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Z a E 5 U s P I: 2 i 5 2 2 Q E E 2 E f F E : z S E . , ,,, 4 fi iv , c 1 E ur .-15 v ON THE HEIGHTS OF MT. OLYMPUS y I J If I X5wkn g ' ' ix , H "W' ,ff H ,, f X XX ,, K1 xX x in "K YR . sig," R The Senior Class ,xx ! I W Gzrls Polytechmc XXX -AAVK If ,V , Ng xxx ,I Mi . ws wfHf Hff Tg"flMixg f -.xv ix :Y'I""l' V, EH w X sg, ,gyq yy H x ' ' -sf L X-Xiu X I -A V' mgW ,7 H' vhs :TE ,I H kN', X J ff, . A Q ' LW X ' - l, YQ '- 1' N Y- 'X- Y P ki? RMX, : 1949 ff., , f. xx. KX JH fl? ,F X, DEDICATICN It is with pride that We dedicate this issue of the Polytechnic Maid to Miss Hazel Seeley. During her years at Girls Polytechnic she has devoted her time and Wisdom to teaching us the essential knowledge and appreciation of Greek mythology. Because of her efforts she has rightfully earned a place of honor on the heights of Mount Olympus. Ol all the gods and goddesses Athena, the daughter of Iupiter, would be the most appropriately con- nected With Girls Polytechnic. She was the goddess of wisdom, the pa- tron of the useful and ornamental arts, interested in all the qualities that contributed to the development of civilization, and in developing the abilities of both minds and hands. The modern girl may Well emulate the fine qualities attributed to Miner- va in her home on Mount Olympus, namely Wisdom, beauty, grace, use- fulness, justice, creativeness and the desire to be of good use to the world about her. May you all live so that your fellowmen may hold you in highest honor as the Greeks did Minerva. Hilma l. Peterson Principal This year we have soared above the Heights of Mount Olympus at Girls Polytechnic in many phases of work and play. lt has been my privilege and pleasure to be a spectator at these Olympic games and to observe the fulfillment of the promises made by Hera, queen of the air and guardian of women. When our present seniors entered high school, Pallas-Athene CMinervaJ, goddess of Wisdom, con- cerned herself with their learning ac- tivities and has seen her charges line up to hor highest desires. The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors have been outstanding also in their accomplishments, The gods and goddesses have been kind and have helped these students progress in their efforts to scale the heights of Wisdom, learning, and arts. Ruth E. Dowe Vice-Principal ALMHBERTHA Orchestra, Special Chorus, Eng- lish, Vocal Ensemble, Ad Libi- tum. BLEEG, HEDWIG Cafeteria, Foods, Large Quan- tity Cookery. COLEMAN, HELEN Art Cratts, Art Metal, Art lndus- trial, Interior Decorating, Fanci- SHYISS. EBENER, MARTHA Art Drawing, Costume Design, Art Commercial, Design Club. FARRENS, HELEN Library, Aremac Club. HALL, MADGE English. HOLLENBECK, EDNA English, Mathematics. IOHNSON, VASHTI Homemaking. Counseling, Sub Deb Club. ANDERSON, BARBARA Homemaking, Freshman Advis- or, Y-Teen Preppers. CHRISTIANSON, HELEN Homernaking, BiologY. Horizon Club. DAVIS, PATRICIA Physical Education, Girls' Ath- letic Association, Marching Drill Unit. ENGLISH. GEORGIA Social Studies, Clothing, Senior Advisor, Polyettes. FORMAN, EFFIE Home Nursing, Movie Projector Club. HAWES, LA VONNE English, Social Studies, Poly- maid, Pro Tegere. IRVINE, LENORE Physical Education, Social Stud- ies. English, Sophomore Thes- pianettes. KIRKPATRICK, MABEL Retailing, Salesroom, Coordina- tion, Distributive Education. Thespians. LEE, RUTH BiolOgY. Chemistry, Sophomore Advisor, Iunior Roadside Coun- cil. MACOUBRIE, MONTEITH English, Iournalism, Polygraph, Scriveners. MCMURTREY, VIOLET Commercial Dress. MEVES, HELEN English, Social Studies, Fresh- man Thespianettes. NOTTAGE, LINEA Clothing, Iunior Advisor, Tune Timers Club. ROGERS, LUCY Biol0gY, Counseling, Clothing, Sewing Club. SENN, HELENE Typing, Folk Dancing Club. SMITH, DORIS Oral English, Drarnatics. LOMMASSON, AGNES Millinery. MATTHEWS, ELEANOR Social Studies, English, Leader- ship, Y-Teen, Tri-Y. METTENLIOHN Mathematics, Red Cross. MILLER, MILDRED Social Studies, Kosmos Club. RAHMES, GAYLE Homemaking, Foods, Fountain and Tea Room, Pep Club. SEELEY, HAZEL Social Living. SHUCK, ELMA Counseling, Child Care, Home- making, Future Homemakers of America. WYSS, LILLIE Social Studies, Fire Squad. if 'WV rp XQI L r ffk J si ltx Wx ,W Clk ll, intl? lf' f K Wil! ff 1. -"E Vi? Atlanta Jiffal If Iupiter chose a perfumed flower, 'Twas delicate and rare: He took the petals of that rose To give to someone fair. He gave it to a maiden Who was truly like a queenp She was beautiful and gracious And her name was Princess Ieanne -I. P. JF fCourtesy ot Logan Markhaml Like Venus, enhanced with beauty and with a sparkling per- sonality, Ieanne Showalter won her Way into the hearts of all her schoolmates. The student body looked on with pride as Princess Ieanne represented thern in the 1949 Royal Realm of Rosaria. ESS JEANNE Whenever Iupiter, the king of the gods, needed sound advice, he would call all the gods and goddesses into a council. This custom has been carried down through the ages, and to this day at Girls Polytechnic We have a student council to- advise our student body president. A custom in ancient Greece Was the presentation of a laurel Wreath, a covet- ed honor in that day, to the outstanding citizens, Winners in their games. lf it were possible I would present twenty- five such Wreaths to the deserving coun- cil members of the 1948 fall term. Then I would make an extra special Wreath and give it to the Girls Polytechnic Stu- dent Body for their Wonderful coopera- tion throughout the year. Ioanne Perry Pall Student Body President No one group deserves more appre- ciation than the 1949 spring student council. Similar to Hercules and the twelve labors given him to fulfill, the council has been called upon to per- form many duties. And like Hercules it has skillfully accomplished every under- taking. The council gives the credit for its success to the student body that it represents. For Without the guidance and help of all, our school could not have maintained its high standards. l am Very grateful to every Polymaid for the cooperation she has wholeheart- edly given to make this year one to re- main in our memories. Spring Student Body President Iane Elliot STUDENT CDIIIICIL FALL Row I-D. Doss, I. Zink, M. O'Rourko, G. Henderson, E. Holle man, R. Bates, sergeant-at-arms. Row 2-B. Iames, treasurerg D. McCorvey, B. Hickman, A. G11 slad, V. Milunlewicz, P. Westbury, vice-president, M Clark, N. Fisher. Row SAD. Speer, H. Hesler, C, Knapp, N Ensley, S Lonq, B Moselv, B. Sannes, secretary, M. Reilly. Not present-C. Bayley, I. Grlllln, C McCaskey, G Moore, B Pomeroy, N. Wllllams. SPRING Row lAB, Moore, treasurer, M. Haskins, B. Yoder, M. O'Rourke E. Moore, vice-president I. Catanese, secretary, L. Hol lingsworth. How 2-L. McM1llan, G. Quayle, N. Fllzqerald, P. Lewis, H. Cun ninqham, A, Tuley, I. Sanseri, S. Cox. How 3-D. Malthews, F. Adams, L. Welch, A. Slevens, N, Ens ley, sergeant-at-arms, S. Herbsl, H. Hester, P Ward Not presenlvfl Bellizlo, D. Hedges, M. Scott. AUTOGRAPHS ,-ry, W ,rm Qgfa' ,, A yn? X! XV!! -fy I f 'w!f7 I 9 ff ,I X, V " 275315 vffff',f2 , lvr', , Qff' ATHE .