Girls Vocational School - Sun Dial Yearbook (Baltimore, MD)

 - Class of 1938

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Girls Vocational School - Sun Dial Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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A fgww imp 'f-ig' ,HMM ,Z ,W A T1-IE SM- 1XON,ql if: I v :Ogg gm Lf4o42pJQ W V E LM W8 2 X, 3 u 'r ' 617 X19 QIMORV' 1. ,l PUBLISHED BY GIRLS VQCATIQNAL SCHOZQL BALTIMORET MARYLAND W,'5Qi5kv5ST5S,,QEWWiv5Q,5NE,3iE.N5Q,5E,5Q,,'iE,5Q,,9Q,5S,5EK THE SUN-DIAL SHOES TO WEAR There's a road that leads to Girldom, Let's traverse it hand in hand, Come with me down paths of memory, Follow footprints in the sand, Wander back to time out yonder- Live again those precious years, Childhood's joy with all its laughter, Childhood's pangs and girlish tears, Baby shoes, the sands recapture, Tiny steps and none too sure- Butterflies-perhaps a bunny, Little feet were sure to lure, Mother often interceded, Guiding you to paths aright, Stopped with you along the journey, Sang you lullabies at night, Here, perhaps, you've grown older- Steps are firmer, strong and true, Here I fear you've lost your slipper, Mother told you 'twouldn't do- Pumps were never made for walking, But for dancing-that alone, Why you're limping, my poor darling, You've stepped upon a stone, Girlish steps upon the pathway, Treading down the years of life- Roads of happiness and sunshine, Roads sometimes of grief and strife, Roads that meet a sudden ending, f 1 -953554113 1 Roads that never make a turn, You'll encounter on the journey, Shoes to wear, they must be stern! 2 THE SUN-DIAL Mus. Huvixum WIl,l,1s Form Mus. Louis H. l.r:v1N DEDICATION To Mrs. Louis Levin ond Mrs. l-loword Ford, members of Boltimore's Boord of School Commissioners, we dedicote this, our Yeor-book of l938, in ocknowledg- ment ot their services to Girls Vocotionol School ond their interest in the educotion of young women. 3 THE SUN-DIAL :m,i5l?w.9Q1E.:9S.:5lliEf3f5 7a THE PUPILS OF THE GIRLS VOCATIONAL SCHOOL DEAR FRIENDS: I understand that you are go- ing to publish a year-book this year. I am very glad to send you a brief statement to be included in your publication. You should be very proud to be enrolled in the Girls Voca- I tional School. This school has de- veloped greatly in recent years, and is doing a very fine piece of work. This high opinion is held not only by us in Baltimore, but it is also voiced by visitors from other cities who have an opportunity to see the work. On behalf of the Department of Education, I wish to extend to you our best wishes for your future success. VERY TRULY YOURS. DAVID E. WEGLEIN, Superintendent of Public lnstruttl n 4 THE SUN-DIAL YSEHQBKBRHKHE 70 THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1938 OF THE GIRLS VOCATIONAI. SCHOOk As you graduate from the Girls Voca- tional School, I congratulate you. May the pleasant memories of the years you have spent there remain with you always. Tomorrow, as you take your place in the busy world, may the knowledge and skills that you have mastered, the good habits you have formed, the friendships you have made, and the ideals that have been held before you, all unite to make you fine workmen, good citizens, and true always to the Yellow and White of the Girls Vocational School. CORDIALLY, J. CAREY TAYLOR Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education NEQBRERSQBESR 5 THE SUN-DIAL 7a THE GRADUATES OF 1938 OF THE GIRLS VOCATIONAL SCHOOL: I am pleased to extend greetings and con- gratulations to the Class of 1938. The Girls Vocational School, one of our finest educa- tional institutions, has made an enviable place for itself in Baltimore. It has been my pleasure to observe the work of the various classes and to share with you the job in doing work that is worthwhile. Preparation for a L. suitable occupation is a worthy achievement. I have every reason to believe that the members of the Class of l938 will be successful and happy in their chosen occupations. Because of your fine training, your enthusiasm, loyalty and alertness, I am sure that you will be able to fill positions to the entire satisfaction of your employers. It is my hope that you will be an honor to your school and a credit to yourselves. It is a real joy to extend to each one of you, my very best Wishes for the greatest possible success in life. VERY SINCERFLY YOURS, CHARLES W. SYLVESTER Director of Yocatirmal Ifducatinn 6 THE SUN-DIAL X,Xx 70 THE GIRLS OF THE 1938 GRADUATING CLASS: MY DEAR G1RLs: I want to wish each one of you hap- piness and success in the vocation in which you are graduating. We have tried to give you experiences during your school life that would help you to meet the prob- lems which you will face in life. I hope that you will continue your education after you leave The Girls Voca- tional School so that you may advance and become a leader in your chosen field of occupation. Remember that "the secret of success is constancy of purpose." I hope that you enjoyed school and that you will take with you many pleasant memories of your school associations and activities. The school stands ready, at all times, to help you solve your problems. A hearty welcome always awaits you at your alma mater, The Girls Vocational School. VERY SINCERELY YOURS. EDNA M. ENGLE Principal 7 THE SUN-DIAL sm 2945 V 0 A g. sgigfz' rw ,Li F O L K S O F G V S IW ' if I ' ' ' .. 7"fg4?-: gif 1, ff. 'eff gi L There are those I know who love me, 5. f f"f' l?72g:, ' tg,,gf':f 3551 " El? 't'?15f'V,t-,JW fi--j-g'5af"rfj-'QE And who hope for me I guess p t I k, ' ' - ' 1 AV 1 -f -xiii: 'f' af f?" '.'3II3V:"'ifz'i7 .ffilfi just the best that llfe can brmg meg Wg, They re the folks of G. V. S. 'ftf'w"'iiff:-19555111 f' 1-3381 ' -13 5.52. : V V . l an-,Q . 1 V' . :VL ". ig! 'lj . J -I., There to gulde me when I enterg ., pg: There to help me day by day- 'gang g gf? . 1 A'rf..7',f"" ' Set my feet upon the mountalnsg ' " ' . 'L Y 1 ' -il", f -V 1" Watch my gomg all the way. k I ,ll I V 1.9. I Q 9- L There to share my httle sorrowsg ,- Tw Laugh with me perhaps a whileg n V, . ,:G?.cffVZ--' ., ,iw ,mga Qi I, Y .'