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Gladstone Oquawka High School - Memories Yearbook (Gladstone, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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I O53 Fieldstone llllmv gif-E3 013031000 - Wuawlra lhyh Nom! 50 U 497514041 ammzzjzfij 450140 f MR. A. T. MEAD Superintendent Unit 115 'lt represents students from Oquawka, Gladstone, and Gulfport. Our high school provides a basic "general education" for all. It also includes vocational courses in Commerce, Home- making, and Industrial Arts. - 2 - Ilonll r DEDIC T10 Our 1953 Memorxes IS sincerely dedlcated to Mr Don ald Henry who has been our class advlser dunng our yunlor and senlor years Mr Henry jolned the faculty of CJ-O Hxgh School ln 1951 In World War II he served as Captam rn the U S Army Arr Force Perhaps that contrxbutes to hls deflnlte belief that honor and good sportsmanship should rank frrst rn every good school system During the two years that Mr Henry has been at G-O H1 he has become a real fnend to us Hrs smcerxty and genume Interest m young people have been dxsplayed m formal classroom where one enters and leaves at the sxg nal of bells there you wrll fmd an atmosphere of fnend lmess and understandmg, good humor, and A Welcome to All" H1s co operarxon has been unlrmrted We have found hlm ready at all txmes, not yusr to grve advrce, but to prtch m and help to fmance that memorable senlor tnp we have planned to the Scemc West It rs wrth deep ap precratnon, we dedrcare thls yearbook to Don Henry gh, . . . . . the work he has done. Mr. Henry's room is not just a 3 . . . - . . ,, i . . . . ., u ' ' rr ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' K! YY 3 Table of Contents IN IIOIJIK N OI OIC XIION QL XS5FS IIOXOII SI1IIDhNI19 XII 'IIOIIII S P U CASIS II -X55 TIIIP AFHI F I IFS 5TLOFNTS SNAPSHOT? ADH HIISING 4 19 27 36 23 33 38 fl' I fI'I'IO.' ........., ............ .......I.....I....,......................,.....W.........I . . .2 C if " I' .... ........ .,.Q............,......I.I.............................................I... . . 3 ' .V A , ..,........... .......................... ....,,.....O.............,.....k....,............. 5 - 12 f f O. '. H , .,...............U.................,.........,........,.............. .......l3 I 2. .... ......,................,..............I. , .............I.....................,.... ...I4 TALIiLI'I'Ii ....................................,........K..... .......V.....Q.......... .,....,....,... I 5 I, ' I ,5..........................,.....,........... ............,............. .,..... . . ,I6 f, . A ' .............................................................................,.......I.M 17 I 'C " O ' ...... .............................................I........................... 3 9-52 Class: Practical Math. Teacher: Mr. Behnke .. 'VN' J wlfktxs 5 TIME! 9 A. M. --x Class: World History Teacher: Mr. Finnerty CLASSES john El-telof "Enough of your impertinencef' eeial cienee This is primarily an elective course for members of the junior class. Economics deals with the phases of Production, Exchange, Distribution, Consumption, Government and Finance, and Our Economic Outlook. The semester of Government introduces us to the problems of our Local, State, Federal, and International Governments. SOCIAL PRCBLEMS ln the curriculum for seniors is this subject pertaining to the "Problems Facing .Xmerican Demoracyf' The purpose of this course is to make us more conscious of one's own social being, and to give a clearer idea of the historical setting of the problems of democracy, and the vital need for clear thinking in our present day. Economies and eeial Problems Government fan- iv 5 .1 Q if 5 f av ffm 1 f. Q Wm .sr- s' n!m'Q4"9 -.. tggf-4-1" ' .hnuw5i- i .51 2 REEY.- 3 R lp, I I Ea 3 " ' wr 4. Um. 4 'Nfl 3 . au. 1 i . 5 iiminf 2'-in-Q. .1 ,PV hge? N 4 if ' - 5 -A 9' 45" IL . 1' ' I 5 s, 2 STUDENTS ARE READY FOR COLLICGLT There are many schools to choose from! Which will it be? These girls have made their decisionst Judy Werts plans to attend Monmouth College jane Weir has her application in at Macllurray janet Dillon has decided on Monmouth jo expects to enter Illinois Western State College Teresa will be attending Western Beverlye is interested in a School of Nursing Commerce 'lhese student monitors have done .1 fine job in the commercial department this year. Each ,girl was assigned to a Certain classg she had definite duties to perform. These included keeping the attendance record, duplicating and distributing weekly assign- ment sheets, writing mailable letters, collecting daily assignments and keeping an accurate ICCOIJ Of their grades. The students were taught efficiency and responsibility comparable to that required in L1ctu.xl Office work. Left to right: Wanda Dixon, Annabelle Colley, Carol McGee, Darlene Pruett, janet Dillon. Not shown in