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4'r 4 '18- wa'-F-zfv' V-.9 4 ' ' ?'Ec?"HFT 1 4: " 1. L- if I! - .., ,.,-..--21 f 'gl ,, L.-,k, '7'22fX ,ff- p.:'v Q2 J A, CFHE CRVFIC H CREST SENIOR 1SSuE OF THE CRITIC. S LITERARU MAc.5A'z.1NE OF THE E. c. GLASS rucgu SCHOOL 4. .--3. .,-, ,H If KN N fl?-3 ,XS C C K Immmm,, 2 F E ' i ffI'kR1grl'S 'jgwE' , ,S1. , S HW S- WP w a 'SU M W1 Q q E W l"'Hll 1 -I H 161 1 L 3 All HI M d, :1 U - 1 .---if--fl--91' in F 13 3. US 1 A If I W lflwm EEiijl4S -Ill iHH' l S"l" 1"f S S g Jil g '- . -Q. LUNCHBURG, UIRGINIA MCMXXXI DEDICATICD M,--f--'Y Q f 40' I TO EVELINA O. VVIGGINS VVith the appreciation of the Staff for her long and successful leadership as adviser of the Crific and with the gratitude of the Senior Class to a friend and guide, this volume of the CRITIC-CREST is dedicated. The CRITIC-CREST E41 CONTENTS Dedication . . Foreword . Facultq . Senior Class . . Junior Class . . . Sophomore Class. I Headlines Page . Literarq Department Activities ..... Autographs . . Athletics . . . Advertisements . . 4 . 6 . 7 . . 1 I . . 53 . . 56 . . 58 . . 59 . . 69 . . 88 . . 89 . . 95 The CRITIC-CREST FCDREIDGRD IF THE PICTURES OF THE PRESENT FOUND umm THESE PAGES SERDE IN THE FUTURE TO EECALL THE 1NCIDENTS OF THE PAST, ourz AIM IS ACCOMPLISHED Th CRITIC CREST l The CRITIC-CREST The -CRIVTIC CREST The Facultq H. A. C, XVALKER, Principal BLAKE E. ISLICV, Assistant Principalr, Motllenmtics PAULINE F. FISHER, Dean of Girls. History CHARLES M. EXBBOTTQ, History FTARRIET S. BELL. Spanish SAMUEL H. BENNETT, English RUTH M. BLUNT, English E. F. BURMA!-II.N, Dirvftor of Bll.S'iI1f'S.Y Education D01c0'1'HY CIULES, Typewriting ' LEVVT5 T. DAVIS, Hmd of Latin Departnzvnt EXDDIE T. EURE, English THOMAS M. FUNK, Matln'n1ulic's, Athletic Coarh SAMUEL R. GAY, Biology, Plzysirs ELIZABETH C. GLASS, Latin, History LILLIAN V..G1aEGoRY, Hood of Romance Language Dept. CLEMIZNTINE GOUDE-, Conrnzervial Geography, Shorthand, Typewriting . .ETTIE HARVEY, Bookkeeping TQATHLEEN I'1OLMESY, French. Spanish I. HEATH LEVVISV, Hvad of History Dvparttnent MCCUE, JR., Head of Scicnfe Drpurtntenl Fmzn B. NICLAURIN, Matlzvnmtics EVELYN L. NIOORIC, English HELEN H. NEI.SlbN-, English 1X'TAT'l'Ili H. C. NICHOLAS, English R0scoE R. OGLESBY, Matlmtnotics A LQNNIE XV. OXNTENA, Typvwriting. Connnerriul Geography L. H. MARY SPoT'rswo0D PAYNEI, English BEULAH PHIPPS. Clzcnzistry, Biology ERMA LEE PORTER, Shorthand, Transcription, Typewriting ELSIE V. TALBOT, English t ELIZABETH N. NVALLACE, History EVELINA O. NVIGGINS, Head of English Department MARGARET F. NVILLTAMS, Bookleevping, Cotnnrerfial Gr-ography FANNIE XVRTGHT, English Special FREDERICK P. HALE, Music MARTIIfX PIELBIG, Art C. R. VVARTHEN, Physical Training ISABEL PECK, Physifal Training CATHERINE DUPUY, Girls' Athletics NORVELL CRAIG!-ULL, Librarian ANICE HOXXVELI., Secretary to Principal SALLIE HAYNIE, Direvtor of Cafeteria PHOTEBE EDBILYNDS, Supcrzfisor of .Study Halls The CRITIC-CREST I 1 '10 CLASS PGEIU Song' of Uouth IVII-at is this soug that youth is singing Past the 'Z,U17lIU'0'ZU o 111 y years? The tune, though ancient, yet 'is riugiug Down the corridor of tears That marks the path of age-old treason, Sluwuzfug youth for being youugg Yet age can giife to youth no reason For the songs it left unsung I II' afzcfe of deejv-set., Iurleilzg fears That darked the Corner of the years. Passion, fvulsiug through the ages To that -zu-ighty, throbbing tune, Has built its 'rlzytlwu on the rages Of each age that sltghts too soon The fact that youth will always cherish Plan or purpose as it"s born, Iflfhile age dren-Jus the j?11atj7o1u'ish, Sunset brighter than the dawn I'Vl11TCll lights youth thmugh, the I'Il1'l?1:7Zg eats That dark the corners of the yea-rs. -JOHN PAUL JoNE:. JR The CRITIC CREST I121 CLASS OFFICERS JOHN PAUL JONES ,JR PIENRIETTA Fox .,..................,,.. XVILLIA M OGLESBY ............ LOUISE JENNINGS ...x.......... RUBY MATHEWS ......A................, l13J .............Pl'L7Sid6llf IfiCGfPVc'.?id61lt ...........T1'mzszwer ..Sec1'ez'm'y Ass? SGCI'CfflJ'y The CRITIC-CREST n .rl :I I S II j . I J I,,f L Q Inzf III I' I 3: ,z w 1 I 'I Io' I r 5 I. I II ' , . II I 1 " IQ ' fa. ifgd To I :I i i I ' , , 5 i I If 1 I, if: 'fx I. .l KI If I jx tv If -I ' , I 5, In :QI I TA Ia IH.. I . I I 1 , t L .H : I JL. Ira I+I k 'I ir! I I I I I .5 E I I I-I 'Kg Iii: Ii' I! fl U ltd IV. Li K I Ir if rf Ii ,213 I f , - I .ki If in", .,., I 5' I .4I IPI :Je 1. ! ,I I In I 'I h , I LL IH I It .mmm - The' CRITIC-CREST I14I "Of marmefr gentle."' MARJORIE WILSON AGEE "MARGIE" Honor League: Typist High Times Staff: Com- merical Club: B2 Club: Athletic Association: Tennis: Participant State Shorthand Contest, '3x. "Fair and softly gcc: far." MARY LOUISE ALVIS "LOUISE" Athletic Association: Honor League. "Smooth runs the water 'wlu:re the brook is deep." VIRGINIA LOUISE AMONETTE UIENNIE LEE" National Honor Society: Athletic Association: Honor League: Glee Club: Lee Literary Society: Wilsonian Literary Society: Class News Editor High Times, '3o: Associate Editor High Times, '3i: Quill and Scroll: Vice-President French Club, '3x. , "Merry as the day is long." FRANCES SEVVARD ANDERSON "FRANKIE" French Club: Honor League: Athletic Associa- tion: Lee Literary Society: Wilsonian Literary Soci- ety: G. H. S. C.: Basketball: Swimming: Tennis: High Times Reporter, '30, "Her opinion. carried a lat of weight." CHRISTINE EUNICE ARTHUR . HTEENAU Commercial Club: Athletic Association: Honor League: O. G. A.: O. A. T. ' "Great things come in :mall packages." ELEANOR JOSEPI-IINE ATKINSON NIO.. Girls' Glee Club: Wilsonian Literary Society: Lee Literary Society: G. H. S. C.: Art Club: Athletic Association: Junior Representative Honor League: French Club. "Hope elevates and joy briglitens his crest." MADISON ARCHER BALLAGH "BALLAGH" Dramatic Club, Hi-YQ Honor League, Wilsonian Literary Societyg Athletic Associationg Lee Literary Society, Adelphian Debating Society. "Her gentle speech and modest ways Left others to accord her praise." AGNES CARROLL BURY "AGNES" Athletic Association: G. H. S. C.g French Clubg Honor League. "A .soul as full of 'worth as 'void of pride." BEULAH MARIORIE BERRY --BEE" A Girls' High School Club: Athletic Associationg Commercial Clubg Honor League. "Soft is the music that would charm forever." W. AVERI LLE BERSCI-I .rA,N HAVE., Reporter Commercial Club, Typist Critic Staff, '3og B2 Clubg Glee Clubg Honor Leagueg Athletic Associationg Assistant Manager Critic Typists, YSIQ Critic'Crest Staifg Participant in State Shorthand Contest, '31. "Nothing great was eper achieved without entliusulsmf' ALFRED CHILTON BISHOP "BISHOP" National Honor Societyg Lee Literary Society, 'zgg President Adelphian Debating Society, '3og Debating Team, ' og French Club President, 'gig Honor Leagueg Senior Representative, '30, '31g Athletic Association, Wilsonian Literary Society, '3o. "Patience is the best remedy for awry trouble." ALICE ROBERTA BLANKINSHIP "ALICE" Orchestrag Spanish Club: Athletic Association, Honor Leagueg Wilsonian Literary Societyg Dra- matic Club. i151 The CRITIC-CREST ' J. 244, Jig 2- Ed if- n,',u, H Fl H "il ' .J U1 .U I I ' -il . Y, f 51. Pi , TS? ' 3 ,gag 'Tdtf 1 ' Cul. I JAH rj? f If I L 1 ' I .L I if: 'Q I 1' fi? iff f.:.'1 L'l ii I 1 I :I rf' I 'Hy 1 5 1 . 1 T t n L' m l- . nj 4 F Y I .1 il' g 1. 3 .1 will -,- I I- F . 5. 2 .z Tu w. lf l I" . G+ 4x7-L--- -sn 5 lr, F l i .K i The CRITIC-CREST 0 .1 N E161 -.,...-3 "A good reputation is more valuable than money." WVALTER BENNETT BLANKINSHIP "VVALTER" H-Reporter High. Timex, ,29Q Alumni Editor High James, '29, 'gog Honor League. "Fair and softly goes." ELEANOR VIRGINIA BONDURANT "BONNY" Vice-President Commercial Club, 'gog B2 Clubg Honor Leagucg Athletic Associationg O. G. A. "A fair c.rtcr1'or is a silent recammexm'olz'o11.." MYRTLE DOROTHY BOLEY "MYRT,' . Commercial Clubg Honor Leagueg Athletic Asso- mation. "Care will kill a col, And therefore let's be merry." LEONARD STRATTON BRADLEY HBRADU Athletic Association: Track Teamg Varsity Foot- ballg Baudg Orchestrag Monogram Clubg Honor Leagucg VV. A. T. C.g'Spanish Club. "Hail, fellow, wall met." V1 NCENT EDWARD BRAGASSA -.VICU Athletic Awuciationg Foothallg Basketball. if "A smile for all, a greeting gladf A lovablef jolly way she had." LEAH EUBANK' BRIGHTVVELL "TIDDLE" Honor Leagueg B2 Clubg Athletic Association. "A real friend ':ulm.rrr company is an everlasting f1lcnsnrc."' DOROTHY MARION BROOKS UDOTH lVils0niau Literary Society: Athletic Associationg Girls' Basketball Teamg Honor League. ' "He held his sent, a friend to Iiumagr race." MARTIN L. BRONVN, JR. ..DUT,, Athletic Associatioug French Clulyg Honor Leagueg Monogram Cluhg Dramatic Clubg Football. "Tim world, dear Agnes, is a strange affair." AGNES MA RY BRUCE "AG-E" ' , Glee Clubg Athletic Clubg B: Club. "A: fruc as steel." FRANCES MAE BURNETT "FANNY" Commercizll Club: Honor Leagueg B2 Clubg Ath- letic Association: Senior Representative. "Ye grant, altha hr: had-much wit He was 'very .vlxy of using it." HAROLD ELMO CAMRRELL "HAROLD" Athletic Associatinng Honor League. s "By nature born a f1'iemi." RAN DOLPH PERROW CANDLER "RANDOLPH" Commercial Clul'Jg.O. G. A.g Athletic Associationg Honor League. l17l The CRITIC-CREST l .A The CRITIC-CREST l18l "Let the world slide." VVILLIAM FRANCIS CANTIERI UBILLU Transfer from Lancaster High School, Pa. Secretary-Treasurer Lancaster Glider Clubg Ath- letic Associationg Honor League. "He is always laughing, for he has an infinite deal of wit." MAX JESSE CAPPS "DYNAMITE" Bandg Orchestrag Glee Club: Footballg Honor Leagueg O. A. T.g Commercial Clubg O. G. A. "Blessed 'zuitli that charm, a certainty to please." NAOMI FRANCES CARTER "NAOM1" Wilsonian Literary Societyg Orchestrag Assistant Exchange Editor High. Timex, ,311 Tennisg Honor Leagueg French Clubg Athletic Association. "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." DOROTHY PHARR CARNVILE UDOTH Athletic Associationg Wilsonian Literary Societyg Girls' High School Clubg Honor League. "Batter be small and .rliine Than great and cast a shadow." ALPHA DIXON CHEATI-IAM . HDICKU O. A. T.g O. G. Ag Commercial Clubg Honor League. "Sing away sorrowg cast away care." LAWSON AUGUSTUS CHEATHAM "BIG FEET" Adelphian Debating Societyg Bandg Orchestrag Baseball Squadg Honor League. "The fora' of his own merit makes his way." EARL ELWOOD CLARK "COUNTRY" Commercial Clubg Dramatic Clubg Athletic Asso- ciation. "Soma believed him wondrous wise, and some believed hun mad." JOHN FITZ PATRICK CLARK 1.-TACK., National Honor Societyg Editor Bird's Eye Re- view, High Times, '30, ,3I. "Shooting par in life and galff' JAMES MURRAY CLELAND "MYSTERY" National Honor Society, Lee Literary Societyg Wilsonian Literary Societyg Hi-Y Clubg Spanish Clubg Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Cir- culating Manager Critic, '31, "Wim wiixcs reason 'iaith pleasure, And wisdom with mirth." ELEANOR MAE COCHRAN "TWITCHIE" Dramatic Clubg Commercial Clubg Honor Leagueg O. G. A.g O. A. T.g Athletic Association. "True as the dial to the sun." CORA INEZ COFFEE HNEZH Athletic Associationg VVilsonian Literary Society, Honor Leagucg Spanish Club. "Taking her all in all, we ne'er shall look upon licr like again." ELMA VIRGINIA COLEMAN "ELMA" Treasurer Girls' High School Club, '30, Vice- President Girls' High School Club, '31, Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. i191 The CRITIC-CREST i201 is "Salt your life with Immar, pepper it with wit, And sprinkle otvcr it the jay of fellowship." GLENN CRADDOCK COLEMAN "SCOUTY" Bandg Orchestrag Hi-Yg Athletic Associationg Honor Leagneg Footballg Basketball. "I never knew so young a body with .ro old a head." PEARL COOPER HP- Cv., HCOOPH National Honor Societyg Orchestrag G. H. S. C.3 High Times Reporter, 'zgg Headlines Editor High Times, '3og Editorial Board High Time.r,' Critic- Crart Stalfg Dramatic Clnbg Athletic Associationg Wilsonian Literary Society. "Not too .mbmg not too gayf A rare good sport -in every way." MARIE ARTHUR COSTAN "COUNTRY" Athletic Association' French Club: Honor Lea- gue: Lee Literary Society: Vklilsonian Literary Society: Basketballg High Times Staffg B2 Clubg Girls' Glee Club. "Nat afraid of worle Yet not in low: ruztlz it." HENRY SNEAD COUSINS HHEENCHH Track, ,301 Assistant Captain Track, '31g Foot- ballg Honor Leagueg Athletic Associationg Assistant Alumni Editor Critic, '3og Assistant Literary Editor Critic, 'gig Dramatic Club: French Clubg Wilsonian Liteiiary Societyg C1'itic-Crest Stalfg Quill and Scro . "She that was ever fair and nci'cr proud," ELLA BINFORD CRADDOCK -'Porn National Honor Society: Lee Literary Society: VVilsonian Literary Societyg Critic Staff, '30, 'gig Cl'lIffL"Cl'L'Xf Stahfg G. H. S. C.g Treasurer French Club, '31g Dramatic Club: Latin Representative, '3og Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. "He is good-uaturcd, good-lmmarcd, and fren." C. T. RUSSELL DABNEY "RUSSELL" Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Hi-Yg French Club. 1 "Sli: was good as slielwus fair." EMILY BILL DAVIS "EMILY" Exchange Erlitor Critic, '3og Assistant Poetry Editor Critic, '311 G. H. S. C.g Honor League: Atgetic Association: Class Historian Critic-Crest Sfil . "A frie-nd is 'mortll all liazarrls we can run." CHARLOTTE DOSNVELL DAXVSON "POLLY" Glee Clubg Athletic Association: Honor League. "The 'woe-Id'.v no better if we worry g L1fe': na longer If we hurry." ROBERT EMMETT DEI-IART UBOB., High Times Stalfg Athletic Associationg Honor League. "With a 10iI'lH'f1'1g way." ELSIE VICTORIA DIVERS HPEACI-IY" Atl1letic'Associatioug Commercial Club. "Half-pint-pure cream." LERA PEARNIE ELLIS "HALF-PINT," "SHORTIE" Commercial Club: Athletic Association. "Mind, boys, those cyex, For they 'work as Cupiclls smile. RUTH LEE EISEMGN "RUFUS" H Commercial Club: Athletic Associationg Honor League. E211 The CRITIC-CREST E . s iv ll'-X " lf- ! lx. . il ii Sit: l F y , iv. , w V l IIZIJ 5 Lip. : ' l ii fl 1- fl! l f .i ' 27 ll ii! W . 4? 'F i' l 1.: V L.., il Ea ' ' V. r i f Q sl' A: -:' 1 I , U 4 ,fp .1 --1 1 'L S."