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-1-f 5 r if I pda L46 A'6fH4'Qswg -ai Jaw E. C. Glass High School LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA The Crest Ei C. Glass High School Lynchburg, Virginia Volume Fifty-Four 1966 Harry Hill Editor Donna Clark Assistant Editor Miss Lucile Cox Literary Adviser Miss Margaret Williams Business Adviser As a center for civic and 'qchool functions, the E. C. Glass High School auditorium is the scene of memorable Lynchburg events. ln talent revues, V 1 5 1 Q w z 3 3 5 5 f l Miss Williaiiis wihh Mr. Ernest Taylor at Colemarfs. Today 112 aclvertisersg 33 in 1933 Miss Williams and Miss Hancock discuss Blue Horse wrappers. As the curtain falls on Glass, Year 1966, a leading character for thirty-three years in Publications Scenes says 'fFarevve1l, E. C. Glassn and the E. C. Glass audience rises to give her a round of applause: For her good rapport with business leaders and industry which has meant strong financial support of the publica- tions through advertisingg For her keen business acumen and her excellent financial management Which have given the literary staffs the means to produce first-rate publicationsg Por her unique ideas for raising reve- nue Qthe Blue Horse Projectj ideas which have attracted attention among National Press Associationsg For her consistent and constant de- votion to Publications-a devotion that has in turn brought strong support for them from both students and faculty. To Miss Margarett Williams, Business Manager E. C. Glass Publications 1933-1966 Miss Williams Ends Career of Service to Glass Miss Margaret Williams WE APPLAUD YOU Miss Williaiiis and a business student. Today, 1961 subscribersg 100 in 1933. 6 THE SCENE Enthusiasm and Talent Dominate A Student Life As each Glass student determines to deliver his best performance, en- thusiasm and hard work create the atmosphere for student life in 1965-66. A , From the morning pep rallies in the gym to the Friday night hops in Cafe Z, every scene of Glass life stars a talented cast of teenagers from the entire city. As Indian summer becomes fall, the scene changes from the Publications' As- sembly to the Championship Foot- ball victory over Andrew Lewis. Winter presents the All State Band contest and the City Council meet- ing where Glass students express serious opinions on the proposed city curfew. As spring makes her entrance, a trip to New York and the Book Fair take the spotlight. OAlthough many of the events form a long-awaited rerun, different students enliven each scene and un- consciously achieve a common goal -school spirit. 1 a 3 T sgmaisasss a5?gg?:2S -Z' 'mfg ' '-1 52-Eislif igii: fm ff w . Q 5535 V1 If ., ,, ,N .2 IE' 555:55 22 ??s2"fQ'f :Q .......,... , .. N - -.-.-. ----- : 5:-E325 .H Ar 'EE wx-Wm. School Halts August Leaving the pool and Jaycee dances behind, students returned to Glass earlier than ever on August 30. Greeted by the smell of polished floors and new books students welcomed Kazu Nishikura to E. C. Glass. Schedule conflicts afforded swelter- Fun - Heat Continues ing students a chance to cool off in the newly air-conditioned office. Vlfhile freshmen rushed the bookstore daily, all four class representatives appealled for well-rounded students in the first as- sembly. During the first weeks of school Mr. Turkel faces endless lines in the bookstore. As Glass's third Exchange Student, Kazu Nishi- kura contributes his friendliness to school life. In the opening assembly, students accept a serious challenge from their class leaders. 9 Students fill the office to see Mr. Milam about inevitabie schedule changes. 10 ll l Rocking Assemblies And Football Games l Lead Fall Activities V In the first scene of the Publications Assembly, staff members introduce the latest French dance. Glass cheerleaders take a break during the first home game. f'Help, you need somebody!" sings Bill Wfhite as Janie North relates her dream in the publica- tions show. As he leaps from the stage, John Wheeler proves that anything can happen in Glass as- semblies. Betsy Morris and Chuck Pinkerton board the SCA bus for an out-of-town football game. The football season well under Way, Glass action centered on the coming publications assembly. Folk singers in- vaded the auditorium for practice, While three staffs prepared riotous skits. After weeks of rehearsal, rock-and-roll bands entertained students, and staff members launched a four month subscription campaign with their own version of songs from hit musicals. As Gctober brought cool Weather, the SCA offered students a series of bus trips to away football games. 12 Chosen as Senior Court members are: First Row: Bobby Brown, Phyllis Pugh. Second Row: Sammy Seagle, JoAnne Deacon. Third Row: Larry Wood, Anne Mullan. Fourth Row: Mike Grissom, Carroll Tuthill. Fifth Row: King David Richardson, Queen Iarrett Dudley. 13 Mrs. lobe Welcomes visiting parents to Glass. Would You Believe Senior Day? . . . 13 Murders? Parents who visited Glass during American Education NVeek would not have recognized it on November 5. To the sound of combos, Seniors reversed school procedures and re- ceived official permission to be merry on Senior Day. On Thanksgiving Eve the David Garrick Players delighted Lynch- burg with the murder comedy Arsenic and Old Lace. To end an exciting, and slightly hectic day, students crowd Cafe 2 for the Senior Day Hop. CBcl0wj Mary Lou Holland, and Chris Ryon watch with delight Sheldon Friednian tastes their deadly homemade wine in A1'S071'Z'C and Old Lace. 14 Glass Spirit Defies Winter Cold Winter arrived with the annual Christ- mas tree sale, sponsored by the Tri-Hi- Y's. After Christmas, three dancing chimney svveeps entertained the students while seeking performers for the E. C. Glass Revue. These office helpers, Jan Robinson, Linda Hawkins are busy checking the students, schedules. Dr. Cornett prepares a speech on philosophy for the Glass students. Penny Farmer and Emmy Lou Terrell practice their salesmanship at the Clhristmas tree-sale. 15 David Sutor and Kathy Cornett kick up their heels in "Mary Poppins Landf' Becky Fuller and john VVheeler would rather play in the snow than go to class. Dressed as our 'School Spirit," Rodney Burchette climbs to success. After missing two days of school While Lynchburg was buried under 36 inches of snow, students returned to find that at Glass school spirit had not been diminished by the cold. In the morning pep rally, Rodney Burchette climbed the ladder of success before the Patrick Henry game. 16 Glass students display a sudden interest in local affairs when City Council members propose a curfew. Shakespeare, The Curfew Command Student Interest The City Council meeting on the curfew was attended by more students than adults. Since this problem cen- tered on Lynchburg teenagers, the Glass students were very appreciative when Mr. Milam successfully cle- fended the freedom of the students. The beginning of the second semes- ter brought two productions which Were presented by the students: the Spring Band Concert and the Shake- spearean Assembly, which presented a picture of life in Elizabethan times. 17 Mr. Vermillionls 'Band students tune up before their concert. A 'Concentration' describes the students taking the Spelling Test for forensic competion. A Bill Wliite is held captive in Sl1akespeare's King fohn. 18 Choir members leaving for All-State Festival are: Front Row: T. Weaver, D. Jordon, H. Ford. Second Row: Mrs. Cothran, M. Harlow, R. Dovvdy, D. Richardson, K. Logvvood. Excitement fills the air at the Wfestern District Basketball Tournament. J. Myers, M. L. Holland, G. Ferrell, and C. Ryon bring honors to Glass for their presentation of The Case of the Crushed Petzmias. 19 H Students Seek Excellence in Varied Fields Mr. McCue-visits Advanced Latin students who read Latin voluntarily at 8:15. Wintei' canie to a close as seven students represented Glass at the All-State Choir Festival. Excitement pre- vailed at the VVestern District Basketball Tournament. Al- though Glassls hopes of Win- ning turned to disappoint- nient, all knew that the Hill- toppers had played their very best. Five Advanced Latin stu- dents came to school at 8:15 to do extra reading, and The Case of the Crushed Petunias won a superior rating at the Western District Une-Act Play Festival. Spring Inspires New Fads and Talent Even after the excitement of the fall and winter, new fads-plaid pants, barefoot girls, polkadot shirts appeared at Glass. Spring brings new fads and spring fever as shown by Jay Fleck and Kathy Bruce. David Sutor singing "Get Off My Cloudvs closes Talent Assembly. 21 A who contributed to the success of the SC bloodmobile David Waldron is one of the many Cordelia Hancock brings back an old fad-the Charles- ton-in the Talent Assembly. This spring some students entertained fellow classmates with singing and dancingg others served Lynchburg in the blood drive for the Red Cross. 22 A toast is given to the Class of '66 at the Senior Banquet by Mr. McCue. Glass dancers practice their routine in a re- hearsal for the Student Council's Open House. 23 Seniors anxiously await announcement of VlPls at the banquet. l in ' i S . r Q E i z 3 New teaching tCCl'1H1qL1CS add a springy atmosphere to the classroom A Mr Boe Miss Grayson and Mr Blount join N the teaching staff at second semester In Warm Weather As warm weather arrived in Lynchburg, Glass students and teachers responded to spring- time with a Wide variety of acti- vities. Advanced Composition students decorated Mr. Kingis room with "germs" for their short stories, vvhile study hall students showed the usual signs of spring fever. For the first time in Glassis history, a girls' tennis team Was organized. Kathy O'Keeffe lead the squad of enthusiastic girls as the number one player. 25 Mrs. Davis holds down spring fever in This year Glass features for the first time a girls' Study 11311. tennis team with Kathy O'Keeffe as number one player. W7 ith the close of the sports season Mrs. Meidling stores away cheerleading equipment for this year. 26 Miss Canada and Miss Harvey arrive for school. John Wlieeier makes a selection of paperbacks at the Book Fair. Enthusiasm Moun ts As Semester Ends VVith expectations of the Ring Dance, coinnienceinent and suin 111 CI' vacation, Glass students displayed increased enthusiasni as the sec semester ended. After weeks practice cheerleader candid faced the faculty judges with l hopes of being chosen. Sen ordered their caps and gowns, yi :ond of ates iigh iors 'lhile the cast of George Washington Slept Here worked to produce Senior Play on May 6. ln May Literary Society sponsored the nual Rook Fair. the the an- Newly announced cheerleaders are overwhelmed with joy. Arthur Wood looks forward to graduation as he orders his cap and gown with 'help of Mrs. Brown and Sandria Ewers. 28 THE CAST Seniors Contribute Leadership and Service "Action," cry Mr. Beckner and Mrs. White as seniors return to take the lead in 1966. With three years' experience in supporting roles, the class of '66 takes "prepara- tion" as a cue for both the present and the future. From the potpourri of senior events, a varied cast emerges. As the Hell's Angels of Senior Day fade out, a Joseph in the Christmas Pageant appears. Two dancing chimney sweeps and a crying Thisbe reflect expanding interest, while college acceptance and research papers engage seniors in their final appearance. The Senior Banquet and "George Washington Slept Here" herald the night of June 13 when each senior will leave the stage with a diploma as a token of four years' work be- fore the lights. 1 'Xi Ei E iss F 2 .is Z J H s ,i M . fi 2. S 1 a z, 5: Eggggss Q ssgssssf i A W 5314882225 .w..g"smsv .ns-1 .: N55 iii? ' 'irc . 553355 .J - . , fwifigisss' sg 1 5- 1 1. Chosen as senior class officers for their originality and hard work are Cclockwisej Sammy Seagle, Presidentg Nancy Rhodes, Vice-Presidentg Mary janet Blencovve, Secretary 5 Regina Aultice, Co-treasurerg and Linda Etheridge, Co-treasurer. As class sponsor Mrs. VVhite combines the exact proportions of experience and judgment. A representative from Randolph-Macon College discovers the individuality of Glass applicants during 31 his Senior Day visit. ME 5 Qn A its door ant and to mak count. all phas seniors form id With t united c exciting follow. The Senior a camp persona council tween c Semors Plan ugust 30, E. C. Glass op Year Of Special Events ened s to over five-hundred exuber- sunburned seniors, determined e every minute of the Quickly assuming leadersh es of school life, hard Wor year ip in king ans- 1 ies. elected their officers to tr 11 L t eas into well planned real't' ' a e success of Senior D and meaningful event second semester brought P sanquet and Dance, along aign for announcements l cards. In every case the was an efficient medium ommittee and homeroom. lass was assured of nume Y, fl rous sto the with and class be- .loyce McLean Linda Kay Benjamin Phillip Abbitt Jeannine Adamson Ralph L. Anderson 33 Adamee Adams Heyward VVayne Janice Allen Anderson Linda Faye Regina Nadine Ashwell Aultice Earl Rice Adams julia Marie Anderson Cecilia Ann Baer Look at you, look at me, walkmg ten eet tall are we, Smzlmg sally smzles all day How cl we ever get that way? Bob Dylan B'11'ba1 a A1111 Ba1lev Cl1'11lCQ Dax 1d lYa1leV .lL1Cl1ll1 I ee l uley Peyton g2L1'1fO1Cl Baker Pamela Kay Ballard 5a11d1 a Gale Beale 34 O . jf . a u o a , 0 u C . ' .1 c A . 7 . 3 , A 3, ' Y ,Jc ' L, A Up! up! my Friend, and quit your boolesg Or surely you'll grow double Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looksg Why all this toil and trouble? Wordsworth Mary Kay Bennington James D. Bibb Grady Ray Blake, Jr. Gary M. Blanks Mary janet Blencowe Brenda Lee Blevins 35 E Fred P. Harvey Bennett Nancy Lola Bond, Ir. Boswell Bowling Donna Gale Herbert Christian Michael john Bragg Braun Brenton Joyce Guilford Patricia Ann Nancy Lee Brooks ' Brooks Brown Betty Louise Boylan Karen Elizabeth Briclgett Robert Penleton Brown 36 Susan Io Kathleen Ellen Patricia Ann Donna Sue Brown Bruce Bruington Bryant Katherine Mary Lynne David Jessica Nuckols Bryant Bryant Bunger Burch H. Rodney Duane L. Robert L. Thomas Lee Burehette Burks Burnett Burnett 37 Uh, talk not to me of a name great in story The days of our youth are the days of our gloryg Byron Brenda 0,1-lzrra Burnette Michael I. Burnette linda Driskill Burton Dorrald Ray Byers Robert VVayne Caldwell Betty Coffey Campbell 38 To see a World in a Grain of Sand, And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour. Wlilliam Blake Timothy Vlfayne Campbell Dan B. Candler Patricia Maxine Candler Donna Loving Cannon Betty Ray Carey Linda Kay Carroll 39 Thomas Wayne Carson Phyllis Grant Cheatham Donna Jean Clark David Alan Carter Martha Rose Childers Martha Ann Clark Noel Lee Frances Lorraine Carter Catlett Danny Ray Frances Catherine Childress Claiborne Rosemary Jonathan Clark Clement 40 Dennis Ronald David Carol Sue Elizabeth Ann Clements Clements Clemmons Coffey Mary Louise Sandra Lee Arniond Alvin Judy Clay Coffey Coffey Coleman Coleman Mary Gwendolyn Patricia Ann john Berkeley Louise Lynn Coleman Coleman Conner Cook 41 Roberta Gene Cooper Kathy Cornett john Batte Cosby James Marshall Costan John Stuart Couch Betty BL1111g'ZU'HC1' Craig 42 Music is a band-aid for the spirit. di Bonaventura The roblfd that smiles, steals something from the thief. Shakespeare Brenda Sligh Crawford Susan Crawford james Fred Crawley, Ir. Brenda D. Creasy Cynthia Leigl Creasy Carl Lee Crennel 43 1 Joanne Thonias Sandra Glenn Dave Way1ie Deacon Dezlner Dellinger DePriest Talinadge Pruitt Betty Jo Lynn Ellen Bonnie Kathryn DeSliazo DeWitt DeW-itt Dickerson Susan Fay Robert L. A. VVilliam Joanna Lynn Dickerson Dole, jr. Dooley Dowcly 45 Roger Clay Dowcly Olivia Kay Downey Cheryl L. Drislqill Roland N. Dube Stewart Alan Dube Carlton Anderson Duck 46 High above the hills of Lynchburg where the James flows full and free. Every countenance that warrns the heart of the beholder Shews clear and true the signature of pain. Alan Porter Elizabeth Jarrett Dudley Deborah Ann Duff Susan Gray East Peggy Edmondson Franklin Way11e Elder Kenneth D. Elder 47 Sylvia Phyllis Diane Robert Henry Linda Gail Elliott Elmore Epperson Etheridge Jerry Wayne Williaiii Smith Sanclria June John E. Evans Evans Ewers Ewing Frederick B. julia Lee James Irvin Penny Anne Falwell Fariss Earlow Farmer 48 Stuart Carter Brenda Sue Fauber Faulconer Verna Katherine Williain Ferguson Fielder, Ir. Cynthia Gail Garry M. Floyd Ford 49 Faye M. Ferguson Gabriel fl. Fischoff Helen A. Ford L Susie Ferguson Keith F.dWin Fisher aura Christian Ford Wisdom oft is nearer when we stoop than when we soar Barbara Jean Foster Carolyn Fay Foster Tlmomas Glenn Foster Myra Gale Frampton Gerald G. Franklin Tom Frazier 50 Wordsworth One can acquire everything in solitude- except character. Henri Beyle Sheldon Friedman Michael Darryl Friend Rebecca Ann Fuller Sandra Lynn Gadclis Marion Daniel Gamble Steven Michael Garnsey 51 Malcolm Haven James W. Robert Lester Charles Michael Gowell Green Griggs Grissom Io Anne Thomas Edward Faye Carol Ronnie C. Guthrie Hamilton Hamlett Hanby Margaret Rose Barry Michael Glenn D. Patricia Elaine Harler Harlow Harlow Harlow 53 If you do not think about the future you cannot have one Robert Edward Harlow Bruce Paul Harmon Calvin Harris John VVayne Harris Michael C. Harris Michael Earl Harris 54 ohn Galsworthy Let there be spaces in your togetherness. Kahlil Gibran Richard T. Harris Mary jane Hasek Mary Lynne Hauser Margaret Ann Hawkins Brenda Kay Hawks Alan David Haymes 55 Wistai' Morris Jo Harrison Wayiie C. Heald Heartwell Helms Carolyn Marie Edwin A. E. Brent Hicks Hickson, jr. Higginbotham Harry Hargrove Thomas Ronald Judith Dawn Hill, HI Hodges Hoke Dale Thomas Hendricks Richard Allen Hight Lawson Holmes 56 Stephen Morris Ronald Conant Vincent Ray Williaiii Daniel Hopkins Horine Hovada Hudnall George David Anne Claire Garland Davis Ronald Thomas Hudson Hughes Hunt Hunt N. Richard Laura Anibler Linda Kaye Linda Hurst Hutter Inge Iabsen 57 D. Collier Jackson, Ill George F. Jackson, Ir. Gloria Jean jefferson Kathy Jennings Patricia Ann Jennings a Barbara Gail Johnson 58 Life is not life at all without delighti C. H. D. Patmore Without music life would be a mistake. Friedrich N ietzche Dennis Johnson Edith Madeleine johnson Gloria johnson Greg Alan Johnson Lawrence Edward johnson Linda D. Johnson 59 Carolyn W. Elizabeth Ann Frank Hill Marian Jeanette jones Jones Jones, Ir. Jones Nancy Carol David Green Kathy Ann VVillia1n Hill Jones Jordan i Jordan Judd Sandra Lee Bennie Ray John Hamilton Gerald jay Kershaw Kidd Kidd King 60 Shelby Claudia Ann Jane Taylor Kenneth Vlfayne Knowles Kostecki Kreger LZl11Cl1'L1111 Kenney Lee Carol Sue Donna Gayle Lynda Ann Lang Lawhorne Leach Legg Albert Charles T. Leslie Ford VVinifred Charlotte Lerner Lineberry Lipparcl Lipscomb 61 The sky is beginning to show some streaks of light over in the east there, behind our n1ount'in. Thorton Wilder Joseph Fisher Lloyd Kenneth VVz1yne Logwood Betty Mae Londerec Christine Amory Long Lin da Gail Lowe Izunes V. Loyd 62 1 Only a momentg a mo- ment of strength, of romance, of glamour of youth! oseph Conrad Sharon Gaye Lucado Gerald B. Luck, Jr. Katherine Anne Lucy VVil1ia1n john MacArthur Wa1'1'en Lee Mace Brenda Gayle Maddox 63 Francis Paul Nornia Faye Sharyn Dudley Brenda Lee Malloy Mangus Marks Marshall Sandra Anne Sylvia Diann Carolyn Duval Danny Joe Marshall Marston Martin Martin janet Marie Ronald Wayiie Glenn Neal Walter Philip Martin Martin Mason Mason, Ir. 64 Gloria lean Ella Moorman Calvin Coolidge Calvin Lemuel Mayhugh McBrayer McCormick, Jr. McCraW, Ir. LeRoy Mary Elizabeth Thomas Davis VVay11e B. MeCraw, Ir. McDermott McDonald lVleFarla11d Sheridan Lee Michael A. Sue Lawrence Henry McGel1ce McKenna McLennan MeVVaue 65 I As the sun colors flowers, so clones art color life. ,awrence Glenn Meliaffey, Ir. Patricia Ann Millner Judith Torrence Mitchell Betty Jean Montgomery Susan Virginia Montgomery Bernard Harold Monroe 66 Lord Avebury If I should lose, let me stand by the road and cheer as the winners go by! . Berton Braley Leonard Byron Moody Mary Elizabeth Moon Elizabeth C. Morris Steve A. Morris Norwood Qrrick Morrison Pamela Lee Morrison 67 Charles O. Cheryl Ann Irvin Alexander AHHC H3T13CF Moser, Ir. Moyer Mulholland MUHHH Putnam jane john C. Phoebe Jane Ronald David Mundy Murphy, Jr. Murphy Murphy Frank Graham james Palmer joan Linnel Nancy Susanne Murray Myers Myers Naff 68 Sarah Elizabeth Wfilliani Edward Neas Neas Barbara Jane Elizabeth Jane Newton Newton Susan Linda Carolyn Marie Norton Novak 69 Io Ann Neighbors Kazuyoshi Nishikura lVlarshall R. Nuckols, Ir. David Robert Nein Frances Mae Norris Melinda Leslie Nurini We do not know what education could do for us, because we have never tried it. P Robert Hutchins Darrel Cakes Lelahcl R. Q'l3ria11 Betsy Jane Padgett Sheila Dawn Page Michael Paris Thomas E. Patterson 70 O star-eyed Science! hast thou wandered there, To waft us home the message of despair? Thomas Campbell Donna Darlene Pavek Linda Caryl Peery Danny Earl Perdue james Douglas Perkins jane Grigg Petticrew john Kemp Petty john 71 Phyllis O'Neal Cynthia Jayne Carolyn jean VVayne Pugh Pursley Ranson Rash, Jr. David E. Bob Gary Douglas Barbara Ann Reddy Redfern Regan Reid vvlllllllll 'llhoinas Nancy Everette Doris Louise David Rell Rhodes Richards Richardson 73 To know is nothing at allg To imagine is everything Brenda Elaine Roakes Sandra Kaye Robinson Shirley Lee Rogers Jane Thompson Rucker Io Ann Rudder David Anthony Ruska 74 Anatole France The answer, my friend is blowini in the wind The answer is blowin in the wind. Bob Dylan 3 3 Robert Fredrick Sager Richard John Salmon Linda Louise Samuels Lynn Samuels VVi1lian1 Dixon Sanders Vicki W. Sanderson 75 Lynne Elizabeth Rose Marie Elizabeth Parke Jean Dunning Shotton Simms Simpson Skinner Charles L. Ioan Elizabeth Kathleen Ruth Pamela Dea Smith Smith Smith Smith Robert Lewis Susan Marie Wfayne Nancy Chester Smith, Ir. Smith Smoot Smythe 77 To know when one's self is interested is the first condition o interestin other eo le. 8 Walter Pater Judy Diane Smythers Steve Somers Rose Marie Sorrell Larry Fmrllclill Spencer Linda Dare Spradlin Emmett Lewis Sprouse 78 Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowl- edge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? Thomas Eliot Faith C. St. john Sharon Leigh Staples Lynn Bower Stennette Richard Alan Stephens Deborah Ann Stevens James W. Stevens, IH 79 Marcia Richard Squire Emily Louise Phillip Wayne Taylor Taylor, jr. Terrell Terry Sandra Kay Harold Linda Saferight Alfred D. Thacker Thomas Thomas Thompson Barry Ray Brenda Sue Henry Noel VVilliam Wade Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson 81 The work of science is to substitute facts for appearances and demonstrations for impressions. I , if Ruskin john Baker Thorn, Jr. Mary Page Thurmond Joyce Faye Tice Ann Douglas Tirmin Kemper Edward Towler Brenda Marie Trent 82 Give me the makings of the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws. Andrew Saltoun Deborah jean Trent Joyce Gayle Trent Joyce Marie Trent Melvin Clyde Trent Roger Lee Trent Wister H. Trent 83 John Douglas Charles Luinsden Linda Sue Donald Trevey Trice Tucker Turner Sondra Lee Joan Carroll David Saundra Michelle Turner Tuthill Tuttle Tweedy Richard W. Fontaine Eric C. Patricia Ellen Tyree, Jr. Upshur Vess Viar 84 Patsy Phyllis Ann David Marshall Betty Lou Wade VVade WValdon Walliiig Rosa Lena Anne Bradford Toby Reed Carolyn Gaynelle Ware Waters VVeaver Weiss Carol Lee Robert Paul john Qxenhani VVennerstrom Wern Whately Wlieelei' 85 A teacher affects eternityg he can never tell where his influence stops. Henry Adams James Vlfhitcoiiib Harry Virgil VVhite, IH Stephanie Christ Wliite Hubert Roger Wilkes David Garland Wilkes Judith Williaiiis 86 Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. Thoreau 'e" d d 2 39 l i eew 3 wee W eA 3 df :Ae 1 gr l e e t, t ,i TENSION Myrtle .loanue VVill0ughby Janie Rae Wiiieiilan Eliza Sterling VVinstezLd Georgia VVithey Edward Rucker Witt, Jr. James Howard Witt l 87 l Small service is true service while it lasts. Wordsworth Kenneth W. W1'ig'ht Linda Diane VVright Luther Guy W1'ig'ht Robin Stein Wlright Susan Reynolds VVyatt Richard Young 89 l " 'fl' THE CAST Underclassmen ' Accept Scholastic and Extracurricular Challenges As understudies, Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors work their way toward the goal of Seniors and the curtain call of grad- uation. A Spending their final year as ap- prentices, Juniors train for their major role by serving at the Senior Banquet and by acting as ushers at commencement. ' Sophomore stand-ins concentrate on perfecting both academic and extracurricular skills. Often work- ing behind the scenes, second-year students strive to establish a name for -themselves by competing in language tournament --for checking coats at the Junior-Senior Ring Dance. ,Although this year's Freshmen will make an encore as Sophomores, theirs was the last appearance of a Freshman class at E. C. Glass. liils ! I I i l When I Was Seventeen, Aside from his duties as Class sponsor, Mr. Miller teaches math. It Was a Very Good Yea The Ring Dance theme, with its polka dots, seems to have expressed the feeling of most juniors about their third year at Glass: 'fDot's Goodtf' In their first appearance, creative juniors Worked on the float, with its theme, 'Stress Sportsmanshipf' Then the Junior Class Officers- David Tibbs, President, Ken Moore, V. Pres., Laurie Thayer, Secretary, and Cindy Stevens and Judy Sul- livan, Co-Treasurersg with Home Room representatives and sponsor, Mr. Miller, underwent the hectic job of fitting and ordering rings With relatively few casualties. At the end of the year, S.C.A. elections yeilded some excellent of- ficers to lead another "goodt" year. Meeting in Cafeteria H are officers: L. Thayer, K. Moore, C. Stevens, Sullivan, and D. Tibbs. City AFS finalists, Leigh Suhling and Peggy Tucker, plan the AFS scrapbook with exchange student Kazu Nishikura. David Tibbs shows license plates he designed to make money for the Ring Dance. 94 Homeroom 1 l l F1fontR0w: Mr. Hoffman, B. Page, A. Griggs, P. Claytor, D. Lawrence. Second Row: M. Dunlap, I Clendenin, R. Bagby, G. Smith, A. Cheatwood. Third Row: J. Mitchell, B. Bryant, H. Scott, H. Hurst D. Lipford, R. Parker. Fourth Row: E. Steuart, J. Patterson, L. Camden, VV. Gibson, N. Godsie. Back Row: R. Paxton, li. Osborne, E. Bosiger, J. Crennel, D. Layne, G. Clements. Homeroom ll4 Front Row: Mr. Miller, P. A. Phillips, D. G. Moreom, C. Ashwell, P. Somers. Second Row: G. Fitz- gerald, M. Coats, G. Sterne, D. Miles, G. Beard, S, Kessler, P. S. Phillips. Third Row: M. Stinnette, J. Clark, D. Allen, S. Akers, J. Vaughan, E. Turner. Fourth Row: D. Beck, R. Vllade, C. Stevens, B. VVright, B. Grant, J. Burnette, B. VVhorley. Hack Row: B. Knight, D. Hudson, M. Vlfeigand, S. Sandifer. uniors Sandy Paris collects Nancy Millnerls class dues, which support such activities as the float. Hornerooin 1 16 Front Row: Miss Puekette, B. Young, P. Tucker, V, Spence, L. Campbell. Second Row: B. Guthrie, J. Weary, Roberts, B. Ramsey, L. Turner, R. W7ard. Third Row: M. L. Burgess, L. Morrison, C. E. Green, jr., B. Sullivan, B. Rohr. Fourth Row: N. Carter, J. Dean, D. Wfeigand, D. Trevillian, C. Gardner, K. Elder. Back Row: S. Holloran, T. Caldwell, G. Massie, 96 Class of 67 Homeroom 143 Front Row: Miss Hankins, B. Marshall, S. Owen. M. Hamlett, P, Camp. Second Row: I. Fieor, C. B Brooks, J. Freese, C. Tuck, T. jordan, P. Fears. Third Row: J. Gravely, B. Marston, B. Brown, R. Burris, J. Harvey, B. Sublett. Fourth Row: K. Kirchner, S. Brown, A. Costan, R. VVare, G. Martin. Bark Row: D. Crickenberger, T. Buckley, D. Evans, D. Judd. H omeroom 151 Front Row: Mrs. McClung, L. Candler, R. Morris, M. Wiiigfielcl, B. Cunningham. Second Row: D. Parker, P. Moore, B. Harlow, S. Tolley, S. Tate, A. Adams. Third Row: L. VVatkins, A. Bragg, B. Thomas, M. Droog, B. May, L. Kirby. Fourth Row: 1. Malloy, H. Tweedy, S. Sutor, S. Hyder, B. Evans. Back Row: A. Bomar, D. Overstreet, S. Damron, J. Falwell, D. Harris. 97 Honieroom 152 From Row: Mrs. Hill, C. Ryon, B. Coleman, C, Deacon, I. Caldera. Second Row: L. Gibson. A. Booth F. Whitehfmiise, VV. Clack, P. Deuster, D. Trent. Third Row: J. Bane, I. Willialiis, D. Parker, Suhlett, L. Huth, A. Peters. Back Row: K. Maddox, M. Scott, J. Robertson, B. Davies, B. Blankenship R. Peters. Homeroom l65 F1'01'1f Row: Mrs. Franklin, M. Landis, N. Gilfoyle, M. Drumheller, D. Cornett. Second Row: C Dillard, V. Hogan, E. Woocl, J. Morris, L. Suhling, J. A. Dellinger, J. Duff. Third Row: S. Lee I. Tedder, L. Thayer, A. Helms, D. Moody, K. Franklin, P. Burg. F01.11'z'h Row: B. Evans, J. Garrett D. Staples, M. Criekenberger, D. Viar, D. Wiekliiie. Hack Row: J. Geason, I, Swann, N. Whitehead D. Pugh, H. Alvis. Cou selng 1th her F ghsh teacher M15 Sta to s E xly Wood So thats how shes gotten that 96+ average Scholarshtp and School Sptrlt Attract Jumors n i W' ,n ' ' , ' . N '11 11, i m' . 5 9 . O 0 O . .. 7 ., , 4,. . ,, , A ..,.. . .,,. .. ,... A ,. .,,. . .,,t Homeroom 220 Front Row: Mrs. Garrard, S. Nicely, D. Cary, L. McCarthy, C. Bradner. Second Row: L. Hill, B. Blum, D. Fore, J. VVilson, B. Adams, L. Owens. Third Row: T. Prince, S. Norwood, K. Thompson, M Hopkins, I. johnson, D. McCormick. Fourth Row: F. Houston, J. Green, S. Moore, M. Calvert, E Smith, M. Wfood. Back Row: A. Risher, C. Hutter, S. Brooks, R. Bergstrom, K. Fielder, S. Ballowe Homeroom 22 l Front Row: Mr. Goodman, R. Bpperson, M. Morris, L. Pound, A. Parker. Second Row: V. Kelly P. Harper, J. Coffee, J. North, P. Ramey, D. Stevens, B. Hedrick. Third Row: D. Long, R. Swain B. Hutter, A. Maddox, D. Shelton, S. Page, T. Saunders. Fourth Row: B. Platt, A. Howerton, P Lawhorne, C. Brown, S. Robertson, M. Ernst, T. Ford. Back Row: J. Gallagher, M. Burnley, K. West I. Shaw, M. Christian, J. Dowden, S. Kious. Homeroom 225 From' Row: Miss Canada, D. Magee, D. F,lmore, C. Page, A. Campbell. Second Row: B. NVilson, D. Vlfeiss, R. Jackson, C. Bullock, B. Moore. Third Row: B. Olson, D. Marks, G. Austin, D. Reynolds, I. Ford, P. Cheves. Fozwth Row: B. Watsoii, D. Noechel, A. Sackett, K. McKenna, B. Schluderberg, T. Iacynyk. Back Row: C. Moody, J. Knowles, Fleck, R. Tibbs, D. Hobbs, L. Haley. uniors Find School Is Not All Work "Just one more yearf' mutter Susan McClelland and Mary Cele Desmond through clenched teeth. "We'll have our Senior Dayf' 101 Yes, French Club is exciting! just ask Nat Gilioyle and Stephen Rosenthal. Homeroom 226 Front Row: Miss Palmer, W. Wells, L. Morgan, P. Garnsey, B. Mahone. Second Row: I. Hackett T. Anderson, j. Thornhill, D. May, C. Hargis, M. Power, S. Farmer. Third Row: D. Tihbs, J. Vlfade T. Morris, L. Richardson, I. Witt, P. Creasy, R. Hill. Fourth Row: L. Cunningham, B. Dull, E. Fulcher S. McClelland, D. Almond, J. McKenry. Bock Row: P. Tinsley, R. Cheatham, S. Smith, R. Meredith B. Porter, D. Cole. Homeroom 230 Front Row: Miss Allen, C. Kilmon, M. M. Peak. K. O'Keeffe, N. M illner. Second Row: A. Campfield L. Pahel, M. Caler, D. Allen, M. Hartless, D. Twery, B. Coleman. Third Row: B. Mays, T. Saunders M. Desmond. R. Bailey, S. Guthrie, S. Paris. Fourth Row: S. Huff, B. Gunn, M. A. Vinson, C. Snyder D. Jackson, N. Light, B. Snead, K. Turner. Bock Row: M. Burnette, C. Faulconer, B. Taylor, R. Smith C. Ellenfield, S. Ripley. 102 9 1 Horneroom 237 Front Row: Miss Sweeny, L. Peebles, VV. Sydnor, C. Leech, C. Casstevens. Second Row: D. Baber, K. Huntington, J. Scott, J. Crawley, H. Myers, S. Woocl. Third Row: M. Williaiiisoii, 1. Bruce, R. Cooper, G. Covington, S. Marsh, J. Brooks, L. Helterstay. Fourth Row: C. Warcl, N. Sanders, J. Sparks, R Thompson, W. james, B. Marshall. Back Row: D. Marston, B. Bartley, B. Ray, C. VVood, L. Parrish F. Shelton, G. Moore. Homerooin 249 Front Row: Mrs. Carson, B. Hutter, J. Connor, D. Ford, D. Steuart. Second Row: J. Melton, L. Francis V. Hurt, P. Bittle, R. Harper, R. Settle, D. Calvert. Third Row: G. Sterne, P. Pollard, J. Sullivan L. McCarthy, G. Sydnor, R. Driskill. Fourth Row: G. Collins, T. Bergman, B. A. Neineyer, C. Gantt B. Buck, L. Trent. Back Row: M. Reains, H. Cheatham, R. Wfallace. J J A Junior Speaks on Sportsmanship by : Janie North Sportsmanship is a hard thing to talk about Without sounding as if youlre trying to be an authority, but I think I can safely say one thing about the sportsmanship at Glass. At the beginning of this year, everyone realized how import- ant it was to build up our sportsmanship reputation, and, as a result, the sportsmanship was better this year than it has been in a long time. The great spirit shown at the Kingsport football game and at the basket- ball tournament proved that Glass had real sportsmanship. lf vve can continue the spirit that vveive got novv and extend it to all of our activities in high school, Glass will have the great reputation that it deserves. Homeroom 312 Front Row: Mrs. Barbig, A. Keeling, D. Burford, B. Phillips, M. L. Cronin. Second Row: B. Miller G. Fontaine, B. Baldwin, M. Coleman, S. Dawson, L. Noel, I. Miles. Third Row: A. XVatson, B Connelly, W. Hill, S. Thaxton, A. Drumlieller, B. Smith, P. Staples. Fomfth Row: K. Kimlin, G. Moseley G. Tucker. D. Rogers. J. D. Logwood, R. Dearing. Back Row: C. Adams, S. Smith, E. Scott, K. Lindsey Homeroom 316 Frowfit Row: Mrs. Miller, E. Ogle, B. Bnrruss, W. Hiller, K. Blackwell. Second Row: B. Steger, B. Duclos I. McCanless, J. Gibson, G. Scott, M. Meade, C. Chajka. Third Row: S. Litcliford, E. Ware, A. Freeman B. Garrett, H. Enoclis, S. Stevens, I. Eagle, J. Cox. F0m'z'l1 Row: B. Daniel, G. Hanks, T. Saunders B. McDaniel, B. Minnix, B. Harvey, C. Gaines. Back Row: R. Perdue, M. Hammock, R. Tuck J. Holbrook. H D Delegates to the Science Symposium at UVA, Marvin Scott, Sara Lee, and Danny Elmore, apply research techniques learned at the Charlottesville conference. unior Activities Reveal Varied Interests "VVould you believe size H91 ?" asks Becky Burruss as she helps in the fitting of Junior class Kathy McKenna Works at Peclis during Christmas rings. at a job she got through DE classes. 106 The Class of '68 is Going Places! Wlith a boom, the Sophomore Class completed its first year as upperclassmen-at least to the Freshmen. Mr. Bailey, their spon- sor, and the officers inspired the others to participate in extracurricu- lar activities such as projects of the Student Council and of different clubs and the intramural sports. At the same time, these second year students maintained a substantial column in the High Times Honor Roll every six Weeks. Many Sophomore boys excelled in IV. 81 Varsity sports and were cheered to victory by Sophomore IV. Cheerleaders. The biggest project of the class was sponsoring a Foster Child for Christmas. These understudies are looking forward to tyvo more eventful years at Glass. As suggested by their Senior Day float, "The Class of ,68 is Going Placesf' Barbara Clement shows her spirit at a I game. And what are you guys up to? .V. football .Q Sophomores Homeroom And. l From' Row: Mrs. Griffin, M. Smoot, G. Heald, M. Callalmm, T. Nelson. Secrmd Row: M. Coolidge, K. Grey E. Morton, N. Connor, S. Fisher, E. Cyrus. Third Row: J. Brown, L. NVitt, G. Rogers, L. Dodge M. Baldwin, B. Bowles. Back Row: I. Elliott, L. Crist, J. Pettyjohn, M. Garbee, L. Oglesby, I McDaniel. Honieroom And. 2 F1'o11tR0'w: Miss Scarci, D. Tackett, M. Snapp, B. Rose, S. Fullen. Serond Row: L. Crouch, G. Wilson VV. Stern, T. Viar, R. Doss. Back Row: G. M. Campbell, E. A. Brooks, M. Janierson, W. Pendleton. 109 Homeroc-m Aucl. A3 Front Row: Miss Belcher, P. Couch, VV. Hendricks, V. Ayers, M. Erluacher. Second Row: D. Dohbyns C. Czunpbell, F. Hall, C. Stinnett, J. Hunter, B. linoch. Back Row: E. Keene, B. Farris, R. McFall P. Huffman, L. Clark, M. Moore. ' Homerooni Aucl. 4 From' Row: Miss House, T. Vaughan, P. Aclerton, B. Clement, A. Mays. Second Row: S. Bowen P. Bryant, L. Scott, R. Moore, E. Harper, D. Overstreet. Third Row: C1. Gillispie, M. Nash, R. Coffey M. Hicks, Turner. Fourth Row: A. Vvright, J. Spencer, R. Eubank, C. Szrunclers, P. Hughes G. Jackson. Back Row: J. Booth, G. Howell, R. Ripley. Is the ceiling really that interesting, -lim Booth? In Latin Sophomores Studied: "In Galliam Magnis Itineribus C ontenditf ' These girls enjoy SCA activities. Hornerooni Aud. 6 Front Row: Mrs, B. Wliiteheacl, Moss, I. Averett, C. Burnette, V. Skau. Second Row: I. Thompson, K. Miller, R. New, T. Carwile, D. Ingram, L. Catlett. Thi1fdR0w: S. Wright, B. McKinney, D. Burns, A. Lippard, R. Read, R. Campbell, C. Breeding. Fourth Row: C. Ellis, D. McFadden, L. Kerns L. Morton, J. Driskall, L. Ferguson. Fifih Row: D. Walling, F. Burton, R. Lester, R. Sayre, M. Me- Faden, G. Walker. Class of 68 Homeroom 122 Front Row: Mrs. Rooks, R. Thompson, C. Baer, D. Childress, P. Floyd. Second Row: R. Parker, E Hobbs, D. Noel, M. Naff, B. Kowalsky, B. Fuller. Third Row: R. Murphy, B. Heckerman, L. Brooks F. Ponton, S. Woodring, D. Glass. Back Row: Arthur, D. Lankford, T. Trice, B. Childress, P. Ferrell I. Epperson. Homeroom 123 From' Row: Miss H. Brown, D. Fuqua, S. Worley, C. Bennett, C. Fanning. Second Row: B. Druker, M Killingsworth, L. Coleman, P. Godsey, H. Pitzer, D. Johnson, T. Malcom. Third Row: B. Whitten, D Skelton, B. Scott, I. Snider, C. Adams, S. Tunkel, J. Shotton. Fourth Row: G. Burris, A. Finch, G. Ferrell G. Wall, D. Driskall, W. Henry, A. Thomas. Back Row: I. Johnson, M. Davis, K. Gilbert, C. Brooks, D Hawkins, T. Perkins. Sophomores Homeroom 136 Front Row: Mrs. Pryor, S. Bell, M. B. Hayes, G. Campbell, M. Belkin. Second Row: A. Viar, L. Steppe C. Coleman, R. Howell. P. Mann, P. Clark, N. Thornhill. Third Row: P. Morton, C. Cox, C. Hancock, R Brooks, R. Maddox, XV. Toler. Back Row: M. Doss, M. Davis, L. Boothe, A. Mason, R. Root, R. Myers Homeroom 142 Front Row: Miss E. Brown, N. Ore, S. Lawrence, L. Bumgarner, N. Armistead. Second Row: W. Wilson A. Carwile, W. Wliite, I. Huntington, T. Fieor, C. Bruce, B. Simms. Third Row: M. Twery, lf. Freeman S. Tyner, M. Miles, C. Houliares, R. Clark, S. Sears. Fozrzrfli Row: P. Garner, D. Rice, B. Hunter, R Davids, B. Bowles, B. Winclers, P. VVeary. Back Row: K. Howard, H. Sommerville, C. jones, B. Gentry C. Harris, D. Blankenship, L. Defibaugh. J Homeroom l46 Front Row: Miss Harvey, S. Rush, S. Hardy, P. Burford, B. Coleman. Second Row: Campbell, B Wlatts, B. Alper, B. Brooks, S. VVoody, C. Sligh. T1n'1'd Row: T. Ramsey, T. Doss, T. C Berryman, T East, W. Deacon, L. Ferguson. Back Row: M. Liptrap, E. Carwile, D. Johnston, D. Maliaffey. Homeroom ZOO Front Row: Mr. Teass, L. Spencer, J. Bnrruss, VV. Sanderson, G. Rosenberger. Second Row: M. Brad- ley, VVitt, K. Brown, P. Levin, B. North, D. Dunn. Third Row: G. Fauleoner, VVorley, B. VVyatt, I Dodson, K. Penny, P. Bass, M. Catlierwood. Ifonrtlz Row: R. Brooks, S. Costas, S. Freerks, T. Owen P. Milam, D. Minner, L. Knowles. Bock Row: G. Reid, E. Ferguson, P. Morris, I. Adkins. C. Moore. Here comes the Sophomore Because of the "N ew Mathi' these Sophomores are wiser fools than ever! Float -- going places ? Carol Ireland displays her gymnastics Debbie Jordan and Vicki Marsh went to support their team but as typical Soph-omores, they Went on the wrong day. 115 Homeroom 208 Front Row: Mr. Gouldman, D. Burdick, S. Lawhorne, L. Lawhorne, B. Lawhorne. Second Row: B. Hobbs, S. Abramson, W. Thompson, C. Morland, D. Vfilson, D. Elliott, B. Hughes. Third Row: P. Greene, W Rosser, G. Tweedy, L. Reid, N. Wick, I. Eger, C. Brooks. Fourth Row: R. Riner, B. Averett, C. Weiss fl. Vlfatson, M. MacLeod, M. Dunn, K. Braumiller, B. Creasy. Back Row: I. Hurt, G. Ford, A. Shaw, C Wingfield, P. Ramsey, R. Hicks, B. Tilson, T. Pearson. Homeroom 21 l Front Row: Miss Fryar, L. Moore, C. White, K. East, L. Chaffin. Second Row: P. Campbell, R. Evans I. Robinson, D. Lucas, R. Falls, C. Slusher, H. Brooks. Third Row: D. Hobbs, C. Lee, B. Bradner, I Savage, P. jones, M. Taylor, S. Cohen. Fonrth Row: M. VVilson, M. L. Holland, T. Sielewicz, A. Hager S. Saunders, J. Salmon. Bock Row: F. Owen, G. Edwards, I. Iamerson. 1 Sophomores Homeroom 219 Fwmt Row: C. Peery, C. Minnix, P. Brown, J. Morris, M. Witt. Second Row: R. Bomar, D. Hall, S Moser, G. Marsh, M. D. Craighead, K. Kennedy, C. McCoy. Third Row: B. Tweedy, D. Clhenault, L. Mc- Lean, E. D. Ford, J. Morris, M. Roach. Fourth Row: I. Jennings, D. Smelser, VV. Breeden, L. Szydlow- ski, P. Moore, R. Tillman. Back Row: W. Ooten, B. Cook, G. Jones, I. Childress, I. Viar. Homeroom 236 F1'01f1t Row: Mr. Racer, C. Schrader, L. Fore, B. Mitchell, V. Snyder. Second Roto: A. Holt, D. Perdieu P. Layne, S. VVilson, A. Camden, S. Lambert. Third Row: B. Power, L. Smithies, B. Blum, M. Callahan N. N illo, D. MeCarron, L. Rash. Fomftlz Row: T. Padgett, C. Pinkerton, D. Bradley, A. Elean, S. Wheeler B. McCormick, V. Samuels. Back Row: T. Holland, R. Turner, D. Childress, B. Thomas, T. MeCraw G. Miller. 