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Girard Rural High School - Trojan Yearbook (Girard, KS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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ff- V , 4 1-f ' ' f ' - 9 K . g Y x Q We ,4 4.01 PJ 'a H 4 fc, 1 :SL .uf LII? xv. 'WS f- s 4 ' , V 4 1' 1 ' Qi, . -Lew , , X P. .1 , if ffl' if .P -4' Q' 3 Q ei 3 ' -. -, .1 as - LJ s V ' , 'E 1 A . X, Q' : ,X Q .E 4 ,, a ,, ' . ' ,Ja 5 5 L Q Hz .. -ja! . Va' 4 1 , ,, J' Y ,' Ll! , X I, L., 1 by V ffm, . 1 ' s " - P ,.',:,f , ,j , 1 , 2 1 1 . HT , 2' 4 Y Y ,. " V g 5,3 . ' I .1 1. Qu. A, Y . ' , ,gg , - '-V 5 M .1 1 4 . , 3 5 Xl 1 gif S 5 2 5 2 Z Z 5 s 5 E E s sf F E 1 M E E I V 9 H i 5 5 5 E 1 s 6 2 2 E L Auditorium-Gymnasium .xc ,, X 2 V High School Vocational Agriculture Shop NW! . ', -',4g'.'sxS 'X Y 1 , 4 gk -o Q if he N T O the '!+9ers of one century ago who crossed the prairies blazing pathways to the west. Uv H 0 by courage and resolve made freedom and progress a part of' their code of living. UU H O thought more of posterity than of self. UU E the 'l,9ers of this era dedicate this our 1949 CRIMSON AND GOLD. X f QS' ... X fx , 1. ywmwv WQ WIOWW' L Lei fdxifmlm D vffxb W A1 Wm x n Z,,,,, yn 1 R K -1 l Z 4 , 2 M1 X L, 3:5 2 X f '-,X V N' V ' X 5- 'y xg Q mi ' 1' I ,, Y- gf- .-1 I . ,f f, lf f f f , ,- e'.,.'-57:2-35.1-'EQW Q ,,"! ' N ' Mg- ,Q D sf- , 1 fl ,i f. M., ,. f f 44,14 1 f 4' or e l k a-"Q-f5fi'.," i A ff. ff ,- t are f --- as mf if- --L--ff, ,4 'lf 1 ff' -Q ' lfyfs.: H ,' I 1949 CR1MsoN AND Gow " 1,323.4 X fx ' Q' Q Fit' nf: f 35 b, , K Uauluflhkacf but fTh.e .Studlant Uilocfmff Ui gunna! High Schoofl gzlnarcl, Kan4a4 CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISING 'fx ff , W,- ' V I f:ef4"I QA , A g"':I - 'Q 'N . 1y A f g A I if f f f X 4 ADMINISTRATION 4 We BOARD OF EDUCATION Pans, 41 Edward Gillard CMemberJ, John S. Todd QPresidentD, W. W. Copeland fVice Presidentl, Mildred O. Oles fClerkD, E. J. Schulte CMemberl, James Storey fMemberJ, Ivan Breneman CMemberj, Ted R. Taylor CSupt.J 1849-1949--One hundred years is a long time. Many things have changed in our way of living, but one thing that has not changed is this: we must all work--diligently and patiently, to obtain the best that life has to offer. The A9'ers worked with pick and shovel and covered wagon and trusted largely to luck. Today, we work with books and brains and trust to our own perseverance, diligence, and integrity. The privilege of association with you students of G.H.5. is enriching to every member of the .administration. We admire your courage and bravery in the field of sport, your charm and interpretation on the stage in mu- sic and dramaticsg your honesty and ingenuity, your alertness and fresh you g enthusiasm. All of these attributes, and more, we of the school board find good and fine in the young men and young women of Girard High School. Our message to you this 1949 year is: keep always alive in your minds and hearts these admirable qualities which have become a part of you during your growing-up years. With best wishes, J. S. Todd SUPERINTENDENT GIRARD CITY SCHOOLS Gnuxno. KANsAl onset ol' E TID I. TAYLOI IUPIIIITIIDINT We congratulate the l949'ers on their accomplishments. We trust 511, that you are equipped with those essentials which will enable A' i ' you to enter into a new phase of life's endeavor. Your frontier is quite different from that of the l8l.9'ers. Their's was a physical frontier, beset with dangers. Your frontier is more - complicated. It consists of things of science, research, social welfare, international understanding. All these require of' the f modern frontiersman much training. We are hopeful that with ad- ff' ditional training you will be able to bring order out of a world f' ', filled with chaos. Peace to a world filled with strife. A hap- ., i pier tomorrow for all. -f , " Q-if Sincerely, I 0 PRINCIPAL GIRARD HIGH SCHOOL GIRARD. KANSAS GTI!! G Tl! PIIODDM. 