Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR)

 - Class of 1945

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Girls Polytechnic High School - Maid Yearbook (Portland, OR) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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- aww, 7511-as- 41-'wax runs: X .nun-k, m-.Qw--vmaw.-awww ' g ww- -was-.M 4-gp. .f-vnauuug.-A vw, Anwum f 1 -1-. .ug-,-ka: - nm-r,.nw-f.::..e .J x X xx xsxxqx X xx! X x0 X X125 X X x X X Tod, X N J' x 5 x XX N xx N x x A llLlhll'Sll 0F 'l'lllll0llllllW P re4e ntedby... THE Sllllllllli GLASSES Girls Polytechnic lligh School xo, fune, 1945 1537462 C4-fVLI2fVfj X WX S. AURELIA BURCH We are happy to dedicate this issue ot the Polytechnic Maid to Miss S. Aurelia Burch, who retired from the Girls Polytechnic faculty in Ianuary, 1945, after 24 years. During most of this time, Miss Burch was the faculty adviser for the Polytechnic Maid. Aurelia Burch, to the casual observer, was an instructor in English, but in reality she was a teacher and molder of character. She kept abreast of the times but she was never swamped by any passing educational fad. Under her in- struction students learned to respect discipline of mind and body. Our love is with "AB" wherever she may go tor her well-earned vacation. Figs Fi' 4 'V ' if QQ 'S-JE? 5' 'Q H 404 wx-Q W X E -3 IXEME if ygxw, Q7f gamma? wax' X, 5 is 'Q ,A nf 'W VE .QW 'K gigwixau 'F Iva Q Q fa-3 A PSX?-YXQYQS NO! ffOi QKOYQXCQ Cfbegiixfixo ooxosk, ' 'e XX-ae-ogsiokg. N63 No OXO-ee-ef ff so 1 O XQDXQ so-sox fik ,X YB. Xe Qxeo Ocoee- Cm XXSQDD-3 Fi-Q, WEEQM -5 fbegxewoexf of M9509 xo QQOOOX, flEbfSxooooR?9ooq Ooxo9ix4o, Ocmoexf 'LfXSfX5oxxo6Q4 gs CXXGQJKQXXKXZ, N,X4fXxeg5xo Q oivl, , qi X 'lf35l3of?Nxx9g0oc3e QQQ, 'Yoko 'lj fSo4i 951 ?seeogGOXXX, 15 Q2 V ff oe-xox 604 e-woexf Coxooxxfoooxx YN ffoefixoi X35-ee QXQA. 'LEQCEJQQQX oi XQOQQEDOQQQSQQ. YQQ! my XO X6 . . 60 QQNWQ M' 'bfoexl QQQON ai bono OQQQ- . 900010001X X'5f?Xooee4 QN YIXGQOOQQ X'LfOoeoxoQ ok Q25-QYWQQOQB 'ooae-oo. y,.559XGQx4A Yoffoxooeox Qnooi Qoooo , Xfbfeedxoi C3655 QXM V QA ffioixe-'xgooe Qixokoo Yfoxixoo ILBXQXOQQ Q ww 942606695 Q OXQQK oQO. 000669 Xaooaiflf wh Q 'IU fCJxx-xg who-9305? oe-'iw A Wfxqff 5859 OX K965' '5Qfx5e-A Clooao Coowoixoo, XfbfCog0g0oooog0ooK. QELMOQQQOQ ok fooixoq3'Yev,04 thai! Q Q Xxffooixoo foxooxxl . 69002 imc- Qiooocofak. FD fgaccgaxxebke sf.oofXLxoooXo9 oi XOOYOKQQOCQYQQQOK fieoxoi Qovopek 2 eowmqf Ybfboo 'LXf9x X3 0 Pee-QQ-XQXQ Soooow WS- ax Q Sa -f X 717 Q I X QQ . N x SXRSS WSWS So Proudly We Hail... Waves Helen Adair Gloria Barstow Hazel Blackwell Kathryn Blaufus Luella Bloss Betty Calhoun Helen Cooley Rosemary Courtney Bertha Cox Virginia Distler Esther Hargrove Audrey Horton Phyllis Iensen Dorothy Kelly Ella Kong Betty Monaghan Evelyn Nees Iune Petite Betty lane Poindexter Aileen Prescott Edith Boland Edith Bush . Ruth Ellen Schaffer Roberta Silvester Wacs lean Carenen Catherine Fournier Elaine Hurley Betty McBride Ellen Quillen Ferne Towne Edith Young Spars Helen Ambler Phyllis Brunsen Clytis Craske Margaret Morrow Dorothy Playford lean Zimmer Marines Iune Hageman Dorothy Ostlind Gayle Whitney Margaret M. Osburn Dean Q sway Hilma I. Peterson Principal FACULTY ROSTER Alm, Bertha . . . Bleeg, Hedwig .,r. Burch, S. Aurelia ,.,. Coleman, Helen W. CMrs,D . A . Colvin, lsaloel fMrs.D . . Dowe, Ruth .......,. Ebener, Martha S. QMrs. English, Georgia M. . . . Farrens, Helen ,.,.. Forman, Ellie CMrs.D . , . Hansen, Eleanor E. . , . Henika, Gertrude Clvlrsl Hollenbeck, Edna ..... Kenney, Marian F, , . , J Foods, .....,....,Music Homemaking, Cafeteria ......,..,.,...English . A . .Art, Homemaking ,.....,..,.,...English Personality, Counseling ,. ., ..ArtDesign . . . . .History, Clothing .,........Lilorary . . . A . . .Home Nursing , . . Journalism, English . ,History, Mathematics English, Mathematics . . . .Physical Education Kooken, Katherine . . Lee, Ruth .,,....., Lommasson, Agnes A . McLennan, Minnie CMrs. Nottage, Linea T. KMrs.D Rogers, Lucy E. ,..... . Seeley, Hazel M, . . Shroyer, Roxana . . . Smith, Alice ,..,.. . , Smith, Doris CMrs.l .... Sprague, Helen M, . . . Van Scoyoc, Frances CM Weld, Billie lMrs.l ..,. Workman, Roma CMrs.D 4s 3 . . .Clothing, Homemaking .Biology Millinery, Counseling l . . . , . .Commercial Drcssmalcing , . ...,i..,.... Typing, Homemaking , . , ,Clo'thing, Biology, Homemaking . . , . . , . . . English, Social Living .,i...,. ,....Eoods, Homemaking . . . English, Oral English, Counseling , , , . . . . , . .Oral English, Dramatics , . ..,.....,..,.,., Homemaking rs.J . . , , . . Retailing, History, Personality , . . , . i . . i . . English, Typing, Music , , . , Clothing, Homemaking Bti ill STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization made up ol students elected from each registration room and presided over by the student body president who is elected by the student body. The other officers are chosen trom the council, This organization discusses problems ot the school and promotes activities and school spirit. The Student Council backs all drives and during its meetings discusses ideas and suggestions presented by the representatives. SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL Front Bow: Bernice Iohnson, Pauline Miller, Ioanne Smith, Maravine McConnell, Delores Lee, Maryle Nottage, Betty Leo, Evelyn Casciato, Sergeant-at-Arms, Melba Bavaro, Vice-President, Marjorie Lamprnan, Secretary, Elva Grant, Presi' dent. Second Row: Ruby Clausing, Eva Bonebrake, Miss Osburn, Adviser, Vataleen Clement, Betty Fritch, Charlene Addleman, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Lenore Evans, Thing: Row: Yvonne O'Coyne, Delores Pullman, Pat Murphy, lrene Green, Helen arr. FALL STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row: Rose Di Re, Vermadel lones, Shirley Watters, Ioan Kamphaus, Betty Beatty, Sally Todhunter, Delores Shepherd, Paula Hall, Marjorie Lampman, Betty Farley, President, Ierry Compton. Back Row: Lillian Anderson, Phyllis Wegener, Evelyn Bergquist, Aileen Laumann, Miss Osburn, Iackie Harris, Bonnie O'Coyne, Yvonne O'Coyne, Betty Leo, Vivian Leo, WAR BOARD The War Board is a representative body whose duty it is to promote within the school the activities tor the national War drives. They suce Ceeded in collecting 3248.25 tor the United War Chest tund, 35135.00 ot Waste paper and Sl3l.09 tor the March ot Dimes. They also worked on the tin can drive. SPRING WAR BOARD Seated: Phyllis Prouse, Mildred DePlois, Beverly Kemp, President, Beverly Stiegler, Rose Seid, Miss Hollenbeck. Second Bowi Wilma Morrison, Dorothy Tate, lanet lohnson, Shirley Batsch, Lila Van Slyke, Carol Hall, Nellie Cook, Maxine Atkeson. Third Row: Emilena Honneger, Vera Neilson, Ardis Osgood, Grace Dillery, Adeline Byers, Shirley Thornburg. FALL WAR BOARD Seated. Donna Lee Keller, Rita Watson, Lorraine Bud, Elva Grant, Melba Bavaro, Madge Wallace, President, Ardis Osgood, Philomena Rekart, Frances Pratt, lean Fulgham. Standing. Muriel Monnett, Rosemary Griffin, Lois White, Betty Fritch, Miss Hollen- beck, Colleen Hayes, Darlene Peterson. WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE The War Savings Committee in the tall term, l944, helped the students double their quota for the Sixth War Loan Drive. During the term the committee sponsored two assemblies to boost the sale ot stamps and bonds. "Reds Gang" from KOlN and entertainers from KGW made this possible. FALL WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE Seated: Anna Long, lanice Miller, Donna Come-lla, Norma Batie, Virginia Schoneger, Betty Landsem, Pat Murphy, Doris Underwood, Twila Peterson. Standing: Miss Rogers, Grace Clausing, Barbara Hopkins, Billie Conn, Geraldine Frey, Mary Lou Williams, Margaret Matson, President, Ellen Robinson, Rose Wiegel, Marcille Zook, Patricia Klug, loeann Stone, Lucille lohnson. SPRING WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE Seated: Miss Rogers, Eudelle Adams, Vice-President, Billie Io Barrett, President, Vermadel lones, Secretary, Donis Ringer, Treasurer, Alpha Searcie. Second Row: Eleanor Steigelmeier, Inez Boyer, Barbara Friese, Betty Ernst, Billie Conn, DeLores Schwinot, Claudine Young, Marie McNair. Third Row: Patsy Campbell, Marian Runge, Flora Hochswender, Betsey Rogers, Irene Flohr, Karleen Messler. w , , Z V ,, . 