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-4- 'C+-. 512' -3 , 55 as L WX, A 1 ,+,. N ,. qu,a,g,.1,,,g-Kyg ,, ww x fm.4-,w,,-,, -1. ' AQ, J.. ua. 2.1! +?1::fff1:2.l'fQ I wf,,zg,w - ,M +qwwwwW. ,W 1.2. , 15,1 .- ,.- , l,J1!QV?Il , 1 'P' , f ,4 L , TQ? ' - 4 mga X, gi.-' A ' . MW, , u'!"11' ' 3++f3w-M. , 1-Q ,e,,.5. W W., fm 1 T ri . Vlwriw Inv," xy. . -if, .47 JC, f, 1 V ...N W, W, , ..,, ,.,, 1, , V yf13u::x.fL,gga X , ,M-.,,. M ,. . 1 1 V 1. N jw,.,gfggE,.W 1 2 ,Q INN. xg gm , :KN HQ, X , 1 1 V. X 5 , K, , W , 1 w 1 Y w v X HQ '- iw X1 ' 1 , , il 9 the 953 NN C' Qxqkzc m3XA tn w ax , , y ,, Q ,Q x ' X -r X , ,, A.. S, -N X X W M X .F"i"" Si an fi . ff , is A egg ', , 5 x as 5 i R 1 . 'hm ,, A -0' 5 ' it M :1:.:. 5 ,:,, , 3 C Q ,MW is 'vnu -' M . 2 ii ' 1 .5 I Q X x ' : 3 - .V v I 5 xx KN 14 "W 7 P 2 5 W W. ' 9 ' v Q NY ' X ' gl . .... - f "" W F ' 1 g .kr 3 i AX g is A V 5 H 5 Q L Y- Y ,K 2 ,. wx AMW ,4 ' YK Z' wx ,A W 5 W K Q U s N S - N . ,X ,,, S 3: , Y QKZJV-72521 -' ,ma Q ' X I V ' : Z5 1 'L " ,. X 0. -' -,AA QI 'C " 1 Us Q E 5 5 8 -, W .A K X Rf F , ix , A . s 3- ' W mx , 1, R, ,Q 1 was ? 4 ' g Q 51 ' by X Q 2 . b , , , .,--,Q -'-- -Q M as Yew Q X is aw W - " ' 1 1 M , mf New H A ,,.. 9 23? QE M .. .,4gx.mws'MM V- J V , ,. ,Q s Ag Q W gsxg A.Qi?j'2 ., D , fN,,,x1,,.:'.2igL,5,- ,Q UE ' .NK TABLE OF CONTENTS VIEW SECTION ADMINISTRATION . . ..T, 14 CLASSES ......T, ,.,. 1 9 ORGANIZATIONS . . .,.. 38 FEATURES ...,.I . T... 61 ADS AND INDEX ,.. i,..76 ll U V .1 I ,A N , . ,T f ff N ' iw -WI ,',iii'l.'L Q I Q i -3'J"l T " J' - g lf f - X Here is our school, Girls Polytech- nic, in one of the most beauliful sea- oris of The year, the early fall, when the leaves are turning brilliant shades of red and green. """"'-lung m ,.,,., .,,. 1 :..,,.,.,, 5, ,N 1 Q S 'V mf 'QQ ' 1 Y was WORKING . . . Reflections from the looking glass show that we are finding the knowledge of lite in this, our land of learning. Studying the texts provided, we find we are all carried into great historical events as well as current news, most thoroughly stud- ied by the participants on Quiz 'Em and Student Forum, two outstanding student ra- dio programs from our history and social studies classes. The ways of the theatre are practiced in dramatics classes and well il- lustrated in the plays presented throughout the year, The art of writing rates special at- tention in the "goals for written expression," the mastery of which is tested in the spring composition examinations. Learning the ap- preciation of prose and intriguing poetry is a part of the English course of study. Special recognition is given poetry during our an- nual Oregon Poetry Day assembly. Mathee matical problems are presented for increased knowledge in the business world. lncluded in our math course is the study of tax reports, the banking system, and the drawing of graphs. Studies in general science and bi- ology bring forth the fascinating truths of the stars, our world, its plants, animals, and people. Subjects for every interest are reflected in our mirror, as the ever increasing variaf tions of each present themselves within our school boundaries. if :Gil Q i 0 provided within the wall of our libr ry Fu p ed I ahead' Sophomore work towards accuracy a well a xx- in 'lin peed for the Job opportunities offered through the l'h l il EM comrriercial typing cour c in our school curriculum 47 gm 2 X ' .W 5.1 7 SPECIALIZ ING. . . Great has been the discovery that all knowledge does not come from books, but indirectly through the guidance and wisdom of teachers. Many specialties have been added to our school curriculum throughout the years. A top favorite in this category is sewing which includes fashion designing, personal styling, and tailoring as well as the basic knowledge of fine sewing. Gar- ments made in these classes are modeled in our annual Spring Show. Cooking classes in which the preparation of both quantity and individual dishes is thoroughly practiced are also in demand. Many of cur tasty cafeteria dishes are pre- pared in these classes. Additional experi- ences are offered during the preparation for class teas, special luncheons, and other extra activities. Variety is one of the outstanding attrac- tions of the numerous art classes. Throughout the year students gain experience in metal work, textile designing, simple weaving, oil and silk screen painting, block printing, poster work, fashion designing, newspaper layouts, and wood or plaster carving. Prac- tical expeeience was offered to members of the interior decorating class through the re- decorating of the Practice Apartment with the reupholstering of chairs and the addi- tion of colorful pillows. Clerical work provided through typing and shorthand are popular with many stu- dents while others select the course on how to care for children in the nursery. These and many more are studied throughout the day, together with the subjects required of each student, for increasing knowledge and interest. The distributive education class gives credit for experience gained from clerk- in stores in the afternoons. Of f V Q LX K0 , M, '13 C Ji xi , 6' V l 1 C 4551 If Spicy apple pies are being produced in a junior foods class for the annual P. T. S, A. harvest dinner ...... Wide-eyed youngsters eagerly await the arrival of Betty Treece, Edna Hull and lean Wilkerson, their "big sisters" in the day nursery . . . . . Sculpturing, linoleum block printing, and metal tooling are but if M ,AV 'N,,,,.' 2 Af' K 3 xi,- xg Q , ',::. '+2 N A.. . New Y X 1 x 'T' W A - 'Q 43 3, 1, ,5 , A X ,p9" ...,xlF"" 71 1 x iw, Q 4 QQ X Q i 'J 49 . Ni is 'S 5 .. Q.-X 3 - " - VA. QS? fiwiai. 9 .. X - ' V5 I -:F .- Qglgifafg ., ,Sf ,ew f x,. QQ :X "At the Feet of the Madonna," a choral pageant, was presented in the school auditorium by the drama and music departments with Pat Patrick as the Madonna and Shirley Trusty, Marilyn Morris, Carol Herring, lrene Porter, and Barbara Martin in supporting roles ..... A hushed Inurmer rippled through the audience when the spotlights fell upon the officers, and Pat Cross, fall president, administered the oath of student lcody president to loyce l-iolt at the student body officer installation in lanuary. Other ollicers, past and present, are Sharon Nold, Pat Ashworth, treasurersg Verna Ynacay, Loretta Bethani, secretaries, and Betty Llanes and Evelyn Swisher, vice-presidents ....,.. Winning the sweepstakes award at the l952 Fuchsia Show was Ianet Blanc with her Mrs. Rondle entry in the hanging basket division. She received as her prize a book on fuchsias, donated by the Oregon loiirnal ,.,.. Graciourxly accepting a loss by only twenty-five points was Girls Polvs Quiz 'Em team, Mar- garet Einglish, Libby Linkous, Pat Ashworth, and Edith Hahn, in their challenge -.'. 'ith Roosevelt on the first quiz profiraiii oi the school year DISPLAYING TALENTS. . . Special activities throughout the year diss played an array of talents among our stue dents, The most popular exhibitions were presented in our auditorium during assemf blies and evening performances. l-lighly noted for their ability to keep the school cale endar filled with interesting assemblies and other activities are the members of our leadership class. including duplications, there are approximately l2UO students ap- pearing on our stage each year. From these appearances poise and experience are gained from the episodes of fright and ex- citement. Leading the flag salute at the be- ginning of an assembly is often an example of a first-stage appearance. Club and other announcements, group musical numbers, recitations, comedy skits, and solos help to bring as many students as possible before the student body. For dramatic minded girls, club sponsored and senior class plays are presented throughout the year. The display of talents is also possible during special events. Among the most out- standing is the Fuchsia Show, at which time one's choice flowers are exhibited and often times rewarded. Further opportunities are offered by such radio programs as Quiz 'Em, Student Forum, and Spotlight on Youth. Reminiscences of our school year brings memories of the many opportunities arising throughout the year, a year of innumerable experiences never to be forgotten. ll REIGNING... ln our memorable year we bow to the royalty of the various seasons. ln September the fuchsia queen and court, consisting of four senior girls, blossom forth as the rulers of our annual Fuchsia Show Freshmen girls in October are chosen from their registration rooms to reign over their activities on Freshie Day. ln keeping with the season, Miss Merry Christmas and her reindeer wave the royal scepter over the Yuletide festivities within our school, The last of the royalty appears in lune, the month of roses, when the Rose Court is honored in cityewide ceremonies. There is no greater thrill for a senior girl than that of riding in the Rose Festival Parade atop a beautiful flowered float that carries through the streets the queen and her seven gor- geous princesses, one from each Portland high school. Honors such as these do pass, but there remains in our hearts a feeling of warm sat- isfaction that we live in a country where such honors are considered important in the lives of our young people. .win oo 9 l I Linn 44 iffy. .5 swift" g J- rf' 41 X X A 4 tl!!! ,., MAY COURT Ruthellyn Frutiger, with her princesses, graciously reigned as Queen of May on Cotton Dress Day. Standing' Pat Patrick, Dea Fry, Queen Ruthellyn, loyce Holt, Pat Cross. Sitting: Sheila lem, loan Garmon, Evelyn Swisher. FUCHSIA COURT Miss Fuchsia of l953, Connie Meyers, and her court, Evelyn Swisher, Marjorie Lowe, and Sheila lern, adnlrvl Beauty to the Fuchsia Show, YV 4 if ,Vx M .I ff' fir' ,if fy " 4 . slag 5 is QM Q3 gr ' 4' 'lf mv 'E . - f 'SPE " QW. , '-M 5' 2 ' 5 ""'B""f v' ' A X X X M' ' R f 1' 4 I ' . '35 . we ' x KX if Q is ' X X 5 " 3, If ' X fi ? W , f X X . Z A -.:.: X 5 il RM 7 'ff y X. W, mf IH 1' lf 1 , 1 QU 1 EDITH' 1.14111-1, fini. P5fvlvtf,4hr11f:., f:P'1mff- M1 Yl14fkl'1If vi Hr .N-111: Af"1"f' '11 'f"'v'I fmfffm' FVTT1' Pm' ?1f'V1i HM- cmfiivf- Of V1fff'fWI+lilJif'I1T ui Ihr- fm1'1f'r1I Hx xv: . , , P1 11 I tw Vx' ' ai W1 "x xfwav' NVQ " ww ww.:1.w-1r1Xfvl Hn- nwml flwlx lux 'vm 1 I Fr MISS HILMA PETERSON MISS RUTH DOWE Principal Vice-Principal LET'S SAY HELLO TO OUR FACULTY Sl-IUCK, ELMA Homemaking, Child Care, Maisons, Sopho- more Counselor. lOHNSON, VASHTI Preppers, Iunior Coun selor. ROSS, ANEDRA ROGERS, LUCY SMALL, LOIS General Science, Cercle Clothing, Senior Coun- English, Social Studies Motrice, Freshman Coun- selor, Green Thumb. Giardino, Vocational selor. Counselor. Homemaking, Y-Teen- UNDERSTANDING AND SINCERE, THEY SERVE AND ADVISE .N Q5 Amundsen, Hildur General Science, Biol- ogy, Science Chair- man, Science Club Carpenter. Leonard Distributive Education, Business Education Consultant lor Portland Public Schools, Churchill. Marie English, Oral English, Dramatics, Thespians, Mikeropes. Davis. Patricia Physical Education, Special Cwym. Drillettes, Girls Athletic Associae tion, lntramural Sports. Dunn. Mirabel llorncrnaklng, Y-Teen Preppers, Iunior Coun- selcr. Ebener. Martha Art General, Art Com- mercial, Art Club, Poly- maid Art Adviser English. Georgia Social Studies, Senior Adviser, International Relations League, Polyf eltes. Farrens. Helen Library, Aremac Gregoire. Donna English, Social Studies Physical Education, Modello. Greve. Ruth Typing, Mathematics, lunior Red Cross, Mathematics Chairman Hawes. LaVonne English, Social Studies, Fnglrsh Chairman, Polymaid, Tune Timers Hollenbeck. Edna En lish, Mathematics. Del? Fuego. Klink. Lenore English, Social Studies, Social Studies Chair- man, Student Council. Lee. Ruth Biology, Chemistry, lunlor Roadside Coun' cil Macoubrie. Monteith Fnglish, Social Studies, lournalism, Hi Light, Poly Projectors. Manley. Helen llomemakmg, Home Economics Chairman. Sub Deb, Freshman Adviser. Matthews. Eleanor English, Social Studies, Leadership, Tri-Y. Nottage, Linea Clothing, Fanciannes. Rahmes. Gayle Foods, Commercial Foods, Pep Club, Poly Hop. Senn. Helene Shorthand, Typing, Poly Promenaders, Sophomore Adviser Smith. Ianet Art Cralt, Art General, Doll and Puppet, Poly l-lop. Spencer. Lawrence Band, Choral Music, String Ensemble, Boosters Stevenson. Marilyn Clothing, Home Fur- nishings, Cecco Fi Mue, lunlor Adviser. Wyss. Lillie English, Social Studies, Keyettes. se ..:.: ....