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Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Y Y N SX Q is I i ,frank ,T-'Q se V 7 1 ,.Q7W 14, WW.. ....f V. Q ,, , ' . . .' ,. .,-. A ,,.MfM,.nun:u0mnm.umuza Eli 'L vc . 1956 polytechnic maid GIRLS POLYTECHNIC HIGH SCHOOL PORTLAND, OREGON E 5 5 , X ., . ,I ,, :.,, - Q 11 iii l Q s 3 mfj 5 N it X X 4 Q W S XXX LNE' Tix A X " f .. . X j' 9 'QW ,, , ' Qi , 1 Q QS. .xg ks gm L 1-ll .liggn -1 sa Qlbfaa Painted here is Girls Poly, inside and out U- her clcxsses - activities - projects - clubs - and ideas 4 her behind -the - scenes problems, all showing smiles - sorrows - or laughter. The brown and orange shades of autumn blend with the tall activities. Winter, grey and white in color, combines the seasonal projects of clubs and clctss- rooms. Then the sudden warmth ol spring in her gay colors brings the anxiety of graduation ond the linishf ing ot the school year. During these seasons the students F the faculty - f and the activities paint the many pictures that come oli the palette to you - in the 1956 Polytechnic Mold, , F' Q5 ,. " adm .D ..1 4-u 1 , '- ' V . .1 lxs. n ,J .JP .1l' 'n ,Xa -.' , .QC Q.. Q . ,M ,VY X 'E 4 ',,.,.- 1 -.v.,. - o zwli, Q ul J... MN u,.. 1 ,..l ,-,'-' . 5 u . .1 i, S 5 K , ,. X. .-K" , n qi' ,, .. uv' g '. 9. .'. 1 '- '- ,..,,,z. -lv - -r. ,,' ,Q 'A ' tfnagx, U ,K ,M rg l iizw ..' 5 ' 5' '. gl. , v 4 X ., .. 4 nu- A - ,Tx ' -,.- 4 Q I N, U A A -'f',u:.w',x -V, vu -3, A, , JSM, NA' n UH. W . ' . J 5 A K .I I . .wg-4 1.1 S. uv ,., dt! Wm 'TABLE OF Administration. . Classes . . . Organizations . Student Life . Ads CS Index . CCDNTENTS . . 20- . . 14- . . 40? . . eo- ..82- .MNQA l. Q INSTALLATION ot the new au- dio equipment in the library makes the impossible possible ds students may enjoy listening to their lavorite records Without d i s t u r b i n g others. Bernice Michalke, left, Karen Morrow dnd Dorothy Kindred are tak- ing advantage of this new pleasure. 6 DESIGNING your own clothes is part ot the senior clothing course. Modeling their tormol creations are Zenette Laurine, left, Marilyn Dixon dnd Margo Drake. Seniors also learn how to dratt patterns and tailor suits. l Leorn Homemoking To Promote Successful, Heolthful Living PLEASING the customer is important in promoting sales. ln this "salesroom" Carol Connolly displays boxes ot candy for Pct Lulay to buy, as these two Distributive Ed- ucation students learn both buying and selling tech- niques, Most of their time is devoted to their out-ot-school jobs Where they report ecxch day. at up is .num AN INSPIRING SCENE from "The Littlest An- gel" is shown as the cast, Marilyn Dixon, left, Lorna May Trueb, Fred Ford, Evelyn Gross as the Littlest Angel, Io- anne Lovelace, Betty Cruse, and Marlene Myers, look spellbound at the radiant light of the Star rising above Bethlehem. Learn To Communicate Clearly, Ettectively ENAMEL jewelry on copper ready to be fired is placed in the kiln by Marjorie Woods, left, as Sandra Kenfield and Audrey Wells from the Arts and Crafts class Watch the procedure. PECULIARITIES do occurl Hall passes this year were a bit un- usual and different. For example, this baseball bat held by Marlene Frutiger shows she is from the gym, While the metronome signi- fies that Clareese McCuin is from the music department. TESTING? - testing? Yes, these girls in Miss Marie Churchill's speech closs are testing their voices on the tape recorder. Played back, these recordings help show students where to im- prove their speaking ability. Here Beverly Frye records the voices of Dolores Tweedy, left, Lelia Ford, Ginger Fitzhugh, and Iacqueline Keeney. IAVA would be interesting to visit, We learned in this tall's National Assembly. Here Pamela McCarthy models ceremonidl attire worn by the women of lava. f.1 xgi HOW TO IIVIPROVE the techniques ot shorthand in senior Business Education is demonstrated by Betty Cruse to ludy Wilson. Many hours ol practice on strokes and word sounds help promote speed in taking dictation. 9 Acquire on Understanding of World "SAYING IT VVITH FLOWERS" is the Benson Engineers' way of showing their appreciation ot the good will developing be- tween our two schools. Student Body president, Robert Selby, presented this colorful basket of tlowers to our president, Vera Taylor, in a special assembly. REACTIONS from this chem- istry experiment could be ex- citing but Donna Halliday, lett, and Audrey Kjellberg don't look too worried. They know their finctl result will be non- hcxrrntul, only purified water. roblems and Cultures UM-M-M-M GOOD! Roast turkey high lights this Christmas practice meal prepored and enjoyed by Mrs. Manleys rn o r n i n g foods class. Students can take foods as a major ond learn advotnced cook- ing and serving of everyday meals as well as special occasion foods. , Mar' 1 FILMS make facts come to lite tor these freshmen social studies students under the direction of Mrs. l,oVonne llawes when they study the early ond present cultures ot the people in Asia and Ate rica. ll ond Develop on Interest in the Fine Arts INSTRUCTIONS BY MRS. EBENER about the loom give dress design student, Bev- erly H a n s o n, some ideas about fdbric weaves tor her next dress creations. A VARIETY OF PAINTINGS such as still lite, texture, block, interpretive, oil, chalk, and Watercolor are taught to Dolores Tweedy and Karen Meeks as Well as the other art class members. MRS. MARTHA EBENER To an Artist "Open your galleries of art to the people, and you confer on them a greater benefit than mere book education, you give them a refinement to which they would otherwise be strangers." Charles B. Fairbanks To Mrs. Martha Ebener, respected and beloved teacher of art, this book is fondly dedicated. For twenty-three years students at Girls Poly have had the privilege of growing in artistic understanding and developing latent artistic abilities under the tutelage of this remarkable teacher. In dress design, weaving, freehand sketching, watercolor and oil painting, carving, and many other fields, she has opened her students' eyes to sym- metry and beauty, and taught their fingers skills undreamed of. Because of her patient encouragement and stimulating leadership, they have won innumerable awards, includ- ing the coveted Scholastic gold keys, and higher yet, Art Museum scholarships, and have carried away enrichment to their future lives and careers. Before teaching, Mrs. Ebener attended the Millersville State Normal School in Penn- sylvania for two years and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, for two years. After this study, she came to Portland to teach at Lincoln and Franklin- High Schools, and then to Girls Polytechnic in l933. Exceptionally talented in her own right, Mrs. Ebener spends many hours at her own loom, weaving beautiful patterns. She has the special talent of being able to mix unusual colors. and textures for a fabric of glowing beauty. She is a member of the Handweavers Association and a former officer of that club. Behind her lies a wealth of experiences . . . before her, new experiences and new endeavors. May she remember Girls Poly, we who have grown better by knowing her will remember her always with admiring affection. The essence of every picture is the frameg the frame of every school is the Administration. J? MISS RUTH DOWE Principal MBS. RUTH GREVE Vice-Principal MISS RUTH DOWE, officially pre- sented to the Student Body by Dr, Lawrence Winter, reviewed the policies of our school. Friendly Administrators Acting as temporary principal and vice-principal respectively, Miss Ruth Dowe and Mrs. Ruth Greve have administered Well their many duties. Besides ably conducting their routine problems, they whole- heartedly entered into their varied school activities. Miss Dowe was always present to lend her as- sistance to the girls when needed. Her major task was keeping the school running smoothly and or- derly, but she always found time to talk to the girls about their interests and problems. Mrs. Greve Was student council adviser and Worked With the student body officers in planning and executing student affairs. Her major concern lay in handling the attendance problems and coune seling the girls. l r X sy.. t ,A x , 9 ,X Vx it .A I X Q X Q xx K S I ' M jf, ,F xg we H E Q we AMUNDSEN. HILDUR CHURCHILL, MARIE EBENER. MARTHA Sclencf- Genmal, Qpwwclx, Drama, llnqlnslx All Cwrtvml gvllemlstxvl Hmloqv, Mlkffyopmt, 'l'lm1:1-mlnfz Art C'um1u--lvl-xl DURING mem WEEKLY MEETINGS th- -Dum lim,-W Mt- Hof., flush' 'HYHCHI F-fi'1Cef'0'1' "IW ll'1f1l'U'l"A1 mlm, Mlm: Slzvzcl-c, Aaopltvzxrmow- Mrs Klkmlt Jurlxot SandSM1::!HHoqvv:s Gmldmo FARRENS' HELEN ,yi All Club lmvm: l:s,v',:w1 1'0lfl'-Iwi that '1:l::1- COnCf'1nmU llu- qlflb, ENGLISH' GEORGIA Llbvay'XY'tiIll?ilr114xvlltw:z l"lVm'3l'l All A'l""3" Socml Stufiufs, Polyffttfm, Senmv Anlvlsoy HRWES. LAVONNE lfrxtqluylu, fimctml filmtv Polvtwrlvrm' Maul Qmll ,mtl Sunil Nlatmrml lllmu: Smut.-t oncl Faculty Supervise oncl Otter Helpful Instruction HOLLENBECK, EDNA 1'1.l:l. S0c1fxlStml1f':z l.rml1::l1 ami Sofml lftwixvra. Cilmlvumrx ltfl H11-rye MANLEY. HELEN fwrtw: fmnl Sf-mm lrmwlfz, lovmtfxln fxrul 'IW-fx llumn, llumf- l t'v,rm:x11c::a fflmlrrvmrm Pmly llrug- Y KLINK, LENORE l.rlql1:sl1, Socml Stndn-qs Absvmbly Co-ordtnator Lffarlr-Iulwxp Nwrrlcw 1Tl.h lurnm Covlnsf-lm fxrvl Avlvlfsf' KORDIC, VIOLET 'nql1:slm, Social Stltdtes lv Red Cxoss MORGAN, MADELINE Plwfucal llducatlon, Uxlllettf-s ENIOYING THE HARVEST DINNER and tlw 501111-ul ul Mums llvlllt Lev, Ictlred ts-acllrt, and Mm lflvanm Mallllwws, on ll'-avf-, art- gmxw' ol tlw faculty mmnbms MARSHALL, FELICIA Att: and ffmf's:. SOC1-il Stlwln-5 P11 fflltlw WU' AQ , we mfg IV NOTTAGE, LINEA PARROTT. HELEN ROGERS. LUCY Clothing, Fanciannes Hornemaking, Tri-Y Clothing, Fanciannes, Senior Counselor I ROOKLIDGE. CHESTER ROSS ANEDRA A SPECIAL VALENTINE was Miss Marie Churchill at the Valent1ne's Mathemancs Science General, ROWE, ROBERT DAY 'ea presented blf lumm Cgokmg malors m the Practice Apaftmefi' Ir. Roadside Council Biology, Cercle Motrice English, Social Studies, tor experience in preparing later for their class tea, Freshman Counselor Iomnalism' H,-Llqhtl and Adviser Keyettes, Quill and Scroll, English and Social Studies Chairman Relationship is Sincere Among Focuity ond Students SENN. HELENE Typing, Shorthand, English, Poly Promenaders SPENCER, LAWRENCE Band, Choral Music. String Ensemble, Tune Timers l 8 SHUCK ELMA MEMBERS OF THE P.T.S.A. board entertained the teachers during .' , their regular lunch periods. Providing and serving the delicious food Homemakmgr Child were Mrs. Brault, second vice-president, Mrs. Mehattev, ways and Ca'efMa15OnS' means chairman, Mrs. Ianke, refreshment chairman, Mrs. Almgren, Sophgkqsridhgggrselor treasurer: and Mrs. Fitzhugh, president. Capable Hands Fullill Jobs A HAPPY SMILE always on- hghtr-n:a thv taco ol Mrs Cora llathbtln af: :shra qrrarftfa thx' stu- de-ntfz from thuf bookraom where :sho handlfrf: Ihr' important school llnanctr-5: ancl book suppllf-S P '----..,,4dY vs TURNING OUT TASTY DISHES ol all types lor the students are Mrs Nina Mtllm lleltl, Mrs. MGTIOH Padle, and Mrs. Florence Kr,-rwood KEEPING OUR SCHOOL m tlp-top conditlon 1sn't a very glamorous yob, ,w but Mrs. Inez Hlltunen finds lt inter' estlnq and does a :ery good lob PROVING VERY CAPABLE at the-xr John mr' Mrs, Marne llohlatns llf-lll, Mmqfxrf-t lttcgr-, and Mrs: Cora Mfmont tn lmndltna much rotlttna- now Mrs lone ol- hnr work, lmsqtrlt-:1 Cll6'ClilH attendance Q and rr-crorrltnfy qrndr-ra. FHIENDLINESS cornhtns-d wtth loyalty fmrl lmrnl work tor our :school nlwfzcrlbas tht- cmstoflmrtsa, l,lrtc-mln Wrlqht lurvatmll, lltll Nmlrnrt Clftltl, llfxy l,1'tt1-nrna1f:, and fitllu-tl llrzflmmt ..qe:15T - , ,gp ,, Mk , ........g... N...,,,- S As artists must sacrifice for their art, so must students sacrifice for their school. X I f .- i .Xian Q- IOANNE LOVELACE -1-r LU LW fun I, l W r ix 3 sk - K es,r 1 0- 1 I il W K " -ir "' W i 4-.., Miss GEORGIA ENGLISH gem r Cl P 'd t, - o ass rest en Senior Class Adviser We, the Seniors of I956 Time Went byl The senior year suddenly closed in upon us. No more classes, teachers, or walking up the same steps of Poly and saying, "Hi Iane," or "l-li, Marylu All our Old friends Were going their Way, but We have these remembrances. We remember the senior cictivities such as the class plays in which some of our best friends had a starring role. We remem- ber the new officers elected, the college con- ferences attended, and the senior tea given for parents. We remember Cotton Dress Day, baccalaureate, and most of all graduation when each of us walked down the aisle to- ward our finished gocil. CHOOSING COMMITTEE MEMBERS for the senior prom, tea, banquet, baccalaureate and commence- ment are Shirley Hendrickson, vice-president, Marlene Schmitz, secretary, and Ioyce Wernegreen, treasurer. 