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. ' ' ' 1 4. W K1-g-'x,' 1- . . i . , f ...L A . f r 1 'Yx 5 4 . - -1 ,Ferl , ,F-W, s f , . , '. ,- - 1, u U " F " 5 , I, f' 1 , 1 M ,- "' 4 -, ' A 1 R J n' P ,f-" P 1' 4- ip s 7-1 I -r s .Q ED WW? Wi! QWQWUC yW , -X PJ I I I 1 W M WW f A ffl' v '- 1- ,V f, ,gs ? . nl ..' .JA-4-', , I ,fm , V vi ,, 1 ..,Vixlflf7L,k?X I H ,gf VA4, fx ,, , A -V nr 11 in cf- 'Q-f"l':Lf Jfmfz' 7A1fLk,Cj, , ' I .A , , I CL gm, 5, 4 , f m X .V 'ft if v'7'1,f5Q,QJ Q MIM if A A yu ,f ' 7 ff C f A - ' ' -- ': ' V 'd - . ' i.",11Kf, X 1 f K "f4f4,cf ,V AAXA UQAQJ NUZLLQ LZ? yi fi! K fx 1 Z 71 225 CQ-f 4 .39 an 1-wg fm MW' xA, fly. fy df I A " Q, w ff, by -x 'Sl' 'ls' v r MW W? WWW 1 -ami' . BEAR'S T'?l- , Q-ijijm LJLS 4--1. l 3 A A ' A 5 ART xt nerr 8 2, " t 9 published by X students of x W , hgladewater high schoel glaclewater, texas . , i ' editor s note Dear Students, Another year in our high sch tionally the purpose of the B ' T I ool life has come and gone. It is tradi l l . ear s a e to serve as a permanent collection of words and pictures that will rc High School. As you glance thro many of the happy hours spent here. , l mind students of these yeans at Gladewater l ugh the pages we hope thatlyou will reca l The emphasis is on youu the student l i the I957 Bear' your school and your campus activities. It is the wish of l Tale staff that you find in this book many fond memories. l l Bobby Gray. Editor ' l l l l l l i l l l . l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l table ot contents , l l Notellll I I I I III I III Illgl Table of contents... . . .. ... . ..l. . . l Bulldlngsllllllll I I 7' Featureslillnlnl llll I +I Adminstrationnsu s l I n II n III u qu Fa-Voriteslilll I I I II IIIXI classesllll n 1 I s 1 II mania Athletics...... . . . ...g. I IIII I I I I llltl Advertising..... .. . . .. . General Indexllll II I 1 I I IIIUL l l II Il 2 ll II 2 III3 III7 . .... 25 .....33 .....5l ....IO7 ..l27 IIIIIG3 lllIl78 ll w 1 I. ' 3, g. v P.. ii J ma 'Q Pj .13 .2 1 1 ' 41,31 ,, . 2:1 'inf 'eww' f "QL 7- 1 "' "s"""'-- ng QW , , J? A7 1 K ,J H gem, 1, V Q mf X rf I Gymnasium Tennis Courts 7,,. .. ., digg QL M X ! 'fE1 'uge45 swirl' , , f 7 ii?Ll'3S425'Sf 'ff - T , 4 ' ,ii E242 WY QQggiQgg,,mlsgwwdr-wi-:++vvWw?Q?QKW Q 1- 1 1 ' , .i,v.kL,fg5,vK , , Q-m.y45:n7,,m.ygV JM ., T. f -li 'wif -Hifi 13W:1l"'7?ww3'f5 '-Q"f'?5'H"Q?fli 1 ."W'4 shmemfwmswifwar ffsfWMseMewswmwknFsSQMQWFQvwnq Q M . T V. emgwiswswmamwedngn 'Mr sglyii swsniwiwamggmsgwwmmelpm SI 11.1-'Z-f"':'6f'-5 i'14l5-4-fffl T1.i. Nh ' snag? , 'r f X fs' 'V ff WZSML' Y ' - js . Ti-'!21:',r:.,4 - 1,154 , mi. Q 5, goof-Wggm , ' f I K Q34 X V 331 RL, ' ',-wi YH 5' .UF 'fW':'f9"'7'35,? " lfl'lni,",7fQf Wifiti7f'T,'iJ7Yff?' ., jTl1.1. , ,Fi' T ,VM 5 5 W 5 . 'I Zi6,?f.,1L45.,.uSZi 553'-zgl.,svQJ'a ww.-le ' -'f L'-'-'FY' if 'V ' ' 'ff 'T7' . 1 V- -. f ffm L ' -' The gym, built in i955, affords many hours fun and amusement for GHS-ers. Cafeteria i' fly-lg--f ' ' ,W ,If ' . ,, My W, . ..,5'YfwV1fli'3k3 s 9 ., o f i T i The cafeteria, remodeled last year, provides students with more room ind modern facilities. Bear Stadium buildings Agriculture The agriculture equipment pro- vides a bright future for the agriculture students. Bus Barn Buddy Smith is repairing one of our school busses in our modern repair shop. l V buildings Fine Arts Ft -X in if i , ,g - T sl .-if it it in Q- af. q1s'4? EQ 3 Tri I .T M 3 4 rf., A iii ,,,-if The orchestra will long remember this fine building. . I I , f The band hall, remodeled last year, provides pleasant surrounding for many musicians. Track 6 The senior high choir is enjoying the comfort of the modern choir room. -r""r g W' 1'5" Q x .,4b..! H . 'fn-1' ' '- " .1'im"5. Q " Ng: il an . ., '.1S-x K xi M f- K 1, .415 s. M "5 LV' S 1 1 s LQ.. 1, f :K-l I-I . I 1, 'ki QNXQAA,-i The students are playing while Mr. Setzler and Mr. Johnston prepare for films during club period. Donnie Philbrick makes his 'An for the day in World History. Mr. Morris's American History class couldn't keep from posing for the camera. It seems like no one is studying except Etta Mae Stephens and she is studying Elvis! Claude Eddy tests his strength with the barbells. Mary Moore and Bruce Welborn explain 'Atomic Models' to fellow students in Chem. class. The Sophomores work intenseley on the Iowa Achievement Test in the cafeteria The ninth graders wait for the next test to begint These English l students look very industrious. if Syerffi K 3 't ' , 1 2 :L .. 'qu Janie Rankin and Charles Davis seem to have members of the D.E. Club interested in their discussion. ,5HEplt iii N5 , 2 i 9 i i l l l l i Mr. Johnson's freshman math class seem to be very attentive. Mr. GalIien's students are busy with l IO their lessons. i JH. This math class is not as dull as it looks. On-lookers watch expectantly to see if Bobby Edmonson makes the basket. u aaaaa 4j!iIlLg!GIl , Mr. Gallien waits to be knocked from his perch Mary Ann Williams entertained the Halloween Queen and her court. Gail Thompson tells fortunes at the Halloween Carnival. Bad weather failed to dampen the spirits of the crowd at the Halloween Carnivah Joyce Allen and Ben Money exhibited their dancing ability at the Senior Booth Some people had difficulty recognizing Nelda Maynard and Jeannie Skelton doing their carnival act Jerry Strong prepares to break a record as the bystanders watch with interest. I2 Great dramatic talent was displayed at the Sophomore Talent Assembly. Luwilda Mckaig receives the Homemakers of Tomorrow award from Mr. Roy Johnson. W3WWjWgQ9WWWeWQfW+J Q stnmbggxgfir, Wf+Vf wwf HEY? 5 .j-,f2y,,f:fL5LQ,,,i,,g, ffzg',3Lp,i, L L 'f R' L' Lf 'T i f-in ' tw. iff? ,, ,pw fy ,Law L I- sz -, ,,-,L ,Q L . Ls - - 5, .- g , , ' L t o 1 Siwfbwqihwwxfjff'as1'tfw'f2wm+f2 wwwww wqdf HH552gW'??5?Mw?w3a3whas?5meaf2hv'QQifiga '7EhQ .QQKXSH 1gQ34JaW?fif f1ffMWfw'yrww.Lv4jsssef t,eNf g get S f ' ' c B 1 T lfilifwifff wt 1 11.1, ,. ' L s is A. -J iz? -f 'ff S 'ff' r - 11, L 7' as L his Q -it -iff' R, . A . N , ,L A , ,f ,ww ,fu , gms, my L, QL, ,LL Q 2145 - - 35, Es 1 W of 121 get gi! avi? 'V 'ii l e! f- f B . . ' L '- r B ' , Q - " fi . J A 'ff' V- V L V ha. Em ZA 'Q,?s?1eQi122Q - f ' ,, ' , A , -f f 1 f 'Q ' 'T' it .n ' ff 4 n QILESZKLQf,a'SLQ iizFa5Q,43wa.D'f?f.Lls.fii1' MM Beautiful music from the Stephen F. Austin College Choir. More Sophomore talent in the Three Sophomore songsters. Linda Moore. Sue Jean Simmons, and Margaret Chamberlain. Buddy Mears speaks for democracy And the Sophomores can dance too! Betty Pace, Jane Phillips. and at the National-Education Week Gay Roberts display this talent. I3 Joachim Rabiger enlighted the stident body about life in Germany. Billie Davis accounts of life as a hobo was quite inspiring. I4 nBoboH mystifies everyone with his crazy antics. Excerpts from Ken Bennett's review inc a song from Miss Clemmer. Hyptnotism was the subject of the assembly program presented by Dr. Brian. t This was a typical scene at the weekly pep rally Coach Barnhiil expresses confidence in the Bears at the bonfire. Two Cheerleaders were caught shiiouetted against the bonfire. Candidates for the title of Ugly Man. I he Coach Mitchell gives a pep talk before the Kilgore game. The Good Sportsmanship trophy was presented to Gladewater by Judge Earl Sharp. I I6 Mr. Pennington accepts the conveted honor of being named n Ugly Man of G,H,S,U I Freddie Henley and Ben Morey escorted the Band Sweetheart Sallie Thompson. Mr. Santa Clause receives final preparations from Mr. Poole and Ben Money. Santa Clause seems to have everyone in a up- roar. The Jaycee's have a beautiful float in the annual Christmas parade. I7 Everyone seems pleased to see Randy Wells Floy Meadows seems to have an overload of cracker jacks. Randy Wells and Luwilda McKaig provide a happy ending for the one-act play. Mary Bland listens intensley to Carol lvey's intresting disclosure. I I8 Nominees for homecoming queen are presented in pep rally be Mr. Lipscomb. Luwilda McKaig, Football Sweetheart, is escorted by Gene Branum and Randy wells. The basketball queen nominees gather before school for a friendly conversation. t f a . - i any 'Q s ' selr 1 K K I L , '.,kk , 5, Q'jVi53x V Vx i,,alQi,3jg ' Ewan, as 53a eq WMWMWWHPF lil' if 4, : , ' ' -3 7 ' , . V M' " ' I . 1 'f .i " 'il K K 2 ' .ye-..1,,,ggQ,s,,g,,Q, 4 , ' .2 5 .s- . 21555 1 - I , 3 ' 3, '1:,fsiz:i,,1fQ 4 . . ,. - Z, Z ' tit 2 fn? ,ss ,,... a , , ' L ' ' ' u fwfr 1 , .f , , ' ii' , ' 'ff f F - H A ' ""' ' rw ,ageing R, JaQ7.fQ??i.'a3HS?EMRWi5 -- I faeemeaws.e5i.:4tV1Srfg2:fv2?wwHdae weyimmasmfaimigggzawagwggeximwmaee Kay Moody, the Basketball Sweetheart was elected by the student body. 1 Peppy Blaunt. flanked by Gene branum and Coach Mitchell was the speaker at the Bear Banquet: and 9003 food The Cub Sweetheart. Laura Mings, had a big smile for the occasion. 20 The Bears and their guests enjoyed the good food A good time was had by all at the Cub Banquet. ie . The Cub cheerleaders cheered the team on against Kilgore. Oliver Sorrells uout-jmmpsu the opposition for two points. Tommy Minter heads for a touchdown against Center. i 1 Zi Jeffery Gullet shows his shoting ability in game during intermural sports. 22 Doyle Read cuts loose with two more points as opposing members look on. ry Bland is gonna get one right down the throat. Presenting the royalty Martha Berry, a Senior, was selected Valentine Sweetheart of G.H.S. by popular vote of the student body. Loretta Stone, of the Junior Class was crowned Halloween Queen by Mr. Dana Williams. 23 24 ...Ii --er Paul Lorentzen, Ruth Durham, and Nelda Maynard take time out for refreshments Bobby Gray looks om as Prin. George A retreat from bad weather, a place for entertainment, and a place for study are some of the reasons for GHS-ers hav- ing the Student Recreation Center. The Jr. and Sr. Student Councils were mainly responsible for this fun nook. The Center contains a 24 inch television set, coke machine, candy machine, and equipment for playing cards, checkers, ping-pong, and dominoes. Lipscomb jumps one of his kings in thier close checker game fi! i J Martha Berry, Sylvia Dade,Jeffery Gullett,and Craig Keoun watch with open mouths as John Dillard and F.D. Audas give thier opponents a hard time. P 2Q'P .y-xx 1 ia! school bO8l'd, Sitting, left to right: Dewey Gray, Secretary: Jack L. Hearrell, President: Marold Victory, Vice-president. Standing, left to right: J. A. Jones, Administrative Assistant: W. E. Mitchell, Jr., Howard LeBus, Frank Landers Dana Williams, Superintendent: and Archa Branum. L Jack L. Hearrell President of School Board A Message from the Board of Education: The Gladewater Schools have had a successful year. We are proud of the achievements of each class, and particularly do we congratulate the graduating class for a job well.done. Your Board of Education is charged with the re- sponsibility to make policies which, when carried out by the Superintendent and his administrative staff, will provide the best possible schools for Gladewater. The active assistance of the parents and the students is needed.i With your help we can continue to achieve even greater success in the years to come. The Board of Education Superintendent Dana Williams TSTA NEEDS DANA This year Gladewater achieved another milestone when its Superintendent, Dana Williams was elected President of the Texas State Teachers Association by the greatest majority of votes in the history of the organization. The Gladewater School system, the Citi- zens of Gladewater, the School Faculty and Board of Education as well as the family of Dana Williams shared in this event when they honored Mr. Williams with a recogni- tion dinner in the High School cafeteria on the night of December l3. With over 300 guests in attendance the affair was certainly one of the outstanding affairs of recent Gladewater history. A plaque was awarded to him for his high achieve- ments in the field of education. As the year progresses, it becomes ap- parent that Mr. Williams' year as President of the Texas State Teachers Association will be one of great personal sacrifice, dedication, and service as he fulfills his pledge of better schools for Texas Children. Supt.Dana williams is shown with the plaque he received from the faculty. Supt. Williams talks over problems with School Board Pres. Jack Hearrelh Principal George Lipscomb Adminstrative Assistant Jim Jones COUNSELORS ANABLE ATKINSON JR. HIGH COUNSELOR burms oRAwHoRN sn. men couNsELoR ROY JOHNSON STUDENT ACTIVITIES secretaries RAYDELL GOGGINS HELEN CAIN T0 SUPERINTENDENT REGISTRAR ZOLA JOHNSON ANN WORWICK T0 PRINCIPAL T0 PRINCIPAL HAZEL PONDER BOOKKEEPER 'ar .wr lu, A Enid A cock BA - NTSC, MA - TU English, Latin Lawrence Barnhill BS 6 MEd - SFASC Boys P.E., Coach Ken Bennett BS -0kla.AaM, MA-SFASC Choir Emma Sue Bennett BA L MA - TU Reading William J. Bri s BM-8 MEd - SFAEE Band Beatrice Brown BS 8 MS - ETSTC Language Arts Leila Campbell BA-TSCW, MA-ETSTC Librarian Jo Nelle Chambers BA - NTSC English LuDelia Clemmer BS - ETSTC Speech Jerrine Dailey BS - SWSTC Home Economics Virginia Dalby BA - TU, MLS - TSCW Librarian C. W. Dawson BA A MA-Hardin Simmons Journalism, Spanish -- 5 qi- 'df I Eg? WWBQBUUUWSQQQQQ , 5. f It 1 J' 5 4 ,fa - 5 ' ' ee- A 1 X NN? ,ee T A 'Fl' ,,., AV 335' . Avia fa i A f fl rw ? 'gf i1?'w W i x W ff f AQ 1 Q , ,. .. vi -may--f:,wff.,ff. - f--ss' , .gage-may-2 'i'.' , g as X32 Q21 -, . M -.sir 'T' 'H' - '5 vga , 'F f f 'K x M. E 'um-N-. I 5 QV. X e3?J,Q"W: 3.153 'Q k 1325529 ffggFF?iQ , .