Girls High School - Halcyon Yearbook (Atlanta, GA)

 - Class of 1936

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Girls High School - Halcyon Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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'i W as 2 'k'KlfY?f?'52fm2!fas:i231m',a5, ? ' 1:1-wmamzfn,we,wwwwfmmsffwfx,W..wmM-.WW,va.,,,W,W,m 1 ' , H. 22 wc I ,Kal ' W W im an 7 ma gg V, g i. - Mggffg , ,iss fisfiifkffaz ? Q , A , llll llll Ill! 'ig V llll llll un H! 3183 " Q 5 Hi A 1. A . I 1 U 3 .. gf,- S RV LN I ' , ,, W - i ,W W 553 -F , " I' ""' A "" ll f -.r v gain I 'f 'gf 'I' s t if :, .,., . ,A -,. K i " 245: 15 K A x A M I t 4 'ly . "ffU?w:'mM'ff ,ww WVU Q , z , . 5 -A,-:mm , -af: zzfgfgsf-f-H ' 1 -- -- .. ,.,,-.,..,,:. .. 2 , gggw, Ziw 1 4- :q.2.1,,g, 1' qv 7, , , of 1 QW, , V :K 6- i 4 -4' E nam: if 1,241 1 Fqf w PC " W L s K w . 9 3, pw. 1 Q' 1 .1 o Q 4 1 'z Lil ,- ' NX! 'VH EQ ' .3 ffff ,lj gg gr., , M YW 'v-' qlfrf ' 'Lef K, : ' iff A 3 tff5i34'i"'tf"f ' Q -. . VM N H N n do V. ,2,1. ' 'F 06" ,fi ' 3 ff' 'MQ 1 ' VZ Q 5 h 1 ",, I ,,.- 1 :.' f Q- QQ ,2'V2 5 fi ' b . V 'Q' --Q ,vf 2 - VN, A ,W ZZC- ' 1 11 ,,, lliiuleg 3 "' 3394, , ina nn' I 3 fx My I A , 'QT' M, ' ,. my f 7 , ,iff L! QQ, ,, I 'H ,, .,:fm,iwf xgwifffg . 1 ' f Q46 yafafcyon 1936 0 0 W Published by the Students of the GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL - - ATLANTA GEORGIA Otewvtcf ITI-l hearts that thrill to mem'ries deep Let us preserve within this book Gur blissful joys, our out-lived pains: And here retlect our happy past- Know well that it held l-IALCYON DAYS. ri .eff xxx 5 I 0 gm e LCdiLOIfL N EXPRESSION ot our great love e- spect and admiration for Miss Ethel Woolf we dedicate this book to her-the one who encouraged us when we were discouraged rejoiced with us in our pleasures advised us when we needed advice and sympathized with us in our disappointments' the one who as teacher friend and adviser made us sharers in her vivacity, knowledge, and love ot lite. Truly she embodies all that Girls l-ligh School stands tor! O 2 0 52332. W t x sg :rl K A Mwlglii we fi or ft"' ff' ssi,. L' ., " f l ' i ifiiiiiii ii is 'Hi i iii sf' ,T "if ,- X 4' Gag JMQ, 5146! Woolf A FLAME We came to you With souls unlighted, ardor yet unfired: Upon your hearth stood wisdom's brazen urn Where breathed the glowing coals left there to burn By those who went before: and we, inspired, Laid our small faggot in their red-gold heart And watched the blaze shoot up, to writhe and dart, A living fire, a steady flame, blue-white, That, dying, left us inner warmth and light: We leave our glowing coals to those who come, For we go on. A SONG We came to you With hearts unsounded, spirits yet unsung: Within your soul stirred haunting, mystic chords, Whispered grandeur, chanted without words By those who went before: and we, who flung Our voices outward, heard a song that swelled And thundered like a beating sea, and welled Upward in noble strains, then died: but we Hear in our souls that muffled melody: We leave our haunting chords to those who come For we go on. A STAR We came to you With eyes uplifted, vision yet unclear: But you, with gaze steadfastly fixed on high, Bade us look up into the vast, dark sky Where shone a golden star so far, yet near Enough for us to see its calm, pure light. You promised if we worked, some day we might Attain the highest hill, and stand tip-toe To bathe our souls in star-dripped amber's glow. We point the golden star to those who come, For we go on. A flame, a song, and a golden star, That you gave of your own free will, Shall burn, shall sing, shall shine, when we Go on to reach the hill. ANNIE MERLE JONES. I MISS MARY COURTNEY MOGRE 177549 Mass Jsssue Muse wifi ,,,,,,...-wa-Q L. AUSTIN A FACULTY gs I a , Sl 'R , . V 4 I 5. ,,gl , .f, AA.. 4' lm D MISS MARGARET BELOTE MISS IRENE BOLTON MISS MAUD BOLTON . - 1 .Qin f Awjvj ,ffww V 4 9 ' Wi! f,I?7-a1?'fNfS'5fARRS:T3IR I , A if At, , A , WM MRS. ANNIE SUE BROWN MISS GERTRUDE E. A R Q' 4, ' I . , 1 3 f 4 CADWELL MISS BERTHA CARPENTER fo , , -2' A 14 Muss sue E. CLAFLIN Miss CLARA LEE come MRS. MARGARET asses M 65 'Q MISS GLADYS DAVIS 'RIF- R 1... I. MISS SARAH FULTON MRS. ALICE GIBSON CREEL X1-47 II F A C U L T Y " , sg? I 65 . if if F J QS I R. W MISS EMMA GREGG MISS MAY HILL HORN MRS. MARCIA C. KINCAID g-Q .,..-- .1 MISS CAROLINE LARENDON MISS SUSAN LEONARD MISS LOUISE MATHEWSON I 1-3' mar. km di ,ff 6 MISS JANIE BEALL MCCLURE MISS IDA5 MISS SARA MILNER MRS. M. F. OVERBEY Mass CATHERINE PARKER MRS. H. L. PARRY Miss BEss PATTON 7 I 914' MISS LUELLA ROUSE FACULTY MISS RUSHIN fn? 3,0 MISS LIZZABEL SAXON MISS MARTHA L. SLATON W !'7'J'V? ' ff' 2 I QL , IFIMQI If qx 57 MRS. CLAUDIUS TAYLOR MISS PAT TURNER MISS ELIZABETH WELLINGTON MRS. H. E. WHELCHEL MISS EDNA WHITMORE MISS ELMA WITCHER MISS NINA I MISS ETH EL WOOLF .4 -L. Nil' V Y. Q ss . 5 WHO! I. Who 2, Who 3. Who 4. Who 5. Who 6. Who 7. Who 8. Who 9. Who IO. Who ll. Who I2. Who I3. Who I4. Who l5. Who MAKE UP TEST Subject---Faculty MEMORY-WORK WHO! is Tig? .... . . says, "Go to Grasse"? . . says, "Tch! Tch!"? . . . says, "Well, we're all here."? . . . . . says, "Girls, do you have to breathe there?" . says, "lt's liken unto this"? .... . . calls her pupils, "my little girls"? . .' . says, "Here 'tis"? . ....... knows what HEGAD SlRS" means? . . . says, "Er-er-er"? ...... . . says, "ls someone addressing me?" . . says, "l suspect"? . . . . says, "Oh mercy"? . . says, "Oh, et cetera"? . . , , says, "Hurry! Hurry!"