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Gladewater High School - Bears Tale Yearbook (Gladewater, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Forward 1 A . fa f' ,.f-'- If fs- QW X! !,f1X!Lf XA ffffpq- X ff! --""""" "N - ,. f .. -'- ' f If, L,-rj i. 1' I aff! ,' , ' x, 5 fl' . -.. I V, 1,-' if I XM ,f 1 A K' K, We, the entire Bear's Tale staff of 1952-53, began in the fall to create a volume which we hope in days to come will recall pleasant and happy memories of the fellowship, oppor- tunities, good times, and delightful incidents received in the halls of G. H. S. a We have striven to make this book artistic, distinctive, and a true representation of the high standards of Gladewater junior-Senior High School. May our work be justihed and our purpose accomplished in this record of the happiest years in our lives. n ,,,- - .X ,X I 'Q MM, N f!!! X 3 1 If , BEARS ' ,f ,-4 V f j .4 , V' f f , , 1 , ff ff . I V . LE Q ,,, ,vw-.T The 1953 Bearis Tale is published by students in the Cladewater High School Printing Department. The Cover was designed by Bill O'Brien, a senior in the Art Department, and bound by American Beauty Cover Company of Dallas, Texas. Class pictures were made by VVheat Company of Dallas. W'e wish to thank the Bear Facts and the Cladewater Daily Mirror for the pictures used from their files, other pictures were made by the Bearis Tale Staff. ,J TABLE OF CONTENTS 'Q , 4 , - 4, ,K . - , W , . X W2 ... 'fill' iflf Jj i . y A 5, .N I rl .71 ,K tag? gf, IW 1 ,-'Q " , , f K ll f If J ,-xiii.. S- VV s.. U I 1 ig? i f s 1 K' X X s X 1 X' i 1 .- NX NR if ,A ' xi I ,U 53? Q -S j :tix - ,"'::QN x F JM. 3 1 f . w 'I v ,A 2 ' gf X , i I f' . .1 kt UM 1: ' ,if Xi X N d. - T VA 7LJlZf?' xy i ff 1 f 'Rx f Xilf fpage14 "' X X X lxgf f 1 , ' X131 ' X , ' t lr fgxpas f 7 page 29 l .. X ,-9 , . , 6 1 ,I L X page 324 , fflun , N' ' Page' IN Xt 7 siogfh 'fa' res page 51 I X -A 1 x a , E lreshmi, page .18 Q eighth grade page 67 X seventh grade page 75 ' t lfaverites page 83 Sports page 107 Organizations page 159 Advertising' page 215 H c k.J. 2. All work Wim Little Play Ready? .... Smile! . . . I, Thank You. . . . . This year in the 52-53 edition of the Bearis Tale we are striving to publish in a professional manner a yearbook Worthy of our school. We are doing this entirely with the resources and equipment at hand, and entirely through the ef- forts and skills learned in Gladewater Schools. The pictures were made 'by staff members of Bear Facts and Bearis Tale and reproduced in the High School Printing department by our stu- ydents. We hope when you receive your book z that these statements will l1Ot be an apology but fa boast. L We wish to thank the faculty, administration and student body for the co-operation and assist- ance given in publishing the record of this school F year. f ln conclusion, editing your book has been a igratifying and interesting experience as well as gan extreme honor which I will always remember Qof my own days at Gladewater High School. ere you see the Bear's Tale Staff at work on your annual bv 1 , f N U M wi Q fy W Dalia Williams, Superintendent Our founding fathers knew it would'l:e necessary to produce a people with free minds and respect for the rights of others if our type of democracy was to function. To carry out this desire they developed the great system of free public education. There could be no other reason for having an czlucation system in every constitution of the forty-eight states, paid for out of public funds with pupils compelled by law to attend. Our schools have donated a larger part of their program to citizenship edu- cation. More recently we have come to realize that you can not make good citizens solelv by doing the "three r's" and talking good citizenship. Good citizenship is a way of behavior. lt is a matter of action. Active things you learn through action. Active things require some sort of laboratory approach and citizenship ' no exception. One of the go s fi this school is to provide laboratories of good living. Ou 1. activities point in that direction. Itrust that each of our students . ke flxll advantage of these opportunities. Surely here we have or w' h a new vision of our obligations as citizens in a great e nation. t X U 1 Af fi sl - George Lipscomb, Principal gi S I ould like to express our sincere appreciation for the high type of 'ork you have done, the splendid attitude you have maintained, and the ubstanial contribution you have made to a broader, richer and more means gful school life. Here at Gladewater High School we believe in warm and enduring friend- ships. happy social and co-curricular activities, wholesome recreation, sbund scholarship, and hard work. These are some of the fundamentals of a good school program. We want you to know that Gladewater High School is better because of you, and that it is our earnest desire that you will be a better citizen because of Gladewater High School. 1' F .Qs .3 P Y A mme, ..w-was-m....,,.,, Mhwwuimmm. 5 2 il s f 1 X is Q i 5 -3 L it 5 E, 3 5 ,E r 1 2 E i 2 M... l 9 ws,-ff , Cladewater Board of Education LEON WAGGONER, President EVERETT WISEMAN, Secretary 4 C. R. STEVENS, Vice President JACK I-IEARRELL, Member PHILIP Moons, Member Y W YNY V AY - ,,,...4,gYY , , Q W: 54, ww, ff, 1, Q 'ww jews! gp, Af. A Am, ,r 1, 'r ff was wwf? JIM JONES, Administrative Assistant JAMES KEARNS, Guidance and Student Activity ROY HOWARD, Counselor MRS. EKARH MILLER, Senior Study Counselor ROBERT GREER. Counselor A 1 1 A E, E E E Ot-, AA A - fWEe EE W 'EEE A Spring board of All School Activites Although few people realize it, Miss Hazel Ponder has one of the most difficult and tedious jobs 'in the school. She is bookkeeper for the entire Gladewater Independent School District. She has been connected with the school for 20 years and helped open this building. J. ' X calls for any type of secretarial work. ' , ,, xx, K if . Perhaps the job that has more variety than any in the school is the job of Mrs Pharr and Mrs Phillips. They keep accurate records' of attendance post grades keep files on every student, send transcripts to colleges and other schools concerning stu- dents prepare master schedule plans for the first and second semester keep books on activity accounts, make all inter- scholastic eligibility reports besides doing hundreds of odd W 1 I F 5 Mrs. Victory, who works in the main office with Miss Ponder, is secretary to Dana Williams, our superintendent. Her job Work goes on in Principals Office f LAWRENCE BARNI-IILL, Mathematics, Coach KEN BENNETT, Choral SUE BENNETT, Reading Jo BETHEA, Mathematics ,, Inu-"' 53 JOHN BLEVINS, Distributive Education X BILL BRIGGS, Banu' 6,92 f l x XX Mas. BEATIucE BIQOWN, English , si? JIM CANTEIQ, Mathematics, Coach -I-W. ISAX f ff , C S' WW ,O inks,-L -...r S -I. lg ' r I I N V! KQ ' ax' x -I - X f 4? 'C V I2 I x W ' f' " fm'-X I I J X X wi W KST I IQ XI S XXX B I B XX 5 I , x X, X KLQTQA-.D"' 'GF W 7 if 3 ' .1 I Almost any you will End GHS faculty members "nn Conference" over a cup of coffee or a coke in the school cafeteria. S? GUY CARNES, Social Studies ROBERT COLLINS, Strings JEILRINE DAILY, H omemaking, General Science C. W. DAWSON, journalism, Spanish DORA DERR, History, Civics MABLE EASTERLY, Language, Arts 'ABN 9 4 R . N Y W- 4 .- .1 4, N . JW S eee, I r 15 M1 S Q45 lf-fl E2-7' A typical class room scene of the faculty at work, as you go through the halls and take a peek through the door. ROBERT GREER, History BILL HOLLIMAN, Mathematics, Coach ROY HOWARD, Biology, Counselor ROY JOHNSON, English WADE JOHNSTON, Mathematics, General Science KAROIJNE KINCAID, English 16 it 7 I-7-Y -7' - - wwf- - W - '- -'v Y - H - v Y - - - -- - - ' 7 "W" '- HURACE MCCORD, E I, I Billyi Shipp watcher Coach Waters' "luck,' in a long shot K HK 'S J at the btudent Councnl-Faculty basketball game. Coach Can- ter, Worm Kennedy, Bob Washburn, Marc Stewart, Rance Carr, and Glenn Gaines seem as amazed as Billy' does. The score, never mind, we'll forget it. ff ws X f',5" W , X f X 1:41, C X MRS. EHARH MILLER, Senior Study Counselor K f ' x X V I' f X "N LEE MITCHELL, Director of Physical Education, , A X '-hgh I i Foofffall Coach K A ff x, I X X If l X x I . ft X txk I X 7, I, ,X N Xl ll - I 1 "-Tx ff- If if 'T' Q ff 4"-"J" BILL NEALE, Ar! MRS. NELDA NEALE. Sbcecla U Miss MARGORIE PACE, Physical Education GRADY PARRISH, Industrial Arts E. C. PENNINGTON, Typing, Secretarial Training l Above the NHS cheerleaders, Charles Sheppard, and jew- I el Smith, smile happily as the faculty cheerleaders, Karoline g 'X lx ' Kincaid and jane Taylor, make faces because they were J? rooting for the underdogs. V 'l lelyl Mxs. jnssua PYNES, H omemalzing CHARLES ROBERSON, Mathematics 'IR fN , t I' -X KN!! XX Y I 1 I FRANK SETZLER, Chemistry, Physics JANE TAYLOR, English, Latin ROBERT WASHBURN, Printing, Photography BILL WATERS, History, Coach 4 CARRIE MAY WATKINS, Social Studies HERMAN WILLIAMS, Agriculture 1 1 1 R 1 1 i i 4 I 1 3 1 1 1 l 3 1 1 i 4 in 5 4 jf ,A 1 i 1 212 'T of 1 I X A A few of the many faculty members who were guests at the NHS tea are enjoying refreshments and conversation of this occasion. X , 1 1 -f 5' aft Q GQ 1 "-'LIZ-W' J 1 'Ii , - 2 1 1 . 19 Evacuation 3:45 Resembles A Stampede Each afternoon before 3:45 the halls of G? H S. are quiet as a mouse. Promptlyat 3:45 the bell rings and :he stampede begins. Students stream from all parts oi tl building to their respective buses or wait somewhef an tl.l campus for the later buses which come from grade-up wol. Jhis picture shows part of the evacuation that takes place eacx afternoon. 5 f if f we . ,W W., r Howard Dunagan, Bus Driver Gene Causey, Bus Driver Kenderlth 'Skeeter' Gage, Bug Driver Frank Hawkins, Bus Unver 2 A N 'r5"?3' 'SE' if Jack Hart, Mechanic . ,. . gf wW,A,.. H , 2-Q-i....,.,...,.UW+':, V e Q W' wp A , 'A Q 'f I lffi L, M I Z: 133,31 , W -JK' 'H 1 ,fl " KLGQ f , , X ,V . Hi we X , ,, 1 Reid Gaston, Mechanic , .Q ffiiiff Q in .... - Y 5 Q B 'al I ' . ,L ' G K- '1v5mE,mw1 'Ng fsffggg , x 1- V yifgiw w in : Af'1f..1,J.f' JZQQQV - 56221.-134 . . . . . 7 f a A f:ffN.,q:1,5'z.5,?a 1 I J gm, A gzgia, .D ig 3 gk diggll H1-7,5ggwxyX1h,!l,gf3:gg.p 'U1l?iwf2, if :N f w +fSe.ww' efv xi ' - , 4 Q 5 , h1,E"f:,f:w , - ix? 2 .4171 Twin 'V -LJ"f1',, . - D g g .I U lwqgiiy V , 4, 3 22 1 35152 , w efif QL . ' Hi A 'mg,:YQf,: , Earl Berryhill, Maintenance '-1 I 4 1 5 4 4 i 1 i A 1 3 1 1 N i 1 4 1 i 1 4 1 I 4 1 J 4 5 E.O. Woolley, Shop Foreman Joe Farmer, Bus Driver Although it is early in the morning, everyone waits for the bus to go to school. Roland Duncan, Bus Driver "Safety First" is Mr. Roland Duncan's thought as he helps the children across the street in che afternoon. 6 I 2 l - P L L I F P P u i P 1 E i 24 L4 ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,, , , G.H.S. from the air 'I 1 3 4 I 1 1 Q .I 1 1 a i 1 1 2 1 3 I 2 V5 1. 4 1 5' 3 i 4 Q 5 1 I 3 25 Our Cafeteria is one of the finest in the State. It is a non- profit organization seating over,180 people. Between 400 and 450 students and facultyi members are served each day. The food is of the finest origin and an wholesome, balanced .meal is served to every patron. The Agriculture Building, the newest structure on the campus, was built in 1950. It contains the most modern equipment available. The boys have every convenience and facility that they need in the type of training they receive. The building is composed of an oflice, study hall, and shop. Ik.. M26 The Fine Arts Building, located on the' northwest part of the campus, contains the Bandshell, the strings room and the choir room. From it echoes the music of the finest band, the finest choir, and the finest orchestra in the land. Park Area Swimming Pool Tennis Courts XMI Kauai ...W-.Y i....., we.v.v..- BEARS STADIUM Our building is one of the most beautiful in the state. It sits upon the highest hill in Gladewater and can be seen for many miles around. The tower of the building rises above all the derricks, buildings and towers that dot the landscape. The building itself contains approxi- mately forty-five classrooms, not including the offices, auditorium, gymnasiums and book and storage rooms. The building was completed in 1937, and has seen many students enter and leave her halls. The tower is one of the most striking scenes in this section of the country. During the Christmas season, an immense cross is hung from the top and can be seen as far as six or seven miles away. The tower itself can be seen from Big Sandy, nine miles from Gladewater. The swimming pool was purchased from the city to encourage the students to develop better swimming habits. Each year the Physical Education classes swim at the end of autumn and at the beginning of spring. During the summer, courses in swimming, diving and life- saving are given to everyone desiring them. X The park area contains the track field, baseball, and softball fields. The softball field is lighted so that games may be played at night as well as during the day. The new track was only completed recently. O WT fm M bf ! W W 1 , L W, 'J X Z WW W'-Y '- - 2 ""f't" Senior Class Officers Glenn Gaines, President Billy Bud Shipp. ao .Z Glenda Wilson, Sec. Tres O ,.-.-1-1 also gr "N.- , 4, My my . u f . 15 Maxine Barton K 'rf Ellie Beard , V Thomas Audas ii i in i, . D Band .Maiomie Q7 W goolibalil 149-50 '::'- 'X Baseball 49-so . F"'0""-F"e"d'V Gi" wi T1 as et 'I 4940 ' ae' Speech 50-Sl 'T , Cho-1 fl . R Cm' 'W Dintibudve Ed' H-U - Q E Girls Basketball A o Homeroom President 50-Sl 1, If Frank Black Choral 52 -S 3 Tennis I 1- 5 2 President of Homeroom S l-S2 in-... ik Peggy Bozman Sec. of Student Qouncil 52-S3 Best-All-Aroundi Q- S 0 National Honor iety 52-53 Choir Sweetheart ,TU ASR' Marcia Buckalew 'A ' Marylue Watson, dancer deluxe, gives one of her many dance routines during the East Texas Revue. 1 Marcia Cain Orchestra 4 years Choral 2 'years Choral Treasurer All State Orchestra Sl-S2 Bebe Caldwell Choral 49- 5 3 National Honor Society 52- S 3 Pepper-Uppers 49- 5 0 '11 Homemaking 48-Sl 'sf A Choral 48-49 y X Librarian 50-52 C f 1 "'v' aa 'wt Tommie Castleberry Y .J C. D. Cobb Choral S0-S2 fs qnq "W D. E. - Spanish Club 49-51 If Bear Facts Sl-S2 -iq . Photo Editor 52-Si ' ,Q .X , 5 x Qui 3. Tommy Coleman i T . i Orchestra 47-S3 f 5 :- isis K Y Band 50-53 t' sf National Honor Society --' Class Play 52-S3 1 li si -Ianell Croley Secretary Soph. Class,S0-S3 Orchestra 49-53 Duchess of Yamboree il National Honor Society S2-S3 M- , i. ,htt- Bobby Doonan i Football 49-ss fi Track S0-S2 ' K Business Manager on Annual 52-53 A is W Hubert Elkins - 32 B 'snu- Mattie Dacus Choral 49-Sl F. H. A. Sl-52 E ,, T rf ...,, Malcolm Davis h Ai . 1 'X' 1393 . SAB I Y' ' ll "lr my sv i iggbg -'-' A V, Baseball S0-Sl - tg A tg Basketball Sl-S2 if-I . - ,if ?"'m?I'Q5f' " National Honor Society 5? -S3 ,Q fur' 1, Mr- M-at i gli vw K .. fig Number sense sl-ss 35 c OH to the Denton football game are these happy-go- lucky Bearlanders Sue Powell, John Weaver, Joan Landers, Carolyn Phillips, Linda Dickenson, Jimmie Leach, Tex Campbell, Tommie Castleberry, Bobby Leach, Sally Mitch- ell, and Betty Rogers. n.,, Bobby Ford i t-23-' f' Track 50-S3 W lwrball 51-55 'lf 1 4 Choral Sl-53 t ff? Basketball 50-Sl N ' , 1 .fs Joel Gibbons E Basketball-State Finals SI-S2 f V Strings 49-S3 M Student Council S2-S3 ,ff i All-State Orchestra S I -S2 it Glenn Games 'V Football 49-53 A Bafeball S0-S5 ,aw-2 X f Choral 51-53. 5 Pres. Senior Class S2-S3 f K al, Coy Gammage Football 49-53 All-District Football Sl-S2 Track S0-53 National Honor Society 49-1 Jean Goal- A Gretchen Hackett Carnival Queen S0-Sl 5 Carnival QUCCU 51-52 Cub Sweetheart 49.5u ' Tennis 50-53 Drum-Major Sl-55 Viii 2 Aff AW3l'dS Most Popular 49-92 .- .t,i X . Student Council SI-S2 Happy but hungry are these G. H. S.'ers as they order supper in a Denton restaurant. They are Richard Stone, Billy Wells, Bobby Moon, Jimmie Leach, Jimmy Brock, Corky Baker, John Early and Lloyd Waldron. Linda Hackett Tennis S0-S3 Student Council National Honor Society Art Awards Peggy Haigwood Sec. Homeroom 5 I -53 Choral Sl if .1 . ,IQ , Z7 Shirley Hammer Q, Cheerleader 51-53 Q , 4 Choir Sweetheart 49-50 jf Cutest Girl 51-52 gf5"'i ,Class Favorite 49-50 gf ,fi Charles Hays , Vice-Pres. NHS 52-53 ,z Q Lrwwqw ' ' 'Pres. Homeroom 50-51 Q4 LPres. spanish Il Club, so-si lRear Farts Frl,. 50-52 Juanita Hill Choir 48-53 Pepper-Uppers 47-49 Syncopaters 52-55 Homeroom Sec. 52-53 ,q i B. G. Irby ' iw Football 50-53 .J Band 49-50 , . 2 ,i 34 at 2 The band gets ready to add a little jazz and pep to the pep-rally in the boy,s gym. They really raise the roof when they play. 'Qin iv' Marie Hewitt National Honor Society 49-52 Choir 47-52 Bear Facts News Editor 52 Homeroom Reporter 52-53 'Britta Henry Choral Reporter 52-53 Bear Facts 52-53 Sec. Homeroom 52-53 Speech Play 52-53 Kathryn House Choral 51 53 Orchestra 49-51 National Honor Society 52-53 Ronald Hoenig Football 50-53 Homeroom Vice-Pres, 52-53 Visual-Aid Club 50-5l '-If T A 4 Elizabeth ohnson . 