Girls Preparatory School - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN)

 - Class of 1956

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Girls Preparatory School - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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li 4 5 1 5 A i 4 i 1 1 -r 1 v J 1 I 0 X 1 f f J 1 Q 11 1 A ww , w fm.-. V-My f - ,,,--.H vw-, ,Hx -'wwf ' w .fi Copyright SARAH FORREST COOPER Editor JUDIE HARGRAVE Business Manager SALLY HOOVER Assistant Editor CAROLYN AUSTIN Assistant Business Manager 71: en I9 fx Ii6riA 06 'XJ 5 QRS 1906-041: Street QRS 1916-Palmem Street Qrb 'Preparatory Sala vol-195 6 751 FRAZIER AVENUE C T ?0l'6hIOI'd In her fifty years of growth and progress, G.P.S. has left behind a galaxy of memories and customs. Changes have been made, and much has been added. The best of these she has preserved in her traditiong the worst of these she has discarded and, for them, substituted newer and better ones. This 1956 edition of the Kalei- doscope spotlights those changes and additions and shows G.P.S. as she appears now. Committees, parties, clubs, sports, and school work-all these play an im- portant part in the whole-the G.P.S. we shall always remember with fondness and appreciation. ?acultq and 14dminiA tration Miss ROBERTA Moon Instructor Z la MRS. STANLEY ADDIS-French E. S. Albert, France, Peabody MRS. ROBERT ANACKER-Latin Literary Preparatory School, B.A., Switzerland, University of Berne, Ph.D. MRS. J. P. ARMSTRONG-Nlathematics Middle State Teachers' College, University of Chattanooga MRS. FRANK M. BAKER-Spanish, Reading Florida State University, A.B.g University of Chattanooga MISS MARY BAYLESS-History University of Chattanooga, B.A.g Bryn Mawr College MRS. T. W. University BRIDGE-Librarian of Chattanooga, B.A., Emory University, B.S. MRS. W. B. BROOKS, JR.-Secretary University of Chattanooga, B.S. MRS. J. P. BROWDER-Field Representative University of Tennessee, B.S. MISS CAROLYN CHOBOT-History Sweet Briar College, B.A.g St. Andrews University, Scotland MRS. JAMES COGHLAN-Social Studies -M Randolph acon, B.A. MRS. R. S. COURTNEY-Mathematics - .A Carson Newman, B MRS. MARGARET GLENN-Music ' c American MRS. MARY C. HEIN Vassar, B.A., New Y New York Universit MRS. R. W. Carthage C University illllllllll'1PllIl' HHH! 9 1 in I 1 mm onservatory of Music, Chicago DEL-Mathematics ork State Teachers' College, Y INGWALSON-Chemistry, Algebra ollege, B.A., of Florida, M.A. Qacaltq MRS. ETTA C. KENNEDY-English Maryville, B.A.g University of Tennessee, M.A. MRS. BETTY P. LACKEY-Biology, General Science University of Chattanooga, B.A.g University of Tennessee, M.A. MISS JULIA C. MARTIN-English, Speech McMurray College for Women, B.A. MISS ROBERTA MOORE-English Ohio Wesleyan, B.A.g Ohio University, M.A., Columbia University of Kentucky MISS LOIS MOYER-Head of Department of Mathematics and Science College of Wooster, B.A.g Ohio Wesleyan, MISS LOUISE MYERS-Art Berea College, A.B. in Art, University of Chattanooga M.A. MRS. CAROLYN PLUNKET-Mathematics University of Chicago, A.B.g Emory University, M.A. MRS. A. J. POSTON-Head of the Department of Foreign Languages Carson-Newman, A.B., University of Virginia MRS. LUCIA REED-Dietitian Mittelschule, Luebeck, Germany MRS. CAVE RICHARDSON-Bible University of Chattanooga, A.B., Maryville, Tennessee, Bachelor of Oratory MISS MARY E. SMITH-English Duke University, A.B., University of Chattanooga, M.E. MRS. R. C. THOMAS-Physical Education University of Chattanooga, A.B., University of Tennessee, M.A. MRS. E. D. WALTER, JR.-History University of Chattanooga, A.B. MISS ULRICA WHITAKER-Head of tbeDepart- ment of History University of Chicago, M.A., Ph.B. 1' MISS MARY H. TUCKER To Mrs. Katherine Spears Clark, our class sponsor, who has be- come a good friend to each of us and is known for her sound ad- vice and common sense, we, the Senior Class, fondly dedicate this 1956 edition of the Kaleidoscope. bedication To Miss Mary Hannah Tucker, who has won our gratitude and appreciation by her fairness, pa- tience, and understanding, we, the Senior Class gratefully dedi- cate this 1956 edition of the Kaleidoscope. MRS. KATHERINE SPEARS CLARK MISS EULA JARNAGIN MISS TOMMIE PAYNE DUFFY bedication '46 r' , MISS GRACE MCCALLIE This volume is proudly dedicated to the Founders of the Girls' Preparatory School, Mlss EULA JARNAGIN MIss GRACE MCCALLIE MISS TOMMY PAYNE DUFFY whose vision of Christian faith and devotion to duty, whose unwaver- ing belief in real education for women are forever a part of the school's progress and achievement. EMILY MILLER SMITH 119135 fMrs. George Blackwell Smithb J xecuti e Committee MR. LUPTON PATTEN, Vice-Chairrnanf MR. P. H. WOOD, MRS. HUGH O. MACLELLAN, MISS MARY H. TUCKER, MRS. A. F. PORZELIUS, Chairman, Board of Trusteex. 14 umnae 14AAvciation Seated: MRS. CHARLES WHELAND, Recording Secretaryg MRS. EVAN WYTHE, Vice Presitlentg MRS. FRANK CATER, Presidentg MRS. GEORGE WHELAND, Alumnae Secretaryg MISS JOSEPHINE SIBOLD, Editor Alum- nae Bulletin. Standing: MRS. WALTER JOHNSON, JR., Publicity Chairmang MRS. NOEL HUNT, JR., Treas- urerg MRS. DAVE TELEORD, By-Laws Cloairmang MRS. SAM YARNELL, Alumnae Fund Chairman. Not pic' tured: MRS. GEORGE FONTAINE, JR., Corresponding Secretaryy MRS. GEORGE BLACKWELL SMITH, His- toriang MRS. FRANKLIN MORAST, House Chairman. Swim' M S E C 'il' ff , M 2 M ffm X 3 ,AIR A 'Q W 'TafAe1- augfzfet ance fwfov Tae banana JQUMSQ Qwezsa F3 Boo SQLLQ fMD736mb KS EQEYCQABODQ Wcww? E wp Nag bmw - 0 Q CJQQO CIMA of 5 SARA CAROLYN AUSTIN Entered 1950. Class Play, Class Secretary, 8, Class Presi- dent, I, junior Glee Club, 8, I, Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, Captain of Blacks, II, Camera Club, III, IV, K.Y.B. Club, III, IV, Art Workshop, III, Splinter, III, Assistant Business Manager Kaleidoscope, IV, Most Popular, IV. Popularity, humor . . . black loafers, periwinkle blue . . . low waist . . . "Tomorrow I start my nine-day diet". . . claustrophohia, ailurophohia . . . Bop, drums, love of sad records . . . freckles . . . "N . . O . . NOW' . . . friendliness personified is C. A. JUNE KIRBY BIBB Entered 1955. Chairman of Program Committee for Music Club, IV, Theater Arts Club, IV. New senior, chemistry pro . . . favorite word.' "sincer- ityl' . . . "I know what you mean" . . . broken test tubes, apples, "It would have helped if I had studied" . . . classical music . . . color: green . . . dark red roses, magnolias, honey-suckle . . . "Benign she was and won- drous diligentv. . . Our june. LAURA BELLE BROWNLEE Entered 1954. Glee Club, III, IV, Music Club, III, IV Camera Club, III, IV, K.Y.B. Club, III, IV, Art Work shop, IV. 7 Faithful friend, hard worker, excellent traveling com- anion desire to he grammar school teacher shyness, intelligence . . . neat dresser . . . oatmea l cookies with raisins and dates . . . Alabama . . . prim- rose . . . our sonnet to Laura. was WW, vga? l 4 . '1- 'xt R ilk A Ef . . Seniol-A MARILYN CATER Entered 1952. Camera Club, I, Welfare Representative, I, Class Play, II, Splinter, III, Theater Arts, III, IV, May Day Committee, III, Christian Forum, IV, Na- tional Honor Society, IV, Basketball Manager, IV, Maid of Honor, IV. "Tee Heev. . . black, curly hair, fabulous complexion, epitome of good looks . . . constant diets . . . "Scrump- tious" . . . plays . . . red velvet, cherry jubilee . . . Our lovely Maid of Honor. SARAH FORREST COOPER Entered 1950. Class plays, 7, I, II, Glee Club, II, III, IV, Welfare Representative, II, Library Club, I, K.Y.B. Club, I, II, III, Static Board, III, Splinter, 7, II, Stu- dent Council, III, Editor of Kaleidoscope, IV. Sincerity, honesty . . . philanthropist . . . "I got a letter" . . . telephone voice . . . love of the lake and the Ridge . . . "Oh, goodness" . . . agreeahility . . . socks and loafers . . . light green . . . custard pie . . . wild roses. CARROLL JOSEPHINE CUNNINGHAM Entered 1950. Junior Glee Club, 8, I, Glee Club, II, III, IV, Art Workshop, I, Library Club, I, Class play, II, Static Board, III, Literary Editor of Kaleidoscope, IV. Cheery disposition, serenity, rose-point lace . . . tre- mendous hlushes, flawless complexion . . . constant hreale-ups, aversion to hillbilly music, "Hernandois", mountain girl . . . yellow and green chevy . . . Bohhi's hest friend, our hest friend. C'laAA of 5 MARY ALICE CURREY Entered 1950. Christian Forum, III, Art Workshop, III, President, IV, Nearest in Uniform, IV. Generosity, ability to have five boys in love with her at once, always in a jam . . . absolute smallnessg black, curly hair . . . scarlet blushes . . . long talks, fabulous evening dresses . . . ability to eat anything . . . swim- ming pool, U. T .... boys, Boys, BOYS! ETTA CARLENE DAVIS Entered 1950. junior Glee Club, 8, Ig Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, K.Y.B. Club, Ig May Day Committee, III' Class Treasurer, IV. 9 Great friend . . . delightfully unpredictable . . . con- fusion, hysterics . . . "Coffee cures anything" . . . U.C., cocker spaniels, tangerine and white Mercury . . . "WhatamIgonnado.9'! . . . trips to Florida . . . maniacal driver . . . always on the go, always our Carlene. SALLY REBECCA