-1 N Eff I L:-14 f li. R jill l f l nl Ai w 1 l .fu i xi X ,VI i ' , lf Fi' ll Q .. -3 K - I n i ' ' l il , Y 1 rf , . U ill Ll' ' i ,I . 1 -i ' -I -v iz, ' is ,. iv W, iz, v V. -4- r i l L I I Yl I., -Li W I , , r" ful, Qs I P L X. N I Ji H. 1 ' w M L I I I 4 H3 reef 1 l l l i ,n E, li A fl, gg 5 . rl A... , ,: .." . " .. 1 I. 4 "" ' - -.:' ' l hall ini -Q , . new-. rg, I Ili, UW, '35 ii The CRITIC-CREST 22 "W'hen all my -zvivikx in 'vain are wuuk, When all my thinks in 'vain are thxmk What saves me from an awful jlunk? My pony!" ROBERT WARD EVANS "0AF" n National Honor Society: Honor League: Athletic Association: Secretary Lee Literary Society: Wil- sonian Literary Society: Adelphian Debating Society: Qritir Staff: Critic-Crest Stall: Latin Representa- tive, '3t: French Club: David Garrick Players: Hi-Y: Quill and Scroll. "Her life was earnest work, not play." SARAH EVELYN EVANS "SARAH" National Honor Society: Honor League: Athletic Association: VVilsonian Literary Society: French Club: Assistant Exchange Editor Critic, '30, '31: Critic-Crest Staff. "A true 'Arrow-Collar' man." GEORGE EDWARD FLIPPIN, In. "FLIP" Athletic Association: Honor League: Hi-Y Club: genlior Representative: Track: Football: Spanish ll . "It was roses, rose: all the way." HENRIETTA CRENSHAW FOX "FOXIE" ' Vice-President Athletic Association, '31: Vice' President Senior Class: Wilsonian Literary Society. "I would hitch my wagon to a star." VVILLIAM EDWARD FOURQUREAN "PERRY" National Honor Society: Lee Literary Society: Vlfilsonian Literary Society: Secretary W'ilsonian Literary Society, '3r: Athletic Association: Honor League: Spanish Club: Dramatic Club: Band. "No beauty? like the beauty of the mind." MABEL VIRGINIA FOSTER "MABEL" National Honor Society: 'Commercial Club: Ath- ,letic Association: Critic Typist, '30, '3I: Honor League: O. G. A.: O. A. T. "Happy am I, from care 1'm frep. Why arerft they all contented like me?" KENNETH CA BELL FRANKLIN UPREACHERH Football: Basketball: Tennis: Athletic Association. "Spcez'l1 may be silvery, but often silence is yoldenf EDXVARD MCFADDEN FREEMAN HT-EDD Athletic Association: Honor League: Basketball: Chapel Committee: French Club. 55 " 'Tis a friendly lmart that has plenty of friends." LUCILLE MASTON FRY "LUCILLE" Spanish Club: Athletic Association: Honor League. "All that's simple, sweet, and .ratisfyingf KATIE LOUISE GIBBS "LOUISE" Athletic Association: Honor League: Girls' Glee Club. - "Stout heart, and open hand." NELLIE JANE GIBSON "NELL" Spanish Club: B2 Club: Wilsonian Literary Soci- ety: Honor League: Athletic Association. "A manner blithe and debo11ai1." WILLIAM VERNON GILES "VERNON" National Honor Society: Athletic Association: Honor League: Circulation Manager High Timex: Vice-President Hi-Y, '3I: Lee Literary Society: Wilsonian Literary Society: French Club: Dramatic Club: Adelphian Debating Society: Debating Rep- resentative, '3o, '3z. I23l The CRITIC-CREST The CRITIC-CREST U l24l "A smile will goo lang, lang -way." NANCY BARBOUR GILLESPIE "NANCY" Historian B2 Club, '3og Chairman of Athletics B2 Club, '3ig Athletic Associatiorig Lee Literary Societyg Wilsonizm Literary Societyg Basketlmallg Temnsg Swimming: Honor Leagueg French Club. "Laughing eyes aml manners bright," MARGARET ANN GRAHAM "MARGARET" Commercial Clubg Athletic Assuciationg B2 Clubg Honor League. "5'peeel1 is great, but silence greater." ELSIE J. GRUBBS "ELS1E" Commercial Clubg Honor Leagueg Athletic Assu- ciation. "On rlzcffr own -merit.: modest men are dumb." SAMUEL GARLAND HAMNER, IR. .-BUS., Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Secretary Hi-Yg Managing Editor Hiylr Times, 'gog Editor- in-Chief High Times, ,312 French Club: Wilsonian- Literary Societyg Lee Literary Society. "To tlmse who know thee not, No words can pai--nt." MILDRED HAMILTON A UMILDREDH VVil5onian Literary Societyg Athletic Associutiong Honor League. "A frivolous e.1'1eri01', but a sincere heart." GEORGIE ANN HARRIS ' -'GEoRGIANA" 1 Athletic Association: Honor Leagueg B2 Clubg Wilsoriizm Literary Sociletyg Girls' Glee Clubg Girls' Basketball Teamg SlJZll1lSll Club. "I do loathe e,rplauatious." HELEN LINDSAY HARRIS "HELEN" Wilsoniau Literary Societyg Girls' High School Clubg Honor League: Athletic Association. "True as the dial fo tho sim, Although it be not slimed upon." OTWAY PEARSON HARWOOD UO- P-H Bandg Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. "Good disposition, a friend to all." FRED KLEIN HAWKINS ' "FRED" Athletic Associationg Honor League. "Far life is not life 'without delight." LILLIAN FRANCES HENDERSON "LILLIAN" Commercial Clubg Honor Leagueg Athletic Asso- ciation. "Regime dull care, you and I could never agree." C. VERNON HENKEL, JR. ..DOC,, Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Hi-Yg Foot- ballg Spanish' Clubg Treasurer Wilsoniau Literary Societyg Critic Stalig Crilic-Crest Stiff. "She hath a .sweetness all her own." ALUCILE VIRGINIA HINES "CILE" V Dramatic Cluhg Glee Clubg Athletic Associationg Honor League. I9-5l The CRITIC-CREST +- The CRITIC-CREST l'-261 "Today, YLVIIGIEZICY mpy qm1oy,, The world for me m simple joy." CLARENCE HENRY HINNANT, JR. HHORSECOLLARH President Lee Literary Society, Vice-President Wilsonian Literary Society, '31, David Garrick Players, Dramatic Club, Honor League, Athletic Association, Spanish Club, Hi-Y. "Tranquillity, thou better name Than all the family af fame." BERNICE LEE HIPPERT "BETTY" Athletic Association, Honor League, Spanish Club, Girls' Glee Club, B2 Club, Lee Literary Soci- cSty?fQuill and Scroll, Critic Stalf, '31, Critic-Crest ta . . "Sleep is sweet to the laboring mlm." ISAAC HOPPENSTEIN "IKE," 'KHOPPYH Manager Football, '29, Manager Track, '30, Monogram Club, '3o-31. "Our bu.rine.r.r in the field of fight . Is not to question but to prove our might." GEGRGE WADE HOWELL "HENRY BOBO" Commercial Club, Junior O. A. T., Athletic Association, Band, Baseball Squad. "Worth is by worth in every rank admired." MARY LUCILLE HOWVELL "TUl3BY" Q Wilsonian Literary Society, Commercial Club, Athletic Association, O. G. A., Honor League. "A true friend is a friend forever." ELLSWORTI-I HOUSE "EI.LSWORTH" Athletic Association, Honor League, Girls' High School Club. "It lzurlvtll not the tongue to give fair wards." MARGARET NORRIE HUDSON "PEGGY" Commercial Clubp Athletic Associationg Honor League. "A Hue friend is forever n friend." HOPE HYATT "HOP" Athletic Associatioug Commercial Club. "Plain dealing is the best when all is done." GURNIE JANE INGE I HJEANU Commercial Clubg Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg O. G. A. "If all lwr deeds and stunts were told, Slw'd be tzulce liar weight in gold," LOUISE MOZELLE IENNINGS 'mow National Honor Society: Secretary Senior Classy B2 Club: Aclelphian Debating Societyg Secretary Commercial Club, '30Q David Carrick Playersg Critic Staff Tynistg Honor Leagueg O. A. T.g O. G. A.: Athletic Associationg Girls' Public Speaker, '30, '31, "The will for the deed." GLADYS VIRGINIA JOHNS . "GLADYS" Spanish Club: NVilsonian Literary Societyg Ath- letic Association. "Amiable people radiale s1nz.vlziuc." NELLIE CELESTE JOHNS . "NELL" Athletic Associationg ,Honor Leagueg Spanish Club. I27l The CRITIC-CREST 5-1 I f u 1 :MF :Eff ln l i l ! a f 1 'I , l l Q- 1 l l 'fl ., 'S+ il Ti li l iimil lrgf IQ 'IIS' V Q. li I . P A T 3' l l xl ll: l :TU ns! I l ,gl ITU.. ll Q VL! Fil il? I--1 l. ll ir! I lf. 96 'W ,lr 5 .Jil 1-is WW HI l ll.. The CRITIC-CREST E231 "Good looking, full of fun, Wztli a smile for everyone." ROBERT KIRKWOOD JOHNSON "LEFTY" National Honor Society, Junior O. A. T., O. G. A., Dramatic Club, Commercial Club' Ath- letic Association, Football, '29, Baseball, '30i "Good dispo.vif1'o11 A friend to all." MINNIE SLOAN JOHNSON "DOLLY" Athletic Association, Wilsouian Literary Society, G. H. S. C., Honor League, Dramatic Class. "E'uerybon'y'.v friend, 1iobody's enemy." JAMES EDVVARD JONES ' stEDn Hi-Y Club, Hi-Y Secretary, '29, Hi-Y President, '30, President Honor- League, '30, Senior Represen- tative, Cheer Leader, Athletic Association, Dra- matic Club Stage Manager, '30, Spanish Club, Vice-President Junior Class, '29, Band, '28, "An aim in life is the only thing 'worth finding." FRED LEE JONES "FRED" Athletic Association, Commercial Club, Band, Bookkeeping State Commercial Contest, First Place in Shorthantl, District Contest. "The glass of faslziau and the mold of form." JOHN PAUL JONES, JR. HJ' Pj, President Senior Class, Poetry Editor Critic, '30, Assistant Editor Critic, ,SIQ Art Editor Critic- Crest, '30, Assistant Editor Critic-Crest, ,312 Quill and Scroll, Head Cheer Leader, '29, '30, ,315 Athletic Association, French Cluh, Hi-Y, David Carrick Players, President Junior Class, .301 Stage Manager Dramatic Club, ,ZQQ Honor League. "Ami wlrat first had been an idle joy became a saber, serious work for fame." MARY LOUISE JORDAN "MARY" National Honor Society, Athletic Association, Critic Typist, '31, O. G. A., O. A. T. "I'II be merry mid frrc: l'Il be sad jar nobody." HELEN GREY KEITH "JOE KEITH" Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Spanish Club. "She walks in thc path of friendly l1carti'." LUCY KIMBROUGI-I KERR HLUCYH Athletic Associationp Girls' High School Cluhg President Wilsonian Literary Society, '3og Honor League. "How swrct and fair :Inc .vcemx to be!" DORIS GVVENDOLYN LEE "DOl3BY" nmmelcial Cluh B" Club Athletic Associationg C. ' 5 - 3 ' ' Honor Leagueg Critic Typist, '31g Glue Club.- "Her ways rm: 'ZE'Llj'.Y of pIc'nsanlne.r.r, And all her paths arc peace." FLORENCE VIRGINIA LENVIS "BUDDY" Lee Literary Societyg Wilsoniun Literary Societyg Dramatic Cluhg Honor Leagueg Athletic Association: Basketball Teamg French Club. "She is full of spirit and frm." JANIE LEMON UJANE., Commercial Cluhg Honor Lengueg Athletic Asso- ciatinn. "Jolly, yy! .vrrionspn Fu1z'lo'vzny, yet .mm-rc." SALLIE REBECCA LINCOLN "SALLIE" Wilsonian Literary Society: Athletic Assnciationg gormr Leagueg Girls' High School Clubg Spanish ui. , 29 The CRITIC-CREST I I ln lil In I fl -1 I I S "l . L1 lx ill l 3. 'e 4 1 ll: .., , fl fl ll i li, .P I li I 6+ ,Tl1q,CRITIC-CREST I30I "Greet feeling hath she of her own. Winch lesser .souls may never know." MARTHA ANDERSON LIGON , "MARTY" G. H. S. Club: Dramatic Club: Critic Staff, '3o, '31: Critic-Crest Staff: Athletic Association: Honor League: French Club: David Garrick Players. "Sweetest eyes were ever seen." MARY LOUISE LINDSAY "LINDY" Adelphian Debating Society: B2 Club: Commercial Club: O. G. A.: Athletic Association: Glee Club. "Happy'go-lucky: careless and free, Nothing there as that -worries me." GEORGE WILBUR LINDSAY . -'w1LL" ' ' Band: Commercial Club: President Commercial Club, '3o: NVilsonian Literary Society: Athletic Association. . "To know, to esteem, to love-an ideal girl." IAQUELIN AMBLER LOYD "JAQUEl' President G. H. S. C., '31: Dramatic Club: Athletic Association: Poetry Editor Critic, '31: Quill and Scroll: Critic-Crest Staffs "Ready ere I call her name." MINNIE VIRGINIA MAYS "MIN" Dramatic Club: G. H. S. C.: Quill and Scroll: Spanish Club: Adelphian Debating Society: High Times Stall. "Forever foremost in the ranks of fun." SAMUEL THOMAS MARTIN "TOM" Athletic Association: Honor League: Spanish Club: Lee Literary Society: Baseball, '2S: Band, '28, '29: Hi-Y: Dramatic Cluh. "It lzurteth not the tongue to give fair words." CLARA ESTHER MASON "SNOOKS" B3 Clubg Commercial Clubg Athletic Association: Honor League. "Soft peace she brings." RUBY ELIZABETH MATHENVS HRUBYH National Honor Society: B: Clubg Commercial Club: Athletic Association: Honor League: O. G. A.g O. A. T.g Spelling Representative, '3!5 State H. S. Champion Novice Typist, ,29j State H. S. Cham- pion Amateur Typist, '3o5 Manager Critic Typists, ,3IQ Assistant Secretary Senior Class. "A .smile of uuixlzilie, n heart of gold." MAGGIE BERNICE MCCRAVV "POKY DOT" National Honor Societyg Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg O. G. A.g Vice-President Com- mercial Club, '3og Assistant Business Manager Critic, '3i. "IlIucIl- study is wenrisome to the fieslif' JOHN ARCHIBALD MCKENRY, JR, "JOHNNY" Hi-YQ Honor League: Oilice Assistant. "Be 'wisely worldlyp be not worldly wise." LILLIAN MAE MCKINNEY "LILLIAN" Athletic Associationg Commercial Cluhg W'ilsonian Literary Societyg Girls' High School Club. "Calm as a summer sky of blue." POLLY MIRIAM MCMURRAY "POLLY" Athletic Associationg Honor League." l31l The CRITIC-CREST Ex 1, l I 'I l ,v al l I I I li, ,, l.: ll . I . l-e ,ul lvl lil? l ILL l . I ' L .- p ln il - I F lj 1 V' 'lllwlz ,. I. vi .