 49, 221 MOOREFIELD, VICKIE LEE, 235 MOORMAN, DAVID RICHARD, 70, 221 MOORMAN, MICHAEL KEITH, 15, 54, 74, 76, 167, 193 MOORMAN, NANETTE (MRS.), 101 MORRIS, HELEN GAIL, 32, 47, 167 MORRIS, MARY JANE (MRS.), 113 MORRIS, PATRICK KENNETH, 47,65,80, 167 MORRISSETTE, CHARLES WHITE, 221 MORTON, GAYLE ELIZABETH, 167 MORTON, LINDA KAY, 221 MORTON, STEVEN WAYNE, 214.221 MOSELEY, DAVID (MR.), 84, 97 MOSELEY, SHERRILL LYNN, 129.221 MOSES, NANCY GAIL, 49, 167 MOSLEY, LAWRENCE EDWARD, 70, 79, 167 MOSLEY, PATRICIA ANN, 235 MOSS, SARAH, 222 MURRELL, WILLIAM MCKENDREE, 225 MUSGROVE, RICHARD A., 235 MYERS, PEGGY (MRS.), 100, 101 MYERS, VICKIE LYNN, 60, 87, 167 NAPIER, BRENDA G., 40, 118, 167 NEAS, ELEANOR CLAIRE, 60, 222 NEIGHBORS, BONNIE SUE, 222 NEWMAN, DONNIE VINCENT, 168 NEWMAN, MARTHA NELL, 44, 222 NOECHEL, MARY, 21, 33, 42, 168 NOEL, CHERYL ELAINE, 4, 168 NOELL, FRED D.,51, 168 NORRIS, DEBORAH J„ 222 NORWOOD, THOMAS RICHARD, 168 NOVAK, ELIZABETH ANN, 34, 168,279 NOWLIN, ALOYSIOUS HANS, 168 NOWLIN, DEBORAH ANN, 235 NOWLIN, DIANNE, 168 NOWLIN, DONNA RAE, 222 NOWLIN, RONNIE EDWARD, 235 NUCKOLS, EMMETT EDWARD, 26, 45,168 NURMI, WALTER ALAN, 221 OBEY, DOROTHY (MRS.), 101, 193 ODONNELL, RICHARD MILES, 169 OFFTERDINGER, SARAH HEPBUR, 52, 169 OHMART, CHARLES MACK, 56,58, 222 OLSON, MARILYN, 60, 169 ORE, PEGGY DARLENE, 169 ORR, BETSY RUTH, 222 OSBORNE, JONNIE, 49, 222 OSBORNE, TERESA ELAINE, 235 OSMONDSON, MARISUE, 169 OWEN, KATHLEEN SCOTT, 170 OWENS, DONALD KEITH, 49, 169 PACOT, JON ALEXANDER, 34, 222 PADGETT, JULIA WOODS, 170 PADGETT, MARTHA WADE, 222 PALMER, JOHN (MR.), 10, 103, 125,171 PALMER, PATRICIA A., 235 PANNELL, DIANNE, 222 PANNELL, HAROLD LEE, 222 PANNELL, WILLIAM C„ 239 PARIS, BRYAN NEIL, 49, 170, 222 PARIS, VICKI (MRS.), 49, 112 PARKER, ANNE RENNE, 56, 59, 222 PARKER, META, 235 PARKER, ROGER EARL, 170 PARKS, FREEDA LOUISE, 235 PARKS, WARREN SYLVESTER, 80, 235 PARRISH, EDITH F„ 222 PARRISH, KENDALL SCOTT, 170 PATILLO, CAHTY, 49 PATTERSON, KATHY CRYSTAL, 170 PATTERSON, WILLIAM STUART, 65, 222 PAULSON, JOE C„ 65, 222 PAYNE, CARLTON L., 57, 65, 80,170 PAYNE, EVA PAULINE, 61, 222 PAYNE, JERRY WAYNE, 235 PAYNE, JOHN BERNARD, 65 PAYNE, JOYCE E„ 170 PEARSON, RICHARD CLAY, 222 PEARSON, WILLIAM EARLE, 170 PENICHE, CARLOS A., 65 PERDIEU, DONNA LYNN, 56, 59,236 PERDUE, CONNIE MARIE, 236 PERKINS, LARA IRENE, 170 PERKINS, SUSAN, 236 PERRY, REBECCA FAY, 236 PETERS, KATHY DONNELL, 11, 56, 59, 222, 170 PETERS, ROLAND KYLE, 32 PETREY, JAMES EDWARD, 223 PETTIGREW, ALAN WALTER, 29 PHELPS, JULIA GAYLE, 49, 223 PHELPS, MICHAEL D., 49 PHILLIPS, DEBORAH LYNETTE, 236 PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH D., 223 PHILLIPS, KRISTY, 223 PHILLIPS, LINDA SUE, 171 PHILLIPS, THORTON W„ 49 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, 45 PICKETT, ROBERT CHISHOLM, 80, 223 PICKRALL, KATHIE LEIGH, 171 PICTON, RUSSELL J„ 36, 47, 79, 171 PILLOW, HERBERT WAYNE, 223 PILLOW, ROBERT EDWARD, 223 PINIGAS, JAMES DONALD, 80, 173 PINIGIS, CYNTHIA LYNN, 29, 56,57,171, 223 PITMAN, LYNN CARVER, 171 PLASTER, JACQUELYN (MRS.) , 113 POINDEXTER, JAMES, 171 POOLE, DEBRA ROBIN, 171 POPE, DOUGLAS, 49, 223 PORTER, WILLIAM E. (MR.), 5, 96 POWELL, DENNIS KARL, 76, 79,223 POWELL, JAMES LEE, 223 POWELL, LYNWOOD WAYNE, 171 POWELL, ROBIN LETTITIA, 223 POWELL, RONALD, 49, 223 POWELL, SHEILA DIANNE, 236 PREBBLE, HENRIETTA (MRS.), 101 PRICE, BETTY, 236 PRICE, CHAUNCEY VERN, 223 PRICE, LAMONT VATELL, 65, 223 PRICE, YVETTE OCTAVIA, 26, 223 PRINCE, SUZANNE VIRGINIA, 47, 52, 89, 172 PRITCHARD, LYNN (MISS), 101 272 PROCTOR, ALGIE VERGESS, 236 PRYOR, DEBRA LYNN, 223 PUCKETT, STEVE ALFRED, 223 PUCKETTE, JAMES A., 172 PUGH, CYNTHIA REID, 60, 61, 172 PUGH, KENT NELSON, 172 QUARLES, DARLENE, 172 QUAY, JEFFREY, 79, 223 QUERY, JAMES BERNARD, 28, 41.223 RACER, RALPH (MR.), 103 RACKLIFFE, TERRY MORGAN, 46, 172 RADICK, DAVID, 41, 223 RAGAN, JERRY NEIL, 42, 223 RAGLAND, GARRY DOUGLAS, 49, 223 RAINEY, SCOTT SHOAF, 65, 223 RAMSEY, KEVIN D„ 172, 223 RAMSEY, MARY BRENNAN, 32, 172 RASNAKE, LARRY E„ 226 RATHERS, RONALD LEE, 172, 226 RAY, DAVID THOMAS, 79,172 RAY, GARY JOSEPH, 79, 223, 224 RAY, JAMES L., 236 READ, RICHARD LEE, 172 REAVES, MARGIE MARIE, 226 REAVES, OLAMAE, 223 REDWOOD, MICHAEL LARRY, 172 REED, PATRICIA D., 173 REED, PHIL, 173 REED, PHYLLIS KATHERINE, 236 REEDY, CHERYL ANN, 173 REEVES, DANIEL LEE, 81, 236 REEVES, GEORGE THOMAS, 173 REEVES, NATHANIEL GARFIELD, 223 REEVES, NORMAN, 236 REEVES, VANESSA DALE, 236 REID, DONNA MARIE, 223 REID, LAWAN E., 79,173 REID, NANCY LYNN, 173 REID, SUZANNE HOLMES, 52 REID, TRENITA D., 223 REID, WINZELLE LYMOINE, 65, 76 REYNOLDS, GALE MARIE, 236 REYNOLDS, PERRY ALAN, 193 REYNOLDS, PHILLIP LOUIS REYNOLDS, RAYMOND, 49, 224 REYNOLDS, WANDA KAY, 236 RICHARDSON, DANNY RAY, 224 RICHARDSON, JAMES OSCAR, 175 RICHARDSON, MICHAEL, 76, 224 RICHESON, KENNETH PAIGE, 220 RIGGLEMAN, CYNTHIA GAIL, 236 RIPLEY, BETTY WALKER, 44, 224 ROAKES, DEBORAH, 224 ROARK, JON STEVEN, 61, 79, 175 ROBBINS, WESLEY, 224 ROBERTS, ALICE PENDLETON, 224 ROBERTS, CARLYLE, 224 ROBERTS, GEORGE WILLIAM, 65.224 ROBERTS, MICHAEL PRESTON, 224 ROBERTSON, BRENDA, 224 ROBERTSON, DEBORAH L., 236 ROBERTSON, JANET MARIE, 224 ROBERTSON, LINDA DIANE, 175 ROBERTSON, MICHAEL STEPHEN, 175 ROBEY, BARRY RANDOLPH, 