1 -- Choral 47-Sli Igzexcli L0h:'1S0l1 :L 77? Vuulfl June Johnston P -U 47-48 Of' 4 " F - X' Band S2-Ss Rililpigrosgl-1210 Basketball H42 A A Journalism S2-S3 1, Double Quartet 50-il Red Cross 4849 - Band Reporter 53 x A Ni.. 0 . 2 P A r. -3' I, 3' I f if M, David Julian 'H - -f- National Honor Society S2-S3 Egendall Sherman Kennedl' Q Fgggbgll 47-53 J In Basketball 50 K 5 National Honor Society T2-i3 A Basketball 48-S3 kj is N Tr k so K' ' M I Basketball Sl-S3 4Statc Finalisry 'fnck 48-53 vim. W UV s' f ac - i ,, 2 Freshman Favorite 49-S0 its Baseball S0-SJ , jf ' , F' ff ' f i J ,fr f ,Mi . I D. ,ff ,.a,+.ff , q . E L, ,Q If 1, 4 .-'f"' ' ff 'F' 5 jf -' 1 ""f...,' ' f ' ,. X , , ' j Score! Score! Cry the gear Fans '5't'N:6TfE'o tr xv' W., Jerry Don Lancaster Sports 49-53 Most Popular 49-50 Personality Sl-52 Choral Sl-52 Malcolm Landers Pres. F. F. A. Sl-S3 Treas. F. F. A. 49-50 Ee, r. ,E K , be A ,A" -V - 1' X' as ,if ' --,-. if games played this season. 35 5 . Jimmie Dee Leach "Miss Bear Facts" 51-52 Bear Facts Editor-in-Chief 52-53 Choral 47-53 Mgr. Ed. Bear Facts 51-52 . Janell Lynn Band 49-5 3 Band Sec. 52-53 Choral 52-53 Orchestra 5l-52 ,J il: 'ffl ez '3"".. '. -f .ff W wg, ,E . J .. .6 Ywiifi! J Ronald Mcchesney fi Joyce McEachern Tennis 51-53 52 I : Nldoml Honor Society Tren' 524, All-state Choir so-H jp... lil "':"" L Cub Basketball Sweetheart 49-50 . Bear Facts Sports Editor 'iz ' Mos' Afhlefic 49'52' -Q " Tennis 49-is Ullman. Ronald McRay Basketball 49-52 laiclaall 50-5l 36 Lawana Maberry Soph. Favorite 50-5l National Honor Society 52-53 Band 48-50 Homeroom Pres. 5 2-53 Up with the chin, Hogie! This is the first good pictur Hogie has ever made, doesn't show his face. Standing in lin waiting for their chest X-ray are Corine Sharp, Marcia Buck alew, Harry Heard, and Tottie Pate. s. , pw Mary Ellen McRae FHATrcas495l My Choral 47 53 Red Cross 46-48 ggi ' Rlch Martin 4 Band 49-53 K-my QQQ, J' in 1 :V A M I sg fwlvlrr z Delores Merritt ,, X Bettye Messer e ' M' ' Barbara Minger W-1' !gj,,if Band 48-50 - , Band 47-49 , ,5 Student Colufgcil 49-is 1 ,Y V Bear Facts so-S3 g l ,,,f, Q Q , k F. H. A. 43-49 Choi, 41:52 , A ' My I H f ' Z, F. H. A, RePorrer'52-S3 " W I M ' ' Alllghte-,f6hdir',45 . f"'- A- I fer, Spanish Club 49-Sl 1 Q National Honor Socictv S2-53 A' . if I TN 'Liv' Arline Money it ' ""' 2 Katherine Morrison if Kathleen Newton Band 49-S3 X Q, Orchestra 47-53 'SAA F' H' A' Vice-pres' sl-S2 I -,pkg Basketball 49-SZ Q j y L Chou' 4743 V National Honor Society, 52-13 -' Bears Tale 52-53 is Q ri F. F. A. ,Sweetheart 49-S0 iv Peppepuppers 4748 ' The Bear Cheerleaders, Shirley Hammer, Jane Watson, Linda Whatley, Barbara Smith, Kay Lilly and Jean Wald- ron, supply the Bears with plenty of pep this season. J W, Kenneth Newton 'QE ,jf , Band 49-53 'Z' Electricians Club 49-S0 l ' . Hi Y Club so-si f 1 HS ...ff Q . , " ' Bill O Bryne National Art Award Sl-52 Tennis 49-ss 4--f y f"'5x1t Student Council 51-52 , 5 3 f ff, x Y 3514.1 iff 37 til. 'ia ' I 4:1 ,J' ,F. JY. x fa-. c., . A' 1 fl . ,ie 123 gn ww. E . W f-3 U Katherine O'Byrne yr" Earnest Parnell Duchess to Homecoming Queen 5' Pres. Homemom 49-50 sz-ss 1 at 'Band 4s-so Majorette S2-53 1 Vice-Pres. Homeroom 48-49 Editor Bears Tale 52-53 Olyne Phillips F. H. A. Club Band 50-il 38 Wilma Pope Homcmaking Club 48-S2 Homemaking Historian Sl-S3 Choral Club 48-53 Photo 52-S5 The Stadium is packed with the Bears' most loyal sup- porters, the students of G.H.S. The fans really give out with a great exuberance as the Bears make a first down at the Adamson game. 'Q-hun Wilma Perkins Bear Facts SZ-S3 Edward Powell H ., f Choral J' Wd Tj, 44 E ,,. r S, 2 A -te r 'rr fe aff' , -, ,, Bettie Reynolds Choral 50-53 Bears Tale 52-53 Band 48-50 Homeroom Officer Hugh Radney Football 49-53 Baseball 49-53 Basketball 49-51 Track 49-Sl "'! Dennis Rinehart I 2 C Thomas R0beff5 Football sl-ss 5 '55, of i ii ' 4 .-5 Corine Sharp ' seo. D. E. Club ' Strings 49-5 l ' Homemaking Club 49-50 -3 D Orchestra Sl-52 2 Q if .- Marvin Reynolds Shop Club sl-52 iw 5 M Football 50-5l 'T 1, X KL Homeroom Parliamentarian 52-53 v i ii, if H y. Barbara See --vl N b ,-ox. Choir so-53 U V i All-State Choir so-sl Bears Tale 52-53 'JH ,Q 'ads' A ag .F :ra . , ' an-o Charles Sheppard f' Choral 52-53 z Dramatics Q I' Q - , A - 1 V A "'. li - ,t ' S 13 ' 'gl l jj g' to . Billy shipp le?-13' ' I Billy Sherrod X It "" s 2 'J ' . 2 Choral sz-sz 2 . of - D. P.. Reporter Sl-53 , I 5 , , f,-k V Bears Tale 52-53 1, t, 5 - ,,. 1. . Spegch 50.51 5 ,. f- ,,,,, 1 ,. it A qi., 2 ., Q L 5 V National Honor Society .Ex p ' ' L 1 42 1 , 55 1 -' I Student Council 49-53 ' fi - 39 J V f Jeanette Shipp Band 49-50 Sec. National Honor Society 52-S3 Student Council 49-50 Girls State Representative Charles Simms "l' ' Football 49-53 . .V..." ' F. F. A. 49-50 Baseball 49-50 ,,.I"'a-- Pres. Homeroom e Jewel Smith Choral 47-53 Rambler Cheerleader 50-5I Bears Tale 52-53 Swing Choir 52-53 W! Of! MGIXHIC Stem Frank Stewart Assoc. Ed. of Bear Facts " Football 49,53 Spanish Club ":.. fi - Track sx-sz Sec. Homeroom 50-51 'L" ., Basketball 49-S0 Clwil' 5043 5 Parliamentarian of Soph. Class 49-50 - 'N f .- e- ic. 5 Marc Stewart ij . -7'-ff R. C. Thompson 5 Q Thomas Thompson if Football 49-53 ly ,X I Va - '4 Band 48-53 Pres. Student Body 52-55 ' Learn and Earn Club 48 Pres. junior Class 50-51 A fw .Q Orchestra S0-S2 National Honor Society sz-ss . te' snag Rule Club 5245 ,M 5 40 fr- Q3 V, . i ffv""J f,Ls.affef vbiffpwugu , L 3' ,M y a On the left blackfaced Odessa fMarthaj Vaughn, and "Willie Huel' fCharlesj Sheppard yell "Yoo-hoo, you all" to the Bears. Center: Jasper climbs in among the fans to give them a little help during the Mar- shall pep-rally. Ole Worm looks a-little worried. At the right Casper Gibbons an end a yell entitled "The Bears Went to Marshall W it a Maverick to Ride." Mar Townesend raw Charles Trent Martha Vaughn Pres Choral 52 S3 Y F. H. A. Parliamentarian D. E. Reporter Choral 47-48 Choir 47753 V - I Rambler Cheerleader 50-Sl Pepper-Uppers Q. ' V. Swing Choir S2-S3 Jean Waldron Choir S2-53 Cheerleader S2-S3 Carnival Queen 52-S3 Student Council Sl-52 L., James Walls Jane WatS0n Cheerleader 49-S3 Personality Girl Sl-12 A, A G ,, . . 1 4 National Honor Society SI-S3 Choir S2-S3 411 71.M..-,.?.fY..Y... C . AB? ' M2-a 2 '54 K rf ., Qi . '2f',i.,t -, K A its S? R. ,, as X 3 if bi t W Af Ai .3359 if M '2 'Y Jimmy Watson i .. .l0l'mnY Weaver A .qi me Wells Football S0-52 QCaptain SU Choral 43-49 ' ,gm choral Rep' H42 Ali-Daman Football sz F- F' A- Hismaf' WS' 'S 1 "CPpC"UW"S WJ" Baseball 51-12 F. F. A. Parliamentarian Sl-S2 Speech Play S2-53 Homercom Vice-Pres. HJZ i Hvmvwvm SCC- 5041 , 3.55 - 0 Ruth Wilcoxcn Choral S2-5 3 Red Cross 5 I -52 Wanda Williamson Choral Sec. 52-53 - Bear Facts S2-53 Sec. Homeroom 49-Sl Rambler Cheerleader 50-Sl 42 J I ' Neal Williams Jilhlhy National Honor Society S2-S3 iiil I ' Football 49-fs Basketball qsmc Finalist, All-Starcj 'Parlihmentarian jr. Class Sl-52 , 50-53 Parliamentarian Sr. Class 52-53 Q A' Alni i Most Handsome 51-S2 +' l i I Football CAII-Staicl 5033 Wow! What a night for a Whing Ding exclaimg the audience at the Christmas program. The chorus line con- sists of Martha Meade, Beverly Swain, Barbara Smith, Mary Watson, Ann Cooper, Ann Warick, Dorthy VanWarmer, JoAnn Hunt and Oleta Smith. Let's not spike the punch ladies! janice Pace, Miss Der., Mrs. Pynes, Linda Dickenson and Mr. Duncan fix the lime sherbert for the Christmas social. At right Wally Phillips, Charles Hays, Gretchen Hackett, Jimmy Watson, Linda Hackett, and Eddy Pennington really seem to be enjoy- ing themselves at the Christmas social. ., jf! 3 F Glenda Wilson Rose Wilson Carnival Princess 47-48 .V Choral 50-52 Soph' Class Sec' Pres. Spanish Club S1-S2 Jr' Class Sec' Student Council S0-S1 Sr' Class Sed A National Honor Society S2-S3 Betty Wood B-ll K. I Football Sweetheart 52-53 ' - I Ing Betty Downs Pm Up Queen so-sz "" f t a Camera and Ink Club "' ' W' if ' ' Annual Staff . 1 i S E, Majorette S0-S2 li t i V be Duchess East Texas Fair Sl S3 fl an I :VV - Personality Girl 48-49 ' jr. National Honor Society 48-49 Choir 48-53 ' , ..- Barbara Wood . .. i 9, a Pepper-Uppers 48-4'9 A X fy 'fr 45 Tv is fa, ogllfl Junior Class Officers ll buf Yuxcllgxoqqx :K XQNPOX v5 ill X9 0856317 mf b kjvoqxv 9 Q Wa W . Paul Stripling, Presid Royce Blackburn, Vice-President 44 , . A Nw 'H ' , f",, fr . f "af J M Av. Q. N A. . xx Martha Williams, Secretary 'fix , ,ig ' ,g ' ' if! rf A V I, A ,,, ynr. ffm' , es, Wo, A -' when we 'U Wpf mia" 52-f , eg, f -x-- ,. f 1 'swf we ,ty ,f W' -.lx-. - ' ,ie Q L gs S Q -3 3 r Y K , at ,, , , A. K ,Q s av Q fir is My ,Q B :M 555:42 i f ' we is g U I ' t,L.1j, q 5 A fa- ' .. f es.: '.',.':A,fs 1 ,w g 'A -'2"-'- 'Y' x ' 5 ' f I, WW, asf' 2, 5.,,.,, A 1.. , , M, . .fa lf? 321:21- .aiiw -.w11".g.:- ,, 1-if 'l ' -rv ' ,.,-ef' 2.1!',aa' ,ae p ig X . , err' ' 2' ""- t 1 .1 we 3 S 1 I 5 it Emu QQ rf-Ei' A g 1 3, 5' ' be rg, 1-,?l'f" 'ig 55, 'fi ' Q 450 tg ft we . fp, 4.1 , , , H as. f.. nv, , ,W Q 1 Fx -wW,:wQ , J Y' 4- v f ew ., Alexander, Peggy Allen, Betty Anderson, Virgil Armstrong, Jo Anne Audas, Donald Awbrey, Kenneth ilfi ' 4' ,I M? t fge -e- ssl! .4 J lv' iw , . . 'il , il' , , 14 e ' gi X S M f -rf W 4 ty f 1 f A 43, M Q 7. v:,....,,,,,.. in ,A V Q ig gg f- , X, , N ' K 'ft ,sf ,fi 'W J We 3 N f M 4 tiff, g S K ag- fx A . Y , f A W w Q a t tm, t ,. Q .1 -as .- -- fwiw if 1? we A W A ek ' i s Q ,, vi f ' ' " X -1 i 5' il N' ' t 1 Q 53 4-,ag we , an O 1 lm., .. at if , tv .gif ,ui is '9 A f -ff 58 ' at --,:" -ff " Q A V Baggett, Agatha B k ,L , 3 er con Center: Hi, Kids! These girls supplied the noise, the spirit, W 1 Q, t and the pep at the Rambler games this year. Dolores Brock, Berryhm' Lynda Ann Cooper, Marylue Watson, Betty Hogue, Ann Warwick, A and Dorothy Van Wormer wave at the camera man. On the l '4 52 I L J gg i right we have Mr. Lipscomb showing some distinguished visi- fl ' I is 'K tors around the school. These visitors are Dr. Herman Hew- W "1 J 5 son, Dr. John Carrol, and Luis' Torrejon. 1 l Say, we wantta play, too. Betty Messer, Katherine Morri- p Q - y . 1 w ggg i . son, Mary Ann Wdliams, and Delores Kimbrough play a Q. . gfQl1eg.f5Q p -fn quick game of basketball during third hour P. E. V , , -3 ' 1 . ,realy-,. 1 , f .. -,ang V ry, 92'??l'ff,Jf' ,. ,Q ---. .W ' ' ' 55" 'Hg' Blackburn, Royce ,S f A '--' - 1 ' Blakely, Harold ' "2Tf2'fT?'5a X fi fs.. Y f Y 4 Blalock, Lorraine A Bortzfield, Patsy Bradley, Mayme Brewer, Helen Brock, Jimm y Bryant, Hazel Burns, jimmy me uw" ., M., in g ii ' R . 1-- H .1 ' l'l'f'f :f v:, qyiio, , SS ,a- ., Q L ' ,g'W "' 3 717'-I' ,"i:i H . Ma , Q5 QE 1 52 Ml -sf ,4 ,A Y, ff AK mini gi 7' xx ff: f Q ,Nl Butler, Jimmy Campbell, Benny Campbell. Tex Cowan, Anita Cox, Billy Daniels, Leroy Davidson, james Dunlavy, Joyce Eggleston, Lucille English, Barbara Ford, Claudine Gage, Patsy Garner, Nadine Garton, Mary Gillespie: Janice Grantham, Lex Hall, Donna Halley, Sammy Harrell, Geleene Heard, Harry Hearnsberger, Mary Hennon, Barbara Hewitt, Doris Marie Hill, Juanita Holland, Cecil May Holloway, Virginia Hoob, Patsy Left: "Don't worry Tootie," consoles James Davidson as Billy Cox prepares to blow up the school. Center: Hope your books balance, chums. This is Mr. Blevins' fifth hour bookkeeping class. On the right we have some very indus- trious Juniors, Helen Purcell, Linda Dickenson, Carolyn Phillips, Mary Williams, Barbara Hennon, Janice Gillispie, Harry Heard, Eddie Smitherman, Betty Hogue, and Clau- dine Ford. Horn, Jimmy Horton, Vashti Jones, Robert Kelly, Pauline Kennedy, Charles Kuykendall, Elmo Landers, Joan Lcdbetter, Lynette Logsdon, Donald . 47 The picture on the left proves that English 3 must be pretty good after all said and done. Claudine Ford, Mary Ann Williams, Betty Hogue, Dorthy VanWarmer, and Harry Heard .seem to be enduring it. 48 Lovelady, Mary McCrary, Barbara McKaig, Calvin McMahan, Harry McMinn, Jimmy McRay, Roger Glenn Mainer, Alice Marsh, Dencil Minter, Dixie K O Mitchell, George Moore, John Musick, Melba Oliver, Patricia Pate, Melvin Patterson, Patricia Peace, Bobby Pee, J. C. Phillips, John The center picture proves that Mr. Pennington's typing 1 class is moving right along. On the right, Linda Whatlej strikes a cheerleader's pose for us. She is in fine form today don't you think. ' M V V-" ' ' " t , - -0 X ffl ',, JI' , -,w w ., ,Q ' ,- 32? f,5g.5,,1f H.15, ,g:i:2 pag e Am fr' ' i' - ,fffi e- ,' '- ,Q . if 5. fir P 6... an , S!!- , XY- ,a My fi aura ,gl wma mfg is 'gig 5 1 f if ,S Q 55 'S ri Phillips, Joyce Powell, Sue Ross, Zana Shott, James Slade, Mary Smith, Barbara Smith, James Smitherman, Freddie Smitherman, Eddie "I like Ike," exclaims Billy Cox as he campaigns for Eisenhower before the students vote for President in this year's election. Billy is a topnotch stump speaker. Stanfill, Wanda Stanley, James E Stephens, Chiquita Stewart, Margaret Stoker, Hughlene Stracener, Harry Stripling, Paul Tallent, jimmy Straight, Cynthia Taylor, jimmy Thompson, James D Townsend, Shirley Turner, Kenneth Valdetcro, Mary Waldron, Lloyd Walker, Lula Mae Warren, Mary Joyce Webb, Carol Ann Whatley, Linda Whitehurst, Patricia Williams, Martha Williams, Mary Ann Winn, Shirley Winn, Wayne Wright, Venoy Young, Robert , Q W A , .3 , ,if '3 f' Ql d it 4 ie N .... 2, y 'Ti L ., s --" atr M ,ff fu e., A, wg, ,gt ! ' 2 I ? I i wr , -4,1 ' g 52. ' At the left Benny Campbell searches for a high foul in one of the Bears' baseball games. The center picture shows "scientists" Sammy Halley, Rich Martin, Jack King, and Elzie Beard trying their hand at reading thermometers. At right shows another pert and pretty Bear cheerleader, Bar- bara Smith. W ,. ....,., Sophmore Class Officers f Rance Ca rr, President Jan !vey, Q 1 1 r Alfred Goodman, Secretary 5 ss X f KJ! ,gif Q, l he li'-3 .EV Arnold, Raymond Avant, Charles Baker, Eddie MM Q 6 p Q. up Q Barrow, Walter K jf B ' LHVL B ,, i Barton, David ,,,-"fi Q I i k M A ,, 'K ' A Ai i . L , 'e I Beck, EdW'IlI'd Q2 1. 44 if nrrn 7 B Bloom, Mike l " Mr. Williams serves Janell Lynn some juicy ristmas iiiii H iiiiii I in i B0zm:1n,Jamcs punch. Others enjoying refreshments are 's Kincaid Charles Sheppard, Mrs. Sheppard, Tommy oleman, L . . 1 W. jk Bradley, Johnny SQ' X, S lsifigifjgf' TWYFQX- ,- - X "How much more, Bobby?" asks Mr. Joh at aihom Branum 7 room Christmas party. Charles Sheppard an enneth Ne - ton look on enviously as Mrs. Sheppard urs pu h f r Bobby Ford. Brewer, aymond Brie , Paul if .l rock, Dolores of E Q Buckalew, Jack if f ws My 3,96 Ji BF RP Buie, James ,J Burns, Tommy Callahan, Betty 52 if wana Maberry, Bettie Reynolds and Maxin Barton. t X ' Q - Mg.: , "Q1: V'w-1' , 55 .-- ...., I , I , if if f 'I Q' ,sta C ii - A V ,, fffwi 1 ,, fl B 5 sf -eisf M x B' fi 4 if Q 'U .QA -1 2. .,.. V' ' v f- . - '-" gr. - . - 'WN Q .n ., A. . 1 441 it ri rf. Sify ' KJ ada Q I as , W j Left: Down boy, down, the teacher is watching! Miss Taylor's homeroom enjoys the homeroom Christmas party. Center: "XVow, what a party Mr. Greer throws," exclaims Billy Cox, jimmy Talent, George Mitchell, Alice Mainer, Paul Stripling, and james Thompson. Callahan, Bobbie Caraway, Billy Carr, Rance Castleberry, Patsy Chasteen, Jimmy Cody, Charles Cooper, Ann Davidson, Edward Davidson, Nancy ef sr ' ' 2: ' , La t . Y 5 r. m: .M1?' W A Y ,fs ..,, , .n,, ., I t wigs V ,sts i at . ' W Q' 'f N f ... I 1 1 ,-3, -:."" ' , V ,- .-1. 312 Q-f I-. ,. ,f+ .,:f L- -f--- A ' 92, ' i A Q e , L my W 4 K K K .5 . 'fin' .-314, W, an-, 3 , 1- Qw. '-It-1 F: is ' Y 5.3, ' fs iw Q ' Wa '- if Q X ,..L P .,,: b.:,L. . I ,xt we ,,w,H,5T,,k 31. ,ti ,, ,,, . F :,qiQ,5 g A. . YM i:?,f1ii:f.,im w ogg jk, n fi. , - V as , fn , sf .. s,,,5T,5,i , Ziff Y jar'-31.1 ' , - t s ,f R in . k f5 .,,nQ1j' ' .: x an :gj-,...,t'- . , 1 1 -V + ,. 4 ,. t M- -Mm ., -awww? s . - My : Q. Eg. .- - -an ' 'kis s x .. W Y wifi? ., '-jfs , iwsig nzzf ' .5 , -' kills' W . 'f K 1' 4- aria, 71.3 . 5 pg- .f I vfgfiffr teh 'f xg gr W x, gy, ,, Y 5 ,wi f Ai' 'A :rapt , iii a 'VJ , -n - : X :iam-'f 1 ' - 7 ff .- 3 wfs,:sf-Q f,,a ,4-f :st . w w , - ' s- Arai' A :wifi we 'W 2. 'wg K 'if-, Q New A ' . af, 1,,'f : an f .- Q, r A534 Q 3 f',vf2,'25is' f n -1- t , GAR f ' nag' 5ii3l5 "' .i3'f 'f - 4. " ff'--ff-It 'yi Q aida .1 . vs -x -1 . ig- J-4555, - - W 5 tags .se 's -fa, if iiiys Nag? ni' Dean, Vernon Dickinson, Linda Dunnavant. Leroy Early, John Echols, Elizabeth Edwards, Max lirwin, Rose Marie Farrar, jimmy Fields, W'illie Right: Bong! Oh Joy! Hot Dog! Surprise Package! "Shame," says Marcia Dee Cain as Ronald Hoenig, Edward Powell, Jimmy Kendell, Rose Wilson, and Charles Hays look on as Billy Shipp gets a Christmas present from June Johnston. 53 Goodman, Alfred ' " 1 ' fi F55 3 5+ , c LQ: 1 5 HHYHCS- NCI-1 , A. H H .