4-...X MISS INTELLECTUBL Beta Braull . x MISS CONGENIALITY MISS MOST-LIKELY-TO-SUCCEED Ioann Lovelace Vera Taylor h U I I Present to You l e Senior Six. ShlI'lfSHiZ'SE2fm 55,2 'JJIIQL MISS SERVICE Pauline McKinney l l 1. . wg- A ACHZIGER, GLORIA - Commercial Foods. Tune Timers, Del Fugeo. Marriage. ALEXANDER, MARLENE - Distributive Education. Cercle Motrice, Poly Promenaders, Cecco Fi Mu, sec., Pep Club, Drillettes, Leadership, lunior Achievement, vice-pres., Poly- maid sales girl, Delta Mu, historian, Armed Services and possibly College. BAGLEY, MEARITA - Clothing. Fanciannes, vice-pres., sec., Mikeropes, Student Council representative, alternate. Work. BENNETT, BETTY - Commercial Foods. Cecco Fi Mue, Cercle Motrice, Fanciannes, vice-pres. Work and Marriage. BENNETT, NOLA - Clothing. Cecco Fi Mue, Fanciannes, Maisons, Drillettes, Modello, Student Council representative. Work and ,Marriage. BENTON, ANNETTE - Commercial Foods. Cercle Motrice, Fanciannes, Nurricef Work and Marriage. BESTE, GAYLE -- Commercial Foods. Cercle Motrice, Nurrice, Poly Promenaders. Nursing. BOONE, SHIRLEY - Clothing. Cercle Motrice, lr. Roadside Council, Poly Promenaders, Ir, Red Cross, Poly Projectors, Student Council representative, Polymaid Staff, Tillamook Burn Project, Quill and Scroll. Work and Marriage. BOOTHBY, ALICE - Business Education. Fanciannes, sec., treas., lr. Roadside Council, Y-Teen Preppers, lr. Red Cross, Del Fuego, Student Council representative, alternate, Lead- ership, pres., sec., Quiz 'Em, Hi-Light Staff, Chansonettes, National Honor Society. College and Work. We Leave Behind Memories of our Steadfast Friends, BOWE. CAROL - Clothing. Fanciannes, treas., Ir. Roadside Council, Christmas Reindeer, Poly Steppers. Work and Marriage. BRAULT. RETA - Clothing. Aremac, Ir. Roadside Council, Nurrice, sec., Poly Promenaders, treas., Drillettes, pres., Student Council representative, Keyettes, pres., sect., treas., National Honor Society, Future Teachers of America, pres., Freshman Class president, String Ensemble, D.A.R. Good Citizen, Hi-Light Staff, Quiz 'Em, lunior Achievement, pres., vice-pres., treas. College. BRIGGS, IANICE - Commercial Foods. Art Club, treas., Tune Timers, Nurrice, Giardino, Del Fuego, Work. BURTON, DOLORES - Commercial Foods. Cercle Motrice, lr. Roadside Council, Tune Timers, Drillettes, asst. drill leader, Kappa Zeta Chi, historian. Waves and Marriage. BUTCHER, CAROL - Business Education. Cercle Motrice, Ir, Roadside Council, Y-Teen Preppers, Aremac, Poly Promen- aders, Drillettes, G,A.A., Delta Mu. Work, CALDWELL, LEONA - Distributive Education, Cecco Fi Mu, Modello, treas., Drillettes, G.A,A., Tri-Y, Band, Chansonettes, Swimming Team, Hi-Light Staff, Quill and Scroll, Tillamook Burn Project, Majorette. Work and Marriage. CHAPMAN, BARBARA - Transfer from Gresham High. Com- mercial Foods. Thespians, Tri-Y, asst. treas., Work and Mar- riage. CHATFIELD, COLENE - Clothing. Cecco Fi Mue, pres., Cercle Motrice, vice-pres., Sub Deb, vice-pres., Poly Projectors, Giardino, Band, Chansonettes, Tennis and Swimming Teams, Polymaid Statt and sales girl, Delta Mu, historian, Freshman Class president. College and Work. COLTON, FLORENCE - Clothing, Tune Timers, Poly Prom- enaders, lr. Red Cross, alternate, Student Council repre- sentative. Armed Services. 24 CONNOLY, CAROL E Distributive Education. Modello, Tune Timers, treas., Poly Promenaders, pres., Boosters, jr. Roads side Council, Kappa Zeta Chi, College and Marriage. CORNISH, GURTHENA - Business Education. Thespians, jr. Roadside Council, Aremac, Tri-Y, pres., vice-pres., Drillettes. College and Work. COTTRELL. RUTH - Commercial Foods. Tune Timers, treas., Poly Projectors, sgt.-at-arms, Tri-Y, sec., Cecco Fi Mue, sgt.- at-arms, Drillettes, Student Council representative, Leader- ship, pres., vice-pres., sec. College and Work. CRUSE, BETTY - Business Education. Ir. Roadside Council, Thespians, treas., Cercle Motrice, sgt.-at-arms, Drillettes, Poly Projectors, Delta Mu, pres., Leadership. Work and Marriage. DARE, DIANA - Distributive Education. Tune Timers, vice- pres., Ir. Roadside Council, Boosters, Chansonettes, Work. DAVIS, ALICE - Business Education, Nurrice, Aremac, Tri-Y, Polyettes, sec., National Honor Society, vice-pres., Quill and Scroll, Hi-Light, editor, Student Council representative, junior Class vice-pres., Portland Scholastic Press Assn, vice- pres., Oregon journal Prep Panel, representative, Ir. Achieve- ment, personnel manager. College and Work. DIXON. MARILYN g Clothing. Sub Deb, Cecco Fi Mue, pres., vice-pres., Drillettes, vice-pres., treas., GAA., lunior Class sec. Undecided. DRAKE, MARGO S Clothing. Aremac, Sub Deb, treas., Art Club, pres., treas., Giardino, pres., Student Council repre- sentative, Polyettes, Chansonettes, Triple Trio, Sigma Tau Kappa, chap., Polymaid Staff, Freshie Princess, Sophomore Class treasurer, K.B.P.S., representative, announcer on Con- cert Hall, Flower Show, chairman, National Honor Society. College. EDWARDS, ARCHLEEN - Transfer from Akron, Ohio. Cloth- ing. Cecco Fi Mue, Ir. Red Cross. College. Teachers' Helpful Council and Sympathetic Understanding, ERICKSEN, MARGIE - Transfer from Franklin High. Com- mercial Foods. Tune Timers. Armed Forces. ESPELAND, ILETA - Not graduating. EZZARD, BONNIE f- Business Education. Fanciannes, Cercle Motrice, Ir. Roadside Council, sgt.-at-arms, Giardino, Stu- dent Council representative, Y.F.C., sec., Keyettes, sec., National Honor Society. Bible School and Work. FITZGERALD, DONNA - Clothing, Poly Promenaders, Aremac, sec., Biblioettes, pres., Poly Projectors, jr. Red Cross, Y.F.C,, Polymaid Staff. Work. FITZHUGH, GINGER - Clothing. Ir. Roadside Council, sec., Cecco Fi Mue, vice-pres., Poly Promenaders, Science, treas, Drillettes, vice-pres., sec., Keyettes, Sigma Tau Kappa, pres., sec., Student Council representative, Tillamook Burn Project. College and Work. FRYE, BEVERLY A- Art. Y-Teen Preppers, Ir. Roadside Coun- cil, Tune Timers, Poly Projectors, Del Fuego. Undecided. GETTES, KAY - Commercial Foods. Modello, Tune Timers. Work or Armed Services. GLAD, DONNA - Clothing. Tune Timers, Art Club, treas., Poly Projectors, Del Fuego, vice-pres, Student Council representative, Chansonettes, Triple Trio. Work and Mar- riage. GREGG, KAREN - Clothing. Tune Timers, Cercle Motrice, I Giardino, lr. Red Cross, Del Fuego, alternate, Student Council, alternate. Work. 25 GROSS. EVELYN - Clothing. Poly Promenaders, vice-pres., sec., Thespians, vice-pres., Y-Teen Preppers, pres., sec., Drillettes, sec., Sigma Tau Kappa, pres., vice-pres., Leader- ship, Polymaid Staff, Member of Fuchsia Court, Christmas Reindeer, Drama Plays, K.B,P.S,, representative. College and Marriage. GUSA, DOLORES N Business Education. Modello, sgt.-at-arms, Y-Teen Preppers, pres., sec., lr. Roadside Council, Nurrice, Drillettes, treas., Del Fuego, vice-pres., Student Council representative, Polyettes, vice-pres., National Honor Society, pres., Sigma Tau Kappa, historian, Quill and Scroll, Ir. Achievement, sec., Polymaid, editor, Student Body sec., Banner Bearer, Freshman class treas, Work and Marriage, HAHN, GLORIA - Clothing. Tune Timers, sec., treas., Aremac, Modello, Poly Projectors, pres., sec., treas., Boosters, Band, Work and Marriage. HALLUM, SALLY - Commercial Foods, Cecco Fi Mue, asst. sec., Thespians, Poly Promenaders, pres., vice-pres., Del Fuego, Student Council, alternate, Delta Mu, Polymaid Statt, Hi-Light Staff, Leadership, Quiz'Em. Business School and Work, HANSON, BEVERLY - Art. Tune Timers, pres., Poly Prom- enaders, treas., Drillettes, majorette, Polymaid Staff, Kappa Zeta Chi, sec. Work and Marriage. HENDRICKSON. SHIRLEY - Business Education. Nurrice, pres., Tri-Y, Cercle Motrice, sec., Tune Timers, Drillettes, Keyettes, pres., vice-pres., Sigma Tau Kappa, sec., hist., National Honor Society, Hi-Light Staff, Y.F.C., ir. Achieve- ment, pers.-mgr., Senior Class vice-pres. Work, HICKMAN. PEGGY ANN - Clothing. Cercle Motrice, lr. Road- side Council, Fanciannes, Thespians. Undecided. HOFFERT, DEANNA - Clothing. Sub Deb, Cercle Motrice, Nurrice, Del Fuego, pres., Delta Mu, his., Y.F.C., Hi-Light Staff, Leadership, Tillamook Burn Project. Beauty Operator. HOLLINGSWORTH. CHLOA - Clothing. Aremac, Fanciannes, Boosters, Ir. Roadside Council. Work and Marriage. Beginning with our Prom, We Attend Mciny Functions, HOMOLKA. DOROTHY 1 Distributive Education. Fanciannes, Aremac, Tune Timers, Ir. Red Cross, sec., Del Fuego, asst.- sec., Polyettes. Work and ,Marriage HUBBARD, SHIRLEY - Clothing. Fanciannes, Modello, Tune Timers, Del Fuego, vice-pres. Work. IACOBSON. MARTHA - Transfer from Franklin High. Com- mercial Foods. Tune Timers, Tri-Y. Work. IANKE. LINDA - Clothing. Fanciannes, Aremac, Cercle Motrice, Giardino, Del Fuego, pres., treas., Keyettes, vice- pres., National Honor Society, sec., Quill and Scroll, Hi- Light Staff, Polymaid sales girl, P.T.S.A, sec., Quiz'Em. College and Work, IENSEN, ,MARGARET - Clothing. lr. Roadside Council, Cercle Motrice, lr. Red Cross, Band, sec. Business School. IONES, MARION - Commercial Foods. Poly Promenaders, Tune Timers, Cercle Motrice, lr. Red Cross, lr. Roadside Council, College. IORGENSEN. IO ANNE - Commercial foods. Aremac, Poly Projectors, Cercle Motrice, Poly Promenaders, Science, Maisons, GAA. Undecided. KAMMERER, SHARON - Commercial Foods. Tune Timers, Cercle Motrice, Modello, sec. Work and Marriage, KEENEY, IACQUELINE - Transfer from Gresham High. Com- mercial Foods. Fanciannes, pres., Pep Club, GAA. Marriage. 26 KENWORTHY, NANCY - Clothing. Tune Timers, Cercle Mot- rice, Aremac, Poly Promenaders, Del Fuego. Work and Marriage, KETTERLING, PAT - Business Education. Aremac, sec., Cercle Motrice, pres., jr. Roadside Council, Giardino, Polyettes, pres., National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Sigma Tau Kappa, Leadership, Polymaid sales girl, Hi-Light Statt, Member of Fuchsia Court, Banner Bearer. College and Work. KIMBLE. KAY - Transfer from idaho. Business Education. Tune Timers, pres., vice-pres., sec., songleader, Pep Club, sr. rally, Drillettes, sec., asst. drill leader, Sigma Tau Kappa, Keyettes, Student Council representative, Student Body vice- pres., Chansonettes, treas., Triple Trio, Miss Merry Christ- mas, Betty Crocker "Homemaker ot Tomorrow", Delegate to the Music Educators Northwest Choral Festival in Eugene, Ore. and the National Choral Festival in St. Louis, Mo., National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. College and Work. KINDRED, DOROTHY 4 Business Education. Cecco Fi Mue, Tune Timers, Ir. Red Cross, Hi-Y, Kappa Zeta Chi, vice- pres., Lindo joven, pres., Student Council representative, Chansonettes, Hi-Light Stall. Armed Services. KNISER, MARY IANE - Clothing. Cercle Motrice, Aremac, Mikeropes, vice-pres, Student Council representative, Work. KRIEGER. DONNA - Clothing, Cercle Motrice, treas., Cecco Fi Mue, sgt.-at-arms, Thespians, Drillettes, sec., Boosters, Delta Mu, pres, Student Council alternate, Leadership. Work and Marriage. LARSON, IO - Art, Cercle Motrice, Tune Timers, Poly Pro- jectors, Thespians, Doll and Puppet, sec., Tri-Y, sec., Pep Club, jr. rally, Student Council, representative and alter- nate, G.A.A., Tennis Team, Ir. Achievement, Poly Steppers, vice-pres., Polymaid sales girl, Tillamook Burn Project, Chansonettes, vice-pres. College and Work. LAURINE. ZENETTE - Transfer from jefferson High. Clothing. Thespians, pres., Poly Projectors, Student Council, Student Body treas., Sigma Tau Kappa, K.B.P.S., representative, Drama Plays. College and Work. LAWS. FREIDA S Distributive Education. Tune Timers, sgt.- at-arms. Undecided. Concluding with Baccalaureate Services and Graduation, LAZARE, MARIORIE - Clothing. Cecco Fi Mue, Modello, Tri- Y, Y-Teen Preppers, Student Council representative. College and Work. LEE. CARROL - Clothing. Poly Promenaders, Fanciannes, ' vice-pres., Modello, Drillettes, Poly Steppers. Work and Marriage. LOVELACE, IOANNE - Clothing. Poly Promenaders, Aremac, " lr. Roadside Council, pres., asst. sec., Del Fuego, alternate, 'M' Student Council representative, Keyettes, Delta Mu, Leader- ship, Polymaid Staff, Chansonettes, Tillamook Burn Project, 'i'::: 5 if '.:V 5 .... Drama Plays, Senior Class president. College and Airline "',,,:.,.,,.,..... Stewardess, LUDWIG. MARY EVELYN-Business Education, Nurrice, pres., lr. Roadside Council, Aremac, sec., treas., Sub Deb, sec., Keyettes, National Honor Society, Student Council repre- sentative, Polymaid sales girl, Chansonettes and Triple Trio, accompanist, Freshman and Sophomore Class secretary. College and Work. LULAY, PAT - Distributive Education. Poly Promenaders, sgt.-at-arms, Maisons, pres., Drillettes, vice-pres., treas., sgt.