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1 in pw Q J AEI-I 1.8L-JI, '-,f?'T- - Agxk J " -"MZ is L xxfx f 'JV f- "JT-l ,X fx! ,M X, ii-.IAQ , M- y'N"9 ' f-L3 1-7.2-4.34 5 "f E - J UFW rf' ' 3 ff! ff XA! kk' A- ' C KX ff? 1- A 'Q 97 22-1 "iffy ,-xnxx Q .15-kyg-fg!,-fgl:- 5,1 " -7m fy' fVf'9.N if K + f X-QT 5 I' jlffx-QQ N 4 fl!! X I , f g' X JXXR J."M. HAL BOARD OF EDUCATION Lester Miller Pres Clarence Wh1tler Sec S O Sm1th jr Atty Marshall Shutt Edwin Boston Luther Corder Everett Collins Ph11 Cherry CHARLES E. MC GEE, PRINCIPAL We the staff of 1048 grate-fullx dechcate Ouotes to all those persons admxnlstrat ors, faculty students and frlends 'NA ho have helped ln any way to make Guard Hxgh school the lmportant educatlonal mqtltutlon that lt IS We appreclate the sacr1f1ces that have been made and we reahze our own respon S1b11lt19S IH the world ofthe future r , .. , , . I me vu A - - v 1 22 4 pq u FRC U L T Y MEET N N 6' . , ,..f--:Sf Q0 NOT osswu - N . or e.,.5:,,: P Y-Q . X, . , L . , . 5 ' 31- iv ,- M.: '-' M "Mi-'.?2fr+'2 Gfvihqm ?,..3S.ff'. ? R5 Th-5 '55 lip?" 'ine- MR ALBERT MR CERESA Agriculture Hiptory Sochl Science M155 BLACKBURN Business Arithmetic MRS HAMILTON English Library Mathematica Latin Y afar Yrvw' has 'Xx ,SX is ,ae X MRS SMITH World History English Speech Physical Education MR MC GEE MR IEWIS Principal Gen Science Coach Biology I. 'RK' 1'- N .Of As fi 1? MISS OSBORNE MISS DONALDSON Home Economics Comme,-C151 MR W OODS MR BE LL Music Shop h . i A , ff A , x N- . , X , - v-Y, .A I "2 S-V T .X - ' , if 4' - . K ..e,:'fif, 1 ' , 1 1 4 2 L if - ' ',' 5 E iv- V- lx -f M E . sf. ,- lf: ' -x , .- .3 , . - , , , 043- + . - 0 r I . I u I l . . . . A - , S: ,222 ' I ,- K Q55 'x "1 'N 2 ' -:i1'4ilfwfl'f:i' 2 L ' ,1fSQ:3f?2+12S - Y 3 I 1 K J 'mum --EA Af 1,1 A Q 1,x-.-up j'.2,ef-5 " 2 ' XV Xxfwxxvgfkif ' ' X515 L , 1 I cf- :, iuIn'u xxx ,, . ' 4. G W ,ir - - 1 . ,L of k , I 6: f - I My H ' L f J : L A f f V' X -' 'N N U - x , ' ' 5 5' ,V J, 'E X . T x M, 4 -V , E , ,Q A . FACULTY Charles E McGee our principal and general science teacher received his A B degree at Illinois Teacher s College and his M S degree at the Universlty of Il11no1s He has also taken graduate work at the University of Wlsconsin He has taught at Troy and .ICTSEYVIIIC Illinois Mrs R C Hamilton nee Ragland teacher of mathematics and Latin became a mem ber of the faculty 1n 1928 She received her A B degree from McKendree College Lebannon Ill1no1s having prevlously attended Greenville College and De Pauw University This year Mrs Hamllton is sponsor of the Senior class and IS giving her t1me and effort to help us ed1t Quotes Before coming to Glrard she taught at Dleterlch Ill1no1s Aldo Ceresa our social scxence and American history teacher became a member of our faculty in 1945 Mr Ceresa recelved h1s A B degree at Illinois State Normal Univer sity He IS the Sophomore sponsor this year and is also officlal scorer of basket ball games Miss May Blackburn teaches English She received her A B degree from MacMurray College and has had graduate work at the Un1vers1ty of Chicago Mr Donald M Woods our music director attended Illinois State Normal UDlV9YS1ty and has had graduate work at the Umversity of Illmois recened her A B and B S at Lincoln College and has had graduate work at the Unlversity of Wisconsin She has taught at Virden and Chatham Mr William F Lewis our coach and teacher of Physical education and biology grad uated from Western Illinois State College He spent three years 1n the Army Air Force Mlss Vlrgmla Osborne our home economics teacher graduated at Ill1no1s State Normal University with a B Ed degree She has had graduate work at Iowa State College at Ames Iowa Miss Osborne taught at Waverly before coming here She has also taught at Casey TOWnSh1p Hlgh School and at Glenhard High School in Glen Ellyn I1l1no1s Mr james Bell our woodworking and mechamcal drawlng teacher graduated from Eastern Illmols State College Mr Bell is the junior sponsor fhlS year Before coming to Girard he spent five years xn the Army Alr Force Mxss Georgia Donaldson our commerclal teacher attended james Mlllxkm University at Decatur Kansas State College Gregg College and has attended summer school at the Umversxty of WISCONSIN Umversmty of Colorado and New York Unxverslty Mxss Donaldson is the Freshmen sponsor thxs year Mr Clarence T Albert, who teaches agriculture became a member of our faculty ln I 246 Mr Albert sponsor of the Ag Club attended the University of Illmoxs Mrs. S. O. Smith, jr., who teaches English, speech, world history and Physical education, . -4-, Sag-1-,115 gif? wx ,FN Af ,NJN gm ,Sr .47 -v f f png 'ff'2 f t A Y". -.11 v- ' . ." ---,, .- 1,4-. - -- -3,1 ENE-,-....,. A V THE YE QR BOOK STAFF Editor Asliltant Editor Business Manager Distributing Manager Sports Editor Activities Reporter Under Graduate Reporter Senior Reporter joke Editor and Photographer Robert Deck Carol Hodges Ralph Yarke Larry McLain Warren Davis Shirley Huson Vera Garlt Myrna Smith jean Pryor Typilts Elizabeth Griffiths Marjorie Sheppard ELDRED WEDDLE LARRY MC LAIN BOB DECK SHIRLEY HUSON RALPH YARKE MAR IAN MC KEE ELIZABETH GRIFFITHS CAROLYN ARCHIBALD CAROL ANN HODGES EVELYN BALL ff- 'awh- 4' we N5 WARREN nAv1s vm-:RA oAns'r li- in MARY LOU MCKEE. DARLENE ALLEN " ug V A nik' V , .A , fl X F F, f- , L Ja M J , . , 4 A 45-Fl 1 in-n JUNIOR NAGEI MARJORIE SHEPPARD DERALD WILSON MYRNA SMITH RICHARD WHITE JEAN PRYOR BENNY STARKS JOAN WELTON ROBERT LEE RUCKER Y ' OR ' , IF' 2. -ff , Q, N- X g , Q R SENIOR HIST OR Y It IS the year 2028 and 1n the Jet propelled rocket an old gray ha1red lady wxth a super sonlc ear trumpet IS telllng her f1V8 llttle radlo actlve grandchxldren a bed time story Let s l1sten 1n Grandmother IS saymg Now gather around klddles and I ll tell you all about the good old days when I went to G1rard Hlgh Th1s story starts way back 1n 1944 when thlrty seven 11ttle green freshmen enrolled 1n Gxrard Townshlp I-hgh School They were just l1ke all the other freshmen before and slnce rather confused about the whole thmg Wlth the a1d of the1r sponsor Mxss Cummmgs they elected Bob Deck as the1r presldent Carol Hodges as v1ce pres1dent Sh1rley Huson as secretary and Eldred Weddle as treasurer Then came the I-Iomecomxng and the electxon of the school kmg and queen The Freshmen candxdates were Eldred and Shlrley Th1S was the day the Sophomores chose to 1n1t1ate them so for a day they were turned 1nto Ind1ans Hmdoos Gyps1es and many other queer characters By the tlme February came the llttle Freshmen could manage the1r buslness very well and to prove xt they gave a valentme party for the whole school In the fall of 1945 they came back to school as Sophomores At the1r flrst meetmg they elected the1r off1cers who were Eldred Weddle presldent Ellzabeth Gr1ff1ths vrce presldent Larry McI..a1n treasurer Bob Deck secretary The student counc1l 1-'CPT-'CSCTI tat1ves were Shlrley Huson and Leroy Eades The class sponsor was Mr Ceresa On October 10 the Sophomores gave way to the fxendlsh slde of the1r personalltles and 1n1t1ated the Freshmen with varlous demomcal tortures especlally contrxved by the commlttee treasury wlth a bean bag stand Grandma pauses at th1s po1nt to jab the sleepy llttle tots m the rlbs Wake up chlldren she says I am only just startmg The next year the