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N , M LQ POM: 'V 'X X 53' vof'K.' JY P ...J mf, 4 oi ,dag-Q 2 ' V 5 fd, Q, 4-if" 4.51 ,f 'Rag- KL? i--L , -w'...e f. Tw- . pf -1V Q' 1. 'f"V -41' V V V , V -1. V. V V' f W1-f 2 '. fi-.V V -V ,V 1. H '- .V .V V - V H. ml. 1- ' ., X VN :n'V fb' W' ' 1 -452 --r .V ' - 1'-'1"" V ' ' . - V 1 V, V im mv ,,gjf55E'+f,pf.VJ: z.Q gf... Vgfar s if -- . - 1.1-2' '. fl' ' 'Q .f'uf"'-.'.lI- f' r -V T ,fi- Vg' " 'r. 'K "' J ,- -Liv" 721 V--9 J L "I Z' 'sifie "A'51'1.' ' ix' ,- ' 1 Q .: V K.-V V VE1F+f'1.V fl "g3?5i 11 V54 -1. ' V. 'r V VV "V .iff V 1 Vw 4 'i3:r!iE'l'W' "Tiff 3' I' 137 'I x- 2.315 .L W It V515 ' M V nf.: iiiif ' ' ' .Li U '5'S!' Hu' I V -'52 Y P'. HV 'Vw 'fm A - V ,VV f,f .V -. W V. V SV ,Q , . 33... .VM .LI U' 5, ,-my A?-VI. 5.1, -, f. ,. ' N.. .,,.,,Fn 1 . . 4 in ti. X. 1 , -gy, ,.51,V:l,l I-,V, .fu fV X g -545 R -umm. V . -13' f-.. - ' ' wa '1?'H4'1.gl1vgf5?'?f:L .. V N :QE ft--if .V V y,.z-V:.V:-- ' ,J 11, .I W.. U 'V 'Ah ,fn 1 I. :gtk L.. fn.. 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K, Wg,-5 ,, .- . . -V if - ' 3, 1 4 . -V,,4 fv ' J it fzV,,"fV- 1.4 ' ' Qgjrxi-4 I 1 . . . f , - 1 - . A I. ,lx If ' -E . .fa L .U lk ti: , . Q . l, W, ." .- ' 1' .. .' .A Lv- ' ' ' iff V! 5' -P V f :rv X 9, J- u,- ." ' B' ' ..' . J 1' ' ' Q' .' 1 . .- I ,V A f ' tif- ul' QV sg- qm i ,T V 4 N . U, V V ...Li Q.. ,.-1 .r1.--QV It Ly . I an '-Q 'f VV . V yi - V .' F1 X ' 'Mr u ' . 2, - 1, I ,Mgt V , ' -. ,n-H Q 1 'jf-4 V I -544 A 19-. 1, gl . . . M kia' I . I. ,h V .N ' - "' I -L V -1, .V V , 1 . ,. ' ' 'H . . U- K fy- , -Hin - .6 un 4 I rg EVA STANTON Editor IAYNE REED - Business Manager Fmmczs CLARK - Advertising Manager ILLUM... ,. Girls High School Atlanta, Georgia 1947 FUHEWUHU To the many young women which Girls High has given to the world, she has imparted a portion of her spirit, her knowledge, and her understanding of life. Since the first eleven students were graduated, many thousands have followed, yet never has a girl left without something of the spirit of Girls High. This spirit comes from an endless fountain which finds its source in the hearts of the girls, and in the traditions of the school. Almost three quarters of a century have passed since the first class was matriculated, but each year the fountain has flowed more strongly and the halls have been filled with traditions. Naturally, changes have occurred in the girls, in the school, and in education since 1873, but ever steady, ever faithful, the fountain flows, serving as a source of happiness, bubbling with the beauty of unselfish service. This certain beauty shines from within, and although not all are blessed with perfect features and those things which usually go to make up what we term "beauty,'g yet, any girl may secure for herself this inner loveliness which lights her whole countenance with a spiritual fire that attracts lasting friends just as the light attracts fireliies on a summer night. This inner fire is kindled from a fundamental joy -the honest and unself-ish joy in serving others, not only through the giving of our energy and time, but also through the using of our talents to the utmost of our abilities - the joy and satisfaction in the completion of a task well done. In the maze of everyday life here at school, there are offered endless opportunities through the many clubs and organizations and even in the classes and home rofims to give wholeheartedly to the work of serving ot iers. Through the years, it has become a tradition for Girls High to endow her students and alumnae with that true beauty which comes only from the joy in unselfish service, true loyalty, and lasting faith. These are the things which Girls High has symbolized to our mothers and grandmothers, and which are deep in the minds of the students today as they pay tribute to this traditional spirit which makes a real "Girls High Girlf' In these pages we wish to give you a verbal alld pictorial review of the changes and traditions that have made Girls High School and her students, .xx 'H' x V ,aw -R4 15 "All lowly falvs that wr' lunzf' lwurrl or rvarl, an vnclless fountain of in11nm'tul drink." jmm KI-1A'l's 1873 1893 1903 1917 1921 1929 il 'I '5E'1Y"L" ' ' ' "'f"T""' "T"""""" ""7T1i!'77-5'S"If"'-""T'!d5TffE' 'IF , . . . W--. a6le of C'vntentA P A 1: U L 1: Y II L A 5 5 E 3 SENIORS HUNUHS AI 'ACTIVITIES S N A P 5 A D 5 . 1933 - 1935 1941 1947 . . ff' 4Q -.., EA SE... She lli1S,lX"t'll ll fonntuin of inspiration for Girls Iligh School and its students Shu posscsscs the innor love-lincss which vmihlvs hcr to livc ht-zultiflilly, and hc thc friend of all who know her Sho has l'02lCll0Cl the summit in thc- Hvlcl of cclncntion in hvr position as Sllln-1'ii1tm1clc'iit of the- Atlilllfkl Public School Systom Sho is un uhnnnn of Girls High Sho is thc vinhoclimcnt of thc ich-als of "ht-unty through scrvicc" for which Girls High School stands NVe, thc Seniors of 19-17, dedicate thc- lust IIA1.f:x'oN to Iru jurrcll, sincc- our hook of mvmorivs is thc highest honor we can give-. Ira arrell Superintendent of tha Atlanta Puhliu Schools LTHOUGH few of our present faculty were teaching at Girls High in 1925 when the new building opened, no teacher, new or old, fails for long to grasp that wonderful spirit which is Girls High, and once having realized its meaning, she seeks to impart its radiance to her students. As we of the Senior Class look back over our short stay at G. H. S., we realize that it was our teachers who first helped us not only to become acquainted with the inner work- ings of the school itself, but also to become acquainted with Girls High's way of doing things, which at first seemed new and different to us. Through their helpful guidance and understanding patience we soon felt ourselves real members of our school and were eager to begin working as an integral part of it. When we had finally adjusted ourselves and had become accustomed to the daily schedule, our teachers became our best friends, always ready to help us and give us the benefit of their experience. Of course, there have been changes since 1873, we no longer march through the halls in straight, silent lines, and we no longer wear wide bloomers and long hose for our physi- cal education classes. But we have instituted more important changes- changes in our courses of study. Since 1923 Girls High has offered a choice of four courses: academic, general, commercial, and home economics, each requiring twelve units for graduation. Of the twelve, four or five must be obtained by a specific number of courses in English, social science, home economics, and science, the other seven or eight are obtained through elec- tives. This did away with the old "block systemf, under which large groups of students had to follow the same schedule, and a student who failed in one subject had to repeat the work of the entire year. However, the buoyant spirit has always been the same, and the faculty never loses sight of it, or fails to live it as well as teach it. Not only do our teachers enrich our lives through their instructions in our many courses of study, but they also add richness to the school work through their voluntary cooperation with our parents in the Parent-Teacher Association, commonly known as the P.T.A. As examples of the work done by this organization we have three distinct and practical services con- tributed. These are: the extension to the school grounds of the bus and trolley lilies of At- lanta, the improvement and beautification of the school grounds, and the employment of our nurse, who is on full-time duty in the school clinic. We feel sure that no matter where Girls High's faculty may go, or whatever they may do in our new school system, they will carry with them something good and strong, something devel- oped over a period of years, something which builds capable leaders and dependable followers. ,n QF' 1' si 'J W, Q -D f W' -r -'ff 1 -- T. 1 .4 N 1 ' y ,Nw HL ' P A. - n v A iXlI XIIINIOI! K ' I XI.-xlcz..-xnm lxx1O1 Il I 1 Sr'r'r4'lr1ry Nl.,xnc:,m11:'1' SOLOMON, Prmrfzml 5,1-,-,lf XYII,I,Il'I XI.-xr: Kl,,xsslc'l"l' Clin-xm's IOIINSON AIANII-I HI-I.'Xl.l. 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LC.