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N7 ff a-rt 1 1 U A63 ff A ,nb kin 4 XX X u-VL f' ff! ,IQKAJX ky mf if V 'L awry ,ff 6 jj W tb JU ,ff X it Q, pw FWD J X W2 Ayr J N W W NP 9' 5 Y " ' ' 'N ' ' "" " ""1- --A-L T- .. .. , ML -5 19 Q If I I 'N ' fe f I I L X 1 A X vm' ," F,'41LL T d X if . ypflfq r X s X Qt, A ' "6 fi 11' W ' a,,f'i.T7A' , , , , ,QQ ff gi -L A I WY- N 5 6 ol!! l1,t!,w'!c" -if I "U Na XJ fi , 0 N .f ,. , K ' - 4,45 -' ' 'A . A I 1 gf, V f, Y,.' il 1-,U 1, gg - Q f W , yi fg, 'K ' x F' 1 ' Q. I s IV -1 f - XT I ' 'U' K r QRQIQE I T 2 Ya f f-T' .f xy xklx Jg X. V , N , 4 Y: N V 3 I ,D ,ty is In E ,ci 1'-K . K L 1.9: fl' 'vlqxxdx hi ' ,V W , fm" X ' fUC,e,Cf fi -A , " Of" Q If - A f ' ,f U' 1 . J , 'jfngif 'N V, ' 1 , Je' 'W , ,V :L ' M9 . 4, X ' - .1 Q 1, f . ,jf '3l,1, ,W X07 df ,buf ' f, 1 1 M, , J' ,iff L . 1 il4,'V I ,' f, ' ij 57 OM 4 U' A W" - A : MII f ' J L ,ij 'I 1 ttf! Iyftj J v V ,J I f . in ii-IW' SVU VJ! , "VX H , I 'ly 4 ' j '. . O C' 'fix v yf' U! 1 F s I, ' ,N LL' ,elif " NX X ' 6,1449 b HQ h all fY'x"0J L it g5f,,,x,1-P """'H' M . , pw' r , Tb, F . 1' I D, ik. -Aft: L Y W2 A A , UEL . . N1 gg,-JJ 5 i , I A J: V I nr fm- I f M , OM 'J f ., 'FF' Q N I ,,,,f""' V I .11 X I K 1 ' x ,I 'V ' I 1., xx X ' H ,VA 'yi '3' V1-, mi-.1.3's -5 h f' ff.. V ' ' . V., A I ' ' ' V -A ' , , - , - 1 ' ' K V., . , u 1. V . Q ' ' "4 ' 1' '- .A V V V . 4 U , . , . .KV A - ' 1' A QT. 'V 4 . 1 ' ' . K . ' V, V' l. i , . 1 Q . ' " 3 ' ' '- " .- . .4 V . 4 V, ' ' SY!" ' A ,' 'ff 'K 'A ,A j ' ' V k V if 45 'xfyfy ,nfs ' Y iw . L - - b,:,4.aVg , . R, V. -. - A lx, V ,V 1 . , A , U V . fn. , .. ,N V4 Q ' 2 'F ' 2 " L , . V. .1 ' N V: , Q -,S , Q T 71.31. . 11 '. k 1 U .' . 'J V , - L I 4 I Ak V' ' ' ' 'V QU., , ,4 -- ,, , ,. , . I 5, A k , fm Y I K 4 - A I - V x - ,, W JAV ,YU I . V, A ' , .W 4 K " '- I .' , , ' ': ' ' ' i 1 J - V -' . ' " 'Vu " . ,-.Egg-V 5,4 ff '- ,' V ' -Jr '. ' V --5 ,. , -- ' ' 'f?Qi'?rQ "" Wi. V" "A 4 -. 4 7 ' 5 ' . A , " vb? xp. - - V N'a I V ' L , ' ' .1 , x ':, , 3- 'A ' Y , l f V V I V 5 L, , . U, ,X , t I gy , Y - A Vn A, ' ' ..-fl? Vi-'Vi if 4 K A V - Tb ' 'K-5,7514 , i Q ' I5 Q, X :U V my , . k A ,V V A., . ' . . H 'Neg' , , I .Y , AL L A -, K. ' ff-fx' R Q A ' . 3 ' 'I " n 1 P 'l ' 'N j A M ' w Yi xv 1 ' ' V xv M . '34-i'l-:xi PPS,-41V. ' V . ' 2 ' ' ' V f .jg A H L , , . y ' , 4 4. A Yi V, .1'5E:F?, gi- .7 1 1 V -N 5 N ' l 1 . 'A ' A x K ' ,gfgi A " A v' ' , A 'ij - V ' f - ' V 2 -1 F V- - . 152 Q . ' Rf ir ' ' V V ' :ft ' ' V ' 'A ' - . Aff-V 'LL , 4 ,U . , ' ' ' ,' s Q ' W Q f 11. 'uf' ' . -' - D V . . V V , a X . A - 9' - 1' -V , hugs, ' , s. h - 7 I V "" , , .A ,MFI 21' l V '- , . - s J'Q52'Y" if- A' w ' ' A - " , -- ,R - ' V QTY?-1 -' . n gfgffaf 'L V , . 1 , . 0 "VT V' . . gy' -1 " 3. Ak 1,1 - . - F' my A A I 1 Q E 3- V YL' Q -V N ' NE -V fr, V-:QR l bl a , M , t,, E, : V ,, V Q K -f - . Sup, , , V Af 5 it 5 .v ,.. , . :VST Q-f, The - REFLECTQR Girard High School Girard, Ohio 1 955 K Dedication We, the members of the Class of 1955, wish to dedicate this Reflector to Mr. O. C. Baumgartner. who, as principal and teacher, has been a good friend to all of us. Although his job as principal required most oi his time, Mr. Baumgartner was always willing to assist any of us when we brought our problems to him. As a teacher, he is always ready to listen to our ideas. and to encourage us to set our goals high. We appreciate all that he has done'for us, and hope that the future may hold for him as much success as the past' has held. 4 x AA X 45 4. o 4 an own 880 4 0 o'o'o O4P904P00,0,6, vv TV -I v OX V Ov 4? 4? 4? 22? ,Abe ,4AhSL. VOX QI Athi' ISE!! III!! fiiii ISHS' IIE!! IIFWZL 4P4P4P4P 'xo l Dear Reader, as you scan our book, A We ask that in your mind you look At G , and, for a lark, Pretend rt's an amusement park! The roller coaster dominates The view f S g es, Its ups a d d known in school Althou the "ups" have proved the . rule. But now Iet's gog there's much to do O If we're to show this park to you. Q Page 4... an offer A their wares along the Midway. v Page IZ... ENIORS stop at the Fortune TelIer's tent. . A Page 34...UNDERCl.ASSES visit the Hall of Mirrors. v Page 46...ACTIVITIES offer a Carousel of fun. I Page 72... H attract the public's attention. m V 3 V A 5 ' 4 'oi 'QQ Yi' , WWMMAWMMM ,.1 .,.p,...-.--r-Huw x ',,7"'-bf ...Mm X EO - -Q" v'0!' AT QLPS .--f"""' .-f"""""'- YW V A mv.-we ri! PAGE 4 - T -.fifk yu. .A gf. xy wfmfsel "L - S ga.. , Sf? ,, K ,f"" Q. H w"f'..f'f.ef-'fi' Q-pr ,J-3 , Q MW .,- .. - f if ,,, X.1w A -' ' , fx fx we .V V..-ff 9.1 . is . vw, . .'3...- ...- ., .Ms t ' ' 4. "N" " ., ' ' Q " 'V ., ' abs' 9 ,Is--, 3 .- ,gli 'f - f ' fx . 1 wif' fgffffll-' " if - 0 TW? M aff' dz K N -' .- ,J -1 Q,i,, N-s....t,.s--"' L 79, 009. 'rx W s m...Q....s..t Administration ' and Faculty The Midway offers merchandise That costs us much, yet is a prize. The more we've learned, the more we've sought, - For better bargains can't be bought! N me SUPERINTENDENT W. I. Moore BS. tn Commerce B.S. tn ljducctton Muster Qt Educutton PRINCIPAL Marlowe Gumertsielder B.S. in Education Muster of Educcxtton ,Q shaun-u..J BOARD OF EDUCATION Charles Dtxony Tttus Wecxverp Iosoph Schmvcm, Ptestrlnntp Eranctw Collfmp I. D, Emch, Clerky Reqts, Buser. Olga Siranovic Secretary he to I Superintendent Lucille Iohrxson Secretary to the Princtpcl Alice Mitchell Visttmq Teacher Kenneth Wallace Psycholoais: Margaret Unger Nurse Harry Chalker Doctor SPECIAL EMPLOYEES OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Knowledge Sold lor Willingness to learn ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Katherine Wright Miss Wright sells her ideas con- cerning nouns and verbs, Bachelor of Arts English Vlll Y-Teen Sponsor Frances Malara Nothing makes Mrs. Malara smile more than an increase in her library circulation. Bachelor of Arts, B.S. in Library Science Modern Literature, Library Iournal Editorial Advisor Elwyn H. Evans Mr. Evans demonstrates the principles of reading aloud. B.S. in Education Reading, Spelling Journal Business Advisor Ruth M. Sanders Miss Sanders prepares to "make like Patrick Henry," as she shows her' speech class how it's done. B.S. rn Educaiion Speech, English Xl Play Director, National Thespian Club Sponsor Gladys M. Frederick Marvin Richards Leah Mae Schumm ln ll r wrrtrnrr parrrmrilrrs are stress- Mr. lircharcls rrral-:es those diaararns Miss Schurrrrn can rrrake Shake- rrl r Miss l' rrurrir-s the ser-rn much less like Egyptian cave speaze rise rrrrht up out of his rr lrrrrrfrr tlrrourrlr linrrlrslr class. drawinqs. qrave. ' . in lfriuuatrori, Master' of HS. rn Education liachf-lor ol Arts, Master ol Arts l.rter'aturv Enrrlrsh X English Xl, Xll English IX Reflector Editorial Staff Advisor PAGE '7 PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT nuawawwq, uma: new we Georqe Light lohn R. Ray Herbert L. Cramer l3lm:'kuuq rs the word lor Mr. Llqht, Mr. Roy Clemonstrcrtoss the lrner Mr, Crrrmrhr cmd cr lrrbcnrrrtrry add frzz lm porlorms luis elCCIriClly polrrtss Of Mr. Homes. up tu vxcvvirwrrt. 'lXPmKInw'lIS' Bcrcllelor of Arts, Master of B.S. ru Erlucmrrm ll,S. m llducution, Muster of Educrrtrrm Clmrrustry, Plryzsrcfs :I'ldllCGIlOI'1 Brolofry Mrmrrzrrw Ckrrrrpmlxrr Proruotruu G1 mural SCIODCG SVXIHOT Class Sponsor, Faculty Cjlrfrvrurrrx, Iumm Cilcxuza Sponsor, licrfskr-tlmll Coach, Assxslcint Mrrnrrqor Scmncre Club Sponsor Footlmll Coach mv-me , 5 . W! mf' O. C. Baumgartner Mr. Iimxrrrrmrlrrer explains tlml rt would Ifrkc- more tlmn hls wrldrest swvrxrlfuus to tonr down the Pyrcxmrds. limzlwlor of Arla World Hrstory, Persorlulrty Attr-rwlfxncf: Olllcvr SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Elizabeth C. Burtsiield IVI1'1.- l4u1rI.sIwlCI clrrlvrm mio IIN- Iustwry UI 011: Cwlomrrl I:urc'1Ir1'I1Or:w. HS. In llduccrlxmt Hxastory Vlll ITA 511011:-mr, Ilevilvctor 'lx1:4Irm:::1 Arlvrsor Zednu B. Fowler Arlrwr-f'I will rmzrrrua Und fl qlobe, Mrs. Ibwlwr pxrlpcrms to rrmkfw lmr fwrmrrxplry Clsrss rrwuxe OI tlm . world. -5 , WS. In Iffluicrlxon, Master of Erluccxtron Q U Georzrrrplwy 4? lfrqlrllw cmd Nmllr Crude- Counselor A-an vp Albert Muuriocourt Zella Garrett Vlflxfvtlwr xI's WIII1 cl football or wr Ilflxferl Q-fxzrw' l:crs1-wld lu-rzwll mx Hn lu:-tory book,Mr.lVlGur1OCourlIOOks, :wmlwrt or 1-Qcurl srcwrrm- :url frm equally Contrdent ol rr vrctory. Errchclor of Arts, Muster OI Arn: Aruerxccrn Hrstory lhcmtlvrrll Conclr, Aszsrgalnxrr' Bcxskvllmll Couch PAGE B Alu-tr lor Culre-rr' e".'m-ms. Lu llclmlcwrtwrr, lvlexstvr wt lrtmrrnturf- Ictzrr tlltv--xmlufrlt, Z1'fr'.r,It,f1y llcnzrlizzrmra Sumor Clues Spuruur MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT William F. Woodrum Mr. NVooc'lrum lends the Glqhth qmtlms tlxrouqlx the muzvs ot mathematics. KS. in llducntioix, Mustvr ol Arts Mtitlielmtrtics VIII Activltws Ticket Mnrinqor Helen Ebinger Miss Ebinqer translates the "x y's" into simple Enqlish. Hnclielor of Arts, BS. in Education Mathematics Francis K. Teeter Mr. Tewter emphasizes the maths matics in every-driy experiences Bachelor of Arts, Mcislm' OI Art: Geuernl Mutlxpmutics Activities Ifuncl Treczsurer Eulalie Wyland Miss Vlfyltxxtti tttvt-L. tx it-iscmxl Mi tie-iixmxstntitmii vt lim ttxvmrizw nt Iwi strings ti typewlltwr un product. KS. ui Ilttxctitluix 1'Ixt11tIxt1mI, 'I'ypt-wtiimtz X II-itltitml Ilwxiuz Sscivty Spun: COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Iohn G. Futolitis His stxxdr-tits Gro sold on the! busi moss wo'Ic'I WIIPI1 tlwy muerqei Irom M11 FCrtoI1t1s's class. HS. in Business Education, Muster of Education Gm1:f'Gl Mntliomcitics, COIIIIIIQIECIIII Mnllimimtlcs, Commercial Inw, Vusinevss 'I'ICllllll'lCI Betty I. Mandry Miss Mcmrlty Oxplorvs tlw trtrtt1C IKIIIPS ot IICIIITPS up cmd down the Iffdqc-r panels. Rnclioloi ot Arts in Conxiuvxcei Bookkeepmq Iumor Class Sponsor Elverc Rossi Cunnoiii lesson mcmuul. ILS. in Ilducution 'Iypvwxitimy Sliorttmml Yflk-mi Sponsor, Muquzmt- Cmupuxqn Committee ,No Donald N. Nelson 1. Cuimutli usseuibles the props Mr. Nvlson cum imilly mcxlw iltu' d L1 mtzm-Qtgiupli lilllil ti tumf. IRS. 111 Ifduultluit, Nltistwt ot Education .1lt:,1' Mcxnilxltxwy, ':1txIn':, IIIIILJI- Ptucticv, lietuilinil Atlilfitic Iqxtiyilxrmt Muiiucjfer' F I N E ARTS DEPARTMENT Carrie F. Silliman Mis. Silliman and her students make tho music room hum with rhythm. B.S. in Public School Music Vocal Music Variety Show Director, Treble Clef Sponsor FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT if kj 5 -WJ Leonard Cesene Looks like "bargain day" as Mr. Cesene's students run for their instruments. B.S. in Education lnstrumental Music Band and Orchestra Director Janet Hart Miss Hart translates the adventures of Caesar and Brutus. B.S. in Education l.atin l, Latin ll, Enqlish X Senior Class Sponsor, Y-Teen Sponsor Margaret A. Crishal Miss Crishal is proud to boast of one ot the "healthiest" classes in school. B.S. in Education Health, Physical Education GAA Sponsor, Leaders' Club Sponsor, Gymnastic Team Coach, Golt Coach, Cheerleader Advisor Gladys E. Ferguson Miss Ferauson and the Spanish maid behind her put across the romance ot sunny Spain. Bachelor ol Arts, Master of Arts French, Spanish, Algebra I Reflector Business Advisor, ETA Sponsor, Attendance Officer Donald Berger Mr. Borqer calls his boys for a brisk workout in the gym. B.S. in Education Health, Physical Education Varsity Track Coach, Gymnastic Team Coach, Leaders' Club Sponsor PAGE IC Paul F. Beiqht Mr. Be-iqht oitcrs fsonio vzccttinrq diversions in his lane ot cgiotrtlve arts. B.S. in Education, Mastoi ot Arts Grade School and Hiali School Art Art Director PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT rim X -t PRACTICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Alice Alfonso Cosentino Give Mrs. Cos:-nttno a tape measure and a pattern, and she's set to Degin Work. E.S. in Education rlome Economics Senior Class Sponsor Geraldine Smith William Battin Mtss Smith fznds contentment in a Mr. Eattin takes his lite in his corner of her kitchen. hands, but always manages to Bachelor of Arts, B.S. in Education Home Economics turn out capable drivers. B.S. in Education, M.E. in Business Administration Home Economics Club Sponsor Driving, Physical Education Assistant Football Coach, Iunior High Basketball Coach David E. DlPiero Charles McCreary Ernest L. Copp HVCXTISTY is the spice of lite," says Mr. McCreary offers an excttmg Mr, Copp gives his boys a look Mr. Dilffieto as he leads his wood- curriculum in machine work. into the future with intriguing workers through thetr paces. designs. B.S. in Education DS. in Eciucatzozz Metal Shop, Machine Shop B.S. in Education Wood Shop Junior High Basketball and Mechan1calDraw1ng, Shop Iunioz High Football Coach Footnall Coach Mathematics l-li-Y Sponsor W 'V 'onims3uner1m?s:asWviesns4c1f as 'lu 1" ., ,r'K'TT.W .P .5 vi . gr b .-fyz-,ar E 5 sf K, 4 fi 'QR 1 , . p , 1 x :Y ,nu 1 ,A M,-5-,-L4-x i xvw-v-y tax X fJ,vY?vf-,fda -I A 1 r,3,..,-,J ' 1 F fi x f 1 ff 'ff A um . QA, -,.,,..,.f-Kiltie: Wflu . , - . v A I 1 1 M ' K , V H. . . J PM . ' . . F' 2 ,x NMA QA gy' 5 ' TQ W ., gi' f. 'v,.Q+ as . H E Jffsz' 1 Q, 5 - ' 3 l3tgaf4fgg5fggg:gg.4.kgAwgQg M., Ki L ., gf 1 , , b u .. M ,. Vm ,q ,,. X M My 'K xv ' A ' 3' -, y l f vw 'N at I . D4 'ai i 6 'bis Q x I N A, Q .., Q .Q ' Q xx N KK x Y, Q 'X' -W ul Q "1-Na 4 .jwgkt ..... N., -N ,Q '- it is b xxis " QQ "-' '- 'I 5 1355 N X Q- 4--A-. .ax PAGE 12 as Qt Q9- 0 1 gig, ?O W It 'f we i 'X e 2 ' ., """"""-u-.ds-" - ..,,,... - . ,Af ' 5 x r Seniors The Fortune Teller's tent invites And offers double-decked delights. A What fun to henr the past retold, The future sketched in outline bold! Seniors Ruth Anderson Ann Arbutlna Marian Baldwin Robert Barnes William Biqley Thomas Blackstone Patricia Blair Martin Bornemiss Ianet Buiher Susan Carnahan Nancy Chapman Mae Charles Anthony Chlla Robert Conley Iames Conlin Ioseph Constantine George Comell Ioseph Costarella James Criscione Aqnol Cross J 5.5 X 525 E 3 if gi JR.. 1 -Q x E G N -1 '- ian 'Y M 5 3 fx A 5 I Q ff B gf nr Q in ."'? Y 4 1 we no lnth Andersen "Ruthie" Y-Teen Cabinet: FTA: Thes- plan Club: Journal Staff: Band Secretary, State Music Contest Winner: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Ma- jorette: Prom Committee: Junior Play Cast: Chorus: Kent Scholarship T e a m Bookkeeping: Reflector Busi- ness Staff. Angelic over mischievous- ness . . . whiz at bookkeep- ing . . . can't see quiet homerooms . . . loves act- ing. will marry wealthy grocery store tycoon. Wllllam Blgley "Bill" H-Y: Senior Class President: Reflector Editorial and Busi- ness Staff: Boys' State: Chor- us: Leaders' Club: Intramur- als: Homecoming King: Ring Committee: Senor Committee. Happy seriousness . . . faithful and steady . . . swoon bait . . . reigned as King . . . advocates moving GHS to Trumbull Hill . . . should be Tab Hunter's stand-ln. Janet lulher "Jan" Y-Teen. More out-of-town than in . . . mainstay at Rodney Ann's . . . shy nature . . . dis- likes noisy people . . . en- ioys slow steady pace . . . will be wlgmaker for bald- headed women. Anthony Chile "Tony" Ht-Y: Chemistry Club: Band Serggant-at-Arms, State Mus- ic ntest Winner: Orches- tra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Chorus: P r o m Committee: Safety Patrol: Kent Scholar- ship .'l'eam, World History, American History. Self-Confidence plus . . scales on a clarinet . . . jaunty walk . . . pedes- trians unsafe when he's driving . . . loyal Boy Scout . . . will play solo clarinet for The Philhar- monlc. George Cornell "Ceo" Hi-Y: Chorus: Junior Varsity Football Manager: Intramur- als. Dressed to the the teeth . .. grin and a back slap . . . devil-may-care . . . could teach Arthur Murray some tricks . . . a good "Joe" . . . will be Presidents chief golf aide. h Ann Arhutlna "Annie" Y-Teen: GAA: FNC Treas- urer: Chemistry Club: Journ- al Editorial Staff: Reflector Editorial Staff: Orchestra: Chorus: Intramurals: Senior Committee: Clinic Assistant: Junior Play Crew: Kent Scholarship Team, World History: National Honor So- ciety. Plays a wicked volleyball game . . . dislikes question boxes . . . keeps cabs busy . . . stlckler for efficiency . . . would make a good stand-in for Miss Garrett. Thomas Blackstone "Blackie" Band: Orchestra: Chorus: In- tramurals. Noted for levi outfits . . . never without faithful Ford . . . detests detention . . . usually quiet . . . driving should ard future business . . . ambition: morttctan. Susan Carnahan "Sue" Y-Teen: Reflector Editorial Staff: Chorus: Prom Com- mittee: Senior Committee: Junior Play Crew: National Honor Society. A voice soft as velvet . . . there's a smile in those eyes . . . neat as a pin . . . ready, willin', and able . . . never a cross word . . . will be a book- keeper on Wall Street. Robert B. Conley "Bob" Reserve Basketball: Intra- murals: Junior Play Crew. The "long" of it . . . quite a caddy . . . pet peeve: H.R. 300 . . . loves a joke . . . easy to get along with . . . picture of innocence . . . will become head de- signer for Tall, Inc. Joseph Costarella Band State Music Contest W i n n e r : Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Chorus: Intramurals. Swell for a jam session. . . cat from way back . . . cuts a wild jitterbug . . . crazy crew-cut . . . dislikes work . . . will be head substitute for Ray Anthony. Marian Baldwin Y-Teen: Reflector Editorial Staff: Chorus: Senior Com- mittee: National Honor So- ciety: Junior Play Crew. Thinks math class shouldn't begin till after lunch . . . never says much . . . should someday replace Gracie Al- len . . . wil grace John D. Rockefeller's office. Patrlcla Blair "Pat" Y-Teen Cabinet: GAA: FTA Treasurer: Thesptan Club: Chemistry Club Treasurer: Junior Class Vice President: Senior Class Secretary: Joumal Business Manager: Intramurals: Prom Commit- tee: Ring Committee: Library Staff: National Honor So- ciety: Junior Play Crew. Goes for sharp clothes . . . hates borrowers . . . loves to drive . . . always on the go . . . loyal schoo support- er . . . should be a teacher in all-boy class. Nancy Chapman "Nance" Y-Teen Cabinet: J o u r n al Home Room Representative: C h o r u s : Leaders' Club: Cheerleader : Homecoming Court. ,d Class cutie . . . milady is modest . . . tops as Cheer- leader . . . vivid as violets . . . dislikes mobs . . . friendships unlimited . . . will offer Dorothy Dlx com- petition. James Conlln "Ace" Journal Home Room Repre- sentative: Varsity Football Manager: Gym Team: Bowl- ing Team: Leaders' Club: In- tramurals: Homecoming Court. Lopsided smile . . . cool Romeo . . . Cadillac would make driving easier . . . third floor radiator addict . . . cat dancing in the dark . . . should teach for Arthur Murray. James Crlsclone "Dm" Varsity Football: Reserve Basketball: Intramurals. Pet peeve: one broken nose . . . possesses a terrific line . . . shy on the sur- face . . . really hep on stati tics . . . football en- thusiast . . . will sponsor a "Nose Clinic." Robert D. Barnes "Bob" Ht-Y President: Chemistry Club: Pep Band: Bags' State: Chorus: Leaders' lub: In- tramurals: Kent Scholarship Team, World History: Reflec- tor Business Staff. Says pet peeve ls girls . . . burns clnders off cinder path . . . will design bridge be- tween U.S. and England . . . keeps clothiers busy . . . will win l964 Olympics. Martin Bornemlss "Bud" Ioumal Home Room Repre- sentative: Chorus: Junior Varsity Football: Varsity Football: Reserve Basket- ball: Varsity Basketball: In- tramurals: Toolroom Boy: Junior Play Cast. Likable as a puppy dog . . . Bud and sports go together . . . pet peeve: talkative girls . . . driving aids ln- surance statistics . . . will replace Rudolph Valentino. Mary C. Charles "Mae" Y-Teen: GAA: Intramurals: Reflector Business Staff. Devil with a halo . . . will never be mathematician . . . TV addict . . . happy-go- lucky . . . whirlwind of talk . . . loves a laugh . . . should become telephone op- erator. Joseph Constantine "Shark" Intramurals: Homecoming Court: Toolroom Boy. Handsome is - handsome does . . . wishes school would begin at noon . . . dynamite in dungarees . . . deceivingly quiet . . .noted for wisecracks . . . ought to be college prof. Agnes Cross "Aggie" Y-Teen Cabinet: GAA Presi- dent: Chorus: Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Intramurals: Prom Committee: Library Staff: Junior Play Crew: Re- flector Staff. Bombshell in action . . . a laugh a minute . . . grace on the flying rings . . . intramural addict . . . shy :xt times . . . will be Ath- letic Director at Madison Square Garden. Seniors Robert Crum Nancy Daugherty Webster Dawson Mary Ann DeFalco Louis Della Penna Eleanor Dellesky lolm DeMarco Mary L. DiCesare Carolyn Dill Andrew Douglas Herman Draves William Ellis lack England Ruthe Enyeart Richard Esposito Barbara Evans Iohn Eno Richard Fitzgerald Icnlce Fomey Ianice Frankford ..,. - M 3539 W, A s 5 .. Q ,Q M I -X A' if , ef ,ae SSS PAGE 15 lebert Crum "Bob" Chemistrx Club: Band Ser- geant-ab rms, State Music ontest Winner: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Chorus. Like the atom, a mighty mite . . . no lo're for study halls . . . real acne sax man . . . likes chemistry . . . friends galore . . . has future in pulling hen's teeth. Leuls Della Penna "Lou" Intramurals. Doesn't believe tn being on time . . . dislikes back-seat drivers . . . good things come in small packages. . . not biology minded . . ought to sub for Bevo Fran- cis. Carolyn Dill "Suzy" Y-Teen Cabinet. UN Essay Contest Winner: Kent Schol- asrhip Team, Bookkeeping: Office Assistant: Prom Com- mittee : Orchestra : Band : Reflector Editorial S t a i f : Junior Play Crew: National Honor Society. Quiet and reserved . . . would give GHS escalato's if possible . . . dainty as old lace . . . master of her mind . . . will conduct classes in Emily Post ap- pieciation. Jack E. England "lumps" Band: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Chorus: Junior Play Crew. Never seen without his car . . . has a swagger like an old sailor . . . many cars will keep him happy . . . future competition for John D. Rockefeller. John Bsso "Whistler" Intramurals: Toolroom Boy: Chorus. Quiet knowledge . . . pst peeve: American govern ment . . . steady and reli- able . . . sincere in his efforts . . . ought to see the world at Uncle Sam's expense. Nancy Daugherty "Frizz" Y-Teen : G A A: Thespian Club: Journal Staff: Lead- ers' Club: Intramurals: Prom Committee: Junior Play Crew. Tomboy in organdy . . . doesn't mind expressing opinion . . . cuts a mean rug . . . loves intramurals . . . goes for Speech II Class . . . ought to be Walt Disney's right-hand man. Eleanor Dellesky "El" Y-Teen: GAA: Intramurals. Goes for sharp clothes... the despair of typing class . . . femininity in levis. .. quiet in her own way... should set new fashions for "Cats, Incorporated." Andrew Douglas "Bud" Thespian Club: Chemistry Club President: Bowling Team: Chorus: Intramurals: Prom Committee: Library Staff: Prince of Peace Con- test Winner: Junior Play C r e w: Reflector Business Staff. Hates getting up in the morning . . . always busy . . . sure to get strongest reactions in Chemistry Club . . . terrific at dramatics . .. should replace Edward R. Murrow. Ruthe T. Enyeart "Tex" Y-Teen: GAA: Chorus. "Tex" typifies her chief in- te ert . . . goes for sharp outfits . . . noted for her moccasin collection . . . ter- rific with a guitar . . . ought to run a western Dude Ranch. Richard Fitzgerald "Fits" Thespian Club: Journal Home Room Representative: Chorus: Intramurals: Prom Committee: Junior Play Cast. A constant rush and surge of energy . . . looks of a college prof . . . gives his all in intramural sports... ooes for live music . . . ought to be Jackie Gleason's straight man. Webster Dawson "Web" Junior Varsity Football: Var- sity Football: Reserve Bas- ketball: Varsity Basketball: Intramurals. Mr. Athlete of GHS . . . noted for his "Dawson Ram- ble" . . . no special love for school . . . always wears a smile . . . will be addition to the Globetrotters. Iobn Deldarce "Junior" Hi-Y: Varsity Football: Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Intra- murals: Toolroom Boy: Track. Lives for today . . . doesn't mind school-it's the home- work . . . football enthusiast . . . has combination Chev- rolet and Trophy Case . . . will run deluxe "Italiano Restauranto." Herman Draves "Butch" Intramurals. Friendly as a St. Bernard . . . hot-rod all the way . . . can't see teachers' pets . . . a blush a minute . . . will win potato peeling gontest sponsored by Uncle am. Richard Esposito "Esple" l-li-Y: Varsity Football Man- ager: Intramurals: Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Junior Play Crew: Reflector Busi- ness Staff. Too small to play football- he managed well . . . a real live doll . . . noted for his lopsided grin . . . liked by all . . . will design extra stories for Empire State Building. Janice Forney "Jan" Y-Teen: PNC President, Treasurer: Chemistry Club Secretary: Reflector Assis- tant Editor: Chorus: Prom Committee: National Honor Society: Junior Play Crew. A hidden humor and a bub- bling lauqh . . . rated as tops . . . bound to succeed . . . sparkle and spirit . . . will make temperatures rise and pulses beat faster. Mary Ann DeFalse Y-Teen: GAA: Chorus. Newcomer from Niles way . . . easily lost in a crowd . . . energy of an atom . . . happy when talking . . . dislikes having to wait for people . . . should become a lady wrestler. Mary Lou DlCesare "Mare" Y-Teen: GAA: Intramurals. Flashing eyes and a smile to match . . . dislikes Jealous people . . . whiz on the dia- mond . . . sweet as sugar candy . . . will be first woman player for the Yan- kees. William I. Ellis "Buddy" Varsity Football: Intramur- als: Iunio-r Play Crew. Drawer of crazy caricatures . . . Bill and football go hand in hand . . . pet peeve: young girls acting so old . . . his name under pictures of art we'll see. Barbara Evans "Barb" Y-Teen Cabinet: GAA: FTA President: Thespian Club: Chemistry Club: Journal Edi- torial Staff, Home Room Rep- resentative: Chorus: Intra- murals: Cheerleader: Prom Committee: Junior Play Cast. Energy in action . . . goes for gab-sessions . . . danc- ing on a cloud . . . straight from a band box . . . can hold her own in a crowd . . . ought to be a teacher at West Point. Janice Frankford "Jan" Y-Teen: GAA: Treble Clef: Band: Orchestra: Major- ette: Chorus: Intramurals: Reflector Business Staff. Goes for dancing . . . tall people suit her style . . . a polka and a whirling skirt . . . a baton and a strut... will be the perfect home- maker. Seniors Catherine Funk Theresa Gargoline Ronald Garman Iames Gray David Green David Houlihan Iudith Humble Nancy Hutteman Ivan Iacobs David Iohnson Loretta Iones Richard Iones Robert Iones Charles lorza Rita Iulius Richard Kay Margaret Kennedy Helen Kope Wllllam Luzar Charles Maas , IE. I: Q 3.52, A -gr: Rl " QT? f' mag' 4 , F 1 1 2 X is lei New-X1 Angie x 2 Q an Sv 5" 'lc' it :sag xg f- - 1 X .. Q 3:2 5 . 5 :,,: E , 5 H 6 jf 'lf " 1' A . is -l 1 l '? PAGE IE Catherine Funk "led" Y-Teen: GAA. Dream-date . . . beauty ast'ide a Palomino . . . shining hair and a flashing smile . . . cool green and sunlight . . . will raise the finest thoroughbred horses in Kentucky. David Green "Dave" Hi-Y: Band State Music Con- test Winner: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Chorus: Intramurals: Prom Commit- tee. A squeal of tires . . . a terror in chemistry class . . . practical ioker . . . always willing to please . . . trumpet whiz . . . will own a string of New York penthouses. Ivan Iaeohe "Cookie" Intramurals: Toolroom Boy. Can hardly be called a bookworm . . . his girls are his queens . . . a laugh a minute . . . dreamer on a musical cloud . . . will be the best iazzman Birdland has ever had. Robert lenes "Hubert" Iunlor Varsity Football: ln- tramurals: Toolroom Boy. A basketball addict . . . Hubert and women iust don't mix . . . a quiet charmer . . . stick-to-itlveness . . . ought to be chief money counter at the U.S. Mint. Margaret Kennedy "Sis" Y-Teen: GAA: Reflector Ed- itorial and Business Staff: Intramurals: Junior P l a y Crew. Gets cuter all the time... dislikes gum-crackers . . . goes for basketball . . . a walk like a model . . . grace in action . . . ought to instruct Powers Models. H at Theresa Gargollne "'l'rese" Y-Teen: GAA: Chorus. Songs that chill your spine . . . laughs a lot . . . quiet and Theresa just don't mix . . . goes for boys . . . whiz of a car-hop . . . will be recording top hit albums. David Houllhan "Dave" Hi-Y Sergeant-at-Arms: Boys' State: Iunior Varsity Foot- ball: Varsity Football: Re- sezve Basketball: Iunior Play Cast: Chorus. Physical fitness . . . looks of a Greek God . . . pet peeve: women cluttering up golf course . . . goes for sports . . . will beat all world gclf records ever set. David Iolsneen "Dave" Hi - Y Sergeant - at - Arms : Chemistry C l u b : Chorus: Iunior Varsity Football: Gym Team: Bowling Team: Lead- ers' Club: lntramurals: Sen- ior Committee: Kent Scholar- ship Team, General Science: Reflector Business Staff: Na- tional Honor Society. Intelligence plus . . . tall timber . . . strength on the parallel bars . . . quiet masterfulness . . . swims like a shark . . . will set nledw English Channel rec- o . Charles Iersa "Chuck" Leaders' Club: Intramurals. Quiet intelligence . . . pet peeve: slow movement . . . gym work is for Chuck . . . crazy 'bout basketball . . . will spend his days sailing 'round. Helen Zope "Bunny" Y-Teen: GAA: Chorus: Intra- murals: P r o m Committee: Kent Scholarship 'l' e a m , Bookkeeping: Iunior P l a y C r e w: Reflector Business Staff. As cute as her nickname . . . dislikes being rushed . . . personality on the ,run . . . fashion plate . . . some angel in her . . . will be personnel manager for Hig- bee's. Ronald D. Gorman "Ron" Hi-Y: Ring Committee: Tool- room Boy: Gift Committee: Reflector Business Staff. Goes for old cars . . . gets a "bang" out of guns . . . knack for witty remarks . . desirable date-bait . . . will be the fastest highway pa- trolman on wheels. Iudlth Humble "Iudy" Y-Teen Chaplain: GAA: FTA: Thespian Club: Iournal Staff: Home Room Repre- sentative: C h o r u s: Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Intra- murals: Clinic Assistant: Junior Play Cast: Reflector Business Staff: National Hon- or Society. Picture of health and hap- piness . . . beauty on the balance beam . . . flair for dramatics . . . sports addict . . . will follow in the footsteps of Sarah Bernhardt. Loretta Iones "Lal" Reflector Editorial S t a f f: Chorus: Intramurals: Glee Club. Sweet as pink lemonade . . . smile of sunshine . . . quiet willingness . . . action plus ability . . . praise a-plenty . . . will make the perfect guy the perfect wife. Rlta lullul Y-Teen: Chorus: Gym Team. Short girl-tall personality . . . where there's Rita, there's music . . . bubble of a bubble cut . . . dislikes jealousy . . . will get ten- year singing contract in Las Vegas. William Lunar "llll" Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Intramurals: Toolroom Boy. Quiet helpfulness . . . intra- mural addict . . . no trouble holding his own . . . a saga of song . . . Leaders' Club leader . . . will sell a million copies of his first record. FAU! I9 Iaines Gray "lim" Intramurals: Ring Commit- tee. Pint-sized imp of mischief . . . doesn't go for tall people . . . goes for writing . . . active player in intra- murals . . . will be sports editor of his own news- paper. Nanoy Hutteman Reflector Editorial Staff: Thespian Club. Luxury and a sun-lit pool . . . goes for cat dancin' . . . can't see squares . . . loves to act . . . a former southern belle . . . ought to star in a Broadway drama. Rlchard Ionos Hi-Y: Bowling Team: Intra- murals: Kent Scholarship Team, Geometry. Old home-town friendliness . . . dislikes waiting for people . . . goes for bowl- ing . . . chuckles and chat- ter . . . will be designer for super-deluxe bowling balls. Rlahard lay "DQR" Hi-Y Treasurer: Senior Class Treasurer: Chorus: Iunior Varsity Football: Varsity Football: Reserve Basket- b a l 1 : Varsity Basketball: Bowling Team: Intramurals: Kent Scholarship Team, Lat- in I and Il. Handsomeness in a basket- ball uniform . . . clothes to match . . . beautiful blush . . . dislikes getting up every moming . . . will be rolling in wealth at his Florida hotel. Charles Maas "Chuckie" Thespian C 1 u b : Chemistry Club: Iournal Staff: Reflec- tor Editorial Staff: Band Treasurer, State Music Con- test Winner: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Prom Committee: Library Staff: Kent Scholarship Team, Eng- lish: National Honor Society: Iunior Play Cast: Reflector Business Manager. Ambition in the flesh . . . he acts well his part . . . a marked sense of htimor '. . . never a dull moment . . . shutter bug . . . will be practicing law in Tim- buctoo. Seniors Sandra MacLean Ioseph Maderitz Dorothy Maholtz Rosa Maiorana Barbara Makar Robert Makar Gary Marks Robert Matekovich Donald Miller Adele Minear Paul Monteleone Richard Moore Edwin Morris Katherine Nace Dominic Nespeca Roger Nitzsky Margaret Noderer Mary Ann Oliva Ioarm Paniqall Ianice Parsons 'Ki ,lk X 'H ,. 'Nj 5 Xxx at ,xg si . s In M 3 'wwf WSW' 'MS " ar 3 SD Sandra Maclean "Sandy" Y-Teen: Journal Business Staff: Junior Play Cast: Re- flector Business Staff. Changeable as the weather . . . surprise package . . . cool sophistication . . . goes for classy clothes . . . true pal . . . will be the pride of Saks Fifth Avenue. Barbara Makar "Barb" Y-Teen: GAA: Chorus: Intra- murals: Junior Play Crew: Reflector Business Staff. A friend indeed . . . goes for gym class . . . really on t e "ball" . . . happy air follows her . . . likes advising . . . ought to run a helping-hand club for love- lorn couples. Donald Miller "Millie" Hi-Y Secretary: Chemistry Club: Reflector Editorial Staff: Intramurals: Toolrocm Boy: Kent Scholarship Team, Algebra I, World History, American History Excels in American history . . . goes for girls, collect- ively . . . dislikes quiet . . . likes Girl Scout Cook- ies . . . basketball addict . . . will work for the Aga Khan. Edwin Morris "Eddie" Leaders' Club: Intramurals: Toolrocm Boy. Friendly is and friendly acts . . . really goes for cars . . . happy with a basket- ball in his hand . . . looks to the sky . . . will blaze new jet trails. Margaret L. Noderer "Peg" Y-Teen Cabinet: GAA Cab- inet: FNC Advisory Council: FT A Secretary: Thesplan Club Vice President: Iournal Co-Editor: Intramurals: Prom Committee: Clinic Assistant: Kent Scholarship Team, Eng- lish: Junior Play Cast: Chor- us: National Honor Society. Vim, vigor and vitality... eats, sleeps and lives ac- tivity . . . enemy to none. friend to all . . . can out- talk all competitors . . . a career as a woman diplo- mat. Joseph Maderits "Mud" Leaders' Club: Intramurals: Junior Varsity Football. A quiet shadow . . . wit from within . . . music sends htm out of this world . . . a book and contentment . . . lopes along . . . ought to be a "jazzman" in New York City. Robert Makar "Bob" Varsity Football: Reserve Basketball: Varsity Basket- gall: Intramurals: Toolrocm oy. A slow smile . . . sports and more sports . . . car is his pride and joy . . . noted for "little boy" look . . . goes for riding around . . . ought to design super- speed roads. Adele M. Mlnear Y - Teen President: G A A: F T A: Intramurals: Cheer- leader: R i n g Committee: Senior Committee: Reflector Editorial Staff. Always extending a helping hand . . . really goes for ice skating . . . nothing like dancing . . . the best, to say the least . . . ought to tutor Sonja I-Ienie. Katherine Nace "Kathy" Y-Teen: FTA Vice President: Chemistry Club Treasurer: Reflector Editorial S t a f f : Chorus: Intramurals: Prom Committee: J u n i o r Play Crew. A loyal school supporter. . . a lot of work, a little credit . . . thinks dogs are "the most" . . . loves the outdoors . . . she ought to be a prof at Cornell. Mary A. Oliva "Mary Ann" Y-Teen: Junior Play Crew: Chorus. Dislikes people who are al- ways arguing . . . never a harsh word . . . hard work- er . . . goes for the latest . . . will pacify cranky passengers on Transoceanic flights. Dorothy Maholts "Dot" Y-Teen Treasurer, Cabinet: GAA: Treble Clef: Chorus: Intramurals : Cheerleader : Prom Committee: Senior Committee: Junior Play arf? w: Reflector Business a . Round-eyed amazement.. butterfly on the wing . . . pet peeve: typing . . . pic- ture oi neatness . . . will be counseling I-Iollywood's most glamorous women. Gary Marks "Mariah" Junior and Varsity Football T e a rn Manager: Bowling Team: P r o m Committee: Toolrocm Boy: Safety Patrol: Reflector Business Staff. A heart of gold . . . dislikes people who think they own the world . . . has a calm- ing effect . . . is bound to be head machinist for Gen- eral Motors. Paul Monteleone Hi - Y: Chemistry C l u b : Journal Staff: Reflector Edi- torial S ta f f: Intramurals: Prom Committee: Ring Com- mittee: Senior Committee: American Legion Essay Win- ner: Kent Scholarship Test, Biology, American History: National Honor Society: Iun- ior Play Crew. Calm ambition . . . loves to argue . . . can give with the gab and always has a worthwhile piece of advice . . . his pen is mighty... out to be a prominent orator. Dominic Nespeca "Dom" Junior Varsity Football: Var- sity Football: Leaders' Club: Intramurals. Goes for a snappy way to pass the time . . . crazy 'bout jazz music . . . spa- ghetti and meatballs is his dish . . . he will be pro football's Mr. All-American. Joann Paniqall "Io" Y-Teen: Treble Clef: Prom Committee: Junior Play Cast: Chorus: National Hon- or Society. If she's not smiling, she's laughing Q . . pet peeve: men drivers . . . possessor of a green thumb . . . cou1dn't count all her friends . . . will be a personal dentist of old millionaire. PADI 27 Rosa Malorana "Rosie" Y-Teen: GAA: Chorus: Intra- murals: Senior Committee: Junior Play Crew. Brownest eyes . . . dislikes gossips . . . the ideal girl athlete . . . quiet assur- ance . . . gives credit where credit is due . . . will be fastest talker ever. Robert Matekevlch "Malek" Junior Varsity Football: Var- sity Football. Goes for real live jazz... "cat" all the way . . . fol- lower of "rackie" fashions . . . . good pal to have around . . . ought to be mechanic at the Indianap- olis Speedway. Rlchard Moore "Dick" l-li-Y Vice President: Thes- pian Club: Chemistry Club: Joumal Staff, Home Room Representative: Chorus: ln- tramurals: Prom Committee: Prince of Peace Contest Winner: K e n t Scholarship Team, Plane Geometry: Jun- ior Play Cast: National Hon- or Society. Busyness on the run . . . serious in a comical way . . . enjoys reminiscing.. . always looking ahead . . . goes for chemistry . . . ought to be Iranian Oil King. Roger Nltssky "Hodge" Intramurals. A firecracker in a quiet room . . . doesn't believe in walking . . . has a way with women . . . modern dance suits him . . . he will set a new jet speed record. Janice Ann Parsons "Ian" Y-Teen: GAA: FNC Vice President: Thespian Club Treasurer: Chemistry Club: Iournal Co-Editor, H o m e Room Representative: Intra- murals: Prom Committee: Junior Play Cast. Pint-size . . . active in school . . . enjoys opera, ballet, and dramattcs . . . her life is a stage . . . really goes for traveling . . . hopes to be First Lady some day. Seniors 9- Iohn Pasko Iames Patrick Anthony Raqozine Louise Rebraca KP' 43 Sheila Reed Mary Ioan Rees Mary Reyes lack Rice YL ..v-- . V I NA Q .x I QQ 5 ..,, if ' U -' i Leroy Roberts -5 K- ' S" Angel Rodrigo Angela Rodrigo I 3 X Richard Rosenberg A o V gig 15 Ilsa Ross Darrell Runyan Lucille Sabino M S' Harry Schlesler Barbara Schubert Donald Shea Ioseph Sherock .. ,X ld' . it Katherine Shlnas PAGE 22 V., Qu, .A ee 5 " l 'illlfvf K tl T N l il ' I! i cf' 24 at' A xl, k Q X 'xt X N Iobn Paeko "Dolly" Hi-Y: Chemistry Club: lun- ior Class President: lournal Editorial Staff: Leaders' Club: Prom Committee: Kent Scholarship Team. Latin l, Chemistry. Love for sports knows no limit . . . has a nose for news . . . devil-may-care . . . Pet Peeve of the Iournal Staff . . . avid chemist... will replace Iimmy Dudley. Sheila Reed Y-Teen: Iournal Staff. Witty stories in speech . . . a smile in her eyes . . . dislikes noisy people . . . humor as dry as the Sahara . . . will become first lady district attorney. Leroy Roberts "Rabbit" Ht-Y: Chemistry Club: Re- flector Editorial Staff: Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Intra- murals: Safety Patrol. Happy in a car . . . all grin, no grudge . . . enjoys modern music . . . photo- graphy addict . . . catchy eye for girls . . . will be- come a millionaire on the Continent. llla Roll "Ill" Y-Teen Inter-Club Council. Music Chairman: GAA: PNC: Thespian Club Presi- dent: Chemistry Club: lourn- al Staff: Reflector Editorial Staff: Chorus: Intramurals: Prom Committee: American Legion Essay Winner: Na- tional Honor Society: Iunior Play Crew. Typical teenager . . . pet peeve: short people . . . oves being "on the go" . . . pace setter for styles . . . will offer competition for Gloria Vanderbit. Barbara Schubert "Squirt" Y-Teen: GAA: FTA: Band: Orchestra: Majorette: Lead- ers' Club: Intramurals. Saucy and sweet . . . cute as a button . . . goes for sharp boys and cars to match . . . has eyes that sparkle . . . will become a pert teacher at Case. James Patrick "lim" Hi-Y: Chemistry Club Vice President: Iournal Home R o o m Representative: Re- flector Editorial Staff: Band: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Chorus: Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Intramurals: Prom Committee: Senior Committee: Reflector Busi- ness Staff. Always has something to sav . . . goes for music and girls . . . is noted for his keen humor . . . looks for- ward to mixing acids in his own little lab. Mary Ioan Rees "Ioan" Y-Teen. Soft spoken . . . dislikes nosy people . . . goes for smooth dancing . . . likes out-of-town boys . . . will be a great aid to airsick people. Angel Rodrigo, Ir. "Short" Band President: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: ln- tramurals: Senior Committee. Rosy cheeks with personal- ity to match . . . motorcycle madcap . . . a friend to all . . . "Tommy Dorsey" of to- morrow . . . jazz lover . . . the modern-trend musician. Darrell Runyan "Run" Hi-Y: Band Vice President, State Music Contest Winner: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Bowling Team: Chor- us: Reflector Business Staff. No nicer could you meet. .. never a dull moment . . . hotrodder all the way . . . his mischief shows through . . . electronic wizard . . . will found the Runyan Edi- SOR. Donald Shea "Den" Chemistry Club Vice Presi- dent: Reflector Editorial Staff. Calm. cool, collected . . . a great scientific ability . . . helping hand where needed . . . keeps wit well hidden . . . ought to design new textbook for GHS. Anthony Ragozlne "Babe" Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Intramurals: Toolroom Boy. Crazy clothes concoctions . . . sense of humor in his own quiet way . . . sunny smile . . . carefree attitude . . . will design dream home of the future. Mary Lou Reyes "Bunnie" Y-Teen: GAA. Goes for jazz . . . likes to "cat" . . . sharp witted . . . keeps tailors busy . . . a dark-eyed attention attracter . . . will be Miss Tuna Fish for Kist-Star. Inc. Angela Rodrigo "Angle" Y - Teen: Band: Orchestra: Pep Band: Senior Committee. Sweet in all her ways . . . an added gift to GHS music . . . picture of Spanish charm . . . eye catcher . . . will be elected the "Perfect Mother of l960." Lucille E. Sabine "Lee Lee" Y-Teen: GAA: Intramurals: Prom Committee. Classy dresser . . . real sports fan . . . dislikes noisy people . . . goes for nice cars . . . likes handsome men . . . will probably own a share in Bagliers Ford. Ioeeph A. Sheroclr "loo" Intramurals. I-las eyes the girls will never forget . . . enjoys the wide open spaces . . . goes for intramurals . . . smiling Ioe will be a stand-in for Tony Curtis. Louise Rebraca "Lou" Y-Teen: GAA: PNC: Iunior Class Treasurer: Reflector Editor: Chorus: Prom Com- mittee: Ring Commlttee: Li- brary Staff: Clinic Assistant: National Honor Society. Rated as tops . . . always ready and willing . . . ac- tivity on the rebound . . . neat and nice . . . noted for her laugh . . . will be hold- in? hands with wounded G. 's. lack Rice "Rice Patty" Chorus: Varsity Football: Re- serve Basketball: Varsity Basketball: Gym Team: In- tramurals: Toolroom Boy: Safety Patrol. Typical teenager . . . a smile from heaven . . . goes for girls . . . no love for books . . . laugh carrier for miles . . . will become a big man in this little world. Richard G. Rosenberg "Rosle" Band: State Music Contest Winner: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Chorus. Hotrods his motorboat . . . enjoys his lazy summer . . . has knack for imitating . . . loves a laugh . . . will beat wiaonq-way Cori-lgan's rec- or . I-larry W. Schesler "Hank" Hi-Y: Iournal Staff: Iunlor High Football: Intramurals: Junior Play Crew. Enjoys study halls he can sleep in . . . rarely without a smile . . . likes crowds . . . um-m-m, those brown eyesl . . . will become an ace reporter for the New York Times. Katherine Shlnas "Kathy" Y-Teen: GAA: Leaders' Club. Never without her faithful giggle . . . noted for being late . . . saving up to head for Greece . . . will become leading lady of the world. Seniors Rosalyn Simon Melvin Smail Angela Siizza Dominic Thomas Patricia Thomas Kenneth Tillery Wayne Trumphour Marg are! Ulakovich Helen Vesco Nella Weaver Howard Williams Iohn Williams Mary A. Zabotsky il2!55 .!Iil 1, QW! X5 5-. Ae N X Q y 5' A Q i erik? ,fi Rosalyn Simon "Ros" Y-Teen Cabinet: GAA: FNC Secretary: Chemistry Club Secretary: lournal Home Room Representative: Reflec- tor Editorial Staff: Band State Music Contest Winner: Orchestra: Drum Maiorette: Prom Committee: Senior Committee: Clinic Assistant: National Honor Society: lun- ior Play Crew. Struts her stuff . . . goes for Bermuda shorts . . . can draw styles like a magnet . . . has the ambition to get ahead . . . will have her own hospital in Girard. Patrlcla Thomas "Rat" Quiet as a summer breeze . . . timid and gentle . . . consclentlous worker . . . sweet as cotton candy . . . will make a perfect librar- ian lor Library of Congress. Helen Ann Veeco Y-Teen Cabinet: GAA: Tre- ble Clef: Chorus: Intramur- als: Ring Committee: Reflect- or Buslness Staff. Always rushing around . . . deals ln friends lp unlimited . . . a glint of devil in her eye . . . will become a "private secretary" on TV. Melvln Small "Mel" Band: Chorus: Intramurals. Really knows his cars . . . quiet charmer . . . fun to be with . . . hidden sense of humor . . . will run compe- tition to NBC with his own broadcasting system. Kenneth 'Illlery "Ken" Bowling Team: Intramurals. At a loss without his car . . . typhoon in typing class . . . slow and easy on the draw . . . will be- come the world's greatest typing speedster. Nella Weaver "Nell" Y-Teen: PNC: Chemistry Club: Band: Orchestra: Pep Band: Dance Band: Intra- murals: C l i n i c Assistant: Iunior Play Crew. Always on the go . . . never in a hurry . . . crazy 'bout band music . . . known for losing her voice . . . goes tor tall people . . . will be nursing at Princeton. Angela Stlxsa "Angle" Y - Teen Treasurer: G A A: Treble Clef: Iunior Class Sec- retary: Senior Class Vice President: Iournal Home Room Representative: Chor- us: Leaders' Club: lntramur- als: Homecoming Queen: Prom Committee: Ring Com- mittee: Senior Committee: Reflector Business Staff: Na- tional Honor Society. A classy clotheshorse . . . personality plus . . . neat as a pin . . . dislikes showoffs . . . will own her own business firm in Chl- cago before she is thirty. Wayne Trumphour "lehobod" Hi-Y: Thespian Club: Chem- istry Club: Journal Home Room Representative: Re- flector Editorial Staff: Intra- murals: Prom Committee: Safety Patrol: Kent Scholar- ship Team, General Science, BioloqY: Iunlor Play Cast. A bag of tricks . . . eager beaver . . . a good Ioe . . . a smile and a cheerful hello . . . owns a beautiful blush . . . good for an argument . . . will further Elnsteln's Theory. Howard Williams. Ir. nanny.. Iournal Home Room Repre- sentative: Band: Pep Band: Varsity Football: Reserve Basketball: Varsity Basket- ball: Intramurals. Appealing shyness . . . goes for sharp cars . . . whiz on the courts . . . devil in angel's robe . . . loves to sleep . . . will make a million before he is forty. Mary Agatha Zabotsky omni... Y-Teen: GAA Intramural Manager: Treble Clef: Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Intra- murals: Cheerleader: Prom Committee: Reflector Busi- ness Staff. The picture of vim and vital- ity . . . Miss Crlshal's right- hand woman . . . always out for a good time . . . will teach gymnastics at West Point Academy. 5 Dominic A. Thomas "Rusty" Intramurals. Keen sense of humor . . . dislikes slow drivers . . . has craziest basketball game ever played . . . will begin a private chain store and make an easy million. Margaret Ulakovlch "Marge" Y-Teen: GAA: Treble Clei: Iournal Staff. Home Room Representative : Orche tra : Gym Team: Leaders' Club: Intramurals : Cheerleader : Prom Committee. Dancing on the ceiling . . . sunshine on a rainy day . . . goes for modern music .. . loves to laugh . . . a hearty "I-li" for all . . . will be in Hollywood ome day. Iolsn Williams "lack" Doesn't believe ln punctual- ity . . . bom with a smile on his face . . . a good iriend to have . . . really "down to earth" . . . will design a "School of Tomor- row"-one without teachers. Senior Officers and Sponsors K s L f' vo f f elm flee 1 If ' 5 Q 8 r kg ' fi J ,fr fm .bfi S -o 1 4 . Q X ,. sc 3 is YRONT ROW: Miss Hcxrty Angela Stizzcr, Vice President Mrs. Cosentmop Mr. Roy. SEQLTUND ROW: Patricia Blair, Secietczryg Richard Kay, Tre-asurerg Miss Gorrettp William Erqley, President. C loss Flower Carnation Closs Colors Blue ornd Silver Closs Motto We live to learn, so that we may learn to live. 3 Seniors, Moving To Higher Things, Make Their Last Will Ruth Anderson leaves her many beaux To Harriett Humble, who knows what goes. Ann Arbutina leaves her manners so sweet To Mary lane Pallone, who is so neat. Marian Baldwin leaves her love of typing To Patty Kren, who has the same liking. Bob Barnes leaves his little white car To Mary lane Thomas, who will go tar. Bill Bigley leaves his curly blond hair To Corinne Davey, who is so fair. Tom Blackstone leaves his hopped-up cars To anyone wanting to go to Mars. Patricia Blair leaves her nifty clothes To dazzle Patti Shatier's beaux. Bud Bornemiss leaves his ilirtatious ways To help Alan Barlis keep girls in a daze. Ian Bujher leaves her job at Rodney Ann's To Eugene Maiorana and their other fans. Susan Carnahan leaves her freckles cute To Terry O'Neil, who has more to boot. Nancy Chapman wills her cheering technique To Mary Pellizzeri. who can't be beat. Mae Charles leaves her giggle so merry To ever-so-happy Emma Ann Carey. Anthony Chila leaves his music so gay To bring lim Iones success some day. Bob Conley -leaves his legs so long To Tom Schubert, whose aren't so far gone. lim Conlin leaves his dancing steps To Sandy Cretella, who is really hep. Ice Constantino leaves his nice physique To go with Billy Carey's technique. George Cornell leaves his humor so keen To sister Iane, a fun-loving queen. Ioe Costarella wills his music knowledge To put a future musician through college. lim Criscione leaves his likable shyness To go with Iackie Emch's spryness. Agnes Cross leaves her surplus laughter For further use, now and after. Robert Crum leaves his stature so short 'l'o Danny Marks, who is of the same sort. Nancy Daugherty leaves her devilish way For Eleanor Luzar to match some day. Webster Dawson leaves his basketball fame To Richard Pasko, who knows the game. Mary Ann DeFalco leaves her vitality To add to Betty Funaro's personality. Louis Della Penna leaves his "catty" ways To go with those of Ioey Reyes. El Dellesky leaves her out-of-town dates To Sally Stambaugh, who already rates. Iohn DeMarco leaves his muscles galore To "Bubbles" Jones. who could use more. Mary DiCesare leaves her sparkling eyes To help all girls to catch their guys. Carolyn Dill leaves her posture and poise To sister Ioanne, who makes little noise. Buddy Douglas leaves his laugh so cheerful So that the Iuniors may never be tearful. Herman Draves leaves his quiet way For all noisy Freshmen to learn some day. Bill Ellis leaves his love of art To Mary Bolock, who's right for the part. lack England leaves his easily said name To F. Max., who wishes he had the same. Tex Enyeart leaves her job at Handy Andy's To The K.M.U.K.'s, a bunch of dandies. Rich Esposito leaves his smiling face For sister Verna to keep up the pace. ' Barb Evans leaves her come-hither glances For all the girls to use at dances. lohn Ezzo leaves his adorable blush To Andy Aurilio, whom all the girls rush. Richard Fitzgerald leaves his little book To John Guidubaldi. who'll take a look. FEE 27 Ianice Forney leaves her skin so white To Clorinda Merrick, who'l1 treat it all right. lanice Frankford leaves her temper so sunny To Iudy Christy, who's as cute as a bunny. Cathy I-'unk leaves her attractive red hair To match Ioan Walker's complexion so fair. Trese Gargoline leaves her voice so mellow To help some Sophomore catch her fellow. Ron Garman leaves his personality To hob-nob with Ianice I-lake's mentality. lim Gray leaves his jokes in Nelson's class To commercial students who expect to pass. David Green leaves his posture so straight To all the boys who want to rate. David Houlihan leaves his handsome looks To take the girls' minds from their books. Iudy Humble leaves her acting in plays To 'Lizbeth Davis, who's sweet in all ways. Nancy Hutteman leaves her way with boys To go with Eileen O'Connell's poise. Ivan Iacobs leaves to Margie Zander His ambition to be a "jazz bander." David Iohnson leaves his high l.Q. To help Paul McClaskey out of a stew. Loretta Iones leaves her personality swell To her sister Mary Lou, who can do as well. Richard Iones leaves his bowling skill To lack Housteau, who fills the bill. Robert Iones leaves his government lore To any one who needs some more. Charles Iorza leaves his "Dynamite" fame To Steve Clapp, who is known for the same. Rita Iulius leaves her slow moving pace To eighth graders who run all over the place. Richard Kay leaves his woman-wooing powers For Donnie Ezzo's romantic hours. Sis Kennedy leaves her grace and charms To that cute Freshman, Marleta Bames. Bunny Kope leaves her fresh fair beauty To Bonnie Blair, that Freshman cutie. Bill Luzar leaves his swoon-bait voice To Frank Pavlick, a popular choice. Chuck Maas leaves his acting on stage For Bill Workman to become the rage. Sandy MacLean leaves her sophistication For Iacqui Fialla's information Ioe Maderitz leaves his many jokes For Bob Kennedy's use while sipping cokes. Dot Maholtz leaves her loads of pep To Ioanne Stibinger, who is really hep. Rosa Maiorana