. 1 W" 4 "N F E'f.'5.'3" "" . 2: .V - ., m a y it - PENNELL - :i Strengthen, mold me, and g1V6 solaceg I I :gtg Smooth the athwa m1le on m1le. . Y There to point the way to h1ghlandsg . arf' Each one far above the last- 'E -af,"fA . . :gf . Hrdden often IH the shadows, ' 1 Shadows other mountams cast. if-154 rf. , X . '51, -- " There are those I know who love me, And who ask of me I uess ,V 1 . ,, . ,, 5 - -f . M .,- f '2v'7'f! h b. h ' ' . E314 f .tf ..VV tsy. ft"PK f ust t e ver est t at s IH me . H4-+.flL1E',-' V .fs QV kv fx a .iw .wg .5,i.,i L Qi.,-, ,Q Lg-.5'5m-,s H+ - A-1' fifv .g 3-.1 V1-.t-nf.-nrt, . A4 , fu .Q af '.f"V in-,f.,-5 -sf' Vu! rv iv. V They're the folks of G. V. S. ,glqgig lAff?Vl55frYfjV'ff?jf2gQjiw-lg 7 ,l y 3 : 3,3-.v:,, - , "'uf-wj- I MYRA SOMMERS I :fli2lf1'5filU. - - w I V- 4w,fq.m A.VV '- -up K K' - I V I:11fe' Y 9 ,6 rf., LFG, fr .. .gl , . ' I "Q .L ff , - Lg f:ffl.g,VLi14- .-P V. V ,' f ,i ,V , A V V f.i2'-lfiblmfl w ::nvz1.: ffl y,., - .fe . gHf'es',?'+.fx.v+ - I VA fy . -MVWRDA ' , sitg'f,ffsV ,pg 4vf,mi3lV:n,f-X 4 f.- 'fe'-na ' ,ssg531'wf5'ff.,1t.t- ,Qze.-fgafqvifft. ' 'V sfw-...'-lVwfV lim - Q . fpqwm I Y. gy, 'Wg L g2jg,w3, !. V , If gg' V1-'V : Q M 3.1-,I . z .. ' . gf" f:g1D.5VVj6fQ,arx-Pifff. , gf ,-f',"eg5g'qf:1-Q' 4 f5."a." 1: 'Q VyL,.Vff JV-ffifiilmfilifWi' ' . t "'l.i'VaWlY9 . "rf "4 mm .V I ' A' A tv. 51 , . 1 W:-wmzx :rpm - ,V ,V -2:--1-V .1iw.:V- ". ' -ya , -1' .zzw -1 ,sq ' 1 . " -. - 3543 we -' mas- H. :iff f a z" . V ,nil-if 'L"'l'Z.g::' ' . ,'1'3'f ,-' 1'-Efg 53-iVif:' 1-'5 ,H , V- 1 , ' . .-tw., w. -fe f-Vp F1?:,,' '?- ..?g?:ft:!:4 Q 2t.g5f1 ' . "'!f"'ff"' 4. n l ' .-'If6'5'1Q of W .V .1-tw 'IPL-2' 'elf-ft .. ' amfew V V my-': 'M' H T' V I ' A .eg-1. i-11:,y,y. V' . , J ,M-. . - , J- 3 y- - izwyvj I . V-,nu v ',,:--a-:.,L: gg -I gn, Q Y . ' . ' I . I 5' 2 312 :Z 1'-A wiv IA V ii-1: Sufi ' .J . ., 3.4,-: .,s,.'V-'-A" . V ' . ' ..--.- ' N gs'-,: aw-tn: " ,,. . .-+V, - 42,5 4 -rue , ,P-ir... A V -- "WVU" A ' 'fit' -7.'. . 'I an ff' Lf" ' ' "' - if' 'Z'1'i.:1h.!'- f"' ,I 'V ' 'r-'+'f"f14V2513--V.' ' ' ' ff' I fwiitf --M V V 11"-Vffeii' - .w rf' laws V ., . VV . w 1 t. WJ" A 1, . .. X. .M ,.t. .. . . .I ,. . . . ' . wr . ,vQ..uV. V . ,V,f.,.tg.s. - - .V .V .ff1... s.43tf4,.,.11s1,, ,V 'V-V.-.j'1fZ S wat. I ' . T' --'Vfzw , gg "" Du: ,fi- 1.1 -1V 1- . ' .V ., t J1z::'1:gljStg.sf5Y' " ' t . at-,f - . H " JI fa.f .s.fQf' . H ' ' We WM.. I ,- f r,,V:rgZ'.,1' ' r 45,114 5 " 1-A I-whlffi' "' 'P'21"' 'A ' il' ' ' 'VM W. : W7 L , ff, q w ta,-4 M1 . K " ' W V .. - ..- . sw .ago . ff -rtfglco,-' -is-an 4-Nga ,132--s g.4n,,aw, 3 ,- ,M ' ' 5- f r ,J .. ,-.. .. t. .I ,tar M. . . ...AW ...--.,.. .,.tt 8 adllllfzbf gun ' T, Q fc f y sf! H ,I ' f ff, limi. 1. 'iw f 'I f X fix! 7 ,Q if Look W mum btrcllef 1- 'ii We are pL0n.eer5 y!W1iWaf1fpfM, ' f If M 1Hf',Vf'J '!"NN ' ' ' W ww i, I' xc l'oI"' q ,lf4'f'i t ff" 'f ,gs 'W W f Ml W IIA' 'MM , , Vf 'f ' MH dwg, sm H . J' f f- f f-f I'H ' 8 , " 50. e a wa s " jf, ' 5 5 2 1 L v fr 5 frlow QLFES,-.F?0.,l'l.CL GLrlS , I P C752 t E, n, your u.rLLf:s. be qlwuet. .Tmuk THE SUN-DIAL WIA A II Y 1 v1,. t 7ke READING FROM LEF CLARA AIINAN ALLENA IZAKEB EI.IsAm:'r1I BLNNIIII CECILE COLBERT R,UTlI DUNwoomr EUNICI: EVANS IXLANCIIE FAIIIIUW MIl.DRED HAIIKILR IKUTII HI:rmMAN H1-ZLPIN BATT AGNES K. HILL LILLIAN Knusrr '1' T0 R I G H '1' P'AUl.1NE LEWIS IQUTII MURPHY IKUTII PUND Bzssu: RICH IIILLIAN' SIIANK ETIILL SULPPAIID MAnGAma'r SLADIC ETIIEL Svnxcmz ALICI: STEVENS QIRACE WILLIYI-'I' CLARA WILLIIKDIS Gnnrnumz VVILLB Sewiolz Jfumaa qaopy A ,mm j I5 Z i Practbcmg 5 , 3 'fp '1 ,WW-1'A' 6' 43 racluafion lilo 9 f' lx wb i 2, ' ,: 1 S5 1 ff m 5' 1 h- J ,,. O U , V . al 4 . .. f 9 'S , Q 0 1 X Mui-423 Q A , 'E ,, , , H 1 Q15 ' E 1 E ' Gy ' , I W xii, Ml I' f h 'NJN 1 1 W ? :?!jr1,, N xv x Mcckmg up back work m, W ,, 111,' Q' 5 ' WWII! X ROOXLMS wx- gf I 'N W" Q. LOW LX X g -axon X i . X W, CY ' ' X X N M dw QNX.,-x.fXmNf1g 15' 5 . K- f21P Om Z Nl 1- h v E5 fy? . 'li' -Y' a It fir 1 ' .ab li , M 55,4 7, ff! ', ' Q :flffrfft .I QB 651 ' f .ii Z' -ara: 5 'EJ f- 7 J U 5 M ig' 6 i og mf 'Qw- YKESQXJY CB f'if A f lfixij' lx W A " . -uf, Gi, 100 wg Dreams of 6ra,fiuo.fLorm 'Q,2'g.- v v , q,, QQ xv, f wg.--u V em Q ff "4- 'f '. al if ho? ' E' ,H I xx have !l fix U1 25' x Mafz' fx K i ,wg ' ' ,f X' 3, A F.-J . .ks ,ff G , -4' 1 A X x ' , ,V ' .A ,','rNf,mAK'w l ALSO ME V W g'Ml f,-WALK , , , M595 lbxswnx QQ, I. N K .I A A ' ' 1,20 1. A,.- 5. 2 M A D E IT A 64, 0 , . .r G EA NOTE Hope You DID Too ,700 0410 H4004 UTIFUL qc 0,0 NON .X num HOLLAND 've if THE SUN-DIAL We 9 Theresa Ambrose Business "Diligence is the mother of good fortune." Florence Andrzejewsko I'o:rf-r1nri1'hime "She's fresh as the spring, and sweet as Aurora VVhen birds mount and sing, bidding day an good- morrow." Margaret Angell Tell Room SI'Tl'lf'I' "The light that lies in zz wo- nmn's eyes." Eleanor Armour .Iunior Snlr'smrinsllip .. . . Cwenteel In mersona e con- 9 duet and equipagef' Mary Frances Ayd Husilzvss "Joy is her voice." Elizabeth Benner Fosniefnloyy "Silence is more lllUSfCill than any song." f l R5 'K W A . W ., i l 'N--,...i . K i -s Q " ' q . ,J wig Y? 952 sw if ag, if lil .4 lvl-3: at A A 5' g i p Q i R E ... u do E- . f?:f,1f3Q.,f51'S:.ilE,6ZtSi,.bfi'iE13f? Margaret Bandell llrvssnzrlking "And truths divine came mended from thy tongue." Doris Bartlett Fosnuftoloyy "Character is a diamond that scratches every other stone." Catherine Bartl ing Business "Will is power." Ruth Bauereis lfusimfss "Politeness is as natural to delicate natures as perfume is to flowers." Eleanora Beksinska Blrsimfsx "To cultivate kindness is ai valuable part of the business life." Josephine Bailey Tea Room, Service "Hold thy lighted lamp on high: be a star in some-one's sky." ll 9 THE SUN-DIAL Madaline Bishop Business "Influence is the ex lmlutio of character." Mary Blackowicz l'n11'r'rn1uvliine "A little maiden never hold y ot spirit so still and so quiet." Gertrude Blackowicz Powermuchirie "Give . you have and the best will come hack to youfl to the world the best Estelle Blan cha rd ff'llN1lIl'fUl0g!l "She is it Winsome wee thing." Katherine Blizzard T1-rm I-Inrmz, S'ff1'1vire "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most di- vinely fair." Magdaline Bocek I lI'll 1 1 machme Her ewes is stirs ot tx Vl light tfur like tvi1l1g.,ht s too l mer duskv hair l ll A 2-'r: f Nancy Bohannan i llrvssmukiny .'if, "Laugh und he m mem-ber, better t he world with at song." rw ff 7 .l.,f is-nv we Loretta Brandt .luniur Sulesmunship "Strength and honor are her 0lothing.', ..