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as f , 1, 1 .-, , Ag S , :- .v u-H m.,,., ,,g . M., ,.,,,,,., ., '1' v-. ,.,' "."1" ' ' xl '. ' " ' N A 2" 1' . ,.,J.',','- ,....1,' ' "' 'Q-4.9 "T-,ll- 'Kr '1 'gf ,, ,,. ,+, , 4 ,,. X . ' Q ,K fflfs J ' Y f s 1 I . s.. - A 7.g41.,:,T., W I , 'il' W ' 13- 'NME' ' fm. Mnzfgifigjm W 1, ' fg .w,4 , ,-'1,U g I f'z' i s .,, ' ' cj 'u .'- - -' ,M,,, ,, , , 1 , f A ' f V , - .fx , ,V www .1 . .W Y --355.-,, 'L 5-N -awww W -. V - -' . 1-4 1 - 61'-11-f,,g!f"' 4.q, , :ff -1 1-'W r .V 'rival ., ,. 'f"- 4 5594- - Q - F-4.T, u .,mfq5f,, g uy' i:11i.g:2,1, Z- ,,,,yr:.fg-u-3,3-"L'v,.k,,fQ-.W.,Ei3igg, fa-'f v i , ',1:,w,1:M rea' 'J .E - ""i1"1'F"f"'1ff' , :5.',.:51 r,-1 :S-1Q'7'f2ja.f,Avf,,.g5fEQ4qg4iQ,,swg5M55 wwf ' '11,,f..'-il Y U M h A -1 - Li' " -1 ' ' f 1. -zff.,,w:p.r,,g:.m-ai41,-f'xi:,w.p.,g Q., A . ,J ', . , ,: f.-1 .: 3-1.1 M DHS A ' .1 '-L1 4. 'L' 4' "M 1, H- if .. -f 'ide WS? Seam 66444, may em!ewlz4eeagAz6gm4emf?55. mwmmgwaczdegmzgwd-:am WWW Cfdwdfif 665444 71494 564046 and mm ,made NAL.-. , V ,.-.-'Jn , 452--:'ix,., X -' ' vf ., 1 WWWWE,H,,f,.,,,.F,w.V,4 -W z,,,i,,. ,,v. ,,.,i.l.,,i,,,.. f-,mfff 1 iggfigieizvifffz'1:,,1.s-V,15-,-gf" 'fs 'f 5 n m. '11 '- -,wrffi-f2'f'.' 'I ' W' 2a,Q32f:Z,i'71 K gp.-.g.q-,L M ,. r .ff ,. wily! -1 . ,, ' 1' YW A 1 ,- ' 5 ' ,W ."'J-:L if, lf' ' ' ' , A ' 5: ' vigil - ' A , - , EQv:'w 5 , ' t ' ' 533'--j2fLf'3'J7f' -- ' ' , wr,-3 ,, . .- W , -. rg, . 1 . Qi43.i"f1 3- 'f ' , ' Q ' ' iJ?i,f.'f.'lfI,1:. . z h " L t' I ' A nifi31.gaL'sz1..,.,..:,fA..,..,,, - A 1- f-- v-- - X X " HIG f Y' 95 If I sf 05, 1 f Q 3 an 1- f 1 Q 2 ,A AY' X I JVCHBURG' , x X - ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE STUDENT BODY OF E. C. GLASS HIGH SCHOOL LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA . VOL. 45 JUDY HARDESTY ' JANE BABER CO EDITORS MISS LUCILE COX MRS. CECILIA DOYLE LITERARY ADVISER ART ADVISER MISS MARGARET WILLIAMS BUSINESS ADVISER I3I n all the confusion of these busy days the common complaint is the shortage of time. So much could be gained if we would only take time to laugh, to work, to play, to give of our- selves to others-take time really to enjoy life. Hence, the CREST staff presents the anonymous poem "Take Timev as its theme using from it lines to introduce each section of the book. Won't you take time now to read and enjoy this 1958 annual? 141 Take time to lead- it is the duty of the learned Take time to be proud- it is the reward of achievement Take time to work- it is the price of success O Take time to give- it is too short a day to be selfish Take time to play- it is the secret of youth Take time to laugh- it is the music of the soul f Take time to experiment- it is the pathway to a new and better life -- 5 FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS I 0140440 ,,, . . because, as a coach and teacher, he has been a true father and friend to so many. . . because of his firre Christian character and genuine interest in each student. because, we, the students, love and respect him. With great pride and appreciation for everything he has done for us, the CREST staff and Senior Class TAKE TIME to dedicate the 1958 CREST to MR, JIMMIE BRYAN MR. IIMMIE BRYAN I 7 1 Take tame ta Zend- af 64 me mu, af tie Zewmed AE . X ACULTY MR. L. H. MCCUE, JR. Principal The rare ability of controlling a school of over 2,000 students is given to few people. Our prin- cipal, Mr. L. H. McCue, Jr., we think, possesscs this quality to an unusual degree. We students wonder how he can show a personal interest in each of us, how he can know what is happen- ing in every school activity, and how he can keep his finger on the scholastic pulse of the school. I Mr. McCue's friendliness, warm manner, and sincerity call forth the highest respect of every- one at Glass. AIRS. PAULINE F. STALL Miss MARGARET ARBISTIQONG MR. J. W1Ns'i'oN TVTILAM it Mrs. Stall, assistant principal, devotes most of her time to help- ing upperclassmen make their decisions concerning college and careers. In addition, she super- vises the PTA Guidance Night and directs College Boards and SQT Tests. Many students are enabled to further their educa- tion due to her expert counseling about available scholarships. She considers aiding these young people in their future plans the most satisfying part of her work. Miss Armstrong is officially listed as assistant principalg but to this can be added the duties of checking attendance, counsel- ing, arranging schedules, super- vising the infirmary, and of guid- ing the Sth grade in their choice of occupations. Miss Armstrong says that the favorite phase of her work is helping new students to become adjusted to their life at Glass. The underclassmen particularly benefit from her consideration and advice, l10l Mr. Milam, as Dean of Boys, carries the burden of the disci- plinary problems at Glass. This year loitering in the halls and detention hall attendance have both been greatly reduced due to his efforts. Yet it is not Mr. Milam's job as Dean of Boys, but that as Civics teacher that gives him the most pleasure. The stu- dents all know that he gets great pleasure out of a good joke, too, told either by him or about him. Evelyn Allen Emma M. Barksdale John Lee Bray F. Preston Ambler J. Jane Barringer Charles R. Brown Baldwin F. Aud W 1 X 'IU J K vs 2. X Y X Virgil D. B eckner Eloise G. Brown Joyce C. Bailey Ruth H. Blunt Q -- -1 2 1':ffif'.sg, H Helen E. Brown FACULTY Robert M. Bailey 115 -1- -"- 1 522554 1 - V- if i ii A A it i 3 ft were --Q if-1, Q. Wg .Q ,mr L S . if if A . wi if fi 51 if ,Q 5- Q N gf Q, S , I . is ., 3 . Vincent Bradford Jimmie Bryan "Frosty, man, frosty!" says Mrs. Aud as she Miss Barringer aptly applies grease paint to takes time for refreshment. one of her actresses. llll FACULTY Mrs. Bailey displays her talent on the keys. Donit waste the water, Mr. Beckner. Elizabeth E. F. Burmahln Burnlahln Lucile Cox Joseph W. Cox 2' Q, lf. ffm f. Cecilia A. Doyle Richard L. Durrant KF 1? Mi, i fa, 1 Q.. qy k kiwi Gladys E. Canada Wilsa T. Candler lwarie C0115011 Mildred A. Constance G. Jane Cunningham Dabney Davis A , , 5,,.. . f . , E Mary Alice Evans John G. Fanfani Frances C. Feagans H21 . FACULTY Miss Hancock explains to her admiring stu- "Run, run, leap!" cries Miss Henderson as dent why "X" equals HY." she demonstrates modern dancing techniques. Andrew I. Fielder Doreen S. Carolyn G. Fuller Thelma E. Franklin Garland z va- I .f , in x K My ' '.-:'.. I Rita C, Gilmer Clara S. Graves Warreii L. Graves Mary S. l Guggenheimer Begsie M,Ha1-1-is Effie K, Harvey Anne F. Anna H. Hicks Henderson l13l Wallace L. Gilbert Martha B. Hancock Evelyn H. Hight FACULTY A . . . . .-Q. an ,ig J- 'K+ 35' Ere I .i ' 5 1' It Elizabeth Hoskins Frances R. Knipp Martha G. Meiclling " HQngEW,.,wmgw3 'f XE ' A ' Anice M. Howell Josephine MacGregor Meade S, Irvine Evelyn T. Macon James A. Mumper John D. Noechel Thomas XV- Elizabeth M. Johnson Knake Dorothy P- Shirley Mclvor Mayberry Mary S. Payne Jean Pemberton 1 Mrs. Knipp shows off her treasures from Are Miss VViley and Miss Payne discussing Spain. Englwh? l14l FACULTY ww-Q we . ' A 1 Sgiiktkagn f s - sigieeeavsefsfaw EQQSWEE .f?S?E?i S Q: , . X 3 we wf QWfsw?semwQQi .se.si1" aw, QE? EEFEQFQ QWQ " ef.ese Qmv, 1 ngfwgggsgss -'-- ,L,, . , sniff. -nanny 16311 D- Perrow Mary Ellen Kathleen M. Virginia XV. Ralph A. Racer Poynor Pribble P1'y01' Jennings B. Chapman L. Almie H. Gene Robinson Jerry Robinson Rader Ramsey ROlJCI'tSOI1 Ann R. Sanders Marie Shaner Roy L. Shirlen E. Reiman Ruth Shore Shober Mr. Racer helps Uncle Sam in the savings Miss Robertson takes time out to show her Stamp Llrlve. class her "hero in armor." l15l FACULTY Miss Mary Ware says, "An apple a day The sound barrier is broken by Mr. Teass keeps the doctor away." our scientist. Doris P. Steppe Cloyd G. Vermilion Katherine M. White Louise Sumner Hannah Alex F. Teass Elizabeth Vincent Sally M. Whitehead Sutherland Elizabeth N. Wallace Helen H. Ware Virginia Wiley Courtney l16l Wilkinson Joseph Turkel Mary E. Wa1'e Margaret F. Williams rests' ' , Mary Eliza Julia VVoodson Wiltsl1i1'c Not Pictured: lyinnic B. Cash Lois B. Hammers Thomas A. XYilson Margaret VVood FACULTY XVl1icl1 one outsliines the other-Mr. Milam or the tree? Mrs. Dabney, our librarian, takes 9. camera break. Mr. Vermilion strikes up the band. Mrs. Fuller exhibits her friend from the art department. H71 T466 time Za Ze Maud- miawemww..-.... ENIORS Bfaclf'Row: Mr. McCue, A. Nicholas, O. Aylor, J. Baber, T. Hapgood, B. Patrick, C. Potter, R. Booth, K. White, J. Ryon, T. Sweeney, B. Newton, Mrs. Wallace. Third Row: II. Cobb, J. Duke, B. A. Harris, K. Hansen, J. Walk er, K. Terrell, A. Perry, M. R. Jordan, A. Martin, M. Walker, V. Allen, J. M. Robertson. Second Row: K. Huffman, J Keesee, L. Brooks, J. Morris, B. M cliennan, B. Thomas, J. Hamilton, S. Gardner, L. Beck, N. Bond, A. Chambers. First Row: M. E. Burch, J. Sterne, D. Canwlli-r, M. F. Gore, N. Deacon, B. Pettyjohn, B. Tweedy, S. West, S. Seay, P. Lynn, R. YVood. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Being elected into the National Honor Society is perhaps the high spot in the lite ot a senior. From -the beginning of the Freshman year the ambitious student keeps this goal as his ideal. The members are selected on the basis oi tour points: character, scholarship, leadership and service. On March 27, 1958, forty-five Seniors were installed into the National Honor Society. Members ot last yearls society discussed the four standards of selection. Dean john Turner of Lynchburg College spoke on the subject Noblesse Oblige. The National Honor Society pledge repeated by each member initiated is: "I pledge myself to uphold the high purpose of this society to which I have beenelected. Striving in every way, by work and deed, to make its ideals the ideals of my school and of my lifef, The National Honor Society is the highest honor that can be obtained by any high school student and its ideals are thehfinest for which any individual can strive. ,, The following students were elected the Society's ofificers: john 'Mott Robertson, President, Jane Baber, Vice-President, Betsy Tweedy, Secretary, Bill Chambers, Treasurer, and Vicky Allen, Historian. l 20 l Back Row: Mr. Johnson, R. Booth, D. Lloyd, O. Aylor, L. Mosby, Miss Ware, C. Knight. Second Row: B. Butler, N. Creed, B. Marsh, S. Rubenstein, L. Beck, J. Smith, J. Richardson. First Row: A. Farrar, J. M. Robertson, M. E, Burch, N. Deacon. SENIOR COUNCIL Summer vacation having ended, the Seniors of 1958 returned to Glass bound and determined to be the best class that this school has ever produced. They could well be proud because they are the first class to complete five years in the new high school. In the fall each senior homeroom elected representatives to the Senior Council, which began collecting the senior budget, planning for Senior Day and ordering personalized cards. On November eighth the long awaited Senior Day arrived. The event was highlighted by an excellent assembly and the usual antics of the joyous seniors. Although the parade and game were rained out, the spirit of the day was not affected. After midyear the council began planning the senior banquet and dance, and from all the re- marks, it was a wonderful addition to the senior year. The council was faced with the usual tasks that must precede the final days at Glass: measur- ing for caps and gowns, ordering of commencement announcements, planning commencement ex- ercises and dance, and deciding upon the Senior Class gift to the school. The class of '58 has many assets about which they can boast. Approximately one hundred students Qwhich is one third of the classj have averages over ninety. For this accomplishment and many other awards and honors presented its members, the Senior class, can be proud. Many unforgettable times were shared by the Seniors, but t-he accomplishments could never have been possible without the guidance given by the sponsors-Miss Mary lVare and Mr. Thomas Johnson. l21l Back Row: R, Wood, H. Green, W. Cooke, J. Candler, T. Hapg ood, J. M. Robertson, B. Chambers. Second Row: T. Hudson, E. Overstreet, V. Allen, H. C. Tlxaxton, J. Duke, B. 'l'wr-edy, J. Balmer. First Row: C. Knight, B, Harris, L. Brooks. Additional: L. Mosby, A. Farrar, BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE Early Sunday morning, july 14, 1957, an excited group of Glass students left for a week at Boys' and Girls' State at V.l'.l., Blacksburg, Virginia. These students had been chosen at the end of their Junior Year to participate in this governmental program with students from every high school in Virginia, who were also elected for their outstanding qualities. The jam-packed week was one never to be forgotten and was considered by everyone to be one of the most wonderful experiences of his life. To these delegates, up at break-of-dawn, exer- cise for the boys, inspection, chapel assembly, city sessions, State politics, elections, athletics and recreation, the Governorls Ball, and Burrus Hall assemblies at night were familiar events. UVVelre from Draper, mighty mighty Draper . . .", UGO to your left, your right, your left . . .,', "S-T-U-A-R-T," and the many other chants helped to build the State's proud spirit into a bond, uniting all who participated. Every boy and girl who attends this American Legion sponsored project holds an office which can be anything from Governor to the City jailer! The E. C. Glass delegation was particularly proud to have two of their group win outstanding positions. Out of 500 fboys, John Mott Robert- son was elected Lt. Governor, the second highest office in Boys' State. Janet Duke was chosen by the girls in her city to be Mayor, the top city office, and in return, she led Draper City to the coveted honor of being chosen Model City of Girls, State. Other Glass students who won significant offices are: Leyburn Mosby, Assistant justice of the Supreme Court and Clerk of the House of Delegates, Wylie Cooke, Com'monwealth's Attorney, Tim Hapgood and H. C. Thaxton, Delegates to the House of Delegates, Barbara Harris, Clerk of the Senate, Betsy Tweedy, Senator, and Jane Baber, Floor Leader of the House of Delegates. f22l SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOHN MOTT ROBERTSON President ANNE FARRAR Vice-President MARY ELLEN BURCI-I Secretary NELDA DEACON Treasurer JOYCE RICHARDSON .flssistarzt Treasurer MISS MARY WARE MR. TOM JOHNSON C0-Sponsors IZ3 ALLEN, VICKY ALLEN, VIRGINIA RHEA CV. AJ ANDERSON, MARGARET GREY CGAYD ARTHUR, BARBARA ANNE AULTICE, JEFFREY LYNN AYERS, KENNETH LEE AYLOR, OSCAR RAMSEY BABER, JANE STAFFORD BACON, LELAND S. elm Senior ass 0jZ195 I241 BAILEY, PAUL LELAND, JR. BANK, BARRY ALAN BEARDMORE, RAYMOND DALE BEARDMORE, SUE BECK, LINDA LOUISE BLANKENSHIP, CAROL SUE BLENCOWE, JAMES A. BLOUNT, MARVIN WAYNE BOAZE, HENRY DAVID BOBBITT, JUNE PHYLLIS BOHANNON, JOHN ROBERT BOND, BEVERLY JEANNE CC. gfass gfqk Sclzoof BOND, NANCY LURLINE BOND, RONALD LEWIS BOOKER, PHIL EDWARD i251 BOOTH, RICHARD LAYBON BRADFORD, ELEANOR ANN BRADLEY, ROBERT DOWNING CBUCKJ BRENT, WILLIAM KENT BROOKS, LINDA OLIVIA BROWN, ELEANOR JEAN BROWN, MARY MOORE BURCH, MARY ELLEN BURNLEY. THOMAS RAYMOND be Senior Gfass of 1958 i261 BURNS, DELORES ANN BURTON, CHARLES WILLIS BUTLER, BONNIE LEE CAMPBELL, CALVIN WAYNE CAMPBELL, DAVID CROWTHER CAMPBELL, SYLVIA JERLEEN CANDLER, CAROLYN DALE CANDLER, JOHN STAPLES CARR, ROBERT SCOTT, CARWILE, DOROTHY LOUISE CAWTHORNE, BARNEY BYRD, KBUCKYJ CHAMBERS, SAMUEL ALLEN, JR. QALQ . G CHAMBERS, WILLIAM RUSSELL CBILLD CHILDERS, ELLEN ARNOLD CHILDRESS, ALFRED LEIGHTON ass iqh Sckoo l27l CHEVES, ROBERT MARSHALL CBOBBYD COATES, JOHN C. COBB, HOWARD EVANS COLE, DELORES MAE COLEMAN, CARL EDWARD COLEMAN, CAVIL CLINTON COLEMAN, G. WAYNE CONNER, REBECCA ANN CBECKYD CONNER, WILLIAM EDWARD ffm Senior ass 0f195 E281 COOKE, WYLIE R. COOPER, BETTY FRANCES COOPER, BETTY JEAN CRAFTON, TOM J. CREED, NANCY HANKS CRIST, JOAN REGINA DALTON, PAUL LEFTWICH DAVIS, WILLIAM RONALD DAY, WAYNE DEACON, MARIE LOUISE MCALISTER DEACON, NELDA CAREEN D1RoM, JOANNE FRANCES 8. G. DOBYNS, JUDITH ELEANOR DooLEY, MERLYN B. DOWDY, MARSHA LEE ass gfiqk Sckoo E291 DUCK, KENNETH IRVIN DUFF, HERBERT WAYNE DUKE, JANET ALICE DUNNAM, ELEANOR MARIE CSUED DUNNAVANT. REX MCLANE ELLIOTT, HARVEY R. FARRAR, HELEN ANNE FARRIS, HOWARD LEE FEAGANS, EDWARD DONALD Che Senior ass 0f195 H01 FERGUSON, ELLEN ELIZABETH FITZGERALD, FRANCIS BELL FORD, FANNY PENN QPENNYD FORD, ROBERT W. FORD, WENDE REBECCA FREESE, MARJORIE LOUISE CMARGED FRYE, MURRELL PRESTON GARDNER, SUE ANNE GARRETT, KERMIT, JR. GARRETT, RICHARD P. GARRISON, ARTHUR QMIKED GIBSON, JAMES FREDERICK . gfass q Choo GLASS, HYLTON GORE, MARY FOSTER GRAHAM, JAMES MARTIN CJIMMYD l31 GREEN, HARRY GEORGE, JR. HAMILTON, JULIA BELLE HANSEN, KAREN SANDFORD HAPGOOD, EDWARD T., JR. HARDESTY, JUDITH ALICE HARPER, TERRY GARLAND HARRIS, BARBARA ANN HARRIS, NANCY BARBARA HAUSER, JULIA STARKE he Senior Gfass 0jg195 l32 HAYES, AUBREY EDWARD HAYMES, EDWARD RANDOLPH HAYWOOD, GLENDA JUANITA HERSHBERGER, ANN GALE HICKMAN, GRETA DIANE HICKSON, SARAH ALLEN HIGGINBOTHAM, E. M., III CMIKED HIGGINBOTI-IAM, PATRICIA ANN HILL, MORTON HOGAN, MARGARET SHEILA HOLT, WANDA LOU HOVDA, ELEANOR JEANNE HOWERTON, BARBARA LEE HUDSON, DoN MAWYER HUDSON, ELIZABETH JOAN . Qfass q ckoo I i f -'I-' L33 HUDSON, GLORIA MAE HUDSON, JOSEPH HARRIS, JR. HUDSON, THOMAS RANDALL QTOMMYJ HUFFMAN, KAYE RENWICK HUNDLEY, BRUCE ANDERSON HUNT, SYLVIA JANE HURT, BETSY ANN JAMES, ROBERT EARL JEFFERSON, PATRICIA ANN CPATSYD Senior ass 0161958 I-341 JENNINGS, LEROY JENNINGS, PEGGY ANN JOHNSON, EUGENE LEROY JONES, GRADY LEE JORDAN, MARY RIELY JUSTIS, CAROLYN FRANCES KEESEE, LAvoNA JUNE KELLEY, WILLIAM ANDERSON, JR. KENNEDY, ELIZABETH ANN CLIZANND KENT, SANDRA LOUISE KETCI-IIE, JUDY DIANN KIDD, JANET MAGANN . G KIDD, YVONNE VIRGINIA KITCHEN, PAUL MCKINLEY KLEIN, BARBARA ANN ass iqk S0200 I351 I r KLEMAS, REGINA MARIE KNIGHT, CAROLE LEE KNOWLES, PATRICK LEE LANG, PATRICIA ANN fPATD LANKFORD, MARILYN FRANCES LAYNE, JANE LEE LEE, SANDRA HUGHES LINN, B. GUY LLOYD, DONALD STANLEY bE SZIZLOI' GL255 0f195 i361 LOGWOOD, NADINE CAROLYNE LOYD, WILLIAM HUBBARD LUKIN, NANCY KAY LYNN, IRVING MAY, JR. MACARTHUR, BARBARA ANN MADDOX, GENE T. MADDOX, KAYE ROZELLA MADDOX, RAY MARSH, BETTY MARSH, JOSEPH EDWARD, II, QNEDD MARSH, PATRICIA MAE MARTIN, ELOISE ANNE 8. G. MASON, BETTY LOU MASON, CAROL FAYE MASON, HAROLD WAYNE ass iqh Sckoo E371 MAY, WESLEY TERRELL MCDAVID, DAVID MORTON MCGATHA, CARLTON RAY MCKENNA, BETTY Lou MCLENNAN, ANNE ELIZABETH CBETTYJ MEREDITH, COWLES ALDWIN MILLER, SANDRA MARLANE MIRGUET, WILLIAM F. MITCHELL, DORIS GAYLE gba Senior ass 0131958 E381 MOHR, ELIZABETH LEE CDIBBYQ MooRE, NANCY LEE MooRE, RICHARD IRVING MORRIS, JANICE PEARL MOSBY, JOHN LEYBURN MOSBY, RICHARD TYLDEN Moss, GLORIA FAY MOYER, ASA HENRY MYERS, BETTIE JEAN NELSON, CARY PRESTON GARY NEWTON, ORSON BENJAMIN III fBEND NICHOLAS, JULIA SMITH 8.6 NICHOLS, ALBERT LEROY, JR. NICHOLS, ROBERT LEE NOEL, JEANETTE ELIZABETH gfass Lqfiqlz Sckoof E391 OGLESBY, RALPH SCHAEFER OVERSTREET, EDMOND AUSTIN OWEN, KENNETH SEDDON PACE, JOHN GARY A . PADGETT, HELEN KYTHA PAGE, IRMA MARIE PAGE, LARRY PARKER, SHIRLEY ELEANOR PARNELL, WILLIAM LIVINGSTON Che Sefzior ass 0f1958 H01 PATRICK, WILLIAM ESTHILL PATTESON, BETTY MIMS PELLEY, JEANETTE ANN PERCY, ANN BUCHANAN PETERS, LOIS JANE PETTIT, WILLIAM JAMES PETTYJOHN, GRACE BOWLING CBO? ' PETTYJOHN, RICHARD GRAVES PHILLIPS, FELICIA ANN PLEASANTS, JOHN MCGHEE POORE, BETTY JEAN PORTER, JEAN BROWN 8. G. POTTER, CLIFTON WILLIAM, JR. PRICE, JOHN W., JR. PUCKETT, MARGARET JUNE , ,, , A wi: x H Q ass iqlz Sckoo E411 PUGH, THOMAS RUDD RAWLINGS, SANDRA JEAN CSANDYD REAMS, BONNIE LEIGI-I REASOR, REBECCA JOAN CBECKYD REID, FRANK BENJAMIN, JR. CBUDJ REYNOLDS, GLADYS MAE RICH, LIZABETH ANN RICHARDSON, JOYCE FAYE RICHLIN, PAUL GILBERT Kim Senior ass of 1958 i421 RIDDLE, GEORGE EDWARD RIGNEY, WILLIE LEE ROARK, ELIZABETH DARE QBETTYD ROBERTSON, DARRELL TRAYLOR ROBERTSON, JOHN MOTT, JR. RORABAUGH, ELIZABETH ANN ROSSER, DELORxs ANN ROYER, NANCY RUBENSTEIN, SANDRA LEE RUDACILLE, BARRY A. RUFFIN, EDMUND C. RUMBERG, JAY WINFRED r,...., . W. A . V CC. Qfass gfiqlz Sckoof RYON, JOHN WALKER SANDIDGE, DANIEL ELLERBE, JR. SANDIFER, CAROLE LEE I431 SCHLEY, DONALD GRAYSON SCHLEY, PATRICIA SYLVIA SCHMINCKE, RANDALL LOUIS SCHMITT, NANCY ANNE ScoTT, LINDA LOUISE SCOTT, RUTH GLENN SCRUGGS, HOWARD L. SCRUGGS, KAREN 'CRAIGHILL SEAY, SHIRLEY ANN Kim Senior ass of 1958 E441 SETTLE, JAMES EDWARD, JR. SHEPHERD, SALLY GAYLE SHORTER, WILLIAM SHELTON SIMMS, OTIS RAY SIMPSON, FAE C. SLOUGH, MARY RUSSELLE SMITH, ROBERT MOON CBOBBYD SNOW, CARLTON JAMES STANFORD, DANTE TALLEYRAND POITEVANT, JR. STAPLES, BENNETT LAYTON STEINMETZ, JAMES RICHARD STERNE, JOYCE ANNE CC. Q ass iqb S6600 STORY, ALICE KATHLEEN SWEENEY, THOMAS WHITNEY TALLMAN, ELIZABETH MARIE CBETTYD E451 TATE, JIMMIE TERRELL, KATHERINE DALE THAXTON, HAROLD CHANDLER, JR. CH.C.J THOMAS, BETIYE NICHOLS THOMAS, CLAYTON ALLEN THOMASSON, WILLIAM SHERER THOMPSON, FRANCIS NEAL T1-IORNI-IILL, J. TAYLOR, III TI-IORNSBURY, THANNA WANDA Kim Senior ass of1958 1461 THURSTON, LINDA LOU TRENT, JOHNNIE F. TRENT, PHILIP PAUL TUCKER, DOROTHY MAXINE TUCKER, FRED THOMAS TURNLEY, NANCY LOUISE TWEEDY, ELIZABETH ANNE QBETSY j TYREE, CARROLL DAVID VIAR, BRENDA LYNNE WADE, BERT WADE, PATRICIA FAYE WALKER, JAMES EMORY 8. G. WALKER, MINA OTEY WATTS, PATTY SUE WEILAND, FRANK CONRAD gfass gfiqk Sckoof I471 WEST, SANDRA LEORA WHEELER, OGDEN WHITE, KENNETH S. WILBURN, JUDY ELLIS WILKERSON, ,JEAN MARIE WILLIAM, GAIL SAUNDRA WILLIAMSON, WALTER RAY WILMOUTH, VIRGINIA CAROLYN WOOD, PATRICIA ANN gba Sefziar ass 0f195 E481 WOOD, RAYMOND G. WOOD, ROBERT CORNELIUS III WOODALL, LUCY VIRGINIA WRIGHT THOMAS GRAVES YOUNG WILLIAM HENRY YOUNGER, ROBERT TED SENIOR CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR 1957-58 SEPTEMBER 4 School opened 13 First pep rally and hop 16 Senior pictures started 17 Elected class officers OCTOBER 14 Voted for Senior King and Queen 18 Big pep rally, but Jefferson won 22 27 APRIL ? 2 24 Senior Banquet and Dance Toasts! Talks! Food! Great Band! National Honor Society Girls visit Buckingham-Flippin Miss Bunny Hop, Betsy Tweedy Easter vacation Talent Show 22 National Merit S. Q. T. MAY NOVEMBER 2 Senior Play "January Thawl' Teacvhgfs in RiC1h1nOnd..hO-liday AWHI'dS ASSC'1'1'1Dly QSCl'1lOI'S 1T1H.1l'Cl'1 Out 471 absent-FLU ! ! firstj Senior Day, we reign, parade canceled- 23 lkmlofdseniof Ring D9-U03 RAIN 30 Final Exams Start! Last football game, Old Grads' Night, JUNE H. C. Thaxton crowned Mr. Football at hop 6 Report cards . Q Thanksgiving vacation 9 WSE GRADUATE! H DECEMBER 5, Senior spelling 'test 6 First basketball game, Pep rally JANUARY 11 College Boards 17-22 Exams! FEBRUARY 6 Received personal cards 12 Measured for caps and gowns 15 Basketball team snowbound in Arlington 17 18 Snowbound-534 absent! Snowbound-546 absent! ! 2-NC? MARCH ' Z!- 1 Jane Baber and VVyl'ie Cooke crowned Mr. and Miss Basketball at last hop 4 We won Western District Basketball Tournament in Lexington. Beat jeffer- son 42-39. 1600 Glass fans, 200 from Roanoke F Measles! 15 College Boards 'KH nf, -5' !491 Tadedvnewwmd azwzdepmeag X V ,11,,, X' lg V 31 MMM 5 LASSES Brantley Sydnor Kay Younger President Vice-President Pat O,Brian Billy Futrell Secretary Treasurer THE JUNIOR CLASS With a blast of supersonic speed and effi- ciency the '57-'58 model of the Junior Class took off on its trip that would take it through another year at E. C. Glass. Stationed in the cockpit were the -pilot and co-pilot, Brantley Sydnor and Kay Youngerg Navigator, Mrs. Katherine White, Class Secretary, Pat O'Briang and official ticket Qduesj collector, Billy Futrell. The three main goals that lay ahead of the Junior Class were Senior Day, the Junior-Senior Ring Dance, and high school rings. The first meeting of the class council was held on October 2nd to plan the course the class would follow. Senior Day was a delightful success though had put forth extra effort in making and de- signing floats for the parade. i With hope that history will not repeat itself, Juniors look forward to their own Senior Day. T-he responsibility of planning the Ring Dance proved to be a real task, but under the supervision of the Council' and Mrs. White, each problem was met and solved. The selec- tion of a band and the decorations for the dance were the result of much debate and hard work. Juniors will always cherish their memories of that dance as it was the occasion when they received high school rings. Yes, the Junior Class has shown itself to be a capable class and one able to enjoy all the aspects of school life. Its mem-bers look for- the after school events were ill-fated. juniors . C Q ward to next fall with the hope of an even more shared the Seniors' disappointment, for they prosperous year. They were juniors this year but they are Seniors next! JUNIOR COUNCIL Back Row: W. Proffit, J. Viar, Mrs. White, B. Parker, B. Peters. Second Row: S. Johnston, MI Goins, S. Spencer, T. Foster, H. Booth. First TRUW: P. 0'Hrian, B. Sydnor, K. Younger, B. Futrell. l52l K4 101 Back Row: Third Row: SOC0nrl Row: D. Arthur, A. Gallier, J. Pollsml, D. Vaughan, M. D'irom, C. Poston, J. Iiiger, Mrs. Wallace. B. Almond, T. Flovd, G. StQllllt'ttE?, J. VVolfe, S. Brodie, J. fJU21l'i0S, B. Howerton, L. Svihm-I.. A. Coffey, B. Wright, J. B-zliley, L. Fcagans, D. Luther, B. Sublett, D. Mickles, E. Berry. First Row: .T. Perkins, B. Dunn, A. Bass, A. Austin, G. Aulticc, R. Nm-l, ll. Hunt. Axlllitionalz 125 Back Row: Thirfl Row: X. Greene. R. Sharp, B. Crunm, W. Proffitt, B. Morris. R. White, J. Viar, W. Rovnulfls, A. Arthur, B. Parker, L. llurruss, R. Prince, G. White. S. Flanik, B. lVoolriflge, B. Sil2lf8I', J. Quiglcy, J. Paris, 'l'. Foster, K. Cruzlsy, R. Sk Second Row: M. Walker, L, XVarlv, I.. i,i,l.!'k4'I', B2l17PI', C. Sterling, 'l'. Burtlo, M. F. Merrin. First Row: A dditional: R. Arthur. W. Rfwchellf-, R. llnlflwiuy GV Gilligyu N, Rug!-gg!-, R, 151951, Q. Adams, M. L. Plunkett. THE JUNIORS . E531 inne 138 Back Row: J. Lewis, B. Morrison, A, Teass. F. NIVCWZIIIE, P. Congllon, F. Sinlonize, J. Hoge, A. Smith, W. Pettyjohn, J. Taylor, J. Henderson, Mrs. White. Thirfl Row: J. Mills, J. Harris, B. Libby, M. McLennan, T. Martin, R. Horner, T. Houck, A. Robinson, B Whitnev, D. Dills, Second Row: B. Staples, P, Loyd, L. MCCi'2n.w, S. Spencer. P, 0'Brizxn, J. Spence:-r, S. Moflregor, ll. Higgin- bothuin. First Row: J. Mays, B. North, G. Moskowitz, B. NVaugi1, N. Taynizin, N. Dixon. 165 ' ' Back Row: T. Beckner, M1 Farrow, C. Mays, Miss Brown. Third Row: M. S. Glass, D'. Hunt, Williams, B. Sydnor. Sc-cond Row: N. Sorrels, P. Harper, First Row: A. Booth, R. Childress, Additional: H. Dowriy, S. Hesson, THE JUNIORS . . F. Armstrong, B. Futrell, N. Barrett, S. Bllankinship, F. Atlee, R. Mayberry . Johnston, B. Martin, J. Gibson, T. Cuinmn, G. Olinger, J. Fryrnycr, B . Miller, S. Martin, N. McBruyer, L. Hartsook, A. Imuglzns. C. Meade, D. Oakes, C. Carter, E. Carwilu. . Case. i541 202 Back Row: T. Cash, Swift, D. Williams, R. Faubor, E. Flippin, E. Garrarfl, W. Padgett, E. Wilkes, Mrs Whitehead. Thirrl Row: D. lluffnnr, R. Canrllor, K. Nucfklvs. G, Curwile, S. Smuitrm, ll. lklcfirf-gnr, B. Petty. Second Row: S. Spence, A. Carwilv, lf. BTXZIII, M1 Sumers, l-l. J2l4"kSilll, lC. llmwll. First Row: F. Wright, J, B'0llt-Oll, A. lwrm-1-lfwse. l.. Sf.HllSbllY'j'. L. VVUMI, li. Yrniiigeig C. Cooley. Arlrlitionzzl: G, Buss, J. Campltell, C. .'xlSIllll'.ll, R. Loving, A. Stump, K. -lulinsuii, 237 Bank Row: D. Rlilllllllll, R. Maclvlox, R. Smith. l.. Lev, M. Leftwic-h. A. Slllllgfll. B. Hooper, Mrs. Knipp. Thirfl Row: R. Witt, J. Withers. CT. Siurvy, Xl. Wooclscm, M. L. Melia-mm, J. Ric-lmrrlsori, Mattox, C. 'fra-111. Second Row: C. .l, Myers, B, J. Wliitelirlznl, .l. l'r1vpst, S. Jones, B. Willard, M. Goins. First Row: L. lk'. Smith, B. M. Shvlm, N. Settle, Ii. Avenrlull, 1'. Mews, Nlurshall. Aflrlitirmul: J. Warren, B. Tyrec. . . CLASS OF 1959 l55l 241 Back Row: E. Scott, R. Cox, P. Staples, H. Booth, D. Staples, E. Clay, J. Armes, J. Hoffarth, B. Peters, J. Richardson, Miss Payne. Third Row: R. Taylor, C. Formxscmii, R. Ayres, C. Nicholes, J. Stinnett, W. Johnson, B. Smith, R. Viar. A. Thomas. Second Row: W. King, S. Adams, T. Stinson, P. Allen, J. Firkin, M. Cunningham, M. Smith. First Row: W, Williams, L. Hill, J. Gillispie, L. Tomlin, J. Hurt, R. Roberts. Additional: J. Chapman, G. McFuden, J. Tavmnn, V. Crank. f , Z' .-Gi sli ' vw . f -7 .. ,,,,.m ffl X .X-C 3355 il. x ij 3 i E . f ,L ak ., I Z 5 ri 71' Waf,,,. S f X Mk X 7' ' ll fl THE JUNIORS . I 561 l 1 1. "Never forget Iohn Hancock," says Sonja Mattox. 2. Miss VV'iley's class lives the life of Riley. 3. Preston Frye, left, supervises his fellow mechanics in Mr. Bray's electronics class. 4. VVhile catching up on his parallel reading, Mr. Turkel plays slave-driver to Donnie Atkins. 5. Frances Turner seems to find Mr. Beckner's projects interesting. 6. Billy Crump and Bobby Shafer learn the ropes of gym class. . . CLASS OF 1959 I 57l Bud Allen Langhorne Scruggs Freida Farmer Garland Cox President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer THE SGPHOMORE CLASS Here's to a class thatis got what it takes! Lend an ear while we tell of their deeds: Aft class council meetings made up of home- room representatives and class officers, and presided over by top man, Bud Allen, plans for many and various Sophomore activities were laid. Under the guidance of Mrs. Doreen Franklin, these students worked extremely hard an-d accomplished much. For one of their first activities, they set their creative minds to work and planned an original float for the Senior Day Parade. Great the disappointment when, after much toil' had been put on the float by interested class mem- bers, the parade was called off. As always, the main class problem was collection of dues. However, the treasurer was able to collect a large percentage, and, looking toward the future, decided to save them until next year to ease the heavy expense of the Ring Dance. This yearls class has more than its share of outstanding students: many have ex- celled in scholarship, and the fine record of the I. V. football team illustrates these stu- dents' interest and ability in athletics. At the close of a wonderful year, the Sopho- niores are looking forward to their next two years at Glass with the same enthusiasm with which they entered this one. If they continue to show the willingness to work and interest in school activities already exhibited, it is cer- tain that their careers in high school will be noteworthy ones in the history of Glass. Q SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Back Row: H. Saekett, M. Fariss, J. Ayres, E. Rucker, Mrs. Franklin, P. Webb, A. Evans, L. Lawhorne. First Row: F. Farmer, B. Allen, L. Scruggs, G. Cox. l58l 111 Back Row: Miss Barringer, M. Gilbert, A, Daniel, D. Ramsey, B. Bost, B. Daulton, M. Todd, P. Hughes, D. Jackson, D. Gentry, B. Witt, J. Middleton, J. Tankersley, lfl. Minnick, F. Hudson, Mrs. Pemloerton. Third Row: G. J. Wade, M. Johnson, M. L. Coleman, S. May, lJ'. Frye, L. Hanna, A, Warren, B. McGraw, P. Stinnett, S. Sublett, L. Mann, F. Cox. Second Row: J. Abbott, H. Neighbors, D. Harrell, F. Mitrhell, J. Ayers, N. Clark, B, Pontun, R. Payne, N. Anthony, P. Farmer, D. Williams, R. Harris. First Row: K. Sublett, C. Cralle, L. Neighbors, L. Baber, J. Sanders, J. Snow, L. Middleton, C. Garret, J. Bayne. 