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 - Class of 1967

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Glacier High School - Taku Yearbook (Seattle, WA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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, Q, 2 A rg ' Q. 1 , , , zz' :fl gaiq , :im 5 f ' Q 'N 6- x I -A N K N f'f5E?Ef'Lf3'f , ' 1' i 2222 AL L 0 'J-'Li' i ' A O K .il 55 23 aaa- '15 7 1? gig , lv: A S :R X X ' I 1 If wg .ze ff. - r 1 ' 1 . 'i , sf .':, Q D mm 3' me 9 , W ' ,gfv-A 'wg ' 'ifwf--1 5 ,4 ,Q fwar , w . 119 51, WWW 1 -,+ 'M ,aw 4 W v , 5T'3f'ei1wf-ff'..f"' - - ' H :sh A V ' 1,4 H mE'gm,,,,wf. x' Vff'akxa,,h:f -, V , .- 43 .M ,wk ., ,,' 7 Aw. ,fax . - f ,, W .5 lwxgf, 5. y W. . Q W W W--A A Y f"" New-4 x A - H-' 'W 'X 4 ff ,Hive 'W J 1 ' ' 1? ' 'jw! . . , X f A , " " 'w g , 'X QWWQ ff C. ,A-.wr ii ina., , W ai t VI . ...p,. 5 A m,,, " Q '?g' fj ,, , ,- Q' f bg , QL51 1-A : H N? -L: Qhsvwf K , K , M! ,aw .t,mp,.Q,,'fmi y A .JW ,. A ngmyghkjaxg WEA lr A f v f Y. V '- .Q .- wg4,,,yg " up-wk fggyjgyrlawfg J " va-W , , . , nf " '- AH- . , Q .11-fwwaialf 4 A M .. A- W... A Qrwgw my 26,1 ww- - M ba v ' . ib' X ' N 5fuQ H 'HG 'aft fc? 'ui fi lf , A x .4 Q , 1 " Q-ff Y W, My , Q . . , ., , . Q ,him .4 ii ' , ,F ,sw f" wt ii, Q 4 I A Ng-,Ja X A NP l ,ff QW' . hp A QW JVM' 2103- pfvwpfl' I ' 7591" xcq ,f . XSD J fr I , 5952 ldmvfk' .-M' X UK .ESD QW few www EEK Eff W W ESS S 5 W Y? sf Mwgff ilk? Nifggiiiiffjiiwq, N Ek vw MQ Svifii-J W5 S Mfg 'Sgp30? mei, VM 2525 W 23 3522 M W t M Ei? Lili W WM L22 Q'Q-255 , ff, 9,W THE TAKU STAFF WOULD LIKE TO THANK KENNELL-ELLIS STUDIOS 0 , .J J3.Afw1,z1. . f, ' -11 9? gf-5,1 1 Q :fx 23255.23- sw '-SL V ,Az 6' W Q Y W as f , K A yikh A 95 A H? in X a im? V w .. V x I A It :xw Mn,-" ' 1 A , H N-.uw-H-w -lg? K I . V ' U? , E , , , gg A"A - ' , , vt , I .gg - ' gggufagp, Lx, Through halls that ring our echo We march to goals unknown Glacier In Bloom 1-of 5, wiv W, , J fy L I 4 ww J . ' ' 75 gs'-K Mi N ' 'M' ' 2 fy Y S 1' M it 25 N .W , ,wily 1 .,A- ?""'5"' 3 " x 1 W -. ' ' ' ' Maw P 1 X Q W Y 'I .5551 3? . 1 , f x 'if' . A 0 4, 1 . ' 'K - W . ' ' ' 0 ' , .. W' ' 'bw ' ,, ,nl Sh - ."l"'."f '- .-big Ag' 'yi' 'H I r ' Ind" K. I ,, e L. 5 K 'Q' . 1 ,,-IJ., '- fl-J4i""'giMe.w?gM.f.' W 4,ZL3'.r FF?-.1 QW' A nk' K1 n 'I A Table Of Contents Teachers Classes Activities Sports Seniors 5 i l . Glacier is a comparatively young high school, yet in this short time it has grown to become an excellent school, one that stands second to none in every aspect of what con- stitutes a high school today. This does not just happen and is surely the result of the concentrated effort of students and teachers supported by the parents. To- gether these dedicated people have provided an environment that allows each student to come into his own in leadership, scholarship and athletic ability. Congratulations. Within the pages of this book is their story. Mr. Ray Hinderlie Principal The theme of your yearbook is the Alma Mater. As I have gone over the Alma Mater this past year, I have often thought of our Mr. Grant Packard, how he worked with you students and how he tried to guide your tour through school so you would get I the education you needed for your future life as a workman, citizen and leader in your own way. As you think back to the Blue and Gold of Glacier you will often think of the happy times you had here. Cherish these thoughts as the years come, and come back and let us reflect these memories again with you. 6 Mr. Thomas Gordon Vice-Principal R l l Mrs. Neda Morrow Mrs. Norvalee Henderson I Mrs. Betty Nichols Mrs. Marge Rider SCHOOL BOARD: Mr. Clayton E. Myrong Mr. Carl Jensen, Superintendentg Mr. Stanley M. Little, Jr., Roland N. Kierg Mr. Lloyd E. Cooley, Jr. , . t A L? Jfff f ttt Mr. James W. Rice, Mr 'C' ln:-.JJ can fa n 1 ..i. M 5- . f . ini , L ,Ah 2. M ff' ' 7 ,A ., , Q 2' s X--. A if 2 H .5 ff , - V mm ,..ff , vi. 1 Q,f"zZ'f:X, Krry ,. NW YVAVVH 5? . COOKS-Left to right: Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. Morre, Mrs. Morasch, Mrs. Leach, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Akre, Mrs. West, Mrs. Vinyard. "Eat Drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die." . rx 3'-1 aa Cfwl: MM is ...-.--.-+1 ur 5, u l,- -L.-no L f Mrs. Henke, nurse Mr. Wiley, custodian 8 Mrs. Emmylou Oakes College Counselor Mr. Earl Boness Sophomore Counselor S N -l'fe+'f"" 5 2 Mr. Lindy Aliment Junior Counselor Mr. Jack Jensen Senior Counselor -f f 1 f w f, 1 7 I f P , f ' . Q .Y ,Y Z If if f 5 If I ,f Q Q 4. '14 .Mm ff 'f ff 4 ,, Q i K X ,1 K-, ' S Lv Q 'wtf ' ,- I ff 3 Q, A K -' W E' T .1 5 f J' ff'3!'j,x 4 ff' 2 'L 5,47 fi A , , gif X 'f'W"R,,,gf M A' .r xM .f . 4 A -1 :A -'H M.-. I 538 f MX QJXBVIM X ,N x' - . Q A W1 :,d5V' WwkL NM WV F Mc wbqygtxyyw NU WJ my www f al K' F CULTY f r 'ri' A xx fx fy , , , , N ' V I 'Yu ' L W .4 4 If 1 F XY L J Y X Ay L 41- R VL i W' ,K 43' j U iv 1 f x J Tj . Q , 5" " A , X Af . , L H ,N A 'X 1 , 1 WSJ ,, .UL .H ' -XF JL ELX fb W 'X ' - af ik XJ fwv Qfvv . N 5, 5 " , L " J 4, . K ,, x QU . X: 'f 'V 1 A XJ Ud,s'x .JL " 'L I V , M, . . I 1 5' , ,X .V . . ,W 5 M V 1 ,Y V , . 1 , Ax CV ' . A lk , X X V . N K f V ' , .JK ' I K ' if N' fl ,fix U LJ FV L , ik' , L f JV 'fn fx 1 J r V 4 M r , , W, V 4 X X v V vb 1 W fvyv DNV 1 1 N 2 .B l Nix My Y Y, lj, 'L f " f ' ,HW ,L ww' " Q V ' ML UW 1 X D Rx . Ax L i A "V U , f. i E L I x uw. X A Mk Y' 1 , Q ff f ' ryv' X M, X V! 'YW' . L Jinx kk N I I A1 Q v, ,LM Ili. . X V J 3 ' L , li L j M, W , Q1 MV, 'L 4 ,XJ xv 6 A fx LL -' r ,, R ' .X XML t l 4 . 1, ,Lb ,L " i . . I V X., 1 J N h .V z , 'J K 55 JV. wx Mrs. Audrey Bickford Special Education N ff, kwa., in A ,naw ww- --,sff -.N A , Mrs Zanonia Dokken Mr. Jim Dorr ' -b Special Classes L1 rarian Mrs. Arlene Borodavka Senior Foods, P.E,, Typing l XJ ' is 12 Miss Lou Wilder Home Economics, Home Relations, Tailoring ..m:-vw' ' i, Mr. Don Carmignani English 10 Mrs. Vivian Pennington English 12 Mr. John Maloney English ll, Speech, Latin l Mrs. Betty Fitzgerald Miss Bekkie Ann Hove 14 English ll, English 12 English 10 I lk Mr, Don Good English ll, Drama, Choir Mr. Bruce Sypher Spanish l, French li Mrs. Carol Robeck English 10, English 1 l, Journalism Mrs. Karin Cathey German l, 3, French 3 Maw r M W if f S T is , ,pw-' ns. me M wr- f p an Mr. Gerald Woodman Band Mr. Gail Tower Art, Commercial Art Mr. Norman Clark Metal Shop, Engine Shop, Annual Mr. Dick Farness Mr. Manio Phillips Wood Shop, Electric Shop 16 Mechanical Drawing, Metal Shop Mr. Bernard Johnston World History in nrro 2 ' at fr - .st - ga- Mr. Melvin Kobel World History, Physical Education I Mr. Ernest Olson A U l M World History ,l in 4 'E Alla. WY7, Mr, SC01tDai5ely 17 Mr. Don Anderson U. S. History U. S. History, Physical Education , -VM ,M J, petit ir' Mrs. Ruth Arnold Biology l Mr. Vernon Chester Math 7-8, Physics, Photography Mr. Phillip Mathison Chemistry Mr. Fred Houck Biology l-2, 3-4 'WH l rlor y Mr. Gerald Andrus Math l-2, 5-6, 9-10 ,Jury 9-,:,nw-gf MI' Wil' A.S.B. Ofcers John Tredway, Presidentg Sam Cardenus, Vice Presidentg Ella Robinson, Secretaryg Pam Lanning, Treasurer-Historian 20 Uf The Students, For The Students Q '42 2 And B The Students 3213" I A symbolic gift from our nations capital. STUDENT COUNCIL: Back row: Cathy Swift, Joleen Cohee, Kay Harbke, Kathy Larson, Connie St. John, Dan Winkle, Dayton Brownfield, Gary Hatch, Jeff Wynn, Eric Knutson, Randy Scott, Denny Young, Mark Mechling, Kim Hayashi, Tony Pinto. Third row: Rene Clay, Linda Crotty, Pam Pehan, Patty Norton, Sue Smith, Alice Hausner, Pat Hannana, Judy Caldwell, Callene Buck, Casey Carmody, Kathy Iwen, Gloria Vineyard, Ja- nice Miller, Robby Akre, Terry Beason, Randy Price, Mike Jaros. Second row: Pam Lee, Jackie Fay, Kathy Noon, Starr Tavernner, Candy Hanks, Lola Lumbard, Judy Smalley, Terry Mock, Sue Adams, Jani Hutchins, Kurt Hakanson, Bill Clark, Mike Dolan, George Lucas. First rowg Sam Cardinas, Wlla Robinson, Pam Lanning, John Tredway. l Student participation in school activities and govern- ment is essential. It gives the teachers and counselors an inside view ofhow the student body thinks. Student leadership areas include A.S.B. Officers, Class Oihcers, Girls and Boys Club Officers. Student Council meetings are held so that students may voice opinions on how their school should be run. At these often vigorous meetings, problems and policies of the school are dis- cussed. Each home room democratically nominates and elects one representative who informs his or her home- room class of the results of the student council meetings and the discussion that took place. Students are asked by their representative, for other suggestions for helping the problems and policies of the school. If a student wants a new measure brought up in Student Council, then he or she merely needs to inform a representative. In this way it will come to the attention of counselors, teachers, and A.S.B. Officers. Inter-high Council is formed between five district high schools, Glacier of course, being one of them. The meet- ings involve all five student body presidents from the five district schools. In council the ofhcers discuss common problems of schools and promote activities which con- cern the five high schools. 21 INTER-HI-COUNCIL: Mike Crotty, Bill Clark, John Tredway ASSES ,Q A My ' A Aww fm fifwb J ,. Q4 Class Of "68J' Treasurer, Barb Rice Wee-President, Mark Beauchamp Historian, Mary Lloyd Secretary, Trish Adelman President, Mark Mechling Sue Adams Trish Adelman Launa Akre George Alberts Kathy Alia Cheryl Anderson Paula Anderson Nancy Andes Jim Arneson Jean Ashby Fred Atkinson Randall Atkinson i Jeanne Bakken Tammy Ball Ruth Banker 'flu' W, l Kathy Bart Rick Boardman Marcia Brooks Eileen Baxter Mark Beauchamp ff 'R , age , 3 xiii' xr S , if ' Danny Boedecker Thomas Booker Ron L, Brown Ron T. Brown Charles Barkas Lynn Barker Jeffery Best Fred Breske 2 , ' ssagif Dave Brueher Pam Betts Debbie Bridgewater 55- Q se Q' W , J se 1' Linda Buckner Cheryle Baker , , - 991:11-rr ,sr B ff A .rf -K W ' A ,gf J 5 0 " V 2 Steven Barker . 