DIAMOND Entered 1950. B. Team volley ball, II, Theater Arts Club, III, IV, May Day Committee, IV, Wittiest, IV. "Dimanche" . . . clever wit, beautiful hair, sporty clothes . . . "the farm" . . . college jaunts . . . "How, now, brown cowu . . . straw hat, "Autumn Leaves" . . . "Well, Fm on a dietn . . . applications to Connecticut, Georgia, and every other college . . . forensic ability, intentional malapropism . . . "Becca", Senivm SARAH ANN DODD Entered 1950. Camera Club, II, Student Council, II, Art Workshop, III, IV, Christian Forum, III, IV, Golf trophy, III, Secretary, Welfare Association, IV. Impish wit . . . undependability . . . one big bubble of fun . . . Persian kittens, cashmere sweaters . . . potato chips and colees . . . Florida . . . golf course at evening . . . spend-the-night parties . . . "Raggedy Anne" . . . Our Sadie. MARY KEATING GRIFEISS Entered 1950. Art Award Regional, 8, Camera Club, I, Art Workshop, I, II, III, IV, B. Team Basketball, I, II, Class play, II, School play, III, Theater Arts, III, IV. Indifuicluality . . . candor . . . Anglo-Saxon personality . . . curly blond hair . . . most graceful UQ . . . "Now what, Miss IVIoyer?,' . . . clown . . . staunch Episcopa- lian, Rebel to the end . . . soccer champ . . . "Squawle!" JUDIE HARGRAVE Entered 1952. junior Glee Club, I, Senior Glee Club, II, III, Class President, II, Camera Club, I, B. Team Basketball, I, II, Modern Dance, III, IV, Art Work- shop, III, IV, Captain Blue Team, III, Business Mana- ger Kaleidoscope, IV. "No sweat" . . . necessity to the "Big Four" . . . able to fall asleep at early hours . . . on a constant diet C cot- tage cheese and apple saucej . . . "The Ietv . . . college boys . . . football, Baylor horses and Baylor Red Raid- ers . . . "what the -P" . . . suede jacket and Bermuda shorts . . . Fire and Ice nail polish . . . "Har,'. Claw o S HELEN JEAN HODGE Entered 1950. May Court, 7, Art Workshop, III, IV, Christian Forum, III, IV, May Day Committee, IV. Ability to keep a secret . . . dry wit . . . fun-loving . . . undying devotion for her 1876 Packardls replacement . . . ambition: to be an architect . . . "Perfidia", carna- tions . . . lemon pie . . . U.T., Georgia Tech . . . naturally blond hair, bright blue eyes, darling figure . . . blue jeans, straight skirts, French cuffs . . . "Angel's" devil- ments. SALLY DICKEY HOOVER Entered 1950. Class play, 8, I, II, junior Glee Club, 8, I, Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, Splinter, 8, II, Library Club, I, Class President, 7, Camera Club, I, II, Static, II, III, May Day Committee, III, Art Workshop, III, Vice- president, IV, Assistant Editor Kaleidoscope, IV, Na- tional Honor Society, IV. "Hi, there!" . . . green organdy . . . cohort in chaos, ability to get completely upset . . . her fortes: to charm the fuzz of a peach, to capture and brand any male . . . "Why don't you write me?'f . . . smart cookie . . . Yale, Yale, Yale! . . . Sally. SALLY CROSS HUNT Entered 1952. Class Secretary, II, Blue Team Captain, II, IV, Varsity Basketball, IV, K.Y.B. Club, IV, Chris- tian Forum, IV. Peroxide fiend, luscious tan, perfect figure, flawless complexion, double-plus good looks . . . athletic abil- ity,' camp, Camp, CAMP.' . . . lime sherbet, unnecessary dieting . . . dare-devil driver, unknowing heartbreaker . . . Hunt. .xxy X lisa 1 ' 2 5? fi N., 'KE Seniom PATRICIA LOU KING Entered 1950. K.Y.B. Club, II, III, IV, junior Glee Club, I, Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, Music Club, I, II, III, President, IV, Camera Club, III, Art Workshop, II, III, IV, Co-Chairman of May Day, IV. "My goodness" . . . blue-eyed blonde . . . lemon jello and bot fudge sundae . . . McCallie, Vanderbilt . . . surprise parties . . . "Stupid', . . . nylon blouse, good seamstress . . . dare-devil driver . . . Peking. JARAND LIGHT Entered 1950. junior Glee Club, I, Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, Class play, 8, Student Council, 8, Secretary, III, Static, III, Splinter, III, May Day Committee, III, Art Workshop, III, IV, Welfare Club, President, IV, Most Genial, IV. Scarlet blusbes at tbe drop of a bat, freckles, contagious mirtb . . . old-fasbioned bair-do, fussy evening dresses, organcly curtains . . . McCallie . . . blue and wbite "taxi" . . . sincerity . . . geometry pro . . . gingerbread . . . "Dear Gussie!" MARGARET ALMEDA MCAFEE Entered 1950. Class play, 7, 8, junior Glee Club, 8, I, Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, Student Council, 7, Cap- tain Blue Team, I, Art Workshop, III, IV, Class Presi- dent, IV. Naturally curly ducks, good-looleing clotbes, "Lilac Champagne" . . . "I am just black" . . . bundle of fun, a good sport . . . profuse bridge lessons but no results . . . sun lamp . . . fudge brownies . . . "Well, abem."' C1446 of 5 MARGARET ANNE MCWHORTER Entered 1950. Junior Glee Club, 8, I, Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, Library Club, I, Class Play, II, B Team Bas- ketball, I, II, Camera Club, I, II, Creative Writing Club, III, May Day Committee, III, Art Workshop, IV, Music Club, IV, Literary Editor Kaleidoscope, IV, Most Likely to Succeed, IV, National Honor Society, IV. Stately height, neatness . . . cashmere sweaters . . . red and white Pontiac . . . arguments in math class, good grades, severe critic . . . love of cats, blue, "Stardust", McCallie ring . . . suppressed desire: to he a model. JUDITH ANN MARLER Entered 1952. K.Y.B. Club, I, II, III, IV, Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, May Day Committee, III, Camera Club, II, Music Club, II, III, Class Secretary, IV, Art Workshop, IV. Cleveland . . . Bradley and Sewanee . . . incessant open house, never without a crowd of boys . . . "T. I." . . . good-looking clothes and shoes, stuffed animals . . . terrific dancer, cat-driver of Cadillac . . . chocolate sun- daes . . . Hawaii and "leis" . . . to Judy-McKenzies' star hoarder. ELIZABETH LANGDON MONTAGUE Entered 1950. May Court, 7, Junior Glee Club, 8, I, Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, K.Y.B. Club, II, III, Pres- ident, IV, B Team Basketball, II, III, Class President, III, Student Council Secretary, IV, May Queen, IV. Regal figure in spite of huge appetite, smattering of adorable freckles, naturally curly hair . . . reserved manner, soft chuckles . . . "Well, just let me tell you" . . . good athlete, loads of team spirit . . . Signal Moun- tain "Daisy" . . . "Fairest of the fair is our Betsy." f i 'N s mf ,,,,f -mas: "" C 1, O Siemom SARA JANE MURPHEY Entered 1950. junior Glee Club, 8, President, I, Class play, 7, 8, III, Splinter, 8, II, Library Club, I, May Day Court, 7, Static, II, III, Theater Arts, II, President, III, IV, Creative Writing Club, III, Winner of Voice of Democracy for Tennessee, III, Winner of Hamilton County Oratorical Contest, IV. l Ambitious, unique individual, bater of bypocrisy, im- pulsive . . . "ten talent gal" . . . tweed, cats, "Puddin' Hill" . . . wood carving, reading, classical music . . . impersonation of species of bird . . . ambitious to write great American Novel . . . remarkable abilities in art and acting . . . our First Lady of tbe stage. CAROL NEWBILL Entered 1950. Class play, 7, 8, Art Award, 8, II, III, Library Club, President, I, Splinter, I, Art Workshop, I, II, III, U. C. Art Show, III, Theater Arts, III, IV, Art Editor Kaleidoscope, IV. Ability, ability, ability . . . moody . . . ebony against a wbite background . . . bolly wreatbs at Cbristmas- time . . . "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" . . . black bair, darling clotbes, big earrings, model in a uniform . . . "Newbeak". SARA JO PATRICK Entered 1950. Class play, 8, Camera Club, I, II, Senior Glee Club, II, III, Vice-president, IV, May Day Com- mittee, III, IV, Art Workshop, III, IV. Good figure, painted fingernails, wonderful dancer, tigbt skirts . . . "go, baby."' . . . love of Baylor Red N Raiders . . . "20" . . . blinks, gold football, bandsprings 1 . . . "Yeab, and tbe moon is made of green cbeese" . . . "Aren't we baving fun?" 61446 of 5 CYNTHIA POHL Entered 1950. Library Club, I, B Team Basketball, 11, Varsity Basketball, III, IV, Varsity Volleyball, II, III, IV, Student Council, III, Static, III, Black Team Cap- tain, II, IV, Spanish Medal, III, Co-Chairman of May Day, IV. "Pobl, as in bucket" . . . dry, dry, wit, complete bon- esty, dependability, candor . . . rosy complexion I pro- fuse blusbj, beautiful bair and eyes . . . love of sports of any kind, food, and tbe Nortb . . . golf, good grades, constant diets, grand raconteuse. MARY LUCILE SHARP Entered 1950. Honor Council, I, Christian Forum, Sec- retary and Treasurer, III, IV, Welfare Club, II, Music Club, IV, Art Workshop, IV. "Smiles" . . . wbite lily, cream pug . . . "I don't know" . . . Kleenex, day dreams, green-and-wbite Buick . . . love of McCallie, aversion to dogs . . . mouton coat . . . "Mercy."' . . . quietness personified, flawless complex- ion . . . to "Little Lulu", a friend to all. ELIZABETH SOYARS Entered 1951. Library Club, I, Art Workshop, III, IV, Static, III, May Day Committee, III, Senior Glee Club, III, President, IV, Picture Editor Kaleidoscope, IV, Most Casual, IV. Dry wit, Artbur Murray's first cousin, blonde U1 . . . cbic wardrobe, Capezios . . . "get serious" . . . "l. B." . . . Virginia, "Bop-ting-a-ling" . . . "Wbat do you want? Egg in your beer?", "Uncle Bob-Bob" . . . "I bate snakes" . . . Buffy. Q. x f I K: K . 