545 1 In covered wagons the Forty-niners crossed the rairies , 3 f- Wyf !,7 and mountains in their quest for gold. p 3, 1, ,. A: QL In buses, in cars, and on foot this yeax-'s Forty-niners asp, If I L come seeking gold--not the ,riches of the mine, but the 'V V, ji. , Sqwsri a Y, .X riches that only education and training can give. lf B HT5' ,l g g ' ,, ,. V our Democracy is to endure, the youth of America must ' ' 'l 3 . - ever continue this search that will make them intelli- gent participants in a democratic way of life. FACULTY Hattie Borden--Social Science, Y-Teens, sophomore Class bponsor 1' Bessie Schwab--Home Economics, Inez AcAdoo--English, Peppy Peggies, Sophomore Class Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor X 825 . H4 Refi' .I A Iii ee p l'l'lf G. H. Saccane Science, Freshman Class Sponsor W. W. VanNorsda1l Drivers Education, Voc Agric., F.F.A. Club .Zi 4 xl FACULTY Edith Prosser Commerce, Y-Teens, Comercial Club, Freshman Class Sponsor James nlcCorm:l ck Mathematics, Hi-Y Club, Senior Class Q 0 , i W Sponsor Q4 Q Wh X S Frank Jameson Ind. Arts, Coach, Junior Class Sponsor, Drivers Education Mildred Heller English, Peppy Peggies, Senior Class Sponsor TRANSPORTATION , ., " - "W ' T , ,,,,-f , . -...-A t. .-no ,L p vp-Q-7 M, .f,,,M-7 , x., , -' A f' f' 1 ' W-'- I Yami, i rf' h', gi? ' . fa f 1 . " 5 1 fz3s ?faaf-fW W 1 V as aaa 0 , 1525 We appreciate our rides. The safety record of our transportation system is the very best. Our busses cover over 50,000 miles annually and transport l60 students each day. We thank our drivers, Mr. Brower, Mr. Trout and Mr. Peak, for their excellent work. CUSTODIANS The students are very appreciative of the fine work done by Mr. Lloyd Neil and Mr. Don Pyle, our very good custodians. OBSERVATION POST-A 'tip of CAREER WEEK Career Week opened with a special assembly at which Mr. Taylor explained the plan for a series of conferences instead of the one day of discussion previously used. Mr. J. S. Todd, president of the board of Education, spoke on the impor- tance of the right choice of a career. The first conference was devoted to secretarial work with Mr. Roy neller and Mr. Robert Williamson as speakers. Local talent was used for the assembly set a- side for the consideration of agriculture as an occupation. Mr. VanNorsdall and Mr. Fred Bowles, the agriculture teachers, presented both the favorable and unfa- vorable sides of the profession. Girls interested in being beauty operators met with Mrs. Helen baker. She, likewise, brought out both sides of this occupation. A group of allied professions were introduced at the next conference, with Miss Mohler as chairman of a panel. one represented the nursing profession. Mem- bers of the panel were Dr. n. J. Schulte, Dr. O. B. Gentry, Dr. H. V. Haderlein, and Mr. P. A. O'Reilly. Career Week closed with conferences centering about engineering, teaching, physical education, music, and home economics. The consultants, all members of the faculty of Kansas State Teachers College, were Dr. L. G. Heckert, Professors Prentice Gudgeon, William H. Matthews, Claude Newcomb, W. 5. Davison, and Mrs. George Dalton. AT LEAST IT SHOULD BE Basketball is a game--not a bat- tle or a fight. Basketball is played for the fun and enjoyment it produces not to pro- voke bitterness and sorrow. An athletic contest is only a game and not a matter of life or death An athletic contest is only a game from which there must emerge a victor and a loser. Only a few points, in general, separate the victor from the loser. The victors deserve congratula- tionsg the losers respect. Victory should develop a spirit tempered of elation mixed with toler- BUGS. --H. R. Peterson in Minnesota Bulletin GOOD aPOnTSMAN5HlP ye old scribes lid goes to the Girard Trojans. . . For the finest sports- manship displaym at the Gee Cee League second team tournament at Cnerokee the pas- week, this de- partment votes for the Trojans. . . Girard lost a close overtime game to McCune on Thursday night .... It was a well-played game through- out, and Girard had held the lead until two seconds before the game ended .... Then McCune tied the count. forcing the game into an overtime oeriod. . . McCune won it in the overtime period .... After the game, Coarn Frank fPudgyb Jameson, Superintendent Ted Tay- lor, Assistant Coach Guido CD00 Saccane and all the Girard players shook hands with the