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s if ?fW 1i'.-Q-fn ' or ,flfgf 5 gsffm X 1 g 'K ' Simi , 'Q f f I Ai ' 5, asia!! 4 i Y' Q jaifg g?"i5,5' ' 'gf f Q K A ,- Q5 , 1 'Ffa ri, Q , 5 5. - ? . .JL 'Yes , iv 'Q' V Y - I i. 08 3 Y f, fi rig " '72 ,fmfsw Q wiaggfs 5:5 ' Eff 5 as gr 1 ef' ,Af . . w - A f 9' f , LL,' ,Em ' z??.Y Q 395 Q f.A . 'MQ ?!i f , in? www: hi 'WWE' lv kj 'X .453 'if' . :.. . 'X wr Q ,. , QPF W5 it 11. gg ' 4.'w,.v..,L..,AqNg M... . 'u"'n. , Q 55 , 5ZQN'5i'Z'5-WH: 5 1'- Awfw. . 'Q -'Sty :M mgugx nw Q N V s .M ., 'Q 31 H Q FW- ,Vfgx .. QW YIM ,, ws ,rf 5 5533 THE SCOTTIE of Volume Seven Glasgow High School Glasgow, Kentucky Presented by Composition Class 1958 Nl ., n .355 ., in tl FOREWQRD Dear Friends: We stand between a happy past and an unknown future. The comple- tion of high school is really just the commencement of our lives. What those lives are to be depends upon the foundations we have been building for them in our high school years. We are standing at an intersection of many roads. There is one right road for each of us to take, now is the time to decide what life calls us to do. After we have traveled a great distance, there is no turning back. When we first started high school, we were somewhat immature, and had been accustomed to think of ourselves as children. So much has been done for us, and there is so much more that we have been taught to do for ourselves, that we are leaving this school, feeling ourselves more nearly finished men and women, more nearly ready to take our places among the citizens of this vast world. To our teachers we would like to extend our earnest thanks. We can only express our feelings by saying, "God bless you! " To you, dear parents, we, the members of the graduating class of l958, wish to express our sin- cere gratitude and appreciation for your sacrifice. We know that you have made this sacrifice through the realization and foresight that it is from the visions of youth comes the inspiration to make tomorrow better than today. There is only one word more, and the last must be to you, dear classmates. Let us, as we part, pledge ourselves to remember all the true aims that have come alive in our work here together, and make our lives such as shall bring pride to our school and cause our teachers to be proud to remem- ber that they had a part in teaching us how, at least, to begin to live. Sincerely yours, Nancy L. ,Tolly Editor-in-Chief 2 'View mx YB? if L: wwf' l , ,NM ,M ,T5 1 3, Q A :am-5 ,,. My 'Q . 5 9 Awrwnwu "5 ual- .W :nf-,-WM F A . 2 M ww " ' ' mwiiufahiwxz. wa , wW,.,M. W..W,,.MM,,. .. Me... A -'iii 1. fig I -' Si 5 ' f W' ? ' Q mix 4, ? ' ,pig i 3 gi ' 5 . .L 4 ,, . In 'qv x .. ' 1 in Q. X - IM, N.. f-Ms J s , L 525.2 'Q 2. .- 5141 H52 1:11 CJ PM V s KH' ,aw-A-SRVYA A i-sinus: V .N ir'---,., qvvw BOARD OF EDUCATIO X Dr Paul S York Mr Emery Whmte Mrs FrancesY Jones Mr Joe L Goodman, Jr , and Mr Chr1sT Grmstead ADMINISTRATION .Am Mrss Dorothy Mathews Secretary to the Prmclpal Offrce G1r1s Judy Bertram Ja.neM Pedxgo Lo1s Mathews Lmda Taylor Darlene Hunt Jackle Sue Gosnell ,l .49 Slaeh, ,. .Q M A , Q., . . .- Y if W YZ, Q, html: air . ,uns 12' 1 1 fs' .. g M 5 A 5x,,5,:,gg5 , A , Ai, Q -film . I 1 , ifigsc w vm, ,.., , A Q, if- ggi ix 1 W , A lQg??f-gif ,Iwi 1 W -r, as If 1 my Miss Willie Maye Scott Mr. Bill Simmons Mrs. Ernest Myers, Jr. Mathematics Industrial Arts English FACU LTY Mr. Reed Moore Commerce Mrs. Pearl Wright Mr. Charles B. I-loneycutt Miss Ella Mae Chapman Physical Education Band Director Home Economics M Zi 6 f Q? i 123 v A f R21 A' vi 4.4-lv, yQ M '1,fm.wz7 . A Ali- 3,25 fl 1-1 A in , ..,.f, e 13 T' , My fi gi V, ami' Jus 1 6. 'a , A5- 353, 3' cr ' l 1 l-35 gs-- si -' , , we if ,Mm 2 X . p+i' i. I as ,Wk 58 M 4 '1x,,,- " fm , kr M25 W 1 I ,Q Qfgmigqfl, WWE 'S v 'dmv .1 9'5" if , . . if ' vi'-ff 1 ' A nil -' Tgjl-2155 I' f 1 7, , ,a ,L W ,Q I ' W 17 f f M 3 ' "L.i04k :'v'2x.f5- " fa-V' 5. fr M beef, fy L " 4:56 2 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Guy Steenbergen, Mrs. Earl Beam, ...-ff Mrs. Celeste Staples, Mrs. I-Iershell Thomas, Mrs Jewell Settle, Mrs. J. C. Hatcher, Mrs. Robert Ed wards, Mrs. C. E. Elzy. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Fred Mr. Virgil Lewis Marshall, Mrs. H. M. Pedigo, Mrs. Malcolm Mc- principal Comas, Mrs. Paul Pride, Mrs. James Alspaugh, Mrss Beulah Grooms. Mrs Leroy Underwood, Mrs Paul Allen Mrs Hughre Culver, Mrs W G Clark, Mrs V D Peers Mrs MurrellDear1ng Mrs James Chamberlarn Mrs Denton Strode Mrs O M Sregfrred Mrss Grace Beebe ELEME TARY FACULTY Mrs D M Burks Supervlsor FIRST ROW Mrs Roger Jackman, Mrs Stanley Bertram Lewrs Mrs James T Pace Mlss Ruby Ward SECOND ROW Mr W1lburJamerson Mrs Lewxs Shepherd Mrs T E Mrddleton Mrs R T Carver Mrs Chester Jackman Mrss Dorothy Compton Mrs Nrck Stull 10 n ' J ' I , I 1 . Q' y . , . . . , . Ramsey, Mrs. Arthur Ebert, Mrs. Damon London, Mrs. I , - . y . 1 : . ' , . ' , . . . I 7 . . . , . ' 3 I J ' "' ' ' Brlly Abner Jonah All servxce xs the same wlth God Football 2 SENIORS 'ffv SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Larry Garmon Presldent, Bruce Cherry V1ce Presrdent, Harlan Secretary, Kent Plowman Treasurer CLASS FLOWER Gardema CLASS COLORS Mlm Green and Sllver CLASS MOTTO Dlllgeflllii Et Honos Marth Robert Alexander Buddy' Take care of the mmutes and the hours w1ll take care of themselves Latm Club 1,2, Wee Screntrsts 2 4, Va.rs1ty Football 3 Junlor Varsity Football 2, Junxor I-hgh Football 1, Southern Kentucky League Tackle 4, Varslty Basket ball 3,4, Jumor Varsrty Basketball 2, Track 1 2 W ' ai 3 A W . Y I? lx X N4 C A if 1 I I, W, . Itfw l, f' H " A sjfggfaiixf, 3 . K , - , - - z. x ' Y ' vu 1 ll ' - ll ' Il Il ' . l " ' ' v ' 343 . H . . , . SUSIE Aspley ' Sleezy "Mus1c dr1ves one s woes away Span1sh Club 1 2 Pep Club 1 2, FHA Song leader 1 Tr1 H1 Y 2, , Beta Club Sergeant at Arms 3 4, Speech Club 4 Annual Staff 4 1-hgh School Reporter 1,2 3 4 Ruby Bertram Ruvy "Someday love shall cla1m her own " Latm Club 1 2, Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Natlonal Lat1n Conventxon 2 FTA2 Tr1 H1 Y2 Youth Assembly 3, Beta Club 4 Annual Staff Buslness Manager 4, Pres Club Edrtor 4 Marshall Broady Bones Remember that t1me IS money Latrn Club 1 2 Baseball 3 4, Basketball Manager Barbara Chaplm Bobb1e ' S11ence IS the Art of Conversatmn FHA ,2,3,4 J1mmy Barton Bunard Drd nothlng 1n part1cular and d1d It well ' Spanlsh Club 1 2, Jr Conservat1on Club 2, Wee Sclentrst Club 3 4 J V Football 3 Var s1tyFootball4 Tennls 3 4 B1ll1e LOUIS Blankensh1p B1 Speech IS s11ver, srlence IS golden Transfer from Allen County H1gh School Lucy Porter Bunch Queen Bee ' Saddle your dreams before you rrde them " Latm Club 1 2 Quaestor Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Spamsh Club Treasurer 3 Trl H1 Y 2 3 4 Youth Assembly 3 FTA 2 Cheerleader 2 3,4, Beta Club 3,4, Annual Staff 4 Bruce Cherry Arab Handsome IS that hand some does Latrn Club 1 2, Wee Sc1ent1sts Club 1 2 3,4, I-lomeroorn Presr dent 3, Radlo Club 3 4 ,ICE Presrdent 4, Vars1ty 1 ootball 4 ROBERT CLARK "Specks" "A good head and an honest hand will take a man through any land." Latin Club 1 2 Band 1 2 3 Beta Club 2 3 4 Wee Sci entists 3,4 SHIRLEY CONNER Cotton "The world is as you take t" I-'HA123 PepClub 1,2,3 Tri Hi Y 1 2 ALEXANDER CLAUDE ELIN Butch' You can always discover a gentleman by his ad Rochester Joint High Bas ketball 1,2,3 4 Golf 1 2 3 4 Speech Club 1 I-li Y 2 3 Art Club 2 Band 3 Annual Staff 4 Treasurer 2, Beta Club 4 ALGUN S FAUGHT Juicy Jaws' The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business " Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 12 3 4 Colfl 2,3 4 Latrn Club l 2, Conservation Club 1,2 Annual Staff 4 JANICE COFFMAN Hsqllirtll "Witty, lively and full of fun, a good friend and a true one." FHA 1,2,3,-1, Parliamentarian 4 Pep Club 1 Tr1H1Y 2 3 Annual Staff 3 BOBBY DAWSEY Bob "His friends they are ma y His enemies are there any?" Spanish Club 2 Basketball 1,2 3 -4 Beta Club 3 4 JOHN RAY ELMORE Koosey for sport but for his friends life is too short " Basket ball 1,3,4 FTA 3 4 ROY FOX Foxie "Sometimes he sits and thinks and sometimes he just sits" Jr Conserva tion 1 Future Engineers Club 3 . 