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2 1976 M Z' V i I 5 7. """i' ' ' - -Y-Y mf, , , m had DEDICATION This year we are very happy to dedicate this 1948-'49 Bear's Tale to the SPORTS GROUP. As it helps to show our appreciation for the nice work this department has done to make this an even better school year. We are looking forward to better ones in the future. Bill Stages, nChuckn Haynes, Theo Rigsby, HRickn Toler, and Erline Harwell are coaches of this fine organization. THE STAFF nzfemh, A, Swan? 6514.20 IJWWMM Smgqzmh 8709 duck 14212: fww Mum, 252' 52' -7 n E. D. Cleveland Superintendent gllzcfswafsz 545005 "Training for Effective Citizenship" gazcfawafez, Usxaa May L, l9b9 Dear Students: I want to take this means of expressing my r continued faith and confidence in you.' Day by day and week by week your formal schooling is drawing to a close. I hope each of you realize this and that you are making the Qestgof each day as you pass this vayi? L '-if "i'T1f,'--,- .-iff i What you are now is the sum total of your experiences of the past. What you will be tomorrow will be determined by your experiences of today. Each of you are intelligent enough to know what you would like to be in your adult life. Please accept the challenge from me to do some thinking'on this point and then set your course to attain that goal. You should never forget that your success will come through serving others. You may always remember that the staff of the Gladewater Schools is ready to assist you at any time. My best wishes are with you now and always. , s Yours very E. D1 CLEIVELAND EDC:mw xv' ff, ALMA MATER me WA ff ff' K A ,- N...,,4 Q , 9 ......1.....,V, 'H MJMW.. .L.,.,,.,M..,..v' 3 M OZ LL mmm awww FINE ARTS BUILDING K, m BUS and AGRICULTURE i CAFETEBIA ... ..Y,, ., , ..,, .., E... .. -,,- w , ' I 's,:r..: I' S5125 -'UM , A 'r 2:22 QP , 5 , K 1.3 x Wfgfi W 2 4 1if:ffwf?5 :,Sfw , , , , f I f' f5'f?f?5 f? ' 5 fiQ?Q ,,ff,53'?Lf 2, 'w?:w,f- ve-, Af, fi .' A ! Y K ig F MS: ff:-E at -11 v:i::-yr ' Q x 5 'UQ 79' 55 - A fx in . " n'15fr 'vfffw ' f gs J L,xl A W W-.W " , xi , . 1 Q X A K 'M H -swf , Sf f mv.: -...:.-:f-:2:'2:w-w- 'iz'-i-:1.1..: .. . ,, HA V swag? ' 'V ,F Q. 5 A A 9 Me ans? w '1 K f gwaxv HY ,X 1 us S G 1 :JN 1 Y., , Z Awww .3 . Sf M. A .4 Y, . nm., v 722 :it wwq f is ,Q . -5 BF AI CE KL .....,Nxq-8 8 I I i A 'af N E i E - ,MM I 'W - I 'L K Y - W.-3 'F -4 'N-vw Ma - ,MQ Q " N New T' E ,Y if .4 My A , .Y ,MQW V . K A f an ,. - f , f K ' t ' Swv L m?"""?1 ww L . . ' ' x if - My ' W, mx it ' . f g"l?F,,NA?2i, K if K 4 ,L' wi ' X iry, L' giggww " 4 7' QW gg, W1 Mp + - - + ,r x V 4- , ,, ' ' ,rffx 2 ww . "'.-M. QS' M.. -,.-iilsW"Wfwfm,:, -S'f:SiF'?t""' '1 ,.'Z"""'ww-4-45024.42 f , H, ,,wfn-miffsrefeiy' 6.32, .:'vQ,4, . 4 wwf' x w 1 SWIMMING POOL h.. E1 4 , na w gawk , !!pg,,,..., ,vw .W .. H, . ---VT - .-,,,,.,,,. ,--X V-,-.1W..... .h,n..1.,v..,f-.,,. V -C-,WN -Y--fn' ' f-W -- '- Y mf" Q Q Q31 Sif 5? , Q? S, ,, f ul F ,Wli ,M. ,ll 1-., g.. li. - , lfl 1 1 1 1 .1 ,,1 ! ' i sf i 1 ' 1 4 j 4 4 1 1 Q L 1 1 4 4 ff i .r- f .3 5 fi iff 21 Tir? Q Hugh White Vice-Presidenp Board of Education 2 . 9 Yu. X , Claude Dailey President M Leon Waggoner Secretary Registrar Secretarv to Principal General Office Hazel Ponder Secyfts' Cfarges Haynesd Bookkeeper ary o uperlnten ent im This is a book for rememberance. We have worked hard in order to have something to look forward to in the past. Although we have had changes in teachers, we have kept right on working. We have tried to bring out the characteristics, activities, and personalities of this year 1948-'49. We sincerely hope each will treasure this book for many years to come. fCn4Lf AQQOAZ W? ik -- ----- V---------Y V - -Y Y------Y----Y V V - Y- -- ----Wi-1 Q--, S U P E R I N 'r N N D E, N T E. D. Cleveland Superintendent gfacfaufafsfz gczrzio 1- Cgwsnioz Ohligfi Scgoof "Educating for Effective Citizenship" PhWwb Gnhkwnhy Ckmu Mmw' mcxpql -f Reg May 3, l9h9 Dear Students: I wish to congratulate our student body on a most successful school year. It has been gratifying to me to see the growing ease with which students cooperate within groups. Your cooperative spirit has, I know, been a pleasure to yourselves as well as to those who have sponsored your activities. It has, I am sure, been the greatest factor in the successes which you have enjoyed. You seem to have caught an appreciation for hard work and to have discovered that casual par- ticipation will bringyonly indifferent results. I wish also to express my personal appreciation for the many ways in which students have cooperated with me and the school staff in helping us build a better school. To those of you who are graduating I wish the greatest success in adjusting to your new work in a vocation or in a college. To all of you I wish a happy vacation. ncer y, QOLMES WEBB Hwf ie P R I N C I P A ,L Minnie Enid Aycock Emma Sue Bennett Mrs. Beatrice Brown Latin and English Language Arts Language Arts Mrs. Gloria Brown Lelia Campbell Speech and English Lgbfafgan Joyce Cochran J, T, Cfuce C W Dawson . EngZiSh Photography and Printing Jounmlisa and Spani ,a , , Mable EaStef1Y Virginia Darrow Groves Hazel Hardage Language Affs Natheaatics Science Erline Harwell C, M, Hughes Physical Education Science Charles Haynes Roy Howard Louise Knight f' I7 nnf? Gina.. n-....--1 - - ' ' ' - Roy Johnson George LiPSCOmb Lee Etta McAdams lish and Social Studies Counselor and Visual Education Social Studies ' 4? Q 'E J. H. McCord Lillian McKinney English Mathematics Mrs. M. M. McMichea1 Mrs. Ekrah Miller Bill Neale Libruary Study Counselor Social Studies Aft Virginia Lee Nelson Grid? Parrish E' C' Pennington Music Shop Cosuercial Subjects 5 Mrs. Nadine Player Varina Powell Counselor and English NuSiC Mrs. Jessie Mae Pynes Cnesnef Malins nMALTl1ic3 1Ei'??P-yn, W- E- Stages Mrs. Marion Steen J. Cosby Speir 500071 Science Shop Bryan W. Saxon Duitah Stewart lathcsattcs Matheaatics i g?Q 5LE3if L- E- TOIGI' Herman Williams Charles E. Woodson Coach and Physicial Education Vocational Agriculturephofogrnphy and Printing .2 kj Q-don Student Body 4 Officers lgafeiq aqoneqcull' President Iauqlcad lynn pai Ream! Vice-President Secretary F EVM wa rd of PVP! ww ahold! if Nb 5 w 3 f. W. Wan! Vice President. .fclaacf Maya Parliamentarian X Billy .looney President l Mbna had Secretary Meigs fbonnaacf Reporter Jack Adams To be happy all his days is this carefree senior's ambition. Student Council '46-'479 Band '46-'49g Hi-Y '47-'48g Business Manager Bear's Tale '48-'49.Senior play Raymond Allen I Raymond will make a distin- guished looking business man with that curly hair. Band '45-'493 Hi-Y '47-'49 Jimmy Arrington jimmy's future as a rancher will be as wild as any before him ever was. Circulation Manager Bear's Tale '48-'49g Vice-pres. Home Boom '49g Track '49. Jerry Avant Take your business to Jerry when he makes the grade as a mechanic. Band '15-'49g Track '47: Hi-Y '47-'i9. Billy Bob Barker As a professional golfer Willie will reach the top. Student Council '17-'4B3 Junior Plavp Golf '46-'49g Baskethall '46-'48.Senior play John Bartlett John will be a demon at pro- football and a help to any team- Foothall '45-'493 Coach B-team Cuhs ' 48-' 493 flasehall '49? F.F,A, 'AS-'48: Hi-Y '47-'49- Patricia Beard Pat wants always to be happy and have those around her happy. Band '44-'493 National Honor SOCieEy '48-'493 Tri-Y '49. Senior play Betty Berry We hope that Betty will succeed in her aim to be a student choral director. F.H.A. '46-'499 bextet '46-'49g Choral 46 49, Vars1ty Sports '47-'49. Nelda Berryhill As a secret:ary, Nelxia will attract the attention of her boss. Junior Play, National Honor S0CietY '48"499 Secretary of F.H.A. '47-'48: Secretary of Junior Class '47-'485 Choral ex e Bennie Best nnie will make a cute and lovely junior model. SCXCCU 346-'473 Bear Facts Secretary ill Cormverxtion at Uenton.Senior play Charles Bowlin We are expecting him to reach the top as a professional baseball player. Football 46 49, lrack 15 '49g Baseball '47-'49g Sec. F.F.A. '489 Basketball '45- '49g Hi-Y '47-'483 Vice-pres. Junior Class. Claude Bradberry We wish Claude the best of luck in the field of geology. Basketball '45-'48g Coach B- team Cubs '48-'49, Wanda Branch Wanda wants t0 be as good an English teacher as Miss AYC0Ck' F.n.A. '46-'49g Choral '46-'49s Library assistant '46-'47. Kelton Brewer A professional basketball career is in nelt0n's future. Tennis '13-'493 Basketball V46- 49, Band 44 47, Student Council '453 Track '47-'48- Norma Bridger Norma will be the friendliest DUFSC to be found. Cheer Leader 48- 49, J-C.L. 18 '499 Qhoral '46-'489 Junior Playg F.H.A. 46 49, Trl Y 49. Doris Briggs AS a'singer, Doris will bring joy to all that hear her. Junior Playg Choral '46-'489 Sextet '46-' 48- Senior play Yvonne Briggs This neat little blonde will make a fine secretary. -fin. Office Assistant '48-'49. Hughes Brown With his gift of speech, h0w Caq he help but be a politician. C Band '46-'49: Boy's Choir '46-'48g Student Council '47g Band Repgrter '493 Chaplin Hi-Y '48-'49y Hi-Y Treasurer '47-'48, Loretta Broyleg Loretta is planning to try the secretarial field. Secfetafv Of F.H.A. 'd6-'479 H A '46 '49 News dit ' ' ' 5 l E or Bear Facts '48-'49, awww Shirley Cain When Shirley makes a hit as a singer, She will melt your blues away. Choral '46-'499 Sextet '46-'49. Patsy Cansler That nursing job will have to wait until Patsy is through gg laughing. filly 1 F.H.A. '46-'49g class Editor jfggukfiffo Bear's Tale '48-'49? Varsity Q ' lzlz 5 Sports '47-'49. if 4n,r is Willa Dean Carl K There's no business like show Q+f W'iR, ""' business, and this little girl gg! ZW' ,fl 'nin wants to be a part of it. e2-V- " Band '45-'49g National Honor society '48-'49g J.C.L. '42-'49, F.H.A. '45-'47p Tennis '48-'49g Class Editor Bear's Tale '48- '49: Tri-Y '48-'49-Senior play w e Charles Carr h is I-et's help Charles find that 'x'Fi:3'QQ Ez- IP., rich widow he wants to marry. i Basketball '47g Track '45-'485 on C Band '44-'46. Billie Frances Clark guage' How could you stay sick with a QQ? of cute, blonde nurse like Willie nn na on the fob' fiigggig Band '44-'499 Secretary of Band CQQ?1 y '48-'49g J.C.L, '47-'49: Pres- : -6' ident of J.C.L. '48-'493 Class Editor of Bear's Tale '48-'40? i Tri-Y '49. L.