officials and complimented them for calling a good game .... That was the Iinest display of sportsmanship seen by this scribe this year. . . It was a tough game for the Trojans to lose. but they took it hkc men .... Con- gratulations Trujans .... ' From The Dope Bucket by Bill Morey, The Pittsburg Sun, Feb. 27 COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER 'Z p n QQ tl , n Q.. "' ,V , V , ,3 K I Q I , l E ...5 .s VVVVAM A g L n lss V A - 15 fL: 4.x HEducation is the fo for only an informed undation of democracy, people can be free.H Milton b Eisenhower President Kansas State College Manhattan, Kansas AU NIDRQQ Samoag CLASSES Sov+1oNxow.ES 7 up f 4. 72 ,KN x f f Vx K 1 fl 'Fzeeamehl d W ! 4 mm .1 X' 'fy f f , 4, M X 9 its VM, f M3 dent Col. Prep.3 Basket- ballg Footballg Hi- Yg Mixed ,Chorus5 Jr. Playg Trackg Glee Club Ruby Baker Com.g Peppy Peg- giesg Y-Teens William Bloomer Col. Prep.g Hi-Y5 Football Ted Cunningham Gen.5 Glee Clubg Spanish Clubg Hi-Y V. President Agric.5 F. F. A. w r w fbonald Bennett Gen.5 Trackg Hi-Y3 Football Leroy bruenjes Col. Prep.5 Hi-Yg Basketballg Foo t- ballg Trackg Glee Clubg Mixed Cnorus Barton Dorsey Col. Prep.5 Bandg Hi-Yg Glee Club SENIOR CLASS Earl Bennett AgriC,5 F.F.A.3 Hi-Y ClE5 g iEQl hex Christian Col. Prep.5 Hi-Yg Footballg Basket- ballg Track Margaret Elliott Col. Prep.g Peppy Peggiesg Y-Teensg Bandg Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Orchestrag Commercial Club io R T YW, v 435 w .s i q, :'EE L ' Eg- 1Q i u'I!::f?' 7'4P SP N Aiosvf' Lewis bertoncino Col. Prep.5 Trackg Footballg basket- ballg Sr. Playg Jr. Playg Hi-Y Alice M. Colegrove Com.5 Glee Clubg Peppy Peggiesg Y- Teensg Sr. Playg Mixed Chorus Max Flinn Agric.3 Glee Clubg Hi-Y Perry Page Sec.-Treasurer Gen.g Basketballg nnsembleg F.F.A.3 Footballg Sr. Playg Mixed Chorusg Hi-Y5 Glee Clubg Track Mary Bloomer Gen.5 1Peppy Peg- giesg Y-Teens Wilma Critton Gen.5 Peppy Pegg giesg Y-Teens nose bee rliss Com.3 Glee Clubg Mixed Chorusg Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Y- Teensg Orchestrag Spanish Clubg Bandg Peppy Peggiesg Com- mercial Club 5, U i Mary Ann Gates Com.5 Glee Clubg Y-Teens Violet Humar Com.5 Commercial Clubg Spanish Clubg Y-Teens mugene Koester Gen.5 F. F. A. Roy McElwain Agric.g Hi-Yg Foot- ballg Trackg F.F-A- Maxine Gates Com.5 Y-Teens Bill Inman Gen.g Basketballg Footballg Trackg Hi-Y - Terry Lane Col. Prep.5 Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Bandg Quartettesg Footballg Jr. Play Sr. Playg Ensemble Orchestrag Hi-Y 5 3 A' K 7, s 5 5 , eie 1 i Q' Omer Henson Gen.5 Glee Clubg Hi-Y3 Track Donna Jones Com.3 Glee Clubg Mixed Chorusg Y- Teensg Quartettesg Sextetteg Bandg Jr. Playg Orchestrag Peppy Peggiesg Sr. Playg Club Commercial Ara Q .,q?c'Q M533 Emfi YMMWW ??E, 'ik 9 .A R Margaret McCormick Col. Prep.g Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Peppy Peggiesg Jr. Playg spanish Club Orchestrag Y-Teens Quartettesg Bandg br. Play 5 . Q hx F K If Claudine Hiestand Com.5 Commercial Clubg Y-Teens 1 Betty KayS Com.3 Peppy Peg- giesg Commercial Clubg Glee Club 4, Q if Bonnie McDermed Gen.g Y-Teensg Sr. Playg Mixed Chorusg Peppy Peggiesg Com- mercial Clubg nandg Glee Clubg Orcnes- tra A 'lin-' J T Jo Ann Holt Com.g Bandg Glee Clubg Orchestrag Mixed Chorusg Jr. Playg Sextetteg Y- Teensg Sr. Playg Peppy Peggiesg Com- mercial Clubg Trio Mildred Kichler Com.5 Commercial Clubg Y-Teens Robert McDowell Gen.5 Glee Clubg Footballg Trackg Quartette Lyn Dell Meister Gen.5 Bandg Glee Clubg Mixed Chorusg Y-Teensg Orchestra lrwin Meyer Agric.g F. F. A. Thomas Needham Col. Prep.5 Glee Clubg Mixed Chorusg quartetteg Orches- trag Spanish Clubg Jr. Playg Sr. Play3 Hi-Yg Band M 4.. .. e x H5 1 Q iw ag A 133 H f i-, '-z. f ' ...v- gg ,H - , , --,.. A, Maxine Roseboom Com.5 Mixed Chorusg Spanish Clubg Glee Clubg Y-Teensg Com- mercial Clubg Peppy Pergies William Swart Gen.g Glee Clubg Footballg Basket- ballg Track Don Mitcnell Gen.5 Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Trackg Footballg Basket- ballg Hi-Y Jack Nelson Agric.3 Glee Clubg F.F.A.5 Footballg Trackg Hi-Y Viola Russell Com.5 Peppy Peg- giesg Y-Teensg Com- mercial Club '--i 2 xl.: E p . ,,,g yv Q , W. Margaret Taylor Com.5 Spanish Clubg Glee Clubg Y-Teensg Mixed Chorusg Bandg Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Peppy Peggiesg Com- mercial Clubg Or- chestra Lila Jean Mitchell Gen.g Peppy Peg- giesg Y-Teens Marion Page Gen.g Basketballg Glee Clubg Softball Rex Sharp Gen.5 Basketballg Trackg Hi-Y5 Foot- ballg F.F.A. Cletus vonSoosten Agric.3 F. F. A.5 Track .44IIWB. Winnoa Multhaup Col. Prep.5 Peppy Peggiesg Y-Teensg Glee Club L g giii ' yy 3 Zlsfg l Delores Pile Gen.g Peppy Peg- giesg Y-Teens qgguhk. 