4. S 1 2 2 1 1 y , - - , . '- 1 "' ' 5 :4: ! 7 7 n ll ' ' n n u ' 1 ' s I ,. . S 1 ' 1 a 3 7 2' 5 5 " " 9 ' J ' ll I ll ' ' - ll ll dress." Transfer from "A day for toil, an hour . U - , xr S 2 J ' " ,D 9 ,Za s , - T 1 3 S S 2 ll ' . I " ' ' n - in ,, . . s l ' ' . . - 9 : 1 5 r 1 S ' 5 ' 2 I 1 S , , 8 SHERMAN FRANKLIN Speedo' "Some say he's bas l others doubt rt " Beta Club 2 3 4 Spamsh Club 1 2 Wee Screntrsts Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Senror Play LARRY GARMON "Lover Boy ' 'He IS gomg forwar somethmg great " Class Pres1dent1,2,3,4, State Beta Club Presrdent 4 Censor of Latm Club 1 Consul of Latm Club 2 Beta Club JANICE GARRETT Dorrle "It's better to learn late than never " Transfer from Heyworth Hngh School Assxstant drrector of plays FHA 1,2,3 4 Pep Club 1 School Artrst 1,3 Home Ec desrgner 3 Assrstant Lrbrarran TERRY GOODMAN Hot Rod "Fra1lty, thy name 1 woman Latm Club 1 FHA 2 Trx H1 Y 2,3,4 Youth Assembly 2, , Beta Club 3 4 Presldent 4 Jumor Class Treasurer Spanrsh Club Reporter 4 Assrstant Sergeant at Arms of Senate at Youth Assem bly 4 Semor Play LELIA GANTER Goosey' "A good laugh rs sunshrn rn the house " Latm Club 1 2 FTA 2 Tn H1 Y 2,3,4 Chaplam4 Beta Club 3 4 Pep Club 1, , 1 REUBEN GARNETT Senator 'I belreve rn work, but I m not m favor of lt " Latm Club 1 2 Band 1,2 3 4 Wee Screntlsts 2,3 4 Beta Club 4 Debate Club TOMMY GIBBONS Meat Hook' Srlence IS more eloqu than words " Football 1,2,3 Annual Staff4 TALMADGE GREER Cabbage ' "A rollxng stone gath rs no moss Junlor Conserva txon Club 1,2 u I n v ' ' 9 hfus ' . . - I , 9 9 - - 1 J S l - 3 1 I . . S , S 2 . - 3 4. , . v I ll n ' ' dto I , , - , . . ' 3 . .2 5. 7 ' 3 9 S 7 S . 9 5 3 4. 2,3,4. ' ll ' n . n I . - " ' ' ent S . 1- S 5 5 . 3 ' 5 u Il . .S u - 2. ' . . , u I 1 " " n , 34, 9 . ll ' 1 ' 3 A ' 3 . 5 5 ' - GERALD GUINN llwormyll "Appetite don't regulate de time o'day." Baseball 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4. TOMNIY BRADFORD HAGAN Puddln 'Woman s sho a cur'0u crrtter, an dey am t no doubtm' dat " Football 1 4 Baseball 3 4 MARTHA SUSAN HARLAN Sue 'A good reputatron IS more valuable than money FHA 1,2,3 4 Parhamentarxan 3, presrdent 4 Latln Club l reporter 2, Pep Club 1 Trl HL Y 2 3 4 Beta Club 4 Teenager of the Month 3 OLIVIA ANN HAYES Nlnl "Clean1ng a blot wrth a blotted fmger makes a b1gger blot " Pep Club 1,2 3,4 Cheerleader 2, 3,4 Spamsh Club 1 Beta Club 3 4, Tn H1 Y 2,3,4, FFA 2 la RICHARD GUNNELS "Crash" ' "A noisy man is always in the right." Spanish Club 1,25 Jr. Conservation 1,23 Football 1,23 Base- ball 1,2. BERTHA JANICE HANCOCK Buster' 'K1ss the hand whlch you cannot brte " FFA 1,2,3,4 Lat1n Club 1 2 Pep Club 2,3 4, Tn H1 Y 2,3 JOE DAVID HAYES Johnny Mum's the word Key Club 2 3 Helght Chrrstxan Fellowslup 1,2,3, Track 1 2 3, Cross Country 1 2,3 Wrestlmg 1,2 3 Football l JUDY HOVIOUS Scrawny' "It matters not how long y u hve, but how well Transfer from Bowhng Green, Cheerleader 1,2 34,Tr1 H1Y234 Beta Club 3 4 Natlonal Honor Socrety 2, GAA 2 Home comrng Queen Attendant 3, Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1, Speech Club 4 Secretary Treasurer, Annual Staff 4 NANCY JOLLY llJ01eyll "To smile so friendly is no chore, that's why Nancy has friends galore." Span- ish Club l,2, Secretary 2, Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Treas- urer 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, President 4, Delegate to Youth Assembly 2,33 Beta Club 4, Annual Staff Editor 4, Senior Play 45 Press Club 4. GRACE JEWELL KELLY "Gracie" 'Wisdom is only foun truth " Latin Club 1 Spanish Club 3,4 FTA 1 Beta Club 2 3 4 Tri Hi Y 2,3,4 Vice President 4 Senior Play 4 SHIRLEY ANN LOHDEN Noisy 'What is well done is done soon enough ' FHA 1 2 CAROLYN MCCOY Cum" She sighs at many loves only one " Latin Club 1,2, Pep Club 1 4 Beta Club 2 3 4 Treas u.rer3 Tri Hi Y234 Delegate to Youth Assem bly 3 Press Club 4 sociate Editor, Annual Staff 4 Senior Play 4 JUANITA KEITH "Keithie" "Love can make any place agreeable." FHA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Spanish Club 1,2. CHARLES RICHARD KINSLOW Mouse" "Little but Mighty F ball 1,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3 Baseball 1,2 3 4 Jr Conservation 1,2,4, Annual Staff 4 BUDDY ELANE LYLE "Bugs "Every man has his faults honesty is his " J Conservation 2 Track Tea.m 3 Future Engineers BETTY SUE MCGLASSON Doll 'A true frrend 15 forever a friend, and she is a friend to all FHA 2,3,4, Secre tary 3, Pep Club 2 3 4 Spanish Club 1,2, Annual Staff 4 Busmess Manager of Senior Play EUGENE MCINTYRE McGu1re Better late than never Yearbook Staif 4 PATRICIA NORMAN at' Gentle, k.1nd, steadfas Spamsh Club 1,2, Treas urer, Trl H1 Y 2 3 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Cheer leader 1,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff 4 Football Queen 4 M1ss Senlor 4 KENT M PLOWMAN Bra1n ' Do not tum back when y u are just at the goal " Basketball 1 R8dl0 Speakmg Contest 1 Track 2 Debate Team 2, 4 Student Councrl 2 Oratory Contest 2,3 Football 3,4, Beta Club 3,4, Radlo Club 3,4, Treasurer 4, Class Treas urer 4 NELDA FAYE RICHEY "Little Richey" "She's not a Ford, but she rattles on." FHA 1,2. BILLY MORAN Fuzz "He that hath knowledge spareth h1s words Foot ball 1,3,4, Latm Club 1,2 Wee SCICHUSIS 1,2, 4 Radlo Club 3,4, Preszdent 4 Future Engmeers Club 3 Golf 4 CARY OAKS G1rdy Here IS one who mean well and trled a llttle Football l,2,3,4, Basket ball 2,3 Baseball 3 Engxneexs Club 3 Year book Staff 4 MARY LYNNE PRATHER Blondle ' I have often regret ed my speech, never my srlence Band 1,2 Trl H1 Y 2,3,4, FHA 3 4 Secretary 4, Pep Club 3,4 JUDY RITTER llAcell "It is a very hard under- taking to seek to please everybody." Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Spanish Club 1,25 FHA 3,45 Library Assistant 2, Yearbook Staff 4. WII.LI.AM RODDY llHayeSIl "I will be thy friend, but not thy vice's friend." Best All-Around Freshman Award 15 Senior Play 45 Citizenship Award 3. GLENN RYAN Crash "It's better to have littl than nothing ' Latin Club 1, Band l,2,3,4, Sergeant of Band 1,2,3,4 Press Club 3 FOLLIS SHAW Shaw Baby Dynamite comes in small packages Senior Play 4 Jo ANN STRODE I Happiness is made o be shared " Latin Club 1,2 FTA 2 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Tn H1 Y 2,3,4, Beta Club 3,4, Senior Play 4 DAVID RUTLEDGE llRutlI "It is a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver." Latin Club 1,2, Football 1,2,3,4g Wee Scientist Club 4. WILBUR SETTLE Johnny R 'After your fling, wa for the sting Wee Scientist Club 2, 3,4 Secretary of Junior Class 3, Latm Club 1,2, Speech Club 3,4 Beta Club 3,4, Treasurer 4, Debate Team 2,3,4 Winner of Asso ciational Speech Tourna ment KAY SMITH ' Kay K y She is not laughed at laughs at herself ' FHA 1,2,3,4, Reporter 2 Spanish Club 1,2 Art Club 4 ELIZABETH TIDROW 12 'Full of courtesy, full f craft" FHA 1 2, 4 Spanish Club 1,2 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Tri H1 Y 2,3, Senior Play 4, nual Staff 4 I-lH.EN TINSLEY "Toots" "A loving heart is the be- ginning of all knowledge." FHA l,2,3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 2 3,4- Spanish Club 1 ' Homeroom Vice- President 1- Glee Club l. ELLA MAE WATSON Ellie "There is no wisdom like frankness ' FHA 1 Tri Hi Y 2,4 SHERRY WHEELER Champ" A good name rs rather to be chosen than great riches " Cheerleader 1 2,3 Golf l,2,3 4 Youth As sembly 3, Tri H1 Y 2 3 4 V1ce President 3 FTA 1 2 3 4 Vice President 2, President 3,4, Wee Scien t1StS l 2,3, Pep Club 1 2 3,4, President 4 Latin Club l Annual Staff 4 LELAND WILKINSON Lillre' The man that loves and laughs must surely do we Jr Conservation Club 1 Band 1,2,3, Annual Staff 4, Semor Play PRISCILLA WALTON Hpatll "Her heart was in her work." Assistant Librarian 2,3- Young Librarians 4. RALPH GILBERT WELLS Glb 'Good at a fight but bette at a play ' Latin Club 1,2 Football 1,2,3,4 Wee Scientists 2,3,4, Engrneers Club 3 Speech Club 3 WILLIAM GARRETT WHITEI-IEAD Whitey The greatest men may ask a foolish question now and then " Basketball 1 3 4 Football l,2,3 Baseball 2,3 4 Annual Staff 4 UREY WOODSON Woody "I-le knew what is what ' Basketball 1,2,4 Football 1 Beta Club 2 "IT CCDULD HAPPE TO YOU" THE CAST Wilbur Maxwell . . . Betty Lou Maxwell Connie Maxwell . . John Maxwell . . . Janet Maxwell . . . Bernadine Smith . . . . Suzanne Coday . . Arthur Coday . . . Roger Coday . . . Mr. Coday . . . Mrs. Coday. . . Mr. Davis . . . Mrs.Davis. . . Mrs.Allen . . . . . . . Follis Shaw . Carolyn McCoy . Terry Goodman . . . Kent Plowman . . . Lelia Ganter . .Io Ann Strode . . . Nancy Jolly Leland Wilkinson . Richard Gunnels Sherman Franklin . . . Ruby Bertram . . . . William Roddy Elizabeth Tidrow . . . Grace Kelly Junior Senior Banquet April 26 I957 Carolyn McCoy, Ruby Bertram, Nancy Jolly, Gary Oaks, Leliii Canter, Wilbur Settle. Priscilla Walton, Janice Hancock, and Eliz- abeth Tidrow enjoying the banquet. ?' 