- at-arms, Keyettes, vice-pres., Sigma Tau Kappa, Polymaid Statt, Chansonettes, Ir. Achievement, pres., vice-pres., treas. Work and Marriage. MCCHRISTY, IANET -- Cothing. Aremac, Fanciannes, lr, Red Cross. Work and Marriage. MCKINNEY. PAULINE - Clothing. Maisons, pres., treas., Tune Timers, Del Fuego, pres., Drillettes, Student Council, alter- nate, Student Body president, secretary, Keyettes, sec., Na- tional Honor Society, Sigma Tau Kappa, vice-pres., Hi-Light Stall, Iunior Class treasurer, Sophomore Class president. Work and Marriage. lVlcLENI'l'HAN. CATHY - Clothing. jr. Roadside Council, pres., Poly Promenaders, Giardino, Student Council, representa- tive and alternate, Poly Steppers. Work and ,Marriage MAI, ARLENE - Distributive Education. Cecco Fi Mue, jr, Roadside Council, Student Body treasurer, Sigma Tau Kappa. Business College. , . i 27 MAULDIN, PAT - Clothing. Ir. Roadside Council, Modello, Poly Promenaders, Del Fuego, alternate. Work and Marriage. MEIDELL, ELIZABETH ANN - Art. Aremac, sec., Doll and Puppet, sec., Ir. Roadside Council, Maisons, Drillettes, Ma- jorette, Tillamook Burn Project, Polymaid Staff, Keyettes, Member of Fuchsia Court, Pretty Prepper. College and Work. MENOLD, MARY LOU - Business Education. Cecco Fi Mue, vice-pres., Sub Deb, Y-Teen Preppers, lr. Roadside Council, Drillettes, Keyettes, treas., hist., Delta Mu, chap., String En- semble, Polymaid Stall, Student Body vice-president, Quill and Scroll. College. MICKLEY, ARLENE - Distributive Education. Maisons, treas., Ir. Red Cross, Giardino. College and Work. MOE, DONNA - Business Education, Aremac, treas., Cecco Fi Mue, Boosters, Ir. Red Cross, Tri-Y, Lindo Ioven, Hi-Light Staff, Polymaid Staff and sales girl, College and Work. MYERS, MARLENE - Distributive Education. Poly Promen- aders, pres., treas., Tune Timers, Drillettes, Pep Club, Stu- dent Council representative, Delta Mu, pres., Drama Plays, Sophomore Class vice-pres., Pretty Prepper, Member of Fuchsia Court, Christmas Reindeer, Freshie Princess. Work. NEUSCHAEFER, CAROL - Commercial Foods. Art, sec., Giarclino, Science, treas., Student Council, representative. Work. NEWMAN, IANICE - Commercial Foods. Cercle Motrice, Fanciannes, Tune Timers, treas., Student Council, represen- tative and alternate. Work. OLSEN. DONNA MAE - Clothing. Cercle Motrice, Ir. Road- side Council, Fanciannes, Thespians. Undecided. We Will Form New Friendships, Brush in Activities, OVERBERG, BETTY IUNE - Clothing. Poly Promenaders, Tune Timers, lr. Red Cross. Work. PARISH, RUTH - Distributive Education. Aremac, Fanciannes, sec., Tune Timers, Del Fuego, treas., Ir. Red Cross, Student Council representative, Polyettes. Work and Marriage. PEARSON, ARLENE--Clothing. Aremac, Art, treas., Poly Prom- enaders, Giardino, Band. Work. PEARSON, KATHRYN - Art. Fanciannes, Ir. Roadside Council, Modello, Student Council, representative and alternate. Work and Marriage. PETERSON, PAT - Clothing. Ir. Roadside Council, Tri-Y, Tune Timers. Work. PHILLIPS, DIANA - Distributive Education. Cercle Motrice, Tune Timers. Business College and Work. PROCTOR, ,MARVA - Transfer from Washington High. Com- mercial Foods. Modello. Work. RICE, SHARON - Art. Poly Prornenaders, Tri-Y, sec., Tune Timers, vice-pres., sec., Boosters, pres., Drillettes, Giardino, sec., Student Council representative, Drama Plays, Freshie Princess. College. SALMIVAARA, ROBERTA - Distributive Education. Thes- '--: Pians, vice-Pres.: lr. Roadside Council, Sgt.-at-arms, Boosters, sec., sgt.-at-arms, Pep Club, sec., Tillamook Burn Project, " Sigma Tau Kappa, chap., Student Council, representative --" , and alternate, Hi-Light Staff, Polymaid Staff, Leadership, ii College and Work. 28 SCHLEVE, VIVIAN - Commercal Foods and Clothing. Cercle ,Motrice, Del Fuego, Poly Projectors, Arernac. College and Work. SCHMITZ, MARLENE - Business Education. Aremac, Cecco Fi Mue, treas., Cviardino, Polyettes, Student Council, alter- nate, Senior Class secretary, Polymaid Staff and sales girl, Leadership, Band, Freshie Princess, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Business College and Marriage. SCHULTZ, LEONA - Clothing. Aremac, Boosters, Giardino, lr. Roadside Council, Tri-Y. College. SEELEY, AILENE - Commercial Foods. Boosters, Sub Deb, Tune Timers, Preppers, vice-pres., Tri-Y, pres. vice-pres., Student Council representative, Kappa Zeta Chi, pres., sec., Chansonettes. Work. SMITH, SHARON - Commercial Foods. Aremac, Cercle Mot- rice, Tune Timers, sec., treas., Drillettes, pres., Ir. Red Cross, Fuchsia Queen. Work and College. SMITH, VIRGINIA - Clothing. Tune Timers, Cercle Motrice, Aremac. Beauty School and Marriage STONE. DOLORES - Clothing. Nurrice, Art, pres., Doll and Puppet, lr. Roadside Council, Del Fuego, Giardino, treas., Ir. Red Cross, Polymaicl Staff and sales girl, Quill and Scroll. Nursing School. TAWNEY, BARBARA - Clothing. Ir. Red Cross, Fanciannes, sgt.-at-arms, Cercle Motrice, Aremac, vice-pres., Biblioettes, pres., Y.F.C., Polymaid Staff, Quill and Scroll. Nurses Train- ing. TAYLOR. VERA - Business Education. Maisons, Aremac, pres., vice-pres., Art, Preppers, Drillettes, pres., Keyettes, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Delta Mu, sec., sgt.- at-arms, Student Body president, Iunior Class president, Polymaid Staff. College and Work. Learn to Face Larger, More Challenging Problems, THOMPSON. IANET - Commercial Foods. Cercle Motrice, Ir. Roadside Council, Poly Promenaders, Y-Teen Preppers, Drillettes. Marriage. TRAPOLD. SHARON - Transfer from Parkrose High. Art. Art Club. Art School. TRUEB. LORNA MAY - Business Education. Nurrice, Aremac, Ir. Roadside Council, Sub Deb, Keyettes, Student Council representative, National Honor Society, Chansonettes, sec., Triple Trio, Polymaid sales girl. Work and Marriage. TWEEDY, DOLORES - Transfer from Wichita, Kansas. Art. Cercle Motrice, Tune Timers, pres., vice-pres., Drillettes, Delta Mu, chap. College. VOLZ, MARILYN - Clothing. Cercle Motrice, Fanciannes, Nurrice, Del Fuego, Student Council representative, Key- ettes, his., Y.F.C., Polymaid Staff and sales girl, Quill and Scroll. College and Work. VRLICAK, LEILANI - Clothing. Nurrice, Ir. Roadside Council, Poly Projectors, Student Council representative, Chanson- ettes, Triple Trio. College and Work. WASHBURN, SHIRLEY - Transfer from Cleveland High. Business Education. Thespians, sec., Tune Timers, Drillettes, Delta Mu, Hi-Light Staff, Drama Plays. Work and Marriage. WERNEGREEN. IOYCE - Clothing. Fanciannes, sgt.-at-arms, Ir. Roadside Council, treas., Nurrice, vice-pres., Del Fuego, Giardino, Poly Projectors, Student Council representative, alternate, Y.F.C., Polyettes, pres., sec., Hi-Light Staff, Senior Class treasurer, Band. College WILSON, IUDY - Business Education. Fanciannes, Cercle T' Motrice, Aremac, vice-pres., Drillettes, Student Council rep- resentative, Keyettes, treas., National Horror Society, treasg ' Leadership, Y.F.C., Polymaid Staff, Chansonettes, sec., Triple r Trio. College and Work. l 29 YARBROUGH, MARIANN - Clothing. Cercle Motriceg Tune Timersg Tri-Y, treas., Chansonettes. Work. YOUNG. BETTY ANN - Transfer from Franklin High. Clothing. Tune Timers. Marriage, YOUNG, KAY - Distributive Education. Poly Promenaders, sgt.-at-arms, Thespiansg Tune Timers, treasg Del Fuego, pres., sec., Ir. Red Cross. Work. NOT PICTURED NORTON. DORENE - Transfer from Grant, Commercial Foods. Cecco Fi Mue, vice-pres., sec.g Cercle Motriceg Tune Timersg Ir. Red Cross. Work. OSTRANDER. DEANNA - Commercial Foods. Poly Promen- adersp Maisonsp GJ-LA. College. We Are Stepping Onto ct New Road of Life Full of Excitement, Frustrotions and Unexpectotions l MANY HEARTS were saddened by the death of Mr. Arva Wann on November 18 oi last year. He taught mathematics, typing, and was the adviser of Iunior Roadside Council. He is pictured here with some of his math students in one of his happy moments, 3U Eager Juniors Anxiously Forecasting lor Final Year HC IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Margie Sandstrom tleltj, secretary, Donna Goodrich, treasurer, Penny Worthey, president, and Pegg Patrick, vice-president, are taking time out lrom their duties to "get ready for their talfent show " "One more year and we'll be the seniors ot '57," each junior thinks to herself as she does about tultillina her years activities. They sponsored a sports dance between Bensons lunior class and their own. To the Student Body they presented their talent show "Cats Meow," and lor their mothers they planned their March tea with a Chinese theme. "TROUBLE IN THE CEI.LAR" was the melodrama given in their talent show by these star members, Margie Sandstrom, lelt, Geraldine Iohnson, Carol Bolirrtr, Claire Baker, and Linda lohnson KATHERINE GOON admires the bright cherry blossom center piece wliili- keeping the incense burner supplied. Their Novel Chinese Teo Drows Fovoroble Comments Allen, V. Almgren, P Anderson, B, Anderson, E Baker, C. Bohrer, C. Bristow, B Cameron, F. Camp, C Carlisle, M. Carler, C, Catlow, E. Chattield, M Cloirtier, C, Cottrell, M Cox, V. Cramer, S. Del Sol, S fbikernan, P Hdgrnlon, M. Ekong, B Ftherly, Z liwing, I Francis, A Ganlz, H. Gerriels, F. Getles S Gill: spite, S Goodrich, D Goon, Grace, li Guthrie l rlaqan. B Haley, K. Halliday V Llenne, S Eioard, OB , qgers, A G 'ohnSon, . lolenson, C9 fohnson L Iohnson S Kirrhe: T Kgelll-vc A 32 QUEENS OF THE CHARLSTON are Sonja Henne and Robin Gantz when they Ugot hep" in their act, "Baby Face." THESE GAY FLAPPERS, Robin Gantz, left, Geri Iohnson, Linda Iohn son, Gavle Krohn, and Rene Ramacher, find lun dancing the Charleston especially when the handsome onlooker is Pat Almqren J S, S ,gk , A A ,af ' ,w While Their Flopper Show Proves Sure-Hit Q --:. EE if In e 42 92, - ' ' Y .-.-.....4.. . I e- """ z , iff A MQ' I , vlxl U :Q-... ':' " " . "" f ' , I, 111. 1.12 sf , MEMORIES ol ihe "early twenties" were renewed bv the iuniors in their talent show when they kicked 'ip thi,-1: heels and ruffled their skirts doing lhe Charleston. Krmhn G l.ivmsdy I McAdnm::, l lflctfartliy, ll Manley, KT lvllairzlmll ll Mfillleiwzq lv' Mm-wi: S Mfmtqmn--iv Mmiow iQ M Mmmy Miinfsi-y X Nwiigwlrl, l Nwrzwlli V lliifilvk ll l'-iliivl-1 ES l llliv-lfm, l'li1nr1'-2' I lhvlcil-ll lliink li lifmmvlxir lil-rilmvv, il liivlmiwlzz, 'T limp,-il Y ilnln-wi-ll:-l. K. X Sfariszlivirri l, ii ivfiqu L1 ssl-lm, 1 fimillx " 'llilriklmiim E Van 'll!liTlll Vvlln-1' ll Vliilkeir lil W'-ir, I W ll V i- z, i Willmm: U Wilfzuii li Wmllii-ny l' YW- S Ymk, ll Z. rim!-q ' ..irnl::l:iuin lv Mctior Fields of Interest to be Selecte ' VARIOUS PROBLEMS are settled by these sophomore class officers, Ie l ' sta: 1' Ea ns among the other classes of Poly, these sophomores strove for on successful year. "Christmas Bells " th ger to leave favorable impressio eventful and , e class teo, indicated what the combined efforts of the cooking and sewing cla s s es could produce for the entertoine ment and pleasure of their mothers The l'Magic Dolls" talent show in Feb! ruary centered around a toy shop of talented dolls. Throughout the yeor each girl Worked hard toward stepping int th o e realm of upperclotssmen. ra yn Hale, vice- Eresident Cleftlg Pat Leasia, secretaryg Gloria ggers, presidentg and Shirley Broome, trea- surer. IRENE SANDEHS, portraying the Toy Maker, sleeps while these three dolls, Diane Turner, Evelyn Slaughter, and Carol lnnocenti dance the beebop fling. 34 , BEHIND THE CURTAINS are Ioan Reid, loanne EYGT, and l9f61YH Hale getting Dorothy De Boer ready for her reading. 'IYUIW d by Sophomores Arianna, M Allf-ri, M Amick, I Arwlersson, li Hfilcmfr. K liaiqvion, I Rainey. I linfasfin, M Hlariu. S liirmitii- fs Blick, S liiiim-tl. It liiiirifitf-, P f,Ic-:miie-ries, S lil-Hof-i. IU IV'-lliman, P lficflclrisori Ii I qqviss. G ., L. I ilirifiszmri, Q inlwrm M I, l'vf-r I Ilfiimi. M Ilirzclim, I? lliesclif-i, I Vox, G Gialiol. I Ciiifiici G C-uv, I Italo. I Ilfill, N llanrzr-ri, G Ilarirzon. M llnipffi. A M lliqilori llIf'll'U. li llollrimn, ff llowi-ll . L llimti-i B llwrrilon. I3 lnnocr-nli. C Iolmmon, A Iolinson, C Iolinson, M Irilmston, I KII.-ni-v I Kliinprlmlm, I l'l','lf. ll I.-iiszori, l l,a','rrmri, I 1,-,still-y. K l.f'a::1a. H As Girls Focus Complete F' ' 'Q ml' I':": I :-' 'Lg in . V .. izzz .'.v:V,., I ' 2 , :",, ---., ,-:-. ' ,--,.-:: S'-fy' I 1. I SDF I N8 Attention on Junior Yeor 1 ' wr lil' Q W' Ag-ri? E zii- E :fel ...ii I V .:, , ' I Q' In . ,,,--'i-- '-.- za. . if' iw ssts df it 1 I i s I wissms ,. ,B H - x sf s. f .. I I IIsI Q Q "'t' ' fi' I "' .fi ,,.:f .",' i ' ' . . , Itzzl ' ,g ::3 ., .. . In., K 1.:.2 "1 :---' I ilk I . t"-':.. .. . I sf My W- ...Z Izv 9 3 ..:..: K I.. ,A 'K .,. ...... I Ji 3: ya .... 5 ku.. ' I 'ttz' tinn I I I I as A .Ass ' 1. 'f I .... Q 'V I I ..'. gg ' I I 9 . .. 1 -' . y --ii ':" ' ' iii' ii "" - I ' W .. I . :.... I IIV 'I .I 'ir as I M .I if A -K MW ,.,,A - W mi AI iiii I' "15 5 1 :IEZ I I 1 ' ivviii iii .iiiii I I I I my I A N .I , III I sis im K ulal ..'.. .. I Q I KW ' sg I, Wig , '-.,, I "," '11 I just N f Ng' ' af f' t .". Q . Q" , . 'NV' - 1-5 is x... df ' we M 4.9 mr N.. QQ' I I 2 n I I Looking behind the scenes we find Miss Shuck helping Carol lnnocenn, lelt, Marvel Fmmi, Ioanne Reid, Gloria Pellum, and Phyllis Tucker, while they malw last minute pre-paml1ori:: before the curtains open for their acts. 35 Activities ore Christmas Bell Teo, "Magic Dolls" Show Lettau, B. Lewis, l.. . Q- ---'. . s'-Q I Und, t. as I qt tm sf 1 I Q as we , .. x ,Q I' McCollum. K it " ' W, - Q i In i i-'lug-'I' ..,.:1 ,. "': W -iii. Q I -: i.,.,i:-gi Martin, W. Mccuinv C, ..:: N: ' Mqgpzgx , - Qlll ... 5- - - is ....,. V Z-NZ: , i 3,.,,,S - :: -Ei : Z - X 3 . it l ., 5 3 Wi Hui Mesecar, M. Meyers, M Mtchalke, B. Neuschaeler, N 'i i -1253 , '. . , V i' ' , i " .L " Pellum, G. Porter, S. Rambo, B. Reid, C. Reld, P. 5 i i 'I 1 ff' ' 'ff-" 5 zuzz E, I . .'. ...":- ,ll iiii i I Q it V 1 Silas .J ' """" ' tt' at I . ' .. , . . --,., 'V '-53132212 ,s., ' ::" . ii iiii iii ':" iiiii I 3 A Refdf I f Rivet, v. if -""i Host, P. Sanders, l Schleve, C. She ard, P. Q " Stedielman, B. " .. ' V, -E ::-: :::E:E:, - .,, .5,, ,sag ' . , .. vgsgaesg' , " ,,,q, Qt """' - zz .,.,: Q I . . ' ies. . - '. . v Slfmqhleft E- --'r ss-,- - . '- Smith, G. Smtth, L. Spencer, L. Stevens, F. Taylor, V. Thompson, Thompson, Tucker, P, Turner, C. Turner, D. Turner, E. D, N. Turmdoe, l. Tweedy, I. Van Liew, Vohs. V. Warren, R. Wellington, Wells, D. Wiley, B. Wilson, E. Zook, I. 36 W. S. Q as Q -a ss if V V . wr T T i sw' if ..... Z r ' --'- .... ,..I .... -Q s.. tv 1 ft' ii . , ki ,,,,, ...,. 