Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR)

 - Class of 1947

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Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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? I, .,x-.g. ,uri , , I ' 1 - .F -S1 , 1: ' -' ,af -.1 QA ,.- fw-rf 4 'J' 41. I A 'S 48,4 1, Aw -I V F exfx 41 .Aga ' '.,'YfJ,E3 A . Y A, '35 If C' . 3: s " va w 1 .ff ,LA -155346 E: 9'-J? iii' ,. vff-14Q.:4.a 5 .Q -A. - fw 1: f--SH' .,,, , M-' Q Q ' 1,55 .-1 gg- .aw ff A, f 1-.LHB "li 5'2ifz'5?ig?, 3 U 1- 1,1- .V JOIN'-. 1 x. W-cpm ,QSM-1q'1x1ffm.1f'n,. ,Q gr , ., M, ., v,,,v ,,- . gif My f5'?JL541'Q"::Nr 'f?4A,"' 'T 153-3, P b-3:5391-, 1: f W 4 'iff 4 rf..-mn f g.1f'-'fm -'- ffm Us L1 Y Aw ,,. J. 1, ,,yA,.., My Ful- S Q wat-X'-'ll-1',! Q -1 f.v""'1'-"T 'V 2 A ESM an-u., 23332 1qv.':J1fki',''2bE , , "EW, "1f'F..fTgi4:4' ay-ffl' t+'E,5Qb5'f"- x J 'r - ..,,:,'1f 1,--'-'hi' Q. f 1 f 311 Q' l ,145 mn Y 1 . -. V :JKali?.5CM'-553-,vi9'A'2Qg'fi'I9gf'3',07f-. 4?'9yg.' ,Mgr nf '- ' 5,--?':,,ff?f.:f' !i'j1,'.ff1znff:5w 11'-QHM Q1 L". 1 . ,fr fri'-H'1'.u ,Maw Q wg...-xxx 1q,lvQ.:'v':- 'r lr! .V ,312-A," . J- u , fig' LJ? '-i'f'f",Q '1--'-1-rg: -, .fffkagrt "W f"1'.:..,4-.P-k :":'1Frf--'Q S7 " .- A, H- Mm- w - ' ' - H 11 -. li xv. Q. ,-A, .,, , ,. Q -QQ - gjag . Y' A-Fa . X-,-. rf , .V ,1 ' . -'ygz-gg! Aiwvisifff-fslf' QW? f Ji: QQ, yr, .,,, A ,M x . ,Q gmk 3ig'1'-4' . 3 - R-,v?,,,.-T-. ,.- ry-gf -nab. n. 1 :tn-'ffif. ' " 121515 f TR? I X' ' . W -l,' nl: gf f Qi.. 'il 11. 5:43,':6ff . ,,..gv.5-,, gig, . -' '+f.." f , '-:E.11af:,.,-.'-5.,-Q ' -, 'F 'iriiyliiiff ' auf. favs: 1- 5 gwggwi Ng.. .wg 5 . --.:x,..y,m,g5, . I 1 ' s z'Qf:S'?f1?1 A A 1 f5g?9f3Li" ' Lrdvgtg' .. , are fs-fi K 4 I 'liqsii -417.3-'CEP' . 4-,sgfillxvi Aff ggjgw, . ...S -'J - -'55-bay - x, V..,.. ., ,ig - - f ,Y 'Z - ..f QQ' ' ' 'ff A 5-.ff-A -,1- '-Aw:2f1 " ,' 1695!-" 3 'W if :n,p4Ag.g1h.a x SI: 1 . , . 1 JL ?gfLiUfW'. 71 755' M gf fp jmiu, 5,255-f9,' 3 'vm .wewqp Q15 ! M1 626 ami, E WW c W WX! -xx W X ,mygakm X X G ,ff f ffff M A if 01 W ,, W' IQ 7 X .4 ff 7 f f 3 r D -4 , I X I alll Zhe Wmldb 04 Sfage . . . 1947 Senior Cladd girfg fofyleclnnic .High School 4 J I a - .31 x I O -Q lleclzca hon H This issue of the Polytechnic Maid is dedicated to ltilrs. Doris Smith, 'Eur 1 beloved drama teacher. For many years she has given ot herself to make our dramatics a succsstul part of school life at Girls Polytechnic. All the world is truly a stage and she has helped to make us better players. , + X: iii 4 ,, 4. V n,.. y '15, ,, "Rf . , ' 1 4, . V -M' " z, .bf-1" , 1 - . 41' - :ur , 141.2 " " - .. 5, ,. g,,.g.,, , i. 31121: I J .1-biJt'liCf Sclwof lgoauf anal alcfminidlfzaliue Sta!! Albert R. Bullier S. Eugene Allen Mrs. Gladys P. George Ward H. Cook William A. Haseltine Guy E. laques Milo K. Mclver .i"" a E Dr. Willard P. Spalding I. W. Edwards C. E. Perry Watt A. Long Superintendent alutogfzaplzd P i 2 4 W b Bhndxna , viz.: , .fx F1 QL? " iii.. 1 'ff ,f Q-2, J, , - f . W' 1:-Q , , ,,.., ,WM w, ...1 .,,,. .J-v, 55 . . 75? XJ qi, x .QT 1 5- -,W Perhaps at no time in the history of the World has this saying been more true In the drama of life We 1 have heretofore been apt to limit the characters to the localities in which We live or to the state or region surrounding us or at the most, to the area of our own country Now we find ourselves in a situa- tion Where the peoples of the whole World become Will this drama become a tragedy? Surely not if We develop tolerance for and sympathetic under- standing of other races and religions. Surely not if We are considerate of others and their rights, and if We each take care of our responsibilities and obliga- tions I Wish for each of you that role in the drama Hilma I. Peterson zlte ?fUo'1lcl,.4 04 Stage Principal. This, a typical school year, may be compared to the theater-the bell rings-the curtain opens. Each room is a stage with its many propertiesg each student has a leading role to play whether stage- hand or actress. Each day brings a complete new showg there is never a repeat performance. Prom opening to closing all work together to reach a suc- cessful finale. As Assistant Director of the l946-l947 production l am proud to have shared such rich experiences in our varied program. You are all grand froupers with high standards of showrnanship! l'm glad to have been a part of the show. Ruth E. Dowe Vice-Principal. Top, from lett to right-Miss Bertha Alm, Grchestra, Chorus, Thospianettesg Mrs. Linea Not- tage, Clothing, Homemaking, Knitting and Sewing Club, Miss Kathleen Melville, English, Oral English, Music Club, Miss Eleanor Hansen, English, Iournalism, Polygraph, Tri-Y Club, Miss Lucy Rogers, Clothing, Biology, Horriemaking, Counseling, Clicks and Wheels Club. Bottom, lelt to right-Mrs. Mary Stater, History, English, Typing, Iunior Roadside Council, Miss Hazel Seeley, Social Living, English, Horizon, Miss Edna Hollenbeck, English, La Golen- drina Club, Mrs. Martha Ebener, Costume Designing, Art Drawing, Commercial Art, Clicks and Wheels Club, Mrs, Suzan Huth, Substitute in Mathematics and History. NPn"""+--.. aw-+....,,,x Top, leit to righte-Miss Georgia English, History, Polyettes, Senior Class Advisor, Miss Agnes Loizirnasson, Millinery, Sales Room, Mrs. Phyllis Bradley, Physical Education, Girls Athletic Association and Athletic Club, Miss Elma Shuck, l-lornernaking, Child Care, Counseling, Future Homemakers of America Club, Mrs. Coleman, lndustrial Art, Metal Art, Art Cratt, l-lornernaking 5, Fanciannes. Bottom, lelt to right-Miss Ruth Lee, Biology, Counseling, Allied Youth, Miss Katherine Kooken, Foods, l-lomemaking, Clothing, Red Cross Relief Sewing Club, Miss Hedwig Bleeg, Large Quantity Cookery, Foods, Cafeteria, Mrs, Doris Smith, Oral English, Dramatics, Senior Class Play Director, Mrs. Frances Studdard, Homernaking, Sub-Deb Club. wty as 5 Q1 si W ' -.fx , 2 i L TES, .,,. V . , ulblu z H LX Q law.. . M r Wmww, ew my C Cl by Miss Lois Reedy, Eng Top, left to right-Mrs. Effie Forman, Home Nursing, Red ross u ' ' ' ' ' P l aid, Thespians, Senior Class Play Co-Directorg Miss lish, Social Living, Dramatics, oym Helene Senn, Typing, Y-Teen Preppersg Miss Helen Bottom, left to right-Mrs. Gertrude Henika, On Leav makingg Mrs. Edna Wrentmore, Retailing. Farrens, Library, Camera Club. ey Mrs. Evelyn Smith, Commercial Dress- 1 1 I I Q j q Q, + C' r ll Y Y uf N I l ., W f?k,f?d?,f F51 mfffffa f fs-a .Mfr ' .a 'f' -a 1,161 ,. A . V S . .- ..x- , , wg-..,, T . Q., T - f. . . - -1:4-,I' f f 1 -- 14, fi., Q . , Q V T. ., J 1 r' , 1 1 X L 1 ' 4 "Wu x ', .H ' fx v.j,a' 4 . Xb? xi, , ? ,f,.