Girls Preparatory School - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN)

 - Class of 1944

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Girls Preparatory School - Kaleidoscope Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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V,-.I 1 H.. 'fi N J' x 'I , K 543' X L' V ' 'r,,- rf f f X Q lm I Qxf- , ll K0 X I S ' 1 01: ! , :X .... ,. . , X 1 MHWIIIUIIIIIIIIIXIIIIIIIHIIIIWIIIIIIIIUIIIIH' f 1 ' v 5 . -f I A W- his + A v i . , .J if H X --'ff 'N ..r V x l - .x f-x .ff-...19f x w 'A X x J Q ' WllH0llfllffIfflllllWWlHlIllIIIIIIIIHIII R ,. C : V uk I If W I I - 1 fri as .- ,.1. ...3.Q':., X J g1I'l1 lx51N11' i.E1l M- f 'v' ' V1 . ,'. f A --ge Q M wwf . 14 ' UM, r XA x T- X rl irvgg, Q I ,.,,s4:3 an f V.. X ,ff ' . . ' xx f A A J ' ' l Y f 175 1 , A Q , I '5 Rl! f SLUZZTHZQYT of ul ' f , ' 1 V Z Z 4? 1 J y x lig ign jf Uur Bonnie, Moy Uueen .,4.,'J, Lv! 4-V QI. S Bw K' ' v----H- -v-,... -. .. ...., lllll I r-E l ' Q U7 ' ' 5 3 D + lIllllllIlll0HH1ullHlfIf,EMIOVWl Hlllllllllll Illllllllllg D 'J fx Q -1 M1-..4'!U 5 ggi SJ-I - -f .x 14' -U 1f-- f 1-L, .- LX, A , 5 Wi' EJ' VG :I Q X 1 N ,K x f,.- N N. f ,4g9gjQ,l, . ,AX yff' A, f as . C- Q an , .A H N - ,A xl- Q? . ffffwwfx' 1 f' N f X 'S f ff,5N 9 VKX-i ff' f -ff 23' Q eo ink .5 , x KW? . Q ii f9 5 fi ' gf- ,, frbf, 9 VV I Xb R - x fs, I, . O 3 L Xxx sy L 1 1 5' 0 . . ..:Qf??... XX E Q A 41 f , Z. Qifxxf, ? ,fl X 5 'r V , x h ' A if! tw '- . 2.91. W5 X' , mi' ' , I 6 Wqxdqf ig: Y., Q6 Swv' 9 , e ..- Z 25 XM , x ,-, X9 - D Q, .. QDRZ hjocclword. l !S flYL L mmM'aA5 ,, , ,. Q I GFS W X 'jf ff W, Q X 5 1 , ' l h X -' X f VR I' 1 f lt., H. . rf, f k xf P1 ,x ' , f.-'rf X 'V ,H bg -5 ...,,.........-.....----nv' .qs rf HUUU ,,f ,N , J' .3- Www? WX HHIHS KHHIHHSEHPI GIRLS' PREPARATCDRY SCHOGL 1 9 4 4 CHATTANCDOGA, TENNESSEE Foreword It is difficult Lo capture within the pages of a book the nlexnories, the ex- periences, of our carefree, happy school daysg but, if, in Lhe years to come, this Kaleidoscope can bring you any pleasant recollections of days gone by, then the joy of service will be ours. Dedication MISS DUFFY and MISS JARNAGIN To the-sc two who lmvc lx-on pionvcrs in IIICH0111Ol-CClllC1lli0IlZIINIXVIIUSClZlSIil1glll0l1lllIlL as thc' qlrls who lmw Ql'2ldllllll'll lrom IIICII' sflmol. wc lmmllcllx' tlL'Llll'2llL' IIIIS vulluxm- ol ilu- lflll ciclusropc an :1 l0kl'll ol our llllllllflllltlll. our l'L'SlJCt'l. amd our gfllllllldtf. HSS IJl7FFY'S BIRTHDAY DINNER B 4 flax? I . :BQ i1,0'PL.,-JL 2,.?'D!f:fQj, , x I K! 1 f ' ' 1' X 1 :Q T' I V ' A 2 C':'., ?4X wjg fA,i-if:-Sri f f 1 ff-ff? akvf-4462 . S- -Q12 fviifylgf 4. fy, K!f4'LMl1 - N, Axial TWC' . T ' fw ' 1 1 f- ' win, - K L...-, V, J fl 'X KJ' ' 6451 ' A 1 '51 - V . my ff I0 'fb ' ix, Q'63v'YZu ' :L ' 1 Q 1. v 6' N. 65' ' 5, AL tx' s----- -41 W . '1 by A5 QM gy AL 01 3.4, QNX' QA' 1 x i7 40165 l xgsfbelft .M - 1 wins fs ' S e rr i 0 r s ' Q i 1' 1 ,Nfl I Q v 1 ILMILX IXNIL BELL Seems to have read every hook known to teachers . , . ' 'super lfreneh sltulenl, once won a ilietionary all in K , ' llrenrh . , . noterl for her long. hrown hair . . . with 1' js unusual lop knots . . . ilnpish laugh anal grin . . . plays the clarinet . . . left-hanrleil . . . one of Lookout Mt's foollmall females . . . goofl al haskethall . . . good- looking sweaters. 1 ' A 4 1 I , I X 1 - Q V 5 1 l iXtVARREN Bl,.AXCK.sXRIJ Radiant smile . . . innocent hlue eyes with sweeping lashes . . . shiny hrown hair as smooth as glass . . . inlerestetl in any anal all lore allairs . . . llhenrislry genius . . . l'eggiy's eonliclante . . . goes to Duke next Z X year , . . arilent collector of shoes . . . ripples ol' L W laughter . . . Glee Clluh singer, xurnrrn iskur i l'elile feet antl waislline. lovely hancls with lJrac'ula nails . . . always sporting some genus jewelry . . . quite an artist . . . always the early hiril to arriye al school , . . will argue on anything. anytime . . . prom-trotting ' :gal . . . armlent supporter of Baylor haskethall team . . . nuliyimlual hair-flo's with hair always shiny and ilean . . . a good ole gal. Blll5HI.ES CZONNEIJ. Gets around more than anyhoily else . . . hangout Birmingham . . . hcloveml of clormitory hoys . . . always doing YOIIICIillllg--illltfilllgglllg. singing. swinging . . . lull ol' gossip anal jokes . . . has jewelry from every- where . . . knows someone in practically every town of the l'. S .... more fun than a barrel of monkeys. 683 x x- ,- QC? .-' x ' l '41, ,W 4 4 l' N K syn Gil- - .ss - . 'mimi f if 0 331 'Qt S e rt i o r s MARY llll.l.S DIVINE 'l he lb'ain ot' our class . . . diminutive body . . . merry and mischievous grin . . . interesting hair-do's . . . bats over eats and kittens . . . at second Infor- mation Please in all the questions she asks Miss Whitaker . . . inelnber of S'l'.X'l'ICZ. Glee Club. and the Xnnual . . . music' at the tip of her lingers and tongue . . . lives in Kingsport now, but will graduate from here and there too. Bl ANCHE DODIJS Masses ol' navy. red hair: big brown eyes and grin: peaches and cream look of a red-head . . . talents galore. . U . ran snr., like a lark. and draw . . . pulls ptlns all the time . . . unfailing good htunor . . . aims to be a lawyer . . . seen in knobbv knit sweaters. with long N U 'trands of beads. and a bin clump of flowers in her hair. 40 ' gy,aQ,,L,..2.., ,QQ fynx.. , ll.-XBN EY FRIERSON Hearty laugh coming from cute little curved tnotlth . . . tiny feet and goodhlooking legs . . . President ol' Glee Club . . . soft Southern manner suggestive ol' moonlight. melody and ntagnolias . . . clever ideas . . . lovable . . . has definite mind of her own . . . sparkling green eyes . . . good in her lessons . . . member of that exciting and explosive team of Lupton and Frierson. Chemists Deluxe . HELEN HAMPTON Goodhlooking three-piece suits. luscious sweaters . . . stylish short bob , . . so polite . . . the golf champ of our class and eity . . . noted for the grand presents she gives . . . brightens our May Days with her ballet dancing . . . has no enemies . . . member of the Static and the Glee Club . . . loved by all teachers. X gk QBTXNK X N- QQ Y Qx its t l , , , 1 t l I 4 v fix 'Q . 234' w. cs ' Q 'Rt 'A - 9 ,V . Etffif if Mit J 52 1 WMML .Z ' A? , 5 t.1.m1.'Eza:p , 4' ..-Q Q-tie? 5532. f QQ 47 :iiMx Sli' Wt y tm tyts- O I,UI,.-XNNIS I-I.-XRRIS Slow 'n' easykgoin' . . . low. talkative voice . , . slim curves . . . neyer amaletl at the worst of calamities . . . long tapering nails . . . harlequins . . . shiny brown hair in a clillerent style every week . . . leans lowartl Baylor . . . ell'ervest'ent perftnnes . . . gootl taste in clothes whimsital. . 7 f M ' PEGGY HARRIS Irish bltte eyes . . . innocence plus . . . as changeable as a s mrin breeze . . . romantic tlis mosition . . . frafeful , ,x l H l ' I-. I hancls , . . Baylor booster . . . Warren s steatly pal . . . I A tontagious chuckle . . . tailored ligure . . . always starts oll' talking with. Oh, :intl let me tell you . . . , k tlefinitely an intlivitlualist . . . she's really a swell girl. Lg!!! A' A '-f . 1 . 0,4 Ck 4,4 ,,y., , .af.'.fv,, T -,,,.... 1.14 6 ' .. O ' f ff , Q.. x 'Q - 4, 4L,1 l W ln' 4' '7 ' A'-C7 w'-,f ,t - f H . we I not nIaAJ.AvA.!s,- dayxg sd.:-,pry NA, C' ,- 1y1.,yNc:Y.Ht1,t. ., 'fl ady, --Q, l 1Lz M 4-l,,,J'i'4 :AA -' f-.ul ,f lsrtMn eyes that laugh . . . natural rurls . . . frientlli- '4 4-4 - mg,-f. ' Q, ' neg lx 1107 ness antl personality plus . . . standby of Bliss lueker in Dramatit' Club . . . alto in Glee Club . . . captain of Senior basketball team . . . always willing antl helpful . . . seltlom seen minus jean . . . lols of rlass spirit and pep ...Q just perfect sile in ligure antl height ,f.,TlJI'Clly hantls. f BON N IE IOHNSON Hail. Queen of May. stately and regal Bonnie . . . always calm antl collected teven at sehoolj . . . super clothes. especially fancy things . . . wears a llower always in her wavy, glamour locks . . . has a major interest in McCallie . . . has seen all the latest New York plays . . . -lohnson's Baby powtler and Shalimar, her favorites. Q - A fs . ,ss ' 'S y' f M -9 'stamina ,W QW, tie., QW 'Q,jf44,,Zf ' va ,IL ' Q :L 'Q A. ...AL t 5, -QJL . .1 MV, 4,1-,4 J Seniors ,, D fi.Qr,,,19 '01 1 wry! , V L , Vi, ' JC -N LIEXN l,.-XND jjj! !,,,,,.,,,L,, ' Can talk anyI1otly's ears oll' . . . fayorite topic, V X up TQA-rv' VG'-411 'l'ttpelo . . . geusticulates antl gyrates when talking . , . President ol' Dratnatit' Clnh antl Nliss 'l'ut'ker's faithful gal l ritlay hehintl scenes . . . retl-gold hair . . . smoothest skin and complexion . . . Ulee Clluhher , . . popttlar with mice antl men . . . constantly seen with Nanry anal Dalntey . . . goes in for sports. 4 :'7',u,,,4-sv'i.p! X ga 'V -dy. 5 ' Q' 'v X - f 1 Q. - X 1 , ' 4 - ' ... Q M , - , -sl 1 'gs , v 4 , , 1 Q U ' .- L. ., N. ' 1 H , x x ' V , . -..., 5 . U . v L . 1 5 - I ' , . ' M,-XDIJIN LUPION 1 ' , ' .1 ' -4 N x 9 ' miort curly locks , , . rttnning giggle . . . that 2l-karat 1 look . . . lS'lott . . . collector of the two-cent's -poise l and classic charm . . . Sweet Briar aspirant . . . Glee Club alto . . . fttrnishetl most ol' the Static gossip . . . . -was 'L KL N gmrr Lf S24 writes I'rep Pepper . . . Popular. especially throttgh the years with the Baylor and Nldlallie tlortnittn'ies. f 1 I f- . Affgff 'nf -fl ' ' Q, M is - , ' ' ' I ' ' f . '1 A 1, . N.Q -nf .