picture Teresa Hall 1 v T ping I English IV lt's pretty rugged at times, but twenty seniors are doing a good job of it, whether it be poetry or prose! DONALD HENRY He's the official reporter for G-O High, and if you happen to pass his door on a Tuesday, you're liable to see "Absalom Worthless Spatesn pecking away, as he writes his weekly column for the Henderson County journal. C'I'here's always plenty of good humor sand- wiched in.J L A , to mgwwgwgxsgmgwnxw - M The freshmen girls always like a little special attention, and they're entitled to it too, aren't they? I 3 Betty Richmond Vocal Nlusic "Pass it in!" Music 'Hue Band and their Director, Frank Vorel 2 if l "White Garden" is one of their favorites. Pictured from left to right: Darlene Pruett, Mildred Bielser, Wanda Dixon, Judy Warts, and janet Dillon. Seated at the piano is Carol Fryrear. Frank Vorel "Ready on the downbeat! 13101100 General scxence, bmlogy and physlcs were the courses offered ly G-O s sclence department durlng the 1952 53 school year The Freshmen surveyed many frelds of scrence rncludlng weather, geology health control of f1re, and conservat1on Both sec txons of the general scnence showed much aptitude m graspmg screntrfxc concepts Blology occupxed the scxentlfrc mrnded Sophomores Thls year s class qulckly mastered the many long terms uset. 1n hx ology and strlved to be COHSCIEDIIOUS stu dents Physxcs, the junxor Senlor course con sxsted of the study of mechanxcs heat, sound, lrght, electr1c1ty, and nuclear phys lcs Lxpenments, performed by the students, clanfxed m ny of the laws of physxcal scrence Roger Bloomquist "Cut out the chit-chat!" llomemaking Donnamae Collinson "YesY Hahl Western!" The Homemaking classes have studied foods, clothing construction, consumer education, child development, management, family relations, and interior design. Throughout the year, they have- completed home projects and arranged home visits for the instructor. VALEDICTORIAN MILDRED swm LEADERSHIP LORRAINE JOHNSON PETERSON JANE WEIR SCHOOL CITIZENS 13 SALUTATORIAN JANE WEIR ACTIVITY ERCEL DAVIS BEVERLYE LOX Assistant editor lhrlene Pruett, editor jane Weir, lvusiness nmnager janet Dillon, who represented the senior cl.1ss ns officers on the year- lvook staff. lypists: ' Weir, ,lo Ann Conn, Beverlye l-ox, Xlildred Uielser, Dar- lene l'ructt, ffirol lfryreir, janet Dillon, Pauline Karger, Mildred Smith, Lorraine Peterson, Wanda Dixon, Judy Werts, Colleen Dixon, Teresa llall, Xlaxine Youngs, work on Annual copy. These students have also been active in the advertising und subscription campaigns. avda'!F" 3 e 'Wir i e Sports editor Nile Olson, editor Colleen Dixon, assistant editor Darlene Pruett, art editor Lorraine Peterson. Considerable time and practice are required in the preparation ofa school paper. , The office practice class assembles the material for the Talelite. .,-,,,,..r..m-nwmr-mv i enior Play OUR MISS BROOKS. A rehearsal scene. liarlmara Decker, lane Xleir, Darlene Pruert, Maxine Younpe, Beverlye l.ox, Raus Cooper, Lee Nlcijraw, Janet Dillon, Mildred liarp, Xlixnda Dixon, Donald Klossing, lfrcel Davis, Pauline Karger, Nile Olson, jo Ann Conn, Colleen Dixon, Mildred Smith. A-l"lflllllN' OVl'fli YCJNlJlfli Left: Joyce Src-war: .is Roseluelle, the trigger lmppy tenor of the hills. Below: Lawrence Fullerton as Puppy Popolf, and Carol Nlciiee as Ma lfry, head of the feudin' Clans who live happily ever Lifter. Ifvelyn Ciochmn, local witch-woman, looks on. EN ROUTE FOR Tlllf WEST! S 9 We're ready to start on May 29. Our trip, this year, will he to the Scenic West. Tours to various places of in- terest such as Colorado Springs, Denver, Estes Park, Pikes Peak, Will Rogers Shrine, Garden of the Gods, Royal Gorge, and the Denver Mint will he taken lfy the class. We have asked Mr. and Mrs. Henry to accompany us. 'ful 2 Q THE SENIORS OF '52 They visited famous and historical places in Washington D. C., New York, and Canada STUDENT LI BRARIANS Student librarians who have assisted in the library: Carol Bielser, Helen Kee- ver, Mary Ann Polson, Ida Stuller, Elaine Cooper, Bessie Smller, Wanda Dixon, Mildred Bielser. OFFICERS OF THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President Joyce Stewart ' Vice-president janet McCabe Secretary Evelyn Cochran Treasurer Mildred Smith Cll E E RL li A D1-Q RS Nancy Sandy, Carol ljielser, janet McCabe, Mary Lou Thompson. 453 3,5 ,. I Q-of 'J if 3 55+ V f if 1 , ' ' 5 Sify? 