- .... . - f 5 .. " Ml V ll""'ftlf'lf' w ' or 'i fi? Y 1 2 13: ANNE. !1'wlfl:k.llWfli ,. Q I ' W ' Hewitt, Helen V, Q . . U, 'Q Af Y Hillier, Don ' fi FM , I f A' L ' Hoguc, Betty f I H' , if frfquwf f, ' : fi A f fl e f f W tl . f' " f5't'?i: 5 . 5552 Wil' L2 ff! it , L . Holsapple, Marilyn - fi 1' A g.,, . , Q1 Y s Hunt, Jo Ann l .. QW. fsimgg J R E , zVk'V'3f?.,,R t ? l i f ? e - IVCY, IGH .. ..., - , K yuan , '-A' ' f A pf it 4 sz - M it 'rf l l s l l r l r I P F r v I . l V v in 953 Jil 'I ,V J' f up On the left we have Mr. Kearns crashing Mr. Johnsonis Christmas party, Looks like good eats, eh! Center: One- two - three -- four - Congo, goes Charles Hays, Jimmy XVilliams, June Johnston, Billy Shipp, George Stancell, Ron- ald Hoenig, Marvin Reynolds, Jimmy Kendell, Rose Wil- son, Charles Simms, and Rance Carr at Mrs. Neale's home- room party. ' Right: Uh, huh, Wayne! Linda likes her hair long. Jeanette Shipp and Glenda Wilson are real happy because teacher is gone. I J 5 4 - , Jett, Jesse Earl Johnson, Charles Jones, Jnnettal Jones, Philip Jordan, David Lee, H. D. Lee, Nanc, Lilley, Kay Lively, Shirley . -. " T' sai L 1!iff5'-7 -. M5 Q , i t ., , if .. a ges.: .. w:'ffaQij,,3W rim ,- ,.jy1::gf4,. JS" ' "W, bmi, f ' ii '53 , . ii, Hai , 'ji 'g,I,jf3'.T?1.: ' :, . Q , 'f Y E, ..,,,,, Z i ..,. ?. .,., pf 5 fer- 'Z,'i..1,-Q, 53' fx' 2. . .Q' , 1.31, 'ni' .., - ' ., fi' iff! 'z iii we : -of -me Tr ai - W :f 'is Q 'Cf E 1,4 I 'ai 'il r i Lloyd, David ' ckwood, Howard Loven, Wayne McKain, Carolyn McNutt, George lMaberry, Billyl Massey, jerry Meade, Martha Mills, Billy ---M -'--- -'---n-pu-.-w- ...........- i, Ilb, " '.1, i QEXQIS35 75 ., H d' -, o1y'I ,, ,y .M "" ' - . --"' 2' V ,fly -:,.' V 2 Y , B xi? L '- " 1 Q V 3 Y' 1 gif' - If ' if 5 1, A K 2 i g . 2- T nf Q 11361525 f 1 l l , is , ft' , A Left: No, tl1ey're not shooting dice Johnson's new Christmas rabbit. Kenneth ! i 1 ei" I i l? Q.. li I E C' t P ef W P. Wi? x Barton, Elzie Beard and Bettie Reynolds t 4 6 ,.,.. Q I ,.,.b g 'J ' a ' ,.:- ' . " ' s .-.- i X, ,K A -5,2 J . M tg.: ., eb- l. -.-- - 4? , if Q., M Y ,A S ,gr l ff f X31 'Q-. fi ii lii, will Mitchell, Sally Moon, Bobby Moore, Grady Moore, Hulan Moreland, Carolyn Nixon, jerry Ann Owens, Bobby Owens, james Pace, Janice The center picture shows Betty Reynolds, Charles Shep- pard, Mr. Lipscomb, and Miss Kincaid enjoying refresh- ments at a homeroom Christmas party. Right: Say Linda, is that the joke about the little rabbit lost in the woods that you are laughing about? 55 1 1 Aww -sw Y Ahh-ABQAMM-W V i x up time at the band contest are some Having a of the and their frien MN QQ lx we l Gb w xt . SRNJVK-a 56 Sew Perkins, Wilmer Phillips, Carolyn Pope, Betty Proctor, Juanita Pursel, Helen Roberts, Kay Rogers, Betty Russell, Gail Sanford, Billy Sasser, Yanema Sharp, Bennie Smith, Gloria Smith, Oleta Speir, Aleta Spradlin, Kenneth Stansell, George Stegall, Travis Stewart, Sue George Mitchell Bill Gilliam Shirley Winn Kay Rob erts, and jerry jones look with smug satisfaction at the other bands at contest L 1 Left: .f'They made a first," say bandsters Delores Kim- brough, Carolyn Moreland, Jeanetta Jones, Oleta Smith, and Janice Pace. Center: In the shuffle a hire Oak jacket got mixed in among the G. H. S. ion Four March- ing Contest. A Stone, Richard Swain, Beverly Turner, Phyllis Turner, Weldon Tuttle, Bert Van Wormer, Dorothy Vernon, Billy Walker, Edward Warwick, Ann Watson, Marylue Webb, Darwin Wells, Billy Wilcox, Mary Lou Wiseman, Betty Suited and ready are Carolyn Moreland and Delores Kim brough for their part in the annual band contest. I . 'fi , ,a-r- W ' fl, f.- . 57 Gene Blankenship, President Q Gene Gillispie, Vice-President 58 Freshman Class Officers I i ,, is 7 Frances Keshner, Secretary Allen, Clyde Applegate, Orvel Arrington, Dora g as 1 ! ' , gn ,. . M, - f B ,, ,L , .,,, i 1 W, V A ml ,. H , W A -Q--W. , , ,era - . , , N I, - ,, .' " -' -' ei w ig A . f Ii f xl. ,a - , ' 15 Wffffaf . -' X7 g B . W Y , 5 ' -fl' I 'W :X - ' . N f '35 :,5:f-:1gfi'.,' "1 ,9 Ma-f' A ' J. A- ,. - ff f -fx -1 if a i , A , 1 'A,l f f , f 237 ' PM 'B' 5 f " 'Q' 3 an if . Q, r N l r rf. tl, an Q , 159 'G 'ill s Q Q e s if ..f,1'4" t if Jr 1 , B 'Q '22 5 Arrington, O'Neal - Atkinson, Martha 34 is-.Q k if . 5 Bell, Myrle ,,rf?ifi li Q V i' if r i , sf.-fi f e I K as 1 Y ii E K -j A' 4 - iz l , ,L0..w -Rif f ' ii 3 Blackman, Doris .. ,V . . ,.,. , .. Blackwell, Jerry ii 6 -i' 4' , " A - The picture at the left shows the match of the year. Bl3i1',Cl3f3 L gh I ,,,., V Strong football boy .versus stronger beauty. Watching this A ' ' """ Q grueling match between Charles Simms and Betty Wood ' , ,g i V X are Jean Goar and Charles Hays. ,I Q I I g K - X A t '.-, . " pg im., 'Ji if ' if 'J Q ' it igig .Q is i ' 3 gp- 11, Y A I ,Ag ii .' J I in I My ,aff N .,-.-. ,S V g Q ' Na g gnqgg 4, M gifs lhixgrv X Q I, W 1 - W hxiffggag ,vgfig 1 ' H fn - AXLYLK it!!! 'lux .. is i'ilQps5EfJ! fyv .2 ,ai ikxslwm '24 , ,A ., J . ' B mv . if t i by .,,, . - Blalock, Wanda Blankenship, Gene Bond, Betty Brewer, Jerald Briggs, Roy Briggs, Troy Brock, Linda Brown, James Buckelew, Shirley At the right we have some industrious students trying to figure where's what on the map. Claude Eddy, Molly 'I-lammer, Craig Keoun, and joe Craig all try their luck. 59 ,,.,. . , V J , fi: .ar A 4 A ya. Q s wr 'if Nc r ' f . fam? 36, Q .L 'VM :E -5. i Q, F A4 . B A - q 232 F ' ifgiifgfi' ",., I' ,Q -i 1 . . iiiaiw. ' , .:"'.. V ,- . 4 K '15, ' if " if "5-.1 ' , if '57 ----"L 2 1 Se mi E S M, - In X i .,..,m, K ur , A if wi Q ,QI t tum i 14- , K 2 M : up gf N N , g lu , .V ' L wx ' I f . W. I ,ye M - 33. f fJ'.l1iZ:"i3il ii- " Burns, Karel E Butler, Rosie Church, Deloys Connally, Jerry Cooper, Bobby Crawford, jo Ann Crump, Zelma Duncan, Edwina Dennard, Alma F -5, Center d ' h ' S Cl l . 2 , I ,iw an rig t. tampe e. Schools out. These happy " f ' we students are headed home for sixteen hours of well earned rest. This familiar scene takes place every afternoon at G.H.S. Hugh Radney, jane Watson, and Charles Simms, come from school after being paroled for the night. 5f0 V w Edwards, Jack Erwin, T. C. Farmer, Billy Farmer, Bobby Ford, Robbie Lym Ford, Robert Frederick, Roy Free, Kenneth Fuller, Iris Mae Q . yrs if. W, 'Ke l ' , ' W3 554 all u s - lv ,,. , 4 if J x X " 2 1 1 , ,Q . M g 0, r- Q K 'ff ,R A , - pf 2 fi A M4 .' :,':,:-5' 1 s 'IJ g va- F Q 'Q n O , .sssf gg fr ,C , ,Sires I J .l'j,,,rM'U X Xx- .. L iff ,I I, All theQC6:s are really enjoying this swell banquet t own in their favor from their most ardent supporters, the epper-Uppers. Gage, Maderson AE XM i , ,. , ... 'Nd 5 ,N 'gj Gaines, Carolyn Galbraith, Lawrence in Gibbons, Merritt rj! if? ', Gilliam, Jackie Gillespie, Gene 4 t fa ii Green, Mary Lou , V X if I WW -,,,...-- -He ,...? ,,..,, I 1 Qvl -,gi : gy Gfez-zg,J0CD0f1 , Q. Q M Gregston, M Ky' . A , '-, K g i ii: ' 4 . fi 1, a U fi A X X 1 a B N X X ' M , , it ,ia , 4 a M, Z. Q V lbw- ' 7 X- Zi AJ , ' , 1 ' ur sg ., me ,, 'ef' if x ' fi 'wig of ,.-. 51. , I 1: f f F Y 4 ' 'T f 4 F 2? f K ff 1 f it Q A af Q Self I s 3 ,Q i, 3 5 W..- 1 ,slew , L ff i if ii H V Y Y W x - ax - EE I fi wiv! fff,g'iT:r, ..,e Nu 1 n - - --L- 5 " - ,, , 1 fs,-"ff 4: .:ffw'1"f'J--f- 52 + -' -ef' . K . W W iiii i ii j .1 ,cz semi 'mp .,,., .1 V A .lf '. - ff 'i gi ,, A , , ..,. 1 i Brevely Sregall, pert and pretty Cub Sweetheart, is all smiles after being crowned at the annual Cub Banquet given each year by che Pepper Uppers. Ann McMillain, Gene Blankenship, Troy Briggs, and Patty Overman all smile and congratulate the new sweetheart. . Harper, Neil Harrell, LaVerne Harris, Bobbie I larris, Marvin Henrnsberger, Geraldine Heidelberg, Mary june Hendrickson, Harold Hill, Max Hogue, Ruby V61 w e VL i 2 -v.-..,,.,...-.. W Y, Y,,,Y V V V .QQ Q2 embers of the faculty as well as the the5Cubs enjoy the Banquet. Uppers and for the Cub S 1 1 House, Glenda jenkins, Hamilton r Johnson, Edward P Jones, Bobby jones, Jerry Jordan, Kenneth Kennedy, Bobby Kesner, Frances Kimbrough, Dolores Say, everyone is all smiles at this occasion. Hope you Cubs -get just as good a banquet next year. Kuykendall, Frances Laster, Cecil s A P' Laster, LaRita League, Bobby' Liedtke, Fred Lilly, Bill Logsdon, Myra Lowe, Johnny McGee, Jo Ann ,fgffrl1S?iA.lxS0Fi'f1FF9'l - S ff fr .Q 1 ,Qi wf -v-- iv- gzi- , ' ee.-,H ai a K f l I.-, i i.. 55555 2 .::-: A 1133 E ., , i, Q 4. 1 su ..- ., ..... - .- McGuyer, Howard McMillian, Ann McRay, Marquis Mackey, Bert Marshburn, Peggy Martin, Philip Matthews, Joyce Moore, Jennie Lou Moreland, Betty Ann '- ' ,gl Aldkmirin David Lloyds decorated cast are Betty Wood, A Jewel Smit , Billy Shipp, and Jean Goar. Too bad, David, ij you s u 'ave had a cheesecake picture drawn. . Ly - . 1 N . , I ., . On the left we have Mr. Howard explaining that green persimmons are not exactly habit forming to Linda Dick- son, John Early, Rose Wilson, Bobby Jones, Bebe Caldwell, !Marylyn Holsapple and Marylue Watson. E Mortimer, Judy ' Mueller, George v l 1 rl I Musick, Calvin A , Qligfi , ,, ,,,,..,,. , 3 11, jlykjzz,-1 K 'giggle . ' ' . 15 y ' '- 1 it 1 Q 115,41 i jg, . 1 1" ------ . S 1 ' - - - 'Wi .,., 551: ' 1 iii , .1 1' Nevels, Virginia ff J ,Z 45, 3 ' oder! Grady S ,.-..- 1 Z' .. ' ' 1 lg ze 5 ...,. if 1 g , 1 Overman, Patty 2 Owen, Rose Ann W Page, Patsy Parcher, Sherry ' 6 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'OI 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . .1 "First come, first served," explains Martha Meade as she pours punch at the Christmas social. 6,4 Parnell, Henry Parnell, Jesse Perkins, Bertha Phillips, Mason Porter, Jerry Price, Lorene Rankin, Sam Reeves, Billy Jack Roberts, Billy On the right is another picture of the same scene. In line We have Jackie Levritt, Agatha Baggett, Gene Branum, and Jeanetta Jones. Roberts, James Roe, Alice Rose, Sue Dell Sharp, Travis Sherwin, Bill R ShiPP, Phyllis X Simms, Fred Smith, Carrie Mae Smith, Dean ,l , 1 . ,u .,... . 4, ----: .fi A 3' T ,gil Q2-73? . A align. a El. Smith, George Smith, Patsy Southern, Bob Stanley, Travis Stansell, Martha Stcgall, Brcvcly Stegall, Wanze Stracener, Leland Sublett, Gearron 1 l Thompson, Joe Thompson, Marvin Tracy, Marilyn Traughber, Syntha Turner, Quilla Valdetero, Paul Verner, C. I.. Waller, Laura Sue Watson, Sharolyn Right: Say this IS the first time w,e have seen after school because she wanted rf Must be because of ,Gene Blankenship Watts, Martha Wells, Carolyn XVelton, Lon White, Billie Jane l Willis, Sandra W'illiams, Donald Wfilliams, Patricia XVilliams, Ronald Wiseman, Barbara ! . 8 1 "Muscles,' Sanford, strong man at the circus, displays his strength by lifting balloon weights. Bobo seems as amused as does Sanford himself. o enior mquets ever give in G H S are Martha Vaughn MIFL Sttwut, "V 0t'S going on," exclaims the clown, alias Royce Blnekburnt during the program presented during thc Junior Senior Ban uct Th' ' h Martha Meade ls serv M G h I . U- q . is years t cme centered around Word, Charles Yates, Bobby Younce, jack the circus. if Eighth Grade Class Officers Carol Ivey, becrera ry Claude Eddy, President w1.., Mary Bland, Vice-President .KU r ,Q X-., I i H g :Lu . ,, 1: .. , as . ig ,fi 2 Lg . Q e if is rg , ,,,: E L QA 5 Z.. . ff ,ts L Y K. , , . - ' f. --.- ' -1 ' 1 W :,. . -- viii? X A' if FJ! , .ffm-is - I I 15,g.i,,,Ig I ,. 3 3 'Bi 'QW V 'Q ,115 -1 ,. Q ' . 'J ' 0' re 3, t - 1 ,A-Tin: f .L ,,:l A , 1 - f . . f , .. , I Now what can they be cooking with Oxydol? Mrs. Pines, Virginia Holloway and Joyce Dunlevy cook up something in Homemaking. Our center attraction is Anita Cowan, Gretchen Hackett, and Kathryn House enjoying a tea in the Homemaking Room. 'fe x ." ' - ij 91 Is- , . Auclas, F. D. Avant, Jay Bates, Dorothy Beck, Homer Best, David Bland, Mary Bouknight, Barbara Bowles, Geneva Ann Bowles, Michael Strong man Bobby Doonan demonstrates how to bend a Brannen, Sue Ann Branum, Eugene Brewer, Flav Burns, Patty Caldwell, Jimmy Cansler, Kathryn Cary, Larry Charles, Dempsey Cowan, Joan QW 2 lbw 4 : :I 419 'fun 'Nad' 51 'W If S- K f F U 3 K- 2115 'x l' if ,, . e A A ' " E' ga, -.- : H, , 5 1 ,, ..,' Q ,i ' :i it 7 W ,Ig : . 1,552 M , E A it , -j:,.,,. aa ' - ,fb , a . 'lily .. S-- 'Z 5-5. ' T , -, , ' gr,..,..I."' ' ,V ::" A ,as ,Ms ,.,,, , r we .... re :-V.-1::v:eg,:: . Sar a , yy 5 V r 'gf ge 'hu "- - F-ez . .' if -4 .M 1 -1 mm up--uv v hx 'Dsl 4 1 A .... , X -ff A , R . ., ,,- W . , r If X I K 4 if X 'X 'Q , K A Hi ca These ghlg Zana Ross and Ikey McKnight, are baking Dailey, Claude Davis, Charles Dean, Ann Earp, Donis Eddy, Claude Elkins, Lloyd Ellis, Carlton Garner, john Gilliam, Bill clay pigeons, pardon, clay dishes in the art departments Golden, Peggy little oven. Graham, Johnny Gray, Bobby im Haire, Loretha Hamilton, Jimmy Hammer, Molly Harrell, Raymond Harroff, Verdena Cub Cheer- leaders, Martha Stansell, Kay Moody, Mary Ann Williams, Patty Overman, Luwilda McKaig, and Alma Lou Dennard. 3 if ' 70115 " vm er 3155 life it 9 mass, :j ar r D 1 9 35 rx is t Y Q , . J Ar i. Q11 X. sniff '-3' HartleY, Marvin if .-if-1 z I 4 yen, -','. .'.,' ' I.,I. Ei? 1, '41, ea T E r .-.,,, lim glfw-f , , 4 xl 4 'Qi' fi " . Hearrell, Charline Henley, Freddie Hennon, Bill Hewitt, Lewis Hill, Charles F 'life' ' Hoguweffv y sf. : in ,fi - fc, 5 f, -f E y gs 2 W ...W .i f sie? A' A 5 i X V ,, Holloway, Madeline ji , fi 'LI Y I Q' - 5 . V Ivey, Carol 5 Q M-:Q ' T' Jackson, Emma Lou 1 gf Scmliiaig rlmc Ben to Cleburne this uovsd iclll " ' 'V Ag. lull they pop. Thi t only outside pep rillx xu lin 1 4 I 0 ws Y L, ll 1. A I," I ff Ox ,Xmlmilx Qui .1 lU.llL'll, L'XLl.lllNN SlxCClClA .ls lux Nil' A 1 6 , livrlxlull, mil .Xlli Nluo1'ccx.1xmm' lllL' lmlxulslmull ful. kg, .,., . , vo gf- r Johnson, Donna Johnson, Gayle Johnson, Jerry johnson, Juan Eve Johnson, Wayne Jones, Jerry Kendrick, Joan Keoun, Craig Lianders, Dolores ..., ,. iii? .:. :5,.., 12.-1' F3 , , -'- 'El if' ef .3-': ,msg s :miss at .. 3 fg it 73:75 '-':12:::e .. mjggggggg .Qs-Q.. . Q, . ' , gl ' se iw . A44 an 'P , Q 3 ww .Lb Wm? V ii 1 wi ,fi ,nb 5 A w ,Q Q X 5' f'v?1,.,:n....,....,, .,,., ., Sw Q E: R' if 5 Q fsmiwl . V :4zfyq5e?Sg:i N - - ::!,,f:p,gi ef- iflisisszsszfw www eww giixgaiijzwi V 'ww' " ' lzzrszswf , U29 Uiiirgzwgw X Mggw .- 1, i .wllixiz .. ie. 1 ---- 2: wage: ' ' ..... K H ,wg Kumi. ,, .. . m. g. w,,g,,,,, . Q-w,.wgn. ... .:..,:- H A 542525231 - 1 , 5 J V WmmwvimiilwssWwfgsgsW ,: 3 1" Qziisifmgsegev-w?w3?5i?'w,2mSra ,,..,,4 eww Mwwv: W ww ...:::.. V 4: :S-.:..-ff, ..,..., 4. .smslww .fWw,g,g .... , .... 1 Lane, Shirley Lewis, Joy Wm Lovelddy, Marvin ,fiffii ..,. ,kgs Q2 , 1 r ,W he , McCullough, Liiida McKaig, Luwilda McKenley, Luther A S McKnight, Ikey A L . if Marsh, Thomas g i l i fg h K? 'zlz Z 'Q gf -Crash! Crack! Wow that was close !' These facial expres- Massey, John -'-s 2 -1 ' . sions of Charles Davis and David Julain would win the if i e "' 5 ----i 3 . - 'Q '- r L . 1 r 'W academ award as Johnn Re an neatl cl1 s hls targets V,n, 1 Z as j Mf r .., Y Y 8 Y P .1,,V,,, W. V, ,V ,, , H 1 , , - - , -:- : ,ea ---- wefiiwlefffrfgf ' nf' '- fr : -. - -f with a black snake whip. V V . - A - ---- X if i Jh is,.,i 1 f'e'ie 5 l l . .,... .. Money, Ben 5 A ,if Moore, Betty Moore, Charles Wayne Moore, Mary Arm Moossy, Robert Murph, Carol Nations, Danny Newell, Danny '71 1 1 2 4 3 4 ' 1 l l l 4 i l l 1 1 l l l 4 l l 4 l Nixon, Joe David Osteen, Dick Pace, Billy Payne, Janice Pearson, Jeanette Phillips, Shirley Pikes, Harold Plant, Clifford Pope, Wilson Thomis Roberts, one of the D. I-I. students, works every! tiny from 1:45 until closing time .it K. XV0lens department store. Billy Slierrud sliows an interested customer il shirt in RI. C. Penney's while working in L'0I1I1L'CliOfl with the Dis- tributive Education program. Best ul' Luck on your sales- mnnship Billy and Tlionmsl Prater, Virgil Puckett, Glenda Read, Doyle Rinehart, Kathryn Roberts, James Robertson, 'Robert loe,I.L. loglnnd. Rose, joretu Shepperd, Jane Sherrod, Wayne Shockley, Hepler Sims, Patsy Skelton, Jeannie Smith, J. W. Snow, Neil Stilwell, Sidney Tesrerman, Paula Qn the left we have David jordan and Billy Mills in the last stages of building some mighty fine tables. .Iuicing her up for the big test are Jerry Jones, Howard McGuycr, and Claude Daily. I V - -zri li , in T l in ,ei V, :EE , Thompson, Gai Thompson, James Thompson, Sally Townsend, Ray Tiammel, Jean Turner, Gloria Uselton, Carol Van Houton, Maxey Van Houlsl, Walter Vernon, Simon Walker, Charline Welborn, Bruce Wells, Randy White, jerry Whitlock, Jerry Williams, Roy Willoughby, Zelda Winn, Janis First stage second stage, and third stage' of making copper plates are demonstrated by Chiquita' Stephens, Joyce Dunlevy and Mary Townsend. Yates, Annette Youngblood, Doris James Crouch. President r John Wilkins, Vice-President i Seventh Grade Class Officers Keechie Gary, Secretary These lively looking bunches participated in the eighth grade operetta. It was a swell show kids! Applegate, Grady Atkinson, joe Attaway, Hollis Audas, James Avant, Janola Avant, Martha Barnett, Sue Ann Berry, Ralph Blackwell, Roy .6 42 -we - X zai tg Q A Qs- ez? A 5: H 5, s WMF ,ax-N 15' a ,za 'Q' W? ,M s Ak . ' " la, . . ,Em ,W Q 3 , as A f 5 mf 4 11 ' Q 4 I V .. , - e g . : - ' ' S F QE Q M 2 5- raw as ef J aff we i' A R in 6 Q ' wa , WAP. .H if ff' gn l Blair, Robert Blalock, David Bond, Darlene Boyd, Ray Edward Breeden, Claudette Brewer, Jacqueline Callahan, jerry Cannon, Glenda Croley, Thomas Crouch, james ' E , Crutcher, Glenn ' 062' r "W r A Dickinson, Philip if ' ' Q A' Ps ln. 5 R Don Carlos, Elois Duncan, Yvonne Dunlavy, Sandra Edwards, David Edwards, Judy Evans, Minnie ,,,, mp NU ii ,ki 1 ,X , F 'FA x '. Q M K " ' ' w?1'i'l':ifZif5'Ll,1q , wwf, ,p,H. .. . , K .. ., Jr ,225 X ig R an 1 , 4. ML HL? in J V Q ' ' fppyg 'tinker fiat a 'X ff ,Sig 23 8 1i'?EEa1,1f1,:,:ar2w ' Eta ga ' gggizgy r w g? 42? 