---- I 'P' " , "f ff, X dw!ff A ff 4 X Wfffff ff , ,f ff fffwWf +WfQQZZ ' f , .' , ff , Y X, :' f 1 'f 1. ,ff X 7 ',f'fQ17 ! 7 fZ,.giggf fff , .7,, f ff V ,f If f""-1,5 ...J gv .Y Y ,..g,..i..7--. LZ, gL,,,,,,, .4.. :L-:SLLM 5,35--"-FLT, 'f-lL4.ii?1 ii-Z-lf L--gg'-'r-.fxii . ,, --.,..:, 1 V W..- N ,V , ,, ' ' - f V--Y' ,.., , Hb- f-L--4 -,, ....QLi.,Y ,. SENIQRS SENIOR cutss OFFICERS "':':"' it iY""""'?gQ? Q B. Sannes, vice-president, H. Vogel, president, P. Westbury, secretary, I. Merrick, treasurer, A. Leo, treasurer. Across the stage stretched a long line of blue clad seniors-the class of l949, Under the mortar boards we are looking ahead thoughtfully, with the wisdom of Minerva. A few ot us are thoughtful because we are looking, not forward, but backwards, down through the four years of high school days. We see ourselves as timid Neophytes crowding into the auditorium on that memorable first day of school. Making new friends and getting adjusted to high school was our main interest. Leaving freshman days behind we remember entering wholeheartedly into the many activities of the sophomore year. We were especially proud to have a part in electing a Rose Festival queen, Georgene I. Summer vacation over, we sophomores had grown to be juniors, followers of Goddess Aurora. Truly a "new life" was dawning and we spent the junior year in anticipation of beginning that new life. Easiest to recall are the events of our senior year. We claimed Minerva as our goddess for we felt we had been bestowed with a special wisdom which comes only after four years of high school. To climax the year we had our senior tea, the class play, prom, class day, and our much cherished banquet. It is with mixed feelings that we leave our realm of high school. We realize we are leaving behind memories and friends, many of us never to meet again. AGEE, IANET-Clothing, president, secretary, treasurer, Aremac, Fanci- annes, Victory Club, Poly Steppers, International Relations Club, ser- geant-at-arms, Fire Squad, adver- tising manager, Polygraph, Preshie Princess, Spring Senior Class Play, Undecided. BARRETT, IOAN-Retailing, Iunior Roadside Council, Deco Club, Al- lied Youth, College. BENNETT, BETTY-Clothing, treasur- er, Tune Timers, Modeling School or Business College. BINGHAM, PATRICIA-Art, Kosmos, Fanciannes, sgt.-at-arms, Clicks and Wheels, International Relations Club, Business College. BUSTARD, VIRGINIA-Retailing, Ad Libitum, Deco Club, Work. CAMPBELL, PATRICIA - Retailing, Tune Timers, Preppers, Deco Club, Work. CLARK, FLORA-Clothing: Knitting Club, Thespianettes, Tune Timers, Sewing Club, Chorus, Work. ATKESON, IEANIE-Art, Fanciannes, Arernac, Fire Squad, Bible College and Marriage. BASTASCH, MARY-Retailing, lun- ior Roadside Council, Deco Club, Knitting and Sewing Club, Poly- graph, Ad Libitum, Allied Youth, College. BERGREN, MONA LEE-Art, Horizon Club, secretary, Calligraphic, Tri-Y, Red Cross Representative, Spring Senior Class Play, Polyettes, art editor, Polygraph, Commercial Art- ist. BONEBRAKE, EVA MARIE-Clothing: treasurer, Al Libitum, secretary, Tune Timers, Tri-Y, Crochet and Embroidery Club, Student Council, Polymaid Salesgirl, Fall Senior Class Play, Freshie Princess, May Court Princess, Northwestern Col- lege of Commerce and Stevenson College. BYLAND, IUANITA-Clothing, Mai- sons, Allied Youth, Tune Timers, Work. CATANESE, IEAN-Clothing, secre- tary, Preppers, Kosmos, Poly Pro- jectors, Polyettes, secretary, Stu- dent Council, treasurer, Internation- al Relations Club, Preshie Princess, College. COBB, PATT-Clothing, La Golon- drina, president. Tune Timers, Thes- pians, Tri-Y, War Savings Board, Student Council, treasurer, Pep Club, Polymaid Salesgirl, feature editor, Polygraph, Fall Senior Class Play, Lewis and Clark College. CONNELL, ALICE - Clothing, La Danse, Horizon Club, Tri-Y, Mai- sons, Drillettes, treasurer, G.A.A., Polyettes, Work and Business Col- lege. CROSS, BEVERLY-Clothing, Prep- pers, Kosmos, sergeant-at-arms, Knitting Club, sergeant-at-arms, Poly Projectors, president, Interna- tional Relations Club, Oregon State College. CUSHMAN, ANNABELLE - Clothing, treasurer, Preppers, Maisons, Fan- ciannes, Red Cross, Polyettes, Fall Senior Class Play, stage manager, Spring Senior Class Play, Poly- rnaid Salesgirl, Washington State College. DITTMER, LORRAINE-Foods, Kos- mos, Work. DUVALL, FREIDA-Retailing, Folk Dancing, secretary, Aviation Club, vice-president, secretary, Sub Deb, vice-president, sergeant - at - arms, Map Makers, Student Council, Deco Club, Work and Business College. ELLIOT, IANE-Clothing, Preppers, vice-president, Allied Youth, Iun- ior Roadside Council, vice-presi- dent, Kosmos, Student Council, Student Body President, stage man- ager, Fall Senior Class Play, presi- dent, lnternational Relations Club, Reed College Seminar, co-editor, Polymaicl, D.A.R. Citizen, Sopho- more Personality Girl, Multnomah College. FISHER, PAT-Foods, vice-president, Athletic Club, vice-president, presi- dent, Movie Projector Club, secre- tary, treasurer, Kosmos, secretary, Student Council, editor, Polygraph, Undecided. COY, CAROL-Clothing, Poly Step- pers, Thespianettes, treasurer, Mai- sons, vice-president, president, Are- mac, Tri-Y, assistant fire chief, Fire Squad, Student Council Alternate, president, Pep Club, treasurer, Polyettes, vice-president, Interna- tional Relations Club, sports editor, feature editor, advertising manager, Polygraph, Parr Club, Spring Sen- ior Class Play, University oi Wash- ington. CRUZAN, VIRGINIA--Clothing, sec- retary, G.A.A., Tri-Y, Red Cross, Polymaid Salesgirl, Work. DERRING, SHIRLEY-Clothing, Stu- dent Council, president, Tri-Y, Marriage. DOBAK, MARLENE-Foods, Sewing Club, Undecided. EICHLER, DELORES-Clothing, vice- president, secretary, Maisons, Kos- mos, Work. ESTES, LORETTA-Foods, Kosmos, Preppers, Tune Timers, Maisons, Undecided. FOSTER, IACKIE-Clothing, Horizon Club, president, Fanciannes, Work