leaves her love of laughter To G.H.S. forever after. Barb Makar leaves her laughter jolly To ease Iohn Kraynak's melancholy. Bob Makar leaves his basketball game For Rusty Swegan to carry to fame. Gary Marks leaves his ability as host To whoever needs it most. Bob Matekovich leaves his handsome physique To Iohn Gunyula, who is really sleek. Don Miller leaves his "baby doll" looks For girls to collect in their scrapbooks. Adele Minear leaves her beautiful eyes 'l'o aid Diana Young in catching sighs. Paul Monteleone leaves his originality For Penny Battin's personality. Dick Moore leaves his rhythmic beat For all the kids dead on their feet. Edwin Morris leaves his quiet ways For soothing Bob Brock's restless days. Katherine Nace her piano will leave For a talented underclassman to receive. Dominic Nespeca leaves his football frame To help Tony Latell's rising fame. Roger Nitsky leaves his souped-up car To carry future "hotrodders" far. Peggy Noderer leaves her slap-happy ways For her sister Ioyce's senior days. Mary Oliva leaves her figure so slim To anyone interested in catching a "him." Ioann Panigall leaves her ballroom technique To keep the eighth graders on the beat. Janice Parsons leaves her journalistic style I-'or Mary Ellen Vaughan to use for a while. Iohn Pasko leaves his mischievous pranks 'l'o Miss Garrett. She'll give thanks? Iames Patrick leaves his witty wisecracks To lack Carlton, who 'stores them in stacks. Anthony Ragozine leaves his stature just right To go with Bill Killin's six-foot height. Louise Rebraca leaves her many brains To Iimmy Kay, who has high aims. Sheila Reed leaves her debating way To Norma Barbini, who'll make sure it pays. Mary Ioan Rees leaves her many dates To some lucky Freshman who really rates. Mary Reyes leaves her best jitterbug To Chickie Gray, who can cut a rug. lack Rice leaves his laugh so funny To Radon Eck, who's quite a honey. Leroy Roberts leaves his tendency to try To Kenny Cretella, a really swell guy. Angel Rodrigo leaves his cycling thrills To any Iunior desiring chills. Angela Rodrigo leaves her lovely hair For Claudia Magill to enjoy and share. Dick Rosenberg leaves his trumpet of brass To George Kralovich, who's in that same class. llsa Ross leaves her stature so tall To Anita Davidson, who is so small. Darrell Runyan leaves the Fender Benders To Doug and other possible members. Lucille Sabino wills her expression sweet To Phyllis Charlesworth, who's hard to beat. Harry Schesler leaves his eyelashes curly To set all the girls' hearts awhirly. Barb Schubert, so sweet and petite, Wills her charms for Karen Weimer to meet. Don Shea leaves his personality deep To Jimmy Iones, who isn't asleep. loe Sherock wills his slow-but-sure paces To Alton Bryant, who always wins races. Katherine Shinas leaves her coyest glances To further Iudy Palermo's romances. Rosalyn Simon leaves her strutting step To Gloria Dellesky, who has the pep. Melvin Smail leaves his mispronounced name To anyone who can say it twice the same. Angela Stizza leaves her crowns galore To sister Dolly, who'll probably get more. Dominic Thomas leaves his manly airs To Iohnny Bundy, who has no cares. Pat Thomas leaves her halo all shining To Patti Bzinak, who's never found whining. Ken Tillery leaves his friendly smile For Sophomores to concentrate on awhile. Wayne Trumphour leaves his love for punch To Tommy Smith, who loves to munch. Marge Ulakovich wills her dancing technique To Marilyn Killin, who thinks it's unique. Helen Vesco leaves her system right To Linda Callard, whose future is bright. Nella Weaver leaves all her worry For Iayne Little to loose in a hurry. Howard Williams wills his nickname "Sleepy" To anyone who thinks study halls creepy. Iack Williams leaves his beloved classes C??J To Ioe Clapp, who's interested in lasses. Aggie Zabotsky leaves her skill in gym. To Ioan Dupuy, who has the vim. Ruth Fritz Seniors Recall Their Prom As the Seniors look back over their Iunior year, they experience a thrill of satisfaction at the memory of their Iunior-Senior Prom - the culmination of a year's hard work. The event of the year was held at Squaw Creek Country Club, May 26, 1954, and featured a unique Via Paris motif. The tables were gaily decorated with minia- ture airplanes, ticket stubs, French menus, candy favors, and red roses. After the dinner, Class Prexy Iohn Pasko was M. C. for the evening's program, which included addresses by Mr. Moore and Mr. Baumgartner, and entertainment by those two songbirds, Agnes Cross and William Thrash. Following the program, there was dancing to the popular music of lack Lewis and his orchestra. Intermission featured the crowning of the Prom Queen, Ruth Fritz, and the Grand March led by Queen Ruth and her escort Robert Hill. CE 3D t it tw ,ig t ,E t N I l'IfllNl' HUW: Ma tn To ri iniiss, Robert Baines, Dorotliy Malivltz, Richard Kay, Roluet Crum, Adele lvliiiwar, Peggy Noclerer, Mizs Scincters, Cliti,ls,: Maas. SECOND ROW: lack Rice, Agnes Cross, lvari Iacobs, Margaret Kennedy, Paul Monteleorio, Ni-llti Weaver, Civic-minded, amiable Barry, aided by his sister. defies Two notorious counterfeiters, Fifty and Sawbuck Sam. the 50UV'ff1C9d MVS- Griswuld. Gnd bfxcked bY his OWU hear of Barry's talent for printing money and attempt "etchings," campaigns successfully for young G.I. Iordan as mayor. without success to profit by Barry's artistry. Kalb O VFW s mul 1 A search forthe source ofthe phony money by Crosby Barry faces a short prison term for his misguided gen- erosity but can make the bogus money good through the filming of his life story. The town still considers him a good fellow. and his assistant Daisy tclisguised as Life reporters? brings romance to Crosby and vindication to Barry. DAGE Lil Will llllk The Crystal Ball Predicts Commercial Art new heights will When Darrell Runycxn starts to fly, S99 He'll make new hrstory ln the sky. When cuuceld by Nancy Dougherty. lm he :ri Th ' f-wsu Gmqolinn When Ivan Iucobs plays 11 tune, The nurslnq Grt's prestlqe will sour ee the tmwuves' pets re- 'l'omorrow's younqer set will swoon, When Rosalyn Simons "on the siqn. floor." Cihiwt Justice- is Chuck MGUSIS mm. Dave lohnsorls mrxturo here may bc- HP'll brinq tlicxt hiqh place qrecztc-r fume. A whole now hold ot Clll,'l1ll5llY. PAGE 32 These Will Reach The Top lwhn Pnskn mms to WTIYP the news, A schoolroom Gwcnts Adele Mmeur. Mnvv over, Wmchollg honor Ins Pupils wxll coll her "Teacher Dam." vwws. The bers! NIITFGSP monkey" an the Loretta Iones just needs G sturt When Webster DCIWSOHIS in the qmno To make housewtiely chores cm urt. rcmks, ls Bob Mcxtokovrclrs mm. The sports profession will give thanks. Wttrt livlmx Vasco rn tts tram, luck England looks so debonuu The secretcucxl world wlll qcm. Because he'll be Q mrllionmrel nw 5315.422 tx, 1 2 U nderclasses The Hall of Mirrors draws us in And shows us what each one can win We are quite lost in admiration To see ourselves at graduation! Y I.A.l.AY-' I LJ. .I I I JUNIORS FRONT ROW: Alan Barlis, Peter Cardiero, Frances Ambrose, Norma Barbini, Margaret Chako. Marantone Carson, Mary Capogreco, lean Ciccui, Paul Choppa. Ierry Brandenstein. SECOND ROW: Ioseph Clapp, Bill Carey, William Anderson, William Cekuta. Ioel Alderman, Philip Ambrose, Carl Borsani, Frank Anzelmo. THIRD ROW: Carole Call. Mary Ann Bolock, Berthalene Covington. Marianne Baechtel, Mary Ann Christopher. Sally Collins. Mary Ann Blazina. Bridget Coulter. FRONT ROW: Corinne Davey. Mary Ann DiNicolantonio, Ioan Dupuy. Ruth Damelio, Frances Gray, Betty Lou Funaro, Rachel DeMarco. Nola Darr, Loretta Dinard, Verna Esposito. SECOND ROW: Albert Drummond. Elizabeth Davis. Patricia Desmond, Beatrice Forte. Phyllis Gargoline. Mary Ann Guidubaldi, Daniel Emch. THIRD ROW: Iohn Guidubaldi. Dale Carman. David Games. Nick D'Eramo, Roger Davidson. FRONT ROW: Iohn Kraynak, Bob Lehner, Margie Hudak. Mary Elizabeth Maholtz, Rosemary Lavanty. Rita Lendi, Arlie Mattson, Roseann Iulian, Iames Iones. Robert Kirgan. SECOND ROW: Clorlnda Merrick, Patricia Kren, Iayne Little, Bertha Lienberger, Eleanor Luzar, Marilyn McGowan. THIRD ROW: Iames Lucas, Alton Bryant, Iohn Killin, Anthony Latell. Stanley Kobal. FRONT ROW: Iohn Carlton. Mary Phillips. Mary Pellizzeri. Louise Perry. Christina Malie, Arlene Purbaugh, Loretta Pendle. Wilma Nail. Sally Richards, Iohn Ross. SECOND ROW: Edward O'Neil, Patrick McNicholas, Frank Ragozzine. Iames Pierson. Fred Maksimowski, Paul Masterson. Iames Martuccio, Dennis Magill, Frank Macek, Iohn Parillo. THIRD ROW: Douglas Runyan. Iames Rounsley, Terry O'Neil, Lowell Owens, Iames Rowles, Charles Pusin, Ronald Micha, Fred Hosking. Joseph Reyes. FRONT ROW: Syphlronia Triplett, Ioanne Stibinger. Mary lane Thomas. Diana Stizza. Carol Winbigler, Sally Stambaugh, Donna lean Stephenson. Nora Scoville. Eileen Walsh, Constance Wiery. SECOND ROW: Dale Whigham. Thomas Williams. Barbara Shank. Mary Ann Zaubi. LaVonne Shaffer, Margery Zander. Iackie Scaglione. Charles Smythe, Frank Tascione. THIRD ROW: Ioseph Santagata, Glenn Snyder, Fred Walker, Frank Salazar. Robert Winowich, PAGE 37 tg. :rpg as-L W s x 0 1 , n Us 3461? K' 3119? if S: fl 5 . I Q fx C .' - e , Y A I Junior Officers and Sponsors flF'll5i X' ,I+ 0 K FRONT ROW: Mr. McCreary urer: loseph Clapp, Secretary: J U N I OR Carey, Peter JU N I OR Macek, Ioan Miss Crislial, Mr. Cramer, Miss Mandry, Mr. Nelson. SECOND ROW: Mary Pellizzeri, Trr-cr Iohn Guidubaldi, President: LaVonne Shaffer, Vice President. Iohn Guidubaldi, Betty Funaro, Bill Cardiero, Rita Lendi, Ioanne Stibinger. James Lucas, Iohn Guidubaldi, Diana Stizza, Frank Dupuy, Elizabeth Davis, Ioanne Stibinqer, Clorinda Merrick, Margery Zander, Mary Elizabeth Maholtz, Dennis Magill, Arlie Mattson, William Workman, Marilyn McGowan, Iames Rounsley, Frank Anzelmo, Icrmes Iones. JUNIOR PLAY TECHNICAL CREW' Nana Dm, hen David ' Y 9 Y' Games, Iames Rowles, Mary Pellizzeri, Iean Cicciu, Ioseph Reyes. Paul Masterson, Rita Lendi, Mary Ann DiNicolantonio, Betty Funaro, Margie Hudak. Marianne Baechtel. Patricia Kren, Carol Winbigler, Sally Stambaugh, Elizabeth Davis, Roseann Iulian, Corinne Davey, Eleanor Luzar, Norma Barbini, LaVonne Shaffer, Phyllis Gargoline, Dale Whigham, Thomas Williams, Paul Choppa, Bob Lehner, Mary Ann Bolock, Stanley Kobal, lack Carlton, Sandra Balog, Arlene Davidson. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE: ENTERTAINMENTjI0hn Guidubaldi, Arlie Mattson, Arlene Purbaugh, Marilyn McGowan, Iames Lucas, Mary Elizabeth Maholtz, Stanley Kobal. THEME: Diana Stizza, Mary Ann Bolock, Mary Capogreco, David Games, Iack Carlton, Dale Garman. MENU: LaVonne Shaffer, Ed- ward O'Neil, Iames Martuccio, Clorinda Merrick, lean Cicciu. TABLE: LaVonne Shai- ier, Eleanor Luzar, Syphfronia Triplett, Ierry Brandensteiu, Pat McNicholas, Arlene Pur- baugh. INVITATIONS: Mary Pellizzeri, Norma Barbini, Ioan Dupuy, Iames Rounsley, Frank Macek, Louise Perry, Arlene Davidson. ORCHESTRA: Ioseph Clapp, Iames Iones, Margery Zander, Phyllis Gargoline. TRANSPORTATION: loseph Clapp, William Work- man, William Anderson, Robert Lehner, Patricia Desmond, Corinne Davey. PAGE' HR Juniors Pr Dad has just dropped a bombshell rnto tlre family circle. He is bernq transferred to New York and the World's Farr is about to open in St. Louis! Aqnes, Mother, and Grandpa review the situation, Arlre Mattson, Frank Macek, Marqery Zander. The famrly's antics convince Mr. Dodqe tlrat Dad is a poor executive. A man who can't manaqe his own family rsn't likely to be capable ol runnrnq a larqe office. Dad is flied. Frank Anzelmo, Iames lones, lames Lucas, Clorlnda Merrick. - r 'Flre plot tlrickens when lrucrlle from New York, no less takes St. l.ouis boys by rrtornr. l.ou and Iolrn seem decidedly snrrt- ten. lolur Guidulraldr, Marilyn McGowan, Wrl- liam Workman. 'lkratre reveals to Mather and Dad what 4-scapades rzlre lras been involved rn. No wonder Mr, Dadae was alrarcl to take a vlrrrrrce an Dad! Diana Strzza, lames l.ucas, Marqery Zan- der, Iaanne Strbrnaer. 'l'lrv arrlra call a Council ol war to discuss rztrate-ay. Objr-st number one: to stay rn St. lmrrrs. Oblect number two: to aet Dad's rob back. Object number tlrree: to send l,ur'rllo rrackrrra wrtlrout tlre boys. Irrtrrrrre Strbrnar-r, lllrzalretlr Davis, Arlre Mattson, Diana Stizza. Taotre clrrnaxe-s tlrerr camparan wrtlr an rdf-rr ol lrer own, drastic, but eltectrve. llrana Strzza, l'r'ank Anzelnro, Maraery Yrrrrdr-r, james l.uca:s. ltrlur proves lrrnrselt true blue. Lucille lras meant nallrrna to lrrnr. New York or St. l.our::, 1l':: all tlre sanrv to lrrnr so lona as ln' can lu' near llase. lflrzabvtlr Davn., William Workman. Out at tln- ctwrrrplrctrtt-rl web ol crrcrun- :zttrircvz-1, order lrtrsrlly ernerqes. Mr. Dodae C'l1sc0vvt':1 tlrcrt Dad rf: indispensable to tlre St. l.tnrr:: ottrce. Tlrv arrls capture tlrerr men, lrrcrllv tlrr- snub! aets the cold' :slrcrulder treatment. And everyone rs oil to tlre Farr. l'llrS'l' HOW: Lfltuurdrr Merrick, Marrlyrr Mc- Gowan, Drtrrra Strzza. SECOND ROW: lairres Iam-rn, Mary lllrztrtrt-tlr Malroltz, lllrz -rin-tlr Davis, Mrur. Sainte-rzw, Nancy Dautrlrf r-ity, loarrrrr' Strlnirqei. 'l'lllHD RUVV: Den- nrrz Mrrrrrll, Marin-ry Zander, lolrn Gurdu' lwtrldr, l'rtrnk Mast-la, loan Dupuy, lame: l.ut'a:1, Arlrcr Mtrttsrorr, l'ranlc Arrzelnro, esent Meet Me in St. Louis Nd SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW: Anita Augustine, Ianet Barton, Virginia Brandenstein, Nick Constantino, Iohn Corsale, Thomas Brown, Robert Brock, Gay Ambrose, Donna lean Brine, Helen Bolock. SECOND ROW: Ola Bryant, Concetta Artista, Iames Cohol, Beverly Bigley, Harry Charles, Bronwen Bable, Sandra Balog. THIRD ROW: Iohn Bundy, Gene Allison, Iudy Christy, Robert Clifford, Andrew Aurillo. FRONT ROW: Dominic DiCesare, Iohn DelBene, Ray Battaglia, Ramona Cavalcanti, Mary Iean Choppa, lane Cornell, Jackie Emch, Raymond Draa, Charles Chismark, Donald Greathouse. SECOND ROW: Sandra Cretella, Philomena Carson, Carol Gannett, Pat Flora, Beverly Forsythe, Dorothy Dawson, Bessie Fuller, Barbara Comichisto. THIRD ROW: Iean Franklord, Dianna Dunmue, Iohn Estes, Ronald Grischow, Ronald Guido, Nancy Gardner, Mary Ann Dellesky. FRONT ROW: Michael Mamrick, Harvey McClimans, Prank Irilli, Carol Kaibas, Margie Holmes, Patricia Kozyro, Dolores Mirto, Mike Martino, Frank Massuri, Robert Hill. SECOND ROW: Iames Kay, Jeannette Haines, Clarabell Held, Sally Kalaher, Maryann Kaley, Mary Lou Iones, Robert Jones. THIRD ROW: Robert Kuzman, Robert Kapics, Richard Maksiznowski, Ioseph Irilli, Thomas McMaster. FRONT ROW: Charlotte Phillips, Eileen O'Connell, Phyllis Paolone, Anna McIntyre, IoAnn Nespeca, Claudia Magill, Sandra Rice, Margie Patros, Iudy Palermo, Nancy Parker. SECOND ROW: Patrick Parillo, Iames Mosier, Ronald Minear, James Orsine, Edwin O'Malley. William Milligan, Prank Pavlick. THIRD ROW: William Patterson, James Rees, Walter Perko, William Powell. FRONT ROW: Harold Roberts, Ioseph Vadino, Henry Williams, Iudy Shaw, Annette Tascione, Roberta Robinson, Alice Stucky, Anthony Rosace, Iohn Taylor, William Smith. SECOND ROW: lean Thomas, Jeannette Schimel, Ioann Tillery, Patricia Scoville, Roberta Sabolia. Mary Ellen Vaughan, Karen Weimer. THIRD ROW: Ioan Stevens, Henrietta Zabotsky, Terry Senich. William Waite, Iohn Sparling, Ioan Walker, Emma Walker. PAGE 41 on A-I FRESHMEN FRONT ROW: Robert Bowers, Steve Clapp, Iohn Clark. Ioan Bevilacqua, Barbara Byrnes. Loretta Arbie. Lois Bruce, Frank Arundel. William Crum. David Curl. SECOND ROW: Carmel Christopher, Carol Ambrose, Leona Costarella, Mary lane Cardiero, Margaret Bailey, Marie Carson. Iudy Clillord. Bonnie Blair. Linda Collard. Emma Carey. THIRD ROW: Robert Clinton, Iames Camey. Anthony Airato. Iosephine Cappella. Iudith Beard, Ieannette Bogatay. Patti Bzinak, Richard Bender, Michael Blazina, Louis Cera. Robert Burke. FRONT ROW: Geneva Feimster, Radon Eck. Beverly Fitzgerald. Shirley DeMarco, Ianet Di- Nicolantonio, Anita Davidson. Gaye Gruber, Mary Guglielmi. Clara DiTommaso, Mary Lou C'a'lo. SECOND ROW: Iohn Gunyula, Edward Drummond, Iohn Gibboney. Betty DiTommaso, Eacqui Fial'a, Gail Griilith, Elaine Guthrie, Pat DelGenio. Richard Garman. Robert England. Ifobart Davey. THIRD ROW: Donald Ezzo, William Forney. Charles Graham, Ioanne Dill. Barbara Goodge. Gloria Dellesky. Carol Green, William Davidson, Richard Fritz, Ioseph Frederick. FRONT ROW: Dian Merrick, Charlotte Makar, Dorothy Harvey, Ianice Hammond. Donna lean Morgan. Farriett Humble. Suzanne McGowan. Elizabeth Laird. Marie Iulian, Theresa Kozyro. SECOND ROW: Ioan Makar, Marilyn Killin, Barbara Hribar. Sarah Hosking. William Heston, Dennis Lurar. lack Lorenzo, Rose Marie Iohntony, Dorothy Hudak, Barbara Mohn, Ioyce Martin. '1'HIRD ROW: Iohn Hubiack, Stanley Hribar, George Kralovich, Anthony Kren, Ivan Hughes, Carol Lienberger, Margo Miller, Mary Teresa Latell, Albert Mulileman, Kenneth Iohnson, Robert Kennedy, Iohn Housteau. FRONT ROW: Robert McCallie, Daniel Marks, Kenneth Neverovich, Marty Mazzella, Michael Pozega, Iohn Rozzo, Thomas Morris, Martin Pozsga. Richard Pasko, Eugene Maiorana. SECOND ROW: Ioanne Piecuch. Iudith Patrick. Donna Perry. Ioyce Noderer, Margaret O'Neil. Rozetta Propersio. Sandra Reddinger. Iudith O'Brien. Betty Phillips. THIRD ROW: Gerald Makar, Sam Manente, Richard Mazza, Thomas Monroe, Warner Mitchell, lack Rice, Roderic Mlcha, Iames Marling. Iohn Marquez. FRONT ROW: Preston Vemer. Carl Reed. Thomas Seidler. Suzanne Williams. Ioan Spencer, Elaine Simons. Iacqueline Tillery. Richard Williams. Thomas Smith, William Taylor, SECOND ROW: Marlene Ulakovich. Norma Shiley. Martha Woolweaver. Dixie Tuttle. Carol Shuler. Mary Lou Stein, Ioann Zawrotny, Gloria lean Regalia, Ianet Sterphone, Margaret Toth. THIRD ROW: Rose Marie Sgambati. IoAnn Workman, Marion Shank, Eugene Sexton, Carmen Tascione, Paul Woolweaver. Russell Swegan, William Triplett, Iune Schonhut. Marleta Barnes, Patricia Shaffer. DAR! A3 , EIGHTH GRADERS FRONT ROW: Earl Bernard, William Bahny, Ierry Besze, Phyllis Charlesworth, Ianet DiCesare. Lois Chapman. Dorothy Blazina, Richard Davey. Lynn Beconder, Alirad Clifton. SECOND ROW: Betty Bradshaw, Mary Archibald, Donna Baker, Edward Bundy, Sarah Baker, Angela Carano, William Crain. THIRD ROW: Sondra Christy. Bonnie Iean Dill, Penelope Battin, Kenneth Cretella. FRONT ROW: David Greene. Willie Dawson. Richard Farr, Rose De!Genio, Mary Davey, Beverly Gravink, Ioann Estes, Robert Ferraro, Tommy Drummond, George Estes. SECOND ROW: Francine Grimaldi. Margaret Green. Thomas Glass. Duane Evans. Frank Christian. Iames Fisher, Alfred Hargrave, Ronald Hall, Ioan DeLucia. Ianice Hake. THIRD ROW: Iames Ezzo. George Good, Donald D'Eramo, Edith Houck, Linda Goist, Arlene Davey, Jeannette DelBoccio, Susan Heasley. Donald Engstrom, Paul Enyeart. FRONT ROW: Iames Mozzillo, William Kuzman. Larry Munton. Mary Alyce Iulian. Mary Iane Iona, Kay Conley, Margery Kerul, Willard Miller, Iames Lambert. Ronald Lutsi. SECOND ROW: Charles Morris, Bruce Morgan. Mary lane Brown, Ianet Horn. Frances Joy, Diana Kithcart, Rocco lrilll. Dennis Johnson. THIRD ROW: Carol Hudak. Phyllis Makar. Richard Horn, Peggy Moore. Addie Johnson. FRONT ROW: Carl Malito, Frederick McGinnis, Eugene Lancaster. Phyllis Rozzo, Diane Pierce, Delores Rogers. Iudy Pierce. Frank Nizlak, Thomas Mazzella, Robert McClimans. SECOND ROW: Carl Pascarella. Terry Rose, Katherine Morgan. Linda Mohn, Donna Rudge, Ann Rough, Carol Mehalco, Kaylene Payer, Rickey Rochette, George Nitzsky. THIRD ROW: Steve Palko, Mary Ross, Nellie Morgan, Myma McGinnis, Walter Nitzel. FRONT ROW: Andrew Vodelko. Thomas Snodgrass, Eugene Stanley, Ruth Ellen Thomas, Marie Lattangi, Dawn Walpole, Nancy Wynyard, Iohn Wood, Fred Schladen, Charles Zander. SECOND ROW: Herbert Seelbach. Richard Suder, Iames Williams. Stephanie Ferradino, Kathleen Smith, Helen Williams, Kay Ann Thompson. Edward Spencer, Allen Sewers, Ronald Uhr. THIRD ROW: Thelma Walker. George Stolko, Ieannetta Wolfe, Anthony Zoccali, Margaret Fay, Edward Smerek. PAGE 45 ,pm Mw-vw W. I-xsgwy..y,,,,,.A,.,, W v .A- b ,. 