class became juniors and dld they go places Thelr offlcers were Presldent Herman Nagle v1ce presxdent Eldred Weddle secretary Shlrley Huson treas urer Larry McLa1n There were two sponsors Mrs Hamllton and Mxss Osborne The f1rst big event of the year was the Carnxval The Jun1ors ran a Hawauan Nlght Club complete wlth palm trees plneapple JUICC and a floor show They made qulte a lot of money but not enough to pay for the1r commg Prom and banquet In February they held a Valentme dance after the K1DCa1d game Also durmg thzs month they began to practlce for the junlor play This play A Llttle Honey was glven on March 14 The cast included Carolyn Archibald Eldred Weddle Vera Garst Myrna Smxth Marjorxe Sheppard Larry McLa1n Bob Deck Carol Hodges Evelyn Ball Shxrley Huson joan Welton Benny Starks and Sugar a brown and white puppy The rose colored sofa and chalr used m the play were left to the school by the class On April 10 there was a box soc1a1 held for the whole school Mr Ray England auctioned the boxes and we realxzed a proflt of S43 50 In May the JUDIOTS gave their banquet and prom for the Semors The ent1re gym was decorated In Gay Nmetxes fashion In the center was a barber poled stage where the P1'0gI'dm was gxven One of the numbers mcluded an exhxbxtxon of tandem bxke rxdmg Q n 1 I l 1, C 0 n I , . . . . ,, . . . ' ' l I I . . . , . , . I - ' l ' . . ' . u . . ' . , 5 . - . 3 . 1 I 7 ., . . . . . , : , . s . . . ' . - . : . , s , . . ' , .. . . . . . . I l "Later in October, there was a Carnival. The Sophomores made rnoney for their . ,, . . . . . . ' Ol ' D1 ll ' ' VI . , , . . .. . . , . . . . , S . - . , 3 , . S - D ' 9 . ' l l ' .. . . . . .. . , . i . . . ' i . ., . . . . . . . . ,, . ., . I . . ' ' , . ' . . l I I I ' I l 1 I 9 ' - u ' ' ,, . . . - an - - vu - Senior History C ontxnued And then came the last year sald Grandma Out of the thirty seven lxttle Fresh men twenty two were left as Seniors The offlcers of the Senior class were Eldred Weddle presxdent Larry McLain vlce presldent Ralph Yarke treasurer and Shlrley Huson secretary The class sponsor was Mrs Hamxlton The flrst thmg the Semors undertook was to publxsh an annual The book was named Quoted They gave an all school party m September In October they elected candldates for Homecomlng queen Shlrley Huson was elected school queen The Homecoming parade one of the largest we have ever had was held on October Z4 Our float whxch almost rulned our year book editor and our class treasurer re presented an old fashioned hearse from Yarke s Mortuary On xt was a pxne box trxmmed 1n purple and wh1te 1n whlcn we mtended to bury Butcher and Allen of the Vlrden Team The Senlor play was scheduled for Apr11 Z3 On May 28 the Sen1ors took the fmal step and graduated from Glrard Townshmp Hxgh School And that fmishes my story chxldren Grandma watched them plle 1nto the1r toy helxcopter and cxrcle the chandelxer a few You know she sald to herself I just don t thlnk they apprecmte the excltlng times we had m hlgh school back there ,rom-:s Larry Mother 1sn t it nearly tlme for lunch? Mother No lunch W111 not be ready for an hour Larry I guess my stomach must be fast Oh B111 shouted Myrna to her husband I-low do you expect to dr1ve a naxl 1n the wall w1th that toothbrush? For goodness sake use your head Mrs Srruth Have you read the outl1ne for today? Marjorme No Mrs Smlth Have you read the toplcs? Marjorle No Mrs Smlth What have you read? Margorxe I have red han Mlss Osborne Dxdn t Itell you to notlce when the soup boxled over? joan Welton I d1d It was half past ten Dear Mr Palmohve Ibought a tube of your shavmg cream It says no mug requxred What shall I shave? Yours truly Robert Lee Rucker Q. lv ' an ' - ' - , . I C ' I . ' : . - ' : . , . . . ll ll ll ' ' ll I ' I . I - - . , . . . an ' ' ,, . . . . . . , . times before flying upstairs. 44 to Q ,. , . . . . . I I Q 0 I gy . . . . . , . : , . ll 0 ' UD ll ' ' ' ' I ' ll . , . I EEO.: magzu :ZS Ofcom 5:3 mCEwD0 WVAUFS wigzv mspndw miwiw :EL MELEHUU mizmwnm v0-:U wisp 0250: E 1550 bzgm NHOHA: in PSI 5:5 making W0-:DEE E me-and mC:x:5m wc-tau mkgug msgs? xcdkh he M5263 m-:CEU-HU ?JJ KNDWD AMONG msehe 05:-OD :Wiz mia chit? HEOE06 .SL NESUMUE M dam :HOME M mmdw wig U3 FHOW 50200 0 midi O33 m NH EMOEM6 'NME WEWOHUEAWOHM: CUE OHPUAU E: 9303 OOHAUW C0803 S NH EDM 25353 tim H: Zommmhmmnvl HNHMQ :MA 23 GO UNO UUCBHW UQOQ so CEMPWMNHED H COHV H mg: Ox: W is ,AWGN H CE 2 so EBU H CDU H :mC-U ovmviwamd m :Ea 305A H SCU H IAMIIBOC 50m H0055 MO Ez: E H Ilzys U2 LO --3OC 00m UE SJ CO Om AO 0:23 mmwiw Ex VUME LO DORA NASA gugm RAQE OQGQAEE ,AE m NYSA? CME pg: Q53 M 072766 FHL JJQU JJOM MOHZMm UEEMM EQ VBHD 35 NOBLE? xtpcm mam vhdyigm what Smal 'SED U02 0536 bhgm CMQQ HAGEN 585m EJ HOHHGU nOm mgma LUHDQ ms-HUD 0 irq MHZQZ I OHZ Miha? Sammy 53:3 Egan 33:3 mzmcunm C0235 055. O 2253 UQHBA :tem mga? MZEEMEW 020202 HSHUDM HHUDONM FOR: A CMU Bwdwz GMCLVSZ EMJUE R225 UOMUE N202 OOVAQE 56:02 ,Swim Emi. 50:20 wowmvom H930 mgttzo LHUQGNS M :EMO MMS! ig HBDOZ W-PDQ CNYHHUS :Gm 5:86 50:4 UCOIMQ viegohq SSOIHQO M242 H ' A r V 1 I M U D -H H A' l 1 I H . A I H g H H I r i A as H H . H M C . H M u VYRNIA ' S SLJRAP CFK PERSONALS Carol Hodges w11l board the fast tram m Sprmgfxeld on Sun day to be on her way on a trxp to New York which she won as a pr1ze for a p1ece of her art work at the State Falr th1S year Mr and Mrs Frank Bettxs and thexr twms Mary jane and jerry Wayne are spendlng the week end wxth Mr and Mrs Otto Bett1s before leavmg for a trlp around the world Wh1Ch thexr twms recelved as a pr1ze m a baby show Qumtuplets were born to Mr and Mrs Warren Davxs of N11 wood Il11no1s Mrs Davxs was formerly well we can t get too personal wzll open m Glrard th1s month wzth Vera Garst and Robert Deck as the proprletors Robert Rucker zs vzsltmg 1n Girard over the week end whxle on vacatxon from hxs busaness a snake charmer for the Barnard Brothers Clrcus LETTER FROM SOUTH AMERICA A letter was received today from joan Welton and Evelyn Ball who have gone to South Amerlca forC1v1l Servlce jobs They like hexr jobs and the country IS swell ut they prefer the good old town of Glrard UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS presents A Lxttle Honey co starrmg Carolyn Archlbald and Eldred Weddle wxth Larry McLam and his Hllarlous Swmgsters SPECIAL FLOOR SHOW Ellzabeth Gr1ff1ths the Burlesque Queen and her Danclng Dolls Marjorxe Sheppard Shirley Huson jean Pryor and Myrna Smntn CASUALTY famous racmg drxvers colllded at the Ind1anapol1s speedway Sunday Mr Yarke was k11led xnstantly H was burled an G1rard Cemetery where h1s ep1taph reads Say now Ralph lf you had worked for Sears Roe buck thls would never had happened BELIEVED TO BE KIDNAPPED The dxsappearance of Mary and Marian McKee has led Detectlves Derald Wllson and Richard Whmte to be SUSPICIOUS of kidnapping When last seen the gxrsl were leaving Campbell s Manufacturmg Plant their place of employment They were belxeved to have entered a car w1th a stranger Speclal pohcemen are on the search for these twm girls daughters of Mr and Mrs R O McKee of Guard K , ' - 7 "The jump-N-jive joint, " Ralph Yarke and Herman Nagel, . . . s n 1 . e , , , , ' n . Il X BONNIE MORRIS X iq EILEEN RUC KER BOB ANSPAUGH 'ix ws, PHYLLI5 BEANBLOSSOM ALVIN HA vt- U9 ERNESTINE DAWSON SUSAN I-'EFFLEY '1"'4 CAROL ANN STULTS JUNIORS ANNA HAZELW OOD 'K' u BEUFORD NORMAN ORVAL NEFF f-by 'W PI ,i HARLAN WALKER GEORGE SWIFT JUNIORS WITH N0 PICTURES TAKEN BOB SMITH RAYMOND FOSTER JINI WHITLER LLOYD ALLEN DON SEYMOUR CLARENCE GARST .IOYCE RUCKER DORIS MAE POST DON FUC HS f 'E' mu: 'rnmn DORIS COFFEY DORIS BEANBLOSSOM SUSIE HINTAAN JOSEPHINE HINIAAN FREDIA HUGHES WILMA COOK ORVIE GUNN RICHARD BURNETT EDWARD MILLER ELDON CRAWFORD DONALD JENKINS DON TUCKER JAKE MILLER BILL CHANDLER iw Rom-:RT CAN!