'ith sl sig sf.. Qla 'lf sf A- ' 'H Nz, 'Fi' ...,,, gm, '39 x 1 ., as mf 'Flu Q K 45 f L4 '11 Q lv if 5 R Sf Em -TS Qi Mx '7 Fi X155 HBO mis :Qui li i fp., Q 'YQ L, an 5 'E' 11 e 32? .Q x , ' ifWa.S1 E IORS SAY FAREWELL T0 G 0 HIGH On a momentous September mornlng rn 1949 forty one freshmen, harllng from Gulfport, Gladstone, Oquawka, and POIIIIS ln between swooped down upon the peaceful envrron of Gladstone Oquawka Hxgh School Everythxng was new and strange Forty one freshmen were ever so 1ns1gn1f1cant at least they felt that they were Half hesitant, half con frdent, they stood there on the threshold of that vast hall of learnmg porsed to take therr frrst fateful steps mto a new lrfe The frrst few days were hectxc There were fonns to be frlled out, books to get, frrst classes to attend and new customs to learn Everythrng was so bewllderrng Commg from many drfferenr schools these forty one freshmen made many new acquarntances The frrst Mrxer was a party held ar the Burlmgton Y W C A thrs was followed by a a show There were many such partres throughout the year, and rn a short trme the strangeness was gone, and all faces were fam1l1ar Mrs Marr, the Englrsh teacher, was the class advrser She was always ready to help and she IS fondly remembered for her enthusrasm and her frrendly counsel that meant so much durmg the eventful frrst year Sophomores and sophxstncated, the ranks of the class of 53 had decreased by ten Llfe had become beauuful at last, and the thlrty one suvnvors went lnt0 thelr second year at G-O with eagerness and determlnatlon It was a busy year too Mr Zuege, the coach was the class sponser and he dld much to make the year pleasant and memorable The hamburger fry at Crapo Park, the skatmg partres and the prcnrc at South Henderson wrll long be remembered There was money to make' There were concessrons to run' There was corn to, pop' There was a play to put on and the prom ahead' Oh' prom of proms' There were so many thrngs to do that year Already the semor trrp was rn sxght, and money had to be made Everyone worked, everyone worrxed and everyone had fun Who can forget the hayrack rrde, Wrldcat Wrllre, the homecomrng float, and the chop suey? Mr Henry was the class shepherd All too qurckly the thxrd year was over, and at last the class of 53 came mto nts own Sen1ors they were' Who could ask for more? Their tlme to l1ve was at hand Thls was therr most complete and successful year Mr Henry was re elected class sponser and we shll always be grateful to hrm for hrs guxdance and help There was a food stand to run at the Gladstone homecomxng There was another one at the Oquawka fall festxval There was the homecommg to plan How everyone worked' There were balloons and streamers to deck the gym' The parade was to plan and the float to bulld ane and B111 reigned as queen and king at thrs event A week after school started jo Ann Conn became the twenty seventh member of our class Dances and games and the play kept everybody busy Our Mlss Brooks wrll not soon be forgotten The play went off smoothly, and everyone seemed to enjoy rt As the year neared its close twenty sur senlors began to count the days The great adventure was nearly over What next? Such thmgs as caps, gowns, cards and mvrtatrons became topxcs of conversatlon Where would their graduatlop be was also drscussed The twenty erghth of May became an rmportant date The vast halls had been traversed With lrngerrng footsteps, the class of 53 approached the fxnal threshold No longer hesxtant, now fully confrdent, they stood porsed to walk proudly forth mto a new l1fe' u. X n y H . . l . . , n a , - . . ,, . ,, . . . . . l ' . .... , . . . , . . . . . , . . , . . , , I . , . Juniors at last! Three more had dropped by the wayside. Life began in earnest for the twenty-eight veterans. . A , . . ,, . . . ,, . . . , . . . , . a . y - . . . ll ' ll ' 0 l , ' . . l n , . . . , . . . 'Q First row: Bill llinshaw, Bob Morris, jerry McOlgan, Sharen Kloster, llal Devore, john Simons, Kent Curtis, Sharon Dixon, Blair Surlwer. Second row: Manager Norman Dixon, Nile Olson, Lee Nlciiraw, llrccl Davis, Don Klossing, Haus Cooper,VC'illie Bielser, Assistant Mgr. John NlcCAbe. Third row: Coach Gene llehnke, Lawrence Fullerton, Larry Whitmore, Duane Brown, Alvin Tee, Richard Cleek, Ray james, Wilbur Morgan, james McGriff, Bill Stevenson, Backfield Coach, john Finnerty. ,pa Mllili LEWIS lfRCliL DAVIS BILL MCGRAYY ALVIN 'I'Eli NILIC OLSON RAUS COOPIQR CTackleb flfndj Clfullbackb Vfacklej 1QuarterbhckJ iCenterJ Don KLOSSING LEE McGRAW JACK war-:Ks WILLIE UIELSER mtl, STEVENSQN YGUMJF fRight iinlfbacky crackieu qouardn CLeft iiaifbackn ig wf '37 DUANJE BROWN All RPXICII FULLLRTONI LKRRY IXIIITNIORI IXICHARD CI IQFK JI-RRY 'HCOLGAN fl-Hdl CCenterj find? Vlacklej fBack5 -21- VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Top Row 'Vlxke Lewls Larry Whltmore Don K1oss1ng v111lC B1e1ser, foach Gene Behnke Bottom Row Lee McGraw Ercel Davls 'NI11e Olson Rams Cooper, B111 N1cGraw Duane Brown FRESHMAN SOPFOMORE SQUAD Top Row Blaxr Surber Kent Curtxs Dlck Blgger N1ar11n McCabe, Gene Anderson, Bok X1orr1s Coach John Flnnerry Second Row 'v111ton Keever Jzm Hendrlcson B111 Hmshaw Sharon Drxon, erry WcO1gan Hal Devore bhgren Ko1ster B111 Stevenson 22 Class llfficers NILE OLSON Vrce Presrdent Tops rn athletrcs Memorres Staff 4 Play 3 4 Student