-....f......................... il ' Q ' .ft 'FJ g,xaf,,,. at "Ji Qghay urea QQMQ Wm Q ai in-rw 5 X x g kk Ak ' N na, as Q lfhn WmM.x 'grit' 2 :gg . 2.2915 72 ' z ' i gg wa 'MK Eddy Craig Eddy wants to own the biggest ranch in Colorado. President Hi-Y '48-'49g Tennis '46-'48. Gloriette Crutcher Watch her fingers fly when she gets that job as typist. F.H.A. '48-'49g Choral Club '48- '49i Library Assistant '48-'49, Tennis '48-'49. Arthur Custer It is a cinch that Arthur will wind up somedayas professional guitarist. Football '45-'499 Baseball '45- '47. Sylvia Davis To be a writer is this talented senior'5 ambition. Feature Editor Bear Facts '48- '49. Madge Dennard Nothing could please Madge more than to be happy the rest of her life. Band '45-'493 National Honor Society '48-'493 Reporter Senior Class: Secretary of J.C.L. '49: TI'l'Y ,fl-9. Senigr Elizabeth Dillard We are willing to bet that no one will be able to top Lizzie in the field of singing. Band '45-'49g National Honor Society '43-'49: Choral '46-'493 Sextet '47-'49.Senior play Margaret Ferrell Margaret will spend her days hunting a millionaire to marry. Band '45-'499 National Honor Society '48-'499 Reporter for Junior Class '48: J.C.L, '47- '49: Tri-Y '49-Senior play Jack Foshee jack wants to take care of the wild life on a game reservation. President of Band '493 Band '44- '49g Operetta '49: Secretary of Band '48: Quarette '48-'49. fx 'Ida Lois Gaines Russell To be a good housewife to David is Ida Lois's ambition. Choral '48-'49' F H A '45 '49 J.C.L. '47-'492'Student Direccoi'47, Wynema Glasco Wynema's only desire is to be allowed to graduate this spring. Co-editor Bear's Tale '48-'49 F.H.A. '47-'49: J.C.L. '47-'48 Varsity Basketball '49. Marlene Graham Marlerze wants to be a-good housewife for some lucky doctor. Choral '46-'493 Sextet '49-'49g Strings '46-'47s F.H.A. '47- Dorothy Hall Dot has plans to travel all over the world befo down. r ' re she settles Cheer Leader '47-'493 F.H.A. '46 '48g J.C.L. '48-'493 Choral '46- '485 Vice-President of F.H.A. '48J Tri-Y '49. Laverne Hanna Laverne is going to be a teacher in a modern grade school sooner or later. Bear Facts-Assistant Editor '46- '499 J-C-L- '48-'49. Patsy Hendrickson Pat is going to be a labonatory technician in a big hospital. National Honor Society '48-'499 Co-editor Bear Facts '48-'49. Bobby Honeycutt What other field could this human powerhouse choose but the one of pro-football. Football '46-'49g Basketball '46-'49: Track '46-'49g Presj ident of Student Council '48- '49f President of Junior Class. Jerry Louis Johnson The field of diesel engineering is jerry's choice. ' Football '45-f49: Baskenhalll i f fa www QU fp.. 3 1 f X J s w .K+ fi gps A0 Medley, James , , .... , A -:-- ':.,:-.,. 4i11er, Vernon as f -M X Q 45M P P1 X TIE Jll16f, Ross 5e gi M , aaa. .:,,.,,. 6- fcgy , 5 5 I an I S , K l s , is "' f , J' , f us. f bl ' A 'n J' M. qi si lon V fg:x A? AAII A A A . I 4.x ,t ., r fgpfey tfw-jg B , t my -4 Q? 'gamer 35a W' Nfmzmn 3 AIWWW 4 1 K f iv" XM, llH x K N r-5-1+ 'g 455: 'Y w?xnn Wh-ney, J 1' EEQQIQQE If 48 15 4 f W! Q. 1.1, ,qw 'Vter, f vw , I 1 ik ,..,,,,,, 'FU1fT, lwsy Neel. Ninn Roberts, ttf hUbHTfS, David vw Roberts, Lula I Roberts, Vivian ' K Sanders, Bobby A-s Sanford, Ralph Viv daulters, Betty Jane Sharrock, Maggie Lon ,, , " f- ,Vt sais t ,,,,,, s W it Shott, Beverly Shriver, Bill Slade, Shirley Smifh, Rose Marie Small, Bill Steele, Janie Steen, Billie Jo Stevens, David Stewart, Jerry Thompson, Wanda Thompson, Jon Wray! Trent, Tommy Waggoner, Elizabeth Watson, Mary Ellen Warden, Sallie Sue Warren, Bobby Whitehurst, Jane Williams, June Boyd, Bill Hawks, Jessie Ruth 5 Marlene Reynolds Marlene will make an excellent housewife for some lucky guy. A , C ora Library Assistant '48-'49g Assistant editor Bear Facts '49. Bonnie Robertson We hope Bonnie has the best of luck in her ambition to be a model. Choral '47-'49g F.H.A. '46-'49g Co-editor Bear's Tale '48-'49I J.C.L. '47-'49: Varsity Sports '46"49. Faye Sandlin Faye will make an awfully pretty secretary in somebody's 0ffiC6- F.B.l..A. '47- '49i F-B-1J-A- Reporter '48. Lorraine Sanov Lorraine only wants to become 2 good concert pianist. Band '45-'49g National Honor society '48-'49: Library Assis- tant '47-'48- Melba Sharp Melba will make an ideal secret- ary for her lucky employer. F.B.L.A. '47-'49, Verna Simmons Verna will make a lovely model if she does not get married first. Assistant editor Bear.Facts '48-'49- Glenn Smith T0 be a military man is Glen's version of an ideal future. Junior Playg President Freshman Classy Baseball '45-'49gStudent Council '47-'49Q Choral '46-'48, Jo Ann Smith ,As a seczretary ,IO Ann will . surely reach the top. Band '45-'47g News editor Bear Facts 48- 49. diilwi K . ii nf W as 5 Y.: X vga 9 4' 'X -ff! if In 3 1 lr V., WH 4-4 Gene Spencer Gene is going to join the air corp right after graduation. F F A President 49" F F A 46- 49, News editor Bear Facts '49-'493 Baseball '47-'49. Robert Spruell Robert will make a mighty fine machanic. Football Manager '46-'493 Boxing '46-'4Rg Track '45-'48I News editor Bear Facts '48-'49, Billy Timmons 5lllY Says his dream is to be a millionaire. Land '44-,491 Hi-Y '48-'49, Jimmy Tipton Keep jimmy in mind for future reference when he becomes a mortician. Football '16-'493 Basketball '45-'472 Track '45-'433 Baseball '45-'46. Billy Tugwell When You decide to build that Ll1'C3l'Tl home, let be ygur 1rChiteCf. Hi-Y Parliamentarian '48-'49. Jeffie Verner Jeffie is undecided about be- coming a reporter or a teacher. National Honor Society '48-'49 Reporter J.C.L. '49I Editor Bear Facts '47-'48- Dale Vessel D216 Ch0Se a worthy profession when he chose that of the min- istry. ni-Y '46-'493 Secretary of Hi-Y '48-'49. L. A. Walker As a Chemical engineerf L. A. will be the best in his.field. Band '45-'49' Treasurer Nabional Honor Society 48 49. V- A. - ' 4,m5WWi pa m H fi in QM se if NY if an I W 5 'Y 5 iff my ragga? me were 4? is E25 Qi will i Gertrude Waller Gertrude is going to be a good beauty operator if the dece- sion is her own. Choral '47-'48. J. W- Wafd bnow business is really the place for a person with as much talent as J. W- Band '44-'49: Choral '46i'49Z Operatta '49: Vice-President Senior Class: Baseball '47- '48g Quarette '49.Seni0r P12Y Billy Warden Billy already has a good start in oil field work as his voca- tion. F.F.A. '46-'49g Vice-President F.F.A. '47e'48. Cullen Warren To be an office manager is the height of Cullen's ambition. President F.B.L.A. '49-'49. Vice-President F.B.L.A. '4R. Senior play Jimmy Warwick jimmy is the typical business man of the future. Band '44-'48. Barbara Watkins Barbara wants to earn the title of being a successful business-woman. F.H.A. '46-'485 J.C.b. '48. Senior play Patsy West When Pat can take the time off from rnarried .life, she Lg going t0 be a milliner. Asst. Art Editor Bear's Tale. Frances Westbrook Frances will have plenty of time to be a good housewife. Junior Plays Choral '47-'40, 4 s N With his talent, he will go far as a commercial artist. Football '45-'493 Track '48: Sentinel F.F.A. '47-'48. Jerry Williams Jerry will make one of the most brilliant'4Chemical en- gineers of all time. Band Vice-Pres. '493 President National Honor Society '48g Basketball '46f'49p Tennis '45-'49: Track '47-'489 Band '44-'49. Betty Jean Wilson Betty will make a very capable secretary when her chance comes- F.H.A. Parliamentarian '482 Tennis 49, Eleanor Wilson Eleanor's chosen occupation X Xf of dental assistant should be 59 V interesting work. Q Qf. Q sz Cheerleader '47-'49g F.H.A. lg- f P,x Y '46-'493 Pres. F.H.A. '47-'48: ,N-'hw Choral '46-'49. Harold Womble Anytime you need a handsome engineer, just give Harold a ring. D Band '44-'48g Parliamentarian Freshman Class: Track '46-'48. Mima Jean Wood Mima is already making good in her' amt:it.ion to be a stenographer. Junior PIHYS F.H.A. '46-'49g Parlia. F.H.A. '48: Hi-Y '497 Sextet '47-'49g Choral '46- '497 Secretary Senior Class. Calvin Woodruff Calvin is sure to make a com- petent business man. Fbotball '46-'47g Class editor Bear's Tale. Roy Woodward Roy wants to be a good house- - mover like his father. Football '48: F.F.A. '41-'49f 'Jw E 3 X ,Af xv , lg 5 4 2 sf af v va ,ia ..,. .Q ,, hx ff fx, - aw I 4 1 1 4 4 i , ' .Luisa 1 1 ,fs 1 .. ,WNW tag -1-:3 j 4 53,5 -.,: . 2 ,--' .-z.,,, jg. ,,:. R W kiiafil -. .as ,W Haa g if xv ,. g - ,Mwwg ,V at ,mg ,,e Wx N, .. A new - Wneyiqgt 1 ., ,, , . .- . ,,.. ,. Q ' f 'V'3lZ'ff , S1 i A ',.,:gf Q1 , sgeifiiillf fr at 2-H f'fwAWfffwmmwM5 S l ,,,mgQyxp?gga ., at zifg zekiggg f 5593: .lf 5...,:'fi...f:f.: .. t .Wx M V - fl .Ani ,A 4.1 if , 1-rff w ff-VZ , , ' -' ' - ,.Au . ,' A ,. -' 5 2 ,Zi f 2, : ' "'I ,W I " Xmfg Senior Snapshots 'SY 411 . 1 . WF?" - - X fi XE Q"""""-s "Gin 99' cars M... J E , U ' Qs 1' 'L U! H ' K Q A:A"? .asV1sm ar 'E as ,ER A EQA:4?,1skl144 ,Qli5'2'w 442,065 flblz jg 071' 5000 6' Ss 50 ,-an, TQ wif '7a0i4nq fbaackl n hula Egan Persident Secretary Peggy. 19,686-C4846 Treasurer I 0 , ,. ,.,V, . , 3 ,4 'mx' 'Y' -0- , M, Et ,I ,Ng 1'-fa N, i ,,, ,t to , tariff SNQ age- -"' ag Q' ja, , ,,' 2 if i' ' f:ishQfqf'5l5EK 5 ffTL!!f !4QX j, fi" "': ?f ,lil 'Q 'Um ?"dkU.,,q, 'ji' ,vfw I 0 40"-H I ft-A vw -" Q.. v lf' X 'Ulf 'QWWQ' ,GQ-495 Q15 ,V 3 . . Bartlett, Charles Barton, Billy Beavers, Christine Bowlin, Stanley Bradberry, Carl . Brewer, Herbert Briggs, Leon , Broiles, Joan Brown Sarah 7 Bumpus, Sue Burns, Edward Carraway, Betty Chambers, Jo Nelle Clark, Adah Clark. Nirginia Cooper, Kenneth Cooper, Ted Cox, Gloria Cox,-James Daniel, Robert I .,.Q :2-- q X 'Qfxgf ',.. K ixl " C4 x I I . if , M H sg .,... V -- .' 