Girls Central High School - Centralite Yearbook (Butte, MT)

 - Class of 1930

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With Sincere and Best Wishes To The Sisters and Students of Central High School The Best Girls' School in the Entire United States llarry Freelmurn County ,-Xtturncx Silver limi' ilfllllltj' BU'l"l'lf. lNlONT.'XN.X Page 'ninety-six COlll'l,lMEXTS OF CHEQUAMEGAN CAFE ISUTTE HELENA MON'l'-XN,-X mumm- L'CJMPl.lMEXTS OF Thomas P. Kelly .Xssessoi Oily to bed, Oily to rise, Such is the life Of the garage guys. Inmm--nn-mu-IitIininI.Hlmininmum-minimum. IHQTTE OPTICAL COM PAN Y ll"l'TlC'S Ulll4ilNAl, Ul"l'HBIl'l'l'HlSTS lhum- SL-1044 11151 N, Blain St, llr. J, l,. Huuuxtm ltr. l.. X, Horam Ilr. XVIII. .l. Sullivan lilt.XN14'H UFl4'll'l'lS llmllilmsmi Oplnul lnstllulu, -Hlll 1'urb+-tt llllilrlillx. Plwllaxml. Oreiun ltr, Xu-wlon H. Svlm:-ikvr. ltr. .lolxn li LUYPIIZ. lipitzll Hptirzil l':1l'Inr, SI' Nfvrlli Main St. Hel:-nu, Xlont.4lDr. li. A Kuhn Xlontzxua Hott-l, .Xllill'Ollllil, Nlontaxlxug llr. NYm. .l, Slillivnn, -1 nnu-IIHmnIn-1InmmnInI-1ininIImmm-m-mmm. Hubert Shoe Co. f 51 XVEST up PARK 5,-. jg SHOE STREET T Vik Hosiery L , . ,Q 3 Too! in-nmulmlnmmm umm ni-lmmlm ummm-1 She-Ah, my hero-my great big hero-my football hero! How did you break your arm? He-The bench tipped over. unfInnnmmimmmu- mn.-'lm-ml.-lm TRUNKS BAGS SUITCASES National Trunk Factory OPPOSITE LIBRARY lO5 XYEST lilltfli-Xl3XY.-XY HitI1-IinI-I.II-.1HinIII-IIinIninmninIninI.1umnmunmmm- Bring Your Printing Problems To Us We take special pride in manufacturing school annuals, dance pro- grains, booklets and folders of all descriptions, WE MAKE CUTS WE MAKE CUTS McKEE PRINTING COMPANY 138 VVest Granite Street Butte, Montana Steel lillQ'l'ZlYCl'S-lillllurSSl1lQ'-Tillllllllg' Page ninety-seven CRYSTAL CREAMERY CO. Pasteurized Dairy Products Dial 2-l239 FOR HOME DELIVERY Main and Silver Sts. BUTTE First Frosh-Phil Miller almost McFadden-I want some lard. dl-Owned last Hight- Clerk-Pail? McFadden-I didn't know it came in two shades. Qc mJ1'I-I1u12NT5 UF Judge Jeremiah J. Lynch Court llouse mm-mmm Ward Thompson Paper Co. "A Right Paper for Every Purpose" School Supplies a Specialty This annual is printed on D'11 d. Collins ' 1 311 Old Ivory Coated Book 820-830 Utah Ave. BUTTE MONTANA Page iziizety-Ciglzt Second Frosh-No! How come? First Frosh-The pillow slipped, the bed spread, and he fell into the spring. 'mmm'InInnnin-1inininmlnn-:nu-nu--I--uf Alnlarosetti Coal and Wood Leading Brands always in stock, including' Montana, Wyoming and Utah Coals West Virginia Smithing Coal Quality and Service our Motto 675 So. Montana St. Dial 2-3243 IInIinImuI-IIlvIininIumm-umm-mum lmmnnuu-umm Luoey Motor Co. VVillys Knight Willys Six and YVhippet Cars Corner Front and Wyoming Sts. METALS BANK and TRUST CO. Established 1882 li lwlvl' lf. K I I ,JN THX N A lfvcri' llzuiking Service OI7l'll Lllflili James E. Woodard, President James T. Finlen, Vice-President John L. Teal, Assistant Cashier Ralph W. Place, Cashier John J. Burke, Assistant Cashier B. F. Stranahan. Assistant Cashier l7lRliL"l'OlQS Charles J. Kelley, Chairman of the Board John D. Ryan Cornelius F. Kelley Thomas A. Marlow J. Bruce Kremer L. O. Evans J. R. Hobbins James E. Woodard John E. Corette Harry A. Gallwey James T. Finlen Affiliated with FIRST BANK STOCK CORPORATION immumim inifinifIifinininifinnuiiininun-mnumnnmnin Ethel-How loud your heart beats. It sounds like a drum. Dick-Yes, that's the call to arms. The Mudro Grill Private Booths For Laclies DIAL 4249 413 W. Park St. Butte, Montana Home of The Medlins Quality Ice Cream Park and Crystal I-1I-i-1ininnmniiniininnninimum-unmumnm mmiunmmunuuuunu I "Jack is no where near as big .1 fool as he Was." "Has he reformed?" "No, he's dieting." i.mniniiiininIininIifnv-mumnmmnnim Wilhelm Flower Shoppe "SUPERIOR FLOWERS" COURTEOUS SERVICE A. C. Wilhelm, Mgr. DIAL 2-3695 Broadway at Montana BUTTE MONTANA in-mlm-nimini:-iii: im ummmmumnmm L'uMPLIMIiN'1'S UI? United States Building and Loan Association Corner Park and Dakota Sts. BUTTE MONTANA Page ninety-in i-ne I uMI'I.U111Al 5 or Nevin-F1'a11k Co. liL"l"l'li MOXTANIX llllr H16 -HOU Dr. John F. Kane llIiNTlST ll L"l'rl'lf KlQX'll.-XXEX Lewisohn Bldg. Fourth Floor .H1HIHmllnInm1.I1.ln1.IInHulI--1mumlmmmnumm M.-Have you a match '? J.-Why. I'm your match! 0,ROll1'li6 Shoe Co. SHOEIVIAKERS 225 North Wyoming Street lLL'TTl2 RlUN'l',-XXI-X The Lockwood Where the Young People Like lu Meet Candies Ice Cream Lunch .1I.1ulIn1.I.1IIn.IImIInIumnInIHIHIIInInInIInmum-mmmn-u Jack-What's the matter, old fel low '? Been in an auto accident? IVI.-Oh, I want one with a head Jim-No, I wasn't lucky when I on it! reached for my sweet. Western Creamery Battery Service! Pateurlzed IVI1lk I Exide Cream and Butternnlk . . Servlce Statlon 424 South Blain Strect - Plume 2-3-ago 5 l'l1UI1L' ll-lf XY. Gflltllil mmm 1nnuHnnnn-1nmnnun--4nuunnunummml-um COMPLIMENTS or BILLY IVIQCRONE CONSTABLE Page one hu udred Edward-May I hold your hand '? Ruth-It isn't heavyg I can man- ageg thank you. O O O Says Peters to his accompanist- "Can you follow me with the pi- ano?" "Yes" "Then bring it along and we'll practice up in my room." 0 O 0 "Waiter," said the diner in the restaurant, "there is a tack in this doughnut." "Well, well," said the waiter, "the ambitious little thing must think it's a tire." O O O Mr. Breeden-Name a star with a tail. Student-Rin-tin-tin. O O O "Who is the tightest man in col- lege?" "The fellow who won't take a shower because they soak him too much." O O O A.-Do you eat a balanced meal '? B.-Yes. Half on the table and half on the floor. O O O Tom-You have a hole in your stocking. M. J.-I'm not wearing stockings. That's my vaccination. 0 0 0 Bull-Helen doesn't seem to think of anything but clothes. Dog-Yes, she's all wrapped up in them. 0 O O "Whose name is on more people's tongues than any other ?" "I'll bite." "Smith Brothers." Teacher-John, illustrate the dif- ference between sit and set. Bright and patriotic boy-The United States is a country on which the sun never sets and the rest of the world never sits. O O O Paul ftalking to Bonnie's little brotherl-Is Bonnie yourtoldest sis- ter '? Kid Brother-Yep. Paul-And who comes after her? Kid Brother-You and two other guys. O O O Harrington-What's your cheap- est sandwich? Hasher-Western. Harrington-What is it? Hasher-Two slices of bread with wide open spaces in between. O O O Battle Cry of the Faculty-"They Shall Not Pass." O O O Little drops of commas Scattered here and there, Make the English teachers Rave and tear their hair. O O O Elizabeth-I want a room and a bath. Ann-Have you a reservation? Elizabeth-What do you think I am? An Indian? 0 O O "I heard you were thrown out of a Hallowe'en party last week. Is that true? "Yes, they gave me the gate." "What did you do about it?" "I took it of course, silly. Wasn't it Hallowe'en 7" O O O Tom tdancing with Charlotte?- Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Charlotte-Then get off my feet. Page one lmzrclred nm' Mary-I wonder who this tele- gram is from. Casey-Aw, it's from Western Union. I recognize the handwrit- ing. O O O Our Nell says, "You may be a dumbell. but you're not the whole gymnasium. O O O Kathleen K.-You know I'm not as dumb as I look. Missie-Of course not, that would be impossible. O O O Clerk-Pardon me, Miss, but you haven't paid for your purchases. Eileen-Oh! I thought this was Ll gift shop. O O 0 Alice-Do you think that air- planes will ever supplant automo- biles? Jay-No. Who would want to park in a damp old cloud? O O O Clergyman tto Amelia, who was playing a jazz piece?-My dear young lady. have you ever heard of the Ten Commandments? Amelia-Whistle a few bars and I'll see if I can follow you. O O O She-Isn't the moon wonderful tonight? He-It ought to be, it cost two bucks a pint. O O O Chem. teacher-Name a poisonous substance. M. B.-Aviation. Chem. teacher-Explain yourself. IVI. B.-One drop will kill. O O O Jess-Why did the salt shaker? Don-I dunno. ' Jess-Because ke saw the spoon holder. Page one hundred two Shirley-How would you like to have a pet monkey? Ann-Oh-This is so sudden! O O 0 Howard-Pass your exam in French? Alice-Well, you see it was this way- Howard-Neither did I. Shake. O O 0 Nit-What are you doing in school? Wit-Oh, I'm getting along with E's 0 0 0 Father-I hear you're always at the bottom of the class. Can't you get another place? Son-No, all the others are taken. O O O Theodore-What makes that red spot on your nose ? Marie-Glasses. Theodore-Glasses of what? 0 O O Billy-You're a good dancer. Mary-I'm sorry I can't return the compliment. Billy-You could if you were as big a liar as I am. O O O Casey met Kelly in his Sunday clothes. "Are ye wurrkin' today?" queried Casey. "No", said Kelly. "we declared a shtrike yisstedayf' "For more pay ?" "No shorter hours." "Oi don't blame ye! Oi always maintained sixty minutes waz too much for an hour-an Oi hopes ye wins." O 0 0 M. B.-Why do you say your mouth is just like a parade ground? C. D.-Two dentists have been drilling on it all morning. First Student-What are you studying? Second Student-Oh, I'm taking up French, Spanish, English. Ital- ian, etc. First Student-How do you do it? Second Student-I just push a stick up and down. First Student-What are you talking about? Second Student-I'm an aviator. 0 O 0 "You were going well on your en- durance flight. What made you come down 7" "Well, I was up 30 days, and l had to make a payment on the plane." 0 O O K. M.-Say, did the English shoot Joan of Arc? C. T.-Naw, burned her at the stake. K. M.-Well, I thought so too, but it says here she was canonized. O O O Cyrilla-I'm a magician. Helen-Prove it. Cyrilla-How shall I? Helen-Go pull a thousand word theme, for English, out of my desk. O O O E. Gill in Sociology-Will some- one bring us a few points about the family as an institution? Someone-The family is an insti- tution of learning, where a man loses his Bachelors degree. but never gets his Masters 0 O 0 And then Lois declares that these little mustaches around here tickle her so much. Whatdye think of that? O O O Andree-Who are your favorite movie stars? A. M.-Lon Chaney- Teacher-Who can give me a sen- tence with "avaunt" in it? Abie-Avaunt what avaunt when avaunt it. O O O Miss Leary-How long did you study your lesson, Gladys? Gladys W.-O, between 40 and 50 minutes. Miss L.-I see-about I0 minutes. O 0 0 Driver-Do you notice you don't hear that knock in the engine any more '? Friend-That's right. How did you tix it? Driver-Oh, I just loosened up one of the mudguards! O O O "Terribly rough." said the stran- ger on board the ocean liner. "Well," said the farmer, "it wouldn't be near so rough if the captain would only keep in the fur- rows." O O 0 "Did you give our daughter that copy of "What Every Girl Should Know?" "Yes," replied mother despond- ently, "and she's writing a letter to the author suggesting a couple of dozen corrections and the addition of two new chapters." O O O She-No one understands me. He-No wonderg your mother was a telephone operator and your fa- ther a train announcer. O O O Reginald-Papa, if I were twins, would you buy the other boy a bal- loon, too? His father-Certainly, my son. Reginald-Well, Papa. you surely aren't going to cheat me out of an- other balloon just 'cause I'm all in one piece, are you? Page one hunclrccl three CLASSIFIED ADS Wanted-A chair by a woman with an adjustable back. Wanted-House by man with va- cant upper story. Lost-Fountain pen by a woman half full of ink. Found-Suspender by boy with blue and white checks. O O O Freshie Girl-Why do girls part their hair in the middle? Freshie Boy-Every block must have an alley. O O O The farmer's boy had upset a load of hay in the road, and stood re- garding it in a puzzled, uncertain fashion. "Hadn't you better go and tell your father about it?" asked a mo- torist whose progress was blocked by the disaster. "He knows," replied the boy. "He knows 'Z Then where is he?" demanded the motorist. "He's under the hay," was the answer. O O O Mike lstanding on bridge looking at reflection of the moonl-Say, me bye, what's that down there? Pat-Oh. that's the moon. Mike-Shure, and how did I ever git away up here? O O O Father-What did you and John talk about last night? Daughter-Oh, about our kith and kin. Small Brother-Yeth, Pop, l heard 'em, he said "Kin I have a kith' and she said, 4'Yeth you kin." O O O C. M.-If the president, vice- president and cabinet should die, who would officiate? June-The undertaker. Page one hmzclrcrl four Teacher-I am tempted to give you a test. Mae-Yield not to temptation. O O O Teacher-Have you done any out- side reading? Flossie-No. It's been too cold. O O O R. M.-What makes the tower of Pisa lean? M. Mc.-If I knew I'd take some myself. O O O TRY THESE ON YOUR SAX I saw six long, slim, slick sap- lings for sale. Strict, strong, Stephen Stringer snared slickly. six silky snakes. Sadie Setherway saw Sandy Snookums soaped and shaving. Sheila saw a shot silk sash shop full of shop silk sashes when the sun shone on the shop. O O O He-Are you fond of moving pic- tures, Jennie? She Chopefullyl-Aye, Sandy. He-Then, maybe, lass, 'e'll help me get half a dozen doon oot 0' th' attic. O O O "John D. Rockefeller has a dollar for every hair on your head." "Yes, and I've got a dollar for every hair on his head." O O O .Mildred-How many seasons are there '? Dutch--Three. Mildred-Only three? What are they? Dutch-Football, basketball and track. 