-. in Eileen Brewer l'nwermuchine "V:1riety's the spice of life. that gives it all its Havorf' Edith May B r y F195 lll'l'SSHlflkiHfl "She is pretty to walk witl 1 and witty to talk with, and pleasant too, to think on." --M f. gf i Helen Campbell J 1111 im' Srzlasmrzrlship Y "Who wooed in haste and 9 intends to wed at leisure." Rita Carlini llressmu king "A merry heart goes all day." jg.: .." f ,.-t:' - l i A .'r i -, . ,K , N. , l :,, i' . -' l' q.,,: A ., W- ss r l 35-i,5ii,.i5li?1v55lfSx 6 2 erry, re- 1 THE SUN-DIAL . M0 ry Cermok Doris Curry Tea R1IlP7Il.S6I'17il'C , ' . ,. Junior Sulesmunship "And she can cook best things to eat." Mildred Champney J uniur Sulexmfmsh ip "Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and her paths of peace." Lillian Charikofsky Junior Sulesmrmsliip "Ahl the sunset swims in her eyes! swift pool." Anna Clfmlumsky Business "Sweet mercy is nohility's true badge." Evelyn Corkran Cosmetology "All things are possible to a willing heart." Bertha Cunningham Ilressmnking "Let the world slide, let the world go a fig for care. And a fig for woe." "A dainty little miss who is sweet as can be." 1 ' :xi 4 E Al D ff' J f.-, .iff ,.. 121433523 O ln A "I take my corporal oath on it " L if if K , . s. Q .i , M. : i Anna Dare ' . Ee -yin l'oweI'n1lu'hi71c "How pretty, her blushing was, and how she hlush'd again." ' 1 ii. i i -:-4 :hifi if Fern DeBoy rm Vusluefolnyy ' -e'i "Small in stature but large in intellect." 'W' 'L ' 3? ,a it "tt fi ll - V e f' 'T ,E i I E Mary Jane Dell ge Term Room Service "O, her eyes are as blue as eorndowersf' E i t Elaine Disney Ten Room Service Y "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired." S3:f:5CiME..b5Cfi:5Smi9Q'15..:5fiE.i? 1 3 TH E su N - DIAL Ruth Torbert Millinery "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance." Frances Dorsch llressmaking "High aims form high char- acters, and grea ' bring out great minds." t obulects Lillian Drewonz Drensmaking "A little fun to match day's sorrow." each Harriet Dunker Business "Honesty is the best p Marie Ebert Business "As sweet as honey." Gertrude Eisenstein J uninr Salesmanship "From the crown of her h to the sole of her foot is all mirth." l4 4 .. 'L - ,i,, . V Mary Ellrich Business "Friendship is love without any wings." Virginia Evans Business "As straight an arrow." Jennie Fagan ,Iunior Snlesmanship "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low. An excel- lent thing in women. Cla ra F i she r Ilressnmkiny "Knowledge is more than olicyf' equivalent to forcef' E Y i . .. ,.,. Rayon Franklin , - ' Business "Her hair is her crowning glory." Q' , 1 ' Mary French Cad J ' fl Business she A "Nothing is given so pro- fusely as advice." ??l.:95i?..:iiii,fQii.i5Zi1i.m.3-li H5Gx2i5S:iiES THE SUN-DIAL ,Qi5ExQi5? Myrtle Frits ch Cosnw trilogy "To have a friend be si friend." Bettye Gagnon lfosnwtnlogy "So goodly was she with so much grace, That ezwh her loved that looked on her face." Josephine Glorioso Iirvssnurkiny "Infinite riches in a little FOOHI. Elsie Gneiting f'ns1nr'foloyy "She has both g and good sense-.' Anna Goeb Pu wcrmn rl: ina "Thy purpose firn to the deed." Louise Griener Business "H appy go lucky." , you must ood nature 1 is equal 5Sxii5Qxi55Exii5QxK3H Q Concetta Guarino Cosmetology "Judge not a w oman by her inchesf' Opal Hall liressmaking "The very flower of youth." Rosalie Harr . J unim' Snlesmanshiip "A creature not too bright or good, for human nature's daily food." Elizabeth Haas ,lf Cosnlefulugy it "The lIllldt'St manner with the bravest mindf' - ' l Rita Healy Busiowss "Whatever is serves attention." popular dc- : l -"- y::', J ean Hechmer ' .WI llressmuking lyi "A smile o' her wad banish - cure, sae charming is my Jean." XQKi5E4Ki5EJiiK 15 ti THE SUN-DIAL ,iexfiiw Hieifeiiimiigxdkeiiibik 1-il Envy-il liwssfxal iuuxx-il lgxxxsx s our Margaret Helfrich Q g.,, J uniar Salesmmiship "Better lie small and shine, than g shadow." V WF? was r-- 7 reat and cast a X in SK I r Floride Hewitt Jimim' Srrlesnmrlship "How sweet and fair she seems to he." Blanche Heymon up N Cosmetology ' "Mildness governs more than l-Hifi anger. Ruth Holland Fosniefology "In character, i style, in all things, The supreme excellence is simplicity." n manner, in Clarainda Hopkins Business "She sits high in all the people's hearts." . If , --gif, , ' 1 Alice Horist 'V Cosmetology "From a little spark may hurst a mighty flame." i s.',. .. . .QQ A., :- ,5 3 Mk wb? Sv, mt , . . 1 Q' ,. S 9 3591 y i: , .see ...,.:- K V: Doris House Dressmaking "As true as steel." Dorothy Hudson Tm Room. Service "Sober, steadfast and de- mure." Lillian Jung Iiusiness "Responsibility educates' Edna Keefer Jroiim' Sn Iesn1n,nsl1,ip "Patience is a ftower that grows not in every man's gardenf' Anita Kemp Dressmakiug "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Lillian Kern Powermaehine "It was only a gla morning', as she passed along the way, but it spread the morning's glory, over the livelong day." d 'Good WEW SEJNi3EJNiK 16 THE SUN-DIAL :Fife x.NXx Christine Knock Business "All grand thoughts come from the heart. Virginia Kuszmaul Junior Sulesnumslrip "Just and youthful jollityf' Doris Landgraf Terr Room Service "Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax." Thelma Landgraf Business "Sugar and spice and every- thing nice." Leona Lehmuth P07l'f'T1l1l1!'hf7l8 "A youth to whom is given, so much of earth, of heaven." so much Beatrice Leight Fasme tology "So, how she surprises us with her many arts." Esther Lerner Af . vs: fi as , Jllilflrl' Snlesumnship "A winning smile, a host of il'lf'llClS.n V Doris Lesher ,V T011 1f00llllS6I"l'iC9 "The glory of a firm capa- K' 1 x . :ll f . . " 3 clous mind." Helena Link Jlllliill' Snlesnmnsliip ,E , "'l'here are a few things that 4. . M A never go out of style, and ' a feminine woman is one of them." -' as , , Jennie Llpsch , Junior Slll1'NlllfH1Sll ip "Perfect simplicity is un- consciously audacious." .. y ,.. Anne Lockette A ,Y T011 Room. Service 1 "Character building hegins in our infancy and con- tinues until death." 