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"" 'ff -frat!-v , ,--'LLM .f...,. .- ' gf 1 V ,.-...".. -..- , ,..:..4,..,,...'.1. .,. ,Y,.,,,,, ,,.,,.,,!,y 'Y W x Y C r v A 0.7. Hd.. ann' 65. 70' 'hmm T' 9.55553 MID Goan Tlnaf Scala Ogwelgks 1 -If: RAM-RAHV '-"E yi Rauf: of' hu- B 'g .bil sub Pee.-Gen og, Fu v ' ' END Thur MaTes. I'1'U,u.e Nmap g sin- T.. .. 0 " 1 we ' . me 0Q '1'i x QM Q .59 Lfsfeams JS M065 Ku A , E . ' F W V . f ' 5 'I W , HNKEW . iff ! l ov ff' 5 ' QQ , P , Niece N W' 4 - , ,f 'V A- 3 ' ' f f ge' t'.5i"j ff i , , ,A , ff K of A v 5, if - :WLC - V ' 'Y I: 3' M , -gm . N rw., Q3 E v + - ' IV:-ggi 1 ' ' Hou. Q - km 1, 4 'N i E Q ' Q v L 'Pe ar- S. A W , , in V V V 1 .5 Oil-mb .bhrrn ,N , r: Q A can Q N ' H QDHY f I , Z if FTZSMP' Y ' 'S U"'e'23"'M f ' ' 5 Wave - . 'K 5 C.-nfre-r ' ' 2, A J . Ai 3 CQ! Q. t . I l ' ' ' ,K , I 4 ' ' , , Y Y Y I- x A 0 PRC Mon S .' 1- w ' b'Q YN sm"-' ,L , ,ggi so f , xxoxiq :L ef., 1 "J G QU- ....u.., . -dau. ' ' l f'-, I, 19 ,. A . A k i? J FRDH PA-lw unl Q' fum gn, g-4.8511 70, T' .rl v D I ' , W .V A nnan. vfofjjg gm-ppmmy 64 v 2 ,.1,.,. ...R i I 1 K 'ra mil v nu 1-mu arf urronony n J nu. fur 951 W xf' Of' 'WX v1Hx L u AN N E' L jordl I ' 'IU VER-PA19nESc Y gl X QSESB nr-1: Gmnc I ,96"f" 0 NAL- MSX Alu n 9' Y' fra!-. Cm J 515m GNP 3 'fl RIPTIONS u' 9 f 4276 Cf svamas 0 0 .ff O af TUD HONOR QOKC. 'P 1 4? McCue. G 55h u.17e1Ff,v Pa'rK A R 'F Q kb! Q ax-X YTB r X 39.501 if 0 Q' 'bf 4' e FTM .l 7 L Pmm- BSWN x rggcuwnld- 'off'- N525 14.5 Gmucu 'lu e-1' l.E:'E: N D 'Ln IG H QLBUG 6:ve-:N ENV: 1:-Ab 01'- Avon. if F gf PREPARED FOR THB' T' UF- ISGS PBPAR. -V my H -in nu 4' .W -SPC.-CIALLV ITN 'C.Rbs'r av Tue.- NBII? OF RAPHY Q L, LLS' -ll Oll- 65C-mv mn A-uns 30' fu bln! Aq9.5"3qnnnl 5 ' 495' ' ' ' fi? '-e X, V N 1 ' . A ' "'nu1?" 'll'-V? 1' 'A 5 ,V W . 0 rf. ,fum V . - fgh ' f 4 I 'Sd' , ' f ,,l- H 1 X. z D 3: 'Fr QP. '43 MV., -It 1 NMI 0 r-U .Q Qi.- I V di' ' o ," ' ' X A Nix? V n N, ' E? : ' . 5 p Q i S Q5 f. M iamwgfg ' NA! ',. -54 2' 2: b 'H A. . 3 WM lr 7 X, F y? ,, grmxxllljltil ' r, T, gl , 2 v ZX u ' A C.. f W. 6 ' l' 1 U A ::. , QM ' ' x I - a-5 ,, . Q - 1 -S' .GFJQ 4 . 4 , ll 2 T' 1 g 'tl , ' 4 ' 1 9 1 5 ,Q-c. In M lu 1 ' 0 y 1' V 0 , I V- Ill Illia X1 In i WL! ' Q N' 'll 75 EN A V FQ, ,hiv 1 .Q rail 'll , QAUVQX Eg'qT'f6"W uw Q ' ' ' 6-'-i I ' - T ' + . ' rr V x A 6 X.,-1 go 4 V ' I n U L 2 Xl W o 2. , I 1 v ' X 5 M x 70 , vm I 1 V kigitlvqligc H i . l A V t..,,. V E. 404. 4 Tb bgfllgz ' I N 50, . ga-al. 65h as 5 f!Ex Sflihris 3Qan1e A be ritic: rest Senior Issue of THE CRITIC Literary Magazine of 1115132 CK. QE. 615155 ilaigh bnbuul Mxfjx .N ,wif NM A K fk K - 2 ,153-71g,, ,.,...,.A I Em mmm KF, X IQ-I-.:,,I., ..... 1 I E 1 U J WWI I' .I 'f "I ,M I I V MI Q H lin' I mm m EIL, ' I ni IUHIW' I '!I'!!1. fi Efflajg I !llllI .IIIIIlIL'I Q "H" UW 'Ci'+ -- . H1 fi N. , -. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA M C M X X X I I I EDB Ql:IifiEfQl.flZ25iZ 1933 ehinatiun This volume of the Critic-Crest is affectionately declicated to EVELYN LEE MQORE our teacher, our comrade in journalistic work, who by her splendid guidance of the High Times, her gentleuess and charm, and her willingness to serve has won the love and admiration of the Staff as well as of the Senior Class. l41 1933 dlbe Qlriticwlltest DEUICATION , ,.,,..... . INTRODUCTION ,..,.,. .,..,, SENIOR CLASS POEM C 11 A PTER I .....,......v.A.,,,....,A, CHAPTER H .....,,...... C l'1AP'lfI+IR UI ...,.....A CHAPTER IV ,..,,,...,, SCORE PAGE ..,,,,..., CHAPTER V ...... CIIJXPTIER VI ..,.... 1' ACULTY .,................... SENIOR OFFICERS .,... CHAPTER VII ,,..,..,.,.. A,l'l'ENDIX ...,....,.......,. FXDVERTISEM ENTS ........ FRONTISPIECE ....4... CLASS OF 1936 ......... CLASS OF IQ35 .,....... CLASS OF 1934 ..,,,,.,, fXTl'l1-IiTlCS ,,,..,,.,,,,4. ACTIVITIES .,.,.,,.....,..,,...,,. SENIOR BANQVET ............, FA Cu LTY ..,........,..II..,.,,... , SENIORS ,.,,......,.. illiahle uf Qllnntents List of llllustrntinns l51 PAGE 6 7 9 I5 16 18 95 26 46 48 51 88 89 .- 95 8 IO II I3 IQ 27 44 47 52 IQ 1 1 l i fthe Qiritinzfllrest 1933 Zin llnttuhuctinn u,XYIIlIIl'I'lJ zlmzx inrfvrlrr' yum1'z'f-" Virgfil, lfrlogzw VIII From the early days when ancient man was evolving his present system of numhers, to the complex twentieth century world, the figure seven has had a mystic signilicavce. Seven, sum of the two lucky numbers, three and four, has been regarded hy many people as sacred and has been incorporated in their religious and ceremonial rites. The seven hills of our own town seem symbolic of the enduring strength of the seven-hilled city of ancient Rome. just as the temple on Capitolium was erected in honor of jupiter, Juno, and Minerva, so our high school, crowning the highest of l.yncl1hurg's hills, stands dedicated to XVisdom, Truth, and Heauty. NVe hope that in tracing the course of our symbolic characters over the Seven Seas of lindeavor we have placed in this volume a permanent record of this brief hut happy period in our lives. ln a necessarily limited fashion, we have attempted to recall and preserve those personalities and events which have hecome most endeared to us during our sojourn in the Buildings on the Hill. NVe ask you to judge our venture with tolerance. llil 1933 dlbz Qlriticsfllrest Senior Glass oem EDJ Qllma water Let lfflllflll not looffv witlzollt one pcwflng word From you who hold llfbldillfj low for all, Tlzal, borm' omicl Liffs tlzfongy, your d'1'.vlo-nz' coll Slmll gzzidc l1.1'111 .vtmiglzlt os jliglzz' of 'Ulillgillfg bird lll' cry from szmset sleiex is oftvn l1,em'd Ami lvxt in brzmt of bottle ITC may fall., Give now o wonl, ax in this torclzf-lil' lzall H U foals your lost mre.v.v by low coufe1'1'col. Brligllltl, flzrouglz the yoa,l'.s'i, your glow-ing forclz will glcn111,' Tlzolzglz slzlazvflowu' l1lII'kUll,, Youth, will ozfw' bicle Your word wlzlile Sfl"Ilgg11T71,g to tlzfo heiglzfx czrboife, Till Age shall crozwzf glad Youtlz-"s fl 71'l-bifiU'LtX dream- But slzould Youth j?mly, in fcors, tlmvi hope has died., Still .m'o:1,gflw1z lzfim zuitlz your lzmccosing love. -Douc31..Lxs BJXKER, 233 171 drbe Qiritiwllrest 1933 The Glitahel uf The Qehen ilaills MQNUMENT TERRACE BY NIGHT I I 1933 Ghz Qlltiticsflllrest CHAPTER I Qlma jlllatefs Swan hilhrzn She dwelt 1115011 lllc highest hill, Of .vc-Wiz. oily lzeigllis, And .muy nfvlifiizig .tongs of Intfe To sf'-vmz 'would-bc kiziglzrs. -BAKER IIIIIIHIIH NCE there was a beautiful city built on Seven Hills , and surrounded by tall blue mountains. On the highest 1 of the seven hills, in a mansion mellowed by many U years and tender memories, lived Alma Mater and si I II, I her seven children. These were generally well-behaved 5,4 ' ' children, but there were times when Alma Mater ' ' XM , gill , deemed it wise to administer some maternal chastise- - -,- , 1 ment. On this occasion the youngest twins, Tooay H' ,, ' and Toobee. had been hastily ejected from an un- f pleasant situation, and were in the yard playing with V :jug ' friends and listening with awe to Homer Anderson as he expostulated vigorously upon the merits of the present banking system and to lfunice Martin earnestly debating with herself whether "l7eriunt summos fulgura montesu or "Cui bono ?" were the better motto. ln another corner little -leuny Rock scribbled news stories for na- tional prizes. Having seen her two youngest thus safely disposed of. Alma Mater returned to do her duty by her offending offspring, andi approached to where Threeay and 'lfhreebee were holding each otherls hands for com fort and trying not to look scared. "My children," she said sternly, "you are- not quite so good as you think you are and not so bad as you'd like to beg but there are times when you Vex me sorely. 'l'hreebee, you should be ashamed of yourself, holding hands in the halls. And flfhreeay, how many times have I told you not to play with those bad friends of yours? As my mother used to say, this hurts me worse than it does you, but maybe it'll teach you a lesson!" So saying, she picked up each in turn, administered a little stirring friction on the most effective spot, and deposited them in a corner, smiling reassuringly l9l Ghz Clrititfdltwt 1933 Y -1 ' Y' ' fi: ' 1 'w ,,,: ::,:4. .':4- rr 1 Qlilass uf 1936 -2A at Fouray, who had the stricken look of one about to be spanked too. Threeay spoke up sullenly. 6'They're not bad," he said. "You donlt know 'ent VVhy Stanford Schewel has a list of prizes a mile long tacked to his name and pocketbook-some national ones too! And Audrey Long got honorable men- tion at Charlottesville for a poem, and Frances Taylor won ten whole dollars and a full page ad for the High Times in that Typewriter Ad Contest, and-" Threebee could wait no longer. "Yes," he broke in, "and look at Nowlin Puckett. You'd know he was good from the way he Wound himself around that lectern, and linked up bald-headed men and radio programs. And look at Mary Lewis-she's editor-in-chief of the High Times next year." "They,ll do in a rush-n1aybe,'l said Fouray. "But think of all the com- ing' football men in my gang-George Brown and Fred Scruggs, and no end l10l 1933 filbe Qlriticscltrest , . QEIM55 uf 1935 QB SOPIIOMORE CLASS OFITICERS President ..............,.... .........,..............,......................,......A. ......... P R ocToR HARVEY Vice Prcsidarit ,.....,.. ......,.. B OBBV HARRIS Secretary ....,........,, , ..,........... CLARA BELL Tremmrui' .......A. .....,... S AM l.VlClDANIEL of others. George Bunch plays basketball too, and Fred VVest is on the tennis team. And Jimmy Gregory has-well, ask the ladieslu Alma Mater smiled. "You all are getting exactly like your olcler brothers. If Fourbee and Peegee were here, you'd really hear something. But you haven't had their Lui A L I , SQ ,, ,. 4 f.: GDB Qlltiticsfllltwt 1933 L I Cllllass uf 1935 3A chance. and maybe some day you'll be as old and experienced and wise as they are. Now run out and play and be good. Ilve work to do!" The children were sleeping peacefully that night when Alma Mater slipped into her cloak and quietly left the house. Above, the stars twinkled thoughtfully and silently. She hurried on. It was a queer house she came to at last: but then, the Seven Sages were themselves queer. The house faced seven directions, and any way one entered, he must pass through seven doors, cross seven antechambers, ring seven bells, and after waiting seven minutes be escorted by seven servants into the august presence of the Seven Sages. Thus was Alma Mater ushered in. The black-robed Sages sat motionless upon their seven thrones, gazed with seven. pairs of eyes upon the woman before them, and were silent. From seven sides the walls threw back the stillness, U21 .Eg ' 1933 Ghz rnlritinzsdlrest L.. X 1 , . 7-1 give: F I N f , A g siQ2m. X 'mv 1 y 5 , ..,. I ,. . . , P1'Us1'u' mzf ..,,.....,,... Vice' P 1'csid1:1Lt ......... .5 CL'l'Cffll',X' ..,,.,..A,...,. Tl'CUSllI'L'l' ,....,., lass uf 1934 3B Umor: CLASS OFITICERS .......,,..lAMES GREGORY ....,,,...BERTHA :XDAMS NANCY SHELTON LINTON JACKSON and outside, beyond the glow of the seven-tiiues-seven candles, the stars them- selves seemecl to mock her. At last the wise men spoke. "lVhat brings you here Pl' Alma Mater raised her head. "I have come. oh Wlise Seven " she Said "to inquire into the fortunes of my two oldest Cl'lllCll'C'J11.H E131 ! 7 Ghz Qllriticfflllrest 1933 Qlllass uf 1934 4A Wfithout a sound the seers rose and drew together about the shining globe in the center of the room. Alma Mater drew a deep breath and went on. "They-Fourbee and Peegee-went out seeking the Seven Lamps of Architec- ture. It has been four long years since they left, and I have had no word from them, though some have said they went to Lee Land to learn more of their quest' The Sages spoke. "The stars see all, know all, and to us they will reveal their knowledge. Draw near, inquiring one, and gaze into this globe, and we will read to you their story as the stars disclose it. Draw near-" E141 1933 GDB QEtitiIZ:QIt25t CH APT FR 'I l' libs Eupage Begins Ilf"l1z'n wc wont forth upon llzc .mls Thr rwgrani 1c'ai'rs were rolling,- Clurivugrr eyes fha future Plffd Tlirough misls the rlismnre pulling. -B A K ma S liourbee and Pee-gee journeyed away four years ago on their adventure fisaid the wise menj they were joined by many others also seeking their fortunes 1 and together they traveled to Lee Land, the country whose charms are far-famed and over which King McCul- lough and Queen Gish hold sway. They were received 4 kindly by the natives and were taken before the august presence of the king. He was tall and angular, but kind and kingly. T-le explained that their sojourn would he brief-he hoped-but that beyond the horizon lay a place called the Glass Highland. a land of mystery, of hope, where dreams came true and peo- ple grew up over night: where the library was a rendezvous for lovers: and where lay hidden the Seven Lamps of Beauty, Truth, Gbedience. Sacrifice, Power, Memory, and Life. GU EU Q ill . lliltllllilallllll The laws of Lee Land, though few, were unchangeable- and for nine long months Fourbee and Peegee steered to the right on the roads, squared the corners at the insistence of self-conscious monitors, and sat while dining in spite of occasional disabled conclusions The Seven .Lamps were almost forgotten, and Glass Highland was thought of in terms of Imroad-shouldered. much-adored football heroes. They had eaten of the Lotus fruit and were drowsily content. Glass seemed very far away and vaguely terrifying. So, when they were called by King McCul- lough, they were most surprised to learn that they must travel on at once. Glass Land loomed suddenly large-a place of mystery both dreaded and desired. Timidly they bade their friends and enemies in Lee Land farewell and journeyed toward Glass Highland. E151 dtbz Qlriticdltrest 1933 CHAPTER III Ghz Ctlnuntrp nt QE. CEE. Glass 'Twus frum this l'UlHlfl'j".Y lzilllnfi. They .raw the .vufwni xcas. 'Twas lzcre izfwzm the lzillfojv, They U'l'C?tIIlIl of zf1'cI0ries. -BAKER Jupiter saw among the seven hills the fair land of Glass, he looked with distaste upon his residence on lofty Mount Olympus and shortly after descended, with bag and baggage-and even with his messenger. Mercuress-into the l-lighland, bringing along a piece I I I I I I I I I I I I HE gods do love odd numbers: therefore when great ag I I I 3 -A . ,r ,EI 5 gm.. ,. I gg 1 To se Mfllfl- 1,INl'L'fS 'ir' l of Mount Olympus for a pedestal. Himself he estab- lished in a celestial palace upon the tip of the hill, and Mercuress he installed in a little alcove outside his door to act as a wind-break tshe filled the olhce ad- mirablyj and in all the realm around he installed semi-gods to help carry out his laws. From somewhere Mars, the war god, ascended to help him rule. and was given the godship of Time, to his eternal delight. For he dances and he yells. Giving time, time, time, ln a sort of ghoulish rhyme. To the moaning and the groaning of the belles-and the beaus. And he made so much noise about it all that at last fair Juno, Queen of the gods, descended to Glass, built herself a modest residence across from Qlympus and by her sweetness and gentlcness soothed the land to peace. It was on a torrid September morn when Fourbee, Peegee. and their friends climbed the last hill and stood before the awesome gates of Glass. At last the portals were Hung wide and they entered into the land. To the left stood the chip off Mount Qlynipus where lived Jupiter and whither all the semi-gods gathered in council. Past this sacred retreat the little band slipped a-tremble and gathered in the assembly hall of the land. Soon great Mars appeared before them and, blowing chalk dust and a good joke or two off his finger tips, told them things all youngsters should know-and some they shouldnt. Then he reminded them of the quest of the Seven Lamps, in which E101 1933 The Qllriticdlllrest they would be guided by the Seven Spirits-XVisdom, Understanding, Counsel. Power, Knowledge, Righteousness, and Divine Awfulness. He told them of the straight and narrow path to a diploma, and of primrose bypaths to the eternal bonfire-and Pluto: and admonished them vehemently against the Seven Deadly Sins-chewing gum: hall and heart roaming: chattering out of turn: tardinessg playing hooky and hands: and throwing things, such as spit- balls and sass. ln the end Mars, commending them to the Seven Gods of Luck, bade them begone. Around the reception hall, all over the place, was a madding frenzy of inatriculators-big ones, little ones, tat ones, scrawny ones-before whom the newcomers trembled and were af raid. Then followed work days, play days, good days, had days-days end- lessly-blue Mondays, with the boys closeted with Jupiter: black Tuesdays with the girls and Juno in secret session. But the Seven Lamps were far awayg the Seven Sins so close. Besides it was lazy to sit and let things slide. Things slid until at last Peegee and lfourbee were summoned before jupiter. who told them of their sins and, leading them onto a high balcony from which could be seen almost the entire country of Glass. said, "Before you lies the river leading to the Seven Seas of Endeavor. ln that direction lies the Literary Seag next to it, the journalistic: that, the Social: over here the Athletic-There? You can see it !