-ghd-ind-lln.b4. bf- 1' l OUISI SIAKFI X x fqgkkv 0 Tom XVA1so1x 141 IXIA XVHCHI u "wx 'UN so I lllI-XX TIIONIAS El.1zA1sm'1i WVELLINGTON CAIUNIINE NVOODRUFF Q35-5 1Y""" atk- C IIXCI r11lXIA'V lu l'lIl,l, XVOOLI - . Ai l 137 ' '44 ff' X513 , I" l if sw 7' 'Q vi? 7 - X2 u L da 2"""r hi' H514 up Q - 1 'X fl' FACULTY ll, , , , ,My s W1 A ' - 1 21 M114-W'4f t f Q . A Registered in our memories are certain E3 fi ' poses which are immediately suggestive ,L!:",.f f of our friends. Therefore, the purpose of H F L' r I this page is to test our ability to recog- nize some of our friends who are members of the faculty. If wemlook closely enough, we might find f'thev favorite one among these informal sketches. At the extreme lower right we see a drawing which might lllulum 'S I Q009 f , 1 If 'iff Yb u X, Z - X t I 3 in i i all ti i ,J dm 1 I g y K hh lf " o 1 i Q f . f 'f ' ,Ai W , f mg , I , 4.-:M 4? X.: "' ' 'f,"!YQR' -' W' "'H'U7"":l"2?WEUF"" , V X- - , .,, N . ' 1 .Q-f - 1 f' 'I 7' ' 'J Q, f ,J 9 Fi ff ' I' la 7 X6 I7 -' X' 'Y' , : ,iff .5 ' M X K 5 Q at L l ,tif Q "r f Ns-1 'I 5 4 f f . 1 , " , 7"- 4 .3 ff' ' X 1 gn 'J' 7 V gf' ,3ilnj"fq!f W 7 f' '5 f I FEATURE S M 3156: represent any teacher on test 'day-4y'es, 1' ,4 even the favorite. Or, if we might say so, . Q A '- 4 f it could easily denote your own personality LJ 4- My V on the fateful day of that important ex- ,,,.,,W.- , ' amination. The other sketches, however, f f A , fi 'jg' are not so generally characteristic, all rep- ina. XE-7 resentini ifferent lieople in our school. Xe ' Do you now whoet ey are? . LQLN 5 R... Ax ll' 52 QC ct B! 7+ lf Qfl Al f fp ,I v N IVE4 X I I if I xi?" li 2 fig g " 717 f sta.:-S - ' """7-i J ' .f fir" X 'I f X by I X! W , if l , V " iffy, l: I ', . f L gi 1 5 .. i ji K h I..- lfatlsenne Comfort 1 ol' thc Girls Hifflm School A t D -1 t t . H . I' L Dill' INCH 14tlan tak Woman of tlce Hear in a4rt . . . 1947 x. u': Sh-llvilillg for our url clisplau 1 ,J Elf W. u1'c': XYl1y Clillllil you look up, Miss Nolnlc liffoui' l'om' luulluillff umx 'llllIllIl'H' .'Um1'1': f:ll7I'i1l Nash lwomlly Llisplalys IN'l' llipllilllil to lxxo Ivlloxx' 5ll'1lLlll1lll'h who Lloxfl l't'illilt' tlml tlu-x Inna- om' man-lly Iikv il., Hn 14 pl-eciativn 0 llli A eAAie Mu by THE FACULTY UF GIRLS HIGH SEHUUL The closing days of the seventy-fourth year of Girls High School were sad- dened by the death of Miss Jessie Muse, who as principal of Girls High through twenty-five years, was so closely identified with the institution. Yet through our sadness we are proudly conscious of Miss Muse's glorious record as an adminis- trator. We cannot feel that she is lost, for her influence will continue to live in our hearts. A scholar of broad learning, recognized for her insistence on the highest stand- ands of scholarship and character, Miss Muse was known throughout the South and East for her grasp of educational problems and her ability to adapt to growing and changing demands upon the schools. She was appreciated by her faculty for sound a11d unbiased judgment on all questions and for her command of both details and general issues, she was respected by her pupils for her infinite patience and understanding of individual problems, and she was admired and loved by those associates and alumnae who knew her best. Because she served as principal of Girls High School in those years when secondary education was becoming a vital part of the nation, because she kept in close touch with the demands of those transitional years, because she was eminently successful in making Girls High School the symbol of a good high school, Miss Muse made the school her own. we-ii Iltiu Jeuie lime Principal uf Girls High Schuui 1912-19311 HE nucleus about which the life of Girls High School revolves is the homeroom class. We, the senior classmen, remember this homeroom as the first spot where, as freshmen, we felt a part of Girls High's spirit, a friendly, gracious spirit which immediately calmed our nervousness at entering a new school. In our homeroom class we were welcomed by our homeroom teacher, who was to be our friend and counselor throughout our three-year stay at G. H. S. Though at first we were dismayed by the large school and strange rules, we soon became accustomed to Girls High and her ways. We began to look about us and we saw many new girls, who, like ourselves, were anxious to make a good beginning. After we became better acquainted with our classmates, we elected those who we thought would best lead us in the following semester. It was then that we recognized the necessity for organization to carry out the various activities in which all homerooms of the school par- ticipated. We needed teams to share the work of keeping our room neat and attractive, com- mittees to plan and prepare bulletin boards to keep our class informed of school-wide activities, and we needed leaders, who would guide us in Red Cross drives, attendance cam- paigns, and paper sales. Above all we needed followers who were willing to work. After a short time we recognized, not only the importance of co-operation, but the joy of working as a class toward a goal. Then we began to capture a part of Girls High,s spirit, a spirit of genuine happiness of working with others to complete a job well done. In our junior year We welcomed with friendly greetings those who had come to take our places as freshmen. We enjoyed feeling superior to some, but we were glad to give our help to those who searched the halls for seemingly imaginary rooms or tried to climb the wrong stairs. When time came for the volley ball tournament we were happier than ever to cheer for our team. Somehow we wanted to give more of our time and energy to anything our class or school undertook. Not only were we glad to give of ourselves to school campaigns, but we were happy to contribute to all organizations for helping others less fortunate than we. We cheerfully gave to the Community Chest and the anti-tuberculosis drives. We willingly filled baskets at Thanksgiving for those whose tables would not be as bountifully set as our own, and at Christ- mas we eagerly played Santa Claus to many small children. Thus we realized another portion of Girls Higlfs spirit, a spirit of unselfishly giving of ourselves wherever we were needed. As juniors our homeroom seemed more like a real home. There we felt free to express our ideas and opinions. We could criticize or praise the way any campaign or drive was carried out. In this way each of us learned to play her part in our democratic student government. As we reached the top of our high school ladder, the senior year, we made it our duty to help our schoolmates to realize the privilege of attending a school with such high standards of character and scholarship as those of Girls High. We realize that our lives have been en- riched by daily contacts with the teachers and students of our school, and we feel sure that a portion of the spirit of Girls High School will remain in our hearts to guide and help us always. U , nw 5 1 In 1 J 3, .M 4 1 X ' ' .M 'N' JK' P ,rw Q my Q! . WV, 9 Y X N' if "' lf 1 NN J ' 'W . ...Q M . 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Lieutermnts Cl f:A'l'Hl-LIRINE Rlczlmnns ELMA Sumezn 1 Licutcnants C2 -I I-:AN I IANVKINS LULA l'm1.11:s Lirfutcmlnts C3 L,xVL:nN1-1 IIASTY Num, l"1.m'n Licutvnzmts C4 B1a'r'rY JEAN CHUGNNOII lffnlc Llv1Nr:s'roN Licutz'nunI.s- C5 ANNE O'QUlN juvrznc SINIS Lil'IllCNlIHfS C6 JEANNINE Roman Mfxwrxm fI0l'l'fl.0Ifl-' Liz,'11tc'nr1r1fs CT SA1.1,Y Lou llnzkuwl' Iovczu A'rwoon '+. J 4 tx, in .5 I: A Ji 'Q " f z fl, 'FW lm 'NIYXOZ ,f "1 V X i w I -Q : -.N ..-5 , I X aj ,H .ef I 45' I I e -HlQX......