114 Back Row: S. Haus, R. Hammock. B. Williamson. R. Colernan, li. R. Page-, J. Cerillo, B. Weakley, E. Mason, Mrs. Barksrlale. Third Row: L. Robbins, P. XVel1b, D. VVarthen, B. Hykes, R. lliner, Il. Martin, C. Czunplnell. Second Row: E. Johnson, S. l'zu'ker, J. McGraw D, lVoodlief, ll. Clemons, E, Wanle, C. Mays, P. Foust. First Row: M. Bl'2l.I'dIll0T6, P. Harris, P. Mnrnhv, C. Owen, B. Owen, A. Johnson. Additional: W. Allen, C. Petratos. THE SOPHOMORES . I 59 1 x 5 136 Buck Row: P. Burnetio, VV. Irvani, G. Staples, J. Hollingsworth, D. Bullugh, P. Morris, M1 Anthony, J. Powers, Mrs. Pryor. ghir1iRoW: D. Mullenax, M. cj0l9lIli1Il. J. Dodson, J. Wright, XV. Rhodes, D. Swain, C. Neelvy, B. Minnick, L. roo's. Second Row: A. C. Davis, J. Hay, XV. Mziyliew, J, Mays, S. lV0bb, M. Johnson. J. Harris, XV. Luiikforml. First Row: M, XVoi'ley. B. Layne, B. 1'ow0i's, C. Mzircutte, F. Mason, C. Mycrs. Additional: VV. Dawson, F. Crist. 143 Buck Row: P. livurruss. D. Carter, XV. King, XV. I.. Bailey, B, Londerce, F. Lacks, B. Simpson, J. Burnorl, C. Ware, D. Mugainu. Mrs. Czish. Third Row: W. Salmon, J. Carey, K. lllilgllll, D. Bzlrksdalc, F. Moyvr, B. Casvy, T. Armes, ll. Clay. Socoml Row: N. I,oWv. C. llouzh, A. Sapp, B. Witt., N. TllUl1l2l4, li. li. Pinkerton, C. Cox. First Row: I.. Franklin, .I. liugrhes, C. llzmic-l, XII liys-rs, l'. -lolinsun. N. Garrison. 4 Amlflilionzllz J. Miller, X. Snvurl. THE SOPHOMORES . . i601 Z 2 if is an 209 Back Row: H. Crowder, H. Hackett, Bi. Parsons, M. F. Dawson, N. Bowling, B. Richardson, L. Wright, D. Hudson, 0. Childress, Mrs. Fuller. Third Row: P. Cerillu, B. Brown, L. Worley, J, Rankin, K. Gmling, G. Hodges, B. lvery. Second Row: O. lVright, E. Riley, L. B6-ard, F. YVright, L. Fisher, R. Spence, l', Penny, T. Hasek. First Row: B. Davis, J. Williams, B. Wingfield, C. Crawford, M1 Norcross, M l'a.i-kvr. Additional: l'. Childrvrss, A. llloon. 229 Brick Row: D. Loving, L. Lawhorne, K. Cleary, A. Kertz, D. Wood, B. Hicks, W. Ri-nnols, B. Hughes, R. Adzuns. Third Row: W. Tumor, J. Creed, C. Shepherd, D. Stewart, J. Proffitt, L. Scruggs, P. Swecriey, J. Stewart. Svcoriil Row: V. Naff, Whately, C. Owen, B. Tiller, K. Mosteller, S. Putt, M. Anthony, W. Ramsey. First Row: I., Wooldridge, B. Moon, A. Racer, J. Almond, Ii. Watson. C. Mattlu-ws. Additional: X. Woodard, B. Giles, A. Hatfield. . CLASS OF 1960 l61 l 235 Back Row: G. O'Bri0n, D. Rvulme1'sm1, ll. Tzlylur, U. Giles, D. Spviiwr, J. Bnwlvs, B. Quillian, C. Rowe, Mr Anil. Third Row: R. I.indSey. J. .Xdaina S. Iiapgwwl, J. 'Ifh-wrnliill, K. Irvin, F, Ilnrpvr. Second Row: U. Wilclier, lfl. Rucker, I.. Roysh-r, B. Jann-s, F. Franklin, C. Nuff, li. Noell. First Row: l'. .lurdun, ll. B!'Y2lIlt, ll. llickinun, S. Epling, A. Stokvs, A. Hilo. Additional: A Svdnor, E. Stone. 300 Back Row: V. Sydnor, l'. Plunkett, li. Stancvil, lil McGhee, 15. Tinslvy, 'l'. Evans. D. Cox, S. Martin, S. Curtvs R. llrm-on, J. YVl1il'0, Mr. Mulnper. Third Row: L. Giiggeiilicililelx W. Davis, B. Franklin, .X. Stalncil, S. llnhsrm, D. Riddick, A. Quick, R. liuwkinw Seennd Row: Y. Clark. C. Bailey, B. Carpenter, N. Pascliul, 1'. Dnrnmn, A. Lonergan, R. Hudson. First Row: C. Unrue, MI Sydnur, A. Evans, S. Czitllelwvoml, 'l'. Jackson, J. Robinson, J. Bl'lllIlH1EY. Adrlili4mz1.l: M. A. Pricv, I.. Hvman. 13. Franklin, J. Guntvr, G. Munn. THE SOPHOMORES . . . l62l 301 Back Row: W. Quick. l'. Reid, 13. Horsley, W. 131011-liim. C, Sc-matt, L. Witt, F. Nlcunis, Xlr. Julmsou. Thirfl Row: 1'. Newton, S. Stzlton, F. B-rminar, 11. 1,1'i1l1D14'. B, Iluwkins, J. Ca1'ru11, B. Rubexistoin, L. Tuggk Se0m1r1 Row: J. 1Vi1kv1'snn, 11. Braun, N11 L-. Fnriss. li. Quiglvv, S. Harris, K. Xlurtin. First Row: NV. Cz11'sAv, 13. Carmine. A. llaxmilton, 1'. Own-11, 11. Tlxrwnms, 1-'. 50i1'r-rt. Ac1r1itioua1: J. Cheeves, J. Crallc. 310 Ba,ck11oxv: N. D1-un111Q11Qr, J. Dlldloy. B. Bz111:1gh, D. Alvxick, J. Munro, J. Korn, F. tiuntcr, W. C11t'l12l1!1 Cmmn, Mrs. Knzike. 'f11i1'11 Row: P. Yiar, Moss, R. Ch21lIl1JQ1'9. 1'. Lung, J, Ayn-S, 11. 1"az'iss, J. Siiitlett, J. 176111111 H. R111-y. 80001141 Row: B. 1111111211113 R. Iii-esco, tl. Rug1:u141, C. A. Tziylur, 'l'. Cluytrm, J. Bmxze, li. Morris, J. P01105 First Row: S. 0110. P, Jolluscm, G. B-iwuwn, K. Yereoii, 1. 'l'ffri'y, P. Hogan. .M11!itir-11211: C. Bmw, I1. Carter, A. Nm-ig1i1J01's. . . CLASS OF 1960 1631 312 Back Row: W. Arthur, B. Puckette, E. Page, B. Allen, J. Moore, H Grubb, H. Sackett R Pugh J Evans B. Wright, Mrs. Franklin. Third Row: F. Turner, M. Hall. M. C. Kyle, l'. Hudson, S. Nelligan, B. Coffer, D, D19t7 L btone P Farmer Second Row: J. Guthera, L. Duncum, B. Moseley, B. Montgomery, C. Nowlin, T. Ihlls B Flelder First Row: B-. Ware, W. Hawkins, B. OYBIJEII, S. Burnett, L. Taylor, B. Callahan Additional: J. Spencer, A. White. , 3 If ,-f" f f fg- z, xxfd Fifa- THE SOPHOMORES . E641 ' 1 fy f if f Z Z f ff ,',' ff f I f f 1 f l l i4 l. They clou't look like skirts uow, but- Z. Pledge: l have ueither played with gas jets uor chewed gum iu this class, 3. Eddie llogau and Freclflie Harris seem to take their school spirit very seriously. 4. Dis- playing Miss Rohert:'ou's collection is Alau Grosmuu. 5. Bill Lacks proves that you eau he comfortable anywhere! 6. Our future Remhrzmclts: Gerald llOg21Il, Arthur Browu, Charles Felmlee. . . CLASS OF 1960 l 65 l 7 Shearer Ebert Linda Kay Hudson Rita Bennett Charles Reid President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer A THE FRESHMAN CLASS The Fres-hman Class has started its high school career with a due amount of pep and enthusiasm. The second largest class in the school, the ninth grade has participated gener- ously in the life at Glass. Several of its 'mem- bers are officers of activities within the school. The president and secretary of the Junior Stu- dent Council are from the Freshman Class: Linda Webb and Jane Smith. Linda Ballard is treasurer of the Girls' Athletic Association and a member of the junior Varsity Cheerlead- ing squad. Henrietta Gilliam also cheers the junior varsity team to victory. At an exclusive freshman meeting in the fall candidates for office were nominated. After a week of campaigning the officers were elect- ed. The results were the following: President- Shearer Ebertg Vice-President-Linda Kay Hudsong Secretary-Rita Bennett: and Treas- urer-Charles Reid. Under the supervision of Miss Shirley Mclvor these freshmen con- tribute-d five dollars to the WLVA Christmas Party, and attended a home basketball game as a body. The feelings of the class may be summed up in the words of the president: "Our goal is to do well academically and to participate in the extra-curricular activitiesf' FRESI-IMAN COUNCIL Back Row: S. Smith, G. Cyrus, B. Reid, N. Offterdinger, Miss Mc Ivor, B. Hammer, S. Dudley, P. Cuffia, L. Basten. First Row: C. Reid, Ebert, L. Hudson, R. Bennett. l66l 107-A Fourth Row: J. Spence, J. Muriyrnari, B. Hogan, Il. Mfulmluv, M. Mason, W. F1-itz, D. Gallivr, Miss Hancock Third Row: A. WVil0y, C. Gray, L. Amlwsmx, C. M'c-Lane, C. Thompson, S. Tomlin, F. Fl-'I'g'llSHll, B. IH-arm. Second Ruw: E. M'u1'iin, S. Wihnouth, IJ. Tiiylllllll. B, Beveriilge, HlIllSfUll, C. Sl'hllldQl'h6'I'g, H. Jollnsun. First Row: N. Anmlvrsmi, l', Sulu, D. 'I'ulh-y, R. Bnwlnnlr, R. Fitzgf-1'nI4l, S. Falwoll. Arlfliiimml: R. 'I'hn1'nhilI. 103 Fourth Row: J. xVl'i2'llf,, J. Adkins, Mussio, H. llughvs, A. Kurtz, W. K. Fnstcr, H, Tyree. Mrs. Bailcy. Third Row: C. Knuwlvs, A, limmwlingx, M XVl1itlz-lv, R. Hlcnn-, C. Rog'm's, S. Roach, R. Daniel. Second Huw: L. f1hii4iI'f'SS, Ii. Wzulo, IC. CZlVill, Ii. I'u1'1'isl1, J. ilnrrisun, S. lleunvr. First Row: A. Bilrrn-110, J. Ili:-ku'sun, AI. Stuvzlwl, li. ScvH:xtu, D. Wright. J. Mil:-yy Adrlitimml: M. Czxilvil, S. l4'1n'4l, tl. Daly. THE FRESHMEN . . i671 116 ' " ' " ',' ' K r 13:11-k lluw: C. Trvam, M. NVi1lis, D. Gay, D. L. 'I'hax11u11, fi. Hughes, BI. 'I'yree, K. Iilfillli, J. XV. Dmxmlld, B lzxrrisll, Mrs. Fezlguns. Third Ruw: H. H,unlson. D. Smith, XI. Moow, X. C. Sullivan. S. Dow-ly, S. Worley. IC. .In-1-ry, Secmmnl Row: N. Irvin, D. 'I'lic1mpsm1, B. Jenkins, S. 1'e1'1'uw, S. Asllwell, l'. C31'i0liQnl,w1'g'v1', First, Row: L. Smiih, J, xViitfS, .l. H2lf'kQtt, M. lim-sc-0, M. J. Loving, A. 'I'lmmpsou. Amlnlitimlall: J. lfiizgviuulrl, L. Civlm-ixts. 123 Bank Ruw: C. G4-nlry. L. Lixwlwiwy, C. Fim-ly, L. Buutli, II. Dunizii, D. Oslmrnv, M. Wood, D. Bowen Fusior, W. T4mg'i1v, Miss l'uyne1'. 'I'hir4l Row: 'I'. Ii2ll'll2lY'4I, L Sikl, l'. Bfilllfilll, A. Fry, M, E. 'l'l1pgg'lv, P. Ilvnslcy, L. Burst, VV. Mciialnivl. H1-czmul Row: H. Sf-matt, l.. Pliixilavtl., l'. Glass, N. Utllfilllilll, S. Colmiizlii, l'. Eagle, D. Glmtvr, P. Gowml. First Row: K. Phillips, SI. U2ll'I'l'iSUIl, P. 'l'l'lllI1, S. Sclllnttrwlmeok, J. Tlwillpsun, G. IIlllllI?hl'l'j'. THE FRESHMEN . . i631 151 Buck Row: T. Towlvr, R. Nm-l, J. Remus, T. Uilxson, M. Statun, A. Ruby, C, lvhitcm H. Brooks, N. Vest. 'l'hi1-cl Ru-W: R. Evans, R. Hicks, D. 'I':1lum, L. XVil1g:fi4-lil, l.. Mknmw, K. Smith, B. Jones, S. Gzxrner. Second Row: B. Bell, O. Barns, J. G. Gunter, I. Wouslsml, .l. Yvllll2lI"flSOll, B-. Williams. First Row: D. Grams, C. fl'2IZ'll'l', C. llarris, C. Rich, F. Floyd. 153 Buck Row: X. Vl'liiie, D. Grevn, T. Jumorsun, NV. Ilzlnrilion, '11 Carwil:-, D. llrwfle, G. Bagliy, B. Harris, D. Dunn, B. Deaner. 'I'l1ir1l Row: R. Pasrv, M. Guill, Pl. Coleman. l'. Barksllzlle, D. Mitchell, H. Franklin, I. Mzxrlmlox, B. Twisflzllc, II. lVrig'l1t. Second Row: M, Bzlily, N. Ilzxiln-Y, G. Sprouse, G. Sinipsun, P. l'zn'svmS, L. Falwell, IJ. Cannller. First Row: R. Craig, J. Gormlnn, J. Rowscy, S. 1Iz1r1'is, L. 1"rancis, F. Lernvr. Additional: L. Cumbie. . CLASS OF 1961 l69l 203 Back Row: D. Fvrgtuson, R. Witt. V. Huber, C. JUIIIISOII, li, Tllbllgil, H. Smith, R. Hudson. M1 XV. Mays, C Pickeral, Miss Ware-. Third Row: L. Jvnkins. N. Smith, P. l'h-lmfnts, S. Ihullvy. Ii. NI4-zinluws, lf. M, Glass, M, A, .luhnsm1, li. llzlrris Second Row: C. Ffilllklill, J, 1'a1'kQi', I.. Moss, C. Blown, IL A. Alrwris, 31, lf. Iioukvn, XI. li. Uzllliur, 1' Thompson. First Ruw: S. XYRIIIPOF, C. Cl'iCkl'llbCl'gP!', LL. Tilylllilll, L. Maupin, R. M2lj'iPL'l'l'y, Bl. IC. S01'1'1-ls. Additional: C. Johnson 2DS Back Row: F, Huffman, S. Holt, 13-. I,if'k91'SUll, T. Smith, A. Yuuglxli, M. Cnmii, S. NN'alke1', B. Ilumner Miss Pribble. Third Row: U. Bowling, R. Dir-tz, S. Iilrz-rt, L. W4-hh, T. '1'u5hu', B VVuu1rh'idgQ, H. Yarfhier, MI Tllunlpson. Second Row: B. Pr-rkins, P. l'mx'ers, J. Podboy, J. Smith, Il. Myr-1's. D. Culimi, X. Turner. First ROW: P. Pettit, B. XVilkQs, S. Bziileiv, C. Stump, 1'. Hemlsrs, T. Williams. Additional: J. Hardy, T. Jones, J. '1'rcvcy. THE FRESHMEN . I 701 217 Hack Ruw: J. Ilrnlmr, J. Fezlgans, J. Iiwans, M. Hall. W. Hoskins, J. Crwkv, T. Stilvr, R. 'l'aylm', Miss Mclv Third Rnw: R. Allen, A. l'zu'rish, X. Cohn-n, 15. Williams, I.. Witt, l.. Clem:-nts, C. P4-nny, B, Parker, Lipscomb. Svcmiml Row: J. liregeir, G. St. John, J. Rzlglaml, l'. Bowling, S. Campbell. l', VVz1lkvr, A. Williams, Vllingzfielrl, G. Uhenault. First Row: C. R4-icl, N. Huun, M. livuslvy, S. Allen, l'. Whitll, M1 Bluvs. B. Rcill. 220 Bafck Row: P. llmiig, C. Cl4'Ill!ll0llS, C. Bagwl-ll, BY. Glass, G. Spook, R. llorwe, J, Blatllews, XI. Shelton. S+-concl Row: F. Arthur, M. Douthzlt, Slmwaltc-r, J. Chapmzln, J. Tihirs, IJ, Wielnor. First Row: P. Gillispie, D. Vu,U.ghan, M'. Viar, M. l.nving, H. Trnnlinson, fl. Lawhorne. Ailrlitirinal: B. Cartvr, VV. Muncher, l'. Bailcy, L. Llriyfl. . . CLASS OF 1961 l71l 22S Back Row: G. Cyrus, G. VV. Buss. T. Harris, R. NVoi'loy. 'l', Stzlffnril, R. Floyd, B. Harvvy, E. Sprousv, I. Hammock, Miss Wilkinson. Third Ruw: l'. AICCZIITUTI, L. Xvflililvll, L. B'i'zulnv1', B. R0l1vI'l.s, l'. Bczllv, S. Nasrmn, D. VVOoldrislg.f0, S. Viur. Second Row: U. Dawson, E. BIui'1'is, E. Christian, D. Huff, L. Hicks, B. Moyer, l'. Daniel. First Row: L. Stump, A. l'ayn0, J, Roark, li. l'1'offi1.f, J. l,ill'1'lSh. 230 Back Row: L. Taylor, S. Newton, M. Crabill, M. xlCGl'l'9IOY', R. Ramsey, J. Wood, C. Pettyjolm, Y. Baur, Miss Allen. 'l'hi1'fl Row: G. Rnlwrisuii. J. Iluckworth, K. IQYOXYII, G. fiilllllllfl, B. lV2llliCI', M. 0. Bl'ffNilI'IiZll'2l, N. E. Tiuslc-y. Second Row: A. Tui-nor, K. Brudfnnl, N. Hamnivistrom, Il. Southall, li. Horton, G. Costan, B. lhuger. First Row: Sl Carrington, E. Whitv, P. Bryan, S. Hopkins, U. Basham, 11. Stipc, J. Cieasy. Additional: N. Bass, N Offterdinsgcr. THE FRESHMEN . . i721 236 Back Row: L. Taylor, J. Aunerson, Miss Ilendm-son, T. Bruffv, ll. Wilkins, J. Colviiiun, M. P. Ovcrstrcci., J. Tczlss, M. Quick. Third Row: C. Burgess, C. Clements, U. Coffev, J. Roberslni, L. llurris, l'. Cuffizl, Nl. Dwinmlle. Second Row: G. Dawson, D. Moseley, H. Ilinnant, C. Lurramlo, A. liiinball, K. llzmsa-11. First Row: A. Graham, J. 3Iil'l'Sililii, R. Brown, A. Durham, D. lluclibu1'gh, VV. Raines. Additional: M. Crawley, F. Nichols, R. Bynum, A. lVilkLl's01x. 239 Back Row: B. Smith, li. Bosiger, G. Myers, D. Puckett, X11 Morris, J Cnillrzin. D. Smiley, R. XYillizlnisnn. Third Row: E. Gown, D. Gibson, VV. Wright, l'. Hogan, L. McDaniel, M. Freeman, G. 'lun-lil., J. Mzlrtill. Second Row: B. Kennon, Al. Lewis, G. Hnni,f:, C. Aveiiflzxll, K. lirvzint, N. Tomlin, B. Strmwy. First Row: N. Childress, C. Johnson, S. Dodgion, XV. L'zJ.vids.on, NV. Bass, Ml lVl'igl1t. Additional: P. Womack, J. Wood. . . CLASS OF 1961 l73l 255 Bark Row: X. R4-mlnly, S. I". HIl4'Dll0l'4l, li. XV:1lk4-r, H. l'l'el1l1-, J. Glidwell, W. Arlllur, M. llmlges, H. xvllilttlj' Tllirrl Row: C. Holmes, G. Moseley, 'l'. Hollinsworth, C. llvslmys, W. Rlvflinnis, J. Brooks, N. Mayhew. Second Row: li. Williams, I'. 'Finslm-y, ll. Ballzlrzl, IJ lin-xr-r, H. Bryant, M. Ml-Km-nmx, B. Doss. First, Row: N. Gilliam, li. Fowl, J. Rim-v, R. llowlzx, Y. Se-til:-, .l. He-nlr-y, J. Canmlu-ll. Aclrlitionalz R. llupfhcs, J. liurch, D. l'1zlst1'i1lgc, lf. Hogan, B. Willizunson. 308 Back Row: S. Kc-nnedy, T. NVright. J. Christizxn, H. Stenlbriclgc, X. TZIIIIIQY, J. llzlrvey, S. liriclges, M. VVilliam son, F. llancovk, L. Dickens, Miss Hoskins. Thiral Row: T. Whitten, IJ. Upslmur, Il. Ileurfl, ll. Davis, L. Bush-n, U. Gal-rurnl, H. H9Il4ll'l'Hi7Il, li. Synlnor, B Tyner. Second Row: W. -l4'Sl.O1', S. R. Barrett., l'. Petry, B. J. Huuwr, S. 'I'homps0n, K. Tlxornhill, S. Knight. First Row: F. Allzlms, L. Peters, U. Stone, A. Gl'0Slll1lll, M Hutch:-Son, P. Kelly. THE FRESHMEN . . I7-ll 316 Back Row: T. Haas, S. Smith, T, Linn. U. Rawlings, L. Taylrng C. 1'ic-kerul, F. llfmrm-, VV. Blvf'Dl!ll2llLl, Miss Robertson. Third Row: B. McKenna, R. Watson, R. Turns-r, C. Tnwles, Bl. Dunn, M. finwun, C. llugln-s, B. Hawkins. Second Row: R. Carr, K. Martin, B. l4'ilm.!c-mlxl, ll. House, L. VVrmrl, C. ltlllllfflil, S. Czlrfm-l', L. 14111.14-1', J, Tweecly. First Row: T. Mitchell, E. lluclsrm, IJ. Sublett, L. Hudson, B. l". Ryan, R. Bennett, D. Storne. . . CLASS OF 1961 l75l Joyce Thompson Bobby Brickhouse Judy Bing Ray Hogan President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer THE EIGHTH GRADE At the beginning of the school year, the upperclassmen began to notice new faces at Glass. Everywhere they looked there were be- wildered little eighth grade faces searching corridor directions or fiddling furiously with stubborn lockers. It didn't take long for the plucky class to remedy this situation. After a few days of tardiness to classes and going hungry at lunchtime because of reluctance to maneuver into the dangerous looking lines, the amateur high schoolers became professionals. The high ranking elders who had dubbed them "rats" and smiled at their uncertainty, soon had those smiles wiped off their faces as the baby class set out to prove itself. Its year began with a council meeting con- sisting of the newly-elected homeroom repre- sentatives and its sponsor, Miss Gladys Can- ada. At this meeting candidates were nomi- nated for class officers. Not to be outdone in any field, the class proceeded to campaign for these candidates as vigorously as the whole school did for the officers of the S. C. A. Wlieii final ballots were counted, the following officers had -been elec-ted: Joyce T-hompson, presidentg Bobby Brickihouse, vice-president, Judy Bing, secretary, and Ray Hogan, treas- urer. The treasurer, with an eye for business, promptly began collecting ten cents member- ship dues for future use. Always participating enthusiastically in whatever activity the school was engaged, the eighth grade added much to the spirit in which the activity was doneg their voices lustily en- couraged the team to victory and proudly sang the alma mater. All in all, the youngest, but largest, class had a most active and interesting year. EIGHTH GRADE COUNCIL Back Row: N. Rizan. A. Miller, J. Fleck, Miss Canada, F. Baldwin. Second Row: C. Moore, C. Fielder, K. Campbell, J. Dieter, R. Gibson, B. Groome, P. Atlee. First Row: R. Hogan, J. Thompson, B. Brickhouse, J. Bing, 761 104 Buck Row: R. Sf-miner, D. Ilivks, B. l,6I'l"V, J Harris, .I. Davis. Hrs. 3illj'llC'Yl'X'. 'I'hir4l Row: B. Xzwll, X. l'm':Iieu, M. Fiizgeraxhl, M. A, 'l'hum1xsun, R. Spvnc-er, .X. W. i'nxx'Il1m'ne. Ser-und Row: R, Cmuplxcll, G. Hi:-ks, C. Womw, N. Buuth, P. Atlce, U. West, H-. Davis. First Ruw: S. Aslllvv, P, Xlvuls, F. Austin. W. YVhiTe, I.. XVi1sun, W. Gunter. Admlitionzll: R, Uzlllier, J. Rh-1-ks, l". Giles. 106 Bunk Row: R. Fzlxllplvell, .I RllI1l"l'SUIl. B. Iluhlrvn, NI. Clulenmzm, L. Crm-easy, J. Ring, NVy1lner, I". XVnllvr lrviuv. 'I'hirrl Row: M. I.itvl1frml, IC. Bmuks. IH. Shnfvr, B. Falls, G. Martin, li. Nlillor, IJ. Ullxlllixlgllanlll, R. Lung. Svrfunfl Row: C. Xlz1ylw1'ry, R. XVhilz-. D. I.ilc:l1fur4l, Cf. liaily, S BI'Ul'l'iS, J. Mzlsun. First Row: R. li:L1'hes. J. R4-ill. M. ffamilmrvw. li. AIf'f1l'llW. S. K:-shwr: C. Iiriskill Adrlitiollall: J. Builvr, J. Cash, K. K'z1lnpbv1l. THE EIGHTH GRADE . . . I 771 135 Barak Row: L. Smith, T. Gzlnmhvll, J. Krzmiz, P. Husvk, J. Atkins H Cmddock, Nl Candler J Ilarub Mrs. Guggeldleizm-r. Third Row: XV. 'l'. I.nwl1o1'11w, S. Xvill'bl'Ollg'll, N. Childress, I'. Nceley, li Ilmlion A hthur A II1gg'lIllJ0t lam N. lil1mlvnhizel'. Svumnul Row: YV. Xvwculnh, B. Dul'riesf. J. Xlhrks, D. FZll'lllP'I', G. Braun D N001 T Hmnno r First. Row: O. Funtalille, C. W:11'1'x-u, ll, Jmu-S, R. Blanton. J. Kelly, 1 BIFIIP Aml1Iiii:m:xI: S. B-ruffv. 152 lfrilifk Row: L. Cill'SflIl', L. Ellillutrm, B. Mzuriin, ll. Grmlu. S, Duff, H. RIM XII Duxr 'I'hil'1l Row: P. Duss, U. Brooks, L. l'oxvv1l, J. Brown, K, livzuls, 'l'. Dunul: Sm-mnul Row: A. Arthur, L. Nl,u.l'pl1V, J. Snuw, L. Wrighi, J. Uilllillg, If D1 :Con First Row: B. Lixulsm-V. P. 'l'n-nt, C. Muon-, -I. WL-si, S. 1411111-x', J, Dtbllilhlll Aflllilhmzllz H. llffndrick, B. Simms. THE EIGHTH GRADE 78 200 Back Row: B. Ilawkins, S. Coffey, D. Lewis, L. Watts, K, Hnivcrly. A. Smith, B. Juues, B. Marshall, Miss Might. Third Row: N. McDun:1ld, 'l'h0mpson, IJ. Clemmmis, C. Tvrrell, R. Hogan, B. Musi-Ivy, D. Bryzui, Second Row: L. XVuucl:il'nl, E. lVrigl1i', N. Mnrsli, B. Mc-mle. .I, Wriglit, .I. .-kronsuxi, J. 'I'nylor. First Ruw: B. l.'e1,Lit, D. Perrv, J. Nvtlilllbltlll, .l. Smith, B-. Williamson, ll, Rv:1Sm', Fl, Wiley. Additional: F. llc-stef, S. Rilc-lufz, J. Sulrleff. 205 Back Row: J. Parker, ll. Paris, XV, Gilbert, F. f'11i'fcI', ll. Oslmlww, D. Si. Clair, W. Campbell, Hr. Slmhf-r. Third Row: J. lh'ighi,xx'ell, l'. Clark, L. Mf:Lemmn, A, Xlillvr, N. Nlnrtin. D. Wund, P. .I4-nkins. Second Row: l'. Donald, L. B'lll'llH, G. Rulmoy, L. St. vlolm, B. Brown, IJ. Cunipimi, A. Szlmlhlgv. First Ruw: J. lhmth, M. S-ulnuni, M. Bell, J. .in-h-rsmi, I-', Imignluii, V. Wilmf-r. . CLASS OF 1962 l79l 211 Bar-k Row: L. Iluvidsrnx, D. iillii1', W. RUAIIIIS, N. Prnffif, NViH, -I. Berrv. IJ. Weber, Mrs. Doyle. Third Row: B. Xiillur, J. lflm-wk, D. Amlm-rsnn, J. I4'1':lnklin, Il. lluri, M. S2lllllIil'l'S, C. Pass, L. Howell. Semin! Huw: L. Y0ll1lf.'fP!', li. Woorly, B. i,iI'k0l'1li, I. R1-ynnlds, lb. Knowles, VV. I5ICIAlilLl'iliill, NV. Skinner. First Row: C. Miles, B. Knight. F. Rnsxur. J. Huffnrtlx. J. 1iZll'I'UlTl, L. Fnwlike. Arlrlitionul: P. Bryanlf. E Njulililll. 214 lSil!'ii Huw: Y, IJ1-.I:m1c-if, J. Nic-lmles, IC. Ijnyrl, D. Hanson. E. Blaulkclnsllin, R. C:IlllDiH1ii, K. Pun-Ill. 91. .Iunw Mr. 'IH-ass. 'l'I1i1'4l Huw: S. l'ellv1', B. Ayvrs, A. Curvy, D. Gillifniv, H. Rir-hamlsuil, S. Sffxlllliiffky ll. llzlrris. Swmilnl Row: fl. l7i'iffk0l1lJvl'gc:r', N. Dillzlrwl, D. XVUWI, B. Cash. il. Chockleti, A. M'ei4lIing, J. Je-nnings. First Row: C. Wright, J. 1l'i!llIif'k, J. Aslxwell, J. 1lf'C18HLllI4i, J. Pace, I.. 'I'nnner. Adwlitimialz H. Hughes, M. Frinllc-y. THE EIGHT!-I GRADE . . . i301 219 Back Row: N, J. Glass, D. Barilv, R. Cnleman, II. Gr:-gory, L. Houck, S. Horton, F. Helms, B. Royall, Coach J Robinson. Third Row: N. Faulvoxic-T, B. Hopkins. Hook, D. Hill, NV. Davis, S. Flllctt, C. lYll00l61', J. Smith. Second Row: M. Taylor, M. A. Cundiff, J. Pzlddovk, D. Cznnrllflr, l.. Berry, NV. Lipfurd. W ,. - + . First Row. L. Ileldqr, l. Rucker, J. Llovd I N'1rQh 'll I Additional: M. Cucullor. 221 Back Row: A. C. Hivks, l 'nr10r, C. Pryor. 2. 1"111'zers0n, 'I'. lloliwtsun, P. llvery, C. Jamcfrsun, Miss liwxns. Third Row: S. Speck, N. Nicliolns, B. Marshall, C. Millner, R. Arthur, D. fiillispie. Sevond Row: C. Jefferson, P. Travis, C. Sligh, J. Ford, J. C. Wood, E. Feagans. First Row: X. Bailev, Y. llcrrv, Y. 'I'hm'nliill, A. 'l'r:'1vis. J, Faxiiiulmll, T. Sprousc-. Additional: N. Williams. l81 CLASS OF 1962 225 Buck Row: C. Crist, K. Schoossow, C. Loyd, M. Xlfalker, K. Puckette, R. Hawkins, J. Ferrell. B. Brickhouse. Third Row: M. Sweenvy, C. Bastvn. P. Patterson, A. Connor, J Ayers, J. M'uudy, J. Clt-land. Sclcond Row: D. Hinegun, C. Boazsley, E. Cosby, L. Scott, J. Thoxnpson. G. Hicks, W. Ayers. First Row: I.. Efirll, S. Low. L. lizlrv. J. Conralvl, B. Gow. 42. A. Cottrvll. Additional: F. Gary, R. XYilcl.e1', N. Xorflo-ft. 238 Back Row: J. Roberts. F. Rmnsvy, F. Baldwin, B. CzLlla1l1z1n, C. Hoskins, L. Bookvr, R. Davis, R. Tinnc-ll, Mrs. Sanders. Third Row: P. Winfree. S. Wert. B. Booker, P. Haley, S. Bunch, Syclnor, Bl. Bzilmlwin. C. Floyd. Second Row: B. Stutun, A. Quillian, L. Mattox, P. Stevens, W. Bowling, J. Cillllpljbll, G. Smith. First Row: S. Ford, B. 0'B1'i0n, li. Cillispie. D. 'Fl'1OlIlElS, R. StanlQY. S. Aylor. THE EIGHTH GRADE . l82l 4 Younger 246 Back Row: J. Russell, R. Kem, D. Ragland, F. Harris, G. M1 llolleran, W. Choatlulnl, P. Layne, S. Jackson Mrs. Shaner. Third Row: F. Cofflin, S. Robertson, K, Proehl, B. Padgett, N. Stcfnnettc. N. Guthrio, J. Thornhill, P. Garrison Second Row: F. Shafer, R. Atlc-c-, R Coffey, E. Hagan, A. Thomas, C. lklcffmw, D. Wood. First Row: B. GTCJOYYIP, C. Ransun, NV. Johnson, A. Riley, D. Eylvr. C. Blzlwyer. 24S Buck Rnw: R. Prvwers, B. Lacks, R. Harbin, li. Frvrfl, B. Hilbert. A. Reaws, C. Tllmnas, Mr. 'vYilsnn. Third Row: R. Pugh, L. Burloy, S. Irby, S. Mhrlin. G. B-rrxwn, G. Hudson, G. Callahan. Second Row: U. Moore, F. Mc-Kinnev, 12. Fulsher, J. Finchs-r, J. Burselli, B-. Carwile. First Row: G. Burnett, C. Parker, E. WilkP1'swn, l'. Casvy, H. llinkle, B. Ilnrtle-ss. . CLASS OF 1962 l33l 249 , Buck Row: ll. lvright, I. Atly, ll. Brooks, I'. Panton, P. Lon1lvreQ, Bl. Layne, J. lizlrle, J. llnvk, E. Bcrgc 'Third Row: J. Grant, J. Trent, N. Vllhito, A. B-21!'ll0lll', C. Mcliunivl, D. Spence, S. White, Mrs. llicks. Sevonrl Row: G. Cox, 0. Statnn, l'. Grublms, G. Mathows, S. Whixmck, C. Ch-mlenin, Y. Balloxxe. First, Row: K. Gl'lllDlJ5 A, Ferguson, XV. Layne, T. Jolinson R, Gibson, J. Governor. , 1 251 Buck Row: J. Jennings. C. Canmlwll, Marshall, S. Dvan, J. llznrper, l.. Carter, Mrs. Harris. Third Row: A. Davis, M. Hicks, B. Frve, J. Wood, I.. Mann, C. Hahn, R. Schmitt. Second Row: J. Ellington, M. Mason, X. Knight, N. R1-grail. J. Chaxplnan, XV. Seanxster, H. Gemini. , First Row: B. Gnill, W. Nloorv, J. B-ryan, B. L. larkvr. M. Clark, R. Heard, L. llarper. THE EIGHTH GRADE H341 wifi' 253 Back Row: L. Huffman, M. Tucker, L. Cheuault, R. Bur-ffmrd, D. McAlister, S. Elder, D. Seuy. Third Row: J. Blzlnkinship, F. VI'1'EIlt, A. Harvvy, P. M'oure, B. Snruggs, O. Cliihlross, R. Long. Second Row: B. Maw, B. FitZ2i'l'llld, K. XVebb, D. Franklin, J. Fariss, B. Meafln. First Row: D. Johnsun, X. Davis, P. Falrris, J. Brown, NV. Fitzgerald, XV. Hzirris. 257 Back Row: G. Hogan, A. C. Huttvr, P. 'I'hz1x'er, J. R4J2'Ql'S, R. Taylor, J. Phelps, I. lk-tvrs, Mr. lion? Robinson Third Row: E. Judd, M. Root, ll. Unruc. B. McNutt. C. Jnrfubson, CH Folmlee, A. Broun. Second Row: P. Wlmnl, M. Anthuny, A, Iimfrfrlersuxl, P. Bcthvl, R. llaclumrth, J. Woodnll, E. Brown. First Row: M. Mciirl-gur, C. Ruse. S. Patterson. S. Sws-cnev, J. Uictur, W. Sxxift. . CLASS OF 1962 E851 "And there is good ole Lynchburg, Va.," ex- "l0 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . 10 off! Oh, Mary Fran plains Taylor Thornhill to his geography ces, you've done it againf, cries Betty Wliite teacher, Mr. G. Robinson. head. k Judy Fleck and Kay Woody seem pleased with their English diagraniing, but Chuck Press doesn't seem impressed. Local Sweepers' Union No. GS-Shop Class. Does James Arms find 21 joke in the index cards? Mrs. Pemberton's Glee Club in action. l86l Introducing-the flying young man on the Jerry Anderson gets a helping hand from daring trapeze-Jerry Adler. Miss Pribible in algebra class. Strange things appear in Mrs. Fuller's art class. Mrs. James's history class "writes-up" a film. The importance of science becomes a reality as these Could it be that Mrs. Whitehead's class has a sub students trace the course of Sputnik II, stitute? l37l iw Y --Y -- Study Hall is definitely where' our students work the I hardest. Mrs. Caslfs typing class is hard at work. "The name of my book is . . ." begins Julie Burch. "Wl1ile the cat's away the mice will play." jeff McClelland doesn't seem to take Miss Back to the "old grind" go Bruce Per Hoskins' suggestions about his future voca- Vkloodrow VVl1ite, and Billy Davis. tion seriously. l88l Mr. Ramsey conducts his algebra class in his usual Puella, puellae, puellae, puellanl, puella, points out good humor, Mrs. Hicks to some of her Latin pupils. 'KCL111 only one person answer my question?', asks The library classroom is fine for listening to record Mrs. Pryor to her math class. albums. Nancy Bailey leads her L8 English class with "Leave my ainoeba alone, you parasite!" Mrs. Guggenheiniens help. exclaims Dan Mosley. l39l Take time Za Qwe- dtdataoadafafaalaq wdewgwd CTIVITIES - K. XVhite, VV. Cooke, C. Knight, and B. Chambers read the plans for the Mr. Foot- SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL To give service to the school is one of the aims of the Senior Student Council, and it has truly ful- filled its purpose throughout this, its best year ever. Under its competent officers and co-sponsors, Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Mumper, the council has under- taken numerous projects and given long hours and hard work to them all. Much of this work is done through committees. The Social Committee takes charge of the decorat- ing and planning of all social functions. The Citizen of the Month Committee selects a deserving stu- dent each month and engraves their name on the plaque in the front hall. The Goalpost Committee decorates the goalposts at the City Stadium for all home football games. The new students are welcomed in September by the Qrientation' Committee, who also publish a small handbook for them. At the Projects Commit- tee's recommendation, the council planted 55500 worth of shrulbbery around the school. Each year they contribute to and help collect for the VVLVA Christmas Party and sell programs at the football games. The hall and cafeteria monitors prevent ll H . . . , . . ba OP running and 'breaking in hne at lunch tune. OFFICERS Kenneth Vllhite Wylie Cooke Carole Knight Bill Chambers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Buck Row: Mr. Rzmisey, J. Cm-rillo, D. Atkins, E. Ruffin, R. Boo th, J. M. Robertson, D, Vaughan, L. Seibert, B-. Parker, Mr. Mmnpcr. Third Row: F. lllilgfilflll, P, VVa1le, B. Tweedy, S. Flzmik, L. Scruggs. A. Percy, J. Barber. Second Row: F. Mitchell. P. Allen, D. Farris. H. Braun, K. Younger, S. Spencer, S. Xvlligan, L. Brooks. First Row: D. Oakes, J. Duke, R. Thompson, S. Webb, C. Knight, W. Cooke, B, Channbers, G. Williams, N. Deacon, l92l JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL The Junior Student Council, aided by their cap- able adviser, Miss Kathleen Pribble, and led by their competent officers, has done its utmost to carry out its purpose-service to our school and to our community. Over a period of two years, the Junior Student Council has tried to have everyone in' the eighth and ninth grade vaccinated with the Salk vaccine, and they have almost reached their goal. ln November when Glass was host for the District S. C. A. Meeting, the Council had charge of the groups from elementary schools when Greg Robertson and jenny Tweedy led discussion' groups. In the spring Bobfby Mosely, Bill Dixon, and Jane Smith attended the state meeting in Radford. In April these junior lawmakers held an Easter Lily Sale for the benefit of the Virginia Society of Crippled Children and realized a good profit. These accomplishments all go to show that the junior Student Council has done an outstanding job this year and should be very proud of the record they have established. B. Mosely, L. VVebb, S. Ritchey and J. Smith -future lawmakers at Glass. OFFICERS Linda Webb Bobby Mosely jane Smith Steve Ritchey President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Back Row: li. Robertson, C. Rogers, II. Wright, I.. Linebm-rry, D, flillispie, H-. Dixon, IC. Organ, S. Sydnor, C. Gai'mi'4l. 