5 f 1 x ' s 3 1' t ' 9? ,,,,. , R ..... U ff g -:ag-3: 1 5 l 2 w grs-'iw , J f c iykme .E W .. -Q 1 4- - . , V . .lf -I PM 'WN' Q FM JL, 2 ,A . lsr. 2 I fs, 3 2 , ff? Y 'gi es ," :gg 1 KL ff . 'alba I is Seniom VIRGINIA JOAN STARR Entered 1950. Class play, 7, 8, I, junior Glee Club, 8, I, Senior Glee Club, II, Library Club, I, Honor Court, 7, IV, Honor Society, II, III, President, IV, Static, II, III, Theater Arts, Secretary and Treasurer, III, Modern Dance Club, III, K.Y.B. Club, IV, Co-Winner Grace McCallie Scholarship, III. Srnartness, neatness . . . sunny locks, friendly giggles, ability to point toes . . . Baylor and McCallie plays, typing ability, good cook . . . "1 did it with a Bobbi" . . . blue Chevy convertible . . . butter-cups, white or- gandy pinafore . . . "Pie-Face". PATRICIA MCSMITH STEPHENSON Entered 1954. Cheer Leader, III, IV, Art Workshop, III, May Day Committee, III, Creative Writing Club, III, Senior Glee Club, III, IV, K.Y.B. Club, III, Music Club, Treasurer, IV, Picture Editor Kaleidoscope, IV. Dependability, "stick-to-itivenessu . . . grand sense of humor, sociability with everyone, desire to be sarcastic . . . love for her Teddy bear and stuffed cat, McCallie, Rock City, Sewanee . . . pink carnation, china doll-like face . . . "Stevie". NORMA GORDON VIALL Entered 1950. May Court, 7, Class play, 8, junior Glee Club, 8, I, Senior Glee Club, II, III, IV, Music Club, III, IV, Modern Dance Club, III, Chairman, May Day Dance Committee, IV. Musical powder box, lilies of the valley, pink tayfeta hair ribbon . . . neatness in everything, solo dancer in May Day . . . "What shall I do?" . . . Vanderbilt, Uni- versity of the South . . . petiteness, baby sitter . . . Little Theater, many pets--especially Dachshunds. C7444 o 5 GAIL WALKER Entered 1951. Christian Forum, III, Art Workshop, III, IV, May Day Committee, III, Senior Glee Club, Ac- companist, IV, Art Editor Kaleidoscope, IV, Varsity Basketball, IV, Most Versatile, IV. lndividuality, wide-eyed innocence . . . "Why did I take trig?" . . . sports clothes, suntan, love of dogs . . . musical and artistic talent, accompanist to Glee Club . . . suede jacket, Henry Morfgan, mince-meat pie . . . U. C .... one of the many UQ seniors on the basketball team. JOAN WARNER Entered 1951. Library Club, I, Class play, I, Il, Fresh- man Cup, I, Student Council, I, President, IV, Music Club, I, Static, II, Editor, III, Honor Society, II, III, IV, Theater Arts, IV, Modern Dance Club, IV, Most Ac- tive in School Affairs, IV. Shyness of a violet, courage of a lion . . . modesty, am- bition, constant honors . . . "Hmmmm" . . . desire to weigh at least 100 pounds . . . liver, spinach, iron pills . . . " 'Tis good will that makes intelligence" . . . musi- cal genius, very special senior . . . the movie, "The Red Shoes" . . . champagne glass . . . "Mouse". MARY ALLEN WILKERSON Entered 1950. Honor Court, 8, II, D. A. R. History Award, 8, Math Award, 8, I, Class Secretary, I, Library Club, I, English Medal, 7, I, II, French Medal, III, Latin Award, III, History Medal, II, Static, III, Senior Glee Club, III, IV, K.Y.B. Club, III, IV, Co-winner of Grace McCallie Scholarship, III, Roxanna Latin Award, III, Student Council, Vice-President, IV, National Honor Society, II, III, Secretary, IV, Winner, Civitan Essay Contest, IV. Strength of character, most brilliant . . . sparkling brown eyes and long black eye lashes . . . "SoP" . . . blue Ford . . . polka dotted bloomers . . . undying love for New York, Eddie Fisher, ice cream . . . "Oh, what will I do with my hair?" . . . Our if .., ,f emo: oy: ce-t-rx-'H"H gas uTx,s.B ova R.. 'So on! Kiaw- ib 'T' 095 PvPXe.c...E.. Xxx 'T' K2 'E 9 5 U ra 5 R JI u n ior e X .5 X 31 Qfqf . Q l i 3 t 5 Q Q1QfQ' i V T 2 . Ezizz 1-:' A r Y . A KfX,ig-?,f VA J ig 2 P ' KX X X 4 5 f x ,f f - , 'E - T' x QNYX7 Qjfgffy ' ,f.,Xs,:...N N unior SUSIE AMSTERDAM-"Yankee Clover." NANCY ARMSTRONG-"Flair." MARY LYNN BARNWELI.-"Tiara." JANE BATES-"Apple Blossom." BETSY BROOKS-"White Satin." NANCY BROWN-"Frozen Fragrance." GAIL BRYAN-"White Magnolia." BETSY CHAMBERLAIN-''Summertime KAY CHAPMAN-"Enchanting Menace." ANN CORBITT-"C'est si bon." JULIA CORLEY-"Old Spice." LINDA CURRIN-"Gardenia," nnlmllimllu mm 9 glllllllll Q1 2 Cla A vf 5 MARSHA DIETCH-"Fleur Sazwagef' SARAH DOWELL-"Gay Diversion." DIANE DROSTEN--"My Sin." JEAN DuBOSE-"Coeur foie." JUDY EVANS-"Chanel No. S." CYNTHIA FINLEY-"Frenzy" LINDA FORESTER-"E.v.fence."' MAMIE FOWLER-"Honeyxuckle." JONETTE GALT-"Violet" KAY GLADISH-"Jen," ELEANOR JENKINS-"Black Satin." KATIE KILLEBREVV-"Ambush" ni: 6 1' univr MICHELE LAUDERBACH-"Beloved" MARY LOGAN-"Femme." KAY MCKENZIE-"Directoire." MARY ANN MILES-"Secret of Venus." PATRICIA O'CONNOR-"Arpege." SUSAN OVERMYER-"Blue Grass!! PATTY PARK-"Sweet 'n' Lovely." ANSLEY PARKER-"Straw Hat." JUDY PERKINSON-"Platine." JUDY POLLARD--"Tigres.v.' BETTIE B. PORZELIUS-"Command Performance." SARAH JANE PROSTERMAN-"White Shoulder? lllllllulimluv mm 9 Q nglllllllll I je 1 2 61444 of 5 CAROLYN REYNOLDS-"Wind Song." JOYCE ROGERS-"Inlaxication." JANICE SHIPLEY-"Miss Dior." DOROTHY TALLEY-"Most Preciouxf' MARTHA THOMAS-"Confetti," SALLY TYLER-"White Mink." GRAHAM WALKER-"Woodhue." MARY WALKER-"joy." LYNN VVALTER-"Chantilly," EMMY WARNER-"Tweed," JUDY YOUNG--"Act I V." 1' Go. unio 1 Uance mmuva G02 Bflxr-XKQR, f6 41 Q4-f CA ami. GT S0 llilmores X N . GQ ' N, T' WEN? P QN D W 3gXxQ X 5, LQ fi L f-.: 1 .,... 'H- v 1 :1 '-' V- . . ' A em A '15 L" ::Q '-: J , -f -:' if ' M M -.V. Q 4 ' -::f Q:a,,. L Sophomore JANE AIKEN-ready smile . . . lily of the valley . . . "In the Still of the Night." NANCY ALVERSON-"Freddy Field Mouse" . . . robust per- sonality . . . cute smile. BETTY SUE AYERS-fashionable clothes . . . "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" . . . fire and ice . . . modern dance. BONNIE BLEVINS-"Cigarettes and Colees and Wild, Wild Men" . . . sparkling personality. BARBARA BOYD-"The Farmer's Daughtef' . . . frequent visits to Delaware . . . sympathy for lost discussion. ELIZABETH BRIDGE-powder puffs . . . "Rhapsody in Blue" . . . thoughtfulness. NANCY BROWNE-Proverbial popularity . . . "Red, Hot, and Blue" . . . charming personality. JULIE BURGWINKEL-"Park Avenue Hillbilly" . . . Pacific friendliness . . . pony tail. MARJORIE CAINE--peaches and cream complexion . . ."Su- gar Caine". CYNTHIA CRAIG-popularity plus . . . frequent diets . . . "True to the Blue". . . Cindy. ELAINE DEARING-"Kiss Me, Kate" . . . summer bouquet . . . sunny disposition. KATHERINE DICKINSON-"Um-he-yo" . . . love of Look- out Mountain . . . Martha Raye personality . . . passion for wild hair-dos. LILA FITZELL-Sapphire eyes . . . stuffed animals . . . "Cali- fornia, here 1 come." I .... a e -E C7440 5 BEVERLY FLEGAL-"Virgil" . . . immaculate appearance . . Rossville Bulldogs . . . petite. CAROLE FOLTS-"Little Bo Peep" . . . Dean Martin . . dancing butterfly. IULIE FRANCIS-TiHany's . . . wonderful parties . . . sincere personality . . . optimistic outlook. IUDY GARNER-"Punch and Judy" . . . volcanic laughter and constant giggles . . . "Ahhh-chooo!" BONNIE LU GEORGE-Sewanee . . . blond bomb . . . Pekin- ese dogs . . . loud socks. MARTHA GRANT-chestnut brown hair . . . love of alge- bra . . . ".Memories Are Made of This." NAN GROVES-lovely complexion . . . Dutch girl . . . trust- worthy . . . "With a Song in My Heart." IANICE HALEY-"Queen of West Brow Oval" . . . date bait . . . "Scarlett" . . . Fiddle-dee-day-day-dayday. PATRICIA HAMES-Sparkling eyes . . . radiant, naturally curly hair . . . Missionary Ridge. IANE HARGRAVE-personification of pepper . . . Bermuda shorts . . . Effervescence . . . "Tutti Frutti." ANN HARPER-"Red Sails in the Sunset" . . . garrulous . . light-hearted . . . chocolate cake. VICKI HAYES-easy going . . . "Tenderly" . . . alert . . brains plus. KAY HUGHLETT-"Daisy Mae" . . . Made-to-order wardrobe . . . striking. 0 llll 1' mu, Sophomore AMELIA HUNT-athletic great . . . "Sh-Boom" . . . "more bounce to the ounce" . . . "Peanut." CAROLYN JENNINGS--Elvis Presley . . . "Kiss Me Deadly" . . . friendliness . . . "What it was was jitterbugf' ANITA JOHNSON-Cicero . . . The Pink Palace . . . sophisti- cation . . . "Honey" . . . coquette . . . ability to catch a man. PEGGY JOHNSON-Artistic talent . . . player pianos . . "Peg O' My H eart" . . . curly and more curly hair. ANN KAMPMEIER-Ambitious . . . dignified blonde . . "Autumn Leaves" . . . brains . . . friendly and sweet. LYNN LANNES-fanatic for all new hair fads . . . New Or- leans drawl . . . "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing." KAY LIVELY-vivacious blonde . . . "Melody of Love" . . ready wit . . . gay . . . epitome of neatness. CAROL MCFADDEN-man killer . . . chuckles . . . dimples . . . "Dungaree Doll." MARILYN MARTIN-C.Y.C .... sweetness . . . fun-loving . . . Montreat . . . blonde, blonde, blonde. VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY-Little Lulu . . . baby blue . . . "Connecticut Yankee" . . . constant joking . . . life of the party. GRACE MOORE-"Hey, Senoritau . . . rings on her fingers!!! . . . Loveman's . . . that laugh? ALEX MOTT-admirable qualities . . . dances at Sewanee . . tranquility. JAN MOTT-blue, blue eyes . . . melodious voice . . . "Evan- gelinew' . . . never have one without the other. NANCY MULKEY-coal black hair . . . blue eyes . . . ami- able . . . "Peace." .,i. M ,.... 