1' .4 ,mi , , ' f. Q , v A ,n , X 51, v 54, Q- ? 4 ? Y , 3' fs 7 'Q'f. . ' , ,a .Q-f.-Hun Y ' LM. ,,. w ' I - - NEW' - V . X , , 1 Q .e A 1 Af 2 . '4 1 ' I I A f '.W 2 N4 1 Z Q ' 4 ffw H 1 V, 1 A 4 ,, A . WJ 4 , '-' wi 3 - Q KB si? Q IS .fff , H , 'Q mx ' . 5- V' ' 44 . ' , an X , ' In 1 ' ' A ,f z, If Y X , A f. 1 f ,:. ' -, , - 1 'aw .M 1-N, Fl ' Q' H ,, 1 .1 , , 0- ,311 A , 5.5 , I- -H4 , f r:-1 ' -' 5 '-:N , ' '7 x N - V I 'fm , , - W K wg J' ,S -A '49 . ,., . -N .8 ff. 'M ,,, 1 1 H A LP :av , 1- . x . 1 ,, .7 ,,-tj: ' Li "".-K. 22 ' V4 ".- S , 9 ,1 If' 1 I , fl , 1 . J , Q " Q f xg. LM wx Z - . x " , Z . " ' M . Q -., . , N c Y" ' 1 . 'T ' " A, 5 ' 1" .' 1, V f' 11 3 J I x' 11" V -E ,, , 4 f .- X W f , x ,E X A ,. Q - 4 F V, , N . ' ' ,. , 1 f' L' . ix . -J ' 5 i -, - l 1 J 4 .nv L' .l., V x E' , X , . -V w x ' H X A 1 -X 4' I A fx. ' X 7. 'i,+g'w, , . . Qi, v V 1 , , X , , , ,k ' 1 ' . N 4 iq . 3 Q Cl . ,mi N ' - f7',.' ' V H Ng.. ,ya M X A . X-, . 'tg :Y . al. ., 'Av . ' ' .V Qi .. 5 v K 4 1 1 ' 1 -- E . , . Wy. Hifi f W K V a, X Q, X X NAM: x ,J ,fu v 4 Q , x P L L L POLYGRAPH The journalism class makes up the stall of the Polygraph, the weekly mimeographed newspaper issued every Monday alternoon to all holders ol student loody cards, As a special Christmas present to the student body the stall prepared a printed edition. This year the paper was mailed tree to all alumnae in military service whose addresses could be obtained. POLYGRAPH STAFF Fall Term Editor-Georgia Hendrick. Assistant Editor-Pauline Miller Feature Editor-Lois Douglas. Business Manager-Phyllis Wegener Art EditoreBillie lo Barrett Spring Term Editor-Gladia Durig. Assistant Editor-Phyllis Wegener, l:'eatui'e Editors-Gereldine Bates. Circulation Manager-Pat Murphy. Advertising Manager-lune Mitchell. Art Editors-Bose Seicl, Darlene Peterson. FALL POLYGRAPH STAFF Seated: Pat McCormick, Pauline Miller, Carmen Mecharn. Standingi Phyllis Prouse, lacqueline Proclc, Georgia Hendrick, Editor, Lois Douglas, Billie lo Barrett, Phyllis Wegener, Beverlee Batie, Miss Hansen, Adviser, loyce luuyben, Beverly Kemp POLYTECHNIC MAID STAFF From left: Dorothy Aasen ...,.. ..,..,.. A rt Editor Donna Comella .4,... Business Manager Lois Cooper. . . ............ Editor Madge Wallace ........ Assistant Editor Beverlee Batie .,.. Advertising Manager lean Huntington ..Fall Associate Editor The members ot the staff Wish to ex- press their appreciation tor the time and effort put torth by the faculty and stu- dents to help make this book a success. POLYMAID SALES STAFF First Roweloeann Stone, Faith Wild, Rita Watson, Arlene Robinson, lean Di Re, Bernice Iohnson, Iessie Legg. Second Row-Carolyn Conner, Sylvia Hopkins, Evelyn M. Iohnson, Dorothy Aasen, Ruth Kalber, Carmen Mecham, Frances Earls. Third Row4Marvel Mercer, Mary Ann Welch, lean Fulgharn, Colleen Slyter, Shirley Dobak, loan Luyben. Advisersvlfall, Miss S. Aurelia Burch, Spring, Miss Eleanor Hansen, Mrs. lsae bel Colvin. Art Adviser-Mrs. Martha Eloener. Art Assistants-Betty Beatty, Rose Seid, Darlene Peterson. Ad Solicitors-Vermadel lones, Delores Pearson, Lona Marie Tobias, Betty Mar- tin, Betty Farley, Lois Douglas, Virginia Ramsey, Geraldine Brown. 3 if 1 . mf 4 ww -:' X i A A A I , 2, LQQQM 5 s . l A ' :limi ,pw 1 WW QQ, ,, , , "Www Q m ES E? greg gi iw M ', g, - - ' f 1 , .- .1 L, - -X L nw , . Q , , v 1 A , , 1 1 'af W . I -, fp z' X 1, -51' ,IVL ' -. I., Q ,VA 371, 5 1 5. .1 Q I ' , Q . W, ,UI 2' 4 N, , ' ,gn -1 'i , Q ', - . N. , ,. ,H . ,K , ,K ,gf- Y . , ,Lf .-A Q! ' 'AI lf' , :- ,' yn, 1" 4: '-I ' H I ' .lm '-V, 5 :- ' f 1.511 '-11,5 311 V V ,. ', ..', . . 1: 4"g5wF,e1zu x N, .,M..4,,w ,,. ,, . :,.,,E,, N fir' -.w 'v 1 f- 'SW' pu? ff' 1 .rr W.. 9 . 4 - -r' f K . v ' . X 3 1 a, K . Q . . . uh, Q 1, ...x X Q- . ,V v-,,. 4 f ,Y , x,' ' -J. SXKSQYX 4 QNX P . ffl rf BETTY FARLEY ELVA GRANT ' Student Body Pres., lan. Student Body Pres , Iune Q .. - lOYCE LUYBEN MARIORIE LAMPMAN Senior Class Pres., Ian. Senior Class Pres., Tune . X X VIVIAN LEO Treas., Ian. MADGE WALLACE Treas., Tune BETTY WESTOVER Se-:,, lan. DONNA COMELLA Sec., Iune 53 ,X SENIOR CLASS ROSTER-JANUARY Altermatt. Dorothy lean-Four Year Regular, Clothing Bastian. Margaret Alenee-Four Year Regular, Clothing. and Art. President, Vice-President, Aviation Club, Poly Stepper Club, Aviation Club. Oregon State, Art Student Council, Poly Steppers. Work and Art School. School. Anderson. Margaret Lillian-Four Year Special, Cloth- Batsch, Martha May-Pour Year Special, Clothing. Viv- ing. Freshie Princess, Secretary, Victory Club, Student tory Corps, Red Cross Sewing, Croix Rouge, Smile- Council. Waves. Awliile Club. Work. Altermatt Anderson an Bastian Batscli Martha Batsch, Mary Becker Bell Blackman Bowen Brice Brown Brugato Crayne D'Arigelo Darnell Doern Batsch, Mary lane-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Secre- tary, Croix Rouge, Srnile-Awhile Club. Work. Becker, Irmgard-Four Year Special, Clothing. Victory Club. Business School, Work. Bell, Clarice Elaine-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Vice- President, Aviation Club. Furrier, Oregon State. Blackman, Betty Lou-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Stu- dent Council, War Board Alternate, lunior Red Cross, Roller Skating Club. Sales Clerk. Bowen, Theresa Agnes-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Secretary, Stitch-'n-Rip, Student Council, Red Cross Sewing, Ticket Salesgirl, Senior Class Play. Oregon State. Brice, Olive Elizabeth-Four Year Regular, Foods. Knit- ting Club, Bowling Club, Iunior Red Cross, Senior Class Play. Nursing. Brown, Geraldine Mae-Four Year Regular, Foods. Vice- President, Croix Rouge, Poly Steppers, Aviation Club. College. Brugato, Marie Ann-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Treasurer, Aviation, Sergeant-at-Arms, Croix Rouge. College. Crayne, Norma May-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Poly Steppers, Victory Club. Ticket Salesgirl for two Class Plays. Nurse. Housewife. Douglas Farley Fromme Hall D'Angelo. Gloria Velia-Four Year Special, Clothing. Sergeant-at-Arms, Polyettes, Student Council, War Board Alternate. College. Darnell, Glen Ann-Four Year Regular, Foods. Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, Aviation Club, 4-H Club. Nurse. Doern, Vera Katherine-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Secretary, Aviation Club. Business College. Douglas, Lois-Four Year Regular, Clothing. President, Vice-President, Sergeant-at-Arms, Polyettes, Presi- dent, Red Cross, President, Croix Rouge, War Board, Student Council, Feature Editor, Polygraph, Advertis- ing, Yearbook, Senior Class Play, Chairman, Senior Day. Oregon State. Farley, Elizabeth Mary-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Student Body President, Vice-President, Secretary, Student Council, Aviation Club, Polyettes, Poly Step- pers, Archery Club, Ad Solicitor, Yearbook, Stage Manager, Senior Class Play, Co-Chairman, Senior Day. Oregon State. Fromme, Mildred Ieanette-Four Year Special, Clothing. Roller Skating Club, Poly Steppers, PropertLMan- ager, Senior Class Play. Business College. Hall, Paula Francis-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Vice- President, War Board, Vice-President, Student Coun- cil, Polyettes, Aviation Club, Class Play. College. Hart, Lovisa May-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Vice- President, War Board Alternates, Secretary, Polyettes, Allied Youth, Work in Salesroom, Ticket Chairman, Senior Class Play. College. Hendrick, Georgia Mae-Four Year Regular, Foods. President, Red Cross Knitting, Sergeant-at-Arms, Stu- dent Council, Sergeant-at-Arms, War Board, Editor, Polygraph, Thespian Club, Croix Rouge Club, Stu- dent Director, Senior Class Play. University ot Wash- ington. Huntington, lean La Rita-Four Year Regular, Foods. Freshie Princess, President, Secretary, Thespians, Vice-President, Parnassian Club, Student Council, War Board, Poly Steppers, Poly Peppers, Associate Editor, Salesgirl, Ad Solicitor, Yearbook, Senior Class Play, Marylhurst College. Hurley, Beverly Ann-Four Year Regular, Clothing, War Board Alternate, Knitting Club, Croix Rouge, All-one List, Business College. Iuretic, Agnes Mary-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Un- decided, Kolke, Kathleen Doreta-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Secretary, War Board, Student Council, Poly Peppers, Poly Steppers, Roller Skating Club, Allied Youth. College, Leo, Vivian-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Sergeant-at- Arms, Student Council, Silver Skating Club, Allied Youth, Polyettes, Iunior Roadside Council, Poly Step- pers, Treasurer, Senior Class. Northwestern Business College. Lougheed, Zell Doreene-Pour Year Regular, Clothing. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Iunior Roadside Council, Red Cross Sewing, Three Senior Class Plays. Housewife. Luyben, Ruth Ioyce-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Sec- retary, War Board, Secretary, War Board Alternates, Secretary, Allied Youth, Student Council, Poly Step- pers, Thespians, Polygraph, Roller Skating Club, President, Senior Class, Senior Class Play. Cadet Nurse. Eastern Oregon College of Education. Matson, Margaret Elizabeth-Four Year Regular, Cloth- ing. President, War Savings Committee, Polyettes, Silver Skating Club, Roller Skating Club, Poly Step- pers, Allied Youth, Senior Class Play. Housewife. Ramsey, Virginia Ann-Four Year Regular, Foods.. Ser- geant-at-Arms, Aviation Club, Croix Rouge, Poly Steppers, Senior Girl Scouts, Operetta, Senior Class Play, Ticket Salesgirl, Class Play. Oregon State Col- lege. Snyder, Eleanor LaVelle-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Student Council, Poly Steppers, Roller Skating Club. Work. Turner, Gladys Irene--Four Year Regular, Clothing. President, Treasurer, Program Chairman, Tri-Y, Iunior Red Cross, War Board, Assembly Committee, Victory Club, Bowling. University oi Oregon. West, Nellie-Four Year Regular, Foods. lunior Road- side Council, Allied Youth. Work. Westover, Betty Darling-Four Year Regular, Clothing. President, Roller Skating Club, Student Council, Bowling Club, Polyettes, Work in Salesroom, Secre- tary, Senior Class. University of Oregon. Williams, Wanda lean-Four Year Regular, Foods. lunior Roadside Council, Red Cross Knitting, Allied Youth, Senior Class Play. Housewife. Hart Hendrick Huntington Hurley Iuretic Kolke Leo Lougheed Luyben Matson Ramsey Snyder Turner West Westover Williams Aasen. Dorothy La Iane-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Student Council 5, Iunior Red Cross 7, Thespians 6, Art Editor, Yearbook 7, 8, Salesgirl, Yearbook 8, Senior Class Play 8. Work, Art School. Ankeney, Velma Iune-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Treasurer, Allied Youth 7, 8. College. Arney. Alva May-Three Year Regular, Foods. Vice- President 7, Treasurer 2, Thespians l-7, Polymaid Show 5,7. Bowling Alley Proprietor. Atkinson. Mary Lou-Four Year Regular, Clothing. War Board 3, Knitting Club 5, Aviation 6, 7, Allied Youth 8. Business College. Barrett. Billie Io-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Secre- tary 7, lunior Red Cross 7, President 8, War Savings Committee 8, Art Editor 7, Polygraph 7, Victory Corps 4, Poly Steppers l-4, Ticket Salesgirl, Class Play 3, May Princess 6, Polyettes 5-8, Senior Class Play 8. Undecided. 0 Bates, Geraldine Ruth-Four Year Regular, Foods. Stu- dent Council 2, Secretary, lunior Roadside Council 7-8, Allied Youth 6, 7, 8. University of Washington, Newspaper Work. Batie, Beverlee Ann-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Stu- dent Council 6, Victory Corps 5, Polygraph 7, Poly Steppers l-6, Aviation 3, 7, Secretary 6. Polyettes 5-8, Advertising Manager, Yearbook 8. University of Ore- gon Aasen Ankeney Arney Atkinson Barrett Bates Batie Bavaro Benson Bentley Bolen Boring Brault Campbell Carr Chapin Bavaro, Melba Mary-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Vice- President 8, Student Council 8, Vice-President 7, War Board 6, 7, Secretary 5, 6, Iunior Roadside Coun- cil 2-6, Thespianettes 7, Thespians 7, 8, Allied Youth 7, Polyettes 5-8, Senior Class Play 8. Radio School, College. Benson, Florence Ieanette-Four Year Regular, Cloth- ing. Work, Bentley. Mary Ellen-Four Year Regular, Clothing. President 7, Tri-Y 5-7, Linfield College. Bolen. Virginia Marie-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Student Council l, War Board Alternate 4,6, War Board 5, Poly Steppers l-3, Knitting Club 5,6, Smile- Awhile 7. Undecided. Boring, Sylvia-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Student Council 4, Bowling Club 8. Undecided. Brault, Betty Arlene-Four Year Regular, Retailing. Horizon 7. Dramatic School. Campbell. Patsy Lee-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Secretary 6, War Savings Committee 6, 8, Smile- Awhile 7, Poly Steppers l, 2. Undecided. Carr. Lois Ann Iacqueline-Four Year Regular, Art. Student Council 7. Advertising. Chapin. Eva Barbara Marie-Four Year Regular, Cloth- ing. Treasurer 6, Smile-Awhile 5, 6, Polyettes 7, 8. Undecided. Christy. Mary Elnora-Four Year Special, Clothing. Horizon 7, 8. Cadet Nurse Corps. Claggett, Mary Victoria-Four Year Regular, Retailing. Tri-Y 6, 7, Red Cross 6. Linfield College. Comella. Donna Ieanne-Four Year Regular, Clothing. War Board 6, Vice-President 7, War Savings Commit- tee 7, Freshie Queen 1, President 3, Secretary 2, Treasurer, 7, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, Roller Skating 2-8, Aviation 3, Allied Youth 4, President 8, Polyettes 5-8, Secretary, Senior Class 8, Business Manager, Year- book 7, 8. Oregon State. Connor, Cecile Ioan-Four Year Regular, Retailing. Smile-Awhile 7, Allied Youth 8. College. Cooper. Lois Virginia-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Student Council 3, 4, War Board 6, Ticket Salesgirl, Yearbook 4, Aviation 4, Ticket Salesgirl, Class Play 5, Vice-President 8, Treasurer 5, 6, Poly Steppers l-8, President 7, Secretary 4, Roller Skating 3-8, P.T.A. Study Group 7, 8, Editor-in-Chief, Yearbook 7,8. Uni- versity of Oregon. Crawiord, Helen Le Verne--Four Year Regular, Cloth- ing. Poly Steppers l, 2, Tri-Y 2, Allied Youth 7, Iunior Roadside Council 8. Undecided. Dawes, Catherine Lee-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Victory Club 7, Allied Youth 6-8. Secretary. Erickson, Doris Ruth-Three Year Regular, Clothing. Red Cross 3, Poly Steppers 1, 2, Stitch 'n Rip 3, Sec- retary 6, Victoriettes 