-over there, the Science: there, Fine Arts: and last, the Sea of National Honor. I can not hope that all of you will reach that sea, but go your chosen ways, follow the best, seek and ind the Lamps, and-farewell." J l17l . pn The Qllriticfqlrest 1933 CHAPTER IV be batman 5.-:as 'I'11ey:m1'lcd and xailmi, mrlz in his CUIIICSF and tony. :Ind fought their noble baffles from day io day. -BAKER llll N the plentiful storehouses of Glass Land was abundant material for building and, armed with bookworms and brains. lfeegee and Fourbee set to work. The hull they built of hard work, a bit of Algebra. an arc or two, a little Science, seven words of Spanish and as many of French and Germang while with strong blows and stronger language they drove the Latin in. The rudder X ' 9 they fashioned from English, the keel from books they had read, and the sails they wove of poetry: from History hu At last when the work was done and the ship " " " .:." launched for the voyage, the travelers returned to bid "H -1 " -X ,, their younger friends farewell and to collect belated ' stragglers. In the process of collecting, they went a- searching in Cell No. 212 and there stumbled on the first of the Seven W'onders of the YVorld. Tucked away in various parts of the room were the Seven Sleepers. Tn one corner "Rooster" Harvey dreamed gently, snriling sweetly and tenderly caressing the hand of the dormant John .Tusticeg a little way off. Buck Foster, with his "head in the parlor and his feet in the sink," slumbered to the soothing snores of Wlilliam Hickey and VVillie Wlilson. Xvithout taking time to recognize the other two, Fourbee, dragging "Buck" Foster behind him, made for the shore. So the adventurers set sail. For some time they slipped between the narrow banks of the riverg but gradually the course widened into a bay and. beyond that, into Seven Seas. Here their ways divided. for some sailors were destined to explore many seas: some but a few. One group of warriors and spectators steered toward the rising sun Lllltll they passed the narrow gateways into the Athletic Sea. Here they encountered the great storm called Fate, which toyed with and teased all crafts that dared to sail these waters. From the first it played a winning game with the destroyer, S. S. Hilltojvpclg' one minute tossing it upon high waves of glory, the next flinging it down to defeat. Every sport aboard suffered set backs on the cruise-football. basketball, track and tennis. The good ship had not been sailing many days before it sighted enemy' craft bearing down at full sail. Admiral T. M. Funk had only a handful of reserves with which to steer the vessel to victory in football, but by clever manipulation produced a very successful defense, although the offense was woefully weak in spite of George l3rown's head tSecond VVonder of the Wiorldj. Not once did an opponent cross the Hilltopper's goal line by scrimmage until on a cold November day the warriors from Glass clebarked in a sealet of mud and were given mud baths to the score of 26 to o. But the Funkmen had their day and. on the lsland of Norfolk, held the powerful State Championship Team to a scoreless tie. This remarkable feat was 't lllll Usl 1933 y dtbz Qliriticsflllrest jfuuthall Front Row: CM-vs, C. Wocmwzxic, Conlamrxx, D. Sunuuos, SPRINKLE, CAPTAIN HMS, EADS, Ilvrnzn, I'IARv1ax', ll'IARSl'IALL, BROXVN, Gooulcxz Second Row: LAYNE. CLARK, h'lCCLEDON, ACREE, PLE.asAN'1's, CLEMENTS, ROMLHSON, XV. VVOULWIN1-L, AlAR'l'lN, Iiruzwiak, lf. Scuuoos, Dlwis, LEE, KIQNNIEDY, l.4Ef:RANDE, ,REvizm'g Stmzdiny: M.xN.u:i:R FEINMAN, 1f.xcUl.'rx' xlANALiIiR McCUia, I'I:m1uERs1'RoM, Blalujlik, IIAVVKINS, THORNHILL, Hoorisx, L.xw1.u1:, fNlIiRRYM.-KN, AlCDANlIiL, Nlaxsim, STI-Lvl-INS, Suoirr, VVHITIQ, T. REA, TINSI.liX', 'l'Ax'l.oR, BARKER, C. REA, S'rovA1., Ruclusk, CLARK, Bnnxzuss, Ml1.L1:I:, Buooiis, BERRY, PICKERAL, Powsu., BUNCH, Wfvrrs, XVoon, Hmwizv, Jusricu, Mzxnzxuisu Vmu, Ccmcn T. M. FUNK celebrated before and after its accomplishment by parades and resulted in the Hilltojvjvcr spirit being dampened by a deluge from a hotel window above, where Norfolkites reclined and dumped H20 on cheering enemies beneath. Captain "Mule" Haas played his third and last year on the football team and his ability on the defense was the main reason for the Hilltoppers holding' their opposition in check during the season. George Brown and Caulease Capps were also-outstanding defense men, and Capp's pass-catching ability made him a dangerous man on the offense. E191 tithe Qlriticsqlrest 1933 Y Basketball Front Raw: IIAXVKINS, EADS, HU'rTx-gn, CAPTAIN l-IAAS, XVR1mlT, BUNCH: Second Raw: Sukutsus, BERRY, Mounts, McDANl1s1.,' Bark Row: COACH T. M. FUNK, AlANAl9liRS Goomzx AND Rm, FAcU1.'rx' IXIANAGER MCCUE. The football season ended with Eve losses. three victories, and two ties- a poor score for a Hilltop eleven. Fate continued to play havoc with the blue and white basketball team. Three lettered men formed the muscles for the '32-'33 team but the squad had only one man, Captain "Mule!' Haas, who was a consistent and insistent scorer. The climax of the cage game season came when the Highlanders turned back three of their most formidable foes in one week. Durham High from North Carolina, Hargrave Military Academy from Chatham, and john Marshall High from Richmond were defeated on three successive nights to give the Hilltoppers a ray of hope. Wl1e11 spring rolled around, the Hilltoppers brought out their track shoes and uniforms from the moth balls and beffan to race ua and down the deck 1, I 1 ' in practice for three combats to take place on their own ship. E201 1933 Ghz Qlriticfdlrest Ulirada Front Ron-: REA, Rmms, CAPTMN hvO0I.WlNE, CRA!-'1', Cosms, CALVERT, Pownm., Cousms, Hoa'roNg Bark Raw: Ccmcu T. M. FUNK, llhnixolzn Cnzwnocx, I-lixuar, BUNCH, Scnuucs, WARE, BLUNT, TVRNER, BERRY, NIARCDTTE, NIANAGER Nl-:xsl-:N. Fate was foiled again-by gum-by the locals in the first track meet with S. S. C liftrm Forge when the blue and white runners overwhelmed the enemy IO7 to Io. But the storm arose again during the meets with S. S. J 011.11 M arslzfall and S. S. .lC'tfC7'.T0lI and the Funkmen were washed overboard S9 to 28 and 61M to 552. Miraculously the good ship righted herself and made for the great island called University of Virginia. Here in the annual state meet George Craft, Caroll Woolwine, and Frederick Scruggs were the only boys from Glass High to place in the meet, while Craft was the only member to win his V. L. Unclismayed by cruel losses on land and sea, the H illtopfel' pushed out to open water again and the crew gave itself over to hours of deck tennis, with the result that three meets out of six were won, but the team as a whole H211 1' .71 l 1 tffbe Qlriticwllrest 1933 r ia I -1 --'f ' - . V 4 .ggi r Qliennis 1 Left to right: BIANAGER FULLER, PAYNE, 1'IOLMES, PEELER, F. YVEST, BlCD,NNIlEL, XV. XKVIEST, Crum, FACULTY BIANAGER Linux' deserves more credit than its record would suggest because the Hilliofvper racketeers played the leading tennis teams in this Athletic Sea. The old playmate, "Storm of Fate," toyed with the tennis team as it did with the other athletic teams this year. Un the trip to Petersburg and Norfolk the owner and navigator of the schooner, in which the team was traveling, tried to save a quarter on oil and burned out the pistons on his craft, causing the players to go into dry dock in Norfolk until the ship could be repaired. VV hen there were no more ships to struggle with, westward the mariners sailed for many hours, and just before sunset they saw to the south a beautiful island covered with green palms and greener natives. As they approached the island, they saw on the beach twelve husky females playing volley ball. The game was interrupted while Fourbee and Peegee were hailed with lusty cheers led by two young Amazons, Henrietta Barker and Vera Dickens. Then Captains Bernice Lee and Charlotte Oppleman laboriously replaced their teams in perfect playing order. l22l 1933 Ghz Qltitiudlrest jlltlnnugram lub First raw on left from tap io bottom: SYDNOR. Niaxsizw, F. Wiasr, H.xi,m', Anime, BUNCH, CRAFT, XVODLXVINE, LEE, F. Sckuccs, I-IMS, Powxau.: Middle raw mp la bottom: RICVVANI-Z, RAL:-n, Cuurie, Duxmxcrox, DICKENS, SXVANSON, VV1as'r, Lian, VV1Ix'rm0kla, Cox, Hunsox, liuNs'r, FRALIN, 'Biuzxung Lax! row mp to bottom: XV. XVEST, INIARSHAL1., EADS, FEINMAN, BRDWN, Goonies, lI.xwKlNs, XV. Piwxia, REA, Homuss, G. PAYNE, VIARQ Craxs bar on I-1: COLELIAN, D. Scnucus, I-Lxnvmf, MARHN. In the interior of the island Fourbee and Peegee encountered numerous other young Amazons attired in blue. NV ith this army appeared a short but most powerful young creature. Coachy-VVoachy Dabney. After being officially welcomed to the Island of the Amazons, Fourbee and Peegee heard of the line showing made by her Amazon basketeers in the "Intra-Island Basketball League." Four teams were entered, headed by Captains Ernst, XVest, Robert- son and Martin. That of Captain Robertson was victorious in winning the cup in the junior League although the other teams played excellent basketball. On their tour around the island Fourbee and Peegee came across a worn and travel-stained gathering. "VVe're the Amazon I-Iikersf! proudly announced one of this weary group. "XVe,ve hiked miles and miles through Amazon Island and all around Candler Mountains. Our theme song is 'Show us the way to our residenceg we've fatigued Zllltl we want'a retire',', l23l Ghz Qlriticsfllrest 1933 GMS' Zltblzticst Fourbee and Peegee sighed sympathetically and roamed on through the woods. In a little clearing near the center of the island, they suddenly came upon a hotly contested tennis match being played between two experts. It was seven hours before they saw any other Amazons, for this' island was very large and roomy. This time the powerful women were swimming in a clear lake. lfVhen Peegee was suddenly grabbed around the neck, pulled under water and brought back up, he was most surprised. Again it was Coach Dabney, who explained. "These girls," she said, "are taking lessons in life- saving and already a number-Deb Ralph, Ruth -Dunnington, Jacque Crute. Bernice Lee, Charlotte Oppleman, Peggy Hill, Nancy Craighill-have passed the diflicult tests, while some others still need instruction." She even offered to coach Peegee and Fourbee, who declined and remembered suddenly th-at they were overdue at their boat. At dawn the next day they bade farewell to the natives of the Amazon Island. 'See appendix for nan es l 24 1 "., an 1933 Elibe flllriticfflllrzst Swarm, 193221933 Jruurhall L. H. S .....,....... ..... 0 ws. Clifton Forge ...,,....... I5 L. H. S ............., .... 0 ws. Vinton ...............A..,........ 7 L. HQ S .............. ........., 3 4 ws. Lexington ........,......... o L. H. S ....,,....... .......,.. 2 0 ws. Hampden -Sydney 2 L. H. S ...........,. ..... 0 far. Richmond .,...............,... o L. H. S ............. ..... 6 ws. Salem .........,...........i......., 0 L. H. S ...........,. ..... 0 'ZLSX Norfolk ..,........ ........ O L. H. S ....,........ ..... 6 fav. Danville ........................ 6 L. H. S ............. ..... 2 ifs. Portsmouth ............... 7 L. H. S ............. .......... o vs. Roanoke ,..........,............ 26 Total ............. ......,.. 6 8 Total .............. ........ 6 3 'l5H5k2tilHIl L. H. S ............. ....,,... 4 2 ws. South Boston ............ 9 L. H. S ...,...,..... ......... 6 4 uv. Lexington .................. 6 L. H. S ........,.... ......... I 7 ws. South Boston .......,.... IQ L. H. S ..........,... ......... I 4 wx. Durham .....................,.. I7 L. H. S .,.,,.......,. ......... I 2 vs. Hargrave ..,.................. I7 Lf H. S ............. .......... 4 I ws. Salem .......,.... ........ 1 0 L. H. S .............. ......... I 9 tw. Danville ........... ........ 4 I L. H. S ...,......... .......... I 9 vs. Hargrave ...,,................ II L. H. S .....,....... ......... 2 2 ws. Durham ........................ I4 L. H. .S ............. .... 2 8 zfs. Richmond .....,............ 27 L. H. S ............. .......... I 3 21.9. Roanoke ........ ........ I 9 L. H. S ............. .......... 3 o ws. Salem ......,......... ......... 8 L. H. S ............. .......... 2 9 ws. Richmond .................. 33 L. H. S .............. ......... I 8 ws. Danville ...........,............ 45 L. H. S .............. .......... I o ws. Roanoke ..................... 23 L. H. S .......,...... ......... I o ws. V. P. L Frosh ......... 30 'Total .....................,..... 388 Total .......................,... 329 GIHEII . L. H. S ...................... IO7 ws. Clifton Forge ...... IO L. H. S ...................... 28 fzls. Richmond ............ 89 L. H. S ...................... 5 5M vs. Roanoke ............... 612 State Meet at University of Virginia L. H. S., IOM 4 i251 CD2 QI:IffflZ:Q.l:1'25I 1933 Ei , 5 I I I I I I I I I I .W MDNQR fxillffv S f y i H 5 H J J M I I CHAPTER V illibe bearrij untiuues By sevcli- lnnzps their rozlrses lmund Upon the .rvffeiz Sens. Tlirmzglz lung and tvmry ways they wuzlud I IT Blotwi by the jiffn! In-ec,:'r. 4lITN when the ships had passed through the deceptive channel of Translation, the whirlpool of ldioms and Vocabulary, they entered Literary Sea and headed in different directions, each seeking adventure and the Seven Lamps. Those who sailed to the southeast journeyed seven leagues over churning waves until they came upon an isle. A-Xs the coast was both rocky and dan- gerous, the ship was forced to drop anchor 'far from shore and the passengers despaired of reaching land till they saw, pushing out in their queer little boats, as motley a crew ot seven as ever graced the waters. On they came-Zany. Tow-headed Varmint, Petit Chou, Gump. I-luitres, Gaby, and 'lnnocent-all messengers from Madame Gregory, the Queen, who herself welcomed the guests at the dock: while Mlle. Ilolmes invited them into either the Qliunior or the Senior Ifrench Cluh, very elite and exclusive clubs where the company was excellent and the Iare even better. I Some ships sailing more southward, touched on an island of dashing young Senors and more dashing Senoritas, led hy Senorita Bell. They plunked guitars, wailed songs of Spain, took the romance of their language seriously and learned to use their knowledge. Those traveling to the north came upon an island missed by former ad- venturers-though by the noise one hardly sees how-and were met by fero- cious and formidable Herr Oglesby and by less ferocious and formidable Herr Uncle Charlie, who rushed at them with guttural ravings and attempted to drive German through them with anything handy. The adventurers were thinking of attempting an escape until they heard talk of a party. Suddenly the marines saw dipping and falling on the top of a buoy, a large sign which read "There Are Seven VVonders of the X-Vorld. Carlton Webb on the Honor Roll is the Third." Many and gay were the ships that sailed the Social Sea. Drifting along, singing and dancing, they watched the days slip by pleasure-Iilled. They came E261 1933 tithe Qlriticffllrest Senior Jfrenth Qlluhl QFFICZERS Fall Spring FRANCES XXVELLS ........ ........, P 1'csz'dc11f ,...,. ......,....... NANCY D.-XBNEY BILLY CARRINGTON L........ ,,,..,.,,..... I 'im Pl'L'.YI.ffF11f ........ ,. ,.......... JAQUELIN NIC1fIOL,AS ELEANOR Brazos .......... ..... ,... . S m'rm'n1'3'-T1'ea.v11r-er' ...,.,. ........,.. C L1F'roN Smnow FRANK OLIVER ...,..., , ......... Svrgmuf-az'-flrnrs ......... ,A.A . .SAM PEELER one day upon the twin isles of the Girl Reserve-B2 and Girls' High School Club-and were greeted by choruses of joyous squeals. So close were the islets, and so nearly alike that many young damsels could not decide on which to stop, and the gentlemen of the party sailed oft in disgust to the I-li-Y in the distance. Their respective sojourns, though short, were delightful. They drank- tea, gave parties, helped the needy islanders, gave plays, worked and played together so happily that, when the boys returned from an equally good time in Hi-Y, they all emllarked with grief and sailed sorrowfully away. "See appendix for all urgzmization lists. i271 Ciba Qlriticfflirest 1933 iiuniur jfrennb Iuh OITFILTERS F6111 SPJ"1i11fj DOROTIIY lx-'lORRILL ..,..,,,.. ....,......,, P 1'c.n'demf ......., ....A..... N MIQIIIN IQABLER ELMO PIICKS ,..,.,,........... .......,.. I f"1fceP1'cs1fd011f ,........ .,,,,.. D AN OPP1-mIAN VIRGINIA Vm'NEs ......,,. ..,....,, S vcrefarg f....... ......... N ELLIE MAYBERRY BILLY SONVERS .....,.... ......,..,.. T irmsurer ..I....A.,. .............. I oi-IN Kensisx' CECIL VVILLARD ...,...,... ..,...,,.. S crgcmzt-az'--Arms ........ ...,...... I OIIN JXCREE On through the waters plunged the ship, until the szmdlaar, Composition, was reached. Some, despairing, turned aside but others crossed the bar into the small but hard-won sea, journalistic, Only two islands were in sight, and the travelers parted to explore them. Though the larger of the two-High Times-was far-famed, some of the ignorant sailors were afraid of the mysteries of printer's ink until the ship was piloted into harbor by omnipotent Daniel Oppleman and omnipresent Everett Long. 1251 1933 Ghz 6UZtitit:CI.Et2St 9panisiJ Qlluh Orrtcizus Fall Spriuzg JACK lqNIGl.IT ..................... ,...,.,...... P mvzkiezzl ..,,,...... ..................... I EARL JORDAN CRAIGIIILL Cousms ,.......,. A.4.,,,.,,. I -'t1'ct- Pmvzfdmif ,,,,,..., ,..A...... B 'IARIANNE PREBLE XV EST PAYNI5 ........,.,.,,,,.. ,.,........ 9 ccrcfnrnx '..,,... A,,...,. P IELIQN BRADLEY BILL KIZIQR ........... ..,.....,..,..... Y 1l'C0'fSIlI'Cl '.A...... ...,..,....... GIEOIQGE CRAFT GEORGE CRAFT ',...... ,.,...,..., .S 'c1'gm.1zf-at---lrnzs ..,...,., .,4,...., G ARLAND Housiziz Critic, the other island, viewed by the travelers through the telescope. Contents, spread before them divided into Seven Districts, over each of which a work-worn oflicial presided, and where Arthur K., the tyrannical ruler, and his industrious staff were doomed forever to pursue the elusive artist, Richard, and Percy, the will-o'-the-wisp. At this point the travelers heard of one of the Greatest W'onders of the lVorld-the Crvst had gone to press. I.29l tithe fnlritirsflllrzst 1933 German Qlluh OFFICERS PV?-97'dCl1'f .................... ......... R Um FLANAGAN Vice P1't7rT'ZitfCllf .....,...... ,..,,,,,4 P HYLLIS I":lORNER SL'Cl'Elll'Y7'jl ................ ......,..,. E viznmr LONG Tl'Gfl.S"LH'6I' ...,.,............. ..A..,.,.., S AM MILLER Swgermt-at-Alfvlzs ......... ....A....,.A B rloruns HAAS The inhabitants of these two islands owned jointly a playground called Quill and Scroll, where many friendly contests took place and many noble prizes were won. It was toward this playground that shy pupils, and pupils who had long since ceased to shy, crept with eager steps. for inside its portals genius burned. In this playground the travelers from the Land of Glass attended a most uplifting and inspirational public gathering. A man named Maple, over whom E301 1933 dtihz Qlritizswlltest Girl 332521112 Qllluh "To Find and give the best" OFITICERS Girls" High School C lub Be Square Club HENRIETTE JONES, ..,,.....,...,............,....,.,,...,, Pvvsitltffzt ,..,,,.,.,, ........ C I-1R1sT1N1z HUDSON ELEANOR BIGGS ................... ,....... l five Preszklmit .,,...,,. ,,......... 1X 1YRTLE ROBERTSON MARGARET ROWELL ...,,.... .....,.,... S ecrcfargi '......,.,.. ,..,...,........... L OUISE BLAKLEY BIARIAN IQABLER .,,......... A,,,,...,. 7 -i7'13ClS1l1'C7' ........... ,l..,..AAA.. E LIZABETI-I HQAWKINS LULA FOURQUREAN ..,...... .......... H istorian ........,,. ..................,....,..,. lv IILDRED LEE "not many years had passed since he crept into his bathroom and, seizing his father's razor, shaved the tender down from off his youthful chin," paid a visit and lured young would-be journalists to high endeavors. Buckling on their courage, Peegee and his friends turned toward the S ea of Science through which sooner or later all their ships must sail. Though intensely interesting and mildly exciting, this sea was, in places, extremely unpleasant to say the least. "Slimy things did crawl with legs, upon a slimy i311 Ghz Qtritiufllirest 1933 Fall "DIN1iY" Sciwcos ........ ,.,,..,. EARL .IORDAN ......... LARRY M CVVANE ........ .... Bi OFF1cERs Vice PI'C.YffiGll-f ,..... .. ......Sccrefm'y,,.... "I'IUNKSU BALDOCK ....,... ......... T rensfzzrw' ...... UCRAIGH Cousms .,,,..... ,...,,.... C lmipluirn ....... ,Pl'L7.YZlfGllf ....... ......... Sjwmg ,CARROLL BALDOCK ..,.....GIBSON Horses .....L1z1zT1z SANDIDGE . .,..,......,,, TOM RUCKER NORVALL XVALKER sea"-oozy earthwornis and worms that would ooze no more, fat frogs in their glory gazing' sadly upon defunct relatives that reeked of formaldehyde. Upon the surface Hoated test tubes in thousands, perfuining the air with ether and hydrogen-sulphide-Peegee donned his gas mask and steered to safer waters. After many days, wearied with sailing, Fourhee left the ship and wandered over the land. He was far outside the realm of ordinary mortals when he came l32j 1933 Gfbe Qlriticsilllrest Quill ani: icrull President ................ ................,,..........,. .....,,,.. ...............,........... ........ lk I A R GARE1' Rowman. Vice President .,..,..... .....,... E vnruarr Lows Secretary ,......,...,..., ......, I ACK RUCKER Treasurer ...,. ....,..,......... E ARL JORDAN Bertha Adams Duval Adams Douglas Baker Dorothy Bremerman Hartwell Evans J. R. Ford Marjorie Hamaker Carter I-laymes Memmsns Frances Wells Hazel Hook Henrietta Jones Mary Lewis Embra Moorman Dan Oppleman Marianne Preble Stanford Schewel Arthur Stevens upon a sign which said, in big bold letters, "Fine Arts in Demonstration. No Admission. Come In V' Fourbee, entering because it was a free show, ran into a placard reading, "There are Seven VVOllCiC1'S of the NVo1'1d. This is the Fifth." Before him stretched a long hall of fame: E331 CD2 Qlltitit:QIt25t 1933 iball uf j'FHl112 Ideal Senior ...,,........., .........,.........A.,...,,....,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,A,, A,,,,,,,,, X X fillignn 'xvegf lVl0St lE11CI'g'6'EiC ,...,..... . ..,.,.. Hilda Scruggs ClaSS Beauty ............ . ......... Charlotte Cox Best-Looking Boy .......,.. Most Popular Girl ............ Most Popular Boy ',,,,,...... Most Attractive Girl 4,..,., . Most Attractive Boy ..,,,,. Best-Dressed Girl ....,,,.,.,..,. Best-Dressed Boy ........., Most Athletic Girl ......,...... Most Athletic Boy ......,.. Best-Naturecl ....,..,..,., Most Optimistic ...,,.... Most Pessiniistic vv..,.v...... Best Actress .,,....,..,.... ,,.....Iack Van Lear Henrietta Barker ...P,...,....,...Mor1'i5 Haas ,.,,,.,..,,IsalJelle Horton , l-loxrarfl Rhodes ......t...Billie Chewning .,...,.,..,..Eflwa1'd Haley ...,,...l?l'ZlI?CCS Ernst ...,.......lVlo1'1'is Haas .,,...,lfnaack Twins AMNV alter Powell ..,..........VVest Payne .Sara Kirkpatrick Best Actor '........,.......,,......,,....... ...i.,..,... S potswoocl Allen Most Original VVrite1 '.......... ........,t,......,..... I. R, lforrl Best Poet ...,...,,......,..........,..,, ,,, D ouglas Baker Most Musical ...w...,..w...,...w. ........w,....w. L .ena Campbell Most Sentimental ,.,.,....,. Most Sophisticated .......,.... Chatterbox .,,,...,,......i...,....... Local Greta Garbo ..,.......,,. Local Clark Gable .........., Biggest Loafer ,..,..... Ruth Dnnnington .,.........l'lEIl'g2ll'Cf Rowell ............h'li21l'-lO1'lC .Mlkins f"i'00fSie' Dillarcl Luther LeGi-ancle ........"fXl" Coleman Biggest Flirt ,......., .,,,........ l Jena Campbell Hall Stroller '.,..,.,,......,........e... ...,....i. L arry McXVane Pilot of the Best Line .......,. ...........w....w..w.w...... ' 'Sonu Lee Shine Girl ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,.,,,,...,,.,.. ....,........ R flilclrecl Reynolds Shine Bgy ',,,,,,,.,i ....,...,....... P ercy .lorclan "Lamb ",i,,i ,i,,.,, ,..........i.. L o is Perkins "King IQ01'1g, ',i4..,,,.,,,,r,,,,..,,,,.,,i,,,,,,rr,r4,r,,,,,r,,..,,o,.,,.,.,,,,,,.......,,,o,..... ...Menzia Brooks Awe-struck, poor Fourbee rushed from the presence of such celebrities. l34l 1933 Ghz Qllriticsflwst HIGH TIMES STAFF CRITIC AND CRITIC-CREST ST E351 AFFS Q92 Qiriticfrllrest 1933 Qllbemistrp Iuh OFFICERS Pl'l?S'iC1IC71li ......,........ ............ ..,.....,.....,. ......... lk l ARIAN IQABLER Vice Pl'L'SillC1lf ......., ,,..,,,, L AVANN13 JONES Secretary ........ ..,..,,. M ARVIN XVELLS Tl'6USIll'L'l' ....... ........ S AM MILLER The sea grew gradually calmer and after days of pleasant sailing, land was sighted ahead. The ship drew near and anchored hy a sign which read "Workers Wfanted, Apply XVithin." The cruisers deharked and exploring came upon seven cabins in the woods from whence issued the groans of persecuted persons into whose craniums shorthand, commercial English, law, geography, bookkeeping, olliee training, were being pounded to the rhythm of 7,ooo type- writers. Fourbee and Peegee marveled long before they turned away. Other ships, hraving the Sea of Fine Arts, cruised for seven days toward an evasive speck on the far horizon. They came at last upon the island where I, 35 I 1933 The Qlriticsrzlrest library nuncil GFFICERS Fall Sf7l'1"I1fZl F RANK XV RIGHT ................... .....,..A.. P resident ........ ,,....... E VIERETT LONG LA FAYETTE Buizcizss ...A...... ...,.... T 'ice P1'L7.Y1-lfL'l1f ........ ....... X VILBUR LANGDON IHILDA Scntfccs .........,,...... ,...... S ecrcfniry ',....... ..,...... X VIIJVIA BURTON BILL KIZER ........... ....... 7 'rmszzrez '....... .....,. B ILL lCIZER seven colossal Venuses reared their heads. At their feet, ranged row on row. sat aspiring and perspiring young artists, laboring vainly to reproduce the delicate majesty before them. I-lelpless under the fatal charm of Beauty, many fled from shipboard to join the smudged group of eager mortals. The ship sailed on toward a smaller islet and greater danger. Xlfise Four- bee, looking forward with anxiety, remembered a whispered word of counsel from far-OH Jupiter and lashed his men with seven lashes to the masts, and before placing himself at the helm, stnHied all ears with absorbent cotton in ' im Ghz QlZtititfQTLt25t 1933 Qiummercial fllluh OFFICERS Fall Spring XNALLACE PATTERSON ,...,.... .,,..,...... P resident .A,A......,... ,,,,..A,,4,.,,, R AYMOND SIIARP NORMAN REA ..................,.. .A........ I Vice President ,,...,...... ,.,..,... X VALLACE PATTERSON LOUISE jfxcons .......... ..,...... . Tecretarg '....... ..................,,... RUBY SISIITH FRANK W'RIc:1fI'i '...,,...... .,..,... Y i'reas11-ref' ......... ....,,.... L OUISE JACOBS preparation for the coming ordeal. There, seated upon a bed of mosses, look- ing utterly resistless, was the only male siren in captivity-the Sixth Wfonder of the VVorld! As the vessel approached, he drew himself up to his full majestic height, opened his lips and, in the voice of seven angels, yodeled a love song. The effect on the crew was appallingg for there were a curious many. who, fearing lest they miss some excitement, had secretly withdrawn the cotton from their auditory channels and faced the music bare-eared. XV hen they heard E331 1933 Ghz Qlriticffllirest BO YS' GLEE CLU B GIRLS' GLEE CLUB H91 Ghz Qlritiwllrest 1933 BAND ORCHESTRA LwJ 1933 The Qlriticsdllrest W Eahih Garrick Players OFITICERS F all Spring WILLIAM XVEST .........,.,... ..,....... P resident ........ .,.......,.....,.,. X 7VEsT PAYNE JAQUELIN NICHOLAS A.......... ........ T fire Presidmzif ........., ....,...... I SABRLLE HORTON MARJORIE ADKINS ....,.....,. ............ R cc. Sefrarary .......... ............ S ARA ICIRKPATRICK NANCY DABNEY ...,v..... .,.......... C or. Secremry .......... ...,.,...... I ANE ARMSTRONG MAIKGAREI' ROWELL ......... ......... 7 'reaszzrer' ....... .......,.. I QATHERINE DAVIs those divine utterances they abandoned their Seven Senses, became like mad- men, gnawed and tore at their bonds till they were free and, flinging them- selves overboarcl, were drawn unresisting to the shore. There they ranged themselves in seven rows at the feet of the Siren and in awed voices breathed, "Oh, Mr. Fredrick! How do you do it!" l-ill GDB 6lEritiB:QEt25t while a Hersy and a 'Robert set up a stage beneath the trees, The audience sat spellhound be- fore the seven plays. They gasped as Bet- ty Scott, alias -To of "Little XKIOIYLCILH spurned the ardent love of jack 'Van Lear and vanished HLITTLE XVoxl1cx" 1 -Q- 1933 The ship, sail- ing sadly off, left the victims. On the vessel swept until it came at last to a place where the sun rose and set in the lfVest. Here a band of traveling players, players under the guidance of a gentle lady, seeing the strangers, stopped "Invom'ANcE or BEING ERNESTHQFACULTY PLAY ' 4 HTIVIIY THE CHIIMES RANGH E421 behind an um- brella with Wfilliani NV est. They were intrigued over Miss Goode in her Huffy pink dress as the blushing heroine of "The Importance of Being Ernest" p: shocked, grieved, and mortified as everybody flung dignity to the winds 'W' ' 1933 Qlibe dlrititzcllrzst and rushed into everybody else's armsg and gratified as Mrs. Gregory at least retained her matronly modesty to the end. ii ' The solemuity of 'Whfhy the Chimes Rang" sank deep into reverent hearts, while the humor and pathos of " ,Op o' Me 'l'humb" were received with laughter and tears. UXVHY 'ri-na Cuinnss Rama" The hysterics of "'l'ouchdown" had scarcely subsided when a fresh attack was brought on by "Jonesy," and the explorers sailed weakly off to recuperate to the sweet strains of "Oh Doctor V' Six of the Seven Seas had heen passed and conquered, hut the seventh lay yet far ahead. Before the time for departure arrived, liourhee and Peegee consulted awhile and called their friends together to a banquet. VVhen all were assembled and the feast in full sway, liourhee arose. "My comrades," he said, "six of the seas have we conquered, many the wonders we have seen and great the things we have done. But we have 1 img not found the Seven Lamps and the test of our journey lies yet ahead. lt is be- cause of this that I have assembled you here tonight. Gut there, heyond the horizon, is the sea of National Honor and in its channel Y lie unknown ter- HTOUCHDUXVNH-SENIOR Pun' I-131 K Glibe Qllritinfrlllrest 1933 if "Ye ' Quantum' Banquet rors. Beware the treacherous reef of No Study on which many unfortunate adventurers have wrecked. So, my friends. eat. drink, and be merry, for tomorrow-who knows ?" - XV hen the feast was over, the company rose with hearts a little heavy and, boarding their ships, followed where the two hrothers led them. Unusually ambitious ones made their way by the tricky falls of Math or meticulous Book- keeping. At last the rocky straights of Foreign Languages, Commercial Sub- jects, History, and English, Parallel Reading and Typewriting Projects were passed as the conquerors fought their way onward. T he inhabitants of many enchanted islets called to them and tried to hold them back. The Land of Chewing Gum and Peanutsg the narrow and thrilling isle of Hall Strolling: Gossiping, a land of endurance records: and that dreamy land of Spring Fever were spurned and cast aside. The way grew steadily more diflicult, but with a last supreme effort one lone ship reached the placid waters of the Sea of National Honor. From the decks of this ship Fourbee and Peegee and thirty-five spent companions sent up their thankful prayers to the Seven Gods of Luck. l-Ml 1935 arm Qtmnsfmesr Prrasident ............. Vice P1'c.vi1lz'ut ....,.. Secretary ............. Trcu.rurvr.. ..,.... . Douglas Baker Eleanor Biggs Winston Blankenship Billy Carrington Billie Chewning Hazel Clark jean liinlrree Frances Ernst Virginia Ferguson Ruby Flanagan Lulu Fourqnrean Lucile Fox Gertrude Fulcher atiunal Iiaunur bucietp Oifxficiixs MEMBERS Price Gooden Carter Haymcs James Holmes Louise Jacobs Dorothy Jester Henrietta jones Marion Kahler Sara Kirkpatrick 'Irene Knaack .lerene Knaack Nellie Mayberry VVilIiani Meade ..,.....XVlLLIAM W1-:sr .,...,..lh1ARION KABLER .., Sekuoos . ..,... NVILIJAM MEADE jaquelin Nicholas Dan Opplemzin Margaret Rowell Jack Rucker Hilda Scruggs Ruby Smith Arthur K. Stevensfjr. Frank Turner Evelyn Vial' Frances NVells William VVest lilizahetli VVhitm0re Cecil Willard For many weeks they diligently searched the sea and shores for the Seven Lamps, but never a glimmer met their eyes. Sick at heart they returned to seek their comrades. Beyond, in the little' channel where all seas meet, they found them assembled and with joy the united friends told of their adventures. But the Seventh VVonder was yet unfound and no one had sighted the Seven Lamps. E451 tithe cltritiwllrest 1933 CH APT ER VI Ulibe Great uum:iI:QBur ways Tllinite .licfnrc fllflll ruse 1110 .rezwl frilly., liulziud A'fl'U!'t'lIt'd .Yf'T't'II smlx. b'vj'of'f' l'flt"llI' lay the wivlm-'.v .vfmil,' Bvliiud fum! llIt'1II0l'If'S. -B A it tak I-IICN early, rosy-lingered dawn had drawn back the Curtain of night, lfourbee and Peegee slipped their ships into the home harbor. .