- 'L'-' ff' A1" .,,. " V WMXIV KJ+W J' ,Q 3' X Y! U A Q , f,, X X XR J I 'ff' J Ia Kg ML 3"Q'-g LfUlltl31lllllfS C8 JAYNE Rau: LAUNANNE X7ALEN1lNL Li:'ulcnan!.s- C9 ANNE STILNIIOUSIC Dm' Gm-:un Livutcnunls C10 RUTH PAIUIAIXI .IANIS Mums LiUllfL'Hl1llfS C12 NIARIE YVoons f:I.0lHA NASH Livulcnants C13 MARY PoU1.os SYLVLA PoL1.oc'K!cn1mfs C14 Tom IIAnms MAu'r1m THHELKELD B , ' C nv, 1 W 1, W' L25-5, ,, Tn 11 1 F I ACH year, just as the attention of the school is focused on the Crabapple Tree, so at each graduation attention is centered on the girls receiving honors and awards. These honors are the tangible symbols of three years of cooperation and effort. The girls who receive these honors have used their talents to help keep the torch of Girls High stand- ards burning and to better their homes, activities, and communities. Wide and varied interests are recognized by awards. For highest scholastic standing the girls are presented Cum Laude keys. Cum Laude is a national honor society of which Girls High has a chapter. This chapter was founded in 1923 under the capable leadership of Miss Jessie Muse, who was then principal. The outstanding journalistic effort of the girls from the school publications, HIGH TIMES and HALCYON, is honored by the Quill and Scroll key. Each branch of the language department presents an award to the girl showing the most ability in that language. The French medal is presented annually at the traditional French assembly, the Latin medal is presented at the Gum Laude Assembly, and the Span- ish medal is awarded at graduation. Rich's presents a twenty-five-dollar bond to the girl showing outstanding ability in English. The Bausch-Lomb award is given the girl with high scholarship in science and a desire to continue study in this field. The girls of the Science Department also try out for the Westinghouse Talent Search in which six Girls High stu- dents have won honorable mention in the last four years. One G. H. S. student won a trip to Washington, where she was awarded a scholarship. For the girls taking the Commercial Course special honors are given. Then for general service and ability the faculty gives an award to the girl who has best upheld the ideals of the school. Our other talents are recognized by the presentation of letters by the clubs and activities and by the various scholarships won each year. All honors depend upon the girl,s desire to help better her school and herself. Although as freshmen we all set ourselves a goal, only a few, by extraordinary effort, have attained their highest ambition. Those of our class who have reached their goal have our sincere congratulations. As a Senior class, we present one last bouquet of red roses to the "honor" students in all fields. We are graduated with the knowledge that we have received the best educational advantages, and that regardless of changes that the future will bring, the ideals of Girls High will be perpetuated in the hearts of her alumnae. Mine fix no on-l' D' Q- .vs Dzcaidmt ag ftulent Q DIPE LM of .cf twfgnt -goofy 'mia 4-lam zfgmoix an CLCUUC X afau fam f Vdfgy? 2 ,QGQLLZQT qu QW Oh W clcezgfx YJ L f D :H T3 CJX gvabgg 7900 65? 43 QQ? S :- ' . fs -r ' - , fi h 1 1 -fn 26, f Q!c9,C9QLUl ELQL1 -- Q! W" f,. . 1 0 in ma 1 l QI' W4f EE E REPRESENTATIVE ,M 51 514 44 Stanton H1W'5 INTELLEETUAL mdfy EDU108 LUVABLE geannzne Romer TALENTED mot kmlnkston ATHLETIC Garolyn eddy ATTHAETIVE 1,Al1llANN1'I YA1.11:rxTxx11 T C1111 Ll 31 ll 511111 1939 t111- StllC1l'1ltS 111111 111111111 111 L I1 s 1111, 11111 1111 11 1111 K 1 11111 111 t111 S1-1111111" 111111 t111- 1:11111 L1 111118 11 ll 11s 1111111 1111 s1111111 1 ss1s '1111 1-111cti1111, 511111151111-11 DX ll S 111111 11x1111111111t 1 f 1111t11111 11111 t111 X11lllt2l C111111t111' 111 1111' 1Dll11l,'1lt1IS 111 1111 1111 111 11111 ll 18 111111 111 t1ll 11111111-1'1111111s, f111111wi11g 11 1111 1 11111t11s 111 1 1111111 11t1f1111." 111 voting, t111- 1 x ll 11 1 V1 1111111111t1s 1111 t111 1111111wi11g 1-11111111-t111'isti1's: . DEPENDABILITX , SERVICE . LEADERSHIP . PA'1'P1IO'1'ISM Iznliors, 11'f1' 111 right .IANI-YI' S'1'AN'1'11x, 1111' 1,11111s1f: Y1111:1x. EU AUUE ln 18253. nncln-r tha- zxnspicm-s of our lata- principal, Nliss .lm-ssiv Muse. ll nn-niomlilv stop was tulu-n in tlu- progrm-ss of our school - thv lonncling of Rl Girls lligh Ginn l,a111clc-cln1pts'r. This lllltlilllill ll0lllll'2ll'y socivty for high school stnclcnts wus first vstzlhlisln-cl in 1906 at Tonic' School in Port Dc-posit, Nlnrylaiiicl, uncl wus sprc-acl within ll few yours to lc1a1cling high schools throughout thx- country. XI1-inln-rsliip in this llOll0l'lll'y socicty, tlu- highest honor givvn hy Girls lligh School, is l'l'Sll'lL'tl'll to il vm-ry lbw. uncl so it shonlcl luv, for thc rc-cipicnts of the gold lwys of Gum l.z111clc' I'l'17I'l'SUllf thc finvst - tha- finm-st in scholastic' ZlL'llll'Vt'lIl0llt, untl also 0Ill'St2lIlKllllg in cl1a11'z1ctc'1' zlcliic-x'v111c111t - and thc highvst 1lXVilI'll slaonlrl hm- thc-irs. .. . . ,. . - . ,-. - . - SIIICL' tlns your is Girls lllghts lust, il Slllglllill' honor was hc-stowc-cl npon 1 of thc low SUIIIUVS anal 12 ol tha' high juniors who wvrv ontstuncling in scholastic zlclliuvllic-ilt, thc- honor of hu-ing 1-11-ctr-11 to Ginn l.1lllill'. NVQ- of thc 1947 Qllllillliltlllg class arc proncl of our linc-st, and Wm- gncl it plc-using to notv that out ol il 1-luss ol' 415 sc-niors. 21 worm' cle-c-tml to Ginn lilllllltx. XVc- lx-lic-vc' this is ll fitting lust trihntc- to Girls lligh School. X,-xxrx' Axnicnsox Cl1,xn1.x'N lllil-lSSl,lill l'icram' -liaxx linoxrx l51fi"rx' fll'l.l'l41l'l'l n NIAIIIIC Blur: BliYlilil.Y Bnowx lfimxcius KILAHK S,xil1.Y l,o1' lllctk wyww . -If l IINNA I'lll4Il'1Nl.XN lC1nls1c DIUIINSTUN lI.xluxl14:'l"l'lc Low IJICl.UlU'1S Ki00lll'1l"ll I D B1 'rslcx' I Iurslc B1c.u'lm:r: jones Minn' jo N1ANl5ll Br:'l"rY l'A1.Mun Q 33 e A f sh A Xxx 151-:'r'1'x' l,lllI.l.ll'S .IICANNINIQ linxuu NI.-un' l'cmu1,us K,x'l'1lr:mx1-:Suu-1.1 wx , V lu 5'I'.wwN Ul.Il,m 'INIUN Nhlull: Woons nurrm' HIHYIC Bllnmxl XVl'1lNIHilNL 'JC X 3 Bmw LUW SE IDRS x.,-' X L lms Du kwx l51c'l"rx' -l.xNxc lllxox Br:'r'rx' NICCOY KIVHII-Il, lirmcx l"uAxc:lcs S'l'r:1N c:lSliALDINE '1'UHNEn Mun' XYr:l.lm1cN I IIICN Bl"l"I'l'1llI1'lI'Il.ll I,.-xxms fIO'I"I'lCN XI.xm' IJICNNI,-KIRK .'Xl.IlIl4I l".vxuxn-in mx,xn.-x KIUIIICN ff.XliUl.lNlC Cm-:,x Duwxl-2 Illaxxlsox Nl.Xllll.XliI'1'l' ANN K.-XUIVM HIGH JU IUHS ,YJ . jus.-xx l,1x1axKo111, -lcux XYll.l.l,xmsuN ll.-XNl'I'l' S'l'.XN'I'0N Bl'1'l"l'Y Y.-XIIIKHUUIIII I'lec:c.x' A wrnm' lix .fx S11-x Nruw X.-ww' :XNIJIQILSIJN KLICHTIIUIJH I3n.Axn1,m' Cmun. Bur I lil-Tllw BOIVIII NIIILNUNNIC Bn.-xx' l"n..xNc:r:s CILA YQ-nr' - 5: , f C 1,1f:NNA l1'1111:1-:MAN B1-:'1's14:x' IIoUs1c Al.-XYNIC 1111111111 limm S1.111111 N C111111. IIo1:111-2 ll.-x1111111:'1"1'11: Low Nl1'11'1'1s Sl..-11111: U1,11.1,,x 'l'111-1 I11 1935 ll IICNV clmptci' wus added to the history of Cl. ll. The chap- tcr was that of Quill and Scroll, lllltilllllll ho11or society. To hc cligilmlc for the covctcd lacy to this 0l'gl1I1iZiItl0ll, ll girl has to cxccl i11 j0tlI'llilliSlll RIS well 11s i11 scholastic 1lCl1iCVCll1Cllt. To do so has hccn the aim of cvc-ry 111c111l11-1' of hoth the IICNVSPLIPQI' and thc illllllllll stuffs of the l11st twclvc yours. VllllllS, hcc1111sc of this goal, IIIGH T11x11cs and I1A1,c:YoN have' hc- comc higgor and hotter. Those talented Llllllllllilf? have left to their fricnds ll part of th0111solvos ill the Writing which gained for them the highcst j0lll'lH1liStiC ll0ll0l'--- Quill and Scroll. H fl Q A f ,, ,, , fi ' if E Rus:-1 llmrmn IlAlmliQ'l"1'1': Low rlwnl of Sluflrlrl C11rr'1'11111r'11l l'1'z'.s-irlmrt of Sfzrrlcfnt Bully fllhlil.-X Nfxsn Swririr .ll1'111l11'1' ST UE In H117 stuclm-nt, gUYl'l'lllIN'lll was orgzulizccl at G. ll. S. to elm-vt-lop in wich girl il Stl'OllQ't'l' svnsv of rvsponsihility, 21 grvutvr intvrvst in hvr school. and il higher coclc of lmnmx hi Stlllltxllt Q,'OYt'l'llIl1t'lll"S first yvur one girl from Oach homcroom was vlcctt-cl to rvp1'cscnt hvr class ut tht' council meetings. As 11 rcsult of thc military in- llIlt'IlL'0 of thc First NVorlcl NVQIT, these officers wc-rc lllllllixll lioutcmuits. Tlu- livlltcwlaint lN'L'2lll'll' thc lvzulcr of lllxl' class. Sha- guiclvcl tlw 2lll:alil'S of hor llmm-rooni mul 4-mlm-z1vm'0cl to hc' an example of stuclont gcwcrmm-nt's iclvuls to lIt'l'L'l1lSSIl12llt'S. LAUR.-xNNr3 XYALENTINIC Nlun Poulos S1'11ir11' Mc'111l1f'1' 8111101 M1 1111111 565 Q9 BU SQ EHNM S0011 llll01lll'l' girl was llt'1'kll'l1 to Sllllll' tlll' l'1'Sl3UIlS1131111y ol' ilu' 1101111-11111111 clussg 1111-1'v1'o1'1-, il SOC'01lCl lic-11tc11z111t was vlvctm-cl. .1Xltl1o11gl1 only tlu-sv two girls uttc-11411-cl tliv C'0llllL'1l 1111-1-ti11gs, 1-V1-ry girl 111 il, Il. S. was 11 lIll'Illllt'l' of st11c11-111 gLm'1'1'111111-111. r1wlll'0ll4'll 1111- x'1'a11's 1917 to 1947 tlu- wtuclm-111 H1111-1'111111'11t o1'1f1111i711ti1111 111 T' . ' ' T' nh' ' Girls 11igl1 ll1lS xmrkvcl 1111c1'11si11gly to assist l'X'l'I'y girl to gain l1igl1 S1Llllil1ll'llS ul' sc-l1c1l111'sl1ip illlil L'll2l1'ilL'1i'l'. lmu-1 llrixsox Alcux 1il'lll-IN Xl.-XHION lil-1l,I. Ur-Clirl llvurl l"rr',vl1n1f111 .1Il'llIl2l'l' l'.l'l'.S'lIlHIlH .1f1'!lIlN'l' I X'l'l'Y Nlc:l,Al11x lJo11m1'1',1Y SXIITII 1,U1'lSl'I Ylliczix iim' .1fl'HI1Il'l' llllllllil' .1I1'111l21'1' jimim' 1111'lIIIIf'l' ii. W-Ida Zqgi wiv" HALEYU YA S'I4AN'l'0N tl AYNE limcn lizlifur Bus-imfss AIIIIIIIIQPI' NVv, tha- liivlliln-1's of thv 1947 Halcyon Staff prvsvxit to the svnior class il re-vivw of the past ya-ar, which is thv closing chapter in thc history of Girls lligh. Umlvr our capnlmlv uclvisors, Nliss Ethel Cockrvll, Miss Emma Cwgg. :incl Nliss Kaitli- vrim- Comfort, wo luivv workccl harcl to fulfill that trust plzicvcl in us hy tln- svnior class and the faculty. XVv hope that this hook will gint lasting plcaisurm- amcl 1-mluring me-morivs to all our fric-mls. XVQ' lmvv trivcl to nmkv tha' lust IIAl,m'oN hc-ttvr than its illustrious predecessors. l'lIlAXfTl'jS Cmnx cll,lGNNA 1'1lililiBlAN U1.11,1,A Tnrgox SAi.1,x' xl0UlKl'1l"ll'II n 4f'r'lising .lfIllIIl,1jl'I' l,ifl'l'1ll'fj Iizlitor Assorizlfz' Liffwrlry lirlifor Makc'-Vp liflilm ui, V, h W... ,QM ' 1 Bi rm' f:l'l,l'lCl'l'liIi c:l'IIl'l'l!l'IJIC llliAlJl.l'1Y C1lAm.1Nr: III-ixnm' fl.