Councrl Vrce Pres 3 4 Talelrte Staff Sports Ed 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Captam 4 Class Offxcer Pres 3 Vice Pres 4 ERCLL DAVIS Presldent Some gxrl s best frxend Chorus 3 4 Lrbrary Assrstant 2 Play 3 4 Student Councrl 2 4 Pres 4 'lalelxte Staff Assrstant Ed 4 ack 1 2 3 I' tball 1 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Class Offrcer Pres 2 4 BLVLRLYE LOX Secretary Most dependable Chorus 1 2 3 4 Treas 2 PHA 12 3 4 fOff1CCID 2 3 Memorres Staff 4 Play 3 4 Talelrte Staff Senror Re porter 4 GAA 1 3 Class Offrcer Sec 4 Vrce Pres Sec Treas Hlstorran Advrsor MOTTO 'Nlot fxrushed but just begun FLOWER Whnte Carnatron COLORS Blue and Srlver OFFICERS Nrle Olson Beverlye Lox Carol Fryrear Lorraxne ohnson Mr Henry 28 f X al- JA' 2 Lapis . T , . , - . - I A Y ' - ' - s 1 ' 7 : v . . - 4 , ' ' y ' 1 Tr' , 4, 'oo 2 3 4, . . 7 ' . 7 7 ' 7 Y - ' 7 ' ' J f a v ' 1 7 , ' . 7 - 1 1 Y 1 ' I u ' c U L l ' ' , ' - Pres, --------- ------- - ---- ---- - - - - ---- - - - Excel Davis , -------- --------------------------- CLASS PRGPIIECY Mrldred Brelser Mrldred, now Mrs Earl Brelser, rs lrvrng rn Austrn, Texas Mrdge rs as charmxng as ever rn her new hhome yvrth therr two chrldren, one a blonde, the other a brunette, Earl operates a grarn elevator there He s on e up Wrllre Brelser Wrllre, good natured Wrllre, rs now a mrllronarre rn hrs own rights Strangely enougr he made hrs fortune by manufacturrng asses for hoot owls to use whrle flyrng rn the daytrme Phenomenal' o Ann Coinn o rs drrector of Women s Physrcal Educatron at the "U ' of Oregon She rs also a renowned authorrty on brr ge Raus Cooper We have heard Raus recently won the famous frve hundred mrle race at the Indranapolrs Speedway Con gratulatrons, Raus' Ercel Davrs You ll be happy to know that Ercel rs cleanrng-up ln the Cleanrng busrness Ercel always was a go getter"' He rs soarrng rrght ahead to the top so are hrs pr1ces" Barbara Decker Barbara rs our lrterary genrus She has had four 'Best Sellers, publrshed, and rf you would lrke to :vi her autograph the frfth one, watch the Chrcago papers' She rs scheduled to appear at one of the leadrng o stores soon Janet Drllon Just what we rmagrned' Janet rs a leadrng fashron artrst for the magazrne Seventeen wrth her office rn New York Crty Take a look at anet She rs a model for all she fashrons' Colleen Drxon You remember Deaner, the smallest member of her class Well, she s employed by Canover of New York to model Parrs gowns for over srzed mrdgets Grrls' she has some of the lovelrest creatrons, rf you re lucky enough to frt rnto any of them Just watch your dret' Wanda Drxon Wanda rs now executrve secretary to the Vrce presrdent of Woolworth's We aren t surprrsed She was always effrcrent and rrght on the 1ob"' Carol Fryrear Here rs excrtrng news' Carol owns and operates a natronwrde charn of Sweete Shoppes Her cash reg- er runs up fabalous sums of frgures, so Carol doesn t have to worry about balancrtrg her budget"' Teresa Hall Can you rmagrne Teresa a leadrng Hollywood harr sty1rst7 Well, rt all began that day rn Socral Problems as she sat there so rnnocently twrstrng her hart, suddenly she orrgxnated a HAIR DO that she has commercxalrzed rnto fame and fortune' Paulrne Karger Paulrne rs operatrng a charn of restaurants known as The Karger Krtchens They are scattered throughout the West, and Paulrne rs busy flyrng from place to place Don Klossrng Always laughrng sometrmes serious Well belreve rt or not' Don rs a research chemrst wrth the Stan dard Orl He developed a new motor fuel that wrll grve forty mrles per hour Nice gorng' Mrke Lewrs Here s the latest on Mrke' He has made the navy hrs career and now commands hrs own shrp Mrke has all the tnannerrsms of the mrlrtary Ah' for the lrfe of a sarlor wrth a grrl rn every port' Beverlye Lox Bev, and a nrcer gal you couldn t frnd, rs head dancrng rnstructress at the Gene Kelly Dancrng Acad- demy rn Hollywood Bev was never a grrl to strut her stuff, ' but we know she ' had what rt takes John McCabe Whrle on a explorrng expedxtron rn Afrrca, ohn drscovered a rare specres of blackbrrd, whrch he sold to the London Zoo for a fabulous sum Often you see John vrsrtrng hrs pet brrd at the Zoo Brll McGraw Brll rs a test prlot constantly burnrng up the skres to set new records for hrs Jet plane He rs OD hrs way"' Lee McGraw Of course, you know Lee was lrned up to be a comedran, and headed for br trme, but Fate overtook hrm' Unfortunately he was cau t stealrng some of Jackre Gleason s stale yokes an was demoted Hard luck Lee' Nrle Olson Nrle, our super athlete rs now head coach at Notre Dame and rs natronally known as the ' New Rockne Remember hrs sttrde' He was always gorng places Lorrarne Peterson Lorrarne, Mrs Peterson, and her husband have Just completed burldrng a ranch house Modemrs trc rn every detarl Lorrarne drd all the desrgnrng She warld' Darlene Pruett Now Mrs