- , r, A ,WM .. V' 'HJ fel- " 'Q News 'N 6-'R XJ guna- fa culty 4 Joy Bell Die BS G MEd - SFASC Math Ray Die BS 8 MA - SFASC Math, D.E. Barbara Downing BM 7 ETSTC Strings Mabel Easterl4 BS G MS - ETS C Language Arts Jack Gallien BS - Centenary Social Studies Richard S. Goode BS - NTSC Social Studies Pearson D. Green BS - HSTC, Ark. Math Bill Holliman BA - AC, MA - SFA Biology! Math, Co SC ach Carolyn Hopson BS - Henderson SC, Ark. Girls P.E. 0. G. Johnston BAA MA - Baylor General Mat Barbara Lynn B.S.'NTSC English Baily Ma3shaH B.S. SFA C Bio., Math, P.E. J. H. McCord BS G MS - ETSTC English Lee Mitchell BS-Centenar , MEd-ETSTC Civics, Dr.Ed., Coach Frank S. Morris B.S. ETBC, SFASC, UT History G. H. Parrish B.S. - Etstc Shop, Mech. Drawing E. C. Pennington BA G MEd - E STC. , Typing, Sec. Training Jerry D. Poole BFA, MFW, KCAI Art Jessie Mae P nes BS 6 MEd - ETSTC Home Economics Jimmy Rowe BS - NTSC Printing, Photography A A af H A wiv... faculty if . Jo Schulte BS-HSTC, Ark. i Pl. Geo., Bookkeeping Frank Setzler BS 8 MEd - ETSTC Algebra, Solid Geo. B. T. Slater Jr. B. A. BU, NTSC, SFASC Physics, Chem., G. S. Sammy Slaydon BS 8 MEd - SFASC Band Cosby Speir BS 8 MS - ETSTC Shop, Electricity Bill Waters BS- Okla. U. W. Hist., Coach Mary Williams SFASC Study Counselor Herman Williams BS A MA 7 SHSTC Voc. Agriculture special workers BETTY SMITH MACK MOSLEY SCHOOL NURSE SPEECH THERAPIST I 4 xx I M W.,-,,,,,, W , , W - MAYRENE BLAND AND THELMA GRAYSON E-0- W00LEY CAFETERIA PERSONNEL I 4 I I I , I CUSTOOIANSZ FIRST ROW: HOWARD DUNNAGAN, KENNY GAGE, GENE CAUSEY, FRANK HAWKINS, A.B. ROSE, CHARLIE OWENS, HJDDY SMITH, JOEL SMITH, SECOND ROW: E.O. WOOLEY, MONROE TUCKER, MONROE MAYBERRY, JIM JONES, TRUMAN COWAN, JESSE WAR EN, 32 BRUCE WOOD, ROLAND DUNCAN, REED GASTON, DAVE ROBERTS, LUTHER FORD. I I i i The following G.H.S. students were elected by secret ballot by menbems of the student body. When a ma- jority of votes is not held by one person there is a run-off between the top two. This year at a Favorites Dance, sponsored by the seniors, the i956-57 favorites were revealed. The runners-up for these honors are as follows: Most aeautafui Girl, Martha Berry: Most Handsome Boy, James Thompson: Most Popular Girl, Margaret Chamberlain: Most Popular Boy, Simon Vernon: Most Courteous Girl, Jane Sheppard: Most Courteous Boy, Bruce Melborn: Perf sonality Girl, Gail Thompson: PerQ sonality Boy, John Dillard: airl! Most Likely to Succeed, Madelyn Holloway: Boy Most Likely to Suc- ceed, Mike Yarbrough: Senior Class Favorites, Mary Bland and Gary Kerr:l Junior Class Favorites, Mary Ann Williams and Bubba Martin: Sophomore Class Favorites, Betty Pace andi George Black. X Junior High runners-up are asf hllows: Most Beautiful Girl,' Virginia Keller: Most Handsome Boy, i John Shepperd: Most Popular Girl, Carolyn Lee: Most Popular Boy, Mike Mitchell: Most Courteous Girl, Virginia Smith: Best All Around Girl, Ann Kilgore: Freshman Class Favorites, Mary Whatley and Delwin Craig: Eighth Grade Class Favorites, Clarwanda Dawson and John Bell: Seventh Grade Class Favorites, Ann Kilgore and Wayne Speir and Willie Criddle. A A 5 'Q HEX .4 I Il Luwilda McKaig Gene Branum Nc? L, , L Barbara Bowlin Jerry Strong K Nik 4 f , X. -A ,MW me my as ,M w . i , - iQ S?2-:frfzfsiir "k' gijgigfigy . A A4595 ::,:2z.+- - arion Minter 1 f ' -zegf' , 4 wavy. ef aQvflffffifzfv,miwwffH' ni ' ffm U. M,-A ...K , 2 Tommy Minter Sharon Stone I S wim ip .. fgr ' , X gfgigi ,ffzgig 1 .5 2,3 . Q - --P, -my .K m X . 31 ff' , Ii X X . , .,.. ,f,i ?S5i n f wil if 2 3 L . , mi W Q -.-' x,.-H-:-1.1 .3 , 3 --z-fa' -' ' ' Q '- N5-gs :L wr 2 V. f , 1. -SW' Q52 , LJ !" Rm i Qi L, MSA :' Q ,di M X A 5,3 NF fe ' :gg-1,5-: , 1. K Wggji' ' sw'-1 '- ,vigffz Lx ' fifjy --,, X ,.,, . ,,.,, L, In 4, 14 1 1 I , .!1"Pf:Wf5 V. ,H k.V,k ,t z am, ,.5?f,Me,g1g , 5.52: J f--- flisgliffq 1V,1gQff.:,k.,Qii'5sQ ,igfs2SfkZgf7fi5i Z5.,f":, 5 " f-'ifiv' giixxffifz .' i Larry Mitchell Kay Momdy Bill Gilliam 'lf gk VM? , .. ,M f I-an M Y: W . Y, I g 'V ' . 1 t 1 'AA' ,gig V K Robyn McChesney Craig Keoun Mas! Hvaufgfu! Saundra Stone Most flamlsvmc Wayne Muller Must Zfdpular Girl Laura Mings Jlflosf Papular Kay Bob Crouch Mast Kcfurfwus Girl Paula Lange Mas! Kwzrfwus Kay Pat Mitchell 16291 ,411 Araund Mary Shepperd Kes! ,411 Arnaud Larry Waggener Zfcrsamzlify Girl Harriet Robinson fersanalify Kay Jerry Davis The Gladewater High School is made up of six hundred and ninety-sixy students this year. These stu-Q dents are very active in school activities such as the Band, Choir, Strings, and the Sports program. Each year the Junior Class spon- sors the Halloween Carnival to raise money for the Junior and Senior Banquet. Each class elects a candi- date to run forqueen. The candl- date whose ciass raises the most money wins. This year a basketball queen was elected from candidates chosen from each class. The class having the largest number of students attending the first three home district ball games won the contest and their candidate was crowned queen. L These are just a few of the many activities the students can take part in and work together. We are proud of our school and enjoy the associations we have with our friends and teachers. We are happy that we are part of G.H.S. "NN Q, 17 3- F I . Juv V1 1 - I 9 1 senior class favorites Carol Ivey Randy Wells senior class ofzqcers Senior Class Officers President - Craig Keoun Vice-President - Gary Kerr Secretary - Carol Ivey Treasurer - Ruth Durham Reporter - Jane Shepperd Parliamentarian - John Dillard The Senior Class of l956-57, with its eighty- nine students, is the smallest class in G.H.S. Of these students, thirty-eight are girls and fifty-one are boys. Forty-one of these seniors have been together since the first grade and sixty-eight have been together since the seventh grade. These students are very responsive to the extra-curricular activities, as well as our stu- dious departments. They are highly active in the band, choir, and strings, while a large number of our boys are in the sports program. As Sophomores and Juniors, this unified group sponsored a very successful Christmas Social and Junior-Senior Banquet. As this group departs from the hill June I, G.H.S. will long remember their success in high school. Good luck, Seniors! Bland, Mary National Honor Society Cheerleader i953 54, 56-57 Student Council Secretary ueen of Gregg County Fair 56 uchess of Yamboree 55 Drum- major 56-57 Berry, Martha Best, David Swing Choir 5'-l-55 Slide Rule Club Tennis Semi-Finals District l956 Bowles, Mike All State Orchestra All Regional Band National Honor Society 54-55 A bl es, Patsy Editor of Bear Facts I956-57 Press Club l956-57 F. H. A. I956- 57 All en, Joyce Sec. 81 Treas. of Homeroom i956-57 Annual Staff i956-57 Student Cbuncil l955-56 Antweil, Charles Drama club Audas F. D. F. F. A. Treasure 55-56 V-Pres. Soph. Class Parl. Freshman Class Bowles, Geneva Second Asst. Editor of B.F. 56-57 Art Ed itor of B. T. 56-57 National Honor Society 53-54 Brannen, Sue Ann Choir 53-57 Annual Staff 56-57 Bear Fact Staff 56-57 Bramnum, Gene Most Courteous Boy 55-56 Pres. Freshman Class National Honor Society Brewer, deral d V- Pres. D. E. 56-W Press Club 56- 57 Bears Tale Staff 56-57 Brewer, Flavy Caldwell, Jimmy Pre-Mil itary Club 55-57 F. F. A. Pres. of Mlsic Club All State Orchestra li yrs. Award of Outstanding Musician Charles, Dempsey Cowai, Joan National Honor Society Pres. Homeroom ll Yrs. Sec. of Club ll yrs. Sec. Homeroom 56-57 F.u.A. , Swing Choir 56-51 55 Dade Sylvia Majorette 56 5 7 Bear Facts Staff 56 57 Press Club 56-51 Dailey, Claude Science Club Slide Rule Club 2nd State Slide Rule Davis, charles Pres. Whittl ing Club 55-56 Pres. Library ssistance 56-57 Annual Staff 56-57 Dean, Ann Sec. Band 56-51 JCL 5ll-56 Student Council 55-56 Dillard, John V-Pres. JCL 55-56 Tres. Jr. Class National Honor Society Du rhan, Ru th Homecoming Duchess 55-56 Tres. Sr. Class Reporter Student Council 56-57 Earp, Doni s Football 5ll-56 Track 55-56 Rep. of FFA 5ll-55 el Eddy, Claude Class Pres. 52-53 Student Council 53-54 Homeroom Pres. 5l-52 Gilliam, Bill Hal loween Escort 53 Tres. Band 56-57 Pres. Homeroom 56-57 Gray, Hubby Editor of Annual Pres. of Annual Staff Club Band 54-56 arrel l, Delores Homeroom Pres. Drama Club 5ll-55 Swing Choir 55-57 Harrell, Raymond V-Pres. FFA 55-56 V-Pres. Homeroom 5ll--56 York Barbell Club Elkins, Lloyd Band 5l-56 BT Photography Editor 55-56 BT Production Mgr. 56-57 Elliott, Jimmy Fuller, James Pres. Homeroom 5'l-56 National ljlonor Society Spanish King 55 Pre-Military Club 55-W Model Airplane Club 51+-55 Gar ne r, John Drama Club 56-57 Barbell Club 5ll-55 Band 54-57 'Un-.. Hartley, Marvin Parl. of FFA Pre-Military Club 1' lvey, Carol Rambler Cheerleader Homecoming Duchess 56-57 Sec. Senior Class 56-57 Kendrick, Joan Sec. Freshman and Jr. Class Rambler Cheerleader Sec. Choir 56-57 58 Press Club Henley, Freddie Pres. Band 56-57 Student Council Rep. 56-57 Parl. Freshman Class Hill, Charles Shop Club Q yn Holloway, Madelyn Halloween Princess 56 Sec. Student Body 56 National Honor Society Johnson, Donna Honorable Mention for Art Art and Crafts Club Bookkeeping Club 56-57 Keoun, Craig Pres. Sr. Class V-Pres. Student Council 55-56 Pres. Soph. Class 54-55 1 K err, Gary Parl. Soph. Class Football V-Pres. Sr. Class Landers, Delores Art 55-56 Choir 56-57 Bookkeeping Club Lewis, Joy Swing Choir 56 B.F. 57 Choir 53-56 McKaig, Luwilda Cheerleader 5I-57 Nat. Honor Society Football Sweetheart Massey, John Maynard, Nelda Tres. of Homeroom Sec. of Homeroom Parl. of Choir 56-57 Spanish King 55-56 Sports Editor of B.F. 56-57 Rep. of Drana Club 54-55 Mears, Buddy Money, Ben Bmd 53-57 V-Pres. of Band Homeroom Pres. 5I Pres. of Homeroom 56-57 D.E. Pres. 56-57 Annual Staff 55-57 59 FT l l 1 i l i i l l l Moody, Kay Class Sec. 5l-52 Personality Girl 53-56 Cheerleader 5 yrs. Moore, Mary Nat, Honor Society All-State Orchestra JCL Muckel roy, Carol Band 5I-56 Student Council 5ll-55 Sec. of Homeroom 5l-55 Murph, Carol Moossey, Robert Student Council Drama Club Popular Music Club Halloween Princess 55-56 Nat. Honor Society 55-57 Choir Sweetheart 56-57 Newell, Danny Pre-Military Club 55-56 Rod and Reel Club 54-55 Bar Bell Club 56-57 'Nvwuunnunnu-ve' N ixon, Joe Pace, Billy Homeroom Parl. 56-57 in Band 5ll-55 ot god Club 53-5'-l Pope, Wi lson Pres. Science Club Homeroom V-Pres. 57 Football 5l-57 A ley. Hep Pres. Student Council 56-57 Band 52-57 V-Pres. Orchestra Skelton. Jeannie V-Pres. Cheerleader Club Haneroom Tres. 55-56 Student Council 5I-53 Smith. J. W. Pres. Homeroom 54-55 56-57 Baseball Club Number Sense Club Reed. Doyle Hat. Honor Society Drmm Hub ,Slide Rule Rinehart. Elaine Social Problems Cluu lbmemakin? Club D.E. Swee heart 56-57 Rinehart. Kathryn Bam H-57 Rep. of Band 56-57 Nat. Honor Society 54 Roberts, James shop Club ss-57 Arr ciub 53-sus Sheppard, Jane Homecoming Duchess 54-55 Reporter of Senior Class Student Council 5 yrs Sherrod, Wayne Librar Assistant Shop C ub Pre-Military Club .fi f 3 . ' j f P+ W! f.f?fi?342i9i'fl3?V?3W 5. 1 'r H'ii35WWWE?FMEMM ' . 'tvweveiwfif A ,L..e, e,e 'isfr?ggQ3 ff?" ' 551.-KQFKEQ ZE pl, as 2 .,.i:.lJ:fi,- W Sees- mg .EFHWWEQ genes liageiwsiwa 7 .Reef is rwsneee skew. z:.5wweeQg A EA- . ,i 'qfY'fffgl7f3f'?Q3Q fi... aayeff. . , 1 , 'li -Tl? Q - 1 5 -l . -. is -,xv Y-se ff' ' - 1,1 -- .3 -:svn i .f rt..-?"f2fE 7 . Q in r's2i2m.v ,rameiarm ., . . ,.,F,m?i ,S 5 V , yw,, e""i""'x 1 MW 'hi 5 . QP PM--N. V31 Hou ten, Maxey Snow, Neil Pre-Military Club Baseball Club Number Sense Club Stillwell, Sidney Pres. Homeroom 54-55 V-Pres. Homeroom 55-56 V-Pres. Homeroom 53-54 Thompson, Gail Pres. Homeroom 55-56 1 Regional Chanpion Tennis 54-55 District Chanp 55-56 Thompson, James Pres. of Press Club Popular Music Club Hot Rod Club Thompson, Sallie Maiorette 54-57 Ha loween Princess Band Sweetheart 56-57 Tumer, Gloria All State Orchestra 56-57 FHA 54-55 Tumbling Club 5-57 Parl. of Homeroom All-State Choir 55 Swing Choir 62 Van Ho uten, Walter All State Choir 56-57 Football Swing Choir 56-57 Vemon, Simon Class Pres. 5l-52 Football Capt. 56 Student Council 56-57 Washington, Martha V Pres. Homeroom 56-57 Pop Music Club 55-56 Charades Club 56-57 Watts, Bobby Pre-Military Club Agriculture D. E. 56-57 Welbom, Bruce Student Council 5l-53 Pres. Homeroom 53-54 Halloween Escort 55-56 Wells, Randy Sports 54-57 Pres. Jr. Class Student Council Parl. 56-57 Willians, Roy Pres. Homeroom 55-56 Parl. of Homeroom 56-57 llougiby, Zeda Exchm e Ed. of B.F. Swing ghoir F.H. . . ..,t.,k, W,,.4f Winn, Janis Band 52-57 Pres. Homeroom 53-54 Reporter of .EL 55-56 Youngblood, Doris Bookkeeping Club 56-57 Choi r FFA Zimmerman, Johnny V-Pres. Spanish ll Band Outboard Nptor Club H 63 junior class favorites Louiann Gray J.09 ATHUSQI1 junior class ofzqcers Class History 'We are modern and up to date, Senior Class of '58l' Q This is the familiar cry of the Junior Class consisting of 97 students. Besides having a large number participating in choir, this class is active in band, strings, homemaking, and agricul- ture departments. Because of the aggressiveness and unity of this class, they have achieved many outstanding honors. The year i953-54 proved to be a successful one as their candidate was crowned queen of the Halloween Carnival. This was the first time a Junior High Class had ever won this race. During this same year they raised more money than any other class for the Red Cross Drive. In i955-56 they planned and sponsored a very entertaining Christmas So- cial. Thd Juniors sponsored the i956-57 Halloween Junior Class Officers President - Joe Atkinson Vice-President - John Wilkins Secretary - Mary Ann Williams Treasurer- Trecia Stevens Reporter - Claideith Hightower Parliamentarian - Larry Mitchell Carnival and again their candidate was crowned queen. This class honored the Seniors this year with a most successful and enjoyable Junior and Senior Banquet. gThe Juniors are looking forward to their Senior year and hope that it will hold as many good for+ tunes as the past years.' . Y Bobby Gray, Roy Williams, and Buddy Mears, caught short of the store. 