'ki' 5' f' Y A V . , 5 E Mark Betzina Pam Briggs Deborah Bullock Alice Bakke Larry Barragree Connie Biggs .,.. -' Q y ya Carol Broehl Ifrhr 'I :Why C 8' nv? I Q' i r JV 1 ,V Q, 1 eff e Cynthia Burger .3 . fiBffL?if??W Bob Burton Greg Bushaw Barbara Butler Darrell Castro Jay Cate John Chaney Joleen Cohee Barry Colbert Pam Cole Jennie Cuendet Vickie Curtis Sue Dahl W- . , M i iigfgxm X , ' - f I " 5 M ,E f ' ' I wg, fe ' 5 , ,vi ,2 2 41:55 2 A' K all ' p Don DeDios Paul Denert Kriss Desimone Mike Dolan Lily Dong Dave Dotson S 'WL 1vf'fR"'iKi1'f? Gif Ri1f:"Z55'5 xliizffifiwifflVV . A- . j5k, Vg1N5g5y4zgg5 Judy Caldwell Casey Carmody Mike Carter Skip Casper , I ,,,,. WZ ., " RMA ax 3 N K, L kg I Q aaa t , M - --:, - Q1 .5 x 'fi'j'2T1'6 ' . g g in Brenda Chapman Mary Chard Tom Christopherson Bob Clarmont , IIAV b ., V f it lssy if fm Barb Colella Greg Cook iiy ypyrr J,yy r ,fi Barb Dalle Steve Dana Mike Devaney Lori Dickson f - Q1 .- Q Barbara Cox Steve Cromwell Sue Dandurand Cathy Darby Pat Dillon Delores Dinwiddie Don Dubois Larry Dutcher Tom Dwyer Brian Easten ,, . ra . we Q il ig, If x !, Y Vt P M 'M s il.,-5 News . - V -gf ' " . ., va -vt I I ii X in x qi f , f if Ricky Eldridge Tom Emil Cindy Estrada Theresa Failor Jackie Fay Wanda Fernen Claudia Fier Q, 53 'balk Clint Fier Lynda Fog Shirley Ford Denise Forsell Linda Freeburn loyce Fuller Jim Gagliardi -...ya X it eg, x-M, 4 5' N I ' B f' K Jim Gapp Bob Gates Ann Gauthier Martin Gentry Vicki Ghea Roxine Gilbert Mike Gillis -..,,h F, -Q., auf Q ,t,, Dave Gilmore Linda Goss Carol Graves Turn yourselfin or give me one! Pam Grebin Wayne Gulling Willy Hadley wiv .ak 31 'H W 4 if Mu Cathie Hall Sandi Hanley Karen Hanson Billy Harbke Joe Harrison Charles Hart Bob Hartz Amw- 'VY Kim Hayashi Mary Healy Ceci Heider Joanne Hellums Henry Reginald Randy Higman Rosemary Hodge -,f , e -M H rere' f l K ' 2 as V Q ,wig lvv. ,- K- if 'W igia ., 1 Q, .ff Q . , , 2 4' 'ii Kent Hoeft Fred Horner Dan Hough Vicki Hoveland Connie Howe Steve Hunt , ,Q I N we 7' 9 sf nt- K aw Q, 4 , fi Janice Huntley Q my e g gyyggi ltly g ,, .:, V i , X N. H . -' .5 . "' Z K M . Ka- le Tom Hushmann Gary Hutchens James Hutchins Kathy Iwen Q ff' E rl, fgi,,, gm, 1, X M3 ..,. 2 ,zgv l A h 1 t Q. WJ' , Norman James Mike Jaros Doyle Johnson Joy Johnson Dennis Johnston Steve Joliffe Kris Jones 1 age 'vu r es., f aa . 'ww-sv ' ws, .qt 7- ggl ix Larry Kerns Jenne Keefer Michael Keller I'm in love Cathy Ketchum me 1, -,,Q Tom Kinnear Patte Kion David Kinney Michael Kirk Bill Knighton 3 Q 1+ 2 i's..,s 4? Ln., Charles Lewis Roger Knutsen Eric Lanning Shirley Larson Pam Lee Www ma! wg? e Steve Loperesti Kriss Lower Bob Luckey Marilyn Mann Harvey Marks ,Kg KK K LZ. K. ., K :,:.KK re L 1 r so lle ,fa ,L it K KKK 0 1 ,A. KKK K K ,K fc, :Li NMA K A K --2.4 5 'KI T rt .,,, , K ,V K VMWKK K 2' 1 " HX o ll" 'L ar 3. Dee Mathews Les Mathison l Larry Matthew Scott McBreen Zoanne McCorkle athy McMannama Theresa Mock ...,,,,,,. Connie Moss Mike Lince Mary Lloyd Larry Marquardt Bruce Martin srss - 'Wi' .. ,T N Sheila McGavran Jim McLean all Y ar -.........s-e Mike McQueen Linda McNaughton Linda McReynolds Marc Mechling John Meyer .Ian Miller rr.r Kr ' A' f:" 1 gi? KK Q, 'J QQ., , Dick Moen Steve Moen Doug Moore John Moore Penny Moran Patty Morasch 'QM Pat Mott Tony Mottet Jim Muller Cassie Murphy Ron Musgrave Marsha Nevlus MM W 'Sag-sf 4 I ' .ii E . ,f My '41, Katherine Noon ,,g, -- , ,, N mf ,. ,m , ,eu W, ' Rocky Pearson Ken Noon Terry Nuss Raymond Olsen Alan Olson Rick Pardee Susan Peace Susan Pearson Yfifzrw Micky Peterson Tonya Pettit Dave Pivetta .4 :W is l l K9 PM X I5 3 wg M K f 'ali F' N Maria Poelvoorde Laurelei Pease Pam Pehan Carolyn Pierce , . .,,.sf:if . fi? Ai? 'I -1. " 5 -. 5253215 Mary Pramuk Barb Rice Carrie Ann Richardson Bill Rgberson 2'r:-'- 3. .:., 1 A,,-,- V .V," ' I, - K it ' ' ,, ii rli, a r s l if it A Sue Russ Richard Rushmeier James Russell Marsha Pierce ,V tw.: K ,uri U Q., w w g f? Dale Randall Linda Pelton Loretta Perkins Greg Peterson Robert Pierce 9 aff of ,- 1 1 x E A' K 5 5 4 r , 'Sf V .Qi L, 'ww vi E if s Larry Rahrick Ken Roberts James Roddy Mark Sabourin is F Q22-we fi W: We ,. . 4' , Grant Santee Tony Pinto Gayle Pipal Terry Reeff Leslie Roth 1 -. ' i::- 'iff - 1 Q 4 , ,,, , ie 1. Sli wif 5 Curtis Sapp Roy Relethford F757 5 ' .Il k gl 1 as Q ,-WJ i ex it ' V. P-an . 3- Karen Rothwell fi fx.-9 f L L Danny Sauvageal Frank Scarsella L X Robin Sorrell Ken Stowman Nu-.f Mike Tkaczyk Pat Scarsella Kathy Schmidt Marlene Schrader Rosemary Scoccolo Randy Siler Georgene Simonds Darrell Singleton Dave Six Mike Skolrud JL "Yes, Mr. Gordon" Charles Smith Doug Smith Joann Sniadonski " A Q t A K -- f " . iyiii f i l7li-E"M2Qx ' K 3 Q M' is A. ,fy 1 , ?"'gvw K I2 I kg ,qty ..k 11 1- ., Y ? , S T ., 1 i f suis T ""'i K5 A Rf fs I -2.5 : QS i T Q Jim Sparks Paul Stalsbroten Robert Sweigart Carol Swanson .Ieren Sutterlen Debbie Sutter au, Karen Stowman Curt Swindlehurst Leslie Taff Danny Taylor Jamie Taylor Dave Thunstrom YYY? ...Ns Pat Tooke Margie Tracy Vince Trent Bill Trevett Pat Turner Ted Vanderhoof Ann Van Dyke Bonnie Walker Fred Wentz Sue Wicker Cathy Witherbee L Q, ,"'Nf: at at lk Linda Veir John Verdi Gloria Vinyard Sheila Vitek Carol Wahto Laura Wakefield Doug Walker Mike Walker Anita Webster Sandra Weeks Judy Weisberg Sandie Welsh Wal 1 t M K hi ii Ben West Dave Westberg Steve Whitcomb Stan White Bill Whitney Steve Whittler i ..,.. , 'Z ,JMR '- E 4' 4' ik mit .-A L t M' Quit,-l L Lori Wilkerson Glen Willison Pat Wilmot Carol Wilson Don Wilson Lyle Wilson Lyla Woolf Jim Wren Terri Yates Rod Young John Zeman Fred Zick 32 'iw if L A iy V Jw ff A mmf ,QW Q, QQ, ar if at ws as 9 , , ,, . SW 23. s x e NC' Si if www w 'ss 5 A fi K5 B 952 Q KI A I 1i:uwwsW.w W, A ki"71'155Hgfw2:Qei4sesiN' Spirit Is A Binding Force 1: Thatjoins The Individuals Q Of A Student Boajf Into A Single Unit. Sloiriteal Glacier Students Are Stiwa' With Vitalizfy, Sparkling Wz'th Aotioiyf, Ana' Always Wearing A Smile Spirit Is Pride In A School. It Rzjaens Ana' Mellows As T ears Progress Class Of "69"J Treasure, Sandy Chamberline Vice-President, Kathy Brandt Secretary, Barbara Haziltine Historian, Joan PCTIICCH President, Paul Dehnert ,f ..V., I ,Q f -, -A... 1 .,. Q A, . K M In W: 1. A l 3 i ' V 2 , " -L- n .., 1 5 .af ,f W ts- 2. I -- , 1- , , .,,- 1, , If-V f . . , N 'I A - J' M 1 'Q F J Xl Q I 'HN . f -A 7 7 5 1 . K .X S ' f, 'ny-vw - , , - l or l "-1 l H 'H ir ik? , Carol Adams Dianne Adams Peggy Adams Wendell Adams Curt Anderson Connie Apland Tom Arneson Lee Arnold Charlie Bagan Linda Bahlknw f""'W 'W 2 Fisk' . y 5 Y . . nf , as I Q J "9" J z A 1 f 4, Q, V bv ' its . I ,,- I - Vickie Bangs Marilyn Barkley Regan Barr Barb Barrett Colfax Bart Roger Barta Roger Bartlett Larry Beeson Dennis Beggerly Linda Bellack A J 'A ', - .,r so J , ,V 'E :v,, N um I , f --I' F ' Q ' Q' 1 X , 7 " JAX. nf:- 2 . 2 .J N ah I I 2 E L' J if s u of Karen Bergeson Tim Best Doug Bingham Arnold Blankers Mike Boucher John Bowers Lorie Bowman Art Boyman Kathy Brandt Scott Brazcll fsrl J J y e r1-:a J Q llls sm ga 4 x., - and . Lo, l ,W ' Y' , 1- 1 ' 1 wa' l y on I qs W Q V, .L S, Q X A 5- x X -am gk Rick Breitenbach Janice Brett Sharon Briner Shcilia Briner Mark Brown Rita Bruins Paula Buck Margaret Burkhart Bob Butkowski Jack Caldwell l ' - so F C -as 1, J ,. . 9"' K f ' 'qv uw 'J' ' s , . , A sv C , 1 A N-:rr -X K 'L 'Nw 3 ' " .- , ' . I , . KV I H A, K b I I N V f i' 1 2 i 3215: , ' , J C , Mist it v -, ,' A, -K Virginia Caldwell Kathy Campbell Pat Campbell Sue Campbell Burl Cannady Bob Cardenas Janice Carosino Pat Carter Celia Casper John Castro .V V ,,:,,l h C I Ab I . :W . ' H N ,C .,, ni, I ,, , Q , 0 K V ' N .., . 2 Z xl J. CM, , tm 3 if 5 ri 9- s 1 V- ' 2. - KU '-'i ' - ff . f t -:-'- ff g A sw M, Z. uf ,le L 1' Sandy Chamberlin Carol Chapman Brian Chard Ken Christiansen Dale Christman Sue Christopherson Rick Cimmery Ken Clark Colleen Cogswell Greg Coleman ' -1 . - I ' '-'l: " . ,, ' JK: S. l .v s ' N 5 7 ,N . - . Q ' . 5? , T J C K, J V Qs, 'J' -r W . , 'fa B ' -'J 'W 1 ' l ' . A ,C Cal-nl Collins Linda Connelly Carol Cooper Dick Cousins Mary Coward Grace Cox Virginia Cozart Gary Cunningham Mike Cunningham Hank Curron ,, ll., C ,.., ,CM .. V AY, W , -- ly ,,,:, V, sw. , i t ,V H I M, I 1 'S .,. "1 . C M W' , IF g M y Vi . .V ' ' ,.- .J V Q x ""'w ' ' - vi J f-gy fag' ' W : 'i , A g if :Av ..,,, V :J J I I as ,Al gf C , fe A l . l f f Sue Currier Rick Curtis Joy Cramer Penny Dugdale Gary Darehuck Gary Darnell Gloria Davidson Paul Dehnery Ray Desimone Jerry Dohms 1 Tim Dicicco Ron Eicker be Janita Doremus Douglas Dotson .Ai,. rw - ia '- Janis Eilers .Ji -1 P Q L C Setl Ferrell Linda Fielder , L lv..,, . N X 6. bf Q4 K -: nga ,t Ax i y 1 we A ,lil L Darleen Glines Tom Glithero ,, ,,f'1'-,-i1.' 'l,1z.W N -'W' -11i 2flW"Z4- l-Yh'Ff U , is V lxlll "A' , N' .,., ,,: L A :--l1'- Q I. I '1.S 2 ' I 35 EZ.. t ,-,E f if 2'il l W ll' ' ll l i C , 1 - , , - ,1 , 5 l Ruby Mae Downing Sally Dozier Wendell Dragar Bruce Dubois Ward Dunscomb Dorothy Dyke Candace Dyrness ' " I . if A , tj ' - , x ' n , Q , e Larry Emil Gordon Endicott Wayne Erickson Dale Erstad Kenneth Faber Rick Fallgalter Dean Fallon Nancy Ferrel ,.,, H 11 Q " i i S . . - ---- - ---' . it -i f . -. . K ai ..,. ., , M i -Z if ,ef rf? fi i it 'X i at Tom Fisher Laura Fog Mike Foote .J Q in ta' Bill Gordon Barbara Gaugh bbybbr.i.i by sm . . :,:I-: . N? z in ii ' IZV' Z m a 1 .Aa Pamela Sue Graf Marilyn Ford Pamela French Roseann Gagliardi Robert Games Barry Glawe V, r B I ei- K ,.:2 .. kir . ,Q , - ' '-.: ,,:-' - Q A 'V W V7 4, VLV, Q K 'wi ' , H t Xi KN fa, 7 ,i" i i Linda Grambush Robert Greenside S, y 1 so E ' ly f ' ' -E1 4 Pat Gustafson Dave Guthrie Dick Hagen Kris Hakanson Debbie Hanmmend Jim Hammond Karen Hanks Qq q -"" ' " , A' E ry , 'Qu I -E ik L w g ,- V X- i . 'wi . we , . Q 1. ' 4 ai I i 5 N . Patty Hannah Chris Hansen Dave Hanson Norm Hart Duane Hatch Louise Hathaway Alison Hawley ,r y,,A. ,g it on we F y who . G 5. f lj 1 G , ,G , f K' . g sw' - 'cry Q .., . ,. gy:-Q f 2 -f ml Q ft - fi , ,,.s t if " 'N Q, 1' M X f to t n be Barb Hazeltine Steve Headly Mike Hegberg Ray Henderickson Linda Hepker Sharon Henderson Jim Harrington t i iiii ' K iiii 5 ii C I , A. . i I , I: ' I ' 1? .s .8 X AA rl M A , V M , ,,i.,, 6 we ta, 2 N ,ai S ff ,, 5 , 3 is .L Daisy Hetherington Bob Hicks Claude Hislop Maggie Hixon Brenda Hoeft Iris Hoganson Linda Holt we we-me q x,,r, Z. Barbara Grubb Cheryl Gulling Barbara Gunther Double your pleasure W iiygt iytyyit y,itZias u iy .1 , i' K ,E Y A .,iV, .A j 'P l ,t A A af is ,, .. . Ron Hostak Carolyn Hove Mary Hudson M' .., IQ? usX Larry Huff Susan Hunt Bob Huntington Ray Johnson Laura Kemppainen K ,.f,. H ...R N Sandi Lane uv of ga 5 13 X za Stuart Hurd . i Marsha Hutchins Jim Jensen Bill Jewett Dave Johnson Gary Johnson QW ww -. 