- Q ,X-XA., 43 ,g x" f ,. '1 . f T.' 'Kp W li ' jr -A, LY. W M 7 X K .. , - 1 ' ff ,f ,M ,,f . 1, - 5 ' .L ,Mr 434. , 4, , -1 f- -' . -,,,:. -, v , ,, , , .if - ,. 1 .,',,, ., , , V. A 2 V - . f 1 ,1,.f.,.ff wx . 4 Tar-4 e-.iBz:f'Q--f , Y I , V li" ' 3:27 21 'M ,., .HA A ,.,,,f,., aw wr gs 5,7 2 V A. 1 1 .il-, ' . Q V l 9' "Eg, 5 52: 3?Qfj2L-,Q 'Az ' gf ' M 5 --5'-"'.n4' 1:31. 1 ' 1- H' ,ff f f' W' ,551-5, ffgw. i 1- gan, + ' A 3 A 1 STUDENT COUNCIL Fall Term-Lett to right, row l-Carol Richards, Marles Adams, Eleanor Smith, Vice-President, Dorothy Kroeneke, Student Body President, Georgia Fisher, Secretary, Ftita Watson, Treasurer, Georgia Crawford, Dianne Thomas. Bow 2-lean Di Be, Violet Miller, Maida Shultz, Virginia Sowards, Evelyn Borland, Margaret Peterson, Donna Lee Sloan, Sandra Baltes, Norma Williams, Beverly Williamson, Spring, Term-Lett to right, row l-loyce Emra, Virginia Mituneiwicz, Sergeant-at-Arms, Evelyn Casciato, Student Body President, Rita Watson, Viceepresidentg Clara Young, Secretary Bow 2-Norma Williams, Shirley Gardner, Marles Adams, lane-tte Ringstad, Freida Duvall, Evelyn Dryer Row 3-Ioan lillson, laclcie Meyer, Betty Ashenberger, Adriel Masten, Albina Castriqnano Barbara Lindstrom fig ' 62 E33 QF.. 4' m tg, r, , xv , - 1' . S '95 we RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES AND ALTERNATES Our Iunior Red Cross is composed of a representative of each reg room. During the year they sponsored all Red Cross activities at Girls Polytechnic. Row 2, left to right-Delores Roth, Beatrice Faircloth, Elizabeth McLain, Marcella Cerveny, Whitley Crawford, Barbara Ferguson, Florence Clark, Ioan Iillson, Betty Ashenburger, Norma Hines, Iosephine Beehler, Myrtle Chesser. Row 1, left to right-Myrna Caldwell, Darlene Huffman, Mrs. Forman, Sally Miller, Ethel Moore, Helene McDonald, Miriam Meger, Angela Wager. iam S if ' i FIRE SQUAD The tire squad was organized by Captain Miles Wentworth ot the Portland Fire Department this year. The purpose ol this squad was to see that everyone left the building and assisted in making our fire drills more orderly. Row 3-Ieanne Atkeson, Betty Leo, Pat Williams, Barbara McKinley, Mary Iacobs, lean Lang, Evelyn Berg uist, Delores Eichler, Row Z-Betty Lamsden, Vena Emil, Pat Myers, Carol Coy, Priscilla Adams, Lorraine Dyck, Mabel Zimmerlc, Miss Ruth Dowe, Advisor. Left to right, row 1-Margaret Hahn, Faith Wild, Secretary, Donnalee Keller, Captain, Helen Hodqers, Fire Chielg Evelyn Casciato, Assistant Chief, Georgene Ormston, Captaing Nelda Beeler POLYETTES The Polyettes is the usherette club. Members must be juniors and seniors. The duties of the club were seating the students and maintaining order in all school assemblies. They also ushered at all nightly affairs. The spring group of usherettes ushered at the High School Music Festival and the play, As You Like lt. Top, row 1, left to right-Marion McCuen, Pat Myers, Secretary, Phyllis Prouse, President, Rita Watson, Vice- Presidentp lean Lang, Treasurer, Evelyn Casciato, Miss English, Advisor. Flow 2, left to right-Faith Wild, Betty Ferris, Iauice Miller, Donna Mitchell, Priscilla Adams, Colleen Mohr, Donalou Blair, Grace Dillery, Albina Castrignano. Row 3, left to rightACharlotte Roth, Elaine Whisman, Betty Mae Zimmerman, Lorraine Dyck, Catherine Hoen, Marles Adams, loeann Stone, Row 1, left to right-Katherine Hanke, Angeleen Dohn, Charlotte Roth, Faith Wild, Rita Watson, President, Ioeann Stone, Vice-President, Marion McCuen, Treasurer, Beverly Williamson. Absent-Betty Mae Zimmer- man, Secretary. Bow 2, left to right-Lorine Bishop, Maries Adams, Lorraine Dyck, Donna Lou Blair, Betty Ferris, Maxine Atkeson, Del Kernan, Iean Lang, Nancy Vittoria. Bottom, row 3, left to right-Rose Weigel, Delores Lee, lvfaryle Nottage, Patsy Fisher, Pat Myers, Ianice Miller, Clara Young, Miss Georgia English, Albina Castrignano. POLYGRAPH The Polygraph appears weekly as a mimeographed publication, with a special printed issue once a month. Members ot the advanced journalism class make up the statt, with cub reporters from beginning journalism furnishing stories also from their news beats. The paper has twice won second place in the state- wide competition ot the Oregon High School Press association. The editor and associate editor attended the annual conference at the University ot Cregon in December, The editors tor the tall term were Pat Blackwell and Georgene Ormston, and tor the spring term were Donnalee Keller and Delores Lee. How 3, le-tt to right-fPat Erskine, Marilyn Iohnson, Betty Lee Guttry, Marion Stahl, Iune Stewart, Anita Swanson, Betty Burton, Diane Thomas, Anne Marie Collins. How 2, lett to rightfl-lelen Rodgers, Phyllis Prouse, Delores Glad, Virginia Schonegar, Patsy Cobb, Cauleen Madison, Patsy Fisher, Ianette Bingstad, Ieanne Baltes, Mary Blalock, Miss Hansen, How 1, lett to rightfDonnalee Keller, Delores Lee, Claudia Young, Pat Blackwell, Georgene Ormston, Clara Young, Evelyn Casciato, Iessie Legg. FQ w G I . y as ' KE . cn 5531 f'K .L t A swim POLYTECHNIC MAID STAFF The Polytechnic Maid Staff Wishes to thank the entire Student Body tor their help and cooperation in the publication of our yearbook this year. Special thanks and appreciation should be given to the following: Miss Peterson, Miss Dowe, Miss Weberg, and Lorraine Dyck who helped with the art Work. Miss Reedy was our advisor this year. Left to right- Iean Lang-File and Record Manager. Rita Watson-Write Up and Feature Editor. Faith Wild-Assistant Editor. Pat Myers-Edt 1 or in Chief. Miss Lois Reedy-Advisor. Betty Landsem-Art Editor. Evelyn Casciato-Business Manager. Helen Rodgers-Assistant Bus' Charlotte R mess Manager. oth--General Assistant. Ella-Mischief Manager. ,XX x Omit . 2 ,. 