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an . sw P, , . -J X u 'K-fr A Af Vo' 12 W' 3-F J 0 , Mr oi" ' I W ti' W 1- -1.YL - ., Vi 5 , A L 'ix' if .", iff I aa . A . g L S , .L in up a:.'A,:' I , , .avi- 'K' .ia Q ' ,I ' K X L of he V".'QT,.,. K ur , 1 VV! ,W 33,27 'A a ' t n,ru',- Y . i 34. uvliixv' , -64'.T 5 J -. ' P X'- ,v,, 3 W-,fi I 'irq J - ,Q R., 1 , A t b mg: , I Q4 'MT -.f, ifatgjt! . Qgf' .11 . . if f 'fl J .V , fm - Efsifci 2'iHf'f4, fm wif , f I 'fi-JJ ' Q -"A ' N571 ' A A b ' ff . , ' - 5 -X -X, -fi, , f f 'V' WM 61 RF ..i A3 ,-'dt ,Y v" xy' gy . I , L' ' V , 1 ,J x A . ,, V .. X , . . . H 'J '14 4 -f 'gi'-yr ' iN ,' 1" j ' . f A ,, ' ' ' , f -4 , ,VA I V . V' I -A5 Y ' 'AI-I 3.LL,1, ' 1 ga A - 'Og' 4 i,, Y.. R gi. , I H' 13, ' 'fi '59 F-4 a , W , - , i QM .Ah ff ,N I A Ay -. ' 4 ' If , i iffy: I, f .fy ,Ml N -qffya 5 'A A '9 -ff ' 1' ' ' I .s nf if - ' 1 . gg..-4: I 3-M ?,J,r't-4, ?f, 1 KE. , , , 1 4' -... N Af' fx . a ' f 'K-' ' L "",.. . WV: N .Li 1: ' I ii, .mv , 0 x 4 F il V V 'L . Z! wi .., 4 1 1 . - -,L, in--, "Q 4. f 543, J, V N.. "ig V QM -,g1.f'3'f ,g,. 1 5 Q - , , - Q 1 4-fr, ff x if 1.,: fMvfu+-x"ef mf- , is 7 , - 'V t L F ' will-lyk fa!!! .2545 4 l'2Qxa ',-lgafm-ljugxik ,, ,Q fu. 3 if 1 . f f .Z',5fQ an ' I , 4 Kr 'RY v' QQ Y X 4 ,. Jiwfzg' :A,w"fW"gMfh',vv'255. 1 4 . L . +1 ' M fu '-ffi-fr' ff? - -Wy M, fs- Q 1 '.,,... 1 mf- Y. ,A A.-. 7 ,Q K :I . "" K' 1 1 ff WM' v",, , ,Y Y ,gi-pfv :I V9 LY' 'AK I , f 4 g R A n- 0,611 ,A iwjlkfl QQ ,y If Ar! N. i Q . S ..-uq.,. A Q4 ' 'vin xiii' 'QL' ' cl sf, lr? fix? . mf ,, Q T "" .. 51 li L' Xa,Jfqf'1. 1 . -HQ! I if X A - is E536 ff? A .I Wagyu Q-?i,MH!,ef3J ,I 1 , ' 'I , ' N . - ', Ma f V ,,f. ' f,. 1 f' NK--fffi Q ,fgfi f A- f fig-g g z - i A 5131" .' KV! ff!! 2" sf f' , 1,1 ,, Nuff u ' X H' A 'nr "ls ri" fi 'Y' ' JA f' ' ffiftfi lr: X' Af. 95, J, I Q yy' iglygvhgslif 1 Lb ,' Tw ' Q f ,wx A 1 I ,vi t. , f, -f' 2.1- ' mfr of f I , fgrf' f Y li3,,s-JF.. . C Qi' as ,kia w ffm! A 6,1211 ,,N'f,j' Lara, i , ,, iffljlligi -. ,gg Q .A : In , 4 l,,,,,, vii. A Q A V Jggvf' ,, f 4, vm, Q V, w If 'ily gihv 'M i-V, ' q 'lg ff ul mv 4 9 fi-PZ' 'ff f A ',Y ' QF ' -, - FQ U.,- iv'L'L' l.- -49 17, X a JI-4 Q I O 'Xu sy: 5? L 1 J- , - ...AU ' if u 5h x. 81, I. . .-QQ. XRS 0 i s s v ' 5 ' . . ., 3 C nf j'..aL AA if L .pl D nag 5 40 R550 I -- r P -f 'xfdi Qu 1- 'R . 1 . J.. Q. ' Ai. -fo ' x '!5'V s '.J 1 A' ,x 1 n . X - . s,.s x o 4 ' 1 . -1 E 0. A 25. 24 x .. I Y 45 .41 '-1:68 v x P. -Q9 8- I . N C. 'I .h 0 Y' , h .Q ll ,. f . 0 , 1 ,Ax x R .iff Q J , I 'S . . X I xl . .I Q 'I 5 . . h R . '-4 - 5. ,U X' A 1' ' sf J , 'g xc 'NC :xx 2' Q. -an-uit!-ll:-nil-' Q . '55, "-l-:Af--'. ' . ' E --'-- .7 ' '.- H 'S R. Q 5' " ' W 5 s ' '. N Q S X a - -- v --1 A N ii"-Q if , Q ' - -" ?- F , 14 51 .' Q ,Y Linh 7 "" .,xv:,i fit' ,Q-'g.x, ' " ' ' X X " ' .4, . 1 ""5 'fl- ' 'N 59 . " ii -, . Q. if xt X ,, A Q ji '- ' T.. 3 ' .1 . ' X -' xr "V nw , 4 .lf -5 1, H NW ' ' ' fp 'N .8 I Nw-Q, 1 . , Y r yu. W- fp , I. X -9 .... 1 Q - Q SCOTTIE 7 THE Published By The Composition moss w High School G1 o sgo GXasq,ow , xleomcw Eigu XJ omme fx M11 cofhes On The Scottres take on drgnrty and splendor when remembermg the past deeds of therr heroes Therr many prarses are notable and contrnuous The Scottres are a mrghty force bound together by honesty loyalty and bravery Therr arms 1nl1fe are to achleve the best posslble 1n whatever they do and they hope to profxt by the mrstakes ofthe past KXY 5' Q 5 :F 'Riga Erin fl ' -II1 5, I lllll Il- x in will gg Xml, ,N n 4' .,V :fb 'f W 'I L' F l 1Hf "Yr 0,13 I th i ' I J XM , I, q A, 4 if lxfn A . 1 lt r-. -ee Q! A, cage A 'A f- .-r J PCIFGQ The endless determrnatron and energy of the Scottres can be found ln the frghtrng sp1r1t of Glasgow I-hgh The battle between success and fallure rs just begmmng Thexrvrctones w111 be many Wrththese thoughts 1n mmd the SCOIIISS parade through the follow mg pages W' au x Q ' iii' i 111 I-A? H .4 L JIIN4, Q :VW 4 , If ,L f WJ' - fy ' ' V1 f I W VE U ' - I uf' 'i- li 4 K U r Prmmpa o o A f f a f V ' r' 5 ' ' i I ' , 2 g V K N v' L 1 , I ,V . 7 s 7 I 3 ? xf-.. I 'I , ' N' -M. NW'- i 'X s 9 YWAMW , 1 A ' , . W dl 'X A I Q -., 1 4 WM ,il5v5. M . . . D . . . . . D . I I . . . S . . . NQHYH' I am very happy to have this opporturuty to congratulate you the members of the graduatmg class of Glasgow High School, upon the successful compleuon of your work here. If we have done our task properly you w1ll know that what you have learned m the classroom and H1 our school commumty IS only the begmnmg of a process of growth whlch wlll contmue for the rest of your lives We hope that your years at Glasgow High School have opened new vlstas of understandlng to you and that you w11l depart w1th a better knowledge of yourself of other human b61I'lgS and of the world 1n wh1ch you l1ve that you will have acqu1red a sense of your place ln the great stream of lustory and that you will have developed new and strong mner sp1r1tual resources to glude and nourish you 1.11 the years ahead. fifefiifqe As every noble man who becomes a strong leader must be backed by a mighty force, it is so with our OFFICE STAFF. Mrs. E113 Grace MIS. Edna Helen Hendricks: D i r- Wi11ia1'I1S: S 6 C- e C I 0 1- 0 f pupil retary to Dr. Gene Personnel. F af1eY- Office girls in Mr, Lewis's office: Freida Office girls Ln Mr, Mayes's office: Ruby Conner and Alice Ferrell. Wilson and Anita England. Secretary to Mrs. Edwin Mayes MI. Mayes 5 DR, GENE C, FARLEY, Superintendent Administration BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr, Paul York, Mr. Emery White, Mrs. Howard Malcolm Jones, Mr. Joe Lewis Goodman, Dr. Gene C Farley, and Mr. Chris Grinstead. MR. REED MOORE, Principal MRS. D. M. BURKS, Supervisor MR. E. B. Terry School Grades One through Eight C We the class of 1959 wish to dedicate THE SCOTTIE to the student body of G, Il.S. How beautiful is youth! How bright it gleams With its illusions, aspirations dreams! Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroine, and each man a friend! We offer a summation of what has been done this year at G.H.S. May it be enjoyed today and remembered tomorrow as a foundation to be built upon every day of our lives, De icafion Our School Through these halls pass the noble Scotties in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Miss SQ1'li01' 1 , W i' Vi' ' , seam., " J: ff 4 A YM-an w as D 0-2 4 3 Y 4' Af? , - '59, ' " ' , fgcfvid Q, 5- ,, D' 'Hi K 5 - . N ' ' -2. 3 441 sv! - -54-F-A . s!" q ,vwls ' ,,4., 4 . X 1 3 -4-, W Q fa' Iii .J M I Lo V T"-Q' fa-,8 E ,ggv,f'g ig , WI 'Q E rug? Aw' 1 Charles Potts Anna Mae Pedigo Larry Cook Carolyn McMurtrey Bobby Teasley Joyce London Jo Brent Miller Bobby Moran Clyde Chaplin Roy Lee Davis Ruby Wilson Richard Thomas Wanda Steenbergen Jennie Lou Ropp Billy Ritter Jerry Rayburn Ann Guffey Charles Elmore Jerry Davis Riley Handy Joyce Harlan Eva Inman Rex Patterson Gerri Garnett ,,,....---- These wee monsters who used to play Have turned out to be Big Seniors today. Ronnie Potter Marcia Wyant Jesse Fergusson Anna Proffitt Ralph Lynn Sue Gass Alice Palmore Jackie Gosnell Joan McGlasson Rae Marie Frazier Judy Bertram Loretta Underwood Freida Conner Eddie Mae Goad Kenneth Rupe Margie Compton Brenda Hagen Edna Lynn Barbara Redford Darlene Hunt Becky Elmore Alice Ferrell Carroll Nunn Gloria Craig Danny Branstetter Barbara Basil William Rarney Dixie Trent Stella Byrd Jane Pedigo Wendell Bruton Robert Dickinson Stanley Proffitt Judy Britt Marjorie Moran Anita England Louise Hunt Billy Joe Cassady Charlie Dickinson Harold Pedigo Bonny Pace Patsy Alexander Ruth Curry Elzy Charles Davis Douglas Mansfield Jimmy Downing Martha Adwell Joyce Poynter M, .., fa W 'H lf" ,I e ,W 'H ' ffqwm, 4 'Q 'I Q Q2 lo Q MISS MARY DAVIS Senior High English 12th Grade Sponsor MISS FRANCES ROOTES Senior High English 9th Grade Sponsor MRS. JAMES WIMPY Senior High English and Foreign Languages MRS. E. L. MYERS, Jr. Junior High English 8th Grade Sponsor aculfy MRS. G. R. MATTHEWS Junior High English 8th Grade Sponsor MRS. NINA CUMMINS Junior High and Senior High English 7th Grade Sponsor MRS. W. E. COOK Librarian MRS. GENE FARLEY Junior High English 7th Grade Sponsor S Z MR. CHARLES COLE Senior High Mathematics 10th Grade Sponsor MISS WILLIE MAYE SCOTT Junior High Mathematics 8th Grade Sponsor wg, ta MRS. CHARLES COLE Junior High Mathematics '7th Grade Sponsor MR. MARCUS COMBS Senior High Mathematics 11th Grade Sponsor acuity MRS. E. B. BEYERLE High School Mathematics MISS LEE SMITH Senior High Science 12th Grade Sponsor MR. WILLIAM DELK Junior High Science 8th Grade Sponsor MR. JAMES B. BELL Commerce 11th Grade Sponsor MR. JAMES SIMMONS Senior High History 11th Grade Sponsor MR. CARTER HOOKS Senior History and Driver's Education 10th Grade Sponsor MRS, CARTER HOOKS Junior High Art and Social Studies 8th Grade Sponsor MRS. HOLLIS NORRIS Junior High Social Studies 8th Grade Sponsor MR. EARL BRADFORD Head Coach of Football and Basketball acuity MISS MAGDALENE JAMESON Senior High Home Economics 9th Grade Sponsor MRS. NOEL LANE Senior High Home Economics i MR, CHARLES B, HONEYCUTT Band Director MR, PAUL SPARKS Junior High Social Studies 'Ith Grade Sponsor MRS, PEARL WRIGHT Girls' Physical Education and Health 9th Grade Sponsor MRS. JOHN WORSHAM B1glish, Social Studies, and Commerce 10th Grade Sponsor aculfy MR, GARY RIGGS Health, Literature, and Spelling 7th Grade Sponsor MRS, ADDIS BRIT T Junior High English 7th Grade Sponsor MR, BILL SIMMONS Senior High Industrial Arts E L E M E N T A R Y MISS JILL ROADEN Music Teacher PC0391 if-4 Y GLASGOW GLASGOW . 