-Xt that moment the gods were in council and. sending IX-flereuress down to hasten the returning Wanderers, they repaired to the assem- bly hall to give audience. Wleary and dejeeted, with bowed heads, liourbee and Peegee led their tired band to the fXssembly. They stood silent before the gods, and not until questioned by jupiter did they answer: then spoke the brothers with sorrowful bitterness: "We have returned, Most Honored, but in great shame. XVe have failed-'failed utterly. VVe have found no lamps upon the seas. NVQ did not even lind the Seventh Wfonder of the XVorld." Suddenly into the council rushed a pale and panting comrade and Hung himself before Fourbee and Peegee. "Gb, Great Leaders," he cried breath- lessly, "I bring great news! XfVhen we returned to our beloved land, I journeyed out exploring instead of coming into the .Xssenibly lflall. Upon the third tloor of the main hall, I heard a mighty rumble of thunder and entered a room to investigate. The gusts ol' hot air and steam were nigh unbearable. and the noise resonnded like the notes of Seven Trumpetsg but I. who had suH'ered much, pressed on. Straining my eyes through the heavy mist, I saw a golden sign on which was written 'There are Seven XfVonders ot the lvorld. This is the Seventh and last'- and there, seated in state. l beheld Semigod Lewis, the celestial foghorn !" Great was the rejoicing, for they had at last Found the Seven Wlonders! 'W'hen the din had subsided, Father -Iupiter mounted the l'USU'UlN and spoke. H51 r 2 vw 5, , . , ,W GED2 Qzrimisamsr 1933 Ztlbz :faculty H. A. C. XVALIQER, Princifnzl BLAKE E. ISLEY, Assistant Principal, lllatlzmnatirs PAULINE T. l:lSHI:lR, Dean of Girls, History CHARLES M. :XBBOT, I-listary HARli1IiTTIi S. BELL, .S1f7lIlllSll SAMUEL H. BENNETT, English RUTH H. BLUNT, .Englisli E. F. BURMAHLN, Director of Bn.sines.v Eziucatimi DOROTHY CHILDRESS, Typewriting, Office Training LEWIS T. IDAVIS, Head of Latin Dcfvartnwnt txllllll-I T. EURE, English THOMAS B. FUNK, Matlzenzatirs, Atlllvtif Coaflz SAMUEL R. GAY, Biology. Physics ELIZABETH C. GLASS, Latin, Hilvtarj- LILLIAN F. GREGORY, Head af Ronzance Langntzgc Dept. CLEMENTENE GOOIIE. f,'UllllIlI'l'l'iUI Grografvliy, SlIOI'f!lHIlU', Tj'f70Tiil'lil.lIg E'F'Fl'li K. IUIARVEY, Bnakkvvping IQATI-ILEEN I'l0I.MI-IS, Iiruncli, Spanish I. HEATH LEWIS, Head uf History Dcjvartnzant L. H. IVICCLTI-2, JR., Hcad of SFLCIICC Dcpartnzent FRED B. MCLEKLTIQIN, Matlteniatics EVEINN L. MOORE, Englisli lqELEN H. NELSON, English MATTIE H. C. N,ICHOLAS, English ROSCOE R. 0GI.EsI3Y, tllatlicnzatics, ff0'Z'I'l'IIIlll3IIf IVIARY SPOTSWOOII PAYNE, English BEULAH PHIPPS, ClI.a1i1istI'y, Biology EIQBIA LEE PORTER, Slzortltand, Transcrifwtivn, Typczcriting RUTH I-I. PRETIELE, Typcwriling, CIJIIIIIICITIIIII Geography C. A. SYDNOR, Latin, ilY'UflIf?lIll'lfiL'J ELSIE V. TALBOT, English EI.1zAIIET1-1 N. W'ALI.AcE, History EVELINA O. NVIGGINS, Hvarl of English Dnpartnlcrit MAIIGARET F. W'ILLIAMs, Baolekvefving, Connnercial Gfagrapliy FANNIE B. NVRIGHT, History Special WV. L. FREDERICK, Music MARGARET l'IELBlG, Art C. R. XV.-XRTHEN, Plzyxiral Training ISABEL PECIQ, Physical Training KATHERINE DUPUY, Girls' Atlzletirx IQORVELL CRAIG1-IILL, Librarian .-XNICE PIONVELL, Scrrctary to Prinrifval PHOEEE EDMUNDS, Sizfwrzisor of Study Halls SALLIE HAYNIE, Dirertnr of Cafeteria BESSIE LONG, Assistant Director of Cafeteria l -I8 I 4 ' fe, 4 I O ' . MIU-HOLMEI Q MIK BLUNT . wut., .D Marr icunomzy Msff w Q:ouT , J u . . ,S-u ,. ..'....' ,- , vx' -. J ' . . 1- f. 2 ,E 1 ..::.: ' if -"'- 'LEP "Nfl , .. f X - P- ,. A A ' f - ' Mgr WALLACE , ' AMIff CRAIGHILL MR. FREDERICK MR.M'LAURIN I ' 'Mf' I - G- " . 3 1' ' Mm rumour Mlff PORTER ' ""' ' MR.GAY J - I A MR.auqMAHn.m ci .. f 2 S ,N Mmff wuLLmMf , , ' MW NU- f'0N ff Muff GCLQDIE MW TALBOT A A-W ,A F ' A . I ixlj , N :I L ra Y:.:: , A ' NV wg. , ,, lm-lr: ::. V , 5 ' , 's N I ' ,:,. .-.. MII-QGAL cfBY Vi ' , ww ' : ' w . Y . gf-W m , f u H252 -, x, " , - . Q uw I ,1Y-,, Ghz Qlriticwllrest 1933 "My children," he said. 'iyou have worked long and faithfully toward your goal and have journeyed tar in your quest 'For the Seven l.amps. You searched widely and diligently, and omitted one place only. So now-look up Y" XVith one accord the company raised their eyes and there, swinging high above their heads, and blazing in the 'fullness of their glory. hunff the Seven Lamps of Architecture. bv A shout of joy arose from the liar-travelers. .lupiter spoke on. "You have sought afar and labored long. Here on your course you have found Beauty: there, Truth 3 by trials and hardships you have learned Obedience and Sacrifice: and from all these four you have gained Power and Memory: and a deeper understanding of l.ife.+these are the Seven powers of the Seven Lamps. "Your Lamps hanging here will throw the light of inspiration through- out the Land of Glass, but you yourselves will rise to greater heights among the Pleiades and by your rays of light will guide other pilgrims across the Seven Seas of Life." XVhen the Seven Sages had ceased to speak, Alma Mater rose and slipped away. Wfithout. the stars shone brightly, sending down a welcome light upon the darkness below. Alma Mater blew a smile and a happy kiss upward to the stars that were once her children and, turning, hurried homeward. H'l1af ,roll-ry is this 'aw !IL'lII' Franz you lriglz lzillf' 'Tis the Ungar twice of Yonflz E'UL7l' Slillfjfllg, sizzghzzg Songs of lzmmr. Stern c1zdc47'z,'01', High acl:-1't"z'v111f'1zf, -BAIQER I 50 I Gtbe Qlriticfflrest 19355 P1'vs1'd mf . ..A...., Vim P1't'.VZ'IfL'1lf ..v..... .qt?f'l'CfHl':X' ....... T1'L'f7.VI! rm' ,....,... I'',47!L'tf1TCf0I'1jC7-7'Z ....... . Poe! ...v.... Sweninr wffiners i511 ,.......XYTI.LIAN1' GAIQRETT NVEST .,....BII.I.IIi I,0L'1s12 CIIEXVNING XIIRGINIA EI.IZ.-XI4l21'I'I WWIITNIORE ..,,....,.lDINSMORE FINLY SCRUc'sc:s ..,...!l-EAN Emrsum ,..w.....D0 UGLAS LEE BA KER Qlibe Qlriticwltrest L .1 'flmtiw itat-V", in 1 I ni? ,.1 ni, 1'2' 'E 3 1 H. ffm 1 5,312 frm.: "gt ,gi 1, . ist, Sli' 1111 E, 5' -Q is ,E 1933 XVILLIAM GARRETT XVEST "BILL" President Senior Class, President Junior Class, Pres- ident Sophomore Class, President National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll '32, '332 Adelphian Debating Society, President '31, David Carrick Players '32, President '33: Chapel Connnittee, .Hiyli 'I'ime.r Staff, Book Review Editor '31, '32, '33, Hi-Y, Athletic Asso- ciation, Basketball '31, '32, Varsity Tennis '31, '32, '33, Captain '31, '32, French Club, Rifclmiond Times Dispatrli. Medal '31, Bell Debating Medal '31, Senior Play, State Debating Contest '31, '32, Class A and Stale Championship in Debating '33, Monogram Club. BILLIE LOUISE CHEXVNING "BILLIE" National Honor Society: Vice-President Senior Class '339 Secretary Junior Class '32, President Honor League '33, Quill and Scroll, Critir, Bookshelf Editor '33, Crrxrt '331 Lee Literary Society, Athletic Associa- tion, Senior Council: Chairman of Home Room. VIRGINIA ELIZA BETH XNHITMORE "LIZ" National I-lonor Society, Cafeteria Assistant, Ohicc Assistant, Student Secretary, State Teachers' Conven- tion, Commercial Club, Secretary '31, President, '32, O C A' O A T' Students Advisory Council, . 1. . . . . ., Library Council, Honor League, Secretary Senior Class '33, High Times Staii, Typist '31, Assistant Busi- - ' ' - A ll t' Association, B: Club, Bas- , 1 . ness Manager 33, tieic , ketball '30, '31, '32, '335 Volley Ball '31, 32. 33, Baseball '31, '32, Swimining '33, Supervisor of Caf- eteria Typists. DINSMORE FINLY SCRUGGS "D1NKY" Treasurer Senior Class '33, Ili-Y, President '32, '33, llonor League, Sophomore Representative, Athletic Association, Junior Representative, Track '29, '31, '32, Captain '34, Captain-Elect '33, Football '31, '32, Vir- ginia High School Literary a11d Athletic League Con- tests '31, '3z, Monogram Club, Chemistry Club, Hi-Y and G. H. S. C. Play '33, Cafeteria Assistant, Boys' Glee Club, Senior Banquet Committee. JEAN EMBREE . HJEANU f S ' r Class' National Honor Soci Valedictorian o cnio , ety, Honor League, Tennis '32, '33, G. I-I. S. C. 3- '33, French Club '32, Students Advisory Council '32 '33, Athletic Association, Debating '33. DOUGLAS LEE BAKER Hoouor - il Senior Class Poet, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Critic Staff, Poetry Editor '32, Crexvt Staff Assistant Editor, Athletic Association, Honor League Connnercial Club, O. G. A., Cafeteria Cashier and Cl l Second Honorary Accountant, Periwinkle Poetry u 1, President. ARTHUR KINGSLEY STEVENS, IR. ' HARTI-1UR" Critic, Assistant Editor '32, Editor-in-Chief '33 Crest, Editor-in-Chief '33I National Honor Societw Quill and Scroll, Boys' Public Reading Contest '33 Honor League, Athletic Association, Stamp Club ' l Cl b Tennis '33' NVinner Secretary '33, Spamsi .uhg , Essay Contest Cooperative Building and Loan. ll 521 1933 MARJORIE LEE ADKINS "MARCUS" Athletic Association: Girls' High School Clubg David Garrick Players, Secretary 'gzg Senior Play: French Club '33. JOHN SPOTSVVOOD ALLEN "SPOTSW'OOD" David Garrick Players: Senior Play: Athletic Asso- ciationg Honor Leagueg Students Advisory Council. BILLY DAVID ANDERSON nBILLY,, Athletic Associationg Band: Honor League. EMILY JANE ARMSTRONG Q HJANEH Athletic Association: Honor League: B2 Clubg David Garrick Players, Corresponding Secretary, ,33Q Spanish Cluhg C'f1.fl'C Staff, Exchange Editor .332 C-rw! Staff, Senior Class Editor 133. FRANCES NVOODFIN AVERETT UFRANNIE' Athletic Association: I-Ionor Lengueg French Clulsg David Carrick Players: Senion Playg Senior Banquet Committeeg Girls' High School Cluhg I-hgh 1'-imcx Stall '3lg Girls' Glue Clull. HENRIETTA APPERSON BARKER "REDDY" l Vice-President Sophomore Class: Vice-President ,Tun- xor Classy Athletic Association, Vice-President '33g Lee Litcrary Societyg Honor League: Cheer Leader '3:g Critic Staff '32Q High Times Stal? '3::: Senior Council. HERSY GRANT BASHAM, JR. "I-IERSYU David Carrick Players: Spanish Cluhg Honor Lcagncg Athletic Association. .-Q QTID2 Qlriticfflllrest l . l:"fi"' .N ' sf .i"'1, 1-1 - ,I- Tfsr w.- jldjliirlqf' i -X' wiv 1 WK , W-4 ,272-:sw-t hs, -vp .' lf':i n ng, N ls-1 1g"'l',q.i Ji 5 'Vg Ha."- ..N an ld iw , 1 1 . l jL,,.....1.- - , X . l r.'u,l,.-il l l53l qc I--..,..,. - --an -Y W H.-is Ghz Qllriticsqlirest 1933 ROBERT EDNVARD BAXANDALL -'Boa' Band '29, '30, '32, Honor League, Athletic Associa- tion, Spanish Club. . ELEANOR RUDISILL BIGGS "ELEANOR" National Honor Society, Critic Staff, Scrapbook Editor y32j Crext Staff, Senior Class Editor '33: David Carrick Players, Basketball, Valley Ball, Swimming, and Tennis, Girls' High School Club, Vice-President '33, Girls' Monogram Club '32, Athletic Association, Lee Literary Society, Honor League, French Club, Secretary and Treasurer '32, Art Club. CATHERINE ALICE BLACKSTOCK "CATHERINE" Commercial Club, Honor League, Athletic Associa- tion, O. G. A., Competent Typist, Hiyh, Time: Typist '31, '32- EMILY LOUISE BLAKLEY "RED" Athletic Association, Honor League, Commercial Club, Girls' Glee Club, Librarian '32, Treasurer ,331 B2 Club, Secretary and Pianist '31, '32, '33, O. G. A., David Carrick Players, Senior Play, State Commercial Contests '31, Competent Typist, Library Council. VVINSTON HARRISON BLANKENSI-IIP "VV1NSTON" National Honor Society, Senior Council, Commercial Club, Athletic Association, Honor League, 0. G. A., Students Advisory Council, Cafeteria Accountant and Cashier, Critic Typist. ' MARY ELIZABETH BLANKS "MARY" Senior Council, Honor League, B2 Club: Commercial Club, Reporter '32, ,331 Athletic Association, O. G. A., Critic Typist '32, '33, Crest Stal? '33: Cafeteria Typist. THEODORE G. BOSXVELL "TED" Orchestra, Boys' Glee Club, Athletic Association. 1933 Ghz Qllriticsflres I RUSSELL VERNON BOWERS NRUSTY.. Chemistry Club: Band '30-'332 Boys' Glee Club: Orchestra '3o-'32:- Library Council: -Honor League: Crvxt Staff: Athletic Association: Tennis: Senior Play. XVILLIAM 1.-X MES BOXVLING A-Jin" Honor League: Athletic Association: Boys' Glee Club '33, HELEN MAYS B RADLEY "HELEN" Honor League: Students Advisory Council: Spanish Club, Secretary '33: Athletic Association. DOROTHY MAY BREMERMAN "DOT" Quill and Scroll: High Time.: Stall, Alumni Editor '33: Junior French Club: Girls' High School Club: Cafeteria Assistant: Honor League: Athletic Associa- tion. GEORGE DANIEL BROOKS, JR. "GEORGE" I Spanish Club: Athletic Association: Honor League. MENZIA ADONARIOUM BROOKS "FEETS," "VVlNDY" Commercial Club, Sergeant-at-Arms '31, '32: David Carrick Players: Band, Drum Major '33: Baseball: Honor League: O. G. A.: Athletic Association. OSCAR JULIAN B.Rx'ANT, JR, 4.0. J--v Honor League: Athletic Association: Uernmn Club: Boys' Glee Club. r i551 V Y' ' ""f11'-7 ""' ' - -..N- ,V - ,..1.,.-- Qtbe Qlriticdllrest 1933 ...mutt '1.w.E,.,.' . file? i iii-. .. I56l VVADE HAMPTON BULLARD, JR, "WADE" Spanish Club: Boys' Glee Clubg Athletic Association. ROBERT S. BURRUSS "ROBERT" ' Chemistry Cluhg Athletic Associatioug Footballg .Frackg Honor League. FANNIE CAGAN HFANNIEU High Time.: Staif, Reporter '33, Typist '32, ,33Q Honor Leagueg Athletic Associationg David Garrick Playersg Oflice Assistantg Girls' Basketballg Library Couucxlg Commercial Clubg O, G. A. THOMAS HUNTER CALLAHAM "TOM" Athletic Associationg Banclg Orchestrag Honor League. LENA MARIE CAMPBELL "MAME" Commercial Club: Cafeteria Assistautg Honor Leagueg Athletic Associatioug Orchestrag Girls' Glee Club, Pres- ident '32g B2 Club: Spanish Clubg David Garriclc Players: Girls' Athletics. WILLIAM ALEXANDER CARRINGTON "BILLY" National Honor Society: Bandg Orchestrag French Club, Xfice-President '339 Library Councilg Athletic Associationg Honor League. RUTH VIRGINIA CARROLL URUTHU Commercial Clubg O. G. A.g Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. if I I 'FP' 1 9 3 3 VIRGINIA CLAY CASEY "PICK" Honor Leagueg Athletic Association: Girls' Glee Clubg B2 Clubg Commercial Club: O. G. A.g Junior High Girl Reserves. ROSALINE CHEATHAM "ROSIE" Commercial Clubg Library Councilg Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. ' RUBY VIRGINIA CHENAULT URUBY-, Commercial Clubg Athletic Associationg Honor League: O. G. A. HALLIE SHINN CLAIBORNE "MISS ANNE" Honor Leagueg Athletic Associationg Girls' High School Club, Treasurer '32g French Club. HAZEL GERTRUDE CLARK "I-IAZELU National Honor Societyg Crest Typist '33S Critic Typist ,33j O..G. A.g Commercial Clubg Honor Leagueg Cafeteria Typist ,32, 'SHS Athletic Association. JOHN VVHEAT COFER "JOHNNY" Rustburg High School Grarluateg Athletic Associa- tiong Chemistry Clubg Honor League. NANCY ELIZABETH COFFEE "ELIZABETH" David Garrick Playersg Spanish Club: Girls' High School Clubg Library Councilg Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. fltbz Qlriticfdlrzst E571 -5 .. . ,se- Gtbe Qtriticdllrest 1933 E531 ALFRED CLIFTON COLEMAN "AL" Baseball, Varsity 'gog Football, Varsity '31, l321 Monogram Club '30, '31, ,325 Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Spanish Cluh. CHARLES EDWA RD COLEMAN "ED" High Time: Staff, Humor Department ,32Q Football '3lQ Athletic Associationg Honor League. MARION IRENE COLEMAN "MARION" Commercial Clubg O. G. A.g B2 Clubg Athletic Associationg Honor League: Girls' Glee Club. MARY POWELL COPLEY -'MARY' Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Girls' Glee gulg, Secretary 'gzg French Cluhg Girls' High School u . MARIE ARTHUR CGSTAN "COSTAN" High Times Stalifg Athletic Association: French Clubg Honor Leagueg Lee Literary Societyp B2 Cluhg Girls' Glee Clubg Baskethallg Volley Ball. V VVILLIAM GILBERT COTHRAN, JR. "BLONDlE" Athletic Associationg Commercial Clubg Honor League: Cafeteria Accountant '323 High Times Stalf, Assistant Business Manager '32, Business Manager 33. EDWARD CRAIGHILL COUSINS "CRAIG" Honor Leagueg Athletic Associationg. Hi:Y, Chaplain '33S Track: Spanish Club, Vice-President 32. 1933 Ghz Qllriticsdlrzst CHEXRLOTTE CATHERINE COX "HONEY" Girls' High School Club, Honor League, Athletic Association, Art Cluh. FRANCES COX "FRANKlE" ASSSJSQH3"l5l1niC'l?2lgfflE"Z3ti?1'5?5LlSltSiL?2i1.,Ef''mi' GEORGE WOOD CRAFT .UDROOI-'Y" Spanish Club, Sergeant of Arms '32, Treasurer ,335 Football, Track, Varsity '31, '32, '33, Assistant Cap- tain '33, Monogram Cluh, Athletic Association. BEULAH JACQUELINE CRUTE ",TACQUE" Basketball, Swimming: Girls' High School Club, French Cluh, Honor League, Athletic Association: Monogram Club. NANCY MILLER DABNEY "NANCY" French Club, President ,331 Girls' High School Club, Davicl.Garrick Players, Honor League, Senior Banquet Committee: Athletic Association. JACK DANIEL "SKID" Sparnisli Cluh, Comrnercial Cluh, Tennis, Athletic Associatlong Council. RUTH LAVINDER DILLAR D "TOO'I'Sl E" Honor League, Athletic Association: David Carrick Players. Chairman Program Committee ,332 French Club: Girls' High School Clnli, High Tnfnms Reporter '29, Bzzskethzill, NVilsonian Literary Society. l59l fthe Qlriticsfllrest 1933 ll .1 - : zz so I 1 w fe wa hw I . I 'fit :as I fffflr ,R- ef sy, , 'V Him: , fl: ,r w M,,maf 1,.:u1 ' gow i it- 1.1 sl. '-, ,gg J' 1' ii-1, W I 1 1525? V I N:-gg EVELYN FRANCES DIUGUID "EVELYN" French. Club: Athletic Association: Girls, High School Club: Hlyll Times Staff: Honor League. MAXINE ELLIOTT DODD . 