31. H, lib, , . M W 5: 'li' , K - ,ff H fr' xg.. ' iffmr' ,L,6,. ,, ,f---1, .,,,.,-A Y if f , f Q'-is 9953 7 2 W , if is x mms , KQV 'T 'wif l I 3 'Ns '-7? 'Wm wi WMM, , 32, , . gk? deg Nh m aff: 3 , -all " Daniels, Jeanette Davidson, Barbara Dmds,Tmmy Day, Billy Mark Dean, Linda Decker, June Dooley, Ann Ferguson, Bryan Ford, Jay Freeman, A. P. Fuller, Charles Gafford, Patsy Gage, Boyd Gillispie, Earl Glasco, Loy Glenn Gormley, Jim Greene, Don Haneoek, Bonnie Hancock, Joe.Neil Hanna, La Verne .,, 'wmv-d"",f , , 'WWL by ,iw he Q, w aa' Qi, ,,,-, an ' rf- ti Ak , rrn B 1 1 2 Y S Efii, H i t .V..b. i Af 5 Y ww., Q 5 ? g a D EQ """ YZQI 2 wagner 5 u -, .a Z ar gxk -4l"'? 7 Na., hw. ix 'A k Q A Hannon, Gerald HMl,JUmy iw. f 41 ' ' 5 . 3 t Q""k::' , U, :A , it Qt,-Nnvuf Hearnsburger, James ' X fig fv , it ,iff N, M sg , 'Henley, Jimmy '1 I ,sm 4, . f Z. Hewitt, Charlene Hill, John MAX 'Q F Hinton, Eva Mae Humphries, Herbert Hutto, Frances Juergens, John WJG Laster, Iva Lee 'dllllhihm , .r W Lyman , Bobby mf Maberry, Robert Mackey, Elwyn A 'Qu Matthews , J erry X :ir A W A MCAda, Billy McAda Ridings, Bobbie Ann McCoy, Jo Ann MCEachern, Peggy B' ' " ' 3, '4' '1 -' pw 'B VA 15593. 5 f J M ' ai McRoy, Sara E- 'fr 3? H K 2 Joe Rex Kelle, X T0 Sraduate is this gay s w aim in life. Football Mgr- '47-'493 F.F.A. '45-'49g Football '43-'47g Basketball Mgr. '46-'47, Lester Kelley The machinist trade is going to be wide open and waiting for Lester. Football '46-'49g F.F.A. Pres- ident '47-'48g F.F.A. '46-'49. Luvena Kennedy Luvena wants always to have friends around her. Band 'ia 79? F.B.L.A. '47-'49: Secretary of Freshman Class. Harold Long Hal is going to be a cartoonist some day if talent has anything toado with it. Hi-Y '47-'489 Football '45-'49g Track '45-49. Billy Looney As a professional dancer, Billy will capture the hearts of all his partners. Band '44-'48g President of Senior Class '43-'492 Football '46-'49: Basketball '45-'46s Track '45-'492 Hi-Y '47-'48. Clara Lutz Marriage may interrupt clara S Career as an accountant: '49g Sextet '46-'47- Alton Martin To be the manager of an insur- ance office is Alton's ambition. Band '45-'49: Tennis '47-'493 Student Council '46-'47: Boy's Choir '48-'49g Basketball Mgr. Lula Mae Martin Lula's plans for the future include becoming a registered nurse. Secretary of Junior Red Cross '49: News'editor Bear Facts '49. , es' y 5 Choral '46-'49: F.B-L-A- 47' 5 I x 1 if , 1 , w Norman "Bo" Martin F y Bo is going to be the Manager of 2 Western Union office after graduation. Football Trainer '48-'49: Track '44-1483 Track Trainer '49: F.F.A. '47-'48: News editor Bear F3628 ,4-8"4-9.533101-plgy Leland Mayo The pro-football team that grabs Leland will be really lucky. Football '45-'499 Basketball '45-'499 Track '45-'493 Parlia- mentarian of Senior Class. Donald McCoy To be a machinist after being in the navy! awhile .is Don's dream. A Band '44-'49. Maybeth Mcllroy With so much talent and ability, Maybeth will surely become 8 commerical artist. Junior Plavg Junior Red Cross Hepresentativeg Artist Bear Facts '48-'49g Art Editor Bear's Tale '48-'493 Associate editor Bear Facts '49 Senior Flay Harry MCKain Harry wants to be allowed t0 be a mechanical engineer. Junior Playg Library Assistant '47-'48. senior Play Francis McMichael Nothing could please Francis more than to be a proefootball A player. Football '46-'495 Baseball '46- '49. Helen Jo Nelson Helen is a Cute little senior whose ambition is to graduate from college in due time- Band '45-'49g Vice-President N.H.S. '48-'49: Secretary of Home Hogm '48-'49g President of P H.A. '49s F.H.A.Area Officer '48. I Stanley Netherlain The warehouse business is the occupation for Stanley. ,Junior Playg Asst. Editor Bear .Factsg Hi-Y '47-f48. A J uriior Class The Junior Class is always well represented in any field of school work. Each year the class has been steadily growing. However, this year there have been several dropping school to move. At the beginning of school there were 98 members. Today, there are 93 members. There are four sponsors and they are Mrs. Gloria Brown, Miss Virginia Groves, Mr. Roy Howard, and Mr. C. W. Dawson. The Junior Class councelor is Mr. George Lipscomb. O9 ff 31 wr' 3 -'ew'-ww is ga Ian Gale President Han 7aanunull Vice President 61444 Elysee Sapfaomaae M fs! ,Q if In Wfqnee acne! ,Secretary ,yr mfs, rqnn :quad Treasurer if 'K X is W? 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Moore, John Moore, Ray Musick, Melba Jewell O'Brien, Billy O'Hearn, Patricia Oliver, Patricia Faye Olliff, Wilmar Gene U'Niell, Patrick Shane Pace, Jessie Parnell, Peggy June Pate, Melvin Jay Patterson, Patricia Peace, Bobby Pepper, Gene Audrey Phillips, Aleta Joyce Phillips, Sally dl .it 5 4 'T' ir. 7 J PM ,,f 'U' lp P. 1 N- S . as X , 6' 4 J N 'Y'- , , X , J f -X ' nrzlllf 4' X - .fa 2146, J -,A P' ,I 'E . 150 ? 'ig , , 18 ?Y P ,fig If 1 P fi:::z:1:i:g'?5 . Kk,,r,f". Q 'lrzl' !.. -4-11 :-1' f , :,1. .. i 1 gi ff ein f f we ft , ,SY , Aux it M X. A iw if A . vu ,Y 5 I 9' 1 E a K :sf 755' ' A, H Nm y 3 V W 44 I A N iam L - SPH! mi 'F' ,EP 2 2 f 3 3 L QE' 1 ff an ff? ZW ..,"f'? 5 552 Q Q all wx' N ., -A'-" M R figk f '13 as Q59 Devonshire, Kenneth Dickson, Isabel Anne Dillard, Lucian Ray Elkins, Hubert Ellison. Billy Gene Ferguson Claudine F incher , William 4Craves Ford, Douglas Fraizer, Rea Leen Gaines, Glenn Dale- Gammage, Coy Wayne Garton, Marie Gibbons, Joel Wayne Goar, Barbara Jean Hackett, Gretchen Sue Hackett, Linda Hannon, Patricia Ann Hays, Charles Leon Henry, Britta Hewitt, Rose Marie -X , 4 N N X35 X gm' , , M X -X as Q was-H fe, it M Hill, Juanita Hoenig.'Rona1o Horn, Robert House, KJIDTYH Huddleston Roy Humphries, Jo An: Irby, B. G. Jeter, Glenn Jett, J. R. Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Freida Mae Julian, David Kelly, Gene Alton Kennedy, Charles King, Billy Jack Lancaster, Jerry Don Leach, Jimmie Dee Lile, James Lynn, Janell Maberry, M ry Laiana is "?w....u.M X, 4 1 ,AVff'9vu.,,,,,366Q?uu, 3 Joyce Dunlavy W y h mfs 'LWMWQS' ,Q President 2f1'Q' Qf1! 5" fg ,ff Eff F' y A " A 'f?f',-Af 1 Sjlgrs 'E j s tAlice Maine:- Secretary F QW ifwwwkw Royce Blackburn Parliaaentafian Lynda Berryhill Repottaf John Mciore Vice-President , -we ,t Wx, A "'i. I , B ? 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P Hearon, Patricia Nell Hennon, Barbara 5 I Hewemt, Doris Marie Herrington, Jane LaVerne Hill, Juanita Hoob. Patsv Billy Bud presides over all Tommy Coleman, who presides the meetings and does a swell when Billy is abS6I1I. D8-S the fob as president honor of being Vice-President. ,ASE - ' l irl l ' Oflgggafgglralotgiagg Zegves Sherman Kennedy, so powerful as par11m6nFQI1EFLpAAbW my or Adrien Millie i a.f-hf3!-P3f. the Job of keeping ev- Q at i Y""',. J, it DH I if 0 'QW 1 IIVT Allen, Bobby Audas, Thomas Baum an, Sylvia Ann Beck, Ollie Yvonne Black, Patsy Buth Bozrran, Peggy .lane Brady, Barbara Ann Brunson, Cleone Bunipus, Betty l.ou Butcher, Nancy l,ou Cain, Marcia Bea Caldwell, Bebe Loretta Carpenter, Martha Ann Castleberry, Tommie Coleman, Tommy Clark, Mary Louise Evans, Bandai Croley, Alma ,lanell Dtacus, M attie D avis, Malcolm - -- 1 3429 al. ' 1 fa,-s up-,-..,,,, a t ,Mm-Q., i s J ""-as ,, q ,Z QV K .5 ' E Ji,'A ak Sig, 1 at s K tx , at ,X it f Qtkt 1,5 AA. 'RSV H, t. 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Turner, Kenneth Valdetero, Wary Ann Walker, Lula Mae Warren, Mary Joyce Webb, Carol Ann Welch, Steve Allen Whatley, Linda Ann Whitehurst, Patsy Ann Williams, Martha Dale Williams, Wanda Lou Winn, Shirley Ann Winn, Wayne Wood, Betty Wright, Carl Venoy Young, Robert W. ,,,, , if 'S 'Nail 1. :Xb W f, ' A 44 1 W X Ng ,I 1 , me., . W , Q 1' 2 'Z i el if 4 z l f, Z .2 Y if 7 ' sf gl S I - -. QQ my X ,, i 5 A 1 A 'K ans v an Snapshots Kkunew iii? NM Ulf W. dm me E, 5i....ffi 4 I V , ,, Q Bw V ZPTIII D.. JJ :UA . , . . r X a ffcnyv ' 5 ln-V auf? ,,,,.L .. 1 ,M .. MY! NMMA Vx 'tg' 'ymwl V ' ' 1 4 . . 'AW U,-. f 1 ' ern, fix: Mx 'M' 5 . Vip all, W A g,a1,y,,1:fv. -11131 riiagr 4 A. I X, k A Dx . M Rv. 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John Bartlett Personality Boy As bright as blue birds in a tree, Is this guy's personality. eo' items as X 5 A c'Xr':,G 0:9 Yo. xboxct io vvo i s XV! s xx 9 ,z' XX' ,Y-0 1' 5. , XY' nb-sv 60' Q39 XX' i X A S J -X30 typ Q9 W ' x9 Norma Pridger Bo Martin Friendly Boy This boy everyone greets For a stranger he never meets Friendly Girl Friendlv as the blue bird that comes sometimes 1n Spring. The sort that joy and happi ness to others always Ngings. J. B. Lilly Outstanding in Shop AS f0l' being excellent in shop J. B. is certainly no flop. L- A. Walker Outstanding in Hugh L. A. is certainly no lunatic When it comes to workin rithmetic, Dot Hall Outstanding Cheefleader Dot-whose voice is strong and loud, At a football game, can really hold the crowd. gf ,lla , 'Cv a , ,V QEWXQ y Jim Gormley Courteous Boy A And courtesy is alsowyhat This red haired guy in plenty's 'li .' Maybeth Mcllroy ' Oourtaous Girl , If courtesy could win your heart, 1 This lassie has a winnep's start. Q Q Helen Vnlsgn Outstanding fn English This lass-her verbs and nouns knows FOP in Englisb she steals all the shows. Bonnie Hannock Outstanding in Homenaking Fellows, this gal can cook and sew, - Fhis should entice any beau! Lula Nell Roberts Uutsst Gtrl We actually think-donft mean to be bragging', She's as cute as a pup under a little red wagon. - Francie McMichael N cutest Boy The cutest lad, we're glad to say, Would make you lkke him any- way. dal Long Outstanding in Art When it comes to Art This guy is truly smart Lizzie Dillard Outstanding in Choral Lizzie, who never receives a llhoo ll Could sing and sing and still be listened to. J A A T , 0 el: Y df . e ulbzs bg?