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Girls Preparatory School - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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GIRLS PREP!-XHATUHY SEHUUL Ex LIBPJS X, lvgA,,.,WA ,B N.a,a,:v"A --"'3 if Q J . , 'M -. nr .F-, Y , x., . , pf -s xy Y' gh. f N 3- If , za Y f : w ' F 351 .r ' ff? .N ., 2 --dna ... 9.55, ug. m' ' .. ii: ' i ., W ? 5 L., fa' " . : ' ' - , -- : . ' - E,::N.E. :.,x,:, iii., , MISS SUSAN KENNEDY SMARTT MISS MARTHA ELIZABETH CHISOLM Presenting GIRLS PREP!-XHATUHY SEHUUL Chattannnga, Tennessee KN, MQ .ip Y C15 C152 X, ff :Sgt , 1 JS. N., 1- 1 Cv, 035 'N f'J Sv QQ I' 1 sp fl Js. Ax, A255 35, Q C15 . The 1953 AIHI Il IHI Il IPB FRANCES ZWENIG Editor BABETTE POLLARD Assistant Editor SIDNEY EASLEY Picture Editor PUREWUHU We, the students, make up the yearly kaleidoscope of our campus. Within these pages we may find a record of our fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams. Let us look for those precious memories of many new acquaintances and a few choice friendships, of daily assignments faithfully and regularly done, of free- dom gained through education, and of the birth of new understanding and finer appreciations. This is our expres- sion, our individuality, our unity, our year,l965. ::::::::: Mus. MAHGARET GLENN Dedication HJ Six years ago, we entered a classroom and began learning the instruments of the orchestra. That was our introduction to three years of music and culture. Soon we learned that this little lady with the spar- kling blue eyes would be more than a teacher. She became our companion, and she brought music and refinement to all of us. Her personality and persever- ance have graced important school affairs, as well as informal piano sessions after class. So we, the class of 1963, dedicate this Kaleidoscope to you, Mrs. Glenn, who for years have given unselfishly of yourself and of your time to bring joy to others. : : : : : A suse Wir' E hna Mater Here's to the girls of the G. P. S. Here's to the lessons, too. H ere's to the rirzg we wear for her. He-re's to the hlfzcle and hlue. Here's lo the hope that we still may he Proven through every test, Worthy the school the most revere. Here's to the G. P. S..' T BLE UT CONTENTS FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION STUDENTS ORGANIZATIONS PUBLICATIONS CALENDAR SPORTS CANDID CAMERA DANc1zs MAY DAY SUPERLATIVES LITERARY ljatult and 5' The Faculty of the Girls' Preparatory School represents not only scholarship but also personal interest in each girl. Contrary to general opinion, a teacher's influence does not end at graduation but continues throughout our lives to in- spire us in other aspects of life as well as in our search for knowledge. : Mrs. Stanley Addis Miss Jane Aiken Mrs. Dan Anderson Mrs. J. P. Armstrong French Mathematics French Mathematics E. S. Albert, France University of Lycee De Reims, Middle State Teachers' Peabody College Chattanooga., B.A. France, B.A. College University of Clmttanooga, B.A. Miss Helen Caine Mrs. Campbell Carden Mrs. R. S. Courtney Miss Carroll Cunningham Latin Bible 7 Mathematics Lllih Duke University, B.A. University of Carson-Newman University of Chattanooga., B.A. College, B.S. North Carolina, B.A. E81 Administration Miss Mary Hannah Tucker Mrs. M. O. Clark Miss Mary Elizabeth Smith Prlncilml Assistant Princilml Director of Junior School Tennessee College, B,A. English English Vanderbilt University, M,A. Randolph-Macon, B.A. Duke University, B.A. University of Colorado University of Alabama, M.A. University of Peabody University of Chicago Chattanooga' ME, Peabody College Miss Lee Berney Miss Elizabeth Battle Mrs. T. W. Bridge Mrs. J. P. Browder, Jr Physical Education French Librarian English University of Miami University, B.A. University of University of Tennessee, B.S. Chattanooga, B.A. Tennessee, B.S. Emory University. B.S. Mrs. Margaret Glenn Mrs. Kenneth Gould Mrs. James Hitt Mrs. R. W. Ingwalson Muslc General Science English Chemistry American Conservatory Wooster College, B.S. Martin College Carthage College. B.A. of Muslc, Chicago Aberline College, M.A. Whetworth University of Florida, M.A Middle Tennessee State Teachers' College. B.S. l9l Fanuli and Mrs. Betty P. Lackey Miss Roberta Moore Miss Lois Moyer Miss Louise Myers Biology l-lead of the Denartment of Head of the Deuartment of Art University or EHSHSII MHUICMMNS and Science Berea College, B,A. Chattanooga, B.A. Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. College of Wooster. B.A, University of Chattanooga University of Ohio University, M.A. Ohio Wesleyan, M.A. Tennessee, M.A. Columbia. University of Kentucky University of Kentucky Mrs. E. T. Schmidt Mrs. M. G. Scholten Miss Barbarann Smith Mrs. Maria N. Solana English English Mathematics Snanish Elon College, A.B. University of Akron, B.S. Howard College, B.A. University of Havana., Ph.D. Siena. College University of Columbia ,,o Mrs. R. H. Winningham Mrs. Jean Grote Yates Mrs. Woodrow Lundy Mathematics History Oillce Vanderbilt University, B.A. Mount Holyoke College, B.A. University of Chattanooga i101 dministratinn Mrs. Carolyn Plunket Mrs. A. J. Poston Mrs. A. Cave Richardson Miss Sallie Rust Latin Head of the Department Bible Mathematics University of Chicago. B.A. of LIUIEIIBKCS University of Peabody College, B.S., M.A. Emory University, M.A. Carson-Newman Chattanooga, B.A. College. B.A. Maryville College. University of Virginia Bachelor of Oratory Mrs. Dick Thomas Mrs. E. D. Walter, Jr. Mrs. C. S. Wheeler Miss Ulrica Whitaker Physical Education History History Head of the Department University of University of University of of His'-0l'Y Chattanooga. B.A. Chattanooga, A.B. Chattanooga. A.B. University of Chicago, University of University of Alabama M.A., Ph.D. Tennessee. M.S. -I Q' Mrs. Oren Reed Mrs. William Schlemmer Mrs. Walter Young Dietitian Cafeteria Office Mittelscliule, University of Chattanooga Mountain City Lueback. Germany Business College Not Pictured: Mrs. A. F. Porzelius Office Sweet Briar, A.B. I 11 J fr 3-V -JV, 13.5, W 'C 'Y ,. X .Z1' W5 -"Q ,-,- Q,- 1.,. iv HC Q. 'Fi ag, , , M J. nm rf. - 'A .... A ,JA- . ' I' 14. f,'-r-N 1-1 -f V r 1 1.1 1 ," 1+--513,,"Z,,,,1 Wy, .WE Lan 3 - 1. ,,., QT., .:.Y j .5 Q, ww! QT? ,xwggmxfgxn 23,8858 WB smM M " m"AH:QgW'5 Qgumm ,maxim 4 ummm my sax-' :V L-7 K gauging B. mn? :vi iiQ i: Q.: Y ,. ,. rub? 5' 'AAS5 Eif TW K-7:1113 ,Q -12 V M. Q.?,,,,AM i 'fl V fvxxssan gggw H if wg M LH M H Hggg Mm. M - Q wig Lwmwwmm Mggfm mwmmmwwmg gif. m.wAW,- fmwfwfa Ms .1 - EE' alfa if-www ,, :QE 4' -. ' 3, ,Zan Egvgam an mmss,ss'ma 'Qi ygfggsg, :mm5"5yQg5E sgmmmg mtg nigga-fm QQ lgiiiqg 'l'XMdia2Qiiff 52355235-E Hmm H55 fig?-in JEWWHSEESEH 'QNX QFQQEES amass:-kQn'..n,xQwQm ' mm mxgggvw gm was :ss wg Q--wg-xjujlm Fiwmam mga as-"1a-1 was -Qiblggzammm ygx 'Hffiaw Q ' X:-Qfmwmwffi BME H Uwaa gg? ,X Mum K as rm ymrfmg NNSMEEH ' Ywng as x v 'A xxvsmm W we 1 N Hx-4 E - V, is E S W QWH him!! W-"E I ,, I .,, KH B117 Mnwih A I. ,M V gen Mgmfa .' .SX h-Is' fi 5, '- B ' wwwifl B Aww! 1-U, ' mf: ' 11':w ff M:-"fLg'!3Q,E u,s.E .x n .4 ,525 41,392.1 gm M-gulmyfg-N-an 335323535 H fm El'5,'E,.f E gli' EfzQQf:K2f as 5,2?s,'mg ss I New awww sf sf ef-.V m We up-J K.-1 ,...v -m ww. -W1 11 uw- ,us Lia-71. 4- -, aid IE- sk- .H A my mf N. uw 1f.i r ,M .. 'J lm w-A 54 S 5-, ,. N My Q, Q Q V H gg-X .W fm sf are if ,X 1 me -rm w msn: mms ,H vi. E ss mf an as -Q1 af- E Ra? H,-5 Sink ii-SEE fQlf'?lw Umm, wmv, 15611, P Y X N , sa fun' -Sw ,Q ,wining ,ac , ws? ss 55 59. vs -as am x Y, is J! 'si if -we 'sf P4 K5 Q ' L ss 'L .Ku 3 ,,E mamma? 156455 mmm- M,-25 +3235 A535 SVS? 2334, 5553 Esau? QCA. Egg, svix NNNXM1 V . K, 'Vi .., P. M 2 ww.: 11 :mm-w ss v x 5 Q., v my S n We ai ' 3 A .4 www ' X N Q39 N Q N . U w 4 ,d . .,. 1 I, f" 4' T' 1 ' fy ' L" 4' N E '21, if ,, , X iii ss as , 1 .E ss , Q SE IUP1 ELA55 Eusxs RYMER Tom HILL SUSAN BUTTERFIELD BETSY CHISOLM Treasurer Secretary President Vice-president Senior Class JACQUELINE ADAMS Entered 1957, Black Team, Modern Dance 7, 8, Christian Youth Club 7, 8, Science Club 8, I-President I, Math Club II, III, Service League, Library Club, Class Play II, "Static", National Honor Society III, IV- President IV, Annual Board-Business Manager. Sparkling black eyes . . . mischievous under quiet exterior . . . determination to do her best . . . Vanderbilt . . . Pendleton . . . keys to success-realism, order, usefulness . . . New York shoe salesman's dream . . . Jackie --industrious and diligent. DONNA SUE ALBRIGHT Entered 1957, Black Team, Modern Dance 7, 8, I, II, III, IV, Science Club 8, junior Glee Club 8, I, Christian Youth Club I, II, Black Captain I, IV, Varsity Basketball IV, Varsity Tennis III, IV, Varsity Volleyball III, IV, Math Club IV. Procrastination personified . . . giggles . . . "But, Miss Nloyer, wait a minz1te!" . . . great swimmer ...f z uhirlwind of confusion . . . "Have you signed up yet?" . . . a swing with her walk . . . peroxided eyelashes . . . our ejervescent Due. NANCY CAROLYN BIRD Entered 1958, Black Team, Junior Glee Club 8, I, Senior Glee Club II, III, IV, Christian Youth Club 8, I, II, Christian Forum III, IV, Class Vice-president III, Modern Dance II, III, Art Workshop I, Service League II, Music Club IV, May Day Chairman-Costume. Distinctive walk and laugh . . . blonde, green, black hair . . . eye make-up . . . sly and mysterious . . . reckless driving . . . chemistry lah . . . bubbling personality . . . Provident beach . . . sweet and popular . . . that's our "Bird," U61 Schroedingefs Equation ff I make them with a flash of .S'calf's Indian River M edicinef' "I commute" x "Veni, Vidi, Vid" 0.K., so which one's right?" Brush, Brush, Brush Elass Ui 1953 HELEN WEBSTER BRYAN Entered 1957: Blue Teamg Christian Youth Club 7, 8, Ig Modern Dance 7, I, II, III, Terpsichord IV, Class Play II, Service Leagueg May Day Principal IIIQ Theater Arts III-Secretary, Music Club II, III, IV -Vice-president IVQ May Day Committee-Dance. Virginia accent . . . enviable figure . . . eye make-up . . . well traveled . . . "But, 1'1.1e quit wearing lipstick!" . . . talented dancer . . . high ambitions... faithful Episcopalian . . . Italian boys !men!!?J . . . Arpege . . . Suzie, one of our Lookout Mountain girls. MARY BATES BRYAN Entered 19573 Black Team, Modern Dance 7, 8, I, III, Christian Youth Club 7g Music Club-Treasurer IIQ Speech Club III-Vice- president, Annual Board-Picture Editor. Always cheerful . . . "I hate to say this, But - " . . . Frances Parkinson Keyes . . . pet peeue-insincerity . . . corduroy . . . atrocious pronounciations . . . ardent Epis- copalian . . . charm bracelets . . . the Big B . . . "I-When I think, I mast speak." . . . Bee Babe. BEVERLY BUCKSHORN Entered 19599 Blue Teamg Christian Youth Club I, Ilg Modern Dance I, II, IIIQ Science Clubg Speech Club II, III, Senior Glee Club II, III, IVQ Varsity Glee Club III, IV. Choir practice . . . cowboys . . . candid . . . flaxen hair and skin to match . . . consider- ate . . . "Go aheadg itjs only a freight train" . . . a true friend . . . alumna of ilIcCallie Summer School . . . lovely soprano voice . . . Signal's own, Bnckenstein. On thy cold white teeth. f17J AWK? Senior Class SUSAN BUTTERFIELD Entered 19575 Blue Teamg Class Secretary and Treasurer 75 Modern Dance 73 Student Council 8, IIIg Class Play 85 Christian Youth Club-Secretary Ig Freshman Basket- ballg Library Clubg Annual Board Splinter Ig Welfare Representative IIg Varsity Ten- nis IIg Service Leagueg B Team Tennisg Current Events Club IIIg Class President IVg Christian Forum IVQ National Honor So- cietyg May Day Committee-Costumeg Most Congenial IV. A constantly cheerful and considerate com- panion . . . "Moon River" . . . worshipper of the sun-with results . . . "Hitch your 'wagon to a Staff' . . . lively, brown eyes . . . winning smile . . . onr "Butter." MARTHA ELIZABETH CH1soLM Entered 19573 Blue Teamg Christian Youth Club 7, 8, II-President 8g Christian Forum III, IVg Blue Captain 73 Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Service Leagueg Honor Court Repre- sentative Ig Math Club IIIg Senior Theater Arts IIIg Spanish Medal III3 Class Secretary IIIg Dance Committee II, III, IVg May Day Principal IIIQ Varsity Tennis, Pep Club IVQ Class Vice-president IVg Most Popular IVg National Honor Society IV3 May Day Committee-Program. A friend of all . . . surprisingly smart but unable to spell . . . banana cake . . . 11071- cbalant . . . expert on all Baylor sports events . . . "I just have to play it mol!" . . . Bula, crazy, lovable, great! AMELIA VIRGINIA CIFERS Entered 19573 Blue Teamg Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, IIQ Christian Forum III, IVQ History Award 83 Service Leagueg Modern Dance 7, 8g Science Club I, Ilg Class Play Ilg Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Senior Glee Club II, III, IV-President I, Vice-president IVg Math Club IIIQ Class President IIIg Annual Board-Picture Editor. Brunette Beauty with year-round tan . . . frequent trips to Florida . . . peanut butter- and-jelly sandwiches . . . always in orange . . . "IVait-I'm almost ready!" . . . young- est but wisest . . . smoldering black eyes . . . our sophisticated lady, Ruby. I18l "You don't have to park a bus."' Vicariously There's always one in the crowd. Class ni 1953 CHARLOTTE HAYMORE CLARK Entered 19573 Black Teamg Class Play 7, 85 Art Workshop Ig Junior Theater Arts I, IIQ Science Club 8, Ig Senior Theater Arts III, IV, May Day Chairman-Costume. Blue eyes 'n' blue mascara . . . candy -wagon 'versus pink bomb . . . 19" waist . . . multi- colored lingerie . . . makes her own Dior- type clothes . . . passion for blue . . . letter- writer . . . Blue Grass . . . "lVhat if we fail Algebra Review?" . . . conceals all kinds of mischief behind an angelic countenance. . . Charlotte, our lovable blonde bombshell!! "Going my way?" MARY INEZ DAY Entered 19575 Blue Teamg Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Freshman Basketballg Class Vice-presi- dent Ig Service Leagueg Library Clubg "B" Team Basketball II, IIIQ Blue Captain IIg Christian Youth Club IIQ Math Club III- Vice-presidentg May Day Committee -Program. Soft brown eyes . . . oxford cloth and madras . . . Intimate . . . "Summer Place" . . . gift of gab . . . talks with her hands and her facial expressions . . . witty!!! . . . practical . . . "This just makes me tired!" . . . chewing gum . . . gold ringfsj . . . Yes he will, toog be's so sweet!" "lUid." "And when I added the nitroglycerin to . . . " SARAH ELIZABETH DEAN Entered 19573 Black Tearng junior Glee Club 8, Ig Service Leagueg Library Club, Speech Club IIIg Senior Glee Club II, III, IVQ Varsity Glee Club II, III, IVg Christian Forumg Math Club III: Annual Board-Art Editorg National Merit Scholarship Finalist-IV. Cocker spaniel eyes . . . critical eye for lit- erature . . . beaten path to Baylor . . . "But, ya'll, we might get caught!" . . . musician, artist, scholar . . . appearances are often deceiving . . . Our demure, deliberate and dependable Sali. This is my true self revealed. if 191 On, , QM X1 E Q ' iff' 31 ,ir Senior Class CAROL ADRIAN DICKSON Entered 19575 Black Team, Modern Dance 75 Christian Youth Club 7, 85 Welfare Rep- resentative 8g Badminton Trophy 8, I, IIIQ Freshman Basketball-Co-captaing Varsity Tennis I, II, III, IVL "B" Team Basketball IIQ Varsity Basketball III, IV. "Bird" . . . Yellow-tufted torch-bearer . . . rare species-often mistaken for Cuckoo or Mockingbird . . . range-ridge to RIVER . . . feeds on Buggs and Lollipops . . . song -rapid incessant chirp . . . becomes excited at bell-like sounds such as telephone rings . . . not easily domesticated . . . sought by big game-hunters. EVELYN ANN DOWLING Entered 19573 Blue Teamg Junior Christian Youth Club 7, 83 Senior Christian Youth Club I, II, Modern Dance 7, 85 Christian Forum III, IVg Science Club 8, Ig Art Work- shop 8, I, III, Junior Theater Arts I, IIQ Senior Theater Arts, III, IVg Speech Club IIIg Music Club. Love of cats . . . more records than Love- man's . . . white convertible . . . stuffed animals . . . excellent golfer IP? "which end of this thing do I hold?"J . . . caustic wit . . . twinkling, very blue eyes . . . Krystal doughnuts . . . parties . . . always on the go -our Evvi. CAROLYN V1RG1N1A DUBosE Entered 1957g Black Teamg Modern Dance 7, 8, I, IIg Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, II, Science Club Ig Math Club IIQ Speech Club II, IIIQ Art Workshop IIIQ Christian Forum III, IVQ Senior Theater Arts IVQ Music Club IV. Cow eyes . . . "Tuppy, Susie, and Honey" . . . pizza . . . frequent trips on Hixson Pike . . . ability to get herself in a predicament . . . free skating lessons! . . . "IVell, is she quiet when she's asleep?" . . . full of pep and confusion . . . Baylorite . . . "a little credulity helps one on through life very smoothly . . . " Cuckoo! Cuckoo! All six years filed away i201 Miss Roller Derby of 1963 "lVow! It sure doesn't taste like tomato juice." ' J I I-"'Z4tJ f il il if -i.L1il', 13?