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Wil , mg 3534 144 , 13 4111 11 1 u- 14 .1 1,1 111 4 14 ,1 51 ,1 5 111 ,E 4114 111-md Q N41 1444134115352 7 wp 5':. ,155 S' 4' W W' 57 3252 41 1523? 5 if ,1, .113 42414 H2 -W, K. 17515 fm .W 411 3 55' 4 4 11.41 .1 4 1,1 fz39"P2e 41,1151 .. 1 14 W 51 15441 jx kN?Xf 'ff 1 I, www wxg x Af I V ww? f 2+ 1 '- X' .vqf I wa,JQS3JNpJ,1?-lnrrks ug' My W jk K dy in I I SEQ , xt ,ff I JLQN IVV ,P lx p- ! Jap X pk' 4. x xx r if j ,,,, ACTIVITIES Back row: Kathy Noon, Social Comm., Carolyn Hove, Sopho. Rep., Mikey Pederson, Standards Comm..g Shelia McGaven, Ushers Comm., Pat Norton, Sec., Lily Dong, Hist.g Rose Neher, Treas.g Lola Lumbard, GAA, Lynn Wagner, Publicity Comm., Shirley Larson, Ways 8: means: Marlyce Miller, Friendship Comm. Front row: Miss Lou Wilder, Advisor, Candy Hanks, V. Pres., Starr Tavenner, Pres. Serzfice, C0m,17etz'tz'0n, Accomlblzkhments Girls Club Every girl feels a part of the school by the many accomplishments of the Girls Club. Heated competition with the boys was the result of a successful canned food drive for the needy in the Highline District. The Father-Daughter Banquet, Moth- er-Daughter Tea and cooperating with the Service Club to hold after game dances proved equally suc- cessful. Girls Club Officers: Candy Hanks, Vice President, Starr Tavenner, Presidentg Pat Norton, Secretary' Rose Neher, Treasurer, Lily Dong, Historian. a 1 x Z F uwllment In Organized Service eve.. s as c f a 0, fgfiff. 1 , .a Q-1 f i A iii w. - Boys work toward a victory over the girls in the Canned Food Drive. Service Club The Service Club helps with all school activities. Their most important activity, the Canned Food Drive, was held in competition with the girls. The boys won by a large margin. The Service Club also helps serve at various banquets and elect the Boys of the Month. , A Serving the school is more fun than work. Back row: Gary Hatch, Gary Nevius, Tom Mock, Gaylen Wood, Kenny. Front row: Rick Gilmore, Dick Bossi, Norman Jamesg .lim Randy Scott, Bruce Caldwell, Ed Johnston, Lyle Wilson, Terry Cun- Scheider, Secretary-Treasurerg Terry Beeson, Presidentg Mike Field, ningham. Row 2: Reggie Everson, Steve Dana, Mike Lentz, Kim Hay- Vice Presidentg John Tredway, Mike Westmang advisor, Mr. Sypher. ashi, Dave Knee, Don Dubois, Bob Carossino, Gary Ebersole. Dave Back row: Jim Mattson, Bonnie McEvoy, Marlyce Miller, Connie St. John, Callene Buck, Kris Lawrence, Shirley Larson, Jennie Keefer, Barb Rice, Mike Field, Gaylen Wood, Gary Ebersol, Jim Sparks. Row 3: Candy Peterson, Pam Lanning, Sue Smith, Bonnie Walker, Kathy Adams, Judy Fox, Vera Davis, Pat Norton, Kim Hayashi, Karen Rathwell, Bob Burton, Mark Betzina, Richard Rushmeier, Row 2: Starr Tavenner, Tina Parks, Lily Dong, Joanne'Hellums, Mickey Pe- terson, Kathy Iwen, Dianne Schmidt, Paul Dendy, David Mc- Clamrock, Susie Wilmot, Joyce Walker, Darlene Wolf, Patty Wilcox. Front row: Mrs. Oakes, Advisor, Randy Price, Alice Hausner, Lynn Wagner, Dick Bossi, Casey Carmody. Honor I n Scholastic A clzievement National Honor Society and Torch club Members of National Honor Society must maintain a 3.5 grade point average throughout high school. This year, the National Honor Society has combined with the Torch Club to form a joint society for academic achievement. Torch members, who maintain a 3. average, hold their annual banquet in honor of thejoint club members and for the initiation of the new Honor Society members. Back row: Mark Beauchamp, Tony Mottet, Steve Hunt, James Matt- son, Bonnie McElroy, Marlyce Miller, Connie St. John, Callene Buck, Kris Lawrence, Shirley Larson, Jennie Keefer, Barb Rice, Mike Field, Gaylen Wood, Gary Ebersol, Jim Sparks, Bob Carosino, Charles Pel- ton, Steven Keener. Row 3: Judy Smally, Ray Desimone, Judy Van Der Meer, Candy Peterson, Pam Lanning, Sue Smith, Bonnie Walker, Kathy Admas, Judy Fox, Vera Davis, Pat Norton, Kim Hayashi, Kar- en Rothwell, Bob Burton. Mark Betzina, Richard Rushmeier, David Knee, George Lucas. Row 2: Kathy Davis, Lola Lumbard, Rose Neh- er, Kathy Maddox, Trish Adeleman, Lily Dong, Joanne Hellums, Mickey Peterson, Kathy Iwen, Susie Wilmot, Paul Dendy, Pat Wilcox, Dianne Schmidt, John Tredway, Kurt Anderson, Roger Barta, Randy Starr. Front row: Janice Taylor, Starr Tavenner, Tina Parks, Pam Lee, Mary Pramuk, Dick Bossi, Randy Price, Mrs. Oakes, Advisorg Lynn Wagner, Alice Hausner, Casey Carmody, Shirley Ford, Joy Johnson, Darlene Wolf, Joyce Walker, Mike Westman, Mary Loyd. Back row: David McClamrock, Pat Wilcox, Gary Ebersol, Alice Hausner, Bob Carosino. Row 2: Gisella Janowitz, Barbara Bartlett, Judy Baumgart, Judy Fox, Kathy Maddox, Advisor, Mr. Mackavoy. Varsity Seated: Al Olson, Randy Price, Jim Diccicco, Mike Westman, John Tredway, Debate "Resolved: That the Foreign Aid Program of the United ' ' States should be limited to non-military assistancef' '41 This was the year's national debate topic. The debate , A as . ,Q 0 team has new experiences, new troubles and new fun. A 0 The team competes with other schools at various col- ! 0:9 I I 1 Cb leges. Each year Debate has become increasingly impor- ' ,k X f A tant. 9, 1 - X 1 0 Q .. K 1, DECA Q X f I gy Under the watchfull e es of state and U.S. offices of edu- C, I l f X . . 5' . . 0 I Q cation an experimental project began in January. DECA V' 44, manned a Ramco Industries booth in the Boat Show at 0 we the Seattle Center, Some students wrote advertising for 4 the company, others took market research outside of the booth. Another activity is to have an Employee- ' Employer Banquet. The students choose the restaurant, engage a speaker and show their employer a good time. DECA members also sell popcorn, coffee and doughnuts at basketball games, wrestling matches and after school. Back row: Paulette Berech, Lindy Brazell, Lindy Brazell, Pat Jorgenson, Julie Jones, Donna Desimone, Loretta Heider, Pat- ty Curtis, Dan Mathison Row 2: Becky Dudley, Renae Bauer, Greg Singleton, Pat McQuade, Mike Prozek, John Hubbard, Bill McIntosh. Franz row: Anita Hodge: treasurer, Dave Brown: President, Tina Parks: secretary, Dwight Boyd: Governor, Hollis Elliot: Vice Pres, Lois Sewell: Historian and Parlimentarian, Mr. Robert Hemingway: Advisor Back row: Mr. Hemsted, Bill Fisher, Mrs. Cathey. Row 2: Kerry Williams, Lyle Cleveland, Jim Sparks Front: Dick Bossi. Chess Club With victories over Mount Rainier and Tyee, Glaciers Chess Team got off to a good start. They met with Gar- field and Renton, then went on to play Yakima and Che- halis, the two schools known for their ability at chess. .564 4 A , ...aft shhhhhs g . it 3 Q gnu 2 i i Back row: Karen Rothwell, Judy Van Der Meer Judy Bumgaurd, Row 2: Doreen Stafford, Terri Rus som, Barbara Jo Gough. Front row: Sue Smith Georgene Simonds. Tickettes These girls are first to all home basketball games and other indoor competitive sportsg Not to get a good seat, but to sell tickets to students and fans to insure proper admission. Mommy told me there were girls like her, sl Back row: Kerry Williams, Gary Nevius, Kim Hayashi, Bruce Cald- well, Dan Lazenby, Ed Johnston, Jim Schneider. Row 3: Lyle Cleve- land, Paul Barkly, Clyde Watkins, Jim Mattson, Gaylen Wood, Roger cicco, Randy Price, Bonnie McElroy, Judy Fox, Patty Wilcox, Mike Westman. Front row: Dick Bossie, Pres., Kris Lawrence, V. Pres., Lynn Wagner, Sec.g Alice Hausner, Treas. Lauderdale, Paul Dendy, Mike Field, Gary Ebersole. Row 2: Jim Di- Physics Club "Phi Beta Phyzzies" or, in a shorter form, "The Phyzz- ies Club", is for students who take an interest in physics and wish to learn more about it. Films, field trips, experi- ments and guest speakers hold their interest and increase their knowledge. Photo Club Very beneficial is the Photo Club where its members learn a great deal through experience with table top pho- tography, portrait photography, enlarging, printing and film developing. Films and gue'st speakers add to the V I I p knowledge of its members. , llwfgl ,f f J - It fmg,,fzWM z- ,es 4, 1-mm W if," W l ' , : - 3 Vlmjo A-Av , L 1 .H , 'Q 1 Back row: Mr. Vernon Chester, Advisor, John Martin, Dennis Morgan, Ed Johnson. Row 2: Cathy Camp- bell, Phyllis Wilson, Kriss Jones, Margaret Lindell. Front row: Rod Thole, Pres., Wes White, V. Pres. Teresa Deane, Sec., Pat Lovell. Back row: Georgene Simonds, Trudy Laird, Judy Van Der Meer, Ella Robinson, Sue Pearson, Kathy Adams, Trish Adeleman, LaNita Prowell, Molly Wiedell, Linda Holt. Row 3: Dianne Burkhart, Maria Poelvardie, Charolette Steffen, Ricky Eldridge, Kathy Bart, Bonnie Walker, Theresa Failor, Pat Patterson, Marsha Brooks. Row 2: Penny Moran, Brenda Chapman, Carol Chapman, Sue Adams, Anita Webster, Jan Miller, Sue Danderan, Gloria Vine- yard, Linda Buckner, Anita Hodge, Theresa Mock. Front row: Mrs. Oakes, Advisor, Launa Akre, President. Spades Sponsored by the Kiwanis, the girls in Spades help the suifering, unfortunate children with birth defects and diseases. In efforts to raise money for these children, they hold car washes and a dance that is put on by the Kiwanis. The highlight of the year is taking the children to the Shrine Circus. JOG Fund raising and fun raising kept the members of the Junior Orthopedic Guild busy and happy. Funds are raised for the patients of the Junior Orthopedic Hospital through the sale of Christmas candy canes, penny drives, rummage sales and car washes. Fun planning excites the members with dances, parties and trips. Back row: Sue Weeker, Barb Wallum, Joanne Hellums, Sue Pearson, Marsha Nevius, Sandie Welsh, Kathy Iwen, Shirley Larson, Mickey Peterson, Kathy Noon. Row 3: Rosemary Scoccolo, Louise Hathaway, Julie Jones, Jamie Taylor, Bonnie Walker, Karen Hanson, Shelia McGavern, Lily Dong. Row 2: Sue Russ, Pam Cole, Cindy Estrada, Patty Scarcella, Glo- ria Vineyard, Linda Buckner, Debbie Bridgwater. Front row: Pam Lee, Sec., Judy Van Der Meer, Pres., Joleen Cohee, Treas. Back row: Lyla Woolfe, Terry Lavender, Diane Schaffer, Carol Wuscher, Diane Adams, Barbara Mann, Lou Bowman, Barbara Cox, Patty Wilmot, Cathy Brandt, Roger Barta. Row 3: Judy MOH, Karen Valleroy, Sandy Chamberlain, Les- lie Roth, Kris Jones, Marilyn Mann, Barb Dalle, Doug Thatcher. Row 