4-6. Undecided. Freeman. Betty Ioan-Four Year Regular, Foods. Presi- dent 7, Secretary, Treasurer 8, Horizon 7, 8. College. Christy Claggett Comella Connor Cooper Crawford Dawes Frickson Freeman Prey Frock Fulgham Graclt Grant Hagenah Haner Frey. Geraldine Leona-Four Year Regular, Clothing. War Savings Committee 6, War Board 4, Sergeant-at- Arms, Silver Skating 6, Aviation 4, 5, Polymaid Show 7. College. Frock, Iacqueline Rose-Three Year Regular, Clothing. Roller Skating 6, 7. Housewife. Fulgham. lean Phillis--Four Year Regular, Clothing. War Board 7, President 7, Parnassian 4, 5, 7, Thes- pians 4, Aviation 5, Victory Corps 3, Silver Skating 7, 8, Ad-Solicitor, Yearbook 5, Senior Class Play 6, Salesgirl, Yearbook 8. University of Oregon, Nurse. Gradt. Margaret Threasa-Four Year Regular, Clothing. lunior Roadside Council 7, Allied Youth 7. Nurse. Grant. Elva Mae-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Student Body President 7, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, War Board 5, Roller Skating l, Allied Youth Z, Tri-Y 3, Poly Step- pers 4, 7, Vice-President 6, Silver Skating 6, Aviation 5, 6. Willamette University. Teacher. Hagenah, Peggy Lorraine-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Poly Steppers l-4, 6, Iunior Roadside Council 7, 8, Allied Youth 7, 8. Work. Hauer, Shirley Io-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Student Council 7, President 8, Silver Skating 7, 8, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, Aviation 3-5. Cadet Nurse Corps. Harris, Iacqueline Elaine-Three Year Regular, Foods. Student Council 5, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, 6, Patriettes 3-6. Beauty College. 'PQ Hopkins, Barbara Lawrence-Four Year Regular, Foods. War Savings Committee 6, lunior Roadside Council 6, 7. Waves. Hunt. Mariellen-Three Year Regular, Clothing and Re- tailing. Secretary 8, Roller Skating 5, 8. Undecided. lacobs, Alice Elizabeth-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Poly Steppers l-4, Victory Club 6-8, Aviation 5. Work. Iohnsen, Lucille Anita-Four Year Regular, Foods. Presi- dent, Purc 5, Victory Club 7, War Savings Committee 7. Work. Iohnson. Ianet Aileen-eFour Year Regular, Clothing. War Board 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Poly Peppers 4, Poly Steppers 4, Roller Skating 6, 7. X-ray Work. Iohnson. Frances Patricia-Three Year Regular, Foods. Roller Skating Club 7. Housewife. Iones. Vermadel Katherine-Four Year Regular, Foods. Student Council 7, Secretary-Treasurer 8, War Sav- ings Committee 8, Vice-President 8, Sergeant-at-Arms 7, Polyettes 6-8, Smile-Awhile 7, Costume Chairman, Senior Class Play 8, College. Karr, Mary Iuanita-Four Year Regular, Clothing and Retailing. Secretary, Knitting Club 6. Portland Beauty Academy. Harris 2 5 Hopkins Hunt I lacobs E lohnsen lohnson, Ianet lones Karr Kauffman Kemp Kinion Klug Lamprnan Leake Logan Lundberg Kauiiman. Mildred Doris-Two Year Regular, Clothing. Poly Steppers l-4, Roller Skating 3, 4. Housewife. Kemp, Beverly Ann-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Pres- ident 8, War Board 8, War Savings Committee 6, Croix Rouge 5, Polyettes 5-8. Oregon State. Kennedy, Harriet E.-Three Year Regular, Foods. Pub- licity Chairman 8, Roller Skating 5,6. Business Col- lege. Kinion, Hazel Nadine-Four Year Regular, Foods. Vice- President 8, lunior Roadside Council 2-8. Willamette University. Klug. Patricia Ann-Four Year Regular, Foods. War Sav- ings Committee 7, Horizon l, lunior Roadside Council 2, 4, 6, Victory Club 7. College. Lampman. Marjorie Kathleen-Four Year Regular, Cloth- ing. Secretary 8, Treasurer 4, Student Council 4-8, War Board 6, Secretary 2, Poly Steppers l, 2, Presi- dent, Senior Class 8, Senior Play Class Play 8. Bible Institute ot Los Angeles. Leake. Arlene Margaret-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Work. Logan, Dorthy ElleneFour Year Regular, Foods. Victory Club 6, 7. University ol Washington. Lundberg. Carolyn Louise-Four Year Regular, Art and Clothing. Vice-President 7, Allied Youth 4-8, lunior Roadside Council 6-8. University ot Oregon. Costume Designer. Maclnnis, Bertha-Four Year Regular, Clothing. tNot graduatingl MacLean, Beverly lean4Three Year Regular, Clothing. Chairman, Poster Committee 5, War Board 5, Poly Steppers l, 2, Tri-Y 5, Knitting Club 4, lunior Road- side Council 6. Undecided. Martin, Betty Mae-Four Year Regular, Clothing. War Board Alternate 6, lunior Roadside Council 2, Poly Steppers 3, 4, Aviation 8. Cadet Nurse Corps. McDonald. Georgene I.-Four Year Regular, Foods. Student Council 6, Victoriettes 5-6, Polyettes 8. Un- decided. Menolascina, Bianca Valencia-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Secretary-Treasurer 8, Victory Club 5-8. Work, College. Monnett, De Laura Ieanne-Four Year Regular, Foods. Roller Skating 7, 8, Poly Steppers 7, 8, Tri-Y Z, 3, 5, 7, 8. Nurse. Morlan, Evelyn Marie-Four Year Regular, Clothing. College, Aeronautics. Morrill, Shirley Ann-Four Year Regular, Foods. Poly Steppers 8. College. Maclnnis MacLean Martin McDonald Menolascina Monnett Morlan Morrill Mulkey Nickerson O'Dell O'Neil Osgood Pearson Peterson Pierce Mulkey, Inez lean-Four Year Special, Foods. Poly- graph 4, 6, Tri-Y 7, Victory Club 4. Work. Nickerson. Ramona Rachel-Four Year Regular, Cloth- ing. Allied Youth 7, lunior Roadside Council 8. Music. O'Dell. Zella Luene-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Rol- ler Skating 6, Thespians 7, 8. College. O'Neil. Ila Pearl-Four Year Regular, Retailing. Sales- woman. Osgood, Ardis Lorraine-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Press Chairman 6, Assembly Chairman 7, 8, War Board 6-8, Red Cross 6, Secretary 6, Allied Youth 5-7, Polyettes 8, Ad-Solicitor, Yearbook 4, Senior Class Play 8. College. Pearson, Delores-Four Year Regular, Foods. Aviation 8, Ad-Solicitor, Yearbook 8. Cadet Nurse Corps. Peterson. Darlene Maxine-Four Year Regular, Cloth- ing. Publicity Chairman, War Board 7, Art Editor, Polygraph 8, lunior Red Cross 8, Allied Youth 6, 8, lunior Roadside Council 8. Cadet Nurse Corps, Pierce, Audrey Lorraine-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Vice-President 5, Tri-Y 4-6, Sergeant-at-Arms, 8, Silver Skating 7, 8. Cadet Nurse Corps. 'X -vc Raab Robinson, Ellen Robinson, Grace Rogers Sampert Sawyer Sayles Shonnesan Raab. Margaret-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Iunior Red Cross 7, Athletic Club 5, Silver Skating 8. Wom- en's Marine Corps. Robinson. Ellen Loie-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Publicity Chairman, War Savings Committee 6, Red Cross 5, Tri-Y 5, 7, Croix Rouge 4, 5, Polyettes 8. ln- terior Decorator. Robinson, Grace Louise-Four Year Regular, Retailing. Knitting Club 7, 8. lnterior Decorator. Rogers. Betty lean-Four Year Regular, Foods. Iunior Roadside Council 8, Tri-Y 7, Allied Youth 8. Telephone Operator. Sampert. Betty Mae-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Iunior Red Cross 5, Aviation 4, 7. College. Nurse. Sawyer, Claudea Matilda-Four Year Regular, Art. Thespians 7, 8. Business College. Sayles. Dorothy Alice-Four Year Regular, Clothing. War Board Alternates 3, 4, Tri-Y 5, 6, 8, Croix Rouge 2, Aviation 5. Undecided. Shonnesan, Corinne Lillian-Four Year Regular, cloth- ing. Poly Steppers l, 4. Work. Business School. Sigrist Smith Stafford Stichler Tobias Walker Wallace Sigrist. Patricia Frieda-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Vice-President 6, Thespians 5, 6, Aviation 8. Univer- sity of Oregon. Buyer. Smith. Marine Anita-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Thespians l, After