FRENCH, NORMA LOU-Foods: Ad Libitum, Tune Timers, Seattle Paci- fic College. GRIFFIN, MARIORIE-Clothing, Tri-Y, Modeling. HAWKINS, MARILYN-Foods, Kos- mos, Work. HERRING, MARGARET - Clothing, Iunior Roadside Council, Tri-Y, Marriage. HOOD, GERRY-Clothing, Tri-Y, Col- lege. IOHNSON, MARILYN CATHERINE- Goods, Allied Youth, Fanciannes, Work and College. IONES, DOLORES-Clothin - Tri-Y- gf I May Cdurt Princess, Work. . GAMES, DOLORES-Clothing, Poly Steppers, Aquatic Club, Thesplan- ettes, Tri-Y, Preppers, president, Kosmos, Red Cross, Student Coun- cil Alternate! treasurer, president, Poly Projectors, Polymaid Salesgirl, Freshman Sweetheart: Freshman Princess, secretary, International Relations Club, Spring Senior Class Play, Polymaid, May Queen, Col- lege. GUNDLACK, LEILA-Clothing, treas- urer, secretary, vice-president, G. A.A., Tri-Y, sergeant-at-arms, Iun- ior Roadside Council, Aquatic Club, Navy Air Corps. HERRELL, EVELYN-Retailing, Mai- sons, Deco Club, Marriage. HILLARD, WANDA-Clothing, Sew- ing Club, Undecided. IOHNSON, JEAN-Goods, treasurer, president, Allied Youth, Iunior Roadside Council, Tri-Y, Poly Step- pers, sergeant-at-arms, vice-presi- dent, G.A.A., secretary, Polyettes, sergeant-at-arms, Student Council, College. IOHNSON, MARILYN CHARLOTTE- Clothing, La Golondrina, Athletic Club, Allied Youth, Kosmos, Poly- graph, Modeling School and Beauty College. KAMMERER, ELSIE -Clothing, Kos- mos, Work. KEMP DOROTHY-Clothin ' Pre 1 gr P' pers, Maisons, Tune Timers, Busi- ness College. KIGGINS, EVA MAE-Foods, secre- tary, president, Knitting Club, Fan- ciannes, Folk Dancing, junior ad- visor, Scriveners, Traffic Squad, Student Council Alternate, Poly- ettes, news editor, feature editor, Polygraph, Polymaid Salesgirl, Work. LANDOLT, MARLISSE-Foods, Fan- ciannes, Kosmos, Work. LeBRUN, VIRGINIA-Clothing, Hori- zon Club, secretary, Maisons, Poly Steppers, Work. LEO, AGNES--Foods, president, Mai- sons, Tri-Y, treasurer, Senior Class, Student Council, Polyettes, assis- tant manager, Polymaid, Business College. MAYHEW, FREDRICKA - Clothing, Fanciannes, Work. MEYER, IACKIE-Foods, president, Clicks and Wheels, Kosmos, Tri-Y, Student Council, Del Fuego, presi- dent, treasurer, Poly Projectors, ser- geant-at-arms, International Rela- tions Club, Polymaid, Spring Sen- ior Class Play, Dental Nurse Train- ing. KIGGINS, BARBARA-Clothing, vice- president, Knitting Club, vice-presi- dent, Fanciannes, Tri-Y, junior ad- visor, Scriveners, Traffic Squad, assistant editor, editor, Polygraph, vice-president, Polyettes, Polymaid Salesgirl, Spring Senior Class Play, Reed College Seminar, Internation- al Relations Club, Courtesy Girl, College. LAM BERT, IUNE-Clothing, Allied Youth, Maisons, Tune Timers, Pro Tegere, Work. LATHAM, DIANE-Foods, president, vice-president, Tri-Y, Polymaid Salesgirl, Whitman College. LEE, LILLIAN - Clothing, Horizon Club, treasurer, Map Club, Mar- riage. LIEVSAY, NANCY-Retailing, Tune Timers, president, Deco Club, Stu- dent Council Alternate, Horizon Club, Allied Youth, Business Col- lege. MERRICK, IOANN - Retailing, ser- geant-at-arms, secretary, treasurer, Fanciannes, secretary, treasurer, Ceco Club, Student Council, treas- urer, Senior Calss, Allied Youth, sergeant-at-arms, Iunior Roadside Council, sergeant-at-arms, Tune Timers, Poly Steppers, Washington State College. MILLER, DELORES-Clothing, Iunior Roadside Council, Sewing Club, Work. MILLER, VIOLET-Foods, secretary, treasurer, Panciannes, Folk Danc- ing, War Board, Student Council, Traffic Squad, junior advisor, Scriv- eners, Polyettes, assistant editor, Polygraph, Spring Senior Class Play, College. MOORE, ETHEL-Clothing, sergeant- at-arms, Preppers, vice-president, president Iunior Roadside Council, president, Red Cross, vice-presi- dent, Student Council, G.A.A., Pep Club, Rally Queen, Polygraph, Col- lege and Nursing. MCDONALD, HELENE-Clothing, Tri- Y, Red Cross, Work. MCMAIN, DOROTHY-Clothing, pres- ident, Victory Club, Knitting Club, Aremac, Housewife. O'ROURKE, GERTRUDE - Clothing, Folk Dancing, Needlettes, Drillettes, vice-president, president, G.A.A., Work. PERRY, IOANNE-Clothing, presi- dent, Thespianettes, vice-president, president, Thespians, Tri-Y, Student Council, Polyettes, Student Body President, co-editor, Polymaid, Fall Senior Class Play, Benson Class Play, Inter Club Council, Reed Col- lege Seminar, P.T.A. Study Group, May Court Princess, Oregon State College, Home Economist. PETRICK, GAYNELL-Foods: Tri-Y, Linfield College, Home Economist. MITUNIEWICZ, VIRGINIA-Clothing, vice-president, Thespianettes, Sub Deb, Tri-Y, secretary, Athletic Club, Iunior Roadside Council, president, Tune Timers, sergeant-at-arms, Stu- dnet Council, Freshie Princess, Business College. MURPHY, DOLORES-Clothing, Thes- pians, Student Council Alternate, Swimming Team, Fall Senior Class Play, College. MCLAIN, ELIZABETH-Foods, Iunior Roadside Council, Kosmos, Red Cross, Poly Projectors, Undecided. MCPHERSON, IEAN-Clothing, Tri-Y, Business School, PALMER, PAT-Clothing, Kosmos, Horizon Club, Business College. PETERSON, VIRGINIA - Clothing, treasurer, Poly Steppers, vice-presi- dent, Maisons, Victory Club, Eanci- annes, Crocheting and Embroidery Club, War Board, Red Cross, Ben- son Class Play, Work. RHODES, MARILYN-Clothing, vice- president, Fanciannes, Marriage. RICARDI, RITA - Clothing, Fancl- annes, Tri-Y, Marriage and Work. RICHTER, ESTHER -- Foods, Fanci- annes, Undecided. RUSTEBAKKE, MARY-Clothing, Tri- Y, vice-president, Thespians, Fall Senior Class Play, Pacific Lutheran College. SCOTT, COLLEEN-Art, secretary, Kosmos, Fanciannes, Victory Club, Student Council, Polyettes, Red Cross, art editor, Polymaid, Poly- maid Salesgirl, International Rela- tions Club, Art School. SHOWALTER, IEANNE - Clothing, president, Preppers, vice-president, president, Tri-Y, Student Council, Red Cross, Polyettes, Fall Senior Class Play, Rose Festival Princess, Work and Marriage. STAATZ, BARBARA-Retailing, Iunior Roadside Council, Deco Club, Work. STEWART, PAULINE-Foods, Iunior Roadside Council, treasurer, Allied Youth, Tri-Y, Traffic Squad, Red Cross, Student Council Alternate, presilent, Polyettes, business man- ager, Polymaid, Poly Steppers, Un- decided. RICHARD, CAROL-Clothing, Are mac, secretary, Poly Projectors Tune Timers, Tri-Y, Student Coun cil, junior advisor, Scriveners, fea ture editor, assistant editor, copy editor, Polygraph, Red Cross, Uni- versity of Oregon. ROTH, DELORES-Clothing, Athletic Club, Iunior Roadside Council, Fire Equad, Red Cross, Aremac, Spring Senior Class Play, Work, Work