-I ir L- ffl ll 3 .jj Tr! .3 I I u all 1-.ei 1, i' lf -D .1 1. El? .li .Q- l'.r l a V. v l u l.. I 1 7,, ,, s l l I 1 MQ' E qs.: Vit, ! . If V 1 It 4 il? .:, '1- .1 ligi ri' lf, It l' - I 'v ni .tp ill .ig 'J l ll i. 5 ,. F V.. l .irgl JB' lil il It The CRITIC-CREST ,Qia- l32l "Her presence lend: its zvarmtlz and health to all who came before it." ELIZABETH CHRISTINE MITCHELL "LIZ" Wilsonian Literary Societyg Spanish Clubg Honor League, Athletic Association. "I nm sure care's an. enemy of life." LOUISE GRACE MOORE "PETE, Commercial Clulmg B2 Club: Athletic Associatioug Honor Leagueg O. A. T.g O. G. A. "One sees and loves." SUSIE EMMALINE MORRIS --zu zu" Commercial Cluhg Athletic Associationg Lee Lit- erary Societyg Vlfilsonian Literary Societyg B1 Club, Honor League. "A great man ix made up of qualitfar that meet or make great occasions." HENRY SACKETT MOSBY ' "AH BOO" MOSBY President Junior Hi-Y, '27g Treasurer Senior Hi-Y, '3xg President Spanish Club, '3og Presirlcnt Dramatic Club, '3og Treasurer Dramatic Club, '3og Debating Team, '30, '31g President Honor League, '30, ,315 Cheer Leader, '30, '31g Assistant Circula- tion Manager Critic, '31g Athletic Associationg Orchestra. "She was barn to make hash of men's bo.vams." - ELIZA HULL MOUNT HLIZAH lJran1:1tic Clubg Wilsnnian Literary Society, Ailelplxian Debating Society, "The end and the reward of toil is rest." I-IORACE KIRKPATRICK MURPHY "HORACE" National Honor Society, Commercial Cluhg Ath- letic Association: Honor Leagueg Business Manager C'1finT,3,,'3og O. G. A. "I 'would rather be right than President." WILLIAM STARKE MUNDY, IR. "BILLY" President National Honor Society: Critic Stati, '30, '31: Editor-in-Chief Critic and Critic-Cresl, '31: Ailelphian Debating Society: State Championship in Debate, '29: Class A State Championship in Pub- lic Speaking, '3u: President Quill and Scroll, '3x: Athletic Association: Honor League: Band, 'z8I David Garrick Players: Winner of Riclimoud Timex Dispatcli Medal, '31: Bell Medal, '19, '3o. "Bright gem lillyflill-Ci with. music, 'Doral spark." JOSEPHINE THORNHILL MURRELL .4-TO.. Vice-President Honor League: Personals Editor and Advertising Manager High Times: Secretary- Treasurer Lee Literary Society: Secretary and Vice- Presiclent Dramatic Club: NVilsonian Literary Soci- ety: Treasurer G. I-I. S. C.: Crilif:-Cre.vt Staff: Secretary-Treasurer Quill and Scroll: Representa- tive Girls' Public Reading, '30, 531: Vice-President National Honor Society. "A youd deed is ucwr last." CLARENCE RICHARD NEI-IER, JR. "SAP" Band: Orchestra: Hi-Y: Track: Athletic Asso- ciation: Honor League. "How fair and pleasant art thou." LOIS MAE NICHOLS '-Loisi' VVilsonian Literary Society: Girls' Club: Ex- change Editor High- Times, '31: Athletic Associa- tion: Honor League: Spanish Club. "Noun but licrsclf can be lrcr parallel." HAZEL .ELIZABETH NORVELL 'fRosY" Athletic Association: Commercial Club: O. G. A.: Honor League: B2 Club. "A moral, seiixilzlc, and wc!!-bred num." RUCKER OGLESBY "Jesu" Athletic Association: Honor League: Senior Rep- resentative Honor League: Basketball Squad: Base- ball Squad: Football Squad: Hi-Y: Monogram Club: High T1'fllL'.l' Typist: Treasurer Commercial Club, '3I. l33l The 'CRITIC-CREST l ii? lj iffi-W 1 l Q1-.T if wr!-'l 5 Iii 5 if will Vi ,i Wi l IM. ll-Y 1713, in ii, i EJ V- Eg , f 'I 1. i, , ix' 'Q :Lk I .ii lf?" .ii fri Iii' -Hi :il Ia f 'Ili Vis! filfi iii ' ,,.,, is i . I l I' 1 fl .IP . 4 in 1' .. ig 45511, 'ii ' L 391 Ti 1 :fi i 1.1.1 i " All-fi i ,li 3. wi' . 3.-1 :fi ww- 1' 1 is La? -V 11441-,: 'ri ,. . i ,I "'- I Ji . i Q' A ,mf- :15 lf-, -nn' Fi: 'E' iF"' l ."riI-i Hg , 1. H -' , Ii -- iffii I H Fil, Lit. i :QU L-131 fn.: Tae ,,. I 5 'Y .' ' ij I. ,. ii 59 I o riff EQ - if . ei ff 'Q gt ,, viii 7 fi- ff' if 5 5 Lt 1. r gg A I if' li' -, X' '. A t S! , P., . QQ I 1, . ' mis., ,111- 5, 1. viz: 'Wie-' ..t i :- . A K , , . .C . w,T.' .' 4 l .- -1 "iv 1 f:' F115 'I to . .w .1 L... I 1 ll A 2.1, .54 .il ff' ,ii "1 1 I 1' Li k gif if-3,2 A The CRITIC-CREST ,1 I3-41 Y "Men of few 'words are the best men-." VVILLIAM HENRY OGLESBY "BUMPS" Treasurer Senior Class: President Athletic Associ- ation: Athletic Association: Football: Monogram Club: Treasurer Commercial Club, '31: Cafeteria Accountant: Cafeteria Cashier: Honor League: High Times Typist: Hi-Y: National Honor Society. H The kindest niqn The best conditioned-ax1.d unwearied spirit In domg courtesy." GEORGE HERBERT ORCHARD, JR. MOCHOH National Honor Society: Sergeant-at-Arms Lee Literary Society: Secretary Wilsonian Literary Society: President Spanish Club, '31: Athletic Asso' ciation: Honor League: Secretary Dramatic Club: Band: Track Team: Hi-Y: Assistant Alumni Editor Critic, '3o: Editor Alumni Critic, '3r: Junior Representative Honor League: David Carrick Players. "ln youth and beauty Wisdom is but rare." CATHERINE S. OVERSTREET "KATE" Honor League: Athletic Association. "Every man, has his fault, and honesty is his." WINSTON IRVIN PADGETT --RED" Honor League: Spanish Club: Athletic Associa- tion: Baseball, '3o. "We'1'e born to be happy, all of us." DOROTHY MAE PADGETT "DOT". Spanish Club: Commercial Club: Wilsonian Lit- erary Society: Athletic Association: Honor League. "Eartll's .noblest thing-a 'woman perfected." KATHARINE ALMA PARTLOW' "KITTY, Assistant Art Editor Critic, '3r: Wilsonian Lit- erary Society: Athletic Association: Honor League. we "Foremost in the ranks of ffm." HAZEL GAYNELLE PATTERSON "PIGGIE" B2 Club: G. H. S. Club: Athletic Association: Honor League. "I am not of the feather to shake of my friend when he needs me mast." MYRTLE FREEMAN PATTERSON l HMYR-I-,H MPA-1-V, French Club: Wilsonian Literary Society: Ath- letic Association. "None knew thee but to love thee Nur named thee but to praise." MARGARET BUCHANAN PECK UPOSSUMH G. H. S. C.: David Garrick Players: Athletic Association: Secretary French Club, '3x: Critic Staff, '3i: Critir-Crest Staff, '31: Lee Literary Society: Wilsonian Literary Society: Honor League. "Ladies, dear ladies, Please leave me alone." FRANK C. PERKINS '-PERKH Stage Manager David Garrick Players, '30, '31: Hi-Y: Football, '28, '29: Band: Critic Staff, '30, ,3lQ Monogram Club: Honor League: Athletic Association. "A cheerful countenance batokeus a good heart." VIRGINIA DUDLEY PETERS "JUNE" Honor League: Athletic Association: Wilsonian Literary Society: Girls' Baseball: Swimming Team, '3x. "The mildcst manners with thc bravest mind." CLARA ALIES PHELPS "LE1SHA" Commercial Club: B2 Club: Athletic Association: Honor League: High Times Stall. i351 The CRITIC-CREST EEZ .., F . iz li -1 P?" , Hifi? lfgffl fig .1 .lie lg 1: S. l . y gf i' If V 1 I' ' fl l' f' 1 552' 1 lu. Y lf ' 1:31 lei! 2' 'l lil P' L A i lg . llfj '. Mil.-' lifel 1- -,I C'-1' .fi-1 l--S liz,-J . .4 lf' Le' I . l :.' 'l 1 L' TQ' 1 ,al F'-. ,. , ' fgv . Q ,I gl 'I l .l l . Q , J .l. . ,, IQ' Rfk '.,...,' .vs 1 1 A 1? 'l -.i I-. 1, i .4 .1 l v n 32 il HF? wfig ... ,ng golf I H ,as 'ffil ,pl J ia ',..l ' '1 x ri.: rj' ,QL .xg X 5.3 l-fl .1 4-J 5213! . 2"Eii 3.31 P21 F231 ll' 1-iq Uv: ' l ga Wifi. ll' l,Zj-on lf'-E-1 177: I in .fl l O- 5 P Q, ' ,l A .J ffl! l. ..1 'Q L.. V.. vl - u I i I ,. ,z V. i- io fe . ll ii V 7,2 '55 . li? iii all li Q ll X. lil J 1 f I l, is mai if I H J ' 1 L-as n "AU all T 3134? L--J fel l 1 Q l 4 S 1" 'I E: 1k-, ., ,. 'c 1: l , lg. The CRITIC-CREST l36l 5 "Silence is golden." MARGARET ETH EL POLLARD "SALLY" Spanish Clnlig Athletic Association. "Lot the 'world slide." CHARLES VVALKER PORTER "PORTER" Athletic Associaliong Honor Leagneg French Clnhg Track Squad, ,29. "Har 'very frown: are fairer fur, Than smiles of other maidens are." FRANCES WOOD PUGH "PUGHIE" Athletic Associationg Honor League: Junior Girl Reserveg Lee Literary Society. "Just at the nge 'fwixt boy and youth, When thought is speech, and speech is truth." BEN PEYTON PURYEAR UBENH Feature Editor High Times, 'gog Associate Editor High, Times, YSIQ .French Clnbg Honor League: Vice-President Quill and Scroll: Treasurer Drama- tic Clnbg Wilsonian Literary Societyg Lee Literary Societyg Athletic Associationg Hi-Y. . "Ladies, dear ladies, Please leave me alone." JOE E. RICHARDSON ..JOE,, Athletic Association: Honor League: Spanish Clubg Footballg Baseballg Lee Literary Society. "lfVlny .should I more kizawledge gain, W'l1cn it only gives me pam?" DVVIGHT GRAY RIVERS "BLIGHT" Fiench Clulng Hi-Y: Dramatic Clubg Honor Leaf gueg Athletic Association. Z7-f .iq v ' 1 li .. rl .il 1 l -l L ll ': L ' . 1 i L i , 5' ntl l . v P' , t 'Y Q, ." A, 1 "Faint heart newer 'wan fair lady." l , GEORGE MORELL ROBESON Ml HGLIMBOH k Athletic Association: Dramatic Club: French Club: Honor League: Hi-Y: Wilsonian Literary gif T, Society. Z 1 1. li "1t'.r a 'UNB' Kluvd world to live in." ' ff MEREDITH ROBESON 54 -'TEEDIEH 7.-' 551. lrVilsonian Literary Society: Dramatic Club: Ath- '21 Z letic Association: Honor League. A- 157 l -' il fl " "A friend in jay and in sorrowp rl ll A friwzd today, a friend tomorrow." ii ' q HELEN FRANCES ROSE Q l I "POKY" J- -'ga Commercial Club: B2 Club: Honor League: Crx't,1'c it-.1 Typist, '31g Athletic Association: O. G. A.: Cflflfr 5. '17 Crest Staff. : .j.- 5 562 'J-fr "lVlzen all the 'world rouspircx fo praixe her, lc The girl is zlraf, and dom not Ilcm'." lfl.-I ' 1'-fj RUTH LOUTSE ROUTON 7' ly.-ii '-BABE RUTH" Q! s- 1 .- Athletic Association: B2 Club: Wilsonian Literary lil Society: Honor League: Glee Club: O. G. A.: ll! ff? O. A. T. jf.-5 W ELT? "Au ideal girl in rvcry way, EFI Our you zIan't find every day." ' TT: FRANCES DEENA SCHEWEL g' HSPECS.. 3. National Honor Society: Vice-President Lee Lit- .ll V' erary Society: Wilsoniau Literary Society: David Q! fgi Carrick Players: Honor League: Athletic Associa- .p' tion: G. H. S. C.: French Club: Aclelplxian Delyat- is" K ing Society: Assignment Editor and Advertising 'e' : Manager High. Timex: Crilir-Crexf StalT: Senior gf Representative. ' "Her ai-r, her marmcr, I-l ly' fl All who .raw arlmiredf' ff fwfr MILDRED MURIEL SCOTT IQ aff? 4 f-MILDREDH gf ff Art Club: G. H. S. C.: Honor League: Athletic 7: l 4' Association: French Club. ' l: I .ill ' ' is fi r u ,, The CR1T1C-CREST giqzl I 37 I If? lu i ij lf., 4,5 ei V ll HE-i 'tri il 2 X I :Pi i I,-L .5 ill! as EQ, . ,' A I nf' 4 .Qi iff 11:6- 'Eg 'dai '79, 1 r.,-.9 V15 ffiti. k i! 93223 L-lil CJ .limi if l -"IF-. 53,11 ff: ,lil :ich 55:51 i. ' gk , I 1' 5 L Iisjff Ifg or lie! lil -Q! L,'jiZ'5L D. ii "E 3.4 if E31 ' 712 f ' ay.. 'L l fge hifi: 31-iz!-. :I 553 ijgl' 5553? .,,'.,, Egfl li ill. lfizfii . .1 7 nv.: , L 'z if . gs,-5 if .ff 531 l I f f ri!-J P - I 155 -T5 f' 'E 5. 52, WST: M E92 55 Fl: , ..i. -r gf.. .ff lu-:Z U- V fy. .Q ril J' ,L ,, . .ln 'I I.. ii., . . . .- 1. a I .-,J 51 -il I ,f ,. .Plug lfifii ISK " - I lag, -.,.. "En il ff .- -. 1,5 EAI All rifgff Igwl 5:33 5, '-', I .I fi-rl 'l If 'wp 151 fl :if-' 'Z 'KL'-,Q lei?-f V il -. 13 -- "nfl-V: nit., f-V ' ul F , LP: ma. lI'S"'l' '35, 'af-1'-I fa il is 1 LQ! 121 1 ' 'T- KQFQQFL 4 3, -9 :I l . - .4. 3344: E52 Q31 fi LQ is fe? L gr., If if .r -4 2525 ...F N1 uf .ggi L "'-IL: , l x The CRITIC-CREST I35l I I "Though hm' way: are qwuiet, yet steady and sure Are the thoughts of thu maiden demuref' MYRTLE GLINNIE SHEARER "MYRTLE" B2 Club, Commercial Club, Honor League: Ath' letic Association. "True to herself, True to her friends, True to her duty always." DORIS PAULINE SMITH "EPPIE" Treasurer B2 Club, '31, Commercial Clubg Ath- letic Association, Honor League, O. G. A. 45.9 "Men of few words are the best men." RADFORD' SPENCER SMITH, IR. "R. S." Honor League, Athletic Association. "Piping n zfagrant ditty free from care." LEWIS FRANK SOMERS "LEVVIS" Athletic Association, Honor League. "A .rtill tongue maketh a wise head." ANNIE KATHLEEN SPITZER "KAT," "KITTY" Athletic Associationg Honor League: O. G. A., Critic Typist, Critic-Crest Staffg Chairman Program Committee B2 Club, '30, Commercial Club. "A sunny icmper gilds the edges of l1'fe's blackest cloud." ALZADA JEAN STANFORD "ALZADA" Girls' High School Clubg Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. "l'Vlly bother! Thr' Hrs! Ililllldffd years arc the lzarde.vf." AMOS LESLIE STEPHENS, JR. "LES," "sTEyE" Honor League: Athletic Association: Spanish Club: Band: Orchestra. "Charm strikes the right, and merit wins the soul." ANNE ELIZABETH STEPTOE "STEPTOE" G. H. S. C.: Lee Literary Society: Athletic Association: Vtlilsonian Literary Society: Quill and Scroll: Assistant Workshop Editor Critic, '3o: Literary Editor Critic, '31: David Carrick Players: Literary Editor Critic-Crest: French Club. "Never too serious, Never too frivolous, But a rare good fellow." ANNIE LAURIE STOVALL "ANNIE LAURIE" Athletic Association: Honor League: Lee Literary Society: Wilsonian Literary Society. 4 "The way to have a friend is to be one." IUDITH VICTORIA STOVALL UJUDYN Girls' High School Club: Assistant Poetry Editor Critic, '3x: Honor League: Athletic Association: Critic-Crest Staff. "Mind is the lever of all things." EULA GENEVIEVE TATE UGINU National Honor Society: Athletic Association: Spanish Club: Honor League. "Bring all that he is: Bez-ng notlmig that he isn'!." JOHN EDWARDS TAYLOR UJACKH Lee. Literary Society: Wilsonian Literary Society: Honor League: Athletic Association. i391 The CRITIC-CREST 1. an Sd. ' .sul .il if W ir: f ii FRI! i l if A fl 'I' l .27 .zfgii T l 5 'I .E l -, 'i ., l si or L . 1 15.52 ini' ' YW lily 2. T liiii Q-7 I will .fell li . ...QS .gill xiii! l ,, ie-LZ WT rw' ' l 'M e. li my 1 in , ,: - I Q' U g., . 'iii E-if! ?f, Z E""l E' l pl M l l i ' 1 ,111 4 v 1' Fl liz l i : 1 6 'i l .Q :Q -V il I. 4 li . .gl if I l ii . i 1 if .V F I 4' il, 1 in lf?-I .df ir gl 1 . . f 5 iq. L -I-5 ' iii . 5,5 Jig?" .-7 I 4 HH -J I 1 :IJ V . if? -l SP1 llg i 'iii l 1 'I il . K, ,il l . The CRITIC-CREST F401 "Ain 't low' grand-? " BETTY FRANCES THOMAS "BETTY FRANCES" Athletic Associationg Honor League: Lee Literary Society: NVilsonian Literary Society: Girls' High School Club. "He is I1 gviztlamau from sale to crown." VVILLIAM ALEX THOMPSON, JR. HIKEII . Nation:1l.Honor Society: Honor League: Ath- letic Association: President Commercial Club, '3o: Hi-Y: High Timcs Typist: Business Manager Critic, '31: Cafeteria Accountant: First Prize District Bookkeeping Contest, '30, "Her jww-.relive lrfnds its wgrmtlr to all who come - before vt." MARY FRANCES THOMPSON "MARY" Athletic Association: Basketball: Swimming Team: XVilsoni:in Literary Society: Secretary Span- ish Club, '3o: Dramatic Club: G. H. S. C.: Junior High Editor High Times, ':g: Honor League. "Oh, 'why should life all Iiibor-Im?" MARY MARGARET TORRENCE "MARGARET" Honor League: Secretary Commercial Club, '3o: Athletic Association: O. G. A. "And all your fortune lifs Imneatl: your hat." LOUISE .