-sga::elgfU , vat . ega W B32 quiz 9- 1' 7 i' in P 'Ag I ndlfn pl 09leI,f"d, " kaofb 14.88 outstothks Q he yea at e , ' 8 C0 L 'tread bafxd' . 5 00 S 8 ' O, on of wa? ll: be Choa 'bout Y bred' is al nd QQ- A 3 at ' Q. 0 Y l 1 l ut ww LW-1 QS. 1. 1915 9.vf.n.d-efbh-g H+ GY' seidkfw. Q 'wwf' in QK959 1 ' .,0,x, 'wi ws. 010W eoooese by csv Nj P 59 Kkng 9Q,s 59009 963 Oowawoabkng N9 554501 'live HkoXko on-161 ' o o!+,op1 ed9oJ5, n 1v9sQX1o4e11 o W QL QQKX Qgbei Owwswowawog Nw SN 'Yifse Nas-ae, ke- oovewfooigs 959066. xg www uaaxm can YOQX-'Xi YSpde'be1'Ye6oe. 969. o 1 0 Yves Y35B5o q,1ho"-5 ZW, Patricia O'Hearn a cute eight grader has been chosen oustanding choral girl for Junior High . U . or Bobby 5239501 me Juni K' . lected cures W5 EDN iS10n' High Calvin Dicks I .4, W is really doing a fine job in his shop work. H Xane West a Qxeasxng Swike and is very eveiqone. e but was itxendlq no Nwipg K, KAW aid 6612 snot 'C OV Yie hate 3 1e06X9 nas omg me Qwvev. ver one. ev eq been q if Tpwmy CoXemaQ I ww ouxswxxckxxxg m we S. el ar n . Umm eCt9d agngggtgrggggiian cmntajsrbee 1051 Q9 'H-11860 U35 Q -A SAL Zhi, has ar Won 11- Tub Cubgjefic if f1r1g,VDav1S 3120 3182-Vjlfgr fgfebejng th Joyce Dunlavy H gymfl. J"'11oreHW0sr has won ner populayity for her nlce Igh and sweet personallty. sm Q Y G-391 S ya Vet ' a Joyce McEachern nice we is very full of "pep" and very is qetYet50gaY'fW . athletlc. 5 9 ' , 9,00 me 546 Jerry Hendricks Shane O'Nei1 is H Very Outstanding lad in the Math seems to be no trouble at all new of English- for this lad. ..,.. Y ,i .,.., ,,, 4.4 . .. . ' 'V e , 1 4, 1, ? 2-:C 97 , .. - 4 of ' is s ' 'S' M ' .JS .V H-'X ' .., 11. ,. A- , , , N V U- f ' o , A, ,A .1 wi, m y - :kg N 0' s Fiw i n Q W , 5 1 X , ,,,,.,,.,. . , ., . ,,,..,,, , . .QV .. ,go ,I A.,,Vb.b 3.5.23 ....-. . V, 4.. '..- .... - ., W -'52, ' 'vf- ' f "gf,-fbi J - ..,. -: 1 ,, 2 , -. . , ' ' , '-2-?,, X' ,.2.-1 ' is R Q B , .gg-' "2 . '-'.3,,,e. w .f ' 3 ix N ' Q . 1 ' 7 avi Q K .. , A V - ' ' 1 1 9'1Ti'lL,,,g .W 4 ff Y. iimjfifify Q 5 8 ' 'ewwwmex DOUHIG Vaughn Janell Croley , 1 wh ' ,, 'T' W?? eww kywei K W . ,ewwr , 5: .-,. 1. Q g: ,, 2 Rik? e so ew? N32 A W'-Mwwue , Leis u 'X 1- wi,ie,L, Q1 AJ, 33,3432 Un 3931 F, 1443 wif f 24 we 4'lK-uk' 42wC?53 S has a very nice voice and has been for her nice polite ways has been 'hmm QS Outst finding Choral boy' elected. courteous girl. X 1 .54 -Lv 1 Barbara Brady Q for being so,cute has won the title "Cutest Girl of Junior High! ' if Sn' YH' . ,ww af' e Win? 1.3 6925.1 Mg J, r 74 ' wqe J: '33 if N, 1 A gat ff M ' m,g,f,', , yr X, ,, if :lwrgwMMi"' ' 5, f 'f , Y V V f lint -- ' :r'?If 1iEi3wQ'lSf4 ? , 5 1 'fr' ' 7"'3!'I":?', .' Ili:-s',?'.:f" ug' . r. ,,,w,Q,. Sl'-L wg, M Vqafw' et - YW , '0eY5 che Peggy BOZman 308 C233 WHY as a has proven very successful in the in ev CubS- field of Home Economics. 1996 the ieadef' JPGW COACH STAGES Coach Bill Stages was born on June l5,l915. He attended High School at Masonic Home in Ft. Worth, Texas, where he played four years at ehd position and did the kicking for his football team. After finishing High School, Coach Stages attended A 8 M College of Texas, where he played one year of football on the freshman team and three years on the Varsity team. He again played the End position and did the kicl king chores. After graduation Coach Stages took over the task of Freshman line Coach at A 8 M. Since then he has coached at various schools and left them with a fine record. He has served several years in the navyion the Navy's Physical Train- ing Program. After the war, he returned to Gladewater where he has remained since 1946. Coach Rigeby Theo Higeby was born June 30, 1315. Hs attended Snyder High School, where he plays 2 years in tht backfisld and 1 year at gore in football. After he finished high school, he went to Hardin-Simmons University. Ther he lettered 2 years as a hackfieldsr on th football team. When he graduated he took ove the task of freshman coach at Hardin-Simmons for 2 years. His next iublas coach was at Throckmorto High School from 1337 to 1842. Hs spent 3 112 years during the war in the Navy Physica Training Program. While tn the Navy he coache football and heskethall. After his discharge trom,the service, he returned to Throckmorton in 1845 and remained there until 1947. ' Since coming to Bladewater ln 1947 ae ee- sistent fnpthalllcoach and heed hsekethsll coach, he his shown his ability as a coach. T, iii x gum ef 37. 4 ,, a x'i 5. lf- sw, E 5 4 i we gf 7 if X ga :As . 4 A X A f'X'x6.ZE'j' i ACT -JY. 5' f . f, vi' hzffgfw Li -Argo, ' 3 ,,. wfff 1 .,:.n1fu , 'G W iw, - fx fx? f. Q f. . , iw wc- Y Jim my Tipton Two year letterman, Tip had a fighting heart and gave his all for his team. Harold Long Four year letterman, one of the seven terrors of GHS's line. Francis McMichael Lettered three years, was another rough and tough guard from GHS. wa'--1 Ireland Mayo Lettered four years in football, was one of the greatest ends GHS ever had. Leon Briggs Lettered 2 years in foot- ball and will be missed next year because of his 2nd team district rating. ...mail Jerry Johnson A three year letterman, stool out on both offense and defense .Q-B-mwah. tion Cole Two year letferman, has possibilities of a great c enter. Bobby Honeycuft Lettered three years, when yardage was needed Bob was always there with the goods. T,.,,,,, ROBERT DANIELS I Two year letterman, Robert made up for h1S laek of speed by h1s b1ock1ng and tack11ng. NO AFTHUH CUSTFH year letterman, Arthur's Lgh spirits helped the game s much as dmv one man's play- up Ben Halley Une year EQHPFIIQHQII, Ben could tackle wifi the force of a bu11d0ZEl' .lin QQVM en.. :hw Q 'K-uw RACK, Ex I H110 One year letterman, Zack came up from the "QuPs" and HHS madefa very 7-rrwwisinff end. Ted Cooper One year letrerman, Ted will be after 71 Staffing berth nexf n .1 Lester Kelly One year lettermang biggest man on squad was a menace to any team. Jerry Stewert Lettered one year. Jerry w11l be in there fighting for all state honors next year. James Medley One yea: lefterman. James will come in handy next year. 4' Rl1l"N ie' i iP':f' Une voor If-rtterwan iaul played the mnd of lnll anvo would enmx ummm: Am qwfww Stanley Bowlin Lettered 2 years. Stan1ey's speed enabled him to gain much yardage. John Shipp Letfered one year. John will be after Jerry Norton next year. Une year lettferxw. l-nv! 1f1eXPF2r1f'nCf2 ze 1155 draw Hin flavin i. Sega 'QA 'WW' JACK CRUTCHER f Jack's ineligibility hampered him this year, but next year he will be rearing to go. A wx 5 5 1 Q 5 5 335 N , TOM WHITTAKER Tom is a very able custodian of the "Bear Stadium" and equipment. is , P- " .- . it wwf? V uvlP'l'lQ?ijlwwW nfwfjfvrf if , W e .a., . . A- - .a,.. fn, Qammfh .,.a,. ...av - , W W, Q, fr' 1 A 497 ,Q sf- J gi' W if 5 , ff 3,53 . H if . ' TSO" WAHI IN lrainer for the BEAPS. ROBERT SPHUELL Manager 2 years for G.H.S. A SHIRLEY SLADE Sh1rley was elected by the football boys as their SWEET- HEAPT hot- 0f 'ew Game JACKSONYILLE GAME In this game the GHS team was rolling. They scalped the Indians by a score of 41-6. The regulars played the first half and the subs played most of the second half. The Bruins attack was sharp and their lead was never threa- tened. Scorers weretl BOB HONEYCUTT 2, STANLEY BOWLIN, ZACK KIRBO,fLELAND MAYO, LEON BRIGGS, AND CHARLES BOWLIN kicked 5 conversions. MARSHALL GAME The second conference game of the season, was played at Marshall. The Bears were the underdogs in this affair, but they showed what a hustling team can do by pasting Dimple and his team 14-7. Scorers were: BOB HONEYCUTT, LEON BRIGGS, and STANLEY BOWLIN kicked two conversions. KILGORE GAME The GLADEWATER Eleven tramped the Bulldogs of the Oil City by a count of 1976. The Bears coming back strong after a defeat at the hands of the TEXARKANA Eleven muffed several scoring chances but pushed across 3 scores and were never headed by the Bulldogs. Scorers were as follows: BILLY LOONEY 2, BOB HONEYCUTT, and CHARLES BOWLIN accounted for the conversions. iw .1 w A' Z. lp, Q5 ...Q .4-dl f Jbhn Juergens Jake Dameron Gerald Wilks J. B. Lilly Tommy Davis Bob Pate Russell Barnett Howard Barnett Calvin Woodruff Jerry Caldwell Ken Ph1111ps JUH1Of Tohnson Loule Pope Edward Burns Hey Warren Billy Byrd Senior lligh Basketball 43-49 Ilotton' lltm, lm-ft to right: Milly llyrd, Torrmy Davis, Keith llarwick, Charles 1 . nnml J. ll. lzlley. , t-vm1tlllmx': liilly Uny, liilly Huy Johnston, John Juergens, llarry Free, and nclriwlt l'lw1llips. lgflflx lltwv: jerry llilliarrs, Leland Vayo, Don Cole, Charles Bowlin, Bobby ycntl, llnvitl Stevens, Kelton Bremer, Coach lligsby, and Jerry Stewart. tmnlvy llmxlin was absent nt the tirve the picture was taken. n x Q X If 'fix 7- 'xfi w main M-4 , . . XF!- 5' I' we X . I N I , :"N .- ., X. .. , :.,s ,-' - . fs Eifi , :,vQwigQ?3 A TL- .5 enior High Track Adrian Dunnavent, Stanley Bowlin, Charles Gary Jerry btew art, Jerry Johnson, Harold Long, Harry Free, Charles Bowl1n John ShiPP, Russell Barnett and,Bil1y Looney 'Q-Q x E X , ,, 3 1 U 'XWNW " 'f'm4-f TIIU' ts' - fwlwff ' ,N K Y x ga 2, ' gi up .ww J, ' KZ M: My Qu , -A ff a ww I 1' 1 v . ' HAROLD LGNG Harold is another of out- standing squad members of the Bears. 'He has gone to State Meets all four years in High Scinol. He now holds the dis- trict and regional shotput records of 47 feet 6 inches and 51 feet 5 1X4 inches res- pectively. STANLEY BOWLIN Stanley was one of the more prominent members of the Bear track squad. He placed second in "State" in the broad jump with a leap of 21 feet and 45 inches. ' K is Q' A 'If ? 51- 1 A Al 35' ,NW M + H :Qi 255 3 ' v H3 ' i X + 4 Q xi , X Y , , , . Q ' ' - ' ' 4 My ' " ,aiu K ,fi 4',. , ,K Q v fm 7 .V,'5wWQ: k"'.,4'e'ff3f53'W,. . 