-'IELD wi - 1 X Azz 52, .R 7 'Si' . I 56" A I 421' v nv 'V - f. A Q I , 1 R . , -1 -V W J A A--Q r, ' 7 ,?' , P X - 4 . - 1 - .1 .41 I gig fC f I, , A ' . , I 1 I I N. - . , ' I ' ff A AI 2 'T ' ', .. ,J - K K' rg' 'q,. R ' T W W b 'S I 1 S if IQ. 'Q V-rLf 1 L -wk J 3 J A gk .eq "' 4' I . ini QI L' I I '. V A 1 ,- ' mf I ' ' '-.. I' A tgv ', I. H 7 fn- S - xl I ' ' 0 -A ,X ji: rv I K - I in MIR f 1 Q fs- , Nb -2 mt I JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY The Senxor class of 1949 stepped across the threshold of many happy and carefree days in September 1945 with forty exght students enrolled We were very green the fmrst few days makmg many mmstakes such as bemg late for class because we couldn t get our lockers open At our first class meetmg Mrs Hamilton came ln as class sponsor and was recezved wxth cheers from everyone Offxcers were elected President Jxm Whxtler vlce president Joyce Rucker secretary treasurer Orval Neff Our candldate for Homecommg queen was Eileen Rucker As Sophomores we came 1nto the school bulldmg feeling very much grown up because we were no longer freshmen Mr Ceresa was our class sponsor that year and our class offxcers were Presmdent Bob Smxth vlce president Lloyd Allen secretary treasurer Wilma Langrebe The candldate for Homecomlng Queen was Josephme Hmman and the candxdates for Carnlval Queen were Josephine Hinman and Norma Kang In the sprmg the Sophomores sponsored a Sophomore Freshmen Hamburger Fry at the Countdy Club Th1s year we are the Jolly Junlors th1rty exght from our or1g1nal forty eight ten of our members havlng moved away or left school Our class sponsored the homecommg dance and made at the bmggest and best dance ever we sayl Exleen Rucker was candldate for queen We gave our jtmxor class play A Date wlth Judy November Z1 wlth Mrs Smxth as dxrector The play cast mcluded Josephme Hmman Rayrnond Foster Susan Hefley Post Fredla Hughes Dons Coffey Orval Neff and Joyce Rucker The class sponsor thls year IS Mr Bell and the off1cers are President Raymond Foster v1ce president Donald Jenkms secretary treasurer Josephme H1nman The h1gh11ght of the year as yet to come It IS the Jumor Sen1or Prom scheduled for May 13 Jo sephme Hmman illiikiflklkikikiklklklkikilfllflklkik Orval l ve got a baseball dog George What makes you call hlm a baseball dog? Orval Because he wears a muzzle catches fl1es chases fowls and beats It home when he sees the catcher commg Jlm Whztler was lymg on an operatmg table ready for an exarnmatxon Doctor to attendent Brmg 1n ethylchlonde J1m Uumpmg upl No Doc please Don t brmg any women 1n here Mr Bell You certamly hammer nalls lake llghtnmg Beuford You mean I m really fast? Mr Bell No you seldom strlke twxce 1n the same place Bob Smlth I m an enthusxastxc fellow you know I always throw myself Into everythxng I undertake Dorls Coffey F1ne Why don t you dlg a well? Bob Canfleld Why doesn t the man 1n the moon get marr1ed'P Harlan Walker Because he only makes a quarter a week . . I C H . . . . . Bob Smith, Ernestine Dawson, Phyllis Beanblossom, Bob Canfield, Bonnie Morris, Doris K 7: . . . . I PATSY LEACH MARY SMITH SOPHOMORES 'T DOROTHIE WEST VERLA NAGEL LOLA MILLER PEARL TALKINGTON Q 3 1 an J-Un, T7 HELEN LEACH GWEN SCHELB DARLENE BOEHLER j0AN WERTZ '19 wh 5, s rv- MARIANNA REDFIELD sf 'v W ANDA K LAUS 'v' 1 I EARL TALKINGTON MARCUS WHITWORTH ROBERT RUCKER JOHN TROJACK PERRY NDCOCK STER BARBARA JENNINGS BETTY MOREHEAD 2 LING MAHAN NORMAN KLAUS 4-X ala PHYLLIS ENGLAND PHYLLIS ERSERY DOROTHY NEFF ELLA MARIE STULTS LYLA FILSON EVELYN BOWERSOX ALBENO GARBIN DAVID CAVE JO ANN ENGLAND VIVIAN HALL ax A ' . - , Q. , lg , js- an L, 5 A A 1' .N 1 " A If 1 if , , , - ' a ,Q -i L 1' I g hr Vbakg' U n , . In f ,JJ , A n , A b , X N K .gk it A , A 4 Qfzrffily ' A Q A N 52 'V Q ' .-., - Q' 5' "vw, 1 5 -A A 1 nf - f' '- ' R A C 5' 7, " , f A ,D ' . , , :V Q13 i vu. K 1 K ' .f 4 4 A A , 1 46 ' 1 3 SOP HOMORES In September 1946 th1rty nme green httle Freshles entered Gxrard Townsh1p I-hgh School wandermg through the halls valnly try1ng to get to the correct class rooms On October 30 we were properly m1t1ated by the Sophomore Class and felt ourselves full fledged members of G T I-I S after a day of fear and tremblmg and a mght of fun Remember john Trojack the lxttle baby wlth the bottle and mpple 'P As days passed by we as Freshxes attended the football games the basket ball games and all of the hlgh school part1es then xt came our turn on May 21 to glve the Sophomore s a return party 1n the form of a we1ner roast at the Oak Leaf Country Club It was w1th sadness that we found ourselves Freshies no longer but sedate Sophomores When September agaln rolled around we entered the halls of G T H S wlth gladness feelmg very much at home and of course wlth that alr of bxgness whmch we had none of the prevlous September Only thlrty f1ve of our prevmous number returned to struggle through the Sophomore year Joann Wertz Presldent john Trojcak Vlce Presxdent Albeno Garb1n Treasurer Mr Ceresa Sponsor Naturally we made blg plans for the 1n1t1at1on of the Freshles realxzmg we could take out on them what had been done to us the prevlous year After makmg them toe he mark for a day we gave them a bzg party at the Country Club and they were no longer green llttle Freshies but Freshmen At our 1947 Homecommg two of our members jo Ann England and Dorothy Neff were attendants to the queen thexr escorts bemg joe Tosh and Rlley Whlte A number of our boys are makmg good 1n basket ball namely john Trojcak Marcus Wlutworth Charles Evans Davld Cave Karl Ball Sterlmg Mahan Bob Rucker and Perry Adcock We are lookmg forward to helpmg the Jun1ors serve thelr jumor Semor Banquet and to the end of the year when we w11l be those d1gn1fied jumors Joann Wertz Phyllls England I bet I can play a pmano longer than you can I played for two hours yesterday Marianna Redf1e1d That s nothmg l can play the Stars and Stnpes Forever . . . ,, . .. . . ' - , . ll ' II ' . , . on - vu - I I y . ' - ' ll ' II ' , . - f . . , . . ,, . . .. . I I Marcus Whitworth--Secretary . . . . . ,, . ,, . . ll II ' ' ' t I , . 