-X'I'llIClllNlC lhcrim l'ir'lul'1' lfrlifor Pl10lU,Ql'Il1Jl1l'l' Typist .-lr! Ifrlifor 4.1 mu x N un l,4u'li,xxNi-1 X' Xl 1- x 1 ixit. ll,xluu1f'l"1'141 l,mx flu Xltl.lll"l'li lfmmxlmrx Ili-711 Y tlx xivlu-31 1 Ill! z IX lim blll luitu, lixxnm, XI xm.l'l4:mll4. l'lllNlUNllNOY .Xl,l1lt. l'1XllXIl-'It l'Ii.x xxllIlC'I'S'l'UNl 19 ID- Xlxux' -lxxia XYimurx lii ll uufiil Swans llfimx Sum-in Clwi-'ximixw .llNI'l"l' lllf'l"l'Y .llfpxx N1-:ll UX XXX' haut- haul lung wi- lmw' slmrt-cl inuny lllll0l'Qt'l'ft1lJll' lll0lllClltSZ tht- clay wt- t-rsliot our goal of two tlmusimtl clollus in 11ClYtll'llSt'll10IllS. thc rush of im-4-ting the first 'klvaiclliiit-." tho sigh of rt-lict whvn wt' "wc'iit to prt-ss." tht- lm' ul' si-ving tha' first "proul's." tht- 1-xcitvim-iit whvn thc nllllllllllf'-l Cmnt- hzlvlx. 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Hu,-xx fx-N'XlPI'iIlIl' lfrfilm' XIAHII-Z XYUUIN .Xvl'll'X lflliflll' Nlvlrrls Sl..xm': l'1l'lllIlI't' Ifrlifur 'xfIl'l'l'HAillLf .Umu1,u1'r qhx ISI-fum' Ilrrvsl-1 Copy lfrlilm' Imxunl-3 Sl-nxmx nriuh' Xf'l1'.w Iiflilur NANUY Smrru ,-X.rsor'i11I4' l"4'uIur4' lirlilor Sliinmfix' l"onn NYIIJH-INI-1 Oxifoun 'l'ypi.x'I Sincc 1928 thc Girls lliglz Tinms' has kcpt thv school informccl about ncws :Incl siclclights. .-Xppcnring twicc ai month. it contains rcports of important cvcnts as xvcll as humorous auul scrious cclitoriails. uclvicc nhout ncw hooks anal music, amcl thosc intcrcsting littlc iuciclcnts that inulac up our school lifc. During thc lust tcrm, Iliglz Timcs' has printccl in cuch issuc an picturc ol' somc purt ot thc campus which cw-ry stuclcnt might lilac to kc-cp us Al mcmoir of hcr G. ll. S. cluys. Our ncwspnpcr lu-gun its prizc-winning carccr hy olmtuining ll tcn-clollnr golcl piccc uwurcl in 1929, :incl sincc thcu hus gnincfl no It-ss than twcnty-thrcc trophics, fourtccn of which urc cups. xlillly girls who workccl on thc stall hzlvc gonc on to curccrs in journalism. Thus Iliglz 'l'i1nr'.s' has l'0ilClli'll hcyoncl thc school ycnrs to cstulmlish hcr inllucncc in thc writing worltl ol' tomorrow. l,.-mms flU'I"l'lCN SIIIIKLI-IY ll.-kI.l. lfo-junior Pfrlilors -lo.xN XVli.1.1.nisoN Cfirrululiun .llum1,Q1'1' lJUI.l.Y NVrxl.Kl4:ii 1'l.Yl'llUIl,Lfl' .llllHIl,Ql'l' Cnpyr1:u1lf'r.s: lrIlrI,l.-KN -IUIKIIAN lxlIlilANl XVl4iNuicm: ANN fhklilll. llomuc l"u.xNc:i-is Puuzi-1 lworiulz' Arl1'1'1'li.viug .llnnugfr T is often said among students of Girls High School, both of yesterday and today, that "to arrive at 9:30 and leave at 3:35 is to derive no real pleasure from schoolf, How true this statement is, a newcomer to Girls High soon realizes, for, as brightly-colored ornaments lend beauty and magnificence to our annual Christmas tree, so the various clubs and activities lend added in- terest and attractiveness to our stay at Girls High School. As we of the ,47 class stress the inward beauty achieved through unselfish service, honesty, and loyalty to one,s cause and ideals, it is only natural that we recognize and pay tribute to the clubs and organizations through whose help- ful guidance and leadership we have been enabled to develop these line quali- ties of character. It was, for the most part, through these extra-curricular activities that we, as new freshmen at Girls High, became really acquainted with our classmates, and the friendships formed upon the basis of working and playing together for our teams and our committees will last far beyond the graduation day. Through these organizations we were given an opportunity to grow, both in mind and in body, and to develop our talents to the fullest extent. It was through our activities that we acquired that proud feeling of abelongingf, We gained boundless joy and satisfaction in knowing that perhaps it was some lit- tle portion of our effort that made the play or the concert a success. We saw, in our advisors, friends who would counsel us, take an interest in our ideas, and help us acquire that certain "group spiritv so essential,to the unity of any organization. As juniors, we achieved many of our aims. We won our place in the school as individuals and as a body, and as the months passed, we tried even harder to win new honors for our class, to inspire new ideas, and to contribute even more to our particular clubs or groups. As another year passes, and we see ourselves as seniors about to be gradu- ated, we remember with pride the hours of effort and the moments of joy which we, in our activities, have experienced. We remember the plays-the hours of memorizing important lines. We remember the rewards of our efforts-the "Crown we won and the senior dramatic triumph-"Pride and Prejudicef, We remember when our team won the basketball tournament, and when we re- ceived a "Iv rating in the music festival. We remember, too, those coldest of cold mornings when we Worked so hard for the paper sales Qwhich were num- erous and frequent.l Many are the memories of halcyon days at Girls High, and how very precious they are to our hearts. As we look to the future, we see before us a change which will sadden all of us, Girls High students of the past and present alike, for we know that the members of this ,47 class have written the final chapter in the history of Girls High School. However, one of the many things which Girls High has taught us to acknowledge is the power of advancement, and it is our sincere hope that the spirit of co-operation, enthusiasm, and good sportsmanship which our Girls High activities have helped us to appreciate, and which has shone upon and brightened our "tree of knowledgef will continue to cheer the paths of stu- dents in years to come. N fc A .Q mf- 'E' N .K "L 8 l,'?'?Q'. SWE Yu s fifgx j . Qin: TA i ,AW ' fi S3 4 4 . " 1 , . 4 - E. gg .4 Ln . , 44.- xg Q 1. ll " ,Y ,- if ff . .. " 4 741' . . ,. n,1. . 1. . .f . ' . 4., v :' fm :Q-M..-' ' V' 1' T."- I 4. " . 4 . J . ' 'L4.'eg,. 'mx gg v.. g.f.3r+ ' ,QV M. y5.,,FLg3,:,. ,,i . I 145. '. ."'-' X2.'F!z:f4:l'L Ifgifl :sf 1Jr'T41'Q7'--'- if-' f -eff. if :' T5 .45 'f"f"5""'AJff'Yl .' " V" Y' 'EW"f""J5"',' "" .gf A 'V' s: .rfb 'f:I,W. ,,1.J3:gi ,l-'-jfiil ,Q , ,riff 1g.f1..,?,. 3 t Q In is fl- Hga1,,hflk.A54 , Nia' A-Y: .' ,WL ',.,:s K I ax 4' -Y' '51 'L Vi-lx' 'vw ""'-if ""f"" 'xx -"3Q'l1'A 1132: F L" -I L", , ' ,Q V? " 'VN 4 . 1, '-pg x '-:aw :Q w .L -' 1 ,rv -l'Q,,f 4, f A X , . is K L M if e f xiii' El. ,MA Nh L if 5+ F x ,FI 4 ..u,Q7X A .i','.' " -' '-iff 'W fi f ' ,rn , OI . -1 I Y 3 .4 I b ' ffz f 'f -.."' 5 f F' SQ w. . '41 W: 1 M 9 ..a5,-x ,--. i Niki .0 ? ? gil ' Q A , h , , .1 ' .1 'i'Q 3' sxigkkifqq, 51 G 3:2 1 V I' K 1 yigq Uwfkyg f i . 'liiflgn iv 41" t-1 1 . '..r , - K' 'Af -' 14-315 H H E f' 'G if 5' 3: P' ,. ' as 1 g 1, 84 f v . ,. .,. fr . Q 'K ' 9 1- 'v ,iq - J gg 9 I 54 M ni lnle-vtvml lay' ilu- lll'lIlUIl1lIllS, lln-sv h'l'.ufl-' XIICNIHICIKS In-:ul Slumlc-nl Low-in Illk'lli'S cmllllnittvm-s. Swrllrrl. lvfl In right. lll'f'J l,au1mlnu' xY1llI'lllilll', llurrim Low, Nusa- liuwolml, Gloria Xnslx. Slumling !ll'l'J ,loam liucla-11. Putty N1L'LLlI'tIl Imllisa- Yirgin. Nlalry PUIIIUS, hluyu- Dc-nsmm, Dot Smith. 3l'Q'St'lltillj.Z their various clusse-fs, LlI'Il'Tl'1NAN'I'S nwvt om-0 il wr-vk to lwur unnounwnwuts. l'rmu l'AlK'Il lumu'rmnu l'lllll1'5 il l'4fp1'vs4'llIall1xv to plan: :mal lu-lp tu l'4lllIllIt'l um' 1'II IIYIIVS. XXVI Nlnry Ann Clumlwin, IIam'i1'ttw Low, ,Ivan S1'l1lossvr, Dizmm- D4-unix Ull. 'lin-5 Assl4:xlnl.x liI-3l'nl4:w111Nl',-wlxI-is' lirmlxlv llrft lu riglzlk illAl'1 l'wxv' I A llx lwm xllll 5t'II4Nllilk N h4.wHI1V nwiim '31-4' ww .- f fs ' 'Q' JJ . UW- ' 'N H -' ' x, N3 BN km 9 159' MII! -'lr xxx, vf ff?-ffm .QQ QE .bQiQ J rf' 1 La r-,LJ 'f' :V ff 'H 'ir ,F fifffw If-J' I fi .. v , . , 9 vw - a. Y, I Nr, -W 1 ' ' . ' A ' - 4 N w a 5 it I F N ' VH M? .A Lu. ,, X A N V E 1 - J, 1 n - X' x VB' I Q M . ' ... Af. L l f 75 E ' A D ir .,, g .Q ' :Q ll E fl 4' K - N, 'iwamf,....A JMS I - ' x Ls , -.4 '.4 4 ' ,.,.. Iln uiluux ul I uls llugh N I II'llTIl'l' ul IIN Mn mr xx All xum III,Ilf,Ii1lNN .us-. Inj! fu rwhl- XI uII1n I IIIII Illll. I'.1l Iivrrx I u I is I mnlmmfl1 I UlllNl I mm In N ll :II I mm! nm Num I upI1 x mmI XI me II1 I IIIIII rIIiuf Inu: 1 f 3, cI15,1s Im lllv III-QI Clow uc lrfl In ll'llf Ou III uIxm II Itllilll XI IN ' . 