-i" ' : ,1 ' fi' 13I"f2?1, 1 J,-E Q IP-?' . L 4' ,LW 2: J if l!?il?LiA,, , I r-me ., Hail! Queen o f May "I promise I'll never have another wreck, judge." Blass nf 1953 SIDNEY CURLETT EASLEY Entered 19573 Black Team, Class Play 7, 85 May Courtg Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Modern Dance 7, 8, I, II, IIIQ Service League, Sci- ence Club 8-Secretaryg Senior Glee Club Ilg Speech Club II, III-Treasurer II, Terp- sichord II, III, IV, May Day Committee II, III, IVQ Annual Board-Picture Editor. Peaches and cream complexion . . . that girlish giggle . . . grey and red . . . beauti- ful lingerie . . . "Listen, ya'll" . . . luscious, long eyelashes . . . goddess of Terpsichord . . . "Ya'll please return your proofs!" . . . Sidney, our little princess. DIANN MARCIA ESTABROOK Entered 19575 Blue Teamg Modern Dance 7, 8, I, IIg Terpsichord III, IV5 Junior Glee Club 7, 8, Christian Youth Club 8, I, IIQ Varsity Volleyball III, "B" Team Tennis IIIQ Christian Forum III-Secretary, IV- Vice-presidentg May Queen IV. Very, very feminine . . . campus queen . . . gorgeous complexion . . . Millefs Teen Board . . . Blonde hair CPI . . . million dol- lar smile . . . typical Southern gal . . . regal, graceful carriage . . . "Brownie Points" . . . Our Georgia peach, Diann. ANNE MEADE FIELDS Entered 1958g Black Team, Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Christian Youth Club 8, I, IIQ Modern Dance 8g Speech Club II, III, Chris- tian Forum IIIg Art Workshop III. Sparkling hlue eyes . . . Daytona Beach . . . can't leave those hair dyes alone! . . . sum- mer romances . . . two faces are hetter than one . . . when she's quiet, she's listening . . . "I hate to ask you again, hut are you sure that's all the mail?" . . . laughter-the hest medicine . . . Annie. I 21 I f" ,f"'f'- w GTI 3-A Senior Class CAROL Woon FLETCHER Entered 1957g Black Teamg Music Club 83 Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Speech Club IIg Art Workshop 8, I, II, III-Vice-president II, President IIIg Art Workshop Award II, IIIQ Annual Board-Art Editor. Natural 02 blondie . . . sparkling blue eyes . . . Teen Board . . . "Good golly."' . . . al- ways smiling . . . navy skirt . . . "Good Morning" . . . English Leather . . . indus- trious . . . roaring Volkszvagon . . . unique personality . . . tbat's our "Fletcb." PAMELA GALE GEROW Entered 19583 Black Teamg Modern Dance I, II, IV3 Christian Youth Club Ig Service Leagueg "Static" II, IIIg Christian Forum IIIQ Speech Club IIIQ Terpsichord IVQ May Day Committee-Danceg National Honor Society IV3 Annual Board-Literary. Green KU eyes . . . Hrst tbings first . . . lVest Tennessee . . . I.'Aimant . . . cakes and ice cream sandwiches . . . "La, La, La" . . . drives a red Fury . . . loves jewelry, music, dancing, FOOD . . . only one to buy a stuffed rabbit in New York . . . "Pammi." CORINNE ALLISON GOREE Entered 19563 Page in May Day: Modern Dance 8, Ig Cheerleader 83 Christian Youth Club I, II-Presidentg Speech Club II, III- Vice-presidentg Christian Forum IIIQ Terp- sichorcl IVQ Pep Club III. "Snookums" . . . Teen Board . . . vivacious . . . friendliness personified . . . graceful, expressive bands . . . wbite Valiant . . . adorable bair-dos . . . our Skibo, a friend to all. IZZJ "lt's obvious!" w An advanced case of Hsenioritis ggi- 7 lzlfi I l ' I 5 L: A, , if l Sick! Sick! Sick! J , I J 1 "M e write a sonnet?" lk, Ip, slip, Ik, pass, drop 1 Sing along with lVitz:h Class of 1953 TONI WILSON HILL Entered 1957, Blue Team, Honor Court Representative 7, Christian Youth Club 8, Junior Glee Club 8, Modern Dance 8, An- nual Board Splinter 8, Library Club-Vice- president, Service League I, II, "Static" II, III-Sports Editor III, Freshman Basketball Team, Varsity Basketball II, III, IV, Varsity Volleyball II, III, IV, Varsity Tennis III, IV, Blue Captain III, Class Secretary IV, National Honor Society IV, National Merit Scholarship Finalist IV, Cutest IV. "Onion" . . . lovely locks on a brainy head . . . "Oh, Bird, quit your gripingn . . . vivacious . . . "star" athlete . . . many a secret has died in her heart . . . Toni-an asset to anything and everything she undertakes. ROSALIND JACOBS Entered 1957, Black Team, Modern Dance 7, Junior Glee Club 8, junior Theater Arts 8, I, Art Workshop I, II, Class Play II, Senior Theater Arts III, IV-Vice-president IV, Varsity Basketball IV-Manager, May Day Committee-Costume, Wiuiest IV. Parties make the world go 'round . . . Boo- Yea . . . Little Egypt . . . "Nursey, did I get any male?" . . . peanut butter sandwich . . . fashionable clothes . . . definitely un- predictable . . . "It'll do in a rush, but who's in a hurry" . . . aversion to sight- seeing guides . . . natural wit . . . that's our "Ra-:fishing Roz." MARILYN FRASER JOHNSON Entered 1957, Blue Team, May Court, Modern Dance 7, 8, I, II, III, Class Vice- president 8, junior Glee Club 8, I, Senior Glee Club II, III, IV, Varsity Glee Club II, III, IV, "Static" III, Service League, Chris- tian Forum-Program Chairman III, Pep Club, Annual Board-Picture Editor. Organization personified . . . flawless com- plexion . . . ber green eyes are like stars- they come out at night! . . . cautious driver . . . "Why can't I memorize it, Miss Moyer?" . . . "But we're just good friendsf' . . . staunch Presbyterian . . . McCallie, M. . . . Lyn, our number one bass. lf23I Q-I1 KL We Q3 "heel A-"-. Senior Elass SHIRLEY LLOYD JONES Entered 1957g Black Teamg Class Play 85 Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Junior Theater Arts 8g Senior Theater Arts I, IIg Modern Dance III, Annual Board Splinter 7, IIIQ Library Club-Secretary, Christian Youth Club I, IIg Christian Forum III, Science Club Ig Dance Decoration Committee I, II, III, IVQ Annual Board-Art Editor. Shakespeare and Rembrandt combined . . . enormous lunches . . . expressive eyes . . . Aagh!! . . . the 8:29 arriver to school . . . "You look kinda green."' . . . Beige . . . last-minute themes . . . huge Lavoris jug . . . Our great, exalted "Tiny." NANCY KELLY Entered 19573 Blue Teamg Christian Forum IIIg Modern Dance 7. Hour glass figure . . . MAC . . . co-ordina- tion in gym class . . . Revlon . . . size four shoes . . . large vocabulary . . . love of corvairs . . . swimming pool and houses galore . , . faithfulness to her one and only . . . Femme . . . pigeon toed . . . French poodles . . . "Devil or Angel?" . . . Nancy- with the laughing face. ANN MARIA KIMBALL Entered 19573 Blue Team, Class Play 79 Class Treasurer 8g Science Club 8g Swim- ming Team 8, II, IIIQ Overmeyer Tennis Trophy 8g Blue Captain I, IVQ Freshman Basketballg Library Clubg Service Leagueg Class Secretary IIQ Varsity Tennis II, III, IV, "B" Team Basketball II, IIIQ Annual Board Splinter IIg Student Council III- Secretaryg Varsity Volleyball III-Captain IV, Senior Scholarshipg Math Club IV: Most Versatile IV. Ardent McCallie fan . . . light blue Falcon . . . calm, cool, and collected-but mostly cool . . . carpenter's delight . . . too often in mischief to appear so innocent . . . Tiki god . . . Annie, our versatile Senior scholar. I-241 27 ' Shirl, Shirl, the gyrating girl Smelly did it again "Maybe 1 can -work it in "Is 20 points bicldable?" She does! "Fm iust a statistic." Class nf 1953 NANCY ANN KIRK Entered 19573 Black Teamg Ensemble 79 Modern Dance 8, I, II, III, IVQ Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Senior Glee Club II, III, IVQ Library Clubg Service Leagueg Speech Club IIQ Math Club IIIg Christian Forum IIIg Annual Board Splinter IIIQ Varsity Glee Club IVg National Honor Society IVQ Annual Board-Picture Editor. Emfied NATURAL blond hair . . . tones of green and beige . . . tailored clothes . . . friendliness personified . . . misspelled -words . . . bunches of little sisters . . . sunshine . . . Our Nancy-with a head on her shoulders. CAROL ELIZABETH LANDGREBE Entered 1957g Blue Teamg Modern Dance 7, 83 Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, IIQ Christian Forum III, IVQ Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Senior Glee Club IIQ Pep Clubg Varsity Tennis III-Manager IVQ May Day Committee-Program. Fast knitted sweaters . . . tall tales . . . . . . tennis . . . Impala SS . . . "Pass the peroxide, please."' . . . friendliness personified . . . white bathing suit and dark tan . . . very loquacions . . . innumerable Bob fbysl . . . Our cab driver, Moose. PATRICIA ANN LAWS Entered 19573 Blue Teamg Modern Dance 7g Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, IIQ Christian Forum III, IV9 Junior Glee Club 8g Class Play Ig Art Workshop II, IIIQ Speech Club II, IIIg Freshman Basketball Team, Teddy Bear . . . "Pm so embarrassed" . . . big blue eyes . . . "Father's Folly" . . . Lollipops and roses . . . someday . . . bows and heaux . . . Elizabeth Barrett Browning . . . perfume . . . affectionate appellations . . . Tricia, everyones PAL. IZSI af -hd Senior Class ANN HOTCHKISS LEWIS Entered 19575 Blue Teamg Modern Dance 75 Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, IIg Class Play 8, Ig Theater Arts 83 Service League-Vice- presidentg Library Clubg Math Club lIIg "Static" III, Christian Forum IIIQ Neatest in Uniform IIQ Current Events Club IIIQ Music Club-Secretary IV, Senior Glee Club IVQ Varsity Glee Club IV3 National Honor Society IVg Annual Board -Literary Editor. Neatest in uniform-and in "civies" . . . Blue andfor green eyes and red hair . . . Like Mother, like Daughter . . . Perfec- tionissimo . . . "Rusty" . . . McCallie favor- ite . . . Nashville! . . . a letter every day . . . a player piano . . . Emeraude . . . "No, I am not Suzanne Roberts!" . . . Al Di La, Ann. MARGARET ANN MCCALLIE Entered 1956g Blue Teamg Modern Dance 7, 85 Art Workshop 79 Junior Glee Club 8g Blue Captain Ig Christian Youth Club I, IIg Christian Forum III, IV, Speech Club- President IV. McCallie-ite fbut why McCallie?!I . . . absent mindedness . . . greatest chemistry partner ever . . . friendliness and sincerity . . . gets the giggles when nervous . . . blonde hair PP? . . . collegiate-looking clothes . . . always smiling, Meg. NANCY LOVELACE MCCLURE Entered 19573 Black Teamg Modern Dance 8g junior Glee Club 8, Ig Art Workshop Ig Speech Club IIIQ Senior Glee Club IV. Witty . . . constant chatter . . . large vo- cabulary . . . avid reader . . . always on the phone . . . "Well, we'll have to think of something" . . . McCallie plays . . . a half- dozen yellow roses . . . black bomb . . . Miss Whitaker's most promising student- Nancy. i261 1 F24 IV e get stacks and stacks of letters "We're just one BIG happy family "The stag at eve had drunk his fill r .-V g- Y I. . ,A 1 1, I. I -1 I I, r, . I Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes. N "Charge it." Portrait of Procrastination Elass nf 1953 POLLY ANN MARTIN Entered 19575 Blue Teamg Christian Youth Club 7, 8, Ilg Service Leagueg Christian Forum III, IVg Dance Committee III, IVQ Class Treasurer IIIg May Day Committee -Costume. Multi-colored nail polish . . . dainty, "ringed" hands . . . soft-spoken . . . ardent TV fan . . . dewy, brown eyes . . . genuine sincerity . . . Lavender, Lavender, Lavender . . . Our "Petite Polly." MAY TEMPLE MONTAGUE Entered 1957g Blue Team, Modern Dance 8, I, II, III, IVg Junior Glee Club 8g Chris- tian Youth Club Ig Christian Forum III, IVQ XVelfare Representative IIIQ Welfare Club -Secretary IVg May Day Principal III, Terpsichord IV, May Day Committee -Dance. Love is no new thing. . . big silver bracelets . . . "Missing You" . . . Love those blue jeeps . . . Hackneyed expressions . . . her graceful body . . . lush blonde streaks . . . the ideal figure . . . Mayble. FRANCES ALEXIS Moons Entered 19575 Black Teamg Modern Dance 7, 8, I, II, III, Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Art Workshop 8, I, Ilg Christian Youth Club 8, I, II, Senior Glee Club II, III, IVg Christian Forum III, IV. Long fingernails and multi-colored polish . . . heavy sleeper . . . late-show addict . . . lavender . . . "Ya'll, my hair" . . . diets and diets and diets . . . will power? . . . eye make-up . . . "I know I'll fail" . . . Raque- fort dressing . . . shy . . . yellow Skylark . . . hangout for the mountaineers. i271 Senior Blass VICTORIA LEA NELSON Entered 1957, Blue Team, Junior Glee Club 8, Modern Dance 8, Science Club 8, Art Workshop I, II, Service League II, Fresh- man Basketball Team, Christian Forum III, IV, Music Club IV, Glee Club IV. Endless hours on the phone . . . tiny waist . . ."But officer, it's only 4 A.M.."' . . . One meal a day-all day long . . . creamy com- plexion . . . exterior decorator flawns her specialtyj . . . always there when you need her . . . permanent attachment to the radio . . . a loyal friend, our Vicky. GRETCHEN GREEN NEWELL Entered 1957, Blue Team, Modern Dance 7, 8, I, II, III, junior Glee Club 8, I, Fresh- man Basketball Team, Swimming Team I, II, III, Varsity Tennis Team II, III, IV, Varsity Basketball II, III, IV. Diseriminating tastes . . . fashion perfection . . . pale yellow chiffon . . . weekly coiffeures . . , monogrammed blouses . . . co-ordina- tion . . . accident prone . . . -where the boys are . . . open-house . . . our Noodle. VICTORIA JOY OSBORNE Entered 1957, Black Team, Modern Dance 7, 8, I, II, Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, II, Theater Arts II, IV, Swimming Team III, IV, Art Workshop III, Christian Forum IV, Cheerleader IV, May Day Committee -Costume. "josefina" . . . Life of the party at the Safari . . . pointless jokes . . . short shorts . . . he- witching hlue eyes . . . bubbling personality . . . bright clothes and "tenny" pumps . . . Hgure plus . . . swimmer par excellence . . . Rivervievufs hot rodder . . . multicolored hair Chlond to greenlj . . . she shares her "Canoe" with-guess who? . . . Ioyahelle. f 28 1 Knou ledge, Knowledge' I if sw 4 Wk' .yt . , ' "l'm a hig girl now." No Dozzzzzzzzzze! But, y'all, I cafft play for my own chapel talk." Elass uf 1953 MARTHA ANN PHILLIPS Entered 1957: Black Team, Modern Dance 7, 8, I, II, III, IVQ Christian Youth Club 7, I, IIg Art Workshop IIIg Speech Club IIIQ Christian Forum III, May Day Committee -Costume. Girlish giggles . . . ittyhitty voice . . . "If lhere's a possibility you may not he seen, make sure y0lI"1'9 heard!" . . . a permanent lhat lasts ami lasts . . . Boxwood . . . "I hazfezfl given up boys-they've given me np!" . . . that's Marty. RUTH BABETTE POLLARD Entered 19575 Black Team, Modern Dance 7, 8, I, II, IIIQ Science Club 8, Ig Junior Theater Arts I, IIQ Class Play Ig Service League I, IIg Class Vice-president IIg Dance Committee II, III, IV, Speech Club II, An- nual Board Splinter IIIg Current Events Club IIIQ Terpsichord IV, Annual Board- Assistant Editorg May Day Committee -Dance. "Barhecila" . . . finally that leltah sweattahn . . . mauiacal laugh . . . fashion moclel's looks and clothes . . . Caesar . . . Estee Lawler perfume . . . sunglasses . . . raised eyebrow . . . Roaflrumzer . . . Andre Previn . . . mulyifzg enthusiasm . . . Bahs, our capable Assistant Editor. MARY SUZANNE ROBERTS Entered l957g Black Team, Christian Youth Club 7, Ig Christian Forum III3 Junior Glee Club 8, I-Secretary Ig Senior Glee Club II, III, IV, Varsity Glee Club III, IV-Accom- panistg Service League, Splinter III9 Speech Club II9 Annual Board-Literary Editor. Temperameutal real-head . . . snsceptihle to 5'4" boys . . . rlislinctiee walk . . . Baylor and Baylor . . . "It's a Gaul" . . . phone azlzlict . . . accomplished musician . . . "no I am not A1111 Lewis!" . . . Suzi, our enthusiastic lawn decorator. I 29 1 Senior Class JUDITH ALANA RYAN Entered 19575 Blue Team, Annual Board Splinter 73 Student Council Representative 7, II, IVg Geography Awardg English Medal 7, II, Modern Dance 7, 89 Nearest in Uni- form Ig Christian Youth Club 8, I-Treas- urer 84 junior Glee Club 8, I, Math Award 8, I, IIIQ Service Leagueg Library Club, Freshman Cupg Freshman Basketball, Class Treasurer I5 Class Play Ig Latin Award IIQ "Static" IIIg "B" Team Basketball IIIQ Math Club IIIg French Award IIIg Grace McCallie Scholarshipg National Honor Society III, IV -Secretaryg May Day Chairman--Program. The greatest love of her Teddy Bear . . . glinting chestnut hair . . . childlike in- nocence mixed with sophistication . . . an honorable lady, our gorgeous, genius, jay-Bird. ANITA Eusr RYMBR Entered 1959, Black Teamg Freshman Bas- ketball-Co-captaing History Medal Ig Serv- ice Leagueg Christian Youth Club Ig Class President II3 Varsity Basketball II, III, IVg Varsity Tennis II, III, IVQ Varsity Volley- ball II, III, IVg French Medal IIIQ Black Captain III, National Honor Society III, IV, Class Treasurer IVQ National Merit Scholarship Finalist IV. Versatility plus . . . curly UI hair and a clear, clear complexion . . . two homes . . . organized . . . excels in everything she does . . . howlegs . . . lost: 11 contact lenses . . . beauty, brains, and a little boy figure, that's Lisie. MARGARET ELON SCOVILLE Entered 19573 Black Team: Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, Ilg Christian Forum IIIQ Junior Glee Club 8, Mask and Pen Club I, IIg Dance Decoration Committee I, II, III, IVQ Service Leagueg "Static"g Annual Board -Arr Editor. Oriental Peter Pan . . . A method in her madness . . . piquant . . . when she is good, she is very, very good . . . unselfish listener . . . procrastination plus . . . Sootie . . . "Have to clean up my room firsf' . . . out of this world U1 . . . impeccable clothes . . . "Peg-Peg," our Mystic Artistic. i301 "Chalk up one hear for me I YV "Are my hands right?" 5 They train them in Siam. 1 4 x 7. SN l all if .... V Top man on the totem pole. "This formaldahyde tastes froggyf' "I really didn't know I couldn't wear clips in my hair." Class uf 1953 LAUREN BLAIR SHUMACKER Entered 1957, Blue Team, Blue Captain 8, Annual Board Splinter 8, II, Service League -President, Class President I, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Cup, Junior Theater Arts I, Varsity Tennis II, III, IV, Varsity Volleyball II, III, IV, Varsity Basketball II, III, IV, "Static"-Editor, National Honor Society III, IV, President of the Student Council IV, Most Outstanding in School Affairs IV. Agonized expressions . . . co-ordination per- sonified . . . talented writer . . . truly su- jierlatiue . . . Sweden, Smudge, and Smith . . . humility . . . head and shoulders above the crowd . . . ther-e's only one -our Lauren. LAURA OGDEN SMARTT Entered 1957, Black Team, Modern Dance 7, Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, II-Secre- tary 7, 8, Freshman Basketball, Theater Arts II, III, IV-President IV, Christian Forum III, IV, Pep Club III, May Day Committee-Costume. That wonderful Guy . . . most gullible . . . rings on ber Jlngers and toes, toes, toes . . . "Oh. Dear.'