'Vhirxl Row: U. St. John, N. Harm, J, Marshall, l'. Thompson, N, Booth, M. Hell, C. Rich, J. Ashwell, Sc-c-ond Row: P. Thayer, B. Mosely, L. Webb, J. Smith, S. Ritchey, P. Trent, J. 3l0!'l'j'l1l31l, C. Holmes. l'. Layne, Miss Pribble. First Row: li. Berger, X. Rhorlenhizer, M. Taylor, J, Tweedy, M. Wright, X. Norflcet, S. Dowdy, B, Rohn-rts. E931 C. Snow, K. Hansen, V. Allen, H. Green, N. Turner, B. Quillian, B. Staton, I. Walker, R. Arthur. HONOR LEAGUE The Honor League has been outstanding this year in its efforts to discourage dishonesty and to promote high standards and ideals among the stu- dents of E. C. Glass. The Executive Council, coin- posed of the officers and one representative from each of the five classes, has attained many of the unreached goals of past years. In the fall a panel discussion dealing with honor in every phase of school and conrmunity life pro- vided an interesting Honor League Assembly. The council then made visits to the eighth grade home- rooms to explain the functions of the Honor League, to give Honor League rules for taking exams and to show the value of honor in later years. Colorful posters with catchy honor slogans were placed around the school. All Honor League trial proceedings were posted also. The Executive Council worked with the general council, which is composed of one representative from all homerooms, in an attempt to have all pupils sign the pledge and become aware of the work and spirit of the Honor League. V OFFICERS AND CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Carlton Snow Vicky Allen Jimmy Walker Bill Quillian Nancy Turner President Secretary Senior Representative Sophomore Representative Freshman Representative Karen Hansen Harry Green Rose Arthur Bobby Staton Vice-President Treasurer Junior Representative Sth Grade Representative Back Row: E. Morris, C. Snow, B. Quillian, N. Turner, R. Arthur, J. lValke1', V. Allen, K. Hansen, R. Booth, B. Howerton, T. Sweeney, T. Hapgoml. li. Wilkes, R. Pugh. A. Nicholas, Miss High t. Third Row: F. Ferguson, X. Ooh-man, A. Sapp, J. Huck, 311 Over street, N. Knight, H. Richardson, P. Haley, J. Bing. J. Stewart, B. McGln-L-, J. Adams, W. Cheatham, R. Dietz, M. Crabill, T. Glidewell. Second Row: J. Cllllplllilll, R, Thompson, ll. Wingfield, M. Johns un, P. Atlee, 13. Morris, J. Tweedy, B. Knight, V. Peery, P. VVelJlJ, G. Gilliam, L. TllllI'SLUIl, L. Mefiraw, N. Wingfield, B. Donner. First Row: N. Melirziyer, J, Brown, C. Fielder, J. Pal'kex', B. Jenk ins, J. Dietnr, li. Williamson, B. Brown, L. Nvnodall. S. KL-nl, C. Knowles. S. Dudgion, W. Newt-muh, B. B1'iL-klicmse. l94l QUILL AND SCROLL One of the oldest and most respected organiza- tions at school, the Carter Glass Chapter ot the Quill and Scroll Society. has accomplished much this year. At the beginning of school it had only three members but by the end of the year this number had increased to twenty-one. The members of the Society are juniors or seniors in the upper third of their class who have fulfilled certain journalistic requirements in working on the CREST, the Critic, or the High Times. They also must be recom- mended by their adviser and approved by the executive secretary. The project of the organization for this year was to compile an anthology which was dedicated to Miss Evelina O. Vlfiggins. The book contained 100 poems selected by a committee oi two mem- bers from each publication staff. This committee chose the poems to be used from Critics which were published between the years 1902 and 1957. As usual, Miss Ruth Blunt, the adviser, held up the highest standards for the club. C. Knight, J. Duke, A. Farrar and J Baber agree that good publications are an asset to a school. OFFICERS Janet Duke Anne Farrar President Secretary Jane Baber Carole Knight Vice-President Treasurer , . Back Row: S. lliekson, C. Potter, B. Patrick, R. Booth, R. Garrett, H. A. Harris, J. Duke, J. Hardesty. Second Row: E. Hovda, B-. North, N. B. Harris, M. Walker, A. Martin, Miss Blunt, L. Brooks, J. Baber. First Row: N. Bond, B. Pettyjohn, L. Stansbury, B. Thomas, C. Knight, A. Farrar. l95l Co-Editors Jane Baber Judy Hardesty THE CREST "This material must get to the printer on timef' This is the plea heard often in room 106 sixth period. But what are they talking about? Yes, you guessed it. These students compose the CREST Staff and they are working with their adviser, Miss Lucile Cox, to produce the CREST, the E. C. Glass yearbook. The Staff begin their work by thinking of an interesting theme for the annual and deciding to whom the annual will be dedicated. Next, the blueprint of the CREST, called t-he dummy, is formed. VVith these accomplishments the Work of the staff Springs into action. Pictures are scheduled, approved, and takeng and deadlines for each section of the annual are Set. The hardest tasks are the write-ups which must be well ex- pressed, must be restricted to a certain number of words and must be interesting and informative. T'hese write-ups are read, cor- rected, typed, and proofread. Each Spring at the Southern Inter-Scholastic Press Association convention the CREST is criticized and given a rating. New ideas are brought back by the delegates to the staff so that the CREST in future years can be improved and given the best chance for a superior rating. STAFF Co-Editors-Jane Baber, Judy Hardesty Edii0fS of DiviSi0r1S2 Managing Editors-Cantey Bryan, Betty Libby Faculty-Julia Hauser, Kytha Padgett Engraving and Literary Editor-Barbara Harris g3?f,?igE53Y1iQU'i6I0rris Tymst'-Nancy crfed Athletics-Tommy Hudson Photographers-Dick Spencer, Charles Nowlin, Leland Bailey Features-Betsy Tweedy Back Row: D. Spencer, C. Nowlin, J. Morris. B-. Hurt, B. Reid, N. Creed, I.. Bailey, J. Ilnuser, B. Newton, B. Tweedy. lr I Row: M. McLennan, C. Bryan, J. Hzlrdc-Sty, B. Harris, Miss Cox, J. Baber, B. Libby, K. Padgett. THE HIGH TIMES VVhen Thursday rolls around, Glass students eagerly await the arrival of the High Times, but how many of them realize the "blood, sweat, and tears" that go into turning out a single issue! There are stories to write, galleys to proof, dClL1I1lIl1lCS,, to make, ads to sell-a million and one things to do. The editors, the reporters, proofreaders, columnists, photographers, advertising department, typists, cartoonists, and Miss Cunninghanfs journalism class all collaborate to put out the weekly publication. Led this year by co-editors Anne Farrar and Nancy Bond, the High Times has rounded out another successful season. This fall, as in many previous years, the High Times received a Quill and Scroll international first place award for a high school newspaper. Founded in 1921, the High Ti7'l'lC.Y has won a place in the hearts of everyone. The alumni find that they 'can recall the highlights of their high school days by pulling out old copies, and newcomers find endless pleasure in reading "hot" news about themselves and their friends. STAFF Co-Editors-Nancy Bond, Anne Farrar Proofrcader-Mina Walker Assistant Editor-Bo Pettyjohn Advertising Manager-Sue Gardner , Feature Editor-Carole Knight Head Typist-Barbara Harris CO-Ed1tO1'S Sports Editor-Bill Patrick Cartoonist-Ann Percy Nancy Bond Photographers-Dick Spencer, Charles Nowlin, Leland Bailey. Anne Farrar Back Row: E. Brown, C. Myers, B. L. North, P. Sweeney, T. Pugh, J. Baber, L. Mosby, K. Scruggs, Bl. Walker, S. Gardner, Miss Cunningham. Fifth Row: S. Blankenship, J. Chapman, N. Tayman. Fourth Row: R. Horner, F. Franklin, N. McBrayer, M. F. Merrin, T. Bartle, E. Childers. 'Fhird Row: V. Allen, J. Cheves, C. Nelson, A. Martin, B. A. Harris, B. McKenna, A, Moon. Second Row: M. Freese, B. Pettyjohn, L, Kennedy, B. Patrick, D, Mohr, C. Knight. First Row: A. Farrar, N. Bond l97l l -: f 2 4 Q LEU?gM5me' ' -' ' s . .1 .: i+E'i' 4 'C' '-'Zvi':.i.fE,:Ef.'ZwZ1QE5'- :ZS naw 94 51 Y. 1 'l Editor-in-Chief Janet Duke THE CRITIC In the highest room in Glass, 301, the Critic is assembled. There an enthusiastic staff works daily to please the students with their tri-annual magazine. Many phases of work are necessary, the primary function of the staff being to read and select material sent in by the students. The staff includes the editor-in-chief, who is assisted by the literary editor and the editor of departments, the circulation man- ager, who is very valuable when the magazines are distributed, and the co-art editors, who are responsible for meeting each dead- line with the spicy drawings which flavor this literary publication. The literary adviser, Miss Ruth Blunt, keeps the staff on an even tenor. The Critic has established an excellent reputation. Every year a copy is sent to the Southern Interscholastic Press Association, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, at Columbia University, the National Scholastic Press Association at University of Minnesota, and the Virginia Literary League at University of Virginia to be judged and it has consistently won top honors. STAFF Departments: Editor-in-Chief-Janet Duke Eggs' gtmerlcs-Bill Quillian Literary Editor-Linda Brooks 'f S' ,S 'CS-Karen Hansen , Editor -of Departments-Sarah Hickson l Egghagxivgggiwgiaerwaig SQQZLQY Seay Art Editors-Karen Scruggs, Sandy Rawlings Rltimrx-Rbfhard Garrett - - - r- nn oon TYp'st"fJul'a Hammonl Music-Eleanor Hovda Circulation Manager-Richard Booth Dramatics-Carolyn Naff Back Row: C, Potter, R. Garrett, B. Quillian, Miss Blunt, J. Du ke, R. White, K. Hansen, S, Hickson, L. Brooks. First Row: R, Booth, J. Hamilton, A. Coffey, S. Seay. E. Ho vda, K. Scruggs, C. Naff. l93l THE GLASS EYE "Keep an eye on Glass Highf' Everyone knows that this is the slogan for the liveliest thing at school, The Glass Eye. This newspaper is a four page mimeographed weekly for eighth and ninth graders. They work under the direction of Miss Evelyn Allen and Mr. Charles Brown and produce a paper containing news, original articles, drawings and cartoons, some quotes, and gossip. All of these are intended to contribute to school spirit, to give information, and to offer an opportunity for self expression. Each issue of this junior E. C. Glass newspaper with its attrac- tive art work, its editorials, and many of its articles centered around an appropriate seasonal theme, is worth keeping permanently. Wlorking on the Glass Eye -has proved to be a stepping stone for many of the staff to. bigger and better things.. Many upperclass- EditOr,in,Chief men with high positions on the older publications are Glass Eye Becky Myers alumni, who will lbe forever grateful for their first real experiences in journalism gained on the Glass Eye staff. STAFF Editor-in-Chief-Becky Myers Columnists and Reporters-Sue Carter, Linda. Elder, Ria Anne Assistant Editors-Georgellen Costan, Bill Wooldridge, Gee M0l'IiSr Betty FFRHCGS Ryan, H5201 SOUUIHH, Kim Th0l'flhIll Canada, Rita Bennett, Martha Ann Crown. Barbara Tyner, Linda Witt. egtlidlrtors-Patricia Powers, Betsy Kreger, Dick Stone, Sandra Typistgrmarsha Dgwdy, Yvonne Kidd, Betty McKenna, Cor Snurts Editors-Fred Huffman, Shearer Ebert, Kathi Bradford, mme grey' Sandra Smith. Jokes Editors-Carolyn Gowen, Donna Sublett, Rosalie Bynum 'Wwe -.... Buck Row: M. Mason, T. Whitten, J. Witt, M. Crown, G. Canada. 'l'l1ird Row: R. Ramsey, R, Williamson, B. Hogan, D. Bowen, S. E bert, U. Talley, D. Subli-tl, C. Cowen, L. Elder. Second Row: A. Wiley, E. lVhite, P, Bryan, Mr. Brown, F, Huffman, H. Southall, P. Powers, S. Yancey, B. NVooldrirlge, Miss Sllen ll. Myers, S. Smith, B. F. Ryan, S. Carter, R. Morris, S. H. Lee, Miss Williams. First Row: D. Stone, R. Bynum, B. Kreger, fl. Costnn. K. Braflfn rd, B. Tyner, K. 'l'hornhill, R. Bennett, R. Smith. i99l L . S. Seay, C. Knight, and S. Hickson discuss an essay for the next Literary Society meet- mg. LITERARY SOCIETY The Literary Society is composed of students who have an active interest in creative writing. Their aim is to promote this interest and improve their writing ability. The society encourages these ambitious authors to compose and publish their works. To meetings, held the second Thursday of every month at 7:30 with different members, each person brings original manuscripts for dis- cussion and criticism. This year the writing of short stories and poems has been stressed. The members "create', for pleasure, and often their creations are published in the Critic. In the first issue were "Decision for Tomorrovvn by Carolyn Naff and "On Left-Hanclednessu by Betty Libby. In the second issue were "The Lesson" by Sarah I-Iickson, f'Tri-Hi-Y" by Sue Gardner, and "Passing By" by Sally Flanik. As its yearly project, the club donates a book to the library, the most recent gift being INVITA- TIONS T0 POETRY. Although the Literary Society is only four years old, it has gained the respect of our faculty and students. The organization is sponsored by Miss Mary Spotswood Payne, head of the English deipartment. OFFICERS Carole Knight Sarah Hiclcson Shirley Seay President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Back Row: S. Flanik, S. Johnston, J, Campbell, J. Duke, B. Libby, Nl. Coleman, C. Potter. Second Row: M. Gore, S. Gardner, T. Bartle, B. North, T. Bartly, E. Stone, C. Naff, 1-'. Franklin, B. Harris. First Row: B. Knight, U. Duke, S. Seay, S. Hickson, C. Knight, M iss Payne, E. Hovda, P. Powers, A. Southall, M. Crown. H001 F OREN SIC CLUB To create poise, confidence and self-assurance in its members is the purpose of the Forensic Club. This organization is composed of four divisions. They are with their sponsors: Public Speaking, Miss Helen Brown: Spelling, Mrs. Fred Knippg Reading, Miss Marie Consong and debating, Mr. james Mumper. Each year the club sponsors students from the school to represent the respective divisions of Glass in the activities of the district meetings. Betty Cooper, Barbara Arthur, and Bill. Loyd represented the Reading Division in the district forensic meet at Danville. Kenneth VVhite and Betty McLennan went for the Public Speaking Division and Bettye Thomas was the sehool's top speller. The debating team was composed of six members: Eleanor Hovda, Judy Hardesty, Carlton Snow, Bill Young, Don Lloyd, and Ted Foster. The two girls were responsible for composing the re- buttle files for the debates and acting as alternates in the absence of one of the boys. The subject for Tl d I t. d. tl 1 nd debate this year was: Resolved: "That United le Cjamg team ISCUSSCS le D105 a . . . . ' ff " 'd. States foreign aid should be substantially in- como Olelgual creasedf' Standing: A. Moon, B. Young, B. Loyd, B. Arthur, D. Lloyd, S. Flanik, T. Foster, C. Snow, B. Cooper. Seated: Miss H. Brown, B. A. Harris, C. Knight, J. Hardesty, Ml'. Mumper. ll0lJ Miss Conson, A. Chambers, J. Hardesty, and B. Harris plan the assembly schedule. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE All of E. C. Glass becomes one huge family as the halls swarm with people heading' for the audi- torium where the efforts of the Assembly Com- mittee materialize. Miss Marie Conson, sponsor, is the real spark plug in the committee's spirit. In the fall the Honor League .-'Xsseinbly set us off on a good start for the year. Later Mrs. Pemberton and the Choir led us in a sing which perked up every- one for the whole day. The beautiful Christmas Pageant represented the highest quality in music, in Biblical reading, and in the portrayal of the characters in the nativity scene. To start off the New Year, Mr. Don Lonnie in- spired us all with a grand speech challenging us to adopt and live up to the highest Christian ideals. In March the Scottish Band from Radford Col- lege sent us to the "I-Iighlandsu with their bag- pipe music. March 27th was the anxiously awaited National Honor Society Assembly. OFFICERS Judy Hardesty N. Barbara Harris All Chambers Chairman Secretary Treasurer Back Row: B, Loyd, B. Harris, L. Seibert, N. Creed, L. Bailey, K. Scruggs, J. Robortsim, S. Ilir-kson, A. IIGl'ShiIPI'g'l'I', L. Mosby. S4-Cond Row: X. Bond, B. Pettyjohli, B. Cooper, A. Chambers, J. IIardesty, B. Harris, C. Knight, C. Nelson, Bliss Consort, First Row: B. Newton, K. Scruggs, B. Butler, L. Stansbury, E. Ilovda, S. Beardniore. 51021 l LIBRARY COUNCIL The Library Council is made up of students who are willing to give up their free period, or time in the mornings, to help the baffled and the Hhurry- ing" type of student to find exactly the right book. Each member of the council enjoys his work be- cause he knows he is helping Miss Elizabeth Yincent and Mrs. Mildred Dabney, our librarians, to 'have more time for the other jobs besides the routine ones. The jobs oi the Library Council vary from check- ing permits to placing book covers on the bulletin boards. Some of the other jobs are checking books, collecting fines, filing cards, and finding and put- ting books back on the shelves. These aides must have a thorough knowledge of the library in order to be of use in finding books and giving directions to those Who need them. Throughout Glass' history there has always been a Library Council to aid the students and the librarians. Q. Adams, R. Mosby, and C. Burton explain the infornianon in the card catalogue. Back Row: K. Stinson, B. Sydnor, Mrs. Dabney, Miss Vincent, K. Terrell, A. Arthur, T. Sweeney, J. Armes, R. Mosby, D. Feagans, J. Viar, D. Schley. Second Row: B. Klein, E. Haymes, J. Adams, S. Hickson, F. Arms trong, S. Hunt, Q. Adams. First Row: Ii. Huffman, M. M. Brown, S. Allen, M. Shelton, S. Swift. H031 DAVID GARRICK CLUB The David Garrick Club, ably directed by Miss Virginia Wiley and Miss Jane Barringer, is com- posed of fifty members, selected from a group of apprentices. An apprentice is one who has worked on any phase of the play production: acting, stage- craft, business managing or committees. The ex- ecutive committee composed of the officers and two members elected at large is responsible for selecting new members who have rendered faith- ful, hard work. The fall play, lane Eyre, involved a great amount of work, for distinct British accents were required. This didn't hinder the actors, however, for the play proved to be one of the best. i The one act contest play, Box and Cox was a very unusual and delightful comedy. The play was en- tered in competition among the schools of the Western District and received a "very high dis- l tinguisfhedu rating. Box and Cox then received a P, Lynn, 5, Hickgon, J, Hardesfy and B, superior rating in the state play festival. The Loyd prepare to watch dress rehearsal in the judge remarked that the acting was professional auditorium. and a remarkable performance was displayed. OFFICERS Sarah Hickson Judy Hardesty Bill Loyd Pete Lynn President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Back Row: J. Adams, J. Hoge, L. Taylor, D. Lloyd, B. Martin, T. Houck, M, Anthony, J. Taylor, M1 Williams, Mr. Johnson. Fourth Row: L. Bailey, A. Moon, W. Jester, N. Coleman, B. Carr, B. Bank, D. Wilcher, B. Loyd, S. Flanik, J. Hardesty, M. Vifalker, S. Bridges, S. Hickson, B. Harris. Third Row: B. Tweedy, J. Porter, F. Mitchell, E. Stone, B. Arth ur, M. Brown, K. Terrell, P. Loyd, M'. Somers, R. Morris, D. Hunt, l'. Schley, C. Nelson, Bond, S. Epling. Second Row: G. Moskowitz, G. Matthews, A. Percy, Miss Wiley. First Row: Miss Barringer, J. Ryon, L. Scruggs, B. Quillian, L. Gl1ggUYlllClIIlEI', J. Bowler, G. Nuff, B. Cooper, IJ. Candler, B. Mc:- Lcnnan, K. Scruggs, C. Knight, B. Pettyjolm. l104l GLASS PALETTE The Glass Palette is a fairly new club consisting of pupils from the various art classes. It is under the guidance of Mrs. Robert S. Fuller, who has had wide artistic training that includes a visit recently to Europe and who is an artist of recognition, and so these young Rembrandts have had a Walking art gallery as their sponsor. The Palette meets monthly after school in Mrs. Fuller's room. The meetings have been greatly varied in their programs which have featured slides, speakers, and artistic games. The future members are voted into the club by the present members on the basis of their interest and hard work in the field of art. There are now seventeen members. The purpose of the Glass Palette is to give its members a knowledge and appreciation of art. The murals at Lynchburg General Hospital were painted by the members of the Palette last year. OFFICERS Karen Scruggs Sandy Rawlings President Vice-President Officers: S. Rawlings, K. Scruggs, L. Taylor, A. Racer. I Lida Taylor Alice Racer Secretary Treasurer L4-ft to Right: C. Sandifer, J. Steinmetz, J. Campbell, Mrs. Fuller, B. Shafer, A. Hatfield, B. James, L. Wright, L. Taylor, K. Scruggs, A. Racer, Hapgootl, P. Loyd, K. Irvin, F. Harper. Not Pictured: S. Rawlings, M. Leftwieh. 11051 SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the Science Club is to encourage and foster an interest in science. The club is open to any Glass student who displays a scientific in- terest. Often the member's first taste of science is very sour. He has to swallow biology, chemistry, and physics all in one afternoon. Any new member who has just been' initiated can testify that it is a rather large dose. After planning, building, and painting a model of an oxygen atom the club was forced to set their creation in the stockroom. The Senior llay Parade had been cancelled. Activities this year were well planned, both by the Sponsor, Mr. A. Fielder, and the program committee. Several students gave demonstrations on their science hobbies or interests. One very fine program was presented by a laboratory technician at Memorial Hospital. Field trips included the new filtration plant, the airport, Reusens, and Lynch- S. Flanik, S. Blankenship, R. Booth and burg Engraving Company. Excellent films such as M- F- GOFC discuss the Pfogfam f0f the next "The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays" rounded meeting' out the club's program for the year. OFFICERS Richard Booth Mary Foster Gore President Secretary-Treasurer Stcvc Blankenship Sally Flanik Vice-President Reporter Back Row: B. Tinsley, J. Hoge, B. Martin, J. Evans, B. McGhee, T. Beckner, G. Pace, H. Cobb, Mr. Fielder. Third Row: L. Bailey, R. Garrett, J. Adams, S. Blankenship, A. Mmm, J. Hamilton, M. F. Gore, J. Porter. Second Row: U. Tiietz, S. Flanik, E. Scott, L. Taylor, I. W'oodson, R. Booth, lll. Gowin, S. VValke1', D. Cohen, G. lfoskowitz, C. lficlclvr, S. llook. First. Row: D. Wilcl1e1',ll. lllgglllllillllillll, 'l'. l"oste1', A. Bla-idling, li. Bowen, li. llorner, ll. Nlieklt-s, K, Sytlnor, ll. lln-lnls-rson, L. Basten. H061 LATIN CLUB The twenty-seven members of the Glass Latin Club have had an exciting and adventurous year delving' into ancient Roman life and customs and seeing slides, visiting modern Greece and Italy. At different monthly meetings the members had their fortunes told by a sibyl at the Oracle of Delphig celebrated the Roman Christmas, the Saturnalia: and received a valentine. not in linglish, but in Latin. They also heard the story of how Valentines Day began and received expert advice about love from Ovid. Mr. James S. Constantine made his third visit to the Club, and took the "Romans" with him from south to Pompeii by means of slides he had the summer before. Then Mrs. Janice Rome taken Benario, a Latin teacher at Sweet Briar College, on her first visit, took the devotees of Latin north to the land and country dear to the poet Horace. The last meeting of the Club was a dinner meet- ing when the present day Romans dinner together. ate an Italian OFFICERS Judy Hardesty Ben Newton Consuls Vicky Allen Praetor J. Hardesty, B. Newton, V. Allen, B. Futrell and Lisa XVood contemplate whether to dis- cuss Cicero or Caesar at the next meeting. Bill Futrell Pontifex Maximus Lisa Wmuod Quacstor Back Row: K. Terrell, Miss Cox, D. Vaughan, B. Loyd, M. Hill, L. Seilsert, M. R. Joidan. Second Row: K. Younger, J. lieesee, B. L. North, D. Candler, B. Cooper, li. Hovda, li. Huffman. First Row: P. Loyd, A. Iiershberger, V. Allen, B. Newton, J. Hardesty, B. Futrell, A. Martin, B. Libby. H071 Back Row: T. Hapgood, W. Cooke. Front Row: A. Hershberger, B. Thomas. Anne Gayle Hershberger President Tim Hapgood Vice-President FRENCH CLUB The French Club, under the sponsorship of Miss VVilkinson, meets the second Vtfednesday of each month. This group gathers at the home of one of the members, and everyone is busily polishing up on his French. If one were to intrude on this group of 'Ile francais" linguists, he might think he had just gotten off the US. S. United Statesi' arriving in France. During Christmas meetings the members of the club busied themselves with a very worthy cause. Each member brought old clothes from home and added them to the growing pile brought by their colleagues. These clothes will certainly help brighten the coming' year for needy French children. The major accomplishment of the year was a play written in French by several members of the club. Their efforts were rewarded when a talented cast of rising new stars from the period two French class acted out the play. OFFICERS VVylie Cooke Secretary Bettye Thomas Treasurer Back Row: J. M. Robertson, B. Patrick, P. Richlin, E. Overstre et, R. Wood, E. Ruffin, S. Hickson. Third Row: A. Martin, L. Kennedy, B. Pettyjohn, J. Ketchie, K. Scruggs, A. Hite, G. Haywood, D. Hickman, E. Bradford, Second Row: A. Percy, S. G. Shepherd, W. Cooke, Il. Thomas, A. Hershbcrgcr, T. Hapgood, M. F. Gore, P. Ford, B. Tallmun. First Row: B. Puttcson, N. Bond, J. Kidd, M. Walker, V. Allen, Scay. H081 SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, composed of all the students who take second year Spanish, is one of the liveliest and most interesting clubs in the school. The club meeis on a Thursday night, once a month, in the home of one of the members. The meetings are held from 7:l5-S:l5 and prompt arrival and de- parture are stressed by La Senora Knipp, the Spanish teacher. From the time the first member arrives at the meeting until the l'resident adjourns the business meeting only Spanish is spoken. Alter- wards the members revert to speaking English. After the business meeting one never knows what might happen. Mrs. Knipp might tell about her trip to Spain, show pictures of this, or the group might have a Mexican "cena', or a pinata party at which a paper donkey filled with gifts for all is broken by a blindfolded boy or girl. Anyway whatever else a student does he can always be sure that he'll enjoy being' a member of the Spanish Club. . OFFICERS Bill Young President Betsy Tweedy Vice-President Back Row: Bill Young, H. C. Thaxton. Front Row: Linda Stansbury, Betsy Tweedy Linda Stansbury Secretary I-I. C. Thaxton Treasurer MS Bac-li Row: li. Ilundley, li. Duck, S. Oglesby, B. Young, T. Ivriglrl., X. Tholnpson, II. Green, J. xV?llk9I', IJ. Sandidge, A. Moyer. 'l'l1irdRow: J. Pleasants, W. Gary, J. Duke, B. Harris, S. Hogan, N. Lukin, J. Noel, B. Harris, C. Knight, II. C. 'l'haxton, .I Camller. Second Row: li. Tweedy, F. Phillips, MZ Tucker, B. Klein, B. Peore, B. Hurt, B. Rich, Mrs. Knipp, C. Burton, C. Potter. First Row: H. Bond, M. Lankford, C. Mason. M. M. Brown, M. I-'rc-ese, L. Stnnsbury, J. Wilbnrn, A. Farrar, A. Rornbnugh. H091 5 1 lf-1 J. Dobyns, J. Richardson, N. Deacon and 1. Nicholas discuss some unfinished business. Nelda Deacon President Judy Nicholas Vice-President F. B. L. A. "Seek to develop business leadership, character, and community and school servicefl This is the goal which the members of the F. B. L. A. have endeavored to attain. Last summer several mem- bers attended the summer conference at Mas- sanetta, where they planned the year's activities. These business leaders have completed many pro- jects such as: preparation and distribution of notices for the homerooms during American Education lVeek, assistance in evening school registration, sale of books and supplies, and a field- trip to the bank. A contribution to the annual VVLVA Christmas party and a club party were among their projects. Several members attended the State meeting in Roanoke in April. Many also attended the Regional meeting at Longwood 'College and participated in such contests as speech, scrapbook, bulletin board, exhibits, spelling, and Miss F. B. L. A. This year, as has been true since its organization, the Lynchburg Chapter of F. B. L. A. was spon- sored by Mrs. liurmahln, and has produced many successful business men and women. OFFICERS Judy Dobyns Secretary Joyce Richardson Treasurer Buck Row: Mrs. Burmahln, M. Coleman, N. Settle, J. Dodson, S. Sublett, G. Rngluml, J. Dobyns. Si-mini Row: Marshall, C. J. Myers, W. Rhodes, B. ltoark, L. Thurston, P. Dawson, S. Blankenship. First Row: R. Al'l,illlI', D. Cule, J. Nicholas, S. Lee, J. Crist, N. Deacon, L. Tomlin, J. Rieliardsnn, B. Reams, M. Johnson. 11101 F. H. A. Glassls forty-eight Future I-lomemakers of America meet once a month with their advisers, Mrs. Feagans, Mrs, Mayberry, and Miss Suther- land, to plan various projects for the club. ln October the F. HQ .-X. prepared refreshments for a faculty tea. During December the club and homemaking classes dressed 165 dolls for the Salvation Army, and made angel robes for the Christmas pageant. As a money making' project, the girls sold Christmas cards and stationery. During' National F. H. A. XYeek Qlarch 24th- 28thj each club member entered into a family activity concerning careers in homemaking. Some of the members participated in the annual flower show sponsored by the Lynchburg Council of Garden Clubs. ln' the spring the club baked cookies for veterans in the veterans' hospital in Roanoke, Va. The In- dustrial Arts Club Conference was entertained by a fashion show 'given by F. I-l. A. members. lix- hibits revealing the efforts of the club were pre- sented on the l'. T. KX. Achievement Night. OFFICERS Eleanor Brown President June Bobbitt Vice-l-'resident l.. Smith, E, Brown, J. Bobbitt and S. Hesson might be discussing a new recipe. Sandra Hesson Secretary Linda Smith Treasurer liar-li Row: J. Dobson. R Spun-ff, Siihleti, li. 