2: Barbara Barrett, Zoe Ann McCorkle, Ann Van Dyke, Joy Johnson, Candy Hanks, Cathy Noon, Debbie Bridgewater. Front row: Linda McReynolds, Ruth Banker, Hollis Elliot, Teena Wartes, Roslie Shaw, Judy Bumgaurd, Judy Caldwell. Campus Life What organization had such activities as bathtub stufling and pillow fight rallies? None other than Campus Life! Films, music, special guests, panel discussions and skits highlighted club meetings on Monday nights in the Band room. A club afliliated with the Greater Seattle Youth for Christ Organization, Campus Life is designed for fun and friendship. Tri-Hi-Y A new program, Youth and Government, was started in Tri-Hi-Y this year. This program's goal is to help stu- dents better understand their relationship to government. Other activities include a campaign to help the blind, Christmas Caroling at an Old Folks Home and a meet- ing of all ,Tri-Hi-Y members in Wash. State. This meet- ing is held at the HUB in the University District. Mfg Q F S tml MW' ,- l I5 Q Aa 4' Back row: Sandie Welsh, Sue Pierceson, Marcia Nevius, Gloria Davidson, Vicki Larson, Kathy Adams. Row 2: Janet Kennedy, Emma Muglord, Judy Wiseburg, Jamie Taylor, Martha Shichley, Allison Holly. Fronl row: Sharon Henderson, Mike Deva- ney, Peggy Adams, Katy McKinnon, Marsha Brooks. Back row: Carol Mock, Linda Holt, Daisy Hetheington, Rita Bruins, Barbara Grubb, Gloria Davidson, Mary Hudson, Nancy Winkle. Row 3: Pat Hannah, Louise Hathaway, Laura Fog, Patty Patterson, Shelli Steedman, Patty Vukenich, Vickie Bangs, Grace Cox. Row 2: Winona Wilson, Theresa Mock, Zoe Ann McCorkel, Anne Van Dyke, Regan Barr, Michelle Perich, Virginia Cozart. Front row: Laita Prowell, Pat- ty Patterson, President, Joi Graner. FNA Those Candy Stripers who practice at Riverton Gen- eral Hospital are our Future Nurses of America. This club, sponsored by the National League of Nursing, stimulates interest in the medical field and explores the opportunities of the nursing profession, through field trips, practical nursing courses and dental hygene programs. Pep Club The spirit signs on the lockers and in the halls were put up by none other than these pep stirring, Pep Club girls. Each year they sponsor the Fall, Winter and Spring, Sports Banquets along with a Service Project. The Griz- zlie Bear seen at all our games was given to Glacier by these spirited girls. Back row: Vickie Curtis, Barbara Jo Gough, Doreen Stafard. Row 3: Barbara Barrett, Sally Lewin, Terri Russom, Vicki Vickerson. Row 2: Eva Richie, Joy Johnson, Linda Connelly, Toni Morrow, Shirley Schwindt. Front row: Elaine Swanson, Judy Baumgart, Delores Dinwiddie, Pat Cur- tis. I I f' i if ff: M ""im."Sf3,af"9Egig .H W- , , . 1 ,ff A, I . ' 93 .- - F., , 451- i, V , Q , Q, -4 ' may-sv, ,iff-fs Y ' ' 'L Y A ii' 'V if - N Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! 'tw Ldv'-um-Sirgif-mF.,,'f3?f'?'? 1 i "1'f'fP,a..'1.9!M-:-.w:f.. , - - -"W .iii Back row: Judy Weisburg, Gayle Piple, Linda Vier, Cherly Lacy, Margy Tracy, Bonnie Shoulderbrand, Dale Ran- dall, Cindy Estrada, Terri Mock, Alicia Obermeit, Linda Bradstad, Bonnie Walker, Vicki Burkhart. Jackie Iver- son, Mary Chard, Karen Stowman, Mr. Tower. From row: Barbara Wallum, Wanda Platt, Pat O'brien, Kathy Larson, Penni Crawley, Debbie Bullock, Jean Topel. Art Club To Seattle come many nationally famous Art Exhibits and to those exhibits went Glaciers Art Club. When the weather was fair, the members went on drawing and sketching trips. At the meetings there were hlms and in- teresting displays. As a service to the school, the Art Club kept a flow of art displays in the library show win- FTA dow. Are there really students who are interested in teaching as a career? Yes, these young people, interested in educa- tion are our Future Teachers ofAmerica. The major objective is to further interest in teaching through the enjoyable experience of being student teachers at the elementary level. Wi ll x Back row: Sally Lewis, Phyllis Wilson, Wanda Platt, Kathy Adams, Cheri Sackman. Row 3: Teresa Deane, Trudy Larid, Barbara Butler, Barbara Dalle. Row 2: Shirley Ford, Lyla Woolfe, Susan Peace, Ann Van Dyke. Front row: Carrie Ann Richardson, Margret Lindell, Judy Baumgart, Mr. Bruce Sypher. 55 Back row: Launa Lane, Kathy Mayer, Terry Lavender, Chris Hanson Chris Lawrence Trish Adelman Candy Hanks. Row two: Sharon Hen- derson, Laurelei Pease, Judy Smalley, Carol Adams, Tonya Petit, Sue Pearson, Diane 7Adams, Terry liossum. Front row: George Lucas, Pam Betts. Interest In Forezlgn Culture French Club, German Club Studying the cultures and customs of Germany and France is only a part of the many activities taken place in the French and German Clubs. Field trips, fund raising drives and even singing in our Christmas Concerts in their learned language brings outside interests in. Students can tell you that it is really a "good time" organization, and thats what they have-a good time. Back row: Jamie Taylor, Kathy Mayer, Chris Lawrence, Kim Hayashi, Terry Cunningham, Ken Roberts, Steve Whitcomb, Don Dubois. Row two: Darlene Wolf, Vicki Rickerson, Sandy Weekes, Judy Caldwell, Ann Van Dyke, Laurelei Pease, Carrie Ann Richardson, Casey Carmody. Front row: Trish Adelman, Jim Ballas, Lily Dong, Mary Lloyd. Back row: Doug Walker, Bobby Jakobson, Dick Bossie, Jerry Prowell, Gary Nevius, Terry Cunningham, Wes White, Greg Singleton, Rick Pardee, Dave Piuetta, Wade Green, Vince Trent, Roger Knudson, Bruce Martin, Bill Trivett, Mike Crotty, Robby Akers, Mr. Jensen. Row 3: Mr. Minahan, Ed Johnston, Tony Neimeyer, Kurt Hakanson, Mike Collins, Terry Beeson, Rick Gilmore, Jim McLean, Jeff Rose, Mike Gillis, Tom Glithero, Tom Emil, Fred Breske, Lonny Copen- Big G Recognizing Glacier's athletes and bringing them together is the Big "G" Club. All boys who earn let- ter awards at Glacier are members. During the school year, the boys have sponsored an after-game dance and the annual Rummage Sale, which has proven a big success. Sports Banquets and school service are projects to which Big "G" contributes time, financial aid, and their efforts. GAA "Promoting intramural activitiesu is the slogan of the Girls Athletic Association. Participation is successful in vollyball, gymnastics, basketball, softball, bowling, track and badminton. Special events during the year in- clude the GAA Slumber Party and the Mother-Daughter play-nite. These girls never miss a football or basketball game, running the food concessions, earning money to help support the Tennis Team. haver, Bill Clark. Row 2: Larry Marquardt, Scott McBreen, Jim Schneider, Rick Horner, Mike Proszek, Bill Rus, Dave Knee, Greg Bushaw, Hal Quimby, Tom Mock, Fred Regis, Craig Matson, Mr. Kobel. Front row: Darryl Van Dusen, Rod Young, Mike Devaney, Paul Barkley, Denny Young, Treas.g Ernie Janet, Sgt. at Arms, Gary Schaefer, V. Pres. Gary Hatch, Pres., Eric Knudson, Sec., John Akre, Bob Devaney, John Clairmont, Jeff Wynn. Back row: Linda Crotty, Pam Lee, Jean Ashby, Launa Akre, Joleen Cohee. Row 4: Theresa Failor, Jennie Keefer, Tammy Ball, Wanda Fernon, Sheri Ziebarth, Kathy Nick, Kay Harbke. Row 3: Connie St. John, Marlyce Miller, Judy Bumgard, Vera Davis, Sue Smith, Candy Pederson, Cathy Swift. Row 2: Kathy Larson, Shirley Ford, Katie McKinnen, Gloria Vineyard, Lin- da Buckner, Jackie Foy. Front row: Judy Fox, Lola Lumbard, Barb Rice, Carrie-Ann Richardson, Teanan Wartes. l Q ' Look out stomach, here it comes :QW-w..,,, , , . .,mm,., Back row: Kathy Davis, Callene Buck, Wanda Platt, Judy VanDerMeer, Karen Esarey, Marilyn Dragos, Barbara Walum, Wilma Hewitt, Judy Baumgart, Connie St. John, Sara Dingwall, Jeannie Biggs. Fronz row: Sylvana Desi- mone, Darlene Smith, Jane Flewelling, Suzanne Pelton, Sue Yocum, Janis Miller, Judy Smalley, Yvonne Score, Darryl Van Dusen, Penny Crawley. Top row: Teena Wartes, Marlyce Miller. Row 2: Linda Crotty, Cathy Swift, Gisella Janowitz, Pat Norton. Front row: Kathy Lar- son, Sue Smith, Lola Lumbard, Kathy Nick, Kay Harbke. Bottom Karen Peterson. Office Assistants, P. E. Assistants It would be quite difficult for the P.E. teachers to get along without the help ofthe P.E. Assistants. Demon- strations ofthe different activities, refereeing games, and paper work is only a small piece of their large responsi- bility. Office assistants help the secretaries in every way needed while learning the importance and accuracy necessary in becoming a secretary. l John Akre, Gary Hatch, John VanBuskirk, Scott Cromwell, Randy Scott, Terry Beeson, Dayton Brownfield, Tony Niemey- er, Rod Magee, Terry Cunningham. Above: Larry Grubb. Lab, Clinic and Library Assistants Ever wonder how Glacier is run so smoothly? Part of this smooth operation is due to the hard work of the assistants. The duties of the assist- ants are varied in relation to what areas they are in, but they are all there for one main reason and that is to help the teachers in their duties. The assistants are made up of reliable students with fairly good grades and a will to work in their respective areas. These students, working as as- sistants, gain very helpful experience for their respective vocations. Lej back: John Scott, Robby Akers, Steve Barker, Paul Barkley, Hank Kein. Right back: Rick Gilmore, John Clark, Dennis Daly, Wade Green, Tony Mottet Helen Darby, Carol DeShayes, Debbie Martin, Mary Lou Gagliardi, Linda Smith, Phyllis Wilson, Loretta Heid- Cf. Z! -5 .Lg .1-2' " 1 ' an-fn .,--. I 977 'V' 11 Carol Fog, Marilyn Browning, Connie St. John, Candy Peterson, Betty McConnell Theresa Mock, Mrs. Zanonia Dokken, Librarian. A-"Y" AVALANCHE STAFF: Back row- Doug Walker, Fred Regis, John Scott, Mark Beauchamp, Jim Conelly. Row 2- 'ff-L nf:-:,,, , M, Linda Pelton, Terri Yates, Jamie Taylor, Janis Miller, Dave McClamrock. Fronz row- Lois Sewell, Jenne Keefer, f Pam Lee Pam Lannin Curt Hakanson. Not ictured- Jim Allen Cher l Anderson Linda Crott Steve Dana ,"" , , 8, P 7 Y - Y, - Ruby Downing, Linda Grambush, Mike Lentz, Zoe Ann McCorckle, LaNita Prowell, Pat Scarsella, John Tredway, I --Ws ' Pat Wilmot, Sherry Ziebarth. az. Psvaxautkzi at ,,,, '52 QB, 4 f? 5' ' 'A is SNS' T Sue Wilmont Pam Lee First Semester Editor Second Semester Editor A Avalanche, Quill Sc Scroll l i Roses to the Avalanche, ragweeds to deadlines. Be- hind the scene of our school "Avalanche', are the hearts and hard work of twenty-eight students and their