Girls Preparatory School - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN)

 - Class of 1948

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Girls Preparatory School - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 75 of 84
Page 75 of 84

Girls Preparatory School - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 74
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Page 75 text:

'Closs Will We, the Senior Class of 1948, being in our right minds and, contrary to public opinion, mentally fit, do hereby publish our last will and testament. I, Janie Allen, will my uni-form to Venus. I, Gloria Bean, will my successful tactics to Lane and Forney, who likewise use Chase and Catch methods. I, Cynthea Braly, will my "do-or-die" attitude to Jo-Jo, who'd much rather die. I A h 'll ' " ' ' " , nne Ca oon, wi my nickname Pilgrim to Ann Nichols, who also makes progress. I, Dee Collins, do bequeath my geometrical ability to Martha Ann Britton, realizing that a good line is the shortest distance between two dates. I, Buzz Dettor, will my short uniforms to the class of 1958 in the hope they'll be in style by then. I, Dee Feinstein, will my incomparable persistence to Mrs. Carter, who always wants "to take that up later." I, Donna Field, will my ability to rattle on to the G. P. S. buses. I, C. J. Hall, will my tall stature to the Water fountains which always were such little squirts. I, Danie Hardwick, bequeath my eyes and instructions in how to use them to Elizabeth Hammond. I, Gaenor Hudson, do leave my spectacular "specs" to Mrs. Clark, who never can keep up with hers. I, Ann Elizabeth Latimore, will my red hair to Gwen Gleason, whose locks are such a dull color-poor child. I, Nancy Liberman, will my hydromatic clutch to my Oldsmobile. I, Jessica McCurdy, will my car Q ?y to anyone who is brave enough to try to drive it. I, Nancy Marler, will Albert back to Victoria. I, Marianne Prescott, will my sweet innocence to anyone else who can get away with it. I, Harriet Roane, hand down my taciturnity to peaceful, unruffled Billie Reese Samuels. I, Grace Robinson, will my consistent efforts to make 70 to the school thermometer, which never could. I, Rita Russ, will my excellent carriage to Becky Wood, who always did hate to walk. I, Mary Ellen Selman, will my stately reserve to Ann Clementson, who has so much anyway. I, Josie Sibold, will my pancake to Podie in hopes that she may cover up her freckles 'more successfully than I did. I, Sylvia Smith, will my effervescence to any old bottle of stale Coca-Cola. I, Pellen Speck, do bequeath my proficiency in spelling to Jean Chapman, who was so fond of eighth grade spelling. I, Frances Street, will my ability to can-can to anyone who can. I, Jeanelle Thomison, will the gentleness and quiet of my nature to my rat, Barbara McCollum, who took it all anyway. I, Tricia Trotter, will my hysterical giggling to stately, solemn Gloria Clemons. I, Patsy Webb, will my lethargy on Monday morning to Martha Hackney, who has never lost a week-end yet. We, Sally and Jo White, will our ability to confuse the teachers to the Patten twins. I, Virginia Winger, will my congeniality with the teachers to Peggy Ann Huffaker, who spends most of her class time in the halls. I, Ann Woodworth, will nothing, because I need everything I've got. We, the Senior Class of '48, do bequeath our senior privileges to the oncoming Senior Class, in the hope that they may have some. . ,x1 T' ,.." .F K5 i' if 4534 - J X NYT' 5 nf?" :sf z-ff Hifi' N755 .3925 f 1 . I 2 ' V f ' ' 'X fi? s Q l A ' ' ' Uv ff:-aff Q!

Page 74 text:

History ofthe Closs of 1948 Wistfully relegating Old Mother Goose books to the attic and struggling with the problem of carrying our hundred and one books up Palmetto Street Hill, we-Janie, Beanie, Cynthea, Janice, Regina, C. J., Robin, Tussa, Burton, Kate, Nancy L., Patsy Mc., Sarah Jane, Hardwick, Ann N., Peggy, Marianne, Grace, Nancy Rogers, Josie, Sylvia, Pat, Winger, Sally, Jo, Ann W., Jessica, Joanie, and Tricia-timidly entered the sacred doors of G. P. S. for the first time in September, '42. With Sarah Jane as chief story-teller we learned a few bits of idle gossip to supplement our nursery rhymes, and McCallie boys in blue took the place of Little Boy Blue in our'minds. The twins became the best rats with their Arthur Murray presentation of a teacher's conga line headed by Misswlarnagin, and Jessica became our first dramatic star. At May Day Sally and Jo as trainbearers, Hardwick as page, and Kate and Sylvia as scepter and crown bearers stole the show, as we, giving up modesty for the present, gamboled on the green in our pajamas. The grown-up eighth grade class was enlarged by the addition of Harriet, Dee C., Adeline, Emeline, and Jo-Jo. In order to restore her shattered nerves Miss Tucker decided to omit the eighth grade play, in order to restore her shattered nerves Miss Daniels decided to pass all of us in sewing class after we had spent two years learning the intricacies of bastiug. Janie took the honors as class president and winner of the American history medal. Welcome additions appeared in the form of Danie, Gaenor, Nancy M., Mary Ellen, Pellen, Patsy, and Rita. The resounding noise of falling books and clouds of dust filled studyhall as Janie, Dee C., Sylvia, Nancy L., Jessica, Cynthea, Ann'W., Beanie, Marianne, Josie, C. J., and Frances carried out their tasks once every six months. The honor of being our first Honor Council representative went to Cynthea, and Beanie was the able class president. The Glee Club was noticeably improved by the addition of Jo-Jo, Frances, and Cynthea. Ann W. got in, too. Nancy M. and Patsy starred in the play. The gay, young sophomores welcomed into the fold Clarese, Caroline, Cagoon fpardon, Cahoonl, Dee F., Donna, and Polly, the Glee Club welcomed with open arms Janice, Burton, Ann N., Josie, Winger, and-most of all-Mary Stewart Becking Smith. Continuing its brilliant career, the basket- ball team climaxed a successful year by placing Liber on the varsity. "The Mad Breakfast" was produced with Josie and Dee F. vying for acting honors. Mrs. Clark and Miss Tucker became our beloved co-principals, and Street, the class president, perfected her raised eyebrow just in case she met Miss Tucker in geometry class the next year: With Jeanelle and Stanley as the only new members we gaily started our last year at 611 Palmetto Street. The first Static appeared under the direction of Miss Moyer, faculty adviser, Janie, business manager, Cynthea, Caboon fpardon, Cahoonj, C. J., Nancy L., Josie, Frances, and Ann W., accompanied by the slogan of "more gossip and a rabbit on every cover." New members of the operetta cast were Cahoon, Donna, Pellen, and Sylvia with Jo-Jo and Ann N. as the attractive smugglers, recognized thespians were Josie, Dee F., C. J., and Jessica. Cynthea continued her honorable career as Honor Council secretary with the able assistance of Frances. With the enviable record of no wins in five years the basketball team again placed Liber on the varsity. C. J., Dee C., and Josie took part in the McCallie play, and Josie completed a busy year as class president and our only star in the Baylor play. We again braved the laughs and snickers of our friends when we appeared in May Day as Indians-complete with feather, but we added a new step to jitterbug routines with our original dance. Janice, Dee F., Winger, and Rita served on the May Day costume committee. Janie, Ann W., and Dee C. received the titles of "class brains" as they won the Grace McCallie scholar- ship, Marian Stuart Parker Award, and Marian Crews Latin Award, respectively. Feeling like Mary with her little lamb, we entered the new G. P. S. followed by our horde of faithful rats. After a week of presents and tasty lunch-es we decided that we had the best rats ever, the rats decided that they would behave like human beings when they became lofty seniors. The widespr-ead belief in the Seniors' insanity increased by leaps and bounds when the Annual Board- Janie, Dee C., Cahoon, Liber, Janice, Josie, and Ann W.-reverted to their natural attire and behavior and serenaded with the plea to buy an Annual. The juniors prepared for their May Day a little early, but after many delays Anne Cahoon was acclaimed our lovely May Queen. Podie was unanimously elected "Most Active in School Affairs." Tricia and Danie shared honors, both, as members of the Dramatic Club, Tricia, as Dramatic Club president, Danie, as Red Cross president. New members of the Glee Club under the capable leadership of Pellen fpresidentj, Winger, Burton, and Janice were Jo, Sally, Harriet, Liber, C. J., Beanie, Janie, Danie, and Nancy M. Frances served as president of the Honor Council with Cynthea and Nancy M. as the other Senior members. So ends the history of th-e class of 1948-the first graduating class of the new G. P. S. -Ann Woodworth. an ? in E ow JBL e LQ Nm jf ,-,ef f--L K Ffvi fx: TA "'v " J' "xy, .I A i P J s ' if ' I- I' . a if': 1-- ' U ssae Si-av F' 'a ' I Q. Ve x V fe, 1. 4 fi X