and Art Metal School. SANNES, BETTY IANE-Clothing, Tri- Y, president, vice-president, secre- tary, G.A.A., Sub Deb, secretary Student Council, Polymaid Sales- girl, vice-president, Senior Class, May Court Princess, University of Oregon or Work. SHEA, PATRICIA-Retailing, Iunior Roadside Council, Homemaking Club, G.A.A., Deco Club, Unde- cided. SOUTHWORTH, PATTI-Foods, Tune Timers, Work. STEVENS, AUDREY-Clothing, Kos- mos, Allied Youth, Iunior Roadside Council, Maisons, Polyettes, Stu- dent Council, Work. STYLES, GENEVIEVE-Foods, Kos- Mos, Allied Youth, Traffic Squad, Undecided. THOMAS, DIANE - Retailing: Poly Steppers: Aremac: Sub Deb: Stu- dent Council: Deco Club: Freshie Queen: Benson Class Play: Unde- cided. THRAILKILL, LORA-Clothing: Tri-Y: Sewing Club: Work. VOCKRODT, DELORES-Foods: Fan- ciannes: Tri-Y: Poly Steppers: Work and Marriage. WEEKS, DOROTHY-Clothing: Hori- zon Club: Work. WESTBURY, PAT - Foods: Iunior Roadside Council: secretary, Allied Youth: Preppers: Tri-Y: Poly Step- pers: sergeant-at-arms, G.A.A.: vice- presiclent, Student Council: Poly- ettes: eports editor, Polygraph: Fall Senior Class Play: secretary, Senior Class: May Court Princess: Busi- ness College. WILSON, PATRICIA-Clothing: Ath- letic Club: Aviation Club: vice- president, Sub Deb: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Work. No Picture- ORVETTA DUGGER MARY GIBSON ELAINE WHITE TRACY, ALMA - Foods: Knitting Club: Maisons: Preppers: House- wife. VAN RIPER, GEORGIA-Retailing: Ad Libitum: Deco Club: Work. VOGEL, HELEN - Clothing: Iunior Roadside Council: Allied Youth: Thespianettes: Fanciannes: Tune Timers: Polyettes: Red Cross: Fall Senior Class Play: Reed College Seminar: president, Senior Class: Washington State College. WELCH, LOUISE-Clothing, Student Council: Allied Youth: Iunior Road- side Council: Athletic Club: treas- urer, Tri-Y: treasurer, G.A.A.: Poly- ettes: Spring Senior Class Play: College. WILLIAMS, NORMA-Foods: Kosmos: Aremac: Student Council: presi- dent, Maisons: tire chiet, Fire Squad: Freshie Queen: Iowa State College, Home Economist. YOUNGBLUTI-I, IOYCE-Art: Prep- pers: Tri-Y: sergeant-at-arms, treas- urer, Skating Club: Thespians: Fire Squad: Poly Steppers: Spring Sen- ior Class Play: Benson Class Play: Monmouth College. SENIOR FAREWELL SONG Smile the while we bid you sad l'Adeiu" Never more will we come back to you. Other halls Well wander thru, But our thoughts Well send to you, To high school days We sadly say "Goodbye Each year here We'll remember with a sigh, To heed your lessons We will try, Till We meei again. -fl? L C 'WDM I, we .nl l 3523 N ' ae if W jx M - '71 --v-' X. .-,,- IB. 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Bredberg, C. Brewer. Brooks, D. Bucknum, D. Byram, I. Calvert, G. Carney, A. Chambers, H. Childers, M. Chisler, B. Cone. Cooper, G. Cornelison, D. Cottrell, F. Courtwrigl-it, B. Davis, D. Donner, N. Doss, B. Erhardl, B. Faircloih Ford, A. French, M. French, N. Glass, D. Grande, P. Gray, S. Gray, A. Grewell. Guihrie, I. Hagan, I. I-laliski, C. Heide, G. Higgins, M. Holcey, M. Holliday, N. Hoover. Hughes, M. Iacobs, D. Iones, S. Kenny, N. Landen, B. Leavengood, P. Lewis, V. Lolley. Fellon, P. Grider, I. Howe, M. Losey, R. Lynch, A. Masten, D. Matthews, B. Maynard, l. McCullough, M. McDowell, I. McLain, L. McMillan. Mecham, S. Meyers, B. Moore, G. Moore, D. Morgan, I. Mottice, M. Newcombe, M. Patterson. Pawson, S. Pierson, B. Pomeroy, M. Posedel, F. Ramey, I. Randle, M. Reilly, L. Roberts, C. Rogers. M. Rohlfis, N. Schlegelmich, N. Schlip, T. Searcie, P. Shields, D. Shimmin, M. Shultz, B. Sleeman, D. Stevenson M. Stewart, R. Stroud, I. Toedtemeir, D. Vance, B. Van Patton D. Wade, I. Weber, M. Wertz, B. Wilson. M. Wilson, A. Wright, V. Yeary, C. Young, E. Zavoral, B. Ziegle. IUNIORS Aurora is our patron saint, The goddess of the hopeful dawn, She opens up the gates of day, And constantly she carries on. As Iuniors We Work gravely too, Fulfilling tasks with spirit true, Hoping to reach the greatest height- Seniors, under Athena's light. -A. W. N. F. R. P. I. l. D E. I. G. Ensley, president, B. Vinciquerra, vice-presideni, D. McCorvy, secreiaryg Miss R. Lee, advisor, Adams, H. Alburas, B. Andrews, P. Balcom, A. Barbur, B. Bates, C. Bellizio, I. Bays, I. Besie. Boatwright, M. Bodmer, S. Boyd, C. Bredberg, V. Bryan, B. Burch, C. Canfield, B. Carner. Cassady, P. Champagne, L. Chassells, L. Coder, D. Cofer, A. Colgan, P. Cook, B. Cox, M. Dahm. Davis, O. Deets, B. Dilliner, D. Dooley, D. Doss, D. Drugg, S. Dugger, S. Dvorak, G. Ellison. Emra, E. English, L. Fancher, G. Fancher, M. Farley, B, Fazzolari, B. Fiske, N. Fiizgerald, N. Franck Gerde, D. Gilbert, P. Gilbert, A. Gilstad, I. Gould, C. Graves, C. Gurtina, B. Hagan, I. Hall. Hartshorn, T. Haskins, A. Haynes, D. Hedges, I, Helm, C. Helmer, S. Hollinger, I. Huck, C. Huff. Iaha, P. Iarvis, I. Iensen, I. Iones, B. Karr, C. Keeney, H. Kellar, L. Kenney, C. Knapp. Lang, D. Langley, R. LeBrun, C. Lentz, D. Llanes, S. Long, M. Manus, H. McCarthy, C. McCormick WX? McParland, P. Mecham. M. Messler, B. Miller, F. Mitchell, I. Mitchell. L. Mitchell, L. Mitchell, P. Moatz. Morrow, I, Mossey, O. Meyer, B. Molby, D. Needham, I. Nordstrom, M. O'Rourke, B. Ostrander, H. Overbeck Parson, K. Pickering, D. Pierce, M. Pixley, M. Radowich, C. Richards, I. Richardson, S. Riegler, E. Robinette. Rodacker, I. Roisland, B. Roseberry, B. Roseberry, W. Routen, F. Rowley, C. Sanseri, E. Schafer, G. Schlosser. Scholz, B. Schulz, D, Schulz, E. Scott, I. Scott, P. Senter, R. Shelton, L. Sims, D. Smith. Smith, K. Springer, B. Stovall, F. Sweeney, D. Templeton, L. Terry, B. Thiemann, N. Van Daam, F. Van Patton. View, P. Voss, C. Waggoner, E. Walker, L. Walton, P. Ward, D. Wedgeworth, B. Weir, D. Weller. Whalen, A. Williams, B. Wolf, C, Wolf, B. Wolfington, I. Word, I. Worthley, D. Zenter. SOPHOMORES Sophornores are those who think they know Ol life and all its joy and woe, But they will learn, as time goes on, To look to the future, Aurora's dawn. -A. W. Herbst, president, H. Hester, secretary, B. Anderson, advisor. Agger, I. Anderson, H. Archer, I. Aspinwall, E. Bagley, B. Baker, N. Baldasseroni, M. Basel, D. Baucom. Baumer, C. Bayley, N. Benefiel, S. Benson, R. Blackwell, R. Blanchard, M. Bohrer, L. Bones, F. Brambora. Brown, D, Bulkley, K, Burke, C. Carey, S. Carlson, M. Carson, M. Cassity, G. Chenoweth, A. Clark. Clark, M. Claus, B, Cleek, C. Coffman, M. Cook, P. Corcoran, R. Cornelison, M. Cox, N. Crist. Crites, R. Cunningham, I. Cushman, N. Dancey, I. Danielson, L. Daves, L. Dillard, F. Dishongh, M. Dixon. Egger, D. Ewert, D. Faircloth, P. Faust, B. Ferguson, ff. Ferland, M. Ferres, L. Fields, C. Filson. Fisher, L. Fontanes, D. Fosbury, D. Fry, L. Galin, E. Gardner, L. Gehrke, I. Gibson, V. Gilcrist. Goble, M. Goetz, D. Gospodinovic, R. Gurtina, I. Gustafson, T. Haapamiemi, H. Hagan, B. Haliski, M. Hamel