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69 YN '96 ow-x, X60 Qi Q06 xsv exvw doc. pax NW? NL Sw io G?6 V C '6 SC-600V i f .am VEHIHIUS VIDEHUHT VICIHIUS DEDICHTIUII T0 MISS DALE who has so generously given of her time and energy to make Uur Senior year memorable, we are happy to dedicate our Year Book 4 . eg Hfnmnsmrf Eleanor Traglia, Frances Krzes Frances Gagliardo Margaret O'Connell Mary Thuman Betty Jones Mildred Muenzenmaier, Dolores Kuras Theresa Iankowska Mary Serfilippi, jane Harszlak Carmela Rosati, Ruth Kazubowska Dorothy Daniels LAST fall our Design Department was busily engaged in helping in the preparation of our Yearbook could not be started as early as usual However, everybody the Yearbook Staff the Design Department and Mr Regan pitched in and in a short time had the organization of the book well under way Because the staff could not possibly have the time necessary in this short period to assemble the materia1,Mr Regan offered his services as editor in chief and contributed a great deal of time and effort We owe him our sincere thanks for his hard work And to the staff who worked swiftly against the dreaded time limit and still produced what we hope will be considered a book of quality, and to those of the faculty who helped so magm ficantly, we tender our gratefulness I . I l . , l , ! , . night-high school football game victorious float with the result that work on this edition of the 5 'N ,ii dm, an Ver Q? HDHIIHISTRHTIUH PRINCIPAL WIIIIHIIIJ Regan ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL IGSSIG Peck I-Iodgkms BEAUTY CULTURE Iosephme Ippohto Ceceha F McDonald C LOTHING Provxdence P Catalano Mlldred Drombek Bertha Fran1uk1ew1cz Ellzabeth O Nell Alma W Quelser Concetta Sammarco Theresa Stlglmeler COMMERCIAL Adele N Callahan Loretta H Dale Mane L Fletcher Allce M Koehler Adele D Kohlmeler Ethel K Mathleson Martha P McCutcheon Iva M Reece ENGLISH Venetla T Chalmers Helen Mane Flynn Frances Clare Nash Evelyn A Stutts Mercedes M Tlmlm FOODS Elxzabeth S Mlller Helen K Nles Vxolet E Romler Iulla F Saltarelll MUSIC Rebecca E Ormond PHYSICAL EDUCATION Allce Bachman Beatmce C Massman Irene Stecker SOCIAL STUDIES Helen M Fritz Margaret D Gamel V1d1an lack Iessxe Mary Turnbull TECHNICAL DESIGN 8: DVERTISING A Henrxetta M Langner Eleanor Swan Helen T1llou Dorothy B Warren Alexandrla Watt TEC HNICAL MAT HEMATICS Frances D Gr1ff1n Rose R Levy TECHNICAL 8: GENERAL SCIENCE Frances Blake Melmda Blanar GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Helen M Fr1tz Henrletta M Langner LIBRARIAN Esther M Lawrence STENOGRAPHER CLERK Sylvxa F Parker CUSTODIAN ENGINEER Harry Lawrence CAFETERIA MANAGER Dorothy S Caldwell ATTENDANCE OFFICER Thomas H Roberts SCHOOL NURSE Beatrlce Koch SCHOOL PHYSICIAN Dr Sherman Greenberg A RT . Margaret E. Kelly 7 HGHHULULEDGHIEHTS We are indeed mdebted To M1ss Massman for her fmanclal a1d to the Year Book through the Varxety Show and numerous skatmg partles To her and her co workers the semors sm cerely say "thank youl To Mlss Watt Mlss Swan and Mrs Warren for gxvmg thelr tlme and talent to make thls year s Herald one of our best To Mr Edwln Atwood of 276 Huntlngton Avenue for h1S clear group ptctures and the most generous loan of hls camera To Mrs Parker for the lmmense amount of typmg she so wllhngly d1d To Mlss Dale for all the cold water bottles she apphed when demanded To Mr Lawrence and hrs fme staff for all the kmdly servmce they gave m con nectlon wlth assemblles the Varlety Show the preparatxon of the float and many other actlvltnes To Mr Regan for h1s asslstance and kxnd advlce To the Courler Express and the Buffalo Evenmg News for the prmts of our float whlch they so generously donated To Mr Morrxssey and h1s handsome and w11l1ng helpers from Boys Vocatxonal Hlgh School for thelr help ln preparlng the float To our advertlsers and patrons for thelr fmancial help As a return favor, please patronlze them PATRONS Y Teen Club of Glrls Vocatlonal H S Mr Charles F O'Connel1 Rev Edwm Fagowsln Mr Ga Mrs Frederlck Kreutzer Student Councll of Glrls Vocatlonal H S 8 7 . - - Y! 9 J ' 7 ' i 0 Q . . . . l .. ! 7 n a 1 . , . n ' . o n 0 n 1 . n Q X69 'fs' I A 3 .ti -4 -I- W R .Q , QT. f Q' :ERN .15 23? mi' in - E ' ' 31-Zi.. . ,air Miva, S- A. fx. Atv.. .1 Xa I - " S8 0 k Q 'N x 'X ,Q maxim ,fs ., Q. ' x '05 rg 1 A " Q r fa. -Tw' Je, I ,S X- ' . ,T SF ' Hi. ff ' 3 X Q 4 2, "Jr Q . ,,""V,9i Q ri X" 29 SEHIUH UFHUERS Presldent SUSAN EOANNUCCI Vlce Presldent EVELYN NOWAK Secretary Treasurer ELEANOR DOMBROWSKI BARBARA SAMMARCO SHIIUH COUNCIL Dolores Cole, Gasprma Cxrmo Evelyn Nowak Ahce Kuwxk, Roberta Kobee Frances Krzes Frances Piduch Lorrame Pletrzak HE task of advlsmg thelr fellow students hes in the competent hands of the Semor Councll This orgamzatlon IS composed of Semor representatlves from the commerclal, clothmg and foods classes The members of the council encounter many problems and meet them with enthuslasm and abihty From the begmnmg of the year the Semor Councll has endeavored to fulflll nts var ious dutles and has been highly successful The energy and tune put forth by the Councll for the preparatlon of the annual Iumor Semor prom shows how serlously each member took her work The Semor Play presented on Class Day was another accomplishment With the assistance of several teachers, as well as fellow Semors the commencement exercnses were prepared for our long awaxted Graduatlon Day Through the fme effort and never falling cooperatlon of our Semor Council members our last year of school was made more pleasant and enjoyatalie Y l 7 7 , n I . . . . - . n Y - s , ' 1 . . - . . ' ! 7 ' i ' n . . - . n JENNIE BALLISTREA C ommerc1al C our se Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Badmmton Iumor Red Cross shorthand Certlflcate MARIETTA BARBER Clothmg Course Merlt Roll Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Momtors Letters m Sports Glee Club No Tard1ness Badmmton Chrlstmas Pageant Sprlng Concert H1story of Costume GERALDINE BOLTON Commerclal Course Mem Roll W' goncir Roll ow 1ng Baseball L f'!,,f Rmg Tenms 7 Wa' Glee Club Badmmton Chrlstmas Pageant Spring Concert Leader Group Shorthand Certlflcate Typewrltmg C ertxflcate DOLORES MARIE CAMPBELL Foods Course Merlt Roll Honor Roll Color Guard No Tardiness Junior Red Cross ANNA CAROSI Clothmg Course Mer1t Roll Var1ety Show Glee Club Badm1nton Iumor Red Cross Chrxstmas Pageant Sprmg Concert Hlstory of Costume Sprmg Fashxon Show Prom Commxttee Table Tenms NORMA CHRIST Commerclal Course Bowlmg Var1ety Show Glee Club Prom Comm1ttee Transferred from another Hlgh School GASPRINA CIRINO Commerclal Course Merlt Roll Honor Roll V1ce Presldent Sophomore Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Color Guard Var1ety Show Gold Pin m Sports Glee Club Chnstmas Pageant 8: Concert Prom Committee DOLORE S C OLE Commerclal Course Var1ety Show Clef Club Glee Club Chromatic Club Award junior Red Cross Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Football Float ROSE MARIE CONGILOSI Foods Course Merlt Roll Honor Roll Secretary Iumor Rmg Tenn Student Councll Iumor Red Cross Prom Commlttee DELPHINE C ZARNECKA Commercxal Course Volleyball Rlng Tenms Var1ety Show Glee Club Chrxstmas Pageant Sprmg Concert IRENE DeNURE C ommerclal C ourse Merxt Roll Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rang Tenms Student Councxl Vanety Show Letter ln Sports Glee Club Badmmton Chrlstmas Pageant Spring Concert Leader Group ANGELINE M D1RIENZ0 Commercxal Course Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Momtor Glee Club Badmmton Chrlstmas Pageant Sprmg Concert ELEANOR DOM BROWSKI Foods Course Merit Roll Secretary Semor Rmg Tenn1s Student Councll Prom Commlttee SUSIE EOANNUCCI C lothmg C our se Merit R011 Presldent Semor Class Basketball Bowlmg Volleyball Varlety Show Letters 1n Sports Glee Club Badmmton Iumor Red Cross Christmas Pageant JOAN FORSTER Commerclal Course Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Letter m Sports Glee Club Chnstmas Pageant Sprmg Concert FRANCES GAGLIARDO Commerc1a1 Course Merlt Roll Honor Roll Treasurer Sophomore Class Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball No Tardmess Chrlstmas Pageant Yearbook Staff Prom Commlttee Leader Group Shorthand Cert1f1cate 8: P1n Typmg Pm gl Cert1.f1cate SHIRLEY GASS Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Basketball Student Council Christmas Pageant Shorthand Certificate FLORENCE GUZY Commercial Course Merit Roll Basketball Volleyball Ring Tennis Glee Club Badmmton Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Transferred from another High School DELORES HARPSTER Commercial Course Merit Roll V1ce President junior Bowlmg Basketball Baseball Variety Show Badmmton Tumbling Christmas Pageant Prom Committee Shorthand Certificate IUANITA HARRISON Commercial Course Basketball Volleyball Ring Tennis Badmmton Christmas Pageant Shorthand Certificate JANE HARSZLAK Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis No Tardmess Badminton Yearbook Staff HAZEL HAYS Clothing Course Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Variety