12 n , l if A f if A w i," , ' Q iw ' ' .. - 5:45 5525 "i.v"f.1 F' i 'ffl' i V , . af . . :J I Q watt czzfaimg, if f f, Folwell, Doris Fowler, Amos Gage, Eleanor Annette Gaines, Robert Galbraith, Ernest Garner, James Gary, Keechie Gray, Lou Ann Clark, Clifton , 7 Ann sez? Y tx 3 iii 4 er Biff it 3 if On the left Benny Campbell, Paul Stripling, and Bobby Peace are working hard trying to prove Pythagoras wrong. Center: Jimmy Leach, Vashti Horton, and Mr. Dawson work on our famous Bear Facts. Let's frame this one on the right! We caught Katherine Morrison and Martha Wil- liams studying. fOur mistake - signing annuals.j '77 g .,., 3 ,fa Gullet, Jeffrey Haigwood, Mary Haire, Wanda Harroff, Glenna Havens, Geneva Hawkins, Susan Haynes, Frank Hays, Patrick Hewitt, Anna 'The Rambler cheerleaders Dorothy Van Wormer Betty .I-Iogue, Ann Cooper, Dolores Brock Ann Warwick and Marylue Watson really put on the smiles during the Home coming Parade. Shirley Hammer, jean Wlaldron, Jane Watsoni, and Bar- bara Smith represent all the cheerleaders in the big Home- coming Parade. Our center attraction is the Big Bear of Bearland furnished by Jack Yates for the Homecoming Parade. '78 Hightower, Claedeth Hill, Geraldine Hill, Horace Hill, Patsy Hogue, George Horton, Hila johnson, Carl Johnson, Myra Johnson, Patty rm. f' L Wxgpr' e x 1' if 55 gag v -'f 0 , l .Q f-V. '41, .f' i ,gf . ,Q e . 1... a ,rg as , is Q if A, Jones, Gary Jordan, joe Mack jordan, Victor Kelly, Glenn Kirbo, Patrick Krumm, jimmy Kyles, Frances Leach, Bobby Leacls, Barbara . ' i ,....., '1""', : M I is '1 . if X 2.-r .,f.afs:'g.-qi, -.gui if gtk - Lee, George Linn, Donald Lloyd, Sadie Lorentzen, Gail McChesney, Robyn McClennon, Keith McGee, Charles McKay, Robert McRoy, Clidia f ,V , af "tp, I H ix., , L. a ,G K . yt 'Xb Q22- H K' it s' Q 5 ig Mics' 'f . '5 .,. a .K w 5, l V4 1 im e e G .G '2,... :w h L ii ffgs S' Hr ac i553'?il'i5ii Dalit e aS112f5mtfm1- Last but not least by far in our Homecoming Parade we find our 1952 Football Sweetheart, and Homecoming Queen, Miss Betty W f 01 This is the scene rc the inales in tne house left their chairs. Joyce " xy" Dunlevy sings her famous- torch song during thc entertainment provided during the Junior- Senior Banquet. '79 si T 6 4 Y ? 'T A .Y JAM .. ' vi iw W A ' fx , II' 1? Marsh, Freddie Martin, W. L. Maberry, Phyllis Meade, Mary Midler, Stanley Miles, Alton Minter, Marion Minter, Tommy Mitchell, Don P' Center: "Get up off the -floor you lazy critter," exclaims Mayonnaise to Locamose alias Frank and Howard Duna- gan while doing a black-faced skit in assembly. On the , right we have two more dancers of the East Texas Revue, Marylue Wfatson and Tommy Coleman. v- l Mitchell, Larry Money, Herbert Moon, jane Moore, Robert Myers, Thomas Neal, Patsy Parrot, Troy Pate, Donna Perkins, Danny -:Htl '53 Mila' X- .. 3-. .' ,el We lv gm 3, wifi ii all ' W .. m'SfQ.f Nl Q, 5? 27 Q- .,,, : .. -"' 1 W5 5 r Q, Jw' N., 'M ,gif t- ,,.. .. V 4 7 5 J K ,hi . I A . Q s V , -"" f ' ffm? fa --"' 'L ' e . fgiiiai t . '33, Qs W V' A 3-'N V ' '4'z2:.:Q., 80 ' Q ,Q , My ,J , 1 -i 1? g, A ii! i N, -Q93 W .v-'F' , ,r 'N 'L A Q V' ' V' f ' I ,Q Q . XY, 4 ,Q W4 Mu., ii Perkins, Opal Philbrick, Linda Pickerell, Patricia Pittman, Edward Porterfield, Patsy Pullin, Barbara Randolph, Linda Rasberry, James The cutest bunch of girls we know are those who run Roe, Shirley for Halloween Queen each year. These pretty misses are Keechie Gary, Mary Bland, Myrle Bell, Dolores Brock, Shirley Winn, and Jean Waldron. Center: Congratulations I Peggy and Marcia on making the National ,Honor Miss Campbell hands Marcia her pledge ribbon jimmy Brock explains the ballot sheet to Jewel Smith Rogers, Billy as the students get ready to go to the polls in November to vote for President. Rose, Darlena Russell, Freddie Jean Sawyer, Kenneth Slack, Janice Sorrells, Thomas Stephens, Etta Mae Stevens, Trecia Stilwell, Glenda 81 ur .- - "f " ., S , M.. v., , ,I Stone, Jerry s, ,, .. - K .., ' Stone, Loretta , E52 awww, ,iw Ea, . , 521, is Stoner, James wkH.,V I 7 i U 5 v Stow, Martha Stracener, Nancy Straight, Diana Strong, jerry Threadgill, Patricia xii Tracy, Philip Another group showing off their trophy is Mr. Water's Seniors on the basketball team, David Julian, Jerry Lan- merpr, Neal Williams and Sherman Kennedy. 0 CU., Bobby Kennedy and Troy Briggs show off the hard earned Cub basketball trophy taken at the Longview tournament. Center: "Lucky Teddy" is surrounded by the Cub Cheer- leaders, Martha Stansell, Kay Moody, Mary Ann Williams, ' K ' Patty Overman, Luwilda McKaig, and Alma Lou Dennard " Trent Harry A E . 12? e lj ,, ,jg -' X, 7 , 1. i. Q, wif?-A 1 , ,Q . J 5 A ,gy I , f' Valdetero, Alice f' W Vaughn, Judy Walker, John 1 X Walker, Norman D Waller, Harold , Watson, Alfred 3 0 Watts, George i as a I 9 in Wilkins, John p 5 Q is Williams, Mary Ann ' ' ' N .,i i ' 2 :- -5s: : ' i' -V si X553 P Wood Woodrow A 'W at A' i . ' e . 1 ' n e'-'i f '-.' 1 ,L lags ff, - X. ' , "W f:aaiii,fe 2 Yarbrough, Joe ' A ' M W S my Q. K A Y Marc Stewart Mr. GHS4 I - - magnetism in blue jeans . . . beefsteak and lemon meringue pie . L . youth fired by ambition! torch . . . mahogany desks and fishing rods . . . Q QA.g,r,.-...Mm ,, J an? Waldron iss GHS --family picnics in the park .' . 2 birthday cake with pink icing . . . colored balloons at the fair . . .yel- lo gaudy curtains and hair ribbons . . . ff W v - nn nm, , .lean C-oar Most Popular Girl - glamour with a tomboy streak . . . a chevvy, honking at a Cadillac . . . rendezvous with excitement . . . the changing moods of gypsy music . . . V Jerry Don Lancaster ,Most Popular Boy - hometown boy with a party line , , youth behind a "don't disturb" sign . . . stolen kisses in the dark . . . a frank flirtation . . . .4 A em ,.:.,,,L V 1, , flglrsgg, X 'i ' Q' Gretchen 55' Linda Hackett Most Beautyul - torch song by moonlight. . . champagne and caviar . . . rubies on black' velvet . . . invitation to romance . . . Neal Williams Most Handsome - varsity dreamboat . . . casual invitation to adventure . . . sentiment with a wisecrack . . . suaveness of Valentino . . t. Jimmie Horn Cutest Boy - romance at a masked ball . . . Robin Hood in a turtleneck sweater . . . . magnetism in the rough . . . midnight rides and convertibles . . . Shirley Hammer Cutest -Girl - a china doll in gingham slacks . . . pink and white bonbons in a crystal bowl . . . youth meeting life on its own terms . . . chintz apron and hot rolls . . . Jimmy Williams Personality Boy - the boy next door, home from college . . . hero at the corner drug store. . . a rus 1 . . . romance with a raincheck . . . t'c cabin in the woods .lane W'atson Personality Girl - cashmere sweaters and strawberry sodas . . . a cloudless summer day . . . bubbles and baseball . . . spangles and exclamation points . . . . -V5 - .--.,mf-- -.-- v - i-. ., , Y .. .L- U' O77 JT' ky? ,iffy A Welvlfgx VK 692133 Mt 1 I .f V1 E 1 N les' ,lr djs' QQ cz at mf. a r quilts. .. 3 jg. O bg M9 RJ 1 1 ff! if f if Charles Sheppard W'ittiest Boy I -- laughter m the heat of d g conform1st gxvmg hfe the shock treatment P P 1 onajukebox... , f' - ,ff . 1 1 1 1 1 f 1, 11 ,ff 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 E 1 1 1 1 1 34 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,LJ Peggy Bozman Most Likely to Succeed - Eve, singing a lullaby . . . carnival night in Venice . . . level-eyed sentimentalist . . . twinkling stars in the midnight sky . . . Malcolm Davis, Most Likely To Succeed -- intelligence and intrigue . . . determined indiviclualist . . . the lord of the manor . . . firm hands on the reins of life . . . 90 l David Lloyd Most Athletic Boy - dynamite with a slow fuse . . . steel girders against a Manhattan skyline . . . shoulder pads and headgear . . . stone Walls and Placid suns . . . Joyce Mcliachern Most Athletic Girl -determination cloaked in humor.. mischief with an understanding heart . . . basketball and con densed energy . . . ballerina evening gown and white lace . . ,, , Glenn Gaines Most Courteous Boy corduroy and loafers . . . the glow of the pipe in the evening . . . popcorn and an open Fireplace. .. serious cavalier . . . S X Lawana Maberry Jlost Courteous Girl - purple shadows on a green lawn . . . tlie appeal of a loving heart . . . solitude of eternity . . . smooth pastels on texture board . . . Maxine Barton F riendliest Girl - sunshine on a wheat field.. . . bare feet on a grassy slope . . . :omboy in petticoats . . . tinkling tunes on a music box . . . alhai 5 Eddie Smltherman F riendliest Boy' -shyness masked by insolence . . . dreams under lock and key . . . the brooding silence of a desert night . . . Mercury in blue jeans . . . Q 93 A Jean Wraldron Glenn Gaines A Halloween Queen 19 King e X X 4 X5 'W .n , Hgogeetheare 5 JV Pqwey, J' Ronald VVilliams, Most Popular Boy H x PM U ,, ,Q 1 x i . P FS , ay y' WJ S .Q x ,xr Tix I ,K 1. ' fm I , YAAvxh.L.v il 'b ' Q 2 5Q 4 ,,'i 1 .fig A ' ji, 1 " Q :iffy 'I Martha Stansell, Most PopuQgrAGifl f 1 1 . f . it . f X , 1 ' rf. ' V . g 1 5 Q f Donald Williams, Most Handsome Martha Atkinson, Most Beautyul Girl Myl-le Bell, Cutest Girl Bobby Kennedy Cutest Boy Kay Moody, Personality' Girl Jackie Gilliam, Personality Boy Leland' Stracener, Friendliest Boy Patty Overman, F riendliest Girl Ray Townsend, Wittiest Boy ff 143 Jg,,1Xf'3SIy-jf?fq,3g3ilY5f Qi dwg' My yd Alma Lou Dennard, if Wittiest Girl ESR Q wifi W' fx mfffly FAN Ng, R269 ff Troy Briggs, Most Athletic Boy Susan Hawkins Most Athletic Girl A 1 ii fx' ' I 'X "Qt Phylis Shipp, Most Courteous Girl -5 SEB 4. , Nl'-J A mb Q 'Q - A- 'N 4 Ox , , QQ C f , P, if X , 5,-55 mf QF' ,K 5' w Q5 f ff. J 1 Q u xjjjff ,- ' QV. JJ 5 4 4 T' Gene Branum, N Most Courteous Boy Barbara Wiseman, Miss Tack- Up George Mueller, Boy Most Likely To Succeed 1036- Luwilda Mcliaig, Girl Likely To Succeed oo wowqr o,'2+,:f'1j'jfjd+v - if 79255 Ymofcfbw' .ed GH 'HK 0. , W A. aa Rf flH V52 7 my . J L66 MIICIICII, Affffatic Director Lawrence Barnhiu. Assistant Coach Bill VVaters, Basketball Coach a Jim Canter, Baseball Coach The members of the 1952 Bear football squad are pic- tured above. From left to right, they are: Qbottom rowj Tootie Pate, Freddie Smitherman, Jimmy Horn, Bobby Ford, Jimmy Watson, Charles Sims, B. G. Irby, Wayne Winn, and Bobby Doonang fmiddle rowj Dennis Rhine- hart, Billy Ray Sanford, I. C. Pee, Frank Stewart, Ierrv Lancaster, Neal Williams, Coy Gammage, Glen Gaines, Marc Stewart, and Ronald Hoenigg Qtop rowj Harry Stra- cener, Jimmy Tallent, Jimmy Williams, Billy Cox, Donald Audas, Eddie Smitherman, Rance Carr, Hugh Radney, Eddie Davidson, David Julian, Benny Campbell, and David Lloyd. Bruin manager Richard Stanley is in the foreground of the picture. Gladewater Bears, Win 4-AAA Championship for First Time For the first time in the history of the school the Bears won a district football championship. Actually the Bruins tied with the Texarkana Tigers and the Marshall Mavericks, for the top spot. Each team lost one game. The Bears beat Texarkana, 26-7, the Tigers then beat Marshall, and then the Mavericks trounced Gladewater, 26-13. By winning a coin toss the Tigers Won the right to represent this district in the bi-district game. G odewoter Denton 6 Godewoter Cleburne 0 Godewoter Adamson I3 Gudewoter Ploy Tech 7 6 odewoter Henderson I4 Gudewoter Texorkono 7 Godewoter Morsholl 26 Godewoter Longview 0 6 odewoter Nocogdoches 7 Godewoter Kilgore 7 '.x..'3 1 '23 i gig W9 We 5: I V 632235 N-1 Llwziij, li , ,Q 91 Si Q "X .I VX 2 V W was W i--iris?-f V - fa 12,55-, s ,Nei 'Y2s'isx,L2w,',1 - .- ---' : " Vs-t:Se'212 liar -- -is -T f' i f.:.3IE -gf ""3: Q. s M 9 vw f- I zt' bi is in , W Q .ff W f , 1 5 s it 'W' S i Q3 +- t x ,ia-:asia .6.. 2 , 'f f Asfsiwi. ' s., -I 5 ,- - 51 Qsgiss f Q-.5 K . M Jerry Lancaster Jimmy Watson David Julian Neal Williams Charles Simms Marc Stewart Coy Gammage Billy Cox Jimmy Williams Hugh Radney Glenn Gaines B. G. Irby a if ff y a tt i is L sysss T ' - ' ": , is .Q 2 F ran? Stewart mt sliii 3 L t Dennis Rinehart "-,,Q r -Tiff , -P 1 .W W " L James Stanley, Mgr ,Z J :I K Y '--: VA It V ....... : X -: "1 fr Q -1. ii .ski . 4 Q, , - 1 .25:-L 51, ,K Y is .i., w as 3 1 J E E ..,. I I . q.Vk is 'Z 24. f-.. T ks 5, fs' is yssy s'is i . ,y kb,, ,, p , 5.-:zz A Ei SW X ,U .. 5 5 y,,, - tsni :,.: y M- f- , , L --sas.-W S... A , E .rw LIFE OF G.H.S. FOOTBALL PLAYER The pictures below on this and the following page repre- sent the story of a Bear football game. The first picture shows three of the football boys studying in their physics class .... In the next picture seven senior Bear linemen practice for the upcoming game .... Talking over the forth- coming tootball game are five senior Bruins. They are Jimmy Williams, Marc Stewart, Jimmy Watson, Neal Wil- liams, and David Julian .... It's rest before the game for the boys in the fourth shot .... ln the fifth picture David Lloyd and Jerry Lancaster help teammate Neal Williams make a big gain by leading interference for him .... The Bruins rejoice after the victory in the last picture., f tk if I I- :- 4 .. W if ' as --hi 'sf is Q- ' ' -U . W- X 95: ,Tb , gi f, :Shu Mm .1 ,km ,J V A N -ima, A V -V'W:,w:igT-5,4-.:+.A:k Www .ii f V- +- - 4 i ----W 1 , ,N s - 2- , ,,,,,h,,-ia.. I-,Q .. A -wing V K' - 4-"Q, f---0---W-.LLc:.:1-:fs fifffgigi 4 W s WW " Q X 'W 'E ., Tw Wait " is S at 1 -W ,.., .,n. MW 5? M 5 :- ::' -.:: - . 4 iaxvq we w .,,.,, Qem ii tg' W K ,ga ag if 7, Q9 K 7 mg? ,cm S z in W as-is . U , ,W A ,D vans, f' Y + "H W at 'f M, Ei 'F ,,. X 5-3 W 32' is Q - W -jf s 2" . mf ay - - FP ef' me 5 , .n., , f a Q 2 W vis K sa .,,, ti , ir-:sis -, H 1-' 4 M' 3' W " ,L':?',:2':r.. -:E51,:Qgi5:'Q5 W ' We 43555 if s yn ami? X Wa ff :.:s-a:1s:':.".gs ' " 5525 f':2'75--'ff fimaiy Eileen? if ':5:""'a"1' 5"'l' " L, "" ' ' : . Qfyi-F , gb . W- - b- ,EV 5 F Smitherman 5:1 fg S' ' -1 -ff, ' '- 253. :-1, if i '. . .1+. W if Ll Q .,,.. obby Doonan . ' if 3 Z 1 obby Ford 4 gg x A , ' H'- 1., it gig, c, ' ia Q Q i aaaei , Ronald Hoenig Jimmy Tallent Donald Audas Wayne Winn Melvin Pate Jimmie Horn Benny Campbell David Lloyd J. C. Pee Rance Carr Eddie Davidson Billy Sanford The 1953 edition of the Bear squad will suffer the loss of sixteen fine football players, nine of Whom were starters, by graduation. Possibly the greatest loss will be in the offensive back- field department, where such men as Neal Williams, Jerry Lancaster, and Frank' Stewart will be missing. The defen- sive backfleld will suffer, too, from the loss of three fine players, Marc Stewart, Bobby Ford, and Bobby Loonan. Graduation takes two top offensive ends this year. They are Coy Gammage and David Jirlian. Defensive end Hugh Radney also will graduate. The middle of the line was hit hard as Jimmy Watson and Charles Sims, guards, and Glen Gaines, center, graduate. Two tackles who saw lots of action, B. G. Irby and jimmy Williams, will be missing next year. Defensive line- man Ronald Hoenig and Dennis Rhinehart also played their last year for the Bruins, l III Harry Stracener -- A Denton Bronc ball-carrier appears to be in for a rough time as three Gladewater boys, Freddie Smith- erman, No. 42, Donald Audas, No. 40, and Hugh Radney, come in for a tackle. -When two boys like David Lloyd and Don- ald Audas, No. 40, pile into an opposing ball-carrier some- thing is bound to pop. In this case it was David's helmet i strap. This action took place in the Gladewater-Cleburne game. Neal Williams, Bear safety, comes in at the left of the picture. - With the help of a key block by David Lloyd, No. 92, Neal Williams, with the ball, goes for a lengthy gain against the Denton Broncs. Another Bear, David Julian, is seen at the right of the picture. Frank Stewart, Bruin back, picks up big zrdage around right' end before being brought down in the fenderson-Gladewater game. Charles Sims is leading inter- -rence. li Charles Sims, Bear guard, momentarily fl les a downheld lateral from Neal Williams