'l'yree, H. J. Vfliiivlaeaifl, I.. D. Smith, S. lil-sson, ii. Brown. J. Bobhitt, J. Wrigrlif, Y. Syllnor, ll. Williams, li. Morris, A. Supp, S. Parker. Fourth Row: Miss Sllllll"l'lfillIl. NI, Freesv, ll. Layne, N. Lowe, 'l'hirll Row: XI. Colm-nlzln, P. Marsh, J. Noel, J. Porter, J. llarri s, l.. Hill, Ili. llowerton, A. Kimball, L. Brooks, K. l'a4.lgett. l Sm-oinl Row: J, SfPl'lI4', B. Klein, l'. While, J. Imnun, J, l'eters, H. Jackson, ll. Arthur, Xl. Bailey, G. Anderson. First Row: Nl. f.i2lI'l'0lillll, P. Cuffin, B. C.'u1'r, X. Clllblllilll, V. Owen, J. Morris. fun JUNIOR RED CROSS R. Chambers, I.. Watts, A. Graham. The E. C. Glass junior Red Cross strives to help high school students become active members in their home, school, and community. The program is directed by a school junior lied Cross chairman. The organization offers its services to the local chapter of the ,Xnierican Red Cross. yXlthoug'h the work is mostly voluntary, the ,Red Cross Chapter in our school is always willing to help in time of distress, emergency or disaster. Membership in the junior .Red Cross Council includes one representative selected from each homeroom. This council is under the sponsorship of Mrs. Cecilia Doyle and Mrs. Mary Ellen james, who are appointed by the principal. The organization opened its year with the fall membership drive which is an annual activity. This year, donations amounted to 376.70 in addition to contribution's received through the United Fund. The money collected makes up the chapter service fund. The students at Glass feel that the junior Red Cross is as important as any other organization in our school in developing a desire to help others. OFFICERS Lynn VVatts Rebecca Chambers Anne Graham President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 11 Row: D. Bradley, C. Burton, M. Crown, K. Bradford, N. Lowe, l'. Moore, J Dirom, J. Thornhill, II. C. Tlmxtun, N. Royer, NI Somers, G. Pickerel. Iluid Row: H. Hienkle, M1 Sydnor, A. Burnctte, V. Thornhill, M. Fridley, S. Scott, S. Carter, B. Storey, S. Lee, B. Hosek. Suoml Row: D. Compton, J. Ragland, J. Ayers, S. Putt, li. Martin, N. Settle, S. Falwell. Inst Row: D. Luther, J. Snow, L. Dickens, J. Wright, D. Smith, G. Mathews, J. McGraw. 11121 D. E. CLUB Fifty-sfive persons, from the two class sections, make up the membership of this year's Distributive Educa- tion Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Anice Howell, Co-Ordinator. This year, a sales campaign was conducted to raise money for the club activities, with each class section composing' a competing team. A banquet was held at Loch Haven Lodge December 11. The club participated in the annual VVl,Vi-'X Christmas Party by contributing Sl5.00 and furnishing twelve collectors with cars. Nancy Turnley represented the Club in two public presentationsfAmerican Education Wleek Assembly and PTA Guidance Night. At the district D. E. contest meeting held at the Ap- pomattox High School on February 26, Glass won many top awards. At the State Convention held in Richmond March 9-ll, the Club won Superior rating for its total per- formance. Gene Gallagher won third place in job Interview, Sandra West won second place in Areas of llistribution Manual, and Nancy Turnley was awarded the trophy for D. Student of the Year of District Y. CO-OFFICERS Za?" , X ,, Co-Secretaries, N. Turnley, F. Moss. Co-Presidents, F. Crist, B. Cawthorne President-Bucky Cawthorne, Fay Moss Vice-President-Jimmy Gibson, Irma Page Secretary-Treasurer-Faith Crist, Nancy Turnley Back Row: D. Cznnpliell, ll. fi2lll2lgllEf1', C. Carter, B. Peters, K. Bri-nt, J. Gibson, li. lVat.son, li. Smith, ll. Hudson, ll. J. C00 C. Wiles, D. Feugmls, J. Kiger. Ser-ond Row: B. J, Myers, F. Crist, C. Rt-ynolwls, C. Daniel, T. May, Ii. 1'l1il1lrt-ss, 'I', Ilnrper, R, ll:1r'kwortl1, U. Robertson, N. Turn S. llnni, 1'. Jeffersoll, C. Jl1st,is, C. Cox, R. Svott, C. TIIJIIIIRS, F. xvttllilllfl, H. Manson, W. llm'rvtt.. First liow: C. I'ult':ltes, J. YVitl1e1's, B. 1"o1'il, XV. Day, F. Moss, B. Cawthorne, Nl. Dooley, l'. lVm.le, I. Page, S. lVest, J. C03 L. ML-Laughlin. H131 L. Cunn e and ID. Greene Udng upn the nioney for lunch. STUDENT CAFETERIA I-IELPERS Always cheerful and ready to lend a helping hand-these are the Student Cafeteria Helpers. We are really indebted to this fine team who have done a wonderful job in making the cafeterias pleasant places. VVhile we are enjoying our lunches, there is much Work done which we donlt even know about. Have you ever wondered who cleans the dishes and puts them on the conveyor belt, who puts them in racks and sends them through a dishwasher, and who takes the dishes out of the racks and places them in their proper places? This is the work of the Dish Handlers of whom, Mr. Ramsey is in charge. Another group of the Student Cafeteria Helpers include the 'bank runners, change distributors, cashiers, and statisticians under the supervision of Mr. Burinahln. Responsibility for the conduct of students and the cleanliness of eral supervisors, Mr. Racer, with rector, in charge the cafeteria is under three gen- Miss Howell, Mr. Fielder, and Mrs. Ruth Shore, Cafeteria di- of the entire operation. Hur-k Row: li. Glass, A. liirhy, ll. F. Dawson, C. Bane, D. Ar llllll', D. L. Tlmxton, A. Kurtz, J. Harrr-y, Xl. Willis, R. Noel, l'. lflll'l'llSS, L. L::,wlioi'ne, J. lferillo, Mr. Rxlnisey. Hem-ml Row: l'. Manley, L. llieks, J lYm'v4-ll, W. Lankfiwwl, C. White, P. Bowling, R. Taylor, ll. lloefle, NV. Allen, L. Sluinp, ll. flllllllilllll, li. liroixn, E: Fealggzliis, ll Dunn. l"ilsl Row: L. Unmbie, l'. l"z1i1iiei', C. Rich, ll. Twis4l:1lv, l", Vl'rigli1, J. Elder, T, Uunuld, R. Craig, R. Maybei'ry. At cash registi-r: D. Greene, C. Sliownltel'. l1l4l Y-TEENS The Y-Teen Department of the Y. W. C. A., under the direction of Mrs. Jeanette Scott, has participated in various projects and activities during the year. The Y-Teens began their year with the installation of the new officers in November. As its first activity, the club decorated a car for the Senior Day Parade. Next, came the Christmas dance for the Y-Teen mem- bers. One of the most outstanding activities was a money-making project, a potato chip sale. The Y- Teens have also carried out many successful social events suclh as swimming, horseback riding, and bake sales. In the spring the members held a Spring Dance. Other spring activities included hikes and picnics. A senior tea was given for the senior 11lC111'lDC1'S of the club. There was also a Mother-Daughter Banquet and pin ceremony. The greatest activity in which the Y-Teens engaged was the planning of a trip to Canada which will be taken in the summer. Also, during the summer months, many of the senior 1ne1nbers become counselors at Camp Ruthers. Officers: E. Ferguson, S. Rubenstein, B Sublett, I. Burch. OFFICERS Ellen Ferguson Sandra Rubenstein Betty Sublett Julie Burch President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Membership Chairman Standing: X. Rhmlcnhizer, K. Martin. P. Marsh, L. Scott, B. Giles L. Hudson, 0. Fontaine, Seated: B. Sublett, S. Rubenstein, E. Ferguson, J. Burch. H151 GLASSITES TRI-HI-Y "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the honie, school, and conununity high standards ol Chris- tian character" is its purpose, and "clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholarship, and clean living" the platlorni to which Cdass's sixty Tri-Hi-Y inenrbers subscribe. This year the club has helped decorate lor the SCA hops, has been active in the city Blue Crutch Drive, has entertained the stafl at the Cjnggenheiiner Hospital for Christmas, and has attended as a body once a nionth a different church. To raise money ifor the purpose of carrying on their work. this group served suppers for other groups and sold lr'hy111i1zg .S'fWee's. They held their own annual Rice Supper in january to raise money for lVorld Service. In April, delegates were sent to the Model General Asseinlbly in Richmond, where this year they set a record for the number of bills passed: and eacwh suin- iner the club is represented at Blue Ridge, North Caro- lina, where the club leaders are trained. Left to right: I. Barber, N. Creed, K. Hansen J. Hardesty. OFFICERS Nancy Creed Bonnie Butler Karen Hansen Ierleen Campbell President Treasurer President Treasurer jane Baller Betsy Tweedy Judy Hardesty Sheila llogan Vice-President Chaplain Vice-President Chaplain Ellen Childers Barbara A. Harris Nancy McBrayer Sandra Johnston Secretaries Secretaries Baek Row: F. Phillips, K. Irvin, L. SCl'1lg',Ll'S, A. Martin, S. Gardner, P. VV:-bb, J. Harris, B. Fielder, E. Page, M, Hall, B. Harris, B. Rich, Ii. Proffitt, K. Padgett. Third Rr-xr: U. Brvzm, K, Younger, J. 'l'lnn'nliill, P. Marsh, J. Storne, B. Moon, S. Epling, Ir. K. lludson, J, T'xve4-dy, S. lVll2ll,l'lj', lf A. itlllglltlll, D. llieknmn, M. M. Brown, I'. Wade, J. llrnnillon. Second Row: L. Nlf'fll'llXY, W. Davis, B-. 'l'wx-erly, N. Nic-Brayer, B. Butler, li. tliililersr N. Creed, Miss IC. Brown. li. Hansen, ll. Harris, .I. Camplnrll, S. Johnston, S. Hogan. First Row: II. Soulhhall, G. lllzulln-xvs, li. Ilradford, M. Tholnpson, .l. Balmer, li. Webb, Ii. llnncuin, J. llzlrdesty, l'. Sweeney, B. Ilurt, B. Most-ly, G. Knight, A. FU,Y'I'i1l', J. Ilulu-, V. Allen, J. lietehie. HI-Y It is the desire of every Hi-Y member to set ex- amples of Christian actions in the high school. The purpose of Hi-Y is "To create, main-tain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character." Any boy who is in his sophomore, junior, or senior year in high school is eligible for memibership. ln the fall of the year the Hi-Y split into two sepa- rate groups due to the marked increase in membership. XVith service to others as their theme. the two clubs co-operated fully in many community projects such as assisting the Salvation Army during Christmas time, having a Christmas party for less fortunate children, and sponsoring Easter services at the school. Other highlights of the year were a trip to New York and an address 'by Governor Almond. The club also received an ACE rating which is the highest honor that can come to a Hi-Y club. The year could never have been so successful without the able assistance of Mr. V. Howard Ford and Mr. C. I. Van Cleve who acted as advisers. 4 Left to right: L. Bailey, L. Mosby Robertson, VV. Cooke. OFFICERS Leland Bailey Buck Bradley Leyburn Mosby Harry Green President Treasurer President Treasurer John Mott Robertson Ben Newton XVylie Cooke Bill Chambers Vice-President Chaplain Vice-President Chaplain Howard Cobb Tim Hapgood Secretary Secretary Back Row: D. Spencer, J. Steinmetz, T. Thornhill, B. Newton, R. Berry, W. Cooke, T. Hapgoml, R. Fauber, B. Thomasson I l'lr-usants, E. Wilkes, B. Ilowerton. 'l'hir1l Row: T. Foster, J. Adams, J. Ryon, A. Chambers, C. Nowlin, J. Viar, B. Young, T. Ilrwurck, A. llzlyes, R. L. Tax or Quillian. Scconml Row: Tl Wright, A. Sydnor, B. Parker, R. Booth, D. Gil es, B. Pettit, B. Chamlbers. First Row: J. Runiburg, D. Lloyd, B. Pugh, D. McGregor, T. Crafton, B, Bradley, Garrard, A. Moyer, J. Walker, J. bpcncci S. Blankenship, v On Bench: B. Storey, Shepherd. Standing: N. Sullivan, S. Dogion, C. Moon, J. Marshall. Accompanist: B. 1. Hawkins Knot pietured.D GIRLS' CHORUS "Learning to sing" is the purpose of the girls' chorus which is composed of Mrs. Wooclis 'first period class. Mrs. Margaret Wcmo-cl is new to us at Glass, but she has done a splendid job of taking over the chorus which was under the direction of Mrs. Joyce Bailey the first semester. Although the members of the chorus have not periformed this year, the time and effort they have spent on their music is clearly noticeable. Most of the girls in the chorus are ninth graders: and, by the ex- perience gained there, they are prepared to go on to the Glee Club and Choir. This year of choral founda- tion is very important and helps the girls to appreciate and understand music to its greatest extent. VVith a great amount of fun and pleasure, the chorus has found that singing is an enjoyable way to spend one's time. A pleasing sextet, made up of members of the chorus, participated in the animal Talent Show. Although the chorus receives little recognition, their compensation is the rich enjoyment they get from music. ,www null Back Row: S. Knight, E. Hudson, F. Floyd, M. Sorrillo, L. Falwell. J. Parker, A. Bfurncttc, G. Sprousc, H. Gilliam, P. Tinsley, D. Huff, M. F. Booker. Sc-cond Row: li. Smith, A, flraham, S. F, Slit-pherrl, S. llowdy, N. Sullivan, L. Jenkins, K. Bryant, C. A'l'0llll2ll'l, G. Simpson, M. Winrlle, ti. llonig, B. J. llawkins. First Row: l'. fiillispie, li. Xlartin, Xl. flIIllIlSUll, ll. llarris, J. l'aI'liel', C. liuunles, S, Dutlgion, U. Storey. ll. M'4'i1llJWS, L. Plunkett, M. Loving, tl. Moon. H181 CHOIR If you "just love to sing" our Choir offers you a glorious opportunity! The Choir of E. C. Glass has lived up to its purpose by showing tihe students the beauty and value of music in their lives. The Choir is under the direction of Mrs. jean Pem- berton. Through her encouragement and inspiration, its membership 'has risen to new heights. The Choir has participated in many activities during the year. In Uctoiber they entertained the P. T. A. for the Back-To-School Night Program. They led the student body in an Assembly Sing in November. The Choir, after much practicing and hard work, rendered a most inspirational program of 'Christmas music in December. For the Brotherhood Week Assembly the Choir presented suitable selections. Un March 25 the group again sang for the P.T.A. on Guidance Night. The highlight of their year was the Spring Concert on April 25. The central theme of this concert was "Around the VVorld Music." Those selected for All-State Choir, which was held in Martinsville, were: first soprano, Nancy Royer, first alto, Penny Ford, second alto, Sandra Ruiben- stein, first tenor, Aubrey Hayes, ifirst tenor, Gary Pace, and second bass, Oscar Aylor. O. Aylor, S. Rubenstein and P. Ford discuss the words to a new song. OFFICERS Oscar Aylor Helene Jackson Sandra Rubenstein Penny Ford President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Accompanist liaek Row: P. Ford, M. Smith, M. McKenna, C. Snow, T. Becknor, YV. McDaniel, G. Olinger, C. Poston, L. Hyman, 0. Aylor, W. Blondino, J. Quarles, H. Gruff, F. Siinonize, J. Spencer, S. Shepherd, N. Green, N. Lukin. Third Row: Haber, Rubenstein, G. Carwile, S. Blattox, F. Fi tzgerald, S. Newton, B. Hykes, Curtis, A. Kurtz, C. Trent, li. Johnson, Ii. Story, C. Sandifer, 'l'. Thornslniry, J. Campbell, S. Miller. Second Row: Mr. Goode, l'. Mays, B. Viar, C, Sterling, M. L, Plunkett, ll. Jackson, G. Pzlev, H. Gardner, D. Wrighl,lf1. Minnirdi, A. Hayes, A. Moyer, A. Robinson, J. Bailey, I., Roystvr, J. Richardson, I". Phillips, P. Wade, li. Childers. First Row: M. Iil'ZIl'flIl'llH'U, M. Case, YV. Ford, l'. Kelly, R, Hudson, C. Gnrrnrd, J. Blum, R, Harris, B. Willard, J. Propst, l'. Allen, N. Royer, il. Ilnywood, J. livvsee, li. Coop:-r, E. Nm-ll, Mrs. l,t'll1lD9l'f0ll. fn91 A. Lonergan, B. Franklin, B. Harris, K. Han- sen, and B. Conner try their luck on a piano iiunnmen GLEE CLUB One of the most enthusiastic and delightful organiza- tions in our school is the Glee Clulb. Under the 'direc- tion off Mrs. jean Pemberton, this group has given the students a knowledge and an enjoyment of good music. Throughout the year the Glee Club has performed on various occasions for the school and its guests. During the week of Thanksgiving they presented beautiful selections in keeping with the spirit of thank- fulness and our American heritage. The Glee Club also participated with the Choir in the Assembly Sing in November when the girls led the students in the singing of old 'classics and popular arrangements. At the annual Christmas Pageant this group added much to the sacredness of the Christmas season. Along with the Choir and Girls' Chorus, the Glee Club showed us the true meaning of Christmas. On April 25 after much hard work, they showed the results of a good year's Work in their performance in the spring concert. The community, parents, students, and all music lovers have certainly 'benefited and found enjoyment from this harmonious group. Back Row: BI. Snead, li. Hansen, B. Harris, B. Ryan, S. Adams, P. Lang, J. McGraw, S. May, R. lieesec, L. Tllompsou, A. Lonergnn, Nl l'l'i0v Ser-mul Row: I.. lfrixuklin, P. Str-lun-ite, L. Hanna, P. Johnson, B., Franklin, D, Yvilffllilll, U. Raglanul, C. A. Taylor, D. Woodlief, B. Conner, B. i'll'tlllkllll. S. llatherwoocl. First Rvwi Mr. ffooflo, II. C'lem1nons. F. Moyer, L. Ronrrl, R. Riley, R. Chambers, Moss. B. Duff, C. Garrett, B. Pinkelton, J. Millei. l'. Cllihlress, Mrs. Pemberton. I H201 SENIOR BAND The C. Glass Senior Band, directed by Mr. Cloyd Vermilion, leads the Department of instrumental Mu- sic. The Concert band is composed of 72 members who are selected according to their ability from a larger competitive group. Band practices began during the summer months in order to make the band ready to begin its regular sea- son with skill and precision. E During the football season the band was a familiar highlight at parades, pep rallies, and football games helping to cheer the team. It attended a twenty-seven band festival in Roanoke, Virginia, which consisted of a parade and participation in the V.M.l.-V.P.I. fresh- man football game. Some of the band members com- peted and won honors in the All-State Band and VVork- shop. XVhen concert season arrived, the band went to . I g Danville to compete in a competitive festival of concert C- Mefedlfhr K- Duck, R- Rlddlcki amd music. Assembly programs have been greatly aided by the 'high spirited music our band produces from the orchestra pit. In the spring the marching band par- ticipated in the Pulpwood and Dogwood festival in Vinton, Virginia. R. Lindsay make plans for the band. OFFICERS Cowles Meredith Dan Riddick Steve Brodie Kenneth Duck President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer fiat? flow: P. Penney, P. Foster, P. Coulson, W. Tongue, B-. Perkins, T. Harris, M. Hodges, D, Wood, D. Riddick, C. Meredith, L 'o emun. Fourth Row: R. Long, M. Saunders, W, Hawkins, W. King, R. Lin dsey, F. Farmer, M. Overstreet, J. White, L. Mnttox, W. Raines, B. Crump, M. Drumheller, D. Robertson. Third Row: E. Hyman, N. Rhodenhizer, J. Stewart, J. Settle, B-. llzarls, K. Duck, S. Brodie, N. Wingfield, R. Watson, D. Miekles, C. Poss, L. Webb, R. Hogan, B. Mosely. Second Row: J. Hoffarth, P. White, C. Bailey, S. Wert, B. Knight, M. Firkin, D. Cnnningliann, J. Bing, D. Sandidgc, B. Martin, N. Pzist-hal, J. Thompson, J. Wilkerson, P. Hogan, P. Winfree, G. Stipe. First Row: K. Ayers, D. Bowling, C. Gentry, C. Poston, B. Par sons, R. lliner, J. Mays, C. Myers. mn FRESHMAN AND JUNIOR BAND Following in the footsteps of the Senior Band are the junior and Freshman Bands. These two enthusiastic groups, made up of musically-talented students from the eighth and ninth grades. have worked hard this year in their training for participation in the Senior Band. Making up three fourths of the total school Band, they have, because of their -faithful practicing and expert training in playing and marching, added much to the Senior Band. This spring they participated in the District Six Music Festival, which was a contest held March 15th at Cave Springs in Roanoke. In April they played in the All-School Music Festival. Among their activities in May were the Dogwood and Pulpwood Festivals in Vinton, Virginia. They also participated in the Achievement Night program here in the Glass Audi- toriuim. The l957-58 junior and Freshman Bands, under the direction of Mr. Vermilion, have done a grand job and the students can well expect great things from them in the future. OFFICERS Bobby Mosely President Sherrill VVitt Vice-President ing, ..""'!, J. Thompson, B. Mosely, S. Witt and L. Mattox recall the excitement experienced at the music festival. Linda Mattox Secretary Joyce Thompson Treasurer Hawk R:w.': 'l'. -l2ll!Il'I'S4Y11, R. Watson, J. Bonnlr. ll. XVilclw1', C. Finley. 'l'hi1'nl Row: C. Builvy. E. lijlllilll, N. Rlnulenhizcr, L. Mzlttnx, B-.', M, Hnnnders, li. Foss, -l. Franklin, XV. M'cL:1ughlin, B. Ware, li No eh li lla un s -. ,I Fig, . ' xg' . J, Reid. Sn-mnnl Row: J, llnffzlrth, S, Morris. ll, Knight.lJ.Cunnil1g.tl1ru11, J. Bing. H. Wert, NI. lfirkin, tl. Stipe, J. Thompson, 1. Winfree, S. Hitt-ln-y, l.. Fwlilu-, t'. Nllllllfl lfirsr Iinw: .I. Holm-1's.n1, l'. Stevens, lk, llnuxnw, li. Cfullnlnxn, I.. Clf-ments, S. Witt. H221 JUNIOR AND SENIOR ORCHESTRA No school would be complete without the music of an orchestra. E. C. Glass is fortunate in that it has two orchestras, the Junior Orchestra and the Senior Orchestra. The orchestras began the year under the direction of Mr. Robert Nabors and Mr. Solon Pitts, and now are directed by Mr. Cloyd Vermilion. The Senior Orchestra is composed of twenty-five members and the Junior Orchestra has seventeen members. Both orchestras combined with additional members from the Concert Band compose the Concert Orchestra. This Concert Orchestra is responsible for the music in many of our school activities. This year it played for the David Garrick Club play, Jane Eyre, the Senior Play, January Thaw, the Spring Concert, and for the commencement exercises on June Qth. In December two of the orchestra members were chosen to attend the all-state orchestra festival in Richmond, Virginia. On March 15th b-oth orchestras took part in the Western District Music Festival which Left to Right: P. Lynn, P. Webb, E. was held at Cave Springs in Roanoke County. In the Son' festival they received a first division or superior rating. OFFICERS Pete Lynn Ellen Ferguson President Secretary Langhorne Scruggs Priscilla Webb Vice-President Treasurer Fergu 5 Excl-1 Row: J. Wood, C. Hughes, L. '.'.'amlflridge, S. Horton, B. Davis. Fourth Row: L. Huffman, M. Rust, D. tiillispie, Stennette, M. Taylor, J. Blzmkenship, W. Skinner, L. Scruggs, J. Tcass, I Webb, S. Barrett. Third Row: D. Julmson, D. Anderson, D. VV00d, St-emit! Row: E. Htmu-, J. Apperson, BI. Fridley, T. Mitchell, D. Cash, R. Long, P. Thayer. First Row: I.. Taylor, E. Ferguson, C. Clements, A. Wilkerson, J. Tuck, M. XVllll2llllSOI1. U231 Tmmwm, dtwzieeemezfaaf Wm.-...- TI-ILETICS S 54 1 Varsity Coaches V. D. Beckuer Co-Captains G. Robinson, Head Coach V. Brad- Faculty Adviser of Athletics Phil Booker, Robin Wood ford, J. Bryan. VARSITY FOOTBALL Back Row: Coach Bryan, E. Flippin, 0. Aylor, B. 1l0Y'ViS0ll. B. How:-rton, J. Crallo, W. Johnson, B. Chews, R. Mc'G:1tha, G. Riddle, J. Vllalker, J. Hoffarth. Q. Adams, F. Hudson, NV. Pettyjohn. Second Row: Coach Bradford, J. Rumbelrg, IJ. MCC-rvgor, E. Minnicfk, B. Hundloy, R. Mosby, J. Pleaszmiis, D. Gil:-s, MI Perrow, T. Grafton, J. Gandler, G. White, IJ. Vaughan, R. Berry, A. Moyer, J. Aultice, H. Green, M. Cunningham, Coach G. Robinson. K First Row: A. Hayes, L. Mosby, 'l'. Hapgoozl. J. XV. l'ric'o, U. Staples. H, C. 'lvh2lXt0Tl, R. NVoorl, P. Booker, G. fLinn, R. lflimnzivunt, li. Thonipson, D. Dills. B. Futrcll, E. Oversiroa-t, B. Cawthorne, J. Yizir. S pi VARSITY FOOTBALL Is this 1955? A look at the win-loss column of the 1957 E. C. Glass High School football schedule might deduct two years from the minds of some Hilltopper foot- ball followers. In 1955 our team had a record of 8-2. This fall, 1957, the Blue and White finished 8-2. Both losses of 1955 were home games. Again this year Lynchburg fans saw two defeats. In 1955 it was Jefferson of Roanoke and Andrew Lewis of Salem dealing the -hard felt blows. In 1957 it was- you guessed it! 'The excellent coaching staff of V. Bradford, J. Bryan, and G. Robinson molded the considerable talent from last year's squad into one co-operative unit. Led by co-captains Phil Booker and Robin Wood, the Glass eleven met every aggressor with eagerness and a desire to win. The Hilltoppers started their season right with a ZZ-0 triumph over Halifax. This game saw second string Dickie Vaughan and John Cralle lead the attack. VVilliam Fleming of Roanoke offered more op- position the next week, but Billy Futrell spear- headed the Glass attack and brought home a 14-6 victory. Next came the 1956 State champions from Arlington. The determined Glass sent them home with a 19-6 loss. A trip to the coast the following week proved to be a successful one. The Blue and White over- powered the highly rated Typhoons of Newport News with H. C. Thaxton, Glass' power driving fullback, leading the attack. Coach Bradford cleared the bench in Danville, winning easily by a score of 33-7 and running his winning streak to five. , The big game of the year, with jefferson Senior of Roanoke, was marked by a heavy scoring con- test. Glass High valiantly fought ,back the Magi- cian invaders, but had to yield to them 32-20. A large crowd present for the annual Shrine game witnessed the 21-7 defeat o-f the Cougars of Covington. Bradford's reserves saw much action as Glass climbed back to the winning column. ' On November 2 the Bradfordmen played a muddy afternoon game in Alexandria and increased their record to 7-1 with a 14-6 win. Senior Day at E. C. Glass was full of surprises. But Senior Night had just one more. A deter- mined team froin Salem came, struck, and left with a 1-1'-13 win over the big Blue and White. The Hilltoppers wound up their season with an easy 41-0 victory over Fishburne Military Academy. No season is complete until awards are made, and the E. C. Glass eleven received their share. At the team's annual banquet H. C. Thaxton was named the best back, Phil Booker the best lineman, Dennis Dills the best blocker, and I: W. Price, the most valuable player. Nine Bradfordmen found positions on the West- ern District teams. Billy Futrell, Phil Booker, and J. W. Price placed on the first team. H. C. Thax- ton and Tim Hapgood were named on the second string. Honorable mentions went to Dickie Vaughan, Kenneth Thompson, David Staples, and Rex Dunnavant. On the All Group team for Virginia, picked by the Sports Writers and Casters, Phil Booker re- ceived a first string award and I. W. Price, Billy Futrell, and Tim Hapgood received honorable men- tions. PHIL GUY LINN 5 'A , Wax? ! J.W. PRICE if EDMOND OVERSTREET 34. HC THAXTON 7 WBUC as STAPLES drum HAPGOOD F GVVEN ' . RICHARD MOSBY 20 Natural Bridge 14 l2 Danville 7 32 Amherst O 18 Brookville 6 7 VVm. Fleming 0 25 I-Iargrave Military 53 Salem 35 21 Roanoke 7 188 76 Buck Row: Coacli .I. ll. Noe- :-ht-l, ll. Hooper, L. 'I'uggle, D. Rolnlrtson, R. Coleman. Man- ager H. Riley, Ass't'. Coach D. llurrant. Fifth Row: C. Smith, J Creed, N. Bowling, B. Shafer, D. Riddick, ll. Grublvs, Fourth Row: P. Morris, M. Drulnlic-ller, li. Simpson. B. Richarrlson, ll. Cox, M. Park- er, J. Spencer. Tliiwl Row: T. Floyd, D. Hud- son. S. Curtis. W. Muneher, F. Morris, B. XVhitnvy, G. Cox. Svffmul Row: J. Cirello, M. VVilli:xms, VV. Blonflino. F. McCann, X. Jcsson, J. Hol- lingsworth, H. Sackett. First Row: D. Carter, G. Staples. A. Parrish, I. Hud- son, B. Hughes, J. Cheres. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The 1957 E. C. Glass junior Varsity football team, led by coaches Noechel and Durrant and Co-Captains Irby Hudson and Nick lesson, became the first J. V. football team in the history of the school to go undefeated and untied. The boys were interested in playing as a team and when the regulars faltered, the substitutes filled the gaps, doing excellent jobs. The team was hit by flu and injuries during the season. Tommy Linn looked very impres- sive before his injury in the Wm. Fleming game. Wayne Blondino, jimmy Cerillo and James Moore showed great improvement as the season progressed. The team compiled a tre- mendous defensive record as they scored 188 points to their opponents! 76. The season opened with a successful victory over Natural Bridge by the score of 20- 14. Next on the victory list was the Danville I. V. team which suffered a 12-7 defeat by the home team. After the narrow win over Danville, the J. V.'s crushed Amherst 32-O. The Baby Hilltoppers then won over Brookville 18-6. After a hard fought battle with Wm. Fleming, Glass emerged the victor by a 7-O count. The Hilltoppers topped Hargrave Military Academy 25-7. Next came Salem which fell victim to the Baby Hilltoppers by a 58-35 score. The final game came with Roanoke which had been postponed from October 25 to November 12. After a hard fought game Glass emerged the winner by a 21-7 count. This was the third straight year that Glass has showed their mastery over Roanoke. Co-Captains Coaches N. lesson and I. Hudson Durrant and Noechel Home Opponents . . Academy 7 1 Baek Row: F, Moore, ll Johnson, S. Aylor, Coach Robinson, F. Langdon, S. Keslner, B. XValker. Sixth Row: 'l'. Harris, Coleman, H. GRIFWTIIET, Dietor. Fifth Row: T. llvttlvr, Il. Dumas, G. Myers, S. Wilt, C. l'c-ttyjohn, M. Anthony, S. Saunders. Fourth Row: H. Coffey, BTCKPIIIIM, I". Snunilers, Schmitt. Third Row: B. Briekhouse, R. Hogan B. Ri-id, D. Thaixton, M. Second Row: K. Bryant, S, Wilmouth, il. Pribble, H :1 rvey . First Row: G. HJIHS, 'l', B. Wilkins, T. Whitten, Barber. L. Basten, R. ll. Bryan, J. f'. Lueamlo, li. D. Mason, R. Morris. V tl. Hackworth, R. Worley, B. Ilollingsworth, J. Cooke, R. F RESI-IMAN FOOTBALL Even though they didn't have a very successful season as far as the won-lost column goes the Freshman team accomplished their real purpose, which is to mold future football stars. During the season they were hampered by many injuries but still compiled a record of three wins and five losses. V The Baby Hilltoppers started the season' with a loss to Hargrave Military Academy, by the score of 13-O. The first game lost was quickly avenged with a 13-O victory over Nelson County. In the third game the Frosh lost a hard battle to the Brookville HBH team 6-O. Then they bounced back from defeat to score a big victory over V. E. by the score oi 27-O. The next week the Freshman traveled to Appomattox to score another victory of 13-O. They remained on the road for their next game and lost a hard fought battle to VV111. Fleming 6-0. The Freshman returned home for their last two games. The first of these two games was against Roanoke Freshman' and the Baby Hilltoppers were defeated 27-O. The last game of the season was against H. M. A. The Frosh battled to revenge their defeat in the first game but dropped a close decision of 18 fo. This year the team chose Bill Whlkins as 'the best lineman and Sam XVilmouth as the best back. Coaches Co-Captains J. Robinson and W. Gilbert T. VVhitten and M. Mason , 4- O Hargrave Military Academy 13 Nelson County O Brookville 27 V. ii. S. 13 Appomattox O Wlil. Fleming O Roanoke 6 H. M. A. 59 J 5k Home Opponent 27 E VARSITY BASKETBALL As the l957-58 basketball season opened, Coach Jimmie 'Bryan was his usual pessi- mistic self, for there were no returning' lettermen, the team was comparatively short in height, and four starters to ac- company Captain XYylie Cooke were yet to be determined. NYayne Proffitt, Hill Chambers, Mac Dirom, Roger lfauber, and Cooke soon proved to he a hard-working, well-knit fivesomeg and they were well backed hy Bucky Cawthorne, VVayne Day, Don Atkins, and Kenneth Thompson. Some- how, these green struggling boys ended the season with an overall l9-6 record. won the VVestern District Championship and finished fourth in the State Tournament. That "somehow,," though, is misleading: for fit is a well-known fact that Coach Bryan has never failed to produce a winning team, and that it is only through his hard work and remarkable leadership that his squads have met with their phenomenal success. It is also known that the boys, love and respect for Mr. Bryan has frequently caused them to 'fwant to win that game, for Coach." After the first four games, Glass had an nnimpressive 2-2 record. These two de- feats lay Martinsville and Thomas jeffer- son of Richmond were avenged later in the season. The Tee Jay game was a thriller as Bucky Cawthorneis desperate last second field goal gave Glass a 49-47 win. After Jefferson of Roanoke avenged an earlier Glass victory, the Hilltoppers found them- 1 ow 'Z 1 nuell I t 4 iillo t NN nt F NN ilkes, L. Ilylllilll. cc ond Row ' oftiit om mm ison, M. Ili:-om, R. Fznllmer, B. Slydnor. First Ron B Chambers, 13 Atkins W Cooke, B. Cawthorne, W. Day. lm. A .lxxxvaniga In 1 u I il x selves in a tie with jefferson for the XYest- ern' District Championship. 