Page 76 text:

Closs Prophecy 49 Park Avenue New York, N. Y. November 28, 1958. Dear Danie, I want to congratulate you on your new organization, "The Fuschia X." Taking Christmas boxes to the penguins at the North Pole is certainly a generous act. A I suppose you are curious 'about what has been going on with our old classmates of G. P. S. while you have been in that ice-olated country for all these years. Anne Cahoon is happily married to a Mr. Bacon and they are rearing fine little strips. Baroness Thomison has just patented her latest perfume-"Jeanelle No. WA." Poor ole Beanie-she's gone to the Beville. Clefty Collins has finally escaped to Cuba with, her contraband of arms crossed by innocent River and Ridge Rats. After much research Sally White published her revealing novel, Love Life in Lithuania or Jo Told Me Wrong. By the way, Jo White, who has recently entered the political game, was unamiously elected Commissioner of Parks. The dog biscuit 'industry is flourishing with the aid of Harriet: "If your dog wails, if your pup moans Just go to the store and buy Roane's bones." The great soprano, Senorita Allen, reached C above the C that is above high D by accidentally drop- ping her grand piano on her toe. Jessica McCurd5g-'was interning as a tree surgeon, but she decided to become a tree psychiatrist instead. She felt it was her duty to the medical profession to discover why the willow was weeping. Nancy and Pellen are now full-fledged physicians at their own clinic in Cleveland. Their motto is: "If you feel like heck, G0 to Marler and Speck." -Q' That master detective, Nancy Hawkshaw Liberman, is busy tracking down that "Terror of the Badlands," who is none other than our old classmate, Patsy-alias Spider Webb. Grace Robinson is very successful at law. She managed to wheedle the judge into pardoning Ann Woodworth, arrested for the fourth time in a brawl with Tricia Trotter at Prescott's Pool Parlorg they are still arguing about which is more important-the line or the backiield. In spite of her acclaimed success as the "Sappho of the Painting World," Janice has managed to settle down in her home. She has two little boys with hair which she has already started peroxi- dizing. Over in Switzerland Ann Libba is conducting a mountain climbing expedition. She hasnft had an accident yet-experience is the best teacher! Have you heard about Mary Ellen's exciting and unusual circus? Cynthea used to be the star attraction in it, she was the dare-devil who would ride a horse over the tightrope without any net. It is too bad her horse happened to lose a shoe during her act one day. Presiding over the funeral rites was Sylvia, who made poor Cynth-ea turn over in her grave by dropping the Bible in the middle of the ceremony. Guess what? C. J. has triplets! Of course you remember she married the president of the Pepsi-Cola Company, whom she met while competing in the contest. They call the children Pepsi, Cola, and Excuse Me. Rita is working on her sequel to the Razor's Edge called Quick! The Bandaid! Winger and her husband have founded the Birmingham Asylugn, commonly referred to as "Poor Richard's All Maniac." It's sad that Dee Feinstein has to be an inmate. It seems that after she finally learned to work the combination on her own locker at G. P. S., safe cracking became an obsession. Gaenor's there, too. She just sits on the floor and stares at her yarn and needles. Then she mutters, "If Wishing will make it so, wishing will make it knit, too." Donna is also a permanent resident. Poor thing thinks she's Al Jolson-all she does is smear black shoe polish on her face and sings, "Sewanee, how I love you, how I love you." You remember Frances Street, our Honor Council president. Well, she uses her motto of "Follow the Straight and Narrow." She is the president of a foundation garment factory in New Jersey. Well, I must hurry now. Reacle'r's Digest has asked me to write a condensation of The Grapes of Wrath. So I'm off to compose "The Raisins of Anger." Your old friend, JOSIE L fwh , N , 123 r X332 X' 9 n t " U QQ! I. My E' Q, .Wh V Xi I WWW 'U Q 2 if pf J ' ' 1 Q 1 .15 'O-J' if 4

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