1 .www .N , M-M A 4 1 K . .:.,:Q: : .N Q....W.,s 'W' 5 u-M.. -M -M, M, .M 5 WN. i l ' ,mfr Q E or 'xhxn K l vw X- New 131 ,ggi Q X 2 4 Ik sg? We 'K Aw e- - ,, Q x 'f L 'X X Yr gf fs . -N-Q....,..,,,,MN A ,,,,.4-ww ,exile Activities The Carousel we ride ot will. Its merry round our lives con fill With fun and frolic-training, too We recommend a spin for you! Margie Ulakovicli, Mary Agatha Zabotfzky, fwlfinrry Q'l.t:g in xr., 1--i rv iz-z l,.'-in , Lf-:xy llwl izzo-ri. Barbara Byrnms, l.m:: Clitiprilcrii, Cliwl Arnlixwi ll ll lt. Ill'-swtntli. Cheerleaders Set The Pace Sportsmanship, sparkling personalities, school spirit . . . that's what cheerleaders are made ot! Both our Varsity and Iunior High Cheerleaders have done an excellent job in promoting school spirit and giving morale to the boys on both the football field and the basketball court. Nancy Chapman, head cheerleader, along with Barbara Evans, Margie Ulakovich, and Aggie Zabotsky, Seniors, and Mary Pellizzeri, Iunior who will lead the cheers next year, has presented many new cheers throughout the year. Iunior High cheerleaders Anita Davidson, Carol Ambrose, Barb Byrnes, Lois Chap- man, and Phyllis Charlesworth enjoyed cheering for their special group of boys in the Iunior High games. We are proud of our cheerleaders, not only because their cheering ability has helped to win us games, but because their personalities have helped to win us friends. Homecoming Opens Social Season On October 28, a cold crisp night perfect for football, Girard High celebrated its annual Homecoming. The stadium was packed and the scent of mums was in the air. The big event of the evening came at half- time when out on the football field the Queen, Angela Stizza, and her court were presented be- fore the crowd. The following night, with morale high be- cause of a victory over Campbell, the Home- coming Dance was held in the GHS gym. Dec- orations were footballs and yellow and white mums. The dance was centered around the theme, "The Magic Circle." At intermission time, Angela Stizza was crowned Homecoming Queen by last year's Queen, Catherine Sagan: then Angela crowned her king, Bill Bigley. The King and Queen were elected by the entire student body. Their attendants were elected by individual classes. Attendants were: Seniors, Nancy Chapman and Iim Conliny William Eiqley, Angela Stiz Iuniors, Diana Stizza and Teddy O'Neil: Soph- omores, ludy Shaw and Frank Irilli: Freshmen, Bonnie Blair and Bill Forney: Eighth Graders, Mary Alice Iulian and Kenneth Cretella. SIIATED: Mary Alyce Iulian, Bonnie Blair, Iudith Shaw, Diana Stizza, Nancy Chapman, Angela Stizza. STANDING K neth Cretella, William Forney, loseph lrilli, Edward O'Neil, Iames Conlin, William Bigley. PAGE 49 ---........- ff' vm mq'w:. MARCHINC- BAND FRONT ROW: Mr. Cesene, Carol Gannett, Daniel Marks, Ivan Hughes, Ronald Minear, Andrew Aurilio, Judith Beard, ludy Christy. SECOND ROW: Iohn Clark, Ianet Horn, Kay Conley, Carol Hudak, Nella Weaver, Angela Rodrigo, Margery Zander, David Games. THIRD ROW: Mary lane Brown, Roseann Iulian, Gerald Makar, Pete Chila, Richard I-loin, Carol Shuler, Ieannetta Wolfe, Diana Kithcart. FOURTH ROW: Robert Crum, Anthony Chila, Michael Marnrick, Raymond Draa, Carl Malito, Tim Schubert, William Crain. FIFTH ROW: Elizabeth Laird, George Kralovich, Stanley Hribar, Alan Barlis, Iames lones, Mary Theresa Latell, Dolores Mxrto. SIXTH ROW: lean Frankford, Charles Maas, Richard Rosenberg, Darrell Runyan, Ioe Costarella, David Green. SEVENTH ROW: Robert Bowser, Peter Cardiero, Douglas Runyan, Angel Rodrigo, Herbert Seelbach. Band's Music and Marching Delight Eyes and Ears As the halftime approaches at our football games, the band begins to get ready for its part of the half-time show. First comes the high-stepping strut of the drum majorette, the mascots, andthe majorettes. Following in their steps come the playing members of the band with bright colored uniforms and shining instruments. The snappy formations and lively marches all add up to a good show on the field. The majorettes add their part to the show by twirling and working in with the formations. A few weeks before school starts members of the band can be found on the field practicing the shows and drilling on the new maneuvers. When school starts, they are on the field in the mornings drilling. long before many students are in school. On Friday afternoons the students eagerly await the Pep Rally. At this time the Pep Band takes the stand in helping to promote school spirit. We really appreciate their help in making our Pep Rallies a success. The members ofthe band enjoy their work because they know they are doing their bit in school activities and are being of service to their community. i in T S f X 4. Q 'Sf - l A F" Q MAJORETTES Iayne Little, Marleta Barnes, Gloria Dellesky, Ruth Anderson, Barbara Schubert, Rosalyn Simon, Janice Williams, Iudy Wil- liams, Marqie Hudak, Mary Lou Iones, Ianice Frankford. President ...... Angel Rodrigo Secretary .. Ruth Anderson Vice President . . . ........ Darrell Bunyan Treasurer ......... . . . . . . Charles Maas Serqeants-at-Arms .................... David Green. Joseph Costarella, Anthony Chilu. lack Enqland Director ......... . .. Mr. Cesene PEP BAND FRONT ROW: Margery Zander, David Games, Angela Rodrigo, Nella Weaver, Roseann Julian, Carol Hudak, Ieannetta Wolfe, Kay Conley, Iohn Clark, SECOND ROW: Mary Theresa Latell, James Iones, Alan Barlis, Raymond Draa, Michael Mamrick, Anthony Chila, Robert Crum, Gerald Makar. THIRD ROW: Carl Malito, Tim Schubert, Stanley Hribar, George Krcxlovich, Richard Rosenberg, Darrell Runyan, Ioe Costarella, David Green, lack England. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Cesene, Ivan Hughes, Ronald Minear, Robert Bowser, Angel Rodrigo, Douglas Runyan, Peter Cardiero, lean Frankford, William Crain, Charles Maas, Herbert Seelbach. , . PAGE bl CONCERT BAND k Ir nr- Lrttle Iudy Chrrsry Iudvlr Board Mary lane FRONT ROW: Iames jones, Mary Theresa Latell, Michael Mamrrc , my . , , . , Brown. SECOND ROW: Iohn Clark, Gerald Makar, Angela Rodrrao, leannetta Wolfe, Mary l.orr lanes, Carol Clarrrwtt, Maraa Mrller, Tlrzaberh Larrd, lean Frankiord, Roseann Iulran, Alan Barlrs., Rrclrard Maksrmowskr Plemrerh Draw, joseph Clapp, Rahf-rr llrum. THIRD ROW: Carol Hudak, Kay Conley, Diana Krthcart, Rrclrard Horn, N-ella Weaver, Parham Goodar-, Mar- lola Barnes, Ianer Horn, William Crum, Stanley Hribar, Carl Malrro, Stephen Kolrc, Georae Krrrlrvrclr, Rrvlrrrra Rassf-rrhfrrrr, Davrci Green, lack England, Ioseph Cosrarella, Charles Maas, Wrllram Cram, Davrd Games, Dann-I Tflarkg, Perm Ciardmm, ' H h. R 'al Srrnorr, Glarra Dellesky, Andrew Aurrlro, Daurrlas Rurryan, Anael Rodrrqo. FOURTH ROW. Mr. Cesene, lvarr uq es, oe yn Ronald Mrnear, Herberr Se-elbach, Roberr Bowers, Darrell Runyan, ORCHESTRA FROTXT ROXN: Rosalyn Srrrron, Barbara Schubert, Iames Iones, Rrclrard Srrt-er, iorerrfr Perrril-2 fllozrr Dfrllwskv EQIICZCDND RUW. Mararret Hrrrlak, Iayne Lrttle, Iudrrh Beard, Mary lane Brown, Mary Tlreregfz l'r'ell, Dzvzfl flkrzrnf. I :ral Klrrrrrrwt, Indy Kfhrrssiy. THIRD ROW: Mr. Cesone, Wrllrarrr Crarn, Carl Malrto, Sroplrerr liolrc, lvlrrrfzo Muller ilrzrrfia ' rrrfl, If rrrr Vrfrrrktarrl Danrfrl Marks, Pr-ter Cardrera, Mrchael Manrrrck, Alan Barlrs, Rrclrard Mfrksrrrrowskg, Robert Cfrrrzzz E'f'lIliTll ROW: lvarr Hufrlres, I-'Abt 'DZ Winter and Spring Bring Instrumentalists Indoors With the football season over, the members of the Concert Band eagerly await the concert season. End and aim of the entire season is participation in the annual Music Contest. Band mem- bers really work hard so that they can give a superb performance and receive the best rating possible. Another high- light of the season is the annual concert. It their hard work pleases the public, band members are happy, for they know that their interest in music has been approved. The Orchestra also plays a very important role in the school curriculum. It plays for many assembly programs and plays given throughout the year and also has a very important part in the annual Music Concert. Another instrumental organization is the Dance Band, made up of boys and girls who on their own time are willing to play at the dances held after the games. CON DUCTOR CLASS Mr. Cesene, Anthony Chrla, Mary Theresa Latell, joseph Cos- tarella, Judy Christy, james Iones. The Conductors Class was started just this year. A few students decided they would like to know a little about what a conductor goes through: so Mr. Cesene was more than happy to start these students on their way. They learn the fundamentals of conducting and each in turn gets a chance to conduct the Concert Band. DANCE BAND FRONT ROW: Anthony Chila, Raymond Draa, Michael Mamrick, lames Iones, Mary Theresa l.alell. SECOND ROW: Peter Cfarcliero, Turn Schubert, Carl Malrto, William Crain. Tl-llRD ROW: Angel Rodrigo, Ronald Minear, Andrew Aurilio, Daniel Marks, Ivan Hughes, Mr. Cesene. it Vocal Music Department ls Busy Our vocal department is one of the best known features of Girard High School. Its many performances throughout the year are enjoyed by all students and by everyone in the community. Mrs. Carrie Silliman is kept quite busy with her different choruses. The Girls' Chorus takes its members from the ninth through the twelfth grades. Their high-pitched voices blend in sweet harmony. The Boys' Chorus is also composed of students from ninth through twelfth grades. The boys enjoy being a part of the Glee Club and their en- thusiasm is shown when they give wonderful performances at school assemblies and for public audiences. The Iunior High Chorus is the youngest choral group. Its members show FRONT HOW: lltlatctt O'Conn0ll, Anna Mclntyre, Margie Patrcs, lanf-Y Barton, ludy Palerruo, lane Cornell, ioinnv S'tlutna+-r, ltwtty Fnnaro, Roberta Vtlilson, Helen Eoloclt, laclcte Scagltone. SECOND ROW: Iudy Christy, He'.'rirly Fialey, Carol Gannett, Atuttt Attftttsttttf-. Karon Wnttttfft. lttdv Sltaw. Mary Ellen Vaughan, Annes Cross, Patricia D:-smfmd, Mary Pelltzz--rt, tvtttry llltzabetl Maltctltz, Mrs. Stlluuan. THIRD ROW: Theresa Gargoltne, Huthf- Fnyeart, Sally Kalaher, Dolores. Mnta, tftttrats- Holnteaz, lacktc- ljntclt, loan Vtlalkrtt, layntt Little, Mary l.ou tones, leannotte Haines, Pat lflora, Ftosrrttartn lvttaro. ' 8 1 - .1 VHCWNT HOVV: Dorothy Harvey, linda Cjallarcl, lean Spencer, Marte Carson, Suzanne McGowan, Mary lou Gallo, loan Hr-vil acaua, Mary Gualtelmt, Harriett Humble, Rosetta Properzto, Beverly Fttzaerald, lanet DtN1Colantonto, Cliarlofe Makar. SITC" UND ROW: Iacatteltttst Ttllriry, Suzanne Williams, Geneva Fe-imster, Gloria Fteaalta, Loretta Arbte, Carol Ambrose, Ross' Maru- loltntony, l.o1f: Bruce, Iacqut Ftalla, Elizabeth Laird, Bonnie Blair, loann Zawrotny, Mrs. Stllutxfxrt. THIRD HHVV: Mary ltinf' Cfitclic-to, Dorothy Hudalc, loannv Dill, Radon Lck, Emma Carey, Patricia Delflento, Carol Sliulez, ill ttnf- Sttuons, Diana Yountt, Iuclttlt lhrtrtck, loAnn Wcbtktttttti, Barbara Byrnes, Ioyce Nocterer, Ptttft Eztnak. FOUHTl"l HVVV: floru.: Slttley, Gloria D-illt-:.l-zy, Host- lvltnte Saatttbtttt, llltuqaret C7'Ne1l, Carol l.1erths-rtret, litunfzztt flootlfte, If-artt.e41'e P-1 1 1' xy, l.t.n . 1. Fltartl., lost- ttlunt- L'tntt.t-lltt Mtnqo Millet, Marleta Haines, luctitlt Beard, htttrtttt-2 llzttttu. PAGE 54 FRONT ROW: Iames Mosier, Iohn Gibboney, Iames Lambert, Ivan Hughes, Richard Pasko, Richard Garmcm, Gerald Makar, Richard Fritz, Buddy Graham. SECOND POW: Iohn Clark, Charles Maas, Anthony Chila, lack England, Iames Patrick, Frank Pavlick, Richard Moore. THIRD ROW: Darrell Runyan, David Green, Robert Barnes, Richard Kay, Iames Rowles, William Forney, Paul Masterson, Glenn Snyder. their excitement in being a part ot the Glee Club by their rush to get to class and willing- ness to learn once they are in class. All the choruses work together when October rolls around and Open House comes with it. Then they begin to practice for the Cantata which they will present at the Christmas assembly. Vacation over, they come back to school and begin to work hard so that the Variety Show will be better than ever. The Variety Show End Men, who are also members of the Glee Club, are always sure to keep audiences laughing. Being a part of the Glee Club gives the students a chance to further their musical education. They start out by learning the fundamentals of voice. Through the different types of music they sing they have a chance to grasp a little music appreciation. All this adds up to a better education in high school. FRONT ROW: Kay Conley, Phyllis Rozzo, Diana Kithcart, leannetta Wolfe, Robert Ferrara, Terry Rose, Herbert Seelbach, Carl Malito, Dolores Rogers, Joann Estes, Mary Alyce Iulian, Marie Lattangi. SECOND ROW: Margaret Kerul, Ianet Horn, Edith Houck, Susan l-le-asley, leanette DelBoccia, Lynn Beconder, William Crain, Paul Enyeart, Richard Farr, Francine Grimaldi, Dawn Walpole, Ianet DiCesare, Beverly Gravink, Mary lane Iorza. THIRD ROW: Ioan DeLucia, Carol Mehalco, Frances Ioy, Dorothy Blazina, Thelma Walker, Stephanie Ferradino, Donna Rudge, Kaylene Payer, Sondra Christy, Helen Williams, Margaret Green, lamce l-lake, Myrna McGinnis, Mrs. Silliman. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Moore, Bonnie lean Dill, Margaret Fay, Addie lohnson, Angela Carano, Linda Goist, Nellie Morgan, Carol Hudak, Phyllis Makar, Mary Archibald, Ann Rough. PAGK 55 Vocal Departments Work Culminales END MEN, not yet in blackfcrce, practice their "you-cr11s" with Interlocutor Moore. luck Enqlmwd, Hichrrrd Kcxy, Glenn Snyder, David Green, Richfzrd Moore, Darrell Hun' yon, Chrxrlf-s Mczcrs, Robert Bnrries, luck Rive. SUNSHINE GIRLS - cmd members of their mencxgerie are set to go, socks cmd all. tidy Palermo, Mcxrqm Prrlvm: Karen Wermer, Roberta Wil- son, loan Walker, Helen Bo- lock, Mrxrvmin Krilr-y, lurly Shaw, Inckie lfmrli, Irwi- Cornell. TOP HATTEHS get in the groove crs they practice s t e p s and smiles. is-mild Mfikfir, Kvruwtlr loliiz son, Riclmrrl Fritz, lim Mme' ier, lflck Gihborif-y, lvimvzs l rrrrirveri in Variety Show Gags and girls . . . rhythm and romantic tunes finery and fun . . the Variety Show lives up to its name. RHYTHMETTES are all stepped up and on their toes, ready to add to an evening's fun. l'HC'DN'l' HUVV: Iorrn Vfulkvr, Mrirylyn lfllm, Marymm Knloy, Indy lkxlorrrw, Iam- Vuziwll, Indy Shaw, Karen Vtfmmvr, Helen liul-wk. IZITVUND HUVY: Nancy Dmiqherty, Margie lllnkovich. "Tex" Enyeart tunes up the guitar and vocal chords and heads west. Hooters Winbigler and Mc- Barbara Evans prepares to go Gowan bring back the good into a dreamy specialty tap old days of vaudeville. number. PAGE 57 Hi-Y ls High School Branch ol YMCA President ..,... . . . Robert Barnes Treasurer ....... , . . Richard Kay Vice President . , . . . . . . Richard Moore Chaplain ......... . , . Fred Walker Secretary . .. ........... Donald Miller Sergeant-at-Arms .....,, .. David lohnson Sponsor ......,........ ............. M r. Copp Clean living, good citizenship stressed . . . Civic Day gives practice in government . dances brighten calendar . . . monthly swimming parties offer pleasant diversions . . Hi-Y molds leaders of tomorrow. FRONT ROW: Wayne Trumphour, Peter Cardiero, Fred Maksimowskt, Wtllgarn Btaley, Iames Patrick, Anthony Child, Edward G'No1l, lohn Guidubaldi. SECOND ROW: Dale Garman Ronald Garman, Andrew Douglas, Darrell Bunyan, David Green, Glonn Snyder, Leroy Roberts. THIRD ROW: William Workman, Franl: Macelc, Harry Schesler, lohn DeMarco, Raymond Kuneli, David Houllhan, Patil Monteleone, George Cornell, Iames Rounsley. STANDING: Mr, Copp, David johnson, Richard Kay, Richard Moore, 'Robert Barnes, Donald Miller, Fred Walker. -.r A- it 4-'ltr QNX in 1 l l SEATED: Ilsa Ross, Patricia Blair, Iudith Humble, Barbara Evans, Peggy Noderer, Nancy Daugherty, Ruth Anderson, Miss Sanders. STANDING: Andrew Douglas, Charles Maas, Richard Moore, Paul Monteleone, 'vVayne Trumphour. To Thespians, The Play's The Thing President ...... ..... ......... I l sa Ross Secretary . . . . . , . Iudith Humble Vice President . . . , , Peggy Noderer Treasurer . . . . . Janice Parsons Clerk ......... ..... ...... P a tricia Blair Sponsor . . . . . , . . Miss Sanders National Troupe 1271 . . . non-secret and non-social . . . entertainment with a purpose . . . greasepaint and a wig, props, and prompters in the wings . . . "act well your part, for there all honor lies." PAGE bl The Thirteenth Chair Is Thespian Offering When Helen and Will announce their engagement, t h e Crosbys senior heartily approve. lilizabetli Davis, David lflaulrlian, Elea- nor l.uzar', Charles Maas. Edward Wales dampens their spirits slightly by suggesting a sinister mystery which he has employed Madame La Grange to unfold. lllIllTl.1D: David lloulrlian, Elizabeth Da- vra. STANDING: llleanor l.uzar, Fliarlr-s Maas, Andrew Douglas. 