224 ROBEY, RONALD LEE, 175 ROBEY, SHIRLEY MARIE, 175 ROBINSON, DELORESE LUCILLE, 224 ROBINSON, ELAINE, 175 ROBINSON, ELOISE FONTAINE, 11, 47, 56, 59, 175 ROBINSON, LILLIAN ALFREDA, 52, 236 ROBINSON, MARGIE (MRS.), 86,107 ROBINSON, MARNETTA STOKES, 52, 90, 165, 175 ROBINSON, SANDRA L„ 224 ROCKWELL, SHARON M„ 224 ROGERS, POLLY PEMBERTON, 224 ROOT, DAVID JOHN, 74, 76, 77,135, 175 ROSE, EDDIE, 224 ROSE, SHIRLEY GENEVA, 224 ROSE, WAYNE, 225 ROSEBERRY, GREGORY EVERETT, 26, 29, 54, 79 ROSENBERGER, CHARLES TERRE, 225 ROSS, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, 236 ROSSER, CALVIN DOUGLAS, 236 ROSSER, CRAIG ALFONZO, 236 ROSSER, GARY WITHERS, 56, 58 ROWE, KIRSTEN L., 28, 225 RUDDER, OLIVIA ANN, 225 RUSHING, JAMES T„ 47 SACKETT, MARGARET BARNWELL, 43, 52, 90, 225 SAUNDERS, AUDREY CELESTINE, 225 SAUNDERS, BARCELL DERIK, 49 SAUNDERS, GARNETT EDWARD, 65 SAUNDERS, GREGORY LAMONT, 236 SAUNDERS, PATRICIA A., 60, 225 SAUNDERS, ROBERT (MR.), 20, 89,103 SAUNDERS, ROBERT LEWIS, 236 SAUNDERS, VANESSA DALE, 177 S.C.A., 20, 21 SCHECKWITZ, LOUIS ARNOLD, 47,177 SCHEWEL, SUSAN ELLEN, 15, 32,225,226 SCHLEY, MARTHA (MRS.), 101 SCHLUDERBERG, DONALD K., 225 SCHOMER, LORI ANNE, 44, 225 SCHRADER, CHARLES STEPHEN, 236 SCHRADER, III GEORGE W., 225 SCHARADER, MARILYN AHONE, 225 SCHWARTZ, RICHARD ALAN, 54, 76, 77, 225 SCIENCE CLUB, 26 SCOTT, BARBARA ANN, 236 SCOTT, CLAUDE W., 177 SCOTT, DEBORAH EARLE, 236 SCOTT,DEBRA JO, 52,177 SCOTT, JOHN RICHARD, 177 SCOTT, LARRY, 225 SCOTT, LAWRENCE ELMA, 236 SCOTT, MATILDA ROZETTA, 48,52,56,58, 122 SCOTT, REGINA, 225 SCOTT, SHARON DIANNE, 122 SCUDDER, CYNTHIA ANN, 2, 25,44,216 SEAMSTER, JAMES ELROD, 177 SEAY, ERIC KENNARD, 225 SELF, BRENDA, 225 SELF, DEANNESUE, 177 SEYFRIED, JANET INEZ, 58, 225 SHACKELFORD, CAROLYN KAY, 177 SHAW, ROBERTA LAFERN, 29, 89.225 SHELTON, DAVID (MR.), 101 SHELTON, EDWARD LEE, 225 SHELTON, ROBERT MANUEL, 225 SHELTON, THOMAS KENT, 29,40,44,122 SHELTON, TOMMIE SUE, 30, 31,33,177 SHEPHERD, SHELLY JO, 225 SHERMAN, DIANE DELORES, 178 SHIELDS, PAMELA GAIL, 178 SHIRLEY, JEANNETTE, 236 SHORT, DARRYL FRANKLIN, 80, 178 SIMMONS, GLORIA JANE, 178 SIMMS, TREVOLYN, 225 SIMMS, WILLIAM H„ 77,128 SIMON, JOHN RENNIE, 179 SIMPSON, DEBRA FAIL, 236 SIMPSON, FRANCES (MISS), ' 52, 86, 96, 107 SIMPSON, NANCY JEAN, 44, 58.225 SIMPSON, RICKY COLEMAN, 179 SIVERT, LESLIE AMELIA, 44, 226 SLATER, NANCY LYNN, 179 SLAUGHTER, PHILLIP WAYNE, 236 SLAYTON, BERNARD, 49, 65, 226 SLIGH, GLENN THOMAS, 49, • ZZD SMELSER, MASON ALLEN, 236 SMITH, ALETHEA MAE, 236 SMITH, ANGELA VINE, 29,179 SMITH, BRENDA CATHERINE, 221 SMITH, CAROLYN, 236 SMITH, CECELIA ANN, 226 SMITH, DAVID