-' f Huff I ' 0 fp- . ' 4' . , f . t.., ,fo lf., ' .. 1-1,1 rf 1' t..- 1, .1 ,I 7J'A.f? '-'LJ5, l ' ,f 9 , ' ', 0 a MAR! HA Mc'D0N:X-11D 1- ' 1' A perfect hlue-eyetl hlontle . . . constantly giggling 4' Q M. ,f 1 . . . always knows something newsy and funny . . . J nu-lnher ol' the well-tlressetl Mcllonald vlan . . . rttns Q , taxi service deluxe with only a few aecitlents . . . Assistant litlitor ol' the annual . . . Glee Clulw . . . in Q., llratnatie Club play . . . partial to Y.M.l .... takes after her newspaper writing fatnilv . . . can play any- thing on the piano. A 1 MARCIA M.-XNSON Mainstay of the altos in the Glee Cluh . . . playmate of Tootsie , her white pussy . . . admiration for the .-lruty . . . lmaskethall star . . . leatling ntan in the Dramatic' llluh plays . . . tall and slinl . . . a most talkative personality . . . Miss Whitaker's pet . . . smooth dancer . . . rollicking laughter . . . those hig brown eyes . . . quick temper. 1115 J sms ,X e Wx fgn- ,..-ll is-as 4 9 6-NF' xii' ,. ..X'.A C 'EC 'f -Rx A :Ry 1 v bf 'c-,, I - , 9 A Weis, 5 Qv 4 3 f+?Q?'4 -'L V A ,fl 5?-HL WKYQML i ii S ff . f f if f . ' I 1 I I f , 1 Y, I 50 I 1 t , Lf 1 fl -. J I I Y J ,J f r If f, , i A X' B,XRl5.XRfX MOORL Long, wavy. hlack hair . . . good driver . . . Mo . . . jannts down to 'I'ech . . . valuahle player in lmasket- '-ftz ,M hall . . . hex y of friends . . . ticklish laugh . . . casual Q heauty . . . Cilee Clnlfer . . . occasionally tickles the x iyories in no amateur fashion . . . crisp uniforms . . . twinkling lmlue-hlue eyes . . . always laughs at eyery- hody's jokes . . . a ll'ltC friend. KI'l l'Y OEHMIC Has that hrighten-the-corner-wheresyouentre look beautiful white teeth . . . all Ulll for Nlcilallie . . . Ulee Clltth menlher . . . Dramatic Cllulm person- 'WM ality . . . made wonderful Red Cross President this year . . . amusing Southern accent . . . constant stream of chatter . . . most active in school allairs . . . loxed I . hy all, especiallly one. WW . lNl.'XR'l'H.AX OYVEN 7 One ol' the quietest and most reseryed memhers of ottr class . . . friendly and depentlahle . . . treat as a min . . . smart as at whip . . . naturally curly locks . . . haiel eyes shining with interest . . . attends all ron- t'Cl'l5 and reads all the good hooks . . . plays the piano A and is a soprano in the Glee Clluh . . . trttly a credit to ' Olll' class. K 1 s,'f,.2!'f1 Nfl 1 , ,. fri' f 4 '-ffyfvv e ,i 1.2. 1, fl 4116 flabmf. ,M we SUE PERSINCER f , , ,Cx ,ff - ,, rpg Quaint 'n' quiet . . . summers in ole Yirginny . . . can always read today's Latin . . . looks forward to Mary Baldwin next fall . . . one of these horse-loyers Lg . . . name any hook and she's read it . . . that charac- X teristic up-turned nose . . . tiny feet that are the envy ,va ,. of all. 'uf , Tzjwgl-C f . r 1127 x' 55' 11 gtiws. XS .a U :of 'c QQWA NS fefiha 6 , sys V' I I -1 Qgvv 'x A L ir' , 4 I 16, nuzmuzxp if F 5 7 JW' QJ5' tb Seniors ti ictxlbpl M Stuhhorn will . . . l'1tlilol'-in-c'hiel' ol' the Kaleitloscope N01 ixtixm' Ki-x't'ttRYN sM1't'H NM W . . . combines htains with hrawn . . . fretikletl nose and that aImout-to-giggle mouth . . . as hig a foothall lientl on the lieltl as among the spectators . . . silent laurh , . . former Static' Slave , . . 'av outlook on life. is H . 1 . ' hw! Afqj K ' 1 ' ML,-I I, I ' ' 7 l- J f ,f!f An ,X , MARI.-KN Sl'E,-XRMA-KN lfavorilt' topic of t'onNet'sation: How lluhha got his wings . . . hair a llaming crown ol' glory . . . snappy green t'om'et'tihle . . . tlevotion to her chifkeus . . . a tvhil in the lah . . . thoughtful towartl others . . . funny stories ahout sister . . . an accent all her own . . . more rommon sense than most people. R 1- '1 Kb' P ' ,L N . 5 I' L, xx we V L uf-I.9' Q yfrxy v AMY, ,Syn X- VNUA' KA, ff K-'1' ' r ,,. 5 L33 'L K .JV ' V - N LL k XL? , X,- ,.s-' L' x- J - ,,1' ' B e, if X .. QM! . X. just Q H l -1 - w V Q ' , f ,xi ILMPLE 't'6N if 32 . B! 'V L lQlp-yflmlue eyes . . . the skin you love to lout'lt . . . 'M , H alt-voted to Mdlztllit- . . . NIousic . , . rhampion golfer Q-v..,rj, . . summer months at 'Chattooga . . . year 'rotmtl ' lttll . . . neat hair . . . Static Business manager , . . snhtle wit . . . amazing' amount ol' gray matter to he use-tl at Duke come next fall. H.'XRlJlli 'l'H.-XRPE Antaziug capacity for food. mainly raisins . . . reacts to ,lane like aslht-sive tape . . . high grades. little study . . . mania for cutting hair that always looks just t'omhetl . . . t'at'el'ully planned houseparties . . . heatl ol' the husiness eutl of the animal . . . our maid of houor . . . l1ere's to llartlie. the life ol' ottr tlull partv! 1135 . ,QW 2 WRX , ,gm 1 R, -mats? W .t ,U heya' L , , Wav M' L lf U' gp-..,.,., sy' 1A wxgasd JY NNW ev - ep. X Qu' Qigk skis' 5' . Q, if .9 , ., 'Qqfam ,Z I . A IA 2, , 1 . 51 9 ' ' 'Z 1 L 'X ..-.. 94 LLKIIIIEIJ Y-4:29 -MWTP!! . 4 4 -n wi ,MMV 'Vx ,. fx ' .J bk yd, Qt! C147 'S 2 itz? Wlght S e n i o r s BECKY 'l'HA'l'CHER Staunch supporter of jokes-especially her own . . . high-pitched voice telling us to have no fears . . . com- forting sense of humor . . . pet peeves- our maid Susie and my pea-purple uniform . . , one of the .Xlleghany gang . . . annual board camera liend . . . Dramatic Club comic character . . . Cilee Club warbler . . . and quite a gal! TILDA 'I'HOlXI.-XS Famed for her high-pitched sqtteals and shrieks . . . Oh. that was the most wonderful dance l've ever been to! alter every dance . . . partial to sweaters and skirts . . . noisy andi newsy . , . has a good time everywhere . . . good grades . . . can sing tenor in Glee Club . . . original ideas . . . Shalimar and Chantilly . . . always rushing. but never on lime. AN E TOLI .EY The peppy prexy of our class . . . one of the Alle- ghany gals . . . got in the Glee Club this year tlhree cheers!j . . . always singing and dancing something . . . enthusiastic and friendly . . . always has something nice to say about everybody . . . plays guard on the basketball team . . , talks a blue streak and giggles all the time. AN N E NVOODNVARD Big inquisitive eves. curly eyelashes . . . eternally feminine in her gestures and actions . . . high-pitched voice that runs up and down the scale . . . wields the paint and palette with great skill . . . favorite ol' the aviation cadets at IT. C .... keeps tis on the right key while we're singing hymns in the morning. ANNE HALL tlrregularl Undying search for Shorty . . . staring green eyes . . . original giggle . . . unpredictable actions . . . super legs to go with her Spauldings . . . sympathetic nature . . . long hours on the telephone . . . a real friend . . . loads of energy . . . never stops asking questions . . ideal slim hgger . . . appreciation for good music. o'. 4 1 We .XXX K+. 6. 1. M A X -' fzvtsw NSE' 1- ' HHHIHIHI PHE! 3aNSs?i??l? ff2Q . , M, ,ggi Nix 'Si X lx. 5 X 3 J uN1nH mn 'K ilwzkf 'Ziff' oi. --gifl jk .u 'Figs'1L S 0 if . 3 ,jf . - Q... , R X Sf ll .. D i ' .., '...,....,.,.,,- T15 L1!l'1EID 'Q i wi :. wgbr Juniors M.XR'l'll.X BROOKS- Never ovcr serious. not loo l'rix'olous. lmt ai rzlre good fellow. 'l'liliNY llliilll.XN.XN- Sweet is everY souml: Swcclcr thy voice. H.-XRRIIYI' K1.Xlil.KlNS- Sword of Common Sense. GLORIA K1ll.XMl'l0N- Slic moxes zi goilcless. nm! she looks il queen. I,OlIlSI'1 CliRRIiY4 l'l1ere was an slzir mlaneeml. and nncler that was l ll0l'll.N M.-XRil'Il.X l7l'1'l'IOR- il'lie lziiresl gzmlen in Iier looks, .Xml in her miml the wisesl hooks. M.-XRY KXVHRYN DIlil liNll.Kl1ll- Rich in szning common sense. M.XRll YN .X daughter of the gods, ilix incly lllll. And most divinely fair. IOIA .XIMICIC HARRISON- .X good hc:1rl's worlli gold. ICIAINE lLI,li.XS0N- Noll1ing great was ever zieliieveal willi- oul cnlliusiasinf' 4161 . . IX x sl . N534 .XX Ax. 65. .1 zksdm Y5r fv Xen A v as iff' s Qiafl? gl vu ffflf fQf SYI Ll ' lla? lik L rswvQg'. ff? l J u niors Ilmlb v +181 Wi. nl .VIA HOMES- My mind to mc u kingdom is. 5 K.X'l'HlCRlNli HOl.l,.KND- ll is mcul llllil drink lo mc lo sec ll clo .XNli'l' 'l0llNS'l'ON4'Sl1c llllll wus wry fair :nnl ncvcr prolnl, Hznl longnc an will annl ycl was ncvcl lUllKl.'l IWIKLILY AIORIIXN- .Xlnl slill lllcs gulccl. znnl slill llmc won- mlcr grow. lhal one small hcsnl conlcl carry all sho knew. HICNRHC l l'.X KING- As mcrry ns lllc clay is lo Hg. lil,ll.Xllli'l'H l,.-XND- .Xncl lhcrcforc lcl's lac merry. lCll.I-1 M.NXNSFIl'TI,IJ- Infinite l'll'llCS in lilllc room. DIANE Mll.l,.XRD- A logical mind knows no errors. lNl,'XR'l'll X NlCIllOl,S- Merrill. merrilv shall I livc I'.X'l'll'1NC1li IHACZE- l'zxlicncc. thou young and rosolippccl c'herul1im. C175 mah? 'S ig x AL ' '- ggll' rf 1 l sm 5 mf 2 9.4 Q Nqgi' . Yifv. Nfllkf Q wp . , vs, ,. f ll- 4-as X , . 