1!E?am Richard Steffens Col. Prep.g Trackg Hi-Y Virgil vonSoosten Agric.5 Glee Clubg Mixed Cnorusg Sr. Playg Quartetteg basketballg F.F.A.5 Jeannette Murdock Gen.g Peppy Peg- giesg Y-Teens Lester Roper Gen.5 Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Hi-Y3 Sr. Playg F. F. A. an Roger Stevens Col. Prep.5 Glee Clubg Quartettesg Mixed Chorusg Foot- ballg Basketballg Trackg Orchestrag Bandg Hi-Y3 Ensem- bleg Jr. Playg Sr. Playg One Act Play Ensembleg Footballg Dorothy Molkar Trackg Hi-Y Com.g Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Commer- cial Clubg Y-Teensg Peppy Peggiesg Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Band JUNIOR 4- l n 'Q-my 1 Q c L A s s .KL W. , , n 'gn vsfg I any W V. I 'fffxva Q- E5 A Q3 m W fe n Q if ' if I4 ..,.:c K yflv .,-- ,g N Que' an ',4 sw'- ,WX my Vw lf" U' 9' 1 . ,--'-'P.."'.1"."""'....,f- Row 1. Edgar Corn, Presidentg Henry Sauer, V. President, Olis Davis, Sec.- Treasurerg Row 2. Opal Bakerg Arnold Balkeg Floyd Bennettg LeRoyce Birdy Gail Bordeng Rosemary Butlerg how 3. Pauline Caving Donald Childersg Ruth Ann Con- leyg Vivian Crankg Jean Cunninghamg James Deckerg Row A. Clarence Duensingg Julia Elliottg Julia Farmerg John Flaterg Berniece Frostg Virginia Grahamg Row 5. William Gusting Nora Hallacyg Harold Harmony Helen Harrymang LaVerne Hayg Raymond Helmsg Row 6. Ina R. Herlockerg Madrienne Herlockerg John Hershbergerg Eldon H1113 Jean Jonesg Mary Ann Jones ark at" 5 fr-X lg, 93Q'7' Row 1. Tony Kavichg Betty Koesterg Walter Laneg Ted Leighg Wanda Leverichg Fred Lusebrinkg Row 2. Charles McC1oud5 llary llahnkeng Virginia layberryg Beverley Michaelg Jack Millerg Ralph Monteep Row 3. Bonnie lurdockg Joe Hurnaneg Joyce Nodding Benedict Peakg Gloria Penachiog Joan Pierceg Row L. Katilda Poucheg Merlin Ralphg John Readg Dolores Reithg Glenn Roseg Patricia Schulteg Row 5. Paul Sharpg James Storeyg Glenn Stwalleyg Deloris Swartg Jack Vanllessg James Wheelerg Row 6. Preston Widnerg Howard Wilson 5:1 U "- f ' QW ZX ?L an , llari lyn Kavanagh Eg President G Y. Z .. fp A, A H E. V , ' : ibn , V. nw , . 1 ITM ,Q ' .aria ff 3 Ji? Q IK Aal- Bobby Gates L. D. Herlocker Donald Highberger Florence Kichler Xmmmiu if SOPHOMORECLASS lf .VQ0 'SQ I Jane E. Miller V. President Edwin Wolkar Sec.-Treasurer Alfred Glenn S in Wanda Bolze ',de- Donald Brancart QV , Floyd Brookhouser ,Laf V. Frances Glenn V Mary Dewhirst A H Dollie Elliott haf or Carol Foust Mary Hartog WV " 'NM A. J. Cavanaugh Doris Critton Max DeFrance Clarence DeGarmo Donna Frakes Allie Gates . Charles Hartong Jack Harbinger .1 We A wh, M I W 2 'Q ml ,L rm ' 'Z A A yy P, E Noun 3.I' Jimmy Lovd Cwesthoffj A ff' Frances Murnane " "' ffTTi3 it A K .6 N i V V ,Wm A .W if Mary A. Lucas 'N ""' - AQ - Lavon Noe gg A f Thomas Overstreet MJ gig' ' J N' -fu f O Q. Q 5 ' 1, 6 . X , V' A , ., Lk A 3 W W Rosalie Lucxe gs L, M ""' Don Page 1 W ' Q 'A 7, 6' Pauline Perrin V Doris Peterson A A Ernestine keith Norma J. Ridings Gladys Sponsel Paul Stewart tx , A Q x , 'M 'xx Q X. Nr' 'Y' oi E. Q-s ""-VYXA .ay 3' il, ' Y r li V S J 1 'fx Q A Betty Tersinar Robert VanHoozer Arnold vonSoosten nr w A 2 Qw A E1-..,' -F-A A 4..-'-A John Mayberry Alice Wheat Delores Wilson Mary Meister Phyllis Mills Mary Ann Zlegler an Q'-1 xi. uv, .nv A 1-. - j I r Z, 5 reere e -f': an .Q e l e , F R E s H M E N 5-fy , A ,X 1 c L A s s Ai 4 K 45751 ff H 'sv '- , . " K 911 15 'L 'W - ' , 'l A 5' Q , .- I S' " L-f 'Wh e i V A' ,, N .. ,?"",,, A X mae: I fig, NM ri ,,, in te , r-...Lg " ,QQ- " :J Kllibk J .11-TW' fe ft, "5""k ul .,T'x'uyf-5, 'xl I S 17 Q Wi ZW 3 it f:7,5!'5::..1QEgfUgw ..g..:3,L--..""'gX K K K L L 2 In 1, , A. " W, .