1 n "DIZZY" 'David Carrick Players: Athletic Association: Girls' High School Club: Honor League: French Club. MARGUERITE ERLE DOLLINS "GUMPY," "MAGGIE" vChemistry Club: Stamp Club: Athletic Association: Girls' Glee Club. ALBERT RUSSELL DOSS, JR. UDOSSH Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Athletic Association: High Timex Stall: Honor League. RUTI-I DUNNINGTON "RUTH" Critic Staff: Basketball: Swimming: Tennis: Mono- gram Club: Girls' High School Club: French Club: Honor League: Athletic Association. CHRISTINE MAGDALENE ELLIS UTEENIEH High Timex Staff: Commercial Club: State Com- mercial Contests '3i: Cafeteria Typist '32, '33: O. G. A.: Athletic Association: Honor League: Volley Ball: Basketball: David Garrick Players. AURIE GILES ENGLISH "AURlE" David Carrick Players, Cnrrcsponcling Secretary '33: Athletic Association: Girls' High School Club: Honor League: German Club: Cafeteria Assistant. +T- 1933 Ghz Qlriticsitrest FRANCES NATI-IOLIA ERNST "FRANCES" National Honor Society: Athletic AssociationAg fias- kethall, Captain '31, '31, '33g Vollcy Ball, Captain 32, Basehallg Monogram Cluhg Honor Leagueg O. G. A. HARTXVELL SMITH EVANS "HARTWELL" Critic Staff '31-'33, Poetry Editor '33g C-rznst Stattg Quill and Scroll: French Club: Athletic Association: Honor League. EDGAR HTGHT FAUBER. IR. "EDGAR" 'Honor League-5 Athletic Associationg Banrl. NELLIE IRENE FEAGANS "NELLIE" Athletic Associationg Honor League. LOUIS SOLOMON FEINMAN "LOUIS" Honor Leagueg Athletic Associationg German Club, President '32g Manager Football 'gzg Basketball: Adelphian Dellating Society. VIRGINIA BELLE FERGUSON '-vIRG1N1A" National Honor Society: Girls' Glee Clubg Library Councilg David Carrick Players: French Clubg Girls' High School Cluhg High Times Staff, Exchange Editor ,335 Athletic Associationg Honor League. BLUMA MILDRED FINKEL "BLU" Davirl Carrick Playcrsg Oftice Assistzmtg Atlelphian Debating Societyg Honor Leagueg Athletic Association: Lee Literary Societyg B2 Cluhg High. Times Staff, Per- sonals Editor '31, Advertising Manager 132. to ' 1 mf Q-'gm A Z, ,, 1, 1 v Z fi? ' at l O it in , ii, fra. : ultram , gm-L tw, tg? - - ,Y M. in Am w "Em it it il i ut A O ,ti 4 L QF ., W M. Ha ' fa. it -- gf. , v 1 it mi yt ac.- h it l ' , -'Nu 1 it ,iv lt... T? , , J ' at wif'-I7 -.nm ,. gf, S ' "EQ is ,,.,. ,-x i H . L"J,,t 'rl' , ,tt -' Q, X' .tt .: tt. maint . V .i r i ,i:, ot -, hm . W.. U. -1 -V fzfl ,Y ,L N7 4 ,ii JB it .. '- ,,.3xl.1.i,z it w Th iii A -ll S -.1 'B-H31 nt. A , 4: 23:1 ,V H511 If le ,W ,V ::Lnf ..a.- J- -Y Y.-. . -, . . ,. l ., sqm'-g.-L1 . .-,,,. -- ' EDB flltititsdltwt 1933 V LOYD GRAY FITZGERALD H "FITZ" ll Athletic Association: Honor League. i I RUBY KATHLEEN FLANAGAN l "RUBY" l i National llrmor Society: David Garrick Players: l Girls' High School Cluh: German Club, Secretary. 32, W President '33: Honor League: Office Assistant: Athletic : Association: Critic' Stah '3z: Crest Stat? '33. if : LENA,FOGEL "LEE" 1 Commercial Club: Davirl Carrick Players: Library Council: High Times Typist: Basketball: Tennis: l Athletic Association: Honor League: B2 Club. E 'I JAMES RICHARD FORD, JR. l HJ' Rn, l Criiic Staiif: High Times Staff: Quill and Scroll: 5 David Garrick Players: Senior Play: Honor League: L Athletic Association. l l. P- ll 1 . ' JOE ARMISTEAD FORD l ttJOEv' h . . . . I' Band: Orchestra: Boys' iilee Club: Spanish Llnh: lt Honor League: Athletic Association. ill ' if lt. gl ll NVILLIAM URQUHART FOSTER. IR. "BUCK" l l Hi-Y: German Club: Athletic Association: Honor 'Il League: David Garrick Players. I l ,, l : LULU FOURQUREAN "SQUlRT" ' National Honor Society: French Clnlx: Girls! High School Club, Historian '33i Adelphian Debating Soci- l l ety: Honor League: Athletic Association: Senior Coun- xl cil: David Carrick Players: High Times Staff, Ex- il change Editor: Critic Staff, Assistant Art Editor: Crest ' Stali. 'I 4' V , l 4 L 62 1 l I ia I 5 , 1933 Ghz flliriticsflllrest MARY LUCILE FOX -.CILEH National Honor Society: International High School Artists' Society: Critic StaFf, Assistant Art Editor '331 Crest Staff: I-liglz Timer Stalt, Exchange Editor '33: G. H. S. C.: Basketball: David Garrick Players: Stu- rlents Advisory Council: French Club: Girls' Glee Club: Athletic Association: Honor League. FRANCES ELIZABETH FRALIN "FRANCES" Spanish Club: David Garrick Players: Athletic Asso- ciation: Honor League: Basketball: Monogram Club: Chemistry Club. A MARY GEARTRUDE FULCHER "T.RUDlE" National Honor Society: David Garrick Players: Chemistry Club: French Club: Library Council: Bas- ketball: I-Ionor League: Athletic Association. MAURICE PRICE GOODEN "PRICE" National Honor Society: Honor League: Athletic Association: Football, Varsity '32: Basektball, Manager ,33j Track: Crifir and Crest Staffs, Circulation Man- ager '33. GEORGE CHARLES GRAFF "GEORGE" Honor League: Athletic Association: German Club, Treasurer '32: Chemistry Club, Chairman of Program Committee: David Garriclc Players. VERNON LEO GRUB BS f-Lao" Honor League: Athletic Association: High Times Staff: Track: Spanish Club. MORRIS HAAS "MULE" Varsity Basketball '30, '31, ,32, Captain '32: Varsity Football '30, '31, Captain '33: Baseball: Monogram Club: Athletic Association, President '33: German Club, Sergeant-atfArms '33: David Garrick Players: Honor League: Cafeteria Assistant. i631 .an , fltbe Qlriticfqlrwt 1933 i641 EDNVARD FRANCIS HALEY HEDJ. HCOTTON., Hi:Yg Tennis: Track, Varsity '339 Monogram Cluhg Spanish Club: Senior Councilg Honor Leagueg Athletic Associationg High Times Staffg Lee Literary Societyg Football. LEWIS EDXlV.AxRD HARLOVV "HARLOW" Commercial Clubg O. G. A.g Athletic Associatioug Honor Leagueg Baskethallg Track. GEORGE BERNARD HAWKINS "BERNARD" Athletic Associationg French Cluhg Honor League. 'DOROTHY ELIZABETH HAVVKINS "DOT" Library Couricilg Girls' High School Cluhg High Timex Staffg Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Com- mercial Club. ELIZABETH PERCY HAWKINS "ELIZABETH" Chemistry Clubg B2 Club, Treasurer ,33Q French Clubg Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. VICTOR OTIS HAVVKINS , "VIC" Honor Leagueg Athletic Associationg Commercial Club: O. G. A.g Monogram Clubg Varsity Basket- ball ,33. CARTER EDWARD HAYMES "CARTER" National Honor Societyg High Times Staff, Managing Editor '33: Bandg Orchestrag Crest Staff '33g Honor Leagueg Quill and Scrollg Boys' Glee Clubg Athletic Associationg Chemistry Club. 1933 Ghz QEritin:QlZr.zst LOUISE OCIE HENDERSON "LOUISE" Commercial Club: Critic Typistg O. G. A.g High Times Typistg Athletic Associationg Honor League. ELMO HERMAN HICKS "H'lCKEY" French Club, Treasurer, '32g Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. RICHARD CONVVAY HICKSON "RICHARD" Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Hi-Y, President '32Q David Garrick Players: Senior Playg French Club: Critic and Crest Staffs, Art Editor '339 Students' Advisory Council: Senior Banquet Committee. ATHALIE CARMEL HIGI-IT "ATHALlE" O. G. A.: B2 Club: Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Cafeteria Typist. VIRGINIA RUTH HILL "V.A." B2.Clubg Spanish Club: Honor League: Athletic Assocxationg Girls' Glee Clubg Cafeteria Assistant. JULIA ELSIE HOLLAND "ELSIE" Athletic Associationg Honor League. JAMES HOLMES "JAMES" National Honor Societyg French Clubg Tennis Teamg Monogram Clulmg Students Advisory Councilg Latin Tournament '33: Critic and Critic-C'rz-.rt Staffs '33: Honor League: Athletic Association. l65J 54 -.f',N"40 -Q I r l rt Glibe Qlritinffllrest 1933 l ia- Zigi :vm 35- . :ea ,Mui 'i , I :ii i .i as. i ,ii iii it ii, - " it A.,A, , .- N' .fi ,,j:, ii ' ' 2 It in i . EQ 'wig' f , mi v t iii H' as: , ii, , 1 1 i' ,- 'lib it 1 'ff wits. ll ea 1--'ri , -W iii: tri, . - f f 'ii ,, Wi., l56l I-IAZEL MAY HOCK 'tlAlAZEL" David Garrick Players, Mistress of Makeup '33: French Club: Girls' High School Club: Quill and Scroll: Athletic Association: Honor League: Critic gtaff, Feature Editor '33: Crest Staff 33: Chemistry ,um. PHYLLIS HORNER "PHIL" l-lonor League: Athletic Association: Girls' High School Club: German Club, Vice-President '33Z Lee Literary Society: M. R. S. Degree. ISA BELLE CORBETT HORTON "lTCHY" Girls' High School Club: French Club: Honor League: Crffir Staff '32: Senior Banquet Committee: Athletic Association: David Carrick Players, Vice-l'resiclent '33, JOHN GARLAND HOUSER, jk. "MONK" Track: Football, Varsity '3o: Spanish Club, Sergeant- at-Arms '33: Athletic Association: Honor League. KATHLEEN MAE HOXVARD UKATH Athletic Association: Honor League: Commercial Cluh: BY Club: 0. G. A.: Cafeteria Typist: State Commercial Contests '31. KENNETH RUCKER HUDSON "LEGS" Fnotliall: Commercial Club.. .Official Greater 'gzg Ilonor League: Athletic Association. JAMES BOOKER HUTTER. JR. :'J1MMv," '-BLRDIEH Hiylz Timor, Sports Editor '32: German Club: Honor League: Athletic Association: Monogram Club: Foot- ball, Varsity '31, '32, Assistant Captain '3z: Basket- ball, Varsity y32, '33, Assistant Captain '335 Track, Varsity '3x: Tennis: Boys' Glee.Club: ChapelvCom4 mittee: Lee Literary Society: Senior Play: Hi-X. 1933 Ghz Qiiriticfflllrest DORAL EDVVARD IRVIN "DORAL" Commercial Club: I Athletic Association: Honor League: VV1lsonian Literary Society. A N NIE LOUISE JACOBS "TOT" National Honor Society: Commercial Club, Secre- tary ,32, Treasurer '33: Chapel Committee, Chairman: Students Advisory Council: Critic and Crest Stalis, Manager of Typists '33: Athletic Association, Represen- tative '32: Cafeteria and English Department Typist: O. G. A.: State Commercial Contests '3l. DOROTI-I Y JESTER "DOROTHY" National Honor Society: Honor League: French Club: Library Council, President '32: Critic Staff, Scrapbook Editor '33: Crest Staff, Senior Class Eidtor '33: David Garrick Players: Girls' High School Club: Lee Literary Society: Athletic Association. MARY ELIZABETH JONES "LlZ" Commercial Club: Athletic Association: Girls' Glee Club: O. G. A.: Honor League. HENRIETTE WISE JONES "TOOTSlE" National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: Junior French Club, Vicc'President '32: Critic' Staff, Literary Editor '33: Crest Staff, Literary Editor '33i Girls' High School Club, President '33: Athletic Association: Cafeteria Assistant: Honor League. FRANCES LA VANNE JONES "LA VANNEU -Rusthurg High School Graduate: Chemistry Club, Vice-President ,333 Girls' High School Club: Athletic Association. HENRY THOMAS JORDA N "PERCY" ' Hi-Y: Honor League: David Carrick Players: Ger- man Club: 'High Time: Staif: Crest Staff: Critic StaE, Humor Editor '33: Monogram Club: Track, Varsity '32: .Cheer Leader '3i: Band: Orchestra: Athletic Association: Boys' Glec Club. H371 Ghz Qlriticsfllrest 1933 H581 VIRGINIA ELIZABETH KABLER . "ELIZABETH" Honor League: Athletic Association: Junim' French Club: Chemistry Club: Lee Literary Society. MARIAN LOUISE KABLER HREDV, National Honor Society, Vice-President '33: Senior Council: Girls' Glee Club, Vice-President '32: G. H. S. C., Treasurer '33: Chemistry Club, President '33: Junior French Club, President '32, '33g Critic StaFf, Exchange Editor: Crest Staff, Senior Class Editor '33: Honor League: Cafeteria Assistant: Athletic Associa- tion: Basketball: Valley Ball: Tennis: Swimming. DUVAL BICKFORD KELLEY "SHIPWRECK" Athletic Association: Honor League: Spanish Club. FRANCES VERNON KEMP "KEMP" Critic StaPf, Alumni Editor '335 Crest Staff '33: French Club: G. H. S. C.: Athletic Association: Lee Literary Society: Honor League. JOHN EDWARD KERSEY "JANNOT" Athletic Association: Junior French Club, Treasurer '33: Honor League. SARA I-IALEY KIRKPATRICK "SARAH National Honor Society: 'French Club.: Davicl Car' rick Players, Recording Secretary: Athletic Association: Honor League. XVILLIAM BULLOCK KIZER ' "BILL" Critic Staff, Advertising Manager '33i Spanish Club, Treasurer '32: Lee Literary Society: Boys' Glee Club: Library Council, Treasurer '33: Honor League: Athletic Afsfaciation: Debating Team '3z: Hi-Y: Chemistry C u i. 1933 Ghz Qtriticfrllrest IRENE PEARL KNAACK "TW.lNNIE" National Honor Society: Athletic Association: Com- mercial Club, Reporter '3z: O. G. A.: Cv-mr Typist '33: Cafeteria Tvpist: High Times and English Department Typist: Honor League. JERENE IDA KNAACK "TWlNNIE" National Honor Society: Honor League: Athletic Association: Commercial Cluh, Reporter '3.:: O. G. A.: Critic Typist '33: High Timm and English Department Typist: Cafeteria Typist. JOHN CASKIE KNIGHT HJACK.. Treasurer Junior Class: Spanish Club, President '32g Hi-Y: Senior Council: Lee Literary Society: Honor League: Athletic Association. HERMAN MORRIS KOSLONV UHERMANH Spanish Club: HMI: T-imrs, Reporter '32: Honor League: Athletic Association. VVTLLIAM EDGAR KYLE, IR. I "BILLY" Athletic Association: Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Honor League: Band. JAMES COLEMAN LANDRUM "I, C." 1 Commercial Club: G. Ar: 'Cafeteria Accountant: Honor League: Athletic Association. JULIA FRANCES LAWSON "FRANCES" Athletic Association: Girls' Glee Club, Pianist: Davirl Carrick Players: Honor League. V lU91 1 l l Ghz Q1Zrit'ic:QLre5t 1933 E701 GARNETT O'vVEN LEE, JR. "SONNY" Football, Track, Manager '31, Monogram Club, Spanish Club, Honor League, Athletic Association. LUTHER BENJAMIN LE GRANDE, JR. r.LUKEn Football, Spanish Club, 'Hi-Y, Honor League, Athletic Association, Art Cluh. VVILLIAM EVERETT LONG, IR. "EVERETT" High Times, Associate Editor '32, Assistant Editor- in-Chief ,332 Quill and Scroll, Vice-President 133, Library Council, President '333 German Cluh, Secre- tary '33, Crvst '33, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Hi-Y, Athletic Association, Honor League, Lee Literary Soci- ety, Senior Play Committee, Cafeteria. CAROLYN FLEET MAHER HCAROLYNU Spanish Club, Honor League, Athletic Association. IVAN HILL MARTIN -'1vAN" Honor League: Athletic Association, Tennis, Critic Statfg Crest Staff. ROBERT DUVAL MARTIN HBOB., Honor League, Athletic Association. DOROTHY MABEL MASON HDOTH Varsity Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33, XIOIICY' Ball: Tennis, Girls' Monogram Club: Athletic Association, Honor League, High Ti'mc.v, Class News '30, Sports '32, 33- l 1933 GORDON TURNER MASON "POKEY" David Carrick Players: Spanish Club: High Timex Stali, Associate Editor '33: Quill and Scroll: Chemistry Club: Athletic Association: Honor League. FLORENCE KTMBROUGI-l MASSIE "FLORENCE" s. French Club: David Carrick Players: Lee Literary Society: Senior Council: l-lonor League: Athletic Asso- ciation. EDN,-X EA RLE MATHEN Y "EDNA" Commercial Club: 0. G. High Times StaFf '33: Honor League: Athletic Association. NELLIE MOORMAN MAYBERRY "NEI.IA" National Honor Society: Junior French Club, Secure: tary '32, '33: Honor League: Athletic Association: Girls' High School Club: Library Council: Cafeteria Assistant: Girls' Glee Club: Critiir Staff, ,332 C'rc.rt Staff '33. GLADYS EARLE MAYHENV "HAPPY" Commercial Club: 0. G. A.: Competent Typist: Bf Club: Athletic Association: Honor League: Girls' Glee Club: Lee Literary Society. ROBERT FLETCHER MAYS "RABBIT" Commercial Club: Boys' Glee Club: Beginners' Band: Band: Athletic Association: Honor League. VIVIAN ER CELLE MCB RIDE "VIVIAN" Commercial Club: Critic Typist '33C Athletic Asso- ciation: Honor League: O. G. A. L71 Ghz Qllritiwfllirest 1933 E721 MARGARET GERTRUDE MCGUIRE "MARGARET" Commercial Club, High Timex Staff '32, Athletic Association, Honor League, O. G. A. MARY BEVERLY MCKENNA "POLLY" B2 Club, Commercial Club, O. G. A., High Timer Stat? ,33Q Athletic Association, Honor League. FREDERICK VVILLIAM MCWANE, JR. NMAC., Hi-Y Club, President '31, President District No. 2 '32, Honor League, Vice-President ,33Q Spanish Club, Boys' Glee Club, Monogram Club, Manager of Basket- ball '31, Head Cheer Leader '32, Athletic Association, Chairman Senior Banquet Committee, David Garrick Players, Stage Manager '31, LAWRENCE HENRY MCWANE "LARRY" Honor League, Students Advisory Council, Athletic Association, Football, Baseball, Hi-Y, Chaplain '31, '32, Secretary '33, High Time: Staff, German Club. XVILLIAM RICHARD MEADE UBILLY., National Honor Society, Treasurer '33S Commercial Club, O. G. A., Honor League, Cafeteria Cashier and Accountant, Senior Council. GEORGE ARTHUR MEIDLING, IR. "ARTHUR" Band, Orchestra, Athletic Association. FRANKLIN SAMUEL MILLER "SAM" Honor League, Athletic Association, German-Club, Treasurer '33, Chemistry Club, Treasurer '33, Band, David Carrick Players, 1933 Ghz Qlriticzfllrest MARGARET SYDNOR MOON "MARGE" Spanish Clubg Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Chemistry Club. HENRY SHEPARD MOON "SHEEPI'E" Athletic Associationg Bandg Honor League. DOROTHY MAE MORRILL "DOROTHY" Junior French Club, President '3.2g Girls' High School Clubg High Times, Class News '33g Crest '33Q Athletic Associationg Honor League. CHARLES EDVVARD MORRIS HCHARLTEP Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Basketlrallg Spanish Club. FLORENCE EVERT MOUNT "FLORENCE" Girls' High School Club: French Cluhg Athletic Associaliong Lee Literary Sucietyg Honor League. LAURA MURRIE . "LAURA" ' Athletic Association: Honor League. DOROTHY MILDRED NEAS HDOTU Critic Typist '32, '33g Honor Lcagueg O. G. A.: .Efhlletic Associationg Commercial Club: Girls' Glee u . E731 'l J. L Ghz