0 O O Charlotte-Were you trying to catch that bus? Evelyn-No, I was just frighten- ing it away from the corner. Bill-Time must hang heavy on your hands. Venus-Why '? Bill-Because you have such a large wrist watch. O O O Traffic Cop-Lady, do you know how to drive a car? I Jane-Oh. yes, what is it you want to know? O O O M. M.-Waiter. a little bird told me that this coffee is cold. Waiter-A little bird. sir? M. M.-Yes, a swallow. O O O Rebecca-I have a habit of talk- ing to myself. Margaret-I've always wondered why you looked so bored. O O O "Were you lucky at the races yesterday 7" "I'll say I was. I found a quar- ter on the way out of the grounds. so I didn't have to walk home." O O O "Waiter, why do I find a piece of rubber tire in my hash 7" "I don't really know, sir, except that the automobile is replacing the horse everywhere." 0 0 O Beatrice-How do you like my new photograph? Isabelle-Fineg did you sit for it yourself? O O O Twinkle, twinkle, little star How I wonder what you are. Out upon the movie screen, Forty-eight or sweet sixteen. 0 0 0 Father-Betty, I want you to come from that party at a reason- able hour and not with the Milkman. Betty-But, father, how absurd. He won't be there. First Eskimo-What do you think of the weather 'F Second-Not so hot. O 0 O Catherine-What was that noise I heard in your room last night ? Llot-That was me falling asleep. O O O Latin teacher-Legis ragis bonae sunt. Translate, Bert. C. S.-The king's legs are bony. O 0 O Ernest-What are you shivering for? Pat-I got zero on my exam. Ernest-How far were you from the right answers? Pat-Two seats to the left. O O 0 'Twas in a restaurant they met. Romeo and Juliet, And when he left he was in debt. For Romeowed what Juliet! O O O Student Ctranslating Latiniz Then the heavily armed soldier sat on one hand and shouted with the other. O O O Traffic Cop-Didn't you see mc wave my hand '? Ailleen-Yes. but I'm not that kind of a girl. O O O Teacher fin study hall!-Order please! Gordon Cabsent minrledlyl - Make mine a chocolate malted milk. O O O Do you hear the ocean moaning? Moaning soft and low: 'Tis because a fat old bather Stepped upon its undertow. O O O M. R.-It's wonderful how my hair parts exactly in the middle. K. R.-Yes, in dead center, as it were. Page one Izzuzdred fire 4 OUR LADY OF LOURDES Patroness of Central High School Page sez en "Did you fail in Latin ?" "Well, final." "I see, one of those students who stops at nothing." O O O Math. Teacher-If I tear a piece of paper into four, what do I get '? Mud-Quarters. rather, I got zero in the M. T.-And it' I divide it into eight? Mud--Eighths. M. T.-And if I divide it into eight thousand parts? lvlud-Confetti, sir. O O O Teacher tin English!-Evelyn. have you read "Freckles"? Evelyn tblushingl'--No, mine are brown. O O O Book Agent tto tarmerl-You ought to buy an encyclopedia now that your boy is going to school. Farmer-Not on your life. Let him walk as I did. O O O St. Peter - Hast thou been through Purgatory? Student Cbefore pearly gates?- No, but I've been through exams this week. St. Peter-Enter! O O O Bill-You always remind me of a quarter moon. Dot-Because my presence sheds a soft, tender glow! l ? ? Bill-No, because you're not very bright. ma'am. O O O C.-Well Charles, we got. our re- port cards today. Charles-Well, I'll be remembered long after my time. , C.-How do you figure that? Charles-I went down in history. Page one hundred six Traffic Cop-Hey, you can't make a turn to the right. J une-Why not? Traffic Cop-Well, a right turn is wrong here, the left turn is right. If' you want to turn right turn left and then, aw, go ahead! O O O "Who gave the bride away?" "Her little brother. He stood up in the middle of the ceremony and yelled, 'Hurrah, Fannie, you have him at last'." 0 0 O MODERN VERSION Teacher-What did Juliet say when she met Romeo in the bal- cony? Flip Pupil-Couldn't you get seats in the orchestra ? 0 0 0 Frosh-Will you hold these books for me? Prexy-I am President of this school. Frosh-That's all right. You look honest. O O O Phyllis-Will you love me when my hair is gray? Ernie-Why not, haven't I stuck with you through brown, black, red and blonde? O O O Ambitious college youth fto sena- torj-How did you become such a wonderful orator? Senator-I began by addressing envelopes. O O O Julia-Did you ever hear of a person killed by a deadly glance? Irene-No, but I know of a guy who got a broken arm due to an empty stair. O O O C. M.-My watch isn't going. V. H.-Was it invited? "Raining Pitchforksv is bad enough, but when it comes to "Hail- ing Street Cars," it's pretty bad weather. O O O WHAT ARE WE COMING TO? Teachee, teachee All day teacheeg Papers markee Nerves all creepee No one kissee No one huggee Poor old maidee No one lovee. O O O A little fellow, after his first day at school while walking home with Marjie Burnham, proudly announc- ed that he could writeg and to prove it he made some scrawls in her notebook. "But what does it mean, dear," she asked. "How do I know." he said. "I haven't learned to read it yet." O 0 O RECITATION BY TEN MEN The pup stood on the burning deck, The flames came all around his neck! HOT DOG! O O O Fat man at the show to little boy behind-Can't you see, young fel- low? Little Boy-Not a thing. F. M.-Then keep your eyes on me and laugh when I do. O O O C. M.-How are you coming along with your reducing? K. L.-I guess I must be one of those poor losers. O O O M. K.-I cut a Spanish class to- day. M. E.-Did it bleed much? A.-Someone was telling me that we are to have a new concrete school for girls. B.-Yes, the alumni have decided to use their heads. O O O Pupil-Teacher, you'll have to give me a higher grade in English. Teacher-Well, I'll think about it. Pupil-Think about it nothing, give it to me or else- Teacher-Or else what? Pupil-Else I'll keep the one I've got. O O C Student-I say, teacher, I need a little light on this subject. Teacher-Might I suggest a little reflection? O O 0 L. M.-Isn't Rose fond of argu- ing? D. M.-I should say she isg why she won't even eat anything that agrees with her. O O O Ceil lto sobbing FreshmanJ- Whats wrong, dear? Montana-I w-w-want to send a letter by air mail and I c-c-can't find any ily paper. O O O Peggy-We're calling our little brother after Julius Caesar. Patsy-Why '? Peggy-Well, he got here too late to call him before him. O O O Pauline-You're pretty smart, but I know something you can't do. Marg. L.-What? Pauline-Sit in the corner of a round-house. O O O Frosh-I never miss my lessons. Junior-How come? Frosh-I never recite them. Page one hzuzdrcd seven r T--. N V iii e ' V K- ii X Fl 'li ,t , il .51z tfff f,5f?1if.1wa '- rl ' u-Q , ,Q ,345 5: ef' xXA Qi. y, ' is uw 5-xiii, ,ff5Q,f1'1i, if NLE -A V .,, ' in l't1'lWH:iii Y, I w W ffm ' New 'A',bE?Q" li fs: 1 iix M? ,MQW-119' 'v f H'gg:NAY Pl A wha -tw 1 'MX H I ll WM 52 if 1- ll 'T' -Y I w , ft al' . 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Make Stafford your Constru ion gi- YN neegyandipnjoy the direct moder met ds X erfrbodied in books bearing t phr se f ' "511gr,.fzved by Sta or " X' ,six , yy, KX-X xii J' ,ff ff A-STAXF FOR V ENGR I G,fCO ff" Xu, J S'IiAkFn',ORD BUILZ I. Gy! X, X 'x ' "tw 1 f 4? 1 " ,N 1NprsANiAf'oL1s,j1ND,rA9, ,if of-cr ,X zz, Q. w -' L ff ec, w, X, -at N Y K ,ff . ,Y- 'T Wx, fx Wx lbxlik 1 W fl 5' "f ,fx , X55 clxxx'-AXSXH. ts .:-Q. qJ Eff, 14' 'lx Qg j Page our lmndrcrl eight I J' LV. . 0 x , .. .M ,, M v' fm ' Vx -.," -1. Y., ,-- g,,, ' -. K 1 .1- J , si,!,i,-igxhiivi . .. .V -T. x .'--E 4-. 1'l'. ,.'.g- -A ' ' "gf -u ' f M- Jw" Jr' -- , ,, .j'-3, Y T1 -Q EM 3514,-ie' ,CMI ,,kf.v u . ., '11, - nrffwd D. .1 51- 1, ,,.1m,--f f -' , " . Tm sth", - ,..:,. ,:-.H , l " 'L , Q yt. , . . if J",:'7 J, A F... ,V I '.' '. 'VS ,,-f ,v .j,:,,.. A QW? L' '- . Ijlgifq' . c " ,"' ' ' JNWWYS., . . tw.. , Jes ,N I , .. ', ,. V '-1. A QT .. gr, - ,- 3. we , :4 , .1 f . 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',-- - ': .-',' " . - ' . ., ,,-,-. -.,, ,-,,,--,I,.,.Ig' I ..I .I- - 1 ,K I., . -II, I, IuIII!'I4ICI,!I IJ.-1,.IIIfII III.. .VIIIIIC an ,IIII I IIKI I- L -I.. , Q ,I I ,N . -.-.,..I,.-,-,I ..II-I.-I, ..I I4 .I I , , -. , -. ,,, ,I,. , ,I .Il ...II3I,I., .A,,,I,I,I,I.I ., ,:,I,- ., I,.,I.I---II-, I I ,. I,, - -, - , . I s -, -II, 'I-- .. 1-.IV ,- I.- X -I , ,I-I. I'II .,,". .. 'ff' -' '11"':.-'s, ?'-i'f'.' 1: - ' -rg' - IA: I IIIVA..I'III II -II,,II, I .IIIQ :,.II..H.-,I ISIUII. I .f-, IU, . WI., , I - I , .,x IIII , . . . . y . , pu. x ,,I,I.. I .-,.I,I,I, ,:kI..I ,I5'xI IXII,-If I f..II,I,IIII 1 , -II. . .3.. I I xl ,, :I .I . -ek,,,C,,.- .I,.I.I-I.fI , .I,-,II -I-, WEA.-I ...IX III,II. fII,. .I ,I-I I., I,f.I. , .I - o-' -f. .x1:'- .' .,f,-, .,,.2-.- I 5I',,kII' f 'I.xI,::vI.IIgI,5'III-L'I ' .-I. ', 'I I'I II, I' ', r 1 . . ' , 1 Page riglzf Lai H 1,.s:1fgY5i,.,sE.,x-be 552 1, The Right Reverend GEORGE J. FINNIGAN, C. S. C. D. D Bishop of Helena THE REVEREND M. J. LEONARD Principal of Central High' School Page nine Page fell 5 SGH-IIUGIL sobre , -,,,,...-,,,,.-..-.,g.,-.vs..,c,,..,,,c.N,,,,5 CENTRAL HIGH Central Hi School, Central Hi School, I love you. For, high and mighty are the things you always do: And no matter if it's work, no matter if it's play We'll stick by you thru rain or shine and day by day, We'll cheer for: Chorus Central Hi School, Central Hi School, We will be, fair and square, For spotless is the name you bear: When school days are days of old, High and proud our heads we'll hold. Central High, we're all for you. CLASSES SENIORS M8 Florence Harring'ton Margaret Holland Mary O'Leary Cecilia Douris SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FLORENCE LOUISE MARY AGNES O'LEARY lLarryJ HARRINGTON iplossl Class Secretary '30, Quill and Scroll Class President ,ZZ 28, ,301 Clasg '30g Centralite Staff '30, Glee Club '3O: Treasurer '2Slg Representative in Dis- trict and State Extemporaneous Speak- ing' Contests '30, Glee Club '28, '29, '30: Basketball '27, '28, '29, '30, Captain '29, Swimming' Team '27, '29, Centralite Stall' '30, Quill and Scroll '30, Junior Dramatic Club '29. Weakness-Wrecks. Favorite Sayings-"Imagine my em- barrassmentf' "She speulrs for lzerself, und she's some speaker." MARGARET LOUISE HOLLAND 1Muggsl Junior Dramatic Club '2Ug Go-Getters Club '30, Vice-President '30, Secretary '29, Kodak Club '29. WeaknessfCurly heads. Favorite Saying!-"Aw, no?" "Laugh und the world laughs wifh you." , Page twelve Junior Dramatic Club '29. Weakness-Candy box ties. Favorite Saying-"Them's my senti- ments." "A gay, serene S1lI.VZ'f is the source of all that is noble." CECILIA MARGUERITE DOURIS lScoochyD Glee Club '28, '29, '30: Spanish Dra- matic Club '30, Class Treasurer '3Og Prom Committee '29, VVinner, Mothers' Day Poem Contest '29, Librarian '28, Weakness-Males. Favorite Saying-"Oh, I will not!" Ullflflll may direef the intellect, but wonznn directs tlze heart." DREATA MARY BLESSINGER lDreetJ Junior Dramatic Club '293 Kodak Club '30, Weakness-Winking. Favorite Saying-"Oh, did she?" "She lives to learn, and learns to live." AILEEN MONTANA BRADY fSkeezixJ Librarian '30g Kodak Club '3Og Jun- ior Dramatic Club '293 Swimming Team '30. Weakness-One Alone ffrom the Desert Songl. Favorite Saying-"Heaven's Maud!" "And the lltflc brook giggled and gzcggledf' MARY TERESA BREEN lMollieJ Prom Committee '29g Kodak Club, Chief Klicker '30g Spanish Dramatic Club '3Og Librarian '29g Junior Dra- matic Club '29g Centralite Staff '30g Quill and Scroll '30g Winner Christmas Story Contest '30. VVeakness-Montana Standard. Favorite Saying--"Oh, Sugar!" "Like the Hudson, my ways arc lined zcith bluffs." MARY JANE BRETT lJanieJ Glee Club '27, '28, '29, '30g Philippi High, 'West Virginia '27, '28, '29. Weakness-Blue-eyed Blonds. Favorite Saying'-"Aw, please, Won't you?" "I envy no man because hc has work," ANNA MARIE BROWN lMuffinsJ Go-Getters Club '30g Junior Dramatic Club '29g Kodak Club '30. Weakness-Keeping quiet. Favorite Saying-"Oh, Yeah!" "Silence is Golden." Page thirteen Page fourteen JEANETTE IREN E COWLEY lGinfizzlesb Junior Dramatic Club T293 Glee Club '28 l'l'eakness-That old-fashioned bever- age, "Tay," Favorite Saying-"Check, and double check!" "What I tllinlf, I IlffC7'.", MARY MARGARET CULLINAN tMaymeJ Kodak Club '30g Spanish Dramatic Club '30: Glee Club 'ZZSQ Centralite Staff '30: Incarnate VVord Academy '27, '282 Swimming team '30g Loretto Academy '29. Weakness-Green. Favorite Saying-"Hold Everything." "A little lerzrning is a dangerous thing, but it's not so risky as none at ull." HELEN MARY DORAN tDora7 Junior Dramatic Club '30g Go-Getters Club '30: Centralite Stall' '30, Weakness-Dark men. Favorite Saying-"Believe it or not." "Help me with these zvrappers." ALICE MARIE DWYER iMac? Class Treasurer '28, Basketball '29, '30, Captain '3Og Centralite Staff '30: Prom Committee '29. Weakness-College men. Favorite Saying-"You're not leav- ing?