Hannon, D. Hanscom, N. Hanson, D. Harrel, M. Haskell, M. Haskins, S. Hays, M. Heath, I. Helfrich. Henning, E. Heyne, I. Hill, B. Hoiness, E, Hollimon, I. Hollingsworth, L. Hollingsworth, L. Hollingsworth, I. Holzapfel Hook, I. Howden, B. Howe, I. Huling, V. Hunt, N. Huntley, I. Iackson, F. Iarrett, R, Iobe. Iohns, S. Iohnson, Y, Iohnson, I. Ioseph, B. Kaiser, M. Kaiser, W Kane, D. Katsules, M. Keeve. Keiser, H. Kerr, A. Kliigne, I. Knox, C. Kraemer, G. Kreis, M. Landis C. Langille, L. Lee. Lee, F. Logsdon, R. Lund, P. Maine, S. Marchall, M. Marunn, B. Mawhinney, C. McCaskey, B. McGregor. McLeod, I, Mears, I. Meyers, M. Miles, D. Miller, I. Miller, A. Mitchell, S. Mitchell, R. Monish. Montgomery, I. Moore, Y. Mosher, D, Musch, G. Myers, D, Neff, C. Nelson, I. Nesseth, B. Newville. Nichol, I. Nichols, N. Norton, I. Ostrom, I... Owens, M. Panuke, A. Penny, G. Perry, I. Pfeiffer. Pieren, P. Pillman, M. Porter, G. Quayle, M. Rambo, I. Randle, M. Rehmus, D. Remster, R. Rich. Rickman, l. Roberts, M, Robertson, W. Rogers, R. Romans, A. Rooks, N, Rorden, I, Sanseri, I. Saxton, W. Schaefer, D. Schulps, I. Scott, M. Scott, L. Smesrud, M. Smith, V. Smith, I. Spain, G. Spears. D. Speer, E. Sprague, I. Staatz, B. St. Gerrnains, I. Stowe, B. Strand, V. Strome, L. Thiessen, D. Thoreson. R. Tillotson, L. Tompkins, I. Traverse, B. Trump, A. Tuley, L. Vahidieck, L. Veenker, R. Vittoria, M. Wagner I. Walker, I. Walker, B. Wallace, V. Wallachy, C. Wann, W. Wasley, E. Weatherford, G. Weaver, I. Welch. F. Weller, I, Wellington, B. Werner, M. Wheeler, M. Wicks, B. Yoder, I. Zink, I. Ziska. FRESHMEN Oh, Freshmen, you are Neophytes, We mean not to belittle you, I You see you are beginners here, And our traditions still are new. We look to you with hopeful eye That Po1y's standards you'll hold high. -A. W. Mrs- Van Fla of Mrs. DI-HU! M Y and is IS. MYfC3F'SOf1 V Mrs, Hittvnevn Y0 ine s B Krggms, co-edrtorg V. Mrller, co-edrtorg E, Krggms, feature edrtor, C. Coy, busmess manager, P Westbury, sports editor, Fall Polygraph Staff-M. Bergren, I Agee, D. Donner, C. Hlchard, E. Klggins. Spring Polygraph Staff-I. McLain, E. Moore, M, Dobak, I. Weber, P. Cobb, B. Pomeroy. POLYGRAPH Advlsor-Mr. MdCOUbTl9, P. Stewart, business manager, C. Heide, D. Games, I. Elliot, co-editor, I. Perry, co-editor, M. Reilly, B. Iames, advertising manager, C. Scott, art editor. lnset: Mrs. Small. POLYMAID V. Fellon, A. Leo, S. Pierson, A. Wright, H. Childers, B. Erhardt, P. Ford I. Meyer, I. Fiske, R. Stroud, T. Searcie, Mrs. Hawes, advisor. -r-'A ff fffffgyff ff' ' 15- E- , JLI T--F gf 3 MCE CLUBS Tiliflilfasihki-se.3gp,QimE.. V4 .. 'Wh-Q '-vi,-gm-..k Qf"iwQLz's55i2 Row lAI. Guihrle, B. Strand, G. Hxggms, B. Moore, B. Fiske, vxce-presldeni. Row 2fMrs. Wyss, advxsorg M. Cox, D. MacLeod, M Scolt, B. Faircloih, V. Bryan. How 3-B W1lson, secretary, I. Youngbluth, M. Patterson, L. Bottler, B. Roseberrg, C. Rogers, Not presenlfl. Aqee, sergeant-atearmsg C, Coy, vice-president, B Davis, H, Kellar, I Pawson, sergeant-atfarmsg P Voss secretary. Top-P. Ward, lall presxdent. Bottomfll Wrlghl, sprmg presldent. DEL FUEGO DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION How l-Mrs. Kirkpatrxclc, advisory P Campbell, D. Thomas, vlcefpresidentg V. Buslard, B. Slaatz How 2-M. Bastasch, P. Shea, E. Braithwali, G. Van Rlper, E. Lane. Noi presenl-N. Llvesay, presldenl. Bottom-l Merrxck, secrelary and treasurer How Row Row Row l-Miss Davis, advisor, L. Gahn, l-l. Cleek, G. Oltottrke, R. Mitchell, H Fazzolart, l. Zink, I. Spain, C. Filson. 2-N. Benefiel, I. Sanceri, I Richardson, I. Beste, L. Tompkins, M Haslcin, II. Hagan, D Llanes, I. Welch, N, Dancy 3-I. Roberts, I. Ienson, L Chassels, B Cox, E Eyler, B. St. Germaine, G. Meyers, B Trump, C Gurtina, drill cap tatng P. Vanderberg, A. Clark 4--L. Hooke, E. I-Ieyne, I Huling, D. Katsules, G. Perry, M. Carson, R. Ferres, F. Rawley, V, Hunt, P. Champayne D. Needham, A. Bauman, baton captain. Not present-R. Albert, P. Balcum, V. Bray, B. Carner, A. Colgan, I. Cushman, sergeant-at-armsg B. Hotness, I. I-Iollings To p-YR. worth, baton captatng I. Huck, N. Huntley, treasurer, K. Ions, L. Lee, A. Luna, R. Monlsh, I. Monroe, I. Ostrom vice-president, W. Bouton, N. Humgay, I. Saxton, B. Shultz, R Vanderburq, L. Ve-ekner, secretary, C. Weber, B Wheeler, A. Woods, D. Zentner. Gurtina, tall prestdent. Bottom-M. Goetz, spring president G. A. A. Row Row ROW Not Q DRI LETTES l-N. Borden, P Ialollmart, L Galm, Il Hagan, Mrs Irvine, Miss Davis, advisors. 2fI. Guthrie, L. Currter, l Welch, M Hughes, B. Boatrtqht, I. Mitchell, W. Walten, F, Weaver 3-A Mitchell, I. Worthley, D. Gerde, B. Mosley, P. Ward, S Boyd, M Schultz, B llaliskt present'-C Hag?-rman, I llill, B. Miller, M. Woods, M. Shultz, I. Loqan, B St Gftrrnainrr, l. Clark, F Flylor, M Matthews, C Wann, G Myers, I Ilall, li Stovall, I ltmslanfl, lt Slit-lton Top-G. O'Rourlce, tall pre-siflont. Bottom--M O'Itourk+-, sprtnq pr.-sid' nt 3 s W. are :I-'Ilia ig ik ss SW ma ..,.,... zzz SGW? Row 1-A. Barber, B. Karr, P. Cobb, treasurer, N. Ensley, A. Gilstad, secretary, E. Moore. Row 2-Mrs. Rahmes, advisor, V. Bryan, D Cwerde, S. Long, C. Knapp. Not presentAI. Pawson. Top-C. Coy, fall president. Bottom-A. Gllstad, secretary. PEP CLUB NM? POLYETTES Row 1-WR. Goble, M. Rohllls, I. Catanese, V. Miller, I. Showalter, B. Erhardt. Row ZAA. Connell, T. Searcle, S. Pierson, C. Scott, L, Welch, M. Reilly, P. Westbuzy, I. Iohnson, secretary. Row 3-M. Bergren, H. Vogel, I, Perry, A. Stevens, C. Coy, treasure-rg B. Kiqgins, vice-president, Miss Enqlish, ddVlSOT f gins. Not presentfA Cushman, P. Ford, A. Leo 'llvp-P. Stewart, president. Bottom 'I Iohnson, secretary. Row l-M. Clark, I Weber, I. Calanese, B. Erlxardi, Mrs. Forman, ddV1SOY, M. Clusler. Row 2-M Reilly, B, Cross, sergeant-at-arms, I Hagan, secretary, V. Lolly, sec and vice-pres, E Scoll, B. Wheeler Noi present-ID. Arnold, M, Dixon, N Flizgerald, MCLGID, E Shaffer, E. Walker. Top-I. Meyer, fall president. BottomiD. Games, sprmg president. POL PBOIECTORS POLY STEPPERS A yoinl dance club between GlTlSl Polylechnxc and Benson Top-Duck Iverson, presxdenl. Bottom-Leona Mrichell secretary How l-I Ward, N Horden, V Fellon, I