'Q "Shine on Harvest Moon" Mrs. E. L. Myers, Director Moonlight and Roses Cecile Wilson delivering her speech "Smiles" hd CAN YOU IMAGINE BILLY ABNER wtth peroxrded harr? BUDDY ALEXANDER wearrng srze frve shoes? SUSIE ASPLEY on a dret? JIMMY BARTON gorng steady? RUBY BERTRAM not gorng to Hrsevrlle? BILLY BLANKENSHIP talkrng to a grrl? MARSHALL BROADY w1th black harr? LUCY BUNCH wrthout Marshall? BARBARA CHAPLIN readrng the drctronary? BRUCE CHERRY havrng a date? BOBBY CLARK not studyrng? JANICE COFFMAN goxng steady wrth Whrtey? SHIRLEY CONNER wrth perfect attendance? BOBBIE DAWSEY playrng football? PAT DOYLE wrthout a smrle? BUTCH ELIN lrkrng opera? JOHN RAY ELMORE gorng wtth a grrl hrs ag ALGUN FAUGHT gorng wrth a grrl? ROY FOX sayrng Chaucer? SHERMAN FRANKLIN delrverlng the Glasgow Tunes? LELIA GANTER frrst woman presrdent of the Unlted States? LARRY GARMON drrvrng a hot rod? REUBEN GARNETT Rcpublrcan presrdent? JANICE GARRETT wrth long harr? TOMMY GIBBONS not wrth Charles Jackson? TERRY GOODMAN drrvrng wrth brakes? TALMADGE GREER workrng at a Texaco servrce a t1on? GERALD GUINN not mrssrng school? RICHARD GUNNELS not havlng a wreck? TOMMY HAGAN chauffeurrng Mac s car 1n 2nd gear? JANICE HANCOCK not wearrng Darrell s rlng MARTHA HARLAN not takrng Home Ec? JOE DAVID HAYES not gorng to Ausun Tracy NINI HAYES drrvrng on her srde of the road? JUDY HOVIOUS not datmg? NANCY JOLLY not gorng to Folks? JUANITA KEITH not laughrng rn class? GRACE KELLY takrng easy subjects? CHARLES RICHARD KINSLOW tune feet tall? SHIRLEY LOHDEN talklng a lot? BUDDY LYLE wrth stralght ha1r? CAROLYN MCCOY not rldlng rn that Chevrolet converuble? BETTY MCGLASSON not gorng wrth boys for Temple H111? EUGENE MCINTYRE studyrng? BILLY MORAN drrvrng a Chevrolet? PAT NORMAN gotng steady over 2 days? GARY LEE OAKS wrth Mary Mltchell Brooks? KENT PLOWMAN makrng a B? LYNNE PRATHER stayrng at home? NELDA RICHEY not talkrng? WILLIAM RODDY out at mrdnrght? DAVID RUTLEDGE llvrng ln town? GLENN RYAN wlth laryng1t1s? WILBUR SETTLE rrdxng an elephant? FOLLIS SHAW maklng all A s? KAY SMITH wrthout Bert Harper? JO ANN STRODE three feet shorter? ELIZABETH TIDROW golng wrth a boy who doesn t work at the Tastee Freeze? HELEN TINSLEY engaged? PRISCILLA WALTON weanng lrpstrck? ELLA MAE WATSON sktpplng school? GILBERT WELLS ownrng half of the Chevrolet garage? SHERRY WHEELER not playrng golf? BILLY WHITEHEAD not playrng Romeo to all the grrls? LELAND WILKINSON havrng a date? UREY WOODSON gorng to Temple Hrll? Q Q 9 7 . . . . ' A ' ' ' A JUDY RITTER going with only one boy? . . - . l . , . ? I . l . . Q ? . . 23 4 7' ' . '-1 , A wr .. ,, 5 w 131. 'Nfxgx fffmygf 23:35 'tfw Un. , Q- ai rv- '. W ,xxx 4. 'xi OLIR FIRST CLASS REU IO 'IIME May 23 1980 PLACE The Blue Room Hotel Roosevelt New York OCCASION Reumon of Class of 1958 PRESIDING SPEAKER Larry Garmon Prestdent of Class of 08 LARRY GARMON We are glad that every member of the elass of l95B 1s able to be wtth us tontght Some of ll are fatter some of us are wrthout as much hatr as we had when we were gotng to school but we are young lll SPIIII We shall ask you to stand after a btt and tell who vou are and what you are dotng I wo11der rf you can name your f1rst teacher EUGENE MCINTYRE fscratchtng hrs headj Well now let me see Mrs Peers GLRALD GUINN I Cm t even remember where I went to school 1n the ftrst grade let alone who my teacher was BILLY WIIITIIHEAD I don t know who my teacher was but I went to school at Temple Htll ELIZABETH TIDROW I don t remember but I went to Burkesytlle LARRY GARMON Please stand and grve vour name Blld occupatton BILLY ABNFR Btlly Abner I was recently appornted Dean of M I T ROBERT ALEXANDER Robert Alexander At the present ttrnt I am Head Football Coaeh at Oklahoma Untversrtv Norman Oklahoma I mrght add that we have completed our l0th conseeutrve season wtth out a s111gle defeat SUSIE ASPLEY My stage name rs Frfr de la Para and I am now wrth the Metropolttan Opera and have recently completed mv second stngtng tour around the world JIMMY BARTON Dr James Barton Ear Eye Nose and Throat Spectaltst at the Walter Reed Army Hospttal rn Washtngton D C RUBY BERTRAM Mrs V Hamrlton Coday Much of my trme IS occupted counttng my husband s mtl ltons a11d travelrng from our yvrnter home III Honolulu to our summer home 1n New York BIILY Bl ANKI NSIIIP Btlly Blankettshtp t treulatron Manager ofthe Lot11sv1lle Ttrnes MARSHALL BROADY Marshall Broady I am manager of the Sputntk Ltpstrck Company Try IL 1 s out of tl11s ysorldl LUCY BUNCH Lucy Bunch After betng engaged for 22 years Marshall and l have ftnally agreed our weddrng date It has been set for June IO BRUCE CHERRY Bruce Cherry Due to a great drscovery I have replaced Otto the Ork1r1 Man BOBBY Cl ARK Bobby Clark My band better known as the Clarkettes has Just been booked at t e Club Oasrs 111 Las yegas Nevada JANICE COH MAN Jantce Coffman I have Just set a new reeord for Flagpole srttrng BOBBIE DAWSLY Bobble Dawsey I am employ ed as the agrteulture agent for Dogpatch County y omtng PAT DOYLE Pat Doyle Mv latest parnttngs are on EXlIlbll at Museo del Prado tn Spam JOHN RAY ELMORE John Ray Elmore I replaced Bob Cousey plavrng professronal basketball for the Boston Celttes BUTCH I-LINI Buteh Elm My latest recordtng Srnce My Best Gal Turned Me Down has Just sold a mrllton coptes and earned me a golden record ALGUN LAUGI-IT Algun Faught I have Just made my ftrst m1ll1on dollars selltng mv new stvle of chatrs espectally made for fat people SIILRMAIN IRANKLIN Sherman lrankltn Ihave been servtng as Mayor of Glasgow for the past three years ROY FOX Roy I-ox lst1ll belreve tn the old adage cheaper by the dozen My wrfe Just gave brrth to our thrrd set of quadruplets LELIA GANTLR Lelra Ganter I was Just selected the Most Loved Sunday School Teacher rn Barren County LARRY GARMON Brtgadrer General Larry Garmon Commander tn Chtef of the Allred I-orces rn the Far East REUBEN GARNETT Honorable Governor Reuben Garnett Followtng tn the footsteps of Happy Chandler I am seekmg re electron as Governor of Kentucky JANICE GARRLTT Jantce Rosencrantz Thts IS the name whtch you w1ll ftnd 1ns1de my creatrons whtch 1 am now destgntng for Sak s of Frfth Avenue TOMMY GIBBONS Tommy Gtbbons I am employed by the Walt Dtsney Comte Book Company as art edrtor of the famous Mtckey Mouse Comtc Books whtch many of your chtldren may read TERRY GOODMAN Dr Terry Goodman After reeervrng my doctorate tn Campusology from Centre College I have been lecturtng throughout the world TAI MADGE GREER 'Ialmadge Greer better known to IIIOSL of you as Cabbage that IS 1f you can remember that far back I-or the past ten years I have been serytng as Prestdent of the Ashland Otl Co GERALD GI INN Gerald Gutnn After twenty two years of deltberatton I have frnallv decrded to ac cept the basketball seholarshtp offered to me by Western Kentucky State College RICHARD GUNNELS Rtchard Gunnel I am employed by the Barren Countv Board of Educatron and I am teachlng at Red Cross TOMMY HAGAN Tommy Hagan I am Poltce Chref for the ctty of Glasgow I nnght add for those of you who haven t vtsrted your home town lately that Clasgow has become a teemrng metropolrs of 25 000 people JANICE HANCOCK Mrs Darrell Mathews I am a housewtfe and much of my txme IS spent keeptng s x I s . ' - ' s 1 1 s ' A 1 v ' ' 1 I , ' y 1 2 ' y v I 