117 Homeroom 241 ' Front Row: Mr. Fralin, C. Tuck, D. Cox, D. Tucker, L. Lawhorne. Second Row: S. Ramey, T. Jordan, S Agee, T. Carwile, R. Everett, L. Hall, B. Daniel. Third Row: I. Crennel, T. Bynum, I. Foster, N. Robert- son, D. Powell, D. Pugh. Fourth Row: J. Gallaher, S. Sheridan, C. T hompson, M. Thompson, M. Carter Back Row: D. McC1eary, G. Gay, B. Franklin, M. Atlee, W. de Vries. Homeroom 242 Front Row: Mr. Bailey, S. Wiley, I, Dellinger, F. Kent, R. jackson. Second Row: I. Cronin, D. Sarver J. Burnett, B. Roberts, M. Parker, M. Usborne, C. Murrell. Third Row: D. jordan, S. Burks, C. Cordle N. Mayberry, B. Vifilliams, C. Loving, L. MacLeod. Fourth Row: B. Gowens, B. Martin, S. Almond, D League, R. McArthur, S. Smith. Bock Row: J. Phillips, F. Pribble, P. Graves, A. Burnette, C. Brooks. 3 Class of '6 Standing: Linda Moore, Vicki Marsh, Debbie Bur- dick, Seated: Cindy Houli- ares. These girls helped in the District KF" meeting. Homeroom 253 Front Row: D. Kinney, R. Coleman, R. Vinson, G. Wilkerson, C. Campbell. Second Row: I. Thompson, XV. Wade, S. Adams, L. Walker, P. Vest, J. Donald, A. Harless. Third Row: S. Childress, D. Taylor I. Crawley, L. Garrett, D. Ring, D. Tweedy, B. Bailey. Fourth Row: M. Cox, T. Ewers, R. Traywick, K. Hudson, I. Thornhill, G. Coles, J. Tuck. Back Row: S. Cawtfhorne, C. Fariss, H. Ford, B. Templeton, S. Foster, D. Watkins, G. I-label. Homeroom 257 Front Row: Mr. Sheets, K. Ore, G. Younger, R. Woody, B. Hardy. Second Row: W. Henson, B. Elder D. Schewel, D. Viar, J. Tonilin, C. Barley, D. Tucker. Third Row: F. Moon, D. Ware, W. Bersch, R Rudolph, B. Marshall, C. Clark. Fourth Row: D. Reynolds, G. Friend, E. Gibson, S. Fauber, W. Thorn, A. Tweedy, I. Clark. Back Row: R. Litchford, C. Wood, R. Hadloek, A. Ednionson, R. Tinsley, R Deacon, R. Dudley. H orneroorn 310 Front Row: Mrs. VVilson, C. Glass, H. Zahonet, R. Morris, J. Lang. Second Row: G. Preston, L. Hudson C. Poindexter, W. Moyer, P. Baber, D. Adams, L. Carpenter. Third Row: C. Marshall, S. Hayden, B Coleman, R. Chaney, D. Johnson, D. Bates, C. Ireland. Fourth Row: R. Tyree, B. Mark, L. Helsel, V Marsh, L. Wheeler, D. Poore, T. Chamouris. Back Row: B, Hall, C. Cartrett. Pep Rallies, too, attract the Freshmen. For Auld Lang Syne: Last Freshman Class Arrives Mr. Lockhart, the sponsor of the Freshman class Works on test papers. This yearis Freshman Class was the last Freshman class at E. C. Glass. Next year they will be in the new junior high schools. As a "Freshman Farewell" project our youngest class organized a scrap- book which will be presented to the school upon completion. In the book are letters,,neWspaper articles, editorials, copies of the High Times, and other things which concern our school and its activities. This scrapbook, the last offering of the last Freshman class, has been a long wished-for dream of a Freshman class. The projects of the year for these I96S'ers have been a clothing drive for the South Vietnamese children, the toys for tots campaign, and the Freshman Float in the parade on Senior Day. T The officers of the Freshman class are: Standing: Cindy Hopkins, Cheryl Crews Seated: Susan Burnett, Betty Norwood. Even the Freshman class is school spirited. Honieroom 101 From' Row: Mrs. Wallace, C. Cress, I. Elliott, N. Preas, R. Hedrick. Second Row: D. Soniers, M. Womack A. Huntington, R. White, D. Grant, M. Goclsey, E. Dickerson. Third Row: K. Towler, B. VVilmoth, J Stevens, P. Newell, R. Buckley, E. Taylor. Fourth Row: E. Woolclriclge, G. Smith, M. Taylor, T. Scott K. Graves, P. Harvey, K. Barrett. Back Row: R. Crowder, C. Bruington, K. Contarino. Homeroom 103 Front Row: Miss Hancock, D. Grant, C. Allen, M. King, M. L. Pruett. Second Row: S. Scruggs, D. Duval D. Lawhorn, R. Stinnett, B. Perry, S. Murray, Third Row: R. Garbee, H. Jenkins, Cofer, C. Harris, T Cofer. Fourth Row: P. Miller, F. Childress, VV. Martin. The theme for the Freshman float was :Senior Cats Chase Frosh Rats" Energy and Ambition Distinguish Freshmen Horneroom 104 Front Row: Mr. J. A. Gills, M. A. Parker, D. Davis, L. Hawkins, C. Roberson. Back Row: C. Payne, L Baker, I. Pettit, M. Hager, D. Gibson, D. Ferguson, M. Riddle. Senior Day has its trials as well as its rewards. Senior Day brings terror to the hearts of F Everyone needs help with their studying, and here Kent Burton helps Sandy MacNan1ara. Io Ann Lollis is floored by the mad on Senior Day. 125 Homeroom 106 F1'0ntR0w: Miss H. Wfare, D. Adler, G. DeVVitt, C. Thompson, B. Christian. Second Row: N. Cobbs, I Gunter, B, Crocetti, D. Gilliam, M. Fdwards, R. Waibel, J. Harris. Third Row: XV. Cobb, G. Powell, B Marsh, B. Gaunt, C. Londeree, D. Huffman, F. Wootl. Fowth Row: B. Padgett, M. Lowe, S. Nelson, M Spinner, St. john, B, Phillips, S. McBratney, K. Dunn. Back Row: J. Wyzmtt, G. Eagle, B. Shields, C Arthur, L. F. Caudill, M. Campbell, C. Rash. Homeroom 107-C Front Row: Mr. Cardwell, C. Hopkins, I. Ferrell, P. Hartsoe, C. Ellis. Second Row: VV. Staton, M. Pil- low, Witt, A. Bryant, M. Neigh, N. Rosentlhal, A. Rohrer. Third Row: I. Hart, M. Tucker, D. Dillard C. Williaiiis, M. Owen, K. Reid, C. Clark. Fonrth Row: R. Rector, A. Mitchell, G. Bozeman, S. Rudolphj D. Wluite, F. Jacobs, L. Weaver. Back Row: C. Bragg, G. Day, L. Hudson, T. VVells, M. Scott, L Reynolds. Homeroom lO7-D Front Row: Miss Pettyjohn, D. Cooper, G. Calvert, A. Moore, C. Brooks. Second Row: V. Peters, I. L Murray, N. Somers, R. Sigler, J. Pahel, B. Moore. Thi1'dR0w: M. Tolley, M. Hollingsworth, R. Blanken- ship, B. Kershaw, R. Bergman, D. McCarthy, G. Snead. Back Row: P. Rosser, B. VVhitmore, S. Kirstein R. Gilmore, T. Wliite, B. Murphy. Homeroom 1 15 Front Row: Mrs. Bristow, C. D. Vess, A. Peebles, I. Midland, B. F. Laughon. Second Row: B. Allen, D Holland, L. Lester, B. Geason, D. Martin, B. Mahone. Third Row: H. Allen, R. Terry, C. Bevley, L Durie, R. Powell, R. North. Ifomfth Row: L. Evans, L. Zeehini, J. Rice, C. Smoot, C. Campbell. Back Row H. Bryant, F. Baldwin, D. Campbell. Class of 1969 Honieroom 125 Fr01f1z?Row: Miss Pribble, Spencer, B. Blanks, B. Bailess, S. Fix. Serowd Row: S. Schuyler, N. Alper, M. Stinnett, S. MeFaden, M. Martin, R. Robertson, S. Stein. Third Row: W. Tweedy, N. Mayberry, P. Morris, B. Davidson, M. Iennings, S. Harlow. Fourth Row: P. Rice, P. Gaunt, R. Brooks, B. Dudley S. Rackliffe, B. Layne. Bark Row: T. Eagle, F. Burnette, G. DuPriest, C. Owen. Homeroom l30 Front Row: Mrs. Feagans, K, Burnett, D. Saunders, I. Wilsorl, S. Gordon. Second Row: D. Harris, P. Barksdale, J. Rice, N. Preble, Bailey, G. Doss. Third Row: lj. Davis, G. Beale, Page, P. Culpeper, K. Shelton, G. Hilton, C. Higginbothani. Fomfth Row: T. Houston, W1 Henson, N. Coleman, C. Harding, D. Morgan, L. Mars, K. Reif. Back Row: D, Copenhaver, D. Knight, C. Brown. Freshmen Homeroom 138 Front Row: Mr. Lockhart, L. Vaughan, K. Collins, D. Huffman, T. Tinnin. Second Row: D. Guthrie, D Casey, M. Layne, D. Foster, B. Treyey, V. Marshall. Third Row: W. Llangford, D. Logwood, L. Brook- man, I. Dooley, M. Hall, B. Beck, I. Fisher. Fourth Row: R. Stern, XV. Mays, A. Bowles, S. Mann, L Litehforcl, M. Paulsen. Hack Row: K. Perry, B. Woolridge, T. Morrison, R. Reynolds, K. Turner, H. Meeks. Homeroom 141 Front Row: I. Stevens, D. Rush, M. Hartsoe, A. Tunkel, C. Cunningham. Second Row: T. Jones R. Powell D. Barrett, J. Ferguson, R. Anthony, L. Inge. Third Row: D. Davis, M. Chenault, D. Campbell, G. Brad- ner, G. Flint. Back Row: Spinner, M. Farlow. 129 Homeroom 157 Front Row: Mr. Cerillo, D. Sexton, M. S. Duckworth, S. Anderson, S. Gibson. Second Row: I. Vigneau, I. Mark, L. Castleberry, D. Harper, L. May, F. Viar, L. Barker. Third Row: D. Carwile, D. Smith, R. Gilbert, B. Lyons, D. Campbell, M. Smoot, D. Campbell. Fourtlz Row: R. Reynolds, P. Lipscomb, P. Read, L. Waller, K. Eisler, B. Stump, P. Kluelder. Back Row: O. Coffey, L. Tyree, S. Burton, G. Gambill. C. Chapman. Robert Carrington finds the rare silence . . of the auditorium. . C i Choosing a Lunchroom Some especially curious Freshmen stop their studies momentarily. 130 Homeroom 202 Front Row: Mrs. Whitelieacl, R. Rankin, B. Glass, D. Nichols, K. Brooks. Second Row: T. Coleman, S Pursley, V. Hartless, P. Campbell, johns-on, I. Francis, I. VVern. Third Row: R. Hamner, J. Hart- less, B. Gilliam, S. Crank, M. Hunt, C. Puckette, M. Carter. Fourth Row: B. Blackburn, H. Knight, R Bc-22011, L. Bell, P. Hall, D. VVhite, E. Smith. Back Row: A. Burton, T. VVoody. Homeroom 210 Front Row: Mr. Gregory, D. Everett, B. Young, M. Wilson, P. Campbell. Second Row: J. Francis, L Harris, P. Entsminger, M. Stovall, S. Knight, B. Moses, P. Delinger. Third Row: C. Vitalone, L. Woddy R. Paxton, R. Amonette, W. Maddox, I. Thomas, Taylor. Fonrth Row: D. Bryant, B. Paris, D. Brown G. Arthur, S. Langford, Ray. Back Row: D. Robertson, C. Fields, R. Archer. Class of ,69 Hoineroom 217 Front Row: Miss Lascell, C. Gossom, C. Wheeler, M. Forrest, J. Neighbors. Socond Row: A. Smith, F Baker, R. jordan, M. Profitt, S. Whitehouse, R. Mann, C. Long. Third Row: T Arthur M A Potter B. Hunt. Pm. Sandidge, J. Hudson, D. Pettyjohn. Fourth Row: S. Harris, I. VVilliams, L. Driggers 'S Cole- man, P. Gleason, W, Lloyd. Bock Row: M. Myers, l. Unroe, W. St. john, K. Vaughan, Ferrell. Homeroom 228 Front Row: Miss Wilkinson, D. Harvey, B. Holt, K. Burton, S. liuhank Second Row' B Runion C Hunt L. Torrenee, B. Bailey, A. Kelly, E. Campbell, R. Spencer. Third Row? M. VViles, Di Marshall, Crews? F. Dearing, L. Smith, I. VV. Carwile, C. Miekles. Fonrfh Row: R. Trent, N. Pacot, P. Staton, D. Figg, E. Buck, F. Hampton, S. Montgomery. Back Row: S. Phillips, W. Fortune, J. Day, L. Martin, E. Martin, L. Harvey. 132 Freshmen Several Freshmen refer to the E. C. Glass Handbook. Hoinerooni 229 Froinzf Row: Miss Garland, M. A. Young, D. Neher, K. Burton, S. Hodnett. Second Row: B. Nicely, S. Carwile, D. johnson, L. Martin, C. Dennis, R. Roseberry. Third Row: D. Witt, D. Scott, L. Barker, Z, Miller, M. Burby, C. M-oon, A. Roberts. Fourth Row: B. VVilliams, M. Fields, D. Bibb, G. Kidd, I. Lee, S. Maddox, D. Mangus. Back Row: G. Clingenpeel, G. Vernon, K. Dodson, 1. Hardy, J. Ackley. 133 o Homeroom 239 F7'o1zfRow: Miss Overstreet, B. johnson, Neineyer, B. Foster, K. Bibb. Second Row: A. Hagan, D Parker, L. Londeree, L. Goodman, J. Lemaster, B. Mills, D. johnson. Third Row: S. Wfright, rl. Mosby, R Burton, M. Glover, S. Trutt, R. Pugh, B. Mathews. Fourth Row: Hallstroni, E. Burris, li. Jones. I Morris, S. Ford, B. McCarron. Back Row: C. Carmichael, D. Saferight, L. Mays, M. Thaxton, D. Hop- kins. Homeroom 240 Front Row: Mrs. Powers, I. Whittcxri, J. Crowe, S. Thompson, S. McNamara. Second Row: F. Tabor, B Phelps, M. Freeman, D. Staton, G. Moody, G. Newman, F. Davis. Third Row: J. Torrence, S. Allen, D Worley, S. Overstreet, F. MeCanless, C. Alderman. Fourth Row: R. Maslow, P. Bowles, S. Wfright, R Siko, 1. C. VVood, G. Woody. Back Row: R. Bush, T. Capps, R. Bowling, D. Wriglit. Homeroom 248 Front Roto: Mrs. Stanton, L. Vkfashburn, S. Armstrong, M. Foreman, J. Hooten. Second Row: R. Car- rington, B. Dawson, P. Forri, I. Dube, I. Ballard, I. Burton, T. Mata. Third Row: B. Bryant, D. Wilson C. Shield, K. Swartz, L. K. johnson, T. Newton. Fourth Row: G. 'McCraw, D. Fitzgerald, L. Mann, A Cosby, S. Brooks, M. I-lawes, C. Noel. Back Row: S. Rosenberger, D. McDaniel, H. Holland, D. Lowe D. Arendall, D. Adams, B. Cothran. Homeroom 251 Front Row: Mrs. Harris, P. Quick, M. Dawson, R. L. Stone, 1. Tyree. Second Row: B. Rush, VX7ilkins L. Scoville, W. Deacon, K. Carwile, G. McFaden, R. Brown. Third Row: C. Wilstoii, N. Johnson, L. Con- ner, R. Wells, B. Blankinship, 1. Bennington, S. Bell. Fourth Row: C. Seagle, R. Ferrell, A. VVilliams-on M. Calvert, li. Chamberlain, S. Arthur, G. Sable. Back Row: D. Christian, C. Ashwell, W. McCormick S. Crawford, I. Chewing, V. Stewart. Jody Bennington feels a little lost in the OW d. Good-bye, Last Freshman Class In three more years they will be able to see the Senior Assembly legally. Honierooni 255 F1'0ntR0w: Mr. Cristy, C. Taylor, R. Bowling, D. Hydar, P. Hogan. Second Row: T. VVilkerson, C. Mason, S. Cobb, K. Hicks, B. Nickerson, D. Smith. Third Row: C. Fielding, P. Sandhoff, S. Divers, M. Loudon, S. Roark, M. Terrell, C. McFall, N. Nelson. Fourth Row: G. Cuniby, D. Templeton, A. Turner, S. Shepherd, C. Tate, S. Shearer, L. Fielder. Back Row: B. Miller, M. Trausneck, D. Bolding, A. Dicker- son, D. Ball, M. Fftulconer, J. Ragan. Freshmen p I-Iomeroom 300 F1'011tR0w: Mr. Croft, G. VVennerstrom, S. Burnette, C. Brown, R. Laferriere. Second Row: C. Baber, C. Brooks, I. Mayberry, N. Leys, B. Bruffy, D. Wright, A. Suhling. Third Row: F. Hartvvell, I. Glass, M. McCormick, L. Davis, P. Cook, S. Clements, I. Thorpe. Fourth Row: E. Ashvvell, S. Clay, B. Driskill C. Maxey, R. Hartless, B. Singleton, C. Sawka. Back Row: E. Baer, E. Crouch, P. Hamilton. J D il Co presse: l' f' t ' res 'o f ' ' life Eagzelassoper ex s 11s irs imp si ns 0 Change by David Cooper, '69 My first day at Glass was one o strange loneliness. Not that there wer no people around. Heaven knows i seemed like two million instead of tvv thousand. But, it was the feeling o sheer unimportance. Yet, as the day rolled by, I became established here an began to change acquantainees int firm and lasting friendships. I still ai I learned that as you make man friends, you lose a few, too, for on reason or another: One reason bein, that although a big school like Glas brings out the best in most peopl unfortunately, it brings out the vvors in others. My Freshman year at Glass is on that will be a lasting influence on m character, my Way of thinking and m future life. I shall never forget it. 137 Homeroom 301 Front Row: R. Coffee, M. Miller, S. Warcl, C. Dav. Second Row: V. Emmons, C. Wacle, B. Morris. B Wriglit, C. Dawson, K. Vtfilson, C. Baughn. Third Row: D. Dawson, B. O,Brian, A. Buchanan, M. Mur- phy, K. Wriglit, R. Finch. Fourth Row: R. Gibson, B. Hurt, M. Simpson, C. Slater. King, M. livans, R Poore. Bode Row: M. Clark, D. McFarland, R. Sutton, C. Robinson. Homeroom 308 Front Row: Miss Hoskins, A. C. Vaden, L. Helms, C. Harris, M. Fischotf. Second Row: iD. Bartley, Lucado, M. Martin, J. Wilsoiu, T. Feese, A. Talley, T. Dundon. Third Row: S. Schewel, R. G1llette, I. Lollls C. Apperson, T. Terry, E. Alfredson, T. Pinkham. Fourth Row: D. Nurmi, L. Feinman, B. Norwood, D Hamilton, P. Mitchell, B. Ovillian, R. MacArthur. Back Row: A. Coleman, B. Masencup, 1. Lloyd, E Jennings, D. Simms. i ACT QNE s New Techniques t Nlodernize The at Academic Vg After three weeks of vgrehearsal ini summer programs j and :August workshops, faculty members in September meet their classes well Sprepared for the 1966 academic season. With skill and enthusiasm Mr. A McCue and his assistants set the stages with 'many new props. q it Overhead projectors provide a completely news approach ito math. The chemistry and biology students are handed new scientific scripts. In the mornings the "Magna Cum Laude" a spotlight is on the three fourth year Latin students who meet at 8:15 to read e:itraiLatin. Many guest producers perform at 3:30 - Dr. Watt from Washington and Lee? on "Rare Gas Compounds." Always the academic spotlight is on "The ,Pursuitof Excellence." - 3 3 2 z s E 3 3 1 5 Mr. L. H. McCue, Jr. ima Mr., McCue Directs All Phases Of Glass Life Representing a school as large as E. C. Glass and making the decisions required of a leader, Mr. L. H. McCue, Ir. with his sincerety, high ideals, and true dedication supervised all activities, academic, athletic, and social of the school. Beyond the school Mr. McCue served on important committees in state and national educational circles and not only carried the name of E. C. Glass far afield, but also brought back to E. C. Glass the best and the latest in thinking in secondary education. Miss Armstrong offers Mr. Milam some ments during the L. E. A. tea. 141 refresh- Interested Deans In August Miss Margaret Arm- strong completed the master sched- ule of student placement for 1965-66 and so began once more her usual efficient performance as assistant principal. The administration of SCAT-STEP tests and the co- ordination of the guidance program are two among many of the varied duties in her role in the administra- tion. E. C. Glass Was well represented this year when Miss Shirley Mclvor, Dean of Crirls, attended college ad- 1: Students mission conferences at Vanderbilt University and at the University of the South As Senior Counselor, Miss Mclivor became a very close advisor and friend to every member of the Senior Class. ln his interest for a youth center and panels and discussion groups on youth, Mr. I. Wlinston Milam constantly displays his interest in the young people of Lynchburg. As Dean of Boys, Mr. Milam worked daily to encourage academic and personal development of every Glass student. - Mr. McCue and'Miss Mclvor work on recom mendations for scholarships. Y Administration Science Opens New Doors Through Discovery Perfecting the art of dissecting, per- forming chemical experiments, and toil- ing over physics problems, was the as- signment of every science student at E. C. Glass. General science explored the daily sur- rounding of the individual. Biologists dissected Worms, fish, and frogs, from which they learned more about the internal systems which make up animals. The curiosity of the chemists over- flowed from beakers and test tubes as they awaited lab results of their experi- ments. Each of the inquisitive physicists combined paper work and experience to solve the matter and motion proportions. This year science students had in- dividual lab experiments as their major aim. Mr. Fielder, Mr. Shober, and Miss Hight pre- pare a solution for students. Biologists, Reid Terry and Lindy Inge focus the microscope on plant life. 143 Mr. Teass shows Mr. Pharon, a new science teacher, the teachers, mail boxes. Mr. Huff, Mrs. Macon, and Mr. VVhite make slides for the students. t 144 Mrs XV1lkes 'md Miss XXZIHIHIUS check the subscription books for the publications account Business Education Trains Leaders in Commerce The object of the Business Education de- partment at Glass is to train pupils to be co-operative, honest, dependable, alert, and to turn out the best skilled, "thinking stu- dentsn in business education. This was accomplished through three main divisions-Accounting, Secretarial, and Clerical. Business Education was taught to all students who selected the course, and to other students who chose the subjects of typing, bookkeeping, clerical practice, and office machines as electives. 145 Miss Hankins, Mr. Cerillo confer wiih Mr. Bur- mahln as he make checks for the High School Fund. classes. Phyllis Wade checks an office file as Janice Wacle totals accounting figures. Mrs. Pryor, Miss E. Brown, Mrs. Burinahln, Miss Harvey arrive to nieet their business education 146 A Wide background of colleges is represented by: First Row: Miss Belcher, Miss House. Second Row: Mrs. Friend, Mrs. Powers. Third Row: Mrs. M. Davis, Mr. Cristy. 147 Miss Scarci, Mrs. Harris, Miss MacGregor, Mr King, Mrs. Stanton and Miss Wiley inspect the English Department's new overlays. Our Native Language Made More Interesting Journalism, Speech, Dramatics, Ad- vanced Composition, and the publica- tions - CREST, Critic, and High Times -these scenes of Glass life are a major part of the English department. The most Well known part, hovvever, is the grammar and literature taken by fresh- men, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This year, the required courses in Eng- lish were made more interesting through the "enrichment series," which cor- related literature on all levels with moving pictures, such as, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Also, the National Defense Education Act provided the department with nevv projectors and tape recorders. Several English 'teachers try to evaluate the new vocabulary books: Sitting: Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Garrard, Miss Palmer. Standing: Mr. Goodman, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Gardner. Mr. Rand, Mrs. VVilson, Miss Hughes, Mrs. Carson, Miss Scott and Mrs. Barbig review the library's collection of recordings for English literature. 148 Preparing Today For Responsible Citizenry Tomorrow r In this modern world, filled with complexi- ties, a nationls existence can depend upon its peoples' knowledge of other peoples, their estuaries and their habits. This knowledge is passed on to the present generation by the Social Studies Department. ln order to keep up-to-date With the changing World conditions, the department incorporated this year cooperative teaching, programmed learning, and an expanded use of audio-visual equipment. Perhaps, however, the main attraction of the department is the presentation of materials pertinent to the needs of every citizen. Among the materials is a comparative study of Com- munism and foreign economies. Every Social Studies teacher tries to make each student develop into a Worthy, contributing future citizen, Mrs. Wliitelleacl, Mr. Sheets, Mr. Sherrill, Miss Lascell Miss VV1lle1 discuss the Federal Reserve System. V E z Z X 2 4 Glass Boasts FouruYear Clfferings in Three Foreign Languages An increased interest in foreign language enabled the Spanish De- partment to add a fourth year class. Several advanced Latin students de- voted their mornings to extra readf ing of famous Latin authors. The fourth year language stu- dents, through their studies of the history, literature and culture of France, Spain and ancient Italy, gained a clear picture of life in these countries. Latin students learned mainly from reading, vvhile French and Spanish students augmented the literature with audio-lingual aids. Latin teachers M1 Br n M1 en and Miss Cox. Miss Wilkinson, Mr. Fralin and Mrs. Fore try out the equipment in the language lab. Johnny Freese listens to Mrs. Knipp as she makes Z1 tape. Coaches Bradford, Bryan, and Bailey teach gym classes in addition to their coaching assignments. Coach Gilbert, I. Childress, and Coach Noechel discuss the value of exercise on the parallel bars. 153 New Equipment Advances B. HFS Physical Education As in most' departments, the Physical Education Department at Glass is divided into two main acts-health and gym. Under these fall the scenes of gymnastics, tumbling, and recreational games of foot- ball, basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, track and badminton. All freshmen and sophomore students Were required to take Physical Education, and many juniors and seniors also took it as an elective. This year the Physical Edu- cation Department at Glass stressed gym- nastics With the help of new equipment- rings, parallel bars, and uneven parallel bars. Mrs. McClung, Miss Simpson and Miss Over- street go over the gym schedule. Tweedy illustrates the use of the new parallel in the Physical Education Department. 154 Innovation Highlights Fields of Artistic Expression New uniforms for the band, a new press for the art department, and a new teacher for the choir-these tlhree ad- ditions have brought considerable change and brightness to the fine arts at Glass. The band played at home games and made trips to Bristol and Roanoke. The Pep Band played for ralleys during the basketball season. Glass art students volunteered to keep the various school committees supplied with extraordinary posters and also brought the stage alive with several outstanding scenes during assemblies. The choir added musical highlights to National Education Week, Achievement Night, and the Shakespearean Assembly. Mr. Vermilion and Mrs. Cothran discuss the musical score from "Mary Poppins." Mrs. Brown and Miss Fryar check the in the art room. y 155 Silk screen techniques are demonstrated by Meg Callaham. Members of the Madrigal Choir practice for the Shakespearean Assembly. 156 Mrs. Feagans, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Rooks begin preparation for a faculty tea. p machine: Emphasizes Practical and Gracious Living ltloineinaking is education in the present and preparation for the future. ' ' Using their guide sheets and nat- ural talents, hoineniaking students made attractive dresses and en- sembles. W W Mrs. Dulany, an Appalachian representative, demonstrated the use of kitchen appliances to all classes. Movies also aided the stu- dents in preparaing attractive and nutritional meals. The students displayed their Christmas decorations at an Open House for the faculty and parentsf l57 Vlrs Mayberry denionstrates the use of a new sewin fNumms.M,v.ew.f f ., 1 sw , , Sandra Swann makes a wreath 1' or her Christmas Project. Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Sheilds, Mr. Cox, and Mr. Gills discuss future technical courses Mike Hicks is Working with shop machine. Mr. Price, Mr. McDaniel, and Mr. Shenk discuss a teaching aid. ocational and Industrial Arts Explore the Industries A comprehensive Industrial Edu- cation program was offered by this department. One phase consisted of four dif- ferent areas. A student enrolled in this type of course attended class three periods a day for three years, thus extensively preparing himself to accept a technical level job upon graduation. The other aspect of industrial arts offered one-period elective courses designed to contribute to the over all education of the student. Also, a special course in technical drawing could be elected by students contemplating sciences or engineer- ing careers. Mr, Reid and Mac Gowell check rise on scale model home roof. 160 Mr. Lockhart instructs an advanced math class. Flash m Math Brom the inverse functions of e seniors to the set notation of the freshmen from matrices to Ge proportions, from the com plex to the simple-this is the dilemma faced by Glass mathe maticians daily. To combat these problems, the math department acquired new overhead projectors to present both problems and solution simultaneouslv Stressing the vvhy as vvell as the how seniors confronted mathematical thought concepts and derivations as opposed to rote mechanics. Upon the completion of Elementary Mathematical Analysis, advanced math students looked forward to a course in matrices and vectors Math teachers illustrate their fields of interest with geometric models. Front Row: Miss I-Iancocl Miss Pribble, Miss Canada, Miss Ware. Second Row: Mr. Lockhart Mr. Miller Mrs. Buchanan Mr Gouldman. Overhead Pro ectors ui i ' ' ' ao ' , - Z-I -I ni' I Iim l Y w,WNimifN,,,,,.. Wu. Wi,aW.W..,sw.,,.MW.WWW .,-,- W,,.,,.,.,,,, slia .Mw,.W.,Wmm.t.mMWWW.M , .... .. V. Mrs. White, Miss H. Ware, Mrs. Franklin, and Miss Puckette look at coming events on the teachers bulletin board. Mrs. Wliitehead Welcomes new teachers, Mrs. Bristow and Mr. Caldwell Standing: Mr. Sydnor, Mr. Bittie. Sitting: Mrs. Meidling, Mrs. Iobe, Mr. Beckner, discuss modern techniques to enrich their counseling program. "Hats Off" to the Assista Mrs. Sedenka and Mrs. Stanford plan menu for the coming Week. w it Mrs. Wiltshire and Mrs. Davis take time from duties to discuss the rising cost of aspirin with Mrs. Merryrnan. 163 Miss Tudor, Miss Thompson, Miss Farmer, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Dalton and Mrs. Steppe look over their office work. i l. lrKflvlll..LJ "VVhat is my rank in the class, Mrs. Steppe?" "Mrs Davis, May I have a library permit?', These are tvvo of a fine group who played an important part in the life of every student this year. The librarians with teachers and students on how to make the best use of the library. 'fthe heart of the school." e Guidance Department ac- uainted the students with new offerings, along With special ces of individual testing and reading. The secretaries the school manage efficiently office-the "clearing house of schoolf, A daily nutritional and ed menu we owe to the cafeteria and for us in our "ills and is Nurse Mrs. Merryman. 164 Miss Loflin, Mrs. Reams and Mrs. Parker file cards in card catalog. i Distributive Educatio Adds Preparatory Course The Distributive Education cur- riculum Was expanded this year by adding a one-unit course in the sophomore year as Hpreparatoryw to the present two-year cooperative Work training sequence in the junior and senior years. The total D. E. enrollment is the largest in tlhe history of the school- and one of the largest in the state -with a total of one hundred forty- eight students. For the first time the department has three coordinators-Mrs. Vicki Paris, Hugh D. Dowdy, and Miss Anice Howell. Nancy Millner uses her D. E. experience as a part-time sales clerk. Jo Ann Neighbors Shirley Rogers and Benny Kidd are supervised by Miss Howell. l Judy Hoke helps a customer make a selection at Miller and Rhoads. Mr. Dowdy, Ronnie Horine and Mrs. Paris put up a display in the D. E. window Kazu Nishikura AFS student explains japanese caligraphy. l 7 Mr. White, SCA adviser, and Io Anne Deacon, president, Susan Dickerson, vice-president, Brei Blevins, secretary, and Frank Malloy, treasurer, plan SCA projects. tus:a:a:Wrzv. M r SCA Makes Recordi-Brea "VVe need your blood!!" cried Stu- dent Council members as they rallied to solicit 353 pints of blood for the Lynchburg Bloodmobile-the second largest in Glass' history. The entire student body shared in this victory by making posters and calling donors. Although this was its biggest pro- ject, the SCA succeeded in sponsoring a host of others. SCA members Worked many long hours assembling 133 friendship kits for Vietnamese children. Spurred on by the enthusiastic leadership of Jo Anne Deacon, they adopted rules for SCA representatives and criteria for elections. Another "neW', in the life of Glass Was the "lecture series," held after school for all students vvhen noted speakers talked on challenging and timelv subjects. To be a member of the Glass SCA is a very great privilege. Lasting memories of fun and achievement are the revxard for a year of devoted service. --wi? 1 . for Bloodmobile , First Row: I. A. Deacon, S. Dickerson, B. Blevins, F. Malloy. Second Row: K. Blackwell, G. Laughon, J. Roberts, E. Wood, I. North, C. Upshur, Morris, K. O'Keeffe, L. Suhling, M. Blencowe, N. Rhodes, L. Moore, C. Houliares. Third Row: M. Craigheacl, K. Cornett, R. Reid, D. Jordan, P. Tucker, R. Cole- man, P. Simpson, B. J. Montgomery, G. Withey B. Clement, L. Fore, C. Campbell, B. I. DeVVitt. Fourth Row: W. Sydnor, D. Ruska, V. Marsh, L. Dodge, R. VVare, I. Wheeler, J. Fleck, I. Sparks, B. Buck, R. Peters, P. Pugh, S. McLennan, I. Goding. Fifth Row: Mr. VVhite, B. Snead, K. Childress, D. Hadlock, C. Wingfield, T. Trice, D. Driskill, M. Power, B. Evans, D. Waldron, D. Tibbs. 170 Froht Row: J. Bennington, B. Evans, D. Burdick, L. Wood, Goding, Morris, P. Pugh, F. Upshur, Miss Hight. Second Row: S. Faulconer, S. Pursley, S. Gibson, M. A. Potter, B. Kowalsky, L. Carpenter, A. Tinnin, C. Clark, P. Cook, S. East, M. S. Duckworth, S. Adams, E. Jones, L. Gibson, B. R. Carey. Third Row: H. Scott, P. Campbell, M. Murphy, Lollis, D. Bradley, S. Marshall, K. Braumiller, S. McClel- land, C. Stevens, D. Eigg, C. Peery, L. Chaffin, J. Green, P. Mundy, E. Hall, S. Shearer. Fourth Row: D. Calvert, B. Hunter, J. Eicor, D. McDaniel, S. Almond, R. Moore, A. Maddox, L. Watkins, S. Staples, K. Gray, S. Garnsey, T. jones, C. Higginbotham, R. North, M. Davis. Fifth Row: R. Snyder, R. Brooks, F. Burnette, S. Kirstein, B. Evans, C. Ward, R. Tuck, S. Smith, E. McFadden, T. McDonald, C. Moody E. Adams, T. Preble, K. Childress, E. Garrison, S. Costas. Honor League Provides Challange 'qfhis above aHg to thine ovvn self M be truel' was Mr. Milam's challange in the vvords of Shakespeare to the stu- dentbodyzM1Hu:annualI1onoriLeague assenlbly. lRreceding'lns inspirathnnal talk, members of the Executive Com- mittee visited each freshman home- roonr expkuning the prh1cnHes,func- dons,and1esponQbHny'oftheldonor League Lhider the supervishon of Ddiss Hight, and with the help of Honor League nuunbers throughout tlie school,the organizathon provided nevv ideals of honor and self-respect in the school. The 1966 Executive Committee. 171 Book Fair staged to Help the E. TC. Glass Library Under the direction of Putnam Mundy as president with Mrs. Garrard as adviser the Literary Society finished another suc- cessful year. The main project for the year Was the Book Fair which was staged in the spring. The purpose of the Fair was to encourage students to build their own libraries vvhile proceeds were given to the English depart- ment to buy classroom sets of books. Among the books studied by the mem- bers this year vvere The Catcher in the T ye, and A Separate Peace. A Mrs. Garrard lends her helpful assistance to the members of the Literary Society. l Fi1'stR0w: Mrs. Garrard, E. Wood, I. Wheeler, P. Mundy, A. Waters, L. Rash. Second Row: C. jones, C. Taylor, A. Talley, B. Saunders, M. McDermott, B. Morris, I. Green, S. Lee, A. Talley, D. Stewart. Third Row: R. Everett, M. Gamble, L. Suhling, P. Tucker, B. Druker, A. Parker, P. Simpson, B. Clement, M. I Hasek, I. Kreger, J. Heartwell, N. Gifford. Fourth Row: G. G. Sydnor, S. Winstead, A. Helms, A. Mullan, V. Schomer, K. Fielder, M. P. Thurmond, T. Skinner, K. Smith, L. Taylor, E. Smith. Fifth Row: A. Mad- dox, G. Johnson, N. Gilfoyle, S. Swann, B. Schluderburg, N. Hickson, S. Seagle, G. Moseley, D. Sutor M. I. Blencovve. 172 Yearbook Demands Lives of Staff Members Working frantically to provide the students of E. C. Glass a lasting memory of this year in pictures and in words, and at the same time real- izing satisfaction from the completed task, the members of the CREST staff with Miss Cox as adviser, started work last spring by drawing layouts and selecting new members. The fall and winter months found pictures being taken and write-ups being written. And with this edition completed, the new staff started plan- ning fornext year. Second Row: R. Aultice, D. Shelton, D. Burdick, Morris. S. Rosenthal. Front Row: H. Craddock, Miss Cox M W 3 iff? es is mm, 173 x I s I ? Q X I 5 Q 5 Kneeling: I. North, -T. Vlfheeler, G. G. Sydnor. First Row: A. Campfield, K. Smith, A. Parker, P. ton, B. I. Montgomery, G. Withey, M. Gamble. Second Row: L. Samuels, S. Seagle, D. Ruska, S. Mr. King, D. Sutor, G. Moseley. Critic Features Story in Pictures The 1965-66 Critic staff supple- mented the usual variation of fiction this year with a new Hstory in pic- turesf' Mt. Athos, the ruins of an eighteenth century plantation, pro- vided the setting for this new Critic feature. Staff members posed in original costumes depicting various ages at the historic sight. The Critic Christmas tree, week- end excursions to Natural Bridge for ice skating, and the colorful publica- tions of two Critics were highlights of the year. Sandria Ewers ably led the staff of ten seniors and six juniors. Sammy Seagle, art Editor, helped to make these issues the most colorful in Critic history. George Mosely, Janie North, john Wheeler, and Marion Gamble lay out pictures for feature section. Editor Sandria Ewers pauses for a moment of fun with the staff. G. G. Sydnor and Lynn Samuels sort C'I'i2f'iC material. 176 Reporters First Row: D. Schewel, S. Abramson, D. Johnson, A. Maddox, E. Ogle, S. Wyatt. Secorid Row: P. Cheves, M. I. Hasek, W. Clark, A. Hager, S. Worley, J. Tomlin I. Kreger. Third Row: Costan, P. Tucker, S. Nori ton, L. Ford, J. Green, D. Moody, S. Fauber, A. Bomar C. Ward. Fourth Row: M. McDermott, R. Peters, E Wood, A. Helms, F. Whitehouse, D. Pugh. Fifth Row B. Tweedy, T. McDonald, M. Scott, I. Booth, K. Nishil kura, T. Patterson, G. Ford, S. Meeks. High Times 177 3 STAFF OFFICERS Co-Editors: Laura Ford, Susan Norton Associate Editor: Mary McDermott llflariagirig Editor: Tom McDonald News Editor: Judi Green Featiire Editor: Emily Wood Sports Editor: David Pugh Exchange Editor: Jay Costan Class Rating Co-editors Sue Norton and Laura Ford transact High Times business. 'WVho has galley five?', is a familiar cry during sixth period around 152-the High Times room. As the busy staff goes to work, typevvriters, cameras, and glue ap- pear. Co-editors Laura Ford and Sue Norton provided Glass students with outstanding editorials such as a spotlight on the aver- age teenager and the need to revalue the education process. Sparkling feature articles by Emily lfVood were added attractions for High Times subscribers. The latest news and sports events re- ceived complete coverage from Judi Green and David Pugh. It all contributed toward the paper's vvinning a first class honor rating at NSPA. Staff members rush to fold papers for extra edition. Busy reporters prepare copy for press. 178 When a Freshman Needs a Frlend unlor Student Councrl P1lotcd by Stcye Schewel P1651 dent Pun Htrtsoe XIICC P16S1ClSHt Sl1e11v Gordon Sec1et11y T ce Helms F1e1su1 C1 ll1ClM1Q9 Pr1bble '1ClV19Cl' the Tumor Student COUHC1l 1e'1ched many goftls such as collectmg toys for the Toys T01 Tots Cqmpzugn and con ductmg the T1lv Sale A neyy pro1ect the Clothes Dr1ve for V1etnamese Cl11lCl1CH, was tilxen on by tlns sgroup Supportmg and workmg w1th the QCHIOI Student Counc1l these Jr Stu dent Council members me now reidy to plwy the1r role 111 the Semor Student Counc1l Kent Burton 'md C athy Clurk collect toys fol Toys for Tots canlpmgn F1 0111 Rott Mlss Bubble L Helms QTreas S Schewel CPICS S Cordon Secj P Hmtsoe QV P1655 M Stovall B Norwood Second Row L Barker I Mayberry B Beck I Stevens A C Vaden M Cdl vert N Forest N Nelson Th11dRow M Hunt I Lolhs S McBratney A Tunkel M Kmb I Kmg I Bennmgton T Wells F Dearmg Back Row C Hlgg1HbOthHI1l C1 Snead C Gwen L Ways K E1sler B Qllllllali P Rosser S Rosenberger F1f0ntR0w: P. Bryant, N. Rhodes, G. Rosenberger, J. North, E. Wood, D, Sutor, P. Mundy, B. Evans, J. Ford, G. Moore. Second Row: R. Murphy, T. Upshur, P. Garner, C. Breeding, S. Friedman, L. Moore, I. Lollis, D. Jordan, I. Deacon, B. Evans, UT. Morris, M. Davidson, I. Garrett, K. Kimling, Miss Conson. Back Row: R. Keye, I. Wheeler, D. Ruska. I. Howell, S. Lawrence, R. Edlund, D. Tibbs, D. McGeary, T. McDonald. Dedicated to Bring You the Best Gur stage crew works hard on the scenery for an assembly. Student: "Who plans our Assem- blies?" Assembly Committee: Qproudlyj "We do!" Under the guidance of Miss Conson, who is capable of producing a Broad- way play, this group presents informa- tive, entertaining and cultural assem- blies. The Publications Assembly was a ball! --Chimney Sweeps and all. How in- spirational the Christmas Pageant was! And to think we stepped back into the 16th Century in the Elizabethan As- sembly. Taine Upshur and Ronnie Murphy played their parts well in making our assemblies the greatest ever! 180 Hit Season For D3V1d G3ff1Ck Players The actors began their season at Thanksgiving with a per- formance of the comedy 'fArsenic and Qld Lace." Under the expert direction of Miss VViley, Chris Ryon and Mary Lou Holland, playing the roles of Martha and Abby, the two old ladies, murder twelve men with their homemade elder- berry wine which contains just a little pinch of arsenic. These players received a Superior rating at the One-Act Play Festival and at UVA for their performance of "The Case of the Crushed Petuniasf' While Abby and Martha are brewing their wine and Miss Simple is planting petunias, backstage crews are busy ham- mering, painting, and even composing music as Gerry King did for "The Case of the Crushed Petuniasf, The scenery, the acting-all proved exciting for both the players and the audience. "Just a little pinch of arsenicf' Abby. 181 2'E"?I5??'5'5l'5'3Z5f2 Ewfvf. vw IEW' WW? 'om QASSTSQSM ' xii 2?5ri4?SA .www Standing: I. Trevey, S. Scott, P. Farmer, L. Etheridge, K. Fielder, C. Wood, D. Cannon, P. Phillips, N. Bowling, B. Snead. Table 1: R. jackson, A. Hughes, L. Adamee, J. Pariss, M. K, Bennington. Table 2: I. Bruce, R. Ware, A. Talley, B. L. Boylan, R. Clark. "Labor of Lovei' Could Be Motto of Library Council Penny Farmer is shelving books as part of her duties as a Library Council member. A "love of labor,', according to Mrs. Eloise Reams, is an important quali- fication for a member of the Library Council. The tvventy-four members of this group volunteer one period of each day to work in the library. Al- though it is possible to Work for one semester, the member receives one- half credit only if he Works all year. The numerous jobs undertaken by these students--shelving books, stamping permits, and checking books in and out - are rotated each week in order to offer a variety of library ex- periences and to avoid monotony. l83 From the Dali ewels to Flying Kites Lynchburg received a boost cultural- ly when the Salvador Dali Art in Jewels Collection came to the Fine Arts Center. Palette members gasped, as did every- one else, at the bejeweled "beating heart." In a less dazzling display of art Work, members of the Glass Palette made signs as a service project for less artistic clubs. These signs were stamped with a new trademark designed by Phyllis Pugh. Spring inspired Palette members to Thc pride of the palette members is the floatl create the artistic in the more unusual best to date. 1HOClC of kites. Front Row: P. Pollard, D. Calvert, S. Marks, S. Fauber, J. Rucker, D. Duff, P. Pugh, S. Seagle, M. I. Hasek, N. Brown, B. Morris, D. Shelton. Second Row: K. Nishikura, L. Parrish, I. C. Murphy, R. Dowdy, S. Smith, B. Porter, I. McDaniel, R. Harris, R. Parker, I. Shaw. Third Row: Huntington, L. Rash, A. Campbell, I. Scott, I. Wineiiiari, C. Dillard, N. Light, N. Rhodes, J. Coleman, H. Scott, N. Gifford, J. Petticrew, Miss Fryar, Mrs. Brown. Patsy Millner serves for the F. H. A. Christmas tea FHA. Develops Skills in Many Areas The Glass Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America numbers seventy girls in all years of home- making. At every meeting, from the candlelight installation cere- mony to a Mother-Daughter ban- quet, a special emphasis is put on correct social usage amid beautiful settings. Not confining their talents solely to entertaining, these girls also use their home economics for others in preparing baskets for needy families. for faculty and parents. First Row: A. Harless, C. Thompson, S. Whitehouse, E. Coffey, D. Hobbs, J. Goding, P. Millner, D. Bragg B. Reid, C. Harris. Second Row: Mrs. Feagans, Mrs. Mayberry, J. Trent, R. Aultice, S. Lambert, B, Hut- ter I Anderson P Candler L Martin C Lucado I Green K Lucy D Pavek Third Row' L Gibson S Lucado C Chajka XV Hiller S XVh1te K Iordan S Sheridan L Etheridge L Ashwell V Sander son C Creasy S Delhnger D Stevmrt I Mitchell Fourth Row B Padgett B Saunders V Emmons I Lemaster C Moon S Turner B Worris S Fullen I Melton K Bennington D Miles Fifth Row G Martin O Downey M Smoot S Marshall L Adamee M Hopkins B Marston D Marston M Glover I Petticrew M Burgess 9 ' y - , . c , . , . , . , . . . . X X . . 