Stowe, I. Anderson, T. Searcxo How 2-I. Norsirom, I Rolsland, I. Mltchell, H, Clnlclers, B Pomeroy, I Lambert, Mrs Hawes, advisor Not presentfB, Stoyall, l., Fanches, treasurer, I. Hall, vice-president M Nichol. PRO TEGERE Top-P, Ford president. Bottom-C. Heide, secretary. P POLYMAID REPRESENTATIVES How lfG. O'Hourlw, H Hagen, S Cox, D Drugg, l Flske, L. Bones How 2-A Wrlght, T. Searcle, B Ehrhardt, I Mltchell, F, Greenblatt, C Scoit, M. Cox. How IZAD MacLeod, D Hedges, C. Lentz, D. Laiham, E, Hannon, A Cushman, P Vande-rberq. N01 presentflri Carner, N Ensley, M. Heaih, V. Wallachly, L. Walton, W Waslf-y. Top-P Stewart, busmess manager. BoNomfA Leo, assxs1an1 busmess mnaaqer wk ,, izl .:,:.,EE2i VIVE: 4 .I W , q Dark E765 7955 ow! Exercisew l-H23 'W Cf 7 'nulttrlg v Heap Big 'Hilfe Shadows S d 3 Bed 3 Bfe eze and I nm j weefUw.eaFTs who mfr? B' dd' u wsu Chuww Sleepy 'Pxepose H W v :fm Y I y ' , lf " Ns i i, H 1 M w . N W N . if l W' :W . ,Q - , is Y"1'gFE.. . N rl. ,. I , 1, .xv 'fu ' X 'fw ' '. lM'I' 2' I , 1 'A -x fi 'X '- . g- , 4,,V I ,i .R ,xx 4 N . X219 L X X-figQ,. ,. "----4-M "Nix, dw.. K 1 I xx ,.. , lr 2 , n l eak , 5 , f ' N gt. ' W g ' 1 X5 If I' 'gf Vw 1 X 2' wx ,' x ,V Hitt of V53 X I 4 1 A .I . ' .fmw w ' ff 1 WX ,Q 11 1 X ' fff f mu fl: X Hux 1 x K X 4 x F X xx 1 I x I X xl X xx , N SJPMW '5 ' iv 1' WV! ' ,' ' Nw, ,, ,' , , 'Ha ' Al.,-I,N.' - V, ,, Y ,. X f ,I f . ....,-, , , , 1 ' M "vb ,.:wg,' ' I , ' K lj' , I, if Y Q ,J NX - 4. THE DISCUS THROWER 1774. -47757 9 Ifyf 'AJ Y ,.. ff' ', , fb-V -V , YY Y '7 'v:'- -'c'ffQ .':f'- ' ,ri ',-1 " C -sE!'PfrP 'I , win, wfgaiggginlgiilwgwi, MM lm r I Y s 1. Lf-ih . ' "' "'Qh3 QL as W 1 y MN lX 1,, w 'L J M f ww 4 'vw' xw gk: ,, , I .a ., 1 s E, .,. .5 x him wb 5 A '.E. ,. ' 1 . 1' ., .., . P' . Q "L f yr. iifianfipe-lk-l:b'5E ' N ini, 1 mx, . 5 3 in fy .2 . - J .,Lw,,m,,, ,f ' -4- 4. 5 ,,, -:K Q . V K 1 '- 1, . fi-fl' Dov ,M- I 1.4 .Q V, J , af f W5 ,. .. . "3 Q -1' ' '. .f , U , 27 ,A ,. iii., .,,z 1 . 5-if 7: , . , ,- 3. , i J. L, .54 - 'f,. . , ,JM u ', U 'A .511 ' 4: . Q. mx , ' 1 .wg .R ' 'V .J 4, ff, , .Lg , f - e ' Qi. .. qf .. ,V ,J mi .,: - Q Q , ,V , ' 1 uixl., fx ' ' I.. Vzh - , -A V . 51 ,, A I my 'y' w "Q, I fx ' S. f ' ' xg J . ' , ,L ', 1, ' Uv, M I ,. f 1 , avg- 9 , , ,, . L f. - -. . ,Fw ' .J .3 f, , ix L 5 v W, .' 1 C . , N! . - K 95. ki. N A . 2' ff .,,M. f,m, , 0 ,I , . , A ,I Ygiw I . uf.. g -M1 if. .' , 5-' .Sf-4. t , . - ' H' . . , 2-31.6 : J, Q 4, 71 I "t -iiA,f'- . . 'uw 'H' ' , V, , ,yy-, , .gfgmzmaa - H " How lnl. Calzurt, G Krggrns, O Meyers, treasg P Mecham, soc., I Walker, trvas. and sql -at-arms, C Burke Row Z-D. Hogan, P. Corcorun, C. Adams, D. Buckman, K. Springer, I, Stone, D. Donner. Row f3fC Lentz, VICQYDTGSQ B Van Patton, C Brooks, Miss Alm, 5dVlSOlk, S l-lollrnger, C. Hagerman, D Fader. Not present-E. Bonehrake, V Bustard, C. Clark, D Cox, D Dalke, N French, E. Gardner, I Dodetel, C. Hull, B Mrller, vlce-presxdent, I. Mrller, B, Parsons, M, Rlggs, G. Van Rrper, E. Walker, sec, E Whrte, D. Wrlson, F, Yvomch Top-L. Mrtchell lall president. Bottom-R Shelton, sprxng president. AD LIBITUM 2541 AREMAC How l-I Pleiller, B Newvrlle, C. Young, S Duggen, T. Searcle, treasurer, D. Morgan, vice-prestclentg M Chlssler. Row 2-Mrss Farrens, advrsorg I Iackson, B Trbbets, I, Yatee, R. Romans, D Pxerce, D. Roth, Not present-D, Cockran, S. Cook, M. Greer, B Halxskr, T. Haskins, treasurerg D Horsey, I. Ioha, D MCMGIHS, R. Momsh I, Ostrom, l. Schmrck, E. Scott, vrce-president, E Shale-r, secretary, D Wedgeworth, A, Tracy, I. Zrska TopfC Cov, lall president. Bottom-I. Aqee, sprung presrdent. Row 1-N. Borden, L. Hollingsworth, M. Nichol, I. Walker, F. Logsdon, Bow 2-M. Herring, I. Traversa, treasurer, C. Gilbert, secretary, N. Fitzgerald, vice-president. Not present-Mrs. Ebener, advisor. Top--D. Baucom, fall president. Bottom-B. Parsons, spring president. CALLIGRAPHIC FANCIANNES Row 1-G. Carney, S. Benson, I. Staatz, D. Miller, R. LeBrun. Row 2-B. Andrews, E. Weatherford, M. Farley, C. Iohnson, L. Hook, I. Atkeson, Mrs. Coleman, advisor. Row 3-B. Benway, H. Hester, secretary, F. Mayhew, V. Smith, S. Langille, F. Iohnson. Not present-N. Angerson, C. Brewer, V. Burgess, E. Crawford, B. Cross, sergeant-at-arms, A. Cushman, S. Davis, S. Crey treasurer, M. Goetz, M. Holcey, D. Lasey, B. Mawhinney, I. Merrick, M. Rhodes, vicefpresideni, E. Richter, M, Rob ertson, C. Vockrodt, H. Vogel, L. Wack, D. Shulps. Top-M. Goetz, president. Bottom-H. Hester, vice-president. How l --'- MILSS Chrlstlanson, ddVlSOI', B. Molby, treasurer, M. Hughes, M, Dlxon. How 2--M. Hamel, R, Roseberry, secretary, L. Coder, treasurer, M. Wertz, secrefaly. Not present-l.. Lee, D Neff, I Handle, W. Rogers, D. Shlll, D Weeks, A. M Woods. Top-D. Wade, presldent. Bo1tomfD Byram, vice-presxdent HORIZON I UN ICR ROADSIDE COUNCIL Row l--S. Plerson, I. Morrow, B Cox, A. Barbur, M, Reilly, Mxss Lee, advlsor. Row 2-A. Brown, D Weller, P. Moatz, S. Mevers, H. Alburas, V. Strome, B. Bryan. Row 3-R. Stroud, M, Cox, B Earnest, I. Worthley, A. Hooks, D. Fabrlz, I. ROISEH, M. Cook Row 4-S, Cox, P Gmlbert, B, Thieman, S. Long, I. Nordstrom, M. Maruhn, I. Danielson. Not present-I. Barrett, M. Bastasch, C. Belllzlo, N. Broome, V. Broom, B, Hall, I. Hall, I Helm, I. Hxll, P, Iarvls, N. Hum gay, W Schaefer, M Scott, I. Scott, P, Shea, B, Staatz, B. Stovall, L, Tompkms, G. Trapold, G. Maybee, N Mueller Top--E. Moore, fall president. Uoffom-B Vmcxquerra, SDYIHQ preslclent. Row 1-Miss Miller, advisor, A. Wright, M. Patterson, I. Fiske, treasurer, D Grande, I. Catanese, sergeant-at-arms, I Toedtemeier. Row 2-F. Courtwright, L. Grider, I. Moitice, D. Matthews, C. Scott, sec., B. Wilson, E. Zavoral, E. Kammerer, I. McLain Row 3-I. Newcombe, B. Faircloth, P. Bingham, D. Cottrell, W. Graham, I. Elliott, vice-pres., E. Kammerer, N, Schlip. Row 4-I. Meyer, sergeant-at-arms, C. Rogers, N. Glass, M. Posedel, W, Bolen, sergeant-at-arms, D. Vance, B. Cone, D Ganoe, L. Blair. Row 5-N. Schlegelmilch, A. Stevens, L. Bottler, B. Cross, sergeant-atsarrnsg A. Chambers, M. Stewart, A. Boll, B. Mosley vice-president, I, Haliski. Not present-P. Carney, P. Cook, G. Cornelison, E. Delaney, L Dittner, N. Doss, D. Eichler, L. Estes, P. Fisher, T. Harris L. Harvey, D. Iones, M. Lanolt, B. Lee, L. McCullough, E. McLain, I. McLain, L. Moore, P. Palmer, L. Roberts, P Southworth, G. Styles, D. Weidmark, M. Wertz, N. Williams. Top-D. Games, lall president. Bottom-V. Lolley, spring president. KOSMOS 'sk ,pl 2 f- if X.. , an A DANSE Row