54'2Q,i'f'Q1g? 2if4?5' wir, I v N it-123131 Q vQ'x 0 - gifl 1 , , ' 'sy V ' ' Z I A N. 5 3 O Y SY-Ml WKQML . A K I Juniors GLORIA REIF- A merry heart gocs all thc way. llI2'l l'Y ROANE- Anal inislrcss 0fllCl'SClfIllOllgllClIllI1lf2lll.l' MIRIAM RHYNE- A swccl. ZIIIFZICIIVC kind of grace. MARY ANN 'l'Al3ER- Nlcrry and inzul and fricmlly llllll hold. ANNE WILLIAMS- With thee conversing I forgot :ill tim:-. IRREGULARS E'l'HIil, BRYAN-4'CZlmi'1ns slrike thc sight. but merit wins lhc soul. VIRGINIA GRISK.UM-J l'l1ci'c's lzuiguagc in hcl' nyc. her chock. hcr lip. -IOANNI1 -IOHNSON- lf to hcr some fcnmlc errors fall. Look on hcr llicc. znnl you'll forgo! 'cm all. MARILYN MQWHORTER- As iillc ns an painted ship upon Z1 painted ocean. EMMA LOCZKERI ROGERS- Yil'l11c is hold znnl goodness ncxcr l'czn'l'ul. RIVIAH YXILLIANIS- Her waist exceeding small. The lives clicl lil llCl' shoe. PATSY WILLS- He was wont lo speak plain and lo thc purpose. 4187 Qc K as SPHHIS NEWS ' H Hbsnvnnmnm mass 2. . I 21 y . 0 101 Yffgffi wg 5 kay ' .mv A sl. UL I , ari . 4, ...J 4. ALIZHFIEZ -f +584 ,'Q3f-f-fm ad. -i I na. .-Xl,M.X K.'X'l'HliRlNli BANKS- So womlruus swvv 'FEW 65 ' W mfs? , -'X ' 'X A' ' 4 .:bg5,xxQ5,I 5 IL VC gxxifx N 09 s'l ll v ang. l' S o p h o m o r e s IIIi'I l'Y ,'XRNOI,I1J'I.zu1gl1 yuurscll' into slilclicsf' SARA Cl,-X'I'I'll'lRINli I3R0XVN4 .-Xml ol' :ill Imcsl llimgw on cnrlli I .xml I lmlil lhil :1 lzullilul lrivml is day? , ' zu-m. Q gclilf' EIXIILY IIYINKYIION- I will lJCllIL'I12lll1'l'Il0lA1lll panic llic lrcslf' K IIARII.-XRX l5RY.XN'l'- SIizlll I Clllllpllll' lliu' lu il SIIIIIIIICIQS lg , ' NANCY C.XR'l'I'1R- l'I0w Olllvll lizlvc I palusi-ml mi cxvlw NORRIS Cl'I.iXl'lN- l'l1c Inu' most Izmir lu our xisimi zlllowvxl. MAI BELL CZONl,I1lY- lim-i'v single is ll string ul pzilul IRICNIC CZONNIXLI,Y- I.uugl1ing lips :mil ruguisli vice. IIOBISII-I KLXIXIIIIKICI.- X mcrricr mam I m-vcr spa-nl :ui 9-4 lmur's lzllk willl. 1201 lll'C ff. . Q- ,J .wg J' K ,d qi-fg. uma 9 ,I ffv 45' G! ' Q . 71 1.u:n. -wx 'Q ?'- f . Qyqn v ...,41L 1 p f , I0 an Sophomores M.-XR'I'H.-X lil.-XGGARIJ- Hmm sweet :intl grzuiious, even in com- mon speech. M,-XRIANNH ,IXKZOBS- Sl1e lztughed and every heart was glad. NORVEI. QIONICS- Of mamners gentle. of 1lll'CCll0IlS mild. i KLXRUI. KING- 'l'l1ou wert lny guide, philosopher, and friend. HWINCS Mrkl.l.IS'l'liR- More is thy tllIC than more than ull um pay. lll'I'l'SY NIt'DON,Xl,D- Bitte were her eyes as fairy flax. ll.XRll.-XRA lXl,XYN.XRlJ- A soul :ts white as heaven. CI.-XROLINIC MITRPHEY- ln the twinkling of an eye. lll'I'l l'Y OICHMIG- Her words ull ears took captive. MARY R:XWl.INCSf She is pretty to walk with: :mtl witty to talk with: and pleasant, loo, to think on. i217 'iff'-', QR 1 'until il., N w Wight .Ax in-ff 'I' X .229 t Q Q na' f . .QQWA st was 1:--Lew' -9 IN xg .4 -I5 is 6 .. 'Q if 2-Jfilllf 1,223 -ii: ' iq' i g 1 -n Q X- 7 l - ' :L if 5322 6',aJL We. 4 L IK: fr 'Z WT '? Sophomores C.-XROLINE Rlill4'Sporl that wrinkled Cure clerides. And L2lllglllCl' holding both his sides. ,, lSlil.l.l-l STANl'lik- Catlin-tltrough all coming tlaysf' M.XR'l'HA S'l'.XNSBllRY- Dark was her lmir: her ltatnd was white! Her eyes were fttll of liquid light. NANCY 'l'lNlblil.l.- Herself at fairer flower. NIARIANNIH Wll.I.l.XMS- Arial raven glossy hztir: 'l'he ditnpled fheek: und forehead rising fair. Alllil..-XIIEE HllRS'l'- Her voice was ever soft. L M.XRG.XRE'l' 'l'HA'I'C1HERJ'.'X gentle priestess of the wise. C225 l'A'l l'Y WOOD- Aml she was flattered, worshipped and bored: Her steps were watelietl. her dress was noted. l3li'l l'Y WRIGHT- If at woman have long hair, it is at glory to her. IRREGULARS K,f'l'l'IlERlNli BOWICN- A ntind :tl pence with all helow. . Q22 A 1 8 2 1 ASW 16' if- 415,90 N xxggfst -'R . U 44, QL? 9452, zfgjyf .1, fe i1 lgggsiul ldliiiiill - ,, . -4 W fEE'TM 'gfvngi' ' 1. J :A 1 6lVjg EEnL BARBARA IIAUIXIAN- Y0ll wcrc mm' gmail ill mmlilvii uv F r e s h m e n lllClHl2lllUll. LUCY I.liA lXRlCLll'l'- 5l1llL'Iy. kindly. loullx l'l'lL'llll.u MARIE NYARIJ IBRYSON- 'I'lic smilcw llml hlll. ilu- liiilx Ilinl glow. MAI C0 'I I NNICR-ull' wmiy wclc llic cliivl' GIHSC liill' mlculli 'Ilia-ii I wmilml lixc l'm'cxm'i'. DONNA IJOISBS-A'l'1lii's l'ilw naw llllllC.U ROTHY llO'l'Yf So swccl zlml xnllllmlm' ill Ilia mlisrm1i'w. Ill- CIONNIE llllKli- CQi':iu' was iii alll Iwi' mlcpxf' MARY ANN lJlll.ANl'A- Nut Slqwlblllg dur llw lHlllllllN iii ll10llCSlA.n lil.llAl5li'l'll ANN HAMl l'ON- l.cn1'n Ilia' sxwvl inugim' ul i i'llCl'lil'lll l'2ll'L'.N A lair. BIZTSY HILL- Her cycs two rryslzll lzlkcw. Rippling with light. IANICIC HASKICW-'llfzlsliimwcl su Sl1'll1ll'llA. young aiml nu IIQNNIIC l,0l' -ll'1lfl RlI'lS- llL'r misc is sliaiiglil mul lialml- ! sonic. lim' Cyclmivww lillcml up. 4249 . QW Q-.1 - 135QSff'f'! AY x AA. 1,1 N .-0 ,xv - Gm KAY-s-F' Xgvffff K A 5 f . S31 - 1 A J? v ' '--1.1-M QV' Q, ff 1 . 'B 'F F 'fx 43,943 9 . t Q Qlxsfi 937' . My y, QQ 5,44 6 sllfglg ' tm N li an-4 nys. Q 1' A IL C 4 'L xy ,ii IV x AL Y i xl A Freshmen .-Kl,lC1li NIOINER- Sweet .-Xlice. whose hztir was so hrownf' JERRY KlClil - l um the very pink ol' courtesy. ANN lil,Il.XBIi'l'H l.A'l'lMORE- A sweet, ztttt':lctit'c kind ol grave. lllC'I'SY l..Yl'llXl0Rli- .-X lamp unto my feet :md at light unto my path. I'liCQUY l..XWWlI.l.- come what muy. I shnll do my host. l'1iUtiY l,llil'1R MXN- I um lieu-i'c'ztttgl1t ul fzntlt or doubt. S.iXl.l.Y Mffll.l'1l,l.AN- lille sum of eartlily bliss. l CAROL MUNGICR- Of mznmers gentle. of :tllections mild, ft CARLIN Rlilllt- An honest mzm's the nohlest work of God. l5lC'l'SY R0l'iliR'liSON- My tongue is the pen of the ready writer. M.XR'l'HA SHORTER S'l'El'HENS- 'l'he light that lies in womans eyes. f ' Bli'I l'Y 'l'URNBlFI,L- 'I'he glass of fashion, the mold of form. 1257 X 3, e' ,6 , 9 AQ,4f-v 'ig , ' fl i Q 0 Aqifl vis' EW' ff s N 'L Kfg , AL '5..4D Qu! ' l Y i 5 X X ,J i l 755 i SI Q A Cary pw . L -r -1840 . . . 541 igiggg, Gmbg! W is 435' wi Y L- Kyla Freshmen lilil IY WICLGS,- Ns succi mul musiuil: :us hrighl as .-Xpullifs lu IC. IIOY WRlCQll'l'f Wisv to rcsulw, zlml ll1lllL'lll in pvl'm'm. NI.XRl'll.X WRlllll'I- IIiusv nlmul hvi' lrmu lll'li shall ruzul thc pci'i'ccl wzivs ul limmr. IRREGULARS ILIARICIC .XILXNIS- l ncwr sziw ll uuisi su slcmlcif' iZ,XROI,INl , .KNIJRIQNYS- l,1xligli ziml thc worhl laughs with um. K.X'l'lll IZICN IRON!!- llc-zii'l on hcl' lips ziml soul within hm' 4-yes. Rl l'll BROWN- liycs culorvcl likc ll W1lll'l' lluwcr. ailul clccpcl than thc grvcii sczfs glass. l,.X YONNP. l.0l,l,lNS- llic Imr: uf lcnriiing. thc M'1llIl'5' lclul nooks Zlllll ull lhc swcvl scrcuily of lroulasf' NIXRY Rl I ll IJXYIIQS- Xc'c-1 sam' l. iwxcr fl'll.2l mlm sullen-pf' .l.XK1Klli NIOIINSION-'IX nicrry livzirl iluclh gm iuL'Llic'im'. nl like 'i IAXNIQ K.Xl.lNl.XN9'Hcl' cycs like muiliilziin xuilci' lhziI's llmviiig mi il lurk. NORNIN R,XUlil.-'IX kind mul gcnllv licurl shc haul to UH 1Il'Ul'l friviirl :xml hw, LUIS S'Ii0XlC- Hoi void: wzis cvci' soil. gvnllc' zllul low. 1265 SVSXNXIC SCIYINIIIJI'- .X happy clispusilion is lhc prism than rcllcrls lhc hluc rays. HHMIE SEEHUN 0 0 0 V Lf 2 SB? , kk, ' N 5 -- - K- EX S lf' xxx KN AX ffnjgxj J' . 'Q N 'y 2 Qxlg . .rag , A,,m,, af yur A Ra - -1, , 'ku -J , v t X? K XM, X N my 1 ffffX?N 3 xg Lf? 2455 x. .fl f ,-M142 , V rw x, ' if 2545 Ni! fill lil 'J LM , Umm, ldcudwarvl EHHMMHH HHHHIS v .ss ' uqqg 555' ,yy 6 1 596'- .W , ,ff 5 41 -J Ciba'-a f 4 2 9g1wL 'WH l 7' 'R X l GFP , CT? A pn. ' Q 17 ' ggi? s l K A l SQ? 4 A Q N 'L WMML Yi Grammar Grades Q. HIE .Xl,Ll'IN- 'l'l1e sweelesl g:n'lanul anul the SWCCICSI nmiclf' .Xlllil.lNli .-KNIJREXVS- Willl Il smile llml glowed. GLORIA Bli.XN- li:lrly. lmrighl, lrslnsienl. clmsle ns morning llc-xv. CIYXTHIX BR.Xl.Y-'IX xxilly WUIIIZIII is ll ll'L'1lSllI'1'.N lllzlz LOLLIINS- My llcurl IS like ll snngmg lmnxl. 38 -IKXXN CIOWlil.l.- As lllCl'l'y :ns hees in dover, -IXNICZIC DIi'l l'0R! ln her tongue is the lam' ol' kindness. I ., R.-X Al,-XNIQ H.Xl,l,- 'l'lxon seclnesl lnnnzln xnul divine. ROBIN Il.XMll.'l'0N- Sl1e's the lovvliesl lussie llllll trips on the green. . ,RG.'XRli'l' ll.-XSKENV- She smiled. annul llle shzulows zn'leml. l'.Nll'.l.lNl'. HEDGIZS- 'l'o see her is it pirlllre, lU lll'lll' her is il lnnef' lil'R'l'0N xl,XCZOBS- C:n'1'ier of news and knowledge. 1285 v .sv ' L, F ' f ' -. 1 I I t.U.Tn.'11S1rp f v QQ' fl-EN-P-M' -we-f 96 ffl film. Grammar Grades KA'I'li l.A'I'lMORE- Modest and shy as a nun is she. .IO-AIO lAWRliNCE- So on she went. tapering and playing pranks. NANCY l.ll5l'1RMAN- So glossy your hair is like a sylph's or a larry s. QIESSICA lXIcCllRlJY-'EK fragment of a rainbow hrightf' l'A'l'SY MclNllLLlN- 1 shall laugh myself to death. HARDWICK NEWTON- Young in limbs, in judgment old. ANN NICHOIS- She that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast. PEKLGY l'.k'l'Y- Her ways are ways of pleasantncss. And all her paths are peace. MARI.-XNNIC l'RliSCO'l l'-'ZX stately foreheatl. stnooth and high. and full of prineely majesty. H.XRRlli'l' RO.XNli- Her every tone is music's own. CLRACIC ROBINSON- So smiling. so tentler. so fresh and so fair. NANCY ROGERS- 'l'hose true eyes, Too pure and too honest in aught to disguise, The sweet soul shining through them. C295 . aw is BV it stint 1 K1 W Q: 1. , I ,nv V it W t f' af' tw 02 Q 9 Ng' SLG svgxfyg 'ids' Qsyefx Nxt .j iblimgk Q X N ,Sn , ly ixei S t fi 1' X N uf 43, 0- - 'ek 'f i iii wg, v x 'ff' ' AML . X' ! X , I 11751. X 1 ,rl N 'ne 75. vm.,- n G rx- sa , , CWC Qg 5 gal. 11. WKYZML Grommor Grades AIOSFPHINE SIB0I,Il- l'l1c fringed curlaiin of liliIlC 1-yc :ui x'zlm'c. SYLVIA SMITH- Wh0sc lillle hudy lodged ai mighty winclf l'.X'l'RII1l.