1 it :- illi I - H .,::a. v,,. .,:,,.,, 5 53, S i wt X s as .X Q, 5 ' Ji t 'Q S.. it A :I -1 ilil I M ii 1 3-A ie 3 we as , ,gig QR . J, ef aff 1' "wt six Q M Y SHOP WHILE THE KEEPER is asleep the dolls will play, as shown A SPANISH CHAIR DANCE is skillfully performed by these by Annora Harper who entertained the student body with sophomores in their "Toy Land" talent show. her sense ot humor and her blasting saxaphone. Freshmen Dispioy Leodership in Beginning Roles CHATTING on the back steps about lreshie affairs are Mary Hammonds, secretary tleltbp Linda Erohn, president, Melva McCord, vicefpresidentg and Kay Strawn, treasurer, the CGSS O ICCIS. Memories of the first days of high school faded os these neophytes began their whirl of activities along with their classwork. A preview of high school life was given on Freshie Day to prepare them for their various activities. Head- ing the list of events was the Freshie Frolic in October complete with their queen, court, and senior sisters. Noe vember was the month for their Thoinks- giving tea while March was highlighted with the "Bar 59" talent show, centered around the famous Arturio Murio dcrncf ing team. POPULARITY played an important role as freshmen elected their ueen and princesses, Queen Patsy Lindse Hopi, Christine iielson, Charlene Curtis, Sally Haley, and Kllelva McCord, reign over the annual Freshie Frolic. EXPERIENCING their first student body elections, those lroshrne-n girls are learning the responsibilities of good citizenship, Neophytes Enioy M Activity Variety, Acquire New Friends All , A ,.,. . . Edgifgff C " 5 MM- . ' ' ' Ma , . .'j2QAQ5Q2... ' " -'35 , ' '-'-' . -zrr ' ' A, Q ., B , M. . .Q QQ Q 'f9 7 i': '. " :,,. . gist M . is . M M , MMM i rr 9591193 "': I :Z -A . ' ... iii. . ...,., : t'AIi .:.',. Q 'A LQ ' . Q - A' A ' A Mi Qg- --:i : 2:A'2:. .MMM Bowman, M. .Q - 'QW Q Q. ,fwylig gf M A 'A' If 'g"'W"' E' ' ' ,i.,,..i 2,95-A A . . -A "iw, ' mwnf .- Q QQ Q .- ,5fg .9f2t3?gi . . QQ if mix Q 3 Buffimvon- I- t' A . .............. . M U R A Bufnenef F- r- f' .. .. " - .. .. M - , graiq, MQQQ E M Q A A- Q Q Q. ,,,AAv, A QQ unnm am, . - MM, "-' Q . .QQQAQ A . Q t -Q -M - A Curtis, ?'J. Q3 J EW "" -":2 :" 'f . 'rg '2' -1 M - ' CQQQQZQ FQ Vztl Q QQQ QQQQQQ M Q Q Q ,Q Q Q M SQ QQ. QQ Dennev, C- .X M- A ':""1' . - A A , 3 .M , DGWOIQQQ BQ X ' ' -QQ .,.. . M Q-5.-- .,.QQ.-Q ,. Q ., ' Q i ' Q ' Dlke- R- "" :'::: " .... z '-"1 Q ' A QI Q.. QQQ. Q B QQQQ Q vzl: QQ Q M QQQQ . .::5:f:: 25 " ff A Erdman, V. Esters, M. QQ Q , A - 'Q """ ' 5- . .Qi vzl: M ...Q 1EW"1lg'1l' C .4 " ' ' --, .... ' -"- ' - ... f air an S, . .. . ...-:25::AA' :Air -- Q MQQ Qgfzgsgm-. - .- Q ' "" QA A Q I :-- -A A -'ti-'QQ Fisher. E M .... .... -1. A ga' t' W3 Q A Aiziz M 8 A-rt A ' ENVT- M-S -:ig '-2-: A . M-.W 'r'2 ------ A A ,Q-,... ' - 'fi-. :3A.. . A 'fr O Om- - A' '52 , T' '- W Q' " - f . - 1 A' Fo TZQY. S- "T " . iz W ':f- A" Q55 5 v Frutiger, M Af- .Ji - ff Q QQM .Q .-.. QQ, YQ gg lzll- 3 IQ QQQ QQ Q QQQQQ Q . QQ Q QQQQ Q Q Q- Q Q Q -... . 3 . it ' QQE QQQQQ ,... Q QQ Q. . Q QQ QQ 131. . f . fi' A Q, QQ Q! QQ ff Gantz. D .Q, ,QQ Q QQ 2 .. .... .......... Q Q. Gartner, B. Q -' .' QQ " Q. "i Q ..,QiQQ.I"?"5f:5tAA- .Q Q Q .,,, GWQUSM ' 'i:" - " " ' " . . ....... ....... . . " A -:-' . M G Q Q Q . Q v.-- - ---, Q Q M Q 5 Q Q- QQ H5913 S- 'K Sh A A K QQ. 'K' 5' TW 1Aig. - A? Q? 1 . ':":': ' - wp sa dK- C Mfg? ' - - . .. 'zt' ' zii .. ... ' Q' 5 ' MMM " - 6 1 G i - - ' ':'P A .... ' i ii? f 'Z ':" . .. M' Hammoimisi M- ' Y M F Hampfoni C- 3 A. . "1' - r .E2:.'3' . z'ff'f ' A" ' M Q, ' " ':" -"::: "1: ' 3 Q34 1 fd ' i' ' . --- - . Q . . - , ,AQ XQQQQQQQ Q Qlgansin, S. S -MMM. QQQQQ t Om- - A ' . A ---- QQ . GZHESQQ N,G FN At. Q ' ' Q ...,Q QQ., . ....,.. g .1 2-55..,jjjQQQQQQQQ Q Q ,.,,QQQ- . ewg ey, . , E." ig QQ QQ Q. Q' Q QQ .QQ '- 25 " '3:M.z,. 'AIQQ QQ: QQQQQ Q Mg ,gA':i5:f't":5:Q. ' goiiel' 'if H N2-gary' 'W " M1-M " z ' fi' .A i- A ' 511' in 52. .' . . " ' QQ. ' 0 OW6 M - .. , Q. A '- M .,,-Q :1 ---- ' Hiiftzi, A. ... Q Q. ' Q 'QQ - Ag ' IerQSeQQQQ MQ LQ QQQQQ QM. , , Q M. . .55-Q-.QQ5QQ,...,:-E M.. . 5 A ' 4. . gf' 4 ' Am . . - A-2-f-1-IM Asa: ' ' if 'fx ' . .. ff'-f Q Q Q .M .....:, 1 -. Q QQ 1 ri, D. A A M tgsgs, E. --'- 'A ' " ..... . 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'A A' ' M., '-:t q:5a,sgaga:.::::-1- :A .. , z ...A A A ... MES . LmdSQ3yQ PQ QQ QQ Q ...,.. 5 QQQ Q.. QQQ Q QQQ QQQQQ . . , f::.:aag:-Q... EOSHEQSY, A . 1:A 'A ove ace, . , A' x gg X " "- - . 'gagifi M C Cl, M .- AF 4- 1 ' M ' ' " . A ' """5 5:75. - MSDZLEI, P 5 - ' ji' .5 W WM AW- A- A - "1: i A- .. . Mdiliews, C- . . " iii . ' A ' - 1 M "M ' A ' fm.: ---- . - 1 Marshall, R. .. . - A I Af2:gfaL.Q -P 'TV' - IM.:-3 ' A - Marian, B. Qy QQQQQQQ Q fl. ' Q .Q . A A Q .M QQQQ QQQQQQQQQQ-E : yr ,.,. M : EQ ..:.. Q . QQ A' ' Ar' ' MA M '. . .W-M.. Merrlit, A. -M ':" ,.,,. . . A Meyers' BQ Q Q QQQQQ sg ..., Z Q Q Q QQ r -:iz QQQ Q QQQQQQQ.QQQQQkQQQQQ QQ QQ Q .Q M ---- M Q .eee M Q. M 1 er . - . . ' 121222: -- -------:v . .... M. AA ...... . f - . 'A M ,' B. ' .. -222251, . ' 'EE "W W ' '. .... '12 -' im ' W MEZZ. M. .MMM ---- -. -M. . Q Qt - .MM . .M ..M. -W: - M ifieison' ' '---- . ' I. -A A nQ Q QQQQFQQQQ Q QQ Q .QQ QQQQQQQQQQ QQQQ 5 gg , .. . .., .,.MM: 5 ....: M M Q - :Q ,QQQ M QQQQQQ QQQQ.- Nii'i"i1Si L " --:, ' Q S A ' .si-:A .sgsliit - :...:sE:5,.,.g":fQ:25''A '- X 'Z .:., 5 5' . Q 533' . -A AA-1 ' ' Q ' 38 When Adiusting to Unlomilicar Rules cmcl Requirements Nllmll, P. Oldm, C. Olson, ll Orsrnnn, l Ov:-Mun, llnvlcf, l Patlflmzmn, L. Pr-famorx S 'O P'-fl'-Iurm, ll. PM-ci'-wfzorx, I. l'4,tm::orl, L. Pe-Illrs, A , . lxltman, l. Polk, N llarznmssafln, D Honlro, IW Hfvnlsow, P. lllloflvsz, M Hob:-v1::, li lloqerfi, V Howl:-',', S Hussfaf-11, K Hust, IU Sanclf-yssnn, V. Sanky, K Sfxlclxe-ll, S Sf:aylm0:011Ql1, P Slmv, C1 Slmv-lman, H. Slcklf-sa, H Sn-br-n:s, M. Smllh, ID Sadr-r, D Spflrxcvr, P Slemmvtx, M. Slepluf-nfs, K. SIGN. A Shawn, K. Stronq, V Slulzman, K Swanson, H Tanner, S TI-qqrf, P Thomas, D 'l'l1On-son, K. Ulvv-n, G V6-ltr-r, F' Walsall, ll Warn-n, A We-lls, A W1ll1dmS, I Wlll15mSOY1, P Wmlson, P Wxsadoxn, M J? 5 1 l k, ..,. , K gi ? V.. -.-.-., . ,Z yew -5. fe f :.:.. , ar 2 ,Vx . .- f , is Q , . my 3, X M . Q f A, .:.:- :., My f., . ,....,... . 'W .,.. . 3 A , , , ,fxuk Vi Q lx QT 1 if if 2 X fl M 'lk 5 W s 1 . i . . ,.a. :s' D v , . 'W".Si ,J N53 " ,, ,, it .,,,,,., ..s:,:- 3' xx . va ,.... 3 'li EX 4-rr:-V , QF' bc x , R X .IK ' 1' S . -..-M... .A :.:' ,.:. r : an '. if 'wwe is :.,.. -ai - 2: Q C: ,,, ag. is QQ' 0 1 Q e -.,. ..,e ,.- I' aff' K1 ' I ,.... f' A 3 -,,.. N, - ' . ,.,, 2 A"':' I YQ?" - 5 :" :Y Q fl 2 . 9 my :.,. , l :- iws isi' 'iiiQS55:5:ga .EL f" In 'v.,, A , I L12 ,..,.,- ' V - ij" l . , A ,..,,. ,Q gli. Q QRS ' :E :QVI 345222 ....,.. QSM V .4 -fume I we 2 .6 .. ' wS'i?!5 K ' H' T Y 6? ws Wlsnr man. l. Ya Us :N IH f . Z..,1g, I -' ' TQ? Zn11x1'u'rx:1wn ' :gl . THE FRESHMEN TALENT SHOW, l'Bar 59" f-mm-ss lo a closzf- when the cast joms IH llnf- qraxnd llnfilr- to 51nq "Home on the Iimmrqfk , l ig 3 ' '::. H W., R a" vw 4 , A 1 K M V , f f 1 - lx L 1 1 K A Y A X X K 1. L L 4 k r -- 1 40 As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life. QE Y PAULINE MCKINNEY W Pall Student Body President Foil and Spring Officers Assume Leadership oi Student Body r-5 MARY LOU MENOLD Pail Student Body Vice-President GARLAND IOHNSON Fall Student Body Secretary GERALDINE IOHNSON Fall Student Body Treasurer 42 VERA TAYLOR Spring Student Body President Busily Plan cmd Mop Various Proiects cmd Activities CAROL CAMP Spring Student Body Treasurer . , DONNA HALLIDAY Spring Student Body Secretary KAY KIMBLE Spring Student Body Vice-President FALL STUDENT COUNCIL . . . With a "clean slate" these newly elected fall members organized and planned for the Freshie Frolic, the term movie, and Miss Merry Christmas Contest and filled Christmas food baskets. Front row: A. Wells, I, Eyer, R. Salmivaara, S Hanson, N. Bennett, S. Patrick, E. Grace, eves adviser Back row C Smith, Mrs. Gr , . I V Leech, C. Zimmerman, C. Leister, D. Ras- mussen, M. Volz, L. Krohn, B. Ezzard, M. Sandstrom. I. Tweedy, I. Fischer, B. Bur- nette. Service Clubs Offer SPRING STUDENT COUNCII. . . . Continuing the activities of the fall council these girls sponsored the term movie, "Calamity Iane," a lost and found safe, and the an- nual Cotton Dress Day festivities. Front row: I. Larson, I. Hodel, A. Kjellber , F. Burnette, M. McCord, W. Van Liew, Parrish, B. Rambo, F. Vetter. Back row: G. Fox, K. Salzwedel, L. Gettes, B. Shelman, A. Boothby, P. Dethman, R. Gantz, M. Lazare, L. Lewis, S, Boone, E BRAINS AND BEAUTY can be combined as shown here when the fall 44 student body officers installed the spring officers. Experience in Leadership DEL FUEGO . . . Three bellsl and everyone marches out tor an orderly tire drill. ln a lew seconds the halls are barren ex- cept tor Del Fuego members whose duty it is to soteguord the students in case ot fire. Dressing dolls at Christmas tor poor children was one ot their moijor activities. Front row' B lo-sin sr B Gartner D . . . ge , f , Thompson, D lloiiert, pres , L Ianlce, treas, D DfwBoe:r, S Broome, M Cottrell, D Ramacher Back row Miss llollenbeclc, adviser, A Stott, I. Za i. S liartshorn, B Five, M Carlisle, I lvgller, B Trinkhaus, P Marshall, P Gregg, V Schlele BIBLIOETTES . . . Looking "be- tween the book ends" brought en- joyment to these girls as they sure veyed the library shelves and re- viewed their tavorite books. They leoirned in detail obout the Dewey Decimal system and how to use it Front row: L. Turner, sec., C, Vetter, vice- presg B. Tawney, pres., D Van Tricht, S. Rowley, I. Lanqholz Back row: Miss Farrens, adviser, D. Fitzgerald, pres, B. Siedelman, treasg I. Keeney, K. Salzwedel, sec. TRI-Y . . , ln co-ordination with Y, W. C. A., Tri-Y members de- velop Christian attitudes and pleasing dispositions. The years activities include the purchasing ot records for the childrens home and collecting clothes for the Louise Home. Front row: M Yarbrough, N Ili-ibut C Camp, sec., A, See-le-y, pri-s, I Munse-y, treas., S. Porter. Middle row: M. Iwrisavri, I. Brown, C Curtis, P Scarbrough, S l't-meson, G. Cornish, F. Kircher, R. Vance, l' Strive-ns, M. Seymour, L Overton. Back row: Mrs Par rott, adviser, F. Catlow, C. Massie, I llwinq, D. Roberts, D. Kindred, M Lazaic-, C Moo, B. Kuester, L. llowell, S. llc-nno, L Schultz. P Peterson, I. Larson 45 GIARDINO . . . Colorful tuchsias entwined with matching or con- trosting ribbons mode tor lovely corsages sold by this club during their annual Flower Arrangement Show. Besides speakers and dem- onstrations during their meetings, they had g Christmos Show ot Ar- rangements. Front row: lt Myers, G liahlcr, K Goon historian, ll lont-s, taoas , vice-pres.5 M lliakv a'1.1 , it Brown sec, L Nevius, S l f':f'1r1v l Wi-sfiman Back row: Mrs. Amund- swii adri-'ci N Polk, B. Latteau, historian, M Stwiiiriirrh' l Pollard, C. Neuschaeler, B Aricttzson Nl Neuschaeter, M. Rhodes, I Vid,-:son se-c, l Howard y Q Girls Have Opportunity POLYMAID SALES GIRLS . . Each of these Polymaid Sale girls does her part in promotin yearbook sales in her reg roon Front row: B. Rambo, G. Fox, B. Hunts B. Tawney, D. Van Tricht, C. Bohrer, Porter. Back row: M. Schmitz, I. Nelson, Taylor, K. Hall, L. Ford, I. Lovelace, Goodrich, M. Frutiger, Z. Laurine, Curtz, K. Russell. MIKEROPES . . . Behind the scenes were these Mikeropes who helped mgke each -stage production a big success. They cared tor all the stcrge equipment and lights during the assemblies and plays. Front row: S, Henne, I. Munsey, S. Cramer. Back row: S. Yee, I. Neupert, M, Kniser, M. Bagley, L. Howell, S. Kelly, S. Buck, M. Adams. IR. RED CROSS . . . "Wei serve' is the motto ot this Club, whilc each girl worked hard to rricrkc articles such as scrap books, chil- drenlrz overalls, and joke books lor the I. l'l C. Christrrias store. A candy sale helped pay lor their outside activities. Front row: S Blanc, treasg I, Guy, :si-c, I' Patrick, prma, C Rrrliir-r, vim- pw-::, I5 llrrii ter, P Nvilrari Middle row: M Brown, A Battlf, ll Iiurrir-ite. I7 Willrarrisori, Y ltupiw-it S Del Sol, I Gratiot, I llorlvl, M I,z-wire, I, Iohnson, G llzrwglr-y, I Lyrid, li Smith Back row: Mrs: Koriiic, arivimfr, V Sfirrrlfrrsoii V ltivfit, V Alli-ri, A lftlwarrls, M Vlfalkvr, if Slatlr-rv, C1 Striwait, S Cllr-riirriz-rife, I, Perl.-i son, I7 Soclvir, Il Arirlvrscrrr, M Ivrr::e-ri, lr Ford, P. Lindsay, It lxvrrrpkw. to Show Initiative REPRESENTING THE MANY GIRLS of Iunior Red Cross who worked hard toward lilling their Christmas store with rag dolls, scrap books, and clothes tor W' " needy families are Ioann Guy lleltl, Shirley Blanc and Shirley Clemmens. POLY PROIECTORS . . . To know what makes the reels go round and round, members learned how to operate the audio visual equipment tor the classes and assemblies. This year twenty girls completed a training course which made them licensed oper- ators. To lighten their club duties, parties and fun were had by all. Front row: ll Markham, H Iiyelm, B Hunter, K. Stutzman, A, Hunter, C1. Ilahn, I Deardorf. Middle row: B. Martin, C Chail1ffld,I Parks, C Thoresen, C lIall1day,Z. Laurine, P Dethman, I Livesay, P Leasia, N. Thompson, K. McCollum, I 'l'urnidge, D. Fischer Back row: Mrs, Rathbun, adviser, K Clark, A. Mathis, l... Lewis, K. Strawn, D. ltallidaw, I. Wernegreen, A Lovelace, I. Bullin tan, C Kinyon, A. Francis, D Hurntan. S. Tanner, E. Fisher, G. Smith, A Warren, R Warren, K Baker, I. Keeney, C Scflileve, E. Pittman. 