Show Gold Pin in Sports Glee Club Badmmton Junior Red Cross Christmas Pageant Sprmg Concert History of Costume Leader Group JOAN HOU SMAN Clothmg Course Honor Roll Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Color Guard Monitor Variety Show Gold Pm in Sports Glee Club Christmas Pageant History of Costume Football Float ANGELINE HOWES Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Color Guard Variety Show Glee Club Spring Concert RUTH N IMHOF ,V H! Commercxal Course 1 Mer1t Roll Honor Roll pr L Bowhng V' Basketball Color Guardf' 1 Student C0lfIlClL f Var1et Show Y Gold Pm 1n Sports W 4 No Tardmess Badmmton Tumblmg Chrlstmas Pageantfl If Leader Group Shorthand Certxflcat THERESA JANKOWSKI Commerc1al Course Merlt Roll Honor Roll Basketball Volleyball Color Guard Varlety Show Glee Club No Tardlness Badmmton Chrlstmas Pageant Sprmg Concert Yearbook Staff Shorthand Cert1f1cate DOROTHY IENDRAS Commerclal Course Merxt Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Chrxstmas Pageant Shorthand Certrfxcate BETTY IONE S C lothmg C our se Mer1t Roll Honor Roll Bowl1ng Basketball Baseball Rmg Tenms Color Guard Monitor Varlety Show Gold Pm ln Sports Badmmton Yearbook Staff Simphcity Fashlon History of Costume flfslf JANIE JORDAN Clothmg Course Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Glee Club Sprmg Concert History of Costume RUTH KAZUBOWSKA Commerclal Course Merxt Roll Honor Roll Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball Student Councll Varxety Show Badmmton Iumor Red Cross Chrxstmas Pageant Yearbook Staff Spr1ng Fashlon Show MARY KEANE Foods Course Merxt Roll Basketball Student Councxl Glee Club Iumor Red Cross Sprmg Concert Prom Commlttee ROBERTA KOBEE Commerclal Course Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Color Guard Varxety Show Gold Pin m Sports Skatmg Badmmton Prom Comm1ttee Tenms GERALDINE KREUTZER C ommercxal C ourse Merit Roll Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tennis No Tardmess junior Red Cross Shorthand Certificate GERTRUDE KRUPSKA Commercial C ourse Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Student Council Letters in Sports Badmmton junior Red Cross FRANCES KRZES Clothing Course Merit Roll Honor Roll President junior Class Secretary Sophomore Basketball Color Guard Monitor Variety Show Gold Pin in Sports Glee Club ALICE KUWIK Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Prom Committee Shorthand Committee ,I RITA LASKOWSKI Clothing C o1u'se Merit Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Variety Show Gold Pin in Sports Glee Club Badminton Spring Concert History of Costume Table Tennis LOIS L LAUTER Commercial Course Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Monitor No Tardmess Transferred from another High School IRENE M LAWICKI Clothing Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Letters in Sports Glee Club Badminton History of Costume Leader Group Table Tennis DOROTHY LEMM Commercial Course Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Gold Pin in Sports Glee Club Tumbling Christmas Pageant Spring Concert ANTOINETTE LUDOVICO Clothing Course Merit Roll Bowl1ng Basketball Baseball Ring Tennis Variety Show Letters in Sports Glee Club Badminton Spring Concert History of Costume Table Tenms NATALIE MAGIERA Commercial Course Merit Roll Bowling Volleyball Monitor Variety Show Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert ALIC E MAJC HRZAK Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowl1ng Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Letters in Sports Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Shorthand C ertiflcate ALFREDA MALC ZEWSKA Clothing Course Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Variety Show Letters in Sports Gold Pin in Sports Clef Club Glee Club Badminton Christmas Pageant Spring Concert 1 ETHEL MCCLAIN Clothing Course Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennls History of Costume DOROTHY MROZ C lothing C our se Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Color Guard Monitor Gold Pm in Sports Glee Club Hlstory of Costume Prom Comm1ttee Sketch Club MILDRED MUENZENMAIER C ommercial C ourse Honor Roll Treasurer Junior Class Presldenf Sophomore Class Student Councll Variety Show Gold Pm in Sports Clef Club Glee Club Perfect Attendance Typmg Award junior Red Cross Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Yearbook Staff MARGARET MUSCHITZ Commerclal Course Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Variety Show Glee Club Junior Red Cross Christmas Pageant Spring Concert EVELYN NOWAK Clothing C our se Merit Roll Vice President Senior Bowling Ring Tennis Glee Club Christmas Pageant Sprmg Concert Spring Fashion Show History of Costume ROSINA L PARISI Clothing Course Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Student Council Variety Show Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Sprmg Fashlon Show History of Costume Sketch Club FRANCES PIDUCH Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll President Freshman Class Bowling Basketball Volleyball Ring Tennis Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Shorthand Certificate LORRAINE PIETRZAK C ommercial C ourse Merit Roll Honor Roll Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Clef Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Prom Committee Shorthand Certificate 406 SHIRLEY REINIG Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Monitor Variety Show ELEANOR RELINSKI Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Variety Show Clef Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Shorthand Certificate HARRIETT ROCCONI Commercial Course Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Color Guard Gold Pm in Sports Glee Club Badminton Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Shorthand Certificate Tennis ELEANOR ROGERS Clothing Course Merit Roll Bowling Basketball Variety Show Glee Club Badminton Christmas Pageant Spring Concert History of Costume Spring Fashion Show Table Tennis CARMELA ROSATI Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Color Guard Student Commcil Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spr1ng Concert Shorthand Cert1f1cate BARBARA SAMMARCO C lothlng C ourse Merit Roll Honor Roll Treasurer Sen1or Class Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenn1s Varlety Show Glee Club Junior Red Cross Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Sprmg Fashron Show Hlstory of Costume SYLVIA SARCINELLI Commercial Course Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tenms Letters in Sports Badminton CAROLYN ANN SCOTT Clothing Course Merit Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Rmg Tennis Student Coxmcil Variety Show Letter m Sports Perfect Attendance Badminton History of Costume TERESA SEITTER Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Variety Show Letters in Sports Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert MARY SERFILIPPI Commercial Course Merit Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Gold Pm U1 Sports Glee Club Badminton Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Leader Group Shorthand Certihcate Tennis THERESA M A SLIWINSKI Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Glee Club Badminton Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Shorthand Certificate GLORIA SMOKOWSKI Commerclal Course Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Shorthand Certificate DORISI STODDARD Commercxal Course Basketball Volleyball Baseball C lef C lub Glee C lub Badminton Spr1ng Concert IRENE SZUBA Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Basketball Volleyball Ring Tenms No Tardiness Table Tennis DOROTHY SZYMANSKI Commerclal Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Student Council Letters in Sports Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Shorthand Certiflcate LILLIAN SZYSZKOWSKI Clothmg Course Merit Roll Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Variety Show Letters in Sports Glee Club History of Costume Tennis Sketch Club MARY THUMAN Commercial Co1u'se Merlt Roll Honor Roll Glee Club Christmas Pageant Sprmg Concert Year book Staff Shorthand Certxfxcate Transferred from another I-hgh School ELEANOR TRAGLIA C ommercxal Merxt Roll Honor Roll Bowllng Volleyball Baseball Rmg Tenms Letter 1n Sports Chnstmas Pageant Yearbook Staff Slorthand Certlflcate LAURA VITELLO Clothmg Course Bowlmg Rmg Tenms Hlstory of Costume Sprlng Fashxon Show LORRAINE WALDRON Clothing Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Secretary FreshmanClass Basketball Volleyball Baseball Student Council Variety Show Gold Pin in Sports Glee Club Badminton Junior Red Cross Christmas Pageant History of Costume HILDA WATTS Foods Course Bowlmg Basketball Volleyball Clef Club Glee Club Badmmton Jumor Red Cross RITA WAWROWSKI C ommerclal Merlt Roll Bowllng Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rxng Tenms Var1ety Show Glee Club Chrxstmas Pageant Sprmg Concert Shorthand Certlflcate NORA C. DANIELS Commercxal Course Basketball Volleyball Baseball Rlng Tennis Typewntmg Certtficate