1 N gamma 6 Clase 5 ANNE GAYLE NORVELL-fastidious . . . majestic . . . gor- geous formals . . . orchids. KATHY O'LENIC-"Uh, Oh."' . . . "pass" . . . dare-devil . . . pretty smile . . . "ThatJs life for ya!" FRANCES OLIVER-"Hi!" . . . tall . . . pivot indispensable to Varsity B.B. team. MARGARET RIVERS-Southern cordiality . . . sweet dispo- sition . . . always happy. MARILYN SCHULMAN-prim and proper . . . Jingernails plus . . . naturally curly hair . . . "Only You." MARILYN SHERMAN-smart looking clothes with a good- looking figure . . . "Bo Diddleyu . . . cashmere sweaters ALLISON STEM-cute . . . giggles . . . loads of fun . . S eagle Beagle . . . tiny. GALE TAYLOR-petite . . . Signal Mountain . . . inseparable from Judy Garner. SARA TURNER-cats and more cats . . . loyalty . . . perky disposition. PAT WHITAKER-sincere . . . soft-brown hair fixed perfect- ly . . . serene. CHARLYN WHITE-pert, peppy, and popular . . . the split atom. BARBARA WILLINGHAM-China doll . . . bisque complex- ion . . . "Just Plain Bill." JULIA WILSON-brains and personality plus . . . an excellent example for any girl. DORIS WINER-heir of Einstein's brain . . . "Vandy" . . mischievous eyes. i lull Ill- U' JWMJWM 'QQ A .V 'T L.ET'5 Lam-cu THE Eu-aQ'ie,Au'iTa . 2 E1 S E 13 'S U 5216. on THQ. BALL ,S Cmacx. H235 Tl UQGS 01,0033 3 ' L 1 W 14 Lnzwe DAY Emmy ,, K-Xena A 'ncuwxi .--Q... 'F 'iff Open wida L Q3 ZLV ff 2 X ,'::. Freshmen ,R--N - S dk YA MD 6, kg QQeib'3f A, QW f'fy,+,.,, 1t f vi, . Wi' , 'T T , --1' s-4 , Xvl ..- Yre lumen JODY BACON-Strawberry Sundae. JEAN BATTLE-Pineapple Ice Cream. CLAUDIA BIBB-Chocolate Parfait. LYNDA BOONE-Butterscotch Sumlae. SUSAN BURKE-Fudge. CATHY CALDWELL-Vanilla Ice Cream JULIA CATE-Fudge Cake. LESLEY COLBURN-Cream Puff. DEBBY CONGER-Apple Float. BONNIE CRAIG-Cotton Candy. JOYCE CUMMINGS-Pumpkin Pie. DONNA DeLONG-Chocolate Eclaife. NANCY DICKERT-Blackberry Pie. LINDA DICKSON-Lady Fingers. 4 3? 5 CQhmaqffS ELAINE DONNELLY-Peppermint Sticks. NANCY DRAKE-Taffy. ELEANOR DROSTEN-Cherry Pie. JEAN DUFFY-Lemon Fluff. KAY FLEMING-Vanilla Milk Shake. JO FRANCES ELEWELLEN-Lemon Tart. GATEWOOD FOLGER-Apple Pie. JANICE GARRETT-Maple Walnut Ice Cream. JUDY GLASS-Spice Cake. CAROLE GOINS-Brownie. LUCINDA GOODRUM-Tapioca Pudding. VIRGINIA GRANT-Ginger Bread. PAM HARLESS-Peanut Brittle. MARY VIRGINIA HARRISON-Date Bar. 6 HEE:9 1' re lumen NANCY KNIGHT HARRISON-BOW Bon. HELEN HOBBS--Popcorn Ball. SUSAN HOWARD-Baked Alaska. PATSY JACOBS-Banana Cream Pie. PATTY JOHNSON-Chocolate Fudge Sumlae. NANCY KEESE-Vanilla Soda. KITTY KISTLER-Toll-house Cookies. FAYE LEBOVITZ-Divinity. LORI LEVIN-Oatmeal Cookies. STARLET LIGHT--Tutt12frutti I ce Cream. CARLOTTA LOCKMILLER-Lime Sherbet. JUDY MCKENZIE-Chocolate Drop Cookies SYLVIA MAY-Banana Split. PAULETTE PAINTER-Ginger Snaps. .5 f X Qlllllllll 6 CIMA vf 5 CONNELLY PARKS-Malted Milk. NANCY POOLE-Doughnuts. MARY RICHARDSON-Rice Pudding. JUDY ROBERTS--Blueberry Pie. SUSAN SEABORN-Ambrosia. MARTHA SHAMHART-Peach Cobbler. LYDIA SHIELDS-Lemon Meringue Pie. SANDY SISKIN-Chocolate Pie. JEAN SPEARS-Cake dla mode. HELEN STEPHENSON-Strawberry Milk Shake. JILL STREET-Baked Apple. LINDA SWANSON-Apple Pie. XIMENA TAGLE-Chocolate Soda. ELEANOR TARVER-Nut Roll. :L o gl 1' re lumen ELIZABETH ANN TESSMANN-Angel Food Cake MARY SCOTT THACH-Apricot Cobbler. SUSAN TODD-Macaroon. ANN TRAVIS-Butterxeotela Ice Cream. CAROLYN TULEY-Coconut Cream Pie. HELEN VANDER HORST--Chocolate Tart. MIGNONNE WEBER-Peanut Butter Cookies. CELIA WILKERSON-Egg Custard. PATSY WILLIAMS-Tea Cake. NANCY WILLIAMS-Pecan Rolls. LINDA WILSON-Cream H orn. ALICE WRIGHT-Cherry Tart. ROSA WRIGHT-Chocolate Ice Cream. FRANCES WYNNS-Siueet Rolls. I .... M ,... .. 5 5 -, A W 2 X Lf ,NMMA :ldv AL vii' 1:2235 Biz: Al, ,.... . . :Ig yr T--.-22' Fi sf 1? is ,We .. . ffr?zE':.Ff5f ,w E WW E ? 'dp' Hgh tl: grade LUCY ANN ADAMS-"Put Your Shoes On, Lucy" MARIE ALLISON-"Only You" ANN AUSTIN-"Memories Are Made of Tbif' ANNE AUSTIN-"Annie Laurie" SUSAN AUTEN-"Heart O' My H earf' KATHIE BACON-"Kiss Me, Kate" MARY BACON-"A, You're Adorableu EVELYN BAILEY-"Belle of the Ball" HAZEL BICKERSTAFF-"That Ole Mountain Dew" BILLIE BISHOP-"Truly Fairf' MARGARET ANN BRIDGE-"Bridge of Sigbsn ADAIR BRYAN-"Stranger in Paradise" LYNN BRYAN-"Girl of My Dreams" BETTY BUCHANAN-"Cherry Pink and Apple Time" xllllmllilrllln fe 1 1- 4, Blossom C744 0 LINDA BUCKNER-"Davy Crockett" JUDY BULLINGTON-"Tender Trap" MARTY CANNON--"Fm Forever Blowing Bubbles" VIRGINIA CHANDLER-"Frosty the Snowman" ELIZABETH CIFERS-"Lovely to Look At" JANE COLE-"Cest Si Bon" MARY LOU COLLINS-"St. Louis Blues" CAROL CORBITT--"My Bonny Lassie" NANCY CURREY-"I Want You to be My Baby" PATSY DOUGHERTY-"Buttons and Bows" MARY ALICE DAVIS-"Sweet Alice Blue Gown" CAROLE DEITCH-"IVby Don't You Write Me?" NORMA DIAMOND-"Diamonds Are .fi Girl's Best Friend ANNE DUDLEY-"Gum Drop" :L iq? llil ll-- -7 991. th grae DEANNA DUNKERLEY-"Memories of You" DORIS EFFRON-"Pepper Hot Baby" SALLY ELKINS-"I Wonder Whafs Become of Sally" ROBIN EVANS-"When the Red, Red Robin" JUNE FLETCHER-"june in january" CHARLOTTE FOX--"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" BETSY GOULD--"Twenty-four Hours of Sunshine' SUZANN GRIFFITH-"O, Susanna" MARY GROVES-"Bim, Bam, Boom" PAT HALE-"When You Dance" JOAN HALEY-"Gentlemen Marry Brunettes" DEIRDRE HAMILTON-"It's Too Late Now" JUDY HENNING-"Crazy Little Mama" NORINNE HICKMAN-"lt's So Nice to Be Nice 1 1 2 Q Hmmm 6 I cz, A of so CORNELIA HINES-"Blue Stan' BETSY JOHNSON-"Seventeen" MOLLIE JOHNSON-"Rock Around ANITA KEITH-"Five-Foot Two" BONNIE KINGSTON-"Pretty Baby" STARR KLEIN-"Tutti Fruttiv STARR KRUESI-"Stardust" the Clock" MELINDA LAWRENCE-"Black Denim Trousers" MARILYN LIGHT-"Oklahoma" MARY CHARLES MCPHAIL-"Love Is A dared Thing" Many Splen GLADYS MARTIN-"How To Be Very, Very Popular" JOY MARTIN-"Ain't She Sweet" HELEN MILLER-"Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" ELLEN MONTAGUE+-"Smack Dab in the Middle" llll 1' Ggln tl: grade BONNIE JEAN MUNSON-"It's a Woman's World" BARBARA NEWELI.-"Mr, Touchdown" JANET PARKS-"Tweedle-Dee Dee" DONNAH PAYNE-"Unforgettable" DREWRY PAYNE-"Hummingbird" JANE POSTON-"Jeanie with the Light CAROLYN RAZOVSKY-"Tell Me Why" SUSAN RICKMAN-"If You Knew Susie" GAIL ROBBINS-"The Breeze and I" ALBERTA RUTLEDGE-"My Boy Flatopu BEATRICE RUTLEDGE-"Sisters" JACKIE SANDERS-"Adorable" PHYLLIS SCOGGIN-"Lipstick, and Candy, a soled Show" JUDY SHERMAN--"Love Me or Leave Me llnlnumlllu- 1 I 1 X- Qlllllllll 6 Brown Hair" U nd Rubber- Clem of '60 JUDY SHIPLEY-"Rock Love" MYRA SILVER-"All At Once You Love I-1er" RACHEL STEWART-"Rachel, Rachel, I've Been Thinking" MARTHA SWINGLE-"I'll See You In My Dreams" SHERRY TANNER-"Earth Angel" LINDA THOMAS-"Baby Feed' MARGARET TRUE-"A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody" CAY VERLENDEN-"Dungaree Doll" ALISON WEBB-"Something's Gotta Give" CHARLOTTE WHELAND-"Whistle While You Work" WENDY WIGGINS-"Here Comes Peter Cotloniailu MARGARET WILLIAMS-"I'm In the Jailhouse Now" MARGOT WILLIAMS-"Maggie Doesn't Work Here Any- more" ANN WILLINGHAM-"Comin' Round the Mountain" , 9 O 0 E Hgh tl: grade e en tl: grade MARY ALLISON-"M4mief' ARDITH ANDERSON-"Happy" MARY ARMSTRONG-"Sissie" SALLY BACON-"Ally oopff CAROLYN BRIDGERS-"Ka-Ka" JEANIE BYRD-"Birdie" MARJORIE CALDWELL-'fmopfyf' JOAN CALLOWAY-ffnimpzef' NELSON CAMPBELL-"Twerp" RUSSELL CARDEN--"Rufus" I .... F-J A PEGGY CLAUNCH-"Dusty" 61444 of '61 SUSAN DAVIDSON--"Fanny" BRENDA DAVIS-"Bee Dee" MARY DICKINSON-"Dicki" KAREN DUFFY-"Horsey" ANN ESTES-"Annie Ronnie" SUSAN EVANS-"Susie Q" ALICE FANCHER-"Kanga" TAVENNER F IN LAY-' 'Tav" SARA FRANKLIN-"Franky" VICKI FREEMAN-"Doc" DIANE GUINN-"Heavens" ANN CAROLINE HAMILTON-"Candy" MARY HEALD-"Angie" 0 en tl: grade LEE HEDGES-"Lulu" HELEN HELMS-"Sid" JANE HELTON-"Midge" PATRICIA HENDERSON-"Trisha" JAN HoUcK-ffciggzew WILSON HUNT-ffwizziev N ELL JOHNSON-"Nellie" PATTY KEISTER-"Pooh Bear" ROSEMARY KEMP-"Rosie O'Grady" JANICE LAWRENCE-"Ian" SHIRLEY LINDSEY-"Noodles" CHERYL LOCKE-"Curly" MARY MCMILLAN-"Gi-Gi" ROSEMARY MCVVHORTER-"Roosevelt IHEH 9 X wlllllllll 6 f C7444 of 61 FONTAINE PATTEN-"Tame" MARIA PITNER-"Ria" SUSAN PORZELIUS--"Butterball" JULIA RANKIN-'fpip squeak" LINDA RICKETTS-'fkedff BETTY ROGERS-'flgglev CAMILLE SALISBURY-"Millie" SAUNDRA SCOTT-"Pee Wed' SALLY SEESSEL-"Sal" SALLY SMARTT-"sally Wally" SANDRA STREET-"Oscar" ANN VVARD-"Wiggles Ward" JEAN WILLINGHAM-"Rusty" MARTHA YOUNG-"Mig5f' 1 1' TH if vruwgspx I-X95 711 XM ami, A ve, us 'vufvv Xvmea amxgubiemau 'Ss..Qv2w-JY Oxwxc D Qx wx.. 9 Tam Fawn swab X5 awww? Ramsey F 'C-J 1-ww ,emabn Tag .mar ala I Q95 me ex? 2 9 S71-M gfmif h ' L f i. 4. 