!!" . . . contagious giggle . . . always ready to listen . . . life of worry . . . perfectly manicured nails . . . winning per- sonality . . . faux pas . . . tbat's our "La La." SUSAN KENNEDY SMARTT Entered 1957, Blue Team, Modern Dance 7, 8, II, III, Christian Youth Club 7-Vice- president, Class President 8, Junior Glee Club 8, I, Freshman Basketball, Class Play 7, Ig Theater Arts I, "B" Team Basketball, Terpsichord III, IV, Maid of Honor IV. Always gets fun out of life or dies in the attempt . . . delightfully devilish . . . if he's a boy, she's sure to snow him . . . poise! personality! and promptnessP?? . . . versatile hair stylist . . . platinum streaks . . . eases out of the most impossible situations . . . magnetic charm . . . Susu, our beautiful Maid of Honor. I51l ft eng Senior Class EUGENIA TEMPLE SMART1' Entered 1957, Blue Team, Modern Dance 7, 8, I, Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, II, Chris- tain Forum III, IV, Junior Glee Club 8, I, Senior Glee Club II, III, IV, Speech Club II, III, Art Workshop II, III, May Day Committee-Costume. Long-stemmed red roses . . . horses . . . the "Yellow Bomb" . . . Marywoorl . . . our farm girl . . . "It's nice to he natural when you are naturally nicef' . . . sincere . . . Sewanee . . . crazy moods . . . sympathetic . . . Temple. J , -1101 1 ' , I my ' "Barzlahl's my pal, Sticky Valves!" KARIN ANN SMITH Entered 1957, Blue Team, Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, II, Modern Dance 8, I, II, III, Junior Glee Club 8, Science Club 8, I, Speech Club II, Senior Glee Club II, III, IV, Varsity Glee Club II, Christian Forum III, IV. "Divan River" atmosphere. . .love of argu- ment . . . green eyes and black IPI, black hair . . . Intimate . . . successful procrasti- nation . . . Bertrancl Russell fan . . . Bohhy Vee . . . cherry pie . . . tlIllidCi01l5 . . . Karin, our black beauty. P - "Birth, Death, Infinity." KAREN ELIZABETH STANDEEER Entered 1958, Blue Team, Modern Dance 8, junior Glee Club 8, Service League, Stu- dent Council I, III, IV, Library Club, Static II, III, National Honor Society III, IV, Na- tional Merit Scholarship Finalist IV, May Day General Chairman. Sugar and spice . . . expressive eyes . . . always smiling . . . ability to get along with others . . . human I.B.M. machine . . . "Bntchella"' her poodle . . . Blue T-Birfl . . . "I know what you mean" . . . Karen -a perfect -woman nohly planned. I 32 1 "I got the Model-T today." 'M onitor-zluty-OOOOO . . . " "I zlmft know what the 7th grade homework is." Moth er Confessor Class uf 1953 JANET DIANE TAYLOR Entered l957g Black Teamg Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Senior Glee Club II, III, IV9 Modern Dance 8, 9, I, II, III, IVg Junior Christian Youth Club 7, 8g Senior Christian Youth Club I, IIg Christian Forum III, IV, Speech Club Ig Art Workshop Ig Terpsichord IV. Faithful U2 diets . . . red head . . . the Long- horn . . . Wind Song . . . Dummy, the Yummy Rummy . . . love of hospitals . . . "Yes, I had my hair straightenedfn . . . ever glowing smile . . . Yanet, the 'wreck of Signal Mountain. TARA ANN TEMPLETON Entered 19573 Black Team, Best Rat 75 Junior Christian Youth Club 8, Senior Christian Youth Club I, IIg Modern Dance I, Ilg Junior Glee Club Ig Christian Forum III, IVg Theater Arts III, IV, Cheerleader III, IV. "Red" . . . 'portant things come in small packages . . . a discriminate taste . . . "Snooper-Dooper has the mange!" . . . Arpege and English Leather . . . "Oh, Miss Il'f'hilakerrrrr??!" ...' I uittily naive . . . the Black Fairy . . . Pep, Pep, Pep . . . TAT, our vivauious cheerleader. PATRICIA PENDLETON TERRY Entered 1957: Blue Teamg Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, Ilg Class Play 8, Ilg junior Glee Club 8, Ig Senior Glee Club II, III, IVQ Varsity Glee Club II, III, IV, Service Leaugeg Christian Forum III, IVg Terpsichord III, IV-Presidentg May Day Chairman-Dance. Irish . . . Arpege and powder puffs . . . pro- crastination-hetter things to do . . . Flow- ing Velvet . . . naturally wavy hair - but the color?? . . . dimples . . . Johnny Mathis . . . clear, soprano voice . . . a typical Southern gal-Trish. l53l 9' Senior Class JOYCE RADCLIFFE THOMPSON Entered 1957, Blue Team, May Court, Mod- ern Dance 7, 8, I, II, III, Glee Club 8, I, II, III, IV-Treasurer IV, Art Workshop I, II, III-Secretary-Treasurer I, Speech Club II, Christian Forum III, IV, Varsity Glee Club IV, Music Club IV. Flawless olive complexion . . . open mouth, insert foot . . . Saxy . . . Shy, self-conscious brothers . . . beautiful, brown, blind eyes . . . black velvet . . . Liherace's ri-ual . . . lots of stock in a "Steele" company . . . aver- sion to Bo Didzlley and the "U.T." . . . need we say more, that"s Ioycie! BRENTON ELIZABETH VAN CLEAVE Entered 1957, Black Team, Welfare Repre- sentative 7, IV-President, Christian Youth Club 7, 8, Junior Glee Club 8, Black Cap- tain 8, II, Freshman Basketball, Junior Theater Arts-Vice-president, Senior Thea- ter Arts II, III, IV, "B" Team Basketball II, Christian Forum III, Service League, Annual Board Splinter III, Terpsichord IV, Varsity Basketball IV, May Day Committee-Dance. Hail, Independence, Hail!! . . . CANDID . . . perpetual center of attention CPI . . . erratic seamstress . . . ambivert . . . humor plus . . . personality, perception UD, and power-that's our Brennie. JANE POINDEXTER WILLINGHAM Entered 1957, Blue Team, Cheerleader 7, Christian Youth Club 7, 8, I, II, Modern Dance 7, 8, Junior Glee Club 8, I, Pep Club I, Service League, Speech Club II- Vice-president, Senior Glee Club II, III, IV, Varsity Glee Club II, III, IV. ldealistic . . . always "Tabu" . . . feigned sophistication . . . impromptu enthusiasm . . . black silk . . . "The Brow" . . . depend- able . . . cashmere sweaters . . . bubbling and boisterous . . . "Rome Adventure" . . . a true friend, Otto P. "Wim-o-web-0-ufim-0-weh "Psych alogically speaking, . I 54 1 "I al-ways rlress ont for tennis 'Miss Tucker, this school needs reform." "I enjoy being a girl." Torn between the two. l V. Class Ui 1953 FLORENCE ELDER WITT Entered 1957g Blue Team, Junior Christian Youth Club 7g Caine Spelling Prizeg Mod- ern Dance 79 Honor Court 8, IV, Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Senior Glee Club II, III, IV, English Medal 8, I, III, D.A.R. Award 85 Service Leagueg Senior Christian Youth Club I, II-Vice-president Ilg Library Clubg Speech Club Ilg Varsity Glee Club II, III, IV9 "Static"g Christian Forum IIIg National I-Ionor Society III, IVQ Math Club IIIg Neat- est in Uniform III, Latin III Awarclg Stu- dent Council IV-Vice-presidentg National Merit Scholarship Finalist IV. Distinctive handwriting . . . awards, awards, awards . . . aversion to Bermuda shorts . . . inability to keep her shoes on in class . . . Susceptihle to frequent "snows" . . . ladylike, refined-Elder. BETTY ANN Yom: Entered 19575 Blue Teamg Modern Dance 7, 8, Il, III, IVQ Junior Glee Club 8g Art Workshop II, IIIg Theater Arts II, III, IV, Pep Club Ilg Speech Club IIg Christian Youth Club 7, 8, II-Secretaryg Christian Forum III-Secretary, IV-Presidentg Varsity Volleyball III, IV. Smattering of freckles . . . penchant for football, twisting, and pizzas . . . nonchalant . . . striking appearance . . . frequent week- end iaunts . . . "Beguile many and he he- guiled hy one" . . . utter confusion . . . "The loveliest roses have the longest stems" -our Betty. ROBIN REBECCA YOUNG Entered 19575 Black Teamg Christian Youth Club 7, 8, Ig Modern Dance 7, 8, I, II, IIIQ Class Play 7g Junior Glee Club 8, Ig Senior Glee Club II, III, IV-Presidentg Service Leagueg Library Clubg Speech Club IIg "Static" IIIQ Varsity Glee Club II, III, IV- Presidentg May Day Committee-Program, Most Feminine IV. "Please don't mention noses!" . . . how to dress small on a small allowance . . . devil- ish . . . gets tickled at the silliest things . . . sympathetic . . . try anything once . . . short vacation romances . . . captivating voice . . . -with a mind of her own-Robin. lf35I Serrier Bless FRANCES ANNE ZWENIG Entered 19575 Black Teamg Modern Dance 7, 8g Science Club 8-Vice-presidentg An- nual Board Splinter 8, IIg Library Club- Presidentg Service Leagueg Freshman Bas- ketball Teamg Class Play Ig junior Theater Arts Ig Math Team I, Ilg Class Treasurer IIg Geometry Medal IIg History Medal IIQ "Static" IIIg Math Club IIIQ National Honor Society III, IVQ Annual Board-Editorg Na- tional Merit Scholarship Finalist IVQ Most Likely to Succeed IV. Peacemaker of 115 . . . spiced wool . . . -wicked with the needles . . . apricot and white Plymouth . . . individualist . . . reser- vation on the Star Honor Roll . . . "And still they gaze and still their 'wonder grew, that one small head could carry all she knew" . . . our capable editor, Francoise. Uur Super Serriers First row, left to right: Peggy Scoville, Our Own Peanutsg Brenton Van Cleave, Most Individualistic. Second row: Laura Smartt, Most Gullibleg Shirley Jones, Most Hilariousg Donna Sue Albright, Biggest Procrastinatorg Helen Bryan, Most Cosmopolitang Susan Smartt, La Reine des Coeursg Babs Pollard, Coolestg Elise Rymer, Most Candid. Third row: Betty York, Biggest Extrovert. i361 X -+2 ,Y ,. I 'A 1 x . :,, - T X anim ,Assn wwf JUNIUH CLASS PATT1 TESSMAN ANNE WILLIAMS CHERYL ROY LINDA T ALLEY President Treasurer Vice-president Secretary CAROLE ANDERSON butterflies, sparkling, gumdrops AVANELLE ARMSTRONG bubble gum, pizza, Sewanee BARBARA ATWATER studious, sincere, French vanilla ice cream gingerbread, brown loafers, white Lark JERRY BAILEY vanilla coke, faux pas, fire engine "Moon River," fire and ice, red velvet ANN BALDWIN marshmallows, jeeps, twist fan tennis shoes, "Oh, Barbara," perpetual motion SUZIE BECKMANN blond pageboy, soft brown velvet, gregarious adorable, devi1's food cake, hidden depths SAMMY BURNETTE red leather jacket, industrious, excitable f39Il Class of 1954 GINGER BAER ye, LAURA LEE BALCH PAT BARNWELL SUSAN BRIDGERS ,f S 1 . .BC 'UN Junior Class HELEN BURNS merry-go-round, gentility, candid wit BETH CARTER bubbling giggle, staunch friend, Scottish kilts CAROLYN CISSNA considerate, strawberries, credulous JUDY DEMOS French poodle, contagious laugh, sparkling brown eyes KATHIE DETHERO gold charm bracelet, humming bird, demure CATHERINE DUFF curious, jaunty, fire on a winter afternoon DANI DUNKERLY swans on a silver lake, non-conformity, brown velvet BETSY DWYER pink party punch, TNT, cherry blushes PAT FRANKLIN black orchids, long white gloves, night clubs HILDA GASTON daisies on a summer day, graceful, sterling silver IVIARSHA GOREE enthusiastic, attractive, magnolia blossoms i401 Class of 1954 CATHERINE GROVES bubbling brook, magnetic, rosy red cheeks JOHANNA HARRISON devil-may-care, calico cat, capricious KAY'HOCKERi cashmere sweaters, Pickett's, creamy complexion LYNN HODGE pensive, multi-colored tweeds, methodical KITTY HON playful, refreshing, apple pie a la mode ALICE HUSKEY gold brocade, whipped cream, gentle BARBARA JOHNSON Fire crackers, white fur, lotus blossoms JULIE JOHNSON more devil than angel, white convertible, coquettish EVELYN KENNEDY peppermint candy stick, individualist, spontaneous KITTY KIRBY chocolate brownies, lavendar, devilish kitten ANN KOSIK explosive, starry-eyed, Mardi Gras I41l .,,,, Junior Class LIBBY LANDRY effervescent, sea spray, tinkling sleigh bells HILDRED LEVI china doll, pink antique lace, whimsical smile JUDY MCCALL marigold, colorful plaids, spirited MARY MCCALL twilight, pink angora, "Snow White" ELEANOR MCCALLIE dimples, level-headedQ?J, more bounce to the ounce ANN MCCULLOUGH capable, tailored clothes, blue Hame in a steady lire JANE MCFADDEN dewdrop in the sun, bouncy, pumpkin pie MICHELLE MARONEY green satin, warrnhearted, radiant complexion KIT MARTIN an evening star, flowing chiifon, violets BETH MILLIGAN element, always laughing, lights on a bay TRUDY MOSS sunny skies, popcorn, revivifying CHERIE MUERTH merry, all-day lollipop, straw hat i421 Class nf 195-4 FAIN MURPHEY modest, wistful, sun through misty clouds PAT NELSON champagne and caviar, flirtatious, two-piece bathing suit LOUISE NEWELL scatterbrained, horses, scads of freckles KRIS PALMQUIST vocab unlimited, Baylor plays, sensible? CAROLYN POYNTON silver moonbeams, feminine, white satin ANNA REYNOLDS snowflakes, vivacious, popularity plus ANN ROBINSON autumn leaves, moonlight gambler, talkative SUSAN ROBINSON silver spray, alfable, "Love Is a Many-Splenclored Thing" CHERYL ROY petite figure, "Oh bull," dynamite in a small package JOAN SALYBR candy kisses, mischievous, Hawaiian luau SUSAN SAWRIE a single red rose, French heels, black lace mantilla CHARLOTTE SMITH giddy, deep brown velvet, devilish T431 , SFS- V""'5 Junior Class HARRIET SMITH scarlet ribbons, black magic, aesthetic ability VIRGINIA SMITH sunflower, peppy, sunshine package .L- 90 PAT SPICER poison ivy, notorious giggle, "How fabulous!" LINDA TALLEY lily of the valley, a misty morning, the perfect lady JEAN TAYLOR grey sweater, resourceful, wedgewood china PATTI TESSMAN calm stream with undercurrents, congenial, beauty in motion LINDA THOMPSON "Malaguena," versatile, after-dinner mints ROZ ULIN unorganizecl, Indian summer, unique HELEN WALKER angelicf? J , jesting, an oasis in a desert ANNE WILLIAMS frank, Raggedy Anne, wide-eyed innocence JANE WYATT calm determination, English tweeds, softly spoken SUSAN YATES pink camellias, Southern mansion, cotton candy i441 ....L.LA, . :f v:----f-- - , , , ELA L, V a R. I A Q r :Gil fm! X ! in ' 1 ...,,.L-. V-xl xl v-V CMON DANNY LET ME P SUPHU UHE EL!-XSS ANN BUTTERFIELD BECKY KIRK DONNA TRAIL DoTT1E Gonna President Secretary Vice-president Treasurer Class nf 1955 CARLA ARMSTRONG-Goof! ' HUTCHESON BADER--lVait zz minute! EDITH ANN BARGER-Tell him to call me. BETTY BRANCH-But, Mrs. Glenn, I just play my violin! DEANE BUCHANAN-I'Il never go .steady again! BARBARA BULLINGTON-Infurioso! MARTHA BUTLER-Lefs bear it for Bminerd! ANN BUTTERFIELD-My Contact lense: . . . ANNE CALDWELL-S111'e.' JOYCE CALDWELL-Y'ALL . . . MABRY CHAMBLISS-Hand over your money. E471 can't X f-' ,PA Snphumure Class CELIA COLBURN-I 'ran it in 6.3. LINDA COLLINS-What have I :lone now! JAN COOPER-This just isn't my day! BETSY COTTER-Vite! Vile! W . KATHY CRAWFORD-lVell, it -wasn't too hard! CAROLYN CURTIS-Then after 1 cleaned the stall . . . JUDY DAUGHERTY-fBluslaj CAROLYN DRAKE-I was the beauty queen of the McCallie play. JOYCE DUBROVir'G4Iillidm1lS igiturv NANCY DUNCAN--Are you going out to Baylor this afternoon? ,.- U ANN FLEGAL-Oh, how queer' H31 DOROTHY GAGER-lVell, it's like this . . . MARTHA GAITHER-I just LOVE him! DOTTIE GOREE-I'll see if Miss Moore has an announcement. PATSY GOTT-But, Mrs. Yates, l'm confused! DIANE GOULD-I just KNO W7 I failed that math test. ANNETTE GRANT-Ob, really? SUSAN GRANT-HAS sbe? CAROL GREEN-Guess who I talked to last night! LYNN ALICE GREEN-Oh, be's so unique! DEBBIE HAGAMAN--Yas'm, Heab ab is! Class uf 1955 N.. i ELOISE HAGAN-I don't give a fat one! i491 Sophomore Class JANET HARWELL-I'm gonna give up on my hair! JESSICA HOBBS-H ey, good lookin'. JEANNINE HUGUELET-"lVawl's Tacticsf' CINDY KEMP--I know, I know. JUDY KENDALL-HI! BECKY KIRK-Oh, Y'all! LYNN KOENIGER--I give up! LINDA LEA-Well, laere I am. SHARON LINER-I got zz letter from jean. PATSY LINES-You know wbat I mean. YVINDY LUNDY-Y'all PLEASE sign up! fgil f 50 1 Class of 1955 ANNE MACLELLAN-H ey, boi one! JUDITH ANN MCDANIEI.-Come bere. TAYLOR MANSON-You SWEAR. ANN MARLAND-Hot zingyf LYN OAKES-It was pretty rockin? ELISABIETI-I PEARSON-Pu1'zl01z me, question . . . ANN PERKINS-Ob yon're KIDDI N GJ? CAROLYN REAVIS-Mercy! GINGER SLIGER-In Civil Defense I learned GLORIA SMITH-Ola, Gosh! SUZANNE SMITH-Bull. I 51 1 bu! I have a Sophomore Class PAM STILWELL-Y'all l'm starving! PAT STILNVELL-Tbere goes my back! ELAINE STRICKLAND-Y'all, bow do I ever get myself in such messes? MARY TARVER-I bzwevft opener! the book. 59 DONNA TRAIL-It's Mrs. Glenn and ber perambulator! NANCY TROTTER-She just KILLS me! LUCY VON CANON-I cli:ln't do half my homework! NITA XVELCH-Sewanee, here I come! PAULA 'WI-IITTLE-McCallie am! my red-nosed suowboy. RENEE XWOOD-Yes, We know! MARY WRIGHT-Ab-Hub. PATRICIA YANDLE-Only three more Blues to go! E521 Qfiif: 5 ' I 25232, gg 'fry :MM 1, f-QL.. . 1-3 , .qu 'R' , '34 'A'-int is 5 6 ,qv 'fivzg N A 12 v wif L, ar is w X? har' I I ima PHESHM!-X CLASS GINGER YORK MARY ALICE 'WITT ANN SWAFFORD DEBBIE RYAN President Treasurer Vice-president Secretary SHARON ADAMSON Sassy . . . Astute PAM ALEXANDER Polite . . . Abasbezl LINDA AULT Class of 1955 LINDSAY ALBRIGHT Laughing . . . Animated Level-beaded . . . Artful SARAH BAGWELL Sensible . . . Boy-crazy LYNN ALSOBROOK Lady-like . . . Alert HELEN BACON H elpless . . . Bubbliug ESTHER BARNWELL Explosive . . . Bewitcbing JOYCE BARTHOLOMEW Joyful . . . Bonny i551 MARTHA BOWEN Merry . . . Bouncing ll.. ,149 it Y . VN ,.-g, BG. ,L- Freshman Class PATRICIA BRYAN Practical . . . Blushing CAROLYN BUTTRAM Cheerful . . . Blissful JEAN CAMPBELL jubilaul . . . Confused CAROLYN CARTER Careful . . . Curious gpull SHARON CASEY Sunny . . . Cool-headed PAM CAUGHMAN Perl . . . Charming BETSEY CLARK Bouncy . . . Casual JUDY CRAWLEY Iocular . . . Cute f'Q ALICE DAVENPORT Small . . . 