in che Hens an game. He recovered it in time to pick up a few Cl ards. BEARS O-ADAMSON 13 David Julian, No. 88, and jerry Lancaster, inlo. 20, were both in the open on this pass play, but the ball was a little too high for both of them. This action itook place in the Bear's game with the Adamson Leopards. ARS 26-TEXARKANA 7 Q or the first time in seven years the Bears defeated the Te rkana Tigers in a football game. The score, 26-7, gave the ears a top chance at capturing the district flag. Neal Williams played a great game as he scored three times on runs of 80 yards, 11 yards, and 8 yards, and kicked two extra points. He also threw a 24-yard touchdown pass to Jerry Lancaster. BEARS 13-MARSHALL 26 Handicapped by the illness of Quarterback Neal Wil- liams, the Bruins were defeated by the Marshall Mavericks, 26-13. The locals v'f-re powerless to stop the great Marshall line on both offense and defense. XY'illiams scored the Bears firstxsp on a 94-yard rvn David Lloyd scored the other Mavs, 5 yard line Frank Stewart lowers his head and meets a Marshall defender head-on before being downed in the Gladewater-Marshall game. Three other Marshall boys are shown coming in on the play. BEARS 41-NACOGDOCHES 7 The locals 'beat the Nacogdoches Dragons 41-7 in a warm-up game for the Kilgore fracas. BEARS 13-KILGORE 7 The Bears clinched a tie for the District 4-AAA cham- pionship by downing the Kilgore Bulldogs 13-7. Neal Wil- liams and Jerry Lancaster each scored once, with Williams kicking an extra point. Sixteen seniors played their last football game for Gladewater High School. W l W tallyfllftei' Rance Carr had recovered a fumble on the My W' Ju if qfmiyfgl BEARS 13-POLY 7 Jerry Lancaster's scoring on a 52-yard sprint and Frank Stewart's scoring on a 48-yard run gave the locals a 13-7 victory over the Polytech Parrots in Fort Worth. Williams kicked the extra point. BEARS 28-DENTON 6 In the hrst game of the season the Bruins beat the Den- ton Broncs 28-6 in Denton. The first two Bear scores came on passes from Neal Nlifilliams' to Coy Gammage. Frank Stewart scored the third tally on .1 14-yard run,-W'illiams completed a pass to Rance Carr for the final TD. Wfilliams converted four times. ' , BEARS 13-CLEBURNE 0 With jerry Lancaster and Frank Stewart each scoring once, the Bears won their second game of the season, de- feating the Cleburne Yellowjackets, 13-0. W'illiams kicked one extra point. It's the end of the line for Paul Tadlock of the Adamson Leopards as three Bears, two of whom, Coy Gammage and Frank Stewart, No. 22, are identifiable, con- verge on him. Eddie Davidson, No. 84, and Tootie Pate, No. 52, are coming in on the play. Y Neal Williams is stopped after a lengthy gain by a host of Henderson Lions during the Gladewater- Henderson game. Billy Ray Stanford, No. 53, comes up to make a block for Williams. BEARS 33-HENDERSON 14 The Henderson Lions proved to be an easy foe for the Bears as they won 33-14. Jerry Lancaster scored the first two TD's on plunges over right guard. A pass from Neal Williams to jimmy Horn was good for the third tally. Lancaster scored twice more in the game, once on a pass from XVilliams and once on a 3-yard plunge. Williams nade three extra points. BEARS 2 0-LONGVIEW 0 Revenge for last yearys defeat at the hands of the Long- view Lobos came to the Bears when they skunked the Lobos, 20-0. Neal Williams scored twice on short plunges and also threw a TD pass W Rance Carr. 1 A lateral from Neal Williams, No. 90, to David lloyd, No. 92, fails to click during the Marshall game as the ball falls to the ground. . 1 I ,J The first District Championship Trophy for foot.. ball that has ever been won by Gladewater High School. Betty Wood was selected to be the 1952 Football Sweet- heart by the Bear squad. In the above photo she is with the four captains during the half-time ceremonies at the Kil- gore-Gladewater game. The presentation of Betty as the sweetheart, along with they victory over the Bulldogs was the climax to Homecoming'Weekvat4Q.H.S. The colorful halftime ceremonies, which included the presentation of the duchesses from the top four classes of G.H.S., and the Homecoming Week activities came about mostly through the efforts of Miss Karoline Kincaid and the G.H.S. Student Council. The four senior boys pictured above were chosen by their teammates to serve as the captains of the 1952 Bear squad, They are Neal Williams, jerry Don Lancaster, Frank btewart, and Jimmy Watson. Three of the captains, Wil- liams, Lancasterfand Stewart are backs, while Watson is a lineman. 1 The name of Neal Williams will go down indelibly in the annals of Gladewater High School's sports history. Wil- liams? outstanding play in three major sports throughout his junior and senior high school years marked him as pos- sibly the greatest all-around athlete ever to graduate from G.H.S. ' e ' Williains lettered three years each in football, basketball, and baseball, and one year in track in high school. , Possibly his most outstanding play came on the gridiron, where he won first team all-district honors and second team all-state honors for two years, and an honorable mention for the all-American team his senior year. Another honor, the District 4-AAA's most valuable player award, was also won by Williams his last year. . In basketball Neal was a starter on ,the Bruin quintet for three years. His terrific play his junior year sparked the Bears to the runner-up position in the Class AAA basket- ball tournament. Because nf his -greatfplav in rlwe tourna- i ment, he was named to the first all-state team. He was also named to the all-district Hrst team his junior and senior years. In baseball .Neal held down the first base position and was named to the first all-district team for three years. ALL DISTRICT BOYS .,,, r,., - ,, ,,,. ..,,,,,, ,,-,,,,, ,-,,,,,, , B F -, The four boys pictured above were selected to the first all-district teams. Neal Williams, at left in the picture, was named on the offensive team as a back and as safety man on the defensive teamg David Lloyd, defensive line- backer, ,Jimmy Watson, offensive guard, .and Coy Gam- mage, offensive end' and defensive tackle. 1 x l The 1953 "B" team had one of its most outstanding years by winning six games, tying two and only losing two. Hats off to you, Coach Jim Canter for this splendid season. Coach Canter stated that he had fifteen outstanding players. They arez' Jim McMinn, Jimmy Brock, George Stansell, Lloyd Waldron, Corky Baker, Jan lvey, Bobby Peace, Jimmy Taylor, Darwin Webb, George McNutt, Vernon Dean, Iack Buckelew, Johnny Bradley, Raymond Brewer, and John Earley. e might state that the purpose for this team is to let the boys get perien , ' ' ' " " ex ce and those who are ineligible to play on the A team," Coach Canter. ' - 1952 "B" Squad Geor e . B Dean, Verno . Paul g. . B Fields, WilT5'. m . . B Farrar, jimmy . Waldron, Lloyd . B Peace, Bobby . Johnson, Leland . B Baker, Corkey . Caraway, Billy . B Ivey, Jan . . Buckelew, Jack . B Stone, Richard Massey, Jerr . B Moon, Bobby . Taylor, Jim . . G l Bradley, Johnny McNutt, George . G Early, John . . Barrow, Walter . G Brewer, Raymond Webb, Darwin. . T ' Ramblers - . 6 New London . . 33 Tatum . . . ' 15 Beckville . . 33 New London . . 13 Tyler . . . . 12 Texarkana . . . 21 Marshall . . 7 Longview . . . 0 Kilgore . . . . 21 Nacogodoches. . . . 161 Won . Tied . Lost . ' ' g x. Basketball The Gladewater Bear basketball team had a better than average record for the 1952-53 season. The varsity won 14 of 27 games played against rugged competition. In pre-district play Gladewater copped the consolation spot in the Nacogdoches Tournament and went to the Hnals of the Longview Tournament before bowing to Longview, 48-38. At this tournament David Julian and Neal Williams were named to the all-tournament team. Williams was also named the tournament's outstanding player. The Bears were also the runners-up in the Kilgore Tournament. The first half of district play saw Gladewater on top all' the way as they won four games and lost one. The second half, however, was a different story. The Bruins couldn't seem to get into the win column as they lost four straight beforewinning the last game of the season. Although Williams, who was high point man for the Bears through- out the season, was the only Gladewater player named to the all- district team, Jerry Lancaster, Sherman Kennedy, Eddie Smitherman, and Julian all played good during the season. 1571! Waters-Basketball 604:11 Opponer Paris Palestine Kilgore White Oak Kilgore Longview Longview Texarkana Marshall Texarkana Palestine Bronson Mt. Enterprise Woden Douglas Laneville Paris Chickasha Wliite Oak Tyler Kilgore Pine Tree Nacogdoches Kilgore Longview Marshall Nacogdoches Gladewater 41 51 39 48 37 38 28 37 40 33 44 58 56 62 51 31 48 25 42 34 45 42 49 41 43 33 46 . 1 ,. -f'1:,.. Y ddie Smitherggang Qard Sherman Kennedy, forward David Julian, guard .-.4 ..--lt Neal Williams , Acenter W 1 l Q- Jerry Don Lancaster, forward L21 ,itll The five Bear starters warm up on free throws before the game. Shooting is Sherman Kennedy. Eddie Smitherman, Jerry Lancaster, Neal Williams, David Julian wait for their turns. Neal Williams trys a jump shot over the head of a Chickasha op- ponent. David julian, at left and Freddie Smitherman watch for the rebound. Hams tfies one from the sidelines in the Chickasha game nithcrmln and David Julian come in for the rebound. fha HU, lv: ffm Nf3rJ1.1U Twfnvcricks 15-10 at a time-Out in thc second quiricr oi the Bcger-Pvlavnfnda umrnc, 23 ,, V Xa Qi, 1 5 VTE, erry Lancaster keeps close guard on a Cluckasha player as hc slyns away Neal Wllllams, at left, Worm Kennedy, No. 00 and Eddxe Smltherman, at rxght all seem to be Watchmg the Chicakasha 'With Slnczm iw G w Har me rebound Neal Wlllnams tries 3 jump sl' f ww 1 C rm Q ha game 59 a , :K Sf la l lv' -if xy -Q " an 5734 fa if WX ,.4W R I Eddie Smitherman W " if ffffw 'i , A Harry Stracener i aw . ,Q R onald McRay COY Gammage Jimmy Taylor Jack Buckelew Freddie Smithermar V . .. 1 ':l'--v ' ,,:,,.- ffm---if iy'Q -' George Stansell 1 27 George Stansell and Coy Gammage are shown taking practice starts. These boys run on one of the relay teams of GHS. Below, we see them practicing hand offs which help to make better starts. As an old saying, "Practice'makes perfect." M s v Pictured are the mile relay team, Jackie Buckelew, Freddie and Eddie Smitherman. These boys started out with a great team, but misfortune overtook them early in the season. After winning the mile relay at Mt. Pleasant, Freddie became ill and stopped the wheel from rolling. We wish that next year this spoke in the wheel may be replaced to have another great team. A C . . ,WT t t We new , ,Yi tttttt pw, f' T gf George Stansell, a sophomore, had a V hard time on the high hurdles, but next year, we hope that he will follow the footsteps of Ed-ig,,Smitherman, who is pictured on the left. Eddie won third at the Dogwood Relays, second in the Regional Meet and will participate in the State ,Meet. r Jack Harris ran track for the first time this year. He has a good stride, and next year he will probably take the 880 in District. l i Jack Buckelew, a sophomore, ran the 440 run and on thc mile relay team. He appears to be one of the best 440 men that Gladcwater has produced in recent years. He won third at Regional. w Ronald McKay, a senior, ran the mile, winning fourth in the District Meet. Jimmy Taylor shows us the way he won second at the District -et in pole vault. Jimmy got off to a late start because of a foot ury he received in playing Cowboys and Indians. If the Indians not get too rough next year, we hope you will get to travel to Stln. i Harry Stracener, a junior, had a hard task trying to fill the shoes of Billy Byrd, who tied for first in the high jump last year at the State Meet. Harry won first in District in this event. Harry also does part of the pole vaulting for GHS. In these two events, he won sec- ond in pole vaulting at the District and at the Regional Meet. Along with the rest, he will travel to the State Meet in Austin. , Coy Gammage, a senior, has participated in track for the past three years. This year he ran on the mile relay, put the shot, threw the discus and broad jumped. In District, Coy won first in discus, fourth in shot, and first in broadjump. Taking first in discus, broad- jump and second in shot, he was high point man in the Regional Meet. 129 Baseball The chances tor a good season for the Bear varsity baseball team appeared good. Coach Jim Canter had a host of experienced players from which to choose his team. On hand were two returning pitchers, Royce Blackburn and Jimmy Joe McMinn, and All-District men Benny Campbell and Neal Williams. Other lettermcn back this year were Sherman Kennedy, second base, Glen Gaines, third base, and Donald Audas, outfield. An over-abundance in line-up changes and injury to Campbell hindered the Bears from the start of the season. D011 Brannum SEARS iG1enn Gains 15258 Willie Fields Jimmy McN'inn Donald Audas 'QMS lm!! Sherman Kennedy Bgbby peace Benny Campbell Jimmy Watson Royce Blackburn Neal Williams Grady Moore 1 1 I if a a , awas SIX! ,Q Tom Whittaker has worked tor the Gladewater Public Schools since 1942. He takes care of the football stadium and practice fields. This is only part of his job for he does the laundry and many other odd jobs. You can always rely on him to have a clean towel to dry off on after a hard day's workout or when your socks get so stiff they will stand on their toes, you may count Cn Tom for a clean pair. 3DW'y'Ww' QWWJWMMJ MM!jlffW! ffiwwfjdfy ff W ff W 3 SEEK W ir' - , 38 6 I 4 Golf The Gladewater golf team consists of Charles Hays, Paul Briggs, Troy Briggs and Babe Dean. These boys practice every afternoon after school providing the weather allows it. They play in competition all over East Texas. FORE! These boys make up the Gladewater High School,Golf team. Paul, Troy, and Babe are old hands at the game while Charles is a new comer on the team This pictures shows them working out at the Pineland Golf and Country Club. yu I 1 w V I I 1 ' 2 5 i 5 X 5 1 W N V P r J.. A A Tennis The 1952-S3 tennis team opened the season successfully by quali- fying four members for the Regional Meet. They are John Moore, Bill O'Brien, Ronald McChesney, and Joyce McEachern. These mem- bers are the same that won Regional and went to State last year. The twins, Gretchen and Linda, were defeated in the semi-finals this year at District by Marshall, the defending champions. Mr. E. C. Pennington has shown his ability in coaching tennis by producing Regional winners ever since he has been at Gladewater High School. John Moore will be the only returning leccerman next year as all the rest are Seniors. The tennis team works out all the year round on their four new' tennis courts. Many scheduled matches are played with such teams as Highland Park of Dallas, Byrd of Shreveport, Athens, Kilgore Junior College, Lufkin, etc. These matches are played in addition to th? District, Regional, and State matches. Results of the State Meet are not printed because the annual deadline had to be met before this contest was completed. . ' N John Moore, the only non-Senior on the team,. started his success- ful tennis career as a Freshman by placing 2nd in the District Meet and 2nd in the Dogwood Tournament at Palestine. Last year as a Sophomore, he won 2nd in the Dogwood Tournament again. He also won District and Regional, thus earning the right to play in the State Meet at Austin. At State, he reached the semi-finals by defeating Harold Williams from Odessa and then was beaten by James Schmidt, who went on to win the State crown. This year john breezed through District and is expected to go on to State again. One of John's ambi- tions is to bring a State tennis plaque back to G.H.S. and if he keeps on with his present brand of tennis, we are sure that he will succeed. Bill and Ronald, ,the boys' doubles team, made a very impressive showing last year by winning District and Regionall They ran into bad luck at State and drew Baytown, defending champions, in the first round. Baytown won and went on to win State again. Bill and Ronald won 2nd place in the East Texas Tournament at Tyler this past summer. This year they repeated as District champions by de- feating Tyler in the Hnals. They participated in the Regional Meet at Nacogdoches. Gretchen and Linda Hackett succeeded Mary Ellen Watson and Elizabeth Waggener as the girls' doubles team. They won District as Sophomores, but were defeated at Regional by Bryan. Last year as Juniors, they reached the finals in District. Marshall beat them in three close sets. This year, although handicapped by Gretchen's leg injury, they gave the defending champions, Marshall, a battle before they were beaten in the last set of a three set match. Joyce McEachern started her tennis career as a Freshman by win- ning the Dogwood Tournament at Palestine. As a Sophomore, she won District and Regional. At the State Meet, she was defeated in a three set match by Prudence Brown of Amarillo. Last year, Joyce again won District and Regional. She reached the semi-finals at State by defeating Diana ,Thomas of Amarillo. Cathy Campbell of San Antonio beat Joyce. Last summer, she won the East Texas Tournament at Tyler. This year, Joyce won District for the third straight time. She is ex- pected to win Regional and to- attend the State Meet again. Joyce McEachern won the Regional championship for the third time by defeating the Lufkin representative, 6-l, 6-0. ' Bill O'Brien and Ronald McChesney successfully defended their Regional title by beating Jack Selman and Ray Beavers from Lufkin, 6-4, 8-6, 6-4. QJOIEIII Moore defeated John Waak from Lufkin, 6-3, 6-0, 4-6, 7-S, to win Regional for the second time. Q X . Mr. E. C. Pennington coaches the tennis team in addition to ta ing commercial subjects. He has been coaching tennis at G.l since. 