-Thank Heavens!" "ll'e are bor1z'to grou'-" ELIZABETH CATHERINE GILL fBetty Katel Glee Club '28, '29, '30g Class Secre- tary '27g Centralite Staff '30g Junior Dramatic Club '29g Kodak Club '29. Weakness-Jewelry. Favorite Saying-"Scan it, my boy. scan it." "A laugh is worth cz hzmdrecl groans zn any market." CECILIA ANN HARRINGTON 1Shortyl Spanish Dramatic Club T305 Glee Club '28g Junior Dramatic Club '29. Weakness-Stuttering. U ' Favorite Saying-"Oh, I didn't mean it like that." "1'nz not fl IIIIIICIIIIIIIIZ, but I lzrzrc 11 lmrd time making pcoplc Illld6'I'SffIIId,u REBECCA MYRTLE HARRINGTON fBecky7 St. Yiiiccntfs Academy '27, '28, 'ZZEIQ Glec Club '27, '28, '29, '30. Weakness-Cully. Favorite Saying-"I don't know." "If is more noble to nmlfc yourself grcuf flzrui to hc born so." AGNES NORA HOLLAND fAgJ Junior Dramatic Club '29. Weakness-Searle. Favorite Saying-"I don't know." "Absence mnlfcs our nftcndcznrc grow Iozvcrf' ELIZABETH MARY KELLY fBeel Junior Dramatic Club '29g Kodak Club '30 Weakness-Chewing gum. Favorite Saying-"Want your picture taken?" "1 get plenty of e.rcrc1'se-cspcciaIly in thc jaws!" BESSIE PATRICIA LARAMIE CF1'enchyl Junior Dramatic Club '29g Kodak Club '3O. Weakness-Yellow roadsters. Favorite Saying-"For the love o'Pete!" "Her lzeart is like a moon, fllCl'CyS a- mfzn in lf." Page fifteen I 5 ,ii 'Q x . . 1 ' 1 V. ,. ,t af ' Nya- .lu ,, ,ug ., gl ,Yk., .X .rl V. . '-' . ' -.2 -"""Ey 'Y ' Q1-1' . , ,'l"L' 57 . 1-J --QQ 1- -L I " .,i."EZ'. Y ' ' .-"-.-.,. -. 'WJ-gg,-' f Vg: ' ,Al V hi Y ..W- .I 'L Q 'Z- ,A qgmia' -5,5-TFQQJ35, f 5 ,I -uf - . n ':'7:"'..R.. ' " gif-'.':' "ew . ,.,, .fu IV' , -.NLE 'f'5I,'t. f-1,--, MW-L 55-135 5'--f HS' ' ff- H55- 1 "wg N 'Q .-A JNL. ."',' w.-A A 4, , , .Auf ' . A-f A - ' . ' r xy , 55 H , 'IT- 'NL1 .Q U ,r.,fI"-'f. A . ,- .x , ..' X, - ' - gb vi, 1 4,5-'.. , . -ff.: V' . - ,wa--' ' , "' nd- -, .,g -,. , 'fi-.'l, A' ,f,' A-Lg -' "Q ,L- 'fl,:o. "" -5 " . .Uv ' ' ' lar--.x-,Q-. . N " 'Q VV. v-, ' 'rf . . . . --I . . 1 .: , .. , 14111. J-l vt ,, . .Yi , f v V , I. j . N X H . ,XML .. .:,55-,M . K ,-., - .J'v'.:':'gf'VfTx:4 - ' . -l.-'vu'-r. wx A ,- . , Iva, Q , ,I , . . I may .. -V J' v ,1w..-. ' ' 5 h."'N -,A I. wtf , ul, 1. 'fv- Page sixteen ROSEMARY LIVELY lRoseJ Centralite Staff '3O: Quill and Scroll '30g Basketball '28g Glee Club '29, '30g Kodak Club '30g Secretary Spanish Club '30 Weakness-Smiling. Favorite Saying-"Oh. now!" "The man who can not laugh is only fit for t2'easo1z.'i LUCINA ANN MCCARTHY fSisJ Junior Dramatic Club '29g Go-Getters Club '30. Weakness-Cultivating laughs. Favorite Saying-"Oh, dear father!" "Great men were snzallaconsidcr Na- polenizf' ELIZABETH MARY McGUIRL lDollieJ Glee Club T283 Junior Dramatic Club '29g Go-Getters Club '303 Centralite Staff '3Og Quill and Scroll '30g Prom Committee '29, Weakness-Blue Fords. Favorite Saying-"Hot Tripef' "I like 'em znzsophisticrztedf' RUTH MARIE MALOUGHNEY CRaisinsJ Go-Getters Club '30g Junior Dramatic Club '29. Weakness-Sticky. Favorite Saying-"Holy Man!" "Speed overcometh all obstacles-here I am." CATHERINE GENEVIEVE MEGLEN QMegJ Junior Dramatic Club '29g Go-Getters Club '3Og Vocational Congress '29g Cen- tralite Staff '30g Quill and Scroll '30. Weakness-The highest marks. Favorite Saying-"Think you will?" "If brains were money-I'd be a mil- I1onaire!" ANNE CATHERINE MIHELICH tMickl Glee Club '28, '29, '3O3 Spanish Dra- matic Club '30g Second, State Chemistry Essay Contest '3Og Junior Dramatic Club '29. Weakness-Professors. Favorite Saying-"That'll be O. K." "IViscIy and slow. Tlzcy stumble that run fast." ANNE MARIE MODL Uackiel Junior Dramatic Club '30g Go-Getters Club 'SOQ Glee Club '28: Prom Commit- tee '29. Weakness-Hoosier Hop. Favorite Saying-"Good Grief!" nlilll not si1ol'bz'slz, but I always sit far away from. the rest of the class." ANNE MARIE MORGAN fliittyl Go-Getters Club '30g Junior Dramatic Club '29. Weakness-Mary Lou's. Favorite Saying-"Huh l" "Smile yourself our of an embarrass- ing szfuatz011." ANNE MARY MURPHY fMurphl G0-Getters Club '30: Glee Club '3Og Junior Dramatic Club '29g Basketball '27, '28g Quill and Scroll '30, Weakness-Monroe. Favorite Saying-"I wonder?" "I lore the name of 'Pat"' MARGARET JANE MURPHY flllargj Spanish Dramatic Club '30g Junior Dramatic Club '29, Weakness-South America. Favorite Saying-"Aw, d0n't." "So long as we lore, we learn." Page eighteen AUDREY ANN MURRAY tPoofyD Go-Getters Club '30, Junior Dramatic Club '29, Kodak Club '30, Prom Com- mittee '29. Weakness-Hot steppers. ' Favorite Saying'-'tHot Socks!" "I lore to trip the light fantastic." HELEN CECILIA O'CONNELL tSleepyJ Class Treasurer '29, Glee Club '30, Prom Committee '29, Basketball '27, '28, '29, '30, Captain '28, President, Spanish Dramatic Club '30, Skating' Team '29, '30, Treasurer, Junior Dramatic Club '29, Swimming Team '27, '28, '29, '30, Centralite Staff 30. Weakness-Gems, "Rubes," etc. Favorite Saying-"Everybody hap- py?YI "I do11't believe in bribes, I'm good for nothing." IRENE ANNE O'KEEFE tPee W'eeJ Glee Club '28, '29, '30, Second in La Prensa National Spanish Essay Contest '30, Centralite Staff '30, Junior Dra- matic Club '29, Spanish Dramatic Club '30. Weakness-Spanish Senors. Favorite Saying-"I'll bite." "Little thiizgs are merely the causes of great things." CLAIRE FRANCES O'REILLY tFrankieJ Third Place in District Oratorical Contest, Glee Club '29, Basketball '29, Centralite Staff '30, Quill and Scroll '30, Philipsburg' High '28, Winner in Quill and Scroll Feature Writing Contest '30. Weakness-Features. Favorite Saying-"Now when I was in Philipsburg'-" "Better be conceifed and lfnow some- thing than be humble in igr1oranee." ANDREE DENISE PLENNE- VAUX tFrenchyJ Orchestra '28, '29, Glee Club '28, '29, '30, Swimming Team '29, Butte High '27, Junior Dramatic Club '29, St. Vin- cent's Academy '28, Basketball '29, '30, Centralite Stal? '30, Quill and Scroll '30, Weakness-Black curly hair-we won- der. Favorite Saying-"Where's your badge?" "I like work. It ,fascinates meg I can sit and look at it for hours." CATHERINE MARIE REILLY 1Katiel Go-Getters Club '30, Junior Dramatic Club '29, Centralite Staff '3O. Weakness--Saint? Ignatious. Favorite Saying'-"Don't be like that!" "B0y! Hou' I can wlzisfIc."' MARIE JULIA RILEY fBebens5 Junior Dramatic Club '29g Go-Getters Club '30, Vice-President '29, Orchestra '27, '28, '29, '30, Centralite Staff '30, Quill and Scroll '3O. Weakness-Falling-both ways. Favorite Saying-"You're squelchedlu "Loq11c1city is Il grcrzf asset." MERCEDES CECELIA SEAMAN Qlllersl Glee Club '30, Junior Dramatic Club '29, Go-Getters Club '30, Weakness-Chow. Favorite Saying-"Have you got a note for me?" "Blushing is cz sign of maiclcizly mod- csiyf' ROBERTA ANN SHERIDAN fBertJ Junior Dramatic Club '29. Weakness-Being dignified. Favorite Saying-"Isn't she bold?" "Brez'ify is the soul of wit." MARGARET IRENE STANAWAY fBlondie1 Cheer Leader '30: Junior Dramatic Club '29, Go-Getters Club '30, Glee Club '30, Kodak Club '30. Weakness-Frenchmen. Favorite Saying-"Oh, Oh!" "Come on gang, Iet's gire fiffee1z."' HELEN MARIE VENUS QVenusb Director Junior Dramatic Club '29, Basketball '27, '28, '29, '30, Kodak Club '30, Centralite Staff '30, Quill and Scroll '30, Glee Club '28, '29, '30, Or- chestra President '30, School Swimming Champion '27, '28, '29, '3O. Weakness-Class pins and rings. d Favorite Saying-"Whoops, my ear." "Though others have died of over- work, I feel I shall Iire a long time." ww 2 I 25.-: Page niizetamw CLASS HISTCRY 1926-27 Destined to become a great crowd of pep-producing students, the Class of '30 entered Central's portals of learning. Our first year was a triumph, crowned by success in every enterprise. ' We won both Centralite subscription drives: carried away honors in the swimming meet: and won the prize for the Frolic stunt. 1927-28 For two successive years our number was largest on the honor roll. Again we took the prize for the best stunt at the Frolic. During this Year, our athletic ability showed excellence. At the annual swimming meet, we won highest honors: during the basketball season. a better spirit of co- operation and sportsmanship could not be found. One sad occurrence during our Sophomore year, was the death of our class teacher, Sister Mary Seraphine. 1928-29 Throughout our high school career. we have been marked for our ac- tivity in all school functions, and especially, during our Junior year did we uphold this record. We formed a dramatic Club. under the direction of Helen Venus and Helen O'Connell. and presented many clever plays. In both scholastic and athletic affairs we were well represented. Thais Giroux was given the distinction of writing Central's school song. Cather- ine Meglen was selected from our class to attend the Vocational Congress at Bozeman. This year we won the swimming meet. and placed third in basketball. Helen O'Connell was chosen to represent us on Central's skat- ing team in the city meet. By editing the April issue of the Centralite, we proved ourselves very capable in journalistic work. 1929-30 Now we began the year to which we had always looked forward. Suc- cess after success has been added to Central's fame this year. Two successful Centralite drives were directed by the Seniors. In the annual drive, Helen O'Connell, Senior. was winner. Irene O'Keefe won first prize in a Spanish contest conducted by the La Prensa newspaper in New York. Eleven journalists were admitted to membership in the Quill and Scroll society. Margaret Stanaway was elected cheer leader, and proved herself an organizer and leader by cheering the "Maroons" to victory. Claire O'Reilly won double honors in speaking and writing. She rep- resented Central in the District Oratorical Contest, winning third place. In a contest conducted by Quill and Scroll, she won fourth place in the Western District for feature writing. Among our social affairs we managed a peppy Frolic, held at the K. C. Gym. Thus we end the history of one of the most distinguished classes, and hope that our future will be ruled by the happiness and success of our high school days at Central. -Florence Harrington '30 Page twenty CLASS WILL We, the graduating class of nineteen thirty, do, on this fourth day of June, our last in the beloved school of Central, leave in our last will and testament, to the school, faculty, classes, and certain individuals, the fol- lowing articles: To the school, we leave our sincere hopes of a new foundation-you'll need it soon. To the faculty, we express our wishes that they will be soon teaching in our new Central. To the Freshies, we leave our beaus in the Senior Class. To the Sophomores, we leave all that remain-try to find it. To the Juniors, we leave our pep, loyalty, and class spirit-guard it well, Juniors, it's sacred. V To our certain individuals, beforehand mentioned, we bequeath the following: Dreta Blessinger leaves her position of bell ringer to Esther Connole. Will she ever reach it? Claire O'Reilly leaves her success as a literary writer to Mary Brooke. Ceil Harrington leaves her permanent wave to Marie King. Ann Murphy leaves her stately figure to Lois Sullivan-may she profit by it. Mary Cullinan leaves her small 12's to Lucille Ryan-new shoes for Lucille. Alice Dwyer leaves her dear silver face to Mae Mulholland-not so bad, Mae. To Catherine Connolly, Marg Stanaway wishes to leave her position of "blonde" cheer leader. More power to you, Catherine. Roberta Sheridan leaves her ability of yelling at the games to Mary Lee: she's some yeller, Mary! Marg Murphy leaves her parking space in front of Room 1. to June McKeown. Elizabeth Gill leaves her job as "Captain of the Ship" to Florence Kelley. Sorry she hadn't more Floss. Florence Harrington leaves her pretty dimples, and winning ways, to the quiestest girl in school. "Bee" Kelly leaves her gum to Nora Brouillette. To the Principal, hope that our under classmen may be as loyal as we. Agnes Holland, her punctuality to Marie McMillan. Mercedes Seaman leaves her speed tas typistb to Mary McGowan. We, the Seniors. hereby having published our last Will and Testa- ment, at Central High School, in the County of Silver Bow, City of Butte, State of Montana, United States of America, name "Sunny" our mascot. to act as Executor of this. our last Will and Testament. Elizabeth McGuirl Ceil Douris County of Silver Bow County of Silver Bow State of Montana State of Montana Page tzveizty-one CLASS PROPHECY "Buy one while they last," was the cry I heard as I was passing by. "The famous memory pill! Buy a box and get your fill. It will bring back all the past: By one while they last." Oh, could I see my friends of yesterday, And where each one is today? , As out of a cloud I saw everything clear: It was old Class "30" to me, so very dear. Helen Doran and "Murph" to Washington went, Where now they work for the President. In the Metropolitan of high repute, Is Claire O'Reilly, playing a flute. Jeannette now trips the fantastic toe Beyond the footlights in Ziegfeld's show. You remember Helen O'Connell, know as "Sleep,' Who succeeded in swimming the Atlantic deep? Marie Riley. a shy little miss, Played with John Gilbert in "The Kiss. Elizabeth Kelly, often called "Been Is no less than Countess Du Bantee. 