2.h' wry :.. -:" 'X V- W V.V,,, , f A "AQ aj '?v-'if DA X1 WA' Amwwd i Q,MNM WNGL f U , Q Iiigggmwgwm W K ., -HINIAI I Q' . .. , '-v-vf- N '-" I Wx BsmWNi" DUH'H'H x 45 PS K5 Q, df' ca'-5 e 0 WP? PubviT2 K ssc ' as 1. Q wer 'Ga Rb 9 mama i mg Swim' Hamm? -L on ewnsi HAT 2 NSR, gl I MXGHTLJX ' BQ EE-5 Lo-Mo CKE: , Q-as fig .. ,.,,,, fm V9 W I... 1 ..A:. i VA.. . A,,., Q, . - 5 H '12 5 gf ,, 5' W QUE? SL . 573437, . A 815 gl Q: H- ' is Q8 Q0 ai' 'st EQ Op at Q96 TQ ts'mv-us-4 ciucmcfr W S1lY36R.LJ,OPKF3AJ Loweezgg ji! '- ff ' Eg , 4 3' wgmnzgpeas ' 'H'Wf . 5 in f '," f - -Q' , i , .: ,, ,1 ., E P A,.,A- 6 ii : 4, , , A f 'f s "5 ' 1 f -',:-2- ' -Q WW! F5935 A 5 7 K D.DU-CK, 'hrnsves 5000, ""' ' -,A L-,KE A Q. if CIGQAQ1-TE 'MO TLS x R SHQULD V' H 'use Amina, f Y f Bun Bum, e Tue PQAMWG, Eg cgeamseaw " WW 2' I ne - W h Zzl TWEEDLE-1 A , x I 'VV'A Dum, q- 95,5 MW Wm an f' MVP? P ' - 7 f L, 2 1 Mxcxcaxs mouse if' , ff ff cz A sv e ez. 'BUGS 7 THE, 7 UMW JQEMWQH D D SXTH A: 30,5 D432 6, garb 'PunXe.u. A Els-W ,SA u.. Hi-,AQ THE. -'EJPNYJ QA 1.15 ,f""7' N-.1 X Og,b 3Ap WWW? mmm fwfweifv ' V ' ., A 2 M CL!-X B x"R'? N126 H .KLLEYQZX XJXUJEAG-Q NASA wg 'WEZZOQ BROGDKJABQ 4 fx N'x"M-X.. -"q-..n'-'.A- .2 ad fig Q Q 'vfggf 1 5 1 s.:-0865 ev-XX 0 -sua u. -3:5 9 Es ,f Ei Lf 4 5 EAS? 'Pax X5QL'x,SQ,UJVK it .,,::h ' ypxcjgxii b' m y ,ff ' , if K AQ Que 'Jo ftifih CLCS Queen and maid o Honor 'ii A is MARILYN CATER Maid of Honor I 1' Queen and 14 ttendan M QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS QUEEN C ,777A,E.EEEEA.EE EE,,7,., E lizabeth Langdon Montague MAID OF HONOR E7,,, C ,,,,,,,,,,,EEEE Marilyn Elizabeth Cater PAGE eee,,7,e,,,,,,,,eeee A at ,7,77e,.,,.ee.....,,, .,ee..,,..,,,, Lee Hedges TRAIN BEARERS , 7 ,eee,. Sarah Bacon, Carolyn Armstrong CROWN BEARER ,,,t , .t,,...,......e,., . t.,.,,...,..,t, ., Maria Pitner SCEPTER BEARER 7, , ,ttttttt Fontaine Patten 1 1 EH! -v 9 Queen and Court EXPLANATION OF MAY DAY Halfway between the Spring and the Summer, G.P.S., her alumnae and friends Gather to honor our Queen of the Maying, Gather to welcome the warm Summer winds. Fifty years since the first of beginning, Fifty the Queens who have reigned over May. So welcome, and watch as each class in its dances Shows you a typical G.P.S. Day. -Sara jane Mu'1'plJey O ?.l bl ll D911-QTQ79 Q53 gg S5 sf Auf A un 4x1ud'L if . as , is Nhuwvr, mud A-rn Loasrex, Bucks 3' v3 s-tad Q QAM K 'Qumb Af I ..,. H MK su , Q mn ,JS E bo.. " ij Mg , Uesvm. Um-c,m5 ESYQYQDLELS QM .. Q if LQ +fg,a mia, 1 if C 'E,H,iY'NsxbamQ, Ae.. 5 1?51?i5i7ffi gi' I E X 252 fag, f Kmwy in Axmigwatr HW K4 ' .4 N K -1-a,,vw, Senlience. hbxarxvam .NSPXQQLX SYN Mft 'VSQH U01 eq Kal! Yeam Front row, left to right: CAll-City Volleyballl Elizabeth Ann Tessman, Frances Oliver Ccaptainj, Mamie Fowler. Second row, left to right: Emmy Warner, Susan Overmyer, Ansley Parker, Betsy Chamberlain. Third row, left to right: Leslie Colburn, Betty Sue Ayers, Janice Haley. Fourth row, left to right: Carol Ann McFadden, Doris Winer, Sally Tyler Cmanagerj, Mary Ann Miles, Cynthia Finley. Winners of Second Place Trophy in All- City Tournament. Student Council The purposes of the Student Council, composed of girls elected by each class are to promote high ideals, to increase school spirit, and to foster recreational and scholastic activities. The Honor Court, a section of the Council, deals with cheat ing, lying and stealing. Mus. A. J. PosToN, Miss MARY ELIZABETH SMITH, Faculty Advisors Nancy Currey Nan Groves Mary Charles McPhail Betsy Montague Paulette Painter Patty Park joan Starr Linda Swanson Graham Walker joan Warner-Pres Mimi Wilkerson julia Wilson Judy Young llnlllulllllllu 1 I 1 HB3 ,Q 9 National Honor Svcie ty MISS LOIS MOYER-Faculty Advisor The Duffy-jarnagin Chapter of the National Honor Society was founded in 1948 Seniors, juniors, and Sophomores C honoraryj who represent its ideals of character service, leadership, and scholarship are inducted into this organization. Member- ship is one of the highest honors a G.P.S. girl can attain. Betsy Brooks Gail Bryan Marjorie Caine Marilyn Cater Ann Corbitt Sally Hoover MEMBERS Kay McKenzie Peg McWhorter Patty Park Bettie B. Porzelius joan Starr-Pres. Graham Walker O -- ll-- ,Y Mary Walker joan Warner Mimi Wilkerson julia Wilson Judy Young alker W ail U Art Editor stin Au YH ,,,,Caro1 Bu.vi1ze.vs Manager Assixluut lark O.C 2 E X0 R Spou Ffzvnlty yars uffy S0 FI! icture Editor P ngham roll Cunni al' , C Literary Editor M Forrest Cooper ,Sarah N Efliir henson rep ,PatS S f: m 1-u P' 2 . T' Q2 x-4 3 1-4 O S U 2 bb ru 91 Edilor Lil erary OOVCI' ,Sally H Q N -N. 'Yi LU N 2 'Q 4-. vm --. vm M L73 3 aa Z -4 O U-1 'Y 9 Editor Art V 6 fa Harg die 5 Y-1 amzger JU 5 1165 Bus: is - , " - 101111111 rl bm '- ffliu lr bf1t'1p,1, hw. f, 2 ,,f- 4.1, .J ,. 'V ww -- f. .. I 4 , vw: " e5J,Q'fI'E'7ffl, "Wim '11 7lue Static NO. 3 :,,. 1 ..., X Vlfrh ,i..,, a.iw1"' M ff-tr' flew me ,, H Q ti. 'Q fem. we ffm, , 1 Wt 1 it 'Q L WC lm , .,..ah, Un M.-,,. 'f f, i...,' f.."'ffnf1,,.,. Sophomores and juniors, chosen for their writing ability, compose the Static board which Miss Moore capably directs. This persistent group furnishes the school with the pertinent news each six weeks. EDITORS Ann Corbitt Mary Walker STAFF Soplaomores Freshmen juniors Juniors julia Wilson Elizabeth Bridge Graham Walker Mary Ann Miles Janice Haley Kay Lively Gail Bryan Mary Barnwell Marjorie Caine Martha Thomas Bettie B. Porzeli us Patty Parks MEMBERS Senior glee C7116 Mus. MARGARET N. GLENN-Sponsor The Senior Glee Club of the Girls' Preparatory School is from the tenth through the twelfth grades. Last December with the McCallie Glee Club, offered a concert of Christmas composed of students its members, together music at the McCallie Chapel. This group also participated in the convocation and commencement programs. Nancy Armstrong Carolyn Austin Betty Sue Ayers Mary Barnwell Elizabeth Bridge Betsy Brooks Nancy Brown Nancy Browne Laura Brownlee Marjorie Caine Betsy Chamberlain Kay Chapman Sarah Forrest Cooper Cynthia Craig Carroll Cunningham Carlene Davis Elaine Dearing Jean DuBose-Seciy. Judy Evans Beverly Flegal Jonette Galt Judy Garner Bonnie Lu George Martha Grant Nan Groves Janice Haley Pat Hames Jane Hargrave Judie Hargrave Ann Harper Sally Hoover Kay Hughlett Eleanor Jenkins Carolyn Jennings Anita Johnson Peggy Johnson Pat King Jarand Light Peggy McAfee Carol Ann McFadden Peg McWhorter Judy Marler Marilyn Martin Betsy Montague Grace Moore Alex Mott Jan Mott Anne Gayle Norvell Patricia O'Connor Kathy O,I.enic Patty Parks Sara Jo Patrick-V Carolyn Reynolds Margaret Rivers Joyce Rogers Buffy Soyars-Pres. Allison Stem Pat Stephenson Dot Talley Gale Taylor Barbara Turner Gordon Viall Gail Walker Charlyn White Mimi Wilkerson Barbara Willingham Judy Young .-Pres .... .U ..... . 1 . mm 9 .. f 2 N Mlllllllll cwmw'9hmlZM6 MRS. MARGARET N. GLENN-SPOMSOV Students from the eighth and ninth grades make up the Junior Glee Club. The purpose of this club is to prepare its members for participation in the activities of the Senior Glee Club. This year the group gave a Christmas program under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Glenn. Lucy Ann Adams Ann P. Austin Kathie Bacon Lynda Boone Betty Buchanan Judy Bullington Kathy Caldwell-Pres. Marty Cannon Elizabeth Cifers Jane Cole Carol Corbitt Joyce Cummings Donna DeLong Linda Dickson Elaine Donnelly MEMBERS Jean Duffy Robin Evans Gatewood Folger Charlotte Fox Janice Garrett Carole Goins Betsy Gould Suzann Griffith Mary Groves Nancy Knight Harrison Cornelia Hines Susan Howard--Trees. Patricia Jacobs Mollie Johnson Nancy Keese Kitty Kistler-Sec'y. Starlet Light Carlotta Lockmiller Judy McKenzie Mary Charles McPhail Gladys Martin Bonnie Jean Munson Barbara Newell Paulette Painter Connelly Parks Janet Parks Mary Richardson Jackie Sanders Myra Silver Sandy Siskin Bonnie Kingston LL Jean Spears I ll I E2HHa.H 1' Rachel Stewart Linda Swanson Mary Scott Thach Susan Todd Margaret True Helen Vander Horst Alison Webb Mignonne Weber Wendy Wiggins Celia Wilkerson Margaret Williams Margot Williams Patsy Williams Ann Willingham Rosa Wright Senior Theater 141-tA Miss JULIA MARTIN-SPOMSO7' The Senior Theater Arts Club was organized in 1953 for juniors and seniors who were interested in dramatic art. The group studied stage techniques and pro duced plays for their own pleasure and that of the student body. MEMBERS June Bibb Michele Lauderbach Ansley Parker Gail Bryan-Se Mary Logan Judy Pollard Marilyn Cater Kay McKenzie Sara jane Prosterman Ann Corbitt Mary Ann Miles Martha Thomas Diane Drosten Sara Jane Murphey-Pres. Graham Walker Linda Forester Carol Newbill Lynn Walter Mary Keating Griffiss Susan Overmyer Joan Warner linllllllllllllu 1 I 1 THE-1-X 9 unior Thea er 14144 Miss JULIA MARTIN-Sponsor The Junior Theater Arts was organized by Miss Julia C. Martin this year for the students in our freshman and sophomore classes. Those who are interested learn make-up and stage technique. They gave an experimental production, "You, Too Can Be Charming"-Essie Young. Jane Aiken jean Battle Barbara Boyd julie Burgwinkel-Pres. Lesley Colburn Cynthia Craig-Sec'y. Elaine Dearing Eleanor Drosten Lila Fitzell Carole Folts MEMBERS Bonnie Lu George Lucinda