Shorthand Certiilcate 4 A L21 ELSIE M WEISS Clothmg Course Honor Roll Basketball Volleyball Color Guard Monitor Variety Show Gold Pm in Sports Glee Club Perfect Attendance Badminton Christmas Pageant MARYANN S WOINOWSKA Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Marshall Junior Class Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Student C ounc1l Variety Show Glee Club Christmas Pageant Spring Concert Shorthand Certificate JOAN M YUNKE Commercial Course Merit Roll Honor Roll Treasurer Freshman Class Basketball Baseball Ring Tennis Student Colmcil No Tardiness Badmmton junior Red Cross Christmas Pageant Shorthand CeI'tl.flCat6S Table Tenms AUDREY LOGREEN Commercial Bowling Basketball Volleyball Baseball Ring Tennis Variety Show VHLEDICTUHU GRADUATION the day we have striven for has finally arrived We have reached our ultimate goal The goal which seemed so far away at the beginning of these four years, looms before us now in all its greatness We have struggled to see the fulfillment of our ambitxons, and the period of our lives spent here has been one of accomplishment Our courses of study have been diversified to meet the requirements of each particular group Our education here has prepared us for our chosen vocation to such a degree, that we are more assured of success Innumerable friendships have enriched our lives and mutual Joys and disappointments have bound us ln close compamonship To provlde a well rounded life various social and athletic activities have been placed at our disposal These have helped us develop not only physically but in attaining that sense of fair play and sportsmanship which is so valuable in the world today Now as the realization that we shall never return to high school suddenly comes to us, a feeling of loss pervades our spirit We are appalled by the fact that we are about to enter the world of business alone and without the helpmg hand of a parent or of a teacher Eager the path of life but we cannot soon forget that once we have left this sheltered haven, these hallowed halls, there is no reliving the past no return to these carefree school days At this time we feel it is appropriate to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have contrived to help us make our triumph complete To our parents we give sincere thanks for the loving support which they so cheerfully have given Although at times their patience may have worn thm, they made all the sacrifice in time and money that was necessary To our Principal Mr Regan, and to the members of the faculty who have so untiringly guided us both mentally and morally, we extend in these poor inadequate words, our grate fullness It is futile for us to try to express here our gratitude for the encouragement, pa tlent mstruction, correction, and inspiration they have given us All we can do is strlve to prove by hard work and zealous effort that the seeds of knowledge they have planted in our minds will bear fruit To the many friends we have acquired during the past four years we wish to express our sincere wishes for their success in the future May we always remember the school which formed such an important part of our lives The school in which we shared countless joys and sorrows our dear Alma Mater Girls Vocational High School 22 anticipation 'Of what the future will hold, instills in us the wish to continue our journey down coma auf-nan Dorothy Mroz, Betty Jones, Gasprxna Cxrmo Joan Housman Dolores Campbell Frances Krzes, Elsze Welss E of the Color Guard are proud to carry on the tradltion of advancmg and retreatmg thns ceremony To the future color guards, we leave the posmons we so proudly held know ing that they too will feel as we do grateful and honored the colors in Assemblies. We appreciate deeply the great honor of having been chosen for . ' . . , - 23 THINGS TU HEHIEHIBEH HE mce long assemblles and the mad scramble for front seats when the Bennett and Kensmg ton football players vlslted us The mght football game and our wlnmng the cup for the best float ln the show The klsses tossed to the spectators by the glrls on the float Llstemng to Pat Kazubowska's love troubles wlth Chopsy jenme Ball1strea's nervousness and excltement when she won on the Clnderella Week end Rad1o Program when lt came to our school Assemblles that come on Frlday and the assemblyless weeks that never fall to follow Dolores Co1e's smgmg and Ann Altamura s dancmg 1n the Varletles of '49 Rene DeNure's and Ruth Imhof's achlng backs after a week of playmg Sassafras the mule ln the same show The Semors w11l long remember the tough Engllsh exam they took m january Ughl They re groan mg yet The skatmg party w1th Tech The zanny antlcs staged by the Semors m the campalgnmg for electlon of thelr class offlcers It was the crazlest electlon ln the hlstory of G V H S CT4A s Hlstory of Costume The long faces worn by the glrls on Report Card Day Hmmm! I wonder what could be the reason for that??'???'? john Oddo's accordlon playlng Mlss Dale s classes w1ll keep recalllng for some t1me the Job they had of countmg all those foot ball tnckets after the Bennett Kensmgton game The jumor Semor Prom 24 . . . ' ' ' Cl if . . . . . , . . . . . . H 1 ,, - , 2 . . . . . , . . . . . , . . . . , . . . . . - 1 ' . ,We XX Presldent Treasurer Secretary Vlrgmia Kozak Dorothy Bochynska Vice Pres1dent Jeanette Perry Emily Krzes 36 9 J' .- P BWNOWSKI 0600" LDeMauorabus F90 J Goetz BEAUTY CULTURE we X F Goodae A Jusmska J. Kuffman Lone V Romsey 26 JUHIUH UFHCEHS . - G. , .. -4 erqcclb . 3A Q - ' . ' ' a. , lAen -Rf? -fo Edwards G Kubuuk f' Aures ruscvu CLO PC X Bruscuo F1 Connello B Davenport MIK. mm- ,X M ofD5"' MJ0 nson THING Wfmef uchodolsko R Szewczyk D Thumun M Vaczy L auf H.:- K lun Lewns -5 Zuercher R' 1 I 4 X If ' I 4 K W ,I A , 1 V uw X r . in C. A. B J. , A Q 5: nrrfs ., C 5: 1-q .sd 44 as AQ., 'W R 5 -. R E fr.: ' Q Q' ' 0, E. r.' vv .H ' h X ' V c 'Q' Q k YX GM O6-'Ur 1 ' 3 A O . ' A. ,,. E, Y --A -2 s. 3' 1' , J' C , - 1-E5 ' 5? M I gf 'S - - f - -4: . V' - . . 1- J , ae A 'A-:rfmg M Ofro E. Phnllips E. S . . . .-f 'g I -rf I 6 U- fqff, ,' - , , . A., N , 3 y.. Y' 'W ' ' - - M ..,. ' . . 4 3' gg '.:' , "ix C Yj , YN F s' x . Jaskie p.. r - 015. 6? 3 B + r ' . Q ' vi " ' .N P . V ' . ' D. F - 2 g l , .. 2? k rv V qv ta K -nv -' r 1 . fd , d . gr N A r -I -- .SV , ' Ib S Q V' ' -2 ! A A 4. K! 'RI Q. ' ' , ' , 'J qfx J 'W L.. 5 - '. G Alfano Fuller 719 ,as- eg -6 G9 D Bochynsko Bonfome D 66969 F Hrcks ' " CLGTHING J Grumaldu 05" 'ZS C9 Y VI nrszewsm G Nvewczyk Brunn C Copece F Powlok Nr.-lsn 1 R Chmielewskl M Edwards L Jcskowuok Jordon -'4 6 366' Nl D Wrrqht 27 Q: J Bell A Bingo Gross Melzqer A Murowshu J Puffy E .P"i its X5 xp 800190 C Cobado L Deuschle G Fienscher we Q 1 "Su B ogSlTWn E Krges COMMERCIAL qt 49- N ix Raska 1 Snyder Suarez Toylor V Trnbulo 45- ff' B' J Godfrey C Gmbowsko XX. M Luka! 4 Mulferar V Vondercher :S 91 1 s L Ryfczynsko M O Connell V Borkowska PMcck B Zlemann H Comer J Giosqow A Con evo Hoo coMMERclAl. sa 36- Q XY ohh- I QM x u n 0 Punches R Kqewsko J DuGreqono 28 Lf .1 4 A s I FSnus1 D Zmieck I Seite G Horgun 6 ' it - ' L. 1 Q A L, tk g 5 ' 4 ' -f Q 1? , , ' A, ' , A - A A 5 ' 4. Q 42. KN Q- S sk ' 1 b 4,1 ' es . 'f-k. . wl 909 bosnfbw Ska A 4 ' -at 5' 'fx 3A -- N-4 N- A. - v 2 A Q - 'P' xt x., .s X x, 13 v G- ' ar 4' ' . , . Y E , A r ' Q ' 2 'F 'N' av Q3 ,. -fx xl - B L ag LG . xl S' X X , S U ow" " xx t '95 FOODS Q 6- Peffy P Smith L Szczqlowska B Werner C Workoff UUH LIBHHRU N educatxonal and recreational spot in Girls Vocatlonal High School IS its library Amld the array of books one IS able to fmd this room filled with happy girls, bettering their mmds ln the one umversal source of pleasure readmg A library in a high school, properly stocked with books, is an absolute necessity m this mod ern age We have such a library Consisting of twenty hundred carefully selected books Cmnety fwe of which were added since Septemberl and numerous monthly magazines, we boldly state that our hbrary IS adequately equipped to tram girls xn every conceivable field All of these books have been perfectly cataloged so that the student may get, in a few seconds, any material that IS desired As a further a1d to the girls book suggestions are regularly displayed and eagerly ac cepted by every one We are proud of our library and equally proud of our conscientious librarian, Miss Lawrence. Under her supervision it has been made possible for all who wish it, the opportunity to read and fulfill Bacon's words, "Read1ng maketh a full man." 29 A 1- l 6' S N - H, 'Qlefzf xl H. A Y, 5' 'Yi n 4 Q , , G. W6 'lfqspreak . fi ,,, V. N? , I ' 9 XJ! I J. . ' , , q IHUHITUHS -A--,....i..... Q7 ""7 Natalie Magier, Ioan Housman Lois Lauter Betty Jones, Angeline DiR1enza, Shirley Reimg, Elsie Weiss Frances Krzes, Marietta Barber TI-IE Momtors are chosen as honor representatives from the Senior homeroom to keep order in the school cafeteria. This is one of the few disciplinary measures in our school. There are no written rules which the students must carry out. It is up to them to discriminate between what is right and wrong house keeping. The girls have recognized this system by being cooperative. They do their best to keep the cafeteria and other parts of the building clean. The duties of the Monitors are to see that the tables are cleared of trays and that the girls re- main in line when entering and leaving the cafeteria. The Monitors appreciate the helpfulness of the girls and the latter appreciate the Monitors. 