'V , 1 mls. , lv "1 'N 4 '3Z. F, 'V ':9W P95 ' -' tent' 4 H ': xl.,-u' w ff v' N . L3 3 .Q A M, w k 1 AY 'P Q., ,, c I -4 7 4 . .gg K V anucug 1947 Claw Vivian Wong Laura Roberts Dorothy Kroeneke Elaine Carenen Darlene Huffman Treasurer President Student Body Vice-President Secretary President ALBURAS, ANNA STASIA-4 year regularg Clothingg Victory Clubg Allied Youthg lunior Roadside Councilg Work. BURTON, BETTY ANN-4 year regularg Clothingg Iunior Roadside Councilg Allied Youthg Horizong Poly Step- pers, treasure-rg Student Councilg Beautician, CARENEN, ELAINE PAYE-4 year regulary Clothingg Poly Steppersg Thespiansg Girl Reservesg Iunior Road- side Council, presidentg Allied Youthg Victory Corpsp Senior Class, vice-pre-siclentg War Boardg College. COYNER, LOIS MARIE-4 year regularg Foodsg Retail! ingg Thespiansg Skating Clubg War Board Alternateg Iunior Red Crossg Polymaid salesgirlg Senior Class Playg Travel. it .1 il Y ' "'l 5 x if-: A 5 Y yi ,,., 3 3 rw 2 - it X if . :V , 1 ' Y, A- , . , N' " win, f .. V ii A ms.. . FRANCE, IACQUELINE-4 year regular, Clothing, War Board, Athletic Club, treasurer, Thespians, Iunior Red Cross, Polyettes, Undecided. HARRIS, LORRAINE-4 year regular, Foods, lunior Red Cross Sewing: lunior Roadside Council, Allied Youth, Crocheting Cub, Senior Class Play, Housewife. HILLIARD, DOROTHY MAE-4 year regular, Clothing, Victory Club, treasurer, Athletic Club, president, War Board, Aquatic Club, Senior Class Play, College. HOCHSWENDER, FLORA MAE-4 year regular, Cloth- ing, Student Council, Victory Club, Thespians, Ore- gon State. HOEHN, CATHERINE-4 year regular, Clothing, Victory Club, secretary, Victory Corps, War Board Alternate, lunior Red Cross, lunior Roadside Council, vice-presi- dent, Polyettes, College. HUFFMAN, DARLENE VIRGINIA-4 year regular, Cloth- ing, Patriettes, sergeant-at-arms, lunior Red Cross, Red Cross Reliel Sewing, Senior Class, secretary, Work. KROENEKE, DOROTHY ANN-4 year regular, Foods, Student Body President, Victory Club, treasurer, sec- retary, vice-president, president, Student Council, treasurer, War Board Alternate, Senior Class Play, Work. LOWRY, LILLIAN MAE-4 year regular, Foods, Unde- cided. MAYER, MARY LOU-4 year rergular, Clothing, Patri- ettes, Polyettes, Tri-Y, Work. MESSLER, KARLENE--4 year regular, Foods, War Board, Athletic Club, president, Silver Skating, correspond- ilrog iecetary, Girl Reserves, Camera Club, Polyettes, or . MOHR, COLLEEN ELIZABETH-4 year regular, Clothing, Polyettes, Patriettes, Red Cross Relief Sewing, presi- dent, Nurses Training. MURPHY, DORIS MAE-4 year regular, Thespians, Sen- ior Class Play. NEWBY, BEVERLY LOU-4 year regular, Foods, Skating Club, treasurer, Y-Teen, Marriage. NOBLE, CAROLYN AGNES-4 year regular, Clothing, Student Council, Polyettes, Thespians, Patriettes, treasurer, Poly Steppers, Marriage. OSBORN, LORRETTA-4 year regular, Clothing, Knit- ting Club, Roller Skating, Aviation, secretary, Senior Class Play, Housewife. PROUSE,' PHYLLIS LA VERNE-4 year regular, Cloth- ing, Victory Club, Girl Reserves, publicity chairman, Iunior Roadside Council, secretary, Thespians, treas- urer, Polyettes, vice-president, president, War Board, sergeant-at-arms, Senior Class Play, Polygraph, Nurse and Marriage. RADOVICH, NELLIE VELMA-4 year regular. ROBERTS, LAURA BERTHA-4 year regular, Clothing, Class President, Red Cross Relief Sewing, vice-presi- dent, Poly Steppers, Work. SHAFFER, BETTY-4 year regular. SCHONEGER, VIRGINIA-4 year regular, Clothing, Iunior Red Cross, Skatin Club vice resident, ser- Q , 'P geant-at-arms, Y-Teens, Work. SHARON, CHARLOTTE. SOHN, DOROTHY MAE-4 year regular, Clothing, Red Cross, Victory Club, Iunior Roadside Council, Allied Youth, War Savings, Work. TRAFTON, IDA MAY-4 year regular, Foods, Knitting Club, Victory Club, lunior Roadside Council, Allied Youth, vice-president, treasurer, Work. VAN SLYKE, LILA ESTELLA-4 year regular, Foods, Thespianettes, Y-Teens, Iunior Red Cross, War Board, Senior Class Play Stage Crew. WHISMAN, MARGURITE ELAINE-4 year regular, Foods, Polyettes, Allied Youth, secretary, Iunior Road- side Council, Victory Club, Knitting Club, Senior Class Play, Telephone Operator. WOLLAM, WANDA-4 year special, Clothing, Thespian- ettes, Thespians, president, treasurer, Poly Steppers, Polyettes, Tri-Y, College. WONG, VIVIAN-4 year reguar, Clothing, Smile Awhile Club, Victory Club, Allied Youth, Iunior Roadside Council, treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, Work. WRIGHT, DONNA MAE-4 year regular, Foods, Athletic Club, secretary, Allied Youth, lunior Roadside Coun- cil, secretary, War Board, Marriage. ZIMMERLE, MABEL MARGURITE-4 year regular, Foods, Allied Youth, Crocheting Club, Work. ELLAFIFANELLA-In and around, Mischief, Polymaid Stall, nuisance, Red Cross Representative, trouble- some, Fire Squad, Fire bug, Man-hunting. une 1947 Clem Pat Myers Rita Watson Evelyn Casciato Eleanor Smith Marles Adams Treasurer President Student Body Vice-President Secretary President ADAMS, MARLES-4 year regular, Foods, Senior Class Secretary, Silver Skates, treasurer, sergeant-at-arms, Thespians, Polyettes, Benson Senior Class Play, Nurses Training. ADAMS, PRISCILLA-4 year regular, Art, Thespians, Tri-Y, program chairman, Fire Squad, Iunior, Senior Dance Group, Polyettes, Aquatic Club, treasurer, Senior Class Play, College. BATIE, NORMA LOU-4 year regular, Clothing, Skating Club, vice-president, treasurer, Iunior Roadside Coun- cil, Iunior Red Cross, War Savings Committee, Hori- zon Club, Housewife. BERGQUIST, EVELYN MARIE-4 year regular, Foods, War Savings Committee, Student Council, sergeant- at-arms, Map Club, Athletic Club, Poly Steppers, Bowling Club, Tri-Y, Fire Squad, Skating Club, Poly- graph, College, Laboratory Technician, BLACKWELL, PAT-4 year regular, Clothing, Aviation Club, Red Cross, War Savings, publicity chairman, Knitting Club, Iunior Sweetheart, Polygraph, reporter, copy editor, editor in chiet, Girls Athletic Association, secretary, team captain, Camera Club, president, Class Play Stage Crew, Business College. BLAIR, DONALOU-4 year regular, Clothing, Victory Club, Athletic Club, Bowling Club, president, Patri- ettes, Horizon Club, Polyettes, Nurses Training. CALDWELL, MYRNA L.-4 year regular, Foods, Victory Club, Iunior Roadside Council, Crocheting Club, 'Red Cross, Work. CASCIATO, EVELYN-4 year regular, Clothing, Student Body President, Student Council, treasurer, Polyettes, Thespians, vice-president, Polygraph, reporter, busi- ness manager, sports editor, Fire Squad, Assistant Fire Chief, Polymaid Staff, business manager, Benson Senior Class Play, Iunior Red Cross, War Board, Ath- letic Club, Poly Steppers, Senior Class Play, College. CASTRIGNANO, ALBINA-4 year regular, Clothing, Map Makers, Smile Awhile, Iunior Roadside Council, Embroidery and Crochet Club, Polyettes, War Board, Student Council Alternate, Business College and Work. CERVENY, MARCELLA-4 year regular, Foods, Girls Reserves, Bowling Club, Patriettes, Iunior Red Cross, president, Silver Skataes, Iunior Roadside Council, Work. CHIVINGTON, DOLORES-4 year regular, Art, Music Club, College. COPPINGER, WANDA-4 year regular, Foods, Victory Club, Athletic Club, Knitting Club, Camera Club, Undecided. CRAWFORD, MAHIAN WHITLEY--4 year regular, Foods, Iunior Roadside Council, Allied Youth, Knitting Club, Crocheting Club, Iunior Red Cross, Nurse and Laboratory Technician. i CROWDER, PEARL BERNICE-4 year regular, Clothing, Knitting Club, College. DE CAMP, DOROTHY