-1 fl' W . it QT n X' 1, W .,,. P 3 it - K ir X M ., 2 ,, ,, : 1' i ' Q,' K K ' 1 1 K 'lmgzw K A K I 1. " w Row 1. Sec.-Treasurerg Row 2. Sammie Battagliag Doris Behrhorstg Nauine Bennettg Thelma Beverg Kenneth Bloomerg Kathleen Bolzeg Row 3. Wayne booreg Irvin Bruenjesg Mary Ann Buckleg Charles Collierg Walter Corng Row 4. Jo Ann Crittong Jerry Danielsg Bonnie Darityg Loretta Darityg Dwayne Davenportg Mary Ann Daviedg Row 5. Kenneth DeLangeg Richard Fagerg Frank Fersong Mable Gardnerg Frederick Geierg Row 6. Richard Geierg Margaret Gusting Dennis Heidrickg Elizabeth Humbleg John Johnstong ' Chrystine Jones Doyce Overstreet, Presidentg Kenneth Kelley, V. Presiuentg Darrold Falder, I j:.,E..g Q . I ,H , L.,. i .fL, ., .,,: 1 .-,.L,. H V , ,. af. H r I KJ, . zfy' 1 ,.,..VV X ,V I I .1 h Er- -sggwsmzgifrwvgg ,ig . F .fig X rf 'S lf M , n 13' . f"5ff?'I??? 5, iw? 174: 25,43 .g g xr pg FE , ff A ,Q 2 J !kta1 Y :E k fg gy E?,, Q a , no ' f e l q.,VA : tub, .ag ,, . QR P si if fi fi M, X , gh "' 'limi' if xg' Yu S. xx' 1 X, ff" .e-'2' e ' e e . I aw V,:v . V ,it-4. I 2. Q 4 gl - y me A.,. . . as . ,. , ', ." H rw A V -' K 1 K ' ' n 5 x,ff' , Qiwu, . Wx K i vi an , ,K W tl :ft hL n o l :" 'f VQN otemotooo o ff' Wu ffiiff N ee e Q --' ,S Q ,JP n E X Mx? KV. 41 I M ,E. I i y ' F3 X 'LX .,. if . my in Row 1. Raymond Keigleyg Ronald Kennedyg Scott Kennedyg Milton Kirkpatrickg Evelyn Leverichg Dolly Lundrigang Row 2. llary lcDanie1s5 Barbara Mayberryg lla llatlockg Retha Mitchellg James Noeg Row 3. Robert Noeg Ethel Palmerg Francis Peakg James Peakg Lavon Peakg llary Ann Peakg Row I.. Deloris Puffinbargerg Dorothy Puffinbar- gerg Donald Ralphg Betty Sandwithg Betty Scalesg Row 5. llartin Schifferdeckerg lichael Sheyg Victor Smithg Roberta Stewartg George Stonerockg Lorene Tarpyg Row 6. Thelma Troutg George Whitcomb E' J? f Q? FI 4, I 6 I I ZIP ACTIVITIES Q at I . X Ll-KLA PLPN6 KN'N TRAC K 2751? 'P' " " ' 2 aiaav f' as LM H- mmf 9' 1 Q an e like .K 1 J 2 it v i S xibllllblllllbll QIIYADIIIHDII .,Li5!!!: Q S T EO I N Sept. 7 School Began Oct. 7 Glenn Cunningham Lecture g 8 Freshman Party l2 Commercial Club Party 2l F.F.A. Leadership School--lndependence 27 Y-Teens Conference Nov. A-5 State Teachers Meeting 8 P.L.O. Tea for Senior Girls lO Roy Mayer Program + . + l3 Spanish Club Lib..-I 1 '-- we ' E 16 Y-Teen Cabinet Supper , 9 4 2, 25-26 Thanksgiving vacation '. 30 Bm Show Q "' ll DDI DI I I ll ul I Dec. 3 Santa Claus Parade 9 Junior Play 22 Football Banquet and All School Party 21, Christmas Assembly rig F2 27-31 Christmas Vacation Sf' 1 Jan. 11-12 ice Storm vacation 7 77 21, New Semester f i' ?i gli! Feb. 3-5 First Team B.B. Tournament--Frontenac L KX l6 F.F.A. Training School--Altamont X' 2A-26 Second Team b.b. Tournament--Cherokee X f 2 28 Leon Smith Lecture N' X March 2 Captain Dry Lecture l7 Harry White Lecture 25 Senior Play Q 31 David Starry Lecture K XXX X A .fl L X 7 K X K April l-2 District Music Festival--Pittsburg K 1 ' 8 Track Meet--Ft. Scott . 13 Track Meet--Pittsburg l9 Cavalcade of Song 20 C.C.P.H.S. League Music Festival--Girard May 3 Y-Teen Mother-Daughter Tea . 6 League Track Meet--Pittsburg 'X l3 Junior-Senior Banquet rm 22 Baccalaureate Services Q- 26 Commencement t F , if .il , g " is U QU UZ V' A 9 3 1 1 ', y. :Zi K X MQW 4' Minh L. Qfoggsyxi 4 , , , M f ,X In-.M I Q 5 5 to 'iff '- --, ,,,,-..-??j5- eff FOOTBALL H, Wi' , in , s W, Wx Q A tk 'T l ff v f -y L, 2 H 3 f . Sy in K A 1 , Y, ' my Johnston, Geier, Keigley, DeGarmo, Bird, Stevens, Lane, Hignberger, Lane, Overstreet, Sauer, Lusebrink, Heidrick, Daniels, Mayberry, Sharp, Kenneqy, Balke, Hill, Childers, Hershberger, Montee, Bennett, Smith, Bennett, Bruenjes, Needham, Nelson, Page, Glenn, Bloomer, McCloud, Wilson, Swart, hose, Wheeler, Overstreet, Widner, Kirkpatrick, Har- tong, Stwalley, Corn, Peak, Schifferdecker, Mcmlwain, vonboosten, Page, Coach Jameson, McDowell, Mitchell, Corn, Helms, Inman, Decker, head, Duensing, Loyd, Henson, Kelley, Ferson, Christian, Bertoncino, Kennedy, Coach baccane if You Meatheadsl 'Q Play Ball 1 "V glaag I 'Q' M swf, 1948 Football Schedule Q 3 D wg. Date Opponent We They Sept. 24 Uniontown L4 O Oct. l Frontenac 53 O Oct, 15 Arma O O Oct. 2l Weir 46 7 ,, , Oct. 29 Moran 12 6 'H ' Nov. 3 Arcadia 34 7 h ,,, , ,,,r,, Nov. 12 McCune O O f A ' ..m"'ff", Nov. 19 Caney 6 7 f -- Nov. 24 Cherokee 19 O 253, 55,53 T, I M ,I ZVI ,M .. L. -1, gflfr xg l, V 1. ,fr . j.i'g'j af ' -f+1".fz"wru,,.