supervisor, Mrs. Roebeck. These people work y and slave to publish the news that we all look for- ward to reading and they always have those bi- weekly deadlines to meet. We should all give our congratulations and complements to those people who make it possible to have the best school newspa- per ever published. Quill and Scroll is a chapter ofthe International Honor Society of high school Journalists. Among the high standards of these industrious members of our school are that they must be of the top third of their class, be of Junior or Senior standing, and must be approved by the Executive Secretary of the Socie- ty. All of these people have done superior work in some phase ofjournalism or school publication. Hats offto these students who have achieved the honor of being a member of Quill and Scroll. QUILL AND SCROLL - Standing: Callene Buck, Judy Smalley, Mrs. Carol Ro- beck, Advisor, Sue Wilmont. Seated: Pam Lee, Jenne Keefer, Karen Esarey -A FE TAKU STAFF: Standing: Claudia Fier, Vickie Ghea, Sandy Welsh, Rickie Eldridge, Mr. Norman Clark, Advisor, Judy Smalley, Rose Neh- er, Kathy Hall, On ladder: Phyllis Butler, Callene Buck, Vickie Hove- land, Silvana Desimone, Gary Hatch. Front ladder: Karen Esarey, Edi- tor. -I-aku All that copy and only one typewriter? I wonder if the rest of the kids realize how many hours of hard work and dedication are put into our annual. Copy to write, pictures to take, layouts and those dread- ful deadlines, all are part of what has to be done in one short hour of each day. As the hours accumu- late throughout the year, more and more memories are put into Glacier's greatest treasure for the years to come-our Taku. Mr. Norman Clark, Advisor. 61 EDITORS: Back row: Judy Smalley, Photo Editor, Karen Esarey, Edi- tor-in-Chief, Front row: Callene Buck, Copy Editor, Gary Hatch, Sports Editor, Kathy Davis, Business Manager, Mr. Norman Clark, Advisor. Rocky Pearson, Photographer Um' Te!! Sz'ajaSl19a1'l-fs The S in Jackie Fay .Ioleen Cohee, Connie St. John Linda Crotty 5 1.5 J.V. STAFF: Frontf Sue Adams, Pam Lee, Lanna Akre, Backp Jean Ashby, Queen "Xf- .1 5-,sh ,gi "Would you believe? . . . No, she wouldn'tf' I wonder whats going on at school today. IV. N 7. emwwfw MM qfllll Mmxl fw"' -mg X AAP755 i '-N': S' if 5 Pose it up Greg! "And the next thing I knew ,,.. " "Let's cool it .Ai X yu---...,.v Nitng "I'll take the one on the left "Just a little higher. There, you got it." i And shejumped on her camel named Clyde. cDonald's tonight" "Hey, where's the Baby?" Standing: Cathy Campbell, John Chaney, Gloria Vineyard, Anne VanDyke, Terry Yates, Pat Kion, Barbara Butler, Cherie Sackman. Sitting: Clint Fier, Steve Lopresti, Judy Smalley, Bruce Caldwell, Kurt Hakanson, Reggie Everson. Front: Kris Hakanson. Ana' The Show Goes n "The play will be given in the band room instead of the gym this year." This announcement was made by direc- tor Don Good to the play cast a few weeks before the play opened. The budget was limited. The drama class made settings, glued wall paper and borrowed furniture, costumes and lights. Everyone involved was afraid of the outcome, but the cast and the people behind the scenes put on a good show and the audience responded with wild enthusiasm. "Life With Father", a sophisticated comedy written by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, opened on Feb- ruary 1 starring Bruce Caldwell and Judy Smalley. Kris Lower, the student director, made sure everything was in place and the show began. ifiii 'i'1-i r 5 Father insists that his coffee tastes like "slops" and demands that the maid take it away immediately. T'v 27 v 2 'i ,H 1 5 l E kkV7-:l 'k .2 i., s afwfig - f y 5 ,f if 'git . 5 A E'f" K my f Clarence, the eldest son, proposes to Mary against his father's will. Below: Rehearsing this scene is more fun than work. Father hates visiting Cofa always makes her aPPe3fanCe at the relatives and Vinnie tries to settle his temper. wrong time. The Cast Father Vinnie Clarence John Whitney Harlan Cora Mary Dr. Lloyd Dr. Summers Annie Margaret Maggie Delia Nora Bruce Caldwell Judy Smalley Kurt Hakanson John Chaney Steve Lopresti Criss Hakanson Barbara Butler Pat Kion Reggie Everson Clint Fier Anne Van Dyke Cathy Campbell Terry Yates Gloria Vineyard Cherie Sackman EE at I if Y W 1 WK 52, H, " vi 'K I ,. . ww ,K ,. V- ,- - 'w f af' .5 Yfff Q . ki , f"'1: M -f 'W il sy.: X1 'Q ff Ex , N, ff. if W. ,X a . ' YZ". if ' 3 1 ,, .X x4 , ff' A f ag ., P.s . J? X Y N 3, gf ff 2 1 X A M M H1 Back row: Dwane Glockner, Doug Walker, Norman James, Mark Beauchamp, Larry Markhart, Richard Rusmeier, Clyde Watkins, Rod Magee Doyle Johnson, Darrell Singleton, Bill Rus. Row 3: Larry Mathews, Eric Lanning, Mindy Martin, Kathy Adams, Tom Kinnear, Terry Beason, Lola Lumbard, Randy Scott, Jim Prandi, Row 2: Peggy Horner, Gary Nevius, Kerry Williams, Jim Sharps, Judy Smalley, Calleen Buck, Marilyn Dra- gos. Front row: Marlyce Miller, Gayle Pipal, Phyllis Butler, Rickie Elridge, Sandy Weeks. Bowling With a slow walk, and then a slide, a loud thump, bowl- ing is on its way again. Every Monday at 2:35, this group got together at Olym- pic Bowl. For 15 weeks these bowlers, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Cathy, Bowled against each other in teams Trophies were given to lst and 2nd place teams, and high game and average for girls and boys. Skiing "Watch out below." These words, with a swish of a Gla- cier skier, signaled another fight to control a pair of skis. Every other Sunday for 8 weeks, these people headed for Ski Acres. From 8 in the morning to 5 at night, the skier accepted the challenge of the slopes. "Watch out below? Youlll surely know these kids when you see them, by the mass of white plaster incasing an arm or a leg. Back row: Jell' Wynn, Randy Scott, Larry Beason, Paul Kasmeier, Sandy Chamberlin, Jennie Caldwell, Patty Larson. Row 3: Jame Taylor, Carol Wahto, Mickey Peterson, Jennifer Keefer, Tom Kinnear, Rickie Elridge, Jack Mangels, Marcia Brooks, Vicki Larson, Sharon Hederson, Alison Hawley, Terry Russom. From row: Shirley Ford, Carol Perucca, Silvana Desimone, Patty Patterson. o vu .- -..f 'gzw 4 v ' C' Q y Q. 'J I 4 , .Qu , to ,4 .ffac 1 1 Q W 52' M? X Massa' 1 E 9. Q I 'WW2 Wmmmxi Glacier Receives Ree0gnz'tz'0n Starr Tavenner Starr Tavenner was a guest of the President of the United States and the United States Senate in January, 1967. She went as a member ofthe United States Senate Youth Delegation. Her activities included talking to depart- ment heads, lunching with the Vice President, meeting President Johnson in person, and working in the offices of Senators Jackson and Magnuson. As a gift from the Senate, Starr presented Glacier with a National Flag, which had been flown over the Capitol build- ing. Terry Cunningham One of Glacier's more famous athletes is Terry Cunningham, heavy weight wrestler, football player, and trackee. After a very successful football season, Terry went on to a different sport, wrestling. He improved a great deal through the season, winning nine and tying one out of eleven matches. Terry went on to the League Championships where he placed third, and to District, where he took fourth place. He then went on to the State Tournament and earned a fourth place medal which ex- plains why team mates voted him team captain and Best all around wrestler. Dianne Schmidt Can you play a musical instrument? If you can, you know how much determi- nation is needed to be really good. Dianne Schmidt has been playing the accordian for thirteen years and has developed her great musical talent. She started accordian lessons at age six and won her first trophy at age eight. For the last two years, she has gone as state representative to Chicago for the Unit- ed States Accordian Championship Contest. Dianne has two sisters who play the accordian. As a trio, the girls placed first in the Senior Ensemble Division. Dianne and her sisters have won 120 trophies. Mary Pramuk Mary Pramuk represented Washing- ton at the Miss Teenage America Pa- gent held in Texas last November 5, 1966. First there were the preliminar- ies in which sixteen girls took an aca- demic test, displayed their talent and were judged on poise and appearance. In September, Mary was named and crowned Miss Teenage Seattle. Soon after that momentous night, a disc jockey, Pat O'Day came to a Glacier assembly and recrowned her before the student body. She was also handed the keys to a baby blue 1967 cougar, which was hers to use for several weeks. 72 Seniors "Nothing at Allw? Actually, quite something! With St. Valentine watching over all, sweethearts, door prizes and The Sycotics made the dance a big success. It is rumored that Mr. Aliment, in one of his youthful moments, was par- ticipating in the antics of modern dance. However, when the cam- eraman came calling, Mr. Ali- ment faded with his friends into the background. Class Juniors Sweethearts Sophomores Valentine Dance 4- 1 Sandy Chamberlin, May ws 4 , 'ff i 'Q wf.LgQ"?ff Ki -I L DUQLX. i 'F' ,ns ,W X , he U: rr, rg c,de L ,A - 1'- 1-W 1. , ifLl5QM 4, ,, . . ,.,., Q- f If ' i..- '-'-- - H-fy L " 7? A ..., ,, Q , Lew ,- 5 1925 -WPS I V ,w ,M V X K ai 'mr K Q ,W on JJ K ,tg Q v K 5 1 5- f . 5 QW , Q QV 4 + KRW , , a n , H W' , L A - A ' ,,,,, ,A s " ' if ' , g fglg 1 :j,, I hp 21- 2 ff: 1 vit, - 'L is J 1 ' 1 . f r jxiviix' ,ik V--Lg: L " , 7 z -. w r . w 'W u r we 'fiilii rg Y iifiggg, Q I, , f , 4 fm, . ,+ Q ,Q V. uf., My l 5, X sw f ffgkffff , 5' 5 'W' fl , fl' 5 yt , - I-.LX i Gary Schaefer, December Candy Hanks, November Kathy Maddox, December Casey Carmody, March iris Ana' Boy . 1 - Judy Van Der Meer, September Kathy Davis, Mike Lenz, October 74 Dick Bossi, May Q..- 05 Pam Lanning, June H The Month ,Q J ,,, sy V A Eric Knudson, February Alice Hausner, January Not Pictured Terry Cunningham, November Randy Price, March Ernie Janet, April John Tredway, June 75 Greg Singleton, January lr... r-' 5. , Sue Yocom, April 5- 4 -7 . 