Duane Fryrear, had a full trme Job takrng care of the twrns and their famrly budget rn therr new home rn Portland, Oregon Mrldred Smrth Here s an astonrshrng fact' For several years, Mrldred has successfully managed and trarned a team of lady wrestlers and Wotta a Team' Mrldred knows all the trrcks, and oh, can she put them over"' John Weeks Here rs a surprrse' Jack has a weekly TV show of hrs own It s a super dupet show, and he rs the brg shot, natronally known as Valentron Weeks Jane Wert You won t be surprrsed to hear about ane She rs on the staff rn the Dramatic Department at Vassar College Of course, she has a Dr s degree after her name, but she rs strll just Jane' to us Judy Werts Judy has burst rnto fame wrth lrttle or no effort Always qurck on her toes, Judy now rs acclarmed the greatest ballet dancer srnce Pavalova Maxrne Younge Maxrne rs the wrfe of a Professor of Musrc at Knox College They are located rn Galesburg, and often vrsrt rn Oquawka . : I . . . . . . . . . . , , l . l 'I n ' : , - -gl . . .l . ' 7 l - 0 . J :J ' ' 1 - - , . - r . . : . . . . . - ' . ! ' If ' ll ' ' ' Q' - 4 4 . . . . . - , .. l . . . , H , , , I . . . . I Y . . : . . I . . . . J . H H , . r J . ' ' . ' . IQ D1 I . . . - . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . - . , . - . . . . . H . : . . . . . . . . ist G l H ' . : . . . . . . . . . . . : , . I . . . . . . . . , . ' ' ll i 1 ' ll . . . 1 . . . . . H. . . . . . H . . ,, . . . . N I - - ts ' ' n . , gh ' 1 Q l Q - ' ' 1 Y, , . ' ' ll ' fl , . , : , . . . . . . - . . . : D . . . . . . . . . - at ' n YY . . . - 7 ' ' . . - ' If ' il . , - I , . . . I , J ' - ' - rr I , . : , , , . . . . . Q : 1 I u ' . ' - - 25 00 The women in charge of the Hot Lunch Program Pictured from left to right Mrs D H Wheetley 'viiss Alice James, and Mr Everett Lewis Plenty to eat and good food' That s what they have served us this year S Lhere is no foolin when he takes over on the Senior trip we re bound to go places That s why we are planning ahead for May 79' 26 ' ' 2 . . . , r ' ' . , . Bill, our janitor, has been with us for five years. When he drives the bus, - u ' xv, H n ' ' 1 7 7 H 11 1 , ' MILDRED EARP BIELSER Pohteness her Charm Chorus 1 2 3 4 Sec 3 F A l 2 3 4 Library Assistant 4 Chief Stu dem Librarian 4 Mem ories 4 Activity Editor ay 3 4 Talelite News Editor JOANN CONN Sweet and Demure Chorus 1 2 3 4 FHA 4 Library Assistant l 2 Play 3 4 Speech3 Tale lite 4 BALBARA DECKER A Literary Gal orus l 2 3 4 Tl 2 3 4 Library Assistant l 3 Memories 4 Play 3 4 Talelite 4 GAA Z 3. f 3 11"Ufu5. 'ibn' F' WILLIE BIELSER Most Inquisitive Play 3 4 Track l 2 3 4 F otball l 2 3 4 as ketball l 2 3 4 RAUS COOPE R Al way s Reserved Chorus 3 4 Play 3 Track 1 2 3 4 Football 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 JIANJET DILLON Vivacious and Pretty orus l 3 3 4 I" 2 3 4 Degrees Chairman 3 Library Assistant l 2 Memories Staff 4 Busi- ness Xlanager 4 Play 2 3 4 .Speechl Talelite 4 Senior Reporter 4 GAA 2 3 Class Sec. l 2. COLL EILIN DIXON Says what she thmks Cheerleader 1 Chorus 1 F A 3 4 freer 4 Memorres 4 Actrvlty Edltor Q Play 3 4 Speech l 2 Tale e Edxtor 4 GAA 2 3 CAROL FRYREAR Treasurer Musxc ms her hobby Chorus 1 2 3 4 Pres 1 3 4 Vnce Pres 2 FHA 3 4 COff1c rj Play 3 4 Student Coun Cl G 7 Class Treasurer 4 PAULINII KARGER Always agreeable Chorus l 2 3 4, 1-HA12 3 4, Lrbrary Assrstant 3 Memones Class Edrtor 4 Play 3 4, Talelrte 4, GAA 2 3 XR ANID LX DIXON kttracuve to see orus l 7 3 I CA 1LliL5fX HALL Always sm1l1ng orus l 7 3 4 YHA 2 3 4 Lxbtary Asslstant 3 Nlemorles iports Ld nor 4 Play 3 4 'lalelxte 'Nlevns lthtor 4 GAA Z 3 DONALD KLOSSING Ready to laugh Chorus 4, Play 3 4, Track l 2 3 4, Football 3 4, Basketball l 7 3 4 ALI- RED LEWIS Mischievous sometimes Chorus 2 3 4 Play 3 Student Council 3 Track 2 3 Football 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Cl ass Officer 3 VICC Pres 3 MERLE MCGRAW Ready for smiles Chorus 3 4 Ply 3 4 Track 1 2 3 Football 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 LORRAINE JOHNSON PETERSON, Historian Excels in het work Chorus 1 2 3 4, Vice- Pres. 3, FHA 1 2 3 4, Public Relation Chair- man 3, Memories Staff 4, Art Editor 4, Play 3 4, Student Council 1, Tale- lite Staff 4, Art Editor 4, GAA 2 3, Class Officer 1 4, Pres. 1, Historian 4. JOHN MCCABE Quiet oh my Chorus 4 Sec Treas 4 Track 1 2 3 Football 1 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 BILLY MCGRAW An athletic guy All State Football Team 4 Homecoming King 4 Play 3 4 Student coun cl 1 Talelite Staff 4 Track 1 2 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Captain 4 Basket ba 1 2 7 4 Class Of ficer 1 Vice Pcs 1 DARL ENE PRUETT Always calm Chorus 1 2 3 4, FHA 1 2 3 4, Public Relation Chairman 4, Library As- sistant 1 2, Memories Staff 4, Play 1 2 3 4, Speech 1 2, Talelite Staff 4, Sports Editor 4, GAA 2 3, Class Officer 3, Treas. 