LOUISE-4 year regular, Cloth- ing, Athletic Club, Iunior Roadside Council, Allied Youth, vice-president, Undecided. DILLERY, GRACE MARIE-4 year regular, Clothing, Polyettes, Horizon Club, Victoryettes, Thespians, War Board, Work. DOBAK, SHIRLEY ADELL-4 year regular, Foods, Smile Awhile, Victory Club, Allied Youth, Girl Reserves, Crocheting Club, Undecided. DYCK, LORRAINE-4 year regular, Clothing, Art, Avia- tion Club, War Board, Horizon, treasurer, secretary, vice-president, president, Polyettes, Fire Squad, Un- decided. FISHER, GEORGIA-4 year regular, Foods, Student Council, secretary, Map Makers, Ten Pin Alley, Iunior Roadside Council, Allied Youth, Athletic Club, Ad Libitum, sergeant-at-arms, College. FLEENOR, THELMA-4 year regular, Clothing, Athletic Club, vice-president, secretary, Allied Youth, Iunior Roadside Council, Camera Club, Work. FURMAN, DEVA-A year regular, Clothing, Knitting Club, Thespianettes, Thespians, Work. GOSS, DOROTHY-4 year regular, Clothing, Skating ?lub, Aviation Club, vice-president, president, Cali- orma. HALL, CAROL-4 year regular, Art, Aviation Club, treasurer, War Savings Board, War Board, College, Los Angeles. HAYES, COLLEEN. HOLLOPETER, MARGARET-4 year regular, Foods, Vic- tory Club, Knitting Club, president Crocheting Club, Undecided. HOLMES, BARBARA IEANNE-4 year regular, Art, Aviation Club, vice-president, secretary, Poly Step- pers, Camera Club, Fashion lllustrator. HOUDE, RUTH-4 year regular, Foods, Smile Awhile, Iunior Roadside Council, Allied Youth, Student Coun- cil, War Savings Board, Movie Operator Club, presi- dent, Work and Business College. IOHNSON, EVELYN-4 year reguar, Foods, Tri-Y, Work and Marriage. IOHNSON, PATRICIA ANN-4 year regular, Clothing, Red Cross Relief Sewing, president, Work. IONES, CAROLYN IEAN-4 year regular, Art, Poly Step- pers, secretary, Thespianettes, vice-president, Tri-Y, Skating Club, Undecided. IONES, GLORIA-4 year regular, Art, Ten Pin Alley, Y-Teens, Student Council, Undecided, IONES, ROSEMARY-4 year regular, Clothing, Athletic Club, War Board Alternates, Preppers, president, Tri- Y, sergeant-at-arms, Poly Steppers, Roller Skating Club, Undecided. KAUTZ, IOSEPHINE-4 year regular, Foods, Athletic Club, Thespianettes, Knitting Club, Camera Club, Senior Class Play, Business College. KRAFT, CARMELITA-4 year regular, Clothing, Camera Club, Beauty College. LANDSEM, BETTY LOU--4 year regular, Art, Patriettes, Tri-Y, Camera Club, Polymaid Staff, art editor, Fire Squad, War Savings Committee, Art School. LANG, IEAN-4 year regular, Foods, Poly Steppers, Vic- tory Club, War Board, Iunior Red Cross, treasurer, Tri-Y, treasurer, vice-president, president, Inter-Club Cabinet, Fire Squad, Polygraph, Iunior, Senior Dance Club, Polyettes, treasurer, Polymaid, club editor, P.T.A. Study Group, Business College. LAWRY, MARIE-4 year regular, Foods, Horizon Club, Roller Skating, Iunior Roadside Council, Work and College. LOVERING, MAXINE-4 year regular, Foods, Smile Awhile, Student Council, lunior Roadside Council, Allied Youth, lunior Red Cross, War Savings Commit- tee, Athletic Club, Work and Business College. MARTIN, ANNA BELLE-4 year regular, Retailing, Work. MCCUEN, MARION-4 year regular, Clothing, Stitch and Rip Club, Knitting Club, vice-president, Iunior Road- side Council, Allied Youth, Crocheting and Embroid- ery, secretary, Polygraph, Polyettes, treasurer, Work. MILLER, IANICE I.-4 year regular, Clothing, Athletic Club, treasurer, Iunior Roadside Council, Polyettes, Tri-Y, War Savings Committee, Business College. MITCHELL, DONNA. MONNETT, MURIEL-4 year regular, Clothing, Tri-Y, Poly Steppers, Knitting Club, War Board, La Golon- drina, Undecided. MORRIS, VIVIAN-4 year regular, Foods, Camera Club, Undecided. .Q-.4-L4 MYERS, PAT-4 year regular, Clothing, Senior Class Treasurer, Polymaid Editor, Victory Club, Iunior, Sen- ior Dance Group, Red Cross Knitting, secretary, Fan- ciannes, president, Polyettes, secretary, Student Council, Fire Squad, Senior Class Play, Marriage. NAKASHIMADA, MARGARET-4 year regular, Foods, Tri-Y, Iunior Roadside Council, Undecided. NOBLE, MILDRED LOUISE-4 year regular, Clothing, Athletic Club, Poly Steppers, Preppers, Silver Skates, Map Club, War Board, Work. ORMSTON, GEORGENE KATHLEEN-4 year regular, Art, Rose Festival Princess, Freshie Princess, La Gol- andrina, Thespianettes, Thespians, secretary, Tri-Y, Fire Squad, captain, Poly Steppers, lunior, Senior Dance Group, Polygraph, feature and co-editor, Knit- ting Club, Benson Senior Class Play, Aquatic Club, vice-president, Senior Class Play, College. OTNESS, CHRISTINA-4 year regular, Foods, Iunior Roadside Council, sergeant-at-arms, Allied Youth, Nurses Training. PARENT, ANITA-4 year regular, Clothing, Sewing and Embroidery Club, Undecided. PIETZ, DOLORES-4 year regular, Clothing, Allied Youth, Iunior Roadside Council, Bowling Club, Work. RAMEY, IUANITA A.-4 year regular, Clothing, Victory Club, Crocheting Club, Work. REESE, IUANITA ELIZABETH--4 year regular, Clothing, Aviation Club, Knitting Club, Map Makers Club, Thes- pians, Study Music. RENFRO, BETTY LEE-4 year regular, Art, Silver Skates, War Board, Student Council, G,A.A., President, Cam- era Club, President, Undecided. ROBERTS, LEONA-4 year regular, Clothing, Silver Skates, secretary, Music Club, Study Cosmetology and Travel. RODGERS, HELEN-4 year regular, Foods, Thespian- ettes, Student Council, treasurer, Thespians, presi- dent, Fire Squad, fire chief, Benson Senior Class Play, Polymaid Stall, Oregon State College. ROSENFELD, DOROTHY ANN-4 year regular, Foods, Thespians, Work. ROTH, CHARLOTTE-4 year regular, Clothing, Aviation Club, Smile Awhile Club, secretary, Athletic Club, Thespianettes, Knitting Club, secretary, Camera Club, Polyettes, Polymaid Stall, Senior Class Play, Business College. RUD, LORRAINE-4 year regular, Clothing, Athletic Club, Iunior Roadside Council, vice-president, Allied Youth, War Board, Work. SCHOLZ, CAROLYN-4 year regular, Clothing, Athletic Club, Allied Youth, Iunior Roadside Council, Camera Club, Work. SEDERDALE, EVELYN-4 year regular, Retailing, Iunior Red Cross, Athletic Club, Thespian, Work. SELLIKEN, LOUISE-4 year special, Clothing, Aviation Club, treasurer, Athletic Club, vice-president, Poly Steppers, Roller Skating Club, Tri-Y, Milliner. SHAW DORIS-4 ear re ular, Clothing, Ten Pin Alley, 1 Y Q Knitting Club, Red Cross Reliel Sewing, Work. SMITH, ELAINE-4 year regular, Foods, Knitting Club, president, Athletic Club, Camera Club, Undecided. SMITH, ELEANOR-4 year regular, Clothing, Thespians, Student Council, treasurer, vice-president, Housewife. STEELE, DIXIE-4 year regular, Foods, Athletic Club, Iunior Roadside Council, Movie Operators Club, Ore- gon State College. STOKES, PHYLLIS Z.