15 . l' D' Judy Baumgart, February My A Sdn: . K ,V .lxxfff .1 rx, inf, A kxx r -2 zffkig ,zifilffir ."fX:fif' qv .4 , kph! ,A'3W,a A ff: ATHLETICS 67 wah Wag tfuz, bmi, cj Judi W, tm, flaw QAM., V Sgblgnwwiem Cy '7 N 5 I fm 1' MkN,,.,,f-f' 5 use W, if as f V, N? ,xg I li fungi J B GLA R c ldv F we SM 'QU in I0 S A of "K ,905 Q fsmwyg ,A , , 2, an Paul Barkley Greg Bushaw Sam Cardenas Full Back Half Back Full Back Mike Collins Terry Cunningham Tackle Tackle Coaches, left to right, Mel Kobel, Alf Hemsted, Doutrich, Scott Daisley. Kneeling, Head Coach, Don Anderson. Tom Emil Full Back Inspirational Award Bob Dohms Jim Diccico Half Back Full Back Varsity Team. Front Row, M Kirk, V. Trent, T. Emil, S. Cromwell, B Dohms, F. Regis Barkley, W. O'Brien, K. Hakanson, J. Diccico, S. Cardenas. Second Row, J. Best, C son, G. Bushaw, R. Horner, B. Trivett, L. Marquardt, B. Hoeft, P. Turner, D. Young Tom Glithero Guard Kurt Hakanson Rick Horner Half Back Quarter Back Ron Thompson Fred Regis Half Back Half Back Bruce Martin Wayne O'Brien Guard rss, H. Marks. Back Rowp T. Cunningham, R. Pardee, M. Beauchamp, M. Collins, B. artin, J. Scott, E. Janet, T. Glithero, J. Miller, R. Thompson, B. Register. Vince Trent End Bill Trivett End Denny Young End Half Back -S ,M . ' ,N st , , "Y . :2f'-7- M535 i -ii Q ..,. J ' -. ":' Rick Pardee Tackle Ernie Janet Larry Marquardt Center Guard Team Captain Most Improved John Van Buskirk Guard Bill Rus Quarterback Mike Crotty Half Back n , CD GS QMS Managersg Left to right, Tom Mock, Kris Hakanson, Rick Gilmore Bill Russ carries the ball for Glacier. , JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM. Front row, J. O'Neil, J. O'Connor, G. Klein, D. McDuffy, J. Thornock, C. Pel- ton, M. Boucher, R. Niemeyer, G. Cunningham. Back row, Mel Kobel, Coachg D. Hatch, R. Wagner, S. Vert R. Prehm, T. McQuade, T. Lee, R. Desmoine, C. Hislop, E. McCarthy, Stott Daisley, Coach. GLACIER GLACIER GLACIER GLACIER GLACIER C. Park Auburn Mt. Rainier Renton Tyee GLACIER GLACIER GLACIER GLACIER Kent 7 Highline 14 Lakes 34 Evergreen 17 1 Gown Are Vz'c1f0rz'0us Scott McBreem, Craig Matson, Jim McClean, Jeff Rose, Mike Gillis, John Rice, Doug Walker, Coach Lindy Aliment Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier 'fo Under the direction of their new coach, Mr. Lindy Ali- ment, the golf team had a very successful season, placing second in the Puget Sound League. Victorious in I7 matches, the team lost two and tied one to complete their 1966 season. The Grizzlies hold high hopes for the fu- ture. Scott McBreen John Hubbard John Tredway Highline Kent Evergreen Tyee Renton Mt. Rainier Evergreen I-Iighline Kent Tyee Renton Mt. Rainier Team captain Jim McLean tied with Scott McBreen for runnerup medal ist at North Shore. Mike Gillis Doug Walker Craig Matson John Rice ,f H 'ab X Jeff Rose We Back row: Gary Hatch, Greg Singleton, Rod Young. Front row: Coach Gael Tower, Mike Devaney, Manager Darrell Van Dusen. Varsity Cross-Country Under the direction of Coach Gael Tower, this year's Cross-Country team had a very successful season, winning seven out of ten meets and plac- ing Hfth in the Puget Sound League. Glacier's top five runners consistantly finished high in the top ten in competition between schools. The Grizzlies were invited to run on the 2.3 mile course in the state meet held at Green Lake. In this meet our team placed ninth out of thirty-three teams in the state. Gary Hatch Eric Knudson 84 Greg Singleton, Captain Dave Knee Junior Varsity Cross-Country The Junior Varsity was also quite successful this year, with a strong group of sophomores and juniors returning next year to help make one of the best teams in the league. Glacier will be proud when their team begins and ends another season. are 1 ass . V 1 K7 Mike Devaney, Inspirational, Most Improved Rod Young Back row: Coach Gael Tower, Ed Johnston, Ron Brown, Wade Green, Steve Whittler, Bob Jacobson. From row: Bob Sweigart, Eric Lanning, Gary Nevius, Ken Noon. Grizghf Basketball Sams Hzlghest Ever YARSITY: Coach Fred Minihan, John Akre, Ernie Janet, Pat McQuade, Gary Schaefer, Greg Singleton, Dayton Brownfield, Lonnie Copenhaver, J1m McLean, Roger Knutson, Mike Crotty, John Treadway. JUNIOR VARSITY: Coach Phil Mathison, Ron T. Brown, Dave Pivetta, Ron L. Brown, Art Boyman, Tom Emil, Mike Gillis, Ken Noon, Rick Hor- ner, Jeff Rose, Vince Trent, Bill Trivett, Greg Bushaw. Q- 'ta g lil A ,,., .... . A JZ i - p , 48 34 , AD z it . 1 it 11f Q 1 2' H ' it A -rellt 7124i s Q , Q 2 i 9 32 Y A a t 44 l . 5 E2 A . ' ,l,, . l-.'-e x SOPHOMORE TEAM: Coach Ernie Olson, Bruce DuBois, Paul Dehnert, Dave Manthy, John Bowers, Ray Desimone, Ron Lytle, Claude Hislop, Tom Thornber, Ron Thompson, Gary Darnell, Craig Matson. Glacier was undefeated in the Highline District and took second place in the Northern Division ofthe Puget Sound League. The team worked harder and won more games than ever before. "We have a good team and we need your support. We know Auburn has a short but fast teamg Glacier is tall and not slow." These words were said to the student body by Coach Minihan on March 3, the day of the PSL playoffs for second place. Hopes were high as the team traveled to Renton to meet Auburn. There was, however, an unhappy ending. The Grizzlies were defeated 59-50 by the fast-moving Trojans. Roger Knutson, Junior, led the Puget Sound League in scoring. He scored a total of 318 points with an average of 15.9 points per game. 3' X1 ii ., .44 .4 f .Q- 4- as gg? Al- S nf LQQQ . .wx l 1 , ' ggiaw' ,J Y -i7-' -Q J Q gfgt. I eh . A .... .. , ' axfzif' ,.1 .W K ' 1' - , W 2 'L . x.. A Y WU' -Hs kv ml: Wwgw A I I ,L 2 A , .., ,. 1 A M Y Q' . .. was in J , K gan. l ,:'- -.... : .,..- g I :-k- : E. - La' V .gg l 4. --... -. ., 5 ----' P . .-.. :. - ' I -Q " ' . -Q .-- 1-- -:-A11 1 .. - Y , ,.'- wg is L 5 ' Qi 'Fm ' , L .'. -.212:f s J I "': :fl L i 5 iam .I Z. . 3 ,.l, .'Mw MM -f ', .52 gi L I ,.:.' A fy Xing-Q M gk wax" F Ni? . , , 6 N ,W , .JL I A: r A t 'fl ', 4 ,K 5 .f ., N G' f ,J Q, W . I 3 ,..,w Q ... A M' Q as 'S Si :T . gf M A! I ww' ww ---..........,.... Highline is tough competition for Glacier, but the Grizzlies came throu Mike Crotty, Junior Team Captain gh. Roger Knutson, Junior Q? gg John Akre, Senior Gary Schaefer, Senior Co-Inspirational Co-Most Improved Ernie Janet, Senior Varsity Back Row: Ron Brown, Mike Foote, Bill Rus, Lonny Copen- Front Row: Mike Crotty, Jeff Rose, Roger Knutson, Tom Emil, Ron haver, Dennis Morgan, Greg Roedell, Coach Mel Kobel. Musgrave, Bill Trivette. Are Valuable Assets For A Good Team Managers Standing: Roger Lauderdale Kneeling: Mike Prezbinbouski. Junior Varsity Back Row: Rick Rushmeier, Ron Lytle, Gary Darnell, Boucher, Cary Hutchins, Claude Hislop, John Smith, Bob Gates, Ray Ray Desimone, Bill Trivette, llarvey Marks, Curt Anderson, Mike Olson, Lyn Templeton. Prezhinhouski, manager. Front Row: Coach Fred Minahan, Mike 96A 4 E s 4 56 33' X54 .h 5 TV .. Q W ,M , 3:1 wifi, , fl Q . x Ji 3 N N' s 2. 5 Seniors Back Row: Mike Westman, manager, John Akre, Wade Green, Johnston, Tony Neinieyer. Front Row: Greg Singleton, Terry Cunning- Dave Knee, Gary Schaefer, Rick Gilmore, manager, Jim Dicicco, Ed ham, Ernie Janet, Eric Knudson. Jim, Varsity Back Row: Terry Cunningham, John Akre, Wade Green, Gary Rob Sweigart, Fred Breske, Steve Whitler, Jerry Prowell, T Neimeyer Schaefer, Ernie Janet, Greg Singleton, Eric Knudson, Coach Gael Tower. Front Row: Jim Dicicco, Ken Noon, Dave Knee, Bruce Martin, Rod Row 2: Coach Jack Jensen, Rick Gilmore, Ed Johnston, Roy Releford, Young, Eric Lanning, Mike Devaney. Sophomores Back Row: Ernie McCarthy, Roger Barta, Doug Row 2: Mike O'Shea, Hal Quinby, Bill Gordon, John Martin, Thatcher, Gary Cunningham, Art Boyman, Bruce DuBois, Coach Aaron McNulty. Front Row: Mike Shaw, Gary Necci, Kris Gael Tower. Hakanson, 96D in 1 -rfniiiksggm' www -R V ezfbnssefamli M WSL mfs E , ., ii A K HL if f. Sim 'M lm . fn -- fx A Q ,fx L , W Q, ,i , S ff ,, -52, , s :Wx 4? M QR L A W f45:if'QL: X E S .m ,. sf? M ,W f"-X ifLg4fZg? 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Tony Neimeyer, Senior, clears the bar as coach Jensen catches the pole. Mkt S 7 K ' M 35" -- 'pa .fx ffm 1: , visas F Q? f 1, 1- ? 3 A1555 .,,, 1 32352-1 " 'L 511'-fwf:-1 : ,1 'EW Fw f 1 ,y 3 Q 'E ' 3' iii my ,L Yrs-f Rl: lf' ST l. f HJ ...N Coach Tower times distance runners Dave Knee, Gary Hatch, and Eric Knudson, Seniors. Coach Jensen starts spnnters Greg Singleton Jim Dicicco Tony Neimeyer Jerry Prowell and Ed Johnston Steve Whitler Wade Green and Steve Dana limber up for hurdlmg All was With Plenty OfL0ve Ana' VARSITY: Back rowg Coach Jan Hall, Bill Clark, Terry Beeson, Jim Ballas, Don Du Bois, Bonnie McElroy, Manager. Front rowg Carrie Richardson, Judy Fox, Carol Wahto, Sherry Ziebarth. Varsity Tennis Schedule March 23 Highline at GLACIER April 18 GLACIER at Highline March 28 GLACIER Bye April 20 GLACIER Bye March 30 GLACIER at Kent April 25 Kent at GLACIER April 4 Mt. Rainier at GLACIER April 27 GLACIER at Mt. Rainier April 6 GLACIER at Evergreen May 2 Evergreen at GLACIER April ll Renton at GLACIER May 4 GLACIER at Renton April 13 GLACIER at Tyee May 9 Tyee at GLACIER JUNIOR VARSITY: Back row,' Trenda Page, Katie Mackinnod, Kathy Mayer, Louise Hathaway, Sandy Chamberlin, Judy Caldwell, Jenne Keefer, Theresa Failor. Front row: Lloyd Vigus, Randy Mullinax, Bob Knigh- ton, Jerry Dohmes, Larry Beeson, Jim Sparks. Team Work, The Tennis Team . i C Wahto practices foramatch S k 11 h h h , Jim par sfo owst roug wit aserve. A typical scene with the Tennis team. Met The Season We!!-Prepared For Dzstrzez' Rwals. D., Right: Judy Fox relaxing after the match. Sh b h serves. s nter-School C0ml19elz'tz'0n Oops! Wrong way. IT: 7 Who says Cunningham's stronger than me'!! ff' .W 3 5 Hey guys! Over here! Oh! Oh! Think I'm losin' my pants A.--"""'W SENICRS '77 Wm . 'gm Y Queen Sam HOMECOMING ROYALTY, 1? 10 righlj Junior Princess, Ricky Eldridgeg Alumni Princess, Marsha Wynng Queen Sara Dingwallg Senior Princess, Connie t. Johng Sophomore Princess, Joan Perucca. Showboat Enlivenea' Homecoming Couples enjoy "Showboal" setting. Queen Sara and escort arrive. 109 Q if 'Q xt- ""'3!' Epi! JO at 900 ,ni iw. is -52 ur 3 sf Fin 5 H.: m y E .. f ,Q I s LM 'us' . Q .,, ' ,. , N . 1 ' ' .Q .ww- , ,Nz g ,- . 3 A 2 ' A if Y f i ' P if xr . 