1 5 i "-sg : ,fm ,K Ma Qs W .Q s y 'H Nelma Mackey A l K l7l'l'SSIllllkf7lfl if? "Words sweet as honey from l thy lips distill'd." ?5f.f5Q.5S..iiE..5CfE.ti9S.3fi l7 THE SUN-DIAL if-ii Leonor Ma rx Business "Business is the salt of life." Ruth Mashbaum Business "Silence gives consent." Helen May Dressmaking "She is sweeter than the honey of the honeycomb." Catherine McSorley Business "As merry as a cricket." Audrey Mebus Junior Snlesnmilsliip "Still water runs deep." Dorothy Merin Business "As true the dial of the sun." l8 A -1 1 1 "ii1 1 my .W ' X i W Q ,.i,:,,,: W, l , TWT ?i,'Q'i,i:9sSS,:54iSf.i?CQi,bQQii3f4i Belva Milk Tw: Room Service 'VVhut sunshine is to flowers smiles are to humanity." Doris Miller Vosluctoloyy "A maiden modest yet self possessed." Mildred Miller .luuior Sfrlrfsiurlnship "A great devotee of the gospel of learning." Margaret Muller finsmetology :"l'o know her is to love her." Evelyn Myers Business "Good taste is the Hower of good sense." Volora Nauman Business "A good face is the best letter of recommendation.', THE SUN-DIAL Stella Nawrocka l'uuw-rnuu-liiiie "A short saying often tains wisdom l" Audrey Newman f'oxnl1'folog!1 .U "A hit, ai very palpable hi! Evelyn Nickerson lfusinrwx "She greets you with an smile from friendly eyes." Catherine Nolan l'osm1'fuIny!1 "Of manners gentle, of :uf- feetions mild." Gladys Noonan lfusinexx .Q "Better lute than never. Evelyn Noyes Terr lfnonl- Sl'l'l'l1'I' "The fairest garden in her looks, and in her mind the wisest books." CUN- ,- g i ,qw 55 E' ,, i i.... y fr i .ii .., ' Ylll l .., 'fs-f,mf:5si?1,5liE,,f93fi',,?55ii3f-3 Marie Nuth l'ouvvrnmrIlim' "You know, l say just what I think. and nothing more or less." Florence Paul Ifusimfsx "A womz1n's strength is in her tongue." Lula May Payne I'ou'r'rmur'hi1lfe "Maiden with meek hrown eyes, in whose orbs the shadow lies like the dusk in evening skies." Wauneda Plaine fl0NllIl'f1l1ll!l!j "'l'a'ent is power, tact is skill.', Nancy Priborsky f'llS7lIf'fflI0g1l "Silence is the perfect herald of joy." Elizabeth Quade Jufnior Snlexnnnisliip "In her tongue is the law of kindessf' i9 L T H E S U N - D I A L 9 Q . ' ye M' Jo ce Ri DO-lOl'eS QUO5kY fl1I8x1f1'f0I1lgyppy fff'Sf""e ' "Sweetness and youth and Her ways are yreasantness ,H -fvv . L-' Sp,-ightly hope and grace- and her paths are peace." Evelyn Raab Busimess "Knowledge is power? Mildred Rainer Ten Room Service "I live on the sunny side of life." Marian Rasmussen llressmakiug "And she was a damsel of delicate mould, VVith hair like the sunshine and a heart of gold." Audrey Reus Fosluefoluyy "'l'hose who know her best like her best." Virginia Rielly Junior Snlesmrmsliip "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men." ZO ,I is K I Y 'f 'uf ,, i' 45:53 ., W, .,., ,. - . ' .. , ' -f leeill ?i,f5E.,5ii.61.':5iCi4.?g.':5Ci's..':f'3Q?.3f+? ful joy." Rita Roberts rllillinery "She doeth little kindnesses, which most leave undone, or despise." Dorothy Robinson lllwassliifrkirzg "Kindness is wisdom, there is none in life but needs it and may learnf, Harriet Roche fwsmetvlvgy "She has a heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute." Sadie Rosenbloom Business "As merry as the day is long." Frances Russo Business ' "Better he three hours too soon than one minute too late." THE SUN-DIAL Ethel Ryder Junior Sulvsniunsh ip Us xg I "Stately and tall she moves in the hall, the chief of an thousand for grave." Margaret Savarese Business I "Patience is the art of ' - K' ' ' it I I I ew lop ng V Catherine Schenning lfnsme tolugy "A handsome woman is a jewelg at good woman is ai treasure." Catherine Schlee Business "I take the true definition of exercise to he, Iuhor with? out wearinessf' Mildred Seiler Business mi, l wig' "As welcome ns n flower in May." Lillian Selkman Business 7 "Gay-ty without eclipse." I ?5f:Q3154ii:i:54iEf,i:9?fi35lii3f? Frances Simeitis Uusluetolngy "Athlete sure and eheeriop- tllIllSt.u Elsie Srni th .Iuuinr Snlesnuzuship UA smile with intent to do mischief." Gerry Snoops f'osIII1'fnloy1y "A merry heart maketh z eheerful C'lllllltl'1liIYN'P.u Rita Spagnoli Ifuximfss "Early sow: early mow." Velia Spagnolo Busiuexs "Spiek and span new." Gertrude Stagmer Junior Snl1's11ulu.whip "For there be woman fair as she, whose verbs and nouns do more agree." 21 I. THE SUN-DIAL S A X 45 , . 'Z Bessie Starnouli llresxnlfikingl "Little strokes fell great oaks." Margaret Suehs l'ouwrmru-Izinc "Oh, ble-st with temper whose unelouded ray fan make tomorrow cheer- ful today!" Clara Swiderski lirvssrnulring "Love, sweetness, goodness, in her person shine." Olga Ta ras l'ouw'rmrrr'l1im' "Know thou. that I consider brown For Indies' eyes, the only color: And deem all other orbs in town. lfoinpured to yours? opuquer, llllll0I'.v Leonora Tarleton lfusilwss "Music is medicine of the hrenking: heart." 