l-I. Gustafson, treasurer, G. O'Rourke, N. Crist, M Haskins, treasurerg M. Panuke, viceepresidentg M. Holliday, ser geant-at-arms and secretaryg E. Knox. Row 2-B. Trump, D. Bulkly, D. Drugg, L. Mitchell, C, Graves, sergeant-at-arms, V. Miller, A. Grewell, I. Wellington Miss Senn, advisor. Row 3fA. Mitchell, Y. Mosher, A. Hollingsworth, C. Carey, G. Ellison, N. Van Daam, D. Musch. Row 4-F. Iarrett, M. Kaiser, B. Maynard, E. Hannon, secretary, M. Rambo, E. M. Kiggms. Not present-V. Bustard, A. Colgan, A. Clark, A. Connell, S. De Linn, D. Donner, A, Haynes, H. Keller, A. Kline, C Kraerner, P. Lee, C. Lewis, D, MCCorvey, vice-president, M. Messler, M. Mller, I. Scott, H. Tncker, L. Valldieck D. Winters, D. Yentner. Top-I. Pawson, lall president. Bottom-D. Gerde, spring president. How l M ltvlrrtltiu, M lflfrrk, lf Wfxtktrrh, 5, Marslmll, ll llollririf-in, vice pri-:sidurxlg M155 Slruck, advisor llow Z ll llmrmorr, M lltinlrrrrglor, Ii. Karr, treasurer, M, Cooper, I. Mitchell, song loader, I. Mosscy, lristoriarx Not yrv:at:'rt 'M llmgpl, L lions, H, Dutton, ll. Ferlarld, l. Fontanoits, D. llascorrr, ll. Marssliall. MAISONS Top"'A Maston. Bottom' 'M Hadox rtcli. X3 gum M2 PATTERNETTES y l Row IWC. Wann, B. St. Germaine, L. Lee, secretary, D. Hanscomb, vice-president, IX. Penny, secretary, D. Stevenson Miss Rogers, advisor, How 2fB. Ferguson, P. Stickel, W. Hillard, F. Ralney, R. Cunningham, M. Smith, E. Bagley. Row 3-K, Iohns, M. Bentson, I. Carneau, treasurer, L. Thrarlkill, vice-president, D. Miller, D. Fry, W. Kane, S. Pohnson sergeant-at-arms. Not presentff' Clark, M. Dobak, T. Emerald A. Lincoln, I. Rivellr. Top-H, lobe, tall president. Bottom-S, Kenny, Spflnq president. Row 1-Mr. Macoubrxe, dd'l1SOI, lj Englrsh, H. Cunn1ngltam,V Mlller, I Walker, A Penny, D, Thoreson. Row 2-R. Shelton, M. Shultz, secretary, P. Senter, N. Hanson, E Klggxns, l... Smesrucl. Row 3-B. Andrews, L. Coder, D. Wade, treasurer, B. Kiggms, jnnior aav1sor, B. Rickman. Not preseni-S Benson, H. Goble, S l-lerbst, D. Hagen, M, Kelser, R. McClananam, A. Pelers, M. Regan, M. Hobcxison, V Srruih. Top-H, Goble, fall presxdeni. Bottom-M, Shullz, spring pres1clent. SCRIVENERS SUB DEB A Row lil Boys, G. Quayle, E Engllsh, treasurer, L, Rodacker, vice-presldentp P. Mlller, secretary, N. Stavran, secrelary. Row 2-Miss lohnson, advisor, B McGregor, D MacLeod, P. Senter, M. Bodmer, M. Shenowelh. Row 3-H. Overbeck, M. Pomeroy, C. Weber, V. Smiih, G. Fancher, L. Kenney, I, Helfrich. Noi present-P, Faust, R. Geesebuhler, M. Haapanieni, D. Harrell, M. Ianssen, G. Kreis, H, Kuhl, D. Langley, P, Plllman D. Smith. P, Wilson, vice-president B, We-nlun, V. Yeary. Top-B. Van Patten, fall presiclenl, Bottom-B. Levengood, spring pre-sideni, How lfI. Young, I Cushman, H. Goble, secrelaryg I. Monlqomery, L. Vlnkor, L Bones. How 2'--Mrs Meves, advisor, M Carson, A, Tuley, H. Blanchard, l. Roberts, I. Meyers, ll Ferres, G Perry, N llfrnelir-l. How 3-D. Kalsules, I. lluling, V. Gilcrist, N. Huntley, treasurer, B. Kaiser, H Blackwell, M Landis. Noi presenl-D Gospodinovis, sergeant-ai-arms, I. Griffin, E. Adams, P. Collman, N Dancy, ll lfyler, N Fisher, C M Cackey, vice-president, N lilorden, I. Sanserl, I Smith, B Wheeler. TopfB. Hickman, fall prseideni Bol1om4S Herbst, spring presidenl. THESPIANETTES Freshmen my A WW' THESPIANETTES Sophomores Row lfMrs. Irvine, advisor, I. Ward, l. Hedges, N. FranClc,C. Filson, P. Ward, L. Currier. Row 2-P. Cassady, G. Lang, D. Dooley, C. Niles, D. Templeton, R. Boaiwrighi, M. O'Hourlce. Flow 3-D, Willson, L. Fancher, B. Wellington, V. Iohnson, I. Ccholz, C. Canfield. Not preseniil? Adams, P. Anchor, I Emra, L Fields, N lqrongli, C Sxnszri, G Scliloftsr-i, L 'l'c-fry Top-P. Voss, fall president. llottomfflf Hartshorn, sprmo preside-nt How lfMrs. Klrkpatrick, advisor, V Fellon, vice-presxdentg P. Greenblatt, I. Weber, P. Grey, Row 2fN. Landen, secretary, ll Clllldt'GTS, sergeant-at-arms, M, Iacobs, treasurer, I Yfaunqbluth, L. Walton, B. Pomeroy, treasurer. Not present-C. Helde, C. Keenie, M Rustebakke, Vice-president Top-B Erhardt, tall president. Bottom-M Rohllts, sprtng preslclent. TI-IESPIANS Row Row llow ltow TUNE TIMERS l-Mis. Nottage, advlsorg I. Spain, l. Zinc, B. Strand, G. Weaver, F. Weaver, A. Peters, Pl. Hemster, D, Thoreson, 2fl3. Shields, B. Werner, E, Smith, M. Wheeler, B. Ziegle, I Rxchardson, C Wolf, B. Hoseberry, V. Wallachy, E Sprague. 3fA. Williams, I. Nlchols, ff Rtchards, L Thtcrssen, S Fortina, M. Matthews, A View, I5 Ostrander, C. Wagner EI Hoblnf' tte. fl-fl? Chatnpayne, S. Rteqlf'-r, R Tohmns, D. Needlmm, M Marius, lf. Wtxflswrwrtlm, lt Wr-tr, R Ttllotson, I Howden F. Howl:-y, G. Spf-ms Top!-B. Iames, prestdent. Bottom-f-C Gvntlna, sprinrx f:t1c'r'etary, How Row Bow How Row l-I, Beste, A. Mitchell, L Gahn, H. Bates, D. Kemp, D. Faircloth, B. Fazzolari, M. Hickey, Mrs. Hall, advisor. 2-I. Iensen, L. Chassels, V. Iones, D Llanes, B. Flake, M. French, M. Dahn, B. Delner, D. Doss, L. Fosbury. 3-3, Fielmer, Fl. Cleek, H. Yeager, I, Moore, C. Gurtina, A. Deets, I. Hagan, P. Lewis, B. Dvorak, N. Baldasseroni eyers. 4-A. Balmer, G. Henderson, B, Howe, C. Knapp, I. Lambert, I. Byland, K. Burke, N. Lievsay, P. Balcomb, I. Ianes B. McParland, E. Gunsaules. 5-I Gould, M Heath, D. Ewart, F. Brambora, A. Haynes, B. Mecham, A. French, N. Hoover, D Dutton, V. Hunt L. Mitchell. Top-B. Bates, tall secretary. Bottom-ll. M Lane, vice-1 resident. X - Lx ROW TUNE TIMERS ww' Y-TEEN PREPPERS 1-I. Mears, B. Yoder, I. Anderson, N. Hanson, secretary, L. Davis, I Welch, P. Vanderherg. How ZAB Carner, I. Huck, D, Hagen, L, Gerke, I. Claus, I. Saxton, M. Bohrer, I. Gibson, L. Smesrud, N Norton. Row 3-Mrs. Anderson, advisor, I. Aspmwall, M. Haskell, C. Hayes, L. Cornelison, N. Bnsley, vice-president, B. Homess C. Nelson, M. Wicks, S. Carlson. Not present-B Albert, C. Bagley, S. Boyd, V. Bray, D. Cofer, B. Crites, L. Dillard, F. Dishough, I. Earnest, B. Hagen, I Miller, A, Nagye, M Porter, B. Rich, W. Rouion, B. Schulz, L. Simms, D. Speer, F. Sweeney, sergeant-atsarms Top-A Gilstad, president. Bottomf-N Hanson, secretary. How l-I. Showalter, L. Welch, A. Wright, B. Moore, D. Arnold, R. Goble, A, Leo. Row 2-C. Richards, I. Guthrie, V. Cruzan, H. McDonald, M. Shulz, M. Rustabakke, P. Westbury, B. Sannes, I. Iohnson, L McMillan. Row 3-G. Hood, D. Iones, M. Becker, I. Meyer, D. Games, P. Stewart, R, Lynch, P. Ford, M. Bennington, B. Sleeman, Mrs Matthews, advisor. Row 4-M. Bergren, I. Perry, M. Patterson, I. McPherson, P. Cobb, C. Coy, B. Kiggins, M. Herring, G. Petrick, R. Ricardi Not