- Q. , , nk E E 1 9. ...,.,. S 'K Qs Q f if if S: 3 S Qi S r will s R5 X x -N Sf Q42-as .R v ml... X N .W .,.,.. 4 ix? ,.., W E S H S il ,UQ 5 9 hw ,wg 5 5 ,R , ,K ai Q sv - 1 "- 5g:v ,::,, ,Q B 1 J .. Q? k X , as Qu Ks N QQ' ,Q we x .za 1 ,5.:f::.:,-,:... I.: 2-:xs5:1q':::-.aswm N- X ' w , .Jiffy ,. QQ Eb C ff ""'!""' gg ' 2 .... as 5. n 1 Q P ug: : L.. U On. LA r 'n 1 Mirror. mirror on the wall - Show us the classes the teachers do call Jill In All Activities We've Piciyed A Leciding Pcirt ROMA MENOLASICINA Senior Class President As we look into the mirror of life, we see the reflection of past experi- ences. Our memories suddenly recall the first days of school when everything seemed like a mystery. As the years went by, we became more enthusiastic about the precious moment of which every girl dreams. lt seemed as though graduation would never come, but at long last, it arrived.. We were happy to be graduating, but yet, we weren't, for we felt sad to be leaving our be- loved school and the many friends we had made. Also among our memories are the many dances, parties and other activities we enjoyed so much. To those who were so patient with us throughout the years, we owe our most sincere gratitude and deepest humility. Now, as we look into the mirror we see the future, and we are given new strength and courage by faith and en- deavor to make our future life success- ful, happy, and rich in service to others. Senior officers, when they get together, have many plans to discuss before bringing them to their class members. Pictured are Vera Roberts, secretary, Gladys Severson, treasurerg Miss English, senior advisor, and Evelyn Crowell, vice-president. With Girls Poly High in Every Heort Row One ADAMS, IANECEE-Distributive Education, Sub Deb, secretary, Tri-Y, Tune Timers, sgt.-at-arms, president. Work and Marriage. AIBRECHT, GLORIA-Commercial Foods, A-remac, Cercle Motrice, Iunior Red Cross, Poly Protectors. College. ALFREY, DORCIA-Clothing, Sub Deb, treasurer, Tune Timers, Maisons, treasurer, Poly Projectors, Mike- ropes, president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, Del Fuego, Iunior Red Cross, Tri-Y, chaplain, Delta Mu, Student Council Alternate, Band, Hi Light, news editor, business advertising manager. Work and Col- lege. APLINGTON, AUDREY --Commercial Foods, Tune Timers, vice-treasurer, Giardino, vice-president, treas- urer, Work and Marriage. ARCHER, ANNETEE-Distributive Education, Maisons, Cercle Motrice. College, BAXTER, MARLENE-Commercial Foods, Cecco Fi Mue, vice-president, International Relations League, Christ mas Reindeer, '52, Student Council Alternate. Busi- ness College. Row Two BECHTOLD, DARLEEN-Distributive Education, Tune Timers, Rooters, Sub Deb, reporter, secretary, Poly Promenaders, vice-president, president, G.A.A., Poly- maid salesgirl, Ninettes, Chansonettes. Work. BERRY, GLORIA-Clothing, Patternettes, Poly Promen- aders, secretary, Student Council Representative, Tri-Y, Delta Mu, corresponding secretary, All-City Chorus. College. BLONDO, KATHLEEN-Clothing, Cercle Motrice, Poly Promenaders, Thespians, Rooters, Poly Projectors, Tri-Y. Business College. BOOTHBY, HAZEI.-Clothing, Tune Timers, Cercle Motrice, Franciannes, secretary, vice-president, presi- dent, lunior Red Cross, Pro Tege-re,treasurer, Tri-Y, Student Council Representative, International Rela- tion League, presideni, inter-school representative, all city secretary, l-li Light, news editor, Polymaid Staff, Polymaid salesgirl, Iunior Achievement. Work and College, BOOZER, HOPE-Commercial Foods, Doll and Puppet, vice-president, treasurer. College. BRALEY, SHIRLEY-Distributive Education, Sub Deb, president, Arernac, vice-president, Tri-Y, treasurer, Benson Senior Class Play. Work. Row Three BRBTZ, WILMA-Art, Iunior Roadside Council. Mar- riage. BROWN, KAREN--Clothing, Iunior Roadside Council, G.A.A., president, treasurer, Poly Steppers, Del Fuego, Pep Club, temporary president, Student Coun- cil Alternate, Swimming team, captain, Golf Team, captain. College and Marriage. CARLSON, IANICE-Clothing, Sub Deb, Telephone Office and Marriage. CHRISTOPHER, DONNA-Commercial Foods, Sub Deb, vice-president, Patternettes, president. Work. COLLINS, YVONNE-Disaributive Education, Sub Deb, president, Cercle Motrtce, Del Fuego, treasurer. Un- decided. COMMERFORD, MAGEL-Clothing, Maisons, Poly Pro- jectors, treasurer, Delta Mu, Student Council Repre- sentative. Nurses training at Providence Hospital. 21 Four Long Yeors We've Worked and Played Row One COOPER, CAROL-Art, Drillettes, Art Club, vice-presi- dent, GJ-LA, College. CORNISH, EVELYN-Distributive Education, Iunior Roadside Council, Boosters, G.A.A,, Cecco Fi Mu, Iunior Red Cross, Tri-Y. Undecided. CROSS, PATRICIA-Clothing, Poly Promenaders, pres- ident, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, Iunior Roadside Council, secretary, Poly Steppers, Sigma Tau Kappa, Tri-Y, Pep Club, president, lunior Rally, Benson Rally, International Relations League, vice- president, Polyettes, Freshman Class sgt.-at-arms, Iunior Class president, Polymaid salesgirl, Polymaid statf, Senior Prom chairman, Student Body President. Work and Marriage. CROWELL, EVELYN-Clothing, Aremac, Thespianettes, Y-Teen Preppers, chaplain, Iunior Roadside Council, Delta Mu, sgt.-at-arms, Poly Projectors, vice-presi- dent, Student Council Representative, sgt.-at-arms, Thespians, Tri-Y, treasurer, president, Hi Light, news editor, Polymaid Staff, photography editor, Senior Class vice-president. College. DETTLOFF, IORNNE-Distributive Education, Y-Teen Preppers, Patternettes, Cercle Motrice, Iunior Road- side Council, Pro Tegere, Tri-Y, Polyettes. College. EGGERS. BARBARA-Clothing, Thespians, Drillettes, Tri-Y, Senior Class Plays. College. Row Two ELLIS ANN-Commercial Foods, Cercle Motrice, Cecco Fi Mu, Art. Work and Marriage. ERNST. MARY-Art, Aremac, Cecco Fi Mu, Giardino, Tri-Y. Undecided. EYER, IANET-Commercial Food, Poly Promenaders. Undecided. FERGUSON, PATRICIA-Art, Fanciannes, Poly Prom- enaders, Iunior Red Cross, International Relations League. Work and College. FERRES, CAROL-Clothing, Fanciannes, Maisons, president, vice-president, Sigma Tau Kappa, Science, Drillettes, Polymaid Staff, assistant editor, Polymaid salesgirl. Work and Marriage. Row Three FRUTIGER, RUTHELLYN--Clothing, Masions, president, secretary, treasurer, district chairman, state presi- dent, Drillettes, president, secretary, drum rnajorette, Mikeropes, Polyettes, Sigma Tau Kappa, president, vice-president, Student Forum. College. FRY, DEA-Distributive Education, Thespian, president, secretary, Poly Steppers, Poly Projector, treasurer, ProTegere, president, Student Council Representa- tive, Tri-Y. Business College and Civic Theater. GAINER, CAROLE IEAN-Commercial Foods, Iunior Roadside Council, Y-Teen Preppers, Tri-Y, Boosters, Del Fuego. Work and College. GARMON, IOHN-Commercial Foods, Thespians, sgt.- at-arms, Thespians, treasurer, vice-president, stu- dent director, Drillettes, vice-president, secretary, drill leader, Polyettes, president, Student Council Alternate, Candidate tor Student Body president, Senior Class Plays, Iunior Class vice-president, Chan- sonnettes, Polymaid salesgirl, Polymaid Statt, Senior Tea chairman. College. GARR, SHIRLEY-Clothing, lunior Roadside Council, sgt.-at-arms, Pep Club, Benson Rally, substitute, Thespians, secretary, Chansonnettes, Sigma Tau Kappa, Student Council Representative, sgt.-at-arms, Polyettes, Fall Senior Class Play. College. GORDON, LUELLA - Art, Thespians, secretary, Art Club, Iunior Red Cross, Fall Senior Class Play. Col- lege. And Many Friends We've Mode GRIDLEY, MARY ANN--Clothing, Cercle Motrice, Pup- pets, Fanciannes, Red Cross, Poly Projectors. College. GROSS. CAROL-Art, Art Club, vice-president, Poly- rnaid Statt, art. Art school or College. HEATH, LOIS-Clothing, Aremac, Cercle Motrice, Iun- ior Roadside Council, Iunior Red Cross. Work. HELFER. WILMA-Fanciannes, Pen Pal, Iunior Road- side Council, Iunior Red Cross. Work. HERRING, CELIA-Commercial Foods, Cercle Motrice, president, Cecco Fi Mu, sgt.-at-arms, Drillettes, Chan- sonnettes. Work. HOCHGRAEF, SHIRLEY--Clothing, Aremac, Iunior Roadside Council, Cecco Fi Mu, Drillettes, Interna- tional Relations League, secretary, Poly Steppers, Delta Mu, corresponding secretary, Iunio-r Achieve- ment, vice-president. Work. HOLT. IOYCE-Clothing, Thespianettes, Thespians, Iunior Roadside Council, sgt.-at-arms, Drillettes, pres- ident,Freshman Class secretary, Sophomore Class vice-president, Polymaid Staff, advertising manager, Student Body secretary and president. College. HUNGER. RUTH-Distributive Education, Red Cross, Iunior Roadside Council, Tune Timers. Work and Marriage. HUNT, MYRTLE-Commercial Foods, Pro Tegere, sec- retary, G.A.A., Giardino, Sub Deb. Work and Col- lege. IERN. SHEILA-Clothing, Cecco Fi Mu, treasurer, Tri- Y, Student Council Alternate, International Relation League, reporter, Kappa Zeta Chi, treasurer, Hi Light, feature editor, Fuchsia Princess. Work and Business College. IOHNSON, BONNIE-Clothing, Fanciannes, secretary, Cercle Motrice, Student Council Alternate, Science. Work. IOHNSON. IACQUELINE-Art, Indoor Gardening, pres- ident, Iunior Red Cross. College. IOHNSON. LAVONNE-Clothing, Cecco Fi Mu. Work. IOHNSTON, GAYANNE--Clothing, Kappa Zeta Chi, chaplain, Cecco Fi Mu, sgt.-at-arms, treasurer, Tune Timers, secretary, Poly Steppers, Pep Club, treas- urer, vice-president, Cercle Motrice, treasurer, Iunior Red Cross, sgt.-at-arms, G.A.A.g Pro Tegere, presi- dent, Polymaid Stait, business manager, Tennis Team, Polymaid salesgirl. Business College. IONES, PAT-Distributive Education, Tune Timers, Cecco Fi Mu, Iunior Red Cross, Tri-Y, Sophomore Class treasurer. Work and Marriage. IORGENSEN. ELLA-Distributive Education, Poly Prom- enaders, Iunior Roadside Council, Iunior Red Cross, Poly Projectors, Tri-Y. Work. KING. ROSE-Clothing, G.A.A., Iunior Roadside Coun- cil, sgt.-at-arms, Boosters, Pro Tegere, International Relations League. Work. KOHANEK, ARLENE-Distributive Education, Sub Deb, Tune Timers, secretary. Undecided. 23 We've Laughed And Cried LINDEN, BARBARA-Clothing: lunior Roadside Coun- cil, Cercle Motrice, Iunior Red Cross, sec., l.R.L., Tri- Y, vice-pres., Giardino, Delta Mu, vice-pres, historian, Polymaid Stati. College. LLANES, BETTY-Clothing, Cercle Motrice, sgt.-at-arms, Tri-Y, Cecco Fi Mu, Kappa Zeta Chi, pres., vice-pres., historian, sgt.-at-arms, Stud. Coun. Alternate, G.A.A., Science, Pep Club, vice-pres., treas., lr. Achievement, Band, Benson Rally Squad, Miss Cecco Phi Mu, '52, Polymaid salesgirl, Polygraph, temporary editor, Stu- dent Body vice-pres. College and Marriage. LOWE. MARIORIE-Clothing, Patternettes, vice-pres., Sub Deb, pres., treas., sgt.-at-arms, Sigma Tau Kappa, pres., Del Fuego, Boosters, Polyettes, Fuchsia Prin- cess, Polymaid Stati, Benson Standard Bearer, Student Council Alternate. Work and Business College. MACALLESON, ANNA-Distributive Education, Cercle Motrice, lunior Roadside Council, Poly Prornenaders, Pro Tegere, Science. Nurses Training. MCFARLAND. MARY LEE--Tune Tirners. Work. MAYER, ELIZABETH-Clothing, lunior Roadside Coun- cil, sgt.-at-arms, vice-president, Cercle Motrice, Tune Timers, Tri-Y, president, Iunior Red Cross, Student Body Treasurer, Delta Mu, sgt.