30 X 1 .A .- ,Q 'Q Q ,Q xv Z 998 2 X2 O X 6 -va gn.. Treasurer Ahce Christ, Presldent Elinor Grytten, Vice Presldent Sylvla Cichon, Secre tary Dorothy Kozlowskn A Alfomuru 96 'Q' E Huss 3 K 'v if L N-1 Lb F1 Riccio SUPHUIHUHE UFHCEHS ,lr A Bury N Boyd M Constanhno J Flommq J Hays 'lf E Kramer QV- kub 0 ADVERTISING ART 5 4 Q' , 7 5' 5' QQ, 49 'QE'-j, ' Nl P N.-1 X74 F? Ritter M. Schaefer J. Weqorolsko M. Werner C. Wroblewskl 32 M Holhs A Oleksy .4 4. za A Zdrojewski 36 av '4 'S' R Alessandra C Andry F Custiqleone S Chuanto A Chnsf is E 9 mmm! 'V' k0!ok C. Hlnchy 0 ULD .I 9' af, Dee R DeMunorlbus S Fvsher 4.4- .1 D Kwmkowskl BEAUTY CULTURE LCWIBSKI Llplnsku 36 'J v 'af- 1' JS QD 1-' Beumler R Borowskn A Cammorono Chlanta S Cxchon C Closs ww -3 Zak S Koiwzcku 'Ppc QS- CLOTHING ZA S Gorreh Jones Lmdner D S. en, W' " 'LE' Muscmvz Pagina 9 C 9 J Terrunova Todero R Zymrusz Croft 7 6 4 E Morcxnkowsko -9 , M Tau rcsso C Verrostro L Ne-me-4 Nvxcn J Pwetruszeweko L. Przybylck R Rutkowsko A Scott q 3? 1 s Q- .. gf 6 S 6' Q . V a " 47" ' f' . 0 , R A 'J 'S' S j 1 . x., N, '59 A . - - if A - - oe 4-0 . . 1 0 - fe A +19 ' V 2A s 4'-I? '- R "" g ,. WX nl R' ,, st . . E , , . G' , R- . 1 J A u A u-fl N1 EQ . , A .H X NI A R. Purpura J. Roiyk H. Rosenauer D. Smchowiak M. Stefanink , M. , 1 ' 4- 0 5 a " ' 12' R7 R .1 I N , , N A 2. K. 5 xx, ' - ' 1 R. . ' . C. ' ' . E. 4 X 1 . 2 5 .Q , H I n OV' V . , L x fo .2 1 Q 8 W1 3' .ff 'Q' " 7? W' , . Q, Q z, ,X , . A. C. . .- , G , R 6' v A -of Q- . , 2 an- 2 Q. 4 , - ,E ,, ..-. . 4, 3 , "' N1 1 - 'w V Q X f x M ' . .,.. ' be R. Boker 26' 'Y L, Joblonski Parker A Provunzlano M Snlcffo J. Bonnin 95- 2' ..-iv -'r ,sx ' 3 -C' 7 5 5 s ' C. Booker V Breqqms T Buihno S. Coons B. Fronkenberger L. Glover . m f L.YSgk O Bnen ,569 0 0 CLOTHING 4 .I Q.: an 'ff' G Sessum D Slaughter Szylku R Torzua A Wujek Zorkos 'fe vi 'K vs N., '- rk Cremeno O -4 3 o '1 as sr 'LK C3 I' O -I I Z CD Q' 5 T Falknewncz J Germono Harnson L Kluczynska P Holhns 4, iv NL Machopewskc 'Vo I gf 36 'Z QR J Kozlowsku M Kubncku A Neumuyr Roman li is ,gh -J T' VL MSccuIowsko A Schenk J Soufer t F Stevens A Sfurmar l Tomezzn A Tybor R Wesolowsks H Q. .Qi ian' 3. 5 wb e .1 ' 0 J DA me ' E . V ga- 'V 4, r , 'X' 2B 1 ' 6 ,f,- r y . D X I 1 R ' A R - f 7- 5 - 1 u, eq Q 'N' ,px A 4 vu by ' 17 V 'V 51'-ff' 1 Wav x. ' . M. , ' T 4:9 M' 'Q ff ' .W W PM J I . iv, A . . Y , , A, i v 5 V- F, IN -' rf f X I. CIC D. L. ' . ' . E, . ' if - J 3 x K 5 ' . ff ' od-:+G . C 65,00 Fabio ' 2C , 34+ j 5: T34 . ' . ' . NL 4' Q' J, an ' t - , ,S K , ,A Luv 'Qi 15- iw 3, ,N-L f-f NL . 'A A ' ' I , ' . A 'V Fx ' 2 m K 0 34 E Gryften Klosmska Puiys T' Q as Holter Koerner Schorf -. - 5 . ,va Carlin LePre Q G F Mujewvcz '96 Nosovsku Hartman -Q 5- M Kreufzner ir' E Slnsl 'X Cmno of ,., LIGKOS Mcmnmg -ov' Popek B Dcuqhtry I S ove?r0 0 6. Masks Rydld A Conorrozo F DuFrunco COMMERCIAL C Mardel 59' Y Sperhnq J McDermcm D. Siokloso 49 :Lf I Derfert Kelly COMMERCIAL QR A QW' 6 5 Keys N .4 E Luczak it 5' wx R Kowolczewsku 38 'If'-I' Lukowsko D Ledwm E MocLouchlon A MCCOr1y C Molmo M Morabno T Nqsternak nil- it L Salomann A Urban A Vedella C Yunkg 4515. Cf Nw' Chr D Henderson J Kuncnowslu 46- L-if ohler C Morlock ff T Szczypnor Turner 35 I..-1 ff YV' NY . ,"' my an ' , - , A M 'H Y Q 1- , V '-' y E. R. L. . I R V . , J , X c'!' .lg QL v, 97, 'L X4 f- M ' A ' x I D . . ' C P ' P . . ' . ' , A .4 1. 1 ' af . - V ' 4 I 4? - Y Ii? -x , Y K 9 g .K A. A c. v. A. I h J, . .- ' ' ,A 6:4 ,' X 44. ' ' 1 xx . 'V X Qi 6 6 h x V z- XX M Beyer L. Boyd Lcnoczynski . , ' z. nucmmsku H. Duke P Ewen 2 f 6 ' i Q? fi? 2B A 'Y , 'V' 1 'lv -- 1 I v. . -- a G N, B. . . ' A4-3' M 4 , . Y, 3 Q . V l G' - F 4? E' I ! A CQ Nl, , - tv " X R' 6. ' M. . L. . B. M . u .yi :-4 ,- ,,,,- as .LJ . -- 7' .,n ' - 4 , 1 K9 -' 'ff "5 vl N, ff wif W J t N - D. M . ' . ' , ' J. J, we Y N Kosprzok Nelson Wolff'-r 3 at Nesto Zxmmer Y " ,. new 86 'S' " ' '- H D Q S, d, . b -- V . D Foronf D Jones S Starr Koierus J Bnerbrcuer R Costello K Hoke Gnesl 46- ,qv 4,-.2 , K Grosso MCICU' +95 me M0fe,on Bulflef s-'I S., -+ I .ws MSM" COMMERCIAL """"' P Guimour M Zoborowskl B Hzbbord .JAnqnsono QF- as -as ,,. as R Showalter C Corbethon P Heud E Sou ders M Stemholf A Musseff A Abendschem Dubuque 1 W V V Bland M Gfochmal XR sf ,, les, FOODS 2A H Juroszewsko 3 c. 5 I.. Qi -9- uf 'Inu-lr' 'fre' -10.55, M Homes J Juskowauk 3 1 A Jordon F Kane MKlemfelder B. Krawczvk E Weaver M Zmozvnskf 36 I S P .1 To n ' Ez' X ' Q QL' 'Q Q? S x X O 5 Y . , A. , ' . . R .,- :" -1" xf ' '.,L - I K ' 1 fl- .. O 3, I , X , Fe -. SY. ' 6 M A : 0- d 5, 5. . f i ' A ff if .G-1+ sv D Q- 4-T, T fy Q O if f N., QM , A M M M 3 ,, Q 7 4 rx , ' . V O2- ,. W mylar, c .X f f 3 gi M Q ' +5- Q if I V A Q , , si 'J I , I , . . V4 . Q Xi. , OQO N5 ' Q G ' 5.9! K' X , so-' . ' , 3' O ' Ag. M G M . O O f ' -M ' 'QP Q O M O A X O1 N W 5 ' ' AN Q? lb WCB L. Q,-61' 5' 6 7 'V fl 'lr ........J.. ,..rJL .Jn...... f- Vlce Presldent Ahce Wolmewlcz, Secretary IOM! Ruth, Presldent Irene Reszka Treasurer Gertrude Malkowska Q I Aa M Adlmey D Chwuhszewsknl Ccoper V Cuedek R Czcyko Y Delore V Hefscbmon 3 6 G Gurdmuev .. I 1' "' X X 6 F Moncnm D Mcrchewka 0' ' x 'Dx S N'vu1'F 3 I ay V- B .4 . 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Smith A. Svobnicko J, Tlsby L Zymwgz 2 1 7' ,a 1' 9 6 Q- C - f "" ' sb "ff T' 'Q ' 'h 'fvj Q 1" q' . x, U 1 A, x A .. 1. , J. . J. J .... ' 4 R. . S Q . Q9 hs ' A, . 5 A 'L "' 6' - . G, ' ' ' J g M. , 75 5 0 4 0. . 5 L A .1 ' .. J ,N s ' Au W .Cp ' v 'Q' V 5553 X -M Q L A L. 4 . N. A. , ' . ' . ' . ' - - A ' a I av .4 V I .2 A Q X ,JC Ck! " 'A . . . . ' 0. . E f G Arnold Combs Loveless NJ G Kowalczewska NJ N Mrrandc Nardblum Utmck Worr A W 'AK Daly S Eckel T Ersunq D Gunczewsn- M 71 JJ U1 CD II Z IP ZZ U D M 96 g-1 616 M. Orzechowskn Pluto N San8ro11o P Schmieget QF! 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HCTIVITIES LTI-IOUGH most of the student's day IS spent m school, there have been many school spon sored outslde act1v1t1es Among these was our Halloween Dance sponsored by our Student Assoc1at1on The students came bedecked ln hats and costumes Sororlty sweaters were awarded as prlzes for the funmest hats and for the mcest costumes Not to be forgotten was the grand march whlch began the dance Skatlng partxes were held at varxous skatlng rmks These were patromzed by a great number of our glrls Also for a change, we trled skatmg partles wlth other hlgh schools These were very successful and were enJoyed by all who attended Our glrls never get tlred of roller skatlng and a lucky break that was too Whlle the girls enjoyed themselves at a small cost part of the pur chase prxce of each tlcket went to our school Year Book fund The b1g event this year was our annual Varlety Show under the d1rect1on of Mlss Massman our Physlcal Educatlon teacher Thls show was put on for four mghts from February 14th to 17th ruary 16th was alumnae nlght and 300 of our former graduates were present The show xtself was cellent and lt increased our Year Book fund conslderably Thls year we have had several tea partles These teas were beneflclal to the glrls for they taught them how to conduct themselves at such a gatherlng The pourmg was done by guest teachers Honor and merlt students were chosen to serve at the tea Attractlve sandwlches made through the kmdness of Mzss Nles and her glrls were served At each tea whlch was held after school, there was a guest speaker Finally the long awaxted Jumor Semor Prom on May 13th To the starry eyed young 1ad1e who planned to attend that day Just couldn't come soon enough But when It dld come lt became an evemng long remembered Through partlclpatxon m these act1v1t1es, the glrls and teachers came to know understand and apprecxate each other 44 with dancing afterwards. How everyone did go for those polkas I But getting back to the show, Feb- ' . ' ,ex- TRICKS TREATS STUDENT COUNCIL v l ' H4111 Mary Ann Woynowska, Irene DeNure, Lorrame Waldron Eleanor Dombrowskl Evelyn Taylor Isabelle Sette, Margaret Harpster, Dorothy Bochynska Carolyn Workoff, Patrlcla Bronowska Carol Yunke Betty Hartmann, Kathleen Hoke, Sephroma Garrett jean Bonm, Dorothy Kozlowski Anna Brownsey Sylvia Lewinska Phylhs Rntter, Valerie Cuedek, Dorothy Iaszcz, Dolores Shantler, Theresa Nowak Gertrude Nowak, Marilyn Helmuth Eleanor Urbanskx, Iulta Flglewski, Joan Ruth HE Student Counc1l of Girls Vocatlonal Htgh School made up of representatlves elected by each homeroom group, has been organized for approximately ten years to gwe the students an opportumty to express opmions which are their own, to dxscuss the busmess of school freely rn short to prac tice democracy, it has progressed because of the ab111ty of student representatives to cooperate wlth homeroom groups and faculty advisors We should recogmze the advantages of having such an orgamzation for thrcmghout the school year It has approved the use of Student Assoclatlon funds for entertamment, decorattons and flne assem bhes Expendxtures have been approved for teas, hollday partres, dances, assembly programs, hbrar books, magazme subscriptions, as well as many other aCt1V1tleS and other costs whlch were of mter est to the students The Counctl itself meets offrclally once every month durmg the school year, usually on the Second Monday Parliamentary procedure lS followed Mr Regan regularly submlts an up to date 11st of expendxtures for group approval and suggests some for dxscusslon and cons1derat1on Durmg the year, authorlty has been gwen to student representatlves to present to the assembled group any suggestions or crxticisms received from students who elected them This plan has proved thought provoking smce every suggestion IS actually carefully considered by both the councxl and Mr Regan Constructive tdeas are always welcomed by th1s group As a matter of fact, the Student Councxl eagerly seeks the help of all students in smooth school operatlon 46 7 7 ! ! ! ! J 3 9 - . 