present-P. Bredbreg, M. Griffin, L. Gundlack, P. Iones, D. Latham, V. Mituniewicz, A. Smith. Top-D. Latham, president. Bottom-I. Showalter, vice-president. .Y-TEEN TRI-Y Off D-my Glum hum ae.. Unifcd CUO 'Fla ka farm OKKQCH Gi Rafts Nme Tan s king? Tbuchang "" ' 'I Q Ocean Vfew Hnlygraph 381.3 Nfce Graff 'S' . X N J' 1 ' if .:::. X 9 gl i f S K rl2?1"'w 61 .SZIIZSAIHY OHV 0.5263 S,fgff5ff Sfyeecfx less COOKING CLOTHING ART RETAILING NURSERY OFFICE How l-ell Remsk-r, L Smesrud, B Carner, D, Nett, L Cwlarn, W. Hoge-rs, M, lyalun, lf. Spragur' How 2-M Panuksl, M Fri-nclr, B. Newvrlle, D, Templeton, N lloover, B Roseloerry, P Ptfrrem, I Young, l. Mvars Row 3-I Calvert, D Iones, G Larnpham, B Woll, V. Gllchrxst, R. Meclram, G. Spears, C Youno, M Basel How 4fD Cottroll, C Brooks, D Needham, D Ganoe, B. Molby, B. Thomas, D. Dutton, C. Knapp, B Stovall, S. lloll qer, Mrss Alm, director CHORUS ORCHESTRA How lfl, Cushman, I Best, M Robertson, L Kenny, S Meyers, E Walks-r, B lllgqtns, L Mltclttrll How 2-I Ztnlc, l. Mitchell, M. Dlxon, L. Lee, H Hagen, V Le Brun, R. Vrctoria. FOUNTAIN Q A RALLY SQUAD . wig f gg- 7 .. Sue-B, ...--1,3 M ' ' 11 , 'digg ,, g - V -.-.....2.- ,, ,,Y,,-,,-,,, Mi- - 11,1 Win, Q W- -if-'f"' ' A--v-,N-, . .ef-L, .- i - ....-x- ,Qin , 'f -7 1j,Ti?,,1-if"'-"ji V: Af'-3E71,:aiF:'f1fiTi-gli--M-.,4 LQ QQ rf f 4 T'-+1f' ' :?? A-if Qf , f. TI 'TXENTS 'ii anim! Qi1iifZri12rk'i1ia7SiifWAsE EiUH?.i8 M1E.'lYkY,HEi5E.eT4FL'fh3lEiQ.2E.n..W"' MAY CUURT As charming as the Goddess ot Flowers was our Queen oi the May, Dolores Games, Who, with her royal court, Dolores Iones, Ioanne Perry, Betty Sannes, and Patricia Westbury, ruled gra- ciously over the lestivities ol the Spring Show. Queen Roselee Gurtina, Princesses Helen Gobel, Carol McCaskey, Ioanne Ostrom, Barbara Rickman, Dianne Fosbury Iuanita Hollingsworth, Bonnie Hoiness, and Phyllis Maine. FRESHIE FROLIC umm Eight lovely princesses and their young Goddess Roselee charmingly ruled over the annual Freshie Frolic. The senior "big sisters" provided merriment and refreshments for the royal court and their subjects on this day of days when freshmen are allowed to reign supreme. ' "Cash and Carrie", a three-acl Comedy presented on November 19, 1948, by the senior class, mclucled the lollowtng cltarac ters. Carrie Ferguson, IOANNE PERRY, Ienny, HELEN VOGEL, Anne, PAT WESTBURY, Marllyn, IEANNE SHOVVALTER, Dorthula, PATT COBB, Indy, DELORES MURPHY, factory workers, MARY RUSTEBAKKE, ANNEBELLE CUSHMAN, IEP? GOODWILL, EVERETT, DALE, Alberta, EVELYN CASClA'l'O, Uncle Omar, KENNY HAMLlN, Bradly Klrkwood, RILL SQUIRE, Trlqfl, IOHNNY PRUETT SENIOR CLASS PLAYS On April 1, l949 a mystery in three acts, "The Ghost ot Rhodes Manor", was presented with the following characters Helen Underwood, VIOLET MlLLER, Mary Fitzgerald, DOLORES GAMES, lenny, lACKlE MEYER, Tlllle Van Wlnkle, IANET AGEE, Mrs Rhodes, IOYCE YOUNGBLUTH, Btddy Gaggardy, BARBARA KIGGINS, Alda Iverson, LOUlSE WELCH, Deb- orah Cass, DELORES ROTH, Marcla Stone, CAROL CCY, and 'l'l,e Ghost, MONA LEE BERGREN Triple Tric. Twirp Hop Pioneers. Clowns. Good Citizen Iunior Tea. A Bit ol lreland. Santa Claus. The Corn Stalk Fiddle Three Little Maids. Christmas Assembly. Buttons and Bows. Tri-Y Assembly. Georgia and Iohrmy. 'LAP' Wear a HAT to add to your charms . . New Materials for Formals New Creations for Spring For Materials and Supplies See R. HB. HOWELL 403 ROYAL BUILDING Phone BEacon 3446 ROLLER SKATING IS FUN AT THE IMPERIAL SPECIAL PARTY RATES IMPERIAL ROLLER RINK 419 S. E. Madison EA.5-145 Congratulations to the '49 Seniors from HICKS-CHATTEN ENGRAVING CO. .qbfzinting .gylates 115 S. W. FOURTH AVENUE PORTLAND 4, OREGON .qgesf Cmskes jgzom . .. T H E LUGA - MARKHA TUDIU SMALL PORTRAITURE AND DISTINCTIVE BRIDAL PHOTOGRAPHY 917 S. W. Alder St. ATWater 7432-33 MULTNOMAH CLEANERS extend their BEST WISI-IES to The SENIOR CLASS of 1949 TRinity 1149 2600 N.E. S andy MARY GARNER DONUTS "YOU'VE TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE BEST" 2250 N. S. SANDY COMPLIMENTS of PORTLAND'S OWN STORE ..: FIFTH, SIXTH, MORRISON AND ALDER BR. 4411 PORTI.AND'S OWN STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF I949 I. K. GI1.L CO. S. W. FIFTH AVENUE AT STARK EAst 4239 THODOS' FOOD CENTER "For Higher Quality and Better Service" MEATS - GROCERIES - DELICATESSEN BAKERY - MIXERS George H. Thodos Theodore H. Thodos 2408 N.E. Sandy B CONGRATULATIONS to the I949 SENIORS from the Girls' Polytechnic Alumnae Association Remember the annual meetings the first Monday night in April. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GIRLS' POLYTECHNIC '49 SENIORS NEW FOSTER MARKET 5711 S. E. FOSTER ROAD P.F.SEYMOUR Printed by... KILHAM 134 N. W. EIGHTH AVENUE PORTLAND 9, OREGON "EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE" IWAW ww Mm g f' "" A4 T'T2f 5 ' I wwf Lum' ! .2537 1521 11.21112 ' 25' 'Zz " W ie -1- ' . .:iEii??Eff.'...::-- A- .1- ::515E55g::,?'.3.ff' O. E. PARKHURST A. W. PARKHURST PARKHURST'S BEacon8494 PLEATING and HEMS'I'ITCHING SHOP MACHINE EMBLEMS AND MONOGRAMS HOTEL AND COVERALL MARKING BUTTONS AND BUCKLES COVERED BUTTON HOLES AND EYELETS - EMBROIDERING AND BRAIDING 215 MORGAN BUILDING 720 S.W. WASHINGTON ST. PORTLAND. OREGON THE PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION OF GIRLS' POLYTECHNIC EXTENDS ITS BEST WISHES TO THE GRADULTING SENIORS OF 1949 MILLEPIS HOLLYWOOD 'A' 42nd and Hancock TRinity 1511 SRI... COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS CAPS AND GOWNS CLASS IEWELRY DIPLOMAS WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS 1,5251 C' ghe Lfnasfez cfngaaveas 115 S. W. FOURTH AVENUE - PORTLAND, ORE, WESTERN PHOTO MOUNT CO. PHOTOGRAPHIC MOUNTS Manufactured to Order from A Complete Line ol Quality and Distinctive Paper ASK FOR . . . 1501 N. E. Thirty-third Portland, Oregon '44 I C I GE H? I A M IOHNNY'S AUTO SERVICE nga!! MLW Quaid!! 8 n 4702 N. Lombard Portland 3. Oregon Proprietor Phone l. A. ERHARDT TW. 4533 lylle for CHU lr' " rush 'ISS' ,A I S K, W :.W.1h...W ',:,.:i ..- J-Mmbztli,-.1i.' lH:AMx2A,.ilE' ii4.'iJi1111,i'211Hid.,1.'?n,. ',.,,kL, 1l,,.muyL:3iakh::AKo.SvlUx.1hu.' ""'Um'i1.,.s2:LS1.w.n,Irw.1:x..La,'Engl' mi:2w.4:m.d:':Lx4k:zfEdf2Tii'iM unmuui'" f 'F JA Wiefledlikflsi ' nz E Q 5 S FI ni E :1 5 F' Z 5 51 5 E B fi '-1 E 4 4. 4: if u Q- vs Q S F ?..........m.A.........,,-..-- , , ..... .,,. -......W-.-.............,- ..... .L..,..,.....-..-.- .,,. - ..., .n..,.-.-f,,-.mW .... .,..-...H,-...-,.--...... ,M....i

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