-at-arms, Candidate for Student Body President. Work and College. MENOLASCINA, ROMA--Clothing, Aremac, sec., pres., Cercle Motrice, sec., lunior Roadside Council, Pro Tegere, Student Council Representative, International Relations League, Tri-Y, Giardino, Polyettes, Poly- maid Staff, Freshie Princess, Delta Mu, Senior Class President. Work and Business College. MESERAULI.. BELLE-Commercial Foods, Poly Prom- enaders, Poly Projectors, Thespianettes, Cecco Fi Mu, Drillettes, G.A.A., l.R.L. Work MEYERS, CONNIE-Commercial Foods, Thespian, pres- ident, Tune Timers, Giardino Club, president, Stu- dent Council Representative, Freshmen Class Presi- dent, Fuchsia Queen. Entertainer. MILLER. BEVERLY-Distriloutive Education, Iunior Road- side Council, Y-Teen Preppers, treasurer, Pro Tegere, Drillettes, Iunior Red Cross. Business College and Marriage. MORAN, ANNA MAE-Commercial Foods, Iunior Road- side Council, Giardino. Work. MORLEY, KAREN-Clothing, Cecco Fi Mu, treasurer, Giardino. Marriage. MORRIS, MARILYN-Clothing, Thespians, vice-presi- dent, Tri-Y, Senior Class Play, Benson Senior Class Play. Work. MOSSEY, SYLVIA-Distributive Education, Puppet Club, Y-Teen Preppers, Cercle Motrice, Drillettes. Work. MUIR, NANCY-Distributive Education, Cercle Motrice, Ad Libiturn, Giardino, G.A.A., Pro Tegere. Work and Marriage. NEWMAN. IOHNA-Clothing, Fanciannes, Cercle Mot- rice, Maisons, secretary, degree chairman, city coun- cil representative, Drillettes, Student Council Repre- sentative, Iunior Class treasurer. Nursing. NORDSTROM, MARGIE-Art, Iunior Roadside Council, president, vice-president, Giardino, Poly Projectors, International Relations League, Chansonettes, presi- dent. Work. NORLEN, BETTY ELLEDGE-Clothing, G.A.A., Cecco Fi Mu, vice-president, Kappa Zeta Chi, historian, sgt.- at-arms, Tri-Y, sgt.-at-arms, International Relations League. Marriage and Beauty College. 2+ For Happiness, Success and Pride Row One ODEM. CARLENE-Clothing, Poly Promenaders, presi- dent, vice-president, secretary, Cercle Motrice, sec- retary, Student Council Representative, Del Fuego, president. Telephone Operator. PARKER, IOAN-Clothing, Poly Promenaders, Iunior Roadside Council, president, treasurer, Poly Hop, Delta Mu, Chansonettes. Marriage, PARTON, MARTHA-Clothing, Tri-Y, Aremac, Inter- national Relations League. Marriage. PATRICK, PAT-Clothing, Thespianettes, Thespians, treasurer, president, Sigma Tau Kappa, sgt.-at-arms, Iunior Red Cross, president, secretary of County Council, county representative, Polyettes, secretary, Student Council Alternate, secretary, Student Forum, Representative to National Student Council, Senior Class Plays, Benson Class Play. College. PETERSON, BARBARA-Distributive Education, lunior Roadside Council, secretary, Drillettes, Polyettes, vice-president, lunior Class secretary. Work. PETERSON, HELEN-Clothing, Poly Promenaders, Poly Steppers, lunior Roadside Council, International Re- lations League. Work. Row Two PETERSEN, PAT-Commercial Foods, Sub Deb, presi- dent, Tri-Y, Science Club. Work. PITTS, BETTY-Commercial Foods, Aremac, president, Poly Projectors, secretary, International Relations League. College. POLK, BETTY IANE-Commercial Foods, lunior Road- side Council, president, sgt.-at-arms, Polyettes, Choir, Fall Senior Class Play. College, POPP, BEVERLY-Distributive Education, Panciannes, secretary, Puppet Club, Work. QUINER, SHIRLEY--Commercial Foods, Iunior Road- side Council, Giardino. Work. RAMBO, IUNE-Art, Puppet Club, secretary, Y-Teen Preppers, Doll and Puppet, Art Club, sgt.-at-arms, Giarclino, International Relations League. Work, Row Three RAMEY, BARBARA-Distributive Education, lunior Roadside Council, Cecco Fi Mu, Drillettes, Polyettes, Student Council Alternate. Work, ROBERTS, VERA-Clothing, Fanciannes, Thespians, president, vice-president, Sub Deb, sgt.-at-arms, lun- ior Red Cross, Drillettes, Sophomore Class secretary, All City Orchestra, Delta Mu, secretary, Chanson- ettes accompanist, Senior Class secretary. College. ROLPH, PEGGY-Commercial Foods, Poly Promen- aders, Y-Teen Preppers, Tri-Y, Poly Hop. Business School. RONNE. VIRGINIA-Art, Fanciannes, vice-president, Art Club, sgt.-at-arms, treasurer, International Re- lations League. Work. SCHAEFER, RUTH- -Commercial Foods, Cercle Motrice, Cecco Fi Mu, Fall Senior Class Play, Work. SCHNABE1., SYLVIA- Art, Drillettes, Giardino, lunior Roadside Council, secretary, Iunior Red Cross, In- ternational Relations League, Polymaid salesgirl, Polymaid Staff. Work, 25 Will We Follow Through With Our Ambitions? Row One SCHWAB, ILA-Commercial Foods, Thespians, Inter- national Relations League, treasurer. Work. SEFTON, IACQUELINE-Clothing, Sub Deb, secretary, G.A.A., Poly Promenaclers, Cecco Fi Mu, Y-Teen Preppers, sgt.-at-arms, Tri-Y, International Relations League, historian, Poly Projectors, treasurer, Student Council Alternate, Band. Work and College. SEELEY. HELEN-Clothing, Fanciannes, Patternettes, Iunior Red Cross, Iunior Roadside Council, Cercle Motrice, International Relations League. College. SEVERSON. GLADYS-Commercial Foods, Fanciannes, vice-president, Patternettes, president, Cercle Mot- rice, Thespians, treasurer, Polyettes, president, Tri-Y, secretary, DAR Citizen, Senior Class treasurer, Stu- dent Council representative, Delta Mu, Chansonettes and String Ensemble, accompanist. College. SHINN. GEORGIA-Clothing, Kappa Zeta Chi, sgt.-at- arms, corresponding secretary, secretary, president, Cecco Fi Mu, secretary, Poly Promenaders, Iunior Roadside Council, Boosters, vice-president, Del Fuego, Drillettes, Student Council representative, GAA., Polymaid Statt, copy editor, editor-in-chief, Polymaid salesgirl, Student Forum. College. SIXBERRY. IANICE IOHANSEN-Clothing, Y-Teen Preppers, vice-president, Drillettes, GAA., Chan- sonettes. Marriage. Row Two SKOUBO, RUTH-Art, Poly Promenaders, Cecco Fi Mu, sgt.-at-arms, G.A.A., Poly Projectors, Tri-Y, sgt.-at- arms, International Relations League, sgt.-at-arms, Band, president. College and Marriage. STEPHENS, PAT-Art, Drillettes, Tri-Y, Student Coun- cil Representative, Iunior Roadside Council, Poly Promenaders, International Relations League. Work. STONE, DARLENE-Clothing, Art, Sigma Tau Kappa, Tri-Y, inter club representative. College. SWISHEH, EVELYN-Art, Cercle Motrice, treasurer, G.A.A., sgt.-at-arms, Cecco Fi Mu, president, Poly Steppers, Pep Club, president, treasurer, Iunior Rally, Benson Rally, Drillettes, treasurer, International Re- lations League, vice-president, Polyettes, Swimming Team, captain, Iunior Achievement, Sigma Tau Kappa, Senior Prom co-chairman, Fuchsia Princess, Student Body vice-president. College. SWITZER, MARGIE--Commercial Foods, Sigma Tau Kappa, Tri-Y, Boosters, International Relations League. Business College. THORSEN, ARLENE-Art, Poly Promenaders, Cecco Fi Mu, Pro Tegere, president, secretary. College. Row Three WILKERSON, ALTA-Distributive Education, Fanci- annes, Cercle Motrice, treasurer, Sub Deb, Iunior Roadside Council, Pro Tegere, Tri-Y. Work and Mar- riage. WILLING, IOAN-Clothing, Patternettes, Art Club, pres- ident, Y-Teen Preppersg Polyettes, Giardino. Work. WILSON. NBTA-Clothing, Tune Timers, Fanciannes, vice-president, Iunior Roadside Council, Iunior Red Cross, Tri-Y, sgt.-at-arms. Nurse Training. WIRTH. SHIRLEY--Art, Poly Promenaders, lunior Road- side Council, Pro Tegere, president. Business College. WOMACK, VERSIE MAE-Clothing, Cercle Motrice, G.A.A., Iunior Red Cross, Patternettes. College. YNACAY, ELIZABETH-Distributive Education, Tune Timers, Fanciannes, secretary, Iunior Roadside Coun- cil, sgt.-at-arms, G.A.A., Giardino, Tri-Y, vice-presi- dent, Polyettes, Iunior Red Cross, Student Council alternate and representative, Delta Mu, president, vice-president, Iunior Achievement. Work. A Future Filled With Visions? ZINK, INEZkArtg Poly Promenade-rag Cercle Motrice, Art Club, Drillettess, lnternalional Relationfs League. Col- lege. ZUPUNSKI, IOANNE-f--Clotliinog Tlierspianettezsg Theis- pianfs, Cercle Motriceg Boo:ster:s, Pro Teoere, treazsurer. Marriage and Work. NEAL, DOROTHY Clolliinqg lunior Roadside Council, Tri-Y. Vlfork OPEN, CARLAf Polio rvatient witli a home teacher, NOT PICTURED CASON, DOROTHY-V-Clotliinci, lunior Red Crozsng Cercle Motrifeg Tune Timers, Science. Undecided. DAVID. NANCY HARDER Disstributive Educationg Poly Promenaderss, Sub Deb, Cercle Motrice, vice- presidentg lunior Roadside Council, Drillettess, treas- urer. Marriage. GREENE, PAT-Artg G A A, Cecco Pi Mu, Tri-Y, :sqt -at- arrn:s, president. Undeoided HOTTMAN. SHIRLEY-Wllixtributive Education, Tune Tirnersr, :sqt-at-armis. Work LAWRENCE, EDDIE LEE- Clotliinog Cercle lvlotriceg Poly Promenadensg GA A. Work and Marriaqe MADDOX, LOUISE - C l o t n i n GQ Tune Timerfs, zsonq leaderg l:'ancianne:s, Del Fueqo Work RUSSELL, BETTY IANE Commercial Foodzsg Fanci- anne:sg Cercle Motriceg Sub Debg Roo:ster:s Work Seniorss doino into tlieir wocial :studies clazsis in room 30 will conzsidei pe-ndinci activiticws. All :senior dizscuss- :sionas are liczlrl in tlii:s c:la.s1:room. Fourth period luncli ian oet-tooetlier time lor many :senior riirlzs alter an exmausstinq morninq. Here qirl:s relax and cliat about next period classiseis, la:st niqlit':s dates, and tlie new isodass teatured at tlie fountain. 27 Future Seniors IUNIOR CLASS During an intermission from class, the ju nior officers pause at a fountain for a refresh ing drink and to compare notes for their ac tivities. Left to right: Carol Yohn, sergeant-at arms: Suzanna Smith, president, Libby Lin kous, treasurer, lrene Holbrook, vice-president Marilyn Mai, secretary From imitating "Broadway" in their talent show to entertaining at their Easter Tea for mothers, the juniors enjoyed many successful days throughout the year. ln April they tool: the important stops in nominating competen girls for the l953 fall student body presiden and vice-president. With Benson they plannec their Iunior Prom, "Moonlight Nocturne," helc on May 25. With their share of activities corn- pleted. the juniors closed an abundant year and are now day-dreaming of their coming "Senior Daze." SOPHOMORE CLASS Showing a line spirit of cooperatior throughout the year, the sophomore class elected their officers in November. The class remained in the background until February when they assumed a whirl of activities. A' their Valentine Day tea for mothers they dis' played their best domestic talents Their other talents sparkled at their "On TV," talent show Also, their party, "The Shillaleah Swing" witt Benson, revealed their best lrish spirit. 'Taking an active part in school affairs, the sophomore officers helped arrange in the hal cabinet the dolls for underprivileged childrer that were distributed during the Christmas season. Left to right: Ianet Blanc, secretary, loan Linden, treasurer, lean Giebisch, presi- dent, Claire Phillips, vice-president. FRESHMAN CLASS Getting lost, forgetting locker combina- tions, and misplacing books mark the first few days of school for the freshmen. The Freshie Frolic, known as the "big and little sister party," formally began their school year. Their tea in lanuary proceeded as beautifully as though they had had many years' experience. 'April Showers Bring May Flowers," their talent show, brought not only the April flowers, but also new-found talent to the student body. At the end of the year the officers were caught relaxing from their strenuous first ex- periences of organizing a class. Sitting: Fteta Brault, president, Beverly Zilk, vice-president Standingi Mary Evelyn Ludwig, secretary Alice Davis, sergeant-at-arms, Delores Gusa treasurer. Alwluoll, I7 Anrlf-lszon, A, Anfl:-mon, A Armss1lonq,P, Ashwo1tl1,l9 Hfirrxwy, IU Hartfll, A llfifswl, I Hn-ckman, ll Bollxam, L Hoqan, L. Borclwrdxnq IS Boyle, C1 Boyle-, S Hu-we-1, I llroomw, I rown,l H Cnldwf-ll, C Carlson, ID C1-xson, lf fTl1adv'1clc,I Clmelflvew, I Clark, P Cole-, M Conley, IH ljonnf-lly, L, lime-, I3 D+-Clcco, H Ile-xrr-1, H lD1xon,S llnqllslm, M l'f-unc-sz, M Gooclgpuvd. S Cvrdltarr1,A Gloqf-mn, M llalxn, Il Hayden, L llm-lrlnq C llollman, M, llolbrook, l. llollxnq:swoy1l1,L I llornslrv, Hul1,C, lsalcsvn, S lvffy, II Ian:-ll, I I4-nfs:-n, . Iv-:.:a, M i. Ilqqar, S Iolxnson, ln Iolmson, I Iolmnson, M Iossund, M Imlszon, ll Kdr11lcf's,Cv Kelly, S K1qq1n::,K Kruk.-, I Kruq+ey,I Lfxwsaon, I Ln-cllmvy, M L1nkml::,L an 'f J f QFIFH Juniors MMM- if :. W we Sm-M MIC -.w raw? gxfg W 4: JE. I. A:i!!!!E!Ii ME , Eff! 