4 . W .Q fmw WSW " 'f :rw gk , X , Q ,va-S3555 A . ' 0 c In uzzcju Il, E11 lj- IKJUINQY, itzzwles Icvxllsr, 31-Lifzll-1IllCj'IiOVk Pobby Honeycutt, Stanley Isowlin, and Filly Looney. ,7Y V ng, gE-' Q. Q S' " ' ' , K' s 1 'R A 'x Y ,gm ' 3. 'Q 5 an , 9 - , Q X ' g 'f ,x.,11 'J-1 2 rv- W' , fs .. N . , .J gg, Yak? 'F ,. '55 fi. .. , .5477 wixjy .4122 . M 55' iff A 3-W ' . rw- . .- vqmhi E. ' ff 'K 9 ' f"'df'Q 'W 1- K - - 1 . .. . - A 1 ,L Senior lligh Baseball i1rsL rum: rarold Lunf, Jack crutcher, P111 Parton, Gene bpex ner, Quarles 3art1elL, Jim gormlej, Funkie Shelton, JQLQS ked1e5, an! gherles fuller. Scuuri rum: knack Haynes, fLar1cs yomlin, J. I. Lilley, Gerald R11Ls, ynxld roberts, Von Lole, Louie Pope, and Vnlker Vbveler. . 'vs-K Top Long Barr Hill Loui Intramural Basketball Champions -49 First Row: Bobby Warren, Billy Timmons, Billy Tugwell, and Robert Mayberry. Second Bow: Jack Foshee, Jim Gormley, Hughes Brown, Harold Womble, and RaymondqA1len. These boys defeated the first hour hym class by a score of 41 to 16. They also won the title last year. .N . 0 ,A.,,.. , . Marold Erower, Joe hell Hancock, HCIVCIX Lrewer and Lobby Sharp lilly ioV Varkor was alsenL at IHC time the picture was takeng o enior igh G0 4. ' 1 V Q , 4 R. hi g if-YJ, Q a ww, . r . 1 ,.1n . 4 Q .,, 1 r 1 1 www ,naw- ...-.,...f.. np-WM JS-Mi...-1 ""'i'NJ aa .-4 . Y AWA YQ... . N, Alton Roy Martin, Jerry williams, Kelton Brewer, Coach Pe nington, Mary Ellen Watson, Lizzie Wagoner. :li 4-fy' 1, 1 f Y' ,Q K+ 5 J, K , fwfwudv--faadsaax-wa.uW,M,,.,m W W 4 .. wif' r 'xx , 'ff 'cn Q H f B r'fPf' 515-:vgifrn .iw ' ' A 51 ffmffff in .a 5,4 .X , Q A V A Af nw , ,- .- X 1, .W i1"l'w"3:' 'gf' ew 'K if ' giifggi L . ., 'sf P f Q 5.5 W .fr gr sewn Qtiwf. , , . -M V, Q!! ?J" k,gPs"1a rw pg,s,.,,fe ff fe are-f-1-fm fi -wf':+ . F . .1 . . -ln df , ,,ngae,, W... N ,, Q W ,Mx v ,afafr-,2g'f,y 'M-wwf - L "M ff fr iff' ' f , e wx " W K rn' 0 K ' X we A af 4 1-'Kimi i uf'--'P' -- E 4 5"f-am. S- Jw' 5? we! V' ,rug , if film! A kim, m if fail ,X V 5-F-W: 21 .ws-xv: S'-,1 15,3L 12 A Q ig ,W W Q 19 rw, iytaxfgairf A Nqr 'rs Q, ,, ,S ..,.,,,- af' - 'f ' erik. zwffnekil fllnf'-23:3 1 SW ,Ay V W at M Y., - . Q , lfvr5 ? if 1 4 v X r 2 f Vu . jf, , A . my pw f. . i f g , e , . P' , 5, Q , c was by a'v?,ff- '53 if . .wif 9 4' sf A Q' ,I a,g a,J'3...- ,A 'fyiffw "4 k 'Mg HM RK A X f .gi 1, f w. , - ' 'H V-H., ,Y -'55, , - -I Tw. .QZKFK W F I . R X ww ai ,M Q - Yi 'fe 4' W . ,,,., X45 ra. M'-mf ,.,. . ,. X Y E . ,, , ., - ,49dax.+f51gR.h2f-gy, , a',:i,m,Bf?Q,Ei,pff Q t W W my W my -M , S yi, jr, rl wr-wf Xigig QF ,f it 5.1. -'54 wk L L , - M- vw M 4 Mx wr 0 wmxxw- :A L gfsji- msg l 4 , f L, ,v Q F, VW? W Ag . ff?-L -Maia Q ff f + A I .N 1 .A , n,' f fad ' 'ig' fyikpydwgdsg - f A Wlfxh ' 4 3 N N-Flin , - . . Q,j",,4',,,r"f. 1 er., , , 5 ,. , , aw ffm -at 'bisulzgwsdqa M Q' wilig Q, Q vigrx ik a 4 Q X h Y! ' Wu fp .5 1, ,Q X, ra 1 M 9 - f , Q-sd-'F,w,':-gf-fg,'f:g,5if.,'g,,i+, ,Tw-fl, fl R, ' 951 fe, pap-any A5540-i, +9 WTS, A455 ,il f A fa ef K , Q , Q 1 f 1 '36 J ?,',3t:Qg:fZsr?,nf:m'fat0'2f.?:,f'::s,'f gf, fjliifei A 4. A M ' ' w if . A S? if 3 5, ,bmw 1 'K Q ' r -vqr ,V ,f it gf, ' Ziyii, - ' . . g 3 ff ' ' . . f , 55 3? Q l ,-f..,-rp Q.,'gg'g,bA it Al sg 4 MMV, 1 X , Q A , . , Qyiwij I A W as . 5 . '79 K ,. . , 4 r Q ,, , ,g 6 6 fd ' ' wa ' -. ,. . , A 1 'QGQA r' ,Q W f . 1 5 K A, , 3 - - , :' --' . 4 X mmaguu 4. , , W K A. 1, . , ff-f mains? 355 ki! ' H. -.V new eg, ,,11if'1AQ'1i! ,.h-: :, M ' W 4 f, - - 7 .3 , - by A A MSM M fm: , ,jedi 511, 3 . 4 , . cfm'-K, , M 1 L J 4 'WM Lff.:'fe? 2 fi'er,5imfg4f,x.53.pM:,:,ef,. Q ., AMN 4 A 1 'O :ofa I 4 C O N F E R E N C E G A M E S ' Cubs lose to Longview 14-7 . In the first conference game of the season, our Cubs dropped their one and only conference grid game to Longview 14-7. Toby Davis made the long'tally for the the Gladewater team. The Cubs played a rough and hard ball game against the Long- view eleven, but could not get that other tally. Bobby Walker and Douglas Lynn played heads up ball on the line with Charles Tugwell and Toby Davis staring on offense. Although the Longview boys beat by one touchdown, the Cubs were rough competition for the Dragons. Cubs edge out Kilgore 7-0 On October 7, the Cubs journeyed to Kilgore for a victory of 7 to 0 margin over the Kilgore Bullpups. Charles Tugwell and Toby Davis played outstanding game run- ning for the one and only touchdown. Kilgore was rough competition but could not out do the Gladewater Cubs. Cubsfgropped Hoggs 13-6 The following week the Cubs played a great defensive the Bear Statium against the Hoggs of Tyler. The Cubs downed the Hoggs with a score of 13-6. The Hoggs were outplayed by the hustling Cubs all four quarters. The Hoggs scored their one and only touchdown in the third quarter, the Cubs making theirs in the third and last quarters. All during the first half of the game it was a even battle. Cubs swamp Henderson 20-0 The Cubs ran over Henderson with a 20-O margin. The Cubs were never threatened throughout the game. The Cubs outclassed Henderson all the way on defense and offense. Players the game were Neal Williams, Charles Tugwell, and 'Toby the backfield. Don Vaughn and Dough Lynn staring on defense. The Cubs played a rough and tough ball game. Cubs downed Roberts 21-0 . The Roberts of Tyler played hard, but were caught napping, and the Cubs scgred ln the first quarter. Throughout the game, the Cubs were never in danger, and made their highest score of the season. Chalres Tugwell, Toby Davis, and James Laster played the best hall game of the season, with a touchdown apiece. Cubs close season with Marshall 0-O Cubs closed their 1948 season with Marshall with a 0-0 score. This was strictly ga defensive ball game with neither teams scoring throughout the game. All through the season the Cubs played good ball games, tieing with Marshall for second district. Rick Toler had his boys going high all through the season. The Cubs went through the season with one defeat by Texarkana and one his with nlflhlll. The Cubs had a Strong team, Ima failed to cole tout. ontop. Coach Toler is 8lRQ,8til1.l .Jing -team next year. Eirst Row-James Laster, Jerry Don Lanoaster, Neal Williams, Toby Davis, Charles Tugwell,-Captain Douglas Lynn, Bobby Walker, Captain Harold Brewer, Coach Toler. Second Row-L. C. Lancaster, Emmett Atraway, Donald Pope, Hamilton Kirbo, Jackie Baird, Kelvin Thompson, Tommy Dunagan, Bobby Sharp. Third Row-Billy Peace, Charles Sims, B. G. Erby, Winston Carpenter. Coach L.E. CRickJ Toler . Going on his fourth year as Jr. High Coach, Mr. Toler has had wonderful ball teams. Last year Mr. Toler's boys won the district, but won second this year. They were defeated by Longview! Better luck next year. Coach lRiCkl Tolar holds a fine record behind him as a coach. The Cubs played a spectacular ball game against Marshall with a 0 O core The Cubs played a great defensive ball game. We are looking for a bigger and better ball team next year. Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater GAMES 13 ------------ --Carthage 7 -Longview 12 Texarkana 12 --Kilgore O ------------Hoggs 6 ---------------Henderson 0 21 --------------- -------- Roberts O 0 ------------ ----------- Marshall 0 The Cubs went through the season, withaone defeat and one tie The deieat was by Longview and the tie with Marshall. If the Cubs had defeated Longview, they would have won district. The Cubs were also defeated by Texarkana which is not in Junior High district. Coach Toler is expecting a stron team next year First Row: Neale Williams,-Charles Tugwell, Jackie Byard, Toby Davis, James Laster, Douglas Lynn Second Row: James Lrewer, Jerry Lancaster, Coach nRickN Tolar. Don Vauvn B A Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater Gladewater S K E T B A 22---i----- 33--- 22--- 22--- 6o--- 35--- 4o--- 35--- 3o--- 39--- G A M E s' - ---- Marshall ----Marshall -------Hoes -----Hogg ---Kilgore ---Kilgore ----Longview ------Longview ---:HenderQQn ---fHenderson Uistrict Review The Cubs salted away a district championship and made a fine showing this year, with vharley wugwell and Toby Davis paceing the way. The Cubs won about eighty five percent of their games this year, and walked away with quite a few invitation tournaments In all this has been a fine year for coach Tolerg and his boys. F: K' 436 1 1 M , ' i gn as , W an . Q? 1 'f Fi A C K ' . Qemnagap, Bunny walker, amid assi Charles ffugwell. ainudwin, James Lastfar, Bobby 1 Tobv Davis. 1 , L '?EisM .,,,Q11 . ,Dg.gM.X5gu'1hnT, Tommy Du.n n989 N DASH MEN David Goodwin, Tomny-P.noagan, Bobby Walker, Donal Vaughn, Douilas Lynn. Charles Tugwell, Tobv Davis. Z BROAD JUMP Toby Davis, Bob Walker Charles Tugwell- HIGH JUMP Bob Allen, Charles Tugwell, Tom Dunnailhll- CUB BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Sherman Kennedy, Charles Simms, Neal Williams, Roy Mackey, David Julian, Frankie Stewart. Second Row: Joe Johnsony Emmett Attaway, Tommy Dunnagan, Charles HaQes, Toby Davis, James Laster, Hugh Badney. '5 ' Third Row: Royce Blackburn, Wayne Winn, Ernest Parnell, Jerry Lancaster, Carl Crossland.f Last Row: Jack Byard, Douglas Lynn, Winston Carpnedter, Gene Massey. CUBS OUTFIELD Royce Baackbgrn, Roy Mackey, Charles S1m lerry Lancaster, Neal Williams, Tdby Dev Vames Laster, Hugh Radney, Billy Peace. CUBS INFIELD , T n null I-bllll as Lvnn. nmmv nnnnann nv-u . 