? . . , , 'X JEML- SW x Lu.. Kwls- f Hi, WMA ffm, HELD pink roses close to me- My dress was white: my thoughts were My roses meant the most to me, A symbol of the years, to keep. and then- A night breeze caught the petals soft And carried one by one away: They drifted by like every hour That passed with every happy day. The flowers are gone: the days are, too- The stems remain like memories. -HARRIETTE IVEY deep Mg Q I Wt, Q .Q xv W SENIQZQS MARJORIE ADAMSON NORMA LEE ALBEA JEWELL ADAMS ,f?'w-.. QI' -vis. "lf WJ 1' lf, 'Ls - 35,511- ' e ' i- ,Lf,"L9"v2 ' "-PM ,R Y, 1 -1: fa, 'ffl 1- 'JF'."Y' w X 551411--A I, ffsbndl 1 1 "vii: .:'+.411. , gif Iii N,5ZQIZLs'fQJ4f'v.?'1 I u 93:3 Is Aga, NSW, I ' '-V'f?'i.'Ixff-:WIEYW 2 m?f1'ff:fsfIgg I 5xEu'3ihw21z52 '-2: ' as ' I?i'Qf,4r92gx IQ?--Q 41. pf I Q 'J ' f 'QF I f gg .N 3 sugar wx, , ' vm.. A WI...- ELIZABETH ALDERMAN VIRGINIA ALEXANDER Y HELEN ALLEN HELEN ALLEN MILDRED ALLEN I I SENIORS FQ s V Q e'1 ,n X if KAY ALLING WINIFRED ANDERSON EVELYN ARON ft-. vff. ,,., Aj 155'-lx 1455252 V 2 ,Jw 7? ' ,N ,Qi ,X ,lqj Q, ', 7-1, 'r , ,-:Mk P - ,.., ,. as f ' iv mf . . 9 Hii+., '. V . V W .f,Qn," ' ' Q, ' 1 .wif ' Q3 5 4 J 0 UH-5:3,,,4. B xx it Q 2 -"Y if- 's -' Y, M 57' , ' gx Q- Q5 :vi fp, 2, - -'37 'Eff g "w -, W avg-1-f ,4 Q . 43 S' 15' .MS 15,2 . ,- E. 1,1 n , In .,,, vp... 2-QV' MABEL ASKEW JOYCE BAGGARLY GERALDINE BAILY TOMMY OLA BARBER BARBARA BARLOWE 3. BETTY BARNETT RUTH BASTIN lil j Ep liiili ' A J'- LUCY BEACHAM -cf az 9 W If A . ., .'.,- T f' fm-.':.j:' . .j- 'Q 1: . el 15 '21 ', 1 'f H ,,: ,1-:T :T :Y fi "'f-'. . gg ' . if F Tm 4 f f T u T "1 ' . . JL.. YVLY-' , , ,Tvf 1 Q. ELINORA BARRETT SHIRLEY BARTON ., , 'Q fix 'T' 3 A I, K EUDORA BATES V MX H.: GMQ Y XT, 1 HELEN BEAM MARGARET BEARDEN 'li - 'I 'K T RTE, .. F9 w 2 Q QQ P' Ji, ,'-,-,"ggvs .. ' ., -, ,ig . ,wa r- fvybzmvg Jn, gyagfff f-gig? ivpfiazlzc L ':Q,i,wE, 'f"'sG'Rf--W .gf-QM 2-H2 " ., ., . ,ye ' ,himgf A Sv , . M' mfg" B 'B N S'ENIORS MARTHA BEAVERS DOT BELL EMMA BALL 1 U. ELIZABETH BELSER EDITH BERRY 1 QQ my g,U L L .' ww f DOROTHY BINKLEY VIVIAN BLAlR ELIZABETH BOGGS L-LL.. I E M 1 H ' h: , '4 3 'li-fi ' "3 He' S Bibi 5 "W T7 'N ANNA MARGARET BOND LUCILE BOSWELL RUTH BOUNESOR 5 . L Y! A X P MARGARET BOWEN FRANCES BOYD RUTH BOYD MARTHA BREWER MILDRED BREWER .. f. I' "' Y? 1 Q, -MX Q ,Q,d- SEENEEORS fue, Ma if M . LOIS BRIDGES JUNE BRIDWELL HELEN BROWN 'M N .Q .,'1. "H qi, 1. .35 ,ng-353.512 ax, f xrwsfmvih' - :ffg312.iT'f5,-'fx-. .,, 3... mpg- ' ., Qggif.-19:15, Q", .t 5. , .,fg,y'Z'S'3 iw. .h ,W -k"K1l'fv1 , MQ, 3, 'fu-'1,5Y1, 'j'i,jq?f5: qf, lpn ga 3 iv- 11..- f.,. Ryrf Q--.ff-f, .3 My ,.,,, SMQELM w -1 1- N v f":y'Y YY13., gi iff' v 1 f nf '- NM -.3, rf X Q' 1 M125-i3 A if 2 5511" .. :'f',-" WS 2:f'Q2?2'i1fj. -,4 rw Q, r ' Y? it fr . . ' "P 5 'xx aunnuss JN S57 Anim if 15+-f,5,p.m LOUISE BURTON gh riff A r 19" 1 ': 'K ' f Q1"QA "1-.,ffL.'-Er F '?z"'5?",Z, '-Qf.L.":,':1'. .?'Qif"N:Q' 'gig ww 1-gf ',nynu:-su' ,,,,,,, fa" 1,-,fn-gd 1 ' M W 11- !pfrv.1w.1'-.f M ,. 1 f 4 b fipaf- .. lf. ffgmfg, :V-E . M ,fa - :1 11 lf' N ' " Env! ff -24: Rf? J- N15-1',fi'l:r" :Lv l fv' ,1 ,K r H hit!! 7 Y:1,1:,:f.,Li1Ef2:j:- ,.Y A - J x . .i t fi ,ff 1::L :fn :Z . ,T S . fl, : 'N ' ,T 'fs-' ,1 ,, ,1 ,, . I 1 U "--K1 N A' " 15 5' 11' - " 11 1 ,lu 1. . ,J 11-fa.-. -, ., , , "At" 3 ., . Rf Ef ff' -- 555355 ' l -A Y F ,, hr I: 1: : 1: 7: L31 41 :V In I, xg,-Q :X M mm X 1 .,-k.... .,.44...L.. -.....- -..J BETTY BROWN FRANCES BU RGESS RUTH ANN BYERLEY ELIZABETH CALL KATHERINE CARROLL I I I MILDRED CHRISTIAN NIORS QQ. MARY CALLAWAY GERALDINE CAMP NANCY CHAMBERS LEILA CLARK LIDA SENIORS EMILY CLARKE GLADYS COLLIER 1 Q-, ' Wifi: W . . 'K .xv Z.: S .- - SPIE? Me- ,. .:fiTif12f7"2' g,, ,. 1.-ff: 3-3, 1 I gf,1zff3 Sas:-1EfZQ4,i N ,Le 1 5'-fffi , if?h"L5ii'ffTQ awhi- fqy -:. 3.9 -"-'C'l'f?:5Q.5 air .1 s, , sl - fy.-Y ,-gm 'gg 'T' w. J:-N: gffu?-ff.T.1fiA ' ff A . ..,. 55. a 4-wvww W QN- BETTY COUSINS ELIZABETH CRAIG MIRIAM DAVIS SUSAN DILLINGHAM MARY LOUISE DOBBS MARY ELIZABETH EASTER -V , bf 4 15.75 nf' 1 q - ,z 11 1 5. ff, ,,, EWR -W -gf- L f 44- H Aa f v gfg K I - 4 Y Q Q .L LMS 3 L A , gf ,, H M . f. TT ' 1 -' ff if 31 if "1 ' ' " 'r 5574 I 'Y ' ' if li H fi V 5 41 1' QQ' ' " " " lb? N- If Y I. Q rk :V ' W ' if 7 7+ pi, fl -1 . H , ,5 ' - " ' pf 3 -Y , .1 :f 4. V 1: :. V. ., W ', Q. .QE 7 ,I . ' 1 , - J ' 1 YI ' 1 X521 " - 'w' - " ' .-.-4N.u. 1 .., N... KL " ' ,Fiiifea .iyfizis x Fjpzgwgic. wi, Q ' Ei' fp: All 'hi tif, I' N ll . LHS' .5 y lg 22. .iff 3' N. , A -f. Q' 1' by 1 17.23B ,,+f,"X-..,f' fm 1' 51 5 1 'gf' gpg. 1 13 G f I eg fy' 33:3 ,I , 7 ' ' '- ff P -, ..:g.v . 'A T' . 11 f l , X K ,g JJ Q4 VIRGINIA EASTERLING MARY HELEN EIDSON .f l 14 A NE-fi " 1. , . W Y ,K m c ii'- MILDRED EPSTEIN DORRIS ETCHISON JN. w 1 Y X CATHARINE ETHERIDGE MARGARET EWING , ibn X RUTH EYLES ,.rg75T5 r ,Y t .4,, ., A ,Q W,,,,rW, ,, - ' " - Jffp,,gfAf .-:.f.,j,5 V iw -, 1 if ' - A V 5252733 .E Q35-7" ' f,3A'i .5 Sflziup-af 5-. . , r., i'fgt"1 , . V , ' 35 Farm - " 1 M 5 -. ikdm , , , .g1,l:gJ.q ,,w L . . . . V - Mp, Em ,L ,sz-llfwhhf-. . ' . . ,:.'4f., 3, fpnw . '-1111 ' W ' iegiw 7, 1 v. In-,f rg fffj 1 ' , .. 1, -- ', 2--its . v..- , , ,v,5.,p-.,',.. a ' 'f r- -- I he A l , . ' - 'ifi-'AQ' " 'Eff ' ' ' f ,- i" ' 5' 1 Y, I ,,,,.x,,. . V , .., X .. ,,fd3?+f7" l .- -7-4 ,. -- Li:!A':,'g",3' Jf 1 1, M " - A -f'Vfff"1 .rf-'ff' X" I x " 'Qu' " 'A Hflavv' ' 5 xx . jf? I ' '-fi x ' 2-'QA ' . Jugs, 1. 'S ' 4... -,J,,...-.,4 ,,.,.,,-, ,..,...L ' 1 l,,L,--- ...v -.....4-1" SENIORS MARJORIE FIELDS WILM ETH FOSTER ELOISE FRANKLiri7fp9" 5 5. V we 411 'KN .RJQN , Sw if I 2 WM E Q MARIAN FORD SARA T ' 1 A 2114 1 ' , ir V' trim?-. . 1 3+ g f' pg'ff, uw, , ' M ' fT153T.W my if ii' ,F-'J gran 1 X, ,.. , gn 1.4. 1. if,g3er5f . ' 1 vw X . Ay 5 . , Wi' ' mi" A , rv H '. , FA 1 'L m.vr9Rw 1 Q N. 9 ,R fef5wLiiQf.ff4 A ' 5. ' ff ' v, A :f'g',.11.b,4l3j,33w3.k,...L . 3 ,,-14.4.3 ' ' - Ri,-"ffis1 " ' 9 :"J5f'1i ,ffm iz ' '5iTki+"'T? Z- '33f,',:?