11' mfr if Madame LaGrange demonstrates her supernatural powers. l'liON'l' ROW: Maravry Zander. SEC! UND HOW: lllrzabetli Davis, lanice Par- sons, Charles Maas, llleanar Luzar, llsa Hass, Paul Mariteleone. 'l'l'llRD ROW: David llaulrlian, Andrew Douglas, larnes: l.ucas, Paul Masterson, Frank Anzelrna, David Gaines, Patricia Blair, ltarliara llvanea, l'rank Macvk, larnes llcnrrislvy. 1312157 Grace Standish and Mary Eastwood scoit at the serious turn events have taken and at Madame La Grange's claims, Patricia Blair, 'l:aa Ross, Margery Zan- Ile-r. The plot becomes thicker than any- one expected when Wales. in the midst of a seance, is murdered. l'OHlIllROllND: lflvanor l.uzar, Andrew Douglas, Fliarlfis Maas. SEATFD: llsa lions, Margery Zander, Frank Macek, Ianrcv lN'lll'SOIlE1. HTANDINCT: Barbara llvanas, lllizalmtli Davis, David Hauli- han, Iarnes lucas, Patricia Flair, Frank Anzvlrno. .A U .. . 4 Suspicion turns to Helen. Evidence: Madame La Grange is her mother and has tried to protect her: her fingerprints were found where an- other man had been similarly mur- dered. lflnztrlwllm l3avi:,, l'aul Mciriivlvtfrio But Tim Donahue and the law and mother love will not be denied. Helen is completely cleared, and Philip Mason is charged with the double murder. Davnl Gariima, larrrm: Raurinlvy, lanws l.ut:a::, Paul Muritvloanv. PAB! 59 SENIORS FRONT ROW: Mary Ann DeFalCo, llsa Ross, Pat Blair, Angela Stizza, Adele Minear, Carolyn Dill, Dorothy Maholtz, Barbara K M Cannatti SECOND ROW' Louise Rebraca Ianice Forney Mary Aaatha Zabotskr. Mary l.oir Reyes, Sclirrhc-rt, Helen ope, rs. ..., , ,, Mary Catherine Charles, Iudrth Humble, Susan Carnahan, Marian Baldwin, Margaret Kennedy, Ioarrn Pirrrraall, Katlrerrrrrr Nace, lane: Rrriher. THIRD ROW: Agnes Cross, Nancy Chapman, Rita Iuhus, Rosa Marorana, Ann Arbutrna, Barbara Evans, Rarbara Maker, Sheila Reed, Ianice Parsons, Angela Rodrigo, Rosalyn Simon. FOURTH ROW: Helen Vesco, Sandra Mrrclr-air, Poway Norierer, Eleanor Dellesky, Nancy Daugherty, Margie Ulakovrch, Mary loan Rees, Mary Ann Oliva, larrrcef Frarrktorcl. l'l'ONT POW: Arlre Mattson, Clorrnda Merrick, Marilyn Mc-Gowan, Rita Lendr, l,aVonne Shatter, Ioaririr- Strhrrravr, litrtty X N Vrrrrarf, Syphlronra Triplett, Mary Capoqreco, Mrs. Cannattr. SECOND ROW: Ioan Crccrrr, Nora Scavrlle, Hocrtrrrt lorry, Mary Ann Zfrrrtir, Marianne Raechtel, Maraery Zander, Carole Call, Christina Malre, Sally Collins, layne little, Mary Ann liolock, iifirtlra Lrenberqer, Mary Ann Blazina, Marqre Hudak, Frances Ambrose. THIRD ROW: Wilma Nail, Ciorrstrrrrfv Wrtiry, Drrrrrrr Strzza, loan Dupuy, Mary Elizabeth Maholtz, Mary Ann DiNicolantonio, Patricia Desmond, Mary lane Thomas, Frances Gray, Mary Rellrzzerr Corinne Davey, Carol Winbiqler, Norma Barhini. FOURTH ROW: Sally Stambarrah, Mary Ann Grrrrlrrhaldr, Arlene Rurbauah, Barbara Shank, Roseann Iulran, Iackre Scaqlrone, Patricia Kren, Phyllis Crarqolrrit-, ilcmrrrrtrry lavrrrrty, Verna ljsposrto, Donna Jean Stephenson. Y-Teen is Aiiiliated With The National YWCA President .,... Adele Minear Music .. ,..,. Clorirrda Merrick Marilyn McGowan Vice President .. locmne Stibinger publiciw U ' lhbuu Barham Makm. . Margaret Kennedy secrelary "" Angel: suns Devotion .,....,...... ...,... C :xrolyn Dill Treasurer ..,........ LaVonne Shatter Inter-Club Council ..,... .. lisa Ross Sponsor ...,............,............ Mrs. Cannutti A crossroads where many paths meet and many friendships are made . . . where races, nationalities, and religions come together, are blended in service to others and ' ' ' ll. woven together with the spiritual in mind . . . where girls may meet for the qoori of a SOPHOMORE OFFICERS President ....., . , . . . Ioan Walker Music ..... leannette Hainol Vice President . . ....... ludith Shaw Social .... . . .Judy Palermo Secretary .,.... Mary Ellen Vaughan Publicity Iudy Christy Treasurer ....... .. Henrietta Zabotsky Devotion .. . Beverly Forsythe Service ......... ....... I ackie Emch Program . . , ..... lane Comell Inter-Club Council . . . Margie Patros Sponsor . . . . . Miss Hart FRESHMAN OFFICERS President ....., .. Patricia Bzinak Service Charlotte Makar Vice President .. .... Gail Griffith Program . Harriet Humble Secretary .,.... , . . . , Iune Schonhut Publicity . . . Patricia Shafier Treasurer ...., Carol Ambrose Music ........,.. .. Diana Young Social ...,. Rose Marie Iohntony Voice ............... .. Linda Callard Devotion . . ......, Marie Iulian lnter-Club Council . . . . . Bonnie Blair Sponsor .,.............. .........,., M iss Wright SOPHOMORES l'liUN'l' HOW: Beverly Forsythe, lndy Palrnero, Mary Ellen Vauahan, Henrietta Zabotsky, Ioan Walker, Indy Shaw, lane l'tnnt-ll, Maraie Patros, Indy Christy, Miss Hart. SECOND ROW: Iackie Ernch, Ioann Tillery, Roberta Sabolia, Sally Kalaher, Mtny lun lanes, Iuannette Haines, Claudia Maqill, Mary Ann Dellesky, Nancy Parker, Anita Augustine, Anna Mclntyre, lane! liaitoii, Annette Tasctone, Eileen O'Connfll, Virqinia Brandenstein. THIRD ROW: Roberta Wilson, Helen Bolock, Margie lloliiit-ti, titirolt- Kaibas, Karen Weimer, Maryann Kaley, Sandra Baloq, Barbara Connchisto, Dolores Mirto, Mary lean Choppa, Donna llinie. FOURTH ROVV: Beverly Biqley, Sandra Rice, Harriett Schimel, lean Thomas, loAnn Nespeca, Patricia Kozyro, ltliilniiitiiti Ctitzsari, Pat Flora, Phyllis Paolone, FRESHMEN l'HUN'l' HOW: Vliarlotto Makar, Marie Iulian, Carol Ambrose, Gail Griffith, Patti Bzinak, Iune Schonhut, Rose Marie Iohntony, lltniivtt lltnnhlt-, Patricia Shatter, Miss Wriaht. SECOND ROW: Marie Carson, lacqui Fialla, Iosephine Cappella, Barbara Byrnes, Ioan Makar, Maraaret O'Nei1, Jeannette Boqatay, Rose Marie Sqambati, Ioyce Noderer, Gloria Reaalia, Linda Callard, lfonnie Flair, Marao Miller, Carol Lienberaer, Gloria Dellesky, lacqueline Tillery. THIRD ROW: lean Spencer, Judith O'Brien, latin Bt-vtlacqna, Rosetta Propeizto, Donna Moraan, Mary Guqlielmi, Norma Shiley, Barbara Hribar, loanne Dill, Marion Shank, Snzaniin Williatns, Fflaine Simons, Suzanne McGowan, Radon Eck. FOURTH ROW: Carol Shnler, lanice Sterphone, Marlene lllakavtch, Iuclith Patrick, Lois Bruce, Dixie Tuttle, Marilyn Killin, Barbara Goodae, Barbara COl'lllClllSiO, Sarah Hoskinq, Mary 'llieiesa l.atell, Matleta Barnes, Mary lion Gallo. FIFTH ROW: Patricia DelGenio, Emma Carey, Iudy Clifford, Beverly l'itzaeralcl, Ianet DiNicolantonio, Gaye Gruber, Dorothy Harvey, loann Zawrotny, Sandra Reddinaer, Mary lane Cardiero. 'tt 70 ,K in it o 5 K ' 'lf' if ' . F 1 F 3 ...X .. LJ i-at l i PAGE bt FTA Members Look To Future In The Classroom Pfesideni r -r.-1- . -- V. Bdrbum Evans Teachers of today work with teachers vue P'es'de"' H K"'he'me NME of tomorrow . . . emphasis put on teaching Secretary ,.,... , . . . . , . . . Peggy Noderer th d , t t t . . Treasurer ...... ............. P atriciu Blair me O S ' Q ' In eres Cen ers on lmprovlng Sponsors ., .. Miss Ferguson, Miss Burtsiield the Profession' FRONT HCWVV' lean Franklord, Judy Christy, ,lane Cornell, Marare Patros. FFIKYWXID FQOW: Wins- fur'-trvoldk irrdztlr Hrrrrrlrlfr, Nfliflff: Arun .-'Xrlrr1'rrra, itrrrrcra lilarrv, Barbara Evans, Peggy Noderer, Margery Zander, Ftrrtlr Anderson, Nlrsfs Ffrrarrfsozr. SFA M C M V Arrr Bolock, Flryllrrt flfrrfralrrrfr, Arlrvr Mfrtlazarr, Mary Ann Zarrbr, Fflrzabelh Davis, Clorrnda Merrrck, Marilyn c Srrwan, ary r Adele Mrnear. Nha ' A me iw 3 1 fs' .242 - . 6.5 , v-J C9 N277 4 I A . gy " S ya l X SITATED: Rosalyn Simon, Eileen O'Conne11, Mrs. Unger, Ianice Forney, Ann Arbrrtrna. STANDING: Poaay Nodoror, Mary Ellen Vaughan, Claudia Maarll, Maryann Kaley, Donna lean Brine, iaclcre Enrch, Karen Vtlernrer, loan Walker, lorrrscr ltvlrrarfr, FNC Girls Gel Glimpse Into Nursing Field PfeSide"', --"' A' Imfice F""'eY VVornen in white . . . learning furthered Vice President . . . . . Iamce Parsons . D sec,-emy ,A,,, Rosalyn simon by practrce with the school nurse . . . ac- T'e"s"'e' '-'- 'A Am' A'b"""F' tivities offer a warehouse of knowledge. Sponsor . , . . . Mrs. Unger I PAGE 62 Home Ec Club Trains Future Homemakers of America A fine family lite is anticipated by President' ...... .. Margie Urukovich these girls . . . members are proud of their Vme P'es'den' MQW Arm Bl"""" dl k kill G d their meal- lcnnin Secretary ...... .....,..... I une Schonhut pee ewor S S n P g Treasurer .... ....... C armel Christopher 1deCIS. Sponsors .... ........., M rs. Cosentino. Miss Smith l'llHN'l' ROVV: Mrrrtraref O Nerl, loan Bevrlacqua, Eleanor Taylor, Nancy Gardner. SECOND ROW: Beverly Fitzgerald, Ruby lkrzle-, lrrrw Sclrorrlrrrl, lxflarcrro Ulcrkovrcli, Carmel Christopher, Ola Bryant, Bessie Fuller, Syphironra Trrplett. THIRD ROW: llrrrrrrcr Walker, Mary Clrralrelzrr., IoAnn Nespeca, Sandra Rice, Ramona Cavalcarrtr, ludrth Clrttord, Carol Lienberqer, Marlene lllrrkavrclr, sv ,r .1 Mr' HH x' fm it .. X-1-15:1 its ss .M C. 'rum n FRONT ROW: Iolrrr Ptrsko, Wayne 'l'rrrrrrplrarxr, David Iohnsorr. SECOND ROW: Arrtlrorry Clrrla, larrres Prersorr, Robert Crum, Paul Morrteleorw. THIRD ROW: Ioseplr Clapp, Barbara Evans, Ann Arbutma, Patricia Blair, llsa Ross, Nella Weaver. l'OUH'l'l-I ROW: Peter Cardrero, Richard Moore, Bill Carey. STANDING: Charles Maas, Donald Shea, Rosalyn Simon, Andrew Douqlas, Leroy Roberts, Mr. Crarrier, Peqqy Noderer, Donald Miller. Chemistry Club Otters Picture ol Future in laboratory Research on a small scale . . . a chance President --4--- - - . Andrew Douglas for creativeness with chemicals . . . where gfiezfsldenl Q' M'-kD0TGldsSheU - C Y .... usa yn xmon a desire to explore new realms may be Treasurer H H Katherine New Scllisfied- Sponsor .. Mr. Cramer PAGE 64 GAA Girls Release Energy in Intramural Sports President ....... Agnes Cross Secretary of Points .... Peggy Noderer Vice President .... .... . .. Iean Clcciu Intramural Manager .... .. Syphtronla Trtplett Secretary ..... . ............ Patricia Kren Sergeant-at-Arms ......... Eleanor Lular Sponsor ............... ........... M iss Crishal Baseball is featured in the fall and spring, while basketball is offered as a winter diversion . . . the principles of sportsmanship are stressed . . . understanding of the rules of the game is promoted . . . officiating offers leadership to many . . . teamwork flourishes as champion- ships are played off . . . friendly rivalries add spice to the games . . . excitement of tourna- ments provides a pleasant diversion from every-day schoolwork . . . friendships are more closely knit as pulling together helps win the game . . . girls rival the boys in their mastery of sports skills . healthy minds are the products of healthy bodies . . . a chance for physi- cal leadership is offered as skill and dexterity are developed . . . the goal of members is the reward for three years work-a handsome GAA letter. , SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW: Sandra Cretella, Annette Tascione, Karen Weirner, Roberta Wilson, Judy Palermo, Helen Bolock, Nancy Parker, Donna Brine. SECOND ROW: Eileen O'Connell, Pat Flora, Carol Kaibas, Gay Ambrose, Margie Holmes, Maryann Kaley, Iudy Shaw, Jackie Emch, Margie Patros, Mary Ellen Vaughan, Sally Kalaher. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Dellesky, Roberta Sabolia, Jeannette Haines, Henrietta Zabotsky, lane Cornell, Ioan Walker, Ola Bryant, Anita Augustine, Emma Walker, Lollie, Rose, Ioan Stevens, Dorothy Dawson. 4 JUNIORS FRONT ROW: Mary Pellizzeri, Diana Stizza, Patricia Desmond, Betty Lou Funaro, lean Cicciu. SECOND ROW: Sally Stam- baugh, Arlie Mattson, Carol Winbigler, Mary Elizabeth Maholtz, Ioan Dupuy, Corinne Davey, Norma Barbini, Mary Ann Zaubi, Mary Capogreco, Eleanor Luzar. THIRD ROW: Ioanne Stibinger, Marilyn McGowan, Clorinda Merrick, Margery Zander, Mari- anne Baechtel, Beatrice Forte, Mary Ann Bolock, LaVonne Shaffer, Wilma Nail, Margie Hudak, Berthalene Covington, Mary lane Thomas, Constance Wiery, Phyllis Gargoline. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Kren, Syphfronia Triplett, Sally Collins, Mary Ann DiNicolantonio, Mary Ann Blazina. SENIORS It FRONT ROW: Peggy Noderer, Ianice Parsons, Barbara Evans, Agnes Cross, Mary Agatha Zabotsky, Barbarikschubett, Lu- cille Sabino. SECOND ROW: Patricia Blair, Ilsa Ross, Iudith Humble, Ann Arbutina, Katherine Shinas, Mary Lou DiCesare, Eleanor Dellesky. THIRD ROW: Helen Vesco, Margaret Kennedy, Rosa Maiorana, Barbara Makar, Adele Minear, Ianice Frank- ford, Margie Ulakovich, Nancy Daugherty, Louise Rebraca. FOURTH ROW: Miss Crishal. PAGE B5 Ltlllg +R-f--+ mcxrs A is .ioumi ffl! ll, JOURNAL EDITORIAL STAFF FRONT ROW: Mary Ellen Vaughan, Barbara Evans, Peqqy Noderer, Ianice Parsons, Margie Patros, lane Cornell, Ruth An- derson SECOND ROW: Barbara Hribar, Judy Christy, Rita Lendi, Iuclith Humble, Sheila Reed, Mary Pellizzeri, Dixie Tuttle, Gail Griffith, Mrs. Malara. THIRD ROW: Marleta Barnes, Ilsa Ross, lohu Pasko, Margie Ulakovich, Harry Schesler, Patricia Shatter, Charles Maas. JOURNAL BUSI N ESS STAFF FIBST ROW: Patricia Blair, LaVonne Shaffer. SECOND ROW: Roberta Wilson, Helen Bolock, ludy Palermo, Rita Lendi, Arlie Mattson, Virginia Branclenstein. THIRD ROW: Karen Weimer, Mary Ann Bolock, Maryann Kaley, Patricia Shatter, Ioyce No- derer, Mr. Evans. PAGE 66 Journal Reporters Are Journol Editorial Staff Ianice Parsons Peggy Noderer ..... Ilsa Ross Editor .,........ .... Co-Editor ......... . . . Page Two Editors .. .. Barbara Evans Iudith Humble Ellen Vaughan Harry Schesler Page Three Editors ... ..,.... Mary Sports ............... ....... Patricia Shatter Marleta Barnes Charles Maas Ruth Anderson . lane Cornell, Iudith Christy, Margie Patros. Rita Lendi. Mary Pelliz- zeri. Gail Griiiith, Sheila Reed. Iunior High Column Photographer . . . . . . Typist .,...... . . . Reporters ......................... . . Sponsor .............................. Mrs. Malara Mon'hly publication . . . accurate coverage Eyes and Ears ol School Journal Business Staff Manager ....... . . . Patricia Blair Sales Manager . . . . . LaVonne Shatter Ad Salesmen ...................,... Arlie Mattson, Patricia Shatter. Ioyce Noderer. Karen Weimar, Roberta Wilson. Rita Lendi. Mary Ann Bolock. Iudy Palermo. Virginia Brandenstein, Helen Bolock, Maryann Kaley. Sponsor ........... . .... ....... .... M r . Evans of GHS news events . . . a hub of activity' to keep the students informed . . . produces a rounded picture of school activities. - Q JOURNAL HOME ROOM REPRESENTATIVES .- FRONT ROW: Iudy Shaw, Beverly Gravink, 'Donna Brine, Iudith O'Brien, Bonnie Blair, Iane Cornell, Margie Patros, Lois Chapman, Donna Rudqe. SECOND ROW: Patricia Blair, Steve Clapp, Nancy Chapman, Mary lane Brown, Dixie Tuttle, Judith Humble, Margie Ulakovich. THIRD ROW: Iacqui Fialla, Marilyn McGowan, Peggy Noderer, Mary Ann Blazina, Dale Whiqham, Sally Kalaher, l.aVonne Shaffer, David Games, Kenneth Johnson. PAGE 67 Reflector Statt Produces Book of Memories Editor .......... . . . Louise Rebraca Editorial Sponsor . . . . . Miss Schumm Assistant Editor . . . . . Ianice Fomey Business Sponsors . . . . . Miss Burtsiield Business Manager .... . Charles Maas Miss Ferguson Mad activity starts early . . . students seek unique theme . . . design cover . . . plan picture coverage of year . . . turn reporter, poet, artist . . . scramble to meet deadlines for engraver and printer . . . proudly present another yearbook. in wi j I 'hit' REFLECTOR EDITORIAL STAFF FRONT ROW: Loretta Iones, Susan Carnahan, Nancy Hutteman, Janice Forney, Miss Schumm, Louise Rebraca, Marian Bald- win, Carolyn Dill. SECOND ROW: Ioann Panigall, Adele Minear, Donald Miller, William Bigley, Rosalyn Simon, Margaret Kennedy, Katherine Nace, Agnes Cross. THIRD ROW: Leroy Roberts, Paul Monteleone, Wayne Trumphour, Donald Shea, Iames Patrick. REFLECTOR BUSI N ESS STAFF FRCNT ROW: Helen Kape, Angela Stizza, Miss Burtsiield, Miss Ferguson, Margaret Kennedy, lanice Yranktord. SECOND ROW: Catherine Funk, Barbara Makar, Iudith Humble, Mary Agatha Zabotsky, Charles Maas, Dorothy Maholtz, Sandra Mar:- Lean, Mary Catherine Charles, Ruth Anderson. THIRD ROW: William Bigley, Andrew Douglas, Robert Barnes, David Iohnsori, Iames Patrick, Helen Vesco. PAGE 6! SEATED: Paul Monte-leone, Charles Maas, Marian Baldwin, llsa Ross, Patricia Blair, Janice Forney, Louise Rebraca, Miss Wyland. SECOND ROW: Mary Fellizzeri, Peggy Noderer, Margery Zander, Ann Arbutina, Iudy Humble, Norma Barbini, Carolyn Dill, Patricia Kren, Susan Carnahan, Angela Stizza, Iames lones, Robert Kirgan. THIRD ROW: Wayne Trumphour, David lohnson, l,.aVonne Shaffer, Mary Ann Zaubi, Clortnda Merrick, Joann Panigall, Richard Moore. Membership in National Honor Society Is High Aim Each year members of the junior and senior classes eagerly and anxiously await the report of National Honor Society elections. Membership is granted by vote of the faculty, who rate scholastically eligible B-students on the basis of character, leadership, and service. In scoring, a tour means inferior: a three means that a student usually does his work but does not always have excellent results: a two means that a student is reliable and seldom falls short of expectations, but sometimes needs extra encouragement: a one means that a student does not tall short in anything that can be expected of a person his age, that he rises to any occasion and develops further power under it. Evaluation of the qualities of character, leadership, and service is made on the fol- lowing bases. Character A student who ranks high in character possesses a desirable personality which in- cludes such things as co-operating by complying with school regulations, upholding princi- ples of morality and ethics, and meeting individual pledges and responsibilities promptly to school and teachers. Cheertulness, friendliness, neatness, poise, stability, and high standards of honesty and reliability are also considered. Leadership A student's leadership is judged by the way he promotes school activities, contributes ideas which improve civic lite of the school, holds school offices or positions of responsibility, demonstrates leadership in the classroom, and influences others. Service A student can render service in many ways, such as doing committee or staff work, showing courtesy by assisting teachers, visitors, and students, and representing the school in interclass or interschool competition. Students Help in School Routine Toolroom Boys keep the shop classes' tools in shipshape order . . . calm efficiency marks the tasks of the health clinic crew . . . office force adds to smoothness of the office manage- ment . . . safety patrol boys brave all the elernents as they guard the paths we cross . . . library assistants keep our GHS Library one of which to be proud. TOCLROOM BOYS FRONT ROW: loseph lrilli, Robert Kuzman, Robert Iones, lohn Deltflarco, Iames Martticcio, Kenneth Crotellrt. SECOND ROW: Fred Walker, David Games, Robert Makar, Anthony Latell, Mr. Copp, Nick Iohntony, James Carney, Tom McMaster, Iolm Marque-Z. THIRD ROW: Iames Hart, Iohn D1P1ero, lack Houstoau, Mr. McCreary, Mr. D1Piero. CLINIC HELP FRONT ROW: Mrs, Unqer, Jackie Emch, Claudia Maqill. SECOND ROW: Eileen O'Connell, Louise Rebraca, Ann Arbutxna, Ioan Walker, Indy Palermo, Iudy Shaw, Maryann Kaley, Donna lean Brine. THlRD ROW: Peaqy Noderer, Mary Ann Dollesky, Rosalyn Simon. A 1 PAGE 70 OFFICE H ELP H--1 ffxu V' ..:'.v, l'.1mIy:x I3111. SAFETY PATROL VMUNI' lQ'W:4h1x3,' Mark 1, Huy- xm uni Klux'-11, Axmllxfwav Phila. TKIKKNNIT HUVU: 1.4-'ny NQlvff'1.:, wX"-ryn-- 'l'ux1nphm1x, Ixxvk Hxfw, LIBRARY STAFF VMUNT LUVV: Mia. Nluln fx, luck lfmltmx. SIIVUND ROW: Dmmu Hui-Jew, Pvonnpe- If--m DHT, Vuln- Cmn Cl mzrllcix, A71 lvllx Q'.1.c1u Y. THIRD HUVV: M-Ly Arm Nulnrk, lyrltrwusx Elhxmn-r. i-'SBS' E Mfwm. , MWWW ,.,.N, M Www 3 ' 2 2 S ,,,,g.n-WM-f-....M. , 5 Q 2 ,., ..