4 . . .. . . 'g, : lilIal 'I'Lmx1I4'x' Img-4' lull ' 1 . A I vx. .I:u'Ix1m an l.I'I1'ICI. Ivggy IIim'Il. zlmI Dm c:l'l'l'I'. c- l.llm.xm' C1 Us Xli ss Nl4'f:llll'l'.S lu-lpflll l,.lm.l Nl nl owe-, qt zlwmislu Pwlll fr nulm. C I 1 I1 ll uml all wx I l,ul.1i.mmp 'xml lux H1 mmm nil nk R. in-rx uf ilu' I.llKl! Ile-lplml Xlrx Iulmwn In ilu' 1 XI'I'I'I"liIX am-. lr!! In l'l,LflIl, l'l'Lllli'1'N lxvx 1l'1lKlIll'l',, Ocln vlvlx f:l'l'.l'4liIIl' Xlillwr, I31'x4'l'ly llnlillu, l'qll XI4-Cln'gux'. klllil Xllllf flnrclxm XYUII1-, SVIWIIIH llIlll'lll'N uw, lull In Flgllf, C,axmly'1l Allllllllll, lzllw kay Km-Hy, mul .Ium S1ll'Ql'lIl. X. Nh-:mln-1's of ilu' CI. ll. A. A. S'r.Axl-'lf AlI'l'. .wrlfc'1l, lvfi In riglll: Dimmu unison and Niilliuvul lllixzurd. Sfunrling: Virginia lluyvs, BL-lty PlllllIi'1', xml Dol Bail:-y. Those girls head the Cllll.S Ilucu A'l'lll.lC'l'IC ASSOCIATION lmttum to top: Dot Pinkston, Dot Laum-ns, B4-tty Annu- Camp- ln-H. :mil xlilff' Cordml XVOI1-mn IIN-uflmfyxn!llwXImmxI'u'x'1m-.K,u.l'n.m-. lr!! In rwlll' XX 'Mull-nw Uviw, SL'l'l'4'fLll'fl Uurix IIIIIIVI' lyl'l'NllIl'IIl1 VIIXHIN Nlxlx. XIVQ'-l5l'l'5lil1'lll. H1-11-.llv ilu' "HM mlm slum mv xx:-lvmm' IIIHKIVN! 7 Xlvu' .lu Mmng pl Ilw VXI lllxnxxrl-' Ur-an LUN rxlumlingg, lr!! In riglrlr l S10 u liuul Cmwll,'rlI1'flP IS1-tix Ium 1-I'4'IIIIlll' 't'l5lll'l' ill!Nl'Illl't' xlwvl mvrx llltlfllillkl Q 1- T nglzll -Ivan Slmw. C34-rlrmlv lllaullvy, l"rz1m1's xxltltlllllll. llvlly' l llfnllwlln -lUllll'l' --lll11slx'a1ln'a-ul'- lKl'l l1llll4'AS4'llllIQ. llu- 0llIL'4'l'S ul llw lluxus l'.14lXllXll4Nf.l.lll Nlnnlim' nlllamny. llnl liuutll. Nl:n'g.m-l XX'i1 Slum-3' vlml in ilu- mmll-l a1pau'l1m-nl ,. . MM. . - W,,,,q,..,..M.-w.A..,,..,,.-K ..,.........-.,.v.W nlwrly. .xml Cllumlial uul K llUlNll Duxlm ul llu Iluxn-I I',c'uxux1n's f.l.l'll svw lm' ilu- ll:-'lx -lquw Ilnys. livtly Doss. a If -V Cul l"u'lmuf llUMl'1NlXIxl'Ill5fIf'fl lu ippvr, ll1lI'l!All'Al Osliu. :xml Sv -asf' Nlalrgiv lwm-rm-r . N1-ll Floyrl. Bvliy Ann uml, Nlamrtlm fllllllllillll, zmcl Cllmris llilc-v . A' " lil um hfl In rxgghll ul ilu- SICNIUH IDIL-xxl.lx'l'll: K l1'n pruliu A'XYl t Nlvn liw- BVN . ., ., .XIIKI c.l.l'll fYlllHllilI,LIl lla-vvrly liylvs, Avallu llmlovanl. il 'Xllll Clmml llogm' fS'l' I ' llwollln-1-l'snl ilu- Slfwxrrn DV xxl " ' . , . Il MU lAlx0l'lll' llustv, am Nllllif' Sunil: - aulmirx- tlu' lmalrml-Wm 1 l LTUXV. ml - "'I'lu- Stnnxgvst l"c-cling" 1-mm-s on-1' Cvlvstm- S2llliSfUll. Dorothy Morrixon. Carolyn Pricv. jc-nu Lim-nkolxl, Mary lJUIlIlllll'k, amcl Mnrgam-I l.yncl1, in tlu- jvxum lJllABlA'l'lC C1.Uu pwsclltzltlolx. Olfivurs - f.w'11i1'r1. iff! In rigllfl Alisa- Fur1m'r, Rubs XVilson, 1'ql'1lI1Cl'S king, f.VffllI!lfllH? Carolyn l'rivc'. ,lam-t Stanton. and jr-am I,ilH'Ilk0hl- sm-use ilu- plans ul' tlu- juwnm lJn,xx1x'l'1c' CLUB. Ilw FHl'.NllNI.XN IJIQ.-xxl,x'l'lct CLUB cmnvs to nrdvr with jane num-, l"r4u1u-s Nina-lx. and Snannu- Bmw-1's presiding. Sl'llfl'!I an the ffnnr. left to right: Suzanne O'Cnnne-ll, Rita Lincoln, .s'!11mfirl,s1: Am-ttv Ogg Innm- Dullwnsc-. .wflffvl rl! flu' 11111112 XVin0nn YV00dwnrd. I0 Anno HMP. illnstmtv tlw con- fnsinn of vnf-cllu-ulimu in ll sn-mu' from tln- Cfuow f,:0NTliS'l'. 'flux ollicvrs of tlu- BANK am-: flcff In rigllll Norman jo Godwin NilllL'j" lficbvlkorn, Ulfllillll thc bars? Bvtty jam- Corlvy, and ,lllllilil jouvs. Thx- BANK T1-JLLEHS who help us to save our money. ul 1 , I my MQ f ' 1.-if 41 w f y wi- . T rjlmssmwm Q,-E iti?Mgm AQIW AJ if f gym"-i ffm! 1 I ' 21. , if -ws Q 4 Ilu uillu IN ul llu- 1.11315 f.l.l'Il mv: flvll In I'lf'llU lnnmim' lmv Culmlmlv, 'I'1'm'usum'1'g mlwn. l'r4-mls-nlg juym- Sims, S1'l'l'l'l1lI'j'. aural Anm- Slnnlrml, Ilan- IIll'llllN'l'S ul Un- l'1ucs1lA1.xx l' urn: Patsy Ilaun. IH-ggy lllllllilll. lllllllll lnylur, I.l!il IIIITISII, Nahum xilIxlJl'Ullj.fll. Bill'lHll'il ljllltllll. Ann SIll'llgl'UXk', Jxlllll' l5.u'1'mva. zuul Iivlly NIU X k .....M ' 5""""'k+v4-' +3 ' 40 . G., All ilu- lm-mlwrs of tlw clllilh Illlill Cl1.1cl-1 c1l,l'lL "'-'C' Y 'E' 'U an v n num:- 4' U .v mg.. lu .4 u.: nu iv- Nl-INIIKIAICZ limlu Kuppu, Ann Spvllc-vr. Idlllflllllll' X'1ll1'lltiIll'. Bm-My Hull: l'nh1m xllllt'Sf1lIlllll'lI, Bvliy c:1'Ul'QlK' Hlldsml Qpiullislf. Sm' xYl'i"Ill H X J' 'QL 'xxx 'l'lw Clmm Illuu f,l!Clll-1S'l'N-X Domim-V, l,ilmul.m. 'l'lu- f,IKIlll'IS'l'liA f,l"l"llilCllS an-1 rlwlf lu rigid? P1-ggy c,SK'IllllLlll. Sl'CI'1'l1ll'f'1 Iivlty lluulslmy. l'rc's1clcntg Joy lluyvs, .-Xssislunt I.ilmml'in11ng Irix Iivtly Clcmlslmy, Bvtly rl-ilfllllll. I54-My ,lam ivm, and Aluy llnyvs Illlllxl' up mu' Slnlxc QL'.-xn'r14:'x'. U1 N 5 5 E 'l'lnu Cl .. Q f 'l'Iu- ulliw-rs ul' ilu- l'1':.-uzlc Clouvs nrv: flvfl tu 'gllll .-Xmu' f:lIiHt'lH'1lll, Put lilawkxllnn, Marilyn xYK'illll'AlIIlb, x1Ill'i!'l linsmng f.w'r1l4'rl Hll Ill ruuml! -Km ' ms lllm ll l'1,M.lg Lolufs pvrf l. . 14' Nllllm-r, -In lC:u'm'slg fN1!lllllfIl,LfJ vl Suggus. orms its kljl K'l'l'l'llli 2 ' pi ' l , , - ' 1 I 013' , ' 1,24 99 .Q I' , : " , L05 V, fflliiffia e , i g g QV' l Ser-xoor. SoNc l ui' A glass 1' 1 i-'E 1.11.4 1- l0llvaliantsehool,weloveyournlme, ,Wegloryinyuurworkandfameg Yquxadumzuekmwnsdgefwm, You help us highest ,peaks to mount, And all through llfe,,we'll ever sing your praise, ' And thankful be that you have hoped 'our ways. Refrlin: W Then hands to old Girls High, And here' 4- B l ---- -- Moy -Q y ever greatness, truth, faith l l orus: Ch' -. High, Girls High, glorious be your 4 Y v standard high, your spirit great, Y noble cause proclaim. G - High, Girls High, glorious be your Your tandard high, your spirit great, Your ble cause proclaim. O may yo light forever beam, Its rays resple oer us stream And sheltering Remain the ardent seekefs guide. And e'er your sun of life shall Your works a golden crown l s W . - v or la . Q i 7551- 4 iff' 45 qw .. 1' HUT 9 ' as , ., v 1 - ' . I gl ' Up l -Q 1 I A " .fs I tiki ,-'rg' SENIOR SONG Here's to Senior classmen, faithful and true, And to our colors, we'll be loyal, too, for we are with youg We are all together going to see you through, So here's to the Senior class, long life to youl JUNIOR SONG We are the juniors, we never fall, We are the class that wins over all. Our foes are fearing -our goal is nearing. Victory forever is our aiml on ard we are ting VVhile our loyal friends are cheering, to ctoryl a I l . fore name. RESHMAN 5 W . Freshmen, stand together, Don't you fail to win. Fair or stormy weather, We'll stick together, friend to friend. Freshmen, pals forever, We are ever true. So if you're going to stick together, Keep the red and black forever, Glorious forty-nine. xI1'llIlYl'l'N uf ilu- S1-lliur Ijlllllliltil' Cflulfs winning skit nm nmlusing slllltm if ilu Vim C' : ' . if .4 -a ' ,' V ,UIlfl'Sl. U4 ml l'lnlxslrnl lcmkx all Agguxliv, ilu' Svniur lxvui, l'rvslnu:n1 lyfllllllllll' Klub slmws ull lm' its uluw mm TRUMAN Niill'L'i1l Nlllffll and Nlzzrtlm King slum' llwir winning 'I'lmnksgiving lmskn-I. YValllau'v S: 3' N V ' " ' .' A 1: ' ' K lll lm ll fu lull tm IIN Ilum ln LC uul HIIIK1 that lu' ITZIHQ' wmft miml l'1'5iglIilljI. High Seniors zullllin- il IllUCll'l of llnvir grnclllalli clrc-ss. Agnvs Cm-, Dot Balilvy, :md fjilflllyll lic-ss:-luwl' Ivan! ilu ' FITSIIIIIZIII m'ln'vl's in ilu' Crow Kfmllvsl. 'Alilpaln Ba11'lmrau Oslin. and 'ANIz11llb1alu" Fl'1lllL'K'S Milvs sc in ilu' ilDilI'lIlll'Ill aw tlu' lmppy Iaumly. The- lu-wly uppuilltvd lI.xl.m'oN vclitnrs linux- ilu-ir piclurv nuulv. if l'1'vlli4'sl Iivrniiax Ilirsn-lm and vlltm-st l"1'z1m'4-s Muck do t'iS1llIl'4' lu wurlclly wise' SK'lIiUl'. Pill Slnumml. Miss l.:m'lm-ss pusvs on llw from ala-pe lfn-xllnlnzlxl 'I'ln'spimls display' tlu-ir nrt s in ZISHCIIIIIIX. K Q 5 -J N' 4' X ,' W- ' - 4. fr. ' C, ky, , 'A f N A Q' ' I .L . in 'W - A . "5"!Yj 5. ff ! .' - lv , E ' YV Wil L X i . J ' , x S its no waalzq I' 'el' ,. 2- H - a 'WI-f TGS is , lang qi I 9-I igrlii I ma. bi' 41 x gn ay h Q 0 AN .. F .' , :wtf . , ' 'I' 4' ""--'A' xv A t .Lg ' 5 . Xf i A -. 1-4 M 1 f 1 ,Q ' 'Q '5 -r .z ' ' , ' ,L , - ,Q , 5- 'J I gd' X A b , , : .ir ' G X M ' A fl' S, 4 f I j . f, 5154 I'.i,2'l .. ,wif f i , . , V .IJ 7 1 I L . N 8 L RZ 5 W9 N f va "' 195' ln' ,fe s If yn -avg? V J f65H?9 'L' 1 .pri MPM 'I I I 1:2 -In s 1 X X sf -x fs? A . .Ag J 1 'v- .Q-I9 Q 7 xi, .1 , we il, eff., 1' i . ff Q3 L.......J L-'LL Qi 'R ,- wh LAS-13 I, Q w X , fl 1 X Y W' I 5 " illl x ,wg y.. M x N N cf- gg? una, gr N . urmull' 'T ...qi I E f 13 Mr' A' " If A 1 f 5, x x . x 4 i ' .M A. N N 1. V A. I 'fm' G f x - M X. Q H A 5 ' .' I ab? 