GLEASON, 226 SMITH, DEBBIE LYNN, 179 SMITH. ELIZABETH ANN, 89, 226 SMITH, FRANKLIN OBRIEN SMITH, GREGORY E„ 20, 52, 70.179 SMITH, JOYCE ANNETTE, 226 SMITH, JUDY ANN, 236 SMITH, LOUIS AUGUSTA, 179, 236 SMITH, MARLENE F., 44, 58, 226 SMITH, PATRICIA DIANE, 56, 58.179 SMITH, RONALD, 226 SMITH, SARAH A., 179 SMITH, SHELBY JEAN, 236 SMITH, SUSAN, 225 SMITH, SUSAN EARLE, 179 SMITH, VALERIE L., 237 SMITH, WAYNE BRUCE, 226 SNEAD, JOHN TIMBERLAKE, 79.179 SNEAD, PATRICIA FRANCES, 226 SNIDOW, SHIRLEY ANN, 226 SNOW, BETTY J„ 226 SNYDER, GAVIN JAY, 180 SOCCER TEAM, 78,79 SOWERS, JOHN EUGENE, 180 SPANISH CLUB, 29 SPENCER, RALPH (MR.), 106 SPENCER, THELMA ARLENE, 49.180 SPINNER, BRUCE EDWIN, 180 SPINNER, CARL ERWIN, 180 SPINNER, DARCELL, 226 SPRADLEY, VALVETTE DONNA, 180 SPROUSE, DANNY, 226 SPROUSE, MONTY R„ 226 STALLARD, DIANA (MISS), 112 STAMPS, SHIRLEY MARIE, 29, 180 STANLEY, DEBRA MAE, 226 STANLEY, PATRICIA ANN, 180 STANLEY, PHILIP, 65, 76, 83 STANLEY, ROBERT KENT, 226 STARKS, PHYLLIS LAVERNE, 226,237 STATON, CATHY ANN, 226 TATON, ELIZABETH FAYE, 226 STATON, LONNIE GERALD, 237 STATON, SAMUEL STEPHEN, 180 STATON, SHARON L„ 181 STATON, SHELBY J., 226 STEEPLES, LESTER FRANCIS, 237 STEPHENS, COHAMA VALRICK, 226 STEPHENS, MACQUERETTA MYLI, 227 STEPPE, DORIS (MRS.), 113 STEPPE, HERBERT GORDON, 181 STINNETT,. YVONNE SYLVIA, 181 STINNETTE, SHARON LEE, 52, 56, 59, 89 STOCKHOLDERS CLUB, 47 STOKES, RAYMOND, 237 STONE, JANET SUSAN, 181 STONE, SPENCER CALLOWAY, 76, 79, 181, 193 STOUT, MARY VIRGINIA, 49, 182 STOVALL, JONATHAN B„ 4, 61,143,182 STRATTON, ESMOND ROBIN, 227 SUCHODOLSKI, MICHAEL A., 182 SULLIVAN, HARVEL J.D., 182 SUMPTER, CHARLES WESLEY, 30, 31, 61, 182 SUTOR, SARAH JANE, 44, 227 SWAIN, PAMELA J., 227 SWAN, ROBERT P„ 182 SWEENEY, DEBRA ANN, 212, 227 SWEENEY, REID CHISWELL, 182 TANNER, JOHN ERNEST, 227 TARDY, CARL RAYMOND, 237 TAYLOR, KEITH RENARD, 60 TAYLOR, MELVA, 227 TAYLOR, MICHAEL OTHA, 182 TAYLOR, MICHELE ELIZABETH, 46, 182 TEMPLETON, RICKY STEVEN, 227 273 TERRELL, DIANE CARTER, 20, 31, 91, 182 THACKER, DEBORAH W„ 182 THACKER, DONNA JOYCE, 182 THAXTON, TERESA A., 183 THAYER, META BRITTON, 227 THIEME, JAMEE ANNETTE, 227 THOMAS, CYNTHIA MURDIS, 237 THOMAS, GLORIA JEAN, 29, 227 THOMAS, JANET L., 237 THOMAS, JOYCE ANN, 183 THOMAS, LINDA K„ 227 THOMAS, PATRICIA ANN, 237 THOMAS, RAYMOND LEE, 81, 98.183 THOMAS, RICKEY MCKINLEY, 79, 171 THOMAS, WILLIAM, 227 THOMPSON, ANN H., 227 THOMPSON, JOAN DALE, 37, 139.183 THOMPSON, JOHN HERBERT, 227 THOMPSON, PAMELA JUNE, 60,183, 227 THOMPSON, PAMELA LEE, 52, 53 THOMPSON, ROBERT (COL.), 107 THOMPSON, SHARLENE MARIA, 227 THOMPSON, TERRY WAYNE, 