'lihe play-off at Lexington saw lt1OO Glass fans lose all hope of victory as the I unio r high-scoring marvel, Wayne Proffitt, left the game with Z1 back injury. The Bryanmen, in true Glass spirit pulled together even more a team, and sparked by XYylie Cooke and llill tfhambers, the Hilltoppers produced a thrill- ing -L2-39 district championship victory. The top four district teams met in the Glass Gymnasium the following' weekend for the lYestern District Tournament. The Hilltoppers won their first game from Dan- ville, tml-44: but they were downed by Jef- ferson in the finals by a 65-49 score. At the State Tournament in Charlottes- ville, Proffitt poured in 30 points to lead Glass to a 53-48 win over Virginia High of Bristol. Then' the powerful Newport News 'Vyphoons proved too much for the Hill- toppers who, after a fairly close battle, sur- rendered 64-53. Again 'Proffitt dumped in 30 points. fn a consolation game, Wlake- field whipped Glass 73-54. Little Vllayne Proffitt was the tournament high scorer and made the All-Tournament team. Proffitt was a unanimous choice for the XYestern District team and easily made All- State. At the final Basketball Banquet, Captain Cooke was awarded a trophy by his team- mates who chose him the most valuable player: and he received a plaque for the best sportsmanship. Bill Chambers won the trophy for the best defensive player. Proffitt received the foul shooting trophy and the most outstanding player award. Big Mac Dironi adds two. Up Yaubti ' WN " .lf REGULAR SEASON Home Opponents Qllflijll' Forge 24 Nlwtinsville 43 Halifax 28 Thomzls Jefferson 78 I ulaski 28 'X11ClI'CXY Lewis 38 D'L11villc 47 NI lrtiusville 42 leffcrson 65 Flhumzms Jeffcrsun 47 -Xnclrcw Lewis 28 XX1llizun Fleuliug 26 1J'lllViHC 44 QOYil1g'tO11 '77 Cfffhfiiwll 56 C10 XX llliillll Flemin 45 Home Opponents 46 Halifax 27 52 Plllaslci 40 76 Covington 26 Western District Play-Off 42 Jefferson 39 Western District Tournament 64- Danville 36 49 Jaffe rson 6 5 State Tburnament 53 Yirginizl lligli fli-ristolj 43 53 Newlz-wrt NCWS 64 54 lYakc-fielcl 73 n " x r ' X x 0 'X gs 5 n g QQ Qqw x Back Row: B. Robertson, H. Crowder, Coach J. Noechel, F. Moore, N. Tanner. Second Row: T. Whitten, W. Hawkins, H. Hackett, P. Morris, W. Bilondino, D. Giles. First Row: J. Cheves, P. Layne, B. Wilkins, D. Carter, P. Reid, W. Salmon. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL This year's j. V. Basketball team had a very successful season through the coaching of Mr. Noeehel and the cooperation of the boys. The team, composed of just 9th and l0th graders, com+ piled a winning record of ll wins and three losses. They finished first in the VVestern District with only one loss in district play which was to the jefferson Senior J. V.'s 'by the score oi 37-40. This loss was quickly avenged with a 33-27 victory on the home court. The team scoring this year was led by David Carter, the captain, who averaged 15 points per game. The liaby Hilltoppers averaged 37 points per game to their opponents, 28 points per game, 'which attributed to their winning record. The .boys who Won their V. letter this year were: David Carter, .lim C-heves, Phil Reid, Pat Layne, Tom VVhitten, VVayne Salmon, Buck Willciiis. Wayne Blondino, Don Giles, Henry Sackett, Harvey Hackett, Pete Morris, and Xlfallaee Hawkins. Home Opponents 51 Halifax 23 58 Salem 26 Captain Coach 47 Dzmvmc 38 David Carter John Xoechel 49 Virginia llpiscopal 7 School 27 37 Roanoke 40 33 Brookville 37 59 Salem 43 42 XVillia1n Fleming l3 52 Danville 32 55 Brookville 59 33 Roanoke 27 60 VVilliani ilTl,Cl11i1lg 26 38 llalitax 27 65 l-loly Cross 40 liaclc Row: Coach Bailey. Additional: D. Grimes. Second Row: R. T2lj'l0l', H. U. Brooks, L. Creasy, C. Pettyjohn, C. Reid, R. Coleman, C. Gentry, D. Bryan. First Row: M. Mason, M. Morris, ll. liaglaml, Fi. Duff, M. Crabill, D. Gallier, J. Coffey. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL VVith a 13-2 record, the Glass Freshman Basketball team ended the season with the best record ever compiled by a lfreshnian squad at the new high school. Despite the iact that there were no returning letternien from last year's squad, Mr. Bailey, a coach possessing qualities ot leadership and determination. was able to produce eighteen eo-operative players. The Frosh was a well-balanced squad-shining in teamwork and lagging in indiviidualisni. The only games lost, to Virginia Episcopal School and Brookville, were avenged later in the season. The Baileymen experienced several very close games and even used an overtime to defeat Hargrave once. The usual starters for the year were Sam Duff, Mike Crabill, Don Grimes, Martin Morris. and Don Ragland. The highest scorers for the season were Duff, with 142 points, Crabill, with l34 and Grimes, with 109. Home Opponents Couch Captain 46 Amherst JV 27 Bob Bailey Sam Duff 30 Boonsboro JV 22 42 Nelson County JV 21 30 Virginia lipiscopal School -4l 33 Hargrave 36 38 Brookville JV 43 49 Rustburg JV Z8 60 Rustburg jV 46 47 Appomattox JV 39 45 Virginia Episcopal Seliool 44 57 Brookville JV 49 33 Boonsboro IV 30 32 Hargrave 3l 38 Appomattox JV 32 33 Amherst V l9 618 508 f' . f .. - Back Row: D. Williams, Coach W. Gilbert, Coach V. Bradford. Eighth Row: 'I'. Floyd, H. Whately, R. White, S. Wilmouth, S. Kestner, R. Taylor, ll. Sale, A. Higginbothani. Seventh Row: D. McGregor, F. Huffman, 11. Johnson, B. McGraw, T. Hzlsek, J. SPOIICICT, B. Hughes, R. Hudson. Sixth Row: F. Morrison, J. Pollard, 17. Tolley, R. Wood, J. Cer illo, T. YVhitten, N. Jessen, D. Ilndson. Fifth Row: ll. Cunning'h:iin. J. Cooke, T Hollingsworth, L. Line berry, R. Adams, M, P1-ri'ow, D. ilmter, F. Mngmni. l"ou1'lh Row: J. Firkin, J. Hoffarth, D. XIZIUJII, Il. Host, B. Morrison, A. Neighbors, J. Smith, D. Jzickson. Tliiril Row: J. flandler, W. Peltyjohn, Ii. Futrell, D. Vaughan, C, Thomzis, H. Savkett, MI l'a.l'ker. Second Row: .I. Quarles. J. Yiar, R. lluwkins, B. Shaffer, L. Bailey, H. Hughes, li. Thonipson, B. llooper. l First Row: W. Hlondino, R. Pugh, W. Reynolds, G. Cox, H. C. 'lillflXtllll, H. Bradley, .i. NY. P1'ir'l-, D. Dills. TRACK VVith approximately 130 boys turning out for track this spring, Coach Bradford hopes to find ample talent for a victorious track squad. There are, however, only five returning lettermen from last year's team: H. C. Thaxton, Billy Futrell, johnny Quarles, Richard Pugh, and Leland Hailey. The captain of this yearls squad is H. C. Thaxton. All the meets will be at home, except the State meet. There are no real standouts on the squad, nor does the team appear exceptionally strong in any particular event. But with hard work and Glass High spirit, our track squad will uphold the schoolls standing. H381 Captain Tl. C. Thaxton and Head Coach Vincent Bradford. April April April' April April April May May May Virginia Episcopal School ............................ Home Hargrave ........................ Home Halifax County .............. Home Lane ................................ Home Salem ....................,......... Home Thomas Jefferson .......... Home QRichmondj Williaiii Fleming .......... Home Western District Tournament .................. Home State Meet .......... University of Virginia Bradley goes up and over. H. C. Trhaxton, Captain I. W. Price Leland Bailey Bill Futrell Kenneth Thompson Johnny Quarles A. ,V ,L 55. Richard Pugh Relay Team : B. Futrell, Quarles H. C. Thaxton, VV. Petty john, R. Pugh, H. Hughes Buck Bradley i Agpr Back Row: Coach Bailey, F. McWane, A. Arthur, T. Younger, J. Quigley. Second Row: S. Hopkins, H. Henderson, D. Osborne, N. Thompson, J. Wolfe, M. Crabill, C. Pettyjohn, W. Hawkins. First Row: E. Berry, R. Fauber, T. Hapgood, B. Newton, B. W itt, T. Crafton, B. Young. TENNIS This year's tennis team has a new coach, Mr. Bailey, who joined the Glass faculty at the be- ginning of the school year. Back from last yearls squad are Tim Hapgood, Tom Crafton, Billy Witt, Ed Berry, and Roger Fauber. Along with these five and the other twenty-five boys out for tennis, Coach Bailey plans to have a very good team and a successful season. Tim Hapgood, who was No. l man last year, is expected to be the team's mainstay this year. Two prospective players are freshmen Mike Crabill and Clunett Pettyjohn. Mr. Bailey says the team to beat this year is G. VV. of Danville with whom Glass split one and one last year. The only changes in the schedule this year are that the team plays two games with Fork Union instead of one, and the match with Hargrave has been dropped. H401 Coach Bailey and Captain Tim Hapgood April April April April April A-pril, April May ll 15 18 22 25 28 29 2 Virginia Episcopal School ............................ There Roanoke .......................... There G. XV., Danville .............. Here Fork Union ............ ....... H ere G. W., Danville .............. There Virginia Episcopal School .............................. Here Roanoke ....,........... ....... H ere Fork Union ........ There Crafton smashes I Tim Hapgood, Captain Roger Fau'ber Billy Witt Bill Young Ben Newton Tom Crafton Eddie Berry Mike Crabill Philip Burruss, Manager Back Row: Coach J. Robinson, R. Carter, B. Parker, W. Salmon, J. Evans, D. Grimes, F. Cox, B. Minnick, J. Moore, H. Hackett J. Hollingsworth, Coach J. Noechel. Front Row: L. Tuggle, J. Cralle, P. Richlin, E Overstrcet, B. R 1:-id, H. Duff, A. Moyer, M. McKenna. BASEBALL This season Glass will play every eligible West- ern District team, plus Brookville and Virginia Episcopal School. Returning from last year's team will be Johnny Cralle, Herbert Duff, Robin VVood, Edmond Overstreet, and Asa Moyer. Buddy Reid will also see action t-his year. The team is not as experienced as last year's, but they feel they will have a good record. The competi- tion will be tougher this year because of the Group I games. Since baseball's reorganization three years ago, the team has lost only three games. Under the direction of Coach Noechel and Coach jerry Robinson, the Hilltoppers hope to keep up the fine record with a successful season. 11421 Head Coach john Xoechel and Captain Edmond Overstreet. April April April April April April May May May M ay 3 S 11 15 Z2 29 2 9 13 16 Brookville ...................... Virginia Episcopal School ........................... Roanoke ........................ Halifax ...... Roanoke ...... Brookville ..... Salem .......... Danville .......................... Virginia Episcopal Home .There H o-nie H ome .......There ..........There ......Thcre There School ................... ........ H ere Halifax ........ There '4Egg" Overstreet connects. Edmond Overstreet, Captain Herbert Duff Ro-bin VVood Buddy Reid Paul Richlin Asa Moyer Johnny Cralle Bill Parker jimmy Hollingsworth I. W. Price crowns Sally Gayle Shepherd VARSITY "GH CLUB The month of November, 1957, satisfied the wishes of many athletic-minded boys at li. C. Glass. This month mariked the re-organization of the Varsity "G" Club. The club had been out of existence ever since 1949. During the past two years, however, the boys have worked very hard to get their club back into activity. XVith the help and guidance of Mr. Bradford, they were rewarded this November. The main purpose of having this organization is to create respect for the varsity letter. The club builds the boys' morals and gives them better attitudes to- wards sportsmanship. When a boy wishes to enter the club he must have earned a varsity letter and must file an application. He is then voted on by the members. The main project for this year's members has been the fixing and furnishing of the club room. Two hops were sponsored by the club. Another project was to put pictures of all the 1957-58 varsity teams into one frame and place it in the gym corridor. Each member Sweetheart of the Varsity HGH Club at theajfreceives a blue and white jacket, which he must pay Valentine's Day Hop. Egfor l1l'111SClf. OFFICERS J. W. Price Edmond Overstreet Howard Scruggs President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Back Row: Mr. Bradford, H. Duff, J. Candler, 0. Aylor, T. Hapgood, R. Berry, D. Fvzigans, R. Pugh, J. Pl92lFQlllfS, X. 'I':mner, D. Staples, R. Fftuber. Third Row: B. Cawthorne, M. Pei-row, B. Futrell, P. Booker, H. C. Thaxton, M. Cunningham, J. Blencuwe, B. Hundley, G Linn, G . Vfhite. Second Row: L. Bailey, J. Aultiee, D. villlgllilll, R. Mcilzxtlni, D. Dills, Ii. Mosby, R. Mosby, A Hayes, B. Cheves. First Row: Cv. Riddle, li. Tuggle, D. Schley, R. Dunnavant, J. YVQJ. lker, A. Moyer, J. VV. Price, ll. Scruggs, R. W'oorl, U. hlCf1lI'Cg'Ql'. 51441 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Tennis anyone? You're not the tennis type? Vkfell, how about a game of hockey, speedball, soccer, basket- ball, volleyball, softball, or badminton? All of these sports are available to Glass girls in the form of after-school' games sponsored by the Girls' Athletic Association. Through G.A.A. girls gain skill in playing by participation, and skill in officiating by attending special classes. Teams are formed according to gym classes. At the end of each season teams having the best records participate in a tournament. Gne of the main phases of the G.A.A. program is the awarding of "letters" or pins to girls acquiring thirty-five or more points. Points are gained when a girl participates in, officiates, or scores a -game, when she is a G.A.A. representative, and when she is on the championship or runner-up teams in a tournament. The successful activities of the association were con- cluded with the Parent-Student Activity Night. OFFICERS Karen Hansen Marsha Dovvdy Kay Younger President Vice-President Secretary Linda Ballard Susan Nellig in Treasurer Rtportci Back Row: B. Tweedy, S. Dowdy, S. Smith, H. Braun, S. Rubenstein, S C Sheplerd M Dmdw Front Row: R. Brown, J. Brown, K. Bradford, K. Younger, G. Matthews I leters W Holt S Ntlllgdll H451 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Varsity Cheerleaders are chosen on the basis of citizenship and character, in addition to pep and form, so their high standards are a part of their honor. There is something t'extra" about this year,s squad, too, 'for they have done far more than the usual cheering at games. Tirelessly led and encouraged by Head Cheer- leader, Anne Farrar, the girls helped decorate the goalposts for the 'football games, sold "pom- pomsf' collected for the Maroh of Dimes, and par- ticipated in assemblies. They joined with the J. V. Cheerleaders on occasions to 'bring out the com- bined spirit and sportsmanship of the students at pep rallies and games. The girls attended most of the out-of-town games via the "old yellow bus." When these team- fbackers eoul-dn't go, they were always on hand to cheer the team -off Qonce even lbeifore dawnj and then met them with "VICTORY" Cusually U when they arrived home. A new and admirable plan was started this year by Head Cheerleader Anne when, at each game, she asked a different squad member 'to share her position as her co-head-cheerleader. Only with 'the guiding influence of their spon- sor, Mrs. Meidling, could the season have been so successful for she gave so much of her time to helping the girls and planning their activities. Anne Farrar Mary Ellen Burch Ann Rorabaugh Ann Martin L. to R.: M. Walker, A. Martin, L. Kennedy, B. Butler, A. Groseclose, A. Farrar, A. Rorabaugh, L. Stansbury, ML E. Burch, L. llleCraw, B. Marsh, E. Bradford. I' if VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Linda, Stzinsbury Lizann Kennedy Eleanor Bradford Mina VValker Anne Groseelose Bonnie Butler Betty Marsh Laverne McC1'aw Mrs. Meidling, sponsor, Cin the middle of the "HU joins The cheerleaders are off to Roanoke for the big game! the girls in an curly morning practice. 11471 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Visitors to our VT. V. basketball and football games this year never failed to comment on the fine school spirit exhibited during the games and on the way everyone yelled. This participation just didn't happen by chance-it was built by long and patient work by our V. cheerleaders. They kindled our fighting spirit in the "pep ralliesf, and during the games they urged the players on with so much en- thusiasm that everyone watching felt compelled to cheer just as hard. Perhaps one of the reasons for this excep- tional squad was the leadership of their red- haired, dynamic ihead-oheerleader, Susan Nelli- gan and their sponsor, Miss Anne Henderson. Glassls cheerleaders are picked carefully by niembers of the faculty. There are many candi- dates every year, and each year the decisions are 'harder to make. The lucky girls are chosen on the basis of pep, moral attitudes, neatness, ability to execute a Ujumpn and to perform the difficult maneuvers found in some twenty-five cheers used by the Glass squad. Susan Nelligan Head Cheerleader Henrietta Gilliam Sandra Burnett Anne Evans Pat O'Brian Linda Ballard Gloria Gilliam Frances Mitchell Mary Lou Plunkett Miss Henderson, sponsor, watches some of the cheerleaders at an afternoon prac- tice. "Beating the cadence" for the 1957-58 sea- son, the Glass majorettes began early summer practice. At the first game in September they were ready to boost the football players to victory as they appeared on the track with a new routine, Rackettes. The twirl team con- tinued their baton practices three days a week after school and on many mornings before school with the band. Twirling and strutting, these hi-steppers followed the football team to two out-of-town games, Roanoke and Danville. They per- formed in two parades, one for the VMI- Becky Reasor Head Majorette Betsy Hurt Linda Beck Carolyn Wilmouth Carolyn Knowles Ierleen Campbell Linda Neighbors Kitty Sublett Mary Case Betty Coffer Alternate Faith Crist Alternate Betty Gay Mascot MA JORETTES Citadel game, and the other at the band festi- val in Roanoke for the annual Shrine game in which twenty-four other bands participated. In addition to the five majorettes from last ye'ar's squad, four new members were added. Two alternates were chosen also, and again the perky little nine year old mascot, Betty Gay, joined the group. The girls chose a baton- twirler from "way back," Becky Reasor, to be their head majorette. In the spring the baton gals held classes and try-outs for girls who wanted to become major- ettes the following year. l l 1 SPTEEDT-AWAY "Jaguars" At the beginning of the school year the Sophomore gym classes were introduced to a new sport, Speed-Away. It was readily accepted by the fun-loving girls, and soon teams assembled in the afternoons and engaged in game after game of the wholesome recreation. Wiiining a game was hard work indeed, but two teams, NKyle,s Creww and the "Jaguars" became outstanding. Since each team had more than the required number of members, they never found it necessary to default. Al- though soime games were tied, there was only one loss for each of them. The Championship game was played by these 'two teams, and the "Jaguars" emerged as the proud victors. Back Row: P. Sweenev, H. Brown, P. Webb, K. Sublett, D. Pribble, L. Royster. Front Row: A. Racer, C. Owen, S. Hapgood, A. Stokes, S. Epling, M. Thomas. Back Row: K. Childress, S. Hook, J. Smith, A. liill'IT0llI', I'1'. Candler. Front Row: J. Brown, C. McDaniel, P. Farris, P. Urubbs, C. Clendenin. H501 SOCCER "Bobcats" The wild and rowdy ole Eng- lish sport, soccer, this year pro- vided an afternoon of vigorous exercise for the eighth grade girls. Through the months of Qcto- ber and November the teams gathered regularly on the field and played earnestly. Finally the "Bobcats," led by captain Cather- ine Childress, found themselves matched with Cissa Basten's team, the 'iBlue Eagles." To capture the championship, one of the two teams had to Win two out of three games. The K'Bobcats" proved themselves the better team and captured the much desired title of "Cham- pionf, Back Row: L, Plunkett, S. F. Ryan, R. Bennett, W. Jester, K. Thornhill, B-. Carr, D. Gibson, C. Arendall, N. Tomlin. Front Row: S. F. Shepherd, M. E. Tuggle, S. Smith, B. Tyner, S. Bridges, C. Johnson, L. McDaniel. HOCKEY "Shindiggers', Many Senior girls look back with happy memories at those fall months of the Hockey season. Those were the days when gym classes meant a rough and rous- ing game of hockey. Preparing for a game, each girl would choose a stick of proper length, buckle on her shin guards, and gallop off to the field to join the line-up. The opposing center forwards began the game with a bully which set the ball in motion, the sticks swinging, and the of- ficials calling fouls. The hockey teams spent many afternoons playing off the chal- lenging tournament. As the sea- son drew to a close, the 'Shin- diggersu were hailed as the Champions. SPEEDBALL "Blue Dahliasv The Freshman speedball teams showed hearty enthusiasm for their fall sport and combined their fun with skill as they manipulated the ball up and down the field. Cheers and screams of disappointment echoed through the air Whenever the ball was sent into the goal or lost to the other team. At last two teams, the "Blue Dahliasu and the 'Cannon Balls," were pitted against each other for the final game of the seasong the game which would determine the speedball champions. As the game came to a close, another blue ribbon team had been b r o ug ht to light-the "Blue Dahliasf' Back Row: S, Gnrvlner, B, Tallman, Y. Allen, Y. Allen, A. Rmabaugh, B, Bond. Front Row: D. Candler, A. Farrar, J. Wilburn, A. Hershberger, P. Ford, S. Shepherd. U51 1 i BASKETBALL "I-Iudson's Globetrottersl' As the New Year began so also began the basketball season, and the Sth and 9th grade girls' gym classes eagerly organized teams to take part in the com- ing Basketball Tournament. One of the teams competing in the tournament was a 9th grade team, the HHudson's Globe- trottersf' Under their determined captain, Linda Hudson, the team earned ta record of six wins and two losses. However, another team, the K'Gold Diggers," more than matched their record with seven wins and one tie. But as the tournament play-offs moved these teams to the top and matched them against each other, the "Glolbetrotters" were able to capture first place. Back Row: M. A. Crown, J. Tweedy, B. Humncr, L. Webb. Front Row: B. Myers, L. Hudson, G. Gilliam, Clockwise from bottom: N. Royer, D. Mohr, B. Patteson, N. Creed, B. Marsh, L. Peters, J. Kessee. L. Brooks, M. E. Burch, S. Rubenstein. H521 BASKETBALL "Saints" As another season of girls' basketball came to a close, the "Saints" came marching out as champions. Spurred on by their captain and high-scorer for the season, Lois Peters, they ex- hibited excellent teamwork and sportsmanship as they fought to the top. Although they played against skilled teams, the 'lSaints', achieved an unusual record, eleven games won and one tied fnrot a single losslj. The girls proved the old say- ing Hpractice makes perfect" to be true. They practiced much, and their playing always showed it. The girls had the knack of making baskets from any spot on the court. FOOTBALL - BASKETBALL CASUALS ll ' V... F l. The football team looks rather gay after the last game. 2. VVe tried everything-even signs on the field house-but we couldn't beat "Jeff," 3. These boys did a fine job of managing our football team. 4. Lassie delays the Glass-Jefferson game! 5. Mr. McCue presents a trophy to Captain VVylie Cooke after the teani's winning the VVestern District Basketball Championship. 6. Basketball managers ready the equipment for a big game. Takewwwiaagd dtdatdemmdaaf tdeeaai f MW- VW" " an 3 EATURES N1 fx Exciting, gay, ridiculous, and just terrific-thatys Senior Day! It's the one clay of the year that the Seniors htake over" Qor try toj and rule their sub- jects. the unclerclassmen. The teachers also "give in"' to the clay as senior privileges are taken in senior classes. The Senior homeroom decorations, the pri- vate assembly, the parade down Main Street after school, the football game that night, and just being able to do almost anything you wish-all make Senior clay one of the happily remembered highlights of high school. ATTEXDANTS Mary Ellen Burch Carlton Snow Kenneth VVhite Anne Farrar gs 2 ii 2 as C5 3 3 E 5 ? S 3 if ,, 5 it Egg? S Q k ki, ,N ffm ,4 Q xggf if A--Q f?R Ib Some of the fislicrwomen of prize-wiuniiig 234 swim It's so nice of the uuclcrclassmen to about in their glory. respect us Seniors so willingly. liconomics class was11't quite the f V . Q , , 7 1, , . p Same that day Hmm, where is Mr. HQ, M1. Yootlmll, lm 36--4-36. Wlmt about you. Racer? ll59I SENIOR DAY FROLICS P BEST ALL-AROUND kswwery wfffrs - JA NE BABEA2 BEST LOOKING nn fmpaooa - .SALLY GAYLE sfffmfsz H601 X Wiwpg zsimau Kim ,, "X"'gf- msgli Y ii? ' ' ' if mfs f WWI? wgizf ffx, v wzggzfiifi, K M-mr'f'2 f sf lv It if Y 55 uw' - -.f M S X Q 4-T'np1"Af"' --.....,-.. M Wi' z2f5?s75'W A.. 3 V 5 . M Rig Q s , . .Qu , , xg K 5 fb' KZ.:-x . - Ll ELY T0 SUCCEED HAPPY WANDERERS Marr ROBEJYTSON - efrsv rwfsor' , Guy Luwv - Amv EDRABAUGH A MOST ATI-ILETDC v TYPiCAL SEAHORS mc. THAXTO-N - Lars PETERSV MARY ELLEN BURCH - BILL clmmssks wHo 's WHO! L1621 CLASS SQUIRT AND GIANT' BIGGEST :JUDY WILBURN v JUHN CANDLER DIBBY MOH? ' RICHARD MOSBY ITTEEST AND .NST-WiTTiEST FRIENDLIEST v severely som: - ASA Morse Amvs MARTIN - easnv rvooa ' WHO'S WHO! H631 low! ga ' . . . our State DAR Best Girl Citi- . . . the Betty Crocker Homemaker zen, Jane Baber. of the Year, Cary Nelson. . . . Sue Gardner and Ed Haymes, . . . Nancy Turnley, D. E. Student National Merit Scholarship semi- ofthe Year. finalists. I1641 I I . . . Anne Farrar and Penny Ford . . . Langhorne Scruggs, John Ryon . . . Mr. Football, H. C. Thaxton, for selling the most football and and Bill Quillian, David Garrick being crowned by Head Cheerleader basketball season tickets. players in the district winning play Anne Farrar. "Box and Cox." "' fl EXJ' wx . . . Betty McLennan. E. C. Glass., l ' H ' ' , , - - V Penny FOUL Gary PHC6, Sandra winner of the Voice of Democracy Baber and Wylie Cooke, being Rubenstein, Aubrey Hayes, Nancy Contest. crowned by john Mott Robertson Royer, and Oscar Aylor, who made and Carole Knight. All State Choir. 11651 ,4 Z. 3. 4. 6. 7. ffQ'1a!c+ I Miss Payneys English classes present the annual inspiring Christmas Pageant. By the way, aren't you all supposed to be working on the goal-posts? Ellen Childers seems to be thoroughly enjoying the Tri-Hi-Y Rice Supper. Here's a Friday ,afternoon view of some of our sch ool-spirited students. Oops! A l'Crest" photographer got in the picture! Glass leaders open the first assembly with l'Let's Beat The Band" talks. The cheerleaders don a new uniform for the American Education Week Assembly .Zazzle ' I I I l K v - K ., " 4 bp 3.4 2 A 1 I f 4 Q ye 'Q 'EW V K , H ,, Al 'img V X ' 4 M f A :rw N' 7 'A 'M xv- : k. :ff . 4 . Q' 1 MwMWm...M:ffV V A .,... ,.,..,.... L I: f-W -' r MQW 'l.: 3 : - " ,b,I 1: ,,,, , ..,.:.,,.,.,..,.v-.. . K V -A-- f D V f f ' ' ' .ig f 'K f' , Trix A . I EA , , f 4 Ea E 6 2 5, 3 3 . 3 3 +L, Q Qi A .... K . . Mis in A A W W zmwmf :ff-. Q10 was A i a '14 . E W ' akaxgri-5 4 fgmzzfzwi A W. 'gn P' M ,,. , ig5m . F-fs-and he li 7 Take time Za expefzimemf- awzdepazkamqwaa DVERTISEMENTS Acree 85 Peck, Inc. Adams Motor Company Allied Pharmacies Anderson's Kitty Hawk CN. CJ Super Market Appalachian Electric Power Co. Associated Steel, Inc. Baldwin's Department Store Blankenship's Market Bowen Jewelry Company, Inc. Burruss Land 85. Lumber Co., Inc. Burnett Tire Co. A. B. Burton Company, Inc. W. D. Campbell 85 Son Canada Produce Company Carrington-Dirom-Basten Company Cary Chevrolet, Inc. Chap-ans Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company Chestnut Hill Beauty Shop Clean-Craft, Inc. G. A. Coleman Co., Inc. Commercial Trust 85 Savings Bank Conner Produce Company Conson's Dinette Co-Operative Building 85 Loan Association James T. Davis Dickerson Buick Corporation W. D. Diuguid, Inc. Dooley, Florist T. B. Dornin-Adams Co., Inc. Doyle, Florist First Federal Savings 85 Loan Association of Lynchburg First National Trust 85 Savings Bank S. O. Fisher, Inc. Forehand Realty Company J. R. Ford Company, Inc. Kiah T. Ford, Inc. Fort Hill Esso Station John E. Gannaway 85 Co., Inc. Our Advertzsers Guggenheimer's Dept. Store Guggenheimer's Studio Harry Haga Company Bob Hawkins Hill City Tobacco Company, Inc. Hodges Auto Repair Service Hollin's Mill Drive-In S. M. Hopkins John P. Hughes Motor Co., Inc. Ideal Laundry James River Motors Co. A. G. Jefferson Howard Johnson johnny's Pure Oil Service Station Kern's Bakery Lone Jack Limestone Co., Inc. Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce Lynchburg College Lynchburg Electric Company Lynchburg Engraving Company Lynchburg Federal Savings 85 Loan Association Lynchburg Foundry Co. Lynchburg Iron and Metal Co. Lynchburg National Bank 85 Trust Company Lynchburg Ready-Mix Concrete Co., Inc. Lynchburg Sales Company Lynchburg Steam Bakery Lynchburg-Westover Dairies, Inc. Mead Corporation McGehee Furniture Company McKenna, Inc. Merriman's Barber Shop J. R. Millner, Inc. Montague-Betts Company, Inc. J. B. Moore, Contractor Mutual Press, Inc. H701 Nationwide Insurance Co. Nehi Bottling Company The News and The Daily Advance The Nut Shop Oak Hall Costume Co. L. Oppleman Patterson Drug Company Pearson's Drug Store Peoples National Bank and Trust Company Perrymont Food Center Peters News Stand Phillips Business College Phillip's Brothers, Inc. Quality Dairy Products, Inc. Randolph-Macon Woman's College Rivermont Pharmacy Schewel Furniture Company Inc. Scott's 5 Cent to 5 Dollar Store Snead-Payne Company Sta-Kleen Bakery, Inc. State Industrial Loan Corporation Steptoe 85 Patteson, Inc. Stokes Hardware Company Strother Drug Company Texas Tavern Trent's Gulf Service Vaughan Motor Company, Inc. Virginia Laundry- Crutchfield Cleaners Virginia Lawn 85 Garden Center Virginian Motors, Inc. Warner Theatre Wheeler's Pharmacy White Star Laundry 85 Cleaners, Inc. Whitten Funeral Home, Inc. Wills-Camp Company, Inc. WLVA-WLVA-TV J. W. Wood Yellow Cab Y. M. C. A. symbol of progress... As graduation nears, Iet's take a serious look at the past. We see that education has been largely responsible For the progress ol: our nation. Why? Education is PROGRESS. Today - more than ever before - industry, business and labor, all, know the true values of a good educational system. EDUCATION continues to stand as a true symbol of PROGRESS. O 'ez Q gall, .51 4 ELECTRIC PUWER CUMPIIIIY Howard Johnson's Dsuclous Poop and FAMOUS ICE CREAM Wards Road For-ehand Realty Co. A compIe+e Real EsI'a'Ie and Insurance Service 80I Church Sfreei Dial 2-4536 H711 Leland Baily instructs Eddie Wiley in CREST photography. sg., vs,,.:... rf ri Ag, , .4 sn- -.F . -W 1 'W ' . 