'If If K 5 wzgvr '.5ib' f Ll, I! g!' ui ' ana? ,Q R!" ,V , f . ., ,... X ,.., .,,, an ,. :zz I' ----'-- ' -:,, , ,, I In . ,... ,,., I 2 ,Q 5 X' 3. il fff fa: Broadway was most qlamouronsly deplclvrl at Ilw IUUIOIK Talon! Show Onto llw Slaqv, lull ol l'nPon" llqhts, rllslmfxd can-Can clancslm fjmrnnllc fwflressswfi, lnlmf-:1 rzxnqe-r:a, xnll llw rrxfxvlvr of C"'VI'INOl'lI+'9 Io: Iluv -:mud llrml-' Lovelace, S. Li1cIa,C1. Lulay, B. Lulay, B. Mai, M Morrow. A. Morrow, M, Martin, B, Mather, L Mayer, R McDaniel, C McKinley, I McNabb, S Mickley, L. Miller, M Mishiro, A. Moore, K. Muir, S. Nichols, H. Nold, S. O'l'lalloran, P Olcazaki. E. Overber , B, Parker, lgl Piccolo, C Pierce, V. Porter, I Psaros, M. Putman, B, Ruby, S Rumgay, D, Schm1tt,M Schwab, M Sealey, I. Simmons, L Smalltoot, P. Smith, S. Smith, A. Sprague, I Strahl, L. Swetnam, R Swisher, El Werneqreen, ll, ' ": Teal, C. Trussel, A Tr'1sty, S. VanLcon, I, Waldo, L Waldo L. Watson, L. Watson, , Watt, M. Weaver, . Wellington, l Y Wheeler, I, Wilkerson, I Will, D Wilhson, A 'xNillman, I Wood, P Ynacay, V. Yohn, C IW fx :sis1,..s1-IEEE -' ' 4: . f a? QF X 1 me E? K N " 4 ' ---' Pleated skirts headed the style list this year in Mrs. N0taage's junior sewing classes l'IfXlI'7fLll directions aided in producing pleasing gar- ments ,.P g M Q K - Addxxxfz, Alubm, K AIIHT-'MII CT Asabfdxr V Bally, S .I , , Hmm-y, I I ' Harm-y, I II'-.1vv1,f, W Wf ew I z A . an iw- ' ,QW wi A 5 A '52 I Y I 1 K . fd? x 'gr' f I 3 ky ' 5 5 I Y .I .4 D ,ai IQ Q- f .51 : v, :EJ 35 " ' 3 . Q .,,.,... I .5 H' Hd-'ly A 15221116 ' " : -, Blsadlvfi, H . Z 5' ., "M T I si 2: Blanc. I " I I if 1:35 M . t 'sk Bocook, ff .g. EQ 5 , I AQ.: ,.,.... gomllor E Ek v ,, . ,. W O W m - Q F 555:1:g??s Hmdtwl-ll, S X ' .2 1 -II: ff ' , W 'ff ,ff N f I f -vm W ,, M SMS . W :Ez A A -3 W gp-gm, if 5' WA ,. ..AA ..,,, . 1 rf : elf . fr, ,ii 11:.:. QQ ur 1 2, Mau., 155,255 :- Lb 'f-- :J A. 5 9 5 Q- in N an Brlll, H 1. , Hv1:7k,S . ..,. - B11Ham,II . 3 l311rke,I ,ji -, . ,Q Bm kvti, B nw Q ..,.::53::.5,,5' Cf-xrlxpbz-ll, - . CTI1x.1CI:, K' H l ' 2 CI.x1k,l -5.55 'Y Q Cfloullf-1, I5 Ja-f. - Cox, H ' I " z f:.I11.,n,1 WA M 'N if - . X, IDI an, I 'Ez-' ' I3vr1xp::n y, P I Dmlxlcarm, Id ' Ifrlvkrzrm, li -. Imd, K, ,Q .,. I'O:1tvl, Cf Gu-b1r:CI1, I 'W' X - Gof-13, S Gmcn-, G - Graham, If Grown, IH Gy'-rmwnlt, f wr L ,V I GL1y,H ' 4 - IIf11p1n,P Iiamllton, If . V, IIankea1.S . ----' - 2' Hfxrmon, IJ IIm11:s,I X .. ....,,,.. K .. limvlson, II I' mg 4 Hfxzf, I liemy, A I'It'l'lIV,I IIxIl,l Howard, L Illmqsworth Iensf-n, I3 arm mmf ak they Sophmn HMI and wm1-- Ivfmt: nvrwvi m.1 'rw val ntme- n In, In Iwl' .fem III 010 Iolmson, A Iohnfson, B Iohnson, B If Iohnszon, P 1- was- - 6' ' Iohnson, S Iom-:s, H Iomwz, I I' ' If Iurlfzml, S "' 9 K1ll1On,I3 . I Kolmrxwz, M Sophomores :1- - Cf-xmnmck, M WWA A-1 f X' .1 we 'Dv ef s New 3352 1 'F ,,.. he .V , , -:.... . , tt t , les..?aN""' A , rss wx Rr" X' Y I 5 ' Q me if 5 as , A , V. .- M. 'im .. f I .... M. ,.. , 25.9, -'-- Q ., ,. , . 1, an , A Q .,. ,.,, , ---- , , Q y- Y I A xr. , :Q ,I gg? 'f M 5 I is P5 lf' III... : Kraley, L. Lander, B Landers, E Larson, F Lee, B. Lentz, M. Linden, I Maiken, B. Manchester, I. Marlow, P. Marsh, S. Matheny, V McClure, R. Mesecar. H. Metcalfe, D Metzgar, A Michalke, I, Michalls, A, Miller, K Miner, M, Misgen, I Moore, K. Morgan, M. Morris, M. Nailing, C, Neal, B. Nold, S. Oliver, I, Overby, L. Parker, D, Pearson. M. Petersen, C. Pettit, I. Phelps, M. Phillips, C. Price, I. Ray, E. Raymond, I. Register, P. Richardson, L. Roberts, M. Rogers, L. Scheidemann, I. Schram, G. Schultz, P, Simpson, P. Singleton, D Sleeman, D. Smith, B Solomon, A. Stephens, B. Stephens, P. Storm, P. Sumpter, M. Swisher, A. Taylor, L, Templeton, A. Tolston, Z. Van Daarn. I Vandewerker, N VanLoon, S. Virell, G. Wiedenmann, M Wallace, D Warnock, P. Weaver, V, Weir, B. Weld, C. Wernegreen, E. Wiesner, A. Williams, E Willison, S Woodiill, P. Woody. G, Wyer, L. Zimmerman, M. Our Ma'1r-rl rwqrzr-f 'Q ru Kayvn Uarlson 'mth fivlxmxtf, Marlf-nf 1 Ovm Hn- fusfzxr frrl Af-1, -x ,. ANMz1.w rx All xxx.-in Ai:1m.4 K N:un'k,l 1' ff- AMIUQA- V :mm I 1'-x:N', M Q.. H5 "1 '-:" H - ,.,:..1- 5 a -- -1 ,, 1-mm, Fl . P1 ,V gl f w' ..,, I .5 ,: I' 1:-A.5:::155L A g 11, tx, , 1 X . . fr, HI.. x- rx I, , ' In fx- ni , If if -' ' mf..-k, V N 1 , "" ' q RWM: f":Qfl 2142 1 3 if ls ,U i Q, hi, . ,- ' V" -rn' LS ihuvm 1' li' u'1H H l1:11:1:. N K9 LMI: H Ii www I' li twlww ' 19 k fix low-ly pirlrxcmzse-S, Mfivqo Drakfg Vrancfs Alrizack, and Slwzrvn "H1wx..l ffnh-' I CTIMYHK 1.1 'lnlyl 'lmk 22 "MXL il 7 H11. fx YHHH' fx 5 -"' IVIQQV I I "mum lf, , - mmf. H V may WW lx N -2.1 A X H? ' IN vu, M Www- X Urfxkl F' IH W-m X' IAM ,i V1'vx'1i,Ii IVMWJ H i'u1:1ml,l r'm,.1a, was 9 :'1,f.f,'. -5.- Jw K Nw Q5 wfw' Q ' ' ,. , Ch'-v im m ., ':5fIr5:": -':: ,' 5 L L !:. wr 11 0 amy! fi 1 I I . Irv f'1w , lll? Freshmen I IMLHMI-. A vl f 11 I, Gregg, K. Gr1ll1th,D. Gross, E, Gusa, D. Hahn, Cv. Haugen, M. llelllin, I. Henderson, I. llendricks, I. Hendrickson, S. Hickman. P. Holfert, D. lloke I. llomolka, D. Hollinosworth, C. Holieeh, C. Hubbard, S. Hunl, S. Iames, I. lanke, L. lones, M. Kemp, C. Kelterling, P. Kim, K. Kaiser, M. Kovar, C. Landacre, L. Lane, B. Larson, I. Lazare, M. Lee, C. Lovelace, I. Ludwig, M. Lulay, P. Lynn, S. Mai, A. Malcom, N. Martin, N. Massie, C. Maulclin, P. May, V. McChrisly, I. McDougold, M. McKinney, P. McLenithan, K. Meeks, K. Mejclell, S. Melcher, S. Menolcl, M. Mickley, A. Miller, F. Miller, A. Moore, M. Musch, C. Myers, M. Newman, I. Olsen, D. Onsled, A. Ovorbor ,B Parenl, Parisi. R. Parrish, L, 34 .:.:.e:.:.,:.:.,':.,.,..,. .4f.:.g1:.g.::y.,. :.. gs,:5.:s:5::.: 7-3 -5-5-xaegsgwsgeri.2:a:z,s:.:,1...15:5-. 9 As .,, W Q 9 n. 4 3 1 6 My 4 6,2 Q . '22 W .1 5' 'W V , Q . W.. , .,., , 9 ,W "" 'f 3:?F:. ,..,s::1' JV " M MZ? if yy L as f., 3 Q wi S, 5 6 .1 gm fs .. . j Q., ,. v- ,S-was , ,. .N ..y - A i K.. , .. -f Q, J' SW M . ,... .Q 5 -.1,....: E." 366: H ww 1' '9 e sf W' -. , 9. .. is me if 3 9 Yi? ww Wo,:,:H,:.1,.,:,.,.,::1,:::1.,:::1 :Q s 2 Q ix w s:-:5-:':r-:,:-:- +1-' 2 ! s 3a Win aw .L N' 12" " 'I ii"'i:"'i ."i..' ........ . ""r":' . ' I . V- IVQA A 'El A .. :-,--' I.: ,Q Q I. I ,,,.. V --" ..,-, . . .... ,II I uzzl an '::1'. 3 'I "'- Q .3 I -r 'iir I "' - . I . ::1"'-2r' :'f .. Y A ' ,..,.. -'-'r- I ZI' I if M - - . - fi A mee. IL: ':'.::.:.:Ea5sfiE5f+' . in . f ve V. mm 45" 'QI 3? - 11: .Q x A? gl. . . .. .......... ' Q Q .... 'fy Q Q 'f s Q ..,: ..... . . .1 9 ii' s, . V' f:5.5:E' '. If-siaf :::"::1"5:.,:- ,,. ..,. .,.. ..... . .afzjg V- dw . 2-er ...yr , W Q33 W While snow men graced the tea iable, ihe lreshmen girls displayed their clever ness and poise at iheir lea lor molhers and Iiiencis. ' a1..:::g':s-'N :."..5.g :-H vw ,. gi ,,.- 8 .-.. .,. -,,,, 3,1 -1 .- , HA tw 5 3 .. as 2 zu vw. ...,. H Q 'Y Q? :uzu 7539 Zi- u i' A J? Q ,,:.., ., In A QR . 9 SQ' Mrs. Manley, loods lf-acher and Freshman Class advlser, demon zztratuz to lwr Frusllnv-rl The propexr way of preparmq homfemade may- ! and :ff K Q T N H Q I 4: prilllilfbll, S P1-arson K PL-llly,1b Pexlvrfson, P P1ClwvHc', N P1Ttmfm,M lllcw-, S llovkc M Rogers, S Scllac-lm, A SCl1ITlllki, M ScIm111:,L Sm Ivy, A Sfwasaxwmn, l-' Slunn. M Smlth, il Smith, S Solonsvn, S Spmlmq, P Storm, D Slrvvlsw, li Sfrube-l,I Swill, D Tawne-y, Ii 'l'aylor', M Taylor, V. 'l'fKrr1y'lv, K. Tharp, M Tlmompsson, l 'l'l1omp::or1, li 'l'r1:s-ll. L Vamlcwpool, l' V1lz, M Vlllcak, L Walker, A. Wdlkew, N Ward, B. Washburn, S Waslnnqton, L We-lxlly, H Wmnugrovlx I VV0yqand1, L Whcszleer, I7 Wl11Tfr, ll. Wlllllf, M. Wlllxams, S Wulson, 1 W1'lql1t, 'l' VVullsclxlvqul', M Zllk, B rirmwsf- V' Mirror, mirror on the wall - Marching, music, and school clubs call I I all F,,.! Nvnuuv-N xilmtxt. .aww Drum .ar PAT CROSS Fall Student Body President Student Leaders Assume Starting ott our chain ot events tor the tall term was the tootball jamboree at Multnomah Stadium. Both this and the student body card drive were carried out in a real spirit ot cooperation on the part ot the students. The tirst social activity ot the council was the Freshie Frolic, which held much excitement tor both the senior "Big Sisters" and their treshie guests when the queen and her attendants were announced. Everyone had a wonderful time at Christmas, and our school was made especially gay with decorated postal boxes in the main hall. As a titting climax ot the tall term the ote ticers elected to serve our school tor the spring term were installed on an oppropriate day, Ianuary 20, the Presidential lnaugural date. FALL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Relaxing from their many student body activities are the fall term officers, Pat Ashworth, treasurer, Loretta Betham, secretary, and Betty Llanes, vice- president. FALL STUDENT COUNCIL Row l: C. Neuschaeter, K, Kim, S. Goetz, I. Newman, P. Armstrong, C. Herring, S. Lynn, E. Swisher, W. Barringer, S. Smith, Row 2: I. Barney, S. Althouse, D. Wheeler, K. Adams, I. Blanc, E. Williams, I. Holt, B. COX, S. Garr, lvl. Iohiison, L. Hollingsworth, Mrs. Klinlc, adviser. was W 2353 1 v-lv jg E4-fe 'uv' 'Y' G+ 0 5 w 'Q x N. my M X., ., ,W uv I , W 7, .cf -1 ,ww , au .1kl, if-'fp n'9"'3 3,1 n Q g Q '5'5"2 wki 'Quiz 4 .-,r tUpper leftl Balancing the budget, issuing receipts, planning layouts, preparing the personalized index, and solving innumerable other problems are the duties of Gay- anne Johnston, business manager, Georgia Shinn. editor, lerrte Willrnan, assistant bu:-iness managerg and Carol Ferres, assistant editor. tUpper rightl Busy checking pic- tures and notations for the editor's approval are Pat Cross and Ioan faarmong lovce Holt, advertising :nanagerg Hazel Boothby, Roma Merxolascina, and Barbara Linden, filing. 'faking pictures can be fun as well as Work. Evelyn Crowell. pho- tography editor, poses while Sharon Lovelace, production manager, and Mary Ann Johnson arrange the lighting. Pat Ashworth places her efforts in focusing the camera. Staff Presents Hard Covers Two of the foremost dreams of the staff became realities this year. At the top of our list has been the desire to have hard covers for our yearbooks. A skit presented in an assembly by our staff members helped promote the necessary sales, and with the backing and cooperation of the student body, the l953 Polytechnic Maid is our dream come true. The second of our realities was the remodeling of our darkroom. Among the improvements were acid re- sistant table tops, a wooden cedar sink with shelves for supplies and tray storage underneath, a radiator, a Ventilating fan, and wiring for extra safe-lights. Our staff members participated in many special activities. In Cctober Georgia Shinn, editor, and Cfayanne lohnston, business manager, attended the Oregon Scholastic Press Conference in Eugene. The Polymaid sports dance, "Western Prance," netted 548.00 which was spent for a portable typewriter. Also the girls promoted the ticket sales for our se- nior class plays, "Cry Havoc" and "Two Little Girls in Blue." The printing of most of our year- book pictures is done by staff members Marjorie Lowe, room rnan- ager, Karen Brown, Ruth Mayer. and Donna Carlson. Our theme, Through the Looking Glass, is considered by the art staff. These girls, Wilma Bretz, Carol Gross, and Ioan Willing, ex- periment with sketches for the divider pages and clever cartoons for the opening pages. Qyvwfgf' Contest Nomes Hi-Light Outstanding journalism event ot this year was the selection ot a new name tor the school paper. A contest held throughout the school brought in many suggestions. The tinal choice, picked bv the judges, was the Hi Light, submitted by Sopho more Beverly Brill. Another major activity was the annual Poly graph dance October l7 with black and orange colors carrying out the theme, llBlack Magic." Dorcia Altrey and Elizabeth Mayer attended the Oregon Scholastic Press contorence in Fu' gene in October and brought back information ot valuable assistance to the statt. lacgueline Setton, Evelyn Crowell, Elizabeth Mayer and journalism advisor Mr. Monteith Macoubrie attended the Pa- citic Slope School Press Clinic at the University ot Washington in Seattle. Something new in high school journalism was tried by the Hi Light in publishing a series on marriage by recognized authorities. A total ot titteen issues ot the Polygraph and Hi Light published throughout the year contained articles written by both lfeginning and advanced journalism students. Clopj fAt ht: ill-sk is the lli Light Lditor, lilwabwth Mays-i, qliecking stories lo: the ne-Xt issue Sports liditor liclith llal.n and lit-1 assistant, Karftn Morley, chi-ck lor errors in their Copy and ctiscusi: ways ot adding interest to tht- sports section ltewrilinsy iivivortant nt-was, its-ms: are- news eflitots live-lyn Ciowwll and Hazel lvoothby, while Dorcia fttirezy, inisirirtss manager, ch:-ckfz wn paid advt-rtist-if: llurneious lt-atuifi articles lot' yone-'s enjoyment is ther busi- at hand tor Sheila Iein, tt-a lute 1.