1111 S The classes Ware 'also learning to swing Ia racket. Some are good enough to win Reg.iona.11 and these Qare MARY ELLEN WATSON ,and LIZZIE WAGGONER. Their ,instructors 'are PENNINGTON and MISS HARWELL. ' 'A hx Girls Softball and Volleyball 4 if il Girls Basketball THE VARSITY BASKETBALL team has done very well this past year. They made several out of town trips and won two trophies. The ,average score for the year was 14 wins out of 18 games. These girls were coached by MISS ERLINE HARWELL Tennis Swimminq 9 If H X f K Q . I 1 f O I W 0 ' 'Ax ALTO CLARINETS Ann Avant Linda Hackett Nancy Stevens ALTO SAXPHONES Hughes Brown Lorraine Sanov Mary Ellen Watson 'W ARITON E SAXP HON ES Raymond Allen Kenneth Newton FLUTES Billie Frances Clark Margaret Ferrell Sue Bumpus Betty Jane Saulters Nancy Hearrell Ann Phillips BASS CLARINETS Elizabeth Dillard Willa Dean Carl Beverly Bauman CLARINETS A. P. Freeman Elizabeth Waggoner Linda Dean Ann'Dooley Luvena Kennedy Iva Laster Peggy McEachern Shirley Slade Gretchen Hackett Lorraine Lawless Richard Perry Billie Woodruff Sue McGann Bobby McAda Margaret White Clarence Qualls Jane Whltehurst Judy Van Beber Jeanette Shipp Jean Goar 1 CORNETS Jack Foshee Alton Martin L. A. Walker Billy MCAda Kendrick Phillips Jonald McCoy Joe Blalock Betty Jane Simmons TROMBONES Jerry Williams Howard Wright Earl Pixley Freddie McCoy BASSOON Claudyne Brewer BARITONES J. W. Ward Jerry Matthews Jerry Avant Richard P ickerell Bill Gibson TENOR SAVXP HONES Charlene Hewitt Joyce McGill PERCUSSION Billy Timmons Madge Dennard Jack Adams Charles Bartlett Billy Ray Johnston Patsy Pruitt BELLS Marie Oder Janie Steele FRENCH HORNS Adah Clark Johnny Nixon Ann Brown Joyce Stewart Catherine Horn DRUM MAJORRETTS Adah Clark Shirley Slade Nancy Stevens Patsy Pruitt Linda Dean CO-DRUM MAJOR S Elizabeth Waggoner Mary Ellen Watson BASSES Bobby Mills Glenn Gaines OBOES Pat Beard Helen Jo Nelson ,Mg Eg- -W V i1...., MAJoRs'r'rr:s ' fAdah Clark Patsy Pruiti Elizabeth Wagqoner Mary Ellen Watson Nancy Stevens , Linda Dean Shirley Slade S CO-DRUM MAJOR CO-DRUM MAJOR Elizabeth wacmoner Marv Ellen watson lst Violins Sarah Prown Sue'Coleman James Hall Don Green Katherine Morrison Joy Phillips Velma Warren Joyce Greer Ruth Hanna Billy Pen Perryhill' Evelyn Fagget Donna Hall Jjnmq' Edwards STRING OACJESTRA 2nd Violins Iowmy Qolenan Katharine Keonn Jane Green - Edwin Reynolds Enna Jean Ellis June Gelvin Janoll Croley Xarcia Cain Ulenda Wilson Delores Holsapple Ollie Kill Charlene Snitn Nancy Butcher Viola Peth Roberts Lula Roberts Hilma Snow Fonnie dancock Wanda Singleton PGSSY Sasser - Lucian Dillard Fetty Uunpus Cello Rob Pate Sarah YcRoy Poyd Oliff Janet Puinett Mary Prock Patsy Gafford Joel Gibbons lx fl 5 , . , Vff V Q 1 , , 5 ? 5 1, , 2 l i 1 2 Q P i , V 1 E 5 V l i , 1 2: . fl 5 . S Dorothy Beck, Betty Berry, Nelda Lerryhill, Peggy Bozman, Wanda Branch, Betty Briggs, Willie Mae Butler, Shirley Cain, Betty Carraway, Virginia Clark, Dorothy Cross, Gloriette Crutrher, Elizabeth Dillard, Wanda Dunbar, Wyrelle Ford, ida Lois Gaines Russell, Helen Gihhons,.Marlene Graham, Betty Hearnsherger, Billy Nell Landers, Jimmie Jee Leach, Clara Mae Lutz, Emma Lou Mayfield, Barbara Xinter, Yelia HcGrannahan, Huth Parnell, Marlene Reynolds, Bonnie Roberta son, Gladys Scrih, Jewell Smith, Wartha Vaughn, Bobbie Frances Westrrook Wanda Williamson, Eleanor Wilson, Wells . . . 1,.,. . . . . , . wflda Wilson, imma Jean Wood. 1, ,WMFM A fi V Y WS." ,Q ff" .ref , fi' ' f , Y t I I r x Y K., fp . ,E ' El X gang -Qcnfagii W mmWEgRfwizf6faM,,gimj H is , rgwggy WS. Sr.a,siTggffaa ,, , X. wgf W ,, , fag V, t VSVVVQV rr! VV ,AVVV VV W .-VV ,SV f.,5l:,, VV V, ,SV V , 2 , f'F,?f'n'q. A, q1a3,y.lfQ+ :gi-,5 V in 5,?p,,yx f R , ,V M 5? 1 - K4 W- f.' W , . fl rl 3 wif-R "ENT Q is MP1 ' V Yi w 31 Jig' a',mF5QQ-5Nwn. ' W w Wim, BA if X' AYQXVE S Q, 'L 1' V M V um .FV :Wim , ,. 4, af ,f L ',-. V , if. ,wa 1, Q if ,,3mNgf,'n ,W 'l .Mai . ,Q .gag La 954, '12 ' , ,:"5, ' ,Q pi' Cav M. Yew- arla 2 5 Afwml +QQ ww 'Qg'v"fr- X, Af, Q -wegfs 1, ' W If we 1 I: 'iw -I , , S35 -1 , ,Vx S ggffl 4 if 'ff 4, x Q ri 'f,,e v'iYl,,,, ' ,: fr " ,w a .A , . . Ha W A . rg Q K. "" Y if 5? 3 at V 2 Waf, ire, K - if fi - 1 W r E A ' , .,.,. ea, labl A ,X if V . , if .. a - . at We r W 'ulfisga 'X X 35" - " -T M ' fr! e- me Es!-15:2 wwaigf , 'Wife ,. Q Z ' ' , , it M K fn N WBT 1 VV VX!! j Q E iff: I QV, W., , A " M "E ga 1 ,,.. ' X l V in V 5,4 Ji ' V. 7 ' " , Y W Xl bi is 5 W -,-,, : 2 I: ' e Q H V - H . va ff '-"- A , ' 2, :Q 3 -,EQ + V e W'-f -q-a-ws-- , ..1:.e-. l. v -v - -. .. -M' 5+ W 1 . . k 'y 1 gi " "" 5 M 4 Q- 3 ' , 51-if A 1, ,ie ., .. . M , A . r. ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,.,. . Z , e ,,,, X , ' R" 1 ra, ii? ' ' ""' 'igfillfl ' 63:5 7' J V 1. A jg ilk. V V V .ai . . V 4,5 Vs K W el? , ,Z , gyiwiyjw, Q W, 1 ,,,.., .... W M e Q. . 1 ' K S' if ' l -' 1 ,- M. fm' ki V5 QW i. ' N' ' it f- in M e'E,1e iiUmf T Rf in wwe Ei? J l X 2 I -' if TT iwi y ,W a. ,N Saw E3 M , , X1 ,gf1?'ffQrf2' J ,A W i l :fra MK , - -a 321, ::,j : Z MV, .. . , o i5KKigV .SEV ., ,V V k , , V, r HV Boy's Quartet: Donal Vaughn, Alton Martin, J. W. Ward, and Jack Foshee Q 5 ,, u , V'--'-w"'N-s-..-. 1 ' v P mam. Q 2 if I Q 3 , 3 Y , kg ,M .X 46, 1 " f ...ZTL5 , 1,.,.W' W 14 ff ex-,,.,l-..., A X 5 my QL I g X 7 LJ A 1 ' ' , s o 1 f I . - 4 A J-1-,,...f"L,.-v-'-'-.-"" g . L Wx 7 Y' Q-w...-wwN MM-M--h-QQ-.A-w .. M..,,.,,.,,,, , . National Honor- Society Iniation Program Scouts look at Cubmobil TEA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY STUDENT COUNCI L ? Pep ralley before Longview game. Bobby Honeycutt presents a boquet to football queen. September 6 September 7 October 8 October 15 October 22 October 29 November 5 November 12 December 3 December 10 December 17 january 7 January 14 January 21 january 28 February 4 March 4 March 10 March 18 March 25 'April 29 CALENDAR 'BRAND' School Began Band made First Appearance Bear's Downed Kangaroos 21-6 West Released New Roll Countw-The size of the Student Body this year is 662 Bruins Trampled Jacksonville Lads 41-6 Classes Selected Nominees for Queen Bruins tamed Lions with 26-0 H. E- Girls attended Dallas State Fair Bruins conquer Marshall Mavericks to make serious Bid for 8fAA Title 14-7 'B' Cubs vanquished Longview Dragons 7-6 GHS Band Leads Official Yamboree Parade Cats taken Bear's in 31-0 encounter as 7,500 look on Stringsters competed for chance to play during SITC Clinic Herryhill Crowned Carnival Majesty l Bear's eliminated Kilgore fromLgvAAbid--19-6 TSTA Officials, Principal Study HT Ramblers battled Byrd High School to I8-18 deadlock Shirley Slade chosen as Football Sweetheart GHS Bear's smothered Longview 33-7 H. Brown, E. Craig went to Capital Posts in Austin National Honor Society Honored Miss Ruth Aston Chapel team kneeled to Glade Fine--49-31 GHS Band made First division in Region IV Marching Competition Grizzlies smothered Gilmer fine 50-19 Cubs beat Dragons 36-23 Stringsters play for school Executives in Austin Varsity beat Lions, Ramblers lost 30-29 Cubs won tournament during Christmas Holidays Cazettes trampled Union Grove Girls Tuesday afternoon FFA Boys elected Sweethearts Rev. Suggs was speaker Varsity lost Rambler won in contest with Texarkana Team 39-49 Henderson juniors defeated by Cubs Hardage resigned Principal attended Curriculum Meet Teachers attended Aviation Program at County Airport Cubs defeated Hawkins twelfth Straight win for junior High Squad Woodson resigned Girls Tri-Hi-Y Unit Organized Bruingbulldoged Marshall Mavs in 2-Tilt Games Tyler High School Choristers sang in Assembly FFA Members traveled south to Stock Show Longview High Principal studied GHS guidance Bears took Lions in 48'39 count a Student Councilors Heard CC Head discuss contest Queen Nelda Berryhill represent Musicians in Highlander Pagent Holbrooks Act for Students Students enjoyed Holiday because of TSTS Meeting Cleveland attended Su. Louis Meeting Hughes Brown elected Youth Mayor Baseballers downed Pine Tree team JCL Group attended tea at Henderson Vocational boys getting ready to Make educational Tour of Dangerfield Tracksters win Medals in Ft. Worth Contest Bearlanders scored honors at Regional new GHS'ers attended Highlander Festival . ,, Y- -- -vY-Y if -.-Y- --YY- - Y- --YYY- 7 -- ----Y-W -W -v -7- - V - V--Y -N V -K V ----.-- v-Y-f-..v----.--...............r 1 - 1 t Class Will JACK ADAMS wills his ability to dodge Mr. Webb to Stanley Bowlin. uJay-birdn also throws in his set of wires. RAYMOND ALLEN wills his baritone-saxophone to Kenneth Newton in hopes Ken will practice on it more than he did. JERRY AVANT wills the second chair in the baritone section to Buddy Gipson. JIMMY ARRINGTON wills his assigned seat on the school bus to Jimmy Hall. ' BILLY BOB BARKER wills his number twelve golf shoes to Bobby Sharp. JOHN BARTLETT wills his Model A to Charles in hopes he has as much fun in it as he did. PAT BEARD wills the second band to Mr. Malins in hopes they do better than the first band. BETTY BERRY wills her ability to leave men alone to Bobbie McAda. NELDA BERRYHILL wills her two front teeth to any football boy who gets his teeth knocked out next fall. BENNIE BEST wills her ability to get men to Shirley Slade. CLAUDE BRADBERRY wills his physique to Elmo. WANDA BRANCH wills her freckles to Adah Clark. KELTON BREWER wills his right arm to Miss Aycock so she will remember the many themes that the class of '49 wrote for her. 