1 v 1 . e , . , . , . , . A , . , . , . , . y . , - , . n , . . ' ' . . . , . , A . . . . . . , . , . , . 1 , . , , . , . , . . . C y - , - , . L , . , . , . ' , . , . . , . . Row: E. Coffey, F. St. John, D. Elmore. Second Mrs. Willqes, Miss Hankins. Third Row: D. P. Edmondson, B. Faulconer, D. Trent, D. Fourth Row: R. Hanby, Viar, M. Nuckols, Harlow, P. Moore, D. Porter. F. B. L. A. Hints to Success Future Business Leaders of although small in number, high goals and sponsored many jects throughout the year. embers gave a party at Christmas the underprivileged children of and prepared a breakfast for teachers. ys ready to learn, these FBLA'ers cl prominent speakers and a of secretaries who gave valuable on success in business. Glass FBLA "boasts of" Mike . and Elizabeth Coffe Mr. and 4 Y, President Elizabeth Coffey and Carolyn FBLA of the Longwood Region. Hicks file FBLA news. 186 The Majorettes perform during half time at a football game. The Majorettes wait: to board the bus to an away game 187 Fire and Flag Baton Represent Glass Head majorette Kathy Jennings leads the majorettes in the Senior Day parade. Competing with other high school groups for the first time, the E. C. Glass majorettes were first place trophy Winners in a National Baton Twirling Contest. These nine girls made appearances this year at Glass at the games, the Spring Concert, the Mid- VVinter Concert, the Band As- sembly, and Achievement night- twirling fire batons and flag batons besides the regular batons. They also twirled at a basketball game sponsored by the Lion's Club, at the dedication of the new Public Library, and in various parades. First Row: B. Bryan, K. Jennings, S. Armstrong. Second Row: C. Pursley, A. Mays, S. East. Third Row: M. L. Cronin, C. Foster, P. Milam, D. Sarver. 188 l Front Row: B. H. Wood, T. McDonald, B. Evans, D McGeary, G. Rosenberger. Second Row: Mrs. Powers, L. Car enter L. Suhlin E. Wood A. Risher . Deacon, p , g, , , I McDermott, K. Blackwell. Third Row: R. Epperson . Fielder, C. Morland, E. Terrell, L. jabsen, R. Cooper Braumiller, C. Upshur, D. jordan. WWE College Life at Glass- Courtesy of Public Speaking Club To acquaint students of E. C. Glass with the complexities and pleasures of college life, the Public Speaking Club sponsored the in- formal visits of students from area colleges. The public speaker who will represent our school at the District Forensic Meet was selected after tryouts supervised by the club. With Mrs. Powers as adviser and Alice Risher as president, the club hoped to help the speech students by presenting model round table discussions. 189 7 Alice Risher greets guest from "Great Books Group." Arguments, Briefs, Cases Debate Club Learns the ABC's VVhile developing arguments to build stable cases, members of the Debate Club gained knowledge on current topics and acquired ability to express themselves. With a practically brand new nembership, including a new spon- sor, Mrs. Powers, the Debate Club learned their APiC's in debate with Holy Cross, Buckingham Central and other schools in the area. President, Sheldon Friedman ained recognition for the club by Winning a Letter of Distinction at the Statewide Debate Symposium at the University of Virginia. Although most members had never debated before, the Debate Club ended a successful year at the estern District Tournament at ' ndrew Lewis. n1 mag Front Row: H. Somerville, G. Rosenberger. Second Row: I. Schlotterbeck, S. Friedman. Third Row: K. 0'Keeffe, R. Cooper. Fomfzfh Row: D. Ruska, I. McDaniel, M. Twery. Back Row: S. Lawrence, Mrs. Powers, D. McGeary. "Surely you're familiar with Lobechevskys International Index of Common Tarritt Bairiers for Non Reciprocal Economic Agreements ?', " "f'Eie25e1ff3 "" -- " ' ' jo Heartwell and Larry McWa1ie use all their mental capacity totaling lunches. Student Cafeteria Helpers Serve Faculty and Student Body VVorking behind the scenes, the cafe- teria helpers provided students and teachers with a smooth running lunch period. Among their varying duties are readying the trays and dishes, serving the food, collecting the money and taking it to the bank. Managing the complex cafeteria system and looking after the kitchen and food supply is the job of Mr. Fielder. Miss Howell and Mr. Racer supervised the students, while Mr. Bumahlm di- rected the cashiers and finances. First Row: S. Dellinger, L. Hutter, I. Bailey, I. Smythers, S. Gaddis, P. Ballard, D. Lipford. Second Row: S. Dalton, K. Bryant, B. Gay, S. McGehee, H. Ford, Heartwell. Third Row: B. Franklin, I. Clement, J. Coffee, W. Wade. 191 First Row: K. Elder D. B. Candler D. W. Hudson T. XV. Carson D. Perdue B. Kidd . Hoke VV. Gib 1 1 : I I P I f - son, B. Worley, G. Ford, L. Owens, D. Layne, S. Rogers. Second Row: P. Phipps, B. Dickerson, J. Thorn- hill, M. Coffey, A. Drumheller, B. Dale, B. Caldwell, N. Millner, L. Nance, VV. Davidson,.D. Clements, S Sharp, L. Thomas, F. Stump, Neighbors. Third Row: L. Weiland, P. Coleman, S. Gilbert, C. Hicks W. Lipscomb, B. Poster, B. Reid, D. Bragg, B. Dull, E. Fulcher, P. Morrison, I. Bane, D. Pollard, B. Craig A. Cyrus, B. Glass, G. Floyd, Wilson, Mrs. Paris. Fourth Row: J. Witt, Farlow, H. Boswell, T Relf, G. Harlowe, S. Tolley, H. Allen, A. Powell, E. Taylor, M. Gillispie, I. Cyrus, A. Coleman, R. Ander- son. Ftfth Row: I. Dean, D. Crickenberger, B. Minnix, K. Vtfest, I. Irby, D. johnson, D. Vlfatson, H Thomas, H. White, R. Epperson, W. Stinnette, B. Burnett, VV. Heald, J. Gravely, D. Bunger, N. Mason D. E. Club Members Excel in Contests In October D.E. Club members at- tended workshop sessions and discussion groups at a Pall Rally at Liberty High School in Bedford. The Club sent representatives to parti- cipate in six contests held in Roanoke. VVith first in five of the six divisions, E. C. Glass was eligible to send Jimmy Wlitt and Gloria Ballovve to state com- petition. To climax a year of valuable work ex- perience the DE. Club members were hosts at the Employer-Employee ban- quet in April. Amelia Talley and Terry jordan listen in- tently to the lectures given to students applying for Jobs. Young Musicians Gain Experience in Freshman Band Under the skillful direction of Mr. Vermilion, members of the Freshman Band strive to build a solid musical foundation. Witli daily study of the funda- mentals of music, these apprentices learn to develop listening skills, to read music, and to appreciate good tone and rhythm. Qnce these essentials have been per- fected, these fledgling musicians put it all into action in a marching and con- cert band that is a credit to the music department. These members practice diligently to improve part in the Band. E Front Row: A. Peebles, B. Hedrick, K. Hicks, D. Ball, R. Gilmore, G. Moody. Second Row: B. Buckley, L. Zechini, C. Wilson, D. Smith, D. Barrett, F, Milla. Back: Mr. Vermilion 193 F1'0ntR0w: R. Moore, P. Bowling, C. Cress, N. Preas, P. Thornpson, B. Padgett. Second Row: S. Cobb, M. L. Bryant, D. McCarthy, Mr. Vermilion. Grchestra Captures High Rating in District Competition Tins year, under the careful guidance of Xfernaniory the ten nienibers of the tra karned the Hdok and donWsH of insumunents EX feuf of the CDrchestra rnenibers repre- E. C. Glass at the All-State Orchestra November 6-8 at Alexandria, Virginia. ents Went to and from the Christmas the Clrchestra entertanied in the t haH xvnh songs and carols Sonie of rchestra nienlbers perfornied on Iiduca- TW7 for the beneit of the nrnnary The talented string ensemble also in the E. C. Glass Spring Con- acconipanying the Band and Choral Cln. blarch. 12, the CDrchestra. en- the strict district competition Where hard wrmk and devotknixyereieyvarded araHng'ofeXceHence stud The strings come alive as N. Preas and M L. Bryant perform on the violin. 194 95 Front Row: A. Freeman, C. Martin, C. Weiss, O. Downey, I. Petticrew, P. Phillips, I. Smith, D. Stevens, K. Jennings, S. Kessler, A. Keeling, B. Reid, B. Foster, C. Chajka, I. Vaughan, I. Miles, S. Turner, C. jones. Second Row: J. Dowdy, C. Pursley, D. Noel, S. Lucado, C. Long, L. Stinnette, P. Camp, B. Whor- ley, C. Foster, S. Pursley, E. Jones, P. Somers, J. Heartwell, J. Mitchell, M. A. Hawkins, K. Lucy, L. Hutter. Third Row: D. Trent, F. Bosiger, I. Presley, P. Wade, L. Taylor, N. Light, S. Page, S. Sutor, M. Coffey, B. I. DeWitt, L. Shotton, A. Day, M. Frampton, H. Ford, M. Vinson, J. Crawley, F. Jacobs, P. Harlow, S. Montgomery, I. Anderson, L. McCarthy, D. Pavek, S. East, Mrs. Cothran. Fourth Row: B. Blevins, C. Lowe, K. Bryant, R. Clark, L. DeWitt, L. Davis, G. Mayhugh, R. Cooper, D. Richards, S. Mc- Clelland, R. Read, C. Stevens, S. Staples, S. Marshall, K. Inge, P. Vviar, C. Brown, E. VVare, P. Harper, Choir Brings Broadway Musicals To Glass Under the direction of Mrs. the choir presented many sparkling pei formances in 1966. After weeks of hard work in class early morning practices, the choir ga their first public performance du American Education Week, and in tl perfect voice control showed the of their consistent hard practice. December, the group provided a back ground of carols for the Christmas ant. For their 'frecitalf' the S Concert, the choir chose music ranging from the Baroque W., Renaissance to the contempory era. Roberta Cooper and David Richardson practice parts for the American Education Week Assembly. Front Row: S. Pursley, C. Pursley, P. Wacle, H. Ford, J. Vaughan, C. WCHHCTSTTOI11, C. Jones, S. Freerks C. VVeiss, M. Freeman, B. R. Carey. Second Row: J. Mitchell, L. Shotton, B. Blevins, R. Cooper, K. Biy ant, F. Jacobs, A. Freeman, I. Anderson, S. Tunkel, K. Jennings. Third Row: B. J. DeWitt, M. Harlow, C Gardner, L. McVVane, R. Clements, B. Thompson, R. Dovvdy, T. Weaver, A. Hughes, S. Lucado. Fourth Row: O. Grant, M. Hammock, D. Marston, S. Ballowe, I. Stevens, I. Mulholland, K. Logwood, D. Rlch ardson, N. Thompson, D. jordan, C. jackson. Experienced Voices Lead Special Choir Selected from the regular choir for their excellent harmonizing quality, the Special Choir again performed in theii own superb manner in the Christmas Program at the E. C. Glass auditorium There they sang, enchanting all listen- ers. As usual, the Glass Spring Concert was held in April. As Commencement grew near, the Seniors of the Special Choir practiced for the Graduation Ceremonies. Betty jo DeWitt and Steve Ballowe prac- tice parts for the Special Choir. 197 Girls' Chorus Learns Vocal Technique As a student must learn basic arithme- tic before he can go on to higher mathe- matics, so must he learn the basic rules of singing and voice control before he can perform in public. lt is for this reason on that the Girls' Chorus class u as set up. Mainly a technique class, the Girls' Chorus learned rhythm, notes, key and other fundamental elements of music, dnected by Mrs. Cothran. First Row: M. Freeman. G. Laughon, S. East, I. Vlforley. Second Row: B. Blanks, S. Faulconer, R. Robinson, K. Bibb, Third Row: P. Layne, M. Bradley, G. Austin, L. VVitt. Fourth Row: D. Hoffman, S. Worleyf, I. Wil- kins. Fifth Row: D. Hamilton, P. Brown, M. A. Potter. Sixth Row: D. johnson, D. Floyd, F. Dearing. Seventh Row: E. Free- man, S. Freerks, S. Tunkel, R. Wells. Eighth Row: J. Lang, I. Davis. Putting to use the technique learned are several Girls 1n the chorus class Fi1fstR0w: K. Franklin, D. Shelton, E. Wood, A. Helms, G. Sydnor, L. Suhling. Second Row: I. North, A. Risher, S. Guthrie, L. Pahel, J. Dellinger, L. McCarthy, K. Blackwell, C. Dillard, I. Roberts, J. Morris. Third Row: W. Clack, Smith, S. Marshall, L. Shaner, R. Traywick, L. Richardson, A. Talley, D. Wood, P. Viar, M. Peak, Miss Cox. Fourth Row: B. Taylor, M. Harris, M. Chrishan, D. Nein, I. Thorn, B. Evans, R. Wallace, B. Snead, M. Power, E. Whitehouse, H. Craddock. A uniors Visit Rome 199 and Cumae During the consulship of Mike Power and Randy Vlfallace, the junior Latin Club, honored students of Cicero and sought understanding and enjoyment of the Latin language. After going to a Roman football game as guests of the Senior Club, the members visited the oracle at Cumae for their futures in October. Tn December the members visited Rome during the Saturmalia. Throughout the year the aediles pre- sented imaginative, original programs. jay Costan and John VVheeler act in Roman play. First Row: P. Bruington B. J. Montgomery, D. Clark. Second Row: J. Wheeler, L. Samuels, S. Gaddis. Third Row: J. C. Murphy, Polisse. Fomftli Row: J. Costan, Deacon, L. Ford. Fifth Row: B. H. Woocl, N. Rhodes, S. Marks, N. Gil- foyle. Sixth Row: Schlotterbeck, S. Ewers, S. VVinstead, Miss Cox. Roman Banquet By Senior Latin Club Mike Power and Randy Wallace, consuls, dis- junior Club plans. Having finished the orations of Cicero, the Senior Latin Club concerned itself with Virgil's Aeneid. To understand and enjoy the language, the club invited guest speakers from surrounding col- leges and presented original programs, including many modern songs. To cele- brate the coming of Christmas, the club translated a Latin version of A 'Christ- mas Carol. As a consummation to four years of classical study, the club enjoyed an authentic Roman banquet. 200 Le Cercle Franciais Presents Christmas Pageant Marion Gamble speaks to the French Club on her year in France. How fortunate were members of Le Cercle Francais. President Marion Gamble, having spent last year in France, conducted meetings in French that were a model for the members. Two of the meetings of the club fea- tured native French speakers: Marc Legenne, a tutor in a French familv here, sang folk songs to the accompani- ment of his own guitar and a Fulbright scholar Mr. Galiazzi spoke humorouslv on the difference between French and American life. Entirely student produced was the Christmas Pageant which the group gave before the local Alliance Francaise. F1f0ntR0t A Keelmg C VVe1ss C Long I Dudlev S Couch K Bruce M Gamble L Shotton D Richardson D Duff .Second Row Miss VV1lk11'1SOI1 C Martin P Simpson K Cornett P Candler Anderson J Farris S Montgomery V Schomer F Tice L Legg B Gay flmd Row L Turner S Huff D Calvert P Deuster M Desmond L Samuels C Taylor L Pound S Norton I Dowdy I Smythers fomth Row M Morris A Waters G johnson D Beck S McLellean C Tuthill P Mundv S Friedman -I Conner G Km, D Sutor Fifth Roc R Prown M Brunette lx Goff K Logwood S Damion H Hill R Trent B NlElLl5x1tl1l11' B james I 'fill . i, . , ., -, -. J, . , .. ', . V , . , - , . '.i : , .' , . r , ,,:. ,L . T , . , . ' ff 1, . , . , . , . f. ' ': . , . J - 9 ' 2 '. 5 - J ' J 1' N J ' A :.' J ' I . ' " 'I . ,-. Z :, . . , . ',.. ' -, . , . . J, ' P I S ' 'fra . I 4 , zu . 3 : -- l y W' Y 9 ' U' 1 ' A , . , .. , . T A , . . Front Row: C. Brooks, M. Freeman, T. Upshur, J. Deacon, M. McDermott, L. Tucker, E. jones, N Rhodes, D. S. Bryant, B. Proehl, D. Jackson, B. Godsey, J. Coleman, H. Scott, K. Jordan. Second Row C. Ranson, S. Wilkes, W. Hiller, S. Kessler, D. Ruska, R. Cooper, I. Rucker, S. Seagle, M. Hawkins, L Kirby, D. Magee, P. Somers, T. Vaughan, D. Stevens, N. Morrison. Third Row: Mrs. Fore, N. Light, R Traywick, B. Rohr, B. Mitchell, B. Druker, R. Aultice, S. McLennan, I. Phillips, Newton, P. Mullan B. J. DeWitt, A. Day, C. Creasy, J. Bailey, B. R. Carey, L. Hutter, L. DeWitt, S. Somers, D. Cornett, B deVries. Fourth Row: N. Hickson, D. Long, K. Moore, R. Jackson, C. Bruce, I. Thompson, L. Rash, Ki Jennings, C. Foster, L. Ford, L. Jabsen, A. Hughes, L. Taylor, D. Burford, S. Page, C. Huntington, D. Bur- dick, B. Hutter, K. Smith, J. Skinner, W. Hill, C. Adams. Fifth Row: B. Evans, T. Bergman, L. Peebles K. Turner, N. Gilfoyle, M. Landis, L. Adamee, C. Pursley, M. Blencowe, I. Bruce, B. Faulconer, M. P Thurmond, N. Naff, R. Read, E. L. Terrell, L. Peery, Calvert, B. Pugh, S. Wyatt, G. Covington, M Harris, S. Owen, T. Shelton. Sixth Row: I. Dunlap, 1. Pettyjohn, I. Coston, F. Falwell, D. Wilson, L O'Brian, L. McWane, W. Heald, B. James, I. Luck, D. Miner, R Salmon M. Garbee G Reid G. Ford D. Wickline, D. Cole, J. Patterson, R. Snyder, S. Smith, I. Shaw, Evans, C. Morris, IP. Mason, D Hendricks. Carolyn Weiss, Nancy Light, Mary Desmond, and Susan McClelland go on stage as angels in the French Clubs' Christmas Pageant. l 202 J 7 3 F1'0ntR0w: B. Clement, B. Steger, L. Samuels, A. Campbell, B. Craig, H. Ford, I. Phillips, A. Tinni C. Lawhorne. Second Row: Mr. Carson, C. Houlaires, L. Morrison, D. Stewart, I. Moss, I. Presley, l Baer, M. J. Presley, B. Blevins, K, Bryant. Third Row: G. Withey, N. Smythe, L. Ferguson, R. Hanb E. Vess, I. Sparks, G. Beard, S. Swann, I. Kreger. Fomfth Row: B. Monroe, H. Zahonett, V. Loyd Ware, M. Nuckols, J. Moseley, B. Gunn, R, Peters, D. Reddy, T. Anderson. Fifth Row: M. Grissom Harlow, N. Thompson, B. Porter, J. Ballowe, R. Murphy, S. Smith, R, Meredith, B. Gentry, L. McCra .Los Concluistadores Study Spanish Customs Through Speech An antique car with a banner represents the Spanish Clubs in the Senior Day Parade. second and fourth year Spanish student Varied and interesting programs to sup plement class room study centere around the customs, culture and langu age of Spanish speaking countries This year, as usual, Los Conquist dores enjoyed Christmas caroling 1 Spanish, and travelogues on Mexico an Costa Rica. The highlight of the yea was "The Sound of Mexico given o P. T. A. Achievement Night, vvhe Mexican history and customs were po trayed through music, narration dance. For the Los Conquistadores fin club meeting in May, special applicatio and tribute were given to our clu sponsor, Mr. Morris Carson, who leax E. C. Glass this year to teach in Nort Carolina. 203 , w I I Los Conquistadores is composed o . ,, . , an 7 El Club Espanol Diversified Meetings This year El Club Espanol was quite diver- sified in its activities. Spanish customs and Spanish life, as represented by Spain's great- est authors, were the focal points of class- Work while the music, games and fiestas of Spanish origin provided the programs for the meetings of El Club. Meetings ranged from attending as a group the motion picture Don Quixote, to a Christmas party replete with the f'Posadas,,' Spanish carols, and a pinata. One of the most interesting meetings was the one in which Mrs. Barbig showed slides of her trip to South America. As usual the final meeting will be a picnic and swim party. F. Daughtry holds pinata for S. McGehee. El Espanol Learns of Spain and Latin America Front Row: B. L. Boylan, M. Meade, B. Morris, L. Gibson, B. May, D. Weiss, S. Dickerson, L. Spradlin, C. Wennerstrom, K. Bridgett, N. Gifford, S. Dellinger. Second Row: N. Brown, A. Clark, P. Bittle, S Turner, V. Spence, I. Caldera, M. Bryant, K. Bruce, C. Upshur, C. Adams, L. Watkins, S. McGehee S. Kershaw, I. Petticrew, M. Taylor, Mrs. Knipp. Third Row: M. Twery, L. Helferstay, R. Paxton, E Adams, R. Hill, D. Viar, B. Daniel, R. Bailey, M. Wilson, I. McCanless, B. Thomas, P. Farmer, B Saunders, S. Staples, M. Nurmi. Fourth Row: I. Lloyd, M. Callaham, R. Murray, S. Moore, S. Witt, W Mace, P. Shelton, R. David, C. Moody, I. Trevey, T. Caldwell, K. Maddox, L. Wood, A. Howerton, I Coffee, B. Fuller. Fifth Row: G. Johnson, D. Bunger, L. Parrish, R. Ware, R. Tuck, M. Drumheller I. Clement, R. Sayre, C. Ellenfield, B. Bartley, S. Fauber, F. Daughtrey, VV. Thompson, B. Higginbothamj I. Myers, Witt. J 236 Skidoo Keeps Market From Crashing! VVith the outstanding supervision o Mr. Racer, the Economics classes, other- wise known as 236 Skidoo, combined their knowledge of the New York Stock Exchange with visits to the local broker- age firms in order to buy and sell the shares of stocks which they own. Be- fore the actual process of buying, selling and trading stocks, each corporation is studied by the daily observation of the Wall Street Journal. Wlieii a decision as to one corporation is reached, eac ambitious student buys the quantity he wishes and receives a Skidoo Fund Certi- ficate. Stockholders visit Francis I. DuPont an Company. Front Row: H. Ford, R. Harris, R. Wilkes, L, lVlcWane, N. Hickson, D. Vxfaldron, T. Weaver, T. Hamil- ton, K. Inge. Second Row: C. E. Greene, M. Williamson, V. Sanderson, L. Legg, P. Phillips, I. Neighbors R. M. Simms, M. Sorrell, Wright, R. Ware, Mr. Racer. Third Row: L. Holmes, W. Judd, B. Faulconer D. Pollard, L. Taylor, Coleman, K. Lang, D. Wood, S. Lucado, K. McKenna, M. P. Thurmond, F Hamlett H. Thomas. Fourth Row: R. Anderson T. Lineberr , G. Harlow, T. Relf, T. Upshur, M. J , , Y Hasek, K. Fielder, R. Epperson, C. Novak, M. Taylor, L. jabsen, S. Marks, W. Elder, N. Mason, A. Cole- man. Fifth Row: J. Martin, D. Burks, B. Taylor, L. Wood, T. Shelton,.j. Luck,IS. Blankenship, Clement N. VVhitehead, N. Morrison, W. Gibson, R. Dube, W. Heald, M. Gillispie, D. Wilks. J F1'0ntR0w: L. Peebles, K. Blackwell, L. Pahel, A. Talley, S. Guthrie, B. L. Boylan, C, Martin, A. Risher Second Row: M. McDermott, S. Lee, A. Talley, I. Polisse, P. Garner, S. Somers, M. Harris, B. Evans, K Fielder, M. Taylor, 1. Davis, Mr. Fielder. Third Row: M. Burnette, J. Seagle, T. Campbell, Fourilz Row D. Rice, R. Davids, D. Nein, E. Adams, C. jackson, B. deVries, F. Thompson. Fifth Row: I. Phillips, M Brenton, R. Trent, S. Damron, S. Smith, B. Gentry, T. Shelton, B. Bartley, I. Schlotterbeck. Science Club Spotlights Research "Research is the key that opens the door to tomorrovvn was the theme inspiring the Science Club activities directed this year by president Mike Harris. A film on Gemini TV, including the historic space Walk and field trips to various local industries high- lighted the programs. In the spring the completion of well- planned and conducted individual research projects brought to a climax a year truly successful in the promotion of science. Science Club members view nuclear equipment at Babcock 81 Wilcox. Band Displays New Uniforms and Half-Time Shows Witli Mr. Cloyd G. Vermilion as director. the Senior Band in 1965-1966 experienced many new thrills. In early morning drills they tried out a new collection of popular music. They Were hosts to the All-Regional Festival in the Winter. Chosen as first chair oboist in the All-State Band made up from nine All-Regional bands in Virginia Was Susan Guthrie from the E. C. Glass Band. New uniforms and basses added sparkle to the usual appearance of the band at foot- ball games, the Christmas Parade, and the mid-winter and spring concerts. A special invitation for the band was a concert for the Lynchburg Public Library Dedication. HSeventy-six trombones lead the big parade . . .D ls band practice really that boring Debbie Stevens? i GAA Provides An Athletic Outlet For Girls A hushed silence touched Glass at 3:25 everywhere-that is, except the girls' gym. For there, the day had just begun as the girls hurriedly prepared themselves for the athletic contests which would follow. Under the leadership of Nancy Brown. Miss Simpson and Miss Over- street the FAA sponsorcd the s tle ot sweatshirts and the Student Faculty volleybtll 'fame lhe excitement of Senior Du round the CAA Woikino or then cat Fitness for the VVo1ld Active participation in the clinics nex 61 ceased llhese birls help to guide the GAA throubh the F10m'R0w D Duff A Suhhng K Burton I Vllineman K Blackwell S NVood Second Rota l Ogle B T-lutter A Carwile V Ho an N Brown K OKeeffe D Gilliam S Pursley B Rohr Tlmd Rot L Rash P Pubh P Aderton R S1QlCI' P Brown C Houlmres A Adler P Hartsoe B Nor wood Miss Simpson Fourth Row D S Bryant B Godsey C Clark C londerec I Newton A Sackett M Calvert N Grlfoyle Fzfth Row N Connor D Kiney B Prochl L Scott R Moore A Mad dox M Taylor B Hutter D Burdick S McClelland L Chatfir . , .Ita .' ., A .2 - 1 I, ,, . . ' ., , c, c V1 ' v v C . - Y c 5 . Y - , T - - . s cd J f, 5 '- tl -f' " W l . if .. A ,, . .w. . . Y I . 1 v 4 F ' ' ' . . U i ff yellf. ,,, ' . ' ' , , 4 I ,. T . . , . K, . , . , . ,-. . . . B. . , . . . Y, 0- v ,, y - , - , . . ,b , . , . , .. c ,s,. , . V. . FH' - 04 - . 1 - L . . 4 , . , . ,. . 5 , . , . L ,i. , .. . , . 7 '1 ' . ' V :T v 1 Q - . . . , . , . Q , . J , , . 1 , . . . A , c , . c , . . , , , , , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , , , . i. Varsity "G" Club Plans Donations With an excellent record of serv- ices rendered to the school in pre- vious years, the Varsity "G" Club again lived up to its high standards. Under the guidance of Keith Fisher, Billy Evans, Bill Knight, and Johnny Morris, the club continued the service of framing all champion- ship team pictures. Phyllis Pugh was crowned Sweetheart at the February hop, the second HGH Club dance of the year. The donation of a new trophy case for the school and a cannon for varsity football games are goals of the future for the Varsity "GU Club Sweetheart for l966. Varsity lettermen. Keith Fisher crowns Phyllis Pugh F1f0ht'R0w: Morris, K. Fisher, B. Knight, B. Evans. Second Row: G. johnson, XM Harris, F. George D. Childress, J. Green, D. Oakes, D. Fuqua, D. Wright, M. Morris. Third Row: S. Hooten, S. Garnsey I. Duff, M. Sydnor, B. Buck, T. Trice, C. Crennel, Kidd, C. White, D. Callahan. Fourth Row: R. Salmon I. Averett, T. DeShazo, R. Smith, D. Judd, H. Braun, D. Marks, W. Cunningham, 1. Trevey, M. Cal- laham, S. Fauber. Fifth Row: S. Witt, D. Hudson, B. Brown, B. Horsley, C. VVard, D. Pugh, D. Tibbs B. Sublett, W. Trent, L. VVood, I. Lloyd. F1'0ntR0w: C. Crews, S. Fubank, B. Nicely, M. Osborne, P. Vest, A. Holt, L. Spencer, K. Bibb, M Godsey, -l. Vigneau, J. Hart, J. Dube, M. VVitt, A. Stein, D. Staton, S. E. Stein, R. Brown, T. VVilkerson S. Gibson, B. Lawhorne. Second Row: C. Baughn, K. Fincher, B. Trevey, B. Mahone, L. Barker, T. jordan C. Long, A. Harless, L. Steppe, S. Lambert, C. Moon, E. Campbell, D. Scott, B. Daniel, D. VVitt, S Thompson. Third Row: D. Taylor, L. Barker, S. Overstreet, L. May, D. Grant, T. Feese, S. Faulconer M. Martin, N. Preble, D. Smith, B. Hobbs, M. Dawson, 1. Forrest, S. Knight, S. Burks, C. Tate, P. Sand- I hoff, B. Glass, P. Quick, V. Emmons, C. Murrell, D. Hobbs, D. Dawson, B. VVomack, il. Brown. Fomft 1 Roto: I. Wilkins, C. Cress, M. Pruett, P. Campbell, C. Noel, B. Mitchell, B. McKinney, L. Hudson, Z Miller, P. Campbell, P. Morris, L. Casselberry, P. Newell, C. Coleman, I. Thompson, N. Mayberry, I Dooley, D. Sexton, I. Vtfilson, K. Hicks, F. Moon, I. Burton. Fifth Row: D. Parker, J. Wilson, J. Benning- ton, L. Torrence, S. Anderson, S. Gordon, B. Hunt, L. Mann, I. Wliitteri, B. Dudley, D. Sarver, D. Hamil- ton, li. Chamberlain, M. Miles, P. Brown, B. Bailey, S. Rush, B. Geason, L. Scoville, L. Davis, M. Taylor M. li. Miller, P. Finch. Sixth Row: G. Coles, A. Elcan, G. Tweedy, L. Buchanan, D. Figg, C. Slater, D Pugh, N. Robertson, L. Garrett, D. Bibb, R. Siko, J. Stevens, G. Bozeman, S. Brooks, T. VVells, A, Turner S. Crawford, B. Driskill, P. Bowling, S. Rudolph, S. Hodnett, K. Collins. V ' ' ' ""'7m""' N A W' A 'mttmw 'W www Wm'w"1'l' ' WV W A " my V W W L' Wm M 'AWN M Q 'K 'NY i Wagwwmhmmlwwvm 1 3 s Y-Teens Celebrate Anniversary left: Row: R. Aultice, J. Miles, B. P. Camp. L. Gibson, K. D. S. Bryant, J. Fariss, M. Second Row: P. Sorrell, C. R. M. Simms, S. Turner, I. M. Harler, C. Casstevens, . Wells, A. Clark, D. Clark. Third ow' K. Bridgett, B. Bailey, G. . Burnette. M. Coleman, Harlow, D. Trent, B. Adams, O. . Petticrew. Fourth Row: J. Pollard, P. Jennings, H. Hurst, . Mayhugh, I. Harvey, P. Edmond- on. P. Brooks, B. Pugh, B. Newton, J. Pollard, L. Carroll. Fifth Row: . Freeman, E. Ware, C. Brown, P. 7iar, M. Hopkins, M. Crickenberg- r, B. Marston, M. Hopkins, S. orley, D. Miles, B. Godsey, D. larstonf Judy Farris, Treasurer, and Kathy Jordan, President, pack Thanks giving baskets for needy families. Since the founding of the Y-Teen Club in 1915, the Y-Teens of the Central YVVCA have worked to grow as a person, to grow in fellowship with people of all races, religions, and na- tionalities, to grow in the knowledge and love of God. To fulfill these ideals the Y-Teens, under the direction of Mrs. Lawrence Allen, served the community with nu- merous philanthropic projects. For the first time this year the members eX- tended their fellowship through bowling and singing in the newly formed choir. Through service and fellowship the Y- Teen members developed those qualities. attitudes, and traits which help them to find and take their place in their home, their school, their church, and their com- munity. 212 S. Dickerson, B. Proehl, K. Bennington, I. Cwoding, and S. Marshall dress dolls for the Salvation Arinv Interclub Council Works For uetter I Smythers P Ballard I Bailey and L Hutter take food baskets to n edy families in Lynchbuig 7 '. . , . c , . ,c . C 'L '. 1965-66 was an exciting and re- warding year for the lnterclub Council, Tri-Hi-Y, and Hi-Y. Ravenwood Tri-Hi-Y studied the various religions of the world and visited different churches through- out Lynchburg. Over Thanksgiving and Christ- mas holidays, several clubs took food baskets, clothes, and toys to needy families in the community. A new project for the club was the visit by Tri-Hi-Y members to sev- eral nearby factories xvhere a repre- sentative of the factory gave the students a tour of his factory and pointed out its unique character- istics. The traditional lnterclub Council Dance featuring the Royal Kings ended a great year in fine style. 213 i F1f0ntR0w: C. Martin, C. Dillard, S. McClelland, S. Marshall, B. Gay, S. Dickerson, B, R. Carey. Second Row: bl. Dudley, P. Mundy, I. Rucker, H. Scott, I. Goding, J, Bailey. Third Row: K. Bennington, C. Tuthill, T. Upshur, B. Proehl, K. Bruce, S. Swann. Community Life Kathy Bruce, Jarrett Dud- ley, and Taine Upshur hold a bake sale to raise money for Worlcl Mission. Front Row: S. Crawford, B. Crawford, S. Ferguson, I. Trent, B. Walliiig, P. Woiiaack, M. Hamlett. Second Row: P. Smith, I. Rudder, B. Marshall, S. Neas, G. Mayhugh, P. Roller, L. Carroll. Third Row: C. Foster G. Coleman, C. Brooks, G. Tucker, P. Staples, I. Burch, I. Adamson. Fourth Row: Mr. Gills, D. May, G Cyrus, R. Wade, D, Hunt, M. Burnette, I. Clark, M. Gowell. ICT Club Plays Host At District Meet The TCT Club of E. C. Glass High School Was host for the District VIH contest meeting this year. Winners from this contest then met with other TCT Clubs in a state Wide contest at the Marriott Motel, Alex- andria, Virginia, March II, 12, 13, 1966. E. C. Glass had several Win- ners on the local level but none on the state level. National Honor Society Taps Seventy-Seven Seniors Mrs. VVallace reads the names of new National Honor Society members. On Tuesday morning, April 6, the E. C. Glass Chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society inducted twenty-two boys and fifty-five girls into membership. Members of the 1965 Chapter, Curtis Gar- ner and Rada Proehl, welcomed guests and gave a history of the Glass Chapter and its method of selection. After Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace, sponsor, announced the names of the newly elected members, Mr. McCue gave the charge and pledge to the group. Following this induction, Dr. Carey Brewer, President of Lynchburg College, spoke to the members and the stu- dent body. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP FINALISTS S. Norton, S. Friedman, P. Bruington, Wheeler, L. Ford, D. Ruska. E. C. Glass Ranks High In National Merit Competition The National Merit Scholarship Program began last March when Juniors in over 17,600 schools across the United States took the highly selective three hour National Merit Test. Seven Glass students received semi-finalist honors and the right to go on in finalist competition. There were 146 semi-finalists in the state, third largest number in the nation. In order to be considered a finalist the semi-finalist must have taken the Scholastic Aptitude Test, submitted a form filled out by himself and his school, and enclosed confidential financial information. All of Glass's semi-finalists have become finalists and have gained the right to compete for renewable scholar- ships ranging from 5100 to S1500 a year. We at Glass Wish them much luck in their final competition. 219 Front Row: S. Ewers, D. Elmore, L. Samuels, S. Gaddis, C. Long, C. Martin, B. L. Boylan, M. J. Blencowe. Second Row: L. Wright, D. Perkins, F. Malloy, S. Hopkins, K. Logwood, I. Schlotterbeck. 14 Seniors Receive Letters of Commendation Fourteen of our highly competent seniors were honored with letters of commendation in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Only about two per- cent of all students participating in the competition received letters. The names of those Who received letters of commendation are sent to colleges of their choice, enhancing their chances of acceptance. Glass applauds these fourteen students for their fine showing in this national competition. E. C. Glass Shines In State Competition GIRLS, STATE Front Row: M. I. Bleneowe, I. Dudley. Second Row: B. Blevins, A. H. Mullen. Third Row: N. Rhodes. Fomfth Row: J. A. Deacon, J. Goding. Superior Rating in dmstriet contest David Garrick Play ers to State Feetlv 221 Latin and DE Students Take Honors Miss Allen, Linda Pound, and Pat Viar smile over Win- ning the plaque - Class A Schools, State Latin Tourney 1965-66. Bryan Cox, Winner of the cup for 3rd Year Latin, alas moved to another school. l E VVood I Green K Taylor P Bruing Vlontgomery Second Rott S Norton shall, H Hill S. Dwers, I. VVheeler, . Third Row: Mr. King, D, Pugh, D. L Ruska, L. Samuels, J. Conner, T. MCD N ishikura. Front Row: K. Smith, D. Clark, M. .Mc l. , .h , . In ,h . ,- . , . C c 223 ,..., W ,...,. ,... . Pat Bruington and Mary McDermott enjoy refreshments at a Quill and Scroll meeting. Symposium Highlights Active Quill and Scroll Ambitious and eager to im- part some of their knowledge, members of the Carter Glass Chapter of the Quill and Scroll, a national honorary organization for students ex- celling in high school journal- ism, conducted a symposium on April 23rd for city junior high school students. This symposium, under the direc- tion of Mr. King, adviser, and Sandria Ewers, society president, served to instruct the students in procedures for setting up newspaper, annual, and literary magazine staffs in the new junior high schools to be opened next year. Through this project the Quill and Scroll members gained experience by teach- ing others. 224 ' H. Jones accepts certificate of achievemnt for outstanding home design and model construction from Mr. Reid as R. Phelps, f1rst place for originality, D. Evans, first and third place, and M. Govvell, first and third place, look on. Shop Honors Taken By Glass Boys In State Industrial Education Convention In May of 1965 many of our shop st dents entered their talents in the Virgini State Council of Industrial Educatio Clubs Convention held at Martinsvill Many brought home honors represen ative of the fine shop department Glass. Front Row: CVocational Draftingj G. Stern second place, A. Rickmon, third place, L. Camde honorable mention. Second Row: CVocation Draftingj J. Burnette, second place, B. Cook, thi place, L. Wliite, second place, Third Row: CWoo Workingj S. Saunders, first place, E. Fergersoi second place. 225 MACHINE SHOP DIVISION F1ontR0w G Fontame tlurcl place B Saunders second place Second Row D Iiogers flrst place R bllllllh th1rd place Tlmfd Row D Balley f1rst and second pace Io Anne Deacon wmner of State DAR Good C1t1zen Award greets each new day w1tl1 a smlle ll I 1" H is I V r o . I n . - ' . . , , . , . . . .p J , . , . . . , 3 I C f ' " , 1 V .. .,: -M5555-as E we zg f i If i m c ,Ei" E1'II:,i:I First Rom: Joyce Morris Jarrett Dudley Betty Jean Wontgomery Anne Mullanq Donna Shelton Kay Benninbton Second Row' Mar Mona Peak . f . y ' ,, Phyllis Pubh Carroll Tuthill Beth Connelly Janie Head cheerleader Poo Vlullan urges the North Susan DZLWSOH Phyll1s Pugh cheers at a basketball arne usrng the new sharper motrons lrVho could res1st th1s srdehne spurt? 229 Y 7 3 ! i x v J 7 O' , 7 O' 7 5 J ' , cc an , , - 1 1 9 crowd to yell. g S , - 23l kickoff play. Gary Thompson Q37j evades jim Green to tackle Dewey Oakes Danny Childress in hot pursuit of passer shows all-district form. Carl Creimel and David Pugh block on Co Captain Keith Fisher works on passing during pre-game practice. We're Number One! Undefeated Western District Champions Led by the outstanding performances and leadership of captains, Keith Fisher and jimmy Green, the Hill- toppers of E. C. Glass rolled to an undefeated season and the WCStC1'H District football championship. Three ties on a very rough schedule which featured two state champions and four interdistrict opponents, however, kept the season from being a perfect one. To have an unbeaten season, as the team did, a stingy defense sup- plemented by a potent offense was necessary. Also, ex- cellent coaching by head Coach Vince Bradford and his assistants, coaches Sherrill, Gilbert, and Sheets was needed to bring out the full potential of the players and to produce an undying spirit and good sportsmanship. Although seniors-some who have signed football scholarships with colleges-dominated the headlines, many good juniors and sophomores plus bovs from the Junior Varsity and Freshman teams assure Glass of an- other good season next year. 232 All-Western Districts players are Danny Childress, Keith Fisher, jimmy Green all state and Wayne Harris. 233 Rick Salmon, the "human tank," rushes for valuable yardage. Front Row: B. Horsley, D. Hudson, F. George, K. Fisher QAt Capt.j, J. Green CCapt.j, VV. Harris, D. Childress, W. Cunningham Second Row: T. Trice, M. Morris, Shaw, D. Marks, C. White F. Malloy, M. Callaham, D. Oakes. Third Row: J. Morris, I. Duff D. Moody, M. Scott, S. Garnsey, S. VVitt, D. Judd, G. johnson foziifth Ram S Hooten D Pu h C Crennel S Ballowe K Mad 'fr fz. ,.g,. ,. ,a..- dox, B. Blankinship, B. Suhlett, B. Buck. Fifth Row: D. Wickline B. Knight, D. Viar, D. Tibbs, I. Worley, S. Moore, R. Salmon M. Sydnor. Sixth Row: Coach Sheets, D. Wright, K. Moore, R Bailey, H. P. Cheatum, Coach Sherrill. Seventh Row: Coach Brad- ford, Coach Gilbert, Managers-C. Lee, B. Smith, I. Viar, G. Fulk- ner. Absent-D. Callahan. Coach Bradford deliluerates strategy of a screen pass. Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass VARSITY FOOTBALL 7-O-3 SCHEDULE 285 Grundy 33g Virginia of Bristol 26g Williaiii Fleming 75 D-B of Kingsport 205 Graham of Bluefiel 63 G. VV. of Danville 34 3 jefferson Og Patrick Henry 33 5 Kecoughtan 2l 5 Andrew Lewis 208 d Injuries Hamper Freshmen and JV Football Teams First Row: Pettyjohn, D. Smelser, I. Eger, R Second Row: D. Lucy, I. Driscoll, C. McLean, Third Row: E. jones, J. Atkins, G. Jackson, D Fourth Row: C. Holland, G. Salmon, R. Mark, Fifth Row: C. Moore, J. Crawley, J. Dearing, I Coach Noechel, E. Martin, L. Martin, D. Sutton, Randy Bowling fights against Patrick Henry for toug yardage. Lester, P. Ramsey, D. Blankenship, R. Bowling I. Wern, B. Blum, S. McNamara, B. Winder Childress, S. Costas, H. Knight, T. Chamouris J. Hurt, L. Ferguson, C. Saunders, H. Zahonet Burriss, R. Morris, R. Doss, C. Glass. Sixth Row Coach White. i Limited by a small turnout and plagued by numerous injuries, the IV. team struggled through a frustrating 2-3-I season. Neverthe- less, many prospects shined in the otherwise dark season. VVith a rough schedule, including tour Westerii District powers and a strong I.V. team, the 1965 Glass freshman team ended a trying sea- son with a disappointing record of I-3-I. Despite their deceptive records, both teams showed a great deal of determination and an impressive defense. 