-duor, and he-r assistants, Shirley lliusty, Margaret Morrow, and Iackttr Sf-tton tins- date Mernhf tg Ot ,tn iir ws stall, tlttitlt llfilui, Katlzt-iiiut tiigtn n Libby Linko is, Ann 'l'fu.i:,z'll, Hatbaia l.i'la'.' tintl Iackiv l.t.tiiuinl Otter afiftistancr- to fact. ottit-i :ri ii., 1 ttiwj tht vw: init oitarit it 1 t On to Victory The finest in rally girls was found on the membership list of the Girls Poly Pep Club. Cheering Benson teams on to vicb tory during football and basketball sea- sons was their most important desire. A number ot pep assemblies were presented throughout the year to promote the out- standing spirit which increased as the year progressed. The Benson Bally Squad assisted in most of the assemblies, and the Benson football and basketball teams each made personal appearances on our stage. A sports quiz between two teams of fac- ulty members was the highlight of one ot the full length assemblies. ln another, George Bardsley was tried by a Girls Poly jury for biting and kicking a jefferson player in a basketball game. He was ac- quitted by the jury. A new addition to the pep assemblies this year was the singing of our new pep song l'Girls Poly High," written by Karan Brown, Elizabeth Mayer, Buth Mayer, and Pat Cross. ln November Lois Howard, Evelyn Swisher, Pat Cross, and Anita Willison, accompanied by Mrs. Bahmes and Miss Farrens, journeyed to Marshfield to root for the Benson football team. Being victors of this game enabled the team to compete in the finals for the State Championship. Pom poms, band music and a peppy audience! Results? A new Girls Poly pep song which was formally introduced during the Hi-Time broadcast. Getting the girls into lively spirits for a big night at the Football Iainboree is the Benson and Girls Poly rally squad. Outside row: L. Howard, R. Mayer, S. Carr, G. Iohnston, treasurer, vice-pres., M. Watt, M. Morris, sec., C. Ford, L. Hollingsworth, treasurerg B. Llanes. Inside row: E. Swisher, pres., S. Willison, K. Brown, A. Willison, pres.p I. Giebisch. Not pictured: P. Cross, M. Miller, V1C9'pl'f?S. These Beauties Step High While on Pcirode How 1 N. Harder, treasg I. lllingworth, B. Smith. Row Z. D Baucorn, treasg D Giisa, I Newman, L. Washington, I. Porter, sec., I. Henry, G. Schrain, sgt,-at-arms. Row 3i W. Bar ringer, C. Ferres, I... Shay, H, Harrison, D Carlson, L. Grenawalt, vice-pres, B. Thompson Row 4: M. Meyers, B. Lulay, pres., C. Hclteen, M. Pearson, K. Miller, sgt.-at-armsg S Schnabel, S. Hochqraef, A. Schram. Row 5: F. Almack, B. Harney, P. Lulay, treas.p D. Pope B. Peterson, R. Guy, B. Weir, V Roberts. Far right: I. Garmon, drill leader. Not pictured. N Bennett, R. Bonillo, l... Caldwell. G Cornish, l. Holbrook, pres, C. Peterson, S Smith. JAM High stepping Drillettes, with their pleatedfsatin skirts swaying, began their marching at the annual Football Iamboree. Practice before school and during their club periods ollered ex- perience lor their appearances in the Fairy Tale Parade, the Armed Forces Parade, and the spectacular Rose Fes- tival Parade. They also marched dur- ing hall time at various tooball and Hia? basketball games. The girls received cheers, applause, and many favorable cornments lrom their numerous audi- ences. These majorettes, Karen Miller, Ruthollyn Frutiger, and Sally Goetz, preceded the Drillettes in all of its outdoor activities. fs 4 'T EU mx f-" .. zzz. - QE .M 'N - ll, X M ' Wg 1 ,QWE fbi f. , X A gg hs Hi Y' N991 ' . T fx Ai X X '..'??f7f X .4 5,,ie3M .Aww A 4,f,Ag,ig,::g Q. Ri? Q Eva we ,K , ig ' f c .1111 ,PI1 i., ,-gg, K. f v W 5 QSN1. Z :' l "" H ,,,. ,"' i : 1 1 ,: A X Y , fi , ..,f' ,V we ,X fi., Q Q -I -sn MIKEROPES . . . Girls learned to operate stage equipment . . . aided in assemblies, senior class plays, and all other evening ac- tivities held in our auditorium. Row 1: K. Kim, C. Ford, D. Alfrey, asst. stage manager, M. Hoffman, stage manager, C. Yohn, sec., treas., asst. stage manager, M. Farnes. How 2: I. Alexander, H. Buttman, stage manager, M. Morris, S. Goertzen, S. Trusty, B. Zilla, sec., treas., D. Singleton, Miss Chwrchill, adviser. I. R. L .... lnternational R el a tio n s League . . . helped to promote triend- ship among all races and religions . . sponsored a candy sale and a dance, "Cupid Capers," to raise money . . . sent four girls to the l.R.L. Conference at Eu- gene . . . were hosts at an all city l.R.L. tea held in our Girls Polytechnic Practice Apartment. Row 1: B Meseraull, I. Sefton, historian, S. Iern, reporter, E. Swisher, vice-pres., H. Boothby, res., I. Schwab, treas., S llochgraet, sec., Miss English, sgt.-at-arms, adviser, R. Skoubo, sgt-at-arms. Row 2: H, Peterson. G. Picolo, M. Parton, B. Elledge, H. Seele , I. Carlson, B. Lin- den, l, liink, L. Maddox' V. Ronne, I. Rambo. Row 3: S. Schnabel, P. Stephens, M. Nord- strom, R. Menolascina, P. Fer- guson, P. Cross, vice-pres., R. itts, R. King. Not Pictured: M. Baxter, W. Bretz. -Hi GREEN THUMB . . . lndoor Gardening Club . . . organized at the beginning ot the spring term . . . its purpose, to learn more about indoor gardening . . . made plans to beautify the school entrance with planters of hanging ivy. How 1: Miss Rogers, adviser, B. Lee, A. Metzgar, S. Hunt, I. Basel. Row 2: B. Neal, P. Register, L. Bacon, sec., I. Waller, I. Iohnson, pres., R. Guy, vice-pres., treas., C. Bocook, P. Iohnson, A. Solomon. Organized School Clubs Include S. O. S .... Students of Science . . . organized to increase the knowledge oi science . . , offers assistance in the Science Club of America, Row 1: A Pr-arson, ll Graham, vicefpresg M. Morgan, pres, I, Waller. sec, G, Fitzhugh, treas.g Mrs' Amunrlsvfn, adviser, How 2: S Smith, D llaitlf-, M Surnrler, A Iohnson, D. Mindolovich, Clark, B Althrzusr- Not pictured: S. Melcher. Service, Interest ond Evening TRI-Y . . , Members learn to live as successful Christian adults . . . spon- sored a fudge sale for World Fellow! ship . . . prepared Christmas cards for children in hospitals and joke books for the Veterans Hospital . . . Row li B. Treece, S. Iern, D liklof, li. llahn, I, McGraw, H fivoniuk. Row 2: I. Barkley, K. Blcndo, D. Nefxl, B, Martin, trfrasg K. Burclwtt, A Anderson. Row 3: I. Detlloil, A, Wilkerson, C. Iohnson, P. Petr-rson, I. Sefton, P. Iones. Row 4: M Hoilman, M. Morris, B. lfqqcrs, M Grogan, B Linden, vice-pi-fs, V, Ynacay, H, De-Cicco Not piciured: M. Compton, E. Cornish, R. Dexter, I Iiggar, C. Loreiison, S. Smilh, N, Wilson, sql -at mins. How 1: D, Fry, li. llllwdqi-, sqt.-at arms, S. Braloy, ire-as' urerg D. Alfrey, chaplain, lf Crowell, pres.: li. Ynacay, vice-presg B. Hartman, sec, P. Greene, G. Shinn How 2: P. Iohnson, G. Se-vi-r:son, sf:c.g P. Steplie-ns, M Par- lon, G. Boyle, li Boolhhy, li. Skoubo, sgt-at-arrnsg M Ernest, S. Dixson, Mrs. Mat- thews adviser, Row 3: lf, Iorqensen, P. liolph, li, Mayer, M. lfnglish, P Wood, I. Horner, ll. Mayen, prrrs.g I, Parker, G. Hvrry, D Stone. POLY PROIECTORS . . . traine members to run the movie proper tor . . , During the year ten men bers received their projector ope ator's license . . . Row 1: I. Larson, D. Conley, M. Commerlor tre-as., D. Glad, C. Kemp, N. Walker. R. Wad I. Goshorn. Row 2: B. Lander, I. Iorgensc I Howarth, L. Wyer, I. Brown, M. Cwridle M. Kmser, E. Dawson, A. Elliott, D. F1 gerald. Not Pictured' D Barker, L, Bogan, Cullen, I. Everhart, P. Avent, M Hanger, I Iohnson, B. Lane, M. Moore, C. Musch, Parrish, H. Parker vice-pres, B. Pitts, sei P. Warnock. A. Vfisnor Row 1: S. Boone, C. Altstad, pres, G. Vire E. Hay, pres, S. Gocrtzen, sec., C. De treas.g C. Vleld. Row 2: V, Benham, P. Halp' G. Albrecht, P, Clark, trees., B. Iohnson, Lawson, C. Teal, I. Burke, B. Cottrell, tw Macoubrie, adviser. Throughout the School, Able DEL FUEGO . . . tire squad . . . "Clear the school building ot students in case ot tire" is their motto .... Executing a tire drill practice during an assembly was the hioh light ol the year . . . Row 1 B Lulay, pres, C. Gamer, L. Connelly, vicefpres., l. Waldo, Sec.. VICSYPYGSJ C- OdOTH- Pres-I S- Muir, treasg E Ienscn, M. Le Brun. Row 2, A, Bleuler, I Zupunski, I Shay, B. Miller, I. Hendricks, sgt.- at-arms, I. Krake, ll, Burchett, P. Simpson, treasg S McNabb. P. Bowen, sgt.-at-ai'mS: P- Woodllllf SGC? Mrs Wyss. adviser Not pictured G Achzigar, I Briggs, L. Caldwell, L. Cason, N. Crott, H. Nichols, E Ports.-r, M Pemberton, sqt.-at-arms, R. Sagnella, P. Storm, B. Wade, B. 'Wilson J.. -. A IUNIOR RED CROSS . . . prof duced an ontertaininq Iorocgrarn lor tlic veterans at Barnes lclosf pital . . . Attractive menu covers and tray favors made by clulo rnernbors briolitened tlie nieals ol Veterans . . Row I I7 Pfrtrlclr, L Lirrlcons, sec, S. Love Inn-, grit :sg K Kr-gqins, vice pri-sz, It Will, I trf-firl, N ffarrittlwll Row 2: C FITYCJI-rald, lf I Mrfftiri-xty,I Olrvt-r,l Clark, K Grffgq I I ltfrvrfz, M Ionf--s How 3. K Younq, A 71.-rlir-, S fflark, I Wlrrtf-If-r, Il Ivy, I f'Zr'ltv'irlwrriarirr, It Vrrritl--ryrool How 1 IJ IH-llly, H W1-lrrly. V Womack, It llorriolka, H Burk:-tt, A. Mrckley Row 2 S Srrirttr, 'I Musrcli, It Stone, If White-, ID ltr vkrrirrr, I Van Loon Row 3 C Nailing, 'I' Grace, I. Van Daarn, B Lane-, D. Mtrtf rrrrllt-, I III-Itltn, Mrs Grove-, adviser' Not pictured: M. Compton, IU Dare, A Ile.-nnifs, Ib Crxrtlf-nts, ll IIarrno,I Ilendcrson, M IoIrri:ao't, G Karrilu.-:fy S Kelly, I3 Os! mrictrfry Il. Pop-, P Holptt, A liicliards, I. lticlmrrlfzori, S Ittrby, L Landacre, K I1-triple, H. 'I'Iromr::sori, B Wf-ir. If W+-r- rrrrfzrr-frri, M Zirnnierrrian Assistants Bring Better Co-ordincrtion GIARDINO . . . garden clulo . . . directed the annual Fuchsia Show . . , made corsaoes and decorations for special occasions . . . sponsored the Rose Planting Ceremony. How l: I Blanc. I Tliomafs, M Drake, H Swetnam, sec, treas, If. Iudson, pres, asst. sec, A. Aplinqton, vrcf- prws, treas, K Morley, H. Menolascrna, P llanqvr How 2. S Quiner, ID, Dare, L. Iarrt-tt, I... Max- ws-ll, B Cox, K. Dean, S Peterson, B Wilson, S Sorenson, L Scliultn, S Isaksen, Mrs. Small, adviser Row 3 M Schmitt, A Moran, D Sleernan, vicc-puts, L Ianke, M. Roberts, F. Wright, B. Ilzzard, C Bocook, I. Wc-rnetgrven, L Washington. G Idvuards, I Van Loon, L. Mickley Not pictured. I Brew:-r, ff Caldwell, pres 7 R Fir-Id, M, Hunt, P Ks-ttf-rltnq, K McLenrtIien, C De Wolte, I Piccolo, P Shultz, :ze-c, I lliompson, S Ionrrs wwL'm'nz ' 2' K" iUle 1 A , .-nr X .'weN.,k. . A Q-X ,Q ff -13.5 1 an N N ., 'E a , 'C 3 ,-., j 11.j " 'Q "' J . ,- WF ..:. 1 1 vs ,E X A ,V SWXQ ,QA , .X f ws I , f K TUNE TIMERS . . . learned and enf joyed popular singing , . . sand Christmas carols in the halls , . . had a maple bar sale. Row 1 M Forscth, sonq leader, L Srrnrnons treasg L Waldo, sec, M Miller, pre-:sg I Shay, vice-pres, D Dare, accornparnst, I Wheeler, Phelps,Row 2 S Goodspw-d, I Euqeng D Dare, song leader, S Fitzpatrick, H Priestlyg C. Peterson, treas, I Adams, pres, A Kohanelc. sec, It Cottrell, G Ach zeqer, Mrs llawf-s, aglvisvr Row l: B Dolsong D Gladg M Ionvs, I Zripunsklg M. Holybeeg B Colton, sql li. Sackett, I Larson, B Overbe-rq How 2: I Iames, S Hendrickson, L lteudg M Myers, S Washburn, S. Sorenson, C. McKinney, sqt at' armsg V Veazieg D. Palrner, I McGraw, vice-e pres Not pictured: A Aplinqton, M. Bernard, V, Black, sqt-at-arms, I Blackwood, I Hriqqs, E. Carter, N Cratt, G Lryle, I llivrhart, I I Hazelwoodg S. Kammerer, I Ke-mp, S Mvlcht-rg X K, Moore, L Wyler I Are Achieved in Various Clubs G. A. A .... Girls Athletic Association . . , promotes sportsmanship and rece reational activities , . , sponsored the sale ot "marshmallow men." . . . Row 1 N Baker, C. Massie, S. Goertzen, M. Farnris, xicf presg lf Swisher, sec, K, Brown, pres, li Okazakl, treas, P, Smallloot, D. Burton. How 2. L, Caldwell, G Hahn, M. Hauqen, I Iorqensen. A Graham, I McKinley, H. Guy, M. Lazare, L. Bacon, N. Flanders, M Wullschleqei, I. Wilson Row 3: H Brown, A. Miller, P, Marlow, L. Kraley, B. Wen. M Psaroys, M Morris, D. Glad, L Overlay, I. Linden, K Kim, V Taylor, Miss Davis, adviser Not pictured I Blaclcwccd, I. Dean G. Ifdwards, I Larson, I Parrish, I Pettit, M Taylor, R. King, A. Swisher, A Onsted I . ' invtal' i i a CECCO FI MUE . . . junior and senior modeling club ..,. Mem- bers learned the art of good grooming and posture .... Guest speakers throughout the year included a model from the Marie Easterly Studios and Darwin Iones, hair stylist. Row l: B. Llanes, S. Iern, treas , B,Elledge, vice-pres, E. Swisher, pres., G Shinn sec., C, Herring, C. Herring. Mrs, Steven- son, adviser. Row 2: K. Morley, treasp B Dietz, I. Sealey, F. Hahn, l. Thomas, C. Iohnson, I. Sefton, S Hochgraef, M. Schmitt, S Doyle, ll Cornish How I: B. Meseiaull, D. Conley. M Bax- ter, vice-pres., A. Thorsen, S lsaksen, M Ernest, P. Wood, S. Dixson Row 2. R Schaefer, K. Wellington, I. Horner, P Greene, G. Iohnston, S. McNabb, sec.g V. Ynacay, li. Ivey, P. Iones, A. Ander- sen. S, Lovelace. Not pictured. I. Boetel A. Day, I. Edmond, L. Hollingsworth, R. Skoubo, sgt.