1' : J' . ' ' .. ' ' On , 2 . ' , " ' ," ' I1 . . , , SHIRLEY CONNER: Mrs, Jackie Perktns. I am a hostess at the "Moulin Rouge" in Paris, France. f : : U , 1, - , ' 1 ' I W - I I I AV: I . ' I 1 ' ' r ' 2 1- I ' s ' ' - - up wtth my two darltng daughters MARTHA HARLAN Mrs Arnold Young My husband and I ltve tn Possum Scratch where I am employed as the Home Economtst JOE DAVID HAYES Joe Davtd Hayes I am wrestlrng under the name of Moto the Great NINI HAYES Oltvta Hayes M D I am Head Doctor at Vanderbtlt Hosprtal rn Nashvtlle Tennessee I was recently recognrzed for my dtscovery of a cure for space srckness useful to those who frnd tt nee essary to travel tnto outer space JUDY HOVIOUS Judy Hovtous 1 am the manager of the Knrfley branch of the Bell Pharmaceutteal Co I mtght add that our best selltng product ts Wate On NANCY JOLLY Mrs Elwood Janes I have just recently been elected as prestdent of the Chestnut Grove Homemakers Club JUANITA KEITH Kttty Kalhoun ts my recordtng name My latest record Moon Mush has been number one on the Htt Parade for ftve consecutrve weeks GRACE KELLY Grace Kelly I am a Bapttst Mtsstonary tn Johannesburg Afrtca CHARLES KINSLOW Charles Ktnslow I am a Jockey for Sunny Chat Stables You may be Interested to know that I was the rtder of Thunder and Lrghtntng who won thrs year s Kentuekv Derby SHIRLD' LOHDEN Shtrley Lohden I am Governor Rueben Garnett s personal secretary BUDDY LYLE Buddy Lyle I am the Postmaster at the Glasgow Post Offtce CAROLYN MCCOY Mrs Roy Bertram I am the commercral teacher at Glasgow Htgh I succeeded Mr Reed N Moore whom most of you should well remember BETTY SUE MCGLASSON Mrs Glenn Barrtck I am the supervtsor for the Southern Conttnental Tele phone Companv EUGENE McINTYRE Eugene Mclntyre I am employed by the Ctty of Glasgow as Poltce Judge The ctty s btggest problem ts Juvenrles who rnstst on drtvtng souped up cars wtth norsy mufflers BILLY MORAN Btlly Moran Syndtcated columnrst for the New York Ttmes and emcee of the popular Sunday ntght televtston program Cream of the Crop PAT NORMAN Pat Norman After twenty years of servrce as head arrlrne stewardess for the Roval Dutch Atrlrnes I rettred last week GARY OAKS Sgt Gary Oaks I am presently afftltated wtth the Kentuckv State Poltce Department KENT PLOWMAN Dr Kent M Plowman Professor of Electromcs Columbta Untverstty New York LYNNE PRATHER Mrs Raymond Cummmgs I am a hcusewrfe and mother Last year I was chosen Mother of the Year NELDA RICHEY Mrs Charles Hughes Well rt s Irke thrs I m strll lookrng for a Job that sutts me JUDY RITTER Judrth Ingraham I am currently starrrng rn the hrt movte The Glass Menagerte remtntscent of Jane Wyman WILLIAM RODDY Reverend Wtlltam Roddy I am pastor of the largest congregatron of thts denomrna tton rn the South DAVID RUTLEDGE Davtd Rutledge After recervtng my master s degree tn geology I moved to the Antarctrc where I have been dotng extensrve research GLENN RYAN Glenn Ryan band dtrector of the Marchrng IOO at the Untversrty of Kentucky We are makrng a oncert tour of the Umted States and thrs rs our last stop WILBUR SETTLE Senator Wtlbur Settle As most of you already know I have recently been elected Umted States Senator from Kentucky FOLLIS SHAW I-ollts Shaw Uh uh Unemployed at present KAY SMITH Kay Smrth better known to my assoctates as Speedo I hope all of you wrll be able to see the Indtanapolts 500 exactly one week from today Wtth luck I wrll be drrvtng tn the race JO ANN STRODE Jo Ann Strode I ve got rt made lhave been appeartng on the S64 OOO Questton for the past ftve weeks Thts week I enter the tsolatton booth to try for S128 000 Wrsh me luck' ELIZABETH TIDROW Mrs Bobby Melton Bobby and l purchased the Tastee Freeze and servtng all the htgh school students surely brtngs back old memorres HELEN TINSLEY Mrs Btlly Trent Btlly and I are the owners of the Glasgow Darly Trmes PRISCILLA WALTON Mrs P G Gass I am the owner of the Parrstan Beauty Salon on Frfth Avenue Come to me for the most untque tn hatr styltng ELLA MAE WATSON Ella Mae Watson R N I am assoctated wrth the Barren County Health Depart ment GILBERT WELLS Gtlbert Wells Mv staff of experts and myself are worktng on our latest project a brtdge across the Atlanttc Ocean SHERRY WHEELER Sherry Wheeler I am a professtonal golfer Last sprmg I won the Tam O Shanter Tourney on the Tam O Shanter golf ltnks tn Chrcago Illtnots BILLY WHITEHEAD Brlly Whttehead I am Drrector of Puptl Personnel at the Glasgow Crty Schools In my day though my tttle would have been just platn old truant offtcer LELAND WILKINSON Leland Wtlktnson I am chatrman of the board of dtrectors of the Great Atlanttc and Pactftc Tea Company UREY WOODSON Rear Admtral Urey Woodson Commander of the Seventh fleet rn the Indran Ocean LARRY GARMON We would ltke to express our stncere apprecratton to each and every one of vou for bemg present and helprng to make tht reunton a gtganttc sueee s Our next reunlon wtll be May 23 I99O at Sputntk Vtlla Illlll Crater Axenue lunar Crty Moon Good mght and Ihope each of you wtll be present at our next eumon Z I . . I - . I . I 1 I . 1 . 1 f I . , . . Y , , . , . . . . I I I - I . . p 1 . I ' . 1 1 I . n : . - C ' . Z s n 2 , . . . . 1 . , . . ,, ..,. .. . . . . ' . . I , . I V I . , , . 1 . - I . s -, s ' . 'Q . ,' ' fr s . . . . , , 1 I 4 , - F . E7 W r f F , va, vw ,M 'QOH' w N I ? 7 I oi, I I I I S bib 'P"',,. K -5 71 M 1 Mg sag .aff if 1 2 5 ,Ig i' 'Q CLASSES , .ui W :ids I 6 MN .A yin, f 6 sshwfv .1 :.., ,, X Quilt , , Ai gif Q 3 :4 wk QS x. , 1' ,, WV fp ty- fy? , 'N i ,. , A s 1 Z x S 3- ' x E 2 A , 4 blrffr ? w- 9 Q. .V 1 W ww. My Xkw Wie vs, give'- 'A V? -...HA Geraldme Garnett Sue Gass Eddxe Mae Goad Jackle Gosnell Ann Guffey Brenda Hagan Rrley Handy Joyce Harlan Rlchard Harlan Darlene Hunt Lourse Hunt Eva Inman Christine James Leona James Anna Lee Keller Loucmda Klrby Joyce London Edna Lynn Joan McG1asson Carolyn McMurtrey Douglas Mansfleld Jo Brent M111er Marjoue Moran Carroll Nunn Bomta Pace Ahce Palmore Rex Patterson Anna Maye Pedlgo Harold Pedxgo Bobby Moran my' 2 Jane Pedxgo Carl Pickett Ronny Potter Charles Potts Joyce Poynter Anna Ray Proffitt Stanley Proffitt Curtis Pulliam Jerry Rayburn Barbara Redford Billy Ritter Jennie Lou Ropp Kenneth Rupe Wanda Steenbergen Harold Taylor Bobby Teasley Rrchard Thomas Drxxe Trent Loretta Underwood Rlchard Wells Ruby Wllson Marcra Wy:-mt Ewrng Montgomery Class Officers LEFT to RIGHT Rlley Handy Roy Garmon Charles Elmore Ronny Potter, Robert Drckmson 35 535 " 'fl M 1 fill Ill Ill f Ill ' ll T DPHOMCRES Secretary Tre asurer Presrdent 1 :son Sergeant at Arms Edna Lourse Baldock Martha Sue Broady Mary Lou Broady Ruth Ann Brown Bobby Cary Emest Cassrdy Charles Clarence Coffey Lucy Davrs Crow Roberta Dlckerson Annetta Dxllard J C Doyle Roy Eugene Duvall Robert Edwards Charlotte Ann E111s Loulse Flowers Terry Frazrer Ruby Jamce Gass L1nda Sue Croce L1nda Grooms Houston Laydell Cunnels Don Handy Ruth Ann Harlow Barbara Ann Harp James Davrd Houck Richard Davis Jzm Hayne s Martha House Wllllam Edward Hughes Bobby Jolly Freddre Jones Ronald Jones John Keys Paul Krngrey Jack1e Leech Wayne Lrkens Lmda Lyle Tommy Lyons Wayne McCoy Paulrne McK1nney Roy Douglas Marr Joyce Kay Matthews Melvyn Matthews Juanxta Morgan Tommy Morrrson Lmda Mosby Patsy Ellen Murray Freddre Norns Geneane Palmore Jackre Pedlgo Josephxne Powell Martha Powell Hugh Trm Profflt Martha Pruxtt A C Reeves Ann Rrchardson gli ,JPY 2 Eff-in W. 'fe ,v 4 L fx f w ill 'E if Jean Robertson Mac Rutledge Jerry Lee Ryan FISJICIS Settle B11ly Smlth Claudette Smrth Terry Smrth James Spencer Jo Ann Stewart Bobby Stone Barbara Jewell Tolle Sarah Turner Bob Wllhams Phylhs Jean Wllson Sally Grace Wllson C arolyn Wooten Dxckle Wooten Terry Frazrer, Ronald Jones, Davld McDan1el, Melvyn Matthews Tommy Lyons, Russel Jones Tommy Mornson Q Billy Joe Walker 7 15.5, J Q .M if F, if ,5 Q y X rx Q. Xaliylik gmt A QW 'S 1, , A, 4 2: 'M .X R wg 3 my R N Ll, V,,. ,ax up 'A Y ' W 1 N f Y . A M A ,agp Q ' Y' yxii..f,, 31 1, "" E c 1 'Q A V1 yi fm L .A V A 5 . ,f ' ' ' . V wal f 49' si up . P A ' ffien. 