235 'Tw' M"'WWWM I. V. SCHEDULE 2-3-1 Glass 6 Halifax 0 Glass 18 G. VV. of Danville 12 Glass 0 Fork Union 21 Glass O Patrick Henry 0 Glass O Hargrave 14 Glass O VVilliam Fleming 19 24 5 FRESHMAN SCHEDULE 1-3-1 Glass 6, Patrick Henry 7 Glass 27 ' G. W. of Danville 6 Glass 6 , Blueridge IV. 27 Glass 7 Vlfilliam Fleming 7 Glass O ' jefferson 14 46 61 F1f0iitR0w: G. Marshall, A. Lee, F. Burnette, M. Hollings- worth, L. Puckett. Second Row: Coach Hoffman, J. Ballard, VV. Deacon, L. Helms, C. Higginbotham, C. jones. Third Row: I. Krantz, R. Reynolds, C. Harding, B. Drinkard, T. Poin- dexter, I. Gilbert. Fomftli Row: N. johnson, B. O'Brian, G. Day S Kirstein S Arthur K Turner I Cassid Fifth Row: , . , . , . , . L y. R. Gibson, T. Newton, L. Woocly, B. Cothran, B. Babcock D. McFarland, Mark. Sindh Row: F. Viar, W. Martin, R. Trent QMgr.j, D. McDaniel, S. Lloyd, I. Thorp. Seventh Row: T. Morris-on, K. Contarino, D. Pettyjohn, L. May, B. Benedickter, S. VVoodroof. In last Freshman game, the stiff Jefferson j'.V. line stops Glass. Cagers Win All But Fourg Runner-up In District As close as three points away from a shot at the state tournament, but as far away as another year, the Hill- toppers' Varsity Basketball Team stormed to a I7-4 season and a second place finish in the strong Western District. From the first tryout to the last second at Glen-Var, this team earned all the plaudits of appreciative fans. Showing the best scoring punch in recent years, the Top- pers rode the scoring of All-District Wayne Harris and Bobby Brown, co-captains, to the heights of glory. Team- work and depth rather than individual stardom, however, was the key to a successful season. The rough schedule, including state tournament participants, Patrick Henry and Hampton, and Group I-B state champion Martinsville, was very hard and demanding. Although four starters will graduate, Glass, directed by Coach Bryan and bolstered by an able group of juniors plus sophomore sensation, Tom Trice, will produce an- other winning team next year. Tommy Trice and Wayne Harris go high to rebound. jump Ball - center of attraction against Hampton 237 fmyv iii, wb EM . V W 'VW , . rs g s 2 ag w 1 U gi AQ Fi1'stR0w: C. Trice, T. Trice, W. Harris, B. Brown, S. Fauber, C. Morris. Second Row: D. Pugh, D. Hobbs, B. Horsley, B. Ray, N. Morrison. Third Row: VV. Mace QMgr.j, R, NVaHace, J. Swann, T. DeShazo, C. Ward, VV. Trent QMgr.j. zwissingz B. Smith, fMgr.j. Most Exciting Team In Recent Years 239 Stuart Fauber tries shot against Patrick Henry. Hustle and determination pay off for Hilltoppers in winning effort. Glass 36 49 62 62 SI 60 4l 44 67 Fork Union Martinsville Danville Andrew Lewis Halifax Williaiii Fleming Hampton High Patrick Henry Jefferson Glass 77 76 59 VARSITY SCHEDULE Opponents Glass 28 42 Hampton High 60 66 Danville 41 56 Andrew Lewis 5l 72 Martinsville 55 67 Halifax 23 44 Patrick Henry 34 71 Jefferson 72 62 Willialii Fleming 44 74 Fishburn VVESTERN DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Opponents Williaiii Fleming 39 Andrew Lewis 59 Patrick Henry 62 Opponents 38 39 52 38 34 46 43 27 30 VVayne Harris and Tom Trice show the determination of a "red-hoti' team. VV ith a second effort the goal is made by Mitch Garbee. Experience Gained I Winning Season VVhile learning the Glass systen of basketball, the players of th junior Varsity and Freshmen team enjoyed Winning seasons. The Junior Varsity under Coac Bailey displayed an exceptionall' balanced attack in posting a IO-. record. All spectators will certainl remember the double overtime gain With Patrick Henry. Under new Coach Cerillo, Wh was less concerned with high score. the Freshmen, climaxing a series great ninth-grade teams, rolled t another successful season of 7-3. Fzrst Row: M. Garbee, C. Wliite, D. Childress, C. Wingfield, G. Reid. Second Row: I. Averette, G. lack- son, I. Pettyjohn, G. Ford, C. Glass. Third Row: M. Cox, G. Salmon, B. Martin, Coach Bailey. 241 Some action from the last Fresh- man game at Glass-David Knight prepares to rebound. Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Freshman, . V. Players Anticipate Varsity Action J. V. SCHEDULE 533 Danville 383 Salem 55 3 Halifax 59 3 Fleming 42 3 Patrick Henry 47 3 Jefferson 443 Danville 443 V.E.S. 383 Salem 53 3 V.E.S. 593 Halifax 533 Patrick Henry 54 3 Jefferson 443 Fleming FRESHMAN SCHEDULE Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Blue Ridge Holy Cross Blue Ridge Holy Cross V.E.S. Hargrave Hargrave R. E. Lee V.E.S. Father Judge First Row: A. Dickerson, D. Knight. B. Shields, G. Day, R. Gil- more. Second Row: K. Contarino, V. Barbour, G. DuPriest, S. McNamara, R. Coffee, QMgr.j Third Row: Coach Cerillo, B. Sandidge, L. Helms. Zlfissing: J. Chewning, M. Hollingsworth, D. Morgan. Cindermen Look Strongg Threat For State Championship Based on the indoor track season, the 1966 Glass track team figured to be a threat to the state track championship in Williamsbtirg. These hopes came from the potential of several new boys and the depth in many events. The strength of this year's team vvas in the running events, vvhere the squad had many experienced runners, headed by captains Johnny Kidd and lohn Morris. Also, in the field events Glass, led by Captain Ed George, sparkled. With trips to Durham, North Caro- lina, and Knoxville, Tennessee high- lighting the challenging schedule, the team had another successful season. Frank Murray and jim Eger are head to head in a warmup for the hundred-yard dash. 243 Wayne Harris with an extra effort heaves the shot in practice. TRACK SCHEDULE April 2-NCTSOH County 6-Andrew Lewis I3lG. W., Danville 16-Durham Relays 20-NVillian1 Fleming 23-Southern interscholastic Clinoxvillej 27-FO1'li Union 30-Hargrave May 5-Patrick Henry 14-Vvlestern District Meet 20-21--State Meet Sz MJ First Row: C. Pinkerton, UT. Lloyd, M. Callahani, D. Childress, E. George, I. Morris, I. Kidd, T. Saunders J. Duff, F. Murray. Second Row: S. Hooten, A. VVood, C. Moser, J. Averette, M. Hollingsworth, S. Bal- lowe, D. Noechel, C. Faulconer, M. Brenton, D. Wickline. Third Row: P. Ramsey, D. Sirnins, S. Costas D. ludd, B. Buck, C. Higginbotham, G. lackson, R. Terry. Fourth Row: T. Chamouris, C. Glass, M. Evans D. Childress, S. McNamara, S. Arthur, Zahonet, I. Dearing. Fifth Row: -I. Atkins, S. Kirstein, M. Dun- lap, T. Pearson, B. Blum, H. Pitzer, F. Burnette. Sixth Row: D. McLean, C. Owen, T. Newton, S. Crank P. Cluender, C. Harding, C. Rash, D. McFarland. Seventh Row: P. Garner, C. Lee, K. Reid, D. Viar, I Pettyjohn, J. Shaw, M. Morris. Eighth Row: J. McDaniel, F. Tabor, R. McFall, T. VVhite, L. M-orton, C Blake, D. Rice, B. Rash. Ninth Row: Coach Bradford, R. Bowling, Green, Coach Sherrill, Coach Gilbert Experience, Not Desire, Necessary For Baseball Team Starting the season with an almost entirely new team, Coach Noechel of the 1966 Base- hall Team looked for his fourth Western Dis- trict Baseball championship. With only four regular players, Dewey Oakes, Larry Wfaorl, captain, Keith Fisher and Clay Wliite return- ing from last year's team, the new players had to play a major role. Pitching, which guided the team to victory last year, appeared to he the strongest part of this yearls team. ln this department were Oakes and VVood. as well as Timmy Connor, Mike Power. and Don Blankinship. Although the opening game with Brook- ville did not end in victory for Glass, the team did display the ability to come from behind in losing. To have a good season, the team must im- prove its hitting and defense. If a power hitter appeared, no goal could be too high for the Hilltoppers on the diamond. SCHEDULE March 25-Brookville 29-Patrick Henry April 2-Halifax 5-VES 8-Patrick Henry I5-Jefferson I6-Danville 21-Brookville 26-Danville 30-Win. Fleming M ay 6-jefferson 7-Halifax 14-District Tournament Dewey Oakes, the top hurler on the staff, is in top form in a 10-4 victory over Patrick Henry. 245 Returning regulars, Keith Fisher and Dewey Oakes, from last year lead the team out against Patrick Henry. Q Front Row: W. Sydnor, B. Snead, G. Snead. Second Row: Coach Bailey, S. Fauber, C. Ward, B. Brown, D. Ruska. Third Row: L. Oglesby, B, Quillian, M. Maslow, S. Schewel, G. Calvert. Fourth Row: I. Costan, W. Gibson, B. Crowder, D. Cooper. Norwood Morrison and Stuart Fauber watch tezunmates play, as they prepare for doubles match. The Snead brothers, Bennie and George pre pare for match against Fleming. 247 eturning Racquetmen Lead Tennis Team In Rebuilding With only two lettermen, Chris Ward and Bobby Brown returning, the 1966 Tennis team worked throughout the season to rebuild the team which lost four starters from last year. Cn this year's schedule were Vlfilliam Fleming, Suffolk, Danville, Halifax, Patrick Henry, the district favorite, and V.E.S. Ward and Brown, who teamed in doubles competition, led the team coached by Mr. Bailey to another successful, but difficult, season. To go to the State Tournament again was the main goal. David Ruska stretches for the tough one SCHEDULE April 1-VVilliam Fleming 9--Suffolk I2-Danville I5-l4T21llf2lX I6-Patrick Henry 19-V.E.S. 23-Halifax 29-Danville 30-Patrick Henry May 3 6 20- -V.F,.S. -Williaili Fleming 1 3- 14-Regional Tournament QRoanokej 21-State Tournament CCharlottesvillej Linksmen Have Best Year Ever Strengthened by four seniors, the 1966 Golf Team looked forward to a winning season. Although this fourth team in the history of the sport at Glass faced a difficult schedule, in- cluding two games each with Patrick Henry, and Danville, the members looked toward a trip to Virginia Beach for the state tournament in May. Home games were at Oakwood Country Club again this year. Led by Coach O. S. White and number one man Bobby Evans, the linksmen showed team spirit and a desire to win. Tommy Foster tries power tee shot in tryouts for the golf team. Steve Rosenthal drives ball down the fairway, as weary competitor john Swann looks on. . 3-Q 'wg Z xiii 6 Q X QQ 2 ,., .,: it ,',, . - Q 7 we 'Z W w:.w!2?!m'2k1i ss liiiiigt e f ' , 212. '::2:. '2 iiaggigggggswiaw- ' - ' -g:-:-..-.--g:g,:j.-3... lim ' t ffl :gg -55f:E: f2g-ggi 3: 31: Ee, Kiiwlgf X ' if ES l if 523553 fi-.::. - . N . . gi Ik aged? 41 if M Q Q w i Q Q 'J ite.iif?'!g!'5s'Fi i + Eg .. or :.Jfzi1'W X W ' N MQW 12213229 we ,Q wwmw , . . Zliqgziwggf MH ,Swat miiew C Z3 125 fi 7 g.,.,,Wm,. saga 4. UW, M5112 LZ Us H231 , fa, mtwzsvw.-g sm wga fit? W'-Q it ,wma .L --f-- . - 1 ts, Q, wmvswim ..-5:1 -a::::z: M! Q sng2i1i,.,,t-ma la g.. Niigata it ' zi3Wziif2:2f'E m'tig vga: Ugiztiwwiiwzzf fe:t2?f2:3tX,Qgitw asm: f:wfzigg1:ssw.z1a at in ' ----- ' Wewzeiw 251222955 f E1 ... .s 3' ' M' if 5' 55.f2..2:452522 fi-5.52: Ee E fizmim laltiiaw Q am? 221333 iosgiieiw H1292 2 f S mzafw W :TIE Q it is.. as ,. W issaagsaasezegwaiiififW 112323222 , f f: 21 2f'1E'. ii W ir: tiara. Even the chip shot must be practiced to lower the score of john Swann. 249 A E -.f.,.,.. an was -5 ,az :iz 2-2- 3 E Front Row: R. Clements, D. Nein, B. O'Brian. Second Row: I. Thorn, T. Shelton, B. Evans, Coach Wl1ite. SCHEDULE April I 5-Brookville 13-Patrick Henry 221DHl1X'lll6 26-AI1ClTCXN' Lewis 28--Patrick Henry May 3-Danville 9-VVilliam Fleming Io-Brookville I3-DlSt1'lCt Tournament CDanvillej 20-State Tournament cVl1'g'l1'1lH 'B6IlCllD 25 Front Roto: Debbie Harvey, Kathy Gray, Carolyn Brown, Cindy Houliares, Judy Hallstrom. Back Row: Gail Vlfennerstrom, Linda Moore, Darlene VV are, Barbara Clement, Ioan Lollis. Weire From Glass High, Couldnit Be Prouder "Shut up and line up!,' IV cheer- leading practice begins. And so, during such practices as this, the IV squad planned their year from football to basketball season-making cupcakes for the Hboysu, supplying them with tootsie rolls and lollie pops and chocolate footballs to help them win. After selling Pep Club buttons, get- ting new white uniforms, helping in pep rallies, the IV,s ended their year with hope of another good year. In the Basketball Awards Assembly, Dar- lene Wa,re makes her final appearance as head I.V. cheerleader. 251 Girls Are Athletic Too The Freshman sport of Speed-a-Way opened the GAA season With the Union, Heads capturing the champion- ship. Then, the more experienced teams took the field playing the fast- moving game of Hockey. In the soph- omore finals the Blanks edged out the Aderls Apples. Then, in the final seconds of the jr.-Sr. championship, a hockey team scored the winning goal to edge out Raunchy UI3,,l It must have been a heart-breaker being in the last fevv seconds. But! The enthusiasm of basketball quickly replaced the loss. With all three classes playing basketball there was never a dull moment, The freshman led the championships with a clear vic- tory as the Harlem Globe Tvvinkletoes downed the Rinky Dinks. The sopho- Beth Connelly, Kay Bennington and Phyllis Pugh talk while awaiting their turn to play. Suzan McClelland and Becky Burruss bully to start off the hockey game. mores started off with a bang as the Dodge Rebellion lhanded down a de- cisive defeat to the Basket Bags. As a climax to a Wonderful seige on "Raunchy ISN gave a sounding defeat to BBB. As it can be well seen there is never a dull moment in GAA sports! Ruth Moore and Andee Maddox lead a discussion at a G.A.A. meeting. 252 Morning League Basketball offers good execise. Driven only by personal inter- est in sports and a desire to play basketball, boys on five sophomore and six freshmen teams participated in lVlorning League Basketball. Games began when the teams of seven players arrived at eight olclock. Most of the girls who participate in t Intramurals take gym but these sports do require Physical Education classes. l Hockey is one of the popular sports. 253 "VVhere did the ball go?"-a familiar question in morning league basketball. I i i C i THE PLAYBILL ,Lynchburg Merchants Back '66 Production 1 As one turns the pagesfof the playbill -he finds the many advertis- ing firms who consider the cast as prospective customers. p A For fifty-four, years the advertis- ers ghavep been the "angels" who have invested in the production of the CREST. As a result of' their patronage, the publication has main- tained thigh standardsof quality and has won ,many "Critic Awards" from Columbia Press Association, Na- tional' Scholastic Press Association and Southern 'Interscholastic Press Association. o The cast -wishesgat time to express its appreciation to the in- vestors whose 'interest and support have made ,possible this 1966 pro- duction. , . A With the fall of the final curtain, loud applause is heard from the backers of the play for the messages carried through tl1e'playbill. 1.2 3 ,w aesgg ,, w??, 1 Q x V GU R ADVERTISERS Acree Sz Peck, Inc. Adams Motor Company Advertisement Art Service Allied Pharmacies Appalachian Power Company Baer Sz Son Memorial Buckingham Sz F lippin Carrington-Dirom-Basten Co., Inc. Chap Stick Company Chestnut Hill Beauty Shop Christian Book Shop Clean-Craft, Inc. Coleman, G. A. Company, Inc. Conner Produce Company Consonis Dinette Co-Gperative Building Sz Loan Association Craddock-Terry Shoe Corporation Davis, James T., Inc. DeWitt, G. C. Company Dickerson Buick Corporation Doyle, Florist Duiguid Funeral Home Duti-Duds, Inc. Edwards, Inc. ' Feagans, Robert H., General Contractor Fidelity National Bank First Federal Savings Sz Loan Association First Sz Merchants National Bank First National Trust Sz Savings Bank 257 Fisher, S. O., Inc. Ford-Garbee Sz Company, lfnc. Ford, I. R. Company, Inc. Franklin, S. H. Company Gannaway, John E. Sz Company Hammersley, Kenneth Motors, inc. Hill City Tobacco Company, lnc. Hines, D. A. Company, lnc. Hollywood School of Beauty Culture Hopkins Bros. Realty Corporation Hughes Dry Cleaning Corporation Hughes, john P. Motor Company Imperial Reading Corporation Jefferson, A. G. Kernis Bakery Lancaster Galleries Lawhorne, Brothers Leggett's Dept. Store Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce Lynchburg College Lynchburg Engraving Company, Inc Lynchburg Federal Savings Sz Loan Association Lynchburg Foundry Company Lynchburg Iron Sz Metal Co., Inc. Lynchburg News Sz Advance, Inc. Lynchburg Ready-Mix Concrete Company, Inc. Lynchburg Rendering Company, lnc. Lynchburg-NVestover Dairies, Inc. McCarron, Florist McDaniel-Kelly Electric Company McGhees Furniture Company, Inc. OUR ADVERTISERS Mead Corporation Merrimanis Barber Shop Mutual Press, Inc. Nationwide Insurance Neighborhood Beauty Slhop Oak Hall Cap and Gown Company Oppleman, L. 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"- :- ': :-- - I2EIEIEIESEIEIEIEIEIEIEF-:1i2:1:f:-:E1E2EIEIE1E1EIEIE1E1EC51:11E2E25 ieisiziiisisiai i EE2is22252eEe2a2zis222e2ei2ii?" ::E1EiEiEfE??i1EF45E: 't:1 ':5523ErE1ErEfE1E5:2 i1555E5E5E?E5E5E5E5E5Eii1E' .. '5 X -L+!-252 Ig-252:-1-5 .-2Cv:7g., .4-2-Z4242-I-IC-Z'Z'Z-"' 'ZS' , I-I-1-I-I-Z-Iiglf 252' I-1:9s:s:2:2:2:2:2:s:2:e1Eg1s 1:2121i12fE522:z: iz.. "1 X 4:-:-:-:-:-:-:f1:t:i:i'i' 13: 1 :- -'-:32:I::31g3:2:C:2:5:4.3' :g:5:g:5:::,:5:-:,: 'f'f:f:2:5:g:g:- '-151:-. i1E2E2E1E1fF ' :1.E'1rE'ErE 1:32:5 5 '-:1E3:Et2:E:f':" 1t2I2125'E?: ' L -'fr x -4 In 1882 Edison had a great idea - - and it wasn't the electric light! The whole idea of investor-ownership of electric light and power companies began when Thomas A. Edison and a group of in- vestors flnanced his first power plant more than 80 years ago. Since then, investor-owned companies like ours have become an integral part of America's Free Enterprise system. That explains why today We have at our fingertips more electric power than any other country in the World. And it's this same Free Enterprise system that puts at your fingertips greater oppor- tunity, greater expectation for success than can be hoped for by any other young people in the world. 7. inn...-ae..-. N-' C APPAUI CHIA-IV Powfn ca. , 7 Trent's Gulf Servlce Pmehl S Garage Corner Twelfth and Kemper Streets F or Quick Effunent Serwce DIAL VI 5.478l 809 Jefferson Street Ford-Garbee 86 Co., Inc. CENTRAL VlRQlNgA'5 REALTORS 207 Ninih S+ree'I' Lynchburg, Virginia SCHOOL FOOD SERVICE DIAL 847-5585 Resiciegfiai - Commercial J. W. 'i E 'Y Smeg WHOLESALE GROCER, INC. V. Howard Ford Waiier A. Garbee, Jr. PETERS NEWS STAND, INC. Virginia? Largest Selection of Magazines and Paper Bound Books 72l Main Sfreei' Mr. Claude Ferguson, Manager of Rivermont West End Market, checks out Mrs. R. Vaughan Harper and Mrs. R. N. VVinfree While Debbie Burdick and Sandra Marshall observe the general routine of a modern supermarket. 264 ENROLL ASK FOR I966-67 CATALOG become a. competent L II X I Skill f OS I I APLIIISQL Leadership Aniiiiy JUNIOR ' N I EXECUTNE Mind Pnwerumi I GRADLATE 4 QM gum! I , ' I i I COMPLETE PRACTICAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TRAINING NOW! OR MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING 0 MAJORS IN ACCOUNTING, AUTOMATION LIFETIME FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE PERSONALITY AND CONFIDENCE BUILDING TRAINING EDUCATIONAL LOANS mme PAY PLANI ITIN COMMI N FOR BUSINE OOLS -Milk is just milk .. . unless it's WZJZUVUL Then you know it's QUALITY CHEHD Wwbm D KENNETH HAMMERSLEY, INC. I2+h and Hendricks S'l'ree'I's PONTIAC 8: TEMPEST LINCOLN - MERCURY - COMET l2+h and Forl' Avenue l21'l1 and Tilden S'rree'l's MG - AUSTEN HEALEY - MERCEDES-BENZ - JAOUAR Tilden Sireei' a'l' l2+h Sireei' in Lynchburg TWO STORES Q PiHman Plaz 266 HATEVER your require- menfs .... we shall appreciafe +l1e oppor- +uni+y of aiding you in securing +l1e besf possi- ble values in .... PRINTING ENGRAVING bid J ufuaf gyress, nc. 58-60 Ninlh S'rree'r Dial VI 5-l203 M Mr. C. Odell Bell, President of Mutual Press, explains to Harry Hill, CREST Editor, and Billy Evans the machinery used in printing our annual. HIGHEST PRICES Acree 86 Peck, Inc. For All Grades of Scrap and Waste Material REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Lynchburg Allied Arts Building I Iron and Metal Co For Speed, Convenience and Economy DIAL 846-6563 PEPSI'COI.A Lynchburg Ready-Mix Concrete Co., Inc. 268 Where Award Winning SI'ucIen'I's Are Trained iii , r i I BEAUTY cuuuns MEMBER OF NATIONAL AMERICAN COSMETOLOGY SCHOOLS ASSO. 4I5 Firsl' SI'reeI', S. W. 30I8 Memorial Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Phone 343-4495 Phone 845-I553 Virginia's Awarcl-Winning Beauly School FOR "The Bes'I' Deal in Town" SEE CORVAIR G. E. 81 FRIGIDAIRE W . APPLIANCES -1. Ev Servlce for cs. E. - ZENITH E F3 Makes 8: MOTOROLA TV CHEVY II USE OUR 2306 Bedford Ave. EAQIALAY iz+h and church s+s. Neighborhood Beauty McCarron Florist Salon For CompIe+e Beauiy Service Personal Siyling 722 Main S+ree'I' MARY HOLT, Owner Dial vi 7-5566 Cal' 847-4972 I02 Thomas Rd. Lynchburg, Va yr ' - , 51, ,Q-3 . , 'A"' '- '- 1 -is ' " fji '5 :SSTL ' Q Y Z., 'L ..., 1 ....' : .:,:.s''i-i15a:+2::k:r:1a:'.fa:s:Q-Q.mev2iK::fP':f"' "" ' 'I'MI-91:1-s:-e:s::-S:-1 f" M For Nurses Q Waitresses o Maids DUTI-DUDS INC. 300 Monticello Ave. Lynchburg, Vo. YOUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR CAN SAVE YOU MONEY! Shop Every Nighm' Complefe Depar+men+s SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE! 23I5 Memorial Avenue Phone Vl 6-734l 270 SAVINGS GIVE SUBSTANCE T0 DREAMS FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK MEMBER F. D. I. C. ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY Lynchburg"s Exclusive IMPERIAL - CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH - VALIANT - SIMCAC SALES - SERVICE Dial VI 5-3456 JAMES A SCOTT 86 SON, INC. INSURANCE Mr. C. Raine Sydnor, Presi- den t, and Mr. W. E. McBrat- ney, Jr., Vice President, of james A. Scott and Son, show Donna Clark and Sally McBratney th h th 'r r o u g er modern insurance office. 272 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT TAYLQR BRGS LYNCHBURG'S LARGEST. MOST I MODERN NEIGHBORHOOD DRUG STORE Ing, Compleie Line of School Supplies Pearsonis Drug Store Lumbe' ' Mlllwml' CITY-WIDE SERVICE Building Malerials 2476 RIVERMONT AVE. DIAL VI 7-4473 4l09 BOONSBORO RD. DIAL VI 6-4666 Wood Roof Trusses 2259 LANGHORNE RD. DIAL VI 7-443l SMILEY BLOCK COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of Concrete Products THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 0 XQME ynchburg , I 6 , D H Off' 6'lgnCT1urclicSi. Dial VI 5-4551 SAVINGS 3: LOAN I ASSLCIATION NIE KP. G. COSBY, JR., Prosidenil I IAILQQTITT --li v far: mf-1, I.YNcI-Isunc, vA. ,TA EE -EIr--131 fu. Miller Park Branch """' 1990 E TA . 7 5:23557 il -X' DIEIVEE-602: 0 RATE A if Brookville Branch Ti"rf?K? 7II4T' 6 I R Rd. NOW PAID QUARTERLY Dia,"2E'K22f0 273 Reach For Sunbeam UUMPJIRE Bakers of Sunbeam Products Lynchburg - Danville - Waynesboro JEWELERS . GIHS for All Occasions Join Music - SPORT eooos the 1311111195 Y. M. c.,4. BROTHERS 'us Let SCHEVVELS FEATHER YOUR NEST Lyncl1burg's Mosi' Popular Furniiure Sfore ELEVENTH AND MAIN STREETS 274 OAK HALL CAP 86 GOWN C0,, INC 2734 Colonial Avenue, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia DI 2-6786 Serving the Nation with at complete service in: Caps and Gowns, Faculty Hoods, and Costumes. Formal Wear rented and sold through Cali Hall Uniform and Rental Shop - Phone DI 3-5859. The South's Largest Manufacturer of Choir Robes for Schools and Churches. Write to us for literature and samples. Clean-Craft Cleaners , SINCE ISB6 2995 Ferl- Avenue Fine Dial VI 7-6663 F t r 00 Wea O Wheeler's Pharmacy I . nc Coleman's I 9lI Main Sl-reel' I749 Park Avenue Dial VI 5-2364 Lynchburg, Va. 275 Jewelry - Music - Luggage Largesf Record Dealer Exclusive Dealers for "Conn" Band lnsfrumenls Slingerland Drums L Gibson - Marlin - Fender Guifars and Amplifiers Complele Line of Musical Accessories Bulova and Elgin Walclwes - Luggage RCA-Viclor Siereo Hi-Fi Viclrolas - Radios - Tape Recorders L. GPPLEMAN Esrablished I890 "YOUR Gif? S+ore" 4 825 Main Sheer Lynchburg, Virginia Dial 845-575l Easy Terms Mr. Robert il. Flippin, Vice President of Buckingham-Flippin jewelers, fits Donna Shelton with lim' senior ring. 276 For an exceptional educational experience . . . S I 5 e o "I, - 45 ,11 EDU C I : O XQKX CYG CG 5 5 1903 -, 2 A IcnAnrInInQ 'f T- Z t i 1919 -' - Z A . or 1 A A Christian College for Men and Women 'IH O KC, Dr. Carey Brewer, President illuuxxxxmbe 9-sam,-qu - V Fully Accredited V Beautiful 214-acre Campus V Co-Educational V Distinguished Faculty V Broad Liberal Arts Program V Small-College Atmosphere V Pre-Professional Studies V Granting A.B., B.S. and M.S Degrees For additional information, write: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS LYNCHBURG COLLEGE LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 277 Walker, Mo-sby and Calvert, Inc. RENTALS - AUCTIONS REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 8I5 Church S'I'reeI' Lynchburg, Virginia TAKE YOUR FLOWERS WITH YOU ON THAT BIG DATE Doyle Florist 708 Main Sireei' 9 PiH'mun Plaza Dial VI 6-658I Dial VI 5-6064 WEST END MARKETS, INC. "II"s your WEST END MARKETS where II' cos'I's Iess To shop" Appoma+'I'ox, AI+avis+a, Brookneal ancI Lynchburg aT: I305 Main S'I'reeI' 30II MemoriaI Avenue 2478 Rivermonf Avenue JOHN E. GANNAWAY Sc COMPANY, INC. HARDWARE 920-922 Commerce SI'reeI' Dial VI 7-5595 EIDWARDSI, INC. 725 Main S+. Bofany I500I Sui+5 McGregor Sporfs Wear Van Heusen Shirfs ManhaHan Shir'I's and ofher name brands G. C. DeWitt Co. THE HOUSE OF CARPET FLOOR COVERINGS VENETIAN BLINDS Phone VI 7-6637 3008 Memorial Ave. Lynchburg. Va. 278 ROBERT H. FEAGAN S General Contractor I P. O. Box 4007 LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA HOPKINS BROTHERS Realty C0fP0fati0H Lynchburg Rendering Zip Code 24505 h AUCTION - REAL ESTATE Co. Inc. INSURANCE ' REALTORS 840 CIT I1 S+. Lynchb g V g Lynchburg' Virginia Dial VI 7-8838 LYNCHBURG FOUNDRYT COMPANY 2 ROCKYDALE STONE SERVICE CORPQ Producers CRUSHED STONE AGRICULTURAL LIME DELIVERED AT LOWEST RATES 0 DRIVEWAYS 0 ROADS 0 PILLS 9 CONCRETE DAILY CAPACITY 2000 TONS PIan+s in R oano Ike - Lynchburg - Mmansvalle R. F. D. 2, Concord, Va., Box 134 Dial Vlctor 6-3641 Cathy Taylor and B. H. Wood discuss savings plans for the graduate with Mr. Robert B. Quick, Vice President of Co- Operative Build- ing 81 Loan As- sociation. 280 gvvvx fwvww v hen you want 01 fine portrait... to record forever with charm and dignity the important events of your life,come to the Photograph Studio of your Official Photographer. .. :E-:E:c:le:'s ANVIAANVVNANVIAANVVIAANMAANVK AAAAA ef Qiaayggmr GTM, I I I I I I I I These Famous Brands put the American Family : on a SMART FOOTING Everywhere! : AuIJITIoNs ANDIAMO : NATURAL BRIDGE Axe JR. shoesfof Boys : MIRACLE-TREAD KI-YAKS I AXG Shoes for Men BOB SMART JR. : FASHION CRAFT BOB SMART : BILLIKEN LION BRAND I . .I., , I, , MANUFACTU E BY "r" ,I , V. V flSl19Ie Qorporotion LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Fac'I'orIes aI- Lynchburg, Halifax, Farmville, Chase Ciiy, Lawrenceville and Vicloria, Virginia TEXAS TAVERN 6II Main S+. Lynchburg, Virginia For Eye Care Consull' Your Eye Physician For Eye Wear Consulf Your Guild Oplician Strother Drug Qc S' Company "CIP Wholesale Druggists A' G' -I Ground Floor Allied Arfs Buildin Lynchburg - Richmond Esfablished I853 LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA EXCLUSIVELY OPTICAL IMPERIAL READING CORP. I4Ih 8: Kemper S+s. Lynchburg, Va. Sportswear and Ladies Blouses For the Best in Paint and Wall Paper Shop at D. A. HINES CCIIVIPANY, INC. Lynchburg? Oldest Paint and Wall Paper Company 724 Commerce S+reeI' Mrs. E. G. Huff, President of The Advertising Club, goes over the make-up of an advertising lay- out with Linda Pound. Students Meet Your Friends for The Best Food, The Best Service, The Best Atmosphere Twenty-four Hours a Day at T CON SONS DIN ETTE lII5 Campbell Ave. Dial 846-57I7 284 Conveniently located throughout the city VIRGINIA LAUNDRY CRUTCHFIELD'S THE WASHING WELLS Professional care keeps clothes good looking and new NEWSPAPERS I An important par? of every s+uden1"s education. Read lhem every dey. THB NEWS Published by The Lynchburg News, lnc. THE DAILY ADVANCE Published by The Lynchburg Daily Advance, lnc. s 'ge 'gc + lv'g" DICKERSON BUICK Corporation 407 Federal Sf. Dial Vl 7-5573 XM an 'rf 1 -11.3-sflr'-A 55.-'lip , F7 ,F M:m+,y- 4-gal El' lf? :L ii fi?T?'f"i'.?"5,'g4? PUT UP A BRAVE FRONT Shop al' 'Z0a2ea,6'wfufw 8l9 Main S+. MCDANIEL -KELLY ELECTRIC CO'., Inc. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS I2I8 TweIf+h S+ree+ Phone VIc+or 5-4593 LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 24505 In Business Since 1931 Merriman's Barber Shop . . h SOM PM Sheef Chrushan Book S op I.yncI'1I3urg, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gilberf, Props. 0 Offers a new and needed service BOOKS - BIBLES - SUPPLIES 9 Barbering services by appoInI I . Wednesdays OHIY-7 -5 I7 W6CISWOF+h S+ree'I 9 Niqhf appoinimenf Friday and Safurday--6-9 TeIepI1one: VIc'Ior 6-6679 0 For service or Inforrnafion Across from Pmman Plaza 9 Phone VI 5-67OI JAMES T. DAVIS, INC. "Lynchburg's Leading Paint and Wallpaper Storey DIAL VI 6-5234 I225 MAIN STREET 286 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 20l5 Memorial, Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia When in Virginia - It is Lynchburg For the second consecutive year the Latin Plaque in Class A Schools sponsored by the State Latin Tourna- ment of the Classical Association of Virginia was won by Ei. C. Glass High School. LAWHORN E BRCS., INC. Asphalt Paving Lynchburg, Virginia Mr. Herbert Craft, Art Director, and Mr. William P. Blackwell, Sales Manager of Lynchburg Engraving Company, assist Becky Fuller in selecting prints for en- graving. Tradiiionally Fine Qualiiy Complete Clothiers . . . FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN WE'BB-WHITAKETR CO., INC. 909 Main Sireei' - Phone VI 7-7I8l iConvenien'l' Buying Plansl BAER 86 SON, MEMONRIALS Rou'l'e 29 S., Wards Road Lynchburg, Virginia Dial 239-055i "Lynchburg's Leading Furniiure S'I'ore" is 4VAA. in Wheiher you wan? Mod- ? W . Q g t ern or Tradiiional furniiure l lv f f gf 'aff f you'll find large assorl- fi l All ii ,gl 'ff + f th b + + 555 N fig 'A f E, " "A. ' j? V., .,,,,,, , men 5 0 9 es a l c -1 "-bA- . Mcseheek' Be me ff' Se' el kv D McGel1ee's large slack of 4 "7" 4"' ' --f- A'Af' 1 -V . . fine furmfure before mek. .V + L- ing any purchase of furni- K-, .- I .314 42 ,qk I, ,A-ig. ...,..-,. 1 9 .. . V 4 You'll Like Trading al S I . McGel1ee's" FOR FINE . .... Thomas Chip and Confectionery Co. owner and Operafor, Harry Thomas Disfribufors, WISE POTATO CHIPS 540 Oakley Avenue Lynchburg, Va. CONN ER PRODUCE COMPANY Inc. WHOLESALE FRUITS and VEGETABLES Sole Disfribufors of CHOW ORANGES and GRAPEFRUIT Lynchburg. Va. l000 Jefferson S'l'ree1' Vil 5-4583-84-85 Currenl' Rale on Savings 495 Per Annum Compounded QUARTERLY QL Mt Qigiizr-Q5 S I , 4 4 nv.,-48' SAVINGS AND LoAN ASSOCIATION or LYNCHBURG 2 Home Office: Main SI'ree+ al' I0+h Dial: VI 5-237I Plazavue Branch: Memorial Avenue a+ WacIswor+h S+ree'r Dial: VI 7-4437 One hour's free parking: I-Iours: 9 Io 3 Monday Ihrough Thursday Allrighl Virginia Lois 9 Io 6 Friday "Where Thousands Save Millions Fasler Wilh Insured Safely" LYNCHBURG'S OLDEST INSTITUTION DIUGUID S FUNERAL SERVICE E 9 j ',"f- 1' s"' 5 0 Ofering every facility for the complete funeral Vi': IAI' I nm or nmomu smcteo momcums olALvi 6-2726 "" , . OFFSTREEI' PARKING me nvsmonr Ave Lvncuaunc VA 290 OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELEIRS ' DIAMOND MERCI-IANTS ' ' KIRK STERLING ' - GUILD OPTICIANS ' I f , . fn 919 Main Street "Lynchburg's Oldest Jewelersv FOR SECURITY . . . as an employee I' . . . as a policyholder see us, we'd like to talk to you about it NATIONWIDE 'INSURANCE COMPANIES 5401 Fort Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia VIRGINIAN FORD . WLVA Lynchburg's Largesi' Au'ro Dealer WLVA-TV I2+h 8: Couri' Sfreefs Dial VI 7-884I Regina Aultice selects her senior pictures with the help of Mrs. Gaynell Huclnall Manager of Peck's Photographic Studio and the senior class official photographer. 292 Get to know the people, E' at First National. You'll discover they're glad to know you better. . . and always glad to help. f 3 I 0 I uurrln O 0. vmolwu .9 ..nmnnunn.q "M Q s In Branches l and ' 0 ium 0 2482 Rivermon 0 Fort Hill Village of Lynchburg 0 Fort Early Bldg. Member FDIC MAIN OFFICE: I0l0 MAIN STREET 293 PA TERSON S eserzptzon Speczalzsts sfmce 1909 p., ..,..,..1- I020 Main S+. 36I6 Campbell Ave Tale Springs Rd. Timberlake Rd. R+. 29, Madison Heights Mark of personal sewice FIRST 8. MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK 1 V i We're ready when you are! You may already be saving some of your after-school or vacation earnings for college. Or perhaps you're class or club treasurer. Come in and let us help. Let us be your bank today, just as We hope to be your bank in the future. Randolph-Macon I Woman's College Lynchburg, Virginia WILLIAM FLETCHER QUILLIAN, JR., Ph.D., LL.D., Presicleni Randolph-Macon Woman's College has long been recognized as one of Ihe Ieading colleges for women in America. Ii is approved by all Ihe naiional siandardizing associaiions, iIs charier of Phi Bela Kappa was Ihe iirsl granied Io a Souihern college for women: iis degrees are accepied by all universi- Iies in Ihe Uniied Slaies and foreign couniries for uncondi- Iioned admission Io Iheir graduaie schools. A SOUTHERN COLLEGE WITH NATIONAL RECOGNITION AND NATIONAL PATRONAGE For CaI'aIogue and DeI'aiIecI Informalion, Address THE DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Virginia GIFT SHOP 25 Waclsworlh Sfreel' lOpposi+e Shopping Cenlerl lmporfed and Domesfic Glffs Vl 6-8609 In any Eveni' SEND FLOWERS - SEND ouszs C. B. SALE, FLORIST 30I Weslover Blvd. - Phone 846-l32l FOR ALL OCCASIONS Vlfithout Steve Rosenthal's Chevrolet, Hal Craddock could never have completed his errands for the CREST. 296 Warner Theatre IHI1 X1 Main SI'ree'I's VI 5-7898 Wil-Ko Uniform Co I305 Main Sireef VI 6-2446 J. R. FoRD Company, Inc. Contractors ASPHALT ROADS DRIVEWAYS PARKING AREAS Dial VI 7-4444 Fool' of Woodrow Sireei Lynchburg, Va. e ., 1 Z-: . . ......, . ....... , . . . . :gi2i5353ii::5::ggg:-" . E I 9 New with Moistutang! 'Chap Stick' Relieves dry, cracked lips better than ever! Personalized, individually marked for each member of yourfamlly. N . ow turns 1 ' up as neededl ...M ms:ssss:se:s:f:s:s:s::.. Rough? GHAPPED THEY RE ' ,,I: Iif .e.l. l ""ff . Wm'-F OF CHAP STICK . Advertising WO'OID,S Art Service ' Commercial Ari' I003 Main S'I'reeI' ' Advertising . Ph 846-48IO Qualzty M erfs Wear one I957 Fort Ave. Lynchburg, Va Carrington - Dirom, Basten 'Rule Book PSX .pefsongl 7I7 Church S'I'reeI' Service L b V1 Q 0 INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE Ynch wg' "9""a EJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEHLI E. 1. 2 E i 2 2 3 Lynchburg's OIcIes+ Savings 81 Loan Association The average worker earns a fortune between his first and Iast pay- days . . . about 5ISI75.000. Plan, from your fIrs'I' payday, To invesT a part of your fortune . . . Invest where your money Is secure. For Your Future - "Save and Succeed" BY THE SIIIIQ 15m 0 PER ANNUM . . . EQRNPROTJHE COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY 9 H e Office-1001 Church Street, Lynchburg 0. Chestnut Hill Branch -2015 Wards Road Amherst County Branch-U. S. Highway 29, N th BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 298 Virginia has more 'Hman l6,000,000 acres of Foresi' Land. Do your pari' +o keep fhese acres producing high qualify fimber. Keep 'Fores+ fires our o'F 'l'he woods. Help keep Virginia green. I A-A I . MEAD f - f 1 fc , , ' I 1 i gs 5 gi A i f f ,. .igiffgfyf wi l MEAD Mi-,Q ii"i"'5 f 1 O MEAD 1,'51.,4,i QXQ75 ' 5 J fy 5-g,.' it me gr Hg 1 - Q MEAD ,E L 2 W f ,fewfgx G Us af" Q ,L if 7. L Viv-L I N 'iff 'iii JU - I '-.I-,Q ' -it-mu' fvilY.'3QL gy- , ,-E, 4,7 ig! A g I Upcgawff E 1 THE MEAD CORPORATION, LYNCHBURG DIVISION Lynchburg, Virginia SOUTHERN AIR, INCORPORATED Plumbing, Hea'l'ing, Air Condi+ioning MONROE G. BALDWIN G. A. COSTAN M. L. REDWOOD Vice-Presideni' Presideni' Secrefary-Treasurer REAMS FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Downtown - 924 Main Street Wayside - 6006 Fort Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia 299 YOUR ALLIED PHARMACIES Prompt Delivery from Your Nearby Druggist FOREST HILL PHARMACY, lnc. FORT HILL PHARMACY, lnc. Old Forest Road Fort Hill Dial VI 5-3466 Dial Vl 7-4456 ROBERTSON DRUG STORE, lnc. WESTOVER PHARMACY. Inc. Chestnut Hill Wesi' End Dial VI 5-i239 Dial VI 5-3473 Whitten gl-Zzzeraf gfome, nc. 1336 Qjurk Cfvenue - mia! VI 5'452l Cimferlake TRMJ - Qin! CE 9-033' .gynclzdurqis .Most .Modern Glzapel M. Harler, I. VVilloughby, I. Hackett, C. Duck and B. Watts of THE CREST Business Staff, pause after having been shown through the offices oi Leach, Calkins Sz Scott, Certified Public Accountants, who are THE CRESTIS auditors, by Mr. J. Fred Powell, auditor, and Mr. Houston M. Crowder, resident partner. 300 Faculty Directory A ALLEN, EVELYN M.-B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Latin, P11.blica'ti-ons Com- mittee Chair-man. B BAILEY, ROBERT-B.S., The College of 'William and Mary, Health and Physical Edu- cation, Sophomore Class Sponsor, Varsity Tennis and J. V. Basketball Coach. BARBIG, EVELYN V.-B.S., M.A., Memphis State University, English. BECKNER, V. D.-B.S., University of Mis- souri, M.A.E., University of Florida, Guidance and Counsel-ing, Senior Class Co-sponsor. BELCHER, VIRGINIA-B.A., Agnes Scott College, M.A.T., Duke University, English. BITTLE, JOHN W.-B.S., Roanoke College, M,A., New York University, Visiting Teacher. BLOUNT, HAROLD R.-Machine Shop fSeC- ond Semesterl BOE, ROBERT O.-B.S., Hampden-Sydney College, Algebra, and General Math. CSecond Sem est errj. BRADFORD, VINCENT-B.S., Sipringfield College, Health and Physical Education, Head Footmball and Track Coach, Varsity "G" Club, Head, Health -and Physical Education De- par-tment. BRISTOW, PHYLLIS G.-B.S., VVesthalmp- to-n College, University of Richmond, General Matlh II, Commercial Arithmeltric. BROWN, ELOISE G.-B.S., Mary Warshiiig- ton College, Typing. BROWN, HELEN E.-A.B., Ran'd'olph-Macon WO'mH11,S College, Latin. ' BROWN, MARY H.-B.A., Radford College, Art, Glass Palette Sponsor, "Critic" Art Ad- viser, Head, Art Departimenrt. BROWN, VIRGINIA D.--B.S., Radford Col- lege, M.Ed., Virginia Polytechnical Institute, World Geography, Worrlrd History, First Se- mester. BRYAN, JIMMIE-B.S., Oth-io University, General Scrience, Faculty Manager Athletics, Varsity rBaske-t-ball Coach, Arthletic Committee Chairman. BUCHANAN, BARBARA C.-B.A., Newcomb College, Geometry, Algebra-Trig. BURMAHLN, ELIZABETH - A.B., Des Moines Universimty, M.E.d., Boston University, Shorth and and Tran scrirption. BURMAHLN, E. F.--B.A., Boston University, M.A., New York University, Arccouiiwting, Busi- ness Law, Head, Business Education Depart- ment. 301 C CALDWELL, RICHARD W.-l3.S. Ed., Vir- ginia Polytechnical Institute, Auto-Mechanics. CANADA, GLADYS-A.B., St. Joseph College, General Mawth, Algebra. CARDWELL, WILLIAM R.-B.S., Lynch- burg College, M.A., Math, University of Ten- nessee, Algebra-Trig, Advanced Math. CARSON, BETTY F.-B.A., Longwood Col- lege, English, Spanish. CARSON, MORRIS E.-B.A., Lynchburg Col- lege, M.A., University of Mississippi, Spanish, Spanish Club Sponsor, Language Lab Super- visor. CERILLO, JAMES A.-BA., Ferrum Ir. Col- lege, B.SL, Virginia Polytechinical Instiltuvte, Business Law, Consumer Buying Manager, General Business, Freshman Basketball Coach. CONSON, MARIE - B.A., Randolph-Macon Wo'm'an"s, College, M.A., Columbia University, American Government, American History, As- semrbly Committee Chairman. COTHRAN, ASI-IBY-B.M., Converse College, Vocal Music. COX, JOE W.-B.S.l.A., Berry College, Ma- chine Shop. COX, LUCILE-A.B., Sweet Briar College, M.A., University of Virginia, Latin, junior and Senior Latin Clubs Adviser, Crest Adviser. CRISTY, DAVID S.--B.A., Univlersiwty of M ichrigan, Engl-ish. CROFT, KENNETH M.-B.A., Lynchburg College, M.A., University of Montana, Ameri- ca-n Government, American History. D DAVIS, CO'NSTANCE-Potomac State Col- lege, Situdly Hall. DAVIS, MARY PETTYJOHN-A.B., lNl'a1'y Wasliiiigton College, English. DOWDY, HUGH D., JR.-B.S., Virginia Poly- tieohnical Institute, Distributrive Education I and II, D. E. Club Sponsor. F FEAGANS, FRANCES C.-B.S., Madison College, Home Economics, F. H. A. Club Sponsor. FIELDER, A. J.--AB., Lynchburg College, M.A., University of Virginia, Chemistry, Physics, Science Club Sponsor. Faculty Directory FORE, ROSALIE REEVES-A.B., Randolph- Macon VVOfmHU,4S1 College, M.Ed., University of Virginia, French, Assistanit Adviser-French Cluvb, Head-Foreign Language Deparftmenit. FRALIN, A. G., JR.-B.A., Randolph-Macon College, Frenelh. FRANKLIN, DOREEN s.-Bs, Longwood College, Geomeltry, Algebra-Trig. FRIEND, JANE H.-B.A., University of North Carolina, M.A., George Peabody College, English, World Geography. FRYAR, LOUISE CAROL-B.A., M.A.T., Uni- versity of North Carolina, Art, Glass Palette Co-Sponsor. G GARDNER, MARLENE S.-B.A., University of Louisville, English. GARLAND, THELMA E.-B.S., University of Virginia, Counseling, World History. GARIRARD, ELIZABETH M.-B'.A., Mary Washington College, English, Literary Socieity Sponsor. GILBERT, WALLACE C.-AB., Lenoir- R!hyne College, Hjealth and Plhysical Ed., Assistanwt Fooltsbiall and Track Coaoh. GILLS, J. ALLEN-BS., Virgin-ia Polyvtech- nical In's'titutei, Industrial Cooperative Training, ICT Club Slponsor. GOODMAN, CHARLES F. JR.-BA., Emory and Henry College, English. GOULDMAN, HUGH O.-B.E.E., University of Virginia, Algebra, General Matfli. CFirst Semeslterj. GRAYSON, SALLY ANN-B.A., Longwood College, World Geography, World History. CSfecond Semesterj . GREGORY, RUSSELL T.-B.S., Lynchburg College, Biology. GRIFFIN, A. L.-B.A., Carson-Newman Col- lege, M.R.E., Souithvves-tern Seminary, English. H HANCOCK, MARTHA B.-B.A., Randolph- Macon Womfan's College, Algebra-Trig, 'Geom- efttry. HANKINS, DORIS A.-B.S., Riadfford College, Bookkeeiping, Typewriting, F.B.L.A. Sponsor. HARRIS, BESSIE M.-B.S. Radford College, English. HARVEY, ETTIE K.-A.B., Elon College, Mary Wfaslhington College, Bookkeeping, Treasurer, Athletic Association. HIGHT, HASEL EVELYN-PLA., Randolph- Matcon Woman's College, Chemistry, Honor League Sponsor. HILL, ELLEN E.-B.S., Madison College, General Science, Howmenrakin-g. HOFFMAN, RONALD F. - A.B., Lenoir- Rthyne College, Economics, World Geography, Footiball Coach. HOSKINS, ELIZABETH GARNETT-A.B., Ra.nd'olp'h-Macon Woman's College, American History. HOUSE, LESLIE-B.A., Longwood College, English. HOWELL, ANICE M.