-4 year regular, Retailing, Cro- cheting and Embroidery Club, Business College. STONE, IOEANN-4 year regular, Clothing, Athletic Club, sergeant-at-arms, Iunior Roadside Council, Tri- Y, Polyettes, vice-president, Student Council, War Board Alternates, Business College. SWANK, LORRAINE MAY-4 year regular, Clothing, Roller Skating Cub, Iunior Red Cross, Tri-Y, Oregon State College. SWANSON, ANITA-4 year regular, Art, Thespianettes, Athletic Club, Victory Club, Iunior Roadside Council, University of Oregon. TRUSSELL, CONNIE--4 year regular, Foods, Iunior Roadside Council, Allied Youth, Thespians, Nursing. WAGER, ANGELA-4 year regular, Clothing, Aviation Club, Smile Awhile Club, Victory Club, secretary, treasurer, Knitting Club, Iunior Roadside Council, Iunior Red Cross, Business College. WATERMAN, LOIS-4 year regular, Retailing, Map Makers Club, Athletic Club, Aviation Club, vice-pres- ident, president, Nurses Training. WATSON, RITA ANN-4 year regular, Clothing, Senior Class President, May Queen, Knitting Club, Thespian- ettes, War Board Alternates, War Board, secretary, Tri-Y, vice-president, lnterclub Cabinet, Polyettes, secretary, vice-president, president, Student Council, treasurer, vice-president, Iunior and Senior Dance Group, Polyrnaid Stall, feature and write-up editor, P.T.A. Study Group, Senior Class Play, Oregon State College. WHITE, LOlS ABTA-4 year regular, Clothing, Athletic Club, Knitting Club, vice-president, Crocheting and Embroidery Club, treasurer, Iunior Red Cross, House- wiie. WILD, FAITH DELORES-4 year regular, Clothing, Red Cross Sewing, Horizon Club, secretary, treasurer, vice-president, president, Polyettes, Fire Squad, sec- retary-treasurer, Polymaid Staff, assistant editor, Sen- ior Class Play, College. WILLIAMS, PAT-4 year regular, Clothing, Roller Skat- ing Club, Iunior Roadside Council, sergeant-at-arms, Allied Youth, Fire Squad, Music Cub, Study Music. ZIMMERMAN, BETTY MAE-4 year regular, Clothing, Ten Pin Alley, Patriettes, vice-president, Polyettes, secretary, Camera Club, treasurer, Business' College. NELSON, IOYCE-4 year regular, Foods, Allied Youth, Iunior Roadside Council, secretary, treasurer, Mar- riage. tNo picturej STALEY, IEANINE-4 year regular, Art, Roller Skating Thespians, Tri-Y, Poly Steppers, Beautician. tNo pic- ture.t FALL SENIOR CLASS PLAY "MISS IIMMY" Left to right-Dorothy Hillard, Lorraine Harris, Walt Weir, Phyllis Prouse, Bob Ruan, Doris Murphy, Colleen Mohr, Dorothy Kroeneke, Iohn Roaney. SPRING SENIOR CLASS PLAY UUNCERTAIN WINGS" Left to right-Bob Ruan, Iosephine Kautz, Charlotte Roth, Warren Beals, Faith Wild, David Roberts, Iohn Roaney, Georgene Orrnston, Evelyn Casciato, Priscilla Adams, Don Smith, Rita Watson, Anita Swanson, Pat Myers, Bob Warnock. y i SEVENTH TERMERS SIXTH TERMERS SIXTH TERMERS FIFTH TERMERS FOURTH TERMERS FOURTH TERMERS THIRD TERMERS SECOND TERMERS SECOND TERMERS FIRST TERMERS TRANSFERS ! i . . 1 1 1 1 CLOTHING These garments are just a few of the many types which we made in our clothing classes. Clothing plays a great part in a gir1's life, and We are taught not only how to construct a garment but also what styles, colors, and lines we should wear. FOODS Our foods course at Poly covers a large field. Some of our classes prepare food for the cafeteria. Other classes make small individual dishes and learn how to serve dinners in the correct Way. GENERAL ART Our Mural was made last year by four girls in our art department. lt was painted in oil paints on the wall ot Room 2. The theme ot the mural was fruit picking in Oregon. Here We do art objects in metal, weave a variety ot things, make art craft articles, and learn interior decorating. SPECIAL CHORUS ORCHESTRA HOMEMAKING 6 Our child care course was reinstated at the begin- ning of the spring term. We started with only eight children and by the end of the year the enrollment had jumped to twenty-six. The ages of the children ranged from two to six years. They were served fruit juice daily and a few times during the year the home- making classes prepared and served them meals. Only sixth, seventh, and eighth termers are eligible to take this course. B. .nf-9+ M A., ,- r ,yu-0 ' .4 X K P A .KM NICE VIEW LOOKING FOR BUGS SOME FORM! ,Y '.ha,5g:,-N1-.9-:- Z' 5 M VAT" WORKING HARD NO WORMS PREXYS w"fx fi Ki L. ek-A- OJ L, -J. ug wa LIZAVING ,,..,, QQ X. by 'iw f u:.,1..'rm, ff i f L' - SHE WAS A NIVL GHII, l'!"'Ff 1545 i? f iii-if , R-3 it 'Q' SING HAH' SWHZT 5 I.OViTl,Y svn Now rmczu m gA,,,,M,,,,, ou' rrmwxnz ' ., if .,,,, 3' V' . " gm V, ffm , W ,,,... I 5, gg I 2 z f f f 1 if ff , 4, y K ,Y Q R I X I v' g V' 6 ' A X q Q ' gf ff? ' f :W Y!,f' ins 3 ' ,,f' '::': iQ, fi 1' ui ef , diff? wi. if Fw om wmv A asmmrm Monwmc sa, 1 , J HALLOWEEN we HAPPY PAIN 'zominenl Bernice Wickem Gladys Dunn BERNICE WICKEM With diploma in firmly clasped hands, Miss Bernice Wickem left Girls Poly- technic high school in the spring of l934. Using her major subjects, art and clothing, as a background Bernice was employed by Iantzen Knitting Mills. Now, Bernice holds not one but two excellent professions. She is Mrs. Bernice Merrill and she is also the head swim suit designer at Iantzen. MRS. GLADYS DUNN ln 1921 Gladys Iohnston graduated from Girls Polytechnic high school. Using her foods major as a background, she began to cook for Girls Poly- technic the same year she graduated. It is now 1947 and we still have a wonderful cook, Mrs. Gladys Dunn. IOSEPHINE SERCELY ln 1923 Miss Iosephine Sercely received her diploma in the auditorium of Girls Polytechnic high school. Miss Sercely had proudly served her school as senior class president and librarian. She also had a leading part in the class play and was a member of the Glee Club. Having majored in clothing and millinery, Miss Sercely immediately set out on her career of designing and manufacturing. After working in New York for two years, she came back to Portland and now designs and manufactures ladies' garments for some of Portland's most exclu- sive women's shops. Miss Sercely says, "l only wish that more girls would carry through with this type of work. CPicture not avai1able.D Glllllflnae IEAN LOVELACE ln l939 the student body president of Girls Poly was a vivacious girl named Iean Vallerie Lovelace. Of course, Iean was a star in her class play and from then on she was a star. She has appeared on many radio programs and has belonged to a number of theatre groups. Aside from acting, lean has designed and made sets and costumes for a number of