'Q' "N . . 71.11 A' L hgviliw ,I Q I r 1 lf I , .. f ,f ' I x sf I 4 Q' , 1 x L 1 ! fe! ' :xx 9' W A fl, 4 i? 3 ' 3.1 E M Wm . W 5 5' x , 'V 3 . , , . A ' . s , A 5931 4-. 32 x I ' 5 4 '7 - 1 f 1. ,f 1 ff A -M r- .--y 5 ff fmvl "Lh x' iv, A his 3 1 gm,,,,., 'f . 1 , 1 W Y Ai Q, 4, Q.-H If Q13-4 f Q:aalJfa. 1 nys fs' L ' . f 11 X 'f 1 a - ' ' . I Q -.L-3 E ?-.5-,E -ef:-: zzz? ' " -if vu- , I 4 ' - 4, - A 2 , gf 4 Ax ' H, "Bw, 4 , K -. ff ,, a . i' I 1' l 1'3" , 15 f ' . , , 1 , , Q - x y . -3 + W, il? S .. . A Sf' ,ff 4' f pg 'vim if .Q ' Jil 'hu T" X ,, Ai, ,ff -- ,. 5, .' Q jill t i. 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IN Illlliulil.-" I1l.4.1X-ll-lgm, lgmqmml ilu- slam- nf ilHAllI'S. -llijkl' must ln' l1'Lll'lllllQ lu llilllfll ' ' " ' " ' ' -'cv "nn wry' - -iffy '1 nilh sw-nn plm-usvml x A S I yi . , nm ai- aff LW I f . ,tw ,,,.: tlglg J t. .,, lil V H KX Q 41 I QW K' A x W A X A V b ff A' Y 1' 4 ff? :L W' M' S85 2 , 2 '- +- Q6' i A YQ Q? Q 1. K liar v K e , 4 1 I R lx ' , Q 'dx , - I K 5 m ix M HZ H . , -M, I .,4 W M - A fx! 1 I A ,.,. Q fi 2 s.. 1 .- 'mx H ' 9 T WV, Q -1 ww. i!2 fsM .....-qs-7-gg,5g.m,,. .- f N.,,., vxn--- f "" Q ve 5 k .Ah w , Mi t ...- a " -LQ .J E 4 ,, , il mfr? s lf! 4 - an I W E .F F Q' f Q l l 'SQ rein' Ka, 0 R I -1 il 5 4 ww SIIIIUII 4l,u Xt'l'lll' llustyi l'L'llUlllll'l'5 ilu- ch-vll Clim-Yvrly lzylvsb :xml cle-uw-Q tu lux lwltvl'-xx-If tXum-5' Smith? in tlu' Svniur ljfillllilfil' Club in tlwir Dl'f'5l'I1tilti1lI1 oi' L4-cm 'lkmlntelik 'AXX'lml Ml,-n I.iw' By." in'ln.n-I tN4-ll l"luy4Il xlnmxx lnm llu- lmvwl Imuuls am- Vlillal 'l'l'4'Ull lwlpx ilu- Burma 1XlalI'!i1' fNH'l'I ,,,A,,I.-4 wluilc- livlty Ann Hum! xxryly slalnclx lay. .IH K"-'iv S39 4 . +-.luv I v x C Iuriu Nnslu cmulm-nuns ilu' ilK'tl'illlK'Ill1ll propcrtics of I I i ,,-u U-llllillfn l"n'iclal l'Q1'IQlIllllll :xml uSL'llillI'h Slllillllll rits nf. .lllllilll'1lHiSu in thc- Sm-nior skit. 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I-IIGI-I MUSEUM Lau'-KLJgflv v ASSORTED NI" S G4 154, o ITYO LQHQQL GF ARTQALJ 9 04116 714 i,::7E"R Y cc- Vee? -I ,q ff, PEACHTREE or Of 64 X6 N E A ,l 41 - , I, and H Q1 of:- lu P rx I OA DS N W QL 'SX' g Q ATCHF ' so 6 D SX QX oqy 0 'lforfpd ,QQ Ch A Q 66' E : vb "'!WP11r'11 VO w S' fi G EORG I 000 4 FFP, My VY. OQNO G 5 9989 +40 A W' END v-wg www D CMN Q0 8 0 Wx P ww S ok oo' BV- P' CNW 9-XA 64 - WN C xiods SO 'Y wh NNAN 06X N05 U R 5 C0 QA S 'YN ' T5 L F Su cd my , ,Fwd f,,, ' Q ,Y 1' . -C Q mf- ,ff xqk Qt 0 1? QF xx X bil' F xg Q QF -Q' I f -'ffm Davison ,S Z efnc 6 6 'l 6' B6 PO x 4 Q K 6 Q9 1 vw-xseovl 0 2 ' 6141 P YQGQNQ, Ov, awry .ef " ELL 4- , mean B W 1 N0,5Qx,LQQ6x4 v W xxcffxi, 5009, 6 GEORGW .Q '53 60? '25, Q P. STEVENS ENGRAVING CQ, C5 R A C E ' 5 MILL ,. 1'hn"'g'2vx:1-Trcfa , W Radios am f m D - 11,4 ,, T M, ,111 sm-1-f, s. W. EHS, ,Q d jr V A -A -, A H5 "'I1x'f.-HRANT RAM ATLANTA Furniture - Stoves - Rugs - Radios - Appliances Why not let KENNY FURNITURE CO. furnish your home? STEVENS PICTURES, INC. 101 WALTON ST., N.W. Atlanta, Georgia Visual Education Equipment and Supplies Coronet Films March of Time WAlnut 5728 DR. GEORGE S. KAHN, O.D. EYESICHT SPECIALIST 12 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Ga. O WESTBROOK PHARMACY The Store of Personal Service "Forty Years in One Communityv 4 1582 PIEDMONT AVE., N.E. ATLANTA, GA. O VICTORY FOOD MARKET GROCERIES and MEATS 340 PETERS ST., S.W. MA. 1550 W. M. Small, Proprietor 1393 MCLENDON AVE., N.E. CR. 1894 Atlanta, Ga. CR. 3268 B R A N D E S ' INCORPORATED As sure as a vine crosses a river, Dear seniors, you have our heart, from B15, F U R S And half our liver. 218 Peachtree Street, N.W. Atlanta Stationery Bt Printing Company 128 Marietta St., N.W. MA. 3013 Atlanta, Georgia With loving appreciation of our sponsors, Miss XVOOLFE, M'ss Dfxvrs, Mas. POOLE, Miss SAXON, and Miss OSBORNE from The Student Government Staff Our Chicken Pan Pie Has Made Us Famous LUCY WOOD CAFETERIA 64 MARIETTA ST. Across from the Georgia Power Go. Compliments of NORMAN 81 ROMER Sheet Metal Works 1272 MURPHY AVE., S.W. lmymnml 5143-44 ENROLL TODAY h SPIVEY PRODUCE COMPANY , fn' 6 , , Whowsale Produce Automobile Drivers Training School W. E. Spivey Georgia State Market 231 Peachtree Arcade President Atlanta, Georgia WAlnut 5831 CULPEPPER 61 PEACOCK Pharmacists 1663 MCLENDON AVE., N.E. AYCUCK FURNITURE CO' DE- 1601-02 New and Used Furniture Young Atlanta loves jazz, cokes, and those but-simply-divine fashions, featured in ALLEN'S 219 SHOP! Meet your friends at the "Hi-Gangs' favorite spot . . . WNW- WEBB-MOBLEY BEAUTY PARLORS 79 ALABAMA sr., s.w. ,Q VVAlnut 9528 Aflllllfil 3, G21- WA. 7793 75 FOHSYTH ST., N.W. Compliments of 73' ROYAL MILLINERY CO. Ili, Calls, trail out to ' T H A I L , S I N N Foo'r or STONE MOUNTAIN Compliments Of "VVe Specialize in the best of foodsv A FRIEND Special Attention , 'lr Gwen to Picnic Parties FUN Fon ALL BOVVLINC, i' SOUVENIIIS Opticians ESTABLISHED 1870 il? "A Complete Optical Servieei' 1-'nom nxAM1NA1'1oN TO 1-'1N1s111N:o CLASSES 83 WHITEHALI. ST., S.W. NVA. 9178 'ik THOMAS F. SEITZINGER Sz SONS Pig and Ingot Lead Wiping and Bar Solders Type Metal, Slab Zinc Antimonial Lead 900 Asum' ST., S.W. HE. 1131 152' Compliments Of CHESTERFIELD L A U N D R Y H. A. SPENCER, Manager iff ACCOUNTS INSURED 35530.00 Legalfor Trust Funds Liberal Semi-Annual Dividends ATLANTA FEDERAL GEORGIA'S LARGEST FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 22 lVlAlIlE'I'I'A ST. - MAIN FLOOR - ATLANTA, GA. CARROLL BAKING COMPANY OPERATORS OF DUTCH OVEN BAKERIES Dixie's Finest 720 STEWART AVE., S.W. PHONE RA. 2101 Assets over S22,000,000. Surplus and Reserves over Sl.500.000 Member Federal Home hmm Ba k System I- I al R Ig a I 1 I 1 ratl Atlanta, Ca' Serving IVest End for 18 Years BABB 61 NOLAN Realtors 1386 GORDON ST., S.W. RA. 2186 M 84 S GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale HOTEL, RESTAURANT, and BAKERS, SUPPLIES 555 W. WVHITEHALL STREET, S.W. FULTON PAPER COMPANY "PAPER,'-That's Our Business 223 SPRING STREET, S.W. PHONES WA. 9012-13 High Times extends its greetings To Halcyon and you, And wishes all the seniors GOOD LUCK and JOY toolll AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE DECATUR, GEORGIA O AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE has found the graduates of Girls High School most satisfactory in every way - well prepared, full of enthusiasm, and ready to take Coniplinzcnts of THE DRAUGHON SCHOOL OF leading parts in all college activities. We always give G. H. S. students a cordial welcome. COMMERCE 579 Pi3Acu'rm515 S'r1u5i5'r, N .E. ATLANTA 8, CEOIIGIA O JOHN SEXTON 81 CO. AllIll1lflIl.'flll'ilI,Lf TVIIUICSIIIC Grocers J- R. MCCAIN Box C-H President Es1'Aa1,1su15n 1883 ATLANTA, GEORGIA AMHERST 2541 NIO NTAG-'S FASHIONABLE WRITING PAPERS CORRECT FOR ALL SOCIAL CORRESPONDENCE and BLUE HORSE Paper School Goods 9 MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. ATLANTA GEORGIA CUIHIIHIIIUDIYS of II li ATLANTA TIT C O M P A N Y 5?- DR. LOVICK H. WILLIAMSON Uptmrxcftrist and Optician 13110110 NIA. 1266 1030 FIRST NATIONAI. BANK BUII.nINc:. A'l'l,AN'l'A, GA. MILLINEHY BAGS ACCESSORIES NEAL,S MILLINEHY 171 Pvachtnxe Strvvt Atluntal, Ca. Cmnpliments' of 122 W1IlIfliAll FINI-:ST FURNITURE IN THE SOUTH X: ',,,., ERNEST P. TOM LINSON jf'w1'l1'r VVA. 3080 22 .AUBURN AVE.. N.E. Conzplinwnts of MORSE 61 McELVEEN,S DRUGGIST S10 NORTH 111c:111,AND. N.E. IIE. 7575 LUMMUS SAND 84 COAL CO. Distributors of HIGH QUALITY DOMESTIC and STOKER COA1, SAND - CRAVEI. - STONE - COAI. 1540 Bo1,'roN Roma, NAV. BE. 2201 R. ll. lnunmus, Sr., Pl'l'Sff1Cllf R. II. Lummus, jr., Secretary and Treasurer JAMES H. SMITH SERVICE STATION 24 Houn norm SERVICE BaHc'rif's - Tirvs Floor Mats - Sval Cau0r.s' Af'1'v.s.sol'i1'.s - Shall Prozluc'fs Washing - l,al2rir'a!ion - Motors Clcamfd SPRING AND LUCKIE STS., NNV. Loon AND ASK Fon SMART PRODUCTS at your loading mcn's and department stores Bf'lis, l31'r1r,'1'.s, I,f'aIlwr Goods, Imvalry CARDS INVITATIONS ANNOUNCl'I!NlEN'I'S ANTHONYS PRINT SHOP Printing - Engraving - Enabassing 5615 POPLAR NNV. jA, 0342 A'l'l.AN'l'A, CA. Best Wishes from KIRKWOOD THEATRE -9 CENTRAL IEWELRY COMPANY 141 PEACHTREE. N.E. Diamonds - Watches - Rings - Pins Complinzants of NEWMAN PHARMACY Compliments of WILHAIN E. FARRELL ACCoUN1'AN'r C0llIIJ1iIllf'llfS of INMAN PARK PHARMACY 752 EDc:EwooD AVENUE Atlanta