'NORMA BRIDGER wills her ability to tell Jokes to Wynelle Ford. DORIS BRIGGS wills her natural curly hair to Lula Roberts. YVONNE BRIGGS wills her long black hair to Nancy Stevens. HUGHES BROWN wills his ability to get a brown ring from every teacher to Sue Coleman. She needs it. SHIRLEY CAIN wills all her excess weight to Wynelle Ford. PAT CANSLER wills her witty ways to Sue Bumpus WILLA DEAN CARL wills her ability to go steady to Mary Ellen Watson in hopes she can on Stanley. BILLIE FRANCES CLARK wills her most beautiful and most antiquish toothbrush to Joy Phillips. EDDY CRAIG wills his henna bottle to Jim Gormley. ARTHUR'CUSTER wills the seat on the first row in the Senior Section to Ben Halley, because he has been wanting it for a long time. SYLVIA DAVIS wills her ability to get dates all the time to Jeanette Daniels. MADGE DENNARD wills her senior ring to Sue Coleman because she has been wanting one for so long. ELIZABETH DILLARD wills her blushing ability to Wynelle Ford. MARGARET.FERRELL wills her razor that she shaves her legs with to Mr. hopes he will JACK FOSHEE wills his Economic book to Roy Johnson in hopes he will over the sum er .IDA LOIS GAINES wills all of her and David's , parking places to her brother, Glen, and his girlffriend. WYNEMA GLASCO wills all her secret eating places to Peggy Sasser. She needs them. DOT HALL wills her atheletic ability to Peggy McEachern. PAT HENDRICKSON wills the experience she has ,acquired during her school life to her brother, Jack. The item she would like most to pass on to him is nDon't take Chemistrvln JERRY JOHNSON leaves English IV. JOE REX KELLY wills his beech-nut to Boyd Gage. LESTER KELLY wills his seat out at nFranksN to NJug-headn See. LUVENA KENNEDY wills all her money to Janet hopes she will buy herself a car. HAROLD LONG wills his comic strip to anyone who's stupid enough to think up ideas for 'ErnieN. BILLY LOONEY wills his ability to get copies of exams to Janet Burnett. ALTON MARTIN wills Peggy Bozman to anyone that will take care of her. LULA MARTIN wills her ability to talk all day to Mr. Pennington in hopes he doesn't talk as much as she did. NBON MARTIN wills his good grades to Herbert Humphries in hopes he makes better than he. MAYBETH MQILROY wills her policy to never go steady to Sara McRoy. ,FRANCES MCMICHEAL wills his terrific ability to handle women to anyone who can handle his responsibilities. HELEN NELSON wills her place on the N.H.S. to Marcia Cain. STANLEY NETHERLAIN wills his ability to win on the slot machine to Bryan Ferguson. MARLENE REYNOLDS wills her secret formula for henna to Miss McKinney. BONNIE ROBERTSON wills her ability to stay out late and never get caught to Peggy Sasser and Charlene Hewett. FAYE SANDLIN wills her proxide bottle to Kathleen Newton. MELBA SHARP and JO ANN SMITH need all their possessions. They are Just leaving. GLEN SMITH wills his seat in Trig and Physics to anyone who is idiot enough to But most of all he's just leaving. GENE SPENCER wills his the office to Bobby Maberry. A ROBERT SPRUELL wills his talent to get a good-looking girl to both Zack Kirbo and Jack Crutcher. E K4 -ff .I :WN , Lx Axx A Q fe Q55 'I ,A XL' J: It Avg I 1 1 ,f .M 5 I , ' , fi 5 f ,h.Amw E N! JY A S Q K -x....f Nagy AL , ki TN W Jfxqxxa MQ? ff J , -'T F' gr I' qfxx-. 'p l 'Q. 1 I vp S K 'li 23 g SN Y H 5 V If-Q., -.A..v'Yl' if 3. 4 Q 2 'x a. x"""'l,N RQ lg 3 ww 'Tl X7 , 3 1 'gflazif' ,tglfff wufgxv-,Y If h ',l"'X-. Q X , ...........,. Alf X Q 1.1 ts Y X 'CQ X Nlz..sxX H Q., 7 wxg X Xi' K gsX"'Y' i . 1 Y Q 'V' I 1 4' 1 'N ' ' fx er' '-.A ,A fix' 'I - 1 , 'JJ . V ' , It . ,t , L ,. V X Jxhx 5 0' , fjvfg 1' ,F Lf A XL fi V 1 ' ga 5 ' XXGMYNQ if M -X fx Vx AW 9 w:'XXf' F X gf 0 . Y KW , f' HKS Bfrefx ,xxfii IW S S , My Y M--f ll k K ' I f 5 xW.,., f' 1 NPI id' g . k if ' W- ii ' lr A iff. , fi' W' . 5 :.,:jm,ANxW R ,W 'LA 7 '1 XX J V ff: . X4 S A 5 2 1' Q22 1' f 4 ,561 ? N fs ""' M g, s5Qs"?3fE, Q rf? duff 4' i ' J 'Y H3 ' ., V ff G ,wx fp W Ax X Nb E H 1, N 'V ' K ,,.1-"Na xH ,X f-'Y w k K' w in 5, ,F ? 1 'E119 2 if M ffm i E he V 5 4 flf 14.53 . A , fc if 5 , X27 'jj' K fkll l ,ly is A ' ' P - A '32-" i '- ff, , M nf A XNMKJ, ix x . , q war' Ktxirr I zfitii' fl Q. H X H , , I , , x - , , . 0 ig 1 4 an M f J, f 4 H is ,gd E kr? , A M , ,, A an EL A , X Aj? B kiyxg 2 J WA NU! gi K d,J. , ' ,t 5 Q " 1' f 232' 4 My E 4 .f ' f, ,:,., If l L .V,, ' " ,, J Sm, '15, . -- J' f f " A!1'T25252': 2 Xl! ', V' " ?'.' f W . 1,1 4 2. -1' , E A T W x Y Z if If ,f L' X! gr? 3 4 1 A 5 A , 3 ,fl ff ' A it X 3 5 ' S A -Q awww F 1: Y' Axhf X ' QQMXNEL I ,Ak r K k,,.f'Nei 4 '?jl+42Z,Zif+ , ,bmi , ,E , ,, My k ww M N . . 4 in ' ,ff A xv M 2 A K1 VN vy Gigi lgxixiiyi? sg V 2 J 'Q ,.. , 'Q ,Aw R fgf V ff...'f...x-" xg? kkxxbib' If ,iv . X 'R x 1, li'5,i?1' 44 AES Z' ' -UQ E33'sK551f1f'T WN fi' " lg' cf e 'Ls iff Wh Wf' 239 t :VU ' . E 5 6 H f ff? ' if if ,J ,. I i f, ,, Xix 1 Q:-1' A 'ff 6 rf ui X X 'Y ' V "" , ,gy M- 531, ,X 'fd f Billy Tugwell has finally got out of the'Swamps , trying to learn the ways of the city lite. Lula Mae Martin has been denoted and is now delivering papers for the Times-Tribune. Eddy Craig now spends all of his time in the Trnkish bath trying to lose weight. Marlene Graham now owns the factory that makes hair tonic lg keep hair short. Billy Bob now a professional golfer and his caddy is Hina Jean Wood. Eleanor and Betty Wilson have kept up their tallent for dancing and are now on the floor show at the 'Barn Night Clnb'. Charles looking for a solution to make his whiskers grow. Bonnie Robertson is now the owner of the Suzie- 0 and Wynema Glasco is hoping cars. Since Roy Woodward liked to dance, now a dancing instructor at Arthur Hurray's. Marlene Reynolds is now modeling clothes at..yes it's Diabs. Kelton Brewer who has already lost his hair is taking Mr. Pennington's place as tennis coach .81 G.H.S. Since Dot Hal1's ever so success in high school she has now taken Bob Hope's place on the Pepsodent Toothpaste show. Jimmy Arrington is now the principle of the Pritchett schools. Wanda Branch is now famous for her cream to remove utreck1es.U Calvin now president of the Swamp City bank. Lorraine Sanov is now a great and famous pianist who gives her concerts at Union Grove once a week. Jimmy Warwick and Joe Rex Kelly are now pro- fessional wreaslers. Their star opponents are Altonliartin and Donald McCoy. Ida Lois Qaines Russell is now an air hostess so she can be with her husband David who is in the Air Force. Raymond Allen is in the Navy now and is sailing on the Sabine. Clara Lutz decided to keep up her speech and now gives speeches to Ladies Clubs on 'The Method oi Gaining Weight.' Glen Smith and RODEFI Spruell have jerked so many sodas, they have opened a soda shop and call it 'Two Jerksn. Betty Berry sings opera at the famous opera house, Curleys. L- A- Wliker, who .always wears cow-boy clothes, now rides a hobby-horse for the movies. Pat Cansler now owns a voice Qghool where she teaches people to talk loud. Jerry pretty tied up these days. His wife, Bobbie a nurse. Doris and Yvonne Briggs now own 1000 Hacker stores all over the U. S. They made their headquaters at Big Sandy. Lester Kelly is still in high school manager for the GHS Cubs. Lizzie Dillard is now singing nightly at the Barracks Club. Dale Vessell is now mayor of Pritchett. Verna Simmons, Patsy Hendrickson, and Gertrude Waller are now designing costumes for bubble dancers. Billy Warden grew a mustacb to go with his goatee and is now band director at GHS. Since Shirley Cain was athletic in high school, now teaching her husband to play marbles. Jimmy Tipton went back to his old job as head undertaker at the funeral home. He and Pat now have two children names are Pick and Spade. Frances Westbrook is now married the owner of the taxi cab service in Joy. Gene Spencer now owns a dairy I2 cows! located at Pritchett. Faye Sandlin, after a number of years has finally beat Miss Ponder out of her job as bookkeeper at GHS.. - Arthur now driving a truck in the Valley and is married to a little Mexican girl who can play the guitar. Melba Sharp and Jo Ann Smith learned Gregg Short band so fast, they are now writing a book of their own. Stanley Netherlain liked high school so well, he is now a yard boy. Willa Dean Carl is now on Broadway playing in Penny Pringle productions. Cullen now playing steele guitar at the Paradise Club where he has never missed a nite of work. Maybeth Mcllroy and Harold Long have opened, a large art school in Hawkins. Harry McKain is still trying to learn his lines for the Senior Play. Jerry Avant is still playing his French Horn but as director of Weldon High School Band. Charles Bowlin and Claude Bradberry have Joined the circus as stunt men. using his pole vaulting ability, and Claude is riding his motor cycle. Billy Looney is now the writer of a great book called niays to Get Out of Work.n Harold Wonble is now bar Tender at the Minute. He slips mugs of beer over the bar to the kids lJerry, James, and Stanley.l BILLY TIMMONS wills his musical ability to nSlickn Malins. JIMMY TIPTON wills his beer mug and private table at the Minute to Jerry Stewart. BILLY TUGWELL wills his trips to Pritchett to Ben Halley. DALE VESSEL wills English IV to Weldon School. L. A. WALKER, JR- wills his the band one of Mr. Malins future nexpertsn. J. W. WARD wills his seat on the Pritchett bus to Ben Halley. BILLY WARDEN wills his goatee to Tommy Davis. JIMMY WARWICK wills his place at the Planta- tion to Roy Johnson. BARBARA WATKINS wills her nickname nChubn to Christine Beavers. FRANCES WESTBROOK wills her place in the Senior Choir to Virginia Grimes. DONALD WILKS wills his fishing place at the Mouth of Sandy to Charles Fuller in hopes he catches more fish than he did. JERRY WILLIAMS wills his place in the band to Howard Wright. C BETTY WILSON wills her tapping ability to Marie Oder. ELEANOR WILSON wills her hair to Mr. McCord ,and Mr. Lipscomb. HAROLD WOMBLE wills his draft card to Jerry 'Stewart so he can buy beer at the Minute. MIMA JEAN WOOD wills all her senior year to her sister, Mary Jane, and hopes she has as much fun as she did. GLORIETTE CRUTCHER wills her ways to reduce to Ann Beaty. MARLENE GRAHAM wills her long hair to Dessie Nelms. -LORETTA BROYLES wills her height to Miss McAdams. DONALD MCCOY wills his whiskers to Jerry Matthews. CHARLES CARR, as soon as he receives his diploma, wills his ability to get out of school to Jim Gormley, and he also throws in his pri- vate cue stick and restration card. LA VERN HANNA wills her ability to work Plane Geometry to the sister, Ruth. CLARA LUTZ wills her tom-boyish