47 Prepsters Spark Enthusiasm for Benson Mechanics Unleashing their energy to root for the home BENSON RALLY SQUAD joined the girls for Poly's first pep assembly of the year. VIVACIOUS RALLY SQUAD GIRLS who led yells and songs at pep assemblies and games for Benson were Geraldine lohnson Clettl, 'Penny Wortliey, Fila Mae Grace, Kay Kimble, and Gayle Krohn, substitute, team, these girls bubbled over with enthusiasm at all the Benson football and basketball games. Al- though the Pep Club was comparatively small this year, the girls turned out through mud, rain, sleet, and snow to give the team their support. Mrs. Felicia Marshall was their able adviser. Following the Benson-Lincoln basketball game the team was honored at the "Varsity Drag," the Pep Clubs dance. The proceeds of 574.00 will go toward new uniforms for the rally girls next fall. ' nm., N W3 tim !",!.i..N PEPSTERS taking the feminine spot- X light to cheer and dance at the Ben- son games were Penny Worthey tcen- is 48 ter lettj, and Kay Kimble. Back Row: Dorothy DeBoer, Sue Gettes, Ella Mae Grace, Gayle Krohn, Mrs. Felicia Mar- shall, adviserg Peggy Patrick, Carol Bohrer, Carol Camp, Donna Halliday, and Geraldine Iohnson. Satin Clad Drillettes Display Precision Marching zsos Fancy drills were the favorite of this high- stepping marching team as they represented our school in the Football Iamboree, Fairytale Parade, and Rose Festival Parade. They per- formed dance steps and straight drill marching as they paraded down the streets in the fall in their white satin outfits and in the spring, in their new uniforms of White corduroy skirts, orange vests and White blouses. "Ianuary live," postponed until February 3 in the Benson Social room because of weather conditions, provided the Drillettes with over 5560. POSING on the front steps are drum maiorettes Diane Turner left Carol lnnocenti and Karen Morrow SIX PRETTY STHPPERS, Mary Lou Menold, left, Pauline McKinney, Hita Brault, Donna Goodrich, Ginger Fitzhugh, and Ianet Fisher, march together in their new Drillette unlrrforfns in the Spring S ow and at various grade sc oo s, we 'F'- DHILI. LEADER DONNA GOODRICH tcenterl and her majorette, Beverly Hanson Cleft frontl, must have plenty of stamina to ut these Eeppy marchers through their paces. Front row: G. Pellum, L. Patterson, K. Kimble, P. Tucker, S. Smith. Row 2: V. Taylor, M. lwfenold, D. rei er, E, Slaucgtter, G. Edwards. Row 3: D. Tweedy, I. Fischer, G. Fitzhugh, E. Gross, R. Brault. Row 4: L, Spencer, B. Rambo, M. Farrar, M. Frutiger, P. cKinney. How 5: C. McCuin, S. Hanson, B. Cruse, S. Rice, M. Dixon. Back row: M. Sandstrom, C. Nelson. 3 ,fy .,,, ?,.,A.,.,,.. J., X, .,.. 3. ., .1 V .. .. ,.,. , W . ,.,.x., 5 .. ,, M. , ..., VA.. , . K , -MTW I ' . i .EMT , f . 7 4 .. , V , . .. . ...W .,,, ., .. i...W , L , A . ' V., fi 1: W3 f Q . " T V b 1 1 V ,n k . U L ,,. ,. , 1 L xx 1 x X sv gi g QM 6 f' 6 M4 we 31 with Fun und Action 'font row: L. Nevins, N Polk, R. Brown, T Nr-lson, B Sic t 2, . - Daniels, lt. Dlke, B Miles Back row: D 'homas M. Hammonds, P Constantine, I. iW1TlQ,lW Lindsay H. Mrclialke, treas K Lovelace, V Volts, S. Iones, F. Curtz, l Lettau NURRICE kles S Sa clifl P Mc NURRICE . . . Nurses for tomorrow is the clubs concern lor todoy To build interest toward this :goal this new club was tormed to ac- quaint the girls with the protes- sion. Front row: A Kpcllbf.-rq, sqt at-arms, D llol lert, I Wernvorm-n, vrcepres, B York, D Stone-, M Cottrell Middle row: A Davis L 'l'rueb, C. Bolire-r, G Iohnson, sql at arms sec: H. Walter, D Gusa, M Ludwig, pu-sg S Flenclrickson pros, H Brault, sec, D llal lrday sqt at-arms Back row: Mrs Klink, ad- viser! V Allen, L Iolinson, treasq G Heste D. Van Triclrt, A, Benton, I Brlqqs, M. Volz S Williams, A Francis, I Livesay, D Nt-ss AN INSTALLATION under the direction of Miss Peterson, guest speaker, and a party were given in the practice apartment to introduce the new tall officers to the members. Carnation corsoges were presented by their adviser, Q .1 J yw, AREMAC . . . "Buy your pictures here ot the l956 Rose Festival Princess ond her court" could be heard as the camera club sold pic- tures they had taken. Members also learned orbout cdmeras and how to take better snapshots. Front row: B Rambo, I. Scott, M, Bowman, C. MCCUIH, I Wilson, vice-presp A Onsted, presg D Fitzgerald, secg S Meydell, sec, B. Tawney, vice-pres Back row: Miss Farrens, adviser, B Schlevc, I Iorqenson, V. Cox, G. Cornish, I Onsted, I Ewing, P Marshall, G. Guidici, M lligdon P. Burnette, treas., M. Kniser, M Rhodes, P Burnette, D. Wells pres. Fine Arts und Hobbies FANCIANNES . . . Knit one, purl two, click the needlesl ln and out went the stitches, as edch girl perfected her handiwork and needlecratt. A cookie sale raised money tor their activities Front row: W. Van Liew, A. Merrit, G, Pellum, S Blanc, B. Anderson, pres., P. Leasia, G Shay, K. Russell, K. Sanky. Back row: Mrs, Nottage, adviser, C Bac- aloff, D. Fischer, M. Stemmetz, I, Seeger, B Shelman, S. Clemmens, L. Smith, I... Howell, G. Fairbanks, G. Ball, H. Kyle. FANCIETTES . . . With so much interest in needle work, this jue nior and senior branch formed a new club that featured more advdnced forms ot needle work. Front row: Miss Hoqers, advisor, A, Walker. M. Bagley, vicofpresp S Green, prcs, lt Gantz, sec., lf Grace, P. Worthey. Back row: P VVells, I Mcffhristy, K Pearson, C llollinsworth S, Patrick, B Cauley, H. Thorstad, D. llomollca, H Parish Widen Girls Interests Front row: Fl Burnett, V. Hivet, I Layman, R V Pr1nk,C. McCurn, B Rambo E Wrlson ti , Iohnston, S Wellrnqton, I. Turnidqe, . Moen, V Koster Back row: M. Bisson, K Goon, ll Catlow, B. llagen, S Cramer, H llolt, G llanson, S. llenne, I Munsey, 2 Kelly, M, Adams, S Huck I. Miller, . Turner, M. Lamar, H Warrenl D. Rust. CERCLE MOTRICE Front row: I Iolinson, C llampton, M. Ionserr, M Lrrwrs, W Woods, M Murray lt Williamson, ll Slauqhtor, H. llynlm, H. Ilrmrf-y, L Spfsncrvr. Back row: P. Nf'll'1c3!'l, M M1-szwcar, M 'l'aylor, P Lindsay, B lircklnfzon, A llarp:-r, M Burr-ll, G Smith, l7 llmnlon, S Tanner, G Thompson, M. ltomr-, ll Hear, M, Cram, N llall, S Shew CERCLE MOTRICE . . . "l-laste makes waste in driving," but not after safe traffic rules were tauqht ond put to use by these girls. Re- action tests in the driver training bus gave each girl confidence and skill when out on the open hiqhs way. Front row: C Manley, C Stewart, M Allen, L. Ianke. D. Phillips, P. Patrick, vice pres., P. Ketterllnq, pres, K Thoreson, P Vetter, ll Slaughter, M. Farrar. Back row: I Amrclc, A Iohnson, J. Keeney, M. Wood, B Lewis, S Iohnson, B. Trinkhaus, C. Zentner, M Sandf strom, H. Fisher, L Lewis, M. Lentz, K. Baker R. Hamacher, G Eggers, V. Barqeron, Mrs Ross, adviser. POLY PROMENADERS . . . To the record, 'lMy Little Grass Shack," these girls swayed their hands and hips while practicing the hula, learned by their adviser on her visit to the lslands. Each year they try new and more interests ing dances to add to the ones al ready learned. Front row: L. Peterson, M Brown, S. Pal me-r C Hopkins, D Burton, M. Myers, vice pres, K. Young, sgt.-at-arms, B. Hanson, P Mauldin, B Overberg, Back row: Miss Senn adviser, C. Rutledge, N. Thompson, V. Leech, ll Gerriets I Buddington, E. Klipphahn, S. lftice, D Roberts L Krohn, I Twed " , . e y, C. C,on'iolly, C Halliday, S. Haley. Members Cooperate POLY PROMINRDERS Front row: S. Kentielcl, I, Zapf, P. Rentro, H. Holloway, I. Hodell, M. Thomas, B Gartner, I. Howard, M. Iones. Back row-' E. Peterson, C. Lohkamp, M. Hartley, D Rust, A. Mathis, C. Kinvon, I. Iones,-F Stevens, C. Denney, I. Pollard, M. Fltnt S. Rowley, D. Walsh, I. Parks. THESPIANS . . . "All the World's a stage," so these girls thou ht a th l b , . g s ey earned the asic fundamentals ot the theater and acting techniques. Selling telt bow ties and taking a trip through the Civic Theater added interest to their clulo. Front row: G. Ulven, R. Swanson, E. Gross pres- L. Ford, treas' Z Laurine res ' Middle R , ., ., . , p .5 vice-pres., D. DeBoer, sec.: row: . Salminvarra, I. Lynd, M. Esters, S. Hanson, Miss Churchill, adviser, I. Larson, C. Foster, K. Stutzman. Back row: M. Edgington, D. Markham, D. Rasmussen, B. Wiley. l. Zook, B. Martin, S. Washburn, B. Cruse, K, Salzwedel, K. Strawn, A. Stott. 5, ., M f Q, , 1 V . 5. Q, A by 1 V 5571: ,EA . hx 1 A . tp Q L Q rf 1 W A li 2 1 V , , f :H k -W ' we kv! KW awk? "5 4 -in-sm X .f N 2 4. 'H' A ' xi' A5 ' an 35 '33 an n. f I is FN, J: in X H. if ti 'W fx Q Wi " -A lf 'Q' 5764! i"-1 -223 W ', Q Q ,mg -. 'Q if 'W e 3 . Q 3:56 POLYETTES . . ."Fill up this third row please," say the Polyettes as they lend their services ushering the girls and keeping them in order at school assemblies, besides other functions. Members sold Girls Poly brdcelets and gave a Christmas food basket to an elderly couple. FRONT ROW: D. Goodrich, sec., G. Iohnson, vice-pres , treas., l. Wernegreen, pres., P, Patrick, treas. MIDDLE ROW: I. Fischer, R. Parish, D. Homolka, P. Worthey, P. Ketterling, pres., M. Schmitz, P Tucker, l. Hale, D. Gusa, vice-pres. BACK ROW: I lohnson, S. Blanc, I. Guy, M. Iohnson, P. Marshall, P. Almgren, A. Davis, I... Ford, sec., S. Patrick, G. Krohn, C. Bohrer. Honoruries Uphold KEYETTES . . . Of chief concern of the Keyettes is service to the school such os patroling the cafetericr at lunchtime. They also ggve Halloween candy to the Albertina Kerr Nursery and a Christmas party at Morning- side Mental lnstitute ond com- bined efforts with the Chan- sonettes to sing Christmas Car- ols. FRONT ROW: M. Menold, treas., L, lanke, vice-pres., S. Hendrickson, pres., R. Brault, pres., sec. MIDDLE ROW: D. DeBoer, S.treas., K. Kimble, program chairman, V. Taylor, C. lnnocenti, historian, D. Turner, S. Cramer, BACK ROW: Mr. Rowe, adviser, S. Gettes, I. Wilson, G, Fitzhugh, P. Mc- Kinney, P. Lulay, membership chairman, M. Volz, R. Hjelm, E. Anderson. CBUGHT OFF GUARD by the camera is Garland Iohnson, in the center of the crowd, while ushering the girls at one of the assemblies. ACTING as one of the hostesses on career day is Carol lnnocenti who took her place among her Keyette club members to welcome the guests and act as guides. High Standards NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . . Members are chosen by a Faculty Council on the basis ot character, scholarship, leader- ship and service. Last year's members installed tive seniors and seven juniors in an assem- bly on April 3, tollowed with refreshments in the Counseling Room. Front row: P. McKinney, P. Ketterling, M. Ludwig, L. Trueb, A. Davis, vice-pres., D. Gusa, pres., L. Ianke, sec., I.Wilson, treas., R. Brault, V. Taylor, S. Hendrickson. Back row: Mrs. Hawes, adviser, K. Kimble, P. Worthy, B. Ezzard, D. Goodrich, P. Alm- ren, M. Drake, A. Boothby, S. Patrick, P. Patrick, C. Bohrer, G. Iohnson, M. Schmitz. QUILL AND SCROLL . . . Phases of journalistic or literary endeavor, in- cluding photography, do not go un- noticed, for deserving girls, chosen by their publications advisers, are re- warded for their achievements to be- come members ot this national hon- orary. Front row: A. Kjellberg, R. Brault R. Salmavaari, P. Ketterling, A. Davis, L. Ianke, V. Taylor D. Gusa, S. Boone, M. Schmitz, M. Menold. Back row: Mr. Rowe, adviser, K. Kimble, P. Worthy, B. Tawnex, S. Hendrickson, P. McKinney, . Alm ren, . Boothby, S. Washburn, M. Sandstrom, S. l?atrick, M. Volz, G, Krohn, G. Cornish, D. Stone, Mrs. Hawes, adviser. NEW MEMBERS repeat the pledge presented by N.H.S. president, Dolores Gusa, at the installation assem- bly, as old members silently approve. 57 1 it 1:.. .. n SIGMA TAU KAPPA , . . "Busy as bees" and never cegsing their tlow ot activities, these girls promoted many services and projects. They had a Thgnksgiving tea l o r th e i r m oth e r s and a skating and slumber party tor new mem- bers, stutted toys tor Christmas to help the junior Red Cross, and had joint meetings as part of the year's activities. Front row: S llendrickson, sec., E. Gross. pres, vice-pres., G Fitzhugh, pres., S. Blanc, troas- R. Salmivaara, chaplain. Middle row: G. johnson, historian, Y. Rup- pert L lohnson, C. Bohrer, P. Patrick, M Walker. Back row: P. Lulav, M. Iohnson, I Fischer, E. Anderson, M. Drake, S Patrickj M, Hansen, D. DeBoer, chap- 'Yiwu lam, I Guy, treas., P. Tucker. M-M! These Sigma girls, Carol Bohrer, Sharon Patrick, and Emilie Anderson, seem to be enjoying themselves while putting fudge into boxes tor their sale. 58 DELTA MU . . . Mustaches and mgke- up were painted by these members on patrons in a booth at the Benson Forty-Niner show. lt brought plenty ot tun gnd laughs, Their year's activi- ties included Mother's tea, a slumber party, a car wash, a pickle sole, dyee ing Easter eggs tor an orphanage, and a trip to Seaside, Oregon. Front row: M, Sandstrom, sgtfat-arms, vicefpres., C. Chatiield, lllSTOTl5l'lk P. Worthey, vice-pres., D. Krieger, pres., V. Taylor, sec., sgt.-at-arms, L. Ford, treas, M Menold, chaplain. Middle row: Mrs. Krieger, adviser, G. Pellurn, sec, K. Mor row, K. Haley, D. Turner, S. Del Sol, sgt.- at-arms, E. Slaughter, treas., A, Kjellberg. Back row: C. Baker, M. Chatlield, sec., G, Krohn, S. Henne, historian, I. Lovelace, D Goodrich sec., B. Cruse, pres., D. Tweedy, chaplain, M. Myers, C. Camp. DONNA KRIEGER and Marjie Sandstrom. went all out for a car wash when they Chose this project as a money raising campaign tor Delta. 