'Darable HELEN DAVIS H arse-loving . . . Dependable ' AX 91" ' i561 Blass nf 1955 NANCY DAVIS Nice . . . Depemlable MARGARET DICKAS Moody . . . Demure JEANNE DONALDSON joyous . . . Docile SHERYL EFFRON Sincere . . . Elfervesceut JANE ELLIS Iocumi . . . Exuberant KATHY FAUCETTE Kittenisb . . . Fair KATIE FIELDS Kmwish . . . Fickle SHARON FLATT Smiling . . . Friendly PAT GALLOWAY Procrustimzting . . . Gregarious NENA GREENBERG N om'en,vicnl . . . Garrulous V571 it Freshman Elass sl! 46 CLAIRE HAILEY Cbeery . . . Hospilable LYNN HOCKER Lovely' . . . Haunting LYN DA HOLSOMBACK L11.vM'o11s . . . H oneyezl MIMI HOOKER Maflmp . . . Happy NANCY HUDLOW Neat . . . Halcyon ANNA JOHNSON Authentic . . . jovial CHERRI JOHNSON Carefree . . . Jolly MARIAN KIDD Mercurial . . . Kiml BETSEY KING Becoming . . . Knowledgeable JANE KIRK joyous . . . Kobold i581 ALICE LUPTON Amiable . . . Lucky LINDA MARTIN Moderate . . . Meticulous Ligbtheaded . . . Magnetic SANDY MILLS Sugary . . . Musical Class of 1955 MISSY MCCAMY BETTY MARYE Basbful . . . Me:-itorius MARY MITCHELL Mild-mamzered . . . Metborlical CHARLOTTE MONTAGUE Chaotic . . . Mellozu LUCY NORMAN Lucrative . . . Noble KAREN PALMQUIST i591 LAURA NAVARRE Little . . . Naive Kindly . . . Peuetratizze -bl Freshman Class 44 PAM PARKER Patient .... Proper ANN RAWLINGS .f"' 2 X 3, , BROOKE RAY Babbling . . . Robust BETSY REED Blitbe . . . Rustic DEBBIE RYAN PATTY RANDOLPH Prurlent . . . Rutbful Acknowledgeable . . . Reserved PEGGY RAWLINGS Platinum . . . Reckless BETTY JEAN REAVIS Benevolent . Delectable . . . Responsive . . Jocund . . . Reliable Sl-IERRI RUCKS Smooth . . . Rehned PATTY SCHLEMMER i601 Peppy . . . Saucy RUTH SHELTON Refreshing . . . Snperlalive I-IALLYE SMITH Class uf JAN SILVERSTEIN judicious . . . Scholarly Hurum-scarum . . . Spunky MARGARET SPURLING Miscbievolls . . . Scbeming Lib SUSAN STEINMANN Silly . . . sfyzffb ANN SWAFFORD Axsirluous . . . Slay KIT SMITH Kinelic . . . Sly LINDA STANDEFER eral-minded . . . Serene HELENE STRIEBINGER Hopeful . . . Striking CAROLYN TAYLOR Clmttering . . . Talented i611 1955 Sb .? Freshman Blass ,4 CAROLYN THOMPSON Creative . . . Tnlkative CHARLOTTE VASSEY Coquettisb . . . Vivacious CAROLINE VON CANON Calm . . . Very Courteous PAM WEBSTER Passive . . . IVelcome CAROLYN WEIGLE Comizlewzte . . . lVell-liked FLOWERREE WHITAKER Fun-lo1Jing . . . Wfixlful MARY ALICE WITT Malchless . . . Avid . . . Well-groomed GINGER YORK Generous . . . Yearning CHRISTINE YOUNG Cozmzgeaus . . . Youthful i621 Class of 1957 ANN ALFORD . . . sensitive sweetness CATHERINE BAER . . . Boys' I.D. BETSY BELLA . . . moooorniug BEVERLY BISHOP . . . lime sherbet with coke PEGGY BRIDGERS . . . transitory sister JUDY BRIGHT . . . tid-bit BETTY BULLARD . . . flare for orange hair PATRICIA BULLARD . . . companionable pocketbook MARGARET CARDEN . . . continuous blush MARCIA CARRIGER . . . friendly smile MARTHA CHALKLEY . . . date bait E65 1 A f v I . if Eighth Grade PEGGY CISSNA . . . sports addict CHARLENE COOK . . . appearance meticulous PEG COOLEY . . . sugar um! spice aml e-verytlaing nice ANNE CORLEY . . . "Oh, Susan" 1' ' SUSAN CRAWFORD . . . Wha-a-at COMPTON CURRIN . . . quiet determination DALE DAVIS . . . runs like her horses KAREN DERRICK . . . lovely soprano voice DEBORAH DOMBROSKY . . . lo-ue for lavender MEREDITH DONALDSON . . . notorious giggles .oc A i661 TYREL EVANS . . . dezfil-nzay-cure MARGARET FOWLER . . . no rest for the wicked MARSHA GEROW . . . zz bit of spice VIRGINIA GILMAN . . . "Oh, be's so cute" BARBARA GOTT . . . baby face LYNN GRISARD . . . twinkling wit SUSAN GUNNELL . . . old-looking new uniforms EVELYN HAMPTON . . . .vmeetness of temperament ELIZABETH HARRISON . . . tomboy CAROL HENSLEY . . . peaches i671 Class of 1957 - I' din! ,iq :vi-1 Eighth Grade 5 ak N YQ SANDRA HENSLEY . . . and cream ANN HODGE . . . ham!-me-downs JERE HOLLAND . . . all day lollipop ELIZABETH HUFF . . . Latin homework during llmcb AMY HUGHLETT . . . devilish pranks HELEN HUMPHREY . . . sleek model BARBARA JONES . . . contagious lauglater SARAH JONES . . . Coke fiend BRENDA KIRK . . . it'x the little things that count MARY LAWS . . . bubbling fountain I 68 1 Class uf 1957 SALLY LUNDY . . . "Hey, Lauren, guess what?" HELEN MCCALLIE . . . home sweet home MARTHA MCCRAVEY . . . baby food MOLLY MCGAULEY . . . mellow voice NEIL MCKINNEY . . . crazy color combination ELIZABETH MCNEIL . . . kittenish JEANNE MCNEW . . . everyho:ly'x pal MARGARET MEBANE . . . quiet -with azz occasional outburst of mild temper DONNA MERCER . . . caustic wit ELIZABETH MILLER . . . "If: a killer, mmmlu Iv i691 .ef QA Eighth Grade PQ K SHERRED MILLIGAN . . . rack-on, IVimlsong ROBIN NASH . . . "1'fve go! a goorl sense of rhythm MARY NAVAREE . . . classroom clown CATHERINE NELSON . . ."Oh, grub it all." JIMMIE NIPPER . . . IBM LESLIE NORMAN . . . femme fatale SUSIE OSBORNE . . . PEPPY YVONNE PURVIS . . . "Please zlon't call my hair red." SUSAN RAWLINGS . . . sleepy talk KAY REISMAN . . . IVehb School dances 1701 II DOROTHY ROBB . . . passion for cats JANELLE ROBERTS . . . exotic eyes V A: I BETH ROGERS . . . thrives on potato c LYNDA RAY ROWE . . . dark lipstick: ANNE SCARBROUGH . . . atbletically BARBARA SIMMONS . . . flirtatious gait LYNNE SMITH . . . ring, phone, please BARBARA STEELE . . . dates and more dates SHARON SULLIVAN . . . unknown co ber briefease MARY TALLEY . . . E711 Blass of 1957 Ji hips inclined l ntents of sunny disposition s K Eighth Grade LANE THOMAS . . . DIANA JAN YARBROUGH . . . " rlevil or angel THOMPSON . . . snowed one way or the other BARBARA TOMS . . . "Oh, I hate to walk across McCallie's campus" SUSAN TROY . . . tailored wardrobe KAREN WAGNER . . . diet of cheese crackers JANET WALKER . . . soft spoken REBECCA WOOTEN . . . Varsity s-weatez'-where's the letter? PATRICIA WRENN . . . tactfully sincere Did you see Dr. Kildare last night?" ELLEN YATES . . . spontaneous smile SI-IERIDAN YATES . . . "Guess who called last night?" i721 S , 1, , Q, E'GHTH'GRADE TEA PICNICKIN' IN THE Home Rooms sl . I- .' ' 14- . 3: 7? A l4,. .,, ,.' 2, .:.., 11-vig: :.,--E :::,: E.-, A: Y in ' ,Q 'sci T- ..:., 3 '. :, TT f m '-11 -, . Q., T. -4 Q5f',"mn , - Q.. 1 2mw 7o 4 2,7-f-535 in Y ' I f' 'F -' ' 5 '-'ziifagy " ' '--VJ 'f:":E" fc . - :EI if ,fi ww ' 'Q .Pr-' - ," A+'-,.T'f'+a-. 7- Q: '.. iff! + ' 'ar + "M ' H . H ' .ff "4 . ' " Y H J-53?-f ' ff' ' f T."f 'WCA -A 'Mm' A 5 .O E, W- ' H 1-'-,.ffa-wg Q. " 'ffikge-,:,:,.5?m2g.v Y 'f 1.1.,v5.,,X1,. ..Jt1.4n.T A , 9 T.m,,,i.xLgQ ,S-.K f.,:,.i . .4 . A ,f .-. mu- H .,-...-ew ,f - , - '. ,.--..., :. :,v H "-1 V T1,:QNf75 T 19435 .w, . V Was., 1. ,, ,BE , nt -,yy .,,, :,..,,.,ia4w gauge-5, Q, " '5"' L Y' '+A ' A' ' 2' 'bull i"""1' ' T-'-Ffffl '2:2,fu5-W2 g5fA',!.7,mg1m. 3,- , . , 6. . , --... ,1'f-,n,,. f..-15535.11 ...gags . ,. qu , Qg.+,, ?gmf.:, Y A i .,.., 5..- 'Q-ll " .' ,,. 1 , ,. . 1' 1-:-, - was - r' N mins' "1'kf::: ' G' M' TODAY' HOLLYWOOD TOMORROW THE MARINE CORPS BUILDS MEN: we BUILD my "l'LL BID FIVE FOR THE TALL ONE FROM McCALLlE!" TRILLING TRIO SEVE TH EH DE BETSY T HEDI-'ORD EMILY BRYAN MARY HAGAN President Vic e-presid en! Secretary-Treasurer FRANCES ADAMS ........ - ..,. --.- ,...... ,.......Y4 J aww Awwz MARGARET ALLEN ........ --.W ................. Hope Lang PAULA ANDERSON 7,..... - .......,., ......... P aula Prentis CANDACE AUTIEN ,A..,... A,..,,,.. . Joanne lVoodzuard GWIN BADER MARTHA BALCH .,.,,,.,. Blass of 1968 Elvis Presley ......,..Susan Hayward MARY GUY BEAVER ....,. .,A,..,.. Shirley McClain.-2 SUSAN BLEVINS ....,., ,....,... D iaue McBai1ze MARGARET BROWN ..... .. ...,..... Maynard B. K1-ebbs ELIZABETH BROUGHTON ......... ......., D urwoofl Kirby EMILY BRYAN ........ ,. .... , .... ...-,.,,.,,,.,..,-,-,,Dr, Kildare i751 VN Seventh Grade 'FQ BETSY CALDWELL ....,.. IRENE CAMPBELL ...,..A.. JANICE CARD .,,,..,., GENIE CLARKSON ......,. MARIE COCHRAN ....,..., D'ETTA CRISMAN A..,..., - I OCTAVIA CHAMBLISS .....,,, ANN BRYAN CONROY ....,,., I Esther Wfilliams .,... Benny Goodman .. .... Juliet Prowse -.,.A,.Frerl Astaire .,-,,,.,Polly Bergen ,..,...Carol lVells ,.,...Molly Bee ...-.Gale Storm LOUISE CRUTCHFIELD ..,...,... ,.,.,.., . Kevin C ochmn LOUISE DAVENPORT ........ .. PEGGY DICKINSON ,....... f76I Mnrgarethz S i erm . ,..,.,.. Elizabeth Taylor JOEL EASLEY A A44AA ROSANN EFFRON .,.... LAURA FAUCETTE DIANE FLATT ,.7,.A,.... Cl-IAPPELL GASS SUSAN GILBERT. LEOMA GILLEY.. SALLY GILMAN ....,..., ELIZABETH GREEN ..,... .. .. LINDA GREEN... .. .. GREY GUNDAKER. I771 Class of 1958 .....,...Oli1Je Oil ....,..Amzelte Fmzicello Bullwinkle the Moose -.......joey Bixbop ...,.,,-.jackie Gleason .........Agnex Morehead ......-.Amly Grifitb Shirley Temple Danny Thomas .........Bremla Lee ..,...,..T1'oy Donahue Seventh Grade ru 1 1.3 JAN ET HAMPTON 7A,,..A, DEBORAH HAWKINS ...A..... MARGARET HITT ..,..... CAROL ANN HIXSON .... ...A KATHY HOUCK ,,,, .,,,. 1 ANNE INGALLS ,..,,,.,,. MARY LOU JOHNSON ........ 1 LORA- BETH KAYLER .,,,.,,. ANN KENDALL ......... KAREN KXMBALL .......... SHERRY KISSINGER ,... .... E781 M ARY HAGAN YA4,, K ,,,,,,,,,, M ,,,,.,, Nm-, ,,..,.,, Connie Francis -......Art Carney Roy Rodgers ....,..,.Ben Casey ,-,..,-..Dinab Shore - ..,.., - ,..... Kathy Nolan .....-..Bobby Vee Mr. Magoo ......,...Liberace .....-...Tuesday IVeld -....-,.Audrey H epbnrn Mickey Rooney FRANCES LAW ......, L. DOROTHY LEADER ...,.A ELIZABETH LEAL ,.7...,,, FLORENCE LEECH .....O.. MARTHA ANNE LING ...,.,... CHRISTINE LONG ....,, Blass of 1958 ..,..Natalie IVood Haley Mills ........Iudy Garland Shirley Jones .,..,...Shirley Booth Dorothy Provine ELIZABETH MCDONALD ..,....., -.-M ...,... .Sandra Dee MARY MCKENZIE ...,. -.. SUSAN MASTIN .,,,. LYNN MILLER. ELIZABETH MORRIS ANNE NIXSON ....,,,,.... f79I -.......Donmz Reed .....,.Micki Jamison - ....., jerry Miller H- ..,..,. jimmy Durante -E---..---..,-.....Iack Benny I .l Seventh Grade X! MARY PATTEN., ........ HILARY POPHAM ........ ,a SUZETTE PRIGMORE ...,,.... DOROTHY RANDOLF ,...,... GAIL ROBINSON ...... SARAH ROBINSON ......... CAROL ROTHBERGER ,,,,,., vlua i ml! W f JEANNYE RUDDOCK ,..,..e, PI-IYLLIS SALISBURYW, SARA SCARBROUGH v.,,A, ,. SUSAN SCOTT ........ 1 i801 DEBORAH ROTHBERGER ,.,..., ,,,,,,, ,...,,,.,.B1uldy Hackett Perry Como jack Parr .,..,,,joan Collins ...,,,.,jauet Leigh Suzanne Pla esloette , 4,... ,Carol Burnett ,, Deborah Walley Dale Evans N ,.... Danny Kaye ..,,.....Ani!a Bryant .......D1mne Eddy PATRICIA SIVILS ..,.7,, MARY SMARTT ,.......,, .A.. NANCY SMARTT ..,..... KAREN SMITH ......,. JEANNE STANLEY ....,,,,. PEGGY STEWART ..,..,... SUSAN STIMSON A.,,,.. . ,,,.., . BRENDA STOWE ,....,.,, GLORIA SWAN .,.. . BETSY THEDFORD ...... GAIL THOMAS ......,.. Class nf 1958 .......I..Edie Adams ,,,,,,Shelley Fabares ,--.....Mary Marlin I,..,,..,Doris Day ..-....,Mitcb Miller -...,...G1'dCi8 Allen Tallulah Banlebead ..........Lucille Ball -,-.,,,,.,Glo1'i:z Swam'o1z -..-..,Ezl Sulliwzn .......Phil Silvers KATHY THOMISON ,...,..I, ........., C laudeite Colbert 76 wi , Seventh Grade N4 ANNE TOMLINSON ..,,.. ALLISON ULIN .,..,.,,, ELIZABETH WANN ......, BARRETT WEBSTER .......,. LYNN WEBSTER ,..,.... NANCY WEY ......., JOCELYN WHEAT ....,..,, ALICE WILLIAMS. ,....,. LAURA WILSON ......... u ,Z NANCY WORLEY .....,. I 82 I KAREN GAY THOMPSON ,.,..,, , HELEN YOUNG ...... - ..A..Y. l ,.,,.....Dobie Gillis Grace Kelly Suzi Wfoug Rosemary Clooney Nmzelte Fabray ....,..,.Dioiz Garry Moore , Dick Powell .....,,.,jumes Cagney .......,.Rmly Vallee ..,--. Lori Marlin ,.-.....Zelzla Gilroy M fl Q AW, GEE, ANDY, I DON'T THINK I KNOW YOU WELL ENOUGH FOR THA . 'TW' I 11' I :rp-X I CAN'T STAND ANOTHER DAY OF THIS .... HI! f SO THIS IS MARGARET LORRAINE? TAKES TWO TO TANGO f ,.-- mn . X 3 I 4 1,4 I i M I1 I rw ' - .HI My 4 ' x If Isp .J-'W . Ai I IU' 4 4 I M, 'Ia 3 P C X ' 'W ' , .T AND mfs, cams, Rsvnesems me '-sow MOM. . . -- I .. A M., w., ,- ' THE ou: FAMILIAR Nose woes S1 - Q L - ,Qi Wm O ,WW O AT HE MONSTER MASH I ,rl-'mfr'-11-in 5 BABIES ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS 1 CONGKATLJLA1 IONS, BUTTER I ! E THE HANDICAPPED. AL CAPONE STRIKES AGAIN! aa JES A DIME A DANCE, BOYS. . . I ip C - .1 , v Y , r . Q67 11:41-1' ' -1- an I A 5 ' 'I' . .. .:.::51-:5: 1 ... M ' 5 ' H W I H ,I ggmkfs -K I I w E W 4? rf Q ,gg , 5 w if O 2 1 E E u A E E r Q E A W s 1. . A-K" iss: .5-K i E , will - E 5 :HH wanna E E Q '. I gi , , -- " TQ, . 1 It . : : .-:a:E'::Q:'-ru 3' f Q . gs E, iimssm Qui? wg u BYE Student Council FOUNDED-1947-1948 4,-qt PURPOSE-T0 increase school wort c u u o 4' spirit, promote high ideals, fos- 1 n CD XV ter recreational and scholastic NL . . . 2l5,,l9 activities. - 1' MEMBERS-ElCCfCd representativesg four sen- iors, three juniors, and two members from each of the lower grades. ACTIVITIES-Sponsoring assembly programs, solving problems in school life, setting ex- amples for members of the student body. MEMBERS Rosann Effron Susan Mastin Diane Gould Judy Ryan Susan Gunnell Karen Standefer Jeannine I-Iuguelet Karen Wagner Betsy King Carolyn Weigel Mary McCall Jane Wyatt OFFICERS President ........................,..,,,...,.. A.- Lauren Shumacker Vice-president .....,,...,,..,,,,r... ...... .........,. - ..... E l der Witt Secretary .....,.,,.... ...,,.,,.,.,,.,,. ...,.,,., F a in Murphey ' Sponsors ' Mrs. Kenneth Gould Miss Roberta Moore Miss Elizabeth Battle If 38 1 atiunal Honor Social FOUNDED-1948-19-49 PURPOSE-To recognize girls with outstanding qualities of schol- i arship, leadership, character and A A NAIUQNAL PIDNDF eqigli E fix j A E service. . MEMBERS-.lLl11lOf and senior girls chosen by unanimous vote of the faculty. ACTIVITIES-Assembly programs, Congratula- tory letters. MEMBERS Barbara Atwater Mary McCall Ann Baldwin Eleanor McCallie Laura Lee Balch Ann McCullough Susan Butteriield Fain Murphey Betsy Chisolm Elise Rymer Salibeth Dean Lauren Shumacker Pam Gcrow Karen Standefer Toni I-lill Patti Tessmann Lynn Hodge Roz Ulin Nancy Kirk Elder Witt Ann Lewis Frances Zwenig OFFICERS Pre.virleuLl . .,.,rr,r,,.,,,,,....,.,,...,....., Jackie Adams Secretary ,,,,. t,,....,r,,,..,,.,,..,,, . . .... ,, .... .Judy Ryan Sjmnxor , .... . ,,...,...........,,.,,,.,. Miss Lois Moyer i891 Service League PROVISIONAL MEMBERS Marsha Gerow Elizabeth Huff Susie Osborne Susan Gunnell Martha McCravey Dot Robb Carol Hensley Catherine Nelson Jan Yarbrough Jimmie Nipper FOUNDED-1957-58 , 1 PURPOSE-T0 recognize girls who show outstanding citizenship, - character, and school spirit. MEMBERS-Freshmen, sophomore, and eighth grade provisional members chosen by vote of the faculty. Acriviruss-Helping the staff in the adminis- tration of the school. OFFICERS President ...,......., .,r..,.,,,,,...,.,,--,,,,- L ,,,,-,, C arolyn Reavis Vice-president ....... ........,....,....,.,.,......... J ean Campbell Secrelary ............ - ,..l L ,....t... ....vt., A nne Maclellan Sponsor... .... .....,.......,..,.. Miss Barbarann Smith MEMBERS Pam Alexander Nicki Greenburg Betty Jean Reavis Lynn Alsobrook Debbie Hagaman Sherill Rucks Debbie Ryan Carla Armstrong Jeannine Huguelet Patty Schlemmer Hutcheson Bader Anna Johnson Sarah Bagwell Lynn Koeninger Ruth Shelton Betty Branch Marion Kidd Jan Silverstein Barbara Bullington Betsy King Kit Smith Martha Butler Becky Kirk Suzanne Smith Ann Butterfield Jane Kirk Linda Standefer Carolyn Carter Patsy Lines Elaine Strickland Mabry Chambliss Windy Lundy Ann Swalford Carolyn Curtis Alice Lupton Carolyn Taylor Judy Daughtery Taylor Manson Donna Trail Nancy Davis Betty Marye Nancy Trotter Jeanne Donaldson Charlotte Montague Lucy Von Cannon Joyce Dubrov Lynn Oakes Carolyn Weigel Sheryl Effron Karen Palmquist Patricia Yandle Dorothy Gager Elisabeth Pearson Mary Alice Witt Dianne Gould Ann Perkins Marian York Carol Green Patty Randolph Christine Young Ann Rawlings f 90 I Librar Club FOUNDED-1939-1940 -2 PURPOSE-To keep the library in order. MEMBERS-Freshmen who have achieved excellent grades in eighth grade English. ACTIVITIES-Arranging posters in the library, dusting book shelves, holding a picnic in the spring. OFFICERS ' ' ll! . N' W ,li 1 sauna IJ Presnlenl ,... ..r.,..,..........,.. . ,,,,... C hristme Young S poumr .,,.... .. ............ . ....,.....,. Mrs. T. W. Bridge Secrcflary ,.... ,...........,,......,.....,..... J an Silverstein MEMBERS Pam Alexander Jean Campbell Nancy Davis Betsy King Betty Marye Patty Randolph Ann Rawlings Debbie Ryan Ruth Shelton Ann Swaiord Carolyn Taylor Carolyn Weigel Ginger York i911 l Terpsichurd L I I , X X . HX y JI -- -Rl x f !4w i921 Terpsithurd FOUNDED-1954 PURPOSE-To create ideas, interpret po- etry and music, and to express inward emotions through dance. MEMBERS-Twenty-five girls selected by tryouts from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Acrlvmrs-Composing dances for May Day, performing at public functions, and giving an annual program. OFFICERS President l..,.,, ....... - .,..., ,r,,,,..,,,, P a tricia Terry Sponsor ..,.. .,,.l,,,..,,,.,.,,. M rs. Dick Thomas MEMBERS Helen Bryan Beth Milligan Beth Carter May Montague Linda Collins Trudy Moss Dani Dunkerley Pat Nelson Sidney Easley Babs Pollard Diann listabrook Susan Smartr Pat Franklin Harriet Smith Hilda Gaston Janet Taylor Pam Gerow Donna Trail Debbie Hzxaman Brenton Van Cleave Barbara Johnson Nita Welch Judy Kendall Susan Yates i951 Welfare Urganizatinn FOUNDED-1948-1949 PURPOSE-To help less fortunate people. MEMBERS-G. P. S. student body. ACTIVITIES-COHtfibUIiHg clothes and moneyg cooperating with the Red Cross, United Fund, Goodwill, CARE, State Department of Welfare. i941 REPRESENTATIVES junior ..,.,..., A....,...........,......... . ........,...... A nn Baldwin Sophomore .,.... .......,...... - ..,.,. M abry Chambliss Freshmen. ,..,....... ..,,,, L ynn Hocker, Lucy Norman Eighth Grade ........ .........,................,.,,. L ibba McNeill Seventh Grade .i,.................,... . .,.....,,t.,........... -.Sissy Law OFFICERS Prexidenl ...,e.,.. e...........,.e..,..,... B renton Van Cleave Secretary, ...,...., .,,.,,......,... M ay Montague SPOIZIUT' .,.,.... . ....... Mrs. R. S. Courtney Pep Klub FOUNUED-1960-1961 OFFICERS PURPOSE-T0 stimulate school spirit and in- C0'1"'e5i'le'm -A---A--i------- JOY Osborne, Tar TemP1ef0n terest in athletics. MEMBERS MEMBERS-Cheerleaders from each class and girls selected by cheerleaders. Betsy Chisolm Betsy Cotter AC'r1v1'r1Es-Leading cheers at games and Sissy Davenport meetsg organizing pep ralliesg announcing Dome Goree sports eventsg making posters. Marsha Goree Lyn Johnson Beth Milligan Anna Reynolds Renee Wood i951 Junior Christian Youth Club SEVENTH GRADE MEMBERS Frances Adams Gwin Bader Mary Guy Beaver Susan Blevins Peggy Brown Emily Bryan Genie Clarkson Ann Conroy Louise Crutchfield Peggy Dickinson Sally Gilman Linda Green Janet Hampton Kathy Hasselle Debbie Hawkins Lora Beth Kayler Ann Kendall Biddy Leal Martha Ling Susan Mastin Mary McKenzie Libba Morris Anne Nixon Mary Patten Dottie Randolph Debbie Rothberger Phyllis Salisbury Susan Scott Karen Smith Susan Stimson Gloria Swann Betsy Thedford Anne Tomlinson Libby Wann Lynn Webster Laura Wilson Helen Young FOUNDED-l960 PURPOSE-To learn more about the Bible and about Christ and His teachings. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS President ........,...... ,. ,,....,,... Mary Smartt Vice-president .,,,,, .. Gail Thomas Secretary ,,,,..,,.t.,,,.,,,,. Marie Cochran Program Chai1'mau,,...., Nancy Smartt Sponsor ....,...........,...,., Miss jane Aiken i961 Junior Christian Youth Club w,.1.t,. I ..... E . 5 egg W E WEE W it ee ws., N . 2 - M, EEN.. .WSE 55 was --ax ann misss Q n MEMBERS-Any girl in the seventh or eighth grades. ACTIVITIES-Plltflflg on programsg car- rying out projects. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS President ,,,,,,.,,.,.,.,,,.,.,..,.... ....... .,.i.. P e g Cooley Vice-president ...,, .. .,,,.., Martha McCravey Secretary .,,....,,,,. ,,,.,,., H elen McCallie Sponsor., .,.,.. ,.,,. , ,Mrs. E. T. Schmidt C971 EIGHT!-I GRADE MEMBERS Ann Alford Cathy Baer Betsy Bellah Peggy Bridgers Judy Bright Patty Bullard Moggie Carden Martha Chalkley Peggy Cissna Charlene Cook Anne Corley Susan Crawford Dale Davis Debby Dornbrosky Marie Donaldson Tv Evans ik Margaret Fowler Marsha Gerow Ginnie Gilman Barbara Gott Lynn Grisard Ann Hodge Elizabeth Huff Amy Hughlett Helen Humphreys Barbara jones Sally Jones Mary Laws Libba McNeil Jill McNew Margaret Mebane Becky Miller Mary Navarre 9 Q 9, Catherine Nelson Jimmie Nipper Suzy Osborne Yvonne Purvis Susan Rawlings Dot Robb Janelle Roberts Ann Scarbrough Barbara Simmons Lane Thomas Diana Thompson Susan Troy Becca Wooten Jan Yarbrough Ellen Yates Sheri Yates W a SEIIIUIT Eh115t1a11 Youth Club F OUNDED-1950 PURPOSE-T0 instill Christian thinking and to pro- mote daily Christian living. MEMBERS-Any girl in the ninth or tenth grades. ACTIVITIES-Having speakers, carrying out projects, and putting on programs. OFFICERS Prexident .....,...,..........................,.........,.. ,....,,,,.,.,.,,.,, L yn Oakes Vice-president ,.....................,.,.....,,.,,.... ..,..,....... P am Alexander First Semester Secretary .,.,,..., ...,,,...,.... . . ..... Ann Caldwell Second Semester Secretary ..........,.,.,..,.... - ........,,1.....,.,. Patsy Gott Treasurer ..,.,.,..,..............1........................1,....1,... Sharon Adamson Program Chairman ..1,.....,............ Sandy Mills and Renee Wood Lindsay Albright Linda Ault Sarah Bagwell Edith Ann Barger Esther Barnwell Joyce Bartholomew Martha Butler Patricia Bryan Ann Caldwell Joyce Caldwell Carolyn Carter Pam Caughman Betsy Cotter Kathy Crawford Helen Davis Margaret Dickas Jeannie Donaldson Jane Ellis Kathy Faucette MEMBERS Sharon Flatt Anne Flegal Martha Gaither Eloise Hagan Claire Hailey Jessica Hobbs Linda Holsomback Cheri Johnson Judy Kendall Marian Kidd Linda Lea Missy McCan1y Anne Maclellan Taylor Manson Ann Marland Linda Martin Charlotte Montague Lucie Norman Elisabeth Pearson i981 Betty Jean Reavis Sherri Rucks Debbie Ryan Pat Schlemmer Ruth Shelton Ginger Sliger Gloria Smith Margaret Spurling Linda Standefcr Helene Striebinger Mary Tarver Carolyn Taylor Nancy Trotter Lucy von Canon Paula Whittle Mary Alice Witt Mari Wright Marian York Christine Young Christian Forum Mil M' 'fi 1 l i . . li' in Q ,M . FOUNDED-4952 PURPOSE-To strengthen and to stress the Christian way of life. MEMBERS-Any girl in the junior and senior classes. ACTIVITIES--Having speakers, putting on programs, carrying out projects. OFFICERS President ...w.,V........ ........r,...,..,,........ ................... B e tty York Vice-president ,,,.,,,,.. ....,..,............,,, ,,,,.,,,, D i ann Estabrook Secretary .,,,....,,,,,., ,...,,,,,,.,, T emple Smart: Treasurer ..,.,,,, ., ,,,.,,,,,,,,rr,r,,,, Pat Franklin Sponsor ,.VV .Y...V.. ...... ..... . A . ....,s,.,.v..v...... M rs. Carolyn Plunket MEMBERS Carol Anderson Avanelle Armstrong Barbara Atwater Ginger Baer Ann Baldwin Laura Lee Balch Pat Barnwell Suzie Beckmann Nancy Bird Susan Bridgers Helen Burns Susan Butterfield Beth Carter Betsy Chisolm Carolyn Cissna Mary Day Kathy Dethero Evelyn Dowling Carolyn Dubose Catherine Duff Betsy Dwyer Anne Fields Hilda Gaston Dee Dee Groves Kitty Hon Alice Huskey Kitty Kirby Ann Kosik Libby Landry Carol Landgrebe Patricia Laws I-Iildrecl Levi Eleanor McCallie Ann McCullough jane McFadden Michelle Maroney Polly Ann Martin Alexis Moore May Montague Trudy Moss Cherie Muerth Vicki Nelson Pat Nelson i991 Louise Newell Joy Osborne Mattie Phillips Carolyn Poynton Anna Reynolds Ann Robinson Cheryl Roy Joan Salyer Susan Sawrie Laura Smartt Charlotte Smith Ginger Smith Karin Smith Pat Spicer Janet Taylor Jean Taylor Tara Templeton Patricia Terry Linda Thompson Janie Willingham Anne Williams Susan Yates SEIEHCE Club FOUNDED-1959-1960 Q PURPOSE-TO stimulate interest 1n science. MEMBERS-Any girl from the eighth or ninth grades. ACTIVITIES-Speakers, experiments, field trips OFFICERS Pfwideni .A,.,....V..............,..,......,.......,...... Carolyn Taylor Vure-ilresirlent .......... ....,.,4,.,, E lizaberh Huff S6C10ld1'jV .............. ........ K aren Palmqulst Tre-1s11rer t.V....... .,.......i D iane Thompson Spomor .V..... ..t..........,.,ie.t., M rs. Kenneth Gould MEMBERS Helen Bacon Sarah Bagwell Patty Bullard Sharon Casey Peg Cooley Compton Currin Dale Davis Karen Derrick Debby Dombrosky Jeannie Donaldson Sheryl Elfron Pat Galloway Barbara Gott if100l Amy Hughlett Anna Johnson Jane Kirk Jimmie Nipper Leslie Norman Ann Rawlings Lynda Rowe jan Silverstein Susan Steinmann Carolyn Thompson Barbara Toms Susan Troy 5' ath Club FOUNDED-1959-1960 PURPOSE-To increase knowledge of mathematics. MEMBERS-Any girl from the tenth to the twelfth who has an eighty-five or above average in math. ACTIVITIES-SPCHICCIS, movies, field trips, and discussions of math problems. OFFICERS President ..,,,,.,...,r..,.,.,,,,,..,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,. -,,Carla Armstrong Vice-president. ......... ,. ...... , ...,..,,r............,. Nancy Trotter Secretary ,l..,.,,....... .,,..,...,.,....r A nn Perkins Sponsor .f.s,....... .... ,.... , ..,... ..,,,,.,,.,.. M i s s Lois Moyer MEMBERS Hutcheson Bader Lynn Green Betty Branch Cindy Kemp Ann Butterfield Becky Kirk Mabry Chambliss Anne Maclellan Carolyn Curtis Taylor Manson Judy Daugherty Karen Palmquist Judy Demos Elisabeth Pearson Carolyn Drake Carolyn Reavis Joyce Dubrov Suzanne Smith Ann Flegal Jean Taylor Dorothy Gage: Donna Trail Carol Green Patricia Yandle If10l1 Junlnr Elee Club - ffl-in --Q 4 " FOUNDED-1950-195 1 PURPOSE-To train girls for membership in the Senior and Varsity Glee Clubs. MEMBERS-Eighth and ninth grade girls chosen by Mrs. Glenn in an audition. ACTIVITIES-Presenting a program for the school at Christmas. OFFICERS Preifrlenf ................... ..,....,,...,,i,.,........ ..... .... C a r olyn Carter Vice-president ......,....,, ii.,,...,.,,,,..,,. ,-,,,,..,.,,,, J a ne Kirk Secretary-Treamrer .,..... ,..,.,.,...,.,...,... B Etsy Clark Accompanist i...........,. .........,.,.,...,,.,... S andy Mills Sponsor ..................... ,i......,i...,....i,.,,,.. M rs. Margaret Glenn MEMBERS Lynn Alsobrook Linda Ault Martha Bowen Marcia Carriger Carolyn Carter Elizabeth Clark Charlene Cook Karen Derrick Jane Ellis Kathy Faucette Barbara Gott Lyn Grisard Lisa Harrison Carol Hensley Sandra Hensley Kathy Houck Brenda Kirk Jane Kirk Marian McCamy Sherred Milligan Sandy Mills Jimmie Nipper f1021 Patty Randolph Helen Reed Beth Rogers Sharon Sullivan Carolyn Thompson Susan Troy Janet Walker Mary Alice Witt Patty Wren Jan Yarbrough Christine Young Senior Ultra Club FoUND1zu-1950-1951 PURPOSE-T0 provide an opportunity for girls to de- velop vocal talent and musical appreciation. MEMBliRS-SOIJIIOHIOFBS, juniors, and seniors chosen by Mrs. Glenn in an audition. ACTIVITIES---Presenting programs for the school at Christmas, Commencement, and other specified times. Prexidelzt ,,,,,,,. , ,, Vice-llrexideul ,, Secrelary .,,,, , , ,, fl'reaxurer,,, Accomjnuzisl? . SIIOIIXOT, ..,,. , Carole Anderson Laura Lee Balch Edith Ann Barger Nancy Bird Betty Branch Barbara Bullington Beverly Buckshorn Sammye Burnette Martha Bulter Beth Carter Carolyn Cissna jan Cooper Carolyn Curtis Judy Daughtery OFFICERS MEMBERS Salibeth Dean Dorothy Gage: Susan Grant Lynn Green janet Harwell Kitty Hon Nancy Kirk Hildred Levi Ann Lewis Nancy McClure Alexis Moore Vicki Nelson Elisabeth Pearson ....,.. Robin Young , ,,..,.. Virginia Cifers , ,..,,. Ann Robinson .....,,,,Joyce Thompson ,. ,,,,Suzanne Roberts ..Mrs. Margaret Glenn Carolyn Poynton Suzanne Roberts Susan Sawrie Virginia Sliger Gloria Smith Harriet Smith Pat Spicer janet Taylor Elaine Strickland Patricia Terry Linda Thompson Paula Whittle Janie Willingharll Elder Witt its is f105fl Varsit Else Club FOUNDED-1933 PURPOSE-To develop vocal talents and to entertain others. MEMBERS-Any girls in the Senior Glee Club who show extra ability and interest. ACTIVITIES-Singing at special re- quest for civic clubs and other organizations. MEMBERS Carole Anderson Laura Lee Balch Betty Branch Beverly Buckshorn Sammye Burnette jan Cooper Carolyn Curtis Salibeth Dean Susan Grant Lyn Green Lyn Johnson Nancy Kirk Hildred Levi Ann Lewis Carolyn Poynton Suzanne Roberts Virginia Sliger Harriett Smith Patricia Terry Joyce Thompson Linda Thompson Janie Williiigham Elder Witt Robin Young 11041 FOUNDED-l95l PURPOSE--T0 promote an interest in music. MEMBERS-Any girl in the ninth through the twelfth grades. ACTIVITIES-Sponsoring assembly programs and planning programs for the club. OFFICERS P1'e.virle11t ..,,....................., Helen Bryan Vice-president .......,........,v. Nancy Bird Secretary ,.,.,... .....,....,....... A nn Lewis Treamrer ........,......., Linda Thompson Program Chairman ..,... .Julie Johnson Sponsor- ...A.....,... Mrs. Margaret Glenn MEMBERS Donna Sue Albright Avanelle Armstrong Laura Lee Balch Nancy Bird Helen Bryan Deane Buchanan Sammye Burnette Martha Butler Jan Cooper Carolyn Curtis Judy Daugherty Evelyn Dowling Carolyn DuBose Nancy Duncan Pat Galloway Annette Grant Susan Grant Carol Green Anne Fields Julie Johnson Marian Kidd usic Club 7 ' ffl: 7' ,-1vw? 3 '1""l . 111051 ,B if mr i ,.,, - I tr z u . --:. : Q if H :-: 'J Kitty Kirby Lynn Koeninger Ann Kosik Patricia Laws Hildred Levi Ann Lewis Judy McDanie1s Sandy Mills Vicki Nelson Carolyn Reavis Suzanne Roberts Ginger Sliger Karin Smith Pat Spicer Karen Standefer Elaine Strickland Joyce Thompson Linda Thompson Paula Whittle Janie Willingham Helen Bacon Junior Theater tts Zt- FOUNDED-1961 PURPOSE-TO develop creative ability in writ- ing and in dramatics. MEMBERS-Any girl in the ninth and tenth grades. ACTIVITIES-Writing and criticizing their own articlesg presenting short plays and dramatic readings. MEMBERS Judy McDaniel Sarah Bagwell Joyce Bartholomew Betty Branch Tricia Bryan Barbara Bullington Sharon Casey Pam Caughman Judy Crawley Kathy Crawford Carolyn Curtis Sissy Davenport Helen Davis Nancy Davis Margaret Dickas Katie Fields Anne Flegal Martha Gaither Diane Gould Carol Green Nicki Greenburg Lynn Hocker Linda Holsomback Nancy I-Iudlow Jeannine I-Iuguelet Anna Johnson Neil McKinney Ann Maclellan Ann Marland Betty Marye Linda Martin Charlotte Montague Laura Navarre Lyn Oakes Karen Palmquist Pam Parker Ann Rawlings Peggy Rawlings Brooke Ray Betty Jean Reavis Ruth Shelton Hallye Smith Kit Smith Linda Standefer Susan Steinmann Pam Stilwell Pat Stilwell Helene Striebinger Ann Swafford Carolyn Taylor Charlotte Vassey Cindy Kemp Caroline von Canon OFFICERS Judy Kendall Lucy von Canon President ......,...... ....,..,.,.....,...... ..,.... E 1 oise Hagan Mafian Kidd Pam Websfef , , Lynn Koeninger Mari Wright Vice-prexnlent ....,... ,...... T aylor Manson Shgrry Liner Ginger York Treasurer ,....,,.. ......... J essica Hobbs Alice LUPYOU Sponsor ......... ...,..,., M rs. James Hitt If 1061 Senior Theater its FOUNDED--1955 PURPOSE-TO develop creative ability in writ- ing, speaking and acting. MEMBERS1AUy girl in the junior and senior classes. ACTIVITIES-Reading and writing plays and poemsg putting on portions of plays before the club. OFFICERS Presirleut .,ii,Y..... ..,.,,,........,,..,.,......,...,.,... L aura Smartt Vice-president ...,.., .............,.i.., ,..,... R o salind Jacobs Secretary ..,.. , i,..,. , . .....,,.,.,. Ginger Baer Treasurer .....,. .......,.,.,,., J oy Osborne Sjzousor ,,.,,,. ..,......,.., . .,.i. ..,.. M r s. James E, Hitt MEMBERS jerry Bailey Kitty Kirby Charlotte Clark Libby Landry Judy Demos Louise Newell Evelyn Dowling Mattie Phillips Carolyn DuBose Susan Robinson Catherine Duff Temple Smartt Betsy Dwyer Tara Templeton Julie Johnson Betty York f107fI Junior It Workshop FOUNDED-1948-1949 PURPOSE-TO prepare younger girls for later membership in the Senior Art Workshop by teaching them the equipment, use, and care of an art studio. MEMBERS-Any girl from the seventh grade. ACTIVITIES-Making of props for May Day and other special events of the school. OFFICERS President .....,..........,.....,.,.. - ..,,,.... - ...,...,.. Betsy Caldwell Vice-president ..,,..... ...- ....,.....,....,...........,. -joel Easley Secretary r............. .........r..A..r.....,.,...,,,. B arrett Webster Sponsor... .... . ..... .,,...,.,.........,....,........., M iss Lou Myers MEMBERS Paula Anderson Candy Auten Martha Balch Becky Broughton Irene Campbell Janice Card Octavia Chambliss D'Etta Crisman Rosann Etfron Laura Faucette Diane Flatt Chappie Gass Susan Gilbert Leoma Gilley Beth Green Mary Hagan Margaret Hitt Carol Hixson Kathy Houck Anne Ingalls Karen Kimball Sherry Kissinger Sissy Law Dorothy Leader Connie Leech Elizabeth McDonald Lynn Miller Susi Prigmore Gail Robinson Gigi Ruddock Patty Sivils Peggy Stewart Brenda Stowe Kathy Thomison Karen Thompson Allison Ulin Nancy Wey Jo Wheat Nancy Worley I1081 Senior Art Workshop ,- .I y me .. 5,41 ian' FOUNDED-1948-1949 PURPOSE-To teach girls the practical aspects of art and to serve the school in any way possible. MEMBERS-Any girl from the eighth through the twelfth grades. ACTIVITIES-Making of props for May Day and other special events of the school. OFFICERS President ..............,..,....,.,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,.,.,,,,-,,,,, Betsy Dwyer Vice-ilrexideut .....,...........,..,.,,.......,,,,.,..,.... julie johnson Secretary .........., - .... -....-....-----.Jerry Bailey S0011-Y07'. ....... ,...,........................... M iss Lou Myers MEMBERS Ginger Baer Judy Demos Pat Galloway Marsha Goree Libby Landry Mary Mitchell Louise Newell Cheryl Roy Joan Salyer Charlotte Smith Linda Talley l H091 , or D Speech Club FOUNDED-1960-1961 PURPOSE-To teach girls the art of public speaking. MEMBERS-Any girl from the eleventh or twelfth grade. ACTIVITIES-Studying speech fundamentals, writing and delivering speeches. Barbara Atwater Pat Barnwell Susan Briclgers Tricia Bryan Deane Buchanan Helen Davis Kathie Dethero Carolyn Drake Linda Holsomback Alice Huskey Sherri johnson OFFICERS President: First Semester ................,,. ,....,..,,...,...... G inger Smith Second Semester ,.e., . ...., Ann McCullough S ecrelary: Firxt Semester ....,. ..,. ,,e., ee,,..,,..e.... J e a n Taylor Second Semester i,... ...,,.,.,,,,,.....,.. S herri Rucks Sponsor ...,....,....,...... .. .,..,,,,,,,,i,,,... Mrs. Cave Richardson MEMBERS Ann Kosik Missy McCamy Ann McCullough Bettye Marye Sandy Mills Sherrill Rucks Ginger Smith jean Taylor Flowerree Whitaker Mary Alice Witt f1101 Current Events FOUNDED-1961-1962 PURPOSE-To promote interest in politics, government, and the world situation. MEMBERS-Any tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grader. ACTIVITIES-Debating, having speakers, tak- ing field trips, and having panel discussions. U OFFICERS . P1-esuleut .,.,,, ,, .,,,,..,..,,..,,.,......,.., ...,.. M artha Gaither Secretary ,.,, .,.,.,,r ..,,s.....s,...,.....,l.. . .,.,.. ..,..,. A n n Marland Program Chairmen ..........,t Cindy Kemp, Mari Wright Sponsor. .,,,....,.... ,.....,V.,..,.......,..... M rs. Jean Grote Yates MEMBERS Anne Caldwell Joyce Caldwell Celia Colburn Kathy Crawford Judy Daugherty Joyce Dubrov Anne Flegal Patsy Gott Diane Gould Annette Grant Carol Green Eloise Hagan Jessica Hobbs Judy Kendall Sherry Liner Judith Ann McDaniel Taylor Manson Lyn Oakes Carolyn Reavis Lucy von Cannon fllll Ula , 'nv uf 1,1 M .S , .iw TRL, ,, ,e , -1 1,1 5 H 1 + B 55,211 . 3 xy asm '9-,w sk 5 H m 1 Q, .AE -xi ,- f". m E , max' ss ala ww R ,wi H mn ., 4 V z 1 , Jw xx V, , H ,. E Q , :MQ M-.4 N-, 1 . Q 1 . K , vm rf ff. E ss was L, ' - 4: i'V.,'1g:e',H sm Q nm na nwkwgqnrsi- fax, - W af. 'Mn,. V 'wma 3 ...JRE H m snag wdyi: -gem mafprgrm,4f,m if K f ' 'ii 'wwf'-4 m',ps,5m,m'f1 ' mf if 5 Q rn' 5? ,LJ ' fr fx ' "-.., , ., , Sm' J V ,V --1.53-gig. ,V -.a - - - ,I elm'-L! JS- f,4'1Z'.b.,- v .mm ff 1: al x K. X +3 1 , latin Editor ..,. - ....,.,.. ,..,.,, N ews Editor... F eatnre Editor Sociely Editor Sports Editor... Picture Editor Sponsor ..,...,, Laura Lee Balch Fain Murphey , .,.,.. M ., Rosalind Ulin ,,......rMary McCall ..,,r,.Lynn Hodge ,i,,,,,,,........,..Y.Alice Huskey Miss Roberta Moore REPORTERS Ann Baldwin Sammye Burnette Mabry Chambliss Carolyn Cissna Evelyn Kennedy Windy Lundy Kit Martin Kris Palmquist Carolyn Reavis Ginger Smith Suzanne Smith Nancy Trotter f114fl GPS SENIIEINALISTS NOW ADVANCE T0 EINALIST BRACKET 'l'l--- Null--lisil Bl--rl! S--In-I:irr-Iiip l'--rp--i'ull--ii i'------lilly :liili--lim--ul I-- Xlies Xlnrp II.ii-mil- 'I'iu-la--r. prin- pnnil --I' HPS. Ilie- n.iliil-' -rl' Ili-- I-'xilnllf-'f In lin- IEII-L3 -Lil ll--ri! I'r:- gmni. .XII .--ix --I' Ilu- ,I-uiiii-Q --Iu- plni----I ai: Si-iiiitixizili-ah in Ilu- --nin- pl Zitlwli im- iii-ii l"ni.ili-I-. 'l'li-- plrls .ii-- snlil--:li IP--Lin. I--ii: llill. I-II:.f.i- H51-ii-1, lim--ii Siam!--I--i-, lil-l--i' Wilt, :Ili-I l"i':iiii---.-. Zn-w-im,-. 'Ilp gills -.wh --I-4...-ii .i-. I-'in.iI -Is I-3 liiulu .I---ring ni. Ili.-ii Si-li-iI1.s'w kpxilml- 'l.-.-I-. .nu-I I-Q. ii-I-.imm--ml:-'E-iii -il liI'rf 1:-llliiiii .1--J. 