183 THOMPSON, WALTER, 227 THORNHILL, CATHERINE ANN, 56,183 THORNHILL, ELIZABETH PRICE, 26, 27, 28, 58 THORNHILL, JAMES EDWARD, 157,184 THORNHILL, MARY ELLA 184 THURMAN, DAVID CLAUDE, 184 TIBBS, ROY ALLEN, 79, 184 TICE, JOAN (MISS), 101 TOLER, ROBERT MARSHALL, 79.184 TOLLEY, JOYCE ELIZABETH, 49.185 TORBICK, NICHOLAS J„ 185 TORIAN, BRENDA SUSAN, 186 TOZER, LESLIE FORREST, 52, 185 TRACK, 74,75,76 TRAYWICK, CRIS N„ 228 TRENT, HARRY DALE, 185 TRIMIAR, MALCOLM WADE, 185 TROTTER, 1SHAM EDWARD, 208,228 TUCKER, OTIS (MR.), 84, 107 TUCKER, RICHARD WAYNE, 185 TUCKER, SUSAN ANNE, 228 TUCKER, TERESA JEAN, 237 TURBEVILLE, MARGARET, 185 TURNER, JEAN, 185 TURNER, KATHY LYNN, 60, 237 TURNER, WILLIAM }., 185 TURPIN, DENNIS RAY, 228 TWEEDY, ANTONIO, 109,185 TWEEDY, CAROLYN DENISE, 228 TWERY, MICHAEL MATTHEW, 34, 228 TWERY, SETH ELI, 13, 33,185 TYREE, DENNIS CLYDE, 186 TYREE, HENRY HOWARD, 228 UPCHURCH, THURMAN DANNY, 186 URBAN, DAVID JAMES, 13, 28, 41, 225,2288 VADASZ, CLAUDE NELSON VADASZ, PAUL NICHOLAS, 186 VANAMAN, DIANNE ELIZABETH, 61,228 VAN TINE, MARK K., 186 VARSITY G Club, 54 VASSAR, HILTON PRESLEY, 228 VASVARY, PATRICIA ELIZABET, 52 VAUGHAN, DEBORAH KAY, 52, 228 VAUGHAN, DELORES, 228 VAUGHAN, PATRICIA ANNE, 60,228 VAUGHAN, STERLING 228 VENABLE, JOHN LEA, 186 VIA, RICHARD EUGENE, 49, 65,228 VIAR, DOUGLAS EDWARD, 25, 26, 27, 29,80,186 VIAR, GARRY WAYNE, 49,186, 228 V.I.C.A., 50, 51 VOLLEY, DALE LENIER, 228 WADE, DENNIS MORGAN, 237 WADE, ELMAD.,228 WADE, MONTE, 49, 228 WADE, NORMAN WINDELL, 237 WADE, ROSE C., 228 WALKER, ELLEN JEANNE, 60, 187 WALKER, ELTON EDWARD, 228 WALKER, PATRICIA ANN, 187 WALKER. STEV-EN LEE, 57, 58, 187 WALLER, CONNIE ANN, 46, 48, 237 WALLER, DAVID, 228 WALLER, MARIE (MISS), 42, 43,103 WALLER, REUBEN CHARLES, 44, 65 WALLER, THOMAS JEROME, 237 WALSHE, DAVID EDMOND, 187 WAL.THALL, HOWARD LEE, 4, 44,187 WALTHALL, SAMUEL GENE, 187,237 WALTON, LINDA, 228 WARD, DAVID ALLEN, 237 WARD, PRESTON LAKE, 228 WARE, CHARLES, 79, 237 WARE, KENNETH ACREE, 65, 228 WARREN, JUDY G., 228 WARREN, WILLIAM LESLIE, 188 WARWICK, MICHAEL G„ 229 WASCHER, JUDITH HELEN, 14, 38, 42, 52, 60, 187 WASS, THEODORE EUGENE, 237 WATERS, HARRY (MR.), 10,15 WATKINS, BARRY STEPHEN, 29.57.188 WATKINS, ELIZABETH L., 229 WATSON, ELAINE (MRS.), 112 WATSON, LEWIS ALLEN, 188 WATSON, TRAVIS LEE, 237 WATTS, ALBERT ERLE, 188 WATTS, KENT, 49 WATTS, WILLIAM EUGENE, 188 WAUGH, ROBERT HENRY III, 34.79.188 WEBBER, LILLIAN ROSE, 237 274 WEBSTER, PAUL A., 229 WEST, SANDRA, 229 WHIRLEY, TERESSA MARIE, 237 WHITE, BARRY, 49,188 WHITE, CAROLYN (MRS.), 42, 43,103 WHITE, DAVID J., 229 WHITE, ELLA MAE, 229 WHITE, ROBERT