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in I K K 1 ., , x . -.,. . .- ,,. . ..-tw W., ..,,...-4.-4 -'-- H--1 .,f,. . , --. . -. . ' ' - N S M Q 32 5.5 f 2 .gl K3 is fe l . 5 e 41 5- 313 D . zu I: ,. 33 Z fx 5 -3 E 2 E me 5 ....,.,, , .- . .Z- ', f' ' YS QNW583 Brix, - I girls high 1945 H erlitnr: hazel herman business manager: ann shivers advertising managers: hetty when jnyee spielherger schnnl, atlanta, qanrqia :llc on presents faculty seninrs iuniurs freshmen hunnrs activities advertisements OPQLUOI' Awakening from the ignorance and greed of all that has tied us to the past, we are entering a future that must emphasize through education tolerance of ideals differ- ent from our own. We must create the world that is based on mutual friendship. We must realize that we are undergoing a metamorphosis from which we shall emerge better molded to face our destiny. We must sever the cords which narrow our vision. We must per- ceive that a nation is no better than the people in it and that Girls High is no better than its students. Only by giving unselfishly of our time, effort, and talent shall we achieve a lasting peace. 5 I -x NI 'xn -I I"'I'lCll n emoriam l lst X1 u xu at I ms lllglu lost um- xvlm uns umm' llmn ll prim-lpul. NM- lust 1 ws l.4mmr I4-tm' Quiclm-cl us ut Girls lligll tllrougll tlw clillic- xx ll xr us Slum xx as ut In-r post xwrknng tll'l'li'SSlX wln-ll slw was summom-cl lm llux xwrlll lllcnwlu slum- is gum- lu-1' Spiril llll"'l'l'N now :mil will lilvfvl' l-Ul'K'Xll . . 7 . .Q T, . V.: un flu lulllx ul mu wlmnl mul Ill tlw In-qu-ts ol ln-1' lrwncls. XM' know tlmt lun tlmuglmtx xu ll nlxx us lor our ln-st intl-rc-sts zmcl wc- know also tlmt tlu- 1-x11n1pl1 ml lux lun lullnlul luxul. .mel frm- Illltllfl' wnll ln-lp us an wx- Irv to alclllm-xv ill lt llNllIl" pm lu mtl tlmt l'Il'lllIt'S5 ol 4-l1xll'z1ctc-l'tl11ltwlwstroxvsolmrcllmllstouttallll li EXCERPT FROM THE RESOLUTIONS ON THE DEATH OF LAMAR AIETEH DRAXVN UP BY TIIE FACULTY 'WVQ lmelif-ve that it is not uiifitting to conipzire lier uutimc-ly llt'D2ll'lflll't' Witli the passing of so immv other uolilv Aniericmis who liavc macle' thc- suprc-nie sacrifice for 21 lwttci' nation and 21 lwttc-1' World. liidocd it is as one who tvpifiud selfless dcvotimi to duty and the trulx' deniocratif, spirit that fucultv and students wliu were privilcgcd to sliarv lic-i' rcginiel nt Girls High Scliool will wniieiiilici' likllllill' jetvrf' fl1ClIIUl'l!l1 c'.x'c'1'cfi.s-us- for Miss jvlcr. 0 Ou As we face the coming era, We are inspired by the gracious understanding of our new leader. She is the embodiment of all that we are striv- ing for in friendliness and kindliness. Although she has been with us only a short time, her quiet dignity has already made itself felt throughout Girls High. To MISS MARGARET SOLOMON We, the senior class, dedicate the 1946 HALCYON in the hope that some day we may also possess in full measure the charm which has endeared her to us. 9 N. . . emladariize fArou9A eclucafion fodrance of iclea 5 . . . U As we stand on the threshold of a new era, we look back upon the three years of guidance and faith which our teachers have given us. We regret leaving them because they are good friends of ours, but we take with us the knowledge which was so carefully imparted to us, and our memories. We remember that in three years we have learned the true meaning of tolerance. Tolerance- of mathematics which is so exact in all directions, of the science of things around us and in us, of all the different forms of literature, of the melodious sounds and forms of our own and other languages, of the things in our past and the past of other nations which affect our lives, of different ways to dress and to prepare foods, of the works of many old and new artists, of beautiful harmonies of music previously strange to our ears, of the ways of the business world, of the rules of'sport, and of the ideals of others which are different from our own. We know that in order to find the good points in others we must first be conscious of our own faults. We have learned that tolerance is synonymous with education. In order to become educated we must sever the cords of the past which narrow our vision, and must go ahead into a new and better world. Through the knowledge and friendships which we have gained we shall be better prepared for the great task which lies ahead of us. Our paths which ran together for three years will now be scattered and each of us will go her own way-alone, into a new world, be it that of business, higher education, or the home. Our teachers have so helped us in the past, that we are now able to go forth alone and to help ourselves to what is right and abstain from what is wrong. We are tolerant enough of ourselves to realize that there is a great store of knowledge which we have never touched and never shallg that as we advance in life, there will he many diflicult things within and about us which we must solve alone and unaided. But as we step forth as citizens of the atomic era, we shall always remember and apply those principles and qualities which our teachers have, through three years of hard work, guidance, and tolerance, shown us to be the best. IU s up X I! Xlns. xI'HCl,KIil'1'I' lAxxn-'mm Xllss Xlucuxlcl-:'1' Sulnxlux Xllss Suu Nlllmcn J Cllr ff rfnrzyna 2 ll H 1 on r ,SUFPUIH rim lll70l"l.II fvn :Auf Miss hu .IAllIll4Il.l, Q- ,J guiclance mirecfk xref of rarian X rv .L NIc:CI.l'1 NIAR'I'lI.fX linmvx and Mlss IANIE BEM Ymc.1xl.x XYAl.'l'lClN with Miss ALflucl.l,x D.u'ls NIARIANNIA: EIJICNS iilli 3' f Y X u-1 with Cakferia anagel' Klux, ,-X. IC. NYM sux ll,l'5e Xlus. C-. lu. Ixl xswxill with Xl wmv: XxVIl.lxl"5 Cljfllhallj NIH. ,l. M. INJISISIYS Hu. li, A. Ilvvr dl, p. fx' Miss lamxu.xKllz1cc:c: Mlm XIAIFIAII.-X Mm illlz a,.,4,4 Miss f:A'I'lll'1lllNl'1 Vxnkl-in Miss SAN.-ul l"L1,'mrx Miss CIAIQMIQN xVUUlllll'l"l" as Ifuxxr rs lil-,xnxx ms, I.:-xx IN lt, CJIIINUX Mm. li. l'. Hl1N'II'.Il ss Lx Yl'.l'I'l1f:H.XIl.XNl iz Mus. -I. lu. I'nm.r. 14' M,-sm Fr:m.l'soN ll I Pm IX ANNA I mm ml L -I i' if .Q-.., 'SW Miss KTAIIULINE LAN-ixnox Nllss CAI1. tll"l'CHlNSON Xlns. HUlH'll'l' Klxllmuxull 1 l'nc'r'1'x mul Ninas. llmvmm Nilss H'rll1cl.Cor:Kur1l,l, with B1-:'1"1'x' SKIPPLLII mul Nl,xm:.x1uc'l XYINIISICHIA ss L u I nw lnox oreign anguagw Miss l,IY,ZAlll'1l,S.XXHN 0 if Q12 ' 4 M, ,Z ss lil-.lvl Il x fiXIil'I'.N 1 1- IK Xllss YI s'l x Usnumx Xllss I,m INI4 SIAKICLH Xllss l.xX'r.nxlc f1XIiIiI'l I' Xlus, Clruuluw limmwx Xlns, is .I, l.XXlXII',IlN ocia! .sykurhefi Nhss l'1'lllICl. XMmu1,l-' 'XII ss Nh'nr1.r:liL's1 IIN Xllss X'l4,s'l'.x Usmm ci en ce NXQSNH N 3 fibllllxki fu 0' vt ,Qs wb- Gp Nlns,XY.xl:l'r:nW11.1,1.xx1s ss l'Il.lx.xm-rmXYnf1.1.1xm:-mx Nllss Srsxs l,lcoN.xlm Xlxss Xl uf Vu :Wm H Nlus. H.l'..Xxl1,l,KHll Wafhemafica Mus. SNA L-x Nl. fZAl!'l'l-'H Mlss Buss PAT'l'oN Mlss IXIxuTlf.r. In M11 W-g-as Miss JlfIXYlCl.l, XVAYNIIIXW Miss IC1.xx.x xVI'I'CIII11l Xllss IXNNIC Conan' Nllss Xxx I Il'c:K,xmc1-3 Nllss S1141 CII .Xl"l.lN i 5 be :L al Mus. XLXZEI. Bfxklcn M11s.C.J. MCE1,lIL:wY Miss cj,XlllIlE Llxnsm' Miss NIARCLAMZI' .Xcznxmi Nl Iss Gluck: 'I'1'rxmN udinerid raining Jffl XlINSI'1I7X,X XYlII'I'XIUlil'1ICH!! Klum' ' ' ll'fIKl1li uaic cs, L' ss NlAxlu:l.x NY1c1ssc:l-'lumen 1l'ifl1 Tmvm' CI.-xnsux , om 0 Con om ICJ X K NIus.S.I,..-Xl's'1'1x NNt Xll .nan I mum-3 CMXHXX I l.I, as lim.:-AN lilmlcxf. Xl! ss IS: 1 lx' HHI'l'fli Nllss I.l'm,l..x lhwsllz Nllss f3l..Xll,X l1l'1l'.f:llNl1' pgyjicaf glabra firm X 4X5 N' im 1? JK br' I1 . VQAAL '41 N 1 1 5 as MN XV-. QQV lwwfi 'K l X X A , . fy, 4, x M.w xg vw Q H v -w.., XXXQ.. Ax ? 5 , as fi in f jaw HB if W ay' x ...,.. A s 45:3 2 ,"2 ,ZZ ,,,.. Z P E V X :afs:a:::.:::-: J' X X :5 ml ,Q , is is 'N iw 3 5:55 5- -EEZ. a N23 :Q : E Q M 1, . 1, S ,,.,. QS? 53 , A ,Qu I nw Milan. asf' 5 .N Ei Q F' an ia .. ?'i11'iwA 11. ,As f QQ A 34: Q3 ,F ww WM ,1- 'F Y 3 Qs HM! A 151 xii nf the care nf the hahy ,anal J4,,,w4,,1,Q of Wang 340194 . . nf the laws nf nature nf the art nf weaving 01' me Bb Emi-S'fI'y of B bod Y nf the training nf children gi we 3 vslxxfafx nf the iny nf sinqinq ixxvwm 0 tg-sn nf the thrill nf planning a hnnle uf the art nf quad qrnnminq nf the designing nf heautiful nhiects nf the sliill and fun nf spnrls 22 nf husiness methmls and equipment nf the structure nf nur mnther tnngue nf mankind thrnugh the ages nf the languages nf ether penple 66 !, 8 In-MJ! Cfeale a WUI' J . 