7 l ,, e I , . - . . I - , - . -. . u . . J . 4 .. . . . . - Y . -.. . . s . .. . - . . 1 a a " Q - . . . 1 - . . . . . u o u UUH UUEHI HND HER CUUHT if 19" "' ..,, HINSPIRATION FOR A TOUCHDOWNU N October 22nd the two Buffalo hlgh schools, Bennett and Kensmgton played the frrst n1ght h1gh school football game ln Buffalo's hxstory It was played at our well known CIVIC Stadxum on Best and jefferson Streets To make the game exciting and entertaming, each hlgh school was invlted to partlclpate 1n a carnival of stunts and clrcus acts before the game started For days we wondered what we could do Then a brlght ldea a float a la Hollywood Nme girls were pxcked by all the girls m an assembly for posture, appearance, and person ahty The girl who recewed the most votes to rlde on the float was Ioan Housman and she was chosen as the Queen Her e1ght attendants were Dolores I-Iendershot Florence Castlgliore Dlarme Punches MarJor1e Hollis, Joann Godfrey, Jeanette Kxffman Dolores Kuras and Dolores Cole Margaret KUb1Ck1 and Ianet Przybyla were the majorettes who led the float around the track Mxss Swan and her Advertlsmg Art class got busy and prepared a model court" for the thlrty foot trlck platform It was decorated ln red and silver Mlss St1glme1er's Clothlng classes made the beautlful red and sllver costumes whlch Mlss Watt and Mrs Warren deslgned Boys Vocatnonal Hlgh School supphed electricxans who wlred the float for 1ts l1ght1ng effect As soon as our float entered the stadxum, we felt that we had won the prlze As we rolled along the stadium track the crowd roared its welcome and the Queen and her court threw candy klsses to the spectators And then came the Judgmg of the acts On the bas1s of or1g1nality, appeal and executlon our Float 'lnsplratxon for a Touchdown ' won the Jumor Chamber of Commerce trophy whlch was pre sented for the best act Edward L Ervxn Ir chalrman of the Junior Chamber's Commlttee on sports and recreatxon presented the trophy between the halves, to the Queen, joan I-Iousman Joan expressed her thanks and then went over to the stands and presented lt to Mr. Regan. Lat er it was formally presented to the school 1n an assembly by Mr. Edward L. Ervm jr. of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. 47 J, .. . . 5 Q . e I C ' 'V , 'nur ' .. , W. it 'gr ,!1rf.,' y - V. ' eta, 'wx " K ' v A L1 , ,- 0, V 'aan 1, lt,32 N.. . . . . . - i . . - ' a 3 . . . . . 7 9 1 . . . H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . . . . . . . . 9 . ' 7 4 . . , . . - . - . . li fha WE WON MOM' fs... xx ,.,4f 13,9 STAGE CREW 49 'nv- September 20 1948 October 4, 1948 October 8 1948 October 15 1948 November 8 1948 November 19 1948 November 22 1948 November 24 1948 HSSEHIBLIES Mr Regan mtroduced the Freshmen, outlmed general policxes and talked about the school 1n general A musxcal assembly under the dzrectlon of Mxss Rebecca E Ormond, m wh1ch the whole assemblage took part This assembly wlll be remembered by all students of GVHS for a long tlme Our entertamers were four Kens1ngton Hxgh School football players W1th them was thelr Coach Charles Bergstrom, who talked a l1tt1e about football IH general Handsome Bob Wxlde capta1n of thelr team, talked to the g1rls about varlous football tact1cs, but who was mterested m football taCtlCS'7 Thls assembly ended wxth a great cheer for the1r team, led by two of our cheerleaders Thls assembly was s1m11ar to that of last week Thxs tlme, Bennett football play ers fthe opponents of Kensmgtonj appeared before us Coach Harold Braun also explamed ln detall the tact1cs of football and the four players demonstrated dxf ferent plays as they do on the fxelds Harvey Yeates talked a b1t about hxmself and h1s fellow football teammates Two expert cheerleaders led us m some var lous Bennett cheers, and we all sang themr and our Alma Mater songs smgmg of operatlc songs from vanous musxcales She IS one of our g1rls and we take prlde ln looklng up to her for she has aCh16V6d recogmtlon m her professlon Two members of the Chamber of Commerce presented to Ioan Housman our Queen, the trophy ln our school audltorlum for our spectacular presentatlon of the float of g1rls dressed in wh1te gowns at the mght football game of October 21 Bennett vs Kensmgton Each school partlcipated mn th1s joyous occasnon, but GVHS won the trophy for the best spectacle Our annual Fashlon Show sponsored by the Slmphcxty Pattern Company under the dlrection of Mlss Norma Rlsman was enloyed by everyone Th1s year the IUHIOI' Clothmg g1rls served as models These beautlful creatlons gave the girls many 1nterestmg ideas on up to date fashlons Mxss Arnold, a Red Cross Representat1ve, spoke to us on the ever present condx txons m the European countrles Hazel Hays presented Mlss Arnold w1th a check wh1ch was a donatlon from the school and also a contrxbutlon made by the cloth mg students Th1s program was sponsored by the Iumor Red Cross Councxl under the dxrectlon of Mlss Beatrlce C Massman The Glee Club of GVHS presented a Thanksglvmg Program under the excellent d1rect1on of Mxss Ormond, asslsted by Mlss Frltz at the plano Thanks Be To God was sung by Dolores Cole and Frasqulta Serenade by Evelyn Taylor Mr Regan then wlshed the g1rls a joyous Thanksglvmg 50 5 , . . . . , , . . . , . . . . . . u October 25, 1948 an alumna of GVHS, Rita Metzger, was here to entertain us with her beautiful , . . . . , . . .- o . o u 1 , - 9 . ' ! November 29 1948 December 13, 1948 December 17, 1948 December 20 1948 February 7 1949 February 21 1949 February 25 1949 March 14 1949 March 21 1949 March 25 1949 Apr1l4 1949 Aprll ll 1949 Apr1125 1949 May 9 1949 May 16 1949 May 27, 1949 June 6, 1949 The colorful performance called A History of Costume was presented by the Semor Clothmg class They modeled costumes from the year 1492 to the future year of 1950 It was presented xmder the capable dlrectxon of M1ss Watt Mlss Olga Mllke talked to us on her travels to the land where she was born, whlch was Lebanon It was a gay expenence for us hstemng to her d1ff1cult1es and how she got out of them She also told us about the people themselves and how they dressed, wh1ch storles at tlmes were qulte humorous For the f1rst tlme The Cmderella Weekend Show' whnch lS sponsored by WEBR was conducted r1ght in our own aud1tor1um Our own gxrls partlclpated as con testants and jenme Balhstrea, A Semor, won a sultcase and a chance to appear on the program later ln the week to compete against other w1nn1ng contestants, for a free tr1p to New York The annual Chrxstmas program was taken over by the Glee Club wh1ch was under The most able direction of Mlss Ormond The gxrls sang many Christmas carols and It turned out to be a very enJoyable program A tr1o cons1st1ng of Mrs Wxlham Pmkow at the cello, Mrs Emxly Davxes as plamst, and Mrs Maman Knaler as violmist enthralled us w1th the classlcal 1n strumental melodies Th1s was greatly apprecxated by the g1rls as shown by the1r applause Mr Robert E Sommer talked on Salesmansh1p and tried to mterest the girls Ill making Salesmanship their vocatlon Mr Sommer added a few jokes and the gxrls recelved much beneflt from his talk. Accord1on1st john Oddo A Lafayette Hlgh School Semor, enterta1ned us w1th h1s var1at1ons of popular and classncal solos Among the outstandmg numbers were Sabre Dance, Seboney Body and Soul, Peg O My Heart and h1s own 1nterpretat1cn of just Because As an encore he played Now IS the Hour w1th the audlence Jom 1ng in Ill A one act play ent1tled just Another Saturday by Iohn Wxley was acted by the class of BC2A The cast gave a very excellent performance Through the help of Mlss Frltz we were entertamed by Mrs Lons Grey who IS a member of the Faculty of Cornell School of Labor Relatlons Her talk about unem ployment 1nsurance Workman s Compensat1on and Chlld Labor Laws as they