1 A .Q -.. E. B. TERRY n" HIM B!!! mm Senio rs DANNY O'BRIEN BRANSTETTER "Brandy" A man in earnest finds means, or, if he cannot find, creates them. - IUDITH HOPE BRITT uludy.. High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy. Pep Club 1,2,3,4g F.H.A. lg Spanish Club 2g Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4g F.T.A. 2,3,4g Treasurer 2g Secretary 3, Second Vice-President 4, Girls' Basketball Team, Yearbook Staff 4. WENDELL DRANE BRUTON "Weasel" Give me a ready hand rather than a ready tongue. CHARLES EDWIN BYBEE "Elvis" Nature made him, and then broke the mold. Band l,2,3g Junior Conservation 1. MARTHA ANN ADWELL "Happy" A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. F,H,A. 1,25 Pep Club 1,2g F.T.A. 3,43 Spanish Club 3g Tri-I-li-Y 4g All District Band 1,2,3,4, Most Improved Player in Band 3, Superior Rating at Re- gional Contest, Excellent Rating at State Contest. PATSY MILLER ALEXANDER "Strawberry" The hair-brained chatter of irresponsible frivolity. Latin Club lg Spanish Club 2g Pep Club 2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 3,4g F.H.A. l,2g Band l,2,3,4, Majorette 1, 2,3,4, Majorette Superior District Contest 3, All District Band 4: F.T.A. 3,4g Speech Club 3. BARBARA BASIL "Duck" Everything there is to leam isn't in a book. F.T.A. l,2,3,4g Assistant Librarian 3: F.H.A. 1,2 3,4g Junior Degree 2, Chapter Degree 3. JUDY DARLENE BERTRAM "Teeny" She has a smile for everyone, from the time the day starts until the day is done. F.T.A. 23 Pep Club l,2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,4g Recreational Leader 4g Junior Degree in F. H.A.: Yearbook Staff4. ' A STELLA BYRD "Buttons" Be silent and safe -- silence never betrays you. F.H,A. 1,2,3,4g Junior and Chapter Degrees. BILLY .TOE CASSADY "Fat Daddy" My appetite comes to me while eating. Football 1,2,3,4g Junior Conservation l,2,3g Yearbook Staff 4. CLYDE CHAPLIN "Buck" Men of few words are the best men. Track 2,3g Football 4. MARGIE COMPTON ..Marg.. Silence is more eloquent than words. Transfer from Park Cityg F.H.A. 3,4, FREIDA ANN CONNER "Teda" Wit and wisdom are born with a woman. F.T.A. 1,2,3g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Reporter 3, First Vice- President 4, Junior and Chapter Degrees: Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Office Girl 1,3,4g Yearbook Staff 4. LARRY G. COOK "Larry D." I didn't know 'at. Radio Club l,2,3,4g Future Engineers 2,3,4g Boy Scouts, Valley Forge Jamboree 1957. GLORIA CRAIG "Sidwe1l" Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Latin Club l,2,3g Beta Club 2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 35 F.T.A. lg Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Youth Assembly Delegateg Senior Play 4. CHARLES DAVIS "Charlie" Life is a pleasant institution, And he takes it as it comes. Band 1,2,3,4, Trombone-excellent in Regional Con- IBSI 2. ROBERT WORLEY DICKINSON "Milk--um" I would rather be right than President. Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Most Improved Player 2g Basketball 2g Latin Club 1,2, Consul 2, Radio Club 2,3,4g wee Scientist 3,4g Friend of the Roman People 3.4, Class President 3,4g Future Engineers 2,3,4. JIMMY DOWNING 1lDekN As for me all I know is that I know nothing. Junior Conservation Club 1,2,3g Football 2,35 Latin Club 3,45 Boy Scout Philmont Jamboree and Boy Scout Valley Forge J amboreeg Consul of the Latin Club 4. CHARLES ELMORE ..BaggS.. Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder. Basketball 2,3,4g Beta Club 2,3,4, Sergeant at Arms 4g F.T.A. 25 Radio Club 2, Class Offices: Treasurer 1, Vice-President 2, Reporter 3. REBECCA ARLENE ELMORE "Angel Eyes" A foolish heart may claim many loves, but her heart claims only one. Latin Club 1,2g F.H.A 1,3g F.T.A 1,3, Band2g Basket- ball 4. JERRY HOWARD DAVIS "Assistant" Seen rather than heard. Junior Conservation 1,2,3,4g Art 2g F.T.A. 4g Boy Scout National Jamboree, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 1957. ROY LEE DAVIS "Leroy" Men gladly believe what they wish to. Track 1,23 Football l,2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 4, TERRY DAVIS "Chief" I-Ie does well who does his best. Wee Scientist 3,4g Junior Conservation 1,2,4g Boy Scouts, Valley Forge Jamboree 1957. LEONARD CHARLES DICKINSON "Charlie" It is good to rub and polish our brains against that of others. Latin Club 1,2, Treasurer 2g Wee Scientist 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2: Beta Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Junior Conservation 1,25 Radio Club 3,4, Secretary 33 Boy Scouts Troop No. 214 1,2,3,4g Trips - Valley Forge Jamboree 1957, Region 7 Canoe Trip Qwisconsinj 1956g Eagle Scout, Senior Patrol Leader. RUTH CURRY ELZY "Ruchie" The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it. Latin Club lg F.H.A. 1,23 Pep Club lg BetaClub 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Secretary 4g Speech Club 3, State Speech Festival 35 Citizenship Award 2. ANITA ENGLAND "Duce" Dynamite comes in small packages. Majorette 1,2,3g Pep Club lg Majorette Superior in District Competition 35 Yearbook Staff 4. JESSE S. FERGUSSON "Jenks" If you can't beat'em, join 'em. Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4gFuture Engineers 2,3,4g Wee Scientists 3,45 F .H.A. Beau 3, 4, Band 13 All District Band lp Yearbook Staff 4. ALICE ELIZABETH FERRELL ..BO0gie.. Beauty is power, a smile is its sword. Tri-Hi-Y 2,33 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g F.T,A, l,2,3g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Recreational Leader 3, Junior and Chapter Degreesg Yearbook Staff 4. DOUGLAS FRAZIER ..D0ug.. Every man is like company he wants to keep. Junior Conservation 1,2,3. RAE MARIE FRASLER "Raymer" Animals are such agreeable friends -- they ask no questions, they pass no criticism. F.T,A. l,3,4, Treasurer 4g F,H,A, l,2,4, Junior Degreeg Assistant Librarian 1. ROY LEECH GARMON "Muscles" He s tough, ma am: tough and devilish sly. Basketball l,2g Football 1,2,3,4g Tennis 2,3,4, Class Vice-President 2, Class Secretary 3,4. U D GERALDINE GARNETT "Gerri" Silence is golden, so they say, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Beta Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Youth Assembly Delegate 2,3g Latin Club 1,2,3, Consul 2, Latin Club Convention lg Yearbook Staff 4g Radio Reporter for School 3,4g world Affairs Institute 3. BRENDA JOYCE HAGAN "Little One" I'll find a way or make it. Latin Club l,2,3, Delegate to Latin Club Convention 3, F.T.A. lj Tri-Hi-Y 2,a,43 Beta Club 2,3,43 Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2,33 Candidate for Football Queen 3g Pep Club l,2,3,43 Business Manager of Yearbook 43 Vice-President of Pep Club 43 Senior Play 4. RILEY D. HANDY "Bird" A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. Latin Club 1,2,33 Wee Scientist 1,2,3,43 Radio Club 3,43 Beta Club 3,43 School Reporter 43 Class Treas- urer 3,4. JOYCE ANN HARLAN "Half Pint" It is not size that counts. F.H.A. 1,2,3,43 Latin Club 1,23 Pep Club 1,21 Tri- Hi-Y 3,43 Yearbook staff 4s Junior and Chapter De- grees in F.H.A.3 F,'l',A. 4, NORMA LOUISE HUNT "Lou" The only way to have a friend is to be one. F.H.A, 13 Latin Club 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,43 F.T.A. 33 Pep Club 43 Yearbook staff 4. SAMMIE SUE GASS "Chamrny Chew" It matter not how long you live, but how. Spanish Club 1,25 F.T.A. 2,33 Pep Club lg Girls' Basketball Team 3,4. EDDIE MAE GOAD "Smiley" lt's better to learn late than never. F.H.A, l,2,3,4, Junior and Chapter Degrees3 F.T.A. 2,3. JACKIE SUE GOSNELL "Hook" Our first and last love is -- self love. Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4g Office Girl 33 F.T.A. 1,23 F.H,A. l,2, Historian 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,43 Art Award 3g Place Second Regional Art Contest 33 Spanish Club 1,23 Art Editor of Year- book 43 Senior Play 4. ANN GUFFEY "Anee" Ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. F.H,A. 1,23 Spanish Club lg Pep Club 1,2,3,43 F.T.A. 23 Band 33 Yearbook Staff 4. 