-so 'rival' C T as-,,,.de 1 .. ,.v wefrvvv t , it , ., A faAW,. 'ff We 'sg-aw r sa' r 'am i' it an 2, 6 if """'v '1' it t 1. . -A as U 1 N-1 - ' C f V 'Q . owne- r 2 A A ri - , ,. ' V in .,, . ai . . . u 1, t,W , . VQQN -. ,,,6 A J ' Acynf BASKETBALL Helms Childers Christian, Balke, Wilson, Heidrick, Johnston, Coach Jameson, Page,,Sharp, Corn, Mitchell, Highberger, Kirkpatrick, Glenn, Coach Saccane, Schifferdecker, Gustin, Stevens, Bertoncino, Inman, Corn i Dec . fq,' 6y7" Jan. l9L8-49 Basketball Schedule 7 Mineral T. Jan. 28 17 Frontenac T. Feb. 8 30 Lions Club H. A Uniontown H. 7 Arma H. ll Arcadia T. 21 Cherokee H. Xa . Frontenac H. 5rf Anna T.. ' dx Arcadia H. McCune T. lg. McCune H. N A 117 F3 Cherokee T. K X Uniontown T, 1 Tnnczz SQUAD Wilson, Christian, Stevens, Corn, Childers, Balke, Mitdhell, Hill, Helms, Loyd, Hershberger, McElwain, Hartong, Bennett, Sharp, Johnston, Whitcomb, Highberger, Ferson, Wilson, art, VanHoozer, vonSoosten, Bertoncino, Heidrick, Gustin, Smith, Mayberry, Stew cart, Page, Noe, Corn, Kirkpatrick, Schifferdecker, Wheeler, Lane, Page, Nelson, Rose, Bruenjes, Read, Stwalley, Decker fm' 1, " The for some The and some The 1949 TRACK TEAM Apr. l--Track' lleet--Arcadia--Girard won lst--71.3 points. 8--Track Meet--Ft. Scott--Girard---5th--175 points. 13--Track Meet--Pittsburg--Girard---2nd--52 lf 7 pts. May 6--C.C.P.H.S. League Track Meet--Pittsburg 1948 TRACK TEAM 1948 Track season was not a great one, but it was a good season individuals and some of the relay teams. first meet was an invitational at Arma. Girard placed third very good times were turned in for an early season meet. second meet was the Ft. Scott invitational. Girard competed a- gainst AA schools and in spite of the power of the other teams, Girard was third in this strong meet. In the League meet Girard placed fourth. Some of the outstanding men in this meet were Calvin Wilson, who won the second place medal given for high individual score, Dick Leigh who won the javelin event. The boys on the relays who did yeoman work were: Stevens, Leigh, Geier, E. Rose, G. Rose, Inman, C. Wilson and Nelson. Henson, Bird, Lane, Kennedy, Kelley, Duensing, Overstreet, Bran- ANNUAL STAFF 1 W, ,ll Edwin Wolkar, Ned Sauer, Bryan Wilson, hidgar Corn, Omer Henson, Doyce Overstreetg Darrold Falder, Marilyn Kavanagh, Jane E. Miller, Olis Davis, Ken- neth Kelley, Miss Oles, Miss Townsend, Mr. Taylor B. W. Dodson was absent when picture was taken. The Annual Staff is as follows: Advi SeI'S ---------------- 1 Vlr . Taylor Miss Townsend Compiler and Typist ------ M iss Oles X W! Advertising ----------- :Edwin Wolkar J f Ned Sauer X Bryan Wilson X j Q 0 ' T Edgar Corn ft , gg ' Omer Henson ' Q f D' Doyce Overstreet Q x Darrold Falder W Q Marilyn Kavanagh T -t Jane 15. Miller N, Olis Davis J Kenneth Kelley B. W. Dodson HI-Y Sponsor, Mr. McCormick President, Roger Stevens, V. President, Don Childersg Secretary, Terry Lane, Treasurer, Raymond Helms Y-TEENS Sponsors, Miss Prosser and Miss Borden President, Margaret Elliott, V. President,fbonnie Murdock, Secretary, Jane Ellen Miller, Treasurer, Claudine Hiestand, Program Chairman, Jo Ann Holt, Publicity Chairman, Gail Borden, Devotional Chairman, Alice M. Colegrove, Service Chairman, Mary A. Lucas, Social Chairman, Rose Lee Flies, Choris- ter, Deloris Swart, Pianist, Patricia Schulte 7,6 g,,,f5Z?2hr, THE Pmulus SCHOONER , A E ,ll ' , aifiif- C 'TIF' SPANISH CLUB President, Ned Sauer, V. President, Bryan Wilson, Secretary, Margaret Taylor, Treasurer, Julia Farmer PEP CLUB Sponsors, Miss Heller and Mrs. McAdoo President, Joyce Noddin, V. President, Bonnie Murdock, Sec.