-at-armsg S. Smith, S Smith, C Strrewalt, M, Thompson, M Watt, pres, Interests Include Modeling, BOOSTERS . . . learned all school yells . . . helped to form the Benson rooting section at football and basketball games . . . sponsored a dance, "Winter Wonf derlandf' Row 1: M. Miner. sec, Pl. Sackett, C. Massie, K. Carlson, I. Michalke, sec, C. Lee, S. Rice, treas.g B. Colton, M. Holybee, P. Dempsey, sgt-at-armsg C. Foster, pres, Row 2: P. Mauldln, B. Ward, S. Washf burn, A Michaels, D. Swllt, I. Lovelace, M. Cwildez, B. Iohnson, P. Spurling, I. Giebisch, G. Hahn, M. Forseth. Row 3: Mr. Spencer, adviser, L. Kraley. vice-pres.y P. Marlow, F, Smith, sgt.-at-arms, A. Schafer, D Adamson, treas., H Langos, K. Simmons, C. Connolly, M. Pittman, C. Hollingsworth, Not pictured: M. Baxter, V Black, I. Blackwood, L. Dxtzlor, S Kammerer, I, Kruger, C. Martin, pres., O. Parent, I, Seeley. KQV B F as Q32 Q-5' ,bmp mlm JAP NW in MAISONS , . . Future Homemakers ot America . . promotes the ap- preciation ot good home making. . . . Several members went to Perrydale, Oregon, tor the district meeting. Row l, I Newman, degree chairman, lt Fru tiger, state pres., A Parsons, v1cefpres., C Ferres, pres., D. Altrey, troas., I, Wrllrnan, src, A Mrckls-Y. Row 2, L Miclcley, A. Archer, M Pearson, I. llettlin, M, Taylor, I Brewer, K. Kraley, M. llottman. C. Beaver, Miss Shuck, adviser. Row 3: P Marlow, vice-pres, C Pal- mer, I Linden, I Henclericks, V Taylor, B. Wehrly, N Bennett, N, Walker, E, Streeter, Not pictured. M Commertord, D Heim, I, lohnson, M Ptttman, M Sumpter, D, Kindred, G Olander. S. Iurtson, historian, I. Parsons, rc-porter. F1-XNNCYANNS . . . just the club tor girls whose interests include knitf ting, crocheting, embroidering, and tatting .... Worked on aprons tor Ir, Bed Cross. Howl I McChr1sty, M Throp A, Walker, D, Homollca, sgt.-at arms, C Neuschaeter, S Hub bard Row 2: E Erickson, M Green, ll. Wernegreen, treas. H Boothby, vice-pres., pres. I Blanc, pres., B. Iohnson, sec, lt Parish, L Ianke Row 3. L Bacon, B. Smith, M. Bagley. sgt.-at-arms, H. Seeley, A Boothby, A. Benon, A. Iohnson I Iohnson, V. Bonne, vicefpres. D Menoolovrch, B. Tawney Row 4. M. Mclflougald, I. Wilson M. Roberts, M Volz, D. Beck ART CLUB . . . members study steps and techniques in art work . . . made vale entines tor the Shrine Hospital and toy boxes tor children in hospitals . . . made name tags and place mats as money raising projects. How 1: G. Boyle, l. Zlnk, D, Stone, trcas., I. Wllltng, pres, C, Cooper, vicefpresg B. Hartman. Row 2: I. lngalls, lt. Smith, S. Buck, A. Ellis, sgt.-at-arms, K. Klggins, vice-pres., L. Linkous, pres, B. Althouse. Not pictured: V. Asbahr, H. Coley, C. Ford, sgtfat- arms, M. Fox, L. Gordon, E, Iensen, M Morris, sgt- at-arrns, sec., H. Peters, I. Rambo, treas, N Vander- wer":er, C. Gross, sec., C. Lynch. sgt.-at-arms, Various Hobbies Develop Future men, I. Wernegreen, sgt -at arms, B. tfzzard, I Newman, E Hampleton, I, Merris. Not pic lured: C. Bowe, treas., I Crosley, C DeWolte, G, Ka rukes, ll Lump, L. Maddox, A Onsted B. Popp, sec., P Stew art. 11.2. SIGMA TAU KAPPA . . evenind social Club . . Arnry . Barnes officers tered a tivrtiora. How r M . dressed dolls tor the Salvation . . sand Christmas carols at tho Iflospital . , . assisted alurnnae with the annual reunion . . . ote variety ot parties tor social ac- Lowtr, rrsffz, S Garr, sqt -at-arms, A Wil- Irson, rttrarrlarn, It Smith, ::rAC, It Frutiqffr, pres, L Rf tlr-rin, at arns vr cr' prr-:x, A Swisher. trf-as, I3 Patrick, sqt - I. Swish--r, C Ferref. Row 2 D Stone, K. Miller, Il Asliwortri, tr:-as 5 I3 Cross, V Ynacay, sec, M Iltrrrrs, N Carriphf-II, M Ifrfzfa, I Grerbrsch, chap- r Ifrrri, S Nolrl, mart s+-C, I Itayniorid, I Iwiwnran, S, Wrllruorr Pr-tfrrsr-rr Not pictured It Iionrllo, vicr'fpr'es,g B Homemcrkers and Community Helpers Z Y-TEEN PREPPERS . . . ordanized to build fellowship throuoh our taith as Christians , . . provided the school with name and registration room die rectories at Christmas time How l' K Altstad, A, 'I'vrnpIeftorr. C Ford, H. Brscliolt, sfrc, B, Brill, pres, inter club council 1-pg P. Petersen, chaplain, vice--rin-sg II Brrltarri, inter-club council alternate, V Taylor, ff Iirrtclrr-ri How 2' N Flanders, sqt-atarrns, M Morris, I, Dean, B Frye, C Petersen, M Coles, A Iiootlrhy, M. Lazare, M Bagley Row 3. A Walker, M Cie-en, M. Kohanes, inte-recltrb council altz-rrratvg 'ff Church, trerasp Iii Gross, sr-cg A Mar, S Hunt, K. Miller, I. Wilson, It Bond Noi pictured. A Seeley, vicar-mes, intrfr'-cluh council rn-pg N Wright. DOLL and PUPPETT . . . Its purpose is to learn the taots ot doll history . , . dressed dolls tor unfortunate chil- dren at Christmas time . . . arranged a display ot dolls for the sprind ext hibit , . , made metallic Ioird lapel pins. Howl N Polettc, S Mvrtlrrll, sec, If Itay, pros, It Iioozrrr, vice- prwrs, trvas, Il Iorivs How 2 II ffnnlry, 'I' Iirown, M linrsa-r, V Ili-rnos, IW Stonr-, K Carlsori, mc, A Mutifqar, A Pearson Row 3, Ii Lrw, It Neal, C Ftocook, I5 Wlrurrliw, pit-s, N. Prclrt-tts-, I Wallr-r, I. Larrit acrfr, vrCfi rims, tie-as, Ii Grwqrr, S Smith, I Itarrilio, Miss Snrrtti, advise-r Not pictured P Alrbott, S Boom' I fftradwrrik, Ii Colrr, I? Iwryr-, I' Irilrrisorr, S Kohl-r, S Mar1:Ir,A Ilarvrit POLY PROMENADERS . . . To learn folk and square dancing is the outa standing attraction ot this clulo .... Two ot the rnost popular dances were the Black Hawk Waltz and the Lazy River Street. Row 1. ll llarbour, l Tipton, F Colton, S. Boone, P, Petersen, G Boste, S. Althouse, D. Fitzgerald, C Burchett Row 2: K. Temple, sgt.-at-arms, K. Young, I, Barkley, I Iorgenson, I, Wilson. P. Spurlrng, sec, M Haugen, P. Fergusen. Row 3: I Wellington, P. Lulay, G, Frtzhugh, F. Miller, D Wallace, A Schaefer, K. McLcn1tnen, D, Barker. How 4. P Ionfes, D Adamson, Ft Brault, treas., B. Lane Not pictured K Albro, D Bechtold, vice- prt-s, pres, I, rfyer, N Flanders, F. Iohnson, S Ioncs, L Parrish, I Thompson, N Wright. Row 1. K Altstad, l. Porter, treas , C Odom, vice-pres., pres, G, Ferry, sec., R. St. Ger- maine Row 2: C, Butcher, R. Brown, P. Holph H. Bond. H. Cochran, A Mar, I. Dean, V. Harbour, M Ledbury. How 3. M Moore, M Lentz,I Love- lace, S. Clark, I. Clark, P. Clark, sg! at-arms, D. Harmon, B Mosley, A Davis, D. Grit- fitlr, I. Alexander, sgt.-at-arms, F. Gross, sgtfat-arms, Miss Serin, aclvrser 511 KAPPA ZETA CHI . . an evening social club . . . rnet Weekly . . . promoted friendship among students .... Out- standing activity Was the adoption ot the iron lung veterans. Row 11 P, Dempsey, historian, sec., C. Foster, co. sec., treas., S. Smith, pres., trees., M. Miller, co. sec., E. Hahn, sgtfat-arms, vice-pres., G. Shmn. sgtfat- arms. Row 2: S. Lovelace, M. Iohnson, sgt.-at-arms, S. lsaksen, S. Nold, historian. Not pictured: G. Iohn- sion, chaplain, P. Iones, B. Llanes, sgtat-arms, pres., E. Phelps, sec. Talent Shows, Food Soles DELTA MU . . . an evening social club , . , promoted friendship and fulfilled service activities for the school . . , ar- ranoed a layette for a needy family . , . made P.T.S.A, name tags . . . filled scrapbooks for children in hospitals , , . prepared joke books for the Veterans Hospital. How l .I Mfiyf r, :wrt it ri:rrr:1 I L'r'1.r, S floclrqrarff, maint sr-f', lt Mayfrr, , L LIUICOIIS. vrcc--yarns , Irr :., Ii Yriaftaj, pres, L llolltngsworttr, ireas, rlrfirrlairr, M llnqlrslr, cirarrlarn If Crowell, sgt -at- rrrrn: Row 2 G Pr-rr'y, a'1::t sec, L Waldo, If Swirl 1 r, V ltobwrlsr, :wcg L Vfaldo, B Linden, tr rn tnrran, rim- pr:-fa, M Watt, IU Altrrry, I5 Wrll, 'Q limit . OI-zasakr, trrworran New members: I. Iohn- :aori, if 'l'rr-ecrr, I Alwcandetr, M Drake, D Parker, I Parkrr, G Sf-ve-rson K Kiqqrns, B Brill, H Menolag- crnrr, I-ff Ciornmr-rforrl, I Carmen Otter Extra Activities ARP CERCLE MOTRICE . . . drivincr clrrlr . . . Each member was tested for re action time, reflexes, vision and Irtrlit sionals in the Drivers Training brifs. , . . Special assistance and insstriicr tion were offered by Gffirer Beckly and Officer Faulkner. Row l S IOIIYIHGII, V lNf'rrrrfrc'k, ff Mrr:.r'Ir, M Corripton, I3 iii-bmw Row 2 A Swcrtl, M ifirrrrrr--r man, C Altstad, S Van ldorrri, It Wvavwr, ii Smrlli, M Wrrrdfrrrmann How 3 l. ItrrImrrl:rmi, I llfnry,I Manf:liestfir,f'T, MfTlIdI1I4'l,Ci Allrrr-clit A Graham, L riayflr-n, M Girdle-y Row 4 if Kemp, B Wilson, lf IWavvffwn, li Iolrnsznri, lrwrtz, M llnqlrsh, rwresg H 'I'Irorrrrr::ori, lf Wlrrtrr, It I1VafIe. Not pictured' N Abtirclr, A Arnrck, I. Hogan, I Brown, N Uanada, lf Vafson, I fflrrrrrvvrr, Y Uollrns, L Conovr-r, I ffrillfri, A ltrrnnraz, A illlrott, D. Garflenrgr, I Grrorlsrpwml, It Clriy, I' iliclcman, M Ifrrnt, P Ilriril, L Iarrr-tt, I' Krrrrrr irrtrfrr, L Kralt:',', I Lawzzoii, P Marlow, IQ Mr :'andvr, I3 Olson, li I7frnc,lIr-Iorr, I I'crrtrrr, II Saqnolla, C Teal, M 'I'lrornr'::orr. A 'l'rr1::::wl It Ilan Nosliom, ll. Wacrf-, P Warrior,-k, A Wrrrrrrr--r ,S Wills HOW 1' A Znrlrr-, I Vlark II Mrrscar, I Itayrnontl, Ire-azz, lf Lawrvncv, rrrvzr, S lirarlwr II vrcefprrc-s, N flamrrlw-II, emu, B 'l'rrft-cv Row 2 I ZrrIrrrri::I-c: B Landf r, C' C'Irrrrc'Ir, I Sclir rdf-rrran, I Ile-ttrt, V Vtfeavr r, li Hrirkr-tt, ll Iltrrrr son, Mrs Itosn, atlvrmrr How 3: I Iiqqar, A Swrslr--r, swf, K MOOI'lt, S Mossrry, S Arvlrrrr, N ,X ,M Muir, I Us-an, A Srtrrrirrr, I Burke, P Avvnt, L Srrottfs, Il Casori. Oregon Beouty Interests Members IUNIOR ROADSIDE COUNCIL . . . Studied the preservation and protection ot Oregonls highway beauties .... Two movies Were shown during the year and some of the members went on a trip to Bonneville Dam .... Held annual sale ot gardenias at the Spring Show. How 1: K. Brown, P. Cross, sec,g B. Barney, B. Peterson, S. Garr, sgt -at-arms, S. Scltnabel, seo, E. Mayer, vice-pres., M. Nordstrom, pres., S. Baurngardner, treas.7 B. Polk, sgt.--at-arms, pres.g B. Lulay, A. Morrow, D. Baucom Row 2: I. Van Loon, B. Linden, L. Heath, I. Holt, C. Lorenson, P. Stephens, I. Parker, treas., W. Helter, I. Broome, M Iossund, Ft. Hunger, I. Dettlott, A. Wilkerson, M Iohnson, E. Iudson Row 3: Miss Lee, adviser, S. Wirth, D. Barney, B. Overberg. B. Swetnarn, B. Miller, B. Mayer, sgt.-at-arms, R. Wat- son, N. Harder, H. Peterson, S. Nold, L. Connelly, B. De-Cicco, L, Mather, S. Kelly R. Evoniuk, R. Ber- trand, E. Iorgensen. I Row 1. S. Bailey, A. Bleuler, D. Sleeman, C. Weld, D Parker, R. King, sgt.-atfarms. How 2: E. Graham, C. Gainer, G, Lucia, I. Warren, M. Bartley, L. Hundley, N. Wtlson, D. Neal, S. Peterson, S. Qutner. Row 3: I. Howarth, D. Cloutier, I, Misgen, I. Michallce, L. Strahl, L. Grenawalt, K Adams, I. Oliver, D. Duncan, A. Templeton, S. Hankel, A. Henry, F. Larson. How 4i I Hart, I. lllingworth, P, Storm, F. Harris, G. Woody, E. Wernegreen, S. Iurison, P. Simpson, P. Bowen. P. Smalltoot, B. Ste-nhens, M. Farnes, E. Okazaki, I Sprague. Not pictured: M. Baxter, D Glaesel, S. Linn, A. MacAllison, M. Marshall, L. Maxwell, A. Metzger, ,, A Mishiro, D, Metcalfe, A. Moran, B Neal, B, Putnam, G, Stanford, S. Smith. I. Van Daam, E. Ynacay, V. " Wallace, P. Woodlill. Honorciries Reveal Leadership in Girls POLYETTES . . , a school honorary club . . . kept order in all assemblies and many evening performances . . . donated gifts at Christmas time to Iunior Red Cross Gift Store, Row I: S Garr, R Mayer, sec, B. Lulay, vice-pres, I, Garmon, pres, G, Severson, pres., B Peterson, vice-pres, P. Patrick, sec, L, Hollingsworth, treasp P. Cross How 2: M Lowe, P. Ashworth, R. Frutiger, L Betham, L. Waldo, L Waldo, K, Kiggins, B, Polk, Miss English, adviser. Row 3: B. Ramey, S. Lovelace, fl Swisher, V. Ynacay, H, Menolascma, I Dettloff, M. Iohnson. L. Linkous, I. Willing, KEYETTES , . . newly formed honorary club . . . sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of the Hollywood district , . . will perform school service activities. Row l P Stephens, M Lentz, I Michalke, sec., A. Mishlro, trees , P Armstrong, pres , S. Smith, vice-pres, P lohnson, M Schmitt Row 2: Mrs Wyss, advlserg F Wcrnegreen, M. Morgan, P. Smallloot, M, Watt, P S1ITtfXSOl"i,I Brower, fl Bi1flam,E Graham, P Bowen Mirror, mirror on the wall ii ii Activities beckon us, one and all ex Ill X 531 g: A ii , f . egfi, 2355 Q "-mv' Q , ..,. . 