School Sports l, 4, Secretary 6, Tri-Y 5, 6, Allied Youth 6, 8. College. Stafford, Shirley Ann-Four Regular, Clothing. War Board 3, Student Council 7, Red Cross 5, 8, Secretary, Iunior Roadside Council 4, 5, Tri-Y 7, Silver Skating 8. Business College. Stichler. Geraldine Ioyce-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Patriettes 7, 8. Telephone Operator. Tobias. Lona Marie-Four Year Regular, Foods. Avia- tion 8, Ad-Solicitor, Yearbook 8. Work. Walker, Rebecca lane-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Undecided. Wallace, Madge Eileen-Four Year Regular, Art. Presi- dent 7, Treasurer 4, War Board 1, 4, 7, Vice-President 5, 6, Secretary 3, 4, Poly Steppers l-6, Thespians 3, Allied Youth 5, Vice-President 7, Treasurer 8, Poly- ettes 5-8, May Queen 6, Polymaid Show 8, Ticket Sale Chairman, Senior Class Play 8, Assistant Editor, Year- book 7, 8, Treasurer, Senior Class 8. Civil Service. Weber. Eleanor Mae-Four Year Special, Clothing. Stu- dent Council 3-51 Poly Peppers Z, 35 Steppers 3-55 Stitch 'n Rip 5. Beauty College. Wegener. Phyllis Ieanne-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Student Council 75 War Board 6, Associate Editor 85 Business Manager 7, Polygraph 7, 8, Vice-President 7, Thespians 6-8, Secretary 7, Roller Skating 6-85 Poly- ettes 85 Senior Class Play 8. College. Welke, Wilma lean-Four Year Regular, Foods. Student Council 45 Vice-President 8, Smile-Awhile 6-8. Busi- ness College. Zook, Marcille Belle-Four Year Regular, Clothing. Treasurer 6, War Board 6, War Savings Committee 75 President 5, Red Cross Sewing 55 Allied Youth 8. Western Theological Seminary. Weber Wegener Welke Zook HAIL TO DEAR OLD POLY Hail to clear old Poly, a salute to you Hours ot fun so jolly We spend, dear school, with you so tried and true. Friends that We have made here We'll cherish through the years. We will hold on high your banner Showing you in loyal manner That were all for you. Seatedi lean Huntington, Virginia Ramsey, Paula Hall, loyce Luyben. Standing: Margaret Matson, Wanda Williams, Zell Lougheed, Olive Brice, Lois Douglas. SENIOR CLASS PLAY "The Nutt Family" November l7, l944 Directors: Doris Smith, Alice Smith. Flag Salute. Piano Concerto' -Aileen Laumann. Scene: Living room ot Crestdale, a summer home, located near a mountain resort. "The Nutt Family" is a tast-moving farce in three acts. lt concerns a sane family with in- sane names. A movie star and her maid come to Crestdale but complications set in when the Nutt family, Larry Smart, his exftiancee, Charlotte Neal, and his aunt Vivian, begin to think that everyone is crazy. Bea Wise is the manager of Crestdale and the complications are straightened out when Helen, the owner ot the resort, comes back and decides to keep her home. CAST Orestus ........ ..........,.. D on English Bea Wise ......... .... W anda Williams Sylvia Gaylord .... ......., O live Brice . . . . .Lois Douglas Cerise ..,...... . . . . . , .Howard Wicklund Mrs. Nutt ..... ..,.. Z ell Lougheed . , . . . .Carl Prier . . ,. . . .Paula Hall . .lean Huntington . . . . . .Al Casciato Larry Smith.. . Phineas Nutt . . . lma Nutt .... Lila ........... . Wall Nutt ..... .... Aunt Vivian Teppe ........... Ioyce Luyben Charlotte Neal . . , . . .... Virginia Ramsey Helene Shelton ..... ..,. M argaret Matson Between Acts l and ll Soloe"The Last Bose ol Summer", Beatrice Menolascina. H and lll "Mary 'tains the Vistors"4Little Mary, Evelyn Casciato, Visitor, Colleen Cross. Popular SongsfGeorgene Ormston. l.eft to right: Billie lo Barrett, Phyllis: Wegener, Mar1oriel.aiiiprnan Ardis Osgood, Melba Bavaro, Lona Marie Tobias, Dorothy Aasen SPRING CLASS PLAY "Belles in Waiting", a gay and human cornf edy by Barbara West, was presented April l3. The "belles" in question find themselves put on the waiting list by their own charming mother. Finally the girls decide to use a ruse to gain back the attentions of their hearts' desires. Many exciting and humorous epif sodes developwand the girls succeed. Mrs. Doris Smith, Miss Alice Smith and Mrs. lsabel Colvin were the directors, The cast was as follows: Cynthia Sherwood A A , T . . , Melba Bavaro Doctor Sherwood . .,..i.. Bod Clifton Sandy . . A , . . . . , Phyllis Wegener loan . . .Lona Marie Tobias Kathie . . . . Billie lo Barrett Mrs. Smith . i ,.,,. .Ardis Qsgood Allie . . . . Marjorie laarnpman Mary A . . . , . , , Dorothy Aasen Professor Blake. . Carl Cfregersen Ted Sanders . . , . . Al Casciato limmy . .. , Don English Evelyn Casciato was the prompter, Donna Cornella had charge ot the ushers, lnez Mule key, curtain, Al Casciato, lights, Vermadel lones, costumes, Maxine Smith, make-up, Darlene Peterson, stage manager, lanet lohn son and Louise Lundberg, properties. ROSE FESTIVAL PRINCESS PresentingfMelba Mary Bavaro, Rose Festival Princess for 1945. This light brownehaired, blue-eyed princess is five feet five inches tall and was born in Seattle, Washington on May 17, 1928. During the four years at Girls' Polytech- nic Melba took part in many activities, including Thespianettes, Thespians, Pollyettes and Allied Youth. She held offices in the Iunior Roadside Council and War Board and in her senior term she was vice-president of Student Counf cil, Melba did an excellent job in por- traying the lead in the Senior Class Play. Her warm friendliness and happy personality Won the admiration of her schoolmates. . IUNE MITCHELL. MAY QUEEN lune was elected by the students to rule over the Spring Show. Her election boosted the sale of war stamps and bonds, since the pure chase of the stamps entitled the buyer to vote. FIRST TERMERS One hundred and titty-seven excited young girls came to Girls' Polytechnic in September and titty-three joined the ranks in Ianuary. Their predominant first term color was green, but the color slowly faded as they asked more and more questions. They made graphs of the building which helped them as they stumbled around in exploration. They had classes in social living which taught them to work and play together. Their biggest nemesis was beginning mathef matics. The clubs opened their activities to these new students and by the time second term rolled around they were veterans, Whos the greenest in the school? Whos the dumbest, as a rule? Whos the easiest to tool? A freshman! Who's the truest for a friend? Any errand-Whos to send? Who's the senior in the end? That freshman! SECOND AND THIRD TERMERS During the second and third term the girls had training in home nursing and personality. Busy outside of classes with clubs and activities, the girls became firmly established in the traditions of Girls Poly. The story of her first real date of many a girl was being whispered confidentially to a friend, Time moved on and the former beginners were grownfup high school students. Sophomores, juniorsfthe great middle classes: Chubby and tatg Thin as Lack Spratg Blue eyes and brown eyes and eyes behind glasses? In sweaters and skirts, Loafers and shirts, Pigtailed and pincurled and bobbyfsoxed lassesl FOURTH AND FIFTH TERMERS Fourth term girls explored the biology classes and supposedly learned the facts of lite. They were assisted in their work by "l-ledy" and her boy-friend l'Cutie", who was a recent addition to the department. They were also given intensive vocational guidance during these terms. N 3 lt? ,ll l SIXTH TERMERS ln the sixth term, many girls had an opportunity to broadcast over the current series of the school radio program. They enjoyed American literature and cur- rent history, lt was with mixed feelings ol regret and anticipation that they went forward to their last term in Girls Poly. SENIORS Beautiful creatures in pincurls and culottes, Flyfaway hair-dos and smoothies who do lots Of giggling and grabbing and reading ol letters And think that the rest should look up to their betters. These are the seniors. We love 'e-rn, no doubt, Seniors, Girls Poly just Can't do without? i Transfer girls-and girls absent when class pictures were taken Spring First Termers. Will you have me? -Stairsteps to knowledge 4Always Hungry!! Ladies in Waiting. Two Aga1ns1One Friend Barbara. -Mrs. Fowler. -Matron ol Honor. -The large and Small of it -Year's Outstanding Music Student. -"Oh, that bonnellu -"Nowfstudenlsl" f'lGlrls'Polytechn1c' fllome Work???'