'W' 5 iv' j,:1g Af' W, wr it yn W ' A My 8 xl ' ' 1 w W Yqw K1 -X ' YPFQK xi Q4 , it . W V F J - 52 WBT ix 4 lei' Sy Q v I - .wa an :ir 5 ,X X K , gy ig --vig K W' if is-uf. 1 uw ,fx .- . M, f. Wt 'KA as WW Eighth Grade Anna. Alexander Martha Bewly Guy Bowles Patty Bowles Sondra Bowman Phill rp Boyter Duane Branstetter J lmmy Buchanan Phrllrp Buckner Jerry Bybee Frances Carver Johnnne Carver Sue Cary Sue Combs Herbert Conner Glenda Cox Leon Crabtree Danny Dean Emest Denn Nancy Depp Betsy Dzckmson Jeanne Drckmson Mary Lynn Drckmso Joe Dowmng Wanda Duncan Larry Eaton Brenda Emmett Mary Eubank Geraldrne Flowers Bobbxe Forrest J Allen Foster Charles Frasrer Jerry Froedge LaVece Ganter Albert Cass Kenneth Gore Richard Goad Chris Grinstead Charles Hale Jane Hall Jerry Harlan Travis Harp Jerry Huffman Dennis Hughes Betty Isenberg U 1 in M. Betty Jackson Davrd Jones Mrke Jones Pat Lakm B111 Luster Martha Lyons Danny McMurtrey Lors Matthews Zona Matthews Gary May Susanne Norman Janet Parker Kenneth Pedrgo Nelda Pedlgo Sandra Pedrgo Glona Pntchard Bonme Potts Wxlham Rrddle C E Rutledge Leslre Settle Theodosra Sexton Martha Shrrley Brenda Srmmons Betty Smrth Carolyn Smxth Joyce Smlth Betty Jo Stevens Regma Stuart Fred Syree Alrce Taylor Edward Taylor W H Taylor Annre Bell Thomas John Turner Sue Tyree Mlke Varrm Brenda Vrbbert Drana Vrncent Julra Wells Brenda Wheeler John Whrte Shrrley Wllson Judy Wood Cordne York Stephame Wallace Judrth Young Woody Simmons Shrrley Abner Bnllre Alexander Rlcky Alexander Terrell Alexander Duane Aspley Edward Atmp Harty Baruch Eddre Brrbrdge Wayne Calvert Judy Campbell Doroth Cash Carol ole Russell Combs Jerry Crabtree Mary Lourse Crouch Larry Joe Culver Dana Delk James Delk Phrllp Delk Ronald Delk Sherry Depp Glorra Dxckerson Lewrs Dlckmson Colleen Doyle Roger Doyel Paul Duvall Robert Elzy Harold Emberton James Franklm Phrhp Frasxer Steve Frazxer Ruth Garnett Carolyn Cass Davrd Gass Lmda Grmstead Jane Hall Brenda Handy Brenda I-hgh Sherry Houchens Fred Irunan Gary Jensen Shrrley Jobe Chester Jolly Sharon Jolly Phxlrp Krng Larry Krngrey Ins Kuzman Seventh Grade 43 25 Mike Fannin I . l Elleen Lapldus Carol Leaym Jan Lew1s Leroy Lyons Larry McDan1el Lorretta McFarland Brenda Madzson Bob Matthews Joe Montgomery Patrrcra Newcom Judy Norman Patr1c1a Norvllle John O'Br1en Wrlham Ogles Paula Osborne Kenya Pace Mlke Pace Nancy Peery James Potter Lmda Poynter Yandell Rams ev Charles RICE Harold Rlgsby Margre Rogers Tommy Russell Reggre Sadler Dav1d Short Tommy Spencer Holland Strange Gemra Jo Stevens Joe Taylor Mlke Taylor Martha Teasley James Tolle Sue Turner Jlm Turner Terry Tumer Patrlcra Vance Mrke Walbert Carolyn Wheeler Suzxe Whxte Sally Wrlh ams Rose Wllson Larry Wooten Mike Pursley Presrdent, Jamce Gass, Vrce Presxdent, Rnchard Dav1s, Secretary, Anna Ray Proffitt, Treasurer, Jenme Lou Ropp Sponsor Mrs James Wxmpy, Co Sponsor Mrs Charles Cole Spanish Club Imtxatxon Tommy Sabens, B111y Houchens, Jenme Lou Ropp, Joe Keys Spanish Club 46 Speech Club President, Richard Thomasg Vice- President, Riley Handyg Secretary and Treasurer, Judy Hovious Sponsor, Mr. Bill Price Radio Club President, Billy Morang Vice-President, Bruce Cherryg Secretary, Charlie Dickinsong Treasurer, Kent Plowman Sponsor, Mr. Paul Wilder, Co-Sponsor, Mr. Charles Cole Mr. Charles Cole, Tim Proffitt, Ronald Jones, Larry Cook, Charlie Dickinson, Robert Dickinson, Kent Plow- man, Billy Moran, Henry Francis, Bruce Cherry, Richard Davis, Ronnie Potter, Mr. Paul Wilder Wee Scientists President, Bruce Cherryg Vice- President, Bobby Clark, Secretary, Riley Handy, Treasurer, Gilbert Wells, Parliamentarian, Wilbur Settleg Reporter, Charlie Dickinson Sponsor, Miss Lee Smith Future Teachers of America President, Sherry Wheelerg Vice President, Richard Thomas, Secre- tary, Judy Britt, Treasurer, Dixie Trent Sponsor, Mrs. W.E. Shirley, Co- Sponsor, M.r. Carter Hooks Beta Club President, Terry Goodman, Vice- President, Ronnie Potter, Secretary, Gerry Garnett, Treasurer, Wilbur Settle Parliamentarian, Reuben Garnett, Sergeant-At-Arms, Susie Aspley Sponsors--Mrs. W. E. Cook and Mr. Bill Price Young Librarians LEFT to RIGHT: Martha Powell, Joyce London, Bar- bara Basil, and Priscilla Walton. The young librarians assist Mrs. Cook in her many duties such as replacing books which have been checked out and helping the younger students find the books in which they are interested. Future Homemakers of America Presndent Carolyn McMurtrey 1st Vrce Pres1dent,D1x1e Trent 2ndV1ce Presrdent, Anna Rae Proff1tt Secretary Lynn Prather Treasurer Martha Harlan Junlor Conservation Club Presxdent, Doug Mansfreld Vlce Presrdent Francrs Settle Treasurer, Bob Wrllrams 49 13 - ' 1 'H fli T? ,:J W'L f X' W 4- K. JY 1 ifQQ6Qfa:i . 4 A , 'Q ,F . .5 fm gppyfgi 3, L 'X ,'Ff w gg Ri EJ 4 1 va if x E 5 1 . .ggqrgrigfig I , rl l ' -2 I ' ,Q I , ,iv ,Q A 1- rl Y ," f Q H E 5 v "eq :pls 'w -5- Ffa Qyfjf .t ii kv LQ' 4 'il' fi' if i n 2 Z' ff ESS-f":G-F 6' :Q . Q 6 fy: 'wx-.5'1' T: 1 55 'v I 2 . f L. ' . , i V Q K ' 1 Q A f - ' K , 4 .5 K, if ri if U F - 1' . 5 3,5 5 il . y V' ,K QQQW' 4r,.pw-,.,.:- -, K Q41 'g I 4 9 "U-......,,W... EQ , ,ff-ff Q c E er' - , ' . I L . V ...- xi , "Wy, ' 'N' 1,r Y' i. Q: ,fp at ' in ' " mf- , K -2912? Aff , f .4-E' MM. v K ' SQA? my .A 37 A-3, x 35:12 'Q , 1 gf 3 I f 5 53:3-5.E5l?g?5Af5: S2 gm I 'K If A - A mi A PHYSICIAL EDUCATION CLASS FIRST ROW Lee Ann Cass, Betty Atn1p Paulxne McK1n.ney Annetta Dlllard, Lou1se Baldock Jo Ann Stewart Sh1rley Brown Pauletta Huffman Jamce Cass SECOND ROW Margaret Jackson Bertha Dodson Loretta Smxth Patty Wheet Sarah Jo Hall Donna Qu1gley Barbara Harp Barbara Tolle Patsy Murray, Shlrley Lohden, Juanlta Morgan Josephxne Powell Mary Adwell Mr Srmmons, Larry Lakm Danny McMurtrey, Jlmmy Monroe Chester Jolly, Ernest Wmgate Rrchard Wmgate, Fredche Eubank T C Goad, Loule Wlmpee Harold Emberton, J B Hardm 51 Barbara, Thomerson. 'ILHIRD ROW: ,Marjorie Smitllr, Louise F1owers,, Charlotte Ellyis, Linda Lyle,, ' . . , . y 7 Y ' ' 7 SPECIAL DAYS AT SCHQOL RIIALTY Flll VIIATIJI IRIVL 'EAHI Y LIT YHU x a xv In Vnlll Spring Art Exhibit 1957-Mike Jones, Pat Lakin, Phillip Sophomore Safety Exhibit Boyter, Bill Luster, Leon Crabtree, W. H. Taylor, Woody Simmons. i mr? 135 Freshman Safety Exhibit-STANDING: Harold Edwards and Russell Jones. SEATED Terry Denton and Philip Whiteside. "Automobiles weren't a problem in our day! " Senior Safety Entry- Lucy Bunch and Roy Fox. Dr. Farley presenting Mrs. L. L. Le Bouef with a gift from the faculty in appreciation of her twenty years service as supervisor of the Lunch Room. Dr. Farley presenting Miss Lee Smith with a gift in appreciation of her being selected Glasgow's Teacher of the Year. 11956-195'7j William Riddle, winner of the Spelling Bee of 1957. SPECIAL HONORS ,ff A t,f A, N. if ..b'.-.i V, Bonnie Potts, Martha Gabbard, Leechie My CIS . Tw- , , . + ,. .. ' T-Qwnf ' f ' a 'J' Glasgow High School Band Charles Bethel l-Ioneycutt, Director Majorettes x .. I ru ,1,.f,,,,,, , x-l,.,32t1 -fn Pg, Marcia Wyant, Patsy Alexander, Anita Eng land, Anna Margaret Alexander. .1 ' ' . . M f . G b , , QgJ.:ffD' H .xpkfg,-.,fwf:4h-'fx fs wg iw w.- K . f. . A ,, A v - , . , , M , . ,, L 1, 1 f JMX -f - - mf 3'vQW752,f,:,, 'fi . M ' -f - - ., A Q : ' I I .4 as iixrv wifi gr- -. iewwiw- Q ' - ' ' - J. 1 ' f 'f in 2 f W I wifi, ,-I 'a?x.2.q ' Y .ia-, V .,- .', f?""?f'f"iv K -. N. f . 4 Q V -T V V V 'W . . 9 6 ,. Vi tlylfe A. ,,f.4m,jx - ip A, Q , kkkk V. 1 Sl' - . ' ' 4 0 ,Q 5 1 N- W. V i " . ff .?:',9? K 'E -., wg fm -2 ,faq , A 7 ,Q ' fu I ,E -' L X 5. ,lfaak ,N ,. I . . ,Q , 1 H 1 - I 4 " 5' Q1 sci' f 1 -.V , . . f . Q, . -. VN . , k 5 5 9 pV, .r- X 5 -nr 4 :L J ,VA 3, , U 'T i 'R " 'Dfw' : x ,Q I 'vb , K V ' , V , . Q 0 I Q Q 5 I -Q " " l L Q? E' ' f 15 Q - N My 4 xg, t, Q 5 ' V V, A Q V .Nl hw 1 mxzv ' X Qi- 1-1 .7 7 +V' 'X M135 , XV .-.. ,MV X ..., K :Tw v, h Q C-I? V . I y 2136 V I ' V ,,.,. I QQ, E h V Va J 2 if. Q' , V , . ,Q ' I, ll f K, 0 ss-Q--J s i nv- k , 'I f ,V f - 'ff .gf .. V1 ,.,. 1- f -"wi1654"Q3Qi,w W' 'fi'-""+' ""34Qw "W"-'vm' ,. 4, ,,,,R,,,W 1 - .. -my V W . ., - Kr I V . , , -K ' K 1' figkrg. W M ik ' K X-7' ,-' I A A M . - ww.. ww-if f Q rf, 1-4.4, ' Y i ,V ,, , .wgifkgau 445' -A g , a , M 1 ' wwf W A -1 f f - 1- fm, K- W , ka 4 , In ,L Vx ' VV ik ,- x g .H 1 f -. .,. Q W V9.3 4. 