1949. That year his girls' doubles team, Mary Watson Elizabeth Waggener, Went to State. Ever since then Mr. Penn ton has had representatives at State. He works out with the tearr year round and coaches them while they play. He ,gives much his free time to tennis and should be commended for such effort. Coy Gammage, having qualifed for the state track meet in the discus, shot, and broad jump placed fifth in the discus with a heave of 149 feet and 8 3f4 inches, seventh in the broad jump with a jump of ZZ feet 41,fZ inches,and eighth in the shot with a heave of 47 feet 5 5f8 inches. Harry Stracener participated in the high jump and pole vauit failing to qualify in either event Eddie Smitherman ran the high hurdles and broad jumped. He failed to qualify in either event. GIRLS P. E Y 'v-i - -V va , V Y I Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs Cubs 5 -13 18 Junior Hi h Football These Cubs tied for second place in their district. Left to right, first row: Edward johnson, Travis Stanley, Sam Rankin, manager, Randy Wells, Kenneth Roe, and Travis Sharp. Second row: Ronald Williams, Kenneth Jordan, jack Edwards, Donis Earp, Gene Blanken- ship, Neal Harper, Ham Jenkins, Jr., Robert Ford, Max Hill, Bill Lilley, Charles Word and Bobby Kennedy, manager. Third row: Donald Williams, Billy Jack Reeves, Cecil Laster, Roy and Troy Bdgga COACH BILL HOLLIMAN Kilgore --------- ---Z5 Brownsboro "B" ----- 0 White Oak "B" ------- I3 Brownsboro "B" ----- 7 White Oak "B" ------- 13 Texarkana --------- - -7 Longview --------- ---6 Marshall ----------- -21 Nacogdoches --------- 0 NAME POSITION White Orange Briggs, Roy Briggs, Troy Williams, Ronald Williams, Donald Jenkins, Hamilton Edwards, Jack Word, Charles Free, Kenneth Blankenship, Gene Laster,.Cecil Audas, Fo Do Stracner, Leland Johnson, Edward Lowe, Johnny Sharp, Travis Lilley, Bill Stanley, Travis Harper, Neil Ford, Robert Townsend, Ray Jordan, Kenneth Vernon, Simon Wells, Randy Phillips, Mason Reeves, Billy Jack Carey, Larry Henon, Bill Hill, Max Dailey, Claude Keoun, Craig Harrell, Raymond Roe, Kenneth Prater, Virgle Earp, Donis Pope, Wilson Hewitt, Lewis McKinley, Luther School Colors:- Orange and Black Cheer Leadersg- Patty Overman Martha Stansell Alma Lou Dennard Luwilda McKaig Kay Moody Mary Ann Williams GLADEWATER JUNIOR HIGH CUBS Probable Starting ,Offensiye Line-Up LE Briggs, R. LT Laster LG Edwards C Jenkins RG Williams, R. RT Briggs, T RE Stracner TB Blankenship FB Sharp LH Word RH Free Probable Starting Defensive Line-Up LE Briggs, R. LT Jenkins LG Edwards RG Lowe RT Johnson RE Audas LB Word LB Briggs, T. LH ' Williams, R. RH Williams, D, S Sharp COACHES Bill Holliman Bill Waters MANAGERS Bobby Kennedy Sam Rankin be ns Robert Ford, Sam Rankin, Marquis McRay, Travis Sharp, Ronald Williams, Gene Blankenship, Troy Briggs, Leland Stracner, Simon Vernon, Donald Williams, and Bobby Kennedy. IUNIUR HIGH BASKETBALL txllllllll Ill ll ll W llllll 1,40 I 1 as Two points? Gene lankenship tries for two points in one of the Cu games as Simon Ver- non, 24, and Troy Brig s, 32, wait for the re bound., it ,W 1 A , 'N L if V W Q :. 3 L ,Q It . fx- ,il 4 Sam Rankin and an opposing player start a ballgame off right. Donald Williams, 13, and Robert Ford, 25, wait for the ball. ' 4 L nan 2 on J These boys composed the junior High Track squad, which won third place in the district track meet. Left to right: Charles Word, Travis Sharp, Donis Earp, Gene Blankenship, Travis Stanley, james Crouch. and Tommv Minter. JU IUR HIGH TRACK L 4Tc c , 'QE I Gene Blankenship places forth in a close .race on the hundred yard dash. Another first for Travis. Travis Sharp placed first for the cilbs in the district meet. Although no cub placed Tommy Minter Land Travis Sharp with James Crouch ran a close TBCC. Good teamwork is shown as Travis hands off to Domld Lynn in ore of the relays. 3 F. D. Audas lets the steel ball flv in :hc Shm Putt event. Nice jumpl Pgtry Ovcrman and Alma Lou Dcnnard lead a yell for the Cubs p W Q f ,.'.nn .ll f fl , These gmrls dad a good job backing the Cubs this yearl Johnny Lowe sees trouble as he starts upfield. Blankenship starts around end as Kenneth Free leads interference. fe AW RQ , n opposmg player Ts stopped bv ll host ot Lgu Gene Blankenship is stopped after 41 lengthly gain in one of the lr. Hi eamee. IQ7 k 5 Tommy Mintcf clears the bar in the Higlfjump event. P i ' A Marshall lad comes in Hrst as Tommy Minter 1. center comes in n close third in the Ir. Hi District Track Meet. L...,. A, V my V MP X awlff I Ek ,ri,,l,.,-,-,,,,,?i,,,T,., ,,,, L , cjfllll' Jimmy Caldwell I lulvx Katherine O'Byrne Oleta Smith Mary Lou Wilcox Martha Stansell Geraldine Hearnsbcrger Jo Ann McGee Bl' Clar o e ' axine Barton Dixie Minter Carolyn Moreland Sharolyn Watson Mike Bowles Joe Gregg Carolyn McKain Syntha Traughber Janetta Jones Martha Atkinson Betty Wiseman game! Bur' Sax' Kenneth Newton BLINXUOII Francis Kesner Carolyn XVells 1'll'l'IIl'Z1 Horux Calvin McKaig Doris Hewitt Bobby Jones Corurls Lex Grantham Paul Stripling Virgil Anderson Harry McMahan Jerry Jones Jack Younse Hep Shockley Gene Gillespie Tromlzom' George Mitchell Hubert Elkins George Mueller Graclv Oder X Carolyn Gaines Barbara W'iseman DIRECTORS! WILLIAM BRIGGS. SR. HIGH BAND JAMES BANKS. JUNIOR HIEH BAND James Thompson Jerry Blackwell ' Marilyn Tracy Btl!'if0l1C'X Sherry Parcher Joye Mathews A110 CI Jean Goar Mary Slade June Johnston Joe Thompson Bass C I ou reen Snare Drums Patsy Page W' Shirley Winn Kay Roberts AIM Sat Bet ty Allen Carol Uselron Ten Sax ,Q QMS QD Janell Lynn Janice Pace Robbie Ford Rich Martin Clyde Allen Bill Sherwin Lon Xvelton Basses G. L. Vernor Phillip Nlartin Dean Smith Eddie Baker Cecil Holland Jimmy Brown Bill Gilliam Cj'lIlI71l'S Shirley Townsend Tymjzani Jackie Gilliam J CWM ff A'2l'M'wJ" , :Z ,7,,W'4ZfWf.M'Mw if oe-u-U, Wy avian? h pid, A466 gd wifi? AMD .db ZZZGMWM' Y Izzgiwfl. W.-M'--.AN -t N -.N '. r-X is 'fsvj fi.A,,L,e.f gg . A xv' 1 kwin' Liv, af" km' QQMQQ A VVMMH - ,.-v .-,L 'fL'1C"R ' ,li 5 mga- ,ff . -. ' fl A , 1 fx " CU 'I' HM LN 3,.qI,,-gm AV.. , ka hcvvwliifrf 4 1' F ""' ll +5 if and " f' A-f X NJ-f ., . -f . ,lf ,. M7 ,fm if 4 , A fr' . .. X H ,N ,, 5' + m ,imjf-2-,gd -.nip 'della .Annan-Q f gf 'A 15. fry it .NL --Jr'-M 3 ight gk h "-, f. I 1 l r "-"'A"'I-auf' I MN, O Co-Drum Majorettes JEAN 'GOAR Jean was in the band for five years. On the marching field she served two years as Co-Drum Major. In the concert band she played an alto clarinet. jean was selected to the All-State Bind this year for the second consecutive year. SHIRLEY TOWNSEND ,, Shirley who has been a member of the band for four years, is serving her Hrst year as Co-Drum Major. She plays the cymbals in the concert band. She made three firsts at the Solo and Ensembal Con- test this year. SielIRLEY WINN Shirley was one of the new majorettes this year and has proved to be a very good one. She has been in the band for three years,and she now plays bass-clarinet. BETTY ALLEN V Betty, who plays first alto sax, is also serving her first year as a first band majorette, although last year she was the drum-major of the second band. x I MAXINE BARTON Maxine is planning to continue her band career by being a mem- ber of the Baylor University Band, and possibly a majorette there. She has been a majorette in the G. H. S. band for two years and has won many honors. B KA'l'HhK1Nl:, U ni xxiwr. Q 1 Katherine came to Gladewater from Union Grove this year' and was selected to be a Majorette. She is a very outstanding- musician and played first flute in the concert band. .lean Goar 49" Band Sweetheart The Second Band is made up of Jr. High beginners and those who need a little more help and experience. We of the Senior High are proud of this band for they gave one of the outstanding assemblies of the year. Not only were they outstanding in assembly, but they went on to win a first division in class C Interscholastic League Playing Contest held at Kilgore. Barbara Pullen Jennie Skelton Jenn Tlxlmlnell Jimmy HLlIllllKOll James Stoner Johnny Xvnllicr Danny Nation Phillip Tracy Sandra Dunlllvy Troy Parrot f - "" i X U 'X fi X -- 'ff ' NX! l. 99' A. . K ' ,757 ' , fl pf , V' w C YT' ' G gg SECOND BAND X? ' fb 'lf A110 SKIXOIYXJOIICS Patsy Sims ' Glenda House C- ef I 'Agn' 4 Gay Nell Roberts v 'V j Barifonrs fi Lloyd Elkins C0l'm'1'x ' " " U-' George Smith Bass Clarinrfs ll Clifford Plant ..., ' N " H--54" Janola Avant W " S' Stanley Mirler Billy Pace Klxggg R -- Bass G C551 l '-7 . Jay Avant Oboe , ' Bobby Gray Gui QW 6 Mnrum Harriss Fl'l'lIf'll Horn cj- SX John Garner -e f m ? Fluff' Ray Boyd 9 0 lb Sallie Thompson P1'l'r11xxiu11 Juzlnis Paine Mudline Holliway Ann Dean Mary Meade Shirley Phillips Elaine Rinehart Clrlrizlrfs Janis XVinn La Rita Luster Peggy Golden Delores Landers Bob Southern jerry Jones Herbert Money SIAVIIIH' Sflwjlfmllr' K.lIll.ll'5'll llll'lL'll.lI'I if'-llllfmllrw Ben Money QYNCL1l AI'l'lIlgl0ll lTl'CLlkllL' l lL'lllCy Cfll.ll'lew llllvis al -lf, f ,.: ..,, : 41 . ..2 2 V, JS' :ia ag 4 w,,,g:5g':,?: , ' 1 -- ws. A ag-' ,aafz V 7? p :g if 5, ..:f.:i,f Q sf Q . :E .,..,. ,, I ,gg A f .,., . A..,A , ,,.,,,, . 4 ,253 ' -i t we visa gi'- .. , . s gg i, ..... ,. .. w mv r ,:,i,.sE2gt5 2' I ,Ulm , We ji f?Z'eY,,, aa QQ? H 1, f' i 4e:',,lj:: j if egsgmwaf , www 3 ., ..,,.,,, me . " ' 1 CNA? ya , I . 'V "" - V I H I .1 , '.f-:- , . -325 . ' .-f .-.i:.:I: I'I'E"' - , -i-Si.: ef Q' ' A 4 ' 30? 35" 2 Z' as a , - sw .w gfiffgaga f 5 he 'aryl 3 ,Weir iq 3, iff yn. ,giret ag Aga? gg, 3 ,a fm :W 4513 ' 4 V W' iff 5 ive -w f 1' aegis fail: Y, 12 M 9 1' .wi Wi Av A -'L M 2 Yi 2 if l g 5, a 1 fe , ar s 5, x f , 1. as 5 X f , as F f rdf in Mg' , 4 f 5 I X 4 , H 4 Arrington, Dora Avant, Charles Baggett, Agatha Bell, Myrle Blair, Clair Black, Frank Blalock, Wanda Bozman, James Bozman, Peggy Branum, Gene Brock, Delores Buckalew, Eddie Buckalew, Shirley Cain, Marcia Caldwell, Bebe Carr, Rance Connallym, Jerry Cowan, Anita Crawford, Joan Crump, Zelma Davidson, Nancy Dennard, Alma Lou Duncan, Edwina Dunnavant, Leroy Erwin, Rose Farmer. Billy 166, Farrar, Jimmie Ford, Robert Frederick, Roy Fuller, Iris Garton, Mary Gaines, Glen Goar, Jean Hearrell, Laverne Haynes, Nita Heidelberg, Mary J. Henry, Britta Hewitt, Lewis Hill, Jaunita Hillier, Don Johnson, Freida Jordan, David Kuykendall, Frances Ledbetter, Lynette Lilly, Kay Logsdon, Myra ' Loven, Wayne McMillan, Ann Mortimer, Judy Nlevels, Virginia Jewton, Kathleen Dverman, Patty Owens, Rose Ann Pope, Wilma Powell, Edward Ken Bennett, director of the Gladewater High School Choir, gradu- ated from Oklahoma A 8: M College, and holds a BS degree from the school, and is currently doing ,graduate work at Stephen F. Austin College, at Nacogdoches. His teaching experience has been combined with professional work. He believes that choirs should be formed with students who sing for the love of it, and that a choir program should be built around the choir and not tailor-made for a choir to Ht itself to. He has been director of the choir 3 years, and has done a wonder- ful job during this time. ' ' HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR ROLE Scrapbook -. .. . ., ........... Ann McMillan President .- . . .......... Martha Vaughn Vice-President . . . Barbara Wood Secretary . . Wanda Williamson Treasurer . . . . Marcia Cain Representative . . Martha Williams Assistant Director Price, Lorene Proctor, Jaunita Pursel, Helen Reynolds, Bettie Roe, Kenneth Rogers, Bettie Sanford, Billy Ray Sasser, Yanema Shepperd, Charles Shipp,iBilly A ' Shipp, Phyllis Smith, Barbara Smith, Gloria Smit!, llatsy S Stegall, Wanza Stein, Maxine Swain, Beverly Turner, Phyllis Van Wormer, Dorothy Vaughn, Martha Vernon, Billy Van Houten, Walter Waldren,Jean Waller, Laura S. Watson, Marylue Wells, jamie Whatley, Linda White, Billy J. Wilcoxen, Ruth Wilks, Sandra Williams, Martha Williamson, Wanda Wood, Barbara Wright, Venoy Barton, Maxine Diskinson, Linda Haigwood, Peggy House, Kathryn Roberts, Kay Russell, Gail Warwick, Ann Watson, Jane Wells, Billy Branum, Don Butler, Rosie Cooper, Ann Johnson, Elizabeth Minter, Barbara Moreland, Betty Pate, Melvin Pope, Betty Stegall, Brevely Stewart, Sue Sublett, Geardon . Peggy Bozman The Gladewater A Cappella Choir, in its present form is three years Wold. It began with a nucleus of 23 singers, which included 1 boy. Its present membership contains 116 voices, thirty of which are boys.' During the summer of' 1952 the choir toured by school bus to Los Angeles, via the Grand Canyon, and returned by way of Carlsbad Caverns. On this tour they appeared at several Veterans Hospitals, including one of the largest in the country, Sawtelle, in Los Angeles, where they were called from wing to wing because of their popularity. They were also guest of Bob Crosbyls Club IS program ,on C. B. S. and Art Linkletter's Houseparty program, and were special guests at Bing Crosby's broadcast. During the year of 1953 there were selected to represent Region IV at the Texas State Fair, and also appeared at the Highland Park Festival in Dallas as one of the select group of choirs chosen from over the state for this occasion. They presented both a spring and fall con- cert and have appeared all over East Texas at schools, luncheons, and bospitals. .,,, , , giinm-1 1 + 168 L YY VA V, f-rs in the- rmxking L ORCHESTRA AND STRINGS The advanced strings group consists of 18 members. During the course of the year these have been combined with wind and percussion players from the band and have made a fine orchestra. They have performed at the State Fair and have won a first division in the State Contest. The annual Spring Concert is held May 11, and an assembly program is given each year. Members: Violins - Geneva Bowles 1 Linda Berryhill Karel Burns Marcia Cain Mary Ann Moore Katherine Morrison Glenda Wilson Lawrence Galbraith Janell Croley Q70 p p p p p p A ppppppppp ppp Violas Betty Callahan Bobby Callahan Mary Nell Gregston Linda McCullough Donna Hull Cello Tommy Coleman Patsy Hoab Roy Williams Bass Charles Stelwell Tommy Coleman MEMBERS OF ORCHESTRA Violins Tru IVI pm' Geneva Bowles Linda Bcrryhill Karel Burns A Marcia Cain Mary Ann Moore Katherine Morrison Glenda Wilson Lawrence Galbraith janell Croley Violas Donna Hall Betty Callahan Bobby Callahan Mary Nell Gregston Linda McCullough Cello Patsy Hoab Roy Williams Bass Tommy Coleman' Charles Stelwcll Lex Grantham Paul Stripling Trombone George Mitchell Grady Oder Horn Calvin McKaig Oboe Jimmy Caldwell Fluff Barbara McCrary Clarinet , Joe Gregg Mike Bowles Timjmui Jackie Gilliam Pvrrzzxsion Eddie Baker Stl,X'O11l707lC Betty Allen T,.,,, , i J !, A . .4 ,. F i Mlm i JR bf' N 'wiv' T 1 fe-EV 1 5 ,E . ,. L p: Present Mem bers Peggy Holman Marcia Cain Bebe Caldwell Tommy Coleman Janell Croley Malcolm Davis Coy Gammage Gretchen Hackett Limla Hacltett Charles Hays Marie Hewitt Kathryn House Senior Pledges Maxine Barton Hubert Elkins Glenn Gaines Peggy Haigwood lireida Johnson Jerry Don Lancaster Jimmie Dea Leach Ronald McRay Delores Merritt Juni Lorraine Blalock Lynda Berryhill Mayme Bradley Anita Cowan Billy Cox Joyce Dunlavy Nadine Garner Lex Granham Donna Hall Sammy Halley Mary Hearnsberger Virginia Holloway or Pledges David Julian Sherman Kennedy LaXVana Maberry Joyce Meliachern Barbara Minter Katherine Morrison Billy Bud Shipp Jeanette Shipp Marc Stewart Jane XVatson Neal Williams Rose XVilson Bill O'B1'ien Thomas Roberts Corine Sharp Jean Wiiltiron Jimmy XVatson Ruth NVilcoxen Glenda XVilson Barbara Xvood Betty Wood Barbara McCrary Calvin McKaig George Mitchell John Moore Patricia Patterson Margaret Stewart Cythia Straight Lula Mae Wailker Mary Joyce Warren Ann Webb Martha Wfilliams Patsy Whitehurst I NATIONAL Hoxoia SOCIETY fhis organization is the most esteemed of any in the entire school. l ' -haraeter, leadership, scholarship. To be a member one must exce in e A I ind service lt is .1 national afhliatetl 0l'f'1I1lY.lIl0l'1 and carries much prestige. 