-Virginia Polylteohniical Insttit-nite, R-ichimondi Plolyteehnicial Institute, Dis'triblut1ive Education, D. E. Clulb Sponsor, Head Distriibutive Education, P.T.A. Achieve- ment Night 'Comimiltvtiee Chairman. HUFF, JACK L.-B.S., East Tennessee State University, Biology. HUGHES, SALLIE-B.A., Lynichtburtg College, English, Forensics Club Sponsor, Assembly Committee. I INGE, LINDA W.-BA., Radford College, Algebra, General Math, Geometry. J JOBE, NELLIE T.-B.S., Longwood College, M.Ed., Un-iver-sity of Virginia, Guidance Coun- selor, Chalirman, American' Education Week. JOHNSON, ANN S.-B.S., Longwood College, English, Spelling Contest Sponsor. K KING, WILLIAM D.-B.A., Randolph-Macon College, M.A.T., University of Virginia, Ad- vanced Comrposiition, English, "Critic', Adviser, Qu-ill and Scroll Adviser. KNIPP, FRANCES R.-PLA., Randolph-Mlacon W'om'an's College, Span-ish, Spanish Club Ad- viser. L LASCELL, SANDRA-B.A., Wells College, American History, World History. LEE, JEAN-B.A., Lynchburg College, Health and Physical Ed., Head, Women's Health and Phys-ical Ed. Detpantment. LOCKHART, SIDNEY L.-BA., Berea Col- lege, M.A., University of Virginia, Advanced Math, Algebrfa-Trig., Physi-cs-, Freshman Class Sponsor. LOFLIN, MARFGIE R.-B.A., Lynchburg Col- lege, M.Ed., University olf Virginia, Assistant Ltiibrar-ian. 302 Faculty Directory M MacGREGOiR, JOSEPHINE A.-A.B., Ran- dolplh-Macon Womanls College, Englisih, Senior Homeroom Teachers Commititee Clhairman. MACON, EVELYN T.-B.S., Longwood Col- lege, M.A., Unviversiity of North Caroliira, Biol-ogy. MAYBERRY, DOROTHY P.-B.S., Radford College, Home Economics, Co-Sponsor, FHA Club, I-Iospirtal-ity Committee, Chairman. McCLUNG, NANCY S.-B.S., Longwood Col- lege, Health and Physical Education, Sponsor, J. V. Cheerleaders. McDANIEL, JAMES H.-B.S., M.A., Univer- sity of Alabama, Freshman Counsel-ing. MEIDLING, MARTHA G.-B.S., Longwood College, M.A., University of North Carolina, Counseling, Varsity Cheerleaders' Sponsor. MERRYMAN, ETHEL W.-B.S., Medical College of Virginia, Infirmary, Health Coun- oil Committee Chairmlatn. MILLER, MARTIN Q., JR.-B.A., Bridge- water College, University of Virgin-ia, Algebra I, General Math, junior Class Sponsor. MILLER, TERRY W.-B.S., Longwood Col- lege, Social Svtlurdies, World History, Junior Red Cross Adviser. N NOE-CHEL, JOHN D.-B.S., M.S., Vtfest Vir- ginia Universilty, Health and Physical Ed., Varsity Baseball Coach, J. V. Football Coach. O OVERSTREET, EMMA LEIGH-B.S., Rad- ford College, Healtih and Physical Education, G.A.A. Adviser, Girl's Post School Intramural Sports. P PALMER, MARGARET RANDOLPH-B.A., Mary Wa's'h.ington College, English, Essay Contest Sponsor. PARIS, VICKI N.-B.S., New River State College, M.S., New York University, D. E. II, D. E. Club Assistant Sponsor. PARKER, GEORGETTE, B.S., B.A., College of William and Mary, Head Librarian, Chair- man, Audio-Visuial Commiitwtee. P1-1ARoN, Josarl-1 JR., Bs., Lyucnburfg CO1- lege, Biology, General Science, Math. POWERS, W. DORIS, A.B., Marion College, English, Speech, Speech Club Adviser, Debate Club Adviser. PRIBIBLE, MARY KATHLEEN, B.S., Uni- versity of Virginia, Mavthematics, Junior Stu- dent Council Sponsor. 303 PRICE, JAMES A., B.S., Virginia Polytech- nical Instiituvte, General Shop, Head Vocavtional Education D'eparitrmen1t. PRYOR, VIRGINIA W.-B.S., Mary Wash- ington College, Tympewriting. PUCKETTE, BETTY E.-B.A., Mary Baldwin College, Algebra, Gene-ral Math. R RACER, RALPH A.-B.A., Bridgewater Col- lege, M.A., Furman University, Economics, Head, Social Studies Department, Cafeteria Comlmitit e e Chairman. RAND, OLIVER G.-A.B., Atlantic Christian College, English, "High Times" Adviser. REAMS, ELONISE H.-B.A., Lynchlburg Col- lege, Assistant Librarian. REID, DAVE-B.S., Virginia Polytechnical Institute, Vocational Drafting, Mechanical Drawing, PTA Achievement Night Committee Co-Chaliriman. ROOKS, BETSY G.-B.S., Radford College, Home Economics, Faculty Hoslpitaliity Com- mittee, Assista-nit Chaifrlman. S SCARCI, NANCY E.-B.A., Wells College, English. SCOTT, VIRJGINIA A.-A.B., Pfeiffer College, English, French. sl-users, HAROLD F.-B.A., Rtfmaolrprh- Macon College, American History, Woirld His- tory, Football Coach. SHENK, W. STEPHEN, B.S., Auburn Univer- sity, M.S., New York State University, Me- chanical Drawing. SHERRILL, BOB F.-A.B., Lenoir-Rhyne College, American History, World Geography, Assistant Varsity Football and Track Coach. SHIELDS, DONALD R.-Siena College, Elec- tricity, Electronics. SHOBER, E. R.-B.A., Bridgevwaiter College, Biology, Clhfemiistry. SIMPSON, FRANCES A.-B.S., Lynchburg College, Health and Physical Ed., GAA, In- tramural Sports Sponsor. SLAYTON, NANCY R.-B.S., State Teachers College at Towson, World Geography, World History. STANTON, JUDITH-B.A., University of Marine, Engl-ish, Journalism. SYDNOR, MALCOLM R.-B.A., Lynchburg College, M.Ed., Universiity of Virginia, Coun- sfeling, Guidance Counselors' Committee Chair- man. Faculty Directory T TEASS, ALEX F.-B.A., M.A., University of Virginia, Biology, Head of Science Department. TURKEL, JOSEPH-S.B., Harvard College, Governwmenit, Social Pro-blems, Bookstore Man- ager. V VERMILION, CLOYD G.-B.M.E., University of Kansas, Band, Or-chestra, Ma-jorettes Spon- sor, Marching Band Sponsor, Pep Band Sponsor, Stage Band Sponsor. W WALLACE, ELIZABETH NORTH - A,B., Randolph-Macon Woman's College, American History, National Honor Society Sponsor. WALLER, JETTIE MARIE-B.S., Long- wood College, American Government, Ameri- can History. WARE, HELEN-A.B., Randolph-Macon Wo- man's College, Algebra, Comme-rcial Aritihwme- tic, Flower and Gift Committee Cthaiirman. WARE, MARY-B.A., Randolph-Macon Wro- man's: College, Algebra, Geometry, United Fund Wtomeii Committee Chairman. WHITE, KATHERINE MEARS-B.S., Mary VVaslhtington College, M.Ed., Univerlsity of Vir- ginia, Algebra, junior Counselor, Senior Class Adviser. WHITE, 0. S., JR.-B.S., Wasthin-gton and Lee University, Biology, S.C.A. Adviser. WHITEHEAD, BETTY B.-B.S., Longwood College, Amer-ican Government, American History. - WHITEHEAD, SALLY MASON-A.B., Ran- dolph-Macon VVoman's College, Advanced M'31fhCmHltlCS, Head, Matthematics Deparrtiment. WILEY, VIRGINIA-A.B., Randolpwh-Macon Woma.n's College, M.A., Duke University, Dramawtticsi, English, David Garrick Play Ad- viser, Head, English Department. WILKES, REBECCA D.-BS., Madison Col- lege, Clenical Practice, General Business, As- sistant Business Manager Publications. WILKINSON, 'COURTNEY - B.A., Agnes Scott College, M.A., Universiitty of North Caro- lina, French, French Club Sponsor. WILLIAMS, MARGARET FRANCES-A.B., Columbia College-, M.A., Universtiuty of South Cartoltina, Clerical Practice, Office Machines, Pufblieations Business Manager, Pictures and 'Display Committee Cfhairiman. WILSON, MARJORIE - B.A., Randolph- Macon Womai1's College, English. WILTSHIRE, MARY ELIZA-AB., Greens- boro College, M.Ed., University of Virginia, Audtio-Visual Program, Senior Counselor, Audio-Visual Committee Chairman, Chairman, Guidance Committee. 304 Senior Directory A ABBITT, JOYCE McLEAN--Science Club, F.H.A., Svtudent Council Monitor, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Member, Transfer. ADAMEE, -LINDA KAY-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Softball, Gym Squad Leader, D-avid Garrick Players, D. G. Play, French Club, F.H.A., Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Y- Teens, Junior Red Cross, Library Council Helper, Athletic Association Ticket Seller. ADAMS, BENJAMIN - Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. ADAMS, EARL RICE-Gym Squad Leader, Sr. Band, Science C-lub, Spanish Club, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Vice-President Junior Student Council, Spanish Tournament, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, National Honor Society. ADAMSON, JEANNINE-Intramural Volley- ball, Badrminton, Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Spanish Club, ICT, Junior Red Cross, Spanish Tournament, Honor League Member. ALLEN, I-IEYWARD-D. E. Club, Honor League Member. ANDERSON, JANICE-Intramural Basketball, Hockey, Speed-iavvay, Gym Squad Leader, F.B.L,A., Senior Day Commiititee, Y-Teens, Library Council-Helper, Special Teacher's Helper, Awthletic Association Ticket and Pro- gram Seller, Honor League Member. ANDERSON, JULIA MARIE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, 'Gym Squad Leader, Choir, French Clufb, F.H.A., H. R. Officer, Senior Day Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Special Choir, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, Naltiional Honor Society. ANDERSON, RALPH L.-D. E. Club, Honor League Member. ASHWELL, LINDA FAYE - Gym Squad Leader, Glee Club, F.I-LA., "Glass Eyei' Staff, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. AULTICE, REGINA NADINE -- Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Gym Squad Leader, French Club, F.H.A., Class Committ- tee, Class Council, Senior Day Comm-iititee, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Treas- urer, Honor League Member, Y-Teens, Of- ficeffHelper, National Honor Society, Crest Sta . B BAER, CECILIA ANN-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Hon- or League Member. BAILEY, BARBARA ANN-Intramural Bad- minton, Softball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, F.B.L.A., Class Coun-eil, H. R. Rep- resentative, H. R. Office, Y-Teens, Iunior Red Cross, F.B.L.A. Convenltion Awards, Honor League Member. BAILEY, CHARLES DAVID -- Gym Squad Leader, Honor League Member. 305 BAILEY, JUDITH LEE-Inftiramural Volley- ball, Badminton, Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, French Club, Public Speaking Clulb, Class Officer, Class Couzncil, Senior Day Committee, Student Council, H. R. Representa- tive, Student Council Monitor, Pep Commit- tee, Tri-Hi-Y, Sipeoial Te-acfher's Helper, Cafe Cashier, Honor League Member. BAKER, PEYTON SANFORD - Intramural Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Latin Club, Class Counoil, H. R. Represenltaitive, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Honor League Member. BALLARD, PAMELA KAY--Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speed-away, Spianish Club, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Cafe Cashier, Honor League Member, H. R. Repre- sentative. BEALE, SANDRA GALE-Gym Squad Lead- er, H. R. Oifificer, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. BENNINGTON, MARY KAY -- Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis, Sofitiball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Cheerleader, IV, Var., F.H.A., Class Commiatltee, ,Class Council, H. R. Representa- tive, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Council-Helper, Special Teacher's Helper, Athletic Association Ticket and Pro- gram Seller, Honor League Member, Third Prize VVinner in Football Ticket Sales, Voted "Cu-test Couple." BIBB, JAMES D.-Stage Crew, Intercom Stafif, Honor League Member. BLAKE, GRADY RAY, JR.-Honor League Member , Tfransif er. BLANKINSHIP, STEPHEN LYNCH-Honor League Member. BLANKS, GARY M.-D. E. Club, Honor League Member, Transfer. BLENCOWE, MARY JANET - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Sofitba-ll, Speed- avvay, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Literary Society, French Club, Freshman Class Secre- tary, Senior Class Secretary, Class 'Commit- tee, Class Council, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Repre- sentative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Com- mittee, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Aitbletiic As-sociatiion Ticket and Program Seller, Girls' State, National Merit Letter of Commenda- t-ion, Honor League Member, National Honor Society, Co-Historian. BLEVINS, BRENDA LEE-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Speed-away, Clhoir, Special Choir, Literary Society, Span- ish Club, Student Council H. R. Representa- tive, Secretary Stud-ent Council, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Girls' State, Honor League Mem- ber, Naitrional Honor Society, Voted "Person- ality Plus." BOND, FRED P., JR.--Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Class Council, H. R. Representa- tive, H. R. Officer, Honor League Member. Senior Directory BOSWELL, HARVEY BENNETT - Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Stock Holders Club, Senior Day Committee, H. R. 'Off-ice, Honor 'League Member, H. R. Representative, Cafe Blank Runner, Athletic As-socialtion Ticket and Program Seller. BOWLING, NANCY LOLA-Intramural Baswk-etball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed- ball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Frenicvh Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Y-Teens, Library Council-Helper, Honor League Mem- ber. BOYLAN, BETTY LOUISE-I n t 1' am u r al Basrketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Softball, Speed-away, G.A.A., Science Club, Spanish Club, Forensic Club, Junior Red Cross, Library Council-Helper, National Merit Letfter of Commendation, Honor League Member, Naftional Honor Society, A.F.S., G.A.A. Award. BRAGG, DONNA GALE-Intramural Volley- ball, fD. G. Play, D. E. Club, F.H.A., Sec., Treas., Class Council, H. R. Representaltive, H. R. Office, Y-Teens, Special Teac'her's Helper, Honor League Member. BRAUN, HERBERT CHRISTIAN-Intra- mural Basketball, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Manager of Sports, FB, Varsity "G" Club, Class lCoulncil, H. R. Representative, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. BRENTON, MICHAEL JOHN-Track, Fresh. Band, Science Club, Junior Red Cross, Hon- or 'League Member. BRIDGETT, KAREN ELIZABETH-Senior Day Comvmiititee, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. BROOKS, JOYCE GUILFORD - Honor League Member. BROOKS, PATRICIA ANN - Gym Squad Leader, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. BROWN, NANCY LEE-Intramural Basket- balll, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Siofztball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Pres., Treas., Glass Palette, Spanish Clulb, H. R. Office, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, Honor League Member, Voted "Most Atlhleticf' BROWN, ROBERT PENDLETON-Basket- ball, Freswh., Var., Tennis, Var., Golf, Gym Squad Learder, French Club, Varsity "G" Club, Student Council Mon-ito-r, Hi-Y, Boys' State, Senior Count, Honor League Member. BROWN, SUSAN JO-Intramural Basketball, F.B.L.A., Y-Teens, Honor League Mem-ber. BRUCE, KATHLEEN ELLEN-French Club, Latin Club, Sipianish Club, Essays Contest, Latin, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor , Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Lost and Found Wfoirkelr, Spanisfh Tournament Prize, Honor League Member, Naltional Honor Society. , BRUINGTON, PATRICIA ANN--Intramural Volleyball, Hockey, Band, Sr., Latin Club, "Critic" Staff, Advertisers, Quill land Scroll, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Office Hellper, Special Teacsher's Helper, Honor League Memlb-er, National Mer-it Flinalislt, Band Letter, National Honor Society. BRYANT, DONNA SUE-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, Bladmin-ton, Sofltball, Speed-away, iG.A.A., French Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Class Comm-ittee, Senior Daly Com- 1niltt-ee, H. R. Office, Pep Committee, Y- Teens, Junior Red Cr-oss, 'G.A.A. Award, Honor League Member. BRYANT, KATHERINE-Intramural Hock- ey, Gym Squad Leader, 'Cho-ir, Special Choir, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Prep Commitlt-ee, Offfice Hel-per, Cafe Ciashier, Honor League Member. BRYANT, MARY LYNNE-Orchestra, Span- islh Club, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. BUNGER, DAVID-Gym Squad Leader, Man- ager of Sportsl, T, Spanish Club, Honor League Member. BURCH, JESSICA NUCKOLS -- Intramural Speed-away, ICT, Y-Teens, Special .Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member. BURCHETTE, H. RODNEY - Intramural Basketball, Gym Squad Lead-er, Student Coun- eil, H. R. Representative, Pep Committee, Hi-Y, Honor League Member, Voted "Most School Spirited." BURKS, DUANE L.-Pep Committee, Honor League Member. BURNETT, ROBERT L.-Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, H. R. Office, Honor League Member. BURNETT, THOMAS LEE-Football, Fresh., IV, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Football Lebtens, Machine Slhop Awards, Honor League Member. BURNETTE, BRENDA O'HARA - .Cmhorusg H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Repre- sentative, Y-Teens, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. BURNETTE, MICHAEL J. - Gym Squad Leader, ICT, Honor League Member. BYERS, DON-Intramural Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Senior Day Com- mittee, Honor League Member. C CALDWELL, ROBERT WAYNE-Intramural Basketball, Sr. Band, D. E. Club, 'Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. CAMPBELL, BETTY COFFEY-Clhoir, Of- fice Hellper, Honor League Member. CAMPBELL, TIMOTHY WAYNE-Foozt-ball, JV, Gym Squad Leader, Science Club, Stock Holders Club, Advertisers, Class Committee, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Junior Red Cross, Caffe Cashier, Cafe Bank Runner, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Stage Crew, Honor League Member. CANDLER, DAN B.-choir, D. E. Club, I-I. R. Officer, Honor League Member. CANDLER, PATRICIA MAXINE - French Club, F.H.A., Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Mem- ber. CANNON, DONNA LOVING-H. R. Officer, Library Council-Helper, Honor League Mem- uber. ' 306 Senior Directory CAREY, BETTY RAY-Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Chorus, French Club, Literary So- ciety, Class Cou-ncil, H. R. Represenatative, H. R. Office, Honor League Member, H. R. Represenitative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic Association Ticket Seller. CARROLL, LINDA KAY-Initramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Softball, ICT, Y-Teens, Hon- or League Member. CARSON, THOMAS WAYNE-D. E. Club, "Glass Eye" Staff, Special Teach-er'is Helper, Honor League Member. CARTER, DAVID ALAN-Manager of Sports, T, Track Letiter, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. CARTER, NOEL LEE-Special Teacher'-s Helper, Honor League Member. CASSELBERRY, HOWARD-Honor League Member. CAWTHORNE, MICHIEL-Gym Squad Lead- er, D. E. Club, Honor League Member. CARWILE, R. WAYNE-Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Frenoh Club, H. R. Officer, Svtudent Council, H. R. Represenvtait-ive, Honor League Member. CATLETT, FRANCES L0'RRAINE-Intra- mural Volleyball, Ohoir, junio-r Red Cross, Honor League Member. CHEATHAM, PHYLLIS GRANT-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softtball, Situ- de-nt Council, H. R. Represenitative, Honor League Member. CHILDERS, MARTHA ROSE -- Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, French Club, Library Council-Helper, Honor League Mem- ber. CHILDRESS, DANNY RAY-Football, Var., JV, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Varsity "G" Club, Avthletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Most Valuable Lineman, Honor League Member. CLAIBORNE, FRANCES CATHERINE-In- tramural Volleyball, Speed-away, Chorus, Lit- erary Society, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. CLARK, DONNA JEAN-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Softball, Speed-away, Latin Club Quaestor, Crest Staff, Co-Editor, SIPA Rep-resentiative, Senior Day Committee, Y-Teens, Office Helper, Quill and Scroll, Honor League Member, National Hon- or Society. CLARK, MARTHA ANN-Gym Squad Lead- er, Choir, Spa-niisih Club, H. R. Officer, Ath- letic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. CLARK, ROSEMARY-Gym Squad Leader, Choir, F.B.L.A., Senior Day Committee, Li- brary Council--Help-er, Honor League Member. CLEMENT, JONATHAN-Intramural Basket- ball, Gym Squad Leader, Spaniisb Club, Senior Day Committee, Cafe Cashier, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member, Senior Play. CLEMENT, RONALD DAVID - Intramural Basketball, Golf, "'Gliasis Eye" Staff, Choir, Special Cwhoir, Aitthletic Atssociation Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. 307 CLEMENTS, DENNIS-Honor League Mem- ber. CLEMMONS, CAROL SUE - Intramural Volleyball, D. E. Club, Junior Red Cross, Special Teac'her's Helper, Honor League Member. COFFEY, ELIZABETH ANN - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speed-away, Sitage Crew, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Pres., H. R. Office, Pep Commiltfteeg Office Helper, Honor League Member. COFFEY, MARY LOUISE+Gym Squad Lead- er, Choir, D. G. Play, D. E. Club, F.B.L.A., Office Helper, Special Teaclher's Helper, Honor League Member. COFFEY, SANDRA LEE-Intramura-l Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Softball, Speed-away, F.H.A., Pep Committee, Attfhll-etic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. COLEMAN, ARMOND-D. E. Club, Honor League Member. COLEMAN, JUDY CLAY-Intramural Volley- bwall, Hockey, Speed-away, Glass Palette, French Club, Junior Red Cross, T-ri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Honor League Member. COLEMAN, MARY GWENDOLYN - Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., ICT, H. R. Office, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Honor League Member. COLEMAN, PATRICIA ANNHD. E. Club, Y-Teenis, Honor League Member. CONNER, JOHN BERKELEY-Band, Sr., French Club, Crest Srtaff, H. R. Office, Quill and Scroll, Honor League Member, H. R. Reipresenitative. COOK, LOUISE LYNN-Gym Squad Leader, Ohoir, Literary Society, F.H.A., Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council Monfi-tor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Council-I-Ielper, Office Helper, Special Teach- er's Helper, Honor League Member. COOPER, ROBERTA GENE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Cthorus, :Lilteriary Sociite-ty, French Club, Latin Club, Class Council, H. R. Rep-resenlttatiive, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Library Council-Helper, Office Help- er, Honor League Member, H. R. Representa- tive. CORNETT, KATHERINE LEE-Intramural Volleyball, Hockey, G.A.A., Gym Squad Lead- er, Choir, Literary Society, French Club, Public Speaking Club, Class Committee, Pep Committee, Honor League Member. COSBY, JOHN BATTE-Football, Fresh., Gym Squad Leader, Honor League Member. COSTAN, JAMES MARSHALL-Intramural Basketball, Fresh., Tennis, Var., Gym Squad Leader, French Club, Latin Club, "High Times" Staff, Exchange Editor, Copy Editor, Clasisf Committee, Class Council, H. R. Repre- senvtative, H. R. Office, Studenit Council Moni- tor, Atlhletic Associattion Ticket an-d Program Seller, Lat-in Tournament, Honor League Member. Senior Directory COUC-H, JOHN STUART-French Club, Sen- ior Day Commiftltee, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Lost and Found Worker, Honor League Member. CRAIG, BETTY BUMGARNER--Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Stpeed- away, D. E. Club, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Honor League Member. CRAWFORD, BRENDA SLIGH-ICT, H. R. Olfifice, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. CRAWFORD, SUSAN-Choir, ICT, Tri-Hi- Y, Honor League Member. CRAWLEY, JAMES FRED, JR.-Intramural Baske-tblall, Softball, Football, IV, Track, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, H. R. Office, Ad- vertiserls, Atlhletic Association Ticket and Pirogram Seller, Special Te-acherfs Helper, Honor 'League Member. CREASY, B-RENDA D.-Gym Squad Leader, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. CREASY, CYNTHIA LEIGH-Intramural Baswketballl, Choir, French Club, F.H.A., Sen- ior -Day Committee, 'lGlasis Eye" Staff, Ass't Editor , Office Helper, Pep Committee, Honor League Member. CRENNEL, CARL LEE-Football, Var., Base- Elalli V21'PS1ty "GU Club, Honor League Mem- er. CUNNINGHAM, WARREN WAYNE - Basketball, Intramural, Var., JV, Fresh., Foot- ball, Ereslh., Capt., Var., IV, Capt., Track, Gym Squad Leader, Varsity "G" Club, Athletic As- sociation Ticket land Program Seller, Honor League Member. CYRUS, ANN BELCHER-Inwtramural Volley- ball, Hockey, Speed-away, Gym Squad Lead-er, D. E. Club, Clasis Council, H. R. Representa- tive, H. R. Owfwfioe, Special Teach-er'sl Helper, Honor League Member. CYRUS, DARLENE GAIL -- Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Speed-away, D. E. Club, Honor League Member. CY-RUS, GERALD R.-Baseball, Gym Squad Leader, ICT, Sihop Award, Honor League Merniber. CYRUS, JAMES LO'UIS-Intramural Basket- ball, VOllley1ball, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, H. Office, Class. Committee, Senior Day Committee, Library Council-Helper, Atmh- letic Association Ticket Seller, Ho-nor League M-emrber. CYRUS, KENNETH M.-Intramural Basket- ball: Gym Squad Leader, H. R. Office 5 Amh- letic Alssociation Ticket Seller, Honor League Memlber. D DALTON, SUZANNE SCOTT - Gym Squad Leader, Choir, H. R. Offiice, Y-Teens, Tri- H1-Y, Pep- Committee, Cafe Caswhier, Honor League Member. DAUGHTERY, FRANK HINTON - Track, Band, Color Guard , Stage Crew, Spanish Club, H. R. Off-ice, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. DAVIDSON, MARTIN CHARLES-David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, Senior Play, Public Speaking Club, Assembly Committee, Honor League Member. DAVIDSON, WAYNE RICHARD - D. E. Club, Honor League Member. DAVIS, DONNA STEWART - Intramural Volleyball, Badminton, Softball, F.H.A., H. R. Office, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member. DAVIS, LINDA GAIL-Inlt-ramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Soft-ball, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Chorus, Glee Club, Class Council, H. R. Represenltawtive, H. R. Office, Honor League Member. DAY, ANITA CHERYL-Intramural Speed- away, Gym .Squad Lea-der, Choir, French Club, Class 'Commi:ttee, Class Council, H. R. Representative , Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office , Swtudent Council Monitor, Pep Com- mittee, Y-Teens, junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. DEACON, JOANNE-Intralmural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., David 'Garrick Players, -D. G. Pl-ay, French Club, Latin Club, Public ,Speaking Club, Fresfh. Class Pr-es., Class 'Commit-tee, Class Council, H. R. Representaltive, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, Student Council, H. R. Repre- .senftat-ive, Pres. St-ude-nt Council, Student Council Monitor, Assembly Committee, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Trl-Hi-Y, Girls' State, Senior Count, ICC, D.A.R. 'Good Citizen of the Year, National Honor Society, Voted 'tMost Responsible" and "Most VVe1l-Rounded", Sen- ior Play. DEANER, THOMAS - Band, Fresh., Sr., Public Speaking Club, Honor League Member. DELLIN-GER, SANDRA GLENN-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed- ball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, David Garrick Players, S-tage Crew, F.H.A., Spanisuh Club, Senior Day Committee, Sltudent Council, H. R. Representative, Sltudent Council Moni- tor, Assembly Committee, Pep Committee, L-ost wand Found W01'kCf, 'Cafe Casrhier, Hon- or League Member. DEPRIEST, DAVE - Track, Gym Squad Leader, Indusltrial Arts Award, Honor League Member. DESHAZO, TALMADGE PRUITT, JR.- Basketball, Intramurlal, Fresh., JV, Var., Track, Gy-m Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Varsity "GH Club, Basfketball and Track Let- tens, Honor League Member, H. R. Repre- sentative. DEWITT, BETTY JO-Inltlramural Volleyball, Hockey, Choir, Chorus, Glee Club, Special Choir, French Club, Senior 'Day Commlivttee, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Sltudenlt Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, Voted "FriendliesIt." 308 Senior Directory DEWITT, LYNN ELLEN - Intramural Basbetball, Hockey, Choir, Pep Committttee, French Club, Senior Day Committee , junior Red C-ross, Tri-H-i-Y, Honor League Mem- ber, H. R. Representaztive, National Honor Society. DICKERSON, BONNIE KATHERINE - In- tramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Sofitlball, Speed-away, ,Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Senior Da-y Committee, H. R. Office, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Hon- or Le-argue Member. DICKERSON, SUSAN FAY-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Speedball, Speed-away, G.A.A., Cheerleader, JV, Spanish Club, Essays Contest, H. R. Office, 'Class Committee, Sen-ior Day Commit- tee, Srtudent Council, H. R. Representative, V. Pres., Student Council, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Athletic Association Ticket and Pro- gram Seller, Honor League Member, National Honor Society, Voted "Class Midget" and "Most Sohool Stptiri-ted." DOLE, ROBERT L., JR.-Intrtamural Basket- ball, Gym Squad Leader, Band, Fresth., D. E. Club, Spanish Clulb, Cafe Bank Runner, Hon- or League Member. DOOLEY, WILLIAM-Gym Squad Leader, Honor League Mem-ber. DOWDY, JOANNA LYNN- Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, -Gym Squad Leader, Cfhoir, F.H.A., "High Times" Staff, Honor League Member. DOWDY, ROGER 'CLAY - Tennis, Choir, Chorus, Glass Palette, Pep Committee, Stu- dent -Council, H. R, Representative, Devotions Cfommivtltee, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. DOWNEY, OLIVIA KAY-Choir, F.H.A., Y-Teens, Honor League Member. DRISKILL, CHERYL L.-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Biaidxminton, Hockey, Tennis, Speed-avvay, Gym Squad- Leader, Y-Teens, H. R. Office, Class Comfmiwttee, Senior Day Committee, Class Council, H. R. Representa- tive, Honor League Member. DUBE, ROLAND N.-Senior Day Committee, Junior Red Cross., Honor League Member. DUBE, STEWART ALAN-Cafe Cashier, Honor League Member. DUCK, CARLTON ANDERSON-Gym Squad Leader, Band, Fresh., Choir, F.B.L.A., Class Coinmiftitee, Class Council, H. R. Representa- tive, H. R. Office, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. DUDLEY, ELIZABETH JARRETT - Intra- mural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hock- ey, Tennis, Speed-away, G.A.A., Cheerleader, JV, Var., French Club, Latin Club, Senior Day Comemitatee, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Off-ice Helper, Girls' Sitalte, Senio-r Count, Snow Queen, Ath- letic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member, Voted "Biggest Flirt." 309 DUFF, DEBORAH ANN-Initramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Softball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Glass Pialette, French Club, Class Committee, Class Council, H. R. Represenitat-ive, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Sltud-ent Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic Association Program Seller, Honor League M emb er. E EAST, SUSAN GRAY-Majorettes, Co-Capt., H. R. Office, Sttuident Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. EDMONDSON, PEGGY-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Gym Squ-ad Leader, Glee Club, D. E. Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Y-Teens, junior Red 'Cro-ss, Special TC3.Cl161'lS Helper, Honor League Member. ELDER, FRANKLIN WAYNE - Honor League Member. ELDER, KENNETH D.-Football, IV, 'Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. ELLIOT, SYLVIA - Basketball, Intramural, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Honor League Member. ELMORE, PHYLLIS DIANE - Intramural Basketbiaill, Volleyball, Baidminlton, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, David G-arrick Players, F.B.L.A., H. R. Office, Nat-ional Merit Letter of Commendation, Honor League Member. EPPERSON, ROBERT HENRY-Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Stock Holders Club, Li- brary Council-Helper, Cafe Cashier, Slhop Award, Honor League Member. ETHERIDGE, LINDA GAIL-I n t r a m u r al Hockey, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., Senior Class Treasurer, Class Council, Pep Committee, Junior Red' Cross, Library Council-Helper, Honor League Member. EVANS, JERRY WAYNE-Gym Squad Lead- er, Band, Sr., D. E. Club, Spanislh Club, Honor League Member. EVANS, WILLIAM SMITH-Track, Gym Squad Leader, Color Guartd, Science Club, Laitin Club, Varsity 'KG' Club, V. Pres., Crest Sltaff, "Glass Eye" Stafff, Public Speaking Club, Class Committee, Class Council, H. R. Representative , Senior Day Committee, Parade Marsuhal, H. R. Oflfice, Treas. Honor League, Assembly Committee , Student Council Moni- tor, Boys' State, Junior Red Cross, Hon-or League Member, H. R. Representaitive, Na- tional Honor Society, Co-Treasurer. EIWERS, SANDRIA JUNE-Intramural Vol- leyball, Gym Squad Leader, Literary Society, Latin Club, Advertisers, "Critic" Staff, H. R. Otlfiice, Senior Day Co-mtmittee, Student Coun- cil, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Office Helper, junior Red Cross, Honor League Member, Special Teach-er,s Helper, Qu-ill and Scroll, Pres., Latin Tourna- ment, National Merit Letter of 'Commenda- tion, SCA Scholarship ,Award, National Hon- or Society. i Senior Directory EWING, JOHN F.-Gym Squad Leader, Science Club, Athlctic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Stage Crew, Honor League M emb er. F FALWELL, FREDERICK B.-Band, Fresh., French Club, Honor League Member. FARISS, JULIA LEE-Intramural Volleyball, Gym Squad Leader, French Club, H. R. Of- fice, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Library Council-Helper, Honor League Member. FARLOW, JAMES IRVIN-Biaskertball, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Senior Day Com- mittee, Junior Red Cross, Athletic Associa- tion Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. FARMER, CHARLES M.-Stock Holders Club, Swhop Award , Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. FARMER, PENNY ANNE-Gym Squad Leader, Literary Society, Pep Committee, Tri- Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Library Council-Helper, Athletic Association Program Seller, Honor League Member. FAUBER, STUART CARTER - Basketball, Var., JV, Fresh., Tennis, Var., Gym Squad Leader, Spaniswh Club, Varsity "G" Club, "High Times" S-tarfff, H. R. Office, Athletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. FAULCONER, BRENDA SUE - Intramural Badminton, Softball, Stock Holders Club, French Club, F.B.L.A., H. R. Office, Senior Day Commit-tee, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member, H. R. Representrative, Na- tional Honor Society. FERGUSON, SUSIE-Intramural H o c k e y, Choir, Chorus, Glee Club, ICT, H. R. Office, junior Red lCross, Athletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Library Council-Helper, Honor League Member, H. R.. Representative. FERGUSON, VERNA KATHERINE-Intra- mu-ral Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. FIELDER, WILLIAM, JR.-Junior Red Cross, Essay-si Contest, Honor League Mem- ber, National Honor Society. FISCHOFF, GABRIEL I.-Intramural Basket- 'b-all, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, H. R. Office, Iunior Red Cross, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. FISHER, KEITH EDWIN-Basketball, IV, Capt., Fresh., Capt., Football, Fresh., Var., JV, Baseball, Gym Squad Leader, Varsity "GU Club, Pres., Hi-Y, Bill Dabney Award, Ouftstfanding Back, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. FLOYD, CYNTHIA GAIL-Intramural Volley- ball, Gym Squad Leader, D. F.. Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Class Committee, Senior Day Com- mittee, Pep Com-mittee, Y-Teens, Office Helper, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. FORD, GARRY M.-Man ager of Sports, Track, D. E. Club, Track Letter, Honor League Member: FORD, HELEN A.-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Chorus, Stock Holders Club, Spanish Club, 'Class Committee, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Pep Committee, Office Helper, Cafe Cashier, Athletic Associa- tion Ticket and Program Seller, Special Choir, Honor League Member, National Honor So- ciety. FORD, LAURA CHRISTIAN-I nt r a m ur al Basketball, Hockey, Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Literary Society, Science Club, French Club, Latin Club, Camera Club, "High Times" Staff, Co-Editor, S.I.P.A., Essays Con- test, H. R. Office, Y-Teens, Office Helper, Quill and Scroll, Latin Tournament, Honor League Member, H. R. Repvresientative, Na- tional Merit Finalist, National Honor Society. FOSTER, BARBARA JEAN+Choir, Chorus, Glee Club, D. E. Club, Latin Club, Honor League Member. FOSTER, CAROLYN FAY-I n t r a m u r al Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Majorettes, French Club, ICT, Senior Day Committee, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, French Tourna- ment, Honor League Member, National Hon- or Society. FOSTER, THOMAS GLENN-Tennis, Var., Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Lost and Found Worker, Athletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. FRAMQPTON, MYRA GALE-Clhoir, Junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Honor League Member. FRANKLIN, GERALD G.-Intramural Basket- ball, D. E. Club, H. R. Office, Student Coun- cil, H. R. Representative, Hi-Y, Cafe Cashier, Honor League Member. FRAZIER, TOM-David Garrick P l a y e r s, Stage 'Crew , Science Club , Span-i-sth Club, Hon-or League Member. FRIEDMAN, SHELDON-Glass' P ale tt e, David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, Science Club, Span-ish Club, "'Crriticl' Staff, Debate Club, H. R. Office, Assembly Comm-ittee, National Merit Finalist, Honor League Mem- ber, National Honor Socie-ty, Senior Play. FRIEND, MIKE-Essays Contest, H. R. Of- fice, Christmas Pageant, Honor League Mem- ber. FULLER, REBECCA ANN-Literary Society, 'David Garrick Players, Spanish Club, Crest Staff, Pep Com-mittee, Honor League Mem- ber, Quill and' Scroll. G GADDIS, SANDRA LYNN-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, David Garrick Players, Latlin Club, Student Council Monitor, Y- Teens, Cafe Cashier, Program Seller, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. 310 Senior Directory GAMBLE, MARION DANIEL - Intramural Bask-etball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speed-away, G.A.A., Cheerleader, IV, Literary Society, Frenoh Club, Pre-5.5 .,WCritic" Sutaff, Class Coun- cil and H. R. Represientaltive, Senior Day Com- mittee, H. R. Office, Srtuxdent Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, A.F.S., SCA Scihol- asltic Award, Honor League Member, National Honor Society, Co-Hi-srtorian. GARNSEY, STEVEN MICHAEL-Football, Var., Track, Gym Squad Leader, Varsity "G" Club, H. R. Of-fice, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. GARRETT, HUNTER G.-Gym Squad Lead- er, Honor League Member. GARRISONN, EUGENE ALFRED--Intramural Basketball , Football, Fresh., Gym Squad Lead- er, Football Letter, Honor League Member. GAY, ELIZABETH I-IAMNER-Gym Squad Leader, Uheerlea-der, IV, French Club, Class Committee, Class Council and H. R. Repre- sentative-, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Pres., Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Officer, Pep Commiltteeg Y- Teens, Iunior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, ICC, Of- fice Helper, Cafe Cashier, Honor League Memlber. GEORGE, EDWARD--Football, IV, Var., Track, Tr'i-Captain, Gym Squad Leader, Var- sity WG" Club, Cafe Cashier, Most Improved Player 1965, Honor League Member, Voted "Class Giant." GIBSON, WALTER RANSOM - Intramural Softball , Gym Squad Leader, D. Ii. Club, ICC, Public Speaking Club, Honor League Member. GIFFORND, NANCY PATON--Intramural Vol- leyball, Gym Squad Leader, Glass Palette, Literary Soc-iety, Spanish Club, Essays Con- test, Class' Committee, Pep Committee, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. GILBERT, SHIRLEY IRENE - Intramural Volleyball, Softball, Speed-away, D. E. Club, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. GILLISPIE, MICHAEL N.-Gym Squad Lead- er, D. E. Club, Spfanisfh Club, H. R. Office , Assembly Committee, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. GILLISPIE, WILLIAM-D. E. Club, Hi-Y, Cafe Cashier, Lunc-h Helper, Cafe Bank Run- ner, Honor League Member, Intramural Basketball, Gym: Squad- Leader. GLASS, JOHN SAMUEL-Intramural Basket- ball, Band, Sr., Spanish Club, Honor League Member. GODING, JEAN DOLORES-I n tr a m u r al Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed-Iarvvay, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., F.H.A., Pres., Senior .Day Commirtitee, Honor League, Senior Clarsis Reip1'esenta+tive, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Mon-itor, Assembly Committee, Pep Commit- tee, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Athle.t.i.c Associaition Ticket and Program Seller, G.A.A. Letter, Sporitsmansiliip Awards, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. 311 GODSEY, BRENDA GAIL - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, G.A.A., David Garrick Players, French Club, F.H.A., Sltude-nt Council, H. R. Representative, Pep Committ ee, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. GOFF, RICHARD -- Intramural Baske-tball, Gym Siquad Leader, Band, Freslh., Frenclh Club, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Mem- ber. GOWELL, MALCOLM HAVEN-Gym Squad Leader, ICT, H. R. Office, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member, Drafting Awards. GREEN, JAMES W.