-Ft? f"2i52':Qw.ry3 .fa -. cv frm, Ilej., fr M t I L, MARY FOWLER MARJORIE FRENCH PEGGY FRENCH .0 we , S :JP SENIORS gn its 6 ELIZABETH FULBRIGHT MARCIA GATTIS FRANCES GIBSON GENEVA GIESE S as SYLVIA GLASS WILLATHEA GOODMAN MARGARET GRAVES .J- ,I SENIORS ISABEL GREEN MARY HILL GRESHAM nik: ws Q ,gf I 5, I Q fl, YI if 2. F1 X N, SYLLA HAMILTON H EN RI E HALL 's..... LOUISE HAMMACK 5 HELEN HANSON MATHILDA HANSON as PAMELA HARRIS MILDRED HATCHER CHARLOTTE HAZELTON MARY HEROD MARTHA HESTER MARY HH-L ELIZABETH HINDS r1AL:L nlnoun EVELYN HOFFMAN YW 7'fu5JfFZ!,'g5,7 -2 V 14,5-Zg'4 Ag -,g'g,.f:f3.:F- ' H 'I f' ff TIE: W4 - fr :,, H , I.-1 5535, y NSW . L ,gp X. ,g vm 1 -,U x. V... Y li Aim: " 'qw ' 'L 1, ' ,, Jai 1 'wild YTNJJ Q :.41w.,f -eg :X . 'f5.g:f1-H -4' .' f-'HE ' -1 ' 'f Iv " 'i A ' " ' V A-l7r,Q"' ' 'gpg !?',:'ii31 -1 .Q ,, , Q 1! IZ. A .Z-J,-Z , , 11 J TFP., V Jigga 1 if f ' ff ' N ' 4 " " 1- ' , xg,,4i,i1'v V' ' , fb A - 2, f. 1 1.1-Ji , K' T Aj- v if 5 " V l' JU . , 'X 4 'fag fir-: '55 Sf, ,-, - H, 1: Q. 13 al VIFQQJ - ' 1 M-gm . f.ig'.gfi ' 1'-?i.f:1-wk L , ' ,:-,mga N- I gr-I ' , E: f.:--' I. A-Q 1... 4L:L...,, R, .. A JL! 1 ' xl , J J -i w ' , -QM, if ,bf -,. K V-'.2.,54 , Q J 1? fl ,' K U 3136 5 " ' XX ,W 1 S L' N1 3 VF R 9 GWENDOLYN HOFFMAN PEGGY HOLLAND FRANCES HOLMES v 4. EDITH HOPKINS ELSIE HUEY EDITH HUGHEY KATHRYN HUMPHREY :egg-fy I Uv' I fl'f!1I-amz" 6' ' 'ff A ' ,,-wt" "A, 15:2 . :ff-i I 11-4F1f'-' -.n.1T' r .-. --., v-1. Lf " " ?ffi4ff,'.'4u -A A ff L, L1 L :N-Y,'f.,:f'rg. :f 11 :Q 11 :A 2' ' 1 '3'F.E'-QE' ' 'i9+L.i3w,,A -A L 4'-aff, - -L,e:,x.f 1--.. wglhg . A , - w vb-2 , r- .. . .. 39? . , RIA fn -:mwfH'..'1 4 ,V W x-QW -. . . , -wkfaw. G W ' 1' La, X- ff. ?-aff V- 7-2 sg .'.gf.3-a-fa. 1 L , 1: -5-Qkfr-'z' :J 1 :- -- -. . '5 ,, ,, . A ':,e-glgqzf.. ya 1- ff L: fx:.'1L'W' ' 4- W.: . .,z, 3 . ' , v J L gfiiff 3, ., N Y Zflgg QAM 'wzjmi'-.151 if sr A N Hffgf A -- V 1' - ww w- ggtf. -,.:f'-mypf JJ gl, 5 1 4 ,gg A. . , 1 fav ,mfr , ,. 4f:'Ff"'fF , 5 Y 1 1: V fy ff -:Am-sw - '- 142 314- A ssiimzaf A V925 2 2 g, JH? Eggs: pix- 1: ig fr, I :A V .AW L,:,,.fS-K n 5, ' '1- -,.,.., -. ,.. .l..k-..Jf L, ,.,.,,, v7 ,KE 1' ci ,ann va , 1 'S' F N I W ii fi ii ,, if N. 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ELIZABETH KIMBRO 1 MARGARET KING AS ,Qi sk. A x di, 1. Q -in-, R kv xx ,L-X, FN -A 1 W X JL f " N . ' FN " Af ,-I . Lf, ,A XL, Y , . x S? I 101 f fl --A JANE KNAPP SARA Louise Kun-IN FAYE LAMBKZIPQS 4:23-'Wi' , Y A V R . .ww ..,,Jf,5 -f1xJ4et,:g1,Lv. ,I-' ' '- . , N, X -ig5gq,.Y2f.'rf R: w f 1 Q Q, 'f f -""f i R T, 'f ',R' -exam Y " R, Q ge-asafiefffrk 'iffiix ii if ei ,-, - 'kv2e.:fv2'11vf' R , Q gf m R I f , 1 wg if 9 - if l..4g,,.,..,.,,., .. L, iq ,W ' ' 1-A '-1 S5-af?if'Wi5?iS 11' me Vw J 5,14 x LEILA LANDERS CAROLYN LANIER ,1 . fy 1.-f-. A .Y K 9 'I .. Q41-. Q ,N X. J 1. my Ill' f NELLIE LATHAM ff M5 Q4 MARY EIZABETH LEAVITT EVELYN LESTER 1 SARAH LEVETAN FLORENCE LEVINE FLORINE LEWIS A9 F17 'fs gif Lis, ,- 11 'Q 4 u 7:23 .45 Y. ,V xv-L "Ml '7'3QIQ,', .. ik, ,-wuz, X1 -g:,,ff4:Rgw ,Gam nv . Ein L yg :l , 1 , ,.',f1',.'-1-a-J E f :L :. ,. ,Gil f ,f L A A 'JJ . . V ,1,,5,,. f V - ' 4 .,-. --- - . . . V W 42 '1'w1I'i' A ff Ili! 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LOUISE NIX ,J . ..-f' I I 537 x lf qi L - Sb MARY NOBLE W ik I NOLAND 'N PATRICIA NOOT HELEN NORMAN GRACE NORRIS 1 E MILDRED oGLe CAROLYN OWEN 'NH xv M1 At ascii- "fl If C215 1 .M Nr E 1, . 5 --if 1 A 64:5-A L 51 JL CTS' A--f-1' T' VV-7 IP' E ' fu '-3? ' -V12-lgwiufif we 'agf,:l ?,ff- L V fir?" 4 . " W'fQ'3f ' M4544 r- " QHIQ. af- .. J- WL,-M. ,v A IL 1, ' 3' F: ' - - I '- 5, gil w E 1 Q-1 E. A , kffq-,5 'f 1' sf J '2Lg""'- X -151 q 3, fl IL .. 3, 1-4 , 1' " .fa x , Uv .. Midi 4 ,: -- 1' L, I! 'f 21 H." ' f ' ' V- . , ., , V C C V C E gm L J, " 2' 7' 'II , , . ,F ' ' A L. w Lf' 1 K . m. L.. A, MARIAN NORTH ALICE 0'DEl-L 9 V9 M 'AXA JUNE ouven EVELYN PARADIES REBECCA PARDUE 'fm Mft , -x ' ."n'.F K 3 594 552. Jin, . FQ? bi- 1 rr' ' 2 1 V, . 0557- , w.T-- ,A - r ':., , . if"ie1?F H '--.Vg ' M ,. ,. 'i1 W"'--' 4 - r -rf yr N' A, 123,11 if - f J ,amy ' , b -.1 .Af :rg af Q ,caffq ' 11 V. I u -aff .1 Liv- 44,141 nf .W . qs- ' ': " ' Ia, KH 5 . 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I, . , my 555 MILDRED ROGERS GRACE SANDERS ,.L.. lil Q 522351 L.,.,.,,,,, ROSALIND SIMMONS IF slMPsoN1 Q ,ff Juume sms ilfvf' Agg1VjgQ4 ANN ELIZABETH smmf WWI! . GENEVIEVE Wm., f7f? .,, ,, rf' 7' - ,wh yfy.,g4w w , 1 ,1 .. x, .1,'..'1,.:,-J, 4 , . Y I ?".C"fE'iQ.N 1 Ii""5fJ4,vQ'1.'f 'x . , 4 :'f1,Ejmy,.1,, ' :WE 'xyisf' 'lf-+ -Q 1' A -.W . M F... ,S 5 ff ff 'f ,LQfZ ' b 1 , gif sz V EN. X N .1 .p.. Y 1' 1 H 9.1: , if.: . ,L .3 '.4, V JACQU ELINE SNELLING VME 1wQ 1 V -Lili A Lizyfggl, M1 MARGARET SPRATLIN V -,'i1'f'-Iizw, 5"jT"'TP'Ei" 41:11 gg i g V 32:5 V A W- -x1J.5',J,.v.,, ,wg,A,'...S. ,rf ' Y T: f. -1-3 W 5.2.1 ' Y Hr- . N1 . 25233 , ,. 1.-. ' -1 '- --'f W' J' ff- k ' ' P' 'Pi F fsliu fi., K. 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F5559 MARGUERITE EDYTH TESLER AVANELL THOMASON EMILY THOMPSON HENRIETTA THOMPSON T s E N I dak s VIRGINIA THOMPSON SUE TH RASH ER MAE TIGER 4' Q I L ,EAM ' fi 4 AG- "H- 'M 'R.v-u, , ,yi I .-VL. 3. M I I 4 A J 1 wAY4g." ff' nw' , . .ww -- 'H I fzfiv-. I 1, :1gJ,g-,.,-.g I I if 6:55. ru- -.1 TCa5L'.If'.:. -13 1' If 1:-A-fix: ,.Q,:,,-' A ' ' ILEV' 51 I I 35.21 . Q55 filflf ' gf' .:::',,i:ij', Ss we: 9? '2'.J.',1 ' -f Y4"'f-, ,QQ rf'-' FAY TODD MARIAN TU RNIPSEED 1 . 35- FLORINE WARD ...L LQ SENEGRS 3 I 1 'W EVELYN WEINKLE MARY WHITEN FRANCES WILLIAMS .qw 1 'Fw , JANELLE WILLOUGHBY CLAIRE WILSON ff nw 'E' -'N Q. 4 I gf 5 V :Q WILSON WISE .5 .. X, M .. ,. .. :A ' f1'::1 Ti- .-.!' .- 1 L 3, :. n V V vu M ff ' 44 if WE' ff fl 5 V L, 'L gg gi X.....L. LA.. Ww L 1' aw., we . X 5 sENIoRs fi? Sax X 1 . " MARGIE wooosunv J WT 'CAL' igfm H . -. 