4' 3. V Wu 1 UJSNQKQ S SAV JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Junior National Honor Society members excell in Leader shi Scholarship, Character, and Service. Martha Atkinson Myrle Bell Gene Blankenship Linda Brock James- Brown Alma Dennard Edwina Duncan T. C. Erwin Carolyn Gaines Mary Lou Green Jerry o Kenneth Jordan Ann McMillan Betty Moreland George Mueller Patty Page Lorene Price I Phyllis Shipp l"'-Martha Stanselly Gearron 'Siiblettf Marilyn Tracy Syntha Traughber Quilla Turner Sharolyn Watson Carolyn Wells Sandra Wilks Donald Williams Ronald Williams Barbara Wiseman Patty Overman 5 9th ' 'Q Shirley Buckelew S Jackie Gilliam Neil Harper Bobby Kennedy V Frances Kesner Frances Kuykendall Billie Jane White Marquis McRay 8th Mary Bland Claude Dailey, jr. Madeline Holloway Joan Kendrick Craig Keoun Linda McCullough Luwilda McKaig Mary Ann Moore Juanice Payne Caky Walker N Qgwxfo 'V 1' E i 3 l V I L i ,174 L+, STUDENT COUNCIL Marc Stewart Peggy Bozman Donna Hall Ann Whirwiek Mary Lou Wfilcox Virginia Holloway Uavid lloyd joel Cliluhions Martha Xvilliams -Ioyee llunlevy Linda llaclxett Billy Cox Betty Wood Billy Shipp Barbara Minter Bert Tuttle Bettie Rogers -lanell Lynn Glenn Gaines Paul Stripling Rance Carr Pat Patterson Martha Meade jane XY'atson Sherman Kennedy This is the student governing body of the school. This organization .acts as a "go between" for the students and administration. Each year the eouneil sends representatives to the East Texas Forum and the Texas State lforum to discuss Student Council problems so that they might better themselves. This year the president of the next East Texas lforum was elected from Gladewater. F.F.A. Banquet Jwgsym X S ,siiiiff gem AMMMW 'E-Gladewater sident . . . Vice-President 1 Vice-President fetary . . . asurer . . . vorter . . . liamentarian . torian . . . g Leader . ,, ,, High-4754 , . Linda Dickinson . Geleene Harrell . . Olyne Phillips . Nancy Davidson . Carolyn Phillips . . Billie White . Mary Townsend . . . Clara Blair Lu Welda McKai g FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA A nationally affiliated club composed of girls who are in home- making classes, or who have had two years of homemaking. Club ac- tivities consist of many worthwhile, interesting programs and projects such as: adopting a foreign home economic class, participation in the national organization drives and programs, earning money, etc. FUTURE HOMEMAKES OF AMERICA CLUB Mrs. Pynes and Mrs. Dailey ........ . Room 208 Dorothy Bates Mary Ann Moore Clara Blair Judy Mortimer I i 'uture I-Iomemakers of America -Barbara Bouknight Sue Ann Brannen Patty Burns Kathryn Cansler Joan Cowan Jean Crawford Mattie Dacus Nancy Davidson Linda Dickinson Mary Gregston Delores Harrell Wanda Harris Ruby Hogue Madeline Holloway Emma Lou Jackson Joan Kendrick Delores Landers Joy Lewis Luwilda MeKaig Ikey McKnight Betty Moore Nancy Lee Jean Ann Milton Dorothea Allen Juan Eve Johnson Kitty Thatcher Carol Murph Jeanette Pearson Carolyn Phillips Olyne Phillips Betty Pope Judy Pritchett Glenda Puckett Joretta Shepperd Patsy Sims Jeannie Skelton Patsy Smith Barbara Stevenson Paula Testerman Mary Townsend Jean Trammell Quilla Turner Charlene Walker Martha Watts Billie White Zeda Willoughby Doria Youngblood Zelma Crump Gclecnc Harrell Alera Speir Delores Merritt 177 Rod and Heel Club JUNIOR Roo X REEL CLUB This club is primarily interested in the development of good lish- ing habits. They discuss fishing baits. lakes and streams for good lish- ing. types of artihcial baits to use, and many other essentials of good fishing. The members then put the knowledge gained into practice. Mr. Holiiman ............ . Room 221 President .... " ....... . . . Gary jones Vice-President . . Secretary ..... J. T. Audits Mike Bowles Ralph Berry David Best Louis Eppler Robert Gaines john Garner Bill Gilliam Marvin Harris Gary Jones Joe Don Gregg . . Bill Gilliam . . . . . Kenneth Roe Jerry Jones Q81 Bobby League Fred Liedtke Luther McKinley XVayne Moore joe Nixon Dick Osteen Kenneth Roe Jerry Stone XValter Van Houten Harold Xvaller ,Rod and Heel Club SlfNlOR ROD AND REEL CLUB A group interested in studying and practicing some of the finer problems of casting. Special study is made of the very practical arts of bait-making and fly-typing. Open to both junior and senior high school. - Mr. Barnhill . . .......... Room 205 President . . . . Lloyd XValdron' Vice-President .... Secretary-Treasurer .... . Raymond Arnold Leon Baker Bobby Farmer Robert liortl Kenneth Free jackie Gilliam Rex Grantham Don I-lillier Charles Johnson lftlwarcl Johnson . . . Melvin Pate . . Jackie Gilliam Bobby Jones Q9j Phil Jones Cecil Laster XVnyne Loven Lloyd XValdron Lon W'elton Charles Nvord Melvin Pate John Phillips hl4lSOn Phillips 190 Chamber Music Club 1 2 A club composed of junior high students interested in pleasant methods of improving their spoken and written English. Miss Easterly ...... . ......... Room 112 President .... . . . . Susan Hawkins ViCe-PrCSident . .... Joe Atkinson Secretary-Treasurer . . . Robvn Mcflhesney Better English Club Joe Atkinson Martha Avant Sandra Dunlavy Amos Fowler Earnest Galbraith jeffrey Gullett Geneva Havens Susan Hawkins Patty Johnson Glenn Kelly Avoyn Kyles Robyn McChesney Clidia McRoy Dona Pate Opal Perkins Patricia Pickerell Linda Randolph Janice Slack Glenda Stilwell Loretta Stone Johnny Walker Betty Lllen Virgil Anderson liddie Baker Hubert Elkins Lex Grantham Doris Hewitt Cecil Holland Janell Lynn Philip Martin M M F fit? 3 ""EAi'5 1' f 525 1? 'Q it 5 -f :?v1iffLQ5I 'ffl A 2 rl ,. YF t' iff 3 V '3 X M 'W f 5 it fi' ' . Q 2 3, t W? ,A 4. 453, 4 fr A . fr Q x l A itat if ., fi it f ki' , I ,, ., 1, .t fl A wig . 1" ' X ' ' , A selected group of regular Band members meeting for additional practice and experience. Some small ensembles are f special selections in lieu of the entire Band. Mr. Briggs . President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter . . . l,.Il'llL'll11ClllL'lYli'Ill Brass Band Club t ormed to provide Band Room Kenneth Newton Lex Grantham . Dixie Minter . Doris Hewitt Calvin Mclinig Virgil Anderson V Rich Martin Calvin McKaig Dixie Minter George Mitchell George Mueller Kenneth Newton Paul Stripling Thomas Thompson C. L. Verner , , v.i ..... W--- YVY., n......,,,.,iv.Y..v Camera and Ink Club CAMERA AND INK CLUB The members of this club are the Bears Tale staff. Other members, however, are welcome. The major activity includes the preparation of materials for the year book. Mr. Washburn .... -President Vice-President . Secretary Parliamentarian . . . . Reporter Marcia Buckelew Karel Burns Bebe Caldwell Bobby Doonan Donis Earp Claude Eddy Coy Gammage Gene Gillespie Peggy Haigwood Jimmy Hamilton Hamilton Jenkins Lawana Maberry . . . . . Print Shop Earnest Parnell . . Billy Shipp LaWana Maberry ' . George Smith Bobby Doonan Jack Buckelew Joyce McEachern Earnest Parnell Wilma Pope Sam Rankin Kay Roberts Billy Bud Shipp George Smith Ray Townsend Kathleen Newton Betty Downs XX, Variety Music Club 184 C5 XXXTXDSNX ff,-B ,f 35 VARIETY MUSIC CLUB . A selected group from the high school choir engage in small en- semble work for special programs and entertainment. Mr. Bennett .............. Auditorium Maxine Barton James Bozman Peggy Bozman Don Branum Delores Brock Marcia Cain Alma Dennard Glenn Gaines jean Goar Britta Henry Juanita Hill U25 Kathryn House David Jordan hir, Barbara Smith Jewel Smith Gearron Sublett Martha Vaughn Billy Vernon Jean Waldron Ann Warwick Jane Watson Jamie Wells Linda W'hatley Martha Williams Wanda Williamson Venoy Wright COLLECTOR'S CLUB The membership of this club is made up of students sincerely in- terested in making a collection of something as a hobby, such as stamps, poetry, general scrap book, rocks, shells, etc. Open to both junior and senior high. Mr. Howard ............... Room 104 President .... . Jackie Hensley Vice-President . . Marquis McRay Secretary . . Maderson Gage Collecltor's Club Arvcl Applegate Sue Ann Barnettc Helen Brewer jimmy Caldwell Madcrson Gage jackie Hensley Jerald Brewer Barney Holcomb Mary Lovelady l joyc Matthews Marquis McRay Alton Miles Henry Parnell Bob Southern Gail Thompson Paul Valdetere Mary Ellen McRae v, Drama Club DRAMA CLUB Students taking speech, or who have had speech classes and inter- ested in drama, become members of this group. Activities include the production and portrayal of variousskits and plays. Nelda Neale ................ Sponsor President ...... ...... 1 . Charles Shepperd Vice-President . . . . . Q' Frank Stewart Secretary-Treasurer . . . ..... Sue Stewart Mike Bloom Raymond Brewer Patsy Castleberry Anita Cowan Claudine Ford Joan Landers Lynette Ledbctter Kay Lilley Ronald McRay Alice Mainer Bill O'Brien Pat Patterson Sue Powell Helen Pursel Bettie Reynolds Yanema Sasser Charles Shepperd Gloria Smith Frank Stewart Sue Stewart Phyllis Turner Laura Sue Waller Marylue Watson Shirley Winn Betty Wood A Y ,.4., I NEEDLE NVORK Cl Lfli A group of junior high girls meeting to pursue their individual interests in hand-sewing, knitting, and embroidery. The memhers ex- change ideas, patterns, and assist each other in .requiring new skills. Mrs. Brown ............... Room 222 President . . . Geneva Bowles Viee-President . . Treeia Stevens Secretary . . . Katliryn Rinehart Reporter . . . Keeehie Garv Avant, slanula Bowles, Cienex .1 Brewer, Jaequeline Dea n, Ann Gage, Annette Needle Work Club fmimitit Gray, Louiann llaire, Loretha l laire, Xvanda llarrollf, Glenna Harroff, Verdenri Hill, Patsy Hogue. Betty johnson, Myra Lloyd, Sadie Logsdon, Myra Lorentzen, Gail Nlaylferry, Phyllis Nlinter, Marion Moon, plane llhilhrielx, Linda Pullin, Linda Rinehart, Kathryn Rose, Darlene Russell, Freddie SI11lIl1,C.1I'flC Mae Stevens, Treeia Stow, Martha Straight, Diane Turner, Gloria Vaughn, Judy XY'illiams, Xlary Yales. IXIIHCIIC Q, l FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB This is a national affiliated club, and its members are those students primarily interested in the teaching profession. Activities include a study of teacher training institutions, of teacher qualifications and opportunities. Mr. Kearns . . ..... . . . . Room 113 President . , Jimmy Horn Vice-President . . Patty Overman Secretary . . . . Janice Pace Parliamentarizliw , , Linda Brock Future Teachers of America Club 188 Martha Atkinson Linda Brock Myrle Bell Geraldine Hearnsberger Jimmy Horn Ann McMillen Patty Overman Janice Pace Lorene Price Phyllis Shipp Maxine Stein Sandra Wlilks Af L Peggy Bozman, Chior Sweetheart 4 BOOTS AND SADDLE CLUB A group of boys who enjoy playing hillbilly and western music. Each year they present assembly programs and play for other school affairs. ' Mr. 'Lipscomb . . . . Counselor's Office President . . . . . . B. G. Irby Vice-President . . Johnny Weaver Secretary-Treasurer . . Jimmy Williams Reporter . . . . Jimmy Kendall Parliamentarian . . . Robert Young Marvin Thompson 179 P This club is made up of those who are now Boy Scouts and would L I I BOY SCOUT CLUB like to work for Merit Badges, and for rank advancement under a qualified Scoutmaster. . .... Room 116 . . . Ronald McChesney Vice President . . Lucien Martin Secretary Treasurer . . John Wilkins Parliamentarian . . . . . . Philip Dickinson Reporter ...... ...... P at Hays Hollis Attaway James Crouch Philip Dickinson Tommy Croley Patrick Hays Horace Hill Bill Lilley Marvin Lovelady Lucien .Martin Stanley Midler Ronald McChesney Tommy Minter Don Mitchell Edward Pittman Virgil Prater Wilbert Rasberry Doyle Read Billy Jack Reeves Billy Rogers John Wilkins Jerry Lee Learn and Earn Club Odell Applegate F. D. Audas Homer Beck Roy Blackwell Robert Blair David Blalock Flavy Brewer Jerry Callahan Charles Davis David Edwards Travis Garner Marvin Hartley Frank Haynes Lewis Hewitt George Hogue Carl Holland Gayle Johnson Wayne Johnson Craig Keoun Jimmy Krumm LEARN AND EARN CLUB Bobby Leach Freddie Marsh Thomas Marsh W. L. Martin Keith MeClenon Bobby McGee Larry Mitchell Herbert Money Danny Nations Danny Newell Robert Robertson Neil Snow J. L. Roe Neil Snow Jerry Strong jimmy Thompson Philip Tracy Larry Watson George Walls Roy Willianas lgmbby Watts I A club composed of 7th and Sth grade boys who like agriculture as hobby or possible Vocation. Activities include projects. held trips. and opportunities for members to actually see and do the things they Mr. XVilliams . . . . . . .fXgrieulture Building President , , . Gayle johnson . Lewis Hewitt Thomas Marsh . Neil Snow . Freddie Marsh Q I SN Tjvy Lyme wa H es is ' W ku.: A ' VISUAL AIDS, CLUB The Visuz1liAi,d Cub meets to see moti nfivietures. Ed ational ' films as well as sports pictures are shown irnclniub day. Mr. Speir ....... ........ R oom 114 'resident ...... . . .... Bobby Pence 'ice-President . . . . . . Gene Brnnuni oi Q-""'Z 'etary ...... gf Harold Blakely Gene Brnnum James Brown Leroy Daniels Lloyd Elkins Carlton Ellis johnny Graham Raymond Harrel Freddie Henley Curl Johnson Victor jordan H. D. Lee Jerry Massey Bobby Gray Dempsey Charles J. C. Pee Billy Pace Bobby Peace I Dennis Rinehart Kenneth Sawyer lfred Sims XV. Smith Travis Stegill -Iames Thompson Kenneth Turner Robert Young Wfiyne Moore Harold Pike Jay Avant Bruce Welborn Randy Wells Clifford Plant Charles Avant Wayne Sherred Grady Oder ,ii www., 5 fs W Utter' E 14 iowa , 1. sn if ' , .Q K . w 'q s e xt ' t ' X A3 5 if ' ' ', 'Hg K Ari 5 A wifi fl f- 1 fggf i :inf 1 5' jg K in 51, .5 X '71 5 . ',: "" -v , -liihw 5 - if . M My of i A A . Q 5 v1 .W ,WW Z :gh I ' 'Q i . wgf W i 5 :A 4 5 V: ' v ik 4 Riu Q 63,22 'ni :AK Model Airplane Club 194 lVlODl'll. AIRPLANE CLUB The members of this club are those students interested in making and flying model airplanes from both junior and senior high. Einphrisis is plneed on power planes. Bill Neale, Sponsor President ............. Howard MeGuyer Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer . . Piirlrimentarian . . . Claude Dailey Vernon Dean Max Edwards Jerry Jones John Missey Howard MCG UYCI' . . jerrv jones . . . .Claude Dailey . . . George MeNutt George MeNutt Ben Money Jerry Xvhite Jerry Whitlock Mike Yarlnorough The junior Classical League is a national organization. Its members covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world. Activities include programs on the classics, celebration of Latin Week, attendance at conventions, etc. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Miss Taylor, Sponsor President ............. Alma Lou Dennard Vice-President ........... Syntha Traughber Secretary ...... .... A nn McMillan Clyde Allen George Mueller Karel Burns Patty Overman Alma Lou Dennard Carrie Mae Smith Don I-Iillier Gearron Sublett Carolyn McKain Synths Traughber If '54, 15 J 11' . NUMBER SENSE CLUB This club is made up of those students definitely interested in further development of nunxber sense, looking toward participation in Interseholastic League competition. Both junior and senior high students are eligible. Mr. Johnston ............... Room 216 President . . . . . Billy Cox Vice-President . . Jack Harris Secretary . . . Martha Stansell Treasurer . . . . . . Betty Moreland reporter ...... . . . Barbara McCrary Billy Cox Betty Moreland Alfred Goodman Martha Stansell Jack Harris Joe Thompson Mary Heidleberg Sharolyn Watson Frances Kesner Carolyn Wells Barbara MCCrary JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB A group of the library assistants meeting together to work out some of their common problems, and to pursue the interesting study of Library Science. Miss Dalby .... . Jr. Library READING POR PLEASURE CLUB This is an organization of junior high students who read for pleasure. Activities include some impersonations of literary characters. Miss Watkins r........,..... Room 217 President . . . . . Molly Hammer Vice-President . . . Nancy Stracner Secretary-Treasurer . . Patsy Van Haverbeke Reporter ..... .... M ary Meade Mary Bland Barbara Leads Darlene Bond Robert McKay Ray Boyd Mary Meade Reading for Pleasure Club Clifton Clark Glenna Crutcher Elois Don Carlos Yvonne Duncan Judy Edwards Minnie Evans Frankie Hearon Mary Haigwood Molly Hammer Anna Hewitt Claedith Hightower Geraldine Hill Carol Ivey Joe Mack Jordan Kay Moody Troy Parrott Patsy Porterfield Billy Roberts Shirley Roe Oliver Sorrells Etta Mae Stephens Nancy Stracener Patricia Threadgill Alice Valdetero Norman Walker Patsy Van Haverbeke Joyce Faye Watt: V, Poetry Club POETRY CLUB - Johnson President Members: Ann Cooper Gretchen Hackett Nita Haynes Helen Hewitt Bettie Hogue Jo Ann Hunt Martha Meede . . . Rose Wilson Carolyn Moreland Gail Russell Jeanette Shipp Oleta Smith Rose Wilson Beverly Swain 199 'Meg PM 4 - nr "" 'lin'--AYA-AA--H '-I---Y-lar -A --A- k - V - -- In-I-D' - - V V ,-, ,A,,, -, , 0' 4 . ll .lawn I 1 I i if f 1 . ff I .fi 1 I 1 012 Sportsmanship Safety Club 1 SR. SPORTSMAN CLUB Members: O,Neal Arrington Charles Avant Kenneth Awbrey David Barton Johnny Bradley Eddie Buckalew , Tommy Burns - Benny Campbell Rance Carr Eddie Smitherman James Davidson John Early Jimmie Farrar Willie Fields Ronald Hoenig I, 5 r 'V P s . ' rr' ., E , 1, Aix, y . 