-Football, Fresh., Var., Captain, Track, Gym Squad Leader, French Club, Varsity "G" Club, All District, .State Tackle, Honor League Member, Voted- "Cutesft Couple." GRIGGS, ROBERT LESTER - Senior Day Committee, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. GRISSONM, CHARLES MICHAEL - Basket- ball, J'V, Football, IV, Choir, Spanisih Club, Treas., Class Officer, Pres., Treas., Senior Day Committee, Student Council Monitor, Senior Court, Honor League Member, Voted "Friendlieis:t.,' ' GUTHRIE, JO ANNE-Intramural Basket- ball, Vollleyblall, Hockey, Speedbiall, Speed- away, F.H.A., Office Helper, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. H HAMILTON, THOMAS EDWARD - Intra- mural Basketball, Football, Fresh., Gym Squad Leader, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. HAMLET, FAYE CAROL-Intramural Vol- leyball, D. R. Club, junior Red Cross, H. R. Representative, Honor League Member. HANBY, ROWNNIE C.-Glass Palette, F.B.L.A., Class Council, Senior Day Committee, Junior Red Cross, Slpan-is-h Club, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. HARLER, MARGARET ROSE - F.B.L.A., Y-Teens, Special Teaoher's Helper, Honor League Member, H. R. Repre'stentaltiive. HARLOW, BARRY MICHAEL - Baseball Manager, Choir, David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, Senior Play, Spanish Club, F.B.L.A., H. R. Office, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, National Honor Society, Mr. F'.B.L.A. HARLOIW, GLENN D.-D. E.. Club, Stock Holders Club, Class Coinmiitrtee, Junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Special Teaoher's Help- er, Lunch Helper, Athletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. HARLOW, PATRICIA ELAINE-Intramural Volleyball, Hockey, Sofrtball, Choir, Chorus, Y-Teens, Ho-nor League Member. HARLOHW, ROWBERT EDWARD-Intramural Bawswketlball, Softball, Baseball, D. E. Club, Honor League Member. Senior Directory HARMON, BRUCE PAUL-Science Club, Spanish Club, H. R. Office-, Honor League Member. HARRIS, CALVIN - D. E. Club, Honor League Member. HARRIS, JOHN WAYNE-Basketball, Var., Fresh., Football, Fresh., Var., Track, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Varsity "GH Club, Hi-Y, Voted Most Improved in Football, Efoted "Most Athletic", Honor League Mem- er. HARRIS, MICHAEL C.-D. E. Club, Honor League Member. HARRIS, MICHAEL EARL-Science Club, Pres., French Club, Latin Club, Latin Tourna- ment, Honorable Mention, French Tourna- ment, Senior Day C-ommittee, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, National Hon- or Society. HARRIS, RICHARD T.-Ban di, Sr., Capt., Glass Palette, Essays Contest, Honor League Member. HASEK, iMARY JANE - Glass Palette, V. Pres., Literary Society, French Club, "High 'll'l1'11CSH Staff, Es-says Contest, Student Coun- cil, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Keep Virginia Green Poster Contest, Honorable Mention, Biology Essay Contest, Honoralble Mention, Honor League Member. HAUSER, MARY LYNNE-Gym Squad Lead- er, Spanish Club, Class Council, H. R. Repre- sentative, H. R. Office, Officer, Junior Student Council, Student Council Monitor, Pep Com- mittee, Of-fice Helper, Honor League Member. HAWKINS, MARGARET ANN - Choir, French Club, H.. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Tri-H-i-Y, Honor League Member, H. R. Representavtive, Na- tional Honor Society. HAWKS, BRENDA KAY-Glass Palette, Spanish Club, Honor League Member. HAYMES, ALAN DAVID-B and, Fresh., Choir, Honor League Member. HEALD, WISTER MORRIS-B a s k et b ia l l, Fresh., Tennis, Var., Co-Cap., Football, Fresh., Choir, Chorus, D. E. Club, French Club, Latin Club, Varsity "G" Club, Class Commiittee, Class Council, H. R. Representa- tive, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Hi-Y, Honor League Member. HEARTWELL., JO HARRISON-Choir, Lit- erary Society, F.H.A., Cafe Cashier, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member. HELMS, WAYNE C.-Intramural Basketball, Foottbiaill, Fres-h., IV, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, .Spanish Club, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Repre- sentative, Libra-ry Council-Helper, Honor League Member, H. R. Representartive. HENDRICKS, DALE THOMAS-Tennis, In- tramural, Var., David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, French Club, Assembly Committee, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. HICKS, CAROLYN MARIE-I n it r a in u r al Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speedlball, Speed--away, D. E. Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Treas., Pep Committee, Stage Crew, Honor League Member. HICKSON, EDWIN A.-Gym Squad Leader, Band, Fresh., Sr., French Club, Literary So- ciety, David Garrrick Players, Pres., D. G. Play, Senior Play, H. R. Office, David Gar- rick Lett-er, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. HLGGINBOTHAM, E. BRENT-Track, Gym Squad Leader, Band, Sr., Spanish Club, Class Council, H. R. Representative, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Honor League Mem- ber, National Honor Society. HIGHT, RICHARD ALLEN-Band, Sr., D. E. Club, Honor League Member. HILL, HARRY HARGROVE, III - Band, Fresh., David .Garrick Players, D. G. Play, French Club, Crest Staff, Editor, Advertisers, Latin Essays Contest, Boys? State, Quill and Soroll, French Tournament, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, National Hon- or Society. HODlGES, THOMAS RONALD - Baseball, Gym Squad Leader, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Honor League Member. HOKE, JUDITH DAWN-Tennis, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Glee Club, D. E. Club, V. Pres., Library Council-Helper, Honor League Member. HOLMES, LAWSO'N-Intramural Basketball, Football, Fresh., JV, Var., Track, Gym Squad Leader, Senior Day Committee, Hi-Y, Student Council, Honor League Member. HOPKINS, STEPHEN MORRIS-Science Club, Senior Day Committee, Cafe Bank Runner, Athletic Association Ticket and Pro- gram Seller, National Meriit Letter of Com- mendation, Honor League Mem-ber. HORINE, RONALD-Basketball, Intramural, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. HOVDA, VINCENT RAY-Spanish Club, Class Comcmititee, -Off-fice Help er, Honor League Member. I-IUDNALL, WILLIAM DANIEL, JR.-Gym Squad Leader, Honor League Member. HUDSON, GEORGE DAVID-I n t r a m u r al Basketball, Football, Fresh., JV, Var., Track, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, V. Pres., Varsity UG" Club, Treasurer, Jr. SCA, Class Council, H. R. Representative, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Boys' State, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. HUGHES, ANNE CLAIRE-I n t r a m u r al Basketib-all, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed- awiay, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Chorus, Special Choir, David Garrick Players, French Club, H. R. Offfice, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Library Council-Helper, Honor League Member. 312 Senior Directory HUNT, BILLY - Ba-sketball, Intramural, Freislh., Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, French Club, H. R. Office, Cafe' Bank Runner, Hon- or Lelague Member. HUNT, GARLAND DAVIS - Football, IV, Gym Squad Leader, ICT, H. R. Office, Cafe Cashier, Honor League Member. HUNT, RONALD THOMAS-Intramural Basketball, Stock Holders Club, Class Com- mittee, Athltic Association Ticket Seller, Hon- or League Member. HURST, N. RICHARD-D. E. Club, Honor League Member. HUTTER, LAURA ANMBLER - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speed-away, Frenclh Club, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Cafe Cash- ier, Lurn-clh Helper, Honor League Member, H. R. Re'presentative,. I INGE, LINDA KAYE-Intramural Basket-ball, Cfhoir, Chorus , Essays Contest, Honor League Member. J JABSEN, LINDA-Intramural Basketball, Vol- leyball, Hockey, Speed-avvay, Chorus, Stock Holders fClub, French Club, Public Speaking Club, Class Committee, 'Class Council, H. R. Representative, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Pep Comfmitltee, Iunior Red: Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Honor League Mem- ber, H. R. Representative, National Honor S-ocliety. JACKSON, D. COLLIER-Track, Gym Squad Le-ader, Manager of Sports, FB, Choir, Sci- ence Cluwb, Honor League Member. JACKSON, GEORGE F., JR. -- Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Gym Squad Leader, Science Club, Stock Holders Club, French Club, Essays Contest, Senior Day Committee, junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. JEFFERSON, GLORIA JEAN-F.H.A., Sen- ior Day Comlmittee, Office Helper, Honor League Member. JENNINGS, KATHY-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speed-away, Gym Squad Lead-er, G.A.A., Maljorette, Head, Clhoir, Cwhorus, Glee Club, Special Choir, Flrench Club, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Mernber. JENNINfGS, PATRICIA ANN - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., Senior 'Day Committee, H. R. Office, Y-Teens, ICC, Special Teaoher's Helper, Ath- letic Alssociation Tick-et Seller, Honor League Member. JOHNSON, BARBARA GAIL - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Span- iswh Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., MGI-ass E-yel' Staff, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. JOHNSON, DENNIS - Choir, D. E. Club, Stock Holders Club, Honor League Member. JOHNSON, EDITH MADELEINE - Intra- mwural Volleyball, Bl3.Cl'II1rl1I2fOll, Hockey, Special Teaclher's Helper, Senior Day Commirttee, Honor League Member. 313 JOHNSON, GLORIA--French Club, Debate Club, Honor League Member, National Hon- or Society , Transfer. JOHNSON, GREG ALAN-Basketball, Fresh., Football, Fresfh., IV, Var., Track, 'Gym Squad Leader, Varsity "G" Club, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Stu- dent Council Monitor, Hi-Y, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. JOHNSON, LAWRENCE EDWARD-I.n-tra- mu-ral Basketball, Football, Fres., IV, Library Council-Helper, I-Ionor League Member. JOHNSON, LINDA D.-Intramural Basket- ball, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., Y-Teens, Honor League Member. JONES, CAROLYN W.-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speedball, Choir, .Special Choir, Literary Society, F.H.A., Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Honor League Membe-r. JONES, ELIZABETH ANN-I nt r a m u r al Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed- away, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Ohorus, French Club, G.A.A. Sports Award, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, Na- tional Honor Society. JONES, FRANK HILL, JR.-Gym Squad Leader, Shop Award, Honor League Member. JONES, MARION JEANETTE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., H. R. Office, Special Teaeher's Help- er, Honor League Member, H. R. Representa- tive. JONES, NANCY CAROL-Intramural Speed- away, Gym Squad Leader, Essays Contest, Honor League Member. JORDAN, DAVID GREEN - Tennis, Var., Track, 'Gym .Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Honor League Member. JORDAN, KATHY ANN-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, French Club, F.H.A., H. R. Office, Pep Committee, Y- Teens, Junior Red Cross Representative, Spe- cial Teacher's Helper, A-tfhletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. JUDND, WILLIAM HILL-Gym Squad Lead- er, Band, Freslh., Sr., Stock Holders Club, Senior Day Committee , Hon-or League Mem- ber. K KERSHAW, SANDRA LEE-I n t r a m u r al Volleyball, Softball, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Pep Commfittee, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Honor League Member. KIDD, BENNIE RAY-Intramural Basket- ball, Gym, Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Pres., junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. KIDD, JOHN HAMILTON-Track, Varsity "G" Club, Honor League Member. KING, GERRY-David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, French Club, Spanish Tournaments, first prize, Honor League Member. Senior Directory KNOWLES, SHELBY JO-I1I'l'Ill'3'l'l'lpl11'2ll Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Choir, F.B.L.A., Student Council, H. R. Representative, Ath- letic Association Program Seller, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. KOSTEICKI, CLAUDIA ANN - F.H.A., Pep Connnittee, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Hon- or League Member. KREGER, JANE TAYLOR - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed- away, Literary Society, David Garrick Play- ers, D. G. Play, Spanish Club, "High Times" Staff, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Pep Committee, Honor League Member. L LANDRUM, KENNETH-Intramural Basket- ball, Gym Squad Leader, Honor League Mem- Jer. LAN'G, KENNEY LEE-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, G.A.A., Stock Holders Club, F.H.A., ICT, Sec., Essays Contest, Class Committee, Senior Day Com- mittee, H. R. Office, Y-Teens, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. LAWHORNE, CAROL SUE-Intramural Vol- leyball, Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, David Garrick Players, Spanish Club, 'Class Council, H. R. Representaltive, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Junior Red Cross, Spanislh Toutrnament, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. LEACH, DONNA GAYLE -- Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Softball, "High Times" Staff, Special Teach- er's Helper, A't'hlet'ic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. LEtGG, LYNDA ANN--Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Choir, Chorus, French Club, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. LERNER, ALBERT-Gym Squad Leader, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Shop Award, Honor League Member. LINEBERRY, CHARLES T.-Track, 'Cafe Caswhier, Lunch Helper, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. LIPPARD, LESLIE FORD - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Choir, Chorus, French Club, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Pep Conimitteeg junior Red Cro-ss, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Honor League Mem- ber. LIPSCOM-B, WINIFRED CHARLOTTE-Im tramural Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, D. E. Club, Honor League Member. LLOYD, JOSEPH-Track, Gym Squad Lead- er, Senior Play, ,Spanish Club, Varsity "G" Club, H. R.. Office, Student Council Monitor, Hi-Y, Office Helper, Track Letters, Honor League Member. LOGWOOD, KENNETI-ll WAYNE - Intra- mural Basketball, Badminton, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Special Ohoir, French Club, H. R. Office, Senior Day Committee, Student Council Monitor, National Merit Letter of Commendation, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, Boys' State, National Honor Society. LONDEREE, BETTY MAE-Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. LONG, CHRISTINE-Intramural Basketball, Choir, 'Glass Palette, Stage Crew, French Club, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. LOWE, LINDA GAIL - D. E. Club, "High Times" Staff, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. LOYD, JAMES V. - Baskevtball, Intramural, Fresah., Gym Squad Leader, Science Club, Spanisfh Club, Senior Day Committee, Cafe Cas-hier, Lunch Helper, Honor League Mem- ber. LUCADO, SHARON GAYE-Choir, Chorus, Glee Club, Stock Holders Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Senior Day Committee, Office Help- er, Special Teachei-'s Helper, Honor League M emb e r. LUCK, GERALD B., JR.--Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Stock Holders Club, French Club, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Mem- ber. LUCY, KATHERINE ANNE-I n t r a m u r al Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, F.H.A., ICT, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member. M MACARTHUR, WILLIAM JOHN-Football, IV, Track, French Club, Honor League Mem- ber. MACE, WARREN LEE-Intramural Basket- ball, Football, Fresh, IV, Gym Squad Leader, Manager of Sports, BB, Spanish Club, H. R. Off-ice, Honor League Member. MADDOX. BRENDA GAYLE-D. E. Club, Y-Teens., Honor League Member. MALLOY, FRANCIS PAUL-Football, Var., Track: Varsity "G" Club, Fresh. Class Treas- ure-r, Honor League Member, SCA Treasurer. MANGUS, NOIRMA FAYE - Honor League M cmb er. MARKS, SHARYN DUDLEY-Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Glee Club, Glass Palette, Literary Society, Latin Club, Essays Contest, Pep Commlitltee, Iunior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Member, National Honor So- ciety. MARSHALL, BRENDA LEE-I nt r a mur al Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, SDeed- ball, Speed-away, 'Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., ICT, Honor League Member. MARSHALL. SANDRA ANNE-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball. Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Latin Club, F.H.A., Crest Staff, Class Committee, Senior Day Committee, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, ,Tunior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Council- Helner, Athletic Association Trickett Seller, Quill and Scroll, Sec., Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, National Honor Society- 314 Senior Directory MARSTON, SYLVIA DIANN - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed- ball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., Essays Contest, Y-Teens, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member, H. R. Rep- resentative. MARTIN, CAROLYN DUVAL - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, G.A.A., Choir, Chorus, Glee Club, Literary Society, Science Club, Frnech Clu-b, Class Committee, Class Council, H. R. Representa- tive, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, A.F.S., ICC, National Merit Letter of Com- mendation, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. MARTIN, DANNY JOE-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Softball, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. MARTIN, JANET MARIE-Gym Squad Lead- er, H. R. Office, Office Helper, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. MARTIN, RONALD WAYNE - Intramural Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Junior Red Cross, Lunch Helper, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. MASON, GLENN NEAL-D. F.. Club, Honor League Member. MASON, WALTER PHILIP, JR.-Intramural Basketball, Golf, Band, Fresh., French Club, Honor League Member. MAYHUGH, GLORIA JEAN-I 11 t r a m u r al Volleyball: Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Chorus, ICT, Y-Teens, junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. McBRAYER, ELLA MOORMAN-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, Spanish Club, "Glass Eye" Staff, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member. McCORMICK, CALVIN, JR.-Stock Holders Club, Senior Day C-ommittee, Honor League Member. McCRAW, CALVIN LEMADXGE-Basketball, Intramural, Var., IV, Fresh., Gym Squad Lead- er, D. F.. Club, Stock Holders Club, Honor League Member. McCRAW, LEROY, JR. - Basketball, Intra- mural, Fresh.: 'Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, 'Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. McDErRMOTT, MARY ELlZABETH-Liter- ary Society, Science Club, French Club, "High Times" Staff, Public Speaking Club, Tri-Hi-Y, A.F.S., Quill and Scroll, Senior Play, Honor League Member, National Hon- or Society. McDONALD, THOMAS DAVIS-Latin Club, 'fHiigl'1 Times" Staff, Managing Ed., Public Speaking Club, Class Committee, Senior Day Committee, Student Council Monitor, Assem- bly Committee, Quill and Scroll, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. 315 McFARLAND, WAYNE B. - French Club, Honor League Member. McGEHEE, SHERIDAN LEE-Spanish Club, F.H.A., Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Council- Helper, Cafe Cashier, Honor League Member. McKENNA, MICHAEL A. - Spanish Club, Hi-Y, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. McLENNAN, SUE - Intramural Volleyball, Speed-away, French Club, f'Glass Eyew Staff, H. R.. Office, Student Council, H. R. Repre- sentative, Student Council Monitor, Tri-Hi- Y, Honor League Member. McWANE, LAWRENCE HENRY - Intra- mural Basketball, Football, Fresh., JV, Gym Squad Leader, Manager of Sports, BB, -Choir, Special Choir, Stock Holders Club, French Club, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Li- brary Council-Helper, Cafe Cashier, Honor League Member. MEHAFFY, LAWRENCE - Honor League Member. MILLNER, PATRICIA ANN-I n t r a m u r al Basketball, Volleyball, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., Treas., V. Pres., Y-Teens, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. MITCHELL, JUDITH TORRENlCE-Intra- mural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Chorus, Special C-hoir, Spanish Club, F.H.A., H. R. Office, Pep C-ommittee, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic Association Program Seller, M.G.A., Honor League Member. MONROE, BERNARD HAROLD - Gym Squad Leader, David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, Orne Act Play, Spanish Club, Pres., Class: Committee, H. R. Office, Pep Commit- tee, Special Teacher's Helper, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, Spanish Tournament, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. MONTGOMERY, BETTY JEAN-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Cheerleader, Var., Band, Sr., Latin Club, H. R. Oifffice, "Critic" Staff, Advertis- ers, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Junior Red Cross, A.F.S., Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Band' Letter, Quill and Scroll, Honor League Member, National Honor So- cie-ty. MONTGOMERY, SUSAN-Intramural Volley- ball, Choir, French Club, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Moni- tor, Tri-Hi-Y, O-ffice Helper, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, National Hon- or Society. MOODY, LEONARD BYRON-Track, Shop Award, Honor League Member. MOON, MARY ELIZABETH - Intramural Hockey, Speedball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Senior Day 'Com- mittee, Y-Teens, Office Helper, Special Tearcher's Helper, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. Senior Directory MORRIS, ELIZABETH C.-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speed--away, Gym Squad Leader, Glass Palette, Literary Society, Spanish Club, Essays Contest, Class Council, H. R. Repre- senrtattive, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student 'Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic As- sociation Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. MORRIS, STEVE A.-Basketball, Var., Frencwh Club, Student Council Monitor, Ath- letic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. MORRISON, NORWOOD O'RVICK-Basket- ball, Fresh., Var., Tennis, Var., Gym Squad Leader, French Club, Class Council, H. R. Representative, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Hi-Y, Class Committee, M.G.A., Honor League Member. MORRISON, PAMELA LEE - Gym Squad Leader, Glee Club, D. F.. Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member. MOSER, CHIPPER-Intramural Basketball, Track, Gym Squad Leader, H. R. Office, Stu- dent Council, H. R. Representative, Honor League Member. MOYER, CHERYL ANN-Intramural Basket- ball, F.H.A., Office Helper, Honor League Member. MULHOLLAND, I R V I N ALEXANDER- Basketball, Intrarmural, Freslh., IV, Var., Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Cborus, Class Council, H. R. Representative, Senior Day Conimitteeg H. R. Ofwfice, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. MULLAN, ANN HARPER - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed- away, G.A.A., Cheerleader, Var., Head, Liter- ary Society, Frenoh Club, Latin Club, Class Council, H. R. Representative, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Relpresentiative, Student Council Moni- tor, Pep 'Comimititeeg Tri-Hi-Y, Library Coun- cil-I-Ielper, Office Helper, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Girls' State, Senior Court, Hon- or Leaigue Member. MUNDY, PUTNAM JANE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed- away, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Literary Society, French Club, Class Committee, Stu- dent Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Assembly Committee, Pep Committee, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Atlh- leitic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Mem-ber, H. R. Representative, National Hon- or Society. MURPHY, JOHN C., JR.-Glass Palette, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. MURwPHY, PHOEBE JANE-Intra mural Hockey, Speedball, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Chorus, Glee Club, Junior Red Cross, Special Cihoir, Honor League Member. MURPHY, RONALD DAVID-David Garrick Players, XD. G. Play, Senior Play, Spanish Club, Senior Day Committee, Assembly Com- mittee, Ligvht Cr-ew, Cihairman, Honor League M emrb e r. MURRAY, FRANK GRAHAM - Intramural Basketball, Football, IV, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Varsity "G" Club, "Glass Eyel' Staff, H. R. Office: Athletic As- sociation Ticket Seller, Honor League Mem- ber. MYERS, JAMES-Gym Squad Leader, Cihoir, David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, Spanish Club, Pres., Senior Day Committee, H. R. Of- fice, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Honor League Member, H. R. Representaltive. MYERS, JOAN LINNELL - I nt r a m u r al Basketball, Honor League Member. N NAFF, NANCY SUSANNE -- French Club, Y-Teens, junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Honor League Member. NEAS, SARA ELIZABETH-Gym Squad Leader, ICT, "High Times" Staff, "Glass Eye" Staff, Honor League Member, Y-Teens, Iunior Red Cross. NEAS, WILLIAM EDWARD - Football, Fresh., Shop Award, Honor League Member. NEIGHBORS, JO ANNE-Gym Squad Lead- er, G.A.A.: D.E. Club, F'.H.A., H. R. Office, Y-Teens, Office Helper, Lunc'h Helper, At'h- letic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. NEIN, DAVID ROBERT-Golf, Science Club, Latin Club, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. NEW, ROBERT WAYNE-D. E. Club, Honor League Member. NEWTON, BARBARA JANE - Intramural Basketball. Volleyball, Hockev, Softball, F.B.L.A., H. R. Office, Y-Teens, Office Help- er, Aftlhletic Association Program Seller, Hon- or League Member. NEWTON, ELIZABETH JANE--Intramural Basketball. Volleyball, Batdmitnton, Hockey. Tennis, Softball, Speed-away: Gym Souad Leader, French Club, H. R. Office: Student Council Monitor: Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A. Award, Honor League Member. NISHIKURA. KAZUYOSHI--Science Club, 'tHiQh Times" Staff: Ouill and Scroll: Honor League Member, Naltfional Honor Socilety, Associate Member, Co-Treasurer. NORRIS, FRANCES MAE - Gym Squad Leader, Cwhoir, Chorus, Glee 'Clubg Honor League Member. NORTON, SUSAN LINDA-Literary Society, French Club, 'fCritic" Staff, "High Times" Sltaff, Co-Ed., Debate Club, See., Forensic Club, Public Speaking Club, Pres., Student Council Monitor, Tri-Hi-Y, A.F.S., Outill and Scroll! National Merit Finalist, Senior Play, Voted "Mos-t Likely to Succeed", Honor League Member, National Honor Society. 316 Senior Directory NOVAK, CAROLYN MARIE-F.H.A., Honor League Member, Transfer. NUCKOLS, MARSHALL R., JR. - Spanish Club, F.B.L.A., Athletic Association 'Ticket Seller, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. NURMI, MELINDA LESLIE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Span- ish Club, Student Council Monitor, Pep Com- m-ititee, Tri-Hi-Y, A.F.S., Office Helper, Span- ish Tournament, Honor League Member, Na- tional Honor Society. O OAKES, DARREL - Basketball, Intramural, Football, Fresh., Var., IV, Track, Baseball, Gvm Souad Leader: Spanish Club, Varsity "Gil Club, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Hi-Y, Athletic Association Ticket and Prccram Seller, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. O'BRIAN, LELAND R.-French Club, Situ- dent Council Monitor, Athletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. P PADGETT, BETSY JANE - Intramural Basketball. Volleyball, Speed-awav, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Orchestra: F.H.A., ,Tiunior Red Cross, Honor League Member. PAGE, SHEILA DAWN-Intramural Basket- ball, Softball, Gym Squad Lea-der, Honor League Member. PARIS, MIKE-Honor League Member. PATTERSON, THOMAS E.-Gym Squad Leader, "High Timesv Staff, H. R. Office, Hi-Y, Class Committee, Honor League Mem- ber. PAVEK, DONNA DARENE-C-hoir, F.H.A., Honor League Member. PEERY, LINDA CARYL-Intramural Basket- ball, 'French Club, F.H.A., Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Member. PERDUE, DANNY EARL-Gym Squad Lead- er, D. F. Club, F.B.L.A., Senior Day Com- miltltee, Lunch Helper, Honor League Mem- ber. PERKINS, JAMES DOUGLAS -- Band, Sr., Spanish sClub, junior Red Cross, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. PETTICREW, JANE FRIGG - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Choir, Glass Pallet-te, F.H.A., Spanish Club, H. R. Office, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. PETTYJOHN, JOHN KEMP-I n t r a m u r al Basketball, Football, Fresh., IV, Track, Gym Squad Leader, French Club, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. 317 PHILLIPS, JANET CURTIS-Intramural Baskeltbaill, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis, Softball, Speedball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, 'G.A.A., Chorus, French Club, Spanish Club, Essays Contest, V. Pres., Sopiho- omore Class, Class Council, H. R. Representa- tive, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Iuinior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, Honor League Member, National Honor Society, Secretary. PHIPPS, PHYLLIS ANN--Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Swpeed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Glee Club, D. E. Club, H. R. Office, Special Teaoherls Helper, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. POLISSE, JANET ELSA-Intra-mural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Science Club, Latin Club, Honor League Member, National Honor So- eiety. POLLARD, PATRICIA DARLENE-Choir, Chorus, D. E. Club, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. POLLARD, SANDRA DIANNE-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Gym Squad Leader, Glee Club, F.B.L.A., Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Special Teaciher's Help- er, Honor League Member. PORTER, HENRY DANIEL, JR. - Choir, F.B.L.A., H. R. Office, Honor League Mem- ber. POWERS, ROBERT C.-Gym Squad Leader, H. R. Office, Honor League Member. PREBLE, THOMAS E.-Intramural Basket- ball, Football, Fresh., IV, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, H. R. Office, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member, H. R. R'e,p1resenit,ative. PRESLEY, JACQUELINE CELENE-Choir, Chorus, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. PRESLEY, MARY JOSEPHINE - Choir, Chorus, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Honor League Member. PROEHL, REBECCA ANNE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis, Softball, Speed-sawa-y, Gym Squad Leader, ,G.A.A., Band, Sr., French Club, Class Committee, Class Council, H. R. Repre- sentative, Senior Day Commit-tee, H. R.. Of- fice, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic Association Program Seller, Basketball Sportsman Award, Honor League Menrber, National Honor Society. PUGH, BONNIE JEAN-French Club, Pep 'Co'mimittee, Y-Teens, Special Teac'her's Help- er, Senior Play, Honor League Member. Senior Directory PUGH, PHYLLIS O'NEAL - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badlminiton, Hockey, Tennis, Softball, Speed-away, G.A.A., Cheer- leader, IV, Vafr., Glass Palette, Treas., Sec., Class Counc-il, H. R. Representative, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Senior Court, G.A.A. Award, National Honor Society, V. Pres. PURSLEY, CYNTHIA JAYNE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Lelader, Majorettes, Choir, Special Choir, French Club, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Office Help- er, Athletic Association Tiickelt Seller, Honor League Member. R RANSON, CAROLYN JEAN -Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Sofitball, Gym Squad Leader, French Club, junior Red Cross, Special Tea-eher's Helper, Honor League Member. RASH, WAYNE, JR.-David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, Stage Crew, Science Club, Span- isfh Club, "Glass Eyel' Staff, Hi-Y, Honor League Member. REDDY, DAVID E.-Spanish Club, H. R. Of- fice, Honor League Member. REDFERN, ROBERT-Science Club, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Assembly Com- mittee, Honor League Member. REGAN, GARY DOUGLAS--Basketball, Var., IV, Track, D. E. Club, Spanish Club, Cafe Bank Runner, Honor League Member. REID, BARBARA ANN-Intramural Volley- ball, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, David Garrick Playelrs, D. E. Club, F.H.A., Treas., H. R. Office, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Special TeaClher's Helper, Honor League Member. RELF, WILLIAM THOMAS-D. E. Club, Honor League Member. RHODES, NANCY EVERETTE-Gyim Squad Leader, Glass Palette, French Club, Latin Clu'b, Pres., V. Pres. Sophomore Class, V. Pres., Senior Class, Class Commiititee, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Coun- cil, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Assembly Committee, Pep Commit- tlee, Tri-Hi-Y, Atthleitic Associaition 'Picket Seller, Girls' State, Essays Contest, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. RICHARDS, DORIS LOUISE - Intramural Baslketfball, Speed-away, Cheerleaders, IV, Choir, Clhorus, Glee Club, Class Committee, Class Council, H. R. Represenvtartive, H. R. Office, Pep Com-mittee, Cafe Cashier, Lunch Helper, Honor League Member. RICHARDSON, DAVID - Basketball, Intra - mural, Fresh., Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Special Cfhoir, Frencih Club, Freshman Class Treas., Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Boys' State, Senior Court King, Honor League Member, Voted "Best Looking." ROAKES, BRENDA ELAINE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. QClub, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Y-'I eens? Special Tearelierls Helper, Honor League M emb e r . ROBINSON, SANDRA KAYE - Y-Teens, Honor League Member. ROGERS, SHIRLEY LEE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Speed-away, G.A.A., iD. E. Club, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. RUCKER, JANE THOMPSON - Intramural Volleyball, Gym Squad Leader, Glass Palette, French Club, V. Pres., Forensic Club, Situ- dent Council Monitor, Tri-Hi-Y Office Help- er, Atlhletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Essay Contest, Honor League Mem- ber, National Honor Society. RUDDER, JO ANN-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, Stock Holders Club, F.H.A., ICT, Pep Com- mititee, Y-Teens, Iunior Red Cross, Honor League Member. RUSKA, DAVID ANTHONY - Basketball, Fresh., Tennis, Var., Gym Squad Leader, Literary Society, Science Club, French Club, "Critic" Staff, Debate Club, V. Pres., Foren- sic Club, Senior Day Committee, Student Council Parliamentarian, Student Council Monitor, Assembly Committee, Na-tional Merit Final-ist, Quill and Scroll, Latin Tournament, Speech Contest, Honor League Member, Na- tional Honor Society. S SAGER, ROBERT FREDRICK - Honor League Member. SALMON, RICHARD JO-HN-Football, Var., French Club, Varsity "G" Club, Honor League Member. SAMUELS, LINDA LOUISE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey. Tennis, Softball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Science Club, Spanish Club, H. R. Office, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Athletic Associa- tion Program Seller, Honor League Member. SAMUELS, LYNN - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speed-away, Literary Society, French Club, Latin Club, "Criitic,' Staff, "Glass Fyen Staff, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, Honor League Member, National Hon- or Society. SANDERS, WILLIAM DIXON-Intramural Basketball, Honor League Member. SANDERSON, VICKI W.+Gym Squad Lead- er, F.H.A., Senior Dav Committee, Pep Com- mittee, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. 318 Senior Directory SAUNDERS, BRENDA L.-Intramural Vol- leyball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Litt- elrary Society, David Garrick Players, Class Council, H. R. Representarttive, H. R. Office, Junior Red' Cross, Spanish Tournament, Hon- or League Memrber. SAUNDERS, CHARLES ROBERT - Stock Holdiers Club, Honor League Member. SAUNDERS, RICHARD NEIL, JR.-Itntra,- mural Basketball, junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. SCHLOTTERBECK, JOHN THOMAS-Sc.i- ence Club, V. Pres., Latin Club, Debate Club, Essays Contest, National Merit Letter of 'Com- mendation, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. SCHMITT, MILTON H.-Football, JV, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Stock Holders Club, Senior Da-y Committee, Honor League Member. SCHOMER, VICKI ANNE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speed-away, L-ilterary Society, David Garrick Players, French Club, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Help- er, Honor League Member. SEAGLE, JOSEPH LACY - Science Club, Class Council, H. R. Representative, Senior Da-y 'CO'1I1'!T1lt'E.tCCQ H. R. Office, Honor League M emb e r. SEAGLE, SAMUEL GILES--Glass Palette, V. Pres., Pr-es., Literary Society, French Club, Pres., 'fCrit.ic" Stafufg President, Sr. Class, Class Committee, Class Council, H. R. Representative, Senior Day 'Commilttee, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Boys' State, Senior Court, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, National Hon-or Society, Voted "Most Responsible" and "Mo-st VVell-Rounded." SHANER, LESLIE ANN-Inrtramura-l Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, Softball, Speed-away, Gym. Squad Leader, G.A.A., Band, Sr., Science Club, Latin Club, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Repres-enta-tive, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Atthletic Association Ticket and Pro-gram Seller, Honor League Member. SHARP, SHARON SUE-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Badtminfton, Hockey, Speed- away, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Class Council, H. R. Representative, Senior Day C-omrnittee, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Y-Teens, Special Teaciher's Helper, Honor League Mem-ber. SHELTON, TIMOTHY EDWIN-Intraimural Basketball, Golf, Science Club, French Club, Hi-Y, Honor League Member. SHELTON, TOMMY HAMILTON-H. R. Off- fice, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Mem- ber, National Honor Society. SHOTTON, LYNNE ELIZABETH - Intra- mural Bask-etball, Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, G.A.A., Choir, Glee Club, Special Choir, French Club, Latin Club, Class Committtee, H. R. Ofwfice, Studenlt Council, H. R. Repre- sentative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Com- mittee, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Special Teache.r's Helper, Athletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, French Tournamenlt, Na- tional Honor Society. 319 SIMMS, ROSE MARIE--Intramural Basket- ball, Volfleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speedball, Speedi-away, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Essays Con'tes't, Y-Teens, junior Red Cross, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. SIMPSON, ELIZABETH PARKE - Intra- mural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, French Club, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Coinmittee, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Latin Tournament, Honor League Member. SKINNER, JEAN DUNNING - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Literary So- ciety, David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, French Club, French Tournament, Honor League Memlber, Senior Play. SMITH, CHARLES L.-Baseball, Honor League Member. SMITH, JOAN ELIZABETH-I n it 1' a m u r al Basketball, Choir, David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, Senior Play, Latin Club, Forensic Club, H. R. Office, Pep Committee, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. SMITH, KATHLEEN RUTH - Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Literary Society, French Club, "Critic" Staff, "Glass Eye" Sta-ff, Senior Day Committee, Atlhletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Quill and Scroll, Honor League Member. SMITH, PAMELA DEA-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Softball, Speedrball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, F.H.A., ICT, Honor League Member, Student Council, H. R. Representa- tive, Iunior Redi Cross, Honor League Mem- ber. SMITH, ROBERT LEWIS, JR.