'l'li--5 gm- unix 5-in--ng: IIJIUI -1-1-Ii--in fr--ni -.-kann ilu- 1-nan XI--ri! bvli-iliil . ---II fn- rli-iq.-I.. lm .Sl--ral Si-li--lain-E111--In In- .mil-miiw.-I - H 1:,g,.,- ,lpn ----nl il il----ii ilu- I---url li- GPS STUDENTS CHOOSE SUPERLA li- :I I.-I-. iii NIOR --I- -'lin-I .il ISIN "XI--,-c I-.1--' iii-I nv in ri,,,,..1 Xllhii --sim I-.i,,..u1.. -- I:-ii in .il ph.- Ii- iIi.- - mlm, I.:i-ii--I-, y-1---I-I4-,li .if Ili.. NWI, l Ill ll Ill- llu- limp .-rnl .ui -lim.-i A. ii Ii,-,l,, . I , Iii, ,,,' 1..pi,i,i, i.l th. I xii .uni ii - s, -n.iu --In .--i-.--il :i,. im---III---it lil' Ilv- l"i'---I --im I'I,i---. 3411.-,zlsu pili- -i.-i..-.-..I .ii li........ .-u........ . . i Paradise :md 'Old West are Dance Themes FRESHMAN-SOPHOMOFE EB. DANCE HELD F ry I. Ilii- ili l"ii-lay, I"--5vrix,i I I-'i--slinigiii :mil !4--i-Ii--m--i-- r'I:i:.f:--E Ii--I-l llii--i' xmnmlzil -I.xu-'--. Vu-l.-1' Ilii- W.m-l null -- m.ipi--.illy "lr-lax:-l in Ii Iisli, in--r i-I :mi- .iip.-i-xl.,i.ii ill Ir--in-I li--I-5 lung. im- gym 'i':ni-I'-ii'ni--I inn- Lili l'.ii:i-lis.-," .-limp!--in -.i-I limi-Is, ir--.I--ulv --li---lr -li--lls. Illrl- :ui-I Ili. -lzmv---I ini- mifiit zmnj. I --I' Alvin- l!.il--s .Iii-l lr- --ivli---Iris, . ,nl --I' i--.I---1-ls. -I ilu- Ivins:-' nl,-I pI.i5.-A fp.-I-i.iI mn-ali. is gil ilu- iwliiliiillvi- livin!-nl :mil .llilv sup,-1' -S--pli--ni--i'v Iilw.-ll .mil --I' Llp- in -:inn lluvli- r---pi--si --I' tlif- ll---I-i--:ik I...,..i...i I., iii..-IE..-.. uni l'nli'E4-in liiinii. 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I'!---.--lui lxzis HIS.-, I,,.,.H lm .Ii ilu- ui--ui-H i' lil Iwi' -'lass-. ln thi. .-1-'.i-nili gizuli- shi- was Illui- Cup- I:-in :iii-I :I ill--iiil---i' .lf Ilii- C'lii-iglim, Yiiulli I'liili. ll'lI4' f--ll:-mimi yum. -I-v pi--sill.-ii in--i' iIi-- Clirisliim N--iilli I'li1l- Quill mils :i lm-iiil---1' nl' ilu- -lllninr lil.-w l'IuIi, IIIIITIUZ Ii--r fn-slimziu 5'--ur. ll--Lsv ---r---il -in lIi.- Ili-y...y I'..m-I :md ,NEI .i iii--mln-r HI' thi- S--i'xi..,. L,.:mu,.' Flu- :il-H pmilripgit---I in ilu- .Iuniur Illia- Vlul-. li"l'5'f "'I'lI"lH"l'-' 5'--:ir ilu-lu-I-,--I 1Ij'III'lII"N iq lin- S--x'vi--v I.--:igu--, Ilarislinn H--utli C'Iul-. :in-I -lzuirw i'-llilllllll-'I'r. I-II" IPI-1' II-'IM' i-.mir-i I-I--I I :In llnili Vigil," 5,,,,g,,,. l-I-lligmrll Arls, nu-I ilu- Vlirlsllliii Ifi-rum, r-luv was s----rr-l:il'y .if 11,-y ,-pus, At I-I:---.Q ling ,-llv uns qlimrili--I thp lwpulii-II ilu-4141, 'I'lii,, ,.-... il.-I., ,..-.,-,,., ,,,,,. Ohm .io li.---fl'r--sill--lil. Shi- In-I--ings Li, llii- Iliri-Ji:m I-'ur-im :in-I ilu- I'--p t'InI., Iii .lil-lili--n slii- plays X',irsiL5' Iuirl :ir--sv in li-r si-I-mul g A 1 i WHERE HAVE 1 HEARD THAT BEFORE? I .-'xllii---mlm ilu--rv is mu:-Ei -rx--rl: iii- lin-li-Ii--ii N--w--Il: WI:--I---'Q Ili-- xi-Ix---l in irziilixng :I xxililiirig luis- Zap--T In-r'-:ill I--sim. nn plan-Liw i- willi- ll----Icy Kirli? lixcusi- in--, Illi--, i-ui its Slum-ilu Il--rv gm- :I I'--xv of 'l'lir-inns, hut Iianv you sn-fn my Ili- Iiplil--i' rf'Ili:iriis --I' Ilia- I'1iliw-I 4-ni:t:u'l'? ui--ml---is I-I' ilu- lnislr--il-:III L--aim, X T4-ni llill: lim I -Il-ln'i wxllld I,1iui----I Slllii-in--la-fi: I'r- E- 'ur-1.x llzirl-:ii':i .I--luis--ii: Wlizii -Iiii sli- y':-llf if:-yi' l7uk-- :in-I -Iris.-T I l'IIIs-- l-lynn-r: We-iilfl 5--u min- I-'lliiiyz un- wli--Ili--r if-u'rv ui- z-im --1' inxiii-t-'--iii:x1iT , ll-1+-uni: All I wum.--I for i'l'iri-L inns was an li-L-:Lim Hamm- . . . 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Mun is xi "ri1l--1' nz--unrwl Miss Battle Plans European Trip lor I I ext Summer in 'llrfiillniiprh ilu- Siu-l--ms Ii-we :ix pi---lnliy :mxinus I'--r rliis suimm-1' i-+-unLi-f-- Ili--x sail I--z' Pfuiwip- -ml. van-:ni-,ii Lif--fi-:ni ul-'rli ' will m- :'h:ip- Iiss I-Ilizrilii-II: Ilalilf- iiy Ikgl.-.4 will -ilipu -in rin- .Kiln-,tiw :I-.-I 1-: Iuilf 1---iriii: Eli.- uiilriv- ill.-5 xxlll malt -nil. I ln- X--ill-wlzimls, i-lam-I, Ii--i'ii.,ii.y, Bvl- I, Ill-'i-:mr---, -- :is ziiiziiig--il fm' sin-I-24-1 imr-i-.--:. - :x lr I' .Kms 1 E, : usiriaiz IF-lk ilnzmiiig. -v gun-l--l:i iii Y--nil---. ip in- tin- czmnls Iiirlm in x ! Kin- ' - an in-ut rsrll- .in Ili-- -rp--rzi in llr-mv. ui:--r -,sn Invzml. Iaixrhliglils uf Ili-S trip -' I Llii- I-:isiim :il . :mal thi- ii-.-xl -lay I vnji-y 11 l'uIl rlzxy ni, ng ilu- I-'rf-iirli liivi-eral. --I' l'r--0 liim- will ln- llli--liurli--Lll thi- tour. si- hiking: ilu- trip :ari- :ir--l FI--I--li--i'. Al--xis Sinilll. .Izmir Willing- - Ailmns, Iii'--Lcli-:ii .Ir-Imsmi. Vanin Mm'- in Xl--Cull-luI.:li. ,ll ll ' 'arrv HIGH is mill. -. - cvs OPPONENT Spark--cl by zx nc-au' pc-rfecl first half. ilu- Varsity Imskr-tball te:-ni mc---I into the rvyrulau' season by ti-oimcing the Kirkxiiain Tech tc-um mi its li-wmv mum Snlurflny ifixzlil. .lzinuary S. 'Flin Snail sr-ny., 33.11, r-ull' Imll' irnliczit-as the iniuiiw- I-Ii :lu-Y grime-. At ilu- -'ml or zl1-- lirst quzlrl--r GPS Ii-fl by n Sw-rl'-f ol' I5-Il, :mil In th- lull' it 1'--zivliml Lil-I Th-- svi-nml lizili :il --F GPS run plays -ul I-I School Tells Plan For Annual Nlay Day OLD ENGLAND IS THEME llrs. 'l'lv-:mis luis -'li-----I "ll--i':"' UI-I Furl:-1:-I" :is-X310 :.Iii-::s-- --7' Ili-- 5--zL:"r Mug ling. II wfll I-im.-ist --I v:li' Li':xIIili-mill l'T:.:IQ.-I2 --umu- Lry -lzim'--r. Huy llziy will fi-pitiir. sf---I-u ini- ---Iiv -Inu----s. Thi-5 :iii rf:-- i'--II-I-,I-. ing: thi- p--1--'lar Sl--Iprliil Sw--i-! lhxp---, Sl--was 'ii :ni-I 1-I'E--ii r-zslli--I "Illini I- I.--rwlxl--I ll.i1-I-I. ly.-.I S!i'1m:--I," All-iris 51,5--lg Dam----. Iliifiy I'1:I':j.. lluil.--i'ii'L: l' lln-ls--ii ll--:iw-, I5--:iii F--ting. :xml Zlh- 1z'.x-ilfi--Val' Magp--I--. i'lmiriiu-xi of Alan lhiy In -'ii:i:w- -if Mail Il:-5' e-ill I-1- linr- ii Siam-l--I'--1' :rs Ii--1-I-ml l'Ii.iix'- limi-. Nui-1-y Bird :mil I.'ii:ii'l--IM Vlzirla in-nfl lll-- L'--:Uliilv l"--:imiib I----, avlii-'li I'--lisirfls I-I II-if ,lim-ills. 'I'i-mplv Si-x:ii'Ll,.lf-:Q full.-i':2--. I.:mi':i Siniivii. llanrliv Fiilllipi, I'--II5 .-Xiu' Alnrziii, :in-I Susan Iluzi--rti--I-I 'I'rii-iz- 'I'--ri-5'. pr'--si-li-iii ---' 'I'--rp-i rlmx'-i. will ls ire -Iisimrv --I ili- -Iniicv v4-liiliaillz-0, Tin- girls --ii ili- i-uiiin1i1i--i-.m- Il--le-ii Ili-yan. Hills.--Q. lizw-ly. Iliaznn lx.-I:-I-1'----lr. I':iiii li--r-iw. May JI--iiingii.-. lin--s I'--I I:-r-I. Si.iSu Smzlrxl. ll:--nt--ip Yzi-. Fl.-xiw. .him-1 'lliyl-1:-. IZ--Ili l'.ii'If-r. ll-:nm Iluiilwi-ly. I':i! limi-I-.ifi., Ilil-lzx Clzisl--xl, l'zi1 N--ls--ii, 'l'r'iiili 51--ss. Kiln W.-I I,--I-i Milligan, l li--ii-iaxll, lliiii I l::gs:am:i ii. .I I1-ly llyzm Im wil I-li, lI.ii-ri--1 Si-mfr. .imlzi I--l.ii:-, .lu-25 Trail, :ni-I Ii.-IN-aw I Ili-:ul ilu- pi'--ulxiiiz nl,-ii-izti.-u :mil .-Il1i.r ni--ml---is in --luiif Hi-Iiiu Y--imu. I':u---I I.:----I- :I-I-.-, Il--I-Ay Climilm. :mil NI.ii5 Img: .-XS l'l'-'-si-I--lil -il' Ar! W1-I-lisli--il, I!--Isx' T7-.xp-r will In I-I' Ili-- Ari C--ii-iiiiil.-.-. --vli--r m.-ml---iw .iii- .I--iyy liziil--y. ,llnly lv--:-'.---. l-2-.--I5-. ll.-wfiiig. 1':.i-iiljcii Iliilhisi-, Il:.p: lmiig--fly. Am- I-'M-I-Is. Il--1'--I-. 'l'i'ic-i.l .I-.5 ii-Q!-ni-ii--, I... s. fllziriii In-lil-v K-iv--ll, - l'IlilIips. 'l'i-m- Y Vil- pl- hrrmrll, li-fZI.5 1'- I-'I--zf-I--iy Fusxin I.:iy. .if-.I x'I---13,5 ll-ly. r4TiYI'IY'l' li- in-pi'--4--:at E II IIEMXIDIC VOL RT Six y-mug ulzlslin.-iw in---in me--N ii lil iv- ii'li :Viz-li-E :is iii--ml.--rs --I ihi- Lgni---iff I'--iii-2. I.-min l'P:ix--np.-1-I, :us pai--. -.vlll lx--rail-I Llw Qlxm-ii's axrrinzil. Il.-:sy Flismzf-Iiss. Sissy Lim, Imi--III5 I.--:ulr-i', Lynn Illill--ix :xml linux-ii EIDOSCOPE FEARLESS FRANCES NAVIGATES AS LUSTY CRY OF "ROW, SLAVES" IS HEARD FROM THE BOW. EDITOR - FRANCES ZWENIG ASSISTANT EDITOR - BABS POLLARD FAMILY PORTRAIT INCLUDES OUR CAPABLE PICTURE EDITORS: FRONT, . DAUGHTERS NANCY KIRK AND VIRGINIA CIFERSQ SEATED ARE DAD AND MOTHER, SIDNEY EASLEY AND BEE BRYANQ AND LYN JOHNSON IS LITTLE BROTHER. L L, 2 , ARTISTS PEGGY SCOVILLE, SHIRLEY JONES, CAROL FLETCHER, AND SALIBETH DEAN PREPARE To BOTCH A O THE GRACEFUL MUSES WHO EDIT LITERARY ARE N THER LAYOUT PAGE- FROM LEFT TO mom: suzmme scams, ANN . ' " LEVNIS, AND PAM CJEROW. , . ,..,.?f .KX ' T FF 63 T OUR HEADS-OF-STAFF GET READY FOR FINAL BLOW. SPLINTERS: LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: MARSHA GEROW, LYN GRISARD, OCTAVIA CHAMBLISS. SECOND ROW: JAN YARBOROUGH PAULA ANDERSON, BARRET WEBSTER,SUSAN STEINMANN, ELAINE STRICKLAND, DIANN GOULD. THIRD ROW: GREY GUNDAKER, CATHERINE NELSON, VIRGINIA GILMAN, KAREN KIMBALL, LINDA TALLEY, LIBBY WANN, SUSAN MASTIN. FOURTH ROW: ELIZABETH PEARSON, SUZY OSBORNE, DEBBIE HAGAMAN, KAREN PALMQUIST, DEBBIE RYAN, BETTY MARYE, CARLA ARMSTRONG, HELEN WALKER, ANN MCCULLOUGH, KITTY KIRBY. SHCKI V Q BNFIM TED 1 i..l- ' Fil? M0lJ- - SALES ARE SPEEDED BY LUCRATIVE TACTICS OF JACKIE ADAMS' BUSINESS MANAGER wmv-Q2 Now! l - 1 I 1 s M T iw T F S 1 L . .1 LT CTOBERQ ffm CVEMBER IM T w IT 1'IF ZIS 3 ZT- ..-q.. ...T- ....7T.. ECEIYIBER Q T AN UAKY 1 2I +I F3521 a 4 Sl I ffl IEBRUARY in S M T w T F 1 5 aplmwc e 6 1 9 13 Zlikfzlzhci' 1 ,' z4I 25 'ze-" ffl ARCH 15 1 29 TUNEFUL TORNADOS FSPECIALLY FRONT ROW? AND IT WASN'T THE THIRD FINGAH.. . zs 27D za PRIL T w' T ZF S ,fpqy ina! 5 .f 7,119 ffdid 72'lk'nf.5!wV 11 f71fci'1!" Qgfdydi gg MAY DAY MADNESS 14211 :gg I AV I I I I 1 -L-My A has-nw-. - M: HAPPY HAPPY HAPIY SPRINGTIME A.B. FIIILPARES TO MEN 'IIIE PRESS JZ -51: Frm? I0 II I2 B , PROM mf' i l .,, 1 'f if-, Mg. ,iff 15 'QW Q' ,nn n vn,'.i.- r r .. U V 4 N y . i . 1 W w E1 H it 1 V ...r lan' ' V, ,,,Q:.Lsgl5L51 ILHWLH-' ' I :.'!-nil 3 'W' . lfiiiil Y 1 Hwy. J 1 .II N AZ QQ mga mga A ,E ggax ,gm an 3 E mg this a me Q Q 'G Q JE S HE' Q-wa ii amz WS? ggi mm E ggi Q55 Q Egg mmm AQ H MQW na ? Q W ii- G f 52 H252 15,6 fm E Egg-MQ img x gf. X .5 K V E Hg-gf gi W ,'MQ5 is 5E?"'Q5 mf 5 A f ,W -,Q za 5 N SEQRES .1 H '53, ' - . S2 Q - E W . k , SJ was I WF S5 S. , A ' K E Q N misss A ,.. . . 5 , 1, . .. V ,Q-.Lgggm ,Ai ir an A ss xx u .wa a wg .Q ...:.: Bmw , Q? 2 msg lhletil: ssucialiun CAPTAINS BLACK TEAM BLUE TEAM Donna Albright ,.,,......, . ...........,,.. ,.... . , .,EE Senior Ann Kimball .,v,.7w,., .. ..l,,, ,,7,, lll, ,,,7.7ll, , lll,,7,,, S e n im' Helen Walker ,,.,EE .....,..,..,. J zmior Eleanor McCallie ,.,,.e .. .e4....... junior Windy Lundy ,,...,,,, ..,.... . Sophomore Patricia Yandle .7,. ,.ee ,7,.,,,., S 0 pbomore Ruth Shelton ,,,,,,, .,.,...... . Freslamfm Betty Marye, t.....,. ,, 7,,,t,, .Freshman Suzy Osborne .,,, , e.,..,.. ,,,..,. E iglotla Grade Charlene Cook ,..v , n..t ,.Eigbtla Grade Louise Davenport .tei,,i ..,...,.. Seventh Grade Karen Kimball r,.rree ,.,r,,7,r S eventlo Grade lQ1241 Cheerleaders Left to right: Alice Davenport, Anna Reynolds, Joy Osborne, Betsy Cotter and Tara Templeton. HEAD CHEERLEADERS Joy Osborne Tara Templeton JlI7li0?' ............ ' ,....... Anna Reynolds Sophomore .. ..... ,..,......,.. B etsy Cotter Freshman ..,.,... .......,, A lice Davenport 1:1251 arsil Basketball .V Y Toni Hill Co'C'zpMm" "'A'AA"' """' I Lauren Shumacker Coach ,,..l,.l,,,.l..,. ,.....,....... M rs. Dick Thomas MANAGERS Rosalind Jacobs Susan Sawrie Ann Kosik Jean Taylor Fain Murphy Rosalind Ulin TEAM MEMBERS Donna Sue Albright .,,.....,.,...,,,,Y, ..G11ard Carol Dickson ..i,. , . i.,,,,,.,.,..Y Forzuarfl Dani Dunkerley ,,..,,,, ,.,,.,,.,.. G :lard Barbara Johnson ,.i.... .,.,,., F o1'u'm'd Gretchen Newell .. ,,,, ,.....,,., G naw! Elise Rymer ,..,.. . ,..... ,.....,, F orwarzl Patti Tessmann .. ,,,,,..., .,,,,,., G Ildfll Brenton Van Cleave., ,,., ,, ,.... Guard Jane Wyatt ,,.., . .,r..,..,,.i..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,..,, Gzmrn' SCORES Hixson 45 ,,.....i,, i,i...,. . G. P. S. 19 Dade County 7 ,........... G. P. S. 73 Kirkman 26 , .. .............. G. P. S. 46 Red Bank 29 . ,,,,ii, ,,,i. . .G. P. S. 19 Notre Dame 45 ., .,......, G. P. S. 31 Tyner 46 ,.i.,....,..,...,,,,.... G. P. S. 52 East Ridge 36 ,,..,.,.,...,,,, G. P. S. 34 City 45 ........,...,,,i..,.....,. G. P. S. 28 Z .-. ' J . . . , Laocoon, his sons, and the serpents. Smke 'I' Lam en' lv.0Illll you kindly remove your band? Wfbeu you play with my ball, you play by my rules. If 126 J arsity Valle ball "The last lime I saw legs like this, they had messages tied to them." Y WT 'J M .. F H I, , A- mm ,E Q m ,X 'ms gmgg : ma' N "gym ww mf Q . E gs B' -X , V H ,I " .1 ?x swim mm mm, we 'lea 5-swag? ww? ,. Q- is ,. ms bf :H H A I 'Are you really that tieklish She was sueking her finger instead of calling the shots. behind your ears?" W I W "4 - x 1 x,' Q -V ss ma :: 3 Q - sa . ' SQ win' Q Eg, - Elma' vs , ., mae we "Somebody, get that pigeon ont of here."' K my Y The Lillipntiaus vs. The Gargautzzans H291 Swimming Team Left lo right, diving board: Annie Kimball, Joy Osborne, Pat Franklin, Barbara Johnson, Trudy Mossg standing: Suzy Osborne, Martha McCravey, Laura Wilson, Peggy Brown, Carol Ann I-Iixon, Sheri Yatesg sitting: Ann Caldwell, Suzanne Smith, Helene Striebinger, Charlene Cook. arsii Tennis ss' Ei . ' in 11i.,,,ln WN Left to right, front row: Barbara Johnson, Judy McCall, Mary McCall, Cindy Kemp, Anna Reynoldsg back row: Donna Albright, Ann Kimball, Elise Rymer, Carol Dickson. I 1301 HB" Team Basketball Left lo right, rtamling: Nancy Trotter, Carolyn Reavis, Mabry Chambliss, Becky Kirk, Windy Lundy, Taylor Manson, Suzanne Smith, Patricia Yandle, Celia Colburn, Lynn Hodge. Sealed: Eleanor McCallie, captain. Freshman Basketball Left to right, buck row: Lynn Hocker, Debbie Ryan, Linda Martin, Karen Palmquist, Lucie Norman, Betty Marye, Ruth Shelton, Ann Swallford, Helene Striebinger, Carolyn Taylor, Patricia Bryan, Mimi Hooker, Sharon Adamson, Sissy Davenport. Front row: Sarah Bagwell, Caroline von Canon, Helen Bess Bacon, Managers. H311 DD a SMILE! YOU'RE ON QANDID CAMERA! E sr gs ib- 3' MISS WHIT "TURNS AND WI-IIPS" 'EM "WHO FIRED THAT SHOT?" VENUS RISING FROM THE BLEACHERS . Y r 1 f f Y LIBBY PRESENTS CERTIFICATE FOR GOOD MARKS TO DEMOS 1 LFl"S SEE NOW. . , HOW'RE YOU FIXED FOR BLADES? git: A f -- I +A YOUNG INNOCENTS GAZE AT OUTSIDE WORLD LOOKS LIKE RAY FOLLOWED HER AROUND YYR f:"w , L - , R. ' f r. , "K "LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU. . .' .L ..,L W ..-n1.M,maL,A SL,IHi!Ui1ftga. f',w:--ff T, 'E L , H 2 f""4fW, Hx 1 . 1 'L A t. , L. . J"""-E .1 ,-wg JOHNSON ON DON'T GO NEAR THE ESKIMOS AMER E iw fgfg Zgigxgisw L5 SOMEBODY STEP ON IT BEFORE IT MULTIPLIESI HER HAIL, YES "HELPl THE BIRDS ARE COMINGE fi N' 'CAN'T YOU KIDS PLAY SOMEPLACE ELSE 7" "CRABBlN"' NADINE'S SPIKING DOWNS 8.1, SPRY FACULTY MEMBER GETS NEW IDEA FOR MAY DAY WATCH THOSE HANVDS1 Y A Nw 'H E fri? F 5 A N CCI IE if 'Ki UINMDIR AINCIE i 5,4,.. if .. WHICH WAY TO me DRY euLcH sALooN'e 455. I THENK I LL START DANCING GOING MYSELF. DECIDIN ON T l , ik ? 5"Q 2 Q g,7ff" ,ay A xqx N' Y I, , , ,,-if A, ' ,ff - fx-X N X I Y ' K -"4 A Q -X X xx N f , ., hx Nb., V xizjqfk if,-.., x ' ff X W Q! X X ,f f A , f f fi ff Z! ffm N X- Xu S 1 . V' f ff . L,--irQ,N , t , X 5 ' , ff ,f"f':' , ' Tix-iw xxx xj"' XXI, " X i , 1' K 7 ,Jul y X fix., X. ' J' if", , ,f2""TL vllx 1 XJSEGXX- Nw 1 ',f- ,V .A ii-:iff-:af-sgfigg ,V ' x, p 2 ,Af ,,, f ,.-.if ' 5 X ' -. "5 l Q N . '-4l3E'1 R71 734 i'?SLiS'ffis " -732 5. . I X f K ! - X xg.. I of ki, if " f f f fg"f'ff'j2 f ff 7' 1- QNX- ' f ig r-Q Q, WNX 'ffm f V' 5, f,-' ' 1 ,1 5.-A If 1:11. 4 5 ' f If 1 . N X J' Q1 KL ' iff 'QW' , X X2 A--" ' A LM L 1 fi 1' a li' RH 'V x ' i iff I l' X 7 ' ,A ff fjvij k A Sb' f-gf ' f ,jf f If 7 x 9 ,f fu f X I l ff N f f .f i ' ,. A kg' 1 tj ff f W ilu NWJ1 wx. 2 .X X" f' X .xx 1 'fxx NK.. Y h' A X , X' x K I f. ' -x, " f 1 N! , ' 'EW x ' Q XXX 3 , - f a- 'Y- vv A gin ' . xxgl - .k xx ,I ' Q ff j QIPUSHQMQUQE 1 X fy f A ' ff? ff ' fk ,fI, , f X 1 ,,,- 33 3 .A gags? , - X I 'L 3 -My -Q W ' "I 'CQ X' N mf gli .E X .L 5, fLf' M X' X . 1 W X3 , f I . 5 fi ' H X Q E ,. K .L ! ES a X rv- X 1 . Ei .I x Yi! . f gy xx xtix ' M 11 X 4 1 M 'A' TQ gt! 1 L, I lf! A ik-ff fr, I X 1, 1 . ,ff ,f 'H f fkf ,..f ZA' ,," if 3x..! ff ff I fffiq -Iff1 , V!l ,,!V I W , , 1, . l X7 1 . 7' ' fzl' ff" 1 ,f ,f-'f' J' .' 4-A X . ,fy .EEL umm E! 1 Enron Jef!!- E X. 't . Q 1 AM fi vw H W ,MA 1 H rlf' ' , , Ns 5 Y u, f 56 7 2 ' cm. M gh. X ,Si . N c 15 E 45, ' 1 - fl? l L --e Queen and Hendants H535 2 EW E wise 1 Q1zeen,.,.,-. ..., ,.,,,, Diann Marcia Estabrook Maid of Honorm., .,. , ,.,,.Susan Kennedy Smartt Page ..., ,. ...,.,. r .A ,A,A.. L ouise Edwards Davenport Crown Bearer ...a.. ...,..,.,,... . ,,,Lynn Reese Miller Scepter Bearer ,.,,,, ..,v.,,,..,,,v,,.,, ..,,,,, O c tavia Sizer Chambliss Train Bearers Frances Newton Law Dorothy Angelita Leader Karen Elizabeth Smith H441 1 F llluean and Maid of Honor Miss SUSAN SMARTT Miss DIANN ESTABROOK Mnirl of Honor May Queen f1451 May Da Committees General Chairman-Karen Standefer Dance Chairman-Patricia Terry Costume Chairmen-Nancy Bird and Charlotte Clark Art lVorksbop-Betsy Dwyer, President Program Chairman-Judy Ryan Committee-Betsy Chisolm, Mary Day, Carol Landgrebe, Robin Young Properties and Accessories-Senior Art Workshop, Junior Workshop, Art Students and Volunteers RUFTY TUFTY Cboreograpbers: Sidney Easley, Pam Gerow, Harriet Smith Costume: Susan Butterfield, Gretchen Newell GAT HERING PEASCODS Cboreograploers: Diann Estabrook, Patricia Terry, Helen Bryan, Donna Trail, Susan Yates Costume: Charlotte Clark, Rosalind Jacobs HUNSDON HOUSE Cboreograplaers: Beth Carter, Lynda Collins, Bar- bara Johnson, Dani Dunkerley Costume: Polly Ann Martin BEAN-SETTING Cboreograpbers: Susan Smartt, Janet Taylor, Bren- ton Van Cleave, Nita Welch, Trudy Moss, Babs Pollard Costume: Joy Osborne if 146 I BLUE-EYED STRANGER Cboreographers: Dani Dunkerley, Pat Nelson, Pat Franklin, May Montague C0.Yl1l7lZ2.' Nancy Bird, Temple Smartt SLEIGI-lT'S SWORD DANCE Cboreographers: Harriet Smith, Hilda Gaston, Beth Milligan Costume: Laura Smartt MAYPOLE Choreograpbers: Debbie Hagaman, Donna Trail, Nita Welch, Judy Kendall, Lynda Collins Costnme: Karen Standefer, Mattie Phillips FACULTY COMMITTEE Director .............................,..,..... Mrs. Peggy E. Thomas Assistant Director ...s.,........,..,.,,..,..,,,... Miss Lee Berney Music Director ,....,,.....,,,,. ,,,,Mrs. Margaret N. Glenn Art and Properties Director ........,...,... Miss Lou Myers Faculty and Senior Chairman ,........... Mrs. M. O. Clark Program Chairman ..... - ,.,,,. Miss Mary Elizabeth Smith Narrator, ..,..,...,... ., ,.,,. . ..,., ...,,, . ,..,., M iss Roberta. Moore JU.