0 I I I , . . . - ' . ' I I . I I . I I , ' ll ' ' ' II . . ,, . ' lv ' , on v - ' ' I II LOIS BROW NING PAUL TOSH HAR OLD P IER SON LEROY MOLEN pu- ALAN FOSTER WILLIAM W DOR OTHY GAR ST ,lv DON C OLLINS 4, sf ,um HUGHES FRESHME DORENE GARST SHIRLEY GARST PEGGY COLEMAN RIGHT NANCY HARRISON RALPH BARNES RILEY WHITE DORCAS M RUTH CHANDLER JO ANN TUC KER CAROLYN GARDNER PHYLLI5 ADCOCK 'ulc- BETTY SCHLUGE Q I ft' 5 Z, ef 5 LEO GUNN EDDE MILLER THOMAS MILLER 'fi' fxk '1'5'Y 5 WALTER STEIDLEY GEORGE ADAMS EARL GARST IACK STARKS DARRELL DICKEY ORGAN MARJORIE MAUPIN DONALD CIEVENGER FRESHZNIEN HIST OR Y A bundle from heaven was left at the front entrance of the h1gh school the mornmg of September 4 1947 On the blue blanket enveloplng the bundle was a card stating It was to be delivered to Mr McGee who would be responslble for 1ts contents durxng the next four years Before the august body of the hlgh school assembly the bundle was opened and found to contam a squlrmmg klckmg cry ng mass of humamty whlch when untangled was found to contam seventy heels seventy f1sts and th1rty f1ve heads all attached to thxrty fxve bodxes The most notlceable thmg about th1s conglomerate mass was 1ts pecuhar color whlch had a decldedly greemsh hue After one look Mr McGee decided these roar1ng mfants needed watchful care and a specmal diet So he called on nurses Blackburn Sm1th Hamilton Osborne and Albert and old them to glve good strong doses once a day of Enghsh Latm hxstory mathematlcs and agriculture Even these strong med1c1nes d1d not have quxte the effect he deslred so takmg a large brown bottle labeled general sclence off a shelf and muttering to h1mself Thls w1ll flx em he shook the contents and poured It down the1r throats It was remarkable what feedmg and care dld for the bables In one week s t1me they were able to toddle through the halls and cl1mb up the sta1rs wxthout ask1ng dlrectlons from anyone They learned to slam the1r locker doors to blow bubble gum to cllmb on a hlgh stool and to toot a horn The green tmge on the1r cheeks faded to a dellcate pmk They learned to say such slmple sentences as May I have a pass? and What s the lesson for tomorrow? It did not take the chlldren long to learn to 1m1tate the1r elders They heard there were such thmgs as class organ1zat1ons so they wanted one too A meetlng was called Each one expressed h1s ideas as to how It should be conducted The windows and doors of the room reverberated wlth all the oratory that poured forth from the llps of the thlrty f1v andldates for the offlce of presldent After the dm of the battle was over lt was found that james Hughes had won wlth Don Collms as treasurer and Ruth Chandler as secretary Mlss Donaldson was the sponsor One mornlng strange characters appeared on the campus and 1n the halls There were L1ttle Boy Blue Bo peep L1 l Abner Dalsy May Pop eye a clown a pollceman and many others These strangers proved to be the Freshmen undergo1ng part of the 1n1t1at1on unposed upon them by the Sophomores The second and best part of the 1n1t1at1on was the party the Sophomores gave them that evenlng at the Country Club From that n1ght on they felt they were an lmportant part of the student body As Freshmen they found they had ldeas of the1r own When asked to take part m the Homecommg parade they decorated a float usmg the nursery ldea as the1r theme When Allan Foster Leroy Molen and Darrel Dlckey were asked to take part ln the broadcast over statlon WLDS on February 18 sponsored by the Future Farmers of Amerlca and tell about George Washmgton as a farmer they dzd the1r parts very cred1tably The whole school was proud of them In March the class returned the1r soc1al obl1gat1ons to the Sophomores by havmg a party for them The games and stunts were fun the refreshments were ample and everyone had a good t1me When the end of May came they felt a l1tt1e regret that the1r Freshmen year was over and never agam would they be the baby class. 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 Q I ' no - 11 ' ' 1 1 I so - - - 1 11 - - , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' g 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 an 11 11 1 A 1 an 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 K4 - g 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , f As? r" ,r I A U l,Mw:i3, W I - H g . ., rf ,, , , . V 47 X ' f ' ' ' 'fig , X,., W I ..V1 i X , Af!!! , 1 14 A A ,.f'il,,':--M Axjk 4474- lx ff, 1 lg ,N 5 Xff..-,y I ,551 ,J , f--gf N-X ' ' -. f ' -A . s ' - V 7 xf "W Q X Fin 1 M X f f AA ,ffvqx , yy- , V I . V V V Pj X 5 -2!:S""""' WT? x Grg xxx NO I V 'uw Raymond Foster-Pres Dorm d jenkxns-V ce-Pres josephme H an-Sec Treus r Be I-Sponsor QKNQM FBS SENIORS E1 dred Weddle-Pres. 'Larry McLain-Vxce-P Huson-Sec .3 Ralph Yorke -Trees rey Sh SOI' ton-Snon . Ham' l'S 4 - is- FRES jun Hughes-Pres oston-Ex Pres J Pres Trojack-Vice - .: john TCS J Don Collms- Treas uth Chand er-Sec arcus Whitworth-Sec.: Albeno Garbm-Treas ss Donn dson-Sponsor r. Ceresa-Sponsor SHIRLEY S DIARY September Th1s IS It kids How are you all? Back to the gr1nd aga1n Lost Several freshmen Classes organ1zed or should we say most classes 1nterrupted'P Cheerleader tryouts when some of our most 11mber txmber strut thelr stuff Pep meetmg Beat Greenfleld Benny Starks gave the pep talk Constztutxon Day program Evelyn Ball and Bob Sm1th gave talks on Gmrls and Boys State The1r poor constxtutlons Another pep meetmg Eldred Weddle gave the general boost by startmg off wxth a few Jokes about the teachers Saturday nlght dates and everyone s golng to the St james game Freshmen and sophomore party Oh those green freshmen General Assembly Robert Edgar spoke on astronomy I hear he talked a 11tt1e fast for the Shorthand II g1rls Carl1nv1lle plays here Why do all the g1rls have thelr put up? Home Ec Club 1n1t1at1on Those s11ly look1ng g1r1s and they paraded 1n assembly that way too October Dlvernon s second team plays he1e all eyes on the coach Z Lieutenant Whlttaker spoke here at 8 P M 1n the gymn joan Blshop played the plano and sang 1n general assembly besides glvmg us the latest news on the qulz k1ds All out for the all school party tonlght Phew The end of the f1rst s1x weeks and those freshmen are st1ll green Pxctures taken for the Quotes Everyone s smxlmg Stxll smxlmg Back to old clothes today General assembly That speech class IS a scream Papers everywhere wagons tractors trucks and cars Everyone s running for the ballot box Homecomlng IS here Beat Or bust Plenty of excitement also a b1g dance tomght after the game We busted Ralph Yarke and Bob Deck aren t sxttmg so well today I ll bet that horses ears burn November The Roamers took everyone for a tr1p around the world w1th folk songs in general assembly th1s afternoon Some of the glrls stlll haven t returned yet Cute wasn t he ? Chltadee chltadee chltadee today we had a program by a Woodchuck no It was a Mr Nutchuck Today we had a v1s1tor from the state department Dld I hear a pm drop somewhere 'P We also had a skit of the junior play The Junior class IS all m a stew qu1ck someone get them out they have to put on a play tomght Hummm pretty good play A ch1l11 supper was gxven by the Home Ec Club glrls for the football squad It wasn t so hot the ch1ll1 that IS Thanksglvmg vacatxon Be thankful no school 30 Fooled you It s Sunday December 1 The beglnnmg of the second slx weeks 3. ' ' . : . 4. ' -- ' . 11. -- ' ' ' . 12. ' I ' f . 17. . . 1 . . . . U 4 . . . , 19. ' . ' ' 20. ' ' ' . . za. -- , : 25. . . ' ze. ' ' : ' ' ' 30. I . .. . . . . . U . 1. ' ' - -- , 10. ' . 11. 1 ' ' ' f 13. ' . ' " . 14. ' " : 15. . 17. . V ' . 23. -- . . . . ' ' 24. ' ' :: :::. . ' ' ' zs. A : ' ' ' . ' 6. .I If ' 0 1. ' ' ' : ' 11. ' , ' , ' " , ' . 20. . ' . ' ' . 21. . . . . U . -- ZZ. " . 24- . . . . . I . 