Goodrum Martha Grant Nan Groves Ann Harper Mary Virginia Harrison Vicki Hayes Ann Kampmeier Faye Lebovitz Lori Levin llll 1' 6 jail Sylvia May Nancy Mulkey Susan Seaborn Martha Shamhart Allison Stem jill Street Ximena Tagle Elizabeth Ann Tessmann Barbara Willingham Doris Winer may bay Commzttee COMMITTEES Director ,,.,,. .,,.,,..,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,......,,... M rs. Peggy E. Thomas Music ,,,, A..,.,... .,,. . , . Mrs. Margaret N. Glenn Properties ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, M iss Louise Myers Choreography ..,.. .,,,. M rs. Peggy E. Thomas Narrator .,..,,,,,s.. A,,,..,..........sA,...,,,.....,....,,.....,....,,,,,,, M iss Sara Jane Murphey MAY DAY COMMITTEES Co-Chairmen ,,,,,,,.,..,,,,.,,,.........,,,......,,..v..........,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,,,, Patricia King and Cynthia Pohl COSTUMES-Carolyn Austinx, Joan Starrf, Peggy McAfee"', Carroll Cunningharng, Sarah Forrest Cooperg, Sara Jo Patrickx, Jarand Lightff, Elizabeth Montagueft, June Bibbik, Mari- lyn Caterx, Laura Brownlee, Marnie Fowler, Mary Lucille Sharp, Kay McKenzie, Diane Dros- ten, Sarah Ann Dodd, Sally Hunt, Sara Prosterman, Judy Marler, Bettie B. Porzelius, Helen Hodge, Nancy Brown, Lynn Walter, Sally Diamond, Judy Pollard, Pat Stephenson, Mary Walker, Patricia O'Connor, Mary Allen Wilkerson, Judy Young, Sally Hoover. COREOGRAPHY-Gordon Viallx, Carlene Davis, Judie I-Iargrave, Peg McWhorter, Nancy Armstrong, Mary Barnwell, Marsha Deitch, Sarah Dowell, Katie Killebrew, Mary Ann Miles, Susan Overmyer, Janice Shipley. PROGRAM-Sara Jane Murpheytk, Mary Keating Griiliss. ART WORK-Mary Alice Curreyg, Mary Keating Grilliss, Caroline Newbill, Elizabeth Soyars, Joan Warner, Gail Walker, Betsy Brooks, Gail Bryan, Ann Corbitt, Linda Currin, Michele Lauderbach, Patricia Park, Emmy Warner, Graham Walker. X Chairmen of Committees. FACULTY COMMITTEES Chairman ,,,,.....,................................................................,..... Mrs. M. O. Clark Announcer ..,...................... ....................................... ....... M 1 ss Roberta Moore Mrs. Stanley Addis, Mrs. Robert Anacker, Mrs. J. P. Armstrong, Mrs. Frank Baker, Miss Mary Bayless, Mrs. T. W. Bridge, Miss Caroline Chobot, Mrs. J. J. Coghlan, Mrs. R. S. Courtney, Mrs. J. C. Heindel, Mrs. R. W. Ingwalson, Mrs. Etta C. Kennedy, Mrs. Betty P. Lackey, Miss Julia Martin, Miss Lois Moyer, Mrs. Carolyn Plunket, Mrs. A. J. Poston, Mrs. A. C. Richard- son, Miss Mary Elizabeth Smith, Mrs. E. D. Walter, Miss Ulrica Whitaker. HB3 9 In I 1 fi61-ary 61116 MRS. T. W. BRIDGE-Sponsor Joyce Cummings Carole Goins Nancy Williams Donna DeLong Virginia Grant Patsy Williams-P1e5 Nancy Drake Patsy Jacobs Frances Wynns Linda Swanson We! are 14AAociation 5 arand Li ht Pres. J g - Susan Overmyer Elizabeth Bridge Charlotte Wheland Sarah Ann Dodd-Sedy. Elizabeth Ann Tessmann Sally Bacon Pat Whitaker Nancy Williams O llll 1' Patsy Williams Linda Wilson Frances Wynns Judy Young The Splin tem The Annual Board selects re resentatives from each class to aid in writin some- 8 thin about each student in the class. In this wa the Annual Board encoura es 8 Y girls to assume responsibility and to stick to a task until it is satisfactorily com- pleted. Seated: Margot Williams, Rosemary McWhorter, Mary Heald, Lynn Walter, Susan Howard, judy McKenzie, Starlet Light. Standing: janet Parks, Lynn Bryan, Maria Pitner, Peggy Claunch, Betsy Brooks, Q O sw D CII ro P14 ro Z4 'TJ m PQ U1 'Q Tl! III sr B in Q. nw D rn E nb P1 UQ H tu 4 urn 'U no F? H P-ln Q. sw Q O O D Z3 O T' 1-X OXD 6X 1 H X M Senior drt Ilfvrlwlaop Miss LOUISE MYERS-SPOHSOV The Art Workshop was begun to stimulate interest in G.P.S. art and to enable students who are interested in stage production to gain experience and enjoyment. Miss Louise Myers coaches the girls who give invaluable aid in devising props and painting scenery for class plays and for May Day. Nancy Armstrong Ann Austin Nancy Brown Nancy Browne Laura Brownlee Betty Buchanan Linda Buckner Mary Alice Currey Nancy Currey -Pres. MEMBERS Linda Currin Sarah Ann Dodd Pat Daugherty Sally Elkins Mamie Fowler Mary Keating Grilhss Mary Groves Judie Hargrave Judy Henning Helen Hodge Sally Hoover Pat King Bonnie Kingston jarand Light Peggy McAfee Kay McKenzie Peg McWhorter Judy Marler Mary Ann Miles Sara jo Patrick Buffy Soyars Mary Lucille Sharp Graham Walker Alison Webb Margaret Williams Alice Wright unior drt Ylforlwlaofz Miss LOUISE MYERS-Faculty Advisor The younger girls who are interested in art have formed under the direction of Miss Louise Myers, a junior Art Workshop. They concentrate on beautifying parts of our building. Sally Bacon Carolyn Bridgers-V.-Pres. Karen Duffy Alice Fancher MEMBERS Vicki Freeman-Pres. Candy Hamilton Mary Heald-Sec'y. jan Lawrence linlmllilrlllu y ce 1 N 6 Rosemary McWhorter Maria Pitner Linda Ricketts Betty Rogers lllcwic C7116 MRS. MARGARET N. GLENN-Sponsor The Music Club, with Mrs. Margaret N. Glenn as director, w 6 5 ther an appreciation of music. There are interesting program ented guests. Jane Aiken Mary Barnwell June Bibb Betsy Brooks Laura Brownlee Gail Bryan Lesley Colburn Cynthia Craig Sarah Ann Dodd Elaine Donnelly Jean DuBose MEMBERS Carole Folts Linda Forester Julie Francis Kay Gladish Carole Goins Virginia Grant Mary Keating Grifliss Nan Groves Janice Haley Ann Harper Vicki Hayes Pat King-Pres. Lynn Lannes Judy McKenzie Peg McWhorter Joy Martin Bonnie Jean Munson Anne Gayle Norvell Paulette Painter Nancy Poole Sara Jane Prosterman Margaret Rivers Joyce Rogers Martha Shamhart O 'll- ll.- 1' it at ' A Q in fb as organized to fur- s presented by tal- Mary Lucile Sharp Janice Shipley Pat Stephenson-T1 ear Dorothy Talley Eleanor Tarver Elizabeth Ann Tessmann Susan Todd Gordon Viall Mary Walker Lynn Walter Emmy Warner C'lu'iA tian Tfvutln C1116 MRS. ETTA KENNEDY-Advisor The Christian Youth Club, with Mrs. Etta Kennedy as sponsor, study the Bible, invite interesting speakers, and discuss different phases of religion. They strive to attain a goal by applying Christ's teaching to their lives. Lucy Ann Adams Jane Aiken Susan Auten Kathy Bacon Mary Bacon Hazel Bickerstaff Carolyn Bridgers Lynn Bryan Betty Buchanan Marty Cannon Russell Carden Mary Lou Collins Cynthia Craig Elizabeth Cifers Elaine Dearing Anne Dudley Karen Duffy Lila Fitzell Carole Folts Vicki Freeman Judy Garner Martha Grant Suzann Griliith Pat Haley Pat Hames Dee Dee Hamilton Ann Harper Vicki Hayes Judy Henning MEMBERS Cornelia Hines Amelia Hunt Carolyn Jennings-Sec'y. Betsy Johnson Marilyn Light Starlet Light Kay Lively-Prog. Cbmn. Judy McKenzie Rosemary McWhorter Joy Martin Marilyn Martin-Pres. Helen Miller Barbara Newell Kathy O'Lenic-Pub. Cbm. Frances Oliver lllllmllll llllu 1 I 1 mu - 9 Janet Parks Donnah Payne Drewry Payne Allison Stem Sherry Tanner Gale Taylor Ann Travis Margaret True Bunny Turner Helen Vander Horst Charlotte Wheland Pat Whitaker Tootsie White Barbara Willingham Know our M6142 C7116 Mas. CAROLYN PLUNKET-Faculty Sponsor The K.Y.B. Club, founded in 1950, study the Bible to learn the teachings of Jesus. Mrs. Carolyn Plunket, their sponsor, aids the girls in applying these teach ings to their daily lives. Joyce Cummings Linda Forester Jonette Galt Mary Virginia Harrison Anita Keith Katie Killebrew-Sealy. Pat King Kay McKenzie MEMBERS Judy Marler Betsy Montague-Pres. Ellen Montague Drewry Payne Bettie B. Porzelius Sara Jane Prosterman Carolyn Reynolds Mary Lucile Sharp Janice Shipley Jean Spears Pat Stephenson Graham Walker- Mimi Wilkerson Patsy Williams Ann Willingham Frances Wynns an Treas C711-IA tian ?vrum MRS. CAROLYN PLUNKETT--FJCHZIQI Advisor Mrs. Plunket, the faculty advisor, leads the Christian Forum, a non-denomina tional group, and supervises their programs. Representatives have attended con ferences and participated in Mary Lynn Barnwell Jane Bates Betsy Brooks Gail Bryan Marilyn Cater Kay Chapman Ann Corbitt Sarah Dowell Jean DuBose Judy Evans chapel programs. MEMBERS Cynthia Finley Linda Forrester Jonette Galt Kay Gladish Katie Killebrew Michele Lauderbach Kay McKenzie Mary Ann Miles-Sec'y Ansley Parker Judy Perkinson f EEE-1 ,Q 9 Bettie B. Porzelius Sara Jane Prosterman Carolyn Reynolds Joyce Rogers Janice Shipley Dorothy Talley Martha Thomas-Pres. Sally Tyler Mary Walker Lynn Walter modern bance C7116 MRS. R. C. THOMAS-Fdflllf-J' Advisor Mrs. Thomas, the organizer of the Modern Dance Group, felt very proud that this group received an invitation to demonstrate before the Southern District Conven- tion of the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, in Nashville, Tennessee and before the T.E.A. at Brainerd Junior High School. Nancy Armstrong Ann Austin Betty Sue Ayers Mary Barnwell Barbara Boyd Elizabeth Bridge Betsy Brooks Linda Buckner Marjorie Caine Betsy Chamberlain Lesley Colburn Mary Lou Collins Julia Corley Pres. MEMBERS Cynthia Craig Joyce Cummings Nancy Currey Marsha Deitch Sarah Dowell Nancy Drake Eleanor Drosten Judy Evans Cynthia Finley Linda Forester Virginia Grant Janice Haley Jane Hargrave Mary Virginia Harrison :L Carolyn Jennings Anita Johnson Peggy Johnson Katie Killebrew Bonnie Kingston Judy McKenzie Kay McKenzie Joy Martin Mary Ann Miles Virginia Montgomery Patricia O'Connor Kathy O'Lenic Susan Overmyer Bettie B. Porzelius llll 1' Joyce Rogers Beatrice Rutledge Janice Shipley Martha Shamhart Jean Spears Linda Swanson Dot Talley Elizabeth Ann Te Susan Todd Margaret True Mary Walker Emmy Warner Nancy Williams SSI'Il3I'1I'1 14 tluletic 14AAociation MRS. R. C. THOMAS-Faculty Advisor The Athletic Association, which is divided into two teams, Blues and Blacks has promoted good sportsmanship and improved school spirit through its various tournaments and games. Each girl has an opportunity of making points for her team. The team which has the most points at commencement receives a trophy Blue Sara Franklin Anne Austin Mary Ann Miles Frances Wynn Marilyn Martin Sally Hunt-Captain Black Cynthia Pohl-Captain Judy McKenzie Doris Winer Mary Groves Emmy Warner Fontaine Patten mm 9 Q wlllllllll 6 'l O I' E33 EEG 5? iv. ai US 5-'Sm USFWS :QQ 09:43 sold U N nag :dmv I-4225-1 !