-X 'l'R0'l l'l'iR- Bill ln sec hcr was lu low: hvrf' JENNY WHI'l'li- Hail lo lhcc, hlilhc spirit. S.-Kl.l,Y WHl'l'li- Ami unexlinguishcil hiughlcr shakes thi skies. VIRGINIA WINCH-IR- Socicly lic-canine my glittering hrinlvf ANN XV00lNVOR'I'H- NNisflmn is hullvr lilllll ruhicsf' IRREGULARS BICKEKY BROCK- Sine shinclh forth. snlicilous ln hlcssf ll.XRl5.-XRA Bl'l.LOiZK- AX PICSCIHC whirh iw llul lu Iw put hs. REGINA lDl,l-LXSUN- 'I'l1e glory and freshness of an ilrczunf' l'.X'I' XVIiS'l'-- Buv0rl1I an wilderness of unhurn hair. 1301 0'- E t 9 N E . XQQiX.q:f,Q. '11 NSS X bpm .4 skis Q. R , 4.3.- if. fvlfffz, , 'W'c1'ffi4a 3 -9 Q -'fifr' ' . LLYZILYEQP v 'f ' y . - 1 ,. W N wig? SSQML Grammar Grades MINI .fXl.l,lSON- Her faire is like the milky way 'i' the sky. MAR'I'H.X ANN llRl'l l'0N- A merry hezirl maketh il clieei'l'ul l'UlllllCll1lIllTC.'l MNR-IORIIQ BROXVN- XYol'1ls of lrulh :incl solmcruessf' MARY ANN BUNN- Sll'ii'lCSl judge of her own worth. AIEAN CIHAPMJXN- Her smile is the sweetest that ever was seen. S.-'Xl.l.Y CHAPM.-KN- Sol'lness :incl sweel :illraclive grace. lRl'l'l l'Y IIUNIC KILXRK- .Xncl grace that won who saw to wish hcl' slay l'1l.E.XNOR KZOLE- A glorious cheek. divinely sweet. l'.'X'IiiII -IU LIOXIQX-'ZX sweet :mil virtuous soul. PZLINOR IJIYINE- .X liny llower. lmlc zmcl sweet. ANN GAMBLE- Her angels face As the great eye of heaven, shined hrighl. Anil mzule Rl sunshine in the shzuly place. ALICE Gll.liS- .iXml thc young fair m:iimlen's quiet eyes. 6319 'mah 52,4 1 5 gl l X' K NS? 'X is Q. ,efill Ns' , ,Ig 532223 2556?-3'r W? , .AL N gl- . . lf A W- W ' A , S 3' Wit 's' lg 9 gf 'h8', zj5,g -412 WQAJ Grammar Grades C1AROl.INIi COINS- 'l'he sight of you is good for sore eyes. Ni.-YR'l'HA H.YCKNlZY- A fairer lzttly there never was seen. -IO.-YN HALE- l'l1erc is a garden in her face. Where roses and while lilies blow. JOYCE HQYI'C1llli'l l'- A wilderness of sweets. t 51- ANN HINKLE- Sweeter also than honey :incl the honeycomb. HAZIEI. llll'l'CHESON- A health unto the liuppyf' -IE.-XNE'l l'E KRISTOFF- Given of liospilalilyf' JOAN lAllDERB.-XCIH- 'l'l1e hlnshing heaulies of at modest multi. l'.-YI'RICl.-N MlI,l,S- Beautiful as sweet. and young as beautiful. M.-YRY MOORE- l'is at heunly truly hlenlf' AMY NIXON- A sparkling eye no gem so fair. SHIRLEY NORRIS- Most gracious partner. nolmly poised and bland. 4327 og. ?AQg' Q 1 lx I ' v QXSP' XSQF Y' 2. mf A.-f 6 0 f , Qfgj14gu,, l'liIlIiY l'.Xl IICN--Nlloly. lllllll :tml mist' is slum Ill,K.Klli S'll'IRflHl- l'l1ou truu'm'sl tltt' yvztr with thy good' NIXR l ll.X .XNN WHl'I'.XKIQR- StvzulI'ztst Ill-Il1Ull ht. well mzulr. IHICIKY W0Oll4'l.itllc in 5lklllll'K'. hut in pmvcr. gmail. 4 . 'I 51 Q- Q , V' N t 2' 3' t?v. --.ani Wiiflk Grammar Grades .l,XNl', Rltllll- XII llult txux lblillllll-lll :mtl just. RHXRX SCHRUICIIICR- llcztl'l ul' IIN'l2ll Intro its lincsl gold. GLORIX Sll.Xlll5lCX- l lmznc alum' my duty cvcr. tried to tlu il just :tml right. 10 nvssf' LXRRX WHS l4 .X smilc' in lim' cuz i so H well Wl'0llglll.n UXROI. lYll.l.l XMS- ln Iwi' lrmglu' lSlllf'l2HK'Ul'lillNll1CSS.u avg CLXROINN WOOD- iQcntlv ufspc'ct'I1. lmcllclic'cl1l uf lllllllla' ffl' 1 IANIC WRICLII I- l.ikcz1 stan' ul' ltczuctm in thc lwrozul daylight, A gf C337 nos' 'c 1 . 148 QS -1 1,5 1 . X. 65. 1.31 I QM Sm-it xiii rx e- A . Ag U fl: -A - if - +'w1 L y , ji, -.1 ,en-c sm 'gy Ae! M. , -i f Q, '21-j1,g,'1ZT v ', gg W ' :L JQRXQSX Q' gi X, -v K , K x ' xii ' 5- ' 'AL WS. 4 All V 9. f 3 n M 52.8.49 I . Gite 7 I. ll:lll -ing llullzlml. fi. .Xfralicl it'Il blow oIl', .Xnnc'? 2. licmkyk Klllibl-lhlll' an cllznlgcl 7. Bc'c'ky's quicl-I'm' an c'l11mgf'! 'S. lJrm'l look SUSl1lllgfOlllL'l'Sll2lYCd1lICS. too. 8. ,Xlm-mcn! l. Svc, what mliel wn' toll yu? EI. BC2llllX'S 21 I'2lC'kCI' 5. XYI13' so 1'll1'Cl'l'lll. this isn'l S2-llllllliiy. IU. XYQIII! C343 W7AN'l'ED: Glee Club President. Requires warbling talent plus sense and sensibility. Must be able to order musie, make future engagements, and to eltoose new tuentbers from the tryouts. Call Dabney Friersort. XVANTED: Reliable person trained in Red Cross work. Must be able to make elteerittl, eonvineing announce- ments as well as attend various and sundry meetings. Job requires eager and l'aitltl'ul work on Saturdays at Chapter House. See President Kitty Oelnnig. NVANTED: Stage tnanaget wsttlt .tbttntlanct of patttnu, immunity to misaimed hammers, and an amazing mem- ory as to whereabouts of lost properties. Must be able to climb ladders, hang' eurtains, Illll up walls. and still be happy. Ask for -lean Land at Stage Door. 'HElIVIlIlS 8 V , ,V 5' 951,31 c55': efj'i':' ' 4, ,Qxnev IA K .D . f A W I v e g Q if fl Q, :L YA LW A ind I HARDIE THAR PE, Business Manager MADDIN LLIPTUN A SSW. Business Ncnnger AFT Editors: Anne, Woodward Judafh Blanche . Broly Dodds PhD'l'ogr'a phic Ed3T0r5: BQCK51 PYQSPI TTWQTCHQV Divine, 1:5133 MARY KATHRYN 'SNITH E.diTor-in- Chief MARTHA IVRDUNALD As-5'+. Edi-Q-or Q -wx . 5, 'S'-1 4411 2.71. 'g .-,'4:, ' '-4 ' L 4, ol ,Q 9 X ll .93 L P xl 5,01 J' 4 -0 ' v l 5 4 N. l q QV-:jflf '1 0 YL if , F is vm ff' il Q4 GlL l' yas. IB The Static Board .Xl lll1't'll4l ul cu-1'x'wz1rc1g'l1l g'11'ls:ll'n-c-llusnll lu publish ilu Sldllf, llu . . 1 1 IJZIIJCII lllcsn gulls .nc snlulul llmn ilu' 5UlJll0lllUH class :mtl .nc llnm 'sclmnl . ' who llguc prmnrl llltll SL'll0l1lSllt' :mel lllcl'z1rv znlmililx XlClllllCl'5 lm lllc' IJLISI wan' llxnvc lwl-n llllltl jollnslun. lmsnlvss lll1lll2lgl'l'. lllll'l'IL'l Clnulkins, l'upgx lmxlanm 'S Alilflllll llclltil Sxl 1 ll lu lull Nllllurll, Klan .Xml lanlxl xml .Xluv Pm lmsu . ' vi: Of 1 -. ' r Xxllu Xklllll xlw lvll sclmol III lllt' lull ol 'li w'1srn'pl:u'c'cl ln' l,'lll1'lH'L' l'lzlcc'. llll5 Qrullplmsclmlczl gmail lJll'1't'Ul.M'U Q l rk' 371 ,mf we gif gre-WJ sw 1, L 134 C if L h , . Q j . jf Q . A N my YZ A AM .J ,ni U A fi , 2 55 C QQ ff ' ., K 1 V . Q 1' 1 I Q VL K 'NEW' GJ f ,A fi N tx . CD f ' L ' L mf' M '- L -'fy '. V A fa , . I 'UAV lf- v .. Q fx .A f X 5 K i , ,, ri. V tv Q M 91 'ff . n :val ? at ' Q Q' fa ,. . A Q yu, A K , 1 v Y A ' ',.,, 'f A 5-4 FU A fu f'4 .. :wx .SI A-I CII A fu cm b 111 lll01'C 215 h A A A - ,- 'GJ JT 'U : sv: 15 L- A - .A 4: A .., ,, vi :J S-1 A - A A A A V F' A.. M .... A k., J: AI A AJ A A A .C 73 Q1 L-4 .-4 v U H LJ CJ -. -U m HA A V A-4 E' .J m A -.f fx ..- ,- F- .A A P il ff ..... ... ..v .-. U J -. rl U v-' .-4 4-1 3-1 F rf A. CIT H --4 I-1 3 Ld - .... J CZ -Q6 ... ll! w 3-1 U! ms : A - u 3-1 . r-Y-4 :A u f A fi ,.. we 'N IT : .- K. , , L4 - 3 - .. n-V D.. g.. --All! 1,55 UC A-. :... .:-C .... -,, fc: Qu rl- U1 an LIE T15 :-E 7-- A.. Qu A...,': 2-4- au HU AA, .. Q-3 'Q I-'zi A: .-T73 -'.-I gf-1 A.. gm .Ao A-HIT 252' -x .za Q 5:- P3 EI .::'U -C .-., ,.. fs: 'u 'UL- FJ? Cir: -U 'FIJ- -. 5-ll! -.rg A 13 .. EJB-' HE Cv E32 .Sl- na L F: : P an I-1 r-f ra I U an OJ S.. aa F E :v C C G .J ..- A :A if Q :Q E A 1: U I 2 C A - E A -. 1: A A 9 4 2 5 s LJ A. U - - Vo r' 2 N -- 9-3 v V5 E GU V : .2 A A.. v - C1 5 C A A-4 u -. Z N J. E ... A E f -.1 : N K 1: 'C 'S C A ..- U .C La Z fl E Z1 : : C1 .A -. r: E T. re An -I ..- 3 A L- I -1 A IL' Q.: I E W u M 'I A.. G LJ 5 .. E A A Q -. Z A Z 1: 9 v N 'Q :J : E E ... A P 'I A A -4 A, '- ': - A -. D A- .- CJ 2 S '13 A, .- C IJ-I va ,- C .E Z P A 0 C C 'ff LJ Z A. 52 F- E. 11 - Z C v: Nlzlrcia Man ISIOII :- E 'H '5 C - GJ 'Tl T- Z ra ,-. v A A .E A +4 : E 5 E 7 A 7' A 7 ,- Z .E :vs TE SEE 9: -P if .Eg 514-4 5: AM I 72 up.. ga.: 5.2 OO Cid Aa' e-175 vu G'-I .... E --u-1 5-gr' T: A4 G: NA -CU L C :Ei 'I C mA :E S.. -rf 'QC 2' Av- :bil :bb vu EL C S2 LIICC 'Eli EC .-. vo A Ad.: '13 NC-IJ 5 'Y7 52 AAA A,- 3..- lf: uf! :f .AA Zu ..- F5 -if N .. .C Em: ,...- 2'5- ,, AS :A-A A... .... mo.: I-N .. Ev E5 E.: ml 52 :m EE :LZ Ili! A EE 55 ...- if N: cel' 49 NP? :Cv 1 : ra bn.-I .- .:g 15 .-.2 CE ir whi : O L A : :z Z' 55 1'-1 S.: A3 'Zn 5.2! Ou.: I-. :... JE E9 Vu Vi E-2 EE ..: Im A .:: .ED 8-4 P I ea .: .. L- CU .- Z L1 EA -4.1 N.: Q-Q -N :F -rr- :QS V Sw ADD bc: 'ZF-J :: .C ,UO CE A-T3 A- ,IN 17 2: is S411 23 -4U :S ...Z 1. 1,5- 11- '-153 : 2 Am E Z EF: :A was fy 3-4 Q .. - U A P-4 ITS .: :- E .- I, Agn! ' S' If H 05:-up is f 5 i X5 1 Q 5 23 g,TQ i, i ' . 2:1-ff-4' V? x ' LML 6 ,A 4 L a+ NW? X G V A The Library Club llillk' l.il1rzn'y Club is mmpusccl ul' clc-vcn mcinlmcrs ul' llu- Fl'l'Slllll2lll Class who had lhc highest znvcrzigcs in English Im' thc pi'cc'n-mliiig year. 'I'l1c-sc clcvcn girls do various things in the liln'u1'y: such zis, pulling the books buck on thc shclves, repairing the old books, and helping lo kcvp thc lilmmry in order. Thu IllL'llllJCl'S are as follows: llclsy Hill hzilly Nlc'I.lL'll:m .Xnuc l'llll2lllL'lll Lzllimorc Carol Mungcr livlsy ll2iliIlI0l'C Carlin Roald lkrggy l,iIvcrinam llclsy Rulmcrlsmi llziilmm liziumzm llclly Wiggs -joy N'rigl1L 1395 i 'K 1- JI 'v Qi -1 , QPF Xl 113 'QCXQFS ' Q XX XSQ-22. S x f :-. - V '1 . . N J mt 'vi ' ?iWvf'? w?a,s'1 QQ. 4 'ii' 4 igswifs- cf 9 'L V V ft f-'NPS , Qy i X is-'sp .fm A-.QAL at QJML t y, Dromotic Club l lit' llrzmizttit' Cilttlm lS1lll tmlgzttilfzttttmlt t'tnl1lJusc'tl ol tncmlmcrs lrmti tlit' ltmim' :tml Scnim' clzisscs who :irc clioscn lor their Clliiilllillli' ability :mtl tlicir willing- nvss to liclp ill ztll tiiiivs. 