0, ,n..n.,.,- X -I EUGENIA ZACHARY ww -if fo xg Q W , 3 1' 5 L -J - 5 2 rf ,FQ 6 f ' . Q3 CJ D5 g 7 Ci Z BETTY YON 0-O'-Z. L I 5' 1 U I SENIOR LIEUTENANTS STUDENT Clever bulletin boards, straight cafeteria lines, clean home- rooms, black and yellow caps, and initialed arrn bands are only outward evidences ot inner workings of Girls High Student Government. Beneath the never-ceasing rush to marlc the lieutenants' chart or to hand in a committee re- MARY ANNE NOLAND President of Student Government IDA STEPHENS Senior Member JOSEPHINE McWHIRTER Senior M em ber Geraldine Bailey, Margaret Barrett, Mary Elizabeth Easter, Mary Helen Eidson, Sara Entre- lcin, Willathea Goodman, Edith Hopkins, Georgia Hunt, Maxine McAuley, Catherine Mc- Calley, Josephine McWhirter, Kathryn Parlz, Mildred Simmons, Dorothy Simpson, Ida Stephens, Eugenia Zachary, Mary Anne Noland, Mary Matthews. GOVERNMENT N port on time may be lound those excellent qualities which help to make Girls High a school of high scholarship and high ideals. And this organization, though represented by statl members from the three classes and by two lieuten- ants from each homeroom, has every student ot Girls High as a member. MARY MATTHEWS President ot Student Body RITA SANTRY Freshman Member MARY LUETJE Junior Member BACK ROW: lda Stephens, Mary Helen Eidson, Elizabeth Farrar, Sara Entrelrin, Marguerite Jernigan, Catherine McCalley, Geraldine Bailey. FRONT ROW: Ruth Bastin, Marjorie Fields, Mary Matthews, Margaret Barrett, Jo Mcwhirter, Mary Anne Noland. JEAN DENNlSON Junior Member LETTER WINNERS .-...L L-L-. Eli? iris igb imes Vdmn Xl. ATLANTA, GEORCJAQ FRIDAY, MARCH 21, me Numbn 9 Junior Ct0l'S TRIUMPHANT JUNIOR I!LAX'ERS NUSSQS Colle! Twenty-six S0ni0l'S To Give Receive Ott' y Smith Attend For Three- H Cut Mia N. lk Min acted Bn lx-in I ru-my mmry, T n..,...,., 53" nf' ERLE 3 e ANNE we-JVLOT rnrrrywrlr wir fm -lm.-mf num- mm-fu or Q- Mm WWW, W n. Immin- lmalin rlulu 'fl in n u-fue ..,..-ge. Georgia hun-lution of Coll S. Latin Sludent8 ONES Georgia Preliminaries . .ual linnqwlhlnn Brlwrvn N-honln in April Tu llerislr iran--Wide Winners nr.. mill. .mml rn an-mf-n rv. """9' W""'d W' 1. rr.. 4..-.if lu I rm- ,umm .mmm-.1 uri.. my nr if l 1 Th alan ffrurnnnu-vi Hur- wmnvr 'Imm vuvlx dmv-pu Ilrgh lrrrm nu- ll, wir-n m rlvumlrn lll. und I 1. A -wmv N.-nr rm nm, rn mr l Nllr fad r nr rr, qu Mu' ri will Hua! nw. xvh win State Mu-ting 'llmm--Nlalxing lfunfvn-rw:-' llelrl M lmrrrgia Sian- Colirgf' Un Mnrvh ll Mm Umm Lu- mm, h-'ml .J xm- lr-,nw r-1.-ummm in-pmnwm uf nl. mm Mm Muvy Nm smlxn. rl.-Q pm-rm-nx nf rm- ca--mm Hr-me Ermmmics rlplwrmnwm. rmenrrm mr- nmmr- str-img mmrnfmm.-' mmm rm-.n r-r me azmgm sm' r..l fflr Women at Mille-lgeullxn Georgia. Mm-ch rx M fepfmnuml-rf. of mam, umm, The mg.-A mmm, cwmfmm my Apunmefr by rm- lmfgr. mm., Ecnnomiru amxciltmn mul llw Geor lm umufm or Pm-lm Anil fm.-lr Well-known HAS You Like It" Fire Uirh High Girl! Soar Through Cloud! Un Hundred-Mile Trip 'my Mm.-1 through uw amni- xx lm nw urumax uf use The ilu mm High gurls um mm ,..r.x.r, ,mme Thu- in KMA may TIM huh! Jim' Arkrrr. Kr-in Univ Tnylm. ldu KMA' uhm-Q Sm- Nlmglmrr llvmne. mm im- Ilrulltvw- eXlwrrvrxs'v lhvu' n- um., r.., ,ll-.ww tlw Wm- .N my lflmlrru An' Lmrf ronxv-I l-'--r-1ub- rn.-rw uh- mr pr-m,. ru-pn-img mf rmmprxmrlrml, thu- rm- gnu rv' .uw-hr.n.im1.n1r1e mp. .n .- lmkiwrrrr laxwu plane rm mimi. March avr. 4 Will Prvwnl Two Perfnrmues Of Senior Plly ul Bas A Un May 16 Matthews, Yon Wm Plly Rosalind, 0fllIfd0 Leak IH-.u-lwrs Choose Curnpldr Cul Of Shukenpfurian Duma From Tryuuls suslm--Q rm-1 sm :mu-om or ery- .W rm "M vw un. ng' aenior play zu he zrvfn Bnurdny. ln: 16. :bun wah me mwlmun- uf the run hmird by Mary Meuhews and B1-ny You an Rosalind und Orlundu. The smile cnt mrmdn. Ruulmd, Mary llmnfmg .r,.r...a.. u....,, vu-, -1-,,, f...,. .-1.3 A lcaleidoscopic year lilled with lively High Times classes charac- lzerized by a journalistic hum, and long afternoons spenl: in the V luulv of I rm lin Y 1 J 1 1 -4 T mnhmnn Axim-mi up epfmwrvd wr.. rl.-,.f...w. Tru- musty, slightly acrid atmosphere of a printing office has produced in our High Times A blaclz and whiie silhouelrie of life at Girls High. 'Sq prfxun- u me xr-nm umm me T farm' 'wire' I lwhmd ru: Rr: lx fli-nl! :mm lv srl hail .k uf-an API 'UCP A Huh l r. .-mm infrxrm -'Thr If nf uw . April mum.: rn the 'T 'umm-l r Sun. W.-1 Q- pr.-fan.-ne of mf uursmmm ' ' ' Bam' m.y4'r-'m-mm, Evelyn nom r. T. A Vnngr-an .ml mmrf .lm "U" "H Mm" N' TM 'bf "Yami mn. um-view, swim, :pulse mm- M.,.r-ri-,..,l Af Home mnw1"""' "'1"""' H' bf "W" W" W' fnmwfu, Fume, amen, nm..- hr nw ArurlLm,, i nii-turf M-I if J I k X X u g A ELIZABETH ALDERMAN i Y 4 Th' ' 0 A wr, l mu: f 2 -'A aqui, lmgy lvl lrenm' . 1 N 1 1 KATHLEEN EIDSON 'jf.,f,1f1fQU MARY MATTHEWS ++'1'1'imf, RUTH BOYD f1,f'fQ'j , Anocgate Edgto, 1, mga Literary Editor :fig Feature Editor ifmiiflfn 1 'TN' Wrlu W, in ' ' " - In - 1 I4 h 1 . h in,r.m1-lu -rim.--rvwnrwr-.-1 u.w.,1. h lg, ,f N M M ,M I Q w --r' ""l'1"" I I K 41-:1r:Q'o:uynv:d:-inrs..-li, 'itnliuyexi -'lwhlv-Af-' p"11-'ww-'f'h TSVN- "'4'r,Lf'lsl,l,'lnrlzxrlimZltnpfsyaxlirnllilrlllll fl- HGH' I-Pffllffl HW "u""'t5 M" 'M um" however. Humyn decided ur make ik Gmini an lnterfnchru-3 nlhxr Although umm .rr my ml.-,T hun we been um-4. mm.- neh school cnlsrinl 'HU ' the typ or :mam to be lrlkkl will time horn Hn'- Mlu Ellison Apprm' Clinic Soap A nn: wah pulvsrinr bn iillld in the rlmlr lm Kuhn Bdsm. The Muff u an Wlwvxwr 1. mm num- my dl-pen-en. A nh ur mv of or plaza! in the vulvu-Sur n Medio tuxno n mules uf n un suv. Merle lnnre HV? rv, the we-md me nd won mm 1 My pf-nm pyxrluhf. nl-:qua Anme M Nr wlnnlrrl DNYD Girl! llilb . . , " In un time mmm cf-f n che poem mon nvrowr-umm IIN fins. lhnkvu Hry- mm nwnd prim, Arrurdmg ln me dum ol the Ihlfyvn. buh PNN' vm ,wb-my -r-wr H. uw mr- huk of IBO-'lt mnrr, rxmrwn Hvlm- W", Y-'ffl'-mm r'fr.n,, April Ik. tum, Anna Xlnrynrfl Hand, HV2, Hu- 1 l,,nm,g lmylwmunurrl rm. rm. u.w,.n,r HELEN Humor nf' W' -'HW' WFP-wlrm um As... mum My n. Q r an haul! vm TW mu. ALLEN 51g':3g, Editor rr-.