0 A vision in filmy white, gliding down a long path, surrounded by smiling relatives and admir- ing friends-graduation and the consummation of three years at Girls High School! But that is not all that we seniors of the class of 1946 will remember when we think back to the happy years spent among the traditions of 89 graduating classes before us. The first step down the aisle will recall our Hrst steps in Girls High. Those were timorous, hesitant steps, the steps that "Severed the Cords" of childhood from the tangled threads of "Growing Up". Our first step down the aisle will lead usinow to the outside world, where we shall prove the worth of our education, and the ability to take our responsibilities in our swiftly- changing world. Our second step down the graduation path, with the daring bows of our graduation dresses swishing as admiring glances pass our way, has already calmed the excitement of graduating. We know that we are headed in the right direction. Perhaps that is the way we felt as juniors, when we realized that the metamorphosis was in its last stages, and that we were in the midst of all the life of Girls High-its sports, its drama, and most of all, its school spirit. What are we now, walking with triumphant steps and dignified mien? We are a composite of all the history of America, of all the hopes for a tolerant peace, and of all the dreams of youth. We are the products of a machine vibrating with the warmth of three years' friendships with students and teachers in an atmosphere of idealistic tradition. We must NOT fail to do our work well in the world, we cannot be returned marked K'Unfit". The world waits for us. We are the hope of mankind. On us is the burden of building the permanent foundation of peace. Through education we must build tolerance of people and of nations. Each poignant, but carefree, memory recalls to us our three years of character building. Re- member Aggonie, the senior mascot? And can you forget the dramatic club crow, his black sheen speckled Widl the dates of the Winning classes? Our dates, '44, '45, and '46, shone in our faces, for we were the only class to win the crowd three years in succession! We are one step nearer to our diploma, but we have a feeling of unreality that we aren't these girls. They must be other girls, from other classes and other years. But, no. We have assembled together to bid farewell to another part of our lives, and again we are "severing the cords which narrow our vision", we shall again "undergo a metamorphosisv, this time adjusting to the responsibilities of heavier demands. We must create a world based upon mutual friendship and tolerance. Remember the senior play, the athletic hikes, the mascot monkey, the glee club and class songs, the bulletin boards, the campaigns and drives, the work, the teachers, the girls, and know that education is not what we know, but how we use it. Each memory of friendship and service is a step nearer the goal "Good Citizenship." We are a guide for those who will come after us, we are the hope of those who came before us. 24 ,-an-' -i I X liL1!Wg z a z my u Giome L 'Book 'H 222 'El' 5 Q9 3 X W It Rd H3 C C,HL 51' B 1 B LE 130 Dx ax- Q-1 dV"Uh-' ,v 3 5 lil 'ru Annm Ifillllill-1.'xIl,XXlN I Ihll JXILXNIS Bn-1'l"l'x' ANIHCIISUN l,l'c:x' nhl vm llufNlc.-Xl.1.lx l'nfm:m:x Alu.-Xl,1,14x I Suxxyx Amimnx ANN Ii14m4c'c:.'x All.-xxlw i A Q x X Nuu.nx1,x Nlvxm Ann... llr:l.1cx lCl,lz.uu4'l1l 'XIJJICN Nlmmxi Allllilikl xx 5. X X s ff? 26 .af fb 5 'K xx V! 1, ,' NU X If , . X N 53, vwxjl' f M.x1:'1'vl.Ax RUTH Axmwiw AIMS.-UiI'I'I' EIAIIN.-X AUs'1'lN M.-xm' lIr:l,l4N Av:-:nm,x1m Avi-:nv 0 , ' -. , y Aulml-'Y ANDREWS Loulslg AH.-XNT "' Ql'HEV'11TX'lC Anxmm Vg X ,. Q . A I V LM-J 6 m 1'r BAnmSun " .. QIAIQUINN B.-x SKQTON g "" 1 X I'14:c:r:x' .IIQANN li l5.u.L BETTY JEAN Avctocx .IOANNE BAKER ,,M, 27 1' YU 1 '58 L.- Y +11 19 ,4 lilcmxzm x lhm I El? Axxr. 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Dun0'ruY ANN BUliNIC'I"l' l'.x'l"l'x' f:Al,l,kllAN XLIKTIC clll.XNAlJlC c:Al,I.ANY. BIC'I"I'X crAl.l,.-KNYAY 'uuox l':l,lY.Xlil'1'l'Il C,-XNIl'Ill?l,l, CIA1x1,x'xl4: C.-wxux lDUNO'l'lIX CIAIKHULI, II XZICI. NvlIll7l'll,l.l'1 KI.'xw'1ll El- fC XXINIBX E5 'Wwe Mar' 'Iv' -'squat' G7 I 1 Xxlhzf x gg Q 4l,xxl',CI1l,x1-xnxx ,,OSl'Il'lllNIC fill.-XPNIAN chklxlll. lilurwczrlu Cm: mugss IJ.-um' Imam: c:llll'Nl l,':Cll.xRl.lNr:Cflnxlzk Plcc:c.YC1..-xx' ,xm C.-nlnn .IIQAN Clmxczl-xx' NI-I'l' Cllllcnm' NI.xnl.xx Cillllzsxwx' Q I, . f . . A ' 1 , -.ff gf .f.,- H. . Q f n 1 'A V ' J ' 1' 1 ff' f X CZ' .nf GH' S2 -V pm E' 'U'-'fin ,-r-' 'Q' Nr' Akr- iv B.xn1s.'x1m jo Cul-'1-'oun KIIRIAAI CL1NKsCA1,r:s KIAHILYN ELLEX Couux,x M,xuc:,xm3'r' CULEBIAN UI.-wr: AXN c:Ol,I.llCH Bmw-3n1,x' Conuxs ll HD 3 Wm Lf' C? lf' l 1:-7 TWAIN' Flmxczzs CLoDFE1.Tr:n M,xnr:Anm' CZLOUIJ KATHRYN COCHIKAN BETTY Com-:N x 'IA' 'pf ' . . 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Gone was that feeling we had as freshmen, and gone was the sense of inferiority we had experienced upon meeting in the hall a dignified senior backed by her three years' knowledge of Girls High. With "We are the juniors, we never fall" ringing in our hearts, we looked around for new worlds to conquer, and new terrors to subdue. We felt not quite so important, however, when Kid Day came, and we were almost completely overshadowed by freshmen and their senior sisters. Our ego was soon lifted again when, amidst shouts of indignant seniors, and wails of disap- pointed freshmen, we copped the honors of the Volley Ball Tomnament. This was certainly a feather in many a smiling junior's cap. A gir1's junior year is especially important, for at this time she usually decides the way in which she mav best serve her fellow citizens after her school years are over, thereby deciding the course the rest of her life will follow. It will be easier for her to make this decision if she regards her three years at Girls High as a sort of metamorphosis she is undergoing, and that through this experience, she will emerge better molded to face the problems of the future. The true spirit of Girls High is always found in the junior class, and it is this buoyant spirit which lifts us up and carries us on to higher ideals. It is we juniors who "know the ropes" and will be here next year to welcome freshmen, make them feel at home, and keep the school's mechanism running as seniors prepare to leave. - Girls High is secure in the knowledge that with such competent juniors on hand, willing to help wherever needed, she may face whatever the future holds in store for her with confidence. just as the potter molds and turns his clay into an object of finished beauty, so Girls High's activities and studies, with our diligent work and cooperation, mold and shape our lives into an ideal of inward beauty, prepared for the market of life. 68 , f , f,f f X jill gSS S 85 IE ,N x fm 5 , . . A. I ' fx, ' 1 , . QA , f Y QW f -A xg f gf, N ,..,,.x, 'X -av K 'X-xg: X- 0 - 4' A -- -' X f 'WY-V . ,: ij 4 A 3 Weil k . . ,qw 1M.' - N4 4. fsxxxg' ., ' ' w A xx 'V Y Q 2 X X ' A .syf w 5 Q V f - N Q 8 Q ,rf X N . x - .. X 3" A R- 5 i vw -X V.. x X K 4 X wx, 1- J ,XX Nw X N A . 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IOLIII Clark, clllflfilllll' Davis. xxllll l"ll'l'lXYlllNl, l':l'IIl1l cl1ll'illlL'l', Nl2ll4!,1lI'l'l Cilmson. 'la nrmw, Hman H1-Ilv f:1lVVll'Y, Alicm' Cola-ll, l':VL1Ilg4'lllll' fioupvr, Qloycc' Cros- was X6 Mlm I Hum: SVNMH X THHIIWIA Sum-I Cilmam. llumtlw Clrvw, X4-ll Crvsluuu. llclcn llaum-s. lfluisv jolmstun, ' ' A ' -IRIIIICC lmws, Clam! lmankv, Umm lwlv, llsnxvl xlR'l,0Il3llQl, IK-ggy fjSClIllIRlIl, l'll.l'1ANUli liolxlfglwsox Anna- U'Sl1ic-Ida. Iris l,1ll'lil'l', lilcgumr llUl11'I'l5Ull, Nlyrtis Slmlv. Yiviam Smith. ANNE S'I'l'1NIllbUSl4I txlllll' Sic-ulmmlsv, liulmlmiv SlllIllIll'l'S. X1-ll 'l'lmmpsm1. Virginia NY:1rLl. lla-ttyv l,il'IIf4'H!lHI,N Klum' XYl1ilm'. Xlalrgvry ZXYt'l'IlI'l', 'mwemwx X Mn 4 as . Umm , x w L W fr www," A mf Fx fm A Nw 'fl ff fs fig' ka . 5 Ii. an kd? J K vdlhf M. xx x? X P' V 4 A ,q,,, ., ' an 5' gg W? Nt, Zwi Nm Q Q 'VTT. 'Q '1 5 , , pf ' f ,A ,F ,Q ff !Qv M msg, I , U QE 3 I Vi' iris' I J H., X ll. Q fr 1"'F 1r' QW? S lf X A t 4 gy JK fa N4 QMS. . . J. . fi 5 Ra. 4 'B iff 6 ' ,-it gg. A , nr E 1 ? Ee S H e mmf aeuer Me corala whick narrow our uiaion . v Now that you are a full-fledged Girls High School student, sink back in your chair and re- member pleasantly your freshman year. The first thing on our passing parade is the period just prior to your coming to Girls High. You remember the filling out of election cards and the feel- ing of dread mingled with anticipation that overtook you and did not leave until Kid Day had come and gone. Your first emotion on entering these hallowed halls of G.H.S. was to turn and run home. But after getting settled in your homeroom and after making friends you began to live a normal life. You had just acquired a large set of books when Kid Day came. So in your short dress and pinafore, carrying your bucket of candy, a doll or two, and that stack of books, you paraded through school, period by period. The memory of Kid Day was still very fresh when you attended an assembly which told about all the activities open to freshmen. After joining a club or two the grand and glorious day for the Crow Contest arrived. The seniors wore smug red and black, the juniors, defiant blue and white. But you wore your green and white proudly and asked every one if she had "La Conga." You were disappointed at General Patent's winning, but you