41 -Q swmnian Pmiriss have been popular with both of tih social clubs throughout the school year, as indicated at one of Siqma's parties when Peggy Patrick and Susan Club Progrom Guided by Social Director 9 DRESSING DOLLS tor the Goodwill is lots of tun when you are working with your best triends, so these Delta Mu members think quietly to themselves as they hand stitch their creations. 33 if-wt' 596 -W MR. TED HARDING never ceased scheduling the flow oi activities while actin as social director tor Benson and Girls Poly. grin in closer re- lationship between the two scgocgs was his main goal. A Q v YOUTH FOR CHRIST . . . This Bible club meets before school and features interest- ing speakers throughout the year. loint meetings are held with Benson's Y.F.C. club crnd evening socials with other high schools. FRONT ROW: li. Burnett, lil. llalliday, I liodel, ll. l3oBot-r, G lolinson, B. DeVVoll. MIDDLE ROW: Y. Rupert, l. Wernegreen, D lloltert, ll. Fitzgerald, B Sicklfis, P Tucker, V. Rivet, Back ROW: I Wilson, S Clt-mmens, B. lizzard, M Volz, P. Patrick, L. Iolinson, A Francis, I. Livvsay, K. Morrow, F. Forge-y. S9 Qi A if get PQ S Y qi' W' sw Q ? A 'Y X X A Q Q 1 . 4 Q, gpfff-E Q, f - S 9 v --25 fy 5,352.5 XL Y eg Q E' : fl: ..s: EW! 5: 1 X ,- -vit AE'fff'i: A S.. M 'Wig 'Q , iw x 2- "H, f ww As the canvas glows with paint, so does the school glow with students and activities. i H at A 1 we . K X. .fszfia A - ,-We iz ,.. . , PRINCESS EVELYN 1 W W, ., S at www t ,X li ki 9' Y' xx M K? X N ,, R I ei Q it Q A ,, . 3 X A A FRIENDLY SMILE and the warm heart ot petite Evelyn Gross captured the approval of her fellow students when elected Girls Polytechnids choice for Rosaria. MAY COURT AN ARTISTS DREAM for painting is our ,May Queen Mary Evelyn Ludwig and her surround ing court, Mary Lou Menold, left, Vera Taylor, Ginger Fitzhugh, and Kay Kimble. SHARON SMITH was crowned "Miss Fuchsia of l955A56" by Margo Drake as the court members looked on. SMILES BRIGHTENED the iaces ol Miss Fuschia, Sharon Smith, and her lovely princesses, Evelyn Gross Clettl, Marlene Myers, Pat Ketterling, and Susie Mejdell as they reigned over the tlower show in the library. Fuchsia Queen Sharon I Presides An artistic opening for the school year of many activities was the annual 'i aeaaiiie ins .fhi, INDUSTRIOUS students busily make iuchsia corsages to sell and display at the tlower show. They are Sharon Patrick Clettb, Zenette Laurtne, lrene Sanders, and leralyn Hale SENIOR DOLORES GUSH, sweepstakes winner, is shown re- ceiving her prize, a beautiiul brass planter, from Margo Drake, ilower show chairman while Sharon Patrick, co-chairman. looks on. Dolores had nine entries made trom attractively ar- ranged chrysanthemums. She won tive blue ribbons, three red, and one white. 64 "Show ot Arrangements" sponsored by the Giardino Club. Sweepstakes wine ner was Dolores Gusa with her variety ot arrangements. Registration room 30 received iirst prize tor its room display. Margo Drake won tirst place in the city for high school ilower crrrangements. With this honor she earned two tirst place points toward a scholarship to the Oregon Floral School of Design. RCA' 0-?'.L Royalty Reigns Over Yuletide Festivities Christmas at Girls Poly is always a happy and gay occasion. This yeor the halls and rooms were gaily dec- orated and girls busily filled the reg boxes with Christmas cards. The Chan- sonettes added to the festive feeling as they caroled through the holls and joined the drama class in the presentaf tion of the annual Christmas assembly. COOKIES TRIMMED the blue-ribbon-winning Christmas tree submitted by Room 7 for the Christmas Show, Other arrangements were entered bv Margo Drake Clettl, co-chairman ot the show who received a second place ribbon, and Katherine Goon, a lirst place winner. "STAR" ot the Christmas testrvities was Kay Kimble as "Miss Merry Christmas," while adding extra trim to the tree was her court ot reindeer, Carolyn Smith, jumorg Ianet Fischer, sophomoreg and Barbara Moen, freshman PAPIEH-MACHE and a great deal of artistic ability on the part ol haron Trapotd wc-nt into this creation ol the Madonna and the Christ Child Shown admiring tt in the lront hall alter the Christmas assembly are Marte-nv Walker tlettl and Madeline Chatlielcl. 65 Stuff Pursues Better Yearbook y...--f-' PLANNING LAYOUTS is only one of the many tasks that Dolores Gusa, editor, and Vera Taylor, assistant editor, consider when they discuss their problems. "WHO'S GOING TO TAKE PICTURES?" or 'flow shall we take them?" can be -.. With the theme chosen, the layouts were designed ond the yearbook began to tctke shape! Starting a week after school began and continuing to early spring, these members of the Poly Maid staff Worked toward the goal of a "better than ever" yearbook, since the i955 book won the second prize of one hundred dol- lars in the Portland Allied Printing Trades Council contest. Active in money rgising affairs, they exchornged ideas for a dance and came up with the popular "Guys and Dolls Swing." Another activity was the promoting of ticket sales for "Ladies in Retirement" and the sextet of plays given by the drama closs. To encourage year- book sgles, a clever skit "Lucky Friday the l3th" was given in the assembly. BUSY. BUSY! were these girls on various robs such as sales manager, Marilyn Volz, left front rowg assistant sales manager, Donna Goodrichg tiling, Shirley Boone, Evelyn Gross, advertising, Ioanne Love- lace, Peggv Patrick, art, Beverly Hanson, back rowg Susie Mejdellg copy, Sally Hale lum, and tiling, Margo Drake, heard from these photography girls, Coleen Chattreld lleltl, Sharon Patrick, Mary Lou Menold, and Margie Sanclstrom, while Do- lores Stone and Kay Kimble "stand by" to gather new copy ideas for the finished pictures. "DON'T LET ANY LIGHT INl" can be heard trorn the darkroom girls, Indy Wil- son lleltl, Barbara Tawney, Gail Krohn, Donna Pitqerald, Carol Camp, and Mar- lene Schmitz, while they are busily dodg- ing, cropping, and enlarging the many negatives. Stuff Brings Worthy Results Producing a newspaper may become involved, but members ol the Hi-Light stalt get enjoyment out oi their work as they periodically edit papers telling ot school activities and classes. "Slicker Slide," the theme of this years dance, was held in Poly's gym on October lfl. At the annual "Spaghetti Unlimited" dinner on April l9, Robert Rowe, Hilight adviser, again supervised as chiet chel, Mgyor and Mrs. Fred Peterson and Queen Georgene l ot l947 were some of the celebrities in at- tendance, ln February tive members of the stait orttended the Pacific Slope Conference in Seattle, Washington, tor young journalists. HOLDING an informal discussion about flaws in tlir- pap'-r arf- Shirley llendrickson, left, Alice Booth- hy, Linda Ianko, nf-ws editor, Rota Brault, ad manager, Shirlr-y Washburn, and Pauline McKinney. Looking on are Sharon Mc-eks, left, and loyce Werne- qmvn, both news reporters AS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ol the iicliool rwwsriaptri, 'l'he H1-Light, Alice Davis tinclrz plwnty to tio to -ep her busy l X editor and Penny Wortliey qavv some point:-rss to ln-r stall, lift.: ..,x..i. GOOD THINGS cornv trorn :zrntttl rawlctttii ,, a qoocl re-stills varrir- lrorn tlit- vvrrf-1-1 W its year ffornztitiitincr tlit- stall is Alrnqrf-n, lvtt, ltoliln Sfrlrrrivttiim. LOOKING over ltr-r rwcliori ol thi- imp:-r, tlirr lrraturo editor lla! Kr-tttfrliricr, iw-ntf-r llollvrt, lsflt, Aurlrr-y liiv-lllui-rar Cilurtluvrm Cornlzsli, lrlorotlry Klrirlli-il, and Kay Kirnlrlw L S - Q., 5 lu '--..,. I 67 DISPLAYING their musical abil- ity at banquets, luncheons, and assemblies is the String En- semble, composed of Marlene Frutiger, lett, Mary Lou Menold, Sharon Cramer, Marlene Flint, and Heta Brault, WEARY MARCHERS near the end of the seven-mile trek during the Rose Festival parade of last year. 5 3 ADVANCED BAND FRONT ROW: Ckneelingj M. lfarnrnonds,l Scott MIDDLE ROW: N ffall, V. Mathews, P Lanz,I Iohnson, G Kah- ler, G Hahn, I. Langhole, A Hunter. BACK ROW: Mr Spencer. B. Dickinson, A. Har er, E. Cunningham, B. Sheljman, P. Gregg, A Pear- son, I. Ewing, C McLeni- than, M. Bisson, M Ienson, Music Vibrutes In Sweet Harmonies Familiar and unfamiliar strainst filled the air when the Chansonettes entertained in the Thanksgiving Christmas assemblies and the Spring Show. lifted their voices in song as they joined the city high schools to participate in the "Land of the Empire Builders" program on April 6-7. Un- der the direction of Mr. Lawrence Spencer, this talented group glso appeared on television and sang for the graduation exercises. Band members participated in the Football lam- boree, Fairytale Parade, and Rose Festival Parade. ln between times they spent mgny hours learning fastestepping marches and preparing new members for the Rose Pgrade. I. Onsted 68 f an f-' 5' l 5 , 'UM CHANSONETTES, proudly displaying their new robes for the tirst time, are FRONT ROW: H, Losinger, K Kimble, l Larson, D Renlro, D. Glad, I... Vrlicak, l. Wilson. G Achzrqer, M Yarbrough, B Siclcles, Mr. Spencer. MIDDLE ROW: M, Walker, M, Chat- iield, B Miles, S. Henne, B, Hagan, C, Richards, P Tegge, B. Chagman, M. Drake. A. Seeley, BACK ROW: I, Munsey, E, Catlow, E. Osmon, S. Hanson, . Kindred, C, Mate JN-. ,Ml I n 1 2 Q, . . I , vim tlirfws, C, Prckrell, I. Livesay, A. Warren, L. Khohn, M. Allen. PIANIST: M. Luclwiq TRIPLE TRIO members pleasrn ly entertained the O,S.C. Mothers' Club, various city qrade-schools, and at other publlc a pearances. Accompanied by their pianist M. Ludwig the are M, Drake, left, I, Wilson, Trueb, I.. Vrlicak, D. Glad, S, Henne, E. Catlow, S lllanson, K. Kimble. Q I E l fun yi KAY KIMBLE'S mrtrstarrclirxq rrru srcal ability wax: rrrwarllvcl when :she travfrlm-tl wltli tw:-lvv other members ol Orvqorr hrqh school choirs to St Louifa, Miss sourx, to attvnd tliv Muszlc lltlu cators National Confvrr-ricv Plaudits to every member of "Ladies in Retirementul Under the capable direction of Miss Marie Churchill, the droma dee partment added to its many suc- cesses When it presented this three-act dramatic mystery to the public in Girls Poly audi- torium on December 9elO. Pro- ceeds Went to the yearbook. CAST Miss Fiske .,..,..,.... S. Washburn Ellen ....,. .... Z . Laurine Louisa . . . . . E. Gross Emily ,.,.,.. .... I . Lovelace Lucy .,,....... C. Camp Sister Theresa .. ..,. C. Bohrer Albert ,..,.. .. F. Olsen STRIKING POSES characteristic of their parts in the play just before going on stage are Sister Theresa tlettl, Ellen, Louisa, and Lucy. Well Rehecarsecl Mystery Wins Public Approval ALBERT looks worried as he learns lrom Sister Theresa that the police are coming after him. Ellen listens intently to the story Sister Theresa is relating. EMILY BND ALBERT look on as Louisa defiantly describes the im portance ot her telescope to Miss Fiske, A variety ot six one-act plays drew a crowd of theater enthusiasts, when the Starlets presented "The Project," "For the Love of Michael," "The Stronger," "Marko Goes A Courtinf' "Graveyard Days," and "Little Strangers." This gave all drama students an opportunity to appear. DRAMA CLASS MEMBERS who relax belore production and explore the props iisi-it in one of the plays are Pc qv Patrick, Zenette Laurine, sitting, Carol Camp, Diam- Van Tricht, Karen Morrow, golcres Tweedy, Karen Salzwedel, Sharon Smith, Dorf-ne Norton and Carol Bohrer. Starlets Provide Enioycible Evening of Plays ACTRESSES ll-fain that rgofstiirrifrsa are vs-ry iiiigimtarit in Ihr: pmdiictiori ol plays llc-re lriiiririf- l.fivf-lace, fxittinq, livrilyn Gross, fatnrittirir , Mfiic ir- Sarifl::troni, Lorna Mae I 1 'l'iuivlv,fQhiiI1-V llriridricikson, Marilyn llixon, ltutli ffrittif-Il, and Mary livelyn Ludwig are lriokiriq ovvi the wardrobe pofisilxilitie-11, PHACTICING applyinq makefup are Bc-tty Crush, Marlene Myt-rs: Sh1Yl9Y Washburn, Sharon Rice, Susie Meidn-ll, Bark-ara Chaprnan, .mil Arlene Seeley, 71 VENUS, the plastic torso, is being examined by Kath- leen Stephens and Sharon Rowley in one of their health classes. SQUARE DANCING was one ol the inside activities enjoyed this year in the gym classes. Emphasis Placed on Human Body Emphasis is on the study of the function of the human body in freshman and sophomore health classes. Bone structure and organs of the body receive special study as the girls see movies and also read books on health. A unit on good groom- ing is ot interest to all. Alternate ddys during the Week are spent in physicol education classes. l FIELD HOCKEY on warm fall days was enthusiastically accepted by the freshman P. E. classes, Girls competed vigorously to reach their goal. 72 wi. ' 7 FOUL BALL! Strike one! Spring brings the baseball sea- son and gym classes activly participate in daily soft- ball games. COMPOSED of five sophomores and one senior the tennis team chosen from Girl Poly to compete a ainst other high schools are Diane Turner left Valerie Rivet velyn Slaughter who won doubles against Washington Carol lnnocentx Marilyn Dixon winning singles against Roosevelt, and Paula Dethman. Sports Stressed In P. E. Classes Special stress is placed on good sportsmanship during games in the freshman and sophomore gym classes. Under the