--i LAN rw.-f ,rm -uw-r,.1,.1 um M- m.r..n .ms sm. num-rm I-.fum -,,..f-mr, nf nm. ram- nd .rum-nf. ln ma. .na mb mmm. wx .rpm-.-.4 nm. nmlhl ll I I. .l.n1run lMur Amr. .rr ummm of .ny-, The .-fum-A-5 ul. mf, 1. .nnh On ll'1-zlgnvwlf 1 thc an ed vm my T! im Pane. Eloise Brlly une. Hnrtmln News Editor lnvrlnhrm lu urn mmf the members of the Girls vlan whose eredm are In onirr for In lllrnvl i Admission rr, me mil.-ge house may Ami urn 'nf imm-.n mmf xn Heron. Nembers of mmm rump-me cm. we been invited on tk same The mlm.. w..r.m mr... ll xvmvude A bun far the Girl: :man wishing no ntfnd the mm ull em my 'frm the bus nr umm. ua-ww vs.. Quik, rx-A gan,- hrv to and from KAY ALLING . ,.ff.n..r MILDRED Cl"lRlSTlAN Alumnae Edilor f1ff:If11,f'f Sports Editor mllm um mall be shown r mum my. .rlmwn mf win' will .n nu- gum, was - nniua .ma in the m-nm: uw, -an in lbvm Wm. 1 dance, Puri! 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Q T ,,fv,,, 2 THE GIRLS HIGH TIMES arm-sz7.l9aa o the Qbrrls High fdiimzs I W 1 Georgia, Ohio Papers Rank Frrsl 3 num-.4 uf seam. nl cm- Rini sa.: PRYING bmwbran Sw-ff-S'-"" I In Exchan es With Hi lr Times rnrrrr env ul three hunriwd fm-i nrnetyvnrw rx the hugo rnrrwanu :rf Kiwis llxxh 'Fumes ex rhurxuv- In Ylxe :lsr-adv of that xrmilunfs um I gngnuwy Nn-.paper em., - .,,....e,,., -en-M-Q g """r lllr ml " , N , x K ,,,,,,A ,,, nw -kr we -In rwvrhvm r ,'f.'f'.7-.1'.."Au.'.LY"ae"f5.lw1v we-'flfxxf-rfb Sflm lm.-rr mu.-mrs rmmmg, r-'nr uv mf STAFF ' Sue Bunn pm cuff undomuml why Mane Mmm in wma! ww, rm-no .formed :wr for glliillrilhis CN .... hll' MA Us lf.m""'-lim' Mmm Ana A li-wxmnn .Amana mr.: .. . Lu.-my Korner? . Ylnii-in YAIKM sm mlm . xnwr ww i x rfqnfalllfamw' ' Ixvvsgr rmwfrxis W' w'.'i":,rl??Z,"",,.s:',.' V We xrmw mm: Awww more Swarm kxlrwv r:m....n re-mm www... mow . .. rf.-py Fdxmy UW Nile uf mul! nrhklmcl rn one uf xlwwe Srurnmmn mllvbrily CSJIIGOMA. Shy! lmle Sumv. 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I , .r Hul- A rrch golden experrenccs enjoyed by the Hugh Trmes class whrch adm, ul, Dukt. jf- M y ff CA ,Nm : DD V , , W rmxnp. gum, ' B you neu has worlred unccaslngly that e paper mrght breathe and we. e ,. .nm ,1 W. 8 INE Er W vw fxgnzzreijizrki I , A msn . f ' li d I Y of fha class know and shall hold fast that deep, tremulous hop- mffxiinfiiiiuigulfgvu ' 1,513,219 .ml US1ngssM HERIDG rm.. mm .N rms., ff, iness which results from working together creatrvely, and whrch ncly mfr me fr., .gn if-misss r-if-j-rn: ifwm T 'Hager 5 " 'ff""4' . 1 - ' Ynrvrrwry. for me mr f' 0 W 51" U' "1 5' 'fi 'W' N-, :Q as made our :amor year at Grrls Hugh unforgettably beautrlul. im, h,,,,,,,, 1,,r.,r,F, ,rn .,,r...n .4 ,,,,,,Q,,,,,, ,My ,X W y V w:UOf51r A 1 .1e.ww.i N myrrwr nr hurrxlkvrchzei 1 f- -"L -0' dv Yf' 'Fwd W nil: 5: ,wh uf W, y W I-A A, sm, of-rug .1 rrmfmr ,Wynne ma of poixwaif mum' 'I .. ,. . ,, ..,. ,, . .. ,.r.. ,...,,. . ., .. , ,. ., . 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'I ner, haf wx- r lxwx u rm. hm mr- 'ur' rw rr new.: .rum , g RUTH EYLES ' ry. z:rZi5'1i1Q1 RosALvN BRADSHAW Qj5y5?jgflQgj MARY Loursz noses ,mt HARRIETTE uvsv Q Exchange Editor l,,,QQL,1.ifff' Freshman Editor mf r-mo' Copy Eclifor 'fm' 'W " Art Editor My ygzi U, I ,o , wh ,-,,,, mn rx-crm ' rw K W. my ,nw fn., rw rms mm., mr- W.,. .,.,... the coming year. study the dum I Hwy f ' will perform, and otherwise lrpconw ac- f l 1-linw :xml whmf, mu! lhv hlnv mn uhm- quainwd Wm, yywir lmsmnyysk :where mil nrlrmlv Mm me yr-X1-nr mrfo.iilw. xhv As rr, uh.-Muna rum..-rr, rf m-Kmrrfrlwk gjwff 'fwffm Wi UW Nuff bf'-iff either ignore the inxmvsmlm rn- um rr as merely nnnrlwr csxiv-1 hear an M learned and fm-guru-wr. rf lf, on the olhcr haml, eh. ir in relation to thexr law such strwe In mndm-1 tl they would like tn have presidential elertimm c mn without prrce. College- Studi-nts Spa Pence Movmnenl The third rralxowwxvlr war strike will he mm-ll cordinpt tu pious nmdv by ?5!Lxdvnl lfmmx. Thr-ugh school siudcnri wal! nm r demonstratwm, xr rr wr,-E! inrvlkwtual and rr m umlurstand thc warm for poncr- and thc mr-:uung play of collvsriaw mlxtufh' Similar "ware fix-mme" KU rl. M X.-1. vw crow-n .rn Arms nz, me Llmw v rr I+ Flu wr. rrhwd, x w, uw, mn I-Ms, warp up me Wu. wr.-on l fran kr -ms mv-:Eg my .nr wma sem -,rr-mnx Mn f,.f.n,f, unify, nm, nw mmvr me pw, parm: rn thru' .Ming zmrrrf-X-. rm, Prlmr my .rl..m, ,ma me xxrruwr me an M they mi.. my m,',,.rr rmvmly an me rn nur! rr umm ww mr rr rf u ,larynx to we me gmc rn :hm fwfr as they learn to mm! mem. I Thou Ihen' li im arlvmxrmi :lass who lllve mn am who army rm- more lr-an ra-ml rnwngh rr sw,-rr er my Barley sm nr-.r rg xx r-.-I. nw, H, ,f .re 'Vw ,ru ,mhm rw joy rho Flux mv for -xx I M151 fr mi' ln 0. Wm- wow.-amy m um num: Thai poke their hula had: From under the damp ground, bvundmg in on lnilgx - 'Nw for-wih K ' m wind as mouth. on xprllgp. MCU! white olhfll. G0 bP1'il'll' N161 Wm. NNI- I skin mera- bonus: We Aon and rx nl-r -fuel. This dunk att: on m the inspiration for end the ruvxrltion ol BCL Dnuoty 1034 and zryrrrin hm Ny,-ar, lr M my ,WMM my my fur APN' JL 'Hzzum-I M, y I zhemrslry me The rm I lhv prefvmuf yrwmrrryn ,md p,,,u,3um M4 my pants will npvrrly hr- mn I I ,N ,I U. mmomeurx in lflumw. J, My ummm will prntval Wm' of arujr ,Hwy -gm Nui rt. gnu rvuxnn' lil rx.. after As onlookers ww have :xr f. rr M- ,.v ,M M me um, ,rm my t uflf' vm-if X .-M. , ' MW .rf lr .mf .rr mm fm- mmm r 1 -.' rw r,,,.f,,.,, ,, . mm- rr-no . Pwnn an no only am Q1 niggas-dgghilvfafvx33535355 EDNA MCCORMACK fx nw 4. JOSEPHINE McWHlRTER Mfr. Y TOMMAY TURNER m-m ffm r-fn..-. ' - - - , , ,N - aw xr.