22 f is 'S ' .ff . , A.., 5 '5-If sw N' J. .slf' : -it' lg,-' fx. f?bf:5Tiif5K1,i5liEiJ95i:i:5ii3f? Mildred Thompson Uosnlctulnygf "Age cannot wither her nor l'llSt0IIl stale her infinite variety." Ruth Tobin Business "A fair exterior is n silent reeonnnendrntiiin." Isabelle Wilson Business "Young in lllllllHQ in iudf- Inent old." Hedwig Wawrzyniak 1'1I'Il'l"I'llHl eh ine "We would not lilllflll, hut when you lnugli we must," Dolores Zelenka Ten Room. Sl'7"l'l!'H "There is no greater every- day virtue than cheer- fulness." Ann Zittinger Voslnefnloyfy "As sweet as her name implies." THE SUN-DIAL THE PROPHECY The Woman I Wont To Be There are many great women in history I could wish to be. Mary of Scots- poor, brave Mary who stood with her face to the guillotine and refused to trade the birthright of her heirs for the right to live. Jeanne d'Arc-the glorious, gallant Maid of Orleans who fired the fainting hearts of the French and swept them to glorious victory! Florence Nightingale who matched derision and ridicule with courage and strength and made nursing the fine profession it is today. There is Louisa May Alcott-gentle Louisa, whose immortal stories of American home life were written when her body was racked with illness and her soul with loneliness. And Marie Curie, whose wonderful discovery of radium will be a boon to humanity, forever. I could Fill pages about these women who have carried the banners of my sex to the highest places. But I -I cannot be any of them. I can just be myself. The woman I wan! to be is the best I can get from that "self." I want to enter whole- heartedly into my chosen profession and make myself worthy of it. I want to sur- round myself with friends who will love me and need me. I want everything I say and do to be kindly, fair and charitable, and though there may be no shining aura around my name, perhaps someday--someone may wish to be the zmmmz IWAS. IT WILL NOT MATTER It will not matter much the task I shall not count my pay in coin That life will set for me, But find at end of day, If I can bring my fullest self That I am richest only when The "woman I may ben- I've been just "all I may." --RUTH HOLLAND President, VELIA SPAGNOLO SCCICIHIY, MARGARET MULLER Vice-President, LEONORA TARLETON Treasurer, MARIE EBERT CLASS COLORS Green and White CLASS FLOWER CLASS MOTTO Tea Rose "Ever Onward" Advisers, RUTH DUNWOODY, HELEN BATT THE SUN-DIAL THE WILL We, the Seniors of Girls Vocational School, do make and publish, this, our last will and testament-to those we love and to whom we intrust our feelings for knowing and enjoying their acquaintance, we do not leave those things that are animate for they are not at our disposal, but those things that we feel are greater because of their significance we now devise and bequeath. Item: We leave to those who have come to appreciate fine arts, fine music, and the beauty of life surrounding them with whatever they may need, as the strain of "Schubert's Serenade," the faint fragrance of the rose, and the glorious riot of the sunset. We bequeath to them, lines of Shakespearean plays, paintings of the loveli- ness of clouds, trees, and birds, we leave a life to them bursting with all these fine things so that they may be content. Item: To those who love inspiring sports of rivalry, we leave the undaunted confidence in their own skill in sportsmanship and the sufficiency of strength to accept defeat gracefully. We leave to them courage,-courage to listen and to face -he applause for the other fellow. We leave strength to them so that they can play the game well and undefeated. Item: To those who love merriment, we leave lilting songs, so that they may dance and sing without let or hindrance or without any care, and we give to said people, good cheer, wit and humor, and the company of jolly fellows to laugh and joke with, with all the happiness of their youth. Item: To those whose lives are brimming with the harmony of peace and con- cord, we leave additional satisfaction and ease so that their homes will be filled with all this. We leave to them, the sweetness of early dew, the song of the nightingale, and the dainty bloom of the honeysuckle, all these things are to add a touch of beauty to their quiet lives. Item: And to those who have given us each day of their own strength of body, mind, and spirit, and who have unselfishly helped us over the roughened spots, we bequeath all the goodness that has resulted from their teachings, to last them through the rest of their lives. SENIOR CLASS OF '38 QSIGNEDJ Seniaaeafencfafz ,QW onfgawwmw Wm? wa www awww!! Oufvvafjwczyzm mf Um ww W mlm, mmzwfwbwwjgw ? mmm, gg any 3 my fffzmz gym WWW. fwmewsfma, efezzwma wwe fl.. . I I . .I . iIII.1 . -ig. n I1 I I I1 II!! I . I1 I AI I I ll . I . I1lY1lY III , . ,Iv . IlIII.I.4Ir-II-IIII..4.IIIIrxIrIIIII-1r4vII.I.IrI O J' . h 70 ru: Gnu: vocnrfanfa. srnaol. Ml!!! .hun :ng-ran: Manny so 0 - - fins fnvP- Pr 1121 A i 51 Ia i i f .L if 7 - 2- ::..::.-.Y A, Il- - , I . . . 4 If I.fIjII..lI,-Ill I I4 I ALI - - ' f It I-I . ' 3 ng- - - lmrauru mn nynvpyopwpvs yarns gnu- MU radar If on ro nu.: lr I I , I I - I I 1 I' J ' l' F i i i I 4 . I I . 'IZ . T li? I-II A ll- II' II.Ins.4III.4I,IIuI.1 Li .II .III :ll l l'flY,I.lYLI .Id 1,91 . lfl-ll n'uI U YIrII4l.4IILll'x.r 117.12IIl'lg!l.I1.lll!r1Al?.llY.ltIPIPI! A , on nvoa: I. lv -Nr -lnvnro Imran rv - ll usrrun. ar-In so nous ran one aI I Y, I LP I.. - I. I - - , ... 3 . I ,-N A I 'll . IIIL1 'I ELI I . II. I II IKIIII-ru I ln In IIIIIIIIIIIIIAI:urn-4rIl4IIIImIr:I-Irfv I 4 Iv ,IGI -I I I l,1.lla4IIIIrIIIn.Av IB 1' 4' aunzrs :par of I6 5.44: onmyor sgvln u nun Iv LL ue mov: fr num. .- ... -6 I 'I' I z II: l 'il I n Ill-il hlYlTlllKl'1. .II IaiI.I I an I ll'-I Illul'lll Qlilillflfllllfl-1111111211 I'IIII'1l'I yu MH mv Nuff lun Tllfllblf aut I s VII-10' WI NWT' :hr I I I J 1 I 1 1 i - E II. i ' I II-III - ' I HBLYllYlZYl'7l1'fl If I :U 1lIl'Il'l-Sl'l.:l1I1HC.L4I!'l1liQ , I, nmnmhanfannuv nu. rut avwnt VII'-9 nav mu Ama. at can nuzusr PRIYEK ENN I I - f J- , I7 I - , Qing, F1 Pi :I - - I ll 11 III I1 I.. - I II I III il!