4' :M , A w f- Ma: :WJ . 'X , W , . L, Q . Q' ,, . I .AS f N vw A -ws - f A ' H hs, f ., , fi, ,,...,,-pe, K, if wa: is V MW? J., fy, ,Ny Ng. x R : IH ga, :VV V fa f ,far ,V . Wg W, 4 ,Q Q fs A ,, ' S X J s if ' w QA' ' 4 r QS: A Va fm' f, J , ,-uf.. .. - lx, ,, Mn-, . , ,.1, ,-sw , ffg,4,m,fg..:,,,g, R Q :ww :QL 'sw -'i wiw -f " 1 ,. if K ' , K A ' 11123 VL fry -LN, 1-M,jM".ip-3-fwfs 3,1 4. 52 ,'wg'f, T1 1 "F ' K ,M ,Q pi! V ff V V? A , ,,,,fl V- 35V VV E - V 'V , Us , W Y V V x i K ,I , , P Q' , . r F? emi v gn. ,W , , M... ,, Jffigg W2 - F 1 ' Y '- 5 iv. if 2 ' 3' 'Vi-1 X - if , -2. . 1. 'fm fffx Y 1 .x H " - a ' a v , f 'A " 7' 1 , ' M ' 3- ' 1 Q Afg- - - h 1 R 1 Y! fi K ' 'I 7 f 'l 3 . m f Q I' K, Q., , 4 .V g 7' f 3 ibwxf U' ' f V I 8 I! as "-O ,., pg Q 4. J " . 'A 5 ' " 'ff fi f ui. .Q 1 f, 6 I " -- , P' f' r ., my . H x i .Q ,r - L. , - h W Elf! ' 'S '3' E ' 'i 7 -A W - if Y "T"71'i Q.. V' 11153M f . Q - V . 5 V, J M V ' 5 L 1- . I 56,1 TV5 ' '- V a 1" - Q R 3,124 .xx . V K Lrg 5. 3 153. if n ff? ,Sz If V+, .' ' 4 , V- .V , M V " , , , 9 V . , - . V 4 5 V. , , . 4, if , . I V . VV V V , ,Q , I I, V t ' ' 5 ' I , ,if ,M . , V ai - ' - 5? - ' " Qn T ' ' 0: " 2. . -- .ics A S ,L -Q ,L ai 1' X 1 jf- X '..., N f ' , ' - N .f . X - -A -, ' 'Ti 'Y . 7 lv , V L "' 4 3 '. . , . , V - , ,, , 5 ,V . , f ,, ,- Q " is , V If ' I 9 W I " , , ' 2 ' , f' , rf E.. V i ' 'c - 1 3 x 'X ' K' fl 0 - It U fn -1 :wg ' ' I was J- , V 2 ,Y N V, i -,- " Q - J.. 1. Vv , i 1 V .1 i - 2 3 Z ,V 3 X Yi 1 5 ' Y 'X- ' ' . . vu- - I f XX ls- ' 'V ' f 'Y 1 5' x i . X . L ' x X X -A f . 5 5 4 I R ' , . Ha? X ' , ' 'Y L A ,I f V! f L af 3 1V - f V ' . f V , t ur p ' F 'A' VV 1 , - . ax V fr f ' Y .- .. 'S . My pf , ' 4 44- L., . mano- ev- 'V '77 WH' A ' " PX if I L A ,M .AM-fffz' was ' f 9 ,V V' lf ' -' -A Carolyn McCoy Chief Typist, first semester Gerald Quinn, Algun Faught, Leland Wilkinson and Gary Oaks as they prepare a page of snap- shots. Nancy Jolly, Editor-in-Chiefg Judy Hovious, Elizabeth Tidrow, and Ruby Bertram, Business Manager. I - I 4 ATHLETICS I RANK! JK VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Managers Jerry Wooten and Tommy McKLnney Coaches Jamerson and Hooks Buddy Alexander Co Captains Gary Oaks 58 W" .. I , T W .4 3 v 'x ... ff mv Q3 f , 1 A Q N P' -- r. if 4 Wi ,fi Eff' ls jf i A, J E 'Q we it 50 QL! if , , 5 if im ' as 'A' -X X xi A , J Q- ., 3, 5? f N' ,K . . Q. N 12 f I' ii 1 .Q . -,nun an I .4 MW., ..,w..m-anna Queen Pat Norman and Her Attendants Sue Groce, Brenda Hagan, Sherry Wheeler, Pat Norman, Martha I-louse, Bonnie Furlong, Jennie Lou Ropp, Linda Allen. Football Queen Pat Norman HOMECCMI C5 Gary Oakes performs the pleasant job of placing the crown upon the head of the queen. Gary Oakes and Buddy Alexander escorting the queen to the crown ing area VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Judy I-Iovious Pat Norman Lucy Bunch Nini Hayes O, when those Glasgow High boys fall in lineg We're going For G.H.S. I For G.H.S. I We're going We're going We're going HEY GANG Hey Gang, Hey Gang, Hey, Hey! Hey Gang, Hey Gang, Hey, Hey! to win this game another timeg yell, I yell, I yellg yell, I yell, I yell, I yell, to fight, fight, fight for every score, to win this game and then some more, to throw those T -Ville boys upon the floor, out the I FAVORITE YELLS What's with the team? The team's all right! Who's all right? Everybody! Who's everybody? G.H.S. Give fifteen rahs for the G.H.S. Rah, Rah, Rah Rah Rah, Etc. Team! Team! Team! SOUND OFF Get off the floor, get ready to fightg Get out of the way of the blue and the Sound off 1,2g Sound off 3,45 Scottie Count 1,2,3,4, 1,25 3,4! We're out to fight, with all our might, We're ready to win this game tonight! Sound off 1,2p Sound off 3,4g Scottie Count 1,2,3,4g l,2g 3,4! white ! 1 Robert DICRIHSOH recewmg trophy for Most Improved Player of ll Year 4 Guest speaker: Coach Ed Diddle Scott1e Trophxes Eugene McIntyre enjoys the Banquet 64 infant. AR ITY PEP CLUB Presrdent, Sherry Wheeler, Vrce Presxdent, Jackle Gosnell, Secretary, Sue Groce Treasurer, Glorla Crarg, Sponsors, Mr Moore and Mrs Wnght .lr HIGH PEP CLUB Presrdent, Sandra Bowman Vmce Presldent, Juhe Wells Secretary, Sally Wrlhams Sponsor, Mrs Hooks 65 . , . 5 . Q s - 9 s - . ARSITY BA KETBALL TEA SCHEDULE NOVEMBER OPPONENTS WE THEY Temple Hill 56 54 Austin Tracy 49 29 DECEMBER Cumberland County 46 44 Allen County 40 39 Metcalfe County 49 42 Hiseville 51 49 North Warren 44 59 BOWLING GREEN INVITATIONAL Glasgow 61 Franklin-Simpson 64 Glasgow 56 Bowling Green 52 JANUARY Cavema 48 54 Campbellsville 69 79 Park City 53 46 Tompkinsville 58 81 Scottsville 95 80 Franklin-Simpson 47 50 Marrowbone 74 50 Madisonville 60 59 Greenville 50 57 Warren County 56 68 FEBRUARY Bowling Green 57 74 Caverna 65 83 College High 62 67 Adair County JLI IOR ARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW Tommy Morrrson Jrm Haynes Davrd Sprllman Phrlrp Whxtesrde T1m Proffltt Terry Smrth, Sammy Faught Coach Bradford SECOND ROW J1mmy Ross Ronnre Nxchols, Roy Duvall, Bobby Cary Harold Edwards, Daryl Martrn Brlly Houchens W1111am Hare THIRD ROW Freddxe Norms, Wllham Rxchardson Ca.1v1n Coffey B111y Ward Russell Jones Paul Krngrey Davrd McDan1e1 Wanda Steenbergen Lxnda Taylor Barbara Redford Jennle LOU ROPP Lmda ,Allen Jo Brent M111e.r JU IOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS : 1 1 7 2 7 y . ' : , . . . J . 1 ! ' : v r 1 2 Q ' Junior High Basketball Team l957 58 FIRST ROW, Left to Rlgllt B1ll Luster, Coach Hooks, Guy Bowles, Mxke Smrth, Davrd Jones, C E Rutledge Dennls Hughes, Cary May, Jerry Huffman SECOND ROW Earl Kllbotu R1Cky Alexander, Tommy Russell, Br1ll Stewart, Mxke Walbert, Paul Duvall, Louxs Drckmson, Buel Holmes, Clarence Leonard THIRD ROW Jessle Broady, Robert Elzy, Danny O Br1an Danny McMurtrey Woody S1mmons B111 Taylor, Jerry Harlan, Joe Montgomery, Chrrs Grmstead, Herbert Conner, Holland Strange, Danny Houchens, Joe Keys Junlor Hugh Basketball Schedule l957 5 Caverna Austm Tracy Austm Tracy Park Crty Glasgow J V Park Crty Glasgow J V Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost G l : . , . . , . . . ' . Q I 7 O I Caverna ............. . . . .....,..... . ...... . . . Lost 69 TRACK TEAM FRONT ROW Left to Rrght Bob W1ll1ams Buddy Lyle Joel Wxlson Dav1d Adams Henry Francrs Rondal Jones Jesse Ferguson Jerry Wooten BACK ROW Coach Sears Clyde Chaplm Barlow Ropp Roy Ramsey John Cec1l Doug Mansf1eld Jun1or Vance Jackre Staples Doug HOVIOHS GOLF TEAM LEFT to RIGHT Coach Sears, Walter Davxs, Benny D1ck1nson Sammy Faught Algun Faught Brlly Myers Sherry Wheeler Freddy Canter Jr Tommy Lyons Davxd McDan1el Larry Lyons TENNIS TEAM STANDING Left to Rxght T1tus Lyle Roy Garmon B1ll Poteet Carroll Benedlct, Donald Craxg Coach Delk KNEELING Jxmmy Barton Freddre Norrxs , . 7 7 I Y J Y , . 1 1 J P F 7 7 I , . -1 1 2 , A 2 1 7 : Y ' I 7 5 7 l i 'J 7 7 BASEBALL TEAM f"7f6""' .. at U Mi K yi A g l-1 s 7 H445 fame "' A Vu 'M assi-93b" by-ss FRONT ROW Brlly Houchens Brlly Whrtehead Laydell Gunnels, Charles Krnslow, Jesse Ferguson, W1l11am Hare Mrke Smrth Tommy McK1nney, Stanley Proffrtt BACK ROW Coach Huntsman, Gerald Gu1nn, Hunter Vance Wayne McCoy Larry Dearmg, Gary Oaks Jackre Staples Tommy Ha an R g ex Patterson Marshall Broady ,asf has is vivfmffw Client 1 pm, it M --- W T' e"L?eXg 'sy H VQQW V if-ra H Stanley Proffrtt P1tcher ggi 3 gg, W Rex Patterson at bat Jesse Ferguson Shortstop Industrial Arts at the Machines Mr. Bill Simmons, Joe David Hayes, Buddy Lyle, Wayne Likens, James Houck, Tim Proffitt, William Hughes, and William Richardson. Industrial Arts at the Drawing Board Lonnie Dickens, Richard Wells, Jimmy Ferrell, Billy Joe Cassady, Danny Bran- stetter, Billy Abner, Wendell Hodges, Jerry Davis, Buddy Hancock, Emest Cassady, John Ray Elmore, William Hughes, Laydell Gunnels, Johnny Keys, James Claspell, Billy Houchens, and Travis Elmore. The Typing Class at the Typewriters Kent Plowman, Glenn Ryan, Lynne Prather, Freida Conner, Eugene Mclntyre, Bobbie Dawsey, Ronnie Kendall, Charles Davis, Carroll Nunn, Mr. Moore, Barbara Chaplin, Billy Whitehead, Joh.n Ray Elmore, Carolyn McCoy, Ruby Bertram, and Nancy Jolly. Business Arithmetic Class Stanley Proffitt, Pauline McKinney, Douglas Marr, Linda Mosby, Ann Hogue Charles Jackson, Wayne Likens, Curtis Pulliam, Charlotte Ellis, Jimmy Ferrell son, Ernest Cassady, Robert Edwards. 