'ii DARLENE HUNT "Little Darlin" O good red head which all men know. F. T.A. lg Latin Club 1,2, 3, Songleader 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 4, Second Vice-Presi- dent 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4. CHRISTINE JAMES "Time" She may be personally defeated, but her principles never. F. T. A. 35 Yearbook Staff 4. LEONA JAMES "Little Girl" Happiness is a habit to be cultivated. F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 4 GRACE KAYE LANE "Kayo" They can because they think they can. F. H. A. 1,2, 45 Pep Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. 1 x JOYCE LONDON ..JOy.. A smile that wins, a manner that takes, Everywhere she goes, a friend she makes. F.H. A. 1,2g Tri-Hi-Y 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Curule Aedile 3, Assistant Librarian 1,2, 3, 4. EDNA LOU ISE LYNN "Eddie" Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. F. H. A. 1. RALPH LYNN "Cottontop" Slow and Steady wins the race. Future Engineer Club 3, Baseball 3, 4. JOAN MC GLASSON "Joan-i-o" A good smile is the sunshine of wisdom. Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Reporter 2, Beta 2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 1, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, President 4, District Parliarnentarian in F. H. A. 4, Delegate at state convention in F. H. A. 3, Dele- gate atLeadership Conference 45 Debate Team 1, 2, Rotary Award 3, Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Teenager of the month. MARJORIE CAROL MORAN "Tiger" There is no wisdom like frankness. Pep Club l,2,45 F.H.A. 1,25 F.T.A. 25YoungLibrarian 25 Band 35 Yearbook Staff 4. ROBERT MORAN "Bubbles" Adventure and fun -- world here I come. Football 1, 3,4. CARROLL EDWARD NUNN "Eddie" It takes all sorts of people to make a world. Band 1,2,3,45 All District Band 25 Dance Band 2,3,fL BONITA SUE PACE qspeedyn Not who but what, not the person but the deed. Latin Club 15 F.T.A. 1,3,45 Girls' Basketball 3,45 Tennis 45 Honor Medal in Physical Education 35 Class Secretary 2. CAROLYN MC MURTREY kms!! The wealth of mankind is the wisdom they leave. F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 President 35 Historian 45 Junior De- gree 15 Chapter Degree 25 Beta Club 2,3,45 F .T.A. 15 Latin Club 1,25 Scrapbook 25 Pep Club 1,3,45 Editor of Yearbook 45 F.H.A. Award 25 Citizenship Award 35 Business Manager of Senior Play 4. DOUGLAS MANSFIELD "Stonewall" Speaks little, does much. Junior Conservation 1,2,3, Vice-President 25 Presi- dent 35 Future Engineer Club 25 Junior Varsity Football 25 Varsity Football 3,45 Track 2,3,4. JO BRENT MILLER "Huckleberry" A Rose is sweeter in the bud than full blown. Pep Club l,2,3,45 F.T.A. 15 Latin Club 1,2, Secre- tary 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 45 Youth Assembly 3,4, Attorney General 45 Beta Club 2,3,45Cheerleader 2,3,4. EWING LEE MONTGOMERY Vlchllbll Eat enough and it will make you wise. Football 35 Baseball 35 Junior Conservation l,2,3. ALICE PALMORE nsmmyn Principle is ever my motto, not expediency. Pep Club 1,2, F.H.A. 1,2, Band 3,Yearbook Staff 4. REX KELLY PATTERSON ' 'F leetfoot" He that never climbed never fell. Baseball 1,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,4, Tumbling Team 1, F.T.A, 1,2, Band 2, Yearbook Staff 4. ANNA MAE PEDIGO "Radio" Nothing is said that hasn't been said before. Transfer from Austin-Tracy, Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F.T.A. 3.4, Historian 4, Band 1,3, Dance Band 1, Acrobatic Majorette 1, F,H.A. 2,3,4, Junior Degree2,Saxaphone Ensemble, Regional and State Contest--rating su- perior, Yearbook Staff 4. HAROLD WAYNE PE DIGO I lHa1ll Man of few words and. many actions. Wee Scientist 1,2, Radio Club 3. JANE MOORE PEDIGO "Lard" She makes our smiles grow brighter, and helps our hearts to be gayer and lighter. F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, F.T.A. l,2,3,4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Office Girl 1,2,3, Yearbook Staff 4. CARL WAYNE PICKETT "Crash" Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. President of Citizenship Club 1, Future Engineers 3,4, Track 3,4, Basketball 4, Football 4, Yearbook Staff 4. RONNIE POTTER "Yank" No man is the wiser than his leaming. Wee Scientist 1,2,3,4, Radio and Electronics Club 2,3,4, Beta Club 2,3,4, Vice-President Beta Club 3, Class President 2, Class Vice-President 3,4. CHARLES POTTS "Pizza" A good head and an honest hand will take a man through any land . Junior Conservation Club 1,2, Wee Scientist Club 3,45 Football 3.4. JERRY RAYBURN "Wreckless" Awake, arise, or be forever fa1l'nl Band l,2,3,4g Football lg Junior Conservation 1,2,3g F.T.A. 33 All District Band 2,3. BARBARA ANN REDFORD "Sparkles" All is well that ends well. Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 43 F.T.A. 1: Latin Club 1,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Beta Club 3,4g Cheerleader 3, Yearbook Staff 4g Senior Play 4, Secretary of Home- room 25 President of Homeroom 3. .T AMES W. RITTER "Billy" Never do today what can be done tomorrow. Beta Club 3,45 Wee Scientist 2,3,4g Future Engineers 2,3,4g Junior Conservation 4, F,T.A. 4, President 4. .TENNIE LOU ROPP "Stilts" A hard beginning maketh a good ending. Latin Club 1,2,35 F.T,A. 1, Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4g Beta Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Span- ish Club 3, Treasurer 3g Cheerleader 2,3,4g Candi- date for Homecoming Queen 3, Youth Assembly 3. JOYCE POYNTER ..J0y.. Not much talk -- a great sweet silence. F'.H.A. 1,2,3,4: S0ngleader 1. ANNA RAY PROFFITT "Ponytail" That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful. FJ-I.A. 1,2,3, Second Vice-President 3g Junior and Chapter Degree, F.T.A. 3,4, Secretary 4g Spanish Club 2,3g Girls' Basketball Team 3,4. STANLEY PROFFITT "Atlas" I believe in work, but I'm not in favor of it. Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4gBasketball 1,2,3gBase- ball 1,2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 4g Tumbling Team 1. WILLIAM RAMEY ClBi-ul! Deeds, not words. Radio Club 2,33 Basketball 1,25 Football 2. Q KENNETH RUPE "Rufus" All for joy, joy for all5 Why worry in a world so small? F.T.A. 3,45 Radio Club 45 Yearbook Staff 4. WANDA LEE STEENBERGEN l1Leell Beauty is one's virtue. F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 25 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Pep Club 3,45 J. V. Cheerleader 35 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Miss Barren County 19585 Homecoming Qleen 4. BOBBY TEASLEY "Bob" Words are womeng deeds are men, Band 1,2,3,45 Wee Scientist 3,4, President 45 Future Engineers 2,3,45 Baseball 1. RICHARD THOMAS "Farmer" Tall -- so tall and liked by all. Latin Club l,2,35 Junior Conservation 1,25 Speech Club 2,3, President 35 F.T.A. 3,4, vice-President 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Football 1,25 Basketball 15 Future Engineers Club 35 F.H.A, Beau 35 M, C. Junior-Sen- ior Banquet 35 Senior Play 4. DIXIE GAYLE TRENT llDagn,1arl1 I have often regretted my speech, never my silence. Transferred from Memorial High. FJ-l.A. 1,2,3,4, First Vice-President 35 Pep Club 15 Miss Freshrnang President of Freshman Class5 Teen Age Club 15 Yearbook Staff 45 F.T.A. 3, Secretary 3. LORETTA ANN UNDERWOOD "Snooks" It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are. Transferred from Austin Tracy High. Cheerleader 25 F.H.A. 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 F.T.A. 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Band 15 Girls' Basketball 3,45 Junior Degree 15 Yearbook staff 4. RUBY NELL WILSON "Bibbie" Out of mind as soon as out of sight. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Latin Club 2,35 F.H.A. 15 Pep Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Assistant Librarian 3,45 Office Girl 4. MARCIA WYANT "Trigger" She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with, And pleasant, too, to think on. Band l,2,3,45 Drum Majorette 3,45 Rated Excellent at State lg Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Speech Club 35 Spanish Club 25 President 25 F.T.A. 15 Homeroom Treasurer 1 ,2,35Beta Club 2,3,45 Saxophone Ensemble-Super- ror at State 35 Office Girl l,2. Uncfercfassmen XX 5 X, 3 NXYXXXN XXxX qKw3wmxxX3XxxxxxX Va faa INCIPAL 4 14 1 X- x ff!fZ37 X.: xx X N xk N x , 3. . .-. ., . - 1- . LU'-Tn:-I' , .hS..n -" , 51,-ls' D J -Jvk ,' -'Q 1!lI,1' 'H 1 1 If I , 0 Il ' ' I4 I I 'r'-.-- i .',..'f"'fv '."X"1-,' " x"p7. I M ' I.-'s ' hx' ' ' ' 'C I ', ..'l'v,,e'L,'1L4f 'xg"' Q fx v 1 1 , J u' -. v'vf: 1 1 ' ' ' 4' un' I ' : . " 0" 4 .l1"'. "- .A r I-- X jg' 'Il' .4 ' ' "'. f'1q! J U W- . ,l-, , ' s, ' . .sal W N n ' n ' .V . X 5 :- .v, - ' 1 .' X .' KJM J ' u ' '. " .Q-:'.-'."."' "'1'-'f - . .' ."s","'-1' "'.". X ",?f,'s. 1-r-"., rf!-,ur-t-v nl'J.- fel I 1 4 A 0 l 'ff ' 4' 1 I U ,Ana , vluaf . i 4 l'. , ' 'AJ -x' Q'-.- fd' 1' .fr f' -'II' - HN, ,4 -. 'psi -' 41" ,L' -0- sr . 1' . 4' .5' C' ' l.Ll AF I ?f f . r ff. i? .-g-.