determined to put up an even better fight next year. After graciously letting the seniors take the prized crow, you were more determined than ever, after this first failure, to win the coming volleyball tournament. You held afternoon pep meetings and if it hadn't been so cold, you and aabracadabrai' would have won that cup. The juniors took unfair advantage by wearing blue jeans. When you received your first report card at Girls High, you realized that school wasn't so hard. At that point you began to try to acquire an education. Your interests went no further than you and your class, your thoughts, no further than june. Then Christmas came and the spirit of fel- lowship overtook us all when we joined with the school in forming the Christmas Wreath. At that time you began truly to understand Girls High and her traditions. That understanding helped you to sever the cords narrowing your vision. After the New Year had begun, the holiday spirit left, but a newer, subtler one took its place. Spring came and the campus was a truly beautiful sight with the blossoming crabapple tree magnetizing the thoughts of students in classes the left side of the north hall. You became a more vital part of the school-you joined in applauding the Glee Club for making a "I" rating at the Fifth District Music Festivalg you cheered your team in the basketball tournament, and you marveled at the versatility of your friends at the senior play, "Quality Street." june was approaching and next year-Oh, happy day!-you would be a junior and an escort at the senior graduation. Then because you had severed the cords which had narrowed your vision, you understood Girls High's traditions. You saw yourself as a vital part in the campaigns, drives, paper sales, and athletic events. And you see yourselves on the following pages of l'IALCYON as you looked during your one and only freshman year. 78 61,0 Rf! ,P is 4 Lrvu K -T bl K Q k 9' L 4+ F .. 7 K Jw 1 ku W -+..1..1f-ff K - x 'V f, 3' if if I 5' X155 ' 5 - , 9 . , 5 E Q5 A Z fl ' ' 5 fi 35 . .-fin-in-.5 Q . 1 , 5. E S X ,Q :sw E Qs' A , ? J if 'Ex E ' :J XF, offs , "' I ' A' X .X l. if 4' 1 W I Q K E x Z L , U Q , 35 ff' ' Qs - il f 5 . x X K L 1. , S iii -I E , 3 1- ' sq, 3, S iw 2' XX. En J Q g MH . 4 J if S A J I ff U 5 X sri i 5,2 I 1 ff ,013 , .gn def. K1 'F -.SL WX L , is v F5 E :M ,. X ss: 5 'ms- x i' .Y K r v , Qi' Ye Q ' i 4 E li Y, fi if xx wwxf g 5,2 W an Q-4 xv ' e . 9 , Q .5 . new-A . H. W. , 5 - i 5 A Q 'izfd ., ,. f EW 2 t Q sa X ga. Sf rig X N Q J-' . is .5 SXPX 'e ll, f,-j -. . 'kg Rf gel., - E Jiffy f I E. ASWAQ e . X ,,,, 1 bg is I ' ' xl G V J f , if ' - yr: igilwf . ,,. f1,A,, fr L , V 21. f,,r, 412, . , ,f , Hu Y,Y',,4 wx, TN 1 X . , c . ,I Aqgml nt , K 4, . f f-- - fs ' im ' W aw ,1' Ag! 1 5 . ' L45! -ggi lgfmfwi rg ,f W .nl 1 Q . ' ,p .V 6 5,-'3xgqgXf,S'5,w1N7 Q Q ' 5 Sk Nui-G3 Nliiffgf -K ff , Ux"'.v MWF' xx - x ix ggi x yur . min' ' x 'ar ' "W-1 Q- Mdfm A 2, ' ' 1' X 5 f 41 933, P 4 A X fe iY54ix.E' 5 .., 'S' iff ' 'M' 5 . 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A111111 S111111-S. 13r11w11i1- 'l'111111111s1111. B1-115' 111 XV111111-1'. CG Skov! in no deffer fdan iid afualenfd . H Girls High's reputation of which we are iustly proud is built on the success of its students. We realize that we gain the knowledge necessary for this success at Girls High. Therefore, we take iustifiable pride in acknowledging in this section those girls who have earnestly and un- swervingly pursued their course of study and those who have given generously of their time and talents to journalistic endeavors and Student' Government activities. Although all of us cannot receive an award, we remember how as meek and timorous fresh- men, we were fired by the ambition to become the recipients of this coveted award or that, or to be in this girl's place or that oneis three years hence. We remember how our yearning to attain these goals was deepened perhaps while we were attending the Cum Laude, Ouill and Scroll, and Student Government assemblies, watching the presentation of the honors, or perhaps while we were thumbing through the Halcyons of the years gone by, admiring the pictures of the girls in the honor section and secretly placing our own picture remember the good feeling of being a step nearer our goal at the seniors we continued working zealously, but somehow, somewhere, For some of us the goal was too high, the obstacles, too great' for had grown dim. Because we have experienced how great a task it are truly proud of our fellow pupils who, by their honest efforts in that honored group. VVe end of our iunior year. As some of us tripped and fell. others the flame of ambition is to reach the summit, we and natural abilities, have reached the heights. ,lust as they honor Girls High by maintaining and elevating her standards, so do we honor them. Our highest honor, Cum Laude, we bestow upon those girls who during their three years in high school have remained at the top of their class. These girls are presented with the coveted gold key of this national honor society. The girls who have given unselfishly of their time and talents to iournalistic endeavors for their school are recipients of our next honor, Quill and Scroll. These members of the High Times and Halcyon staffs, so honored by the scroll of this international journalistic society, are outstanding in that field of iournalism in which they specialize As we strive to achieve a better, more secure world and an everlasting peace, we realize more than ever that there must be in a community of people a few well-chosen leaders and a multitude of intelligent followers. We at Girls High, believing that democracy will function in a school as well as in a nation, have, therefore, chosen by democratic ballot those girls whom we perceive to be the most outstanding leaders in our school. First of all, each of us is conscien- tiously grateful for the service which our two presidents have performed for our school and for us in their attempts to make our day-home a pleasanter, better regulated, more democratic school. Our two presidents are aided by the Student Government Staff which plans and super- vises Student Covernment activities. We are proud, too, of our superlatives, and of the best citizens of G.H.S. whom we have selected for their outstanding qualities. Many of us have never received any special honors, but all of us have received a part of the sunshine and the glory which has come to our school because of the superior work of its stu- dents. "We must perceive that a nation is no better than its people, and that Girls High is no better than its students." 86 ACU? Wa fd x XX T Q H Q5 cgwwan ' ' Cv ,QN -Yo QXLQCQWKQJ X L H' 'Af wi FQ Wk! My X WX f 1 fwk llUill,LI zrlmf uw' ouglzl. zu' :lm-r'1'1'1' nn praise IJUCIIII-Sf? it is our clufyf .fdlllle pogerfa SAINT AUc:Us'r1x1 , 1 m ' I ' 1 WW ,gg " xx 4785, 6 S Rx I I . e, gpl'-if-i,T1fvN Q 1 0 wir 'f3'C'3't' 6 0.35 Qfgb G r I C 'hy 1r""'u fs-Fwd ki rugxjim 'egg M, , Y ujy-'-N J., " Q J. "do 'MD granced Smamy Ujfvkf U ful' q..fJ1'ff7 N1 "These ojiees, so oft as thou wilt look, Shall proht thee and much enrich thy hoohf, 81 XKVILLIANI SH AKESPEARP -M I x' ' xv if 'U f Rf if 0 's -.1 f 'L 5 s..,f e 1 Q ff? mg Pi X! g X5, if if f' riff!! aj ff 431 w, f F Xffy? 54' 1 ff f a g 5 .ng , 4gyg,,f ff v' 'SIX W ,yew asf.- 104 1 .,,' -. P' k ,P pofgf .xdnna Migpd Kll0lL'lCl1,ifl', in truth, is the gran' sun in the fiI'HllllIIl?l1fg life and pmw rm' s1'f1ff1'rff'fl zviflz all iis lmnms D.xxu ,1, NX'l4:lxs'rl n UI xx X fri1'ml.s-lzip flmt lilu' lure is wrzrmq zz lou' like friendship, steady." Wacgie THOMAS Mooma EM T A qi mmf- h al 2 6 L 1 L . 5 2 i E 15 5 P 2 5 I s ? F s 4 2 X 5 syyzfeff Wl1afz'z'f'r is in any way lzcazdiful lmflz ifs.s'o11rf'c' of lH'llllfU in if.s'r'lf." Nlfxnczlis Al'IlICl.ll s 93 In wl ilu C mm nlmn' rrfnrnuz fjtlllll flu' 1H'iZ-1'.n Sm lllwm' jmlx Nlm alle .S,Aal'L0y CZ? ffxwx anie Jcffam mn' in ffmuglzf as zfirgzffs arv: fo lcfmu' I lwr 1.s In low' lzrfr. xrlfm, Hom Wikim- 'iw . ATH LE TI II goggie Lua!! ana! X A Warfka llfzkfhamgi . - L U V A H L E gargara ,WAife 1 ! all-J .xdnne O!,0UUOI'll r f fav vf' . av!-'Lf V L71 Ugf'-9v2AV f' vfyjxw. if if WJSJ- 1, gig. J a 1 'J A T' 1 Tyyvjffuylgjx vin? . 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At Dl't'S1'llf tllx-11-z1l'v lIl0I'1'tll2lll om' IIIIIICIITCI Cll1lI7i0l'SOlhfflllll Illllllll'Sl'1lffl'I'l'Kl mm-1' flu- nation. liucll vvur. sim-0 tlu- flllllldilljl oi' Girls lliglfs Clmplcr in 1923, stuch-nts of 1-xox-ll1-lat chau'zu'fvr lmxv bm-1-n 4-lm-tc-cl to Cfum Illllllfl' on flu- lmsis of sn-lnolautiv .f s I . 1 x '-D' " 1if"" 1 7? IIXNKHXNIIX Su QP BASSE, NF:.if'- Q. XS? NNN .. ' , .