plays. The latest show that lean has played a lead in was "Burlesque" which played in New York for many months. She is now Working with television in New York and is now playing the lead as Mrs. lean Dimmick. BARBARA MAURER lt was a proud Barbara Moser who received her diploma from Girls Poly- technic in the fall term of l932. Despite the fact that Barbara had been working in our Sales Boom since l93l, she still found time to take a post graduate course at Poly and to go to Behnke- Walker Business College. In 1945 she left us and our Sales Boom. Now we know her as the lady who sells such luscious doughnuts-Mrs. Barbara Maurer. DOLLY ROGERS "Dolly Rogers" the voice sounded like a clap of thunder in the hushed silence of commencement exercises as Dolly was presented her high school diploma, Among other things, Dolly was the Editor in Chief of the '42 Polymaid, secre- tary of Polyettes, and business manager of the Polygraph. She is now the secretary at Portsmouth grade school. ..,..W..m-.M-W........,....1........,, lean Lovelace Barbara Maurer Dolly Rogers FACULTY PLUS WATCH THE BIRDIE INSIDE STUFF MODELING NEVER APAXT SMILBS ENTER Borimzrs NUFF SAID X Q . ,E W ' I Q ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY BETTY 6. DONNA LOU BIGOR MORTIS LOOKS UK5 FUN mc, mam younnavs END PALS BACK AGAIN? 'AJ EAGER BEAVER HIDE AND 25514 THE HARD WAY fileadam fri, I, 2' .Z f A 4 -1- J, , .4. V, . . 4' ,. 'sw , -A s, A L .x V K 'li Vl.n. , YA ALLIED YOUTH A study ot alcoholic beverages, its ettect upon youth, alcohol-tree recreation, and leadership training were the main topics ot interest in this club. Speakers were engaged to talk on these subjects. Girls Poly is the only school in Portland that has a branch ot this organization. Top, lett to right, row 4ABetty Schatter, Bamona Goble, Miriam Kominko, Donna Arnold, Barbara Bowman, Betty Zeigle, Iean Brian, Ienavive Stiles, Pauline Stewart, Donna Wright, Vivian Wong, lda Tratton. How 3--Lorraine Tallman, LaVe-me Tallman, Bonnie Lewis, Patsy Schneider, Sylvia llandsen, Norma Hint-s, Dorothy Sohn, Catherine Holms, Naomi Morrison, Dolores Pietz, Mildred Scott, Margaret Nakashamada How 2fGeotgia Van Riper, lane Flltott, Betty Lee Guttry, Nancy Landen, Anne Marie Bolt, Ramona Smith, Angela Wager, Marilyn Bennett. How l--Christina Otne-ss, Sergeant-at-Atmsg Miriam Mcliiel, Lorraine ltud, VicefPresident, Bobbf-ttff Gooding, Pre-sldentg Iunzr Steward, Secretary, Clara Young, Treasurer, Flame Wliisman, Ss-tqearit-at-Atrnf: IUNIOR ROADSIDE COUNCIL This club is the only lunior Chapter ot the statevwide Council. The purpose is to gain knowledge ot and learn to appreciate the beauty ot Oregon. During the spring term several trips were planned. Bottom lett to right row 4fMarie Lowry, Anita Swansen, Margaret Baird, Alice Kasch, Ianet McLain Hoberta Mikemson, Ramona Obritschwekitsch, Agnes Wachly, Elaine Meek, Florence Noblette, Lenora Gillis' Bow 3fMaxine Lovering, Elizabeth McLain, Ioan Hansen, Pat Westbury, Barbara Westbury, Delores Miller, Virginia Mituniewicz, Ethel Moore, Margaret Rahn, Pat Erskine. How 2-Margaret Staatz, Mary Gibson, Louise Welch, Delores Schwiowt, Frances Gilbert, Marcella Ccrvr-ny, loann Merrick How l-Leila Gundlach, Dorothy DeCamp, VlCE?'PFESld0Ul, lean Iohnson, Treasuu-rg Ioan Kampliause, Nancy Vittoria, President, Mrs Stater AbsentfArleen Trissell, Secretary. G. A. A. The Girls Athletic Association was reorganized this year at Girls Poly. Although they took no part in competitive sports between the schools, they plan to in l948. Letters were earned by the point system and fifteen girls earned their small letters. Basketball, volleyball, baseball, swimming and other sports were taken part in by the club members. Top, left to right, row 3-Roberta Coats, lean lohnson, Marie Ramone, Mary Margaret Blakney, Betty Sannes, Frances Gilbert, Alice Connell, Lena McM1llan. Row 2-Mary Louise Martin, Betty Guttry, Rosalie Dodd, Louise Welch, Cauleen Madison, Shirley Marugg, Catherine Connell, Dorene Morgan, Mrs. Bradley. Row l-Lenora Gillis, Pat Blackwell, Secretary, Alpha Searcie, President, Leila Gundlach, Vice'President, Betty Lee Renfro, Treasurer, Pat Westbury. ATHLETIC The Athletic Club is a group organized for first and second terrners only. They met in the gymnasium during activity period and played different games. When warm weather arrived they played outdoor games. Bottom, left to right, row 3-Naomi Mueller, Marie Ramone, VicefPresident, Martha Wack, Pat Selliken, Rae Straud, Dorothy Anderson, Dorene Conttrell, Darlene Conttrell, Roberta Coats. Row 2-Doris Nichols, Doris Matthews, Rosalie Dodd, Treasurer, Shirley Marugg, Nancy Schlegelmilch, Mary lacobs, Doreen Morgan, Delores Kindel. Row l-lane Guthrie, Donna Nickols, Marilyn Riley, Ioyce Pawson, Reporter, Ioyce Steele, President, Mrs. Bradley. AbsenteWanda Shipp, Secretary. MOVIE OPERATORS CLUB As a new club this year they have participataed in many rnovie projects, lncluded in the activities were the presentation ot noon movies and supplying student operators tor films in assemblies. Top, lr'-lt to right, row 2' llr-lene McDonald, Emma Bjorge, Vivian Morris, Patsy Fisher, Mrs Forman How l Uixiv- Stecrlti, lriolorrs Danielson, Ruth Hoirde, Sally Miller. SUB-DEB CLUB This club has recently reorganized under the present name. Theprogram tor the spring term included the study ot personal grooming, correct social usages, etiquette, and many more topics. Their outside activities included skating, dancing, bowling, swimming and activities in the field ot aviation. Bottom, lett to right, rrw Zfllarlene Arnold, Myrna Works, Dixie Lee Nrclxlin, Gay Bell, Betty Sarine-5, Marda Cchultz, Arli-ta Heinz, Dorothy Hilliard, Margaret Saylor. How lf-Ruth Herd, lldla Anderson, Pat Wilson, Sergeant-at-Arms, Evelyn Giltord, Lorretta Osborn, Sf-cn-tary, Dorothy Goss, vrcefpresident, Ella Mae Lane AbsentfCarol Hall, Treasurer. KNITTING AND SEWING The making ot atghans and childrens garments for the Red Cross were the main projects ot this club. During the year the girls also made garments for themselves. Top, left to right, row 3--Marion llolliday, Wanda lltllard, Flora Wilson, Mary Louise Martin, Donna Steveson. How 2-Lena McMillan, Bernice Crowder, Aloa Barron, Dorothy Wellington, Anita Parent, Dorothy lessie, Mrs Linea Nottaqe How lflanet Green, Secretary, Barbara Kiggens, Vice-President, Eva Mae Kiggens, President, lris Fiske, Thvrr-sa Searcie AhsentfAnna Marie- Crivellone-, Treasurer. FANCIANNES The purpose of this club was to teach and further the interest ot girls in crocheting, embroidering and other types ot needlework. The