-XDLINE TOWLES l'LoU" Vice-President Commercial Club, ,305 Critic Typist: O. G. A.: Athletic Association: Honor League. "Tha milclvsf manner nml ilm grenzllexf Ima-rt.'i RUTH' KATHERINE TRAYLOR -'RUTHH Athletic Association: Honor League: O. G. A.: Commercial Club. . "l'1e.frmlily rzml rlzm-rfnlly asked him lum' a man .vhoulrl kill time." JOHN LECKRIDGE TREVEY "JOHN" Spanish Cluh: Monogram Cluh: Manager Trash, '3o: Football: Athletic Association: Crilir Stalt: Critic-Crest Staff: Quill ond Scroll. "Lore ull, Do 'wrong to xzancn' CECIL PEARL TURNER "CEE" Honor League: Girls' High School Club: Swim- ming: Tennis: Athletic Association. "Far may we search before we find A heart more gentle and more kiwi." FRANCES SEABROOK TYREE "FRAT" President B2 Club, '3o: Historian B2 Club, 331: Commercial Club: Athletic Association: Honor League. .1 Tumble me ilawn, and I will .vii Upon my ruins snnlzuy yet," LOUISE IDA UN RUE "LOUISE" Athletic Association: Honor League: lntercluss Basketball. "All il1ii1y.v are prmribln' to rliliyerricv mul skill." HELEN FRA NCES VAUGH N "FRANCES" National Honor Society: Associate Exchange Editor Criiir, '3v: Exchange Editor Critir, '3i: XVilsonian Literary Society: French Club: Editor Hall of Fame Crifir-C1'e.vt,' Honor League: Athletic Association. "l'Vl1r1l'.v ilu' use of rushing? Lcl ns loaf azvllilc, l'Vafvl: ilu' olllvrzr fvnxli mul run, ll"e'll just .ril mul .rmilz'." NVILLIA M ALMOND XVA DE "VVADE" Athletic Association: Honor League: French Club Sergeant-at4Arms. F wi .ea gf A lb. 5 -V: Ay. ,F A lvi' vi 43 t ,l fva 3-1, I In F., i i I, i. -Y JH -zv. 3442: ...ff - I .iii ' The CRITIC-CREST l42l - "Soft word: -make nz song." DORA LEE WALKER "DODY" v Critic Typist, '3Ig B2 Club: Vice-President B- Athletic Association: Honor Leagueg O. G. A. Club, '3lg Critic-C' Staffg Commercial Club. "Being happy has been her object." MARY NELL WALTON "NELL" Honor League: Athletic Associationg O. G. A.g Commercial Club. "So ready to be pleasant and so kind," RUBY WARD "RUBY" B2 Clubg Athletic Associationg Honor League. "Gund natiwe and good sense are good campa1zion.s'." KATHERINE MAY WARNER "KAT" Wilsouian Literary Societyg French Clulzg B2 Clubg Orchestrag Assignment Editor High Times, ,SIQ Honor Leagueg Athletic Association. "Knowledge is Puwe-r." L. BRADFORD WATERS "BRADFORD" Orchestrag Hi-Yg Athletic Association. "The pmuer of thougjit- The magic o the mind." MELVIN RAY VVATSON "MELVIN" National Honor Societyg Athletic Association: Honor League: French Cluhg Quill and Scrollg Wil- sonian Literary Societyg Dramatic Clubg Headline Editor High Times, 130: Managing Editor High Times, '31. i "She who plant.: kindness gntlmrs love." BERYL ELOIS WEEKLEY "LOTS," "MISS MINNIEU National Honor Societyg Wilsonian Literary Soci- etyg Spanish Clubg Honor League: Vice-President Adelphian Debating Society, '31g Secretary David Garrick Players, '31g Girls' High School Cluhg Athletic Association. "Hearts of oak a-re our men." HERBERT ARMSTRONG NVELLS, JR. "HERBERT" National Honor Societyg Bandg Athletic Association. l'Tlmy are only truly great who are truly good." MARGARET LEIGH VVEST "MARGARET" National Honor Societyg Honor Leagueg B2 Clulzg Wilsonian Literary Society: Athletic Associationg Spanish Club. "Mfrtll, admit me of thy L'7'L"ll.'.U MARY THELMA VVHITTEN "TINKS" I Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Spanish Club. "Though .rim PlU'.S'1lL' a scholarly way, Much fun .rhe finds fro-m day to day." DOROTHY LOUISE WILLIAMS "FATS," "FATSO" Lee Literary Societyg Athletic Associationg WVU- sgniau Literary Societyg Honor Leagueg French lub. "A true friend is a friend forever." MARY ERNESTINE WILMER "TENA" Commercial Clubg B2 Clubg Athletic Associationg Honor Leagueg Glee Club. I-131 The CRITIC CREST I I ll i I I 1 i' 1 I R 1 i 1 1 I ' l V! I -1 l I 11 1 Q ii N.. ' 'ii fiq 1 111 iii I . 1511 ll 1 ' ' ' pf , . -' '1 1 1 1 1. : ii! 1 Z 1 f 'Q I . 1 ,fr 1i ii 1 -' I - if ll . '- lv gy Q: " ffl i , I 1 .N L E. ,E J, 1. All . fl lin! 4. tel 1i 3.11 N, lgfl? 1 X all 'iggql Q1 111 ri 'ff i 1 l 'Ii I 52 il 1',. 1' 1 1 Qi if if 1 in 1' is la- l1 ill 'I I il .3--Q 1f' 11 r' 1' 1l1 I--:,.1 ' 1 H lg- lj. :ff ll W". if ' ' Ii ing .E V' 52 1+ il 1 Q '31 1 1 ., 5 1.1 l- 1 if fi: il' ,I 1111 11 :Ili li 1i 11 ' L, .5 5-1-All ll till t . 1 . t 1 11, ! X I 511 Q xc.. 1 .li The CRITIC-CREST L441 "Sober, qnivt, pqnsizw, and dcmurc, One of those friv11a'.r of zvhum you are sure." GRACIE ELIZABETH XVILLI AMS NCEE., Commercial Club: Athletic Associatinng Honor League. "I slzine-so does the nm." RAYMOND EDVVARD XVILLIAMS "FRIC" Hi'Yg Athletic Associationg Bandg Orchestra. "An lmncst maui: the -nobler! work of Cod." WILLIS MARION WILLIAMS -fzooic' Honor Leagueg Spanish Club: High Times Staff: Athletic Association: junior Baskethzillg Band. "By the work mu' knows the worker." EARL NVAVE VVINGO "EARL" Athletic Association: Honor League: Commercial Cluhg Cafeteria Cashier, '31g O. G. A.g Cafeteria Accountant, '3o. "Pc1'.ve'ucrn11re z'o11q'uers all tIu'ng.v." FRED CALVIN NVOOD "FRED" National Honor Societyg State Commercial Con- test, '29. ,30, '3Ig Athletic Association, "Sin1plr'ri!y in manners has an enclianting v0'ef:t." MARTHA FRANCES VVOOD UMUFFINSH NVilsonian Literary Societyg Honor Leagueg Critir Staff: French Clnbg Girls' High School Club: gn? and Scrollg Athletic Associationg Critic-Cr'r'.rt ta . "I prefer silent frrmlcure Io lvquaciau.r folly." CHRISTINE JUANITA NVOODSON "CHRISTINE" Athletic Associationg Spanish Clubg Honor League. "Kindness is her wisdom." SARA ANN WRIGHT , Lee Literary Socielyq Mistress of VVarrlrobeg Correspuniling Secretary Dramatic Club: VVilsonian Literary Societyg Historian Girls' High School Club: Honor Socictyg Athletic Associationg Quill and Scroll. "Great tlzouglits rome from the lwartf' MALRIE VIRGINIA NVRIGHT "BILLIE" 'Treasurer B2 Club, 'zgg President B2 Club. '3o3 Interclass Basketlrallg -Commercial Clnlxg Honor Leagueg Athletic Association: VVilsouian Literary Society. "Mtn are not to be rrxrasnred in, iurlws." ROBERT S. R. YATES "FLIBBERTIGlBBET" Honor League: Athletic Associationg Vice-Presi- dent Lee Literary Society: Treasurer VVilsonia11 Literary Societyg Business Manager David Carrick gaaers: Adelphian Debating Society: Hi-Yg French ll . T451 The CRITIC-CREST ln Our Album Contents TINTYPES ......w.... ........W....,.,....,.,,........,....w...,, E arly History ll-IINIATURES ...,........ .....,.,,, I lldliillldlldrlj SILIIOUETTES ..v..A.... ..........., D lfmzztasfictv SNAPs nors ..,......., ,,,,,,,,,,. A fltalcfzfcy ENGRAVING5 .......,.........,.. .... ..,,..,,,, H 0 nm-5 Tintqpes In the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and twenty-eight a brave band of pioneers settled in the historic colony of Robert E. Lee. Some of the pictures saved from this far day are faded and dim, but every album holds remembrance of the many trials that the settlers bore. To oltset these are stirring memories of their hrst victories over Latin and algebra and gay pictures of their fun. Miniatures As time passed, the settlers moved on to E. C. Glass, became accustomed to the routine of work on a larger scale, and began to look around for new fields in which to exercise their talents. Following the example of the other settlers, they held a representative assembly, electing Jimmie VVatts, Esq., as the first president. For the next two years, john Paul Jones, Gent., conducted with great ability the affairs of the colony. Miniatures of these honorable gentlemen can still be found hanging in the Hall of Memory. The settlers were not always earnest workers. Much merry-making went on inside the fort. Masters Edward Jones, Henry Mosby, and John Patil Jones acted as cheerleaders for the sports. The gentlemen of the colony joined in enthusiastically with the old members of the Hi-Y Club, of which Edward Jones, AEsq. was chosen president. The ladies, not to be outdone-in fact to outdo the gentlemen--joined the Girls' High School Club and the B2 Club. The presidents of these organiza- tions were Mistresses Jaque Loyd and Malrie Wfright, ladies of prominence in the colony. The settlement took interest in outside activities also and enjoyed compet- ing with the other colonies for honors. Mistress Ella Craddock one year The CRITIC-CREST I us 1 brought back an honorable mention from the Latin contest conducted by the Virginia Classical Association. Mistress Ruby Mathews, when only of the class called Sophomore, won the typewriting contest and, as a prize, a trip to Canada to compete in the international contest. Billy Mundy and Royston Jester, also Sophs, earned the noble title of State Champions in Debate. . Silhouettes Cut upon a background of school life, dramatics stand apart from other pleasures. Here is an interesting picture of the David Garrick Players. Henry Mosby, as president, and Josephine Murrell, as vice-president, and many other Seniors are in this group. VVhat a beautiful silhouette "The Road to Yester- dayi' makes with the Seniors dressed in costumes of the Age of Elizabeth. Next in importance are the Senior characters in the Girl-Reserve-Hi-Y play. ' . Snapshots Here's proof that students take more interest in athletics than in anything else-the great number of snapshot memories we all have retained of these events in our high-school life. They center around football and the state cham- pionship, won this year for the second time in the history of the High School. Here we see in action the Stump brothers, two Oglesbys, Franklin, and Le Grande. The same stars appear-T in basketball, bringing less honor, but giving freely of their time to this interest. Much progress has been made in track. We feel that these athletic accomplishments have done much for the school. Engravings On the last pages of the album. in a stately line, lie engraved the honors that the class of 1931 has helped to bring to the school. A Year after year the H igh- Times and the C ritic have won recognition in local and national contests. This year, under the leadership of members of our class, both publications took second place in the Columbia Interscholastic Contest. Recently the H igh Times won the Atlcmm fozmzal prize, carrying a three-hundred-dollar scholarship to Emory University. Many members of both staffs belong to the Senior Class. There are many other engravings here, some small and others large, but all valuable. We look at them long with pride, and then reluctantly close the album. The CRITIC-CREST E471 W l , wx' 4 L 1 I n I . ,' .sg Q 11-FQ lib: Q vig 1-: 2 :iii lx P Sill ' if ji. 1' Eifg 5.53 A 5453 EU 1 ' sg-T2 , 1... .--,. t 'ii E33 L iii 5 'fbi ,gif ' Q eva- ez:- :3 vt.: xx: -an .TW 17' FE ,J-L ffl ' -. ., ,j -A 1.1 g irj 1 ,r .1 'ff- j .ga Q-. , 1:4 li .1 li 1-'55 -15 l' r A V ,V , Sl 'C ff? if f-4 , 2:15 tl ,V 1, Y'-ij H' h il 'f :iii s :Fai gl 'Iwf , N N-11 'if :Li ,li-' -'Q L' ' 7: ff.. ,- -f-if ' f wt fp: ,- .. ., i T59 ri-:V '+' 'Q 2 f ' . H:t,'fR ,wg . 1.6, E . , ,. ,i IL.-x , .LEE , .- .A : .,, 2, ' .' . I fi 'ig ' . 4 1 ' 3 .4 -- 12 '21-J ll 'ii E? 3' -V1 15 ' , gg- Q .. V Class lllill '31 Y virtue of authority vested in the undersigned testator, by deed of trust from Heath Lewis, Esquire, in the year of Uur Lord nineteen hundred and thirty-one t logij, I hereon set down the last XNill and Testament of this. the present Senior Class of E. C. Class High School, Lynchburg, Virginia. Let it be known that this. and only this, is the legalized document of the said Senior Class, bequeathing the unlimited knowledge and the priceless property of the aforesaid Class. All other documents pertaining to said affairs are denounced as fakes, frauds, and imitations. If perpetrators of said illegal documents are dis- covered, they will be duly punished by live hours in Saturday School. 'This VV ill is not to go into effect without due recognition and execution by XVill Rogers. lf any default is committed in the execution of this aforesaid VVill, the said possessions will be duly carted away and dumped in Blackwater Creek. The members of said Class of the above-named school and of the aforesaid city, feeling themselves insecure on their feet, after four years of filling the void between the ears tsome have been exposed to said knowledge for the last decadej and being of sound, though empty, mind and unsteady memory. do hereby bequeath to the designated heirs. their remaining and worldly possessions. T. To the school as a whole: 1. Qui' noble abode to be used for the best advantage of forthcoming students, 2. The belated remains of our State Championship football team, also remains of our less fortunate basketball and track teams, furthermore the directors thereof, including: T. M. Funk, Sr., and Jr., Mr. McCue, and "Palms" Rosenberger. 3. The right to use the library provided that one is equipped with Miss Craig- hill's patent silencer. Said silencers will not be required of the members of the public speaking team, since they must keep in practice. 4. The faculty, provided they do not impart too much knowledge to the students. 5. The privilege of going to Mr. Davis' private school on Saturdays, provided that a permit from Mr. Isley is presented. II. To the faculty: I, The remaining students. providing the faculty allows them full use of water fountains and hall radiators. 2. To Mr. Lewis, a megaphone so that from his present classroom he may teach history at Garland-Rodes. The CRITIC-CREST l4Sl 3. To Mr. Mcl,aurin, a game of Lotto. provided he doesn't take up school time playing it. 4. To Miss Lldmunds, a pair of roller skates to patrol the halls thereon. Ill. To the students: I. To Mr. lsley's mathematics students one l lj adding machine in order that, hereafter. they may not be bothered in adding up their checks. 2. liar mulls for all students on the third floor. 3. The privilege of having a lire drill. in case there isn't a lire. 4. The right to hang coats in the cloak rooms, provided they have a stamped permit from the Student Health Committee, also provided no excess speech is used en route. ' IV. Special bequests: I. George "Gumbo" Robeson wills his spelling ability to john Roberson. 2. Melvin NVatson wills his meeliuess to T. C. Moseley. 3. Dwight Rivers wills his power over the ladies to Harry Skelton. 4. Robert "Flibby-Jibby" Yates wills his size to lack Moseley. 3. Liza Mount wills to llerlcins Morton the exclusive right to vamp any of the male members of the faculty. Thus, in presence of witnesses. 