4' 1" ful' . "'f " X xl' N R uk.',l"s. . . 05 I V , . X xgY,i5 - I Y ' , me - 5 , - . , . S-. . e.1 I - gf Ng:-e..,g,. ,JM,'?'., -,. . v ' 'U' .in - 50111115 ., .rl .Q , A u Al ' gl Ill IIN I . 1 . sa .Z I n "T-. J' ,g.?:-'- l'l 1 . , I ' ' 1m'u" lil 11.2523 1 L si fb it 'mfr h ,. its b , . s If H76 V If I I I ati.. flip' 's 5 hill .Q I ' ' I .5 i I ,sig Q It-4 1 9 ' . k li bfi' L I 9 lil 5 -7 W: in u 11 ' I I "'.":l' Lili i H m?i,Qgg.55g,5vg4j9l . 41'-,.:g..,.1 . ' u, 0 ihn ff- W - ' 5ErE2E:E1ErE122EIE1E1E:EsE:5-iririiriciir52525-f .' KU4 I ' St.1-Sars:I:ers:2:1:::r:1-1S:1::3Qg,32i:?5:1:1s-932J: A . I' H I Ywfiiilisfl ff' ,wi N 'x' 3 ' 5- XiSQ,.x.':gli 115,36 r,.,9,:Z,I:Zl 2429 lhfff- 'k ,, N ...I N Yifilii '?,- ' 1 f--- 'r :Sk f I L. .il-1' get E. A :iq-lL 5.316 XAB R V I.: ' A . I "figs Federal SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION SPOT TO SAVE You can't change the spots on a leopard . . . you can change the spot where you save. Wise savers have found this specialized savings insti- tution offers them more for their savings. Here your dol- lars enjoy maximum earnings with maximum safety. And of course, your funds are conven- iently available when needed. So why not make a change in your "savings spot" today. Youll earn more . have more by saving here. any X. All me , - tfgfbfffgg ffi'!':.'l'e V ' H13 v I I Hal.: 5151752 41:3 . . s - With- Xm l, Al .'--141' 4174 . . . ' R"-is ' 'ff' 4 1 , -gr sg I Q' , I b V 1 Gs- A lf- I: LYNCHBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS 8: LOAN Home Office - 616 Church Street Miller Park Branch-1990 Fort Avenue H721 LYNCHBURGNS OLDEST INSTITUTION i i -1"-I-I I. III !! 5 i'I5X5 sf, gfI'J f J UIDRGB A. D LIQUID N DIUOUID X.Ef M. D. D UG D 1 S uf? 2- fgr z!g:! ..!gflg ig. arf' I: 'LI ' , iI ' 123'f1uIIf Z, I J f "'i:'a." 4i""'i" 1 '3 I ' --:- - 8 'g"lp1p'f'J' ' W- D:J2Q',HS5U'D guneral Qirecfors DIUGUID SERVICE COSTS NO MORE IOI6 RIVERMONT AVENUE DIAL 2-31432 LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA H731 M r. Philip P. Allen, Presi- dent, and Mr. john P. Read, jr., Vice-President, of WLVA-TV explain the televising of the Dr. Pep- per Silver Dollar Dance Program to Becky Reasor. MCKEN N A, Inc. BEEF - PORK - VEAL - LAMB "Superior Brand Foods" Lynchburg, Virginia CON N ER PRODUCE COMPANY Inc. WHOLESALE FRUITS and VEGETABLES LYNCHBURG. VIRGINIA IOOO JeFferson Dial 2-4583 IIO .. ' lv, ' 1 111 Isix T w C 6 D wg "FOR THE FINEST IN APPLIANCES" The Lynchburg Electric Company GENERAL ELECTRIC Appiiances for ihe Home Radios and Television by ZENITH - ADMIRAL See Us Today - Dial 2-3439 60I Main Sireei Lynchburg, Va. Mr. Robert Arnold, Central Office Foreman, Chesapeake 8: Potomac Tele- phone Company, conducts jimmy Mor- rison on an inspection tour of the Switch Room. M onta gue-B etts Company STRUCTURAL STEEL - REINFORCING STEE-L - MISCELLANEOUS AND ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK Phone 2- I 205 I6I9 Wythe Road Lynchburg, Virginia I1741 ' Emu Jw. Stokes Hardware Co. 3004 Memorial Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia LET SCI-IEWELS FEATHER YOUR NEST Furnishing Lynchburg Homes For More Than Half a Cenfury ELEVENTH AND MAIN STREETS White Star Laundry Snead-Payne Company and Cleaners, Inc. Realfgys Ci"lUl'Ch S+l'ee'i' sob I2+h S+. Lynchburg, v Lynchburg- Virginia H751 TAKE OUR FLOWERS For WITH You ON THAT Eye Care BIG DATE Consull' Your DIAL 6-2655 Eye Physician DOYLE, FLORIST FO' - Eye Wear 708 Mann Sfreei' Consuh, Your Guild Opiician T. B. DORNIN-ADAMS CO. ' C INCORPORATED ROOFING "' -f and SHEET METAL woRK A- G- JEFFERSGN Ground Floor Allied Arfs Building IIO7 Commerce Slreef, Lynchburg, Va. Dial 7-238i LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA EXCLUSIVELY OPTICAL YOUR ALLIED PHARMACIES Prompt Delivery from Your Nearby Druggist ALLIED PHARMACY, lnc. FORT HlLL PHARMACY, Inc. Downlown For? Hill Dial 2-3466 Dial 4-2456 ROBERTSON DRUG STORE, Inc. WESTOVER PHARMACY, Inc. Chesfnuf Hill Wesf End Dial 2-l239 Dial 2-3473 Qylziffezz Luzem gfome, zzc. I336 Park Avenue - Lynchburg, Virginia DIAL 2-452l LYNCHBURG'S MOST MODERN CHAPEL I1761 BLANKINSHIP9S Rivermont Pharmacy I208 Rivermont Avenue D' I 3-27I3 BETTER MEATS FOR LESS 'a ETHICAL PRESCRIPTION I l08 Main Street SERVICE I-YnCI"bU"9- VIFQIUIC Sodas - Toiletries - Sundries Mr. j. T. Stansbury, jr., President Associated Steel, Inc., conducts Linda Stansbury and Anne Evans on a tour of the plant. ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY JULIAN ADAMS, Owner "Virginia's Largest Plymouth Retailer tor I940" DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH SALES - SERVICE 8I I-8l3-8I5 Fifth Street Dial 2-3456 H771 e W A tip for x a miss who S extra S ecieti a . kv , i sir v,,A t - if ...,:..,,.. V ? We X .. -:-:E-4:2-: -:- .1.-e :g f: If you are an alert young woman, you'll find an "extra special" job at the telephone company. Youill meet lots of young people your own age . . . work in pleasant surroundings . . . receive good pay while you're being trained...get regular raises. And you don't need any experience! Best of all, youill be helping almost everyone in your community. Why not find out more about the advantages of telephone work? The Chesapeake 8. Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia "A good place to work" H781 Visit KERN'S BAKERY At Their New Home ' 1420 Campbell Avenue "The Besl' Deal In Town" CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH DIAMOND "T" TRUCKS GOODYEAR TIRES BATTERIES HOT POINT APPLIANCES G. E. 81 MOTOROLA TELEVISION VAUGHAN MOTOR CO., Inc. 2306 Bedford Avenue I2I'h 8: Church Sfreefs JOHN P. HUGHES MOTOR CO., Inc. 800 Commerce Sfreei DIAL 2-45I I H791 S c 0 t t' s Sc to 85.00 Store IN THE HEART OF THE WESTOVER-SHOPPING CENTER Dial 3-5277 30l8 Memorial Ave Lynchburg, Virginia Mr. Morris W. Scott, President Scott's 5c 85 85.00 Store, helps Sandra Johnston select an Easter Basket. S. O. Fisher, Inc. V -Q SPORTING eooos W, EDUCATIONAL Tovs AND GAMES """""'Y A Over I25 Years Guaranteed Sales and Service Distributed By Dial 2-045i i024 Main Street City Tobacco Co. D801 H 'H FOR TIIUIISANDS 0F LYNGHBIIRGERS Lynchburg Natumal Bank and Trust Company O NINTH AND MAIN STREETS E'lNBRANCH-NINTHANDCOMMERCES . I 1 ANNOUNCES 1958 BLUE HORSE 'WINNERS LE DOYI.. v-' 52,000 Q MRS. MARIE SHANERN 21,000 voun PUBLJCATIONS RS Fora 1959. . A l' 3 F he . Txyil C3111 G vavwaos C19 2f'5ei ' Phgne a if V 4 ers Pll0l18 fm E R ssnwc N.Q liiibf as 'T 4, iixilliil gin' . ' JE fax -hn 6 Ill KJ K1 I, 5' 'K A111 t , Lynchburg's Most Complete All-Around One-Stop Laundry -- Dry Cleaning Service THE WASHING WELLS I204 Rivermonl' Avenue 5222 For? Avenue 2020 Memorial Avenue Join the Teen-Agers In An Informal Atmosphere For Good Food Good Music Quick Service Reasonable Prices AT Hollin's Mill Drive-In nov HoLLlNs MILL ROAD 1831 CHAMBER OF - COMMERCE LYNCHBURG, VA. When in Virginia- H ls Lynchburg The News and The Daily Advance Carry complefe reporis of all Glass High spor'rs and ofher aciivifies. Always read bofh papers. REACH FOR SUNBEAM THE BREAD YOU NEED EOR ENERGY E-E THE SUNBEAM BAKERS I 276 Park Avenue JEWELERS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS GOOD TIMES Music - SPORT eoons at the , Qhlillp5 Y. M. C. A. Brofhers, Inc. "Home For Your Money - Money For Your Home" FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LYNCHBURG 34 Years a Thriff Cenrer and Home-Financing Headquarrers DANDRIDGE MURRELL, Presideni' Church Sfreef af Ninih Dial 2-4589 Lynchburg, Virginia 11841 HATEVER your require- menls .... we shall appreciafe fhe oppor- 'runify of aiding you in securing 'rhe bes+ possi- ble values in .... PRINTING ENGRAVING 6225 ufuaf refs, nc 58-60 Ninfh Slreel Dial 2-I203 W 11851 L. OPPLEMAN JEWELRY - MUSIC - LUGGAGE LARGEST RECORD DEALERS AUTHORIZED AGENTS - EXCLUSIVE DEALERS FOR "HOLTON" AND "CONN" BAND INSTRUMENTS - SHEET MUSIC Clarinets-Cornets-Trumpets--Saxophones-Violins-Violas-Cello-Bass Violins Slingerland Drums GIBSON, MARTIN AND FENDER GUITARS Complete Line of Musical Accessories BULOVA AND ELGIN WATCHES-CROWN LUGGAGE RCA-VICTOR Hl-FI VICTROLAS - RADIOS - TELEVISIONS L. OPPLEMAN Esfablished I890 825 Main Sireei Lynchburg, Virginia "YOUR GIFT STORE" Dial 2-575I EASY TERMS BUY THE PACKAGE WITH THE BIG RED CHECK MARK YOUR SURE SIGN OF FLAVOR uamy Chem DAIRY PRODUCTS Qualify Dairy Producis, Inc. 20I Oakley Ave., Dial 4-2464 A. B. BURTON COMPANY, Inc. General Contractors RAILROAD Q HIGHWAY Q AIRPORTS AND GENERAL EXCAVATION Lynchburg, Virginia Box 8I7 Telephone 5-2568 51861 Randolph-Macon Woman's College Lynchburg, Virginia WILLIAM FLETCHER QUILLIAN, JR., Ph.D., LL.D., PresidenT Randolph-Macon Woman's College has long been recognized as one oT The leading colleges Tor women in America. IT is approved by all The naTional sTandardizing associaTions, iTs charTer oT Phi BeTa Kappa was The TirsT granTed To a SouThern college Tor women: iTs degrees are accepTed by all universiTies in The UniTed STaTes and Toreign counTries Tor uncondiTioned admission To Their graduaTe schools. A SOUTHERN COLLEGE WITH NATIONAL RECOGNITION AND NATIONAL PATRONAGE ... .i. .. For CaTaIogue and DeTaiIed InTormaTion, Address THE REGISTRAR Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Virginia H871 :' x 014 f . x . , I g I. Your Furmture Dollar Buys More At - .- 7 , -' ' , V lk Y ga-a-.F ,ANY , T M , . - 96 Q v ' E I , - ,Q o9w60,o',v, "H I6?3'3'3'!v'3'2"+ o o Q O3',9 40,1 t',9 Q.9.9'Q'g9 1'9' 9.O' 5' Q54 09,9699 s4r,9,09 99,9 sQvQQ!'f,5Iv" XQQY O K , L wi? LE sg HBE' LEAD IN G' "FURNITURE - I , LYNCHBURG S 1 ,w,mwm,,n YSTORE "You Will Be BeH'er Dressed in Clofhes from Wills-Camp" Wills-Camp Company TEXAS TAVERN 6Il Main S+. Lynchburg, Virginia ussl PATTERSON DRUG COMPANY 2 STORES FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE i020 Main Sireei' 627 Main Sfreei Sandra Burnett and Carole Cralle inspect the Christmas display of Bur- nett Tire Company with Mr. D. Earl Burnett, Presi- dent. 'Last Rose of Summer' or 'Fresh as 51 Daisy? --::,., X "'A-'-N'- 1 , S .43 --" . -IAA 'ner : L 315,111 .,., 1 :Wir A:-AA- : .IM , 1. :- - W X K .... - g in .rw Be a "Long-Trip Slnal-tie!" F --l' ---- -t-' No reason why you shouldrft feel fresh as a daisy after a long trip. Smart drivers keep their cars in top comfort con- ' ""' I dition. Their cars steer easier . . . don't shimmy. Brakes are A uuz' Z safe and riding'S smoother. Drive in for Comfort Ride Service 2" 2:f355f5fW 1 :W E 'ifffffffffi at our Bear Sign. You'l1 save your nerves, your money . . . and perhaps your life! WHEEL ALINEMENT BURNETT TIRE COMPANY 8' BALANUNG Phone 8-2883 5+h 8: Court Sts. B v I c E Lyn ch b u rg. Virginia M 552 .11 H891 y 1' -l' '1 X fm M NX X W T SN ' I L. Q l 1 f X "Q: , -i +lk'f'fyo,-U.B'jX , X' Q 1 f i gf 2 EMERALD CUT DIAMOND 8 55211 F ENGAGEMENT RINGS and M MATCHING WEDDING BANDS A 1 A '. ' f T' ff YY X P Siuii btztff III' ' Y v-2, liant ' te C tom zed y rings ofo 'gn ldesg I I iigau' if his' X06 ' mill: x W ff xf 7 NN Nell' BOWEN- c!ewe6y Qnynarzy fri-'. 9th and Main mol Mr. Lawrence M cWane, Secretary of The Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce, shows Stuart Martin the statistics on the indus- trial growth ot Lynchburg. LYNCHBURG F OUNDRY CCMPAN Y l1911 7 ' F '-MW '?"Q:1:F l .1.1.E-sw., ' " f xW' 4 if 1 ' -. - "1 W fi, Q i2Ef2i2ifi2i2i2ifE2if l MMM A " il -A f fs A '25EE325E525EEEE::.'25E :s . W , T , Q 6, W k X .4,..- :4-1-:H -vvv ' .,., .,..-. ' 1 .... , .,., A """" ' " GH all-important step . . No matter what you are going to do . . . whether you plan to go to college . . . or to take up a good trade . . . one of your most important steps in approaching adulthood is the establishment of a sound banking connection. If you have not opened a bank account, we would be pleased to have you do so here at Peoples National. . . where you will find every modern banking facility at your con- venient disposal. And, equally important, you will find here an able and understanding staff of officers and employees who are always ready to assist you with your financial prob- lems . . . whatever they may be. 5 CONVENIENT OFFICES MAlN OFFICE DEPDSITURS BRANCH Sth 8- Main 11th L Main PERSONAL LOAN DEPARTMENT CHURCH STREET DRIVE-IN BRANCH ll 1 h m 210 am sum 8th s. church T N MILLER PARK BRANCH 1933 Fort Avenue E li gs EE G3 2 lffztef sil1.lQi'i EE lilill il 1 sg 3- 3 3 ,ll s NATIONAL BANK 'fm A ,f i The s. must COMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COIPORAUON ' MEMBEK FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM a -EN-lk' lri in W 921 A SURE START TO SUCCESS WITH YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA IS TO ENTER Pununs 935391595 couscs X IUYNCIIIUIG, VIRGINIA 9 Higher Accounting 0 Bookkeeping 9 Secretarial 9 Stenographic 0 Salesmanship EACH MONTH Make One Payment to YOURSELF To Which We Add - my fi ., I f' are f s - , SW N01 I 490 4 , ' O . 'XT lb' anmlix The Co-Operative Building and Loan Association CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: 2I5 Nin+I1 S+. - 5224 ForI' Ave. - AmI1ersI' Turnpike "Each Accouni' Insured Up +o SI0,000.00" INVEST IN LYNCHBURG 2 DICKERSON E545 BUICK coRP. 5 wal Fine Qualily Shoes for +l1e Enlire Family Since I886 COLElVIAN'S CANADA PRODUCE 82 I Jefferson Sireel' For Speed, Convenience and' Economy . DIAL 4-2479 Lynchburg Ready-Mix Concrete Co., Inc. VIRGINIA LAWN AND GARDEN CENTER COMPLETE LANDSCAPE SERVICE Phone 3-3022 Harry I-Iaga Co. 607-609 Main S'lree'l' Wards Road W. D. CAMPBELL 86 SON, INC. Insurance Peoples Nafional Bank Building 11941 A Laundry Service to Fit Every Family Budget Fanfom Fasl' Invisible Idenlificalion Used Exclusively Jafeail DIAL 6-2666 Venefian Blinds Cleaned, Relaped and Recorded "BOB" HAWKINS FRESH MEATS AND . . . MOTORS Virginian CO "Ford" Lyncl'1IDurg's Largesl' Aulo Dealer GROCERIES l2ll1 8: Courl' Slreels Phone 8'284' l554 Park Ave. Dial 3-I328 Get the Rabbit Habit B 'W FLORIST BUNNY BREAD Lynchburg Sleam Bakery, Inc. M5 Main S+' JAMES T. DAVIS "Lynchburg,s Leading Paint and Wallpaper Store" DIAL 2-3407 I225 MAIN STREET H951 Wheeler's Pharmacy inc, WLVA I749 Park Avenue Dial 6-2627 Lynchburg, Virginia COMMERCIAL TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK CLARENCE G. BURTON, President S. S. SPENCER, Vice'Pres. and Cashier THOMAS R. PUGH, IR., Trust Officer WILLIAM A. BROOKS, Asst. Cashier TEMPLE R. NORTH, Asst. 'Trust Officer 395 INTEREST PAID ON DEPOSITS Member Federal Deposit Irtsurarice Corporation CARY CHEVROLET Incorporaied "HEADQUARTERS FOR A SQUARE DEAL" 500 Main Sfreei' Dial 5-2583 James River Motors, Inc. Lincoln - Mercury - English Ford Dealers i1961 HIGHEST PRICES For All Grades of Scrap and Waste Material Lynchburg Iron and Metal Co. A CompIe'l'e Line of Ins+i+u+ionaI and Consumers Fine Foods J. W. Wood ws-loLEsALE eRocER MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT LYNcHauRe's LARGEST, Most ASSOCIATED MODERN NEIGHBORHOOD wwe sroae STEEL Pearson's Druq Store Inc, 2476 RIVERMONT AVE. DIAL 4-2473 4I09 BOONSBORO ROAD DIAL 3-4666 With the help of Mr. Floyd A. Robertson, jr., Secretary of Westover Pharmacy, Betsy Hurt selects a new pen. 11971 Open This CREST in l999 ' ' ' and won't it be your photograph that you and your grandchildren look for first? That's a lot of looking ahead, but it illustrates the permanence . . . the interest . . .of a fine photograph. Fine photographs of you are our concern . . . a photograph you will proudly give as a personal present . . . a photograph you will look back on happily years from now. We hope that when you Want a fine photograph taken again, you entrust it to us-your official school photographer. New QQENHEIMEMQS H981 FIRST NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK THE OLD, BIG, STRONG BANK and VIRGINIA'S OLDEST TRUST COMPANY 34 CITY-WIDE BANKING AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS MAIN OFFICE TRUST HEADQUARTERS Main S+. ai' l0'rh 8Il Main Sfreei' FORT HILL BRANCH RIVERMONT BRANCH Fori' Early Theafre Building 2482 Rivermoni' Avenue INSTALLMENT LOAN OFFICE 8I6 Church S'rree+ Member F. D. I. C. 11991 Trent's Gulf Service Corner Twelfth and Kemper Sfreeis DIAL 2-478I Lone Jack Limestone Co., Inc. CRUSHED STONE For Driveways, Walks, Concrete, etc. Dial 4-268l Lynchburg, Va Nehi Bottling Co. Manufacfurers of ROYAL CROWN COLA and PAR-T-PAK BEVERAGES hone 4-2191 Lynchburg, V Hodges Auto Repair Service Dealer in Texaco Products Phone 2-9667 I537 Park Ave Lynchburg, Va. F OR SECURITY - as an employee as a policyholder see us, we,d like to talk to you about it NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANIES 5401 Fort Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia l200I Merri1nan's Barber Shop 5001f2 Fif+h Slreel' Chestnut Hill Beauty Shop 52l2 Forl' Ave. Dial 2-3246 "lf your hair isn'l' becoming +0 you-you should be coming 'lo us." Free haircu+ with all permanen+ waves. Best Wishes 'From john E. Gannaway 86 Co., Inc. HARDWARE Established I874 I000 Main Streel' Lizanne Kennedy learns the value of a savings account from Mr. William T. MacLeod, secretary-treasurer of State Industrial Loan Corporation. Carrington-Dirom Baslen Com pany, S. M. Hopkins lnc. Dealer ln 927 Church Slreel' Dial 8-2864 GROCERIES - MEATS - PRODUCE Phone 3-I383 l50l Campbell Ave. l201I XXHCHB URG YJWXRG UUMP r Designers and engravers of the South's finest school publications v LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA I I . v Mr. E. S. Dove, jr., President, james River Motor Company, demonstrates a Lincoln to Dibbie Mohr and Gene Gallagher. Visii' Our Young Modern's Shop for +he La'res1' in Junior Fashions r' ow LYNCHBURG, VA. STANLEY WARNER'S Warner Theatre Elevenfh and Main Sfreefs CLEAN-CRAFT, Inc 2995 Fori' Avenue Dial 6-2663 IZOSI VG k J' ,,:.--'- 1:5 :1:- if --..' 2. lf -4' lg ,ff 3 I' XS. --av. In Lynchburg -- It's .5 3 h 0 h Il , , 0 EKWMVW "The Fashion Centre Of Central Virginian l204J Kiah T. Ford 86 Co. . Realtors 207 Nin+I1 S'rree'r judy Hardesty has her first instructions in "Meet Your Future" program of the Chesapeake 85 Potomac Telephone Co. by Mrs. Eleanor Huntley, Personnel Employment Interviewer. I2051 for DRY CRACKEU H I t3,,:2L1., - qw N , 1+ f IIPS 5 I 350 f 1 , . Q QQ ' THAT PROTECTS HANDS THAT WORK CHAP-ANS' exclusive unfisepiic 8 5 3 Z o F '14 'U 2. ,., G E IL CD -I DJ m 1 YP o 3 Q' N ln- Q rn :O r-4 E o Z Z 0 5 m fb an 3 '1 I-Q Q 3 s. X. 4 2 Q CD O c 'T' 2 4""" ,.- xx L 'I'-h-'m 1 2? mr I uf I If' E 535-93535 " 000 to xo ." rr 09-3-5: Ua5'?":lc: . I 3'U-..O 'K Q--U: 2-3"' -LI: Z"'2 51:5 51 Q. ' ,U '-A 1 22 m"29 iz n-' :ann ae 2- QSO: V' 021 2.15 'E 52. 2'-22 I' ""' 'I ,..w' I 'S 9 2 I X I c 2 I X I m I gl ... E b I I 2 : W 5 I I 2 H I -I I gp I 3 : I I Q -A I n M Q l'l'l 3 : I Q 3 Z I .Ig m n. S ,H -. I I 3 S. I Z Q : F I Q 2' Q. ' Q 4 I c 3 I 29- I Cb m a " : ' 5 I. .... J The .Nut Shop NUTS - PEANUTS - CANDIES Your exclusive Nut and Candy Shop 70l-A Main Street Phone 3-4320 Perrymont PETERS NEWS STAND AND LUN CHEON ETTE Good Food - Complete Line of Magazines Food Center l20 Perrymoni' Avenue an PAITESUNE. REALTORS " INSURORS ESTABLISHED 1911 STEpTodE Dial 3-l34I 2l7 Ninth Sfree C onson's Dinette 1 1 1 5 Campbell Avenue REASONABLE PRICES FOR PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE - GOOD FOOD QUICK AND COURTEOUS SERVICE l206J Betty Ryan looks over a 1957 CREST before buying a 1958 copy to take back to Tel Aviv as a reminder of her year at E. C. Glass. TIMBER IS THE ONLY NATURAL RESOURCE THAT CAN BE REPLACED IN A LIFETIME GROW TREES EOR THE FUTURE Burruss Land 85 Lumber Company, Inc Lynchburg, Virginia l2071 If it's modern it's electric J B If it's electric it's ' residential ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 0 commercial I . Electrnc I-Ieatmg 9 industrial FREE ESTIMATES Shop on Edgewood Avenue-Dial VI 6-I447 Whi+e Oak Drive Lynchburg, Virginia Mary McLennan has her ticket taken by Mr. H. A. Clark, Manager, The Warner Theatre. H081 Fulure Execufives al' home - in business -- ge'I' TOP BILLING V al' W QEGUQQENHEIMEBQS Lynchburg's Firsf Deparimeni Slore DIRECTORS S. Frank Pratt, President DIRECTORS L. C. Acreeg Jr, C. Letcher Newcomb, VicefP1'es. C. L. Newcomb Arthur Meidling William T. MacLeod, Secy.-Treas. S- F' Pratt G. W. Sanderson W. Scott Ligon W. T. MacLeod F. T. Spruce STATE INDUSTRIAL LOAN CORPGRATION Main Floor-AIIied Arrs Building - Lynchburg, Virginia Three percent paid on Savings J. R. FORD Company, Inc. Contractors ASPHALT ROADS DRIVEWAYS PARKING AREAS Dial 4-2444 I4I0 I9I'I'l SI. Lynchburg, Va. FORT HILL ESSO STATION Happy Mo'I'oring Sfarfs Here Fort and Memorial Avenues Lynchburg, virginia Dial 2-II9I 8: 2-9874 Strother Drug Company Wholesale Druggists Established I853 12091 S 11 0 p W i t 11 Qui Advertisers Anderson? Super Market KITTY HAWK, N. C. CENTER FOR GROCERIES - NOVELTIES - FISHING TACKLE BEAcH:coTTAGEs MEAD CORPORATION ACREE 86 PECK Lynchburg Sales Co. Incorporafed I98 Oakley Ave. . Disiribuiors TOM'S TOASTED PEAN UTS TOM'S PEANUT BUTTER SANDWTCHES Dial 3-l357 AND TOM'S CANDIES ALLIED ARTS BUILDING Always Call A YELLOW Cab Dial 5-255I 500 Church S+. Rosalie and Mrs. Lunsford Loving help Miss Williams in choosing narcissus from the Virginia Lawn 85 Garden Center Spring Show. IZIII L LYNCHBURG COLLEGE A SENIOR COLLEGE FOR MEN AND WOMEN VISIT The Floyd L. Knighi' Memorial Library URGQ 'll C 5 ."' . ..x l of f2121 ll , ', .... , O ll cz' 'E 1 elm 5 1919 5 fx- I' C9 Q Ilqnm Preston Sandidge of S. O. Fisher, Inc., helps Dick Spencer and Charles Nowlin with the selection of a new camera for our school. OAK HALL COSTUME COMPANY Complete Rental Service Q CAPS AND GOWNS Q FACULTY HOODS Q FANCY COSTUMES AND MAKE-UP FOR- Q MINSTRELS AND PLAYS Q FORMAL WEAR Sold and Rented - Prompt Service OAK HALL COASTUMYE SERVICE An affiliaie of OAK HALL - M. ROSENBERG 86 SONS Roanokeis Pioneer Clothiers Since 1889 FOR MEN, WOMEN si BOYS Roanoke, Virginia Dial 8837 M131 3 i Faculty Directory EVELYN M. ALLEN-B.A., R.-M.W.C., Latin, Honor League Committee Member, Glass Eye. PRESTON F. AMBLER-B.S., Longwood Col- lege and University of Virginia, History, Guidance Committee. BALDWIN F. AUD-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Social Studies. JOYCE C. BAILEY-B.S., Longwood College, Vocal Music. ROBERT M. BAILEY-B.S., William and Mary College, Physical Education and Health, Freshman Basketball and Tennis Coach. EMMA M. BARKSDALE-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Algebra. J. JANE BARRINGER-A.B., Catawba Col- lege, English, David Garrick Players, Social Acti- vities Committee, Readings Committee. VIRGIL D. BECKNER-B.S., M.A., Univer- sity of Missouri, University of Florida, Biology, Chairman of Athletics Committee. RUTH H. BLUNT-A.B., M.A., R.-M.W.C., Columbia University, English, Literary for Critic, Quill and Scroll Adviser. VINCENT BRADFORD-B. S., Springfield College, Physical Education and Health, Athletic Committee, Varsity Football Coach, Head Track Coach. Adviser JOHN LEE BRAY-Coyne Electrical School, Electricity. CHARLES R. BROWN-A.B., M.Ed., Univer- sity of Richmond, University of Virginia, English, Sponsor of Glass Eye. ELOISE G. BROWN-B.S., Mary Washington College, Typewriting, Publications Committee. HELEN E. BROWN-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Eng- lish, Latin, Public Speaking Adviser. JIMMY BRYAN-B.S., University of Ohio, Science, Athletics Committee, Varsity Basket- ball Coach. ELIZABETH BURMAHLN-A.B., M.A., Des Moines College, University of Boston, Shorthand, Transcription, F.B.L.A. Sponsor, Cafeteria and High School Fund Accounting. E. F. BURMAHLN-B.S., M.A., Boston Uni- versity, University of New York, Bookkeeping, General Business, Supervisor of Cafeteria Cashiers and Tellers. ' GLADYS E. CANADA-A.B., St. Joseph's, Algebra, Math, Eighth Grade Sponsor, Traffic Committee. WILSA T. CANDLER-Secretary. WINNIE B. CASH--B.S., Radford College, Typewriting, Assembly Committee, Placement Committee, Community Chest Committee. MARIE CONSON--A.B., M.A., R.-M.W.C., Columbia University, History, Civics. l2141 LUCILE COX--A.B., M.A., Sweet Briar Col- lege, University of Virginia, Latin, Literary Ad- viser for CREST, Sponsor of Latin Club. JOSEPH W. COX, JR.-B.S., I.A., Berry Col- lege, University of Florida, Machine Shop. JANE CUNNINGHAM-A.B., M.Ed., Sweet Briar College, John Hopkins University, English, Journalism, Sponsor of Quill and Scroll, Literary Adviser for High Times. MILDRED A. DABNEY-William and Mary College, Brooklyn Library School, Assistant Librarian, Library and Teaching Aids Committee. CONSTANCE G. DAVIS--Potomac State, Study Hall. CECILIA A. DOYLE-A.B., St. Joseph's, Art, Co-Sponsor of the Junior Red Cross, Art Adviser for the CREST. RICHARD L. DURRANT-B.S., M.A., South- ern Illinois University, Michigan State University, Physical Education and World Geography, J. V. Football Coach. MARY ALICE EVANS-B.A., Radford Col- lege, Social Studies. JOHN G. FANFANI-B.F.A., 'Carnegie Insti- tute of Technology, Industrial Arts, Stage Crew. FRANCES C. FEAGANS-B.S., Madison Col- lege, Homemaking, F.H.A. Sponsor. ANDREW J. FIELDER--A.B., M.A., Lynch- burg College, University of Virginia, Chemistry, Physics, Science Club Adviser. DOREEN S. FRANKLIN-B.S., Longwood College, Mathematics, Sophomore Sponsor and Adviser. CAROLYN G. FULLER-B.F.A., M.F.A., Syracuse University, University of Oregon, Art, Art League Adviser. THELMA E. GARLAND-B.S., University of Virginia, History and Social Studies, Community Chest Committee, Library and Visual Aid Com- mittee. WALLACE L. GILBERT-A.B., Lenoir Rhyne College, Physical Education, Freshman Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach. RITA C. GILMER--A.B., R.-M.W.C., Math, Algebra. CLARA S. GRAVES-B.A., University of Tennessee, English. WARREN L. GRAVES-B.S., East Tennes- see State College, Shop. MARY S. GUGGENHEIMER-A.B., R.-M. W.C., English. LOIS B. HAMMER S-Secretary. MARTHA B. HANCOCK-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Algebra, Geometry, Honor League Committee. BESSIE M. HARRIS-B.S., Radford College, English. ETTIE K. HARVEY-A.B., Elon College and Mary Washington Colle-ge, Business Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Athletic Accounting. ANNE F. HENDERSON-B.-S., Richmond Professional Institute, Physical Education and Health, J. V. Cheerleaders Sponsor. ANNA H. HICKS-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Latin, English. EVELYN H. HIGHT- A. B., R.-M. W. C., Science, Honor League Adviser. ELIZABETH HOSKINS-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Social Studies, World Geography, Chairman of the American Education Week. ANICE M. HOWELL-D. E. Co-ordinator, Cafeteria and Lunch Traffic Management Com- mittee, Student Placement Committee, D. E. Club Adviser. MEADE S. IRVINE-iB.S., University of Vir- ginia, New York University, Math and Science, American Education Week Committee, Com- munity Chest Committee, Student Social Activi- ties Committee. THOMAS W. JOHNSON-B.S., M.Ed., Lynch- burg College, V. P. I., Clhemistry, Science, Math, Senior Class Co-sponsor, Stage Lighting Director. ELIZABETH M, KNAKE-A.B., M.A., R.-M. W.C., Columbia University, English. FRANCES R. KNIPP-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Spanish, English, Sponsor of Spanish Club, in charge of Spelling Contests. JOSEPHINE MacGREGOR--A.B., R.-M.W.C., English, Senior Spelling. EVELYN T. MACON-B.S., Longwood Col- lege, Science, Biology, Counselor. DOROTHY P. MAYBERRY--B.S., Radford College, Science, Homemaking, F. H. A. Adviser, Chairman of Faculty Hospitality Committee, Fire Drill Committee, Building and Care Committee. SHIRLEY MCIVOR-A.B., R.-M.W.C., M.Ed., University of Virginia, Math, Freshman Class Sponsor. NMARTHA G. MEIDLING-B.S., M.A., Long- wood College, University of North Carolina, Physical Education and Health, Varsity Cheer- leaders Adviser. JAMES A. MUMPER-B.A., Swarthmore College, History, Debate Coach, Co-sponsor of Student Council. J. WINSTON MILAM-B.A., M.Ed., Lynch- burg College, Hampden-Sydney, University of Virginia, Civics, Dean of Boys. JOHN D. NOECHEL-B.S., M.S., University of West Virginia, Physical Education and Health, J. V. Football Coach, Varsity Baseball. MARY S. PAYNE-A.B., M.A., Agnes Scott College, University of Virginia, English, Sponsor of Literary Society, Head of English Department. JEAN PEMBERTON-B. Music, Greensboro College, Westminister Choir College, Vocal Music, Choir, Glee Club. JEAN D. PERROW-A.B., Lynchburg College, Physical Education, Health, G. A. A. Adviser. l21s1 MARY ELLEN POYNOR-A.B., Judson Col- lege, History, Social Studies, American Educa- tion Week Committee, Junior Red Cross Co- sponsor. KATHLEEN M. PRIBBLE-B.S., Longwood College, Mathematics, Junior Student Council Adviser. VIRGINIA W. PRYOR-B.S., Mary Washing- ton College, Commercial Arithmetic, General Business. RALPH A. RACER-B.A., M.A., Bridgewater College, Furman College, Economics, U.S. History, U.S. Savings Stamp Club. JENNINGS B. RADER-B.A., M.A., Peabody College, Drafting. CHAPVMAN L. RAMSEY-B.A., M.A., Lynch- burg College, University of Virginia, Mathematics, Cafeteria and Lunch Traffic Committee, Senior Student Council. ANNIE H. ROBERTSON-A.B., St. Mary's, R.