-Ming! Q -'S "U G-I Gnu Ln :wg E28 .gg mr? ECG' 4325 Us .ai-3 'GB DOH UF-Hg cu.0:E .U- E55 fbi gig Q5 TI EEE! ciifdf U3 ice Hfgju ik-M cgi -3 GFS, W! Up, wp,afXb awww - ' f fi 3 K I N VY. , gk 'Pack haf kf UL? 1, Vva.vxc..E5 .kr iz , .lr K IN! Sl Hows QXMUSQY, buk no? i.:.'A'e gif' ,, X . ,rv IV Q M A W' v .W " b ' ,Q V L 3 LXCU- XUL-S+ BQH-ex' no? COWX2- Y'XC!B. Y"M MQ x -,N h,kx hx Lime. rne., -X-M32 MAUAQ Su1erlati1IeA SALLY HUNT CAROL NEWBILL MARY ALICE CURREY ELIZABETH MONTAGUE May Queen MARILYN CATER Maid of Honor JOAN STARR President of National H onor Society Grace McCallie Sclaolarsloip MARY ALLEN WILKERSON Grace McCallie Scholarship JOAN WARNER Prexident of Student Council Most Active in School Ajjtairs SARAH FORREST COOPER Editor-in-Chief of Kaleidoscope MARGARET QPEGGYJ MCAFEE President of Senior Class CAROLYN AUSTIN Alost Popular GQ wz??zes? X neaiesi in uniform X. N mcsl l2'HcI.y io succeed m os? ue rsaiile mos! CCZSLZQZ 5956 mosige rzfcc? ca fc Clif' T949 334-fr Q ,, fs X59 I f L1 lf! W ,.- 'Lug' rj In I 67 fx? I .HZ ' Q28 A ' 'QLQN V C a V 9 :. ,..,. V ,- V I V. .. Q-D A -,, gk . 2, C MS , 93 5 ' Q87 W xi 1 L Q EQQGQNQ '?'lv,0 Qfwfx od o :OT ab W V JG 5 O74 CK V' C fi' QCD Q I iahdfo QQ 'P 2 ff 'ff W vw ,Pb QQ KD ..""'V Qaccx T O 1 - I A rg 'Cog' 1 41? A ?X ,..fE. ::.- g K ' ,.:1.3 .1A: A , 7 gg ,.:- A' 65 V Q7 'QLICQ Qui Q If L Lkjn lvxa O'?Y'-QM 1 X 'fbfemesf QQ' I i t file -:,.: 4 .. J A W ' F LU 0 Q dr? Tay CMV-mich V 6,39 eHmm ?'QV Lie' QV EQDSVQQRD 07 K X mcg 85 4 Qsfca Qwe, 'SOD ' dvfgfuo Lxfv GGG Gy Sch? was LFQQE.. U06 L56 Cu-+5 'L , new Studen tA The three girls pictured here enrolled in G.P.S. too late to be included in their respective class groups. Maxine Brown is not pictured. Name Place from Class Lansing Alston Decatur, Ga. Junior Gladys Hayes Greensboro, N. C. Eighth Karen Ostdahl Aiken, S. C. Seventh Maxine Brown Columbus, Ga. Seventh lltlunllimuu 1 I 1 HB3-1 9 Hobby Dancing, swimming Philately Collecting records Learning foreign language NIA tory o C'laAA of 5 How to be or how not to be, that was the question in September, 1950, when we found the quality of rats is oftimes strained, it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven on GPS beneath. 'Tis then they show their tribute to awe and majesty, wherein doth sit the dread and fear of cats. For drinking Hadacol, Sara Jane was chosen the cat's favorite. Sally Hoover was our rat queen, and, lacking Portia, we chose Joan Starr to represent us in court. While Mrs. Coghlan kept a watchful eye on us, Miss Tucker and Mrs. Clark were inspecting their latest raw material-thirty-two potentials for the ideal GPSer. Just before our Christmas play, a quick change of cast was called for. Sara Jane had her appendix removed, and Madeleine substituted. May Day, in that memorable year, represented Will Shakespeare's seven stages of woman. We ordinary rats, in ruffled pinafores, were the grammar school stage, but Betsy, Helen, Sara Jane, and Madeleine were at- tendants in Queen Sally's court. The following year our merry band welcomed Carol Anne, Colette, Susan Harrison, Buffy, Gail Walker, Joan Warner, and Loyd, whom we chose to lead us. We were beginning to understand Hamlet: "to play, to sleep, no more." That year Mimi and Jarand attended to any wanderings from the straight and narrow. During our presidential campaigns, Miss Koskos' history class suifered an almost irreparable schism. Thirteen of us showed musical inclinations or hopes by join- ing the Junior Glee Club, Madeleine became accompanist. Since we were no longer cute little seventh grade babies, we were assigned roles of turtles and acrobatic pirates in May Day. When we returned in September, our number was increased to forty-eight by the presence of Leabeth, Marilyn, Julia, Alice, Sally Hunt, Mary, Jane, Gail Willingham, and our three Judies fHargrave, Marler, and Palmb. On losing Vir- ginia Blanks we began to quote Juliet: "Parting is such sweet sorrow." Ten of us, headed by Carol Newbill, formed one of the best book-repairing library clubs ever. With Austin as class president and Joan Warner and Mary Lucile as repre- sentatives, we had a fine year, though our chaperones were probably a bit appre- hensive about the trip to Nashville, since our behavior sometimes appeared to be a "Comedy of Errors." We took a respite from Ivanhoe to present "Confidentially," in which fthe annual declared? Sara Jane was a natural, but Joan Starr had trouble learning her lines, all "Yeth, m'am." There were twenty of us in the Junior Glee Club with Sara Jane and Sally Hoover as officers. For May Day we all assumed the glamorous parts of Illnesses and Irritations. At the year's end, Joan Warner won the cup awarded to the outstanding Freshman. Gay young sophomores--To study or not to study, that is the question. whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous facts or-well. Having elected Judie Hargrave president, but lacking Leabeth, Madeleine, Joan Godsey, Colette, Charlotte, Daphna, Peggy Morin, Loyd, Mary and Sandra, we sallied forth to study The Merchant of Venice and "All that glis- ters is not gold." "O, this learning, what a thing it is!" Sara Jane, Sally Hoover, and both Joans were elected to the Static board. On the Student Council were Mimi and Sarah Ann. Again Jane Price led the rousing cheers for our basketball team. At May Day Midsummer Niglafs Dream was the theme. Judie Hargrave LL 930 QE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF '56 was a principal, and the rest of us wound the May pole with such concentration that we did it right. We wanted another class trip. Miss Smith said, "As You Like It," and we set out for Gatlinburg. Second semester the Honor Society installed three of our classmates, Mimi and both joans. Offering a hearty welcome to Laura, Pat, and Mary, while bidding a fond farewell to Alice, Carol Anne, Linda, jane, Gail Willingham, and Merle, we reached our junior year with a class of thirty-five. Betsy Montague became our president, and joan Starr, our secretary and treasurer. Sarah Forrest, jarand, and Cynthia, we chose to be on the Student Council. Editor joan Warner assembled a fine set of Statics with the help of Sara jane, Sally Hoover, joan Starr, and six new members of the board: Carroll Cunningham, Sarah Forrest, Cynthia, Buffy, Mimi and jarand. Sara jane, president of Theater Arts, thrilled us by winning the state Voice of Democracy contest. We all began to realize that college was approaching, thus conscience would make bookworms of us all. The sensation of the year for our class Cas well as for Washington and New York, I'm sure? was the trip during spring vacation. May found us representing Beauty, and then graduation was at hand. Cynthia won the Spanish award and Mimi, the Vergil award, the Grace McCallie Scholarship was awarded to Mimi and joan Starr. "O Muse, we ask your help in earning that diploma." Such was our slogan as we became, at long last, the cats and, accordingly, received prestige. O, the joy of being topside during orientation. We were delighted to have june Bibb from Mississippi move here and join us for the eventful senior year. After many elec- tions, the officers were named to lead us and work for many varied phases of the school life. joan Warner was elected President of the Student Government. To assist her on the Honor Court were Betsy and joan Starr. Mimi became secretary of the Student Council. The Annual Board included Sarah Forrest, as editor, with Sally Hoover as her assistant, Judie Hargrave, as business manager, with Carolyn as her assistant, Carol Newbill and Gail, art editors, Carroll Cunningham and Peg, literary editors, and Pat Stephenson and Buffy Soyars, picture editors. jarand became president of the Welfare Club, Sarah Ann, secretary. Our class officers were: Peggy, president, Judy Marler, secretary, and Carlene, treasurer. The Honor Society elected Joan Starr president and Mimi secretary. Cynthia was captain of the Black team, Sally Hunt, of the Blue. Mary Alice was president of Art Work- shop, Pat King, president of Music Club, Betsy, president of Know Your Bible Club, Sara jane, president of Theater Arts, and Buffy, president of the Senior Glee Club. The school elected Betsy our May Queen and Marilyn, Maid of Honor. The superlative elections named Carolyn, Most Popular, joan Warner, Most Active in School Affairs, Mary Alice, Neatest in Uniform, Gail, Most Versatile, Peg, Most Likely to Succeed, Sally Diamond, Wittiest, Buffy, Most Casual and Jarand, Most Genial. We thank the teachers for patiently struggling to prepare us for college, and the school for many good times. Sad at parting we must remember that love's labor is never lost, and "all's well that ends well.', tl' I would offer my apologies to the writer of Shakespearean plays, if the literary detectives could determine his identity. 