'l'l1is wztr 'l'l1c Make'-llp Box put on .t tlntc .ttt 1 tmiivtly. Miss Ciingt'l '. rliltcst' IJCl'li0l'lll2lllC'L'S will lung ht' l'ClllL'llllJCl'CllI Hullzintl. ns xllIlllll', tlit' wist'-t'l'1tt'l4ing mztitl: Bucky. :ts Ilic fuuntry constztblc: lNIai'thzi Nlcllunatltl. us tlit- tlvzil' IXlt'Nulty: 'l4l'Clly :mtl Martian. as thc yottng swcvtltczirts: Nlztrtlm Ilcttur. ns tlit- sopliisliczttctl Indy clt'tct'livt': Patsy. :is thc stuttering porter: It-:tn :Intl Nzttifv. tht- two lJmkc ztttrcsscsg I,uc'ilt'. tlit' flushing rcportcrl Kitty. tht' t'l'lit'it'nl hustt-ss: :mtl Mzttlclin. :ts thc mzttl missing hcircss. .Ivan Land has cztpztlulx' stfrwcl :ts prcsitlcut ol' tht' clttlm, :tml I,uc'iIc, :ts sccrctztry-trcztsurcr. Miss 'I'ttc'kt'1' lists tlit'ct'tctl :mtl gttitlvtl thc club through thc your. 4407 25234 I x J 1 . A. I -vw 5- Q1 ff S0 , g 4 If ii' f , 5 54 A-Rfk C51 C Q 9 il ' C v q 3416 V ' , A 'A Jw .N 5 Q? n. P I. .xllll U c' XX'iIli:lms: junior l'rn'wnrcl, unc yuan' Yllfhily. .xllll VIVUIIIIJICIOIII qclillllllillb Senior l'm'wzn'nl, lllrcv jvzara varsity. IS. liwing' Nlc'.Xllislc1': Supllmlmrc' l'm'wan'd. lwu ya-:urs x'z11'sily. I. ll.ml1L' I l1zn'pQ: SCIIIOI' g'll2ll'll, Iwo yours X'2ll'sllX. 5. Mary .Kun 'llnlmurz xlunim' guard, om' yn-zu' vzlrsily. li. Nanny Hill: Scnior gllillll, om' your varsity. X 7. lilifzlbclh Lzlml: Alunior l'm'wzml, unc' yn-111' varsity. 8. Mali livll CUIIICXI Soplmlnorc' glllllll, mu: ycau' varsity. 4415 ' . . - nmmuip Q9 'ii N v - ':N 'M' N Av' 4 fy 4 '11 4 assi? '. Q IL L KX,- Q f L e IL O x 0 2. f '32 ,l 'earl -1 ff .?.4:z:Ja- ' N NS- A 4.'g, g , ' 525 1 5.4 4 Lx 1 I .gli MQ' ' U'3f ' ',,. :jf Swish 5 ' . . w . I' A ' 1 V 1 1 V Xi 4 wg, K K . 53 inf i V A. Q -v,. 1 V, I ' . Q, 'T v, ' I , E n Q f . ff K v f Vgfh. I. Scnnrn' ICZIIII 2. -luniur lcznn fi. Eighth Grade ll'2ll1l 4 -I. 5c'vc'nll1 0111410 loam 5. Sopl1m11m'm- lc-:am tm. I'rcsI1m:m llfillll 4425 HY NHNSH' SH vunnuvr mu MARY IIll.l,S DIVINI' l.RXfl',XI1C XI,l.lli5l,llUl,XR5IllI' BONNIE -IOIINSON XI XX Ql'liIiX llllli Vlill XI XII! or IIUX CATHERINE OEHMICL XIOSI XCYIIYIC IX Sf IIOOI. XI-'VXIRS BUBBLES CIONNFI .I NIUSI l'Ul'l'l.XR NI1lyf2lll'L'll.lgf,NNI121If,flNSf,N Nlanicl ul' llonm: HXRIJIIC 'I HXRPI ,, ,,, Tha- Many Clourl 1495 .ln-'H ' sf , , 3, ,. L X4 -y !,'1'i' . S. 25-7' . 'uv -. 5 wa -' . 4' :anna - 0 ,, 'v X I v -35-af, x QQ! -.QQ L ff 0 W ' ,Ax ' 4 W ?m,a ' N 'gf V v 4 , Qx-QNX 4 , AN X ' v v '4 - v x 4, A , ' r 5' N Q p x Y X I 'A I .L 8.10 ' The Prep-Peppers I. l'ic'mlu Pvlc :Incl f12llll!llilf'.I1iI1L'. 2. Manx :md XVz11'clzlrclzlking1lCLz11nlJlv! fi. Rah! Rah! Rah! for our mon! wl. lmok :ll ilu-ll1m'ns:mmnglhvilowvrs. 5. Claunolu'! Glznnrnlrl Glzlmmlri Glzlnmllrl 6. The l1:1lm11x'src-llc. ,.. . . . 1. Om' lug lmppy Iznmly. 8. lfood lm' thought. 9. NVzllc'l1 your slcp. 1505 HHHMINH IHHUUHH IH! HHHK WHIHH - - ' WHHHYSIEHHN .:- ' 3a. i H+ eg, 4. , 4 N I . X-f a:-Q ,D , gf 4 WW: Bbq he N. stfhit History of the Closs of '44 The big, rolling Printing Press known as the G. P. S. had been putting out headlines for many a year when Thirty-Eight came along with a mass of jumbled Type. Some of these little letters were Dabney, Bonnie, Bubbles, Becky, Judith, Marcia, Helen, Martha, Hardie, Kitty, lvladdin, Barbara, jean, Nancy, Anne Templeton and Mathes, Presh, Peggy Fred, Ruth WVilliams, and Miriam Levine. The Master Printers Duliy and Jarnagin decided this Type was too small for headlines and features, and the only place they seemetl suited for was the comic strips. So, there we stayed for two years of fright, fun, and frolicg giving two plays, The Princess and the Crystal Pipe and Cupid and Psyche , losing a basketball game thirty-two to two to the Eighth Grade, and being general worry warts to the Seniors while we were in the Seventh Grade. In the Eighth Grade the small Type, beginning to get in the groove, acquired some new little letters: namely. Virginia -johnson, Peggy Harris, Jayne Walton, Sue Persinger, and Marian Spearman. By this time the Type was getting accustomed to going through the Press. Dabney was in capi- tal letters as Class President. The Type got a bit mixed up on amo, amas, amat in tl1e their first acquaintance with a dead language. The life cycle of an apple tree and the metamorphosis of the grasshopper were almost a foreignx script to the Eight Graders. As Freslnnen with the green ink beginning to dry on them, the Type was set-up on the Want Ad Page. This was the proper place for them, for they began to want everything: Baylor dates, McCallie dates, clothes, better grades in ancient history, luncheons, more clothes, and football gamesj Fresh Type came in the forms of Anne Hall, Anne VVoodward, Lolann, Tilda, Jane. Emily, Brooks, Blanche, lilld Mary Kathryn. The first musical notes from Type were Dabney, Ilean, Nancy, Bubbles, Helen, Emily, Bonnie, Marcia and Presh, who made the Glee Club in their first try-outs. Material for bigger and better Print began to be seen and heard in the Sophomore year. VVarren and Martha Owen came on our page that year. Newcomers on the literary page were Mary Kathryn, Martha, Becky, Presh, Helen, Hardie, lvladdin, and Business Manager Templeton of the Static Board of '42 and 113. Great controversy arose between the Master Printers and the Literary Page over whether any Tom's, Dick's or Harry's could be mentioned in the six colorful pages of the Static. Helen began to stray over to the Sports Page for a shot or so with the golf ball. Figures on the Society Page were the juniors jolly. Sponsoring at our military schools were lklartha, Dabney, and Maddin, with Bubbles as McCallie's Sweetheart . The Theater news for the year was supplied by Becky, -lean, Nancy, and Kitty, who were chosen for the Dramatic Club in the last of 312. New talent was added in Marcia and Maddin. New words added to the Type by Miss Tucker were parallelogram, trapezoid, and rhombus. At last the small Type became headlines and reached the Front Page. The Annual Board broke into the news with their skit GQ and their songs. Especially giving forth in Buy an Annual were Mary Kathryn, Martha, Hardie, Maddin, Becky, and Presh. Mrs. Clark's voice repeating Double quotation, single quotation, double quotation, was featured daily on the Front Page. Exciting flashes were often caused by the Chemistry Class under Miss Whitaker's keen eye and wit. In spite ol' all the trials and tribulations of being properly rolled off the Press, we are so sorry we are not small Type again with six frightening, fun-Filled years to which we can look forward. -Maddin Lupton, '-44. 4523 u U -it 'I' K-'Q as xr A 4 , ' 'vs - V ' Q .vt X94 V N N WSQML Q ? il . 8 !.Ll IgrLilXh ,'!f, ...a 0 4,' All W - QW' , P V6 tg , 6 , lx X. v. 'ML WSQZMIL Class Will LEGAL RECORDS 'l'he terms of the will of the Class of VH as probated in the Court of G.l'.S., are as follows: Emily jane Bell wills her French accent to Henrietta King in behalf of her noble efforts. Judith Braly wills her fondness for turkey to Marilyn Galnble, who is a vegetarian. Warren Blackard wills her collection of shoes for every remote occasion to the Ration Board. Bubbles Connell bequeaths her state of being one week for Baylor and one week for Taylor to anyone else who can get away with it. Presh Divine wills her ability to graduate from two s:hools at once to the rest of the gumps in school who can't graduate from even one. Blanche Dodds wills her ever-ready wit to jane lllillard in order that she may temper her sarcasm with humor. Dabney Frierson leaves her soft. southern air to Diefenbach. 'Null' said! Ann Hall disposes of her loquacionsness in study hall to Betty Wright, Martha Stansbury, and Marianne Williams. who can't ever think of anything to say. l.olann Harris wills her slim waistline to Katherine Holland in hopes that between the two they may have one. Helen Hampton wills her Fifth Avenue glad-rags to Mary Rawlings. She doesn't have any, poor girl. Peggy Harris wills her curlers. along with the endurance to use them. to Becky Wood, in hopes that she may give them the same constant work-out to which they have been accustomed. Nancy Hill bequeaths her smiling countenance to all G.l'.S. girls on lllonday mornings to brighten up those blue days. Bonnie johnson leaves her 0. and 0. to Nancy Carter to help her establish more friendly relations among the boys of the city. jean Land hands down her tee-niny hair ribbons to Lois Stone to add to her BIG collection. Maddin Lupton wills her congeniality and allability to the old Static Board. They do get along so well. Marcia Manson wills her interest in the armed forc:s to the Draft Board which is not always able to get their man. Martha McDonald wills her record of a wreck every two weeks to lilizabeth Land, who with jean olf to college, will have ample opportunity to have one. Barbara Moore wills her habit of teching frequent trips to Atlanta to Joanne johnson who's already there. Kitty Oehtnig bequeaths her Oehmig brogue to 'l'eeny Buchanan in hopes that she may have a little individu- alism in her chattah. Martha Owen leaves her privilege to sit around and take life easy while the other Seniors cram and sweat over Latin. to Marilyn McWhorter. Sue Persinger wills her distinction of having two aunts in school to Katherine Bowen, who next year will be noted for the same honor. Marian Spearman utlls her red-gold curls to Gloria Champion. Mary Kathryn Smith hequeathes her silent laugh to Raymond of Inner Sanctum. Ann Templeton wills her use of perfect grannnar to the Seventh Grade in hopes that they may more fluently beg to diller with the teachers. Hardie 'l'harpe bestows her mania for cutting hair upon Marianne Prescott in hopes she may find a short cut to beauty. Becky Thatcher wills all the grace. poise, and Venus forms that have been willed to her in past years to Ewing McAllester to take away to school with her. 