7 Doug Frasier, Barbara Harp, Bobby Ander- Reading Class Mrs. Gene C. Farley, Teacher, Stella Bagby, Terry Houchens, Robert Mosby,Jerry Lee Marr, J. T. Logsdon, Williarn N. Smith, Fred Inman, back of others. tb. Mrs. W. G. Clark's Fifth Grade Class J. T. Logsdon, Robert Poteet, Sally Froedge, Robert Carver, Elizabeth England, Geneva Chap- man, Philip Grinstead, Anita Duvall, Marcelle Shootman, Carolyn May, Geoff Green, Cynthia Mansfield, Ed Huff, Tommy Furlong, Jerry Marr, Mary Davis, Saundra Cady, Jimmy Redford, Danny Duvall, Jimmy Ray Shaw, Judy Ann Martin, David Jackson, Mrs. W. G. Clark, Teacher. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTME T Barbara Basil and Mrs. Ray using steam iron. Mrs. Payne and Loretta Underwood planning Judy Davis, Margaret Jackson, Marjorie Smith, for Christmas. Celia Green, Joyce Goggins, and Mary Lois Baldock dining. Donna Quigley, Shirley Brown, Carol Peden, and Mary Lou Atwell preparing a meal. CHEMI TRY CLASS IN ACTIO FOREGROUND: Wilbur Settle, Billy Blankenship. Ella Mae Watson and Bobbie Dawsey BACKGROUND: Jimmy Barton, David Rutledge, Glenn Ryan. Joe Renfro, Roger Stephens, Wendell Hodges, Frank Peden, Tim Proffitt, Roy Duvall, Ruby Wilson, Patsy Alexander I THE LIBRARY George Bush, Tommy Morrison Christine James, Margaret Jackson Connie Lapidus, James Houck, William Hare, STANDING, Mrs. Cook and Miss Scott Lu nch room Scenes W " 'L' Ugg' A H, 4 . X ' 1 9 B I ,! x 2, Pr ,Q 1 1 . risk rf 11.2. 5 31' gf lf, Q I x , Q 1 4 f Q- fi rf' ji W, 's 5' .4 357: Rx U 'EFI' 1 'Qu - if , 5 YQ X ,M 'ig-o - s s LAST WILL A D TESTAME KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that we The Class of 1958 of Glasgow Barren County Kentucky berng of sound mrnd and memory do make publrsh and declare thrs rnstrument to be our last wrll and testament hereby revokrng any and all other wrlls and codrcrls heretofore made by us Item I We as rndrvrduals grve and bequeath unto the followrng underclassmen certarn personal trarts personalrty qualrtres and personal property Item 2 We name nomrnate and appornt Mrsses Lee Smrth and Mary Davrs to be the executrrces of thrs our last wrll and testament and request that no bond be requrred of them as such WILBUR SETTLE wrlls hrs muscular burld to JIMMY ROSS NELDA RICHEY leaves her abrlrty to get rnto trouble to RUTH C ELZY HELEN TINSLEY wrlls her abrlrty to get an engagement rrng to BARBARA TOLLE BUDDY ALEXANDER wrlls hrs srze 15 shoe to JOYCE HARLAN JUDY HOVIOUS leaves her speedy Plymouth to anyone who wrll have rt rn hopes she wrll soon be drrvrng a Fury SHERRY WHEELER wrlls her two years of varsrty cheerleadrng to LINDA ALLEN GILBERT WELLS bequeaths hrs center posrtron on the football team to TOMMY MORRISON GERALD GUINN wrlls hrs unrque abrlrty to get away from Mr Jones to GERRI GARNETT EUGENE MCINTYRE wrlls hrs seat rn Mrss Davrs room to some lucky JUNIOR KENT PLOWMAN wrlls hrs A s to REX PATTERSON ALGUN FAUGHT wrlls hrs abrlrty to stay srngle to EWING MONTGOMERY CHARLES MOUSE KINSLOW leaves hrs excess werght and herght to JIM HA YNES SHERMAN FRANKLIN leaves hrs good grades to CURTIS PULLIAM BRUCE CHERRY wrlls hrs love for all the teachers to RONNIE POTTER REUBEN GA RNETT bequeaths hrs brrght red harr to WA NDA STEENBERGEN BILLY JONAH ABNER wrlls hrs hrgh I Q to CHARLIE DICKINSON SUSIE ASPLEY leaves her Job as school reporter to RILEY HANDY rn hopes that he can spell BOBBY CLARK bequeaths hrs posrtron as number one trumpet player to TOMMY LYONS TOMMY GIBBONS leaves hrs drploma rf he recerves one to leave to CHARLES JACKSON LARRY GARMON wrlls hrs abrlrty to serve as Presrdent to hrs brother ROY rn hopes he can do as good a Job JANICE HANCOCK wrlls her Come Hrther Look to JANE M PEDIGO ROY FOX wrlls hrs black harr to DOUG MANSFIELD CAROLYN MCCOY wrlls her abrlrty to skrp school to anyone who thrnks he can get by better wrth rt than she drd PAT NORMAN leaves her unnecessary grggles to JENNIE LOU ROPP BARBARA CHAPLIN wrlls her abrlrty to be seen and never to be heard to FREIDA CONNER BILLY BLANKENSHIP leaves hrs shyness to JIMMY DOWNING RUBY BERTRAM wrlls her sophrstrcated swrng to MARCIA WYA NT rn hopes she gets enough to swrng JIMMY BARTON leaves hrs love for Sophomore grrls to BILLY JOE CA SSADY DA VID RUTLEDGE bequeaths hrs handsomeness to DON HA NDY WILLIAM RODDY wrlls hrs abrlrty to stay away from grrls to ROBERT DICKINSON UREY WOODSON wrlls hrs lrttle green car to HAROLD TAYLOR LELIA GANFER leaves her great knowledge of shorthand to BARBARA RFDFORD JANICE GARRETT leaves her many drfferent changes of clothes to all the JUNIOR GIRLS 78 GRACE KELLY leaves her quiet ways and talk to JO BRENT MILLER. F THE CLASS OF 58 TERRY GOODMAN wrlls her mrddle name Franklrn to her lrttle brother LUCY BUNCH leaves her trtle as Mrss Barren County to some Junror grrl who thrnks she can take her place QGood Luck grrlslj TALMADGE GREER wrlls hrs nrckname Cabbage to JIMMY FERRELL RICHARD GUNNELS leaves hrs abrlrty to wreck a car to JERRY RAYBURN TOMMY HAGAN leaves hrs troubles to Mrs SHIRLEY PRISCILLA WALTON leaves her left over chewrng gum to LEE ANN GASS NANCY JOLLY wrlls her positron as Editor rn Chref to next year s poor unsus pectrng vrctrm Good Luck' JO ANN STRODE leaves her good trmes at G H S to GLORIA CRAIG BILLY WHITEHEAD wrlls hrs love for the opposrte sex to ROY LEE DAVIS KAY SMITH wrlls to JUDY BRITT the abrlrty to grrn and Bear rt JOHN RAY ELMORE wrlls hrs abrlrty to woo the women to hrs brother CHARLES PAT DOYLE leaves her promptness and effrcrency to ANN BOUCHER BUTCH ELIN wrlls hrs gentlemanly ways to CHARLES BYBEE JUANITA KEITH wrlls to DIXIE TRENT her unceasrng labor over her darly lessons JOE DAVID HAYES wrlls hrs abrlrty to get hrs own way to WAYNE MCCOY BOBBIE DAWSEY leaves hrs abrlrty to play basketball to BILLY RITTER LELAND WILKINSON leaves and rs glad he rs gorng MARTHA HARLAN wrlls her abrlrtres to make frrends to CA ROLYN MCMURTREY BUDDY LYLE leaves hrs love for government to DOUG FRASIER LYNNE PRATHER leaves all her genralrty to JOAN MCGLASSON fThere s a drctron ary rn the lrbrary Joan J GLENN RYAN leaves hrs sense of humor to HAROLD PEDIGO BETTY SUE MCGLASSON wrlls her long harr to JACKIE SUE GOSNELL GARY OAKS wrlls hrs touchdowns to JESSE FERGUSON SHIRLEY LOHDEN wrlls her quiet manners to JUDY BERTRAM JUDY RITTER leaves the Prrtchardsvrlle drag strrp to all dragsters SHIRLEY CONNER wrlls her blonde Up harr to ALICE PALMORE JANICE COFFMAN wrlls her drrvrng abrlrty to RAE MARIE FRAZIER NINI HAYES leaves her abrlrty to get others rn trouble to SUE GROCE BILLY MORAN wrlls hrs love for a thirteen year old grrl to RICHARD THOMAS MARY ELIZABETH TIDROW wrlls to LINDA TAYLOR her abrlrty to go wrth boys from the Tastee Freeze MARSHALL BROADY wrlls hrs paper route to TERRY SMITH FOLLIS SHAW Yes that s hrs name leaves as quretly as he came Wrtness thrs our last wrll and testament made at Glasgow Kentucky thrs the twenty seventh day of November rn the year of our Lord one thousand nrne hundred fifty seven A D The Class of 1958 Signed sealed publrshed and declared by sard Senrors therr last wrll and testa ment rn the presence of us who rn therr presence and at therr request and rn the presence of one another all present together have hereunto subscrrbed our names as witnesses hereto thrs 27th day of November 1957 A D fi 79 JZMJW 9 ELLA MAE WATSON wills her dignified way to LINDA LYLE. is K ,I , ,f A ' '7 ,J P TRONS Adarrland Farm North Jackson A Frrend A Frrend A Frrend A Frrend A Frrend A Frrend A Frrend A Frrend A F rrend Bxll Alexander Applrance Sales and Servrce Reirrgeratron and Arr Condrtronrng 6 6 Columbra Avenue The Robert Alexanders Ashland Orl and Refrnrng Co Atwell Cabrnet Shop Custom Burlt Cabrnets to Satrsfy Phone OL 1 5935 Barleydr Grrssom Real Estate and lnsurance Bonds On the Square Glasgow Ky Wrsh the Senrors Good Luck' Complrments of the E B Bertram