effect g1rls and women The Glee Club of Seneca Hlgh School cons1st1ng of thxrty boys gave a concert ln our aud1tor1um under the able d1rect1on of the1r muslcal dlrector, Mr Stanley Kmg The glrls were overwhelmed by the excellent performance of the smgers The Chromat1c Club whlch cons1sted of mstrumental and vocal music entertamed us w1th an excellent program The Easter Assembly cons1sted of a dellghtful muslcal program glven by the Glee Club under the d1rect1on of M1ss Ormond Mutxny on the Bounty by Charles Nordhoff was a very enjoyable fnlm whlch fea tured Charles Laughton nn one of the greatest successes of hxs career The Beauty Culture Class under the supervlsnon of Mrs McDonald demonstrated various halr styles and tips on good grooming The models were the Beauty Cul ture puplls and the work was done by themselves The class of VC4A gave a performance based upon I am an Amerlcan Day It was dehghtful as well as be1ng educatlonal Movmg Up Day whxch IS a trad1t1onal ceremony 1n many colleges took place for the f1rst tlme th1s year It cons1sted of g1Vl.l'lg each class the nghts and preroga tlves wh1ch they will enJoy as an advanced class next year Th1s proved to be a very fine assembly and we hope xt wxll be held each and every year to come Our annual Athletlc Day was held and var1ous awards were presented to wmners Several of our athletes performed gymnastxc feats 51 , ll Il , . . s I l . . , u . . . . . . D , , , . . I March 7, 1949 A film "The Tale of Two Cities" proved to be very educational as well as interest- . gi , - ' ll ll ' , . . , . . . , . , . . . . . ' , nuun GLEE CLUB Flrst row Dorothy Szymanskx Harrlet Roccom, Lorrame Waldron Arlene Multerer, Theresa Seltter Evelyn Nowak Murlel Otto joan Forster Mlldred Muenzenmaler, Margaret Muschltz, Antoinette Brus cia, Evelyn Taylor Rlta Wawrowskl Second row Adellne Wujek Natahe Maglera, Gasprina C1r1na Barbara Sammarco Susle Eoannuccl Frances Krzes Eleanor Rogers, Theresa I2.Ilk0WSkl, Elsle Welss, Mary Keane, Mary Thuman Kathleen Hoke, Lauretta Boyd Isabelle Sette Mane Butler, Mary Serf1ll1p p1 Thlrd row Rosma Parlsl Florence D1Franco, Joan Housman, Hazel Hays Clalre Llndner, Ahce Kuwlk, Dolores Palys, Ahce Ma1chrzak Ehzabeth Saunders Frances Plduch, Loulse Glover Maryann Wojnowska Theresa Shwmskl Carmela Rosatz Dolores Slaughter, Dolores Myers Marletta Barber Zelma Duchanska Charlotte Popek, Ioan Perry, Patrlcla Manmng, Dlanne Carlm Normne Halter Marle Bonfante Fifth row Susanne Keys Dorothy Thuman,Cather1ne Capece Al1ce Urban Henrletta Duke, Carolyn Sperlmg Gerald1ne m0SlIlSki Betty Hartman, Carol Gross, Florence jaskler N the evemng of April 29 1949 our Glee Club with nts membership of one hundred and forty six glrls presented a publlc concert Attlred ln crlsp, pastel colored gowns and dress es, the chorus sang in three part harmony under the dnrectxon of Mxss Rebecca E Ormond The songs rendered were as hlgh sp1r1ted as "Road to Romany" by Brahms and as touchmg as "The Lost Chord ' by Sulllvan Two members of the Glee Club Evelyn Taylor and Dol ores Cole entertamed the audience w1th solo rend1t1ons Our guest artrsts were Rlta Metzger an alumnus who IS now a professwnal smger and John Oddo from Lafayette Hugh School who favored us w1th accordxon numbers To the fulflllment and complete satlsfactlon of the Glee Club and its director, the concert was a great success as nndzcated by the enthuszastxc applause of the audlence 52 . - ., . . . , . y , . , , . . . . - , . .u - . . , . . . . , , . ., , . . . y , , . . . - .. . . - . . ., . , . . . . . . , . , . . , , . . ., ., Q , . u Fourth row - Geraldine Niewczyk, Anna Neumayr, Anna Conorozzo, Natalie Kasprzak, Dolores Brunn, , . . . . . , . , . . . - , . , . , . . , . . , . D 0 . ' , . , . . ' 5 1 - - ' 7 , . . . . . . I . , IME CLUB Flrst row Lorrame Pletrzak Patrlcla Mack, Geraldme Bolton Annabelle Blnga, Dolores Cole Jose phme Lysek Marlon Schilling, Jean Bonmn, Angeline D1R1enz1 Irene DeNure, Delphme Czarenecka Dorothy Lemm, Alfreda Malczewska Second row Anme Jones Paulxne Maedl, Margaret Stemhoff Rosemarie Costello, Loretta Przybylak Josephine Germano Glorxa Smokowska Mary Lou Clark, Elean or Rehnskx Vlolet Tnbula, Helen Gray, Jean Bell, Irene Snyder, Eleanor Reszka, Betty Housman Thlrd row Angeline Sturmer, Florence Stevens, Rxta Rutkowska Theresa Lukowska Joan Pnetruszew ska Rosemarle Be1mler, Patncia Everett Marllyn Werner, Elalne Shsz, Grace Alfano Florence C1r mo Dorothy Bochynska Lorrame Jeskowlak Jeannette Kmeckl Charlotte Aures Fourth row Mar guerlte O'Connell, Josephine Glasgow, Anna Caros1, Ysolma Suarez, Annabelle Scott, Elrose Croft Anna Cammarano Belva Ziemann Lorraine Ryfszynska Theresa Falklewlcz, Rlta Lepczyk Mary Stevens Geraldxne Kubiak Emily Krzes, Theresa Buttmo Fifth row Pearl Hollms Katherme Grosso Phyl hs Held Blrtres Daughtry Dolores Welsh Eleanor Edwards Pecola Fuller, Mar3or1e Edwards Irene Kluczynsln Ruth Parker, Patr1c1a Gllmour, Lucllle Murzewska N addxtxon to presentmg thls concert, the Glee Club gave other performances dunng the year on such occaslons as the Thanksglvmg and Chrlstmas assemblxes, our armual Open House mght and some outslde engagements Durlng the schoo1's hlstory the Club has had an active part ln its program of entertalmnent and as the years come and go pleasant memories of our act1v1t1es remam w1th all of us The satlsfactory outcome of the muslcal programs causes us to look forward to another gaily hlled year of Glee Club entertamments. 53 Y Q I I j ' . 1 r az' V - . 1 , . 4 ' f l' , B 7 P 3 Q' 53 'lf f 4 A 'l' . jg: v i ' g ' x X 1 f , 5 l we 2 s -rp' Q ' ' . Y - I 5 ' 1 1 1' ' G , I 1 v l 0 i a V - f l 1 J , , .H 'R V his stef 9 1, W. 'A , A f I . 'x I m 1 ' , f sv' -. . - . . , . . . , . , - . , . . . . ., . , . - . , . . , . 1 1 . x ' . ., . . ' . - . , , . - , . . . , . . . , . - . , , . . , . ., . - - . I . I e , 9 1 1 l 1 1 . , . . . - . , . , - ' D 1 . 9 9 r . ' r ., . . . . . l . . , . . . , . . . l , A . . . . . curclua Evelyn Taylor Marllyn Werner, Kathleen Hoke, Dolores Cole, Lauretta Boyd, Mxldred Muenzenmaler, Claire Lindner, Dolores Palys, Normne Halter, Florence D1Franco URTHERING their mterest m the study of three part muslc, mne girls formed the Clef tune Our three part muslc is selected from the works of the finer music artlsts As a speclal attractlon at the Spring Concert we sang "Begin the Beguine" by Cole Porte and "Wings" by Fiblch We also sang at graduatlon and on Class Day The high point of our program this year was our visit to Seneca Vocational High School where we sang for the students in the1r assembly 54 7 Club. It started approximately four years ago, and has carried on its fine works since that . . . I, HISTORY COSTUME 1' 55 Q? 11 x 'Y' fa, HISTORY CUSTUME avi? 56 N , , I 0 F " -. 1 , V A 'ik F . , , 1 lx ,L - A 'ex L . ,mf Q51-f W W ,sw wg, ji 4 tiia ' fi' , 4, k I' I 1 , - 'V n-- A Kiki 'ir ' ,V . ,5 , JUHIUH RED CROSS B19 Fxrst row Gerald1ne Combs janet Przybyla, Antoinette Bruscia Hazel Hays Lorrame Waldron Dorothy Kasprzak, Kathleen Doersam, Mary Lou Clark Elsxe Wallace Second row Mane Bon fante Geralda Fleischer, Irene Reszka, Frances Manclm, Betty Jane Lane, Rose DeMa1or1bus, Pauline Pepre, Mary Lou Pletromxcca, Marxan Constantmo Third row Dolores Grxsantl Anna Massett, Edlth Weaver Rxta Cullen THE motto of the Red Cross everywhere is Servlce servxce to those in dxstress, to those 1n need and to those at home or abroad who want to be helped And we at Girls Vocatlonal I-hgh School l1ke to feel that we have a good part to play ln glving such help The Red Cross Council, which consists of one representatlve from each home room held sev eral meetmgs thls year at elght o'clock rn the rnormng Among the activxties of the Red Cross was the enrollment dr1ve m whxch the school enrolled one hundred percent Because of the des perate need for school supplies toilet articles and toys the students f1lled flfty seven glft boxes for the needy chlldren in Europe The sewmg girls mn Room 7 deserve a lot of credlt for the splendid Job they have done in making dresses for the destitute children overseas An assembly program was gxven by the Red Cross Council for the purpose of 1llustratmg the necessxty of observing accxdent prevention Frances Woodburn, Safety Servlce Field Represen tatlve for the North Atlantnc Area of the American Natlonal Red Cross, was the guest speaker who gave a very enlightening talk on Accident Prevention On the second Wednesday of each month, two representatives from this school, Hazel Hays, and Lorrame Waldron, attend meetings at the Chapter House on Delaware Avenue. At these meet ings, supper is served and the students give reports on the Red Cross activlties carried on ln their schools. There is usually a speaker or a movie which helps the students to better under- stand the work of the Red Cross. 