27. K' l l . za. -- : Shirley s Diary fContirmedl Today the juniors are hopefully ordering senior class rings Rise and shine music department Tonight is the Chrxstmas program Christmas dance junmy H has been seeing too many movies Our typxst Chrnstrnas vacatxon Happy Christmas Guess what Darlene Allen got a husband for Chrnstmas Lucky gnrl Goodbye 47 January Merry New Year Hic Don t you agree Leap year and the girls are already leapmg Ho Hum dxd someone mentmon startmg on Quotes? Reviews revxews reviews More crammmg Today IS the begxnnmg of the decidxng days More semesters At last The end of the first semester Boy these staff meetmgs are wearing me out Snow here and there February Meetmgs meetmgs meetmgs Snow everywhere Somethmg new everyday Today xt was a sllent pep meetmg N music no yells no nuthxn We beat Dlvernon huh coach? Be my Valentme No school Llncoln s blrthday Our last home game with Palmyra tonxght General assembly for Frederlc Sjobalrn the pxanxst Farewell basketball season We must wm our last game Today IS February 25th Now we know why there has been so much mustery ln the speech class A dxstrzct speech contest March Another faculty meetmg I wonder what they dxscuss at those meetmgs The D1str1ct Tournament Beat Waggoner End of the fourth s1x weeks Freshmen are mrnprovmg a lxttle jane Pltchford IS gomg on.a dlet today untzl noon anyway Begmnmg of the State Tournament Good Fnday IS nght no school Sprmg muslc concert County track meet Aprll 1 Spring fever Iknow I m a fortune teller 6 24 General Assembly for james Dutton can t make heads or ta11s out of this school calendar Look 1n your own d1ary th1s week The end of the Sth 6 weeks Only 29 days 5 hours and 60 mmutes of school untll commencement General assembly sluts of the semor play Semor play Too bad Larry doesn t have to run down to the store th1s year Semors have to go to school today and rt s Saturday Nothmg lxke cleamng up a mess 4. . ll. . ' . 19. ' . 22. ' . ' . 24. ' II ' ' . 25. ' I 27. I ' -- ' I 31. ' . 1. -- -'- ' I 2. ' . 14. - ' ' ' 19. Q , ' , ' . 20. ' . 21. ' ' ' ' ' . 22. . 23. I ' . 29. ' ' . 30. . 2. ' , ' , ' . 3. . ' . ' ' ' . o 6. ' -- . ll. ' . ' I 12. , ' ' ' . 14. Valentines day. "When cupid shoots his arrow. I hope he "Mrs," you. 17. ' . 19. . . . ' . . . 20. . ' I 25. ' . 28. ' . ' ' 2. ' I ' ' . 4. ' ' . II 12. . . . . . -- . i 18. ' ' . 26. ' --' ' -- I 29. ' ' . 30. . 8. I ' ' ' . 11. ' ' ' I 17. ' . 19. , ' ' . 22. -- ' ' . 23. ' " I ' ' . Shirley s Diary QLOIlfil!l0df Z8 County Music Festival at Gillespie 30 Music State finals at Macomb 31 Time for May baskets May Empty tulip bed The beginning of the end Very secretive seniors malung plans for sknp day M S M Track meet at Vlrden District Track meet Wonder what those tracks do when they meet One day untzl the banquet and stall no date I hate men jumor and Senior banquet A nxght never to be forgotten Thanks juniors It was swell State Track meeting at Champaign Oh to have studxed harder and gotten out of exams We ll never learn Z1 Semor exams Baccalaureate Z5 Carefree semors here and there Shirley s Diary completed Commencement SENIOR CLASS WILL Carolyn Archibald will my long blonde ha1r to Anna Hazelwood Darlene Allen will my place as the married senior to Verla Nagel Evelyn Ball wlll my natural curly hair to Mary Sm1th Warren Davis wall my line of gab to Earl Talkmgton Bob Deck leave my neatness to Robert Canfield Vera Garst wlll my ab1l1ty to argue to Ernestlne Dawson Ellzabeth Grlfflths will my ablllty to attract men to Peggy Coleman Carol Ann Hodges wlll my abxllty as an art1st to Evelyn Bowersox Shlrley Huson wxll my sl1m flgure to Helen Leach Marlan McKee will my ab1l1ty to dance to Dons Coffey Mary McKee w1ll my blue jeans to my honorable commerclal teacher Larry McLain will my ablllty as a comedman to Harold Pmerson Herman N0-gel will my shyness to jxmmle Hughes jean Pryor will my chubbxness to Wanda Klaus Robert Lee Rucker leave my secret gxrl to Rlley Whxte Marjorme Sheppard leave my red tresses to Marxanna Redfield Myrna Smmth wxll my ablllty as an essaylst to Dorothy West Eldred Weddle leave my popularxty wlth sophomores to Beuford Norman joan Welton leave my bubble gum to my Engllsh IV teacher Richard V hxte leave my black curly haxr to Perry Adcock Derald Wxlson leave my abzlnty as an acrobat to Karl Roy Ball I Ralph Yarke leave my carelessness 1n drlvlng to Donnie jenkms We the 1948 semors of G T H S leave our thanks to all the teachers for thezr patmence mn preparing us to step out mto the world on our own Senior Class 48 1. ' . . z. ' ' . 4. . . . . 1. . a. 1. 12. ' ' -- 2 13. ' . ' . . 14. ' ' . 15. . ' . ' . zo- . ' . za. z4- . ' . za. ' ' -- . L . , . . Q L I . . . . L , . . . n 1, , ' ' . 1, , ' . 1, , ' ' . L ' . . . . 1, , ' ' ' . L I . . . . I, 1 , . - . 1 e . 1, , ' ' . 1, , ' . 1, ' ' , ' . L . D . . . FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF ALAERICA 'J FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America IS a national organzzatlon of chapters from jumor and Semor I-hgh Schools The G1rard Chapter IS one of the actxve clubs in the Gxrard I-hgh School Our meetmgs are held twxce a month m the Home Economxcs Depart ment conslstmg of both busmess and soclal act1v1t1es There are thirty five active mem bers zn the orgamzatlon the emblem of whxch IS being held rn the group picture The offxcers are President Phyll1s England Parhamentarian Gwendolyn Schelb Vxce Presldent jean Pryor Photographer and Reporter Marianna Secretary Evelyn Ball Redfzeld Treasurer VIVIBJI Hall Chonster Darlene Boehler P1an1st Joann Wertz Mrs Warren Redfleld IS the newly elected chapter mother replacmg Mrs Wesley Wertz who was the chapter mother the first semester Our sponsor is Miss Vxrgima Osborne Some of the outstandmg actavxtxes of the organ1zat1on have been managxng food stands State Faxr the work that was done durmg the school year sponsoring an all school party and a Mother and Daughter Tea and Style Show The goal of the organizatzon thxs year is to take a tr1p to St Louis in the spring on the money earned from the above activities The national convention w1ll be held in Kansas City m july of th1s year Thms club hopes to be able to send a delegate to this meetmg Phyllxs England THE AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT There are three courses being offered m the Vocatxon Agrxculture departrnent for the first year most of the time IS spent on anlmal husbandry problems the second year soils and crops and the third year farm shop problems We have an enrollment of twenty five m our three courses this year The Agriculture department spent a lot of time this last year developing the farm shop The following equipment has been secured for this shop an A C arc welder a power grinder numerous woodworking and metal workmg tools A large door on the north side of the shop was put on a track and rollers to allow easy open ing of thms door Tool cabinets were built and a definite place was planned for each tool in the shop with a silhouette of each tool drawn where it IS stored Some of the projects com pleted are a six row bleacher for the football field numerous hog houses of dzfferent types a wagon bon and some na1l boxes Some time was also spent on soil testmg for lime stone phosphate and potash require ments This work proved to be very mterestmg to the boys and this phase of the work wall be stressed an future years Some tune was also spent on grain judging and weed and crop seed identification Each boy enrolled also has a project where he applies what he has learned xn the class room. Most of the projecrs selected are livestock projects with a