7? Sister Marrisa was once Ann Browng They say she converted a whole town. Ruth, a well-known aviatrix, Spends her time in doing tricks. In Rocker, Andree leads a married life, And she has made a model wife. In a vaudeville group Rosemary is leading lady Her press agent is Aileen Brady. Alice's picture is on every magazine coverg She is known as "the screen's greatest lover? Catherine Meglen works at a radio station: Her voice causes much elation. Over in Paris in a gay cabaret Is Bessie Laramie dancing away. Catherine Reilly likes Post Office workg She does her duty and doesn't shirk. Ann Morgan flew across the ocean blueg And beat old Lindy's' record, too. Helen Venus from Central's band, Now works at Modl's Hot Dog Stand. In Ireland is the Murphy girl, Marg, At driving Hudsons, she is a card. Page twenty-two Running a beauty shop is Mary Breen: Her henna rinses are surely keen. Down at the Post is Liz McGuirlg And her witty writings make heads whirl. Teaching school is Mary Jane Brett She's very loving, but has no pet. After Roberta's name is KID. Five dollars is her cheapest tee. "Sis" McCarthy from Centerville. Is engaged in grinding down that hill. At the Maid O'Clover, Audrey is queen: She's some ad for their ice cream. Ceil Douris, the peroxide blonde, is a chaperon, And she goes through life all alone. Margaret Stanaway became a blushing bride, And bonecrusher Holland was the man at her side. "Here comes the bride," the organist sang. 'Twas Ann Mihelich of our old gang. Irene O'Keefe with her patent leather hair: Is in Congress seated in a Senators chair. Ceil, the Butcher's daughter, met an awful fate: While rowing out at Canty's, she drowned in t Dreata who used to ring the bell. Is now married to farmer Dell. Mary O'Leary fell deeply in loveg She fits in 'this" arm like a n1otorman's glove. When Ringling Bros. Circus comes to town. The fortune-teller, Merecedes, gives us the low d Elizabeth Gill has an Oriental shopg Beautiful beads seem to be her crop. And Margaret Holland of executive fame. Runs a school for the blind and lame. Ag Holland was honored by the G. A. R. For her services in the Chinese War. Mary Cullinan rows a boat: She teaches fishes how to float. Rebecca Harrington is now a nurse: She makes patients better, or maybe worse. Around Florence many children I see: A teacher? No-Mrs. Connolly. This jolly bunch was of the best ,And surely better than the rest Always gay, with never a worry: For wasn't it old Class '30'? J he lake. OXVII . Helen O'Connell '30 Jeannette Cowley '30 Mary Breen '30 Margaret Stanaway '30 Page twenty-three JUNIORS N. Brouillette M. Mulholland I. Harrington E. Coburn JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS N. Brouillette ,.I.lI,.......IIl,I,I....,I...l....,......,.I Il.....,.......l.. P resident M. Mulholland .... .,,,.. V ice-President I. Harrington ......, ............ S ecretary E. Coburn ...... ..... T reasurer CLASSIHSTORY Full of vim and vigor, the Jolly Juniors returned to school, deter- mined to make a good showing in scholastic, athletic, and social events. They were very successful throughout the year. A goodly number of Juniors were on each quarterly honor roll. Mary Lee and Catherine Connolly made a brilliant showing in the Chemistry Essay Contest. Their essays placed first and second respectively in the state. For the second consecutive year, the basketball quintet won the in- ter-class basketball championship. They downed the fighting Seniors, fourteen to five, in an interesting battle. The dramatic club presented many clever programs before the assem- bly. The stage was now set for the crowning social event of the season- the prom. This affair was a social and financial success. The Juniors have many hopes for success next year, when they will return as Seniors. Page twenty-four JUNIORS A Front Row-C. Murray, M. Murray, Connole, Sullivan, Shea, Meade, Rafferty. Second Row-McGowan, Mulholland, Ryan, Coburn, Johnson, Sheehy, Reilly, Phinips. Back Row-Roe, Roach, McKeown, Prendergast, O'Connell, Johnson, O'Neil, Mc- Fadden. JUNIORS Front Row-King, Corr, Sullivan, Harrington, Lane, Duggan, Kendrigan, Brouil- lette. Second Row-Lavell, McGonigle, Kelly, Connolly, Brooke, McMillan, Monahan, Kelly. Third Row-Leary, Kearney, Buckley, Lee, Harrington, Duscheneau. Page tlventy-fire I 5 ,ii 'Q x . . 1 ' 1 V. ,. ,t af ' Nya- .lu ,, ,ug ., gl ,Yk., .X .rl V. . '-' . ' -.2 -"""Ey 'Y ' Q1-1' . , ,'l"L' 57 . 1-J --QQ 1- -L I " .,i."EZ'. Y ' ' .-"-.-.,. -. 'WJ-gg,-' f Vg: ' ,Al V hi Y ..W- .I 'L Q 'Z- ,A qgmia' -5,5-TFQQJ35, f 5 ,I -uf - . n ':'7:"'..R.. ' " gif-'.':' "ew . ,.,, .fu IV' , -.NLE 'f'5I,'t. f-1,--, MW-L 55-135 5'--f HS' ' ff- H55- 1 "wg N 'Q .-A JNL. ."',' w.-A A 4, , , .Auf ' . A-f A - ' . ' r xy , 55 H , 'IT- 'NL1 .Q U ,r.,fI"-'f. A . ,- .x , ..' X, - ' - gb vi, 1 4,5-'.. , . -ff.: V' . - ,wa--' ' , "' nd- -, .,g -,. , 'fi-.'l, A' ,f,' A-Lg -' "Q ,L- 'fl,:o. "" -5 " . .Uv ' ' ' lar--.x-,Q-. . N " 'Q VV. v-, ' 'rf . . . . --I . . 1 .: , .. , 14111. J-l vt ,, . .Yi , f v V , I. j . N X H . ,XML .. .:,55-,M . K ,-., - .J'v'.:':'gf'VfTx:4 - ' . -l.-'vu'-r. wx A ,- . , Iva, Q , ,I , . . I may .. -V J' v ,1w..-. ' ' 5 h."'N -,A I. wtf , ul, 1. 'fv- SOPHQNHDRES C. Shepperd H. Sullivan J. O'Connell D. Gilmore SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS C. Shepperd .SSS,.,,..,.SSSS....S SS......,.,.,.,.,S.S..............S......... P resident H, Sullivan ..i.ii ,iii.. .,i,i,ii.i.i.............,..,....i,iii,iii. V i ce-President D. Gilmore ii.Y... .. ........ Secretary J. O'Connell ..........,.....i,i..i.i .....,,..i.SS...,...........,...i...,.. T reasurer CLASSlHSTORY The bewildered "Greenies" of yesterday returned in September, force- ful, vigorous Sophomores, determined to push through their second year with earnest endeavors for unsurpassed success. Their first great achievement was a candy sale, the most prosperous ever witnessed in the history of Central, and connected with it was a unique parcel post, the proceeds from, which will help to purchase a trophy case. Later a dashing, clever, breath-taking operetta presented by these vivacious misses, delighted the entire school, and Won for them much applause. Needless to say they have cooperated faultlessly, doing their share constantly, and not merely for class glory, but always for the success of their school. IN MEMORIAM Emma Mufich-Died October 23, 1929 Page twenty-six SOPHOMORES Front Row-L. Gavigan, C Gaviean. Second Row-Hull. Hanson, Belanger, Flaherty, Cassidy, Caron. McDonald. Coyne. Hoar. Third Row-Duggan, Gilmore. Bilteau, Feeney, Gallaher, Casey, Cunningham, Cason, McGonigle. Fourth Row-Dennehy, Anderson, Brady. Davis, Cantwell, Dougherty, Butko, Croley. Lowney, Dwyer. Barry. SOPHOMORES Front Row-Pullum, Mclieown, Watling, Ryan, Kore, Thornton. Lucy. Lowney. Second Row-McCarthy. Moss, O'Connell, Sullivan, O'Neil, Watson, Sullivan. Murphy, Shepperd, Sullivan, Keller. Third Row-O'Leary, Sullivan, Murphy, Boyle, Robbins, Leary, Shorett, Kennedy, Oaas, Moran. Fourth Row-Kenney, Stevens, Taylor, Meade, Reilly, McNulty, Mueller, Sulli- van, McEanay, Miller, McGowan. Page fzrerzty-sez'e11 FRESHMEN R. Shepperd H. Prendergast A. Bertrand S. Rotar FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS R. Shepperd .....,..,.........................,....,.......,.,................ President H. Prendergast ,..,. ..... V ice-President A. Bertrand ..... ....,,. S ecretary S. Rotar ........, ..,... T reasurer CLASSIHSTORY The number of Freshmen enrolled at the beginning of the school year came to a total of eighty-four. When it came to intellectual, and athletic pursuits, the Freshmen were always among the foremost. Margaret McCarthy not only led the honor roll throughout the year, but also attained the highest average ever made at Central. We showed we were not so green by having the largest number of students on every honor roll. When pep was required, we had that also. Harriet Freebourn, one of our peppiest classmates, won the title "Miss Centralite' by obtaining 13,250 votes for the subscription drive. Our snappy basketball team was awarded a prize for the best suits. Thus is the account of our successful career of our Freshman year at Central. . Page twenty-eiglzt FRESHMEN Front Row-C. Ha1'rin,Q'ton, Franey, Nolan, Moladden. Crosby. Malfei. Gallagher. Second Row-Gallivan, O'Brien, Mulholland, C. Murphy. Dezell. Leary, O'Xiel. A. Murphy, Foley, Bradey. Third Rowwllaillet, McPherson. Doonan, McCarthy. Meade, D. Murphy, H. Har- rington, Connors, BICNRIIHIT1, McGrath, Manning. Fourth Row-Freebourn, Hollow. Bertrand, Miller, Burns, Cason. Mackey, Gaul. Keller. FRESHMEN Front Row-Thivridge, Smith, Prendergast, Murray, R. Sullivan, G. Sullivan. Sweet, Murphy. Second Row-O'Leary, G. Shea, F. Sullivan, Noel, Coyne, Stanaway, E. Shea. D. Sullivan, D. O'Brien, I. Rodgers. Third Row-Sheehan, Watson, Moore, E. Sullivan, O'Niel, Walsh, Gallivan. Fourth Row-R. Rodgers, O'Connell, Shepperd, Oaas, Roll, Morris, Rainville, Pez- dark, Rotar, Shovlin, Rice. Page flvenfy-nine Page tlz'1'1'ty ACTIVITIES VERY REV. N. C. HOFF, Ph.D. THE RETREAT Under the directions of the Very Revenend N. C. Hoff Ph.D., Presi- dent of Mount St. Charles College, the third annual retreat was held December 5, 6, 7. The retreat this year was undoubtedly the most suc- cessful one ever conducted at Central. The success was largely due to the eloquence of Father Hoff. His clear and vivid manner of speaking deeply impressed the girls. Each morning the entire student body gathered in the study hall to hear Mass. The rest of the day was devoted to prayer, meditation, and spiritual conferences. One of the most beautiful exercises was Father HoiT's explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament closed each day's exercises. On December eight, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, all the students received Holy Communion. Immediately after Mass, the girls were consecrated to the Blessed Virgin. Father Hoff then closed the re- treat by imparting the Papal blessing. Page thirty-fwo HARRIET .FREEBOURN MISS CENTRALITE Harriet Freebourn a Freshman, was declared winner of the title ' d ' l t Cen- "Miss Centraliten for the year 1929-1930. She is the thir g1r a tral to be so honored. Harriet turned in 13,250 votes for the Su Jscrip . ' , . annually by members of the Centralite staff. She had plenty of competi- tion, but she won by quite a large majority. She showed good sportsmanship and school spirit all during the drive, h h' ements made the Whole school proud of hei. In addition and er ac iev to the title, "Miss Centralitef' the staff presented her with a maroon monogrammed sweater. I ' tion diive conducted Harriet is to be complimented on her success in the most successful Centralite drive ever conducted. t t nts who displayed much enthusiasm during the drive, Other con es a were Helen O'Connell, Catherine Shepperd, Irene Harrington, Loretta Gavi- " " El' beth McGuirl, gan, and Hazel Crosby. The d11ve was dnected by lza business manager of the Centralite. All the students cooperated to make it a success. Page thirty-thlrec Florence Harrington Claire O'Reilly Public Speaking and Declamation Winner of Hrst place in extemporaneous speaking, Florence Harring- ton represented Central at the district contest in April. In May, at the state contest in Bozeman. she placed among the state's eight best speakers. Claire O'Reilly won first place in the annual Declamation contest, held on May 5. She participated in the state contest in Missoula. Margaret Stanaway was awarded second place. Six girls took part in this contest. v C. O'Reilly, H. Venus, C. Douris, E. Gill, M. Stanaway, F. Harrington. Page tltirty-fozcr' Claire O'Reilly Bessie Laramie Constitution Oratorical Contest In the Oratorical contest held at the school, March 18. in which six Senior girls took part, Claire O'Reilly was unanimously judged the winner. The topic of her oration was "Danger Which Threatens the Constitution in This Modern Age." Bessie Laramie with "The Constitution in the Daily Life of the Undividual" won second place. A gold medal was awarded to Claire and a silver medal to Bessie. Claire tied for second place in the district contest held in Butte, April fifth. M. O'Leary, M. Breen, C. O'Rei1ly, H. O'Connell, F. Harrington, B. Laramie. Page thirty-five Scholarship Honor Students. FIRST QUARTER SeniorsiMeglen, Murphy, Mihelich, Dwyer, Venus, Harrington, Plennavaux O'Leary, Modl, Murray, Doran, McCarthy, Riley, Gill, and MeGuirl. Juniors-Kendrigan, O'Leary, Connolly, Coburn, Lee, Roe, and Duscheneau. Sophomores-Miller, Moran, Watling. Kennedy, McNulty, Dougherty, Dwyer, Kore Davis, Bellinger, Taylor, Meade, Gavigan, Hull. Freshmen-Sullivan, Bertrand, Dezell, Murphy, Hallow, Rodger, Murphy, Meade McCarthy, Rodger, Hansen, Shea, Shepphard, Smith, Noels, Maillet, Gallivan, Mul holland, Stanaway, Sweet, and O'Leary. SECOND QUARTER Seniors-Laramie, Riley, Doran, McCarthy, Harrington, Venus, Blessinger, Lively O'Leary, Breen, Plennavaux, Harrington, Modl, Murray McGuirl, Meglen. Juniors-Kearney, Duscheneau, Sullivan, King, Coburn, O'Leary, Connolly. Sophomores-MeGonig'le. Caron, O'Leary, Gavigan, Gavigan, Dennehy, Flaherty Davis, Kore, Crowley, Taylor, Hull, McKeown, Cassidy, Moran, Miller, Hansen Dwyer, Kenney, Sullivan, Bilteau, Gilmore, Oaas. Freshmen-Gallivan, Doonan, Smith Stanaway Sweet, Gallivan Maillet, 0'Brien Oaas, Hallow, Meade, Murphy, Leary, Shepphard, 'McCa1'thy, Dezell, Bertrand, Mur: phy, Leary, Murphy, Rainville, Gaul, Manning, Mulholland. Page tlLi1'fy-sin: Scholarship l-lonor Students ' V ig 'fi' QL-E91 P N' N' "' 'S wr P' W fs N -aff 'K ,A , Pm' .e-,,,,,,.Qf A we MS' Q QYQ A 3 e , f- ' J ' A We 'E' A f :I .Ka ! A! W JMC 'A N -i"' 'gif . i ' ,i A ""i'i. .1 lx Y -'--ll, gil-'lil :Sp so ff. fvf- 1- fi m .