'l'ilda Thomas leaves her ability to let everyone know where she is to Kathleen Bond, who is also very diffi- dent. poor child. jane 'l'olley wills her everlasting energy to a box of vitalnin pills which are always giving out. Anne Woodward wills her germ-free atmosphere to Norma Raoul. in hopes that she may get to school some day. 6533 U 153.5115 ifsghsk ag A'-'7' .r - M 'WN' ' re at if U ' X? Kf vfifrp 0 Effrk Wa :L 3,1 .4 4 A 2, xl- ' QA . 'L W' QML MQM Class Prophecy Memos of a First Nighter . . . Orchids to Emily jane Bell for her forthcoming hit. For Whom Does the Bell Toll? This incidentally is an autobiography of the matchless playwright, and the title role of Whom is played by Nancy Hill. a member of the greasepaint clan, who has just completed a two-year run in Twenty Years In Hill House. No colyum would be complete without a first hand description of the new experiments of Professor M. H. Divine. This famous disturber of the peace was recently arrested by Chief of Police Marcia Manson for trying to actually spontaneously combust right in the middle of Broadway. As she was being led away, Presb las the professor is lovingly calledj was still screaming, But why can't I spontaneously combusti' I don't see why I can't! They say it's a woman's world, and what could give tnore proof than the Senate House. Frixample Barbara Moore has just appeared before the committee to persuade them to build a better and more direct road from Chat- tanooga to Georgia Tech. She said that she didn't want the future generations to undergo the hardships that she sulliered in her travels. Not alone in her proposal to the House. Miss Moore was sttcceeded by Martha Owen. who made a most earnest appeal toward the drive to provide her East Tennessee hill-billies with shoes. Helen Hampton is running a golfing acadeluy and her motto is l'll teach you to play the Bobby jones way. Roaming through the realln of books, a fourth estater finds hidden talent worthy of world-wide plaudits. inquisitive Kitty Oelnnig has written a book called WHY, to which Becky 'I'hatcher has replied with a sequel, BUT. Bonnie johnson recently rolled a piping good novel off the press: full of helpful hints, How To Hold Your Man Through Thick and Thin and Finally Get Him in the End is dedicated in these words To The One who made this book possible. But Marian Spearman has outdone them all by writing a sequel to her first book, Bubba At Baylorg this sequel, Bubba Flys Again, is overflowing with human interest and is guaranteed to touch the hearts of the nation. The one we will never tire of telling concerns a Mary Kathryn Smith. who ten years ago became a hermitress because she was so disgusted with men. Yesterday she surprised the nation by emerging from her cave home in a qtlaint bear-ftlr sarong fwhich she evidently made herselfj and a coon-skin cap. Her reasons for coming out were to see if men had changed in any way: after talking to a few. she was still agin 'em' and stalked back to her cave. Hip! Hip! Away! And Ann Teiupleton, head of the Gym To Keep You Slim, will help you do just that. ll seems that she advocates the use of Graham Crackers: in fact. she gives her approval to anything put out by Graham and Company. Inside man at the aforementioned skin factory was last week revealed to be none other than judith Braly. Clearing the dirt away from her mouth she confided to me that she is the producer of judythe's Mud-Cake, successor to Pan-Cake Make-Up. Bravo! for Blanche Dodds, new comer into the classical world of music. Playing the lead in Grand Ole Opry . she is starred opposite Roy Aculf. And thrilling the audiences with her accompaniment is Anne Woodward: at one note front Anne the crowd swoons, She has taken Count Bassie's place in playing good boogie-woogie. Politics seem to have the limelight always. and the former jean Land, now wife of the mayor of Tupelo. isn'l letting it slip. She recently held a hog-calling contest in the interest of her Back To The l-'arm Movement . lncidcntally, the blue ribbon went to Sue Persinger. that blues singer of Station W A I L. Amazing bit of excitement on Lookout Mountain last week-end . . . a blackout had been scheduled. and when the time came the sirens went dead. However Tilda Thomas valiantly cattle to the rescue with her voice, and the blackout was successful with the exception of one person. One Hardie Tharpe, having moved recently from the country and having never been in a blackout before, turned on her lights in order to get a better view of the situation. Holding forth as co-presidents of the lZ.S.C.. are Doctors I.upton and Frierson. They are concerned with non-breakable test tubes, acids that are quiet and restrained, and chemistry books without equations for the benefit of high-school chemists. They have also developed a secret method of holding acid above the head while pour- ing itg this meets even the approval of that great chemist, lllrica Whitaker. An incredible monster has been created by Edith Einstein Blackard that is said to rival ally ghoul. ghost, or robot. A combination of Frankenstein and Mrs. Pruneface, this monstrosity will probably be called Prunestein or Frankenface. Bubbles Connell. who is in charge of his education has already taught him the basic alphabet. lt's really startling to see this creature, under Bubbles' influence, mumble, L. S. . . M. F. T. . . L. S. . . M. F. 'l'oday's posies are tossed to jane Tolley. originator of TOLI,.EY'S POLLY. speller for all normal school chillun'. All words are spelled entirely by sound. And another handful of congrats goes out to drama critic and writer Peggy Harris . . . her latest play to be published is similar to Kipling's The Light That Failed. She is still un- decided about lhe title, so may we suggest The Bulb That Popped or a simpler title like Darkness. Best school marms we ever came across are Lolann Harris and Ann Hall. Lolann, remembering her own days in sumnierschool, is now running one of her own. The only requiretnents for entrance are failure in at least two subjects, male. good-looking. and a car tconvertible preferredj. Anne. however, couldn't tear herself away frotn her ball and chain at C.l'.S., and she is now head of the Latin Departlnent there. She teaches that there are only three parts to the verb love . . . aman, amability, and amarriage! VVell, enough chatter and patter for this time, so this is lkfartha Winchell McDonald bidding you good-night! 1543 e N. Ov ,sg 'Z Q, 'site xkgaj. te wif? l h ' It eivfriff .egg , wif 'W' S?--ML 5 Ws!6..wL The Lost Locket The night was a warm, sultry one, the moon's shimmering reflection on the ocean cast an eerie light around me as I strolled along the sandy beach at the desolate Point Henry. I had come to this spot to spend a few days of rest from the turbulent city life of the l890's. On this night about ten o'clock I had decided to take a walk before I retired, I left my little cabin, where once, I had been told, stood a great mansion, now destroyed by tl1e frequent storms and tl1e angry waves. As I strolled aimlessly along, my gaze suddenly fell on a small, shiny object lying a few feet ahead of me. I hastened to the spot and picking it up, found it to be a tiny, gold locket, affected by age and the brisk salt air. I turned it over in my hand and dropped it carelessly in my pocket. I returned to my cabin about midnight and began to undress for bed. As I took off my shirt, the mysterious locket dropped from its resting place to the floor below. For a second time I examined the tiny piece of jewelry, and here in the stronger light of my cabin I had the sudden feeling that I had seen this locket somewhere before. Where or when I knew not. Mfhen still a lad of twenty I had been struck with a peculiar fever from which I slowly re- cuperated. This fever had resulted in the loss of my memory. Whatever had occurred in my life before my illness was unknown to me. As I lay there in bed, the locket clasped in my hand, my troubled dreams were filled with nightmares, I tossed from one side of my bed to the other. -If I could only remember!