flew crop projects. The hog projects predominated. at the football and basketball games, conducting a magazine drive, exhititing at the . . I 3 ' . Vx GIRLS GLEE C LUB VARSITY KLUB T H BAND f x Boys cuz:-: cum MUSIC DEPARTMENT In the fall the band reorganzzed wxth Mr Woods as 1ts new dxrector The members marched UI the Homecoming Parade and played at the Ho mecommg Football Game The band wlnch has thlrty two partmcipatmg members has also played at most of the basket ball games On December ll the Musxc Department gave thexr annual Chrxstmas program and on Apr1l l 1tS Sprmg Concert The boys glee club has s1xteen members and the gxrls glee club thnrty sax members On Aprll Z8 they partzcxpated 111 the Macoupm County Music Festival after whmch they prepared for their Summer Concerts HOMEC OMING FESTIVITIES FOOTBALL GAME AND DANCE DRAW RECORD CROWD The I-Iomecommg fest1v1ties October Z4 brought back the largest number of alumnae and frlends the lugh school has ever known. All through the day there was much anxlety as to what the weather would be and as to whether the parade could be held But by 3 o clock the skies had cleared and the parade was formed woe to the Senxors Q led by the color bearer the cheerleaders and the band The floats were colorful and mnterestmg Much of the success of the undertakmg was due to the mterest of the classes of other years who responded so generously in makmg lt a bag day Proceedmg to the square from the high school a pep meeting was held and an inv1tat1on Mus1c for the dance was furnished by Paul johnson s Orchestra The hmghlight of the evening was the crowmng of the football queen Shxrley Huson of Nxlwood chosen by a vote of the student body She was escorted to her throne by Benny Starks Her attendants were Darlene Allen jean Pryor Eileen Rucker jo Ann England and Vera Sheppard Thexr escorts were Donald Jenluns Derald Wilson Ralph Yarke joe Tosh and Eldred Weddle The Hzgh School wxshes to thank the grade schools for their fme representation Their contnbution of floats showed ingenuity and beauty The bxcycles added much to the fun and excitement of the day Remember too the stalwart men ln the football squad of 1957 Girard s future football team In the high school floats the Senior Class represented an old fashxoned funeral with Virden in the crude pme box and a preacher and undertaker dressed an solemn black nd mg on the front seat of the hearse Weeping flower gxrls with armloads of beautiful weells followed The junior Class by the costumes of the people of 1ts float showed that one can be neither too old nor too young to dance The Sophomore float had a purple bulldog on a hand turned spit roastxng over a fxre and chefs were serving Vir dogs to the crowd The Freshxnen float was a nursery done up in pmk and blue and filled wxth jolly little babies having a good tune whack1ng away wxth the1r txny sticks at a fallen Vzrden football hero The Home Ec float represented a scene in a home in 1957 where a mother was telling her faxnily of the good times way back in 1947 f ' I n , , . issued to every one to attend the game at 7:30-Girard Vs. Virden, and the dance. SENIOR TYPING CLASS ELIZABETH MARJORIE CAROL ANN MYRNA SHIRLEY VERA EVELYN MARY LOU 'V-nfl MLA If HOMEMAKING CLASS TWO , ELLA MARIE DARLENE PATSY N X S 1 2 Q1 WOODWORKDIG BOB BENNY MR BELL GEORGE LLOYD al-:uronn Bos oRvu.u-: DON JINEMY BILL ,,.,,,,,,4 vl- ...Q ,544 DOR OT HIE DOROTHY MAR IANNA WANDA PAYE 5 "' 4 ff 1 gps- all I I I X - ' . . . . Q . ,fi r' U --- Zin Zh if ., C- : J Y A " . 4? 4 .W Vg, Q.. 4 1 .I ., I 4 'ti-xiixn 7-3 ,' ,D . ,H K i P L . V V .4 , .1 7 L , I 1 L A L . A , 's.J ,. 2 W- Q , L I I A F ff! A : I. , . 9 ' " . , L J K W ' L f - I X P: I v v- A 4, . I - 1 1 Q ' . - 5 h ' - 1 n o I ' W A' - . f ,va ai' xi '. fsrfrv . 1 ,L M --xywav A. A V K ' ffl! Lg. 41 -- FS ' ' 1 Q n uf "A p g " Em! S ? J 'NAA 10" .nf 5 Q n vi' BASKETBALL SQUAD SECOND TEAM 'f 'N FOOTBALL QUAD FN 1' B Y X tis A BASKETBALL SQUAD FIRST TEAM CHEERLEADERS .r A I .-5' ' x . .ll I K' Q l I L- V 4 ki ' i A .M Q s " L 5 A ' -L 5, if A 4 xt , 2 . Q 1 Q L. f V, V, a VJ, f AJ YAAI' E! qi 1,55 7!f1v'h!:, i -QL,-gn S... 0: J " . A Un- JQUQ 'X 7103 H ,".-- . Q4 Ns ' ff -it 8 E I 4 X , S, 1 L FOOTBALL SEASON IN REVEIW This was Coach Bull Lewis fnrst year at G T H S Coach Lewis formerly a Western Illnnoxs State Teachers College athletxc star graduated from Dxvernon l-hgh School where he had also been a star and had recexved a most valuable player award The Redbirds started the season off vlctorxously by defeatlng Greenfleld Hxgh 13 0 jlm Whxtler scored ln the second quarter and Eldred Weddle ln the fourth perxod We journeyed to St james for our second game of the season Weddle scored our fxrst touchdown Ln the first period Whxtler converted Then St james scored Glrard scored agaln ln the flnal minute of play Fxnal score Gxrard 13 St james 7 Carlmvzlles Cavaliers came to Glrard for our thlrd game After losmg jzm Whxtler m the second quarter with a leg mjury the Cavalxers made the only score of the game Due to thxs mjury jun Whitler recelved 1n thls game he was unable to play anymore of the season Lloyd Allen who had been playing end was converted into a fullback to take Whttlers pos :tion On October 3 Nokomls came to GTHS to be defeated They took a quxck lead tn the first period when Shalbat ran forty yards to score The Redbirds came back U1 the thxrd when Eldred Weddle raced saxty two yards to paydlrt Weddle converted Fmal Glrard 7 Nokomis 6 Gxrard was defeated by Waverlys Scottxes for the fxrst tune smce 1929 McMann scored from the one yard lme for the only tally of the game Flnal Waverly 6 Gxrard O A strong and determmed Auburn team defeated the crippled Redblrds by a score of Z0 0 All the scormg came 1n the last half Mann scorxng once in the thlrd and C Leskovmsed twlce ln the fourth Gtrard came up to the game of the year w1th a record of three wlns and three losses On s1x consecutive wms and seekmg an undefeated season carrled away a vlctory but found xt wa tougher defeatmg the Redblrds than they had ant1c1pated Fmal Kmcaxd 26 Gu-ard O For the last game of the season the Redb1rds traveled to Kmcaxd The Pomes broke the 1ce m the fxrst per1od w1th a touchdown pass just before the horn ended the fzrst half George Swxft rxght tackle intercepted a Kmcatd pass and raced forty yards for Gxrards only touchdown Kmca1d scored agam Ill the thxrd and twxce m the fourth Final Kmcatd 26 Guard 6 Letter wmners tn football this year Included Freshmen joe Tosh Sophomore Perry Adcock Karl Ball juniors jxm Whxtler Lloyd Allen George Swxft Orval Neff Bob Anspaugh Don Tucker Bewford Norman There were f1ve Semors who wlll not be back on GTHS next season Eldred Weddle Benny Starks D1ck Whzte Derald W1lson Warren Davus Standouts ln the l1ne for the season mcluded Benny Starks center George Swxft tackle Dick White guard and Bob Anspaugh guard Eldred Weddle was one of the be st backs m the MSM Conference The Girard second team played Dlvernon tw1ce and were defeated Z7 6 the f1rst txme The second game the Dlvernon crew defeated the Redbirds 13 7 The athletic The lllmois KIWBDIS Club gave the football squad a banquet on November 18 Raymond Hanson director of Western Il11no1s State Teachers College was the speaker football squad journeyed to Champa1gn on November 8 to see the Umversxty of