+- unio rs CLASS OFFICERS President .............. Jimmy Ross Vice-President . . . . Benny Dickinson Secretary-Treasurer . . . Sue Gr0Ce Sandra Blankenship Leathel Bowles Martha Sue Broady Mary Lou Broady Ruth Brown Bobby Cary I. C. Doyle Roy Duvall Sue Groce Linda Grooms Laydell Gunnels Don Handy Lillian Hare Ruth Ann Harlow Ernest Cassady Calvin Coffey Lucy Davis Crow Richard Davis Benny Dickinson Louise Doolin Robert Edwards Terry Frazier Barbara Harp Jim Haynes James David Houck William Hughes Charles Jackson Bobby Iolly Jackie Leech Iohn Keys Freddie Jones Paul Kingrey Lrglda Lyle Tommy Lyons Wayne McCoy Pauline McKinney Douglas Marr Daryl Martin Ray Peden Jack Pedigo Billy Don Prewitt Martha Pruitt A. C. Reeves Ann Richardson Jean Robertson Jimmy Ross Kaye Matthews Melvyn Matthews Juanita Morgan Tommy Morrison Patsy Murray Freddie Norris Martha Powell Tim Proffitt Mac Rutledge Jerry Ryan Francis Settle Billy Smith Claudette Smith Terry Smith Bobby Stone Linda Taylor James Spencer Io Ann Stewart Barbara Tolle Sarah Turner Bob Williams Sallie Wilson Charlotte Ellis Patricia Huffman James Claspell Mary Emma Cook Larry Crawford Barbara Davrs Walter Wlnn Davrs Pauletta Dawsey Terry Denton Dorothv Depp Margaret England Sammy Faught Ronme Ford Lew rs Fox Henry Francls Jerry Froedge Joye Froedge p omores Mary Lou Adwell Judy Alexander Lrnda Allen Betty Atmp Jrmmy Baldock Mary Lors Baldock Wanda Bartlett Brenda Bewley Iessre Broady Mltchell Brooks Shrrley Brown Gary Buchholz Ross Cherry Velma Frances Chrrsty I f ,1 sw ' , ' I ' x 2 l V Betty Sue Botts l 1 L Bonnie Furlong Lee Ann Gass Celia Green Keith Gunnels Sara Io Hall Buddy Hancock William Hare Wendell Hodges Robert Hogue Billy Houchens Paulette Huffman Barbara Jessie Jean Luckett Jones Joe Keys Joe Klrns Conme Lapidus Vrrgima Lyle Bonnie Marr David McDaniel Barbara Meek Mary Leech Myers Ronnie Nlchols Robert Potter Donna Quigley Joe Renfro William Richardson Tommy Sabens Donnie Scoggrns Joyce Scoggins Susie Short S. 'Ns CLA President Vice Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Loretta Smith Marjorie Smith Reeda Stockton Barbara Thomerson Amelia Vanzant Billy Ward Bonnie Wells Patty Wheet Philip Whiteside Douglas Wrllrams Judy Wrlson Janie Brad ford Ann Dickinson Harold Edwards Martha Gabbard SS OFFICERS Walter Winn Davis Judy Belle Alexander Dorothy DepD 'fl' id Margaret Jackson David Sprllman CLASS OFFICERS President ..... Charles Frasier Vice President . . C. E. Rutledge Secretary Treasurer . Susanne Norman Anna Margaret Alexander Joanna Bishop Guy Bowles Patty Bowles Sondra Bowman Phillip Boyter Diane Branstetter Phillip Buckner Burnell Bush Jerry Bybee Frances Carver Johnnie Carver Sue Cary Sue Combs K I if K 1, P ,,, 'wi 'E' we 14 '12 M , Xiu ww .Vw 149' ,Q ii? f.Hgl, CLASS OFFICERS STANDING: Donald Walden, Tommy Mc- Kinney, Joe Taylor, Mary Crouch, Sherry Jo Depp, Judy Norman, Patricia Norville, Colleen Doyle, Carol Ann Cole, Brenda Madison, Rose Wilson, Harold Rigsby, Larry Joe Culver. KNEELING: Robert Elzy, Genira Stephens, James Lyons, Paula Osborne, Harty Baruch, Edward Atnip, Tommy Russell, Roger Delk, Carolyn Wheeler, Jan Lewis. Elglzfll Grade Billie Alexander Ferrell Alexander Glenda Asbury Duane Aspley Edward Atnip Sam Boles Allison Barrett Harty Baruch Jerry Brooks Wayne Calvert Walter Chaplin Carol Ann Cole Russell Combs Jerry Crabtree Mary Crouch Larry Joe Culver Barbara Davis Dana Delk James Delk Philip Delk Ronald Delk Sherry Jo Depp Gloria Dickerson Lewis Dickinson Colleen Doyle Roger Doyel Paul Duvall Robert Elzy Philip Frasier Steve Frazier Ruth Annett Garnett Carolyn Gass Linda Grinstead Margaret Hall Brenda Handy Brenda High Harold Rlgsby Fred Rlley Margle Rogers Thomas Russell Regg1e Sadler Davrd Short Arnold Smrth Genrra Stephens Holland Strange Martha Teasley Sue Turner Patucra Vance Brenda Vrbbert Mtke Walbert Carol Walker Carolyn Wheeler Susre Wh1te Sally W11l1ams Rose Wrlson Mrke Pursley Joe Huffman Gary Jensen Shirley Jobe Sharon Jolly Connie Jones Ph1l1p Krng Faye Kuzma Carol Leaym Jan Lewrs James Lyons Bob Matthews Gary Moore Judy Norman John O Brren W1ll1am Ogles Paula Osborne Nancy Peery James Potter Lrnda Poynter Rachel Ramsey Yandell Ramsey Charles R1ce Carolyn Kendall Erleen Lapldus Jo Ann Logsdon Larry McDan1el Loretta McFarland Brenda Madrson Shrrley Meador Joe Montgomery Patr1c1a Newcom Patrrcra Norvrlle Kenya Sue Pace 9U97lfll Cgracle CLASS OFFICERS STANDING: Emily Settle, Gloria Britt, Bev- erly Risen, Martha Nuckols, Della Jean Ren- fro, Lynn Pugh, and Carol Mayes. KNE- ELING: Tommy Spencer, Lawrence Ryan, Kenneth Boden, Jim Whiteside, and Ronnie Murray. Lloyd Adams Jimmy Adwell Jean Agers Donna Alspaugh Judy Bacon Larry Belcher Julianne Bewley Kenneth Boden Richard Botts Charles Bradshaw Gloria Britt Joe David Britt William Brown Joyce Buckner Kenneth Bush Janice Cassady Cheryl Cecil Samuel Chambers Mary Ann Chaney Peggy Sue Cheatham Cecil Christie Larry Christy Barbara Jean Church Brenda Joyce Clark Mitchell Cloyd Geralean Coffey Connie Colter Jimmy Combest Jane Cook Martha Cook Billy Cooksey Clester Cox John Crouch Kenneth Davis Mary Davis Carolyn Decker James Decker Q Deceased Eddre Henry Jo Ann Phrlrp Suzanne Jolly Charles Jones Sharon Jones Sharon Jump Betty Lou Ke1 Anna Kettle James Krrn Larry Lakrn Marsha Lane COIIIHS Ledford Ann Longshore 'vlartha Lotus Carolyn Lovell Charles Lyons Wesley INJZIIOI1 Fred Marshall Jr Carol Mayes Nlary McC1uskey Gary McG1asson Charles Xloran Phyllrs Denton V1v1an Denton Bonrta Dyer Carolyn Edwards Vlargle Elmore Arnold Emmrtt Charles England Glorra Jean England Paul England Barbara Faught Jerry Ford Kenneth Froedge Sandra Galloway Lrnda Joyce Grbbons Evelyn Carol Goad B11ly Goodman Bobby Goodman Charles Goodman Joe Goodman Larry Gore Lrnda Drane Gregory Harold Hale Alan Hapney Dana Harrrs Frank Hatchett Donnre Hensley Drane Hoffman Elda Mae Hogue Sherry Houchens Mary Alrce James . W we . 'rn 1 , . , , . A Mike Moran Anna Morgan Martha Morgan Ronnie Murray Lynn Norris Martha Nuchols Richard Nuckols Jimmy Pace Billy Palmore Brenda Payne Jimmy Peden Wanda Peden Bobby Pedigo David Pedigo David Polson Jimmy Polson Lynn Pugh Della Jean Renfro Gwenn Riddle Beverly Risen Sandra Ritter Lawrence Ryan Emily Settle Larry Settle Dorothy Shaw Billie Shugart Brenda Smith Martha Smith Mary Smith Janet Spencer Roy Stewart Everett Strlts Jimmie Stephens Archie Strxngfield Patricia Stone Barbara Taylor Mike Taylor Rita Thomas Joe Lynn Travis Terry Turner Melvin Vibbert Ray Vibbert Martha Wade Nancy Wade Jeanne Wells Jerry Wells Jim Whiteside Neal Williams Philip Williams Linda Willoughby Richard Wilson George Woodson Sammy York The Science Department offers courses in general science, biology, physics, and chernistryg giving students the ability to seek and solve the mysteries of the physicaland fast mov- ing atomic world. .fx Douglas Mansfield, Anna Ray Prof- fitt, Ronnie Potter, Charles Elmore, and Charlie Dickinson make an ex- periment. Dorothy Depp using the microscope. Billy Ritter, Martha Pruitt, and Terry Davis weighing calcium car- bonate, Science MISS DAVIS'S CLASS STANDING: Roy Garmon, Io Brent Miller, Doug Mansfield, Riley Handy, and Anna Mae Pedigo. FIRST ROW: Charles Davis, Charles Potts, Marcia Wyant, andlerry Davis. SEC- OND ROW: Charlie Dickinson, Carolyn McMurtrey. THIRD ROW: Joyce London. Engfislz The ENGLISH DEPARTMENT has play- ed an important part ofthe past, of- fering courses in literature, grammar, college preparatory, and some work in dramatics and journalism, prepar- ing students for the future. MRS. BRITT'S CLASS Libra ry The LIBRARY contains reference books for allfields ofstudy. SITTING: Danny Branstetter, Danny Mclxiurtrey, Charles Bybee, Faye Harrison, Patricia Gib- bons, Glenda Lohden, Wanda Likens, Barbara Meek, Betty Atnip, Betty Sue Botts, Mary Mitchell Brooks. STAND- ING: Clyde Chaplin, Rex Patterson. To be a good homemaker today is more important than ever, Offering students the importance and opportuni- ty in the subject is the HOME ECO- NOMICS DEPARTMENT: with Courses in child care, grooming, cooking, sewing, and family living. Making curtains tor the department are Darlene Hunt, Stella Byrd, Fre ida Conner, and Edna Lynn, Loretta Underwood, Margie Compton, Carolyn Mclvlurtrey, and Kaye Lane prepare flower arrangements, Home co no mics Jesse Fergusson and Roy Lee Davis hang curtains in the department. Iii 4,1 X H-Q uf Q4 1 Q, f' ' W ff ,ii ? V M p JY' ' W- 1 f' 4 ,, 44 :Q , . .V --a " ' K "fHf2MfiS53f3Q1'z4 N. 5 , 45. ., g ' . ey, .. su-.L ,ucv N P'-ml 'sn fail -. - A.: ,A 5, f 'f' Lk, ' -.- ,. I ,- 'V1 Mir: gC.5"'..i- gng h """"' 5.231- gl ri?-" 5 f ,,, B- num. X 1' 3 an A' Q" ' If 'Q' Q 'Fx v Av,l L Q Q f . - f .F- I .lH' if +!7XN. XY': -FJ-If , -mp- K tb . x 'sf ... 'in .WS K W A mu- mi 196 ffefi A . U I . . ns " 1 5 533 rv E KIJIEX If , V, I ul - 1 Y , HJ fi . nf , Q I ' wr 6' 1 ,F MA , K. ,Q-il 1 -4 ,- 6' N NR, L .Ah s k , .nz ., ' v,,.:nm Q 2 fin mm. 'ms' x, ' f 'I 1"-Qur '-4' 3 5' vm is K fg ...Dv- .gi -. 