7 Bond, Darlene Brewer, Jacqueline Appl egate, Odell Atkinson Joe L Attaway, Holl IS Audas, J.T. Avmt, Martha Berry, Nelda Cannon Glenda crol ey, Tonm Crouch, Janes Dheil, Shirley Don Carlos, Elons Dickinson, Phllllp Blair, Robert Blalodc, David Dunl avy, Sandra Edwards, David Evans, Minnie Ezzel l, Mel ton . s W ' 1' 'V f ' A A 'Now listen you guys, you do this that way explains Miss Chambers to four Juniors. Fowler, Amos Fritz, Lucille Gaines, Robert Gul l ett, Jeffery Hagan, Frank Hardnan, Don Harri S, Mary Galbraith, Emest Gamer, Travis Havens, Geneva Hewitt, Anna Gary, Keechi e Ann Gilbert, Billy Gray, Louienn Higgs, Wen dal H i gh tower, Cl adieth 67 K ,, -w..,-,..a.,f,f, Jerry Strong can't quite decide if it is R or b and it might be 3a, while working ai Algebra problem. Leach, Bobby Leads, Barbara Hill, Geraldine Hill, Horace Lloyd, Sadie Lloyd, Joe Lee Hill, Patsy Johnson, Myra Mcchesney, Robyn McRoy, Clidia Jones, Gary Jorden, Victor Marsh, Freddie Martin, Bubba Kelley, Glenn Krunm, Jinuny Matthews, Fred Meade, Mary George 'xi , , ,xi M,.., iffifyifyniiogri it 'M L ffi Melton, .Jerry Midler, Stanley 'Shut your mouth quick Phillip or you will be sorry", says Martha Berry while doing a chemistry experiment. Miles, Alton Minter, Marion Minter, Tonlny Mitchel l, Don Mitchell, Larry Money, Herbert Moon, Jane Moo re, Robert Myers, Tnomas Parrott, Troy Philbrick, Linda Pittman, sonny Pomdexter, Luther Porterfiel d, Patsy Pul l en, Barbara Raikin, Jaiie Mr'Joadiim Rabi ger, a German exchange teacher gives pointers to Mr. Curtis Dramom's civi cs class. Stone, Loretta Stoner, Janes Rose, Darlene Sorrells, Ol :ver Stevens, Treci a Stilwell, Glenda Stone, Jerry Rogers, Bl l ly Wayne Stow, Martha Stracener,Nancy Stephens, Etta Mae Strong, Jerry Tippit, Gerald D. Stevenson, Juamita TraCY, Phillip Turner, Jimmy Val detero, Al ice Walker, Johnny K. Wilkins, John Willians, Mary Ann Walker, Normm Wood, Mike Yarborough, Mike Watson, Larry Watts, Joyce ia Dade seems to be having a hard time getting hese senior students who are waiting to have r picture made. 7i Each student to his om way of studing deans to be the objective of this English III group. sophomore class favorites Iffffvlz f ' .55 'P ooo Gay 'Nell Roberts John Mings sophomore class ofzqcers Sophomore Class officers President - John Mings Vice-President - Wayne McCary Secretary-Treasurer- Grace Rose Reporter - Gay Roberts Parliamentarian - Roush Smith Class History The Senior Class of nineteen fifty-nine, which is the Sophomore Class this year is composed of one-hundred and twelve energetic and fun-lovin students. Of these students forty-eight are girls and sixty-one are boys. Many students make up the Senior High Choir while others have done a fine job in the band and strings. Since over half of the students are boys, many showed great ability and sportsmanship on the Rambler teams. The Ramblers have had a fine sports program this yean The tenth grade gave a successful Christmas social which everyone enjoyed. As this class is filled to the brim with imagination, intelligence, and talent, it is surely a credit to our school 73 and should go far in the future. sophmores Alexander, Jirrmy A rlnder, Chester Bradley, Lurline Brewer, Ronnie Atchiey, Betty Atchl ey, Holland Briggs, Jerry Buchanan, Eddie Atkinson, Jim Attaway, Linda Cain, Brenda Carrington, R. L. Barr, Mary E. Bearden, Anna Castl eberry, Jack Cary, James Black, George Bowling, Barbara 74 Wonder what this group of sophomores are talking about. 1 ,W -B ,-" B IB 7V.L 5 rv L K ' 1 :Bz B iff' it it ff i , 1.- , IL A , i B' 3 Q A f' R in B 2 W , 'i x f, ,By B , ,A , f 5, ,,,, 5 558 r f: ' B I E ' ,,.. Q fiiigf g V gg B ii iri tiatt ,Bi is 555' 'EZ' , 5 ' B l B K E ' , " 2. V, 1 51 fi ' iaii lrli B - f, l ff: ,B,B , ' fggiisiigft W ou may think it is funny now, but you just wait' ays Mr. Dale Green. ' Davis, Virginia Delco, Trumai Chamberlain, Margaret Church, Doyle D i l l ard, Frances Duncan, Garth Clark, Ronald Coats, Karen Ellison, Wondell Erwin, Jack Cri ddl e, Ruth Cobb, Ani ta Estes, Frazer Evals, Thomas Coppedse, Peggy Crump, Arl ine Franer, Charles Fritz, Jake 75 sophmores A ill. VW. 'ijbI'il'i'lO,I'ES A D 3 'f m inssnwwi ' . .. , , .K A. me M, ,mrmgsfiw g X -5 QQGQQWQ1 Q 'few f'Zw-nw' W. a w J K 'ffW"'- 'Eiirf K I we ff?f?a5i5LTff3 A , . , . ,,,,, ,,, ,M .. Q51 if -'12-1 V W H, , V4 V, , , 4 jf , , lr r frm it H A ,i at ' L Q. W V305 I-...A V , Y 5 1' ffI7USE ' 'ESI1..-"meal" f: X-zn efaw W news-.,.x1f - fifwsgg ' U fam e - , P l ' .3 ' ' - " L' , ZH. :ry . z' W jj :.W+1 f WM ftzif 1 , ' , M M x ' 21, , ' . A , ,. ,my f e f,,, ,fin VL4, ,E,, or Gafford, Brady Galbraith, Donal d Hill, Paul Hyden, Robert Gi I bert, Martha Gosdin, Joyce Jones, Peggy Jones, Welton Phillip Jack Kelley, Wanda Lansdale, Bennie Norman Harris, Bobby L an sdal e, Stephen Liedtke, Robert Hart, Patty, H earrel l , Jack 76 Roush Smith seems to be working hard for next semester's grade. McKay Patric 7 M eadows, Fl oy Long, Robert Lo rentzen, Paul Mears, Jani ce Mills, Johnny Lucas, Jerry Mackey, Bobby Milsap, Pat Mings, John Martin, Dori s Mathews, Nonna Moore, Linda Nixon, Tommy Mathews, Pamela MCCaVy, Wayne Oder, Rudy Pace, Betty 77 sophmores sophmores Jerry Strong and George Black discuss a problem Perryman, Roy Lee while Paul Hill looks on. Phil brick, Phillips, Pike, Nell Poston, J. Donnie Roberts, Gay Roberts, Kay SHS Roush, Faith Rose, Grace Ann B. Porter, Betty Rush, Karen Simmons, Sue Jean Price, Aubrey Ray, Barbara Reynolds Reynolds Smith, Lorene Smith, Roush Freddie G0rdon 78 sophmores Tu man, Jerry Turner, Arch I e Sm: therman, Beverly Spei r, Dorothy Turner, Emmanuel Walls, Barbara S tegal I Max Ston e, Sh ar ron Warren, Carolyn Watson, Leon Tarpl ey, Margaret Tenery, John Welch, Lindley Wilson, Brenda Thlebaud, Courtney Tipton, June Y ates, John Thompson, Van Trl bbl e, Bobby freshmen class favorites I-UIC I-009 Delmar Cain ICFGSIIHTGIT class CJICHCEFS Freshmen Class Officers President - Wayne Muller Vice-President - James Heaberlain Secretary-Treasu rer- Martha Pounders Reporter - Mary Whatley Parliamentarian - Jim Whiteside Class History With one hundred and ten members, the Freshman Class is among the largest classes in G.H.S. This energetic group has over half its members barti- cipating in sports, choral, strings, art, and band. The boys outnumber the girls 66 to 44. Many of the boys on the Cub teams were ninth grade students. The class works together well and re- sponses to all extra-curricular activities. This class is indeed a credit to our school. 8l , They're all watching something- ---- -wonder vhat? Brewer, Harold Brom, David Ables, Donnie Alexaader, Jadcie Brown, Janette Brown, Patricia Armstrong, Tom Baggett, Donald Buckal ew, Malcolm Burgin, Elvin Barton, Ann Berry, Alta Fem Bu tl er, Johnny Cain, Delmar Bonner, Gerald Bowden, Mickey Cary, Peggy Castl eberry, Gladys 82 Cau sey, Richard Cavett, P atricia The freshmai finishing their tests in the cafeteria. Di ffie, Judy Dixon, Larry Chapman, Billy Colvin, David Craig, Del Dodson, Wanda Don Carlos, Linda win Daniel, Asa Lee Everett, Vernon Farmer, Carolyn Davis, Jerry Davis, Lan 6 Fanner, Charles Ford, Donn i e Davis, Nol Day, Billy am Ray 83 Fritz' mddy Looking up vocabulary wrds call for solemn faces. Gage, Betty A Heaberlln, James Henley, Donald Earl Gage, Glenda Gary, Pol ly Holcomb Tommy Holland Charles Green, Yvonne Gregston, Edd: e Holloway, Gloria Jenkins, Jimmy ,ll agan, Robert Han gwood Betty Keller, Vlrglnaa Lacy, Charles Harper, Vlolet Harrell, Betty ome of Mr. Sl ater's General Science students were , , inishing an experiment when the photographer cane by. NCJIHOF11 Mike Mackey, Burl Landers, Nellie Landers, Oscar Marrs, Glen Martin, Patricia Lange, Paula Laster, Richard Massingal e, Carla Maxwell, Dean Lee, Mike Long, Lula Maxwell, Wal ter Maynard, Joan McKenzie, Jerry Wayne McPherson, Gayle Meadows, Lavoy M ings, Laura 85 Mitchell, Pat Mohon, Flora Richey, Harold Rinehart, Kenneth Money, Earlene Morrison, Murray Mueller, Roberts, Suann Robinson, Harriet Orr, Mike Wayne Rose, J immy Rose, Tommy Perry, Jeanette Founders, Martha P reston, Richard, Sheppe rd, Mary Snow, Jan Hen ry Wanda 86 ! 2 i Q i ! E Betty Kirk pours the tea as her classmates lod on approvingly. i Tu mer, Janes Van Hou ten, Roy Stone, Sandra Stow, Lee Roy Waggoner, Larry Warren, Nancy Strawn, J immy Swearingen, Mike gn Wells, Mary Whatley, Mary Thomas, Galen Thomas, Janace Whiteside, Jim Williamson, Jan Thompson, John Thorpe, Linda Towing. Thurman, Woods, Ari an Zaj acek, Thomas Mickey June 87 eighth class favorites Ronnie Stephens Brenda Stancell eighth class ofiqcers i Eighth Grade Class Officers President - Carolyn Warren Vice-President - Kenny Uselton Secretary - Rosemary Jordan Treasurer - Linda Carrington Reporter - Virginia Smith Parliamentarian - Ronnie Stevens Class History The Eighth Grade Class entered Gladewater Junior-Senior High School in September l955. This class is one of the largest in G.H.S. with one hundred and twenty-four members. The Eighth Grade has many outstanding students in their class in many different activities which are carried on in our school. These students participate in such activities as band, choir, strings, and the sports program. We are glad to have the Eighth Grade Class as a part of our school. Abel, Mickey Jo W Betty Kirk sits and waits for another customer". Al len, Carl Bell, Myma Berry, Lee Ann Albrecht, Edward Attaway, Charles Bland, David Brewer, Billy Awbrey, Janes Awbrey, Lila J. Brewer, Melvin Brooks, Robert Ballard, Kenneth Bates, Vi ll ian Brovn,. Edwin Burgess, David Bearden, Ray Nell Bell, John 90 ,Joyce Hill is the lucky coffee receiver. Di ffie, Sandra Dunnagan, Pat Carrington, Linda Causey, John Echol s, Al Ice Ednonson, Hubert' Causfiyl Sharon Cawthon, Claude Ell lot, Laverne Evans, Peggy Crouch, Bob Daweon, Cl arawanda XFN Fenton, Carolyn Fields, Frances Davis, Martin Delco, Joyce Fowler, Joe Freeland, Melvun l Mrs. Bill ie Davis adresses the student body as Mr. Williams listens. Nss,,,,'wd,, so Heaberl in, Mary Hanson, Lynn Gage, Ronald Gray, Brenda Hendrickson, Donald Henson, Gayle Grayson, Kay Hagen, Willie Hall, Anita Hallman, Melvin X L -5 J , f E 'F f I, W H' f wx, V Higgs, Anita ,A Han, Don Hill, Joyce Holland, iris Hasl ey, Nancy Hatton, William Horn, Gayle Houston, Grace ,I ,,-,,,-f"-L , .M-M,,,--,f H umph ri es, Don Hunt, Doss Mr. Hollimam explains classes to parents at open house. -sad ,W J K irk, Betty Kn ight, Kenneth Jackson, Jimmy Jinvnerson, Jerry Krumn, Nell Landers, Louis Jones, Andy Jones, Jesse Earl Lee, Carolyn Lilly, Ronald Jordan, Don al d Jordan, Rosemary Lindsey, Arthur Loftus, Carolyn Kelly, Loretta King, Sidney if , y 5 Rm ' sm, ,, me A . my y-Qa' , I , .AW 4. w.sLE'1?Ei" is L yfy X , espn, ,I K Wei fiiaqif P f , n ,Aff--' ' 'ii ' K ': ' o'Ln 11lg:,f.if1I ,, ,-Sie' K3 H Q , .K ,,,W,m4 , if ' ' -2254 . , ,ggi -1. , 1 - 'if ss Vx Q 1 gg l 3 Q Q , ywqfk W f mf 1 X an 3' .3 , R fl f Y y cg, ,qi-,, . ms. Y"i'W-ff' gif? 2 t iff M55 L y X jj? , fm Q , 1 , Al 2 , suyy J if ' so -i s ' Q y ,I ig, I l, i kg.: 'Q ., . 42 " or , k , 1' . V- . J w.,,ff. ,U W? J "i. '7'ffjue, .' R 1 1, liz' fi ri 7 I, ,,,,,. ,,, ,,,, ,H .L ' ' ,i'ii ' X L1.. . , W, . , low, ,M - f if if fm 'sw-y ,ff-H -X Lucas, Dale These math students must have found Lytle, Sharon the teacher most intresting. Morrow, Sharon Mills, Shirley Martin, Jinrny Matthews, Donald Phllbrl ck, Joyce P lerce, Carolyn Matthews, Sue X Maynard, Wanda l LE Prater, Bob Ray, Gloria Meadows, Matti e Mears, Jul ia Reynol d, James Rickey, Sandra Moosy, Victor Morris, Linda f Roe, Edward Runnel s, .Brry Stapleton, Martha Stevens, Ronnie Salter, Shirley Shelton, Wi ll lan Stevenson, Doris Stl tes, Charles S lms, Joyce Smith, Devon Joyce Hill works intently as fellow student looks on. 1 Wwzi Stripl ing, Carolyn 0'Brien, Carolyn Smith, Edward Smith, Virginia Taylor, Donna Tucker, Ronald Smi therman, Chester Stawsell, Brenda 95 51: f Q Q 4 me Alton Miles shows visitors ai experiment in the Chenistry room. - an-: --fff, - mi, rm.: Watson, John Watson, Dru Ann is ffn as s or a 'Seb ,,.o5, Turley: Wanda - s y . Usel ton, Kenney f nen , W . if oeeo "k- 1 -,-.' X Yates, Welton, Pat ure,-.M s fm Wh! -,4-4' Vemer, Barbara Waggener, Sherry . , ..,, ,.g, X 5 33 we ,f C9 Youngblood, Patricia Wallace, Nancy Walls, Doris s - "af 4s?,ff"i- , visa. 7' ix V ' ,fi wif:fE?'zfgieZi?'sfj'af 'w"' ,R if , A13 KXFU S - ' 'K 2 '-N- Q Q L ,'j zijn in , ,M 211 Z f , 1 'Q ' We W if-4 ff ' Z' J '4 .,.. S f 3 3 5 5 K7 fa 3 5 3 E' : : no O5 l Mr. Joachiem Rabiger tells of his ex periences in his homeland, Germany. seventh class favorites I mf! F, V, 1 w I xr' 1 ivy! IQ' 1 'I nl' ,. f IH' I Gail Overman John Paul Talent ,y -W, z 11' r-1 seventh class ofzqcers Seven th Grade Class Officers President - Mike Mitchell Vice-President - John Shepperd Secretary-Treasurer - Shirley Bl ack Reporter - John Tallent Parliamentarian - Leon Strickland Class History The l37 students enrolled in the Seventh Grade are new to the Gladewater Jr.