-ldl1lI4llQlI4 --7 - ml iillfklif lldfirtf Yu1d lrY fl141ll1l'4'1YKIfT'u il1ILIl'iullfQIl4CY1-I-lil Il-1'11'Z1'l nmuvmas awry .sun fnrrmwuuv ov: ,vavro ll awp :rar four nm. nav: FF FF Pi 4fF F , TH E SUN-DIAL JUNIGR CLASS HISTORY Now when the Class of Thirty-nine First entered G. V. S., The school was new, its methods too, But love it? You have guessed. The opportunities were there, A faculty sincereg The students met, their spirit set, Success was surely near. First came their choice of oflicersg Now just which is the best? Then Mildred Stricker, President, Her name led all the rest. Ruth Sanford, then, Vice-President, Mae Koester, Secretaryg And Sylvia Johansen A Treasurer's name to carry. October brought gay I-lallowe'en, Whcuse name suggests a danceg So to the gym went everyone- You should have seen them prance. Prizes, refreshments, fun galore, For every junior there, And finally the floor show treat, Now miss it-did you dare? Assemblies, clubs, activities Of daily school routine, Class meeting with year's plans laid down, November's work is seen. And next in store, a novel dance, Plus one with Santa Clausg But when the cakes with candles came, Then, oh, my! what applause! Please Turn 'l'lw Pagi- Z7 if-3 TH E SUN-DIAL A new idea was introduced For january's treat, A Pep Assembly was put on, Another Juniors' feat. Old Snitzelbank was sung with words That brought the spirit out, A humorous play was introduced, With many a laugh and shout. The junior-Senior dance was held At famous Levering Hall, Where everyone came dressed to kill, Like Cinderella's Ball. The glowing of the lireplaceg The fifteen stags in line, The music of jack's orchestra, just made the night divine. Mid-year now meant new officers To take the others' place, So Madeline Wilhelm, President, Was first within the race. And Catherine Saul, Vice-President, Ruth Holden, Treasurer, Hortense Grifhn for Secretary, To name them is a pleasure. The Junior-Senior basketball- This game did tell the tale, The honors to the Seniors went, Class spirit did prevail. St. Patrick's day brought on a dance, All hopped to Cityis bandg The entertainers gave a show, And did they get a hand? In place of tickets, hats were bought, Good things were served to eat, This dance goes down on record as A dance that can't be beat. Now April turned the thoughts of all To plans for May Play Day, A pretty Junior must be named To be the Queen of May. The Maypole dance was watched with glee, The Queen sat on her throneg All juniors in the games took part, And joy stood out alone. So off we hiked one june day bright, All answering to the call, The eats, the games, the rompings, showed The good time had by all. And as our junior Days conclude, As all good things must end, A forward, anxious glance is cast, What Senior days may send? 28 fyl- , JP .3 4 ,f "" ""'4L' ' ff -4 rf -' f'z1,f,ei. -, ,' ' 1 - ' f 3921. f 1- E 2 A r 'if'-V 1 , it - -' 7111 , 2""Q 'V ij,-,ry, Qx , fd 1'-Q if: ' 1- , F Z it Q1 , ,fx ga? K 'r 1 " , ,, 1 M -1 T 'J W.. , In x ' f . : .1 1 ,, , V 1. , , s , A . - J ll' ' . . 2 . ,h Y f ,,,,,,,, .1535 i 1 . "M 3 wk. R ' H' - g' i f. - --555351, 3.25.-1 211-3ei,'V' I ' 4-35 1 xf'5-lei-l52 fi? ffiliiif' . 4' fi . f N ' ' 3l?1i?ffi'f'53? Tl',lf!f1ji i-51-.Q Vfiffnii 'f1'!'?1-rj ,VI 1' ' , - 27 .5 , , 4 fQ,2Q,g1 'lglgt-5 '-,375 '. mia., Q 1 1, my 1-LY7i??' 2-'JZ-L,-L7 -1 fi 1 A fl 4' 3. 3133: ' U 5 J ' 115 ' ' 'A UW, V '. m an E z V r V '- l QC" I in ' - . C Qi, 61: . f I -" .AiJi?z'v.:: 5 .'f Z . ' - 'mt - amaze- 'Mr uf?-:E-' ': ' ' 47591295 f k .f 4.447-55?flQn:a.-, 5 3' ff:-.E'1f'i:I3f'.-5 4' J I '- I. ' X 'Z -:iw-,-' ' :YH 13: , ' :ay-,, Pi.. , .,1x,'js, I -f- Y . . Giga df! . .' 5: 1 . -il- u new 42, - k,,-EJ ' " nf' f 5. 'fi ' f X M " ff ?S12f' ' ' 1 x - , -".. :iY'f1".'f7 .. W' Sf , X, 'ff ' ., - . ff- ' .5 V ' - '-1' Q ' K 27' , X, X gpfgflu f if-A7 ' ,Z' 1, S ',7j, f vrflrl K 1,3 -J All lu - , y 12,1-an , H, . ' ' W- 1, r Q QQ, 5 31,4 'mg' 1 -W ,M , -X W H U' ' " , Xxh I Q "J .0 X r'f1Z,:' ' RNITA Henson fziivffiur , 5- 1-I J know gout' Lita MIl ' iAf1 QJCLCLECLRQ Q y' . l-I .. V Q1 . 0,03 Came ,V ' OBQSQDNX' K ,QQ in-f if Q inf f WM M COOA1 . 5903 HC ,l W H RO! J Maui fjef cz, Q ci oble, O pemod fo lunch f S :N Z Mui jom on ,N W or else! 2, W Q " , " .,.... , Q ' , ' " ,,, ff f fob, Ka Q pmq A fm Mormng Chorus Tunos UP 22 P0 LUB schoolgirl Hg ure C?J goal for ol G.V.5 ,.,:?"' ,, 2' 2 o U n 'lu lu 1 'I B--03 Y ,-1 4 s 603 x The same NANCY BOHANNAN N3 lcf sfo THE SUN-DIAL First row, left lo rfgrhtz lic-Hy liovk. lVl1mic'u 'l'rombley, lilltll llollzlnd Ilidifor-ill-vllirfb, lilvzlllmvr liurrlvvku, l.K'0ll2l l'ilacl1uwHki. Seuoml row: Jxllltil llolmson, l"x'al1c'vx Scnwifis, Nilllfy llollzmzlli, Mary l,1'llilK'll. Tllirrl row: Dorothy llllHill'lll'l', Elsie cilN'lllllfI, liifu lla-aly. FUIIVHI row: Myra SUIIIIIICF, Sylvia JUllZlllJwl'll. THE SUN-DIAL STAFF Ruth Holland Elsie Gneiting Leona Pilachowski Sylvia Griener Ethel Ryder Monica Trombley Eleanor Kordecka Ann Lockette Frances Semeitis Berneice Adams Mary jane Dell Elizabeth Quade Lcanora Tarleton Rita Healy FACULTY Aovisuasz EUNK212 EVANS BLANCH FARROW . . .JOURNALISTIC Aovlsliks ELIZABETH BENNER ETHEI. SHEPPARD. . . . .TYPING AND Busiwuss MANAGER RUTH HEDEMAN BLANCH FARROW . . .PHOTOGRAPHY Z9 THE SUN-DIAL liuttmn row, loft to right: liitu Healy, Eleanor Armour. Second row: Ili-len Gourlay, Marie l'erkowSki, l"ll'XVllHl .lwlliiu-ret. 'l'l1ircl row: Dorotliy 'l'lmh'lit-r, Marie lllzicuwivz, ,'XllCll'K'y IgillSNVilllQl'l'l'., Doris Scliumzum, llc-len Czlmplwll. Fourlli POW! Lillian Smith, i'lllZ2llll'ill Urilvs, Allllil, Nlolltcgzllzi, Fl'Zllll'l'S Ciminu. Fifth row: Lucille Dwzlyvr, Sylvia cil'ClIlL'l', Milrlllll Pulll, Doris liurtlvtt, Mario l'llwrt. THE STUDENT COUNCIL ELuANoR ARMUUR-PRESIDENT GERTRUDE BERMAN-vlcrz-PR13S1m2N'r RITA HEALY-SECRETARY-TREASURER Representative From Eoch Homeroom Closs Annu Biegel, 1S4 Marion Publ, B11 Erwina 1eanneret, DS2 Irene Flezunis, H11 Gerrtude Berman, 1S5 Marie Ebert, BSl Sylvia Dinovitz, D15 Elizabeth Crites, H12 Mildred Abels, 1S2 Marie Perkowski, B13 Irene Dlugokencki, P12 Mary Bluckowicz, P1 Helen Campbell, 1Sl Doris Schumann, D12 Helen Gourlay, T11 Rita Roberts, MSI Dorothy Thatcher, B11 Audrey Binswanger, DSI Doris Bartlett, HSI-2 Lucille Dwayer, D14 MOTTO: USERVICEU-"SERVICE 'ro OTHERS!! SPONSORS: MRS. SHEPPARD MRS. ANNAN MISS HEDEMAN 30 Tl-lE SUN-DIAL THE BIG APPLE OR MODERN One hundred years ago or so, They tell the story ye! 