1 1 N p.uf.em 6 Cla A Wil We, Carolyn Austin and Judie Hargrave, will our figures to The National Diet Foun- dation for further research concerning obese bodies. I, June Bibb, will the many hours I spent copying English notes to the next new senior. I, Laura Brownlee, will my love of math to any other fortunate girl, who hasn't been inspired yet. I, Marilyn Cater, do will my uncontrollable laughter to Cynthia Finlay, whose laugh is often heard resounding throughout the halls. I, Sarah Forrest Cooper, will my outstanding athletic ability to Peanut Hunt, who can't even make crip-shots - poor girl! I, Carroll Cunningham, will the remnants of my '54 yellow Chevy to my parents in hopes that it will have fewer dents and scrapes than when Connie and I had it. I, Mary Alice Currey, will my ability to make the Star Honor Roll every six weeks to my poor little sister, Nancy, who never makes it. We, Carlene Davis and Gail Walker, will our compatible natures to Judy Garner and Gale Taylor, in hopes that it will alter their belligerent feelings toward each other. We, Sally Diamond and Jarand Light, will our healthiness and rosy complexions to Norma and Starlet, who are such emaciated children. I, Sarah Ann Dodd, will my stuffed animal collection to the St. Louis Zoo. I, Keating Griffiss, will my Confederate flag to that staunch Southerner, Ginny Mont- gomery. We, Helen Hodge and Sally Hunt, will our brains to the forth-coming Biology classes in hopes that they will be more beneficial there than they have been in our craniums. I, Sally Hoover, will all the sweaters in the Annual Board room to Hazel Bickerstaff, who owns most of them anyway. I, Pat King, will my ability to love one boy to Grace Moore, who can't make up her mind. I, Peggy McAfee, will my good study habits and willingness to learn to Gail Bryan, who has the "I don't care" attitude. I, Peg McWhorter, will my distinction of being the tallest girl in school to Sally Tyler. We, Judy Marler and Sara Jo Patrick, will our ability to be teacher's pet to Bettie B. Porzelius, who is the "bete noir" of all the teachers. I, Carol Newbill, will my ability always to be in a good mood to Martha Thomas, who is such an old grouch. I, Cynthia Pohl, will my love of sports to Mamie Fowler, who is such an unathletic child. I, Mary Lucile Sharp, will my ability to be calm, cool, and collected to Phyllis Scogin, who is so excitable. I, Buffy Soyars, will my Virginia drawl to Madame, who inevitably rattles off in every dictee. I, Joan Starr, will my car to my brother-sorry, girls! I, Pat Stephenson, will whatsoever I have to whosoever wants it in hopes that they will get more out of it than I did. I, Gordon Viall, will my petite size to Ann Kampmeier, who is so squatty. I, Joan Warner, will my iron pills and elevated shoes to Nancy Alverson, in case she should find a rat bigger than she is when she becomes a grand old Senior. We, Mimi Wilkerson and Betsy Montague, will all our opportunities to travel to Graham Walker, in hopes that she will some day be able to go beyond the city limits. I, Sara Jane Murphy, will my shy, diflident, uncontroversial nature to Dee Dee Drosten, who is such a retiring, modest girl. Prophecy-Cla A 5 From the town of Chattanoogag From the concrete of Watts' Bar, I, S. I., was raised to heaven. Like the dipper, I'm a star. This was back in fifty-seven, When, to everyone's surprise, I trisected all the angles Right before Miss Moyer's eyes. Up she jumped, and cried that lady, "By the powers of Phi Bete, I will raise you to the heavens. This shall be your glorious fate." Bought a lot up in the heavens From Light Realty and Jarand. Seems she sold so much of earth that She got tired of plain old land. Got a jar of Mimi's Hair Rinse Just before I took my trip. Hear she got the ancient potion From a Latin Manuscript. As the earth revolves before me, Who is that down in the snows? Why, it's June Bibb selling nylon Nightgowns to the Eskimos. Roaring down a super highway, Far excelling any man, Is our Austin in her driving Of the Austin Trucking Vans. Ringling Brothers, Barnum, Bailey Has a girl of frightening fame. See her shot from out a cannon. Laura Brownlee is her name! Patricide in no small measure ls our Sarah Forrest's crime. Though her papa runs the Free-Press, She is owner of the Times. O how cunning lawyer Carroll, How she gets them off the hook! Her "Forsan haec" has cooled off many Judges who might throw the book. I must say that Iim disgustedg Mary Alice never fails. Though at first but fifty loved her, Now she's got live million males. Here is little Carlene Davis, Always was a squeamish child. Now sheis got her own sweet bratsg They are really, really wild! Toast of London and of Paris, She who charms at slightest glance, Brilliant artist of contortion, Sally Diamond's modern dance. Down below on grassy greensward, She who sinks in single shot, She who has more cups than Dresden, Dodd has hit the golf jackpot. mutu- In the midst of herds of llamas Perched upon the highest crag Flaps the sign of Keating's presence: Heah, the ole Confederate Flag. Best of all is Judie Hargrave, Who has done quite well, I think. Married Rockefeller Astor. Now her washrags are of mink. Bright new star of "Call Me Madam, Owner of a crescent pool, Millionairess and a countess, Helen never was a fool! Down below an endless chatter, Bobbing heads of many curls- This is Sally Hoover's Prep School, Teaching ONLY Southern girls. Tedious that Sally Hunt should Keep on hogging all the news. Now she's swum the blue Pacific Wearing weighted hiking shoes. Pat Lou King is now engaged in Business with its share of chills. Seems that this one manufactures Carter's Little Liver Pills. By the shores of the Potomac National Safety Council's head, Here is our old prexy Peggy Trying to prove she hadn't sped. Many papers lying neatly, Happy smiles on famous faces, Why, it's Peg, who's finally carried Pi to 50,00 places. Judy, where is Judy Marler, Here among my yesteryears? Ah! She's published her best sellerg Calls it "T.fmgents Don't Mean Tears. Life of every smartest party, Toast of all Park Avenue. There is our own May Queen, Betsy In the follies Montague! In the midst of steaming jungles, Dodo birds and growling lions, Here are Carol and Gail Walker Painting "See Rock City" signs. By yon plain of waving grasses With two goal posts at each end, That is where our Sara Jo is Footballis reddest, grayest friend. Cynthia, having won Olympics Singlehanded several times, Finds that England's lack of winners Comes from eating many limes. In a tiny jungle village Nestled 'neath a summer sky, Mary Lucile has the job of Raising fat rhinoceri. 0 1 1 Near her is the Congo River With the fishes and canebrakes, And here's Bulfy, who is teaching Dirty Boogie to the snakes. Farther on in gay, gay Paris Twinkling lights do I espy. Joan Starr's selling apple dumplings Known in France as joanie's Pie. Deep amid the darkest jungle Living by the golden rule Pat, our little missionary Making natives go to school. Counsel for your every trouble- 436 is all you dial, Gordon has relief for heartaches. Now, when you feel vile, call Viall. Bop and Brubeck are forgotten By the many who eschew Modern jazz, and in their places, Warner's piece called, "Well, Achoo! President of Smith and Vassar Phi Bete and Ph. D. and then, Guess who this is of my clasmates? Our own joyeuse Marilyn. I must say it's been just scrumptious Telling you of every Hx Gotten into by the members Of the Class of fifty-six. faalorite fxpreuionn AUSTIN--"I hear 'ya, hoyi' BIBB-"I hmfen't cracked a book!" BROWNLEE-"I guess so! " CATER-"I think thatls scrumpt COOPER-"Oh panic!" CUN N IN GHAM-"O gaay! " CURREY-"Oh, Y'all!" DAVIS-"Oh no - not that!" DIAMOND-"Well, girls . . .!" DODD-"Think l'll go to sick h GRIFFISS-"Sqzmwk!" HARGRAVE-"What the -!"i HODGE-"W-a-a-a-a-l" HOOVER-"You're kidding, of HUNT-"Oh, I feel awful!" KING-"Well, l'll my!" LIGHT--"Yeh, nh-huh." MCAFEE-"That's Cleyaouhf' MCWHORTER-"Uh . . . yeh." MARLER-"Guess what?" MONTAGUE-"Oh, goodness! " ious!" tty!" course! U MURPHEY-" 'Domestic . . . but good' N NEWBILL-"0ui."' PATRICK-"Yes'n the moon is made of green cheese." POHL-"It's OK with me!" SHARP-"Merey!" SOYARS-"Yeh, uh-huh, I will, STARR-"N ow listen, girls." STEPHENSON-"Pass!" VIALL-"It's hilarious!" WALKER-"You know." WARNER-N ow REALLY! " heah!" WILKERSON-"Shuddup, dahling!" 43 X ,..5i""'X ,, X Wow... I9 ik iniA 56 1 l

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