spring term, one ot the projects was sending sewing supplies to Holland. Bottom, left to right, row 3-luantta ltamey, loyce Richardson, Frances Theller, lrene Darco, Anna Marie Bonn, Florence Eichler, Fva Bonebrake, Ieannette Haliske, Barbara Speight, Anna Marie Collins How Zflister' Olney, Lucille Curtis, Colleen Scott, Lorene Seltzer, Margaret Peterson, Betty Ashenburger, Vice-President, Ianet Agee, Virginia Peterson, Mrs Helen Coleman. Row lvPhyllis Stokes, Ellen Aylett, Albina Castrignano, Marlon McCuen, Secretary, Pat Myers, President, Marltsse Landolt, Dorothy Bucknum AbsentfLois White, Treasurer. RED CROSS RELIEF SEWING The outstanding job which this club has accomplished this year was the making of baby garments tor the Red Cross. Top, left to right, row 2-Virginia Cruzan, Pat Iohnson, Darlene Dartt, Phyllis Corbett, Doris Shaw, Delores Roth, Dorothy Losey, Darlene Huttman. How 1-Claudine Pearson, Mary Mclralls, Secretary, Colleen Mohr, President, Dorothy DnCamp, Tldna Ma:- Duaine, Treasurer, Miss Kooken, Absent-Clara Roberts, Vice-President. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA During this year's club work the most outstanding achievement was selling club booklets to students. These contained all social and service clubs, their members and officers. Mrs. Leslie Blakney is their chapter mother, and Miss Shuck is advisor. Bottom, lelt to right, row 3fCarolyn Brewer, Loretta Estes, Iune Lambert, Phyllis Miller, Ioanne Calvert, Ruth Dutton, Leona Pelton, Stella Mae Myers, Dorothy Reese, Virginia Le Brun, Row 2fVerd1e Mae Lindsay, Alice Engebrecht, luanita Byland, Pat Shea, Delores lfichler, Secretary, Audrriy Stevens, Laura Bottler, Evelyn Braithwait, Mary Margaret Blakney, Dorothy Kemp, Miss Shuck. Row l-Alice Monnell, Alma Tracy, Carol Coy, Treasurer, Norma Williams, Vice-President, Aqnfrs Lwo, President, Mary Marquez. THESPIANS ' The Thespians, our senior dramatic club, was very active this year. They presented the Shakespearean play "As You Like lt". They made all the cos- tumes and stage settings which were used. They also presented the school with some stage make-up and a book about the same subject. Top, lelt to right, row 3-Marles Adams, Sally Todhunter, Deva Furman, La Vonnc Lathrop, Pat Mosher, Georgia Crawford, luanita Reese, Row 2-loanne Perry, Barbara Ferguson, Cauleen Madison, Eleanor Smith, Constance Trussell, Delores Glad, Miss Lois Reedy. Row l-Beverly Williamson, Evelyn Casctato, Vice-President, Helen Rogers, Presidentg Georgene Ormston, Secretaryp Doris Murphy, Treasure-rg Pat Keith. THESPIANETTES The Thespianettes, our junior dramatic club, were very busy all year studying stage presence, makeup and the interior stage. They also presented a short play at Spring Show. Bottom, left to right, row 3-Ann Schuardt, Donna Boetel, Thelma Morrison, loyce Weber, Margaret Walten, Maxine Running, Maxine Bonde, Barbara Thompkins. Row 2-Delores Mann, Flora Clark, Viena Blodgett, Sylvia Magel, Connie Peterson, Mary DePinto, Donna Lee Sloan, Miss Bertha Alm, Row l-Carol Alams, Virginia Felon, Florence Clark, Katherine Kennedy, Carol Quinn, Hazel Childrers. CAMERA The Camera Club is a newly organized club. lt was formed to promote an interest in photography. The members made a temporary dark room where they developed film and printed pictures. Pictures of school activities were sold. Top, left to right, row 4-Barbara Taylor, Lydia Woodin, Carol Richard, Diane Thomas, Virqlnia Bustard, Carol Vanek, Rita Halstead, Barbara Holmes, Betty Lee Benfro, Helen Sparks. Flow 3-Beatrice Faircloth, Inez Emick, Barbara McKinley, Carol Heide, Arlene Bartels, Sally Killorin, lacqueline Prouse, Mary Ball, Miss Ferrens, Elaine Smith, Row 2-lean Baltes, losephine Kautz, Ieannie Atkeson, Karleen Messler, Louise Noble, Betty Landsem. gow 1l+Molly Lou Dugan, Carmelita Kraft, Carolyn Schotz, Pat Blackwell, Chairman, Betty Mae Zimmerman, har otte Roth. MUSIC CLUB The Music Club is a new club at Girls Poly this year. The girls in this club study and learn to appreciate fine music. ln their course of study they have attended operas, musical movies and have studied different composers. Bottom, left to right, row 3-Lorine Bishop, Ioan Mikesell, Mary Taylor, Carol Culley, Boma Lee Miller, Orpha lane Hancock, Delores Chivington, Betty Blagg, Anita Grubell. Bow 2fCarol Clauslus, Virginia Tapins, Ianette Bmgstad, Nancy Lievsay, Iune lohns, Mary Bastasch, Iovita Hull, Chloe Hull, Miss Melville. How 1-Shirley Peirson, Donna Mitchell, Treasurer, Ioyce Hauftman, Annabelle Paxton, President, Pat Williams, Georgia Fisher Absent-Barbara Lindstrom, Secretary, Pat Parks, Vice-President HORIZON Horizon Club is the high school division of the Camp Fire Girls which is a national organization, The activities this year were parties, horseback riding, and also all city wide Horizon affairs. During activity periods many knitted articles were made tor sale at the Spring Show. Top, lfrtt to rrqht, row 2fGale Hartley, Barbara Schillgen, Margaret Hill, Doris Parks, Charlene Berry, Mary Murphy, Katherine Altermatt, Dorothy Shimmin, Miss Seeley. gow l-Lillian Lee, Doris Wade, Faith Wild, President, Lorraine Dyck, Secretary, Norma Batie, Donnalou lair, POLY STEPPERS The Poly Steppers is a joint dancing club With Benson, lt was organized to promote an interest in dancing among students. Each term at least one evening dance is held, During the spring term a formal dance "April Showers" was given. Y-TEEN PREPPERS Y-Teen Preppers is a junior group of Y-Teens and admits only freshmen and sophomores into membership. Their activities included joint meetings with Tri--Y, guest speakers, and parties, During activity periods they worked on different types of community services. Top, left to right, row 3-eGertie Stinnett, jeanne Showalter, Hazel Hubler, Elaine White, Dorothy Larson, Beverly Picard, Evelyn Dryer. How 2vBeverly May, Mary Rustebakke, Norma Glass, Dolores Mann, Marlene Patterson, Marion Stahl, Carla Williard, Miss Helen Senn. How l-Mary Ann Welch, Peggy Turlay, jacqueline Holliday, Vice-Presidenfg Maryle Nottaqe, Presidentg jean Catanese, Secretary, Ruth DeWoody. Absent-Mary Blalock, Treasurer. Y-TEENS TRI-Y YeTeen Tri-Y is a nation-wide organization sponsored by the Young Womens Christian Association of America. We work against racial discrimination and have had speakers on different phases of this subject. We have also made tray favors for childrens hospitals. Our outside activities included ski trips, parties, and joint meetings with Hi-Y groups from different high schools. Bottom, left to right, row 3-Delores jones, Gloria