-Sr. High School. We know very little of this class, but know they will show themselves worthy of G.H.S. They have proved during this first year that they intend to work together in all activities. This class, being the largest in school, has sixty-seven boys and seventy girls. There are a number of seventh grade students in the choir, the band, and the strings. The boys of the seventh grade are taking an active part in the sports pro- gram. We feel sure that the seventh grade will be a credit to G.H.S. ' ,VV.:- . ,,.. ,.-,f ,, : ,. "3-: .,.:, E , ails? sim mfwazwi Hmm mah' www B' ww ,K -:?Q'-?'-- 3 w 5? "l" ' 'V ',j,a1Q,: "' ' . ...., 4, , ,. s. . . M- . . A-adm . fm ., M .. S, Yew "lf" 'M--JA--M ' 7'.. fT?'W' TL V ' ' .V ,, P ,, ., w 154 ,. g et i 2f2fw1:fV' fig , 'g -- -ff ll 4 flgz, K Q 'Gaeilge r 1 'l l N Q firm , s-if kesnihififihjl'',,"S'f'?.ig,,,E5?:ff" 55 -f'f:..":Zi" 5: 35 .".:51:"i'gg1f,,L,.i': ' 4 tx V VV. f -S.-f,fV' , .5-f ' ' wg: xiii?" V ':. ,f , 1 K 4, fr A QM , QB, if 5 , ff' 45 Avy J Q 9 ,, L XX , We SM K Q Kg F .L 'Q 2' A E. ' ' l ' V .5 s-po, if ,af .:.:g- QM was I: ' V A V . -X ws- lf wa,-. B X. Q , i g Vs, 94 , 'l ille X ifegw lfg l gglfawi , S es- Egg, H we .a A A Via . V A .. V I , Hggf sx ,- isiwziffgea fl 41 W :sw ,. g.MQi,:A,!5r,e:l5,y,?gff1gg3gi3'5lel ialkmssfli K- K - 5- M gk:--gt Q-ff-,fgl1zs,wHE,, new1:z2a12Vssi'f:s:f,fl:ffl -V V V '- " 1 -gil af." Jiffy: wefvgzia VQL5-V15 1-Ga 'rl .La VV:,1V-51-f 'SMJEAQ SEQ-V rg ssl?-uf 'sms Im- ,ff-VVw , , il, A.,- V VVVV M ,. 5 K A A. A f 'K , i? VV , -ww. lgigj 'fl7iffiil7 V . ie' -' " ai ,. 4 .,,.. ,. W -wil V-VV ,rf wfsaa V ffiff- fgsf: Sw'-af' --L 1 .o,2ig-az,,f-- 1 , 2 'ifffflfsffs-?fa2f,fES?l V .W-, xsfwiesa 42fVSg'5V1 gmail., has V , ,. ,. fl. 1 wgfglawgfsiqgfw -of V ,G f- fa , ,-if ,..,:,V..zVW,,V,2,, ' X Pnl A 'ii' -- -- l X 'M , A ,Q ., .. V :ei Agnew, Glenn Alexander, Lena Marie Blear, Loretta Bonds, Gary Allen, Willian David Anderson, Willian Bowden, Phyllis Jane Brewer, Hettie , I y, l Applegate, Donald Ray Arinder Sheila 5 ! , M, -.- V-4' Brooking, Barbara Brown, Alton Roy Barrow, Vicky Bailey, Lee Butler, Jack By rd, Barbara Janet Berry, Mary Ann Black, Shirley 99 -x , ,R ff Glenda and Billy Day are showing the science room to their mother and dad on open house night. Callahan, Paula Sue Carrington, Barbara Carol Day, Glenda Carol Dean, Dorothy Caroline Chapman, Larry Church Nelda Gay Dixon, Carol Jane Ellis, Billy Connally, Janes Gayle Copeland, Max Ellis, John Eugene Estes, John Describing the speed reading machine is part J Miss Bennett's work. Coppedge, Virginia Criddle, Willian Evans, James Lance Elmer Jerry Damiel, Jerry Lee Daniel, Sandra hi' Ann Kilgore reads a current event to her fellow 'club members during club period. G0sdin, Shirley Griffin, Larry D0n Fenton, Linda Fonnby, Donald Guthrie, Margie Hai re, Curtis Fonnby, Ronald Foster, Evelyn Lois Hallman, Linden Harmond, Laurell Fowler, Peggy Gage, Bobby Rex Hart, Thomas Heard, Max Gage, Wanda June Gamer, Peggy Ann Henley, Billy Henson, Richard lOl V, - .,-11 . .ax , ,i,, , ...- . .K -335,1 3E,.,5j,--,fggf .1 355, 35, Q' 5 V'5V,l ia: riifllf' f "TTT -2+ " : ,' .. ' 'FRSVP ,.'2'2'f ffiifl :M ' .V mf .gwevzfviiwisle . . f,,,, y , V .M f-,,- - ' 1 .. , ,. . ,..,,,.. , .M-, ,. ..f.,,f: V l.,, ,,,. ' " r f .V 113715 , . sw ' -' . ,Ve . 52:53, 5. ,,,.,,-by , , ,.. V, ,,,,, 32.4 J,-mv J .gggqiayq -22 av . ., I . is y. A ,,g1Vf1e,af V '- mf? .f-134 We ea, ,,5?f,f -A-s,5.,.i,, f ' V - L, .-, !:,V,V We .V 3 14? , . .Q ,ei ,ggi -- aj-uwgl E5 5 J J . fe Q, I 3 3' 5159 a 1,3 X 5 as i A K Q X in 2' I 1 gg M saggy Q , 55,1 if ,. wel? , iii 2 Q fx 5 W ' T . R 1 i L 'T . . 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' Kennedy, Bill Krmm, Evelyn Henson, Wanda Holcombe, David l Lawless, Steve Leverett, Mary Sue Hol swpl e, Clarence Howard, Dwi ght S i V E, I if H , , K' K- ll 'V ' ., ' A 'V 1 i E I I , Ll l ley, Robert Lowe, Bruce Jackson, Dessne Louise Jones, Paula xlioyd, Billy Gene-Vj Mcchesney, Rosemary Jordan, Jacquel me Kay Kilgore, Elizabeth Ann Mc0om, Dovie McFadin, Carol Ann . gtggfi , 1 ai X W4 W prim K Ll M 4 Qi X V' U IJ . ?5s?5?5?g5gwglE f Q , " e,2eQ2aei?3 - -L : fx- Q , .,:, ' leol M , V ':' li V z F wfwi , fk 1 ,L K, J '3 - W' " ' K ' - . . . . .A M P 2 I Complete attention IS given to the: r speaker by N "Vi Mcllnight, Sue Carolyn th'5 group of boys' A e AQ e ,, ,, y McPherson, Bobby Kay . M: .. 4 i if -Xu , ., V N lsaausvfiw- ,X - ' lk- , L 522' ' , N IX, Robbie Nell MQW , :P -V L' N IXOTI, Glenda Frances -N Q'el M M l Markhan, Virgil Meadows, Lavon ow 262325-, . -T, . l wswewf 5y3?lfef,?,l,Q: 5Qi?5QgyA,3g5,?:,, , Q Q N . , ' z,sew,:s1fe'12-. :age . wx msg? : .5 'Q :Mya N ' time aff-2? 2 ":7:.1f.t4 wi 4 i , .Vg . fy Q f x 2 Norris, Ronald Osteen, John 1 yo ,. Minter, Susan Jane ' it xii! ivivl abfgi ' . ,y,,,,,,y I 1 'J Mitchell, Mike X 'E l,, T A A Ovennan, Gail Owens, Ellender l,', l , eeeei di gg, o l o N Moore, Sherry Lee Money, Saundra Fay Moses, Sarah Jo Nix, Kenneth l03 ' , gy .11 gl Q, trl, P Al. I . ' or F: ne Ice E anne 5,4 ay ' . W Pearce, Dennls .3 ' -2 1, .,,, G:-'ei , 2 sf Q1 jg,,a,:,, ve: ref: 7: f kiwif5':l3f'lQi55fQi?7aft1.wks, ' af: , ,f-- Vw w1:,.:,, ,W - A . as fl S F 'f ff Q L lyke, I+ fell- lf 5' ag: fi 1 '91, fziw i' WV' 'll iff I -, ,,,wg.1f 16 '1 G K1',,3,, ,fe yy 4 . W ,M 1 ,X ,fel -- ef .- -wif. vi, ggi .www-V, , , We M353 eww V J 355,55 1 'WL TY g, . , fy eg P , z gym: , igllkrnqifig 5' ef M, , L 4 f, i x t- 1 ,Q ' Q ' .gg 4 K ,W , ,., ,, fl? X gag N fill H3527 .. . ,V L :P w- ff K gl M V 4 .4 ""e Pennington, Gene Perry, Fred 3 ,n.,A 'X t -if -f Q f a wllf "I M Y f .y:':i's.5,gf' ' fi. ., e,1,j,,,:1' fi 3 2 - -' ,yi.,,f,,:t,g:f Q5 eg 5- .., fat : , ,.,1- Q E. fra. Q.. J ., :uf The complete contrast in class, Juniors students at work. Roberts, Condred Robinson, Opal Phillips, Willian Emest Pike, Robert Rogers Wadell Rose, John L. Pothoff, Helen Kay Prazak, Beverly Ann Rotranel, Sandra June A Rush, Glenna Kay , I i i r Pritchett, Jerry Mack Reynolds, Michael Sharp, Gwendolyn Shelby, Willian F. Rinehart, Carl Roach, Evoyonne -lOll , . "H xg ' ' "LL . M 'Z i 5 gsm W -fiv -F 1 xxx This group sure looks intrested ln what Mr. Dale Green has to sa - Strickland, Barnett Leon Y Strong, Tono 1 Shepperd, John Sloan, Gwen Su stai r, Marlon Swearingen, Molly Smithemlm, Chester S1ow, Patsy Ruth Tallent, John Paul Taylor, Viola Spei r, Wayne Stan ford, Bonnie Tenery, Samdra Thomas, Betty Stansel, Donna Jean ' Stevenson, Leveda Mae Thornton, Hurshel Wayne Valentine, wayne I05 Mr. Gallian exanines the Texas History work of h is students. Weaver, Donna Welbom, Sandra Dime Van Houten, Danny Walker, Connie A-Z.g.s...-1 ll Whitlock, Donald , Willoughby, Juanita J Wal ters, John Dewey 65076.57 Wilson, Janes W. Wilson, Wayne uf WW These seventh grade students are busy taking the Kuder Prefference test in the cafeteria. l06 ' gs. os' V Wu : IV .ny O ', Q 0 V IN 'N K - 411 mu,Q . i 5 1 1. ..A .., ,mf . ,.,7 'x V ' f X , - --I ,:1 :,, f 'if M, 15,7 ,sg yysafg -. '.Qf2Lr. ,Q - Leg-ii-7 , -- fm:-1' QQ ,iii ffjg aff: 4, . ,.,, . .. , , 4, . X. ,., , .' HH., f'n---n-s-f-ffn,i'-1s.-,- f . w-'Hu-,fax - .::..,i' .,J..,"f., ?,A,,, .,.. Q , V,,,,,, yfid. '4 . 1,, 1- .irf ,17',V,' ,- J- --:, 1 .F 3 fu? --'- 2.1: 5'f44a:Yb'l-S'y'f' 1 PQQYQZQ V H -. ff.-x' ,, 3 3 li f99VffiY i1 4F1:if' SD'QlEi1 W-.5W'5 fd -S 3 Q- L44 R QW, 5.1. zz, :J E fAV1 Z?Fbl9 f1'BSQQEIEBQQHdiibfizlf:If,t1fit9Aiam22LhQQdQgs3Q'f zfgz- ' - '2',:f'f'i U fl 713' .'-. - A JI. f-'fw:zg'21"1,if?--2i2,W:3'1 iiifi "-- 21-:sfQxf-,wI,,w4Te2.-1:'- :,'?fi+rf1a3'X'f ff, ' Q'f- ja ,.1--Y-gl wzgif '1 '1 5 - ff: T? ,I , am-1f1fT?ff9:iQffof !'5 'f'3Lfa?lf!q -,,,,.H 1 '4f,,.,q .4 ,Y , . . A , ': . A f - , ,L ymq.:-u.'-zugz.. M -, ' A ',, ,.' , ,4.",.'5f..r, s1u cwsf 4r h.e,s lf e7QgaJQ 1 .f s pFgfE f 511'V' 1' 1 H 4:3 l," 3 A"1 EI 35 -I 1T15 BDZ4b1 ib2?.SKB fbiiliff 2 f i 1 t - V :fa Q- fi' ?-ff? -w.' if 5 - 1 fr, 11,14-nA.-1-.. ,H - X. 1-61-- - . V-.1 Aw-. .wf"fw- :pr E mf.:-1-' 4 ,, . I ax ,Q r, 4 C"i D Wi? bear football i E FIRST ROW: Gene Branum, Wilson, Pope, Walter Van Houten, Gary Kerr, Randy Wells, Mike Yarborough, F.D. Audas, Joe Atkinson, Jerry Strong, Oliver Sorrells. SECOND ROW: Coach Mitchell, Jim Atkinson, Jerry Briggs, Holland ,Atchley George Black, Bennie Lansdale, Buzz Long, Roush Smith, Amos Fowler, Donnie Philbrick, Bobby Harris Jackie Harrell, Coach Lawrence Barnhill. THIRD ROW: Coach Bill Waters, Frank Hagan, Jimmy Alexander, Audry Price, J.T. Audas, Don Mitchell, John Dillard, Victor Jordan, Larry Mitchell, Craig. Keoun, Fred Matthews, Robert Gains, Welton Jones Phili Tracy, Coach Bill Holliman. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Stone, Glenn Kelly, David Edwards, Robert Moore, Donis Earp, Raymoi Harrell, James Crouch, Phillip Dickinson, Tommy Minter, Bubba Martin, Simon Vernon. MGRS.: R.L. Carrington, Mike' Swearington, Sonny Pittmon. K' ,mkiro ' ' ,i?,S5T'ilX!h"- 514- .J 5555165 'fx , ,f fr - f :amps 1 I , X f, ,-,gi My 1 H -1,5-'mf X' GLADEWATER BEARS FOOTBALL RESULTS Opponent Gladewater ' Ruston, La. 33 27 Sulpher Springs 0 '40 Waxanachie 7 28 so-V 0 M ' 'iii r gyyxy Seagovi l le 0 26 orar 1 ,,,,,,, ollt Carthage 6 33 il l iill T "e""e'S0n 2' 'L' air ""1 xi rlliiio 1ff'T "-oi: ,rlr J ack son V 5 1 1 e 0 59 -iti R? is F S lrai l Y T S f f R ' N a co g d o c h e s 2 O I 8 C e n t e r 2 I ll 6 4 Ki lgo re un o . .',, , M ' am ilix?Y'S'ia?WF' so . X 4. my ,A W nl.-Je. . 31 o sw., .-vests V. - aw W , . ,W " - 3532 0:,,qg8i?-ff'j ,,., ' ' 'Ji'-55 -3'-jk '-yy! 4, 'Ev :, 9,"z1?':",if N ul, 'iafg:q5e'ww.QfgS'fgiiw:s?42j 4 kl,21sef:'qfg5,5,. A '- '. iflfwwww if M z g , Luwilda McKaig Football Sweetheart l08 i -i i i I Q i Q G 7-YffTl1f3L'f'5 -N , , 4 g' , F Vi 5 i:::fi'f?x A A 'S M Zi ff - ' fi Z" A .- ,..,. I 21539 ' f fy W K I Bubba Martin goes after another block in the Bear Carthage game: Simon Ver non carries Ball. W Ramdy Wells Center if' L my tr 1,2 ,-. Q za i i 13541 Gary Kerr Guard End xy .2 . MH Si il i Walter Vai Tackle , -' f - 'R , is Q, ai ' , A G Q , " f , , Q , Ba 5 HOUi6f1 Wilson Pope Tackle V 'Q QA Z M f 4 -mf J A ai Wait W3 H H ,M 5? r , X' QQ A aw "" KW? .... : - if Y Gene Branum F. D. Audas Tacki e sa fy W A f aw 3 Q We Y aw 4 ZW 5 ",, .W f Q x W 1 f Maw i Q 5 ie . . "ri 4 . Raymond Harrell End n Z Simon Verngn Simon Vernon sweeps end for a long gain in the Waxahachie gane. Bad: I09 Craig Koun John Dillard I Tackle Guard Sonny Pmtman MGR. Tomny Minter Backfi U li ll .21 wvi Joe Atkinson Tackle H0 Jerry Strong End T -. X N W 'Te TQ .wry Q az 3 .iw his Bubba Martin Back Oliver Sorrells Phillip Dickinson End Back Larry Mitchell Don Mitchell Back Back ,. "iQ dv Victor Jordan Frank Hagan Guard Back fr Robert Gains Cen ter Mike Yarborough Guard I 'iw 1 . -4 k fi-f Q J anes Crouch Back bear football Tommy Minter goes for a short gain in ihe Nachodoches gane. Don Mitchell sweeps end for a gain m Ruston. I I I qkyy F3 ,mm l',,::ff:Ef:i i' A ,HMWBRA W, , , ., . i A eiii L e Q, Eeke ,x ,Sei s reap? A qlfw fi as i ' 1 i . g , s 1 rfifi' i s " ' . , 9' i AQI- Q ,eei e l h 4 it s A siei 2, gy . ii s 7' k c s I Q , 'i ' f - 'V :" Y L i r d . l i A K ' i A ' En gg., 3 Punkin kelly, David Edwards, Jerry Strong, Fred Matthews, A .k,.A J ack Hearrel l , Phill ip Tracy, George Bl ack, Rouch Smith, Eddie Buckhanan, Donny Philbrick, Jim Atkinson, Welton Jones, f f' f Bennie Lansdale, Buzz Long, Holland Ashley, Bobby Harris, Jerry Briggs, J.T. Audas, R. L. Carrington, Audrey Price, ' M Mike Swearington Jul. 5 I f .5i,?,.lw , 'W , 2 If ' 'Jxf I if .""' ., tr- , Q ' .af-' J S ' , V , isfw fg E? Q1 1 -Q if - F - ff w N' Q, K -:cf-1 K ,fi Q ,ggiiigwf , L 'vhs .1 -1 f W 4i1'.-visiwflbiif . i f fi i .if ,Nigel M - - ' 7 11 of ' - " w ip er xii. 51,:,f:f,y " If ,A , , 5 ,. j E ,, ii' l"' ' .. - .s W, l k Sf .3 Q: , -1 ' A 3,5 lee-ww -A I 5 H..-,W . ' ii. ' , - ffl ,A ,g:, , - I ia .fs ',.z,. .V .. V fs, 7 'Q N A gig K is iso. gil K - X, -- - 3 A ,sw- Q' X ,, , . . i h cub football ROW: DONALD HENLEY, JAMES HEABERLIN, BILLY DAY, DALE LUCAS, WILLIE HAGEN, DONALD HUMPHRIES, RONALD LILI.Y, BERT EDMONSON, CHARLES ATTAWAY, VICTOR MOOSEY, DONNIE FORD, JOHNNY BUTLER, DONALD BAGGET, SECOND ROW: JAMES , DONNY ABLES, CHARLES FARMER, GALEN THOMAS, DAVID COLVIN, JIMMY MARTAIN, JOHN WATSON, WILLIE SHELTON, E MULLER, PAT MITCHELL, LARRY WAGGONER, JAMES REYNOLDS, ACE DANIL, TOP ROW: DELMAR CAIN, JIMMY JINKINS, DAVI D MICKEY BOWDEN, PAT WELDON, TONE DAVIS, VERNON EVERETT, ROY VAN HOUTEN, TOM ARMSTRONG, JIM WHITESIDE, BOB CH, JERRY DAVIS, COACH BAILEY MARSHELL. Mlngs Sweetheart Lane Davis and Jerry Davis Iead play for James Haberlin, Il3 heal' cheerleaders The aim of the cheerleaders is to arouse school spirit, help to encourage attendance to the games by all students, and to back the teams at every game. The Bear cheerleaders are elected at the end of the school year. Three places are left by the gradu- ating seniors. Students fill these positions by electing a girl representing the 9th, I0th, and llth grades. The Rambler cheerleaders are elected by the Ram- bler football team. These six girls fill this posi- tion throughout their sophomore year. The Cub cheerleaders are elected at the beginning of each school year by the Junior High Student Body. Three girls are elected to represent the freshman class, two from the eighth, and one from the seventh. Congratulations to all of these girls for the fine job they did this year. FFQ53Vk Luwllda McKaig famblef CIIEEFIEHCJSTS Ruth Criddle Anita Cobb Sue J. Simmons Linda Moore Barbara Bowlin Margie Tarpley 5 -- W, .1 1 K " -- 3 , 51 Lg 'sg ,W J W if ' L3 an ww K' L5TQfx , ? 