6 SPORTS EDITOR Stanley Proffitt EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Carolyn McMurtrey ART EDITOR Jackie Gosnell we TYPISTS Freida Conner - Judy Britt Yearlnoole f af? SPORTS EDITOR Rex Patterson BUSINESS MANAGER Brenda Hagan Library Clulr STANDING: SEATED: Martha Powell Darlene Hunt Ruth Elzy Ruby Wilson Joyce London Mrs. W. E. Cook. Lois Mathews Club Sponsor r. onservaffon President ,,,, , Jimmy Polson Secretary-Treasurer , , , , Jim Whiteside Vice-President ......... . . Cecil Christie Sponsor ..... . . . . . . . . . Mr. Paul Bagby Rom an God S. P. Laffn Parfy S P I R 9 I 5 N 8 5 Roman Peo 'M' .na- -521.4 54- M-' Lazi- M' P 0, I ...- "'Q"5f'f9 -as 1 J 5 .- Q- 'iii aa!! ill? all tl! K!! BNI Ill Ill ln' I L 7 4-, .S A 'lx ,V k44,,.g 14' 1 ..- 5 Q, .- n,p+ 6 .1 i HUMEM QQWWRE 5399 AKUPS iii Q AMERICA Y I! . . -. if 99 1' President ,,,,,,,, Joan McG1asson Sponsor . .... Miss Magdalene Jameson Co-Sponsor . . ..... Mrs, Roma Lane F. H. A. Favorites Roy Garmon, Jesse Fergusson, Roy Lee Davis, and Richard Thomas, PYSHCICHI . . . . Gerri Garnett Sponsors. . . . . Mr. James Bell Mrs, John Worsham 4 IIT' 1,1 Radio Club ' Sponsor .... . . Mr. Marcus Combs President ..... . . Charles Dickinson Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,, Johnny White F. T. A. Sponsors . . . . Miss Willie Maye Scott Mr. James Simmons President .......... . Billy Ritter First Vice-President .... Ann Richardson Second Vice-President ,,,,, Judy Britt Secretary ........ Anna Ray Proffitt Treasurer . . . . . Rae Marie Frazier Historian . . . . Anna Mae Pedigo QQ Sponsor . President , , Vice-President Secretary , , Treasurer , , cfenffsis . . Miss Lee Smith . . Bobby Teasley . . Robert Dickinson . . Benny Dickinson , , Walter Winn Davis coffie Ba n CHARLES BETHEL HONEYCUTT-BAND DIRECTOR Larry McDaniels, Mike Pace, Wanda Duncan, Stephen Frazier, Jack Pedigo, Dannie Duvall, Charles Lyons, Bobby Jolly, James Pace, Terry Turner, Jim Potter, Tommy Lyons, Bonnie Furlong, Mike Jones, Jason Gardner, Linda Willoughby, Bobby Teasley, Billy Rogers, Terry Grissom, Ronnie Nickols, Emily Settle, Brenda Bewley, Jerry Haynes, Paula Osborne, Danny O'Brien, Bob Burdette, Martha Lotus, Sandy Ritter, Lucy D. Crow, Martha Gabbard, Andrea Gides, Donna Quigley, Linda Harlow, Charles Bradshaw, Calvin Coffey, Jean L. Jones, Susie White, Janet Steen, Judy B, Alexander, Mike Norville, Freddie Marshall, Mike Walbert, Terry Frazier, Jerry Rayburn, Jackie Leech, Martha Teasley, Sandra Galloway, Jimmy Polson, Geralean Coffey, Ronnie Nickols, Patricia Norville, La Veece Ganter, A. C. Reeves, Sondra Bowman, Rollin Underwood, Bobby Cary, Joy Froedge, Sandra Pedigo, Phillip Nickols, Jerry Froedge, Ann Longshore, Sandra Cady, Charles Davis, Brenda Simmons, Carroll Nunn, Bobbie Forrest, Amelia Vanzant, Barbara Parson, Mary Emma Cook, Mike St Grarles, Jo Karen Frazier, Tommy Furlong, Martha Adwell, Bobby Kerrick, Sherry Depp, Mary Davis, James Lyons, Charles Moran, Jerry Ryan, Billie Alexander, Anna M, Alexander, Martha Rose Lyons, Marcia Wyant, Bonnie Potts, Linda Gabbard, Mary Leech Myers, Patsy Alexander, Bonnie Wells, Mafo reffes J' :xg NX. :LE .5 ',, ..L ni gjg,,.- . " fs- ' ', K", ..a J J -vii' Bonnie Potts Martha Gabbard Bonnie Potts Patsy Alexander Martha Gabbard Marcia wyam Bonnie Wells Mary Leech Myers Anna Alexander Mary Leech Myers Marcia Wyant Patsy Alexander Bonnie W ells Anna 1 s 3 Gerri Gamett QCherry Blossomj gives the welcoming speech. Dr Farleys message Hear No X Evil! See No Evil! Speak No Evil: " . i i The .T unior Boys sing "Japanese Lanterns." W 5 WM 2' M1 'im ,553-' if i-Q6 JF ll' f W' ...W Mu"l,,g'C3 Of" ', 4 413 f ? Y .5 n v an Q' , , .' G -ff 1 . A , k 3 N ' If Q-34, an xl Aff Z. f Q 3 , f ' V ,Q i l f ' :I , I. .. r .,,g 4 Af S7 n ' 3 .- 4 , ., 3 'mi ". m.gQ'v' yi f, uw '. Q 5 w ,,.5 'P-vi 3 if ,a 3 5' J Q! ,uw 1 aqui fi?" x g , -, V- 23,19 Q, ,A ..,,.. , , ,W , ,M 'g ,2..w- . AQ .,.f. - ...- , ,, fa 1 Y 2. A ,gffsgzpgg S ,- ,Q V ,Q ,.. ' f,,,h y , ' , rf J W ,ga UNL? f wi I .-. yy V, ,mqif - - jwmgif , my , , 5, ,V , .,,, QM f Y s---4 43' wi x .,, -u'v-'r-r'1i 'nf I ,avg I V 1 ,115 'ii' 1-5- if M X. x X Tw! Spa rfs Y l I COACHES Carter Hooks - Earl Bradford Gary Riggs l MANAGER Tommy McKinney paul Kingm- cofffes MANAGER Y I ' y F ' 4 H7346 25285-i275 . y A 11, f ll Doug Robert Robert Don Ernest Billy Roy M8f1SfiC1Cl Edwards Dickinson Handy Cassady Cassady Garmon Stanley Proffitt Jimmy Ross Jesse Fergusson L4 Rex Patterson Clyde Charles Roy Freddy David Chaplin Jackson Davis Jones McDaniel SU 1432 153 4 lpn Bobby Charles Sammy W alter Tommy Phlllp W1ll1am Moran Potts Faught Dav1s Mornson Wh1fe51d9 R1chardson 'V-4 11 i354 Daryl B1l1Y Jerry Davrd Benny Gary Rlchard Martrn Smlth Wooten Sp111man Drckmson Buchholz Dav1s his TOTUITW Ross Carroll Mlke Royal Cec11 hmm y Sab6r1S Cherry Coffee Va1r1n Shootman Chusty Polson Ienme Lou ROPP RALPH HAMMER STADIUX1 S Wanda Steen 3 r en Io Brent bLl'I'1 Mrller Garnett my C i , O C B gk .r SV W ' E ' 1 1 lf ' X' B I , .Aj 1 if i , 5 3 y y A . E . O L C T E I A E BE C C y CA R l 1,1-Q 5' 1 9 -i2-w"4 f7 1 3 Q 'fi f Si , Rex Patterson scores against SL 106. M , :,e.ffffw wif' 1? ,Q A .' 1e'V4" f stops Bowli .5 BACK ROW: Holland Strange, Donald Walden, Carl Ayers, Gary May, Leslie Wells, Chris Grinstead, Bill Taylor, Mike Smith, Charles Rice, Coach William Delk. MIDDLE ROW: Harty Baruch, Bobby Goodman, Billy Goodman, Charlie Goodman, Lewis Dickinson, Charles Frasier, Jim Whiteside, Joe Downing, Jerry Wells. FRONT ROW: Fred Riley, Mike McCoy, Jimmy Pace, Ronnie Murray, Lloyd Adams, Larry Belcher, Jimmy Adwell. Jimmy Martin, Sammy York. Paula Osborne, Emily Settle, Linda Willoughby, and Colleen Doyle. GWZ-ZOOITIZOI 'il Booster's Float Band Queen's Float " ia 'In O J. , ,fn 0: it --"q, 'gs Sue Grooe, Linda Allen, Jo Brent Miller, Janet Parker, Mary Leech Myers, Linda Taylor, Wanda Steenbergen, Sondra Bowman. Junior High Float Club Float P A R A D E Na ,WDW l -wfagaf Q0 WANDA STEENBERGEN Football Queen The Queen and her court Jackle Gosnell and Sonnx R1 shave part on profzram. CD BACK ROW 'viary Leech Myers, Lrnda Taylor, Jo B1'6HIN11116I', Wanda Steenberaen, Sue uroce, Llnda Allen. FRONJT ROW Sondra Bowman, Sonnv Rvws, Janet Parker QQ1'l Q61 Q1'S EEE Lrnda Allen Jane Hall Janet Parker Martha S Broady VARSITY Io Brent Mlller Jennle Lou Ropp Wanda Steenbergen Germ Garnett r JUNIOR VARSITY Jean Robertson Lrnda Taylor Sue Groce Mary L Broady Cl, J iff 1 A T B H A L N E Q T u , E C T Ka. L3 Kent Plowman recognized for scholastic standing. 4 ,QTFQS Gary Oaks acknowledged Algun Faught congratulated as best best back. lineman. S P I R 9 I 5 N 8 G ll Charles Elmore Qjach E31-1 Bradford Wayne McCoy Ph111p Whneside Tlm P1-offnt Terry Smlth Paul Kmgery B111y Houchens Mac Rutledge Davld Spulman Mlke Smnzh Fredd1e Norms Denms Hughes Managers Gary Buchholz Clyde Chaplm Jerry Wooten BACK ROW: Jerry Harlan, Larry Crawford, David Jones, Gary May, Joe Downing, MIDDLE ROW: Coach Carter Hooks, Billy Ward, Donnie Scoggins, Woody Simmons, William Hare, Charles Frasier, Gary Buchholz. FRONT ROW: Dennis Hughes, Keith Gunnels, C. E, Rutledge, Sammy Faught, Ronnie Nichols, Chris Grinstead. BACK ROW: Jimmy Pace, Ronnie Murray, Mike Moran, Lewis Dickinson, Jerry Wells, Cecil Christie, Tommy McKinney, Danny Houchens, Manager, Bill Luster. MLDDLE ROW: Jim Whiteside, Donald Walden, Mike McCoy, Joe Lynn Travis, Jimmy Della, Bob Matthews, Paul Duvall, Jimmy Polson, Fred Riley, Coach Delk. FRONT ROW: Harry Baruch, Everett Stilrs, Holland Strange, Philip Frasier, Terrell Alexander, Philip Delk, Ricky Alexander. ' e A -Z Q UH 737i A mf - '-rift, Vg 5 ' ' 5 ' if sm ,,gQE,J?.,a - - , H r cf ,QM 54 ' Qi! Qffv-E'-,-F. fe , A ' fe' Rxffx ,..A..1'.! Y -'nf' .. Hy. A . Y' X P 'i r .x j a'1-' -Qglt -v ' - 2 U... . x.:-I X ' ' ff' I A9- , . , 1 x . .f ,..q. . , , Ag, M.- I ' Y .., f -kg: Fir, , ,L-gf , 1 .I ML .',- I L 'Q - " 5" .Q x- Q 8 QQJY Fu!! is G at uf ,?g'?a'- G B! '37 35 J5.4:y- ,G , . - 5 -75 Q",-35?-'-u Q '?'F!-gurfffgkfg-'Q' 5, ' 5. , 'Q v.,, ag. Q . Ei G f 4' M'g2'f'SY'f"g"'- n ' R995-' Q. 'V R X y4'V ,1kxV, as Glasgow Teac ers gamzahon OFFICERS President, Mrs. Hollis Norrisg Vice - President, Mrs. Louis Shepherdg Secretary, Mr. James Bellg Treasurer, Mrs. Earl Beam. czfefy QQIQ For several years G.H.S, has co-operated wirh the local T. P.A, in promotion of educational projects for National Safety Week. We give you the 1958 winners. Freshman First Class Prize Sophomore Class Jumof Class Second Third 'rv 4 Prize Prize f4'! k 1 Senior Class miami T H A Fourth Prize aq v '. , ',--,lv ' 1 .. 1 1 '.':' ff. A - '.'