Georgia Compliments of H ESI W STUDIO 30 BROAD ST.. S.VV. Home of Beautiful Portraits FRED C. BLAIR Florist 1580 PIEDMONT ROAD, N.E. Cl7ll1lJlflllL'IIf-Y of SHIRLEY CLOAK ISI DRESS CO. VE. 3595 Nita' XVA. 1005 209 PRYOR ST.. SAV. ATLANTA, CA. N1Ain 3830 wA1m1r 5902 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS, AND REST VVISHES FOR THE FUTURE FREEMAN FURNITURE COMPANY 86-88 ALABAMA S'rnr:E'r, B2 Atlzultu 3. Ca. fIOMl'l,IllH.'N7'S UF BEST IVISHES FROM SMFM QW ITTE B7 - I J .11 J I N C G 9 P Q E A T E ATLANTA. GEORGIA Z' i75i2"" 3' L-g gx . om'-WV' mmf-U HOLT HARDWARE 6z SUPPLY CO. 1279 CLENNVOOD AVE., SE. A ATLANTA, GEORGIA WA. 7000 WE DELIVER Complimvnts of FROHMAN MUSIC CO. 631 PEEl'l,l-LS ST., SRV. RAymond 1695 Atlanta Ca Sf? GRADUATI' TO GREATER SAVINGS AT BIG STAR LITTLE STAR ROGERS STORES 'ik jo Qu' jriencld af Qrgfjwligh Schoof iff Through thc years our association with the students of Girls, High School has lwcn one of dvvp and cordial fricndship. Now, wp say hall and farcwcll-farcwcll to thc wonderful past-Hail! to thc bright morning of your futurc. We are confidcnt that the glorious traditions and charactvr of Girls' High School will prove a source of inspiration on which futurc gcncrations will draw-will scrvc to guide and light thc way of the young ladies in Atlanta's co-educational high school program of tomorrow. Jiiarqaret c'U.7uii'e HIGH MUSEUM SCHOOL OF ART EQ? Professional Courses in Advertising and Fine Arts 4 BFA and MFA Dcgrccs Ofcrcrl Compliments -9 Of Summer Session: June 16-july 25 Winter Session: September 8-May 30 ATLANTA BILTMORE HOTEL 6 "Tl'S tl'.-S ' 2Ht"' , . H OU 'S ufmml O cl Annual Scholarship Contest for High School Graduates Q Call or write for information 1262 PEACHTR1-:H STREET, N.E. HE1nlock 3134 Years from now we'll read this, And think of days gone past - Those days have gone forever, But fond memories still last. Sincerely, C2 To the students of G. H. S. we say Farewell as we go on our way - May you all have as much fun As we have had in ole C1 'Tis farewell from the seniors We cannot say much more- VVe wish you all just loads of luck, Best wishes from C4 Deep in our hearts we'll always hold and cherish the memory of our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Lammers, to whom we send our love. We wish her health and good luck, too, and to the Senior Class goes B3's most cordial wish for life-long happiness. We were green - We were scared -IfVe were freshmen-On the doorstep of famous Girls High. To the one who helped us over this huge hurdle, to our good friend, our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Poole. A6 Goodbye to our school, our teachers, too - We're leaving you in june. Three years seem to us too few To be leaving you so soonl Bye, C5 From A9 comes sincere wishes to our SENIOR SISTERS To Miss Mae Culpepper, our friend, our advisor, our homeroom teacher, B7 gratefully dedicates this small space to commemorate our respect for her. 2? GREETINGS Farewell, farewell to GHS, and And to the seniors we wish the best. BEST WISHES from B11 A10 Miss Fulton we would like to be just one more Hower fair That goes to make up your bouquet Of friends who count you rare. B13 We who are from dear old C12 Into the books of poetry delve - There we found these words: Good luck in later life to you who are graduating! C12 We won't be here next term, So this we truly mean: Best wishes to the graduates, Good luck to C-Thirteen When you leave this school in june With knowledge and intelligence keen, You'l1 know that all through life with you Will go the best wishes of C13 '48 A14 COMPLIMENTS C ongratulations, of a SENIORS, and best wishes for the future, FRIEND B14 It seems quite proper to send best from the best, So to send our wishes is BI2's only request Large Homesites in BEAUTIFUL CASCADE HEIGHTS near Adams Park CASCADE REALTY 81 INS. CO. Real Estate I11.S'1l7'llHl.'lf 809 CASCADE AVE., S.VV. Phones: RA, 3412, AM. 5673 'Tis farewell from the seniors, We cannot say much more - Congratulations and all best wishes for a prosperous future. May you all succeed in your pet ambitions. We wish you all just loads of luck, Sincere! Best wishes from K y' C4 B2 OH, HALCYON STAFF AND SENIORS TOO, WE WISH THE BEST TO ALL OF YOU. AND MORE THAN -IOYS COULD EVER MEAN WE WISH YOU LOVE FROM t B13 0 Compliments of BACH THEATERS 0 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FELLOW CLASSMATES FROM C10 THE VARSITY 0 CURB SERVICE FRESH FOOD 'A' HIGH TIMES HIGH TIMES EXTENDS ITS GREETINGS Best Wishes to the Class of ,46 TO HALCYON AND YOU, from AND WISHES ALL THE SENIORS GOOD LUCK AND jOY TOO!!! Lest we forget So as the time nears Compliments The years that are through, When we shall lose you, The memories that linger We hope you love us of Are precious to you, As Weill always love you. . Best wishes from THE ALTERMAN BROS- B9 ATLANTA,S LEADING WHOLESALE GROCERS 1Vi1h Best 1Vishes BIC APPLE SUPER MARKET 4 THE TAYLOR SHOP Dr1'sse.s-, Dry Goods, Shoes, Millinery IIul1el'11ushery, Notions 2006 Bom,r:vAmm Dmvrt, N.E. DE. 1018 Mrs. XV. F. Taylor, Prop. Res. DE. 5176 C1.Asslc:A1. PIANO INSTRUCTION Correet Ieehnique and fundamentals stressed with rapidity towards piano repertoire BECINNERS or ADVANCED IIOUHS 10 A.1NI. TO 8 P.M. ARTIST FOXTROT STUDIOS 40 Pr:Ac:1l1'm:1': ARCADE NVA. 6257 CHRYSLER AIRTEMP RESIDENTIAL HEATING AIR CONDITIONING COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION MOORE-STON ER CO. O Girls High School G I e e C I u b 500 STEWART AVE., sw. ATLANTA, CA. PHONE CY. 1691 ROXY DELICATESSEN CO. lmporlell Delimeies . . . Hors-fl'oeuvr0s lmlimz Spaghetti 1201.17 DlT1II1 l'l.A'l'I'1S FUR l'AR'l'lI'1S . 1011 1,l'AKIIl'I'llliH. N.I-I. llli. 1616 The Girls' High Cleef Cluh urishes to offer l'UIlgl'lllllll11l0lIS lo the .Seniors llllfl fIl7lII'l'l'I.llIl'0ll lo Miss Edna Whilmore. our llI'l'l'!'I0l'. Ir seems quilt' proper To send best from the ha-sl. .So to send our Il'l'Sl1l'8 ls 1312's only request. OFFKHAL 7 PHOTOGRAPHERS SM 1947 HALCYON Keep the memory of happy days in your life forever new, forever alive, hy giving a truly lasting reminder . . . a lovely true-to-life portrait We l of you. PORTRAIT STUDIO 4TH FLoo1i DAVISON-PAXON CO. Here's to the Senior Class, CONGRATULATIONS Faithful and true, fr There'll never he another class Om To take the place of you. B E E Z I C S C10 B6 Office BE. 1576 ALDREDCE GENERAL SUPPLY At Last Hardware - Paints - Building Material C 2560 BANKIXEAD HIGHWAY, N.W. 9 ATLANTA, CECJRCIA SOUTH,S HCMEFURNISHERS SINCE 1885 Radios, Electrical Appliances 1 B A M E i S, I N C . .mu iE1Tg 60 BROAD sr., N.W. WA. 5776 0 DOWNTOWN 0 DECATUR 0 BUCKHEAD and ph0,,0g,,,,,h Records Get some experience in your chosen career while still in school. "WE THINK B4 WE ACT,, fBefore-thai isl .lOll'l 'l'l"lG Be cu D.E. Club Member FVO R ggifaaffak I nl -47 . . . a p0sz'tz'07z rf rcxp0mz'bz'lz'gy Mafs fuiml fo Mc c'0f1z11zzwz'zfy's 6243171055 and social wefafe . . . afm'pq1'.v acc'0ra'z'fzgfy. Toyou az Career in C'077Z77ZZl7ZZ.L'ClZ'l-0715 6vc,6011.v. SOUTIIERN BELL 'TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY INCORPORATED ,f wx' , 6' -3 5 -- 3 3 E '4 "Wu ,bi JERSEY ICE CREAM CO. 784 NORTH HIGHLAND AVENUE, N.E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA O TELEPHONE HE. 0125 O Fred E. Scanling F. W. Scanling Best wishes to our classmates and our homeroom teacher, Mas. INICELHENY DIAMOND JEWELRY COMPANY 7 EDGEWOOD AVENUE, "AT F1vE POINTSD Easy Terms C6 WALNUT 5000 ATLANTA, CA. Farewell to the seniors of '47, E11i0y You've made our frosh year like heaven. D 0 R T C H l 5 Good luck from the class of A13, BUDDY BARS , SANDWICH CAKES In glimpses of the future are seen THEY RE DELICIOUS The day when all will be fine "Wie by When we are the seniors of '49. DORTCH BAKIN G COMPANY Best wishes and sincerest congratulations to the other senior classes from G7 C7 and Fun and Fellowship All the way From us, the members, of GHAA We love the name of Girls Hi, We love our memories here And now that graduation's nigh, We want to leave her something de So Girls High, Girls High The love we leave to thee Of every girl who graduated In the class, CS. 3.l'! Here,s to the Senior Class of '47: BEST OF LUCK AND Coon G11 WISHES A4 To Mademoiselle Coekrell: None Vous Aimons lffvifuvrllp. fWe love you very much, that isb Conzplinwnis of A FRIEND CARDS INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS ANTHONY'S PRINT SHOP I'r1'nf1'ng . . . EIlflI'I1'l'1'?1!I . . . Embossing 56l2 Poplar Street, N. W. .lan-kson 033422 Atlanta, Ga. Is that a diploma I see