jones, Celeste Landsem, Beverly Newby, Evelyn Bergquist, Evelyn johnson, Rose Di Re, Angeleen Dohn, jean Di Re. How 2-Maxine Atkeson, Alpha Searcie, Priscilla Adams, Carolyn jones, Lorraine Swank, Virginia Schonegar, lanlce Miller, Betty Ferris, Grace Dillery, Miss Hansen. How lfDelores Lee, Shirla Gardner, Donna Lee Keller, Presidentg Kathryn Hanke, Secretary, jean Lang, Vice-President, Rita Watson. Absent-Eleanor Stiegelmier, Treasurer, Rosemary jones, Sergeant-at-Arms. LA GOLONDRINA "La Golondrinan is a joint roller skating club with Benson. Skating parties were held every two weeks at the different rinks. The girls took an active inter- est in cameras during activity periods. Guest speakers were invited to explain the camera, types, and correct usage. Top left to right, row 4-H. Hindman, D. Wagner, I. Van Loan, I. Iacobs, V. Bryan, D. Tindall, S. Perkins, F. Hardt, A. Graves. Row 3-I. Wakeman, I. Wynn, C. Young, C. Wilcox, D. Iessie, R. Gardner, L. Clark, N. Leake, B. Nash, W. Vinciguerra, S. Udy. Row 2-A. Schwartz, S. Miller, C. Iohnson, P. Scott, D. Perry, S. Youngbluth, R. Robison, P. Campbell, O. lson, M. Iohnson, B. Border, M. Chesser. Bow 1-A. Goodman, B. Rich, B. Weigel, Sergeanteat-Arms, E. Bloom, Sergeant-at-Arms, I. Legg, Secretary, S. Morgan, Vice-Preszdentg C. Slyter, President, M. Mobley, Treasurer, V. O'Donne1l, Treasurer, F. Morey, D. Kernan, A. Hanna. "CLICKS AND WHEELS" This is a club for camera and roller skating enthusiasts. lt was organized tor freshmen but since has been changed to include sophomores, too. Skating and camera parties were held during the year. Many members participated in the photo contest held between the camera clubs. Top, left to right, row 4-Florence Morris, Gertrude Betham, Pat Lewis, Constance Brook, Ella Sprague, Norma Stowe, Nancy Schlip. Row 3-Anita Wright, Sandra Baltes, Barbara Van Patten, Oletta Fox, Mary Lou King, Naomi Morris, Delis Baltes, Suzanne Schaffer, Carlita Smock, Miss Lucy Rogers. Row 2-Nola Hoover, Alice French, Barbara Hoffman, Io Onn Hayman, Trula Haskins, Eleanor Winchell. Row 1-Ioan Iillson, Pat Forsithe, Iean Castrapel, Shirley Harris, Iean Brown, Adriel Masten, Absent- Iackie Myers, Chairman. I 1 1 l l i l BENSON ACTIVITIES Our activities with Benson are quite varied this year. Some of our girls attended the sport activities, clubs held joint meetings and we had exchange assemblies. OOPS! OUR RXTA AH! FOOD CHIEF Nc. 2 HAPPY LGT' STILL WAITING LOST WEEKEND HEP-VY. HERVYI ' IAN. PREXY Axmsrxc sous mm, ,15'-ar ' -I-"".a 'warg - 1131'- V 1 ..- :,- ,.,. E '.' ' '-711' ,Wil wh wx 33- A . 6 ,El 4 3 H .09 Q Q WF: at , ,Al -:3g3w,.e4'W gy 1 " X oven me Doon, mcnmm PAT nosnmc rm: cmmns Wann NG smozcsv cuums Mom ' Mum: crzoacsn as RAY PEHCKED , l f Q f if 1 5 V V ! J N l J l f g r ' Q 4, if 5 PRINCESS GEORGENE Princess Georgene Orrnston is truly a queen. Her charming personality, her gracious manner and her natural beauty won her a place in every students heart at Girls Poly. ll X 1 QUEEN RITA Queen Bita l and her court ruled over the annual May iestivi- ties of our school and Spring Show. The theme of our Spring Show was "Beyond the Horizons." Her princesses were Barbara Holmes, Marles Adams, and Betty Mae Zimmerman. Her attendants at the Coronation were Avanelle Nelson and Sandra Baltes. FRESHIE COURTS Each term at Girls Poly there is a Freshie Queen and court elected. The fall Queen was Sandra Baltes Whose princesses were Shirley Pearson, Rae Stroud, and Donnie Arnold. The spring Queen was Avanelle Nelson and the princesses were Goldie Schlosser, Helen Hardy, and Mary Messier. Jfed t Kufidlzed from the LOGAN-M HRH TUDIU +I SMART PURTRAITURE AND DISTINCTIVE BRIDAL PHOTOGRAPHY 'A' 917 'ul allder Sl. aflwaler 7432-33 wear a lo ada! lo gow! cllarmd For Materials and Supplies See IR. ll. llllivlfll 514 IHIYAL l5llILIlINli jf 1:nfvu'LlMENTs I' 0 I5 T L A N Il'S QF giillily uww swiss Xvwwixww www XA cw :QR Wm WA! MM WM km MAX 'N QQ H. B. HARRISON REALTOR When buying or selling Your Home or Business "Consult a Realtor" Z545 E Burnside Phone East 7l58 Portland, Oregon PAPPAS 6. THODOS Food Center A 61 A A Meats Garden Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fancy Groceries East 4239 2408 N. E. Sandy 5-10-15c STORE Autograph Books - Snapshot Albums l84l Northeast 4lst - ln Hollywood District MILLERCS un eng ICE CHEA A We make our own Ice Cream from pure sweet cream under the most sanitary conditions. uafzanteeaf. . . Q To be the Richest in the City Fcrtx second and l-lancock f TRinity lbll Sells on Quality, Not Price Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1947 gf? M UL T NOMAH Cleaning 62 Dye Works, Inc. Quality Workmanship for Those Who Care TR 1149 2800 N h S ndy B 1 me LERCH shop FELT and CHENII.LE LETTERING 408 Broadway Building ' BEacon 9533 Printed by , n on ? F f h Avenue at Oak Street P land, Oregon 'Everything for the Office HICK -UHATTEN ENGRAVI G 00. Cqbfzinting Qfates 115 S.W. FOURTH AVENUE PORTLAND 4, OREGON O. E. PARKHURST A. W. PARKHUR T PARKHURSTUS BEACON 8494 PLEATING and HEMSTITCHING SHOP MACHINE EMBLEMS AND MONOGRAMS HOTEL AND COVERALI. MARKING BUTTONS AND BUCKLES COVERED BUTTON HOLES AND EYELETS - EMBROIDERING AND BRAIDING 2I5 MORGAN BUILDING 720 S.W. WASHINGTON ST. PORTLAND ORE FLOVVERS FOR EVERY OCCASION 4 Sc0tty's FLOWER SHUP Under New Management 2254 N. E. Sandy Blvd. EA 3452 E RUE GEHQIEAIW 'sofa zazlmgmewfw MAKE A DATE FOR FUN ROLLER SKA T ING at the NEW AND MODERN ROLLERDR OME AMERICAS FAVORITE PASTIME THE PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION OF GIRLS' POLYTECHNIC EXTENDS ITS BEST WISHES . TO THE SENIORS OF 1947 HOHLER'S MARKET PRIME MEATS FANCY GROCERIES NEW BAKERY DEPARTMENT 2419 N, E. Sandy Boulevard East 3022 SIBERRIAN E.M. S. 639 S. E. Morrison Elizabeth D. Van Diggelen oouasr A REAM REATED Best Wishes from your "GROUP" Photographer L F. Commercial Plnologfzaplzet 711 Southwest Ankeny Street BEacon 0300 We Photograph Anything - Anytime - Anywhere MORRISON HAT WORKS .701 . . . AND SHOE SHINE PARLOR ALI. KINDS OF FANCY SHOES CLEANBD DYED ANY COLOR - MODERATE PRICE CAPS AND GOWNS 217 s.w. Momusou NICK APOSTOLOS PORTLAND, OREGON CLASS JEWELRY D1PLoMAs WEDDING ANNoUNcEMENTs Donut 1 "You've tried the rest, The Master Engravers Now fry the best." 115 Southwest Fourth Avenue Portland, Oregon 2250 N.E. Sandy 9 , my y H 1 K, w A 4, xl 5 ,M h E5 K, 5 Q ,.,.., ..- -1 -,l 1l, -in ,, . ,-. .. , . . ' :T , Z El 1 V V c4 'Yr .5 F wwf! T5 , "ff ,IG ... . .QL ii S? I-,T 1-2: if 1- L. E L: lib - i Q f PE 1 1 K x ,. -W . ,V Q, 0 y Ai 1 A f

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