-M.W.C., Engl-ish, Student Social Activities Chairman. GENE ROBINSON-A.B., Lenoir Rhyne Col- lege, World Geography, General Business, Assist- ant Football Coach. JERRY ROWBINSON-A.B., Lenoir Rhyne Col- lege, Social Studies, Freshman Football Coach. ANN R. SANDERS-A.B., M.A.T., Duke Uni- versity, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, English. MARIE SHANER--B.A., Lync-hburg College, Physical Education, Intramural Activities. ROY L. SHNIRLEN-V. P. I., Industrial Arts. E. REIMAN SHOBER-B.A., Bridgewater Col- lege, General Science, Social Committee. RUTH SHORE-Indiana State Teachers' Col- lege, Cafeteria Manager. DORIS P. STEPPE-Secretary. LOUISE SUMNER-Vocational Secretary. HANNAH SUTHERLAND-Radford College, William and Mary College, Homemaking, F.H.A. Adviser. ALEX F. TEASS-B.A., University of Virginia, Science and Biology. JOSEPH TURKEL-B.S., Harvard, History, Civics and Social Problems, Books and Supply Store. CLOYD G. VERMILION-B. M. E., Kansas University, Band and Orchestra. ELIZABETH VINCENT-B.S., Longwood Col- lege, William and Mary, Librarian. ELIZABETH N. WALLACE-A.B., R.-M.W.C., History, Honor League Committee, Chairman of the National Honor Society. HELEN I-I. WARE-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Science and World Geography. MARY E. WARE-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Mathe- matics and Algebra, Senior Class Sponsor. .KATHRINE M. WHITE-B.S., Mary Wash- ington College, Mathematics, American Educa- tion Week Committee, Junior Class Sponsor, Stu- dent Activities Committee, Eighth Grade Coun- selor. SALLY M. WHITEHEAD-A.B., R.-M.W.C., Mathematics. VIRGINIA WILEY-A.B., M.A., R.-M.W.C., Duke University, English, Speech, Dramatics, Sponsor of the David Garrick Players. 'COURTNEY WILKINSON-A.B., M.A., Agnes Scott College, University of North Carolina,VEng- lish, French, French Club Adviser. 12161 MARGARET F. WILLIAMS-B.A., M.A. Columbia College, University of South Carolina: Office Machines, General Business, Clerical Prac- tice, Advertising Manager for Publications. MARY ELIZA WILTSHIRE - A.B., M.A., University of Virginia, Social Studies, Audio Visual Committee, Freshman Counselor. MARGARET WOOD-B.S., Marion College, Chorus, Vocal Music. C2nd Semester Onlyj. JULIA R. WOODSON-A.B., R.-M.W. C. English. Senior Directory ALLEN, VICKY-Basketball, Intramural, Vol- leyball, Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, Latin Club, Secretary, Critic Staff, Advertisers, Essay Con- test, Honor League Representative, Secretary, Student Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Tri- Hi-Y, Latin Tournament, Honorable Mention, Girl's State, Voted Most Courteous, National Honor Society. ALLEN, VIRGINIA RHEA CV.A.J-Basket- ball, Intramural, Volleyball, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, GAA Member, Choir, High Times Staff, Honor League Member, Y-Teens, Secre- tary, Motion Picture Club, Library Council. ANDERSON, MARGARET GAY-Basketball, Intramural, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, F.H.A., Honor League, Building Guide, Office Helper. ARTHUR, BARBARA ANNE-GAA Mem- ber, Gym Squad Leader, Dramatics, David Garrick Players, F.H.A., Essay Contest, Reading Contest, Winner, Honor League, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross. AULTICE, JEFFREY LYNN-F r e s h m a n Basketball, Football, Track, Athletic Association, Officer, Varsity "G" Club, Band. AYERS, KENNETH LEE-Varsity "G" Club, Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club. AYLOR, OSCAR RAMSEY-Baseball, Basket- ball, Track, Athletic Association, Choir, Presi- dent, Reading Contest, Home Room Officer, Class Council, Senior Day Committee, Varsity "G" Club, Honor League, Student Council, Student Council Monitor, Hi-Y, Building Guide, Boys State, All-State Choir, National Honor Society. BABER, JANE STAFFORD-Basketball, Ten- nis, Volleyball, Soccer, Athletic Association, GAA Member, Letter, Gym Squad Leader, David Garrick Players, Latin Club, CREST Staff, Co- Editor, High Times Staff, S.I.P.A., Reading Contest, Class Officer, Class Committee Member, Honor League, Officer, Student Council, Stu- dent Council Convention, Student Council Moni- tor, SCA Reporter, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Building Guide, Girls State, Floor Leader of the House, Quill 85 Scroll, Vice-President, Voted Best All Round, Best Personality, Best Girl Citizen, Most School Spirited, Citizen of the Month, and Miss Basketball, Citizen of the Month Committee, Goalpost Committee, National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Model General As- sembly, Vice-President. BACON, LELAND S.-Baseball, Gym Squad Leader, Honor League Member. BAILEY, PAUL LELAND-Track, Gym Squad Leader, Dramatics, David Garrick Players, Science Club, Varsity "G" Club, CREST Staff, Debate Club, Essay Contest, Reading Contest, Class Council, Honor League, Assembly Com- mittee, Hi-Y, President, Junior Red Cross, School Fund Bookkeeping, Varsity Track Letter. BANK, BARRY ALLEN-Football, David Garrick Players, Honor League Member, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Lunchroom Helper. f2l7J BEARDMORE, RAYMOND DALE-Base- ball, Basketball, Softball, Class Officer. BEARDMORE, SUE-Basketball, Softball, Dramatics, David Garrick Players, F.H.A., Class Officer, Class Council, Honor League Member, Student Council Monitor, Assembly Committee, Junior Red Cross, Library Helper. BECK, LINDA LOUISE-Basketball, Volley- ball, Hockey, GAA Member, Gym Squad Leader, Majorette, F.H.A., Critic Staff, Reading Contest, Senior Banquet Committee, Class Council, Honor League, Student Council, Office Helper, National Honor Society. BLANKENSHIP, CAROL SUE-Volleyball, Hockey, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., High Times Staff, Honor League. BLENCOWE, JAMES A.-Football, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Varsity "GU Club, Honor League, Varsity Football and Track Letter. BLOUNT, MARVIN-Transferred. BOAZE, HENRY DAVID-Honor League, Glass Eye Staff, Building Guide, Winner of Drafting Contest. BOBBITT, JUNE PHYLLIS-Basketball, In- tramural, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, GAA Member, Band, Choir, F.H.A., Vice-President, Distributors' Club, Glass Eye Staff, Honor League, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Office Help- er, Special Teachers Helper. BOHANNON, JOHN ROBERT-F o o t b a l l, Track, Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Senior Day Committee, Assembly Committee. BOND, BEVERLY JEANNE-Basketball, Hockey, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Honor League, Student Council, Library Council, Office Helper, Vo-ted Nit Witt. BOND, NANCY LURLINE-Hockey, David Garrick Players, Secretary and Vice-President, French Club, Advertisers, High Times Staff, Co- editor, Essay Contest, Honor League, Student Council, Assembly Committee, Athletic Associa- tion Ticket Seller, Building Guide, National Honor Society. BOND, RONALD LEWIS-Gym Squad Lead- er, Junior Red Cross, Savings Stamp Helper. BOOKER, P H I L EDWARD-Basketball, Football, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Honor League, Varsity "G" Club, Cafe Bank Runner, Football, Co-captain and All-State. BOOTH, RICHARD LAYBURN-Science Club, Critic Staff, Glass Eye Staff, Essay Con- test, Honorable Mention, Senior Banquet Com- mittee, 'Class Council, Senior Day Committee, Honor League, Student Council, Student Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, National Honor Society. BRADFORD, ELEANOR ANN-Basketball, Intra.mural, Volleyball, Hockey, Varsity Cheer- leader, GAA iMe'mber, French Club, Advertisers, Honor League, Y-Teens, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Building Guide. BRADLEY, ROBERT DOWNING CBUCKJ -Football, Track, Class Council, Hi-Y, Treas- urer, Junior Red Cross, Football and Track, Letter. BRENT, WILLIAM KENT-D. E. Club, Honor League, Cafe Bank Runner. BROOKS, LINDA OLIVIA-Basketball, Vol- leyball, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, GAA Member, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., Latin Club, Critic Staff, Class Council, Honor League, Student Council, Library Council, National Honor S0- ciety. BROWN, ELEANOR JEAN-Athletic Associa- tion, GAA Member, Gym Squad Leader, Band, F.H.A., President, F.B.L.A., Advertisers, High Times Staff, Honor League, Y-Teens, Special Teachers Helper. BROWN, 'MARY MOORE-Soccer, David Garrick Players, Y-Teens, Library Council. BURCH, MARY ELLEN-Basketball, Intra- mural, Volleyball, Hockey, Soccer, Athletic Association, Cheerleader, Varsity, GAA member, Gym Squad Leader, Band, Orchestra, Majorette, Chemisty Club, Science Club, Reading Contest, Class Officer, Treasurer and Secretary, Class Committee Member, Class Council, Senior Day Committee, Student Council, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Motion Picture Club, Office Helper, Band, Letter, Senior Queen Attendant, National Honor Society. BURNLEY, THOMAS RAYMOND-Honor League. BURNS, DELORES-Dropped. BURTON, CHARLES WILLIS-Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Glass Eye Staff, Honor League, Junior Red Cross, Library Helper. BUTLER, BONNIE LEE-Basketball, Intra- mural, Volleyball, Cheerleader, Varsity, Glass Palette, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Class Com- mittee Member, Class Council, Senior Day Com- mittee, Honor League, Student Council, Student Council Monitor, Tri-Hi-Y. CAMPBELL, CALVIN WAYNE-H o n o r League, Football, Track, Athletic Association, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Class Council, Jun- ior Red Cross. CAMPBELL, DAVID CROWTHER-Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Glass Eye Staff, Class Officer, Senior Day Committee, Honor League. CAMPBELL, SYLVIA JERLEEN-Baskeb ball, Intramural, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, Glass Palette, Band, Majorette, Chorus, Choir, Honor League, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Secre- tary and Treasurer. MCANDLER, CAROLYN DALE-Basketball, Intramural, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, Softball, Gym Squad Leader, David Garrick Players, Latin Club, Science Club, Honor League, National Honor Society. CANDLER, JOHN STAPLES-Football, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Vars-ity "G" Club, Spanish Club, Class Council, Class Committee Member, Student Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Boys, State, Voted Class Gia-nt, Home Room President. lZl81 CARR, ROBERT SCOTT, JR.-Football, Choir, Science Club, Honor League, Junior Red Cross, Athletic Association Ticket Seller. CARWILE, DOROTHY LOUISE-Basketball, Hockey, Glee Club, Chorus, Choir, F.BqL.A., Student Council, Junior Red Cross, Special Teachers Helper. CAWTHORNE, BARNEY BYRD CBUCKYJ -Baseball, Football, Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Manager of Sports, D. E. Club, Presi- dent, Glass Eye Staff, Honor League, Varsity "G" Club. CHAMBERS, SAMUEL ALLEN, JR. CALD- Gym Squad Leader, Glass Eye Staff, Essay Con- test, Class Officer, Honor League, Student 'Coun- cil, Assembly Committee, Treasurer, Model Gen- eral Assembly, Hi-Y, Vice-President, Citizen of the Month Committee, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, National Honor Society. CHAMBERS, WILLIAM RUSSELL CBILLD -Varsity Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Glass Eye Staff, Honor League, Student Council, Treas- urer, Hi-Y, Treasurer and Chaplain, Citizen of the Month, Voted Typical Senior, National Honor Society. g CHILDERS, ELLEN ARNOLD-Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Band, Choir, Hon- or League, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary. CHILDRESS, ALFRED LEIGHTON-D. E. Club, Honor League, Hi-Y, Cafeteria Bank Run- ner, Special Teachers Helper. CHEVES, ROBERT MARSHALL CBOBBYP -Honor League, Intramural Freshman Football Team, Junior Varsity Football Team, Varsity Football Team, Varsity Track, Varsity "G" Club, Beginners Band, Choir. COATES, JOHN C.-Honor League, Intra- mural Track, Varsity Track, D. E. Club, Fresh- man Class Council, Home-Room Representative, Lunchroom Helper, Delegate to State Distribu- tive Education Convention. COBB, HOWARD EVANS-Honor League, Intramural Baseball, Athletic Association, Science Club, Glass Eye Staff, Senior Class 'Committee Member, Senior Class Council, Hi-Y Club, Secre- tary, National Honor Society. COLE, DELORES MAE-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Hockey, Intra- mural Softball, Girls Athletic Association, F.B.L.A., 'Cafeteria Cashier, Special Teachers Helper. COLEMAN, CARL EDWARD-Honor League. COLEMAN, CAVIL CLINTON - H o n o r League, Gym Squad Leader, Vice-President of Freshman Class, Machine Shop Awards. COLEMAN, G. WAYNE-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, High Times Staff, Cafe- teria Cashier, Lunchroom Helper. CONNER, REBECCA ANN CBECKYJ-Hom or League, Girls' Athletic Association, Chorus, Glee Club, Senior Day Committee. CONNER, WILLIAM EDWARD-H o n o r League. COOKE, WYLIE R.-Honor League, Fresh- man Basketball Team, Junior Varsity Basketball Team, Varsity Basketball Team, Captain, Ath- letic Association, Gym Squad Leader, Art League, French Club, Vice-President, Glass Eye Staff, Essays Contest, Senior Day Committee, Student Council, Vice-President, Student Council Moni- tor, Hi-Y, Vice-President, Boys St-ate, Voted Most School Spirited. COOPER, BETTY FRANCES - H o n o r League, Intramural Volleyball, Girls' Athletic Association, Junior Orchestra, Glee Club, Choir, Latin Club, Reading Club Contests, Assembly Committee, Y-Teens. COOPER, BETTY JEAN-Honor League, In- tramural Volleyball, Glee Club, D. E. Club, Y-Teens, Special Teachers Helper. CRAFTON, TOM J.-Honor League, Fresh- man Basketball, Captain, Junior Varsity Basket- ball, Freshman Football, Captain, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Track, Gym Squad Leader, Public Speaking Club, Senior Class Com- mittee Member, Hi-Y Club, Varsity "G" Club, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Building Guide, Letterman. CREED, NANCY HANKS-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Captain, Intramural Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, CREST Staff, Senior Class Council, Student Coun- cil Monitor, Assembly Committee, Senior Ban- quet Committee. CRIST, JOAN REGINA-Honor League, F.B.L.A., Office Helper to Dean, Special Teach- ers Helper, F.B.L.A. Award. DALTON, PAUL LEFTWICH-Honor League, David Garrick Club, Assembly Committee, Foot- ball Motion Pictures, Basketball Motion Pictures. DAVIS, WILLIAM RONALD-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Junior Band, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Camera Club, Winner of Public Speaking Contest, Lunchroom Helper. DAY, WAYNE---Honor League, Homeroom Rep., Varsity Baseball, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Distributors' Club, Glass Eye Staff, Junior Red Cross, Varsity "G" Club. DEACON, MARIE LOUISE-Honor League, F.H.A., Glee Club. DEACON, NELDA CAREEN-Honor League, Intramural Volleyball, Gym Squad Leader, Speech and Dramatics, F.B.L.A., Treasurer, President, Junior Class, Treasurer, Senior Class, Treasurer, Student Council, Committee Chair- man, Junior Red Cross, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Cafeteria Statistician, Cafeteria Cashier, Office Helper, Special Teachers Helper, National Honor Society. DIROM, JOANNE FRANCES-Honor League, Homeroom Rep., Gym Squad Leader, Student Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Building Guide, Library -Council Helper, Office Helper. DOBYNS, JUDITH ELEANOR-H o n o r League, F.B.L.A. DOOLEY, MERLYN B.--Honor League, In- tramural Basketball Team, Intramural Tennis, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Intra- mural Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Distributors' Club, Award. f2191 DOWDY, MARSHA LEE-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Soccer, Girls' Athletic Association, Vice-President, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Glass Eye Staff, Student Council, Secretary, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Building Guide. DUCK, KENNETH IRVIN-Honor League, Homeroom Rep., Beginner Band, Junior Band, Senior Band, Librarian, Senior Orchestra, Spanish Club, All-State Band. DUFF, HERBERT WAYNE-Honor League, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Basketball, Junior Varsity Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, Lunch- room Helper, Varsity "G" Club. DUKE, JANET ALICE-Honor League, In- tramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Critic, Literary Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Glass Eye, Assistant Edi- tor, Literary Society, Second Prize in Civic Pride Essay Contest, junior Class Committee Member, Chairman of Decoration Committee, Senior Day Conxmittee, Student Council, Vice-President, Stu- dent Council Monitor, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizen of Month, Girls' State, Quill and Scroll, President, SIPA Delegate, Senator to Model General Assem- bly, National Honor Society. DUNNAM, ELEANOR 'MARIE CSUEJ- Honor League, Student Council, Homeroom Rep. DUN NAVANT, REX MCLANE - H o n o r League. ELLIOTT, HARVEY R.-Honor League, Junior Varsity Basketball, Freshman Tennis, Junior Varsity Tennis, Gym Squad Leader, Glee Club. FARRAR, HELEN ANNTE-Honor League, Homeroom Rep., Intramural Basketball, Captain, Intramural Volleyball, Hockey, Allied Hockey Team, Representative to Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, Varsity Cheerleader, Head, Manager of Intramural Basketball, Spanish Club, Advertiser, High Times, Head Columnist, Co-Editor, Honor- able Mention in Essay Contest, Junior Class, Vice-President, Senior Class, Vice-President, Sophomore Class Council, Senior Class Council, Student Council, Homeroom Rep., Student Coun- cil Monitor, Delegate to Student Council Forum, Athletic Association Drink Seller, First Prize in Sale of Football and Basketball Season Tickets, Office Helper to Dean, Special Teachers Helper, Girls' State, Quill and Scroll, Secretary, Voted Miss Basketball, Tri-Hi-Y, Delegate to Model General Assembly, Delegate to SIPA, Senior Day Committee, Junior-Senior Ring Dance Decoration Committee, Voted Personality Plus. FARRIS, HOWARD LEE--Honor League, Freshman Baseball, Junior Varsity Football, Intramural Softball, D. E. Club. FEAGANS, EDWARD DONALD-H o n o r League, Intramural Baseball, Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Football, Freshman Football, Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Intramural Softball, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Building Guide, Library Council Helper, Varsity "G" Club, All Western District Football, All State Football, Track, Set Record. FERGUSON, ELLEN ELIZABETH-Honor League, Homeroom Rep., Intramural Hockey, Athletic Association, Girls' Athletic Association, Junior Orchestra, Senior Orchestra, Secretary, Sophomore Class Committee, Junior Class Com- mittee, Secretary, Senior Class Committee, Sophomore Class Council, Junior Class Council, Senior Class Council, Senior Day Committee, Y-Teens, President, Treasurer, Secretary, Build- ing Guide, Voted Cutest Couple. FITZGERALD, FRANCIS BELL-Honor League, Choir, Debate Club, Senior Class Council. FORD, FANNY PENN CPENNYJ-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Captain, Intra- mural Volleyballl, Intramural Hockey, Captain, Champion Team, Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, President, Aocompan-ist, All-State Choir, French Club, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Building Guide, Office Helper to Assistant Principal, Prizes for the Sale of Football Season Tickets, Scholarships, S500 Music, Voted Most Talented, Essays Contest, Special Teachers Helper. FORD, ROBERT W.-Honor League, Man- ager of Track, Junior Band, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, D. E. Club, Junior Red Cross. FORD, WENDE REBECCA--Honor League, Manager of Sports, Chorus, Choir, Glee Club, F.H.A., Sophomore Class Council, Junior Class Council, Senior Class Council, Senior Day Com- mittee, Junior Red Cross. FREESE, MARJORIE LOUISE CMARGEX- Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Hockey Team, F.H.A., Reporter, Spanish Club, Science Club, Publication Collector, High Times, Essays Contest, Senior Day Committee, Athletic Association Ticket! Seller, Building Guide, Li- brary Council Helper, Office Helper, to Dean and Assistant Principal. FRYE, MURRELL PRESTON-H o n o r League. GARDNER, SUE ANNE-Honor League, In- tramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, In- tramural Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Junior Band, Vice-President, Senior Band, Science Club, High Times, Advertising Editor, Public Speaking Club, Literary Society, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Sec- retary, Award, National Merit Contest, National Honor Society. GARRETT, KERMIT, JR.-Honor League, Varsity Track, Manager of Football. GARRETT, RICHARD P.-Honor League, Science Club, Critic Staff, Award, Chemistry, Quill and Scroll. GARRISON, ARTHUR CMIKEJ-H o n o r League, Varsity Track, Gym Squad Leader, Be- ginners Band, Junior Band, Cafeteria Bank Run- ner. GIBSON, JAMES FREDERICK-Ho nor League, Beginner Band, D. E. Club, Vice- Presi- dent, Junior Red Cross, Special Teachers Helper, Award. GLASS, HYLTON-Honor League. GORE, MARY FOSTER-Honor League, In- tramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, In- tramural Hockey, French Club, Latin Club, Science Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, Building Guide, National Honor Society. GRAHAM, JAMES MARTIN CJIMMYJ- Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Freshman Football, Junior Varsity Football, Gym Squad Leader. GREEN, HARRY GEORGE, JR.-Baseball, Manager, Basketball, Manager, Football, Man- ager, Spanish Club, Dixie Hi-Y, Treasurer, Hon- or League, Treasurer, Boys' State, Varsity "G" Club. ' HAMILTON, JULIA BELLE-Science Club, Critic Staff, Second in UDC Essay Contest, Tri- Hi-Y, National Honor Society. HANSEN, KAREN SANDFORD-Basketball, Champion, Hockey, Champion, Softball, Oham- pion, Athletic Association, GAA, Reporter, Vice- President, President, Gym Squad Leader, Volley- ball, Champion, Athletic Letter, Chonis, Glee Club, F.H.A., Reporter, Critic Staff, Literary Society, Honor League, Vice-President, Student Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Building Guide, -Citizen of the Month, Committee, Na- tional Honor Society. HAPGOOD, EDWARD T., JR.-Basketball, Freshman, J.V., Football, Freshman, J.V., Var- sity, Tennis, Varsity, Captain, Gym Squad Lead- er, French Club, Treasurer, Glass Eye, Class Council, Senior Day Committee, Honor League, Student Council Representative, Hi-Y, Secretary, Boys' State, Football Scholarship, Voted Best Looking, Varsity "G" Club, National Honor So- ciety. HARDESTY, JUDITH ALICE-Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, David Garrick Club, Vice- President, Secretary, Plays, Latin Club, CREST Staff, Co-Editor, Glass Eye, Editor, SIPA, De- bate Club, Reading Contest, Vice-President Sophomore Class, Assembly Committee, Chair- man, Quill and Scroll, Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain, Vice- President, Senior Play Committee, Chairman, Model General Assembly, Honor League. HARPER, TERRY GARLAND-Science Club. HARRIS, BARBARA ANN-Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, Chorus, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Science Club, High Times, Head Typist, Tri-Hi-Y, Recording Secretary, Public Speaking Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Literary S0- ciety, Ring Dance Committee, Senior Day Com- mittee, Assembly Committee, Y-Teens, Special Teachers Helper, Quill and Scroll, National Hon- or Society. HARRIS, NANCY BARBARA-David Gar- rick Club, Plays, Spanish Club, CREST Staff, Engraving Editor, Literary Editor, Advertising Head, SIPA, Assembly Committee, Secretary, Class Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Model General Assem- bly, Girls' State, Clerk of the Senate, Junior Orchestra, Ticket Seller, Basketball, Honor League, Citizen of the Month, Committee. HAUSER, JULIA STARKE--Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Latin Club, President, CREST Staff, Y-Teens, State Latin Tournament. HAYES, AUBREY EDWARD-Football, J.V., Varsity, Track, Varsity, Senior Band, Sen- ior Orchestra, Choir, All-State, Honor League Member, Student Council Monitor, Hi-Y, Var- sity "G" Club. HAYMES, EDWARD RANDOLPH-Junior Orchestra, David Garrick Club, Science Club, Library Council, National Merit Certificate. HAYWOOD, GLENDA JUANITA-Basket ball, Soccer, Athletic Association, GAA, Gym Squad Leader, Badminton, Choir, David Garrick Club, French Club, Science Club, Reporter, Honor League, Building Guide, Office Helper. HERSHBERGER, ANN GALE-Basketball, Captain, Volleyball, Hockey, Captain, Soccer, Athletic Association, GAA, Gym Squad Leader, French Club, President, Latin Club, Treasurer, Honorable Men-tion in Essay Contest, Reading Contest, Junior Class Council, Senior Day Com- mittee, Honor League, Student Council Monitor, Assembly Committee, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Office Helper, Honorable Mention Latin Tournament, Second Prize for Selling Tickets, French Tournament, Freshman Scholarship Award. HICKMAN, GRETA DIANE-Volleyball, Hockey, French Club, Tri-Hi-Y. HICKSON, SARAH ALLEN-Honor League, Student Council, Convention, Citizen of the Month, Committee, Chairman, Hall, Cafeteria Monitor, 'Co-Chairman Easter Lily Sale, David Garrick Club, Plays, President, Critic Staff, Edi- tor of Departments, French Club, Public Speak- ing Club, President, Literary Society, Vice-Presi- dent, Library Council, Building Guide, Quill and Scroll. HIGGINBOTHAM, E. M., III-Football, Freshman, Class Council, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Red Cross, Special Teachers Helper, Lunchroom Helper. HIGGINBOTHAM, P A T R I C I A ANN- Volleyball, Honor League. ' HILL, MORTON-Athletic Association, Latin Club, Science Club, Honor League, Motion Pic- ture Club, Athletic Association Ticket Seller. HOGAN, MARGARET SHEILA-Orchestra, Senior, Spanish Club, Reading Contest, Honor League Member, Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain. HOLT, WANDA LOU-Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Athletic Association, GAA, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Glee Club, F.H.A., Essay Contest, Reading Contest, Student Council, Office Helper. HOVDA, ELEANOR JEANNE-Literary So- ciety, Latin Club, Critic Staff, Glass Eye Staff, Debate Club, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Member, Assembly Committee, Freshman Glass Eye Award, Quill and Scroll, Latin Tour- nament, Wrote Achievement Nig-ht Pageant Script. HOWERTON, BARBARA LEE-Basketball, Captain, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Choir, Glee Club, F.H.A., Class Council, Freshman, Sophomore, Honor League Member, Representative, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Building Guide, Office Helper. l2211 HUDSON, DON MAWYER-Basketball, In- tramural, Athletic Association, Band, David Gar- rick Club, D. E. Club, Glass Eye Staff, Reading Contests, Class Council, Junior Red Cross, Lunch- room YHelper. HUDSON, ELIZABETH JOAN-Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Softball, Athletic Associa- tion, Chorus, Glee Club, Honor League. HUDSON, GLORIA MAE-Volleyball, Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Glee Club, Class Committee Member, Junior, Senior, Senior Day Committee, Honor League, Y-Teens. HUDSON, JOSEPH HARRIS, JR.-Reading Contest, Honor League. HUDSON, THOMAS RANDALL-Intramural Basketball, Athletic Association, Gym Squad Leader, CREST Staff, Sports Editor, First Place U.D.C. Contest, Honor League, Boys' State. HUFFMAN, KAYE RENWICK-Latin Club, Honor League, Y-Teens, Building Guide, Library Council, National Honor Society. HUNDLEY, BRUCE ANDERSON-Football, Freshman, J.V., Varsity, Tennis, Varsity, Gym Squad Leader, Varsity "G" Club, Spanish Club, Honor League, Junior Red Cross, Athletic Asso- ciation Ticket Seller, ,Cafeteria Cashier. HUNT, SYLVIA JANE-Chorus, Glee Club, F.H.A., D. E. Club, Y-Teens, Library Helper, Salesmanship Award. , HURT, BETSY ANN-Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, Majorette, F.H.A., Vice-President, Spanish Club, CREST Staff, Classes Editor, Advertisers, Honor League Mem- ber, Junior Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Council. JAMES, ROBERT EARL-Dropped. JEFFERSON, PATRICIA ANN-Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Gym Squad Leader, F.B.L.A., Historian, D. E. Club, Class Council, Student Council, Y-Teens, Office Helper. J ENNINGS, LEROY-Dropped. JENNINGS, PEGGY ANN-Gym Squad Leader, Honor League. JOHNSON, EUGENE LEROY--Second Place Machine Shop Contest. ' JONES, GRADY LEE-Honor League. JORDAN, MARY RIELY-Basketball, Volley- ball, Gym Squad Leader, David Garrick Club, Latin Club, Tournament, Office Helper, Na- tional Honor Society. ' JUSTIS, CAROLYN FRANCES-Volleyball, Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, D. E. Club, Read- ing Contest, Honor League, Student Council, Building Guide, Lunohroom Helper. KESSEE, LAVONA JUNE--Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Soccer, GAA, Glass Palette, Choir, Latin Club, Honor League, Y-Teens, Na- tional Honor Society. KELLY, WILLIAM ANDERSON, JR-Jun- ior Band, Honor League, Junior Red Cross. KENNEDY, ELIZABETH ANN CLIZANNJ- Basketball, Volleyball, Junior Varsity Cheerlead- er, Head Crheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Gym Squad Leader, French Club, High Times, Hon- or League, Student Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Athletic Association Ticket Seller. KENT, SANDRA LOUISE-Basketball, Vol- leyball, Athletic Association, Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Honor League Representa- tive, Student Council, Special Teachers Helper. KETCHIE, JUDY DIANE-Honor League, Tri-Hi-Y, F.B.L.A. KIDD, JANET MAGANN-Orchestra, Junior, Senior, French Club, Honor League, Y-Teens. KIDD, YVONNE VIRGINIA-Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Chorus, Glee Club, David Garrick Club, Glass Eye Typist, Honor League, Building Guide, Office Helper. KITCHEN, PAUL MCKINLEY-Gym Squad Leader, Latin Club, CREST Staff, Treasurer, As- sembly Committee, Special Teachers Helper. KLEIN, BARBARA ANN-Glee Club, F.H.A., Spanish Club, Homeroom Officer, Honor League, Library Council. KLEMAS, REGINA MARIE-Honor League, Science Club, Tri-Hi-Y. KNIGHT, CAROLE LEE-Honor League, Student Council, Secretary, Student Council Monitor, Assembly Committee, Library Council Helper, Voted Most School Spirited Girl, Span- ish Club, David Garrick Players, Glass Eye Staff, High Times, Feature Editor, Class Com- mittee, Senior Day Committee, Public Speaking Club, Vice-President, Literary Society, President, Girls, State, Quill and Scroll, Treasurer. KNOWLES, PATRICK LEE-Honor League, Varsity Football, J. V. Football. LANG, PATRICIA ANN-Y-Teens, Class Committee, Senior Day Committee, Cwhorus, Glee Club, Choir, Intramural Basketball, Captain, Intramural Tennis, Volleyball, Hockey, Captain, Softball, Gym Squad Leader. LANKFORD, MARILYN FRANCES-Honor League, Y-Teens, Vice-President, Junior Orches- tra, 'C-horus, Choir, High Times, Spanish Club. LAYNE, JANE LEE-Honor League, Senior Day Committee, Class Council, Chorus, Glee Club, Intramural Basketball. LEE, SANDRA HUGHES-Honor League, F.B.L.A., Glass Eye, Cafeteria Bookkeeper, Cafe- teria Cashier, Special Teachers Helper, Hockey, Softball, Gym Squad Leader. LINN, B. GUY-Glass Eye, Varsity "G" Club, J. V. Football, Varsity Track, Gym Squad Leader. LLOYD, DONALD STANLEY-Student Council Monitor, Hi-Y, Class Council, Debate Club and Contests, David Garrick Club. LONGWOOD, NADINE CAROLYNE-Honor League. LOYD, WILLIAM HUBBARD-Honor League, Essay Contest, Reading Club, Dramatics, David Garrick Players, Secretary, High Times, Collector, Latin Club. l222l LUKIN, NANCY KAY-Honor League, Junior Band, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Choir, Spanish Club, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey. LYNN, IRVING MAY, JR.