before m That sets me forever free? Come, let me clutch thee, I have thee at last!! C8 THE STATE OF GEORGIA IIAS ENLARGED THE UNIVERSITY CENTER IN ATLANTA TO INCLUDE- A SIX-STORY DOVVNTOXVN IUNIOR COLLEGE FOR DAY CLASSES GEORGIA EVENING COLLEGE FOR EVENING CLASSES Girls IIigli now luis the largest representation in the big enrollment of 5.000 stuclents uttemling .IlllllOl' College and Georgia Evening College. CI0HI1II1'HIl'lI fs fo flu' Sl'HI.0l'N from The Halcyon Closs Compliments of ovabfe I'Cl.S'SlQI'9 OH'lf9dI7,y W E I N S T O C K , S O , ATl.ANTA'S FAVORITE FLOWER SHOP O S 1'r:Ac:11'1'nr:E STREET Atlanta, Cu. WA. 0908 YCUIIIIIIIIIII ents of ED LINDSEY'S LUNCH Boowns, 'I'Anl.r3s mul C0l'N'l'EIt SERYICE II. lil? LINIISICY TTT-T79 UUIIININ ST.. 0u'ne'r mul Mrumgz-r RAUloNn 9466 Atlanta, Gu. Conzplzfments TEAGUE CLEANERS l'fXI'ICIIT DRY ICLICANING l'n0NE RA. 5812 Casracla- and Curclun ORIGINAL WAFFLE SHOP 62 Pryor Street, N.E. Famous for Fim' Food jonw D. Cn0'rAs, Manager lfomplimenls of SOL'S BICYCLE STORE RA. 115-l. JK. If-L A ABU N FICLIJM A N RIXYIXIUNIJ 2178 MCGARITY GROCERY FANCY GIIUCICRIICS and 'CHOICIC WESTICIIN MICATS It I'1e.ases Us I0 l'lef1..w You 799 Cascade' Ave.. S.W. Atlanta, Ca. ir J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING COMPANY liSTABI.ISIII'IIJ 1874 XVEDDINC, RECEPTION. VISITING CARDS NIONOCIIANINIED STATIONERY Sion' LIICIIIIOII 110 PICACII'I'IIICl'I S'l'ln+:1-:'l' ,'X'l'I,AN'l'A At Pt'lll'l1fl'l'l' Sfrmff Eniruncr' PIUIIIIIOIII Ilofzfl Building 'A' VERNON 4142 COMPLETE PAINT 8: BODY SUPPLIES TOUCHSTONE PAINT 61 LACQUER COMPANY Distributors for R. N. Nason 61 Co. PAINTS - LACQUERS - ENAMELS G. T. fTutj Touchstone 602 SPRING ST., N.W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA 810 CASCADE AVE. ATLA FEAR,S GROCERY Groceries, Meats and Vegetables Fish and Oysters in Season RA. 6167 NTA, GA. JOHN D. HOFFMAN Teacher of Singing 235 AUBURN AVE., N.E. JA. 0674 MAYES' GARAGE 1028 VIRGINIA AVENUE, N.E. GUY W. IN IAYES HE. 3132 MY-T-PURE FLOUR Good Cooks Prefer This All-Purpose Flour PURITAN MILLS 9 52 MANGUM ST., N.W. ATLANTA, GA Makers of MY-T-PURE Flour and Feeds SUPERIOR LAUNDRY "Bundles of Satisfaction" DRY CLEANING 4 0 H E. 2296 CONVERSE COLLEGE- Spartanburg, South Carolina Fully accredited liberal arts college for women 1947 Summer Session in Music CONVENIENT T0 ATLANTA For information write PRESIDENT E. M. CWATHMEY BRIARCLIFF 5c 6z 10c STORE COLEMAN sf STILL, INC. 1047 PONCE DE LEON AVE., N.E. Atlanta, Georgia Compliments of HARBOUR CLEANERS 1037 PONCE DE LEON AVE., N.E. VE. 5288 CONGRATULATIONS from THE MOTION PICTURE SERVICE CLUB It's been fun serving the school! CRACES PRESENTS ANOTHER YEAROUNDER lt's versatile! It's exciting! Wear it plain or Dimple the crown Limitless possibilities FASHIGN-WISE HATS at 44 Broad St., S.W. sm WN , by ,. .43 '-R Q! 1 gist 2 if G, er ". aff' if ff? 'a 1 , - J 7 ' X' Q xr- -Y,. ,Mi J A S""l'S .AJ Tf fcf 5"lZ-1 Ywfwwm I AWZWQ A Wfqdalqylee .,L,,,'7'?c'B' ' Edfclj Z2 ' 60-an MQ-Jf"'2' QWJVIIJ ff ,QM ., 9,.,wL9M'vQi A . .una CIM-.S 1 Rd -V ' mga 3MmwnG2mxkiZU Mmwg 3,8 5b3JwwMQQT7iEiW4gLm 'YVMfgyw24w . ,av-f4f"'J""L71' 4 " r!f440l04-1" .I if Nag-,XS ,Bud-Free? 3.5 ww-N' ,, v-95299 ' UTD' .. HUP? . ' H .'cpL'P' . MQW jg, Q-, .W 5'-15...f,:zgL,,,,,,,,, w74wWw4Zf4M'pw.2wcJ5A2gd-wwf DIAMOND ELECTRIC and SUPPLY CORP. WHOLESALE ONLY 665 I N ST., S.W. I 0 B 382 II RAymomI II43 ATLANTA I IA B K.. IB mm LIITTRELL, Prvsid I Ieneml Managrr O K IKENI WEATIIERWAX, Treasl R I QR ni BENNETT, Sales Manager + SPECIALIZING IN ELECTRICAL WIRING MATERIALS, LIGHTING FIXTURES. LAMP BULBS, SMALL HEATING APPLIANCES, RADIOS, TABLE LAMPS AND FLOOR LAMPS. ALL ORDERS GIVEN PROMPT AND CAREFUL ATTENTION. + DEPENDABILITY - EFFICIENCY -S ERVICE-COURTESY M Quo!! QW 0-QWGQL -ERHPA NPe.lmer- 9M,nfM'CP'7"4"L . J Sl-FIA S'4..oe.o VMmy'1L-AQ mg' H 4542-Q. wi ,OYMAW L.. +4-.+ H 48-'J 90 ,zmira we-H S...-e..::z fmwafffuf fqorux . if awww Ggfaqgg WQXBNW' Wm" WW MMM! WM ww Www Wy ,czffw www Wwww VQQQV wqtwaw f9L1'j:'wd! bbw: ' ez! 4-S551 Q0 NO,-ff-ff qi we WM' f-'-Qu., 416 aww? ,'f'f'l' 2533- ziaiwggwnwffv W M, fmwgwoggfw -441-47' ack?-M LL? We-255 bu pnginivffyef BKQZQOEWQLM Cixi! QD- ig, fav? 5,401 . v,,,.?j:""Ef:ifL 6, md, 4"J"'4'I ry V 'eva M , E Q'wQ kiz.. VJUQLVT AAAWNWW, "T.,,,w W Cwgj, 6.17 fwmcg Ley 5.-g:.1:4'-""F"' -A3 r WM DQWQWHMMQZAQ ""8'f"P'ff-vmx 9d"""V-4,5 QW Jhu SMVH1 ww, ,9Ji"' om. .L uW,,,,""Q QQ Pffqa AQ-oibexxa Qqwxogxx B I N D E R , S Congratulations and PICTURE FRAMING Good Luck, Girls, PICTURES - Mmnons - GIFTS from GREETINC CARDS , BILL SHARTZER We Press and Frame Blowers 0 MOHAWK TIRE CO. 74 BROAD ST., N.W. WA. 1477 457 PEACHTREE ST., N.E. and STAR LAUNDRY RHODES RESTAURANT d an 1 RHODES CENTER, N.W. DRY CLEANING 828 NORTH HIGHLAND, N.E. VE. 2112 JACK V. HAYS 38 PEACHTREE ARCADE Watch and jewelry Repairs Best of Luck to our Seniors, Art students, teachers, and handicrafters are invited from to drop in and browse around. You will Hnd one of the most complete stocks in the Southeast of C12 C13 C14 , , LEATHERCRAFT A' LEATHERS W. A. JOHNSON if TQOLS Staple and Fancy Groceries A' SUPPLIES Meats, Fish and Oysters 485 LANGHORN ST., SW. RA. 6141 Jake H. Wilensky Leather Co. Atlanta, Georgia RA. 6142 IOHNSON CLEANERS .Quality Cleaning 2224 2005 OAKVIEW ROAD SOUTH KIRKWOOD PIIONE JA. 0416 1166 EUCLID AVENUE, N.E. Clairmont Dairy Perfectly Pasteurized GRADE "An MILK AND CREAM 0 We Use Glass-Lined Equipment O OUR MILK Is PASTEUIIIZED, F ILTEIIEIJ, CooLED, BOTTLED AND CAPPED BY INIODERN MACHINERY O Pasteurized Milk is the safest for all ages-Ask your doctor or health officer. SAUL-KLENBERC COMPANY Designers and Manufacturers DRESSES - 210 PHYOII STREET, S.W. Meet me at the Compliments , Of P L A Z A T H E A T E R .3 . H, ,-if' I ' Ponce de Leon at Highland N Xl HE. 6368 I 'Cs I ' 1' v:g,v.f,N h Arv- rM3f,,'s:,' ' Motorola Radios HERRINCTON'S SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Products Atlas Tires, Batteries, and Accessories Cars Called for and Delivered VIIIGINIA AND HIGHLAND AvE. ATLANTA, GA. and we'Il have a good old-fashirmed' barbecue Compliments of A FRIEND 3? T Compliments Of CAPITOL FISH CO. 4 COME IN AND BROWSE in Atlanta's most exciting Book Shop Fascinating collection of books of all publishers Largest Greeting Card Department in the Southeast Complete, modern Record Department GEORGIAN BOOK SHOP 106 FOBSYTH ST., Nw. 16 MARIETTA ST., Nw Hours 9 A.M.-11 P.M. Hours 9 A.M.-6 P.M Compliments of ROYAL IEWELERS il? 107 PEACHTREE ST. Atlanta, Ga. Compliments of DR. R. D. SHERRILL, O.D. 9 SONYA SHOPS Popular Priced Ladies' Apparel Atlanta, Georgia 842 GORDON ST., S.W. 1005 PEACHTREE, N.E 1136 EUCLID, N.E. WEEFRIQ Complete line of REFRICERATION HOTEL and RESTAURANT SUPPLIES REFRIGERATION EXCHANGE 0 237-45 PRYOR STREET, S.W. WA. 0296 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS from B8 Compliments of JOHN IARRELL 4 Compliments of LA LOUISIANE RESTAURANT Atlanta's Most Beautiful Restaurant OPPOSITE THE RIALTO THEATER . . . g k Gordorfs F' POTATO CHIPS Look for the Little Red Truck Label When You Buy. It is Your Guarantee of Freshness and Finest Quality. 'K POTATO CHIPS Y SALTED PEANUTS ' -k PARTY-PACK NUTS 0' 11.1. .,.., . 1 AssoRTED NUT MEATS f-..., ,O ' if PEANUT BUTTER i.,g3?',1gl17Z1g-.,,, SANDWICHES 'f2fS'2'f:.f13ggq er ASSORTED CANDIES . fr NN -if CAKES a COOKIES '5OPD In -az POTATO srzcxs 'Gum 'H - L14 CIIIPSW COIH'fCSIl MACK TRUCKS and BUSSES l HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP llzlzvl and Mary B21l'jI,C'l'Oll. Props. 1N1J1vmUA1. IIAIII s'rx'1,1Nc: NVI'l'llOU'l' 14:x'1'nA com' 1103 EUCLID AVE. 873 GORDON ST. MA. 5318 IIA. 5544 PALMER ELECTRIC CO. 601 LEE ST., S.VV. ATLANTA, GEORGIA CIUIIIVIIFIOI'-S' - En,qinc'f'1'.s' RAymond 088-I 315 Compliments of JACK PEARCE LUCKY STRIKE BOXVLINC ALLEY 224 671 Pcuchtrcc I W1 'gjji P a t r 0 n i z e . uf Haul 127 l T h 0 s e f, Q ffl' ,355 , A 6 if J ?gj',n:jjIc' will be tla bg A e e 'A if ff Mak Ib l'w forever with . I ffm' j ly from- I n if makers Berkele ' T H E 1 f-f1'.- lvrx To Tbv sam, sim-f mu I ! chtrcc St. H A L C Y Q N XX l - - -I lllibtblfd... 1-0-1 DISTINCTION BOWEN, LONG 84 YOUNG Atlanta, Ga. XX Xl X ' X X X X X XXXXXXXXXX X J uXXX X X X X X XX XX. X.XX XX X .XXXXX X XXX X X X X X XXX, X X XX, X X X X X X .X XXX XX "XX uXX '. XX .XXXX-. . XX X X XXXXX XX X XX XX X XX XXX X A X XXX XXX X X.XXX XX XX' ' 1X XX: XXXX X XXX .XX X . XX X XX XXX XXXX XXX XXXXX: XXXXXXXXX XX XXXX XX XXXXX'X X, X XX XTX XXXX X X Q X X XF . 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