3. MILDRED E. SMITH Most Dramatic Band 2, Cheerleader 2 3, Chorus 1 Z 3 4, FHA 1 2 3 4, Camp l, Reereation Leader 3, Treas. 4, Library Assistant 2, Memories Staff 4, Play 1 2 3 4, Speech l 2, Talelite Staff 4, GAA 1 3. JOHN WEEKS A Regular Guy Chorus 4 Play 3 Foot ball 4 GEORGIA WERTS Light hearted and gay Band 2 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Vice Pres 4 FHA 1 2 3 4, Proyects Chairman 1 Vice Pres 3 Library Assistant 1 Memories Staff 4, Play 3 4 Student Council 4, Talelrte Staff 3 4 GAA 2 3 Class Sec ALVIN LEE TEE Why Work FOO llard? Chorus 34, Play 4, Track 3 4, Football 3 4. JANE KAY WEIR Charming and Sweet Chorus 1 2 3 4 FHA 12 3 4 FHA Camp 2 Histor ran 4 Pres 3 Memories Staff4 Editor Homecom mg Queen 4 Play 3 4 Student Council Sec 3 Talelite Staff 4 GAA 2 3 Class Treas l MAXINE YOUNGE u1et and shy Chorus134 FHA123 Play 3 4 Taleie Staff 4 Joyce Stewart, Pres. janet McCabe, Vice-Pres Evelyn Cochran, Sec. Bette Eggers, Treas. Duane Brown Annabelle Colley Nlorman Drxon Lawrence Fullerton Ray james Helen Keever Warren Knox Carol jean XfcC:ee james McGr1ff Wxlbur Morgan Barbara Meyers George Olson Mary Ann Polson Patrlcra Thomas Larry Whrtmore 33 Sharon Dixon, Pres Wayne Riggles, Vice Milton Keever, Sec. Carol Bielser, Treas Maxine Bielser Dick- Bigger Kay Chapin Richard Cleek Wayne Cochran Elaine Cooper Hal Devore june Dupuy Wayne Eaton Dorothy Grafton Bernice Gray Betty Hammond Ronald Hoskins Bonnie Kipling Marlene Lox Russell Lox Marlin McCabe Conrad Olson jack Polson Nancy Sandy james Smith Bill Stevenson Allen Tee Bonnie Whitmore Bill Weaver fNot Picturedb Donna Rogers, Sec. jerry McO1gan, Pres. Bill Hinshaw, Vice-Pres. Emily Cook, Treas. Eugene Anderson Stanley Banca Raymond Booten CCharles Colley Not Picruredj Kent Curtiss Eddie DeLaBar Edna Dixon janet Drinkall Maribeth Essex Carol Gillaspie jimmy Hendrickson Russel Hesseltine CEdwin Hesseltine Not Picturedj jim Hoskins Dennis johnson Darlene Keever CRuhy Keever Not Picturedj Sharon Kloster Patsy Mayo Bob Morris john Simons Eddie Simpson Richard Stewart Bessie Stuller Ida Stuller Blair Surber Mary Lou Thompson fwava Thompson Not Picturedj Robert Tracy Gene Vancil Dorance Vice FRE HMB ix :Nw 'Arr' in-.r 450 'Y-'SD' 'Sir Q-N'X5!E?+ if udy T3 rom 'lakmg the cake Deaner Coach Wanda 5? Prom Klosslng Dorothy ai A Royal Pau boph Queen Gxvmg Ohe a llft Wxldcat W1Il1e fig! Grand March 36 Bugs m a Rug W. 1 15 we A WWW Q 3' A H , sw r F I ,, Y 5 W K 6 ,N 'wi' M I ff ' J ,ri .I .:f'. ' r 4 ' -V X W 1 x 5 4 v I ,fi V . Q 71' 1 l J' ? ,W . EN I . . , . if G rQ . 'I' 4 K - ' T . I xi L Q G 1 y -sf P U Q YN C - H Y if , K.P. in ' 1 ff UL -1 Dfw A W in x :Wm The Four Ong Ago B1 Karger Old Palnt x 5 Sophomores Yum' X 0 xxexeo Seemg Double Terpslchorc gf o 'X .510 Q0 Vo A Rose Among Thorns Ru by Lazy Daze Raffle ixe '- -54 O ,yi is -37- Jolly Friends C L Fisher Welding Shoppe I"uey Seed Corn Oquawka lllmols Srhllpman Motor Sales Pu TIAC SALES and SEPVIC Sound Tages wltl Hammond Organ For Pours and I'oneco Uquav ka Illlnols Nleoson Pamt an burlington Io Charles llleketts Bank of Ilquawka Oquawko Illlnols Geo C Richmond Presldenf Earle A Klosfer Vuce President H Richmond Vice Presudenf 8- Cashuer John A Ricketts Ass t Cashier Harry O Parsons Ass 1 Cashier Frank R Wood Ass 1Casl'1ler MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION George and lda's Diner On the Mississippi Oquowko Illlnons THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY Bell and Doran Co 1107 North Sfh A Thrill ln Eating BUFIINQTOH IOWO , , 1 0 1 Y . ' L, 1 i ' ' 'NN -K E I 15 , - ' f- mings I . . I I .. . e o tl , I I Wallpaper Co. a 1 l , - I ' I wc . I . - . S. . . I . - . . i . I , . 0 . I , . I I , . 0 0 , . . I oo n . . . rr - , -39- COMPLIME NTS OF A Friend The Corner Everything for the Smoker Imported Gifts Monmouth Phone 356 lledricks A GOOD PLACE TO EAT Our Kitchen IS open for lnspectuon anytime SEA FOOD STEAKS CHICKEN CANDY FOUNTAIN Phone 20 Monmouth Illlnols Johnson s Wallpaper Raunt Glass DECORATING CONTRACTOR Special senlc with matching wallpaper Monmouth Illlnols Beaty s Dry Goods Co nge le as ery C c G Phone 318 224 S Mann Monmouth Illunons Torley Hardware Housewares oportmg Goods General Hardware Phllgas Stoves Electrical Appliances Plumbing Furnace and Sheet .fletal Work Phone 336 Monmouth Illlnols I . . 9 C . I I ' I . 1 1 I I -., I I I . I 5 . 9 O Li r' -- H i -- urt ins Women's and ChiIdren's Ready-to-Wear Domestics--Yard oods--Notion 1 , ' ' I - 40 - GLADSTONE BIGGSVILLE 25,000,000 AMERICANS CAN'T BE WRONG Your Locker Key rs the Key to Better Llvrng IIENDERSUN CUUNTY LUCKEB SERVICE STRONGHURST RARITAN Good Food Served Jo's Drlve In SHORT ORDERS PLATE LUNCHES Gladstone llllnons Phone 2487 Hedges Grocery Gladstone lllrnors MEATS FROZEN FOODS Phone 2277 C E lsna GROCEPIES a d MEATS Gladstone llllnols Phone 3316 Scott's Service an Bogus Hollow Cahm Court LUNCHES lCE CREAM CANDY CIGARETTES TOBACCOS t O I . . I D - . I . 