57 'I- 21 jffx ,sn ,frmiz Q 25' gf' W4 . L . Jr' Y T lx ff flfmqg 1.4-if .K 4' 1 Wi MERRY CHRISTMAS C x 'xfif J I ye , sf: - . N Q ,Q,. W ' ,W X . ' 'X Q Q. 1 W, fn Q! ' f K I aint- ,f 4. " ' X 3 ,- M Q Q, .. " ' , , f It I MMV A, 'f 0 2 , r ,f D . If X, J A I 5 ', I K, 1 1 G GY ASSY GL 'L FND SPM Sue PROLOGUE G VARIETIES 'Q -5 FND C E Y VN G0 p,bP'MvY LD WORMS SP5 Shiv' LP-UNDR Y MMDS SLEEPY AND MARTHA DANCERS 60 sk LOVE ANGO AND PLAYERS C PJ-'L' CRE MA T10 180158 VARIETIES MMA CEE NDS AND F N TI msn GURDON N DANCERS F BY ONKP- RITUAL FIRE DANCE o 'mm WATERS QUARTET 61 if 151 9' E-NADH Go RGEO QM GOLD PROM "K QT' Us GEORG E ww EE YOU Ac-mu ARIETIES FRI Sc on ANC WE LL-S HE-RE X LL- ST ERS NI BLO On LESS , RTOIQ X Buc1LS1G XCO G BLS IVINS ' N BOYS BND CBL C COL W ATER 52 155 QW O1 AN ARR THE ORCHESTRA l 'At ' GEMS DS VARIETI ES ,' X 1 . 1 .A X xx! 'xx ST ' AGEHAN STA Ds SA 1 AF T- 55 P'-TRB MOR sh TEM 63 X ry ii 7 V any sand RDVI NG PHUTUGRAPHER 'fn Ns X I 35605 wx v6 6 400 dork vi G OYQGO HTHLET CS l-fn-1 Row one left to rlght Esther Szullst, Arlme Iaslnska, Anme Mae McCarthy Ruth lmhof Betty Housman, Sue Keys, Pat Manmng Ann Marle Provenzxano Row two left to rlght Eleanor Reszka Zelma Duchanska, Arllne Multerer Florence Clrmo, Kathleen I-Ioke, Loretta Boyd, Dolores Zmteck Row three left to rxght Irene De Nure, Gerry C1r1no Anna Cammarano Elsle Welss Susle Eonuccl Margarlte O'Connell, Jo Ferrarraccio LIFE IN THE GYMNASIUM begms at the crack of dawn each day when the hordes of en thuslastlc, energetic wlelders of badmmton racquets pour into the gym and almost bodlly push Vxnce and h1s co workers out 1nto the corrldors so they can begm to wallop the daylxghts ou of a small object called a shuttlecock or badmmton bxrdlel From a small group of about ten selected glrls thls number has lncreased to some 150 dxfferent glrls who have particxpated 1n the sport of badmmton During the year, three badminton play days were held, f1ve tournaments were run off, weekly sessions were held at the 174th Armory, and varlous gxrls represented the school 1n tournaments held ln Buffalo, Rochester, and Nlagara Falls. Llvely mterest was dlsplayed 1n other sports also .... we had the largest number of teams ever entered xn a basketball tournament th1s year . . w1th top honors gomg to the Canar1es team from CT4A. Many of our girls played on basketball teams outslde the school 1n CYC leagues, and several reached the fmals l The number of teams ln the Rlng Temus tournament was record breakmg .... 48 teams were enrolled. . .with the blggest number comlng from VCZB and VC2C. Thls goes to press too early to print the results of thls tremendous tourney! Both Miss Massman and Mrs. Stecker were out to break more records by havmg the greatest number of awards to be presented thls year for athletic partlcipatlon. 135 upperclassmen and 105 freshmen received letters and gold pms on Athletlc Letter Day in May. 66 ln Row one left to right Lucy Terren, Esther Szulist, Dolores Zinteck, Angella Vedulla Frances Lipinska, Margarite O'Connell Josephine Ferrarraccio Mary Lou Pietromicca Arline Jasmska Dorothy Kozlowska Irene Sasala Row two Sue Keys Pat Maska Rose Lovetro Jo Germano, Mary Lou Clark, Hildred Carter Jo Glasgow Ruth Imhof Lorraine Waldron Frances Krzes, Bet ty Jones, Margaret Kubicki Charlotte Aures, Irene Reszka, Joan Yuhnke Row three Myra Kelly, Irene Tomizzi, Roberta Kobee Ann Neumayer, Janet Hays, Pauline LePre Mary Morabito, Claire Lindner, ROSBMRFIE Borowska Janet Melvin, Antoinette Brusciz, Doris Gearman, Alice Tybor, Mary Serifilippi Row four Alice Christ Ann Marie Provmzlano Rose Allesandro Pat Manning Anna Mae McCarthy Carol Yuhnke Eleanor Reszka Lorraine Jaskowiak Jeannette Kinecki, Felicia Par adowska Florence Skill Mary Carter, Rita Zymrusz, Alice Oleksy, Arline Multerer, Florence Stevens Row five Irene Kluczynski Nancy Metzger, Lucille Murszewska Geraldine Nieczyk Henrietta Duke Zelma Duchanska Susie Eonucci, Joan Godfrey, Elsie Weiss, Florence Cirino Margaret Saletta, Joan Perry, Mildred Muenzenmeier Seated - left to right: Josephine Dziomba, Janet Melvin, Caroline' Thuman, Florence Skill, Beverly Vitez, Dorothy Lelek, Felicia Paradowska. Standing - left to right: Alfreda Malszewska, Joan Housman, Betty Jones, Irene Lawicki, Dorothy Mroz, Frances Krzes, Betty Housman, Rita Lask- owski. 67 Seated left to rlght Antomette Ludovlclo Charlotte Aures Antomette Bruscla Rlta Laskowska Gerry Clrmo, Arlene Iasmska Betty Housman Emlly Krzes Alfreda Malszewska Esther Szullst Marletta Barber, Marxe Bonfante Standmg left to rlght Row one Florence Iask1er, Dolores Brunn Eleanor Reszka Rlta Wawronska Mary Ser1f1l1pp1 Shlrley Relmg Irene Snyder Ioan Hous man, Margarlte O Connell Dolores Zlnteck Jo Ferrarracclo Row two left to rlght Susle Eon uccl Dorothy Szymanska I-Iarrxett Racconl Frances Gagllardo, Theresa Shwmska, Ruth Imhof Vxolet Trlbula Hlldred Carter Lucille Murszewska Row three left to rlght Mary Ann Woj nowska Mlldred Muenzenme1er Teresa Seltter Roberta Kobee Eleanor Relmska Frances P1 duch Io Glasgow 'T' .TMI Seated left to rlght Row one Ann Altamura, Irene Sasala, Barbara Kujawa Irene Reszka Joyce Heppner Row two left to rlght Janet Hays Carol Yuhnke Ann Mane Provenz1ano Anna M McCarthy janet Melvm Mary Carter, Caro11neThuman Ahce Chrlst Rose Mane Borowska Dons Gearman, Clalre Lmdner Alice Tybor Row three left to rlght Kathleen Grosso Pat r1c1a Maska Diane Carlm, Mary Morabito, Dorothy Kozlowska, Florence Sk1l1 Beverly Vltez, Dolores Labach, Chrlstme Wroblewska Row four left to rlght Zelma Duchanska Rose Love tro, Mane Butler, Lydia Chocynskl, Margaretta Saletta, Allce Oleksy Ioan Wegorowska Rose Kuberackx, Ann Zdroyewska Manlyn Werner, Ahce Urban Row fxve left to mght Irene Kluczynska, josephme Germano Florence Clrmo, Kathleen Hoke Loretta Boyd, Elmor Grytten Elaine Sllsz, Mary Lou Pietromlcca, jean Bonmn, Rlta Rutkowska Patrlcla Gllmour, Irene Kos tomak 68 W TTQZIQ At table Esther Szulist Dolores Zmetck Alfreda Malszewska Rita Laskowska Row one Mildred Muenzenmeier Betty Housman Roberta Kobee, Ruth Imhof Arhne Multerer Alice Tybor Diane Carlin Florence C1r1no Sue Keys Doris Gearman Anna Mae McCarthy Janet Hays Carol Yuhnke Pat Manning Lorraine Jaskowiak, Jeannette Kinecki Charlotte Aures, Antoinette Lud ovicio Marietta Barber Myra Kelly Irene Lawicki Row two Rose Lovetro, Mary M01-ibito Lor rame Waldron, Arm Cammarano Geraldine Klosinska Rose Marie Borowska Claire Lmdner Pat Maska Elsie Weiss, Pauline LePre Lucille Murszewska Gerry Nieczyk Arl1neJas1nska Marg uer1teO'Connell Jo Ferrarraccio Ann Marie Provenziano Irene Tomizzi Row three Susie Eonuc ci Joan Yuhnke Mary Serifilxppi Carmela Rosatl, Frances Gagliardo Harr1ettRaccon1 Frances Krzes Betty Jones, Magdaline Vaczy Regina Szewczy Eugenia Suchodolski Frances Pawlak Elsie Lidell, Joyce Dinsmore Angela Vedulla T Seated - left to right Josephine Ferraraccio Jeannette Kiffman Patricia Bronowska, Lucy DeMaioribus, Arline Jasinska Standing - Row 1 - left to right: Lorraine Zymrusz, Bernadette Podlas, Mary Carter, Ann Chmiel ewska. Row 2 - left to right: Anna Mantino, Mary Bakowska, Diane Moore Theresa Nowak, Doris Gearman. 69 FASHION aHOW X .Q xg X X X x XR x Xx X , X, , xg 1 yx,X ibx . KX XX X' Ku, ,:'A 4 3' d gf- F Q 4 . V X ., x W U X XJ QVA1, kai K 5. X X4' SR! X fs ,f 463 .. .N 5 X Aix! X xx X ,fx Q ,xx il fi xx HDVEHTISIHB HRT 405' CURRICULUM Freshman Year Iumor Year English 1 General Science Economic World Try out Course Sophomore Year English 2 Technical Mathematics Technical Science Advertising Art 2 72 Semor English 3 World Hlstory Salesmanship Business Management Advertising Art 3 Year Enghsh 4 American History Industrial Design Advertising Art 4 3 1 'K VK I X 5 '12 A 4 I U t A ' x BEHUTU CULTURE Freshman Year Enghsh 1 General Science Economic World Try out Course Sophomore Year English 2 Technical Mathematics Techmcal Design Beauty Culture 2 AA CURRICULUM 73 Iunlor Year Senior English 3 World History Technical Science Beauty Culture 3 Year English 4 American History Salesmanship Business Management Beauty Culture 4 - IX' 'U 'fel C sg S44 fc, x BUSINESS BUUHHEEPIHB Freshman Year English 1 General Science Economic World Try out Course Sophomore Year English 2 Business Arithmetic Office Practice 1 Retailing Typewrifing CURRICULUM 74 junior Year Senior English 3 World History Bookkeeping 1 Office Practice Year English 4 American History Business Law Retailing 2 Bookkeeping 2 BUSINESS SESHETHHIHL C URRIC ULUM Freshman Year jumor Year Enghsh 1 General Sclence Economxc World Try out Course Sophomore Year Enghsh 2 Buslness Arlthmetic Shorthand 1 Typewrltmg 75 Semor English 3 World History Shorthand 2 Bookkeepmg 1 Year English 4 American History Business Law Office Practice 1 Secretarial Practice - W S , 6 ,fm Q ev, ,...-i- Q N Q ' . 