'Twas danced within these very grounds The graceful mi1z11e!.' And girls were shy in rustling silks, And men were brave in z1'ig.f.' And no one danced to lively tunes- The such that calls for jigr: The coachman waited at the door, For midnight then was lrzfe And daughters said goodbye in haste Nor tarried at the gale: Long years have passed but still at heart XVe're really just the same i 1 And women wear the rustling silks The where to place the blame? The men they don a different dress For trousers at the ,e7I6'l!J'. Wfould shock us all in 58- Our ladies fail to' We dance today the lively tunes, Nor scarce came home at three: Yet still we hurry past the gate-- That's quite as it should bei Each year has brought a newer dance The old ones youth will lemfe: But for this dance we dance today, Let's blame our Mother Eve. 51553: i95i?.c.b9f1S g5TiiJi91iE, fiQfii,3f95if:, 1955 Jfliiidgiisf 522 31 THE SUN-DIAL sa S - X556 'SACS X956 1559 3555 X 53256 ON FIELD AND COURT 32 THE SUN-DIAL T H E G L E E C L U B SONGS OF G.V.S. CTuneD "Ab Street Mystery of Lifcf' As the class of we now are singing All our praises to the Girls Vocational School. We are leaving but we never will forget youg Your helpful spirit guides us on to our success. Gratefully we pledge to you our loyalty, The standards high you've set we'll strive to always keep Now we pay our final tribute Alma Mater, Dear G. V. S., we say farewell to you. Gratefully we pledge to you our loyalty, The standards high you've set welll strive to al- ways keep. Now we pay our final tribute Alma Mater, Dear G. V. S., we say farewell to you. ELEANOR ARMOUR CTunel "finial Lang Sym" The class of nineteen thirty-eight And her colors green and white, For G. V. S. will do her best To be worthy in her sight. The many things which we have learned, The training we've received, Witli every effort we put forth Success for us will give. To Girls Vocational School we'll sing, We'll show our loyaltyg And for the standards you hold high We'll ever grateful be. And so dear G.V. S., To you we owe our start, And memories of days spent here We'll cherish in our hearts. EVELYN RAAB 5515. 3? .33 z 3 THE SUN-DIAL GALA MAY FESTIVAL i i 34 THE SUN-DIAL ' sa SENIOR CONTEST WINNERS 3 5 T H E 5 U N - D I A L MEMORY LANE FOR '38 Do You REMEMBER- When you were 21 junior, and went on a picnic at Herring Run Park? When you went roller-skating? When you had those funny sketches at a class meeting? When you said "goodbye, to the February graduates? 36 THE SUN-DIAL SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCE BE FGRGOT 37 THE SUN-DIAL mv ww,-.fkmx X MN NN NW um HN nw mu mv um QM nm HN mm,-.4 mwyi 355556 WSW +955 Q IN THE DAYS OF AULD LANG SYNE 38 THE SUN-DIAL .sf .95 .xx, A MY CATHEDRAL They say the place to find one's self is in God's House. There the Almighty may hear from the lips of His people all that weighs heavily on their hearts, there in the silence of the Cathedral with the organ-man may find peace! But I, who had sought peace in God's Great House and tried to gather all the Holiness present there around me, have somehow failed. Long I had prayed and fervently, yet my poor heart was choked and aching. I had not found peace there. Alone I did creep from that massive stone structure-God's House empty- handed. God was not there. I had not seen him, felt him. Heartsick and weary I fled the steps-the sanctuary that sheltered the worshipers-unhealed, denied! No longer did mind control body. I knew not whither I went. Blindly I tan- away from the crowded streets, the noise, the city-until my feet felt earth and grass and as suddenly the world changed-Behind hot pavements, pressing crowds, tumult, closeness of buildings, blackened spires, yes, of the cathedral-all, a part of the life I had lead-choking me to numbness. Even as I turned about, the better to find my going, hot breezes fanned my forehead, stifling me. They smelled of smoke and city streets. I shuddered, turning my back against it, facing an atmosphere filled with the sweetness of flowers-the coolness of dew. So did I continue to walk until finding that weariness of body had soothed weariness of soul, I stopped to rest and take notice of my surroundings. Around me trees-near, a brook-above me, azure sky-and under my feet, green moss. Then, as if a hand had torn away my veil of misery I wept and fell to my knees. Those trees, were they not the pipes of the organ,-the larger ones-and the smaller, those straight and close together, harp of the winds? The breezes, stirring clouds, whispering music yet caught by human fingers, and the brook, had it not the voice of the singers, acolytes with clear tenor? And the moss upon which I was kneeling, was it not the green carpet that so beautifies the church aisle-the blue sky dotted with Heecy whitness, was it not the great roof? And the fragrant odor of honeysuckle, holy incense? Yes, here, indeed, was God's House, the organ, the altar, space for kneeling. Leaving it I had but entered it again, God's House, with all its glory! Evident in every leaf, in every blade of grass, a church house more beautiful than man had built. Happiness unspeakable filled me. My heart was lightened-my burden lifted- God came down the aisle to touch my shoulder. RUTH HOLLAND Q L ,556 V3-366 0 va ima um Nw um Tim um nm -mx um nm ima was ww mv THE SUN-DIAL ?i,556:955:5f5,:956i556.556.i355:5fS.i955,i556.fif5.556,595Y5te Riff ima rms man mn mm mn mv xml mn mu was mv mv was Nnq-K A ROOM Do you have a room,-one that you can call your very own? A place where you may find solitude,-may be alone, dream those golden dreams of fancy, look far off into the future, ponder over happenings of the day, wondering why you did this or that or failed to do some little thing? How unimportant it seemed at the time! How you suddenly realize it would have mattered-would have made someone else happy. Do you have a room-a place where you can express your own personality? The pictures, your choosing. Crisp curtains caught back to reveal the winding road- way or better, to see the flowers gaily blooming outside the window. A boudoir chair of chintzg its petticoat immaculate. Fluffy little pillows on the bed, all so un- conscious of the part they play in your life. Have you not lain awake nights, listening to the rain's stacatto-the wind's shrill howling through the trees which cast grotesque shadows on the wall, content within the warmth of "your', room? A room's a haven of refuge-Shelter! Great women have often sought the seclusion of their rooms, shutting out the world and facing their greatest problems alone. Such was the practice of Louisa Alcott. She had "her room,"-loved it, sought it. Today it stands much as it was when the writer lived. The desk by the window, looking down upon the spacious grounds of Orchard House-The spray of purple Iris Amy painted for her beloved sister when "jo" was ill and Amy too poor to buy flowers-"I like to think of my mind as a room in disorder and I had to put each thing in place," wrote Louisa Al- cott. She tried hard to dust out the cobwebs and put each little thing in its proper place but somehow cobwebs got in. 