1L, wi3iif'T"f"1i'f3t,, is ,Q.. A ,,.- ,. ,,,,,,J , ,AW fi' W e My S Y Q, 5 ogyvgaig-paghjyyy ra a Mary Bland -M95 ' 1 "fx i- A A ik LQ .',k A S Q-, 55 55, fllfigy M' + 5' f me .LL, oaAJM,wWn v 4wwQ3ywf?wf,,?Qf 52 1 A lv Q I QQZ3! , X K ' 1 y f . 1. Kay Moody S ig-:FQ L 1. ' 5 D 8? X K in may 'f 3 K av'- wma' Marion Minter M 5 QL? ,ma 3 ui 1 Q, Margaret Chamberlin Brenda Stansell Mary Shepperd Sissy Stone Laura Mings Carolyn Lee Susan Minter cub cheerleaders 2 M Sa QE 2? bear basketball From left to right: James Crouch, Tommy Minter, Phillip Dickenson, Bubba Martin, Victor Jordan, Larry Mitchell, Gene Branum, Simon Vernon, Jerry Strong, Oliver Sorrells, Glen Kelley. f Q Kay Moody, Basketball Sweetheart Opponent Mt. Pleasant Marshall Mt. Pleasant Marshall New London Bullard Beckville Nacogdoches Carthage ' Kilgore X Jacksonville Center X Nacogdoches" Henderson ' Carthage ' Kilgore X liacksonville Center ' Nacogdoches ' Henderson ' District Games II6 BASKETBALL RESULTS Gladewatel 43 L 52l 40' 60 i 34 4 52 70 42 56 54 40 66 48 45 65 55 52 92 60 52 fnon Vernon Tommy Minter Philip DiCk6nS0n Ed Mathews JR. bear basketball J' Oliver Sorreils, Bear center scores two points against Jacksonvil le. Jerry Strong 0liver Sorrels Gene Branum Larry Mitchell James Crouch bear basketball Pliilip Dickinson goes up for a rebound against two Nachodoches boys. Punkin Kelly Bubba Martin Victgr Jordan me 'Tv .H,S.-ers seem to have the edge on opposition. Q1 3 4 5' 9 W if G.H.S. Basketball-ers take time out for photographer. erry Strong and Bubba Martin o up for a rebound in the --L,J,-L-- --..- Bears in the Carthage gane. Bubba Martin and Glenn Kelly seem to be quiet busy. Q. Jerry Strong makes another jump shot for the Q 4 52 1' f ff, fm1w'iiffs4.zU .zmffiw , W, L .....,AGj..,,..f .,,, ,,.:5,.,,,A,1. J .,,Mgr.f,',g1'.-qw' , , 957?,, g . sua... .gg f , ,g :.iif.s:,f. ' ' 1 2425 :fuer-' Swwm'xlffw-A-xrV, " , -... , . Q new .gf .. . K " Ff7?:L5fif.i'f5:Z5-7MirQl,5liVRi'i45'PEkQf,f-fiifiii """:"S 2"Fi 9f,53 .. , ' ,V Nike. rf 1' Ti in - I . A.. . R A. . .. .,, 4. M . .Um ff.. V..5y,,,..e3m?5gg- k,g...l. . :- ,faw : .-fiW,3.5g3...J 5.r..g5. 1,.33i,Rg,b,m-. 1 3 :fw5:.3aax.-rw M isfeawawfw 1' ggfgwlr fwegif' ,,'fry,n-,aakwiiggggfw . vfawswir -vfwgxgfie f'.q3z,m'f1f,: -T..-,.1ffQw-,leg ga, 4. .waerimr 1-HHQ':1wsffr...,nhffe. ,iw I A ,e3y.:'g7- A mv ,-.,,3-.wygs :nf-'pro-f.1.-3-y ,tw Af gafqu-gi yu-.2531 vu...-..1 f ..S,3.R.1iQ':115,g.??f sQ43gggg:,1ii.,. gg.:g,2:5,o,g5yf.Q?5' , y5?si:a.f,2:i?4. .. mi 'W f 'if-1f'f. pews? wx z iw- ,fgffzswf fxxfzw f mils A . . r J .V ' ' Jfifwf limi? ma? wry fsYznfap2gsfw'f4j1z:3'f52 K 'ef1..,n9fmifrLlsi.E5..g.gff: Q Y S ' 1 "V Q K .eg 51, ,.,f .171--in -,k, 1 f.,5,f.. we V, ,M Mg ,,.. QMM - f ,. . fv- :1E5'?:g.2,9i'1 cub b lcetball Lane Davis Tom Armstrong, Bob Crouch, David Colvin, Pat Mitchell, Wayne Mueller Ronnie Stevens, William Skelton, Hubert Edmonson, Donnie Ford, Donald Henley, James Heaberlin, Mike Mitchell, Jonny Butler, Victor Moossy, Missing Are: Mickey Bowden and Kenneth Uselton. Vernon Everette, who piayed most of the season, is also missing. IZO JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL RESULTS Opponent White Oak Judson White Oak Overton Pine Tree Overton Judson Henderson Jacksonville Nacogdoches Leveretts Chapel Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Pine Tree Carthage Jacksonville Kilgore Nacogdoches Rice Henderson New London Henderson Carthage Jacksonville Jacksonville Roberts Nacogdoches Kilgore Nacogdoches Henderson Won 224.ost 8 Gladewater 22 4l 36 37 40 38 43 Tourn. 34 ' 32 ' 24 39 Z3 33 Tourn. YI YI Tourn. I1 Il 36 33 3I 29 22 38 27 32 20 33 48 24 34 28 26 29 36 TIED NACOGDOCHES FOR DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHI bear track ,First Row: Don Mitchell, Jerry Strong, Claude Eddy, Simon Vernon, Tommy Minter, Mike Yarbrough, Jim Atkinson, 2nd Row: Victor Jordon, Joe Atkinson, Donis Earp, Frazior Estas, Robert Blair, George Black, 3rd Row: J.B. Joston, Welton Jones, Larry Mitchell, Bennie Lansdale, Coach Mitchelh 1gr. Mike Swearington. March 2 Triangle Meet Home April March 9 Rose Relays Tyler April ,March I5 Fat Stock Show Ft. Worth April AMarch 23 Commerce Relays Commerce May 3-4 March 30 Bear Relays Here i Dist. Meet Kilgore Regional Meet Dallas Meet of Champions State Meet Austin Carol Ivey, Track Sweetheart li..- m Atkinson, James Crouch, Simon Vernon, and Tommy Minter jumps 22' and 6"in regional meet mmy Minter won first in district and regional and is expected to place in the state meet the sprint relay. Simon Vernon and lommy Minter run the low and nigh hurdles for Gladewator. Joe Atkinson throws the disc for the alma mater. "T 1' f -wi,-e s., 3' 'i ' it Amir-wr ,fmzpsas ' fi g f y M, , iieigffeslg me 1. is 3. x ,3 41 .s1.l111,Qa-. ' -si' psf grafffy'ifi"ffrgwlif Mewmewwwwwwwf?-fwwv.wM,w+ww,wwMeeu Q 1, Ig'rVf'f1,-ulfg 'fs - iuffiift -e'P"' val -f limi M15 d:f'7.'f:xg 1ff?i37G2,f" -ljf -'f ggi. -TQ L g -, Q , :eg g , . I - 'r Q, -,J.fsfzwfgq-,1rp.?k3z!i-, 11 A f 1 ' Y - fri - it gg 5-La 'rf,f, : jgj'4jkf 521 Q an I 'X i f l its w.rl r i l A l u Welton Jones, George Black, Jerry Strong, and Don Mitchell goes over the pole for 5 more Donis'Earp make up the mile relay team. points in the district meet. '22 Jerry Strong high jumps for Gladewater. Claude Eddy, a senior and a one year man, did well with three third place metals in the district meeti ,, 4. -Q' 4- ns cub fra ck First Row: Donnie Ables, Bob Crouch, Pat Mitchell, Jerry Davis, Willie Shelton, Larry Waggoner, Secorid Row: ohnny Butler, Jim Whiteside, Mike Mitchell, Charles Farmer, David Calvin, John Shepperd, Third Row: Coach olliman, Roy Van Houten, Leanard Learferney, Curtis Hare, Billy Henley. i s gijga fW Jerry Davis, Bob Crouch, James Haberlin, and Lane Davis look at the track trophies for I957. These four boys helped win the District Championship in Junior' High Track. , l23 4' f 0 R R From left to right: David Best, Gerald Deane Tippitt and Claude Dailey. First Row: Claude Dailey, Gerald Deane Tippitt, David Best, Second Row: Rosemary McChesney, Connie Walker, Glenda Day, John Tompson, Sandra Daniel, Ronnie Stevens, Donna Taylor, Margie Guthrie, and Kenney Uselton. 1 From left to right: Rosemary McChesney, Glenda Day, Ronnie Stevens, Donna Taylor, Connie Walker, Margie Guthrie, Sandra Daniel, Kenney I24 Uselton, and John Tompson. bear baseball irst Row: Donnie Ford, Delmar Cain, Bubba Martin, Phillip Dickinson, R. L. Carrington, Phillip 'Tracy, hhyne ller, Gayle McPherson Second Row: Coach Waters, Amos Fowler, J.W. Smith, Robert Gains, Buzz Long, Bruce lborn, Lane Davis, Neil Snow, Coach Marshall, Mgr. Fred Mathews. Welborn R-l-- caf"in9t0n Bubba Martin Neil Snow l25 Phillip Tracy Phiiiip oickiiism Robert Gains T' f "kia, QM A A 'iw :ff i i iii V- 1:2111 Miiiisi .- 'fi 1 f - . Nz - 1, ,wi iiz,fw,.i ii - if fi.s,. , 1 i iffilqiix, 34 wi Q 'UV Wayne Muller iBuzz Long Gayle Mcpherson Donnie Ford Delmar Cain David Colvin I26 Amos Fowler i - gi. -iii--V, . 41.-Xfi.f,. i io i - W3 r-rf ,iw ng. ogyi L ---" i . i i. , if ' ' , L ' - w sfifwgliiifiiwi, .4 i 4 V, -, ,KN f q i X i 1 - .1,w. smith Lane Davis D, , .-1 ., tg. wx. 4311533 1 'X g I-L , 1 . .i,l31 -i, - 1 ' ' QE Q! -1- . . A, 1-V f vvb gl -A . .1 ,v .0 Also A 'MkGfbH'f1 1 Huh - - if W A ' Q . W1 :Wh '-f - 4 BiiQkf?Qnin'Q'Ll1u.b ' . . a .P lipidf n"-'i' :gf , 2'CEiiQQd'e1S5Cll5i1BQH4 . ' - JQd1PJl1e6ffdfra,'cl uni . .. . 5 .. A - 1- f f s3Efc1 u b f ' 1 " I IQQ V 1 I 61 l 61 i gs.rf f'1'5i11'f1i if ffdheatio6 Q'fG1 wb+Q Q1u vfb .- V'1 fFam-L 1-Hvlfikanchf C1-uv- ' F6 ffdrmeri bf Aaithhriqvca Mgilgjj, JHblli.Qg1aR'6.rjs' off? America-, . I Qfugtuirg ffdadheqrsi 'of gf liqge ACMQV' - :fv -1 .f 1213911 ru V-" igfi' " '5"1':iAF', 1 f Qidx ub 'C15BQAdx i,0ffi1ceifs -' :ina , a'1i:42,Qg1a -E ' Hall I A Q, 'f ,Q L 33 5 ,Q -If fi1 1Ei p ,' psf Q' ,- 91 1' 1 WG ' ff ' "' - Qi .-A 'ii7fiid56 ii:gQ92Eh1S6'Qluhl 4 4 - - - 7 I 141.20 mb - - l -M jg3i,!gM Q 4 ' 1 4' 11535 'A, iff .gf 1g,fQ15aqg'igAssifstanffsEclauu A - ra5 gHbh 0f Ssdieiy 4 - E533 Body! -offi Q9lf,S' ,125 ACouhci lf ', fQ QQ +9 - 4 MZ f 4 m W-'ji' kg.. 7 if .-iv. ul 46A ,Sifi5QeiW A Ri1 f?li1.QClQU5 F if 1A. 11 ' .1 l - AA-,' f l A -I ms, w , i:!i39A 1291-P154 1425? 4 gwf 5: , if ' T53 . ,,,' H57 1382 .xf 'gilt , V If i.?'7 1i pn n 'fy Q. A 2' I4' Q-ff X, .I f. ,I -, 12353 . .Q x X, U Xa -IRQ ff ,- Z' 'QQ - hi 'X 5 V I student body ofzqcers . . senior high Q f E 92 2 X 2 3 4 .a E ! 5 V s TOD Row L. to R.: R0byn MCC'heSn6y, Keechie Gary, Hep Shovckley, Carol Murph, Craig! Keoun, . . , Bottom Row L, to R: Ruth Durham, Masdflyn, Hollaway. Left to Right:' Larry Wagoner, Paula Lange, Bob Crouch, Pat Mitchell. 'l28 1 senior student- council 'Siren es. Larry Waggoner -Pres. Bob Crouch 4c.-Treas. Paula Lange The Junior High Student Council composed of representatives ected from each homeroom, presi- nts of classes, presidents and cretary of junior high school ected at large from the student dy, the principal as a member ex- ficio, and a sponsor appointed the principah junior student council Pres. Hepler Shockley V.-Pres. James Crouch Sec. Madelyn Holloway The aims of the Student Council are to promote activities that will be conductive to the best school program and the special activities that are directly helpful to the community, to assist in sponsoring and fostering the extra-curricular activities in our school, to secure proper conduct and thoughtful ob- servance of school regulations on the part of the student body, and to promote harmonious relations between teachers and pupils. l29 spanish Pres. Jimmy Turner V. Pres. John Zimmerman Sec. Pat Milsap Parl. Joe Nixon The members of Los Conquistadorea fThe Conquerorsl, whose roll is con- fined to Spanish ll students, meet: twice monthly to enjoy Spanish div- ersion and to futher their know- ledge of the Spanish language anc the people who speak it Among items they enjoy during their sessions are Spanish bingo, vocabulary.building games, Mexican and Spanish songs, and skits anc tal ks. The highlight of theih fun dur- ing the year is a Mexican supper in Shreveport, where they crown the King and Queen of the Spanish De- partment and then attend a movie. Their special guests on this occa- sion are Spanish I students club afrqliatecf clubs 1 l l ir. classical league s. Jack irwin " igm Atkinson Lic. Sharon Stone Treas, Saundra Stone The Junior Classical League is a national organization. Its members convene to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. The J.C.L. believes that having an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help them understand and ap- preciate the world today. ISO Pres. Buddy Mears V.-Pres. Jerald Brewer Sec. Patsy Hill Reporter Geraldine Hill Parl. Bobby Watts Sweetheart Elaine Rinehart l The aim of the Distributive Educa- tion Clubs of America is the devel- bpment ofaa high degree of leader- hlp and citizenship in the students f today who are destined to take eir place as tomorrow's leaders in distributive businesses. distributive education 4 I affiliated clubs Lt. C. Pres. Eddie Buchanan V.-Pres. Jimmy Alexander Sec. Horace Hill Treas. Freddie Reynolds Reporter Jerry Lucas Sentinel Roy Perryman This club is composed of boys who are interested in Agriculture and who wish to develop competent, ag- gressive, rural agricultural leader- ship. lt is to create and nurture a love of country life: to streng- then the confidence of farm boys in themselves and their work. It is also to develop character, train for useful citizenship, and pa- triotism. l3I President Wanda Maynard Vice-president Joyce Simms Secretary-Treasurer Sandra Diffie Pres. Linda Philbrick V.-Pres. Pam Matthews Sec. Darlene Bond The Future Homemakers of Amerh is the national organizationi pupils studying homemaking in juni and senior high schools of U United States and Territories. an integral part of the program home economics in the schools America it offers opportunity f the further development of pup initiative in planning and carryi out activities related to homemaki l f.i1.o. l 1 fi Future Teachers of America is a nationally affiliated club. It affords young people a contact with their future profession - teaching. The club is designed to give train- ing in leadership, experience in planning, opportunities for personal growth, orientation to the teaching profession, and facts about teach- ing. In this organization students are given an opportunity to learn advantages of teaching, the personal qualifications of the teacher, and the steps one must take in order to actually enter the teaching pro- fession. The officers of this club were not known at the time of publication. l32 l l Pres. Gene Branum V.-Pres. Jimmy Elliot Sec. Mary Ann Moore Treas. Doyle Read l Juniors and seniors who excel in ,scholarship, service, leadership, Pnd character may be elected to the National Honor Society. The Junior Class members must have an average of 92 or above to qualify and the candidates from the Senior Class must have an average of 87 or above. I sr. national honor society I affiliated clubs ir. national honor society Pres. Tommy Rose V.