defeat Western Mlchlgan 64 14 S October 24, we had our Homecoming game against the Virden Bulldogs. The Bulldogs, with Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Girard 30 Girard 40 Gxrard 38 Girard Z8 Gxrard 47 Girard 36 Gnrard 30 BRIEF BITS FROM THE GYM COURTS Mode sto Carlxnvnlle Ball Twp Virden Waverly Auburn Nokomxs Blmd Draw Invxtational Tournament at Nokomls Dec Z9 Guard 48 Nokomis Dec 30 Gxrard 56 Raymond Feb Z4 Z7 Distrxct Tournament an an an an an an Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Girard 30 Girard 37 Girard 38 Girard 38 Girard 32 Girard 50 Girard 44 Girard 47 Girard 39 Girard 33 Girard 44 March Z 5 Regxonal Divernon V1rden Auburn St james Morrisonville 36 Modesto Palmyra Dxvernon Pawnee Palmyra Morrxsonvxlle Z6 Tournament Brxefs of the more important games On October 10 V1rden defeated Girard 34 Z8 Butcher of Virden was high scorer for has team wlth ll pomts jun Whltler was high scroer for the home team wzth 13 poxnts The Redbirds journeyed to Nokomxs for a Blmd Draw lnvxtatxonal Tournament during the Chrlstmas holidays The Girard boys fought their way into the finals by defeating Nokomxs 48 46 Girard defeated Raymond xn the finals to win the first place trophy by a score of 56 39 Eldred V eddle was hmgh scorer agamst Nokomis wlth Z3 pomts Weddle and Donald Fuchs were tied for hxgh ln the second game wlth 15 pomts Coach Lewms Alma Mater Dmvernon clmpped the Redbirds xn a 38 30 decision on january 9 Weddle led the losers w1th 10 points V1rden s Bulldogs vlslted Girard on january 13 The home team was leadmg at the end of every quarter except the last The score by quarters was lst Z0 6 Znd 26 ZZ 3rd 31 Z8 A last minute spurt won the game for V1rden Whxtler was hxgh scorer wxth 17 pomts Lack of reserve power greatly hmdered the Redb1rds The Dxvernon Dragons came to Glrard on February 6 The Redbirds defeated them by a score of 47 Z2 thus gettmg revenge for our prevlous defeat on the Dragons home court Letter wmners LTI basket ball for the season were jun Whxtler Eldred Weddle Donald Fuchs Robert Smith Donald jenkms Don Tucker Rayrnond Foster VARSIT Y KLUB ORGANIZED On january 28 letter winners held thelr first offxcxal meetmg to draw up a const1tut1on by whlch the newly formed organlzatxon known as the Varsity Klub should be governed Officers elected to serve unt1l the end of the school year were Warren Davxs presxdent EldredWeddle vice pres1dent Derald Wxlson sec y treas Orval Neff sgt at arms Lloyd Allen reporter The members felt that by bemg unxted there were many thmgs they could do to help make GTHS a better school They were certaxn that the spxrxt shown by athletes on the fxeld of play could be ut1l1zed to help others enjoy thexr years m hxgh school They felt that the character buildmg aspects as well as the physxcal szde of athletlcs should be real1zed by more boys and xt shflld be one of the Klub s purposes to get more fellows m terested mn sports From txme to tune the Klub plans to sponsor school soclals U1 the hope they wall promote better school sp1r1t It shall be the duty of the Klub to see that all athletic events are properly reported to the newspapers so that people unable to attend the games may keep 1n constant touch with the act1v1t1es of the varzous teams If the enthuslasm of the members at thls tune IS any md1cat1on of future progress Glrard can look forward to better athletics m the years to come . z Z9 J . 9 38 . 5 ' ' 35 J . 13 ' 44 . 9 ' . 55 1 . I6 33 . IZ ' 34 J . Z4 . 30 . 16 ' 39 J . zv ' , 19 38 J . 30 46 . 23 ' ' Z9 . 3 ' 40 ' ' . 6 ' ' zz . l0 ' 36 . ' 46 . 17 35 . ' 43 . zo ' ' ' ,GQ fx AQ , Q ,ix Q Q 7 Z6 Q-ww 4 4 '!"4g 1+ xwm' 'ff Sugar! fl- 'hh 'Q mi xfb- NJ ' wp av Z- ET 'W F- Y K jom-:s Say Dad the teacher asked me thzs mornmg to find the greatest common dlvisor Great heavens is that thxng stall lost? The teacher had me hunting for when I was a kid too Don Collms Mr. Collxns Has your boy been able to s1t down on anythmg and be comfortable s1nce hxs freshmen 1n1tiation? 'No and I ve trled everythmg under the son ' Mr Hughes Mr Starks ' jo Ann Tucker How do they get the water in the watermelon? Phyllxs Adcock. They plant the seeds 1n the sprxng Mr McGee 1n Sclence Class "I will now drop a s1lver coin mn this acid. Wlll it dxssolve? Riley White No S1r Mr McGee Then perhaps you will explam why not Riley If it would dxssolve you would not put it ln sir ' Mr Yarke ' Ralph, why are you always at the bottom of your class? " Ralph It doesn t really matter dad We get the same mstructmons at both ends of the class " Mr McGee Can anyone tell me what causes trees to become petrlfled? Eddy Mlller The wind makes them rock Mrs HBlT1lltOD had writtne 92 7 on the blackboard and to show the effect of mult1ply1ng by ten rubbed out the decxmal point She turned to the class and said Now jzmmy wher is the decimal pomt? On the eraser replied jimmy wlthout hesltatxon Miss Blackburn Surely you know what the work Mirror means Thomas? After Thomas Miller The towel Mrs Hamxlton inszstmg upon her puplls readmg good art1cles ln the magazines was pointing out to her Geometry pupils the artzcle m The Post wrztten by Babe Ruth Mrs Hammlton Of course all of you know of Babe Ruth Karl Ball Babe Ruth candy bar Mrs Hamzlton Karl that is the smartest answer you have given all year Teddy Pop km I go out in the street? Grandpa says that there IS gomg to be an eclxpse of the sun Mr Albert Yes but don t get too close Mrs McGee Dear did you notxce the handsome fur coat worn by the young lady in front of us 1n church today? Mr McGee No I m afra1d I didn t I was dozing most of the t1me Mrs McGee Huh A lot of good it does you to go to church K l VALSWORTH 0 6 - , as ' ' ' I I ' ll ' : au ' ' DI . . . .. I D U U I' . . , . . .4 on ' . ll ' ' I9 , un - it , on - ll , on ' ' u . , , . 5 O . ll f 0 0 . , . , as 0 v vw ' , an ' on ' . ' , . . . . ,, . I U ' 8 9 ' ' li ll Ol ' ' ' ' , . , sa so ur ' D you've washed, what do you look at to see if your face is clean? " , no on . ' ' ll YI ' ' , an In . . , . , an vs ' , na . . , . ' I ol , la l so . . , . . : " , ' U ll , as l - Q - D- . . , . . , an I so wi-'N-'V N. V, Lnsqupma A sauna my ALSWORTH BROTHE ' ggi! I 1: I ,I r II ll H Drearn boy Harold Plerson Most popular boy Don jenkms Best carnage Wanda Klaus Best dresser Ella Marxe Stults Best dancer Mary Lou McKee Longest talker Nancy Harrlson Best natured boy Earl Talkmgton Best bluffer Mary Smxth Most f1ck1e man Paul Elders Most concelted boy Don Tucker Most accommadatlng man Bob Ueck Prettzest dunples junlor Nagel Curlzesc ha1r Evelyn Ball Best featured man jrm Whxtler Almost marr1ed man Larry McLa1n Most m1.s1ca1 vo1ce Carol Hodges Most perslstent fusser Vera Garst Best lme of talk Warren Davxs Prxze art1st Verla Nagel Prettlest eyes jlm Hughes Ruth Chandler I have had somethmg to tell you for a we e ak back Dorene Garst What? Ruth Chandler Lmxment Vlr Cere sa after a long talk on the value of peace good wxll and dlsarmamentl do you any of you object to war? Ralph Yarke Yes s1r I do Mr Ceresa Good Now tell me why Ralpn Yarke Because slr wars make h1story and I hate h1story Now Mrs Smlth What are you gomng to measure? Bob Sm1th I um goxng to measure th1s town for a coffm It s dead Maman McKee I-low can you and Gordon both dr1ve the car at the same tlme? Jean Pryor I hold the wheel and Gordon holds me Iunlor Nagel I suppose the lmpact was terrlble when the two structures came together Bob Deck It was awful I swallowed the chewmg gum of the man next to me Mrs Smlth JIU! g1ve a sentence uslng the word dladern jun Wh1tler People who drmk moonshme chadem qulcker than those who don t Semor Ever been to Peorla? Fresh Yes I spent three days there one Sunday Rlchard Burnett Has absolute zero ever been reached? Eldon Crawford Yes ln my last exammatron When Cupld h1ts h1s mark he generally Mrs lt Albeno Garbm D1d you get the record problem 1n geofnetry? Karl Ball No Albeno How far were you from the correct answer? Karl F1ve seats Bob Anspaugh What makes B111 Chandler so red 1n the face? joan England Oh he s trymg to swallow h1s prlde Gwen Schelb My mother has been lxvxng with some man Raymond Foster. ' Wh0'S that" ' Gwen Schelb 'My Father Lloyd Allen. "Don, you try feedlng those cows some corn in the ear tomorrow." Don Tucker "I tr1ed that yesterday, but they 'peared to 11ke lt better xn the mouth " A -- A -- . . . . . . . . mt l I - ' mm . . . . . . -- ............ , at - c J un - . ' , Au nl , an ' ' an . . . . H L . f , I ' fl , sn Q - nv . , , . , an v in . . . . 1 , An ' ' , V-- - Q . , .. . - , an - no . . ' - ll , ' ' ' I ' lf . . . . ' . ll ' ' I' . . , nn lv . . . . 4, . ' . . , as 0 1 we . . . . . ,, . . . . ,, . . , . . . ' ,, . . . . . ., . . . ' , AA ' il . . tl ll . . , . ' , AA 01 . , ss ' - ' va . , . , .. . ' , tu ' ' tu . - , as nv . . , ca ov , an ' H . . . ll ' ' il . , u 1 - - - nv . , . . -. tt I I J Cl . I I . . -- NN-Xxx asa vous """A cam Z' 6 t 1 fl fn.,-- 7' - , -v ,lu Y State- Bank of Girard ESTABLISHED 1873 SEVEZNTY FOUR CONSECUTIVE lh.A.t4S OI' BAMNKING SERVICE.: TO GIRARD AND COMMUNITY 10433 I r I BJIEIRIBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPCEI-i.!-JFION C IVI Shane Funeral Home. I O O I c. M. sl-LANE HELEN M. sr-LANE I GIRARD N!! .ag Berrv Funeral Home I CARIIDIAL BOND D DIAMOND RINGS NATIONA' LY ADVERTISED JEWELRY WP TCHES BANDS RONSON LIGHTERS WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING GJARANTB. D SATISFACTIJN H D Allen Jeweler Bovversox Cletlnnq Store MEN S AND BOY S CLOTHING SHOES FURNISHING C -ILI AWD CALL AGAIN GIRARD ILLINOIS 0 9 ' , MITC HELL BU ILDING l o J - x Grrerd Implement Ce MAGNETO AND TRACTOR REBUILDING 128 NORTH SECOND STREET PHONE 17 FIREST ONE TIRES HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Dr C laude Brown DENT IST GIQRARD ILLINOIS O O CQMPLIMENTS OF N . J ChmNdfhNneCMICO COLLINS SERV ICE TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS PLYMOUTH DES OT O PHONE 171 GIRARD ILLINOIS I GwamiSuppI Co. CASE FARM MACHINERY SERVICE AND REPAIRS CROSLEY REFRIGERAT ORS DEEP FREEZE RADIOS WASHERS AND APPLIANCES BENDIX RADIO PHONE 95 GIRARD ILLINOIS Q . O SALES AND SERVICE i O BUCKS Grocer GROCERIES FRESH VEGETABLES MEATS DELIVERY SERVICE GIRARD ILLINOIS PHONE 124 FOR FINER FOODS I eat arkei GIRARD Il I. INOIS PHONE 63 CONGRATULATIONS TO ' ty ,, THE CLASS OF '48 GIRARD Hays u.Lmo1s CEMENT, Lum: PLASTER, BRICK, smm, GRAVEI., Roof-'INC ETC BLOCKS, TILE, BUTRAL. vAU1.Ts CONSTRUCTION worm PHONE 39 Weller Shell Service Station WASHING AND GREASING GIRARD ILLINOIS MANUFACTURERS INSULATING MATERIALS GIRARD ILLINOIS International Vermieulite Co. Thompson Dri-Gas Service GIRARD ILLINOIS ROPER DRI GAS RANGES SERV EL ELECTROLUX GAS REFRIGERAT ORS AUTOMATIC GAS WATER HEATERS RCA AND STROMBERG CARLSON RADIOS EASY AND MAYTAG WASHERS MoCaIIs Dry Goods LADIES MEN S AND CHILDREN S APPAREL GENERAL DRY GOODS GIR ARD ILLINOIS PHONE 6 5 Wooley 84 Son Hardware MAGIC CHIEF GAS RANGES BENDIX AUTOMATIC HOME LAUNDRY HOOVER VACUUM CLEANERS WEST 'IDE OF SQUARE GIRARD ILLINOIS PHONE 13 0 sl I I 9 I A O I LJ Cornplixnenis ui RAMEY S 5C and S1 00 STORE Girard Illinois VIRDEN DRY CLEANERS joy Gates Cleaning that Satisiies Complete Pressing Servxce North Side Square Agency Ramey s Store Girard Illinois DR WILLIAME KRUEGER Optometrist For better eye service Closed Thursdays and Sundays Girard IJli.no1s Phnne 32 NILWOOD GARAGE Bridges and Huson, Proprietor Gener al R epair ing Nilwgqd Illinois 5 Arrange for an Appointment hours 9-5 , . Compliments of H A FINNEY M Girard Illinoxs Complunents FRANI A STEWART, Girard Hlmoxs Cormplnnents of I-IARLAN S DEPARTMENT STORE Rugs and Elf'-or Covermgs Window Shades V em nan Blmds Guard 'limo CLJDE LEACH Cleanmg PTCSSIDQ Reoalrmg Hats Cleaned and Blocked Phone 127 Guard l1l1no1s X.. . . , . D- ' of +1 . D. D. S. Dry Goods Ladies' Hats SCHOTT BROTHERS GARAGE Guard Il11no1s General Repaulng Palnt and Body Work 213 East Center Street Phone 49 J I BURNS TIRE AND BATTERY SHOP Automotive Electronlcs Pamt and Body Work 210 North 3rd Gu' ard Il11no1s Phone 8X WI-HT WORTH S Guard I1l1no1s Tues Batter1es Wrecker Serv1ce Phone 3434 NEAD SERVICE STAT ION Mobulgas Gas O11 MOb11e Tu e S Guard Ilhnols O T exaco Service CJAMBLEZS Your 1' 1-1end'y Rfllii-' A Cxty stone at you. ao 1 Phone 119 Virden 111111015 Complnrments of SAMMUEL O SMITH Attorney at I an Gu' ar d hlmois Phone 9 9 C omplme entb of JOHN R SHARP M Gil' ard Lllmois HINRI E S IJAPL Short 01-ders ice Cream Phone F121 Nilwood Illinoxs - - 4 -Q v f-1 I K .L x,,. . , . , fu -,. f A . - n . , JR. - .- -J W 1 - . .1 Q ' -4 . , . IJ. . Q r 0 1- 1'-v .J 1 REDFIELD PHARMACY Gu- ard Illmoxs Costume jewelry Dmrnond Rings Watches, Clocks, Bands Leather Goods Phone I 3 REFRIGERATED LCCKER SERV IC E F H Marquard 854 West Center Strcef Phone 147 Butchermg Processing Cm-mg Guard Lard Render1ng U.l1n.o1s Hotpoint S1egler Nilwood Girard RAWFORD S SERV ICE Electr IC Apphanc es Oil Heatmg Illinoxs GIRARD ICE CO R O McKee Manager Phone 238 R 1 Illinois -LJ . . . . 9 - . . . , 1 1 . 9 I I -- 1 LJ . . . . . . .. . . - .. Cmnplirnenis of COVERDILL S CLOTHING ST ORE Girard North Side of Square Illinois Heating Contractor Refrigeration Air and Radio Girard North Sxde of Square Phone 76 Illinois C ongr atulations to The class of 48 DUFNER S BARBER SHOP Girard North Side Square Illinols O D LUTTRELI.. BARBER SHOP Oldest and best Girard Illinois CENTRAL REPAIR SERV ICE i 1 f 1 BYR ON HOPS ON Groceries Meats V egetables Girard Illinois Phone 228K HAMILTON S BILLIARD PARLOR Ice Creun Magazines Cigars Girard Illinois Phone 2.4-IK CONLEE S CAFE Meals Short Orders Girard Illinoxs Phone ZZ GIRARD GENERAL ST ORE The Best in Wallpaper and Paints For your home North Side Squue Gund, mmm Phone 85 ' i N 9 1 i C 5 Y: Y M- 3 i I - W A7 - Established 1872 Incorporated 1892 GARRETSON LUIVBER C O Lumber, Lime, Cement, Sash, Doors, Hardware Y ards Gil' ard V irden HOTEL BEAUTY SHOP GIRARD Cold Wave Machine Machineless Wave Phone 256 for appointment Costume jewelry Guard SMITH S SPORTING GOODS Watches and Watch Bands West side square Luggage and T oys Illmois Groceries N ilwood FOX'S GROCERY 4 Fresh Vegetables Phone 622 Me ats Illinois I pn 1 O1-QE WN Lil? 'lP-Vlflua his blrard 11 W W W W WllW,f.ffx5xWf'3 F1121 ff HW Q W W ' ,f-.'M.- " --5 'T' .' fy -M, W ,Wlf ,um ,Wfxfxl V, .-..'. I F,i, W W E W f C GFX? PQUWWW 71 F5 'JF KW. 1',iiUEIT ZL W W W W W W W i 1 : vi.. , W, W-.-4-.-.v--7--YY --1, , ----.4--f--... ..,...- . .H W ..,.. . . V...-.. 4. ...,, ..,...---., ,....... V-N ,Y -.v,.. WW W W W W a W WW V W W WW ' ,.7+.f.1'E' ,W ',f:, ' fl . ifyli. .f W W W L I, W

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