-...,,.....-- H mm., . Mpggan--f -Wx V , , . ' X x 1 ,, ma 'Wffwmi 4 Q . , i 2 3 V 1 Q? i 2 E 1 s S 3Q54-H ,,..,s6,,,,,, Athletics Athletics draw the public gaze From fall through balmy spring-like days. School spirit soarsp we all agree That each game is a treat to see! .,.. , ,' FRONT ROW: Robert Iones, Fred Walker, Iarnes Crrscxone, Richard Kay, Howard Williams lolm Delvlarco, Robert Mrrkar, Dominic Nespeca, lack Rice, Robert Matekovrch, Ioe Darnelrc, Vtlebsre'-1 D rwsmrr, leiry Brandenstern, Gary Marks. SECOND ROW: Mr. Light, Richard Esposito, lack Ross, Nick lolmtony Girard Gridders Surprise Mr. Mauriocourt appraised the 1954 season thus: "We intended this year mainly to lay the groundwork for the '55 campaign, but the squad far exceeded our expectations. Being out- weighed by every team began to show toward the end of the season, however, despite the ex- traordinarily high morale and spirit of the team." Indians Make Smashing Debut Girard made its 1954 debut on the local gridiron by sprinting through the first four games, chalking up one hundred points while holding their opponents to six. Led by a piercing ground attack, and sparked by an iron-shouldered defensive wall, the Indians proved to have the mak- ings of a top-flight team by rambling easily over the ill-fated four: Hubbard, Glenville, Struthers, and Boardman. The Hubbard game was of special significance since it was the first afternoon game in twelve years. Shatter Opponents' Dreams The opposition thickened as Girard shattered the illusion of an undefeated season for Brookfield and Ravenna. Spirit was ever present, reinforcing Girard's mighty defense, and stim- ulating murderous offensive attacks, as the Indians smashed through Brookfield's and Raven- na's undefeated Crusaders. The Dads soaked in the rain as they watched their sons display unsurpassed stamina by scoring thirteen points in the second half against a surprised Brook- PLE! li-twtrrd U'Nt-rl, Daniel Finch, Fred Maksrrnowski, William Killin, Charles Pusin, Ioe Santagata, Terry Ll'Nvil, 'l'miy lui:-ll, Vmnk Anzelmo, Mr. Mauriocourt, Mr, Nelson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Battin, William Mil- lnttrn, 'l'lwtiitr1, ltlclvlastor, Frank Pavlrck, Torry Semch, Glenn Snyder, Lowell Owens, William Anderson Wrllitrni Prnt-y, lltml lvpor, losepli Clapp. District Fans in 1954 field team. Girard struggled but still moved determinedly to victory over an equally deter- mined, but less dexterous, Campbell eleven. The fiery Campbell Red Devils were the first Steel Valley team to score against Girard in the '54 season. The Indians capitalized on their hard-hitting ground attack as they soundly bect Campbell before five thousand cheering Home- coming fans. Move to Exciting Finish Girard lost momentum and was finally dragged to a suspenseful exit on the local grid- iron by the one-two combination of Fitch and Niles. The mighty Indians were slowed up in their quest for an undefeated season as the prey-seeking Fitch Falcons, spearheaded by their pow- erful aerial attack, tied Girard. Niles combined a heavy line with a speedy backfield to finally crush Girard's hopes of capturing the Steel Valley Crown. This game dramatically ended the season for both Girard and Niles, making Girard's record 7-l-l. Two of the many outstanding highlights of the season were tackle loe Santaqata's spectacular 56-vard touchdown run behind superlative blocking, after interception of a Brook- field , d h lfb l W N ' - pass an a acc ebster Dawsons now famous 103 yard touchdown runback of a Fitch kickoff. Lettermen Prove Claim to Awards LINESIVIEN The Ends did a fine job of pass receiving and discouraging end runs: they included Seniors Dick Kay, Fred Walker and Howard Williams, and Iuniors Anthony Latell and Terry O'Neil, Tackles and Guards did a fine piece of work blocking and consistently breaking through the line to create havoc in the opposition's backlield. The tackles were Seniors Co- captain Bob Makar, Iohn DeMarco, Bob Matekovich, and one Iunior, Ioe Santagata, who also kicked the extra points. The Guards included Senior Dom Nespeca ttalking captain on fieldl and Iunior Nick Iohntony. The Center, who was agile enough to center precisely and yet block effectively, was Senior lim Criscione. Mr. Battin commented thus onthe line: "They loved contact: and, despite their size, they were the scrappiest bunch I ever had the pleasure of working with." These points were amply demonstrated by the fact that although every team outweighed them, the Girard line- men continually displayed superior blocking and tackling against some of the toughest teams in the area. BAC KS Halibacks, Senior Webster Dawson and Iunior Teddy O'Neil, combined speed, evas- iveness, and determination to continually shorten the distance between the line oi scrimmage and the goal. The Quarterback, Iunior Danny Emch, used alertness, passing ability, and competitive spirit to ably conduct the offensive attacks. When the team needed yards, the Fullback got them-Iunior Ioe Damelio. Quickly stopping any touchdown threats by long- winded opposition backs, and rendering their passing attacks practically useless, were the Linebackers and Defensive Halibacks. The players of these positions were Seniors lack Rice and Bill Ellis and Iuniors Ioe Clapp and Iack Ross. Mr. Light says of the backs: "Considering the fact that they had a lack of experience and no weight advantage, the backs did a tremendous job, and always showed a lot of spirit." The backs proved these points in every game. WIN RECOGNITION Haliback Webster Dawson and Guard Dom Nespeca were recognized by outside groups for their talents. Nespeca was nominated for the North All-Star Team, and Dawson was voted most valuable player by the Athletic Board of the Sports Booster Club. There are many other players who have worked very hard. yet have not received as much acclaim as the lettermen. Nevertheless, these boys played an important part in win- ning the games by preparing the first string for their coming battles and thus forming the foundation of one of the toughest teams in the valley. SEASON'S SCORES Girard 21 ............ 0 Hubbard Girard 13 0 Brookfield Girard 26 . 6 Cleveland Glenville Girard 7 0 Ravenna Glrard 27 .... ............ 0 Struthers Girard 14 7 Campbell Girard 28 .... ............. 0 Boardman Girard 13 .............. ..... 1 3 Fitch Girard 0 34 Niles 1 FRONT ROW' Robell Mcikcr Icxrnes Cn ' . , scione, Ioseph Scntcxqutcr. SECOND ROW: Anthony Lcxtell, Dominic Nespeccx, Nick Iohntony, Richard Kay. THIRD ROW: Daniel Emch. FOURTH ROW: Webster Dawson, Joseph Dcxmelio, Terry O'Neil. FIFTH ROW: Ioseph Clupp, Robert Mcnekovich, I h o n Ross, Howard Williams. SIXTH ROW: luck Rice, William Ellis, Iohn DeMclrco. PAGE 77 Iohn limynak, Martin Bornemiss, Howard Williams, Richard Kay, Mr. Light, Charles Pusin, Robert Makar, Webster Dawson, lack lloss, Varsity Hoopsters Thrill Local Fans SEASONS SCORES Girard 46 ....,.. 72 Liberty Girard 63 39 McDonald Girard 54 .... Sl Newton Falls Girard 48 47 Struthers Girard 47 .4..... 71 Rayea Girard El 52 Hubbard Girard 42 .,... 45 East Girard 59 76 Salem Girard 45 . . , .. . 48 Boardman Girard 74 .... 66 Niles Girard 51 . . . . , . 40 Chaney Girard 42 59 Siruthers Girard 42 ,. 62 Warren Girard 52 44 Hubbard Girard 47 43 Memorial Girard 76 57 Memorial Girard 53 57 Niles Girard 52 77 Boardman Girard 54 ,... 51 Fitch Girard 72 43 Fitch The Season Story During the first ten games of the year, Girard showed signs of a below-average sea- son, but quickly picked up during the latter half to break even with a 10-10 season record and to surprise the local fans in tournament play. ' After losing to Liberty 72-48, Girard beat Newton Falls 54-51 in a game which was fol- lowed by three defeats. The first five games were followed by an amalgamation of wins and losses to round out the first half of the season with a record of three and seven. PAGE 'IB Girard started the second half of the season by crushing McDonald, Struthers, and Hub- bard. The Struthers game was by far Girard's most exciting home game: the local fans were delighted and surprised as Bob Makar chucked in six points in the final fifteen seconds of the game to clinch the victory for the Lightmen. The Girard five was slowed by Salem, at the Salem gym: but quickly regained their speed by defeating their traditional rival Niles, 74-66, at the McDonald High Gym. In the next four games the Indians broke even, winning over Hubbard and Memorial, but losing to Struthers and Boardman. In the last game of the regular season, Girard, starting with an all-Senior combina- tion, took an early lead and was never headed as the Lightmen went on to avenge their earlier two-point loss to the Fitch Falcons. The final score of this last game was 72-43. This brought to an end the successful second half of the season, and gave Girard a ten and ten record. Tournament Play Impressive As coaches and basketball experts have said, you can't always tell how a team is going to make out in the tournament by its season's record. A sterling example of this pos- tulate was the four-game series which Girard played in the tournament. In the first game, Girard ran up against a highly rated Canfield team tits record was 14-43. The Indians took a three-point lead at the end of the first quarter, and gradually added points until they won by a score of 65-43. The starting quintet of Dawson, Bornemiss, Kay, Makar, and Pusin, all scoring in double figures, showed the Indians' well balanced at- tack. Pulling one of the biggest upsets in the tourney, Girard exploded a much publicized Salem team by a hard-earned twelve-point margin. Salem jumped out to an early lead, but Girard chipped away that lead until at halftime the score read 30-25 in favor of the Indians. In the second half, Girard gradually lengthened the lead, as the full force of Girard's offense was brought to bear on the tough Salem five, making the final score 58-46. Owens, coming off the bench, together with Bornemiss and Pusin, paced the Indians' victory. Girard, playing a Cinderella Ursuline team, started slowly, but suddenly caught fire and won by a 56-34 mark, thus moving unexpectedly to the sectional finals. Pusin, Dawson, and Owens led the victors. Inaccuracy at the foul line, against a rangy Poland team, cost Girard a berth in the Kent District Tourney. The pace was furious throughout the whole game, but Poland came from behind in the final seconds to edge Girard 66-65. The whole squad showed amazing spirit and fight throughout the game, which was probably the season's best. The Players During the regular season play, Web Dawson displayed his skill by hooping in 283 points, thus leading the Indians in scoring, Chuck Pusin, making use of a terrific hook shot and his superior height, arched in 245 points. Showing consistent rebounding ability and a never-say-die attitude, Bob Makar looped in 143 points. Although dropping in only 107 points, Dick Kay displayed well developed versatility by easily shifting from one position to another. Bud Bornemiss, making a mid-season entrance, proved once again to be an excellent ball handler and team co-ordinator. Howard Williams, not living up to his nickname of "Sleepy," easily showed his aggressive spirit on the courts. lack Ross proved to be a fireball who stead- ily built up points all season. Of these men, Pusin and Ross will be back to lead next year's team. Mr. Llqht Expresses His Views on Season "This year the Steel Valley was one of the toughest leagues in the area," said Mr. Light. "As far as our team was concerned, cooperation on the court was very good. Re- bounding and ball handling were the team's strong points: foul shooting, the weak point. The team started to climb after the first Fitch game. Next year, with two or three lettermen back plus some good boys from the Reserves, we ought to have a pretty fair team." n h 1511 FRONT HOW: lack DelBene, Paul Lepor. William Waite, Frank Pavlick, Harry Charles, Thomas McMaster, James Kay, Terry Senich. SECOND ROW: Iohn Kraynak, Anthony Latell, Lowell Owens, William Killin, Glenn Snyder, Mr. Liqht. Reserves Rack Up Eleven-Nine Record The Reserve '54 season started out with a 46-39 victory over Liberty, ended with a 56-41 victory over Fitch, and in between compiled a nine and nine record: so that the sea- son's slate read eleven wins and nine losses. The leading scorer for the campaign was Lowell Owens with 315 points. Owens also holds reserve scoring record of 34 points in a single game. The standouts under the basket who recovered many rebounds were Tony Latell, Bill Killin and Glenn Snyder. Doing a fine job of ball handling out front and guarding the opposition were Teddy O'Neil, Harpo Del- Bene, and Frank Pavlick. Bounding out the squad were Bill Waite, Tom McMaster, Iim Kay, Terry Senich, and Paul Lepor. Coach Mauriocourt commented: "The team had the potential but lacked the polish. They were aggressive and worked hard, but weren't too consistent in their scoring and sometimes made foolish mistakes. Next year's outlook is better." SEASON'S SCORES Girard 46 ,... ....... 3 9 Liberty Girard 52 . , . , , , 31 McDonald Girard 42 . . . . . . 45 Newton Falls Girard 42 . . . . . 32 Struthers Girard 40 . . . ...... 50 Rayen Girard 61 . . . , . 34 Hubbard Girard 43 . . . ..,... 30 East Girard 52 . . . . . . . 77 Salem Girard 43 .... .. 27 Boardman Girard 45 .. .... 49 Niles Girard 39 . . . . . 35 Chaney Girard 28 , , . . . , 30 Struthers Girard 36 . . . ..... 56 Warren Girard 48 . . . . . , 45 Hubbard Girard 40 .... . .. 50 Memorial Girard 54 . . . . 30 Memorial Girard 38 . . . ..... 37 Niles Girard 47 . . . , . . 56 Boardman Girard 54 . . . . . . 56 Fitch Girard 56 . . . .... . . . 41 Fitch PAGE BU Track Team's Laurels Grow The '54 Track Team's season was highlighted by the Var- sity's copping of the SVC Crown for the second year in a row. The following boys participated: hurdles, Charles Del- Bene, Calvin Drummond, Willie Thrash: 440, Fred Houck: pole vault, Iohn Komlanc, Iames Rodgers: discus and shotput, Bill Luzar, Tony Latell: mile, Richard Masterson, lim Criscione, Fred Walker: sprints, Bob Parilla: high jump, Bob Barnes, Bill Killin: broad jump, Webster Dawson: relays, lack Rice, Alton Bryant, Bill Anderson, Bill Carey. School records were smarhed by Barnes, Carey, Parilla, and Luzar. Among all the outstanding talent that made up the squad last year, Parilla and Luzar excelled, gaining valley-wide rec- ognition. Summing up Girard's six wins and single defeat, Coach Borger said, "They were one of the best conditioned squads we have ever had. There was 10031 effort behind every event." Speculating in Ianuary on the '55 season, "Doc" said, "Girard has a fair chance of clinching the Steel Valley Conference traveling trophy permanently." FRONT ROW: Paul Masterson, Webster Dawson, William Anderson, William Carey Alt n B yant Iohn D Ma c Wll Killin, Iames Criscione, Iohn Ezzo. SECOND ROW: Tony Latell, Fred Houck, lame R dg h F d W Robert Barnes, Calvin Drummond, Robert Parilla, Charles DelBene, Mr. Borger. A A C FEES I l Leaders Clubs Recrun Gym Teamsters VHONT POW: Mary Ann Bolock, Arlio lllfrllsrvn, Corrnno Dcxvvy, Prrtrrcm l'7r-srnnnd lofrnn 'l':llf-xv P Vw' 'Tv ' -X ' '- , , . A, l .. . lun l, lxmrn Wmnwr, Hnlnn Bolock, Robortrr Wrlson, Plryllrs Clmrloswmrtlu, lcon Dolucrcr. SECOND RCWW1 l'l.r:zr f".:..r, ll--Uv l'nnfzm lllf-lznnr lnzcrr, locrn Str-vpns, Arnm Anrrxrstlrm, Cnrol Kmbns, lfirw COYrrOll, lO11I1PIIO Dfrlllfurmn ffl :xv llvw' M" l'rr+'lr-rl 'Tlllllll li' WV: loan DUPUY, Pvnrw' Bcrtlnl, Sfrndrn Crphblln, lcrnot Drffvscrm, lomnn lfstma, ll'l1rsl:::f': EK' rlkffrl, lwrrvn Ol' rrlzlrn-wzrr, llrlnnrr Vv'rrlkf-r, Mcrry Aqcrtlm Zrrlwlsky, Mnrqw Ulukoviclr, Aqnffs Crows, Syphfrmnrr Trrple'-rt, Hrs:-mfr lrxllvr l'1'lllR'l'll l'2l'VV, Mfrry Pwllrzzf-rr, Pnttr Hrznnk, lmis Clrrrprnnn, Glorm Rermlrcr, Curol Arnbrosrw, Lrndrr Cnllrrrd, llnrrwtt llnrnlzfn M11 fr lxztfrrrrfn lhxy Arrrlwrww-, Iudrth O'Brmn, Ruth llllr-n 'l'l1ornf1s, Suzanne McGowan, Dmnfw Morrrck, Phyllrs Hozzn. I I YHONT ROW: Wrllmrn Bnhny, GPorqe Nrtzsky, Earl Bernard, Rrckny Roclmne, l.ynn Bercnndvr, l'l:'.'.f1 slzwrn Drlnnw lfv:1n:,, Wrrltf-1 Nrtzrrl. SECOND HOW: Davrd Drurnrnond, Inmns Wrllmms, Mrclmel Pozevrrr, llerorrm Pjsswfrs, Ps:r'Exl:z'.' Qwvrlr lklwrml l Bundy, lhxrqf-no Sexton, Allred Clifton, Paul Enyernt, Mr. Borqer, THIRD ROW: Tlrornrzr: 'u'.':l.11:r,. ilwzf- .-'4.ll1:- zz, lwrrn lrrylnr, Irnnf-1, Pmrrck, Dcrvrd lolrnson, Rnyrnond Kunelr, Robert Brcck, Cflmriesa Mcrrrn, Tom lflcrrz.