? -Clothes Hationincf? fLook! Boys! fliflorale Builder, ASDYIHQ planting, fStage Crew lor '45 -Pity the Pedestrlans. -Double Dignity. -Such a Little Mammal fShare and Share Alike, -All two of a kind. AFIVP Notes Toqether 42" Awww GYM Now they look neat, poised and cool as they play in the spacious, sunlit gym- nasium. But the girls will tell you they roll, struggle and get begrimed. They'll complain about aches and painsg of coming out from their showers With stringing hair to find no towelg of being late to class and oh, so tiredl You'll hear them complainibut would they miss it? No-gym class is one of the best. FOODS "The Way to a man's heart" or any- one's appetite is through the foods classes. Only the tempting aromas and an occasional tantalizing sample get outside of the foods domain, but the girls in the classes relish the fluffy ome- lets, homefmade rolls, spicy cookies and tender cakes. Not all tender? Not so spicy? Maybe not, at first try, but the class is a laboratory and experiments are necessary. The Wellvfurnished prac- tice apartment affords a place for the girls to serve the prepared food attrac- tively, in a home-like setting. CLOTHING Cutting, pinning, basting, fitting, stitching and pressing are fun in spacious, Well-lighted clothing roorns. The triple rnirrors give good service in other ways, especially when the girls comb their curls before the tardy bell. This year rnore than ever before Polymaids have found that through the clothing classes they can be well dressed despite wartime shortages. ART All is grist that comes to the artist's inill old newspapers, pins, paint, ink, fingers, rnud, brushes, chalk, pencils, charcoal, spray ers, shellac and countless other things. Design, perspective, color harmony and contrast, use of various rnedia are inysteries of art to the uninitiated but everyday niatters to the art student. Even chalk dust in ones nose and modeling clay under one's finger nails don't discourage budding Michael angelos. vm if Q A f M x xii ii. -my Swmf -59816 Af www' ,Mi Ay Mijn S A,:AA,Q Q M Q ,sz ik ,Vw M - 5 is mf M, Q f xv 1, 3 ,f" 1 f . in , ?- . Ag' -f ' e 5 ' - - 1 E Eg 'ij N , XX? 4 S .. 4 r I i A - 'B i-, ,1 I 3 . Lf, l S 1991 'MQ SXRSQYX WYS POLYETTES The Folyettes is a service club made up ol juniors and seniors. The members usher at school assemblies, senior class plays, coin mencement and other programs. New mein bers are chosen by vote ot the entire club First row Beverly Kemp, Melba Bavaro, Betty Farley, Madge Wallace, Eva Chapin Second row, Lois Cooper, lorry Compton, Ming: English, Margaret Matson, Lovisa Hart Third row: Vivian Leo, Beverlee Batie, Donna Comella, Lois Douglas, Persis Wick Fourth rowi Betty Westover, Billie Io Barrett, Philornena Bekart, Verrnadel loneas, Gloria D'Angelo. AVIATION CLUB The Aviation Club was started to lurtlier interest in aviation in the student body. Dur ing the regular meeting the members study magazines and hear talks on topics relating to aviation. At joint meetings with Benson there are lectures by the boys and outside speakers. First row: Marie Brugato, Clarice Bell, llvelyn lohnson, Ienny Beghitto. Second row: luanita Beese, Louise Sellican, Paula Hall, Margaret Bastian, Betty Farley, Vera lion-rn, Bosalie White, Dolores Starbarrl, Tliayda Powell Third row. Betty Sanipert, Betty Taylor, Mary Lou Williams, Carol l-lall, Beverly Stiegler LA GOLONDRINA fRol1er Skating Clubl La Golondrina Skating Club promotes interest and enjoyment in roller skate dancing. loint meetings are held with Benson and the mem- bers go skating every other week throughout the school year. ln activity period the members knit squares for atghans and prepare bound book supplements and story anthologies tor the Red Cross. Seated: Delores Woodin, Claudine Young. First row: Ioie Newman, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Arlene Fuller, Lois Cooper, President, Georgine Ormstead, Phyllis Scott, Mildred Fromme, Lydia Woodin, Virginia Schoneger. Second row: Ruth Matthews, Elaine Helmer, Rosemarie Gould, Dorothy Goss, Donna Comella, Treasurer, Nita Newman, Pat Blackwell, Pat Williams, Bonnie O'Coyne, Third row: Virginia Lee, Eleanor Snyder, Ruby Nelson, Beverly Newby, Carolyn lones, Mrs. Van Scoyoc, Norma Batie, lerry Compton, Phyllis Wegener, Secree tary, Iackie Frock, Rosemary lones, DeLaura Monnett, Pauline Novick, Muriel Monnett. SILVER SKATING CLUB The Silver Skating Club is a new club organized this year to encour- age interest in ice skating. loint meetings are held with Benson every other week to discuss the activities ot the club. Each week the club goes skating. Seated: Vivian Leo, Margaret Matson, Elva Grant, Shirley Watters. Second row: Pat Murphy, Shirley Io Haner, Geraldine Frey, Ruth Kalber, lean Fulgham, Vera Hayes, Corinne Bundy, Ruth Mehren. Third row: Iulia Skopec, Lillian Fink, Betty Duvall. POLY STEPPERS The object of the Poly Stepper Club is to promote an interest in dancing among the students of Girls Polytechnic and Benson. Members are taught the basic ballroom dance steps and at the same time are qiven the opportunity to make new friends. THESPIAN CLUB The purposes of the Thespian Club are to promote an interest in dramatics and to learn how to make the best ot natural talents. Thes- pians must be third-termers or above and must have a recommendation from the Thespianette Club. Seated: Phyllis Wegener, Zella O'Dell, luanita Rober, Ieanette Barron. Standing: Miss Alice Smith, lean Huntington, Nadine Bishop, Melba Bavaro, Christeen Iohnson, Lois Coyner, Wanda Wollam, loyce Luyben, Ruth Steiger, Claudea Sawyer, Sylvia Hopkins, loan Luyben, Catherine Giunta. THESPIANETTES The Thespianettes' program has been filled with activity. Stage-busi- ness, along with applying stage makeup and learning lines, has been included in the list ot club activities. The presentation ot choral readings and acting by the members showed some talented Thespianettes. First row: Rose Di Re, Mary Wilson, Bernice lohnson, Cecelia Kinney, Wanda Clanahan, Anola Goodwin, Shirley Thornburg, Phyllis Kincheloe. Second row: Lorraine Groeger, Frances Gilbert, Eleanor Steigelmeier, Mary Ellen Waller, Lila Van Slyke, Mary Lee Kerler, Patsy Ball, Patty Ray, Virginia Simmons, Lorita Brug, Betty Zoe Zimmerman, Miss Alm. Third row: Bobette Gooding, Ioan Cgburn, La Verne Lathrop, Donna Fee, Mary Cluck, Alpha Searcie, lunellen Norin, Donna Baker, Dolores Pietz, Barbara Mooney, Beverly Mooney, Doris Bartels, Anita Swanson. TEN PIN ALLEY CLUB Ten Pin Alley is a bowling club. ln the ac- tivity period meetings the members knit squares, which are to be made into atghans tor wounded men at Barnes Hospital. Most ot the girls are just learning to knit in the tall term. ln the spring term the club hopes to complete at least one atghan. First row: Betty Westover, Pauline Miller, Iackie Bogh Second rowi Betty Mae Zimmerman, Gladys Turner, Carolyn Conner, Corrine Flint, Third row: Fvonne Engberg, Loretta