5 Aa,w.Qe.Q.:" v wx tx 3? :j A - X fi X -1, wx, ff X ig, ' -,XX 9, K ww 3 I w N .. xa ii if x I K A Q Q. A wx . haha!" as B A fr ,, Q Aggie P x V gifx. -.unynnn ,Li w I E I f F3 - 'Q -lvv f fi W . Q ,S ' WE 5 i b ..,.,. 5 zzz Q 3' W t V l rr '. W ev! Gsm. 5 -igSE1kgis3 b 2152 if ' ' 'Q' ::: , ,:gQ. z 2 X 5 "A' 1' A , 5 Q2 E , x gy -Sf 'N 5 I E1 y .3 WS MX A f Q gi g 'V V ...Q 5 ' 1 Vf H 5 :,, 'Nl R' , H . . 3 1:5 2 N is X, SSE Q ,wx ,px 'K E S' "' -2 1 ,MW 3 4 Wkw g Sw Q f' 4 F . Q Q 5 v Q Q , -x S . .XX X YN , ,X ziwjlwwww is 1 S 95 NWN N , EE A '54- N X Kwik . NN, W.-...da Qi-Q ii Q wv , X W i 5' av? E. A ' X ,M Qf5f?,g -Gait' " ' ' VA? 5319? "AEK - wi , , ff if f I , 1333.9 a.,::..n:a: .5 X M M . A " . a 3. Q iw if ,ew ,, X 4? S - .1 "MW '3 5,..,.. w ,C W -,f222 ,g. ,1,,121 -:ff, :1 - f If xf,a xii LJ .. -X :,: , ,V f , , f X, Q w-.-+- .., 'S s J . ,. , ., , Q f ,,, , 'V ,.3.,,.-H N V ff Q jp., Fw sw Q? I 'Wang ye 8, an W , ,ak pf ,xxx Y. ix, We xg Jem Q 'aka , 2415 SA , .T C M M , . 5 ' X 5 'Nga . V Y Q? N251 Q4 Q XM N I Jw mm.. i + ' 5 f f' :.:,.::..a N X -,+R X1 ' 1 v Q X XE X S ww Q fwf wsx V, M Q i5a5a5a5EEa:s:a::a..:,. iw ' ' ' QQ x X ' 4 1 N .M A gg, 1 x iriaiff' ' 4 x ek , x ex? f S, wwf? 'zgfwi ' .. .23 ,Ex 1: S em Wd V 2 2 3 ,M s E S f 'Hn v ,wigs ' wwf w 1-'f' ,X 9 , ,, ,,,. ,ww-nv' V W, W ,. ww wwf ,,-,,,,QMN,,-www aff' , 'M I .WW I Mwwffw' N vmw"" , ,Mu-5 fu s f?,g,f' ' ' W in x'W"""' -I- Qmg lx, wann- -In-w VW. Agniffi fl, 4, k A A A 'Fi W' 1 x ilk x x zf3' jf? g,, , '21 Y x K A .gg 'E Xe . 3: , Qi' Y Q x , X4 5 Q i PPE Y :F xi I xygnw ,gfmsvw ,ig Ax TW: ' MN Qwwx Q Q S Q JA' We in Q.-.M .lr f QAM 545: X ,X ,.. 'M V4 " .A Av "1" MMR 4 0 P235 5 5432 X A fb y ,. . 9, 1 2 Q -' was X, ,tw " : , 55+ X figkl. ii? 5 I L+ ve G wg Ns: LH! I 4:55 5 fx .5 S s Qw ,km .. S' we v.W.,,.v...,,. r .Wf- we -wav .L is-ng ,A Q ,I-, Lf nz! O! X Ma- O S i wilt Q l A i, ly .5553 . z 1,5 S355 x5's2'?iii Lf , , .4.x,,,. W. rj iffy' xi ,Q Q if .AY V: iQ, S r r' ,W -6 s 3 if-1 Q Q x aw Nga is :, xl 2 X I x N 3 if 5 ef, www- A-44" Www' I X0 r Q' ,i-vw? vw 39 'K 1 ..., . : .... 5 x N x is fff 5 3' QW N- . g Y . bw 4 4, 'wx was vw! N 5 fb S xg . 1:-beg: .5 gy 1 4 6 1,39 f fx: 1 ,3 5 2 I igflww .I Qing H? iig- Y inu- M 3 25 " 0' X ,. :gay -5 2 A- ni ff ' Q raw Q,- .K , ni nn' :fu va' iff! i- Compliments of CENTRAL MEAT MARKET 726 S. E. Grand Ave. EAst 5191 llivks-Chatten 5 . eo' Youn ENGRAVER Fon THE 1753 ?alqm4id COMPLIMENTS of PORTLANDS OWN STORE 4 HHH, SIHN, MOIIISON AND MDE! ullondway llll PORTlAND'S OWN STORE i SINCE 1857 Fifth, Sixth, Morrison and Alder BR. 4411 CONGRATULATIONS to the 1953 SENIORS Compliments of OREGON BOVVLING ALLEYS from the GIRLS POLYTECI-INIC where ALUMNAE ASSQCIATIQN Exercise and Pleasure Are Rolled Into One Remember the annual meetings The first Monday night 320 S. W. Broadway Broadway 8311 in April Compliments oi KILHAM Smcaumq 62 Fwfzaq 0. Printers of the POLYMAID TI-1E PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF GIRLS POLYTECHNIC EXTENDS ITS BEST WISI-IES TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS OF 1953 DBELIGHT- MARY GARNER DONUTS 'lYou've tried the rest NOW TRY THE BEST 2260 N. E. Sandy FINE WOOLENS for Men's and Wome-n's SUITS. COATS and SKIRTS Sold bythe Yard W Home SeWer's Supphes for every Occasion Largest Selections ol Button 225-l N E Sandy in POVll51'1d IOHN NOCE Successor to McBride Woolen Co 505 Royal Buildmg BE 0451 AH PRONOUNCES TI-I OFFISHUL DRINK OF DOGPATCH n e, fCf 'ffffp - 542.2 Mi THE GALLON 05: For... COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS CAPS AND GOWNS CLASS IEWELRY DIPLOMAS WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS See THE MASTER ENGRAVERS ll5 S. W. Fourth Avenue - Portland, Oregon Wen 4 Wm! T0 ADD T0 YOUR CHARM New Materials for Formals Bridal Salon New Creations for Spring Veils For Materials and Supplies See Tiaras R . B . H 0 W E I. I. 4U3 Royal Building Phone BEacon 3444 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF l953 THE J. K. GILI. CO. S. W. Filth Avenue At Stark - gs, Your Class Pin "A Symbol of Sweet Memories" as manufactured by PARKHURST'S . . . Pleating Shop Emblems, Monograming, Embroidering Buttons and Buckles Covered I Button Holes, Eyelets, Scalloping ' Felt and Chemte Letters Iewelers and Engravers 700 Iackson Tower - Portland 5, Oregon 215 Morgan Bldg 806 S. W. Broadway Phone ATwater 3718 BEGCOH 8494 POrt1and, Oregon The Finest Dairy Products for All Your Family SILVER HILL DAIRY MILLER'S - HOLLYWOOD Home ol QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS 42nd and Hancock TU. 5265 CHerry 1531 Henry Frutiger 6669 S. W. Capitol Hwy. ASK F OR 0 ICE CREAM 'swwmezmmeafm' BEST WISHES to the SENIOR CLASS ot '53 RAZ TRANSPORTATION CO. for SCHOOL BUS TRIPS 6384 S. W. Capitol Highway BR. 5929 BYBEE FLORISTS 404 fha! gpecwf Dwafum We Jfaae Zfze Qiqfnf QJGWGM 6658 S. E. Milwaulcie Ave. Near Moreland Sellwood Bank Mable S. Peak EM 5232 Janeen, and Good Luck to I Logan Markham Studio 917 S. W. Alder serving Port1and's loveliest brides for over a generation n.-un..-1 . -N-.9-, -em-.u..-Q. . ...Af num.-.. . ..,..-.-..4........ H INDEX Amundsen, Hildur, 15, 47 Boyer, Verne, 17 Carlson, Charles, 17 Carpenter, Leonard, 15, 16 Churchill, Marie, 15, 46, 50 75 Clark, Bessie, 17 Davis, Patricia, 15, 51, 65 Dowe, Ruth, 14 Dunn, Mirabel, 15 Ebener, Martha, 15 English, Georgia, 15, 59 A Abbott, Patricia, 29 Achziger, Gloria, 33, 51 Adams, Keith, 31, 38, 58, 71, 73 Adams, lanicee, 21, 51 Adamson, Delores, 33, 52 56 Albrecht, Gloria, 21, 48, S7 Albro, Kay, 31, 65 Alexander, Ianice, 33, 46, 56 Altrey, Dorcia, 21, 41, 46, 47, 54, 57, 67 Altstad, Caryl, 31, 48, 57 Allstad, Kathleen, 34, 55, 56 Alrnack, Francis, 34, 35, 43, 53, 72 Althouse, Barbara, 47, 54 Althouse, Sally, 34, 38, 56 Andersen, Arlene, 29, 47 Anderson, Arlene, 29, 52 Aplington, Audrey, 21, 49 Archer, Annette, 1, 54 Archer, Sharon, 44, 45, 57 Arnggtrong, Patricia, 29, 38, Asbahr, Vera, 31, 44 Ashworth, Patricia, 11, 29, 38, 40,'50, 55, 59 Avent, Pat, 57 B Bac7oZn, Lillian, 33, 46, 51, 54, Bagley, Mearita, 33, 39, 54, Baily, Sandra, 31, 45, 58 Baker, Norrnaleet, 33, 51, 53, 65 Barker, Dorothy, 33, 56 Barkley, Charlotte, 47, 56 Barney, Diane, 29, 58 Barney, Ianet, 31, 53 Barney, Ioan, 31, 38, 53 Barriinger, Wanda, 38, 43, 53, Bartel, Ann, 29 Bartley, Marilgn, 58 Basel, Iulie, 2 Battle, Deloris, 47 Baucorn, Donna, 43, 58 Baumgardner, Sharon, 44, 58 Baxter, Marlene-, 21, 52, 68 Beaver, Charlene, 31, 54 Bebee, Vivian, 33, 45, 57 Bechtold, Darlene, 21, 56, 67 Beckman, Darlene, 29, 49, 54 Bender, Ann, 31, 45 Benlliam, Virgie, 45, 48, 53, Bennett, Nola, 33, 54 Benton, Annetta, 54 Berrg, Gloria, 21, 44, 45, 47, 5 , 57 Bertrand, Rose, 58 Beste, Gayle, 33, 56 Betham, Loretta, 11, 29, 38, 51, 55, 59, 68 Bischott, Ruby, 31, 50, 55 Black Vir inia 33 Blaggwooci Jaime, aa, 44, 51, Blagii, Ianet, 28, 31, 38, 47, Bleuler, Antoinette, 31, 48, 58 Blondo, Kathleen, 21, 47 ADMINISTRATION Farrens, Helen, 15, 16, 53 Gregoire, Donna, 15, 16, 53 Greve, Ruth, 15, 16, 49 Hawes, LaVonne, 15, 51 Hiltunen, lnez, 17 I-Iollenbeck, Edna, 15 lasman, Iohn, 17 Iohnson, Vashti, 14, 55 Klink, Lenore, 15, 38, 39 Lee, Ruth, 15, 58 Macoubrie, Monteith, 15, 16, 48 McFarland, Ruth, 17 Manley, Helen, 15, 50 Matthews, Eleanor, 7, 15, 47 Nottage, Linea, 15 Peterson, Hilma, 14 Padie, Marion, 17 Powell, Mary, 17 Rahmes, Gayle, 15 Rathbun, Cora, 16, 17, 67 Rayburn, I. S., 17 STUDENTS Bocscrsok, Carolyn, 31, 46, 49. Bogan, Lois, 29, 73 Bond, Rosella, 33, 55, 56 Bonilla, Rosa, 31 Boone, Shirley, 33, 48, 56 Boothby, Alice, 33, 54, 55 Boothby, Hazel, 21, 40, 41, 46, 47, 54 Boozer, Hope, 21, 55 Borgfliierding, Barbara, 29, 45, Bowe, Carol, 33, 55, 68 Bowen, Pat, 31, 48, 58, 59 Boyle, Gretchen, 29, 47, 54 Boyle, Sharon, 29, 52, 69 Bradwell, Shirle , 31, 44, 57 Braley, Shirley, 21, 47, 53 Brault, Reta, 6, 28, 33, 50, 72 Bretz, Wilma, 21, 40 Brewer, Ioann, 24, 54, 59 Briggs, lanice, 33 Bri , Beverly, 31, 44, 53, 55 Broome, Ioanne, 29, 58 Brown, Ilene, 29, 48 Brggvn, Karen, 9, 21, 40, 51, Brown, Rosetta, 33, 51, 56 Brown, Thelma, 55 Buck, Sandra, 31, 54 Bulfam, Harriet, 31, 46, 55, 59. 73 Burchett, Cathrine, 47, 56 Burchett, Helen, 48, 50 Burke, lean, 31, 48, 57 Burkett, Beverly, 31, 49, 57 Burton, Dolores, 33, 53, 65 Butcher, Carol, 33, 55, 56 C Caldwell, Carolyn, Z9 Caldwell, Leona, 33, 51, 53, 65 Cammack, Margaret, 31, 53 Cargifbell, Norma, 31, 49, 55, Caggon, Donna, 29, 40, 43, Carlson, Ianice, 21, 46, 50 Carlson, Karen, 33, 35, 52, 55 Carter, Evelyn, 33 Cason, Dorothy 57 Cason, Esther, 29, 45, 69 Chadwick, Ioyce, 29 67 Chatfield, Co ene, 45 Cheever, Ioan, 29 Christopher, Donna, 21, 50 Church, Carol, 31, 55, 57 Clark, Irene, 31, 49, 57 Clark, Barbara, 53 Clark, Ioyce, 33, 56 Clark, Patricia, 29, 48, 56 Clark, Shirley, 33, 47 Clark, Shirley, 33, 49, 56 Cloutier, Dar ene,3l, 58, 71 Cochran, Helen, 56 Cole, Beth, 29, 45, 53 Coles, Magnolia, 53, 55 Collins, Yvonne, 21, 67 Colton, Betty, 33, 51, 52 Colton, Florence, 56 Corgiamerlord, Magel, 21, 48, Compton, Mary, 57 Conley, Delores, 33, 40, 55 Conley, Diane, 29, 52 Connelly, Lula, 29, 48, 58 Connolly, Carol, 33, 52, 53 Cocgser, Carol, 22, 54, 62, 63, Cornish, Evelyn, 22, 52, 67 Cornish, Gurthena, 50 Cottrell, Ruth, 33, 48, 51 Cox, Beulah, 31, 38, 45, 49, 53 Croft, Nina, 51 Crosley, Ioan, 54, Cross, Pat, 9, 11, 12, 22, 38, 40, 46, 55, 58, 73 Crowell, Evelyn, 20, 22, 39, 40, 41, 47, 50, 57 Cullen, Ieanette, 31 D Dare, Diane, 33, 49, 51, 72 Dare, Dolores, 28, 45, 51, 69 David, Nancy, 43, 58 Davis, Alice, 28, 33, 56 Davis, loanne, 33, 49, 50, 72 Dawson, Elvia, 33, 48, 57 Day, Carolyn, 48, 53 Dean, Iimrnie, 31, 55, 57 Dean, Katherine, 49, 53 Dean, Margorie, 33, 56 Defggcco, osemarie, 29, 47, Deitz, Barbara, 52 Demos, Vivian, 33, 55 Delgigrsey, Peggy, 31, 52, 53, Dettloft, Ioanne, 22, 47, 58, 59 DeWolte, Carol, 54 Dexter, Ruby, 29, 50 Dixson, Sally, 29, 52 Drake, Mar o, 6, 33, 35, 39, 45, 49, 72 Due, Marg, 73 Duncan, arlene 31,58 Dunn, Colene, sd Duvall, Carol, 33 E Edwards, Ginger, 49, 53 Edmond, Iackie, 41 Eggers ,Barbara, 22, 45, 47, 0, 62, 63 Ekloi, Dolores, 47, 50 Elliott, Anna, 48 Ellis, Ann, 22, 54, 62 English, Margurite, 29, 45, 47, 57, 69 Erickson, Edna, 31, 54 Ernst, Mary, 22, 47, 52 Evjen, Geraldine, 51 Evoniuk, Rose, 22, 47, 58 Eyer, Ianet, 22 Eshe, Elaine, 33 Ezzard, Bonnie, 33, 44, 49, 54 F Fall, Kathy, 71 Fargiges, Marilyn, 29, 46, 51, Ferguson, Pat, 22, 46, 56 Ferggshglarol, 22, 40, 43, 54, Rogers, Lucy, 14 Ross, Anedra, 14, 57 Senn, Helene, 15, 56 Shuck, Elma, 14, 54 Small, Lois, 14, 49 ' Smith, Ianet, 15, 55 Spetracer, Lawrence, 15, 16, Stevenson, Marilyn, 15, 52 Woods, Helen, 17 Wyss, Lillie, 15, 48, 59 Fields, Roberta, 33, 72, 73 Fitzgerald, Clara, 49 Fitzgerald, Donna, 33, 48, 56 Fitz ugh, Ginger, 33, 47, 56 itzpatrick, Shirley, 51 Flanders, Nila, 33, 51, 55 Ford, Charmion, 31, 42, 44, 46, 55, 57, 67, 70 Forseth, Margaret, 52 Foster, Carol, 31, 52, 53, 56 Frutiger, Ruthellgn, 12, 22, 41, 43, 44, 54, 5, 59 Fry, Dea, 12, 22, 47 67, 69 Frye, Beverly, 33, Ss G Gainer, Carol, 22, 48, 58 Garmon, Ioan, 12. 22, 40, 43, 51, 59, 62, 63, 74 Garr, Shirley, 22, 38, 42, 55, 58, 59, 62 Giebisch, gean, 28, 31, 42, 50, 52. 