. "' '. a x UM? aff U VIC R00111 CQ I' O W" Mary Lou and Martha Sue Broady Jerry and Terry Davis 4'-.N Jerry and Joy Froedge Bobby and Chaxley Goodman A Look Forwar It is Graduation Day May 22, 1959. Eighty happy seniors have returned from the Senior Breakfast. We are talking of our plans forthe future when CHARLIE DICKINSON suggests that we take a look through a small instrument he has perfected which enables one to look into the future. It is my turn to look, and I shall record what I see. I see a schoolroom. Why, it's our own schoolroom here at G. Il. S. Look who is sitting at the teach- er's desk, WENDELL BRUTON. He is trying to keep order, but he finds it very difficult. Next is JANE MOORE PEDIGO. She is now Mrs. Darrell Page. They are living here at Glasgow where Jane is secretary of I3order's Milk Company. MARTHA ADWELL has graduated from the University of Kentucky and is now band director at G. H. S. REX PATTERSON is a radio announcer at W K A Y. He has his own program, "Tops in Pops." EDDIE MAE GOAD is a R. N. at a Baptist hospital in Nashville. Also there are CHRISTINE and LEONA JAMES. They are all doing quite well. JACKIE GOSNELL has a painting which has reached the Hall of F ame. The critics proclaim her another Rembrandt. BONITA PACE is basketball coach at Tompkinsville. Her cage groups have not lost a game in twelve seasons. EWING MONTGOMERY finally made it to Hollywood. His latest film is "Rock Around the World." I see glimpses of cities, mountains, and seas finally the instrument comes to a focus in a rose gar- den in Rome. The gardner, ROBERT DICKINSON, leans upon his spade and admires his newest rose, his owm "Worley," CAROLYN MC MURTREY is a famous dress designer there. She designs dresses for Guiseppi, the Dior of Italy. A jungle comes into view. Deep in the heart of Africa is a small clearing, a group of natives listen as RUTH ELZY, now missionary, teaches them. -. ri In New York I see a theater fllled to capaclty Many have been drsappolnted because they wlll not get to see the famous LORETTA UNDERWOOD a star ln Me and Thee a popular show of the season. ANIX. GUFFEY IS now a happy housewlfe at Bowltng Green Kentucky She has many free hours Io teach plano lessons to her many DUDIIS JOYCE POYNITER, now Joyce Love IS a recordtng artlst for a famous record company Her latest release Green Ghetto has reached the ntunber one spot on the Hlt Parade GERALDINE GARNETT has her own te1ev1s1on show on Channel Two It IS entltled Do You Trust Your Boy Fr1end'? The new pohce Judge of Glasgow IS HAROLD PEDIGO WILLIAM RAMEY has just been brought 1.l'l or speedlng Harold can t dectde whether to f1ne h1m or take away hrs hcense Who d ever thought of lt! FREIDA CONNER IS an old ma1d! Iwo she s not a school teacher and she doesn t hate men. She just doesn t want anyone to get hold of her ten mlllton dollars her r1ch uncle left her LOUISE IIUNT IS one of the most efflclent secretarles Ill the Pentagon Bulldlng She also IS happlly marrled and has two chtldren The Unlted States Congress IS now ln sesslon REBECCA ELMORE the th1rd woman from thts sec t1on has just lntroduced a b1ll that Wlu enable Glasgow to have a skatmg rlnk The blll seems lllcely to pass ,TIMMY DOWNIING IS now Latln teacher here at G ll S lie had planned to take a course lll engln eerlng but h hhed school so well when he was 1 student that he decxded to teach so that he could always be 1n school I see RXF MARIE FRAZIER has done well She now owns the Belmont Stables at Loulsvllle Ken tucky Her horse the famous Sunny Boy has won another race Th1s tune the kentucky Derby XNITA EINGL XND was marrled soon after she graduated from hlgh school She IS llylnsz, lil lens I-XAH E LANE has the honor of belng the flrst woman to fly to the moon ln 1 rocket sh1p C XRL PICI-XETT has just fuushed the two mlnute mlle. He came ln f1rst with CLH DE CII XPLIN a close second and IXENICETH RLPE thlrd. , . . .R , v . L . , ' ' tg I1 f-. 1 n n .. . . . v Y l , . s L , L 4 at an ' 1 1 ' , . . . . N O I ' I! n f . , . . . . . . . 9 ' - ' v a l 1 , . , . . . 0 1 . I , - , . e O U 1 Y - . 0 .' . , C e - . , V . . - A - . , Y . . , I . , , . ,- v -. . . . . . . V il il M . .V ,4-. A 4 K ' . I - I - . V . . . . . , A , ' -1 , V , . 1 I 1 PATSY ALEXANDER is attending Western State College. She has just been chosen Drum Majorette for the comirg year. DOUGLAS FRASIER is a rich land owner in Texas. Besides having acres of land, he also raises goats. We're in Africa once again. This time I see a Safari getting underway. It's led by the Great White Hunter, CHARLES BYBEE. Chief cook of the expedition is JOYCE LONDON. Everyoneenjoys her cooking, even in Africa. Mrs. Elton Perkins, the former BRENDA HAGAN, is living at Dry Fork, Kentucky. She and her husband raise .Tersey cattle. Well, I see BILLY .TOE CASSADY is still loafing. This time he's making money. I-le operates a billiard parlor in Africa. In Nevada I see GLORIA CRAIG. She is secretary to a huge law firm in Reno. CHARLES DAVIS is director of the Louisville Symphonic Orchestra. He plays a violin now instead of a trombone. In Milwaukee I see TERRY DAVIS. He is star pitcher for the Braves. DANNY BRANSTETTER is a criminal lawyer in Chicago. The prosecuting attorney is ROY GARMON. Court is in session and I see they're trying BILLY RITTER for bigamy. BOBBY MORAN is in the automobile business here in Glasgow. He is top car salesman also. The Miss America Pageant is being held in Atlantic City. Our own WANDA STEENBERGEN placed first. She is going to Hollywood to take a screen test. CARROLL NUNN has his own dance band now. Among the players is BOBBY TEASLEY, first cor- net. EDNA and RALPH LYNN own and operate a grocery store inCelina, Tennessee. It has become a thriving business. MARCIA WYANT is attending Kentucky Wesleyan College. She is majoring in biology and chemistry . I' It seems MARTORIE MORAN couldn't stay out of Tompkinsville. She now lives there and operates the new drive-in restaurant. ,TUDY BERTRAM is fashion model for "Seventeen." Her picture has just recently made the cover, I see. ANNA RAY PROFFITT is physical education teacher here at G. H. S. Du ring the summer she oper- ates a grocery store on the Bowling Green Road. ALICE FERRELL couldn't remain away from Glasgow. She now owns the "Kopper Kettle" and has the well-known title of "Doc." STANLEY PROFFITT, the champion athlete of the class, who, instead of becoming adirector of physical education, as we all expected he would become, has in reality developed into a world-famous designer of women's gowns. His creations are the very last word in ladies' apparel from New York and London and Paris to Timbucto. RICHARD THOMAS, who seemed to be the Shakespeare of his generation and of the century, has starred recently in his own production, "Midwinter Nightmare." It has been chosen one of the required selections used in the high schools over the nation. The instrument has revealed a private dance hall in which a famous dancer is busily instructing a number of boys and girls in the art of performing the "Peacock Wiggle" which proved to be the dance in vogue at the time. The instructor is none other than CHARLES POTTS. Following in the footsteps of the scientists and inventors of the last half century, JO BRENT MILLER has made a name for herself as the discoverer of an entirely new means of extracting heat from the air, a process which revolutionized the heating problem of the world, and which places her in the same rank with Edison and the Wright Brothers. ALICE PALMORE couldn't decide whether to be an X-ray technician or move to Bowling Green, She is now secretary at "Reels" Garage there. SAMMIE SUE GASS is in the dairy business at Hiserville. She operates the dairy while her husband continues in school. I was astounded beyond measure to find JOAN MC GLASSON in the capacity ofa large building contractor. I beheld her directing the activities of a hundred burly men as they worked on the frame- work of a huge structure in downtown New York. This will be New York's largest and finest hotel -- the Eden-Sheraton. JENNIE LOU ROPP has written a series of detective stories. Her creation MR, MAGLIGOB is bet- ter known than either Philo Vance or Sherlock Holmes. Already she has accumulated a fortune of many millions. My good friend, JOYCE HARLAN and I, ANNA MAE PEDIGO, are in Australia raising kangaroos. As I looked closer I could see that we had twenty-thousand acres of land and half a million kangaroos. What about CHARLIE DICKINSON? He will make a fortune selling his invention to graduating classes the world over. And so, having ascertained the fate and destiny of every member of our class, I feel sure that Charlie Dickinson will be a success in other inventions. Reporter, Anna Mae Pedigo Assistant Reporter, Joyce Harlan Last Anal Testament We the 1959 Senior Class of Glasgow High School, being of doubtful mentality but realizing that the end of our school life is approaching and desiring to pass on to those Less fortunate less illustrious and less endowed with the knowledge and understanding of life within the walls of our Alma Mater do now bestow our most prized possessions We do hereby give devise and bequeath to those who follow our footsteps the following. To GLASGOW HIGH SCHOOL, our Alma Mater we leave our loyalty our love and our support of all her efforts To the faculty we bequeath our undying appreciation for the