- tc' .' uuflwm, AXNl'II,I.lffjliX l.lm QTHICXNIIXXX 1.1. lJAlll,HI'1IK- K X'l'lllCHlNl-I Dlftkm' ICYA Sue l"m'x'l',xlx liner: C H12 l1.l.1aN C.u.l..xxl lC1.,xlxi4 clli.XH.XXl lllf.'I"l'Y cilll-IICX l.m'isH llU'1'c:illcsoN lCYl'II.YN lA :ic-lricwviiin-iit, To lic cligilvlc for cle-ction, ll girl must linvc- an lioiior rvcorcl auicl must liuvc tulwin am ucaclvniic: course. Tlic- pinspvctivc- mc-mlwrs :irc rvcmmm-mlccl lux' tlic' fzlcultx' zmcl clc'c't0cl by thi- cliuptcr. Tlu' ycllow lmws, uwarclecl ut tlic Qlllllllill Cum Luuclc' assembly. arc- worn witli priclv for tlicy signify tlic liiglicst awnrcl for scholastic zlcliivvviiiciit that Girls lligli can olllvr. ii.-ui Alu xl.X'I'lll4IXY5 XI qmail Nmwi 1 1 1, l,0I,l,YANNl-1PIIILIPS hlcmwiic lin' llusif S'l'laif uns lxrrrr STIKIC KLVXNIF .-Xxx 'lwlNKl.l'Ill Nl.-xlir'icl,1.ic Nl Xl su IOS l,1 1 x Axrxro IIw1fl.l5r:im.-xx S x1.m'l'ml'1c:Xlo ANN! Ci. XHKI Olav ol' thi- highvst honors which Clirls High can ollicr is vlvction to Quill mul A7 GN ' Scroll, am ilItl'l'll2ltlUll2ll honorzu'y society for high school j0lll'll1lllSfS. Tho organi- mtion was cstuhlislic-cl to pax' trihutc- to thosv stuch-nts who show mmsiml ahility' in thi- runny fivlcls of iouruulism. lil orclvr to lu- uclmittm-cl to Onill zlnrl Stroll. ll girl must clo outstiimling worlx on in puhlic-ution gmcl must also 1-xcvl in scholastic au-tivilim-s. :Xll stall- mcmlwrs, , ,tb , Ili-:'l'1x ciUllIu'X .' Cox NICLI. D Xlll.HlClUJ N w.r,x' lI,xno1,1xlcIfmfxs I,i'rrAwsi:I"vs1nanI5i'lo, l'll,fXlNl'1fiNAIIANl NIMH' ANN jfwxi-.s rx' N ,Hx 104 Xlfxm' livin l.ox'1-.ri I'o1ll.x' ANNA l,llll,lPN Xlxm' lJ0I'l.ON jox'c'ia lllwjs SEHULL hoth IIulr'11on illlll High l'imf's, cle-cm it Ll vcry high privilcgv and honor to wczu' thc gold Quill mul Scroll kt-y: it is thcir proof that Girls High has lwcomc 21 he-tter school hccuusv of them. 'Wo arc justly proucl of thc-so girls who are wcll-prepzlreml to help create 21 lwttvr world as journalists. authors, husiucss women. iulx'c-rtisers. photograpliers and artists lwcnusc of the high stzlmlzucls which lmvf- been set lor thcm hv this socicty. ANNE llomsnrs Xxx SIIIYIAQKS l"li.XNKIi'1S SXIA1,1,xcx' -Ionzrt Sl'l!'Il.lH4IHf.l It llosr: S'ri-ziuxxls ANN 'lllNKl,lilK Xlfumt: XX'oo11s Sumri-,x Ym1u1.s 105 51 llli 1 5 f S A. J' .- 'YS . , nov-Ut AN 5 L qlmzvf' , tlglll lv rsirlent Ol Mu I' '- ' NVith the welcoming of the freshmen at the first of each semester, Girls IIigh's Student Government he- gins functioning. Two lieutenants in each home room are then elected to serve as represeiitatives from the class. All of these lieutenants, with their elected staff and the two presidents, form the Student Government Council. Under the direction of Miss Ethel NVoolf, Nlrs. Kate XV. Poole. Nliss Lizzahel Saxon. Nliss Aurelia 106 nnent . ALEY FRANCES 5mm i of 'iturleut Bmlu lcll ' puslf Davis, and Mrs. Sylvia Carter, the council revises old regulations and makes new ones to fit new needs. The black and gold armbands worn by the lieuten- ants serve continually as a reminder of the high stand- ards and ideals of Student Government. The highlight for each lieutenant is the presentation at the end of the semester of letters to those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and character during the term. EU EHNM Q: K pv Lxxng gy.-U wg Bvvrx' C.u,x.AwM' Irma Sumuufx RU-H ,Xnmfy 54-,lim X14-,,,I,lf,4 SCllil7I'XI017lbl'T Svniur xIUlll'H'l' I,mf4'r41irIfjl,,,g,,, r V , ' , I f , . I J 0 I ' ' 1' . I In I . , , , . 1 A '4- 'Una- Cx,mu.x NLASH ,luninr Nhrnlmc' ,fy L,wuAsNv1 YAx.r3x1'xxx-3 I junior Nlmnbvr m7 l H -XRRllC'I"l'li Low Dmurnxx' Sxxrrn ,Iuniur xfl'77lbi'T l"fl'S'lIllHll Nlmnlmvr .sc Xxx 'VlNKl,l',Il l'r1c.m' l'1cNUl-21. lflliffil' 1"l'Ilflll'l' Ifllifor S,u.l.x' lilflckl-1 SIIIKLICY YUm:1,sux X.sxwr'iuI4' lfflilm' Spurlx Ifclilur Z' f95 i W., HIGH fs? is ,', as A Qw YZ 7' .sf ,Q 4-v us ysxo, moxo Xl un .-Xxx -1.-wxlcs ffm-.Y1'rz'.w lfllfllfl' .vo ,WW- VL. wx' , I L .,, gum! MQW? A- A, 4 'Q..,' . D I if x P ,Q f 'f I , I ,. , ' 4 ' 1 .fl ,' f A 'X ,.-fp W, ,, . hue, -'.x --V, I, 4" b'--' U Va" . 7 ea I':l,4AlNI'I C21c.,xlAl ul Alcwfzrz lhwzs MUINONNE lglmy l,1Iz'l'urrf Iurlrlnr Ct71Ill1iI'IIlll'l' Ilmim. 1.j!1if,,,. ANNHIAI, Cm M,'.m' l'mu.m .Vrzm Ifclifm' Copy Rvrnlm' lllwm' Downs C,xnoL1NE Enisxs ANN CILAHK Ln,1.1,xN ANN l'IN1.oia Cu-Buszrzess Mmmgvr Co-Business Manager Advertising Manager Associate Advertising Manager TI E5 Seeking to live up to the standards set by eighteen years of trophy-winning, the Girls High Times, under the sponsorship of Miss Catherine Parker and Miss Sarah Fulton, is a compilation of all the news and sidelights that have been connected with the school, the students, and the faculty during the preceding fortnight. High Times occupies a unique posi- tion among the nations school news- papers. Among its twenty-one trophies are fourteen cups from the annual Geor- gia Scholastic Press Association meet- ings, for the best paper in its class. Other cups are regional awards. In 1945 it won medalist rating from Columbia Scholastic Press Association with special commendation for its sports page and its features. .lf .f '-if-1-Lf' J ! 'fu' ,,a ., aa it fa --U ' , ."f i . x .mr Mi c 1 i 6 y'-fix it -- ., Q .. I I. . .' -' I 'Q' f14""""N 'G' fm-5 4015 4 n Iqblg' 'X' QQJQ Viufaixllx NVA1.'rr1ns CII-Cffl'lllllfflI7I Manager CIAno1,x'N Earn' CU-Cfffllltlffllll .Vunuger 95? Bn'r'rx' Cnnisrzu Exelzmige Manager 109 ,M xy llfumnsr Siiifxmi.-xx FTCSIIIHIIII Editor ll .NK-als 'bin-' Q4 2 99 Carvfnllv combincd arc tho illgl'l'diCllt5 of our your- lmook. BV ble-nding togvtlwr the action of able-bodic-cl NJ A . , ald-gvttc-l'.s, thc- lmnsv buzz of thc' l7llYilll'SS stuff, Hn' ... Huttc-ring picture-s of fc-m'lc'ss Pll0t0gl'ilDl1l'l'S, thc- leis- nwlv labor of thc- lit01'a1rx', and tlw 1ll'l'l'StillQ ann of Nl - . . . . Il.wn-11. HlullNlAf ,.. , our zlclrnlmblc art, IS prodncvd the- combination cup- "f'li""' ' X f nhlv of SlllI1IU2lI'iZil1Q' one vc-ur's activitivm and of bring- ,lx sa, lllg to the students of Cnrls H1211 School, 'Inns If IIALCYON. Q X ' .-Xxx SIIIYNIKN U lil1.vilu'.x.s- ,xl1lHIl,Lf!'l' by 'Mr' Q51 -wr' V k A A L w Q Q.-4 .- N' xQ,v-W OBUX Y-'Q' lh1'l"n' Ciolllcx 4,0811-I Smr'':m:l-xn ANNE Lovvoux Lum' ANN!" I"vNn1':nBL'lnx .'xIIl'I'l'fi,YilIff .xIIlHfl,!fl'l'X ,Kinky-1112 l'fffi!or.x' 'N 35 ww .. 2, o il la., gf IM:-n,xn,x Ihnm Klrzxm IICYF Anxoln lmfzv AMATU Pol.l.Y ANNA l'nlI.n's Al,lf1l'T lnux lm-f,,,1' lfflifn,-,X Copy Editor I.ifc'rury lfrfifor Art lffrliior llll BYU ,-Xppulling pricvs imcl surprising shortugcs ot this post-war 80218011 hc-lcl SVVQIV for mam' clouhtfiil mo- me-nts, hut uncle-r thv stvzulviug amd helpful glllQlklllCC of Nliss Etlu-l Coclwoll, facultv sponsor, Nliss Emma Clrcgg. litcrurv ziclvise-11 zmcl Nliss Kiltlll'l'lllLx Comfort, art aulviscr, we- arc' uhlc to rccorcl thc memories of the halcyon days so plezlsuntly spent in Girls High. W L. uv' 'W' Lf s WV' if 5' S.xi.i r I.l"i"i'iuiiil. I3ic'1"l'x' CI,xi,1.ixu .tu Doms D,u'ls U1.ll.l..x 'lllil'1UN qg,43m.l,l.m: BIMDLH Lu' XIUUHICFIIQLID lixpx S1 ,xxiox Nlfxm' llL"l'lI Lm'1a'1"i' mme S,I.H,AX'5 Xmlll Dulmmml Cliiicxxiix lfiucmi xx Bi.'r'rx' Iloorii fll,UIil.X N xsil l"iiu:r:ifsC1i,xux l"iuNcrr:s Sx1.xi.1,i4 Y Xl xm,.xlw'1' NYl1,l,iNnu lll u0n6 L, giving unaemadiy of o ur fime, effbrf, anal faanf . . H What fun we have had in our clubs these past three years! VVe remember vividly the assembly which first introduced us to Girls High's activities. What a time we had trying to decide which ones to ioin! They all seemed so enticing. Finally after a great deal of consideration most of us ioined one or more of the clubs. We believe that in these extracurricular activities we have received training which could not have been attained from academic studies alone. As representatives and members of Student Government we have learned to work with and for our classmates and faculty. This experience that we have gained in governing ourselves has shown us that :1 leader's position is one of responsibility as well as honor, this knowledge will be of great benefit to us when we exercise our right as eighteen-year-olds to vote. We appreciate the work of the Assembly Board representatives who planned with our president to have the Boys High Glee Club, Billy Schatten, Mrs. Menaboni, Colonel Sutherland, General King, and many others with us. The future Lily Pons of the Glee Club and the youthful Yehudi Menuhins of the Orchestra enioyed the trips to the district and state music festivals. For their school concerts and their contributions to other programs, Girls High's music department has been well applauded: Our science, home economics, foreign language, and art classes, have truly been made more interesting by the work of the Motion Picture club. We saw in the senior play, Qualify Street, our dramatic club friends, actresses destined for Broadway. For the Distributive Education club, its convention in Savannah was the highlight of the year. To inform Girls High of the drives, campaigns, and goals of the school has been one of the aims of the Junior Civitan club. Our future librarians, homemakers, Red Cross workers, and civic workers gained practice in the library, home economics, Red Cross, and G. H. P. C. clubs. ' For those of us who plan to become bank clerks, accountants, and bookkeepers, the experience of work- ing in Girls High's bank has been invaluable. How well we remember the afternoons of volleyball and basketball that were climaxed by the selection of teams and the tournaments. We learned that G. I-I. A. A. is really for all. In school activities we have expressed ourselves. We have come to know and appreciate many people. 