ADAMS, 188 WHITE, RUBY D., 29,189 WHITE, SHARON, 89, 189 WHITE, SUSAN ESTELLE, 56, 58,229 WHITE, SYLVIA, 48, 56, 229 WHITE, THERESA, 49, 229 WHITE, WILLIAM SANDFORD, 43, 69, 70, 79, 82,189 WHITEHOUSE, CATHERINE C., 60, 91, 189 WHITFIELD, STEVE (MR.), 40, 101 WHITMORE, SHARON SUE, 32, 44, 52 WHITTED, HOWARD P., 53 WHITTEN, FRED ALLAN, 229 WHITTEN, PATRICIA JEAN, 237 WHORLEY, DARYL LEE, 51,189 WICK, POLLY S„ 24, 56, 59, 60, 189 WILCHER, ROBIN LEE, 189 WILDER, DEBORAH LYNN, 229 WILDER, JACQUELINE FRANCES, 229 WILEY, VIRGINIA (MISS), 33, 101 WILKERSON, DONNA GWEN, 52, 237 WILKES, ALLEN ALTON, 229 WILKES, REBECCA (MRS.), 112 WILKINS, JOHN, 229 WILLIAMS, GARY KEITH, 229 WILLIAMS, HERBERT HOOVER, 189 WILLIAMS, JAMES }., 25, 76 WILLIAMS, JERRY TERRELL, 190 WILLIAMS, JON EDWIN, 189 WILLIAMS, KENNETH, 70 WILLIAMS, LINDA (MRS.), 21 WILLIAMS, ROBERT E., 189 WILLIAMS, ROBERT ELISHA, 229 WILLIAMS, RONALD ANDERSON, 169,190 WILLIAMS, SHERRY LYNN, 229 WILLIAMSON, THOMAS ALLEN WILLOUGHBY, EDWARD, 229 WILLOUGHBY, PAMELA, 229 WILSON, ARTHUR MORGAN, 229 WILSON, BONNIE LESLIE, 229 WILSON, MARJORIE (MRS.), 34 WILSON, PEARL MARIE, 44, 91,189 WILSON, PEGGY ANN, 190 WILSON, WILLIAM ESTES, 4, 190 WINGFIELD, WILLIE BOB, 190 WINGO, THOMAS EARL, 229 WINSTON, IVAN (MR.), 80,103 WISMAN, PAUL PENCE, 65, 80, 190 WITHERS, GREGORY J„ 229 WITTSCHEN, SARAH ANN, 36,225,229 WOMACK, DONALD WEST, 191 WOMACK, VALERIE P., 49,191 WOMACK, VICKI ANNETTE, 52,89,91, 93, 128, 191 WOOD, AUBREY WARREN, 229 WOOD, CYNTHIA ANN, 191 WOOD, DEBORAH DENESE, 52 WOOD, DEBORAH GAIL, 229, 237 WOOD, DEBRA DESHA, 60, 191 WOOD, DONNA KAY, 229 WOOD, GARY, 58 WOOD, JEFFREY ALAN, 65, 80, 191 WOOD, JEFFREY BLAKE, 49, 65,191 WOOD, NATHANIEL, 229 WOOD, RANDY MASON, 191 WOOD, WENDY MICHELE, 52, 191 WOODALL, DEBORAH MICHELLE, 32, 191 WOODROFF, RHONDA MARIE, 38, 229, 237 WOODSON, ELI, 237 WOODSON, GEORGE, 237 WOODSON, SHARON LEIGH, 229 WOODY, CORDELL, 229 WOODY, LARRY MCKINLEY, 191 WOOLDRIDGE, BEVERLY CARROL, 52,191 WOOLDRIDGE, TERRELL GREY, 32, 79 WOOLRIDGE, BRENDA, 49 WOOLRIDGE, DEBORAH LEE, 99 WRAY, JOHN, 49 WRENN, SUE, 209,229 WRESTLING TEAM, 80 WRIGHT, DAVID GORDON, 229 WRIGHT, DENNIS RAY, 34, 229 WRIGHT, DENNIS W., 49 WRIGHT, GREGORY L., 237 WRIGHT, KENNETH L. WRIGHT, SARAH }., 46 WRIGHT, TOM (MR.), 78, 79 YEAMAN, KELLIE LOU, 229 YOUNG, JOHN HARVEY, 54 YOUNGER, DEBRA ANN, 229, 237 YOUNGER, ROSLYN G„ 229 YOUNGER, TIMOTHY ALPHONSO, 239 ZIRKLE, SUE (MISS), 21 In a unique year of new and reincarnated ideas, some ideas and events, either na¬ tionally, internationally, locally or at Glass, over-shadow others. These are just a few of them. Computers — new educational phase at Glass . . . SCA comes alive . . . Bridge over Harry Waters . . . Lew Erskine nev¬ er misses . . . Phase I . . . Phase II (per¬ fectly clear) . . . Nader ' s Raiders . . . Lunchroom boycott . . . Earth — love it or leave it . . . Shaft . . . The moon is made of American cheese . . . successful AFS Pledge walk. Addition of new coaches . . . Glass Super Football team . . . Free Angela Davis craze . . . Cowboys win Super Bowl . . . Nixon visits China ... Try it, you ' ll like it ... Maggie May (but what?) . . . Emerson, Lake, and Palmer . . . Tennis team gets professional help . . . Help Hotline . . . Sic ' em Spiro . . . Bond is back ... I can ' t believe I ate the whole thing . . . Pray for Mr. Porter. 275 Track remains a power at Glass . . . Summer of ' 42 . . . New superintendent of schools — The Mighty Quinn . . . Bloody Northern Ireland . . . Apathy dies at Glass . . . ' 72 Winter Olympics — Sapporo, japan . . Outdated dress code revised (somewhat) . . . Why do you think they call it dope? . . . Juniors excit¬ ed over getting rings . . . Student teach¬ ers add to quality education? . . . Glass sponsors Bloodmobile . . . Busing . . . 1972 election year . . . Team ' s on the iron. The iron ' s red hot. We can ' t lose with the stuff we ' ve got. 27 6 S.A.T., A.T., A.C.T., zzz Chinese ping-pong Pirates College ac¬ ceptances Bomb Hanoi Best band in Virginia Superstar comes to Lynchburg . . . Mr. Wright returns to teaching . . . I.R.A. . . Bond is back Critic short story contest Draft lot¬ tery Drug arrests Taiwan ousted from U.N. ts SB yoKhy sm mr sirrtos mt el)c Jvrtu Jlork einves FADE ' KM A ski:n , , :n on -.•« ISDIA -t % ) ' 1 k s -J - N S l ' ( ) fj . BOTH SIDES ( ' EMM E ’ j r. .EMER(iESn ' S l ;U ' m ( Release the P.O.W. ' s . . . Godspell Seven periods . . . Geraldine Jfones Nebraska wins college crown Grand Funk Nixonomics . . . War is a good business: invest your body Joy to the World . . Six snow days ... 4 Way Street . . . Miss Wiley is marvelous . . . Isaac Hayes . . . D.D.T. . . . There ' s al¬ ways that ten percent . . Yes, Virginia, there is an E. C. Glass. 277 Dave Moseley — new assistant principal . . . Miss American Pie . . . Archie Bunk¬ er lives! And is a member of the Glass staff . . . Women ' s lib is a fib . . . Henry Howell keeps the big boys honest Love Story . . . Powell and Rehnquist My Lai . . . Bernadette Devlin . . . Cold Bear . . . Pentagon papers leak . . . Annexation . . . Graduation! . . . Jackson 5 . . . Howard Hughes hoax. 278 I cannot express enough gratitude to the Crest staff or to our sponsors, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Watson, who devoted so much time and effort to the production of this book. 1 only hope that it will live up to your expectations and hold memories of a year which was for us a new beginning. Lisa Novak Editor acknowledgments Without the combined efforts of many people a yearbook such as this could not have been produced. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to some of the people who helped the staff in its efforts. Thanks go to Miss Sue Zirkle and Mrs. Linda Williams for their aide in designing our cover and division pages. We are grateful to Gary Bliss who, although not a staff member, donated pic¬ tures for use in the yearbook. A very special thanks go to Kim Maxwell who saved us from many deadline miseries with her notable typing ability. Our appreciation also goes to Mr. Frank Doyle, yearbook representative, who so unsel¬ fishly gave of his time and talents for our benefit. To the students and faculty who cooperated with us to make this possible, we say " thank you. " 279 Retrospect 1972 — a new birth — new students and administrators experiencing life at Glass, new programs organized to promote knowl¬ edge — graduation into new freedom and life styles. A year characterized by enthu¬ siastic and energetic activity — Western District Champions in football, number 1 band in the state, a Glass student attending the nationwide AFJROTC Advisory Con¬ ference, students working together to com¬ bat the drug problem. A return of youthful vigor, freshness, zest and productivity — Glass students achieving in sports, activi¬ ties, honors and awards. A rebirth of life — a new chance at making friends, developing other lives and ventur¬ ing out into the world. Renaissance at E. C. Glass in 1972 was all of these, but the great¬ est renaissance is the birth and rebirth of ideas and memories created by this year. 280 . ' y - V F T ( Cce tJ- y jcajb- Jta L FK-O H ' fr yQLts yyvjjiA j i Oju L c,j yO V T imxk J To (IfrU- 2 j$ fa-rrV)UJ ' To Jkt rautk . To (JvU c y (? Y- (jUp o-trf zfrcdt e I t ; . V»Wv ' i£W ! ' £ .;., { - ft 2$ J • ♦ ■ . v ' ; ft ■W- ' • l ' s ’j ' l6v’■ » ' Hr ) . i- ' i . z-v . AE . ' • ' ■ ’, . 14 1 V W S - ' Vcf-V v«i ' r 3 - ' ij W t f V K‘rf - ' t •r ' i? f » 6 V-Y ' .v.V i4 , I r A xv ' v ' » ' , : v ' ., JY • J ?• fA 0- ° V V . ‘ ’ ► .4 V ' V V Y , ■• a. 4 . :» .■ :A-fr- ' «, 3; ?¥ ' - ' .t:. x ‘ ' iV -“jf? fj l; Y XK i 1 ft IT " ’ J • -. ;.c ' ; j’sVi-;. vv ■ :4; «• . , • ' ' « ' ' V;«„ ' v . •; ' ■k ' Y- i‘%; : ’ fcV, ’ ?.% ' £f ? ,£ £ ,♦_£ :

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