Brady, Pat Iones Fourth row: Beverly King, Iuanita Iones, Miss Lomrnasson, Beverly Hall, ATHLETIC CLUB The Athletic Club has two purposes. One is to teach and play games, such as volleyball, deadball, basketball and baseball. The other purpose is to assist in the war ettort by making joke books tor service men. First row: Lois White, Colleen Hayes, Maxine Atkeson, Lorine Bishop, Io Anne Cole, Dorothy Hilliard, Loretta Fallu, lean Di Re, Georgia Crawford. Second row: Barbara Tebo, Rita Hasty, Aileen Lauinann, Pauline Patterson, Ianice Miller, Thelma Fleenor, Carolyn Scholz. Third row: Deloris Shepherd, Iosephine Kautz, Virginia Campbell, Fay Smith, Iewell Rubley, Mabel Dailing, Ioeann Stone, Dorothy DeCamp, Karleen Messier, Evelyn Casciato. Fourth rowi Emma Vogele, Charlotte Roth, Frances Pratt. THE IUNIOR ROADSIDE COUNCIL The Iunior Boadside Council is a lunior Chapter of the Oregon Boad- side Defense Council. lts purpose is to preserve the beauty of Oregon's natural resources. This club goes on field trips to visit natures Wonderf land. lt also studies Ways to keep and extend the growth and beauty of forests, parks and highways. First rowi Vivian Wong, Clara Young, Louise Lundberg, Pauline Orton, Zell Lougheed, President, Lois Clark, Arlene Robinson, Winifred Keeler, Donna Willard, Ida Trafton. Second row: Teresa Haner, Miss Lee, Betty Goodman, Geraldine Bates, Gerry Kline, lane Hicks, Nellie Young, Eern Lee Abel, leanette Lindow, Nellie West, Miss Sprague. Third row: Elaine Whisman, Annastasia Alburas, lessie Legg, loan Kamphaus, Violet Eessenden, Lula Mae Dowler, Ruth Houde, lean Lenzie, Twila Peterson. JUNIOR RED CROSS The lunior Bed Cross is a national organization to promote interna- tional friendship and goodwill. At the present the club is engaged in contributing to the comfort and enjoyment of our service men. Things needed by children of the liberated countries are also provided. First row: Patricia Erskine, Dorothy Tate, Billie Io Barrett, Mary Ellen Binschus, Beverly Mooney, Alpha Searcie, Mary Claggett, Evelyn Casciato. Second row: Beverlee Chaney, Margaret Raab, Fay Carsner, Lois Douglas, Helen Carr, Dorothy Aasen, Corrine Bundy, Eudelle Adams, Norma Peringer, Pat Lutgens, Mrs. Forman. GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves is a nation-wide organization sponsored by the Y,W.C.A. ot America. l-lere at Poly the adviser is Miss Dowe in room 28. First row: Beverly Harding, Delores Pullman, Pat Lambert, Phyllis Prouse, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Darlene Calder, Betty Leo. Second row: Irene Anderson, Yvonne O'Coyne, Shirley LeFavor, Elaine Carenen, Beverly MacLean, Helen Carr, Carolyn Iones, DeLaura Monnett, Vivian Brown, Shirley Stallord. Third row' Bonnie O'Coyne, Mary Lou King, Myrtle Chesser, Betty Lou Munz, lean Mercer, Dorothy Hall, Louise Noble, Miss Dowe, lean Tigen, l-lelen Reich, Lee Carner, Charlene Addleman, Ellen Robinson, Mary Ellen Bentley, Mary Claggett, Fourth row: Dorothy Tate, Celeste Landsem, Miriam Mclieel, Delores Lee, Nancy Schoepllin, Violet Anderson, Evelyn lohnson, Rosemary lones, Adeline Byers, Edna Smith, Patricia Lutjens, Muriel Monnett, Rita Watson, jean Lang, Grace Greene. ALLIED YOUTH Allied Youth is a national organization ot high school and college students for the purpose oi learning the ettects ol alcohol on the human body and bringing together those youths who wish to leave beverage alcohol alone. The War Committee ol Allied Youth meets in activity period to knit and make joke books lor Barnes l-lospital. First row: Ramona Nickerson, Lois Rice, Nellie West, Donis Ringer, Dona Iohnston, Donna Wright, Betty Shatter. Second row: Pauline Orton, Betty Fritch, Fern Abel, lane Hicks, Dona Iohnston, Donna Willard, President, leanette Lindow, Miss Lee. Third row: Mabel Zimmerle, Dorothy Davis, Louise Lundberg, Ardis Osgood, Betty Goodman, Arlene Robinson, Peggy Hagenah, Deva Furman, Darlene Peterson LE TRICOT CLUB RED CROSS SEWING The Bed Cross Sewing Club makes articles for the Iunior Bed Cross. The members first made convalescent slippers tor injured men in hospitals. Next they prepared housewives, which are sewing kits tor the men overseas. The club plans to continue doing whatever it can to assist the Bed Cross. First row: Lois Watkins. Second row: Dolores Tones, Mrs, Workman, Frances Homewood. Third row: Lore-ne Stevens, Betty Stevens, Lorene Seltzer. Fourth row: loyce Bergeron, lune Stewart, Lorraine Harris. The purpose of Le Tricot Club is to knit six-inch squares for atghans tor the convalescents at Barnes Hospital. The atghans are used to cover the shoulders or the teet when the patients are in wheel chairs. From left, sitting: Mary Teters, Lola Mooso, Marian Falk, Elaine Smith, Donna Mitchell, Marjory Teters, Margaret Hollopeter. Standing: Miss Lommasson, Adviser. VICTORY CLUB The aim ot the Victory Club is to bring cheer to the veterans in hospif tals. Last term 425 nut cups were made. All club members have taken a great interest in this work, Several letters from the Portland Red Cross Chapter have been received in appreciation ot the club's ettorts. First row: Pat Klug, Catherine Hoehn, Fay Carsner, Gloria Leslie, Dorothy Webb, lovita Hull, Evelyn Wallace, lean Robinson, Second rowi Margaret Anderson, Alice lacobs, Pat Sprawkins, Dorothy Bennett, Helen Bieker, Dorothy Wellington, Rhea De Lorrne, Dorothy Irwin, Mrs, Coleman, Charlotte Sharon. Third row: Ruthrnary Roth, Grace Talbot, Dorothy Kroeneke, Beatrice Menolascina, Blanche Wallette, Iuanita Rarney, Bonnie Lewis, Marjorie Brown, Wanda Coppinger, Arleen Trissell, SMILE-AWHILE CLUB The SrnilefAwhile Club members make cartoon and joke books which are distributed to hospitals, canteens and other service headquarters through the Red Cross. All work is voluntary and money that is needed tor expenses is taken from the club dues in the treasury. First row' Marie Kalimanis, Virginia Drais, Philomena Rekart, Bonnie Counts, Ruby Carr, Albina Castrignano Second row Ann Adamski, Frances Enos, Marguerite Staatz, Dolores Kozowski, Anna Marie Bonn, Marie Moinich, Barbara Edmonds, Barbara Race, President. Third row. Angela Wager, Wilma Welke, Roberta Kimsey, Shirley Perkins, Maravine McConnell, Virginia Sowards, Betty Corwin, Maxine Lovering, Roberta Gerard, Shirley Gardner PATRIETTES The Patriettes try to do their bit in cheering the service men in the hospitals by making such things as favors for Thanksgiving and Easter, block-printed Christmas cards, nut cups and tray mats. They also make wastebaskets for the small children at Doernbecher Hospital. The members will continue their work as long as there are service men in hospitals. First row: Marjorie Vanderpool, Roma Lee Miller, Florence Noblett. Second row: Delores DeCicco, Norma Smith, lackie Harris, lnez Boyer, Natlee Hobbs, Ruby Clausing, Kathryn Hanke. Third row: Delores Schwinof, Grace Clausing, Thelma Bederstadt, Betty Holm, Carolyn Noble, Pat Tallmon, Fern Rubley, Mary Ellen Binschus. HORIZON CLUB The Horizon Club, Which was formed last year, has chosen the Spanish name "Los Cielos". Members knit afghan squares for the Bed Cross in the activity period. The aims of the members are to meet new people and make friends, learn new things, give service to others, do interesting and Worthwhile Work and work for the ranks offered by Camp Fire, of which Horizon is a division. First rowi Betty Burton. Second row: Betty Freeman. Third row: Grace Dillery, Colleen Slyter, Miss Kooken. Fourth row: Ellen Miller, lleane Casebeer, Lorraine Dyck, Elnora Christy. E' IUNIOR RED CROSS During the sprind term ot i945 the Inost