-Treasurer, Patricia Schulte, Cheer Leaders, Mary A. Lucas, Deloris Swart and Jane Ellen Miller Big Chief, Little Chief Victory! Victory! ls our cry Papoose, Squaw V-I-C-T-O-RfY Girard High School Are we it? Well, l guess Rah! Rah! Rah! Girard High School--Yes, Yes, Yes CGMMERCIAL CLUB President, Jo Ann Holt, V. President, Ted Leigh, Secretary, Madrienne Herlockerg Treasurer, Margaret Taylor, Bookkeeper, Bonnie McDermed F.F.A. Sponsor, Mr. VanNorsdall President, B. W. Dodson, V. President, Merlin Ralph, Secretary, Cletus vonSoosteng Treasurer, Irwin Meyer, Reporter, Eldon Hill, Watchdog, Robert VanHoozer Projects completed during school year: eo feet of bleachers, 30-foot ash conveyor, 50 quail huts, 40 Santa Clauses, LO Christmas Trees, 120 yds. fence on football field, painted east bleachers, 6 pipe gates, L feeders, 3 wagon boxes, and many other farm projects Four beeves and 25 hogs have been butchered this year. frm S Zettl, Steve G1iLQ Lmbbmnnn fLeft to Right, Kennedy Stevens vonSoosten McDowell Bird Wheeler Stwalley Page Lane nhl 63 e M e nlfglf H itil' n I i TWIRLERS VanNeb , Penachlo, say, haw, Corn, Harryman, Left to Right, D c Peak Leverich Leverich Borden Herlocker Noddin Fliss b0YQ Lmemdbhm BAND P. R. Lisenbee, band Director and young son, Tommy .me QUARTETTES 49"-f WW 89 5 1 Qfevens JCCOTUI C Jone , L ne McCormick, Jones, Swart, Mahnken Kennedy, Stevens, von5oosten, Lane GLEE CLUBS r',-. my X 'W 2 i,Eg , sr 4 vi if 157 3, 5252000590 , Y 7 if in V JUNIQB. PLAY ' -5 NBROTHER GOOSEU W Jeff Adams, Don Childers, Peggy Winkel, Joyce Noddin, Mrs. Trimmer, Gloria Penachio, Postman, Ted Leigh, Truck Driver, Harold Harmon, Helen, LaVerne Hay, Stage and Prop Manager, Virginia Graham, Eve Mason, Deloris Swart, Wes Adams, John Flater, Hyacinth Adams, Olis Davis, Carol Adams, Gail Borden, Sarah, Pauline Gavin, Le- nore Hudson, Bonnie Murdock, Mrs. McAdoo and Miss Heller, Directors SENIOR PLAY NSUSIE THB SlRENH Beverley, Alice Colegrove, Blimp, Lewis Berton- J cino, Midge, Margaret Taylor, Dugan, Lester kd' Roper, Miss Oakey, Jo Ann Holt, Jumbo, Perry Page, Mr. Foley, Virgil vonSoosten, Mr. Rey- nolds, Tommy Needham, Nona, Dorothy Wolkar, Petey, Terry Lane, Gussie, Rose Lee Fliss, Mrs. Comstalk, Bonnie McDermed, Jim, Roger Stevens, Susie, Margaret McCormick, Mrs. Reynolds, Donna Jones, Agnes, Margaret Elliott, Mrs. McAdoo and Miss Heller, Directors DRIVERS EDUCATION MN .,ugY . Ted T1. Taylo Frank Jameson and L. L VanNorsdall A My--1.s.,, ,,.v, ,,t.,,,,,. f J, riff!! f' A '9i i Gm, ff' K, ff' Mauna. receiving keys from Calvin umi'g The Drivers sducafion classes in Giiard not off to a good start in this its first year. both classroom and hehind the vieel .',' training were in- cluded. The text book used was Sportsmanlike,Driv- ing. This hook is published Ly the American Auto- mobile Association and is used in conjunction with their driving courses. Behind the wneel training was made possihle by the Girard Motor Company. A four-door l948 dual control Chevrolet was loaned to the school. Calvin Smith presented the keys to Bupt. Taylor at the First of the school year and the car has been in constant use all year. The thirty-three students who completed the course are above the average drivers on the road in ability to handle an automobile. Their correct use of signals and good driving habits will be a fine example to other drivers. The instructors, Mr. VanNorsdall and Mr. Jameson, both have a diploma for Drivers Lducation instruction from an approved AAA and college course. ,fi 'XX ID vfff ,4 fi ax i 'Ll GSM XX v X A 1 4 I if "' 9- CLASSES IN ACTION Urivers Lducation fr' Q 4 1 T. 2 V 1 or G? '- ? fn " -1 cfxf. Qcgbgg. 55. g Nad? Girls Physical md. Boys Physical Ed. Library Study Hall Modern hducational Teaching Devices v' i'f2" School Patrol fad? f , f WXQ0 LET'S LAUGH Little Joh.nny brought home his report card, and with it was a note from Miss Borden. UDear Mrs. Jonesn: said the note, 'Johnny is a bright boy, but he spends all his time with the girls. l'm trying to think up a way to cure him.H Mrs. Jones studied the note, then wrote the teacher as follows: HDear Miss Borden: If you find a way to cure him, please let me know. l'm having the same trouble with his old man.H 'XHX-K-X' KLLHLCT Teacher: In what battle did General Wolfe cry, NI die happy?U Freddy: His last one. 