'fb , , if , F, s ' ' ' i C URRIC UL UM Freshman English 1 General Science Economic World Try out Course Sophomore Year Semor English 2 Technical Mathematics Technical Science Clothing 2 '16 Iumor Year English 2 World H1story Technical Deslgn 1 Clothing 3 Year English 4 American History Technical Design 2 or Salesmanship and Business Management Clothing 4 CLUTHIHG Freshman Year English 1 General Sclence Economlc World Try out Course Sophomore Year English 2 Techmcal Mathematlcs Techmcal Design Techmcal Science Foods 2 CURRICULUM 77 'ia .1 Iunior Year Enghsh 3 World History Technical Sclence Foods 3 Senior Year English 4 American History Salesmanshlp Busmess Management Foods 4 FUUDS PEEH H B00 STHF ffaA v B 'N v c e v " ' Q ff 2 ' 1hQ 1 1 m me,M,m, Q ,pg f vziwwt,tmQe ' Seated left to rlght Ioan Godfrey, Naomx 1-hnes, Anna Carosx, Barbara Sammarco, jane Harszlak, Theresa jankowsln, Mlldred Muenzenmaler, Dolores Cole, Ehnore Grytten Marjorxe Holhs, Mary Jane Beyer Genevleve Kowalczewska Standmg left to r1ght Nancy Metzger, Dolores Hendershot, Joyce Wolffer, Nancy Nash, Norrlne Halter Joy Flamlng, Arlene Multerer, Marlene Kreutzer, Jean nette Kxffman, Betty Hartman, Theresa Sczcypior, Betty Housman Evelyn Taylor, Clara Kwasmew ska, Manlyn Koerner Marguerite O'Connell Carol Yuhnke Geraldme Andry COMPARED to other clubs and organizatxons m our school, our newspaper IS a virtual infant. We have been ln existence for only two years but our pubhcatlons have proved suc cessfull wlth the students and faculty. The artxcles are contributed by the students who wrzte them during thexr free t1me Who knows? Thls may be just the opportunity for some budd1ng young Journalist! Our ed1t1ons began w1th one page and now run from slx to ten pages The typmg and stenc1l cutting IS done by the students. The newspaper has glven those who worked on xt, a great deal of pleasure and we hope, our readers a great deal of en1oyment '78 I - .Q Y Q Hstrmefpw-awaef 1 hmm, + r W S M ,ff r' W ,aa hi fa MH W 3 i , if if gg al JE, f fi, 5 N... x ,fi 3 4 .N yn .Af .af 2, A vs if fee Q ' ' V., S.-'Sn fm bm A ,Q 4, Y l -his it w X' " t - . . . . . . ! . . - . . , . . , - , .. 7 7 9 ' . . 7 . LH 'fx M. A . 4 . ,4 ' :f".17-l'A-- , 53555 7 X 111' 'kg-mg, 'f' ' 'iiX5"W'1' Q, M19 f F .lf 2 , -ff fa K. -., ,. -,4-. f,L, Q M ,bas HQ. , S I W4 f F 'Es V Q., x ' , X, - 11 5 TQ F, V , . ff 7, vw? I' . ff- 1- W ' ' W! Ski ' 4 .LV,g.,: ff f- ,g75'2IfQ:,j,,14f, iisw J I' Q Ex -4 1 ml, . " fffiif 5,-.lux 1 V ,, N , 4px w f P QV A . 2" ,AX-I To future Seniors We send our best regards N May all your dreams of commg years QQ Come true by the yards CLASS OF 1949 Up 2 fhghts 2 turns left, then right Congratulations to the 2 doors down alacka light Semm-S Peek m and guess who you'l1 see from 17 merry faces of VC3B CT313 Sentxments of Foods III When work seems rather dull to me And llfe 1S not so sweet One thmg at least can brmg me Joy I imply love to eatl' Success to Class of 49 from Comphments of VC 3A VC 2A G V H S IS the School for me V C 2 C IS the room for me 316 to be exact We love It here and that's act VC2C Best of luck to the Semors AAZA from CT2B Congratulations to the Semors from CT2A To the Semors we wrsh success For each day Hoping all worth whlle chances Come their way Best of luck from BC2A VC2B congratulates the glrls of '49 And wlshes them happmess and success Comphments of CT2C Best of luck from Fr 9 Compliments of Fr Fr 1 extends fond hopes We've had a year of cheer Now that we know all the ropes We may be back next year Congratulations to the Seniors From Fr 6 Congratulations from Success to Class of 49 from F 8 Fr4 r 80 rx X f N X S I ' - a f 5 Compliments of Fr 3 Success to Class of 49 from Fr 7 Best of luck to Semors from F 2 8- f ra" G IIIA X f I 1 " 1, As A-s JUSEPH IHHHTIH Deal ers m Fresh Fruxts Vegetables Grocerles 618 washington st 0830 fix -0"'Q SCHOOL SWEATERS ATHLETIC GOODS Phone CL 4774 FHHHH P MICH Always Klck For Qual1ty TROPHIES MEDALS Tony Martm 166 Mulberry Street Sales Manager Buffalo, N Y SPORTSMAN S LIQU OR STORE DELIVER open from 8 A M to 12 P M Dally PHONE WA 4719 371 BROA .4 A fxk' C DWAY AT HICKORY THE QOODS' YU5"F' ST F HARDWICK 8: JONES, Props the ' ' r . Ma. '31 s .J f I I 1 ' I W.:-'QofL1v :Y N 'jp fn. 1 .W 81 COMPLIMENTS OF 4 NUESSLE'S MARKET 145 Lemon St FRANK KUWIK IR Cholce Meats and Grocerles PLUMBING an HEATING ,K 967 Exchange Street Mo 0317 Phone BA 4844 ED SMOKOWSKI T Cgppuqs CQMPANY INC LINOTYPE COMPOSITION TO TRADE Artists Materlals Paint Supplies Wedding Invitations Cards 728 Main Street Shngers Bllls E c Buffalo 2 New York Noveltles and Calenders Every descrlptxon at lowest prlces Resldence 81 Walden Ave Shop 964 Sycamore Photographs Frames ,BE SWA Photographer 637 Main Street Buffalo Wa 8363 82 I X ix . . t , '. . of . .ul-if? , N. Y. FRA K X SCHEN UMBING AND HEATING CONTRACT xx lid RESIDENTIAL and INDUSTRIAL J 192 KEYSTONE HU 8811 TONY 8: IIM S GROCERY Cold Cuts Fruits 8: Veg 248 B1rd Ave GA 8998 TYPEWRITERS NEW USED REPAIRED Sold Rented Serviced UNDERWOOD ROYAL CORONA REMINGTON Qi PORTABLES WA 6375 ,fs Corona 8: Remington COMPLIMENTS OF Addlng Machines Typewriters 8: Office Machines Kinney's Radio Service overhauled 150 East Genesee St Bought and Sold PHILIPS UFFICE MACHINES Phihp E Lavine 62 E Huron St 83 PL OR C " X Q , ' v . XXX X """"" ' """"' ' 9 H - QE S sl QQDHC EL ur S 'HT 3,0 , rf: - M WW' "EJ i if .- J PECIALTY JEWELRY MANUFACTURERS or Class Pins-Class Rings-Fraternity jewelry Rig? EI? TY MEDALS- TROPHIES- PLAQUES ' ' ' PRIZE CUPS - BRONZES COrtlandt 7-8143 BESTWISHES SCHWARTZ'S DELICATESSEN FROM 322 E. North SCHOOL 37 Open Evenings GR 4843 Eg A KAYSER if SCDNS DEINHART DRUG, INC GRIMM'S SPECIALTY SHOPPE 1507 Fillmore Avenue 1480 FILLMORE AVE Prescription Specxalist MOJUD MOIUD HOSIERY LINGERIE We Deliver HU 0059 cf' 84 ST 1963 65 SENECA BUFFALO, N Y 85 ANDREWS CONFEC TIONARY COMPLIMENTS OF 696 William Street I X ' A Magazines Groceries i gf-I xf 2? Ice Cream , 5 Novelties 7 ', A F R I E N D QR 0' 5 M ' fx J SULLIVAN LUMBER NORMAN E. VANDERCHER , , . Woodwork Building Materials D. . t. . lspensmg Op lclan 2189 Niagara St. at Arthur Occulists' Prescriptions Filled Riverside 4500 405 Genesee St. Buffalo 4, N. Y. TR 2003 COMPLIMENTS OF F U R R I E R S Choice Meats 8: Groceries - Ice Cream 8: Beer Open every evening including Sundays 55 Sobieski St. Phone TA. 6753 Buffalo, New York - - -351, H g X , A Q 6 gd V L. Better Home Heating CALKINS 8 COD. 0 AIR CONDITIONING 0 HEATING 0 SHEET METAL WORK B. V. Calkins WO. 2168 CL. 3259 1572 Seneca St. COMPLIMENTS OF THE FLAT IRON GRILL 0 e P t ,-4 21' , 5 1 n aymen MORTGAGE I I The modern way to eliminate confu- sion and help keep your budget in balance, is the business-like one payment mort- gage. One payment per month on this type of mortgage covers interest, taxes, and fire insurance. It eliminates the both- er of making several payments per month and permits you to set up in your family budget an exact amount per month for pay- ment of these items. Investigate the one payment mortgage service of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF BUFFALO 318 High Street Buffalo 4, N Y Telephone Li 4872 SCHILLER PARK OFFICE 2133 Genesee St Buffalo 11 N Telephone Ta 5580 Compliments of I. PANDQLFI L , , .Y O . ww if-.4 'I xtiilj . Q -' 'S i NANXFH 1 I , . Y - mf- 'IO ' 86 THREE UWUWENAMES WJTEE BEAUTY HELD HEEENECURTB SUPERSUMC KQRZJDLY Phone: CL. 6188 Lettering on Bowling Shirts Res. CL. 7986 Our Specialty GUTTAS EMBLENIS Manufacturers of V Club Sweaters Flags Banners School Letters Pennants Felt and Chenille Letters and Club Emblems 68 70 Genesee St Bet Washmgton and Elhcott Opp Electric Building Buffalo 2 N Y SENECA MARKET 236 Seneca Street Buffalo New York 'x 5 MIKES FOOD MARKET Mike Baldl 274 Maryland Street MO 7572 Gia Entertainment Headquarters for Glrls Vocational I-hgh School Students rm SEHE ,Q ff-if CHARLES E ROESCH 8: CO Supplying Restaurants Hotels EUHEATERS Taverns Institutions B U F F A L O T E C K 10 Broadway Market TA 4920 And in leading Communltles QL. , 5 7 r-Q Q U 77 . , . . it 3, 3 J 'W , xgyi '7 f ,, 2 if' 1' L' ' E "' ' Y I , 1 , bk , Y E7 "1- 'Q 23? f yy. l ' ' 4 gl if 87 TENNIS 8: BADMINT EQUIPMENT We string Q wus" ACE RGC 1 SHOP Hydraulic achme Restringmg While U Wait y Appoxntment T 1 35 201 Welmar Street Buffalo 6, New York Comphments of "' KARL SCHEEL "' OTTO MILLER ALDERNEY DAIRY EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING RUBBERS REPAIRED SHOES DYED 300 Carlton St Buffalo, N Y R MQCDRE CAP AND GOWNS X 932 DAKIN STREET CHICAGO 13 ILLINOIS Telephone WE111ngton 5 3424 Ellllfl' LANDE8 COMMERCIAL PRINTING WITH COMPLIMENTS FROM LE O' S MARKE T 363 Genesee St Buffalo, N. Y. 9 + fi? PHONE CLeve1and 8087 KQLLER THIS YEARBOOK PRINTED VELVATONE EXCLUSIVE KELLER REFINEMENT OF PHOTO OFFSET B gc 0 UFFAL ff. . E c 1 l?1':'Pt" - I '1'q?t:.:r : I s'v"q'lx'a7' ' J A r X 7 . 1 x i ' - R . 9 5 C.: , I . . . E . . Q f

Suggestions in the Girls Vocational High School - Herald Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

Girls Vocational High School - Herald Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Girls Vocational High School - Herald Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Girls Vocational High School - Herald Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 84

1949, pg 84

Girls Vocational High School - Herald Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 53

1949, pg 53

Girls Vocational High School - Herald Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 77

1949, pg 77

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