5, 71 Gildez, Marianne, 52, 53 Glad, Donna, 33, 45, 48,' 51 Gogiitzen, Sandra, 46, 48, 50, Goetz, Sally, 31, 38, 43, 68, 71 Goodman, Nancy, 33 Goodspeed, Shirley, 29, 50 Gordon, Luella, 22, 62, 75 Goshorn, Ianice, 33, 48 50 Grace, Trudie, 31, 49, 53 Graham, Amelia, 29, 51, 57 Graham, Elsie, 31, 47, 58, 59, 71 Graves, Delores, 31, 53 Green, Mary, 33, 54, 55 Greene, Pat, 47, 52 Gregg, Beverly, 12, 34, 49, 55 Grenawalt, Leona, 31, 43, 58, 70, Gridley, Mary, 23, 45, 48, 57 Griffith, Donna, 34, 56 Grogan, Mary, 29, 44, 47, 53 Gross, Carol, 23, 40 Gross, Evelyn, 34, 55, 56 Gusa, Dolores, 28, 34, 43, 53, 72 Guy, Rose, 31, 43, 46,51 Hahn, Edith, ll, 29, 39, 41, 47, 52, 56 Hahn, Gloria, 34, 51, 52, 53 Halpin, Phgllis, 31, 48, 50 Hamilton, lizabeth, 31, 54 Hanger, Patty, 31, 49, 53 Hankel, Sharon, 31, 39, 58, 71 Harbour, Ethel, 56 Harbour, Veda, 8, 56 Harmon, Darlene, 31, 56 Harris, Florence, 31. 58 Harrison, Helen, 31, 43, 57, 71 Hart, Ierry, 31, 58 Hart, Roberta, 50 Hartman, Bonnie, 47, 54, 62 Hau en, Muriel, 34, 44 51, 56 Haygen, Lorraine, 29, 57 Heath, Lois. 23, 58 Hetllin, Iudith, 34, 49, 54 INDEX Helter, Wilma, 23, 58 Henderson Norma 34 50 Hendricksfloyce, 34, 48, 541 , Hendrickson, Shirleg, 34, 51 Henry, Adele, 31 5 Henry, ean, 31,57 Henry, ean, 43, 50,' 72 Herring, Carol, 10, 29, 38, 52 Herring Celia, 23, 52, 62, 75 Hickman, Peggy, 34 Hill, Ianet, 3 , 3 Hochgraef Shirley, 23, 43, 46, 52, 57 Hoffert, Deanna, 34, 50, 72 Hoffman, Mary, 29, 44, 46, 47, 54, 73 Hoke, Iudith, 34, 53 Hoggrook, Irene, 28, 29, 50, Hogiangsworth, Chloa, 34, 52, Hollingsworth Lois, 29. 28, 42, 44, 57, 59 ' Holliday, Olivetta, 50 Iggoe, 11, 12, 23, 38, Holteen, Cordelia, 34, 43, 45, 53 Holybee, Marie, 51, 52 . Homolka Dorothy, 34. 49, 54 Homer. fohnne, 29, 47, 52 Haggard, Lois, 3l,.42, 44, Howerlh. lanet, 48, 58 Hubbard. Shirley, 34, 54 gullafldnanol 29, Sgs un ey, ' e , , Hunger, Ruta gg? Hunt, Shirley, 34, . 55 Hunt, Myrtle, 23, 44 I Illingsworth, Iayne, 31, 43, 4 58, 71 Ingalls, Ianice, 54 lsalnen Sylvia, 29, 49. 52, 56 1vey,'El'de, 29, 49, 52, ss I Tames, fo, 34, 35, 51 Qlanke, inda, 34, 49, 54 ,artott, Leta, 29, 49, 68 ilenlen, Beverly 31, 53, 71 Qlenggn, Elizabeth, 29, 48, 53 Iern Sheila, 12, 23, 41, 46, , 47, 52 less, Maxine, 29, 50, 55 fiilger, Iris, 57 ,lo neon, Arlene, 31, 47, 54, 73 Iohnson, Barbara, 31, 44, 48, 57 Qlohnson, Betty, 31 50. 52, 71 Qlohnson, Bonnie, 23, 54 johnson, Carol, 47, 52 johnson, Faye, 29 Iohgison, Iacqueline, 23, 46, Qlohnson, LgAnn, 29, 39, 44 Johnson, aryAnn, 29, 38, 40 56. 58 Iohgigon, Pat, 31, 39, 46, 50, Qlohnson, Pat, 47 Johnson, Sandy, 31, 57 Johnston, Gayanne, 23, 40, 42, 47, 74 Qlones, Betty, 31 55 74 Jens., luanh, ai, as, 53 jones, Lillian, 56 Jones, Marion, 34, 49, 51 jones, Pat, 23, 47 52 Jorgensen, Ella, 23, 47, 58 lorggnsen, Ioanne, 48, 51, Qlossund, Mary Lane, 29, 58 ludson, Edith, 9, 49, 58 flurisone, Karukes, Svetland, 31 , 58 K Glenna, 29, 54 Kelly, Shirley, 39, 58 Kemp, Carol, 34, 44, 48, 57 Ketterling, Patricia, 34 'TW 5' KiggnghlKg6herine, 29, 41 , Killion, Della, 31, 39, 53 Kim, Kathleen, 34, 38, 46, 50, 51 King, Rose, 9, 23, 46, 58 Kniser, Mary lane, 34, 39, 48, 55 Kohanek, Arlene, 23, 51 Kohanes Miranda, 8, 31, 55 Kew, Carolyn, 34, 45, so Krake, Margaret 29, 45, 50 rcreley, Laura, ai, 51, 52, 54, 71 Kruger, Iulie, 50 I. Landacre, Lettie, 34, 55 Lander, Beverly, 32, 48, 57 Landers, Eleanor, 32, 45 Lane, Barbara, 34, 49, 56 Langos, Edna, 52 Larson, Florence, 32, 58 Larggn, Io, 34, 48, 50, 51, 65 Lawrence, Eddie, 57 Lawson, lane, 29, 48 Lazgge, Marjorie, 34, 51, 53, LeBrun, Marjorie, 48, 53 Ledbury, Marlene, 29, 56 Lee, Beryl, 31, 46, 55, 71 Lee, Carrol, 34, 52 Lergf, Mary Ann, 32, 56, 59, Linden, Barbara, 9, 24, 40, 46, 47, 57, 58 Linden, Ioan, 28, 32, 51, 54 Linkous, Libb , 28, 29, 41, 49, 54, 57, 5,9 Llanes, Betty, ll, 24, 38, 42, 52, 63, 73 Lorensen, Carol, 58 Lovelace, Ioanne, 34, 52, 56, 70, 72 l..ove1ace, Sharon, 30, 40, 49, 52, 56, 59 Lowe, Maigorie, 12, 24, 40, 50, 55, 9, 67 5uf1iaiGM' 30258 34 50 72 u wig, ar , , Lulgg, Barbell., ad, 41, 44, , 59 Lulay, Betty, 30, 45, 48, 53 Luigi, Patricia, 34, 43, 45, 56, Lumo, Helen, 54 Lynn, Shirley, 34, 38, 50 M MacA1leson, Anna, 24 McChristy, Ianet, 34, 49, 54 McClure, Roberta, 32, 53 McDanie1s, Charlene, 30, 57 McDaniels, Mary, 74 McDougold, Muriel, 34, 54 McGraw, Ianice, 47, 50 Mcgnley, Iacqueline, 30, 50, McKinney, Pauline, 34, 51, 72 McLenithan, Katie, 34 56 Margins, sandra, ao, 59, 48, Maddox, Louise, 45, 46, 54 Mai, Arlene, 34, 55, 56 Mai Marilyn, 28, 30 Maihen, Beatrice, 32 Malcom, Norma, 34, 72 Manchester, Jeanette, 32, 57 Marlow, Penny, 32, 51, 52, 54 Marsh, Sharon, 32 Martin, Barbara, 10, 30, 47, 50. 63 74. 75 Martin, Camille, 34, 45 Maggie. Cora, 34, 51, 52, 53, Matheny, Viola, 32, 53, 73 Mather, Luella, 30 Mauldin, Pat, 34, 52, 53 Maxwell, Lorraine, 49 May, Virginia, 34, 53 Mayer, E izabeth, 24, 41, 47, 7, 58, 57 Mayer, Ruth, 30, 40, 42, 47, 7, 58 59 Meeks, Karen, 34, 53 Meidell, Elizabeth, 34, 55, 72 Melcher, Shirley, 34 Menolascina, Roma, 20, 24, 40, 46, 49, 53, 59 Menold, Mary, 34, 44, 50 Merris, Ioan, 54 Mesecar, Hazel, 32, 44. 57 Meseraull, Belle, 24, 46, 52 Metcalfe, DeAnna, 32, 49 Metzgar, Alice, 32, 55 Meyers, Connie, 12, 16, 24, 66. 75 Mic71fiaels, Ava, 32, 44, 52, 53 Micslaalke, lean, 32, 52, 58, Mickley, Arlene, 34, 49, 54 Mickley, Lucille, 30, 49, 54 Miller, Beverly, 24, 48, 58 Miller, Carol, 34, 53 Miller, Frances, 34, 56 Miller, Karen, 32, 39, 43, 44, 53, 55, 73 Miller, Marilyn, 30, 51, 56 Mirgciolovich, Dolores, 47, Miner, Marjorie, 32, 52, 53 Misqen, Ioyce, 32, 58 Mishiro, Am , 30, 59 Moe, Ianet, 50 Moore, Karen, 32, 57 Moore, Kathleen, 30, 51 Moore, Mary, 34, 56 Moran, Anna, 24, 49 Morgan, Mary, 32, 45, 47, 5 , 59 Moiggey, Karen, 9, 24, 41, 49, Morris, Marie, 32, 42, 44, 46, 51, 55, 67, 70 Morris, Marilyn, 10, 24, 47, 50, 62, 63 Morrow, Alice, 30, 58 Morrow, Margaret. 30, 41 Mosley, Barbara, 56 Mossey, Sylvia, 24, 57 Muir, Nancy, 24, 57 Mug? Sharon, 30, 44, 45, 48, Musch, Carol, 34, 49. 57 Myers, Marlene, 34, 35, 43, 50, 66, 72 N Nailing, Connie, 32, 49, 53 Neal, onnie, 32, 44, 46, 55 Neal, Dorothy, 27, 47, 58 Neuschaefer, Carol, 38, 54 Newman, Ianie, 34 54 Newman, Iohna, 24, 38, 43, 54, 55 Nichols, Rubie, 30 Neg Sharon, ll, 32, 39, 53, Nold, Shirle , 30, 56, 58 Nordstrom, Margie, 24, 45, 46. 58 ,, Norlen, Betty, 24, 46, 47, 52 O O'De1l, Ardean, 45, 50 Odom, Carlene, 25, 39, 48, 56 Ogden, Beverly, 53, 54 O alloran Phyllis 30 okmka, Elsie, ao 51, 57, 5a Oliver, lady, az, 58 Olsen, Donna. 34 Ongtieacl, Alpha, 34, 44, 51 Overberg, Betty, 34 51 Ovggberg, Bonnie, 30, 39, Overby, Loretta, 32, 51 P Page, Grace, 50 Pa mer, Charlotte 54 Palmer, Donna, sd Parent, Odielle, 34 Parish, Naomi, 34, 54 Parker, Darlene, 32, 45, 58 Parker, Helen, 30 Parker, lean, 25, 45, 47, 58 Parrish, Leanne, 34, 44 Parson, Alice, 54 Parggn, Martha, 25, 48, 47, Patrick, Pat 10, 12 25, 49, 50, 59, si. sa, 57, 74 Paulson, Pearson, Pearson, Sally, 35 45 54 Arlene, 47, 55 Kathryn, 35, 53, 72 Pealrfoih Myrna, 32, 43, 54, Peffly, Donna, 35, 49, so Peters, Ho e, 53 Peterson 59 Peterson 50, 55, , garbara, 25, 43, 58 , Charlene, 32, 39, 71 Peterson, Helen, 25 46, 58 Peterson, Pat, 35, 55, 56 Peterson Pat, 25, 47 Peterson' Shirle 49 58 An az 57 ' Pettit, I9 , Phelps, Maryellan, 32 Phelps, Elayne, 50 Phi'lEp?,1Claire, 28, 32, 53, Picgglo. Geraldine, 30, 46, Pichette, Nancy, 35, 55 Pierce, Virginia, 30 Pittman, Margaret, 35, 45, 52 Pitts, Betty, 16, 25, 46, 53 Polette, Nancy, 55 Polk, Betty, 2 , 58, 59, 62 gope, golores, gig, gi opp, ever y Porter, Irene, 7, 10, 30, 43, 56, 69 Price, Ianice, 32 Priestley, Kay, 50, 51 Psaros, Mardell, 30, 51, 65 Q Quiner, Shirley, 25, 49, 58 H Rambo, guna, 25, 46 Rargigy, arbara, 25, 43, 58, Ray, Eleanor, 32, 48, 55 Ragmorgi, Iacqueline, 32, 55 Reed, Lila, 51 Register, Pat, 32, 46 Ricgi Sharon, 12, 35, 39, 50, Richards, Ann, 53, 71 Richardson, Leona, 32, 57 Roberts, Mary, 32, 49, 54 45, 50, 57 Roberts Vera, 20, 25, 43, 44, Rocks, Mime as Rogers, Lucille, 32 Ro ers, Suzanne, 35 Ro?ph, Peggy, 25, 47, 56 Ronnie Virginia 25 46, 54 Ruby, Shirley, 30, 53 Rumgay, Donna, 30, 50 Russell, Betty, 25, 50 Sackett, Eleanor, 51, 52 St. Germain, Ruby, 56 73 sch4efsr,Ar1sns, as, 52, 55 Schaefer, Ruth, 25, 52, 62 Sclggidexnan, IoAnne, 32, 49, Schmitt, Mary, 30, 50, 52, 59, 69 Schmitz, Marlene, 35, 44, 49 Sclgrgabel, Sylvia, 25, 43, 46, Schram, Geri, 32, 43, 53 71 Schramm, Arlene 43 57 sciqftittz, Lsons, 35, 46, 53, Schultz, Pat, 32, 53 Schwab, lla, 26, 45, 46, 50 Schwab, Nancy, 30, 53 Scott, Arilena, 57 Sealey, Ioann, 30, 52 Seeley, Ailene, 35, 45, 55 Seeley, Helen, 26, 46 54 Seftiolnsgacqueline, 26, 41, 46 INDEX Sessman, Phyllis, 35 53 Severson, Gladys, 20, 26, 44, 47, 50, 59 Shay, Iacqueline, 48, 51 Shay, Lois, 43, 53 Shinn, Georlgia, 26, 40, 47, 52, 56, 6 Shinn, Maiig, 35 Simmons, athleen, 45, 52, 53 Simmons, Lorraine, 30, 51 Sirrgason, Phyllis, 32, 48, 58, 9, 70 Singleton, Diane, 32, 46, 50 Sirianni, Io Ann, 53 Sixberry, lanice, 26 Skoubo, Ruth, 26, 44, 46, 47 Sleggnan, Dorene, 32, 45, 49, Smallfoot, Phyllis, 30, 51 58, 59 Smith, Berty, 32, 43, 53, 55, 71, 74 Smith Pat 50, 52 Smith: Ramona, 54 S 'th, R b 35, 54 mi Smith sl:-l,l'fe, 47, 55 smnhf shererl, 35, 49, 57, 72 Smith, Shirley, 30, 56 Smith, Suzanne, 28, 30, 38, 45, Solom 50, 59, 70 on, Alice, 32, 46 Sorgeaisen, Sharolynn, 35, 49, Spotts, Lulu, 57 Sprague, Marilyn, 30, 58 Spur ina, Patricia, 35, 52, 56, Stephens, Bennie, 32, 58 Sleggtens, Pat, 26, 46, 47, 58, Stephens, Pat, 32, 74 Setwart, Pauline, 54 Stogf, Darlene, 26, 47, 54, 55, Stone, Dolores, 35, 49, 55 Storm, Phyllis, 32 Strahl, Lorita, 30, 39, 58 Streeter, Ethel, 35, 54 Strubel, Iudy, 35 Surgigter, Margaret, 32, 47, Swggrlarn, Ruth, 30, 45, 49, Swift, Diane, 35, 52, 53, 73 Swisher, Ann, 32, 55, 57 Swisher, Eulah, 30, 38, 51, 53, 57, 59, 65 Swisher, Evelln, ll, l2, l6, 26, 39, 42, 6, 52, 55, 65 Switzer, Marjorie, 16 T Tawney, Barbara, 35, 54 Taylor, Anna, 32 Taylor, Mary, 35, 54 Tagggar, Vera, 35, 39, 51, 54, Teal, Claire, 32, 48 Temple, Kathryn, 35, 56, 74 Templeton, Ada, 58, 55, 32 Tharp, Mary, 35, 54 Thomas, Irene, 49, 52 Thompson, Janet, 35 'l'hompson, Ieweline, 53 Thomson, Beth, 35, 43, 57 Thorsen, Arlene, 26, 52 Tipton, lverne, 56 Tolston, Zyphys, 30, 39, 53 Treece, Betty, 8, 47, 57 Trueb, Loma, 35, 39, 50, 72 Trussel, Ann, 30, 41 Trusty, Shirley, l0, 30, 41, 46, 50, 69, 74 V Var'i1Daam, Ieanette, 32, 49, Vargcgerpool, Phyllis, 35, 49, Vandwerker, Noreen, 32 '1 Van Loon, lean, 30, 49, 58 Van Loon, Shirley, 32, 49, 51 Veazie, Virginia, 51 Virell, Genevieve, 32, 48, 53 Volz, Marilyn, 35, 54 Vrlggak, Leiloni, 28, 35, 45, W Wade, Rosie, 48, 57 VValdo, Lois, 30, 44, 57 59 Waldo, Luella, ao, 48, 50, 57, 59 Walker, Alberta, 35, 54 55 Walker, Nellie, 35, 48, 54 Wallace, Darlene, 32, 56 Waller, Jeanne, 46, 47, 55 Ward, Betty, 35, 52, 53 Warnock, Peggg, 32 Warren, Ianet, 8 Washburn, Shirley, 35, 50, 52, 66, 72 Washington, Lucille, 35, 43, 49, 5 Watson, Lorraine, 30, 50 Watson, Ramona, 30, 58 Wagg Marcia, 30, 42, 44, 57, Weaver, Donna, 30, 57, 67 Weaver, Vivian, 32 57 Wehrl , Befbere, 35, 49, 54 Weir, Beverly, 32, 43, 51, 53 Welg, Connie, 32, 48, 58, Wellington, lleta, 30, 56 Wellington, Kathy, 52 Wernegreen, Ellen, 32 58 Wernegreen, Eva, 30, 54, 59 Wernegreen, Ioyce, 35, 44, 49, 4 Weygandt, Lois, 35, 53 Wheeler, Della, 35, 38, 55 Wheeler, Ianet, 7, 30, 49, 51 White, Estelle, 35, 49, 57 Wiigienmann, Myrna, 32, 44, xx M uno LRYLPRINTING co. PQRYLA o UR: Wiesner, Alice, 32 Wilkerson, Alta, 26, 47, 67 Wilkerson, lean 8, 30 will, Derlene. ab, 49, so, 57 Williams, Eddie, 32, 38, 44, 50 Williams, Sharon, 35 Willing, Ioan, 26, 40, 54 59 Wiggson, Anita, ao, 42, 50, Wigison, Shirley, 32, 44, 53, Willman, Ierri, 30, 40, 54 Wilson, Betty, 48, 49 57 Wilson, Iudith, 35, si 54 Wilson, Iune, 35, 55, 56 Wilson, Neta, 26, 5B Wirth, Shirley, 26, 58 Womack, Versie, 26, 49, 57 Wood, Patricia, 30, 47, 52 Woodfill, Pat, 32, 48, 70 Woody, Gayle, 32, 58 Wright, Fredericka, 35, 53 Wright, Nadine, 55 Wyer, LaVerne, 32, 48 Wuglscglgeger, Mildred, 35, Y Ynacay, Elizabeth. 26, 47, 57 Ynacay, Verna Lee, 7, ll, 30, 39, 47, 52, 55, 59 Yohn, Carol, 28, 30, 39, 46, 50. 73 Young, Kay, 49, 56 Zerbe Alice, 46, 57 Zilk, Beverly, za, 35, 46, 50, 73 Zimmerman, Mary, 32, 57 Zink, Ina, 44 Zink, lnez, 27, 45, 57 Zupunski, Ianith, 48 Zupunski, Io Anne, 27, 45, 57 se, xg. 'W V. W 4+ MSS' ff' 1 , 'H .:,f ' fgafw 4 .- , '52 ' 3 P X WW f is A F X W F T Q J' ' , 4' 'ff Q, rf. we l' 41 A

Suggestions in the Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) collection:

Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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