-Senior Day 'Committee, Shop Award, Honor League Mem- ber. SMITH, SUSAN MARIE-Forensic Club, Pep Committee, Library Council-Helper, Honor League Member. SMOOT, WAYNE-Gym Squad Leader, Band, Fresfh., Sr., French Club, Class Council, H. R. Relpresentaitive, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitotr, Honor League Member. SMYTHE, NANCY CHOSTER - Intramural B aswk e tball, Volleyball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Essays Contest, Student Council Monitor, Honor League Mem- ber. SMYTHERS, JUDY DIANE-Intramural Vol- leyball, Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, French Club, F.H.A., Class Council, H. R. Repre- senwtative, H. R. Office, Pep Committee, Y- Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Cafe Cashier, Honor League Member. SOMERS, STEVE - Science Club, French Club, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Mem- ber. Senior Directory SORRELL, ROSE MARIE-Choir, Glee Club, D. E. Club, La-tin Club, F.H.A., Volleyball, Honor League Member. SPENNCER, LARRY FRANKLIN-Gym Squad Leader, Manager of Sports, T, Choir, Cafe Bank Runner, Athletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. SPRADLIN, LINDA DARE - I ntramur al Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Sipeedball, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Tri- Hi-Y, Honor League Member. SPROUSE, EMMETT LEWIS - Intramural Volleybial-l, Badminton, Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Honor League Member. ST. JOHN, FAITH C.--Gym Squad Leader, F.B.L.A., Sec., Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. STAPLES, SHARON LEIGH-I n t r a m u r al Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Choir, Chorus, Stock Holders Club, Spanish Club, Class Council, H. R. R-elpresentative, H. R. Office, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Library 'Council-Helper, Aitlhle-tic Associa-tion Program Seller. STENNETTE, LYNN BOWER - Choir, Chorus, Essays Contest , Office Helper, Hon- or League Member. STEPHENS, RICHARD ALAN - Honor League Member. STEVENS, DAVID D.-D. E. Club, Honor League Member. STEVENS, DEBORAH ANN - Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Cfhoir, F.B.L.A., Junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Honor League Member. STEVENS, JAMES W., III-Basketball, JV, Fresh., Var., Speed-away, Initra., Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Special Choir, 'tHigh Times" Sitaff, Senior Day Committee, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, Basketball Letter, Honor League Member. STEVENS, .PATRICIA MURRAY - Libra-ry Council-Helper, Honor League Member. STEWART, DIANE BARBARA--Initramural Basketball, Volleyball, Btadfminton, Hockey, Tennis, Softba-ll, Literary Society, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Senior Day Comtmittee, Pep Committee, A.F.S., Of-fice Helper, Honor League Member. STINNETTE, JANET-Intramural Volleyball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, 'D. G. Play, "Hi-gh Times" Svtaff, Senior Day' Committee, Honor League Member. STINNETTE, W. T.-D. E. Club, Honor League Member. STOKES, DONALD WAYNE - Intramural Baskertball, Band, Sr., Color Guard, Capt., Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. SUTOR, DAVID PAYNE-Literary Society, David Garrick Players, French Club, "Critic Staff, Advertisers, Senior Day Commitwtee, H. R. Olffi-ce, Student Council Monitor, As- sembly Committee, Quill and Scroll, Honor League Member, Voted "Person-aliity Plus" and "Wittiieslt and N+iitWittiest." SWANN, SANDRA KATHLEEN-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badmintton, Hockey, Tennis, Speedball, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., Literary Society, David Gar- rick Players, Spanish Club, Secretary, Sopho- more Class, Class Committee, Class Council, H. R. Representative, Senior Day Committee, H. R. O-ffice, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Tri- Hi-Y, Honor League Member, Voted "Wit- tiest and Nitwitttiesltf' rs SYDNOR, MALCOLM - Basketball, Intra- mural, JV, Freslh., Football, Fresh., JV, Var., Track, Baseball, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Varsity "G" Club, H. R. Of', Hi-Y, A.F.S., Athletic Associatio-ni Program Seller, Honor League Member, Voted "Biggest Flintf' T TALLEY, AMELIA-Literary Society, Science Club, Lavtin Club, Pep Committee, Library Council-Helper, Language Tournaments-, La-tin, Honor League Member, National Honor So- ciety. TAYLOR, CATHERINE M.-I n 't r a m u r al Basketball, Hockey, Literary Society, French Club, Crest Staff, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Pep Comtmititee, Tri-Hi-Y, Quill and Scroll, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. TAYLOR, EVERETT R.-T-rack, Gym Squad Leader, Glas-si Palette, D. E. Club, H. R. Olf- ficer, Senior Day Committee, Slhop Award, Honor League Member. TAYLOR, LINDA MARIE - Initratmural Basketball, Volleyball, Choir, Literary Society, French Club, Senior Day Commitlteeg Library Council-Helper, Athletic Association Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. TAYLOR, MARCIA - Inttrainural Basketball, Volleyball, Bad-miniton, Hockey, Softball, Speed- away , G.A.A., Swpa-nish Club, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Member. TAYLOR, RICHARD SQUIRE, JR.-Manager of Sports, FB, Spanish Club, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. TERRELL, EMILY LOUISE - Intramural Basketball, Hockey, Speed-away, Band, Fresh., French Club, Plublic Speaking Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Member. TERRY, PHILLIP WAYNE - D. E. Club, Honor League' Member. THACKER, SANDRA KAY-I n t r a m u ral Basketball, Hockey, Softball, Literary Society, French Club, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. 320 Senior Directory THOMAS, HAROLD-Honor League Member. THOMAS, LINDA SAFERIGHT-D. E. Club, Y-Teens, Honor League Member. THOMPSON, ALFRED D. - Band, Fresh., Science Club, Honor League Member. THOMPSON, BARRY RAY-I n It 1' am u r al Basketball, Softball, Track, Special Choir, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Lost and Found, Atlhletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, Latin Contest, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. THOMPSON, BRENDA SUE -- Intraimural Basketball, Volleyball, ,Ba-dminton, Hockey, Tennis, Speed-away, G.A.A., Orchestra, Sen- ior Day Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Memlber. THOMPSON, HENRY NOEL-Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Spanislh Club, Essays Contest, Class Council and H. R. Representative, H. R. Office, Student Council H. R. Representamtiive, Spa-niswh Tournament, Honor League Member. THOMPSON, WILLIAM WADE - Gym Squad' Leader, Spanish Club, Senior Day Com- mit-tee, H. R. Office, Iunior Red Cross, Honor League Member. THORN, JOIHN BAKER, JR. - Football, Fresh., Gym Squad Leader, Latin Club, "Glass: Eye" Staff, H. R. Office, Junior Red Cross, Cafe Cashier, Honor League Member. THURMOND, 'MARY PAGE - Intralmural Basketball, Volleyball, Literary Society, David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, French Club, H. R, Office, Student Council, H. R. Repre- se11ta'tiive, Student Council Monitor, Pep Com- mittee, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Helper, Honor League Member. TI'CE, JOYCE FAYE-Intramural Basketball, Speed-away, French Club, H. R. Office, Stu- dent Council Monitor, Honor League Member. TINNIN, ANN DOUGLAS - Spanish Club, Senior 'Day Committee, Special Teael1er's Helper, Honor League Member. TOWLER, KEMPER EDWARD - Football, Fresh., Gym Squad Leader, Manager of Sports, BB, Band, Fresh., Spanish Club, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. TRENT, BRENDA MARIE--Intramural Vol- leyball, Ohoir, Y-Teens, Office Helper, Honor League Member. TRENT, DEBORAH JEAN-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speedball, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., "High Timesl' Staff, Class Council, Pep 'Commitrteeg Y-Teens, Special Teaclher'si Helper, Honor League Member. TRENT, JOYCE GAYLE-F.H.A., ICT, Pep Comwmittee, Honor League Member. TRENT, JOYCE MARIE-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Baclminton, Hockey, Tennis, F.l-TA., 'Senior Day Committee, G.A.A. Award, Honor League Member. 321 TRENT, MELVIN CLYDE-Track, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. TRENT, ROGER LEE-Science Club, French Club, Student Council, H, R. Representative, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. TRENT, WISTAR H.-Intramural Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Manager of Sports, BB, FB, Spanish Club, Varsity "GU Club, H. R. Office, Special Teacher's Helper, Athletic As- sociation Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. TREVEY, JOHN DOUGLAS-Track, Mana- ger of Sports, T, Spanish Club, Varsity "G" Club, Senior Day Committee, Track Letters, Honor League Member. I TRICE, CHARLES LUMSDEN-Basketball, Var., JV., Fresfh., Gym Squad Leader, "Glass Eyei' Staff, Senior Day Committee, Hi-Y, Abhletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. TUCKER, LINDA SUE-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Hockey, French Club, F.H.A., Class Committee, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Honor League Member, Naftional Hono-r Society. TURNER, DONALD-Gym Squad Leader, Senior iDay Committee, Honor League Mem- ber. TURNER, SONDRA LEE-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Choir, F.H.A., Spanish Club, Pep Commitftee, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. TUTHILL, JOAN CARROLL -- Intramural Basiketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, Speed- ball, G.A.A., Cheerleader, JV, Var., Band, Fresh., Literary Society, Senior Play, French Club, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Ofifice Helper, Atlhletic Association Ticket Seller, Senior Court, Voted "Best Looking", Honor League Member. TUTTLE, DAVID-Gym Squad Leader, Hon- or Leaguc Member. TWEEDY, SAUNDRA MICHELLE-Choir, Honor League Member. TYREE, RICHARD W. JR.-Intramural Basketball, Freslh. Basketball, Manager of Sports, BB, FB, Stock Holders Club, ICT, H. R. Office, Hi-Y, Honor League Member. U UPSHUR, FONTAINE--Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis, Sipeedball, Speed-away, French Club, Class Committee, Class Council and H. R. Repre- isenltative, Honor League Officer, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student 'Coun- cil Monitor, Assembly Committee, Pep Com- mittee, Tri-Hi-Y, Aitihletic Associaition Pro- gram Seller, Honor League Member. Senior Directory V VESS, ERIC C.-Spanish Club, Assembly Commiititee, Sound Crew, Honor League Meni- ber. VIAR, PATRICIA ELLEN-Choir, Latin Club, Essays Contest, Y-Teens, La-tin Tourna- ment, Honor League Member, National Hon- or Society. W WADE, PATSY-Intramural B a s k e t b a l lg Ohoir, Chorus, Glee Club, ICT, Honor League Member. WADE, PHYLLIS ANN-Inttramural Volley- ball, Hockey, Library Council-Helper, Office Helper, Special Teacher's Helper, Honor League Member. ' WALDRON, DAVID MARSHALL - Track, Gym Squad Leader, Stock Holders Club, French Club, Class Council and H. R. Repre- sentative, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Cafe Bank Runner, Athletic rASSO'CIHf'E'IO11 Ticket Seller, Honor League Mem- ber. WALLING, BETTY LOU-Intramural Volley- ball, Hockey, Speed-away, Bland, Fresh., Choir, ICT, Spanisih Club, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Honor League Member. WARE, ROSA LENA-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badfminrton, Hockey, Softball, Stock Holders Club, F.H.A., Library Council-Helper, G.A.A. Award, Honor League Member. WATERS, ANNE BRADFORD-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Gym Squad- Leader, Literary Society, David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, French Club, Forensic Club, Esssays Contest, Class Council and H. R. Representa- tive, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Pep Comlmitttee, Office Helper, Poster Con- tesit, Honor League Member. WEAVER, ToBY REED - Football, JV, Track, Choir, Stock Holders Club, Choir Award, Special Choir, Honor League Member. WEILAND, WILLIAM RUTHER - Track, D. E. Club, Honor League Member. WEISS, CAROLYN GAYNELLE-Gym Squad Leader, Choir, French Club, Class Council and H. R. Representzaitiveg Senior Day Com- mitltee, H. R. Olffice, Pep Conimititee, junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Special 'C'hoir, Honor League Member. WENNERSTROM, CAROL LEE-Intramural Hockey, Speed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Spanish Club, Class Committee, Class Council and H. R. Represenftativeg Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Peo Committee, Junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Honor League Member. WERN, RQBERT-Gym Squad Leader, ICT, H. R. Ofiiice, Lunch Helper, Honor League Member. WHATELY, PAUL-Track, Gym Squad Lead- er, Hi-Y, Honor League Member. WHEELER, JOHN OXENHAM - Literary Society, Science Club, Latin Club, "Critic,' Staff, Class- 'Council and H. R. Representatwe, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Coun- cil Monitor, Assembly Committee, S.C.A. Scholastic Aclhievement Award, National Merit Finalist, Boys? State, Quill and Scroll, Latin Tournaments, Senior Play, Voted 'tMost Like- ly To Succeed", Honor League Member, Na- tional Honor Socielty, President. WHITCOMB, JAMES-Honor League Mem- ber. WHITE, HARRY VIRGIL, III-D. E. Club, Spanish Club, Honor League Member. WHITE, STEPHANIE CRIST - Intramural Speedball, Gym Squad Leader, Stock Holders Club, F.H.A., A'Glass Eye" Svtafif, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Honor League Member. WILKES, HUBERT ROGER-Choir, Stock Holders Club, H. R. Office, junior Red Cross, Lunclh Helper, Honor League Member. WILKS, DAVID - Intramural Basketball, Football, Fresh., JV, Track, 'Gym Squad Lead- er, H. R. Office, Football Letiter, Honor League Member. WILLIAMS, JUDY - Inltramural Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, F.H.A., Library Council-Helper, Special Teac-herys Helper, Honor League Member. W I L L O U G H B Y, MYRTLE JOANNE- F.B.L.A., H. R. Office, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Special Teaoher's Helper, Honor League Member. WINEMAN, JANIE RAE-Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis, Gym Squad Leader, G.A.A., 'Glass Palette, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A. Award, Honor League Member, National Honor So- oiety. WINSTEAD, ELIZA STERLING - Gym Squad Leader, Ciheerleader, JV, Literary So- ciety, Latin Club, Student Council, H. R. Rep- resentative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, T-ri-Hi-Y, Olffice Helper, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Mem- ber, National Honor Society. WITHEY, GEORGIA-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Speed-away, Literary So- ciety, Spanisih Club, l'Critic" Staff, Class Com- mittee, H. R. Owfvfice, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor League Member. WITT, EDWARD RUCKER, JR.-Football, Fresh., Var., JV, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Spainisih Club, Varsity "GH Club, Class Coun- cil and iH. R. Representative, Junior Red Cross, Hi-Y, Cafe Bank Runner, Athletic Associartion Ticket and Program Seller, Honor League Member. 322 Senior Directory WITT, JAMES HOWARD-Gym Squad Lead- er, Liiterary Society, David Garrick Players, D. G. Play, D. E. Club, Spanish Club, Class Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council, H. R. Representative, Special Teacher's Help- er, Caefe Bank Runner, Honor League Mem- Jer. WOMACK, PATRICIA ANN - Inwtramural Volleyball, Hockey, Speedball, Gym. Squad Leader, F.H.A., ICT, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Junior Red 'C-ross, Honor League Member. WOOD, BEVERLEY HOWARD-Intramural Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Latin Club, Crest Staff, Essays Contest, Public Speaking Club, Class Com-mittee, Pep Committee, Latin Tournament, Honor League Member, Senior Play, Naitional Honor Society. WOOD, CLAUDE ARTHUR, JR.--Football, Var., Track, 'Gym Squad Leader, H. R. Office, Honor League Member. WOOD, DORIS DIANE-Latin Club, H. R. Office, Honor League Member. WOOND, KATHRYN JANE-Intraimural Vol- leyball, Badminton, Softball, Gym Squad Lead- er, Glee Club, Y-Teens, Honor League Mem- ber. WOOD, LARRY-Basketball, Intraimuiral, IV, Fresfh., Football, Fresh., JV, Track, Baseball, Capt., Gym 'Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Varsity "G" Club, Junior Class, President, Sen- ior 'Day Committee, President Honor League, Stuidcnrt 'Council Monitor, Honor League Mem- ber. WOOD, MARY MARGARET - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Literary So- ciety, French Club, F.H.A., 'Class Council, H. R. Representative, Senior 'Day Committee, H. R. Office, Student Council Monitor, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Junior Red' Cross, Tri- Hii-Y, Honor League Member, National Hon- or Socierty. WOODALL, RICHARD T.-"Glass Eye" Staff, H. R. 'OJf,fice, Athletic Association Ticket Sell- er, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. 323 WORLEY, BARBARA ANN-Intramural Vol- leyball, Hockey, Speed-away, Gym. Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Sec., F.H.A., Junior Class T'1'Cl3.iSl., Class Council, Junior Red Cross, Ath- letic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. WORLEY, BRUCE ALAN-I n ft r a m u r al Basketball, Football, Fresh., JV, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish -Club, Senior Day Committee, H. R. Office, Hi-Y, Special Te-ac+her's Helper, Honor League Member, H. R. Representative. WORLEY, MARY SUSAN - Chorus, Y- Teensi, Honor League Member. WRIGHT, JANE LOUISE - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Solfltball, Speed-away, Stock Holders Club, Honor League Member. WRIGHT, KENNETH W.-Track, Gym Squad Leader, H. R. Oififice, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member. WRIGHT, LINDA DIANE-H. R. Office, Y- Teens, 'Office Helper, Honor League Member. WRIGHT, LUTHER GUY - Crest Staff, Proitography Awards, Honor League Member, National Honor Society. WRIGHT, ROBIN STEIN - Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Spe-ed-away, Gym Squad Leader, Band, Fresh., Sr., Choir, D. E. Club, French Club, H. R. Offfice, Pep Committee, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. WYATT, SUSAN REYNOLDS-Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Softball, Speed'-awlayg Literary Society, French Club, "High Times" Staff, Library Council- Helper, Cafe Cashier, Lunch Helper, Athletic Asisociation Ticket Seller, Honor League Member. Y YOUNG, RICHARD-Honor League Member, Senior Play. A Abbitit, Joyce MacLean, 33 Abramson, Sandra, 116, 177 Acklefy, Jim, 133, 134, 229' Adamee, Linda Kay, 33, 182, 183, 185, 202 Adams, Ann, 97 Adams, Benny Phillip, 33 Adams, Betty, 100, 211 Adams, Cecil, 120 Adams, Celia, 112, 204 Adams, Clyde, 105, 202 Adams, Daniel, 135 Adams, Earl Rice, 33. 171, 204, 206, 218 Adams, Susan, 119, 171 Adamson, Jeannine, 33, 215 Aderton, Peggy, 110, 208, 209 Adkins, John, 114 Adler, Audrey, 126, 209 Agee, Sharon, 118 Akers, Sid, 95 Alderman, Charles, 134 Alfretlson, Eric, 138 Allen, Brenda, 127 Allen, Cecil, 127 Allen, ', 123 Allen, Debbie, 95 Allen, Donna, 102, 208 Allen, Heyward Wayne, 33, 191 Allen, Sharon' Raye, 134 Almond, Clarence, 124 Almond, Donna Charlene, 102 Almond, Susan, 118, 171 Alper, Barbara, 1144 Alper, Nelson, 128 Alvis, Robert Barry, 98 Amonette, Rob, 131 Anders, Dixie, 95 Anderson, Anderson, 218 Anlderson, Anderson, Anderson, Janice, 33, 185 Julia, 33, 185, 195, 201, Ralph, 33, 191, 205 Sharon, 130 Thomas Ray, 102, 203 Anthony, Robert, 129 Apperson, Carolyn, 138 Arendlale, Donna, 135 Armeas, Jerry W., 100 Armistead, Nancy, 113 Armstrong, Sam, 113 Armstrong, Suzanne, 135, 188, 208 Arrinqgton, Kenneth, 114 Arthur, Charles, 126 Arthur, Gibbs, 131 Arthur, James, 112 Arthur, Stevie, 135, 236, 244 Arthur, Tommy, 132 Ashwell, Catherine, 135 Ashwell, Cindie, 95 Ashwell, Earl, 137 Ashwell, Linda Faye, 33, 185 Atkins, Garnett, 113, 235, 244 Atlee, Michael, 118 Aulticze, Regina, 31, 33, 173, 185, 202, 211, 218 Austin, Glennie, 198 Averett, John A., 111, 210, 241, 244 Averett, William, 116 Ayers, Vicky, 110 Student Directory B Baber, Cecilia, 33 Baber, Cynthia, 137 Bauber, Darlene, 103, 186 Baber, Phyllis, 120 Baer, Charles, 112, 203 Baer, Edward, 137 Bagby, Randall, 95 Bailess, Betty, 128 Bailey, Brenda, 132, 212 Bailey, Charles David, 34, 226 Bailey, Gladys Cdroppedj, 120 Bailey, Judith, 128 Bailey, Judy, 34, 192, 195,, 202, 213, 214 Bailey, Ray, 102, 204, 234 Bailey, Rebecca, 119 Bailey, Robert, 130 Baily, Barbara, 34, 211 Baker, Francis, 132 Baker, Leslie, 124 Baker, Peyton Sanford, 34 Baldwin, Betty, 105 Baldwin, Edwin, 127 Baldwin, Monroe, 109 Ball, David, 136, 255 Ballard, John, 135, 236 Ballard, P-am, 34, 192, 213 Ballowe, Garland, 123 Ballowe, Gloria Jean, 203 Ballowe, Steven, 100, 195, 234, 244 Bane, Judy, 192 Barbour, Vincent, 131, 242 Barker, Lee, 134, 179, 212 Barker, Mary Lynn, 130, 212 Barksdale, Paula, 128 Barley, Claudia, 120 Barrett, Donald, 129, 193 Barrett, Kathy, 123, 208 Bartley, Richard, 138 Bartley, William, 103, 206 Bass, Phyllis, 114 Bass, Ronnie, 135 Bates, Debbie, 120 Baughn, Cindy, 138, 212 Beale, Delores, 128 Beale, Sandra, 34 Beard, George, 95, 203 Beck, Brenda, 129, 179 Beck, Debbie, 95, 201 Beckner, Nancy, 132 Belkin, Marilyn, 113 Bell, Laverne, 131 Bell, Sandra, 113 Bell, Steven, 135 Bennett, Cheryl, 112 Bennett, Nancy, 103 Bennington, Jo Ann, 135, 136, 171, 179, 212 Bennimgton, Mary Kay, 35, 183, 185, 213, 214, 252 Bergman, Ricky, 127 Bergman, Theodore, 103, 202 Bergstrom, Ronald, 100 Berryman, Thomas, 114 Bersch, Phillip, 120 Bevley, Cynthia, 127 Bibb, Debbie, 1341, 212 Bibb, James, D., 34 Bibb, Kathy Bell, 134, 198, 212 Bittle, Patricia, 103, 204, 208 Blackburn, Bobby, 131 Blackwell, Kathy, 105, 170, 189, 199, 206, 209 Blake, Grady, 34 Blankenship, Barry, 124 Blankenship, Don, 113, 235, 246 Blanlcinship, Charles, 98, 234 Blanlkinshin, Maurice, 135 Blankinship, Rebecca, 127 Blankinsllip, Stephen, 205 Blanks, Brenda, 128, 198 Blanks, Gary Melvin, 35 Blanton, Lee, 103 Blanton, Stephen, 134 Blencowe, Mary Janet, 31, 35, 170, 172, 202, 218, 220, 221 Blevins, Brenda Lee, 35, 169, 170, 195, 197, 203, 218, 221 Blum, Robert, 100 Blum, Wm. Keith, 117, 235, 244 Bolding, Donald, 136 Bolton, Rodney, 131 Bomar, Bobby, 117 Bomas, Alan, 97, 177 Bond, Fred, 36 Bondurant, David, 123 Booth, Anita, 98 Booth, James, 110, 111, 177 Boothe, Larry, 113 Bosiger, Elaine, 95, 195 Boswell, Harvey Befnnett, 36, 191 Bowen, Sylvia, 110 Bowles, Aline, 129 Bowles, Brenda, 109 Bowles, Bryanft, 113 Bowles, Patricia Lee, 134 Bowling, Nancy, 36, 183 Bowling, Patty, 194, 136, 212 Bowling, Randall Eugene, 134, 235, 244 Boylan, Betty Lou, 35, 183, 204, 206, 218, 220 Bozeman, Shirley, 126, 212 Bradley, Doris Ann, 117, 171 Bradley, Henry, 105 Bradley, Marcia, 114, 198 Bradley, Richard, 130 Bradner, Bonnie, 116 Bradner, Chiquita, 100 Bradner, Gregory, 129 Bragg, Alice, 97 Bragg, Charles, 126 Bragg, Donna, 36 A Bragg, Donna Gail, 36, 185, 192 Bragg, Sandra Braumiller, Karen, 116, 171, 189 Braun, Herbert, 36, 210 Breeden, Wesley, 11.7 Breeding, Charles A., 111, 180 Brenton, Mike, 36, 206, 244 Bridgett, Brenda, 119 Bridgett, Karen Elizabeth, 36, 204, 211, Brogg, Donna, Brookman, Linda, 129 Brooks, Allen, 118 Brooks, Brenda, 114 Brooks, Carolyn, 137, 202 Brooks, Carrol, 116 Brooks, Charlie, 112 Brooks, Cheryl, 97, 215 324 244 Bfuffy, Callahan, David, 110, 210, 234 Brooks, Cindy, 127 Brooks, Edward, 124 Brooks, Emmitt, 109 Brooks, Hilda, 116 Brooks, Jo Ann, 114 Brooks, Jos-eph, 120 Brooks, Joyce, 36, 208 Brooks, Judy, 103, 208, 212 Brooks, Kathy, 131 Brooks, Kay, 135 Brooks, Linda, 112 Brooks, Brooks, Patsy, 36, 211 Raymond, 128 Brooks, Richard, 113, 171 Brooks, Robert, 114 Brooks, Sandra, 100 Brooks, Stephanie, 124 Brown, Barbara, 97 Brown, Carolyn, 137 Brown, Carolyn, 100, 195, 211. Brown, Charlie lll, 128 Brown, Judy, 109, 208, 212 Brown, Karin, 114, 182 Brown, Nancy, 36, 184, 204, 209 Brown, Patsy, 117, 198, 209, 212 Brown, Robert fBobbyD, 13, 36, 201, 210, 221, 239, 247 Brown, Rose, 135, 212 Brown, Susan Jo, 37 Brown, Steve, 97 Brown, Warren, 131 Bruce, Christy, 113, 202 Bruce, Kathleen Ellen, 21, 37, 183, 201, 204, 214, 218 Brenda, 137 Burnett, Thomas Lee, 37 Burnette, Frank, 128, 171, 236, 244 Burnette, James, 95, 218 Burnette, Michael, 102, 206, 210 Burnette, Michael John, 38 Burnette, Preston, 131 Burnley, Mike, 100 Burns, Donna Dare, 111 Burris, Ellen, 134 Burris, George, 112 Burris, Richard, 97 Burruss, Becky, 105, 106, 252 Burruss, James, 114, 235 Burton, Ashby, 131 Burton, Fred R., 111 Burton, Judy, 135, 212 Burton, Karen, 134 Burton, Kent, 125, 179, 209 Burton, Linda D., 38 Burton, Rocky, 134 Burton, Steve, 130 Bush, Darlene, 118 Bruington, Charles, 123 Bruington, Pat, 37, 175, 200, 218, Bush, John Randall, 134 Byers, Donald, 38 Bynum, Katherine, 118 C Caldera, Irene, 98, 204 Caldwell, Robert, 38, 192 Caldwell, Thomas, 96, 204 Caler, Mike, 102 Callaham, Mack, 97, 2014, 210, 234, Callahan, Margaret Ann, 117 Callahan, Mary, 109 Callis, Nancy, 114 219, 223, 224 Bruntield, Dianne, 124 Bryan, Katherine Jo, 32, 192, 195, 197, 203 Bryan, Paul, 110, 180, 182 Bryant, Anne, 126 Bryant, Betty, 95 Bryant, Brenda, 1351 Bryant, Donna Sue, 37, 202, 209, 211 Bryant, Douglas, 131 Bryant, I-larry, 127, 208 Clark, 'Cl1arlotte, 120, 171 Ann, 102 Bryant, Mary, 37, 194, 204, 218 Buchanlan, Linda, 138, 182, 212 Buck, Barrie, 103, 170, 210, 234, 244 Buck, Ellen, 132 Buckley, Robert, 123, 193 Buckley, Tommy, 97 Bullock, Carolyn, 101 Bumgarner, Linda, 113, 182 Bungwer, David William, 37, 191 Burby, Mary, 134 Burch, Jessia Elizabeth Nuckols, 215 Burchette, Rodney, 16, 37 Burdick, Deborah, 116, 119, 111, 173, 202, 209 Burford, Diane, 105, 202 Burford, Patricia, 114 Burg, Pamela Charles, 98 Burgess, David, 100, 195 Burgess, Mary Lou, 96, 185 Calvert, Doni, 103, 171, 184, 201, 208 Calvert, George, 127, 208, 247 Calvert, Martha, 135, 179 Calvert, Mary, 100, 202, 209 Camden, Ann Marie, 117 Camden, Larry, 95, 225 Camp, Patricia, 97, 195, 211 Campbell, Anne, 101, 175, 184, 203 Campbell, Barbara, 124, 195 Campbell, Catherine, 110, 170 Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Cynthia, 119 Danny, 129 David, 130 Dennis, 1217 Donna, 130 Elaine, 132, 212 Gloria, 113 James, 127 Larry, 112 Lillie, 916 Melvin, 126 Murrell, 109 Patricia Ann, Campbell, Patricia Faye, 131, 212 Campbell, Patricia M., 131, 171, 212 Campbell, Randy R., 111 Campbell, Sandra, 114 Campbell, Sandra, 95 Campbell, Tim, 206 Campi-iield, Burks, Duane, 37, 205 Burks, Sharon, 118, 212 Burnett, Alex, 118 Burnett, Brenda, 38, 211, 218 Burnett Burnett , Carolyn Faye, 111 , Jimmy, 11s Burnett, Kent, 128 Burmett, Mike, 137, 215 Burnett Burnett 325 , Robert Lindberg, 37, 191 , Susan, 122, 137 Candler, Daniel Buck, 39, 192 Candler, Lucy, 97 Candler, Pat M., 39, 1815, 201 Cannwon, Donna, 39, 183 Capps, Thomas Clark, 134 Carey, Betty Ray, 39, 171, 195, 197 202, 214 Carmichael, Clifton, 134 Carpenter, Linda, 171, 120, 189 Carrington, R. C., 130, 135 7 Carroll, Linda, 39, 211, 215 Carson, Thomas Wayne, 40, 192 C-"ter, David A., 40 Carter, Mark, 118 Carter, Michael, 129 Carter, Carter, Cartecr, Cartret Morris, 131 Nelson, 9'6 Noel Lee, 40 t, Chester, 120, 208 Caruso, Angela, 109 Carwile, Ardith, 113, 209 Carwile, Danny, 130 Carwile, Edwin, 114 Carwile, J. W., 132 Carwile, Phylis, 112 Carwile, Sandra., 134 Carwile, Theresa A, 111 Carwile, Thomas, 118 Cary, Douglas, 100 Casey, Malcolm, 135 Casey, Virginia Diane, 129' Casselberry, Louise, 130, 212 Casstevenfs, Carolyn, 103, 211 Catherwood, Mary, 114 Catlett, Francais, 40 Catlett, Linda H., 111 Catlett, Shirley, 124 Caudill, L. E., 126 Cawthorne, Steve, 119 Chaffin, Leah, 116, 171, 209 Chajka, Carolle, 105, 185, 195 Chamberlain, Evelyn, 135, 212 Chamouris, Thomas, 120, 235, 244 Chaney, Richard, 120 Chapman, Mike, 131 Cheatham, Cheatham, Cheatham, H. P., 103, 234 Ken, 118 Phyllis Grant, 40 Richard Thomas, 102 Cheatham, Cheatwood, Allen, 95 Chenault, Dale, 117, 182, 195 Chenault, Michael, 129 Cheves, Patricia, 101, 177 Chefwning, Jesse, 135 Childress, Claude, 124 Childress, Danny Ray, 40, 210, 231, 233, 234, 244 Childress, Dianne, 112 Childress, Chilclrsess, Frankie, 123 Jerry, 117, 153 Childress, Kyle, 109, 170, 171 Childress, Louis Deak, 117, 235, 2411 244 Childress, Martha Rose, 40 Childress, Sandra, 1-19 Childress, William 112 Chipley, Bobby, 132 Chipley, Terry Anne, 117 Christian, Christian, Bruce, 126 Drury, 135 Christian, Mike, 100, 199 Citty, Mary, 123 Clack, Wanda, 98, 177, 199 Claiborne, Cathie, 40 Clark, Ann, 40, 204 Clark, Aurelia, 105, 211 Clark, catherine, 126, 179, 209 Clark, Donna, 40, 174, 200, 211, 223 218, Clark, Jerry, 95, 215 Clark, John, 120 Clark, Larry, 110 Clark, Melvin, 138 Clark, Priscilla, 113 Clark, Ronald, 113, 183, 208 Clark, Rosemary, 195 Clay, Sandra, 137 Claytor, Pam, 95 Clement, 172, 203 Clement, Barbara, 107, 110, 170, Jonathan, 40, 191, 205 Clements, Dennis, 41, 192 , Clements, Glenn, 95 Clements, Ronald, 41, 195, 197, 250 Clements, Steve, 137 Clemmons, Joel, 138 Clemms, Caro-l, 41 Clendenin, Barbara Jo, 134 Clendenin , Irene, 95 Clingiempeel, Gary, 134 Coats, Marsha, 95 Cobb, Nathalie, 126 Cobb, Sara, 136, 194 Cobb, Winston, 126 Cofer, John, 123 Cofer, Thomas, 123 Coffee, Johnny,,100, 191, 195, 204 Coffey, Elizabeth, 4'1, 185, 186, 222 Coffey, Mary Louise, 192, 195 Coffey, Odie, 130 Coffey, Richard, 1101 Coffey, Ricky, 138, 242 Coffey, Sandra, 41 Cohen, Susan, 116 Cole, Dana Clifford, 102, 202 Cole, Ken Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, neth, 113 Armond A., 41, 191, 205 Barbara, 114 Barbara, 102 Brenlda, 120 Connie, 113, 212 Edward, 128 Judy, 41, 184, 202, 205 Lee, 112 M. Gwen, 41, 215 Coleman, Myra, 105, 211 Coleman, Patricia Ann, 41, 192 Coleman, Rita, 119, 170 Coleman, Robert, 98 Coleman, Sandra., 110 Coleman, Seemantha, 132 Coleman, Tommy, 131 Coleman, William, Jr., 138 Coleman, Coleman, William, 116 William, 98 Coles, Gloria 119 212 Couch, Pat, 110 Couch, Stuart, 42, 201 Covington, Gwen, 103, 195, 202 Cox, Cathy, 113 Cox, Doris, 118 Cox, Judy, 105 COX, Mike, 119, 241, 246 Craddock, Hal Cleveland, 98, 199 Craghead, Mary, 117, 170 Craig, Betty Bumbarx-mer, 42, 203 Crank, Steve, 131, 244 Crawford, Brenda, 43, 215 Crawford, Sharon, 135, 212 Crawford, Susan, 43, 215 Crawley, Jackie, 103, 195 Crawley, Josie, 119, 235 Crawley, Ted, 43 Creasy, Bobby, 116 Creasy, Brenda Darlene, 43 Creasy, Cynthia, 43, 185, 202 Creasy, Mike, 124 Creasy, Phyllis Ann, 102 Crennel, Carl Lee, 43, 210, 231, 234, 246 Crennel, Juliet, 118 Crennel, Jo- Anne, 95 Cress, 'Cheryl, 123, 194, 212 Crews, Brenda, 101 Crews, Cheryl, 122, 135, 212 C. ews, Vicky, 132 Crickenberger, Marcia Jean, 98, 211 Crickenberger, Richard, 97, 191 Crist, Leon, 109 Crocetti, Bonnie, 126 Cronin, Joseph, 118 Cronin, Mary Lou, 105, 188, 208 Crouch, Ernest, 137 Crouch, Lewis, 109 Crowder, Robert, 123, 247 Crowe, Jean Massey, 134 Crowe, Kenny, 127, 208 Culpeper, Pamela, 128 Cumby, Glenn, 136 Cunningham, Cunningham, Cunningham, Cunningham, Cunninmgham, Bonnie, 97 Carolyn, 129 Eugene, 105 Larry, 95 Linda Lwee, 102 , 3 Collins, Glenn, 103, 208 Collins, Karen, 129, 212 Compton, Donald, 101, Connelly, Beth, 105, 252 Conner, John, 41, 174, 201, 223 Conner, Linda, 135 Connor, James, 103, 208, 246 Connor, Nancy, 109, 209 Contarino, John, 123, 236, 242 Coolidge, Mary, 109 Cook, Butch, 117, 225 Cook, Lynn, 41 Cook, Patricia, 137, 171 Cooper, David, 127, 208, 247 Cooper, Rachel, 103, 110, 189 Cooper, Roberta, 18, 42, 182, 195, 197, 202 Copenhaver, Dennis, 128 Cordle, Claude, 118 Cornvett, Donny, 98, 202 Cornett, Kathy, 15, 42, 170, 201 Cosby, Anne, 135 Cosby, John, 42 Costan, Ann, 97 Costan, James Marshall, 42, 177, 200, 202, 247 Costas, Bronier, 114, 171, 182, 235, 244 Cothran, William, 135, 236 Cunningham, Warren Wayne, 210, Cyrus, Cyrus, Cyrus, Cyrus, Cyrus, Cyrus, 234 Ann Belcher, 44 Darlene, 44 Ed, 109 Gerald, 215 James Louis, 191 Kenneth, 44 Czajkowski, Bruce, 100 Czajkowski, Robert, 113 D Dale, B., 92 Dalton, Suzanne Scott, 44, 192 Damron, Steven, 97, 201, 206 Damiel, Bonnie, 118, 212 Daniel, Bruce, 105, 204 Daugh trey, Frank, 44, 204, 208 Davids, Robert, 113, 204, 206, 208 Davidson, Becky, 128 Davidson, Martin Charles, 44, 180, 182 Davidson, Wayne, 44, 192 Davies Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, , Beverly, 98 Daniel, 124 Danny, 129 Jacquelyn, 128, 198 James, 124 44 173, 7 Davis, Jesse Franklin, 134 Davis, Linda Gail, 44, 195 Davis, LuRee, 137, 212 Davis, Mike, 112, 171 Davis, Mitchell, 113 Dawson, Beverly, 135 Dawson, C., 138 Dawson, Debra, 138, 212 Dawson, Margaret, 135, 212 Dawson, Susan, 105, 182 Day, Anita Cheryl, 44, 195, 202 Day, Carolyn, 138 Day, George, 126, 236, 242 Day, James, 132 Deaconl, Carolyn, 98 Deacon, Jo Anne, 13, 45, 169. 170, 180, 182, 189, 200, 202, 218, 221 Deacon, Ronnie, 120 Deacon, Walter, 114 Deacon, Wayne, 135 Dean, John, 96, 191 Deaner, Thomas, 45 Dearing, Flo-, 132, 179, 198 Dearing, Jeff, 110, 235, 244 Dearing, Richard, 105 Defibaugh, Lawrence, 113 Defibaugh, Shelby, 97 Dellinger, Jo Anne, 98 Dellinger, Judy, 118, 199 Dellinger, Sandra, 45, 182, 185, 192, 204 Dennis, Chip, 134 De Priest, Dare Wayne, 45 DeShazo, Talmadge Pruitt, Jr., 45, 210, 239 Desmond, Mary Cele, 101, 102, 201, 208 Deuster, Patricia, 98, 201 de Vries, William, 118, 202, 206 DeWitt, Betty Jo, 45, 170, 195, 197, 202 DeWitt, Gary, 126 DeWitt, Lynn Ellen, 45, 195, 202, 218 Dickerson, Alvin, 136, 242 Dickerson, Bonnie, 45, 192 Dickerson, Earl, 123 Dickerson, Susan, 45, 169, 170, 204, 213, 214, 218 Dillard, Celia, Corlette, 98, 184, 199, 214 Dillard, William CChipJ, 114 Dillard, Dorie, 126 Divers, Sylvia, 136 Dobyns, David, 110 Dobyns, Raymond, 114 Dodge, Laurie, 109, 170 Dodson, Johnny, 114 Dodson, Kenneth, 134 Dolan, Linda, 109 Dole, Robert, 45 Dolinger, Gloria, 130 Dolinger, Patricia, 131 Donald, Jacque, 119 Dooley, Billy, 45 Dooley, Jane, 129, 212 Doss, Gloria, 128 Doss, Michael, 113 Doss, Roger, 109, 235 Doss, Tim, 114, 182 Dofwdy, Joannra, 45, 195, 201 Doxwdy, Roger, 19, 46, 184, 195, 197 Downey, Oliva Kay, 46, 185, 195, 211 Driggers, Julian, 135 Driggers, Linda, 132 Driskill, Brenda, 137, 2.12 Driskill, Donald, 112, 170 Driskill, Jack E., 111, 135 326 Foster, Driskill, Linda, 46 Driskill, Ronnie, 103, Droog, Marshall, 97 Druker, Barbara, 112, 172, 202 Drumheller, Al, 105, 192 Drumheller, Melvin Thomas, 98 Dube, Janice, 135, 212 Dube, Roland Norman, 46, 205 Dube, Stewart, 46 Duck, Carlton A., 46, 195 Duckworth, Mary Sue, 130, 171, Dudley, Anna, 120 Dudley, Brenda, 128, 212 Dudley, Jarrett, 13, 47, 201, 214, 221 Duelas, Betsy, 105 Duff, Deborah, 47, 184, 201, 209 Duff, James Alphonso, 98, 210, 234, 244 Dull, Bonnie Sue, 102, 192 Dundon, Thomas, 138 Dunlap, James, 95, 202 Dunn, Dianne, 114 Dunn, Kenneth, 126 Dunn, Mike, 116 DuPriest, Gary, 242 Durie, Linda, 127 Duval, Donald, 123 E Eagle, Jerry, 126 Eagle, June, 105 Eagle, Marvin, 120 Eagle, Thomas, Jr., 128 East, Kathy, 116 East, Susan, 47, 171, 188, 195, 198, 208 East, Troy, 114 Edlund, Randy Carl, 98, 180, 182 Edmondson, Allen, 120 Edmondson, Peggy, 47, 186, 211 Edwards, Gregory Alan, 116 Edwards, Marcia, 126 Eger, James, 116, 235 Eisler, Kim, 130, 179, 182 Elcan, Anne, 117, 212 Elder, Barbara, 120 Elder, Kenneth, 96, 192 Elder, Kenneth Darrell, 47, 195 Elder, Wayne, 47, 205 Ellenfield, Craig, 102, 208 Elliott, Dorothy, 116 Elliott, Jones, 109 Elliott, Scott, 123 Elliot, Sylvia Jean, 48 Ellis, Cynthia, 126 Ellis, William C., Jr., 111, 208 Elmore, Danny Lee, 101, 106 Elmore, Phyllis Diane, 48, 186, 220 Emmons, Vicki, 138, 182, 185, 212 Enoch, Bill, 110 Enoch, Henry, 105 Entsminger, Patsy, 131 Epperson, James, 112 Epperson, Robert Henry, 48, 191 Epperson, Rosy, 100, 189, 205 Erbacher, Mary, 110 Ernust, Martin, 100 Etheridge, Linda Gail, 31, 48, 183, 185 Eubank, Richard, 110, 208 Ewbank, Susan, 212 Evans, William CBillyJ, 48, 170, 171, 174, 180, 189, 199, 206, 208, 210, 218, 221 Evans, Brian, 97, 202 Evans, David, 97, 225 Evans, Jerry, 48 327 Evans, Leroy, 12.7 Evans, Mark, 138, 244 Evans, Robert Edward, 98, 171, 180, zoz, zso Evans, Roy Atron, 116 Everett, Delbert, 131 Everett, Rhonda, 118, 172 Ewers, Sandria, 28, 48, 175, 176, 200, 218, 220, 223 Ewers, Thomas, 119 Ewing, John: Fredrick, 48 F Falls, Richard H., 116 Falwell, Frederick Ballenger, 48, 202 Falwell, Jimmy, 917 Fanning, Claire, 112 Fariss, Charlie, 119 Fariss, Julia Lee, 48, 183, 201, 211 Farlow, James, 48, 191 Farlow, Mike, 129 Farmer, Penny, 15, 48, 183, 204 Farmer, Sherry Ann, 102 Floyd, Cynthia Gail, 49, 192, 218 Floyd, Judy Darnell, 112, 198 Fontaine, Gene, 105, 226 Ford, Donnis, 103 Ford, E. D., 1,17 Ford, Garrett, 116, 177, 202, 241 Ford, Garry, 49, 192, 195 Ford, Helen, 19, 49, 192, 195, 197, 205 203, Ford, James Lewis, 101, 180, 182 Ford, Laura, 49, 177, zoo, zoz, 218, 219, 223 Ford, Susie, 134 Ford, Terry, 100 Ford, William, 119 Fore, D onna, 100' Fore, Laura Ann, 117, 170 Foreman, Margaret, 135 Forrest, Marjorie, 132, 179, 212 Fortune, Jimmy, 110 Fortune, Wayne, 132 Foster, Barbara, 30, 192, 195 Foster, Betty, 134 Foster, Carolynz, 50, 188, 195, 202, 208, 215, 218 Delores, 129 Farris, Bobby, 110 Fauber, Stuart, 49, 177, 210, 239, 247 Fauber, Susan, 120, 184 F aulconer, Brenda Sue, 49, 186, 202, zos, 218 Faulconer, Charles, 102, 208, 244 F aulconer, Garry, 114, 234 Faulconer, Mark, 136, 208 F aulconer , Sharon, 123, 171, 198, 212 Fears, Phyllis, 97 Feese, Ta Feinman, Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson, mara, 138, 212 Lynn, 138 Dewey, 124 Edward, 114, 225 Faye, 49 Jerry, 124 Jimmy, 129 Larry, 114, 235 Lawrence R., 111 Ferguson, Susie Patricia, 49, 215 Ferguson, Verna Katherine, 49 Ferrell, Bill, 132 Ferrell, Gentry, 19, 112, 182 Ferrell, Janet, 126 Ferrell, Palmore, 112 Ferrell, Robert, 135 Ficor, John, 97, 171 Ficor, Th omnas, 113 Field, Charles, 131 Fielder, Kay, 100, 172, 183, 189, 205, 206 Fielder, Larry, 136, 208 Foster, James, Jr., 124 Foster, John, 118 Foster, Lawson, 119 F oster, Thomas, 50, 249 Frampton, Myra Gale, 50, 195 Francis, Janet, 131 Francis, Juanita, 131 Francis, Larry, 103 Franklin, Ben, 118, 191 Franklin, Jerry, 50 Franklin, John, 128 Franklin, Sandra Kay, 98, 199 Frazier, Tom, 50 Freeman, Ann, 105, 195, 187, 211 Freeman, Elizabeth Ann, 198 Freeman, Monica Gail, 134, 197, 198, 202 Freerks, Susie, 114, 197, 198 F ree-se, John, 97 Friedman, Sheldon, 14, 180, 182, 190, 201, 218, 219 Friend, Garry, 120 Fulcher, Emily Sue, 102, 192 Fulcher, Willis, 127 Fullen, Sharon, 109, 185 Fuller, Barry, 112 Fuller, Becky, 19, 51, 174, 204 Fuqua, Don, 112, 210 Fielder, William, 49, 218 Fielding, Charles, 136, 208 Fields, Maude, 134 Figg, Delores, 132, 171, 212 Finch, Alan, 112, 246 Finch, Pat, 138, 212 Fischoff, Gabriel lsralei, 49 Fischoff, Michael, 138 Fisher, Jeffrey, 129 Fisher, Karen, 138, 212 Fisher, Keith, 49, 210, 232, 233, 234, 245, 246 Fisher, Sue, 109 Fitch, Milton, 129 Fitzgerald, David Allen, 134 Fitzgerald, Douglas, 135 Fitzgerald, Gloria, 95 Fix, Robert, 128 Fleck, George Jacob, 21, 101, 170 Flint, Gary, 129' Flint, Glenn, Jr., 124 G Gaddis, Sandra, 182, 192, 200, 218, 220 Gail-ues, Cari, 105 Gallaher, Jimmy, 118 Gambill, Garden, 130 Gamble, Marion, 172, 175, 201, 218 Gantt, Candon, 103 Garbee, John, 138 Garbee, Mitchell, 109, 202, 241 Garbee, Robert, 123 Garbee, Thomas, 98 Gardner, Charles, 96, 195, 197 Garner, 244 Patrick, 113, 182, 206, 208, Garnsey, Patricia, 102, 180 Garnsey, Steven, 171, 210, 234 Garreh, Garrett, Garrett, Garrett, Garrett, Brenda, 105 Hunter, 52 James Willard, 98, 180 Linda, 119, 212 Marshall, 131 Garrison, Eugene, 52, 171 Gaunt, Barbara, 126 Gaunrt, Pam, 128 Gay, Elizabeth H. QBe'ttyD, 58, 192, . 