-a 14 fd., rx J. k,J'x -. 2-avi-'xk-" ". N X T, -1 r 5. l5"'f'.! ,Z Miss KAREN STANDEFER May Day General Cbaimzrm T f-r x X - FW Q X . l'H'I'HI-,I 'I N59 VH NBITJ Iwi w ENGLAND ww P E R L A , S'-sf. , g Uk. .- ,Y- , AU' 1.43.4 32" ' , '. .M I'-f' WL I ' JF- in If N- xv ' ' " 1' .-L Q4 415925. , r!-- gEl.J"'.f lllff ,Fig ' , M.. - +1 wp." Lg: ' Qgeylfx, - fx . Q " :jj v 4.-:A X7 it I -...-:Q - M1 W. 'Q MA ' fs -A 54 il., Mi. fy .- M, Nf. . , , i ' -' 43,-ll", wig - h, 5 J, Q 1. E gm ff Y ifyziffifs-if H fy 53 f 1 .C TJ "ff ,: ' ,-f5"f' 'V V T' Ai 'F , ' 'F .AL-FK.'1',A' ' , - 5j.Q,.p?'S gl .X 1- f"',:" i .. 3.19 1 2 ' Q ' ' f - -- 74 "" 5' 1' L x' W 1 ian: 1 I ,Q .L , ' Q' 1 'jf , i .wa X-,gg 4 flgig1xg:g,,, V A, X 7-'1'3'1F'!Q-,f , . " J 1 -ff A , 7-f:'5lV,Efif-11 is 2 . " 4 S f 5 U ' v-,N A ,,W,1. ,'.,3, 5 Q C ,lf N, N ,G in .. X J 31-'-A2112 '71 . .. ,.-. '- . 1 Q me ' F--'--.,-4, . , ' 4 W 1: . . , Img! ' . im any ff: vi A-X. , E.: ' " f. Q, , X -. H .. . P, 'a r sm, A ' H AlM",g' L f -A u is , ,, , . A E' ps: 5 ,E A ' Ez: '-'L ' ' 1 2 'if , X 1 5: ,V iv 1 ix .sf . M ' ,A -V H , QE I has M32 .::5e. In , M ,I . 'Cm W N. r I vw V sis - " ,J ..... , . pg 'M l ff 2: ::.Q .:. ' 5:5Ez"':.f' iI"' ,I ,- :.: :.: 2 ..::..:.:::s-'Q ig E - 1? 3 NVE 51:4 " .... ,. . ..... ...... ml ,. W ,v ll ' if in Y-Q R, W ,x " :W Q? H T .. ' " il ' E , .I E Y Q M Y E 935 Bgwyiifq-HQEVKVSHKFQ Wx' - ' 1- f "2a.-'i'-1' , Q, I -ssh "-kgwg . ' -- -. . , Qkerx' ' -af' ,M .W - , .. .. 1' - ' , VJ ' 'rails nr . su, .E,,,,v3ff':i?'Hf-fr ' ,pw .. V" b --I - -5 , , A K--v 4--,X .I . M H -,gf ig 3 5 4.19 gif wigs ' E W H' V' , ":,5:,J V jpg, ' , ' -- A 'Auf --H sri. - - gf - Q: '- .,,.,' 'xv 1 W ' .... 5, W.,-. , d - J.. , -W, Q1 V . An, ., V. 5 U,-5. - ,Q 1 ,: M, ' any :4'SQ2,, 5.1. -5 1 ,Y Q ,R .AE .5 , ,L 4.1 f-...4 W 'V ,x , gr ,kg Y - -rw fr' ,Q W' Wfzgn. ,V N . W '5 3...-' -. ' -. L,T -,.V ' U 55: Luk 'l, ' - 1 ,?-k'jTmj?- gf-'ig'jj2," ,-1"x,W,,,3' g'L5".gziQf- mjgfmg., 1 W PX .-M -1, N... 1 , 1.Q.1,.y -ph . z-,L,-.. Y- W i I Mlss JACQUELINE ADAMS President of the National Honor Societ-3 M155 JUDY RYAN Grace McCallie Scholarship Miss SUSAN BUTTERFIELD President of the Senior Class 5 I Miss BETSY CHISOLM Most Popular Mlss FRANCES ZWENIG MISS SUSAN BUTTERFIELD M ost Likely to Succeed M ost Congenial SEHIUI' Superlatives Miss ANN KIMBALL Miss ROBIN YOUNG Most Versatile Most Feminine MISS TONI HILL I I MISS ROSALIND JACOBS Culest IVittie:t 11651 ,453 Rx QW J 5 T IE Y . L " I E RAR if ' 4 his 4 .Q 7' - as is? A . I . AA. P1 ass Wk F55 Class Histor Of struggles and striving we sing- Of lofty ideals and maiestic goals- Attained through years of mighty endeavor. Six years ago-after the conquering and destruction of the fortress of Grammar School, we, the brave heroes of 1963, em- barked upon the Sea of Adolescence, perilous waters filled with many monsters and fraught with manifold dangers. Book I We set forth in our good ship GPS '65 - all seventy-eight of usf" full of foreboding and inner trepidation. Soon we encountered the first of the perils, Rat Week. For three days of battle, we con- tended with those monsters, Seniors, ten feet tall, with hearts of stone and minds of ingenious cruelty, not to speak of the voices of clarions. On the third day, a truce was declaredg following the battle of the Roller Rink, the Seniors were quite ready to cease hostilities. Tara, one of our most courageous heroes, was acclaimed for her endurance and forti- tude during this encounter. Guided by our trusted helmsman, Mrs. Arm- strong, who piloted our vessel through the shoals of tests and homework and safely by the treacherous reefs of lost books and confused schedules, and aided by our elected leaders Nancy C., Anne M., and Susan B., who began the log of our voyage from which this history is taken, and directed by Judy R. and Toni, who helped keep us on the right course, we by- passed many perils and avoided much danger. Betsy C. and Leanne were in charge of our games, while Brenton became our Welfare lookout. On two different occasions we landed-once on the stage and once on the gym floor-and celebrated with games. On stage we presented "Red Shoes at Plymouth Rock," and six months later, we again rested and marked the occasion with games. This time they were in the form of folk-dances. Some of our most coordinated comrades were selected to at- tend the queen whom we had elected. These for- tunate ones were Sidney, Lyn, Carol F., Joyce, and Francie M. Because of some failure in predicting the correct omens, the gods were offended and showed their displeasure by sending storms upon us. We, therefore, returned to an indoor amphitheatre and continued the celebrations with undampened spirits. Soon afterwards we again set sail and, after meeting and overcoming the monsters of Final Exams, we sailed into a quiet harbor, where we decided to rest and repair our ship. Uackie Adams, Donna Albright, Margaret Anacker. Georgia Jane Bagwell, Suzanne Brooks, Jane Boyd. Sharon Brown, Helen Bryan, Mary Bates Bryan, Susan Butterfield, Nancy Canby, Betsy Chisolm, Virgima Cifers, Charlotte Clark, Ariel Colburn, Jane Cooper, Mary Day, Salibeth Dean, Carol Dickson, Evelyn Dowling, Carolyn DuBose, Betsy Drosten, Sidney Easley, Diann Estabrook, Carol Fletcher, Carla Greg- ory, Toni Hill, Rosalind Jacobs, Lyn Johnson, Shirley Jones, Nancy Kelly, Leanne Kemp, Ann Kimball. Nancy Kirk, Carol Landgrebe, Ginger Lansford, Patricia Laws, Susan Lay, Ann Lewis, Linda Long, Frances McAfee, Nancy McClure, Mary Ann McKin- ney, Polly Ann Martin, May Montague, Alexis Moore, Nancy Jane Moore, Ann Morrow, Vicky Nelson, Gretchen Newell, Joy Osborne, Martie Phillips, Babs Pollard, Susan Potter, Suzanne Roberts, Judy Ryan, Peggy Scoville, Lauren Shumacker, Laura Smartt, Susan Smartt, Temple Srnartt, Helen Smith, Karin Smith. Diane Stephenson, Janet Taylor, Tara Temple- ton, Patricia Terry, Joyce Thompson, Brenton Van Cleave, Ella Vander Horst, Katie Webster, Judy Whit- man, Janie Willingham, Elder Witt, Ann Woodard, Betty York, Robin Young, Frances Zwenig. Book II After three months of rest, we resumed our journey. Jane B., Carla, and Judy W. had been washed overboard by the storms of the preceding year, but we had found five new companions- Karen Standefer, Corinne, Pam, Anne F., and Nancy B. Our pilot, Mrs. Williams, was assisted by Susu, Lyn, Annie K., and Diann E., who was keeper of the log. These brave heroes endeavored to steer us past the hidden rocks of eighth-grade "maturity," while Susan B. and Elder tried to rescue us from the seem- ingly irrestible Siren Song of Friday Study Hall. Our athletic endeavors were organized by Lauren and Brenton, and Carol Dickson directed our contribu- tions toward Welfare. We dropped anchor at an island where some of our companions took part in a swimming contest. Later we traveled inland to visit treasure vaults, huge steel Caverns, and we wondered at the riches they contained. Here some of our dramatically in- clined comrades entertained us with "Introducing Mopsy." After a year and one-half of our erilous journey, some of the bravest heroes were llionored by being selected for a special group, the Service League. It was during this first part of our journey that we encountered two other groups of sailors, both entirely male, hostile to each other, yet friendly to us. Soon we discovered diplomacy was quite nec- essary in maintaining friendly relations with both groups. Next we encountered the treacherous winds of "Evangeline," accompanied by the pelting rain of obscure quotations, the hail of similes and meta- phors, and the sleet of scansion, meter and rhyme. After passing through such storms, we were glad to anchor and celebrate our May Games. This year in our dances we portrayed farmers, stars and some fantastic creatures known as lemon-drops. Once more taking up our journey, we escaped the quicksand of Failure, the marsh of Spring Fever, and thus nearing the end of our second year, sought a harbor where we might prepare for the coming year. BOOK III Following the celebration of swimming games in honor of Neptune, we set out on the third year of our perilous trek. Sharon B., Nancy Jane, Helen S., Diane S., and Betty Y. were lost during the storms of the previous summer, but we had gained Beverly, Helen M., and Elise. Our ship was piloted by Mrs. Poston with assistance from Lauren, Mary, Judy, and Ella, keeper of the log. Betsy and Karen Standefer acted as navigators while Nancy C. took care of our Welfare. Again some of our heroic comrades were honored by the Service League, and some of our scholars became members of the Library Club, led by Frances. We made a landing and celebrated with a dra- matic production, "Accent on Revenge." Here some of our most athletic crew members, this year led by Annie K. and Donna Sue, distinguished themselves in games of basketball played against other crews. While exploring this country, we met a band of un- usual characters led by a young man named Ivanhoe. In his band were, among others, a witch named Ulrica, a knight, Brain de Bois-Guilbert, and two young girls, Rebecca and Rowena. After suspicious questioning we made friends and listened to the tale of their adventures. Setting sail again, we were drawn toward the treacherously charming maelstrom of society, but escaping the worst of its whirlpools, we succumbed enough to visit the land of Dogpatch, where we celebrated in dancing. Soon after resum- f166J ing the journey, we ran into great ice storms, our ship was paralyzed for several days by the huge ice floes. Some of us sought warmer climes by heading south until the weather -became milder, but others of us huddled together for warmth and remained near the ship. When at last the ice melted, we headed for land where we held our May Games in thanksgiving for our deliverance. This year we danced the stories of Robin Hood, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty. A few days later, we took a short excursion north to a city where we viewed with awe the great temple to Athena, the great institute of learning named Vanderbilt and the home of one of the land's greatest heroes, a mansion called the Hermitage. Setting sail, we maneuvered our way through the last of the shoals of our "verdant" freshman year, and Ending a resting place, landed to relax and fit ourselves for the coming year. As we landed, special honor was paid to our two brav- est heroes, Lauren and Judy, as they each received a trophy for their meritorious service. BOOK IV During the summer we regained our companion Betty Y. as well as gaining Johanna H., but despite these gains, our crew numbered but seventy. Meg, Georgia Jane, Suzy Brooks, Nancy C., Jane C., Betsy D., Francie M., Mary Ann, Ginger, and Ann W. had joined other crews. With Miss Moore at the helm, and Elise, Babs, and Frances helping her, and with Annie K. keeping the log up-to-date, we expected clear sailing. Navigation was directed by Ella and Judy, welfare, by Susan B., athletics, by Brenton and Mary. Others in our crews became members of the Service League, and some of our most coordi- nated heroes won laurels in tennis, basketball, swim- ming, and volleyball. Sidney won special honor for her grace and dancing skill when she was awarded membership in the society of Terpsichord. On our Hrst stop this year, we presented the last of our dramas, "Augie Evans: Private Eye." We found that we had landed in the fascinating land of Politics, and we all joined in the current campaign, praising the merits of J.F.K. or R.M.N. and discov- ering that political discussions are usually the fastest road to the land of the Hotheads. Having rescued several of our crew from this dangerous area, we re- sumed our voyage and ran headlong into the first of a family of monsters which pursued us through- out the remainder of our voyage. The beast was the NEDT, a species of examination of the genus of the National Testing program. All of us survived this encounter, and to recuperate from the strain we took "A Trip to Hawaii" where we relaxed with dancing. W'e rewarded ourselves for our outstanding achieve- ments in the May Games-we correctly wound two of the three May Poles-with an excursion to the mountains in the east where we rode horses, rode up the mountains in an invention called the Sky- lift, and enjoyed the famed candy made in that re- gion. Taking up our voyage, we soon reached the goal of our fourth year. BooK V With renewed vigor we began the fifth year of our journey. Through various mishaps we had lost seven of our crew-Ariel, Johanna, Ella, Susan P., Linda L., Helen M., and Anne M. Miss Moyer was our hclmsman, aided by Virginia, Nancy B. and Betsy, as Polly Ann, with the help of Lauren, Toni and their Siaiic staff, recorded the events of our voyage. May was our Welfare lookout, while Susan B., Karen Standefer, and Annie K. kept our course straight toward our goal. Toni and Elise led us through the swampy hogs of Physical Unfitness, over the bridges of Jumping Ropes and the trail rocky with sit-ups, pull-ups, and burpees, until we all-in some way or another-reached the solid ground of Physical Fitness. Our most physically fit jf1671 companions again won praise in our games, and our most coordinated dancers-Diann, Susu, Tricia T., Helen B., Leanne, Corinne, Pam, May, Brenton and Babs-were invited to join the band of Terpsichore. Some of our most erudite comrades were selected for the National Honor Society-Frances, Jackie, Judy, Lauren, Karen S., Elise and Elder. We were beset by another beast of the NEDT family, the PSAT, but we discovered that this was merely an infant when its parents, the SApT and the SAchT, came to attack us also. Our shaken nerves almost caused the destruction of our ship, for we came periously close to the rapids of Junior- Over-Jolliness and almost ran aground on the shoals of Low Citizenship and the treacherous reefs of Failure. At length the ensuing storms subsided, and we found haven "South of the Border" where we celebrated our escape with a dance. Suddenly, after the tempest-filled days of Semester Exams, we real- ized we were not far at all from our goal, and worked diligently to avoid anything which might further hinder us. Despite our eEorts to escape, how- ever, we were soon confronted by another monster, a relative of the PSAT. To defeat this beast, the NMSQT, required all our ability, and we were quite content to rest with our May Games. This year, as befitted our dignified state, we portrayed deities, of the underworld and of the heavens. Then we trav- eled south to the land of Tara, where we danced in the setting of "Gone With the Wind.', As the year came to its close, Judy and Annie K. were awarded the Grace McCallie Scholarship and the Senior Scholarship respectively, in recognition of their in- valuable service. After our ship had landed to rest before we began the final stage of the journey, many of our crew members led by our helmsman, Miss Moyer, with Mrs. Moyer, Miss Moore and Mrs. Reed, ven- tured northward into the land of the strange mon- sters known as Yankees. There were many wondrous things to behold in this alien land. We toured the country's seat of government and a large metropolis where we attended several dramatic productions, visited the homes of famous patriots, and gazed upon the monuments to many national heroes. Having stared in amazement at the many wonders of this land, including large buildings in which the influ- ence of ancient and contemporary cultures was il- lustrated, magnificent churches, and the other famous landmarks of the area, we returned to our ship with many tales of adventures among the Yankee mon- sters. BooK VI With high spirits, we set sail on the final year of our great voyage. For the first weeks of the jour- ney, we trained a new crew of sailors who were about to begin their own perilous trek. We in- structed them in the rules of the voyage while put- ting them through a rigorous survival training com- plete with camouflage and instruction in absolute obedience to their superiors. This year Mrs. Clark directed our course with navigational duties assigned to Lauren, assisted by Karen S., Judy, and Elder, and with assistant piloting done by Susan B., Betsy, Elise, and Toni-who completed our log. Frances was head historian, and, aided by her capable staff -Babs, Sidney, Nancy Kirk. Lyn, Jackie, Pam, Suz- anne R., Ann L., Salibeth, Carol F., Shirley, Peggy, Bee and Virginia, she compiled a book presenting all the facets of this last year of our voyage. Our games were led by Donna Sue and Annie K., and Tara and Joy led the less athletic of us in supporting our comrades who won honor in such games as basketball, led by Toni and Laureng ten- nis, swimming, and volleyball, led by Annie K. Janet was selected to the band of Terpsichord, led by Tricia T., while Nancy Kirk, Toni, Susan B., Pam and Salibeth were chosen as members of the National Honor Society, headed by Jackie. The more musical of our crew were led by Robin in the Glee Club and Helen in Music Cub, as Laura directed the group interested in the arts of the theatre, and Betty, our religious discussions. Brenton and May were out- standing in their war for welfare which they waged against the monsters of Selfishness and Indifference. As each of our crew was toiling up the solitary road of the Chapel Talk, she inevitably encountered one or more of the beasts we had met before-the AmCoT, the SApT or the SAchT. All of us