-1-if-A, A ' .2 'ag - ,Q Lx., - -H ' ,fav In f 1 .jg--',-j5x, :: A Ji, o , - 5 . 04 415- '- D 1 E, ' . f,- 1 N 9 I .N Q21-f J", 'W M ,Q 4 !i M ' .aff Q -5 Q kj ,H a x L . V. -' -V P - 2 Q. ' Q .,.. , ' , 5 - ' , a , 1 . ix. , , na 'Z 1 - fl VY "1 1' w. 3 ' 2' ' ' 5 P9 ILIMLQR' ZS gi K ' ,V x ' M N. RQ ik Mix. - THIRD QUARTER Svxiiolw-llf-gl.-li, Mi-1'.u1Iliy', Wlulililvl, llurruy. Blvuirig-1-, Zkri-vu. liuwvii l..l1':i mfg Riley, Mmll, lmrgnn, t'ou'li-y, 1llll'IlllY. Y--nn: lnvvly, Mllivllfli, Murlfliy. H'Le.1r5'. U ll:-llly. l'l:-rum-nsriiv. llnrrinulon. .lnnioi-Nil'ulnii-11, O'l,w:1ry. li'-illy, IJ11vl1nnvz.i1. lin--klfy, lliw-iixllvttf-. Jolnnwn, l.:1m-, 5lllllX'illl. Kinu, Li-Q-, Hin-, Vmilmlly. H:i1'1-iziutolu. 1lnx'r1..gIo11. Nnplxoiuioi-willwmn. Millvx: l-Core. lil-nm-y, Uilxniorv, Vuroil. llzlvix. Slwpplmifl, l,owixvy, 1'r-mwley tiuvisim, Hnvigain, Hull. ll:-liniixiglv. Bliliwlxxii, H'I.ezu'y. lhillliiii-. 'l'uylvr, Tlxoi-ron Mvlloilulfl. I-lwlslixiwilf-ll'-rtrzinnl. lbw'-ll. 1-aillixan., llallivpm. lfzillixan, liull-iw. I-v:nry. Klurplmy Blllljrlly 3llll'I'ilj'. flame. 1l'l41'l+1n. Uliril-11. H'l,v1'5, Hill-, Sullxxun, Manning, Mullwllanel, Muriwliy, lioga-rx, M4-C:11'tliy, 5t:1linw.iy. Mi-iiiliorii, Sxvei-oft, Mihmtli, Sliqipliizrml, Iiovvmm, Nllvrllilll, Smith. Mvarlv, Nluffvi ATTENDANCE HONOR ROLL F. Harrington, D. Blessinger, M. Holland, M. Seaman, M. Reilly, L. Lane, H Meade, N. Brouillette, F. Kelly, K. Kearney, D. Gilmore, H. Barry, M. Mueller. M Miller, V. Davis, C. Gavigan, C. Meade, M, Murphy, M. O'Neill, J. O'Conne1l, V. O'Lea1'y, L. Dezell, F. Gallivan, M. Gallivan, M. M. Manning, A. Murray, E. O'B1'ien, M. O'Lea1'y, A. Brady, L. Connors, P. Doonan, M. A. Sheehan, G. Sullivan, L. Gavigan. Page th iffy-seven THE JUNIOR PROM Dancing crowds. an artistically decorated ballroom, and entrancing music, made the pretty scene of the Junior Promenade held at the Co- lumbia Gardens on April 25. The ballroom was beautifully decorated with baskets of spring How- ers, lanterns, and streamers of Central's colors, maroon and white. A large electrically lighted "Welcome, Seniors" sign greeted the Class of '30 in whose honor the dance was given. Ashworth's orchestra filled the spa- cious hall with strains of lovely music. enticing old and young to join in merriment. This affair was a success not only socially, but also financially. The event will go down in history as one of the loveliest ever managed by Cen- tral Juniors. M. Prendergast, J. Mclieown, M. Lee, N. Johnson, H. Meade, C. Rafferty. Page th irfy-eight THE LIBRARY During the school year, many books have been presented to the library to keep it up-to-date. as it has been for the past few years. Both fiction and reference books were added to last year's collection. Librarians, who helped by distributing and checking books are: Hazel Sullivan, Catherine O'Donnell, Aileen Brady, Margaret Robbins, Aileen Riley, Lois Crowley, Marie Anderson, and Helen McKeoWn. The new books were Iiled and accessioned by Cecilia Harrington, Roberta Sheridan, and Alice Dwyer. A member of the faculty has charge of the library. She appoints li- brarians, who take care of the books during one of their free periods. LIBRARY AND LIBRARIANS 1 L. LL Seated-M. Anderson, C. O'Donnell, L. Crowley. Standing'-H. Sullivan, E. Riley, H. McKeown, M. Robbins, A. Brady. Page thirty-nine l i Claire O'Reilly Irene O'Keefe WRITERS Again, Central has achieved honors in the literary world. In the school year, just past, two of her students placed in national contests. Irene O'Keefe won second place in the Spanish essay contest, and Claire O'Reilly was awarded fourth place in a feature contest conducted by Quill and Scroll. Mary Breen won the short story Christmas contest held an- nually by the Centralite staff. vi Mary Breen Pa ge f orty WHEN TO BE NCNCHALANT In the contest sponsored by Quill and Scroll, this story, by Claire O'Reilly, won four place in the Western district. A real reporter on a real newspaper, and now to keep the job. My heart danced with joy as I realized that the world would at last benefit by talent for writing human interest stories. Ah, that blond young man over there might be a good character for a sob story. Maybe, if I handle him right, he'll give me a few "back-in- the-woods" ideas about a real city. Kind of lonesome looking chapg prob- ably never been away from his mother before. I sauntered over to him as bold as you please, and handed him "a big line." Harder to be interviewed than I thought he would be, but, of course, he fell under the spell of my winning personality, and soon he was talking. "H'm, have only been here for a short while ? Well, well, working yet 7" UNO?" "When are you going back '?" "Well, glad you like our city." I walked away humming to myself, "How You Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm '?" Ha, not so bad for my first day, I soliloquized. V I went back to the office and wrote the story up, and if I do say so, myself, it was good. But when I walked into the office, every one laughed. They thought I was pretty dumb, I guess. I sat down, picked up a book and began to read. It was the latest book out on interviewing. None of that stuff for me. About three hours later the paper came out. I turned to the second page and looked for my story. It wasn't there. I ran wildly to the edito1"s room to see What the trouble was. When I reached the office, James fthe star reporterj said to me : "How does it feel to be photo'd with a celebrity '? "Celebrity, why I don't know." Then he held up the paper and there on the front page was my picture with the blond young man I had inter- viewed. Underneath the picture it read: "Charles Lindbergh and C. A. Hicks as they were snapped this afternoon, while engaged in lively con- versationf' Of course I knew it was Lindbergh. A good reporter always knows all about the person she interviews. All thatls the matter with me is that I am too good to write human interest stories. That's all: that's all. Page forty-one TULIP TIME LEADING CHARACTERS Ned Baxter, M. Stanawayg Christina, H. Venus: Aunt Anna, A lVIihe-lich' Hans M. Breeng Van Ooster, R. Roeg McSpindle, A. Plennevauxg Katink.Q1,AC, Duclleneaul Dick Warren, C. Douris. TULIP DANCERS-From Act I Eight girls in tulip costume and carrying baskets of tulips. DUTCH CLOG DANCERS-From Act II Twenty girls in ch:1racte1'istic Dutch costumes and wooden shoes. Page forty-two v TULIP TIME Scene From Act III A group of American students in "Fight, Fight, Fight," giving' the Dutch villagers an exhibition of American school spirit. THE OPERETTA One of the most outstanding events of the year was the presentation of the two-act operetta, "Tulip Time." This was given by the Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Kathleen Harris, to Whom the success of the production is due. The stage was beautiful in colors, flowers, and wind-mill setting, depicting the village of Osendorf, Holland, during the tulip festival. Seventy-ive girls par- ticipated in the brilliantly costumed chor- uses of Amc1'ican students, villagers and dancers. Character roles were played by Rose Roe, Helen Venus, Mary Breen, Colette Duchesneau, Anne Mihelich, Andree Plen- nevaux, Margaret Stanaway, and Ceil Douris. Miss Kailzlcciz Harris Page fo1'fy-three THE NIFTY SI-IGPPE F... For the St. Patricks Day program, the Sophomores presented the one-act oper- etta. "The Nifty Shoppe" for the student body, There was fine singing, acting, and a display of beautiful gowns. SOPHQMQRE CANDY SALE In November, the Sophomores gave the most successful candy sale ever held at Central. The proceeds will be used to purchase a trophy case. The picture shows the committees in charge. V Page forty-four VICTGRIA MATRIS Celebrating the 2000th anniversary of Virgi1's birth, the Latin classes gave a p1'Og1'3.D1. Chief features were a Latin play, Victoria Matris, by the Freshmen, and scenes from the Aeneid by the Seniors. Scences From the Aeneid The characters of the Aeneid in their ancient. but beautiful costumes were por- trayed by the fourth-year Latin class. Using the language of Virgil, the Seniors enacted dramatic scenes from the Aeneid. Page forty-five gang X F1 Li E fcflzi limit A Z ,f lx if SEPTEMBER E EEEE sale- i O TOBBAD JNOVEMCB E M fia E oecefvnaecz N 1 E JANUARY Page forty-six SEPTEMBER 0-Classes resumed. -Centralite drive begins. -Ten girls assist at K. C. Bridge Party. 24-Swimming classes reorganize. -6-Margaret Stanaway elected cheer leader. OCTOBER 1-Harriet Freebourn winner of Centralite Drive. 11-Columbus Day programs. -First "Centralite" issued. 14-Seniors receive class rings. 29-Students attend Passion Play. -Class '30 holds Harvest Party. Seniors enter Quill and Scroll contest. NOVEMBER 1-Free Day. 6-7-Quarterly exams. 7-Kathleen Harris gives program for Freshies. 11-Armistice Day program. 12-Second "Centralite" distrib- uted. ---Sophomore Candy Sale. - -Musical program. 27-Juniors present program. 29-Thanksgiving. -Commercial Freshmen win banner. DECEMBER -8-Retreat conducted. 11-Mines Co-eds entertain Seniors. -"Centralite" given out. -Mary Breen wins Christmas Story contest. 20-Program and vacation. -Senior Classicals win banner. JANUARY -School reopens. -Senior Classicals capture ban- H912 -16-17-Semester exams. -"Centralite" is distributed. -English IV write for Quill and Scroll. -Operetta practice begins. -Kodak Club organized. -1 5 10 10 10 19 19 20 21 28 5 14 17 25 31 4 1-1 17 22 22 23 25 FEBRUARY -Juniors elect officers. -"Lourdes and Its Miracles" slides are seen. -Claire O'Rielly wins fourth place in Quill and Scroll con- test. -Irene O'Keet'e wins second place in La Prensa contest. -Latin program in honor of Virgil's birthday. -"Centralite" comes out. -20-Mid-quarter exams. -Members of P. and B. Women's Club speak to students. ei .fa X .it in. , - v 1 i N i y . FEBRUARY -VVashington and Lincoln Day . prog ram . - -Senior Commercials win at- tendance banner. . MARCH -Program for visiting sisters. -Sophomores give "Nifty Shoppe." -Free Day. -26-Third quarter exams. -Classical Seniors win Attend- ance Banner. APRIL -Apron and ribbon day for Seniors. -Apron and ribbon day for Juniors. -Easter vacation begins. -Students resume classes. -Lecture by Anna Bird Stewart, -2-1-Operetta, "Tulip Time." -Junior Prom. 28-29-Mid-quarter exams. MAY 2-Soph. Apron and Ribbon Day. 5-Declamation finals. 13-Senior Frolic. 15 16 26 29 30 -"Centralite" appears. -Highest attendance treat. -Senior Class Day. .. was i , v l , , X , f if 2 1 ,Z-ff! QS An .Z -1' 3 1522! F - 6 0 5 ,VI f-N-2.1:-. iw i A M '56-:gm L at Q' K N 'h-3' A LQJII OEKWMI, ' Q3 4 f' I Z .fix I ". .N S. ' -.' v -ij, -E M I is l SL i gla I JI I PROM , I litiirix it ,J C In 'Q L ADRI L I S 2 ' M 1.4 I I I M A V lf, 1 5 'ly 'A A r I i E? , j f -Senior Picnic. -Decoration Day. ,,,1,kMff jg ,ao F JUNE H e- - gf P 2-3-Semester exams. ffdb 4-Graduation. J U N E 5-Quarterly reports. Page forty-seven CHENHSTRY ESSAY WHNNERS A. Mihelich C. Connolly M. Lee Two Juniors, Mary Lee, and Catherine Connolly, and Ann Mihelich, a Senior, were winners of first and second places in the State Chemistry Essay contest. The subjects of their essays dealt with the Relation of Chemistry to Agriculture, the Enrichment of Life, and the Cotton In- dustry. The winner of first place received a twenty dollar gold piece, and the second place winners were awarded certificates. The three essays were entered in the National contest. SENIOR FRQLIC Because Easter came so much later this year, the Frolic was not held until May 13. Each class was more than well represented. All the girls attended in masquerade costumes, and friends had a difficult time discov- ering who was who. There were dancing, stunts by the separate classes. and refreshments. Near the end of the evening the winner of the best costume and the class who gave the best stunt were announced. Music was furnished by the Senior orchestra, which played some of the jazziest and snappiest tunes of the day. Never was there a gayer time or peppier crowd. Page forty-eight HGNCJR STUDENTS H. O'Connell M. McCarthy Helen O'Connell won the drive for the annual by securing 100 per cent subscriptions from the Seniors. This is not the first time she has shown her loyalty and school spirit. She has, during her four years of high school, endeavored to make every Central activity successful. Margaret McCarthy, Freshman, made an outstanding record during her first year at Central. In each honor roll Margaret distinguished her- self by having the highest average. At the end of the first quarter, she made 99, the highest average ever attained at Central. CLASS DAY PROGRAM May 26, 1930 Songs ..eoooovv,,,,ee,,.,,.. C. Douris, A. Plennevaux, M. Stanaway, H. Venus Presidentis Address ,,.,,,................................................ ..... F lorence Harrington Piano Selections .............. .............. B essie Laramie Reading "Automobiles "... .............. .....,. H e len O'Connell Class Prophecy ....................... ........... ....,...,....................,...,.. ll I ary Breen Reading "The Truant Musician ".,..... ....... .,.v.,.........,,............. ll fl ary O'Leary Class Play ........................................... .,..,.. ' 'The Teeth of the Gift Horse" Reading "Flaming Youth ".....,........ ...................................... C . O'Rei11y Class Will .............................,.................... ,,.......i................. E lizabeth McGuirl Class Song, "Farewell to Central "... .................. .... ...........,................... S e n iors QWOrds by Elizabeth Gill! Page forty-'u inc PQETS' PAGE Class ,30 What's that ? you haven't heard of us? Our names you can't recall, And we, the Class of '30, The noblest class of all! Why sure! We are the Seniors. I knew you'd surely guess. We'll graduate this spring time From the famous C. H. S. -R. Harrington '30 Silent Talkies "Sail that kite with all your might, And gently Close that door: Serve the tea to guests two or three: Wake up and learn the score." "Play that 'cello, sweet and mellow, To people supposed to be near." If you've imagination, then take declamation- And your ship will sail on clear. -C. Douris '30 Spring Urge I should like to roam all day with never a care. I'd find many pleasant places Here and there. I'd seek out the shadiest spot . Under the treesg And there I'd sit and listen To the humming of the bees. -J. Cowley '30 Page fifty New Central To old Central they'll soon bid adieu, And go to a building so fine and so newg We know they will grieve, When old Central they leaveg For we all love the old school: we do! -E. Gill '30 Hopes My ships that come in are the shadowy kind- That sail in a far-05 sea, The same as my dreams that never come true, That are in the heart of me. Some day, perhaps, when the Clouds melt away, And the sun smiles on trials forgot, My phantom ships will be clear and distinct, And my dreams will come true: why not? -A. Murphy '30 Central's Optimist n I'm on my way to buy a dress, That's what I'm going to do. I have a coat, I have a hat, And a darling bracelet, too. You should see my pretty slippers! They're trimmed in silver kid. There's only one thing missing- I haven't got a bid. -E. Connole '31 COMMENCEMENT PRQGRAM Right Rev. George J. Finnigan eeee, eeee.eeee. . or ,..e,e CC. S. C. D. D. Presiding Woodland Echoes .,..o .o..,..o.oeeoeA,....,ee ......eee Z z imecnick Orchestra Rainbow Dance ,,,o,,,...,,,.,o......oo...oo,o .,,. Pupils of Holy Savior School Kindergarten Graduation Exercises eo,..,o,oore ,,e,. P upils of St. Josephs School Morning Invitation ,cccc cc,Y.. Elaine's Review ,,,,...c June Rhapsody ....c,,, lVe'Ve Got the Humps ..,... Balloon Dance l4A-,,,,lpA-- Clown Dance Il Springtime in the Rockies rcrccc Patriotic Flag Greeting ,.,. The Rheumatiz .....r, Address .,c,..,,.Pupils of St. Ann's School i,,,.,,Pupils of St. Maris School Glee Club Pupils of Pupils of St. Lawrence's School Immaculate Conception School t.c-.Pupils of Sacred Heart School c, irPupils of St. Patricks School Presentation of Diplomas ccococo, .......,Pupils of St. John's School oc,.... ccReVerend M. J, Leonard June 4, 1930-Fox Theater Pagc fifty-nnc 5 , 1. .4 af- ' VA! ff! 3- ' Y ,pqgw ' ji , F ' E -51,1 Q14 fffw MQ x .. X f - W. Q ey-V -N hose Q ' a -,MEG PEE WEE ' DORA I rv ,sl , V ' 0 wt 5 ep-4 , 67-,P 5,2 VENUS , 4-4 , re .4A' 5 l' I " A+ , was W f q , . E FRANME a i Dome Mouse Q . ..,. :Z A - 6 S -'UI I A, .I fgf ' T .xiii . . 4-f ' 'H ff ,sp-fx an-:sans 5 44'4yf.,. ,, , a -F , XX v, N Fnencnv X, CULLY ' FLOSS Yesierclay: Babies I n The Cradle Today: Cz n'I:ral i'Ez S1:aH Mem bers Page fifty-two Winner in Poetry Contest In the National Creative Writing Contest sponsored by Quill and Scroll. international honorary society for high school journalists, Anne Murphy. Sen- ior, won eighth place in the national division. This is a signal honor as the contest had thousands of entries from the leading high schools in every state, Alaska and Hawaii. The winning poem, "Winter Magic." was published in the December Cen- tralite. Anne has also contributed other poems to the school paper, among them being "The Little Things," "Au- tumn Rain," "Hopes," and "To an Ab- sent Mother." Anne Murphy WINTER MAGIC Silly it was of me to think The garden's loreliness had fled: That all the purple, green and pink Were numbered with the sweet things dead. To think that winter gathered up Each leaf upon the smallest tree, Each blade of grass and flower cup, Was such a silly thing of me. For when I walked its path today, The garden gleamed in winter hue: And snowflakes. beautiful and gay, lVere whispering. 'tWe are pretty, too." Pugc fiffy-three PROGRAMS The Glee Club and Orchestra held popular places on the programs for '29 and '30. Armistice Day and Education Week Program- The public speaking class interested the students with serious and humorous readings. Columbus Day- Orchestra and Glee Club featured. Amusing play, "Sardinesf' Christmas- Christmas program on December 21. All classes contributed. Public Speaking class entertain with "The Christmas Guest." Washington and Lincoln Program- Selections were given by the Declamation class, the Glee Club and the Orchestra on February 20. Virgil Program- Commemorating the two thousandths anniversary of Virgil's birth. Four Latin classes participated. Spanish Program- "Las Espanoles Aspirantes" gave an interesting program on May 2. Spanish dialogues, plays, poems, and songs were featured. Music Week Program- In observance of National Music Week, vocal and instrumental selec- tions were given under the direction of Kathleen Harris. Page fifty-four ORGANIZATICNS .......,.... ,NNE N .till CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Central, you've been a friend, kind and true, Through all our days spent here with you: But time must go on, and the parting is near. Though to us, Central High, you will ever be dear. Central, a name that always will mean Something far more than merely a dream. For all that you've given in work and in play, By loyalty and love we'll strive to repay. A -B. Laramie '30 THE CENTRALITE The Centralite, the official monthly publication of Central, ascended the heights of fame in 1930. The Centralite won fourth place in its class. in the national contest sponsored by Columbia University of New York. This was a singular honor, as only the finest papers in the country are entered in this con- test. Eleven members of the staff were initiated into the Quill and Scroll. For so many members of the staff to qualify for membership in this society was, in itself, an outstanding achievement, as the Quill and Scroll has among its members the most talented high school writers. Many new features were added to the paper this year to make it more newsy and interesting. The staff of 1930 may, indeed, lay down their pens, fully satisfied with their first attempt at journalism. CENTRALITE STAFF Front Row-M. Riley, C. Reilly, C. Meglen, H. Doran, M. O'Leary, H. Venus, H. O'Connell. . Second Row-F. Harringtfm, E. Gill, E. McGuirl, A. Dwyer, A. Plennevaux, M. Cullinan, R. Lively, M. Breen, C. O'Reilly, I. O'Keefe. Page fiffy-si.r SPANISH CLUB Members of the second year Spanish class this year, organized a dra- matic club, and named it "Las Espanoles Aspirantesf' At the lirst meet- ing, which was held in February, the following oificers were chosen: Helen O'Connell, President, Catherine Taylolg, vice-president: Rosemary Lively, secretary: and Julia O'Connell, treasurer. Meetings were held on Tuesday of each week, and were conducted entirely in Spanish. A com- mittee of four girls was appointed by the president each week to arrange the program for the following meeting, Programs consisted of a Spanish playlet, poems, and popular Spanish songs. Pins in the form of a shield, with the inscription S. D. C., were selected by members of the club. The following plays were presented during the year: "La Criada Nueva", "La Senora y la Mendigaug "El Doblo Robo", and "El Pollo Pequenof' W R ig Wig: 5' .e-,'N.w..s'i-P Q5 W:-,MA We e Q ' Front Row-M. McDonnell, I. O'Keefe, R. Lively, J. O'Connell, H. O'Connell, K. Taylor, C. Douris, H. Dennehy. Second Row-A. Pullaln, C. Hairington, M. Murphy, M. Robbins. L. Crowley, A. Mihelich, M. Breen, M. Anderson. Third Row-M. Cullinan, H. Stevens, C. Meade. Page fifty-Seven CLEE CLUB Due to the fact that so many of the girls joined the Glee Club this year, it was divided into two groups, the Senior and the Junior. The Seniors and Juniors made up the Iirst group, although a few Sophomores and Freshmen were allowed to join. The second Glee Club contained Scphomores and Freshmen, while the altos belonged to both groups. For the retreat, a number of girls were picked from both divisions to form a choir. At every school entertainment the Glee Club sang a number of selec- tions, which were well received. At the declamation contest and com- mencement exercises, thirty girls selected from both groups sang several numbers. All the success of the Glee Club was due to the superior train- ing the girls received from Miss Harris. Front Row-King, Coir, Ducheneau, Connole, Harrington, McGowan, McGonigle, Meade. Second Row-L. Sullivan, O'Leary, Mihelich, Gill, O'Donne1l, O'Keefe, Kelly, Kelly, O'Leary. Third RowiMcCarthy, Venus, McFadden, McMillan, Murray, Kendrigan, Brooke, Duggan, Ryan, Stanaway, Douris, Kearney, Lavelle, Harrington. Fourth Row-Breen, Harrington, Lively, O'Reilly, O'Connell, lvlurphy, Roach, Mc- Keown, Plennevaux, Rowe, Mulholland, Shea, Lane. Page fifty-eight MONROE CALCULATING CLUB Under the instruction of Mr. Paul Pale, District Manager of the Mon- roe Calculator Company, a class in calculating was conducted this year for the tirst time at Central. The class consisted of iifteen members ot the Senior commercial division. The company placed at the disposal of the girls, five machines, including four electric and one hand-operated ma- chine. This work afforded the girls a general review of all high school mathe- matics. To complete the required work in the school term, Mr. Pale ar- ranged a special class at the Branch Office from seven to nine P. M. every Friday and Saturday evening. The class members received Certincates of Proficiency from the Na- tional Office of the Monroe Company. located in Orange, New Jersey. Mr. Paul Pale, Instructorg M. Seaman, A. Murray, M. Riley, Modl, E. Mc- Guirl, R. Maloughney, L. McCarthy, A. Brown, M. Stanaway, C. Reilly, M. Holland, C. Meglan, A. Morgan, H. Doran, A. Murphy. Page fifty-nine QUILL AND SCROLL SGCIETY In April, eleven girls were initiated into the Quill and Scroll, inter- national honorary society for high school journalists. This is the second group to be admitted into the society since the establishment of the Cen- tral Chapter in 1929. Candidates for membership must be members of the staff: they must be in the upper third of their classg and having done dis- tinctive work in journalism, they must be recommended for membership by the supervisor, and approved by the international secretary. The initiation ceremony was conducted by Mr. Paul Rooney, County Treasurer and former newspaper man. After the presentation of the pins by the Rev. M. J. Leonard, who acted as chairman, Mr. E. G. Leipheimer. editor of the Montana Standard, gave an address on journalism. As an expression of appreciation of the work of the late Right Rev. John P. Carroll, D.D., founder of the school, the chapter was named the "Carroll Chapter' in his honor. B 517' -wam .., ,N al' -155' Front Row, Left to Right--Rev. M. J. Leonard, E. G. Leipheimer, Paul Rooney. Second Row-A. Plennevaux, H. Venus, F. Harrington, M. Riley, E. McGuirl. Back Row-M. Breen, C. O'Reilly, C. Meglen, R. Lively, A. Murphy, and Mary O'Leary. Page s'i.rz'y JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Organized in the early part of the year, the Junior Dramatic Club had a very successful season. To enable more of the members to take an active part in the affairs of the club, it was divided into two sections, the classical, and commercial. Catherine Connolly was chosen as director of the classical branch. while Nora Brouillette directed the commercials. Mae Mulholland and Norma Johnson were treasurers of the classicals and commercials repec- tively. The members displayed talent not only in dramatics, but also in speak- ing, singing and dancing. The lively music of their orchestra added much pep to the Juniors' programs. The Thanksgiving Day program, one of the snappiest of the year was presented by the dramatic club, and consisted of two short plays, recita- tions, selections by the orchestra, and dances. The plays presented were. "The Business Women's Club," and "Entertaining Royalty." These con- tained many comical situations, which sent the audience into peels of laughter, and testified to the great success of the club. C. Connolly, President, M. Mulholland, Secretary-Treasurer3 N. Brouillette, Presidentg N. Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer. Page sixty-one CHEMISTRY CLASS Those desiring to specialize in science, are given ample opportunity. The department given over to this study is complete in every detail, and the equipment is entirely up-to-date. Chemistry and physics are taught in alternate years. The former was offered to the students this year, and about fifty girls enrolled. The study of this science gives us an insight into the changes that result in altering the composition of materials. Many interesting experiments have been performed, especially those relating to oxygen, hydrogen. textiles, the composition of milk, and the chemistry of photography. The standard barometers, air pumps and apparatus for distilling water, were constantly being pressed into service by these girls, Because chemistry relates so much to our daily lives, and as the industrial advancement of a country is judged fairly well by the extent to which chemistry is cultivated in its schools, the girls are doing their utmost to advance in this science. Page sixty-two GENERAL SCIENCE' "The Magic Study" is the name given to General Science by the Freshmen. This study seems more of a reality to them, but no less en- chanting than the story of Aladdin, the boy with the magic lamp. Owing to the well-equipped laboratory at Central, the General Science class learns to solve problems by scientiiic methods. Since we are living in an age of science, worthy and useful citizen- ship in the home and community, requires that high school students have a knowledge of at least the elementary principles of this subject. and know how to apply these principles in improving the conditions of their environment. The students have double periods four times a week, in which they perform many interesting experiments. They learn the relation of man to animal and plant life, and study such subjects as foods, soils. magnetism and electricity. Page Sz'.rty-flzrrc ORCHESTRA This last year has proved most successful in the progress and activity of the orchestra. Practice was held three times a week. under the direction of Kathleen Harris, school music instructress. until the time of the oper- etta. when the work was taken over by Professor F. O. Jackson. At an early date. the following officers were elected: President, Helen Marie Venus: Vice-President, Audrey Sheehyg Secretary, Monica Prender- gast: and Treasurer. Cyrilla Meade. The orchestra made several public appearances among which were, "The Queen of Kingdom Corners," given by the Immaculate Conception Dramatic Club. The Washington and Lincoln Day program, given by the Patriotic Organizations, the school operetta. and commencement exercises. They also entertained at the majority of school programs and assemblies. M. Prendergast, saxophoneg C. Hoar, bells, H. Venus, piano, L. Lane, trumpet, G. Sullivan, drums: A. Nolan, violin, B. Meade, violing C. Meade, violin, A. Sheehy. violing J. Shorett, bones, M. McGowan, violin. Page si.rz'y-four T. C. CLUB Every year the Sophoniores form a Take Care Club. Officers are elected and the term is iilled with both social and business activities. The purpose of this club is to encourage the use of correct English. M. Miller and C. Gavigian. treasurersg M. Kenney. president: C. Taylor, secre- tary: H. McKeown, president: S. Kure, secretzxry. K C D A K C L U B Class of '30 had an excellent group of Klickers. Under Mary Breen. Chief Klicker and Margaret Stanaway. assistant. the club had a success- ful year. The club enjoyed taking pictures for the annual. Front Row-I. O'Keefe, Second Row-M. Stanaway, H. Venus, B. Laramie, E. Gill, A. Brown. Third Row-M. Holland, E. Brady, M. Cullinan, M. Breen, D. Blessinger. Page Sixty-j'i1'e' 'THE GENTIRAILIITIE 1930 AX Egfg f in VA- V Ong WW.MM L Published by the CLASS OF IWC CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL BUTTE. MONTANA 55222 ' IAJJO ATHLETICS CYM ACTIVITIES With speed and dash, the annual track meet brought to a close, athletics for the present school year. Stronger competition among the classes made the "headliners" of the sea- son very successful. The basketball tour- nament was the best of recent years. A great deal of enthusiasm was displayed during the swimming meet. The Freshies made a fine showing in this meet. The baseball league also drew a great number of enthusiasts. Too much appreciation can not be ac- corded to Lawrence Manion. who worked diligently to make the contests interest- ing and to promote good sportsmanship Lawrence Manion 21l'11OHg' the gl1'lS. SKATINC CARNIVAL TEAM For the second consecutive year, Central has participated in the An- nual Ice Carnival at Clark Park, conducted under the auspices of the Parks and Play Grounds Committee of the City Council. The team composed of Mgt. Keller, Norma Johnson, Helen O'Connell, and Mgt. Murray has won, these two years, silver medals for second place. Norma Johnson, Margaret Keller, Helen O'Connell, Margaret Murray. Page sixty-c1'gl1f SCHCXDL CHEERLEADER Margaret Stanaway, peppy Senior. was elected yell-queen for the Football. Basketball, and Track season of '29 and '30, Margaret possessed all the vim and vigor necessary, and with the cooperation of the student body. the cheering section was considered the peppiest in the state. As a token of appreciation, the Boys' Central lettermen presented Margaret with a monogram sweater bearing a meg- aphone, indicative of the cheer leade1"s a1'L. Margaret is to be congratulated for her successful season. All right, gang. let's give "fifteen" for the best Rah! Rah! Girl in the State. MQW? 3 aye' bf? ' ii .v.,,.,p Margaret Stanaxx ix CLASS CHEERLEADERS Central will always have an extensive supply of good rah! rah! girls if the pep displayed at the interclass tournament is any indication. The girls were chosen by their classmates to sound the "battle cry' at the K. of C. basketball court. Their enthusiasm prompted the girl- athletes to fight valiantly for victory. Front Row-H. Keller, M. Stanaway, H. Mclieown. Second Row-A. Corr, E. Connole, S. McFadden, B. Watson. Third Row-H. O'Connell. Page sixty-nine v s SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Our team has always been considered a threatening one. Under the captainship of Evangeline O'Neil as Freshmen, and that of Helen O'Con- nell as Sophomores, we placed fourth in the interclass tourney. Florence Harrington led us through a more successful Junior year. We placed third in the tournament after a l12.1'Cl game with the Seniors, who won second place. We eagerly anticipated our Senior year in the hope of becoming champions. Nineteen thirty proved to be our most successful year, although the coveted title of champs was won by the Junior team. Under the leader- ship of Alice Dwyer, we had the honor of being "runners-up" after 'the last game of our basketball career. It was one of the fastest games of the season, the final score being 14 to 5. A. Dwyer tcenterlg A. Plennevaux Qforwardlg H. O'Connell fguardlg H. Venus fforwardjg F. Harrington Qguarcij. Page seventy JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM For the second consecutive year. the snappy Juniors claim the inter- class basketball championship. They completed a hard schedule unde- feated. The championship encounter with the Seniors was a nip and tuck adiair until the Red and Whites overcame the splendid defense ot' the "high and mightiesf' Both the conquered and conquerors displayed excellent sportsmanship. The game was played with unlimited strategy by both teams, and the quick thinking and action of the Juniors, was the winning factor. Al- though the lower classmen were the leaders from the time the opening whistle blew till the final gong, the upper classmen fought with undaunted courage. Walter Coyle. Junior coach. deserves a great deal of credit for the excellent manner in which he coached the victors. The Juniors have one more year of basketball ahead ot' them. Good luck, Juniors. I. Harrington tforwardlg J. Mclieown tffaptain, guarcll: BI. McCarthy fsub-for- wardlg M. Roach tcenterlg M. Brooke Csub-guardyg M. Kendrigan tforwardbg M. Mur- ray fguardb. Page sereizty-one SOPHQMQRE BASKETBALL TEAM Bonnie Watson led us through our Frosh basketball year. Although not successful, we showed fine sportsmanship. This year under the capable direction of Coach "Mike" O'Leary, the Sophs won third place in the tournament. Although not as successful as we expected, we displayed the true fighting spirt of the Sophs. By up- setting the "dope" on the Freshies, we won a very spectacular and thrill- ing yictory. In every game we displayed the keenest rivalry. After such promising results in the last basketball tournament, much is expected in the oncoming athletic events from these sporty, Hashy. peppy Sophs. Just watch these Sophs forge ahead in the athletic field during the next two years. gel D. McCarthy tguardlg B. Watson tforwardlg M. Sullivan fcenterlg D. Gilmore tsub-guardjg M. Anderson fsub-guardlg H. McGunigle Csub-forwardhg H. McKeown tforwardjg R. McNulty tsub-guardj. Page seventy-tivo FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM The Freshmen weren't so green when it came to selecting a good bas- ketball team. This was shown by the manner the team played on the K. of C. floor. Of course, they didn't have the experience which the other teams had, but they did have plenty of grit and fight. Their first game and the most exciting was against the mighty Sen- iors. Were they downhearted? No, they got into the game and fought as a team never fought before. They were beaten. but only after a long and hard struggle. During the remainder of the tournament they were known as the "Fighting Greens." Don't you think they earned this name? wan. A. VVatson fforwardjg F. Gallivan tsub-centerl: E. Shea fforwardhq M. Maillet Qguardjg A. Mulholland tcenterlg A. Thivrirlgqe tforwardlz R. Shepperd fguardl. Page Seventy-tlzree Page sevevzty-fam ADVERTISING Page four FGREWORD This Annual is a treasure chest Wherein lies the previous memories of our Senior year. lnternfiingled With sketches representing the age of chiv- alry, We have recorded our activities. May this book be a source of pleasure in future years to the Class of '30 and to all those who glance over its pages. ECONOMY PLUS QUALITY Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family at Priees You Like to Pay. J. c. PQ . Operating Over 1400 Stores Rolmerta-Latin is e asy. listen 2 Forti Dux in O1'O. tforty ducks in a row Passus aimm iam. .J iPass us some jam.l Boni legi Caesaris. lBOIl6y legs of Caesaixj O O it o just to kill time. Aim-You certainly have a fine weapon. O Norine-I plav the pian ' .....I1IIl.H1HI...-1I-II...V.........l.m-.mmm THE SAINT MARY COLLEGE I.1a.xx'Icxu'o1qT1I, ipxxxexs Comlucterl Dy THE SISTERS OF CHARITY Klt-nilwer of North Central .Xssociatioii New four-story college building. readv for occupancy in Se t l N30 will contain Qt l V t . p em Jer, ., .. ure-nts' rooms, classrooms, gymnasium, swimming pool, beauty parlor, etc. Catalogues on application to the Registrar Page seventy-six THE STAFF AND SENRHE of Central High School, wish to express their apprecia- tion to those advertisers and professional and business friends who made possible the publication of this CENTRALITE ANNUAL Mary MCC.-Do you know only two things prevent you becoming 21 wonderful dancer. Bruno-Indeed? What are they? Mary-Your feet. O O O Miss Leary-What was the earliest type of American architecture A! Alice T.-The Wigwams. O O O Another way to express, 'Tm going to faint." HI feel myself growing white and flabby as a table napkin. AUTREY BROTHERS ENGRAVERS 1627 l.awrcnce Strcct l5lfNYl'fR. CUl.f'7R-'XDU Greeting and Calling Cards Gincluatiun and XYeclcling gX1lllOllllCLIllCIll.S Page sefrenfy-seven COMPLIMENTS OF Our Professional Friends PHYSICIANS Dr J. Thorkelson, Silver Bow Block Di D1 Dr Di' D1 Dr Dr fl J. J. Kane, St. James Hospital H. A. Maillet, Phoenix Bldg. DENTISTS J. E. Hanratty, Rialto Bldg. J. D. Bertoglio, Murray Clinic Bldg C. S. Renouard, Phoenix Block John F. Kane, Lewishon Block J. A. Herzog, Metals Bank Bldg. JUDGES Judge J. J. Lynch Judge Frank L. Riley Judge J. J. McNamara LAWYER Harrison J. Freebourn OPTICIANS Dr. J. Joseph Kelley Dr. J. L. Hanniiin COMPLIMENTS OF Our Alumni Friends Thelma Shea '25 Mervin Dempsey '21 John Sullivan '24 Margaret O'Neil '23 Florence Foley '27 Thomas J. McNulty '15 T. James Murphy '23 Patricia Cronan '29 Catherine Holland '27 Agnes Holland Sullivan Teresa O'Leary '29 Ann Sullivan '21 James E. Sullivan '23 P. J. O'Donnell '11 Julia Rafferty '21 Margaret Pullum '28 T. J. Downey '12 E. J. Noonan '12 Josephine Fogarty '20 Rita McGrath '22 9 lfwtalilislierl 1877 FIRST NATIONAL BANK ll L"l"l'li, Ml DXTAXNAX Andrew J. Davis, President A. J. Davis, Jr., Vice-President George U. Hill, Vice-President and Cashier J. F. Loxvney, Assistant Cashier Accounts of Banks, Merchants and Individuals Solicited mmmmmI1.m.......-...H..I1:...HI-1.-...............--miIII.11II11.1IIIIifInvIummm-.m.m..... A COMPLETE SHOWING OF llixwesef, tlviitx. Xlillinery tfwliiplillielits nf -FOR THEJ . w lflll2llSL'll1JHl. MISS Mike balot 5 MM. ' 51,1141 mXlili --1Ii1I1I-IIIH.IHII1IHIitIIIIIImu-mm-mm-im Rose-Could you tell me in round numbers what I made in the test Chemistry Teacher-Yes, without any trouble-Zero. O O O Bessie-I just adore dark men. Dreata-You'd have a big time in Africa. I.mmInIinmmumfmummlmmmmmnmnH.lm..InInInli-U--.----.-.