1 VVe have given of our time, our effort, our talent But it has been fun. Long after our graduation from G. H. S., the memory of our good times will live in our hearts! 112 C f p ,.,.-.....----Y GG l,ll'ZU'l'l'.NAN'l'S 'A'l'f11' Vrrirf' nf lln' l'1'upl1"' r'.rpl'1'.s'.w'rl by lil'Hll'IIfllIfS' 1'lm.w'n by pnpllffll' I'uIr'. AG HG ll-1 STUDENT GOYICHNNIENT S'l'.'XFF tim-. liuth Almlwy, Gloria Nash, Annu- llolwrts l'1':llu'n-s SIIHIHUX. lim-tty KIRIHRUVQIY, Dot Smith llurrim-tiv Low. jam- Slmrkvy. l,E'I'TI5li Clllll S Fm'1na'1' lil'Ilfl'Hl1HfS who wnlfinzlr' in llffilfl' l3if'1' l1f'f'0n11' Imffvr' CIirl.s'. lluppy Dowis. -Iilllil' Kvllaxm. Lllllllllllli' XVQIICII- K f iv! f Xi, 35 5 ' all ii '- EQ pg .iz A Q 'P , , ,6- 49 Q ei Qi r , X 3 Q f A ' Q, ' '-QR! I Ei wiv A: -.:, 1, lgmcgi 3 sl 'N 'Q W WW max wmv. x ,MW-H. z M M J A . W Q , i i if h f..2f ' Y . '53 IIICII TINIES CLASS Um' cmnpilution of all ilu- nvws and sinh-lights, ll11lk0S its zlppvzllwlcc' bi-wvokly. XHS J , HALCYON CLASS Thu 01'!'Z1I1iZ1lti0Il whose' X2ll'iOllS stuffs commosv amd cmnuilc our vc'u1'lJc J , the IIALCYUN. H6 BANK TELLEIRS Hcczuisc of thc Scotch instinct p1'cva1lciit in us oncc ll we-ck. thc xoluutccr clcrks of thc bunk arc kept busy. ? I':Yl'.I.YN RAIN Bunk Pr1'.s-irlwif BOND DRIVE Girls High studs-iits and .fX.XV.V.S. workcrs coopcrutn to in bond rhlvc ai succcss. l IT OHM-vrs of tlu' lfl'1'IlCll Club: Bvvc-l'ly XVUHI, N1-ll llzllllbc-mg, Sully liurkv, bloycc liivcs. --as-ig... FHENCII CLUB X-aw wal.. NCQ-st v1':1i" that only sc-cond and third vc-ar Fu-11011 mtuclvnts .uc .lllowa-cl lo purticipaltc in the- zlctivitivs of Lf' ifwvlr' Fl'llHl'Ili-S'. SPANISH CLUB Grupo cn Ia rlclsv rlr' cwpmml. XIUTION PICTURE CLUB llflic-ww: Phyllis Nluy, Doris 'l'urm'r. Mau-kia Stacks Not Vuu Iohnson. not Lauren Bu 111 but mmus Qlldl mtv: cl to be tI1t!Itlll11IlU :ls wcll as illstlwlctivc' aw shown hx om llLlIlSf'd UDLI ltols XIIXIEUGRAPII GIRLS l'l'IKlt'I' ll rcaxl svlwicc' to tcuchvrs and studvnts lay typing and mimcogrzlplxiug stvncils. Eunicc lfm-lclnmn, Nlalrtllal llodgcs, Slmirlvy Nnlu-rs, Dot Klnuvc-. Surah Kirby :uv piuturvd. , , , ,, W 1? Ax A' . gx - ' 1 4 xg QR, 2 ,Q iffy? W ,S uv X . ' sf X 2 5 3 R ., Q ' 3 9 'Vlwx' vzuuglul il again' 'Hn' sm-nim' 'I'lu-spiulns with ilu- IIIIICII L-oxvtc-cl trophy, Clirls High Black Crow L., if is 1191 L Sc-'lim' I3l'z1mz1tic'lfluIm in action. SENIOR IDNA-XXI,-X'I'lC CLUB Offivvrs: Halrlmm Nlvrrilt -Imln Slam. -Iilllt' llmmlmlsml l ' Q IZU Q ,H J, iii f .': -x S Q wg ggmwf f, My gk, f gf?-.S!, A . 'fi Ninn .L ykii .F 4:-.., ,1- 'W' ,fl 1. '53 ww A ,,, , K 'K ,, tiififf' 69' W 5:21 2'zg, W ff IHS!! XHY CLUB K. 00" Ulluxs lun 1IIlIHlI'lIl Hllll IXl1"ll. XIlll.l Salmx .rlf Hu llln ux flulr gnu-s 21 Bunk-X alan' RC lufl 1 :oss LLIIIH full lmxvs for mn-rs Q9 IZICD CROSS iw-rs: Sluirlvx l,:u'mul'1'. Pan l.111xglvx'. l"1'nm l'llIlllIIlQlIilllI. l'41I livrry. c..ll'l4'ZlA' Slnynll, Xlzu"lnl l.llll1 tml. D. IC. CLUB 'r'- k. .....4 V . M- 4 ilu ID IC. f:Illl1t'UIIl1JlNl'Cl for f4'.' ulticms xxilln llwir N1-Iuml wr ali l1liT.'Xll, SELLING OFFIC IICRS Maury Lou Nh-Dmmlml, Nl1ll'j.f2ll't't XVull'1-, Char L' llclod, Bc-My Sul'l'x'lls, N4-ll RilllSC'lN'lllN'l'g ASIDF-AIKLQ This is llu- lmyworml of tlnosc who inks fm'rl'rl in tlu- rlvypilljl lflzllv. 1lClY2lIllilQQl' of ilu- upportunitivs uf- ' 4 '5 y K! Cl. Il P. CI. S'I'.f'xFl" Put Blau-klumln, lx.1tl wrim' IDIL-ka-y, l,Il'llX l'm1l24 Vlnris SLIIIIIHSUII. Sm' Nlaxzly. lust III x ll hrs! nu IV lu sm-1-Ins to luv ilu' H11 rm of tlu P1 lu' Chips wlxivln 4Jl'iQilI2lfK'Cl als Oli f pw X Clllil. IHCSICHYICS N Q 7 . . , . . ,. ffm-lvslv Sllllblllll. livlly xill'l7I'lllIgIl, livlly .Ivan Cvrs-uxmly I'lm1-m- Nunn, 1 f , yy Xlzlrx KLUITIUII XY: us 1 xlwilmit fo 'ei Il 'lrtic aumlyzc canned foods-but HOME ECUNUM ICS CLUB OFFICERS f x lv ul'xIltlll'0 lIOlllK'lll21kCl'S l'l'iCiln przlcticc' ulrc of Hu- s Home Economics girls scrvc home-cooked ones Klllf f'l l'lS VIIIIININ mal CHIIKKIN. lhllx Lung lllul- un Pullx Mmm Vlnlnpx Iwxv Ilnrls I lllllvl ll: Nunn XI ll"'ll4'l KIIIIHI I'l1-nn Vlllllll. x Ulm: 4'llUXYlH'l skin Q Llulm gulls Init tlui souls in song 'X 3' , fx- S S er i .y " .A-." ,1 ,w+Q , uh., .,., 9 u . - . ,, ., ,.,As,. 1 'J in d ,Q V94 .K waiishr 'vw i f 0 Q ,gg X .N w--XFN? Q ' 7 ,,g,i,:4,fZ:z,, J fx 'Q' EVM :WL ww, , ff ,-4, 'lu 9 Y" sw 91 E is w as 41' Y Y E 2 in S H'-X ktiik 5, T S 5 W lr .mf .W ww K silk N 1 "' xfwll-'.' ,,s I 'Q 3 I . 1 R x new Se - 2 xiii E im W Sw-fa :I . W Y. m .... . .fa : ' :-aw ,. .., . . .:. .. ,.:.. ,. 3 ., 'Z ma WW' ml Mffw 5 "x 57 4552 H 312 ' ' A . STIKINK' UlWIYl'l"'l' NUII, Um.: f.lNI'll, lux lluxfw, IS.-ttx flrmlxlmy. nm' lwlnla-x Slmlm-x Xlllll' x Xxx O!iCIllliS'l'llX Ul"lfICflillS MRS XXX- :mx not saving that S1lX'ilgl'S mann 1 c-lx' hulls. but tlw IIIUSIL' ul ol1ro1'clu'stra1 ha CIIRIIIIIS to south ilu- suxugv lll'l'LlSt.n fi. 1 1.2! I IL' 1 V . . J . , i If 'I'! V, I, .X 1 1 zu' C. H. A. A. Bowling, vollcylmll, buskctlmil, 1ll'CilCI'y, soc- cvr. hikes. and hostcl trips are for those with ycurliiiigs to tit-vvlop bruwn are Well as brain. Cl, ll. A. JK. Oiiicws: Inilyi' Liviiigstoll, Billvc Piulthcr listt-llc Yoll, Baiiimrai Avcry. '1 I 'EXlZCU'I'lVE BOARD Bt-tty Cloolshy, Tillie- Siu-lliorscz lou-0 Atwood Dot Pinkston , , i - Mitzi Iligginlmotlmm, Juan liowolcl. Cl,Xl"ll'l'lClil,-X GIRLS s l'1'lIlli'l' il rc-ul svrxiu' to C. Il. by lwlping uis with our foocl plvlmlvnls 130 wftilk 1' " fx '4 Aw six-" . , i'i'F5f' Xi'ffi' 'figs . NYY Qhfw, V 'N Y- Y v . . 8 X, . Aff L "1 "fra, - xy. K - X Q 1' f ' 'Q ,Tl ffl!-Qu. Mm? xr M!-,,"5'1T" ,3d': wx Yu Ss , I V 4 X L , ,, ,Q YY fx N ' 1 WW wr ., 'Q ""' ' ' - . , 'I .. 'g bl, S , M +1 ' .. xg Xt , Q WN' 4 'K .f ,Q S .-.,..1i-1- "-'on 'Y ' W .'-': I , 1 ,F A A K 5 " L , 3 9-.fp Fx, gg-,X :Qi X in if ' 'nf 1 F131 ff J HA Si Q r L Y 1 QA "' A 1,1 . xg fx i W r - Q X Q , 3 M . V L M X Q -W: 's as vb it 2655-f-in g A X. 'B E xff ,JAN :inf ' fs, V v f H f-1,.,..E.3 T .N fn, if .V if ' , was N 3 . 1? 1 fx Ili' . K ' K I - n 5. 31 M K .. .-LQ., fy- Q., , si? ii. QH4 .Vi Bi- VI CTORIO US -I UNIORS Dol Pinkston, liosc liowolcl. .loycc Atwoocl, Put BlklClillllI'Il, Fuyc Livingston, Bctty Cnlpcppvr. Dclorvs Miclclonr, Dot Shores, Frances Ivcy. SURROUNDED BY BLUSHING SENIORS llalppy Dowis, Bohlmil- Ilnll, Estelle- Voll Nlyrtlv Palynv, Dorothy Crucv, jean llowolcl Xlitzi lligginlmotluun. Mary Ann Floyd, Carolyn Morse, jam- Slmrlcvy. DISAPPCHNTED FRESHXIEN Mary -lnliu VVuync-, Katie Suv Kvnnccly, l.ouis0 Nlurray, Clorin Fitzpntrirli, Evvlyn Knight, Ann l'rntl1cr, Crncv YVooclyau'cl, llclc-n Alla-n, lrvnv llilvy, Sophia Mnrphvy, SCORE SCORE Sr-niors 23 l"rc-slum-n , 23 juniors 32 lnniorx 50 ,:r,, ,...: , .- kr ' l if C9 .Q Q, W. ,Q K9 If , an K xx :- if Xie' Ml S it K Q L -at 2 ff" I Ililii 8 Q U .. FRN 2?-f,, af hM33'i"5T:TT'-iw A ' 4 i, P: K f nf jf' X X I 1 1 It I im 1 My ? Q , I it 1 5 ' f -,... ,-Q in 6'?, I . S Nfw 5 QT QF r A 3 L ,X ,rbl - - Wx A 1 mr if ., .Q , Ag , ff f' .2 , x I f r . 1 I l 'M' 5 N - vii? is 3 1 . . SXEFQLQFFL. , .s l is- I L Ja. ws Q 1 X? Q N W P ff 2. A e 5. S gm. 0 , 3 -2 Ji K Y Q QM gi ww A :,., . K : .6 is, k. 'T 4 - If ,X S 3 5 at ll 'E . v -P ,K . 5252.1 1 i w. YW x '1 5 Q , x s JA x' -HX .xx xg V Y kgs R ' . ' wig? f- .- hmm fe? ,bn S? .gt 5- a . .1 ,E .Q .X 4. N . . 'W 5 S' bu. wink gv 'N y ef E 1.f332?:fj J .F A . c N.. ,Mig W fww .. wwf x . Af ww ' 2 ww! -Qs 5 1 Q? Y 51:55 P D .X x K ix 1 W' 'K N ., 3 ' Q 5 if Www.. Qi . VQ ..L . A gr . t . Q .1 Y , . - it . an . ix. 5 , .xt rf ' '-r A awed! 'T ,.., , .,, "X Q- A W f N155 if -' : '-.. 2. ,.ffyp,,k ...gk -Q, SS' i ii .'U"lll X--a , 1, R .yin , X 2' 3 1 ff f A I g 'K '5 S 'N J ,3 wi X5 A Z gd wx 5 btgf x ,v X f-,, . P at 5 M K? 1 P si I vi 1 N73 B if 'Y X , as . Q X Q ,S .412 kilt 1 .I ft F , 'N-V' , 3 z N be ifag ., 5 x .za XS 51355 5 b X 5 , . Q, 5 , N b P Q, K . Q bww? if 1 ' D E N x 'A X KZ? . 'W ' wsu x iiw x X . ,X 4 Q, s NB' 3 Q X .in nw ., Q Q 1, -Q YK , K X, Q Sf 'iw XE? .J ji Y -Q xxx R: wg K 'Q A J . .