'h if ,Mira fqgign nf ' igrfggf-' . A wqvgh 'N ' 93-2 I' if H, Akk,. .7 4'-:.."z 3 -594 'fix , 'S 233 L7 fa AM Qi? CQ 61,939 ,ii W j,dMp,QifiiW6Lj'5?31WQj0f "67,' gwi AQZCQZQ lcxmiw mm.. Z ,X UZZZ4 XLWUN A QDCLQMQJ1 ZQQZL MBL Vice-President, John Scott T asurer, Mike Lentz Secretary, Barb Wallum President, Eric Knudson 112 Historian, Sue Yocum Robby Akers: Student Council, Big John Akre: Big G, PE Assistant, Joe Alexander: GeneralActivities L.Alexander: Linda Allen Choir DECA G, Library and Lab Assistant, Prom, Basketball4Most Improved, Track Tennis, GoU We if. ,.., Paul Barkleyi Latin Club, Lab Assist- ReNae Bauer: DECA Camera Shy Judi Baumgart: Torch, GAA, Pep Angela Gay Beard Health Assistant ant, Physics Club, Band, Football, Clu -Vice President, Tickettes, Ojice Homecoming Track Girl, Waskowitz Counselor, Campus Life, F TA-Secretary, Debate Terry Beeson: Student Council, Ser- vice Club-Presaient. Big G, PE As- sistnat, Waskowiiz Counselor, Phys- ics Club, Cross Country, Tennis Bowling, Skiing Paulette Berech: Choir, DECA, Skiing Charisse Berge: Choir Jeannie Biggs: GAA, Ojice Girl Jeanette L Bolster Choir Kip Booke: DECA, Taku Dick Bossi: Torch-Treasurer, Honor Society, Student Council, Service Club, Big G, Lab Assistant, Chess C lub-President, Physics Club-Presi- dent, Track Mgr, Basketball Dwight Boyd: DECA-Governor, Linda Bradslad: Library Assistant Homecoming, Bowling Art Club, Homecoming AA LynCliBl'aZ2ll1DEC'A.Tl1kll Donna Brengman: Pep Club-Secre- Marie Brooks: Pep Club President, tarv, Campus LUe, FTA Tri-Hi- Y, FTA, Choir Gary Brown: General Activities Dayton PE A ssistani i'f"""'J"' 3, 5. Q., , Callcne Buck: Torch, Honor Society Sludent Council, GAA, Ojice Girl, Quill ei Scroll, Drama, Choir, A v- alanche, Taku Copy Editor, Home- coming, Prom, Tolo, Bowling, Skiing Phyllis Butler: Latin Club, Choir, Bruce Caldwell: Torch, Student Taku, Bowling Council, Service Club Secretary, Waskowitz Counselor, Physics C lub, Drama, Band .- P ' fi irr 2 Sam Cardcnas: ASB Vice President, Student Council, Latin Club, Band, Football Cheryl Clark: Homecoming, Tolo, John Clark: Lab Assistant, Band William Clark: Sophomore Class Skiing President, lnler-High Council, Stu- dent Council, Tennis Charles Brown: Physics Club, Band Wrestling Vicki Burkhart: Art Club, Skiing Robert Carosino: Torch, Service Club, Debate Dave Brown: DECA, Bowling Jim Butler: Band John Clairmont: Big G, Wrestling Ren: Clay: Honor Society, Student Lyle Cleveland: Chess Club, Physics Council, FNA, Choir Club, Ice Skating, Bowling fl "Maxx Wrote Mary Clingman: Waskowitz Counse- Maurice Colasurdo: General Activi- Mike Collins: Big G, Football, Wres- Lonny Copenhaver: Big G, PEAs- Rick Corella: Student Council, Big lor, Spades, JOG, Campus LUe, Pho- lies tling sistanl, Basketball, Baseball G,, Drama, Homecoming, Prom. to Club, Drama, Choir, Homecoming Football. Track, Bowling lwvvl Grace Cotroneo: Generalfictivities Penelope Sue Crawley: GAA, Ojice Scott Cromwell: PE Assistant, loot Linda Cmtty: Sophomore Class Sec Terry Cunningham: Big G, German Gi,-1, Lfbmhv AA-Jixmmy Arg Club ball, Baseball retary, Student Council, GAA, Pep Club, PE Assistant, Choir, Football, Vice Presidgmv Homgwmfng Staj PEAssislant, Avalanche Track, Wrestling f Patricia Curtis: Pep Club Vice Presi- Nathan Van Cypert: Chess Club, Darryl Daly: Big G. Band, Football dent, FTA, FNA, Choir, DECA Cross Country, Bowling Baseball fl 1 ,,L ,L . x 1 Dennis Daly: Wrestling, Drama Helen Darby: GAA, Library Assist- Doug Davidson: German Club, Bowl- ant, Clinic Aid, Campus Life, FNA. ing Drama Kathy Davis: Torch, Ojice Girl, Vera Davis: Torch, Honor Society, Teresa Deane: Torch, FTA, Photo Waskowitz Counselor, Choir, Taku GAA, French Club, Drama, Choir, Club Secretary, Homecoming Business Editor, Homecoming, H0meC0'ftiI1g.Pf0m Prom, Tolo, Bowling Paul Dendy: Torch, Honor Society, Carol DeShayes: Tickettes, Clinic Donna Desimone: Student Council, Physics Club, Tolo, Football Aid, Spades, Campus Life, FNA, GAA, Ojice Girl, PE Assistant, Drama Drama. Avalanche, Tolo, Skiing Silvana Desimone: Ojice Girl, Dra- ma, Taku, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo Sue Dozier: Ojice Girl Bob Devaney: Big G, German Club Homecoming, Prom, Wrestling Marilyn Dragos: Office Girl. Bowl- ing, Drama, Tolo , .PGS f " Qf as :- si L V Ji Jim Dicicco: Torch, Sophomore Sara Dingwall: Ojlce Girl, Drama, Class President, Student Council, Big Taku, Homecoming Queen, Skiing G, Physics Club, Debate, Tolo, Foot- ball, Wrestling, Track, Skiing Rebecca Dudley: DE CA Gary Ebersole: Torch, Honor Socie- ty, Junior Class Treasurer, Service Club, Physics Club, Debate, Home- coming ,Qin f Robert Dohms: Big G, Homecoming Football, Wrestling Jim Elias: General Activities Hollis Elliot: German Club, Campus LU'e Vice President, DECA Vice President. Homecoming, Prom Chuck Fiebke: Tolo, Basketball, Truck Judy Fox: Torch, Honor Society, Student Council, GAA Vice Presi- dent, French Club, Physics Club, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo, Tennis, Skiing Cherie Louise cil, Pep Club, Life, Tolo, Homecoming Mike Field: Torch, Honor Society, Student Council, Service Club Vice President, Latin Club, Waskowitz Counselor, Physics Club, Homecom- ing, Bowling MaryLou Gagliardi: Clinic Aid Robert Gapp: Student Council, Art Club, Choir, Homecoming Paul Endicott: Wrestling Monica Erickson: Spades Vice Presi- Karen Esarey: Ojice Girl, JOG, Quill dent. FTA G Scroll, Choir, Avalanche, Taku Editor, Homecoming, Tolo, JJ Fash- ion Board Reginald O. Everson: Student Coun cil, Service Club, Drama, DECA Homecoming, Wrestling Jane Flewelling: FNA, Pep Club, Carol Fog: Library Assistant, Choir Jim Fowler: GeneralActivities Drama Robert Gapp: Student Council, Art Rick Gilmore: Service Club, Lab Duane Glockner: Bowling Club,Choir, Homecoming Assistant, Big G, Football, Basket- ball and Track Managers Gayle Green: Generalfictivities Wade Green: Big G, Lab Assistant. Sandy Grotting: GeneralActivities Larry Grubb: PEAssLstant, Waskow Band, Football, Cross Country, itz Cgan,re10r,Spadeg, T010 Track Rick Hagen: Band Darlene Hair: General Activities Kurt Hakanson: Student Council, Big G, Drama, Band, Avalanche Sports Editor, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo, Football, Track Roy Hale: Photo Club Candy Hanks: Torch, Student Coun- cil, Girls' Club Vice President, French Club, Waskowitz Counselor, Campus LVe, Homecoming, Prom. Tolo Kay Harbke: Torch Student Council, Dave Hardee: GeneralActivities GAA. Pep Staj, PE Assistant, Tri- HiY, FNA, Prom, Tennis Gary Hatch: Student Council, Ser- vice Club, Big G President, PEAs- sistant, Taka Sports Editor, Hame- comirtg, Cross Country - Inspiration- al, Track Roberta Haywood: Ojice Girl Dan Headley: General Activities Jerry Healy: GeneralActivities 359m Kathleen Healy: GeneralActivities Loretta Heider: Pep Club, Tickettes, Darlene Helberg: GeneralActivities Alice Hausner: Torch, Honor Society Vice President, Student Council, Debate, Waskowitz Counselor, Phys- ics Club, Homecoming, Pram, Skiing Howard Haydon: General Activities i I . i R s Wilma Hewitt.: Torfh, Ofice Girl, Anita Hodge: German Club, Spades Peggy Horner: Honor Society, John Hubbard: -Big G, DECA, John Huck1Genert1lACIlvillt'S FTA, Choir Photo Club, DECA Treasureri Torch, GAA, Bowling Homecoming Golf 0 o Jani Hutchens: Student Council, Jackie Ivcrson:Art Club Bob Jacobson: Big G, Cram Country, Doug Jacques: Waskowitz Counse- Ernie Janet: Big G, PE Assixtant, Spades, Prom Track lor, Band, Basketball, Wrestling Basketball, Trark, Football Team Captain ,E Gisella Janowitz: German Club Vice Mary Jarrell:AvaIam-he Sue Jensen: German Club, Ojice Garen Johnson: Art Club, Home- Jim Johnson: GeneralActivities President, Latin Club. PE Assisidtll. Girl, Library Assistant, Homecom- Coming Lab Asstktant, Debate, Homecoming, ing, Prom Tolo, Prom af, Ed Johnston: Big G. Service Club, Julie Jones: JOG, Campus Life, Patricia Jorgensonz Ojire Girl, Dru- Stan Kcmble: GeneralActivitie.v Dave Knee: Service Club, Big G Latin Club, Photo Club, Physics DECA, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo, ma, DECA, Tala Cross Country, Basketball, Track. Club, Track, Cross Country Bowling iv ww.-f Eric Alf Knudson: Senior Class Presi- Kathy Knilfen: Generalftctivities Janice Knollmeyer: Office Girl, Campus Life, FTA, FNA, Photo dent, Student Council, Service Club, Big G Secretary, Homecoming, Cross Country - Most Improved, Basket- ball, Track Club, Chair, Tennis, Bowling Larry Lance: GeneralActiviiies Mike Landert: Physics Club Yvonne Laurettc Lane: General Ac- tivities Roger Lauderdale: Physics Club, Kris Lawrence: Torch, Honor Socie- Dan Lazenby: Lab Assistant, Physics Band, Basketball ty, GAA, French Club, German Club C lub, Physics C lub, Tennis 'rw wvww Cheryl lacy: Prom, Art Club Trudy Laird: Spades, FTA Pamela J, Lanning: Torch, Honor Society, ASB Secretary, Junior Class Secretary, Student Council, French Club, Waskowitz Counselor, FTA, Art Club, Band, Avalanche, Home- coming, Prom, Tolo Kathy Larson: Student Council, GAA, Pep Club, Pep Staff PEAs- sistant, Campus LUe, Ari Club, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo Michael Lentz: Senior Class Treasur- Mary Lenz: Student Council, Spades, er, Service Club, French Club, Latin JUG, Drama, Homecoming Club, Drama, Debate, Avalanche Photo Editor, Homecoming, Prom, Bowling Margaret Lindell: Torch, FTA, Pho- Jim Little: Student Council, Was- Dan Longwell: Basketball and Wres- Chuck Loyd: Drama Laurie Lyons: General Activities to Club. Homecoming, Prom, T010 kowitz Counselor, Homecoming, tling Manager, Track Prom, Track, Skiing Danny Mathison: DECA Wu? fit ay 'S David H. McClamrock: Torch, Hon- Connie Matz: Campus Life, Band 1 or Society, Library Assistant, Band, i Debate, A valanche, Homecoming Kathy Maddox: Torch, Honor Socie- ty, Pep Club, Home Ec Assistant, Debate, Homecoming, Skiing Betty McConnell: German Club, Li- brary Assistant, TriHi Y, FlVA Debbie Martin: Library Assistant, Clinic Aid, TriHiY, Campus Life, FNA,JOG Vice President Rodney Albert Magee: PE Assistant, Spades. Homecoming, Prom, Tolo, Football, Track, Bowling James Mattson: Torch, Honor Socie- ty, German Club, Physics Club, Band Dale Matteson: Bowling Bonnie McElroy: Torch, Honor So- Gloria McFarlane: Library Assistant, eiety, GAA, Waskowitz Counselor, Choir TriHiY, Physics Club, Homecoming, Pram, Tala, Tennis Bowling Skiing Mark McKay: GeneralAc1ivities Gary McLane: Campus LW, Physics Pat McQuade: Club Wrestling l C L Drama, DECA, Marilyn Mechling: Torch, Campus Dave Mergen: Band, Wrestling Life Candy Miller: Student Council, John Miller: Student Council, Ger- Choir man Club, Band, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo, Football, Basketball, Track, Bowling Tom Mock: Service Club, Big G, Sheri Sue Moore: Pep Club, Drama, Prom, Football, Basketball and Choir