1 1. , , . . . 6. l, . E. X J .J Z 2 M . 5 f x fs' 'N ,ix ' ' ,li f' 1, 'X A ' i 2 fa .. i . In Q. 1. Mr. Waters Jan Ivey Jesse Jett David Julian Sherman Kennedy Neal Williams Billy Wells Jimmy Watson Edward Walker Bert Tutle Weldon Turner Richard Stone P George Stansell Sammy Halley Royce Blackburn Spanish Club SPANISH CLUB This Club meets to study customs and historys of Latin American countries, play Spanish vocabulary games, play Spanish bingo, sing Spanish and Mexican songs and enjoy skits and conversations in Spanish. Mr. Dawson . . . . ..... . . . . . S1 President ..... .... M ary Wilcox Vice President ...... ..... Be ttie Rogers James Bozman Sallye Mitchell Rose Erwin Bettie Rogers Jimmy Farrar Oleta Speir Janetta Jones . Kittie Sue Thasker Lucian Martin - Mary Wilcox i L -,jk SENIOR LIBRARY CLUB A group of the library assistants meeting together to work out some of their common problems, and to pursue the interesting study of Library Science. Miss Campbell ..... ..... . . Sr. Library President . . . . . . Patsy Gage Vice-President . . . . . Sallye Mitchell Secretary-Treasurer . . ..... Pat Oliver Patsy Gage Joyce Phillips Sallye Mitchell Aleta Speir Melba Musick Vfanda Stanfill Pat Oliver Mary Valdetero ,, ll, ti, ,,m wtaffrm ifqgi-.,3. r' , Uklxcxywi 2 , . , .fi . 'Eg il' 5" K , 5 I yi. g i , 1 I 5 I ' - 2, . , ' v ,', 3 E . 1 'Jw , Xb It Q. Xi 'A 1' NIUNIUR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIICTY Atkinson, Martha Bell, Myrle lilanliensliip, Gene llroclx, Linda Brown, 5l.ll'l'lCS' l3Ul1I1.1l'kl. Alma lluncnn, lfalwinn lirwin, T. C. Gaines, Cirolyn Jones, Jerry jordan, Kenneth McMillan, Ann xlOI'L'l.l!1Ll, Betty Mueller, George P-139-, P-iffy Price, Lorene Sliipp, Phyllis Stnnsell, Mnrtlm Sublcrn, Gearron Tracy, Marilyn Trnughber, Syntlm Tuner, Quilla W'atson, Sharolyn Wells, Carolyn Willis, S.1mlr.1 XY'llllLlI11S, lionalel 'XY'illi.im5, Ronald XVlNL'I11.ll'l, li.irbnr.i llYL'l'll1.lK1, Patty liuelxelew, Sliirley Ciilliam, -Inclxie llgirper, Mef' Kennedy, Bobby Kesner, lfrnnces Kuylaemlill, Frances XY'liiLe, Billie jane Meliny, Marquis Blind. Mary lhily, Jr., Clalgilde Holloway, Milgcline Kendrick, lieoxvryl Crcilgff Nleilullough, Liniin ximiig, Luwaldi i Moore, Mary Ann Payne, Junnice Xvnlker, Charlinc Winn, Janis 0- lllml nj . ,. ' img? We 0 P Gia, .502 W Aff, r N Q, N Q! WW P W My K Ul g A10 Wil P P , al! QXQVJQIU many different routmesfas well as develop new and better habits in twirllng . ane TaYlor Sponsor X President . . .L ....... . . . Patsy Page ff Vice-President . ' ...... . Syntha raughbcr Mar Log Qpeea-" Secret . . . .. . X eA,t TWIRLING CLUB This club is rhade up of girls interested in twirling. They learn 1 . ,Q , J , A ...--.5-L Nilkx' i l5elores Kimbrough Reporter ..... .gig-. . . ' Katherine O'BYrQile Peggy Golden Delores Sally Thompson Mar Lou G L juanice Payne ' yntha ughber Shirley Phillips J Patsy Page Barbara Wiseman l anice Winn LaRita Lassiter ' ,-Carol Uselton Tackie Lcveritt VAUP 1 -Z 1, his 2735 Y ,4,A f5",3?'f1:35if.fffiixgi , Q ' V -hhanaal .w,2.,r,.n..i2.1-,,,,s,, A-Mm' g-A AA-AN-3-km W ' I FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Memlbers: FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA - Herman Williams President .............. Nlaleonie Landers Vice-President . . Bobby Moon Arvil Applegate Edward Beck Troy Briggs Roy Briggs Tommy Burns Bobby Cooper Leroy Daniels Jack Edwards T. C. Erwin Neil Harper Max Hill Edward Johnson Kenneth jordan Elmo Kuykendall Cecil Laster Bill Lilley Howard Lockwood Donald Logsdon Marcus NleRay Henry Parnell Mason Phillips Billy ilaelt Reeves james Roberts Bennie. Sharp Travis Sharp Leland Straeencr Marvin Thompson Donalll XVilliams Ronald NVilliams State Teams: Lil'l'XfUt'k Bobby Moon Billy Nlaberry Phil jones Harry Stracener 55329.51 A T, KX Wayne Winn Charles Word Kenneth Awbrey David Barton Johnny Bradley Raymond Brewer Paul Briggs james Buie Tex Campbell . Billy Caraway Charles Cody Vernon Dean jesse Jett Phil Jones Charles Kennedy BiIlfM1 l erry lyhssev ierin' MeRay 0'-2145, George NleNutt+ Bobby Moon Grady Moore XY'ilmer Perkins Malcolm Landers KT. C. Pee james Smith Kenneth Spradling Harry Srraeener Edward NY'alker Robert Young Pnnliry jerry Massey jesse Jett Raymond Brewei Hairy Show Senior Trip MQ-DQ fi Ann W . Mary L Ida MCKa1g Kay Moody Cheerleader Iunior High Clffrleaders - , ,, X V N? 5? df 92 ' P3-ttYOV91'maf1 Alm Lou- nnard M I' tha Stans X 5 , . .-' AN . I . x x W R. x Y ' v , NL -f -.Qff X F 'I Senior High Cheerleaders Jane Watson, Head Cheerleader .4' Shirley Hammer, Senio Mifh ffw xii!! A Jean Waldron, Sen ,,- 35, ef? Barbara Smith, Junior Linda Whatley, Junior My f 6655 3 r wg 'x Kay Lilley, Sophomore 1 Kathryn House scored a third quartile in the General Aptitude Text in the 1953 National Honor Society Scholarship Contest given recently. Kathyrn's score was 50. Scoring 44, Katherine Morrison camein second amongthe five students from GI-IS'who took this test., Both girls were over the 'average score. 4 This General Aptitude Test was given to 7, 893 members of the National Honor'Society--all highly selected seniors planning to enter college in 1953--in 1, 971 participating schools on March 24, 1953. Its purpose was to select the highest ranking students through a nationaltest that would determine general competence. It tested the best ofthe best because all members of the National Honor Society must have at least an all B average or its equiv- alent to be eligible for membership in any chapter of the Nation- al Honor Society. Therefore, any rating--even in the lowest quartile--must be regarded as a relatively high score when com- pared withthe probable test score of the 538, 667 seniors actu- ally enrolled in these 1, 971 participating school seniors. c. 4 1 1 4 I 1 f 5 Q g E 5 R IS 3 2 5 1 a 3 xqfag 2QaQLzQdic dawbf wwaffmg M 922661 a :aiQ,L54A 6bQMUf95ZQQP6ZU61Qg, 7146 ffififldf 544710 meg I A dually WLM Qffcfax fp 9 Q, , Mwfffgzlfiz Ziff? ffm cf J! A n A 1' 61ifQ3lLCfef46c12 4Qjq,QZf Q-Cglfegagg. 57555612 4 51Q,zQw74e4J jug i L A AQ' , ff z I g,42!iJ46E4 gp ,av li. ,G 1, rl f.,!1, f 1' .. . ' . . fcff,f KMA ffw.,wfMf5-fff' f L , A , I eziggiggggi lzagamwb X17 dab GLQLZQ Jjgf Qkesfazfdiw --L, o in '- .,,-, J' . K. 55114 1 -A-, X 'K . -' , ' X ' , ,, r . 1 if , I " W ,. L, I .' 1 ' 1 I-7 L., A , ff V . , 1 wyA ffffffff'Z'f fnzf,x,Z54Q6m QKJX - ,f V . ,. f,H,.. M 4f ,, f, .fi 'f51f,,fn f, f ,, f, ,,,y4 ,N .. - ,. . ' ' Y 1 V Jah ,, W'-,K,.:A i' -U MAL i' ra" 7 if ,, :J SH J fl! I .3 Q N1 I ff ,-N"V,,fffkf' A .K . f ., , K , I vt- f E , F,,f'A,' 5, 'ff- .Y I ull. af' - - ., 'J' .V rr' ,ff I ' ' A T i . '4 X ,J . A ,x F , , -' v' " -. ' ' , Iv . -' ' .1 , f f ,f Y' 1 ' -f'- :I-A ti' X4 :fs f , 1' V, If fifty ff f f 1 f -f' -+ JI' , - . 1 A . I ' f - . .,., . , . 1 , ,, A., ii! f . . ' ..- f. I V vi ff 5 Q Yi f' ff 4 ." ' f ,..N!3, . a,W , 1 -4 A 1 A J,...f.:,px K .,., ,Q , Q at V fi?-Vx J 'V , 'Ldv' f lf' p, 4 , Iafj .f , - ' X 1' fi' ri ff' I I Q" yr ,. , '-4-43f"', ja ,.',4" 1 A , 5,"Mv, i 1 J '. Y, 3' le. , . If iffy 4 Lf" .T ,' Lv X N N xxx 1 N . -W-YA ,,,J,f x x K W-v..7..-L----fl .,...-.-g1ei.:..Q.-,-11:,..,,-- 6,3 Q, f ' 'f 'QS --f-1-ww-E.,-6... , A .u-..Q-...,.,,,, N X ,f ' f 15 A ff fbfff ,., qQ,W X HH f ' !'5',g! 'Clif irr5f,1if-ll " ff . ff' f f lf, V' I , ,ff .M f ' ' , f M- -F' 'Q " - , ...L k -lf '-,xg Q , I . 'vL,,C5 p 'V ,F K J, Av'-'af' ff JJ Z. if H -M gps",-yfg My if. Ta X fybf Af- nfWfQfwffw,X Uf,f , Salutatorian Rose Wilson villBlhCl0l'iill' I f Q W gr WT Jane Watson and Bill O'Brien Art Staff Editors. Department I r J BEARFACTS r Ronald McChesney Britta Henry . . Jimmie Leach . . Lorraine Blalock . Dee Merritt . Barbara W'ood . . Marie Hewitt . . Lynette Ledbetter . Vashti Horton . . Tommie Castleberry Wfrnda W'illiamson June Johnston . . Martha Vaughn . Pat Whitehurst . Earnest Parnell . Donna Hall . Calvin Mclfaig ' . Joanne Armstrong . . Sports Ediroi . Exchange Iidir . . lfditor-in-Clri . . Managing Editor . First Associate Editor Second Associate Editor Third Associate Editor lfourth Associate Editor Fifth Associate Editor . . . Photo Editor Assistant Photo Editor . . . Feature Editor Associate Sports Editor Associate Sports Editor . Headline Printing, . . . . Art Editor . Radio Editor . News Editor Dee Merritt whose photo won an honorable men- tion in the 1953 Scholastic-Ansco Photography Con- test and Principal George Lipscomb admire the cer- tificate she received for this national honor, the most notable any GHS photographer has won. "he three girls, Jimmy Leach, Lorraine Blalock. ann ilore. Merritt, who made it possible for their stafl to Win more awards than any journalism group in the Texas High School Press Association proudly display their certificates. The Bear Facts Journalists who attended the Texas High School Press Association Convention in Denton last fall, where their paper won an All State Award and where they won more certificates than any other staff in the stat'e,'take time for lunch. Pictured above, from left to right, are Jimmie Leach, Lorraine Blalock, Vashti Horton, Dee Merritt, Zana Ross, and Ronald McChesnev. . B 00 0 First in Rubber ' Prescription Dmggests Ballard Drug Company Longview A Gladewater A A 'Phone 277 Ph0nerf150 4"Best Hamburger in Town' School A WVHIHBAIHIDSTORE JIMMY TRAUGHBER. OWNER GLADEWATER. TE 14 000 HOME G AUTO ITEMS Campus Comer SHIPP HHIIS. REAL ESTATE G INSURANCE PHONE 2204 J Cdmpliments 2252412421 ff 9!!lUfl!!9TEE Hff!U!U50F9,.'UF9DH DIAL 2295 E GLADEWATER 9 TEXAS J F Compliments of .H f vi? 1 If .f 'l T. W. Lee Jimmie Dale Leach,iEditor-in-Chief . , 2 ycafig lst place in society news story- Texas High School Press Association 'SZ Honorable Mention- Texas Scholastic Photography AWA,-ds '52 2 - lst Places- Shreveport Times lxlllllhll Photo tgomgti 'gg Lorraine Blalock, Managing Editor . . 2 years lst place in features- Texas High School Press Association '52 lst place in headline writing- Regional Interscholastic League Contest '53 lst place in copyreading- Regional Interscholastic League Contest ,S3 lst place in newswriting- Regional Interscholastic League Contest 'SZ George Washington Medal in National Freedom Foundations Editorial Contest '53 l Q ei, jus :am wa A-me om- Dolores "Dee" Merritt, First Associate Editor, 3 years 1st place in news photography- Texas High School Press Association 'SZ lst place- Texas Scholastic Photography Awards '53 Honorable Mention- D National Scholastic Photography Awards '53 lst place- Shreveport Times Annual Photography Contest fPets Divisionj '52 June Johnston, feature editor whose high point-- age in the regional journalism meet made her eligible for competition at the state meet, and her teacher. Mr. C. XV. Dawson, look over one of the live cer- tificates June won at the regional meet. Leaning ox Cl the pair is Jimmie Dale Ieacli. editor-in-chief. Barbara Wood suv-- "1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 l l 1 l 4 l 1 l ' an Cresszes b7f0W6'!' Slzap 20' goeuth Main u2Es'rERN AUTO Assocwm STORE, K , UIVIDYIIIIIQ '09 'lil AUl0bt0lIlll" Phgne GLAozwn'sn, Tens V ,f 8 'EXE ' Gladewamffexas zf5:2'a:55+a2s::'ii':::1f1:E:nk .J Ciofnnplimms Kelleher Insurance Agency Anything worm owning is worm Insuring j""f"1- 121 E. maine nm 2356 e ff" f Gladowator, Texas Comp ments Com lime ts of V X I f X fn ,. ...ff f W iv' ,W .X " - ee:-w.:1:-CfZ.21'-W 3 'Saws rv uk . Hr Q5 x .wa H . -A N W 1 A - QS M- 4 fit 1 fin, X-A Q W , Q x 32" Q 1 F3 b xi-lv rw. Ni , fi' , , X, ' 156 K fi ,L R ffx 'f if rf 4 " J I ., ' W GEURGE O JE, if wAsl-nNs'roN W sn.EP'r ,JJ HERE x"'x Ss O f:I3 Vg.:-:EZ -d-Nw' ,ff UMM- ll X fr I F X Q ' i ' JL, L..rX,.L cx WZ' .Y 1 ' .2 , T ' ff fi .PA wma' ' S: ..... -'-'-'-'-'- 1-1-2 YE ' :2E2E2:12E1E2E2E2E2:1 - 1:IEISIEIEEIEIEIEIIEIEIE 525225252ESE2E3E?E55!E?:E:?:E:E:E:E:E2' - :E:E2E2E1:?:?:E:E2E1E . SCHOOL HIGH 8:P.M. MARCH SU 44. Ward Stubio Allen jewelry IIS W Commerce Pho.543I H2 vmpacific phO.3482 Lomplmnenla of " Ps. ' L k Y 'H'Sl" v "' 'NM' OO Ou' ' Wiseman Bros. Fisher's Barber Shop Furniture Co. 709 N. Main 0 2 Compliments ' ff !j Meet Yogi Friends E r V Shamrock Cafe and Drive Inn . We Specialize in Pit Bar-B-Q, Beef, POYIC, HSPECIALIZING IN FINE' MEATSM and Ribs and the Best of Curb Service 333 W. Upsher Phone 2456 -a The Speech Department and . g1'he Senior Class present "George Washington Slept Here" fftgihwxf comedy in three acts ,-I by Moss Hart and George Kaufman 1 Ji "" The cast in order of appearance: I Mr. Kimber......................Jimmy Brock ' Newton Fuller. . . .-. . . . .Tommy Colenxn ': K Annabelle Fuller. . .. . . . . Janell Lynn I lx Madge Fuller. . .. . . . . . .Peggy Bozman K -' , y :X Steve Eldridge. . . . . Jimmy Horn X 5 af!" ' U Katie-,,.: . . . . . . .,. Joan Landers XX-.,z jf Douglas . . . . . . . .Glenda Wilson ,af-f I fl I qi , ,- -pfffg Q g is M Z 2 ,,a... . Jflii uf, i '., xx' -J :' N. .f J' 35' X! 'fa X Stage' Manager . . . Assistant Light Manager.......... --- Sound Effect Manager . . . - . - - Malcolm Landers Venoy Wright Frank Stewart Glen Gaines Assistant .............. Hulk Kidney Assistant . . n ..... Al-ffid 'G'-'wdmin Prompter ....... s . Barbara Smith Property Manager .... .... Max ine Stein Assistant .......... ....... . . . Sue Stewart A farmhouse in Pennsylvania Ac: 1' Scene lv- May Scene Z4 June get II Scene l - A Friday in August Scene Z - Sunday Afternoon I Act III The following morning We should like to thank the faculty and students of Gladewater High School and the parents for their co- operation during the production of this play. We should also like to express our thanks to the Radio Station, K S I J and to the Daily Mirror for their publicity on the play. We should like to show our grditude to McWilliams Furniture C'o. for- the use of the furniture used on this set., ' f ,,:,, Clayton Evans . . Rena Leslie .... Hester ........ Raymond ..... Un Stanle Leggett Frazer. . . . . . . Tommy Hughes . Sue Barrington . Miss Wilcox..... ... Mr. Prescott .. Charles Hays Alice Jear. Mainer Britta Henry Mike Bloom Bill O'B1'if:n Jimmy Watson Jamie Wells Shirley' Winn Ronald McRay Directed by Mrs. Nelda Neale Assistant: Pat Patterson Assistant: Sue Stewart M-li' i 1 1 1 I 1 4 4 1 1 I 4 1 1 1 213 EARIVS Iflvvri-I la 8 Slum GR0' sl MARKET l"um-rail Illum- 744 aw Meat 7. vw- A A 21454632 ,N ,, ,...W.,. IH-xl 2121 Bad rwlsges D B Ph E u use armacy dmcgfaig alimokt CIO. Cl.-L , Greetings Emma K. Wolens Department Smre East Texas' Most Popular Store in Glade-watei' '-nw ww. cwsamv' Compliments of CROLEY HARDWARE AND SUPPLY Meadows Jewelry ,,..4.datL. A Uooperlnsuranowlqencll .vCOMPLETE,A INSURANCE PROTECTION' 216 W. 'PACIFIC' DIAL 2402 i 17 Shop at the Tot Shop for Infant Needs The Tot Shop Glade Appliance 81 Radio Co. Phone 2316 QOMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE J. O. WILLIAMS MOTOR COMPANY BILL ALLEN MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH SALES S SERVICE "where to buy them" 710 Longview Rd. Phone 2252 For Bargains in New or Used Fhrniture and Stoves See Moore Furniture Cb., Call us Before You Buy, Sell, or Trade fl G08 IOTIIIBPS- GLAoEwIm5rz's FINEST :was sroae GLADE WATER TEXAS I 2 QI wfalfb QD ' R 'Ns ' :D 93 Q, Liify x A au: mg pmglemglie ours . by 55 Y ygxwy M guy-ax? S25 5- Q ref? fever ff of ' 3 A if C I Ffa arnegen Q3 o. nc. , - Q' 435 A J! f of . niqefxf ' .17 E, 2+ F ' V9 new if if of of yi! 'veriihing to Build Anything J! Ss? of Q58 of JJ 5 'X Gladewater let us servo you COMPL IMENTS OF CARL BRUCE - REAL ESTATE E. BROADWAY DIAL 4005 L. W. PELPHREY CQ General Contractor fi awww A CE I I c.n.n:owzns A Amm . gm . - 1 , eww Longview Highway 224 ' ,,Cp,flXx H 1 V ff - V P A , . The F f .4 , V O G U E , A QA 'A Q , f, 5, E:rcLus1'vely yours for 1 1- Style and Quality Merchandise L K4 CONGRATULAT I ONS SEN I ORS Davidson Iron and Meinl Co. STRUCTURAL STEEL AND ANGLE IRON ALL SIZES SUCKER RODS LONGV IEW HIGHWAY HARRY LAVINSON B ERNARD DAVIDSON' Glzzdcwater Daily Mirror Walter Bennett HAMMoNn's rfxAco sfkvlcf rmfsrouf 2. rExAco Ford Dealer Diul 2557 Main 8. Upshur Gladewater. Terai Service with u smile Service Hardware Hardware-Sporting Goods Phone 93 Gludewuter Federal Savings und loan - f Y GOOD LUCK Bennetts Shoe Store UPTOWN SHOP iomzm sms srnvicr x17 F. pacific Ulnll 747 1 j Kwan ,Music Gbmpauy "everything musical" I24 S. Main V Dial 2447 218 C CUMPUMENTS D5 .fame Zaye rl COMPLIMENTS GF BRINKLEYS BGCDTERY HOMi.iUWN'IfIi 7-HfiDMHOPiFlHA'lqED r- : r 5 1 1 5 E I 5 E . 5 T' 5 1 5 4 -. i a 2 3 , Y . E E E 5 2 i 1 1 5 5

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