-fr - . rn ' 1 rr - grrmzdsnri rr-xi..grlmf?z1h:r-a Adverirsung MGHGSGY , wQ.f..X,r., Molce-up Edrlor Crrculehon Manager f ..fhf:..,I,,':rlr4:: U' Sf' 'Wa 3""f"f'- " ' " -vw .nys fr 'rm' mlm wa. new che mul me um did in U! YU T'-WW H f0f"Vff'?ffB K ,.,.., W.. U, lr. ,,r,r.m.,-m.rr ,rw Sw'-hnx' , -A 4 -' -- - - V-H 'mum on ,-. mf Nm., S- nm. N we mmm-n ru-ur I mm- rm nm I puns, I MHP vf UIQ Nam and mmf-rw uf 'YW Mn mf ,,.,.f',w.-,,- wr, X W -1 ,,,.. r,,,.,,, ,War 'rf er'-fr wr-fwfr.-.rm 'muymin..-mrNsmrm.'. -me -0 ammo nm an uf .xv lr-was ann atxike against war in winch sfudvnze m volley:-a ell over the Unitmi Surfer nn- Nnisy Frvshmvn 1Nvf'wM' rf' ' 'IX ilu' wxfh -111:01-r4"' l'-rm-rr frm M- ,rr mf: Worx fn-,fi.1.., lu.-n r,u.r..,,r.,. expec-red in participate this yr-ar, rs.-mf. mm-us rm- tmkmmu mr.-'mmm rr rank :mm ry. .-or mm1.,m,.w: W rwmrff "mmm -A erm-h hu. my, nw mm ,r.,,,.rr-.f mlf.m.rsy, r-an mm, xl Rm mp. wmv rn mm hand-crfrlnrlr I would lou, me I ug uma nm r would emu wma menu-sn me mr nr 1 mmf aww. spew S, 'if HIGH TIMES REPORTERS Henrietta Thompson, Susan Dillingham, Ruth Bastin, Louise Lovelace, Virginia Little, Geraldine Bailey, Willathca Goodman. HIGH TIMES REPRESENTATIVES Marian Ford, Margaret McAulcy, Elizabeth Eggli, Janelle Willoughby, Emily Jones, Mary Callaway . ,7,3x.,5,r.:vo I H' A JY: .MW-,, K' . .a a. , HALCYON STAFF We members ot the HALCYON statf have tried to put in this book the things we think all of us would like to remember: the bridge party, the Christmas masque, the senior play, all our clubs, and High Times drives-and most ot all-girls. It has been our chief aim to make this yearbook a personal and balanced record ot the l935-36 senior class, and we hope that each girl will feel, as she turns these pages, some personal contact with them. ln naming this book the HALCYON, we are reviving a precedent set ten years ago when Girls l-ligh's first an- nual was called the Halcyon. That this may continue to be the name of all Girls High yearbooks is our most earnest wish. EVELYN WEINKLE Assistant Editor I I I In I I OUILL AND SCROLL ELIZABETH ALDERMAN CATHARINE ETHERIDGE KAY ALLING HARRIETTE IVEY FRANCES BOYD ANNIE MERLE JONES RUTH BOYD MARY MATTHEWS MILDRED CHRISTIAN JOSEPHINE MQWHIRTER MARY LOUISE DOBBS EVA ANN PIRKLE KATHLEEN EIDSON EVELYN WEINKLE ' J ,V ,'-.I , 3 .5573 ,. , 5 ff- I1 4 Q ef 1.54 if I ii V: Z L I ' L .:::g ,1--- 5- wi- - I ..j2!'- 'li iz 3134 .J- 1 .pl A.. ' l-. h RUTH BASTIN MARJORIE FIELDS WILMETH FOSTER CUM LAUDE MARY HEROD MARY MARY ANNE PARADIES EVA ANN PIRKLE MARGUERITE TAYLOR CHEMISTRY ASSISTANTS Charlotte Hazelton, Helen Brown. SENIOR STUDENT INSTRUCTORS PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mary Jean Ivey, Eudora Bates, Marcia Gattis, Janelle Willoughby. i l CHEMISTRY CLUB Ruth Eyles, President: Mary Jean lvey, Secretary: Geraldine Bailey, Scoutg Carolyn Alexander, Elizabeth Bclser, Ruth Bounesor, Helen Brown, Mildred Christian, Mary Louise Dobbs, Kathleen Eidson, Eloise Franklin, Mildred Hatcher, Charlotte Hazelton. Mary Eliza beth Leavitt. 5 ri. l Ale, S ,. - ' .4 xi CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES Janelle Willoughby, Mary Callaway, Mary Jean lvey, Susan Smith, President: Elizabeth Belser, Vice-President Harriette lvey, Henrie Hall, Vera McDaniel, Marian Kay Alling, Grace Norris, Hazel Hirsh, Marjorie Potts Turnipseed, Ruth Pounds. Virginia Wise, Miriam Davis HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Sallie Jones, President: Nina Frances Vess, Vice-President: Nancy Ragland Secretary1 Margaret Cash, Treasurer: Margaret Bearden, Vivian Blair, Ruth Campbell, Mary Fowler, Megan Griffin, Rose Griffin, Mathilda Hanson, Charlotte Hazeltine, Dorothy Holland, Marjorie Jeffers, Dorothea Keisler, Florence Levine, Nelle Martin, Evelyn McElroy, Dixie Miller, Nancy Mobly, Stella Moore, Johnnie Smith, Genevieve Smith. Jacqueline Snelling, Dorothy Tourney, Eloise Weelrs, Janelle Willoughby. sl' 1: ,rl :f ., 1, A,.i. r r- i 1' 1 fn - r' , ii ir., ,.,r., 'f' wary l' ry 'Iy- , .1 , T. SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Geraldine Bailey, President: Betty Yon, Vice-President lnot in picturelg Henrietta Thompson, Secretary and Treasurer: Elizabeth Alderman, Margaret Bowen, Frances Burgess, Mary Louise Dobbs, Sara Entrelrin, Ruth Eyles, Willathea Goodman, Sylla Hamilton, Mathilda Hanson, Mildred Hatcher, Mary Herod, Georgia Hunt, Virginia Little, Rose Lockhart, Mary Matthews, Helen Norman, Marguerite Pefinis, Alice Polalc, Marjorie Potts, Meredith Rice, Jacqueline Snelling. l l GRANT PARK SCHOOL ASSISTANTS BACK ROW: Mary Louise Dobbs, Genevieve Smith, Evelyn l-lol-lman, Margaret Neal, Henrietta Thompson, Elizabeth Alderman. FRONT ROW: Eva Ann Pirkle, Dixie Miller, Charlotte Hazelton, Mary Frances Keyes. GIRLS HIGH ORCHESTRA CHORAL CLUB Barbara Barlow, President, First Soprano: Sue Thrasher, President, Second Soprano: Vera McDaniel, President, Alto: Elinora Barrett, Joyce Baggarly, Ruth Bastin, Margaret Brantley, Gladys Collier, Betty Cotten, Marjorie French, Charlotte Hazelton, Evelyn Hotiman, Mary Frances Keyes, Josephine McKay, Grace Norris, Dolly Phillips, Mildred Pierson, Meredith Rice. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS BACK ROW: Raegolda Kahanow, Sara Louise Kuhn, Eva Ann Pirltle, Carolyn Owen, Marguerite Pehnis, Mary Frances Keyes. FRONT ROW: Gwendolyn Hoffman, Evelyn Paradies, Mary Louise Dobbs, Helen Norman, Mary Elizabeth Leavitt, Helen Beam, Dixie Miller, Margaret King. ' 4 I i ,...L ,,. is Jai 24 kwin BANK TELLERS Sylla Hamilton, President: Stella Moore, Vice-President: Mildred Allen, Susan Allen, June Bridwell, Nell Bruce, Helen Fountain, Geneva Giese, Mary Hill Gresham, Martha Hester, Elsie Huey, Katherine Jackson, Elizabeth Kimbro, Leila Landers, Florence Levine, Annette Lunsford, Mary MacDonald, Mildred Rogers, Winifred Smith, Betty Sterrett. LIBRARY CLUB BACK ROW: Helen Norman, Evelyn Paradies, Helen Beam, Margaret King, Mary Elizabeth Leavitt. FRONT ROW: Eva Ann Pirlrle, Raegolda Kahanow, Mary Frances Keyes, Dixie Miller, Marguerite Pefinis. - BANK AND LIBRARY LETTER WINNERS FRONT ROW: Willathea Goodman. SECOND ROW: Eva Ann Pirlrle, Helen Beam, Dixie Miller. THIRD ROW: Florence Levine, Elizabeth Kimbro, Katherine Jackson, Geraldine Camp, Stella Moore Sylla Hamilton, Edna McCormick, Mary Hill Gresham, June Bridwell, MATHEMATICS HONOR CLUB Kathleen Eidson, President: Elizabeth Kimbro, Secretary and Treasurerg Nellie Latham, Helen McWaters, Lilla Zelle Roberts, Doris McLaurin, Susan Allen, Marguerite Petinis, Madaline Murphy, Elizabeth Jones, Frances Williams, Daisy Leatherwood. ncu 1 ORLANDO Fl ART COMMITTEE Mary Elizabeth Easter, Ida Stephens, Marion Sterne. 