direction of Miss Madeline Mor- gan and Mrs. Hildur Arnundsen, P. E. students learn the bctsics of such sports as volleyball, golf, softball, and tennis. Other activities enjoyed are hockey, archery, basketball, and square dancing. TEAMWORK is required to keep the volleyball soaring back and forth over the net as is demonstrated by this sophomore PE, class. GOOD SHOTI Playing basketball is another ol the many sports entoyed by gym students during the cold wmter mon s. TRYING TO IMPROVE their golf game became an incentive to practice on hot summer afternoons but chasing the balls wasnt much lun for these girls 73 DANCING to the strains of the Frank Elliot band, a sizeable crowd attended the "Autumn Leaves" dance on Nove b sports m er 4 in Girls Poly's gym. An all school affair, the dance was free to students from Poly and Benson. REGISTRATION is an exciting time as the girls, waiting in line to pay their annu l t a ees, chat among themselves about past summer trips and other activities. September . . . und Activities Burst Forth Falling leaves and vibrant colors of early Sep- tember make ct background for the opening of school. New students enter the school, racing to and fro, While asking upper classmen for unfamiliar rooms, that, to the freshmen, seem endless. Activities burst forthl The Football larnboree high- lights outside events, While the Flower Show, the all-school sing, ond the election of class officers round out the year's first activities. School spirit be- gins to develop, and dll th ' ' e girls are soon into the swing of things." MEVEE-'-E 'HE , Q -, --sv., 543: ,,, . -, KICKING OFF the schools' activities is the city Football lamboree, Geraldine Iohnson, left, and Penny Worthy, rally girls, examine in the main hall a poster advertising the gala occasion. HOTRODS are the craze in fall, winter, spring, and Sum. Fnef- The One here, Owned by Shirley Washburn who is gnh tlige car, gems! the once-over from Betty Cruse, left, and ar n ice. e questi ' : 'l 't 1 l get through Checking? on is wi 1 run a al after they i s-is 'Q l t FRESHMEN look and act the part of YIOUDQ ladies when serving as hostesses at the annual Fres ie tea. Spirits Undumpened by Ruin Rain, snow, and sleet christen fall when many colorf ful slickers and umbrellas appear everywhere. October had her Freshie Frolic, "Slicker Slide" dance and mony football games. November included her activities too, but best of dll was December with her freshman tea, Christmas assembly, and Christmas reg. I-O01-H parties Cottrell, Ioy Onsted, and Francis Klrcher de-liqlit in riassr Then the last doy of school before Christmas vacation and --- happy holidays ahead 1 l I OPENING CHRISTMAS card boxes is excitinq ltr-rv Mitt' cards out in their reg party k"fv""' PORTHAYING the Littlest Angel, as he suddenly thinks of an irfrfa tor ri qrft to the Christ Child, is Evelyn Gross main INDUSTRIOUSLY PAINTING a mural for "The Littlest Angel" are three of Mrs. Martha libs-nr-r charactm in thu ffttrifgtmas prgductlgn, I art students, Pat Almgren, back, Penny Worttiy, and Sharon Yew-, 75 SENIORS gathered in various rooms tor the college- conference held to create interest in Northwestern schools ot higher education. Calendar Events Become Reality LAST MINUTE PHEPARATIONS are made by Carol Butcher as she prepares for that evening ot gaiety with her favorite fellow at the senior prom, i'Moonlight Mist." MUCH MENTAL EXERCISE is expended in the National Merit Scholarship test as these girls "take pen in hand" to answer the various questions that may mean a ree scholarship. Ot all the tour years, the senior year seems to be the busiest as the upper classrnen tind their calendar tull of many events. A tew memorable activities on their ogenda are the senior prom, 'llvioonlight Mist," at Columbia Edgewater Country Club, baccalaureate services, and the long awaited tor commencement at Grant High School on Iune 7. Wifi LUNCHTIME Otters relaxation as tasty iood and best triends surround you when discussing classes, boy friends, and new fads. ANY ARTICLE LOST? Well, it was probably found at the 'lost and Found" rummage sale given to raise money lor many ot the Student Council activities xv I FILLING THE FOOD BOXES with canned goods that the students brought from home to help some needy lamrl at Christmas were Pauline McKinney and Kay Kimbr Council Girls Complete Busy Yeor Other than selling student body cards, spon- soring drives, and planning special assemblies, our Student Council members provided a sugges- tion box for the students use, planned for Cotton Dress Day, gave the dance "Bee Bop Hop," cmd held a pencil sale. IX ' PROUDLY DISPLAYING an enlarged replica ot the gold keys that were won by these qirls at the Inter- national Scholastic Art Exhibit are Susie Meydell, left, Ella Mae Grace-, Katherine Pearson, Pat Almgren, Sharon Meeks. and Carolyn Nyseth Penny Worthey is not pictured. SPREADING GOODWILL amonq the schools ol Portland and out lying areas was the purpose ol this get- toqether when our Student Body officers entertained other girl ot- ticers. 77 n,J ff' v.. K 4 1 if f i aw 'mm ,- Q M" Q 3 .Q Aw ' x X' vm uf em' sn A q,X.. Egg img, Nix, k A ,W 5 K nk .NE , X i ffm ja A me 3 33 6 .. X f M Q Q If QE gl bk nh-fflir ,King ,..,,.. ii W 6 S L 5s Q 1-an g was S35 wi if E ti , L.-Q M 5 ix 'Q ADOPTED from the practice of the Greeks who are being studied, Mr. Robert Howes history class holds out-of-door classes on warm spring days, OH! WHAT A FACEII One of the dance routines from the sophomore talent show is performed by Diane Turner, "the face," and Evelyn Slaughter. Vurution Days Are In View Spring days ore busy days, when the girls are finally tiring from the year's activi- ties. Concluding the full schedule is the se- lection of the Rose Festival princess and May Pete queen and her court. On Cotton Dress Day the girls, decked out in their best cottons, sign yearbooks and play games, and on Senior Day, Watch the finol musical event of the year - the senior talent show. l f 1., X , - , 45, a Q? 5 RECEIVING GUESTS 501118 Of me 0ffiC9fS and fact-1lfY members, al' DORIS HURNTON administers first aid to the "model" patient. This gractilvely attired in Cfhinese kimonos, help carry out the Chinese motif practice will become useful in later life. or t e junior tea. 79 FLOWERS, BEES, and all the spectators seem f ' ' ascinated bv Ferdinand the Bull about to be stung by the bee, Susie Mejdell. Margie Sand strom and Marilyn,Dixon portray Ferdinand, THESE THREE FLOWER-IJKE NARRATORS. French violet, lively? Gross, left, English gaisy, Shirley Wash urn, and Hawaiian hi- xscus, Carol lnnocenti, tell the, story ot the flowers. PRETTY MODELS in the style show, the climax of the pro- gram, are Iudith Gratiot, sitting and Myrna Embree: Kay Strawn, standing, Sharon Green, Reta Brault, Gayle Krohn, and Sandra Wellington, Spring Show Blossoms Led by three flower-like narrators, the cast of the annual Spring Show brought' to a close another mu- sical production, "l:'estival,of Flowers." The theme was carried throughout the show by the Chan- sonettes' renditions of "Hills Are Blooming," "Here, Sir . . . Flowers, Sir," and "Gardens" Written by Mrs. Eleanor Matthews, the script in- troduced several variety acts and the story of Fer- dinand the Bull, all directed by Miss Marie Churchill. Climax of the program was the parade Of lovely models showing their own creations made in clothing classes. Narration of the style show was by Vera Taylor under the direction ot Mrs. Marilyn Steven- son. Scenery for the stage show was supervised by Mrs. Martha Ebener. Lighting effects were created by the Mikeropes and two members of Benson's stage crew. i .2 t is t it 2 f 23 'ff' 3 . if ff.. ' iltttmttt tits 2 Q 1 E kip, . f In "Festival of Flowers" Classroom work was shown to the many outsiders as Poly opened her doors in greetf ing. Flowers were used throughout the building to carry out the theme of Spring. ln Distributive Education, "Ye Old Flower Cart" was one of the gotyer displays used to en- hance the counter layouts. Fancy flowered hats were worn by art room hostesses while clothing classes showed thir favorite flowers in the way of garments. Other classrooms showed accomplishments of individual girls on floral centered tables. in W,...-f- -- ft :- A f - t 4... t - f 2 E S -i FROM THE BALCONIES, "Oleh for Ferdinand the Bull!" shout the lovely ladies, left, Marlene Myers, Sharon Rice, and Dorene Norton, while the picadores, Carol Camp, left, the matador, Kells Barrett, and the banderilleros, Ruth Cottrell and Betty Cruse, make ready for the kill, wk, it it TWITTERING TWIGS. Carla Halliday, left, Ianet Fischer, Susan Hartshorn, Babette Shelman, Marianne Iohnson, and Phyllis Tucker, dance in the breeze to the record, "Goofus." BULLETIN BOARDS will "catch the eye" it always as attractive as this one in a homemaking room "all decked out" for Open house during the Spring Show. Zlzanka... AND soon LUCK TO '56 LIIGAN MARKIIAM STUIHII 917 s. W. ALDER 1 s gp 1 d 11 bd Compliments of . Portland's Own Store Congratulations to the fig Senior Class wlean dffianf PORTLAND-SALEM oi 1956 FIFTH, SIXTH, ,MORRISON AND ALDER CApiio1 7-4411 5 2 SALTA'S FLOWERS See Us for Your Wedding Flowers THE 1. K. GI1.L co. 'ff S. W. Fifth Avenue at Stark 2254 N. E. Sandy Phone BEacon 2'-34 52 Best Wishes to the Senior Class of '56 MH.LER'S HOLLYWOOD RAZ TRANSPORTATION CO. 'A' for School Bus Trips 42nd and Hancock - AT 8-5265 1660 S. W. Bertha Blvd. CH 4-5525 Your Class Pin PORTSMOUTH "A Symbol of Sweet Memories" PHARMACY as manufactured by if KARL I. K1.Em Iewelers and Engravers 5300 N. Lombard 700 Iackson Tower Portland, Oregon BU 5-3315 eos s. W. Broadway CApitol 8-3718 Small Classes Speed You Through me ta tie 65444 af7756! -and remember . . . the best job goes to the best prepared persong professional preparations tor high school graduates t produce the best results! BUSINES S COLLEGE 1122 S. W. STARK SIREET PORTLAND 5, OREGON CA 3-3137 4 LAURELHURST HICKS CHATTEN VARIETY Engraving Co. STORE 18 N. E. 28th BE 6-0340 ir Your Engraver for the 1956 Polytechnic Maid .lbazwin onea BEAUTY G COSMETIC SALONS Fine Permanent Waving Expert Hair Cutting PORT!-AND'S All Kinds of Beauty Work II'1fSI'I'1diiOI1BuY Portland, Qfeggn Famous Hairstylist 30 Years SARA IAYNE HOLLYWOOD 4424 N. E. Sandy At 1-3334, AT 7-3639 6668 S-. E. Milwaukie BE 6-5854 Congratulations to the l956 Seniors GIRLS POLYTECHNIC ALUMNAE Remember the Annual Meeting The First Monday Night in April Prepare for the Best Positions You, too, in a few additional months, can become a Secretary, Stenographer, or Clerk- Typist in business, professional, or civil serv- ice fields. Enroll immediately after gradua- tion in PORTLAND SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Loyalty Bldg. 317 S. W. Alder CA 3-1772 TI-IE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION of GIRLS POLYTECHNIC extends its BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS ot l956 H. D. BRAULT AUTO REPAIRS 2822 N. E. Glisan BE 5-9027 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1956 from the POLYTECHNIC MAID STAFF We 'ue ffuefzgtlzing you Need to Make youu Own SPRING HATS and BRIDAL ACCESSORIES Select gay spring flowers . . . novelty feathers . . . straw hat bodies ribbons . . . Wire and buckram frames . . . pearls and many other trimmings to create expensive looking hats or retrim your old one. See 403 Royal Bldg. 716 S. W. Morrison St. Open Mon. and Fri. Above Knights Shoe Store 8:00 a.m. til 9:00 p.m. R0 B0 CA 3-3446 FOR CLASS IEWELRY COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS CAPS AND GOWNS DIPLOMAS WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS .See THE MASTER ENGRAVERS 115 S. W. Fourth Avenue, Portland, Oregon Jieat wiahea . . . FROM I LHANWWWJWWQ Printers of the POLYTECHNIC MAID ADMINISTRATION Index Amundsen, Hildur, 17, 46, 73 Churchill, Marie, 17 Dobson, William, 19 Dowe, Ruth, 16 Ebener,'Marthe, 13, 17 English, Georgia, 17 22 Farrens, Helen, 17, 52 Greve, Ruth, 16, 44 Harding Ted, 59 Hawes, La Vonne, 13, 17, 59 A Achziger, Gloria, 24, 69 Adams, Martha, 35, 53 Alexander, Marlene, 24, 50 Allen, Altredia, 38 50 A11en,Mer1eh,as,S3 ss Allen, Virginia, 32 47, 51 mrrrgrerr, er, 32, Ss, as, 57, 67, 75 Alxnick, Ioyce, 35, 53 Anderson, Barbara, 32, 46, 50, 52 Anderson, Bonnie, 35 Anderson, Emilie, 32 ,47, 51, 58 B Baaalott, Charlene, 38, 52 Bagley, Marieta, 24, 52 Ba er, Carol, 50 Baker, Claire, 31, 32, 58 Baker, Kathleen, 35, 46, 53 all Gail 38 52 Qgargeronf Velma, 35, 53 Barney, Iune, 35 Battle. Adrienne, 47, 50 Bear, Darlene, 38 Bennett, Betty, 24 Bennett, Nola, 24, 44, 50 Benton, Annette, 24, 51 Berg, Marlene, 38 Beste, Gayle, 24, 51 Bisson, Muriel, 35, 53, 69 Blanc, Shirley, 35, 46, 56, 58, 62 Blesener Ieane, 38 sehrer, Carol. ai, az, 46, 48, 51, 56, 57 58 70 Beerre, Shirley, 24, 44, 51, 57, as Boothby, Alice 24, 44, 57, 67 Bowe, Carol, 24 Bowman, Miriam, 38, 52 Brault Reta, 23, 24, 49, 51, 57, 67, sa. 60 Briggs, Ianice, 24, 51 Bristow, Beverly, 32, 50 Broome, Shirley, 34, 35, 45, 51 Brown, Margie, 38, 47, 54 Brown, Ruth, 38 46, 51 Buck, Sharon, 35, 53 Bultington, Iudy 38, 46 Burell, Maxine, 53 Burnett, Barbara, 35, 53, 59 Burnette, Fem, 38, 44, 47, 52 Burnette Phyllis, 35, 44, 52 Burton, Dolores, 24, 51 Butcher. Carol, 24, 51, 76 C Caldwell, Leona, 24 Cameron, Florence, 32, 55 Camp, Carol, 32, 43, 45, 48, 50, 58, 66. 