'l hereby duly ascribe and afhx my signature to this Nlfill, on this day, the lirst of llilay, in the year ot Qui' Lord, nineteen hun- dred and thirty-one tI931j. I'.lENRY S. Coesuvs, Tcslaror. YVITNIISS with this address and title: jacquelin Marshal Meredith Robeson, Fox-eyed Guardian of the 'l'hird Pas- sage Portals. Champion of The Folding Newspaper, and Professor of the XfVZl.tCl' Bucket. Residing at home. The CRITIC-CREST l49l The CRITIC-CREST The CRITIC-CREST The CRITIC-CREST I -if 1, all 1 1 X:QNs! ,V 1 Q5-I-fl, 4 W if is , V . Zfj , , ... A L . . f il' Tvs. ,Af 'E ' , ' 1 iv' ' sr: 5- iii f - ' Junior Class 4A and 3B JOHN LEYS ................., ....................................... .............,.,.... P 1' esidenf JOHN NICFADDEN ......., .........., I f'lC6-P7'6Sfd671-f SAM SCRUGGS ,......,.A....... ,....,......,,..... T 1fe'a,y1n'er RALPH SPRINKLE ...................,.......A,,....... .,,.,,.. Secremry HAZEL VVRIGHT, EDNA VVOOD ...........,......,......,......................................,...........,...,,.,,.A.........,,, Typing The class of ,152 having passed through many ups and downs, as sopho- mores, Hnally emerged victorious, bearing the hard-won title of juniors. Even if the year 1929-'30 had been a period of failures and hard-times in the busi- ness world, to this class .it had been marked by varied and notable achievements: for they had been ably represented in all student organizations and on both publications of the school. This success was carried over and expanded in their Junior year 1930-31. On the championship football team were the following Juniors: Gray Hawkins, captaing Ralph Sprinkle, fullback: John McFadden, star quarter- backg John Leys, halfbackg and Ned Le Grande, guard. Ned will be captain of next year's team. The CRITIC-CREST L541 Junior Class SA In track they have been represented by john Leys, Sam Scruggs, Ralph Sprinkle, and Jimmy Hutter, 'who have done outstanding' work in this field. In literary work they! Have been equally prominent. Harry Hamlette, Goldie Cohen and Charlie VV ood have served as valuable members of the H iglz Times Staff this year. Ralph Sprinkle, prominent in athletics and member of the debating team, has been chosen editor-in-chief of the C ritic for next yearg and John Eure, school champion in public reading, as managing editor. Belle Morton participated as third-year representative in the Latin Tournament this spring. 2 We expect the junior class to continue its successful progress through its Senior year and 1932 to wave "good-bye" to ole L. H. S. from the very top rung of the ladder. Vt The CRITIC,-CREST A i551 fl. , B ' Sophomore Class 'ZB 'XVILLIAM W EST ................ .,,............ P resident FIENRIETTA BARKER ........, ....,,.... I "ice-President fXNNE LEE HINNANT ..A..... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S gcrgfary DAN GPPLEMAN ..AAAA....... .,........ f lssisfmif SCC1'6'ffU':V EVERETTE LONG .......,A .........,,.,,..........,..... T mis-mer GORDON SABINE ......A...............,.........................,.v...........................,.......,,.,............ As.vz'.rfanf T7'UUSllI'C7' Though a part of our class has just entered Senior High, we find ourselves much interested and involved in the activities of the school. VV'e are proud of the fact that, for two months during the' fall term, a Sophomore room won the Honor Society cup, given to the class having the largest number on the Honor Roll. Besides making good scholastic records, many members of the class have entered into other branches of school life. The CRITIC-CREST I-561 ,L ,- -J.. .-Y. -- Sophomore Class 2A On the High Ti7lIC.T staff, we are represented by Gordon Sabine, star re- porterg Wfilliam XVeSt, bool: review eclitorg .Everett Long, joke editor: and many others. Lula Fonrqurean submitted the best ending for the unfinished Cr-if-ic story, while other Sophoniores have also contributed material for the newspaper and for the magazine. On the debating team, Williaiii West shows great ability as a speaker. I-le has also won local and state prizes in essay and editorial writing. Warren Sublett has made touchdowns for us: Morris Haas has made goals: hvllllillll Xhfest has managed our tennis balls and racquets: while George Craft and "Dinh" Scruggs have burnt up the track field. Thus. as we look back over the year, we feel that, although we have not been here long, we have made a good beginning. The CRITIC-CREST ISM , ' 1 Eb. ":?1'f"3-W i ei ' i l 'l l l '. 1 ' i i fill ,. .A gr 4 I n 1 it lil A ,il 4 i ,l Zi 4 I Ez i ll l i I i l 5318. , . F34 . H 'ihigh 'i11IP5 lheafllinw U v F k T k C ' ' un men a e hamplonshlpg 4' an ict' -c t we 1? ,AQHA Q4-K M UWM: ieriiior Essay oss S MM we 5 same 43 fi se 3 lf' 001 We If sa? sbtlxsw asf gf i V H We . "eff one "df 59 B Y not 4 gi Many Students Participate 'mhz Q58 UW QQBQ, e.5A:w" 'Z X. In Essay Writing Contest N 6 P012 nfuxfv 4 gg ",,,.w"g-"' 4' . 0 S V fu. 'Q-1,f"'f N 7'-'liirg W its P ' oggsaox e 1,4 r, our. , Emergency Produces Hero lynfhbur H - ' 'Nm . 3 0H0rs M ' Publications mm .flnory of A . Glass HIGH ss Wwe. if D d ' ff E. wee gyms al Pre e :cation Services of A' la 'R lfpon lg f Q0 559' 'Ss 'logze 'af N ess -e 61527564 ZQQQQQ QZQXYQXYEQQQQ QQETQQQ B V11 W !' W .- sg as ' +6 ,2 5.zeX.,9iQgv 'QQQQ -2,29 Siege ve 539,953 M '0"'+i?f4:s cbd 0 ,QQ XY WQQSB 2-e'.+13w Q2-1ggZ..,A 'kr F 1 Q8-, bv:i,1J':.N Q 5 "Sis, . 6,390 ,o . QS? "'Soft. Soap" Hresented Z .6 0? Sv-ways X By nigh school Clubs ,P jeg ,L Qfegk S39 509 as ,ep N696 . Written by Instructor 3, QL 'Q 24, W6 6- Q0 -as G me sv as -at - Q 4 s 43 SS 93" Q gasps' eazi' 'e4..':::fs:m,SLeL:'e:.nx,i agQ,a-ws,-65 '+:33,f3,6', QQ, QQ Aa. iggzvu, Sig? QQ? Mana by Atmf.. r2LE,2s0'! ago, ,..o::,igA.q.Q 5P'3"' K ,.a"1WS"'i 'Q "fwfr, 9 V. ibeoyv Q, 65 P. Selections from Critic I Glass 'High Meals To Be Sent to Contest Maemans U1 Roanoke mm. by vamFe.nnu.m, J. Pull JQIIBI. and Mnrllrtl E , Enltrnd ivy . Q Q B ,ag ga 5 -lei QQ , 01' Q9 Q,.":,.- 3. of 4' X6 .093 fs 4gg'gf we Sexes ,. ,et ,-fzfgrsf' as ,isis X. The CRITIC-CREST Dr. Herbert Lipscomb Speaks About Virgil 0n Roman's Birthday lynchburg High Wins Majority of Awards At Commercial Meet 5"2:wzzt1'iMma,'.ii':.f's' Frzduiclnburl Winners to Represent L. H. S. in State Meet Ju Murrell, Jnhrr Sun, ur il Ruby Muhevu an Conlnl An Chutm:-wilt, 'r G, First Class Rating Won by High Times 'S Critii: Literary Staff Gives Party for Others E.-uf saes.iJs...s..... P... pta Meldinhley e. sam 1' n Mlrth JI 4 9 'ls Ca., ,Q-fav 0 QQ! 04 ,Q Q? '-9 446.91 . Z 'w,,f.,4.XQ QV 4h'1a,,j-it '50 W1- 115,040 00 ASQ ' Q 1 4 1, -1 O., -Q, .34 fs eg,- h" "'f2'e Q od' ",'?:'o. 4 0 . . Q 'f 'v- se:-Qs "1 'if Spring Sonq f"z'v ll1l'S lo do and llzal lo do Before I mn bc f1'cl'. Bzzf 0-iw mul owl' flu' lilac' lzuslz Has mllvfl mm' fallen' lo me. Only rr fmrjvlc lilac lmxlz Jus! oulsiclc my door, But tlzv IIUUFZI-X' sfcvUl'f1Lc.9,v Tclllfvlx me more mul -more. Lilacs, lilmxv, j.'ll.Vl IIllf.YlIlU 'lllj' door. I should male? lily laces And lla-vc tlzvm dom' before- Buf lary lz'la4c.v full me, Tczppizzg against my door. Lilacs, lllafs, just 01lfSI'lI1L?1llj' door. -MARTITIX LIGON, '3 I The CRITIC-CREST E601 Star Light ELIZABl5T1'I S'1'E1fTo1z, '31 TANDING in 'front of the nursery window, little Loretta looked toward the evening star. Then she lisped: " 'Tar light, 'tar bright, Iiirs' 'tar I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might Have the wish I wish tonight. "Make Mama 'n Daddy happy, 'tar. .Xnd please make that bad 'ittle boy jimmy 'top teasing me." She looked at the star earnestly, threw a kiss to it. Then as she recalled the rest of the rhyme Nurse Mary had taught her. "Touch blue and 'twill come true," she made a dive for her bed, touching the blue coverlet with all the faith of her four years. "Loretta," called Mrs. Farsans. "arent you asleep yet ?" "Yes, llliliillll. I sleep. 'Night, Mums." At sixteen, Loretta was the acknowledged adorer of the "bad little boy,' Jimmy. Instead of wishing him reformed, she now whispered, "Please, star, let Jimmy pass all his exams. Then' he'll be happy." Under her breath she added, "And so will I." She threw a kiss to the star, touched the blue draper- ies, turned and walked thoughtfully back to her bed. just suppose Jimmy didn't pass everything: then his family wouldn't give him the roadster they'd promised him for graduation. But .Iimmy did pass, and he took Loretta for the lirst ride in his C2111 Then jimmy went olff to college. "O star, let Jimmy ask me to all the dancesf, Jimmy did. Years later, when Loretta and .linuny had each found a place in the busi- ness world, Loretta looked at the lirst star through her heavily draped window. "My wish, star, is terribly important. Please let ,linimy propose tonight. Then when I find he really does care-Oh, star, make me sure that I love Jimmy and that he loves me." She touched the blue in the curtains with the same faith at twenty-four that she had had at four. "What a queer wish !" said .lean as she took off her hat and Hung it across the room to a chair. "Forgive me: I couldn't help hearing those last words. By the way, when's Jimmy coming?" She settled herself in a large chair. "At eight-thirty." The CRITIC-CREST I61l ,lean looked at her watch. "Only lifteen more minutes then. Yoirrl bet- ter hurry, or you'll l1e late. kfvitllt me to let him in and talk to him till you're ready?" i jimmy came proinlmtly at eight-thirty. "Listen, jimmy," 'lean exlmloclecl, "l'ye got to get this off my ininfl before were interrnptetl. lf you want Retta, you'1l better grab her qniekly. She macle a rather unusual wish tonight. No, that's all l can tell yon. llere she comes now." Lorettas wish workecl. Six months later, hlean was her 111Zlltl of honor. ".li1n1ny. it's l,i'l .lim l" l,oretta woke hinl clnring the night. "Hes sick. Get a doctor." The 1loct11r pronounced one worcl, HPIlCLll1lQ1llZl.H "l.i'l -llllll Our baby! Oh, gliinrny, it ean't be true l" .Xml Loretta ran to the erib ancl placed her cool hancl on the hot little face. The bright blue eyes were now clnllecl with fever, the soft brown curls clisorclered with restless tossing. Fire nights later Loretta stoocl by the winrlow waiting, waiting. Some- thing twinklecl in the clark sky. "Oh, star! Li'l -lim get well." Her wish became a prayer. "God, please let everything turn out all right." But that night "Li'l lim" went to join the angels. And .l.oretta's faith in stars was lost. -X14-'P Lonqinq I 101111 for fl11'1111.v of t71'17IIf,l', For 111111111 C11111' ,S'ftY1l'S 11I1r1'z'1', F111' fl11'1t'1'1'.s' sic'1'1'l by ni l11'1111kI1'f'x .v1'd1P. .-4111! lllt' flfgflzt of rr .s'110tt'-zt1l1il1' dove. I 1'1'11r'1' Hlt' flIfZillfjS nf lllll.Yft'. TI11' Tt'I'lItl1 'ZC'lIl..Tf1l-Ilfj 1'11 N111 l1'1'1'.v, The it'11'z'1xr ftlffllltj 1lf7UI11 11'111'k 1'l1'!fif.v, A1111' H11' 1111111 of H11' l111.s'y I1111's. I f11'111' for 111111115 IIt'.l'Ullff Ill'-V 1'1'111'l1. F111' f1'1'11.v111'1' 111111 1'11.vIl1'x 1'1111,' H1111 wl111f'.v 11111 11x17 of all fl11'.v1' ffIlillfj.V If-I 1f1111't 1111-zu' j'Ull. -lE1.1z1xia15'1' ll S'1'1f3v'ro1a, '51, The CRITIC-CREST 1 162 On El Rt-:ting Mom .IAQUIQLIN Lovin, '31 ODAY the rain came. Not the soothing haze that mists one's hair, but a monotonous deluge sounding in uniform cadence upon the roofs. The whole world seems in a conspiracy of depressing silence, broken only by the incessant beating of the rain. Muddy puddles lurk dangerously to trap the hurrying feet and to splash at the silken hose carelessly exposed by their owner, so busily engaged in holding coat and books together. One Flying foot after another ascends the rain-swept steps-then each vanishes into the void of the building. Here the dusky warmth of crowded halls brings at once a comfort by contrast and a wild and wet confusion. In disordered cloak rooms dripping coats pile on dripping coats. :X well- soaked hat. slung carelessly overhead, sends a little trickle of water over the edge of the crowded shelves and an occasional drip-drip upon the unfortunate slicker below. ln a shadowed corner, a few antiquated umbrellas lean sadly against the wall. one streaming its individual puddle into an unlucky golosh. A disarranged pile of vari-typed rain-boots and the now almost extinct rubber overshoes strew the middle of the Floor. Somewhere through the length and the din of crowded corridors a bell rings. .lust a bell: and yet, there is a tlurry of flying footsteps, a straight and deserted hallway, with many, many footprints. And outside-the rain. The CRITIC-CREST l631 Plaqinq the Game :XR was not at all what Barry had hoped it would be. There was too much mud, there were too many rats in the trenches. and too many cherished illusions crashing about him. lflis God of XVar. in .Xl11Cl'lCZl, had been a clean colossus of the upper regions who rode a thundering steed and flashed a shimmering sword as he led his invinc- ibles to victory. But now he knew better. This God of XVar. with his feet of clay, had fallen. just as so many others among his childhood fancies had been shattered. liarry Spencer. sheltered as a child by his indulgent parents, had not been allowed to gaze upon unpleasant truths. lile had never seen the ugly side of li fe. where people killed each other for a price. where honor was unknown. and might meant right. And now, as he faced the bare truth in company with men, not gentlemen of convention, but animals of instinct, he was lost. But he admitted this to no one: and while in training, he had learned to swagger and curse just as well as the top sergeant, a hard-boiled Eastsider of lrish descent. Toinorrow morning would be his first experience under fire. lVould he quake and tremble and fall prone upon his belly in some shell hole, and lie there trying to grovel his way into Mother liarth? Or would he charge to the last trench with these veterans who stumbled about him with apparent unconcern as he lay huddled in his muddy hole on the side of the trench. He felt that he could pull his belt just a little tighter, clamber over the brink of the trench, wade into that unknown hell with the rest. and stand the worst of it, even death -if only it were not all so morbid, so drab, so different from what he had expected. lt is one thing for a man to go forth on a familiar gridiron amid the blar- ing of bands and the cheers of a grandstaud. lt is quite another thing for him to squirm over the sandbags on the parapet and stumble over the dead and dying into the dark