Truck Lrne OL 1 3738 Beta Club Bethel Flower Shop The Beauty of Our Busrness rs our Flowers Boden Motors Oldsmobrle and Cadrllac Agency GMC Trucks Bybee Insulatron and Awnrng Co Alumrnum Storm Wrndows and Doors Phone 1 2751 Central Lumber Co Chaney Moss lnsurance Co Crtrzens Natronal Bank Crty Coal Yard and Scrap Metal Phone OL 1 3525 410 S Lcwrs St Owned and op erated by Chester Eaton Crty Servrce Statron Aetna Products, Kelly Sprrnglreld Trres, Batterres, and Accessorres Publrc Square Phone OL 1 3101 Come To See Us We Wrll Do You Rrght Clrnrc Grrll Consumer s Gasolrne Statron 517 West Mam Street Phone OL 1 5171 Wrllram Gore Manager Cookdr Downrng lnsurance Agency Complete lnsurance Servrce Phone OL 1 2194 Lon Coulter Used Car Lot and Wreclung Yard A F Crow Funeral Home Oxygen Equrpped Amhulances Arr Condrtroned Chapel Phone Ol. 1 2080 201 E Waslurrgton Street Glasgow, Ky Crown Laundry and Cleaners Approved Sanrtone Servrce Decorator's Supply Co "We carry a complete lrne of Glrdden Parnts and Latex Rubber Base Pamt and a complete lrne of Armstrong floor eoverrngs 109 North Green Street Phone OL 1 2646 T C Delvaux, Jeweler Dramonds, Watches, Cluna, Crystal and Srlver North Srde of Square-Glasgow, Ky Phone OL 1 3881 Terry E Doyel, Barren County Jarler George J Ellrs Drug Co Prescrrptron Specralrsts" Phone OL l 3225 or OL 1 3741 L C Ellrs Drug Co Rexall Store Save wrth Safety Phonc OL 1 3212 Elsre s Beauty Shop 215 S Washrngton St Phone OL 1 5215 Vegetables Eubank Upholstery Shop Farr Fumrture Home Furnrslungs and Applrances OL 1 5185 Farm Bureau lnsurance James Wrlkrnson Agent OL 1 2021 Fanner's Rural Electrrc Cooperatrve Corp Owned by Those It Serves Servrng Barren Hart, and Metcalfe Counties Faught Furnrture Co 117 East Washrngton St Flowers Brothers Wreclung Yard Phone OL 1 203.1 Folks-Glasgow, Ky OL 1 5290 Ford Fumrture Co Buy and save at Ford s George Ford Jeweler Freshman Class The Future Teachers of Amerrca Future Homemakers of Amerrca Club Rrchard L Gamett Gassaway Constructron Co 450 West Mam Burld for Permanence wrth Gassaway s Blocks Glugow Anrmal Clrnrc Glasgow Automotrve Supply Phone OL 1 2104 Wayne and Broadway 'Automotrve Parts of Qualrty Machrne Shop Servrce Glasgow Drrve ln Cleaners 202 West Front St OL 1 2029 Where Qualrty Workman shrp ls Pledged Wrth Srncerrty The Glasgow Darly Trmes Your Home Newspaper Glasgow Class Co Glasgow Hrgh School Book Store Glasgow lce Cream Company Phone OL 1 2752 Eat and Enjoy Brown s Delrerous ce Cream Glasgow Lrvestock Market Auctron Sales Each Saturday Phone OL 1 5992 Flave Froedge Manager Glasgow Manufacturrng Co Glasgow Motel-Glasgow s Newest and Frnest TheGlasgow Republrcan Glasgow Teacher s Assocratron Glasgow Tradrng Center John Deere Farmmg Implements, Custom Mrxrng Purrna Chows Armour Fertrlrzer Glasgow Yellow Cab 224 West Marn Phone OL 1 2118 Glen Eyre Farm Godfrey Gray Grocerres, Feed, and Servrce Statron Glasgow, Ky Route 1 Goodman Candy Co Grrnstead's One Stop Market Rrchagd L Harbrson, Agent State Farm Mutual lns Co 901 South Crt 360 Complrments of Harbxson s Grocery Harlow Hatchery Hatchett Motor Co -Garage, Sales, and Servrce Phone OL 1 2040 Hatcher and Saddler Funeral Home 801 N Race OL 1 3757 R E Hayes, M D Hr11's Frrestone Store Phone OL 1 2922 Paul Holman, Jr CLU and Harold Jones, Northwestern Mutual Lrfe Con-rplrments of Houcher-r's Markets Phone OL Hughes and Johnson Electric 920 W Mam St OL 1 2362 Ideal Hardware Co Interstate Auto Parts Ida H Market The Frnest of Meats' 305 S Race St Phone OL 1 5657 lean Optrcrans Phone OL 1 5979 lenlun's Beauty Shop 510 W Washrngton St Phone OL 1 3314 lewcll's Record Shop complrments of Jolly s Men Store Jolly s Shoe Shop Jolly s Restaurant Cave Crty, Kentucky E T Jones Used Cars West Mam Street Phone OL 1 2059 Jr Conservatron Club Kentucky Restaurant Phone OL 1 3766 Kentucky Utrlrtres Co Glasgow Ky Take Home Kern s Bre d Leech and Davrs Drugs, Boolc and Parr-rt Lerman Bros -General Merchandrse Plan Your Lrfe Securrty wrth Lrfe and Casualty Frank Prrtle Representatrve Lrfe and Casualty lnsurance Co McCoy Motor Co Desoto Plymouth The Best Lveal In Glasgow 601 613 West lvrarn St OL 1 2163 Davrd McDanrel Sheet Metal Heatrng and Arr Condrtronrng L22 N Race Street Phone OL 1 3165 Martrn and Brshop Insurance Agency We get busrness by gorng after rt but we keep rt by delrverrng what we promrsed May s Famrly Shoe Store The Men s Shop Clothrng for Young Men or Men Who Want to Stay Young C M Metcalfe Florrst and Greenhouses Complrments ol Mrller Cleaners Mrller s Gulf Servrce Front and Race Streets Phone OL 1 5322 Modem Florrst and Grit Mart Flowers for all Occasrons Moran Motors Ford and Mercury Dealer 16 years of larr dealrng Complrments of Natzronal Store 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' I ' I " 80 Sam Mtller A Frrend Jesse Abney Mr and Mrs Paul Allen Mr and Mrs B1llArterburn B 8a S Lumber Co Mr and Mrs Mrlburn Bacon Earl Beam Dr C G Bowman Bradford Hardware Co Mrss Margaret Bunnell Robert C Carter Henry Cherry Dr W G Clark Mr and Mrs Jack Collrns Combs Coal Yard Compton s Pan Am Statton Lon Coulter Courrer Journal and Loursvrlle Trrnes Crarg s Grocery and Coal Co Denham and Dodd Denton s Grocery Denton s Restaurant Denton and Denton Servrce Statton Mr and Mrs Warren Dockery Mrs Chester Eaton Mrs Rex England Clarkre Flo Farley 513 Shell Servrce Flower s Brothers Auto Parts Ben Franklrn Store Howard Frasrer Garmon and Bybee Barber Shop Mr and Mrs R E Garnett Mr and Mrs James Grllenwater Glasgow Auto Wreckers Gray s Cabtnet Shop Mrs Alyne Gurnn Mr and Mrs Wrllard Gunnels Lyon Hutcherson Tubby Jewell Mr and Mrs E R Jones Morrts Jones Mr and Mrs E Laprdus G D Lawson Lee s Watch Shop Walter R Leftwrch Mr and Mrs V E Lewrs Davrd McDanrel Mrs Roy McGlasson Mr George McQuown Mr and Mrs Roy Mclntyre BOOSTERS W F McShane Plumbtng and Heaung Mago Constructron Co Mammoth Cave Productron Credrt Assocratron Dan Montgomery Motor Electrrc Supply Co L J Neumerster Allen Nuckols Nuckols Restaurant Jewell Pace Palmore Studro Ed Pedrgo Pedrgo Rogers Insurance Agency Leroy Perkms Ed Peterson Powell s Grocery Ray Proffrtt Ross Gulf Servrce Robertson 8: Patterson Aetna Servrce Statron Rutha s Beauty Shop Dr B D Sanderfur Betty Faye Shrrley Dr Chrtsteen Snavel Spamsh Club Mr J H Stephens Ruby Pearl Stovall Mr and Mrs Denton Strode Supreme Mrlls Mrs Kyle Taylor Taylor 85 Taylor Realty Co Thomas and Son Standard Servrce Mrs Alanson Trrgg I H Tulloh Vernolean s Beauty Shop Vogue Beauty Shop Stanley Walker L Rogers Wells Wells Shell Servrce Whrtlow Grocery Ernest Wrllrams Mr and Mrs Lewrs Wrllramson Felrx Wrlson Motors Inc Frdella Wood Mr and Mrs Wrllrs Woods W T Woodard C T Woodward Leon Wrrght Wyatt s Barber Shop Clyde Young Barber Shop THE STAFF APPRECIATES THE COOPERATION OF ALL PATRONS AND BOOSTERS lN THE PRODUC TION OF THE 1958 SCOTTIE . . 1 . Y Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Ferguson ' 81 Gloria Craig receiving award from local newspaperman, Carroll Knicely, for essay: Why IWant an Education. Dr. Farle becomes a Kentuck ' Colonel Y 5 - Mrs. James Alspaugh makes presentation. Glasgow Schools Participate In National Program The Glasgow Faculty boasts 100010 member ship in the K.E.A. and the N.E.A. The school endeavors to participate in all programs advo cated by those organizations. Scenes on this page were taken at the birth day party honoring the one hundred years of N.E.A.'s service and at the open house during Education Week 1957. Teachers and guests enjoy banquet honoring the work of the N.E.A. Mr. R. A. Palrnore, former superintendent of Glasgow Schools, is in the fore- ground. 82 AUTOGRAPHS 1 II EE Ill Ill Ill Ill lll Ill Ill llll Ill lll GOOD BYE The Yearbook staff tak s thxs prlvllege to thank the patrons boosters faculty and student or makmg th1s yearbook possxble We hope lt wlll always brmg pleasant memones to you Llefmfywefzwwm, MZWVQ 77Q , gfyw ffgcjwiyy A fl 71M UI vie-Gf77?wrU, Zvwfw AJ 041,21 !OQfcfff0'?A0vfQfQ4 fdmff of Nga! E 7' na Q, X f 84 bo fi if ,, fv W ,:7.'5fg, fw M we' ' .M ff f -' A H wa: 1 Q , , . 3 ,Q 5 'QQ 5- - , U nf ii WiiL 3T'5 J

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