-. PL UETH '1x:'r'.': lzrzn lf:21v:s, Drrlv Wlnfrlmrn Wrllrclm Wurte, Wrllrrxnx Krllrn, Fred Walker, lohn Bundy, Alun Bcxrlrs. PAGE S2 Gym Team Builds For Future Although the Gym Team lost many valuable players last year, it held its own this year against the toughest competition in years. Those who excelled on the horse were Aggie Cross and lim Patrick: on the parallel bars, Aggie Zabotsky, Dave Iohnson, and Hay Kuneli. Doc Borger says: "The outlook for future years is good. The oncoming Gym Team will un- doubtedly carry on the Girard tradition and bring in more laurels." For the last three out ot five years, Miss Crishal's Girls' Gym Team has won the State Trophy, competing against many other teams, iew of which were high school groups. Miss Crishal said of last year's Girls' Gym Team: "They were the best team I ever had the pleasure of coaching." l'ltk WNT lil WV: lflwvrrmr l.uzc1r Merry Arytrtlm Ztllwtz-ky lmm lltrpuy iilfl 'UND HUVV: llmntr littzztr Ifrrw t'oInr'll llvlvu llolmsk Mary llolltzzmr lim-tty luxriara Atlxf- Mtrttgsou Tlllltll HOW: Mlm: Vltzllxtrl iiyplxtmxntl 'I'xtple'tt Ula Imm llrytmt Atmzwz t'ro::1: l HUNT liL'W: lwlvn Vltttk lltwlu-xt lirtwk lltrlt- Xwlllllllllllt klworqn- Nxtsky ltruum lA1ll1+1m.: i3l1K'klNll llLlVt'2 lwlm 'lhylm lolm llaztvs llttmmr. lVlmt1:. lfltou llrytrut ltruwp. ll-rttxvk Mr. limiter Tlllllll llUVt': lhtvttl lltumxlwutl lltrt Mc'Nlt'lmlt1:: l'l4-tlvlwk NA'trlkm lA'tll1trm Klllm lltrvtd lolm:-on litrynmutl Ktmoli H..-f P,-1 Intramurals Bring Everyone Into Sports Act Cross's girls cop all honors in softball, y volleyball, basketball. FRONT ROW: Agnes Cross. SECOND ROW: Louise Rebraca, Barbara Evans, Mary Agatha Zabotsky, Eleanor Luzar, Henrietta Zabotsky. THIRD ROW: Ann Arbutina, Phyllis Garqoline, Margie Hudak, Mary I,ou DiCesare, Helen Vesco. Iacobs's team takes touch football championship. FRONT ROW: Bud Bornemiss, Roqerr Nitsky, Ivan Iacobs. SECOND ROW: Bob Matekovich, Don Miller, Mickey Pozeqa, Delineon Wellington. THIRD ROW: Ioe Costarella, Iim Conlin, Ioe Constantino, Gooxqe Nitsky. Bryant's team beats all others in soft- ball tournament. FRONT ROW: Bob Brock, Alton Bryant, john Krayl nak. SECOND ROW: ferry Besze, David Drummond, Albert Drummond, Bill Trrplett. THIRD ROW: William Dawson, Iack Rice. FRONT ROW: Iohn llubiack, Kenneth Croiella, Richard Bender, Louis Cera, Richard Pasko, Ronald llall, Iimmy Lambert, lohn Marquez, Iohn Cunyula, Edward Drummond, Tommy Drummond. SECOND ROW: Mr. McCreary, Steve Clapp, Fred Sclrladen, jerry Beszo, Charles Zander, Don Ezzo, Sam Manente, George Staiko, Frank Arundel, Mr. DiPiero. THIRD ROW: Ianios Carney, Iohn Hausteau, Michael Blazina, William Forney, Charles Graham, William Tripleit, Richard Mazza, Thomas Snodgrass, Robert Bowers, Rocco Irilli. Junior High Gridders Show Promise Mr. DiPiero summed up the 1954 season thus: "This year we had a fair team, which grew better as we approached the end of the season. They didn't excel in any particular phase oi the game, but they didn't have any great weaknesses either. Every game was a team effort." There were twenty letters awarded by Mr. DiPiero, two of which went to captains Bill Forney and Bill Triplett. The Iunior High, moving from the T formation, had only an average season but showed great potential for years to come. SEASON'S SCORES . . . .7 Hubbard Girard .............. ............. Girard ........... 7 Struthers Girard Warren St. Mary's Gifilfd .... 27 Rayen Girard .... 14 Niles Girard ...... 6 Fitch Girard . . .0 Boardman JuniorlHigh Hoopsters Have Successful Season Winning ten games out of fourteen, the Iunior High Basketball Team, built around a hard core of talent, kept up their reputation as one of the Valley's best. Coach Battin com- mented, "We had several advantages: height, accuracy, and above all, the desire to win: adding these to their fighting spirit, we had an over-all solid team." One fact that proves this statement is that the Iunior High five outscored their opposition 489 to 406 in their fourteen games. The leading scorers were Housteau with lOl points for the season and Gunyula with 99 SEASON'S SCORES Girard 34 ......... 31 Hubbard Girard 35 ......... 37 Hubbard Glrard .......... 27 Boardman Girard ......... 30 Boardman Glrard .. . 28 Niles Washington Girard .... 25 Niles Washington Girard ......... 30 Struthers Girard ........ 28 Struthers Girard ........ 35 Memorial Girard .......... 44 Memorial Girard 13 Niles McKinley Girard .... 36 Niles McKinley Girard ........... 13 Fitch Girard ........... 29 Fttch EIC-HTH GRADE TEAM FRONT ROW: George Estes, Wile liam Dawson, Iames Ezzo, Thom- as Drummond, Lynn Beconder SECOND ROW: Mr. McCreary Edward Smerek, Iomes Lambert Anthony Zozzali, Ierry Besze Kenneth Cretella. I f 1 JUNIOR HIGH TEAM FRONT ROW: Samuel Manente, Iames Carney, Richard Pasko, George Kralovich, Steve Clapp, Iohn Gunyula, Stanley Hribar. SECOND ROW: William Forney lack Housteau, Donald Ezzo, Ed- ward Drummond, Iohn Marcus, William Triplett, Russell Swe- gan. I Talented Junior High Track Stars Move Up Last Ianuary Mr. Borger said, "The Varsity will be strengthened for the '55 season by the addition of four Iunior High lettermen from the '54 season. This will leave only a few experienced veterans for the coming Iunior High season." The lettermen from the '54 season are Hart and Senich, sprintsg Frank Irilli and Pavlick, relays: Ioe Irilli, discus: Forney, 440: Graham, shotput. All but Graham and Forney were freshmen last year. Last year the Iunior High met Salem, Niles, Poland, and participated in the Steel Valley Meet, they lost to Niles and Poland, but beat Salem and captured third place in the Steel Val- ley Meet. This season will show, as others have shown, that the Iunior High Team is not merely proving ground for the Varsity but a strong self-reliant team where skill is cultivated along with the desire to win. FRONT ROW: Frank Pavlick, Robert Ioues, Rocco Irilli, lack Miller, Ronald Guido, Tom Evans. SECOND ROW: Charles Gmliuxn, Terry Somali, William Forney, Mr, Borqer, loseph lrilli, Iamcs Hart, Thomas McMaster. PAGE 87 ips lb L w A 1 Li? . ,M , , 43, " 43 ,KA 'Q I ATHLETIC COUNCIL SEATED: Mr. Borqer, Dominic Nespeca, Mr. Moore, Miss Crishal, Mr. Gamertsfelder, Mary Agatha Zahotsky, Mr. Liaht. STANDING: Mr. Teeter, Mr. MGUTIOCOIIYY Mr. Nelson, Mr. Woodrum, Mr. DiPrero, Mr. McCreary. we .xdfma Wa fer Stand and sing for our dear high school, For we love her so. We are here to sing her praises As years come and go. "Forward ever!" be our watchword: "Conquer and prevail!" Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail, Girard, all hail! All f0gl"6ll9Af5 PHOTOENGRAVERS PHOTOGRAPHERS ARTISTS DESIGNERS mm DMZ Zmf, LITHO PLATE ' MAKERS ADCRAFT ENGRAVING CO I8 W. MADISON AVENUE YOUNGSTOWN 4, OHIO Our heartiest congratulations to the I955 SENIOR CLASS OF GIRARD HIGH SCHOOL Our associations and contacts in photographing your members and recording in pictures your various school activities' have been a constant pleasure to us. We are deeply indebted to you for your willing and unstinted cooperation. May your future be ever happy and prosperous. Signed: Roberta J. Peterman Signed: Thomas E. 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SAVING ACCOUNTS AUTO LOANS CHECKING ACCOUNTS HOME LOANS MONEY ORDERS COMMERCIAL LOANS They're telling you times aren't normal? That these are difficult years in which to be young? Don't believe it! For these are surely the greatest years in which to grow up! Never before has the world been so brimful of golden chances for you! Yours are new horizons of science, of business, of the arts . . . yours are the horizons of searching for solutions still better than those already reached. Yours are the gates to the highest in learning. Here. in the libraries of our land, in the colleges and universities, are the products of the greatest minds of all ages . . . all compiled for you. Times are not normal? Hard years for youth? Deny it, Graduate! Tell them you wouldn't trade a day of your wonderful future for any year of the past! McKELVEY'S I883-1955 AAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-----AA---A-----A-- Congratulations, Class of '55! So nigh is grandeur to our dusf, So near is God to man . . . When duty whispers low, "Thou must," The youth replies, "I can!" - Ralph Waldo Emerson -- STROUSS-HIRSHBERG'S Youngstown, Ohio Warren, Ohio Salem, Ohio New Castle, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the GRADUATES OF 1955 from MARION INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CO. Mu? v1Av'vAvAv'fv'v ll I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 4I I 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I This 1955 "REFLEcToR" Was Printed by E112 Niles Bailg Glimns and The Girard News SPECIALISTS IN QUALITY PRINTING of all kinds at Reasonable Prices QT Insure in Sure Insurance . . . ROY TAYLOR AGENCY, INC Insurance -- Bonds I5 South State Street Phone LI 5-5406 GIRARD, OHIO 'sIvAA-JNlv-A-A--4sfA4-A--A- Congratulations, Class of '55 BLACKSTONE FUNERAL HOME 104 E. Liberty Street Phone LI 5-5052 Congratulations KNISELEY MOTOR CO. 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Market Street We Deliver Daily Telephone LI 5-5435 5-5436 - 5-6916 QLTROPHY SPORTS il Better Athletic Goods 13 East State Street Niles, Ohio Phone OL 2-2116 Congratulations to the Class of 1955 Stizza Brothers Garage Specializing in Truck Maintenance 2130 W. Federal Street Youngstown 10, Ohio AAAAAAAAAAAAAA---AAAAAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAA- vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv GE DJ AvAvAvAvA J.vAvAvA vAvAvA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AvAvAvAvAv r """""""""l: 1:""""""" Compliments of if - .E JOSTEN 'S EE STAMBAUGH 4' 1: I THE ., 55 THOMPSON S 'I Representative: 1: MUELLER ART covmz GUM Mmenbefge' 3? f?'Eqm1 0' G'fc",e'V"1m 1: 1: One of Amencas Largest 8' G C0 ll 634 Union Commerce Hardware Organizations" ' Building McKINLEY HEIGHTS :E I Youngstown - Warren - CLEVELAND, OHIO Cleveland 14' Ohm 1 sharon QQ SEE MooRE's if WEAVER'S :E , , :E QE QE Home Furnushmgs tg QWESTERN Auro sg C . ' 4 1, ustom-Made Drapenes. 1 :I if Bedspreads, etc. 1: for 'E Carpets by Firth, Magee, Goodall 5: 4: 1: and Holmes :Q E, SpOI'lS Equipment E: Matching Fabric and Wallpapers jf 1, and Ii Upholstery Parts for that "Hot Rod" 329 N- Slate Stfeef E 1: ': 5' gl 46 W. Liberty Street 'E Phone LI 5-8511 l 51 -I 5E PAGE IDS C, f:2rf555v i2fvN5fNf:22fv' 17127rxtrvtevz2:z::::::x:Jn:::x::xA3 1 ,I v-4 4: 1' Q Cf, 8 2 ' S 9 9 ' if 2 Q 3 11 ,U 3 ,U E I- O m 2 X 5 5-Z0 S Z :P 5'-'nw 0 56202498 5912595 :+0I5"'5 -I 1' 5'5'i2'm5 355531515 Qwgsvaa :wfQF'rEx'u3,,2..1: 0 H. g A H- M 1 H'S' 50 12:05 5'-P'g'gl' 9.1: pwgzo gf 1f'g'S.S'9-B- OCDI1' wa W2-53 U-O" H11-F -E41 NS 1t:.0E.E""3' """ oo 3, rn '-S H' do r-11 :J .4 co ce S m -4 P U: m 1, W "Hu C n G3 un Q Q Q "' n U' 0 Q "" gl 'n H- Q 4 gg 4 r- "' 01 0 S 01 5 ng I U1 Z "" 'r I5 5 ,Q O 0 -v 0 5-. N SD l"' no gl, . cn rn 3 X Q Q. O 0 rn -3- UU--2 m r Q -+ -I cn 8 -- . 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"W B 5502112075 SSQZ 2714 y -U - C 0 -U S ww as .. vw M Q - so - m 'U -'-T7 Q 3 z -'If P1 0 z-U " 0 I m B UI in H1 1' 52189713 22.1.9-32 :Hama-sz QL?-Q M14 gl 0 E' 0 P E T1 H ""' 7' El 5 3 2 2 3 3 5' V L8 'D O 'D 'I 'T 1' 1 91 -I vb V' 2 E' Z7 V' U' 2 B O5 QE "' x 3 5 ET gl P um 4' '4 fu I Q, S rn Q., " "" 11 'gf ' X 2 'U 0 8 Z 1: E' - E 531 so 5 ""' 3 -3 9- U 'L cn rn co 5 Q -I 3 fn 77 gl Ig 3 11 U' 1' 1: 1' I 4, 'Av'-'v'-'-"'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'-'v'-'-'-A-'v'v'v'v'v'v'v'-A-'v'v'v'-A-A-A-A-'rv''Av'vAvAv'-'v'v'v'v-v'vA-A++-A-YA:.-.Al1 3 'C 'r 1+ 4+ v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v'filfifffifff!f?ffI7fffff??!!fff!fffi PAGE D4 wnunnunvvvvvvvvvvv-vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv--vvv-vv----v- Compliments of PERRY'S FLOWERS 20 East Liberty Street Girard, Ohio Phone Ll 5-5231 GIRARD I COAL COMPANY if Coal and Builders' Supplies 1 1 EI W. Broadway, Girard, Ohio 'I Phone LI 5-6121 BUNDY DAIRY 117 S. St. C-lair Open Every Night Until 10:30 Phone LI 5-8474 AD SERVICE PRINTERS Corner State and Wilson Girard, Ohio 1 ROS-TAN'S gt 1 yi 1 1 FOOD MARKET 3' 1 P 1 jr 1' I r 1 II :l 964 N. stare sneer I 1 :I 1' EE Dial LI 5-5413 or LI 5-5415 2 I I jr 1 I 1 I 'I Congratulations Class of 1955 EZZO'S Amoco Gas Station Auto Service 1100 S. State Street Girard, Ohio Phone LI 5-8966 Congratulations ' Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of '55 1 C1635 of 1955 7 WORMER COAL ' BARBER SHOP 1 DIL'-ON 5 5 8. SUPPLY co. Pastries-Lunches I Hes. Phone LI 5-5164 Coal and Builders' Supplies Fountain Service Between the Theatres 322 N. State Street 1: 4 1 1 'I Girard, Ohio ' ' 1 I It 'I I W. Broadway and High St. Girard, Ohio Best Wishes SENTICH Ward Avenue Grocery 521 North Ward tr lr , 1 5. Congratulations to the 1: 1 Class of 1955 I sumo PAINTING' I: 1 11 QE Phone LI 5-3447 657 E. Liberty Street 1: Girard, Ohio Best Wishes PASKO DAIRY 421 Trumbull Ave. Parkwood Phone LI 5-8730 A44AA-4AAAAAA---4444AA-AAAA-----A--A4A vAvAvAv4v'vAvAv'v4v4vAv4v4v4v4vAv4vAv 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 g 3 3 3 3 r 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 l 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 McKinley Heights Closed on Mondays Phone Orders To Go LI 5-6307 Phone LI 5-6212 32 S. State Street Girard, Ohio 18 Ward Avenue Congratulations Cekuto Brothers, Inc. "Ice - Bill - Ed" Golden Dawn Foods SWABEK'S Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 Congratulations T R U M B U L L and Best Wishes Carl and Helen Swabek 3 Corner of State and 250 Trumbull Ave. Smithsonian Phone LI 5-6119 Phone LI 5-5122 Air Conditioned HUMBLE'S RESTAURANT "Good Coffee!" Customers Say And Return to Dine Another Day I 4 25 North State Street GIRARD. OHIO Compliments of GIRARD AUTO SERVICE E. I. LONG 209 N. State Street Girard, Ohio A A A AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv v v v v vAvAv v v v vAvAvAvAffvA HOCHADEL Upholstering Shop Estimates Without Obligation Large Selection of Fabrics 405 N. State St. - Girard, O. Phone LI 5-5242 AvAvA'Av vAvAvAvAvAvAvA vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAv'8AvAJ 4' 3 1: w 1, 1' 5 O 1, vt r 512: N 3? - 8 3 5 5 3, F Q E2 3 Z O -5 41 Sig: 25 rx S s wigs gg s s 3 an L. 5: U' . X 0 9. cn m 2 E- 4' 2 O 2 ,.. 5 S- 5 U 0 9. 41 " QS if gn O 'D 1-Q Y., ..- S 3 S 2 0 oo '.:r U2 Q Z co ua 3 N . ... ,, 5355 55'55"n"5o 'I 1' 7: " S If Q? 1: .. 3 E-- 4: ... 3 :: v E an 1' H r S 22 s s S 2' ' 9 3 Q P O o ,Q U1 S2 I B 4 5 v-4 Q CD . 3 Q 0 0 cn Q P1 -- O 'o r 5 m I r-4 5- O I S 1' Q4 Z v-4 - Z 0 Z B 1, 5 0 U :r E' rr Q Z 3 3 ,gd -4 rn ow 5' m Q O Z "' 3 V1 5 W 3 8 4, 4 .... 4 :J Q H 3 P -' 3' E? I 4, - 'S 5 oo 2, Z - 4, 0 .4 s: 3 QQ Q 2 3 m , D Q p-. r Q 13 .U 75 1' '3 3' 5 Fi. l"'l g 3 0 :U "1 5' 53, "' -2 'f 0 41 If O l'l'l 2 :s Q yi 3 4, VI 5 LQ L-' ,EF 4, F U m b H- 1 7 K C 2 4 'P LQ Z -4 4 tb P E: 4, Q co 5 2 m Q 3 -I is s: X, - r Q 4 Ch 3 N P 1: 3 3 -------,A-----r-r-----r---rr-------,-r-------,-,--,,,jL-,,,,,r,,,,,, 3 vAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA 3 3 3 A -AAA A--4-A---A---A-A-- STATE DRUG CO. Charlie Ague, Prop. 11 W. Liberty St. Girard, Ohio Phone LI 5-5623 Compliments of RODNEY ANN'S To the Class of 1955 Congratulations, Graduates Youngstown Aluminum Door 81 Window Co. 706 S. State Manufacturer of the "Youngstowner" Storm Window Congratulations FRANK and SAM'S BARBER SHOP 24 E. Liberty sneer GIRARD, or-no Congratulations to The Class of 1955 THE GRIFFITH AGENCY IKE - GEORGE - BOB - IOHN Insurance Real Estate - Surety Bonds LI 5-5489 18 N. Market Girard. Ohio Congratulations MARKS CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS 1214 S. State Girard, Ohio L1 5-3108 RI 6-3321 MILADY SHOPPE Ladies' and Chi1dren's Ready-to-Wear Phone L1 5-3476 28 N. State Street GIRAHD, OHIO Congratulations to the Class of 1955 RlSHER'S DAIRY and DELICATESSEN Iames and lane Moliterno Phone LI 5-8962 405 S. State St. Girard, Ohio Best Wishes A. NICKLES BAKERY, INC. 420 North State Street GIRARD, OHIO Have Fun! Stop for Lunch and Refreshments at ISALY'S Liberty and State GIRARD. OHIO AAAAAAAAAAAAA Compliments of JACK SH EROCK BARBER SHOP 809 N. State Street Girard, Ohio Congratulations from JULIAN MOTOR SALES CO. Three Famous Names Chrysler, Plymouth and Iulian Sales and Service Phone LI 5-5473 AAAA--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvwifi!!! : A A A A JA A A A A A A A A A AvA'AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA'AvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvAvA Congratulations to the Class of 1955 HUGHES some ssnvlce 423 South State Street Phone LI 5-8976 Compliments of L. Famous fO1' Fashions BARBER SHOP CHARLES SHOPS Hair Cut Appointment West St. Phone LI 5-8644 10 W. Main Street GIRARD, OHIO v'1l9 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 3 4 4 3 5 3 LI 5-6094 LI 5-8967 E: Compliments of 3fWhen You Desire Flowers or 4 e ,I Gifts for Any Occasion TEXACO SERVICE GIRARD LUMBER CO. C611 . and Successor to: Gnd 5 Auro sony SHOP The Ilffjfjfg gjsewe E5 Flowers and cms 1 130 North State 332 N. State St- Girard, Ohio 5 Girard, Ohio Phone LI 5-5481 Phone LI 5-5125 4 4 4 -----A--,,,-, A,,,,,u,,,u,u,A ,u,,u,,,,,,,,-,, ---J '-'- 'fiivv "ii " v' "vt 4 4 Congratulations Congratulations O N OMY 1 Class of 1955 to the Class of 1955 EL 1 A RTZ FORD Qt CHEVROLET CO. 1 4' 4 Ba Iier Ford Soles ' FLOOR OVERI N 9 - C G Sales and Service 1, 126 West Liberty 3 South State Sffeef 434 N. same screen fl GIRARD OHIO 1 Girard, Ohio Girard. ohio gf 1 1 Phone LI 5-8016 New ""i,'QjQ,2Sed Cm C. W. Briuuin, Owner E 4, 4 ' IE C 1' 4 f 4 s. PAoLoNE 8. SON52 P R ' C E omplmens 0 : 4 HEATING co, WAGMAN 1 Girard's Leading F IT RE Shoe Repair Coal, Gas, Oil Furnaces, U U Roofing and Spouting 11 N. State Street "The Home of Tappan Stoves" 613 South State Street C I t H F , h, 4 Omp B 6 Ome UIHIS IHQS 1 GIRARD, OHIO 143-201-zos west Liberty street AvA'0vAvAvAvA vAvAvAvA PAGE UE A-'A " .. Q7 'Qi' 'N , 'gf If QP .f . L X :JA 5, , . L. If rf. L . Q dl. .Q .G i Q fy 5616 4. ., -gi U31 ':. if , x W1 -' D ."'l . gu i' Q 6 - ' ggi' L " '- f., ,453 . Li" f ' I , ,hy ,M N 1 --u L 3 n 5, N ' K A , ,gf KA, . .I " s 1 , , 4 f J. .-v::H:'gp,f-.V ' -' x 0. n ' 1 . I 1 , . fa, 9 X 'P . 84,1 59 Ngfrf . .- . S .-.: 1246 ,rw ,,. sg , 1.

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