-Pres. Martha Pounders Sec.-Treas. Polly Gary Reporter Mary Wells The Junior National Honor So- ciety is based upon four quali- Leadership, Service, fications: Character, and Scholarship. The Junior N.H.S. is to give suitable reoognition to those students that attain and pos- sess, to an outstanding degree, good scholarship, worthy citi- zenship, devoted service, intel- ligent leadership, and exemplary character. l33 i Pres. Don Hardman V.-Pres. Robin McChesney Sec. Gayle McPherson The goals of the Number Sense C are made by students in the pa Each Monday the club members L tests consisting of one hundred m problems which must be worked wit ten minutes. One person, with highest score, will compete in Interscholasistic League with s dents from other schools. number sense l afiqliated clubs slide rule Pres. Craig Keoun V.-Pres. Claude Dailey Sec. David Best The goal of the Slide Rule Club is to learn the uses of the slide rule. They learn short cuts in math and to use the slide rule with speed. The members of this club compete in the Interscholasistic Lea with students of other schools. Pres. Charles Davis V.-Pres. Elaine Rinehart Sec. Kay Roberts The Senior High Library Club is composed of students who volunteer to render service to their class- mates. This work consists of check- ing books in and out, of answering reference questions, of keeping records, and of serving as readers' counselors. sr. high library assistants J. ir. high library assistants Pres. Nell Krumm V.-Pres. Laverne Elliot Sec. Gloria Holloway The purpose 01 the Junior High Library Club, which is made up of library assistants, is to meet to- gether to discuss problems connected with their work, to encourage them to become acquainted with the ar- rangement of a library, and to en- courage the vocation of librarian- shim l35 'im Pres. Ben Money V.-Pres. Kay Roberts Sec. Carolyn Warren Tres. Nancy Warren Doing work with your hands is very important and a skill, too. In the Art Club every effort is made to increase the abilities and know- ledge of such things. These stu- dents do drawings in pencil, crayon or ink and paintings in water and opaque colors. Throughout the year they have participated in numerous projects such as making earrings, weaving and making various types of place-mats. art club slteteh Art Department This group of students are working on a float, using the Spirit of Christmas as the theme, for the Christmas Parade. Ben Money and Mr. Poole are working on a paper machet statute. The other students are making posters. Throughout the art department, students have worked on several projects like this. I36 Pres. John Sheppefdfx vi Pres. Robert Brooks Sec. Melvin Brewer y This club is restricted to boys in the 7th and 8th grades. lt serves as an opportunity for boys to ex- plore the various phases of agri- culture and the livestock industry, and helps them decide if they de- 'ide if they would like to take vo- Lational agriculture in the 9th grade. Through discussions, dem- Jnstrations and field trips, the in- terests of the boys are persued. farm and ranch agriculture These boys are looking on their co-operative project, twenty-seven pigs. They have it as a co-opera- tive project because they do not have facilities at home to keep their project. They built the pen on Saturdays and the self feeder in class. Two boys go out and take care of the pigs each day. The pigs will be shown at the Area Pig Show in Longview. I37 I38 Pres. Jan Williamson V.-Pres. Lula Long Sec. Earlene Money The Tumbling Club's purpose is develop individual skills in forwa and backward and side rolls, dive: head stand, hand stand and doubl forward stands. They also learn 1 build pyrimids and other things c this type. tumbling athletics york barbells Pres. Dempsey Charles V.-Pres. Fred Matthews Sec. Horace Hill Parl. Don Mitchell The York Barbell Club offers boys at G.H.S. an opportunity to better his physical build and ac- quire new and better health habits. The boys meet every Monday at the club period and lift barbells. Pres. Gene Brannum V.Pres. Simon Vernon Sec. Oliver Sorrels The Basketball Club is used to give each boy a greater knowledge of this sport. During basketball season this period is used to dis- cuss the games played and of future games. To see films on basketball is in general the purpose of the club. The period is used to teach and to make the practice periods betten basketball .....,.. ... ,. . W.. athletics golfing Pres. Hepler Shockley V.-Pres. Mike Orr Sec. Johnny Walker This club is composed of boys that are interested in golf and want to spend their activity pe- riod practicing golf. These boys learn the fundamentals and simple rules of golfing. During the activity period these boys go to the track field and do their prac- ticing there. T T l39 M --.A Pres. Lane Davis V. Pres. Wayne Mueller Sec. Delmar Cain These students go over all the sports while they are in season. Dis cussing defenses and offenses of bas ketball and football are only a few of the thingh they do. They learn new and different formations and ex- periences of the boys and also of things they have seen. sports in. season i l athletics pre-militcu ry Pres. Sidney Stillwell V. Pres. Bobby Watts Sec. Billy Gilbert This organization is for the bene- fit of the boys who are interested in finding out the present laws that governs them according to their ob- ligatory service for the U.S. Armed Services. Through out the year they have had speakers who represent dif- ferent branches of the military ser- vi ces. luo res. Louiann Gray . Pres. Elois Don Carlw ec. Carol Ivey eporter Ann Dean The purpose of the Bookkeeping lub is to provide additional time ir work on exercises and to provide idividual help for those who need 1. Some time is also devoted to 'actice on adding machines and cal- platorg the aim being to develop ieed and accuracy. l bookkeeping busin ess office practice Pres. Clidia McRoy V.-Pres. Mary Ezzell Sec. Linda Philbrick This club is composed of senior high students who are interested in office work after finishing school. They study and practice the ordinary procedures that are encountered by the office employee on her beginning job. X...- Pres. Rosemary Jordan V.-Pres. Paula Callahan Sec. Sharon Marrow Reporter Jerry Woods Being able to spell is one of tl most important things in every da life. The trouble with most peopl is not knowing how to study spell ing. By studying the Interschc lastic League spelling tests the learn how to accurately stuc spelling. spelling english ir. poetry reading Pres. Mary Wells V.-Pres. Melvin Freeman Sec. Martha Pounders There are many people whose read- ing ability falls down when it comes to reading poetry. Therefore, in the Poetry Reading Club an effort is made to increase the speed of the reader and yet understand and ap- preciate what they are reading. The students with the highest reading rate will compete in the Interscho- lastic League with students from other schools. suzg fr.-fT"Wsi Pres. Glenna Rush , 1 V. Pres. Leveda Stevenson Sec. L Treas. Patsy Snow In the belief that a thor- ough course in formal English grammar is the need of each junior high schoml pupil, the Better English Club was organ- ized. The boys and girls work in language which hopes to establish a background from which the pupils may develop a fuller understanding of the meaning of spoken and written English--Just as a key pro- perly used will unlock a door the knowledge gained in this club will open to pupils a door to the use of better English. better english english ir. reading Pres. Dorothy Dean V. Pres Peggy Fowler Sec. Given Sloan The club is for those who like to read for pleasure. Activities in- clude oral and silent reading, shar- ,,, wW'WwMV i?f 1 ing interesting material with others, dramatization, listening to inter- seting stories, games with authors, etc. An attempt is made to interest the club members in a variety of reading. .... 5 iw li , sus Sr. High Library - Study Hall This group of students preh to have a study period instead participating in a hobby clul They meet every Monday and stu or read magazines. l senior sfudyhall english iunior studyhall Students of Jr. High School that did not want to participate in a hobby club go to the library. They use their activity period on Mondays in the library studying or reading IHH 44 Pres. Sandra Diffie V.-Pres. Mary Heaberlin Sec. Sue Matthews Reporter Joyce Philbrick Tackling new problems is a common roblem but in sewing it is some- hing new and the problems may be bit scarce. These girls learn to P iolve common problems in sewing. ey take pride in making garments for their own use. The embroidering, C rocheting, and knitting of scarfs Pnd sweaters are only a few of the I i I any things they undertake. V Wee MMM sewing for fun homemaking Homemaking is offered to girls to teach them different house- hold duties. As you can see these students have learned to clean house and take care of furniture. Sewing and cooking are also taught in this class. IU5 Pres. David Brown V. Pres. Tom Zajicek Sec. Jan Snow Reporter Betty Gage Leathercraft can be used as a hobby or as a profession. We, the leathercraft club do leathf work as a hobby which can lead 1 both pleasure and profit. We tl to learn the elementary skills c cutting, leveling, camoflaging, ve ing and background work. One wel skilled in the art of leathercra will never be a loss for want of a interesting pastime. 4 leather craft industrial arts shop club Pres- Van Thompson V.-Pres. James Roberts Sec.-Treas. Gerald Bonner Rep. Emmanuall Turner Parl. Malcolm Buckalew This club period is given for the benefit of the shop boys who want to work on their projects. Making chairs, tables, desks, and various other things out of wood are only a few of the many things they do. l l46 , Pres. Walter Van Houten V.-Pres. Buzz Long Sec. Sandra Dunlavy T The Swing Choir is made up of the host talented students in the Senior iigh Choir. Taking place in special assemblies has been something every student has enjoyed to the utmost. Appearing on TV was an exciting xperience for both the Swing Choir nd the whole student body. They ave also sung in Civic Clubs and performed in the East Texas Revue. -v,wt? swing choir 1 music music appreciation Pres. Jimmy Caldwell V.-Pres. Mike Bowles This club is strictly for lis- tening. The members of this club listen to classical records by outstanding composers. Before the composition is played a short resume is given. Each of the members eventually give their own opinion of the piece being played. I47 gin. band 92292 Jimmy Caldwell flutes Madelyn Holloway Sally Thompson Jane Phillips Ann Dean Anna Bearden meAm krw Karen Coates Bl2.S2.l..aL.i.n.QLi Mike Bowles Mary' Wells Janis Winn Nell Pike Faith Rouch Sharon Stone Betty Pace Barbara Pullin Barbara Leads Alta Fern Berry Mary Barr Ann Barton Betty Harrell Linda Morris TerryUFaul Shirley1Mill5f Elvin Burgin Peggy Evans Evelyn Houston Pauline Parnell Mattie Meadows ,Saxoghgnes Sylvia Dade Kathryn Rinehart Gay Roberts Frances Dillard Polly Gary Melvin Freeland Qgrnets Hep Shockley Jimmy Turner John Mings Murray Morrison steve,Lansd5TET Robert Haqenlfi Jerry Runnellsj William Anderson french Horns John Walker John Zimmerman Billy Pace Bobby Trible Irombones Ben Money Freddie Henley Tom Zajicek Phillip Grayson Brady Gafford 532.2-f-Ue,S Martha Berry' Gerald'Bonner Sallie Thompson Band Sweetheart Basses John Garner Mike Orr Harold Richey Qrgms Bill Gilliam Wayne McCrary Jimmy Strawn David Brown Rudy Oder Leon Watson Bass Clarinets Gladys Castleberry Earline Money Betty Haigwood and The history of the Gladewater High School Band has been quite out- standing. The band has made a first at marching contest for the past nineteen consecutive years. The band has participated in a number of national parades. Some of the places they attended are Denver, Colorado: New Mexico: New York: Miami, Florida. The band placed in all of the activities. The first week of school this year the band played at the professional football game between the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants. As the players from each team entered the field from the ramp, the band played a cord of introduction and a fanfare. As a result of winning first at Texas Band Day last year, the band marched during the half time of the Texas-Arkansas football game at Austin. The band went to Memphis, Tennes- see, this year and participated in the activities of the Cotton Carnival. ' . qi, X emi., W, Pres. Freddie Henley V.