and foggy morn, with only their glassy eyes to follow him to an inglorious end. He wondered how he would get through with it. I-le'd soon know now. - lt began to grow a little lighter in the east. The attack was set for sunrise. Barry began to lidget as the sergeant took his stand by the trench ladder, glancing at his watch momentarily. His expression was stoical enough, but Barry could but notice a twitching at the corners of his mouth. All was quiet save for the muljded sound made by some doubtful private inspecting the secur- ity of his bayonet attachment or the safety lock of his automatic. The CRITIC-CREST H341 A. Q ,i 1 That was the trouble, it was too quiet, it was stifling, deadly, ominous. Barry felt that his nerves would snap if something didn't happen. lt would be a relief to get over the sandbags into the fray. To hear the deadly whine of bullets about his ears would be preferable to standing there waiting, dreading, imagining the horrors that would happen out there. At last the sergeant blew sharply on his whistle, waved his arm toward the German trenches, and scrambled over the top. In a daze Barry followed. He advanced live, li fteen, twenty-five yards in a zigzag fashion reminding him of the broken held running that had made him famous in his college days. Suddenly the top sergeant dived into a gaping shell hole. beckoning his men to follow. W7 hen what was left of Barry's squad lay prostrate in the shell hole, the sergeant shouted above the roar and din that he had discovered the location of a machine gun nest that was raking the right Hank of the advance unmer- cifully. Further progress was impossible until this nest was cleaned out. He asked for a volunteer. Barry was the first to crawl forward, The sergeant rammed two hand grenades into Barry's pouch and gave him explicit instructions as to the location of the nest. Then over he went, twisting, twirling, reversing his held, ever onward toward the goal. He was playing the game again, and his face was lighted with a queer sort of smile. Suddenly he realized that he was only a short distance from his objectiveg he could see the spurt of Hame and the recoil of the German Maxim gun. He fumbled in his pouch for a grenade, pulled the pin, and drew back as if to hurl a long forward pass. The receiver seemed to be waiting with open arms. Just as he let the "ball" Hy from his hand, he felt something fiery-hot rip his abdomen: he stumbled. As Barry went down, the machine-gun nest went up. He had cleared the way. As his buddies scurried by, one stopped beside him. lt was the hard-boiled Eastsider. He knelt, a tear coursing down his scarred cheek. "Buddy," he said, "you're a man's man." "Thanks," gasped Barry, his voice sinking, "this isn't such a bad war after all-if they'llionly-let you play-the game-your own wayfl -I' 'I' el' A lDomf1n People are like little mixes Mazzy-t'olo1't'cl mm' f'c11f-ierl in slzapv. Souza arf' tall and slim mul I7I'Z'glIf.,' Oflzmfs, dull lyrotwi and flat.. I am lwiglzvf blue mul Slll00flllj' mzmd, Aim' I lzolcl tlze faint, jwerfllilled fvclals Of past lzapjvy l10111's. -lXflARTtlA LIGON, '31. The CRITIC-CREST Iwi Z! ff if Erl- Moods The szrnlcss sea wlzffvs in and c1'ea11'1,5 Upon flm dark, forbidden .vlzore l'I"l1c'1'c Svylln and Clmryludis hold their S'ZL'fIj', OJ' laslzus frwd-.vf1'c1c'1z zvnzws In .vvorc The grazzzffc Cliffs that IIUTTI' fClI0'ZC' flzc dc1j'. The m1l1IJc1'.s' fojvplv into ,vf1affu1'1'11g light, O1' Curl and dance ufvmz, thc SHYTIIKII. Flivzgzfng their f1'0l'!1, ujum the szmlzff. mlzbcr slzore, :l1'l 1'111fz7s sjv1'cf11ix hw' s1'l'zfc1' 'wake at mfglzvt, Snoflzmg the 1'mtIc.v.v tides witla fvnder lzmzd, And 171115 fo sleepy 771-'1H'71LHl3 nflzgry b1'eaka1's' roar. -J. P. JONES, JR., '31 The CRITIC-'CREST ISSJ The Sonq of the Open Road V1nt:1N1A IQILEYI, '32 I-IE road is a siren calling to me in honeyed words to forget my family, my home, and my country, to come and follow her. Ulysses stopped the ears of his men with wax: but I-I have no wax, so with Ulysses l must strain at the mast, yearning to follow her beck. I am afraid that some day my bonds will burst. Then I shall be lost. 'l'he road. gleaming and curving in the morning light, holds a promise of things to come. lt is like a stream that winds past strange new scenes. X-Vould that l might dance to the top of the hill, to see what lies beyond. Then I would press on, content to follow where the path might lead. Sometimes I would stop by a cool stream and dabble my lingers in its crystal water, and listen to its cheerful gurgling, and try to make out what it says. Sometimes I would play in a green meadow where dandelions grow and little lambs frislc about on their ridiculous legs. But I would not linger there long: for the road would call and I'd obey, ever seeking what lay beyond. I would meet strangers on my way, but I would not pass afar off. Wie would be friends: and when they had gone on, l would be the richer for our friendship. Maybe I'd meet a little girl with golden curls and sunny smile: a youth with head held high and eyes in which one might glimpse visionsg a wrinkled old woman, with a youthful note yet left in her laugh. Maybe, yes, maybe, I'd meet someone who was also a 'follower of the open road. We would hail one another gladly and continue our way together, rejoicing in our mutual understanding. VVe would together hold our breath at the sight of a crimson sunset: laugh together over the play fulness of a stray kitten: and together press on. until at last our ways must part. I would go on without him, yet his spirit would be with me. I would-but what's the use? I wouldnt Oh! The music is sweet, it calls me: but the ties are strong. I wish I could dance to the top of the hill. The CRITIC-CREST l67l Progress Irresj1011sible, Bcwildcredi, fimorozrsk Hajajvzfly 'iglZ0l'CUlf of clmsms That arc to be Crossed- Soplzomovxavf N0lICfl'l71tZ11fV, V17z'afc'i011s, c'm'ef1'ee- Adcfvt in the art of blujjfng LOTZQ-SIlffCl'llIlg fCl'1ClZ6l'.YL f1H'1,'i0l'S.' Sagacious, Sedatc, assured- Filli-ng their hows with deeds To litre in nzcfmory forczfer- Se11z'01's! --.NIARTHA VVOOD, ,SI The CRITIC-CREST I les Y - , i i 1 r 'l Mrl, l lil if l l l , , . l ,N My +5 I : l 1 l F, .Q pl l g v l i- l 4- r E1 En National Honor Societq OFFICERS WILLIAM S. MUNDY, JR ........ .....,.,..,.,.,.,..,..... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P 1 -ggidem JOSEPHINE MUIIRELL .,........ ......., L fire-P1-egidgi-if LOUISE JENNINGS ........ ..........., S ecretary VERNON GILES ,..,....,........,................................. L .........,,.,..,............................................................. T1-easiww The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of American secondary schools. The membership is selected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Election to the National Honor Society is the greatest honor that a high-school pupil may achieve. VIRGINIA .AMONETTE ALFRED BISHOP JACK CLARK MURRAY CLELAND PEARL COOPER f ELLA CRADDOCK ELIZABETH DU N NTNGTON ROBERT EVANS SARAH EVANS The CRITIC-CREST MEMBERS M ABEL FOSTER NED FOURQUREAN ROBERT JOHNSON MAIQY JORDAN MAGGIE MCCRAXV RUBY MATTHEWS HORACE MURPHY VVILLIAM OGLEsBx' GEORGE OIQCHARD I 70 1 FRANCES SCIIEWEL GENEVIEVE TATE ALEX TI-IoMPsoN HELEN VAUGHAN' MELVIN VVA'rsoN Lois VVEEKLEY FRED WVOOD HERBE1lT WELLS MARGARET WEs1' Quill and Scroll NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR HIGH-SCHOOL JOURNALISTS OFFICERS WILLIAM S. MUNDY, JR ...,...... ........................ .,,,,,,,,,.,,,. P I -widen: BEN PURYEAR .....v................ ................ I fice-President JOSEPHINE MURRELL ,.... l. . ....,..................... .......... S ecretaffy-Tvfeamrer MEMBERS I VIRGINIA AMONETTE J, P. JONES LEO CLAY JAQUE LOYD HENRY COUSINS MINNIE NIAYS EMILY DAVIS VIRGINIA RILEY ROBERT EVANS ELIZABETH STEPTOE JOHN EURE JOHN TREVEY NIADELINE HARIAKER MELVIN 'WATSON GARLAND HAM NER MARTHA WOOD BERNICE H'IPPERT ANN XIVRIGHT The CRITIC-CREST l71l The Critic and CriticHCrc-:st The Critic Stajf WILLIAIII MUNDY, JR ........, ........,.............................,....,..........,.......... E ditor-in-Chief I. P. JONES .........,..................,,.............. ....... f issistant Editor'-'in-Clziej: ELIZABETH STEPTOE .........' . ...................... ....,......,..........., L 'itorary Editor ROBERT EVANS' ELLA CRADDOCK Z ....... ......... A ssistant Literary Editorx HENRY COUSINS, VIRGINIA RILEYS . JAQUELIN LOYD .................................... ........................ P oetry Editor :EMILY DAVIS, IUDITII STOVALL ......... ...... I Llssistant Poetry Editors BETTY SCOTT ,...........,..................,......., ..............,....... B ooleshelf Editor MARTIIA LIGON, MARGARET PECK ....., ..,.... 1 4ssis1a-nt Bookshelf Editors GEORGE ORCHARD .............................. ......................I... If Ilzmzm' Editor MARTHA Woon .....,... ...... ....... A s sistant Alzmmi Editor JACK DAVIS .........,.. ..,.................... P fum-or Editor BERNARD REAMS ....,...................,..........,. ,...... I -isxistazzt Humor Editor HEI,EN VAUGHN ...,.,.....,....,....,.,.............,.. .........,............ E .vchange Editor BERNICE HII'I'ERTV, IQEBECCA MARTIN ...,.... ,..,,...,. . flssistatrtt E.1'C1lllllg8 Editors NIADELINE HARIIAKER .....,..........,............... ....,.... , ...,..,....... I Magic M'irror Editor CLAIRE ALVIS ...,..........,.,,.....,..,.,............, Assistcuzt .Magic .Mirror Editor RALPH SPRINKLE ........,................. .........,.......................... A rt Editor KATHERINE PARTLOW .............,.,,.,... ......... ...,.. A . Ssistant Art Editor The CRITIC-CREST l721 The CritIcfCrest Stajf VVILLIAM S. IVIUNDY, JOHN PAUL JONES, JR .....,... . ELIZABETH STEPTOE ...,...... JUDITI-I STOVALL ,.A........ NIARTHA LIGON ......... PEARL COOPER JOHN TREVEY A IQATHLEEN SPITZER ELLA CRAOIJOCK J MARGARET PECK L FRANCES SCHEWEL -- LOUISE JENNINGS 1 ROIZERT EVANS ............ JOHN PAUL JONES, JR JAQUE LOYD J EMILY DAVIS MARY JORDAN' HENRY COUSINS ..,.... MARTHA WOOD .....,., BERNICE I'IIPPER'1' .,.,. GEORGE ORCHARD ......, JOSEPHINE NIURREIJ ,..,... VERNON I'IENKEL .,..,.... RALPH SPRINKLE ....,. J V.. JR ..,.....................,....,.................,..........,T....,.,...... E flfitor-17-W Chief Assistant E dzftor-in-C hief Literary Editor ......Assistant Literary Editor Faculty Editor ...,...4B Class Editors Class Editors Clubs and Orgazzizations Poet .......S0tIi0l' Class Historians ,.....SCtli0t' Class Testator ..........fZt'lLti0I' Class Editor ,.50f7lI01II01'6' Class Editor ......Boys' Athletic Editor ..,.....Cirls! Athletic Editor .......,...,...,.....,...HuII'I-or'I-st Editor Business SMH of Critic and Critic-JCres'I , ALEX THOMPSON .....,...,....,,.,.,........,..,..........,..................................... Iizlsiness Manager MAGGIE IVICCRAXV ....................,..........................................., -lssislaul Bifsiaess Manager MURRAY CLELANDV, JOI-IN PFREVY, IEIENRY NIOSBY ..,................... Cirf'1zlat-ion Managers RUBY NIA'1'I'1EVVS ,,...........,..,.....,.............,....,.............,...,..........,....... Manager of Typists IXVERILLE BERSCH ....,....... LOUISE LINDSAY DORIS LEE IqA'I'H,l.EEN SPITZER Typists NIABEL FOSTER NIARY JORDAN LOUISE JENNINGS Assistant lwrfltlflgw' of Typists DORA XAIALKER LOUISE TONVLES PIELEN ROSE SARAH EVANS ..,........... ..T........,..V.,...........,.......,.,I.. ........ C 0 rrespozident flcl-zfwtisillg Stag JAMES LIANCOCKI, CLUNET PETTYJOHN, JOHN EURE, JACK DAVIS Facultq Advisers IXQRS. EURE, MISS PAYNE ......,..,.,...,..,..........,...........,...... ...... L ite-rary MR. ISLEY .......,....,,..,..l..,...., ......,.. ,.....,..................,.............,.... B 1 tsiness The CRITIIC-CREST f73l I 1 I I I 1 I I , lm I L 11 I' I7 'E , . 'ALI lf. I I: II I IEIQI III! 7 'ij 'I I I I I Ig I? ,Ml I vi IJ: I'j"Qi ai 'QA RI I -:S "II I I, -I I I ,-I II I I I I I I I I I -I Iv. If' "I I I I 'I II, gi Ir I.. I I I .I, High Times Staff EDITORIAL BOARD GARLAND IJAMNIER .......... . ........,.........,.......,.............. . ..... ...............,,...... , ...A.......................,..,...... NIELVIN WATSON ...........,,..,. ..... ....,.........,,.................... , ........,.. ...,................. ........ . .....................,.....,. .... . , BEN PURYEAR, PEARL COOPER, KATIIIERKNE WARNER I BILL WII.I.IIAhlS I """"' En TYRHE IVIARIE CoS1'AN ....... CABELL FRANKLIN BLUAIA FINKEL I SARAH LOCKETTS " """ SALLIE PERROXV .......,. EVERETTE LONG I EARL JORDAN I """' BEIINICII SANDIIIGI: ......... GENEVA WILEY I DOIIOTIIY MASON I """' WEST PAYNI: NAOMI CARTER .... LOIS NICHOLS VIRGINIA AIIONE'r'I'Ic, PIARRY HAIIILIQTTII, GOLIIII: COHEN ...... .. ..,..Edit0r-ill-Clzfef Ivfanaging Erlitcrr ..,....,,.....HeadIi'ne's . .... ....Assig1Imcnts .............Sports .......Per:vona1x ........AIumm' ...............Jakes ...........Mautlxful ......,..Cla.I: News ,. ....,,.,... Exchanges DAN O1vpLEMAN ,...Av,,,,,,,,,, . ..........., Q ...... F E'l:lilll'e' 1'V7if6f VERNDN GILES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 4,,, ....,.,.. C 1 ruulatzng Illanager JO MUIUUSLL I ,4.Y,A. .,..... A Lf'Z'L'I'fI'Si7lg Jllalzagery FRANCES SCIIEWEL I EMU- WING0 I 4, ,,,,, ....,. B usiness M'a'nagers GIIACIIQ WILLIAMS I , WILLIAM NVIISI' ............ ----'---,-------------- -----'-- B 0 Uk Review! TYPISTS VINCENT Kxsnsnv, MAIIJORII2 AGEE, Rucrusn OGLIQSIIY, ALEX THOMPSON, CLARA NIASON, CLARA PHELPS MISS MOORE MISS TALBOT --,,v.4.'.,-v.,,A,,--,w,-,-, ,v,,Y,,,,,,,, A ,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A4 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,.,,.,. ..,..,.,,.............,........ F I 1 culty Advisers MR. ISLEY ' The CRITIC-CREST I741 F A LI. TIER M RIEN RY MOSEY ........... JOSEIDIIINE MURRELL. ...... GEORGE ORCHARD ....,,.. LOIS VVEEKLEY ...... FRANK PERKINS ....... C, H. HINNANT 'ROBERT YATES ED. JONES TOM MARTIN "" FRA NCES Sc I-I EVVIEL ........ IAQUE LOYII ELIZAEET II STEPTOE ALEX POLLACR FRED NICXVANE David Qarrick Pl.