-. Ms: K iv N k SMX . N fn x Qs A ATF - - Q 3 S! , lg .ug ' x wkif il MW P bmi f., X 1 ,,,, 'I X Ig I 2 ,'-msg: ' -' J N x +4 K X is -t K L 51' ,ix ff lr Q- f Q .. ,I X fl? wing? Sfmt- fkigskm 5 l W kg I X X 1 ,ffi " .AW M,...l S vii? L ' 'S ft up 2 Q dwmffiws, CHQ K5 QQ ffl Qilv j W-Qyvo-L, Win' ,f'f ,...s. , , x f 1 '5' -hl.,....wm.l lox 'cl-1 Sl'II41l.Bl'IItGbIIt mul Bl1:'r'rv Comix Arl1'crli.s'in,g .I1fllIlI2!'l'.S' Each time we look through our I'IA1.c:voN the memories ol' the fun and iov of our high school days Hash through our minds, and we relive once more those happy experiences. NVe, the advertising managers and the entire senior class, wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to our friends. the many advertisers whose kind cooperation and generosity have made the HAI,.CvoN possible. Fisk Tires and Batteries lfrohman Music Co. lfreeman lfnrniture Co. Myron E. Freeman Bros. Fulton Sandwich Co. l"nlton Supply Co. General Specialty Co. Georgia Diamond Merchan U ADVERTISERS ts Georgia junior and Evening College Georgia Milk Producers Co Georgian Book Shop Glee Cluh Gold Shield Laundry Gordon's Potato Chips Gotlielfs Delicatessen Gran-e's llats Frank Graham Grant's I laverty's A. K, Ilawkes Ilawkinson Tread Service Iligll Museum of Art Ili fh Times llti-it llardware Hotel 64 Restaurant Co. IIolzman's Industrial Tape Co. Ingram Mantel dz Tile Co. Iris Garden Restaurant jersey Garden Restaurant jersey Ice Cream Co. Dr. George S. Kahn lllit'liK'I'tli'iOll. IHC. Kessler Ladies' Dress Dept. Saul Klenherg tv Co. Kuniansky's Grocery Lane Drug Stores S. IC. Lincoln Tom Lloyd Cleaners II. M. Long Printing Co. La Lonisiane Restaurant Lovahle Brassiere Co. Mack Trucks Madison Theater Maier tv Berkele Majestic Shoe Repairing Marsh Business College Mrs, R. L. Mathis Sam A. Mayfield Mrs. Emma Mt-Gaughey McMichael's Grocery Meridian Crain 64 Elevator Co. Milton Bradley Co. Mitchell Motors Model Laundry Moler System of Colleges Montag Bros., Inc. My Shop, Inc. llenry Nash Cleaning Neal's Millinery Norman and Romer Sheet Metal VVorks Northside Furniture Co. Orange Teaco Original XVal'Ile Shop Orkin Exterminators Perfection Bakery M. L. Philips Manufacturing Co. Rhodes Restaurant Roxy Delicatessen Schulte United, Inc. john Sexton Co. Shelton's Pharmacy Ship Ahoy Shirley Cloak and Dress Co. Tom Slate Athletic Equipment Co. Smith Drug Store llarry Sommers, Inc. Southeastern Band Sr Instrument Co. Southern Bell Telephone Co. Sterchi Brothers j. P. Stevens Engraving Co. Tenth Street Theater Thrifty Tim's Cafe Tri-State, Inc. U. S. Tire Supply Co. The Varieties Shop The Varsity Margaret VVaite Novelty XValker Roofing Co. NValtcr Ballard Optical Co. XVeinstoek's XYest View Cemetery NV:-sthrook Pharmacy I4tI Dr. Lovick II. XVilIiamson NVooding,s Cafeteria Zalman Storage Co. Great A 64 P Tea Co. Agnes Scott College j. P. Allen 61 Co. Allied Insurance Cs Finance. Ltd American Beauty Suppiy American juvenile Co. American Tire Co., Inc. The Anchor The Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Atlanta Cotliee and Tea Co. Atlanta Title and Trust Co. Bach Theaters L. S. Balfour Co. Bame's, Inc. Belmont Restaurant Big Star, Little Star, Rogers Blickis Brandes. Inc.. Furs Brand's Grocery Store Brownlee and Lively Dairy Burt's Shoe Store Capital Automohile Co. Capital Fish Co. Central jewelry Co. Chapman Realty Co. Clairmont Dairy Co Classes-Al, A2, A4, A8, AIU, A17 1 AIS, BI, B2. BS. B5, BT. BS, B11 BIG, CI, C2. CS, C4, C5. C6, fr C8 C9, CIO, CI2 tflraduatingi, CI7 Consolidated Distrihutors. Inc. Converse College Cotton Patch Cox and Shackelford Criswell's Pie Co. David's School of Dance Dr. Sidney L. Davis De-Lux Cola, Inc. Draughou School of Commerce llarry F. Dohhs. Inc. Edwards Shoe Store I"verre'ldy Service Station Floyd Brothers FREEMANS C-lorified with Masterpiece Jewels from FREEMANW5 h I 50 Solitaire Diamond, l,250. Brooc , , 0. Platinum Bracelet, 2,700 Watch Bracelet, 415, Ruby and Diamond Ring, l,035, ' Prices Include Tax Registered Jeweler-American Gem Society 141 awww X' bs "The FREEMAN name reflects good tute Z. ,, .fs 5 -- J ix x FW, : 4 Alffi. If ' W 20 A sk , , 4 , 3 2. 1 . . .- ki -f X- 1 , Q., -. X T Q.-.VL fd-11-4.j,, Xi - 'X' -I '-XQ5 1. i . . . Ws"'i5 ?WQgl5i.gT2'f.,.l1.g'..: Q fgrfll - 5-'ilk' 2 .- w 01?-tif: ix ' . 295473 if-54' X. bf f .. Q ' . 1 X k ',f.gf3,wM , ' f. 1,-. .iv X5 IS-fggw-.,a'5Q4 -Q33 fgw.-syn-fx -xgfwg M rI'XlkQf'1!i wb.. S, QA eww 1 N Q -iw. . .. . f wx, ..,-.f?'A' QQ. . Aw w nw .. wig. Q... . V. xx NM.. .M . .f 31,54 wx Q., ,L .. wx. .X va. QW- A- ll? A Amy -. X - ww we 5 , Q .. f- f fTf.g3gff-N, N. X f' rf -'XP-' 4" ' 4 5 J. X . X M5 V' f .. "'L fu XX AAN iifxx STQY' .- i 5 2-4-Vigm-'fW'5-iixs sihwgl f , 35 - A -ng .gif Hi 'gi P- - xv Q -.. ' -aug. giggef Q3-,.'f:.. Q. .X gg. - .Lviff Sf., 5 - - 2 sf'-e.:.f:fw11M-X. sw Xf -A-f-Qi Q fgwfwixv ,I ' . - . ig... QW ., F4 A . .A 4,9 -.. L. f - f fp 53.1-:mf ' .f it 'mg-wg,-arf,g..Qm-XSBQPN ,Q -1 img, J-X ig . M - .ST fixmw M, ,Q kg w--- '-.- 1 ,-Qf,..'3i:0 iv xfJ3"f93gsgQ:-1..sm5f, fw sgf-.l .W 4 x ffiiii kg,An.f4,:g- ,.,.,-gifffl 3 -'f " -' XX ' - X ' ,fgzw , gag. -V . . 9 f ff Phone VErnon 4314 INDUSTRIAL TAPE CQRPQRATIQN NORTHSIDE FURNITURE COMPANY INCORPORATED TEXCE L TAPES "FURNITURE OF DISTINCTION,, P E R M A C E L T A P E S 1013-15 Peachtree St., N. E. Atlanta, Ga Industrial Division of - JOHNSON dz JOHNSON Cox 8: SHACKELFORD ETHICAL PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS New Brunswick, New Jersey 1411 N, Highland Ave., N. E. Atlanta, Ga Phone VE. 3521 DISTRIBUTORS OF CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH CARS DISTRIBUTORS FOR WILLARD BATTERIES PARTS WHOLESALERS CHRYSLER CORPORATION PRODUCTS GARAGE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT IIIIIIIIY SIIMMEIIS, llllll JA. 4770 GENERAL SPECIALTY COMPANY Manufacturers and Distributors Banners, Pennants, Flags, Felt Novelties, Plain and Fancy Embroidery . . . Chenille and Felt Letters and Emblems . . . Celluloid Buttons and Badges . . . Gold and Silver Embossing . . . Gifts . . . Party Books. COSTUMES FOR RENT FOR BALLS 72 Broad Street, N. W. WAlnut 5121 ATLANTA, GEORGIA SCHULTE-UNITED. INC. THE MODERN JUNIOR DEPARTMENT STORE FOR THE THRIFTY 47 Whitehall St. Two doors from Alabama BELMONT RESTAURANT 98 Luckie Street, N. E. We Serve 50 Cents and 60 Cents Luncheons from 11 to 2:30 IVA. 8726 Girls High Girls Say- SEE YOU AT THE TEACO O R A N G E T E A C O Next to Loew's Grand Theater CENTRAL JEWELRY COMPANY Corner of PEAGHTREE and HOUSTON DIAMONDS - WATCHES - RINGS - PINS Compliments of A 8: P SUPER MARKETS Atlanta, Georgia Compliments of LA LOUSIAN E RESTAU RANT Opposite the Rialto Theater KUNIANSKY 81 BULFIN FANCY GROCERIES AND MEATS FISH AND OYSTERS Phone DE. 3386-9 1042 W. College St. SOUTHEASTERN BAND INSTRUMENT CO. SOUTHEASTERN MUSIC CO. SALES - SERVICE - REPAIRING PLATING - LACQUERING 307 Peachtree St., N. E. Atlanta, Georgia ATLANTA COFFEE AND TEA CO. Roasters of EUREKA COFFEE 979 Peachtree HE. 0034 DRESSES, czons AND SUITS SPORTSVVEAR M Y S H O P , I N C . For the Young Set l73 Peachtree Allzlllfa ROXY DELICATESSEN CO. Imported Delicacies : Hors D'Oeurves, Italian Spaghetti COLD DUTCH PLATES for PARTIES 1011 Peachtree, N. E. HE. 4646 HAWKINSON TIRE TREAD SERVICE Distributors of KIOHAWVK TIRES 457 Peachtree St., N. E. Compliments RHODES RESTAURANT "ATLANTA'S FIN EST" 1 Rhodes Center, N. VV. DISTRIBUTOR FISK TIRES AND BATTERIES Main Oflicez 141 Ivy Street, N. E. 1150 Allene Avenue, S. W. 36 Courtland Street, N. E. MILLINERY BAGS ACCESSORIES NEAL'S MILLINERY 171 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Ga. B R A N D E S INCORPORATED F U R S 218 Peachtree Street, N. W. A Compl-te Visual Service from the Examination to the Finished Glasses . . . CONSULT OUR OPTOMETRISTS A. K. HAWKES CO. O P T 1 C 1 A N s 83 VVhitehall Street, S. VV. Compliments of TENTH STREET THEATER COURTESY AND SERVICE COME FIRST A COMMUNITY THEATER FLOYD BROTHERS COMPANY Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE WINDOW AND DOOR SCREENS CABINET WORK -- BUTCHER BLOCKS - TABLES Telephone JA. 2366 535 Flat Shoals Avenue, S. Atlanta, Georgia E. Compliments ...of... SHIP AHOY RESTAURANT ATLANTA,S LEADING RESTAURANT We Continue to Serve Our 50 Cent Luncheons WAlnut 5728 DR. GEORGE S. KAHN. O.D. EYESIGHT SPECIALIST 12 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Ca. CONGRATULATIONS AND THE BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU K E S S L E R ' S Whitehall at Hunter Compliments of BURT'S SHOE STORE Employees 126-1 THRIFTY TIM'S CAFE GOOD FOOD HE. 9329 1141 Peachtree St., N. E. BALLARD'S Dispensing Opticians WALTER BALLARD OPTICAL CO. Three Stores 1,05 Peachtree Street, N. E. Medical Arts Building W. W. Orr Doctors Building O CRISWELL BAKING CO. 128 Pine Street, N. E. Phone AT. 5757 Atlanta, Georgia O WE TOP ,EM ALL CHAS. N. WALKER ROOFING COMPANY ROOFS FOR EVERY TYPE BUILDING 141-8 Houston Street, N. E. WA. 5747 ATLANTA 37 YEARS OF BUSINESS INTEGRITY Compliments of SAUL-KLENBERG AND COMPANY DRESS MANUFACTURERS 210 Pryor Street, S. W. "Radio's our Business, not a sideline" B A M E S . I N C . Radios - Electrical Appliances - Phonograph Records 60 Broad Street, N. W. WA. 5776 ATLANTA, CA. Oiiicc 'Telephone WA. 2395 Home Phone CR. 4137 W. HULL GRIFFIN I N S U R A N C E 801 William-Oliver Building Compliments of MRS. EMMA MCGAUGHEY JUNIOR AND CHILDREN'S SPECIALTY SHOP 1073 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia AT. 3423 BEST WISHES TO OUR SENIOR CLASSMATES WA ZZZTMD WL? 940 ff 'Uwpi WW Q,QgLM"H ff., HQWAWQ Q5f"wi!ff7 JW 0Q'f-MQNK ASQ? Wmom 'gf com WQGVLW fJ,wWQ 9 , 'gave' W , 22 32,3 ,wfffg EEZQQWMW 5 W if M Sid W0-WWQ M My HQPP E Q rg JW fav My L 7 ME 5. 