13 G. H. A. A. LETTER WINNERS Mary JC-in Ivey, Margie Woodbur y, Janelle Willoughby, Tommy Ola Barber, Catherine Mc:CaIIey. G. H. A. A. Mary Jean Ivey, President: Margie Howe, Vice-President: Mary Callaway, Secretary-Treasurer: Catherine McCaIley, President ot Senior Organization: Elinora Barrett, Ruth Bastin, Martha Brewer, Mildred Brewer, Nancy Chambers, Mildred Christian, Sara Entrelrin, Roslyn Furchgott, Marcia Gattis, Frances Gibson, Margaret Graves, Mathilda Hanson, Mary Herod, Elizabeth Hinds, Hazel Hirsh, Elsie Huey, Edith Hughey, Harriette Ivey, Yvonne Lynch, Nell Martin, Mary Matthews, Edna McCormicIr, Mary MacDonald, Jo McWhirter, Stella Moore, Mary Anne Noland, Alice O'Dell, Mildred Simmo Susan Smith, Edith Stover, Marian Turnipseed, Ja lI ' ' ns, ne e Willoughby, Margie Woodbury. I X 38 :W 'dia :Wim-a,."g" X , inii,,,i.5g- k X x A ag 4 .I A! VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM BACK ROW: Louise Sowell, Leonora Dunn, Mildred George. MIDDLE ROW: Margie Woodbury, Carolyne Turner, Catherine McCaIley. FRONT ROW: Martha Shealy, Joyce Davol. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM Margie Woodbury, Captain: Marcia Gattis, Yvonne Lynch, Mildred Brewer, Martha Brewer, Sara Entrclrin, Marian Turnipseed, Mary Jean Ivey, Harriette Ivey, Catherine McCalley. I SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Margie Woodbury, Captain: Marian Tumipseed, Mary Herod, Mary Callaway, Harriette Ivey, Mary Jean Ivey. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Mary Jean Ivey, Lenora Dunn, Mildred George, Mary Callaway, Bobbie Dell Stockton, Margie Woodbury. 'ara .,,. ll' Cefegzilfiegc JMR? Glam flfolml MOST REPRESENTATIVE ylnlazzieffe Jvey MOST ORIGINAL Mar? jean Jvc? MOST ATHLETIC . "' .'+ ' sf. 1 r" Many Jdafflww, MOST INTELLECTUAL yauetpiine MLCWAIJM: MOST POPULAR fjgfyf Os' WNV 0 425' C ,V QQ' wil, A o mlllmz N., s"qy sQ'go 1 S0925 Mdfydzet Afedfl MOST MTRACTIVE ffg JLG, gi6J9A,EIfl4': MOST LOVABLE ew.4 i After the routine of opening days and the putting on ot senior dignity, the year is always ushered in bythe "Crow Contest." The seniors won this year with "Little Bo Peep." Thanksgiving always means a lobby overflowing with gaily decorated baskets as Girls High sheds its thanktulness abroad. Miss Gregg's LC4 won with its great Puritan hat full ot plenty. fi 5 Then came the seniors' annual bridge party when Rich's tea room was filled with chattering girls all in their Sunday best, and with enough money cleared to insure the yearbook's existence. i BILL BY L-C-1, A new venture this year was a home-room contest in which skits were advertised and then proudly and hilariously presented in the music hall. LC4 was awarded first prize for "Barnac:le Bill" while LCI with "Singood the Sailor" tied with LC4 in the advertising campaign. riif November sports saw the juniors victorious twice. Miriam McKeag and Frances Lee won the horseshoe tournament and the junior volleyball team walked off with the cup. Continuing a titty-year-old custom, the seniors played Santa Claus to one hundred and titty children at Wesley Memorial Church. A Christmas masque preceded the blowing of horns, the waving ot dolls, and'the laughter of the happy "adopted children." At mid-term graduation, forty-'four girls said "good-bye" to Girls High. ,., or ' Erf-isigfi-Mgr ss... s fav L, i ' i 3 I GT P3341 'figs ,f"af,ggf' if,zs1"Y7-Pg' ,...e, zI.ij1:'f?i'1- A 'ii5a1Z?:e'5ai:Mg 'Iwi' .,-'- -'.Q,.5H'? 4, ' l " Ytgmdi f- Q -N ,fair Rage-f' ' ,ah ' - 1' ': 5ff'.Xc1," : ' ' '5 f ' - Y. V H49 ' f' if 'iffy V I 1,5Q,37E153ff'. X , 1 W V gags? i, T,W?mi' 5, , 5:51-Q,-L X sq? if , P 4. , gif, j xi i . 11 1: 5..y?Q'..g5y V' -- . , gn, 3,55 2415-15, Lvizgqgf Xl , FIQII5 L f, 1 i 1 ... .v,- .bs-' a- ,, .. . 1--4 1,-wi. f ,f -, , ll li -, Q. L, iQL,'7'fgi? ' V - V, '5y,e.. '-gsifzgqi " " ,232 Qrflfxri 1 gig! J i 'r - fsgfrw , y y.f:,,g:gi igffiffi . ,Y --sissy: ii 3 , A 9' ,,U,,?'?: . , ,A . is 1414 sign , Hg 5,13 ,nav . ja y ? 1 l ,.-, ,rx .eww . M far., i C ti . i - wr- 52 H v A . 'rfss-fi '- 2-B f:2:'.4-Ms' 'K - . 'Ta - r 1, H 3, ,iw . . fgesgf 3555? E rv 4..,g,..,3, l yi., icky l ,r r , 5 ' twwtf' 'T . - fit-59 xiii livin? H . .,,, . .. 4Q?'f"' , ,Z,aiiiigyf'i X -"5 ' X i W 'S ?s 1 xg ' pw i it-.sf x, -- f'-if -f I N up-if I 5 'F ' s ...., -. L L- ...-i ,V,,. . 'A i"-C ...Mfi V - SX Our school in that memorable snow storm of l936 On February I9, the faculty became "play-girls" and to the students' great delight presented the play, Orlando Furioso. Last year the play testival was begun as a venture in serious dramatic presentation on a competitive basis. So successful was it that it was repeated-to the juniors delight-they won. ln the senior cast of Hero Worship Henrietta Thompson was chosen most outstanding player with Betty Yon given honorable mention. Miss Horn's Virgil class presented the annual Latin play on March 27. This year the play was the story of Lavinia. LEFT: Miriam Davis, Elizabeth Alderman, Mary Herod, Evelyn Paradies, Helen Norman, Mary Elizabeth Leavitt, Kay Alling, Susan Dillingham, Henrietta Thompson. BELOW: Ruth Eyles, Mildred Christian, Evelyn Weinkle, Marguerite Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Leavitt, Mary