-Iqc-:rs OFFICERS ...............:Pl'e?Sid??Lf.....,.... IC0TPl'0SldBllf........... , .......... Rcfordzng Secretary ..,..... . ......Coa'respoIIding Secv'etary....... ......B1IsiIIess Ma.mIge1'x .... .. .......Stage AfG7il1gEI'S....... ......l1l'iSf1'L'.Y.Y of U7t1rd1'nbc...... MEMBERS ELEANOR COCIIRAN C IIARLUTTE MA RTI N VIRGINIA RILEY RIEREDITH RODESON MIXIlAI.INE MLICALTSLRNND BILLY WILIQINSON PERKINS MORTON ,IENNIE MAE RIPLEY THELIIIA VVALSI-I LUCILE PIINES I, P. JONES XKVILLIAM NIUNDY MADISON BALLAGH EARL CLARK ANNE VVRIGHT PIENRY COUSINS ROBERT EVANS NED FOURQUREAN VERNON GILES GEORGE ORCHARD DWIGHT IQIVERS MELVIN WATSON E751 ELLA CRADDOCK MARTHA LIGON NIARGARET PECR GEORGE ROBESON LIZA MOUNT MAIQY THOMPSON MARTIN BROWN AURIE ENGLISH AUGUSTA ROSS BERNARD REAMS BELLE MORTON SARAH FERGUSON MAE WVRIGI-IT SPRING TERM ..................HENllY MOSBY .......JOSEPIIINE NIURRELI, ..............LO1S NVEEKLEY ..,,.,,LU1S WEEKLEY PURYEAR K C. I-I. HINNANT "nl ROBERT YATES S ED. JONES I TOM MARTIN .......FRANCES SCHEWEI. ALICE BLANKINSHII2 AGNES BRUCE MINNIE MAYS ROBERT YATES GORDON MASON ED BECK SALLY PERROW LOUISE JENNINGS CLAIRE ALVIS HARRY SKELTON ' MAXXINE DODD VIRGINIA BAIRD KENNETH MARKHAIYI The CRITIC-CREST The CRITIC-CREST "THE ROAD TO YESTERDAY" Senior Class Plaq CAST Mfill Levesolfz ......... .,............... ....... H E NRY Mossy Moleua Lezzcsozrz ........ ........ IV IARTHA LIGON Eleanor Leveson ......... .............. E LIZA MOUNT Jock Grea,foro.r .......,,....... ....,.....,... F RANK PERKINS Elspeth Tyrrell .......Y.,......... .......... A LICE BLANKINSHIP Captain Kenelm Paulfou ....... ...,.............. B EN PURYEAR Harriet Phelpx ....,....,...... ......... I OSEPI-IINE MURRELL Adrian Tompkins ........ ........,........ R OBERT YATES Dolly Foulris .....,.... .............. L UCILE HINES Norah Gillow ........ ....,.,.. A NNE WRIGHT Hubert ................ ......... R OBERT EVANS Mat ........ A ................. EARL CLARK Wat ........... ............. I OHN B'ICHENRX' Retainer ....... ......,.......,.,..................,...,..........,.......v......... C . H. HINNANT, JR. MRS. H. T. NICHOLAS, Director The CRITIC-CREST T771 lllilsonian Literarq Societq LUCY IQERR ........,... C. H. HINNAN1' ...... NED FOURQUREAN ..... lX4ADELINE HAIRIAKER CLAIRE ALVIS VIRGINIA ARIONETTE JOSEPHINE ATKINSON DOROTHY BROOKS DOROTHY CARWILE MURRAY CLELAND MARIE COSTAN HENRY COUSINS ELLA CRADDOCK LOUISE ENOCH ROBERT EVANS SARAH EVANS OFFICERS MEMBERS NELLIE GIBSON VERNON GILES BAIADELINE HABIAKER HELEN HARRIS MARGARET KIDD CHARLOTTE MARTIN ELLEN MASON SALLY MATTHEWS GEORGE ORCHARD MARGARET PECK BEN PURYEAR The CRITIC-CREST I7BI ............P1'0.IicIm1t Vive-P1'vside11i' ..........SFC1't'll1I'3' ......T1'msm'c1' VIRGINIA RILEY GEORGE IQOBESON MEREDITI-I ROBESON FRANCES SCHEWNEL NIELVIN WATSON MARGARET XM EST BILLY WILKINSON DORIS WILLIAMS HELEN VAUGHN MARTI-IA WOOD ROBERT WYATES DOROTI-IY WILLIAMS gm Adc-:lphian Debating Societq OFFICERS VVILLIAIII VVEST ....,.,, .A...................... ............. P 1 'fsidczzt JOHN QEURIZU' ,,..,,. ....... I 71750-Plnridclvri IXALI II SI RINKLE ..,.., ........... S' ecrctary LOLISI' JI NNINGS ....... ....... T 7'ClZSlH'Cl' MEMBERS JACK IQUCKER LOUIS FEINMAN RERECCA GRAVES VV ILLIAAI NIUNDY JACK DAVIS PERKINS BQZORTON BILL COLEMAN JACK Wfoon RUBY IVIATI-IEVVS VIRGINIA BAIRD BELLE MOR'FON BLUMA FINKEL l79J JANE BHIASSIE JOSIEPHINE BIURRELL MAE VVRIGI-IT N1-INNIE NIAYS LULA FOURQUREAN AGNES BRUCE LEO CLAY IQOBERT BEVANS BILL VVILLIAMS HENRY IVIOSBY VERNON GIT,ES ALFRED BISHOP The CRITIC-CREST -R- , J , r A v A , X French Club OFFICERS ALFRED BISHOP ....,......., ..,......,A..,,,,..,,, 4,,,,, 1 g ggdgnf T VIRGINIA ARIONETTE ....,.. ,,,,,, V Mg P1 ggdgnf MARGARET PECK ........... ,,,, 5 0C10fg1qv I ELLA CRA-DDOCK ,...... .....,................,..,.... . , T1 camp C1 MEMBERS VVILLIAM CANTIERI CHARLOTTA MARTIN MARTIN BROWN VIRGINIA RILEY VERNON GILES MARTHA WVOOD IQOBERT EVANS NIINNIE JOHNSON J GEORGE ROBESON BEN PURYEAR J J. P. JONES MARTHA VVOOD J RUSSELL DABNEY BEATRICE XMOLFF DWIGHT RIVERS CLAIRE ALVIS JOSEPHINE ATKINSON SALLIE NIATTHEVVS DOROTHY VVILLIAMS SALLIE COSBY NANCY GILLESPIE NIILDRED SCOTT I FRANCES ANDERSON CRENSI-IAW JONES ROBERT Y ATES ALMOND XKVADE - BRADFORD WATERS The CRITIC-CREST ' I S0 il J J J N N .J- JJ. Spanish Club OFFICERS GEORCE ORCHARD ...... .............,............ ....,.. P 1 vsldelzf LO1s WrE1cLEx '...... ....... I fzce P1 FSldGIlf JANII E LINDSAY ........... ,, Scwetafy WINSTON PADOETT ........ .........v,......,........ . . F1 cczsmfm MEMBERS ALICE BLANKINSHIP LEONARD BRADLEY MURRAY CLELAND INEZ COFFEE NIED F OURQUREAN GEORGIE HARRIS BERNICE I'I1PI'ERT .NELLIE JOH NS SALLIE LINCOLN F511 JOHN LEYS BQINNIE NIAYS JOHN MCHENRX' LOIS NICHOLS NIERIEDITH ROBESON LESL112 STEVENS JACK TAYLOR GENEVIEVE TATE MARGARET VV EST The CRITIC CREST Commercial Club OFFICERS FALL TERM WILBUR LINDSAY .....,..... .........., P 7'U.S'idL"lIf ......... ELEANOR BONDURANT ...... ,...,. I f'ice-President ....... MARGARET TORRENCE ....... DORIS NEISTER ...,........ PAUL JENNINGS I W. C. STONE S ELEANOR COCI-IRAN .... Q: STANFORD CRIST J. B. NASE MALRIE WRIGHT ALEX THOMPSON WILLIAM OGLESBY EARL CLARK ELIZABETH FORD ....,.,,Scc1'e1'a-1'y....,.... ........T1'eas11rer........... S e1'gemzt-af-Arms ........ ........R6P01'f81'S....... MEMBERS NIENZIA BROOKS CLARA PHELPS ROBERT 101-INSON MAGGIE MCCRAW VIRGINIA MCKINNEY BESSIE AMOWITZ GEORGE HOWELL CLARA MASON The CRITIC-CREST i821 SPRING TERM ..........DOR1S NEISTER C. STONE .......F:LEANOR COCHRAN ........RUCKER OGLESBY VINCENT KERSEY 1 EUGENE WALKER FRANCES COX LUCILLE PATTERSON MARGARET HAWKS NORA BATES HAZEL WRIGHT ANDREW MILLER FRED JONES RUBY MATT-IEWS ELIZABETH HALEY EDWARD JONES ..... VERNON GILES .....A.. GARLAND HAMNER .... HENRY MOSBX' ,,....,,, RALPI-I SPRINKLE ..,.. GEORGE FLIPPIN JIMMY HANCOCK TOM MARTIN CLUNET PETTYJOHN ROBERT YATES WILLIAM FOSTER ROBERT EVANS VVILLIAM MOON MADISON BALLAGH WILI.ARD VVEBB C. H. LIINNANT GEORGE ROBESON DWIGIiT RIVERS III.-u OFFICERS MEMBERS TUCKER LEWIS RUCKER QGLESBY VVILLIAM QGLESBY MURRAY CLELAND GRAY HAWKINS BEN PURYEAR BRADFORD VVATERS MARTIN BROWN ROBERT CARDVVELL KENNETH TVIARKHAM ALEX THOMPSON CHARLIE WOOD RICHARD HICRSON "HUNICS,, BALDOCK T531 .....,.......PresidmLt Vice-President ..............S'ec1'etaI1'y T1'eaIsm'er ,,,..C1IcLj2Iain STOCKTON JEFFERSON LAWRENCE MCWANE FRED M CVVANE RUSSELL DIXBNEY J. P. JONES NED LEGRANDE TRIM LEWIS BOBBY TAYLOR GEORGE TVTCDANIEL BILL COLEMAN CHARLIE PATTERSON VVEST PAYNE JACK PLUNKETT The CRITIC-CREST Girl Reserves B2 Club MALRII: NVRIGHT ....... .......................,..... ,,,,,,,,,.,,,, P 1 -Us-id!-,ff DORA VVALKER ,.....-.......- .,..... I "'icc-Plmnvidcni JULIA VVORTHINGTON ....., .......,.,,,... 9 at-rf-mry Dems SMITH ............... ...,,,, T 1-M5111-fe 1- FRANCES TYREE ..v..........................,...................,.........,.....,.......v....v............................,....... ,.......... F Iistoriarz The Vagabonds, better known as the Be Square Club of Girl Reserves, have chosen as their theme this motto: "To carry other girls with us to the Palace Beautiful." The Vagabonds have added many new members to their tribe. Interesting features all through the year have helped carry out our purpose "to make lighter the burdens of others." Girls' High School Club SPRING FALL VIRGINIIX IQILEY ................. ............ P resident ............., ...........,, I AQUIQLIN Lovn h1ADELINE HAIxI.fxI4IaR ....... ....... I fice-P1'csI'de11-I ......... ,............. E LMA Cotmmn BILLIE XNILQKINSON ........ ,..,..... S ecretafry ........... ......... l ZIILLIE NVII,IcINsoN HALLII-3 CLAIBORNE ,.,....,,.,................................. Tl'CU5llJ'EI' ....... .,..............,. I 0 MUIQIQIQIJ, NANCY DABNEY ................,,,............................... Historian. ............ ,...... .....,v........................... 1 X NNI5 XVRIGIII' As the spider creates his web of a single thread, weaving an intricate pattern of lacy design, so we, the G. H. S. C.. have tmited the membership in bonds of service to design a single web-beautiful. Individual contribution has been stressed. NVQ have found new threads aIId have woven them into a web of many colors, The CRITIC-CREST lS4l 'UYQ' l"g gg!! L , My 4? Girls' C366 Club AGNES BRUCE H AZIEL N O Rvl-:LL RORERTA NIASON LOUISE LINDSAY ERNESTINE XVILMER AVERILLE BERSCII VIRGINIA BAIRD BERNICE I'III'l'l2R'1' ZELMA XV ITT IVIARGARIET FRY LOIS 1X'IOSELEY NIADIELINE HAIQTSOCIC IQACTIEL TIIACKER NIARIAN IQABLER RUTH FRANKLIN ELISE DAVIS NIARY STAPLES NIABEL CARSON NIARIANNE PREBLE ELVA COOK DOROTI-IY ALMOND MACIE PEARSON EMMA I-IACKWORTH DOROTHY ELLIOTT EMMA I'IARVEY ELIZA MOUNT GLADVS AQAYI-IEVV KIM CASSADAY CATIIARINE ,ABBOTT LOUISE JENNINGS FRED P. HALE, Director i351 The CRITIC-CREST Violins: VVILLARD SUTOR KATHERINE VVARNER ALICE BLANKENSIIIP HAZEL WRIGHT JAMES LEWIS ' VVILLIAM TINSLEY BRADFORD WVATERS LAWRENCE OVERSTREET TI-IEODORE BOSWELL Orchestra Cornetsi - HAYWARD HENDERSON SAM SCRUOGS HOWARD BAXTER Sa.1'0ph01Izes .' RICHARD NEI1ER LAWSON CHEATHAM LESLIE STEPHENS R. C. WILLIAMS C la1'i11ets: LEONARD BRADLEY IQUSSELL BOVVERS FRED P. HALE, Dwlrecto-1' The CRITIC-CREST F361 T1'011zb0nes: GLENN COLEMAN Bass: RANDOLPH CAPPS D1'1zms.' CLUNET PETTYJOHN Piano: EVELYN JXDAMS CIf1'l'i1l6fS.' LEONARD BRADLEY HENRY MOSBY RUSSELL BOWERS VVILLIAM SPENCER :KYLE NIUNDY C ornefs and TVLl1l1'f7CfS.' HAYXVARD HENDERSON HOWARD BAXTER SAM SCRUGGS ROBERT BAXANDALL HERBERT WELI.S GEORGE ORCHARD BILLY CARRINGTON JOHN TINSLEY JAMES GREGORY GORDON SABINE WILBUR LINDSAY SHEPHERD MOON FRED CORSTAPHNEY Band SCI-.1'0f7110 nes : LAWSON CHEATHAM RICHARD NEPIER WALLACE CLARK JOE FORD LESLIE STEPHENS R. E. WILLIAMS LINTON JACKSON Tr0mb0ne.' GLENN COLEMAN FRED P. HALE, D-ireflo I' Barifones: JOHN EURE HOWELL IQOBINSON Basses: RANDOLPH CAPPS HENRY JORDAN Altos: ROBERT STEVENS BENNIE THOMPSON THOMAS CALLAHAN D7'lH'1fL5.' MAX CAPPS CLUNET PETTYJOHN WILLIAM MOON The CRITIC-CREST T871 EQIIQNWOK mn emma f.m.mx354,,. 0,f154,,.A..,,M I-vwiL.lrwP,.,,am- Wifi' MMM M' ,Ei aQv1A.,,.c.7' cg-,ffm waxing ff fmucnqf ML mffxe wig 711,114 ?X7QgQ7,3Q M2 '2Y1vm'f'D! J?Z ,WZZW C?'Z,,,1? W1gMfF'W0fQpb C3f,ffMY4- JDM ,M Wwzwwww 24,711 43411145 yfM?u,J,, WWUBM The CRITIC CREST Reading from left ta right: AcKiaRL15x'g RUQKERQ Eixmzsg SUBLETTQ MCFADDENQ FRANKLINQ CoLI5MANg OGLESBY, W.g STUMP, R.g LEGRAND, N.: HAWKINS, G.g Srxzvxausg Srnmxueg Luvsg BAM-:sxc. Kneeling: MARTIN, R.g I-Iousaug Biuuussfxg IQULPQ Kizmzg Scnuuos, S.g FLIPPINQ BRADLEY? Tnzvnv, J.g NIARTIN, D.3 Rosnusoivg HZAVVKINS, D.g STUIWIP, A.g Buowng CAP1'sg HUTTER. .S'tam'ling: I'IlLL CAssist:mt Cuachbg Dixvlsg Moorzg VVOODQ BIARSIIALLQ HMS, M.g Bmzwmg SPENSERQ IYIOSELEY, T. C.g NV1Inng IIENKELQ LEGRANDE, L.g COLEMAN, A.g Nmxsiwg Sckurms, F4 PETERSQ 'REVELYQ HAMMILRSTROMQ MR. T. M. FUNK CI-lead Cuachb. Uirqinia State Champion Football Tc-:amf-1930 SCORES L L. H. S ...... .... 3 I Clifton Forge High... .,.. 6 L. H. S ...... .... 6 0 Covington High ....,.. ,... 0 L. S ...... ..... 4 5 Lexington High .......... 7 L. H. S .,,,,, .... 6 o Charlottesville High ....,. .,... o L, H, S ,,,,,, .. 6 Salem High .......................... . 0 L. H. S ...... ..... I 9 Hampclen-Sydney F1-osh ...... ,... 0 L, H, S ,,,,., ...., 5 2 Danville High ........................ .... o L, H, S ,,,,,, ..... I 9 Virginia Episcopal School .,..... .... I 3 L, I-I, S ,,,,,, ..... I 2 Roanoke High ......,...... ' ..,...... .... 0 L. H. S ...... ..... I 3 Newport News High ......... . 6 L. H. S ...... ..... 3 8 High Point, N. C., High ...... .... I 3 L, H, S ...... ..... I 6 Norfolk High ...... .......... .... 2 o The CRITIC-CREST ' F901 Front Row fl'l?lll1I.ll!l In-ft to riyhtl: STEVENS: Hzmsg FRANliLINQ STUMP, A.g STUMP,4 R. Second Row: EADESQ FREEMAN, T.g Sckurzos, S.g Hurrlmg SUBLET-r. Third Row: Cofxcu FUNKg L. H. McCuIsp R0sENIsURGI:u, P. Basketball Tc-zatn, 1930-31 ' SCORES L. H, S ,.,.,.,,... ........ 4 3 Hahfax .................. .,,,. 4 L. H. S .........,. ........ I 8 South Boston ........ ..... 9 L. H. S ,.......... ........ 4 6 Lexington ........... ......... 7 L. H. S ......,.... ........ I 6 Hargrave ....... ......... 2 6 XL. H. S ........... ........ 2 4 Salem ............... ..... 1 4 L. H. S ........... ........ 4 3 R.-M. A .......... ......... I 3 +L. H. S ........... ........ I 8 Danville ......... .......,. 2 2 L. H. S ........... .,...... 3 I Episcopal ....... ..... I 6 L. H. S ........... ........ 2 6 Roanoke ..... ..... I 4 L. H. S ........... ........ 4 3 R.-M. A .......... ..... I 3 'fL. H. S ........... ........ I 9 Salem ......... ......... 2 3 L, H. S ........... ........ 4 0 Hargrave ....... ..... I 3 f"L. H. S ................., ........ I 5 Danville .......... ..... . . ..... II fl... H, S ....................., .,.......... 2 I Roanoke ............................ ........,... 2 4 L. H. S .,...,. ........ 4 03 Opponents ....... ......... 2 og 'Conference games. The CRITIC-CREST I911 - Sitting Kfrum left ta rightl: Scuuuus, D.3 CRAxf'rg LINDSIEY, 13.3 SCRUGGS, S.g COUSINSQ IIUTTERQ Lays. Second Row: Pnxlag Rmmsg MARTIN, R.g GOOUENQ L,xw5oNg Bnooxs, W.g XVILLIAMS, L.g Mu. T. M. FUNK CCUHCIIDQ Mn. MCCUE Clraculty Adviserbg I-IANM., C.g Jmvrmsowg AculauLm'g Pu'r'rx'JouNg Oucunmq HAMMERSTRUM. SCORES L. H. S ....... .,..,... 4 9 HH1'g1'HX'6 .,,.., ........ 6 8 L, H, S. ,..,,. .,...... 4 5 Roanoke ...... , ...,... 4Q L. H. S .....,. ..........,...........,.. . .. ........... 62 R.-M. A ...... ....... .....,,. 5 E-tate Meet ...,. ..,......... ,....... ......... ....... 