way in which they have worked with us pushed us along and, ln one or two instances forced knowlecge upon us To the ln coming Senior Class we g1ve reluctantly but of necessxty our mantle of dignity We reallze that the class can never fill lt, but slnce it is expected of them our advice IS 'Gnn and Wear It. To the Underclassmen we leave our reputation fboth good and bad hoping they may trnprove on the goody our pep our enthusiasm our fnendliness our ab1l.ity to get along w1th teachers and puptls alike and our sincere hopes that they can make it through MARTHA ADWELL wills her trombone to Jerry Ryan. JUDY BERTRAM wills her abihty to go w1th a Hiseville boy to anyone that thmks she can get him. GLORIA CRAIG w1lls her love for her chlldhood sweetheart to anyone who lS ln the same SIIURUOIL JESE FERGUSSON bequeaths his love for older women to Terry Denton mhopes he doesn't have as hard a time as Jesse has had CHARLES DICKINSON wxlls hls muscles to Charles Jackson. RUTH ELZY wills her studious ways to Melvyn Matthews RAE MARIE FRAZIER wills her admiration of horses to Martha Powell. WANDA STEENBERGEN wills her fnendly ways to Ceha Green, hoping she will use them. WENDELL BRUTON wills his height to Mr Mayes JACKIE GOSNELL bequeaths h1s hook to Sue Groce hoping she can use it. ANN GUFFEY wills her long blond han' to Bonnie Furlong. RILEY HANDY wills his nickname Bird tohis brother Don suggesnrg dtat he be called Bud Jumor ' JOYCE HARLAN wills her abtlity to go with Kmo boys to Patrtcxa Huffman, prov1ded she doesn't get too sertous DARLENE HUNT wmlls her infatuation for a oertam Semor boy to Jean Luckett Jones CARL PICKETT leaves h1s weight to Ross Cherry LOUISE HUNT wills her wlnrung smxle to Ann Dlcklnson, hoping she can put lt to good use. JOYCE LONDON wills her singmg abxhty to Janie Bradford. CAROLYN Mc MURTREY bequeaths her dependabthty to Betty Amp. DOUG MANSFIELD wmlls hxs grant hke structure to Benny Dickmson. JO BRENT MILLER wmlls her cheerleadmg ablllty to Jane HalL DOUGLAS FRASIER leaves reluctantly, wishing Lmda could go wxth him. I . . . . . . . ROY LEE DAVIS leaves his ability to play football to all the boys who go out next year. BOBBY MORAN wills his red hair to .T . C. Doyle. CLYDE CHAPLIN wills his speed to Jim "Sleepy" Haynes. BILLY JOE CASSADY wills her English Composition to his "allies." FREIDA CONNER wills her big mouth to Brenda Bewley. CHARLES ELMORE wills his baggy breeches to Ernest Cassady MARCIA WYANT bequeaths her DOSIUOII as drum majorette to Anna Margaret Xlexander BONNIE PACE leaves her athletic prowess to Charlotte Ellis BRENDA HAGAN wills her love for college boys to Martha Pru1L RICHARD THOMAS leaves his hair cut to Mac Rutledge. LEONA JAMES wills her position at the hospital to a future nurse aid. EDDIE MAE GOAD wills her giggles to Mary Lou Broady REX PATTERSON wills his fleet feet to Woody Slmmons KAYE LANE wills her height to Martha Sue Broady LARRY COOK wills his good looks to Bob Williams hoping he won t rake advantage of them JOYCE POYNTER wills her ability as a song writer to Mr Honeycutt. WILLIAM RAMEY wills his car The 115 to the junk yard hoping they can fmd some use for it. CHRISTINE JAMES wills her quiet ways to Mary Lou Adwell. STELLA BYRD wills her well mannered ways to David Spillman. EDNA LYNN leaves her long tresses to Mr Jun Simmons the needs themj BARBARA REDFORD wills her child like ways to Martha Gabbard. JERRY DAVIS wills his position as Assistant Chief to some up and coming young man JEINNIE LOU ROPP wills the Chevrolet garage to Jackie Pedigo JERRY RAYBURN wills his ability to get along with Miss Davis to Laydell Gunnels BOBBY TEASLEY wills his good taste in clothes to the remaining boys ofG H.S ANNA MAE PEDIGO wills her flippant ways to Kaye Matthews hoping they don t get h RONNIIE POTTER leaves having been blown off this earth bv one of his experiments RUBY WILSON wills her position at the Tastee Freeze to Freddie Jones EWING MONTGOMERY wills his weight to Francis Settle. CARROLL NUMX. leaves and is glad to be gomg PATSY ALEXANIDER wills her bleached hair to Bonnie Marr JUDY BRITT leaves her pony tail to Cookie Cook JANE PEDIGO wills her ability to gain weight to Patty Bowles 'TERRY DAVIS wills his title of Chief' to some other dominating twin. ALICE FERRELL wills her driving ability to the Driver s Education Class er in trouble . z . a , . . - S- . . H ,, . . a . . . , . , a . . . ,K ,, . . . . n l Q n , . . . o a n 1' , . . . V , . 1 n I , 4 A Q I - , . . . . ' . . 0 . n . . . H . , . . . . . . . . , . a GERRI GARNETT wills her walk to anyone who thinks that she can imitate it. STANLEY PROFFITT wills his punting f00t to Sammie Faught. JOAN MC GLASSON wills her ability to change her personality to Jean Robertson. ROY GARMON wills his physique to Jesse Broady. JDviMY DOWNING leaves his cigarettes to Jackie Leech, knowing he can use them. ANITA ENGLAND leaves her engagement to Betty Sue Botts. ROBERT DICKINSON wills his title of "Most Improved Player" to Tommy Sabens. CHARLES POTTS wills his nickname of "Pizza" to some hungry someone. ALICE PALMORE wills her cool ways to Patsy Murray. DIXIE TRENT wills her duck tails to Pauletta Huffman. CHARLES BYBEE wills his "Presley" walk to Nancy Depp. BILLY RITTER wills Prltcherdsville to Joanne Bishop. DORETTA UNDERWOOD leaves her ability to go with older boys to Linda Taylor SUE GASS wills her ability to go with boys from Hiseville to the I-liseville girls ANNA RAY PROFFITT wills her ability to harg on to Robert no matter what to anyone who needs it. HAROLD PEDIGO wills his hair style to Tommy Morrison. RALPH LYNN wills his shyness to Terry Frazier KENNETH RUPE leaves h1s abllitv to be late to Walter Winn Davis CHARLES DAVIS wills his posinon in the band to Judy Alexander DANNY BRANSTETTER wills his fast Chevy to Terry Smith. MARTORIE MORAN w1lls her love for T ville boys to anyone interested. REBECCA ELMORE wills her popularity at the Shell Station to Martha Slurley providing she stays out of Lincolns MARGIE COMPTON leaves as quietly as she came BARBARA BASIL wills her dark complexion to some fair damsel in distress. We hereby nominate and appoint Misses Lee Smith and Mary Davis as the executrices of this our last will and Testament and instruct mem as follows. To be as kind understanding and helpful the up coming classmen as they have been with us through our four years in high school and especially through our last year We hereby declare this to be our last will and Testament and hereby revoke all previous wills made and sworn this October thirtieth, the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight. C ommlttee Geraldine Garnett Richard Thomas Barbara A. Redford Pa fro ns ADAIRLAND FARM BILL ALEXANDER APPLIANCE SERVICE 616 Columbia Ave. Phone OL 1-2705 ASHLAND OIL AND REFINING COMPANY BAILEY AND GRISSOM Real Estate Insurance and Bonds 103 E Maln St Phone OL 1 5122 or OL 1 5128 B and S LUMBER COMPANY Bowlrng Green Rd Glasgow Phone OL I 3248 BERNARD S Best Wrshes BETHEL FLORIST The Beauty of our Busmess IS our Flowers BODEN MOTOR COMPANY Qualtty Cars and Qualrty Servrce 214 N Race St Phone OL 1 2171 BORDERS PURE MILK COMPANY W Front St Glasgow Phone OL 1 5951 JOHN BOTTS General Contractor Glasgow BRYAN STUDIO Photographers James and Dorothy L Bryan 3061f2E Maln St Glasgow CENTRAL LUMBER COMPANY CHANEY MOSS AND COMPANY INSURANCE CITY SERVICE STATION Aetna Products Manager Paul Grooms Pub11c Square Phone OL 1 3101 CLINIC GRILL Flnest hamburgers rn town Robert Stone Prop Phone OL 1 3545 Complrments of ADA S BEAUTY SHOP 201 Eastview Dr1ve Phone OL 1 2019 Compllments of the CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Compllments of DENTONS SUPER MARKET Poor Rtchard s Store and Denton and Denton s TEXACO SERVICE STATION Complrments of L C ELLIS DRUG COMPANY Phone OL 1 3212 Compllments of EVERYBODY S SELF SERVICE Store No 1 Pay Cash Pay Less Compllments of the GLASGOW GLASS COMPANY Glass murors and ptcture frames made to size Phone OL 1 2295 CROWN LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Approved Sanitone Service D AND B SHOE CENTER Names you know- Shoes you love 103 N Race St Glasgow T C DELVAUX JEWELER Dtamonds Watches Stlver Chma and Crystal North side of Square Phone OL 1 3881 DDCIE HIGHWAY EXPRESS INC A Superlor Express Servrce Phone OL 1 3110 ELSIES BEAUTY SHOP 215 W Washlngton St Phone OL l 5215 ENNIS GROCERY The Place for Good Food 216 E Cherry St Phone OL 1 5852 EUBANK UPHOLSTERY SHIP Tallored Seat Covers and Converttble Tops Phone OL 1 2416 FARMERS RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE CORP Owned by Those It Serves Servtng Barren Hart and Metcalfe Countres Glasgow Kentucky FAUGHT FURNITURE COMPANY Furnlture and Appltances 117E Washlngton St Glasgow TOMMY FAUGHT FURNITURE Edmonton Rd FOLKS Glasgow Phone OL 1 5290 FORD FURNITURE COMPANY You get more for your money at Ford s Store N Race St Glasgow Kentucky GEORGE FORD Jeweler A FRIEND A FRIEND FRED GANTER RICHARD L GARNETT GASSAWAY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Bu11d for permanence w1th Gassaway s Blocks Glasgow GLADYS K S DRESS SHOP Youthful Fashlons A Good Appearance is a Good Investment Glasgow Kentucky GLASGOW GLASGOW GLASGOW GLASGOW ANIMAL CLINIC AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY W Publlc Complrments Complrments Compllments Complrments Compllments Complrments Compllments Comphments Compllme nts of the GOODMAN CANDY COMPANY of HARLOW HATCHERY Phone OL 1 2677 of IDEAL HARDWARE COMPANY of MARQUERITE S BEAUTY SHOP of NATIONAL STORES CORP Phone OL 1 2189 of PEDIGO PONTIAC of RAYBURN SIGNS of DRS SNAVELY of BETSY WELLS STUDIO Portralts Orls and Landscapes 104E Wayne Complrments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Phone OL 1 2949 CONSUMERS GASOLINE STATION COOK AND DOWNING W E Cook andj C Dowmng Complete Insurance Orr Service Makes the Dtfferencel , , , o a H I n n , I lv ' - rl I - ' I - , . 