-...lm-..... DALY-SHEA COMPANY l'1l1llllf Miwtiriziiis Due to our training and experience we have been alvle to especially equip our service so as to Conduct funerals according' to the custom and dignity of the Catholic church. llll 513. lflillltl FI. llfql c .A mm. mi 1I..mmmmmm.... The thmilps I'l1otog1'aplis and Iflasliliglits gQMp14IM1QN'1'g QXQF Interiors in this .Xnnual .X '- Xl. l- I ' - - It lf 'F' Judge Frank L. Rilev C. Owen blll1II161'S The Commercial Photographer Lmu-I House 21 XYCst Granite St. Page Ciglzfy Congratulations Seniors! The Montana Iron Works 81 Sullivan Valve Company ANACONDA FERTILIZER WILL NOURISH YOUR LAWN 2-lb. Cams . . . .... 20-lb. sacks .,.............. .... S 2.00 Hyclrated Lime, 10-lb. sacks . . . . 350 This lime is used for wliitewasliiiig' and disinfectiiig a well as fertiliziiig. Now is the time to give your lawn a uourisliing dressing. Buy Anaconda Fertilizer for the Best Results MONTANA HARDWARE CO. 30 WEST PARK STREET lDepa1'tme1it.of A. C. M. Companyy ghfy-two A Good Portrait of Yourself . Can Be Had At Al's Photo Shop Z lfur only 32.00 pci' flux. '6Bing" Paul A. Rooney SOCK 'IQM AT 'likl COXt,1R,X'llL'l-.X'l'lC PXS inmm-uinmnmmuunmumuni-mmmm-nmnmmmI nu nu mummmm nn COAL Phone 65-ll' Skanfls Inc. 77 XV. Park St. Pioneer Fuel and Brick CO' We Sell For Less 127 XY. Park St. inInnfnvInInnima--In-.nmn-mIninni-1-nm-mminInvuinInmm-I--uumnmmmmIn-mmmnm Aileen-When did the revival of learning begin? Roberta-The night before exams. O O O June-Find the common divisor of - Lois-Is that darned thing lost again. nmunuunnmuininnlulInnm-IninIitmm-'mum'-mininniummmmmm CUAlPLlAllfNTS UF Hqllqllll Ijlorrll C L . C James J. Harrington "F1w'1lWif11 Flowvff 57 W. Broadway Phone 2-2830 Clerk and lqCCHl'flC'l' I3L"l"l'li, KlOX'l'.XN.iX CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF 1930! As you start on ynul' future Qzireer, always reinenihei' "Quality Goods Are Cheapest in the End" H E N N E S S Y ' S Page eiglzty-flare Phone 4531 Bessette Printing Co., Inc. Printers and Blank Book Mfg's. Z1 li. Quartz St. BUTTIS, MONTANA Post Office News Stand Stationery, Periodicals, Books Souvenirs, Novelties, etc. Klenfs Booterv 33 North Main Office Supplies, Commercial Stationery, Greeting Cards for All OCCWOUS iu'TTia, Moxrexxi-x 24 West Park Street, Butte Dial 2-1472 inifIinIAuIiiIitininiiI.IIiiI.1inininIHI-1i-1ininIiniiiIHinmiinI-1ifI.TiinIifIinmm..mlm-.I--mm Pat-There is something dove-like about you. Mary-You flatterer. Pat-Yes, you're pigeon toed. O O O Missy-Hey, there are two flies swimming in this soup. Loretta-Impossible, flies can't swim. -1niiniini-1iinminnnmnn-ummminmmIluinininininI-IininuganininmimmuiinininnIinmuummnmmi J. W. Harkins Wholesaler of Blackstone, Webster, Whittier v Y Rialto, King Leo and Endicott FOI' X Hlll' Drug XX Zlllts Cigars. Schraft's Chocolates SOME LINE! Xye Deliver BUTTE MONTANA 5 MOl1tg0l1161'5T Cf' NUI'.tXTL'l.,X'l'lON.'. J X S Drug -S EN IORS l Company The Court House 140 XYEST PARK sr Grocery Page eighty-four L. DUGGAN Undertaker and Embalmer DLXT. 3726 COMPLHIFXT5 UF Judge J. J. McNamara Court House From the front-Give me a sente anatomvn in it. Walkerville Coal and Feed Company Coal. lYoocl, and Teaming 2-2587 Phone 2-2587 1308 No. Main St. WALKERVILLE, MONTANA mmm,-.1InInnlnlu-mmmlun1nInnmnun--mn-nm.mmm nce with the words "analyze and Brownies-My ana-lize over the ocean, My ana-lize over the sea, Oh, who will go over the ocean. And bring back my Ana-tomy. Aldine Market Best Prices-Rest Quality Meats and Groceries 615 XY. Park Sf. For First Class Dental X-Ray See Butte Dental X-Ray Laboratory 360 Phoenix Block BUTTE, MONTANA nmnmnn-Lmuu .mmmuumm COMPLIME NTS of Ellis Paint Co. "Say lt 'XYith Fl0XYCl'SH From Columbia Columbia Garden Flowers Floral Company C. R. Leonard N. F. Leonard -17 West Broadway St. Phone 4142 BLYTTE. MONTANA Page eighty-fire DEDICATION To the faculty of the Girls' Central High School, who for the past four years have shared our joys and sor- rows, Who put forth untiring effort that the ideals of truth and honor which prevailed in the age of knighthood might be instilled in us, We, the'Seniors, in grateful appreciation, dedicate. the 1930 Centralite Annual. Page fire Plumbing and Electrical Supplies For that new house or rciumleling the olcl SlllilQXX'lN XYll.l,l.XKlS PAINTS W. J. SEWELL HARDWARE CO. Phone 5101 221 Fast llark St. C-crmllilllxl QI? ff lllllnllllllfxrlls KDF F. P. tRed Neckj Kelly Dr. J. E. Hanratty Clerk uf the District Court ul-mminmi 1II-inI-1inI-:mum-mum-mminnmmlmmmlmilmmm .,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mary-Why are you always begging? Helen-When I was young a girl showed me around in a carriage for a dollar and I've been pushed for money ever since. 0 O O Sister-Let me hear how far you can count. Phylis-One, two, three, four, tive, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Jack, Queen, King. ST. VINCENT ACADEMY HELENAX, MON'l','XN.fX ix Bwixlqlblxti Scilocgil, FQR GIRLS Conducted by the Sisters of Charity Exceptional zulvaiitages are offcrccl in the music. art, language aurl expression Courses. FULLY ACCREDITED Pnae eighty-six "Quality 'l'h:1t Counts Butte Brewing Co. "Lll1cCuH Srlflfls DIAL 2--15Nl WEIN'S 53-35-37 lfast l':1rlc St. Montana's Largest Men's Store fiinInnIinmmuu-mmm-nfI-mu-muummn-ummm..-H Dreihelhis Sells All Four Loafing' Makes of PHONOGRAPHS Victor, Columbia, Brunswick and Sonora FOMPARIC AND DECIDE AT TT W. PARK ST. Sheets-Powell Jewelers 57 XXI-st llrf uarlwfly liT"l"l' li, XII IXTANA mmmiminInnunuunuimr..HIn:mmmum-umm.unnmmmml-mu-I Teacher-Now, listen. In order to subtract. things have to be in the same denomination. This is what I mean, You Could not take three peaches from four apples-do you understand 'Z Ameera-Please. teacher, could you take three quarts of milk from four Cows? nlininmimmu-mm...mlm I-IH.-mmm-II-mum-mi -mm M. A. Arnold James J. Brett Arnold-Brett Co. "Llp to the Minute" Plumbing'-HeatingElectrical Construction, Engineering and Repairing 120 South Main Street DIAL T650 BUTTE, MONTANA Furs remodeled. repaired. stored and insured at lowest cost. DIAL 2-2222 Hoenck Furs llontanzfs Leading Furier Importer and manufacturer of fine furs In 'mm my--mn Royal Bakery llfflhllf Ol: lfL'Rl2li.X ancl 'l'.XBl.lf QL'lflfN llRlfqXl5 107 E. Park St. Joseph Keane, Dial 2-2758 Prop. m-.ummmIinHi..mmnmmmminun Womens Apparel "Fifth Ave. Styles at Main Street Prices" Ed. Marana -ll North Main Street Page eighty-sere NEW HOTEL FINLEN The zulilitioii uf 42 new 11:-uns with hath is open tu thu public at 333.00 New futtee Shop Ujwu II'll1U-11230 K. Bi. tml 9200 P. :NL M. S. WEISS, Manager Pnl' R631 Gtmti EIMS ALL OF THE NEVVS FIRST! Xml Quick Service And Intelligently VVritten Tiff- The Butte Daily Post T1'llZZ0l1l10 Cate MONTANAS LEADING 120 W' Park St. AFTERNOON NEWSPAPER immmmu-iinI-III.Iluinmlm--mmm-ui-1.uiinT..--Iininim-mlinmmH-uumu-ummm.ininininmmI..mmininmmmmmmmi-mu Andree-I hear you fired your orchestra last night '? Helen-Yes, it was like this. It was the great scene in the picture. The hero stood in the dock and just as the judge put on the cap to pro- nounce the sentence of death, that dumb orchestra began to play, "Where did you get that hat." .umminmmm:.mmm-mumninImiIitII-1Immm..--m--um. 9 E Q Dand f A Pan 5 : DI. Xl. Gillie J. F. :Xngeletti RRR.-XD TXLSUOLD Parrot Coal Co. l'1.ixx'1ixTQ1ox C.-uiis Coal and Wood f f M Ish.. GIFTS Fon g"' f' , , as ' A , ' M 61 295 EVERH Quality and Service 1 I-,SQSQI5 OCCASION , -9-u,x,l,l,1i 'gt 'ii-Hzlglgi' The Lantern -- Ez Gift Shop 111 West 1502 2114 Street Park St' BUTTE, MoNTfxNA Butte, Montana Page eighty-eight SERVING IIS BIOIIIZIIIZI Cities and Towns "As Long As Water Falls" ianinininin-Inf-IuumiuuumuumininIIiniinnimmlmmmiiiimmmm-mumii.ininmnimminininnunnumnu-nn Mother-But you didn't bring the sausage I ordered. Villa-No, the butcher said to tell you the worst is yet to come. O O O Sophie-Why don't you answer me? Sadie-I did, I shook my head. Sophie-Did you think I could hear it rattle way up here '? 1ininininmuIninininIifvinImiInIiiinuIininIiinmuiiInniIlii-1iniHiiIiiinmmninif1ifinIuin1umumininmimiumi-mi Gimfl 'lewclry is the ideal ffJKll'l.lhIlfNrl'S UF flrzicliintioii Gift w Creamery Cafe Iired P. Young l'7 XYICST ll llOgXDXY:X Y Zl llveft Park St. ininniiiIinininmmmmu-mi Viifinnmmimimmm- mmm mam-mn 1 A. W. Drynan Chas. P. Nevin L'4JMI'l.lRlliXTS cnt' DRYXAXNeNT'3Y1,N H - PLL Mmm, lllzAlIXL1 I EXPERT HEATING ENGINEERS John L. SUIIIVZIII And 1,,.. gf HIGH GRADE PLUMBING "It's all in the VVork" Lity Treasuier DIAL 3338 114 N. Main St. Butte, Montana Page eighty-nine DO YQUR DANCINNG AT THE WINTER GARDEN SgX'1'L'R1'1iXY SL'XD.XY THLvRSD.XY MORE THAN 10,000 lir::1111:111-K 1-f thix l11xlit11l11111, 111111' 111 ih f111'li1-111 y1':11'. :11'1- 11 1 1 1 11 s 111111 1111111t111y 11111111-111ls, NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS 11 - 111 1'r1'w 1'1- 1:1'4' '111 '11' w1e'11i1 v"1"1'N "'-" ' 111 ll I1 1 1 3 1 t 1 11 1 l 1 ,..l111 .. 1.1115 1111111111 1111 1111v1' :1 l2ll'L21' lllllll' 111-r 111' 1-1111x t'111' 111111-11 111-111. If you 111111 1111- 11111-1--X11115' t1':1111111:. YHI' 11'111111l 111- 111 111111 1'111' :1 2111111 1111x1t11111, It 1111ly tukvx :1 f1-11 11111111l1s of 1'11111'H11l1':1I1'1l study In 111'vf 111111 111111-wif f111- 11 g111111 111111111111 Write today for our Catal Al I . . ogue. 1 Departments of our school open day and evening the year around. Estab. 1890-Dial 12-2391 Rice ik Scott, Props. Top Floor Owsley Block Kat111ee11-Why douyt you pause here? Cz111't you see it's marked rest? Ceil-Yes, but I'm not tired. O O O Radio Announcer-The harmony trio will now sing "Together',. Fan-Its about time. J. P. MONDLOCH CJUH,EN,I.ER XYQ Solicit Your Account 108 South Montana St. ' ,, ' ., SHOP PHONE Gm Mlllelb Savmge Job1Ji11g', Cabinet, Office Work, Ballk Q T1'llSt CO- Store Fronts, Repairs and New I XrVOl'k of every Description COM1'L1M1iN'1'S OF CC1MP1.1M1iN'1'S UF BIUTIJIIYQS Garage Browlifield-Canty 3311 15, P11111111111 91. COIIIIJEIIIY Page lIl.1l6fU IN AND OUT OF SEASON, THE LARGEST AND BEST STOCKS IN ALL MONTANA ARE AVAILABLE ONLY AT SYMONS HI-II..I-IHI1..1IliH.1.-.I.1l-II.I.11I.I-I.1I.mlfmml-mn-un Ray H.-Are you Hungary 'Y Colette-Yes. Siam. Ray-Russia to the table and I'll Figi. O Science O O Teacher-When rain falls Maryla-Yes. Science Teacher-When? Maryla-In dew time. -mm'-unIninmuml-mmmmm-I We Are As Near to You as Your Telephone We Deliver Anything, Anywhere. Any Time, Call Us Up. DIAL 3225 H6llI'yfi9S Pllarnlacy T41 West Granite Street unumm-inIn-mummmI-ummm C'UMl'LIKIENTS QF Michael B. Walsh City lingineei mu-nm-um. mi dues it ever rise again? Paumie Parisian Dye House Inc. French Dying and Cleaning' . ,-,- llml .won No. G0 West Galena, Butte, Muni. UIuinI-.III1IHI1.I-II-1IIII11InHluinIlnInIInaninImm.-unnmumn Greet Your Friends at GAMER'S CONFECTIONERY Hot Drinks, Sandwichee. Salads, etc. Served until midnight Gamer's Candy Co. 133 W. Park st. Page 'ninety-one Home of Scholastic, Inter-Collegiate and Independent Football Games E. J. NASH, Mgr. 1ummlInInmn-mam-mmmn nnuinnnmmnmn-nu-umnun-um-mmmmnlnmmm FAVORITE SAYINGS Flivver Owner-Wouldn't that jar you 'F Radio Orator-I'll tell the world. Murderer-Well, I'll be hanged. Sausage Maker-Dog gone. Fisherman-I'll drop a line. Seamstress-Darn it. Shirley Clothes Shop America's Finest Clothes for Men FROM FACTORY TO YOU I-1 NORTH MAIN STREET l3L'TTli. MONTANA COM I'I.l M ICXTS UF Butte Coal Co. ' Page 'ninety-two 1 1nnInIfI-1annInIufnunnInlumn-nmmunnn fonnrinnxrs or Fisher Boyington Shoppe 102 N, Main D. R. S. Spring and Auto Service Colnraclo and Mercury St. out 2-4637 Clinton Drug Co. 106 North Main Street l'rcscription Specialists Harry L. Hanson Co. Plumbing and Heating ll XY. llroarlway Stationery Cigars hlllllflj' DIA L 3-4530 H. HONEY AL LEAMER CQMPLIMENTS 'tYiiu are insured" or Clty Cab Co. 5 "1il"lfY LINE" O. R. Ashford St Sou Iqmc 4-1,09 R Lowest Stand Rates Plaza 1inininananinnumnummnnmmnuinanummmunummmI-1n-In1-1ininImumuinInInnInmImn-nuninnininininmumimunnn-mum "Is there anything you would like to do before I press the button '?" asked the warden of the convict in the electric chair. "Yes, your honor," said the latter, "I would like to get up and give my seat to a lady." Butte Tolnhstone Company 2-128 South Montana St. i:t"r'rE iioxrlxxfx mm:nunu-mmm:unmuunmunnn'mu-umunmim We Have Served Butte With the Best of Printing for 36 Years Oates St Roberts PRINTERS COURTEOUS ATTENTION PROMPT SERVICE Dial 4431 114 East Broadway umnnmmuininummm-mumniininuumnnmuumm Quality Clothes N-ll tl1en.s1-lxw-s on the style, tailoring: falnrlv and quality they possess. OUR 10-PAYMENT PLAN Offers Ihr' 1-onu-lair-111-41 of nlvnrv easily :ifforiling gmail rlotlu-s-tliv 4-vmimiiiral kiuml in thc lon: run. B A-1 OHL 161 b 29-31 VVE ST PARK The Handy Market Phone 5380 31-1 E. Emmett St. Quality Meats. Groceries Prompt Free Delivery Responsible Accounts Solicited Pascoe Hocking, Prop. Page ninety-three U JM l'Ll1lliXT5 OF Dr. J. A. Herzog DEXTIST National Market XX'l1olesz1le :tml Retail Meats and Provisions Dial 2-2363 307 N. Main A. F. Toler, 1110. Druggists L'o1'11e1' Hain and Gold St liL"l"l'li, KICJNTXXNA mm-I mmm um Dineen Brothers Groceries and Meats DIAL 6629 T03 North Montana Street St. Katherine-Helen, wake up. Helen-I ean't. Katherine-Why 7 Helen-'Cause I am not asleep. THE MONTANA STANDARD Montana's Greatest Page ninety-fam' Newspaper 5

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