-If I could only remember! It was 1885 when the Henry mansion was being completed at the Point. Old Thomas Henry himself supervised the carpenters as they put the finishing touches on the home he had dreamed of building since the Civil Wfar. The family had finished the moving in that morning and was to have the housewarming on that very night. Major Henry stood in front of his beautiful home admiring its beauty when the large front door opened and Kathie, his lovely eighteen- year-old daughter, came gaily running out. Father, dear, you've been out here almost all day, I've missed you terribly. My, isn't the house going to be the finest in all Georgia? Kathie, my sweet, it does this poor old man good to see you, said the Major with a gay laugh. You know you're getting prettier every day. 'fruthfully could he say such words, for Kathie was a belle of her day. Her dark curly locks fell in loose masses on her snow-white shoulders. Her beautiful blue eyes, which had already conquered many a youth's heart, sparkled with excitement. just why is my daughter so gay today? Oh, Father, you're just trying to tease me, you know it's my eighteenth birthday, and, Father, Mother is having a banquet for me tonight. And is that tl1e only reason? I heard that young David Blake was to be among the guests, and he is quite fond of my Kathie, isn't he? inquired the Major with a chuckle. Father, you mustn't say such things, CHIIIC the shy reply from under a head bent with blushes. I shan't tease you any more, laughed Major Henryg run along and tell your mother that I'll soon be in. Please don't be late, dear, you must greet our guests. About seven the guests began to arrive and were graciously received by the host and hostess. The Hamiltons, the Crosbys, the Abercrombies, and other renowed Southern families began to arrive. Oh, David, why don't you come? Kathie questioned herself in a low voice. She kept wait- ing and watching, but at eight David still had IlOt arrived. f55J ,fgflqiiif QX t -MS.: XFN '-, Q -. Qin - Q 1' '1 swam . . N .. me A tau WW b4 dk ' s?.:41L A- wtygyat A servant soon appeared in the doorway announcing that dinner was ready. Laughter and mirth reigned among the guests going into the dining room. Kathie, her loveliest in line white satin trimmed in a mass of crinoline ruflles, pure white jasmine in her dark hair, was escorted by 'l'om Crimmins, but she paid little attention to this handsome lad Her eves kept seeking, among the throng, another face, that ol David Blake-but she looked in vain: David was not there. Are you expecting someone? asked her beau. Ah, no, 'l'om, replied Kathie with a sweet girlish smile, how have you been lately? just line, thank you, Miss Kathie-Miss Kathie, you aren't even listening. Please excuse me, 'l'oml l'm afraid I didn't hear you. Thus the conversation continued throughout the meal. Poor Tom tried his best to touch upon some subject that might hold his lady's interest, but he strove in vain. Kathie politely dismissed herself front her escort after dinner and wandered in and out among the crowd. Suddenly she looked around and saw David Blake stride toward her. I-le was a tall lad of twenty, well built and muscular. Kathie, I must talk to you, whispered David with anxious voice. YVhat is it, David? I can't speak here. Conte outside with nie. There is no time to lose. Taking Kathie by the hand, David led her outside where they could be alone. To be brief, he said, my father died suddenly in England, and I must sail immediately to settle his affairs. Oh, David, must you go now? she said pleadingly, l may never see you again. You will see me again, darling, I will come back. In the meantime, Kathie, wear this locket, and when you look at it, remember that I will come back to you If you still love me come h 1 . . , . e-e , at this tnne every year, when the scent ol jasmine is heavy on the air, and even the salt breeze smells of spring. Some day you will find me waiting-this I promise you. David lifted Kathie's face to his own and kissed her tenderly. XVhen you come back some day, l'll be waiting for you here, whispered Kathie. After David departed Kathie, with tears in her eyes, felt for the tiny locket that David had fastened around her throat. It was gone! Kneeling on the beach, she felt for her cherished possession. lt was lost to her forever in the sands of Point Henry. David sailed for England the next day. just then I awoke from my dreams. Unable to go back to sleep, I hastily put on my clothes, and again I wandered to the beach. 'l'here not far away I saw the form of a woman, radiant in the beautiful moonlight. She was small of stature. and her dark tresses fell lightly about her shoulders. As I neared the place where she stood, she looked at me as if searching for some lost treasure. lhen suddenly through the warm spring air came her voice. Davidl she cried, running toward me. David you've come back! Then as I held her in my arms, l remembered-I remembered everything! FINIS -Blanche Dodds, '-14. i567 sf' Sak . ss:f2-t+'fa- Gigs 1,1 s 'B -th Y t tif v 9- 'Y' 55551- 'fl-WE' .,,, ' 93 ' N y.. Qht g wiht In Defense ofthe Nose The most degraded, abased, and humiliated feature of the human face-the nose-has been completely forgotten: except, as a hay fever sufferer will tell you, during the months of Sep- tember and October. It has been socked , slapped, nipped, and broken: tortured by handker- chiefs: pinched by eye glasses: powdered: pressed against window panes: hit by flying baseball bats: twisted, twitched and forced into all sorts of spasmodic contortions. lt has been thrust into other peoples business and used as a woman's salutation to her inferiors fat a certain slantj. Things have been balanced on them-anything from a rubber ball to a set of china ware: they are an aid to little children in eating: acrobats hang suspended by them: philosophers hang mustaches or beards on them. Indeed it is the point of highest interest of the homo-sapien-istic countenance: the climax of the face. Alas! however it is a thankless life this mistreated organ lives. Before we go further. to understand better the fated lot of the nose, we had best describe a bit about the genders, personalities, and character of the nose, generally speaking. To begin with, there is a masculine nose and a feminine one-though few people know it. They differ in vari- ous ways and functions. Such as: a. The .feminine of the species is more apt toward-what has come to be known commonly- smelling a rat or detecting something rotten in the state of Denmark . The masculine nose has not a gift in the art of such. What little ability there is may be totally obliterated by shrewd handling. b. The feminine is able to be stuck into other people's business with a great deal more ease than the masculine. The latter, indeed, tends toward bashfulness: hence, the mustache for it to hide behind. c. The feminine would rebel at a punch in the nose : the masculine thrives on it. d. The feminine can live at a higher elevation than the masculine. e. The feminine is known to sigh, sniff, and sob: the masculine emits grunts, grumbles, snorts. and cigarette smoke. The two are alike only in that both have what may be called dual or split personalities . . .They lead double lives. In the world of literature we find no odes, sonnets, not even a simple lyric to the nose . . . Cexcept for the like of Cyrano de Bergerac whose nose has brought down nothing but universal contempt and ridicule upon all noses and which we shall please forget for the nosels sake . . . H The poet compares the eyes of his heroine with deep, limpid pools of blue for whatever color particularly appeals to himj: her lips are like rubies : her teeth as pearls : her brow fair as the day . . . but what of the nose? ls it endowed with beautiful similes? Could he not give it a line or two? To be metrical about it: for instance, her nose like a rose or the end of a hose , perhaps-but the poet is merciless. The nose is an outcast from description: a fugitive from elaboration . . . The nose shall never hnd a champion among the realm of poets. Nor is it made fatuous among the annals of history. Achilles glorified the heel: Madame de Pompadour, the lock of hair: and a certain Captain jenkins went so far as to have a war fought over his ear. Not once does the historian mention the nose. Do we know the character of Alulius Caesar's nose fexcept that it was a Roman nosej? or that of Napoleon or Christopher Columbus? 'I hroughout the ages this instrument of smell has been the victim of unsung exist- ence. Perhaps if it had been ornamented or decorated, it would not have been so shunned . . . fan exception are the Oriental rings which we overlook for they bring nothing but pain to the mind of any nosej . . . Wfomen of all civilizations have worn rings in their ears, necklaces around their necks, and bracelets on their wrists. They rouge their lips and cheeks but the nose again is forgotten-as in poetry and history, so in beautification. A dab of pastel upon the tip of the nose, a chain with a watch or locket attached, hanging from it fwhich could be called a noselet or noselace j would do much to heighten the morale and social standing of the nose . . . The next time you are following your nose around do not despise it . . . Praise it! Love it! You are greatly indebted to it and it is so unappreciated. -Mary Ann Taber, '45. C575 ss Q. s 'ttf sa ., .g?ff2'2g,sf i' Q1 V g d. 3, -f iQ?QSk Q Q. 401.