Qlriticfalrest 1933 XVALTER ROVVBOTTOM NEXSEN "FLAT" Library Council: Honor League: Spanish Club: Athletic Association: Football: Manager Track Team '33: Monogram Club. JAQUELIN AMBLER NICHOLAS UJAQUEH Honor Society: Girls' High School Club: rick Players, Vice4President '32: French President '33l Athletic Association: Honor u r Play: Ji ior High Girl Reserves. . :AJ I W. HENRY NO LIN, JR. "HENRY" Boys' Glee Club: Athletic Association: Honor League: French Club. ELIZABETH VVILSON OBERFELL "BETTY" Girls' High School Club: David'Garrick Players: Honor League: Junior French Club: Athletic Associa- tion: Basketball: Lee Literary Society. RACHEL VIRGINIA O'BRIEN 'KCOUNTRYH Honor League: Athletic Association: Girls' High School Club: Cafeteria Assistant: Bu Club: Tennis: Stamp Club. FRANCES HONVARD OLIVER "FRANK," "SHORTY" Honor League: Athletic Association: O. G. A.: Commercial Club: Tynist for English Department: 0. A. T.: Girls' Glee Club. DANIEL L. OPPLEMAN UDANH National Honor Society: High Times Staff, Associate Editor ,32, Editor-in-Chief '33: S. 1. P. A. Delegate '33: Quill and Scroll: German Club: French Club, Vice-President '33: Lee Literary Society: Secretary Sophomore Class: Athletic Association: Honor League: Gorgas Essay Medal: David Garrick Players: Com- mencement Speaker. tl ,N gum- ' 1933 Ghz Qlriticdllrzst VVILLIAM MURRELL PARRISH t'BlLLY" Athletic Association, I-lonor League, Spanish Club. SAMUEL WALLACE PATTERSON UPAT., O. G. A., Commercial Club, Reporter '32, President ,32, Vice-President '33, llonor League, Athletic Asscci- ation, Lee Literary Society, Hi-Y, Track,'Library Stalf, Vice-President, '32, '33i Library Council. W'EST ADAMS PAYNE ..WES,l.,, Quill and Scroll, Athletic Association, Football, Manager of Track, Honor League, Monogram Club, Senior Council, Spanish Club, Secretary '32, Library Council, Hi-Y, David Garrick Players, Assistant Busi- ness Manager, Business Manager, President, Business Manager of Senior Play, Senior Banquet Committee, High Times Staff, Sports Editor '32, Assistant Manag- ing Editor '33. CLAYTON SAM PEELER "SAM" Hi-Y, French Club, Sergeant-at-Arms '33, Chemistry Club, Athletic Association, Tennis, Monogram Club. LOIS VIRGINIA PERKTNS "FROGGlE" B2 Club, French Club: Athletic Association, Tennis, Honor League, Library Council, David Carrick Players, Stamp Club. ROBERT RANDOLPH PHILLIPS "RANDY" Athletic Association, French Club, Track Team '33. ETHEL COLLINSON PLUNKETT "E'rHEL" Spanish Club, Athletic Association, Honor League. l75l L asf-7 . - 4. Ghz Qltiticfrllrest 193-3 T761 IRVIN FLORY POWELL , 'f1Rv1N" Commercial Club: O. G. A.: Athletic Association: Honor League. WALTER BREWER POVVELL, JR. - "BUMPS" Spanish Club: Honor League: Athletic Association: High Time: Staff: Crest Stalf: Monogram Club: Var- sity Track '32, '33: Lee Literary Society: Cheer Leader '3z: First Prize Winner in Scholastic Awards National Sports' Story Contest. ' MARIANNE WOOD PREBLE "MARIANNE" Girls' Glee Club: Athletic Association: Honor League: Girls' High School Club: Spanish Club, Vice-President '33: Quill and Scroll: ,Crifir Stalt: Crest Staff, MARGARET PRICE "MARGE" French Club: Chemistry Club: Girls' High School Club: Athletic Association: Honor League: Critic Stall: Crvst Staff: David Garrick Players. DEBORAH RALPH HDEB., French Club: Swimming: Varsity Basketball '32, '33: Baseball: Girls' High School Club: David Garrick Players: Athletic Association: Honor League: High Tinmx Staff, Exchange Editor '32. THOMAS NORMAN REA nTED., Commercial Club, Vice'-President '32: Honor League: Football: Basketball: Varsity Track '32, '333 Senior Council: Athletic Association: Critic Stalf, Business Manager '33. BERNARD DINSMORE REAMS "BERNARD" David Garrick Players: Honor League, Senior Rep- resentative: Football: Senior Play: Track Team, Yar- sity '33: Spanish Club: Criiir Staff, Humor Editor '31, '32: Basketball. 1933 tithe Qllritinfflllrest VVILFORD RAYMOND REAMS "SUSIE" Athletic Association: Honor League. REBECCA MILDRED .REYNOLDS "MILLY" B2 Club: Athletic Association: Honor League: Girls' Glee Club: Girls' High School Club: French Club. ERNEST DEWITT RHODES "CHICKEN" ' Honor League: Athletic Association: Commercial Club: Home Room Representative '33: Spanish Club. HONVARD WILLARD RHODES, JR. "SHRIMP" Athletic Association: Library Council: Hi-Y: David Carrick Players, Assistant Stage Manager '335 Span- ish Cluh. KATHERINE RINSLAND "KITTY" Honor League: French Club: B2 Club: Athletic Association. JOHN DANIEL RIPLEY, IR. "JOHN D" Cllyhletic Association: Honor League: Hi-Y: Spanish n . MABEL ROBERTA ROBERSON "MABEL" Athletic Association: Commercial Club: Critic Typist '32: Cafeteria Typist '3o, '3rg Honor League: State Commercial Contests '3o. Mg I771 ILL' ' 1 E we-4 ii ,, l i 1 L I dllbe Qllriticfqlrest 1933 i731 MYRTLE RITA ROBERTSON "MYRTLE" B2 Club, Historian '32, Vice-President '33: David Garrick Players: Senior Play: French Club: Chemistry gluhgill-lonor League: Athletic Association: Library 0ll'l'lCl. VIRGINIA FRANCES ROBERTSON "G-lNIA" High Times Staff, Personals '31: Athletic Associa- tion: Girls' High School Club: Chemistry Club: French Club: Honor League. HOWELL A. ROBINSON "MIKE" Football, Varsity 'gzg David Garrick Players: Band: Orchestra: Honor League: Athletic Association. BERNARD ROSENBERGER "BEANIE" Spanish Club, Athletic Association: Honor League. S UE AUGUSTA ROSS "Gus" David Carrick Players, Mistress of NVarclrobe '32, Chairman of Makeup Committee '335 Athletic Associ- ation: Honor League: Girls' High School Club: German Club: Cafeteria Assistant: Senior Council. MARGARET ELINOR ROXVELL "MAGGlE" National Honor Societv: Quill and Scroll, President '33: Girls' High School Club, Secretary '33C High Times Staff, Assignment Editor '3z. '33: David Gar- rick Players, Treasurer '3z: French Club: Senior Play: I-lonor League: Athletic Association. JACK TINSLEY RUCKER "JACK" National Honor Society: High. Times Stall, Headlines '31, Associate Editor '32: Quill and Scroll, Secretary '32: Lee Literary Society: Athletic Association: Adel- phian Debating Society: Honor League: Junior French Club, Treasurer '3z: Library Council. 1933 Ghz Qllriticfrlllrest MILDRED JANE RUSH "MILLY" Honor League: Commercial Club: O. G. A.: Girls' Glee Club: Athletic Association. DOROTHY DANNIE RUSSELL -'Dov' Girls' High School Club: Honor League: Athletic Association: Art Club. EDITH MAE SALE "DEDlE" Honor League: Athletic Association: Basketball: Volley Ball: Tennis: Swimming: Girls: T-Iigh School Club: B2 Club: Girls' Glee Club: Periwinkle Poetry Club, Treasurer '33. FRANCES CLARI CE SALE "JACK" Commercial Club: B2 Club: O. G. A.: Honor League: Athletic Association: Cafeteria Typist. JOHN KATHERINE SCOTT "KlTTY" .Honor Leanne: Senior Play: Athletic Association: Girls' Glee Club: Girls' High School Club: French Club: Lee Literary Society: Library Council: Cafeteria Assistant. MABEL LEE SCOTT HMABELH B2 Club: Girls' Glee Club: Spanish Club: Honor League: Cafeteria Assistant. HILDA SADIE SCRUGGS "HILDA" National Honor Society, Secretary '33i Commence- ment Speaker: Critic Staff, Business Manager '33: Library Council, Secretary '33: O. G. A.: B2 Club: Commercial Club, Secretary 132, Treasurer '31-'32: Honor League, Secretary '33: Athletic Association: Critic, High Times and Cafeteria Typists Manager: Secretary to President of Virginia Commercial Teachers Association. E791 1515: --, --zzz' 1 l ' fl 'lf-A: -..q, i i i r i I i i i i i Ghz Qwiticsdtrest 1933 i801 DORIS WRIGHT SCYPHERS "DORIS" B2 Clubg Commercial Cluhg Girls' Glee Cluhg Spanish Clubg Athletic Association: Honor Leagueg Office Assist- antg Girls' High School Club. RAYMOND PLUNKETT SHARP URAYY, Commercial -Club, President 'JISC Honor League: Athletic Associationg Cafeteria Accountautg 0. G. A. CHILTON HURT SHORTER "CHILTON" Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. ALICE ANN SINGLETON "ALICE ANN" French Clubg Baskethallg Honor Leagueg Girls, Glee Clubg Cafeteria Assistant. MARGARET LENNON SINGLETON "MARGARET" Girls' High School Clubg Athletic Associationg High. Times Staff. ' MANIE PEYTON SLAYMAKER "MAMIE" Junior French Club: Girls' High School Cluhg David Carrick Playersg High Timcs Typist '33: Athletic Asso- ciaticmg Honor Leagueg Library Council. MAE ELIZABETH SMITH --TTPPYH High, Times Stail' '32, '33g Cafeteria Typistg State Commercial Contests '3IQ Commercial Clubg O. G. A.: Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Volley Bally Bas- ketballg David Garrick Players. ,, , .4g,,,L 1933 Ghz Qlritirsdlrest RUBY CHRISTINE SMITH "RUBY" National Honor Society: Commercial Club, Secre- tary '33: Honor League: Athletic Association: Cafete- ria Typist: Critic and Crm! Typist, Assistant Business Manager ,333 O. G. A. XVENDELL BENJAMIN SMITH "WENDELL" French Club: Honor League: Athletic Association. CLIFTON LEONARD SNIDOW "CLIFTON" Critir Staff, Feature Editor '33: Crest Staff, Faculty Editor: Stamp Club, President '33C Honor League: Athletic Association: French Club, Secretary and Treas- urer '33: Chemistry Club. NVILLIAM CORBIX SOXVERS. jk. "BILLY" Iunior French Club, Vice-President '3a: High 7'imv.r staff, Art Editor '32: Athletic Association: Honor League. XVILLIAM HENRY SPENCER, IR. "BILLY" Band: Orchestra: French Club: Honor League: Stamp Club: Chemistry Club: C1'I'fl'L' Staff, Assistant Humor Editor '33: Crest Staff: Library Council. MYRTLE ELIZA BETH SPRO UCE "MYRTLE" Commercial Cluh: Honor League: Athletic Associa' tion: O. G. A.: Library Staff. MARY ELIZABETH STAPLES "ELIZABETH" Junior French Club: Girls' High School Club: Athletic Association: Girls' Glee Club: Cafeteria Assist- ant: l-Ionor League: Cririr Staff, Exchange Editor '33: Crexf Stuff, Senior Class Editor '33. J ,ir fi ' "Mail 1' W liz.. , W as :J l . Wg ,,, -Q S H 275: . as 'psf sl .fer-1 E ' 'isp ii- M frfilgggft e fra. ali, ft? gee". N ies7 ji,? H' ' :Ulm if .Q T E rs, we as 4 :W e I31J 4 F A - - W. .. Q.. , -- Gtbe Qlritiurlllresr 1933 1 82 ll ROBERT BAYARD STEPHENS, JR. "BOB," "STEVE" Boys' Glee Club, Honor League, Athletic Associa' tion, Spanish Club, David Garrick Players. HORACE EDXVIN STEPPE "l-IORACEH Commercial Club, Honor League, O. G. A., Athletic Associatic v11. ' MARY W'HlTE STOVALL "W'HITlE" Lee Literary Society, Athletic Association, Girls' High School Club, Honor League. LOUISE MILDRED STRATTON- "LOUISE" Girls' High School Club, .French Club, Davicl Gar- rick Players, Athletic Association. E. DOLORES SVVANSON "DO," DODO," "CLOW'NlE" Critic Staff, Assistant Literary Editor '33: Crest Staff, High Ti-mes Staff, Athletic Association, Honor League, Library Council: Basketball, Volley Ball, Baseball, Tennis, Swimming, Junior French Club: Girls' High School Club. MARY ANN SNVINGLEY "TRlCKS," "BlLLIE,' St. Mary's School, Knoxville, lllinois, Chemistry Club, Athletic Association, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Track, Swimming, Vice-President Freslixnaii Class, Secretary and 'Treasurer Sophomore Cass. ELEA NOR TAN KERSLEY HTANKYH Commercial Club, O. G. A., B2 Club, Athletic Asso- ciation, Honor League, Girls' Glee Club. ...L. . F1 -gl! A-. JL -,Y- f -wc 1933 Che Qliriticsflllrest MARION PAGE TATE "MARION" Athletic Association: B2 Club: Honor League. HERBERT FRANKLIN TEAGUE "HERBERT" Junior French Club: Athletic Association: Library Stalt. IRMA LEE THAXTON "TILLlE" Athletic Association: Commercial Club: Girl Re- serves: O. G. A.: Honor League. MARGUERITE VlRGlNIA THOMPSON "Sl-IORTYH Honor League: Athletic Association: O. G. A.: Commercial Club: B9 Club: O. A. T.: Girls' Glee Club: Typist for English Department. ROBERT DANIEL THORNHILL "BOBBIE" Spanish Club: Stamp Club: David Carrick Players, Stage- Manager' '33: Orchestra: Library Council: Athletic Association. - ALFRED HARVVOOD TRAYLOR ..AL,. Athletic Association: David Garrick Players: Chem- Cluh: Honor League: Senior Play: Boys' Glee us. NANNIE OLIVIA TREVEY HNANV. Girls' High School Club: Spanish Club: Athletic Association: Honor League. E831 J .mn ini ff. 4 L , is . Ciba Qiritisscllrzst , I I IQ 1933 i841 MARGARET VIRGINIA TUCKER "TUCKER" B: Club: Athletic Association: German Club: David Carrick Players: Spanish Club: Honor League. NELLIE LE GRANDE TUCKER "NELL" Commercial Club: B2 Club: Honor League: Athletic Associati 1: C my Pypist. MZ FRAN SAMUEL TURNER "FRANK" National Honor Socieiy: Athletic Association: llonor League. HARRY POINDEXTER VAN LEAR, JR. "JACK" Hi-Y: David Carrick Players: Athletic Association: Honor League: Library Council: Spanish Club. I VIRGINIA LOUISE VANES "VIRGINIA" Junior French Club, Secretary ,332 German Club: Library Council: Girls' High School Club: Honor League: Athletic Association. EVELYN FRANCES VIAR HEVELYNU National Honor Society: Honor League: B2 Club: Commercial Clnh: Library Typist: High T1.lI1L'J Typist. JOE F. VIAR --JOE'- Honor League: Athletic Association: Spanish Cluh: Monogram Club: Student Manager of Football '3z. 1933 dliibe Qliriticfczlrest ELMO PRESTON XVALDRON "El,MO" Commercial Club: Athletic Association: Honor League: O. G. A.: Boys' Glee Club. EUGENE BAXTER XVALKER "EUGENE" Honor League: Athletic Association: Boys' lilee Club. JAMES EL BERT VVARE "JAMES" Honor League: Commercial Club: O. G. A.: Athletic Association. ROBERT GOODVVIN XVARE "BOBBY" Dzvill Garrick Plavers, Assistant Business Manager ,33QlI'fiflllY'11l.HLl'.Y Stall, Reporter '32: Track: Boys' Cilec Club: Athletic Associznion. CARLTON NO RVELLE NVEBB "CARLTON" Athletic Association: Commercial Club: Spanish Club: Honor League. FRANCES KATHERINE NVELLS "FRANCES" 'National Honor Society: Quill and Scroll: French Club, President, '32: High Timex Staff. '32: Chemistry Club' G. H. S. C.: Crest Staff '33: Sturlents Advisory Council: Honor League: Oihce Assistzmt: Athletic Asso- ciation: Girls' Glce Club. HARRY CECIL XVILLARD "RED" National Honor Society: Athletic Association: Honor Lcague: Junior French Club. Sergeant-at-Arms '3:: Library Council: High Tiuzrs Stal? '31, lS5J fqqpnr. Lanz-W-si 'f' ' "" dtbe QLriti1::QEre5r 1933 l86l MILDRED LOUISE XVILLIAMS "MlLLlANNE" High Timo.: Stall, Reporter '32, '33g Commercial Clubg B2 Clubg O. G. A.g Honor League: Athletic Associationg Cafeteria Typistg Girls' Glee Club: Library Stalifg Tennis. MOLLIE DARLI NG VVI NFREE "31OLLlE" Athletic Association: Honor League. JOSEPH ELMO WINGFIELD HJOE-Q Athletic Associationg Honor League: Spanish Clubg Commercial Clubg Chemistry Club. VIRGINIA ALICE l-VINGFIELD "LEE" Commercial Club: B2 Club: Athletic' Associationg Honor Leagueg O. G. A. EVELYN HELEN VVITT "EVELYN," "WITT" Honor League: Athletic Associationg O. G. A.g B2 Clubg Girls' Glee Clubg Commercial Club. MARGARET WILLIAMS WITT "MARGARET" Q Girls' High School Clulxg French Clubg Athletic Associationg Honor League. HUGH B. XVOOD, Ju. "SNOOKS" Footballg Spanish Club: Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. i '1- 1933 Y , y Y 'E The Qllriticsdlrest MARGARET LOUISE WOOD "POLLY" Honor Leagueg B2 Clubg Commercial Club: O. G. A.g Athletic Association: Basketball. VIOLA VVOOD "VIC" O. G. A.g Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Coin- petent Typist. M, KATHERAN WOODSON i UKATHERANU Athletic Association: Honor Leagueg Commercial Clubg O. G. A. CHARLES CARROLL NVOOLVVINE "HOOK" 'Football, Varsity '32g Varsity Track '32, '33, Cap- tain '33Q Athletic Association: Honor League. JULIA TALIAFERRO VVORTHINGTON ' "JUDY" Athletic gkssociationg Library Staffg B3 Club, Secre- tary '32, Vice-President ,33Q German Club. FRANK WILSON WRIGHT "FRANK" Football: Basketball, Varsity ,32,.,33Q Tracltg Coni- mercial Club, Treasurer ,322 Athletic Association: Lx- brary Council, President '335 Monogram Club. ALICE LEE YOUNGER "A LICE" Library Councilg Girls' High School Clubg Critic Staff, Feature Editor '33S Crest Staff '335 French Clubg Athletic Association: Honor League. lS7l E102 Qlltitit:QIt2St 1933 CHAPTER VH lacking Qheahzziln QEpiIugue Fur in ilu' dill!-lit fzzturvlv stu, Joy, 5tII'J'r7ZU, Infinity Sfl'lZ?fL',1 f:HI'flIC'l' than cyl' can rcarll Iirmn Ihr .vmzds of our ruzluirkiazg llfllfll. -BAKER ELAY awhile: the story is ended, but an epilogue is in order. Therefore harken. oh Stars, to the Voice of the Ages: "NVaste not opportunities but draw from the1n and from life that which is most needful to thee. Do this. and ye shall rise in the heavens of your fel- low man's estimation till, verily, ye shall outshine all other stars. But behold 'tis not enough that ye should hold high place in mortals' eyes. Nay, ye must also satisfy your own conscience. And this, my children, is the most arduous task set by the Supreme Power, who is the god father of all stars. Go listen well, and take these words to heart. Do naught that might retlect ill upon another: stoop not to dishonorable ways and utterances: and at all times comport yourselves as becomes celestial bodies." 