10 Nl East of Burlington on U. S. 34 . . C - x I1 ' d O o I . . It 24h s ' f T k M. aM.w.H.s -41- Peter9s llarher Shep CI-IAUNCEY PETERS P op ' t O Dupey's Produce Po Jack Sprat GROCERIES AND MEATS FOUNTAIN SERVICE State Theater BRING YOUR FAMILY AND ENJOY ONLY THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT Ouu li Illn COMPLIMENTS Gillette B lhxon STANDARDSERVKE J ll llevere CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Russell Manning GENERAL CONTRACTOR Pho e Office 35 Ho Kenny' Kash Market A SELF SERVICE STORE Groce es Si Meofs Ph ne 93 Complete- line of crlhc fee-els r rue or ' h ne 156 Oquawka, Illinois Oquawko, Illinois I I I- Phone 42 q W G' i cis OCIUUWICCI, Illinois George Thye, Proprietor I OF 0 0 o o 0 Oquowka, Illinois Oquawkul Illinois o ri n ' me 37 o Oquawko, I linois Oquawku, Illinois - 42 - Beekman 8: Baker Wischmeier Motor Sales - "Dry Cleaners of Distinction" CHRYSI-ERS Und PLYMOUTHS pick up and delivery 231 South 3rd Phone 3501 Phone 345 118 South 4th Burlington, lowu Burlington, Iowa Burlington's Most Complete Compliments Home Appliance Store Bennetts Home Block and Kuhl C0 Center 7th and Jefferson Street Burlington Iowa Phone 6181 Burlington Iowa Phone 650 Best Wishes to G O Graduates Ilazell Insurance Agency Phone 6955 315 316 Farmers 81 Merchants Bank Building Arthur F Hazell J R Callahan Milton E Galbraith Burlington lowa of o o o "A Complete Line of Insurance" - 4 , 3 CONGRATULATIONS to th CLASS of 53 WEIR FRUIT FARM PRODUCERS OF QUALITY FRUIT Gladstone III Clsna Hardware C L Pllllllll an MOBILE SERVICE FEEDS PAINT TOOLS FENCING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES MOBILGAS and OILS Phone 3311 On U S Route 34 Glodsfone Illinois B'995V'He Hlmms Mr 8.Mrs Floyd Bu II Pop 44 ll Building Materials Gmane 'mf-cis Seeurlty Lahoratorles Phone 737 Medical Arts :Building Burlington Iowa Prescriptions Hospital and Suck Room Supplies Wheel Chairs and Hospital Beds for Rent Johnson Rasmussen Ngffs CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Burlington Iowa Phone 4884 I'lne Footwear Corner Jefferson and Third Sts Burlington Iowa For the finest In flowers Bock s Flower Shop Burlington Iowa Phone 26 The Model CLCTI-IING ANR SHO S Alex Goldenoerg Burllngton Iowa 6I2 Jefferson The stores for values Gustafson Bros Dairy GRADE A PRODUCTS Phone 1708 345 Jefferson St Burllngton Iowa Dlomonds Watches Jewelry Cambridge glass fine and medlum pr: ed china 2nd oor Paule Jewelry Co Burlungton Iowa 45 O O A. .. N , I TI 'A l -. - It . II V II It 'I IE 9 I I I I ' I II I . I I I , I . . . I I I 'C' ' - fl 'I I I I I I I ' ' ' Il A personal Insurance Plan to fmt YOUR need LIFE DISABILITY MEDICAL CARE HOSPITALIZATION INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP COVERAGE offered by CENTRAL STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE CCMPANY Home Office Chicago llllnols Represented local ly by LEO LEARY JAY R REZNER M0r'lm0U'll'1 Blgggvllle PIWOUS 2585 Phone Kirkwood 2482 SINCERE SERVICE BEST WISI-IES To The Class of 1953 TURNBULL S Memorial Chapel Monmouth Illlnons Monmouth Phone 19 Phone 730 46 Monmouth Office -- l25 2nd Ave 9 Q Maple City Dairy PASTEURIZED AND HONIOGENIZED MILK BUTTER COTTAGE CHEESE ICE CREAM IT S ALWAYS GOOD ll0 l'I2 South A Street Monmouth lllnnols SEE US FOR Coronets Trombones Saxophones Clarnnets Gultars and Cable Planos Levme's Southwest Slde Square Monmouth Illlnols The Fashion Shop Il5Sl Ladles Ready to Wear Dresses Sults Coats Hats Shurts Blouses Sweaters Lingerie and Hose Formal and Dlnner Gowns st Street 0 Monmouth llllnols ne Waddell 24 HOUR SERVICE Tlres Batteries Seat Covers Phone 555 II5 North First Street Monmouth Illlnols Records 78 s 45 s 33 s AII the Latest Tunes When they re really new Vlctor Columbia Decca Capital MGM Wlrtz Corner Monmouth Illmols Ade M Scott Barrows Addlemen JEWELRY SILVER GIFTWARES Dependable Transportation Service smce I9I3 CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC Monmouth m'no'5 Monmouth llllnols 47 G O I 1 . . I 0 1 1 l I - 1 1 1 1 1 G , Ph . I A 1 u ' 1 9 ' 1 1 r r 0 ' 1 G ' 1 I Peters Jewelry C0 0059 S 5P0l't Sh0P o T Keepsake Dlamonds S T Equ pme t Famous Wufches Compl te l e of Spo t ng Goods fo You Dlstnnctlve Jewelry Hallmark Greetmg Cards Monmouth lllunols E Cl sNee Gy Sho Sweaters Jackets lll Vvest Broadway Monmouth llllnols When you need to furnush your home VY Larson Furniture Mart Monmouth Galesburg Office Equipment Machine Sales 8. Service Everything for the Office 107 East Broadway Phone 17 Monmouth lllmols Furnishing homes smce 1924 , J W Pearson Strand s Better Bread and Son FR SH Leather Goods AT YOUR GROCCPS Luggage and Shoes 96 N Sade Square Monmouth lllxnols Knepps The Place for Ladies Ready to Wear Monmouth, lll Launderette 318 South Mann Monmouth, llllnols Phone 422 M 9 W' Q , lt's Wils n oday por s i n e in . r i r r N P. . as ds ' ' ' m es--- --- Basketball Shoes---Sport Socks 'I I I . I . . T g n '. . n I . . . . . . Q g O l O I l: n. X . . I . . - gg - Burlington Farm Machinery Corp. FARM EQUIPMENT REFRIGERATION TRUCKS SALES SERVICES Burlington low CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 Singer Sewing Machine 512 Jefferson Burlington lo COMPLIMENTS OF Newsland 2l5 Washington St Burlington Iowa Archer Motor Meacham Electric CARS JEEPS WE SELL FOR LESS Burlington Iowa TRUCKS SBYVICB 500 N Mann Street Burlington Iowa Specialized Service ln Genuine Parts Compl :ments Goodyear Service Store ll4 Court Sfreet One block south f MacArthur Bridge COMPLIMENTS OF Marshall s Office Equipment Co 320 N Fourth Street Burlington Iowa ' , wa o o . I G ' o o 308 Uivision Street . I n u a 1 u ' of 9 o 0 . - 49 - Keith Sanderson Wade Meloan llPh Fullertons General Store P 57Wl Lumheek9s Grocery Wayne Bros Elevator Elmer Tee s Standard Service k " O k Ill o Attorney-of-Low 9 U k Ill' ' o g l Henderson Counfy's Only Drug Store Oquowk Illinois i hone J lc Ill' ' i Groceries l ' Meals Grain and Feed Frozen Foods Ph 60 0 lc Ill' ' s O k Ill' ' ' L' l Y k III' ' C 9 I - h K 'h b Ill' ' B l' g l Senior Class 9 . U -P 31 uw u, inois CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF Il53ll Burlington Paper Co. Phone 6925 BURLINGTON IOWA ru: Anderson Jeweler DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE DINNERWARE GLASSWARE an GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION 403 Jefferson Street Burlrngton own Prugh FUNERAL SERVICE Burlmgton Iowa Phone MUSICAL INSTRUCTIONS APPS SCHOOL OF MUSIC Everything Musical App s Music House Sehramm Sz Sehmleg SUPER FLINT OVERALLS WORK CLOTHES FLINT COTTON GLOVES MITTENS COMPLIMENTS WHEN IN BURLINGTON SHOP AT SCHRAMM S Four Floors of Fashion at prices to fit every budget Natlollal Bank 0f J S Sehramm Co Burlington Established 7845 Burllngton lowa Phone 52 51 E o d I - , II6 . I I I o I 9 o Burlington, Iowa 205 N. Main Street of - . . 0 0 0 . . Koch's Paint Supply Elmer 'l'. Swann "MNT SUPPLY M. ll. I3I1eIon's Point Automotive Finishings and Equipment Telephone 775-776 Oquowko illinois N. MGIFI Sffeef O BANK OF OQUAWKA BUILDING 5urIington, Iowa Mode 0' Day DRESSES - BLOUSES LINGERIE I-OSIERY Phone 41 517 Jefferson Street Burlington Iowa lletken REFRIGERATION T V and RADIO SALES SERVICES Flynn and Boyle FINE FURNITURE and 820 Jefferson Burlington Iowa FLOOR COVERINGS Compliments of Burlington Iowa Phone 643 FREE DELIVERY 'IU6 N Mom Street Burllngton Iowa Stronghurst IIIlnols Sutter Drug Company A 1 'I ' CONGRATULATIONS from "Consumers C " Booten's Grocery Store Save on Ethyl Gas and Groceries Gulfport IIImols Junior MISS Shop Whlte Furniture Co The store for gurls Complete Ilne of clothing for the School glrl 209 South Mann St Sues 7 to 16 Monmouth Illlnols 'I05 So Nlal Phone 271 Monmouth Illlnols CONGRATULATIONS BE VALUE WISE ECONOMIZE AT Shapiro s Carter's Pharmacy J H Caffe' PNP Shoes and clothes for Men and Boys Corner of Broadway and Ist Monmouth mmols 87N Sade Square Monmouth Illrnols Henderson Servloe Co GI2'l1ISl0Il0 Cilff! Dealer In Petroleum Products MEA'-S DAVID COOK SHORT ORDERS Gladstone Illlnols HOME MADE PIES Phone 2576 or Blqgsvllle 2891 Gladstone Illmols 53 0. O O O O I . 'n CLASS OF '53 ' 9 O Y C II ' ' lhQpUaHqf in mind ef' ts ckl slw shilp Sew Gem Domestic Necclwue Pfaff Service on All Makes Farmer 5 Sfore Phone 4792 520 Jefferson St Burlington lowa Phone 212 BU"l"'9f0n lowa Diamond Cleaners Have your clothes Seed Sz Supply C0 CleCm9d Wlfh SOUIYOUS Sherwm Wllllams Paints and note the difference Seeds Feeds Sportmg Goods 608 610 J ff Y e Burlington lowa Burlington lowa Pho e 1123 Northrup Farm Service 826 Jefferson Street COMPLIMENTS Hawkeye Motor Burlnngton lowa BUILK CHEV QQLPT Phone 04 Burl lngton lowa Phone 6750 54 Z Bel - Bu es - Buttons But n oles - Hem iching ' f I f ' l ' I . i , . 1 - Dehner ' fl ' ll . . I 1 - e erson S r et n . , OF Co. ' ' I . --' n t.. I I 3

Suggestions in the Gladstone Oquawka High School - Memories Yearbook (Gladstone, IL) collection:

Gladstone Oquawka High School - Memories Yearbook (Gladstone, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Gladstone Oquawka High School - Memories Yearbook (Gladstone, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 12

1953, pg 12

Gladstone Oquawka High School - Memories Yearbook (Gladstone, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 5

1953, pg 5

Gladstone Oquawka High School - Memories Yearbook (Gladstone, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 23

1953, pg 23

Gladstone Oquawka High School - Memories Yearbook (Gladstone, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 33

1953, pg 33

Gladstone Oquawka High School - Memories Yearbook (Gladstone, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 26

1953, pg 26

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