- 4, ' .5 1,4 fwfr y, f,. . ff iq! -Q 21-5'7 , + Q , We . . in F I ,,,K, Wi fl M-' ' 'W' I var l Q X IL M412 wisihll The Ccllerldclr SCIDICIHIDCI' lilll-llqgillllillg of sclllllll-pzlllvl' ul scl- Clllll j.1l'2llll'l'S' lilly :Pl fvvl Ilcalrll rlll llll' slvps. SL'lllK'lI1lJI.'l' Hlll-Rlll Wl'l'lx-lll'll! llClll lll'lll! SCIlll'lllllC'l' lllll-Miss llillillllglll l'llllllgl'S srllclllllc. SCIJICIIIIXCI' lfllll-l,:lll Sl'SSl0lli lli'g'lll. Nlisx XYllil1lkl'l' l2llU.'S lll'Nl IICIAXC pill. SC!llK'1lllJi'l4 lllll-Miss bllllllilglll 1'llillljJ,l'S S1llt'llllll' Zlgillll. wb SCIIICIIIIICI' Qlsl-Nliss BC'l'lxlllg lll'l'llllll's Nlrs. .Xll'l'K'll slllllllfllll Kilcc filllll. pcllvc !'t'lgllS Slllll'l'llll'. lilll' Rl wllilc Zlllfllill. SL'IJlClllllCl' 27lll-Kiylll l72lgS l'lll'L'lxCll-l:llll 2ll.ll'l'llUUll Slllllf llzlll. Orllllwr llll-Srlpllolllllll' lllZlf!xlllllllC'l' lllvl' sul! Ollllllcl' lilll-l'lll'l:lilllcll sll'l'Lllcl'w llcgill In llrrlllllll- llllt, Smllcllllc IllllSl llc XY2ll'lll-llllllIl'l'Kl. f,i'l0lll'l' llilll-l'lll'll:ll'c lrlllllllcl-ll'lll'll' alll' Illusi- slwlllc-l's? Orllllmcl Qgllil-SL'Ulllil ll-:ll lllgl'lJl'1l l'lllS9 Slll,fgl'SlS llll' lvllcrs X.y.1lllll I llc rcllllllcll l'l'Ulll llll' illPllllllCl. Nlwclllllcl' 2llll-Nllll fllll'Cll l'll'l'lL'tl-llilllllll' llslvlllls lllc lllrllllc. Nllvclllllcl' filwlglllllmlllcs' lJ0l7lllill'llf' hlll4gL'S lu Illc' i-l'0lll. Owl'-ll'cll'kcll Roll Cross l'l'l'silll'lll Kitty f,l'l1llllg is l'cl'llgllilcll for llcl' lllkllll llclililivs. Nclvclllllcl' llllll-Nlalll frlllll Rllssizl speaks In slllulll -wc lL'1ll'll lllCl'C'S zllllllllcl' plzlu' ill lllc wllrlll ll'llcl'c slllllcllls llllll' llllllil' ll'ol'k lu llll lllilll :ll U.l'.S. Nllvcllllwl' llllllflllllli' sclllls ful' f2ll1ll0g'lll' l'l'0llI llll- llvpolll l'. NClX'L'll!lJl'l' Zllll-'lllallllxsgixillg ll0llll2lX'S :lllll url' lvl' lllillllifllll Nmclllllcl' fllllll-'B1lSlxL'llb2lll Sl'1lN0ll lmcgills. llcrvllllicl' Isl-Sl'lli0l's limp llzlfk lu scllcllll-sllxlllg 2ll'Ulll2l of Sl02lIl.S l.illilll0lll. ll l'l'l' zlllltl. DCl'L'llllK'l' lllll-Miss Illllll lll2llxl'S il lrip I0 lllc alllilx Sl'0l'L'Z 30 swc':llcl's. 55 lcllllis sllm-al, fl sllrks. Dl'l'l'IlllPCl' l5lll-Nliss Dllllfs zlllil' l1lllcl'lillll gum to llll' fllll'lSllIl1lS lmoxcs. llCt'CllllK'l' IlllllAlScl'Ly Xhrllll SlllI'S ill llll' sl'Yl'Illll cirlllll' cilll'l5llll2lS lllily. lJcl'l'lllllcl' l7lll-Cilll'lSlI1l2lS llrllillzlw Hillll' all l2lSl. l'.XCl'yUllL' slcqls. SllllllC9. llllll l'1llK'llC5 up Ull :lll lxzlcl ll'rll'L. My R5 l?j. -lllllllzlry Isl-Hzlppl Nl-ll' YC2ll'l lill'l'l'lllll- llll'IlS UYCI' -- -- zlllll gm-s llzlck lo slccp. hlilllllllfy 4illl4Sl'l'1lllll yclll' 2llgl'lll'2l l'l2lSS l'L'culllllll'lllls lIlC l'l'lI10X all of alll lL'lll.'l'S llllllll llll' Zllllllllllvl. hlilllllillf' xlll-SC'lll0l' 2llgl'lll'2l lcl icw clllss sm-cllllls lhl' lllolillll. qlllllllzlry lfllll-Qlllll-Rnill of Vl'Cl'l'0l'-ll'iIl'llCl'S gill' 9Illill'lllS lllilll llc-gulf. l3llllllll'X 2llll!Scllim's llll Olll zlpplilzllioll lllZllll4S fm' 1 llK'il YCEII'-ill G.l'.S. Iilllllilly Zilll-Miss llilfllilglll lll2lliC'S rllalllgl' ill srllvll- lllL', .lllllllllly 2lllllYMl's. Slllilll l'i'llll'llS fl'0lll fillllfllflllil. l12Illt'lllj2lllS l'CS0lllHl llllillllgllfblll Illt' slllulll. Alzlllllalry 27lll4Nliss llilfllilglll givcx up zlllll llcliclcs lo slzlll :lll ml'1'llg':lill. l'1Clll'll2lI'y lsl!l'l'csll Ivzncs l..I'.S,-so mln llli' glalllvs A l'l'Ulll 08 lo lllll lfcllrll:ll'y 20lll4l,:lll-st lllillg ill l'llsllilllls4lZllllgo rvll Cl'ZlSl'l' clollls als lllllllclcll ill llll' lzlll Ill' Becky, .l2lllC. Nlzlllllill. llllll lllllllllw. 4581 iklv .KQQQ .6 4 xg? Yiqgrx Y' i 1 eff ' ffl fi A tl' ic N 5 Q 4 if if 4 LYQN y y' 'L QM' x AX Qbllk it .-N.t y gy wiv 'fi' We 1' -?-5' The Calendar l eln'uary 2lst-Miss Whitaker threatens to tell 'l'.IJ.l'. il' usual cloths are not restored by Montlay. lfebruary 22ml-jane tlecitles to become a sezunstress. She begins by heuuning eraser cloth. February Qflrtl-'l'iltla learns to bleach. February 29th-O niy! 'l'hey're either too young or too oltl. March flrtl-Many happy returns of the clay, Miss Dully! March tith-Senior Class tries to get partners for May Day. lhey cliscoyer one half ol' class wearing blue, the other hall green antl tlecitle on purple May Day. March Nth-Machine Age cotnes to G.l'.S. March Sith-lfreslunan at work capturing spy in 'he Missing . Marcli lllth-l'ractice begins for the tlrzunalic club play. March l5th-Miss llully says the saps are rising : il tnttst be spring. March ltith-Seniors go to glass works. 'l'hriving business between Paltnetto antl Alton Park al all tlrug stores. March l7th-Wherc's the Static? March 2Ith-Dramatic Club l'lay. Miss Ginger. Matltlin appears at witulow slightly tlutub. Hol- lantl burnetl eliminating eggs. March 27th-AA'here's Malnic's hanuner? March Illst-Senior Day-Seniors play the fool as usual. April Qllll-Avlll'I'L' is the Static? April flrtl-Megalomaniacs. Sl'llll0lllll'Cllll'S, antl nia- nic-tlepressives inyatle the Senior Class. April 5th-Matltliu turns pink. atlverlises sotne-crA a-personals. April lith-Emeline tnakes trip to the attic. April llth-Annual Board hartl at work. April lllth-Where are Miss Whitaker's scissors? .April llth-Where are Miss jarnagin's scissors? April l2th-Could we borrow Miss lJauiel's scissors? April llth-'l'alk by fiCI'lll3lll Prince l!tnburtius Ill Lowenstein. April l5th-College lloartl lixains for some-Mary kathryn, liltla. liecky. and Helen tlecitle to go Hutlepohl with -lane. April lrlth-Report rartls receiyetl-only Twenty- eight more school clays. not counting sununer school. .April Zllthfllaylor Cilee Club-why is the llllllllllillll bus so empty? Spelling contest begins. April 2lst-Argument over best ligure still going on in geometry class. April 22ml-Has the Static gone out ol' business? .April 2'lth-Where's Matnie's hannner? April 27111-AVlto's got sotne scissors? April 28th-May Day. Rain, rain. go away. I.itlle llonnie willlls to reign. May 5th-Static comes out-in print! Static lloartl elections. May 10th-Annual lloartl elections. May llth-Aren't you borecl? May lflth-Spring leyer-colcl wave causes tlelay. May lflth-Seniors bequeath seats. Don't we wish we eoultl! May 22ncl-23rd-Exanns. May 25th-Class Day. May illilh-Cotinnencentent. See ya' next year. ' ' I fn s fl? ,a. . gat F '45 I , . if I H X H ...V ,. A I ' --- A ni ggi? . A F i ' y . f, X J 'xmas-1-. sc . ef-1, Q J 4' . y .y . Q. 1593 - 'Q . x S, PQ' ky Q 4 it I if Q , :V 'V - - 7 Y ff A ' '-ll l X - Sffm 3 1 ' i- N 1 ' . ,NT fvwifxlf ,Wh 412, D f 4 l 1 I 3, 'f N 5 ' '- ' -ll l af A Sv 2,54 'ff' V N C y ' X if f .l 'MAL VV if . ' gf, 5.1 Af X ' ,. , f , ' - -' 1 9 -V' i xg qi' I. '95, Y K rl I s ' 0' ' ' 'A Q is vb ' 4 ,W I 4 v 3' Q Y-4 g. - S ff I yn! . sq ll 113,22 1 q -'W 'nllyex 'Y 'X AL , I.: l '4 lL ,' 'A A fi'Q'1sv-fvw - -f Q . I I 'ww . g lzyhx. I ri if A u ,Jn LW nf f f ' - +' l 1 dm., .W -x ' ' QJYTJX' 5 Q ,f .5,L:.a.J I Q -nl K ' 1 Y'- . --1-az.: rl i 8 Rli.XIJlNiQ .XQZROSSQ Nlllllllllf mils 1ll'UllI1ll lsilh 'Nlilllx lillll' hllm' lllllIllll'l llc Mlk'1llllillg. ullllll slll-P lflbllil lllllgll all llK'l'.illCl1Ill.l llclp ill 'mg'-'17 Slllllf ' S:lllll'llll'Qll'l1l' ill lll1'N1lllll'lIl1' llllllc. lisallx Ull llL'1lllIN! Nlghm' NIMH? Univ ,llllll '. licgfvlll. llms lllllltl flill pllss lllc Ill? 'Ill il llllll- lllUl'llll. Why llilllfl ul' xlllllx lllll lllxllllk lam I ull Nllllll'lllN IlN'l'l!ll'l vm ll1IlSUlll'IllIH'5lll' um UH' VN' I 'l'W '2f P4 V4ll'5!! WMV h I 1 1 n llclll! .X l'1lllN l'l'l-lv. Su. Xllll skl 51111 XIII lllllglx. Illlllr . , I I r- oll, All-gli-llll 1603 HNIH 1 ..................... , X ,, if ,f ,4Q, . y 2r'i v '1nZJ l'g! .v-.LfY,,fNvl l x Y If 4 55 , . ' I' Q! -. 2 . v ..............1 ...-...Q fffi. if-fp, 4 HHHHN I I O ,L Qi V, if -.-...h -....v..,L...,,- .1,.v , , mn., ff- , f' 3 I ,--- !f 'MH -7- , 7M W .uh A .v Gi? HNIS 1613 1 xv. 4 fr' mg? ,r i 'laif ki' p '1 WL ij! 'gtg N. .149- 1 0 E uto C621 QVOP 34' Y 4 WKYZML ix' A ig: af, ce.-QM e on if . y Sv 1-W-4' we xgigsax . s . , , -Q, JC?,- PN ? t N XL . 2:1?.vZWjl st ,JL Q! LLETLYEZD If--:S -pf- Mr i . Q , .. 4 'S A y 5 1- 'Q V4 Y fx 1 w' ' ' . , JA ye k, 1A 5 S2941 HIHIS' PIHPHHHIHHY SUHUUl Thirty-Seventh Year Opens September 4, 1944 GYMNQSIU - - OORS EXERCISES BUILDING WELL LIGHTED M .QND OUT OF D HND VENTILHTED 6635 91' 'B -kb?-'SWB W ' Wy W 'L ffm Qf Q11 L 5 Av - QML W NG12 gg L Tggmss IN THIS ANNUAL f NVERU P-q H PRQDUGED ,6- 34 BYTHD AMISANS CDF Q ?? A-:QQ A LM EN :guna .Nj J . 1 sf AXE we WW if X A crrAmxNooGA,frD1xN. A x-f-- :EK 6 C HATTAN G O GA PRINTING AND ENGRAVIN G COMPANY Printers of 19 4 4 KALEIDOSCOPE 300-302-304 M A RKE' I' S' I'REE' I' CHA'l l ANOOG.-X, TENNESSEE 1641 In R x l R ' 1 V Q-,E

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