'l'hus speaks the thunderous voice of the Ages. And as the years roll on, lo, the prophecy shall be fulfilled and many wondrous things shall come to pass! For even as the Voice has spoken, so the Fates have decreed. lrle who follows the advice given him shall find that his star rises, waxes more brilliant hourly, even as the evening star scintillates in the western sky. But woe unto him who disregards these words of guidance, for he shall drop lower and yet lower in the skies of 11lCll'S estimation, till he sinks below the horizon and is irretriev- ably lost. - But notwithstanding some who shall fail, the Milky XVay of success still shall blaze with those who have attained their desired orbit. And the music made by the stars shall hll the heavens, for "there's not the smallest orb which thou behold'st but in his motion like an angel sings," and even the minor notes of the wayward stars go to make up a harmonious song. For know ye, that Lssl ww-, 1933 Ghz Qlriticdltrest the adage holds true in the celestial as well as in the terrestial sphere: "lt takes all kinds to make a world." For even as there are seven sins we must avoid. so there are seven virtues we must acquire: even as there are seven plagues to destroy us. there are seven blessings of the church to protect us. For the seven prominent stars, there are seven valuable metals: for the seven senses of man developed slowly through his seven ages on earth, there is a Seventh Heaven of fuliillnient. There are seven glowing lamps and seven wonders: but the greatest wonder, the sum of theln all, is Life. Therefore guard it well: use it well. The blessing of your .Xlma Mater goes with you. lfarewell. Zlppenhix Q6itI5' Sfltbletiw . Saxton Basiciarizala. Tlarurs Beth l,Vest, Cdfflllill Hazel Cox Ruth Dunnington Bernice Lee Christine Mzisoii Deborah Ralph Louise Robertson Billy Sears Frances Ernst, Cafvlain Marie Costan Frances Eralin Anne Lee Hinnant Dorothy Mason Dolores Swanson Elizabeth Whitmore Margaret NVood' Elizabeth W'right JUN IOR 'l3As1ci5'1'BA LL Dickee Robertson. Cafvfaiu Rachel Booth Annie Brown Nancy Craighill Marjorie Hamalcer Peggy Hill Virginia Jordan Ola Motley Kathleen Watson 4 T isa M s Eunice Martin, Cllflfllllll Clara Bell Henrietta Bryant Cynthia Cobbs Elizabeth Evans Marian Kabler Shirley Kirkpatrick Charlotte Oppleman SENIQR X,O1.l.EY BALL TEAM Bernice Lee. Calvtain Annie Brown Hazel Cox Frances Ernst Dorothy Mason Louise Robertson Beth XVest Elizabeth Xlfliitrnore JUN1oiz VOLLEY BALL TEAM Charlotte Opplenian, Captain Rachel Booth Peggy Hill Virginia Jordan Marian Kabler Alice Helen Langdon Eunice Martin Florence Merrynian Adelaide Murphy A. R. C. Lima Sixvizks Nancy Craighill Jacqueline Crute l.59l Ruth Dunnington Peggy Hill Bernice Lee Charlotte Oppleinan Deborah Ralph Senior french Qiluh OFFICERS Fall Frances Xlfells, President Billy Carrington, Vive Pl'4'.S'1'dClIf Eleanor Biggs, Secrelary-Trec1.911rea' Frank Oliver, Serycuut-al-flrllls .Spring Nancy Dabney, P7'c'Jfll't?7l'f Jaquelin Nicholas, Vice Prcsidcn! Clifton Snidow, SCL'l'C'fUI'jl-TI'FUSllI'L'l' Sam Peeler, .S'c'l'yec1l1I-111-A rms MENIISERS Marjorie Adkins Eleanor Biggs 1 55. Ghz Qlriticdltrest 1933 Billy Carrington Mary Copley Jacqueline Crute Nancy Dabney Evelyn Diuguid Maxine Dodd Ruth Dunnington Virginia Ferguson Lula Fourqurean Lueile Fox Bernard Hawkins Hazel Hook Isabelle Horton Dorothy Jester Frances Kemp Florence Massie Florence Mount Jaquelin Nicholas Henry Nowlin Frank Oliver Sam Peeler Lois Perkins Margaret Price Deborah Ralph Virginia Robertson Margaret Rowell Kitty Scott NVendell Smith Clifton Sniclow Louise Stratton Frances Wiells Wlilliam XVest Margaret NN-'itt Alice Lee Younger Miss Kathleen Holmes 1'-Uflllfjl Adviser Zluniur french Qllluh fDFFlClERS Marian Kabler, l'rc's1r1r1z! Dan Oppleman, Vim' Prrsiiiefzt Nellie Mayberry. ,.S'vcre1ary John Kersey TI'CUA'llP'Fl' John Acree. SC'I'gI'lllI I-ut-.-I rms Girls Phyllis Bell Dorothy Bremcrman Janice Campbell Hallie Claiborne Nancy Craigliill Margaret Crawley Ruth Dillard Peggy Hill Mary Johnston Henriette Jones Marian Kabler Marie Lacey Ella Mayberry Nellie Mayberry Helen Morrissette Dorothy Morrill Charlotte Oppleman Virginia Ports Elsie Robertson Julia Shaekelford Manic Slaymaker Elizabeth Staples Dolores Swanson Virginia Vaynes Robin XVhite Mildred Wforley Boys John Acree Elmo Adams Bennett Bailey Edward Bell Charles Blunt XVilIiam Dabney Proctor Harvey Elmo Hicks Gibson Hobbs John Kersey Tom Mason John Morris Daniel Oppleman Randolph Phillips Jack Rucker Billy Sowers Herbert Teague Cecil Hfillard James Williams Mrs. Lillian F. Gregory, linen Hy fl driver Spanish Qlluh OFFICERS Fall Jack Knight. I'1'es1'dm1t Craighill Cousins, Vice Prf's1'11cni XVest Payne, ..hJL'l'l'0flll'j' Bill Kizer. Treczmlrcr George Craft. .5'ergf'uul-ul-.firms l90l Sflflilllfj Earl Jordan, Pnrszlleul Marianne Preble. I-'irc President Helen Bradley. .S'ccr'ctary George Craft, Tl'va.s'11rc'r Garland Houser, Sergmnt-ul-:lrm.s' Mmiaeias Billy Anderson Jane :h1'ITlSll'OI1g Hersey lllasham Robert Baxandall George Brooks lN'ade Bullard Lena Campbell Billie Chexvning Elizabeth Coffee :Xlfrecl Coleman Frances Cox Jack Daniel Albert Doss Joe Ford Frances Fralin Leo Grubbs Ed. Haley Duval Kelley Herman liosloxv Billy Kyle Son Lee Luther Lt-Grande Carolyn Maher Fred McXN"ane Margaret Moon Charles Morris XYalter Nexsen lglilly Parrish Ethel Plunkett XValter Powell Bernard Reains John Ripley Ernest Rhodes Howard Rhodes .Bernard Rosenbereer Doris Scyphers Robert Stephens Arthur Stevens Robert Thornhill Nannie Trevey Jack Van Lear Joe Viar Carlton Webb Joe XVinglielcl Hugh XV ood Miss Harriette S. Bell Fufuliy 1-ideisel' 1933 dllhe Qiriticdlltest Qberman Qlluh LJFFICERS Ruby Flanagan. Prcsulvnl Phyllis H orner. Vin? Pl'l'Xl'dl'Ilf Everett Long, Sernflclry Sam Miller, Tl'L'll.Y1ll't'l' Morris H aas, .S'c'rgrc1nl-111-flrnzs il1liMBERS Ed Beck Oscar Bryant Aurie English Dick Farrar Tom Farrar Louis Feinman George Graff Nlarjorie l-lamaker jimmy l-lutter Charlotte Oppleman Dan Oppleman -Xugusta Ross John Tinsley Virginia Vaynes Mr. Charles Abbot. Mr. Roscoe Offlesby. 3 Facully Arlr'isrrs ears, ibigb School Qllu h Orrrcmzs Hcnriette jones, 1'1'r.ricimzl Eleanor Biggs, Viva Prrxriflcuf Margaret Rowell, .Sil'L'l'0lUl'j' Marian Kabler, Trans ll rar Lula Fourqnrean, lol l.Yf0l'lU!l Hazel Hook, .SiC'I"Z'it'1' Cllfliflllflll Deborah Ralph, Sofia! Chairman Lula Fourqurean, Publiciiy Clzairumn Margaret Bailey, P7'0!l1'tlHI Cllfllflllflil Mary Lewis, AXS1.Sftl1If g- .- ',:.,, Lucille Fox. Music Clurirnzun Miss Pauline Fisher. Miss Ruth Blunt, Miss Helen Nelson, 1:fIt'1llf4l' .f1c1'f'1'sc1'J Hazel Anderson, Ella Wiillianis, l'. W. C. xl. :lil-z'i,vv hlIiMliliRS Margaret Bailey Eleanor Biggs :Xnn Bowling Dorothy Bremerman Helen Brooks Phyllis Chambers Hester Chrisnian Elizabeth Coffee Frances Cox Jaeke Crute Katherine Davis Evelyn Diuguid Ruth Dunnington ,-Xurie English Elizabeth Evans Virginia Ferguson Margaret Fischer Ruby Flanagan Lula Fourqurean Edwina Fox Lucile Fox Mary Edith Gill Evelyn Hamilton Mae Berkley Hawkins Hazel Hook Frances I-lill Henriette Jones Nancy Jones Marian Kahler Frances Kemp Mary Lewis Florence Massie Dorothy Morrill Florence Mount Katherine Mundy Mary Nexsen Marion Preble Deborah Ralph Louise 'Ratcliffe Louise Riley Mary Robinson Augusta Ross Margaret Rowell Charlotte Rucker Eloise Rucker Doris Scyphers Julia Shaekelford Margaret Singleton Manic Slaymaker Mary jane Sowers l91l Wlantla Spencer Elizabeth Staples Dolores Swanson Catherine Taylor Nannie Trevey Evelyn Vaughan Virginia XVal1ace Frances XVells Robin llihite Margaret Nliitt Elizabeth XVright Alice Lee Younger 7152 Square muh KJFFICERS Christine Hudson, P1'c'.r1u'vuf Myrtle Robertson. Vice Presia'en1 Louise Blakely, -SC'l'I'f'ffI7'j' Elizabeth Hawkins, 7il'L'tYS7lI't'l' Kathleen lrlutlson, ,llusic Chairuuni Lillian Paris, PI'0g7'Ul1l Clltllifllltlll F ranees Cochran, .Shrirrl Cfltllfllltlll Lois Perkins, Scrzfire Cillfliflllllll Mary Snow, Publicity CilIUll'HIGll Myrtle Robertson, Jlleurbrrsliili Cfltllflllllll MENIBERS Garnett Anderson Jane Armstrong Mary Blanks Phyllis Bell Ruby Bell Rosamond Brown Nell Bowling Louise Blakely Virginia Casey Lena Campbell Frances Clark Mabel Carson Mary Coleman Anita Costan Frances Costan Lilian Crabtree Hortense Drinkard Helen Freeman Marguerite Gottschall Hazel Gottschall Lena Fogel Sara I-'lurt dlibe Qlriticwllrest 1933 Eleanor Hill Larry MeW'ane, Special Edilars Xiiirginia Hill Sr'crctm'y Gordon Mason Rathleen Hudson '2H,unk5" lgaldock, Gordon Sabine Margaret Ann Hooper Trcnsirrer Margaret Rowell lxathleen Howard --CI.,1i,,-- Coming ,lack Rucker Elizabeth Hawkins CQ 5, a " Mary Lewis ?'ecil lillaas IGP 11111517 . Herman Jones Joris -illsinan , , ' "UW Walter Powell Christine Hudson Lalgrl-'11, Baldofk- Dorothy Mason I 1'e.vzdc'11! Mary E. lrlillsman Edith Quinn Mildred Lee Elizabeth Moon Mary M. Miller Ruth Moon Odell Moss Beverly Melienna Lilian Paris Lois Perkins Marie Padgett Virginia O'Brien .-Xdeline O'Brien Mildred Reynolds Georgene Rhodes Iris Richardson Myrtle Robertson Kitty Rinsland Mary Snow Hilda Scruggs Eleanor Spitzer Helen Sears Frances Sale Edith Mae Sale Frances Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Margaret Tucker Evelyn Viar Ruby Vllatts Margaret Wood Marie lNade Margaret Wfillizuns Mildred Williams Elizabeth Whitmore Evelyn lNitt Helen W'right Virginia Vliinglield llernice NVood julia W'orthington l-lazel Younger Charlotte Oppleman Ruby Vlfatts ibif? OFFICERS Fall "Dinky" Scruggs, P7'L'A'llIUIIf Earl jordan, l"'ice Preszdwlt Gibson Hobbs, Vim' Prrsizirlll "Leete" Sanclidge, .5'r'r1'r'fary Tom Rucker, freasurm' Norvall Walker, CIIIIPIUTJI Mminlaies George lirown Ed Haley Billy Harris Bobby Harris Proctor Harvey "Rooster" Harvey Richard Hiekson Frank Horton Cary Hutter jimmy l-lutter Earl jordan Luther LeGrande Tom Mason Fred Mewane Larry McXVane W'allace Patterson Sain Peeler Clyde Rea Bernard Reains john Ripley Robert Stephens Robert Stevens Cecil Taylor Fred West james Xkfillizuns ibigb Giimes Staff Dan, Oppleman, liriitof'-in-C'lliz'f .Everett Long, .+l.t.ri.vt. io Editor-in-Clliuf Carter Hayines. Managizzg lfidiiul' West Payne, xlxsisf, lllanagizry licliior Gilbert Cothran. Henry Nase, Bz1.v1'11rss Mamigars Elizabeth Xkihitmore, Assist. BllS1iIlL'.S'S lllcmagw' F921 Ed Haley Stanford Sehewel William Xliest Ed Coleman T. Sloane Guy Gordon Thornton Dorothy Morrill Dorothy Bremerman Frances X1Vells Jennie Rock Virginia Ferguson Deborah Ralph Lucille Fox Billy Sowers Hilda Noel Manic Slayniaker Katherine Ring B1l.YfIlC.Y.S' bilufl' Harrison De Laney Gordon Sabine Jack Plunkett Dorothy Golden Phyllis new Ty lv 1'.s'1.t Margaret Hooper Elizabeth l-'lubbard Beverly Melienna Lena Fogel Christine Ellis Fannie Cagan Mae Smith l'iUl'Il!f.X' All-z'l.x'i'r'.s' Miss Moore - Miss Talbot Mr. Isley Qlritic Staff fkrthur K. Stevens, lidilor-ilz-Chief Duval Adams, Gordon Cosby, ,--Ilssisfczzltx In the Editor Henriette jones. I.ifi'rury lfdilur Ruth Dunnington. Dolores Swanson, Margaret Hailey. Embra Moorman, Assistcnzfs 1933 Ghz Qliriticfcltrest Hartwell Evans. Douglas Baker. Poetry Editors Shirley Nelson, Nellie Mayberry. .-1.r.rista11ls Clifton Sniclow. Hazel Hook. Alice Lee Younger, Feature Editors Billy Chewning. Boolc.vl1r-lf Editor Marianne Preble. Haden Brown, james Holmes, ,-l.r.ristarit.r Bertha Adams, lllugic ilfirror Audrey Long, Helen Morrisette, :l.rsistant.v Marian Kabler, ,lane Armstrong, Elizabeth Staples. E.l't'llClIlg6' Editors Frances Kemp. Marjorie Haniaker. ,laquelin Nicholas, fllumui Editors Henry Jordan, Bernard Reanis, Humor Editors Billy Spencer, lvan Martin, Richard Booth. flssistauts Richard Hickson, Art Editor Lucile Fox, Lula Fourqurean, .4 .r.ri.r l a ll ts Eleanor Biggs. Dorothy Jester. Srrnfibook Ilialulgers Ruby Flanagan, Evelyn Vaughan. Margaret Price. Proof Readers Ql.ItititfQIt25t Staff :Xrthur Stevens. Editor-in-Cllicf Douglas Baker. .'l.r.ti.s'ta1it Editor-in-Chief l--lenriette jones. Literary Editor Hartwell Evans, A.rsi.rtant Literary Editor Clifton Snidow, Faculty Editor Eleanor Biggs. Dorothy Jester. Everett Long, Marian Kabler. jane Armstrong, Elizabeth Staples. Senior Claxs Editors Hazel Hook, Marianne Prebblc. Class Historians Alice Lee Younger. james Holmes Hall of Fami- Billy Chewning, .luziior and Sofvlmuiorv Class Editor lValter Powell. Ruth Dunnington. Dolores Swanson. S1ipePz'i.ror.r fltliletir Piigixr Henry Jordon. Humor Editor Ivan Martin. Billy Spencer. Assi.rtaut Humor Editors Richard Hickson. flrt Editor Lucile Fox, Lula Fourqurean. Ar.ri.rtant .flrl Editors Carter Haymes. Margaret Price. Frances W'ells. Dorothy Morrill, le6'lILllIl.Yt'f'lll.'i'S of 1932-33 Ruby Flanagan, Frances Kemp ,laquelin Nicholas. Russell Bowers. Nellie Mayberry, Activities Busnvi-:ss Srmfi-' l-lilda Scruggs. Norman Rea. l?1l.rir1c.r.r llIauagi'r.r Ruby Smith, .flssistaiit Louise Jacobs, Manager of T-vfvistx Mary Blanks. Hazel Clark. Irene Knaack, -lerene Knaack, Louise Henderson, Vivian McBride, A.r.ristai1t.r Bill Kizer, Adzmrtisiiig Manager Price Gooden. Circulation illanayer Chapin Yates. Gilmer Craddock. As.ri.vta11t.r E951 Mrs. Addie T. Eure, Miss Mary Spotswood Payne. Mr. Blake E. Isley, Farulty Adz'i.vcrs Qllbemistrp Qtluh Orrtceus Marian Kabler. Prcmdrut LaVanne jones, Vin, Prc.ridi'ut Marvin Wlells, .S'vc-rotary Sam Miller, T7'fU.YllI't'l' Mmnuzks Billy Anderson Keith Atkinson Henry Baldock Russell Bowers Bruce Broadwell Robert Burruss -lohn Coier Hester Chrisman Erma Currier Frank Diuguid Marguerite Dollins Gertrude Fulcher George Graff Procter Harvey Elizabeth Hawkins Carter Haymes Hazel Hook Christine Hudson Mary Johnston l.aVanne jones Marian Kabler Bill Kizer Marv Lewis Gordon Mason Sam Miller Louise Ratcliffe Elsie Robertson Myrtle Robertson Eloise Rucker Parke Russell Katherine Singleton Clifton Snidow XVanda Spencer Mary Ann Swingley Robert Thornhill Norvell XValker Florence NVarner Frances XVells Marvin lNells Elizabeth lNright Chapin Yates Miss Beulah lffhipps. Faculty Adiusei' Ghz Qiritiuqlrest 1933 1l.llJl7Hl'P Qlllllllllllll Cbrricizns lirlll Frank Wlright. l7l'l'XlH1C'lll LaFayette llurgess. Vin' Pl'F.VlllEIIl Hilda Scruggs. Sf'ri'cfary Hill Kizer, Tl'FfI.9Ill'L'l' .Ypriliy liverett Long, Piuxvidciil XVilbur Langdon. Virc' IJl'!'Sl.!ll'lll lYihna Burton. Sfwrctary Bill Kizer. Tl'L'UJIll'f'l' Miainrsmzs Frances Alvis Henry Baldock Russell Bowers Rachel Bradley NVilma Burton Fannie Cagan Rosaline Cheatham Frances Cochran Elizabeth Coffee Thalia Conner Gilmer Craddoek Erma Currier Tom Farrar Virginia Ferguson Lena Fogel Alfred Goldstein Peyton Harris Dorothy Hawkins Eleanor Hill Doris Hillsman Spencer Hughes Frances Kemp XVilbur Langdon Everett Long Elizabeth Moon Marv Nexsen Virginia Nichols Katherine Oglesby Lois Perkins Howard Rhodes Raleigh Seay D. F. Short Manic Slaymaker Billy Sowers Nancy Speck Myrtle Sprouee ,lim Stovall Dolores Swanson Herbert Teague Robert Thornhill Frances Tyree Hunter Van Lear ,lack Van Lear Virginia Vaynes Evelyn Vial' Louise Wade .Xlice Lee 'Younger Qllnntmercial Qllluh Oifricisks Full Wallace Patterson. l'1'r.ri1l1'11f Norman Rea. Vice Prrsulvfzt Louise Jacobs, .S'eri'c'lr1 ry Frank NVright. TI'FU.Yl1l'Cl' lrvin Powell. Henry Fauleoner. Official Gi'rf'lri's lrvin Powell. Henry Faulconer flffeilclfimrv Rm1i.vl1'ar.v l-lermau Jones. High Tlllll'.V lv0fvn1'Iv1' Hilda Scruggs, Elizabeth Jones, Evelyn Viar. Oiffirial Clulv Rrfmricur E. F. llurmahln, Sl1lf7C'l'T'l.VllIAff .ql70ll.V0I' Miss Childress. Si1pr1'z'i.vii1g Field Trip .'ffvn11.rol' .S-f7l'llIg Raymond Sharp. Prmicl F111 lliallace Patterson. Vive Piwnvialriii Ruby Smith, SI'l'l'f'fU'l',V Louise Jacobs. 