Matthews, Geraldine Bailey, Evelyn Hoffman. i "As You Lilre lt" as the senior play completed the year-except for roses, white dresses, and diplomas. CAST OF SENIOR PLAY Mary Matthews, Betty Yon, Geraldine Bailey, Susan Dillingham, Ruth Eyles, Henrietta Thompson, Meredith Rice, Mary Louise Dobbs, Margaret Bowen, Helen Norman, Miriam Davis, Mildred Pierson, Mary Helen Eidson, Elizabeth Belser, Georgia Hunt, Mathilda Hanson, Marjorie Potts, Willatl-iea Goodman, Mildred Hatcher, Mildred Brewer, Betty May, Evelyn Hoffman, Genevieve Smith, Louise Hammaclc, Frances Burgess, Yvonne Lynch. s. ,av X MMM . --2 ,M X - Q f i Q ff: feoooooeoooeeooooooooooooooooktaac QQQQQQQQQQQQ o9oQc LEWIS STUDIO E' 57142 Peeeheee Se. WA. 3656 QQ I ' I PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISTINCTION ll II ll H II H lI II ll I ll ll ID I I OFFICIAL IDHOIQGIQAPHEIQ FOR YEARBOOK 5E I BLANC!-IE WOMACK, O U I "'A'---:rc--'A '---' 9094: --":vooo4:---:pQQ4:--- ooo :::::ooc::::::::::::::::::::ro4:::::::::::::::::::::: ::::: Ti AGNES SCOTT 15 COLLEGE . DECATUR, GEORGIA l AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE has found the graduates of ' Girls High School most satisfactory in every way-Well 'I prepared, full of enthusiasm, and ready to take leading 1 parts in all college activities. We always give G. H. S. 'l girls a cordial welcome. l We would like to make it possible for every well trained young woman in Atlanta or the vicinity to have a college , l education. We have secured some scholarship and loan aids, and we will be glad to talk with those who may need some assistance in going to college. '4-555' in PRESIDENT J. R. MCCAIN BOX G-H il 1::,,::::::: ln celebrating our One Hundredth Anniversary we cordially l invite the Atlanta High School girls to make 1 Wesleyan their college home. ', We advise early reservation for I936. E DICE R. ANDERSON, President fi ----------Q-------------------AA-----A-A- -AA-----A :roi THE DRAUGHON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE High School Graduation and Character References X Entrance Requirements ,, An Average ot 60 Positions Filled Monthly Q PEACHTREE AT BAKER s'rxEE'r 11 ATLANTA 1 1 1 GEORGIA Qi :::::::::::: ::::::vo4:::::::v4:::p4:::l::54::::: ::::: pqooooooo ---A--:soc---1-oc--AA' A-'ooc --AA---- For School Dazyf mm' All Dazyf FOREMOST MILK and ICE CREAM ARE HEALTHFUL Foremost Dairies Corporation I27 Ellis Street, N. E. WALNUT 6508 ::::: ovo::::: :::::: ::: ,f fmwff N MX f R X Drink M P A C . 7 Q fi K t , 24 CN Delicious and Refresh, Q, ji Q f N 'X L ' N MIN V sr X - . I Xi' :iff .H ff fd G r.rA' fsgififfgiiz' If ,f E2 . ,L , - gf ,saslvi 4 Z Des hand In hand with J EEE ii good thmgs to eat E Coca-Cola is pure, wholesome, energy-giving refroshmeni . . . containing no artificial Flavor oooooo-0000- oo oo :o::::: ::::: :::::: ::: v-v- ---- vvvvv -vv--- - ---- - - --Q BOWL... For Heallla -- For Sport -- For Fun -- at BLlCK'S HEALTH CENTER 67I Peachtree Street WA. 7823 and BLICICS BOWLING CENTER "The Cenier of Acfivityn 20 I-Iouston, N. E. WA. 5622 ---1oo----- vvvvv vv------- x Vacation Ahead if ri Come to 'N "Leon's" llluh ' Gill lrorx'l'ToIxS'irx For Good-Looking Glasses Perfectly Fitted ...GOTO... I D O C K S T A D E R S I6 Peachtree St. First National Bk. Bldg. ::o::::::::::::::::::::::: GEORGE MUSE CLOTHING CO. O "The Style Center of the'South" q::::::::':::::::::::::::::C::::m l ll ll The Ice Cream Served in Your II ii , , ii gl Cafeteruz zs Made 1: ll ii ll by fbf' ll ll ll ll ll Il JERSEY ICE CREAM CO. 'g ll ll If Incorporated ll ll ll ll ll 784 Highland Avenue, N.E. 1: ii ii ll ll ll ATLANTA, GEORGIA Il ll in ii ll Q in ll I ll li ll FRED E. SCANLING jg ll Il Il 0 Il ll il ll I fl I-IEmlock 0379 " :: l E::-::::::E::::::::::::::::::::a V:::::::::::3t:::3::::3::3::33x 3 West Georgia College ll I ll A Division of the University System . ii If ot Georgia ll This is a coeducational college of merit and U exceptional opportunities for young men and I, in women-fifty miles on paved road west of At- I, ll lanta. Selective student body. ii ll Two hundred dollars pays all expenses includ- ll K ing board for one year. For further information ll ,, write the REGISTRAR. il Carrollton, Georgia lL,::::x::..::x.:::::,,:s::x1 T14::::::::T:::::::::::::::::::m T: Hunters Auto Storage ll Ii I43 Cone Street, N. W. JI ll Atlanta, Georgia ll ll E221:::::::::::::::::::::::::::s X::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::q ., IF IT is sooo TO EAT ll ii you WILL FIND IT AT. . . ii ll K A M P E R ' s :: ll THREE PURE FOOD STORES IN ATLANTA ii 3 SINCE iaao ir sz ----------- ::::::2,::::....L wr- v-v--------------- vr---::::::::::::ff:::x:- na 1 11 ff Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . ii LE BLANc's ., EE Monfag Bros., Inc ' xceexxxczixff J Lexx::::::x::::: f::::x::::f::::x xx 1 f::xx::::x:::::::: jr Compliments of . . . 1: Compliments of . . . 1E Jefferson Mortgage Co. Fulton Paper Co. 33312::3::g::::::::::::::::::i boo4::::::::::::::::::::: nb Mft, l me inf f iD? Zdf FOOTE 0 0 I I lfL 'C L lfL i L VL 5 THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT CRAFTSMEN Sz DAVIES CO. HAVE THESE SERVICES . . . auf fda Ill-0.5! ItQC64.4lL7.'y COH'LtPOIL6lll5 Dbl ul! zeal!!! fine 5004.4 iucfujiuy A SPECIAL ANNUAL SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATION CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS ' ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT . . . MODERN AND COMPLETE - PRICES REPRE- ning---141.9111 man: zu-wx ri I1 1049010 n11l:u:o1uiojo14r14rj4 vioq I I I I I my 9:52 , 2 QC E 3231 I i CD ' IIT1 I Z I E I 5 I i z I au:- I E I - 5 I Z ' Q I I 4 I nw I L-' Q Q U LTI I I 1 I nim- J ,. twin Wil .Ultff 1 , W :?g W Y 1 Q EEE 2' :se U if 3 l ll Ill L Q in q 1. Ami? -Y , ' 0 ', -iss. fm' 5 ' tk wa

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