'I-if-X-if The constable in a country town was also a veterinarian. One night the telephone rang, and the con- stable's wife answered. WIS Mr. Jenkins there?N asked the agitated voice. NDo you want my husband as a vet- erinarian or as constable?H UBoth, madam,H came the reply. NWe can't get our dog's mouth open, and there's a burglar in it.n 4444 Teacher: Why is it that whenever I leave the room for a short time and then return, I find no one working? Willie: Because you wear rubber heels, Ma'am. 4444 HOSPITALITY Joe: How come your dog keeps watch- ing me like that while I eat? Moe: I guess it's because you're eating out of his plate. 4444 OUT OF THIS WOHLD Bill: You mean your teacher said your singing was heavenly? Chuck: Well, practically that. He said it was unearthly. HL U5nD HAYWIRL Teacher: And who invented the radio? Willie: Paul Revere. He broadcast from one plug! 4444 ON GUAnU Soph. How about a battle of wits? Senior: berry. l never attacked an unarmed man. 4444 Mother: NWillie, don't run around the house so fast.U You may fall and hurt yourself. Willie: Ulf I don't run I'll hurt anyway. Dad's chasing me.U 4444 G.. E Examiner: What would you do if you developed hydrophobia? Freshman: Get me a pencil and note- book. Examiner: What for? Freshman: Make a list of the people I want to bite. 4444 Teacher: HGive 3 collective nouns.N Freddy: Nflypaper, wastebasket, and vacuum cleaner.H 4444 The teacher asked Johnny, HIS the world round?H NNo'm,H was the short reply. Nlt isn't1N exclaimed the teacher. HWell, then, Johnny, is it flat?N UNo'mH was Johnny's reply again. WWell,n said the teacher with a smile, Hif the world isn't round, and it isn't flat, then tell me, what is it?H ' Johnny looked confident as he re- plied, HDad says it's crookedln A teac to fasten the hook, hook this 'I-I-X-'lf her-was helping a little boy his coat. As she tugged at she said, UDid your mother coat for you?H HNo,N was the astounding reply, Ushe bought it.n n SNAPSHOTS ,W nl uq SNAPSHOTS F if W X . 7.., at 1 .Vr,V,. !., - Q L I t up lx ,WI Unix F' xi RLMLMBSR HOUR FRlLNDbU Andy Muir Oil Co. A and R Motor Co. Appliance Service Blair's Machine Shop Breneman Auto Parts Brinkman's Greenhouse Q Gardens Burgner-Bowman-Matthews Lbr. Co. Calhoon-Putnam Lbr. Co. Chamber's Rhodes Lbr. Co. Conoco Service Station Coon's Dime Store Crawford Telephone G Telegraph Co. Davis Drug Store Decker's Diner Detjen Cleaners 8 Hatters Dorsey Funeral Home Dr. W. H. Dunlap Electric Mill Evans Electric Co. Evans Motor Co. Farlington State Lake Farmer's Co-Op. First National Bank Florence's Beauty Shop Frank and Son Fraser's Ben Franklin Store Frazier's Produce Gatti's Shoe Shop Gillard Oil Co. Girard Chamber of Commerce Girard Appliance Girard Implement Co. Girard Laundry 8 Dry Cleaners Girard National Bank Girard Oil Co. Graham's Jewelry A Gift Shop Dr. O. B. Gentry Dr. R. V. Haderlein Haldeman-Julius Pub. Co. Harmon Bros. Implement Co. Helen's Beauty Shop Henry's Furn. Co. Q Mary's Apparel Shoppe Higgie's Drug Store Highberger's Premium Produce W. C. Hitch Q Son K and N Lunch Karbe's HFul-o-Pepu Feeds Karbe Super Market Keith's Market Kidder Food Market Kirkpatrick Funeral Home Lamb lnsurance Agency Lamb's Firestone Store Dr. E. C. Lightfoot Louie's Zero Lockers Louise's Beauty Shop Lumdrigan Service Lyle's Gift Shop Mayor E. M. Gintzell Maish 8 Son Produce M and M Motors McCracken Service Station McFarland Watch Repair Miller Radio Service Opperman Hardware Co. Overstreet Laundry Police Bros. Grocery Potter's Hatchery Quality Flour and Feed Raymond's Market Roberts lnsurance Agency Samp Roper Welding Shop Roy's Super Market Sam's Barber Shop Sauer Dept. Store Dr. E. J. Schulte Seifert Insurance Agency Sell and Sons Hardware Shamrock Beauty Shop Shamrock Style Shoppe Shoemaker Standard Service Sim's Barber Shop Stalker's Realty G Insurance Co. John J. Stark, Contractor Stewart Drug Co. Sourdry Flower Shop W. S. Swart, M. D. The Gas Service Co. The Girard Motor Co. The Girard Press Thomas Clothing and Shoes Todd Cheese Products, lnc. Up-to-Date Shoe Shop Vanatta Grocery Veatch Music House Vick's Market Vincent Grocery C. J. York Zettl Bakery, Inc. Ziegler Jewelry F 5 E A 3 . Z s 3 S 4 r E E i E 3 2 5 f 3 ? 3 5 E '4 2 E 'Y 2 S

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