71l'Ct1.VllI'E'I' Kenneth Burnett. Kenneth Hudson. Ofliciril Greelvrx Kenneth Hudson. .nlifriizlciiirr Rryislrur Kenneth Burnett, lligli 'l'in1r'.v Rrfmrtvr' Marv Blanks. Mildred XVilliams. Frances Ernst. Ofliriul Club l?rfv0rte1'.r lflll E. F. Burmahln, Slzfweizviszng .S'fzniz.rm', Miss Childress, SIlf7Cl'i'l.Yl1lg Field Trip Slvonsoi' lvlmrnnns Bennie Alper Douglas Baker Ashby Baldoek Carlton Bentley Catherine Blaekstoek Louise Blakely Mary Blanks Raymond Booth Robert Booth Septimus Booth Janice Bowen Howard Bowling Rachel Bradley Robert Brewer Hazel Brightwell Juanita Brooks Menzia Brooks XVilma Burton Kenneth Buruette Charlie Cagan Fannie Cagan Frances Callaham Joe Callaham Lena Campbell Xklillie Candler Ruth Carroll Virginia Casey Rosaline Cheatham Ruby Chenault Hazel Clark Carrington Coffee Marion Coleman Thalia Conner Gilbert Cotliran Hazel Cox Lillian Daniel Loraine Davis Harrison De Laney Keidel Divers Christine Ellis Hilda Farmer H. E, Fauleoner Marguerite Finch Lena Fogel jack Goff Alfred Goldstein Marguerite Gottschall Alfred Greene Kitty Hackett Catherine Hanel Lewis Harlow Inez Harrison Dorothy Hawkins Victor Hawkins 1933 tithe Qlritinsflllrest Louise Henderson Fannie Hiller Kathleen Howard Elizabeth Howerton Kenneth Hudson Kathryn Hughes Sara Hurt Edith Irvin Doral Irvin Hilda Jacobs Louise Jacobs XYoodrow Jennings Ruby Johnson Elizabeth Jones H. L, Jones. Jr. Margaret Jones Margaret Kessler Irene Knaaek Jerene linaack James Landrum Virginia Londeree Carl Mason Edna Matheny Ruth Matheny Gladys Mayhew Robert Mays Vivian Mellride Marion Klctfraw Margaret McGuire Beverly McKenna Anne McLennan Mary Mitchell Francis Moore Henry Nase Dorothy Neas Adeline O'Brien Frances Oliver Lilian Paris lVallace Patterson Irvin Powell Bennie Ramsey Clyde Rea Norman Rea Ernest Rhodes Mabel Roberson Sara Rode Mildred Rush Frances Sale Billie Sears Doris Scyphers Raymond Sharp Byron Siepman Rita Singleton Christine Smith James Smith Mae Smith Ruby Smith Teresa Smith Thelma Smith Mary Snow Eleanor Spitzer Myrtle Sprouce Edna Stephens Horace Steppe Virginia Stone Eleanor Tankersley Marion Tate Marguerite Thompson Nellie Tucker Gladys Vest Evelyn Viar Chloe NValdron Elmo XValdron James Ware Ruby Watts Shirley Wfeigand Elizabeth W'hitmore Mildred Vlfilliams Virginia Winglield Elton Wisecaryer Evelyn W'itt Helen XVitt Bessie Xlfood Margaret XVood liatherleen Woodson Verna XVoody Frank XVright Buys' 6122 Qllllh I-lersey Basbam Howard Baxter Charles Beard James Bolling Russell Bowers Oscar Bryant Wlade Bullard Paul Graves T. Sloane Guy Carter Haymes Jimmy I-lutter Linton Jackson Earl Jordan Merrick Marshall Fred McXVane Howard Rhodes XVillard Sutor Ernest Thornhill John Tinsley Marvin Wlells Rossie Vlfood Margaret Rowell, Pimzisl Qbirls' Q6Iee Qllluh Estelle Agee Frances Alvis Eva Ashworth Louise Blakly Annie Brown Neal Brown Henrietta Bryan Dorothy Butterworth l95l Lena Campbell Evelyn Carter Virginia Casey Dot Chenault Lucille Coleman Xlfinifred Coleman Mary Connor ' Reva Crawley Mary Davis Margaret Fassett Bessy Faulconer Fraser Ferrell Lucile Fox Margaret Fry Charlotte Hall Evelyn Hamilton Mae Hawkins Virginia Henderson Hilda Jacobs Ruby Jennings Ruby Johnson Marion McCraw Ethel Minnick Helen Morrissett Katharine Mundy Norvell Payne Louise Pugh Leighton Rapp Margaret Ripley Mary Robertson Mildred Rush Edith Mae Sale Thelma Saferight Doris Scyphers Billy Sears Frances Singleton Dorothy Tucker Kathleen W'atson Ethel VVaugh Louise VVeatherman Frances W'ells Nellie X-Voolridge Hazel Younger Agn-es Stone. P1011 ist Qbrcbestru Violins lVillard Sutor Lena Campbell James Tankersley Bernice Lee Robert Thornhill T. Sloane Guy Herman Jones Harriet Watts Edythe Holland Nick Graff Billy Philipps Spencer Hughes fltbe Qlriticsellrest 1933 C1l1I'l'llCf.Y Bass Isabelle Horton, Carter l-laylmes Baldwin Tanner -Un!-'7"l'-V-V 0fff'flVU"ff"0111' james hh"llllZ1I11S D .-Xurie English. S ,rimrs . - -2 v 1 I baxnpllmlg T. Sloane Guy IXliliTii5i'i'riQi::fSiillf1A'0-rzlv 'IOC LOU' item Tllomhm lfrances Lawson, Bl7I'lf0lIt'.Y Ixflllert lmxfllldilll Nancy Dabney, Clayton Beaseley Howell Robinson Bum Randolph Capps H Urns john Tinsley Howard Baxter Baldwin Tanner Ci'm'urI.r lfrefl Corstanhney Billy Carrington Gordon .-X. Sabine Cello jean Ward Marjorie lrlamalcer l71'ul1i.rl Agnes Stone Dircvim' Mr. XY, L. lfreclericl: '1l5EI11U Cln1'1'11ef.r Carter l-laymes Russell Bowers Billy Spencer .Xrthur Meiclling james XN'illiams .bitI.l.'I7fTlllJlll'.V Joe Forrl Sam Miller Ct1l'll0fS lfrecl Corstaphney Billy Carrington l--lowarcl Baxter Gordon A. Sabine Ernest Scott Robert Smith Tromburzcs Meade Smith Homer Anderson A110 John Tinsley BI1l'lf0IlL'.Y Clayton Beasley .-Nrlclison Marsh l1l'llIll illajor Menzia liroolcs Dirrrlor Mr. XV. L. lfreclerick Sizniur lplap ".-Xl" Traylor J. R. Ford lYilliam XYeSt Richard Hickson Spotswoocl Allen "Buck" Foster Luther Lefirancle Menzia Brooks jaquelin Nicholas lsabelle Horton Margaret Rowell Marjorie Adkins Louise Blalcley Frances Averett Davin Qoarrick 191322175 CTFFICERS Fall XVilliam XVest. Pnwifiwil jaquelin Nicholas. Vim l7I'l'.Y!dl'Ilf Marjorie .-Xrllcins. R' L't'IIl'llfIl1l .9vr1'rlc11',l' Nancy Dabney, C'01'1'1'.rpn11di11g .S'm'l'vlnrjv Margaret Rowell, T1'l'l1.Y1ll'FI' Wiest Payne. l7,11.YiIll?X.f Illnnngei' liclwarcl Beck. .Sfciyv lllnuugvr Robert Thornhill, Hersey Basbam, Howard Rhodes, Robert Stevens, A.v.vislc1nt.r l90l Pl'4l.fjl'lllll Collllzliffm' .S'l1l'iny West Payne. P I't"5l'dl?lI1 Isabelle Horton, l"iz'r I7l'!'Xl'dt'Ilf Sara liirknatriclc. l?rrurdil1f1 5'r'r1'vfar'j' -lane .-Xrmstrong, C-0l'l'l'.Yf70IIl'H1ljl .S'er:'l'Ia1'-x' Katherine Davis, Tl'l'tI.YIll'UI' james. Gregory. l5' ilftlllrljjfl' Robert Thornhill, Sfflffc zllumiger llersey Basham. Robert Stevens. l'ilJXV2lI'fl Rhodes. f' Katherine Mundy. .'l'Ii.rI1'vs.r of flzv ll'r1l'd1'ul2v Hazel Hook. jane .-Xrmstrong. .lli.rf1'z'.v.r uf Jllakz'-nfv Ruth Dillard. Olivia Hundley. Nancy Shelton, I Program C.0IIllIllH4'P Lena Campbell. Chairman. Louise Blakley, Lean liogel. Play Reading Cum mittee Manic Slaymalcer. Tyfulvl Mrs. H, T. Nicholas. Dirvrlor Mmimzas Duval .-Xclanis Marjorie .-Xdlfcins Spotswood Allen ,lane .Xrmstrong Frances Averett Margaret llailey Hersey Basham Louise Blakley Dick Booth Kim Caslcie Lena Campbell 1933 figbe Qlriticzfllltest Elizabeth Coffee Nancy Dabney Katherine Davis Ruth Dillard Aurie English Ruby Flanagan Lena Fogel Lula Fourqurean Lucille Fox Gertrude Fulcher George Graff james Gregory Marjorie Hamaker evton Harris Frances Haley .Richard Hickson P Hazel l'-look Isabelle Horton Olivia Hundley Sara Kirkpatrick Hope Layne Gordon Mason Elizabeth Moon Dorothy Morrill Garland Morris Lewis Morton Katherine Mundy J2lCIl.lClil'l Nicholas Hilda Noel Sam Miller Dan Oppleman W'est Payne Lois Perkins Howard Rhodes Myrtle Robertson Howell Robinson Augusta Ross Margaret Rowell Parke Russell Stanford Schewel Nancy Shelton Manie Slaymaker Mary Snow Robert Stephens Robert Stevens Louise Stratton Robert Thornhill William NVest SDE OMIC I ECH I 15 V'OMEiCNl ,oc if . l1lTl 5 - IN LEARNING, LEARN TO SAVE You are familiar with cloing things systematically and if you apply this methocl to SAVING A PART OF EVERY DGLLAR you will always live inclepenclently. Our Investment Plan will Interest You ancl Shares Pay 6MiZ, The Co-operative Building 84 Loan Association 219 9TH STREET A Est. 1914 J. NEWTON GORDON, Secp.-Treas. BUSINESS WANTS YOU It is no longer necessary for high school graduates to look forward to entering the so-called learned professions as the only approach to achievement and a worth-while life. We invite you to give us the opportunity to tell you what our school can do for you, either as a matter of making your college or university education more effective, in helping you Io business employ- ment where you can earn advancement rapiclly, or in preparing you to go into business on your own responsibility. Your request by mail, telephone, or at our office will have immediate attention. , Virginia Commercial College PHONE 2057 LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA WHOLESALE RETAIL Compliments of SERVICE DAIRY The Lynchburg 85 Chamber of Commerce ICE CREAM CORP. Wlzere Purity Reigns Supreme Whose members take great pride in the work of the I-Iigh School in developing 706 EIGHTH STREET PHONE 2196 future citizens of our city. KEEP YOUR LIPS SUFT WITH FLEET'S CHAP STICK 'F LE ET'S Fine for Little chaps and Big chaps A W AT ALL DRUG STORES CHAP STICK COMPANY Trade-Mark Reg. Lynchburg. Va. "P gl!!-ZlL!HlEll. -JMU 5 I n - We ' .:T' .U i'1-I.-:Im '3' '9 1 I v- N g!:f.'f'IQg,-:,l:3If 'Q x H uI7'fg:jfrUw!?vy 'In' : il 41 I Im IWW P ' III Vx rl, I , av - " jf I I I , fin'-. II III IU: I J fu 'W 'I 3 F I nfu JIV III. Illl :I J .e I Mr, I - I I I z A I ,df III I+ Q , II p - l.' 'fr-HE" ,' - - J , X m,'.l, Q- -..-.... 9 W , IfI'MI'rIII'I-IIIS1-, I -- - f III-,II-wfIIu:!a'II . .. f Q L'1k'I.I6fSaffI1ff' I f I it ' ' ,I HJ 'IIMEII x fm MA I ff J N "IR II: ,gy I Qian? I" V, ' Y mf-iff? I Iii ai '4 -if , .-I:Dp.glI ' I , ,- 'I Y Jw' 'I I x -Q , .,-1,777 all I if x v- if iii- Ak. 1,11 'V 1 7 N , I +15 . -' 9 ' 1119" l,,.w! I"' Ajkzf 1-C-jj I' ,K ' ,I K " ' ' ' If I 1 "' ':-T'4"' K .-.Ml-T-Q -IQIQ 4' 9 S--wr I A if' A .. fmb. 7 513 ,E ,I Iliigg Im ' II' LII" IIIIU I' I., v -I 724534 . .Yf.,.5fC ' -' :I I II' - N IJ' 'III I 'Q ' I-+ f ' Q 3' .. 'Iv II f'.,":" ' ,,f.p' J'f, -,I .- I, ,I f. .. . I I, A 9., .II,, .I I, Ik...-f " I ' ffwff zf f ,If -.Sa '. IM" vi' I I :I',Z ?L',II ,II Y II: I E , I: -. XII, WI ,Mb X I J 'I':'y-'n ",,f,, . -: . ,I ,I I,-V - II g IYUIIIL -II' 'I I MI! JIII J I T' I E I I Q IIIKII III: I I,n'n -N -v , A ' , I Y, If I' rl F Ig nf .-. I I: IIL I ,I III I II " 'f f-if .J . -- ' I- . , ll ' IL' P II I I' " ' . " 'lfI'I-nl' WI' I' 'II I I I 5 " :"' jf iff Q I I1 K , -v ZIZQJII If , , ii f-',. 1512! 3.-.- , . -f ., I 2.2 ,-Lim, I ,4 , qfnsmw If, I N I ' I . - f ' 5 , W r 1 Q "YV V I M MV 2 I I 1-'EMIIIM rg, ,... ,-I 2- . -- ' I ' ' , ,f --1: . ,. - . z . I , , x W9 E I III ll W' a?X ' " II III III IGF lmamzmfmswmrrmmr i,i.4r. ' I 5 l ' ' ' 0 DREAMS COME TRUE O I as mmm mm Immuvmw EI mmm Izummk GIIIIIIII a.IIIIcIIIHIc IWIIQIIIIIIIB UIIIM In IIIQIIW HUUUQYKQIIIIVEIIIZDII Imam MM meI1iIIIIImwQ'II?mIe mm'IIITI 'IUIIIIII an QQIM MII, Im Im dwarf' Q, ,, ,,, Wiubbwi. "Jak 'QM'IIIfIhIIII1II'QI'IErI,IgIIII5IIuIIIImIgI QEIMI1IIIII9.IU,IQ, DESIGNERS AND ENGRAVERS OF BETTER ANNUALS 'igquehlmr ' , 1 ,, Ili? 'mia 5 A BETTER BOOK AT Thi SAME COST 3 8 JC E. P M P J I D. OWEN, Vice-P d l J C I' O B B V P J I l... JONES, Assfala C ll H T N V P cl l L., NICH LAS, Aasfsla IC h Three Per Cent and Safety l-,Ti-1 The FIR 'Il ational ank OF LYNCHBURG Organized 1865 ASSETS OVER Eight Million Dollars we Qld, Big, STRONG Bank 5 HUGHES DRY CLEANING CORPORATION PHONE 975 1603 PARK AVENUE LYNCHBURG, VA JUDGE FOR YOURSELF 220 BREAD The Family Loaf LYNCHBURG STEAM BAKERY fb f E I MTF I. gsfffipw: fr: " e E I ef i gi wilkf -.,-me-.E'Z' A 'f ,gs - L 1'5H'3 ? J-EI'FJAx1IE E RNINC' Qunem! Zjirectors Q ZZQlQli'l1iiT Ambufance Service Phone IZ5 P A T R O N I Z E PATTERSON DRUG CO., Inc. SEVENTH AND MAIN STS.-AND-IO27 MAIN ST. Open All Night at IOZ7 Main Street jalmslon's, Wlwilman's, and Martha Washinglan Candies Money Saving Prices on Drugs and Toiletries - - - Have Your Eyes Examined - - - We employ modern, scientihc methods and specialize in individual fittings of styles and shapes of frames Oculisls' Prescriplions Filled We grind our own lenses EHRICH'S OPTOMETRISTS and OPTICIANS l IO7 Main Street Phone I45 WATCH THE CRITIC ADVERTISEMENTS They Represent Lynchburg's Finest Institutions WILL WHITE SHOE STORE HE CUTS THE PRICE AND SELLS THE SHOES I IOI MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA TlIeI'e's El Difference in Bread -ask for it by Imme- HOLSOM and JUSTRITE STA-KLEEN BAKERY, INC. WILLS-CAMP CO., Inc. KNOX HATS-JR. AND SR. We Specialize in Clothes and Furnishings for Young Meri and Boys ' f-- 11' l W "1 Lzskgrx . A f i f-q w El la ? T, ' .iq -TI IHI T wf -LL ' THE MOST CRITICAL' ARE PLEASED with ihe Delicious Fountain Drinlfs and Tea Room Service ai 09 X f , Ju ?fW9ffff c m W S ff 11.1 f Ice Cream-The Sanilary Kind WISHMDRE BATTERYCO PASTEURIZED FIFTH AND COURT STREETS Milk and Cream PHONE 411 Goodyear Tires Willard Balleries SANITARY DAIRY, INC. 1213-15 Cnuucu ST. LYNCHBURG, VA. Phone 4035 A- , f, M, .,.. 1,..:- . ' , f J " Q , , A f g ' 1 5' I 'J' 'i?LQV'f'f'f?52'Z"Z 2517 Xf,2'i:V' P-252 W' Q f . . 4, 4, , - Zi FH' AZ' 'Z,f'lff'w2' f-Q JZ - Zz?" 04255-' - Zh z , ,,, ,, 1142544243 " " ' ,F x .. HARRIS-WOODSON .CO., Inc. The Peoples National Bank OF LYNCHBURG ADAMS E! OOBBS, Inc. OUR FIRST THOUGHT IS QUALITY AND SERVICE DRUGS AND TOILET ARTICLES HOLLINGSWORTH CANDIES We Send for and Deliver Prescriptions RIVERMONT PHARMACY THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP AFTER ALL The Younger Set Will Find fust What They Want at Moses at All Times If You Visit Our Slore Once, You Will Want to Visit il Often We make-School Pins, Rings and Fraternity Jewelry IF IT'S EYEGLASSES See Us for QUALITY and SERVICE BUCKINGHAM AND F LIPPIN A 919 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA HILL CITY TOBACCO CO., Inc. WHOLESALE ONLY Distributors of SPECIALTIES AND FINE CANDIES Agency for SCHRAFTS' CANDIES, AND PRODUCTS OF THE BEST FOODS A WORD TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT! Thrift pays-especially when the money you save is invested safely and profitably in building and loan shares LYNCHBURG MUTUAL BUILDING 6: LOAN ASSOCIATION 1NCORI'0RA'I'I5D RICHARD HANCOCK, President DIXNDRIDGE MURRELL, Secretary-Treasure 21 7-2 I 8 Lynch Building -R 4- -- ,-- Y rms.- V THE "PEP" TO WIN The "Pep" to win, whether it be to win on the athletic field, or in the class room, comes as a result of good health and proper rest-and health, itself is largely a matter of proper rest, exercise and diet. Here at lVIcGehee's you will find beds, springs, and mattresses that will afford you the 9 GEHEE IF URNIITURIE 0. Lgnchhurgs Furniture Store proper rest. RANDOLPHJVIACON WOMAN'S COLLEGE LYNGHBURG, VIRGINIA Randolph-Macon Woman's College is recognized as one of the leading colleges for women in the United States. Carefully arranged courses lead to degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Artsg also to certificates in Music and Art. Endowedg modern equipmentg new library and music buildingsg well equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology S modern residence hallsg gymnasium with swimming poolg athletic field and tennis courts. For catalogue and book of views illustrating student life, address THE PRESIDENT RANDOLPH-MAGON WOMAN,S COLLEGE LYNGHBURG, VIRGINIA WE ALWAYS LIKE TO SEE YOU Meet your friends at THE SHOPPING' CENTRE EEEEESE THE ' g LYNCHBURG NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY NINTI-I AND MAIN STREETS . -.-. i::aza:+-Sf- 5 ?1fv-llga. Ag- I-mr' 0 ' :g+i- affff'-1 9 .'.9w:.-.1.-'.-:JJ -A 1-1 -"f 1'f-"fl y-f'+?'h.:.? i"f'f-f'1-- ' 'W"iSliae:.1' - 4 .. 'Iilf"q'L"' 'Sf 2-Q53 'fine lr ii 22255155 IFE! Etta Eta' :E tl iiigiiffiw W- s-V If mpe g: my . ,if i5:1w51',:2 ,W "' 'E "T 2, ii 5' '23 ?l'1'iTE' ffl- IH E4 'HH + fi :mf tirftiitiiff mlm T it i f Tn ' r 3 ' E TIWA' A -A'A- Q- "'AA 'Q' ----'11 1,-H-, 1 ffrlfeifz.----gas-Effie--f This bank is LYNCI-IBURG'S OLDEST bank, being chartered in 1865, when Lynchburg's popu- lation was only a few thousands. It was the first bank in Lynchburg ever granted a national charter by the U. S. Government. -Q yi MADE u X K ABELL felgs 'Sega , v t. W - ..---i--,- -1.-- .---A-----A.-.., .' - THE IMPRINT0 PRIDE Bids for patronage on a basis of price alone get small response from people who know the true Worth of good quality in PRINTING. They prefer to pay the slight difference in the cost of good printing over mediocre printing be' cause of the vastly superior RESULTS obtained -and RESULTS, of course, are paramount. f BELL MADE ANNUALS are produced by skilled craftsmen to meet the most exacting requirements. But, measured by the standards of real service and satisfaction, they are, after all, the least expensive. W J. P. BELL COMPANY, Inc. 816 MAIN' STREET - - LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA ss' 4 i 1 i RBI! bill ' r 'll' ll 40.'l"non -Ru , ?----W vw,-v.F V YAY 9 YA o , . 40 T' """' "M" C5 70 HMM T0 bu'-9l6'6c Ano cunn- 6 e 0FWeeK5 ffl' IIIIII 7 55' cure of' hun- Dil nun 'Pee-Gee a.ND Tum' f'laTeS "0' Toe Hens Q f-Q15 PAH .RAHvn'L: ull AVE L STGMOS guqq C X Lm Le. H a HoLQ f ' f mf N any E' T cf"'1!m Q L NBAKTB W s gl uk F'e?w""o Wav e C.-r nav 'DAY FTSDA-P V ! , pgo MON why 5Wdl'lP -lm. il. 0 'XA'-QLJHLML I .ua .uuu. I FKHFI-IVVM rnnw-ln!-IQ5' Q1 A 70 T' 'Pin noaa.Pm?5 gwimony U - Xl! Q W . , ' ' a 3 'f XX A ' ff ' - S5-2 . 4 'I .A 9 l '96 msg' .4 4. wx W I ' 4 A 'fl 0 g gi X , 2 5 N , 3 e 06' . K . : X , fQA . ' go? K fa .2 XX 5 Q , Q D11 ' Q 0 1 2 5 ' 'Z X5 X QQ -0-1 Q v X 4? 'ur . , ff N qi H 1 61-4 ' i 1, , , iv? 61' 'z X 5' in . F v XEJ Y 'Q xy u V 7 gs., v2 , '- 'P S . ' 'ina be '- .lf " A we X K-W - r 5. ij' 1 7-f.-I ND J x :EI . . X -gl ' A in ll M , 55:75 ph A "R ' ., 4. 1.4, P-ns har mg' -,.. .4 65' ' To .U youu 'ruins 35'-ro gxrupgny gvj , . ' M if ng - .,g,,.'PAc.f:- ' ' ' ,Wilt 'x X x S 5223 337' 55: Iv' Q . 4 'Cx , R - - , S 'F ' A kg' 1 C1llTlQ- fig-Q :fn ornlhl- 1 4 I Q' 'SPC' Q . g f? G NATIQM,-R ' dr? 3 'ff Zffffisf - R WLM- f GNU ', A ,QE Q-I 5 Q4 SI, I Q ,. . 'WP Q if Q M , A , - y ff, J e: W -Sf ' Q x . A .Db C Q S ram, - 2 'Vol . 1 I X 41' 133' A S mvnons V- NH , . - U .fa 3, Q ' 7:04 -.- W' tiff' ' 1 I - M gg-,-G" sara? - A 3 - . C' V. -'Sf 'as' 3 ' ' "2 5 W A 111- i 4 P C-u PN N , .X-ff , ' w Q 11 N '0Ilf 5495 - - ' V T , - - N 0 ' F y ,mg Q,, 1-.M f - 0 - -W - - - -2 Hnlnevnv Pali . ' ling ' D C., ,, b I E:. fN--if 5 -yi 4 ' ' Rv ff. D0Y4l.N.' of 'Ned ' D ' K Ai... 1 " Ac 1 '-"H" fx ff W' Pnivrb 'V x-.1 . K -- - - - E RAW' ' - fx fx ' -' Goa- f HYDR'c"i.""" A ww, - x sf., 1 g 'Q-,M . .2 -- ..-if - 6 - ami- ff, 4 4 G . ' l , E ND V Y' ' ' f 7 ,et ' - A ' -. P . r gl' - A T 'it' " X N I 'mf--g - "x5l':ve:N 1:-As Gr- - -5K N9 " l'f'.'Nl7c:1Avo1:. -' ' l - -4- X - 3 t"": , , - - - 9- J -QS I PREPARED YBCIALLY , 3 fx! ' g F-on'r1-In-ft. :rm-wear M N2 ' Oi- was - bY rua- if qv' 'im' ' 'ES' , - fine 5 u T770 RAPNY . X '52 ' 55" -i,- - - -H -V! ISLS: -l pn X A dswlif nm ann! 90' fp ill!! Aafjgiggfn. - L n ' Y wg. Y -J-- ..-I. ........ ' - -- +

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