2 0 The CRITIC-CREST I f92 ALVIN S'r15P1112Ns ......... QXUTII UR STUMP ,.....A.... JOHN RICFADDEN JOHN Llsvs ,.,............. Oc:1-1zsBY, R. OCiI.ESIiX'V, XV. CAPPS, N. M CXVANE, F. ROsEN1311RGIaR COUSINSV, H. PADOISTT, NV. BRADLEY, L. FRANKLIN., C. XVOOD, C. Monoqram Club OFFICERS .................P1'c.s'ident ........Vice-P1fesia'cnt .............Secl'etary ........Trec1.mrer M EM BERS PIAXVKINS, G. CRAFT, G. I'IUTTER, J. FLIPPINU, G. SCRUGGS, S. JOHNSON, NV. L1NDs15Y, B. SPRINKLEA, R. BROXVN, M. HAWKINS, M. SUBLE'r'1', VV. ROBINSON, S. QEADES, T. The CRITIC-CREST SCRUGGS, D. HAAS, M. 1'IAMMIERSTROM, N. O STUMPV, R. NIARTIN, D. PAYN15, XV. F931 Senior ZELMA VVITT GEORGIA HARRIS MARIE COSTAN FRANCES COX DORIS NEISTEII BQALRIE XVRIGHT NORA BATES Girls' Athletics Basketball Teams Junior CHRISTINE PIUDSON SALLIE PERROW NlABEL HENDERSON MARION VVAUGHN DOROTIIY MASON FRANCES BARTON GNVENDOLYN SUMPTER MARGARET VV OOD DEBORAI-I RALPH Sophomore FRANCES ERNST BERNICE LEE BILLY SEARS BETH VV EST VIRGINIA lX1CliENNY DOLORES SNVANSON VERA DICIQENS FRANCES FRALIN CATHERINE STONE lWAE W'RIGI-IT Dolleq Ball Team CHRISTINE :HUDSON LEIGH FOSTER DOROTI-IY MASON BETH WEST DOLORES SWANE-ON IQATHLEEN l'lUDSON ELSIE CLAIR COX Baseball Team CHRISTINE HUDSON FRANCES FRALIN BETH VVEST DOLORES SWANSON KATHLEEN HUDSON DOROTHY MASON ELEANOR BIGGS ELEANOR BIGGS ROBERTA MASON ELSIE CLAIR COX ELIZABETH 'WIIITMORE ELIZABETH W'IIITMORE FRANCES ERNST The CRITIC-CREST l94t l E. P. Nl P 'd l J. D. OWEN, V' -P id l J C hi O. B. B , V' -P 'd l j. L. JONES, Assist l C h' I-I T N V' P 'I j. L. NICHOLA A I lC I1 Three Per Centl and Safety The FIR T ational ank OF LYNCHBURG Organized 1865 ASSETS OVER Eight Million Dollars we O1d,Big, STRONG Bank x .fl D I'ljl1'7'lNIJ.IlIJXTN HEATING CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS Since 1853 i , v u 208 FIFTH STREET i LYNCHBURG, VA. "LET SCHEWEL FEATHER YOUR NEST" Servant: "The liingk executioner says he has an execution tonight and can't come to your party." PVIIICCSSI MAH right. let him go hang." MARINELLO SHOP WE NEED YOUR HEAD 207 Eighth si. Phone 607 IN OUR BUSINESS "AA Beauty Aid for Every Needn ' tg . . We specialize in Permanent Waving PC"n'a'f9'LrmaW5x,fng . Beauty Culture by Expert Operators Finger Waving F 'z if 5 1 T iff . am an g'i,fn.,.ifi.Qn.n5' Shea.rcI's Han' Shoppe Mff"'2f'!1gT. . PHONE 4221 207 7TH sf. an mtmg E i Agree with Your Father If he will give you a start with a Systematic Savings Account, you will promise to keep it going ONE DOLLAR A WEEK in 6fZ1 First Mortgage Bonds amounts to 553.16 in one year: 3300.06 in five years: 35703.32 in ten yearsg 551,245.30 in fifteen yearsg 31,245.30 in fifteen years: SI,973.67 inltwenty years. ' "Systematic Savings for a Purpose" ' I MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK 8: TRUST CO. MAIN AT ELEVENTH PLEASE PATRONIZIG OUR ADVERTISERS .'l1Jl'EI?TlSEJlEN TIS PATRONIZE VPATTERSONIS SAFE SERVICE DRUG STORES SEVENTH AND MAIN STS.-AND-I027 MAIN ST. Open All Night at 1027 Main Street fol1nslon's, WlIitman's, Russell McPlIail's and lllartliai Washington Candies Money Saving Prices on Drugs and Toiletries This is a gag about 2111 l1l1C1IIl3lOj'CCl man who, as a last resort, signed up with Z1 circus whose gorilla had died. His job was to don a gorilla suit and do stunts on a slack wire. Things went on all right until one day he slipped :Ind landed in a lion's cage. The lion growled and dashed towards him. "Good Lord l" moaned the teI'I'ihed mam. "Now what :un I gonna do?" But the lion only slapped :I paw at him and growled: "The Devil! Do you think you'1'e the only man out of Z1 job?" We make-School Pins, Rings and Fraternity Jewelry IF IT'S EYEGLASSES See Us for QUALITY and SERVICE BUCKINGHAM AND FLIPPIN 9l9 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA JOHN P. PETTYJOHN 8: CO. BUILDERS 2l2 EIGHTH STREET LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA A WORD TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT! Thrift pays-especially when the money you save is invested safely and profitably in building and loan shares 'I LYNCHBURG MUTUAL BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION RICHARD HANCOCK, President DANDRIDGE IVIURRELL, Secretary 2l9 Lynch Building PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS :1DVEli7'lSE,llEX TS Will White Shoe Store HE CUTS THE PRICE AND SELLS THE SHOES 1101 MAIN STREET LYNCHDUBG, VIRGINIA Floriclzi Tourist: 'fl suppose you were horn and raised here ?" 1 Floriclzi Villager: "No, suli, I was raised in the Nawtli, suhf' Florida Tourist: "Is that so? XfVlIzIt part of the North were you raised in ?" Florida Villager.: "VVhy, up in Alzibama, suhfl ' h'Vl1Cl'l Z1 clog leads :I man, the man is blind. Wlhen :L num leads ll dog. he is niarriecl. WILLS-CAMP CO., Inc ' 91711 AND MAIN STS., LYNCIIBURG, VA. Y -I N We Specialize in Clothes and Furfnishings for I I Young lllen and Boys 8l8 Church St. Phone .3107 You have Ambition, intellect ancl an KODAK DEVELOPING PRINTING AND ENLARGING We specialize in Commercial Plmlographs "FAST SERVICE" Icleal. You probably desire to succeed in busi- ness. Begin your training at Virginia Com- mercial College after you graduate from High School. VIRGINIA COMMERCIAL COLLEGE LYNCHBURC., VA. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS . J AD VEICTISEQII ENTS PHONE 7l6 3501 MEMORIAL AVENUE FORT HILL PHARMACY A Cut-Rate Drugs PRESCRIPTIONS, SODAS, CANDIES Motorcycle Delivery Teacher: "VVhat is your fE1ti1C1'iS occupation, Sonny ?', Boy: "Hes a worm ilNitEliLO1'.', Teacher: "Wl1at is that?" Boy: "He bores holes in furniture for the antique man WelfzL1'e XA'rO1'k6l' to Convict: "Now, let's your name begins with -T Convict: "VVith a nine, lady." ' Ice Cream-The Sanitary Kind BATTERY CO. My 25677707-6 F 1FTx-1 AND COURT STREETS PASTEUMZED Goodyear Tires and Cream Willard Batteries PHONE 411 SANITARY DAIRY, INC. Phone 4035 1213-15 CHURCH ST. LYNCHBUBG, VA. If your money is earning less than Five Per Cent, it is being underpaicl w 5 WE PAY 51: GN SAVINGS lax Citizens Savings 8: Loan Corporation 215 NINTH STREET LYNCHBURG, VA. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ADVERTISEMENTS HUGHES DRY CLEANING AND DYE WORKS PHONE 975 1603 PARK AVENUE LYNCHBURG, Vs. "LET SCHEWEL FEATHER YOUR NEST" Prof. Dcishlcr: "I've spent fifteen years translating this Greekf, Student: "VVhztt does it say?" Prof. Deishlcr: "Iibl0eav Dishrolgf' K'XVherc did you get those big, tender, sympathetic eyes?" "Oh, they came with my face." i SUPERIOR AUTO COMPANY ' Chevrolet SALES SERVICE "The Bcist Place to Shop After All" The Younger Set Will Find fusl What They Wan! al Moses at All Times If You Visit Our Slorc Once, You Will Want to Visit it Often STUDENTS! WE SPECIALIZE IN YOUR NEEDS nfcwclry, Gifts, Music, Sport Things" phillipjg 'r Nr PLEASE PA'1RONIlD OUR ADVERTISFR9 ADVERTISEMENTS WALLPAPER KYANIZE D. A. HINES PAINT STORE 316 Twelfth Street Phone 512 ALL OUR PAINTS ARE WELL KNOWN, NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS "The Oldest Paint Store in Town" BRUSHES VALSPAR When You Trade at- BIBEE-:S You Are Both Learning and Teaching That Most Important Lesson of Both Thrift and Economy BIBEE'S " BUSY " STORES Lyncl1burg's Own Chain l2th St. at Grace Rivermont Ave. at Cabell St. Fort Hill at End of Car Line PLENTY PARKING SPACE ff, 'T -7-1 Til W J 'NW 'SE ff -'Li I 'I E I rf: ' 2'?2w1mIil 'i I ft imkjsiigrm 015515 ,-ya.-.1 4 - f 'lf' . e ft THE MOST CRITICAL ARE PLEASED with the Delicious Fountain Drinks and Tea Room Service at f f g f goood e m W1 I APROIOARI A-IDI'ERT1SE,IIENTS G. A. COLEMAN CO. 9l I MAIN STREET "Smart Footwear for Sub-Delis" Exclusive Styles "LET SCHEWEL FEATHER YOUR NEST" Judge: "VVhy did you hit your husband with this pistol?" Madge: " :Cause it VVZlS11't loaded, suhf' 1 Voice on Phone: "How many headache powders can I get for sixteen empty gin bottles ?" CRAIGHILL 81 JONES, Inc. DRUGGISTS Soda Fountain : : Luncheonette Whitman's Candy Norris Candy MELCO and VIRGINIA REEL CANDIES Manufactured by HARRIS-WOODSON COMPANY Incorporated SEVENTH AND COMMERCE STS. PLE ASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ,-1'DI'E1I7'1SE'1IlEN TS KEEP YO UR LIPS SOFT WITH X FLEE'17's CHAP STICK F LE ET'S Fine for Little Chaps and Big Chaps ' 0 . AT ALL DRUG STORES CHAP STICK COMPANY Trade-Mark Reg' Lynchburg, Va. Hill City Tobacco Co. FINE CANDIES AND SPECIALTIES Bunle, Samoset, Nobiliiy Candy, lvirfs Cup Cakes, Colden Bear Cookies, lialian Dinners, Nucoa, and all Products of THE BEST FOODS, Inc. Randolph-Macon Woman's College A LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA - N The Compliments of RAN DOLPH-MACON WOMAN'S COLLEGE to THE LYNCHBURG HIGH SCHOOL Eye D. R. ANDERSON, P1'eside11t of R.-M. W. O. AD I 'ENT1SE.lIENfI'S KIDD STUDIOS 915 MAIN ST. PORTRAITS THAT PLEASE ADAMS S5 CQBBS WE ALWAYS LIKE T O SEE YOU T Meet your friends at T iggiigig THE .SHOPPING CENTRE A T BROWN AUTO co. T f I-IUPMOBILE DEALER A 608 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG, VA , Su ' TRONIZE AD VER TISEJIEN TS A Home Product "Lynchburg Quality " ICE CREAM A FOOD ----- NOT A FAD MANUFACTURED BY SERVICE DAIRY 6: ICE CREAM CORP. 706 Eighth Street Phones 2196-2197 TRY 220 Brea The Family Loaf LYNCHBURG STEAM BAKERY "Them can be D no substitute for quality" Preszdent. s -N ' 9 GIEIEMIE FURN Us Lymhbwgs uaamg sm 918-920 MAIN STREET, LYNCHBURC., VA. J ' TRONIZE OUR ' AD VEICTISEMENTS Trophy Cups Class Pins and Rings and Gifts for Every Occasion RYLAND'S 809 MAIN STREET LYNCHBURG VA "A Gift from Rylandfs Means More" "LET SCHEWEL FEATHER YOUR NEST" Dick: "You know, I got al bright idea out of 21 corner of my brain, tovu l'lZLl'1'j'I "Huh, 21 Stowaway." He: "I miss the old cuspidor since its gone." She: 5'You missed it before. Tlmfs why it's gone THESE FIGURES SPEAK F OR THEMSELVES 39 Lynchburg boys and girls enrolled in Lynchburg College 41 Lynchburg boys and girls enrolled in Lynchburg College, 44 Lynchburg boys and girls enrolled in Lynchburg College, 53 Lynchburg boys and girls enrolled in Lynchburg College 65 Lynchburg boys and girls enrolled in Lynchburg College 73 Lynchburg boys and girls enrolled in Lynchburg College INCREASINGLY YOURS, LYNCHBURG COLLEGE 1 3 I 924- I 925 I 926- l 927- I 928- I 929 EAS 'RONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS IDT Fl 7ISI IIFN IS The Peoples National ank OF LYNCHBURG Capital and Surplus ONE MILLION DOLLARS EASE PATH . ADVERTISERS AD l 'E lH'ISlfilIEN'l'S NORRIS' CANDIES INVESTMENT PARKER FOUNTAIN PENS SECURITIES RICHARD HANCOCK CLAIBORNE DRUG C00 l0l0-lOl l Peoples National Bank Building 828 CHURCH STREET C01-ner Ninth LYNCI-IBURG, VA. PHONE l88 "LET SCHEWEL FEATI-1ER.YOUR NEST" One-hal f: "So you'rc Out in the :ii 1' liuczuisle Of the cloctO1"s Ol'ClCl'S?u Tln'ee-fonrtlisz "Yes, l've just been culling On his ClELl'lg'l'ltCI'.H in B: "Do you know wli:Lt's the lvest position for sleeping? BB: "Sure, :i position as night wzitclnnunf' Mrs. 1980: "Tl1z1t 1'olJOt's been acting' funny all clay long." Mr. 1980: "He must have ai screw loose some place." There's a Difference in Bread -ask for it by name- HGLSOM and JU TRITE ARE ALL THE NAME IMPLIES STA-KLEEN BAKERY, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF JONES MEMGRIAL LIBRARY Open Daily Excepl Sundays, 9 A. M.-9 P. M. COLLEGE HILL BRANCH DUNBAR BRANCH 8:30 A. M. lo 5:00 P. lVl. 9A. M. to5 P. M.-7 P. M. IO9 P. M. Mon. to Fri. Tues., Wed, anal Fri. 9:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M. Sat. 9 A. M.-6 P. M. Mon. and Thurs. FORT HILL BRANCH 2 P. M.-6 P. M. PLEASE PATILONIZE OUR ADVERTIQERS ADVEIRCTISEMENTS SNYDER Sz BERMAN CSTHE NEWSa9 and InC0rp0l'ilf.0ll "THE ADVANCE9' THE POPULAR PRICE STORE And Keep Posted on Local and 914 Mam street ryorld Ifappenings We Specialize in All That is New in Spom-s, Comes, E'ro. READY-To-WEAR MILLINERY, SHOES DRY GOODS, ETC "LET SCHEWEL FEATHER YOUR NEST" Victim: "I don't like the way you're holding that gun." Bandit: "VVell, I rlon't aim to please." "My wife lets me smoke in the house whenever I please." "But will she when you clon't please?" Tite: "Do you know what happened in I776?H Titer: "Gosh, I can't even remember what happened last nightf' The Lynchburg Chamber I of Commerce Whose members take great pride in the Work of the High School in developing future citizens of our city PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS S I4 Ofcerx WM. V. WILSOIN, JR., President ALLEN CUCULLU, Vice-President GILES H. MILLER, V.-Pres. and Cashier B. F. COUSINS, Assistant Cashier G. R. LEwts, JR., Assistant Cashier Ttaos. W. GtLLtAtvt, Assistant Cashier THE LYNCHBURG NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY L.. , ..-i mti 1PE,ittsEi liillll Igvltgffiggtidggqiggtgtgggs gig iftxfiggiisiiiitig,ggggipi tim- tit s.: tiilll. l1lV+1::I'IQT1:1gQlmi1QE fiiigjilfiffililli5IlrL,lElL.'L I tllgtstfil 'IND ltl WI 'sSlit:-A-its-: l.-w""-Lt alfa l'PE'i'-.1-1:t..n --1-'7tlty:'!i'fII-l'n"t I .',E5il'l'lIlUBW'-,I 5:-f E, Ent -Il I...-1. ni-.--122.--yttmtrtwtlwft NVE. 4' Jtlliytt' - Resources OVER SEVEN MtLLtoN DOLLARS Operating COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT I SAVINGS DEPARTMENT TRUST DEPARTMENT SAFE DEPOSIT DEPARTMENT TRAVEL DEPARTMENT LYNCH BURG'S OLDEST BANK lDlFR1I.SU1lINlS' To the Boys and Girls A of Lynchburg: IZ ix stare the habit of thrift by savinfr your money in an old E'- agc elildowment life insurance R policy. 6 E Z P. G. COSBY, Jn. I Caffe General Agent Pilot Life Insurance Co. LYNCHBURG 616 CHURCH ST., LYNCHBURG, VA. VA, NOT INIYEARS HAVE "Woods" Feature Suits, Topcoats Contained Such Value 316.50 523.75 537.50 , J. E. WOOD 8: BRO. WHERE QUALITY Is HIGHER THAN PRICE . Meet Your F rlends at- The Drug IIAMBI-:Rss MITH,INC. mm College Pharmacyb dNcI1BuIz ,vI. EYNQ UIQRIQ Emtdmwwo I HALF TON ES ZINC ETCHINGS I ...IDR 73uzZders ff Better Zlnnuals. DESIGNERS 'O LYNCH BUKG HVIRClNIAC-N' ENGRAVERS . 4 A M A, PLEASE PATRONIZL R ADVERTISERS 6 STCJP rwzzzizzq around in circles wlzen planning an Gflizlzuaf .7 your book in the hands of an organization with ample facilities and personnel experienced to produce an Annual in keeping with the ideals and traditions of your Alma Mater ---- Such An Organization is . QQ 13611 company "ln Lynchburg, Virginia, For nearly three-quarters of a century" ' Autographs Q Mg WM! 314, ,mf W flu, f '+5Q,g.ojmi" F M ,,Hi1Q4d5. 1 Qffx! N .Lia mv "1fn4vQ,.f.,g.,J ' mwayfwmzx Q j,Ld7mMO F5 Q jgflyi i 0 . aww: Mm, uZ.,....A..Q.J.5f2J.,l,L,f-,J U ff? 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