2 Qsiff wk w QM W wdfaw 'R"'j,L EEG E Q Hnnbwfefwifffgxfgggi Q25 Q is WW QQ R133 N? 569 xiii W,Wx.Qf' gimgm My 3 sf,-LQ My XN Q KVM Mask 'kayzfg Vfffffiwj RE2g.wfMf"0? E WM A .Swim WMM WQQWM' JERSEY ICE CREAM CO. . ,....-..- .... ... .... ......-..5. 4...-....-....... ..,. - ..,. -....-, 2 784 North Ilighlzuld Avenue, N. E. I ATLANTA, cslsulacm l i l ! 0 ! i I 'I'm.1av11oNu HE. 01.25 A , i i Fred E. Scunliug F. W. Scanling Q , ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE C omplz ments CLASS OF 1946 . . 0 f. . . CONSOLIDATED A f E DWA DISTRQBUTORS. Mi S4 'C'2':.?'S2E.TJ" conuen WHITEHALL Amo ALABAMA srs I N C . I 666 PARKWAY DRIVE. N. E. fxfx 9,0 av" , ND an tome' Co hi?" cuson k e enela U afl e afe l he hs! ol n Plan Mo .il-dv locallw Convex make u vlhlf e gs the Compliments of s6""c THE DRAUGHON SCHOOL OF - Q COMMERCE " ' A ' I 579 Peachtree Street, N. E. Atlanta 3, Georgia fu lfil f Se - h 9 9 l Y , x 15 9 d A ' ' 9 aumlrie: JOHN SEXTON 8r CO. Mzmufacturing Wholesale Grocers Atlanta, Ga. Established 1883 AMl1e1'St 2541 MONTACEHS FASHIONABLE VVRITING PAPERS CORRECT FOR ALL SOCIAL CORRESPONDENCE . . . A N D . . . BLUE HORSE PAPER SCI-IOOL GOODS MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. ATLANTA GEORGIA INGRAM MANTEL AND TILE CO. TILE FLOORS AND WAINSCOTINC MANTELS, GRATES AND TILES-GAS LOGS 549 Courtland St., N. E. VE. 3541 Atlanta 3, Ga. Compliments of A FRI END TOM LLOYD DRY CLEANING - LAUNDRY 459 North Ave., N. E. AT. 1633 FULTON SUPPLY COMPANY INDUSTRIAL - TEXTILE - CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES AND MACHINERY THE STATE OF GEORGIA HAS ENLARGED THE UNIVERSITY CENTER IN ATLANTA TO INCLUDE- JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR DAY CLASSES GEORGIA EVENING COLLEGE FOR EVENING CLASSES Girls High now has the largest representation in the big enrollment of 2,600 students attending junior College and Georgia Evening College. Compliments of ORKIN EXTERMINATING CO.. INC. PEST CONTROL SERVICE Telephone: WAlnut 1050 Address: 315 Peachtree Street, N. E. TOM SLATE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CO. 592 Peachtree, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Compliments of S.ElJNCOLN ORIGINAL VVAFFLE SHOP 62 Pryor Street, N. E. "Now Open All Night" JOHN D. CHOTAS, Manager "Have a Coke" f Adil! It's the friendly high-sign BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Cnn1pIin11'nt.s- of TOMMY TTMQXT Compliments of NORMAN AND ROMER SHEET METAL WORKS Compliments ...0f... GOTLHHVS DELICATESSEN O C:0lHjIliIlIl'llfS of THE ATLANTA'NTLE COMPANY Cmnplimcnts of MAJESWC SHOE REPAHUNG THE ANCHOR 1600 Piedmont Road, N. E. VE. 9233 wt Firm Qhhtg g . """k:l ., ni-2? ,. . -11: fi Q , .M ,. I MT ., I X53 Z: 1 , I r-ft: .... ELZEQ- m h , """" " QW V' A A "" , . ' .-Zi-I-1 " "" z 'H"E1fE2if?i!i:? 5: ' H 1 ,111-- .1::fW" '4ff5.I,' 1 .Fi ,Q it ' I My- , .. C, .,... - .. " TV " ,gif-r fi im-S,,t...:.1f. . W --' 5, 1- 5:39 - gs.:--,:17.,. 5-a g ain if. ,E ,Q .....- ,3,3ii:.,.i:gg1gg1, :.g - I. y I -r 'Y4wWwHwmwMw"iawwmMmMQwwW -"' .fm -' V I "'-'- '-'A . ,,.A , ff , lysine I . , . . America s Flnest Community Mausoleum Now Under Construction in West View Cemetery A Notable Addition to Atlanta's Cultural Assets The magnificence of its architectural design, the quiet charm of its interior, the rugged strength of its construction, will attract and inspire thousands ol visitors each year. This great and sacred Temple of MBIHOTIISS is engagingly described in a beautifully edited color-plate view book A copy will be sent without cost cr obligation. Simply phone or Writc WEST VIEW CEMETERY ASSOCIATION 549 Peachtree Street. N. E. Telephone ATwood 5751 MARSH BUSINESS COLLEGE 755 Peachtree Street, N. E. ATLANTA : GEORGIA A private Business College of high standing offering 8 courses in Business Training. Meinher Atlanta Cluunber ot Commerce, GL'tJl'glt1 Association Private Business Schools, and National Council Business Schools. C H A P M A N R E A L T Y MRS. J. F. MARSH, President BABY FURNITURE AND EQUIPAIENT EXCLUSIVELY AMERICAN -.Wt JUVENILEGP ILITYLE FOLRKE' Fuwnrruns I 1017 Peachtree St., N. E. Atlanta VE. 5077 Miauni Chzittzuioogzi COMPANY u1srtl,'i'o1:s SALES - HENTS - LEASES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 0 71 Forsyth St., N. VV. MAin 1638 Compliments of WESTBROOK'S PHARMACY THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERVICE Prescriptions First 1582 Piedmont Road, N. E. Phones VE. 6644-6645 Atlanta, Georgia SHIRLEY CLOAK 8: DRESS CO. 209 Pryor Street, S. W. Atlanta, Ga. COMPLIMENTS MITCHELL MOTORS ...OF... Your OLDSMOBILE FULTON Dem' SANDWICH 330 Peachtree Street WA. 5255 EVERREADY SERVICE STATION STILL fHenry A. Nash? THE VARIETIES SHOP your Friendly Neighbor Corner of Flat Shoals and Glenwood Ave. VVASHING : GREASING : POLISHING 1630-34 McLendon Ave., N. E. Atlanta, Georgia. DE. 9112 Clothing for the Entire Family PETERS WEATHERBIRD SHOES Phone IAckson 0416 1166 Euclid Avenue, N. E. Clairmont Dairy PERF ECTLY PASTEURIZED GRADE "A" MILK AND CREAM O We Use Glass-Lined Equipment O Oud Milk is Pasteurized, Filtered, Cooled, Bottled and Capped by Modern Machinery O Pasteurized Milk is the safest for all ages-Ask your doctor or health officer. 'Phe Model Laundry LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING GARMENI STORAGE Main OHice and Plant: 409 Houston Street. N. E. WAlnut 2372 Pick-up Stations also at: 2181 Peachtree Road, N. E. VErnon 2161 532 Flat Shoals Ave., S. E. WA1nut 3495 For Home Delivery Service Phone WA1nut 2372 GEORGIA MILK Enjoy MISS GEORGIA Quality Dairy Products GEORGIA MILK PRODUCERS CONFEDERATION, INC. Compliments of MACK TRUCKS SERVICE STATION 726 Peachtree Street, N. E. GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB The Girls High Glee Club wishes to offer congratulations to the Seniors and appreciation to Miss Edna Whitmore, our director, PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION H.IVI. LONG PRINTING CO. Our Service Extends from a Small Card to a Newspaper "We Appreciate Your Order No Matter How Small' jAckson 2614 316 Edgewood Avenue, N. E. MARGARET WAITE GIFT SHOP 119-123 Peachtree Arcade GRADUATION BOOKS GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATE Thank You Notes and Stationery COMPLIMENTS ...OF... ZABAN STORAGE AND TRANSFER CO. 262 Garnett. S. NV. NVA. 2701 W'ith Sincere Appreciation to a Swell H ome Room Teacher . . . MRS. GIBSON C8 HARRY F. DOBBS. INC. 240-44 Ivy Street, N. E. WA. 4451 Atlanta, Ga. RESTAURANT AND CAFETERIA SUPPLIES DECATUR, GECDIICIA Jfa.uMJf4f'4 Saluiei Une Zlfaman-of-7 - AT HOME - AT woRK - AT SCHOOL 3' SOUTHERN IIOMEFURNISIIERS SINCE 1885 Main Store: 22 Edgewood at Pryor Street Buckhead Branch: 3031 Peachtree Road WE HOPE WE MEET AGAIN IN IIEAVEN . . . GOOD LUCK TO THE SENIORS FROM C7 BEST IVISHES TO THE SENIORS FROM B8 XVe C4-ers have spent three glorious years behind the doors of Girls High. VVI-'vc dreamed of thc day, with Aida and aII, when we,d bid it an cheery good-bye. Wt-'rc now on the home stretch, tomorrow's the day when we'II enter this xzreat world of chores. To our classmates, the Seniors, we wish great success. Maw the vcrv best always be yours. C4 BEST HOME ROOM IS YET TO BE SEEN, VERY BEST WISHES FROM A18 OUR BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS FROM B3 Years so swiftly passing by Bring the time to Ieave GirIs High So I1cre's our wish for jobs to be To all the Seniors from C3 Complinwnts of SAM A. MAYFIELD REFRIGERATOR SERVICE CONVERSE COLLEGE SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA An Outstanding Liberal Arts College for VVomen Progressive in Education, Rich in Fine Tradition. FOR CATALOGUE WRITE E. M. CWATHMEY, President The Best of Evcrylliiiig to Our Clu.s'.sniutcs, Friends, and Ifxpccizllly to Miss Buss PATTON, Our Home Room Teacher. C2 COMPLIMENTS OF A1 OII, IIALCYON STAFF AND SENIORS TOO, VVE NVISH THE BEST TO ALL OF YOU. AND MORE THAN JOYS COULD EVER MEAN XVE NVISII YOU LOVE FROM B15 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FELLONV CLASSMATES FROM C10 THE VARSITY 0 CURB SERVICE FRESH FOOD HIGH TIMES IIICII TIMES EXTENDS ITS GREETINGS TO IIALCYON AND YOU, AND INISHES ALL THE SENIORS GOOD LUCK AND JOY TOO!!! Best Wishes to the Class of '46 from A10 C9 EXTENDS SINCERE BEST WISHES TO HER FELLOVV GRADUATES OF 1946. C9 CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, SENIORS, PROUD ALUMNAE OF C.H.S. NVE VVISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK, HAPPINESS, AND SUCCESS. FROM C6 Compliments of A FRI END Compliments ...of... Compliments of A FR I EN D CAPITOL FISH COMPANY fl.. l I Compliments of B A C H HOLT HARDWARE 8: SUPPLY CO. 1279 Glenwood Ave., S. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA VVA. 7000 -IVE DELIVER- THEATERS MCMICHAEL'S FOOD STORE FANCY GROCERIES AND MEATS 1655 McLendon DE. 5719 We Deliver ,J -1111111..