-Pres. Ben Money Sec. Ann Dean Treas. Bill Gilliam Reporter Kathryn Rinehart A 1 v and GAY ROBERTS JANE PHILLIPS DRUM MAJOR MARTHA BERRY SALLIE THOMPSON majorette: 1 BETTY PACE SYLVIA DADE T - " Ts.. L' T '.fi ,tdiwwihfif iietsse sr f. I, - ' 1 "'-,k, ,' 2 'F Q., , w. J srassel faeeaaeawmrfw T 4 4 i '94iQ33EQQ'iw, ' Lvsfaf., ' 4ilvs,fagfL,s.faHwwa 1,Bs1:,,yi,.,fl gi me aieamiak f ,,.,s James Crouch Robert Gains choir Lort ' ,'--- 1 - . ,, ew .. ff ef . L neiue .'A' 3 ' A4 's.if Lf L Qlteea , it syiwfgq 1 L Ltt ,FQ3 mf, ' ,glwg aw, S 'M iff' i 5E'si 2353453555 Qi -- 'f Jane Shepperd Joan Kendrick Keechie Gary Nancy Stracener John Massey lst Row: Carol Murph, Mary Bland, Cladieth Hightower, Margaret Chamberlain Brenda Cain, Ruth Griddle, R. L. Carrington, nm Atkinson Buzz Long, Jack Guthrie, Sonn Plttman,Joyce Watts, Norma Matthews, Wondell Ellison, 2nd Row: Luwilda Mcxaig, lane Stracner, Joyce Gosdin, Darlene Rose. Mvra John- l Murph ir Sweetheart ston, Glenda Stillwell, Tommy Crowley, Robert Gains, Hollis Attaway, Glenda Canton, Karen Rush Ann Hewl t, Margie Tarpley, Martha Stow 3rd Now: Dorothy Spear, Jane Moon, Sandra Dunlavy, Sue Simmons, Linda Moore, Carolln Sherwin John Massey, James Crouch, Audrey Price, J.B, Poston, Doris Young lood, Jerrie Mel on Mary wlilI8mS,M8fl Meade Elols Don Carlos 4th Row: Sue Brannen, Geraid Deane Tippet, Ro yn McChesney Lurline Bradley, Deloris Landers, Carolyn Warren, Maxey Van Houten, Billy Rogers, Tom dwards Keechie Gary, eda Willoughby, Peggy,Jones, Pat Milsap, Janice Mears, Brenda Wilson, Barbara Wa ls, 5th Row: Lounann Gray recialSiGVehS Jeannie Skelton, Jane Shepperd, Joy Lewis, Glenda ierce, Joan Cowan, Delores'Harrell The Choir, under the direction of Ken Bennett, is made up of Sopho- mores, Juniors, and Seniors, mak- ing a total of 73 members The choir went to Dallas and sang in the Cotton Bowl in October. Some of the outstanding things the choir has done this year are presenting the Christmas Program, singing in assembly programs, go- ing to music clinic, and singing over TV. At the clinic, the choir was under the direction of Erwin Cooper of Florida University. This year the choir has been a true credit to G.H.S ISI choir as a R so-' 'ao a ,, 'W 8 s sl 91 funny 1 'N First Row: Left to Right: Kenneth Uselton, Yvonne Green, Suann Roberts, Clarawanda Dawson, Kas Grayson, Anita Higgs, Pat Dunagan, Mary Heaberlin, Myrna Bell, John Causey, Ronnie Stevens, Doss Hunt, John ell, Second Row: Bo .CFQUCh, Lara? Waggoner, Peggy Cary, Carolyn Warren, Carolyn 0'Brien, Carolyn Lee, June Thurman, Carolyn 4 Stripling, Bren a Gray, Joyce hilbrick, Sue Matthews, David Bland, Charles Attaway, Ronald Lilley, Jimmy Martin, Willle Hagen. Third Row: Martin Davis, Pat Welton, Sharon Lytle, Joyce Hill, Barbara Verner, Nancy 1 Hasley, Harriet Robinson, Saundra Stone, Paula Lan e, Mary Whatley, Laura Mings, Donnie Ford. Victor Moossy, Hubert Edmonson, Fourth Row: Malcolm Buckalew, GayTe McPherson Curtis Haire, Patsy Youngblood, Lynda Carringh Nell Krumm, Carolyn Fenton, Gloria Ray, Brenda Stansell Mary Shepperd, Virginia Keller, Jan Williamson, Flora Mohon, Wanda Richards, Billy Henley, Mike Swearington, Fifth Row: Jerry Davis, Lane Davis, Loretta Kelly, Nano Wallace, Joyce Sims, Sidney King, Sandra Diffie, Linda Don Carlos, Sixth Row: Roy Van Houten Patricia Martin, Julia Mears, Betty Kirk, Sharron Morror, Janace Thomas, Nellie Landers Patricia Brown, Carolyn L r, Jan A Snow, Betty Gage, Gloria Holloway, Glenda Gage, Not Pictured: Mickey Abel, Carl Allen Billy Chap Rona Gage, Lynn Hanson, Lois Landers, Wanda Maynard, Carolyn Pierce, Mar ha Stegelton, Phillip Yates. g N , i 1 l n 1 I l l l I l Left to Right - lst Row: Sheila Arinden, Glenna Rush, Jackie Jordon, Shirley Gosdin, Wanda Gage .Carolpn McKin Jane Owens, Peggy Fowler, Evelyn Krunm, Mary Leverette 2nd Row: Ann Kilgore, Patsy Snow, Caro. Dixon, olly Sw ington, Barbara.Brooking, Glenda Day, Juanita Willoughby, Donna Stanse , Shirley Black, Bobbie McPherson 3rd Phlllis Bowden, Janet Byrd, Alice Payne, Loretta Blear, Sandra Tenery, Carolyn McFadin, Saundra Daniel, Susan- ter, Hettie Brewer, Evelyn Foster. Breverlg Prazak, 4th Row: Betty T as Mar ie Guthrie, Viola Taylor, Vlrgi Coppege, Laurell Hammond, Donna Watson Gai Overman, Linda Finton, onnie Rosemary McChesney, 5th Row: Con- 1: '--erts, Janis Wilson, John Osteen, Miie Renolds, Tono Strong, o n Es es, John S epperd, Danny Van Ho - Jack Butler 6th Row: Rob- ' .illiam Shelby, Willie Criddle, Wadell Roders. Wayne T ornton, ':- : -on Strickland, Hal Lawless -n - 'V-I!ai5NyRonnie NgrLis,eMelyin Wilson, David Holcomb Not Pictured: Linda Lacy, Bruce Lowe,sand Alice '- e.N ,,f JQ df, . A -.Vkxt . K...-.-" V 152 4 lf, fs V strings The Gladewater High School Orchestra consists of twenty-four pieces. They travel to Dallas each year during the State Fair to participate in a Musical Festival. Second place was the rating this organization received at the annual contest held in Kilgore. The Strings quartette is composed of Mary Moore, Martha Pounders, Gloria Turner, and Ronnie Jordan. Sweetheart: La Verne Elliott e Strings class as pictured above e: Jimmy Connally, Mickey Topping, ames Reynolds, Dovie McCown, Etta ae Stephens. Officers: Ronnie Jordan, Anita Hall, Gloria Turner, Martha Pounders, Mary Moore, and Etta Stephens. ,53 Fourth- ----------- Joe Nixon The Bear Facts, a free pub- licationto all GHS students, is written and edited under the supervision of Mr. C. W. Daw- son and printed under the su- pervision of Mr. Jimmy Rowe in the school plant. STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Patsy Ables MANAGING EDITOR Joan Crawford ASSOCIATE EDITORS First --------- Joy Sue Lewis Second ---- ---Geneva Bowles Third --------- Melton Ezzell SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS i ,sr I w P-. 1 Wifi f"4 t . E i The Bear Facts, GHS bi-weekly, allows Bearland journalism stu dents an opportunity to see their newspaper writing and photography works in print. Preparing this offset publication for their class- mates' enjoyment, BF staffers en- gage in numerous activities that will equip some of them to become small-town journalists on gradua- tion from high school. Each will undertake some news story, feature, and editorial writing, some head- lining, and some proofreading. A number will learn to take pictures and process film. Some will learn to justify copy ftype copy so that the right-hand margins are evenj and do practical newspaper make-up. Top editors on the staff attend 2 three-day press conventions each Assistant editor, James Kel- ley Thompson, sports editor, John Massey, exchange edi- tors: Zeda Willoughby, Mary Bland: art editors: Ben Money, Dempsey Chariesg columnists: Madelyn Holloway, Martha Berry, Sylvia Dadeg news edi- tors: Sue Brannen, Raymond Harrell, Gail Thompson, Mar- vin Hartley, Geneva Havens, Mike Bowles, darkroom tech- nician, John Teneryg paste-up assistant, BradyGaffordg cir- culationist, Ronnie Norris. year. The latter are sponsored by the Texas High School Press Associ- ation Cin Dentonj and the Texas ln- terscholastic League Press Confer- ence fin Austinl. honor ratings in contests by these two organizations as well as in com- petitions held by the National Scho- lastic Press Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion. Individual writing and photogra- phic entries of BF-ers also regu- larly win honors in THSPA and ILPC contests. Editor Patsy Ables, left, and First Associate Joy Lewis justify copy on electric typewriters befoi'erubber cementing it on past-up boards. l i Page editors of the BF are making up pages for their nex issue. From left to right are Joy Lewis, first associat editor: Patsy Ables, editor-in-chief: Geneva Bowles, seco second associate editor: and Joan Crawford, managing editor. i 4 The Bear Facts usually wins top A l A The members of the third-hour journalism class work toward meeting aneothei' deadl ine. From left to rig on the first row, are Zeda Willoughby, Ben Money, Mary Bland, and Sue Ann Brannen. Second row: Geneva Havens, Gail Thompson, Raymond Harrell, and Dempsey Charles. Third row: Mr. C. W. Dawson cSDOflSOF,, Sylvia Dade, and Geneva Bowles, Making plans for a forthcoming issue are Mr. C.W. Dawson, .BF sponsor: Joy Lewis, First associate editor: Melton Ezzell, third associate: and Patsy Ables, editor-in- chief. room r ass gn- r jour- ments are five members of the fi nalism class. From left to right, they are Melton Ezzell, Marvin Hartley, Madelyn Holloway, Joe David Nixion, and James Thompson. ht, bears tale Editor: Bobby Gray Assistant Editor and Pressman: Lloyd Elkins l56 N A These Bear Tale's Staff members are proud of this years book. We hope you will be too. The Annual Staff The Annual Staff is selected from students in the photography and printing classes. ln making the annual, each of these students is assigned a separate task. After learning the methods of doing their jobs, the students began their work on the annual. When their specific job is done, they all work together to finish the annual and get it ready for production. Students may also earn awards for working on the annual. - lt... .,f,. T, W -, - - f -Tm.l, Ns'-K T Qi 41-fi -is J if . si' sfsdzlsr ,Ll Ifigggjj lvlilgitiif ' F358 513252 ,T , W, P2.Z'M51 i'fisiQeie4vf f ig P1 I -V flsgwgf fttiaiffils-2T'1siSi4sgf4s1,ffgs5iJ2:59 Qfggg Mxfifssfgesige - Q 1? E A "wseWW+eww Wi: fi T we Qieeis r f- .ww-T' ' Weelwmtiiws Y- L. :P:l?lwff 3, lavsaqg ' A' if5?l3?5?3if35 Mr Y 36:3-5 . il?" is , 5, L is qyq ik mg,w-s T, T ella it "" ' ' -T g T iewieeefswfexesemsxe lryggyr T . .5 T. img, ft . A 'T T H "V, f 1 2WQ.v M T Mlelslhi 'g, if 11,1 faQQi?'. T y T ,..,t.. ET T T Jones. Art Editors: Geneva Bowles, and Garq l 1252223 1232930 Favorite Editor: Gail Thompson. Organizations : Ruth Durham, Jane Shepperd and Ann Dean. 'Advertisingz Charles Davis, Johnny Zimmerman, and Jerald Brewen iw. rts Editor: Qliver Sgrrells Class Editor: Sallie Thompson, Jane Shepperd, Martha Avant, Editor: Uohn Wilkins Sue Ann Brannen, Marion Minter and Joyce Allen. Production: Lloyd Elkins, Odell Applegate, Ronald Clark, aul Larentzen, Luther Poindexter, and Bobby Gray. Typist: Carol Ivey Pres. James Thompson V.-Pres. Joe Nixon Sec.-Treas. Joan Crawford The Press Club, whose membershi is confined to members of the schoc newspaper staff, meets weekly in a attempt to improve the quality o the GHS bi-weekly, Bear Facts During sessions, members are bus writing stories and headlines, pro cessing pictures, typing and justi fying copy, and attending to a hos of other items. This organization sponsors th Bear Facts' annual party, where Mr. and a Miss Bear Facts are prq sented. The honorees are indicate by a movie star, who selects the after looking at staff portrait sent in by the Press Club. press club publications 1 I annual club Pres. Bobby Gray V.-Pres. John Wilkins Sec. Gary Jones This club is composed of members of the Annual Staff. It was or- ganized to further the advancement of the annual. The members of this club come to the printing department and work on the annual at all pos- sible times. I58 '17 ga? I 'V . A QQQWS. fy' Ur Pres. Anita Hall V.-Pres. Carolyn Stripling Sec. David Holcomb Treas. Jimmy Connally S The Astronomy Club is made up of lseventh and eighth grade students. psi iTo provide an opportunity for mem- 52? lbers to become acquainted with the iw heavenly bodies is the main purpose of the club. The students are taught to use the telescope pro- perly and to locate stars and plan- ets. Seeing film strips, giving reports, and discussing various phases of astronomy are only a few of the many things this club does. l astronomy i I science science ' Pres. Mike Yarborough 3 V.-Pres. David Best Sec.-Treas. Jackie Jordan The Science Club is to increase the interest of students in natural phenomena in the world about them and the explanation of them. 7 During the activity period, the t ,members do experiments, demonstra- tions by members. reports and lec- tures, projects. and other things of this type. I59 Pres. F. D. Audas V.-Pres. Donnie Philbrick Sec. Martha Avant The first run in Gladewater High School, the Charades Club offers entertainment and a mental challenge to its members. Not only must mem- bers be prepared to enact withoul words the titles of books, monies, songs and poems, but also they musi have an array of workable titles ai command. The purpose of this clul is to give students an opportunity to train the eye and mind under pressure of a time element, to enf courage dramatic portrayals through pantomine, and to work cooperatively as teams. charades speech drama Pres. Bill Gilliam V.-Pres. Gary Kerr Sec. Robert Moossy Parl. Ruth Durham The purpose of the Drama Club is to back plays. The make-up, props, business, and advertising commit- tees are chosen from this club. The highlight of the year for the Drama Club was when their play was given in assembly. During club period these students give skits, play charades and study. l6O 1 i gl- Pres. Brenda Stansell sri tg , ' i l i A V.-Pres. Eddie Buchanan ' iff Sec. Harriet Robinson W W M, ', 'UF ii- The members of this club become . is aware of the current events in any , the world today that effect each bf them so vitally. Throughout the year interesting and informa- tive 'chool have talked to the stu- ents. Also as programs and en- ertainment, different students n the club give speeches and give 'eports on daily current events. at-fr l CUl'I'6l'lf eV9l1fS lil LG!!! social studies collectors Pres. Donald Galbraith V.-Pres. Margie Guthrie Sec.