escaped without much injury, and for their brave perform- ances in these and other such battles, Frances, Elise, Karen S., Toni, Salibeth and Elder were named Na- tional Merit Finalists, and Lauren, Robin, Annie K. and Susan B. were commended for their heroism. After such struggles, We relaxed with a dance and paused to award honor to those most deserving heroes of the past years. Lauren was named "Most Outstandingvg Betsy, "Most Popular", Frances, "Most f168l Likely to Succeed", Annie K., "Most Versatile", Toni, "Cutest"g Rosalind, "Wittiest"g Susan B., "Most Con- genialf' and Robin, "Most Feminine." During the previous summer we had lost Katy and Susan L., and at the half-way point in this our last year. Le- anne descrted us. At last rescuing the last of our crew from the whirlpool of College Decision, we sought a calm shore where we celebrated our May Games. Karen Standefer, assisted by Nancy B., Char- lotte, Tricia T. and Judy, directed the planning and execution of the games, given in special honor of Diann, our May Queen, and Susu, our Maid of Hon- or. After dancing in a mysterious Eastern setting we set sail again and without much further diffi- culty reached the long-sought shores of Maturity where we bid farewell to our trusty ship, and each took his chosen path, thankful for his safe voyage and for the achievement of his hard-won goal. By ELDER VVITT Class ill I, Jackie Adams, will my understanding of ve- locity and acceleration to the members of next year's physics class in hopes that they may be able to get one problem correct a night. W'e, Donna Albright and Nancy Bird, will our smooth, slow driving to Ann Robinson, who we are sure will make use of it. I, Helen Bryan, will to Peggy Rawlings my abil- ity to walk the straight and narrow path. I, Bee Bryan, will my constant chatter in class to Ann Baldwin, who is afraid to speak out. I, Beverly Buckshorn, do will my natural UD scientific ability in the chemistry lab to Alice Huskey, Dede Groves, and Trudy Moss in the hope that they don't break as much as I did. l, Susan Butterfield, will my desire for getting a sun tan to anyone who is willing to swelter in the summer sun, to freeze to death in a reflector in the winter, and to use Man-Tan when the real thing isn't available. I, Betsy Chisolm, will my habitual seat at Every Baylor athletic event even in the snow, fog, or hail to Eleanor McCallie, for I am quite sure that some day she's bound to turn traitor. I, Virginia Cifers, will my fingernails to Debbie Hawkins in hopes that she can do better with them than I did. I,.Charlotte Clark, will my height to any junior who wants to spend her senior year looking up to the junior school girls. l, Mary Day, will my ability to stay calm in all situations to Marsha Gerow who certainly won't in- herit any stability from her sister. We, Salibeth Dean and Sidney Easley, will to next year's chemistry classes, our monstrous sponge and the extra half-hours we always needed and never had, in the hope that they won't have to use their lunch periods for cleaning up their lab desks. We, Carol Dickson, Toni Hill, and Gretchen Newell, will our nicknames "Bird," "Onion," and "Noodle," back to the garbage can in the cafeteria. We, Evelyn Dowling and Vicky Nelson, will our ability to play golf and to snow Teddy Finley to Nancy Trotter, who can't seem to do either one. I, Carolyn DuBose, will my grace and coordina- tion to Terpsichord in hopes that the members can use them as examples of how not to be. I, Diann Estabrook, will my naturally blonde hair to all those poor girls who are bottle blondes. We, Anne Fields and Tricia Laws, will our ability to be good and stay out of trouble to our sisters, Katie and Mary, in hopes that they will make as many friends on the Student Council as we did. I, Carol Fletcher, will my ability to spot cars in traliic to anyone who is as interested as I am. I, Pam Gerow, being of extraordinarily sound mind, will my emotional stability and self-control to Patty Tessman in hopes that she will gain poise and not have so many fits. I, Corinne Goree, will my peaceful senior year to next year's senior class-on the condition that they will share it with their teachers. I, Rosalind Jacobs, will my ability to be "Ravish- ing" at all times to anybody who feels that she isn't quite ravishing enough. I, Lyndjohnson, will my cool and limpid green eyes to Ju y McCall in hopes that she can take com- pliments on hers with a straighter face than I can. I, Shirley Jones, will my athletic prowess to my sister Barbara in hopes that she, too, will letter in every sport. I, Nancy Kelly, will my athletic and dancing ability to Barbara Johnson, who seems in dire need of both. We, Karin Smith and Janie Willingham, will our ll69I fun on the Junior trip to Julie Johnson who, we be- lieve, has as much nerve as we did. We, Nancy Kirk and Robin Young, having three sisters each, will to them our notes, books, and uni- forms. We might as well. They were going to get them anyway. I, Ann Kimball, will to my sister Karen my car to take care of. Even though she is too young to drive, she can at least keep my brothers fwho are old enoughl from tearing it apart. I, Carol Landgrebe, will my peroxide bottles to Paula Whittle, who I don't think has ever heard of the stuff. We, Ann Lewis and Suzanne Roberts, will our contacts and glasses to Mrs. Thomas in hopes that in the future years she will be able to differentiate between us. I, Polly Ann Martin, will my multi-colored nail polish to Miss Myers' art classes in the hope that they will have as much fun experimenting with them as I have. I, Margaret Ann McCallie, will our family car to my mother, who has been riding a bicycle since I was sixteen. I, Nancy McClure, former "Student Teacher" of the democracy class, will my esteemed position to any of Miss Whitaker's students who are bold enough to take the consequences. I, May Montague, will my "natural blonde" hair to all of the peroxide blondes in the hope that at next year's May Day practice, Mrs. Thomas will know the difference. I, Alexis Moore, will my habit of procrastination to anyone who will take itg I have had it too long already. I, Joy Osborne, am willing to will my will to whoever wishes a will. I, Martie Phillips, will my supurb equitation to Louise Newell, who does not know which side of a horse to mount. I, Babs Pollard, will my inability to control my contagious laughter to next year's juniors in hopes that they will have as many disrupting sessions in history class as I have caused. I, Judy Ryan, will my teddy bear to anyone who wants it as long as she sticks to stuffed animals. We, Elise Rymer, Peggy Scoville, and Brenton Van Lleave, will our glamorous mid-week hair-dos to Ann Butterfield. I, Lauren Shumacker, will to a new seventh grader my G.P.S. belt-which is the only thing I've kept up with for six years. I will turn it over to the incoming class as soon as I find the buckle. We, Laura and SuSu Smartt, will to our sisters, Mary and Nancy, our ring-clacking bags for exclu- sive use in that certain class. I, Karen Standefer, will to my rats, Gwin and Barrett, my ability to grin and bear it. I, Janet Taylor, will my naturally curly hair to Harriett Smith whose hair is always beautifully straight and well behaved. I, Tara Templeton, will my height to all the in- coming seventh graders. I'm always mistaken for one anyway. I, Trish Terry, will all my leftover bottles of Light 'n' Bright to Sharon Adamson so that she, too, may be a "true" blonde. I, Joyce Thompson, will my shoes back to Clem- entine. I, Betty fWonder Womanl York, will my enor- mous height to the Baylor basketball team in hopes that they will stomp the Blues in years to come. We, Elder CWJ Witt and Frances fZ.D Zwenig, will to all our teachers who seat us alphabetically our craned necks, our twisted spines, and our squint- ing eyes. Class Prophet The rustling leaves of the trees divide And reveal the oracle seated beside A table laden with sacred scrolls Of future events of young maidens foretold. The yellowed parchment crinkles with age As she scratches her quill 'cross the dusty page. Issuing forth from her omniscient mind The prophecies of sixty girls unwind. The U.S. now uses the metric system because Cabinet member Adams has changed the laws. Donna, the mathematician, has never been blue Since the success of her book, 99 Ways to Argue. Our Georgia Peach, Nancy, is often a wreck Racing her taxi from here to Tech. Helen just married her fourth, a French duke, She swears up and down that she'll last this one "oot." Bee's ability to have a language vocation Has made her head interpreter at the United Nations. Beverly, our Ipana toothpaste queen, Has replaced Bucky Beaver on the TV screen. Butter, who for years watched the heavens afar, Has at last succeeded in catching a "start" Betsy, the invincible coach, never yields As she leads Chisolm's "Raiders" across the field. A similarity with the old lady in the shoe, Virginiadhas so many suitors, she doesn't know what to o. Charlotte bravely rockets through space Her astronaut suit is trimmed in black lace. Mary's sharp wit has never slowed down, She now heads a circus-their number one clown! Sali, our scholar, painter, musician, Has now reached the peak of intellectualism. Bird now conducts her nightly session On "How to Speak in 10 Easy Lessons." Evelyn's made a million selling Siamese cats- They talk and do tricks and are house trained at that. Carolyn's hair-dos are quite satisfactory She's now the head of a teasing comb factory. Sidney is famous in Russian ballet. Kruschev likes her-she's in to stay. Diann, our lovely May Day Queen, Still graces the courts wherever she's seen. Anne Fields has dyed her hair red and black' The problem is now how to dye it back. Carol, a doctor and ever so smart, Is also a talented dabbler in art. Pam is quite an avid sports fan, Now that she knows where the tackles stand. With high boy-collar and flawless complexion Cori-inne's still the idol of feminine perfection. Poor Toni with no co-ordination at all, Plasters varsity letters all over her walls. For witty Rosalind, life's never a boreg If she can't raise the roof, she lowers the floor. True love never came to captivate Lyn, She's married instead to her very best "friend.' If you want to see Shirley, just turn on TV, Now she puts on her acts for everyone to see. A mother, a doctor, a learned preacher, No, Nancy Kelly became a gym teacher. Dating at McCallie was Ann K's biggest joy, Now she's headmistress-they're all her boys. Nancy's "A" courses in chemistry Decided her major of pharmacy. Bullwinkle Landgrebe is neither a swimmer nor diver, Instead she's the wor1d's fastest race car driver. Tricia has settled for her Florida friend, Although she's the love of millions of men. I-Iere's Ann Lewis-she's ventured farg She's settled in London where the "Bobbies" are. Nancy McClure, the new actress whiz, is The most dramatic they know in all of show biz! Polly Ann Martin, the nail polish queen, Has invented a color that from the rnoon can be seen. The years have passed-now May sports a new thing Instead of a bracelet-a ten karat ring. Alexis' nails are tough as a board, She uses them for fencing instead of a sword. Vicky now owns stock in a large corporation She bought it by the yard for ground operation. Gretchen, still as trim as can be, Serves noodle soup instead of tea. Joy says of her lovely coiffure, "Only my hairdresser knows for sure." Martie's leading a quiet, peaceful life, Her giggles ran out and there's no love strife. Spreading bliss to all the world, Babs' laughing secret is now unfurled. Suzanne runs a school for ducks and models Teaching them how to improve their waddles. Judy certainly collects many stares For she's now surrounded by small "Teddy Bears." Elise is now of "Rockette" fameg Sudden developments were to blame. Pixenish Peggy with Oriental foundation Is still the epitome of procrastination. Lauren, we hear, has been sent overseas To try to establish eternal world peace. Now we see Laura, who's still up a tree, She owes it all to-gullibility??? Temple takes her money every week to the bank- To establish little savings bonds for all her Hanks and Franks. After winning the bathing suit contest with ease, Susu is titled "Miss Universe Knees." Lackadaisical Karin without a care, Still has no gray in her coal-black hair. Of Karen, the genius, the latest we've heard She's got seven garages-for her Thunderbirds. janefs in business-most prices are fair On pulling out kinks and straightening hair. Tara, our cheerleader-no, can't be! She's teaching the scholars democracy. P.P.T., they used to stayg Now her initials are P.T.A. Joyce has made the greatest discovery in years Invisible contacts-guaranteed, no tears. Brenton, our psychoanalyst, has written a book "How to Analyze People With an Insecure Look." Though Janie has a beau in every port, She now is modeling in ole New York. Elder's naturally curly curls Have now been inherited by her four little girls. Betty York with her athletic team Is the Boston Celtics' latest basketball queen. Now Robin, our lady with the light flaxen hair, Has hubby, a cottage, and babies to spare. On Frances' decisions the whole nation waits She's the Grst Woman President of the United States. With this last good stroke of fortune we see The oracle has finished her task of prophecy Their futures are told-be they true, false or dim, And we hope it will help you in remembering them. fl70l Literal? A MORALITY Throughout the world I see man's endless fight, The struggle for his soul-the shifting plight Of man's own love for man. Does brotherhood Or hate control his heart? Does bad or good Survive the fateful strife? Can man decide If Conscience or the Temptor be his guide? Should I in service give my life away In aiding, serving others through the day, Or find my joys in pleasing self alone Indulging in the selfish joys 1've known? Bow, O Conscience, to the mighty force That I, the one who leads men from their course, Exert o'er man's desire to serve his world. I proved my power in a storm unfurled That wrecked a family's love through thoughtlessness And left a widening gap-lost happiness. Ah, perfect thoughtlessness, so well contrived, Consummate plan, for which I love have strived. See how the one seduced into my wicked way Let loose a fiery temper to display The shallowness that Conscience joys to hide. Yet added to this evil, I'11 contide Another triumph. Duty lies undone- Love's obligations left for selfish fun. And yet my victories lie far beyond the home, And men slight men beneath the very dome Of heaven. Man stoops within to satisfy His pride and flaunt himself before the eye Of other men. And with malicious words Man tramples reputations like the herds Of fiery steeds would mar the valued toil Of poor man's hands ravaging the soil. I built a lure to lead man's steps astray. I gave a chance to shut the light of day Forever from his mind. The tempting bait Which lured man in great numbers to my gate Was trivia-a chance to fill his mind With nothing great, to hide the worthy find Of true benevolence from self and all The greedy world, so large and yet so small. Delighting in the darkness I can give Man finds his joy, for man's afraid to live. Behold the great and mighty Temptor's power. Ah, man will kneel to me in life's last hour. lI1711 O Proud and Spiteful Temptor, who art not great To whom the weak alone commit their fate, Admit your evil scheme for victory Will only gain endless futility. My power, the rule of justice, truth, and love Has gathered faithful men so far above The low and common scum who dwell with you That man will wish to serve and wish to do The good and loving acts that please the soul And make the withered heart grow whole. No lazy apathy controls these men, Yet zeal is turned to purpose, not to whim. The earth is man's to do with as he wills, To mould, to shape by time and chance and skills If to withdraw and let the earth decay, Not adding, sharing, serving, is his way. Then he may live, I'll not condemn, yet then Man's destiny is death. But yet if men VV ill give the world a ray of hope or light They'll live forever-a beacon bright To men whose path is dark and way is steep. They'll live, while selfish others toss in sleep. Today, as in your power many fell, Men rose with me in happy heights to dwell, For in the home I've brought great happiness Through serving all in true unselfishness. Outside the love of home, men still find All is not strife when serving in the kind And selfless deeds they give the world their best. I see mankind delighting in the rest From seeking, searching for the blessed peace That comes when struggle for self-gain does cease, And men begin to live to make the earth A place of love and joy, a place of worth. I sense the tug of power, the zest for life In all its bitterness and hate and strife. There is some glory here, yet then I see The peace and joy of good. Which shall it be? By FAIN MURPH1 MARY MCCALL JANE WYATT lfl721 BEAUTY Beauty is the rainbow flight Of a humming birdg Beauty is a green tree Windy-stirred. Beauty is a star, a cloud, A yellow butterflyg The pale pink east at early dawng The evening sky. Beauty is the silver Ribbon of a brook. Oh! 1 see beauty Every place I look. -LINDA GREEN THE SEA I stood on the beach and looked at the seag It seemed to call and to beckon to me To see its secrets hidden below From ages so countless no man could know. Each wave tumbled in, gave one joyous cry, T hen murmured a whisper and was ready to die. Yes, a wave came in and beckoned to me, Gave a hint of that story, the one of the sea. -PEGGY STEWART I 1731 IIS in 1 L l A. mn v .Fl . f ..f. E I , 57: 1 Miss MARTHA ELIZABETH CHISOLM Miss SUSAN KENNEDY SMARTT 1,1 I 4, 7. X 'v v Y W "!j"S-"f""T-J' tl-vzw -1- JV. Y-V - ----V--A-- J.. - . ... .:.. , . ,.. L.. ........-........1- - - J. -,,.....i'i , GIRLS PREP!-XHATUHY SEHUUL

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