-.11..i.1iii111ii..-.1-uuinw GRADUATE TO GREATER SAVINGS ...AT... BIG STAR LITTLE STAR ROGERS STORES .-.-1inui.u1nli.u.-..--.11-.1-.-..-1iii1ii1.u1..1qw 158 O COMPLIMENTS ...OF... .faaaile 6 Compliments of SHELTON'S PHARMACY 221 Peachtree Street Atlanta Georgia Delivery Service DE 9192 H E N R Y N A S H QUALITY DRY CLEANING Since 1931 1645 McLendon Ave., at Clifton Rd. Atlanta, Ga. Phones: MAin 4503 - WA. 1475 ALLIED INSURANCE 8: FINANCE. LTD. INSURANCE-LOANS O 66 Pryor Street, N. E. JACK H. ZIINIMERIXIAN, Manager ATLANTA GEORGIA WElNSTOCK'S O ATLANTA'S FAVORITE FLOWER SHOP O 8 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Ga. WA. 0908 MAin 3830 WAlnut 5902 FREEMAN FURNITURE COMPANY 86-88 Alabama Street, S. W. Atlanta 3, Ga. BROWNLEE 8: LIVELY DAIRY Briarclilf Road, N. E. VE. 1142 SDK J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING COMPANY Established 1874 XVEDDING, RECEPTION, VISITING CARDS MONOGRAMMED STATIONERY Store Location 110 Peachtree Street . . . Atlanta At Peachtree Street Entrance Piedmont Hotel Bldg. PERFECTION BAKERY I Everything Good CONGRATULATICFNS, SENIOHS, AND BEST XVISHES FOH THE FUTURE B2 Compliments of FROHMAN MUSIC CO. 631 Peeples St., S. W. llAymoud 1695 Atlanta, Look for the lied Truck on the Package . . . Then huy G O R D O N ' S CAKES. CANDIES -- ASSORTED NUTS SALTED PEANUTS - PEANUTS G O R D O N F O O D S "Trucks Serving the Soutlf Compliments of AG ES SUO'l"l' CULLEGE DECATUR, GEORGIA I AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE has found the graduates of Girls High School most satis- factory in every way-well prepared! full of enthusiasm, and ready to take leading parts in all college activities. We always give G. H. S. students a cordial welcome. MEREDMN GRAW 8' E'-EVATOR CO' ni. 1z. Mccmn Box G-II PRESIDENT Meredian, Miss. "l'UUl,TllY AND LIVESTOCK FEEDSH IILIUKH' BEST NVISHES FROM B7 IRIS GARDEN Ground F loor, Atlantan Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. Phone IAckson 0300 CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE CAPITAL AUTOMOBILE CO ELVVYN VV. TOINILINSON Compliments of A FRIEND I Best WVishes to Our Classmates from C12 Compliments of U. S. TIRE SUPPLY 0 MERCURY 8 FRANK GRAHAM CO. I LINCOLN AND MERCURY AUTOMOBILES I 600 1fVest Peachtree Street, N. W. Atlanta 3, Georgia if I Georgia Stores O Atlanta 0 Athens 0 Dalton 0 Macon 0 Rome -:-.-1-:-1-1-35535555535 HOME FURNISHERS FOR MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY 537353511 GREETINGS FROM B11 Compliments of AMERICAN TIRE CO. Sincere IVishes to Our Classmates C5 Compliments of HOTEL RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO. Manufacturers "FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT, 382 VVe9t Peachtree, N. VV. WAInut 7451 lIcrc's to the Senior Class . . . Good luck to you! C1 DR. LOVICK H. WILLIAMSON Optometrist and Opticifm Phone MA. 1266 10530 First Nnt'I. Bank Bldg. Atlanta, Ga. Best IVi.sl11:s From THE GEORGIAN BOOK SHOP O SMITH'S DRUG STORE Main 4611 339 Georgia Ave., S. E. Atlanta A HIGHER, FINEH, PEPPIER, TASTIER DRINK AT FOUNTAIN AND IN BOTTLES DELUX COLA CCJMPANY 145-147 EDGEWOOD AVENUE, s. E. MEET NIE AT THE .A,....--'xx n .ng ' ,.x"s' riff-" --I 'x I .I . . gs is 5: . I ia it - 0... '. X . . . , ' ' . . . ., f" - I-5' I .' 'g , 'lg 1, 53 5 x s . Y I . .'-I 3 'X I ' .' 3.2.-FAQ! .-' - -samuf' ' " C'B'h'EFn..77a2'5l1 NVE HAD A GOOD OLD FASIIIONED BARBEGUE 70 North Avenue. N. NV. MOLER SYSTEM OF COLLEGES TIIE STANDARD IN BEAUTY CULTURE AND BARBER TRAINING DAY CLASSES - FREE PLACEINIENT SERVICE! Call, Phone or WVrite for Free Booklet 3456 Marietta St. IA. 3209 Atlnntu. Ga. I'0S'I'ER COLORS BPIUSHES ART SUPPLIES MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY 384 Forrest Avenue, N. E. SCHOOL SUPPLIES GAMES for Children and Adults COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Blcs'1' VVISIIICS TO THE SENJORS B1 Doors o OPPORTUNITY 1, f lr f' VI I mf t In 'ff u. 'f-Tit. ff K Nl 1 If 7 'S-six 3 f X 4'T"t-Ni5:f"V "' +4 xv E These are the doors of the Telephone Buz'la'z'ng at 51 Ifvy Street, opening to the 1946 Girl Graduate u Business future as fwz'o'e us the Natz'on itsef A ousiness with ch erish ea' z'a'eals una' new hopes, z'o'eas ana' opportum'tz'es. mm, SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY INCORPORATED EMPLOYMENT OFFICE Room 101, 51 Ivy Street, Atlanta 163 To the senior class we'd like to say We wish you luck in every way. We'll miss you lots here at Girls High, And now to the seniors we say goodbye. NEW C12 COMPLIMENTS OF INCORPORATED ATLANTA, GEORGIA "We Sell Nothing We Can't Service" Compliments of WOODING'S CAFETERIA 39 Marietta Street, Palmer Building Serving Hours Breakfast, 5:45 to 9:15 Lunch, 11:00 to 2:15 Dinner, 5:00 to 7: 15 I-IIGI-I MUSEUM SCHOOL OF ART PROFESSIONAL COURSE IN ADVERTISING AND FINE ARTS Animal Scholarship Contest for High School Graduates. SUINIMER SESSION JUNE 17 - JULY 26 F ALL TERM SEPTEMBER 9 Call or Write for Information 1262 Peachtree St. Atlanta, HEmlock 3134 G - 1nu1nn1un1.un1uu-uni 1 1 1 .. 1 1 -. 1 1 1 1 -. - LAWRENCE HOLZMAN PRESENTS FINE DIAMOND AT ATLANTA'S MOST REASONABLE PRICES GEURGIA IIIAMIINII MERUHANTS k' d Fairlie Sts. 411 Standard Building Luc ie an One Block from the Rialto Theater u.1uu1nn1nu1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .- 1nu1nn1un1nn- 1 .- Compliments of C13 O DAVlD'S DANCING SCHOOL Congratulations to the Seniors A8 Here's to the Class of '46 Where SVHFY girlis queen, HOLZMANIS, ONE OF AMERlCA'S FINER IEWELERS We think Of you each time the clock ticks, Best wishes from B16 DIAMONDS WATCHES COMPLIMENTS OF JEWELRY A FRI END S'LVE'l sy . l A2 is just bubbling with greetings for you VVe wish you happiness your whole life through QL! if Be crowned with success with good health be blessed And on every hand find opportunities new. A2 ST-39 PEACHTREE, N. E. COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB VVELL DONE A4 N O W LETIS GO TO WORK AT GRANTS Have you considered a merchandising career? Crant's trains . Good luck to the seniors, Happy may they be. They've done lots and lots For you and me. you On the job. Full or part time jobs are available to you NOVV. Congratulations from A1 2 C :Insider these zuluuntuges- GOOD STARTING SALARY. BONUS BASED ON PERSONAL SALES. 40-HOUR WEEK. ILLNESS AND ACCIDENT PAYMENTS. VISITING NURSE SERVICE. RETIREMENT INCOME. VACATION WITH PAY. FROM ADVANCEMENT ON MERIT BASIS. A16 CHRISTMAS BONUS. 102 DISCOUNT-ALL PURCHASES. LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES TO ALL EMPLOYES. COMPLIMENTS TO THE SENIORS W. T. GRANT COMPANY EAREWELL TO TIIE SENIORS, W ID YOU "ADIEU." Employment Office, Second Floor E B THE BEST OF LUCK, 82 WVhitehall sneer T0 ALL OF YOU- B5 f-5 Q .l ATLANTKS NEWEST, MCDST MODERN MILLINERY STCDRE GRACES MILLIIXIERY lf 3 L. li. IiAl,F0lHi UIIMH Y We ga: www 70 ww --gum of 'ffm IT BlilCII"I'. MODERN DRUG STORES IN ATLANTA CH TO S E NVE YU U! LFI N E 520525 UFl"ICfIAI, IIQWICLICIQ O1-' GIRLS IIIGII SCIIUUI. li. T. HANDICLI, IC YHCIA HEPHICSl'fN'l':Yl'lYl" 91 Bcverlv Road Atlllllfil. G VE. 84:39 af" 09 ' if WRITE IT HERE , "-Q, X glggwm W' ' " 5 ,ldivfvf 4' lt-f vfik V -. '11 Waifiiq f-f 595 R x 5' X is .ffm-" I' oi"0" 1' D X Q 'Q 2' .X V, . ibgfgv ' ' ' ' ' . Wxxxw W N HH X FI s u uwsk BBUUK ..,f?T9'P:'?9F'E5i E,?ii4VlNif QM ' 'i 'Il . a 'nv' gfffv Mfg? U1 Vw fjjf 42 3 -1: ' 'Q ' 2 52 ' vi, Gil. 1" J uw. N M ,, 5 bl kgs iw .. 's J., , 'nl .31 ? 'H 1. u ' 1 1 i ' N w S i X' "Y I . E R . -2 , li' 24,6 ' ' F . Y 5 .N ,A.L 5 A -f 5 Vg 1? A fw sv ' 2. el' ', A5 " ' mg V if A x 1, " 5 I 'T fb Nfjglr J. .Q -S my g- ,vw 'Wan Q A'- 4,1 'L v ,C Q if xt 'fl .4 , tx .I-:T , ,N My Lag. HI? 5-. XA i gn-.Cyp wa-.nw W EJ?--f WEA'-Q A ,A K ' ff . ' , fr, x , m M hui-Q X595 Clan. I' in v , x AYV ..f x Q '. "1 sv Q 3 infix V V Q mi VV: V V2 , ...Ki , - ,.,,,4qqp1,1zAoiIvxBdM W ..- .......,.. 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K A X ip Q. . + A, . Q. 2 X . A, 'WZ ' gm, ,gg V. eq r V.: 'ef J-'lk f .Ax V ,. Q .D A . .....,.V. VV I .gm - ., x ' ,a -X.-Q s. 'nr 'T 'hi A xwx , . R if . " w I V .. N XSL V Q Q V V , X " 2 J K O X 5- if V U, V ' 3wz,3:4.-,V SFX?-' '21 Pfvy 4 -We ua Q Q .S X f wks, , ss x 'S Q Q M31 ,W wif' , wQ3:g-fif,.,.hg,- ':"2,a:1 2 'p5 w qq'g ,wif f ,gwx M J, f,Ng,z5Q-934 t Q Q ,, if , M A .sgm Qs ., WRHZ Jw f 4 :- -f M ffm A 45 ww w W, gs MSM A Q b W ' 3 V' W V vi We Pfviix 'Gi ,, , A .,,. V, L5 ztz , ,, J ,Q ,A,,. ,3,E MS' P-Q ,M-a-azff' 4 aww: . wx ff. Af Q A, . Q ' T.: ff " mis. 15,2-1,s'f-aL':KffQ " ' ' " " ' ' - , Mp ww Z' ' ' ff ' Q, Q D U ,'-15516, . V Q15-,e,:':',, . ' 1, wg Nqqgeg:51V:':,-'Q--,,g'g,w-43.3 . I , K- , .. V "N wk W, N- , ' .. ff - fa :Q V V' 550 CYQZP V 'vw 'if' XM3, ', 'M Q ,Emp fa?g?,C,g52gw::g-ray-.r "'-:Q-'X'035-"'."1iE1.f4VESNESTA-f2'wb.,..k' N-5I53':5f4'??5i5E'f1GY:37":'f"SFIEIE5:iff-.-5""f-A '22-95' '1 :f :Wav-X wx - ' M 4

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