important drive was the Red Cross membership drive. This was conducted durind the inonth ol March and was very successful. The total ernoiint diven by the f2l1ldCYiifS was iE3fi7.89. Besides this drive, a nurnloer ot joke books, tray tevorri, tray indtzs and tray ciipsa were Contributed lor wounded Servirfernen. Seated Shirley Derrinq, Mrs Porrnan, lean Land, lorry Compton, Gevorwlid llc-nriwtt, Pat lllaclcwell, Gladia Duriq Sf'COIl'l Row Annabelle PaxtorrloieNewinan,l7r'a1nr:ef::Gilbert, NvllieiYoiir1ci, llorothy llaiviia, Colfeiste l.and:we:ni, Shirley Statlorrl. llllllifl How Betty Aslieriberqer, Catherine Swanson, live-lyn loliriizon, llomtliy ilnll Carolyn llohlf-, Riithinary Roth .QM if I g LAQ L Qlllfhe future success of each graduate is the sincere wish of Mr. Logan and his entire staff Q 1? The Logan-Markham Studio 917 S. VV. Alder St. A-1-water 7432 o o o Jflzuznery Supplzedv- A complete stock always on hand. Ribbons. flowers and feathers. straw and felt bodies. foundation materials. hat frames and fabrics for covering them. Wholesale prices to the girls of the school. A hat adds to your charm. Wear one. . . lfll 514 Royal Building Up over Knight's Shoe Store 716 Southwest Morrison G.l. to beautiful girl: "l'm a stranger in Sarge: "K.P., where have you been all town. Can you direct me to your house?" morning?" KP.: "Filling the salt and pepper shakers, Employer to bungling workman: "This is like you told me to, Sarge." Sarge: "All this time?" . U H K.P., "Yep-it ain't easy pouring salt Man buying a new tire: Leave the wrap- through those little holesiy' pings on. I might get a couple of miles out of them!" the last straw, Evans! l'm giving you two years' notice." The first game of lifefbawl. lt is said of Washington, D.C.H-"Give a "Were you ever disappointed in love?" man an inch and he'll rent it." "No-l never married!" Covered Buttons, Covered Buckles Monogramming, Buttonholes Montana Assay Office 610 Southwest Second Avenue Pleating and Button Shop Portland. oregon 270 Broadway Building Dealers in gold. silver and platinum BEacon 9533 Congratulations to the Senior Class of '45 J. K. GILL CO. The Fortune Teller: "You will be poor and therefore unhappy until you are forty years old." The Client Without Fortune: "And after l'm forty?" The Fortune Teller: "You'll be used to it and won't be so unhappy." Mrs. Colvin: "What do you recommend as the best remedy for a cold?" Miss Hansen: "I've heard that by going to bed, getting plenty of sleep, and drinking lots oi liquids, you can get over the cold in two Weeks. Otherwise it takes fourteen days!" BEacon 8494 QUICK SERVICE - GOOD WORK PARKHURST'S PLEATING and HEMSTITCHING SHOP ' Machine Emblems and Monograms ' Hotel and Coverall Marking ' Buttons and Buckles Covered Button Holes and Eyelets Embroidering and Braiding 215 Morgan Building - 720 Southwest Washington St. Portland, Oregon Compliments of ' ROBERTS BROS. DEPARTMENT STORE Where Clever Students Secure Best Values .g0l'... COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS CAPS AND GOWNS CLASS IEWELRY DIPLOMAS WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS SEE Olte Juadler cngtaueu 115 Southwest Fourth Avenue Portland, Oregon Best Wishes from your "GROUP" Photographer F. Commezcial fhologtapher 7ll Southwest Ankeny Street BEacon 0300 We Photograph Anything - Anytime - Anywhere Qu uncfen ,J ICE CREAM We make our own Ice Cream from pure sweet cream under the most sanitary conditions. aianteeia. To be the Richest in the City Sells on Quality, Not Price "That'll be four bits," said the barber. "Wowl Shaves have gone up, haven't they?" "Extra labor nowadays." "Extra labor? I'Iow's that?" "People have longer faces!" Male Customer: "I want to see some ladies' satin slips." Mary Ellen: "For your wife, sir? Or would you like something better?" "Priscilla, I wish I knew where I was goin' to die." "Well, Ierry, what good would that do ye?" "Shure, I'd never go near the place!" Del: "I was quite outspoken at the meeting last night." Penny: "I can't believe it. Who outspoke you?" The irate father looked at his watch as his daughter and her boy friend stepped sheep- ishly out of the car. "Young man," he said, "how can you drive that long on an 'A' card?" 1 Compliments Enkes' CITY DYEWORKS CLEANERS AND DYERS MULTNOMAH CLEANING and DYE WORKS, Inc. Quality Workmanship for those who care TRinity ll49 2600 Northeast Sandy Boulevard Shirley: "What is the most popular tree in America today?" Ruth: "What?" Shirley: "The SHOE tree!" A young lady was accosted at the corner ot Park Avenue and Forty-eighth street in Manhattan by a postman, fully uniformed and carrying a bag of mail. "Can you tell me Where the post oftice is?,' he asked. Man- power is getting shorter than ever, it seems. Printed by n Co sw Filth Avenue at Oak Street Portland, Oregon 'Everything for the OfHce" Bev: "What is a lox?" Lois: "I dunno, What?" Bev: "A tox is a Wolf who brings flowers." Rose: "Do you know what happened to the shoplifter who was caught stealing a girdle?" lean: "No, What?" Rose: "They sent him up for a two-Way stretch." Norma: "Why did the man kiss the girl in front ot the sweater counter?" Rosalie: "Because the sign said, 'V-Neck'." 5-10-15c STORE Features Autograph Books - Snapshot Albums 1841 Northeast 41st - In Hollywood District BUY BONDS FOR VICTORY at our Street Floor War Bond Booth. if DONATE BLOOD FOR LIFE appointments at Red Cross Downtown Headquarters on our Street Floor. Y O 50 I-Iayfoot: "I hear you're in the dog-house." Strawfoot: "It's the Wife's own fault-she asked rne, 'What's Betty Grable got that I haven't got?' and I told her." Billie Iog "What sort of a chap is Kenny?" Madge: "Well, when We were together last night the lights went out, and he spent the rest of the evening repairing the fuse." Young husband: "I suppose you will threaten to go home to mother after this." Wife: "l'll do nothing so foolish. l'm going to invite her here." ' MiIIeI's HoLLYwooD Forty-second and Hancock TRinity l5ll Achievements for year: 0 Student Aid U Bed Cross 9 School Equipment Fund 9 Anna E. Arnold Memorial 0 National P.T.A. Magazine Penney's has fashions for the teen crowd STYLES DESIGNED 9 to please Young America . . . 0 to suit every occasion . , . 5 to fit into budgets. Penney's . . . fifth and washington MWWW 7, . ,.,,.,.f Fi - m:"' -' :fu 'W " , ' fr' : fi-lr "Q 'Nz-V - e-xx' -gwf, ' -:-5 f ,v '-?3"f'.', Aff, "Z, .5 -4 ., 1. , .K I, eg, . 74:-ll - P X1 .,,, -- " - "' .9 5:-.. ,M .. , jf- .: Q VV :. J' V lf '- ug, ,iw 11, fl' 1, . yu wfu Ks "Mx Y, K -f...g,,g.-. ,..,: - -v A 10. L, . -1., -lp-fi 3 yvkr-. X -fr .gr- 'ptr X 0.51 . .A whim. . "C" 7- ,- . .Mft .fjr .- N,- ,vu ,L -Ai ' fs Q , x' . -5.-.L ' , 'zz - ,.x .- I aff- ...I fi- - 5, , 'vw - .Af ' J .-,,Df:T- Q1 12 4, fm. ,A ,.. T . iffl is' Qi, .3-qv V1.4 ,, .i .. -Eff .7 x' ,.: "r ' --,Jax V' 'afri- - 74. ,. 6.2 M- 79, fm- - .. -L.. U .5 , 4 ,ff za- -4:-. . s 25.1 f, -limp-' J -Q : ' ,..-..,::: -- ffl ,fe ' ' ,. iwffif ' - ',.L1.LJf-"W" 4 we , -f,V , , Q ,Q EQ-Y"L'g,fb11 . Q mg - -f-,Q-'-21' - - I :uv ' ' V-" .. . - .,,, 5 T., .1,.: .. ,- f:Lc1fqf'i -uv., ' 512-f-1. x.. .M f.-3,1 fi- cw- - 5.2. f f- ,.,-V, . ,,, X. .- -,1g.J g - - x 4.,.,..,:,L., 5' ff, L. - as., , ,N fs. J, . . ,J ,Eg .T":Y.22'i iE,1?ZT!' . . gg' wi 'f-fa' 1 gqvugz ,g - K ff, Wa 557 f: ?'.f'1-.if g ' pf' if?" ,. .NA-w..-. f- - 1- -.9 fjf1.,gg.,,m,f 15- .Y " 1. ' , W5 " ' -1 :L - ,. A- V C' .525 pg, ix- ' - 1- '-f,-5 " ir' '35-' V .ui' .-.55 '- ... .wk .. nz-W -1. ' Si ,, ., A ft 1 I, -1- , , st, 1 , 1 1 31.7. , '- ' ' . .1

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