201, 214 Gay, Garland, 118 Geason, Geason, Gentry, George, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gifford, Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert, Barbara, 127, 212 . James Albert, 98 Robert, 113, 203, 206 Edward, 52, 210, 234, 244 Danny, 131 David, 124 Eileen, 120 Janet, 105 Linmda, 98, 171, 185, 204, 211 Roger, 138, 236 Shirley, 97 Susanv, 130, 171, 212 Walter, 192, 205 Wayne, 95, 247 Nancy, 52, 172, 184, 204, 218 Kenneth, 112 Raymond, 130 Shirley Irene, 52, 192 Gill, Thomas, 123 Gillette, Gillette, Carolyn, 103 Richard, Jr., 138 Gilfoylue, Nathalie Preston, 98, 101, 1s2, zoo, Gilliam, Gilliam, 202, 209 Bonnie, 131. Donna, 126, 209 Gillispie, Gary, 110 Gillispie, Mike, 52, 191, 205 Gilmore, R., 127, 193 Gilmore, Richard, 127, 242 Glass, Becky, 131, 192, 212 Glass, Carter, IV, 120, 235, 241, 244 Glass, David, 112. Glass, Jimmy, 137 Glass, Sam, 52, 203, 208 Gleason, Phillip, 135 Glover, Goding, Marcia, 134, 185 Jeanl, 52, 170, 171, 185, 213, 214, 218, 221 Guthrie, Brenda, 96 Guthrie, Darnell, 129 Guthrie, Jo Anne, 53 Guthrie, Susan, 102, 199, 206, 208 H Habel, Glenn, 119 Hackett, Judy Arlene, 102, 211 Hadlock, Dick, 120, 170 Hager, Ann, 116, 177 Hager, Max, 124 Hagan, Alice, 134 Hally, Larry Wayne, 101 Hall, Becky, 131 Hall, Bien, 118 Hall, Bryan, 120 Hall, Donna, 1.17 Hall, Faye, 110, 171 Hall, Linda, 118 Hall, Midge, 129 Hallstrom, Judy, 134 Hamilton, Donald, 137 Hamilton, Donna, 198, 212 Hamilton, Thomas, 53, 205 Hamlett, Faye Carol, 53, 205 Hamlett, Mariea, 97, 215 Hamlett, Morris, 113 Hammock, Mike, 105, 195, 197 Hamner, Ronnie, 131 Hampton, Freddie, 132 Hamby, Ronnie Carlton, 53, 186, 203, 218 Hancock, Cordelia, 22, 113 Hanks, James, 105 Harding, Craig, 236, 244 Hardy, Bonnie, 120 Hardy, James, 134 Hardy, Sandra, 114 Hargis, Cynthia Faye, 102 Harler, Margaret, 53, 211 Harless, Anita, 119, 185, 212 Harlow, Barry Michael, 19, 53, 182, 186, 1915, 1917, 203, 218, 222 Godsey, Brenda, 52, 202, 209, 211 Godsey, Marilyn, 123, 208, 212 Godsey, Pat, 112 Godsie, Norvell, 95 Goff, Richard, 52, 201 Goine, Sandra, 124 Goodman, Lori, 134 Gordon, Sherry, 128, 179, 212 Gossom, Cynthia, 132 Gowell, Malcolm, 53, 201, 215, 222, 225 Gowens, Billy, 118 Grant, Beckie, 95 Grant, Diane, 123, 212 Grant, Owens, 123, 195, 197 Gravely, Jimmy, 97, 191 Gravely, Terry, 110 Graves, Kathi, 123 Graves, Paul, 118 Gray, Kathryn, 109, 171 Green, James, 53, 210, 231, 233, 234, 244 Green, Judy, 100, 171, 172, 177, 185, 223 Green, Wiley, 95 Greene, Calvin, Jr., 96, 205 Greene, Pamela, 116 Griggs, Anne, 95 Griggs, Robert Lester, 53 Grissom, Mike, 13, 53, 195, 203 Gunn, Bob, 102, 203 Gunter, Dorine, 103 Gunter, Judy, 126 Gunter, William, 109 Harlow, Harlow, Bradley, 97 Glenn, 53, 191, 205 Harlow, Patricia G., 53, 195, 211 Harlow, Robert, 34 Harlow, Sharon, 128 Harmo Bruce, 54, 182, 203 nt Harper, David, 130 Harper, Harper, Harper, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, 208, Z Harris, Hamilton, 110 Phyllis, 100, 195 Roger, 103 Calvin, 54 Carolyn, 138, 185 Charles, 123, 182 Debra, 128 Don, 97, 182 Frank, 113, 208 Linda, 131 Michael, 54, 199, 202, 18 Mike, 54 Richard Tate, 55, 184, 205 Harris, Scott, 132 Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Shirley, 126 Theresa, 114 John Wayne, 54, 210, 234, 237, 239 Hart, Judy, 126, 212 Hartless, 1Michael, 102 Hartless, Daronda, 1317 Hartless, Virginia, 131 Hartless, Juanita, 131 Hartsoe, Mark, 129 Hartsoe, Pamela, 126, 179, 209 Harvey, Bruce, 105 206 233, Harvey, Debra, 132 Harvey, Joan, 97, 211 Harvey, Luther, 132 Harvey, Pat, 208 Hasek, Mary Jane, 55, 172, 177, 184, 205 Hauser, Mary Lynne, 55 Havington, C., 202 Hawes, Mike, 135 Hawkinls, Danny Ray, 112 Hawkins, Linda, 15, 124 Hawkins, Margaret Ann, 55, 195, 202, 218 Hawks, Bonnie, 55 Hayden, Susan, 120 Hayes, Mary Beth, 113 Haymes, Alan, 55, 195 Heald, Garland, 109 Heald, Wistar, 56, 195, 202, 205 Heartwell, Floyd, 137 Heartwell, Jo, 56, 172, 191, 192, 195 Heckerman, Beverly, 112 Hedrick, Brenda, 100 Hedrick, Robert, 123, 193 Helferstay, Leroy, 103, 204, 246 Helms, Anne Christopher, 98, 172, 111, 182, 199 Helms, Lee, 179, 236, 242 Hvelms, Wayne, 56 Helsel, La Kerne, 120 Hendricks, Dale, 56, 202 Hendricks, Wanda, 110 Henley, Walter, 112 Henson, Jerry, 128 Henson, William, 120 Hicks, Carolyn Marie, 56, 186, 192 Hicks, Margaret K., 136, 193, 212 Hicks, Michael, 110, 159 Hicks, Raymond, 116 Hickson, Edwin Ammon, Jr., 56, 172, 182, 202 Hickson, Ned, 205, 208 Higginbotham, Brent, 56, 218 Higginbotham, Charles, 128, 171, 119, 234, 244 High, Richard Allen, 56 Hill, Harry Hargrove, 56, 174, 201, 218, 221, 223 Hill, Linda, 100 Hill, Richard Stephen, 102, 204 Hill, Wayne, 105, 202 Hiller, Wendy, 105, 185, 202 Hilton, Virginia, 128 Hobbs, David, 101, 239 Hobbs, Donna, 116, 185, 212 Hobbs, Elizabeth, 112 Hobbs, Rebecca, 116, 212 Hodges, Kennleth, 124 Hodges, Tom Ronald, 56, 246 Hodnett, Shirley, 134, 212 Hogan, Pam, 136 Hogan, Vicki James, 98, 209 Hoke, Judith Dawn, 56, 166, 192 Holberton, Dean, 114 Holbrook, Jack, 105 Holland, Donrna, 127 Holland, Holly, 135 Holland, Mary, 14, 19, 116, 1s2 Holland, Theodore Raymond, 117 Holt, Ann Brook, 117, 212 Hollingsworth, Mike, 236, 244 Holloran, Steve, 96 Holmes, Lawson Vincent, 56, 205 Holt, Ann, 212 Holt, Rebecca, 132 Hooten, Jan, 135 Hooten, Steve, 97, 210, 234, 244 Hopkinws, Cynthia, 122, 126 328 Hopkins, David, 134 Hopkins, Margaret, 123, 185, 195, 211 Hopkins, Martha, 100, 185, 211 Hopkins, Stephen, 57, 220 Horine, Ronnie Conant, 57 Horsley, Ben Edward, 102, 210, 234, 239 Horsley, Sandra, 96 Houlialmes, Cynthia, 113, 119, 170, 203, 209 Houston, Fay Leno, 100 Houston, Tommy, 128 Hovda, Vincent Ray, 57 Howard, Killis, 113 Howell, Gordon, 110, 180, 182 Howell, Ronald, 113, 180 Howerton, Allan, 100, 204 Hudnall, Danny, 57 Hudson, George David, 57, 210, 218, 221, 234 Hudson, David, 126, 221 Hudson, David Wayne, 95, 192 Jackson, Randall V., 101 Jackson, Rozie, 118, 183, 202 Jacobs, Fayette, 126, 195, 197 Jacynyk, John, 101 Jamerson, James E., 116 Jamerson, Melvin, 109 James, Billy, 103, 201 Jefferson, Gloria, 58 Jenkins, Harry, 123 Jenkins, Sandra, 135 Jenninrgs, John, 117 Jennings, Kathy., 58, 187, 188, 195, 197, 202, 208 Jennings, Margie, 128 Jennings, Patsy, 5-8, 211 Jennings, Richard, 138 Kidd, Bennie Ray, 60, 165, 192 Kidd, John Hamilton, 60, 210, 244 Kidd, Gail, 134 Killingsworth, Marcia, 112 Kilmon, Carol, 102 Kimball, Bill, 134 Kimlin, Donald, 105, 182 King, Gerry, 60, 180, 182, 201 King, Jane, 138, 179 King, Mary, 123, 179 Kinney, Debbie, 119, 209 Kirby, Linda, 97, 202 Kious, Steve, 100, 208 Kirchner, Karen, 97 Kirsteinf, Sidney, 127, 171, 236, 244 Klacynski, Chester, 114 Hudson, Karen, 119 Hudson, Laura, 120, 182 Hudson, Linda, 126, 212 Hudson, Ray, 129 Hudson, Steffie Sue, 132 Huff, sue, 102, 201 Huffman, Debbie, 129 Huffman, D'ian1e, 126, 198 Huffman, Pete, 110 Hughes, Anne Claire, 57, 183, 195, 197, 202 Hughes, Barbara, 116 Hughes, Billy, 118 Hughes, Dona, 1113 Hughes, John Powell, 110 Hunt, Brenda, 132, 212 Hunt, C indy, 132 Hunt, Garland Davis, 57, 195, 215 Hunt, Margaret, 131, 179 Hunt, Ronaald, 57 Hunter, Hunter, Barry, 113, 117 Judith, 110 Huntington, Ann, 123, 208 Huntington, Jane, 113, 182, 184- Huntington, Kath-y, 103, 182, 202 Hurst, Hwelen, 95, 211, Hurst, Richard Norman, 57 Hurt, Billy, 138, 235 Hurt, Velinda, 103 Hutter, Betty Mac, 100, 185, 207 Hutter, Beverly, 103, 202 Hutter, Charles, 100 Hutter, Laura Ambler, 57, 192, 195, 202, 209, 213 Hyder, David, 131 Hyder, Sandra, 97 I Inge, Linda Kaye, 57, 195, 205 Inge, Linwood, 129, 143 Ingram, Mary Diane, 111 Irby, Jerry, 97, 191 Ireland, Carol. 115, 120' Irvine, Donald, 123 J Jabsen, Linda, 57, 189, 202, 205, 218 Jackson, D. -Collier, 58, 195, 197, 206 Jackson, Debbie, 102, 202 Jackson, George, 58 Jackson, George, 110, 235, 241, 244 329 Johnson, Barbara Gail. 58 Johnson, Bobby, 134 Johnson, Brenda, 131 Johnson, Dewaran, 134 Johnson, David, 134 Johnson, Diane, 112, 177, 191 Johnson, Dennis, 59' Johnson, Dora, 120, 198 Johnson, Edith, 59 Johnson, Gloria Eileen 59, 172, 182 01 10, a 2 Johnson, Greg A., 59, , 2 218, 234 Johnson, James, 100 Johnson, Joey, 112 Johnson, Larry, 59 Johnson, Linda, 135 Johnson, Linda Dale, 59 Johnson, Neal, 135, 236 Johnston, David, 114 Jones, Bobby, 113 Jones, Brenda, 109 Jones, Carolyn Walker, 60, 195, 197, 211. Jones, Charles, 113, 236 Jones, Cynthia, 172 Jones, Edwin, 134 Jones, Elbert E., 116, 235 Jones, Elizabeth Anfn, 60, 171, 195, 202, 218 Jones, Gary, 117 Jones, Hill, 60, 225 Jones, Jones, Jones, Marial Jeanette, 60 Nancy Carol, 60 Tommy, 129, 171, Jordan, David Green, 60, 189 Jordan, David Simon, 19, 195, 197 Jordan, Deyborah, 108, 115, 118, 170, 180 Jordan, Kathy Ann, 60, 185, 202, 211 Jordan, Robin, 132 Jordan, Teresa, 118, 211 Jordan, Terry, 97 Klunder, Paul, 130 Knight, Brenda Sue, 131, 212 Knight, Horace, 13, 235 Knight, Ja mes, 128, 242 Knight, William, 95, 210, 234 Knowles, Glenn, 114 Knowles, John, 101 Knowles, Shelby, 61. Kost, William fRandyj, 123 Kost, Ricky, 134 Koshecki, Claudia A., 61 Kowalsky, Barbara, 112, 171 Kreger, Jane Taylor, 61, 172, 177, 182, 203 L La Ferriere, Robert, 137 Lambert, Sandra Lee, 117, 185, 212 Landis, Marcia Millicenwt, 98, 202 Landrum, Kenneth, 61 Lang, Cynthia, 132 Lang, Janet, 198, 120 Lang, Kenneth Lee, 61, 205 Langford, Steve, 131 Langford, Wayne, 129 Lankford, Danny, 112 La Prade, F ranwklin, 124 Lauden, Mary, 136 Laughon, Billy, 1217 Laughon, Gayle, 114, 170, 198 Lawhorn, Lawhorne, Lawhorne, Lawhorne, Dennis, 123 Beverly, 116, 212 Carol, 61, 203 Linda, 116 Judd, David, 97, 208, 210, 234, 2441 Judd, William Hill, 60, 205 Justice, William, 97 K Keatts, Norma, 95 Keeling, Ann, 105, 195, 201 Keene, Eddie, 110 Kweesee, Arthur, 100 Keesee, William, 123 Kelly, Anne, 132 Kelly, Virginia, 100 Kennedy, Karen, 117 Kent, Fay, 118 Kerns, William L. Jr., 111, 208 Kershaw, Betty, 127 Kershaw, Sandra Lee, 60, 204, 208 Kessler, Shelby, 95, 195, 202 Key, Ranfdall, 112, 180, 182 Lawhorne, Preston, 100 Lawhorne, Stephan, 116, 180 Lawrence, Doris, 95 Lawrance, Steve, 108, 1.13, 190 Layne, C. Dianne, 95, 192 Layne, Helen, 128 Layne, Peggy Ann, 117, 198 Leach, Donna, 61 League, Dolores, 118 Leech, Diana, 103 Lee, Harry C., 116, 234, 244 Lee, Jean, 134 Lee, Mary Jane, 129 Lee, Sarah Perkins, 98, 106, 172, 206 Legg, James, 123 Legg, Lynda, 61, 2011, 205 Lemaster, Janice, 134, 185 Lerner, Albert Bernard, 6-1 Lester, Frederick S. CRickyJ, 111, 235 Lester, Linda Faye, 127 Levinv, Peggy, 114 Leys, Nancy, 137 Lichford, Lewis, 129 Lifford, Demaris, 95, 192 Light, Nancy, 102, 184, 195, 202 Lineberry, Charles Thomas, 61, 205 Lindsey, Kenneth, 105 Lipscomb, W., 192 Lippard, Ann E., 111 Lippard, Leslie, 61 Lipscomb, Pam, 130 Lipscomb, Winifred, 61 Liptrap, Mike, 114 Litchford, Ruth, 120 Litchford, Sondra, 105 Lloyd, James, 138 Lloyd, Joseph Fisher fJ0eD, 62, 204, 210, 244 Lloyd, Wayne, 132 Logwood, David Allan, 117 Logwood, James, 105 Logwood, Kenneth W., 19, 61, 195, 197, 201, 218, 220, 221 Mars, Laurence, 128 Marsh, Beth, 126 Marsh, Larkin Greg, 117 Marsh, Vicki, 115, 119, 120, 170 Marsh, Virginia, 103 Marshall, Becky, 97 Marshall, Beverly, 120 Marshall, Brenda Lee, 64, 215 Marshall, Catherine, 120 Marshall, Donna, 132 Marshall, Robert, 103, 182 Marshall, Sandra Anne, 64, 171, 174, 185, 195, 199, 213: 214, 218, 233 Marston, Brenda, 97, 185, 211 Marston, David, 103 Marston, Sylvia Diann, 64, 185, 195, Lollis, Joan, 125, 138, 171, 179, 180 Londeree, Betty Mae, 62 Londeree, Cindy, 126, 209 Londeree, Linda, 134 Long, Christine, 62, 195, 201, 218, 220 Long, Cindy, 212 Long, Danny, 100, 202 Lo-rd, Barbara, 103 Lotts, Linda, 138 Loving, Chip, 118 Lowe, Cheryl, 195 Lowe, Debbie, 135 Lowe, Linda Gail, 62 Lowe, Mike, 126 Loyd, James Valliant, 62, 203 Loyd, Richard, 97 Lucado, Cheryl, 138, 185 Lucado, Sharon, 63, 185, 195, 197, 205 Lucas, Dianne, 116 Luck, Jerry, 63, 195, 202, 205 Lucy, Katherine, 63, 185, 195, 235 Lyons, Brenda, 130 197, 211 Martin, Carolynv DuVal, 64, 195, 201, 206, 214, 218, 220 Martin, Dickie, 97 Martin, Donna, 127 Martin, Eddie, 132, 235 Martin, Gayle, 97, 185, 211 Martin., Janet Maiie, 64, 205, 218 Martin, Joey, 64 Martin, Lee, 132, 235 Martin, Linda, 185 Martin, Marianne, 128 Martin, Marica, 138 Martini, Robert, 113, 241 Martin, Ronald W., 64 Martin, Roy, 118 Martin, Wayne, 123, 236 lViasen.c Maslow Mason, Mason, Mason, Mason, Danny Joe, 64 Marton, up, Robert, 138 , Robert, 134, 247 Aubrey, 113 Carolyn, 136 Neal, 64, 192, 205 Phil, 64, 202 M MacArthur, Richard, 138 MacArthur, Robert, 118 MacArthur, William John, 63, 201 Mace, Warren, 63, 204, 239 MacLeod, Laura, 118 MacLeod, Mary, 116 Maddox, Andee, 100, 171, 172, 177, 209, 252 Maddox, Brenda, 63 Maddox, Kenneth, 131 Maddox, Kenneth, 98, 204, 234 Maddox, Philip, 112 Maddox, Ronald, 113 Maddox, Sandra, 134 Magann, Tommy, 137 Magee, Dorothy, 101, 202 Mahafliey, David, 114 Mah one, Mahone, Barbara, 127, 212 Brenda Louise, 102, 211 Malcolm, Maey, 112 Malloy, Joe, 97 Malloy, Franzcis Paul 64 169 170 220, 234 J ' ' ' Mangus, Daniel, 134 Mangus, Norma, 64 Mann, Lois, 135, 212 Mann, Patricia, 113 Mann, Ricka, 132 Mann, Shirley, 129 Mark, Joan, 236 Mark, Robert, 120, 235 Marks, David, 101, 210, 234, 245, 246 Marks, Sharyn Dudley, 64, 184, 200, 205, 218 Marland, Margaret, 116 Massie, George, 96 Mata, Albertina, 135 Matthews, Brenda, 134 Maxey, Charlotte, 137 May, Brenda, 97, 204 May, Danvny Scott, 102, 215 May, Linda, 130, 212 Mayberry, Judy, 137, 179 Mayberry, Nancy, 118 Mayberry, Nevada, 128, 212 Mayhugh, Gloria, 65, 195, 211, 215 Mays, Alice, 110, 188, 208 Mays, Bertie, 102 Mays, Larry, 134 Mays, Nicky, 129, 179 McBratney, Sally, 126, 179 McBrayer, Ella, 65 McCanless, Frances Carolyn, 134 McCanless, John, 105, 204 McCarran, Barbara, 134 McCarro-n, Debbie Ann, 15, 117 McCarthy, Dick, 194 McCarthy, Linda, 103, 195- McCarthy, Lydia, 100, 199 McClelland, Suzan Barger, 101, 102, 171, 195, 201, 209, 214, 252 McCormick, Brenda, 117 ' McCormick, Calvin, 65 McCormick, Donna, 100 McCormick, Mollie, 137 McCormick, Wanda, 135 McCoy, Clevonne, 117 McCrae, Calvin, 65 McCraw, Busiey Thorn, 117 Mccraw, Gilbert, 135 McCraw, Leroy, 65, 203 McCraw, Wayne, 103 McDaniel, Duval, 135, 171, 236 McDaniel, Eugene, 105 McDaniel, James, 109, 184, 190, 244 McDermott, Mary Elizabeth, 65, 172, 177, 189, 202, 206, 218, 223, 224 McDonald, Tom, 65, 171, 177, 180, 189, 223 McFadden, Earl T., 111, 171 McFadenv, Donna, 96 McFaden, Glenda, 135 Mclraden, Mike E., 111 McFaden, Susan, 128 McFall, Cathy, 136 McFall, Robert, 110, 244 McFarland, Don, 236, 244 McFarland, Wayne Baxter, 65 McGeary, Don, 118, 180, 182, 189, 190 McGehee, Sheridan Lee, 65, 192, 204 McGinn, David, 132 McKenna, Kathy, 101, 106, 205 McKenna, Michael Ashby, 65 McKenry, James Paris, 102 McKinney, Mary Beth, 111, 212 McLean, Charles, 117, 235, 244 McLennan, Sue, 65, 170, 202 McNamara, Maurice Sandford fsandyj, 125, 134, 235, 242, 244 McWane, Lawrence Henry fLarryJ, 65, 195, 197, 202, 205 Mzade, Martha, 105, 204 Meeks, George Owen, Jr., 117 177 Meeks, Howard, 129 Mehaffey, Larry, 66 Melton, Judy, 103, 185 Meredith, Woodrow Wilson, 102 Merryman, Elizabeth, 109 Micklues, Charles, 132 Midland, Janet, 127 Milam, Pamela, 114, 188, 208 Miles, Diane, 95, 185, 211. Miles, Jackie, 105, 195, 211 Miles, Marion, 113, 212 Milla, F. M., 132, 193 Miller, Alice, 118 Miller, Bill, 136, 208 Miller, Brenda, 105 Miller, Glenn Edward, 117 Miller, Kathy E., 111 Miller, Lann, 134 Miller, Mary, 212 Miller, Nathan, 123 Mille-r, Zann, 212 Millner, Nancy, 96, 102, 165, 192 Millner, Patsy Ann, 66, 185' Mills, Brenda, 134 Minn1er, Donald, 114, 202 Minnex, Robert, 105, 192 Minniv, Cheryle, 117 Mitchell, Ann, 126 Mitchell, John, 95 Mitchell, Judy, 66, 185, 195, 197 Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth, 117, 202, 212 Mitchell, Pamela, 138 Monroe, Bernard H., 66, 182, 203 Montgomery, Betty Jean, 66, 170, 175, 200, 218, 223 Montgomery, Susan, 66, 195, 201, 218 Montgomery, Steve, 132 Moody, Charles Lee, 101, 171, 204 Moody, Dwayne Allan, 98, 177, 234 Moody, Grace Elizabeth, 134, 193 Moody, Leonard Byron, 67 Moon, Carolyn, 134, 185, 212 Moon, Frances, 120, 212 Moon, Mary, 67, 211 330 Moore, Anne, 127 Moore, Barbara, 101 Moore, Betty, 127 Moore, Charles, 114, 235 Mo-ore, Glene, 103, 180, 182 Moore, Kenneth, 93, 95, 202, 234 Moore, Linda, 116, 119, 170, 180 Moore, Mike, 110 Moore, Peggy, 97, 186 Moore, Perry, 117 Moore, Ruth, 110, 171, 194, 209, 252 Moore, Stan, 100, 204, 234 Moore, Wayne, 97 Morcom, Donna, 95 Morgan, Linda Rale, 102 Morgan, Richard, 128 Morris, Barbara, 138, 185 Morris, Elizabeth Cobey, 12, 67, 172, 184, 254 Morris, James, 117 Morris, Jean, 117 Morris, John Sargent, 98, 171, 210, 234, 244 Morris, Joyce, 95, 170, 180 Morris, Joyce, 134, 199 Morris, Marsha Marie, 134 Morris, Mike, 100, 173, 201, 204, 210, 234, 244 Morris, Patricia, 128, 212 Morris, Phillip, 114 Morris, Richard, 120, 235 Morris, Richard, 97 Morris, Steve Alex CChipD, 67, 202, 239 Morris, Trula Carter, 102 Morrison, Laura, 96, 203 Morrison, Norwood O., 67, 202, 205, 239 Morrison, Pamela, 67, 192 Morrison, Tommy, 129, 236 Morton, David, 113 Morton, Ed-109 Morton, Lynn W., 111, 244 Mosby, Janie, 134 Moseley, George, 105, 172, 175, 203 Moser, Charles Owen, 68, 244 Moser, Stoney, 117 Moses, Betsy, 131 Moses, Gordon, 128 Moss, Jearuette M., 111, 203 Moyer, Cheryl, 68 Moyer, Wayne, 120 Mulholland, Irvin A., 68, 195, 197 Mullan, Anne Harper, 13,"68, 172, 202, 221 Mundy, Putnam, 68, 171, 172, 180, 201, 214, 218 Murphy, Bert, 127, 208 Murphy, John Calvin, 68, 184, 200, 218 Murphy, Mickey, 138, 171 Murphy, Phoebe, 68 Murphy, Ralph, 112 Murphy, Ronald, 68, 180, 182, 203 Murray, Frank Graham, 68, 204, 244 Murray, Janet, 127, 208 Murrell, Catherine, 118, 212 Murry, Susan, 123 Myers, Hazel, 103 Myers, James "Jimmy," 19, 68, 182 Myers, Joan, 68 Myers, Mike, 132 Myers, Ronald, 113 N Naff, Melinda, 112 Naff, Nanny S., 68, 202 3-31 Nance, L., 192 Nance, Lawrence, 101 Nash, Michael, 110 Neas, Sara Elizabeth, 69, 215 Neas, William Eddie, 69 Neher, Richard CDartD, 134 Nleigh, Mike, 126 Neighbors, Janet, 132 Neighbors, Jo Anne, 69, 165, 192, 205 Nein, David, 69, 199, 206, 250 Nelson, Nancy, 136, 179 Nelson, Susan, 126 Nelson, Thomas, 109 Nlemeyer, Bobby Anne, 103, 182 Nemeyer, John, 134 New, Ray M., 111, 208 Newell, Pamela, 123, 212 Newman, Glenda Sue, 134 Newton, Barbara Jane, 69, 211 Newton, Jane, 69, 202, 209' Newton, Thomas, 135, 236, 244 Nicely, Brenda, 134, 212, 229 Nicely, Susan, 100 Nichols, Doris, 131 Nickerson, Belinda, 136, 208 Nishikura, Kazuyoshi, 9, 69, 94, 169, 177, 184, 218, 223 Noechlel, John David, 101 Noel, Charlene, 135. 212 Noel, Claude, 127 Noel, Gwenldolyn, 112, 195 Noel, Larry, 105 Norris, Francis Mae, 69 North, Margaret, 114 North, Janie, 11, 100, 104, 170, 175, 180, 199 North, Richard, 127, 171 Norton, Susan Linda, 69, 177, 201, 218, 219, 223 Norwood, Betty, 122, 179, 209 Norwood, Susan, 100 Novak, Carolyn Marie, 69, 205 Nuckols, Marshall, 69, 186, 203 Nurmi, Douglas, 69, 138 Nurmi, Melinda L., 218 0 Oakles, Darrel Kermit, 70, 210, 231, 234, 245, 246 O'Brien, Bobby, 138, 236 O'Brian, Leland Ray, 70, 202, 250 Ogle, Ellen, 105, 117, zoo Oglesby, Linwood, 109, 247 O'Keeffe, Kathy, 102, 170, 190, 208, 209 Olsen, Brenda, 101 Ooten, William, 117 Ore, Kay, 120 Ore, Nancy, 113 Osbornle, Barbara, 95 Osborne, Marile, 118, 212 Ould, Robert, 127 Overstreet, Delores, 110 Overstreet, Dexter, 97 Olverstreet, Susan, 134, 212 Owen, Charles, 128, 179 Owen, Claude F., 116, 244 Owen, Molly, 126 Owen, Steve, 97, 202 Owens, Alvin, 113 Owens, Jo Ann, 114 Owens, Linda, 100, 192 P Pacot, Nicky, 132 Padgett, Betsy Jane, 185, 194 Padgett, Billy, 126 Padgett, Terry Lee, 117 Page, Bonnie, 95 Page, Connie, 101 Page, Sheila Dawn, 70 Page, Sheila, 100, 182, 195, 202 Pahel, Janice, 127, 208 Pahel, Louanne, 102, 199, 206, 208 Paige, Sandra, 128 Paris, Mike, 70 Paris, Sandy, 96, 102 Paris, Thomas, 131 Parker, Alice, 100, 172, 175 Parker, Dale, 97 Parker, Donna, 134, 212 Parker, Doug, 98, 246 Parker, Mary, 124 Parker, Michael, 118 Parker, Raleigh, 95, 184 Parker, Ronnie, 112 Parrish, Calvin, 103 Parrish, Lee, 184 Patterson, James, 95, 202 Patterson, Tom, 70, 177 Paulsen, Martin, Jr., 129 Pavek, Donnla, 71, 185, 195 Paxton, Bob, 131 Paxton, Ronald, 95, 204, 245, 246 Payne, Carlton, 124 Peak, Mary Mona, 102, 199 Pearson, Ted, 116, 244 Peebles, Allen, Jr., 127, 193 Peebles, Linda, 103, 202, 206 Peery, Claudia, 117, 171 Peery, Linda, 71, 202 Pendleton, Gerald Wayne, 109 Penny, Kathryn, 114 Perdieu, David Lee, 117 Perdue, Dal-my, 71, 192 Perdue, Rodney, 105 Perkins, Doug, 71, 208, 218, 220 Perkins, Tommy, 112 Perry, Barbara, 123 Perry, Kenneth, 129 Peters, Aimee, 98 Peters, Ronald, 98, 170, 177, 203 Peters, Vivian, 127 Petticrew, Jane, 71, 184, 185, 195, 204, 211 Pettie, John, 124, 241 Pettyjohn, David, 132, 236 Pettyjohn, James, 109, 235, 244 Pettyjohn, John Kemp, 71, 202 Phelps, Betsy, 134 Phelps, Dorothy, 134 Phelps, Richard, 97, 225 Phillips, Barbara, 126 Phillips, Bonnie, 105 Phillips, Janet, 72, 202, 203, 218 Phillips, Johnl, 118, 206 Phillips, Marvin, 95 Phillips, Peggy Ann, 95, 195 Phillips, Peggy Sue, 95, 183 Phillips, Robert, 129 Phillips, Sammie, 132 Phipps, Phyllis, 72, 192, 205 Pillow, Martha, 126 Pinkerton, Charles Conrad, 12, 117, lsz, 244 Pinkham, Thomas, 138 Pitzer, Henry, 112, 208, 244 Platt, Billy, 100 Ppe, Leroy, 105 Poindexter, Irma, 120, 236 Polisse, Janet, 72, 200, 206, 218 Pollard, Darlene, 72, 186, 192, 195, 205, 211 Pollard, Patsy, 103, 184 Pollard, Sandra Diane, 72, 211 Ponton, Carolyn, 112 Poore, David, 120 Poore, Robert, 138 Perri, Peter, 135 Porter, Dan, 72, 186, 195, 203 Porter, William Hurst, 102, 184 Potter, Mary Ann, 132, 171, 198 Pound, Linda, 100, 174, 201, 223 Powell, Arthur Benjamin, 192 Powell, Deryle, 118 Powell, Gary, 126 Powell, Ronnie, 129 Powell, Ronnie Calvin, 127 Power, John Robert, 117 Power, Thomas Michael, 102, 170, 199, 246 Powers, Robert Connnway, 72, 208 Preas, Nancy, 123, 194 Preble, Nancy, 128, 212 Pneble, Tommy, 72, 171 Presley, Jacqueline C., 72, 195, 203 Presley, Mary Jo, 72, 195, 203 Preston, Gwendolyn, 120 Pribble, Arthur, 105 Prribble, Fletcher, 118 Price, Penny, 136 Prince, Thomas, 100 Proehl, Rebecca Anne, 72, 202, 209, 213, 214, 218 Proffitt, Marjorie, 132 Pruett, M., 212 Puckett, Cheryl, 131 Pugh, Bonnie, 72, 202, 211 Pugh, Debbie, 118, 212 Pugh, David Lynn, 98, 177, 210, 223, 231, 234, 239, 246' Pugh, Phyllis 0'Neil, 13, 73, 170, 171, 184, 209, 218, 252 Pugh, Reggie, 134 Pursely, Cynthia, 73, 188, 195, 202, 208 Pursley, sue, 131, 171, 195, zos Q Quick, Patricia, 135, 212 Quillian, Robert, 138, 179, 247 R Rackliffe, Shirley, 128 Ragan, Jim, 136, 208 Ramey, Phil, 100 Ramey, Stephen, 118 Ramsey, Barry, 96 Ramsey, George Peter, 116, 235, 244 Ramsey, John, 114 Rankins, Roy, 131 Ran-son, Carolyn Jean, 73, 202 Rash, Charlie, 126, 244 Rash, Linda Lee, 117, 172, 184, 202, 209 Rash, Wayne, 73 Ray, James, 131 Ray, Robert CBobJ, 103, 239, 245, 246 Read, Pendleton, 130, 182 Read, Robin Gayle, 111, 170, 195, 202 Reams, Michael, 103 Rector, Robert, 126 Reddy, David Eugene, 73, 203 Redfern, Robert CBobJ, 73 Regon, Gary, 73 Reid, Barbara, 73, 185, 192, 195 Reid, Emmett, 116 Reid, Gregory, 114, 202 Reid, Keith, 126, 2411, 244 Relf, Kenneth, 128 Relf, Thomas William, 73, 192, 205 Reynolds, Dale Marie, 98 Reynolds, Donald Wayne, 101 Reynolds, Emmett Gene, 116 Reynolds, James, 120 Reynolds, Larry, 126 Reynolds, Richard, 130, 236 Reynolds, Ronald, 129' Rhodes, Nancy, 31, 73, 170, 180, 184, 200, 202, 218, 221 Rice, Clara, 128 Rice, Davis, 113, 206, 208, 244 Rice, James, 127 Rice, Patricia, 128 Richards, Doris, 73, 195 Richardson, David, 13, 19, 73, 195, 197, 201, 221 Richardson, Freddie, 112 Richardson, Linda Gail, 102, 199 Rickman, Allen, 97, 225 Riddle, Marshall, 124 Riner, Roger, 116 Ring, Dale, 119 Ripley, Robert, 110 Ripley, Sam, 102 Risher, Alice, 100, 189, 199, 206 Roach, Mike, 117 Roakes, Brenda, 74 Roark, Susanx, 136, 212 Roberson, George, 12149 Roberts, Anne, 134 Roberts, Brenda, 118 Roberts, Jeanie, 96, 170, 199 Robertson, James, 98 Robertson, Lester, 128 Robertson, Nancy, 118, 212 Robertson, Rocky, 114 Robertson, Sandra, 100 Robertson, Thomas, 131 Robinson, Charlie, 138 Saferight, Donald, 134 Sagar, Robert, 75 St. John, Faith Carol, 79, 186 St. John, Joyce, 126 St. John, Wayne, 132 Salmon, Gerold Edward, 116, 235, 241 Salmon, Richard, 75, 202, 210, 233, 234 Samuels, Linda, 75 Samuels, Lynn, 75, 175, 176, 200, 201, 220, 223 Samuels, Victor Lewis, 117 Sanders, Charles, 103 Sanders, Dixon, 75 Sanderson, Vicki, 75, 185, 205, 218 Sanderson, Winifred, 114 Sandhoff, Pam, 136, 212 Sandidge, Bill, 132, 242 Sandifer, Steve, 95 Sarver, Diane, 118, 188, 208, 212 Saunders, Bobby, 226 Saunders, Brenda Liewellyn, 76, 172, 185, 204 Saunlders, Saunders, Saunders, Saunders, Saunders, Saunders, Saunders, Saunders, Saunders, Savage, J Calesta, 110, 235 Charles Robert, 76 Delofris, 109 Richard, 76 Ruth, 128 Stephen Kelly, 116, 225 Ted, 102, 208 Tom, 100, 244 Tommy, 105 ohn, 116 Sawka, Charles, 137 Sayre, Randall L., 111 Schewel, Donna, 120, 177, 182 Schewel, Stephen, 138, 179, 247 Schlotterbeck, John, 76, 190, 200, Robinson, Robinson, Robinson, Jani, 15, 116 Rita, 114, 198 Sandra Kaye, 74 Rogers, Danny, 105, 226 Rogers, Georgianne, 109, 182 Rogers, Shirley, 74, 165, 192 Rohr, Elizabeth, 96, 202, 209 206,218,220 ' Schluderberg, Brian, 101, 172 Schmitt, Milton Henry, 76 Schomer, Vicki Anne, 76, 172, 182, 201 Schrader, Carylon Bruce, 117 Schuyler, Susie, 128 Rohrer, Alvin, 126 Roller, Patricia Ann, 215 Root, Richard, 113 Rose, Betty Jo, 109 Roseberry, Rosa, 134 Rosenberger, Henry, 135, 179 Rosenberger, J. Gorman, 114, 180, 182, 189, 190 Rosenthal, Nancy, 126 Rosenthal, Stephen Douglas, 98, 101, 173, 249 Rosser, Paul, 127, 179, 208 Rosser, Walter, 116 Rubank, Sandra, 132 Rucker, Cecil, 124 Rucker, Jane, 74, 184, 202, 214, 218 Rudder, Jo Ann, 74, 215 Rudolph, Mary Csuzannej, 126, 212 Scott, Amelia Hollis C1-lollyl, 95, 171, 184, 202 Scott, David Jerry, 109 Scott, Dianna, 134, 212, 229 Scott, Erle, 105, 208 Scott, Giles, 105, 208 Scott, Janet, 103, 184 Scott, Linda, 110, 209 Scott, Marvin, 98, 106, 177, 234, 246 Scott, Mary, 126 Scott, ,Morris, 112 Scott, Susan, 117, 183 Scott, Teresa, 123 Scoville, Linda, 135, 212 Scruggs, Lessie, 123 Seagle, Albert, 135 Seagle, Joe, 76, 206 Seagle, Samuel Ailes, 13, 31, 76, 172, 175, 184, 202, 218, 221 Rudolph, Rodney, 120 Runion, Butch, 132 Runyon, Malcolnw Trenton, 120 Rush, Alan, 96 Rush, Diane, 129 Rush, Sylvia, 114, 212 Rush, Bett y Jo, 135 Ruska, David, 74, 170, 175, 180, 190, 202, 218, 219, 223, 247, 248 Ryon, Christine, 14, 19, 98, 182 S Sable, Geoffrey, 135 Sackett, Ann, 101, 209, 254 Sears, John, 113 Settle, Rosalie, 103 Sexton, Donna, 130, 212 Shaner, Leslie, 76, 199 Sharp, Sharon: Sue, 76, 192 Shaw, Alexander, 116 Shaw, John, 100, 184, 202, 234, 244 Shearer, Suzanne, 136, 171 Shelton, Donna, 100, 173, 184, 199 Shelton, Freddie, 103, 204 Shelton, Katherine, 128 332 Shelton, Timothy E., 76, 202, 205 Shelton, Tommy Hamilton, 76, 206, 218, 250 Shepard, Roger, 120 Shepard, Susan, 136 Sheridan, Suzanne, 118, 185, 208 Shield, Conwnie, 135 Shields, Butch, 126, 242 Shotton, Jean, 112 Shotton, Lynne, 77, 195, 197, 201, 218 Sielewiez, Michael Ted, 116 Sigler, Robin, 127, 209 Siko, Ruth Marie, 134, 212 Spinner, Jessie, 129 Spinner, Marianne, 126 Spradlin, Barry, 129 Spradlin, Linda, 78, 204 Sprouse, Emmett, 78 Talley, Audrey, 138, 172, 183, 206 Tate, Clyde, 136, 212 Tate, Sherry, 97 Taylor, Barry, 102, 199, 205 Taylor, Catherine, 80, 172, 174, Staples, S taples, Darlene Chris, 98 Peggy, 105, 215 Staples, Sherry, 79, 171, 195, 204 Staton, Clyde, 113 Staton, Dennis, 126 Staton, Donna Faye, 134, 212 Staton, Peggy, 132 Steger, Brenda, 10-5, 203 201, 223 Taylor, Craig, 136, 208 Taylor, Donna, 119, 212 Taylor, Edna, 123 Taylor, Everett Raymond, 80, 192 Taylor, Jackie, 131 Taylor, Linda, 80, 172, 195, 202, 205 Slater, Carole, 138, 212 Simms, Barbara, 113 Simms, David, 138, 244 Simms, Rose Marie, 77 Simpson, E. Parke, 77,, Simpson, Meg, 138 Singleton, Barry, 137 Sisk, Barbara, 128 Skau, Valerie Jane, 111 Skelton, Debby, 112 205, 211, 21s 170, 172, 201 Skinner, Jean, 77, 172, 182, 202 Stein, Adria, 113, 212 Stein, Sue, 128, 212 Stennett, Maude, 128 Stephens, Alan, 79 Stephens, Darrell, 109 Steppe, Linda, 113, 212 Stern, Gary Wayne, 109 Stern, Robert, 129 Sterne, Gene, 103, 225 Sterne, Glen, 95 Steuart, Donna, 103 Taylor, Marcia, 81, 204, 205, 209 Taylor, Marcia, 116, 182, 206, 212 Taylor, Ricky, 81 Tedder, James Preston, 98 Templetonv, Bruce, 119, Templeton, Dee, 136 Terrell, Emily Louise, 15, 189, 202 Terrell, Margaret, 136 Terry, Phillip, 81 Terry, Tamera, 138 Terry, Thomas, 127 Sligh, Cheryl, 114 Slusher, Carol, 116 Smelsier, Dan, 117, 235 172, 189, 199 Smith, Becky, 105, 182 Smith, Bob, 102, 234 Smith, A. Gary, 123 Smith, Alma, 132 Smith, Charles, 77 Smith, Dana, 114 Smith, David, 136, 193 Smith, Debbie, 130, 212 smith, Ellen, 100, 172, 195 Smith, Gail, 95, 208 Smith, Herman Lewis, 102 Smith, Joan, 77, 182, 195, 199, 218 Smith, Kathy, 77, 172, 175, 202, 223 Smith, Linetle, 132 Smith, Mike, 131 Smith, Pamela, 77, 215 Smith, Radford, 118 Smith, Robert Lewis, 77, 226 Smith, Robert Luther, 210 Smith, Shirley, 110 Smith, Susan, 77 Smith, Steven, 105, 171, 184, 202, 206, 208 Smithies, Linda Marie, 117 Smoot, Clarence, 127 Smoot, George Wayne, 77, 208 Smoot, Margaret, 130, 185 Smoot, Marie, 109, 185 Smythe, Nancy, 77, 203 Smythers, Judy D., 78, 192, 201, 213 Snapp, Martha, 109 Snead,, 102, 170, 183, 199, 247 Snead, George, 179, 247 Snider, Ina, 112 Snyder, Reb, 102, 171, 202 Snyder, Vicki Junve, 117 Somers, David, 123 Somers, Nancy, 127 Somers, Patti, 95, 195, 202 Somers, Steve M., 78, 202, 206 Somerville, Henry, 113, 190 Sorrell, Rose Marie, 205, 211 Sowell, Patsy, 129 Sparks, J., 170, 203 Spence, Virginia, 96, 204 S tevens S tevenls Stevens S tevens, Stevens, S tevens, S teven s, S tevens, S tevens, S tewart, , Cindy, 93, 95, 171, 195 , Deborah, 79, 195 , Deborah, 100, 202, 208 H. June, 123, 179, 208, 212 Jack, 129 James, 135 James, 79, 195, 197 Pat, 80 Thelia, 105 Diane Barbara, 80, 185, 203 S tewart, Eddie, 95 Stewart, Vernon, 135- Stinette, Carol, 110 Stinn.ett, Janet Cofflin, 80 Stinnwett, Martha, 95 Stinnett, Robert, 123 Stinnette, Lynn Bower, 195 Stinnette, Wayne, 80, 192 Stokes, Donald W., 80, 208 Stone, Russell, 135 Stovall, Margaret, 131, 179 Stump, Brenda, 130 Stump, F. 192 Stump Robin, 129 sublefi, Sublett, Bobby, 97, 210, 2341 Emily, 98 Suhling, Anne, 137, 209 Suhlinfg Leigh Gregory, 94, 172, 9 Thacker, Sandra, 81 Thayer, Elizabeth Laurence Cl..aurieD, Thaxton, Michael, Thaxton, Suzanne, 93, 98 1344 105 Thomas, Addison, 112 Thomas, Bobby, 97, 20145 Thomas, Harold Clifford, 192, 205 Thomas, James, 131 Thomas, Larry Wayne, 117, 192 Thomas, Robert L., 117 Thompson, Barry, 197, 218 Thompson, Brenda, 81 Thompson, Carlton, 118 Thompson, Cathy, 126, 185 Thompson, Fred, 206 Thompson, H. Noel, 195, 203 Thompson, Jackie, 119 Thompson, Janet A., 111, 202, 212 Thompson, Kenneth, 100 Thompson, Martha, 118 Thompson, Michael, 103 Thompson, Ronne, 112 Thompson, Sharon Diane, 134, 212 Thompson, Wendell, 116 Thompson, William, 81 Thorn, Johnf Baker, Jr., 82, 199, 250 Thorn, Wendy, 120 Thornhill, Joan Marie, 102, 192 Sullivan, Brenda, 96 Sullivan, Judy, 93, 103 Sutor, David, 80, 172, 175, 180, 201, 223 Sutor, Richard, 124 Sutor, Susan, 97, 195 Sutton, Richard, 138, 235 Swain, Ruby, 100 Swann, John Lloyd, 98, 239, 249 Swann, Sandra, 80, 158, 172, 182, 203, 214 Swartz, Kenneth, 135 Sydnor, Granville, 103, 172, 175, 176, 199 Sydnor, Malcolm Kennedy, 80, 210, 234, 246 Spencer, John, 128 Spencer, Larry F., 78, 195 Spencer, Laura Lee, 114, 212 Spencer, Laura, 118 Spencer, Russell, 132 Spencer, James, 110 333 Sydnor, Walker, 103, 170 Szydlowski, Leo, 117 T Tabor, Frank Albert, 134, 244 Tackett, Debbie, 109 Talley, Amelia Arlene, 80, 172, 183, 199, 206, 218 Thornhill, Judy, 119 Thornhill, Nan, 113 Thorp, John, 137, 236 Thurman, Linda, 114 Thurmond, Mary Page, 82, 172, 182 202, 205 Tibbs, David Tillman, 93, 94, 102, 170, 186, 210, 234, 240 Tibbs, Rucker Alexander, 101 Tice, Joyce' Faye, 82, 201 Tillman, Ray, 117 Tilson, William, 116 Tingler, Roger, 128 Tinvnin, Ann Douglas, 82, 171, 203 Tinnin, Tommy, 129 Tinsley, Phil Edward, 102 Tinsley, Robert, 120 Toler, Wayne, 113 Tolley, Mike, 127 Tolley, Steve, 97, 192 Tomlin, Judith, 177, 120' Tomlinson, Linda, 103 Torrence, Janet Lynn, 134 Terrence, Linda, 132, 212 Towler, Kemper, 82, 246 Towler, Kenneth, 123, 246 Trausnieck, Mac, 136, 208 Vaughn, Tina, 118, 202 Vegnieall, Jane, 130 Vernon, Gary, 134 Viar, Tyree, Phillip, 124 Traywi ck, Robin, 119, 199, 202 Trent, Donna, 98, 195 Trent, Joyce, 83, 215 Trent, Larry, 103, 182 Trent, Melvin, 83 Trent, Trent, Roger, Lee, 83 Deborah, 83, 211 Trent, Brenda Maria, 82 Trent, Joycie G., 73, 185, 186 Trent, Roger, 201, 206, 236 Trent, Wistar, 83, 210, 239 Trevey, Brenvda 129, 212, Trevey, John D., 84, 183, 204, 210 Trevillian, Archie, 96 Trice, Charles, 84, 239 Trice, Thomas, 112, 170, 210, 233, 237, 239 Trutt, Sandra, 134 Tuck, Claudia, 97 Tuck, Clover, 118 Tuck, James, 119, 182 Tuck, Ryland, 105, 171 Tucker, David, 120 Tucker, Diane, 118 Tucker, Gayle, 105, 215 Vess, Vess, Charles, 127 Eric, 84, 203 Vest, Patricia, 119, 211 Viar, Andrew, 113 Viar, Clarence, 119 David, 120 Tucker, Kathleen Gail, 117 Tucker, Linda, 84, 202, 218 Tucker, Mike, 126 Tucker, Peggy, 94, 96, 170, 172, 177 Tunkel, Tunkel, Aim, 129, 179, 20s Suzanne, 112, 197, 198 Turner, Ann, 136, 212 Turner, Ed, 95 Turner, Edgar, 110 Turner, Kathy, 102, 202 Turner, Turner, Kenneth, 129, 236 Linda, 96, 201 Turner, Orris Ray, 117 Turner, Sondra L., 84, 185, 19-5, 204, 211 Tuthill, Carroll, 13, 84, 201, 214 Tuttle, David, 84 Tuttle, John, 97 Tweedy, Tweedy, Alton, 120 Barbara, 116, 177, 212 Tweedy, Darnell, 119 Tweedy, Harry, 97 Tweedy, James, 117 Tweedy, Jean, 113 Tweedy, Michele, 84 Tweedy, Wanda, 128 Twery, Deborah, 102 Twery, Mark, 113, 190, 204 Tyner, Tyree, Sarah Csallyj, 113 Bennett, 124 Tyree, Clarenvce, 132 Tyree, Larry, 130 Tyree, Linda, 120 Tyree, Joseph, 135 Tyree, Tyree, Unrue, Upshur, Reginold, 120 Richard, 84 U Eddie, 132 189, 204 Viar, David Maxey, 98, 204, 234, 244 Viar, Frankie, 130, 236 Viar, John, 117, 185, 234 Viar, Pat, 84, 195, 199, 211, 218, 2 Viar, Sheila, 138 Viar, Tony, 109 Vigneau, Jane, 130, 212 Vinson, Mary Ann, 102, 195 Vinson, Robert, 119 Vitalone, Carl, 131 W Wade, Carolyn, 138 Wade, Judy Marie, 103 Wade, Patsy Lee, 85, 195, 197 Wade, Phyllis, 85, 146 Wade, Randy, 95, 215 Wade, Wayne, 119, 191 Waibel, Lawrence, 110 Waibel, Rosemary, 126 Waldron, David, 21, 85, 170, 205 Waldron, Larry, 126 Walker, George, 111 Walker, Lynwood, 119 Wall, Eugene, 112 Wallace, Randall, 103, 199, 239 Waller, Linda, 130 Walling, Betty Lou, 85, 215 Walling, George: D., 111, 208 Ward, Chris, 103, 171, 177, 210, 239, 247 Ward, Richard, 96 Ward, Stan, 138 Ware, Darlene, 120 Ware, Emily, 105, 195, 211 Ware, Rodney, 97, 170, 203, 205 Ware, Rosa, 85, 183 Washburn, Lisa, 135 Waters, Anne, 85, 172, 120' Watkins, Danny, 119, 182 Watkins, Isabel, 96 Watkins, Laura, 97, 171, 182, 204 Watson, Audrey, 105 Watson, Betty, 101 Watson, Danny, 105, 192 Watson, James, 116 Watts, Bonnie, 114 Weary, John, 96 Weary, Paul, 113 Weaver, Clarence, 126 Weaver, Toby, 85, 195, 197, 205 Weigand, Frank, 96, 195 Weigand, Martin, 95 Carole Martin, 102, 170, Weilanvd, W. Luther, 192 Weiss, Carol, 116 Weiss, Carolyn Gaynelle, 85, 195, 201 Weiss , Diane, 101, 204 Weiss, Michael, 96, 208 Wells, Rita, 135, 179, 198 Upshur, Fontaine, 84, 171, 180, 202, 205, 214 V Vaden, Anne, 138, 179 Vaughan, Norma Jean, 95, 195, 197 Vaughn, Kenneth, 132 Vaughn, Larry, 129 Wells, Terry, 212, 216 Wells, Wanda Sue, 102, 211 Wennerstrom, Carol Lee, 85, 195, 191, 204 Wennerstrom, Gail, 137 Wern, John, 131, 235 Wern, Robert, 85 West, Kenneth, 100, 192 23 Whately, Paul Owens, 85 Wheeler, Cheryl, 132 Wheeler, John Oxenham, 12, 15, 27, 85, 170, 172, 175, 180, 200, 218, 219, 221, 223 Wheeler, Lima, 120 Wheeler, Sylvia Delores, 117 Whitcomb, James Paul, 86 White, Daphne, 126 White, David, 131 White, Duncan Clayton, 108, 116, 210, 234, 241, 246 White, Harry, 86, 192 White, Link Thomas, 102, 225 White, Richard Ashworth, 123 White, Richard Alden, 120 White, Stephonie Crist, 86, 185, 246 White, Tom, 121, 244 White, Willis, 113, 132, zos Whitehead, Kenneth Nelson, 98, 205 Whitehouse, Frank, 98, 177, 199 Whitehouse, Sarah, 132, 185 Whitmore, Bill, 127, 182 ' Whitten, Betty, 112 Whitten, June Ellen, 134, 212 Whorley, Betty, 95, 195 Wick, Nancy, 116, 182 Wicklinve, David Porter, 98, 202, 234, 244 Wiles, Maurice, 132 Wiley, Steve, 118 Wilkerson, Gail, 119 Wilkerson, Terry, 136, 212 Wilkes, Roger, 195, 205 Wilkes, Sue, 113, 202 Wilkins, Jannie, 135, 198, 212 Wilks, David Garland, 86, 205 Williams, Billie, 134 Williams, Bonnie, 118 Williams, Charles, 126 Williams, Donald, 127 Williams, Donna, 129, 141 Williams, John, 132 Williams, Judith N. 86 Williams, Judy, 86, 98 Williamson, Anne, 135 Williamson, Margaret, 103, 205 Willoughby, Joanexe, 87 Wilmoth, Barbara, 123 Wilsonv, Barbara, 101 Wilson, Calvin, 141, 193 Wilson, Clarissa, 135 Wilson, David, 116, 202 Wilson,-, Dennis, 120 Wilson, Donald, 135 Wilson, Guy, 109 Wilson, Jane, 128, 212 Wilson, Janet, 138, 212 Wilson, Jerry, 100, 192 Wilson, Katherine, 138 Wilson, Mike Allan, 116, 204 Wilson, Mirenda, 131 Wilson, Steve Spencer, 117 Wilson, Wanda, 113 Winders, William, 113, 235 Wineman, Janie, 87, 184, 209, 218 Wingfield, Clark, 170, 241 Wingfield, Gail Patricia, 134 Wingfield, Mary, 97 Winstead, Sterling Eliza, 172, 200 218 Withey, Georgia, 87, 170, 175, 203 Witt, Carolyn, 129 Witt, Deborah, 134, 212 Witt, Edward R. Csonnlyj, 87, 210, 234 Witt, Jane, 114, 192 Witt, Jimmy, 87, 192 Witt, June Elizabeth, 102 Witt, Lynda, 109, 198 Witt, Martna, 117, 212 Witt, Robert, 126, 204 Womack, Barbara, 123, 212 Womack, Patricia, 88, 215 Wood, Arthur, 28, 88, 244 Wood, Beverley, 88, 174, 189, 200, 218 Wood, Charles, 120, 183 Wood, Doris Diane, 88, 199, 205 Wood, Emily Walker, 98, 99, 170, 172, 177, 180, 189, 199, 223 Wood, Faye, 126 Wood, James Carroll, 134 Wood, K. Jane, 88 Wood, Larry, 13, 88, 171, 204, 205, 210, 246 Wood, Mary Margaret, 88, 218 Wood, Mike, 100 Wood, Ricky, 97 Wood, Sharon, 103, 209 Wood, William, 103 Woodall, Ricky, 88, 218 335 Woodring, Steve, 112 Woody, Clyde, 131, 236 Woody, Gene Autry, 134 Woody, Rachel, 120 Woody, Sandra, 114 Woody, Ted, 131 Wooldridge, Benny, 129 Wooldridge, Evelyn, 123 Wooldridge, Lee Allen, 111 Worley, Barbara, 88 Worley, Bruce Alan, 88, 192 Worley, Donnsa Jean, 134 Worley, Joan, 114, 198 Worley, Julian, 97, 234 Worley, Mary Susan, 88, 198, 211 Worley, Sharon, 108, 112, 177 Wrenn, Deborah, 97 Wright, Bill, 95 Wright, Bertha, 138 Wright, Debbie, 137 Wright, Dewy, 97, 210, 234 Wright, Jane, 88, 205 Wright, Kelly, 138 Wright, Kenneth Dale, 134 Wright, Kwenneth Warren, 89 Wright, Wright, 220 Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt, Yeater, Young, Young, Young, Linda D., 89 Luther Guy, 89, 174, 218 Robin Stein, 89' Sandra Anm, 111 Sandra Kay, 134 Sue Ann, 134 Vernon Allen, 110' Elizabeth, 114 Joe, 126 Susan, 89, 177, 202 Y Mike, 134 Beckie, 96 Betty, 131 Mary Alice, 134 Young, Richard LeRoy, Jr., 89 Younger, George, 120 Z Zahonet, Herbert, 120, 203, 235, 244 Zechini, Dewery, 127, 193 The CREST staff extends its thanks to: Mr. Herbert Craft and Mrs. Frances Reams of the Lynchburg Engraving Company. The Lyiiclibmfg N ew.: and Daily Advance. Mr. Ellis Smith Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs the endsheets. Mr. Lee Fuller for his help in proof reading. Mr. C. Odell Bell and Mr. john Fridley of Mutual Press. johnny Conner and Luther Wright, CREST photographers, are cwught by the camera on Senior Da Mrs. Robert Fuller sketches a. scene for the endsheets. Photo Credits Senior portraits in the 1966 CREST were taken by Peckiv Studio and printed by Wheeling Studios of New York. Group pictures were taken by Ellis Smith of the Ellis Studio. All candid shots were taken by Lutherf Wriglit, johnny Conner, Becky Fuller and jim Booth. 336 Production Notes The 1966 Crest was printed on loo lb. new whiteness paper by Mutual Press of Lynchburg, Virginia. Photographs were reproduced on zinc and copper plates by Lynchburg Engraving Co. Kingslqraft Division of Kingsport Press manufactured the covers for the 1966 Crest the design for which was silk- screened on Buckram. Carolina Rule and Binding Company of Charlotte, North Carolina bound the 1966 Crest. Mutual Press began to print the 1966 CREST. As The CREST Went to Press .. . E. C. Glass sent JoAnne Deacon, Kathy O'Keeffe, and David Tibbs as representatives to the State S.C.A. Con- vention at Virginia Beach. Miss Waller and Miss Palmer accompanied the dele- gates to the conference held April I-3. The following juniors attended the Southern Interscholastic Press Associa- tion convention: Emily Wood, Marvin Scott, G. G. Sydnor, George Moseley, Linda Pound, Donna Shelton and jim 337 Booth. Members of the Junior Class started the final stages of preparation for the junior-Senior Ring Dance given by the juniors for the seniors. A polkadots theme of "Dot's Goodt" was chosen for the dance to be held on May 27. On May 21 the Senior Student Coun- cil held an Open. House in Cafe 2 and nominated candidates for its SCA selec- tions. A Administration ...,........ ,... Advertisements .........,...,.. Assembly Committee .... B Boys' State ....... ...,.......... .......,. Crest Staff ....., ....,,........ ..,....., Business Dept. ,..,. ,..... . C Critic Staff ...... .....,.. D David Garrick Pilayers ........ ....... 1 87, D. E. Club ....,.........,...........,.. ....,...,.,.. D. E. Dept. ........ Debate' Club ....... ......., Dedication ...,,. .............. ......... E English Dept .,.., .,.,.,.,...... ......... F Foreign Language. Dept. ..... ......., . French Club ...........,..,.,........ ......... Freshman Band ......,.,..,.. Freshman Basketball ..,.... ...,..... Freshman Football ....,... Freshmen .........,...............,....... .,......,...,... Future Business Leaders Future Homemarkers . .,...... . ........... . G G. A. A. ..........., ...... . Girls' Chorus ..,.. Girls' State ...... Glass Palette ...., ,....... H High Timers ..........,.......,...... ......... Home Economics ......,. Honor League ........,......... Honors ...,............................. ......... I I. C. C. .....,...................,...,. . I. C. T. ...............,.........., . Industrial Arts Dept. J . Student Council Ir. Latin ..............,............. If . Ir. Varsity Basketball ......,....,.. ......... Ir . Varsity Cheerleaders Ir. Varsity Football ............,.. .....,... Iuniors .........,..,......,............. General Index L Latin Honors ,.....,..... ., ....., . Librarians, Counselors an Library Council ............... Literary Society ...........,... M Mathematics Dept. .....,. , Majorettes ................,......, N National Honor Society . National Merit Finalists . National Merit Letters . 0 Orchestra .... ........ ....... Organizations ....... .....,. P d Staff Physical Education Dept. ....., . Public Speaking Club ..... Q Quill and Scroll Society , S Science Club ...... ............ Science Dept. ........,.......... , Senior Band ....................... Senior Student Council Seniors ...........,.............,.... Social Studies Dept. ....... . Sophomores .................,. Spanish Club ....,.,..,... Special Choir ............. Sports ..,............................. Stock Brokers Club .......,. Student Cafe Helpers ..... Student Liiel .................... T Track ..... ............ Tennis ........ V Varsity Baseball .............. Varsity Basketball ,.,.... Varsity Cheerleaders ...... Varsity Football ........... ., Varsity G Club .......,....,...... Y Y-Teens endg -begiiining q Vf V end of the be-V If ls, per- .

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