-Honor League, Boys' State, Junior Orchestra, Assistant Concert- master, Senior Orchestra, Vice-President, Presi- dent, Concertmaster, David Garrick Players, Treasurer, Senior Play, National Honor Society. MacARTHUR, BARBARA ANN - H o n o r League, Gym Squad Leader. MADDOX, GENE L.-Hi-Y, Senior Day Committee, Award-s and Prizes, Band, Science Club. MADDOX, KAYE ROZELLA-Honor League, Class Council, Ohorus, Choir, 'Glee Club, D. E. Club, Volleyball, GAA. MADDOX, RAY-Honor League. MARSH, BETTY-Honor League, Student Council Homeroom Representative, Y-Teens, Secretary, Junior Red Cro-ss, Homeroom Presi- dent, Class Committee, Sophomore Class Secre- tary, Class Council, Senior Day Committee, Literary Contests, Miss Bunny Hop, Senior Queen, Junior-Senior Orchestra, Cfhorus, Office Helper, Intramural Basketball, Champions, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, J. V. Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, GAA, Gym Squad Leader. MARS-H, JOSEPH EDWARD, II-Assembly Committee. MARSH, PATRICIA MAE-Honor League, Science' Club, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball, Softball. MARTIN, ELOISE ANNE-Tri-Hi-Y, Vice- President, Senior Class, High Times, French Club, Latin Club, Intramural Basketball, Volley- ball, Soccer, Hockey, J. V. Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Voted Friendliest, National Honor Society. MASON, BETTY LOU-Honor League, Sen- ior Band, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Tennis, Hockey. MASON, CAROL FAYE-Honor League, F.H.A. Convention, David Garrick Apprentice, Glass Eye, F.H.A., President, Spanish Club, Library Council Helper, Special Teachers Helper, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey. MASON, HAROLD-Honor League. MAY, WESLEY TERRELL-Honor League, Honor League Homeroom Representative. McDAVI-D, DAVID MORTON-Ho nor League, Motion Picture Club, Essays. Contest, Public Speaking Club, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Library Council, Helper, Lunchroom Help- er, Intramural Freshman Basketball, Intramural Freshman Football, Intramural Varsity Football, Soccer, Softball. MCGATHA, RAY-J. V. Football, Varsity Football, Varsity "G" Club, Honor League Mem- ber, Gym Squad Leader. MCKENNA, BETTY-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Chorus, Glee Club, Glass Eye, High Times, Honor League, Y-Teens, Office Helper, Book- keeper and Collector, Gym Squad Leader. MCLENNAN, BETTY-Intramural Basket- ball, David Garrick Players, Latin Club, Debate Club, Public Speaking Club, Honor League Member, Honor League Homeroom Representa- tive, Y-Teens, Office Helper, Girls, State Alter- nate, National Honor Society, Debate Award. MEREDITH, COWLES-Athletic Association, Senior Band, Vice-President, President, Senior Orchestra, Honor League, Junior Red Cross. MILLER, SANDRA-Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Athletic Association, Bad- minton, Cfhoir, David Garrick Players, Civics Club, Honor League, Y-Teens, Chorus, Usher. MIRGUET, BJILL-Intramural B a s e b a 1 1, Freshman Basketball, J. V. Basketball, Intra- mural Basketball, Freshman Football, J. V. Foot- ball, Varsity Football, Intramural Football, Freshman Track, J. V. Track, Varsity Track, Athletic Association, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Science Club, Class Council, S-tudent Coun- cil Homeroom Representative, Hi-Y. MOHR, DIBBY-Intramural Basketball, In- tramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, J. V. Cheerleader, Gym Squad Leader, Art, Athletic Association, Latin Club, Advertiser, High Times, Senior Day Assembly, Honor League, Student Council, Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Building Guide, Ticket Selling Prize, Voted "Biggest Flirt", Voted Eighth Grade "Cl-ass Clown", Talent Assembly. MOORE, NANCY-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, In- tramural Softball, Chorus, Glee Club, D. E. Club, Honor League, Student Council Home- room Representative, Library Council Helper. MOORE, RICHARD-Tennis, Tennis Man- ager, B-asketball Manager, Varsity "G" Club, Glass Palette, Choir, Class Council Homeroom Representative, Senior Day Committee Assembly, Student Council Monitor, Cafeteria Cihange Dis- tributor, Voted "Best Bopperf' MORRIS, JANICE-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, -Captain, Intramural Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., Latin Club, CREST, Assistant Principal's Helper, Athletic Award, National Honor Society, Intramural Soft- ball, Honor League, Athletic Association Ticket Seller. MOSBY, LEYBURN-Freshman F 0 0 t b a l l, Varsity Football, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Track, Gym Squad Leader, Critic, Glass Eye, Associate Editor, High Times, Public Speaking Club, Class Committee Member, Class Council, Homeroom Representative, Senior Day Committee, Honor League, Student Council Monitor, Assembly Committee, Hi-Y, President, Varsity "G" Club, Cafeteria Bank Runner, Boys' State, Voted "Cutest Couple." MOSBY, RICHARD-J. V. Basketball, Fresh- man Football, J. V. Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Class Treasurer, Cafeteria Bank Runner, Office Helper, Voted "Biggest Flirt." MOSS, FAYE-Chorus, Glee Club, D. E. Club, President, Honor League, Homeroom Rep- resentative. fZZ31 MOYER, ASA-Intramural Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Foot- ball, J. V. Football, Varsity Football, Choir, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Varsity "GH Club, Lunchroom Helper, Voted "Nit- Wittiestf' MYERS, BETTIE JEAN-Gym Squad Lead- er, Junior Band, F. H. A., D. E. Club, Building Guide, Office Helper. ' NELSON, CARY-Gym Squad Leader, David Garrick Players, High Times, Reporter, Honor League, Assembly Committee, Junior Red Cross, Athletic Association, Ticket Seller, Office Help- er, Awarded "Homemaker of America." NEWTON, BEN-Latin Club Consul, CREST, Class Council, Homeroom Representative, Honor League, Honor League Homeroom Representa- tive, Student Council Monitor, Hi-Y, Secretary, Chaplain, Athletic Association, Ticket Seller, National Honor Society, Junior Red Cross, Home Room Officer. NICHOLAS, JUDY-Intramural V Volleyball, Intramural Soccer, Intramural Hockey, Intra- mural Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Music Club, All-State Orchestra, F.B.L.A., Vice- President, -Class Committee Member, Class Council Homeroom Representative, Honor League, Honor League Homeroom Representa- tive, Student Council Homeroom Representative Alternate, Y-Teens, Special Teachers Helper, Junior Orchestra, Senior Orchestra. NICHOLS, ALBERT--Intramural Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Captain, Glass Eye Sports Editor, Honor League Member, Honor League Homeroom Representative, Special Teachers Helper, National Honor Society. NOEL, JEANETTE-Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., Spanish Club, Science Club, Glass Eye, Assistant Editor, Y-Teens, Office Helper. , OGLESBY, SHAEFER-Span-ish Club, Glass Eye Staff, Building Guide. OVERSTREET, EDMUND AUSTIN-Honor League, Honor League Homeroom Representa- tive, Cl-ass Council, U. D. C. Contest, Boys' State, Highest Scholastic Award, Intramural Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, J. V. Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity "G" Club. OWEN, KENNETH SEDDON - H o n o r League. PACE, JOHN GARY-Honor League, All- State Choir, Choir, Science Club, Glass Eye, Freshman Football. PADGETT, HELEN KYTHA-Honor League, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, F.H.A., Historian, CREST, Glass Eye. PAGE, IRMA MARIE-Chorus, Glee Club, F. B. L. A., D. E. Club, Vice-President, Intra- mural Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Gym Squad Leader. PAGE, LARRY-Gym Squad Leader. PARKER, SHIRLEY ELEANOR-H o n o r League, Junior Red Cross, Class Council, D. E. Club. PARNELL, WILLIAM LIVINGSTON-Hom or League, Awards, Senior Band, Senior Orches- tra, Lunchroom Helper, Gym Squad Leader. PATRICK, WILLIAM ESTHILL-H o n o r League, French Club, Glass Eye, High Times, Sports Editor, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society. PATTESON, BETTY MIMS-Honor League, Honor League Homeroom Representative, Stu- dent Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Essay Contest, French Club, Advertiser, Building Guide, Special Teachers Helper, Savings Stamp Seller, Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Gym, Squad Leader. PELLEY, JEANETTE ANN-Honor League. PERCY, ANN BUCHANON-Honor League, Student Council, Student Council Monitor, As- sembly Committee, Class Officer, Essay Contest, Reading Club, David Garrick Players, Latin Club, French Club, CREST, Critic, Glass Eye, High Times, Building Guide, Intramural Basket- ball, Hockey, National Honor Society. PETERS, LO'IS JANE--Intramural Basket- ball, Captain, Volleyball, Captain, Hockey, GAA, Secretary, Gym Squad Leader. PETTIT, WILLIAM JAMES-Honor League, Hi-Y, Science Club, Glass Eye, Athletic Associa- tion Ticket Seller, Building Guide, Gym Squad Leader. PETTYJOHN, GRACE BOWLING-Honor League, Student Council Homeroom Representa- tive, Assembly Committee, Class Council, Quill and Scroll, David Garrick Players, French Club, Latin Club, High Times, Assistant Editor, Ath- letic Association Ticket Seller, Building Guide, Gym Squad Leader, National Honor Society. PETTYJOHN, RICHARD GRAVES-Honor League, Junior Red Cross, Tennis, Gym Squad Leader. PHILLIPS, FELICIA ANN-Honor League, Tri-Hi-Y, Cvhoir, Spanish Club, Office Helper, Intramural Basketball, Hockey. PLEASANTS, JOHN MCGEHEE-Student Council Homeroom Representative, Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Varsity "G" Club, Voted Class Clown, Choir, Spanish Club, Glass Eye, Intra- mural Basketball, Manager Varsity Basketball Team, Freshman Football, J. V. Football, Var- sity Football, Varsity Track, Gym Squad Leader. POORE, BETTY JEAN-Honor League, Y- Teens, Class Secretary, Glee Club, Spanish Club, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Building Guide, Library Council Helper, Volleyball, Hockey, GAA Officer, Gym Squad Leader. PORTER, JEAN BROWN-Honor League, Y-Teens, U. D. C. Essay Contest and Award, Dramatics, Play, David Garrick Players, Senior Play, F.H.A., Science Club, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Special Teachers Helper. POTTER, CLIFTON WILLIAM, JR.-Honor League, Alternate Student Council Homeroom Representative, Student Council Monitor, Assem- bly Committee, Homeroom Treasurer, Quill and Scroll, Literary Society, Spanish Club, Critic, National Honor Society. l224J PRICE, JOHN W., JR.-Homeroom President, Homeroom Treasurer, Voted Most Valuable Foot- ball Player, Freshman Football, J. V. Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Gym Squad Leader, Basketball Team Manager. PUCKETT, MARGARET JUNE-February Graduate. PUGH, THOMAS RUDD-Honor League, Chemistry Club, Science Club, High Times. RAWLINGS, SANDY-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Soccer, Allied Hockey, Intramural Hockey, Art League, Vice-President, Spanish, Club, Science Club, Critic, Co-Art Editor, Senior Day Committee, Hon-or League Homeroom Rep- resentative, Junior Red Cross, Saving Stamp Seller, Special Teachers Helper, Athletic Letter, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Softball. REAMNS, BONNIE-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Chorus, F.B.L.A., Senior Day Committee, Y- Teens. REASOR, BECKY-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Tennis, Intramural Volleyball, Intra- mural Soocer, Intramural Hockey, Intramural Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Majorette, CREST, Honor League, Hon-or League resentative, Junior Red Cross, Helper. Homeroom Rep- Y-Teens, Office REID, BUDDY-Intramural Baseball, Varsity Manager, J. V. Baseball, Gym Squad Leader, Baseball, CREST, Honor League, Student Council Monitor, Library Council, Helper. REYNOLDS, GLADYS-Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Beginner's Band, Junior Band, D. E. Club, Honor League, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Special Teachers Helper, Intramural Softball. RICH, BETSY-Intramural Volleyball, Glee Club, Dramatics, Class Play, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Science Club, Contest Winner, Tri-Hi-Y, Model General Assembly, Essay Contest, Class Secretary, Class Council Homeroom Representa- tive, Senior Day Committee, Honor League, Library Helper, Office Helper, Essay Prize, Honor League Homeroom Representative. RICHARDSON, JOYCE-Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Soccer, Intramural Hockey, Chorus, Glee Club, Music Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Treasurer, Treasurer of Junior Class, Assistant Treasurer of Senior Class, Class Council, Honor League, Y-Teens, Office Helper. RICHLIN, PAUL-Varsity Baseball, French Club, Honor League, Student Council Monitor, Varsity "G" Club Award. RIDDLE, GEORGE-J. V. Football, Varsity Football, Intramural Track, Athletic Association, Gym Squad Leader, Varsity "G" Club, Home- room Officer, Honor League, Student Council Homeroom Representative. V RIGNEY, WILLIE L.-Honor League Home- room Representative. ROARK, BETTY--Intramural Basketball, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Honor League, Honor League Homeroom Representative, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Office Helper. ROBERTSON, DARRELL-Freshman Foot- ball, Athletic Association, Beginner's Band, Treas- urer, Junior Band, Senior Band, D. E. Club, Honor League Homeroom Representative, Stu- dent Council Homeroom Representative, Fresh- man Football Award, Senior Band Award. ROBERTSON, JOHN MOTT-French Club, Glass Eye, Senior Class President, Class Council Homeroom Representative, Senior Day Commit- tee, Honor League, Student Council Homeroom Representative, Student Council Social Commit- tee Chairman, Assembly Committee, Hi-Y, Presi- dent, Vice-President, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Boys' State, Lt. Governor, Voted '4Most Likely To Succeed", National Honor Society. RORABAUGH, ANN-Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Intra- mural Soccer, Junior Cheerleader, Varsity Cheer- leader, Athletic Association, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Eighth Grade Class President, Class Council Homeroom Representative, Senior Day Committee, Honor League, Student Council Monitor, Office Helper to Dean, Voted "Happy Wanderer." RO-SSER, ANN-Intramural Volleyball, Intra- mural Hockey, Chorus, Debate Club and Con- test, Honor League Member, Junior Red Cross, Building Guide. ROYER, NANCY--Intramural Basketball, In- tramural Hockey, Intramural Softball, Gym Squad Leader, All-State Ohoir, Junior Red Cross, Building Guide. RUBENVSTEIN, SANDRA-Intramural Bask- etball, Intramural Tennis, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, GAA Member, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Choir, Glee Club, F.H.A., Science Club, Essay Contest, Reading Contest, Class Committee Member, Class Council Home- room Representative, Senior Day Committee, Honor League, Honor League Homeroom Rep- resentative, Student Council Homeroom Repre- sentative, Student Council Monitor, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teens Officer, All State Choir. RUDACILLE, BARRY-Honor League Mem- ber. RUFFIN, WED-Latin Club, Football, Track, CREST Staff, Glass Eye, Honor League, Student Council Homeroom Representative, Student Council Monitor, Building Guide. RUMBURG, J AY-Intramural Basketball, Freshman Football, Track Manager, J. V. Foot- ball Manager, Varsity Football Manager, Varsity "G" Club, Glass Eye, Hi-Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross. RYON, JOHN--Intramural Track, Band, Choir, Dramatics, Class Play, David Gai-rick Players, Senior Play, Science Club, Ninth Grade Class Officer, Hi-Y, Award, National Honor Society. SANDIDGE, DAN-Intramural Basketball, Junior Band, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Spanish Club, Class Council Homeroom Repre- sentative, Honor League, Student 'Council Moni- tor, Junior Red Cross, Lunchroom Helper, All State Band Award, Boys' State, Voted "Most Talented." 52251 SANDIFER, CAROLE-Gym Squad Leader, Glass Palette, Senior Orchestra, Choir, Collector, CREST, Co-Art Editor, Honor League Member, Assembly Committee, Y-Teens, Building Guide. SCHLEY, DONALD GRAYSON-Freshman Basketball, J. V. Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Football, Athletic Association, Gym Squad Leader, Honor League, Honor League Homeroom Representative, Stu- dent Council Homeroom Representative. SCHLEY, PATRICIA SYLVIA-H o n o r League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Soc- cer, David Garrick Players, F.B.L.A. SCHMINCKE, RANDALL LOUIS-Honor League, Bank Runner. SCHMITT, NANCY ANN-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, In- tramural Hockey, Intramural Softball, Girls' Ath- letic Association, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Glass Eye Staff, Senior Council, Office Helper, Special Teacher's Helper, Athletic Awards. SCOTT, LINDA LOUISE-Honor League, In- tramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Girls' Athletic Association, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Glee Club, Freshman Class Council, Sophomore Class Council, Honor League Member, Y-Teens. SCOTT, RUTH GLENN-Honor League, Chorus, D. E. Club. SCRUGGS, HOWARD L.-Honor League, Varsity Baseball, Gym Squad Leader, Lunchroom Helper, Varsity "GV Club, Secretary-Treasurer. SCRUGGS, KAREN CRAIGHILL-H o n o r League, Intramural Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, Glass Palette, President, Dramatics, Executive Board, French Club, Critic, Art Editor, High T imes, Reading Contest, Senior Class Committee Member, Senior Day Committee, Alternate Homeroom Honor League Representative, Assem- bly Committee, Athletic Association Ticket Sell- er, Voted Most Talented. SEAY, SHIRLEY ANN-Honor League, In- tramural Tennis, Intramural Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Glee Club, French Club, Latin Club, D. E. Club, Literary Society, Secretary- Treasurer, Critic, Essay Contests, Honor League Homeroom Representative, Building Guide, Special Teachers Helper, Latin Tournament, Na- tional Honor Society. SETTLE, JAMES EDWARD, JR.--Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Essay Contests, Junior Red Cross, Lunchroom Helper, Band Letter. SHEPHERD, SALLY GAYLE-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Tennis, Intra- mural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Intramural Soccer, Girls' Athletic Association, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Cvhoir, French Club, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Senior Day Committee, Junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Voted Best Looking, Voted Sweetheart of Varsity "G" Club. SHORTER, WILLIAM SHELTON-Honor League, Band, Motion Picture Club. SIMMS, OTIS RAY-Honor League, D. E. Club, Lunchroom Helper. SIMPSON, FAE C.-Honor League, Intra- TERRELL, KATHERINE DALE-Honor mural Basketball, Intramural Volleyball, Intra- mural Hockey, Y-Teens, Library Helper. SLOUGH, MARY RUSSELLE - H o n o r League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Vol- leyball, Intramural Soccer, Gym Squad Leader, Essay Contests, Freshman Class Officer, Junior Red Cross, Building Guide, Office Helper, Special Teacherls Helper. SMITH, ROBERT MOON-Honor League, Band, Orchestra, Camera Club, D. E. Club, Freshman Class Homeroom Representative, Stu- dent Council Homeroom Representative, Student Council Monitor, Building Care Committee, Motion Picture Club, Building Guide, Special Teacher's Helper. SNOW, CARLTON JAMES-Honor League, Freshman Football, J. V. Football, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Glass Eye Staff, Forensic Club, Freshman Cl-ass Secretary, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class Committee Member, Junior Class Council, Honor League Homeroom Representative, Sophomore Honor League Rep- resentative, Junior Honor League Representative, Honor League President, Assembly Committee, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Citizen of Month Award, Student Council Homeroom Rep- resentative. STANFORD, DANTE TALLEYRAND POITEVANT, JR.--Honor League, D. E. Club, Honor League Homeroom Representative, Stu- dent Council Homeroom Representative, Junior Red Cross. STAPLES, BENNETT LAYTON-H o n o r League, J. V. Football, Varsity Football, Athletic Association Officer, Gym Squad Leader, Junior Red Cross, Cafeteria Bank Runner, Lunohroom Helper. STEINMETZ, JAMES RICHARD-H o n o r Leag11e, Baseball, Glass Palette, Chorus, French Club, Hi-Y, Library Helper, Junior Red Cross, Intramural Football. STERNE, JOYCE ANNE-Honor League, David Garrick Apprentice, F.H.A., Science Club, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Council, National Honor Society. STORY, ALICE K A T H L E E N-Honor League, Intramural Softball, Chorus, Choir, Glee Club. SWEENEY, THOMAS WHITNEY-Honor League, Basketball Manager, David Garrick Play- er, David Garrick Club Treasurer, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Homeroom Repre- sentative, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Lunchroom Helper, National Merit Scholarship, Honorable Mention, National Honor Society. TALLMAN, ELIZABETH MARIE-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Volley- ball, Intramural Hockey, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, French Club, Student -Council Homeroom Representative, Athletic Association Ticket Sell- er, Office Helper. TATE, JIMMIE-Honor League, Band, As- sembly Committee. 12261 League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Vol- leyball, Intramural Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, Allied Hockey Team, David Garrick Player, Latin Club, Science Club, Student Council Moni- tor, Library Helper, National Honor Society. THAXTON, HAROLD CHANDLER, JR.- Honor League, J. V. Basketball, Freshman, J. V., and Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club Treasurer, Junior Red Cross, Track Captain, Athletic Awards, Voted Most Athletic, Varsity "GU Club, Boys' State. THOMAS, BETTYE NICHOLS-H o n 0 r League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Vol- leyball, Intramural Hockey, David Garrick Player, French Club, Latin Club, Publication Advertiser, Spelling Contest, Student Council Homeroom Representative, Junior Red Cross, Office Helper, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society. THOMAS, CLAYTON ALLEN-Honor League, Intramural Baseball, Basketball, J. V. Football, Gym Squad Leader, Student Council Homeroom Representative, Lunchroom Helper. THOMASSON, WILLIAM SHERER-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Varsity Track, Gym Squad Leader, Glass Eye Staff, Essay Con- test, Hi-Y, Ticket Seller, Building Guide, Bank Runner, Special Teacher's Helper. THOMPSON, FRANCIS NEAL-Honor League, Freshman Football, Varsity Tennis, Football Manager, Spanish Club, Senior Day Committee, Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross. THORNHILL, J. TAYLOR, III-H o n o r League, Hi-Y, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Shop Awards. THORNSIBURY, THANNA WANDA-Honor League, Intramural Volleyball, Senior Band, Choir, Junior Red Cross. THURST ON, LINDA LOU-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Gym Squad Leader, F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Reporter, Science Club, High Times Staff, Honor League Homeroom Repre- sentative. TRENT, J OHNNIE-Dropped. TRENT, PHILIP PAUL--Honor League. TUCKER, DOROTHY MAXINE-Honor League, Spanish Club, Office Helper. TUCKER, FRED THOMAS-Honor League, Baseball, Football, D. E. Club, Cafeteria Bank Runner, Cafeteria Cashier, Lunchroom Helper. TURNLEY, NANCY LOUISE-Honor League, F.H.A., D. E. Club, Secretary, Glass Eye Staff, Junior Class Homeroom Representative, D. E. Student of the Year. TWEEDY, ELIZABETH ANNE-H o n o r League, Intramural Basketball, Captain, Intra- mural Volleyball, Intraniural Hockey, Girls' Athletic Association, Junior Class Play, Make-up, Senior Class Play, Costumes, David Garrick Play- er, Vice-President Spanish Club, 'CREST Staff, Glass Eye Staff, Assistant Editor, Senior Day Committee, Student Council Homeroom Repre- sentative, Building Guide, Thom McAnn Award, Girls' State, Tri-Hi-Y, Corresponding Secretary, President, Chaplain, Citizen of the Month, Juven- ile Advisory Board, Voted Most Likely to Suc- ceed, National Honor Society. TYREE, CARROLL DAVID-Honor League. VIAR, BRENDA LYNNE-Honor League, Intramural Badminton, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Gym Squad Leader, Chorus, Choir, Building Guide, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Athletic Award. WADE, BERT-Honor League, Contest Win- ner, Essay Contests, Athletic Association Ticket Seller. WADE, PATRICIA FAYE-Honor League, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, F.H.A., D. E. Club Delegate to State Convention, Glass Eye Staff, Student Council Homeroom Representative, Stu- dent Council Monitor, Tri-H-Y. WALKER, JAMES EMORY-Honor League, J. V. Football, Varsity Football, Track, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Reading Contest, Honor League Officer, Student Council Monitor, Hi-Y, ciety. WALKER, MINA OTEY-Honor League, Varsity Cwheerleader, Gym Squad Leader, David Garrick Player, French Club, Latin Club, Pub- lication Advertiser, High Times Staff, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Homeroom Represen- tative, Student Council Monitor, Building Guide, National Honor Society. WATTS, PATTY SUE-Honor League. WEILAND, FRANK CONRAD-H o n o r League, D. E. Club, Luncihroom Helper. WEST, SANDRA LEORA-Honor League, D. E. Club, D. E. Manual Award. Varsity "G" Club, National Honor So- WHEELER, OGDEN-Honor League, Intra- mural Baseball, Gym Squad Leader, Library Helper, Lunchroom Helper. WHITE, KENNETH S.-Honor League, Gym Squad Leader, Junior Band, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra, Forensic Club, Junior Class President, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Home- room Representative, Student Council President, Student Council Monitor, Assembly Committee, Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Voted Be-st All-around, Citizen of the Month, National Honor Society. WILBURN, JUDY ELLIS-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Hockey, J. V. Cheerleader, Girls' Athletic Associa-tion, Gym Squad Leader, Spanish Club, Student Council Monitor, Athletic Association Ticket Seller, Building Guide, Library Helper, Office Helper, Voted Typical Freshman. WILKERSON, JEAN MARIE-Honor League, Junior Orchestra, Senior Orchestra, F.H.A., Science Club, D. E. Club, Y-Teens, All-State Orchestra. fZZ71 WILLIAMS, GAIL-Honor League, Girls' Ath- letic Association, Chorus, Secretary, Glee Club, Student Council Homeroom Representative. WILLIAMSON, WALTER RAY-Honor League, Alternate Student Council Representa- tive, Athletic Association Ticket Seller. WILMOUTH, VIRGINIA CAROLYN-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Ten- nis, Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Hockey, Intramural Softball, Allied Hockey Team, Senior Majorette, Chorus, Choir, Glee Club, Y-Teens, Athletic Awards. WOOD, PATRICIA ANN-Honor League, In- tramural Softball, Glee Club President, D. E. Club, Junior Red Cross, Special Teacherls Help- er. WOOD, RAYMOND G.-Honor League, In- tramural Baseball, Intramural Basketball. WOOD, ROBERT CORNELIUS, III-Honor League, Intramural Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Freshman Basketball, J. V. Basketball, Freshman, J. V., and Varsity Football, Gym Squad Leader, Junior Band, French Club, Boys' State, Varsity "G" Club, Voted Most School Spirited, Best Personality, Best All-around, Friendliest, Na- tional Honor Society. WOODALL, LUCY VIRGINIA-Honor League, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Vol- leyball, Intramural Hockey, Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, Dramatics, High Times Staff, Senior Class Council Homeroom Representative, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Homeroom Rep- resentative, Building Guide, Special Teacheris Helper. WRIGHT, TOM-Varsity Football, Baseball, Spanish Club, Glass Eye, Honor League, Y- Teens, Baseball Award, Special Teachers Helper. YOUNG, BILL-Intramural Basketball, Intra- mural Football, Varsity Tennis, Intramural Ten- nis, Intramural Track, Varsity Track, Intramural Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball, Intramural Bowl- ing, Varsity Bowling, Intramural Softball, Gym Squad Leader, Choir, Spanish Club, Debate Club, 'Class Officer, 'Class Council Homeroom Representative, Senior Day Committee, Honor League Homeroom Representative, Student Council Officer, Student Council Monitor, Hi-Y, Building Guide. YOUNGER, TED-Intramural Basketball, Varsity Tennis, Track, Football, Gym Squad Leader, Senior Day Committee, Honor League, Junior Red Cross, Talent Assembly. 0, il-:B+ ,i LM,,w,, fix A , p, . ,- I "QU KA ,.. Ulfffbb -W4 '- ' x - '7' J' f .ilfxiklb fs f 1 .LL 5 f-.1 QE? M-, fQf' . fu N--' 1? i 1 " s ' 0 f ' ,' 'J Q f ' 1 . 1 ,,.' 4 f-'T- -A- -l'f7. , . 5 ' " ' ' 1 , ' ' 1, I Hi Lia' 'f5WMgJ 51,9 Liwf. J,.C.,.z?!. A I 4-I I .v1,F4lf- .-rzhefs 'Q' 1 5 5 , ' . , sake lame to 'ZZPWZWZZEIL Qfcwa d- ' 4. Avg' ,A P , '-il V, . 'E fu" W . I J fa W 5 c 5 ffudjg , 4 Al n ' ,' - ' fx- , gum fe Me cam ' 21,4 4 'aww 0" - . , 1 v-,. . . V Q. mcceeamfwl ' , I , if 9 -' ' . .6-w . .L2331 " ' . v-4 I gs' 1

Suggestions in the Glass High School - Crest Yearbook (Lynchburg, VA) collection:

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