9 I i - - 0 Compliments of the BARREN COUNTY BLOCK CO, A FRIEND . , , ,, I . , . . , - .. , ' ' . 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Pa irons SMITH AND FOX BUILDING SUPPLY Everythlng to Bulld a Home 603 W Main St Glasgow Phone OL 1 2988 SMITH S HAPPY VALLEY MARKET Get More For Your Money Happy Valley Rd Phone OL 1 5565 THE SPORT SHOP It Pays to Play Glasgow Phone OL 1 2524 FRANK STARR S GROCERY 100 Columbia Ave Phone OL 1 3153 ROBERT R STARR STEENBERGEN AUTO SALES AND ASHLAND SERVICE OL 1 2242 CLARENCE STEWART AUTO SALES Fme Used Cars 617 W Maln St Glasgow Phone OL 1 3882 STRADER S DAIRY A Barren County Busmess Congratulatlons Semors of 1959 Graduatlon Class Htsevrlle Kentucky H G BERTRAM AND SON Dtstrtbutor Reach for Batter Wh1pped Sunbeam Bread Phone OL 1 2352 or OL 1 2665 TASTEE FREEZE Best of Luck through the Years Semors WELLS POOL ROOM For Friendly Recreatton Entertamment and Relaxatron George Owen Wells owner and operator 112 N Green St WESTERN KENTUCKY GAS COMPANY 109 E Maln St Phone OL 1 2077 F P WILLIAMS COMPANY and HILLS FIRESTONE STORE Furnrture Floor Covenngs TCICVISIOH and Applrarrces E Public Square Phone OL 1 2922 or OL 1 3882 W K A Y 31 W Wrecklng Yard and Used Car Lot Kentucky Phone PR 3 3641 WILLIAM AREY WYCKOFF PAUL S YORK PALMORE STUDIO Boosfers PAUL ALLEN ANDERSONS MR 8: MRS MILBURN BACON MRS JENNIE BARLOW JOHNNY BARRICK MR 8: MRS DONALD BERTRAM MR 8: MRS GEORGE BERTRAM MR 8: MRS HERSHEL BERTRAM MARK BERTRAM BETA CLUB MISS CAROL BLACK HERBERT BOWLES C G BOWMAN 8: MRS CLYDE BRITT R H BURDETTE 8: MRS D M BURKS BARBARA BYRD DR. H. R. CADY BUZZY CARMAN CHARITY L, CARY ROBERT C, CARTER CATHERINE'S ANTIQUE SHOP CHERRY STREET SERVICE STATION Complrments of CARROLL M. REDFORD Compllments of COMBS COAL YARD Compllments of JERRY'S SURGE COMPTON'S AMOCO STATION MR. 8: MRS, TROY CONNE2 D, B, CORMAN CRAIG'S GROCERY AND COAL COMPANY LESTER DANIELS MR 8: MRS MITCHRL DAVIS DANNY DEAN EUGENE DEARINGER TERRY E DOYEL Barren County Jailer DENHAM AND DODD BILLIARDS DAPHNA S BEAUTY SHOP MR AND MRS BOYD T ELLIS GEORGE! ELLIS DAVID REX ENGLAND BECKY EVANS JIM EVANS FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND FRIEND A FRIEND CLARKIE FARLEY FARMER'S SUPPLY COMPANY MR. 8: MRS, S. A. FERGUSON 513 SHELL SERVICE FLOWERS BROTHERS WRECKING YARD BEN FRANKLIN STORE MR. 8: MRS. CHARLIE FURLONG FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA DR, FRED R, GANTER MR, AND MRS, R, E, GARNETT MRS, LELA GEER GEORGE I. ELLIS DRUG COMPANY, INC, Corner of N, Race and W. Cherry Sts, , Phone OL 1-2982 or "Comp1ete Line of Used Parts" Highway 31 W, Cave City, A DR. . . A MR, , A DR. . . A MR. . . . A A JOHNNY GIDES JAMES GILLENWATER JAMES R, GILLEY GLASGOW AUTO WRECKERS GRAY AND CRENSHAW GREERS FLORIST MR AND MRS JACK GROCE MRS ALYNE GUINN MRS ED GUFFEY AND MRS R J GUMM AND MRS WILLARD GUNNELS GUY JOE HALL AND MRS B H HARLAN THE HAT SHOP TERRY L HATCHETT CARLOS HIGH HODGES AMOCO STATION ROBERT HOGUES GARAGE BILL HOWARD C R HUNT CECIL HUNT MR AND MRS W C HUNT CATHY HUNTSMAN CHERYL HUNTSMAN TUBBY JEWELL GLENN JAKES JEWELLS RECORD AND GIFT SHOP JIMMY AND FRANCHELLE JOLLYS MENS STORE JOLLYS SHOE SHOP JOE BILLY JONES KENTUCKY RESTAURANT ROMA S LANE VIRGIL E LEWIS MR AND MRS DAVID MC DANIEL MRS C M MC GEE MRS ROY MC GLASSON MR AND MRS ROY W MC INTYRE GEORGE AND CAROLYN MC KINLEY MRS ROY LEE MC MURTREY AMY MC QUOWN MR AND MRS ARNOLD MANSFIELD MR AND MRS J A MARSHALL MR AND MRS ISH MARTIN HAROLD MATTHEWS MR AND MRS WILLIAM S MAUPIN LYNN MAYFIELD SAM MILLER MODERN BEAUTY SHOP DAN MONTGOMERY BILL MORRIS MR AND MRS STANLEY NABORS NATHANS FACTORY OUTLET SHOE STORE NONA S BEAUTY SHOP MRS ALLEN NUCKOLS CHARLES PARKER MR AND MRS GUY PATTERSON Boosfers RUTH PENNINGTON PEP CLUB JOHNNIE PERKINS PHILLIPS PAINT AN PAPER STORE POLSONS CAFE POWELLS GROCERY MR AND MRS EARL PROFFITT AND ROGER RAY PROFFITT MR, AND MRS J T RADER CHARLES WAYNE RAGER DIXON RAPP CARROLL REAMS REXS SINCLAIR SERVICE MR AND MRS WALTER RICHARDS RICHARDSON BARRICKMAN AND DICKINSON FRANK RICHARDSON MR AND MRS HARVEY RIGGS HENRY ROBERTSON JACK ROUSSEAU ROWLANDS GROCERY HANK ROYCE RUTHA S BEAUTY SHOP BRAUNER RYAN CLOVIS SADDLER DR SANDEFUR ANNIE B SMITH MRS RELIA SMITH S P Q R LATIN CLUB ST CHARLES MARKET MRS J H STEPHENS RUBY PEARL STOVALL AND MRS NICK STULL MRS KYLE TAYLOR AND MRS VIRGIL TAYLOR AND MRS W E TAYLOR AND MRS WALLACE THOMPSON MRS ALANISON TRIGG TRI HI Y CLUB J WOOD VANCE JR VERNOLEANS BEAUTY SHOP VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP DR G M WAGINER WEE SCIENTIST CLUB WELLS SERVICE STATION DR G P WHITESIDE WHITLOW GROCERY JAMES WILKINSON MR AND MRS K E WILSON MORRIS WOLFE FIDELLA WOOD C T WOODWARD D C DONALD R WOODWARD CLYDE YOUNG BARBER SIIOP OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 1959 SCOTTIE Bryan SIUGIO James and Dorothy Bryan Palmore Studlo Joe Montgomery ' D MR. . Ivms n o s ' MR. . ' MR, , MRS, KATE LYNN MR. n c U 0 0 hm. . Case Qt' Day IE 3 Just as Mr Norrxs closes the buudmgs at the end of each day we close our edluon of THE SCOTTIE for 1959 We are most grateful to the patrons boosters photographers admmlstranon and student body for the asststance wh1ch they have QIVCH us We hope thrs book will brmg pleasure to all who now read xt and to those who w11l read and rem1n1sce. Thanks agaml THE SCOTTIE STAFF Wm w fgz' ,,. of '- ' 4 , is .5 NA' f, '- plz In S 14 'LGL ' my ' - I .NY Q5 25. yr v :nl A f ' o ,ep .- 'f ' QF? I . . . D .. U I I I I . ' I R C P Kansas Cty kk -1' H4 v-KOLLEGIATE Q ln.. 'll ' N4 .Li ' , ?.Q,:F,:- . ' . x -. ,,f-gf v. I., ' , f x Y -' ' I V I . ' A4 -, nn". hi -,. " , K A ,QT I. xg .S Nl M 4 , K b K lm x A A "'. .3 HLYU3 fy. . if . . is-H 1 me i, M. . Q., - ' 'uf V . Y A .fl V ' ml' ' f Q l o ' ' Sa ,U x :- .ffu - . ' K A ' , I 'Q I . , 4-5 - 1 V q.!,"nA" Q " . , .A ,Q , l M F. '. Q b 1 Y -,Q,'v' I4 'Q I . ":. ' 'tk' -. . M K ' ' AQ., if ., . 3:6 1 . 5 A 1175 A ' ' .- , K svnf:-1 '. H if f . .2-ef -. T 'filfr - .yn - ' , - -- ' .N - , ' : r- . J , . Jap.. ,ai vu , fa .I 1 . If X. . V-Y ,f . . -. ,ff 8 fn 1 X - , A , N if! ' T34 2,-A W 1. , -- , ,-.,'-.'- 1 ,. C 'V ' 4-... .1 ine' .lf ' A -, Q M . J A L5 - " ,Q -4 ' 'i x . ,' '. ' , -.5 . X 15 A .4 g , Y, "-,T fry 'X -' 1' af ' K rg., gs if Z5 ' -. 'fypi' "ff 'B +A, Y s26 :f' agF u + Q ' 1' . '. 4 , 3 43-f -1 ,' ff 2-'sfqbi ' -' ' . - . , I ff . i, L53 -,.-aff 7, . -:'.5'1,'rff .f H., A V' . '- , ' ' 2 ' H"fff' 5' 5".?'.fiX, 24-1+1r'q'f? 'mai -4 sr' 1 -'V 41--P-'.:.':.1 1 'ff"w 1 -1' ' Q23 '-2Y?" 'f:' 1f'-t24 . -ff' -' ' s "vp, 'S :Q Q 4: Ji D v -. . '. Vial. ,!:f,V .J Lv! I , ,..'4 -qs! Q4 fl I: , I .-yas, A if-Q ' in I1 fl! .4 , ya I .s S I Q Qqi L- '. . . 4 ms! IE 2 - - - ' .. xA 4 J.- f f -f . 1 'X' o . , . V I W , ' 4 l "7 f' 3-,',..'f:1-3" Vo-,VA ' f. s '. , - Q 4- I Ir A - 1 I lf' 1 pl., D 'I "J " V-A, 5J..'- H X ' , ' : - .14,' "1 -5" f .f'i,1. ' 4 ' , f. , u 'M' . -. 1 4 ' r4:l if 451. , a L, KZIXI, ,, - , .t . -.J ' cf' V ' 1 4 I il' . . , x. 1 5, - , win, v' . ' - A ' 'X A 1 Q. I ' Q, "" if 'Af Q, 1-f5,: I Y I p . X- 3 Q ,n A-Qs! A . .fd '11 I xgx . I- ' x If' ' a , -uv V74 ' I' -1 . ' Rf, fi '-'0:.',i1 52,1 fs , . f ' . , .1 A., - . ,a Q :y 'I' . - .., 4 f 1' 1 il :- lc.:-'I . X t ,t '1. .kip 1.3 .- A Z ,z .2 4,7 s1,f',,,vf -A ,- ', .'4,d,hf Q, 4 I ' ? I AL ,' .sf V" U.-'L' I' , , I ,I ,Ab 1 A , 1: 0 I. -4 ..': ...ji , V .. l 1 . -- J ., y. ifj, I 97- ? .4 x,S.5:.g,5' Iii ,? fn S ,, ,-'KVA ,Q l :V , ', I ai . lA,, 1 Y' .I ,." I" ' Q! , , I d.?4'-ff 1Y'.W.v1f. , M, .. x'.. as ' ' ' 'Akin 4 ,5 4 A!! V4 v - v- V 4 , . . ul- .. il ff .aff X ' x.' kg, X x .AN n . C, 4- f N. ' x Y A3 Q ' rv . T1 4 .. V " M' 'rn' ., V . 'fl , .- ' 'nq ,, ' ' 'T I 1 .' .,. , m fx 1' pk." -n ., J M. :Emir wap A 4, vi YF' vga, H-f' 9, Q'-'4' D' .uk 4 N ' Q 44 if " - 5 E1 Q as fe 5, ' '1' -4 , sa M v ' W1 0, 4. .Pm fl 'I ,N 4. X . x' fy. KN, ' gain., - Q1 1 xii- . ... JE by ,Q " ", 5 -v

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1959, pg 48

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