-Treas. Sheila Arinder Reporter Glenda Nixon Parl. Jannette Byrd The purpose of the Collector's Club is to find constructive hobbies for the students' leisure time. These students visited several col- lections belonging to local town people, including Jack Yates, Mrs. D. L. Byrd and Mr. Beard collection of Indian relics. The members of the club bring their collections to school and discuss and show them. Throughout the year the club has had interesting and educational programs, for example, Mr. Jim Jones brought his butterfly collection and gave a very interesting talk on insects. IM Il ---.............,,.,,,, s Pres. Charles Davis V.Pres. Glenda Gage Sec. Joyce Goodin Treas. Elaine Rinehart Parl. J. W. Smith The Social Problems Club is M students to discuss their soci problems and give parties. The pu pose of this club is to understm better the problems the student meet every day. The parties are H entertainment. social problems social studies history club Pres. Carolyn Warren V. Pres. Loretta Kelley Sec. Carolyn Lee Reporter Lynn Hanson The purpose of this club is to learn about the history and devel- opment of each of the 48 states by doing research work and map work. Each member of the club is making a booklet of each state. These bookf lets wili be judged at the end of the term and three prizes will be given to the three best. l62 an -' N fail' 0 I I V? The Gladewater High School Annual Staff wishes to express its sincere appreciation and thanks for the help and co-operation given to us by the merchants and people of Glade water. Q , W , u x 1 I 4: ' w W 5 , I y i A 1 I 1 N I w 1 1 N K 1. x 4 X ,A Qu 4, I V l Hfuszytffing cnffuaiaalq " eaaa ' Kncibe, Geo. Steck, Wurlitzer and Gulbrcmsen Pianos RCA Television cmd Radios Bond and String Instruments 124 souih Main si. I , Telephone 2447 lt's not cold! It's only in the mind. f i fi s . ' il e E ' l:,,,i.qi " I1 Q l Min' Q urxgn, Z i sig-elif Bennett S oe Store E ,"!1,y1fg':.fw I . -1 nsslmpn ri L' H' e Shoes For The Entire Family Gladewater' s Finest Men' s Store Gladewater, Texas ll6 S. Main Phone 23I0 Mgx cmng PHONE 2501-L. D. 1 W. E. MITCI-IELI., Ir. Niqh! 'Phone 598W Gilmer Night Phono 4315 Gladowcin C8QM Pipe Pulling Company P. O. Box 1246 GLADEWATER. TEXAS Shamrock Cafe and Drive Inn g9E935l35m" ' l l 4 : y We Specialize in Pit Bar B-Q Beef, Pork and Qifinz :L As- Ribs and the Best of Curb Service West on Hiway 80 Q i i GLADEWATER REFINING C0- T PRODUCERS AND REFINERS OF CRUDE OIL DIAL 2295 GLADEWATER, TEXAS C00 GLAUEWATER RADIO-TELEVISION SERVICE George Abbott Phone 2315 H7 West Commerce Education and Community Service March Together GLADEWATER TEXAS lm Yi 1 Boy! What a happy bunch this is. These Jury members are solumn because they have to decide the fate of wrong doers. WT ,H SPENCER-HHHRIS minimis moi cumrnnu Post orrxcs Box 471 GLADEWATER 'ak TEXAS Shops Located in Gladewater, Texas Magnolia Arkansas Salem Iliinois 4 ' MOORE Furniture Company II5 south Dean Phone 2344 Gladewater, Texas Curses! foiled again!! Complimenfs of Dorr Equipment Co. CATERPILLAR I B. F. Goodrich Stores DALLAS WICHITA FALLS GLADEWATER 05 W' Commerce Dial P O BOX 3I2 TELEPHONE 2108 Groy's Grocery ond Market FANCY MEATS FREE DELIVERY DIAL 2562 Flowers for All Occasions cvqcfami i7IfOwa'c Cggofz We Wire Flowers 215 N D . . . GI d MRS B F ADAMS DIAL 355 RELIABLE MOTOR SUPPLY Loster Feed Store W H o L E s A L E REPLACEMENT PARTS FOR CARS AND TRUCKS GARAGE EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS AUTOMOTIVE JOBBERS GLADEWATER, TEXAS 53: N. Main Phone 2408 Gladewater, Texas T I- Shipps Garage and Service Station Phone 8l42 Longview Hiway at Clarksville kThey just found the answer to boiling water. Walker's Sinclair Service Goodyear Tires, Tubes, and Batteries Sinclair Products Upshure and Dean Phone 2680 kefehnxanfeenxffe- A-A-Hemxfweng-fenmaffas Pineland Motors Fil? Authorized Ford Dealer 'Sig P o ' X . . Box ii66 -1- Phone 2l55-2l56 Gladewater, Texas Handy Dandy Grocery 8E Market soo souru TYLER RoAo open seven oAvs oiAL zuss A WEEK Bill Selman Sam Sanov Gregg Iron 8g Supply Co. Phone 2422 Gladewater, Texas Bear's Paradise Hiway 80 West Phone 2498 Gladewater, Texas Evlyn Wilson Whitehurst Gulf 24 Hour Service Gulf Tires 8 Batteries Accessories Polishing Lubercation Washing Dial 2543 S. Sz W. REPAIR SHOP Complete power mower G ai r cool er engenes FSPGHS, parts, G service J.O. Williams Pontiac Co G.M.C. Trucks Complete Automotive Service PHONE 8281 Longview Hixhvly P.0. Box Il8ll Phone 2222 GLADEWATER, TEXAS These girls seem anxious for the track meet to get started. Compliments Of Quality Cleaners ll5 S. Main Phone 2548 , l Fisher s Barber Shop 7l7 North Main on Gilmer Hiway Gladewater, Texas e F.F.A. Boys are enjoying an outing. l66 "' rr:-rl CD UB UU ll GE HK - J moore QLMCA CfOITlfJClfLy soo BROADWAY TELEPHONE 2355 GLADEWATER, TEXAS , ti. , Y ,W Broadway Garage .. LONGVIEW HWY ART TALLANT, OWNER COMPLETE GARAGE AND BODY SERVICE. E. BX Compliments Of Perry's Barber Shop Lee Perry, Owner Y f-ff- - GLADEWATER DAILY MIRROR Corner Dean and Glade Sts. Telephone 2235 GLADEWATER, TEXAS Waggoner Cleaners Leon Waggoner We.Do Appreciate Your Busines Compliments BuiIder's Supply Co. HEATiH'S AUTOMOTIVE AUTO PARTS 6 EQUIPMENT MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS PHONE 2255 324 SOUTH TYLER ST. GLADEWATER. TEXAS Kelleher Insurance Agency Anything Worth Owning ls Worth lnsuring Corner Pacific G Center -:- Phone 2356 tha Avant and Sue Ann Brannen fight over who is goi ng to Wi Fm mm t to hit the ball over the,net. '69 Davidson Iron and Metal Co. STRUCTURAL STEEL AND ANGLE IRON ALL SIZES SUCKER RODS LONGVIEW HIGHWAY phone 2ll2 Mobil Phone David Davidson 2f592'i5 Dr. Sutton ask these senior students toTWrite their names and addresses in his memory book. ' ,T 1 Compliments Of Reeves Magnolia Service Station 24 HOUR SERViCE GLADEWATER, TEXAS PHONE 253U NEW Mc Kaig Chevrolet Company TELEPHONE 2132 P O BOX B91 FEDERAL SAVINGS MIM G LAD EWATER, TEXAS f"" Z'- ,,,,1J1 rf: -' ill soo w PACIFIC - P. o. Box 792 - Phon 2278 I7O .1 uefflim Flowers by PERKINS GLADEWATER, TEXAS CLUB BARBER SHOP C OMP LE TE DEPENDAB LE SER VICE 108 WEST PACIFIC R. M. HOUSER GLADEWATER, TEXAS PETE McKAlN MOTORS 24 HOUR GARAGE AND I WRECKER SERVICE .2554 - aoonvun 'nun aiegghptmaurk IO! w unnun X lm iuwmr' so These junior students are hard at work learning to type. x Compliments Of Stuckey Kincaicl Co. Glaclewater Compliments of Hall Lumber and Material Co. GLADEWATER, TEXAS Hammonol's Texaco Service 'Smiling Service' FIRESTONE TIRES 81 BATTERIES TEXACO PRGDUCTS Phone 2557 Corner Main and Upshur Gladewater, Texas Road Service Gladewater, Texas Longview Highway Phone 2293 , 17: onest. wasn't mcll WARD STUDIC Commercial Photography Portraits Gladewater, Texas Phone 543I STOKES FUNERAL HCME COMPLIMENTS OF Stoner's Grocery Cooper Insurance Agency Complete INSURANCE Protection IO6 W. Pacific DIAL 2402 eaiemma ?czrJn1! Slave Gladewater, Texas Marion Minter hits the ball while team mates look o intermural sports n du STCJNE69-DAKE Fastest Service ln Town 520 W.Quitman Phone 2213 I-Q Sl1eppercl's Cleaners 205 N. Mclin Dial 2646 Childs Food Store Bdway 81 Gi adewate r, Texas Pacific Di al 2546 DAY DRUG COMPANY W. M. Day and E. M. Wyche 'HONE 2468 - 2438 GLADEWATER, TEXAS Compliments of PROFESSIONAL SERVICE smoswarffz rf-ms HMI! 2297 Hightower Credit Jewlers For the Finest in Gifts Gladewater, Texas l02 S. Main Phone 303l uf -. - - f 'K H'-YV , .:..3 ,st-"'::E'fz?f,?::f'ivd r it ,, Q . mvwvri r. W ali W , r sizwfr -- "f f11..s:f.2s silwslf f f , . 'ifffi 2 Sv fa ' l ,sf in .. ,amd-1,,t.,f . ,- "' ' f Awww : i XS ..i: 2. 5 3 E A l If '55 li, F we is r:: fif.- 2 5 if I . 5 . , K 11 Q xr enema ,g,Af,,L, ii W liliwff get Qggsfe M, was f 1 f 1 i , it . V 'i if , , ' iIieeffas,,ff,.w-,If X - -W ,.s,,. . :V - fifliiiv 1. f fs aP: f6'if. A. 'fi' - -:. - f sesziivlwf .ss ae' f, K fm'i-,,g5,if2f1u Iii .Eff is s 1 L g , 5S??fw ,s 1w J, -, 43 1 55,135 sgesegfs-yebggitgzgiWir, r so "Q 537 'W "'-7'H"'f"-- -"5Ls'5f, 7 f.1z'TLri5m'i .,,, , :Hf'C17.'?,5' 'fllz Q .:.+,:." '4' V filfiijf gfffi Qlf-AL' 5 V . 72:74 . 5.j'1'fc7Q 'iiilfflii . . me . . ,i ,wo M 1 .ss sas s.,. ,,. . sm Qmawmswlrws ,. K, is 2 v siiwg ? it Airs- , V. -f V, W.. W ignite is WM3. 5, ,fs-i 1 . ' M . M ' C " :ss 2fi"m-' fi' - - SSWTLA ' . 'ffl 51 1I'l'i,:JQ ,fifff SSS 'Y K ' i'S?f?Q7A',sf1iQ ,x ,:5. "Yi ,wr ' 'ci ,. .,. , 'ff 14 fl L if i'i'3',fKW' L-if" ,,f,- iz if-it S f Q . W i . .W , kwgiiigiif 91 W 1, sg Q -M.,-M We M, 53:3 Q N Q13 ,,., igzfigigwi In 454 my R meg, K ,M ' if . 2 ' if ' -'H fiiiwli - Y 'W f fiif- 'v J. w Wf ii? A th JSR, ,aa ' jf 1 .,: ,, , ,, ,. gr H, Q, fr . . .,N,,,:M :3i35,f,.m,rtr,, , ,t , - , K Lg, , "" K 1" Qs-rgf'1s we Coach Harrison checks lockers as students look on hopefully. J. C. PENNY CO. Jobe's Ballard Drug Co. 100 S. Main Phone 2577 IOM W. Pacific Dial 2685 Gladewater, Texas i"'l 1. E. Mercer Team and Trucking Contractor Box 871 Longview, Texas se boys are working hard in lntermural Sporta VANS VARIETY STORE PHONE 2402 WHERE PUPlLS'5 OFFICIALS LOVE T0 SHOP JACK LONG MOTORS Jack L0H9,0W1e" 6300 S. Dean Dial 2225 ,Eddie Buchanan and Jimmy Alexander are carrying hot dog equiptment back to storage. WESTERN . WeslernAul Dillard Grocery Afggggie AU1'Q l'l'emple of Turth and Honestyj X PURINA FEEDS CLYDE MAINER 204 s Main... 2648 PHONE 2628 SO. Main Finney Brothers ' J Sport and Western Shop .263 th M st f in comfortable, Ph 2658 modern living natural gas service i s . l ll? QV in iigiiiirgriirnizv a clams R s , , 1 Q 1 lil .EE J IHIIIHII, 1-un H nan nu Y ,aaa I Distinguished Seniors? Well all picture making has to have some fun put into it. McWilliams nYour Complete Home Furnishers Phone 26lI III N M Service Hardware BEST SUPPLIES IN HARDWARE Ill E. Pacific Phone 2606 Compliments Of Craig's Humble Station CORNER OF MAIN AND UPSHUR PHONE 2325 Compliments Of CARL BRUCE REAL ESTATE edway At your service- ?-i Reoov KILOWATT, your friendly electric servant, is always 74 ready to give you efficient and fQ Cheap electricity- Come On! Give me just a little bit more: l sf '13gi,'::::lrQ:n32a,'3f'P Q 4 ' 'Q T trac!!! fb T ' WHITES SUPER SERVICE -1 as--1 A sf-z A ' nurffwrsrmv Ztsufn IIITRIIAMPANY J. P. RADNEY, OWNER' Texaco and Firestone Products Main and Pacific Gladewater, Texas Q i l i K.S.I.J. T 1430 IOOO W DAY Gladewater, Texas I East Texas' Number One Country Music Station ! T 0 T S H 0 P "TOTS Thru TEENS" Gladewater, Texas X JV, 25,0 The Art class looks busy today. t A tot f Wy QV if kbp qfgam MMJ. wi fw35owff1tioME2:oa:oo,Q:sfmonk ,FQ Wyilpdewater, Texas ix F Ja 1 - ' ff . f JW o I Exclusively Yours s O fo 3?fg3fJ'he Vo ue ,f of C 0 ' To g ff " f L6 , Li 65121 S. Main Phone 2500 V93 f Qkf'!!,'3?J Q 1 PM ff 'B , X! Q t oy o,v,fL 7 ago Eorpjs ,Grocery cmd Market f ' Ihe Best Meats in Town ' ,XU,fg ,1s 47 Q fi sq' GLADEWATER, TEXAS 5 ig We Deliver 2l East Quit Ph 252I I78 T 4 Roy Johnson i 4- Adminstration Superintendent Dana Williams Principal George Lipscomb Adminstration Division Page Adminstration Assistants Anabel Atkinson Curtis Drawhorn T Jim Jones Advertising Division Page Ads ,Agriculture Building nnual Club ,rt Club Astronomy Club 'Athletics Division Page lBand Baseball Basketball asketball Club asketball Sweetheart ear Stadium ear Facts ear Tale's etter English Club oard of Education ookkeeping Club uildings us Barn us Drivers afeteria Workers harades Club hoir hoir Sweetheart lass Title Page ollectors Club ub Basketball ub Cheerleaders ub Sweetheart ub Track urrent Event Club swdmm .E. Club rama Club itor's Note ighth Grade ighth Grade Favorites ighth Grade Officers rm and Ranch Club vorites atures ine Art Building otball otball Sweetheart eshman Class eshman Favorites 'eshman Officers ture Farmers rure Homemakers ture Teachers lf mnasium lloween Queen story Club general index 28- l56- Junior Classical League Junior Class Junior Class Favorites Junior Class Officers Junior Reading Club Leather Craft Club Library Assistants Senior High Junior High Maintanance Woolley Music Appreciation Club National Honor Society Senior High Junior High Number Sense Club Office Practice Orchestra Club Organization Club Poetry Reading Club Pre-Military Club Press Club Rambler Cheerleaders Rambler Football Registrar Science Club Secretaries Senior High Cheerleaders Senior Class Senior Class Favorites Senior Class Officers Senior Track Seventh Grade Seventh Grade Favorites Seventh Grade Officers Sewing for Fun Shop Club Sketching Club Social Problems of Teenagers Sophomore Class Sophomore Class Favorites Sophomore Class Officers Spanish Club Spelling Club Sports in Season Club Student Body Officers Senior High Junior High Student Council Senior High Junior High Study Hall Senior High Junior High Strings Swimming Pool Swing Band Table of Contents Tennis Tennis Courts Track Field Track Sweetheart Tumbling Club Valentine Sweetheart York Barbell Club Club L 6 'l39"L'Zb' I " LF J f-, 1.,A1-L'Lvt:,.-X AJ' ' J If of 'i L Ui! I . q A ,VrW'jJjk? J :J5h,L,g,v 'I E. - - T2 LA" ,,, ' . 'Lp I 'lj ,Ji LL! lv. uf. f fue? +0 6.2 VA' 'rf' I' , .Jz-' , af L A A, qu ,l.f1r,: , '-3-f L Q3 k r1, l ,iw Q V ,,A- , ,W I, A 1 .xffl-.L,c..-k, -"f-f v K5X W" 'L - UEBMW wwffxy VU Jjvwru jfikiyybiyff ' I 'Val 'MJ Ji! ji ,Jw dd 6 ,yffjj J . fx f ' x. .J 1 F .NJ yqvffffvyf -jffffbg 4,1 ij J' jp MM W , Lf" ff if In ujiwjif fm?" 4,1 X ,, v ,Nj M' W2 , WW 4145446117 WL Lf , "ff'7f94ff'fL!1L'5 f 'f.l.4Ls'f-62 ,4,lQc55M4i! L' A I hi 5 ,L1-" 1, : mimi MWA W WZW4 ffm, A 'HLQLS-f: I 'QLCO C?- -, q 4,31 C? 'V kv, J' I iff 4 my vw by A1f'P"yc sr' LV '5' 1 L dxf' ,QW gl ! ' P ppb Mwicw VV Q 4 dlp' I A9 ' f - J le, L I . ' 'ff hy ,s hx Sify any ff " P' rib? s. f .,,,,L, N WMy "" -7. I 3M',Jmv J f N bwhf M224 Qffdff ' MXQQQWW 5 v I ' OZ! ,0,W. 1 W j - XMWVN bwfwW47QfazQ4 Awggwf Q X b ffffj f b ga MQW WJf7WfZ,! ' Q ' , Dwwff 4 i3LQZZZKZTZ?WwfWL If ,36Z,f'y'L,gffw-'J,1?r:JJJwJ,i QM! qw X Fi? 355354 Siifw 1 i 1 1 'N r 5 . - . V. ig 1, ' f' 1 t ' L I ' P wi , J , A Lg 1 1 ' A

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