'Tm not a good housekeeper," Miss Alcott concluded. A room's an essential of girlhood. One cannot "grow" well without one. There must be space-space to live in, breathe in, think in. Life becomes too crowded! Yes, every girl should have a room to "live" in. SPRING There is a sudden stillness in the air. The gray sky is dotted with white flakes that float and drift to lie on the fast shrinking earth. Slowly, the ice forms, smooth- ing out the rugged edges of the land into soft roundness. The sun has grown dim and out of place in these cold, barren regions. The world is devoid of life, except for the snow birds that haunt the empty fields in great flocks. The drone of the wind rises with harsh bitterness, whipping around dark and gaunt trees. Winter has come and is ruling the barren lands with a relentless force. 40 THE SUN-DIAL X556 33, The long frozen days slowly drag by and as they near their end the snow be- comes slush and the river foams by carrying huge lumps of fast melting ice. The earth has turned to slacken her rigid joints and yield to thousands of rivulets that cover her surface. Then, there is a sweetness in the air and with a few warm rain drops the word of spring has come. Soon the boughs of the trees are dotted with tiny green bits of life and the newly arrived red-breasted bird waits to build a nest in their foliage. Tiny stems push through the soft coating of earth and turn their buds upward to catch the warmth of the sun that soon they may cover the plains with a profusion of blossoms. The sky has grown azure blue and the gentlest of breezes fan the dark clouds into Heecy whiteness. The population of flowers increases with the lengthening days. Their lovely blossoms carpet the Helds and fill the air with fragrance. It is a dif- ferent world, warm and happy and filled with new inspiring life: Spring is glorious! Her magical beauty rules Heaven and Earth with a gentle sweetness. RUTH HOLLAND WHAT CHRISTMAS REALLY MEANS "Christmas isn't for what you get," Said wee Jeanetteg "It's for what you give" Went on the mite. "If Christ would talk to you to night, I think He'd say- That He wished us to- Keep it that way." I can give the baby a day of fun, I can take my plant to that poor lame boy, I can do Motherls errands-every one, And my old kite 1 can mend for Roy, When this busy day is done and I creep to bed, I'll remember I have no toys, But I'll have one thing-lots of joys Running through my tired head. CATHERINE DEEGAN 4l THE SUN-DIAL SENIOR FAREWELL It is the way of life to leave unsaid as the days go by, many of the lovely things we could say-to leave undone, many of the things we have desired to do-to fail to show and express appreciation for the many things given us in life and to realize fully just how much what we have means to us until it is gone. And so it is that we of Girls Vocational School who are going from our Alma Mater this year, turn our thoughts backward with a more serious vein and as in life, when our two short years of school have ended, recount the happy days and the benefits we have received. It is with a feeling of sadness that we find those two years ended. As juniors we looked forward with great anticipation to graduation. Two years' time was too long for the impetuous girlish mind to compass. But two years have passed and quickly, and we are loathe to see them go. Now, we must say Farewell. Somehow Farewell means a summing up--a totaling of happy school days and work well done,-a meek declaration of the love we bear the students and the faculty of G. V. S. Let us not say Farewell-Let us go forth into the world confident in our prepara- tion, realizing that we have a beginning upon which we can build-must build! Nor must we forget that principle embodied in our own Student Council "the behavior of the individual, governs the behavior of the mass." And let us then take with us so much of Girls Vocational School that we shall through our own selves meet with it each day in others. We need not then say-Farewell! SENIOR CLASS OF '38 QSIGNEDJ A WASTE OF WORDS Farewells are such a waste of words They carry tears and sighs They're filled with gloom and heavy hearts Why can't they be denied? We cannot say farewell For each day we shall find We've brought so much of school with us . We canlt leave it behind! if 42 THE SUN-DIAL My Wewmay Page xfgdfy 43 THE SUN-DIAL , U 37 Jef fy i li f Narita Q 4524? 7 7 7 D frliffwfw' af JZLW' gif? aww HO' eff' 3 7 ZW 9 . 'img' 40 . of Tsluwtav fy? X LLL UAH44, f ff- -- ff! fl' f 4-fu f Q 427 fda! 7 MZ f fefffnf n4fZ,VU at fuiasyfciotf if 'rtffl 'ffl N ' ' if 5 ,A it WL ,72Q1."ff,'i"i?Q'!Q,,Q4ef ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The faculty and students of Girls Vocational School acknowledge with deep appre- ciation the help given by the faculty and students of The Ottmar Mergenthaler School of Printing. Throughout the year the faculty and students of the Printing School have given unstintingly of their time and ability in planning and printing our monthly Tmde Tackler and this year-book, The Sun-dial for 1937-38. 44 I -.- . - f5g,m-Q -,BQQQ-:.!wfv , -- - --

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