ways to Billy Jo Steen. JACK PRAZACK wills the dark room to Mr. J.T. Cruce. LORRAINE SANOV wills her ability to play the piano to Miss Nelson. THE END Prophesy Jack 'Jay-bird' Adams is still taking exercises to make him grow tall. Bennie Best.ia now married to a sailor and has 'Gobs' of little sailors. J. W. Ward has moved to Pritchett sing- ing on the street corner for a living. Pat Beard now owns all of the Yalley, but she's not raising fruit she's raising little Shepperds. Billy Timmons is high school trying to teach Mr. Malins to play the drum. Billie Frances Clark is now selling her own mixture of hair bleach at the Ritz Pharmancy. John now head of the shoe department at..........No,.it's not Diabs, but Neimans. Luvena now cigeratte girl at Franks. Bo Martin who was once a delivery boy for the Western Union has advanced and is now foreman of the delivery boys. Nelda Berryhill is kept busy these days trying to get Bo to work on time. Hughes Brown once mayor of Clarksville has abolished his political career for higher aims and is now bat boy for the Dallas Eagles. Norma Bridger is still trying to figure out the jokes she high school. Bobby Honeycutt is now water boy for the Texas University Football team. He hopes to make the scrub team someday. Madge Dennard has taken Dorothy Dix's place in giving advice to the broken hearted. Jack Foshee has decided to carry on his musical career and is now director of the rhythm band at Pritchett. Margaret Ferrell is now in the South Sea Islands teaching the hula hula girls how iitterbug. Jerry Williams decided to put his good looks to use and is now posing for ads in the Daily Mirror. Barbara 'Chub' Watkins now owns a reducing school in Winona. Her chief customers are: Loretta Broyles, Gloretta Crutcher, and Sylvia Davis. Leland Mayo and Francis HcHichea1 are still blushing. Helen Jo Nelson is still trying to pass the entrances exams so she can go to college. 'l'll0IlNBBO0K FARMS Gladewater and Lewisville We dedicate this page to the gryaduating Class of 1949 and more especially to those whose ing efforts have made this 'annual possible. With our very best wishes for a successful futuLre for each and everyone. Thombrook Farms Compliments of ' 1 Compliments of Wards Studio W E541 w l 7"'?'X'fw 166 Q Sheppard Cleaners QW, mega me we xffqw-X 6X 't K xf-K' ge Phone 466 Cv ' : 5 Ph. 307-w 1 15 W.Commerce F INNEY BROS. ' szm and Jlwmeu san, 125 SOUTH MAIN STREET .Xxx A:. X- rg. Hx X oots -z-T Belts --'-- Saddles ' T Henley Plumbing Sales fr Service 115 WEST BLADE BLADEWATER, TEXAS ,-,-......q,.. , W, The Palace Clothiers SAM HUHWITZ mix dfscuzsu dum. ana! 64414. Bing S7-furznicuif rmfa cfzfibsz 960125 SS 224 rwsaf fpaaific Qfacfgwafzz, Usxaa 93015 Qfkas Bfoag E V ers Motor Comoany DESOTC - PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE Cnnzpl1'men1's Qf' Mafllmcal E may foffwmzy COHNER Mmm AND COMMERCE TELEPHONE 150 216 N- FHEDONA GLADEWATER. TEXAS LONGVIEW, TEXAS Compliments of Fi" " ' 7 ' W swf mf 1 m u W, ' - 'V F: ,gf " " V l M '1f .ww 3 . n ijwfjz, I, X' , , AVIQV ,4..V , A.,fHf: .4 , N . 'W' " 1- WM, , , "5""q"':g A QJTII' ' 'lf L'-Q'-"' 'N' 'u" -fy J, M -F -,. ,sa - . .?4re...Ij's Vfood Heights Grocery 1:if3'5'N' ' 5223 W-UpShur.A , , . , qw www za em, saw.: SELLSPETROLEUM fu N C O R "5""o R A' Y E iQ 5 MURRAY C SELLS GLADEWATEP TEXAS Hd? Out Font wiH1wf5e Car UF the Hearff For Bargains in New or Used Furniture and Stoves See Moore Furniture Co. Call us Before You Buy, Sell, or Trade 326 South Dean St. Telepho C ner of Dean 6: Tyler Glaclewate T JVJ BEAT '. f'5'Yf5kU5G Sn wmww. . Democracy Beats Communism W Pat Hendrickson and James Hall broadcast Bear Facts news. Glenn Moore developes pictures for Bear Facts , S, ,M..,.,--M ,W ' 0,375-w h M as ,. -'Q Pat Hpndrickson vari-types Bear Facts articles. Displaying Bear Facts sweaters- K f mf tx'- xi Ai FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA FUTURE FAHVEERS of AMERICA C1713 if F 5 3: if F"- F- JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUB Tri Hi-Y v,ffw, w,:,w,,i4L -Vw SU., f ,1,,Wfx Aww ,,,,L.V,:A I W M, MN X A :M ,W A Wwn My ,M -.Jn ,. W, ,QNX ...,,,,,,., -W, A W HI-Y HALL DUTY WGRKERS W My gx?"f E SENIOR HIGH LIBRARY WORKERS JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY WORKERS I , Ma enior Play The Senior play, UA Lucky Penny,N under the direction of Mrs. Gloria Brown, is set around a young girl of seven- teen,Penny, played by Willa Dean Carl, who is crazy about modernistic art. Her mother, Doris Briggs tries to cure her by psychology, but her grandmother tries to use the old tired and true method of spanking her with a hairbrush. Penny's boyfriends, Jay Ward, and Kerry, Bo Martin, fight a duel over Penny. Finuallyg' cured of her art craze and all ends happily. Bed Cross Program X 1l G.H.S. BandMarches at Gilmer Pepper-Uphora-. f .3 U fl-L W S2 Cub Banquet ,M ffl, O 1 wr .YJ E Z Y 04645. S f' 'fig I 1' 1574 5 f X 1 P f , ii, fi x ,Q .Ji ' Mx.f..,? Night work on the annual. IGH jo Neil makes a run ' Z lgeaa 4 7a e Billie Frances Clark and Bettv Berry strip-up mat sheets. "N-..,e,.. ag Jimmy Arrington inserts pictures Willa Dean Carl paste write-ups in, nil Gloriette Crutcher cuts out mat sheets. l'liII1a wood VaIii'IYp9S- S l Baca 4 7afe Jav-brid works on mat-sheets Maybetn Mcllroy draws letterheads Calvin Woodruff checks sports pictures WS., m, Co-editors discuss the annual with their instructor Eddy Craig takes PiCfUF6S for the ann! Bean '4 7afe H rbert Humphries dbvelopes pictures in the dark room. Jim and B0 100k Over one of their Svoff mat She' e I Vt,-an-H", vga liqg A 5 1X -mfs" M I L, I og re A Ai 4525 ffM41"M' W ' P QE 'i ir ' ' H. l. REEVES Magnolia Products 4 WHOLESALE-RETAIL Ph Mg n Compliments of B. F. Goodrich Stores 105 W. Commerce Phone S05 Kelleher Insurance Agency Anythilmg Worth Owning is Worth Insuring Former l"f1f,-pmrdi-Cerater P. O.Bo:c 762 Phone 15.1 Gladewater ,Texas Cf, ngratutations Q STUCKEYS Quality Cleaners Phan, 323 T15 Su. Main J Compliments of Dillard Grocery - Purina Feeds 201 So. Main Phone 427 1 ggi-llllibjv' Bros. Sic to 56.6355 Firewire Fred G R'lD'2'lKniC1lE? V. G. Pritchett Insurance Agency Fire, Automobile Casualty, Bonds, Life Old Line Stock Company Insumvzce McWilliams Bldg. 1 Plgwne 555 Res. Phone TZ 5 V wharf -, 11... -. A .,..'m.p,.1 Cram pl 1' m enfs fy' GGCDD YEAR Reeves-11-iunter, inc. "Your Goodyear Store" 211 North Main Box 551 Phone 104 GLADEWATER, TEXAS Gillilands Studio Fine Portraits Phone 60 4 Gladewater, Texas Compliments t i 5 ' ' Perry's Barber Sz Beauty Shop R. B. C Brme Lee Fwy' Ownef Master Plumbev' "The Schoo1's Friend" 4 Sannary Engineering Q 40 Years Experience Phone 275-v.' Phone 565-I 5U?QUiimdU t J -"""""'.f'f -ff -- ,. 'V ' ' Pt , A., H ' Elm! Lumber Alam nf gy Hawkins - Giadewatezf- 'Falco Phone 16 Phone 127 PhO1'1G 98 q . . ' X ...............4-............,... ww 1 X X N N X 1 .41 Ly I f MODERN MCITUR EUMFANY 300 Suuvu DEAN STREET ELADEWATER, TEXAS xffvfuw f I A -. 2 Lacv'S 5c to 31.00 Store,xA 1:5581 ---v--v-'--f-in-?-Y-v --W - - ff- rf V- -7- - -G.H.S. students enjoy good Sanitone cleaning done at Waggoner Cleaners Compliments of McWilliams Hardware 8: Furniture Co. '1Whm better automoblies are bui1tBuick 'll7'iubl411dlh8?7l0 Ace Motor Co- W.H.LAcej Biiesohowner 300 B!'08dWlY G1ndewater,'I'aaxa A V Phan, 33,- . ,S , 4 . 1 K X Q I W V ,ew ,M -.-M 4M VM W A 4- V V+- 1-wvfvvx':'-,r 'vu Y A WYV 1' Y' V 'Y ..v ,- 1 " '- Rf A fq X' "l"1i'-, 1 4' X , J .O. Williams Sales And Service Higgs General Merchandise P Phgne 712 Main Greetings From K. Wolens Department Store East Texas' Most Popular Store in Gladewlater Phone 212 100 E. Commerce ' 1 r I if -' --ii Brinkleygs Booterv Firestone RE C H2 N DEAN ST ,,,.,,,, Whiteis Super :56if9ZMH75.CEi5 Garage .... .-PHONE R23 CORNER MAIN R PACIFIC -- White's Super Station No. 1--PHONE ll CORNER NNN R UPSHUK-H White's Super Service Station No.2 --PHONE 334 vw , , X . i ,g x . I I Congratulations Compliments Brookshires ' Colemazfs Grocery Paint and Store Market r Pittsburz Paints , Varnishes and -V1al1,Pape1 214 Vfest Quitmarl Avenue A Q , S A ,Merton Young, Inc. 5 r- Chrysler'-Plymourlz W - I Sales - Parts - Service 710 E, Broadway , A GLADEWATER. TEXAS X ' . 4 Ak r' ' V V ,JJ ' A ----- -- - "Y uminiw' Gqcfama S-flbwaz "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" Mrs. B. F. Adams ci Miss Tressie Younqbl d 3 8 wx QM West Upsn ' an ffl wfsrimv N E133 AND lllffkll' FUNPANY 1 I 1 1 1 Day Drug Co. Elizabeth Arden 2 Dubarry Cosmetics Prescriptions Filled by Registered Pharmacist 11O N. Main S+. Phone 125 1 1 Compliments of Sun-I-Land lee Cream Store 4 "Let your building problems beffmrsu Wm. Cameron Q Co. Inc Wisemans , , 1 Funiture Everything to Build Anything !! Company Phone 126 601 North Main St. Gladewater Greggton Longview Hawkins Kilgore Mcliaig Chevroles C0 Sales Service 24 Hour Wrecker Service Telephone 92 X DV Compliments of .AFS K I Q V L' 0 l V v R. 'W-do fr" UIEI 5 E ri f ' .is J 1 15' 'N 494, 'Tk' owe. V- PRO " 5 U fi ? fy ls W B fi O IT INSURANCE CORPORATI MEMBER FEDERAL DEP S Gladewaler,Texas Member of Federal Reserve Bank Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent Gzofsy 17'7Za'zcfwa'c5 5 Awuflfzliq Sfjgorza 247 5f1ozfz'fz9 qoocfi garzszczf :Lf4z1LZ'c1fcLzs 'il .ilfcnzs Axuflflfkei ICQ fH'.L'vn:n: Qfaafswafsz, Uzxax Compliments oaoun mia Uomflany Pianos Radios And Appliances Holcombe House wwf um Complzments ' L. F. Harris Servwe Hardware ' W? G. H. S. Students Find Many Stylish Clothes At 3.02. H 1'?r'n EW, am ht? Ei' Rig, 5.515 Phone I Al Meadows Jewelry SLHDUJHTEB HE?EHiiEf4? S L4 -S PRODUCERS AND REFINEHS OF CRUDE1 OI TELEPHONE 495 POST OFFICE SOX 888 GLADEWATER Q TEXAS F Y- - - - - -Yi,-t..-.-,Y -- w----H ----ff---+- If Z if XZ. f V , !,f'1i',,, ' X - I

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