Track Managers Marlyoe Miller: Torch, Honor Socie- ty, GAA, PE Assistant, Waskowitz Counselor, FTA, Homecoming, Pram, Bowling, Skiing Robert Miller: Bowling Donald Mitchell: General Activities Dennis Morgan: Waskawitz Counse- lor, Photo Club, Football, Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball John Muller: GeneraIActivities Jeanette Murphy: Art Club, Ojice Girl, German Club Bob Myers: GeneralActivities Craig Nelson: Band, Football Gary Nelson: Latin Club. Physics Club, Band Tim Nelson: Chess Club, Homecom- ing, Bowling Dick Moss: GeneralActivities Tim Moss: GeneralActivities Stan Myron: Track Roscllen Neher: Girls' Club Treasur- er, Torch, Latin Club, Waskowitz Counselor, Choir, Taku, Prom, Tolo Gary Nevius: General Activities Kathy Nick: GAA , Choir, Tennis riff' in-rf T ony Tolo. G, PEAssistant, Patty Norton: Torch, Honor Society, Student Council, Girls' Club Secre- tarr, Latin Club, PE Assislant, Was- kowitz Counselor, FNA, Homecom- ing, Tennis, Skiing Patricia O'Brien: Ari Club, Home- coming, Prom Wayne O'Brien: Student Council, Big Alecia Obermeit: German Club, Art G, PE Assistant, DECA, Homecom- Club, Photo Club, Choir, Homecom- ing, Prom, Tolo, Football, Basket- ing ball. Bowling Dale Ogbm-neg Tgrgh, Latin Club, Pat Osborne: Lab Assislant Tina Parks: Lab Assistant, DECA Gayla Pearson: Drama Suzanne Pelton: Pep Club, Ojice Campus Life, Homecoming, Prom, Secretary Girls, Drama, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo Tolo, Skiing Efs73eEMs'ewtr i,:f, I Carol Perucca: FNA, Sophomore Allen Peterson: Generalfictivities Candy Peterson: Torch, Honor So- Class Historian, Student Council, ciety, GAA, Library Assistant, FTA, Skiing Homecoming, Prom, Tolo, lce-Skat- Don Peterson: Choir ing. Karen Peterson: Torch, PE Assistartt. Jim Pfeifer: GeneralActivities Waskowitz Counselor, FTA, Prom. Tolo I Wanda Platt: Student Council, Jim Prandi:Art Club, DECA,Home- French Club, Tickettes, Oiice Girl, coming, Prom, Tolo, Bowling JOG, FTA, Art Club, Homecoming. Prom, Tolo, Bowling X r B gg N 45? 4 r 12. 5 Q X i A5 X ,bfi EE, i'fff Q iasiiibiiiite, H, V, ev'r'Si4w,11szsQz -f f Randy Price: Torch, Honor Society President, Sophomore Class Treasur- er, Junior Class Vice President, Stu- dent Council, Physics Club, Debate, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo Mike Proszek: Big G, Drama, Mike Purdin:GeneralActivities Carol Reeve: GAA, Drama, Pep DECA, Wrestling Club iii- Frcd Regis: Big G, Latin Club,Art Dennis Rice: GeneralActivities Ella Robinson: Torch, ASB Treasur- Greg Roedell: Basketball, Baseball Club, Avalanche, Football, Wres- er-Historian, lnterHigh Council, tling, Track Spades, Band, Prom, Tolo William Rus: Big G Physics Club. Band, Homecoming, Football, Base- ball, Bowling Cherie Sackman: Torch, Waskowitz Vicki Sander:Homecoming Gary Schaefer: Big G, Service Club, Diane Schmidt: Torch, Honor Socie- Counselor, FT A, Drama, 14-g Skqging Basketball, Track ty, Library Assistant, Homecoming, Gray Gown Jim Schneider: Torch, Honor Socie- ty, Service Club, Big G, Waskowitz Counselor, French Club, Physics Club, Tolo, Basketball, Tennis, Bowl- ing, Skiing Sharon Schutt: Ojice Girl, Campus Lye, Choir Betty Shari: GAA inq- Greg Singleton: Student Council. Big G, DECA, Cross Country Team Cap- tain, Basketballl, Track Yvonne Score: Ojice Girl Rosalie Shaw: Torch, Student Coun- cil, Waskowitz Counselor, Campus LM' Charles Six: General Activities John Scott: Senior Class Wce Presi- dent, Student Council Service Club. PE Assistant, Waskowitz Counselor, A mlanche, Prom, Football, Bowling EMW- Christine Shields: General Activities Priscilla Skura: Drama, Homecom- ing, Skiing, GAA Sandra Serrett: GeneralAetivities Lois Sewell: Quill 4 Scroll, Drama, DECA , A valanche Bonnie Sholderbrand: Art Club Sec- retary, Prom, Tolo Tom Simpson: General Activities Judy Smalley: Torch, Student Coun- cil, JV Pep Staff French Club, Ojice Girl, Quill d Scroll, Drama, Choir. Avalanche, Taku Photo Editor. Linda Slough: Torch 'N "" M-"3 - ,:!:, Bon-!:r:g. Skiing r" L Craig Smith: GeneralActivities Dale Smith: Track Darlene Smith: Ojice Girl Linda Smith: Clinic Aid, Spades, Sue Smith: Torch, Honor Society, Campus Life, FTA, FNA, Choir, Student Council, Tickettes, PE As- Tennis sistant Homecoming, Prom, Tolo 4l""2' Connie St. John: Torch, Honor So- Gloria Snyder: Generalfictivities ciety, Student Council, GAA, Pep Stal French Club, Office Girl, Li- brary Assistani, FTA, Choir, Senior Homecoming Princess, Ice Skating Belly 5!l'0hI Clwir Connie Sutter: Drama Elaine Swanson: TriHi Y, Pep Club John Tredway: Torch, ASB Presi- dent, lnierHigh Council, Student Council, Service Club, Big G, De- bate, Avalanche, Homecoming, Bas- ketball, GOU Rod Thole: German Club, Photo Gloria Jean Topel: Pep Club, Art Club, Band, Taku, Wrestling Club, Homecoming Judy Van Der Meer: Torch,Junior Marjorie Ullrich: GAA, Waskowitz John Van Buskirk: Football, Big G. Class Treasurer, Student Council, counselor, FNA,Homecoming Wrestling Tiekettes, Office Girl, Waskowilz Counselor, JOG, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo, Skiing SharriSteedman: GAA Charlotte Steffen: Laiin Club, MikeStrevel:Generalfictivizies Spades, FNA, Choir, Homecoming, Tolo Cathy Swift: So homore Class Vice President,Sludlenl Council, GAA. Pep Staj Queen, Tickettes, PE As- sistant, TriHiY, Choir, Tennis. Skiing, Junior Homecoming Princess Starr Tavenner: Torch, Honor Socie- ty, Sludent Council, Girls Club Presi- dent, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo Q, 'miegfw y fx!! ,M-""' K' 'wb 5 , if as meal fl , 'kg' Darryl Van Dusen: Big G, Tickettes, Barbara Vanderhoof: FNA Bob Vert: German Club Ronald Vert: German Club Davod Vistaunet: Baseball Ojice Boy, Library Assistant, Cross C ountry Mgr. l Debbie Vosburgh: Bo ling Lynn wagner: muh' Hom' Sociuy' Jo ce Walker: Torch, Honor Society, Barbara Walum: Senior Class Secre- W Smdem C0-MMM' GW Club' Pep Boywling, Skiing tary, Ojice Girl, JOG, FNA, Art Club, Physics Club Secretary, A v- Club Homecoming Tolo alanche. Homecoming, Prom Ascenath lTeenaJ Wartes: Torch, Honor Society, GAA, PE Assistant, Waskowit: Counselor, Campus Life. Band, Ire Skating Qf ,ifie , Clyde J. Watkins: Physics Club, Cheryl Weekes: Lab Assistant Sandy Weise: Generalftctivities Larry West: Genera1Activities Roy Western: GeneralActivities Band, Bowling, Skiing 50119 Torch. Student Michael Westman: Council, Service Club, German Club, Woskowit: Counselor, Physics C lub, Debate, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo, Cross Country, Wrestling, Tennis. Bowling Wesley White! Big G, Lab Assistant, bee Whittle: Student Council, Latin Photo Club Vice President, Football Club, Drama Mgr Molly Lizbeth Wiedel: Spades. Band, Homecoming. Tolo FNA. Patricia L, Wilcox: Torch, Honor Society, German Club, Spades. Campus LUe, Physics Club, Choir, Debate, Homecoming, Skiing Kerry Williams: Physics Club, Chess Club Secretary, Bowling Dan Winkle: Student Council, Band, Homecoming Susie Wilmot: Torch, Honor Society. Student Council, Quill d Scroll, Av- alanche Editor, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo, Skiing Tim Withee: A valanche Jeff Wynn: Student Council, Wres- Susan Yocom:Senior Class Histo- tling, Big G, Golf Bob Zimmerman: General Activities rian, Ojice Girl, Spades, Homecom- ing, Prom, Tolo Charles Wilson: Homecoming, Bowl- ing Darlene Erika Wolf: Torch, Honor Society, German Club. Homecoming Denny Young: Student Council, Big G Treasurer, Waskowitz Counselor. Physics C lub, Football, Basketball Steve Ballard: General Activities Mike Wilson: Choir, Wrestling, Phyllis Wilson: Clinic Aid, Campus Bowling LW, FTA, FNA, Photo Club, Choir WSL t y Q t ,ls A Gaylen Wood: Torch, Honor Society, Student Council, Service Club, Ger- man Club, Latin Club, Waskowitz Counselor, Physics Club, Homecom- ing, Prom, Tolo, Tennis, Gray Gown Homecoming, Tennis, Bowling Elina Woods: Spades, Tolo Sue Zeman: Avalanche Sherry Ziebanh: Junior Class Histo rian, GAA, Choir, Debate. Av alanche, Homecoming, Prom, Tolo Tennis, Bowling Lydia Glenn: General Activities Larry Lance: General Activities Lola Lumbard Torch Student Coun- Walt Schrader: General Activities Lloyd Stal eil Girls Club GAA President, FE Assistant Choir Homecoming, Pmm Tolo Tennis Bowling lies SENIORS Not Pictured Jim Allen Gary Braulik Sandy Brooks Marilyn Browning Robert Campbell Linda Cooper Kerry Evans Bjorne Hansen Loren Lenz Caron Lundin Sandra McDaniels Bill McIntosh Marty Moloney Noreen Nelson Jim Oldham Larry Ollum Arthur Price Colleen Ruthruff Eileen Ruthrufl' Greg Schwartz Steve Springer Randy Starr Mark Stevens Dave Swenson aw N 2 af 'age 'K ew 1 . Y, eu, , 5 Lx VI. F7 at ' S-., K ,.,wH Mr. Alf Hemsted Mr. James Dorr Math Special Classes Absent 129 Absent H i, X up bu N My . M3 f X il Y'M1fQ!i.w J illfflfh 'Q' x5fQiW l Wz'th courage and with leaclersdzlb And spirit prouclhf shown Glacier we will cherish Through all theyears to come Ana' when we're gone The memories Wz'll linger on and on In M emoriam Once there was a man who offered understanding and guidance to teenagers who are seldom understood and who grope for direction in a bewildering age. He had the confidence to let us stumble on our own into the glaring daylight of the real world. He had the compassion to help us up when, from inexperi- ence, we fell. It couldn't have been easy. He ministered not to angels, but to human beings who were less than perfect and, no doubt, less than uniformly grateful or even aware ofthe hand which gently tried to lead them to better things. When asked why he hadn't sought a better-paying and less-demanding voca- tion, he replied, "Well, I sort of like it." None could doubt his words, this man with a chuckle on his lips and a twinkle, an indefinable hint of excite- ment and adventure, in his eyes. Grant Packard is no longer with us. But so far as we have all gained from his being, he yet lives within us like all men who sincerely give of themselves. His monument is the living. Randy Price A member of the class of 1967 jlilfii, 7 A? ,441 67. f72oQ 016971602311 flaw! , ff 55547 f A C f 5? F' ang? 'Zigi 3:2 in A121 A Ei Efxca, fa, Ib Q CY 9' 2 gffgf 1 J . ,135 OJ X-1. ,gs Fx!! lf' Xu A,,,.,L. A r Q 'W99 Q x ,W Jw W KWQW W MWKM W gk 2 ww M 62 OLE? 34 Y N26 NW f . Q J,1f i 5m ns M 1 kj 2 wa Q Q WW Nb Q 6 2 2 Zi Wwijfwffm Q QC 2 f

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