70, 81 Carlisle, Margaret, 32, 45, 50 Carter, Coreen, 32 Catlow, Eleanor, 32, 53, 69 Cauley, Barbara, 52 Chapman, Barbara, 24, 69 , Clggttield, Colene, 24, 45, 46, 50, 58, Chattield, Madeline, 32, 50, 58, 65, 69 Clark, Karen, 46 Clemmens Shirley, 35, 47, 52, 59 Cloutier, Carolyn, 32, 51 Colton. Florence, 24 50 Connolly, Carol, 7, 25, 54 Cope, Vivian, 50 Cornish. Gurthena, 25, 52, 57 67 Cottrell, Martha, az, 45, 51, 75 Cottrell, Ruth, 25, 50, 81 Hiltunen, Inez, 19 Hollenbeck Edna, 17, 45 Kerwodd, Florence 19 Klink, Lerrere, 17, 51 Kordic, Violet, 17, 47 Lettenmaier Ray, 19 Manley, Helen, 17 Masoni, Coralene, 19 Marshall, Felicia, 17, 48 Miller, Nina, 19 Morgan, Madeline, 17 Norton, William, 19 Nottage, Linea, 18, 52 Padie, Marian, 19 Parrott, Helen, 18, 45 Rathbun, Cora, 19, 70 Rice, Margiaret, 19 Robbins, arie, 19 STUDENTS Cox, Valerie, 32, 52 Craig, Mary, 38, 53 Cramer, Sharon, 32, 68 Cruse, Betty, 7 9, 25, 54, 58, 81, 49 Cunningham, Evelyin, 38, 50, 69 Curtis, harlene, 3 , 38, 55 Curtz, Florence, 38 D Dare, Diana, 25, 50 Davis, Alice, 25, 51, 57, 67, 56 Deardortl Ioan, 46, 50 Dirge? Dorothy, 34, 35, 45, 48, 54, Del Sol, S lvia, 32 47, 51 58 Dethman,Fau1a, 35, 44, 46, 73 Denne , Charlotte, 38 54 DeWollIe, Bonnie, aa, Ss, 59 Dickinson, Barbara, 35, 53, 69 Dike, Ruby, 32, 55, 38 Diken-ian, Diane, 32, 55 Di9zgng0Marilyn, 6, 7, 25, 49, 50, Drake, Margo, 6, 25, 46, 55, 57, 58, 64, 65, 66, 69 Edgington, Marilyn, 32, 54 Edwards, Archleen, 25, 47, 50 Edwards, Gail, 49, 55 Eggers, Gloria, 34, 35, 53 E ong, Bassey, 32, 51 Ellingson, Sherry, 35 Embree, MJrna, 35, 80 Erdmann, irginia, 38, 50 Erickson, Margie 25, 50 Esters, Mosetta, 38, 54 Etherly, Zenobia, 32, 50 Ewing, Ieanette, 38 69, 51 Ewing, Iudy, 32, 52 Eyer, Ioan, 34, 35 44, 50 Ezzerd, Bonnie, 25, 44, 51, 57, 59 F Fairbanks, Cath 38, 52 Farrar, Marvel, 45, 49, sa Finney, Diane, 50 Fitzgerald, Donna, 25 52, 59 66 rig? ugh, Ginger, 9, 25, 49, So, sa, Fischer, Dorthea 35, 46, 52 Fischer Jerrer, 35, aa, 44, 49, 55, 56. 65 ai Fisher, Ernest, 38, 46, 53 Flint, Marlene, 58, 54 Folsom, Shirley. 38 Ford, Lelia, 9, 47, 48, 54, 56 Forgey, Sharon, 38, 46, 55 59 Fox, Gayle 35, 44, 55 Francis, Ann, 32, 46, 51, 59 Frutiger, Marlene, 8, 38, 49 55, 68 Frye, Beverly Ann, 9, 25, 45, 50 G Gantz, Margaret, 38, 50 Gantz, Robin, 32, 44, 52 Gartner, Betty, 38, 45, 54 Gerriets Esther, 32 Gettes, Kay, 25 Gettes, Sue, 32, 44, 48 Gillespie, Sharon, 32, 50 Givens, Barbara, 38 Glad, Donna, 25, 50, 69 Goodrich, Donna, 31, 32, 49, 51, 56, 57, 58, 66 Goon, Kathryn, 31, 32 46, 53 65 Grace, Ella Mae, 32, 44, 48, 52 Gratiot, Iudy, 35 47 51, 80 Green, Sharon, 52, in Gregg, Karen, 25, 50 Gregg, Patsy, 38, 45, 69 Gross, Evelyn 7 26, 49, 54, 58 54, ss, 70, 75, 60, sa Guidici, Iudy, 35, 52 Gusa, Dolores, 25, 51, 56, 57, 64, Guthrie, Ianice 32 Guy, Io Arrrr, 35, 46, 51, ss, se H Ha en, Beverll 69 Hein, Gloria, 6, 4s, so, ss Hale, Ieralyn, 34, 35, 55, 56, 64 Haley, Kathleen, 32, 50, 58 Haley, Sally, 37, 38, 54 Hall, Kathleen, 38, 51 Hall, Nadine, 35, 53, 69 H ll'd C 1 38 46 81 54 Hallldggf Dgfrrle, 10, 32, 46, 46, 4 Heiiirrrr, sen , 25, ss Hammond, llary, 37 38 61, 69 Hampton, Carolyn, 38, 53 Hansen, Gwen, 35, 53 66 3. Hansen, Stephanie, 38, 44, 49, 54, 69, 78 Hanson, Beverly, 12, 26, 49, 66 Hanson, Merideth, 35, 51, 58 Harper, Annora, 35, 36, 53, 69 Hart Paula, 46, 53 Hartley, Margaret, 50 Hartshom, Susan, 38, 45, 55, 59, Hendrickson, Shirley, 22, 23, 26, 57, 58, 67, 51 Henne, Sonja,,32. 53 58 69 Herbst, Nancy, 38, 45, 55 Hewgley, Gloria, 38, 47, 50 Hickman, Peggy, 26 Higdon, Marietta, 35 52 Hrehrr, Ruth, as, 46, Sa ' Hoard. Olive, 32, 50 Hodel, lo, 38, 47, 54, 59, 44 Hoffman Carmen, 35, 54 81 1-Iefferr, beerrhe, 25, 45, 51, 59, 67 H e B erl az sa OH nr 9V Yr r Ho ingsworth, Chloa, 26 Holloway, Hazel, 38, 54 Holt, Brenda, 53 Homolka, Dorothy, 26, 52, 56 Howard, Ioy, 38, 46, 54 Howell, Loretta, 35 Hubbard, Shirley 26 1-rrrhrer, Archie, 38, 45, ss, es Hunter, Burnetta, 35, 46 Hurnton, Doris, 35, 46, 53, 79 1 lnnocenti, Carol, 34, 35, 55, 56, 73, B0 I Iacobson, Martha, 26, 50 I B nrii 32 ag ers, o e, Ianlge, Linda, 26, 45, 53 57, 67 gensen, Margaret, 26, 47, 51, 69 enson, Mariann, 38, 53 Iett, Darlene, 50 fohnson, Alice, 35, 53 ohnson, Carolyn, 35 Iolggiscgia, Garland, 32, 42, 51, 56, 57, Rogers, Luce 17, 18, 52 Rooklidge, hester 18 Rees, Anedra, 17, 16, sa Rowe, Robert, 17, 57, 67, 79 S Hel 18 54 enn, ene, , Shuck, Elma, 17, 18 Spencer, Lawrence, 18, 50, 59' Stevenson, Marilyn, 18, 50 Wright, Lincoln, 19 Iohnson, Geraldine, 31, 32, 42, 48, 50, 51, 69, 74 Iohnson, Ilianet, 53 Iolggson, inda, 31, 32, 47, 51, 58, Iohnson, Marianne 35 50 56 58 81 ohnson, ohnston, serrrire, a'2, 53 ' ' ' Edith, as, sa ones, htdy. 38, 54 ones, arion, 26, 54 oem, Donna, 38 ones, Estella, 38, 46 orgensen, Io Anne, 26, 52 K Kahler, Geneva, 38, 46, 50, 69 Kahoot, Carol, 38 Kammerer, Sharon 26 Karl, Ste henie, 38 Keeney, acqualine, 9, 27 Keeney, anice, 26, 35, 46, 53 Kelly, Sharon, 53 Ken ield, Sandra, 8, 38, 54 Kenworthy, Nancy, 27 Kester, Violet, 38 Ketterling, Pat, 27, 53, 56, 57, 64, 67 K' hl 55 ie e, nn, Kimble Kay, 4, 27, 48, 49, 50, 57, sa, 65, es, 67, 69 Kindred, Dorothy, 6, 27, 50, 67, 69 Kinyon, Carole, 38, 46, 54 Kircher, Francis, 32 75 Kiellberg, Audrey, io, 32, 44, 51, 57. 58. 67 Klipphahn, Emilie, 35, 54 Kniser, Mary Iane, 27, 52 Kraus, Martha, 51 Krieger, Donna, 27,.49 50 58 Krggrhgoceyie, az, 48, So, Ss, 57, Krohn, Linda, 37, 38 44, 54, 69 Kuester. Barbara, 55 Kyle, Helen, 35, 52 I. Lamar, Mary. 53 Lambert, Sarah, 38, 55 Langhole, Ianet, 38, 69 Lanz, Patricia, 38 69 Larson, Ianice, 35, 55 Larson, o, 27, 44, 54 69 Lanlrine, Zenette, 6, 27, 46, 54, 64, Laws, Freida, 27 50 Layman, loyce, 35 Lazare, Marjorie, 27, 44, 50 Leadley, Doris, 50 Leadley Karen, 35 Leeeie, Per, 34 as, 46, 52 Lee, Carrol, 27 Leech, Virginia, 38, 44 54 Leister, Claudine, 44, 51 Lempke, Billie, 38 47 55 Lentz, Mary, aa, 46, si, ss, sa Lettau, Bernice, 35, 46, 51 Lewis, Barbara 38, 53 Lewis, Betty, 55 Lewis, Lewis, Minette, 38, 47, 53 Lill' 35 44 46 53 ian, Lindsay, Patsy, 37, 38, 47, 53 Livesay, Iune, 33, 46 51, 59, 69 Lohkamp, Carmen, 54 Losinger, Betty, 38, 45, 50 Lovelace, Audrey, 38, 46 51 Lovelace, Ioanne, 7, 22, 23, 27, 51, 58. 87, 70 Ludwig, Mary Evelyn, 27, 51, 57, 63 Index Lulag, Pat, 7, 27, 55, 58 Lyn , Ieanne, 36, 47, 54 M McAdams, Darlene, 33 McCarthy, Pamela 9, 33 Mcclrrrszy, lsr-rel, 27, 52 McCollum, Kathleen, 36, 46 50 McCord, Me1va,37,38, 44 So sa Mccrrrrr, clrrrms, a as, 49, 52, 53 McDanei1,Phyllis,38 51 Mglglrrgrley, Psullrrs, 26, 27, 42, 49, McLenithan, Cathio, 27, 51, 69 Mace, Bonnie 38 Mai, Arlene, 27, 50 Manley, Carol, 33, 53 Markham, Dorothy, 46, 54 Marshall, Patricia, 33, 45, 52, 56 Marshall, Roberta, 38 Martin, Billie Iean 38, 46, 54 M 1' Willow 36 ar ln, , Mathews, Virginia, 33, 69 Matthews, Carol, 38, 69 Mathis, Shirle? 54 Mauldin, Pat, 8, 54 Meeks, Sharon, 12, 33, 51, 67 Mejdell, Susie, 28, 52 64, 66, 80 Merrolrl, Marg Lou, 29, 42, 49, 50, 57, 58, 63. 6. 68 Merrit, Alta, 38, 52 Mesecar, Mildred, 36, 53 Michalke, Bernice, 6, 36, 51 Mickleg, Arlene, 28, 55 Miles, ettg, 38, 51, 69 Miller, Bar ara, 38, 50 Miller, Iudy, 36 45, 53 Miner, Chloe, 50 Moe, Donna, 28, 50 Moen, Barbara, 38, 53, 65 Montgomery, Lavernia 33 Morrow, Karen, 6, 33, 50, 58, 59 Muetz, Marie, 38, 55 Munsey, Iuliann, 33, 43, 53, 69 Murray, Margie, 33, 53 Myers, Barbara, 38, 46, 54 Myers, Marian, 36, 55 Myers, Marlene, 7, 28, 54, 58, 64, 81 N Nelson, Christine, 37, 38, 49, 51 Nelson, Ioni, 38 50 Ness, Darlene, 51 Neupert, Ieanette, 33, 51 Neuschaefer, Carol, 28, 46, 55 Neuschaeter, Nadine, 26, 46, 55 Nevius, Linda, 38, 46, 1 Newman, Ianice 28, 50 Nihart. Paula, 38 Norton, Dorene, 81 Nyseth, Carolyn, 33 O Older, Charlotte, 39 Olsen, Darenni, 39 Olsen, Donna, 28 Onsted, Alpha, 52 Onsted, Io , 52, 69 75 Osman, Elan, 39, So Overberg, Betty, 28, 54 Overton, Oma, 34, 55, 39 P Palmer, Shirle , 54 Parish, lrlrrllr, 25, 44, 52, 55 Parks, Iudy, 39, 46, 54 Parrett, Verla, 55 Patrick, Peggy, 31, 33, 46, 48, 53, 56, 57, 5 , 9, 66 Patrick, Sharon, 33, 44, 52, 56, 57, 58, 66, 64 Patterson, Liz, 39, 49, 50 Pearson, Arlene, 28, 69 Pearson, Kathryn, 28, 52 Pearson, Sharon, 39, 50 Pederson, Etta, 39, 54 Pederson, Ieanne, 39, 55 Pellum, Gloria, 35, 36, 49, 52, 58 Peterson, Egan, 46 Peterson, ttie, 39, 47, 54 Peterson, Pat, 28, 51 Pettes, Augusta, 39, 55 Phelan, Ioanne, 33, 55 Phillips, Diana, 28, 53 Phillips, Marlene, 51 Phinney, Diane, 33 Pickrel , Claudia, 33, 51, 69 Pittman, Eleanor, 39, 46, 50 Polk, Nellie, 39 46 51 Pollard, Iudy, 45, 54 Porter, Shirley, 36, 45, 50 Prink, Bonnie, 33, 53 Proctor, Marva, 28 Ramacher, Renee, 32, 33, 53 Rambo, Barbara, 36, 44, 49, 52, 53 Rasmussen, Dian, 39, 44, 54 Rentro, Delghine, 39, 51, 69 Renlrow, P yllis, 39, 54 Renlrow. Sy via, 33 Reid, Catherine, 36 Reid, Ioan, 35, 36, 55 Reid, Pat, 36, 50 Rhodes, Merrel, 39, 46, 52 Rice, Sharon, 28, 49, 54, 81 Richards, Carol, 33, 69 Rivet, Valerie, 36, 47, 53, 59, 73 Roberts, Darlene, 39, 54 Rogers, Faye, 39 Rose, Mona, 53 55 Rost Phyllis, 36 Rowley, Sharon, 54, 72 Rupert, Yvonne, 33, 47, 55, 58, 59 Russell, Katherine, 39, 52 Rust, Doris, 39, 53, 54 S Saganilgalrra, Robbi, 28, 44, 54, 57, Salzwedel, Karen, aa 44, 54 Sanders, Irene, 34, 36, 55, 64 Sanderson, Myrna, 51 Sanderson, Verla, 39, 47, 51 '39 Sandstrom Margie, 31, 33, 44, 49, 53, 57, st ss, so Sansbum, Lorraine 33 ssrrlrell, Sandra, 36, 51 Savage, Sharon, 33 Scarboroigh, Phgllls, 39, 55 Schleve, ara, 3 46, 50 Schleve, vrvlsrr, 29, 45, sz Schmitz, Marlene, 22, 29, 50, 56,.57 Schultz, Leona, 29, 51 Scott, Judy, 33, 52, 69 Seeley, Ai ene, 29, 45, 50, 69 Shanky, Katherine, 39, 51 Shaiy, Gladys, 39, 52 She man, Babette, 39, 44, 52, 69, Bl Shepherd, Pat, 36, 50 Shew, Shirley, 53 Sickles, Betty, 39, 51, 59, 69 Siebens, Margaret, 39, 51 Siedelman, Bonnielou, 36, 55 Slattery, Caroline, 49, 53 Slglgxgliger, Evelyn, 34, 36, 49, 53, 58 Smith, Carolyn 33, 44, 55, 65 Smith, Donna, 39, 47, 51 Smith, Gloria, 36, 46, 53 Smith, Linda, 36, 52 Smith, Sharon, 29, 49, 50, 64 Smith, Virginia, 29, 50 Soder, Dar ene, 39, 47, 55 Spencer, Loretta, 36 49, 53 Spencer, Patricia, 39 Steinmetz, Marlene, 39, 46, 52 Stephens, Kathleen 72 Stevens, Francine, 36, 54 Stewart, Carol, 47, 53 Stone, Dolores, 29, 51 57, 66 sron, Andrea, 39, 45, S4 Strawn, Kathryn, 37, 39, 46, 54, 80 Strong, Virginia, 39 ' Stutzman, aren, 39, 46, 54 Sumner, Naomi, 51 Swanson, Ruth, 39, 54 T Tanner, Sally! 39, 46 Tawney, Bar ara, 29, 52, 57, 66 Taylor, Martha, 53 Taylor, Velma, 36 Taylor, Vera, 10, 23, 29, 43, 49, 55, 'l' 57' saivlfailbs as so ss ge, lsr r 1 Tligmas, Dloris, 39, 46, 51 Thomas, Marie, 54 Thompson, Diane, 36, 45, 55 Thompson, Glee, 53 Thompson, Ianet, 29, 51 Thompson, Nancy, 36, 49, 54 Thoreson, Karen, 39, 46, 53 Thorstad, Rebekah, 52 Trueb, Loma, 7, 29, 51 57 Trapold, Sharon, 29, 55 Trinkhaus, Barbara, 33, 53 Tucker, Phyllis, 35, 36, 49, 55, 56, 58, 59, 8 Turner, Cora, 36, 53 Turner, Diane, 34, 36, 55, 58, 73, 79 Turner, Elverna, 36, 55 Turnidge, Iudy, 36 46 53 Tvggeciii, Dolores, 9, 29, 49, 50, Tweedy, Ioyce, 36, 44, 54 L AM srnlo Env a Pnmrlno co., Ponrl.Al4n on: u ulverl, Gail, 39,54 V Van Liew, Wilma, 36, 44, 52 Van Tricht, Diane, 33, 5l Vetter, Cherie, 33, 55 Vetter, Flora, 39, 44, 53 Vohs, Vivian, 36 Volz, Marilyn, 29 44, 51 57, 66 Vrlicak, Leilsrrl, Qs, 29, 69 W Walker, Alberta, 52 Walker, Marlene, 33, 47, 50, 58, 65, 69 . Walsh, Donna, 39 54 Walter, Eleanor, 51 Warren, Alice, 39, 69 Warren, Roberta, 36 46, 53 Washam, Dianne, 55 Washburn, Shirley, 8, 29, 54, 57, 67 70 Wear, Ianet, 33, 51. , Wellington, Sandra, 36, 80 Wells, Audrey, 8 39 44, 51 Wells, Dorothy, :Ss S2 Wells, Farral, as, 52 Wemegreen, Ioyce, 22, 29, 46, 51, 56' 5 67 Wiley, Betty, as, 54 Williams, lean, 39, 50 Williams, Suzanne, 33, 51 Williamson, Phyllis 39, 47, 53 w'l El' ' as 53 l son, ISIS, , Wilson, Iudy, 9, 29, 52, 57, 66, 69 ' Wilson, Pat, 39 Wilson, Rose, 33 Wisdom, Marigaret, 39 Wiseman, Iu y, 39, 46, 50 Wood, Margie, 8, 53 Woods, Wi emina, 53 Worthey, Penny, 31, 33, 48, 52, 56, 57, 58, 67, 74, 75 Y Yager, Dorothy, 39 Yarbrough, Mariann, 30, 45, 50, 69 Yee, Sharon, 33 50 Yorke, Bonnie, 33, 51 Young, Betty, 30, 50 Young, Kay, 30, 54 Z Zentner, Connie, 33, 53 Zapl, Ioan, 39, 45, 54 Zimmerman, Carol, 39, 44, 50 Zook, lean, 36, 54 Acknowledgements The Polytechnic Maid staff of l956 wish to express their thanks to the people who helped make this yearbook a success. To Mr. Ben Miller, Mr. Hugh Bleything, Mr. William Bennett from Kilham Stationery and Printing Company for supervising the printing and lithography of our annual, Logan-Markham Studios, the Iourncxl for three pictures, Mrs. Eleanor Matthews for help with the dedication, Mrs. La Vonne Hawes, adviser, and Mrs. Martha Ebener, art adviser, for advising the members of the staff toward completion of the book, to the advertisers and subscribers for their financial support, to the unknown and unpublished factors without which this yearbook could not have gone to press, a hearty "thank you" for this assistance. DOLORES GUSA Editor-in-Chief Ill annum sunouzrev L Pmnvma co., Ponvunn, one 41, ,nl , mu V V N xl W ,l-:f.,1 1-W, If wwwwzx-fmwmw mm-mr , mnmmrusn-w.m:,wmw-w -N, 1: ww-A wwmwr-1, ww--W f -ww,w-N , wg ww ,ww 1 N 1--v, sw .V 1 ,N ,. 1,-1 -, Q M F I wifi 12255 sz- 515443 Q, L ?5"J eau I I vk V X 3 0 A

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Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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